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SELECTIVE APPLICATION OF A POLICY The decision by the West Indies Cricket Board to remove the third Test between West Indies and New Zealand is going to have far-reaching implications for the future of the game. According to President Donald Ramotar, the decision is also threatening the regional integration movement. For starters, despite cricket was the first integration institution in the region and helped mould the common West Indian culture, there were certain kinks that actually fostered insularity. But there is more to this issue. The Guyana Government, in response to complaints that there were corrupt practices within the Guyana Cricket Board, moved to resolve the matter by passing legislation that would actually see the Guyana Cricket Board holding elections and affording the members a decent role in the cricket board. Many of them had complained about rigged elections and financial irregularities. Some members had actually moved to the courts to force an examination of the accounts of the Guyana Cricket Board. Books were seized and in the end, the President of the Board decided to join those who had resigned en bloc. In the end a few members remained to serve as directors on the West Indies Cricket Board. The government believes that the decision of the WICB stems from the self-interest of those Guyanese directors on the West Indies Board. These are the people who would have interfaced with the management of the WICB and who would have helped sell the line that the government wanted to control cricket in Guyana. The WICB said that Government control of the cricket in Guyana would not be tolerated by the International Cricket Council. If that is the policy of the ICC then it surely is not a new policy but it seems to be applied sparingly. The Pakistan government has not been loath to become involved in its cricket. Just last month the Pakistan government lodged an appeal in the Supreme Court against the Islamabad High Court’s decision to remove the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) administration under Najam Sethi chairmanship, annul all its decisions, and reinstate Zaka Ashraf as PCB chairman. If this is not Government involvement in cricket then nothing is. And that is not the only incidence. There was the move by the Pakistani Government to get the Taliban to put down their guns and take up cricket bats. Imran Khan, one of the great fast bowlers in the world is now the head of the third largest political party in Pakistan. In India, the ICC is even more silent. The government from time to time makes political decisions about cricket. And Guyana has not been without incidence of the government being involved in cricket. Forbes Burnham intervened to have Clive Lloyd released from his club in Australia to play against Australia in the West Indies. Lloyd played in the Guyana match and made a hundred runs, having arrived nearby in helicopter and having to run to the Bourda Cricket ground. President Donald Ramotar, and before him, President Bharrat Jagdeo, make a very important point: the government spends untold sums to ensure that the infrastructure is there for the game. Every risk is undertaken by the government when it comes to cricket; the WICB has none. Not so long ago the regional governments met at the Caricom Summit to review West Indies cricket. At the time the regional team was being beaten by all and sundry. Being the major integration institution, the governments were concerned and they met to fashion recommendations for the good of the game. In the end they submitted their recommendations to the West Indies Cricket Board. Was this not government

Tuesday June 10, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news

Focus should be on prevention and primary healthcare, not specialty hospital DEAR EDITOR, I recently read a news article in which President Ramotar was quoted as saying that “Only someone who is mad or has another agenda will oppose a specialty hospital when you [have] cancer killing so many people in our society, heart disease and so forth killing…people.”(http://www.stabroek sident-floats-possibility-early-generalelections-anti-laundering-sanctionshit-hard/). Obviously Mr. Ramotar is speaking from a particular partisan political perspective, but I have heard similar sentiments expressed by the average Guyanese on the street and feel compelled, as a public health professional, to share a different point of view for the public’s consideration. [Note - for the record - I have not (yet) been diagnosed with any mental illness, and my only agenda is awareness raising; I am not affiliated with, nor do I represent any partisan

political entity.] First - more hospitals - even ‘specialty’ ones - will do absolutely nothing to halt the spread of diseases, especially ones like cancer and heart disease. Cancer is a complex illness with numerous causal factors, many of which are still not fully understood and which researchers worldwide are still studying. One fact that is becoming increasingly clear, however, is that environmental factors - such as the increasing amounts of chemicals in our food, water, and air - are playing a greater role in cancer processes. If one is serious about halting the spread of cancer, therefore, reducing the amount of chemicals in the environment - via promoting natural/organic agricultural techniques and addressing air/water pollution are the areas where more action needs to be taken. In addition, Guyana already has a Cancer Institute which provides a wide range of services such as mammography, pap smears, chest x-

rays, chemotherapy, external beam radiation therapy, intra-cavitary radiation therapy, CT scans and bone density scans. I am personally familiar with the services of the Cancer Institute, as a close relative of mine had cause to utilize the facility several years ago. Finally, the key to cancer survival, as in most diseases, is early detection. As such, increasing individual and community awareness, and encouraging and providing access to early testing are essential in the fight against cancer. These are services that are provided on a primary level - via community health workers, health centres, etc - not via a specialty hospital. Second - as regards heart disease – again - prevention is key. When one requires the services of a specialty hospital - meaning either after or immediately before suffering a heart attack (leaving aside cases of congenital defects which children are born with) (Continued on page 5)

There is something troubling about the theme of this conference DEAR EDITOR, There is a public invitation in the Sunday Chronicle of 8 June, 2014 to the First Assembly of God Men’s Conference which has a theme “Retaking the man’s position of influence”. There is something troubling about a theme for a men’s conference which seems to imply that men have lost their influence and that there is need to take back this influence from those who might have taken it away from them. Important questions which should be asked are who exactly is this influence to be taken from and what are the strategies which will be promoted for

taking back this influence? There are historical reasons in Guyana and the world why we have created a Constitution which attempts to guarantee that men and women are to be treated equally and have equal access to all parts of private and public life. The belief that men have somehow lost influence because women have gained influence nurtures the gender-based violence which is a dominant feature of our society. The same kinds of calls are made when members of any dominant group has to accept that those they have oppressed have the same rights. Our society must be concerned if an influential religious organisation is

seemingly wanting to lead men back to the good old days when men had supreme power and that women were supposed to be subservient to men’s ‘leadership’. There are ugly manifestations of these kinds of views in the levels of violence and discrimination meted out by men to women who they perceive as inferior. Many kinds of inequality in our society are claimed from religious scriptures. One hopes that progressive religious organisations would want to use their influence to build a future which promotes equality among men and women. Vidyaratha Kissoon

The reality is that we are still living in a wonderful and beautiful country DEAR EDITOR, Because of the present state of affairs in our country there seems to be among our citizenry a pervading atmosphere of depression and lack of hope in the future of our country, evoking the feeling that we are doomed to a bleak destiny, at least in the next few years. Some of the causes of these feelings of gloom and despair are real.

The over-riding political situation, in which there is every prospect that the opposition means to carry on the same campaign to hamper the work of the government in power, is not being helped by the apparent inability or unwillingness of the present administration to do their part to work out compromises so as to advance our development. Apart from these there

involvement in the game? It is interesting that the Guyana Government actually accommodated the official from the WICB. That official was actually trying to dictate for a sovereign state. The Guyana Government is now of the view that the official was trying to protect an acolyte in Guyana. Further, there is the belief that this acolyte actually initiated the withdrawal of the game. The Bill is in force and the Guyana Cricket Board must do what the law now suggests. We know that coming out of this would be a better WICB, one that would operate under the rule of law.

are the sporadic acts of banditry and killing that keep us on our toes, with the expectation now a matter of habit among most of our people that we ourselves may be the next victim. Added to this are the offerings of the prophets of doom who have invaded our letter columns, along with some of the regular columnists, who seem to be forever stressing on the dark side of our situation, and unable to offer any solution by which we can at least adopt the proper frame of mind to deal with it. I am disappointed at the feature writers who profess to be offering objective analyses when these are more often than not skewed and biased, and clearly reflecting the columnists’

personal grievances and political preferences. It is a fact that banditry, rape, official corruption, drug trafficking and all manner of criminal activities are perpetrated in our country, but this is so in every other country in the world. In fact, it can be proven that countries in our own Caribbean, and even the United States, where policemen have all sorts of equipment and enjoy superb work conditions, the crime rate in every aspect is proportionately higher than our little Guyana. Because of its comparative smallness and the tradition of our media towards sensationalism, it does appear that we are overrun by criminals, which (Continued on page 24)

Tuesday June 10, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Dr Roopnaraine will become the WPA fall guy DEAR EDITOR, At the PNC’s Third Biennial Congress of August 22-26 of 1979, Prime Minister Forbes Burnham addressing delegates on the WPA threat told them: “While we number thousands, they number at most a few hundreds. Therefore, we should be in a position to have a proper intelligence service which I shall discuss with you at a group level.” He continued: “We have already infiltrated them, so much that the Dr Walter Rodney does not sleep in the same place any two nights in succession …, but let him know that walls have ears where the People’s National Congress is concerned.” Burnham had charged his PNC members then to be vigilant. “We must be suspicious and all details must be reported. Up to now

I would say that about 75 per cent of the WPA (makeup) consists of PNC members, I do not want any more. But that 75 per cent there, plus others, must be reporting from time to time and we must ferret these mice out of their holes.” Now compare where those WPA Trojan mice who Mr. Burnham wanted out of their holes have now become so strategically ensconced within the same PNC’s woodwork. By courtesy of the PNC current leader’s significantly enhanced Nigerian military training and as a former GDF Brigadier General, he may yet prove himself wiser than the PNC FounderLeader who unnecessarily distrusted the WPA. Will the WPA “mice” rise above Burnhamite suspicion or will they attempt to bell the

“peaceful napping cat” (PNC)? Can the latter’s external re-stamped certificate transform them all as firm believers of democracy and effectively validate them as vegetarian cool cats practicing yoga? It is almost certain that Dr Rupert Roopnaraine will become the WPA’s heroic “animal” sacrifice after all the intrigue and evidence for the breakdown of democracy under the PNC is revealed at the Rodney Commission of Inquiry (RCOI). The WPA stalwart sincerely believes he is the next Prime Minister-in-waiting symbolically representing Indo-Guyanese authenticity in any future APNU government. Like British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s legendary faux pas of peaceful accommodation with Adolf

Hitler before the Germans launched World War II, Dr Roopnaraine feels cleansed he has made peace in his public disclosure that the WPA was amassing weaponry. But absolutely no other WPA activist has validated this information. Even during Mr. Eusi Kwayana’s tailored testimony at the RCOI, he did not volunteer confirmation, neither did anyone ask him about it. How significant is this irony that he was inside/ outside Dr Rodney’s trusted circle to stop it, but remains still a mystery. For confirmation of Dr Roopnaraine’s authentic championship of the IndoGuyanese cultural, political and Human Rights existence and resolution of their many problems, it is more important by whom and how he is

Focus should be on prevention... From page 4 one is already a point at which they are sick. My point again is that a specialty hospital will do nothing to reduce the epidemic of heart disease in Guyana. What is needed is for individuals to really seriously examine their diets and activity patterns and make healthier life choices. The old people - like my grandmother who never wanted to go hospital because “dat is where people does die”- understood that hospitals are not places that promote wellness. What hospitals and the people who work there do is treat illness. They can provide information and some medicines, but wellness is cultivated outside of hospitals - how one lives on a daily basis - the food eaten, the behaviours and activities engaged in, etc. This is a point that I would have thought Mr. Ramotarhimself the adherent of a new, healthier diet (kudos to the First Lady for this) - would have clearly understood. It is sad that politicians and other public figures do not use their considerable influence to promote healthier living among Guyanese, instead of spreading misinformation and continuing to espouse negativity. Lastly, I must repeat the point that I made exactly one year ago when I penned a letter on the appalling lack of basic drugs at Linden Hospital. At that time, I had gone to the hospital with a friend and her two-year-old grandson who had been suffering from diarrhea and needed rehydrating. At that time, Linden hospital was out of stock of Panadol and Oral Rehydra-

tion Solution (ORS)- a basic but essential item necessary for preventing infant mortality. I am sickened to report that one year later, the Linden Mackenzie hospital - in the second largest town in Guyana, in the year 2014, is still lacking ORS along with other items like liquid Gravol - also key in the fight against infant mortality. Just a few weeks ago, another friend called to tell me that she and her 11-monthold granddaughter who had been vomiting were sent away from the same hospital and told they needed to go to a private pharmacy to purchase these items. I also recently visited the Charity and Suddie Hospitals in Region 2, where numerous complaints were raised about the lack of supplies and medication - from items such as antibiotics (amoxicillin in particular), to 5% saline, Rh Factor, iron supplements, and Panadol. Also lacking were adequate supplies of latex gloves and bin liners for biohazard waste - key items for

maintaining proper hygiene and sanitary standards. In addition, there is no running water at the Charity health centre- the first stop for all the people living in the riverain areas who might need health care. My point is this - when the Ministry of Health and other authorities in charge cannot ensure that the hospitals we already have are provided with basic, essential supplies and that the people of Guyana are provided with quality primary and preventative healthcare- we have far bigger problems that a specialty hospital can address. The neglect of primary health care facilities in Guyana, as well as the lack of commitment to providing quality care - especially to Guyanese from the lower economic strata of society who are not able to pay out of pocket for private medical care - reveals a distressing disregard for the nation’s wellbeing. Let us not be fooled by the attempts to use construction of a specialty hospital for

partisan political purposes. Instead, we must call on those in charge, when they purport to care about our wellbeing, to ensure that when we take our babies to the existing hospitals and health centres in our communities, that they are provided with the medicine necessary for their survival without having to go to private pharmacies. Let us not see more pregnant women die needlessly in childbirth for lack of quality care. Let people who want contraceptives not be turned away from heath centres because they don’t have any in stock for months at a time. Let us specialize in quality and preventative care first and foremost. And finally, Mr President, instead of slinging insults like ‘mad’ at people who disagree or share a different opinion, it would be so much more helpful and positive if you did something to improve the mental health sector of Guyana - another area that has been woefully underdeveloped for far too many years. Sherlina Nageer, MPH

anyhow perceived to be credible. The GHRA is yet to become a friend to pursue or uphold Indo-Guyanese human rights hampered by the former group’s own racial biases. For Indo-Guyanese, Dr Roopnaraine has always been missing in action. But this is precisely what makes him a hero within the creolized company where he is entombed. How astute anyone can be is obviously evaluated by such intelligence which solicits and recruits their personal bodyguard while they are in police custody at any police station! That selected police “bodyguard” Mr. Robert Allan Gates, has now cleansed his soul and redeemed himself by informing the RCOI that he was a double agent working both for Dr Roopnaraine’s protection, and the state under the PNC government. The undercover policeman has revealed that he actively procured Dr Walter Rodney’s personal bodyguard “Bunny” to spy on the murdered WPA leader, and he also actively assisted Dr Roopnaraine in the WPA arms buildup. Why no WPA personnel have stepped forward to confirm Dr Roopnaraine is so far puzzling. They witness truckloads of dirt heaped onto one of their own, albeit further overwhelming his WPA credibility and are reluctant to come to the brother’s aid. Was his bodyguard’s open confession that the PNC government also ordered him to kill Dr Roopnaraine the last straw? Not at all. Dr Roopnaraine himself has already given media reassurances it is of no

consequence to either h i m s e l f o r t h e WPA remaining under APNU’s Brigadier G e n e r a l ’s supervisory orders. It is a tough call whether Dr Roopnaraine is extremely naïve, possibly fuelled by personal greed or blind ambition, a riddle, or all of the above. Whether he succeeds in disproving he is not Guyana’s first likely Don Quixote Prime Minister... certainly not representing anything authentically Indian without a doubt, remains to be seen. But like all politicians he must be given credit for his tremendous personal sacrifices, as he has not promised to build a bridge where there is no river as Nikita Khrushchev has observed of politicians. A likeable and talented Shakespearean scholar, he was once attached to the prestigious New York Columbia University from where he was recruited by Dr Rodney. The recruit was also without any political baggage, and in the 1980s when the WPA was a force of some effectiveness in Georgetown, he was to succeed Dr Rodney as leader. But it was never to be. The WPA became a spent force and he became of little consequence. Should the AFC and APNU agree to unite tomorrow by way of a coalition, everyone knows who ‘Abna Babna’ will not be serving any English tea as they go through the door. That a talented WPA academic politician prefers to daily remain as dangling sundrying bait affixed to the PNC fishing hook completely unable to catch anything, including himself, is pitiful. Sultan Mohamed

