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Child molestation and child sex abuse The incidence of sexual abuse in institutions should warrant an immediate review of the conditions under which these facilitiesarerequiredtooperate. Therecentreportsofchild molestation at the New Amsterdam Berbice Anjuman Orphanage signals an underlying psychosocial problem that must be addressed if we are not to attract international opprobrium as is our wont. The fact that this new episode is on a list of similar past incidents indicates that there is disconnect between policy formulation and appropriate implementation. The situation is certainly not helped by the appearance that these reports have not been taken seriously to the point of bringing offenders to justice. This view is supported by the lethargy that attended the inquiry into the conditions at the New Opportunity Corps a few years ago. To date the final report with its recommendations remain in a dark hole which probably accounts for the fresh allegations at that facility which in a practicing democracy would have been thoroughly investigated with dispatch. Regardless of the empty rhetoric from officials at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports the fact remains that no serious efforts have been made to correct what obviously is a dysfunctional system. The Camal Children Home on the Corentyne was the first to feature reported cases of maltreatment for 2014. One wonders if the perpetrators take their cue from those matters which have thus far escaped successful prosecution in the courts. It has been shown that most instances of sexual abuse of children are perpetrated by someone in a position of trust and who may have some temporary or permanent control over the victim(s). The as yet untried matter involving allegations of sexual abuse leveled against a male teacher at the Kitty Boys Orphanage might be one of the reasons for the continuation of these despicable acts. Of course the April 2010 remarks by a former president could be seen as signifying some confusion with respect to the seriousness to be accorded claims of child abuse when he opined that the extreme abuse in the form of physical violence against children should be the focus and not allow ourselves to be confined to western definitions of abuse. He obviously ignored the psychological effects of sexual abuse on the victims. During the first quarter of last year, 345 boys and 466 girls were reportedly abused across the country. An analysis revealed that 69 boys were physically abused, 17 of them sexually. In the case of the girls 72 of them were physically abused while 120 experienced sexual abuse. It was also reported that East Coast Demerara had the highest incidence of child abuse. Prior to that there were 1015 child abuse reports for the first quarter of 2010, with 20 per cent physically abused and 15 per cent sexually abused. There has been at least one case where a policeman was tried before the courts for sodomising a young boy on East Bank Demerara. Then there was the army Lieutenant who was arraigned in the U.S. on charges of alleged sodomy and child molestation. We cannot forget the senior government functionary who was heard soliciting relations with a young boy. These incidents represent the tip of a very large iceberg which is seemingly unaffected by the climate of public abhorrence. Public disgust has at times been demonstrated against what might be culturally acceptable in some communities as in the case of child marriages and child labour. Priya Manickchand, as Minister of Human Services and Social Security, took a public stand against child marriages and child labour during 2010 in the Cane Grove community. Yet we have continuing cases of sexual relationships involving older males and young girls below the age of consent and which sometimes end in murder. We must go much farther than hands wringing when we are bombarded by news of another child raped by a male relative, moreover when the victim is impregnated by that close relative thus placing the chances of that child’s survival of the pregnancy in jeopardy because of age and underdevelopment. We must adopt the stringent measures that have proven effective deterrents when dealing with child molesters and abusers.

Sunday June 08, 2014

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Clinton Urling has suddenly discovered neutrality DEAR EDITOR, I tell all my friends that if at a personal level, they do not accept homosexuality then they should let it remain in that sphere. In the public domain, they have to speak out against discrimination against homosexuality and homophobia. And the reason is simply - people’s rights must be respected in society It is within that context, I am revolted when I hear Guyanese forming organizations and telling the press that their group plan to be neutral. I read where Clinton Urling told the Stabroek News his organization will be neutral? Is life, people’s rights, the protection of the poor and powerless, laws, the constitution, democracy etc a game of cricket where the umpires must be neutral? When laws are broken by policemen and ruling politicians, there is no time or space to seek shelter in the asininity of

neutrality because it does not exist. What exists is the reality of life’s brutalities and the unjustness of society and those who cherish freedom and want to live in a free land have to speak out. Hiding behind a non-existence concept is not only comical but downright sickening. Who or what is neutral in the context of how power is exercised in today’s Guyana. Is Urling telling me he is neutral when a minority government tells the Parliament that it must pass the Bills it wants but it cannot give presidential assent to the Bills the Parliament (not the opposition Parliament but the Parliament of the Republic) approved? If Urling and his group say that in that context they are neutral then Urling cannot distinguish between right and wrong. I once read a statement where the great 20th century philosopher Herbert Marcuse said he cannot enter

into a debate where his other debaters do not know the difference between right and wrong. What contribution can Urling and his group make to this country if they cannot distinguish between right and wrong? Urling is no fool. He knew perfectly well that when he uttered his mask of neutrality he was giving himself protection to stay quiet from the things that are ravishing this society. But how interesting is the timing of Urling’s confession and embrace of neutrality. Maybe Urling should run out of his soup shop in Tiger By and yell, “Eureka! Eureka! This means he discovered neutrality. He didn’t know about neutrality when he was the President of the Chamber of Commerce (I wonder at their statutory meeting what type of soup the chamber members drink - split peas soup with cow heel or soup of the Champion (Continued on page 6)

Sunday June 08, 2014

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What is to be done about this impasse for Guyanese law students? DEAR EDITOR, In 1970, the CARICOM Heads of Government crafted a comprehensive system of legal education for Caribbean lawyers. Mindful of the need to make the most with slim resources, the decision was taken to offer the new University of the West Indies’ (UWI) law degree at Cavehill Campus, Barbados. The students would spend their first year in their home countries, and the second and final years in Barbados. After that, depending on which country they were from, they would read for the Bar at either of the Council of Legal Education (CLE)’s two Law Schools in Jamaica and Trinidad. Students from the western Caribbean attended Jamaica and the eastern and southern Caribbean went to Trinidad. Each of the CARICOM countries was given a quota. At the time, one of the attractions for the Heads was an opportunity to replicate the new spirit that had first flowered at London University in the 1950’s, where young students from around the Third World met, exchanged ideas, and forged lasting bonds that would endure to their countries’ benefit upon their own accession to High Office in their respective native lands. Cavehill was seen as an ideal crucible in which to smelt and forge a new Caribbean identity and nationality. Our AttorneyGeneral of that time, now Sir Shridath S. Ramphal, SC, and

the first Director of the Norman Manley Law School, the late Aubrey Fraser, worked assiduously to realise this dream. The UWI degree went from strength to strength, winning accreditation from bodies such as the New York State Bar, Osgoode Hall of Canada, and the Law Society of the United Kingdom. Some of its graduates are persons such as Prime Minister of St. Lucia Kenny Anthony, and our own Chancellor Carl Singh, Chief Justice Ian Chang, and Kenneth Benjamin, Chief Justice of Belize, all of whom have held high office in the Caribbean. With the advent of the late 1970’s Guyana experienced severe economic difficulties. Up to that time, the CARICOM Governments had met the economic cost of their quotas, which was quite substantial ($25,000US per student per year). However, by the early 1980’s Guyana fell into default. By the early 1990’s, Guyana’s default had become chronic and had caused friction among the other contributing countries. Guyana then began to explore the possibility of easing its contributions by introducing the second year here as well. UWI and the CLE, although sympathetic, were wary of incurring any

risk to the hard won accreditations mentioned before, and decided that if Guyana wished to have the second year in Guyana, it should offer the third year as well as a complete UG degree. The UWI and CLE would be supportive, and a collaborative accommodation was arrived at whereby UWI would assist UG in areas such as setting a course curriculum, and the setting and second marking of examinations. Guyana’s quota of 25 students under the original agreement was preserved, the top 25 graduates of the UG degree programme being afforded automatic places at the Hugh Wooding Law School. The others would compete with graduates of other universities for admission on the basis of an examination. At the time, the rationale was the availability of space at the Hugh Wooding Law School. As time went by, other Caribbean countries now began to be attracted to the lead opened up by Guyana, and both Jamaica and Trinidad began to consider offering the entire degree at the Mona and St. Augustine campuses. Their rationale was cost, and the fact that there were already two campuses with all the facilities in place to house the degree programme in these islands.

In or around 2012, Trinidad and Jamaica both begun to offer a local law degree. Barbadians, Bahamians, and students from the Eastern Caribbean continued to attend Cavehill. The graduates of all three degree programmes would enjoy automatic acceptance at the CLE’s Law Schools. There was an immediate consequence for Guyana. As the Law Schools had been only marginally expanded over the years, they could not now accommodate all of the students who wished to attend there. As Trinidad covered the cost of the Hugh Wooding Law School, naturally its graduates would have to be accommodated there. Guyana was informed that from 2014, its 25 UG degree graduates would no longer enjoy automatic accommodation, and would have to seek admission on the basis of the availability of places, and performance at an entrance examination. A great outcry arose from the students from Guyana, and at the urging of Guyana’s President and Attorney General, the Chairman of CARICOM Sir Ralph Gonsalves wrote to the CLE enquiring what could be done to assist Guyana’s students. The CLE’s response as reported was that

due to considerations of space and facilities, Hugh Wooding would only be able to consider these students after it had placed the UWI/ St. Augustine applicants. It noted that there may be places available at its Eugene Dupuch Law School in the Bahamas. There now appears to be an impasse for the Guyanese students. What is to be done? From the CLE’s response, there are three possibilities. The first is for Guyana to establish its own Law School. This although superficially attractive - would have to be thought through very carefully however, as if other CARICOM territories are not convinced of the soundness of its programme content, they may withdraw the automatic entry to their national Bars presently enjoyed under the aegis of the CLE’s Law Schools. It is to the credit of Guyana’s Attorney-General that I have recently read in the national media that he is reported not to favour this. This is a sound position that should be applauded. The second is for Guyana to exercise some financial

discipline and to return to the fold of the UWI degree at Cavehill by resuming the economic cost for its students. Guyana’s economy has weathered the recent global financial crisis quite credibly, and Guyana ought to be able to find the required sums should it really wish to do so. The Government could provide the nucleus of a fund of foreign currency that, if invested with a hedge fund or premier investment house, the interest would fund Guyana’s obligations in much the same way as the Trust Fund for the Caribbean Court of Justice is structured. The third alternative is for Guyana to press the CARICOM Heads to expand the Law Schools of the region, particularly Hugh Wooding, that its graduates would attend. This would entail again, serious financial commitments by all of the CARICOM nations, not only in terms of infrastructure, but also of human resources and course materials (subscriptions for law books, etc.). Either of the second or (Continued on page 6)

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Sunday June 08, 2014

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WICB, Phoulorie Joe and The PPP is doing the same things it has accused the PNC of the Morally Bankrupt PPP DEAR EDITOR, We watched in horror how the PPP has steam rolled its way into city politics with the appointment of Carol Sooba who many believe is unqualified to fill the post as Town Clerk. We are convinced that the PPP does not want local government elections because their margins of defeat are going to be so huge that they will be humiliated. The results will show that the opposition is intact and united, which must give its leaders and members heightened energy to prepare for the 2015 or the 2016 general election. Moreover, they will expose the unsavory truths about this arrogant and uncaring regime which has abandoned the masses, especially the poor and the working class. What are the new ideas of the PPP has? Where is their program to uplift the poor and the working class out of poverty? Those of us looking on from the outside have been asking these questions. But early in the tenure of the Ramotar administration it became quite clear that they had chosen ethnic narcissism over inclusiveness, obeisance to their financiers over meritocracy and evenhandedness, and strict legality over ethical conduct in the way they govern the country. Of course, the electorate has denied them a majority in the 2011 elections for their intolerable excesses and arrogance. These, along with the PPP cabal litany of errors and blatant corrupt practices, have imprisoned them in their sense of entitlement to office. We are convinced that the same things the cabal has accused the PNC of doing during the 1970s and 1980s, they have done worse. The people have not heard or seen any outline of Mr. Ramotar’s program for governance in the two years since he took office. What they have heard was mostly the PPP regime’s energetic condemnation of the opposition for its lack of support and progress in critical areas. Is the PPP thinking that it can prosper on the trend of

the people voting along racial lines or for a party with a more credible agenda for change? Is the PPP thinking that it does not have to let the public know about its program? Or is the PPP so pompous that that it does not care what the people think of them? At no time did Mr. Ramotar mention anything about his plans to govern, far less outline one. His focus seemed to be on the state of health of the PPP and, particularly, on the party as a unified monolith. Perhaps for the party faithful that is enough at this point? But is it enough for the voters that really count—the youths, the fence straddlers and the swing voters? Fed up with the deceptions of the PPP cabal, will the electorate vote for a party with no clear agenda for change? Will they be satisfied with the same bunch of politicians who have so far presented themselves as being righteously indignant over much of the conduct of the current cabinet? Will they be satisfied with same regime, given its poor record to solve crime, reduce corruption and drug trafficking, create jobs for the youths, and protect women and children from domestic violence and abuse? Perhaps the most important governance issue facing our democracy is the PPP refusal to call Local Government Elections? Will they? How will they ensure that the people in their various publics and communities constrain the excesses and controversial actions of the executive arm of government? How will they reform the antiquated justice system to ensure that politicians, members of state boards, drug lords, gang leaders, lawyers, doctors, and other big offenders are jailed for their crimes? How will they ensure the growth of the economy? How will they fix the Procurement Commission and the loopholes that encourage bribery and other forms of financial corruption? How will they fix the problem of academic underperformance and indifference among the lower classes in the nation’s public schools? How will they stem the tide of illiteracy and innumeracy among them? How will they end maternal (child births) deaths at the public hospitals? Caught between the two main-parties-one that has disappointed many of their automatic supporters and

squandered the goodwill of many of its supporters in the diaspora, with the other reachieving credibility mainly on the incompetence of its replacement-and the third party, the AFC, which was recently born out of deep disaffection with the PPP and the PNC has not conceded its identity to either them. As such, the AFC is most likely to gain the support of swing voters and the alienated and discontented supporters and members of the two major parties whose appeal is based strictly on race. Thus the AFC has given the voters a third choice. It appears as if the leaders of the two main parties are hiding solutions in their back pockets or bosoms! The country is in dire need of solutions and all the people hear and see from both parties, especially the PPP are posturing and finger pointing. So as far as they are concerned, NONE of the current crop in the ruling cabal or what have you, of politicians and leaders are fit to lead anyone. Guyana needs a new crop of honest dedicated citizens to pull the country out of the gutter, but this will never happen because most are just trying to get their hands on easy money. How sad! So all they will keep doing is keep shuffling chairs on the Titanic. This is a definition of madness, the people keep doing the same things the same way over and over again, but they expect to get different results even though they see failure over and over again. For example, every election year the people allow the political parties to fool them with beautifully designed manifestos outlining their policies and their plans. They get the best experts (usually foreign) to put forward their beautiful plans and policies. It’s the difference between propaganda and the reality— the word and the deed. What they promise and what the people actually get. If one look at the PPP 2011 manifesto, it looked all right, nice glossy pictures, with promises that everything is going to be great, everyone will rise. That is pure propaganda, but what about the actuality? The only things that did rise are crime (murders and armed robbery), corruption, and drug trafficking and food and transportation prices. Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish Singh

DEAR EDITOR, It has been almost two decades since I have agreed with anything coming from the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) but last week when they moved the test match from Guyana after warning the PPP government of Guyana to refrain from meddling/attempting to have government exert c o n t r o l o v e r Guyana’s cricket; I wholeheartedly agreed with them. The actions of the WICB should be used by Guyanese as a teachable moment in how to stand up to the undemocratic and morally bankrupt PPP. It is sad that the great Clive Lloyd tarnished his reputation by lending credibility to the PPP’s attempted nationalization of a private organization and both the WICB and International Cricket Council (ICC) saw the naked power grab. Bobby Ramroop a favored beneficiary of PPP government’s largesse, is the title sponsor of the Guyana T20 squad; it is not difficult to imagine the government turning over control to this same person had they been successful in their plot to take over control of the GCB. For the PPP, it’s just another aspect of life that they will total dominate because it is the modus operandi in their communist DNA to control every facet of Guyanese life.

In the same week WICB properly rejected the PPP, the country was treated to the testimony of the PPP Member of Parliament (MP) Joe Hamilton’s participating in the dog and pony show otherwise known as the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (COI). While every Guyanese deserves to know the unvarnished truth surrounding Rodney’s death, nothing close to the impartial truth will be gleaned from the COI because the PPP has turned this into an extended infomercial to be used in their next political campaign to exploit the racial chasm that exist in the society. Joe Hamilton, MP better known as Phoulorie Joe in Beterverwagting where he grew up was indeed a member of the House of Israel and long- time member of the PNC. When Phoulorie Joe stated for the COI that the House of Israel was an agent of the state under Burnham’s PNC that also made him an agent of the state. If Phoulorie Joe is admitting to committing illegal acts on behalf of the state, can a reasonable person completely rule out that he was not also involved in any other illegal/criminal activity that he has not answered for? Phoulorie Joe after his public break up with the PNC prior to the 2011 elections did not reveal any misgivings

about his activities as an agent of the state but more importantly what does that say about the PPP and their penchant for embracing people of questionable character/former PNC members who are known to have committed and or been convicted of crimes? How seriously can the PPP be taken when their government issued Rabbi Washington, leader of House of Israel, a pardon? Phoulorie Joe former agent of the state, former PNC member, former GGG member and now PPP MP has demonstrated a propensity for being a party sycophant who will sing for his supper. His lack of credibility does a dis-service to the nation in the COI proceedings and appears to be nothing more than a transparent attempt by the PPP to conveniently trot out one of their compromised AfroGuyanese props. As Eusi Kwayana once famously said when referring to Guyana’s racial situation, all are involved, all are consumed. Will the morally bankrupt PPP call for a COI on their “industrial action” otherwise known as arson? What about Minister Sash Sawh’s death, Roger Kahn and the death squads or the ongoing state sanctioned torture by the police of ordinary civilians? Nigel Jason

Clinton Urling has suddenly... From page 4 mixed with De Donald ingredient?) At the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Urling came out swinging with his partialities. He wanted the opposition to sign the anti-laundering bill and he argued for support for Amaila. Before that, he was Jagdeo’s altar boy selling Jagdeo’s low carbon strategy. All of a sudden, the altar boy is out of the chamber he has found neutrality. But of course you can hit Urling’s neutrality discovery on another level. How can he be neutral when he chose to name his group, Blue Caps? Why not the Colourless Caps? That would be more of an example of neutrality because he will not be accused of being partial to a particular

colour. Suppose you don’t like blue? Finally, I read that Urling and his group will be holding seminars for young people in leadership. What is the concept of leadership? Well I will add my two cents. Ohio University in the eighties invented a schema of leadership qualities. I used this schema to teach my UG students of which Clinton was one, of what leadership qualities are. Clinton did that particular course with me so he would know that integrity of character is one of the most priceless items in the collection of leadership qualities. Let’s hope the teachers at those seminars and the sponsors themselves embody integrity of character? I guess they do! Frederick Kissoon

What is to be done about... From page 5 third alternatives would assure our students of a place in a scheme of continuing quality legal education. To do less would be a scathing indictment on the successors to those Heads of Government in 1970 who had envisaged a comprehensive Caribbean system of legal education and made it a reality. What is regrettable is that these Heads’ dream fabric of Caribbean integration has now been sorely rent by petty nationalism and individualistic indiscipline. Whereas from 1970 we had Cavehill, Barbados,as the successor to London University as the incubator for our

future Caribbean leaders, we now have Trinidadians at St. Augustine, Guyanese at University of Guyana, and Jamaicans at Mona. This was not what was envisaged by the founders of the law programme and constitutes the most serious test of our commitment to their visionary ideal. If the present difficulty is not overcome and the fabric is rent completely asunder into little island enclaves, we shall have failed comprehensively. My concern is in no small part due to my involvement with the structuring of the UWI/ CLE Law Programme from its inception. B.T.I. Pollard, SC.

Sunday June 08, 2014

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Poet Maya Angelou remembered at memorial service WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (AP) — First lady Michelle Obama lauded poet, orator and sage Maya Angelou as the first person who let her know she could be a strong and smart black woman, joining other famous admirers and friends in a private memorial service yesterday that was filled with tears, laughter, poetry and gospel singing. Former President Bill Clinton said Angelou, one of the most famous black writers of the 20th century, was a woman who seemed to have lived five lifetimes in one. Others said the poet, who rose from poverty and segregation, gave strength to millions of women to live their lives in modern America. Family, friends and admirers led by the first lady, Clinton and Oprah Winfrey paid tribute to Angelou at Wake Forest University in North Carolina where the writer had taught for more than 30 years. Angelou died May 28 at age 86 after a life with important roles in civil rights and the arts. Obama told those

gathered in a university chapel how reading Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Woman” changed a little black girl who grew up on the south side of Chicago and whose first doll was Malibu Barbie. “She celebrated black women’s beauty like no one had ever dared to before. Our curves, our stride, our strength, our grace,” Obama told the audience, seated in wooden pews. “Her words were clever and sassy. They were powerful and sexual and boastful.” Tall and majestic, Angelou added heft to her spoken

words with a deep and sonorous voice, describing herself as a poet in love with “the music of language.” In 1993, she recited the most popular presidential inaugural poem in history, “On the Pulse of Morning,” when Clinton opened his first term. She inspired many and became a mentor to Winfrey before she became a talk show host. Clinton remembered that voice, and how Angelou chose not to speak for five years after she was raped by her mother’s boyfriend as a child. “She was without a voice for five years and then she

developed the greatest voice on the planet. God loaned her His voice,” Clinton said Saturday. “She had the voice of God. And he decided he wanted it back for a while.” He also said she was a role model for many. “We could just all be up here talking about how Maya Angelou represented a big piece of American history. And triumphed over adversity. And proved how dumb racism is,” Clinton added. The service was punctuated several rousing gospel songs. There were tears, but laughter too, as Angelou’s friends remembered a clever woman with a deep spiritual faith. At the private North Carolina school, the writer was regularly addressed as Dr. Angelou out of respect for all the honorary degrees she received even though she had never graduated from college. Winfrey spoke of Angelou as her spiritual queen mother, saying she always took notes whenever they spoke on the phone. She cried a few times as she

remembered how Angelou was a vital part of her career, reminding her of the millions of people she has touched through television. Winfrey said she struggled to put what Angelou meant into words, then realized she owed the poet not words, but actions. “I cannot fill her shoes, but I can walk in her footsteps,” Winfrey said. Angelou was born Marguerite Johnson in St. Louis and raised in Stamps, Arkansas, and San Francisco. Her life included writing poetry by age 9, giving birth as a single mother by 17, and becoming San Francisco’s first black streetcar conductor. She also once danced at a strip joint, shared the stage with comic Phyllis Diller and garnered career advice from singer Billie Holiday. She wrote music and plays, received an Emmy nomination for her acting in the 1970s TV miniseries “Roots” and danced with Alvin Ailey. Her magnetism drew her into friendships with many famous figures, including

Malcolm X and Nelson Mandela. Angelou once worked as a coordinator for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and lived for years in Egypt and Ghana, where she met Mandela. In 1968, she was helping the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. organize the Poor People’s March in Memphis, Tennessee, where the civil rights leader was slain on Angelou’s 40th birthday. Clinton said he first encountered Angelou through her autobiographical book “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.” He grew up about 20 miles from where Angelou spent her childhood and said the author’s power was amplified because he was so familiar with her surroundings. Clinton compared Angelou to a firefly, who would light up at the most unexpected time, illuminating “something right before your nose you’ve been overlooking, something in your mind you’ve been burying. Something in your heart you were afraid to face.”

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Sunday June 08, 2014

New head of European conservatives dismisses Cameron’s EU demands BERLIN (Reuters) - The new head of the biggest group of conservatives in the European Parliament dismissed yesterday demands by British Prime Minister David Cameron to put the brakes on European integration. Manfred Weber, the new chairman of the European People’s Party (EPP), also told a German paper that the group still backed its candidate Jean-Claude Juncker to be the next Commission president despite opposition from Britain. “The EU is based on an ever closer union of European peoples. That is set out in the treaties. It is not negotiable for us,” Weber told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. “We cannot sell the soul of Europe,” he added, also rejecting any demands to let national parliaments win rights to stop European laws. “If we grant every national parliament a veto right, Europe would come to

a standstill,” he said. Cameron, under pressure from anti-EU hardliners in his own Conservative party and in the UK Independence Party (UKIP), has agreed to hold a referendum in 2017 on whether his country stays in the EU. His party is not in the EPP. Before the referendum he is trying to renegotiate the terms of Britain’s membership. He has said that he wants to prevent mass migration and EU interference in police and

judicial matters and that he wants national parliaments to be able to work together to block unwanted European European legislation. Weber said the EPP still fully supported former Luxembourg Prime Minister Juncker’s bid to become the next European Commission president. “We must keep the commitments that we made to our voters: he will be the next president of the Commission,” said Weber. Britain has opposed Juncker ’s bid, which is supported by several EU members including Germany. Cameron fears Juncker is too aligned to old-school federalists to bring in change. Citing no sources, Der Spiegel magazine reported that conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel did not want Social Democrat (SPD) Martin Schulz to become Germany’s Commissioner in Brussels despite pressure from SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel. Merkel leads a ‘grand coalition’ with Gabriel’s SPD.

