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Brinksmanship or arrogance? Last week the news came that the Caribbean Financial Action Taskforce had issued a warning to countries in the region to protect their financial dealings once there are going to be transactions involving Guyana. The CFATF also recommended Guyana’s case to the world body, the Financial Action Taskforce-FATF. That Guyana is in this position is due to intransigence in all quarters. The government is insisting that the opposition parties with their parliamentary majority should support the AntiMoney Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill because in the long run, the entire country stands to suffer. The opposition parties say that the government cannot operate as though it is lord of all and therefore refuses to listen to the opposition and to accede to its requests. In fact, the composition of the National Assembly suggests that the voice of the opposition is the voice of the majority of people in Guyana. That is how it should be but the government is refusing to accede to this fact. For example, Bills and motions passed by the opposition are not assented to by the President. The government’s chief spokesman then makes it a point to remind all who would listen that the government is in power and never in the history of the country has a government acceded to any opposition. But never has the government been in the minority. What has long been a source of frustration is the relationship that the government shares with the opposition parties. And this has been the case for years. They sit and talk then as soon as some progress is made they abandon the talks and revert to their original antagonistic positions. Some four decades ago the late President Forbes Burnham, recognizing that the division of the country along ethnic lines was not helping national development, sought to establish a national government involving the two major parties. The talks went well until someone realized that this could actually become a reality. Because the leaders were not involved in the talks the underlings were able to torpedo the effort. Years later, the then President Bharrat Jagdeo entered into talks with former President Desmond Hoyte. Decisions were arrived at, and then just as easily, swept aside. It was the same thing when Jagdeo held talks with the then Opposition Leader Robert Corbin. Nothing has changed. President Donald Ramotar talks about setting up a tripartite body first of all to work on the national budget. This body is not working because there are those in the government who insist that the budget is their preserve and that they will brook no outside interference. The result is that there have been the so-called cuts of the national budget every year that it has been presented in the NationalAssembly. This attitude was extended to the anti-money laundering Bill. For more than a year neither the government nor the opposition could reach common ground on the issue. Deadlines came and went and there was no agreement. Perhaps it was a case of brinksmanship. Perhaps it is a case of the major political parties seeking points with their members. If indeed there are severe financial hardships then the ruling party may win back some of the support it lost. At the same time the parties would point to the fact that the government is unyielding if even for the good of the country. The Public Procurement Commission is expected to put a lid on corruption and by not implementing it, the Alliance for Change is going to charge the government with refusing to confront corruption. A Partnership for National Unity sees local government as important; people should be allowed to manage their affairs. But with the government refusing to assent to Bills that would strengthen the system of local government, APNU is going to accuse the government of wanting to control every facet of life. Whatever the reason, Guyana is in a serious position. And having been put there the various political parties are now trying to reverse the situation. They now say that they can pass the Bill. How much more frustrating can our politicians be?

Tuesday June 03, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news

I could not agree more with CDB President: We must turn to renewable energies DEAR EDITOR, As Minister, with responsibility for energy and electricity, I have been asked by a number of persons about my reaction to the address of Dr. William Warren Smith, President (CEO) of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), at the opening, last Wednesday (May 28th, 2014), of the Annual Board of Governors Meeting of the CDB. Dr. Smith advocated with great zeal that, on account of the steadily-rising costs of petroleum fuel, the steady improvements in technology and falling prices of alternative energy sources, all CARICOM and Caribbean countries must turn away from our traditional, and accustomed, reliance on petroleum fuels as our primary source of energy, particularly for generating electricity for the grid. Electricity-generation, based on petroleum fuels at today’s prices, leads to tariffs charged to customers in the

range of 30 U.S. cents to 40 U.S. cents per kWh, which is the prevailing range across the region and which negatively impacts the costs of our goods and services. The region must turn to the abundantly-available alternatives – hydro, geo-thermal, photo-voltaic and wind - which can now provide lower generation-costs and reduce the generation of the greenhouse gases which are causing climate change. I could not agree more with the CDB President, “Let us make Amaila happen, and let us get Hope Beach Wind-Farm in place, quickly.” We Guyanese must do all we can, at such times that we can, to clear the way in the National Assembly for Amaila Falls hydro-electrical power to happen. In Guyana, we Guyanese, since the 1960s, have been looking to find economically attractive and less-costly ways to generate electricity, by developing one or more of our many

waterfalls. The Amaila Falls was identified already, by the 1980s, as one of the falls which presented the best possibilities to meet our local needs. Focused and progressive studies of the Amaila Falls, from the late 1990s, reached the stage of a more or less complete proposal in 2003/2004. At that time, however, with crude oil prices in the range of U.S. $20. to U.S.$30. per barrel, and electricity-generation costs utilizing Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) at about 8 U.S. cents per kWh, it - that proposal was not an improvement. Indeed, for the first five to ten years, the cash ‘outflow’ to the developer to pay for the electricity (and hence the development) would have been greater than the ‘outflows’ to purchase fuel and spares, and so, that proposal was rejected. Today, however, with crude oil prices above U.S.$100. per bbl, the ‘allup’ costs of generating electricity, in (Continued on page 5)

