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After 10 years, two IFMAS systems not operationalised...

Billions in assets have gone untraced - says Former Auditor General

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Road becomes pavement, pavement becomes road

Cops charged in Colwyn Harding assault case

AML blacklisting…

Guyana has chance to tailor “effective” regime - CDB expert

More Chikungunya cases confirmed in Berbice

Attorney confirms victim's father collected $100,000 from police Alleged police brutality…

- Commissioner must answer for his ranks' misconduct - Rohee

Wednesday June 04, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news

Georgetown and the Is everything legitimate with the WICB? climate change debacle DEAR SIR, When the floods of 2005 shocked us all into a new reality we became aware of the effect of our individual and collective attitudes and actions towards the natural environment. Many citizens were left devastated. The catastrophe left in its wake hundreds of millions of dollars in losses, substantial damage to properties and livestock, and fear over the poor state of the nation’s drainage system. This fear of being inundated by flood waters remains real in many local communities; it has not dissipated over time because to date nothing has been done to really improve the drainage system. Georgetown continues to be drained largely by gravity through a network of waterways and Sluices that remain vulnerable to an apparent culture of littering and irregular cleaning due to severe lack of resources on the part of the Georgetown municipality. However, that flood is only one incident that shows how vulnerable Guyana and the world, for that matter, have become to natural disasters. Recently, in many parts of the world, countries have been facing frequent storms, and other negative natural events. It is clear that, high temperatures, changing and unpredictable climatic conditions, reduced green cover and coastal flooding have become a common thing, in our human experience. Climate change affects the entire world, but most importantly it affects cities. Statistics will show that Cities account for only two per cent of Earth’s land, but account for 60-80% of energy consumption and 75% of carbon emissions. These numbers are steadily increasing, considering that urban cities are not only growing in size but also in greenhouse gas emissions. Cities are expanding at the

maximum rate today and rapid urbanization is putting pressure on the environment. From fresh water sources to solid and liquid waste management, to energy management, all are suffering. Financial effects of climate change can be just as destructive as the physical ones. Unexpected expenditures from floods, earthquakes and droughts can lead to major disruptions in business operations and city budgets. Climate change is a threat not only to the 3.5 billion people living in cities but also to the property and investments there. It is true that cities are the hub for commerce, culture and innovation and have facilitated the emergence of some of the best and brightest innovations humankind has ever seen. In this time when the world is facing constant threats from the natural environment, sustainability is vital to our survival and very existence in this present world. Notwithstanding the fact that more people are using bicycles, saving electricity and discovering new sources of power, much more needs to be done. To start with, we need to explore new and renewable sources of energy. Solar energy needs to be used to its maximum potential and be seen as a valuable investment. Other sources like wind, sea waves and tides can also be very useful. Bio-methane from waste matter can be used efficiently to power heating. Many countries are finding new approaches to treat with new environmental conditions.

For example, San Francisco and a few other eco-friendly cities follow a system of intelligent lighting that adjusts its intensity according to outside weather conditions. Another interesting system is followed in Curitiba, Brazil, where people exchange waste and trash for transit tokens or fresh produce. This has been successful in minimizing not only litter but also poverty in the poorer sections of the society. Such ideas can be adapted in Georgetown. Buildings, particularly in the city, can be made more efficient in heating and cooling both technically and naturally. Buildings can be constructed in a way that they allow more lights to come in but not heat. Heat can also be reduced by having water bodies outside buildings using high-albedo surfaces that reflect heat to cool the surface. Also, we have to find a way to recycle water and use it for cleaning and to water the plants. Rainwater harvesting systems can be installed in buildings. The use of energy saving lights should be maximized. No matter how many cities cause pollution, they can also create a better quality of life and a lower carbon footprint through more efficient infrastructure and planning. We can all look forward to a better future if the authorities rethink their plan to develop Georgetown and put in place eco- friendly urban innovations and sustainable policies and actions. Royston King

DEAR EDITOR, It may have come as a big surprise to fans of West Indies cricket in Guyana, to read of the West Indies Cricket Board’s (WICB) decision to relocate the Third Test slated for June 26 to June 30, 2014 at the National Stadium in Guyana. This match would likely be Chris Gayle’s final test match and Shiv S h a n d e r p a u l ’ s unprecedented 156th Test match. What an occasion, and location, a country where Gayle has found his second home in the Caribbean and where Chanderpaul, one of Caribbean’s greatest sons, emerged. But now all of this grandeur has dissipated owing to an organization which shows all the signs of a cartel in operation, the WICB, moving the match on the grounds of its apparent disagreement with Guyana’s Cricket Administration Bill. It must be noted that 90% of Guyanese, served by their parliamentarians in the form of APNU and the PPP, voted in favour of this long awaited bill. The will of the Guyanese people have spoken and must be respected. To extrapolate, even in the current Ukrainian crisis, the annexation of Crimea by Russia has placed western nations in a quandary, since the will of the people has spoken. The attitude shown to a sitting Caribbean Head of State by the Whycliffe Cameron WICB administration in the past few days is so contemptuous and disrespectful that it also insults all Guyanese and all Caribbean people by

extension. Two of six Board Members of the WICB have adopted legislation similar to that of Guyana’s Cricket Administration Bill, but these countries have not suffered any penalties over the years when their Bills were enacted. Thus this punitive approach by the management of WICB towards Guyana raises tremendous suspicions, because it becomes very apparent that WICB fears new Directors emanating from Guyana who may or not support the WICB’s current approach. This situation therefore begs the question, what is the WICB seeking to protect from new entrants to this elite group? Is it the contentious deal struck among the Australian, Indian and English cricket boards which saw WICB duly supporting? Were personal garnishes given to executives of the WICB? This latter point is emphasized in view of the recent scandal involving FIFA officials which claimed the careers high profile Caribbean officials. Or is there an underground illegal operation taking place within the WICB? Is the arrangement with regard to shares of Member Boards a dicey one? Is there an illicit award of international matches to particular countries based on a favoured voting approach? Despite the West Indies team performing so badly, all that happens is the changing of players, not the changing of

the old guards, coaches or selectors. This saga has raised too many eyebrows, especially when corroborated by other related past problems. It is not unknown to members of the political and cricketing fraternity that the current members of the recent High Court disbanded Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) are of dubious characters, for instance one senior executive member, who is also a Director of the WICB, had been part of a terrorist plot to overthrow the then Guyana government in the late 1980s, early 1990s! A well-publicised matchfixing allegation in November 2011 in CARIB/PEPSI T/20 Tournament used to select the then National T/20 side playing in the regional tournament, under the aegis of the GCB administration, went without an investigation, in spite of overwhelming evidence to warrant an investigation and likely overturn the decision. In this instance the East Coast Jaguars team despite qualifying for the next round of the tournament was displaced by the GCB in favour of the friends of the executives of the GCB, the East Bank team. One individual involved this Continued on page 29

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday June 04, 2014

After 10 years, two IFMAS systems not operationalised…

Billions in assets have gone untraced Since the implementation of the Integrated Financial Management and Accounting System (IFMAS) in 2004 under former President Bharrat Jagdeo, two of its seven very important features have not been operationalised. In their absence, many financial analysts have opined that it opened up the floodgates for mismanagement and lack of proper accountability with regard to assets and consumables acquired by the government. According to the website of the Ministry of Finance, the IFMAS emerged in January 2004 as the new mechanism for modernizing the business of the government of Guyana. This unit is responsible for recording all financial data generated by the Government and the payment function with reference to the issuing of cheques and the reconciliation of the main Bank Account, the recording of warrants; contingencies fund advances, deposit fund advances and the generation of the annual financial statements. It also corrects any mistakes made by Ministries, Department and Regions which may have inputted incorrect information. The generation of financial reports of all aspects of the data is also possible in this unit. In speaking with this publication, Former Auditor General and anti-corruption advocate, Anand Goolsarran told this publication yesterday via a telephone

interview that the system was expected to ensure that there would be a more accountable mechanism for recordkeeping as it relates to government’s procurement. This newspaper was reliably informed that the IFMAS system was specially configured to meet the reporting and recording needs of Government’s public financial management systems. It is a reconfigured version of the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) which is the trade name for the software sold by FreeBalance. FreeBalance is a Canadian company that specializes in software designed for large scale financial management, especially public financial management. IFMAS has seven specific modules to be integrated into the Government’s budgeting, accounting and reporting systems, namely the Appropriation, Expenditure, General Ledger, Budget Preparation & Reporting System (BPRS), Purchasing, Revenue and Asset & Inventory Modules. According to FreeBalance, the Asset and Inventory module allows Governments to track a range of variables such as, “… renewal of service contracts, insurance policies, warranty periods, software licensing and services rendered.” It lets Governments monitor modifications to asset records and manage asset items in all of the previously

- Former Auditor General mentioned areas. The company also provides automatic item depreciation calculations that help Governments “identify the true value of public assets.” In response to the Auditor General’s 2010 report on this deficiency, the Accountant General gave the undertaking that “plans are being made to implement the Purchasing and Asset and Inventory Modules”. However, ten years have elapsed and this important aspect of public financial management has not been in place. Year after year, the Auditor General’s report continues to be riddled with incidents of missing service records for equipment and vehicles of all kinds. This, Goolsarran asserts, makes it impossible to track and justify maintenance spending on these items. He said that there are reports of vehicles being retained and serviced at annual costs far in excess of the estimated depreciated values of these vehicles since valuations of these items are not regularly done. He noted too that contracts end, warranty periods expire and insurance policies run out, costing the taxpayers extra dollars, while this software could have been tracking these issues if it had been implemented. The Purchasing Module offers an even more interesting range of services. According to FreeBalance, it

provides “an integrated procurement process” that “manages multi-item requisitions and purchases and the receiving process”. The module’s overview goes on to state that it allows for flexible expenditure management around “hard limits, percentage limits, budget, and waiver ceilings.” It also offers the creation of “obligations” for purchase orders that see subsequent liquidation upon receipt and payment of goods. The system even tracks shipments against purchase orders. In the absence of these two modules, the Auditor General’s report is fraught with reports of goods that go ‘missing’, budgetary excesses by numerous Government agencies, and the constant cry of procurement inconsistencies across the board in every single facet of Government. Shadow Minster of Finance of A Partnership for National Unity, Carl Greenidge, has expressed much concern with the fact that after several years, the modules have not been operationalised. When contacted yesterday, Financial Secretary Nirmal Rekha explained that the best person to pose such questions to - as to the status of the two modules - would be the Accountant General. “He has responsibility for that and as such he would be

Former Auditor General, Anand Goolsarran better able to answer such questions.” Rekha noted, however, that the Ministry of Finance has put several mechanisms in place to improve its systems. Calls to Persaud by this publication have been fruitless. Goolsarran said that in the absence of the modules, there

are several crucial implications. He stated that in the absence of the modules, Guyana has less than desirable accountability framework and as such, billions of dollars in assets and consumables can go untracked. “Those two modules are very important as they allow for the tracking of the physical assets. In their absence, it means that monies can be spent to acquire, for example, equipment or vehicles, and there would be no effective measures in place to trace them and to ensure that they are properly accounted for. In addition, when you expend funds to maintain those very assets, you would need a system in place to ensure that value for money is achieved and that money is not wasted.” The anti-corruption advocate emphasized the urgent need for the two modules to be in place and operationalised to ensure proper accountability for all State assets.

Drunken man discovered in female dorm at Mahdia Secondary The Ministry of Education is investigating the circumstances surrounding the discovery of a former male student of the Mahdia Secondary School who was found in the female dormitory early Tuesday morning. According to the Ministry, the man was drunk but no student was harmed. Subsequently, the matter was immediately brought to the attention of the acting Regional Education Officer, Rabindra Singh, who alerted the local police who arrested the man. The Education Ministry in a press statement yesterday noted that there is an investigation into the matter to determine how this happened and with a view to, acting in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government, preventing its recurrence. “The Ministry also received a report that an AFC councilor, known as Mr. Gafoor, verbally abused and assaulted acting Regional Education Officer, Mr. Rabindra Singh in the presence of students and staff at the school. Mr. Singh at the time was carrying out his duties as a public officer. This matter was also reported to the Mahdia Police Station.” The statement emphasised “The Ministry wishes to condemn in the strongest possible terms the interference and/or intimidation of public officers who are executing their duties.”

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

Wednesday June 04, 2014

Kaieteur News

Obama offers military help to eastern Europe allies worried by Russia

U.S. President Barack Obama takes part in a group photo following a meeting with Central and Eastern European Leaders at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw yesterday. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque WARSAW (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama promised yesterday to beef up military support for eastern European members of the NATO alliance who fear they could be next in the firing line after the Kremlin’s intervention in Ukraine. Under attack from critics at home who say his leadership on the world stage has not been muscular enough, Obama unveiled plans to spend up to $1 billion in supporting and training the armed forces of NATO states on Russia’s borders.

The White House also said it would review permanent troop deployments in Europe in the light of the Ukraine crisis — though that fell short of a firm commitment to put troops on the ground that Poland and some of its neighbors had sought. Stationing troops permanently in eastern Europe would be tricky: many NATO members in Western Europe would baulk at the cost, and a big increase in U.S. forces could prompt reciprocal steps by Moscow and spiral into an arms race.

Moments after landing at Warsaw’s Okecie airport at the start of a four-day visit to Europe, Obama set the tone by striding into an aircraft hangar to inspect U.S. fighter jets in Poland for a joint program with the Polish air force. “We need to make sure that the collective defense ... is robust, it is ready, it is properly equipped,” Obama later told a joint news conference with Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski in Warsaw at the start of a four-day visit to Europe.

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EU open to working with Palestinian unity government

Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah attends his first meeting of the Palestinian unity government cabinet, in the West Bank city of Ramallah, yesterday. (AP Photo/Majdi Mohammed) BRUSSELS (Reuters) The European Union will work with the new Palestinian unity government, on condition it sticks to the principle of peace with Israel based on a two-state solution, it said yesterday. The U.S. administration has already said it would work with the unity government that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas swore in on Monday under a reconciliation deal with Hamas, an Islamist group that advocates Israel’s destruction.

Setting a policy in line with U.S. and EU demands, the Western-backed Palestinian leader said his administration would honor agreements that underlie the stalled peace process with Israel. “We welcome ... the declaration by President Abbas that this new government is committed to the principle of the two state solution based on the 1967 borders, to the recognition of Israel’s legitimate right to exist,” the EU said in a statement.

“The EU’s engagement with the new Palestinian government will be based on its adherence to these policies and commitments,” it said. Israel renewed its criticism of the unity government. “Hamas is a ruthless terrorist organization responsible for the murder of countless innocent civilians and an organization that says my country Israel should be destroyed,” Mark Regev, spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said yesterday.

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday June 04, 2014

COP suspends Trinidad sports minister, calls for his resignation from Cabinet P O R T- O F - S PA I N , Trinidad - CMC – The Congress of the People (COP) party has suspended Sports Minister Anil Roberts as the fall out continues over a video that showed someone resembling a minister partying with marijuana and women in a hotel room. COP Leader Prakash Ramadhar said that COP executive, which met on Monday night, had also taken a decision to ask the embattled Sports Minister to resign as a Cabinet member until the issue surrounding the video is determined. Roberts had last week indicated that the matter surrounding the video was now in the hands of his lawyers and had decided against cooperating further with the COP, the second biggest partner within the four-party coalition government, when it met with him to discuss the matter. Speaking to the media after Monday night meeting, Ramadhar said the executive decided to suspend Roberts and ban him from all party activities. He said the party was also ready to battle Roberts in the courts should he take any legal action against the party. Ramadhar said these decisions were taken after “deep and serious” consideration. “The party has decided that in the circumstances

where Mr. Roberts was invited and he did in fact attend a meeting and did not cooperate as well to clarify many of the issues that were raised in that meeting … until he does so the COP will not allow him to participate or represent the party in any form or fashion,” said Ramadhar. He said when there is an allegation of public wrong doing, the party’s position is consistent and that person should step aside. “He (Roberts) should step aside as a government minister until he clarifies the video whether first of all if he’s in it and two, whether any illegality was taking place,” said Ramadhar, adding that the Sports Minister was entitled to his legal right for the presumption of innocence and the party makes no pronouncement on guilt. Ramadhar said there was a political aspect to this issue as the perception of many in the country demands that the matter be clarified to assuage the concerns of public and party. He told reporters that Roberts w o u l d b e given an opportunity to be heard if he so chooses according to the party’s processes. “This is a political issue apart from a legalistic one and we could not be bound by the legalism that could easily tie the hands politically,” said

Ramadhar, noting that under the Westminster system when such serious issues arise, the person resigns in the interest of the country and government. Ramadhar said Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar is entitled to her processes in dealing with Roberts. Last week, the coalition government said it saw the video “as nothing more than a vicious attempt at character assassination and will not validate it with any further commentary. “Nothing should detract the population from the very real positive changes they encounter due to the people’s revolution. The evidence of that is what the Opposition wants the population to forget,” the government said in a prepared statement. Roberts had also dismissed the video describing it as “ a total absolute fabrication”. He recalled that last year, a weekly newspaper had published a story, making reference to a “loud mouth minister” who was partying with marijuana and women in room 201 of an unidentified hotel. “Let me assure the population that is a total fabrication and it is absolute rubbish it is a total concoction,” Roberts told reporters.

Government announces new tax measures in budget

NASSAU, Bahamas CMC – Prime Minister Perry Christie has presented a US$2.1 billion budget to Parliament outlining a number of revenue measures and warning that the government cannot afford to spend more than it receives. Christie told legislators that the Recurrent Expenditure is estimated at US$1,823 million, an increase of US $103 million from the previous year. Christie said that the increase reflects a number of factors. “For one thing, not unexpected, debt servicing requirements next year will be up by US$40 million from this year, with public debt interest payments up by almost US$30 million and debt redemption higher by US$10 million. H o w e v e r, Prime Minister Christie said the

Perry Christie recurrent provisions have also been supplemented by reclassified amounts from the capital budget and that the new measure would explain another US$30 million of the Recurrent Expenditure increase in

2014/15. Christie said regarding Capital Expenditure, his administration is adhering to its commitment to reduce its weight relative to the size of the economy over the medium term, to a more usual level of three per cent of gross domestic product (GDP). “This will require strict prioritization and timely profiling on the part of the Government. In light of the state of our economy and with near-term priorities, I am projecting Capital Expenditure at US$330 million in 2014/15, or 3.7 per cent of GDP. “Beyond 2014/15, with the more robust private sector growth that is projected, Capital Expenditure will be gradually reduced relative to the size of the economy to reach our target level of 3 per cent of GDP in 2016/ 17,” Christie said.