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Deputy Speaker position should be given to the PPP - Rohee General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Clement Rohee says if the political Opposition is talking about inclusionary democracy and national unity, then the position of Deputy Speaker of Parliament should be given to the PPP. Rohee was at the time responding to pronouncements made by Leader of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), David Granger, who called on the PPP to abandon its “winner takes all” attitude and embrace inclusive governance. According to Rohee “Granger and the PNC [Peoples National Congress] is in no position nor do they have the moral right to lecture the PPP and the PPP/C Administration on the issue of inclusive governance and participatory democracy when they have consistently rejected all reasonable gestures made by the PPP for national reconciliation and a Government of national unity.” He said that “the PPP during the PNC-engineered disturbances of the early 1960s offered the PNC to share Government on almost parity terms, but the PNC bluntly refused and teamed up with reactionary elements to bring down the PPP Government.” Rohee condemned what he termed as the inflexible stance taken by the combined Opposition Parliamentary parties “when in the aftermath of the November 2011 elections they consorted with each other to deny the PPP, which obtained the largest bloc of votes, both the position of Speaker and Deputy Speaker. And as if that was not enough, the combined Opposition, through its one seat majority,

General Secretary of the PPP Clement Rohee allocated to themselves a disproportionate number of representatives in all of the Parliamentary sector committees in order to exercise control over these bodies.” “It should be noted for the record that even though the PPP in previous elections won overall parliamentary majorities, the Party never hogged for itself both the positions of Speaker and Deputy Speaker, with the latter position always going to the PNC with the full support of the PPP,” said Rohee. He outlined that the PPP always ceded the Deputy Speaker seat to the Opposition. “Why do they want both the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker?”Rohee questioned. Rohee posited that in order for inclusionary governance to be accepted between the PPP and the APNU, certain basic steps should be made, namely that the Deputy Speaker position should be handed to the PPP. “All Parliamentary committees ought to be rearranged in order for the PPP to have a proportionate number of seats corresponding to its

representation in the National Assembly while the APNU and AFC must stop linking the AML/CFT (Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill) to any other piece of legislation and pass that legislation forthwith without any conditions.” He said further that “the AFC [Alliance for Change] and the APNU must respect the fact that there is a constitutionally elected government in Parliament which has seats and has a right to present a Budget to the National Assembly and that it is the Minister of Finance who has the final say in respect to monies allocated to the Government of Guyana.” According to Rohee, there are a number of other steps “but I feel these are the first steps that the combined opposition must take in order to create the atmosphere that is conducive to any forward movement in terms of discussions, etc, on this matter.” When asked if the Opposition, which has the majority in the Parliament, should assent to those steps since it would seem as if the PPP Administration intends to rule as though it has an exclusive majority, Rohee responded by saying that “It takes two hands to clap. People in these issues look to Government to do almost everything. The Government must concede this, it must compromise and so forth…everything is with the Government. The Opposition now has control over the National Assembly. Don’t they have something to give? If you want an atmosphere of trust to develop obviously you have to cede something. What is it you are willing to concede?”

Tuesday June 10, 2014

Two years later…

Ramotar still mum on NCN fraud report “I wasn’t prepared for that question at this point in time…But I would probably look in and see if I could give you an answer after.” That was President Donald Ramotar’s response back in March, to a reporter who inquired about the status of the National Communications Network (NCN) report highlighting irregularities at the entity. On Saturday last, Ramotar again failed to provide an update on the status of the report or any action taken. When quizzed on the report on his desk for almost three years now, the President said “I have nothing new to report on that; I really was preoccupied with many other things at this point in time. I am sorry, next time hopefully I will be in a better position.” The report was submitted to the Office of the President for action. Though differently worded, the President’s response mirrored one he offered on this very issue about a year ago at a similar engagement. In fact, in March 2013, Ramotar told media operatives that he was “surprised” that the matter had not yet been concluded. He had related that the matter is being handled and it would be concluded in the

Head of State, Donald Ramotar near future. However, it is now questionable what “near future” means to the President, or whether he is willing to stamp out the perception of corruption. The investigation into the irregularities was confined to the Terms of Reference that sought to ascertain the relationship between Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) and NCN. In a leaked report – prepared during the first half of 2012 – it was revealed that on the part of NCN, one area of irregularity was traced back to GT&T and involved millions of dollars in advertisements. NCN’s Chief Executive

Officer, Mohamed Sattaur, resigned in June 2012. The entity’s Programme Manager, Martin Goolsarran, who admitted that he had deposited the payment cheque from the telephone company into his personal account, was suspended without pay. However, findings of the investigations submitted to Ramotar would determine the future of the two men. Many are waiting to see whether the findings would engage any legal action. Without revealing details of the investigations, Ramotar said he would like to see accountability at NCN, which will help with confidence and credibility.

Investigation into Springlands Police Station receipt scandal complete

Auditor General Deodat Sharma has said that the investigation into allegations of theft by a senior police rank at the Springlands Police Station has been completed. A report should be available very shortly. Mr. Sharma said that his Auditor, Mr. Besham Adram, conducted the investigation, which began shortly after the article of corruption was carried in this newspaper. Four motorists have come forward with receipts for warrants of paid monies to the Station Sergeant attached to the Springlands Police Station, receipts whose figures paid are less than what they actually paid to the official. The charges were for traffic offences. They are claiming financial corruption and ‘pocketing’ monies by the police officer

- Auditor General and have stepped forward to air their grievances. Navendranauth Kesar, of Springlands, Corriverton; Ramesh Singh of Scottsburg, Corriverton; Neil Joyce of Number 77 Village, Corriverton; and Ravindra Lorry of Grant 1778 Crabwood Creek, Corentyne, all say that they were coerced into paying the warrant fees, much of which they are claiming were collected by the individual. They also displayed their receipts. Singh said he paid $94,000 but has a receipt for $67,750; Joyce said he paid $32,000 while the receipt states $25,725 and Lorry said he paid $26,000 while his receipt states $6,075. Other drivers, too, say they were fleeced by

the officer. “I think either he robbing the government or he robbing the people who collecting the monies.” The other drivers who saw what was written on their receipts also questioned the incorrect figures but say they were intimidated. Mr. Sharma noted that if anyone is found culpable, disciplinary action will be meted out against them. “If there are discrepancies, that is what we will recommend,” he stated. “The investigation is complete and a report will now be put together within two weeks,” he noted. He also used the opportunity to make a call to members of the general public to come forward with information of corrupt practices and bribery by public officials in Guyana. “If anyone else has any issue, that person can contact the Auditor General Office and we will investigate it.” (Leon Suseran)

Tuesday June 10, 2014

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Tuesday June 10, 2014

Chanderpaul, broadband... From page 3 etc., approval of plans for construction of houses and business premises and issuance of construction permits and ensuring that buildings are constructed to code, Grant permission by issuing “no objections” to operate certain types of businesses such as car washes, pig farming, poultry farming, lumber yards etc., and the management and security of public markets etc. These services provided by the Local Government organs highlight the importance of our NDCs and Municipalities in the business eco system where enterprises have to operate. It is very obvious that where these organs are weak and ineffective, garbage gets piled up, sanitation systems are poor, public health is at risk, flood waters take longer to recede, burial grounds and the dead are overwhelmed with bushes, house plans and construction permits are delayed. Further, licences essential for starting and operating certain types of business can also be delayed due to incompetence and red tape. This is not meant to be an exhaus-

tive list of problems but these issues are important enough for local government elections to be called as soon as is practical. A lot has happened since 1994. If we look at things globally, Windows 95 and Google did not exist in 1994, nor was there Facebook or Twitter. Broadband internet was but a dream, China was not a member of WTO, the EURO Currency was just a concept whilst floppy disks were still used in computers. Regionally, Cable and Wireless and not Digicel was a major sponsor West Indies Cricket, T20 cricket did not exist and Shiv Chanderpaul made his debut in Test cricket and stood opposite Brian Lara in that series as he broke the Test record for the most runs in an innings. In Guyana, the internet did not exist, cell phones service was not provided and land line penetration was very poor and the number plate series for vehicles took an average of three or four years to change compared to 11 months in 2013 etc. These facts give you the picture of how vastly

different our world is today, but yet many of our Local Government Officials in Guyana elected in 1994 are still in place. Not that the two are the same, but West Indies Cricket had 13 Test Captains since 1994. Not having timely Local Government Elections is robbing Guyana of the quality of leadership that our local communities and neighborhood can benefit from. The delayed Local Government Elections is affecting the timeliness for which our local government leaders and officials are refreshed and such a situation is resulting in the Private Sector benefiting from mediocre service and this is a massive impediment to the competitiveness of our businesses. I think the above points have added someadditional compelling arguments to the many others that already exist on why it is essential for us to have local government elections to improve the enabling environment for business to be created and jobs provided. To our leaders: Make Local Government Elections a reality.

Ukraine sees ‘understanding’ with Russia on peace moves (Reuters) - Ukraine said yesterday it had reached a “mutual understanding” with Moscow on parts of a plan proposed by President Petro Poroshenko for ending violence in the east of the country. Kiev gave no details and Russia did not comment directly but two days of talks, following a brief encounter in France last week that broke the ice between Poroshenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin, have given momentum to peace moves. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in a statement released in Berlin that there was “some faint light at the end of

the tunnel” in the Ukraine conflict for the first time in months. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a brief statement in Kiev that Russian and Ukrainian representatives had met three times in the past two days to discuss Poroshenko’s plan to end an insurrection by pro-Russian separatists in the east. “As a result of the work, the sides reached a mutual understanding on key stages of the implementation of the plan and on a list of priorities which will contribute to a deescalation of the situation in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine,” it said.

World’s oldest man dies in New York at 111 (Reuters) - The world’s oldest man has died in New York at age 111, according to the senior citizen residence where he lived. Alexander Imich, who was born in Poland in 1903 and survived a Soviet Gulag labour camp, died on Sunday, said Marcy Levitt, executive director of Esplanade Manhattan. Imich emigrated to the United States in the 1950s and was a scholar of the occult. He edited an anthology called “Incredible Tales of the Paranormal” in 1995 at the age of 92. He turned 111 in February and, in April, assumed the rank of oldest living man, according to the Gerontology Research Group of Torrance, California. That ranking now goes to

Alexander Imich

Sakari Momoi of Japan, born on Feb. 5, 1903, one day after Imich, according to the research group. Dozens of women were older than Imich, according to the group, and the oldest of them, Misao Okawa of Japan,

is 116. Imich had credited good genes for his long life. “But the life you live is equally or more important for longevity,” he told Reuters last month in an interview in his apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Tuesday June 10, 2014

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WHERE IS THE GOLD? For the first five months of this year there was a precipitous decline in gold declarations. Gold declarations were 20 per cent below the corresponding period last year. This is highly unusual. It is also inconsistent with a situation in which Guyana’s gold production may have peaked and now is on the decline. Guyana’s gold production has been increasing over the past few years and there will come a time when it can go no more. But even taking this into consideration, it is not usual for there to be such an appreciable decline in production. You do not peak and then decline by as much as 20 per cent. If gold declaration continues its free-fall, it can spell disaster for the country’s economy. There will be a severe decline in foreign exchange earned by the government. There will also be implications for growth. Unless the authorities can establish that there was more gold produced than what was being declared, the projections for growth in the economy would have to be

revised downwards. There has been a great deal of speculation as to what is responsible for this large decline in gold declaration. Unfortunately, there has been too much speculation and very little detailed analyses of the situation. The President of Guyana should commission a team of independent experts to study the data and to determine the likely causes for the decline in gold declaration. This is not rocket science. The trend as explained by one former head of the Guyana Gold Mining Commission is that a small group of miners control about 70 per cent of the total declarations in the sector. The remaining 30 per cent comes from small miners. Given this profile, a 20 per cent decline in national gold declarations should originate in the large-scale gold mining. Statistically, this is where the attention should be focused. It is near impossible for there to be a contraction in gold declarations by 20 per cent without a shortfall in declaration by these large miners. An analysis should be done of the gold declared for

Dem boys seh...