Second chance at love and life

DEAR EDITOR, I would like to share with your readers two experiences lived by an amazing woman. As you might guess, they relate to the rescues of two dogs. Noreen Gaskin’s home backs onto the Railway Embankment. One morning while looking across the road she saw a dog curled up in some sand on a bridge. It had rained all night and Noreen was feeling sad for the poor animal. She called and asked for my help with its rescue. I tried to catch the beautiful mixbreed but he ran away in fear. Night after night the dog returned to the same position on the bridge. Noreen asked her staff to leave food and water for him; the dog would eat and drink but let no one get close. The dog would take walks around Subryanville, Bel Air Gardens and the Railway Embankment area but always return to the same bridge. All efforts at entrapment failed. Six weeks ago one of Noreen’s staff was feeding the dog when a man from the area approached him and told him how the dog became homeless. From

the time the dog was a puppy he lived in a loving home just a few buildings from the bridge. His family fed and cared for him and took him for walks around the neighbourhood. One day his family got their permanent papers for the USA and left Guyana. The dog was put out of the yard and left to fend for himself. He ate what he could find but never stopped going on those family walks – by himself. He always came back to his favourite spot on the bridge, waiting for his family to return. The good news is that after two months the dog was finally caught by one of Noreen’s staff and he is now safe and happy with his new loving family at Noreen’s home. On another occasion, Noreen was walking on the seawall when she saw a female skeleton of a dog; she said it looked twisted with one crooked leg that may have been broken. It was 6:00 am, Noreen thought of calling me for help (which she didn’t need), because when she called the dog its twisted body suddenly jogged over happily in her

direction. Forever loyal (even though she looked abused) the dog followed Noreen to her car, Noreen got out a chain and put it around the dog’s neck and lifted her tiny shivering body into her vehicle. When she got home, the dog (covered in fleas) was given food and a bath, and an appointment with her vet, Dr. Surujbally. Two months later the dog is improving; full of life and love for her new owner and home. She will be spayed by Dr. Surujbally next week. I always wonder why so called “animal lovers” abandon their pets when they migrate. Dogs that once had good homes are easy to spot. They deteriorate fast and seem to suffer more stress than the dogs born on the street. Every time I see them I ask myself; what sad story do they have to tell? We must thank all the good people, like Noreen Gaskin, who take dogs from sad environments and give them safe, happy, secure and permanent homes for the rest of their lives. Syeada Manbodh

Adapting to the new world order DEAR EDITOR, I want to argue that there is an opportunity for Caribbean countries to be a major player in global politics, instead of the Caribbean being a pawn like what happened in the cold war. Jamaica, Guyana and Grenada are three countries in CARICOM which had social turmoil as a “spinoff” of the cold war. During the cold war the United States, Europe and Canada saw it necessary to give incentives to Caribbean countries to side with the west and not the Soviet Union: four Lomé Conventions since 1975, 1983 US Caribbean Basin Initiative and 1986 C a r i b b e a n a n d C a n a d a Tr a d e Agreement were attempts at US, Canada and European support for the Caribbean to prevent The Soviet Union influencing the region. Since the cold war has ended all that support is non-existent. However the

Caribbean countries have not adapted to this global reality and have all significantly increased their debt to cope with their financial obligation, with a great increase in unemployment and crime. Through CARICOM, a policy and philosophy must be developed on how to deal with the pull of these large economies. Large economies and countries have always been influencing the policies of countries in the Caribbean through trade and international aid. Having a ratified international policy that supports the rule of law and international treaties will set an international precedence never before seen in geopolitics. If you look at world history, large powers plan and later pull in their smaller allies. We in the Caribbean must set out clear policies that will be beneficial to us and any international

partners. Any country wanting our support must be consistent with our standards. CARICOM must become proactive instead of reactive and this will make the 15 territories of CARICOM leaders in geopolitics instead of pawns. Countries cannot wait until the problems in Ukraine or the South China Sea heat up before we develop a policy, or we will become pawns. As the African proverb says when the elephants fight the grass gets trampled. We in the Caribbean must make sure we strategically manoeuvre the elephants so that they do not trample on us during their fight, because the Caribbean is not fertile soil for which the grass they will trample on will flourish. Our defence is a diplomatic offence; unusual for small states, but we have the intellectual capital. Brian Plummer

Tuesday June 03, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

I could not agree... From page 4 HFO-fuelled sets sized for our network, is about U.S. 21 cents per kWh, whilst, with the current proposal, the initial costs of generating electricity at Amaila Falls and transmitting it to Sophia, should not exceed U.S. 12 cents per kWh. This price could fall to about U.S. 9 cents within the first nine years, then fall to just the ‘running costs’ of about U.S. 3 cents per kWh, at the end of the BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer) period of 20 to 25 years. With this projected reduction in generation-costs to about half the costs of generation based on HFO, the development of Amaila Falls is clearly very advantageous, and we must proceed quickly to project closure and construction. Each day of delay is costly in delayed savings of about U.S$ 0.2 million (G$ 40 million) per day. It is projected, now, that electricity generated from Amaila Falls could be available commercially in about five years’ time, including about four years for construction and a year for closing and breaking ground. Every day earlier in attaining commercial operation would be worth so much to us that every Guyanese should put his/her full weight behind the earliest completion of the Amaila Falls Hydro-electric Project, if needed, with their votes at the next election. In the meantime, we should all pay heed to the programmes on improving energy efficiency, on energy conservation and energy reduction, and on accompanying changes in procedure and life styles, being offered by the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Guyana Manufacturing & Services Association (GMSA), and others. Also, whilst our business executives quite properly and validly focus on, and call attention to, the high costs of electricity locally, there are few businesses where electricity costs are more than 10% of their total costs. Our business executives, whilst doing all they can in demanding sustainable, lower electricity costs in Guyana, should not be unmindful in ignoring the other 90% of their total costs. We have to learn to be good in many things, in everything, as quickly as we can. With respect to wind energy, there have been, from decades ago, small winddriven electricity-generating sets along the coast, and water pumps on the savannahs in the hinterland. In 2000, the CDB financed an engineering survey of the potential of wind along the coast for the large-scale production of electricity. The prospects were judged to be not fantastic but, still possibly, economically