Wednesday June 04, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Do not take your children to the markets Yesterday morning there was this woman who used some of most foul language in front of Stabroek Market. The sun was just rising and here was this woman engaged in a curse out with another woman. This is how her day began. They have some people have no respect for the beginning of a new day. Even before they brush their teeth after awaking, they let out a stream of expletives. What a way to begin the day. In many areas in Guyana but especially around the markets, you can hear people swearing from as early as daybreak. They use the filthiest of expressions and have little regard for who is around. For all you know, the Pope could be standing next to them and they still would swear as if it was going out of fashion and they wanted to show that they are still in the groove. If you have children and can avoid it do not take them to the markets, especially

early in the mornings. It seems as if some vendors wake up on the wrong side and the first words out of the mouth are expletives. The markets are not a good place to take your children. If you want to shield them from colourful language, keep them away from the markets. But if you are going to shield your children from the cuss birds out there, make sure that you set a good influence at home. There are some parents who love to swear in front of their children. This is bad influence and may cause the children to use foul language in school. One time there was a boy named Billy. He was caught swearing by his teacher. “Billy,” she said, “you shouldn’t use that kind of language. Where did you hear it?” “My daddy said it,” he responded. “Well, that doesn’t matter,” she explained, “I

don’t want to hear that language in here again.” Then she said, under her breath, “At least he doesn’t know what it means.” “I do, too,” Billy corrected. “It means the car won’t start!” So be careful with the language that you use around your children. Be a good influence and do not use foul language in front of your children and do not take them to any of our markets because there they will sure to hear a few expletives. Buy a pet for them and encourage them to stay at home while you do the shopping. But make sure that pet is not a parrot that can talk, because there are some talking parrots that know more expletives than they known normal words. One day a man brought home a parrot. Within five minutes of arriving home, the parrot hurling a string of expletives at the man. After about an hour it got to be too much, so the man

walked up to the parrot, “QUIT IT!” But this just made the parrot madder and he started swearing at the man in even more colourful language. Finally the man had had enough and said, “All right, that’s it. Grabbing a blanket, he threw it over the parrot’s cage and screamed, “Now, SHUT UP!” Well, this really irritated the parrot and he started clawing and scratching at the bars of his cage. Finally the man removed the blanket. Immediately the parrot started to swear again at the man. \ By this time, the man is really angry and so he grabbed the parrot by the throat and threw him into the freezer. Well, the parrot starts swearing and thrashing about so loudly that the man leaves the parrot to freeze his feathers off. But then suddenly, it gets very quiet. At first the man just stared at the refrigerator, but then he began to think that

Dem boys seh...

Donald shaft Ramjattan, and got plank fuh Granger Donald is either a scamp or becoming one. He thick, thick wid de Granger now. Dem meet Monday fuh talk bout de anti-money laundering Bill. De two of dem couldn’t agree fuh more than a year but after couple minutes Monday dem start behaving like sooroo and dooroo. But dem boys seh that Granger gun learn. Leh he fall fuh sweet talk; is a trap he putting he self in. And Ramjattan know that to he heart. Is de same thing Donald do wid Ramjattan. He call Ramjattan three time telling he how de country gun shut down. He even promise that he gun sign de Procurement Commission. Ramjattan tell he don’t promise, just sign. Up to now Ramjattan still waiting. Since then, Ramjattan seh he can’t fall fuh no more sweet talk. He seh he learn he lesson from de stadium. Dem call he fuh go and watch de cricket match and dem put he in de Presidential box wid Donald. Donald give he Scotch and every cutters you could think about. After two hour, Ramjattan head start spin and he tongue get heavy. When Donald hear he stuttering he throw he hand round Ramjattan and seh to heself, “I got he hay.” So said, so done. Is people who been

close by hear when he whisper to Ramjattan, “Boy leh we close this Amaila deal, nah man. “Khem, me and you spend all a-wee life in de Pee Pee Pee.” Next two days, Ramjattan vote fuh Amaila. When he hear de falls dry up he tun and tell dem boys at de Waterfalls paper that he nah vote, that he only put up he hand in Parliament. Granger got to watch he self. He got to decide if he gun put up he hand or he foot fuh Donald in Parliament, or he

gun sign a deal fuh get de same thing wha Ramjattan get. One of dem Bees seh that both Ramjattan and Granger got to know de difference between theoretically and reality. He seh that he learn dem two words since he li’l. He teacher did give he dem two words fuh homework and he ask he father. De father tell he fuh go and ask he Mooma if she would sleep wid Denzil Washington fuh US$10 million. He run back and tell he Daady that she seh ‘yes, sure’.

He Daady send he fuh ask he sister if she gun sleep wid Denzil fuh US$10 million. De man run back and tell he Daady that he sister seh, “Yes, yes, yes.” De daady then tell he to go and ask you brother de same question. De Bee run back and he blowing short. “He seh yes, Daady, yes.” De daady now seh there you go. You have de answer right there. Theoretically, we are sitting on a potential US$30 million. In reality we are living with three whores.

the parrot might be seriously injured. He became so worried that he ran over to the refrigerator and threw open the freezer door. The parrot climbed out of the freezer, flapped the ice off his wings, and said, “Awfully sorry about the trouble I’ve caused you Sir. In the future, I’ll do my best to improve my vocabulary.”

The man is astounded. He can’t believe the sudden transformation that has come over the parrot. Finally the parrot turned to the man and said, “ the way, what did the chicken do?”

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday June 04, 2014


Guyanese must speak to the PPP now because Guyana is sinking I do not think that, despite his immense political shortcomings, Clement Rohee would have boldly declared the Government’s demand for unconditional support for the anti-money laundering Bill by the opposition if this wasn’t the essential attitude of the PPP’s leaders, including Donald Ramotar. Mr. Rohee, speaking at a press conference, was pellucid. There can be no connection between the passing of the Bill and the opposition’s insistence that the President assent to a number of Bills awaiting his signature. Rohee also said that there can be no

connection between the passage of the antilaundering legislation and the AFC request for the implementation of the Procurement Commission. Rohee was clear that the opposition has to approach the anti-money laundering Bill based on the nature of the Bill itself and no other consideration. So many things are wrong with this horrible, terrible, disastrous and putrid inflexibility. The first abomination to note is that this hauteur is coming from a government that has minority status in the second most powerful institution in the land – the Legislature.

Basically the PPP is saying that only the Executive can determine the contents of legislation, but the very organ that the PPP does not control – the Legislature – must meekly and obediently accede to Government’s requests. This is not only patently absurd. It is pregnant with volcanic implications. If you can openly tell the Parliament, in which you do not have majority support, that it has to comply with your every wish, then the complier is either a fool or a betrayer of those who voted for him/her. If an electorate made you the majority in the Parliament and you cannot wrest any concession from the

Executive that needs your approval for their legislative agenda, then you are a conspicuous failure that lost your reason for being in politics. Which sane opposition in any country will accept that kind of superior stance from a government that lost its majority in the National Assembly? There isn’t any. But how interesting that this superiority and inflexibility have their origin in the PPP’s rise to power in 1992 when the election format was shaped by a foreigner, President Jimmy Carter, whose intervention was accepted by President Hoyte. The beneficiary of Hoyte’s generosity - the PPP Government - has now become the extreme opposite to what Hoyte was. The second depravity is that politics, PPP-style, does not exist in the world any longer. In modern politics, compromise and concession are the main routes to peaceful settlements. And we don’t have to look far, but across to the US last week. The US Government traded five high-level Taliban

leaders in Guantanamo for an American soldier held captive in Afghanistan for the past five years. The Americans wanted their soldier whom they could not get without a concession. The Taliban had him, and the Taliban told the US ‘we will give him up if you give us something in exchange’. The Palestinians perform the same strategy when Israel wants the soldiers that are held prisoners. There is nothing sordid or strategic about such negotiations. It is a law of politics and it happens in all type of politics, whether in international affairs or domestic situations. Catalonia wants independence from a federal Spain, and to prevent that, the Spanish Parliament will have to give Catalonia vast magnitudes of autonomy. Chancellor Merkel in Germany had to offer compromises on the welfare system and the economy to the Social Democrats in order to avoid a minority government. The Democrats in the US, without a majority in the House, continue to make concessions to House Republicans. Guyana must be the only

Frederick Kissoon country in the world where a minority regime tells its Parliament that it has to do what the Executive demands. The basic problem in Guyana today is that the PPP, at an absolute level, refuses to recognize that it lost the 2011 elections to the combined strength of the AFC and APNU. It finds psychological comfort (and in the process fools itself) in the fact that the combined opposition only has a one-seat majority. So it dismisses the one-seat majority as an irregularity to be ignored. It is interesting to apply the PPP logic to the World Cup in football which is about to get underway. If a country wins the Cup by a single goal then the world should not accept it as the winner because, after all that was just a mere one goal. The PPP’s inflexibility on the anti-money laundering Bill should alarm this nation. Guyanese must confront the PPP, because this land is going down quickly.

Court case challenging Sooba’s appointment set for new date The court case requiring acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba to give reason why she should not be removed as city secretary has been rescheduled for June 23. The affidavit in answer to the quo warranto which was filed by lawyers for Royston King was not with the court. In the initial ruling of Chief Justice Ian Chang, King was informed that to challenge the legitimacy of Sooba’s Town Clerk appointment, he would have to file a quo warranto. The quo warranto is a writ requiring the person to whom it is directed to show what authority they have for exercising some right or power that they claim to hold. The court heard on Monday that the affidavit in answer was submitted Friday last. However, neither the

Carol Sooba court nor King’s lawyer was in possession of the document. Attorney Nigel Hughes is representing Royston King, while Roysdale Forde is representing Sooba. During last year, King and three other persons applied

for the post of Town Clerk when the Ministry of Local Government advertised for suitably qualified persons. According to the interviewing panel which was convened by the Local Government Ministry to facilitate the hiring process, Sooba was the least qualified and failed to walk with her academic documentation. She was however deemed most suitable by then Local Government Minister Ganga Persaud who appointed her in the official position. King however approached the High Court to challenge the Minister’s appointment. Sooba was reduced to act in the position when the Chief Justice referred to her as the de facto Town Clerk. He said too that the Minister has no authority to appoint a Council officer. Two other court cases have resulted from the matter since both Sooba and King have appealed the CJ’s ruling. The quo warranto was filed, while Sooba requested an order to stop City Hall from removing her from her position. These matters are ongoing.

Wednesday June 04, 2014

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Local Govt. Ministry tenders for solid waste equipment Seven bids were submitted under the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development for the procurement of solid waste equipment. The bids were divided into three lots. Lot (1) Garbage Disposal Compactor Truck; Lot (2) Mini Excavators and Lot (3) Garbage Collection Bins for the Ministry of Local Government. The bids were opened yesterday at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) Ministry of Finance, Main Street and Urquhart Street.

The RDC further received bids for the rehabilitation of Pakera Cottage Hospital, Matthew’s Ridge.

The Public Works Ministry received bids for the installation of Highway Lighting Belle Vue to Patentia West Bank Demerara.

Finally, under RDC region one, bids were opened for the procurement and installation of one new generator for the Council. Under the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Agriculture Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) opened bids for the supply of one loader backhoe (100 HP 4WD).

Meanwhile, the Finance Ministry received bids for the rehabilitation of the ground floor of the Accountant General Department Main Building.

Still within the finance sector, bids were opened for the supply and installation of Metal Frame Windows at the Management Information Systems Unit (MISU) Clay Brick Building (Top Floor Southern Side).

Finally, the Finance Ministry received bids for the painting of the interior walls and ceiling, ground floor Main Building.

For the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) region one, bids were opened for the extension of Wauna Primary School, Mabaruma.

Five bids were also submitted for the construction of Matarkai sub-district office, Kaituma.

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AML blacklisting… The global anti-money laundering body is actively looking at ways to link its measures in the fight against corruption. Speaking Monday evening at Pegasus Hotel, respected banker/lawyer, Dr. Toussant Boyce, also made it clear that Guyana can take examples from other countries which have successfully pulled themselves out from the so-called blacklisting. Boyce was speaking at one of the several lecture series organized by Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI). His presentation focused on the topic, “Effective Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Regimes”. Present were local bankers and business leaders. The passage of antimoney laundering (AML) legislation has heavily divided the administration and the Opposition, and has remained in limbo since being tabled early last year. The Opposition has been demanding the establishment

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Wednesday June 04, 2014

Guyana has chance to tailor “effective” regime of the Public Procurement Commission and Presidential assent to a number of critical bills. The deadlock has seen the regional watchdog body, Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) issuing an “adverse statement” late last month, warning its member countries to take further steps to protect themselves from risks emanating from Guyana. How serious the “blacklisting” and the implications are, were raised at the forum. Guyana has also been referred to the global body, Financial Action Task Force (FATF). The situation has the business sector jittery as the measures by CFATF have implications on transactions with overseas partners and banks. There have been warnings from many quarters of the dire straits Guyana could find itself in. According to Dr. Boyce, Guyana has time to get its house in order. The official would know, as he is considered a regional expert

– CDB expert on AML. He is also an Advisor, Vice President of Corporate Services, Caribbean Development Bank. The official also stressed that passing the legislation, or becoming compliant, does not mean the end or that everything is alright. Rather, the country will have to demonstrate it is developing an “effective” regime to deal with the regulations that are being adopted throughout the world. Guyana will need also to show a true sense of patriotism. According to Dr. Boyce, while CFATF’s recommendations cannot be enforced by the courts, it is an authoritative body that has legitimacy. FATF will, in its assessments of countries, look for the existence of critical structural elements, and rate their effectiveness. How Guyana deals with the serious “twin obligations”

of technical compliance and making its system effective will have to take into account issues of political stability and rule of law, among other things. Dr. Boyce drew comparisons to Malawi, an African country that is poorer than Guyana but managed to pull itself from a similar situation. Significantly, Malawi is less than half of Guyana’s size with almost 17 million persons. Significantly also, the country at the time of passing its legislation had an Opposition-controlled Parliament, similar to Guyana. Dr. Boyce, in his presentation, also spoke of the various levels of sanctions that CFATF takes including issuing “adverse” statements. The recent statement was a “containment measure” by the regional regulator, he said. Whether member countries will take action depends a lot on the relationship that local businesses have with their overseas counterparts. Dr. Boyce urged Guyana to “stand together and defy

Dr. Toussant Boyce the odds as a people”. “Sometimes we have to take a break and see the big picture.” For Guyana to develop an effective AML regime will require time and action, more than a stated intention. Dr. Boyce was unwilling

to speculate on what happens if Guyana’s membership is ultimately suspended as situations would vary from country to country. He also believes that FATF would not object to Guyana crafting or tailoring AML regime to fit its own peculiar circumstances.

Turkeyen house destroyed by fire - Elderly man died before being rescued – relatives

Attendees at Monday’s forum at the Pegasus.

The elderly man, who was pulled from a burning building, on Tuesday, had succumbed moments before firefighters could have retrieved his body. Sew Sewsankar, 77, of Third Street Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara reportedly died as fire fighters battled a fire that had engulfed his home. Sewsankar ’s relatives have since stated that the man lives with his son but that he was at home alone, when the fire started. His son, Sonny Sewsankar had gone for a walk, a short distance away. “When me come back, me hear like he a holla inside dey and me run to de back fuh try fuh save he but de fire de too much. I even try fuh loose out the water from the tank to cool down de place to get he out,” the younger Sewsankar stated yesterday. It is unclear what started the blaze but earlier reports suggested that the area had been experiencing bouts of low voltage and as such the elderly man had resorted to lighting a candle. The candle reportedly caught something flammable that quickly engulfed the house. Neighbours recalled that they heard the man shouting for help from inside

the heavily grilled building and then a loud explosion presumably from a gas cylinder. The Fire Department subsequently arrived at the scene. Firefighters struggled to cut through the grillwork and break through the back door of the house but by this time the flames had almost completely engulfed the upper flat of the two-storey building. “Meh aint know what really take place with this fire, but when de fire department come I tell them leh we wet the steps to get inside cause a man dey inside dem ain’t pay me no mind,” the man’s son explained. “De Fire department eventually come and soak down the place but by the time he been done dead. Meh say so because by then he stop holla… It could be from smoke inhalation or he mighta had a heart attack because he recently had quadruple bypass surgery for his heart.” Relatives related that the man survived the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. “He been through a lot but he survived. He was in one of the Twin Towers when it went down in flames and he survived to come here to die,” relatives lamented.

Wednesday June 04, 2014

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Govt. violating Constitution, basic law by not setting up Procurement Comm. - AFC “The majority Opposition must hold the Government accountable. The Government is flagrantly violating the Constitution, our basic law, which commands the establishment and operationalisation of a Procurement Commission which will result in Cabinet’s role being phased out thereafter.” This was the assertion of Leader of the Alliance for Change (AFC) Khemraj Ramjattan as he was responding to the recent pronouncements by the General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Clement Rohee that they are not linking the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) with the passage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill (AML/CFT). “In national politics, just like in international politics, linkages of issues are the order of the day… Clement Rohee very well knows this,” the AFC leader noted. According to Ramjattan, on the question of the Public Procurement Commission, the reason why the PPP sees it fit to not link the Procurement Commission with the AML/CFT Bill is “becaus e , and only because, it wants to perpetuate their corrupt gorging at the trough, perpetuate nepotism, and the distribution of the illicit proceeds from kick-backs from contractors allowed to win in the regime of no Public Procurement Commission.” He said further that “this cash-cow will immediately be slaughtered with this Commission coming into being. That will mean a drying up of its coffers and a withering of its impact as a party which, these days, buys the vote. This is precisely Rohee’s dialectic behind not wanting linkage with the AML/CFT and the Procurement Commission. This is the PPP’s reason for unconditionality.” Ramjattan outlined that the PPP will seek to negotiate everything else but the Public Procurement Commission, and cautioned that the combined opposition must be united on this front. “It is paramount!” Ramjattan said that everyone was fooled when it was agreed by all since 2001 when the Constitution was

Leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan reformed to have established a PPC, and in 2003 when the Procurement Act gave teeth to the Constitutional provisions of 2001. He said that the PPP Government then agreed to operationalise the PPC in 2003 December “when Jagdeo and Corbin signed a communiqué to that effect. Nothing happened.” According to Ramjattan, when he was part of the PPP he asked the then President Bharrat Jagdeo and then General Secretary Donald Ramotar “why not bring the Procurement Commission into being? They would respond that the Party had other important priorities.” “What could be more important than a Constitutional prescription? The PPP, Government and Party, loves the absence of the Procurement Commission. It’s coming into operationalisation… they fear to death. It is the same thing with another constitutional prescription such as the holding of Local Government Elections every three years” said Ramjattan. The AFC leader posited that “Guyana loses financially, directly or indirectly, approximately $4B to $6B minimum every year from corruption as a result of no Procurement Commission. You multiply that over the years since 2003, and that is catastrophic!” He asserted that “we have lost out on a whole generation not knowing anything about managing local affairs and the empowerment which comes with local democracy having missed out on six Local Government Elections under the PPP.” “It is the PPP as open violators of the Constitution who have forced both

Say no to corruption it, it hurts us all.

economic and political hardships on Guyanese. It blacklisted our Constitution, our Procurement Commission for some 11 years; and Local Government Elections for some 20 years” Ramjattan outlined. He noted that the PPP not wanting to come out of its Politics of “No” and being so unwilling to compromise with the Opposition has made them “the sole and direct cause of the international blacklisting of Guyana.” Ramjattan outlined that Guyana has a couple of weeks to go to the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) meeting on the 20th June, 2014 and in the period up to then “we can procure that Commission, and have the new legislative regime in place for the Local Government Elections this year by the assenting of those Opposition Bills and ensure passage of the AML/CFT Bill.” “This Government loves to push us to the brink. Though negotiating at the precipice is perilous, the AFC will provide the right balance to secure a win-win-win for all Guyana. I need not repeat my cry made several times recently, minority government demands multiparty governance!” Ramjattan decried.