De Bees buying up and de Chinee smuggling out de gold Donald declare that gold declaration drop, and it drop plenty-by 20 % from this time last year. Dem boys want tell Donald how that happen. Is two thing. Is de Chinee buying it secretly and carrying it away and all de Bees buying it up and piling it up. Dem got Brazzy de fat crook, de shaat crook and de one and only Babita. Dem boys seh that de Anti-Money Laundering Act ketching up wid dem faster than dem expect. Dem can’t have de money lying around in wardrobe, under bed, and things like that. Dem can’t even keep it in a bank suh dem using de money to buy up gold wha Donald talking about. Dem boys hear how some of dem got de gold in de backyard under some old drum. Babby got he portion, which is not small, under a cupboard. By not implementing de two module for de IFMAS that would keep record of how dem spend de money from de Treasury, that alone speaks volumes. By not doing that there is room fuh thief. Now dem boys want to believe that dem thief threequarter of de treasury money fuh de last ten years. That money is not li’l bit money. Some of dem nah know how much dem got. But is dem buying up all de gold. That is why de declaration drop and Donald still wondering why. If he want know de answer why de gold declaration drop he must call all who had dealing wid finance-Jagdeo, Kowlessar, Ashni, Brassington, de Accountant General and even Deodat Sharma. He must ask dem why dem tie up, blindfold and lock up de two pit bulls that was suppose to protect de money and show he wheh de money deh. And if dem ain’t want talk dem boys want tell him that de pit bulls would jump fuh all of dem throat because dem finance people does go to wuk wid glue pun dem hand. Talk half and hope Donald account fuh de 20% gold.

the past five months by each of the large gold miners. These declarations should be compared with the corresponding period last year. If this analysis establishes that there is a decline in gold declaration by the large miners, then the reasons for this decline should be examined in detail. Any decline relative to the same period last year will have to be investigated to ascertain the reasons for such a decline. If on the other hand, it is established that these miners have been selling gold and that their individual and aggregate sales did not decline appreciably for 2014, then the investigation has to focus on the private gold buyers as well as the Guyana Gold Board. The records of those licensed to purchase gold should be examined to determine where any shortfall exists and if it is these buyers that may be hoarding gold. There are many possible

scenarios that can account for the decline in gold declarations. The first of these is the hoarding of gold. There are many reasons why persons will want to hoard gold. The main one concerns the impasse over the Anti- Money Laundering and Countering of the Financing of Terrorism Amendment Bill. The problems with this Bill has been ongoing for over a year now and there are many persons who feel that Guyana is headed for sanctions by the international community because of its failure to pass CFATF- compliant legislation. With sanctions, Guyana will face a financial crisis. What happens during a financial crisis? People seek to find other means to store their wealth and protect their assets from depreciation. This is where gold comes in. People buy more gold when there is a crisis. Countries do the same. They begin to stockpile gold to

support their currency. As a result of these developments, gold prices tend to skyrocket during financial crises. In fact, the spike in gold prices which led to the gold boom in Guyana was caused by the global financial crisis of 2008. It is therefore possible that some persons with substantial investments in Guyana may be fearful of a financial meltdown in Guyana and therefore instead of buying currency, which can be unstable during a financial crisis, are instead buying gold in order to protect their investments. Another related possibility is that speculators are holding gold because they feel that prices will rise and they wish to make a killing. This is why many persons are saying that gold hoarding may be responsible for the decline in declarations. However, it is difficult to imagine that so much gold is being hoarded- to the tune of

20 per cent of what was produced for the first five months of last year. This is far too much gold to be hoarded. There is also a third possibility. It is possible that gold is being smuggled out of Guyana to countries where the royalties are not as high as in Guyana. Rather than selling the gold in Guyana and having to pay the prohibitive royalties, there may be unscrupulous individuals who may be smuggling it outside of Guyana to other countries where the royalties are not as high. Whatever the reason, what is needed is a detailed analysis of gold declarations. This should be undertaken by a team of independent experts, preferably from reputable international organizations.

Govt ignoring the concerns of Parliamentary majority - Harmon “By and large in a regularly democratic society when the legislative branch passes a motion or some law, the Executive branch sees it as an obligation and responsibility to ensure that action is taken on those things.” This is the assertion of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s Executive, Joseph Harmon. He was commenting on the view that the government was not paying heed to what the opposition, which has the Majority in the Legislature, is advancing. According to Harmon, “The combined opposition has a majority in the National Assembly and you have an Executive that has taken no steps whatsoever to try to include some part of that legislative branch to ensure that you have a broad-based government. To that extent you will always have gridlock.” He said that APNU has looked at various models where you have minority government “but the minority government in those countries

we have looked at make concessions and arrangements in the legislature so that the legislative programmes can go on. “You always have compromises that are made in the legislature so even if you had a minority government the action of the legislature continues because you have compromises made on issues that are of consequence to the nation. “We have a situation where you have a minority government and then they refuse to make compromises in the legislature where these things are concerned, even though they don’t have control there. It’s a hard nose type of politics that is doing the country no good and I think the earlier or sooner this administration recognizes that, it will be better for the country altogether,” said Harmon. According to Harmon, the government feels that the current political configuration is unworkable “and they are doing as much as they can to

make the Legislature dysfunctional and irrelevant so you have a minority rule which I term to be the onset of a dictatorship.” “We are seeing it in the way they deal with the award of contracts; we are seeing it in the way they respect constitutional provisions, etc. These are all signs of a rising dictatorship in this country.” He outlined that the days of one party rule in the political life of this country are gone and the Peoples Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/

C) are not recognizing that. “You will never have a situation here again where one party thinks they can rule this country. We have gone into a new era, a new thinking; we have a population of people who are more sensitized to the issues and you can’t rule people the way they use to rule them long ago. “You can’t fool people anymore…you can’t fool them with a lack of information; you need to have fresh ideas on how you move this country forward.”

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Tuesday June 10, 2014

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

Take a close look at the Pegasus Bridge 70 years ago Just Google the words, “Battle for Pegasus Bridge by the Allies,” and you will see photos of the Pegasus Bridge over the Caen Canal in Normandy, France, in 1944. The battle for that Bridge was one of the decisive episodes of WW2. If the Allies had lost the bridge, then the D-Day landing would have failed. When you see the photos of that bridge, juxtapose them with images of the Berbice Bridge. What you will find will numb your psyche. It didn’t occur to me all these decades that I have been a columnist that just ten days separate Guyana’s Independence anniversary from European celebrations of D-Day that marked the end of Hitler and Nazi Germany. It is

a phenomenal contrast. The Pegasus Bridge in 1944 was a better looking construction with greater facilities and accommodation within the structure itself than our Berbice Bridge built just five years ago. Seventy years ago, architectural engineering has traveled billion of miles that if there was to be built a bridge over a waterway in any country, it would be more impressive than the Pegasus Bridge in 1944. But that is not true for the Berbice Bridge. There are three things that always come to mind when I read about a discussion on the Berbice Bridge. One is that when I was a little boy, about ten years old, I saw a war movie, “Bridge Over the River Kwai”

in which the construction in that movie built by soldiers was identical to the Berbice Bridge. The second one is that any fool could have noticed that the Guyana Times was ashamed of the Berbice Bridge when it printed a supplement to mark the opening of the structure. The articles in that supplement made references to lots of bridges built around the world but strangely there were no pictures at all of any other bridges. The newspaper deliberately omitted the images, because the readers would have done the juxtaposition for themselves and would have seen what a primitive thing Guyana built in the 21st century. Thirdly, I have always maintained in these columns that the Berbice Bridge is testimony to the colossal failure President Jagdeo was. It is beyond belief that in 2009, we constructed a passage

over the Berbice River identical to the make-shift bridges the Allies built to facilitate crossings in WW2. If Berbicians are reading this, I ask them not to get annoyed. I think all Guyana is glad the journey to and from Berbice is facilitated by a canopy over the river but there can be no defence of what the Government built in 2009. It is poor, primitive and ugly. Even the Demerara facility has a walkway and a cycle lane. It is one thing to welcome the structure, but it is another thing to say it is modern. It is a stupid construction in the 21st century. Any country in the 21st century deserves better. I am looking at the bridge against the background of our just concluded celebration of 48 years of Independence. And I have returned to the story of the Berbice structure because I think it is a gigantic testimony to our failure as a country after

48 years of Independence. If you take Helmut Roemer and show him the Berbice Bridge, Mr. Roemer would not believe he is in a country in the 21st century. Helmut Roemer may be the only survivor living in Europe today who saw action on that bridge in 1944. He was doing routine duty when the British soldiers took over the Caen Canal. I am absolutely sure that Mr. Roemer would tell you his Pegasus thing back then in 1944 was more impressive than what you are showing him in Berbice. The CARICOM leaders are only trying to be diplomatic with Guyana when they say that CARICOM is devising a comprehensive programme to stop the exodus of skilled CARICOM citizens. Not even wild horses can stop young people from boarding a plane at Timehri and leaving Guyana behind forever. A majority of them don’t care about PNC versus PPP. They won’t come back

Frederick Kissoon because they think their land is backward and very far behind in modern infrastructure. The Bajans and the Jamaicans and other islanders may be persuaded to stay but not young Guyanese. What they see in Trinidad has convinced them that Guyana is a country living in the past. Can you really compare Trinidad and Guyana? Isn’t that like comparing Brian Lara and the seventy-year-old village cricketer? Well we will not be far behind Trinidad because the Marriott is here.

Tuesday June 10, 2014

Kaieteur News

“Join your national association” CNO urges Region Four nurses

Page 11

Lotto Company on “month to month” licence...

Gov’t mulls new players in industry By Latoya Giles

Nurses gathered at Ramphal House last week for a belated observance of International Nurses’ Day In a fervent quest to ensure that practicing nurses are continually encouraged to help advance the profession, Chief Nursing Officer, Tarmattie Barker, has voiced an appeal for them to attach themselves to the local nursing association. Barker was at the time addressing a group of nurses during a belated observance of International Nurses’ Day last week for nurses of public health facilities in Region Four. The simple event was venued at Ramphal House, Shiv Chanderpaul Drive, Georgetown. “I want to encourage you to join your national nurses’ association...You know it is critical when we have a body to represent us,” the Chief Nurse told the gathering of nurses. The Guyana Nurses Association (GNA) is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit organisation opened for membership from all Registered Nurses, Midwives, Nursing Assistants and Public Health Nurses. Retired nurses and care givers are also known to associate with the body. The mission of the Association is to advance the status of the nursing profession through capacity building, an improved public image, and the maintenance of quality nursing services and care to clients. Moreover, Barker amplified the importance for nursing associations to take advantage of fora such as the recent International Council of Nurses (ICN) meeting that was held in Geneva ahead of a World Health Assembly meeting. While Barker was not able to shed light on Guyana’s attendance to the ICN meeting, she pointed out that among the topics that were discussed were “universal health care and the achievements that have been

Chief Nursing Officer, Tarmattie Barker gained over the years, and looking at our health work force which is a critical area because we don’t have adequately trained health personnel.” Without adequately trained personnel, Barker asserted that “we will not be able to deliver the kind of quality care and give the kind of services needed.” This publication has been able to uncover that based on nursing statistics accumulated a few years ago, the local health system has in place in excess of 700 staff nurse/midwives, more than 300 single trained midwives, 484 nursing assistants, and some 65 medexes trained as midwives. Also addressed at the ICN meeting, held during the period May 14 and 15, was safe quality nursing and midwifery services and care. It saw the attendance of at least 91 national Nurses Associations. “That was the same time during Nurses’ Week and they had many (important) discussions and deliberations...I want to say to you that I know you are a group here who should be endeavouring to be a part of the Association,” Barker appealed as she highlighted

her expectation that come next year deliberate efforts will be made to benefit from the strategic forum to help build on gains already made. But even if Guyana were to absent itself, Barker observed, it is expected that some benefits will still “trickle down” to these parts since the local Nurses Association is a registered member of the ICN. The ICN is a federation of more than 130 national nurses associations and therefore represents associations across the globe. Barker mentioned too that Guyana is a member of the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) which supports, represents and works to strengthen professional associations of midwives throughout the world. “We are moving forward by becoming part of those international organisations – International Council of Nurses, International Confederation of Midwives,” said Barker as she acknowledged that it was Guyana’s embracing of such bodies that allowed for its participation at the ICM’s 30th Triennial Congress earlier this month. The five-day congress venued in Prague, Czech Republic, was attended by Nurse Tracy Gentle. And according to Barker, that meeting was one that addressed issues including bridging the gap between midwifery and women’s rights to increasing health care for women, the family and the community. The forum also saw the launching and discussion pertaining to the State of the World Midwifery Report.

Several years after Canadian Bank Note, holders of the national lottery franchise, was given a “month to month” licence to operate, Government has signaled its intention to go back to tender for another franchise. This announcement was made on Saturday by Head of State, Donald Ramotar at a press conference. According to Ramotar, there should be some consideration on going out back to tender to see whether Government could get a better deal. The president said that Canadian Bank Note, which works through its subsidiary, the Guyana Lottery Company (GLC), has been in Guyana for quite some time and as such the company has not been given a “long term” commitment. The president said that Government needs to see if it could get a better deal. He added that several countries within the Caribbean have written to the government stating an interest. “I have several letters to this effect which I have given to the Ministry of Finance,” the president told Kaieteur News. Early last year a motion which had challenged the constitutionality and legality of the government’s deposit of proceeds from the lottery into a Developmental Fund, popularly referred to as the “Lotto Fund”, was thrown out by the High Court.