attractive, and Delta Caribbean of Curacao which had established a wind-farm in Curacao - the wind regime was very favourable there - was invited to study the possibilities of wind-farms along Guyana’s coast. Delta Caribbean began their appraisal with a yearlong study of wind speeds at Hope Beach, and also studied various generators available then to see how they would perform in our wind regime. Unto about 2006, a project could not be put together which would be financially attractive to all parties, and Delta Caribbean withdrew, passing on all its rights and obligations to a new local company, Guyana Wind-Farms Inc. The search to put together a “closed” project was maintained. One may recall, at one time, that an artist’s impression was presented of a windfarm along the Georgetown sea-wall, from the head of Camp Street to the head of Vlissingen Road – the apparent public response was to stay at Hope Beach. During the years since 2000, wind-generating technology has improved and prices have fallen, whilst oil prices have risen. Guyana Wind-Farm Inc. has recently put forward a very attractive project which could see Goldwind of China, rated at least third in the world in establishment of wind-farms, establishing a 10x2.5 MW windfarm at Hope Beach for a total cost of about U.S $ 42 million. Goldwind would provide 75% of total financing and take 51% of the equity shares. Republic Bank has offered to support the project, with a U.S. $2 million loan. Some ground studies have already been done, and the wind-farm could be built and be in operation within a year of a ‘go-ahead’. Renewable energy, particularly wind and solar, are not available 24hours x 7days a week, throughout a year. There would be times when no power would be available. One has to discount their installed-capacity, and they are paid with prices no more than that of the net savings in the cost of petroleum fuel and maintenance which would have been incurred in the course of traditional generation with HFO - the ‘avoided’ costs. This Hope Beach Wind Farm Project, too, is cast in the nature of a BOOT, with write-off and transfer projected to occur at the end of five years, and with a useful life of about 20 years. Let us get Hope Beach Wind-Farm in place quickly! Let us turn our electricitygeneration away from petroleum fuels, thereby saving ourselves a good quantity of money and doing our bit to reduce climate change. Samuel A. A. Hinds, Prime Minister

Forming a minority govt. and forcing it on us is an unacceptable injustice DEAR EDITOR, I have been told often enough that the law must be consistent, that it should make sense, especially the Constitution, and that any competent lawyer should be able to explain the law to any layman once he himself understands it completely. And when there is some measure of confusion on any matter of interpretation, all one really has to do is to express the problem to its most logical extreme and see what happens. We are now in the middle of the third year after the controversial 2011 election, and we are still faced with a minority government operating as if it has sovereignty. But it cannot, since sovereignty, according to our Constitution, resides in the people who express it through their elected representatives, in this case, Parliament. The article of our Constitution which is causing this confusion states as follows: 177. (1) Any list of candidates for an election held pursuant to the provisions of article 60 (2) shall designate not more than one of those candidates as a Presidential candidate. An elector voting at such an election in favour of a list shall be deemed to be also voting in favour of the Presidential candidate named in the list. (2) A Presidential candidate shall be deemed to have been elected as President and shall be so declared by the Chairman of the Elections Commission -(a) if he is the only Presidential candidate at the election; or (b) where there are two or more Presidential candidates, if more votes are cast in favour of the list in which he is designated as Presidential candidate than in favour of any other list. So let us apply the extreme principle test to our Guyana Constitution: three Parties are running in an election, party A gets 34% of the popular vote, Party B gets 33% and party C gets 33%. What our Constitution does say, is that in such a situation party B cannot form

a coalition with party C and allot their 66% vote to getting a presidential candidate nominated by the GECOM Chairman, he is obliged to declare the head of the party’s list which got 34% as the President. And this is where we enter this bizarre twilight zone we are now in. You cannot take the party which obtained only 34% of the national vote and allow it to form a minority government, unable to function, since the other two opposition parties have 66% of the vote. It’s nonsense and unfair to the people. Now remember that this anomaly described by both the government and the opposition as uncharted waters since 2011, has never really been tested in any court in or out of Guyana. The PPP certainly won’t want to challenge this conundrum which allows them to form a minority government. It is the sole responsibility of the opposition to do so, and they have not, but they must challenge it, since in not challenging it, they are allowing the PPP to violate the constitutional rights of the majority of the people in this country. Does our Constitution tell us that the leader of the party with the largest single block of votes can be declared by the chairman of GECOM as the President? The answer is yes. But does the Constitution tell us that he can form a government to rule the country if he does not have the control of the majority of the seats in parliament and violate article 9 of our constitution that Sovereignty resides in the people? The answer is no, nowhere in the Constitution

does it say that he can form a government legitimately unless he has the confidence of the majority of the people, so he has to open negotiations with the other two parties to get their support to do so, nowhere in the Constitution does it say that he cannot negotiate with them to see if one of them will join him to form a government and what their respective demands for doing so are, i.e. how many ministries they will want etc. Clearly the one with the most reasonable demands will be chosen and then the President can form his government! I see persons telling us in the media that the Executive has sovereignty. This is a concept which is riddled with more trash and filth than the city of Georgetown. It can only have sovereignty when it represents the majority of the people and its sovereignty will come from Parliament. If what I am saying is so, and I have no doubt that it is, until we get this to a court outside Guyana we will never know. It is against this background that I must put the declaration of President Donald Ramotar in Friday’s KN telling us on page 6 that it is the “opposition who are endangering the welfare of Guyanese” when in fact I hold the view that it was total eyepass for him to form a government, the legality of which is questionable, but which in its day to day dealings is allowing the Constitution and the law to be violated in numerous areas - no local government elections, no procurement commission, no opposition members on the state boards, no legitimate day to day consultations with the opposition, all national