RAMADI Iraq (Reuters) - Gunmen occupied a university in Iraq’s western Anbar province yesterday, taking hundreds of students and their professors hostage on campus, security sources said, in the third attack this week by militants who overran parts of two other cities. After fighting their way past guards overnight, the gunmen broke into Anbar University in the provincial capital Ramadi, parts of which have been held by antigovernment tribesmen and insurgents since the start of the year. Security forces surrounded the university in Ramadi yesterday and exchanged fire with the militants, who had planted bombs behind them and were patrolling the rooftops with sniper rifles. Sources in Ramadi hospital said they had received the bodies of two people, one of them a student and the other a policeman. A professor trapped inside the physics department said some staff who live outside Ramadi had been spending the night at the university because it was the exam period. “We heard intense gunfire at about 4 am. We thought it was the security forces coming to protect us but were surprised to see they

were gunmen,” he told Reuters via telephone. “They forced us to go inside the rooms and now we cannot leave”. He was later able to escape along with 15 colleagues and pupils. “I brought some of my students’ exam papers in a nylon bag and, wearing my tie and suit, jumped the fence and am outside now,” he said. The militants allowed between 100 and 150 other people to leave the campus, said sources. The identity of the assailants was not clear, but Ramadi is one of two cities in Anbar that were overrun at the start of the year by tribal and Sunni insurgents, including the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Security forces are in control of central Ramadi, but the suburbs and outlying areas have swung back and forth between them and the militants. The city of Falluja around 50km (31 miles) away is still in insurgent hands. One of the guards at the university said he believed the militants’ real aim was to seize an area called Humaira behind the campus, which would allow them to set up supply lines between Ramadi and Falluja. “I think the militants will withdraw as their target was not the university. They came to stay in Humaira, and we

know how important it is for them,” he said. “They want to be connected with their gunmen in Falluja. I think the security forces realize that.” Almost 480,000 people have been forced to leave their homes in Anbar over the past six months, according to the United Nations, in what is Iraq’s largest displacement since the sectarian bloodletting that climaxed in 2006-07. Violence is still well below those levels, but insurgents have been regaining ground and momentum over the past year, making 2013 Iraq’s deadliest year since security began to improve. Nearly 800 people were killed across the country in May alone - the highest monthly toll this year so far. On Thursday, militants moved into the city of Samarra in the adjacent province of Salahuddin and briefly occupied a university there as well as two mosques, raising ISIL’s black banner until being forced to retreat under airstrikes. The following day, insurgents fought Iraqi security forces in the northern city of Mosul. A source at Mosul morgue said the bodies of 70 people had been brought in yesterday, adding there were still corpses on the streets but they could not be recovered yet some districts of the city remained under militant control.

David Cameron

Gunmen take hundreds of students hostage on Iraq university campus

Sunday June 08, 2014

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Govt. doesn’t see it necessary to fully scrutinize deals with China By Abena Rockcliffe It is becoming clearer that Guyana rarely knows fully what it is getting itself into when it comes to deals made with China. That was the sentiment expressed by several politicians yesterday after learning that there has been no proper study on the deals Guyana and China has entered into. For the last few years China has maintained a heavy presence in Guyana and has been sealing some “attractive deals” as more of its nationals take up residence here. Yesterday at a Presidential Press conference hosted at State House, Donald Ramotar was asked whether his Administration is even the least bit concerned about the amount of stakes China has in Guyana. This question, which was posed by Kaieteur News, was contextualized against the backdrop of a number of international reports which highlighted a trend in Chinese takeover of developing counties. Appearing extremely anxious to respond, even before the last word of the question could have been spoken, President Ramotar stated “Absolutely not, I welcome Chinese investments in this country as I would welcome any other.” He told the media that Guyana needs investments and if one follows the trend around the world, one would notice that the Chinese seem to have capital available to drive the world’s economy The Head of State even made mention of the controversial railroad that China is building in Africa which would run from the coast all the way to landlocked Uganda and beyond. The President’s contention is that these

Welcomes more Chinese investments even at a threat of takeover - President developments haven’t been done before and the Chinese are now making it possible, so why not. He urged the media not to fall for the “populace’ view about criticizing the Chinese; their investments are important to us and we welcome it.” Questioned as to whether there was a think-tank group to determine if the projects being funded by China were good deals and if this group saw the inclusion of financial experts, the President responded in the negative. He told the media that he was unaware that he had to set up a think-tank group for everything the Chinese proposed. “If the Chinese want to come and build a ship that is working from Berbice to Georgetown, should I set up a think-tank to look at that?” He added that Guyana has very clear guidelines for investments and that he is not of the opinion that the Chinese are acting outside of these. The President was also asked if Guyana could have accessed better rates from other banks. He, however, responded that it is quite the opposite, as China offers the best deals. According to Ramotar, “they are far more favourable and the speed at which the Chinese can conclude transactions is especially favoured by the Government.” Guyana is deeply indebted to China and the country continues to borrow more. Many nations that fell victim are now beginning to observe China’s strategy. As recent as a few weeks ago, this newspaper published an

article that reflected what is happening in other jurisdictions. That piece reflected exactly what is happening in Guyana. The article, which first appeared in the New York Times, highlighted the shady deals and contracts “greased with monetary bribes and other enticements like expense-paid shopping trips to China and scholarships for elite children.” The article said that natives of Africa have realized the penalties of making certain deals and have begun to doubt that China has their interest in their well being. The article noted, “The doubts aren’t coming from any soured feelings from African leaders themselves, most of whom still welcome (and profit from) China’s embrace. The new skepticism has even less to do with the hectoring of Western governments, the traditional source of Africa’s foreign aid and investment (and interference).” In a 2012 speech in Senegal, Hillary Rodham Clinton, then Secretary of State, implicitly warned Africa about China. The continent needs “a model of sustainable partnership that adds value, rather than extracts it,” she said, adding that unlike other countries, “America will stand up for democracy and universal human rights even when it might be easier to look the other way and keep the resources flowing.” The article also reflected that independent media have played an important role in demanding more scrutiny of government deals with Beijing”…A recent op-ed article in one of Kenya’s

leading newspapers, The Daily Nation, questioned whether a huge new Chinese investment in a railroad that would run from the coast all the way to landlocked Uganda and beyond was truly a good deal. The project’s first phase will increase Kenya’s external debt by a third.” That railroad is the same one that President Ramotar referred to. The New York Times article also noted that Kenya could have sought the financing for a project like this through the World Bank, which would have cost as little as a third of the Chinese commercial loan. But that would have required timeconsuming processes, from competitive bidding to rigorous environmental and feasibility studies. The crux of the problem, according to New York Times, is (though not limited to China) the reliance on “shady arrangements made at the very top of the political system, often in the president’s office itself. Contracts are greased with monetary bribes and other enticements like expensepaid shopping trips to China and scholarships there for elite children. Adding to the opacity, China typically favors its state-owned companies for African projects and bypasses open, competitive bidding procedures.

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Dem boys seh

Inky Pinky Panty No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life goes on, and it will be better tomorrow. Nuff of dem got to spend time in jail. Who nah go to jail gun see hell fire fuh all de wrang things that dem do to this nation. De people of Guyana don’t know plenty things that happen under Jagdeo and dem got nuff things still to come to light daily. Donald know bout some, playing stupid on some but he dumb on plenty. Very few people know that Guyana got two company called GPC. De people did own one GPC—Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation. When Jagdeo tun president he sell that one to he best friend, cheap. But almost nobody don’t know bout de other GPC. That one is a company whose business dealings cover up and bury in secrecy. It is de Guyana Powerful Clique headed by de one and only Big Rat and include Bobby, Boyah, de fat crook Brazzy and de rest of de Bees. Irfaat and Rob de whole Earth deh in that clique. This clique will be de new owners of Guyana. All black man buck man, Chinee man, Coolie man, douglah man, Putagee man, and even dem who is nah man, got to bow down before these people. Dem boys hear, because dem not all that old to know wha happen in de PNC days, that it use to tek 10 PNC man fuh thief $1 million. Now, one PPP man a thief $100 million. And is not that de money get more light. Donald got fuh do something, and do something quick. He can’t do wha he keep on doing all de time wid de Hen See Hen report. He get de report just after he tun president. He first press conference, when asked, he seh that he nah come prepare fuh that. De second one he tell dem boys he nah get time fuh look at it. Yesterday, at he press conference he seh he got so much thing pun he desk. Dem boys seh that de answers he giving he gun lef de president wuk and de report gun lef he desk. This is de same man who mek dem boys feel nice when he seh that he believe in transparency. Dem boys now want to think that de way he behaving, he version of transparency is a man looking at a sexy woman in she lingerie. And dem boys remember a rhyme. Inky Pinky Pampy, Donald buy a panty, Panty buss, Mammy cuss, Inky Pinky Pampy. Talk half and hope that de ABC watching all of dem in de GPC. Dem boys ain’t talking bout Ramroop company or de old Guyana Power Company. Dem talking bout De Guyana Powerful Clique.

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Sunday June 08, 2014

Surendra pumps lying idle New birth certificate criterion nonsensical - APNU while rain pounds coastland

Another Surendra pump lies outside a workshop waiting o be transported to its correct site. While the rainy season is already creating hardship for some residents along the Coast, the recently imported Surendra Engineering Corporation Limited pumps which have cost Guyanese taxpayers $800M and counting, are lying idle waiting to be installed. Kaieteur News understands that eight of the 14 pumps ordered by the Government arrived in the country a month ago. This is in direct contradiction to statements made by Minister of Agriculture Leslie Ramsammy who had stated in November last year that all 14 pumps which the Ministry had bought from India had been delivered. According to a source, while President Donald Ramotar recently

commissioned one of the operational pumps at Rose Hall, the installation of others is awaiting the completion of site construction. The source could not say when the various sites will be completed, although Agriculture Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy had assured since last year that works were ongoing at the sites where the pumps are to be installed. Earlier this year, Chief Executive Officer of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) Lionel Wordsworth had stated that civil works were ongoing at Canal Polder and Skeldon to facilitate the installation of pumps. At the same time, he added that the preliminary stage of civil works is ongoing at Windsor Forest, West Coast Demerara and

work was to commence at Enterprise/Paradise drainage block on the East Coast of Demerara. Over the past week this newspaper observed four of the pumps lying outside a workshop on the East Coast Demerara Public Road, near Strathspey. This newspaper was told that the pumps were being prepared for deployment to sites where preparatory works are still ongoing. Already there are reports of flooding in sections of the East Coast of Demerara, even in areas where pump stations exist. The procurement of the pumps has been a controversial issue ever since the Government handed Surendra Engineering a US$4 million contract over two years ago. The pumps were bought through an Indian line of credit.

Scam artist jailed for fleecing nine of $17M A 46-year-old father of three who claimed that he has reached the end of his scamming days after he managed to swindle over $17.1M from nine persons ended up in a city court and sentenced to a total of 19 years in jail. Gopaul Tiwari, who for

the second time was brought before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry on fraud charges, apologised before he was sentenced. He said that he was tired of that life and has decided to turn over a new leaf. Tiwari, from February 1 to May 31 this year, managed to

defraud seven persons of a total of $13,360,000 promising that he can obtain and sell one Land Cruiser 2010 LX, an excavator, a parcel of commercial land, motor car, windows, used tires, three house lots, and building materials. He faced the court, too, for managing to defraud two other persons last year between January 1 and April 30 of $3,800,000, promising the sale of three house lots and a Bedford truck. When faced with the seven counts of obtaining by false pretense and two counts of fraudulent conversion, Tiwari owned up to the crimes but claimed that three of the totals for which he faced the court were less than stated in the charges. During the hearing, one of the nine fraud victims, Richard Austin, came forth stating “Mr. Tiwari is a habitual offender. He does (Continued on page 61)

Executive members of the political opposition coalition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), have deemed the new birth certificate requirement for first time passport applicants as “nonsensical and bizarre”. The Guyana Police Force recently announced that first time applicants for Machine Readable Passports are required to present a birth certificate that was obtained no more than six months prior to the date of application. The announcement was made by the Police Public Relations Department in response to queries from this newspaper, after a first time applicant travelled all the way from Anna Regina, Essequibo only to be told that the birth certificate he presented to immigration officials was invalid. On Tuesday, the Police Public Relations Office sent out its initial statements on the matter but still failed to shed light on why the new requirement was in place. “The Guyana Police Force Central Immigration and Passport Office is informing members of the public that persons applying for a Machine Readable Passport for the first time are required to submit a Birth Certificate, the issuing date of which must not be more than six months prior to the date on which the application is being made.” On Friday, in another attempt to explain the reason for the new requirement, the Ministry of Home Affairs said that when the machinereadable passport system was introduced in 2007, the Ministry’s objective was to have in place a new category of passports that would be less susceptible to forgery. “Built into that arrangement was a requirement by the Ministry that the Guyana Police Force would ensure that the birth certificates for first time applicants for passports were issued not more than six months prior to the date of application. The Ministry, in an effort to preserve the integrity of the system, is now reinforcing its policy directive originally given to the Guyana Police Force. This process is necessary to enable Guyana to comply with international best practices and prevent illegal use of travel documents.” It added, “The Ministry is conscious of the temporary inconvenience members of the public will suffer and expects that the Guyana Police Force will take all necessary steps to negate any difficulties that members of the public, especially those who need special assistance,

Joe Harmon, APNU’s Shadow Minister for Public Works and Telecommunications

Winston Felix, APNU’s Shadow Minister for Home Affairs

may experience.” However, APNU Shadow Minister of Public Works and Telecommunications, Joseph Harmon, said that it is “a most ridiculous requirement. If you are a first time applicant of the passport what will a recently issued birth certificate do to enhance one’s integrity? How does the old one diminish one’s eligibility for the passport? In making rules we have to be sensible. People must see some sense in your decisions, he said. As it relates to the socalled international best practices being followed, the government should quote where in the world is doing this, Harmon said. “This birth certificate is issued by one arm of the government but there has been so much corruption that it even refuses to accept a document it issued.” The Parliamentarian said that if Government has reason

to believe that a birth certificate was not properly obtained it has the ability to check that. “This new requirement will put an additional burden on the system and put a new sort of backlog in place. I don’t know if it is an attempt to stem the flow of people applying for passport but it certainly is, to my mind, a hindrance and a fetter on the freedom of movement of citizens and government should reconsider it.” APNU’s Shadow Minister of Home Affairs, Winston Felix said, “This is the first time I am hearing about this. On the surface, it makes no sense to me. However, Parliament resumes on June 19, next, and I have some time from then to now to formulate what questions will be asked on this new arrangement. On the surface it is tempting to ask questions. It is absolute foolishness.”

Sunday June 08, 2014

Kaieteur News

Gregory Smith was paid $1M to kill Rodney – witness By Latoya Giles The Commission of Inquiry heard on Friday that former army sergeant, Gregory Smith, was allegedly paid $1 million to kill cofounder of the Working People’s Alliance, Walter Rodney. This revelation came from convicted felon and former murder accused Robert Gates, also known as Clive Gibbs and Clive DeNobrega. According to Gates, Smith was also offered a safe trip out of Guyana once he had completed his “mission”. The witness told the commission that he had seen Smith prior to Rodney’s death and he had disclosed to him his plan. Gates, who claimed that he was part of a “death squad” and was given a special assignment to infiltrate the WPA by then Crime Chief Cecil “Skip” Roberts, said that he had warned Smith against carrying out the act. According to the witness, he and Smith were at the time both working intelligence for the Guyana Defence Force. They had several meetings where they exchanged information. Smith, according to Gates, told him that he was constructing ‘walkie talkies’ for the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) Leader. The witness explained that he too was offered a whopping “$1M” to kill Dr Rupert Roopnaraine. Gates claimed that he was at the time carrying out a mandate. He was at the time working as a “bodyguard” for Roopnaraine, he said. Gates said that like Smith, he was offered a safe trip out of Guyana. However, he said that he could not follow through with the plan since Roopnaraine had become a friend. He explained that he had met Roopnaraine in 1979 while the latter was arrested and detained at the CID on a charge of arson. According to Gates, it was while Roopnaraine was in custody that an offer to work for him was made. Gates said that he was getting a salary of about $365 from the force and was offered $500 from Roopnaraine. “I

accepted the offer because it was very lucrative.” He added that when he took his resignation to the Crime Chief, Roberts called former Prime Minister, Forbes Burnham and told him something. “There were three phones, a white, a red and a black. ‘Skip’ picked up the red phone and said Comrade Leader we have got the man.” Gates claimed that he was offered a promotion to Sergeant and an added $500 on his salary to go undercover into the WPA. The commission also heard from Gates that he was given several allowances by other persons, including “agents”. These allowances could run like around $1500. Soon after, Gates said that he started gathering information from the WPA and was giving it back to the Police. According to him, the information was in turn being filtered to the PNC. The former murder accused testified too that he had planted two listening devices, one in his vehicle and another at the WPA office, which he claimed provided valuable information to the police. He recalled reporting to a n O ff i c e r, w h o m h e referred to as “Chico” and late Police Commissioner Laurie Lewis, whom he claimed was Head of the Joint Service Intelligence at the time. Gates testified that the WPA was at the time collecting arms and ammunition. He recalled, too, that he was once sent to collect a five pound milk tin which was filled with guns and ammunition and which he later took to his superiors who then told him that it would be ‘doctored’ and any attempt to use it after that would mean it would explode, killing the user. Gates alleged that he was informed by Smith that he was making ‘walkie talkies’. According to Gates, the device would be imported from Russia from another contact who worked undercover. He added that after this, Smith told him that instead of giving Rodney the “walkie talkie”, a bomb would have been handed over to him.

Corruption benefits the rich and powerful at the expense of the poor. Say no to it.

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Those un-operationalized accounting modules…

Finance Minister to provide answers on IFMAS – Ramotar President Donald Ramotar made a commitment to media operatives yesterday that Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh, will hold a press conference to answer questions pertaining to the two critical modules of the Integrated Financial Management and Accounting System (IFMAS) which the Ministry has failed to operationalize over the past ten years. IFMAS was implemented on January 1, 2004 under former President Bharrat Jagdeo. Its intention was to modernize the business of the Government. It is responsible for recording all financial data generated by the Government. These include the issuing of cheques, recording of warrants; contingencies fund advances and the generation of the annual financial statements. The accounting system was specially designed to suit Guyana’s financial landscape at an estimated cost of US$660, 000. The five IFMAS modules which are currently in place are Controls, Appropriations, General Ledger, Expenditure, and Revenue and Treasury Management. The two which are not in place are the Purchasing and Inventory/ Assets Modules.

President Donald Ramotar Some financial analysts are of the view that in the absence of the two modules, billions of dollars in assets and consumables can go untraced. They have even made reference to the 2012 Auditor General’s report which stated that a number of Ministries, Departments and Regions have been found in breach of the Stores Regulations, as they relate to accounting, inventory maintenance and the marking of Government property. As it relates to IFMAS, the 2012 Auditor General’s report noted that it replaced some aspects of the previous

manual system. It said that the system has several advantages over the previous manual system of operation, such as the avoidance of over spending, reduction in the processing time, and generation of timely reports, among others. Although the Auditor General pointed to the advantages of the IFMAS over the manual system, the President stated during a press conference held at State House that he is not worried that billions in assets can go untraced as manual systems (alternatives) are in place. President Ramotar said, “It is true that two models have not been operationalized as yet but it doesn’t mean that billions have gone untraced; that’s not true.” Ramotar was then reminded that the operative words were “can go untraced”. To this he briefly stated, “Oh no…these things are still being done in a manual way and I suspect that they have to be done properly … (Minster within the Ministry of Finance) Juan Edghill addressed this issue in a statement where he explained it and I think you should probably go back to it

.” Earlier in the week Minister Edghill disseminated a press release explaining that the Ministry of Finance does not have the capacity to operationalize the two modules and that there are other alternatives. However, yesterday this publication sought to question President Ramotar regarding the ‘manual alternatives’ in place, pointing out that the effectiveness of those very measures come into question when one takes into account the fact that the Auditor General’s report continues to be riddled with reports of “missing equipment, vehicles, incorrect inventory, improperly kept records, and missing receipts.” The President responded, “As far as I am aware they still have agreements with the companies that helped to install these functions and the details of it I can’t give you at the moment but I am assured that what has been in the press is not the reality that exists on the ground and I will ask the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh to address that with you and Continued on page 63

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Sunday June 08, 2014

Berbice Bridge toll reduction…

More pressure coming Govt’s way With the motion brought by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) in the National Assembly to reduce the Berbice Bridge toll falling on deaf ears, the opposition coalition has announced that it will be putting more pressure on the government to get the much complained about toll reduced. APNU’s Shadow Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Joseph Harmon, who tabled the successful motion in the National Assembly for the reduction, said that he is under the impression that “this government does anything unless they are pressured into doing so.” Taking that into consideration, he said, “We are going to take some other steps to ensure that people are more involved in bringing to the government’s attention the fact that they have spoken and they need a reduction in the bridge toll.” Harmon said that Parliament has answered the calls of the people and the government “cannot continue to disregard the cries of the people and the

action of their representatives in the National Assembly. “So within a short space of time we will be taking other forms of political solutions to bring some more pressure to bear on the situation and ensure that the government recognizes what is taking place on the ground …political actions will be taken, we can guarantee that,” said Harmon. Harmon did not want to disclose all the details as to the approach they will be taking, suffice it to say that it will involve the people. “It is not that we took a motion to the Parliament and the government says that it is not doing anything and that’s the end of the matter. I think the government will soon recognize that we will not just pass these motions and leave them to languish in the National Assembly.” According to Harmon, these are matters that affect the daily livelihood of ordinary people “and the extent to which the government continues to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to their concerns, the people will have to become more

APNU Executive Joseph Harmon

Leader of the APNU David Granger

Dr Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo

involved in the process to ensure that the government responds and respects their concerns and wishes.” The Bridge issue is a contentious one that has been in the public sphere for a while now. Harmon had stressed that the toll being charged by the Berbice Bridge Company Inc was excessively high and meant to only enrich a few. G o v e r n m e n t ’s contentions was that the company is private and whatever shares Government

had in the bridge through the National Industrial and Commercial Investment Limited (NICIL) (approximately 950 million) was sold to the National Insurance Scheme (NIS). It was further highlighted that NICIL retains only one single share in the company and has no directors on the board. NIS only has a single director. The single largest shareholder behind the NIS is former President Bharrat Jagdeo’s best friend, Dr Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop, through the New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation and Queens Atlantic Investment Inc. He has two directors, Avalon Jagnandan and Ravi

Ramcharitar, on the eightmember board. Government’s argument was that it had “no direct ownership stake in company”. Harmon, however, argued that Government is saying that “We don’t even have a director; we have no representation on the board. Now how could that be when you put all of your money in there and the government now decides that there is no need for government representation, and decide that they are going to forgo the payment of your money that is in there. “So you have no representation? According to the Minister, you have no board director there and then

in the absence of this representation, there are all of these shares, and you have no say?” Harmon inquired. He said that the government is really trying to save face, since any “investor would know that this is something that can be adjusted; the investors know that but what happened is that the government under former President Bharrat Jagdeo passed an Act in Parliament (the Berbice Bridge Act).” This act, according to Harmon, gave “certain concessions; it elevated the concession agreement to the level of a government contract. It’s now binding the government by what they have done there. They have given 21 years of concessions on all sorts of things. In addition to that no taxes are to be paid by the investors who have invested and no taxes on the interest. So what you have are concessions all the way to the Bank.” APNU’s leader, retired Brig. David Granger, had called for the “people of West Berbice and East Berbice, Corentyne, to continue to agitate” so that their concerns can be acknowledged by the Government that was put in power by the people and is supposed to represent their interest. Granger recalled that “the Government was able to relax the fees during the PPP Congress in August 2013 and we feel it could relax the fees to allow people to live normal lives. Right now the toll is extraordinarily high and it is worst than a nuisance, it is a burden which the residents of East and West Berbice cannot bear.” “What happened too and you should know this, is that once the Bridge was opened the ferry was discontinued, so there is no alternative, they are almost forcing the people of West and East Berbice to use the Bridge because there is no alternative,” said the APNU leader.

Sunday June 08, 2014

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Overseas medical experts lend support to tackle growing cardiac challenge By Sharmain Grainger Heart disease is an epidemic that is certainly not unique to Guyana as it can be found in just about every section of the world, and is particularly prevalent in developing countries. This assertion was vocalised Friday evening by Interventional Cardiologist, Dr Rajiv Jauhar, during an interview with this publication. Dr Jauhar, who currently functions as Chief of Cardiology at Long Island Jewish Hospital, New York, United States, yesterday concluded a threeday visit here to perform cardiac screening and operations at the Dr Balwant Singh Hospital. He was accompanied by four other professionals from the large urban medical facility, including two nurses, a technologist and Interventional Cardiologist, Dr Perwaiz Meraj. Doctors Jauhar and Meraj on Friday evening also facilitated an awareness session which was attended by a wide cross-section of the medical fraternity, including former Health Minister and Senior Minister of Agriculture, Dr Leslie Ramsammy; Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr Frank Anthony and Programme Manager of the National AIDS Programme Secretariat, Dr Shanti SIngh. The awareness forum, which was held at Cara Lodge, Quamina Street, Georgetown, represented a collaborative effort between the Dr Balwant Singh Hospital and Philanthropist, Mr George Subraj. Subraj was instrumental in soliciting the expertise of the medical professionals who travelled to Guyana to volunteer their services, mainly to needy persons. According to Dr Jauhar, over the years he has seen, at Long Island Jewish Hospital, a huge growth in the ethnic population suffering from

The madness seems unending. There have been the fires and there will be more. A distressed man is going to torch his neighbour’s home because the neighbour could not take the time to listen to the things that he has that disturbs the arsonist. Things would get ugly but the police in times like these always seem to be nearby. ** When people refuse to heed sensible advice there is bound to be trouble. Often the trouble is fuelled

Dr Perwaiz Meraj delivers a presentation at Friday’s awareness forum.