The motion was taken to the court by APNU Member of Parliament, Desmond Trotman. According to court documents, Justice Diana Insanally had ruled that the motion was misconceived and struck it out. Trotman was represented by Mr. Miles Fitzpatrick, S.C. and Mr. Christopher Ram. Trotman’s motion had questioned whether Article 216 of the Constitution and Sections 21 and 38 of the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act 2003 require that all monies paid to the Government of Guyana by the Guyana Lottery Company Limited under an agreement made between the said Government and Canadian Bank Note Limited and/or the Guyana Lottery Company for the conduct of a lottery in Guyana to be paid into the Consolidated Fund. Secondly, the motion sought to clarify whether the monies received by the government from the Guyana Lottery Company Limited ought to have been paid in

the past and ought to be paid in the future into the Consolidated Fund. It had also asked for a declaration that the failure of the government to pay into the Consolidated Fund all the monies received from the GLC under the said agreement is unconstitutional and illegal. The Attorney General said that Mr. Carl Greenidge had moved a motion in the Parliament last year seeking to compel the Minister of Finance to deposit these monies directly into the Consolidated Fund. His contention was that it was unlawful and unconstitutional to deposit it elsewhere. In debating this motion in the National Assembly, he said that Government argued that the motion was misconceived and that the provisions of the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act, Article 216 of the Constitution, and the Lotteries Act permit those monies to be kept outside of the Consolidated Fund and in a Development Fund.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday June 10, 2014

GPSU calls for meeting with Govt. in five days over wages and salaries The Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) is insisting that the Government meet with the organization within five days to discuss the longstanding issue of public servants wages and salaries. In a missive, the organization charged that there has been no meeting between the Government and the Union, despite claims by the Public Service Minister, Jennifer Westford during her 2014 budget debate speech that the Administration has been meeting with the Union for a favourable outcome in the increase of wages and salaries for this year. The GPSU said it is, “very concerned that no action has so far been taken to fulfill the commitment given publicly by President Donald Ramotar and the Honourable Minister since the Union was never invited to any meeting with the Government so far for 2014 to address this sensitive, important and long outstanding issue of increases in Wages, Salaries and Allowance for public servants.” They said that as a consequence the Executive Council of the GPSU

Public servants across the country downed tools in protest of the 2013 wages and salaries increase

mandated its President, Mr. Patrick Yarde to dispatch a correspondence to the Permanent Secretary, Public Service Ministry, Mr. Hydar Ally expressing the Union’s displeasure with the manner in which the matter was being dealt with and requesting that a meeting be convened soonest, within five days to commence negotiations for

Wages, Salaries and Allowances for the year 2014, without prejudice to all other outstanding wages and salaries matters. It was stated that the GPSU submitted proposals for Wages, Salaries and Allowances for the period 2013-2015 to the Government of Guyana in a correspondence dated May

13, 2013. The Union pointed out that during the debate on the 2014 National Budget, Minister Webster in a statement carried in the state media on Monday April 7, 2014, quoted, that “to say that there is no salary increases for public servants is inaccurate and misleading. The fact is that the quantum of monies to be paid to public servants will originate from the collective bargaining process between PSM and GPSU.” It was further noted that the Minister in the said state media disclosed that, “ ...the PSM and the GPSU have recommenced meeting to discuss workers’ issues.”The Minister on April 10 last also told Kaieteur News that her Ministry was in discussion

with the GPSU and discussions have been cordial, while talks seem to be going smoothly. She mentioned that the collective bargaining mechanism had been activated and, “hopes are high that the two sides can come up with decisions that would be mutually favourable.” The issue of wages and salaries increase has been on the front burner in the dispute between the Government and the Public Service Union for a number of years, with the Government “arbitrarily” imposing various percent increases on public workers. The Union maintains that the Government bypasses the collective bargaining

agreement mechanism and dictates what workers should receive. For the last few years, public servants have been receiving a five percent increase and last year they planned not to take the imposition lightly. Massive protests were launched across the country with public workers downing tools and parading the streets for better increases. Public servants have cried out against what they say are meager salaries and then the subsequent imposition of meager increases. The Union says it is still in the fan out stage before it can re-active protest action against the 2013 increases of wages and salaries.

Teenager returns money from failed TIP venture A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Regional Councillor, Wazeer Latiff, is imploring the relevant authorities and residents of Essequibo to report people who are in the habit of soliciting young girls for life in the hinterland as prostitutes. Latiff ’s comments came in light of a recent incident involving a 16year-old former Essequibo Technical Institute student, whom he and a colleague were forced to rescue. The councillor explained that the student, who came to the Region to attend the

Technical Institute at Anna Regina was picked up outside of the Institute’s compound by a car driver, who later took her to Georgetown and then to Mahdia to work as a prostitute. The teenager, Latiff said, had attended the Essequibo Technical Institute for almost two years but quit school because she struggled to learn. The teenager, who confided in Latiff, disclosed that she was not comfortable with the proposal the man made to her in the hinterland and returned the $80,000 he offered her. He said the man then refused to escort the

teenager back to the Essequibo Coast. The stranded teenager was forced to make her way back to the Coast as best she could. Latiff said that the teenager was forced to sell a gold chain she was wearing as well as a finger ring to foot her travelling expenses back to the Coast. Upon her return, Latiff said, the teenager was rescued by one of his female colleagues, who took her in for one week. He said that contact was made with the teenager’s parents in Region One, and he and his colleague managed to raise the necessary fare. Latiff said that similar cases involving business persons recruiting young girls to work in the interior continue to surface in the Region and efforts to address the issue must be treated with seriousness by all involved.

Tuesday June 10, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 21

Low level of HIV discrimination Education sector: Connecting among health care workers classrooms in the 21st Century A Client Satisfaction Survey has dispelled reports that patients infected by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) are highly discriminated against by health care workers. This disclosure was made by Programme Manager of the National AIDS Programme Secretariat (NAPS), Dr. Shanti Singh. Dr. Singh, during an interview with this publication recently, said that “we have gotten reports from all over, even the workplace, about discrimination, and in relation to those in the health care system, we have dealt with them internally.” However, these numerous reports, she noted, have not been substantiated by the Client Satisfaction Survey which was conducted at HIV treatment sites across the country. Dr. Singh even pointed out that “over the last year or two I think I have gotten one or two (genuine) reports.” She disclosed that based on the survey which entailed the distribution of questionnaires among HIV infected persons who access treatment services, the discrimination level is not very high. “We asked patients about how they perceive stigma and discrimination coming from health care workers and most patients do not believe they are discriminated against,” disclosed Dr. Singh. She, however, acknowledged that there is likely to be some persons who might question the authenticity of such a survey since it is believed that patients would be unwilling to share their honest opinions for fear of being victimised.

- survey

NAPS Programme Manager, Dr Shanti Singh But according to Dr. Singh, while some limitations were expected, the survey was in fact an anonymous one which was not designed to identify individual patients. Despite the laudable results of the survey, the NAPS Manager pointed out that “we will continue to work with health care workers to ensure that we provide services in a sort of nonjudgemental and nondiscriminatory manner.” Stigma and discrimination in the health care system, she speculated, could in fact be a situation that is perceived rather than experienced. In offering an explanation to this belief, she disclosed that “if you come into clinic today your perception is that stigma and discrimination from health workers is very high but if you spend two months in the clinic and ask that question, you will find that it comes down significantly...So I think in a lot of cases there might be some hesitancy

coming into the clinic because that perception is already on their minds; once you get into the clinic and you settle you realise this is not necessarily begins to wear (away).” Dr. Singh, during an interview with this publication earlier this year, had disclosed that stigma and discrimination is seen as one of the major challenges faced by the Ministry’s HIV-fighting arm. She pointed out even then that the whole concept of treatment and prevention is one that speaks to having persons who are HIV positive being able to access treatment to lower or suppress their viral-load to a point where HIV becomes almost nontransmissible. As such the national fight against the disease, she said, is likely to be severely hampered since the continuance of stigma and discrimination could lend to infected persons being unwilling to access treatment programmes. The extent of the situation is that persons who may suspect they are HIV positive may be unwilling to get tested while those who would have tested positive would be hesitant to get treatment because of the perceived high level of stigma and discrimination, Dr. Singh added. Moreover, she noted that the tactic being employed to address this situation is strengthened education programmes throughout the society even at the level of the workplace, among key target populations and even among health care workers.

GuySuCo scouring Canje River... From page 19 relatives left in one of GuySuCo's search boats to scour the Canje Creek for the employee. The family members were also upset that when that search boat arrived yesterday afternoon, the company had no fuel. “He was on the work-site. I ain't know if the person over there (his workmate) drop asleep or what transpired,” he added. That attendant would have been on shift across the backlands at Lochaber in the Canje Creek. The man's son explained that his father would normally have to flash his torchlight across the other side of the Lochaber end of

the Canje River so that the workmate could respond with the boat and collect him from the other side. From all indications, Madramootoo never reached the Lochaber side since all of his belongings were left on the side of the Reliance backlands. “My father is a quiet, easy going person. He ain't get no problem at home or with anybody. I don't know whatever happened.” The man's wife, Esther, was distraught. She was sitting with relatives and neighbours, hoping for good news. Yesterday, Acting Estate Manager, Mr. Dhanpat refused to comment on the matter.

IDCE being forced to close... From page 20 programme should have passed through the board and been debated but that was not done,” Glasgow explained. “The Council of the University, which is made up of government officials, has only been listening to Professor Opadeyi and only acts on what he presents. There are many more indiscretions.” As the extra mural arm of UG, IDCE was envisioned as an avenue through

which equal access to education would provide citizens with opportunities for personal and professional growth and development consistent with national development trajectory. It must be noted that IDCE serves a vital role in the delivery of education to a diverse population and, consequently, UG should ensure that the Institute grows and develops into an organization of high academic and professional standards.

Guyana will be joining developed and developing countries in its Smart Classrooms rollout which should appeal to students who are already struggling with the traditional method of teaching in a classroom. Studies have shown that something that is taught visually rather than the one that is read through page after page tends to help students store the information faster and more effectively. As such, students of the 21st Century have the option of being taught in a smart class. STARR Computers, in collaboration with technology giant, Samsung, has introduced the “Samsung Smart School” to enhance learning with the latest technologies. President Donald Ramotar and Minister of Education Priya Manickchand are very optimistic about the endeavor. President of Starr Computers, Michael Mohan, underscores that smart classes use all interactive modules like videos and presentations and these visually attractive methods of teaching become appealing to students who are already struggling with the traditional method of teaching in a classroom. It was explained that students can learn in a fun, creative and interactive manner, while the solution brings an enhanced learning environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to participate. In addition, there are options of a question and answer tool that gives students the opportunity to seek support during lessons. Smart classes are almost like watching movies as sometimes animated visuals are used to teach a point. This kind of visual is eye-catching and young students can easily relate with them. This

- Students learning in a fun, creative and interactive manner

is because the audio-visual senses of students are targeted and it helps the students store the information fast and more effectively. President of Starr Computers noted that one of the main reasons behind the constant increase in popularity of smart classes is the fact that this kind of education is perfect for all kinds of students. A classroom has students with varied power of understanding and learning, and studying from notes and other materials becomes difficult for some students. But the use of smart classes and modern technology eases the learning process for all students. Moreover, this kind of education in class promotes more interaction between teacher and student with more participation from both sides. The possibilities or advantages of smart classrooms are endless. Although adopting such a new concept might be a tough decision for many, the technology can create a new opening for the education sector. Nevertheless, the primary objective of Smart School management will be to manage efficiently and

effectively the resources and processes required supporting the teaching-learning functions. Management will help to reallocate skilled human resources to more valuable activities, save costs over the long term, improve the quality of decisions through better access to information, and accelerate decision making. The Smart Classroom Solution is a complete digital education package consisting of Samsung tablets, a server and software. Samsung said it was piloting Smart Schools in 24 countries. The most advanced projects include schools in its home city of Seoul, South Korea; in Sydney, Australia; and in Memphis, in the United States. (Last year, Samsung USA made a YouTube video about its school.) It has now started a pilot programme in the United Kingdom. In its Smart School pilot projects, Samsung has been supplying teachers and some whole classes with their own personal devices. All information on students’ tablets will be controlled and seen by the presiding teacher, since all devices will be interconnected.

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Tuesday June 10, 2014

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142nd Anglican Synod opens in Guyana The 142nd Session of Synod of the Anglican Diocese is underway in Guyana. The highest decision- making forum of the Anglican Church in Guyana got underway with a Grand Pontifical Mass at St. George’s Cathedral on Sunday. One of the issues expected to come to the floor during the four- day session is the ordination and acceptance of women in the Anglican priesthood. Guyana is the only Diocese in the Caribbean that has held back on this issue, barring women from the Anglican priesthood. The service on Sunday was attended by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds; Chancellor of the Diocese, Madame, Justice Desiree Bernard, O.R.; priests and deacons of the Anglican Church in Guyana; and special guest of honour, Reverend Canon Dr. John

(From page 22)


Anglican Bishop Moss and other priests during the Synod Mass on Sunday Twistleton, Rector of St. Giles Parish, Horstead Keynes, U.K. (Bishop’s United Kingdom Commissary). The Chief Celebrant in the


The police are looking for 54-year-old Dion Shurwin Layne whom they want to question in relation to a matter of Trafficking in Narcotics which is presently under investigation. Layne was described as medium built and his last known address was given as Lot 22 D’Urban Street, Lodge, Georgetown. Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of Dion Shurwin Layne is asked to contact the police on telephone numbers 225-6411, 225-1111, 226-2870, 227-1149, 911 or the nearest police station. All information will be treated with strict confidence.