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Wednesday June 04, 2014

Locals complete anti-firearm smuggling training

Participants of the UNLIREC training course.

Senior police officers together with representatives from the Attorney General’s Chambers and the Director of Public Prosecutions recently participated in a U.S.-funded specialized training course to assist security sector officials

in strengthening c o o r d i n a t i o n , communication, and cooperation in firearm trafficking cases. The course, conducted by trainers from the United Nations Regional Centre for

Peace, Disarmament and Dev e l o p m e n t i n L a t i n America and the Caribbean (UNLIREC), addressed issues of firearm proliferation and armed v i o l e nce, international instruments and legal

frameworks related to firearm trafficking, and firearm crime scene management and chain of custody issues. This course complements the January 2014 UNLIREC hand over to the Guyana Police Force and Guyana

Defence Force of hydraulic shears and a small-arms ammunition burning tank to destroy weapons and ammunition. UNLIREC received US$ 1.7 million from the United States Government to administer the destruction and stockpile management programmes in Guyana, and other countries in the Caribbean including Barbados, Dominica, and St. Kitts and Nevis. Participants at the recently concluded training programme were awarded certificates of completion by U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Bryan Hunt. Assistant

C ommissioner of Police Balram Persaud also attended the ceremony. This programme, funded through the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI), helps strengthen capacity and provide practical skills to relevant security officials working in this critically important area. Through such CBSI partnerships, the United States and Guyana seek to enhance the bilateral security relationship to create a partnership to combat transnational crime, develop strong security institutions in Guyana, and advance the safety and security of the citizens of Guyana.

Wednesday June 04, 2014

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Rodney COI…

Hamilton’s motives come under scrutiny By Latoya Giles Attorney at law Basil Williams yesterday attempted to discredit evidence which People’s Progressive Party Parliamentarian Joseph ‘Joe’ Hamilton gave on Monday at the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (COI). Williams suggested to Hamilton that he (Hamilton) felt jilted by the People’s National Congress (PNC) after he was denied a Parliamentary position by the then Leader of the Opposition Robert Corbin. “In light of the evidence you’re giving now and by standing in that witness box, you would be considered a snitch,” Williams said to Hamilton, to which Hamilton said that he did not understand the term. Williams then said he could simplify it and asked if he understood what or who a “whistleblower” is. Hamilton agreed that he knew what a “whistleblower” is and said he preferred that term. According to Hamilton, the reason he came to give evidence is because of a “moral right to talk about my involvement”. Hamilton was questioned about why he didn’t come forward since the 1988 inquest into the death of Rodney, and what was so special about coming now. According to the witness the opportunity never presented itself then. “I find this time the most opportune,” Hamilton told the commission. Williams continued on his path to attempt to discredit the witness by quoting from Parliament’s Hansards from 2007, where Hamilton bashed the government about several issues. Hamilton said that he could not recall if he had made the statement, but would not deny either. “This was your opinion back then about this government ….and you have entered into this same party,” Williams said to Hamilton. The witness maintained that he had no difficulty in representing his party of choice now, the PPP/C. Williams further suggested to Hamilton that he could not be trusted and that he is prepared to do anything for the PPP. This suggestion by Williams didn’t sit too well with Hamilton who appeared very agitated. Williams continued by suggesting that Hamilton had a fallout with Hamilton Green, his main reason for coming to the commission to lie. However, according to Hamilton, he had resigned from Green’s party and there

- Witness insists he has “moral right” to talk about his involvement

Joseph ‘Joe’ Hamilton

Attorney-at-Law Basil Williams

was no fallout between the two men. “I’m suggesting that you harboured bitterness for Green,” Williams told Hamilton. Williams also suggested that Hamilton had a fallout with Robert Corbin in 2007 after he was bypassed as member of parliament within the PNC. Hamilton told the commission that he had never had any expectation of becoming a parliamentarian. The fact is, Hamilton claimed, that he had spoken to Corbin and requested that he be appointed as an Elections Commissioner, since one of the commissioners had recently resigned. Hamilton, who had mentioned Williams’ name as a person whom he met while being a member of the House of Israel was questioned about the statement. Williams suggested to the witness that he wasn’t being truthful when he made the statement. According to Williams, Hamilton could not have met him in the 1980s. Williams said he never knew Rabbi Washington from the House of Israel either. Williams further stated that Hamilton was being malicious by putting the names of people, and as such he asked that they invoke proceedings for perjury. “It’s a PPP tactic….which you are executing on behalf of that party,” Williams told Hamilton. Moreover, Hamilton

claimed that members of the House of Israel were trained in the area of “bomb-making” by a senior rank within the Guyana Defence Force (GDF). Hamilton was also questioned by commissioner lawyer Latchmie Rahamat about whether he knew that there was a police intelligence file. The file contains arms requisition/delivery forms bearing the purported signatures of then former GDF Major Mc Pherson and someone from the House of Israel showing that a cache of arms and ammunition had been handed over to the then governing Peoples National Congress. He recalled yesterday that several senior members of the disciplined forces, judiciary, business community and even ministers of the government visited the House of Israel headquarters in Georgetown where favours and intervention were sought, monies exchanged and other activities, some of them being members themselves. Williams nonetheless sought to insinuate that Hamilton was only testifying in this vein because of his affiliations with the governing People’s Progressive Party Civic, having formerly held MP status in the PNC government. However, Hamilton, now a 60–year–old grandfather said he regrets his involvement with the House of Israel which commenced when he was only 23 years old.

Corruption benefits the rich and powerful at the expense of the poor. Say no to it.

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Wednesday June 04, 2014

MOU inked to provide cooperation NAMILCO hosts baking seminar today on REDD+ between UNDP, ONF The UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative for Guyana, Khadija Musa, and the National Forests Office (ONF) Guyana Regional Director, Nicolas Karr, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to provide a framework of cooperation and to facilitate collaboration between the entities, on REDD+ in the Guiana Shield. UNDP is enhancing its development activities in the Guiana Shield, through implementation of the Guiana Shield Facility (GSF), a multicountry funding facility dedicated to conservation and sustainable development of the Guiana Shield eco-region. The GSF is supporting multiple REDD+ and REDD+ related activities in the Guiana Shield, including strengthening monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) system for REDD+in Guyana, implementation of R-

The UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative for Guyana, Khadija Musa, and the French Forest Office (ONF) Guyana Regional Director, Nicolas Karr, signed a Memorandum of Understanding PP in Suriname and development of FORESEEN (Forest and Remote Sensing Exchange Network), in efforts to accelerate REDD+

Corruption benefits the rich and powerful at the expense of the poor. Say no to it!

readiness of the countries and to conserve forest ecosystems. The ONF prepares its partners to manage forests and natural areas, and to participate actively in the resolution of major issues of sustainable development. It is currently implementing a “REDD+ for the Guiana Shield” project focusing on regional cooperation for

reducing emissions by preventing deforestation. As such, in order to streamline future collaboration among the Guiana Shield countries that are participating in both GSF and ONF initiatives, the MOU will provide the framework for exchange of technical and strategic information on REDD+, enhance capacity at the national and community levels to sustainably manage forest ecosystems for achieving REDD+. The MOU is also intended to contribute to data sharing and regional technical cooperation and capacity building that the two initiatives are developing, in order to increase ownership and partic i p a t i o n , a n d t o sustain the ga i n s m a d e during implementation of the GSF and the ONF REDD+ for the Guiana Shield project. The agreement clearly states that the “ONF and GSF, are keen to avoid duplication of activities, and to share experiences and data, within the limit of their own respective agreements with other partners.”

Under the theme “taking Guyana’s Bakeries to the next level” the National Milling Company Inc. (NAMILCO) in collaboration with Seaboard Corporation, USA and Engrain LLC, USA will be hosting a Baking Seminar today from 08:00hrs to 16:00hrs at Parc Rayne, Rahaman’s Park, East Bank Demerara. The seminar is geared towards giving local bakers an opportunity to learn new techniques to further enhance their skills, in addition to learning about the latest developments in the global bread industry. Bakers attending the seminar will also learn about creating niche products to bring variety to the consum-

ers, and focus will be placed on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The Seminar will be opened by the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy who will touch on some innovative ideas. The United States Ambassador to Guyana Mr. Brent Hardt will also be making a presentation. The seminar will see presentations being conducted by two international baking specialists; Mr. Miguel Galdos based in Chile, South America “who provided services in nearly all countries of this continent” and Mr. Keith Clemens, “a graduate of the American Institute of (Continued on page 27)

Wednesday June 04, 2014

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Cocaine charges for Guyanese caught with US$35,000 at JFK A Guyanese charged with failing to disclose he was travelling with more than US$30,000 from New York to Guyana, back in February, is in more trouble. This time, a US court has slapped Vilton Bourne, 30, with charges also of conspiracy to import cocaine into that country. According to court papers dated May 16, and signed by US District Attorney, Loretta Lynch, Bourne will face a grand jury. In count one, Bourne was accused of between August 2013 and February 2014, within the Eastern District of New York and elsewhere, and together with others, knowingly and intentionally conspiring to import cocaine. In the second count, “Bulk Cash Smuggling”, the indictment accused Bourne of

Vilton Bourne concealing approximately US$35,577, on his person and in articles of luggage and other containers. Further, he attempted to leave the US with the cash. The indictment made it clear that it will move to seize any properties from the

defendant, upon his conviction of the conspiracy offense. This includes the cash he was accused of attempting to travel with. Bourne was placed on US$50,000 bail after he was hauled off a Caribbean Airlines flight to Guyana from JFK airport on February 19. Personnel from the Customs and Border Protection at the JFK International Airport selected him for an “outboard enforcement” examination. He declared US$9,000 and signed a form. However, he reportedly presented US$10,000 to the officers, the complaint said. He was asked if he had other cash and Bourne replied in the negative. According to the special agent, the security officials took his two pieces of luggage

Timehri Backlands murder…

Three police ranks testify in PI Three police witnesses were yesterday called to testify as the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the death of a female taxi driver who was earlier this year found dead in a clump of bushes, one mile from Jubilee Fun Park and Resort, Timehri, East Bank Demerara, continued at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday. Sylvester Bristol also known as “Rambo” is currently charged with murdering taxi driver Savitri ‘Maya’ Parma sometime between February 15 and 16, last at Dakara Creek on the Linden/Soesdyke Highway. Parma, a mother of two who resided at Loncke’s Avenue, Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara, was reportedly raped and strangled with a bootlace several hours before her body was discovered in the wee hours of the morning of February 16. She was said to have been murdered by the accused who she offered a lift to Loam Pit after picking him up at his work place on the night of February 15. While Parma’s body was reportedly found faced down with her head “pressed to the earth,” her nine-year-old son was found sleeping in the rear seat of her abandoned taxi hours later by her husband who decided to search for his “missing wife.” Investigators who probed the case were led to the accused, who was reportedly found hiding in a wardrobe at his living quarters at Bashir Sandpit, Linden/Soesdyke Highway. The PI got underway Monday last in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and is scheduled to be called again today before

Murder Accused: Sylvester Bristol

Dead: Savitri Parma

Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. Bristol is being prosecuted by Corporal Bharat Mangru who is attached to the chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). He is currently unrepresented by legal counsel. At the commencement on Monday, the court heard sworn testimonies from the widower Kamal Parma, their nine-year-old son, her fatherin-law Kissoon Parma and sister, Sharon Gangadeen. As the proceedings continued yesterday, three police witnesses were called to offer sworn testimonies on behalf of the state. Detective Constable Mark Gaspar attached to the Crime Laboratory at the Headquarters of the Criminal Investigations Division (CID), Eve Leary, first took the

stand and related the role he played in conducting the investigations. His testimony was followed by that of Constable Ze Bartholomey stationed at the Eve Leary Police Outpost. Bartholomey told of the part he played in the investigations and was cross examined by Bristol who does not have an attorney. The last to offer a sworn testimony was Constable Shawn Beharry from the Prashad Nagar Police Outpost. At the time of the alleged murder he was stationed at Timehri. Beharry who offered a lengthy testimony was cross examined by Attorney at Law James Bond who was asked by the Chief Magistrate at that time to appear amicus curiae on behalf of the accused. The PI is scheduled to continue today.

and searched them. There was US$10,000 in each. In the defendant’s wallet, the officials discovered that Bourne had US$5,577. He was arrested. In total, the complaint

said, Bourne had US$35,577. On February 20, he appeared before Judge Cheryl Pollak of the Eastern District of New York Court. Bourne was ordered held until February 24 when he was

placed on US$50,000 bail. According to court documents, there may be a possibility of a plea bargain. Bourne was ordered not to leave the New York area until the matter is completed.

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Wednesday June 04, 2014

Cops charged in Colwyn Harding assault case By Sunita Samaroo Constable Devin Singh was yesterday charged along with his colleague Roselle Tilbury-Douglas at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court for the alleged baton assault on Colwyn Harding. The charge which was read to the duo by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry, states that at Timerhi, East Bank Demerara between November 1 and November 3 0 , l a s t y e a r, t h e y assaulted Harding so as to cause him actual bodily harm. Persaud was accused too of assaulting Harding at Timehri during that period of time. Both Constables Singh and Tilbury pleaded not guilty and submitted bail applications through their lawyers, Glenn Hanoman and Leslie Sobers respectively. The case is being prosecuted by Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Prosecutor, Corporal Bharat Mangru, who did not reveal the details of the crime. The Chief Magistrate ordered that statements be filed for the three charges. The Prosecutor holding an extremely thick case file indicated that he would not

be able to disclose at this point how many witnesses will be called, since he does not believe all those who provided statements will be called to offer testimonies. Hanoman made a request, however, for the statements to be given to them. COOPERATING FULLY In his address to the court, Hanoman disclosed that his client (Singh) has not been asked to post station bail but had rather been released on his own recognizance (self-bail). The lawyer said his client has been cooperating fully with the police, including reporting to a police station on more than 20 occasions thus far, and further, had reported to court on his own volition after having just received a call notifying him of his court hearing. Hanoman beseeched the court to note that the offence for which his client has been charged clearly did not pertain to the insertion of any baton into the victim’s rectum. He contended that the investigations conducted have garnered no proof of any such claims. Continuing, he stated that

ACCUSED: Police Constable Devin Singh hides his face before his first arraignment. his client who resides at Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara has been serving the Guyana Police Force as a constable for the past twelve years. He asked the court to consider offering Singh reasonable bail. Meanwhile, TilburyDouglas’s lawyer, Leslie Sobers, said his 26-year-old client, who lives in Timehri, is married and a mother of one. He revealed that she had been serving the force for the past four years. Sobers in his bail application claimed that the accused has always made herself available to the police, cooperated fully with investigators and remained on active duty

until she was told yesterday afternoon that she needed to go to court to answer to the charge. He noted that she had spent no extensive period of time under close arrest. “She has never been in a predicament such as this,” he said. Sobers v o u c h e d f o r Ti l b u r y ’s willingness to face trial and prove her innocence. “My client will appear and show that she in no way assaulted the virtual complainant and she stands prepared to expose this deceit and the spuriousness of this allegation,” said Sobers. The lawyer stated that she was “serving under 1601, and cannot leave this country.” He added that she can be contacted at anytime. Asking for self-bail, the lawyer turned to his client who was standing beside her colleague dressed in her working skirt and shoes. “I apologise for my client being dressed inappropriately. She was on duty and given the tee-shirt she now wears.” He contended that she was not a flight risk and has been available to the police and will be available to the courts. The lawyers’ applications were met with no objections from the Prosecution thus bail was allowed. They were placed on $100,000 for each offence by

the Chief Magistrate and the case was transferred to Providence Magistrates’ Court. Singh, who is the only one of the two in possession of a passport, was ordered to lodge the document with the courts as a condition for bail. Meanwhile, Tilbury-Douglas was ordered to report to a police sergeant every Friday starting from June 13. The case will be called again today before Magistrate Leron Daly. PUNISHMENT When contacted, a senior police official stated that from the first day of the arraignment, the serving ranks will be interdicted from duty. He indicated that a file will be sent to the staff officer who will prepare and send the necessary interdiction papers to the Commissioner of Police for his signature. The official clarified that they will be interdicted pending the outcome of the court case. “If found guilty, they will face dismissal but if exonerated, the file will be sent back to the DPP for advice.” He made it clear that neither Singh nor TilburyDouglas will have police powers and will be receiving half their regular salary during the period of interdiction. The Police also issued a statement claiming that “departmental charges will also be made against some other ranks involved in the matter.” ROOT CAUSE Harding, the victim, had earlier this year gone public claiming that members of the police force had beaten him and inserted a condomcovered baton in his rectum. The alleged act, he had said, had ruptured his intestine. He was arrested in November last year at Timehri during a theft investigation and taken to the police station in that district where the alleged sodomy had occurred. Following the publication of Harding’s plight – at the time he was hospitalized in the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where a hernia operation had been performed on him – the matter was immediately handed over to the Force’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR). After making recommendations, the file was sent to the Head of the Police Complaints Authority Cecil Kennard and later the DPP. The DPP had however sent it back to the police stating that there was need for additional investigations. There were several other movements of the file back and forth.

Wednesday June 04, 2014

Kaieteur News

Murder accused pleads guilty to lesser count of manslaughter

June Session of Demerara Criminal Assizes opens - 242 cases listed for trial

- admits to stabbing wife

Haydock Baxter After spending almost eight years in jail, murder accused Haydock Baxter has pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter, for the killing of his wife, Carol Braithwaite-Baxter. His case was presented for trial at the High Court, before Justice Dawn Gregory and a mixed 12-member jury, yesterday. According to reports, the accused attacked and stabbed his wife in broad daylight, while in the vicinity of the Georgetown Prisons, on October 19, 2009. The woman was reportedly, taking food for her eldest son, who had been imprisoned. However, Baxter told the court yesterday that his wife had attacked him, on the day of the incident. “She see me passing on a bicycle and she try to throw hot porridge pun meh

because I de sleep out de night before ... I had a knife and I stab she,” the man told the court, as he apologized for what had happened. After listening to Baxter, the Judge remanded him to prison pending sentence, which has been scheduled for June 17. The accused is being represented by Huckumcahnd Parag, while Natasha Backer and Mercedes Thompson are representing the State in the matter. Details relating to the case are that the 48-year-old victim, of Garnett Street, Albouystown was stabbed in the neck, by Baxter. Public spirited citizens came to her rescue and apprehended her husband. The woman was subsequently hospitalized at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. She had told reporters that Baxter would constantly threaten and abuse her, whenever she refused to give him money to support his habit. “When I reach in front de prison and go fuh sign me name, he come and tell me when I finish, let we go fuh de divorce. I tell he I aint going,” the woman had said. She had recalled that her husband became annoyed and pulled out a knife and plunged it into her neck. She was stabbed at least three times. The woman succumbed to her injuries, days after being hospitalised.