business conducted in absolute secrecy, no representatives on GuySuCo, GPL, NCN, NICIL, NDIA – just to list a few. And when the opposition tries to hold his foot to the fire to get the privileges they are entitled to by law, he says no to them, but publicly accuses them of having a “culture of no!” Winston Churchill once said that a dictator is like a man riding a tiger, and the longer he rides that tiger the hungrier it gets, so he cannot get off for fear of being eaten by it. This is exactly the situation the PPP finds itself in, it can’t come off of the tiger Jagdeo put them on, since if the opposition were to be given the access to the information they are required to have to legitimately act as an effective opposition, only the good Lord in Heaven knows what they would uncover, and who would go to jail! However it is my opinion given my presentation above that Ramotar and the PPP have already committed an unacceptable injustice against the people, by forming a minority government and forcing it on us. I am not a madman and my commentaries stand as a monument to the fact that I do not lie or misrepresent what I have uncovered from my research. The situations I have outlined here are not based on my concepts, but are what I have distilled from my conversations with Guyana’s greatest living legal mind. Neither Nandlall nor Williams are competent to pilot us out of these uncharted unconstitutional waters, I wonder what a leader like Desmond Hoyte would have done? Tony Vieira

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Tuesday June 03, 2014

Baby snatcher remanded Over 130 additional samples Suspected baby snatcher ‘Debbie’ being led out of the Whim Police Station

Baitoon Hussain, of Chesney, Albion, Corentyne, the woman accused of kidnapping a baby on May 24, last, at Port Mourant was yesterday remanded to prison by Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh at the Whim Magistrate’s Court. She had pleaded not guilty to the charge. Sandra Mc Lean and her husband were on Sunday reunited with their baby after detectives swooped down on a house at Chesney Front, Albion, around 10:00 hrs. There McLean and her husband, Ravikant Vistonauth, were reunited with their days- old baby boy. ‘B’ Division police found the baby in the arms of its kidnapper, in a house. The child had been there with two persons the entire of last

week. It was said that Hussain gave the child up without a fight. All the occupants were arrested and taken to the Whim Police Station for intense questioning, while the baby was returned immediately to the mother. It was a lucky operation since many had feared that the baby-snatcher would have left for Mahdia (where her husband works), with the baby. The woman and her son whose home the suspected baby- snatcher lived for the past week were also among those for questioning. , Gangadai ‘Baby’ Budhram, while at the Whim Station, took herself clean out of the matter. She said that she had no idea her daughterin-law (Debbie [only name given]) had a baby that belonged to someone else for an entire week at her home, and dwelled there. “We brought her last Sunday from Goed Fortuin— -She had a child from there, she said she delivered the

child.” Budhram said that her son, Alvin, works in Mahdia and that the couple was only married for a few months now. She said that the babysnatcher would visit there from time to time. When asked how the baby- snatcher behaved while residing at her home in Albion last week, Budhram said, “She acted normal, normal…He [the baby] didn’t cry-so you can’t suspect…She nursed the child and so. She never leave home with the child.” “Every day I talking about the missing baby story we see in the papers-I didn’t know that was the child-we didn’t question!” “Every day I talking about the story and she listening. If only I can ask she now why she did this--If she want to go to jail, then let her go! I didn’t know nothing!” And as the news spread that the missing baby was found, scores of residents of nearby villages, started to pour into the Whim Police Station compound, anxious to get a glimpse of the baby and his mother. A few actually did see the baby and mother, but others were unlucky since the mother had to be taken upstairs for questioning. Still, villagers, mostly women, waited patiently in the compound, until police ranks asked them to leave the station if they had no business there. They waited patiently, still, outside for hours. “The villagers felt the baby-snatcher had an accomplice. “They said that the police should have brought her out for a public shaming and allow them to tell her what they had on their minds about the cruel thing she had done. Some villagers said that even if the baby- snatcher had lost her baby, she had no right to abduct someone else’s, regardless of (Continued on page 12)

sent to CARPHA for testing

- as Health Ministry continues efforts to combat Chikungunya virus Even as moves are being made to intensify the campaign to control the potential impact of the Chikungunya virus in the Berbice area, over 130 blood samples were taken in recent days from persons found to be suffering from symptoms of fever. This is according to officials currently engaged in a campaign to combat the virus. Just last week two cases of the virus – a four-year-old girl and a 50-year-old woman – were found in the Canje section of Berbice. They are both being treated for the virus which has similarities to dengue fever. The two cases found were confirmed two Fridays ago are from two separate households – one in Canefield and another from Cumberland – this publication understands. The cases were confirmed by the Trinidad-based Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) Laboratory. They were among a set of 30 samples that were taken a few weeks earlier. The recent samples taken will also be sent for testing at the CARPHA Laboratory. Chikungunya is a viral disease transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito which is quite common along the coast of Guyana. The disease is one that is known to cause a moderate to severe ailment that can be life threatening with symptoms including fever, rash, muscle and joint pains. According to Director of Vector Control Services, Dr Reyaud Rahman, who has been spearheading vector control activities mainly characterised by intense fogging of the areas where persons were found with fever symptoms. In fact Dr Rahman disclosed that “we are doing house to house spraying and we are even spraying the schools as well.” Chief Medical Officer, Dr Shamdeo Persaud, noted that while the transmission of the virus is facilitated by mosquitoes, when it reaches