Dion Shurwin Layne

Mass was Anglican Bishop of Guyana, Right Reverend Cornell Jerome Moss, D.D, assisted by The Very Reverend Paul Andrew Carto, Dean of Georgetown and Rector of St. George’s Cathedral. The meeting sessions of the four-day activity conclude tomorrow at the Regency Suites in Georgetown. Parishes from across the country have sent representatives to the event where important matters of the church will be discussed. In his message to the hundreds that packed the St. George’s Cathedral in Georgetown, Bishop Moss talked about the challenging times that the church faces in Guyana. “This is the age when we live on the edge ...and interactions have been replaced by mobile phones and by texting,” he noted. The Anglican leader stated that the Holy Spirit is challenging the faithful to be a church and an agent of transformation in the homes,

Cadet Officer remanded... From page 16 client, the Cadet Officer, who has been a member of the police force since 2008, currently resides at Lot 159 Freeman Street, East La Penitence with his common law wife. He argued that the Prosecution was misguided in its objections to bail. The lawyer said that consideration should be given to fact that the offences for which his client is charged are bailable. He contended that his client was not a flight risk and urged the Magistrate to consider that Paul was on open arrest since the incident in such that he was permitted to leave Eve Leary, the place where he was being held. The lawyer claimed that his client has never attempted to leave though he had opportunities to do such. “My client intends to come to court to defend the charges,” Yearwood insisted. Yearwood asked for bail to

be granted in a reasonable sum since his client is from “a grossly underpaid profession in this country”. Gajraj told the court that Corporal Singh is a 31-yearold father of one who has been serving the force since 2003 and had an unblemished record. Gajraj contended that his client does not pose a flight risk since, in relation to this charge, he has been cooperating fully with the police. “My client lives in the Beterverwagting Police Station compound. When both defendants were advised that they were needed in court, they dutifully attended. They did not attempt to flee. “The allegation that they are flight risks is illogical. If the court is perhaps inclined, then they will both lodge their passports.” He argued too that at the stage of bail application, consideration should only be given to whether the

offence is summary or indictable. He claimed that “seriousness” only exists as a consideration for sentencing, not for bail application. “Seriousness,” he said, is not a valid objection to bail. Continuing, he asked the Magistrate to consider reasonable bail for Corporal Singh since the “due process” was followed and in his estimation the Prosecution has raised no grounds of objection to him being granted his pretrial liberty. Magistrate Azore said that for the charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice, bail will be in the sum of $150,000 to both defendants. She granted bail to Paul on the common assault charge to the tune of $75,000. She, however, refused bail to Paul for the inflicting grievous bodily harm and discharging a loaded firearm with intent allegations. The case will be called again on June 30.

schools, youth groups, work places, “change for the worldHe [the Spirit] is calling the church to be a servant church, where we address the needs of humankind in practical ways…” The renewal of the church in the Diocese is possible, he added. He prayed that the 142nd Synod “will result in a renewed desire…that we will muster the credibility and courage to join our hands with all people of goodwill to positively impact society— with a reaffirmation of the dignity of all human beings…pray with me that in our personal lives, we will make the connection between what we believe in our heads and what we believe in our hearts.” (Leon Suseran)

PLANNING AN EVENT? BIRTHDAY PARTY, GRADUATION,WEDDINGS, ANNIVERSARY, ETC. CALL DIAMOND TENTS: 216-1043; 677-6620 One upper flat @ 6th Street Cummings Lodge, ECD – Call: 622-3580 Space available at 43 Croal Street, Stabroek, Georgetown, office complex. Call: 225-3269, 621-9741, 2278004 Space located at New Market Street, Charlotte Street Contact: 223-8479/ 647-3768, Executive apartments & houses. Three bedrooms Contact: 223-8479/ 647-3768, Four bedrooms luxury house located @ Bel-Air Park $2500USD - Contact: 2238479/ 647-3768, www. Apartment for rent at Uitvlugt, W.C.D – Tel: 6662442

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LAND FOR SALE Farm: East Bank Demerara , New Scheme: land (58X110) (front corner lot) - Tel: 603-9700 Concrete fenced, house lot @ Ann’s Grove Village, E.C.D 140ftX50ft – Price: $4.5M. Tel: 641-4677 FOR RENT One three-storey building, David Street, Kitty: size 100x30ft - $1.5M per month, negotiable – Contact:6460336, 231-5876 One nails table - Busy area! Call: 602-5469 or 628-9297 TOURS Suriname Tour Return: July 4th/ Caricom Holiday 4-7 July Tel: 639-2663, 644-0185, 6655171, 227-8290

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Tuesday June 10, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

THE MATTHIAS CONSTITUTIONAL BLUNDERS DEAR EDITOR, As far as I know, the members of the so-called “Breakaway Congress” of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), that brought a vote of No Confidence against the GFF President, Mr. Christopher Matthias, has NOT apologized, and I don’t see an apology forthcoming. I am shocked that some media personnel choose to dub these guys the “Breakaway Congress” when they constitute a more than 2/3 majority of the members that are eligible to vote. Furthermore, how does one apologize for doing what is right? Also, how can Matthias say that he forgives them, has Matthias all of a sudden become magnanimous? I can assure you that magnanimity is NOT characteristic of Christopher Matthias. Had these members of Congress done anything wrong Matthias would surely be hunting their heads as we speak .I say this because when Matthias had the opportunity to be magnanimous he acted to the contrary. When the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA) held the finals of their year-end tournament on January 1, last, in defiance of a directive handed down by the Congress, Matthias led a vicious campaign to ban all the Executives of the UDFA, including Collie Hercules, a Vice President on his own

Executive Committee. Not only did he champion this ban, he acted as prosecutor in this case, even advocating for the UDFA Executives to be banned from football for 25 years. The good sense of the Congress prevailed and bans were handed down for eight years and five years for the Executives. Even this seems draconian considering the offence. However, this is the real Matthias. I have spoken with many members of the Congress and they have intimated that they are even more resolved than before to carry out the vote of No Confidence against Matthias. They understand that this is just a small delay in a righteous fight that cannot, and must not be abandoned because the preservation of Guyana’s footballing future is at stake. The late Maya Angelou said, “People will show you who they really are, believe them.” Matthias has shown us enough to convince us that he is the worst thing that could have happened to Guyana football at this time. The lies, deceptions, manipulations, and general transgressions of Matthias are quite numerous, too numerous to mention in one article so I’ll name a few. Matthias registered a Beach Football team to represent Guyana at the Concacaf Beach Football World Cup Qualifiers in the Bahamas in April of last year. On the eve of the team

leaving for the Bahamas, Matthias decided not to send the team because, I, the author of this letter, refused to scratch the name of one of the players and carry one of his close friends in the players’ stead. Matthias had named me Administrator of the team with the function of Manager. This was a clear violation of Concacaf ’s policy of participation in an International tournament. However, Matthias lied to the Congress and the nation when he assured us that he was given assurances from Concacaf that there will be no sanctions against Guyana. Needless to say, Guyana was fined $22,500 US. As for the Linden issue: Matthias, in his zeal to ban the Executives of the UDFA, whom he perceived to be opposed to him, convened an illegal Extraordinary Congress on January 17th.2014, with an agenda to ban these UDFA Executives. I have seen emails that had been sent to Matthias the day before the Extraordinary Congress was convened (January 16th. 2014.), by members of the GFF Executive, cautioning Matthias and warning him that he was convening an illegal Congress because These Executives did not have a say in the decision to convene the Extraordinary Congress, nor did they have the opportunity to help draw up the agenda. Matthias lied and misled certain members of the

Congress and made them believe that the congress was properly convened. This is a blatant and willful contravention of the GFF statutes as it relates to the convening of an Extraordinary Congress. Article 27:1 of the GFF Constitution states: “The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE may convene an Extraordinary Congress at any time.”Article 27:4 states: “When an Extraordinary Congress is convened on the initiative of the Executive Committee, it (Executive Committee) must draw up the agenda. The GFF Executives who challenged the constitutionality of the

Extraordinary Congress did so on the basis that they were not involved in convening the congress nor drawing up the agenda. Article 19:1 of the GFF Constitution states: “The congress is the meeting at which members of the federation regularly convene. It represents the supreme legislative authority of the federation. Only a Congress that is duly convened has the authority to make decisions. It is clear, Dear Editor, that the UDFA were banned at an Extraordinary Congress that was improperly convened and therefore the Congress had no authority to make any decision. This is wrong! This needs to be made right!

It is against this backdrop that I insist that Matthias apologize to the Congress for misleading them; apologize to the UDFA, who, through his blatant violation of the GFF’s Constitution, led the Congress to illegally make a decision that turned out to be injurious to the entire UDFA. Furthermore, Matthias must apologize to this entire nation for lying to them repeatedly. Maybe then someone will find it in their heart to forgive him. I suspect, however, that even God Himself will have His work cut out for Him in forgiving Matthias, for the transgressions are way too many. Mark Xavier

The reality is that we are... From page 4 is far from the truth. It only takes ten criminals to indulge in illicit activities to hit the headlines and create this type of atmosphere. This means that, for every criminal, we have tens of thousands of good people who are ready and able to keep the flag of goodness and decency flying over our land. The reality is that we are still living in a wonderful and beautiful country. The often-touted potential of our vast land is nevertheless a fact, meaning that we can be assured of unlimited resources yet to be developed to bring prosperity to our people. Our people are known to be hard-working, as

can be proven when we get the opportunity to do our thing among overseas workers. We are still steeped in the principles of the various religions which were practised by our forefathers, and which we hope will eventually win out over the materialism and lack of moral direction which have invaded our culture, because of the brand of politics under which we have been ruled since Independence. Fellow Guyanese, our day will come. It is said that behind every cloud there is a silver lining, which will reveal a sun of hope and glory to our people. It is also said that before every calm there is a

storm. We are now passing through the storm, and our calm is yet to be. Let us have faith in ourselves, and in one another. Let us believe that the problems and the labours which we have experienced will be amply rewarded, in good time and in good measure. Let us take time amid the gloom and prospect of doom to smell the flowers, and really believe that the best times are yet to come if we follow the dictates of our conscience, keep on the right track in all aspects of our lives, and try to do our part to improve any situation we encounter which is hampering our progress as a nation. Roy Paul

Street dweller murder trial...

Accused to know fate today Prosecutor Judith Gildharie-Mursalin has closed the case against street dweller, Omesh Chaitram, called “Black Boy”. Chaitram is on trial in the High Court before Justice Navindra Singh and a mixed 12-member jury, for the murder of his colleague Wendell Fresco, called “Country”. Fresco, 35, of Yarrow Dam, Ruimveldt, was reportedly stabbed following a bitter row over money. The victim, a vagrant for more than 15 years, was reportedly murdered while he slept on a pavement at Alexander Street, Georgetown. State Prosecutor Mursalin called three witnesses to the stand yesterday. The witnesses included Government Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh, Police Constable Shemroy Alleyne and Wendy Wilson, the sister of the deceased. Dr. Singh told the court that the victim could not have

lived for more than ten to fifteen minutes after being stabbed. He died due to a single wound, which pierced his heart. Constable Alleyne told the court that he had escorted the accused to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, (GPHC) where he was treated for a wound to his armpit, while the victim’s sister recalled that she identified her brother’s body, in the presence of a policeman and a pathologist. She claimed that during his lifetime, Fresco had been a labourer. He would do errands for vendors around the Bourda Market area. In his defense, Chaitram offered the court an unsworn testimony. He claimed that he had nothing to do with Fresco’s death. “I de just done wuk pun the market. I decide to tek a lil drink wid ma friend. Me get high and end up sleeping pun

the pave at Robb Street. I de sleeping but I feel like somebody feeling in meh pocket and I jump up. I see a man; he bore meh and I run away. “I go at Tuesday yard and tell he that Country bore me. He tell me go at de hospital. I went walking going at the hospital… rain start fall and I drop to sleep under a lady stand … “De police roll up pun meh and tell me I kill a man. Dem carry me in de lock up and tell me that if I sign a paper I could go… I tell dem I can’t sign. Dem tell me watch how dem write and write it back….” Last Friday, an inmate of the Georgetown Prisons became the second witness to testify in the murder trial. The witness, Keith Tuesday, claimed that the police forced him into giving his statement. He told the court he knew both the accused and the virtual complainant for a number of

years, but nothing about the murder. “Dem say that dem gon lock up down to me dog if I aint give a statement. I tell dem that Black Boy only tell me that Country bore he with a piece of steel under he armpit.” However, Tuesday later made contradictory statements. He spoke about a knife which was allegedly used to commit the crime. In his evidence in chief, the witness told the court that the accused was armed with a knife but later contested the statement. “The truth is that Black Boy ain’t had nothing in his hand.” When he was asked to clarify his statements for the court, the witness simply stated “Right now, me head ain’t deh on right. I in jail so sometimes I get confuse.” Today, Justice Singh is expected to hear the closing arguments of Defense Counsel, Raymond Alli, and State Prosecutor Mursalin.

The accused: Omesh Chaitram

Tuesday June 10, 2014

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Ukraine sees ‘understanding’ Chinese tourist arrivals to with Russia on peace moves Jamaica take No 1 spot out of Asia

(Reuters) - Ukraine said yesterday it had reached a “mutual understanding” with Moscow on parts of a plan proposed by President Petro Poroshenko for ending violence in the east of the country. Kiev gave no details and Russia did not comment directly but two days of talks, following a brief encounter in France last week that broke the ice between Poroshenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin, have given momentum to peace moves. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in a statement released in Berlin that there was “some faint light at the end of the tunnel” in the Ukraine conflict for the first time in months. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a brief statement in Kiev that Russian and Ukrainian representatives had met three times in the past two days to discuss Poroshenko’s plan to end an insurrection by proRussian separatists in the east. “As a result of the work, the sides reached a mutual

understanding on key stages of the implementation of the plan and on a list of priorities which will contribute to a deescalation of the situation in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine,” it said. The talks are being mediated by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Vienna-based security and human rights watchdog, but almost no details of Poroshenko’s plan or the talks have been made public. It was not even clear who took part in yesterday’s meetings, although the Ukrainian leader was present at Sunday’s talks and said that the violence must end this week. “Each day when people die, when Ukraine pays such a high price, is inadmissible for me,” his office quoted him as saying. Poroshenko, who was sworn in on Saturday, has called for daily meetings of the “contact group” and the Foreign Ministry said the talks would continue. EBB IN FIGHTING Scores of people have been killed since April in east

Ukraine, including separatists and government forces, and Russian speakers there are suspicious of Poroshenko and the new, pro-Western government in Kiev. But fighting has ebbed in the past few days, despite renewed shelling of rebels in the city of Slaviansk, and Russia and Ukraine signaled last week they hoped to resolve a dispute over the price Kiev pays for Russian gas and its gas debts. Failure to secure a deal, though, would fuel tension again because Moscow has threatened to turn off the taps on Tuesday if there was no agreement at the latest meeting in Brussels. As the EU gets about a third of its gas imports from Russia, almost half of it via Ukraine, its member states could also suffer from supply disruptions. In Finland, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the government in Ukraine and the EU had to work more constructively to end the crisis in Ukraine, but also expressed some hope.

(Jamaica Observer) A record number of Chinese visitors came to the island over the first three months of 2014 resulting in that country usurping Japan as the key source market from Asia for the first time. The growth trend is likely to continue with the announcement in February of the removal of visa requirements for Chinese visitors. It meant that Chinese stopovers at 664 visitors actually out n u m b e r e d arrivals from Japan at 643. The numbers are small as a percentage of total arrivals, but the economic importance of China (the world’s second largest economy) to the island in relation to mega projects puts weight on these numbers. A l s o , t h e n u mber of arrivals from China was up one-third year on year and nearly double that of 2012. Visitors from Japan (the world’s fourth largest economy) engage in

business, volunteerism and culture. However, Japanese arrivals for much of the last two decades have remained flat based on an austere economy and an established reggae culture in Japan. China’s main interest in Jamaica relates to construction and agricutlural projects. However, the Government wants more Chinese as tourists within the context that China spends the most globally on international tourism. In February, Government announced that Chinese nationals can visit Jamaica as tourists for up to 30 days without a visa. “This administration recognises Chinese potential for growth as a tourism market in Jamaica, b u t also recognises the difficulties entailed in developing it,” according to quotes attributed to Minister of Information, Sandrea Falconer while announcing the visa relaxation.