NAMILCO hosts... (From page 16) Baking who is attached to Seaboard Corporation, NAMILCO’s head office, and has experience in the baking industry for over 25 years covering Africa, North America and the Caribbean.” Together the two culinary bakers will be addressing among other things the baking process, with emphasis on the relation of good manufacturing practices and final baking results, functionality of baking ingredients and its relation with baking performance and the final product as well as mixing and fermentation with specific focus on dough development, relation between mixing and fermentation and different mixing techniques. Moreover they will be looking at “preferment” and the types and advantages for the baker, sweet goods with

focus on the types, ingredients, makeup procedure, in addition to what are the trending items in bakery, taking a look at “what’s hot around the world.” Bakers will also get the opportunity to have one-onone discussions with the presenters at the cocktail reception immediately after the seminar. According to NAMILCO, all bakers, pastry and cake professionals and owners of snackettes are encouraged to attend. “This collaboration is in keeping with our commitment and our ISO 9001:2008 mandate to maintain our reputation for excellence in the services that we provide to our customers.” Bakers can contact NAMILCO at their office on telephone numbers 233-2462/ 2463 or visit their website at for any additional information.

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Justice William Ramlal and ranks of the Police ‘A’ Division during the ceremonial opening yesterday. Several prominent cases have been listed for trial during the June session of the Demerara Criminal Assizes, which opened at the High Court yesterday, with the traditional parade and march past by ranks of ‘A’ Division of the Guyana Police Force. Over 242 criminal matters are listed for trial. Justice Navindra Singh, Justice Dawn Gregory and Justice William Ramlal will be presiding during the session. A number of highly anticipated cases, which were listed for trial during the last two sessions, reappeared on the record for this sitting. The cases, which remain on the list for trial are those of Bibi Shareema Gopaul and Jarvis Small called ‘Barry’, who have been jointly accused of the unlawful killing of Queen’s College Student, Neesa Gopaul; popular promoter, Colin Mack, who was indicted for rape, abduction and assault of a female in 2009 and former President of the Guyana

Teachers’ Union (GTU), Colwyn King, accused of Carnal Knowledge. Gopaul and Small are accused killing the teenager, whose body was found stuffed inside a partially submerged suitcase, which was discovered days after she went missing at Madewini creek, along the Linden/Soesdyke Highway. The victim in Mack’s trial was allegedly abducted and taken to a house in Festival City, where she was allegedly raped and assaulted. The victim, later told police investigators that when she was held against her will and she shouted for help, but no one came to her rescue, even though houses were within close proximity. She said that she was later rescued by a taxi driver after she hung her naked body through a window and yelled for help. Colwyn King was charged after he allegedly engaged in sexual relations with an underage female, whom he

met on Sherriff Street. Also listed for trial are Cyon Collier called ‘Picture Boy,’ and Calvin Thomas called Calvin Bailey, both of whom, are facing separate murder charges. Collier was indicted for four separate charges, which included murder and unlawful gun possession, while Bailey was charged for allegedly stabbing his eighteen- month old stepson to death. For the third consecutive time, the duo will face the Judge and Jury. They had undergone two trials, which ended in hung juries, resulting in the retrials. Other cases which are listed for retrial include that of Jevon Wharton and Charles Cush, who were implicated in the rape and murder of a nineyear-old girl, and that of Bibi

Shamiza Khan, Hoosman Khan and Bibi Farida Khan called Pum who are charged with the murder of US-based stepfather, Motielall Singh. During the last session, of the 230 cases listed for trial, several criminal matters were presented and completed. Of the ten murders presented before the court, there were three guilty verdicts, five not guilty verdicts and two ended in hung jury. Justice Navindra Singh completed five matters of which four were for the offence of murder and one for the offence of Attempt to Commit Murder and felonious wounding. In two of the four murder trials, the accused were jailed for 78 years and 56 years’ Continued on page 30

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Letters... Where your views make the news

The housing dilemma in Guyana’ DEAR EDITOR, Housing is one of the basic needs of any human being. Even though Guyana is a large country with a relatively tiny population, the nation after forty-eight years of independence seems unable to cope with its housing problems. We are informed that there are more Guyanese in the Diaspora than those residing in Guyana. In the Caribbean, Suriname, Cayenne, Brazil, Venezuela, not to mention the UK, USA, and Canada, there are large Guyanese societies. Despite the huge exodus over the years, we continue to experience difficulties in finding suitable and affordable accommodation. This is a great paradox and one wonders how Guyanese who have migrated find housing in countries with

millions of inhabitants. Sadly some private owners in Guyana are exploiting their tenants. The housing drive for ownership is indeed ambitious but is somewhat unrealistic. In every aspect of life there are pros and cons. House ownership, either purchasing or building, has some compelling ramifications. One must have substantial capital to buy the house or land and take a mortgage which can be a burden if one’s income is inadequate. One must be prepared to make great sacrifices to keep up with the mortgage for years, failing which there can be a foreclosure of the property. Rates and taxes, general maintenance, suffering losses from unscrupulous and incompetent contractors, are part of the bargain.

According to the findings of a recent study on housing in Latin America, there is need for both ownership and rentals in countries to help alleviate the housing shortage. In the colonial times, Guyanese could find houses for rental at reasonable prices. There were housing schemes in recent years where the rents were quite cheap but alas, many tenants refused to pay their rent and allowed it to run into thousands of dollars. Government decided to sell these houses at nominal prices. This perhaps has deterred the present administration from venturing into the building of houses for rental. However, it needs to be done with stricter rules. Self help housing should be continued. Let us have a national

forum to which all relevant stakeholders are invited: government, religious bodies and NGO’s, private sector and other corporate entities. There we need to have holistic and comprehensive discussions. Special consideration should be given to housing the elderly. Some must live in geriatric homes because of their illness. However, there are active ones who can live on their own and pay a rent with their pension. Let the nation compare and contrast housing conditions in Guyana with the rest of the Caricom region and see what improvements we can introduce to solve our housing dilemma. Meanwhile, the authorities should take stern measures to prohibit or regularize wanton squatters. Malcolm Maynard

Is everything legitimate with the... From page 5 scandal has since left the GCB and now works with the Americans to manage their baseball venture here in Guyana. You see Editor, this is the problem, without an investigation, such individuals go unnoticed and unpunished to the wider public and are ‘transferred’ to other sports where similar acts can be committed which risks the lives of young people and damage their potential future careers. This match-fixing allegation mentioned above jeopardized the chances of talented members of that team from being selected to the Guyana T/20 Team! Simultaneously, the very WICB Executive Committee when contacted to launch an investigation bluntly refused to do so. The big question was why, what was there to hide? Is it the case of a cartel closing its ranks? You see editor, private cartels, which the WICB resembles entail an agreement on terms and conditions that provide members mutual advantage, but that are not known or likely to be detected by outside parties. Private cartels in most jurisdictions are viewed as violating antitrust laws. They are subject to legal liability under antitrust laws now found in here in the Caribbean, where the CARICOM Competition Commission (CCC) is the watchdog. Private cartels are set up to benefit only those individuals who constitute it, weak or dissenting members are often dealt with condignly, often eliminated or

forcibly coerced! However, in most parts of the world private cartels are forbidden. Identifying and breaking up cartels is an important part of competition policy world over. Anti-competitive business conduct can take the form of agreements between enterprises or abuse of dominance. Under Article 169 of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas the region has in place a competition policy is to ensure that the benefits expected from the establishment of the CSME are not frustrated by anti-competitive business conduct. These benefits are expected to be shared by all stakeholders including the private sector, government and the consumers. They should not go to a select group of persons or businesses. This policy is being enforced by the CCC who’s mandate is to, among others (a) apply the rules of competition, in respect of anti-competitive cross-border business conduct; and (b) promote and protect competition in the Community and coordinate the implementation of the Community Competition Policy within the CSME and (c) provide support to Member States in promoting and protecting consumer welfare. Given the examples listed above, and the other allegations too many to go into detail here, but seen in the media recently and over the past year or so, I urge the Government of Guyana to seek an intervention by the CCC to launch an investigation into the unfair business

practice of the cartel-like operation of WICB which is now a corporate body subject to laws of CARICOM. Further, that all Directors and its management committee are probed for graft and wealth acquisition including examining overseas accounts by way of a forensic audit. In this way, there is the possibility of the CCC to order the termination or nullification of agreements such as the incorporation of the WICB, its conduct, activities or decisions. It can also issue Cease and Desist orders in respect of anticompetitive business conduct, order payment of compensation to persons affected by anti-competitive business conduct, among a range of other possibilities. I suggest this approach as it seems all other interventions pursued in the past, such as the designation of a CARICOM Head of State to mediate on issues of conflicts involving the WICB, other intergovernmental discussions, and medium and high level discussions with the WICB, have failed. If the CCC approach somehow churns out a different outcome, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) is the final court of appeal for persons or companies against whom the CCC has issued a determination of a breach of Community competition law. The CCJ has the authority under the Revised Treaty to review the administrative and quasi-judicial functions of the CCC. Jewan Persaud

(From page 28)

TO LET 2 bedroom apartments @ Factory Road Paradise, ECD. Large living, dining, etc. One month’s security - $38,500 monthly – Call: 672-2677, 625-9939 1 three-bedroom apartment in a gated community at Versailles - For more information: 618-5070 One top flat 3 bedrooms apartment- Call:687-0835/ 6818058

and physically support Mr. Duncan’s effort to either get a law school here or reinstitute Guyana’s financial contribution to the regional Council of Legal Education. I thank Mr. Duncan for his rejection of my sudden contract termination at UG in 2012 and his subsequent involvement in protest action. I also refer to a letter by Kevin Morgan in the KN of June 2, 2014 in which he said he was a law student at UG at the time of my contract termination,

and was so upset with my dismissal that he attacked (his word) his law lecturer and inquired how UG can teach its students about the rule of law and that very institution does not uphold the rule of law. I don’t know Mr. Morgan and cannot recall meeting him but I would like to thank him for his revulsion of what happened to me at UG. As upcoming lawyers, I hope both Duncan and Morgan walk in the footstep of great human rights lawyers like

Khemraj Ramjattan and Nigel Hughes and others of their type. But more than that, I hope they bravely defend the rights, in and out of the courtroom, of the people of this sad, tragic land. This country is waiting for courageous young people to replace the great freedom fighters that have struggled to free the Guyanese nation from both colonial repression and postcolonial oppression. Please call upon me for any assistance that is

One experienced hairdresser Contact Magic Touch Beauty Salon at 225-6492 Experienced bus driver & hire car driver at Princess Hotel - Tel: 265-7075/ 265-7076 One female babysitter to work in Georgetown, age 4045 - Call: 614-5711 between 9-5pm Urgently needed live in waitresses to work in bar, attractive salary offered Tel:259-0574

WANTED 1 Shop Assistant to work in Interior, salary $80,000 monthly. Age 20-35- Call:6645199/ 675-7043

One driver and a Cummings Mechanic to work in the interior - Contact: 681-6044 One Part-time Cleaner Monday to Friday 11am to 4Pm – Call: 231-9804 Honest, single live in domestic – Call: 646-1758 between 9:00am-4:00pm, attractive salary offered.

MASSSAGE Happy Touch Day Spa: Come & Experience heaven in its many forms – 4 Hands, sweet treat, open at 10AM – Contact: 697-2011 The Gent’s Spa: Be pampered by our beautiful masseuses, H-Hands, wet bliss. Won’t You Let Me? – Contact:6575979 LEARN TO DRIVE Soman Son & Outar Driving School at Maraj BuildingTel:644-5166; 622-2872; 6150964; 689-5997; 660-7511

Freddie Kissoon thanks Messrs. Duncan and Morgan DEAR SIR, I refer to law student, Sherod Duncan’s letter of Friday, May 30, 2014 captioned, “Does Mr. Freddie Kissoon stand with us or against us?” The answer is yes. I will always stand with the Guyanese people and seek to protect and preserve their rights that have been jeopardized by successive government since colonial and post-colonial times including the very moment we are in. I would be glad to vocally

WANTED 3 female general workers between ages 22-35yrs, 1 male general worker between ages 18-30 – Contact: 225-6337 Live out domestic babysitter and live in babysitter –Call: 225-0188, 225-6070 (Monday to Saturday) (8:15am-4:15pm)

within my capability to deliver. I have given all my life to this country and outside of Walter Rodney who was killed, I humbly think I have been more victimized than any other human rights activist. I will leave both of you gentleman with the phenomenal saying of Martin Luther King, delivered on June 23, 1963 in a speech in Detroit, “If a man hasn’t discovered something he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.” Frederick Kissoon

Live-in domestic must know to cook 25-35yrs, live-in waitress 18-25yrs: salary $50,000 monthly, boarding & lodging free- Tel: 610-5043 Experienced taxi drivers for Gem’s Taxi Service - Call: 2313709, 667-9013 One cashier, send application along with CV to gjmarketing To buy 2 low income land in La Parfaite Harmonie & one high income in Schoonard – Call: 218-5591 or 675-7292 CLEANING LADY TO CLEAN AND COOK, GOOD MANNERS, MUST KNOW TO COOK GOOD MUSLIM FOOD – E.B.D – CALL: 231-8529 1 Male bar attendant, 1 chef, 1 supervisor @ Cotton Club – Tel: 225-9211/231-1908 Farm worker, daytime security & gardener – Call: 265-3586 One electrician to work part time or full time – Tel: 6925175; 617-7493 One hire car driver – Contact Mrs. Z. Khan – Tel: 226-7984/ 688-8660 Attractive live in waitressCall: 327-0252/674-4665

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Wednesday June 04, 2014

Special enforcement training for Skeldon, Wales are weakest Police Force on mining, logging GuySuCo estates - SWOT analysis

The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment has launched special training with the Guyana Police Force to deal with enforcement of the mining and logging sectors. According to the Ministry, the workshop focused on laws and regulations of the natural resources and environmental sectors and is titled “Legislative and Regulatory Capacity Building for the Guyana Police Force”. The training is being held at the police’s Training Centre, Camp Road, and will end on Friday. Major General (ret’d) Joseph Singh noted the areas for improvement along with recommendations to instill professionalism, ethical behaviour and cooperation among the sector agencies and the security forces. He

also highlighted the need for continuous monitoring and gathering of intelligence to build the capacity of the officers. According to the Ministry, the rapid expansion in the mineral and forestry sectors have made active monitoring and enforcement a challenge for agencies under its purview. “Hence, this training exercise with the GPF will focus on the laws and regulations within the natural resources and environmental sector in an effort to improve compliance and to enhance the capacity of police officers.” The Ministry pointed out that armed forces with a deepened understanding of the laws and regulations can assist mining, environmental and forestry officers more effectively, especially when issues

June Session of... From page 27 imprisonment respectively after the jury returned unanimous guilty verdicts. The accused in the other two murder trials were sent back to prison to await new trials after their jury failed to reach a verdict. Justice Dawn Gregory completed three matters. Of the three matters, two were for the offence of murder and one for the offence of manslaughter. In the first murder trial, the accused was sentenced to ten years imprisonment after the jury found him guilty on the lesser offence of

manslaughter. The accused in the other murder trial was acquitted after the jury returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty. The accused in the manslaughter trial was acquitted after the jury returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty. Justice William Ramlal disposed of two murder cases. In both cases the Judge upheld no case submissions by the defence and directed the jury to return formal verdicts of not guilty. The State has appealed the Court’s ruling in one of the murder cases.

arise and the knowledge is needed. The training is being facilitated by experienced training officers from the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC). Some of the topics to be covered include the laws governing the GGMC, EPA and GFC, Litter (Enforcement) Regulations (2013) and Wildlife Conservation and Management Regulations (2013). Minister Robert Persaud, earlier this year, had signaled a year of active monitoring and enforcement since the latter has become a challenge due to a rapid expansion in the mineral and forestry sectors. “Minister Persaud recognizes the wider powers of enforcement and authority by the Guyana Police Force hence the directive to pursue the said capacity-building exercise, it is expected to target the officers in the hinterland region and further expanding to countrywide efforts.” The sectors had indeed been posing major challenges with increasing crimes like robberies, murders, assaults and even human trafficking being reported. Illegal mining has also been a major concern. The extractive industry has been a major one for Guyana with gold remaining the biggest foreign currency earner last year.

- private farmers producing less cane The new strategic turnaround plan of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) includes a Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats (SWOT) analysis which reflects that the weakness of the individual sugar factories significantly outweigh the strengths. GuySuCo recently completed its latest strategic turnaround plan which is supposed to serve as a programme to resuscitate the sugar industry. The plan focuses mainly on mechanisms to increase production and reflects a need for $19B (US$95M) to Capital Expenditure Plan for the improvement of Agriculture operations and rehabilitation of factories over the next five years. GuySuCo had at least two other turnaround plans before. The new “strategic” plan is said to be based on the initiatives put forth in the original Strategic Blueprint and new initiatives put forward by Estates and other “key management personnel.” The SWOT analysis identifies Skeldon and Wales as the factories with the most weaknesses. The weaknesses of Skeldon is nearly triple its strengths, while only two of the factories outlined — Uitvlugt and East Demerara—

had five or more strengths. Even though Albion hadn’t as many listed strengths, it has been dubbed “an efficient factory.” Interestingly, despite the Uitvlugt and East Demerara sugar factories having the most listed strengths, the weaknesses outweighed them as well. The weaknesses highlighted in the analysis include “unresolved/ prolonged technical difficulties with the New Skeldon Factory which began since the 2nd crop 2008.” It was also stated that as a result of the technical difficulties with the Skeldon Factory, Skeldon farmers have been reluctant to continue or come on board with GuySuCo. Some of the other major weaknesses include the inability to consistently achieve the projected grinding hours, resulting in significant increases in other costs such as fuel consumption, mill dock operations and support services; inability to procure key inputs in a timely manner and higher than anticipated wage increase. Also highlighted was that there were larger than anticipated decreases in private cane farmers’ supply; Inability to make the necessary capital investments due to poor

liquidity; Low production levels; Sub-standard work practices and poor supervision; High level of absenteeism/poor labour turnout especially at critical times in both the field and factories. The fact that factories are unable to attract workers due to better and tax-free pay elsewhere and that there is an “inadequate skilled labour supply” was also highlighted. Some threats identified were “Additional inflationary pressures on key material inputs such as fuel, fertilizers and spares; Inclement weather would hinder sequence and timing of all operations; Unpredictably industrial relations climate; Unreasonable union demands and loss of skilled and experienced staff to migration; construction, gold and rice industries and other sectors “To combat these weaknesses and threats the main following Strengths and Opportunities that will be exploited and developed into strategies and actions to be undertaken industry wide are as follows Increased Mechanization; Factory Improvements; Human Resources Initiatives; Improvements to Accessibility and Cane Transport and Increased Production of Value Added Sugar.

Attorney confirms victim’s... (From page 3) that the investigation that the OPR is currently undertaking would be concluded in no longer than one month. So far this newspaper understands that no one has been placed under close arrest, since according to a senior police source, Thornton has not yet identified any rank who inflicted the alleged burning. “He is still in hospital and his identification of the rank who allegedly did it is very important,” the source told this newspaper. Meanwhile, with respect to the case of 16-year-old Alex Griffith, Todd said that he is expecting that charges will be laid against the Police Cadet Officer no later than this weekend.

