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Dr. Luncheon claims...

IFMAS delivers despite

two modules inoperable Man, 23, kills paramour, 14, hangs self

Dead: Latoya Adams, 14

Curious residents of Sisters Village, Berbice repond to news of murder/suicide Dead: Kellon 'Gadget' Sam, 23

Man rescues Witness asks for a toddler son handwriting expert to from burning building Fallen beam injures handyman authenticate documents

Stabroek Market wharf continues to collapse

Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry...

Guyana pays US$3,500 to build one meter of sea defence

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Kaieteur News

Kaieteur News Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


The evil within the police The incredible has now become the norm when citizens contemplate the behavior of members of the Guyana Police Force. Not one week passes without another revelation about serious allegations being made against law enforcement officers and for which the Force must be made answerable. It has not escaped the notice of anyone that these acts which are crimes against humanity are being committed with seeming impunity in an environment where it has become acceptable to make promises that justice will be served without the urgency accompanying the promised “investigations”. The instant case of the burning of Junior Thornton’s hands at the Sparendaam Police Station supports that contention and therefore the rhetoric on police reform must be seen for what it really is “empty words”. Furthermore, the report as carried on page 7 of one daily newspaper reveals that “the police who were in charge of the station at the time of the incident were fingered in a similar incident involving the same modus operandi back in 2009”. This is a stark exposé of the darker side of an incompetent police force lacking both discipline and ethics. If we are to recount the recent happenings there is every justification to ring the alarm bells with all of our collective might. Leaving aside the grievous assault on Tywon Thomas’s genitals, the atrocities beginning with the Colwyn Harding matter, and followed six months later byAlex Griffith’s unfortunate role as an involuntary player in a game of Russian roulette. Now Thornton’s burnt hands episode weeks later highlights an out of control police force. Regardless of our innate beliefs the government cannot any longer control this police force which has essentially gone rogue. What these incidents of police abuse of citizens are telling us is that as long as you are from a particular ethnic and social background you are fair game for bestial treatment at the hands of our law enforcers. It might be a good initiative from a sociological perspective to research the relevant backgrounds of the alleged assailants in each of these crimes. The findings of such an inquiry could go a far way towards understanding what impels such brutish acts against a human being, and assist in deriving solutions to an unhealthy and debilitating problem. The Minister of Home Affairs could point to the millions of dollars that Government expends annually on the police till he is blue in the face, but the fact remains, that no matter how much funds are poured into the force as long as the force continues to be populated by misfits at all levels the citizens will be poorly served with devastating results. The force is into its stonewalling mode (for which it is illequipped) where there is no one willing to step up and be counted as standing up for what is morally and procedurally correct. Senior officers who are in a position to make a difference as transformational leaders are comfortable to meander along a road of abject apathy, quite satisfied with the status quo. The senior police ranks give no hope to those junior ranks who may be looking to them for guidance. As opined before in these columns, the subject minister is preoccupied with the sometimes justifiable criticisms of his stewardship. But that ought not to be any reason for an abdication of his responsibility to provide citizens with a force free from the baggage that it seems content to carry. Rohee needs to take control of his portfolio and put an end to this inexorable slide into degeneracy. Citizens are tired of the diet of tripe they are fed as to why a simple investigation into an obvious crime that involves the police takes the length of time it does. If the truth is to be told, there is an almost morbid fatalism to the unsatisfactory outcomes occasioned by what appears to be deliberately botched investigations. There is no reason why the acting commissioner should avoid making his views on these incidents publicly known unless they are at variance with some undeclared diktat.

Friday June 06, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news

Can Donald Ramotar and the PPP/C be any more naive? DEAR EDITOR, With the recent uproar by Donald Ramotar and his Maharajahs, about the efforts of combined Opposition in relation to the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) (Amendment) Bill being respectfully voted down, I wish to express a few sentiments. Firstly, I would like to fully support Lincoln Lewis’s article “A price we must be prepared to pay”, and I must say that Donald Ramotar is 100 percent accurate when he says “it can’t be business as usual”. For it is too long, that we have let the PPP/C administration continue to terribly fail our nation year after year. I wonder how much toiling has Papa Cheddi been doing in his dear grave, in view of how distorted and corrupt the party he founded has become. It is a very sad story when the custodians of our beloved country have outgrown any sense of common decency and morality, when corruption has been institutionalized in every corner of our society, when the largest violators of the law are the very ones protected by the “law”, whilst majority of the population struggles on a daily basis just to survive. It is clear that the PPP/ C is bent on playing dirty politics with the minds of my fellow Guyanese brothers and sisters, when all that the combined Opposition is trying to do is ensure that

it can no longer be business as usual. No longer will we sit back and take the ride, no longer will we allow our constitutional rights to be shamelessly infringed, trampled upon and violated, and no longer will we allow ourselves to be used as political donkeys. It’s really sad when you hear a minister of government cast remarks which only serves to divide, to incite fear and hate and to destabilize our country. Leslie Ramsammy’s remarks of sabotaging Guyana’s democracy, about denied democracy for almost three decades, the oppositions’ natural inclinations to subvert freedoms and democracy and linking the Oppositions position on the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) (Amendment) Bill towards support for criminal activities, are completely baseless and dangerous. The combined opposition has clearly stated their reasons for not supporting the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) (Amendment) Bill at this point in time and are aware of the consequences, but time has come to act, it cannot be business as usual, and we must deal with matters of utmost priority first, we must get our own house in order. The sooner Ramotar and his Maharajahs realize this and get it in their thick skulls, the faster we will be able to get back on track with the peoples’ business.

And, yes Ramsammy, we can pick and choose, you and your colleagues need to know of your mandated responsibilities to serve the people of Guyana, and not to force us to believing that the combined Opposition does not have the interest of the Guyanese people at heart, while you try to force legislations in place, all in a bid to cover up the atrocities of your regime and to make you appear to look impeccable in the eyes of the regional and international community. Any right thinking international body or agency, or country can relate to the need to fix internal issues first, issues which pertain to the denial of our fundamental and constitutional rights. So, it is time for Ramotar to simply convey that message to the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force to start with. When one listens to what people like the Attorney General has said in relation to the bill, it only serves to reiterate the PPP/C’s approach to governance. Anil Nandlall in essence of his speech acknowledged the shortcomings of the bill, but pleaded that the bill be passed just to meet the CFATF deadline. No Mr. Nandlall, not just for the sake of expediency, to pass it now and make amendments later, really? When we look at the many failures that the PPP/C has singlehandedly caused the people of Guyana in the way they go about projects, such as the hydro falls project, the Supenaam and other (Continued on page 31)

What could be bigger than Local Government Elections? DEAR SIR, The General Secretary of the PPP/C, in his recent press briefing, said that, citizens are more concerned about bigger issues like the antimoney laundering bill than local government election. The question is what could be bigger, in this country, at this time, than the Local Government Elections? Surely, the General Secretary could not be s e r i o u s . Wi t h a l l t h e negatives that are happening in the city and every Town and Village coupled with the fact that people have being calling for local government elections, Mr. Rohee could actually tell journalists that citizens are more concerned with bigger issues. If Mr. Rohee is speaking for the PPP/C then something is seriously wrong with the collective thinking of the PPP/C. And why does Mr. Rohee think that the local government elections are not connected to everything else in this country? We need local government elections, to fix most of the problem we

face as a nation. It is not the Holy Grail but it is vital to revitalize our communities and to re-energy our citizens to take control of the management of their neighbourhood. Local government elections would spur new hope and confidence in the system. It could enhance the much talked of the democracy.

The truth is the government is very scared to call those elections because if it does then, the PPC/C will be defeated and all members of that party know that. Therefore, Mr. Rohee is just making excuses for the government’s refusal to call local government elections: but it is the right of all citizens to participate in the

decision making of their communities. However, even if people are more concerned with bigger issues, it still remains the responsibility of the government to ensure that the constitutional rights of the people are preserved. Come on, Mr. Rohee, let’s have our local government elections. Aubrey James

Ample time for screening new Deputy Chief Elections Officer DEAR EDITOR, Those who would have been paying heed to talk of Local Government Elections would know that the preparedness of the Guyana Elections Commission to conduct same is an important facet. These keen observers would have doubtlessly noted the appointment of a new Chief Election Officer (CEO). It has also been reported that the substantive Deputy CEO has indicated his plans to demit office, at the end of his current terminal leave. Logic, not to mention organisational best practices, would suggest that urgent steps would be taken to fill the pending vacancy, particularly given the need for GECOM to be fully equipped to conduct elections with the

expected efficacy, including of course transparency. Indeed, one would expect that consistent with the latter principle, advertising the vacancy for Deputy CEO cannot be effected any too soon, thus giving the decision makers ample time for screening credentials of candidates and making a credible selection. In the meantime, appropriate consideration must be given to making an interim appointment from amongst the ranks of relevant experience within the institution. Hopefully, such a process will send the correct signals of balanced judgment that will satisfy the stakeholders involved, while upholding the image of the commission. Alan James

Friday June 06, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Gardens and art galleries should I owe a debt of gratitude to this extraordinary woman be built in the other two counties DEAR EDITOR, I would like to acknowledge my debt to an extraordinary woman. Her name is Ms. Maggie Da Silva, a former C.E.O of the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry. A woman of par excellence; she was the spark of my intellect, the fire in my soul; she humbled me as she had a golden heart. She challenged the male monopoly in the banking and business sectors during the dismal age of Guyana. She offered me material possessions beyond my imagination; this is how the story began. In the late eighties, I had a small business in the Stabroek Market and was desirous of expanding, as Hon. Desmond Hoyte was creating avenues for free enterprising; but I need funding for my business plans. Without any referrals, I approached Ms. Da Silva at her office which was then located at Lot 47-48 Water Street, Georgetown, Guyana, for a loan from the bank. She politely welcomed me into her office and the interview began. After a long and intensive questioning period she said, “Mr. Mohamed, I am sorry, but I cannot give you this loan, you don’t satisfy the requirements”. A defeated man, I thanked her for her time and made my way to the door. As I was about to exit her office, I heard the most beautiful feminine voice said, “Come Mr. Mohamed, be seated”. For a brief moment I thought I was dreaming or it was a call from a supernatural being, but reality struck me hard as her words still resonate in my soul until today. Ms. Da Silva broke the conventional rules of banking to facilitate my request. For another extensive period she lectured and advised me in the sternest manner and then words of encouragement came. She said “Mr. Mohamed, I see in you integrity and for that reason I am approving the loan”. Those golden words were said to a young, poorly attired East Indian businessman. From that day onwards I never disappointed her. She kept me under her wings and as my prosperity grew, her advice became sterner and our business and friendly relationship grew stronger. Ms. Maggie had a special ability to make anyone feel important and special. She invited me to the Lusignan Gulf Club to try my hands at the sport. She was a good golfer, an excellent communicator and she had a passion for helping the ordinary people. Yesterday, I spoke with a

female manager of a popular city bank who shared similar thought and her experiences about Ms. Maggie Da Silva. It was an experience that sent chills through my body. She said, “Maggie would fight for workers rights with all her strength until her beautiful white face became red”. Ms. Maggie Da Silva never lost a battle; the directors of the banks would become weary of her relentless pursuits. In the highest of forum she would ‘Big up’ the ordinary staff members like the ones who participated in activities that made the environment clean and tidy. Words fail me as adjectives are limited to correctly describe Ms. Maggie Da Silva, but permit me, I will still try. She was full of grace. Grace is the life of talents Grace is the breath of speech Grace is the soul of action And grace is the ornament of ornaments Perfection is the adornments of our nature But grace is the adornment of perfection itself. Without grace beauty is lifeless It surpasses valour, discretion,

prudence, even majesty itself. That was Ms. Maggie Da Silva; pure amazing grace. It’s a pity that a fantastic, astonishing woman like Ms. Maggie Da Silva is only born once in a generation. When corporate Guyana and the feminist movement will write their annals of history; Ms. Maggie Da Silva will be on top of the list of the most influential women of all times. She stood tall like a palm tree and never swayed by the wind. The joy of having known her trumps all the other temporary pleasures I have ever had. I cannot bear the thought that if I were to subtract her out of my history, what my life would be like. Throughout our sojourn on earth one person can touch our lives and we become better, so much better. Peace to the greatest C.E.O of the twenty first century as she has returned to the divine author; peace to a stern advisor, peace to a generous giver and peace to a friend. With utmost respect and deep sympathy, Nazar Mohamed

DEAR EDITOR, Parked at the entrance of the Promenade Gardens was a set of buses from Berbice that had transported school children from that county to behold the beauty and splendor of the garden. When you look at the face of things all that we deem as art and culture resides in the capital of Georgetown. The Botanical and Promenade Gardens, National ART Gallery, Burrowes School of Art, National Museum, National Culture Centre, National Park, Theatre Guild, Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology, Indian Arrival Monument, National Monument, Museum of African Heritage, National School of Dance, National Archives, all are in the county of Demerara. They lack of these cultural institutions in the counties of Berbice and Essequibo limits the artistic talents of its people. I remember having the opportunity to see the Floriade, the world flower show described as the art of nature. It gave one a sense of understanding as to how Europe produced such outstanding artists.

The magnificence and beauty of those flowers compelled one to put paint to canvass even if you did not have the talent. Gardens and art Galleries will do the same for citizens of these counties. It will inspire young minds and may yet produce a Da Vinci, Van Gogh or Picasso. New Amsterdam had a small but beautiful garden that was mowed down to build the High Court. Building Galleries in the two counties

will display the art that is stacked up at the National Art Gallery in such a manner that it elicited caustic comments from an artist who is having an exhibition there. The rotation of the art pieces prolong their life as well as being viewed as was intended. It is time that PPP build art galleries and gardens in Berbice and Essequibo, the model of PPP private /public partnership seems the way to go. Reggie Bhagwandin

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Walter Rodney COI... By Latoya Giles The authenticities of several photocopied documents are now being questioned as former Army Chief and retired Director General of the National Service, Norman McLean,is denying that he knows them. McLean was called to the witness stand as the Walter Rodney Commission of inquiry continued yesterday. The witness also accused commission lawyer Glen Hanoman of trying to take him on a fishing trip after he continued to ask questions outside of the realm that they are investigating. Several documents with the signature of former army Major Godwin McPherson purporting to show the handover of weapons to the House of Israel could not be verified by McLean. Major General McLean who said that he was familiar with the signature of the late army officer denied that the signature attached to a document shown to him was not McPherson’s own. The document, an “accounts form”, was dated June 24, 1979. McLean denied the suggestion and immediately asked that the commission summon a handwriting expert to determine the authenticity of the document. McLean was shown a payroll document with the name “Smith” attached to it. That “payroll” document was dated May 24, 1979. According to McLean, the document speaks directly to something that looks as though it was “cut and paste”. McLean again said that the pay roll document didn’t state who collected salary or the signatures.