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Shamdeo Persaud Director of Vector Control Services, Dr. Reyaud Rahman an endemic state the possibility exists that it can use animals as reservoirs. “That is one way that the virus can stay might get rid of the human part but primates like monkeys and other mammals can actually harbour the virus...of course mosquito bite humans but other warn bloodedmammals also; so when you have that animal loop it gets a little bit more difficult to control and eliminate,” said Dr Persaud. Moreover, the Health Ministry’s Veterinary Public Health Department is currently involved in the strategic efforts to combat the virus. According to Dr Persaud, the Ministry will sustain a regular cycle of fogging in the populated areas of Regions Four, Six and other Regions too, although especially intensified efforts will be sustained in the Canje area. He however cautioned that controlling the situation is not only about “vector control alone. This mosquito (Aedes aegypti) is really a domestic mosquito and doesn’t breed in dirty drains but in clean collection of water, like water barrels and vases in the home...It is a bigger effort to try to reduce breeding sites,” said Dr Persaud. “We are encouraging people with these symptoms

such as high fevers above 39 degrees with associated joint pain, back pain, muscle pain, any form of rash to seek medical attention because early intervention can prevent complications from occurring,” said Dr Persaud. He disclosed that while Chikungunya itself is not a high cause of death directly, it can however have some long term effects such as joint pains. The resulting fever together with pain, particularly in young children, Dr Persaud said, could lend to bouts of convulsions and even cause dehydration. There have even been rare occasions, the CMO said, when the virus has been known to be associated with the Guillain Barre Syndrome which is a paralytic disease that causes the body to become paralysed. “Even with medical care you might still experience this pain depending on how the body reacts beyond the incubation period,” said Dr Persaud. This period can span two to six days with symptoms usually appearing four to seven days after infection. Guyana has been on high alert ever since reports surfaced of the virus’ entry into parts of the Caribbean last year. According to Dr Persaud, on December 12 last year CARPHA was informed of 10 transmitted confirmed cases on the French side of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin. Since then more than 1,800 confirmed cases were reported from Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Dominican Republic, French Guiana, Martinique Guadeloupe, St. Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenades, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Barthelemy, Saint Maarten and Saint Martin. Three confirmed resulting deaths were reported by Martinique and St. Martin.

Tuesday June 03, 2014

Kaieteur News

U.S. disrupts major hacking, extortion ring; Russian charged

U.S. Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell (at podium) announces criminal charges and two global cyber fraud disruptions, Gameover Zeus and Cyrptolocker, at the Department of Justice in Washington yesterday. (CREDIT: REUTERS/GARY CAMERON) (Reuters) - A U.S.-led international operation disrupted a crime ring that infected hundreds of thousands of PCs around the globe with malicious software used for stealing banking credentials and extorting computer owners, the Justice Department said yesterday. Authorities in nearly a dozen countries worked with private security companies to wrest control of the network of infected machines, known by the name of its master software, Gameover Zeus. Court documents released yesterday said that between 500,000 and 1 million machines worldwide were infected with the malicious software, which was derived from the original “Zeus” trojan for stealing financial passwords that emerged in 2006. In addition to stealing from the online accounts of businesses and consumers, the Gameover Zeus crew installed other malicious programs, including one called Cryptolocker that encrypted files and demanded payments for their release. Cryptolocker alone infected more than 234,000 machines and won $27 million in ransom payments, the Justice Department said. The two programs together brought the gang more than $100 million, prosecutors said in court documents, including $198,000 in an unauthorized wire transfer from an unnamed Pennsylvania materials company and $750 in ransom from a police department in Massachusetts that had its investigative files encrypted. Other victims included PNC Bank [], Capital One Bank [COFCB.UL] and others,

according to court documents. “These schemes were highly sophisticated and immensely lucrative, and the cyber criminals did not make them easy to reach or disrupt,” Leslie Caldwell, who heads the Justice Department’s criminal division, told a news conference. The Gameover Zeus “botnet” - short for robot network - is the largest so far disrupted that relied on a peer-to-peer distribution method, where thousands of computers could reinfect and update each other, said Dell expert Brett Stone-Gross, who assisted the FBI. “We took control of the bots, so they would only talk with our infrastructure,” Stone-Gross said. A civil suit in Pennsylvania helped authorities get court orders to seize parts of the infected network, and on May 7, Ukrainian authorities seized and copied Gameover Zeus command servers in Kiev and Donetsk, officials said. U.S. and other agents worked from early Friday through the weekend to seize servers around the world, freeing some 300,000 victim computers from the botnet so far. A criminal complaint unsealed yesterday in Nebraska, meanwhile, accused Russian Evgeniy Mikhaylovich Bogachev and others of participating in the conspiracy. U.S. officials said Bogachev was last known to be living in the Black Sea resort town of Anapa. In an FBI affidavit filed in the Nebraska case, an agent cited online chats in which aliases associated with Bogachev

claimed authorship of the original Zeus trojan, which has infected more than 13 million computers and is blamed for hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. “That’s what he claimed. There were probably a number of people involved,” said Dmitri Alperovitch, cofounder of security firm CrowdStrike, which also worked with the FBI. A person familiar with the case said that Bogachev’s ICQ number, which is an assigned Internet chat query identifier, matched that of the known Zeus author. Attempts to reach Bogachev were unsuccessful. FBI and Justice Department officials did not immediately respond to questions about Bogachev’s alleged past role with Zeus, one of the most pernicious pieces of software ever developed. Zeus’s code has since been publicly released, and many variants are still being used by gangs large and small. “Zeus is probably the most prolific and effective piece of malware discovered since 2006,” said Lance James, head of cyberintelligence at consultancy Deloitte & Touche, which also helped authorities. Russia does not extradite accused criminals to other countries, so Bogachev may never be arrested. He was named as part of a new policy on aggressively exposing even those the United States has little hope of catching. The recent crackdown includes the indictment of five members of China’s People’s Liberation Army for alleged economic espionage, which prompted denials and an angry response from Chinese authorities.