Bright be the Road you are Walking, Light be the Load you are Carrying, Sweet be the Home you are Staying, Happy be the Day you are Foreseeing - Have a Pleasant Day

Wednesday June 04, 2014

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Ukraine army targets separatists in new offensive in east DONETSK Ukraine (Reuters) - Fighting raged in eastern Ukraine for the second straight day yesterday as the army rolled out an offensive against proRussia separatists holding the city of Slaviansk, with dead and wounded on both sides, the Ukrainian government said. Rebels in the town, a fiercely separatist stronghold where a military helicopter was shot down last week killing 14 servicemen, said they had brought down a Su25 attack aircraft and a helicopter, but this was denied by Ukrainian authorities. Twelve hours after Kiev’s forces launched an overnight military operation in and around Slaviansk, Vladyslav Seleznyov, a spokesman for the Ukrainians, said: “Today we have had two killed and 42 wounded.” He put the number of dead and wounded on the separatist side at about 300, a figure that could not be independently verified. “Fighting is continuing”, he told Reuters yesterday evening. Many of the town’s

women and children have left in recent days as the fighting got worse. One woman described how artillery fire began at dawn. President-elect Petro Poroshenko called for a resumption of military operations by government forces to quell rebellions by pro-Russian militia across the Russian-speaking east after scoring a resounding election victory on May 25. The Kiev government says the fighting is fomented by Moscow, which opposes its pro-Western course. Kiev also accuses Russia of letting volunteer fighters cross into Ukraine to fight alongside the rebels. Moscow denies this and is urging Ukraine to end military operations and open dialogue with the separatists. Ukraine announced yesterday that a total of 181 people, including 59 servicemen, had been killed “by terrorist activity” since hostilities broke out in April. Since government forces resumed their push against the rebels, there have been clashes in an around the main industrial hub of Donetsk and near the border town of

Fighters of Social Nationalist Assembly (SNA), part of ultra-nationalist Right Sector movement, take an oath of allegiance to the country before heading to Eastern Ukraine as part of the battalion “Azov” during a ceremony in their headquarters in Kiev yesterday. REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko Luhansk with loss of life on both sides. But it is unclear whether the Ukrainian military, backed up by attack aircraft, is making real progress against the rebels, who are occupying strategic points in densely populated cities.

U.N. rights chief urges China tell truth on Tiananmen GENEVA (Reuters) United Nations human rights chief Navi Pillay yesterday called on China to reveal the truth about the army’s violent suppression of mass prodemocracy protests on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square 25 years ago. She also urged the Chinese authorities to release dozens of people reported to have been arrested in the runup to the anniversary, which falls on June 4, and to stop blocking Internet discussion of the events. “It is in the interests of everyone to finally establish the facts surrounding the Tiananmen incidents,” said Pillay, a former high court judge in South Africa and justice of the International Criminal Court. In the absence of an independent, factual investigation, much remained unknown about what happened and estimates of how many demonstrators largely students and workers - died ranged from hundreds to thousands, she noted. Families of many of those who were killed were still waiting for an explanation of what had become of their loved ones. Since the sudden crushing of the weeks-long protests in the heart of

Navi Pillay

Beijing, which had continued during a visit by reforming Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, and in other cities, China has sought to erase them from its history. It has come down hard on any attempt to mark the anniversary inside the country both publicly and privately. But Pillay, formally U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, said it was very important to establish a truth-seeking process. “Rather than stifle attempts to commemorate the 1989 events, the authorities should encourage and

facilitate dialogue and discussion as a means of overcoming the legacy of the past,” she declared in a statement from her Geneva office. “Learning from events of the past will not diminish the gains of the past 25 years, but will show how far China has come in ensuring that human rights are respected and protected,” she said. China defended the 1989 crackdown yesterday, the eve of the 25th anniversary, saying it had chosen the correct path for the sake of the people.

With violence continuing in Ukraine’s east and tension high between Ukraine and Russia, the crisis is certain to dominate diplomatic exchanges when the newlyelected Poroshenko meets world leaders this week ahead of his inauguration next

Saturday. He is expected to meet U.S. President Barack Obama and other European leaders in Warsaw today and will see Russia’s Vladimir Putin at World War Two Dday celebrations in France on Friday, though no formal talks are planned.

The fighting in Slaviansk followed a day-long fire-fight on Monday in Luhansk, a town further to the east on the border with Russia, after an attack by separatists on a border guard camp. At least two people were killed in the city center of Luhansk, which like Slaviansk is under separatist control, by a blast which rebels said came from a Ukrainian air strike but which the Ukrainians said was caused by a misfire of a heat-seeking missile by the rebels. “At the present time the active phase of the ‘antiterrorist operation’ is going on near Slaviansk. The (separatist) fighters are being blocked. If they refuse to lay down their arms they will be destroyed,” said Seleznyov, a spokesman for the military operation. “Our job is to establish peace in the region and this we will do,” he said. “Information that Ukrainian planes and helicopters have been shot down are not true. Yesterday one of the helicopters received holes from small arms fire,” he said.

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Wednesday June 04, 2014

Syrians vote in wartime election set to extend Assad’s rule DAMASCUS (Reuters) Syrians voted yesterday in an election expected to deliver an overwhelming victory for President Bashar al-Assad but which his opponents have dismissed as a charade in the midst of Syria’s devastating civil war. Rebel fighters, the political opposition in exile, Western powers and Gulf Arabs say no credible vote can be held in a country where swathes of territory are outside state control and

millions have been displaced by conflict. State television showed long queues of people waiting to vote at polling stations in areas under state control, as well as crowds waving flags and portraits of the president. Assad, looking relaxed and wearing a dark blue suit and light blue tie, voted at a central Damascus polling station with his wife Asma. For many Syrians politics took second place to the yearning for stability after

three years of war that have killed more than 160,000 people. “We hope for security and stability,” said Hussam al-Din al Aws, an Arabic teacher who was the first person to vote at a polling station at a Damascus secondary school. Asked who would win, he responded: “God willing, President Bashar al-Assad.” Islamist insurgents battling to overthrow the 48year-old president, who has

ruled Syria since succeeding his father 14 years ago, dismissed the vote as “illegitimate”. But the Islamic Front and allied groups pledged not to target polling stations and urged other rebels to do the same. Damascus residents said mortar shells struck residential areas in the capital yesterday, most likely fired from rebel suburbs. There were no immediate reports of casualties.

Assad is running against two relatively unknown challengers who were approved by a parliament packed with his supporters, the first time in half a century that Syrians have been offered a choice of candidates. But neither of Assad’s rivals, former minister Hassan al-Nouri or parliamentarian Maher Hajjar, enjoys much support. “It’s a tragic farce,” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said. “The Syrians in a zone controlled by the Syrian government have a choice of Bashar or Bashar. This man has been described by the U.N. Secretary General as a criminal,” he told France 2 television. The United States also issued a condemnation. “Today’s presidential election in Syria is a disgrace,” U.S. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf told a briefing in Washington. “Detached from reality and devoid of political participation, the Assad regime’s staged election today continued a 40-year family legacy of violent suppression that brutally crushes political dissent and fails to fulfil Syrians’ aspirations for peace and prosperity,” Harf said. But for many Syrians exhausted by war, particularly the minority Alawite, Christian and Druze communities, the Alawite president offers a bulwark against radical Sunni Muslim insurgents and the promise however remote - of some form of stability. At the Masnaa border crossing between Lebanon and Syria, thousands of people stood in the sun in a tightly packed queue to vote at a polling station set up for Syrians inside Lebanon. All those who spoke to Reuters said they planned to vote for Assad, giving him a third seven-year term. “I came and made the decision to do this for the sake of myself and my country,” said Ghada Makki, 43. “It is a national duty to vote so that we overcome the crisis happening in Syria.” Some Damascus residents reported only a trickle of voters at polling stations in the center of the city, but an activist who contacted people in Damascus and the Druze province of Suweida said the numbers of people voting was “scary”. “Lots of people have gone to vote, and I’m not talking about the shabbiha,” he said, referring to proAssad militia. An hour before voting was due to end at 7 pm (1600

GMT), state media said polling stations would stay open until midnight because of what officials said was heavy voter turnout. Foreign Minister Walid alMoualem, draped in a Syrian flag as he voted, dismissed the foreign criticism. “No one in this world can impose their will on the Syrian people,” he said. “Today the path to a political solution begins.” Information Minister Omran Zoabi, speaking on the eve of the vote, told Reuters the scale of the turnout would deliver a political message to Assad’s foes. “The armed terrorist groups have increased their threats because they fear (a high level of) participation,” he said, referring to the rebels. “If these terrorist groups had any popularity it would be enough to ensure the failure of the election,” he said. “But they realize they have no popularity, so they want to affect the level of participation so they can say the turnout was low.” Tens of thousands of Syrian expatriates and refugees cast their ballots last week in an early round of voting, although the number was just a fraction of the nearly 3 million refugees and other Syrians living abroad. The election took place three years after protests first broke out in Syria, calling for democratic reform in a country dominated since 1970 by the Assad family. Authorities responded with force and the uprising descended into civil war. Assad’s forces, backed by allies including Iran and Lebanon’s militant group Hezbollah, have consolidated their control in central Syria, but the insurgents and foreign jihadi fighters hold broad expanses of northern and eastern Syria. Peace talks in Geneva between the government and the opposition National Coalition, which the opposition said must be based on the principle of Assad stepping aside in favor of a transitional government, collapsed in February. Since then Assad’s forces and Hezbollah fighters have seized back control of former rebel strongholds on the Lebanese border, cutting off supply lines for weapons and fighters, and the last rebels have retreated from the center of the city of Homs. The withdrawal from Homs has focused attention on the northern city of Aleppo, formerly Syria’s commercial hub, where fighting has escalated in the last few weeks.

Wednesday June 04, 2014

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Regional governments must allow private sector to thrive – T&T minister P O R T- O F - S PA I N , Trinidad: Senator Vasant Bharath, Trinidad and Tobago’s minister of trade, industry, investment and communications, says the region is going through a tumultuous period and Caribbean governments must now move towards providing an enabling environment for growth. Delivering the keynote address at yesterday morning’s opening ceremony for the 2014 CIBC FirstCaribbean Infrastructure Conference at the Hyatt Regency in Port of Spain, Trinidad, Bharath said the time has come for “governments to take things by the scruff of the neck”. He said if regional states want the full support of private sector entities across the region, they must begin to create the framework for more businesses to get involved in the development process. “These are turbulent times and it is for us or any government to dig themselves out of the financial hole that may have presented itself

since 2008. The fact is, governments have to provide the enabling environment that will ensure, first of all, that we engage the private sector,” he noted. Bharath said these policies should not only focus on the granting of incentives to the private sector, but their investments should be courted through the clearing of the bureaucracy plaguing many of the Caribbean islands. “Clearing the bureaucracy [will] allow the private sector to want to invest and to thrive and succeed, and to have the level of confidence that they can continue to do so because policies are going to give consistency and tomorrow morning something isn’t going to change after their investments,” he explained. He said the private sector’s trust in governments must not be underestimated in the quest to build economic value in these trying economic times. According to Bharath, a major obstacle that impacted the

efficiency of doing business in the region is the time it takes to carry out simple transactions. He said investors need to be assured that when they go to do business, across the region, they will get things done quickly and efficiently. He reiterated that the onus is on governments to eradicate these bottlenecks so that the region will look more attractive to potential investors. Using the example of Trinidad and Tobago with a cash surplus of TT$7 billion in the banks, the minister said the region must begin to consider how it can get the private sector to partner with governments more and spend the money they currently have stored away in banks. At the end of the day, Bharath stated, the private sector needs to know that it can invest with a certain degree of comfort having measured the reward versus risk or reward versus regret, and be in a position to feel more comfortable to [invest] rather than just leave the money wallowing in banks.

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Caribbean Airlines expanding its routes NEW YORK - (CMC) – The Trinidad-based Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL) has announced plans for expanding existing routes to include some destinations in the Caribbean. An official at the stateowned carrier said this is one of the things engaging the attention of new chief executive officer, Micahel DiLollo since his appointment 12 days ago. “We’re looking at new markets as we intend to assess that, taking into consideration the seasonal leisure markets with increased focus on the regional Caribbean market,” senior marketing manager at the carrier, Alicia Cabrera said. “We are Caribbean Airlines; we don’t service all the territories in the region and this is something that our new CEO is looking at. We are reviewing our network connectivity both regionally and internationally.” Cabrera was speaking Monday night at the opening event of Caribbean Week which is organised by the Barbados-based Caribbean

Tourism Organisation (CTO). The annual event, a celebration of the sights, sounds, colours, talents, diverse culture and unique vacation experiences of the Caribbean, runs until June 6. In the past, the shareholders of the regional airline, LIAT, have publicly expressed the view that the expansion of CAL into the Eastern Caribbean could negatively impact the Antigua-based airline. But they acknowledged that the removal of CAL’s fuel subsidy effective October 1 last year puts the islandhopping carrier in a better position to compete. The Chairman of the LIAT shareholders, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves o f St Vi n c e n t a n d t h e Grenadines had on numerous occasions described the subsidy as “unfair,” and a breach of the CARICOM Air Services Agreement. Cabrera told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) that there is an existing agreement between CAL and LIAT.

“We’re looking at code shares; actually right now that is a weakness of our product as far as connectivity beyond the gateways are concerned,” she said. “LIAT as a code share, currently we do have an agreement with LIAT; it’s called a special pro-rated agreement… but we’re looking at expanding our interline agreements beyond the gateway.” CAL Chairman Philip Marshall said in a recent statement that the company has completed financial audits for the years 2010 and 2011 and that once they are approved a date will be set for an annual general meeting. Marshall said the airline’s financial situation had “substantially improved” one year after Finance Minister Larry Howai told parliament that the airline had recorded losses amounting to TT$700 million (One TT dollar = US$0.16 cents). Cabrera said there are many challenges facing the carrier but DiLollo is moving swiftly to address them.

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Wednesday June 04, 2014

Wednesday June 04, 2014

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Jamaica makes team changes... From page 40 City’s last game of the season against visiting Arsenal. Williams, 24, netted a hattrick in last month’s Red Stripe Premier League final as Montego Bay posted a 5-2 win over Waterhouse. Jamaica head coach Winfried Schafer was in attendance at the decider and must have been left with a good impression from a performance that yielded goals in the 26th, 58th and 78th minutes. Though his only cap for Jamaica came against the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2004, Thompson earned a recall after joining the Rowdies

Jamar Loza earlier this year. “It’s always a privilege

to represent your country,” said the 29-year-old Thompson, who as a m e m b e r o f I r e l a n d ’s Shamrock Rovers played in the 2 0 11 - 1 2 U E FA C h a m p i o n s a n d U E FA Europa Leagues. “I’m pretty excited. I’m looking forward to meeting up with old friends. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to represent my country.” Jamaica opened its string of friendlies with a pair of narrow defeats: 2-1 against Serbia on May 26 in Harrison, New Jersey, USA, and 1-0 at Switzerland four days later. It will close a t Wo r l d C u p - b o u n d France on June 8 in Lille.

Wednesday June 04, 2014 ARIES (March 21 April 19): Creative inspiration could come from deep within today, Aries. Visions, dreams - anything that excites your imagination could bring ideas for new projects. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 May 20): Group activities prove beneficial on several levels, Taurus. You might project powerful warmth and love for all life. You're feeling especially optimistic about the future. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 June 20):You might find yourself in the public eye a t s o m e p o i n t t o d a y, Gemini. This is fine, since you're looking and feeling great. You're likelier than usual to project warmth and friendliness to others. ******************** CANCER (June 21 July 22): If you've considered a career in publishing, Cancer, this is the time to go for it. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Your dreams could be vivid, pleasant, and full of information to help you make a decision. New and exciting contacts could come into your life today, Leo, possibly proving helpful in showing you ways to increase your income. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 Sept. 22): Today you're likely focused on sex, romance, and committed relationships. The planetary energies surrounding love are promising, Virgo.

LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Today you should be glowing with good health, energy, and stamina, and be doing well at work, whether career, volunteer work, or a personal project. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 N o v. 2 1 ) : Love and romance are likely to be tops on your agenda today, Scorpio. You're feeling especially warm and loving now. Current and potential love partners could feel strongly drawn to you. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): Important enterprises centering on your home could take up a lot of your energy over the next few days, Sagittarius. Many people might come and go. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): Some absolutely wonderful news could come your way, Capricorn, possibly about career or financial success, perhaps involving positive changes in your neighborhood. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - F e b . 1 8 ) : You should feel especially warm and loving today toward just about anyone you meet, Aquarius. Good news about money may have caused you to feel especially positive. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20) : Pisces, you should be looking beautiful and feeling especially positive, warm, and loving - attracting people of all kinds to you.

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Close to 180,000 tickets for the 2014...