Kaieteur News

Friday June 06, 2014

Witness asks for a handwriting expert to authenticate documents Lawyer for the commission, Glenn Hanoman, was trying to show that Gregory Smith, known in the army as “William Gregory Smith” was still collecting a salary from the army although he had left. McLean had earlier stated that Smith was considered a deserter of the army. Hanoman claimed that the documents were acquired from the GDF and that it is his intention to call the Officer who supplied the documents at a later date to testify. 117 questions to answer… The witness was asked whether he had sought legal advice prior to him coming to the commission. McLean responded, “Not really”. The former Army Chief was asked whether he was aware of the Terms of Reference, and why his statement to the commission was only two pages long. He responded that given the fact that he was given short notice to answer 117 questions that was the best he could have come up with. McLean said that he was concerned at the fact that he was subpoenaed and was never asked if he wanted to participate. Hanoman questioned McLean about the year he took over the army. McLean was appointed head of the army in July 1979, something which was a surprise to him. McLean was asked whether it was former President Forbes Burnham who was instrumental in getting him the job. Further, whether he had spoken to Burnham after his appointment, since the president was Arthur Chung. McLean was questioned whether Burnham would call

Major General Retired Norman McLean him regularly when he was head of the National Service and he responded in the affirmative. Hanoman then proceeded to ask whether “Burnham was happy” which prompted McLean to respond by saying “I could call him”. Laugher erupted. The witness was then asked about the purpose of the Guyana National Service, which according to Major General McLean, was for young people between the ages of 16 and 25 to help the “New Guyana Man”, develop skills for young people and to impart discipline.” Hanoman then shifted his interest to records that the army might have kept. The

witness was asked whether “Gregory Smith” was a rank following the death of Rodney and whether the army had made checks to determine so. “When the checks were made for “Gregory Smith”

nothing was found,” said McLean. He added that subsequently the army received another call giving them the number 41/41. McLean said that another check was made and that is when they realized that there was a rank by the name of “William Gregory Smith”. This piece of evidence was substantiated in a book written by Smith entitled “Assignation— Cry of a Failed Revolution” in which he claimed that the army never knew him as “Gregory Smith”. McLean said that he never went through the data base of the army, but he did instruct his officers to look into it. He explained that there was a chain of command in the army which had to be followed. He was asked what the army did after the death of Rodney. McLean did not provide much detail but reiterated that the police and his staff, including Joseph Harmon, David Granger, Cecil “Skip” Roberts, and others would have been involved and would be able to provide details. McLean made it clear, however, that he did not know of the Army’s involvement in Rodney’s death, or its abuse by the government during his 11-year stewardship.

“There could have been rogue elements and things could have happened without me knowing.” The former Chief of Staff denied too that he would go to PNC Congress and swear allegiance, something a previous witness alleged. “Not this boy, not this boy here,” he said when asked. He added that when he was sworn in it was before the then President Arthur Chung and the pledge was for the protection of the country. McLean was further asked if he felt that Rodney had infiltrated the GDF. According to McLean he did not believe that he did, but he knew that the army had supporters of the Working People’s Alliance. He was then asked whether he thought that Rodney was a security threat. McLean said that he didn’t see him as a threat. In fact he considered Rodney as a “front line leader”. Attorney at law Andrew Pilgrim, who is looking into the interest of the Rodney family, in his brief cross examination accused Mclean of ‘turning a blind eye’ or ‘washing his hands’ on the investigation. McLean denied this suggestion. McLean will return to the commission once several documents from the army have been handed over.

Hope fatal accident…

Relatives not satisfied with police investigation The relatives of 38-yearold Hilton Nedd who was killed in an accident last Monday are not satisfied with the manner investigation into his death is proceeding. Nedd, a father of three of Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara (EBD) was killed by a truck on the Hope, East Bank Demerara Public Road. Eyewitnesses had told this publication that the now dead man had “tripped” and jumped in front of the truck but his uncle, Thomas Nedd yesterday said that his nephew was not mentally ill. Kaieteur News was told that the driver who killed Nedd was placed on $50,000 bail. But Nedd’s relatives are claiming that this figure is too little for the death of someone. They said with the amount of money paid, the driver could disappear and never look back. “It got people who did little crime, who did not cause someone their life and the bail

Hilton Nedd

Truck driver

they paid was much more than that,” Thomas Nedd said. Nedd’s employer, a sawmill operator, Sanjay Ramdass, had told Kaieteur News, “He does work and when he tripped out, he does disappear for couple months and then come back.” However, Thomas Nedd said that the father of three was a “flat foot hustler” and whenever he disappeared he would go out to sea with one

of his cousins. “He didn’t trip and disappear. Whenever the sawmill get slow, he does leave and go work with his cousin because he has kids to maintain,” the relative said. “People could say anything about him but you have to get the facts from his family.” A post mortem performed on Wednesday revealed that he died from severely crushed lungs as a result of the accident.

Friday June 06, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Israel huge new settlement Pope fires entire board of push raises Palestinian ire Vatican financial watchdog Jerusalem (AFP) - Israel unveiled plans for 3,200 settler homes yesterday in retaliation for the formation of a Palestinian unity government backed by Hamas and the international community, raising the Palestinians’ ire. Tenders for nearly 1,500 new settlement houses and plans to advance some 1,800 others were issued just 72 hours after the new Palestinian government was sworn in, ending seven years of rival administrations in the West Bank and Gaza. Both Washington and Brussels as well as other western states have shown support for the Palestinian line-up, but Israel says it will boycott what it denounces as a “government of terror”. The news drew a furious reaction from the Palestinians, who pledged to seek an antisettlement resolution at the UN Security Council for the first time in more than three years. Of the 1,454 tenders, 400 homes are to be built in Israeli-annexed east

Benjamin Netanyahu Jerusalem and the rest in the occupied West Bank in what Housing Minister Uri Ariel described as “a fitting Zionist response to the establishment of the Palestinian government of terror”. “I believe these tenders are just the beginning,” he added, his remarks becoming reality hours later when an Israeli official confirmed the government had moved to

unblock plans for another 1,800 homes. “The political echelon has ordered the Civil Administration to advance 1,800 new units,” he told AFP, referring to a defence ministry unit responsible for West Bank planning issues. Walla news website said the order, which relates to construction in 10 settlements, had come directly from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who had given the green light for plans “that he had ordered frozen some three months ago”. An Israeli government official said the tenders were for construction in a areas “that will remain part of Israel in any peace agreement” but there was no comment on the subsequent announcement of plans to advance another 1,800 new homes. Hanan Ashrawi, a senior member of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, said the Palestinians would seek UN intervention to bring Israel to account for its new settlement expansion drive.

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Francis sacked the five-man board of the Vatican’s financial watchdog yesterday - all Italians - in the latest move to break with an old guard associated with a murky past under his predecessor. The Vatican said t h e pope named four experts from Switzerland, Singapore, the United States and Italy to replace them on the board of the Financial Information Authority (AIF), the Holy See’s internal regulatory office. The new board includes a woman for the first time. All five outgoing members were Italians who had been expected to serve five-year terms ending in 2016 and were laymen associated with the Vatican’s discredited financial old guard. Reformers inside the Vatican had been pushing for the pope, who already has taken a series of steps to clean up Vatican finances, to

Pope Francis appoint professionals with an international background to work with Rene Bruelhart, a Swiss lawyer who heads the AIF and who has been pushing for change. Vatican sources said Bruelhart, Liechtenstein’s former top anti-money laundering expert, was chafing under the old board and wanted Francis to appoint global professionals like him. “Bruelhart wanted a board he could work with and it seems the pope has come

down on his side and sent the old boy network packing,” said a Vatican source familiar with the situation. The new board of the AIF includes Marc Odendall, who administers and advises philanthropic organizations in Switzerland, and Juan C. Zarate, a Harvard law professor and senior advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a think tank based in Washington D.C. The other two board members are Joseph Yuvaraj Pillay, former managing director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore and senior advisor to that country’s president, and Maria Bianca Farina, the head of two Italian insurance companies. Francis, who was elected in March 2013 after the resignation of former Pope Benedict, in February set up a new Secretariat for the Economy reporting directly to him and appointed an outsider, Australian Cardinal George Pell, to head it.

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Kaieteur News

Blame Portia - Opposition believes prime minister caused energy project setback Jamaica Gleaner OPPOSITION LEADER Andrew Holness Wednesday blamed Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller for the latest failed attempt by the Government to get the 381-megawatt project started. H o w e v e r, t h e p r i m e minister dismissed Holness’ arguments during a heated question and answer session in the House of Representatives. A strident Holness said that many persons were blaming Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell for the setback in the project, but insisted that the prime minister did not act decisively when the Office of the Contractor General (OCG) expressed concern about the bidding process and the inclusion of E n e rg y Wo r l d International (EWI). “A lot of people want to blame the minister, but the blame really should be laid at the feet of the prime minister. When a competent body such as the OCG tabled a report on

a major project in this country and says something is wrong we did not pay attention to it,” he said. According to Holness, the prime minister acted only after the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) raised concerns about the procurement process. Paulwell revoked the licence granted to EWI for the construction of a 381megawatt energy plant in Jamaica after the company failed to meet the deadline to post a US$36.85 million performance bond. Holness asked Simpson Miller what steps her government had taken when the OCG recommended that EWI should be excluded from the bidding process on the basis that its bid was submitted to the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) subsequent to the expiration of the bid submission deadline of March 15, 2013, which was issued by the OUR. Simpson Miller hit back

saying the Government disagreed with the OCG’s report on the matter. She also noted that the OUR had also disagreed with the O C G ’s recommendation. The prime minister told her parliamentary colleagues that the Government received legal advice on the matter. “ M r S p e a k e r, t h e urgency for me right now is to get the energy project going ... . I am not here to score political points, I am here to work on behalf of the Jamaican people ... working, working, working,” Simpson Miller said. In a quick response, Holness said: “The PM of the country cannot stand up and say to the nation ‘my only concern is to get the energy project going’ and not pay attention to the procedure.” Meanwhile, Simpson Miller made it clear that she had no plans to fire her energy minister, Phillip Paulwell, in the wake of calls for his resignation.

Friday June 06, 2014

$400m Abel Clay factory launched

Clay blocks on the production line at the state-of-the-art Abel Clay facility in Longdenville. Trinidad Guardian - ANSA McAL Wednesday unveiled its $400 million investment in ABS division—Abel’s new clay factory located at Depot Road, Longdenville, Chaguanas. This factory is the largest and most modern clay facility in the Caribbean, as well as the single largest non-energy investment in the region. The new, cutting-edge facility is a significant development for the company which has been in clay block manufacturing eight decades, earning the

reputation for quality, variety and innovation. Yesterday, ANSA McAL Group chairman A Norman Sabga joined with Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, government ministers, hardware dealers, contractors and partners for the unveiling of the factory. Sabga committed the group, through ABS, to support and assist the community of Longdenville, in further development of the ABS Longdenville Sports Facility, to be managed by the community.

The shift to a new technologically-driven process allows Abel Clay to satisfy market demands for superior quality clay products, manufactured to local and international standards in line with required building specifications. The factory has created a platform for innovation and market expansion as Abel Clay now produces superior clay blocks with a faster, more efficient, operational and delivery process.

Friday June 06, 2014

Kaieteur News

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UNSCIENTIFIC AND ONEROUS The last time I checked, I still had my birth certificate issued in the then British Guiana, now independent Guyana. Why should this document now be invalidated for the purposes when applying for the first time for a machine readable Guyana passport? At present once you are applying for a new passport you have to apply for the machine readable version. Once you are applying for a renewal of your non machine readable passport, you are required to apply for a new machine readable passport. In other words, only machine readable passports are now being issued or renewed. A new directive is now in place. If you are applying for a passport for the first time, you need a birth certificate issued within six months of your application. Even the United States

Embassy does not require a birth certificate issued within six months. It will take a birth certificate issued within a year. The need for an updated birth certificate by the United States when considering visa applications became necessary because of the various schemes that are used by Guyanese to try to get to that country. Given the suspicion of possible fraudulent documents including birth certificates, the US had some time ago demanded that birth certificates be recently issued when applying. The issuing office for local passports now is taking this a step further and a step far too much by asking that for first time applicants for passports, the birth certificate must have been issued no later than six months. This is onerous requirement.

Army mulls disciplinary action in Tacama shooting The accidental shooting of Lieutenant Othneil Hope and recruit Vernon Harding last month occurred as a direct result of a breach of Force policies. Recommendations are being studied for possible initiation of disciplinary action, an army release stated yesterday. “The Guyana Defence Force has concluded investigations into the accidental discharge of a weapon by one of its Officers, causing injuries to himself and a Recruit at the Colonel John Clarke Military School at Tacama on Sunday May 18, 2014,” the army’s Public Relations Department said. According to the release, investigations have revealed that the incident was a direct

Recruit Vernon Harding result of a breach of Force Policies, paramount among them, those in relation to the carriage of a Service pistol and its handling in the presence of recruits. “The (Continued on page 13)

Anyone familiar with the process of being granted a birth certificate will indicate that it takes some time for applications for new birth certificates to be issued. This will cause a great deal of frustration for applicants if they have to apply for new birth certificates because it may take months from the time they apply to when the document is issued. This obviously delays the application for a new passport. This new requirement also makes it impossible for persons who need to travel on short notice and who do not have a passport to apply for a new one. It is impossible for anyone to obtain through legitimate channels, a birth certificate within one month and therefore if there is a need for someone to travel urgently and that person does not have a passport, then that person cannot be issued a new one because he or she will be unable to comply with

the new requirement concerning the birth certificate. One has to question the basis of this new requirement. Has any survey been conducted by the authorities to determine the percentage of applicants likely to produce fake birth certificates when applying for passports? How many persons were charged recently with producing fake birth certificates to the immigration authorities? Not many such cases have reached the news and therefore it is reasonable to assume that there is no scientific basis for demanding a birth certificate issued within the last six months. I have no doubt that there may be a few cases in which forged birth certificates may have been produced. But I would venture to say that ninety- nine per cent of those applying for passports have produced legitimate birth certificates. In order to verify this fact, the immigration authorities may take a sample

of recently issued passports and verify the authenticity of the birth certificates. From this they would be able to scientifically estimate the degree of fake birth certificates in the system. It is however onerous for the authorities to penalize the large numbers of applicants for new passports simply because of the actions of a few dishonest individuals. If the passport authorities feel that forged or fake birth certificates are being produced, they should have a system to identify high risk cases for such fraud and to bring those responsible to justice. This would serve as an effective deterrent to fraud in the application process of passports. But to ask everyone applying for a new passport to produce a birth certificate issued within the past six months is extremely unscientific and onerous. In this the computer age, we have to do better than that. We have to have improved

ways of doing things, rather than placing bureaucratic hurdles and burdensome requirements on the public. What is needed is for the passport office to have digital access to the registers of births and deaths. With this access they can with the click of a mouse verify the particulars of birth certificates produced to them. But they do not even need to do this for every applicant they can do this using a system of random sampling. And if the records of births and deaths are not yet digitized, then the passport office can take a sample of applicants and ask for authentication of the birth certificates produced. But to ask every applicant to do this is unscientific.