From right: Mr George Subraj and Dr Rajiv Jauhar, in the company of other members of the visiting team. heart disease. This increased number of cases, he disclosed, were among individuals of Guyanese and South Asian descent. “We have done a terrific job with AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), Tuberculosis, Small Pox and other diseases, but we have not done such a god job with coronary heart disease,” Dr Jauhar admitted. Moreover, he said that intensified efforts are currently being directed to address heart diseases, so much so that he and his team members were only too eager to travel to Guyana to not only perform operations in this regard, but more importantly, to raise awareness among members of the population. “We need to start early so that people can start understanding what they can do to help reduce heart diseases,” Dr Jauhar asserted. The team arrived on Thursday and by yesterday had seen more than 70 patients and completed a number of angioplasties - one even on a patient as old as 80 years. Angioplasty is a procedure

used to open narrowed or blocked coronary (heart) arteries. Aside from the Dr Balwant Singh Hospital, heart patients are able to benefit from specialised heart care services from entities including the Caribbean Heart Institute which has over the years been performing some intricate operations. But according to Dr Jauhar, there might still be a great need for more to be done to adequately tackle the challenge of heart disease. “There are several factors – one is resources; we need Cath Labs, we need cardiologists, and these are very important...We also need education where people are taught about diet, exercise and lifestyle modification,” noted Dr Jauhar. He pointed out too that one of the major limitations in addressing heart disease is the availability factor, whereby persons in rural communities may not be able to readily access services which may only be accessible in the urban section of the country. The Interventional Cardiologist observed that

by the presence of money. A young man whose father is affluent would take the family car on a road spin. Arrogance would lead to the accident. The young man is going to

be injured. However, this is the least of the worry. The problem begins when the other party makes some serious demands. ** Security cameras are doing a lot to solve crimes. A businessman is going to see for himself how his business got robbed and how a relative would actually be the person setting up the robbery. The matter is going to be wake-up call for other people in the same business.

while “Georgetown is a large city and there is some availability...all of the procedures are not available, because they are expensive, and so it would require a multi-disciplinary approach to fix the problem.” Although the overseas team hinted at the possibility of returning in the near future to support local efforts to address heart disease, Dr Jauhar stated that “this is more a touchy-feely first visit to see if they need us...they may not even need us. So if we will come back, we will see...Mr Subraj will decide and it will depend (too) on whether Dr (Balwant) Singh wants us to come back.” According to Subraj, who has been plugging substantial funding towards the travel and accommodation of medical experts to these shores, Dr Jauhar and his team “came gratuitously; they didn’t charge a penny.” Subraj, a Guyanese by birth, has for more than two decades been helping to support various aspects of the society, especially as it relates to improving the delivery of health care. Among his most noticeable ventures has been the support directed towards kidney transplantation facilitated by

Kidney Transplant Surgeon, Dr Rahul Jindal, of the Walter Reed Army Medical Centre, Washington D. C. According to Subraj, the recent cardiac team’s visit here is the materialisation of a project that was nearly two years in the making and “they came on their own time.” Describing the visit here as “an amazing experience”, Dr Meraj said that “we have been very fortunate to be welcomed here with open arms.” But the most important feature of the visit, he noted, was the “smiles on the patients’ faces when they see

someone who wants to listen and help them.” Dr Meraj disclosed too that while discussions and efforts over the past few days were mainly focused on “helping as many people as we can and getting a feel of how things run here,” it is expected that discussions will soon start in relation to building capacity in terms of the number of professionals in the field of cardiac care. He is, however, convinced that the facilities that currently exist to offer such services here are comparable to what obtains overseas.

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Sunday June 08, 2014

That vicious killing on ‘Rum Shop Street’ By Michael Jordan Savitri Arjune stepped out of her home at 382 Herstelling, East Bank Demerara at around six-fifteen that morning of January 27, 2008. She then headed east along Rum Shop Street, deserted at that early hour, with the intention of catching a minibus that would take her to her workplace in Georgetown. What the 34-year-old mother of two didn’t know was that death was literally waiting for her around the corner. Perhaps she was too focused on reaching to work on time to notice the greenand-white bus parked on the East Bank Demerara Public Road. Just as Savitri neared the end of Rum Shop Street, a slim, fair-complexioned, middle-aged man emerged from behind the bus. A knife gleamed in one of his hands. Before the terrified woman could flee, the man grabbed her and plunged his knife repeatedly into her body. One of the wounds pierced her heart. Mortally wounded, Savitri Arjune collapsed on the dusty roadway. Her killer then calmly boarded the parked minibus and drove to Peter ’s Hall, East Bank Demerara, where he abandoned the vehicle. The killer had made no attempts to conceal his identity. He was 54-year-old Charles Chapman, called ‘Frenchie’. He was a former

The killer fled in this bus Have you seen this man? A 2008 photo of Charles Chapman, alias ‘Frenchie’

Savitri Arjune

soldier and former seaman who now drove a minibus. He was also the murdered woman’s reputed husband. Their eight-yearrelationship had been a turbulent one. Arjune’s relatives claimed that ‘Frenchie’ was obsessive, and physically abusive, and repeatedly threatened to kill

her. In fact, he had nearly carried out his threat just a week before when he slashed her with a knife. All reports indicated that Chapman regularly accused his spouse of being unfaithful and of squandering his money. Chapman had also threatened to kill Savitri’s close family members and torch their

home. Both partners had filed several complaints at the Providence Police Station. Chapman was charged at least once for assaulting Arjune, while Arjune was charged f o r d a m a g e t o property after she smashed the windscreen of a minibus that Chapman had owned. But the warring couple would always settle the matters out of court. H o w e v e r, matters reportedly came to a head when Savitri announced that she was severing the relationship. That, and suspicions of infidelity, triggered ‘Frenchie’s’ killing frenzy. Most of this was told to me by Savitri’s grieving family. They gave me something else: The number for the killer’s mobile phone. I dialed the number almost as soon as I had returned to the office. It had been about two hours since Savitri Arjune’s murder. Maybe the killer had switched off his phone. Maybe he wouldn’t answer. MAYBE— A MAN ANSWERED. “FRENCHIE?” I ASKED. “YES,” THE MAN SAID. “WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU AND THE WOMAN?” “Ah kill she,” he replied. I gave him a false name and told him that I knew him from the army. This seemed to reassure him and he began spewing out his version of the events that led to Savitri’s death. The man who identified himself as ‘Frenchie’ said that he befriended Arjune in 2000. At the time, he was a seaman and was making a lot of money. He was residing in Berbice with his wife and family. But ‘Frenchie’ left his wife and began to live with Arjune at Herstelling. According to the alleged killer, he splurged large sums of cash on his lover, but claimed that he eventually discovered that she was unfaithful to him, and was also physically and verbally abusive. ‘Frenchie’ claimed that

they broke up in 2004 and he decided to return to his wife’s home. “Meh wife accept me back and I carry me things to Berbice.” But then ‘Frenchie’ allegedly rekindled his relationship with Arjune after she contacted him. “Frenchie’ told his wife that he had landed a job on a ship. Instead, he rented a house in Herstelling “and put her (Arjune) in it”. But he told me that her infidelity continued and he also ran into financial trouble to the extent that he was unable to pay his rent and his phone was disconnected. He said that three weeks before the murder, Arjune walked out on him and returned to her mother’s place. ‘Frenchie’ confessed that he had harboured thoughts of killing Arjune and her family. He said he finally “tripped out” when he looked over from his home to the house where Savitri was staying and observed that she was laughing at him. “The family laugh at me and I just trip, and I decide to do it,” he claimed. On that morning of January 27, 2008, ‘Frenchie,’ accompanied by the owner of the bus he drove, parked the vehicle on the Herstelling road, since he knew that Arjune would pass at that time on her way to work. He was armed with his ‘blade.’ According to ‘Frenchie’, he indicated to the bus owner that he intended to make Arjune “an example.” The fugitive alleged that he eventually spotted the woman approaching and emerged from the vehicle with the intention of merely holding her. But he said that everything changed when his ex-lover began to scream. He stabbed her. “I try to hold she and she start screaming. “When I pull the ‘blade’ he (the owner and conductor) start run. When I give she de juck, (stab) I tell he (the conductor) reverse and I gun put she in and carry to the hospital.” Instead, ‘Frenchie’ himself jumped in the vehicle and drove away.

Afterwards, ‘Frenchie’ said that he informed his wife and other relatives that he had killed Arjune. They reportedly told him “is you life and you done f— it up.” I asked him if he would turn himself in. He said no. “I will not to go to jail and punish. I ain’t going to jail to sit down three, four years (for my case start). I too old fuh that.” The man had admitted to being a killer and of harbouring thoughts of killing others. I decided to try to arrange his capture. After contacting the police and letting them listen in on part of our conversation, I told ‘Frenchie’ that I, an exarmy man like himself, would provide him with funds to assist him in leaving the country. We arranged to meet at a popular location in the Stabroek area. He warned me that he had grenades on him, just in case he was being double-crossed. Ignoring his bluff, I caught a taxi and headed to the location. Meanwhile, he remained in touch to ensure that I was still coming. I had a photograph of the suspect, so I was sure I would recognise him. Eventually, I reached the location. There was no sign of ‘Frenchie.’ He called back shortly after to say that he had gotten suspicious after seeing a policeman he knew and had cancelled the meeting. Later that day, ‘Frenchie’ also reportedly made several threatening calls to Savitri Arjune’s family. When I tried to contact him again he had switched the phone off. ‘Frenchie’ is believed to have fled to Suriname. Only time will tell whether he will be captured….or if he will kill again… If you have any information about this unusual case, please contact us at our Lot 24 Saffon Street Charlestown office or by telephone. We can be reached on telephone numbers 2258465, 22-58491, or 2258458. You need not disclose your identity. You can also contact Michael Jordan at his email address

Sunday June 08, 2014

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On the 48th anniversary of Independence, I don’t do it anymore I heard the voice yelling out to me. The caller was behind the wheel of a large, parked sand truck. For me it was the usual, “Fredaay, Fredaay” thing so I just raised my hand in acknowledgement and continued listening to the music of Mike Hucknall on my discman. The time was early Wednesday morning. The place was the National Park. When I did another lap and the same gentleman shouted at me again, I knew something was wrong. It was not the usual, “Fredaay, Fredaay” thing. I went up to him. And a bizarre story was told to me. No matter how many of them I hear in my existence in Guyana, each tragic tale makes me sad and angry. He said that a number of rural folks were left stranded at the immigration office. Their passport applications

were rejected because the required birth certificate must not be more than six months old. I told him that I did not believe it, that it makes no sense and that he misunderstood what was said to him. I saw the look in his eyes, one of helplessness. In a maudlin tone, he said, “Mr. Kissoon, please check it out for yourself.” I immediately rang my editor with a request to have KN research this madness. When I told Adam, I couldn’t believe what I heard. Adam said he cannot believe what I was telling him. The result of the inquiry was a KN article for June 5, captioned, “Strange birth certificate requirement for first time passport application.” There was something I didn’t do in that conversation in the National Park that I always do when I meet with

such complaints from East Indian folks. I have always done it in the past. I have been doing it a long time now. I would say to the complainant, “But you voted for them, you voted for these people who are doing this to you.” I have stopped that because it was insulting. I was insensitive all these years saying that stupid thing to people whose government was unfair to them and who were seeking the help of a human rights activist. Now, do you believe that horribly stupid, terribly idiotic passport requirement? Believe it or not, it is real and it came into existence on the 48th anniversary of this country achieving Independence I would tell anyone in this world that my country has not progressed in the essential aspects of life after 48 years of Independence. But what

lacerates my psyche is that my fellow Guyanese have not sought to confront this dangerous, violent insanity since President Hoyte lost power in 1992. Since then we have crept up to twenty-two years and the people of my beloved country sit helplessly and watch their limbs being torn from their bodies. It lacerates my psyche when I see school teachers in their large numbers surrounding the Minister of Education in praise of a school system that is collapsing, if not collapsed already, and we’re in the 49th year of Indepen d e n c e . I want to take this opportunity to thank those brave teachers on May Day who, in full view of the Minister of Education at the GTU head office, took the public address system and thanked me and Leonard

Craig for paying our Labour Day respect by visiting them. It lacerates my psyche when I see the horror story that is UG today. I went to the autobiography launch of Yesu Persaud and met one of the Guyanese I admire intensely - Catholic nun, and history professor, Mary Noel Menezes. Once we meet, we talk of the death of UG. I have a confession to make that was never put in print before today. And I swear on my parents’ grave it is true. If I was not removed from UG on January 18, 2012, after the contract was completed in August of that year, I was leaving UG. I couldn’t take it anymore. UG was damaging my soul. My plan was to write two books, help my friend Malcolm Harripaul with his research for APNU and do fulltime voluntary work in the

Frederick Kissoon office of the AFC. My soul, heart and mind couldn’t endure the death of UG any longer. I ask readers to believe me; this is true. The Government did a stupid thing by attracting bad publicity for terminating my contract. I was leaving in months’ time. After 48 years of Independence, the tears of this nation are drowning this land. I look at my country and I see so vividly how Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and other tyrants became so invincible. Their citizens voluntarily became their slaves.

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Sunday June 08, 2014

Book captures wisdom of the Ages Book Review…

Book: The Sage Within by Theo Chambers Reviewer: Dr Glenville Ashby The Sage Within cautions, beckons and counsels. It is delivered with an unassuming ease and poise, leaving the reader toward deep reflection. It is Solomonic, Zen-like in substance as it culls the Shamanic lore of yesteryear. Author Theo Chambers adeptly tackles paternalism, prideful religiosity, blind materialism and warped philosophies in this gripping narrative. From its opening salvo, he tackles gender inequalities with unfettered abandon. That women are still at the edges of society is attributed to male effrontery, an alarming

pattern that contravenes natural law. The womb mirrors nature. It is the incubator and repository of life’s energy. The woman is a reflection of nature, for it is from within her that seeds are sprung. Hence, it is inconceivable that women are not revered, even venerated. Chambers is a feminist, but not in the political sense. He is a philosopher and ontologist, using oral tradition and the artistry of griots to cement his argument. He chronicles the tale of a girl, Farinah, who, in a fabled past, grew in wisdom and stature. Her sagacity triumphs over an obdurate malecentered society. Her knowledge and grace dismantle systemic gender bias, while conjuring the biblical admonitions: “Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings has thou ordained strength…” and ‘Suffer little children and forbid them not, to come unto to me; for as such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Chambers champions simplicity and humility. They are attributes that draw us to a heightened awareness. In Socratic flair, Chambers exhorts, “Know Thyself.” Only then can we fathom our potential and the Sage that

sits at the doorsteps of our consciousness. Delve deeper and the Sage embraces us. Farinah expounds timeless truths as her legend extends beyond her province. At one gathering, she intones: The worst curse any person can commit is to abuse and destroy mentally, physically and spiritually a woman……the Creator trusted and anointed a woman with the task to protect the approximately nine month developmental process of a fetus…” And she imparts her understanding of cosmology and particle physics, stating, “I acknowledge the presence of life that exists within hurricanes, earthquakes and rainbows. I also recognize the life force that keeps our planet earth and other cosmic planets from crashing into each other.” But “Sage” ventures beyond gender issues. Chambers forays into the world of mysticism. But it is hardly cryptic. And this is where Chambers proves his philosophical salt. He employs the occult maxim: “As within, so without,” asking us to use our newly found wisdom to transform the world. And through the teachings of several personages, Chambers seals

his thesis with what he calls “Mystic Secret Keys.” He introduces sage Mahavini who extols applied knowledge, and addresses the problems of organized religion, admonishing, “Whatever makes you more compassionate, more sensible, more loving, more humanitarian, more responsive and more ethical, the religion that will do that for you is the best religion.” Later, sage Chioma relates the essence of the Law of Attraction. While she acknowledges that we create our world based on our own thoughts and interpretations of what we see and hear, she highlights its limitations: ‘To say that our thoughts can influence and change the Laws of Nature violates everything we have been taught about the Creator’s Code of Nature.” The Sage Within is a triumph. It’s artful, authentic and resourceful, exploring our spirituality, our humanity, and a host of bio-ethical issues. Our dietary habits, overpopulation and our failing marriage to nature and the environment are delineated succinctly as if it were a passionate plea from mother to child. Throughout, Chambers is deliberate and conceptual, vicariously

funneling his views through a historical construct. The past is never worn. It’s a barometer for the future. He projects his vision of a tomorrow that terrifies if we fail to pay heed. Great civilizations have been vanquished, others have imploded from their own excesses and disregard for the environment. Alas, we are now walking along that perilous road. Meanwhile, the words of George Santayana reverberate: “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” - George Santayana quotes from Feedback: or follow him on Twitter@glenvilleashby The Sage Within by Theo Chambers, 2014 Published by The Temple of Inner Peace, Negril, Jamaica Available: ISBN: 978-0-9779716-3-3 Rating: Highly recommended

Sunday June 08, 2014

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My column

Children deserve to grow away from molesters Many years ago when I was born, everyone in the village came to celebrate with my mother. At the time she lived with her mother in that beautiful village named Beterverwagting. They reciprocated with a christening that saw all who came eating and doing what people do at christenings— hold the baby and say how pretty it was. Today, I am not much to look at, but regardless what a baby looks like, once it has everything intact the people would simply shower praise on it. As I grew, the village participated in my upbringing. I was not allowed to walk with my hands in my pocket nor was I allowed to whistle on the streets. To this day I am no whistler. It was the same with every other child. When I moved to West Demerara it was the same. Such were things that when I passed the Common Entrance, Den Amstel celebrated. Every adult claimed a share of me

because, indeed, they did help to raise me. I am a grown man with children and grandchildren, but whenever I go to either Beterverwagting or Den Amstel, the people never fail to let me realize that whatever I have become I owe it to them. I believe them and I am grateful. However, many children are not as fortunate as I was. Many are being molested; some are left to their own devices. Take the case of the 14-year-old girl. At 14, she should have been firmly in her parents’ care because that is the way it is with children. This girl was however, living the life of an adult. She had gone beyond a child having a crush. She was in a full blown relationship with a 23-year-old man. Then she started to do what children do. They develop mentally and emotionally. The word is that this girl had outgrown the relationship she had, so she opted to move on. She is now dead and

the man who killed her hanged himself. The village of Sisters, East Bank Berbice came out to see the outcome of this relationship. They all saw a little child dead on the ground. She had been stabbed at least ten times. I have fathered three daughters and suffice it to say that none of them was allowed to go down that road. They are all alive. Two of them now have children of their own. They too were helped by the village. One daughter grew up in three locations— Bartica, New Amsterdam and Tucville. The others grew up in Plaisance and Kitty. They all were not allowed to do adult things before their time, because the villages were keeping a steady eye on them. This same week, I happened to see a report on the happenings at an orphanage. The word is that the parents in one case were found to be unfit to raise the children. They were not

sending the children to school and were allowing them to roam the village. At the orphanage they should have been offered the love that they were denied at home. One man decided to give the boys the kind of love they would have been happy without. He sodomised them and even threatened them. This man is now engaging the attention of the police while the boys must try as best as they could to pick up their lives and move on with horrible memories that would surely scar them for life. This is not the first time that something like this has happened. There have been other cases at orphanages and even at the state-owned facility to control errant children. It has been reported that some of the girls have become pregnant. It must be that the protectors need protection themselves. In the case of the New Opportunity Corps there is an investigation. And while all this was

going on the policewomen decided to look at another children institution. They took cheer to these children with a view to making them feel loved and wanted. Then I learnt that some of the children were abandoned and I almost cried. The children did not ask to be here, but once they came we owe it to them to ensure that they enjoy everything that life has to offer. However, some of them have been abandoned, and I know that when they are old enough to fend for themselves they are going to wonder about the identity of their parents. Just last week there was this girl in the United States whose mother, at birth, abandoned her in the snow, near to a tree. A man went to look for the child because a phone call came in to the fire station. He did find the child and a family took over for 18 years. On the occasion of her graduation the family sent out a notice and found the man

Adam Harris who rescued the child. This girl did not know him but she knew the story. The man met her and told her that they had met before on her birthday. The girl said that she doubted it very much. “I don’t believe that you would have remembered anything on that birthday,” the man said. And then it clicked. The girl cried as did the man. She feels that she owes him a lot and she is grateful. The children in the orphanages would like to be grateful too. There is a reporter who is.

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By Dominic Gaskin Crime is high up among the concerns generally voiced by Guyanese whenever the opportunity arises to do so. In addition to concerns about the crime rate itself, there is also widespread dissatisfaction with the Guyana Police Force and its ability to protect citizens. The best police force in the world will find it difficult to predict where and when the next crime will be committed and then prevent it from happening, but once a crime is in progress and has been reported, effective policing can be deployed to make it as difficult as possible for the criminal(s) to succeed. In other words, the early reporting of crime is an extremely effective crimefighting measure. The whole world knows this and most countries have in place a system for receiving and processing emergency calls of all types so as to be able to rapidly respond to a variety of situations whenever the need arises. At almost eighty years old, the 9-9-9 telephone number in the UK is the world’s oldest emergency call service, with the USA’s 9-1-1 system getting off the ground about two decades later. Emergency call handling has become increasingly sophisticated over the years and plays an important role in saving lives almost everywhere in the world. There must therefore be something seriously wrong

Kaieteur News

with any country that is today still struggling to put together a basic emergency call service. There must be something seriously wrong with any government that, after twenty-something years in office, cannot even ensure that emergency service calls are answered – especially in the light of concerns expressed by so many of its citizens. The AFC considers it unacceptable that Guyanese are still without the reassurance of a working 9-11 system. Massacres and atrocities are committed against families and communities while the emergency number rings and rings and rings and rings. One would like to believe that the Minister of Home Affairs is aware of the problem, and indeed, some of what he has had to say on this matter indicates that he is at least aware that the system is not working. It would also appear that he has identified the responsible party, namely the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T), and is anxious to let the public know this. He has also apparently hired consultants to review the service and make recommendations on how to fix it. GT&T for its part has issued a statement denying all responsibility and pointing to missing handsets and phones not properly hung-up as some of the reasons why calls are not answered. This is all a bunch of

nonsense. There needs to be a functioning emergency service – full stop! The public does not need to be treated to squabbles between the Minister and the telephone company over who is to blame for the inadequate provision of something this urgent. Not at this stage of the game. That conversation should have happened twenty years ago. The fact that telephone companies do have some obligations when it comes to emergency calls should not detract from the failure of this government to deal with our crime situation. The following statement by the Minister is an appalling admission of his own shortcomings and the AFC wishes to advise the public that he certainly does not speak for the AFC when he says “Apparently, we don’t have the capacity at the national level in Guyana to correct this deficiency so I thought it was necessary to bring persons from outside since we don’t have the national capacity here to address this problem.” An AFC government will have the capacity to ensure that 91-1 not only gets answered, but becomes a reliable tool in the fight against crime. It should not be forgotten that back in 2009 it was the same PPP-C Administration which rejected a British Government proposal for security assistance to the tune of £4.9M, because it felt that the programme’s management structure placed

Dominic Gaskin too much control in the hands of the British. At the time, Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon described as “offensive” the suggestion that Guyana might be suffering from any “capacity constraints” when it came to implementing the programme. The British Government, as an act of good faith and commitment to the Security Sector Reform in Guyana Plan, had actually equipped the Police with phones that, not only rang, but had flashing lights to indicate incoming calls. They also provided head sets for operators, reviewed the system and trained operators. The fact that this system is not functioning properly today has everything to do with the capacity of those in charge. One cannot even begin to fight crime if the

Sunday June 08, 2014

crime reporting system is defective, and anyone who attempts to tell us otherwise is just being plain fat-headed. So is the PPP-C Administration pretending to have things under control when in effect they are incapable of implementing any sort of crime fighting plan? Year after year we hear of so many cases where people in Guyana have desperately dialed 9-1-1 and not had their calls answered. At the same time we hear amazing stories coming from other parts of the world where young children (even a dog once) have dialed emergency numbers and ended up saving lives. We hear of choking victims being walked through the Heimlich maneuver and persons being talked out of attempted suicide by 9-1-1 operators. While we here are still trying to make the phone ring, there are enhanced 9-1-1 systems in place abroad in which the caller’s identity and location are automatically transmitted with emergency calls, and where these calls are automatically routed to the closest answering point. Computer Controlled Radio Interface and Computer Aided Dispatch are also used to help direct appropriate personnel to the scene of the emergency. Public safety software is being developed by technology companies such as IBM to monitor, measure, and predict crime. Such solutions are data-driven and

a police force that has not embraced electronic data collection over the years is unlikely to have sufficient existing data to take advantage of such modern technology. A proper 9-1-1 system would record and store huge amounts of data over time that can be analyzed electronically to provide valuable statistics to aid crime fighting. By now we could have had a solid set of data for analytics. Instead we have a pricey consultant’s report with start-up recommendations. Rohee is fiddling while the phones ring and people are dying as a result. More cynical persons may question whether the reason 9-1-1 does not get answered has to do with the fact that there is a shortage of rapid response units available. What would be the point of a top-notch emergency call service when there are gaping holes in the next layer of our security system? This too should have been fixed by now. A fundamental role of any government is to ensure the safety of its citizens, and a government which cannot fulfill this role is hardly likely to be elected to office. Except, of course, in Guyana. It is time for the electorate to assess what, if anything, the PPP-C has to offer this country other than providing a platform for a never-ending political war with their arch-enemy, the PNC. This will not take us anywhere. There are better options – safer options.