Falconer lamented that many Chinese nationals have had to travel great distances to obtain a v i s a f r o m Jamaican Embassy in Beijing. Visa requirements were also relaxed for Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Ukraine and the Czech Republic, among others. The modern relationship between the governments of China and Jamaica reached a symbolic cresendo in 2005 with the official visit of then vicepresident of China Zen Qinghong. He remains to date the highest official to visit the island from that country. The trip coincided with the China-Caribbean Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum and Business Conference, and also the China-Caribbean Trade Fair. The trip also resulted in Jamaica getting approved destination status from the Chinese Government.

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Tuesday June 10, 2014

Tuesday June 10, 2014

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Wendell Meusa wins Engineering & Construction Inc. one day rapid chess tournament National senior chess champion, Wendell Meusa, rebounded from a loss to his predecessor, Taffin Khan, to cart off the honours when the ECI Company One Day Rapid championships concluded at the s p o n s o r ’s S p o r t s C l u b, Friendship, East Bank Demerara, Sunday afternoon last. Meusa ended the day on six points while Anthony Drayton finished on 5 ½ points to claim the second spot. Khan had to settle for

third place after losing to Roberto Neto and Anthony Drayton to eventually finish on 5 points while Craig Sylvester (4 ½) and Errol Tiwari (4) filled the 4th and 5th places respectively. Maria Thomas, Carlos Patterson and Alex Joseph ended jointly in the cellar on two points apiece. Roberto Neto and Carlos Rahaman scored 4 points apiece but the former player benefited from the tie break system to seal off the top place in the junior category

while the latter secured the second slot. Lind e n e r, Carlos Rahaman took the third place with Saeed Ali closing off the top 4 places after benefiting from the tie break system. The other points standing read: Saeed Ali and Ron Motilall 3 ½, Davion Mars and Christian Shivrattan 3, Owen Mickle and Carsen Shivrattan 1 ½ each. The organizers would like to express a special thanks to ECI for the contribution towards this tournament.

Tuesday June 10, 2014 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) Today you have the ability to make an important breakthrough in whatever project you work on, Aries. Try not to get bogged down by emotions, which may leave you feeling heavy and stale. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) You may get the feeling that you're rubbing against sandpaper today, Taurus. More than likely, this is a result of issues deep inside you. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) You may feel like you're walking on burning coals today, Gemini. Someone has tossed you the ball and you need to figure out what to do with it. CANCER (June 21–July 22) Your emotions will feel stable today, Cancer, although there may be an unexpected element trying to sneak into the equation. Be aware that people will be a bit more volatile today. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Explore deeply your innovative, irrational side today, Leo. Your emotions may run counter to this principle, but instead of letting this put a damper on your progress, use the energy to spur you to action. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) You might want to stay in and not speak to anyone today, Virgo. If you decide to venture out, you're apt to run into opposition almost everywhere you turn. Don't see this as negative. Use it as incentive to work harder toward your goals.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) You may not feel like you're exactly clicking with anything today, Libra. Adjustments will need to be made either by you or the people you're dealing with for any resolution to come about. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Examine your emotions, Scorpio, and trust your instincts. Unexpected forces may try to disrupt the flow of things. Keep in mind that you should have no problem keeping the situation under control as long as you stay solid and focused. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) This is one of those days in which you might not be fully appreciated for the wonderful breath of fresh air you bring to the group, Sagittarius. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Don't be surprised if things don't go exactly according to plan today, Capricorn. Unexpected events are likely to pop up and disturb the course of action. AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) Your emotions could be a bit vulnerable today, Aquarius, and it may be hard to find shelter from the storm. Your umbrella is a bit too drafty and water seems to be leaking in from the top. Comfort yourself by centering and enjoying a quiet evening at home. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) Unexpected events may crop up and nudge you in the side, Pisces. You could get the feeling that there are thorns poking out of nowhere whose sole purpose is to annoy.

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Joseph Kamaludin’s 112* not enough to stop Kendall’s... From page 26 with Baichan Mahadeo scoring 60. For Fyrish strikers Devendra Persaud took 2 for 60. Fyrish Strikers in reply made 215 in 33 overs with Joseph Kamaludin 112, Jason Persaud 28. For Kendall’s Union Christopher Yadram took 6 for 30 and Ravin Seecharran 4 for 33. At Rose Hall in Canje, Betsy Ground Triple Star beat Rose Hall Community Center by 163 runs. Betsy Ground Triple Star batted first and scored 246 in 35 overs with Samuel Sanicharra topscoring with 66. He was supported by Deonarine Sobhai with 40 and Ryan Ramoutar 26. Rocky Bipat took 2 for 28 and Keon Isaacs 2 for 35 for Rose Hall Community Center who in reply were bundled out for 83 in 20.1 overs with Lakeram Jugisteer 5 for 30 and Ryan Ramoutar 3 for 31. At Goed Bananen Land, GBL beat Young and Restless by 2 wickets. Y&R scored 194 in 35.3 overs with Sunil Sookdeo scoring 79. For GBL, Collis Greaves took 3 for 30 and Imran Hussain 3 for 40. GBL in reply made 199 for 8 in 38.4 overs with Doodnauth Arjune 62, Devanand Cyril 28 and Anthony Arjune27. Vishal Mohabir took 3 for 44, Ramesh Rameshant 2 for 40 and Dinesh Gopal 2 for 45 for Y&R. At Albion Front, Jai Hind beat Fyrish Road by 5 wickets. Fyrish Road made 184 for 8 in 35 overs with Khamesh Kassim 41 no. Ravi Mangli 3 for 12, Chimendar Goberdhan 2 for 27 and Vicky Veerasammy 2 for 42. Jai Hind 185 for 5 in 26.2 overs with Kennedy Nandlall 69, Nazim

PPP calls ... From page 29 enshrined law making process. The AFC’s deception continues to raise its head in every single thing they are involved in, like the double messages they take to our citizens in various parts of the country, the AFC participated in the Parliamentary Select Committee on the Guyana Cricket Administration Bill that produced a consensus report, but withheld support for the bill in the National Assembly. The AFC is in “lost land” on this and almost every other matter of national importance, as they remain out of touch with the realities,” Mr Rohee concluded.

Bux 50 not out. Shameen Ahmad took 2 for 36. At Chesney, they beat Albion Travellers by 7 wickets. Travelers made 132 in 26.4 overs with Nirvan Matadin 31. For Chesney Zafraz Khan 3 for 20, David Heralall 3 for 27, Riaz Ramcharran 2 for 20 and Narine Deonarine 2 for 28. Chesney h reply 136 for 3 in 16.1 overs with Shastri Persaud 51 not out, Imran Khan 43 and Bhupindra Matadin 2 for 46. At Albion Primary School Ground, Belvedere United beat Toopoo Rising Star by 46 runs. Belvedere United 168 in 38.3 overs with Totaram Khemraj 42, Mankarran Singh 35, Davindra Harrichand 26. Sunil Sanichar 4 for 30, Shamdat Sewdat 2 for 28 and Aftab Approo 2 for 30. Toopoo Rising Star in reply made 122 in 26 overs with Majeed Khan Mohamed 51.

Bisham Narine took 3 for 26 and Dev Latchman 3 for 25. At Kilcoy Multipurpose Center, Chesney Riders beat Sand Reef by 7 wickets. Sand Reef made a paltry 68 in 22 overs with Levi Thomas 4 for 20, Elroy Henry 3 for 13 and Joel Johnson 2 for 15 Chesney Riders, who raced to 69 for 3 in 10 overs. Zafraz Baksh took 3 for 33 for Sand Reef. At Belvedere, Belvedere Battle Steel beat Rose Hall Town Guns and Cannons by 17 runs. Belvedere Battle Steel scored 139 in 26 overs with Sudesh Veerapen 47. Narinedat Narinesammy 3 for 9, Subramanie Budhoo 3 for 13 and Brandon Ishmail 2 for 22. In reply Rose Hall Town Guns and Cannons made 122 in 23.4 overs with Narinedat Narinesammy scoring 38. Michael Ismail 3 for 12, Michael Subadar 2 for 17 and Sudesh Veerapen 2 for 20.

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Tuesday June 10, 2014

Team Guyana lauded for second place Vryman’s Erven win Patrick ‘Patto’ April finish in Guinness Street Challenge U17 football competition in Berbice

Team Guyana came in for high praise for finishing second in the Guinness Caribbean Street Football Challenge played at the Jean Pierre Sports Complex in Trinidad and Tobago over the weekend. The Guyanese were edged out 2-1 by hosts Trinidad and Tobago in the final Saturday night in a pulsating encounter. Outdoor Events Manager of Banks DIH Limited Mortimer Stewart said the youthful team performed above expectation against the much seasoned Trinidad and Tobago side during an appreciation visit to the head office of Banks DIH Limited, local bottlers of Guinness Monday, a release stated. Stewart, a former national footballer said the players have shown great potential and they should continue training as a unit for future competitions.

Communications Manager Troy Peters said there was a dubious call by the match official that resulted in the first goal scored by the Trinidadians but he congratulated the team for an outstanding showing in the eight team regional tournament. Peters said Banks DIH Limited and the Guinness family are very elated at the team’s success. Guyana’s only lost came in the final after they had beaten St. Vincent and the Grenadines 2-1 in the semifinals and also had wins against Dominica 3-1, St. Lucia 1-0 and St. Kitts 2-1. Antigua/Barbuda and Jamaica were the other competing teams. The Guyanese secured the second place trophy and $US2,000 prize, while Nickel Stoute placed third in the Skills competition to cap an outstanding weekend for the

team. Trinidad and Tobago retained their title and captured a top prize of $US4,000. Queen Street, Tiger Bay were chosen to represent Guyana at the eight-nation regional tournament following their win in the Guinness Greatest of the Streets National final at Demerara Park two Sundays ago. The team members were Alpha Fletchman (captain), Ezekiel Gravesande (vice captain), Jeffrey Newton, James Meredith, Godfrey Powers, Stephen Alfred and Rensford Coleridge. Stoute was the Skills competition representative. The team was accompanied by Wayne Griffith (referee) and Lee Baptiste, Guinness Brand Manager. The local contingent returned home Sunday evening.

2014 NBS 40-over Second Division cricket for teams in Berbice

Joseph Kamaludin’s 112* not enough to stop Kendall’s Union

Joseph Kamaludeen

Ravin Seecharran

The 2014 New Building Society Ltd Second Division 40-over Cricket Competition in Berbice continued recently with some outstanding performances. Kendall’s Union led by Baichan Mahadeo with 60 (6x4 and 4x6) scored 220 in 32.2 overs against Fyrish Strikers. When the latter replied, their opening batsman Joseph Kamaludin gave them a splendid 112 (6x4 and 7x6) before he fell at 190 for 5. His effort went in vain as the last five batsmen failed to score leaving the Strikers five runs short at 215 all out in 33 overs. Doing the damage for Kendall’s Union was medium pacer Christopher Yadram with 6 for 30 from 6.2 overs. He was assisted by pacer Ravi Seecharran with 4 for 33 from 7 overs. Samuel Sanicharra slammed 66 with 8 fours to

steer Betsy Ground Triple Star to 246 in 35 overs against Rose Hall Community Centre who in reply made a paltry 83. Medium pacer Lakeram Jugisteer picked up 5 for 30 from 6 overs. Sunil Sookdeo slammed 79 with 7 fours and fives sixes to help Young and Restless post 194 in 35.3 overs against Goed Bananen Land who in reply won the game with two wickets and 1.6 overs to spare. Their opening batsman Doodnauth Arjune led the way with 62 (5 fours and 4 sixes). Kennedy Nandlall (69 with 4 fours and 5 sixes) and Nazim Bux (50 not out with 5 fours and 2 sixes) featured in a 110 runs fourth wicket partnership to put Jai Hind on the road to a five wicket victory over Fyrish Road. Centuries were also scored by former Berbice T20

Samuel Sanicharra

The winning VESS team members pose with their silverware. Vryman’s Erven Secondary School (VESS) defied the odds to edge past Berbice High School (BHS) 4-2 on penalty kicks to win the second annual Patrick ‘Patto’ April, Memorial Knockout Inter Secondary School U17 football competition which was played for schools in the New Amsterdam/Canje area. The game was forced into overtime after the match ended 2-2 at the end of regulation and overtime. The final, which was played at the All Saints Scott Church Ground, Princess Elizabeth Road New Amsterdam, saw BHS come from behind to force the game into penalty kicks after they were 0-2 down going into the second half. After dumping defending champions BEI, the VESS lads made sure that their trip to the final was no fluke as they dominated the early play and took an early lead against the pre-match favourites and last year’s runner up. Dexter Welcome was on target in the

7thminute. The game continued with BHS finding their touches and making a few raids of their own, but it was VESS that went further ahead when Boris Griffith found the back of the net in the 32nd minute. The BHS team must have been inspired at the half time break as they came roaring back in the second segment through goals from the Arrindell brothers. First it was Shamar who scored in the 43rdminute to pull one back before Randy brought things level with his strike in the 52nd minute for the 2-2 stalemate. However, VESS kept their composure during the penalty shootout for their 4-2 triumph and give BHS their second successive loss in the finals. AT the presentation ceremony that followed the winning and runner up teams were presented with their trophies and other rewards compliments of the organizers and relatives of the late Patrick April.

Outstanding individual awards were presented to best goalkeeper Andy Williams of VESS, best defender Randy Arrindell of BHS, best midfielder Akeem Haynes of VESS and the best striker Borris Griffith also of VESS. At the end of the game, organizer Neil ‘Grizzly’ Humphrey thanked both teams for a well played final and special words of commendation for the winners and outstanding players. He also thanked the sponsors for coming on board. Patrick April or ‘Patto’ as he was known, was a popular football player and butcher in Berbice who represented Berbice on a number of occasions at various levels of the game. He once formed a potent combination with the famous Humphrey, Alphonso, Ford, Inniss and Samuels siblings among others. Coordinator Neil ‘Grizzly’ Humphrey was assisted by former nationals Sam Jones and Kenrick Bowry. (Samuel Whyte)

World Cup 2014: England and Brazil’s chances equal - Pele Shastri Persaud player Shastri Persaud of Chesney and Majeed Khan Mohamed of Toopoo Rising Star. SUMMARIZED SCORES: At No19, Kendall’s Union beat Fyrish Strikers by 5 runs. Kendall’s Union batted first and scored 220 in 32.2 overs (Continued on page 27)

BBC Sport - Brazil legend Pele says England “have the same chance” as his country of winning the 2014 World Cup. But the 73-year-old is hoping the hosts end up facing Uruguay in the final so they can make amends for their 1950 humiliation. Brazil were big favourites 64 years ago but suffered a shock 2-1 defeat to their

South American neighbours at the Maracana. “I prefer Brazil face Uruguay, then you have the revenge,” said Pele. Asked about England’s chances, he responded: “England - like Brazil, Italy, France - have a reputation. We must be prepared for them.” Pele, who won the World Cup three times with Brazil

and is widely regarded as the best footballer of all time, added: “We have to respect England because they have the same chance as what we have.” The World Cup begins on Thursday when Brazil face Croatia. England kick off their campaign on Saturday against Italy, followed by Group D games against Uruguay and Costa Rica.