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Friday June 06, 2014


Today is June 6. Do you know the significance? I have repeatedly warned my only child not to see the movie, “Sometimes in April.” As a teacher in philosophy, I used to show it to my UG students each year. Even though I believe the average person should not see the film, philosophy students cannot avoid that fate. If you are doing a course in philosophy, then you have to try to understand the human condition, the nature of Homo sapiens and the fundamental questions of ontology. Starring Idris Elba, who

played Nelson Mandela recently, “Sometimes in April” is about the Rwanda genocide. It is a movie whose depictions will leave you seriously depressed. The bestiality in the violent methodologies in the Rwanda genocide, in my opinion was more savage than in the Holocaust. “Sometimes in April” is not for the faint-hearted. What does genocide in Rwanda have to do with today’s date? On this day in 1944, the world sealed the fate of Adolph Hitler, the worst dictator in human history. He perpetuated the second most horrific act in history after slavery - the genocide of six million Jews that has since been recorded as the Holocaust. On this day, Allied forces landed on the beaches of France to end Hitler’s reign. And it started as a massacre.

The Germans were waiting and the American forces were simply gunned down as mangoes falling from a sugar estate tree in Guyana. For the best depiction of this great sacrifice in history, see the movie, “Saving Private Ryan”. People who live under dictatorship, no matter how young they are, need to remember the symbolism of that landing on this day in 1944. Soldiers gave up their lives willingly to remove a vicious tyrant. If it wasn’t for D-Day landings on this day, maybe the world would have been different and the Nazis would have killed off the entire Third World and all nonGerman races. Whenever June 6 comes around, the peoples of the world must reflect on the nature of dictatorship, what encourages it, what makes it

grow, what makes it become impregnable. The answer is simple. You don’t need to read history texts to understand it. Men and women enslave their peoples because their peoples refused to speak out when the tentacles first started to move. The tentacles grow larger and larger and by the time a pen is raised or voices gives off an echo, lives are lost, freedom is dead and slavery is reborn. If any country should worship the symbolism of June 6 it is Guyana but we don’t and we are paying the price for such an unforgivable lapse. June 6 has arrived at an appropriate time in this land. Taking place right now is a judicial commission into the death of Walter Rodney. At this moment the minds of the business community is burdened with the fear of an international blacking listing. How are the two issues connected? Let us leave out of the discussion blame for Rodney’s death. This column is not about that but it is about the reign of President Burnham at the time of

Rodney’s activism. Witness after witness has described the repression that characterized the seventies in Guyana. I know I was there. In 1974, I was just days into my freshman status at UG, when Rodney addressed a large gathering at UG about the Council of the University refusing to employ him as a lecturer. I have vivid memories of the moment. I stood next to final year student, Hubert Devonish (now professor of linguistics at UWI in Jamaica) and watched Rodney denounced the government’s control over UG. This was in 1974, thirtynine years after that event. I watched my daughter in the audience listening to Drs. Mellisa Ifill and Patsy Francis denouncing the government’s control of the University that led to the abrupt termination of my contract. Could I ever have imagined that I would have become a Rodney-like victim at UG as I stood next to Hubert Devonish thirty-nine years ago? What has this nation learned about the cruelties of

Frederick Kissoon dictatorship? So we want to find out who killed Walter Rodney in 1980? Who can argue with that? Rodney was killed in 1980. Twenty-six years later, Ronald Waddell was murdered. What has this country learned about the tyrannies of dictatorship? We come to 2014, and a nation remains helpless and silent as the world is about to put serious financial sanctions against Guyana for inadequate anti-money laundering legislation. And all because a dictatorial government refuses to concede even an inch of their vast power. Maybe some nations deserve to be enslaved. Maybe that is their destiny.

Dem boys seh...

Donald wining like Jagdeo Guyana is a great country. One year after he come into office and before he eye get big, Jagdeo spend $132 million fuh buy a system fuh do accounting. That was durra durra money in dem days. It could buy equipment fuh count every species in Guyana. De money wha it end up counting is small change compared to wha de thing can really do. Dem boys seh that when dem buy de system, it had to be that Jagdeo do it wid good intention. But when somebody realize that de thing gun cut up runnings dem hire people and train dem only fuh count wha collect and not de part of spending. It got to be that somebody don’t want de nation to see wha dem does do wid all de money dem collect. Without dem two feature that dem nah train nobody fuh operate, people can’t see who hand, who mouth, who pocket de taxpayer dollars going in. And Jagdeo who was de Finance Minister

and President sit down and watch all this happening and he ain’t seh nutten. He come out and he ain’t tell Donald that he ain’t put dem two features in place. No wonder Donald can’t smell nutten, feel nutten, hear nutten and see nutten. But another government idiot tell dem boys that de system wukking perfect. Dem boys ask he how de freak a four-wheel car can drive perfect pun three wheel. That is when he seh that he ain’t know much bout IFMAS and who mass and who does tek mass. Dem boys finding out that Donald start fuh hide. He behaving like Jagdeo. Any time dem boys talk bout de scampish ways Jagdeo use to run and hide fuh a few weeks till de story die down. Donald start doing de same thing. Dem boys find that strange again. He use to be a man that dem boys know that would seh fix that damn thing right away. Now he silent. Dem boys wonder why. Talk half and tickle Donald fuh mek he wine, not at Sleep out.

Friday June 06, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Health Minister insists “we are not alarmed…” - as more suspected cases of Chikungunya virus surface “We are not alarmed, we are prepared,” said Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran, of the infiltration of the Chikungunya virus in sections of Berbice. The virus was first detected in the Canje area but has reportedly since spread to New Amsterdam and Port Mourant, amounting to 14 confirmed cases in Region Six. There are, however, just over 80 suspected cases from which samples were taken to be sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) Laboratory in Trinidad in order for them to be confirmed. Guyana currently does not have the capacity to detect the Chikungunya virus which has its origin in Africa and Asia and, as of recent, has been targeting the Caribbean and South America Regions. CARPHA, according to Dr Ramsaran, has been working closely with the Health Ministry. In recent days samples were taken from an increasing number of persons suffering from flu-like symptoms, complimented by fever and joint and muscle pains, which are characteristic of the Chikungunya virus. According to Dr Ramsaran, the Ministry has been utilizing a case definition system to detect the suspected cases in the catchment areas. He noted that while it is expected that the virus will

spread to other parts of the country given the fact that people are continually travelling in and out of the affected Region, the ideal situation would be to ensure that it is contained. Moreover, he disclosed that the Ministry is appealing to persons to not venture into the affected areas, for the time being, in order to reduce the spread of the virus. This tactic has been recommended, the Health Minister said, in light of the fact that those infected have been found to be ‘common contacts’ which is in fact a classical way that vector borne diseases are spread. The Chikungunya virus, like dengue fever, is spread by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito which is known to breed in relatively fresh water. As a result, intensified vector control activities have long been seen as the strategic means of tackling the mosquito vector. According to Dr Ramsaran, since learning of the threat of the virus in the Caribbean during the latter part of last year, the Ministry immediately stepped up its vector control activities, particularly in sections of the city. Those efforts, according to him, were spearheaded by Vector Control Director, Dr Reyaud Rahman, who continues to be the principal official behind the immense vector control activities being undertaken in Berbice. According to Dr Ramsaran, when the first two

Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran cases of the virus were detected in the Canje area, moves were immediately made to recalibrate ongoing vector control activities which saw Region Five collaborating with Region Six to engage a forceful reaction. However, by the time it was recognized that the virus was beginning to spread, a decision was made to have the team from the Ministry’s Vector Control Unit travel to Berbice to manage the situation, a task that is being well undertaken, according to Dr Ramsaran. He said that the vector control team of about 10 officers, led by Dr Rahman, is currently in Berbice “taking charge of the situation.” In fact, he disclosed that Dr Rahman has even been personally visiting the infected individuals at their homes to examine their condition and determine their respective needs. These efforts, the Health Minister said, are being done in collaboration with Regional Officials who have been superb in their support. A number of Berbice

American School hosts Science fair The Georgetown International Academy (GIA) commonly known as the “American School” last week held its annual Science Fair. The fair showcased various “scientific” projects from students throughout the institution. Principal Dr. Kelly Mekdeci said that the fair is held annually, and participation is something which is mandatory. “Every student has to present their project and winners are awarded.” According to the principal, the fair gives the children a chance to explore, investigate and test hypotheses. She noted that it also helps in the area of public speaking which is beneficial to them. Science Coordinator at the school, George Clarington, said that this year the theme of the fair was investigation through inquiry. He said that children were expected to exercise

One of the projects on display their inquiry skills. “The fair was two days and students had to present before judges,” Clarington said. He added that there were rules that the students had to follow. The work is based on a hands-on approach. He said that the director and administration are pleased

with the projects presented. Back in April the “American School” had received world class accreditation. Mekdeci had told Kaieteur News that the school is the first school in Guyana to be accredited by AdvancED in the United States.

Vector Control workers preparing to start a fogging exercise residents have in fact been complimentary of the actions engaged in that section of the country where they are not only being catered to in terms of consistent fogging activities but a heightened awareness campaign. This publication was informed that fogging activities are undertaken at least twice daily in sections of Berbice, starting as early as 04:00 hours and continuing at 22:00 hours. However, this publication understands that inclement weather has, to some extent, been hampering the efficacy of the efforts designed to address the challenge at the source before expanding to

neighbouring communities. But the ongoing efforts have not been without international support, as according to Dr Ramsaran, just yesterday strategic discussions commenced between the Health Ministry and a wide cross-section of supporting agencies including the Pan American Health Organisation, the United Nations Children Fund and local entities such as the Civil Defense Commission. The Ministry has also been collaborating with the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development. But since “vector control is everybody’s business,” the

Minister said that there is need for behavioural change among members of the population to fight environmental degradation to help reduce the breeding site for mosquitoes. Moreover, as part of its awareness campaign, the Ministry has been making available to the public, informative fliers to make them fully aware of how to protect themselves as well as their environment in the continued quest to combat the virus. As part of its efforts to counter the virus too, the Ministry has been closely monitoring the ports of entry since it is believed that its entry here might have been aided by travelers.

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Friday June 06, 2014

Dr. Luncheon claims...

Timehri Backlands murder…

Taxi driver among 3 to testify as PI continues The Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the death of a female taxi driver who was earlier this year found dead in a clump of bushes, one mile from Jubilee Fun Park and Resort, Timehri, East Bank Demerara, continued at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday. Three more witnesses were called to the stand. Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine Beharry said that she will, in light of allegations made, be conducting a voir dire to determine the admissibility of the confession statement garnered from the accused. Sylvester Bristol, also known as “Rambo”, is charged with murdering taxi driver Savitri ‘Maya’ Parma some time between February 15 and February 16, last, at Dakara Creek on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway. Parma, a mother of two, who resided at Loncke’s Avenue, Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara, was reportedly raped and strangled with a bootlace several hours before her body was discovered in the wee hours of the morning of February 16. She was said to have been murdered by the accused who she offered a lift to Loam Pit after picking him up at his work place on the night of February 15. While Parma’s body was reportedly found faced down with her head “pressed to the earth,” her nine-year-old son was found sleeping in the rear seat of her abandoned taxi hours later by her

IFMAS delivers despite two modules inoperable By Gary Eleazar

Murder Accused: Sylvester Bristol

Dead: Savitri Parma

husband who decided to search for his “missing wife.” Investigators who probed the case were led to the accused who was reportedly found hiding in a wardrobe at his living quarters at Bashir Sandpit, Soesdyke/Linden Highway. The PI got underway Monday last in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and is scheduled to be called again today before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. Bristol is being prosecuted by Corporal Bharat Mangru who is attached to the chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). He is currently unrepresented by legal counsel. At the hearings thus far, the court heard sworn testimonies from the widower Kamal Parma, their nine-yearold son, her father-in-law Kissoon Parma, her sister Sharon Gangadeen, Detective Constable Mark Gaspar,

Constable Ze Bartholomey and Constable Shawn Beharry. As the proceedings continued yesterday, three more witnesses were called to offer sworn testimonies on behalf of the state. Detective Corporal Oswyn Semple attached to the Criminal Investigations Division of the T i m e h r i Police Station was the only police rank who took the stand yesterday and related the role he played in conducting the investigations. He was cross examined by Bristol. His testimony was supplemented by that of taxi driver Quacy Major who claimed that he had transported the accused. Also, one of Parma’s passengers Damian Dias offered a sworn testimony before the court. The Detective Corporal’s testimony is the only one which was challenged by the (Continued on page 13)

He conceded to not being versed in the Integrated Financial Management and Accounting System (IFMAS), but Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon’s attempt to explain why two of its seven modules are not implemented, has left more questions than answers. “I would say that those five modules that have been implemented over the last 10 years must have satisfied 100 per cent of the Ministry of Finance’s and the administration’s demand for what IFMAS offers.” This includes automatics vote ledger and the move from manual methods to assisted computer based financing and accounting. The IFMAS system was designed with seven aspects — the Appropriation, Expenditure, General Ledger, Budget Preparation & Reporting System (BPRS), Purchasing, Revenue and Asset & Inventory Modules. The Purchasing and Asset and the Inventory Modules are the ones that have not been implemented. Dr Luncheon, offering an explanation why the two modules were not implemented, said, “I have a fair appreciation of technology and the tools that we use often times carry functionalities that we don’t touch. “Look at your own computer and the things that they do that we never think of; things that we have no use

of are of course quite significant.” He suggested that while the two modules were deemed important enough to be installed, in the Guyana context they are not deemed as important as the other five. Confronted with the fact that IFMAS was designed specifically for the Guyana context and as such is required, Dr Luncheon chose to not offer any more contributions on the subject. The matter was brought to the fore when it was discovered that the two modules, have still not been operationalised 1o years after the installation. according to

Dr. Roger Luncheon desirable accountability framework and as such, billions of dollars in assets

“I have a fair appreciation of technology and the tools that we use often times carry functionalities that we don’t touch, look at your own computer and the things that they do that we never think of, that we have no use of are of course quite significant.”.” Former Auditor General, Anand Goolsarran, this lends to the possibility of billions in assets not being tracked by the IFMAS System. The IFMAS system was specially configured to meet the reporting and recording needs of Government’s public financial management systems. In the absence of the two modules, the Auditor General’s report is fraught with reports of goods that go ‘missing’, budgetary excesses by numerous Government agencies, and the constant cry of procurement inconsistencies across the board in every single facet of Government, said Goolsarran. Goolsarran said that in the absence of the modules, there are several crucial implications. He stated that in the absence of the modules, Guyana has less than

and consumables can go untracked. “Those two modules are very important as they allow for the tracking of the physical assets. In their absence, it means that monies can be spent to acquire, for example, equipment or vehicles, and there would be no effective measures in place to trace them and to ensure that they are properly accounted for. In addition, when you expend funds to maintain those very assets, you would need a system in place to ensure that value for money is achieved and that money is not wasted.” Dr Luncheon’s comments come on the heels of an explanation by Minister within the Ministry of Finance, Bishop Juan Edghill, that the modules have not been put to use because the Ministry lacks the capacity.