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Tuesday June 03, 2014

Largest solar power Spy net – US tight-lipped on cellphone activity in B’dos plant unveiled in Jamaica The United States National Security Agency (NSA) has refused to confirm or deny if it has been eavesdropping on Barbadian cellphone calls. Agency spokesperson Vanee Vines would say neither “yes” nor “no” to questions from the DAILY NATION on if it had been

doing so. “We don’t comment on specific, alleged foreign intelligence activities,” was her response. Questions have been raised in the region on just how widespread the NSA’s activities were after it was revealed late last month that it was secretly intercepting, recording, and archiving the

audio of virtually every cellphone conversation in The Bahamas.According to documents provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, the surveillance is part of a top-secret system code-named SOMALGET – that was implemented without the knowledge or consent of the Bahamian government.

Solar PV power plant installed by Sofos Jamaica at Grand Palladium Resorts and Spa in Hanover. (Jamaica Gleaner) One of Jamaica’s largest hotels, the Grand Palladium, Hanover, has been outfitted with what is believed to be the largest solar plant in the country. The hotel expects to save over J$80 million in energy cost per year from the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant by local manufacturer, Sofos Jamaica. The plant was unveiled at the 1,000-room resort last

Friday. “We are pleased to be pioneers in the industry as the first hotel in Jamaica to embark on such an investment,” stated the resort’s general manager, José Morgan. He describes the investment as a win-win for the tourism sector and destination Jamaica. The project represents a total investment of US$3.4 million by the hotel, which is

expected to see full return on its investments after four years and US$21.9 million in energy savings after 30 years, said a media release by Sofos Jamaica. Highlighting the company’s commitment to helping Jamaican businesses become less dependent on the national grid, Sofos Jamaica’s chief executive officer, Juan Mayoral, said he had several other projects with different Jamaican companies set to begin soon.

Tuesday June 03, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 9

CHANGE THE FORMULA FOR APPOINTING THE PUBLIC PROCUREMENT COMMISSION A great deal of energy is being used up in the debate as to who should be blamed for the non-passage of legislation relating to amendments to the Antimoney Laundering and the Countering of the Financing of Terrorism Act. The issue has been laid bare. Non support by the opposition parties have little to do with the amendments themselves, even though the opposition had proposed amendments which the government says has been deemed as unnecessary. The principal reason why the Bill containing the amendments has not been passed is because of political demands which are being made by the opposition parties. The AFC has not been “beating around the bush”. It has said clearly that if the Public Procurement Commission is established then its support is guaranteed. The government in turn insists that it, too, wants the Public Procurement Commission in place but that Cabinet must retain a noobjection to the award of contracts. In an effort to move things forward the President had at one stage consented to bringing the Commission into being so long as the opposition passes an amendment that would allow for the no-objection by Cabinet to be retained.

The President must be held to his word because he is the President and if he gives a public guarantee that so long as the no-objection is agreed upon the process of appointing the Commission would go forward, then the AFC should take him at his word. The AFC however may be of the view that once the government gets its way with the no-objection then the government will backtrack on the appointment of the Commission. The government on the other hand is fearful that if it moves forward on the appointment of nominees to the Public Procurement Commission, the opposition may not keep its word on the no- objection. The difficulty is that it requires a two-thirds majority in the National Assembly for the appointment of the Public Procurement Commission. This is a near impossibility considering the divisions within the House. It is almost impossible for the National Assembly to agree with a twothirds majority on the appointment of Commissioners. As such, even if the opposition approves a no-objection clause, there still remains the hurdle of finding five persons agreeable to all the political parties in the National Assembly. In order to break this

Dem boys seh...

Jagdeo and Bobby deh pun sale De Pee Pee Pee House got some people who blind, some who deaf, and some who like push dem mouth in other people story. One of dem is Zulfy. Dem boys talk bout de GS and goat. Zulfy read de thing and before he keep he mouth shut he run and tell dem man who he think is Goat Sh..t that dem boys talking bout he. De GS ask he wha mek he think is he dem talking bout and up to last night he couldn’t answer. Brazzy mooma pass and tell Zulfy morning and he didn’t answer, too. When de woman walk down li’l more she see Jagdeo and Bobby sitting down for a break in de fancy Camp Street building wha dem own. De building wasn’t ready fuh open yet but it had a few shelves. Bobby tun to Jagdeo, “I bet any minute now some pensioner is going to walk by, put their face to the window, and ask what we selling.” No sooner were the words out of his mouth when, sure enough, this old lady walked to the window, peep inside, and in a soft voice asked:”What are you selling here?” Jagdeo, wid he normal attitude replied sarcastically, “We’re selling assholes.” Without skipping a beat, de old woman seh, “You must be doing very well... Only two left.” She continue walking because she was going to meet Donald, but he did meeting wid Granger at de same time. When dem meeting done and she ketch up wid dem, she tell Granger that he seh 48 hours and you, Donald, come out next day and seh 24. Tell me, y’all settle at 12? Six-six each? Or y’all intend to guh wheh I just see Jagdeo and Bobby fuh sale? Talk half and warn Zulfy to keep he mouth in he pocket.