From page 41 Boulevard Shopping : Av. dos Andradas,3.000, Santa Efigênia · Brasília - Centro de Convenções Ulysses Guimarães: SDC Eixo Monumental - Lote 05 · Cuiabá - Shopping Pantanal - Av. Historiador Rubens de Mendonça, 3300 - Jardim Aclimação · Curitiba - Patio Batel Shopping: Av. do Batel, 1.868 – Batel · Fortaleza - Centro de Eventos do Ceará: Av. Washington Soares nº 999, Portão E - Edson Queiroz · Manaus - Centro Cultural dos Povos da Amazônia: Praça Francisco Pereira da Silva, s/n° · Natal - Shopping Cidade Jardim: Av. Eng. Roberto Freire, 2920 Capim Macio · Porto Alegre Barra Shopping Sul: Av. Diário de Notícias, 300 Cristal · Recife - Shopping Recife: R. Padre Carapuceiro, 777, Edifício Garagem B1, Boa Viagem · Rio de Janeiro Casarão General Severiano: Av. Venceslau Brás, 72 - Botafogo · Salvador Iguatemi Shopping: Av. Tancredo Neves, 148, Estacionamento I-1 · Sao Paulo Ginásio do Ibirapuera (Quadra Lateral=: R. Manoel da Nóbrega, 1361, Paraíso We take this opportunity to remind fans that the additional ticket collection points at airports and further locations in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are only for tickets that were already purchased online. It is not possible for fans to purchase tickets there. “Fans don’t need to queue at the FIFA Venue Ticketing Centres - if they want tickets to the matches which are currently temporarily unavailable, all they need to do is to access from the first minute of Wednesday 4 June. The sale

of this new lot starts at midnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, Brasilia local time. Sales occur on a first come, first served basis”, explains Thierry Weil, FIFA’s Marketing Director. These additional tickets are due to the release of buffers in some stadiums following their delivery. Also, after about ten months of sales, FIFA takes note that there has been very little demand for the seats dedicated to people with reduced mobility. Therefore,

FIFA will make the majority of this inventory available to all fans but keep an allocation of these seats reserved. Finally, fans are reminded that even after the 4 June release, additional tickets might become available through FIFA´s official resale platform which is used by ticket holders to resell their tickets. We also like to take the opportunity to remind fans that all spectators, including children of all ages, require a ticket to access the stadiums. (

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Wednesday June 04, 2014

Letters to the Sports Editor

Things that inspire the push for the development of basketball in Guyana DEAR EDITOR, Seeing Haslyn Graham, Vice-President of the Linden Basketball Association, sweeping water off of the Mackenzie Sports Club Court after the Berbice vs. Linden game was washed out – so that his counterparts from the Ancient county of Berbice who had travelled over a hundred miles could actually play some basketball in Linden. The Georgetown and Linden female players turning up in full force for their game in Linden on May 31st when all weather forecasts suggested that rain would prevent the game from being played at the outdoor court in Linden. Observing the courage of Dr. Roger Luncheon at the Office of the President as he commenced a few Saturdays

ago to assist Guyana basketball teams to obtain funding - that would allow Guyana’s participation in the Caribbean Basketball 2014 championships in Tortola, BVI. Dr. Luncheon’s obvious courage during this period of his life fits well with a quote from the recently deceased Maya Angelou “Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.” Hearing that Minister of Finance Dr. Ashni Singh expressed support for the funding of Guyana Basketball teams for participation in the 2014 Caribbean Basketball Championships. The w o r k o f s p o r t s

reporters: Rawle Toney of Guyana Chronicle, Treiston Joseph of Guyana Times, Donald Duff and Duncan Saul of Stabroek News and Edison Jefford, Frankie Wilson and Sean Devers of Kaieteur News to keep the basketball community informed on the achievements of the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) whenever they occur. Mr. Joseph Harmon reaching out to potential corporate sponsors and encouraging them to assist the GABF in sourcing funds for the Guyana male and female basketball teams’ participation in the 2014 Caribbean Basketball championships. The trip taken by the Berbice Basketball senior and under 19 teams to Linden

Senanayake’s action reported Sachithra Senanayake, the Sri Lanka offspinner, has been reported for a suspected illegal bowling action during the fourth one-day international against England at Lord’s which Sri Lanka won by seven runs. Senanayake was reported at the end of the match by onfield umpires Marais Erasmus and Ian Gould, TV umpire Chris Gaffaney, and match referee Jeff Crowe who handed over the copy of the report to the Sri Lanka team Manager on Sunday. The umpires’ report cited concerns over a number of deliveries that were considered to be suspect. Senanayake’s bowling action will now be scrutinised further under the ICC process relating to bowlers reported in Tests, ODIs and T20Is. He is required to undergo testing within 21 days, and, during this period, he is allowed to continue bowling in international cricket until the results of the testing are known. SLC has expressed surprise at the umpires’ report in a, because “Sachithra had over the past 2 years played many bilateral/ ICC tournaments and four earlier games in the current tour without any hint of suspicion.” Their release also said the board “has no option but to adhere to the laid down process” prescribed by the ICC. Suspicions had previously been raised about

Sachithra Senanayake the legality of his action during a 2011 tour of England, with the Sri Lanka A team. Senanayake had then worked to remedy his action with Sri Lankan coaches, after which he underwent biomechanical testing in Perth. Those tests found his bowling to be

within the legal limits. Senanayake is Sri Lanka’s leading wicket-taker in the one-day series with eight scalps at 12.50 and an economy rate of 3.82. He has been the team’s top spinner in limited-overs cricket over the past year, regularly operating within the Powerplays - a role he performed during Sri Lanka’s World T20 triumph. The doosra and a seamup delivery are among his variations from the stock offspinner. It had been his effective use of those variations in domestic cricket that helped secure Senanayake both a lucrative IPL contract in 2013, and a second stint at the top level that same year. Speaking before the ICC announcement, Senanayake described how important it was for the new breed of offspinners such as Saeed Ajmal, Sunil Narine and himself to experiment with a variety of grips and actions. “When you are playing these kinds of formats - onedayers and Twenty20 - we should think earlier than the batsman,” he said. “If the batsman wants to hit me, I’m always thinking ‘Okay, he’s going to hit me this ball’ so I’m doing one of my variations so he thinks twice. “I’m still working on another one. You will get to know it later, hopefully within two to three months.” (ESPNcricinfo)

amidst the stormy weather that was their constant companion on their historic trip to Linden to play on a dry weather court – the rain stopped any basketball games from being played, but the presence in Linden of the Berbicians represented how ideas can be bulletproof on an overcast and rain filled night in Linden on Saturday, May 31st. The National Club Basketball Championships promoted as The Road to Mecca by GABF Vice President Michael Singh finished with the final game between Raiders of Linden and Ravens of Georgetown playing to a packed house at National Sports Hall on March 23rd, 2014. Michael Singh’s unselfish and generous conduct was in no small way responsible for the success of the Guyana Basketball Club Championships. The live performance of Candace Fields singing the National Anthem at the National Sports Hall on the above mentioned date to a Guyanese crowd that responded to her stunning rendition by showering her with fulsome applause. Akeem Kanhai playing for Georgetown Elite executed a tomahawk style alley-oop after soaring to unimaginable heights and capturing the ball with one hand slightly above

the square on the basketball backboard then arched his arm back and finished by slamming the ball through the nets in an awesome display of athleticism and control. The contribution by overseas based Guyanese of basketball gear and equipment led by Karl Moore, Patrick and Paul Haynes and Zolile Hunte, among others - who have donated game clocks, shot clocks, basketballs, sneakers and other basketball gear to the Guyanese Basketball Community. Meeting with Mr. Neil Kumar, Director of Youth and Sport in his office without a scheduled appointment and discussing basketball needs and development for over an hour – this occurred during the month of May 2014. Seeing the former President of GABF, Mr. David Patterson: support and stand with the players as they awaited access to the Sports Hall for basketball training sessions on Thursday, May 15th. The assistance and contributions provided by Mr. Rex McKay, SC, Ms. Jocelyn Dow, Mr. Odinga Lumumba, Mr. Troy Cadogan of ANSA McAL and the Guyana Olympic Association to support the efforts of the GABF. To see the transformation and development of our East

Coast Demerara basketball clubs; Melanie Patriots and Plaisance Guardians into competitive first division basketball teams in Georgetown and the passion and commitment with which they play the game. Having Mr. Sherwin Henry successfully complete the FIBA Referee exams during April 2014 in the Cayman Islands and allow Guyana to be once again counted among the countries with a FIBA referee. Listening to the counsel of my former arch rivals from Pacesetters: Mark Agard, Dennis Clarke and Eon Andrews; on the way forward for the development of basketball in Guyana; though their on-court actions have been forgiven, but not forgotten. The generous and dedicated nature of the Berbice Basketball Community, as with little means they act with independence and reliability that is inspiring. The foregoing anecdotes are perhaps captured best by a quote from the master basketball coach of University of California, Los Angeles - John Wooden: “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” Yours Faithfully, Nigel Hinds GABF President

I was present when Justice Bovell- Drakes injuncted both factions of the DCB DEAR EDITOR, I refer to the recent utterances of the “Phantom” Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) and Upper Demerara Cricket Association (UDCA), and must support the UDCA’s response. During August 2011, I was in Court when Justice James Bovell Drakes, in answer to a query from Ms. Emily Dodson Attorney-at-Law, clearly stated that both the Bissoondyal Singh and Raj Singh factions were barred from carrying out the functions of the Demerara Cricket Board. Members of both factions were present and Justice Bovell–Drakes specifically instructed both lawyers to advise their clients accordingly. I journeyed to the Georgetown Cricket Club Ground (GCB Office) Regent Board on 25th January, 2013

at approximately 4:00pm with a court Marshall after Justice Dianne Insanally had granted an injunction against any Demerara Cricket Board’s Annual General meeting, and found the gate padlocked with a number of officials upstairs looking out of the windows. They refused to allow the Marshall entry to carry out his duties. Rohan Sarjoo, President of East Bank Cricket Association, Ray Persaud, a member of the Raj Singh’s faction, Lionel Jaikarran and Drubahadur were all served with their copy of the injunction. Since East Bank Cricket Association could not vote and both Georgetown and East Coast respected the judge’s ruling and did not p a r t i c i p a t e , t h e We s t Demerara Cricket Board a l o n e c o u l d n o t form a quorum hence there could be

no legal Demerara Board elected, unless gross violation of the two court orders was in effect. That is the reason why the phantom group masquerading as the DCB has not released their identity to the media nor even the constituent members of the DCB. Now they are presumptuously attempting to interfere with the legitimate UDCA which has been operating for over ten years with properly reelected executives. It is amazing that a group of known personalities who operate w i t h i n a framework of anonymity could continuously violate the law and not be prosecuted. Maybe this is because they have friends in high places. Yours truly, Winston G. Boston

Wednesday June 04, 2014

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CONCACAF announces Groups and Reveals Logo for Inaugural Girls’ U-15 C/ship Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) on Monday announced the competitors, unveiled the logo and released the match schedule of the inaugural CONCACAF Girls’ Under-15 Championship, to be held in the Cayman Islands from August 6-17, 2014. At the Marriott Beach Resort Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman, CONCACAF revealed the participating 16 national teams, before presenting the official logo along with Minister of Sports the Honourable Osbourne Bodden and Chairwoman of the Local Organizing Committee Sharon Roulstone. “We are thrilled to be back in the Cayman Islands for what is sure to be another successful youth event,” said CONCACAF President, Jeffrey Webb. “What really stands out about this tournament is the quantity of teams, the number of players who will be exposed to international competition and the development that stands to take place as a result.” The logo design reflects two icons from the host’s national identity: the Cayman Green Parrot – the national bird — and the thatch palm.

- 16 teams will vie for Confederation title The sixteen teams were placed into four groups of four and will participate in round-robin play over the competition’s first six match days. The top two teams from each group advance to the quarterfinals, which will take place on Wednesday, August 13. The semifinals will be played two days later, with the winners competing in the Final and the losers contesting the match for third place on Sunday, August 17. Tournament matches will be held at four venues: three in Grand Cayman (Truman Bodden Sports Complex, T.E McField Sports Complex, Ed Bush Sports Complex). Additionally, for the first time in CONCACAF competition, group matches will be contested in Cayman Brac, one of the three islands that make up the Cayman Islands. In 2013, Honduras captured the first-ever CONCACAF Boys’ Under-15 Championship, also played in the Cayman Islands. That tournament and the girls’ version are key components of CONCACAF’s commitment to development that is aimed at providing competition for youth players aged 13-15. CONCACAF Girls’ Under15 Championship Group A: Cayman Islands,

Curacao, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands Group B: Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Bermuda Group C: Jamaica, Costa Rica, Anguilla, Belize Group D: Canada, Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico Match Schedule (all times are local and match schedule subject to change): Wednesday, August 6, 2014 (Truman Bodden Sports Complex) 5:30 pm Honduras v Bermuda 7:30 pm Cayman Islands v British Virgin Islands (Ed Bush Sports Complex) 5:30 pm Bahamas v Curacao 7:30 pm Trinidad and Tobago v Barbados Thursday, August 7, 2014 (T.E McField Sports Complex) 5:30 pm Costa Rica v Anguilla 7:30 pm Jamaica v Belize (Cayman Brac Sports Field) 5:30 pm Haiti v Cuba 7:30 pm Canada v Puerto Rico Friday, August 8, 2014 (Truman Bodden Sports Complex) 5:30 pm Barbados v

Honduras 7:30 pm Cayman Islands v Bahamas (Ed Bush Sports Complex) 5:30 pm Bermuda v Trinidad and Tobago 7:30 pm British Virgin Islands v Curacao Saturday, August 9, 2014 (T.E McField Sports Complex) 5:30 pm Belize v Costa Rica 7:30 pm Anguilla v Jamaica (Cayman Brac Sports Field) 5:30 pm Puerto Rico v Haiti 7:30 pm Cuba v Canada Sunday, August 10, 2014 (Truman Bodden Sports Complex) 5:30 pm Honduras v Trinidad and Tobago 7:30 pm Cayman Islands v Curacao (Ed Bush Sports Complex) 5:30 pm Bahamas v British Virgin Islands 7:30 pm Bermuda v Barbados Monday, August 11, 2014 (T.E McField Sports Complex) 5:30 pm Anguilla v Belize 7:30 pm Jamaica v Costa Rica (Cayman Brac Sports Field) 5:30 pm Cuba v Puerto

Rico 7:30 pm Canada v Haiti Wednesday August 13, 2014 (Truman Bodden Sports Complex) 5:30 pm QF1: B1 v A2 7:30 pm QF3: A1 v B2 (T.E McField Sports Complex) 5:30 pm QF2: D1 v C2 7:30 pm QF 4: C1 v D2 Friday August 15, 2014

(Truman Bodden Sports Complex) 5:30 pm Winner of QF1 v Winner of QF2 7:30 pm Winner of QF 3 v Winner of QF 4 Sunday August 17, 2014 (Truman Bodden Sports Complex) 5:30 pm Loser of SF1 v Loser of SF 2 7:30 pm Winner of SF 2 v Winner of SF 1

Sharapova lives to fight another day, Gulbis powers on Reuters - There was no Serena Williams standing in her way but despite the absence of her American nemesis, Maria Sharapova came dangerously close to missing out on a semi-final date at the French Open with a younger version of herself. At 6-1 5-4 down the Russian was on the verge of being toppled by the same Spanish gale force that had blown away defending champion Williams in the second round. Just when it seemed that Venezuelan-born Garbine Muguruza would pull off an unlikely Williams-Sharapova double at Roland Garros, however, the 2012 champion’s renowned fighting instincts kicked in and she raised the decibel levels to shriek her way to a 1-6 7-5 6-1 victory. It was a performance that led Andy Murray’s mother Judy to tweet: “Sharapova is like a tea bag. Put her into hot water and you’ll find out how strong she is.”

While that observation left the Russian seventh seed rather bemused, her own assessment was more straightforward. Blocking the former world number one’s path to a third final in a row is a Justin Bieber fan who is aiming to become the first Canadian to reach a grand slam final. She may be a ‘Belieber’ but there is nothing immature about Eugenie Bouchard’s game as she stormed back from behind in both the first and third sets to beat Muguruza’s doubles partner Carla Suarez Navarro 7-6(4) 26 7-5. Blessed with flowing blonde hair, a bubbly personality and a powerful baseline game, it is little wonder the 20-year-old has been dubbed the ‘next Sharapova’. Novak Djokovic prevented a double celebration for Canada when he thwarted big-serving Milos Raonic’s bid to become

Maria Sharapova the first man in 91 years from his country to reach the semis of a major. The Serbian rolled closer to what seems an inevitable final showdown with eighttimes champion Rafa Nadal with a 7-5 7-6(5) 6-4 win over eighth seed Raonic. While Bouchard and Raonic are helping put ice

hockey-obsessed Canada on the tennis map, Ernests Gulbis is doing the same with tiny Latvia after following up his victory over Roger Federer with a straight sets defeat of Tomas Berdych. Gulbis proved that his win over 17-times major winner Federer was no fluke as he reached the last four of a

Novak Djokovic grand slam for the first time, demolishing sixth seed Berdych 6-3 6-2 6-4 to set up a clash with childhood friend Djokovic. The 25-year-old is finally backing up the potential he showed in 2008 when he reached the French Open quarter-finals but unlike Djokovic, he did not attribute

his new-found success to a wheat-free diet. With more millions in the bank than any other female athlete on the planet, money and fame is something Sharapova is never short of. But when it comes to collecting grand slam titles, her appetite remains insatiable.

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Wednesday June 04, 2014

Two decades of languish and Sri Lanka beat England to anguish over one year ago clinch one-day series victory By Rawle Welch The pretexts under which some frustrated and manifestly self-serving football officials are trying to seize power from the duly elected Guyana Foorball Federation (GFF) Executive ought to be seen as a move to take the sport back to the dark days of iron-fisted rule which came to a humiliating end on April 12, 2013 following the intervention of FIFA / CONCACAF. For all those who suffered under the past regime’s ‘our way or go away’ attitude the 2013 expression at the Electoral Congress was an act of courage for the betterment of the sport and the recent attempts by some who feel that it is their right to dictate and manage the affairs of football forever must be reminded that change came over one year ago. They must understand that their efforts to hijack Guyana’s football and return it to the period of acrimony and absence of accountability, structure and development will not gain the support of a majority, especially when it is in blatant violation of the constitution. It is clear that the reasons advocated by the Group as being grounds to call for a vote of no-confidence against the President and a committee member cannot be sustained therefore the only other plausible motive is to snatch the reins of power dishonestly.

The honourable members of the current executive came to power via the ballots in front of highly esteemed members of FIFA / CONCACAF including President Jeffrey Webb so there could not be any fiddling with the ballots or intimidatory tactics involved and the result was a release from two decades of languish and anguish. It was a former official from the past regime who in less than 24 hours after the landmark victory in 2013 spoke about the new executive’s inability to handle the multi millions of dollars thanks to FIFA / CONCACAF annual goodwill. This impulsive pronouncement only served to further highlight the real intent of certain former members of the executive, who while boasting of the heightened activity of the national teams, failed to exercise prudence in its management of the GFF coffers. It was a tenure that can only be described as unforgettable when one considers the amount of money that came into the office and the state of indebtedness that was inherited by the current executive, despite the ‘Golden Jaguars’ best showing in a World Cup campaign which is perhaps the only positive that was left on the trail of disaster. The decision to rob this nation the opportunity to witness the skills and abilities

of some of the global stars in the game in the name of a sensible financial judgment is unforgivable, especially when it is clear that monies derived from the switch was never disclosed or even used to assuage the financial liabilities of the Federation. Numerous questions were asked about the Mexico issue among others, but there was never any real disclosure so for some to talk about accountability is hypocritical and meant to hoodwink the nation. How could you explain the nonpayment of monies to the chief principals (players) who played their hearts out to make Guyana proud against teams that enjoyed the best preparations, while the administrative hierarchy here displayed observable indifference? Many of the other characters in the centre of the attempted coup d’état are all well known figures of controversy and judging from feedback will struggle to gain support. The right thinking members of the football fraternity spoke in 2013 and while the Federation has faced constant pressure by forces bent on destabilization at the expense of development, the dedicated members of the executive and General Council have resolved to forge ahead with FIFA / CONCACAF directives and not be put off by those bent on strife.