Friday June 06, 2014

Kaieteur News

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NOC report will be ready today - Ombudsman The 2012 Commission of Inquiry report into the disturbances at the New Opportunity Corps will be handed over to the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport today. Commission Chairman Justice Winston Moore told Kaieteur News yesterday that he was in the process of “dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s” in the report. He added that it would not be unrealistic that the report is handed over to the Ministry. Justice Moore said that once he hands over the report, it would be up to the Minister to disclose the findings. When asked why the report took so long, almost two years, Moore said that he could not explain the delay. This new report comes on the heels of new sex allegations against caregivers at the NOC. Minister Frank Anthony, at a recent press conference stated that he had written to Moore over a period of time asking for the report to be submitted. He said that Moore has

not been paid for the work as yet; since the agreement was “after completion and handover” he would receive a “stipend”. The Minister said that the Board, as far as he is aware, produced a preliminary report. That report is about two years behind. The inquiry was set up to investigate the violent breakout at the New Opportunity Corps (NOC) in 2012. Earlier this year, Chairman of the COI, Justice Winston Moore, had told Kaieteur News that the report has already been prepared, and that a review was being done to ensure that everything was accurate and did not have loopholes. The Commission’s work has had some delays after its initial Chairman, Justice Prem Persaud, resigned just as investigations were about to commence. Reports are that the teenagers stormed through several communities while armed with cutlasses and other weapons. A female

Army mulls disciplinary... (From page 9) findings and recommendations from the Board of Inquiry are now being studied for possible initiation of disciplinary actions,” it added. According to the statement, Chief of Staff Brigadier Mark Phillips has met Harding’s relatives. The wounded recruit and Lieutenant Hope are being treated at the GDF’s medical facility at Base Camp Ayanganna. “The Guyana Defence Force wishes to assure the nation, particularly the families of our current Recruits that this was an isolated incident and there is no threat to life or limb of their loved ones who are on our training bases,” the statement said. According to reports, Lieutenant Othneil Hope and recruit Vernon Harding were injured when Hope, a training

officer, accidentally discharged his firearm in a barrack-room at the army’s Tacama base. Army sources said that Harding, the recruit, alleged that Lieutenant Hope had accidentally shot himself in the leg with his own firearm. Harding also reportedly said that he had gone to the Lieutenant’s assistance when the firearm went off again, causing him (Harding) to be wounded in the arm and abdomen. Army sources said that it is “unusual” for a rank to have a loaded weapon in a barrack-room. The recruit’s mother, Anita Harding, had said that when her son was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital, she overheard some ranks saying that Lieutenant Hope was cleaning his firearm and accidentally shot himself and her son.

Taxi driver among... (From page 12) accused. During the reading of his confession statement, Bristol made several accusations against the police which resulted in the Chief Magistrate opting for a voir dire to determine the admissibility of it. Four pieces of evidence have so far been tendered and leave was granted for Corporal Semple to return to court. The PI is scheduled to continue today.

Corruption benefits the rich and powerful at the expense of the poor. Say no to it!

dormitory and a workshop within the compound were set alight. Seventeen young ladies who were housed in that dorm had to be relocated. Subsequent to the rampage, some of the inmates claimed that they were abused by staffers and that they had reached breaking point. A senior Ministry of Culture official had however stated that none of the

juveniles made any such allegations to the team which visited the centre prior to the escape. It was as a result of these controversial statements, that a Commission of Inquiry was set up. The five-member Board of Inquiry includes Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Alfred King; Senior Superintendent and

Divisional Commander of ‘D’ Division, Christopher Griffith; Senior Probation Officer of the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, Trenetta Scott; and Mr. Maydha Persaud, a retired headmaster and member of the Teaching Service Commission. Of the 48 inmates, eight were charged with arson, while the rest were arraigned for

escaping from a training school. Twelve of the inmates are females. Thirteen of the juveniles pleaded guilty to escaping from the NOC, while the remaining 35 entered not guilty pleas. Sixteen of the inmates were remanded to the juvenile facility in Sophia, Georgetown, while the other 32 were returned to the NOC.

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Friday June 06, 2014

Guyana pays US$3,500 to build one meter of sea defence Guyana celebrated World Environment Day yesterday with stark warnings of the dangers of rising sea levels. During World Environment Day observances at the Kingston seawall, Government increased calls for assistance to help battle some of the challenges. Perhaps one of the biggest threats faced will be the billions of dollars in resources that will be required to shore up the river and sea defense systems. According to Patricia Bacchus, Chairperson of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), scientists believe that the world’s oceans will rise by as much as six feet in the next 86 years, due to ice melting and thermal warming. Public Works Minister, Robeson Benn, was even more real. This year, Guyana is getting almost $2B from the European Union, United Nations and the Caribbean Development Bank to battle

School children lend their voices in the fight against rising sea level, during observances of World Environment Day yesterday.

the Atlantic Ocean. This has been a major spending by Government in recent years as the main line of defense remains the aging, Dutch-built seawall that lined the coastland. Stressing that Guyana

will have to find ways to mitigate the footprints of rising sea levels, Benn said that it costs taxpayers US$3,500 to build one meter of sea defence. This includes rip-rap or concrete. It is the plan to reduce this cost to US$2500 per meter. With miles and miles of sea defense, Government officials have placed a US$1B price tag on any project to comprehensively fix the defence system.

Already, a number of steps have been taken, including a major pilot project to plant mangroves as a line of defense against the waves. The strategic placement of geo-tubes is another

measure. Another major cost is dredging which could go up to US$9 per meter. The Public Works Minister also urged Guyana to change its attitude to garbage dumping as this too has been exacerbating the situation. Guyana, he said, because of the threats from the sea level, has even mulled moving from the coastlands to higher lands. Guyana is even sending its engineers to look at the Mississippi delta in the US, and countries like Holland and Bangladesh to learn from their systems. The messages, with the back drop of the Atlantic Ocean, were in keeping with the theme, “Raise Your Voices, Not The Sea Level”. According to UN Resident Coordinator, Roberto Campas, climate change has remained a major challenge with threats to trade and competitiveness. His message was simple.

“Planet earth is a shared island…Let us protect it.” Environment Minister, Robert Persaud, said that it is a fact that small islands are finding it harder to deal with climate changes. Almost 10 million people have become “climate refugees” because of the vagaries of the weather and rising sea levels. The situation remains one of priority for Government. The Minister also urged the international community to play a bigger role, both in terms of resources and technical assistance, in helping Guyana and other vulnerable, low-lying developing states. Honoured during the observances were several organizations and schools for their environmental work. Also honoured was the late Chairman of EPA, Ronald Webster, whose work in the environmental and business sectors was loudly applauded.

A month of outages for E’bo Coast as engine goes down for overhaul Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) has announced a month of scheduled outages for residents along the Essequibo coast as a critical engine went down for overhaul. According to the company, the works will start today and continue until July 4 when the maintenance

works are expected to be completed on the Caterpillar Unit at Anna Regina. Overhauls of the Wartsila No. 1 and No. 2 Gensets were completed earlier this year, and 2014 major maintenance on engines at Anna Regina will be completed with the overhaul of the Caterpillar Unit, GPL

said. “As a result of this exercise, there will be insufficient capacity to satisfy demand during peak hours and residents on the Essequibo Coast will be subject to scheduled loadshedding.” According to GPL, the outages will be:

FRIDAY June 6, 2014 SATURDAY June 7, 2014

Devonshire Castle to Charity Onderneeming to Supenaam

18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs

SUNDAY June 8, 2014 MONDAY June 9, 2014 TUESDAY June 10, 2014 WEDNESDAY June 11, 2014 THURSDAY June 12, 2014 FRIDAY June 13, 2014 SATURDAY June 14, 2014

Ondemeeming to Supenaam Devonshire Castle to Charity Onderneeming to Supenaam Devonshire Castle to Charity Onderneeming to Supenaam Devonshire Castle to Charity Onderneeming to Supenaam

18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs

SUNDAY June 15, 2014 MONDAY June 16, 2014 TUESDAY June 17, 2014 WEDNESDAY June 18, 2014 THURSDAY June 19, 2014 FRIDAY June 20, 2014 SATURDAY June 21, 2014

Ondemeeming to Supenaam Devonshire Castle to Charity Ondemeeming to Supenaam Devonshire Castle to Charity Ondemeeming to Supenaam Devonshire Castle to Charity Ondemeeming to Supenaam

18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs

SUNDAY, June 22, 2014 MONDAY June 23, 2014 TUESDAY June 24, 2014 WEDNESDAY June 25, 2014 THURSDAY June 26, 2014 FRIDAY June 27, 2014 SATURDAY June 28, 2014

Ondemeeming to Supenaam Devonshire Castle to Charity Ondemeeming to Supenaam Devonshire Castle to Charity Ondemeeming to Supenaam Devonshire Castle to Charity Ondemeeming to Supenaam

18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs

SUNDAY June 29, 2014 MONDAY June 30, 2014 TUESDAY July 1, 2014 WEDNESDAY July 2, 2014 THURSDAY July 3, 2014 FRIDAY July 4, 2014

Ondemeeming to Supenaam Devonshire Castle to Charity Ondemeeming to Supenaam Devonshire Castle to Charity Ondemeeming to Supenaam Devonshire Castle to Charity

18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs

Friday June 06, 2014

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Stabroek Market wharf continues to collapse It is apparent that those responsible for the upkeep of the Stabroek Market wharf are awaiting the total collapse of the edifice before any action is taken in relation to its repair. This is despite numerous calls by citizens to have the wharf restored since the dilapidated structure is endangering the lives of the many persons operating in the space. Market operators expressed anger when a huge beam fell on the head of a well known handyman yesterday afternoon, knocking him unconscious. Up to press time, 40-year-old Charles Ferdinand of East La Penitence, was still a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), nursing a huge gash to the head and injures to the left hand. At the hospital, Ferdinand was being treated in the trauma section of the Emergency Room. He said that he was seated at the edge of the wharf fishing when he heard the galvanize sheet above his head make a noise. “Before I know it, I just get a hard lash on my head.” He said that the plank pinned him. He could not have used his left hand since it was injured. Ferdinand related that another person who was also fishing, tried to remove the plank but he could not do it alone. So he raised an alarm which brought other persons to the scene. They took Ferdinand to the hospital. Several persons expressed their frustration at getting authorities to recognize the danger they face daily. The vendors said that the market has been

Ferdinand would be kept overnight for observation

deteriorating for years, but no one seems concerned. “Until somebody dead at de back here or until de whole wharf float down de river, dem wouldn’t do nothing,” one woman charged. She told Kaieteur News that when the beam fell, no one knew that the man was hurt. She said that it was not until they started to hear shouts that persons went to the man’s aid. Kaieteur News was told that “piece by piece the wharf is falling apart.” The woman said that it is not the first time that material has come crashing down, but as far as she is aware it is the first time that someone has been hurt badly. The dilapidated wharf attracts a crowd every Wednesday morning when people from farming communities outside of Georgetown, come to offload their goods. Customers and retailers flock the unstable area to make cheaper purchases directly from the farmers. More than 100 persons are said to traverse the area

at that time, while there is a regular flow of persons on the wharf each day. The Mayor and City Council (M&CC) is responsible for the upkeep of the market facility, but they had for years been crying broke. Councilor Ranwell Jordan told Kaieteur News yesterday that since last year an agreement was made to address the deteriorating market. He said, however, that the Mayor and Councilors are not in a position to speak of the Council’s financial status since the Town Clerk’s office is responsible for executing the orders of the Council. Public Relations Officer Royston King engaged the Clerk of Markets on the matter and later visited the injured man at the hospital. Acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba said that she was unaware of the matter, but added that it would be looked at. Kaieteur News learnt that the rotten beam was about six feet long and a foot thick. It was thrown overboard in an effort to rescue Ferdinand.

Guyanese is Purcellville’s (Virginia) first Black Mayor Kwasi Fraser is the newest Mayor of Purcellville. With his 868 votes in the May 6 town elections, Fraser, a Guyanese, defeated ViceMayor J. Keith Melton to become the town’s first black Mayor. Fraser campaigned on the motto “Putting citizens first.” He obtained a resounding 62 per cent of the votes cast in a 94 per cent white community. Fraser migrated to the US in 1982 with his mother, Monica Philander-Fraser, a Buxtonian, and four siblings. He later became a US Citizen. He has a wife and three children who helped him in his campaign. As a student he secured a Degree in Engineering from Stony Brook University; MBA from Rutgers

Kwasi Fraser University and a Certificate in business from Harvard University business school. He is currently a Project

Manager with Verizon, and a co-founder of Samepoint, an Internet search engine. His father Clyde ‘Fitz’ Fraser hails from Victoria, East Coast Demerara. Fraser will replace outgoing Mayor Bob Lazaro, who served four terms at the helm through a booming growth period. All in all, Purcellville proved to be the place to be, with competitive elections for both Mayor and Town Council and a voter turnout of close to 27.8 percent and 1,381 people coming to vote on Election Day, according to Loudoun County’s unofficial election results.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

Fallen beam injures handyman

Ferdinand was fishing at the back of this dilapidated stall

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Kaieteur News

Friday June 06, 2014

AML/CFT impasse…

OP mum on negotiations between Ramotar, Granger By Gary Eleazar President Donald Ramotar and Opposition Leader Brig David Granger have identified a range of issues for which they are seeking common ground before the passage of the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill ahead of the Financial Action Taskforce’s (FATF) plenary review. However, Office of the President is not free with the details. Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon, yesterday confirmed that last Monday’s meeting between President Donald Ramotar and Opposition Leader David Granger included the AML/ CFT legislation and that they agreed on an intervention. Dr Luncheon said that he could not divulge details of this intervention without the permission from the principals, Ramotar and Granger.