Tuesday June 10, 2014

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Jebon Crawford cops first place as Flying Ace Cycle Club impromptu event concludes Jebron Crawford defied his detractors and proved that he is top class material when he rode away with the honours when the Flying Ace Cycle Club staged an impromptu 50-mile event that commenced at the Reliance Police Station, East Canje and proceeded to Number 43 Village, Corentyne before turning back for the culmination in front of Lewis General Store, Rose Hall Town Corentyne. The cyclists were really geared up for the annual Banks Aqua Mist Cycle Race but the organizers, coach, Randolph Roberts, in collaboration with Flying Ace Cycle Club, encountered difficulties and were forced to cancel that event and they opted for the above mentioned one. Crawford edged out Thuran Harris in one hour and fifty three minutes after the former cyclist broke away from the start with Audrel Ross in tow. A few miles later, the riders were bunched but the persistent Crawford successfully separated himself once again but could not hold the advantage for long as the bunch caught up

Top performers pose for a picture after the event. with him. The battle for supremacy continued and Crawford, Thuran Harris, Ross, Akeem Wilkinson and Andrew Hicks assumed the lead and this trend continued close to the finish until Crawford, with a burst of speed, crossed the finish line with Harris and Andrew Hicks finishing

second and third respectively. Wilkinson was some way behind as he came in fourth. Andrew Green finished fifth with Ray Millington sixth. Hicks clinched five of the six sprint point prizes, while Wilkinson took the other. Marica Dick was the lone female participant and was only required to ride from

Reliance East Canje to Rose Hall Town. The winners and those completing the top spots received lucrative prizes donated by the business community even as Roberts expressed gratitude to the sponsors for their chivalry including Reborn Lewis and Dexter Bhajader.

PPP calls on the WICB to instantly reverse its decision and return match to Guyana “The People’s Progressive Party views as outrageous and without merit, the decision by the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), to remove Guyana as a host to the third test match between West Indies and New Zealand from June 2630", General Secretary of the party, Clement Rohee, said yesterday. “The WICB’s claim that the decision to remove the test match from Guyana was based on their “concerns” with the Guyana Cricket Administration Bill is nothing but a façade for some ulterior motive. The Guyana Cricket Administration Bill merely seeks to bring transparency, accountability, and good governance to the administration of cricket in Guyana and to address the plethora of allegations of rigged and fraudulent elections, financial irregularities and lack of accountability in respect of cricket administration and does not allow for government’s involvement in the sport,” Mr. Rohee pointed out. Mr. Rohee, who is also

PPP calls on the WICB to instantly reverse its decision and return match to Guyana Home Affairs Minister, continued by informing, “In view of this the PPP rejects the assertion by Mr Cameron that the bill will lead to a government takeover of the sport. The PPP calls on Mr Cameron and the WICB to explain to the Guyanese people and more so the Caribbean, the real reason for the withdrawal of the game from Guyana and in whose

interest this decision was taken, certainly not in the interest of cricket. The PPP shares the view of the Government that the West Indies Cricket Board maybe looking for a scapegoat in this matter, since their agents in Guyana was restraint by a Court Order from acting or holding themselves out as officers of the Guyana Cricket Board and as agents of the WICB.” ”What is sad is the fact that the Guyanese Director, Mr. Anand Sanasie sat at the WICB meeting either silently or voiced his support for the decision to remove the test match from Guyana. This is the kind of character who wants to manage Guyana’s cricket, when they are willing to sell their souls to remain relevant and in change of the sport in Guyana. We call on Mr. Sanasie to resign as the Guyanese Director in the WICB, as he proved he is of no worth to represent the interest of Guyanese players and cricket fans,” Mr Rohee stated. He continued, “We call on the WICB to instantly reverse its decision and return the

match to Guyana, cricket is owned by the people of the Caribbean and as Guyanese were are entitled to the opportunity to see our team play, we call on all Guyanese and the rest of the Caribbean to join us in ensuring that the 3rd test match is returned to the Guyana National Stadium, Providence. We cannot agree more with celebrated former Guyana and West Indies middle order batsman the great Basil Butcher that the decision to starve Guyana of international cricket is a ‘backward step’, since the game is one of the key elements that transcend cultural differences and brings people together.” “The PPP will also like to state that we are not surprised at the flare up of the Alliance for Change, which seems to stand lonely on this matter. It is this very party that prides itself as a bastion of accountability, transparency and good governance, which has now joined the WICB bandwagon that is attempting to meddle in the internal affairs of our country and thwart our constitutionally (Continued on page 27)

West Indies v New Zealand, 1st Test, Kingston, 2nd day

Neesham, Watling lead New Zealand to 508 ESPNcricinfo - West Indies were one wicket away from having a crack at New Zealand’s tail during the morning session of the second day at Sabina Park. They did not take it for 60.3 overs. The visitors’ last line of recognised batsmen, allrounder Jimmy Neesham and wicketkeeper BJ Watling, took advantage of tiring bowlers and a placid pitch to put on 201 runs for the sixth wicket, and all but erase West Indies’ hopes of winning Chris Gayle’s 100th Test. Neesham was the first to attempt an aggressive approach on a sluggish surface and his methods made him the ninth batsman to score hundreds in his first two Tests. His partnership with Watling - complied at 3.32 an over - was the fastest of the match, discounting the flurry from Tim Southee as New Zealand declared on 508 for 7 late in the day. The turnaround in tempo was remarkable, for New Zealand had scored only 59 in the first session for the loss of Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor and Brendon McCullum. There were shots played after lunch, which was a drastic change from New Zealand’s morning. Watling was strong square of the wicket, cutting and pulling, while Neesham’s preferred region was between long-off and wide long-on. Early in the session, he stepped out and hit Suliemann Benn flat over the fielder at midon. A standout feature of Neesham’s innings was his inclination to use his feet on this slow pitch. He stepped out twice to hit Shane Shillingford over the straight boundary for the innings’ first sixes in the 138th over, and continued advancing against Shillingford and Marlon Samuels, targeting the wide long-on boundary. Neesham passed 50 off 103 balls and then accelerated, getting to 100 off 159. Between the boundaries, Neesham and Watling rotated strike comfortably, taking advantage of fatigued fielders. With Benn and Shillingford having bowled more than 40 overs each, West Indies captain Denesh Ramdin turned to Chris Gayle, who had last bowled in a Test since November 2012, but had no luck. After scoring 129 runs in the second session, New Zealand were slow initially after tea. Neesham was approaching his century and eventually got there with graceful cover-drives off Benn and

Jerome Taylor. His average after three Test innings was 138.50. His partner Watling was so adept at scoring behind and square of the wicket that he had got to 72 without scoring a single run in the V. He then pushed one to mid-on, before charging Shillingford and hitting him for a straight six. Watling’s success through point and square leg was an indication of the shorter lengths West Indies bowled to him. The quicks Taylor and Kemar Roach, in particular, had flagged after probing first spells. Neesham’s attempt at slogging after his century was short-lived; he was caught behind off Benn for 107. West Indies finally had their breakthrough but got hit around by Southee until Watling holed out to deep midwicket and the declaration came. The morning had been so different for the home side. They had controlled the run rate and taken crucial wickets. Williamson had overestimated the turn and shouldered arms to a delivery from Benn, only to hear his off stump take a hit. Williamson had been so good at leaving the fast bowlers, but eventually added only 8 to his overnight score. New Zealand were still in a healthy position at 259 for 3 but they lost their most experienced batsmen quickly. Shortly after reaching his fifty, Taylor chipped a flighted delivery from Shillingford straight to midwicket. In the next over, Benn got one to spin and bounce sharply on McCullum; the ball took the outside edge and bounced off Ramdin’s chest towards first slip, where Gayle took the catch. New Zealand had slipped to 279 for 5. Neesham and Watling methodically batted out the remainder of the session, giving little indication of the dominance they would exert for the remainder of the day. West Indies’ openers, Gayle and Kieran Powell, had nine overs of flat-out intensity to negotiate from New Zealand’s bowlers. Powell was lucky to survive, when he edged Tim Southee to third slip where Peter Fulton put down a simple catch. Gayle had no such scares, and it is him that most fans will flock to watch on Tuesday, hoping for a memorable innings in his 100th Test. Scores: West Indies 19 for 0 trail New Zealand 508 for 7 (Williamson 113, Taylor 55, Neesham 107, Watling 89) by 489 runs.

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Tuesday June 10, 2014

GCB rejects the Guyana Cricket Administration Act 2014 in its present form The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) has released a full statement on the Cricket Administration Bill, sharing their views on the document and the recent efforts by WICB President Dave Cameron to come to a positive resolution with Government. Kaieteur Sport presents the full statement from the GCB: The Guyana Cricket Board has conducted a thorough review of the actual Bill that was passed by the National Assembly on May 15th 2014 and wishes to unreservedly reject this Bill/Act in its present form. The GCB notes that the President has so far withheld his assent to this dubious piece of legislation and trust that better judgment will prevail by the powers that be in order to have this Bill corrected and so avoid further widespread confusion and chaos. The GCB also endorses the preliminary statement issued by the WICB on the said Bill and now wishes expand on those sentiments expressed therein: 1. Purpose of Bill/Act On numerous occasions, the GOG/Minister of Sport had publicly stated that the singular major purpose of this proposed legislation was to incorporate the GCB into a legal entity following the ‘obiter dicta’ comments made by the Chief Justice during the Haniff v GCB ruling notwithstanding the fact that later Orders by both the CCJ and our local Appeal Court confirmed that the GCB as an unincorporated entity was determined to be legal and proper. The GCB actually supports the incorporation of the various cricket boards since this would remove any element of doubt regarding the legality of these entities. In this regard and, as the major stakeholder in this process, the GCB had made a conscious decision to cooperate with the process initiated by the GOG. Upon a written request from the Select Committee, the GCB duly made its oral and written submissions to that body and held numerous subsequent discussions and consultations with the Minister of Sport. The GCB can justifiably feel slighted that almost none of its recommendations were adopted by the Select Committee and, as such, can easily surmise that this process was merely a shambolic act. Our position was always made abundantly

- WICB President visit to Guyana scuttled by GOG clear to the Chairman of the Select Committee (the said Minister of Sports) and the public at large that the Bill strayed far away from its original intended purpose and the GCB cannot support any unconscionable actions. Our unequivocal support for the Bill/Act was guaranteed if the Act had fulfilled its singular and original purpose. The GCB totally rejects the new assertions of accountability and rigged elections recently made by the President of Guyana. Our Treasurer has already dealt with these ludicrous allegations in a separate release but it must be stated that the WICB observed our elections and our financial records were scrutinized on many occasions, including up to date annual audits by a reputable Firm in Guyana. 2. Seizure of Assets The GCB has continuously acquired assets, both movable and immovable, ever since its inception in 1943, to facilitate the efficient administration of this Board. We are proud to announce that these assets now total in excess of G$200,000,000 and stands unencumbered of any debts or liabilities primarily through prudent fiscal management and efficient administration of the funds garnered by our Board. The funds that were utilized for these acquisitions were acquired through the constant support from our parent body, the WICB, and sponsorships. These assets belong to our membership with our commercial arm, established with the blessings of the WICB and as required by our constitution, having a vested interest. This Bill seeks to extract these assets from these private legal entities and transfer them to another entity for absolutely no consideration. The GCB strongly rejects this aggressive action as these assets are considered to be private property and this is tantamount to seizure of assets from a private party. 3. Political intervention in the sport of cricket The ICC is very clear on its position regarding political interference in cricket administration and the Bill/ Act clearly promotes this unwarranted measure of political interference and constitutes a risk which the GCB is not prepared to undertake.