WADA will not appeal sprinter Diack, however, told Gay’s one-year ban Lamine Reuters last month he Reuters - The World AntiDoping Agency (WADA) will not appeal banned American sprinter Tyson Gay’s controversial one-year doping ban, it said on Tuesday (yesterday). The global agency said the ban, which has been widely criticized in Europe as too lenient, was “compatible with the World AntiDoping Code.” Gay, the world’s joint second fastest man, last month had accepted the oneyear suspension by the U.S. AntiDoping Agency (USADA) after a 2013 positive test for an anabolic steroid. The ban was backdated to June 23, 2013, making the U.S. 100 metres record holder eligible to return to running later this month. His first race will be a 100 metres at Lausanne’s Diamond League meeting on July 3, organizers said on Monday. Normally athletes receive a two-year suspension for their first major doping offense but under anti-doping rules the

ban can be reduced for substantial cooperation. The U.S. agency said Gay was eligible for such a reduction because the sprinter offered what it termed substantial assistance in his case. Yesterday, WADA said it was satisfied with the decision. “After careful review and scrutiny of the full case file, WADA is satisfied that Mr. Tyson Gay provided substantial assistance to USADA in an appropriate fashion,” the global agency said in a statement to Reuters. “WADA will therefore not appeal USDA’s decision which is compatible with the World Anti-Doping Code.” Officials of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), which also can appeal the U.S. decision, declined comment, saying the matter remains in the hands of its doping review board to assess. IAAF president

supported the World AntiDoping Code rule that allows athletes to receive reduced sentences if they provide substantial assistance to antidoping agencies. “In the fight against doping we have to use this,” Diack said in an interview at the inaugural IAAF World Relays in the Bahamas. “If someone gave really very good cooperation and give us the possibility to do more to fight doping, we have to do something.” In addition to the ban, Gay has returned the silver medal he won as a member of the U.S. 4x100 metres relay team at the 2012 London Olympics. His former coach Jon Drummond has filed a defamation lawsuit against the sprinter, USADA and USADA chief Travis Tygart, claiming Drummond was falsely accused of supplying Gay with performanceenhancing drugs. USADA called the lawsuit “baseless.”

Sri Lanka celebrate their series victory, England v Sri Lanka, 5th ODI, Edgbaston, June 3, 2014 © AFP Sri Lanka eased to a sixwicket victory against England and clinched the one-day series 3-2 after a controversial encounter at Edgbaston. Lord’s centurion Jos Buttler was run out backing up at the non-striker’s end by bowler Sachithra Senanayake, but England’s batting was disappointing. Alastair Cook was the only player from his side to make a half-century as England were all out for 219. Sri Lanka won with 10 balls to spare thanks to Lahiru Thirimanne’s 60. Although the controversy surrounding the dismissal of Buttler is likely to be the main talking point of this encounter, another lacklustre England batting performance will need to be addressed as Peter Moores’ second stint as head coach opened with a series defeat. The top order failed to get to grips with the pace of the pitch and did not put Sri Lanka’s bowlers under any pressure - as illustrated by the failure to score more than a solitary boundary during their

early batting powerplay. Openers Cook and Ian Bell put on 76, but the latter’s dolly of dollies to Ajantha Mendis was quickly followed by the cheap dismissals of youngsters Gary Ballance (10) and Joe Root (10). Cook, who needed to play the steady foil for the big hitters, then gave away his wicket whe n he tried to paddle sweep man-of-themoment Senanayake, having scored 56 from 85 balls. Eoin Morgan (17) and Ravi Bopara (17) tried unsuccessfully to ignite the innings. Responsibility to set Sri Lanka a demanding total therefore fell to Buttler, whose incredible 121 from 74 balls at Lord’s on Saturday had almost helped England seal the series. The 23-year-old had made 21 from 24 balls when Senanayake intervened. The wicketkeeperbatsman had been twice warned by the bowler for straying out of his crease before a further transgression saw the bails removed, the spinner’s appeal only upheld by umpire Michael Gough

once he had consulted Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews. The enraged home support made their feelings clear inside a gloomy Edgbaston as they watched their team dismissed without completing the 50 overs. Sri Lanka raced to 51 in seven overs as they threatened to make short work of reaching the required 220. But the introduction of James Tredwell rocked the top order. Tillakaratne Dilshan and Kumar Sangakkara fell to his spin, while Lancashire paceman Jimmy Anderson removed Kusal Perera to leave the tourists on 62-3. The innings was brought back under control by Jayawardene (53), who shared a fourth-wicket stand of 98 with Thirimanne (60 not out), before Mathews (40 not out) saw them over the line with successive boundaries. Sri Lanka 222 for 4 (Thirimanne 60*, Jayawardene 53) beat England 219 (Cook 54, Malinga 3-50) by six wickets.

JADCO joins forces with Canadian Centre for Ethics in... From page 39 programme locally and meet the requirements of the World Anti- Doping Code. Carey Brown, executive director of JADCO, commenting on the alliance said: “The Commission is pleased to consolidate its partnership with CCES and its guidance will be crucial in the further development of Jamaica’s anti-doping programme.” “We are pleased to lend our expertise to JADCO and assist them with the

development of their antidoping programme.” said Paul Melia, president and chief executive officer of the CCES. “Not only are we proud to be supporting JADCO’s efforts, this partnership also helps to ensure our Canadian athletes have confidence that all competitors continue to strive to play fair,” said Melia. In March 2014, representatives of the CCES and WADA met with the JADCO Board of

Commissioners and its Executive Officers to discuss the project plan and identify several specific areas for cooperation. JADCO will also receive guidance and technical assistance in making the necessary adjustments that will ensure that it will be ready to fully implement all the new requirements u n d e r t h e Wo r l d A n t i Doping Code 2015 and the mandatory International Standards which will come into effect on January 1, 2015.

Wednesday June 04, 2014

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WI recall Taylor, Roach and Benn for first NZ Test Fast bowlers Jerome Taylor and Kemar Roach, who have battled injuries recently, have been recalled to the West Indies squad for the first Test against New Zealand, which starts in Kingston on June 8. The squad also includes offspinner Shane Shillingford, who was cleared for a return to international cricket earlier this year, following remedial work on his bowling action. The selectors also named leftarm spinner Sulieman Benn in the 13-member squad, while Dwayne Bravo was ruled out due to an injury sustained during IPL 2014. Plagued by injuries since his debut in 2003, Taylor recently returned to competitive cricket for Jamaica in a one-dayer against the touring Ireland side in February. He then finished as the second-highest wickettaker for Jamaica in the Regional Four Day Competition, bagging 25 wickets in eight games at an average of 25.28. Taylor’s last Test appearance was in November 2009, against Australia in Brisbane. Roach, on the other hand, has not played a Test since the home series against Zimbabwe in March 2013. A shoulder injury forced him out of the India tour in November last year after which he underwent a surgery. Since April, Roach has been working with BCA coach Va s b e r t D r a k e s , We s t Indies coach Ottis Gibson and his Maple teammate Corey Collymore - all three are former West Indies fast bowlers - in order to get his shoulder back in shape for bowling. A few months ago, he escaped serious injury following a car accident in his native Barbados. Shillingford was suspended for an illegal bowling action in December, during West Indies’ tour to New Zealand. He made a successful return to competitive cricket with a match haul of 11 wickets for Windward Islands in a Regional Four Day Competition game in March and was subsequently cleared for an international

Kemar Roach

return. The offspinner, however, cannot bowl his doosra, as it remains illegal. In a side packed largely with pacers, Benn, who last played a Test in December 2010, is expected to reinforce the side’s spin department. West Indies will miss the services of Sunil Narine, who was disqualified from selection for the Tests against New Zealand after missing the deadline to report to the West Indies camp in order to play the IPL final. The series will be the first assignment for Denesh Ramdin, who took over as Test captain from Darren Sammy last month. Sammy then announced his retirement from Test cricket hours after Ramdin’s appointment. The wicketkeeperbatsman has led the national side in three T20s and an ODI and has more extensive leadership experience with Trinidad & Tobago. The Jamaica Test is also likely to be Chris Gayle’s 100th match in the format. Gayle struggled with a back injury during the IPL and recently sought treatment in Germany, aiming to be fit for the landmark Test in front of his home crowd. FULL SQUAD: Denesh

Ramdin (Captain), Sulieman Benn, Kraigg Brathwaite, Darren Bravo, Shiv Chanderpaul, Kirk Edwards, Shannon Gabriel, Chris Gayle, Kieran Powell, Kemar Roach, Marlon Samuels, Shane Shillingford, Jerome Taylor. NOTE: Dwayne Bravo is unavailable for selection due to injury. He returned to Trinidad to continue his rehabilitation. TEAM MANAGEMENT: Ottis Gibson (Head Coach), Sir Richard Richardson (Team Manager), Sir Curtly Ambrose (Bowling Consultant), Stuart Williams (Assistant Coach), Andre Coley (Assistant Coach), C.J. Clark (Physiotherapist), Hector Martinez Charles (Strength & Conditioning Coordinator), Richard Berridge (Video & Statistical Analyst), Philip Spooner (Media Manager), Virgil Browne (Massage Therapist). SERIES SCHEDULE June 8-12: First Test – Sabina Park, Jamaica June 16-20: Second Test – Queen’s Park Oval, Trinidad June 26-30: Third Test – Kensington Oval, Barbados July 5: First T20I – Windsor Park, Dominica July 6: Second T20I – Windsor Park, Dominica (WICB Media Release)

JADCO joins forces with Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport Jamaica Observer - THE Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JACDO) and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) have signed a 15-month long, Joint

Initiative Agreement that will enable JADCO to immediately benefit from the organisation, which has over 20 years of antidoping expertise. The agreement which was

signed on May 15 of this year will run through to August 2015 and will enhance JADCO’s capacity to implement its anti-doping (Continued on page 38)

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Memorex Inter Club Under-17 Cricket in Berbice

Joseph Nicholson takes 8-27 for Achievers The 2014 Memorex Under-17 Club Cricket Competition for teams in Berbice continued recently with some outstanding bowling performances. After Achievers were bowled out in their first innings for 143 by Bush Lot New Generation, their off spinner Joseph Nicholson opened the bowling and took 8-27 runs from 20 overs to restrict Bush Lot for 124 in their first innings. Off spinner Randy Richmond returned bowling figures of 4-8 and 5-30 (match haul of 9-38) for Golden Elprabell against Monedderlust but it was the latter teams medium pacer Lynford Reynolds’ bowling performance of 4-16 and 5-22 (match figures of 9-38) that assisted his team to snatch victory. Summarized scores: At Bush Lot, Achievers took first innings points from Bush Lot New Generation in their drawn match: Achievers first innings 143 with Randy DeSouza 42, Randy Wade 30 and Joseph

Nicholson 27. For Bush Lot, Berbice under 15 left arm spinner took 4-18 and Hankumar Singh 2-18. In reply, Bush Lot New Generation scored 124 with Singh, Ramnarine and Winston Joseph scoring 21 apiece. Randy Singh supported with 20. Joseph Nicholson starred with the ball to take 8-27. At Paradise, Monedderlust beat Golden Elprabell by 1 wicket. Golden Elprabell made 71 in their first innings with Lynford Reynolds taking 4-16, Mark Johnson 3-29 and Samuel Saul 2-20. Monedderlust replied with 83 all out with Ronnel McKenzie and Adrian Benson topscoring with 20 apiece. Randy Richmond took 4-8, John McKenzie 3-8 and Winston Fordyce 2-10. Golden Elprabell in their second innings scored 76 with Nigel Grenville scoring 26. Reynolds took 5-22, Johnson 2-5 and Darren Thomas 2-16. Monedderlust finished on 67-9 with Richmond taking 5-22 and Aubrey Joseph 3-13.

At D’Edward, the host beat Blairmont Community Center B by an innings and 21 runs. Blairmont B batted first and were bundled out for 51 with Randy Braithwaite taking 5-14, Chaitram France 2-8 and Sookraj Sookram 215. In their second turn at the crease they feared worse and were bowled out for 40. Sugrim took 4-13 and Andrew Rahaman 3-2. D’Edward scored 112 in their only innings. Andrew Rahaman scored 33. Tamesh Jailall took 4-13 and Totaram Jairam 2-11. At Cumberland, Young Warriors A took first innings from Tucber Park B in their drawn match. Batting first, Tucber Park B made a paltry 40 with Shahab Azim taking 3-12, Brandon Pydanna 2-2, Roberto Britton 2-4 and Jaleel Jaffar 2-6. Young Warriors replied with 64-3 declared, with Brandon Stewart taking 2-26. Tucber in their second innings made 71 when time ran out. Dominique Durant made 21. Jaleel Jaffar 3-19, Junior Williams 2-5, Brandon Pydanna 2-11 and Shahab Azim 2-18.

Regional Schools Windball tourney - Upper Corentyne

Skeldon beat No. 59 Primary by 3 runs Schools participating in the Upper Corentyne Zone

Skeldon defeated No. 59 Primary School by three runs when the Upper Corentyne Zone of the End of School year Windball Cricket Champions trophy commenced recently at No. 71 ground. Playing in the female category, Skeldon Primary batted first and managed 372 while No. 59 replied with 345. Crabwood Creek went down to No. 56 by 10 wickets in their match up. Crabwood Creek scored 37-5 taking first strike. Davi Yutraj snared 4-2. No. 56 responded with 39-0. Anjalie Toolsie scored 19 and Balkumarie Boodhoo made

12. Massiah Primary hammered Skeldon by 15 runs. Massiah posted 60-1, batting first. Chritranie Dharry stroked 18 and Dana Ramsaroop 15. Skeldon made 41-5 in reply. Martia Trim cracked 11 and Tiharr Frazer 10. In the Male division, No. 56 beat No 59 by 10 runs. No. 56 rattled up 79-2 with Raj Reece scoring 24 and Nickey Reece 23. No. 59 Primary mustered 69-2 in reply. Samuel Sukhu made 20 and Kalyan Chintoman 11; Rameshwar Persaud claimed 2-3. Defending champions

Massiah got the better of No. 48 by 37 runs. Massiah posted 92-1, taking first strike. Eric Kissoon slammed 59 (2x4 5x6) and Herish Ramlakhan contributed 23. No. 48 Primary responded with 55-5. Weston Johnson made 15 and Tejram Davaram 11. Skeldon lost to Crabwood Creek by five wickets. Skeldon took first strike and scored 49-0. Sharwani Chartnarine made 17 and Shaquel Norah 12. Crabwood Creek replied with 50-5. New Market overcame No. 48 by three runs. No. 48 scored 59 without loss, batting first, New Market scored 62-2 in reply.

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Wednesday June 04, 2014

BT Sport to broadcast the Limacol WICB can’t contravene Guyana’s laws as a Sovereign nation Caribbean Premier League in UK Two year deal for exclusive rights to the Biggest Party in Sport The Limacol Caribbean Premier League (CPL) has signed a two-year deal with UK sports broadcaster, BT Sport, to show exclusive live coverage of the tournament, known as the Biggest Party in Sport. BT Sport will show live coverage of all thirty CPL matches this year, with former England spinner Graeme Swann forming part of the commentary team. UK fans will be able to catch all of the live, high-octane action from one of the world’s most exciting T20 competitions, and each match will also be repeated in one-hour highlights shows throughout the tournament. Cricket fans will be able to tune in to watch Kevin Pietersen in action for the St Lucia Zouks, where he will line up alongside Glamorgan’s Darren Sammy, under the

guidance of former England assistant coach Matthew Maynard. Other global stars taking part in the tournament include Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo, Saeed Ajmal and Corey Anderson. BT Sport’s live TV coverage will commence on 11 July at 7pm (UK time) on BT Sport 2, with coverage of the opening clash between Guyana Amazon Warriors and Antigua Hawksbills in Grenada. Damien O’Donohoe, CEO, Limacol Caribbean Premier League, said: “We are delighted to partner with BT Sport who have quickly established themselves as a major player in sports media in the UK. The Limacol Caribbean Premier League was a huge success in its first year and we are now attracting the world’s best players such as Kevin

Pietersen. We have big ambitions for the tournament going forward.” Grant Best, senior executive channel producer, BT Sport, said: “We are delighted to continue enhancing and expanding our multi-sport line up by bringing fans not only one of the most exciting cricket tournaments globally, but also the eagerly-awaited return to the crease of Kevin Pietersen.” The CPL, which thrilled sell-out crowds in six countries across the Caribbean in 2013, is once again looking to excite fans with high intensity T20 cricket for the 2014 tournament. Grenada, known for its vibrant culture and hospitality, will serve as the opening venue to showcase the region’s most exciting domestic Twenty20 tournament.

Warriors to play Argentina in friendly today

T&T skipper Kenwyn Jone (right) on arrival in Buenos Aires Trinidad and Tobago’s Senior Men’s team, accompanied by over one hundred supporters, arrived at the Ministro Pistarini Airport in Buenos Aires on a Caribbean Airlines charter flight on Monday evening ahead of today’s friendly international against the host country at the Estadio

Monumental. T&T Head Coach Stephen Hart spoke with TTFA Media on arrival: “We’ve known about this game since the start of the year and getting to the country and settling in is always something you want to get out of the way. It was a long day so the players will get some rest and have the

morning off. We’ll have a session in the afternoon and just continue focusing on what’s ahead of us on Wednesday,” he added. The temperature here was just around 11 degrees on Sunday night and is expected to get up to around 16 degrees during the day. Also arriving was TTFA President Raymond Tim Kee, while General Secretary Sheldon Phillips arrived a day in advance. Ministry of Tourism officials are also in Buenos Aires to lend their support. Today’s encounter will now kick off at 7:30pm (6:30pm T&T Time) following a change by the Argentina Football Association.

By Sean Devers The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) cannot contravene Guyana’s Laws as a Sovereign Nation and I don’t think the Regional Board would want to meddle in Guyana’s internal affairs as a Nation. A statement issued by the Guyana Government said “It is hoped, that the arrogance and contempt assumed by the WICB, as it purports to give directions to a sovereign Government of a CARICOM member state, is noted” However, the Guyana Government must understand that it is the WICB and by extension the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) who controls cricket in Guyana and not the Government. If His Excellency President Donald Ramotar signs the bill into Law, thus dissolving the GCB, the WICB will have no other alternative than to remove Regional and International tournaments from Guyana and worse yet, ban Guyana as a team from participating in Regional tournaments at all levels. The WICB has serious reservations that the Cricket Administration Bill which was passed in the Guyana National Assembly thrusts the administration of cricket in Guyana from an independent body to the Government of Guyana. This the WICB views as undesirable and inconsistent with International Cricket Council tenets. There would be no Guyana team because there would be no GCB, which is the only officially recognized authority for controlling cricket in Guyana and no Guyanese in any West Indies team, since it is mandated that players participate in Regional competitions to be eligible for West Indies selection. According to the WICB, that entity sought an undertaking from President Ramotar that the bill would not be signed into law until these matters are resolved. The Board gave its

commitment that once President Ramotar provided such an undertaking all arrangements in Guyana will be kept in place. The WICB however failed to receive such an undertaking from His Excellency President Ramotar and the third Test between New Zealand and West Indies scheduled for from June 26-30, to be moved to Barbados. The President of the WICB Dave Cameron was in Guyana for three days last week and Cameron’s meeting with President Ramotar was reportedly cancelled when he was already at the Office of the President. It was reported that Cameron’s meeting with President Ramotar was confirmed by Dr. Anthony days before and reconfirmed an hour before the meeting. On Saturday, the Honourable Minister of Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony responded. In a covering email, the Minister explained that the President was out of Georgetown and that he was duly instructed to respond on the President’s behalf. The Sports Minister received an e-mail from Mr. Cameron, indicating that the response was “unacceptable” and that the response which he requires “must be done under the Seal of the President”. Dr Anthony’s letter reportedly provided the guarantees requested but it has not been made public. The WICB, which has a vested interest in the assets of the GCB which they helped to put there without any funding from the Government, is sure to challenge ‘‘Transfer of Rights’ in the Bill which states which states that all assets and rights of an existing entity be seized and placed it in the hands of another without compensation. The Bill further states that ‘every office established under the constitution, rules, regulations and by laws of a former county Board shall

continue to exist on and after the commencement of this act, subject to the right of a County Board to make amendments thereto as may be necessary’. However, the new constitution gives Demerara an extra vote from Linden which begs the question ‘If Essequibo and Berbice are allowed to keep their present constitution, why is the Demerara Constitution different from the one passed by its membership. I am not disputing that all is not well within the GCB since their 2012 Elections but getting the Government involved to pass the Bill in Parliament to remove the GCB from power is not the way to go since the consequences far outweigh the benefits, if the Bill becomes Law. Not only will the Hotel sector suffer by the loss of at least over 100 rooms from the players, officials, Television crew and Media workers for the third Test. But so will the fans, the caterers and Taxi Operators who look forward to such events. The bill, if passed into Law could also rob all Guyanese cricketers with the aspirations of representing Guyana and the West Indies of their dreams and more importantly in these highly commercial times, the opportunity to earn from their skill. This could lead to an increase in crime if youths are not earning an income and can’t ply their trade, especially if they are not fortunate enough to play overseas. The Regional Under-19 series has reportedly been shifted to Jamaica in August and this could also rob the budding local Umpires from getting Regional experience. The Radio Broadcasters who are not yet at a level where they will be hired for overseas assignments will also suffer. For the sake of especially the players a better way could have been arrived at to get new GCB Elections without getting the Government involved.