He said the meeting was primarily to deal with the reconstitution of two service commissions but conceded that the two discussed issues related to the AML/CFT Bill in view of the upcoming review of Guyana. According to Dr Luncheon, he is “not certain what was discussed and accepted to be made available to the public.” Dr Luncheon did say, “I would be prepared to say is that an appreciation developed for an intervention, one that was timely and one that would end with the enactment of the FATF compliant money laundering legislation.” According to Dr Luncheon, Granger agreed that the Opposition would contribute to an engagement with government representatives on a particular range of issues, “whose resolution to their satisfaction would contribute to the enactment of FATF compliant legislation.” Speaking to the work of the Special Select Committee

addressing the Amendment Bill, Dr Luncheon said that its contribution would be unnecessary if the work at the level of the President and Opposition Leader would lead to a successful resolution. Pressed on the specifics in relation to what range of issues the two have decided to find common ground on, Dr Luncheon said, “I wouldn’t say anything further.” Prior to fielding questions from the media, Dr Luncheon lamented that the outcome of Guyana’s failure to enact CFATF compliant Anti Money Laundering legislation was more than a matter of prophecy. He said that aspects of the outcome were mooted and some were already being implemented and impacting on Guyana’s foreign financial transactions and consequently on its economy. Dr Luncheon said that the Opposition continues to deny responsibility for the sad state of affairs facing

Donald Ramotar

David Granger

Guyana. He said that the Opposition would have the nation believe that the AML/ CFT Bill is just another aspect of local politics. “The Opposition knows better; the international community is at one where it comes to dealing comprehensively with the scourge of money laundering.” Dr Luncheon said that it is unfortunate that the Opposition attends to the plight of the Berbice Bridge Crossing and maritime commuters among other issues but refuse to see the bigger picture, namely a FATF

compliant legislation, “the absence of which sees the threat of blacklisting.” Guyana has already been blacklisted regionally by CFATF. Recently, when that body reviewed the country, it was found to be still none compliant and as such was referred to its parent body FATF, which could possibly blacklist Guyana internationally. That FAFT review of Guyana will be conducted during its Plenary in Russia beginning June 15 and continuing to June 20. CFATF at its recent review

of Guyana opted to introduce even more sanctions on Guyana. It issued a warning to its 27-member countries to consider Guyana to be a risk to the international financial system. The regional body advised the implementation of further counter measures to be taken against Guyana in order to protect financial systems from the “ongoing money laundering and terrorist financing risks emanating from Guyana.” According to CFATF, “As a result of not meeting the agreed timelines in its Action Plan, the CFATF recognises Guyana as a jurisdiction with significant AML/CFT deficiencies, which has failed to make significant progress in addressing those deficiencies and the CFATF considers Guyana to be a risk to the international financial system. “Members are therefore called upon to implement further counter measures to protect their financial systems from the ongoing money laundering and terrorist financing risks emanating from Guyana. Also, the CFATF has referred Guyana to the FATF.”

Friday June 06, 2014

Kaieteur News

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World Bank approves US$21M Bandits storm Soesdyke for Demerara conservancy Post Office A sealed Soesdyke Post Office after the robbery

- project also targeting poor math results

World Bank has approved US$11M credit to upgrade the East Demerara Water Conservancy dam. The World Bank has approved US$21M to help fight flooding on the coast and introduce systems to raise the levels in the country’s Mathematics skills. According to the funding institution yesterday, more than 300,000 Guyanese will benefit from reduced flooding risks and an improved secondary education. A US$11M credit from the International Development Association (IDA) approved yesterday by the Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank will be going towards the flooding alleviation measures. According to World Bank, nearly 90 percent of Guyana’s population live on a narrow coastal plain, largely below sea level and vulnerable to climate change. “Extreme rainfall in 2005 resulted in flooding and damages estimated at nearly 60 percent of GDP or US$465 million at the time. The impact on poverty was evident and many subsistence farmers, small business operators and vendors were affected.” Specifically, the project will see the upgrade of critical sections of the East Demerara Water Conservancy dams and channels and target the improvement of drainage capacity in priority areas along the villages in the area. The US$11M credit will also be used to install instruments to monitor hydro-meteorological data, as part the flood preparedness programme. The second project approved was for US$10 million. With criticisms rife over Guyana’s falling grades in Mathematics, this ambitious project, World Bank is convinced, will increase enrollment in general secondary schools and improve standards of mathematics teaching for secondary education. “These two credits aim at reducing poverty and providing opportunities for

all Guyanese by reducing vulnerability to climate change and ensuring quality secondary education,” said Sophie Sirtaine, the World Bank’s Country Director for the Caribbean. “To boost competitiveness, it is essential to address the vulnerability to climate risks and ensure that the skills learnt in the classroom lay the foundation for future workplace success.” World Bank noted that about 85 percent of young Guyanese are enrolled in secondary education. The government has set an objective to achieve quality universal secondary education. Among concrete results to be achieved by the project are 2,600 new students from vulnerable areas enrolled in general secondary schools. The project will also include a pilot technology-

assisted learning initiative targeting Mathematics. One part of it will include 600 secondary schools’ mathematics teachers trained, with the standards used to rate these teachers increased. Mathematics kits will also be distributed to 250 secondary schools under the programme. According to the World Bank, the IDA credits to the Government of Guyana have a final maturity of 25 years, with a five-year grace period. The funding especially for the flooding project would be one of the most significant. Following the 2005 floods which devastated the East Coast Demerara area, Government had announced plans to build an alternative outlet from the conservancy. This led to the $3.6B Hope Canal project which is expected to be completed this year.

Police are hunting two gunmen who carted off some $1.5 million from the Soesdyke Post Office yesterday while robbing patrons inside the building. The duo escaped from the robbery scene in a heavily tinted blue car and headed to the Soesdyke/Linden Highway. Reports disclosed that at approximately 11:20hrs, two men armed with handguns and with a haversack stormed the Post Office where they held up employees and escaped with booty. Police have detained a man who was a former employee of the Post Office

who was there at the time of the robbery. According to a resident in the area, after hearing a loud sound he saw one tall and another short man exiting the post office armed heading to a blue tinted vehicle. “This same car was around the area for the past two days up and down, then all of a sudden the same vehicle pick up the robbers and speed away,” another resident said. At the Post Office, its personnel were reluctant to even leave the door open; they had closed the entire building.

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Letters... Where your views make the news

Police need to stop this noise nuisance in Amsville DEAR EDITOR, I am writing this letter to register my disgust about a noise nuisance in Amsville Housing Scheme, commonly known as Forty-one Scheme, with loud music very early in the morning until very late at nights every religious day. There is very distasteful music at times and all the neighbors are complaining. Calls have been made to the police and they came on a few occasions and the noise eased only for a day or two the most, then it was back to the usual. There was a popular song

played back in the days that says “What The Hell The Police Can Do?” Well, this particular song is heard being played on a few occasions after the police visit and quiet the music until it returns to the high decibel. Even the song that says “I aint afraid of nobody” Besides that, the man proclaims at the top of his voice that he’s living at him and when he’s playing music he’s playing (expletive) music. There are senior citizens living in the neighborhood, even further, the Mayor is living in the same street.

It is usually a quiet neighborhood, where people are able to live in peace. The police need to play a more active role to quell this situation. This man has no respect for the police with the things he says to his neighbors or himself and family members. Ever average household complaining about the high cost of electricity, and loud music is being played each day from large music boxes. It leaves one to wonder he is paying electricity or he steals electricity. Disgusted resident

Can Donald Ramotar and the... From page 4 ferry stellings, the Skeldon Sugar Factory, and the list can go on and on. Obviously that heavily flawed approach cannot get the support of the Guyanese people, we believe in the need to get it right first and not afterwards or later. Then there is the Finance Minister saying that he “will not be muzzled.” Indeed, Mr. Minister, please feel free to let us Guyanese know why the Public Procurement Commission has yet to be implemented, when it is blatantly in violation of our laws. Why Mr. Minister, feel free to speak, don’t be “muzzled”. Additionally, there was the Godly Minister, Bishop Edghill with his two peas of decree, speaking of “ betrayal of monumental proportions.” Please, Mr. Godly one, enlighten the Guyanese public what “ betrayal of monumental proportions” can we consider the Sanata Complex Deal, The Berbice Bridge Scheme, The Marriott Scheme, The Radio

and TV licenses giveaways, the New GPC and Bobby Ramroops’ corrupt dealings with the sale of drugs to the Government. And finally, Mr. President, please feel free to let the Guyanese people know what the real consequences are and what the “worst form of economic sabotage” is in relation to the many many shady deals that your predecessor Bharrat Jagdeo has institutionalized, which are out in the open, which are designed to continuously enslave the majority of Guyanese while make only a select few princes and princesses, but which you choose to say or do nothing positive about. I think you will not do anything about those atrocities and would prefer to be seen as a puppet that lacks the testicular fortitude to do

the decent things in the interest of the Guyanese people. You and your Maharajahs must know that the malas (garland) are becoming shorter and shorter by the minute. And in ending I think the answer by many other Guyanese to my question “Can Donald Ramotar and the PPP/C be anymore naive?” is a resounding YES. Mahesh Singh

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(From page 30)

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Two bedroom apartment to let on ECD – Tel: 684-8906 Paradise - $40,000, Campbellville - $90,000, Ogle - $60,000, Subryanville - $110,000, BelAir -$US1500 – Contact Diana: 227-2256, 626-9382

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Kaieteur News

Friday June 06, 2014

Caricom mulls new int’l agreement for biodiversity Jamaica Observer JAMAICA recently played host to government officials as well as scientific and legal experts from across Caricom to discuss the need for an international agreement dedicated to systematic ocean conservation and the sustainable use of areas beyond the jurisdiction of national governments. Already, there are institutions and agreements governing the high seas and the deep seabed located beyond the limits of States’ continental shelves — called Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJ) — but they do not specifically regulate the conservation of marine biodiversity. They include the International Maritime Organisation, which regulates shipping; the global network of regional fisheries management organisations, which govern the fishing industry; and the International Seabed Authority, which regulates deep sea mining from its headquarters on Port Royal Street in Kingston. But as the international scientific community reasons it, “a new implementing agreement under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) is needed to implement and update the environmental protection and conservation provisions of the Convention in order to address new threats and intensifying uses which are undermining the health, productivity and

Eden Charles resilience of the oceans in general and marine biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction, in particular”. At the Jamaica meeting, deputy permanent representative of Trinidad and Tobago to the United Nations Ambassador Eden Charles said the agreement would reduce existing governance gaps by providing a comprehensive legal and institutional framework for biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction (BBNJ). “It also has the potential to strengthen the Convention at a time when a large majority of members of the international community accept its provisions as part of customary international law,” he said. Charles added that the new agreement would provide legal certainty, establish capacity building and encourage freedom of the high seas. Shorna-Kay Richards, deputy permanent

representative of the Permanent Mission of Jamaica to the United Nations said part of the new agreement would be a baseline assessment before mining is undertaken in the ABNJ. “They need to know what’s there before they start to mine. So, we have a legal regime for non-living resources but we have a gap, and the gap is that we have no legal regime for living resources and the new implementing agreement will address that and take into consideration how we go about mining and sharing those resources,” Richards said. She said the Caribbean needs to have an active voice and policymakers need to be aware of the negotiation on the implementing agreement and leverage the technical expertise of the region. Richards added that there needs to be an integration of ocean governance as economic divisions of the seas aren’t doing the region any good. Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Arnaldo Brown, who is also chairman for the National Council on Ocean and Coastal Zone Management, said the international community has recognised that the job of ensuring equitable distribution, sustainable use and development of the resources of the deep sea is not complete.

Cell phones to be curtailed under new traffic law

Dr. Omar Davies KINGSTON, Jamaica CMC – The authorities on Wednesday announced plans to clamp down on the use of electronic hand held devices by motorists, through

the tabling of the revised Road Traffic Bill in Parliament. Other proposed road traffic changes in the Bill include the mandatory training and certification of driving instructors and a longer period for holding a learner’s permit. Also, contained is the granting of increased powers to the Island Traffic Authority, which is amidst a major transformation and modernisation exercise. Earlier this month, Transport, Minister Dr. Omar Davies, said when the legislation is passed, Jamaica will have a modernised Road Traffic Act and regulations predicated on ensuring that road safety issues are addressed according to 21stcentury requirements. “We intend to launch preemptive strikes against those who are intent on creating

imbalances in the traffic environment. This new Act and regulations will, among other things, deal with the issue of driving while using mobile phones, including ‘texting’ while driving,” he told delegates to the recently held International Road Federation (IRF) Caribbean Regional Congress in Montego Bay. He said studies have shown that a motorist has only 90 per cent control of the vehicle when texting and driving. There are also plans to automate testing of applicants for driver’s licences this financial year. In an effort to address documentation challenges at depots, the Transport Ministry’s Information Management Department is partnering with eGov Services for automation of vehicle fitness information.

Friday June 06, 2014

Kaieteur News

Russia says U.S. should push Ukrainian leader to halt violence MOSCOW (Reuters) The United States should press Ukraine’s new leader to stop violence and talk to separatists, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said after meeting U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry yesterday, Russian media reported. Speaking to journalists after talks with Kerry in Paris, Lavrov said Ukraine’s proWestern government should take the first step to stop the fighting and voiced confidence its opponents in eastern Ukraine’s Luhansk and Donetsk regions would follow suit. “The first step should be a halt to the so-called counter-terrorist operation ... and I am convinced that both Luhansk and Donetsk in this case would do what they have said more than once: they will be ready to cease fire and sit at the negotiating table,” Lavrov said, according to ItarTass news agency.

“We very much hope that U.S. influence on Ukrainian President-elect (Petro) Poroshenko will be used to stop the tension and confrontation,” he was quoted as saying. “I have no doubt that our American partners can and are influencing Poroshenko.” Poroshenko was elected on May 25 to replace a proRussian president who was ousted in February, in a chain of events that has set off deadly violence in eastern Ukraine and opened the widest rift between Russia and the West since the Cold War. The United States, EU and others have imposed sanctions on Russia over its annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea region in March. Western nations accuse Russia of supporting the separatists. The G7 leaders, holding a summit without Russian President Vladimir

Putin, threatened on Wednesday to impose harder-hitting sanctions on Russia if it does not help restore stability to eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian militias operate at will. Lavrov and Kerry met a day before commemorations of the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings, which opened a second front and helped an Alliance including the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union defeat Nazi Germany in World War Two. “Tomorrow we will have ceremonial events dedicated to the landings in Normandy and President Putin will participate,” Lavrov said, according to state-run ItarTass. “I think this would be a good opportunity to join forces to prevent new conflicts on the European continent, to find ways to unite our efforts to restore peace in Ukraine.”

Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez to face trial over demos Caracas (AFP) - A Venezuelan opposition leader has been ordered to stand trial on charges of instigating violence at an antigovernment demonstration, prosecutors said yesterday. A judge ruled that Leopoldo Lopez, who has been in custody for three months, should stand trial, t h e p r o s e c u t o r ’s o ff i c e s a i d . L o p e z is charged specifically over violence that broke out during a rally against the government of Nicolas Maduro on February 12. Opponents of the leftist Maduro took to the streets i n February to protest rampant crime, runaway inflation, a lack of economic opportunity and shortages of such basic goods as toilet

paper in the country with the world’s largest proven oil reserves. A total of 42 people died in the protests, which went on for four months, although they have died down now to just sporadic assemblies of handfuls of protesters. Lopez, a Harvardeducated economist aged 43, leads an opposition party called Popular Will. It is considered a hardline wing of an opposition umbrella grouping and pushed for Maduro to step down outright, whereas other factions just wanted economic and political reforms. Lopez is charged specifically with instigating arson and property damage and with criminal association. If convicted he could be

sentenced to 10 years in prison. He was ordered to remain in custody pending the trial. No date for it was announced. Four students were also ordered to stand trial. The ruling came after a marathon hearing on Wednesday. As the anti-government demos continued, one of the protesters’ demands was Lopez’s release and that of dozens of others arrested during the unrest. Maduro, a former bus driver and union leader, is the handpicked successor of populist firebrand Hugo Chavez, who died of cancer last year. Maduro likened the protests to a coup designed to oust him.