The following bullet points highlight the direct references to political intervention in this regard: -The Bill/Act empowers the Minister to appoint the date for the GCB’s first elections; -The Minister is further empowered to appoint a Cricket Ombudsman and further dictates that the GCB must pay this Government appointed Cricket Ombudsman; -The Bill/Act also empowers someone, presumably the Minister, to set the rules of procedure for the office of the Ombudsman through prescribed regulations. -The Bill/Act unilaterally inserts new government drafted constitutions for the GCB and the DCB totally unapproved by the memberships of those respective boards. - Restriction of the GCB members to amend their constitution if its provisions are found to be deficient or ambiguous. Only Parliament can amend the GCB’s constitution. We view these strategic political interventions as a clear demonstration of intent to establish control of the next Executive Committees of the GCB and the DCB. The GCB views these actions as totally unacceptable and definitely not in accordance with the WICB/ICC regulations with the potential to have Guyana banned as a cricketing nation. Noteworthy is the fact that no such Governmental intrusions are embodied in the Cricket Administration Acts of Trinidad and Barbados. These Acts simply legislates the respective Boards to become body corporates similar to the original intention of this Act. The GCB is prepared to endorse immediately an act similar to that of the TTCB or BCA. 4. Sanctity of Constitutions The GCB and its member Boards all have valid constitutions developed and agreed upon by its members but these sacred documents were unceremoniously disregarded and replaced. The Bill/Act has crafted and enacted brand new constitutions for the GCB and the Demerara Cricket Board without the input and support from these Boards and their members. We strongly believe that the constitution of any country or entity is a

very sacred document and the rules and provisions enshrined in these documents should be respected and strictly adhered to. Only the memberships of those entities or the citizenship of a country should be allowed to amend or tinker with these documents and any such amendments must be conducted in strict accordance with the provisions of those constitutions. This highly improper action embedded in this Bill is be very dubious at best and surely invites judicial remedy for the aggrieved parties. Further, the Bill/Act makes specific provision for the County Boards only to amend their constitutions and rules but the GCB is NOT so empowered and, in fact, seems to be prohibited from doing so by the Bill/Act. This effectively means that the GCB’s constitution can only be amended by Parliament and not by its members. In addition, we have delved into these constitutions appended to the Bill/Act and there are numerous inaccuracies and contradictions within these said documents themselves and also when compared with the similar provisions of the Bill/Act. This can only lead to widespread chaos and litigation ad nauseum. 5. Pending LitigationSeparation of Powers Doctrine The Berbice, Demerara and the Guyana cricket boards are all wrapped up in several pieces of litigation within themselves and others and it is absolutely necessary that these pending litigated matters be allowed to take their natural progression through the judicial system. This piece of legislation seems to be encroaching on those judicial matters which, surely, can be further challenged on that basis alone. It is important to note that recent rulings by the High Court has cleared the way for both the GCB and DCB to fully operate unhindered, this Bill/Act is now seeking to circumvent those very rulings. In addition, there is a current challenge by the GCB against this said Bill/Act and we strongly feel that litigants are more prone to accept the judgment emanating from the judicial system rather than have a jaundiced piece of legislation foisted upon them

by the legislature. Mr. Dave Cameron visit to Guyana We find it necessary to address this issue as we think the facts have been misconstrued to embarrass Mr. Cameron, GCB and the WICB. Subsequent to discussions between one of our Directors on the WICB and Minister Anthony, Mr. Cameron was invited to Guyana to discuss the present issues with a view that a solution would enable Guyana to keep hosting WICB cricket and programmes. Mr. Cameron spent three (3) days in Guyana and met with GCB officials and their legal representatives on Sunday 25th May. He also met with Minister of Sports, Frank Anthony accompanied by his Permanent Secretary Mr. Alfred King, in the presence of Director Anand Sanasie on Monday, 26th May at the Pegasus Hotel. Discussions surrounded the Cricket Administration Bill, its effects and likely sanctions. Minister Anthony thereafter made arrangements for Mr. Cameron to meet President Ramotar at 3:30pm the following day after his Cabinet meeting. This meeting was reconfirmed by Minister Frank Anthony at about 2:30pm of the said day. Mr. Cameron accompanied by Mr. Sanasie arrived at the Office of the President at 3:15pm who were both seated in the reception area when Minister Anthony informed them that the President Ramotar had another meeting and cannot see Mr. Cameron. No apology or time was given for another meeting. Mr. Cameron then informed Minister Anthony that the WICB has no alternative but to proceed with whatever decisions came out of the WICB teleconference on Friday 30th May. On Thursday 29th May, Minister Anthony had contacted Mr. Sanasie to enquire if a decision to relocate the New Zealand Test Match was already made by the WICB; Mr. Sanasie informed the Minister that the decision will be made at a teleconference the following day (Friday 30th May). Further discussions ensued between Mr. Sanasie and Minister Anthony as both of these gentlemen seemed very interested in saving the Test Match for the benefit of Guyanese. Mr. Sanasie was then summoned by Minister Anthony to a meeting at 11:30am on Friday 30th May

at which meeting more discussions were held resulting in Minister Anthony promising to have a meeting immediately with President Ramotar. At about 1:30pm on Friday 30th May Minister Anthony contacted Mr. Cameron via telephone and requested a letter from the WICB President stating his basic concerns and requesting a stay to the Bill/ Act until the WICB is satisfied with its content. Mr. Cameron requested and was assured by Minister Anthony that President Ramotar will respond. Mr. Cameron reported same to his Board of Directors at their teleconference at 3:30pm and sent the letter at about 4:30pm when he came off the teleconference. Minister Anthony then responded on behalf of President Ramotar stating that the President was unavailable. The response was rejected by the WICB President on the grounds that an undertaking was given by Minister Anthony that a response would come under Presidential Seal. Mr. Anand Sanasie then engaged Mr. Cameron and secured a 24hrs extension of time (5pm Saturday 31st May) but Mr. Anthony never responded to his calls, text or email. The GCB is confident that Director Sanasie did everything possible to keep international cricket playing in Guyana as he did over the past years against tremendous challenges. The GOG must now answer to our cricketers, businesses and youths why they have to suffer because of a few misguided souls. The President and Executives of the GCB are prepared to represent the facts stated above, with evidence, and challenge anyone to refute them. The GCB is also prepared to meet with President Ramotar immediately to answer any questions he may have as we are of the opinion that he is being fed misinformation and should be apprised of the truth. In closing, the GCB wishes to encourage everyone to come to the table and work together for the overall improvement and development of our cricket and cricketers in Guyana. We have suffered tremendously during the past 5 years through a manufactured crisis and the GCB and the general public have had enough. We need to move on!

Tuesday June 10, 2014

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Tuesday June 10, 2014

Classic Ross finish runner-up at NABBA World Bodybuilding C/ships Guyana’s internationally acclaimed bodybuilder Hugh Arlington Ross has proved yet again that he is in a class of his own and the best ever to come from the Land of Many Waters when he placed second in the Masters Over-50 category at the 31st NABBA World B o d y b u i l d i n g Championships on Sunday last at the Waterfront Theater, Belfast Northern Ireland. The Guyanese muscleman, who is based in the USA, came up against nine other athletes of the 15 that were registered in his category, but just nine showed up for the prejudging on Saturday morning. Emerging as the top athlete in the category was Gary Lister of the United Kingdom, a 9-time Mr. Universe who Ross would have defeated at these same championships in 2012. Third was Martin Holroyd of the UK followed by Herbie Chang (Northern Ireland), Bernie Cooper (UK) and Ian Laughlin (Northern Ireland). The crowd according to Ross was not pleased with the judges’ decision, voicing their displeasure since they felt that the Guyanese should have been the winner. Commenting on his performance, Ross said he felt that he had given a very good account of himself although he was not 100 percent and still feeling weak after cramping during the quarter turns. That was attributed to dehydration since he had stopped taking in water 24 hours prior and also a lack of sodium which he had

stopped using since last Wednesday. Fortunately he was able to administer therapy to himself immediately after his quarter turns. He came back on stage for his routine swinging; it was flawless and done with precision to a piece he recorded using extracts from the Marathon, one of the theme songs from 300 Rise of an Empire and the remix of Under Control by Calvin Harris and Alesse featuring Hurts, his performance brought the house down. Ross sported a 199 pound body on stage and was undoubtedly the most shredded and well prepared athlete. He reported that after pre-judging he returned to his accommodation and reminisced on his preparation leading up to that point. “Beyond the glitz and glamour, the fans and friends, the training partners and well wishers, one truth remains. At its core, bodybuilding is a solitary pursuit, and only you can make the daily commitment to the training, nutrition and cardio required. The dry chicken breasts and other tasteless foods, the sometimes awful protein shakes, the arduous and repetitive lifting of thousands of collective pounds plus the resulting aches and pains day after day. The long soul searching bouts on the treadmills and stair-masters in the wee hours of the morning while very hungry, no one can do these things for you. Every decision you make

is in response to the relentless, incessant question echoing in your head – Do you have what it takes? Well, I know I do.” Following the conclusion of the competition, Ross shared that he embarked on his usual ritual after event; taking a quiet walk in the dark back to his accommodation where he spent time giving thanks in prayers and meditation. He informed that he has never once attended the gala, after event parties and banquet and will return to his New York home today. Responding to the question of his performance motivating local athletes, Ross stated: “ I can only hope that my performance continue to inspire, not just our bodybuilders and other athletes but everyone. Our younger generation should always be reminded that with discipline and dedication all of their aspirations can become realities, while our middle aged and senior populace can see what I am doing and use that as a form of encouragement to embark on even a simple exercise routine which is one of the best ways to maintain good health and longevity.” Ross funded himself in every regard and was quick to point out that there were lots more that he needed but has learnt from experience that one of the essences of success is doing the best with whatever little you have. NABBA’s athletes are not given cash prizes. In terms of his immediate future, Ross said: “I am eagerly looking forward to

Winner, Gary Lister of the UK is flanked by 2nd place Hugh Ross and 3rd place Martin Holroyd of the UK coming home from work in the afternoons, for at least the next two weeks, and alternate between gardening and bonding with the remote control in front of my TV, while enjoying small samples of a few culinary delights. I don’t even want to drive down a street that has a gym during that period.” Ross is extending special thanks to his family, mom and siblings for their continuous support, as well a s M r. B o b G r u s k i n , President of NABBA USA, Minister of Culture Youth a n d S p o r t D r. F r a n k Anthony, Brigadier Mark Phillips, Chief of Staff of the

EDFA Division One League

Victoria Kings defeat Buxton Stars; Ann’s Grove down Sparta Victoria Kings romped to a comfortable 2-0 win over Buxton Stars when play in the Stag Beer sponsored East Demerara Football Association (EDFA) League continued at the Victoria Ground on Sunday afternoon. Contesting the feature game, the home team was

led to their win by the veteran Winston Pompey who scored either side of play to ensure his team took full points. Pompey was on target in the 42nd minute, completing his double in the 74th minute. I n t h e a f t e r n o o n ’s opening game at 16:00hrs, Ann’s Grove trounced

Sparta of Haslington 3-0 on account of goals from Kevon Barry in the 18th minute, Quincy Johnson in the 42nd and Nikose Denny sealing the deal in the 66th minute. Matches will be played at the Buxton ground on Saturday and Victoria ground on Sunday.

Guyana Defence Force and all his brothers and sisters in Armed Forces. Mr. Carlton Joao of DIH, Jade Beepat and the Giftland Management, Mr. Mohamed and Safraz Mohamed of City Mall, Keavon Bess – GABBFF President, HRC Committee Members, Lee Baptiste, Franklin Wilson, Alison Yhap and Dexter Garnet, Kerwin Clarke, Sylvon Gardner and Dominic Prescod and his training partners. Also coming in for special praise were Pastor Gerald Shaw, Elder White, Ronald Fagan and Dave Smith. The following staff members of the Brooklyn

Sports Club: Mathew Cofrancesco, Daniel McBeth, Morissa Micci, Christine, Leon and Chris. Ms. Denise Richardson Miss America and Jeff Beckham, IFBB Professional who assisted in reviewing Ross’ mandatory poses. “I would also like to thank my boss at work, Mr. Jim Albert and my two teammates, Charles Gordon and Carlos Antomattei for understanding what I was doing. And a special thank you to my two personal helpers Vanishvar (Brian) Manorat who have been consistently there and Stefan Boyce.”

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Grace Kennedy maintains association with Hikers Grace Kennedy Remittance Services (GKRS), through its Western Union brand maintained its close association with the Hikers Hockey Club when it handed over $300,000 to the club, during a simple presentation ceremony at the company’s location on Water Street yesterday. Marketing Manager Natheeah Mendonca, who along with Marketing Assistant Nadine LuthersWilliams acted on behalf of the Company, handed over the cheque to members of the club Nicole Eastman, Robert Brummell, Leon Bacchus and Tekeisha DeLeon and Head Coach Robert Fernandes. The presentation marked the sixth year that the company has offered assistance to the club and the support will go towards the procurement of the team’s

official Western Union branded uniforms and to offset the team’s travel to Trinidad and Tobago in November to compete in the Magnolias International Indoor tournament. A release from the company stated that, “Grace Kennedy is proud of these players, who, from the inception have shown their determination and commitment to the success of their team and displayed that at many tournaments they participated in both locally and abroad.” Fernandes in brief remarks said the club is once again heartened by the support from the company, adding that the partnership with Western Union has been instrumental in the development of some of Guyana’s top junior players. This year, three members who benefitted from the

Marketing Manager Natheeah Mendonca (third right) and Head Coach Robert Fernandes (left) seen with the players who attended the presentation ceremony. partnership since 2010Jamarj Assanah, Andrew

Stewart and Aroydy Branford- were instrumental

in helping the national Men’s team win bronze at the

Indoor Pan American Cup in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Fazil ‘That’s it’ Haniff wins CROWN MINING Golf Tournament Despite the inclement weather, 35 golfers eager to compete, battled in Saturday’s Crown Mining inaugural sponsored golf tournament for the attractive prizes on offer. In the end it was Fazil Haniff, aka ‘That’s it’ a player with some 15-years experience in competitive golf, romping home to victory. Winner of 1st to 3rd place more than 10 times so far in his career, and at one time 2nd Best Player of the year of the Lusignan Golf Club, Haniff produced a gross 79 and net 67 with a 12 handicap to beat into 2nd place, Mike Mangal gross 77 and net 68 (from a handicap of 11), while in 3rd place was this year’s Guyana Open champion, young Arvinda ‘Gangully’ Kishore, with a gross of 72 and net of 68 (from a handicap of 4). Kishore claimed the best gross prize. He also won the Longest Drive prize, just tipping female winner Shanella Webster who was leading that category close to the end. 4th place overall winner was Brian Hackett with gross 91 and net 69 (from a handicap of 26). Haniff said, “The

Winners of the Crown Mining Golf tournament after the presentation. competition was very keen, and despite the conditions the players were able to produce great golf, but I played a very good game today.” S h a n e l l a We b s t e r grossed 99 producing a net

of 72 (from a handicap of 27) to take the ladies section with 2nd place going to Joan Deo, who grossed 95, producing a net 73, (from handicap 22). Crown Mining Managing Director Mr Pur

Persaud, who himself played in the competition, expressed his pleasure, “It was an enjoyable day’s play. The golfers’ turnout was very good and it was a pleasure sponsoring the tournament. Crown

Mining is committed to repeating this sponsorship next year, and hopes to have even more players from Crown Mining involved in the game.” Lusignan Golf C l u b Vi c e P r e s i d e n t , Archbishop Dr London,

who also participated in the day’s play, commended the players on their keen competition despite the weather conditions, and also praised them for their high positive interaction.

t r o Sp West Indies v New Zealand, 1st Test, Kingston, 2nd day

Neesham, Watling lead New Zealand to 508 Jimmy Neesham celebrates his hundred. (Associated Press)


BJ Watling cuts during his half-century. (WICB Randy Brooks)

Team Guyana lauded for second P.28 place finish in Guinness Street Challenge

02 See fixtures on page 29

The Guyana team with Lee Baptiste (left), Guinness Brand Manager, Mortimer Stewart (right), Outdoor Events Manager of Banks DIH and Referee Wayne Griffith (2nd right).

GCB rejects Cricket Administration Act 2014 in present form


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