Sunday June 08, 2014

SUNDAY SPECIAL SUGAR FACTORIES NEED US$95M REPAIRS Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) has completed its latest strategic turnaround plan which focuses mainly on mechanisms to increase production. However, this plan reflects a need for $19B (US$95M) to Capital Expenditure Plan for the improvement of Agriculture operations and rehabilitation of Factories over the next five years. When the Opposition, in the Committee of Supply, approved the $6B budgetary allocation set aside for GuySuCo, it did so on the grounds that it will be provided with a credible programme to resuscitate the industry. CHI CONDUCTS LANDMARK OPERATION FORADVANCED HEART FAILURE Remaining on a steady groundbreaking path in the delivery of cardiac care, the Caribbean Heart Institute (CHI) last week Saturday performed an inaugural highend heart surgery to cater to advanced heart failure. The operation, referred to as Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy with Defibrillation Implantation, was conducted on one of Guyana’s oldest engineers, 70-year-old Egbert Carter. It represents the first such undertaking to be done on these shores. Speaking to this publication soon after the near four-hour long procedure, CHI Resident Cardiologist, Dr. Mahendra Carpen, said that the landmark undertaking is in fact an auspicious moment for Guyana. Dr. Carpen, since 2012, acquired skills to perform the intricate procedure which he has already performed on several occasions in Boston, United States and in Trinidad. “This is the first time that CHI has been able to do this and this is a very, very proud feeling. The whole team is very excited about this because this represents the very high-end of cardiac device therapy for advanced heart failure patients. “Very, very few places in the Caribbean and even around the world can say that they are capable of doing this,” noted Dr. Carpen. He said that currently there are, at most, three facilities in the Caribbean that are able to deliver this level of heart therapy although there are many with capabilities to do so. MONDAY EDITION ABDUCTED BABY FOUND IN ALBION HOUSE

Kaieteur News

- KIDNAPPER TOLD HUSBAND SHE DELIVERED CHILD The sleepless nights, continuous crying and constant visits to the Whim Police Station came to an end last Sunday for the young couple whose nine-day-old baby boy was abducted from the Port Mourant Market three Saturdays ago. After eight days of intense searching in both Guyana and neighbouring Suriname, the abducted baby was finally reunited with his parents, Sandra Mc Lean and Ravikant Vistonauth around 10:00hrs last Sunday. This was after ranks, acting on information, swooped down on a Chesney Front, Albion house and found the infant in the company of his female kidnapper, her husband, and her mother-in-law. Police sources said that an informant had told investigators early Sunday morning of seeing a woman “moving around with a baby,” and appeared positive that the infant was the missing child. Speaking to the media, B’ Division Commander, Brian Joseph said that a detective was in Chesney Front district when he received information about a woman and baby staying in the house. The policeman called for backup and the discovery was made. According to the Commander, based on statements taken from the persons who police took to the station, ranks might have to visit other parts of the country to get to the bottom of the story. TUESDAY EDITION AML/CFT IMPASSE…RAMOTAR, GRANGERAGREE TO WORK TO AVERT FATF SANCTIONS President Donald Ramotar, and Leader of the Political Opposition Brigadier (rtd) David Granger have agreed to continue to engage on the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill (AML/CFT) with a view to resolve the current impasse in the national interest. The AML/CFT was discussed during a meeting held by the two on Monday and according to Granger, both sides are anxious to avoid the Financial Action Taskforce (FATF) and any possible blacklisting. Granger said that the two sides have agreed on a number of steps in order to secure an outcome in the interest of the nation. According to Granger, the parties are seeking to have an outcome where the interests

Page 27

of all three parties are taken on board. He was adamant that APNU has in no way backtracked on its position, namely the amendments it has submitted and the required assent of the four Bills passed by the opposition. “Our position has not changed,” said Granger. He noted too that while the Alliance for Change (AFC) was not present at Monday’s meeting their concerns were discussed. Granger said that he is confident that the differences over the AML/CFT Bill can be overcome before FATF meets later this month. LOCAL GOVT ELECTIONS UNLIKELY THIS YEAR …OPPOSITION STILL HOLDING OUT FOR AUGUST 1 With the way in which the current situation is prevailing, it is highly unlikely that Guyana will have Local Government Elections this year, possibly adding another year to the 20 years that such an election has been held in Guyana. The reason for such an assertion is that the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) - the body responsible for ensuring that Local Government Elections (LGE) and National Elections are held - has indicated that it will need six months in order to properly prepare for the holding of local government elections. We are currently in the month of June, leaving only six more months before the year is finished, and if the government does not signal its intention very soon to hold LGE, then GECOM would not be able to prepare for LGE within the allocated time span. The six-month period is needed by GECOM to, among other things, provide voter education for persons

throughout the length and breadth of Guyana so that they would know what is required by them for such a process, more so, since a new system was put in place in 2009 after the government and opposition came to a consensus in Parliament. This campaign can only start with the go-ahead of the government of the day. An Amended Bill was passed in the National Assembly for the holding of LGE on August 1, next. The opposition coalition, a Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is sticking to the August 1, 2014 date. WEDNESDAY EDITION AFTER 10 YEARS, TWO IFMAS SYSTEMS NOT OPERATIONALISED…BILLIONS IN ASSETS HAVE GONE UNTRACED – FORMER AUDITOR GENERAL Since the implementation of the Integrated Financial Management and Accounting System (IFMAS) in 2004 under former President Bharrat Jagdeo, two of its seven very important features have not been operationalised. In their absence, many financial analysts have opined that it

opened up the floodgates for mismanagement and lack of proper accountability with regard to assets and consumables acquired by the government. According to the website of the Ministry of Finance, the IFMAS emerged in January 2004 as the new mechanism for modernizing the business of the government of Guyana. This unit is responsible for recording all financial data generated by the Government and the payment function with reference to the issuing of cheques and the reconciliation of the main Bank Account, the recording of warrants; contingencies fund advances, deposit fund advances and the generation of the annual financial statements. It also corrects any mistakes made by Ministries, Department and Regions which may have inputted incorrect information. The generation of financial reports of all aspects of the data is also possible in this unit. In speaking with this publication, Former Auditor General and anti-corruption advocate, Anand Goolsarran told this publication Tuesday

via a telephone interview that the system was expected to ensure that there would be a more accountable mechanism for recordkeeping as it relates to government’s procurement. COPS CHARGED IN COLWYN HARDING ASSAULT CASE Constable Devin Singh was Tuesday charged along with his colleague Roselle Tilbury-Douglas at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court for the alleged baton assault on Colwyn Harding. The charge which was read to the duo by Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry, states that at Timehri, East Bank Demerara between November 1 and November 30, last year, they assaulted Harding so as to cause him actual bodily harm. Persaud was accused too of assaulting Harding at Timehri during that period of time. Both Constables Singh and Tilbury pleaded not guilty and submitted bail applications through their lawyers, Glenn Hanoman and Leslie Sobers respectively. The case is being (Continued on page 37)

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The ‘Werther effect’ in juvenile suicide in Guyana The high incidence of suicide in Guyana reflects “a chronic state of unhappiness and poor mental health” that requires urgent action, said Dr. Bernadette TheodoreGandi, PAHO-WHO Resident Representative, over twelve years ago. She urged Guyanese to avoid denying that suicide was a “major health problem.” The problem was ignored then and has worsened now. The World Health Organisation – WHO – reported that Guyana’s suicide rate is among the highest in the Caribbean. The landmark study – The Shadow of Death: A Recent Study of Suicides in Guyana, Incidence, Causes and Solutions – belatedly aroused the government’s interest in this previously neglected sector of public health. The Study conducted by Dr Kenrick ‘Ken’ Danns of the Centre for Economic and

Social Research (CESRA) reported that the majority of persons committing suicide were young males below the age of 35 years. They were likely to be poorly-educated, employed in low-income occupations, residing in the same community all their lives and to be less likely to have children. A ‘suicide cluster’ was identified in Black Bush Polder, a community of the East Berbice-Corentyne Region (No.6). 52 per cent of all Guyanese suicides occur in that Region. The concentration of deaths by suicide in limited geographical areas and among limited demographic clusters in Guyana’s countryside suggests the element of emulation or ‘copycat suicides’ known as the ‘Werther effect.’ This theory had its origins in Johan Wolfgang von Goethe’s novel Die

Leiden des jungen Werthers (The Sorrows of Young Werther), published in 1774. Werther, as related in that novel, shot himself after an ill-fated love affair. Many reports were made of young men using the same method to commit suicide shortly after the book was published. The term ‘Werther effect’ was coined by researcher David Phillips in 1974 to designate copycat suicides. The ‘Werther effect’ not only predicts an increase in suicide but suggests that the majority of those suicides would occur in the same or a similar setting as the one publicised. A well-known suicide, therefore, could serve as a model, in the absence of protective factors, for the next suicide. This is referred to as ‘suicide contagion’ and seems to have occurred in some measure in Guyana. The research of Michael

Fallahay, a collaborator with the Mibicuri Community Developers (MCD) in Black Bush Polder, East BerbiceCorentyne, in September 2012 seemed to reinforce the explanatory relevance of the ‘Werther effect.’ Fallahay conducted a house-to-house community survey in Mibicuri and published a report titled “Suicide in Black Bush Polder”. He suggested that persons of East Indian descent in Guyana, especially in farming areas, were more likely to attempt suicide. Eighty-one per cent of suicides were by Indian-Guyanese who comprise 44 per cent of the country’s population. Annual suicide rates have been consistently highest in the East Berbice-Corentyne Region (50 suicide deaths per 100,000 persons). This was followed by the PomeroonSupenaam Region (36 deaths), the Essequibo I s l a n d s - We s t - D e m e r a r a Region (24 deaths), the Mahaica-Berbice Region (22 deaths) and the DemeraraMahaica Region (20 deaths). Suicide came to be

recognised as a serious public health issue in Guyana only within the last decade. Suicide is ranked seventh of the ten major causes of death in Guyana. The suicide rate is approximately 20-25 per 100,000 population, and it has been consistent for years. Data indicated that suicide became the leading cause of death among young people age 15-24 and the third leading cause of death among persons age 25-44. Dr Leslie Ramsammy, a former Minister of Health, reported in September 2010, that more than 5,000 persons had lost their lives to suicide in the previous 25 years. There were 946 reported suicide deaths in Guyana during 2003-2007. Available statistics indicated that 201 suicides were recorded in 2003; 186 in 2004; 171 in 2005; 202 in 2006; and 186 in 2007. The PPPC administration’s response to the ‘suicide contagion’ has been ineffective. It promulgated a National Suicide Prevention Strategy,

but this, apparently, seems to have been abandoned. The next step was to establish a National Committee for the Prevention of Suicidal Behaviour (NCPSC) and, subsequently, a National Committee for Suicide Prevention – NCSP – under the chairmanship of the Minister of Home Affairs. The NCSP’s objectives were laudable. These were to: reduce premature deaths due to suicide; lower the rate of suicidal behaviour; decrease the harmful aftermath and stigma associated with suicidal behaviour and the traumatic effect of suicide on family and friends and promote awareness that suicide is preventable, and train more persons in recognising mental health problems. The administration’s strategies and structures, however, have all failed to curb the incidence of suicide. These expedients apart, the administration has been largely complacent about the ‘contagion’ of juvenile suicide which seems to be plaguing Guyana.

Sunday June 08, 2014

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Comprehensive rehab programme needed for repeat offenders - Pastor By Zena Henry Being an ex-offender himself, Pastor Wendell Jeffrey is well aware of what it takes to offer a meaningful chance to a person willing to turn away from a life of crime. He has in fact seen the benefits of a meaningful second chance, since he provides it to ex-offenders in the United States and wants to do the same for his fellow Guyanese. He says that to do so, Guyana must first recognize the need for postrelease rehabilitation. Jeffrey is convinced that it would be an incomplete job to provide assistance during a prisoner’s incarceration and not have follow-up programmes to ensure that he remains on a clear path and is in a better position to abstain from criminal activities. Wendell Jeffrey was raised in Laing Avenue, Georgetown and was no stranger to several forms of hardship during his childhood. He has been locked up several times in almost all of the city lockups. Sixteen years ago in the United States, he was involved in a drug matter and was incarcerated for four months, facing up to 25 years in prison. Fortunately, the case was dropped and he recognized the need for a new beginning. Jeffrey has studied and armed himself with knowledge to help offenders turn away from crime. He has studied the causes of crime and ways in which people could be aided in desisting from such activities. The Pastor has thus been working with ex-offenders in the United States using comprehensive methods in equipping them for their return to society. This programme is run under the Practical Christianity Ministries which Pastor Jeffrey developed. The programme which involves spiritual, academic and life skill changes, among others, is the number one pre and post-release programme being used in the state of Indiana in the United States and it caters for 4000 inmates housed in the State’s largest penitentiary, Westville Correctional Facility. Pastor Jeffrey has met with local security authorities on several occasions and has already put forward proposals to the Ministry of Home Affairs, which recently announced some major changes in the prisoner rehabilitation system. This includes agriculture among other things, being used to teach prisoners a

Inmates receive certificates on completion of their rehabilitation courses. At the centre, is Pastor Jeffrey.

trade and at the same time, making the institute selfreliant in terms of food provision. Several other proposals were put to the Ministry and others involved in the prisoner rehabilitation programme. Pastor Jeffrey is now promoting the post release rehabilitative programme. “The post-release rehabilitation programme currently, is limited.” He explained that for example, a prisoner might commence a mechanic or construction course while incarcerated, but then his release time arrives and he leaves without finishing the course “What next?” he questioned. Jeffrey pointed out that studies show that in Guyana some 75 percent of offenders return to prison within three to five years of their release from prison because they are forced back into the same situations which would have landed them in the lock ups in the first place. He added that several other factors hinder the meaningful rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners back into society. “To begin the pre-release rehabilitation programme is commendable, but it is short and not holistic. All developed countries have post-release rehabilitation programmes, so when the girls and guys get out of prison, they have a formal entity that continues that transition as they seek to get reacclimatized into the community, and that postrelease programme is what provides the cushion.” The Pastor related that as a criminologist and working with ex-offenders, he came up with an acronym for the criminogenic needs called

VHESS. The V is for vocational training, and it was realized that many offenders do not have vocational skills that allows them to be employed. The H, speaks to housing. “When a person is released, three, five, ten years later, they have a housing problem and it’s twofold; they either don’t want to go back because of the environment; they want to move on, or they can’t go back because of changes.” The E-represents education; Pastor Jeffrey said it was discovered that most of those incarcerated have education/ academic problems. The first and second S’s speak to substance abuse and spiritual formation respectively. The Pastor found also that many prisoners are addicted to something, while some have spiritual problems in not

practicing their religion of choice. “In order for a rehabilitative programme to be effective, it must encompass these criminogenic needs and there is no such programme in Guyana.” The only two rehabilitative programmes he said, deal strictly with drug rehabilitation and even that is limited, since the organizations deal with the “cognitive” problem - where users are told that they should not use drugs, but the mental and metabolic problems are not addressed. However, if the government is to endorse Jeffrey’s programme, he says that there would be medical intervention where persons access saunas, synthetic and conventional medication among others to meaningfully deal with their problems. Jeffrey reiterated that 75

percent of criminals locally return to prison within a certain time and he described this as, “a revolving door in the prison system.” “I work with the prisoners and they tell you, ‘if I had a place to go to help us transition we would not reoffend.’” It is for this reason, Jeffrey said, that as part of the programme in the US, exoffenders are offered a place to stay while they not only continue to learn whatever skill they are being taught, but they receive aid in gaining employment as cooperation from businesses and other entities is sought. This same feature is offered to perpetrators of minor offences where they are not imprisoned but monitored within this specific housing facility. It is another issue, Jeffrey said, when ex-

offenders cannot find a job because of their background; and this must be addressed and provisions made if the whole rehabilitation process is to be successful. The Pastor went on to relate his finding that Guyana’s failure to earnestly address the crime and criminal rehabilitation process has seen the country exporting crime. He explained that the majority of female prisoners in Barbados - where he also is a citizen - are Guyanese, and a significant number of men. He pointed to the deportee level where many Guyanese are being sent home for crime. Pastor Jeffrey went on that during his travels and communication with Guyanese in the Diaspora, “many of them will tell you they are concerned about the crime. Many of them speak of returning to open businesses and to resettle, but they always talk about the crime and that makes some of them reluctant to visit.” When asked about the need of such an elaborate plan for Guyana, Pastor Jeffrey is positive that it is necessary. He said that he would like to establish this programme and become employed in Guyana, sharing his skills and expertise with his own people. Currently, both the Barbadian government and opposition have been calling on Jeffrey to set up the programme over there, despite that country having a considerably smaller crime problem. Jeffrey reiterated his anticipation in operating the programme in Guyana. “This set up has never been done before,” he said. “It will be an inaugural programme that would take Guyana’s prisoner rehabilitation to a whole new level.”

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Sunday June 08, 2014

ASL apologises for misinformation on Paramakatoi plane incident By Zena Henry Air Services Limited (ASL) Manager Annette Arjoon-Martins has apologized for information given to the media which she expressed is against the facts pertaining to an incident that occurred in the Region Eight location of Paramakatoi last Monday. A Cessna 206 which is owned and operated by the company plunged into a barbed wire fence on the Paramakatoi airstrip, and Arjoon, who is the authorized person to speak on the matter, related that cows had gone onto the airstrip causing the pilot to veer off the runway. However, Arjoon has clarified that that was not the case. She explained that when contacted by the media, she was in Region Nine at Kumu Falls and had to get clarification from the agency’s Ogle head office. “When I sought clarification from the Head Office I heard that there had been a strong cross-wind on landing at Paramakatoi as well as cows on the airstrip, which I relayed to the media. However, on speaking to the pilot on my return to the city, it is now clear that I misheard the original information on my cell phone.” She said the cows were actually beside the airstrip, but not on it, and therefore the main challenge for the pilot was the strong winds at the time of the landing. “I apologise for my error in miscommunication. In hindsight I should have waited for my return to Georgetown with all the details in front of me, and I should have asked the media to await the findings from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).” Mrs. Arjoon-Martins said

ASL Manager Annette Arjoon-Martins

however that “With safety being always paramount, I still wish to reiterate that cows on or beside airstrips in the interior remain a daily challenge for us, and we appeal to the relevant authorities to address this matter.” This has been the call of several other aircraft owners who continue to complain about the adverse features being faced in the majority of interior locations. The Aircraft Owners’ Association has stated continuously that much more has to be done to facilitate the smooth operation and growth of domestic aviation. The GCAA had stated that it was conducting an investigation into the incident which occurred on June 2, 2014 at the Paramakatoi Airstrip in which a Cessna 206 aircraft owned and operated by Air Services Limited upon landing, veered off of the runway and ploughed through a barbed wire fence. The authorities said the aircraft was at the time transporting cargo with only the pilot in command on board. “The facts uncovered in the preliminary investigation

do not suggest that there was cattle present on or in the vicinity of the airstrip at the time of the incident. The Authority wishes to make clear that there are established procedures which govern operation into and out of uncontrolled aerodromes such as Paramakatoi that require the pilot to pass over in the vicinity of the aerodrome to ensure that the runway is clear of all obstacles prior to landing.” The GCAA said that the most recent Advisory Circular on Standard Operating Procedures at Uncontrolled Aerodromes was issued to the industry in September, 2013 and describes actions to be taken by a pilot to ensure that a proper assessment of conditions at the airstrip is made before landing. Minister of Public Works Robeson Benn, last Thursday, also stated that cows on the airstrip should not be an excuse for the pilot since he ought to have circled the airstrip before landing, taking into account safety operating procedures. He said the position could not be simply accepted.

Sunday June 08, 2014

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COI revelations…

Hamilton must resign from Parliament immediately - Harmon By Gary Eleazar In light of the confessions made by the former member of the House of Israel now Member of Parliament for the People’s Progressive Party Civic, Joseph Hamilton must now resign and give account for the weapons he had in his possession. This is the opinion of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s Joseph Harmon, who in an interview with this publication Friday said that given the revelations made by Hamilton, the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Defence Force should launch investigations. Harmon said that he is hopeful that many of the persons, whose names are being implicated in the Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the killing of Dr Walter Rodney, must be called up to clear their names. “At present there is a lot of character assassination taking place by persons who are of dubious characters themselves.” Harmon said that Hamilton has confessed to the nation that he is “free at last” and added that “his tenure in the National Assembly must now be called into question because he has admitted to doing several things which were unlawful.” According to Harmon, the PPP/C MP must now do the right thing and resign from the National Assembly forthwith. “Now that he has freed his mind of all of these things, he should free the nation of his double standards.” Harmon noted that Hamilton in his testimony also did not speak to the alleged

issuance of G3 rifles to the House of Israel, “he just spoke of some pistols.” According to Harmon, “the question I wanted to find out from him is what he did with the pistol that he had in his possession.” “I heard him say in his evidence that he received a pistol and they used to rotate it among people.” Harmon said that he is interested to know – and that it should also be in the interest of the Police and the Army now “to find out from Hamilton where the weapon is which he had last; which he said he had in his possession. What did he do with it?” Harmon queried. “Since Hamilton knew it was an army weapon he had in his possession, what did he do with it?” “Hamilton should now answer some real questions now…this has nothing to do with immunity from the Commission itself, this is now evidence which has emerged from the mouth of Mr Hamilton that he had these illegal weapons.” Harmon said that the Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, should call upon to the police to ask Hamilton some “serious questions”. The APNU Executive Member recalled that Hamilton was recently in Parliament requesting Winston Felix to supply information regarding a police radio which he allegedly had in his possession. “Send the police to Hamilton now and ask him where is this gun that he said he had.” Hamilton during his testimony at the COI had

alleged that Robert Corbin, the former leader of the Peoples National Congress, had supplied guns to the notorious House of Israel. He testified too that the grouping would “disrupt”

meetings of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) on behalf of the PNC government. “We would beat people with objects such as batons, sticks etc,” Hamilton told the Commission.

Joseph Hamilton during his testimony at the COI

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Linden to Kwakwani Road in “worst state ever”

The deplorable Kwakwani Road “Kwakwani road is in the worst state ever. It is so bad that residents think about flying in and out, but unfortunately most would not be able to afford such a luxury! “Any Government official or other dignitaries coming here should use this same road just as everybody else, and see what residents have to suffer on a daily basis; don’t fly in as Minister (Juan) Edghill did for the recent Independence celebrations,” a perturbed resident said, when asked to comment on the state of the road. The atrocious state of the road was highlighted in a power point presentation at last Thursday’s statutory meeting of the Regional Democratic Council. Regional Chairman Sharma Solomon, during his Independence Anniversary message to the community, recently expressed disappointment that even

though Minister Edghill almost lost his life on the very Kwakwani road some time back, no mention was made of the current state of the road or plans to have it rehabilitated. Solomon said that the Minister spoke on several other issues, but no mention was made of the road. He added that companies are making a lot of money; billions of dollars-- yet are not putting back anything into the maintenance of the road. “But they are being allowed to do so. Right now this road is in a deplorable state- there is a hole in it and if you go in you might not be able to get out, and there are many trucks and other vehicles traversing it. And to add insult to injury, the Region does not even have a vehicle that can traverse that road. This is tantamount to disrespect of residents of sub Region two,” Solomon declared. The Regional Chairman further stated that a resolution was taken to engage the various companies that use the Kwakwani thoroughfare, in discussions about the road situation, and what could be

done. RDC Councillor, Leslie Gonsalves opined, “Kwakwani Road does not need grading, it needs resurfacing, and we have to stop BAI Shan Lin and Rusal from operating, until something could be done. Another councillor, Charles Sampson, stated vehemently, “We got to block this road from the Linden end! We got to support the residents of Kwakwani, because these companies have no obligation to fix the road, because there are other roads that are equally bad. It is the government that has to officially decide that they will fix the road, and fix it properly. “Government has to change its policy on road construction,” Sampson said. Kwakwani resident, Jocelyn Morian, said that the Ministry of Health ought to be talking to the Ministry of Public Works to get the road fixed. At least three or four ambulances have been destroyed over the past decade, due to the perpetual terrible state of the road. “Right now we using a bus that was converted to an ambulance. It was acquired a couple of months ago. The trip to Linden is so tortuous (almost four hours) that people could die before they reach Linden.” Morian added that another ambulance which the Ministry of Health had said was ‘significantly rehabilitated’ and was handed over earlier in the year is currently not working. “We wasting money; they have to fix the road and the ambulance gon last,” Morian stressed. Residents of Kwakwani and Ituni have been crying out for years about the situation with the road, which though rehabilitated from time to time, soon degenerates to its former terrible state. Currently, 22 Ituni residents are before the courts for blocking the road last year to protest its condition. (Enid Joaquin)

Sunday June 08, 2014

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Police ranks with the new motorcycles

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Police Force receives $15M in motorcycles law and order. The motorcycles, he added, will increase the presence of the police on the roads and enhance their ability to deter crime and traffic offences. “Each year approximately 10,000 vehicles are registered, and that poses a challenge for the GPF in terms of road safety,” he said. “We have a lot of laws but not enough order. These motorcycles will help to enforce the laws.” Benn, who has responsibility for the public road networks, also pointed to the massive investment being made to improve and make roads safer for motorists and pedestrians. Meanwhile, Rohee emphasized that the motorcycles will promote

The operational capacity of the ‘A’ Division Traffic Department of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has been bolstered, with the acquisition of eight motorcycles to its fleet. On Friday, Minister of Public Works, Robeson Benn, at the Stabroek Market area, officially handed over the motorcycles to Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, and Commissioner of Police (ag), Seelall Persaud.

The special Honda motorcycles, two 500cc and six 250 cc, and spare parts, were purchased for approximately $15M through a loan from the Inter-

American Development Bank (IDB). According to Benn, the latest acquisition is reflective of his Ministry’s efforts to help the police with the necessary tools to maintain

more visibility of officers who will track down traffic violators. “We have persons who run the red and amber lights, which put persons in danger. We will go after those who violate the traffic laws. This city needs order which has to be controlled by the GPF through effective law enforcement,” he stated. Commissioner (ag) Persaud said with the increasing number of regional meetings held in Guyana, the demand is high for outriders. “I want to assure both Ministers that the motorcycles will be fully utilized,” he said. In 2011, the Ministry of Public Works had also handed over a number of motorcycles to the GPF.

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Hours after the 2011 plane crash at CJIA.

Government is currently examining a recent US court ruling which has possible implications on airlines that fly the Guyana/US route. Questioned Thursday whether Guyana was made aware of the ruling handed down last month, Transport Minister, Robeson Benn, disclosed that the matter is engaging the attention of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), the regulatory body that

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Guyana studies fallouts of US court ruling on CAL crash

oversees the airline industry. The Minister is awaiting the outcome of the findings by GCAA to decide the way forward. Last month, the Eastern District of New York issued a ruling in a personal injury cases against Caribbean Airlines (CAL), arising from the 2011 crash landing of Flight BW 523 in Georgetown, Guyana – a flight that originated at New York’s JFK International Airport. The plaintiffs, Rajendra

Persaud, 64; and Prampatie Persaud, 64; reside in Florida, while Shanti Persaud, 34, and her two minor children, ages 10 and 7, live in Guyana. They were traveling on tickets between Florida and Georgetown when the crash occurred. The court ruled that the Republic of Guyana is not a party to the Warsaw Convention – a multilateral treaty that governs international air travel. As

such, the ruling paved the way for a personal injury lawsuit against Caribbean Airlines to move forward in the U.S. and for the plaintiffs to seek damages for emotional pain and suffering, in addition to physical injuries. The ruling would have possible implications on airlines that fly between Guyana and the United States in that claims of passengers who fly roundtrip from Guyana will not be covered

Sunday June 08, 2014

by the Warsaw Convention, which limits protection to airlines over passengers. The personal injury cases are being handled by the law firm of Colson Hicks Eidson. The complaint asserts common law negligence claims and claims for damages under the Warsaw Convention. CAL, in its defense, filed a motion to dismiss, for lack of subject matter jurisdiction claiming that Guyana is a party to the Warsaw Convention and that the U.S. was not one of the specified forums in which an action against an air carrier could be brought under the Warsaw Convention. The defendant contended that Guyana is a party to the treaty because the United Kingdom ratified the Warsaw Convention on behalf of its colonies in 1935 when British Guiana-the predecessor to Guyana - was a British colony and that it did not need to take any further action when it became independent. Pointing to expert opinion testimony and other historical evidence, Miner and Casey successfully argued that Guyana never took formal actions to properly and effectively ratify or accede to the Warsaw Convention following its independence from the United Kingdom in 1966, and the Government of

Poland (the depositary nation of the Warsaw Convention), the United States, and the International Civil Aviation Organization do not list Guyana as a “High Contracting Party” to the Warsaw Convention. The court ultimately sided with the plaintiffs and concluded that the Republic of Guyana is not a party to the Warsaw Convention and the treaty therefore does not govern this case. “The Warsaw Convention contains caps on the damages that can be recovered, and the Supreme Court has held that the Warsaw Convention bars recovery for purely emotional injuries,” said Miner. The flight had crashed through the fence after coming to rest at the edge of the ravine. It broke in two. Some 163 persons were on board the midnight flight. No one died but several passengers suffered serious injuries. One passenger had his leg amputated during a surgery. A preliminary report on the crash by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority faulted the pilot for the accident. The investigation reportedly found that the pilot landed the aircraft beyond the designated touchdown spot and was unable to bring it to a controlled speed in time.