ALCOA threatens to lay off workers in Suriname bauxite sector Jamaica Gleaner - Suriname President Desi Bouterse says the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) plans to cut production at Suralco to a third and lay off 1,000 workers including 800 contractors. Bouterse told the country’s Parliament that the issue is of national concern for which a joint solution must be found.

ALCOA has been active in Suriname since 1916, mining bauxite to feed the Paranam refinery. With an output of some 2.2 million metric tons per year, bauxite mining has been Suriname’s main earner. However, ALCOA says if it is to remain in Suriname, it will have to reduce its production to 360,000 tons of refined bauxite annually.

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Kaieteur News

Friday June 06, 2014

New clocking system creates rift between GPSU, PSM ... union members ejected from Ministry compound The Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) has reiterated its dissatisfaction with the “arbitrary”

implementation of the new clocking system; -Biometric systemwithout the consultation of the body,

which represents for public workers. Senior Industrial Officer, Dennis English told Kaieteur News yesterday that the union has repeatedly expressed their concern of the matter but still there has been no consultation over the implementation of the system which he said, is being forced on public servants. English was at the time standing outside of the Public Service Ministry on Waterloo Street, after he along with a colleague was asked to leave the Ministry’s compound. English said that public servants have registered their concern regarding the implementation of the system, while some have opted to reject what he said, is the violation of the workers’ rights. However, three workers from the Ministry of Agriculture who rejected the implementation of the system were summoned for a meeting with Public Service Minister Jennifer Westford yesterday. As the representative of these workers, English said that he arrived at the Ministry accompanying the three members. He and his colleague were denied access to the meeting and were asked to leave the Ministry’s compound. The new clocking system, according to English, is being forced on the workers since they have not accepted it and the union had not been informed about its implementation. The Biometric system requires workers to clock in an out of the jobs via fingerprinting. The union says that it is suspicious of the motive behind the new fingerprint

system. It feels that the old system is still workable. Several letters between the Permanent Secretary in the Agriculture Ministry and the Public Service Ministry have been exchanged but no meaningful move to discuss the issue has been made based on the agreements between the government and the union. English claims that the Ministry is using politics to intimidate the workers since according to the agreement, the matter has not reached a level where the Minister should summon the workers about accepting the system. The workers will not be paid or given any work if they do not adhere to the new system. They will also be deemed absent from work if they fail to clock in using the new system. Public Service Minister

Jenifer Westford told Kaieteur News yesterday that several clocking systems had been used and are now inadequate hence the change in system. She said that the implementation of the system is a management tool which in her opinion, did not require consultation with the union. She said that she was informed about the workers’ rejection of the system and that the Agriculture Ministry Permanent Secretary was going to take action against the workers so she asked him to hold, and therefore sought to convene a meeting with the workers in relation to the repercussions they might face. “I only wanted to know whether they were aware of the system’s implementation and whether they were aware of what could happen if they did not adhere to the system.” The Minister said that the

union representatives were asked to leave the compound because they were not invited to the meeting. She claimed also that the men behaved disorderly and she had cause to file a verbal complaint with the head of the GPSU, Patrick Yarde. The Minister said the union is making a mountain out of a mole hill when the issue is a minor one based on the implementation of the system. The GPSU members said, however, that they will continue to fight the fingerprinting system and continue to resist any intimidation and threatening of the workers. The representative alleged that workers have been threatened and therefore submitted to the system which has been implemented in majority of the public agencies.

Two brothers chop fisherman over $1000

An argument over $1000 has landed one man at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) nursing several chops about his body and another in police custody. Naresh Balkissoon, 34, of Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara is hospitalized in the GPHC Male Surgical Ward. One of his attackers has turned himself into police custody while ranks are searching for another. The two suspects are brothers. According to information, around 19:40 hrs on Wednesday Balkissoon, a fisherman was at a shop at the Mon Repos market tarmac with two men drinking red wine when the brothers approached him. Reports are that the father of two owed the men $1000. Vanita Dowding, the injured man’s sister, said that she was selling at her stall when she heard a noise. She went to investigate and saw that her brother was under attack. “One of them had a wood and another had a cutlass and their mother was right there looking at how they were chopping and beating my brother,” Dowding said. According to Dowding, after the men started to attack

Injured: Naresh Balkissoon her brother, he pelted the chair at them to block them from attacking him further but this did not save him. The men threw him on the ground and continued thrashing him. “The two of them went on top of him beating him and my brother throw one of them in the gutter and run but they run behind him and continue beating him in the middle of the road,” the injured man’s sister recalled. She added that she pleaded with the men to leave

her brother alone but her request was in vain. “One of them take the cutlass and put it on my neck and said, ‘keep the (expletive) away before I slit your throat’. I tell them that I will pay the $1000 but they said that my brother has to die. I begged their mother but she just look at what her sons were doing. She even hold my brother down and let them beat he,” Dowding related. Investigations are ongoing.

Friday June 06, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Friday June 06, 2014

Singh’s century propels... Nadal, Murray set up French From page 42 Security took first strike and managed 133-4 off their allotted 10 overs. They found themselves in a spot of bother before Alvin Castello and Azeem Azeez added 90 for the fifth wicket to steady their innings. Azeez was dismissed for 42 (3x4 3x6) while Castello finished on 42 not out (2x4 4x6) and Toolsie

Sahadeo 17. Mahendra Gurdat snared 2-12. Shameer Fazal spearheaded Princess’ chase with an authoritative unbeaten 62 (6x4 3x6) as they reached their target in 9.2 overs, ending on 137-4. Farm thumped Brickery by seven wickets. Brickery were skittled for 75 in 9.5 overs, batting first; Patrick Bedesi hit 37 (4x6) and Kelvin Kanhai 18 (2x4).

Sheldon Persh grabbed 412 and Ravindra Sarabjeet 3-16. Farm responded with 76-3 in 7 overs. Patrick Khan slammed 37 (3x6). Speed Boat beat Cheddi Jagan International Airport by 12 runs. Speed Boat posted 129-9 in 10 overs. Greg Singh scored 42. Cheddi Jagan Airport were bowled out for 177 in 9 overs in reply. (Zaheer Mohamed)

Open semifinal matchup

Andy Murray

FridayJune 06, 2014 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): Although you should be feeling especially close to friends, lovers, and family, Aries, you might find it hard to communicate with them today. *************************** TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): A desire to do some redecorating, perhaps in anticipation of hosting a social event, might prove frustrating today. You probably have some definite ideas, Taurus, but can't find the materials you need to produce the results you want. *************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): Travel could be on your mind. You're probably excited about a forthcoming vacation. You might need to finalize some arrangements today but find it difficult to reach people you need to speak to. This is frustrating, Gemini, but it shouldn't lessen your enthusiasm. Keep trying. *************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Today you might need to execute some paperwork regarding money, Cancer. Bills might need to be paid, deposits made, or checks collected. Minor incidents could interrupt you, causing some frustration. *************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): Today you might be feeling particularly warm and loving toward a romantic partner, and the feeling is likely reciprocated. You could have trouble reaching each other to make arrangements to meet, Leo. ************************ VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): Ideas for creative, artistic, or serviceoriented work might be coming thick and fast, although you could be torn between different possibilities, Virgo. All your ideas seem workable, yet you feel you should settle on one for the moment. It might be a good idea to ask the advice of others.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Your enthusiasm for group activities and social events is high, Libra. You might want to discuss your ideas with others. *************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 - NOV 21): You might be expecting some visitors to your home, Scorpio, and looking forward to it. However, your plans could be frustrated in some way through miscommunication, undelivered messages, delays due to traffic, or other obstacles. *************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 DEC 21): Today you might feel a powerful need to write down your thoughts, Sagittarius, but they could prove a bit too amorphous for you to put into words. You might also have difficulty making contact with friends or loved ones. You may keep missing each other. *************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): A small financial windfall might have you in a bit of a quandary about how to spend it, Capricorn. You could have a bill you particularly want to pay, but you might also want to treat yourself to a minor luxury of some kind. The best option now might be to indulge yourself a little. Y

*************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): Communication with those closest to you might prove difficult today, Aquarius. You might end up playing endless phone tag. This can be a bit distressing, because you're feeling especially warm and loving toward them right now. *************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): Today you might work on an artistic project of some kind. You'll put in a lot of effort, Pisces, yet the results may not turn out to be exactly what you wanted. This could result in many revisions.

Paris (AP) - Briefly, and only briefly, Rafael Nadal was in a difficult spot in the French Open quarterfinals. For the first time in this year’s tournament, the eight-time champion dropped a set. And this had to be on Nadal’s mind: His opponent, David Ferrer, could present real problems. Not only is Ferrer ranked No. 5, and not only was he the runner-up at Roland Garros a year ago - to Nadal, of course - but he also beat Nadal on red clay the last time they played each other. So how did Nadal handle this test? Perfectly. From late in the second set, he won 10 games in a row, and 13 of 14 the rest of the way, to come back and beat Ferrer 4-6, 6-4, 6-0, 6-1, setting up a semifinal Friday against Wimbledon champion Andy Murray. But once Nadal made a key adjustment - deciding to dispense with his surprisingly off-target backhand as much as possible and instead do whatever he could to use his topspin-heavy forehand - he took over. After committing 28 unforced errors across the windy first two sets, Nadal had zero in the third, and only three in the last. It was Nadal’s 33rd

Rafael Nadal consecutive win at the French Open and improved his record in the event to 64-1. His only loss at the tournament came to Robin Soderling in the fourth round in 2009. The Spaniard, who turned 28 on Tuesday, is not used to facing much in the way of hardship at Roland Garros. So Nadal took what he was able to do against Ferrer as a good sign. The route Murray took during his 6-4, 6-1, 4-6, 1-6, 60 victory over No. 23 Gael Monfils of France was far more circuitous, finishing right on the cusp of dusk after 9:30 p.m. In front of a crowd loudly pulling for Monfils at Court Philippe Chatrier, Murray was terrific at the

outset, mediocre in the middle, then closed on a high. After a brief discussion with a tournament official over whether there was enough sun to play the fifth set - the Roland Garros courts have no artificial lights - Murray made the whole thing moot. He raced through that set in 21 minutes, winning 24 of 31 points, as Monfils appeared to stop trying. Murray will be playing in the French Open semifinals for the second time; he lost to Nadal in 2011. In all, Nadal owns a 14-5 edge in their head-to-head matches. The other men’s semifinal will be No. 2 Novak Djokovic against No. 18 Ernests Gulbis.

Friday June 06, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Letter to the Editor

Wake up Rupert Roopnarine DEAR EDITOR Rupert, nothing surprises us anymore as it relates to Guyanese politicians, especially those that prostitute themselves to the highest bidder. I nearly had a heart attack when I visited the Government Information News Agency (GINA) website and saw an article captioned “In light of match removal from Guyana...Dr. Rupert Roopnarine challenges WICB to show where in the Cricket Bill Government is given power over GCB”. Now, my first thought was that the joint opposition had reinstated the GINA funding, cut during the parliamentary budget debate. If not, then the price must have been really good for Rupert to have gained such prominence of being the mouthpiece for the PPP / APNU coalition on such an important issue should give him tremendous political mileage. On the contrary, he may have been told to clean up the shit he has now placed on the head of APNU. Mr. Roopnarine, I am sure the WICB would not waste its time to respond to you as they have already done what was promised, move the test match to Barbados. While they will continue to engage the Government, if the bill is signed into law, everything

else would be moved and we will play cricket at Freedom House and Congress Place. I would, however, highlight a few things in the Bill, a copy of which I obtained from the Parliament that you must answer before seeking to condemn the WICB. The Bill states on page 10 Article 10.4 “the other functions of the Ombudsman and the rules of procedure of his office shall be prescribed by regulations”. At no point is it further stated who prescribes the regulations. IT IS PELLUCIDLY CLEAR THAT THE MINISTER INTENDS TO EXERCISE HIS CONTROL THROUGHAN OMBUDSMAN WHOM HE APPOINTS AND REGULATES. The WICB made it clear, in its correspondence to the Guyana Parliament, that it does not interfere in the internal affairs of its members as they are governed by their own constitution, rules and regulations. This brings into question my second point. Why did the Bill misrepresent the correct constitution of the Guyana Cricket Board? Mr. Roopnarine, you were present when the valid and legal GCB constitution was placed on record in front of your Select Committee during their written and oral

submissions. It is appalling that your Committee has totally disregarded such a sacred document and proceeded to insert a constitution that was prepared by the Government’s special legal counsel, who amazingly ended up as legal advisor to your Select Committee. It was the same Stephen Fraser who took the GCB to court, on behalf of the Government, to claim the GCB’s assets on the principle of “Bona Vacantia” or ownerless property. I, in no way, disrespect Mr. Fraser as he is a brilliant attorney and must do his client’s bidding (for which I hope he attains silk). Hence, Mr. Roopnarine, it came as no surprise when on page 6 Article 4; 5; 2 and 3, the Bill states “All assets, funds, resources and other movable and immovable property held by or on behalf of the former Guyana Cricket Board on or before the commencement of this act shall without further assurance stand transferred to the Guyana Cricket Board: Provided that in respect of immovable property the Registrar of Deeds shall take due cognizance and make the necessary annotation in any deed under which the immovable property is held.