Jamaica makes team changes ahead of Egypt friendly London – Before kicking off the third in a series of four friendlies, Jamaica announced squad changes ahead of today’s encounter against Egypt at Matchroom Stadium, home East London’s Leyton Orient. The Reggae Boyz have added Norwich City’s Jamar Loza and Dino Williams of

Montego Bay United – both forwards – as well as Tampa Bay Rowdies goalkeeper Ryan Thompson. Midfielder Demar Phillips, forward Darren Mattocks and goalkeepers Dwayne Miller and Andre Blake have returned to their clubs. Loza is considered to be a rising star at Norwich. The 20-

year-old was born in Kingston, Jamaica, before moving to the United Kingdom as a child. He spent most of last season on loan at Coventry City, Leyton Orient and Southend United, but was recalled in April and made his senior debut as a second-half substitute in (Continued on page 35)

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Wednesday June 04, 2014

Dharry returns to the ring as Promoter/Fighter F o r m e r l o c a l Bantamweight champion, Elton Dharry is currently engaged in negotiations to contest for the New York State Bantamweight title at the Amazura Concert Hall, Queens, NY, USA, July 25 next. The card marks a broader attempt by Dharry into the promotional aspect of the sport after he would have engaged in such activities here in Guyana. The promotion group will be known as ‘Elton Dharry Promotions and Dharry told Kaieteur Sport that the bout will be the main event for the N e w Yo r k S t a t e

Bantamweight Title. He is currently negotiating with his opponent who will be announced just as soon as those negotiations are complete. The card will comprise of 8 fights totaling 38 rounds and will engage fighters out of Guyana, Trinidad and To b a g o , J a m a i c a , Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. There will also be a female encounter that will feature an Italian fighter making her debut. The details of the card will be announced when all the modalities have been put in place.

Judo six years ago with Rising Sun. McRae is considered by far one of the best groundwork exponents around locally, specialising in submission techniques. Andrew Hooper began practicing Judo with Rising Sun in 2012, coming from a strong Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu background under Renzo Gracie’s Academy in the US, he has now been around the two arts for a combined five years, his area of expertise is ground work, specialising in submissions. The members of Rising Sun and Alpha MMA wish to congratulate them on their achievements.

Elton Dharry

to purchase available tickets in one of the 12 FIFA Venue Ticketing Centres, which

The 35 member men squad: Akeem Kanhai, Travis Burnett, Dwayne Roberts, Ryan Gullen, Ryan Stephany, Shelroy Thomas, Dave Causeway, Royston Siland, Shane Webster, Keon Cameron, Chris Williams, Orin Rose, Lawrence DaCosta, Stephan Gillis, Dominic Vincente, Randy Richardson, Jason Squires, Nikolai Smith, Jermaine Slater, Keifer Tappin, Kevin Emanuel, Damian Persaud, Ty l e r P e r s a u d , K e v o n Creepy, Delroy James, Darren Collison, Rawle M a r s h a l l , R a y Vi c t o r, Gordon Klaiber, Andre D e F l o r i m o n t e , S t e ff o n F a r l e y, R i c h a r d H a l l , Andrew Ifill, Keron McKenzie and Robert Davis. Head Coach is Mark Agard with his Assistant

Herbert Adams. Meanwhile, the GABF has informed that Mr. Sherwin Henry, the sole FIBA Referee in Guyana will be part of the official 17 member delegations for both teams. Two other members will be added to the official delegation, one for each of the teams. being Darcel Harris. Manager is Andrew Hercules. The 24 member women squad: Kadiann Rowe, Necosia Mitchell, Shakelia Sampson, Tamara Hunter, Timike Joseph-DeRouche, Kean Andrews, Natasha Andrews, Tanika Alphonso, Lowquantor Gibson, Ginelle Ifill, Kristy Roberts, Natoila Primo, Natasha Alder, Nichola Jacobs, Sonia Rodney, LaToya Rodney, Shanna Chester, Sharon Jerome, Scantlebury Shellon, Tiffany Lefleur, N i k i t a L e f l e u r, C i n d y Johnson, Mariam McKenzie and Philomena George. Head Coach is Ann Gordon who will be assisted by Brian Carter. Manager is

Training sessions for both squads are taking place at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. The use of the facility is being paid for by the GABF to the National Sports Commission (NSC) for practice sessions during the following periods: Tuesdays and Thursdays 18:00hrs to 20:00hrs. Saturdays and Sundays 08:00hrs to 12:00hrs. Daily morning and evening practice sessions will commence from June 22nd by which time the GABF noted, all the overseas based players are required to be in Guyana. The first two overseas based players, brothers, Tyler and Damian Persaud will arrive in Guyana, this Sunday, June 8.

Hurry-Up win Mingo Dominoes tourney Andrew Hooper

Close to 180,000 tickets for the 2014 FIFA World Cup will be up for sale today Football fans have one more chance to experience the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ live in the 12 stadiums. As of 00.01 Brazilian time to, about 180,000 tickets will be up for s a l e o n, in addition to those tickets that are currently available. There will be tickets for all 64 matches. In order to give an equal chance to all fans who are interested, no matter if they are based in one of the 12 FIFA World Cup Host Cities, in other areas of Brazil or international fans who plan to come to Brazil for the event, these additional tickets will be made a v a i l a b l e o n Like on any other day until the Final of the FIFA World Cup, as of 9h00 local time in each venue, today, June 4 fans will also be able

GABF names male and female squads ahead of CBC C/ships in BVI The Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF), in preparation ahead of the Caribbean Basketball Confederation Championships to be held in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, released the names of its male and female squads.

Judokas earn promotion R e c e n t l y, f o r m e r national Judo silver medalist Tidane Ba, veteran Judoka Webster McRae and Andrew Hooper were all promoted to brown belt (ikkyu) under the guidance of Rising Sun’s Instructor Bruce Fraser. Tidane Ba has been practicing Judo for almost eight years, a stylish Judoka that is well known by his peers locally for his grappling tactics and his throwing ability. Webster McRae began practicing Judo in the 1980’s in the now defunct Golden Circle Dojo and after a long sojourn away from the martial art, made his return to

Page 41

are: · Belo Horizonte (Continued on page 34)

Hurry-up chalked 84 games to win the Kevin Mingo three-team dominoes competition played recently at Menace Mackenson Bsar Calcutta, West Berbice. Mahaicony placed second with 81 games and Excitement finished third on 69. Hurry-up and Mahaicony collected trophies donated by Lone Value and Gift Centre of Charity Essequibo, Kelvin Lewis and Menace Promotion. Meanwhile, the semi finals of the South Turkeyen Sports Committee 10 overs Schools Tapeball competition will be played tomorrow and Friday the National Cultural Center Tarmac starting at 15:30hrs. Queen’s College will face Chase Academy in the first semi and Sophia Massive will take on the Rest team in the second. The final will take place on Saturday at the same venue from 13:00hrs. Trophies are being donated by the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony, P and P Insurance and Trophy Stall Bourda Market.

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Kaieteur News

High Court lifts injunction against GCB The full court comprising of the Honourable Madam Justice Roxanne George and The Honourable Justice Bovell-Drakes yesterday granted a stay of execution in favor of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) on an injunction obtained by the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) against all of the GCB Executives, Trustees and its Administrator of Twenty (20) years, Ms. Savitri Persaud. The judges heard over three hours of arguments from Mr. Roysdale Forde for the Guyana Cricket Board and Mr. Fitz Peters for the Berbice Cricket Board before granting of the Stay of Execution. The primary relief sought was granted and will enable the Guyana Cricket Board Officials to be fully functional until the hearing and

determination of theirAppeal. The relief granted was “An Order Staying the Execution of the Order of the Honourable Madam Justice Sandra Kurtzious dated the 14th day of April, 2014, until the hearing and determination of the Notice of Appeal Motion No. 38Apl of 2014 filed from the Order of Court of the said Honorable Madam Justice Sandra Kurtzious made in Action No. 116-W of 2013”. The Berbice Cricket Board’s action was filed byAnil Beharry, Raymond Haniff, Angela Haniff, Shabeer Baksh, Hubern Evans, Julian Cambridge, Keith Foster and Romash Munna. These individuals who comprise the Executive Committee of the BCB obtained two (2) orders

about a week ago which basically stopped the Guyana Cricket Board from functioning as all of its e x e c u t i v e s a n d Administrator were prevented from functioning individually and collectively. The injunction obtained by the BCB may very well have contributed to the present situation whereby the West Indies vs New Zealand Test Match was moved to Barbados, as the Government of Guyana has claimed that this may be the reason that the WICB moved the game. However, the WICB stated in their press releases that the current impasse relating to the passage through parliament of the controversial Cricket Administration Bill is the only reason the Venue was shifted.

Pegasus saved by the rain North Road All Stars, buoyed by a fiery opening spell from seasoned Tapeball cricket campaigners Bryan Hercules and Charwayne Walker, backed up by Neil Johnson and Patrice Stuart silenced the boisterous crowd on hand as the host, Pegasus, were routed for a meagre 30 all out in 14.5 overs on Friday last at the

Pegasus Tennis Court. North Road in reply were cruising at 19 for 2 off 6 overs when a heavy down pour left the Tennis Court waterlogged. Attorney- atLaw Dennis Paul was unbeaten on 12 which included the shot of the match, an extra cover six. The two teams will settle the score this Friday at the

same venue starting at 19:30hrs. North Road Team: C h a r w a y n e Wa l k e r (Captain), Colburn David, Jai Kishun, Imran Khan, Orin Samuels, Dennis Paul, Neil Johnson, Nial Jodhan, Lucius Hodge, Jermaine Fraser, Patrice Stuart, Bryan Hercules, Kenroy Joseph. Keith ‘Chief’ Jordan is the Manager.

Wednesday June 04, 2014

Republic Bank U-17 Inter-Zone 50-Over cricket

Rajesh Umroa’s 86 sees Lower Corentyne through to the final A fine batting performance from Berbice Under-17 wicketkeeper batsman, Rajesh Umrao, gave Lower Corentyne the edge they needed to get the better of West Berbice in their semi-final of the 2014 Republic Bank Under-17 Inter-Zone 50-Over Cricket Competition in Berbice, thus earning their place in the final of the competition. In the match, which was played at the Bush Lot Ground in West Berbice, and which was reduced to 35overs-a-side because of a late start due to rain, Lower Corentyne were given a start of 75 runs by Umrao and Guyana Under-15 batsman, Adrian Sukhwa. After Sukhwa fell for 17, they slipped to 103 for 3 but Umrao, who was still there, added a valuable 48 runs for the 4th wicket with Rakesh Ragnauth, after which Umrao went for a wellplayed 86 which included 6

Rajesh Umrao fours. Ragnauth (30) and Daniel Samaroo (10) put on 24 more for the 5th wicket that helped Lower Corentyne reach 187 for 9 in their 35 overs. Bowling for West Berbice, Berbice Under-15 left arm spinner, Kris Ramnarine, took 2 for 30 from 7 overs. When West Berbice began their response, their opener, Randy Wade, put on

24 for the opening stand with Shawn Smith (2), 35 for the second wicket with Javed Karim (8) and then 30 for the 4th wicket Kris Ramnarine (11) but not getting support, he eventually fell for 59 (7 fours) at 115 for 7. A late thrust by Titus Webster (18) and Randy Singh (15) gave some hope but they both fell in quick-succession after adding 33 for the 9th wicket and West Berbice eventually ended on 151 all out in their 35 overs, to lose by 36 runs. Bowling for Lower Corentyne, leg-spinner Brandon Prasad took 2 for 16 from 7 overs and off-spinner, Daniel Samaroo, 2 for 19 from 5 overs. Defending champs Lower Corentyne, will therefore clash with the other winning semi-finalist, New Amsterdam/Canje, in the final which has been scheduled for Saturday at the Cumberland Ground in Canje.

Gregory Gaskin Memorial/Sentinel Security Sports Award nominations opens The Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club ( R H T Y & S C ) Aw a r d s Committee has opened nominations for the 2nd Annual Gregory Gaskin Memorial/Sentinel Security Berbice Sports Award. The main aim of this initiative is to recognize and honour outstanding Berbicians who performed with excellence in sports over the past year. Four persons would be rewarded this year; Berbice Male Sportsperson of the y e a r, B e r b i c e F e m a l e Sportsperson of the year, Berbice Sports Personality of the year and Berbice Sports Association of the year. The awards are being sponsored by Mrs. Noreen

Gaskin, widow of the late CEO of Cops Security, Gregory Gaskin. The club is inviting nominations from the general public, the media based in Berbice and most importantly the different Berbice Sports organisations especially those responsible for cricket, softball cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, tennis, cycling and chess. All nominations should be accompanied by a complete record of the nominee’s performances during the last year. The RHT&SC wishes to state that no sportsperson who was disciplined during the period under review (January 2013 to May 2014) would be considered especially those involved

in the use of illegal drugs. Nominations can be sent to the RHTY&SC Office at the Area ‘H’ Ground, Rose Hall Town or by email to Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster on 337 4562 o r e m a i l a t for more information. West Indies Test player Veerasammy Permaul and lawn tennis female champion Carol Humphrey were the inaugural male and female sports awardees. Football organizer Neil Humphrey received the Sports Personality award while Berbice Cricket Board took home the Sports Association of the year award. The deadline for submission of nominations is Friday June 20, 2014.

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Wednesday June 04, 2014

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NACRA Men’s 15’s Championship

National ruggers confident ahead of Saturday’s T&T clash School Football Academy

Gripping encounters anticipated as top teams compete for championship honours Weeks of intense and competitive action will come to a delectable end when action in the Scotiabank/Pepsi School Football Academy concludes at venues in Berbice and Linden over the coming weeks. There will be two sets of semi final matches on June 15 with the first match being contested between a Georgetown female team comprising of players from East Ruimveldt/Campbellville taking on their counterparts from Berbic e H i g h / Tu t o r i a l Academy Secondary School while the second game will see Berbice Educational Trust matching skills with winners of Group B, a combination of Georgetown teams, Christ Church/Queens College. The second set of semi final matches is slated for Saturday June 21and is tentatively set for the Mackenzie Sports Club Ground. Uitvlugt Secondary will come up against Wisburg Secondary from 10:00hrs while Georgetown Group A winners, Tutorial High/North Georgetown Secondary, will come up against MacKenzie High. Subsequently, the national finals will be contested between the respective winners on Saturday, June 28 at a Georgetown venue. Meanwhile, at the Ministry of Education Ground Saturday May 31 last, Charlestown Secondary males trounced Queen’s College 7- nil with last year’s MVP, Omari James enjoying a goal fest in the 22nd, 24th, 38th, 50th, 58th and 62nd minutes while Brian Price pierced the opposition’s goal in the 17th minute. That win lifted Charlestown to 6 points from 4 games and left QC on 6 points from 3 games with 1 game remaining. Also on that day, North Georgetown Secondary males defeated New Campbellville Secondary 3-1 with Nehemiah Gomes (22), Daniel Nedd (26) and Reuben Miller (60) netting for the winners. Emmanuel Pross narrowed the gap for New Campbellville Secondary with a 38th minute success. North Georgetown Secondary has

since moved up to 10 points from 4 games with 1 more to play. On Sunday June 1, East Ruimveldt Secondary females defeated defending champions Tutorial High1-0 with Christine Thomas making the difference in the 58th minute. The win enabled East Ruimveldt Secondary to qualify for the Georgetown female final against New Campbellville Secondary, Saturday June 7 next at the Ministry of Education Ground commencing at 10:00 hrs with the winner going on to represent Georgetown in the national finals. Ninety minutes later, Queen’s College will take on Christ Church and the former team is on 6 points and the latter on 7. Should Christ Church manage to secure even a draw, they will move on to 8 points and win the group. There will also be a match between North Georgetown Secondary and Tutorial High for a place in the national finals. Tutorial is currently on 12 points and all they need is a draw to qualify whilst North Georgetown who are on 10 points is in a must win situation if they are to emerge as group winner.

Members of the national rugby squad at a practice session yesterday at the National Park

Fresh off an impressive opening performance against Barbados in this year’s N A C R A 1 5 ’ s Championship, the national men’s team is brimming with confidence ahead of their clash this weekend with Trinidad and Tobago, at the National Park. Yesterday, Kaieteur Sport visited one of the training sessions at the National Park and spoke to Head Coach Clinton ‘Stiffy’

Clarke, who said that preparations are around 85% and was confident that by game time all systems will be in place for the all important game against regional nemesis T&T. “We are coming off a morale boosting win against Barbados and all that is on our minds right now is revenge against the Trinis who beat us last year,” Clarke stated. The experienced former

Captain and Coach Theodore Henry, who has returned as a player also gave his take on the upcoming encounter against the Trinidadians. “We are not afraid of them and I’m confident that come Saturday we will dethrone the defending regional champions and reclaim what rightfully belongs to us.” Most members of the team that faced Barbados are expected to form the core of

the starting squad, while inspirational player Richrad Staglon is expected to join the team in time for the engagement. Already, Ronald Mayers and Peabo Hamilton have arrived and were seen practicing with the rest of the team yesterday. The Guyana Rugby Football Union is urging all Guyana to come out and support the national team in their quest to defeat the Trinidadians.

t r o Sp WI recall Taylor, Roach and Benn for first NZ Test P.39 Sulieman Benn

Jerome Taylor

High Court lifts injunction against GCB GABF names male and female squads ahead of CBC C/ships in BVI P.42


NACRA Men’s 15’s Championship

National ruggers confident ahead of Saturday’s T&T clash P.43

Dharry returns to the ring as Promoter/FighterP.41


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