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Poor declarations… Man, 30, jailed Miners’ body urges Gold for wounding girlfriend, 17 Board to speed up transactions

Lennox Cort

A 30-year-old man is set to serve an 18-month jail term after he confessed to beating his teenage girlfriend with a piece of brick and threatening to kill her, early last month. Lennox Cort of Norton Street, Georgetown was on Friday sentenced by Magistrate Geeta ChandanEdmond at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on account of the two charges which stemmed from an altercation between the two. According to the police, on May 5 at Hadfield Street, Georgetown, Cort unlawfully wounded the 17-year-old and threatened to kill her. When he first appeared before the Magistrate, he pleaded not guilty but during the trial on Friday he opted to change his plea. It was explained that the two had been involved in a relationship since the victim was 15. Police Prosecutor, Lance Corporal Jomo Nichols stated that around 17:30 hours on the day in question, the teenager went to Cort’s residence and they later had a misunderstanding. Nichols noted that during the argument the accused dealt the victim several cuffs to her mouth and body. The girl eventually attempted to run outside but was thrown down the stairs. While in the yard the

perpetrator reportedly picked up a piece of brick and hit her to the left side of her head causing her injury behind her left ear. Nichols said that Cort also threatened to kill the teenager. The victim, however, managed to escape into a neighbour’s yard. She was later taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) for treatment. The matter was reported, which led to the accused being arrested and charged for the offences. During the hearing on Friday, the teenager displayed the wounds she sustained to the court. The Prosecutor said that Cort was previously before the court for wounding and thereby sentenced to 12 months imprisonment. He was also sentenced to 9 months imprisonment on an escape from lawful custody charge. Addressing the court, Cort said “My worship, I sorry. I was frustrated at the time.” Responding the Magistrate indicated that she had considered all the factors, and had decided to sentence him to fourteen months imprisonment on the wounding charge and four months for the threatening language. The jail terms are set to run consecutively.

The Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) on Friday called on miners to aggressively improve declarations. The mining body warned that the recent shortfall in declarations, by 20% as compared to the same period last year, is having a negative impact on the Guyanese economy at a macroeconomic level. “As a consequence, the association is calling on all miners to recognize that, despite the lowered gold price, declarations must continue to ensure that inflation and the rising foreign exchange rates are kept in check.” GGDMA stressed that gold is the stabilizing factor in Guyana’s economy and called on miners, members and non-members, to embrace their national responsibility to ensure that devaluation and inflation do not become a reality that will cause all Guyanese to suffer. The GGDMA, however, said that there are several issues which have been impeding increased declaration of gold by miners. One of the issues has to

do with the length of time miners take at the Guyana Gold Board (GGB), the stateowned purchaser. “It is the perception of the miners that transaction times at the Guyana Gold Board and its various outlets are taking significantly longer than it takes at the private licensed traders and dealers. In some cases transactions are well over one hour while at private facilities 10 to 15 minutes is the norm.” GGDMA also called for a reopening of the GGB’s Bartica office early as possible. The branch was closed earlier as investigations were launched into fraud at the facility. The mining association also said that there should also be greater monitoring of licensed dealers and buyers of gold. “….the GGDMA is of the opinion that some buyers are not adequately declaring their transactions and as result are creating a negative impression about the true output of the industry.” The Association demanded that its members to collect receipts for all gold sales transactions.

“The receipt will serve as proof of payment of taxes and is also necessary to access concessions offered by the Government to miners. “Miners can also use the receipt to access financing and other facilities to develop their mining operations. The GGDMA, in light of the current need for increased declarations, calls on miners to continue to play their important national role and also urges the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission and the Guyana Gold Board to increase their monitoring of gold declarations not only from the miners but also from the buyers who also have a role to play in contributing to the national economy.” The steep drop of declaration had worry Government with a meeting organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment. For January to May, total gold declaration amounted to 165,595 ounces as compared to 204,970.42 ounces for the same period last year. Currently, the level of

declaration for 2014 is only 34.17 per cent of the targeted amount for the year which is set at 484,562 ounces. For the first half of 2014, the Guyana Gold Board was targeting 242,281 ounces. Gold prices, on a continuous high for a number of years, plunged last year from US$1,800 per ounce to over US$1,200. Miners have been urged to lower their costs to sustain their operations. The spin-offs from gold have been major for the economy with cash-rich miners buying up real estate, equipment and vehicles. Workers have been flooding the gold fields in the hopes of making some quick money.

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The Mahaicony Horror... From page 39) on his person) She added two other scriptures and closed the bible abruptly. “Hurry,” she admonished them. “Tonight, read, believe, confess, and claim your eminence.” Strange words, and a strange tone. The couple thanked her and left. After they left, Cousin Jane stood at her door, gazing for a long time into the darkness. Then she closed it and sat down at a table in the centre of the room. After a while, she heard the wind outside gusting, and cold draughts of air swept in under the door and through two halfopened windows. She lived a hundred yards from her near-

est neighbour, but had anyone ventured within earshot five minutes later, they would have heard the now-shrieking wind mingling in hideous harmony with another sound – a rising, whimpering wail ending in a sob that had in it all ghastly resonance of longendured pain. There was a catharsis that night. At the Farriers, bible verses were read in repeated and fervent supplication, with tears and entreaties, as little Daniel moaned and coughed and several times vomited small amounts of a gritty, dark substance. This went on intermittently for about an hour. Then he slept, in peaceful oblivion, as his exhausted

parents kept watch through the rest of the night. Cousin Jane had lived a long life and had travelled much. The night was her element, and she had been born under the curse of fire and blood. She'd known for a long time that there was one way only to escape the bondage of an ancestral pact with the devil, and when she had placed her hand on the Holy Book that night, it had seared her very soul. The demons of the night had shrieked insanely at this betrayal, but they were overwhelmed by the power of the scriptures she had given to the headmaster and his wife, which had a fire and blood of their own. For the Farriers, the words had been received by the One Who Sees and Knows All, as an entreaty. But for Cousin Jane, they were configured by the 'Spirit' and presented to that same One in the only form that could have guaranteed her release- a confession!

Sunday June 08, 2014

Legal practitioners trained to combat Illicit trafficking in firearms, ammo Several of Guyana’s legal practitioners recently participated in a United Nations-sponsored course to enhance the nation’s ability to combat the Illicit trafficking of firearms, ammunition and explosives. The three-day course was held after the Ministries of Legal Affairs and the Home Affairs Ministry facilitated a visit from a team from the United Nations Regional Centre on Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean (UNLIREC) to hold the Specialized Training Course (STC) for legal practitioners. According to a Home Affairs release, participants gained knowledge from professional, international and local instructors in six Modules. These included Firearms Proliferation and

Armed Violence; International Instruments and Legal Frameworks; InterInstitutional and International Cooperation; Basic Concepts in Firearms, Ammunition and Explosives; Firearms Crime Scene Management and Chain of Custody. There was also a Practical Exercise Module, with the simulation of crime scenes and presentation of cases by participants before Justice Claudette Singh, who gave comments on the participants’ performance. According to the release, the STC was designed to bring together legal practitioners ranging from judges, prosecutors and defence attorneys to criminal case investigators. It was also relevant for Government Officials with legal responsibilities in the areas of crime scene management,

military justice and control over the legal trade in firearms. Participants received certificates at the end of the course, which was held at the Guyana Police Force Officers Training Centre, Camp and Young Streets, Eve Leary. It commenced with an opening ceremony and feature address by Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, while remarks were also made by Mr. Bryan Hunt, Charge d’Affaires, United States Embassy in Guyana and Ms. Juliet Solomon, Senior Programme Officer, UNLIREC. Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud and other Senior Officers of the Guyana Police Force also attended. Guyana had previously received Missions from UNLIREC to assist in the country’s stockpile management and destruction of firearms, ammunition and explosives. “The Ministry of Home Affairs, and by extension the Government of Guyana, stands committed to cooperating with its international partners on initiatives geared at enhancing the peace and security of the citizens of Guyana,” the statement concluded.

Sunday June 08, 2014

From page 27 prosecuted by Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Prosecutor, Corporal Bharat Mangru, who did not reveal the details of the crime. The Chief Magistrate ordered that statements be filed for the three charges. THURSDAY EDITION GOVT. 10-YR-OLD ACCOUNTING SYSTEM, IFMAS …FINANCE MINISTRY REFUSES TO TRAIN OPERATORS After ten years, the Ministry of Finance has failed to enforce what can be considered as the two most important of the seven features/modules of the Integrated Financial Management and Accounting System (IFMAS). When contacted on Tuesday, Financial Secretary Nirmal Rekha said that the best person to pose questions about the status of the two modules would be the Accountant General, Jawahar Persaud. “He has responsibility for that and as such he would be better able to answer such questions.” Rekha noted, however, that the Ministry of Finance has put several mechanisms in place to improve its systems. Accountant General, Jawahar Persaud, said, Wednesday, “I am annoyed with the (Ju n e 4 , 2 0 1 4 article) published in Kaieteur News. I was never contacted by this publication. “The article has already been published and I will not speak to Kaieteur News ever about any financial matter, regardless of whether it concerns the Ministry of Finance.” But Junior Finance Minister, Juan Edghill, stated that the reason for this is because the Ministry lacks the capacity to do so at this point. IFMAS was implemented in January 2004 under former President Bharrat Jagdeo to modernize the business of the

Kaieteur News

government. The cost of the project was US$660,000 ($132 M). In an attempt to explain why the Finance Ministry has not operationalised the other two modules, Edghill said, “It must be recognized that, the IFMAS is a foolproof and reliable system from which the Finance Ministry generates its financial statements which are in turn used by the Auditor General. “The two modules have not been operationalized because we are still building a capacity for them. It requires technical support and the training of people and those things take time. We are in the process of building that capacity.” COWS CAUSE PLANE TO RUN OFF PARAMAKATOI AIRSTRIP An Air Services Limited (ASL) pilot counted his lucky stars on Monday when he walked away unharmed after crashing into a fence at the Paramakatoi, Region Eight airstrip. The pilot had tried to avoid a herd of cows that were running across the airstrip at the same time the plane was about to land. ASL’s General Manger Annette Arjoon-Martins told the newspaper Wednesday that the 8RSUP Cessna 206 was shuttling food items from Mahdia when on approach to the airstrip, the pilot encountered a strong crosswind. She said that as the pilot prepared to land the plane; cows then began to run across the runway. In an attempt to avoid the cows the pilot veered off the runway and came to a stop in a barbed wire fence. Luckily, she added, there were no passengers on board. She added also that the damage to the plane is reparable. Ms. Arjoon-Martins was firm that more needs to be done to ensure safety, especially in the interior

locations. She said that cattle and airstrips don’t mix and much more has to be done to keep the animals off the airstrip since this is an existing problem for aircraft operators. FRIDAY EDITION DR LUNCHEON CLAIMS…IFMAS DELIVERING DESPITE TWO MODULES INOPERABLE He conceded to not being versed in the Integrated Financial Management and Accounting System (IFMAS), but Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon’s attempt to explain why two of its seven modules are not implemented, has left more questions than answers. “I would say that those five modules that have been implemented over the last 10 years must have satisfied 100 per cent of the Ministry of Finance’s and the a d m i n i s t r a t i o n ’s demand for what IFMAS offers.” This includes automatic vote ledger and the move from manual methods to assisted computer-based financing and accounting. The IFMAS system was designed with seven aspects — the A p p r o p r i a t i o n , Expenditure, General Ledger, Budget Preparation & Reporting System (BPRS), Purchasing, Revenue and Asset & Inventory Modules. The Purchasing and Asset and the Inventory Modules are the ones that have not been implemented. Dr Luncheon, offering an explanation why the two modules were not implemented, said, “I have a fair appreciation of technology and the tools that we use often times carry functionalities that we don’t touch. “Look at your own computer and the things that they do that we never

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Residents benefitting from a previous GDF medical outreach

think of; things that we have no use of are of course quite significant.” He suggested that while the two modules were deemed important enough to be installed, in the Guyana context they are not deemed as important as the other five. Confronted with the fact that IFMAS was designed specifically for the Guyana context and as such is required, Dr Luncheon chose to not offer any more contributions on the subject. SATURDAY EDITION GUYSUCO LAND DEAL TO ED AHMAD… WOOD FACTORY WAS REJECTED BY NDC, EPA OWNER The owners of a controversial piece of land on the West Demerara, sold by Government for a woodprocessing factory to be erected, on Friday claimed that local a u t h o r i t i e s

refused to grant permission for the project. That prompted the decision to convert the land into house lots. According to South American Woods Inc., a company owned by New Yo r k - b a s e d G u y a n e s e businessman, Ed Ahmad and his brother, Shareef, the Leonora land that it purchased from National Investment and Commercial Investments Ltd (NICIL) was vacant for many years. The land once belonged to GuySuCo and it was reportedly sold with the explicit agreement of the factory. However, the land was converted into a housing project, sparking criticisms from the Opposition which believed that all was not right with the deal. Already a number of homes have been built. Breaking the silence, Shareef Ahmad insisted that he overpaid for the land in

2009. According to Ahmad, the issue about the deal being a “sweet heart” one is not only ridiculous but ludicrous. He stressed that it would be incorrect to suggest that his company breached the land contract with GuySuCo. “In order to build any type of structure including an industrial facility, one is required to file with the local NDC (Neighbourhood Democratic Council) and health department (Environmental Protection Agency). I have done so accordingl y w i t h b o t h N D C a n d E PA . T h e s e agencies have conducted their own environmental studies and concluded that such facilities should not be erected. The main reason cited was of the unnecessary noise and pollution to the nearby residential area and schools.”

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First lady, Bill Clinton to honor Beastie Boys seek $2 million from Maya Angelou at memorial service Monster for copyright infringement First lady Michelle Obama and former President Bill Clinton will be among the speakers honoring poet, author and civil rights champion Maya Angelou at a private memorial service in North Carolina on Saturday. Media magnate Oprah Winfrey and actress Cicely Tyson will also pay tribute to their friend at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, where Angelou taught for three decades, according to the program for the service. Singers Lee Ann Womack and BeBe Winans will perform. Angelou wrote the poem “On the Pulse of Morning” and read it at Clinton’s first presidential inauguration in 1993. She was 86 when she died at her home on May 28. Angelou was best known for her 1969 a u t o b i o g r aphy “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” about growing up in the segregated South. That

Maya pioneering work helped give black women writers a literary voice and became a reading list staple in American classrooms. The memoir was among a body of work including more than 30 books of fiction and poetry produced by Angelou

during her prodigious career. She also was a Tonynominated stage actress, Grammy Award winner for three spoken-word albums, civil rights activist, streetcar conductor, Calypso singer, dancer, movie director and playwright. In 2011, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the country’s highest civilian honor, was bestowed upon her by President Barack Obama. After her death, Obama said he and the first lady cherished the time they had spent with Angelou, for whom the president said his sister was named. Winfrey called Angelou her “mentor, mother/sister and friend.” Angelou served as a professor of American Studies at Wake Forest since 1982, and had planned to teach a course on race, culture and gender this fall, the university said. (Reuters)

Hollywood’s longtime power lunch hub to cook up final script The d i n o f v o i c e s haggling over movies and pitching TV series, as familiar as the trademark meatloaf and grilled salmon, will soon disappear from Kate Mantilini, the Beverly Hills restaurant whose booths have long been a mainstay of Hollywood’s power lunch crowd. Situated on Wilshire Boulevard in the heart of Beverly Hills, Kate Mantilini - a favorite of comedian Mel Brooks and late director Billy Wilder - will close its doors and pack up its wood-backed booths on June 14 after 27 years. “ M a n y, m a n y d e a l s were made in those booths,” said Adam Lewis, t h e r e s t a u r a n t ’s c h i e f executive who made the decision to close after a rent increase. An outpost in Woodland Hills in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley will remain open. “There’s a semblance of privacy in there, but you can hear everything everybody is saying,” added Lewis, 59, whose older brother David is the executive chef. “I’ve listened to pitches go down; some were really good, some I can’t believe they made it this far.” The r e s t a u r a n t ’s p o p u l a r i t y among the Hollywood set was down in part to its location, said Tim Gray, a senior vice president of

trade publication Variety. It sits across from film studio The Weinstein Co and two blocks from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the industry organization that hands out the Oscars. “It really was one of the staples for industry lunches,” Gray said of the restaurant that is arranged like a postmodern diner with a large sculptural sundial, a key early work by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Thom Mayne’s firm, Morphosis. Kate Mantilini ranks as a top 10 business lunch spot for entertainment industry insiders, according to a Hollywood Reporter poll. “Everybody who comes here is an agent or lawyer or a manager and everybody table-hops -

and they rely on good food,” Lewis said, sitting at a round table with his brother and 84-year-old m o t h e r, M a r i l y n , w h o started the restaurant with her late husband Harry Lewis, a former Warner Bros contract actor and founder of popular chain Hamburger Hamlet. The restaurant also served as a backdrop in Michael Mann’s 1995 crime drama “Heat” starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. “It was a real industry hangout . . . b e c a u s e i t had this amazing, huge menu,” Gray said. “They had everything in the world on it.” Dishes include chicken pot pie and other comfort foods, and healthconscious staples such as brown rice with vegetables. Marilyn Lewis, a selfdescribed born-marketer who ran her own couture clothing line Cardinali in the 1960s-70s, said she named the restaurant after h e r u n c l e ’s m i s t r e s s , whose long red-polished fingernails enthralled her as a child. “I liked the sound of it, and it would take a lot of letters, a lot of signage,” she said. “It is important for this fast traffic because when they stop at the light and they see that big sign, they’ve got to know that s o m e t h i n g ’s g o i n g o n there. Something.” (Reuters)

A lawyer for the Beastie Boys on Wednesday urged jurors to make Monster Beverage Corp pay at least $2 million for copyright infringement, saying the energy drink maker used their songs without a license in an online video. Kevin Puvalowski, the Brooklyn-born band’s lawyer, said in closing arguments in a trial in Manhattan federal court that Monster’s unauthorized use of its music in a 2012 promotional video was “absolutely egregious.” Beastie Boys members Michael Diamond, or “Mike D,” and Adam Horovitz, or “Ad-Rock,” sat as spectators in the courtroom as Puvalowski told jurors Monster had hoped to benefit from how “cool” his clients’ had become, without their permission. “They didn’t care if their employees were stealing from the Beastie Boys,” he said. Reid Kahn, Monster’s lawyer, acknowledged the energy drink maker had infringed the Beastie Boys’ copyrights but said it was because an employee thought the company had permission to use the music. He said the band’s demands for damages and claims Monster intended to steal the music to make it look as if the Beastie Boys endorsed the drink were “contrary to common sense.” “The plaintiffs try to take the

Beastie Boys member Adam Horovitz, a.k.a. ‘Ad-Rock,’, exits the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York in Lower Manhattan with his wife punk singer Kathleen Hanna, May 27, 2014. undisputed evidence and spin some tale of an insidious corporate conspiracy,” Kahn said. Monster has asked jurors to award the band no more than $125,000. The lawsuit, filed in August 2012, centers on a video promoting an annual snowboarding competition the company organizes and sponsors in Canada called “Ruckus in the Rockies.” The video, posted on Monster’s YouTube channel, featured the competition and an after-party attended by DJs, including Z-Trip. It included a remix by Z-Trip of Beastie Boys songs,

including “Sabotage” and “Make Some Noise.” The four-minute video concluded with a sentence saying “RIP MCA.” Adam Yauch, a Beastie Boys member who went by “MCA,” died a day before the snowboarding event after a battle with cancer. The Beastie Boys complained to Monster in June 2012, saying it did not have permission to use its music. The lawsuit followed. Diamond and Horovitz, who both testified, have been regularly seen in the Manhattan courthouse since the trial began on May 27. (Reuters)

Coldplay keeps Mariah Carey from topping Billboard 200 British rockers Coldplay retained the top spot on the weekly Billboard 200 album chart on Wednesday, holding off new entries from Mariah Carey and Austin Mahone. Coldplay’s “Ghost Stories” clocked a second week at No. 1 with sales of 83,000 over the past week, according to figures compiled by Nielsen SoundScan. “Ghost Stories” entered the chart at the top last week with the highest sales week of the year so far, 383,000 copies. Country singer Brantley Gilbert held onto No. 2 for a second week with “Just As I Am,” selling 65,000 copies. Pop diva Mariah Carey entered the chart at No. 3 with her latest album, “Me. I am Mariah ... The Elusive Chanteuse,” with sales of 58,000. Billboard said it was Carey’s smallest sales opening for a non-holiday album since SoundScan

started tracking sales in 1991. Other new entries in the top 10 of the chart this week include teen pop singer Mahone at No. 5 with his debut record, “The Secret EP,” and Christian musician Crowder at No. 9 with “Neon Steeple.” For the week ended June 1, overall album sales totaled 4.2 million units, down 13 percent from the

comparable week in 2013, Billboard said. On the Digital Songs chart, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea held steady at No. 1 for a second week with “Fancy,” selling 289,000 downloads, while her collaboration with pop singer Ariana Grande, “Problem,” kept its position at No. 2 with 243,000 digital copies sold. (Reuters)

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The Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) Test for Diabetes By Dr. Kumar Sukhraj Once diagnosed with diabetes you may be placed on a treatment plan by your health care provider. It is important for you to remember that your self-test and HbA1c, whether good or bad, will give your doctor information about how your diabetes treatment plan is working. If your results are not where they need to be, then your doctor knows it’s time to make changes. The hemoglobin A1c test is also called HbA1c, glycated hemoglobin test and glycohemoglobin. Hemoglobin A1c provides an average of your blood sugar control over a six to 12 week

period and is used in conjunction with home blood sugar monitoring to make adjustments in your diabetes medicines. Hemoglobin is a substance that is found within red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout your body. In patients with uncontrolled diabetes (meaning that your blood sugar is too high), sugar builds up in your blood and combines with your hemoglobin, thus making it “glycated.” Therefore, the average amount of sugar in your blood can be determined by measuring a hemoglobin A1c level. If your glucose levels have been high over recent weeks, your hemoglobin

A1c test will be higher. The amount of hemoglobin A1c will reflect the last several weeks of blood sugar levels, typically encompassing a period of 120 days. For people without diabetes, the normal range for the hemoglobin A1c test is between 4% and 5.6%. Hemoglobin A1c levels between 5.7% and 6.4% indicate increased risk of diabetes, and levels of 6.5% or higher indicate diabetes. For diabetics the goal is a hemoglobin A1c less than 7%. The higher the hemoglobin A1c, the higher the risks of developing complications related to diabetes. People with diabetes should have this test every

three months to determine whether their blood sugars have reached the target level of control and whether they are doing enough to control their diabetes. Those who have their diabetes under good control may be able to wait longer between the blood tests, but experts recommend checking at least 2 times a year. Once a diabetic can keep his/her HbA1c below the target level of 7% then they are on their way to delay the development of complications of diabetes. For those diabetics who never had an HbA1c done it is time to have one done so that your blood sugar control can be monitored.

Please feel free to send an email to kumarsukhraj or call 6228032 for further enquiry and discussion on the topic. Patient education plays an important in the diagnosis and management of diabetes and any other illness. Please look forward for a continuation of the discussion on health issues in the next publication. Reference: Larsen ML, Hørder M, Mogensen EF (1990). “Effect of long-term monitoring of glycosylated haemoglobin levels in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus”. N. Engl. J. Med. 323 (15): 1021–5. d o i : 1 0 . 1 0 5 6 /

Dr. Kumar Sukhraj NEJM199010113231503. PMID 2215560. Lehman R, Krumholz HM (2009). “Tight control of blood glucose in long standing type 2 diabetes”. Brit Med J 338: b800. doi:10.1136/bmj.b800

HOW TECH IS REVOLUTIONISING THE PROSTHETICS INDUSTRY: 3D-printed limbs and hands controlled by apps becoming mainstream Gone are the days of solid rubber prosthetics. From 3Dprinted limbs to titanium legs and hands controlled by apps, advances in technology are revolutionising the industry. Now, a new state-of-theart centre has opened in Scotland to give specialist treatment to military amputees - taking advantage of these developments, and making the technology more mainstream. The service is based at the WestMARC unit at Southern General Hospital, and at the SMART Centre in Edinburgh. Patients in Aberdeen, Inverness and Dundee will be able to access services via video link-up. The units will run alongside the existing NHS prosthetics service, and use specialist prosthetic training and imaging equipment to manufacture new socket technology. The centre also features a gait laboratory that will study how well patients are walking with their new limbs. ‘Military veterans who have lost limbs in conflict have specific and complex needs due to the nature of their injuries,’ said Health Secretary Alex Neil. ‘That is why we were determined to set up a state-of-the art service employing some of the best new technologies.’ Among the amputees is Ian Robin, 53, whose prosthetic hand, called i-Limb and built by Touch Bionics, is controlled with a Smartphone app. The supermarket store trainer lost his left hand in an accident in 1984. He is now able to control the hand with the app, which can change grip and position.

The Touch Bionics hand, pictured, grips and ties shoe laces. The Livingstonbased firm said it has seen a surge in sales recently as the technology becomes more affordable and mainstream. The price of the hand varies depending on the size and requirements. ‘Originally my prosthesis was operated with a cable and it could be moved so the hand opened and closed. ‘This new hand I have, it’s like chalk and cheese in comparison with the original, the other just did the basics and now I can change my movements using an app on my phone. ‘I can change the type of grips I have, and the arm reacts to the electric signals sent by my upper arm in the muscle. ‘It has massively improved my life, I can pick up glasses, I can even use it to tie my shoelace.’ Anthony Stickland, 53, lost most of his right leg when he was 17. At the launch of the centre, Stickland demonstrated a system of cameras and motion sensors, which specialists are using to create a 3D image of how his limb is moving. The technology works by measuring movement and force, to help assess ways for a patient to get around more easily and put less pressure on their muscles.