All moveable and immovable property now held by or vested in any person for the purpose and benefit of the former Guyana Cricket Board shall by virtue of this act and without further assurance, stand transferred to the Guyana Cricket Board”. What this Bill has now done is give the Government all they prayed for in the Court action above filed on their behalf by Mr. Fraser even though the CCJ ruled that it is trite law that an unincorporated entity can own property. We have to be careful here as APNU, WPA, and PPP are all unincorporated entities. That makes me wonder, who actually owns Freedom House and Congress Place? Mr. Roopnarine, the WICB has made its position very clear; it is the primary source of funding for the GCB and, as such, has a vested interest in its fixed and movable assets. The funding from WICB cannot be used to pay a government appointed Ombudsman when all of the Officers of the Board are volunteers. I was also informed that the GCB accounts are usually sent to the WICB after being audited by a reputable auditing firm and, the WICB is quite satisfied with those accounts. In fact, I am told that the GCB is the most

compliant in this regard. Is the following statement made at the Select Committee and attributed to Minister Anthony true? “ Members might want to consider making the UDCA a substantive member of the DCB, in the interim, but with a reduced number of voting delegates... the odd number created on the DCB, with UDCA membership status, might prevent deadlock during future elections”. Is it not true that this political maneuvering gambit placed opposition members on the committee in a precarious position on the Linden political support base? This political bartering is exactly why the ICC made its stringent rules since there is no place for political interference in Sports. Mr. Roopnarine, this fact was extracted straight from the records of Parliament. Your Committee unilaterally proceeded to insert a new member in Demerara thereby influencing the voting numbers to benefit your friends. Maybe, the PPP Government should use this same tactic on a national scale since you easily fell for the move. You also said that Pakistan and Sri Lanka did the same thing and the ICC did nothing. I do not know if you realise that Guyana is a

member of WICB while Pakistan and Sri Lanka are members of the ICC. Pakistan has had four Cricket Boards in the last five months. The President of Pakistan is the Patron of the Cricket Board and every time he installs a Board the high court overturns his decision and reinstates the previous Officers. This is a bad example Rupert, since in Pakistan the Army has a great say, unless you are insinuating that Brigadier General Granger has an interest. Also, for your information, the Sri Lankan Cricket Board has been democratically elected and is well on its way to fully comply with ICC regulations. Please do not advise your colleagues to move backward. Let me get straight to the point Mr. Rupert Roopnarine. When the Minister is finished with this one single appearance in the bill, as you put it, there will be no need for him to do so again. The GCB would have lost its assets, a government entity replacing it, and Guyana will have no cricket. The WICB / GCB will surely take the matter to court and possibly before that is resolved we will have a new government and APNU will cease to exist. Regards Onlooker

Sharapova scraps into final showdown with Halep Maria Sharapova needed all her battling qualities to beat Eugenie Bouchard and reach a third successive French Open final. The Russian came through 4-6 75 6-2 against the 20-year-old Canadian in two hours and 27 minutes. She will face Romanian fourth seed Simona Halep in Saturday’s final. Halep beat Germany’s Andrea Petkovic 6-2 7-6 (7-4) to reach her first Grand Slam final. Sharapova had the more testing afternoon, recovering from a set down for the third match in a row. Sam Stosur and Garbine Muguruza had been seen off in three sets by Sharapova in the previous two rounds, and rising star Bouchard went the same way despite a similarly impressive start. The Canadian’s powerful, flat hitting off both wings had Sharapova scrambling from side to side and she broke for the second time at 4-4 on her way to clinching the opening set.

first major final without dropping a set. The 22-yearold has won seven WTA titles since losing in the first round at Roland Garros last year as the world number 57. She raced through the first set in 28 minutes against Petkovic, the 28th seed also playing her first Grand Slam semi-final. The second set

Simona Halep

Sharapova When Bouchard came back from 5-2 down to level in the second, after an extraordinary ninth game that saw Sharapova double-fault on two of three set points, a maiden Grand Slam final was within reach. But while Sharapova’s tennis might not always have hit the heights at Roland Garros this year, her renowned

fighting spirit has been ever present. The vulnerable serve improved sufficiently to take the pressure off and the Russian hammered away with her forehand to break at 6-5, forcing a decider. Sharapova had dropped one game in her previous two final sets, and she set about this one in similar fashion, coming back from 40-0 down

to break at 3-1. Bouchard has shown her mettle by reaching two Grand Slam semi-finals this year and gamely saw off four match points on serve, but Sharapova simply would not be denied and converted her fifth with a forehand that clipped the baseline. Halep continued her hugely impressive form in the second semi-final to reach her

was a much more competitive affair as Petkovic broke early and had two points for 4-1, only to hand the advantage back with a double-fault and two errors. Halep was under pressure serving second in the set but held her nerve before edging a nervous tie-break from both players.

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Kaieteur News

Friday June 06, 2014

Fraser-Pryce struggles Brazil cannot guarantee readiness again, Gatlin wins in Rome for World Cup: Sports Minister Reuters - World and Olympic 100 meters champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce’s problems continued at the Rome Diamond League meeting yesterday when the Jamaican was again upstaged by long jump specialist Tori Bowie.Fraser-Pryce won gold medals in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay at last year’s world championships in Moscow but her start to the outdoor season has been dogged by a persistent leg injury and she showed no spark in beating home just one of the nine-strong field at the Olympic stadium. After winning her seasonopener in Doha last month, she then pulled out of the Shanghai meeting and finished a disappointing eighth behind American Bowie over 200m in Eugene last weekend. Bowie, 23, again showed the sprinters how it is done by taking another surprise victory in a personal best 11.05, ahead of Jamaicans Kerron Stewart (11.08) and Simone Facey (11.13). Unlike Fraser-Pryce, American Justin Gatlin has had no such problems in hitting his stride and clocked 9.91 to win the men’s 100, ahead of Jamaica’s Nesta Carter (10.02) and Briton

Adam Gemili (10.07). Former Olympic champion Gatlin, who powered out of the blocks and quickly had the race at his mercy, has run the three quickest times in the world this year. In the night’s tightest finish, world 100m hurdles champion Brianna Rollins just got the better of compatriot Dawn HarperNelson with just one hundredth of a second separating the pair. Rollins looked to have the race in control but HarperNelson surged late to force a photo finish, with the younger American taking victory in a world-leading 12.53. Queen Harrison was third for a U.S. 1-2-3. The much anticipated rematch between Rollins and Olympic champion Sally Pearson did not materialize after the Australian, second behind the American in Moscow, pulled out of the meeting earlier in the day. Pearson said she would have risked suffering an injury by competing and pulled out as “a precaution”. “I am not injured but if I ran I either would’ve torn my hamstring or ran well off my best - either way was not an option for me,” she tweeted. Kenya’s Silas Kiplagat surged late to reel in

Djibouti’s 2014 world indoor champion Ayanleh Souleiman to win the men’s 1500m in 3:30.44. Souleiman had clocked the fastest time for a mile race on U.S. soil when winning in Eugene but could not hang on down the straight and was overhauled by Kiplagat in the final 40 meters. Kenya’s double world champion Asbel Kiprop could not mount a challenge and clung on for third. There was more Kenyan success with Eunice Sum continuing to show that her surprise world 800m title was no flash in the pan by taking the two-lap victory in 1:59.49, following up her win in Doha last month. World 400m champion LaShawn Merritt was not extended in breezing to victory in 44.48, while Jamaican Kaliese Spencer clocked the fastest 400m hurdles time of the year with a 53.97 win. After a terrific indoor season, Ethiopian Genzebe Dibaba dominated a strong field to land the women’s 5000 in 14:34.99, pulling clear of compatriot Almaz Ayana (14:37.16). Qatar’s Mutaz Essa Barshim won the men’s high jump, equaling the best leap in the world this year with a 2.41m clearance.

GCA competitions continue this weekend The Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) first and second division 2-day tournaments will continue this weekend with several matches. In the Hadi’s World City Mall Inc. first division, Police will host Georgetown Cricket Club with Pritipaul George and Gauvin De Guiar officiating. Everest will entertain Malteenoes SC with Zaheer Mohamed and Edward

Bowen doing on field duties. Gandhi Youth Organisation will travel to Demerara Cricket Club under the watchful eyes of M. Yosef Yisreal and Ryan Banwarie and Transport SC will face GNIC at Malteenoes SC with Hortence Isaacs and Cyril Garnath in charge. In the Noble House Sea Foods second division, Sophia tackles Guyana Defense Force at University of Guyana; Joseph Jeffery and Randolph Rose

umpiring. GNIC will play Transport Sports Club at Gandhi Youth Organisation under the guidance of Linden Matthews and Leyland Liverpool and Police will challenge Everest at Muslim Youth Organsiation with Daniel Richmond and Javed Persaud overseeing play. All matches start on Saturday (tomorrow) with the first division commencing at 09:30hrs and second division at 11:00hrs.

Reuters - On a day when a transport workers’ strike brought part of Brazil’s biggest city to a halt, Brazil’s Sports Minister said it was impossible to promise his country would be ready for next week’s opening match of the World Cup. “When you are dealing with an event as big as the World Cup there is no way for you to put a diploma on the wall saying you are ready,” Aldo Rebelo told reporters in Sao Paulo. “You have to be prepared every day,” the normally upbeat Rebelo added. “Everything needs to be working 24 hours. I am not going to hang a diploma on my wall and say ‘Here is my diploma, everything is ready.’We have done everything within our capacity so that things are as close as possible to ready.” Large parts of Sao Paulo came to a standstill yesterday after a strike by metro workers prompted people to take their cars to work. It was the latest in a series of stoppages to hit Brazil in recent weeks. Police, teachers and bus drivers have also been on strike in search of higher wages, causing fears that the tournament, which kicks off next Thursday when the host nation faces Croatia, could be affected. However, the 12 stadiums should be ready, even though workers are still putting the finishing touches

to some of them, Jerome Valcke, FIFA’s secretary general, said. Valcke acknowledged some stadiums are still fitting seats and others are installing generators, amongst other issues. “It looks like there is quite a lot of work going on,” said Valcke. “I would say that is quite normal. And that is more normal when you consider the stadiums were delivered late. “We are not afraid of the next days.” FIFA President Joseph Blatter dodged the elephant in the room by sidestepping questions over Qatar, the hosts of the 2022 World Cup. Allegations have surfaced that money was paid to influence the decision, but Blatter said he would not address the issue until investigator Michael Garcia

finished his enquiry. “The only thing I can say to the Qataris is that in March this year we said we don’t put the World Cup in Qatar into question and we are waiting the result of the investigation,” Blatter said. “I am not a prophet, so we await the results and see what happens.” Blatter, who has indicated he will seek another term as FIFA President in 2015, also refused to take a stand on possible term limits. He said the Executive Committee meeting scheduled for next week in Sao Paulo might vote on the issue. “My opinion is that we have already had this on the agenda in Mauritius and the congress said we will deal with it in Sao Paulo,” Blatter said. “So let them deal with it.”

UEFA President Michel Platini has called for a re-vote on the staging of the 2022 World Cup if allegations of corruption against Qatar are proven. The Qatar bid is under investigation after a Sunday Times report alleged football officials accepted bribes. European governing body chief Platini voted for Qatar but told L’Equipe: “If corruption is proven, it will

take a new vote and sanctions.” Qatar’s 2022 bid committee has denied “all allegations of wrongdoing”. Asked about his decision to vote for Qatar when they were awarded the 2022 World Cup in 2010, Platini added: “I do not regret anything. I think it was the right choice for FIFA and world football.” The former France

international captain, who has been UEFA President since 2007, will decide after this summer’s World Cup in Brazil whether to contest the FIFA presidency in the election next May. Current President Sepp Blatter, 78, head of world football’s governing body since 1998, has indicated he will seek a fifth term in charge. (BBCSport)

Brazil’s Sport Minister Aldo Rebelo (Credit: Reuters/Sergio Moraes)

World Cup Qatar 2022: Platini calls for re-vote if claims true

Friday June 06, 2014

Kaieteur News

Banks DIH offers generous support to national ruggers Banks DIH extended its generosity to the Guyana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) when Banks Beer Manager Brian Choo-Hen handed over a cheque for an undisclosed sum to President of the Union Peter Green yesterday in the Conference Room of the Company. The sponsorship is to offset expenses to host the NACRA Southern Zone 15’s final between Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) tomorrow, at the National Park, starting from 16:00 hrs. Among those at the presentation ceremony were Outdoor Events Manager Mortimer Stewart, GT Beer Manager Geoff Clement, Communications Manager Troy Peters, Match Liason Terrence Grant, Senior VicePresident of the Union Mike McCormack, Team Manager Robin Roberts and Captain Ryan Gonsalves. Green in his remarks first thanked the Company for the gesture which a c c o rd i n g t o h i m h a s been consistent for a number of years and even extended his gratitude to the Management and Staff as well. The GRFU President then spoke about the history of the rivalry between the two countries which he added has been going on for quite a while with Guyana enjoying more success recently. However, T&T are the defending champions, having beaten Guyana last year at home

- fans urged to wear green 20-0 and the locals will no doubt be thinking about revenge in their own backyard when the two teams collide tomorrow. The winner will then move on to play the winner of the Northern Zone clash between USA and the Cayman Islands scheduled to be played in two weeks. Meanwhile, US based n a t i o n a l p l a y e r Va l l o n Adams is expected to make his return to the squad for the critical engagement and he will be joined by T & T- b a s e d Richard Staglon, Ronald Mayers and Peabo Hamilton. Gonsalves commenting on Adams’ importance to the team said that, “his addition will provide much needed size against the bigger Trinidadian outfit which used their size advantage against us last year.” The Captain stressed the importance of t o m o r r o w ’s e n c o u n t e r, referring to it as an important one for the team. “This year is kind of a payback, they got the better of us last year and we are looking forward to a positive result on S a t u r d a y. T h e t e a m i s mentally and physically ready, the winner of any ball game is about who plays well on the day and hopefully we are the ones.” Gonsalves also thanked Banks DIH Limited for being

good corporate citizens by sponsoring the match under the GT Beer product. Communications Manager Troy Peters said that “we look forward to an exciting match this weekend and it is a pleasure to see international competition returning to the National Park.” The road to the final saw Guyana hammer Barbados 4819, while T&T was also in fine mettle, winning 35-5. The Trinidadians are anticipated to touch down this morning at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. Admission to the venue is free and fans are asked to wear green in support of the locals. The players named are: 15 Ronald Mayers, 14 Avery Corbin, 13 Claudius Butts, 12 Theo Henry, 11 Carl Lewis, 10 Peabo Hamilton, 9 Ryan Gonsalves, 8 Clive Prowell, 7 Richard Staglon, 6 Felon Thompson, 5 Dwayne Schroeder, 4 Vallon Adams, 3 Jason Tyrell, 2 Allain Crawford, 1 Rondell McArthur. Replacements 16 G r a n t l e y Wi l l i a m s , 1 7 Rickford Cummings, 18 Cyon Kitt, 19 Kevon David, 20 Leon Greaves, 21 Chris Singh, 22 Jaques Archibald, 23 Delroy Gordon. The Referee for the game is Brian Zapp of the USA with Romel Parris of Barbados and Carlton Heywood of Guyana his Assistants.

YBG School’s B/Ball continues tomorrow at CASH Week four of the Youth Basketball Guyana Regional Conference School’s Tournament is scheduled to continue tomorrow with six games in the Georgetown & East Coast Conferences at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall.

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World Cup hosts up to third in FIFA Coca Cola Rankings There has been some movement in the last edition of the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking before the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™: although the leading duo of Spain and Germany remain unchanged, Brazil will start the tournament in third place, having leapfrogged Portugal, while Argentina (5th, up 2) and Switzerland (6th, up 2) have each climbed two places and England (10th, up 1) have returned to the top ten at the expense of Greece (12th, down 2). A glance at the respective strengths of the World Cup groups makes for interesting reading: taking the average

Guyana at 156 ranks and points totals of each set of four teams into account, Group D (Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy) and Group G (Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA) are the strongest groups. Group D is the only one containing three top-ten teams, while Group H (Belgium, Algeria, Russia, Korea Republic) has no such team. Special mention must be made of Palestine (94th, up 71), whose four wins and one draw secured them the AFC Challenge Cup together with participation in a continental

final competition for the first time, the AFC Asian Cup, due to be held in Australia next January. As a result, Palestine have achieved their highestever position in the ranking, as have Aruba (120th, up 35), Azerbaijan (83rd, up 2), Montserrat (166th, up 22) and South Sudan (185th, up 16). The results of 112 “A” international matches have been taken into account for the current edition of the ranking, with 67 friendly matches plus continental qualifiers in CAF (26 matches), the AFC (16) and CONCACAF (3) being played up to May 30.