impasse, there is a need to not only ensure that Cabinet has its no objection but also to change the formula for appointing the commissioners to the Public Procurement Commission. What is needed is for the two sides to agree to a new formula for the appointment of the Commission. Under this new formula, it is hereby proposed the opposition should submit the names of ten persons not objectionable to the President for possible appointment to the Public Procurement Commission. From these ten names, the President will be required to pick five. This too will be a protracted process but it will be a far superior one to the near mission impossible than the one provided for by the present statute in which there has to be a vote of support

by two-thirds of the National Assembly. A compromise is therefore possible on the AFC’s demands. The problem is with APNU. APNU has its own demands. APNU wants laws that it piloted to be assented to. This is asking too much. The Constitution allows for the President to refuse assent to Bills passed by the National Assembly. To force the President to give automatic assent to Bills passed by the National Assembly would be to violate the very spirit of the Constitution. The President does not have to establish that a Bill is unconstitutional before refusing to assent to it. He can refuse to assent to a Bill because he does not agree with it. This is his prerogative provided for by the highest

law of the land to which everyone, including parliament is subject. Once he refuses he has to provide the National Assembly with his reasons. The President has done so. It is not for the National Assembly to question the President’s right to refuse assent. It is for them to obtain a two third vote of the national Assembly to override the presidential veto. APNU however cannot do this and is try to force the President to undermine his own presidential prerogative. To give into the APNU’s demands would constitute an erosion of the Constitution and undermining the right of the Executive to determine government policy. If APNU has its way it would mean that the legislature could dictate Executive policy and this is

contrary to the most fundamental principle of our system of constitutional rulethe separation of powers. No compromise therefore can be reached on APNU’s demands. They are seriously flawed. But a compromise can be reached with the AFC. Instead of sticking to the existing formula, the government and the AFC should agree to a new formula for appointing the members of the Public Procurement Commission, one that would involve a new formula. However without the support of APNU, the constitutional amendment necessary to change the formula would not be achieved.

Rohee lodges concern with Top Cop over Sooba’s safety

…unaware how, when Sean Hinds was given firearm licence Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee has drawn to the attention of the Commissioner of Police his concerns over Georgetown’s Town Clerk, Carol Sooba’s personal safety as a citizen of Guyana. Rohee made the disclosure yesterday during a brief interview with this publication. He further stated that he is unaware how and when the bodyguard Sooba recently acquired was granted a firearm licence. Several questions have been raised recently over the choice of security the Town Clerk acquired namely, Sean Hinds, a former police rank who had been charged with a number of offences, including murder. Hinds have never been convicted, but his presence at City Hall has left a number of staffers feeling uneasy. According to the Minister, he is unaware of Hinds’ role right now and said further that he cannot recall if it was during his tenure at the Ministry of Home Affairs that the controversial figure was given a firearm licence, or if it was before his time. The Minister noted that the security at the municipality is a responsibility for the City Constabulary. He cautioned that the police cannot intervene in municipal matters of a security nature unless they are so invited by the Chief of

Georgetown’s Town Clerk Carol Sooba with her personal security Sean Hinds (at left). the City Constabulary to come to their assistance. Ex-policeman, Sean Hinds, along with two other persons, another ex-cop Mark ‘Kerzorkee’ Thomas and civilian Ashton King, had been charged with the January 2004 murder of Shafeek Bacchus. Hinds also appeared in court in 2011 as one of the persons charged with robbing popular businessman Malcolm Panday. The state subsequently dropped the charges after the Director of Public Prosecution advised that there was insufficient evidence against Hinds. The decision to hire Hinds as a bodyguard for the

Town Clerk has come in for severe criticism, especially since City Hall reportedly has no knowledge of the arrangement. Shadow Home Affairs Minister, Winston Felix, himself a former Commissioner of Police, was this past week quoted saying that he is of the view that while it’s someone’s personal choice when it comes to a bodyguard, the Town Clerk, being a public officer, should have exercised better judgment, especially if she was entirely responsible for the decision to hire Hinds. Local Government Minister, Norman Whittaker, told this publication on

Saturday last that his Ministry had nothing to do with the hiring of Sean Hinds. He added that his Ministry is also not responsible for paying Hinds for his services. The Ministry of Local Government has been supportive of Sooba in her battle with the City Mayor and some Councilors who are closely affiliated to him. “What I do know is that if the Town Clerk has no confidence in the security provided by the City Constabulary and she so desires to have her own, then there is nothing stopping her from doing so,” Minister Whittaker said.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday June 03, 2014

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

Who the BLUE cap fit, let them wear it Here are the lyrics from one of my favourite Bob Marley songs. I dedicate it to a new quasi political organization named Blue Caps and headed by Clinton Urling. Hope these cap wearers (interestingly, the leader of the Blue Caps is famous for making soups and once the word soup appears in a politician’s tirade or commentator’s repertoire, immediately the term soup drinker appears) do not see any personal insult here. But as a long standing participant in Guyanese society, a little bit of cynicism must creep in. Man to man is so unjust, children You don’t know who to trust Your worst enemy could be

your best friend And your best friend your worst enemy Some will eat and drink with you Then behind them su-su ‘pon you Only your friend know your secrets So only he could reveal it And who the cap fit, let them wear it Said I throw me corn, me no call no fowl Some will hate you, pretend they love you now Then behind they try to eliminate you But who Jah bless, no one curse. Thank God we’re past the worse Hypocrites and parasites Will come up and take a bite

And if your night should turn to day A lot of people would run away And who the cap fit let them wear it Interestingly, little attention has been paid to the Blue Caps by analysts, commentators, our political parties and the media. Is it because they see the group as just “one of those things” that come and will go like the morning sun? Or because its leader finds himself wearing a hat he borrowed from Henry Jeffrey, who lent it to Ralph Ramkaran and who in turn has passed it on to the known soup maker? For those not familiar with my reference to soup, Mr. Urling is the owner of