Anthony said: ‘My first prosthetic leg was completely metal. It was designed in the 1950s. What you find is that every time there is a war, the prosthetic limbs improve afterwards. ‘With this new limb I can walk quicker, I can keep the same pace going; it has made life a lot easier. Whatever my good leg does, it can copy.’ An army veteran, whose leg was blown off by a mine in the Falkland, has become one of the first patients in Scotland to benefit from funding for military amputees. THE 3D-PRINTED LIMBS In a separate project, 3D design company Autodesk and the University of Toronto are experimenting with different ways of scanning limbs and creating customised 3D prosthetic socket models, for use in Uganda and other worn torn regions. Autodesk Meshmixer is used to accurately model the prosthetic socket from the scan, to go from 3D model to functional prosthetic.

The team is currently experimenting with various printers to improve the process and has even implemented new tools in Meshmixer that will help make the modelling process easier for the Ugandan technicians. The World Health Organisation claims as many as 40,000 trained personnel are needed for the production of prosthetic limbs. With Autodesk technology, the team of students expect their sockets will be ready for use in Uganda in the near future to help address this need. Retired Lieutenant Colonel Geoff Ward, 66, was clearing bombs when he stepped on a plastic mine, forcing doctors to amputate his right leg just below his knee. The grandfather-of-one spent three weeks in hospital before returning to the UK, and within six weeks was back at work after being fitted with his prosthetic limb. He said: ‘The first foot was just like a plastic lump and reinforced plastic.

The Livingston-based firm said it has seen a surge in sales recently as the technology becomes more affordable and mainstream. The price of the hand varies depending on the size and requirements. ‘This one moves up and down and around, the foot has a set of springs all made out of carbon fibre - it’s ‘Formula One’ technology. ‘The metal bits that hold it together are all titanium so they’re incredibly strong and silicon which goes next to the skin and is all very soft all lined with carbon fibre, it’s from a different planet - it’s terrific.’ In a separate project, 3D design company Autodesk and the University of Toronto are experimenting with different ways of scanning limbs and creating customised 3D prosthetic socket models, for use in Uganda. Autodesk Meshmixer is used to accurately model the

prosthetic socket from the scan, to go from 3D model to functional prosthetic. The team is currently experimenting with various printers to improve the process and has even implemented new tools in Meshmixer that will help make the modelling process easier for the Ugandan technicians. The World Health Organisation claims as many as 40,000 trained personnel are needed for the production of prosthetic limbs. With Autodesk technology, the team of students expect their sockets will be ready for use in Uganda in the near future to help address this need.

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Labelers, blue caps and a looney By Ralph Seeram I was in this English class where the discussion was on Shakespeare and his writings. The Professor was explaining or rather interpreting the meaning of Shakespearean plays. He was emphasizing not to take his writing literally, when suddenly another attendee asked if we are not reading too much into the writings; that the poor man might have just been writing to make a few shillings and never gave a thought to what we are making out of his plays. That was so many

decades ago, but my memory was jogged of that episode recently by emails I received by readers on articles I have written. You would be surprised how people read too much in my articles and come up with these different interpretations of what the article meant. Trouble is I never thought of some of the labels they attributed to my articles. There are times when a half hour before I start I don’t even know the topic I am going to write on, sometimes hurrying to get it in before the deadline. Guyanese are good at assigning labels to people,

and that is one of problems that make the country divided racially and politically. That is where the problem lies. I have been accused of being racial, of not being loyal to my race, being a PPP “mouthpiece”, an APNU “mouthpiece” and an AFC supporter. The most common one is that I have an “agenda”. What’s the agenda? The agenda varies depends on the subject. If it appears complimentary to the Government I have a PPP agenda; if I criticize the Government, I have an APNU or AFC agenda.

Scam artist jailed for... (From page 10) this often. I paid him the US$2000 but he never gave me the windows and building materials as he promised. There is another man here who he did the same thing to.” Police Prosecutor, Corporal Bharat Mangru confirmed that the accused has been charged similarly before the courts. He said, however, that Tiwari was neither convicted nor had any of those matters pending before the courts. Addressing the court, his attorney Paul Fung-a-Fat

described his client as a “big businessman” from Lot 72 Crane, East Bank Demerara, who has a wife, three children and two grandchildren. Beseeching the court to consider a “short return” for his client, Fung-a-Fat stated that Tiwari, now 46, grew up as a lonely child in a depressed area. Turning to his client, the attorney said, “You could see from his face how sad and repentant he is. All these factors should be taken in account Your Worship. I’m begging you to please give him something small.”

Tiwari said “I’ve been here before you charged for the same thing but we had settled the matter. I finish this life. I ain’t able no more.” The matter was stood down and recalled in the afternoon session where the Chief Magistrate indicated that she will be sentencing him to two years’ imprisonment on eight of the charges. The charge which involved Austin (the victim present in court) would however carry a three- year jail term, she said. The sentences are to run concurrently.

Training commences for... (From page 15) while a few others were found in New Amsterdam and Port Mourant. And according to Dr Ramsaran, the Director of Vector Control Services has been personally visiting the infected individuals at their homes to examine their condition and determine their respective needs. All of the cases were confirmed by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) Laboratory in Trinidad which has been working closely with the local Health Ministry, according to Dr Ramsaran. Just over 80 samples have recently been sent to CARPHA to substantiate suspicions that they are the Chikungunya virus. Efforts to tackle the virus have been coordinated by Chief Medical Officer, Dr Shamdeo Persaud, who disclosed that addressing the situation has also entailed monitoring the ports of entry. Further still, Dr Persaud said that moves have been made to collaborate with the Ministry’s Veterinary Public Health Unit since animals can also act as reservoirs for the virus. Another strategic tactic, he said, has been to raise awareness about the importance of keeping the environ-

ment clean since the Aedes Aegyti mosquito is known to thrive in relatively fresh accumulated water. It is believed the virus’ entry into Guyana was aided by travellers. Guyana has been on high alert ever since reports of the virus surfaced in the Caribbean last year. On December 12 last year, CARPHA was informed of 10 confirmed transmitted cases on the French side of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin. Since then more than 1,800 confirmed cases were reported from Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Dominican Republic, French Guiana, Martinique Guadeloupe, St. Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Kitts and Nevis, St.

Barthelemy and Saint Martin. Three confirmed resulting deaths were reported by Martinique and Saint Martin. “With the introduction of this new virus all of the countries started to monitor their we had several things going on,” Dr Persaud said. Among these, he said, were moves to improve regular surveillance systems whereby intensified efforts were made to monitor, on a daily basis, cases of the fever syndrome, including fever with rash and fever with joint pain. According to Dr Persaud too, this process allowed the Health Ministry to detect, in early May, a spike in the cases of fever seen at health facilities in Berbice. Moreover, a system was put in place to collect samples for testing.

Following an article criticizing the PPP, one email suggested that I am not loyal to my race: “You are throwing your kind (Indian) under the bus”. I can tell you the most vicious emails come from PPP supporters. So let me clear the air. I have NO AGENDA except to write as I see things. I belong to NO political party, nor am I a supporter of any party. I left Guyana over 30 years ago. Therein lies the problem in Guyana which causes the divide. You are either labeled a supporter of the government or in the opposition camp; it’s either black or white. There is no room for grey areas. In Guyana you are not allowed to be grey; you must take sides. Even some columnists take this view. Blue Caps, which was launched this week, could be a breath of fresh air to Guyana’s atmosphere of distrust. Blue Caps states it’s an “apolitical, non-partisan, non-government organization”, whose mission

is “committed to educating and empowering young leaders who can articulate public policy positions to the benefit of Guyana’s development”. It went on to state that “our core values which will guide our actions are to stay objective and impartial, embrace equality, value diverse opinions, develop new leaders, respect each other, cultivate a culture of trust and honesty, and to do so in a non-discriminatory or prejudicial manner”. Phew, man, what a tall order for a confused and partisan society. Objective and impartial? Value diverse opinions? Tall order for this young group. I wish them well. More info on this group on www.facebook/ bluecaps guyana. Then again the project hardly got off the ground, and already its leader Clinton Urling has been labeled a

“soup drinker” by the looney (the readers’ term, not mine). Urling’s great crime, according to the looney, is that he is not on record of criticizing the PPP administration. The looney (who the cap fits) is one of those who loved to assign labels on individuals and organizations. Yes, I wish Blue Caps well in their endeavor, but a word of warning: their road will be a rough one in the Guyanese society as it now exists, but I sincerely hope they achieve their goals. As I said, it could be a bit of fresh air to a society permeated with distrust. Beware! Quite a few persons are arming themselves with labels to stick on your Blue Caps. If you are not focused you may not be able to recognize your Blue Caps after all those labels. Ralph Seeram can be reached at email:

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Furnished four bedroom house A/C, automatic generator, auto garage etc $30M negotiable @ Grandville Park – Tel:6004409, 623-8172

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Sunday June 08, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Finance Minister... From page 11 clarify that issue as early as possible.” Edghill in his missive had also highlighted the crucial functions of the two unoperationalized modules. The Purchasing Module, he explained, seeks to provide the ability to carry out several functions, one of which includes creating purchase requisitions and purchase orders with self-creating commitments to reserve the necessary funds (fully integrated with the Appropriations Module currently installed). As for the Inventory/ Assets Module, two of the functions include the ability to create inventory and asset entries when entering a new record based on the requisitions, and the ability for tracking issues and receipts. Based on the crucial functions highlighted by the Minister, he still insists that in the absence of the two modules, its financial systems are operating effectively. Yet, the Auditor General’s report is fraught with reports of goods that go ‘missing’, budgetary excesses by numerous Government agencies, and the constant

cry of procurement inconsistencies across the board in every single facet of Government. Former Auditor General, Anand Goolsarran, told this publication that in the absence of the modules, Guyana has a less than desirable accountability framework and as such billions of dollars in assets and consumables can go untracked. “Those two modules are very important as they allow for the tracking of the physical assets. In their absence, i t m e a n s t h a t monies can be spent to acquire, for example, equipment or vehicles, and there would be no effective measures in place to trace them and to ensure that they are properly accounted for. In addition, when you expend funds to maintain those very assets, you would need a system in place to ensure that value for money is achieved and that money is not wasted.” The anti-corruption advocate emphasized the urgent need for the two modules to be in place and operationalized to ensure proper accountability of all State assets.

Business dies as... From page 59 Business folks say that the closure of the stelling has led to the continued depletion of their businesses. Residents noted that a number of fishermen would usually use the stelling to load their catch daily. “No one is passing through here anymore.” Two businesses continue to struggle to attract customers, while another has been demolished, since the owner is deceased. One businessman explained that when the old Adventure Stelling was in use, his business used to attract customers from around midnight to the wee hours in the morning when the boat usually departed Adventure for Parika, almost every night.

He said that those customers were passengers, who would hang out at his business place until they were prepared to board the boat. Another business owner, whose shop barely has stocks on his shelf, lamented the loss of customers, which included truck drivers who once used the old Adventure Ferry Stelling. The businessman said that no one is passing through today. His shop used to be filled with customers, who supported his business until the boats would depart the Stelling. The way forward seems hopeless as the environs of the Adventure Ferry Stelling remains a ghost town.

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Dolly’s Car Rental - Call: 225-7126/ 226-3693 dollys www.dolly ProgressiveAuto Rental: Cars & SUV for rental- $4,000 & up per day- Call: 643-5122, 628-2284 ,Email:pro_ autorental Fab’s Car Rental- Call:6716051 Aidan’s Car Rental, Canter & Pickup- Call: 645-7981/ 698-7807 Wings Car Rental- Call: 6906494/ BBM pin: 24E17558

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Live out domestic babysitter and live in babysitter –Call: 225-0188, 225-6070 (Monday to Saturday) (8:15am-4:15pm) Experienced bus driver & hire car driver at Princess Hotel - Tel: 265-7075/ 265-7076 Urgently needed live in waitresses to work in bar, attractive salary offered Tel:259-0574 One driver and a Cummings Mechanic to work in the interior - Contact: 681-6044 1 Shop Assistant to work in Interior, salary $80,000 monthly. Age 20-35Call:664-5199/ 675-7043 Honest, single live in domestic – Call: 646-1758 between 9:00am-4:00pm, attractive salary offered. Live-in domestic must know to cook 25-35yrs, live-in waitress 18-25yrs: salary $50,000 monthly, boarding & lodging free- Tel: 610-5043 Experienced taxi drivers for Gem’s Taxi Service - Call: 2313709, 667-9013 To buy 2 low income land in La Parfaite Harmonie & one high income in Schoonard – Call: 218-5591 or 675-7292 1 Male bar attendant, 1 chef, 1 supervisor @ Cotton Club. Tel: 225-9211/231-1908 One hire car driver – Contact Mrs. Z. Khan – Tel: 2267984/ 688-8660

One black Nissan Bluebird; latest model – Call: 687-1392

For our advertising rates call: 2258491, 225-8465, 225-8452.

WANTED 3 female general workers between ages 22-35yrs, 1 male general worker between ages 18-30 – Contact: 225-6337

WANTED Part time refrigeration technician – Call: 629-4946

Two experienced straight stitch sewing machine operator – Tel: 220-9154 Worker for small livestock farm on East Bank Demerara, accommodation provided, attractive incentives – Call: 266-5177, 610-9460 General female household help for at least 1 day per week on Mid East Bank – Call: 266-5177; 610-9460 Experienced land dredge worker – Tel: 681-3801 Hire Cars at Atlas Taxi Service VHF Network – Call: 661-3043 One experienced taxi driver to work day only – Tel: 2276567/ 663-9352 One experienced driver, Apply in person with written application @ Hack’s Halaal, Lot 5 Commerce Street.

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Sunday June 08, 2014

Sunday June 08, 2014

Kaieteur News

Dozens killed in massacre in eastern Congo SOUTH KIVU Democratic Republic of Congo (Reuters) - Up to 37 people including women and children were killed in Democratic Republic of Congo’s eastern province of South Kivu yesterday in an attack that government officials blamed on a dispute over cattle. The victims, who included several pregnant women, had been shot, stabbed or burned inside their homes. A Reuters cameraman on the scene in the village of Mutarule counted 37 bodies, some of them lying inside a village church. Residents and religious leaders said patients in a medical centre had also been

attacked. Apart from the dead, more than 20 people were injured, with 10 of them in critical condition. “It is Congolese who have carried out these attacks. It was about a dispute over cows,” South Kivu governor Marcellin Cishambo told Reuters. “The problem is that everyone in this area carries a weapon.” He gave a lower estimate of 27 for the number of dead. Government spokesman Laurent Mende said the incident was a revenge attack by the community of a cattle herder killed during an attempt to steal cows belonging to another farmer. “The army commander (in

the locality) has been arrested because he reacted too slowly. He is now with military police. Authorities also arrested a local leader suspected of coordinating the attacks,” Mende added. He said 34 people had died in the violence. South Kivu, a mountainous region rich in minerals including gold, is home to members of tribes who fled neighbouring Burundi after the end of a civil war in 2005 as well as numerous rebel groups, including the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR). Some locals from the Congolese Bafuliru tribe blamed rebels from Burundi’s National Liberation Forces (FNL) for the attacks.

US says Caribbean children facing deportation to be given legal counsel WASHINGTON - CMC — The United States says it will be starting a programme to provide lawyers for Caribbean and other children facing deportation. Under the plan, the US federal government will issue $2 million in grants to enrol about 100 lawyers and paralegals to represent immigrant children making their way through the immigration court system. “We’re taking a historic step to strengthen our justice system and protect the rights of the most vulnerable members of society,” said US Attorney General Eric H Holder Jr. “How we treat those in need, particularly young people who must appear in immigration proceedings, many of whom are fleeing violence, persecution, abuse or trafficking

goes to the core of who we are as a nation,” he added. US administration officials have been trying to cope with a surge of unaccompanied children that has overwhelmed border officials as well the nation’s family and immigration court systems. They say the initiative, announced on Friday, is aimed at helping children under the age of 16 who have already received a court notice to appear for deportation proceedings but are not in the custody of the federal government. Since October, more than 47,000 children travelling without parents have been caught trying to cross the southwest border, a 92 per cent increase over the same period last year, according to the Times. It said the Obama

administration has ordered federal emergency authorities to coordinate a multiagency response to the relief effort, adding that officials have opened two emergency shelters on military bases to house as many as 1,800 youths. According to a report by Kids in Need of Defence, a nonprofit group that matches unaccompanied minors with volunteer lawyers, and the University of California Hastings College of the Law, a majority of minors who appear in immigration court do not have lawyers representing them. Officials said they expect about 10,000 unaccompanied children would appear in immigration courts in the 29 cities that are the initiative’s geographic focus.

Grenada government says it averted third downgrade for CDB ST.GEORGE’S,GRENADA – GIS - Quick action on the part of the now 16 month old Dr Keith Mitchell administration prevented the Caribbean Development Bank from being downgraded a third time, it has been revealed. Officials of the Barbados based CDB warned the Mitchell administration when it was returned to office in February last year, that if Grenada failed to make an outstanding five million dollar payment, the bank will again be downgraded. Officials of the bank had confirmed that it was downgraded on two occasions on account of the previous National Democratic Congress administration of former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas not making any payments. “The Caribbean Development Bank access loans from the international community and unlend to governments… so the higher the ratings of the bank is the cheaper the loans to the individual countries,” Prime Minister Mitchell explained to a town hall meeting in New York this week.

“So when they got downgraded twice because of Grenada it means that it caused the borrowing member countries in the Caribbean hundreds of scores of millions of dollars because they now have to borrow at much higher rates”. Prime Minister Mitchell has applauded the government and people of Trinidad and Tobago for helping Grenada to make the payments and avert a third CDB downgrade. “They showed me the books and said look next week if you don’t pay the 5 million dollars to the bank they are going to downgrade us a third time,” Dr. Mitchell recalled. “So I called my good friend Kamla PersadBissessar and I said you have to help me because Jamaica will get hurt, Guyana, St. Vincent and the Grenadines will get hurt because of Grenada again. So she helped us and we were able to pay that and pay a number of countries so that’s why I will always remember our sisters and brothers in Trinidad and Tobago because they saved us and that is what Caribbean unity is all about”.

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“I’ve been hacked!” Moonilal angry over PNM e-mail leak exposing anti-Rowley campaign Trinidad Guardian Accusing the Opposition People’s National Movement (PNM) of hacking into his email, United National Congress (UNC) deputy leader Roodal Moonilal says he’s turning over to his attorney the issue of certain e-mails the PNM revealed on a San Juan platform on Thursday night. He made the comment Friday when reporters asked if he was turning it over to the police. He noted that it is a crime to be involved in any illegal

activity to intercept telephone conversations, e-mails, Blackberry Messages (BBMS) et cetera. “I’ll be referring this matter to my attorney and will take the advice on it,” Moonilal said. At the San Juan public meeting on Thursday, the PNM’s Camille RobinsonRegis read out e-mails allegedly to and from Moonilal’s e-mail address. They included a positive reply from that address to a proposal from UNC activist and businessman Phillip

Alexander, who had pitched an idea for a show to raise Government’s profile on the state-owned TV station CNMG. Find out more: Click to read the leaked e-mails. Robinson-Regis also read another e-mail on a People’s Partnership (PP) campaign allegedly involving targeting PNM leader Dr Keith Rowley. This was said to be from UNC campaign manager Rodney Charles to 17 people, including UNC officials, ministers, activists, two T&T representatives in the UK and Canada, a Communications Ministry staff member, a former Caribbean Airlines (CAL) board member and a director of a Canadian campaign management and PR firm.

Sunday June 08, 2014

Ramotar to upbraid Ministers over inaccessibility …Says “I am all for transparency and accountability” By Gary Eleazar Head of State, Donald Ramotar, has committed to upbraiding his Ministers when Cabinet meets on Tuesday over their inaccessibility in order to provide the public with answers to the many burning pending questions. The President made the commitment following a press engagement held at State House to address a number of topical matters. During the formal press conference, Ramotar was asked if he would be addressing the fact that several members of his Administration are inaccessible or in some cases refuse to provide answers. One such example occurred this past week when Accountant General, Jawahar Persaud, bluntly told a reporter at this publication that he would not be speaking to

Kaieteur News on any financial matters. Attempts in recent times to make contact with Finance Minster, Dr Ashni Singh have been proving futile as he refuses to answer his telephone on numerous occasions. Executive Director at the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), Winston Brassington, over the past year has proven to be notoriously elusive in providing timely answers on a range of matters under his purview. Chief Government Engineer, Walter Willis has, on numerous occasions, declined to provide information regarding a number of projects being executed by the Government, saying that he has to first receive permission from Minister of Public Works, Robeson Benn. This scenario is repeated

across a number of government agencies with the exception of a few such as Education Minister, Priya Manickchand, Attorney General, Anil Nandlall and Bishop Juan Edghill. When questioned on the issue yesterday, Ramotar said that he was unaware that the media has been encountering a problem with reaching public officials, adding that “I thought we had the reputation of being easily accessible…I am all for transparency and accountability.” He did point out that on some occasions such as with the Georgetown Marriott Hotel, the withholding of information was as a result of the commercial arrangements in place, “but these issues have been answered”. During his press briefing he was adamant that Ministers needs to keep more regular briefings to keep the public informed.

Guyana loses million$$$ after... From page 3 any major cancellations, other small hotels said they were preparing for an influx of visitors for the match. Guyana last held a Test match at the stadium in 2010. The most recent one-day match was played there two years ago. Government tabled the Bill over a year ago saying that reports of poor accountability and rigged elections in the local cricket boards necessitated the move. Following the passage of the Bill last month in which A Partnership For National Unity backed the Government with the Alliance For Change abstaining, WICB an-

nounced that it was pulling the match. According to the Board, the WICB sought an undertaking from President Donald Ramotar that the Bill not be signed into law until these matters are resolved. “The Board gave its commitment that once His Excellency President Ramotar provided such an undertaking all arrangements in Guyana will be kept in place. Regrettably the WICB has not received such an undertaking from His Excellency President Ramotar.” The WICB had serious reservations that the Cricket Administration Bill which was

passed in the Guyana National Assembly thrusts the administration of cricket in Guyana from an independent body to the Government of Guyana. “This the WICB views as undesirable and inconsistent with International Cricket Council tenets. There would be no Guyana team because there would be no GCB, which is the only officially recognized authority for controlling cricket in Guyana and no Guyanese in any West Indies team, since it is mandated that players participate in Regional competitions to be eligible for West Indies selection.

Sunday June 08, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 67

Ukraine’s new leader stands up to Moscow over Crimea and Europe KIEV (Reuters) Ukraine’s new president Petro Poroshenko said his country would never give up Crimea and would not compromise on its path towards closer ties with Europe, spelling out a defiant message to Russia in his inaugural speech on Saturday. The 48-year-old billionaire took the oath of office before parliament, buoyed by Western support but facing a crisis in relations with Russia as a separatist uprising seethes in the east of his country. Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula in March, weeks after street protests ousted Poroshenko’s proMoscow predecessor Viktor Yanukovich, in a move that has provoked the deepest crisis in relations with the West since the Cold War. “Citizens of Ukraine will never enjoy the beauty of peace unless we settle our relations with Russia. Russia occupied Crimea, which was, is, and will be, Ukrainian soil,” Poroshenko said in a speech that drew a standing ovation. He said he had delivered that message to Russian President Vladimir Putin when the two met on Friday at a World War Two anniversary ceremony in France. There is no prospect of Russia reversing its takeover of Crimea, but in what could be a positive signal from

Moscow, Russian news agencies reported Putin had ordered the Federal Security Service to strengthen protection of the border with Ukraine and prevent people crossing illegally. The move was potentially significant because Ukraine and Western governments have been pressing Moscow to stop what they say is a flow of Russian arms and fighters into eastern Ukraine. Russia denies it is backing the uprising but journalists have encountered Russian nationals among the separatist ranks. Poroshenko, who earned his fortune as a confectionery entrepreneur and is known locally as the “Chocolate King”, said he intended to sign the economic part of an association deal with the European Union as a step towards full membership. That idea is anathema to Moscow, which wants to keep Ukraine in its own postSoviet sphere of influence. His voice swelling with emotion, Poroshenko stressed the need for a united Ukraine and the importance of ending the conflict that threatens to further split the country of 45 million people. He said it would not become a looser federalised state, as advocated by Russia. “There can be no trade-off about Crimea and about the European choice and about the governmental system. All

other things can be negotiated and discussed at the negotiation table. Any attempts at internal or external enslavement of Ukraine will meet with resolute resistance,” he said. Since Poroshenko’s election, government forces have stepped up their operations against the separatists who want to split with Kiev and join Russia. The rebels have fought back, turning parts of the Russianspeaking east into a war zone. Poroshenko offered to provide a safe corridor for Russian fighters to go home. “Please, lay down the guns and I guarantee immunity to all those who don’t have bloodshed on their hands.” Switching from Ukrainian into Russian, he promised to visit the east with guarantees of Russian-language rights and proposals for decentralisation that would give its regions a bigger say in running their own affairs. But a scornful response from the rebels, who have declared their own “people’s republics”, spelled out the scale of the separatist challenge facing him. “What they (Kiev’s leaders) really want is one-

sided disarmament and for us to surrender. That will never happen in the Donetsk People’s Republic,” a top separatist official, Fyodor Berezin, said by telephone from Donetsk, an industrial hub where rebels have occupied strategic points. “As long as Ukrainian troops are on our soil, I can see that all Poroshenko wants is subjugation. The fight will continue.” Poroshenko won a landslide election on May 25 after promising to bridge the east-west divide that has split the country and thrust it into a battle for survival. Many Ukrainians hope the election of the former government minister, who is married with four children, will bring an end to the most tumultuous period in their post-Soviet history. More than 100 people were shot dead by police in Kiev by police in the street protests that eventually brought Yanukovich down. In the east, scores of people, including separatist fighters and government forces, have been killed since April. The uprising is not the only challenge facing Poroshenko, who inherits a

Petro Poroshenko

country on the verge of bankruptcy and rated by watchdogs as one of the most corrupt and ill-governed in Europe. Kiev is also at odds with Moscow over Russian gas. Russia is threatening to cut supplies as early as next week unless Ukraine settles its debt, the amount of which is disputed. Poroshenko’s speech drew an ovation from guests at a ceremony attended by Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and senior EU officials. Cheering crowds later greeted him on a walk in blazing sunshine on the square in front of Kiev’s St Sophia’s Cathedral, which

was decked out with the blue and yellow national flags. On a visit to France, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Washington hoped for a reduction in Russia-Ukraine tensions in the next few days, including a possible ceasefire. Russia’s foreign ministry, in its first comments after Poroshenko’s swearing-in, acknowledged his inauguration but did not comment on his speech, calling instead for the release of two Russian journalists detained in Ukraine. But reaction was hostile in eastern Ukraine, where government forces shelled rebel positions in Slaviansk and manned checkpoints on roads into the city.