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WDFA U-17 League

Den Amstel and Young Achievers win: Uitvlugt still in charge Den Amstel Football Club swamped Wales United 7-0, Young Achievers defeated Stewartville 4-2 while leaders Uitvlugt and Eagles battled to a 0-0 stalemate when competition in the West Demerara Football Association (WDFA) Under-17 league continued on Saturday last at the Goed Fortuin ground, West Bank Demerara. Leading Den Amstel to their win were Gavin Graham and Jermaine Jacob who both netted a double; the win pushed Den Amstel to third place on the points table. Delon Garraway was the leading player in Young Achievers’ win over Stewartville. The

top of the table clash between Uitvlugt and Eagles, a Stewartville based team, turned out to be a fierce battle between two evenly match sides. Neither allowed the other to get close to scoring as the match ended 0-0 with each team walking away with a point each. Two matches are set for tomorrow at the same venue, Uitvlugt will be seeking to take full points from Wales in the opening game at 13:00hrs with the main event bringing together Eagles and Den Amstel in what is anticipated to be a close dual. Latest Points Standings

Friday June 06, 2014

WICB not budging on Narine We s t I n d i e s C r i c k e t Board (WICB) President Dave Cameron said the Board will not back down on the decision not to consider top spinner Sunil Narine for the upcoming three-Test series against New Zealand. Cameron was responding to a letter from Minister of Sport Anil Roberts, who was pleading for the regional body to reconsider its position on omitting Narine after he failed to arrive at the preseries training camp in Barbados by the June 1 deadline. Narine remained in India to play for his Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) franchise in the final of the Indian Premier League. Roberts wrote the WICB President on May 31 last week, asking the Board to reconsider its decision to drop Narine, who helped the KKR to the IPL Premier League title on Sunday. But in a brief response dated June 2, Cameron stated that the WICB “stands by its processes where players are selected to represent the region in various formats of the game.” Cameron wrote: “A few months ago, the Board of D i r e c t o r s , We s t I n d i e s Players Association and t h e Te r r i t o r i a l B o a r d s agreed (on) a way forward regarding our management of the sport with the aim of getting us back to number one.” He added that the parties arrived at a “transparent” consensus that places the players as a priority as the WICB seeks to grow the game. “We are cognizant of the emotions which run

Roberts’ intervention fails

Dave Cameron

Anil Roberts

contrary to the process. We ask that other administrators respect our position and when the time is appropriate, (the WICB) will seek your valued input,” Cameron stated. On Tuesday, Roberts, replied that he was extremely disappointed with the WICB’s rejection of his proposal. The Minister said the WICB should have taken many factors into consideration, including the athlete’s desire and commitment to the regional team. “It is passing strange that despite the player ’s expression of interest and the club’s concession to fly h i m b a c k t o t h e We s t Indies immediately after the IPL final, the WICB instead forced the player to choose between abandoning his club at their greatest time of need and attending the first few days of a training camp deemed compulsory by mere administrators. In my respectful view, the

decision was inconsiderate, brutish and uncompromising in a situation that warranted more robust negotiation,” Roberts said. Roberts said the WICB contradicted its own policy by still allowing him to be eligible for the T20 series, in spite of not being able to reach the training camp by the stipulated date and time. Roberts said it was a pity that the harder-to-sell Te s t m a t c h e s w i l l n o t b e n e f i t f r o m N a r i n e ’s demonstrated drawing power. “In the end, it is the We s t I n d i e s t e a m t h a t suffers for the lack of a fully-stocked arsenal, it is the athlete that suffers for lack of Test playing experience and it is the fans that will suffer for lack of entertainment from the best spin bowler in the world,” Roberts wrote. (Trinidad Express)

Kayes century earns Bangladesh A draw against Sagicor WIHPC Opener Imrul Kayes stroked a fighting century as Bangladesh A managed to hold on for a draw in their second 4-Day match against the Sagicor West Indies High Performance Centre (WIHPC) yesterday at the Kensington Oval in Bridgetown, Barbados. Kayes slammed 112 as the visitors ended the final day on 242-9 after 102 overs, chasing 489. Kayes faced 247 balls and struck fifteen fours and two sixes and shared in a sixth wicket stand of 89 with Shubhagoto Hom after Bangladesh A found themselves in danger at

111-5. After Kayes was dismissed by Miguel Cummins, the tourist’s lost a few more quick wickets, but Hom held his nerves to remain unbeaten on 39 (5x4) and along with Robiul Islam (05*) saw their team to stumps. Sheldon Cotterell grabbed 4-51 and Cummins snared 2-49. Batting a second time Sagicor WIHPC declared on 354-5 off 94 overs. Jermaine Blackwood cracked 147 which contained twelve fours and one six off 157 balls while Guyanese duo Assad Fudadin scored 84 (7x4 1x6) and Leon Johnson

a rapid 63 not out (6x4 2x6) to lead the home team to a formidable total. Earlier, the host posted 354 all out in 89.2 overs in their first innings. Johnson slammed 74, Jonathan Carter 54, Blackwood 45, Carlos Brathwaite and Cotterell 42 each. Robiul Islam, Taijul Islam, Hom, Elias Sunny and Mukter Ali claimed two wickets each. Bangladesh A replied with 219 all out in 71.5 overs. Nasir Hossain scored 53, Marshall Ayueb 41 and Nurul Hasan 36. Cotterell and Devendra Bishoo captured three wickets apiece.

Friday June 06, 2014

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Seaboard Marine makes local racers participation possible Guyana will be having a strong presence at the opening leg of the newlyformed Caribbean Motor Racing Association (CMRA) which is scheduled to be staged on July 6, at the recently reconstructed Bushy Park facility in Barbados thanks to the goodwill of Seaboard Marine. Yesterday, Company official of Seaborad Marine Peter Peroune joined executive members of the Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club (GMR&SC) at the John Fernandes Ltd Container Terminal on Mandela Avenue to witness the loading of the local cars and bikes which will compete at the Barbados event. Among the other influential members of the motor racing fraternity were Ray Rahaman, who is the Guyana representative on the CMRA, President John C a r p e n t e r, e x e c u t i v e member Rajendra Boodhoo and former President Ron Robinson. Rahaman in brief remarks gave an update on the work of the new Association, informing that the Series in addition to the three usual participating countries will now include

Trinidad and Tobago as well. According to Rahaman, T&T is expected to host the second leg of the Series, while Guyana will continue to have November as its date for the third leg and Jamaica scheduled to host in February. The former racer extended thanks to Seaboard Marine for its continued support for the sport, while Peter Peroune and the Fernandes family came in for special mention as well. Rahaman noted that everywhere in the Caribbean plans are in the works to upgrade facilities as well as improve the product of motor racing and Guyana has to follow suit to stay relevant so the local body’s only option is to get on the bandwagon. To this effect they’ve decided to include persons with the relevant expertise to galvanize support for the November Meet which they hope will see fans and visitors within and outside of the Diaspora come to Guyana and have a good time. Rahaman was adamant that in order for Guyana to enjoy similar support to Barbados a new product must be developed. Carpenter in his

Members of the motor racing fraternity seen at a Press Briefing yesterday at the John Fernandes Ltd. Container Terminal on Mandela Avenue. presentation thanked Seaboard Marine for once again coming to the rescue of the sport, adding that the cost of transport to get to the various countries that are part of the Series is extremely exorbitant and simply could not be borne by the clubs and competitors. “Racing is a very expensive sport and it is only because of the generosity of the corporate

Racewalkers compete in World Environment Day/Guyana Environment Week event The country’s best race walkers will throw down the gauntlet when the Cavalier’s Sports and Tour Club (CS&TC) stages an event in o b s e r v a n c e o f Wo r l d Environment Day and Guyana Environment Week this Sunday, June 8. Walkers will convene at the National Cultural Centre, Homestretch Avenue, for the event which proceeds to, and culminates at the Bandstand in the Botanical Gardens. Participants will compete in several categories and the top three finishers in the respective categories will receive trophies and medals. Those categories being contested are male and female (seniors), juniors, veterans and those that are differently able. Meanwhile, Coordinator (CS&TC), Jennifer Major, said that this race will enable local race walkers to hone their skills in preparation for the 2016 Brazil Olympics. Consequently, activities will continue along this vein on Sunday July 15 with a 10K race

walk around the periphery of Melanie Demishana ECD starting at the Old Complex. Then on June 29, race walkers will convene at the inner circuit of the National Park for another

10K race in memory of the late Clarence D Kirton. Once again the top walkers will receive prizes from the corporate community and activities will commence at 06:30hrs.

community and competitors that makes it happen,” Carpenter said. Those making the trip are: Group 4 - Kevin and

Kristian Jeffrey, Andrew King and Vishok Persaud, Group 2 - Shairaz Roshandin, Chet Singh, John Joseph, Danny

Persaud and Andre Dhanraj, while the Superbikers are Nikhil Seereeram, Matthew Vieira, Carlos Mendonca and Nicholas Boodram.

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Friday June 06, 2014

Ramdin: We have two world-class spinners Kingston, Jamaica Newly-appointed West Indies captain Denesh Ramdin is confident of his team’s bowling for the threeTest match series against New Zealand, despite the absence of ace spinner Sunil Narine. The off-spinner missed out on being a part of the regional squad because he was not able to make the June 1 training camp deadline set by the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB). Under contractual obligations with Indian Premier League’s (IPL) Kolkata Knight Riders, Narine chose to play for his franchise team in the final of that Twenty20 tournament. “We are disappointed but we still have two world-class spinners in (left-arm finger spinner) Sulieman Benn and (off-spinner) Shane Shillingford,” Ramdin told

reporters shortly after the West Indies cricketers arrived in Jamaica for the first Test which is to commence at Sabina Park on Sunday. “Any team that has Narine in the line-up would be amazing but we have to use what we have and hopefully we will overcome the New Zealanders.” Ramdin said the regional team, which lost 0-2 in three Tests away to New Zealand last year, will be boosted by the return from injury of pacers Kemar Roach and Jerome Taylor. Marquee lefthander Christopher Gayle, struggling with a back ailment, is expected to feature in his hundredth Test for the West Indies. “We had a week [of practice] in Barbados, we had practice matches and the batters got something out of it. Hopefully the next two to

three days we have here, the practice in the nets should be sufficient going into the first Test. “Young Kemar Roach is back and Jerome Taylor is bowling well and we have Shannon Gabriel. In the spinning department we have Sulieman Benn and Shane Shillingford and so far everything is good,” said the 29-year-old Ramdin.Given how well Shillingford did in New Zealand, the visitors’ seeming weakness against good slow bowling and the spinner-friendly nature of Sabina Park, the West Indies skipper hinted that both front-line spinners could feature in the starting XI. “It’s always good to have two spinners in the squad. We’ll go there and see the pitch if it’s suitable for that. I believe two spinners on that [Sabina Park] track will do well for us,” Ramdin said.

King’s Jewellery softball tourney

Singh’s century propels Frontline Masters to victory Led by a fine unbeaten century from Kapil Dev Singh, Frontline Masters defeated Better Hope by 46 runs to book their place in the final of the Over 40 category in the King’s Jewellery Softball tournament which continued on Wednesday night last at Thirst Park. Singh stroked three fours and eight sixes to guide Frontline to a challenging 217-2 off 15 overs, batting first. He shared in a second wicket stand of 120 with Samuel Kingston who was dismissed for 62 (5x4 6x6) before dominating a third wicket partnership off 88 with Ramo Malone (24*). Better Hope threatened somewhat, but were restricted for 171-6 in 15 overs in reply. Satrohan Suraj thumped 47 (6x6) and Kishore Mohabir 26; Dharmendra Mohabir snared 2-23 and Rafeek Mohamed 2-24. In the open division, Hill Foot Loggers overcame Stockfeeds by eight wickets. Stockfeeds took first strike and were routed for 52 in 9.3 overs. Avinash Sookdeo made 22 while M. Lukenauth captured 3-4, A. Hinds 2-2 and A. Mohabir 25. Dynamic Security Force went down to Princess Hotel by six wickets. Dynamic (Continued on page 36)

Kapil Dev Singh

The second Test match is set to be played at the Queen’s Park Oval in Trinidad & Tobago from June 16-20, while the third was recently shifted from the National Stadium in Guyana to the Kensington Oval in Barbados, and will run from June 26-30. Squad - Denesh Ramdin (capt), Christopher Gayle, Kieran Powell, Kirk Edwards, Darren Bravo, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Jerome Taylor, Sulieman Benn, Kemar Roach, Shane Shillingford, Shannon Gabriel, Kraigg Brathwaite, Marlon Samuels, Jason Holder. (Jamaica Observer)

West Indies skipper Denesh Ramdin (right) and Sunil Narine.

Friday June 06, 2014

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Sparta Bosses /August Beverages Independence Small Goal KO Football

Four teams to battle for top spot and lucrative purse The Sparta Bosses Football Club / August Beverages Independence Small Goal knockout football competition got underway about three weeks ago, during which period, spectators were treated to several spine tingling matches as 16 teams battled for top honours. The ‘weeds have since been separated from the crops’ and the four top teams will compete for a lucrative top prize of $300,000 when the organizers stage the semifinals and finals at the Sports Turf, Go Slow Avenue, this evening. The four teams vying for a place in the finals are Broad Street, Leopold Street, Charlotte Street and Future. The respective fixtures will be known this evening which in turn will determine the finalists and the runners-up who will take home $150,000 with the third place finishers pocketing $50,000. Additionally, a riveting grudge match will add to the entertainment between August Beverages coming up against Sparta Boss for a

Devon Millington winner take all purse of $4M dollars. This should be a gripping affair especially since defender, Sheldon Shephard, will marshal the defensive lineup of the Sparta unit while prolific striker, Devon Millington will strengthen the strike force of August Beverages. There will also be a woman’s penalty shootout for a prize of fifty thousand dollars. The tournament is sponsored by August Beverages, Sparta Bosses and Moncherri Beauty Salon.

Lusignan Gulf Club confirms tournament for the next three weeks Golf players will have their work cut out over the next three weekends with the news that the Lusignan Golf Club has confirmed tournaments for the next three Saturdays. In a release from the club, tomorrow’s event is being sponsored by Crown Mining Supplies

where the first to third place male and female finishers will all be rewarded. Players recording the best gross and nearest to the pin will also be rewarded. Te e - o f f i s 1 2 : 0 0 h r s . Tournaments are also fixed for June 7th and 14th.

Page 43

Banks DIH offers generous support to national ruggers - fans urged to wear green



Banks Beer Brand Manager Brian Choo-Hen (5th right) hands over the cheque to GRFU President Peter Green in the presence of Company officials and Union members yesterday.

Fraser-Pryce struggles again, Gatlin wins in Rome

LaShawn Merritt (USA) won the Men's 400m in 44.48

Kaliese Spencer (JAM) set a World Lead of 53.97 in the Women's 400m Hurdles


Brazil cannot guarantee readiness WICB not P.40 for World Cup: Sports Minister P.38 budging on Narine Printed and published by National Media & Publishing Company Limited, 24 Saffon St.Charlestown, Georgetown.Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491 or Fax: 225-8473/ 226-8210

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