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Sunday June 08, 2014

“Interview with new West Indies captain Denesh Ramdin” Today, Sunday 08 June, 2014, Denesh Ramdin, Trinidad & Tobago and West Indies wicket-keeper-batman; 56 Tests, 2235 runs, avg. 27.25, 161 dismissals; 29 last March 13, takes over West Indies captaincy. We caught up with him last week. Colin Croft (CC): Congratulations! How do you feel? Denesh Ramdin (DR): Thank you very much. Happy and humble! This is a big opportunity, big task, but we must put in much work. Darren Sammy did well as captain, with the resources he had. It is time for us to step up that ICC ladder instead of going down! CC: Good Test career, but you have never been West

Indies senior captain, even if you did captain West Indies Under 15 and Trinidad & Tobago. There is much experience there? DR: Yes, playing with the likes of Chris Gayle, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, I have gained much knowledge from them. Hopefully, I would transform that experience into my captaincy. I have done it for T&T – ‘keeping, batting, captaincy – a big challenge, but if you have the right players who could manage themselves well, on the field bowling and batting, and off the field, then that makes a captain’s job easier. CC: I was at Lords, 1995, when you captained West

Indies Under 15’s. You have come through Under 19 and Trinidad & Tobago’s captaincy, doing exceptionally in T-20’s, representing well in Champions League, but this is big, captaincy of senior West Indies cricket team. It must be much different? DR: Yes it is very different. Most of our recent successes have been at T20’s in the Caribbean and at Champions League in India as well. Strategic moves will be very different and important in Tests. Having the right bowlers, making the right changes, batting for very long periods. We have the capability and we have to instill that

Sunday June 08, 2014 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): If situations get too hot and heavy, Aries, your first instinct is to run away or jump to the next subject before anyone notices you're avoiding the serious ones. That's one way to deal with today's intensity, but deep down you know it isn't the best. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Your actions today could take an investigative approach, Taurus. You're able to probe much more deeply than usual as you search people's eyes for the answers you seek. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Your courageous strength and desire to take a leadership role may be threatening to others today, Gemini. Be careful of automatically assuming the dominant position before learning what other people feel about the situation. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): You can cut through to the truth quite easily today, Cancer, so don't hesitate to do so. If you come to an intersection and no one seems to know who should go next, take the initiative and go. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): IYou may want to keep your ship on an even keel today, Leo, but remember that no matter how hard as you try, this simply might not be possible. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): This is your day to shine in many respects, Virgo. The action you take is right on target, so draw back your arrow as far as you can before letting it fly.

LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): You could be wondering why everyone has to be so serious and emotional all of a sudden. You're likely to be feeling this way, too. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): Don't put up with anyone's shenanigans, Scorpio. Your time is too precious and your energy too powerful to waste on those who see you as a fair-weather friend or emotional crutch. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): You may have the intellectual side of the equation completely set in your head, Sagittarius. You've collected all the facts and have all the data worked out in such a way that it's impossible for anyone to fault your calculations. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): Come out of your shell today and try not to be so aloof, Capricorn. You will never find the exact path you want to be on until you explore the different options. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18):Secure your bunker and make sure it's fully stocked with heavy artillery, because there is bound to be a battle, Aquarius. ********************* PISCES (Feb. 19 March 20): You tend to get quite emotional about things even though you don't always show it prominently to the outside world, Pisces. The difference today is that more people are likely to be openly acting out their emotions, so you, in turn, could feel safer about exposing your true feelings to the people around you.

belief in ourselves. Chanderpaul is there, but we need our top order to fire, which we did not do down in New Zealand. With home support and right confidence, we can turn it around here. CC: Gerry Alexander was the last appointed captain for West Indies who was a wicket-keeper, with vicecaptain Deryck Murray also deputizing when Clive Lloyd was unavailable. Murray had Michael Holding, Andy Roberts, Joel Garner, Colin Croft, Malcolm Marshall, while Alexander had Wes Hall, Charlie Griffith and Lance Gibbs and Garry Sobers. You now have to look for your team to back you up? DR: Yes, but we have guys like Kemar Roach, Ravi Rampaul, Jerome Taylor, Jason Holder, the faster bowlers. We need to manage them well. Taylor is just coming back from injury, as is Roach. In spin, we have Sunil Narine, Shane Shillingford and Sullieman Benn. We need the right combination. Everyone is excited at Gayle’s 100th Test, a really fantastic occasion for us to come out and shine too! CC: Are you nervous? DR: Yes, I am nervous, going out for the first time as captain to spin the toss. The good thing is that I will not have to make the call – heads or tails. That is less pressure on me for that. CC: 100th Test for Gayle, a big occasion for him, Jamaica and West Indies, a big occasion for you? DR: Yes, everyone is pumped! There will be many functions for Gayle’s achievements; a real legend of the game. Everyone knows him in T-20’s, but his record in Tests has been good, with triple centuries, double centuries, so he will come out to give his home crowd something to cheer, while making runs for us so that we would not lose the Test. CC: As captain, not vicecaptain, what do you bring that is special, even unique?

Colin E. H. Croft says:

Denesh Ramdin (wiplayers) What do you require from your team? DR: Behind the stumps, I am very relaxed, with the best seat in the house, where I can make decisions when we are bowling. I am always calm, especially when we are under pressure. So, hopefully, with the senior players around, their support will help and guide me. We must get through that first game in Jamaica well. Then I would be much more relaxed. CC: 2nd Test is at Queen’s Park Oval in Trinidad & Tobago, your home ground, but West Indies cricket has been struggling,

especially in Tests, in recent times. You, as captain, will have to start bringing the team back up to the top, a great responsibility. DR: The up-and-down performances, losing Test matches, we must be more consistent. We need to bat better in both innings, just not in one innings, so that our bowlers could have something to bowl at. That has been our downfall these last years. We will try hard to change that this series. If we do not get it right for 1st Test, we must do it in 2nd and 3rd. CC: Go well, but what should West Indians expect from you and team? DR: It would be an exciting series, my first as captain, Gayle’s 100th Test, Shiv’s 154th Test. We will not take them lightly, but will still play flamboyant cricket, while respecting New Zealand. CC: Thank you.

Sunday June 08, 2014

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Letter to the Sports Editor

Legislate bills for PPP and APNU playing Russian roulette with our football and basketball cricketers and footballers DEAR EDITOR, Our politicians are flirting dangerously with the stringent ICC and FIFA rules and regulations regarding political interference that govern our national sports of cricket and football and are hell bent on risking the livelihoods of these athletes should they be banned by the Regional and International bodies. The two main political parties in Guyana, PPP and APNU, have decided to throw caution to the wind in their quest to wrest power from independent bodies that currently administer the games of cricket and Football in Guyana. These two games are very near and dear to the hearts and minds of our Guyanese populace and these parties have formed an unholy alliance which can only cost them both very scarce political capital should they continue along this pathway. The Government of Guyana does absolutely nothing to support these two sporting administrations in Guyana but its plans on hijacking control of the Guyana Cricket Board and the Guyana Football Federation and installing their chosen heirs in the lead up to local and general elections speaks volumes about the control freaks that we are dealing with. The ruling party obviously thinks that they can use these two sporting entities in its political campaigns for those elections and they have now

placed these entities in the precarious position of being banned by the ICC and FIFA. Our politicians have made a serious blunder with this sad and selfish proposition. These two influential sporting entities are very serious regarding political interference in the administration and governance of their respective sporting disciplines and will not tolerate the games of brinksmanship that these politicians are accustomed to playing. Only an irresponsible bunch of politicians would risk the sporting future of its youths in the country in their commission of political suicide. The GOG needs to back off from the Cricket Administration Bill which has not yet been assented to for several reasons. The Bill is totally illegal, contradictory and unconstitutional and seeks to impose constitutions on bodies which have been in existence for decades and which were not guided nor agreed upon by its memberships. It interferes with an administrative structure which has worked successfully over the years. It also seeks to fix legal results for which our Attorney General lost in the judicial system to his counterpart whom he has now employed since he assumed the position of AG. The ruling party seems to have outmanoeuvred APNU in influencing them to support the Cricket Administration Bill, whilst they have also been quietly using their henchmen, Messrs Odinga Lumumba and Alfred

King, to grab power at the GFF level. Very soon, we will witness the GFF becoming embroiled in a similar situation regarding legal issues and widespread confusion. FIFA will not stand idly by with any form of political interference by the GOG. The Government should research what FIFA did in Belize, a CARICOM state, when the Government there decided that the Sports Commission will have jurisdiction over the Local Football Federation. As was expected, we have now seen the WICB taking a strong stand against the actions of the PPP and APNU in Parliament in the passage of the ill fated Cricket Administration Bill. Both parties have their own henchmen in the disgruntled group that wants to hijack cricket and football administration in Guyana aided and abetted by politicians in both the PPP and APNU. Our country is facing so much hardship in other areas of our economy but the politicians are prioritizing areas in which they can only commit political suicide. Should Guyana, a country that has produced so many cricketing greats not been given the rights to host regional or international tournaments hereafter, the careers of everyone involved in the game, from players to officials (including the young and up coming umpires) will suffer. Yours Truly, Ramesh Takur

Lewis Hamilton beaten to... From page 73 day,” Rosberg said. “Really cool. And the best place to start the race.” Hamilton said: “It just wasn’t the greatest qualifying session. Sometimes you have good ones and sometimes bad ones.” The two were more than half a second clear of the rest of the field, but there was a very tight battle behind them. Only 0.041secs separated Vettel in third from Ricciardo in sixth, and Vettel was less than 0.3secs quicker than Alonso in seventh place. Williams had looked set to take the second row, but Vettel produced a spectacular lap to take third in the under-powered Red Bull-Renault. Team principal Christian

Horner described it as “his best qualifying lap of the season”. It was only the second time Vettel has out-qualified new team-mate Ricciardo this season. Vettel said: “A very good result. It was the maximum we could do. I didn’t get on with the first two corners all weekend but after that I took a bit more risk and it worked out.” Williams head of vehicle performance Rob Smedley said: “I was expecting a bit more from both of them, I thought we had the legs to be third, but we didn’t do it. But I’m happy to be where we are.” Ferrari appeared to have made a step forward through the practice sessions thanks to engine and aerodynamic

improvements, but the car was unable to compete with the top six in qualifying. Behind Raikkonen in 10th, Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg was 11th, ahead of the second McLaren of Kevin Magnussen, Force India’s Sergio Perez, Lotus’s Romain Grosjean and Toro Rosso’s Daniil Kvyat. Sauber’s Esteban Gutierrez did not take part in qualifying after a crash in final practice damaged his chassis. The Mexican will start the race from the back. Caterham also have an evening of hard work ahead of them after Marcus Ericsson crashed at the end of first qualifying, tearing off his car’s left rear corner.

DEAR EDITOR, I welcome the Cricket Administration Bill piloted through parliament by the PPP government. President Ramoutar and his Minister of Sports Frank Anthony, with sound legal advice from vibrant Attorney General Sir Anil Nandalall, must be complimented for this achievement especially since they were able to capture the APNU votes on this bill. I also support the call by former Attorney General (FAG) Charles Ramson Sr. to

deny entry to West Indies Cricket Board President Dave Cameron to this Metropolis, Guyana. When we pass the Football Administration Bill we should also do that to Stepp Blatter, Jeffrey Webb and Jerome Valke. Who the hell are they to threaten us with sanctions and tell this sovereign nation how to manage their affairs. If the International body for Basketball makes noise when you pass that Bill ban them also from Guyana.

They must all understand that this rich, developed metropolis is ours and the ruling Junta will not tolerate dissent. We shall then proceed to rename our country “ The Republic of Zangara”, establish a Kingdom where there are no National and Local Government elections and our citizens can be under the spell of a King. However, therein are the problems, who shall be the King!! Long live the King!! Andy Ramnaraine

Denesh Ramdin buoyed by support of all Jamaica Observer Kingston, Jamaica - Denesh Ramdin, entering his first Test series as captain, said he is pleased with the level of support he has received since taking over the reins from Darren Sammy. “So far I’m really happy I got the opportunity. Most importantly, I ’ v e g o t support from the (West Indies Cricket) Board, the selectors, the management staff and all the players have welcomed me,” Ramdin told the Jamaica Observer moments after arriving with the regional squad at the Norman Manley International Airport on Wednesday. The West Indies face New Zealand tomorrow at Sabina Park in Kingston in the opening Test of a three-match series. The 29-year-old, a former West Indies Under-19 captain, has long been groomed to become skipper at the senior level. For the buoyant Ramdin,

becoming a West Indies player was a “fantastic”, but this latest assignment, is an even “greater” accomplishment. Despite noting the added pressure of leading the team, he said it is a welcome challenge. “I’m looking forward to this series. Everyone has one common goal ... which is to go out there and give 100 per cent. “As a young player, growing up, to play for West Indies was fantastic and now to captain is a lot greater achievement. A lot of pressure comes with it and I’m going to try and deal with it as best as possible and put the team first all the time,” said the wicketkeeper/batsman. With Dwayne Bravo out injured and Sammy recently announcing his retirement from Test cricket, the West Indies squad appears short of an all-rounder. Ramdin believes the towering Barbadian Jason

Holder could fill the breach. “I would say so (we lack an all-rounder), but we have young Jason Holder in the squad and he’s considered an all-rounder as well. So if he gets an opportunity come June 8, I believe he has the ability with the ball to get wickets and score close to 50 or 60 runs down the lower order.” The second Test match is scheduled for the Queen’s Park Oval in Trinidad & Tobago from June 16-20. The third Test, which was recently moved from the National Stadium in Guyana to the Kensington Oval in Barbados, will run from June 26-30. West Indies squad — Denesh Ramdin (capt), Christopher Gayle, Kieran Powell, Kirk Edwards, Darren Bravo, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Jerome Taylor, Sulieman Benn, Kemar Roach, Shane Shillingford, Shannon Gabriel, Kraigg Brathwaite, Marlon Samuels, Jason Holder.

President Ramotar to play... From page 75 wish to inform you the media and the general public of our desire to stage a friendly cricket event under the theme ‘Cricket for Unity’. The event will feature two teams consisting of a selection of leaders and prominent personalities from all strata of our society including the Government, Private Sector, Civil Society and the Entertainment Industry. The primary objective of this event is to promote national unity, co-operation and tolerance among our people while providing clean fun and entertainment within a family friendly atmosphere,” ex-

plained Garnett yesterday at the launching of the Event at DCC yesterday. “We believe that such a demonstration by our leaders will have a positive impact on the patrons and by extension the entire nation. We have sent out letters to many prominent persons in our society and have been receiving very

good responses so far for this game which we know would be a big hit,” Garnett continued. The Organizers encouraged lovers and supporters of the game to come out in their numbers to see persons, who they perhaps never knew had the ability and talent to play this beautiful game, compete.

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Stag Beer/EDFA Division One League

Double header on at Victoria ground today

R-L; Quincy Holder, Azumah Roberts, Curtly Adams of Mahaica Determinators. Rivalry in the Stag Beer sponsored East Demerara Football Association (EDFA) division-one league is set to continue today with two matches set for the Victoria Ground, East Coast Demerara. Kicking off at 16:00hrs is the game between Ann’s Grove United and Haslington; the main attraction featuring home team Victoria Kings, once one of the best teams in Guyana, seeking to rekindle that era when they take on Buxton Stars. Meanwhile, in results from yesterday’s matches at

the same venue, Mahaica Determinators were in winner’s row defeating Golden Stars 3-1. Quincy Holder set them on their way to collecting full points with a 5th minute goal. Azumah Roberts doubled the lead in the 17th minute with the advantage increasing even further in the 34th minute, compliments of a Curtley Adams goal. Malcolm Walcott netted a consolation goal for Golden Stars in the 55th minute but by then, Mahaica were well on their way to victory. The

opening game yesterday resulted in Buxton United walking away with full points with a 2-1 win over BV Triumph United. Steadman Martin put Buxton ahead in the 21st minute with BV responding in like manner in the 46th minute through their Under-17 Captain Mario Welcome. Sixty-seven minutes into the game, Buxton were able to find the back of the nets again for the winning goal of the match, seasoned campaigner Randy Phyll doing the honours.

From page 71 missed.Urged on by the partisan crowd, the Guyanese led by former Captain Theodore Henry, the inspirational Richard Staglon and Ronald Mayers, all vastly experienced players at this level, turned the screws tight on the Trinidadians in a vicious onslaught as the clocked ticked away. The answer would come from US-based second row Vallon Adams, who burst through the middle of the pack, before securing five valuable points for his team to draw the scoreline level in the 69th minute. Gonsalves converted to give the locals the lead 10-8. With the crowd shouting all sorts of advice, the

Guyanese ruggers dug deep, ensuring that controlling possession of the ball was critical, while executing some crucial defensive stops. Guyana won possession deep inside the Trinis half and Singh, who had come on as a substitute and known for his exceptional passing ability produced the play of the game. Collecting the ball deep in enemy territory, Singh faked a pass that the defence responded to and even though he lost his footing somewhat he still managed to keep his focus and lurch over the tryline to effectively end Trinidad and Tobago’s chances of staging a recovery. It was another great win for the ‘Green Machine’

against long time rivals Trinidad and Tobago. T&T-based Staglon speaking with this newspaper after the game said the win was great for local rugby, adding that he felt the opposing teams probably underestimated them, especially after Guyana was debarred from the regional Sevens Competition last year. Staglon added that the win was very important for the sustenance of the sport which according to him hit a brick wall to a small extent after the disappointment of missing last year’s regional event. “Right now the team is getting harder and harder to pick, players cannot just believe that they can walk into the team automatically,

Sunday June 08, 2014

Old hands Nadal and Djokovic do battle in Paris PARIS (Reuters) - This is their 42nd clash, so there will be few surprises for the world’s top two players Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic when they face each other over the net in the French Open final today. Both are looking to cement their positions among the greats. Nadal is gunning to be the first man to win five straight Paris titles to take his total to nine. Djokovic wants to complete his career grand slam by bagging the only major to elude him. They each have the strokes and the stamina. It will come down to who can control their on-court aggression and handle the pressure better in front of the 15,000 crowd on Philippe Chatrier. “He has the pressure to win for the first time. I have the pressure that I want to win and the motivation that I want to win the ninth,” Spaniard Nadal told reporters after demolishing Wimbledon champion Andy Murray in the semi-finals. “I’m going to go on court with the same motivation than him. I don’t know if the same pressure than him. Probably we are in different situations.” The Serbian second seed said he was trying not to get carried away by the stress of the occasion, after a wobble in the semis allowed Latvia’s Ernests Gulbis to take a set off him before he regained his near metronomic consistency. “Of course pressure is there. Expectations are there. They are always present when you are playing on this level,” he said. “It is the finals of a grand slam that I never won, of course I’m going to

Rafael Nadal of Spain during his men’s semi-final match against Andy Murray of Britain at the French Open tennis tournament in Paris June 6, 2014. (REUTERS/Vincent Kessler) give my best to lift the trophy.” On paper, Djokovic, 27, may appear to have the upper hand, having won their last four tussles, including on the red dirt in Rome last month, when he dismantled Nadal 46 6-3 6-3 to hand the number one his third claycourt loss this year. But they are not playing on paper. They are playing on the Roland Garros clay, Nadal’s spiritual home, where he has an eye-watering 65-1 win-loss record. Only four of Djokovic’s 19 wins over Nadal have come on claycourts, and he lost to him in the Paris final in 2012. “I think there is no doubt that he is the favourite to win,” Djokovic said of Nadal, who he will swap places with in the world rankings on Monday if the 28-year-old Spaniard loses. “But, okay, I have been playing some good tennis. The win in Rome a few weeks ago against him in the final definitely gives me

confidence and hopefully self belief.” Nadal seems to have plenty of self-belief too, declaring himself very happy with his “very fast, very powerful” forehand and acknowledging an improved backhand, ever seeking perfection. “Is true that I lost a few matches, but playing the way that I played (against Murray) probably I will not,” he said. While Djokovic has former world number one Boris Becker in his corner, Nadal will have the history of Roland Garros, named after a French aviator, on his side when they vie for the Musketeers’ Cup and the 1,650,000 euro ($2.25 million) cheque. “For me the only motivation is Roland Garros,” he said. “Doesn’t matter five in a row, four, or one. For me, always when I have a chance to win Roland Garros is a special thing. The rest of the things are less important.”

Guyana ruggers inflict more agony on Trinis Action in the clash between eventual winners Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago yesterday.

players are fighting for positions and this to my mind augurs well for the future of the sport.” He likened the win as a great day for rugby in

Guyana, adding that guys are improving so automatically the team is improving and Guyana’s rugby is back in the eyes of the world.

“Our depth is increasing and we are showing other countries how strong we are and how competitive we can be,” Staglon opined.

Sunday June 08, 2014

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Page 71

West Indies v New Zealand, 1st Test, Kingston

Confused declarations uttered First test for new-look West Indies as Atwell host press conference on World title occurrences

ESPNcricinfo - West Indies have undergone a shake-up since they last appeared in whites. Darren Sammy has retired from Tests, Denesh Ramdin is captain now and their bowling looks vastly different. Kemar Roach has returned to full fitness. The selectors have also recalled Jerome Taylor, who will hope to end a four-year wait since his last Test cap, and made a last-minute decision to recruit Jason Holder for today’s start of the first test against New Zealand at Sabina Park in Jamaica. The penetrative ability of West Indies’ bowling has been a concern for a while but this squad - with Sulieman Benn and the returning Shane Shillingford as lead spinners - seems to have covered most bases. Sunil Narine was discounted from consideration after he could not meet an ultimatum to join the squad by June 1 owing to IPL commitments. Shillingford has been a standout performer for his side of late - he has 51 wickets in his last nine Tests - but this series marks his return to international cricket since being suspended for a suspect action and New Zealand coach Mike Hesson has already voiced concern over how he will be monitored. Recently any West Indies attack has been left mopping up a below-par batting performance. In the last 12 months, they have gone past 300 only twice and have also been guilty of doing well in one innings and failing miserably in the next. Chris Gayle, who is scheduled to play his 100th Test at his home ground, would be eager to prove his fitness and provide a display befitting the fanfare for the occasion. For the visitors, combating spin will gain top priority. New Zealand’s batting - especially their inform middle order of Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, Brendon McCullum and BJ

Watling - does have the capacity to rise above their mental block against quality spin. Utilising spin is where the greater concern lies. The search for Daniel Vettori’s successor has been frustrating. Jeetan Patel complicated the situation when he remained with Warwickshire and withdrew his name from consideration for this tour. The result is that Ish Sodhi, with six Tests to his name, will feature as lead spinner. The 21-year old legspinner has shown some control and also glimpses of plotting a batsman out. To assist him is Mark Craig, a 27year old offspinner who is yet to make his New Zealand debut. Watch out for The vacancy resulting from Sammy’s retirement has paved way for one of West Indies’ most promising fast bowlers to return to the national fold. Jerome Taylor has not played a Test since November 2009. A troublesome back and hip have cost him several opportunities, but he returned to first-class cricket this season and finished as Jamaica’s second-leading wicket-taker in the Regional Four Day Competition. Kane Williamson is New Zealand’s anchor. His technical purity assists in combating most adversities and swift and assured footwork ensures he is wellplaced to tackle spin - he made 42 of the team’s 60 as Rangana Herath ran rampant in the World T20. A rich season in 2013-14 has identified him as one of the most dependable batsmen in the current Test circuit. Team news New Zealand drained the two practice games they had to the fullest as Jamaica Select XI’s openers batted twice in the second innings of the second match and the bowlers continued even after the home side was all out. Two notable positives were the performances of Sodhi, who

picked up a five-wicket haul, and Craig, who claimed eight victims across two games. However, concern surrounds the opening combination. Both Peter Fulton and Hamish Rutherford have had lean seasons and Tom Latham, if picked, would be playing his second Test. Hesson had hinted at having settled on which two would head the batting order, but said it was a toss-up between Neil Wagner and Craig depending on how they assessed the pitch. West Indies’ preparation for the series included a training camp in Barbados under the guidance of Garry Sobers, Curtly Ambrose and Richie Richardson. Gayle occupies the spotlight, both because of his landmark and for his fitness. He looked out of sorts in the IPL and had consulted a specialist in Germany regarding his back problem. Ottis Gibson, their coach, was hopeful of a full recovery. Gayle himself has said he is “fit, ready and raring to go.” A late call to include Holder in the squad also indicates he might feature in the XI if they decide against a second spinner. Pitch and conditions Early warning has been sounded by Marlon Samuels that the series will be decided by which team exhibits more patience. The surfaces in the Caribbean have got slower in recent times. However, Shane Bond, New Zealand’s bowling coach, felt the pitch at Sabina Park was conducive to all comers. “I think it’s a little bit damp at the moment, but if you look at the wicket it’s got pace, bounce and turn,” he said. In addition to ground conditions, the visitors would have to account for a hotter climate. West Indies, who had struggled with Dunedin’s chilly temperatures at the start of the 2013 series, would prefer the sun to be a more permanent fixture than the forecast of isolated thunder showers.

ESPNcricinfo – (PTI) The BCCI had threatened to form a parallel world cricket body before the England and Australia boards agreed to the controversial restructuring of the ICC and decided to give a lion’s share of its revenue to the India board, according to the BCCI secretary Sanjay Patel. “We got criticised by many in the media and lot of

them did not agree but we told them that if India is not getting its proper due and importance then India might be forced to form a second ICC of its own,” Patel said at the Sports Journalists Federation of India’s annual convention in Hyderabad. “England and Australia agreed and after that it was decided and from June 27th onwards the new

structure will come into place. I would like to state that all 10 Full Members have signed the resolution.” There was also no stopping BCCI presidentin-exile N Srinivasan from taking over as the chairman of the ICC later this month in Melbourne as the Indian Supreme Court has not prevented him from doing so, Patel said.

BCCI threatened to form parallel world cricket body

By Michael Benjamin Amidst speculation of disgruntlement and discontent with his managerial team, world boxing featherweight contender, Clive Atwell, has painted a picture to the contrary claiming that despite such rumours all is well in his camp. “There will always be ups and downs among us and I will not always be in agreement with all the decisions my managerial team makes but we discuss and compromise on issues,” Atwell declared. However, Atwell’s terse uttering shortly before the culmination of the forum may speak to the contrary, “My career is at a brief standstill and I am presently engaged in some house cleaning,” he declared. Atwell was speaking to the media at the Millennium Manor Hotel, Hadfield Street, Georgetown, where he had called a press conference to deal with matters arising out of his recent World Boxing Council featherweight title bout against defending champion, Mexican, Johnny Gonzalez. Also present at the forum was Atwell’s manger, Ronald Burch-Smith, President of the Guyana Boxing Board of Control, Peter Abdool, President of Briso’s Promotions, Seon Bristol and Atwell’s coach, Lennox Daniels. Mr Burch-Smith said that he always felt that Atwell is

of world class quality and his bout with Gonzalez only served to endorse this view. He said that the fight was a major learning experience for his team and he will be engaging in some introspection in a further evaluation process. Quizzed on the merits of the purse negotiated on Atwell’s behalf, Burch-Smith said that his team chose the best option out of a possible three others that offered shots at the Commonwealth and Silver belt titles. “Maybe with the benefit of hindsight we could have done better but no one could make that prediction,” declared Burch-Smith. He also debunked speculations of a rift among the principals of team Atwell. Meanwhile, Abdool was especially harsh on the media and accused operatives of presenting a lopsided perspective garnered from the Mexican press. He lauded Atwell’s efforts and said that his performance was of a high quality. “Atwell proved that Guyanese fighters belonged to the world class level,” Abdool proclaimed. He also labelled the decision as unjust since to his mind the stoppage came just when Atwell was beginning to take control of the bout. “That fight should not have been stopped; to my mind Clive started to be aggressive a bit late but I don’t believe that injury merited a stoppage,” said

Abdool. He said that he wanted to protest the verdict but was precluded from doing so because it was halted on medical grounds. Nevertheless, Abdool said that he has lodged complaints with officials of the WBC. Mr Bristol called for continued support for Atwell saying that on his cards he was the champion. “I am somewhat disappointed by the stoppage; Clive did not win the belt but in my heart he should have. There will be more opportunities,” declared Bristol. Daniels was the man behind Atwell’s preparations but he said that the input of others made his work more manageable. He mentioned former junior/welterweight world rated boxer, Lennox Blackmore, former Olympian, Dillon Carew and Leon ‘Hurry up’ Moore, who had been a part of the training team in the USA. “Clive lost the fight but he would have gained valuable experience while training at Gleason’s Gym,” informed Daniels. The veteran coach said that though the odds were highly stacked against him, Atwell applied himself and was just stepping up the pace when the bout was halted. Meanwhile, the Agricola Central Management Committee has acknowledged Atwell’s efforts and has planned a motorcade around the village Tuesday afternoon next to laud his efforts.

Guyana ruggers inflict more agony on Trinis By Rawle Welch When Christopher Singh stuttered and stumbled over the tryline in the fading moments of the game, Guyana national ruggers better known as the ‘Green Machine’ had inflicted another dose of agony on nemesis Trinidad and Tobago, who they defeated 15-8 to be crowned Southern Zone champions in the NACRA Men’s 15’s Championship yesterday, at the National Park. Playing before an energetic and patriotic crowd, the Guyanese rebounded from being down 3-8 in the second period to romp to an exciting 15-8 triumph and one year of bragging rights and a meeting with either the USA

or Cayman Islands. Displaying the heart of lions, the Guyanese opened the scoring in the 32nd minute of play when Captain Ryan Gonsalves converted a penalty that was awarded to them following an infringement committed by the Trinidadians. They held the slim advantage until the half time whistle sounded. The beginning of the second period saw both teams immediately on the offensive with Guyana coming close to scoring after finding themselves deep in the visitors’ half, but stubborn defending erased their chances. Bouyed by the stop, the Trinidadians produced a

fierce offensive foray of their own, but just as they had done, the Guyanese backline held firm. However, the Trinis were relentless in their search for points and forced an error from the Guyanese which resulted in an automatic penalty which was scored by Don Rojas in the 51st minute. The defending champions then silenced the vociferous band of supporters on the sideline through Darrel Scott whose burst of speed off a kick downfield could not be matched by any of the Guyanese defenders and he ended over the tryline in the 61st minute as the Trinis took the lead 8-3. The ensuing conversion was (Continued on page 70)

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Guyana 15th Caricom c/ship bronze medal in Barbados their best showing overseas The Million dollar question local Basketball fans is presently asking is whether this year ’s Caricom Championship squad could emulate or supersede Lugard Mohan’s men 2000 achievement in Bridgetown the Barbados Capitol. Today Kaieteur Sports and Statistician Charwayne Walker revisit Bridgetown with Lugard Mohan at the helm and Bernard Daniels calling plays when the land of the Majestic Kaieteur Falls campaign started with a commanding 74 to 64 triumph against Antigua & Barbuda. Centre Lorenzo ( F u d g e ) Wi t h r i t e t o p scored with 17 pts he also had 9 rebounds, skipper Lugard Mohan supported the big man with 15 pts, the late great Derrick Boyd finished with 8 pts and 8 rebounds. For Antigua & Barbuda David Davis had a game high 26 pts, Mario Davis chipped in with 16 pts. Game No. two Guyana lost to host Barbados 86 to 69. For Barbados Vi c t o r P a y n e scored 20 pts, 40 year old England based Skipper Nigel Lloyd had 18 pts, Andrew Alleyne 18 pts, Mario Alleyne 16 pts. For Guyana Israel Pro Derrick Boyd top scored with 20 pts, Lorenzo Withrite 15 pts. Game No. three Guyana defeated Dominica 82 to 70 at the Sir Garfield Sobers

Gymnasium. Centre Lancelot Loncke finished with 20 pts he also had 10 rebounds, Dexter Martin supported Loncke with 17 pts and five rebounds, Remington Ram 14 pts and six Rebounds, Lugard Mohan 12 pts, Orin Mohan 9 pts and five assist. For Dominica David Toulon scored 17 pts. In Game No. 4 Guyana humbled Jamaica 70 to 65 with Skipper Lugard Mohan leading from the front with 24 pts, Lancelot Loncke had his second double double with 18 pts and 14 massive rebounds five on the offensive glass, Orin Mohan 10 pts, Derrick Boyd 9 pts. For the Reggae boys, Julian Dunkley scored 14 pts, while Damion Leslie finished with 12 pts. Game No. Five; SemiFinals - Guyana lost to U SVI 83 to 62. Skipper Lugard Mohan top scored for Guyana with 26 pts, while Tyrone Allick had a game high 29 pts for the USVI. Game No. Six Guyana defeated defending champs Belize 87 to 69 to capture the bronze m e d a l . L u g a r d Mohan again top scored with 26 pts, Derrick Boyd 10 pts and 14 rebounds, Lancelot loncke 11 pts. For Belize Keith Acosta scored 18 pts, he also had 7 rebounds. Host Barbados won the 15th Caricom Championship defeating USVI in the finals 64 to 56.

Andrew Alleyne had 20 pts and 7 rebounds, 40 year old Skipper England base Nigel Lloyd scored 15 pts, Mario Layne 10 pts for USVI, Calvert White had 15 pts and Tyrone Allick 9 pts. After the tournament a Caricom All Star Team was selected players named were: Tyrone Allick – USVI Calvert White – USVI Keith Acosta – Belize Dwight Myvett – Belize Andrew Alleyne – Barbados The 2000 Guyana Bronze Medal Team: Lugard Mohan Captain – Ravens Orin Mohan – Ravens Andrew Ifill – Colts United Lorenzo Withrite – Colts United Lancelot Loncke – Globe Trotters Remington Ram – Globe Trotters Steven Nurse – D.C. Jammers Darren Ainsworth – D.C. Jammers Sherwin Devonish – D.C Jammers Derrick Boyd (deceased) Dexter Martin – D.C. Jammers Wayne Bristol – D.C. Jammers Bernard Daniels – Coach Robert Cadogan – Assistant Coach Please note that Wayne Bristol failed to arrive in Bridgetown. He was replaced by Kings Steve Neils Jr.

Our intention is to create accountability in cricket - President Ramotar President Donald Ramotar told the media yesterday at the press conference held at State House, that the government’s only intention is to create accountability in cricket. The Government with the support from APNU recently passed the Cricket Administration Bill in the National Assembly. The passing of the bill was meted with mixed reactions from various cricketing bodies. The head of state said that they do want to take control of the game, but because of the accusations that were being herd about corruption and the rigging of the Guyana Cricket Board elections, they had to intervene. Ramotar pointed out that what is being pedaled that the government wants to interfere with the game is totally untrue. “The only role that the

President Donald Ramotar government would have had was to set up an Ombudsman and they would have done that with the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) so I don’t know in what way this

would give the Government total control in cricket,” he added. Since the passing of the bill, the WICB has moved the third test match against New Zeeland from the Providence National Stadium to Kensington Oval in Barbados. In response to that, Ramotar said that the action by the board is threatening regional integration. He indicated that cricket has played a major role in uniting the people of the Caribbean and what has happened is an attack against the entire integration movement w i t h i n t h e s o c i e t y. H e opined that the action by the WICB is to defend some vested interest, a d d i n g that it’s the Government who invests in stadiums and hotels so that they can host these huge events.

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CULT/EBFA U-17 League

Agricola beat Kuru Kururu; Herstelling trounce Soesdyke

Agricola Red Triangle Captain Dakhown Matthews in control against Kuru Kururu Warriors at the Grove Playfield yesterday.

R to L, Cion Alfred, Denzil Devon, Curt Rohee and O’Neil Sharp. When play in the CULT energy drink sponsored East Bank Football Association (EBFA) Under-17 league continued yesterday at the Grove Playfield, East Bank Demerara, two exciting games were the order of the afternoon. In the main event, Agricola Red Triangle held their nerve to defeat a game Kuru Kururu Warriors 2-1, while in the first game, Herstelling, with a few supporters of their own, recorded their biggest win to date in their short history, a 7-0 trouncing of Soesdyke Falcons. Agricola meant business from the word go but had to contend with a determined Warriors unit that matched them every step of the way. Dakhown Matthews, Agricola’s Captain led his team from the front. He it was that opened the scoring from the penalty spot after a Warriors player handled the ball in the area; slotting home in the 6th

minute. The Warriors never let up on their offensive game as they sought desperately to even the score. Their persistence eventually brought the desired results thirty-two minutes on, Joshua Grant it was who blasted the nets to draw them level. But two minutes later, Agricola restored the advantage when Matthews took matters into his own hands yet again. He collected the ball midway into the opponents half, worked his way forward before unleashing a powerful right foot shot which effectively turned out to be the winning strike. Both teams enjoyed a fair amount of possession thereafter with the Warriors coming close to equalizing as did Agricola. Nut neither team was able to touch the score sheets again with Agricola taking full points and the Warriors, none. The opening game saw Herstelling coming of age by turning in a huge performance in dismantling the challenge

of Soesdyke Falcons, 7-0. Coach Devon Winters’ hard work with his charges has been bringing rewarding results in the past two months at the senior level as well. Herstelling dictated the flow of the game as they went on to record their biggest win to date. Leading the charge was Cion Alfred with a hattrick, the first player from the club to achieve such a feat. Alfred was on target in the 15th, 20th and 66th minute and received admirable support from Denzil Devon who netted a double, striking in the 35th and 58th minutes respectively. There was one goal each for O’Neil Sharp in the 42nd minute and Curt Rohee who rocked the nets in the first minute of the game, the fastest goal of the tournament to date. Competition will continue at the same venue on Saturday with two more matches. The top four teams will advance to the semifinals after playing each other once.

Sunday June 08, 2014

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Ministry of Sport officials satisfied Toussaint new Banks DIH Sports Brand Ambassador with progress of warm up pool The foundation of the warm up pool.

Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport officials including Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Steve Ninvalle, along with Director of Sport Neil Kumar told the media yesterday at the National Aquatic centre, Liliendaal, that he is satisfied with the progress of the warm up pool. Ninvalle stated that the foundation is finished and they are waiting on the engineers from Myrtha Pool to complete the facility. “We have already informed Myrtha Pool about the latest development, so they will notify us when they will commence work which includes the erection of the pre-fabricated walls and plumbing which will lead to its completion”, he added. Ninvalle said that the existing pool didn’t had any leakage and for us to get to

international standard we must have a warm up pool and that they want to give the people a good product. Director of Sport Neil Kumar lauded Kaieteur Sport for recent stories published on the pool. He indicated that the curing time of 28 days expired on Friday last and they are hoping that the pool will be completed shortly. Deoraj Dalchand of Innovative Engineering Consultancy Services said that the materials for the completion of the warm up facility are here. He stated that the backfilling of the deck can only be done after the walls are up and both sides have to be done simultaneously. When asked why the March month end deadline wasn’t met, Dalchand informed that they had to do some extra work to ensure that the current pool and the building weren’t

affected. “Due the proximity to the other pool, we had to undertake extra work to protect the existing pool and building and we were somewhat affected by the weather”, he said. The officials also questioned recent figures appearing in the media in relation to the cost of the pool. The officials noted that it was misleading for persons to state and give the impression that the pool alone costs in the region of $600M. They informed that the entire facility and not just the pool was nearing that cost. Kumar, supported by Ninvalle stated that the ministry has an open door policy and would give any information to the media once contacted. It was also pointed out that the main pool was never compromised and did not leak as was stated in the media.

BBC Sport - Nico Rosberg edged Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton to take pole position at the Canadian Grand Prix. The German was faster by just 0.079 seconds as the Mercedes team continued to compete on a level above the rest. Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel took a surprise third ahead of the Williams of Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa. R e d B u l l ’s D a n i e l Ricciardo was sixth, with Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso seventh from Toro Rosso’s J e a n - E r i c Ve rg n e a n d McLaren’s Jenson Button. Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen rounded out the top 10, 0.4secs slower than his team-mate. Rosberg’s pole will be a blow to Hamilton, who went to Canada determined to avenge his controversial defeat in Monaco. Hamilton had looked marginally the quicker through the weekend on a track where he

had never before been

When they went out for

beaten by a team-mate in their second and final Lewis Hamilton beaten to pole qualifying. attempts, Hamilton was But after Hamilton set quicker in the first sector of by team-mate Nico Rosberg

Tropical Mist Presentation to Toussaint (2): Ms. Lashuna Toussaint receives her sponsorship package from Tropical Mist Brand Manager Errol Nelson, while Communications Manager Troy Peters looks on. Promising female cricketer Lashuna Toussaint has joined Banks DIH Limited Sports Brand Ambassador programme following an induction ceremony at Thirst Park on Thursday, the company announced via a Press statement. The twenty-year-old wicketkeeper/batter has represented Demerara at the under-19 and senior levels and was a standby on the National Senior Team last year. Her mission is to represent Guyana and the West Indies at the senior level. She has hit a top score of 81 runs during trials last year and is looking forward to being called up for

national duties this year. The former South Ruimveldt Secondary School student started playing cricket in 2009 when she participated in the Scotia Bank Kiddies Cricket programme after being encouraged by her mother Sandra, an ardent cricket fan. Due to the limited number of female players in Demerara, Lashuna trains with the Gandhi Youth Club (GYO) male players and plays for its second division team in the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) competitions. She has credited her development to National coach Orin Bailey and other cricket officials at GYO, Everest Cricket Club and

GNIC. Lashuna will be sponsored under the Tropical Mist brand. The presentation was made by Tropical Mist Brand Manager Errol Nelson. Troy Peters, Banks DIH Limited Communications Manager welcomed Lashuna to the Sports Brand Ambassador programme and encouraged her to strive for excellence. He said the Sports Brand Ambassadors programme which started in October last year has seen six promising young athletes being sponsored by the Company in pursuit of their goals in the field of sports under the I-CEE, Malta Supreme and Tropical Mist brands, the release noted.

Maria Sharapova beats Simona Halep to win French Open

Canadian F1 GP - (L-R) Lewis Hamilton (2nd on grid) of Great Britain and Mercedes GP, Nico Rosberg (pole position) of Germany and Mercedes GP and Sebastian Vettel (3rd on grid) of Germany pose following qualifying ahead of the Canadian Formula One Grand Prix. (Mark Thompson/Getty Images) the pace in the first two parts of qualifying, Rosberg beat him by 0.068secs on their first runs in the top 10 shootout.

the lap but dropped time in the middle part and could not make it up at the end. “It’s been a fantastic (Continued on page 69)

BBC Sport - Maria Sharapova drew on her fighting spirit once again to beat Simona Halep in a dramatic final and win the French Open for the second time. The Russian came through 6-4 6-7 (5-7) 6-4 in three hours and two minutes at Roland Garros. It was the fourth match in a row that saw Sharapova clinch victory in a final set. She has now won five Grand Slam titles, taking her to joint-11th on the all-time list alongside Martina Hingis. “This is the toughest Grand Slam final I have ever

Maria Sharapova kisses her trophy after her French Open win. (AFP) played and all respect to Simona, she played an

unbelievable match today,” said Sharapova.

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Sunday June 08, 2014

CONCACAF Begins SPOC programmes in Member Associations The Confederation of North, Central America and the Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) Friday announced the beginning of the process of appointments for Single Point of Contacts (SPOC) in every Member Association. These individuals will assist the Confederation in extending the efficient and effective regional integrity network aimed at protecting the game of football by combating matchmanipulation, racism and discrimination. “Match-fixing is a cross border epidemic,” said CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb. “Appointing the SPOC’s is an essential step to establish an integrity n e t w o r k w i t h i n CONCACAF. Through that network we will be able to integrate all regional measures and coordinate operations in the MAs and provide them with support in order to prevent, detect, investigate, and immediately respond to match manipulation issues”. As it pertains to the fight against match-manipulation, the SPOCs will also be the contact persons in establishing the CONCACAF Integrity program at the Member Association level. The current CONCACAF Integrity program contains different education and prevention measures. The presence of one dedicated contact in each country will facilitate the fast and smooth exchange of information across the region. The creation of such a position in every Member Association is also recommended by FIFA. “FIFA established 2012 an Integrity Initiative to fight match manipulation. The entire football community needs to be united and committed in the response to the worldwide threat of corruption and organized crime. In order to build up a g l o b a l (communication/information ) n e t w o r k F I FA i s recommending that each Football Association establishes a contact person (SPOC) to coordinate all matters related to match manipulation as a national

l e v e l , ” s a i d M r. R a l f Mutschke, FIFA Director of Security Division. SPOC will receive special tailored training in fact f i n d i n g b y F I FA a n d INTERPOL to develop the knowledge and skills to conduct an effective enquiry and establish the facts relating to a report or suspicion of match manipulation as well as presenting the findings for the purposes of disciplinary proceedings. “We expect to have the appointment process finalized shortly and announce the full list of SPOCs that compose this important integrity network.” said Dr. Laila Mintas, CONCACAF Director of Sports Integrity. “We will then start the training process alongside Interpol and FIFA to equip our network with the right tools to work efficiently in this matter.” As a component of CONCACAF’s efforts to broaden its Embrace Diversity campaign, these qualified individuals will help coordinate the monitoring and elimination of any racist or discriminatory behavior during matches. In coordination with CONCACAF, they will also have the responsibility of establishing diversity initiatives, education and prevention programs to combat racism and discrimination within their respective Member Association. As an initial step, CONCACAF will provide training to all appointed SPOCs, who will participate in a comprehensive workshop that will thoroughly examine best practices for dealing with incidents of racism or other acts of discrimination during high-risk matches. L a s t m o n t h , CONCACAF took part in the “Train the Trainers” course, an undertaking facilitated by FIFA and INTERPOL aimed at intensifying the ongoing fight against match-fixing. Twenty-five individuals were trained as INTERPOL Certified Instructor of Footballers, Referees and Coaches in the Prevention of Match-Fixing and will share their knowledge with all stakeholders in the CONCACAF region.

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French Guiana wins 40th Anniversary Ligue de Guyane de Volleyball Int’l tourney Guyana fails to win a game By Samuel Whyte The Guyana Senior Men’s Volleyball Team returned to Guyana from French Guiana on Tuesday a winless bunch after participating in an International Tournament hosted by the Ligue de Guyane de Volleyball to celebrate its 40th Anniversary. The tournament was won by host French Guiana who defeated Suriname in the final. The tournament featured s i x t e a m s , n a m e l y, Suriname, Trinidad, Martinique, Guyana, Brazil (Amapa), and French Guyane. The Guyana team was made up of twelve players, one coach and three officials. Namely - Jason Seelochan (Captain), Quacy Matheson, Creston Rodney, Luen David,Trevon McRae,Ian Bagot,Satesh Seenauth,Beepaul Bandoo,Kapildev Samaroo,Cleveland Peters,Shemroy Ross and Yoganand Dhoray. Levi Nedd served as coach, Godwyn Allicock as M a n a g e r, J a d e s h w a r Doolchand as a Referee and Gregory Rambarran as GVF Representative/Videograph er.

The Guyana team departed this shore on May 27, and overnight in Paramaribo before proceeding on May 28 to French Guyane via the Albina crossing to St. Laurent and onwards to Cayenne. On Thursday May 29, the delegates from the participating teams were introduced to the Vice President of Region Guyane, Mr. Roger-Michel Loupec, at a media briefing held in the boardroom of the Regional Administrative Cite. The team was welcomed by President of Ligue de Guyane de Volleyball, Mr. Christophe Dalphrase. All of the delegates spoke on behalf of their respective countries with GVF Vice President, Gregory Rambarran representing Guyana. Professor Carlos Cimino of Italy/Brazil, who also traveled with the Guyana team after conducting a Referees Course in Guyana, represented the FIVB and CSV. At the conclusion of the briefing all of the delegates received gifts, compliments of the President of Region Guyane, Mr. Rondolphe Alexandre. The Opening Ceremony was held at the Georges

French Guyane Team posing with their trophy.

Donzenar Centre Sportif Departmental on the evening of May 29th. The teams were allowed to use the rehabilitated Freddie & Yvane Hardjopawiro Sport Complex at RemireMontjoly. On the opening night Guyana opposed French Guyane and lost three sets to nil (14-25, 18-25, and 1525). On May 31 Amapa defeated Guyana by 3 sets to nil (25-16, 25-19, 25-15) to knock them out of the competition.

On Sunday June 1, A M A PA d e f e a t e d TRINIDAD by 3 sets to one (25-22, 21-25, 25-15, 25-15) to cop the third place. In the final, French Guiana defeated Suriname by 3 sets to one (25-23, 2518, 19-25, 28-26) to take the title. Before the FINAL match awards were presented to o ff i c i a l s , p l a y e r s a n d sponsors who contributed significantly to the development of Volleyball in Guyane over the past years

and at the conclusion of the final, plaques were presented to all of the teams. According to Coach Levi Nedd, the team learned a lot from the experience. He pointed out that the Trinidad, Suriname, Amapa and Martinique teams were playing together for years and the French Guyane team was strengthened with the inclusion of four professionals from France. He said that his charges got to see different systems and techniques being used

during the matches. The long serving coach said his players are young and talented but need the exposure to get to the next level. He lamented the fact that more indoor facilities are needed in Guyana for players to practice defence techniques such as skating, diving and rolling which is very much basic in the modern game of Volleyball, but none of the players from Berbice and West Demerara have such facilities.

President Ramotar to play in ‘Cricket for Unity’ T20 at DCC under lights on July 5 According to the Organising committee of the ‘Cricket for Unity’ T20 showdown fixed for the DCC ground from 18:00hrs on Monday July 5 under lights, His Excellency President Donald Ramotar, has already committed to play in the contest which involves Politicians, Businessmen and past and present cricketers. The Organising Committee comprises of Chairman Dexter Garnett, Daren Torrington, Uzzi Yisrael, former National offspinner Gavin Nedd and Public Relations Office (PRO) Frankie Wilson. A galaxy of local cricket stars including CPL players

Chris Barnwell, Trevon Griffith and Taignarine Chanderpaul along with West Indies under-19 players Shemron Hetmyer and Gudakesh Mottie-Kanhai will join PPP Politicians President Ramotar, Sports Minister Dr Frank Anthony, Deputy PS Steve Ninvalle, PS Alfred King, Speaker of the House Raphael Trotman and APNU’s James Bond. They will team up with Commander ‘A’ division Clifton Hicken, entertainer C h o w - P o w, M e d i a Personalities Gordon Mosley and Kerwin Bollors, Businessman Asif Khan and former Guyana players Roger Harper, Reon King, Colin Stuart, Mark Harper,

From left-Daren Torrington, Dexter Garnett, Uzzi Yisrael and Gavin Nedd at yesterday’s launching of ‘Cricket for Unity’ at DCC. Sheik Mohamed and Rabindranauth Seeram. They will be among the players forming two teams; Roraima Strikers and Kaieteur Thunders which will be announced shortly. International Radio

C r i c k e t C o m m e n t a t o r, Kaieteur News’ Sean Devers is the lead Commentator and will do the ball-by-ball along with the experienced Niam Chan. TV G’s News Anchor Av i n a s h R a m z a n , E x Guyana pacer Jermaine

Neblett and NCN’s John Ramsingh and Guyana Chronicle Sports Reporter Calvin Roberts are among the ‘Comments Men’ in the specially arranged match. The contest has been organized to help forge unity

among Guyanese of different Political parties, social, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds as they play together as one team for one common goal. “It is on this basis that we (Continued on page 69)

t r o Sp Guyana ruggers inflict more agony on Trinis


The victorious Southern Zone champions Guyana pose for a photo op following their win over Trinidad and Tobago yesterday at the National Park.

Confused declarations uttered First test for new as Atwell host press conference -look West Indies P.71 on World title occurrences Chris Gayle Š WICB

Team Atwell at yesterday’s forum (from left) Seon Bristol, Peter Abdool, Ronald Burch-Smith, Clive Atwell and Lennox Daniels.

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