German’s Restaurant known in Georgetown for its historic cow-heel, split peas soup. While I was on the campaign trail in the 2011 elections, I did say on the platform at the Stabroek Market Square that I was boycotting the soup shop. Late in 2012 I ended my boycott. But I was surprised when last month I took my friend from the media to have a soup at German’s and was told that he doesn’t want to go there anymore. I will still go. Last Wednesday, there was a programme at Moray House titled, “Eusi Kwayana and Father Malcolm Rodrigues in Conversation.” The BLUE CAPS leader, Clinton Urling was the first person in the audience to ask a question. He wanted the panelists to answer why in today’s Guyana the young people are so apathetic about pressing issues. Miles Fitzpatrick attempted an answer by saying they pattern themselves after what they see their parents say and do. That comment will form the basis on another column so I will not comment at this

stage. I sat next to Tacuma Ogunseye and posed my own question to him which will form part of that forthcoming column. Yes, I was amused at Urling. Because, Urling is a young man in this country who is urging young people to be vocal, I find his hypocrisy to be irritating. He reminds me of Ralph Ramkarran and Henry Jeffrey. President Jagdeo removed Minister Jeffrey from the Cabinet after his service of 18 years. He was offered the position of Ambassador to Suriname. Jeffrey requested some additional resources for the post and Jagdeo refused. Jeffrey then left. Had Jagdeo agreed, then we would never have seen from the pen of Jeffrey all the wrongs he is now accusing the PPP Government of. Jeffrey would have been part of that same government in June 2014. Ralph Ramkarran is speaking out on the mistakes of the PPP Government, even though he served the PPP for over fifty years including twenty one years of the PPP in government from 1992.

Frederick Kissoon Social activist Malcolm Harripaul is not amused at this Damascus Road thing about Ramkarran. Harripaul has accused Ramkarran of being one of the hardliners who helped to turn the PPP into the Frankenstein it is perceived to be today. I did a Google search of Clinton Urling when he was Chairman of the Guyana Manufacturers’ Association and executive of the Private Sector Commission. I found not one statement from Urling in condemnation of authoritarian government in Guyana. On the contrary I found some serious jabs he took at the opposition. Urling will be running for the mayorship; so too is Mark Benschop. The pre-election debate between them will be fascinating.

Tuesday June 03, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 11

Local Govt Elections unlikely this year With the way in which the current situation is prevailing, it is highly unlikely that Guyana will have Local Government Elections this year possibly adding another year to the 20 years that such an election has been held in Guyana. The reason for such an assertion is that the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) the body responsible for ensuring that Local Government Elections and National Elections are held; has indicated that it will need six months in order to properly prepare for the holding of local government elections, we are currently in the month of June leaving only six more months before the year is finished and if the government does not signal its intention very soon to hold LGE then GECOM would not be able to prepare for LGE

…Opposition still holding out for August 1 within the allocated time span. The six-month period is needed by GECOM to among other things, provide voter education for persons throughout the length and breadth of Guyana so that they would know what is required by them for such a process, more so, since a new system was put in place in 2009 after the government and opposition came to a consensus in Parliament. This campaign can only start with the go ahead of the government of the day. LEGISLATURE An Amended Bill was passed in the National Assembly for the holding of LGE on August 1, next. The opposition coalition, a Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is sticking to the

August 1, 2014 date. However, Government has since said that the deadline cannot be met since there are a number of complex issues in addition to the preparedness of GECOM for the holding of elections on such a date. GECOM had previously announced its readiness to start its run up to the elections should the government indicate its readiness to them. Attempts to contact Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Norman Whittaker to ascertain how Government is moving forward on this matter were unsuccessful. However General Secretary of the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP),

Burch-Smith re-elected Bar Association President Mr. Ronald Burch-Smith was re-elected President of the Guyana Bar Association at its Annual General Meeting on Friday. Also re-elected were Vice- Presidents, Ms. Sadie Amin and Ms. Melinda Janki; Secretary, Christopher Ram; Treasurer Ms. Ramona Rookhum; Assistant Secretary/ TreasurerMohamed R. Ali and Council Members Ms. Abiola Wong-Inniss, Ms. Emily Dodson, Llewellyn John, Timothy Jonas and Teni Housty. The only new member of the Council is Mr. Sase Gunraj. The reports of the President, the Secretary and the audited annual financial statements for the years ended April 30, 2013 and 2014 were approved by the best attended AGM of the Bar Association for years. In his written report for the year Mr. BurchSmith touched on the resignation of Court of Appeal Judge Rabi Sukul who had been appointed only a few months earlier from the United Kingdom where he had been residing for decades. Mr. Burch-Smith called for amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct for

Attorneys and the Legal Practitioners Act to strengthen the profession and for increasing the membership. He identified as priorities continuing education and discipline, internal and external communications and promoting the rule of law particularly in matters of interest to the public. Ms. Rookhum reported that the Association had turned a surplus for the past year on a reduced level of expenditure. Ram’s report covered the Association’s principal activities for that year but noted that the efficacy of the Association was seriously affected by the absence of any administrative support staff. He referred to the possibility of the Bar Association being designated the supervisory authority for the profession under the AntiMoney Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism Act. Following his re-election Mr. Burch-Smith committed the new Council to heightened activity the discharge of its functions and the pursuit of the priorities identified in his 2013/ 2014 report.

Clement Rohee, said that his party is ready for the holding of LGE. When asked why then has LGE not been called since his party and GECOM are ready he said, “It is a question of timing, a judgment call and what is the mood on the ground. “The party may be ready as a party…but it doesn’t mean to say that we are an electioneering party. We have to take timing and the mood of the people. It’s a judgment call and these are senses which politicians are usually attuned to before making such a call.” When asked if the population is looking forward to LGE taking into account that there has been no LGE for 20 years, Rohee said there is a growing mood in the direction of holding LGE and National Elections but based on the persons whom he has spoken to, they have said that holding LGE would not solve the problems. According to Rohee, “More and more people are of the view that we need to solve the bigger issues…The people know that these big issues will determine a lot for them… Leader of APNU Brig. David Granger said that “as things stand the National Assembly has given notice that it wants to have Local Government Elections by August 1. “The Executive branch of the Government must pay attention to what the legislative branch says. At the time that the Bill was passed there was adequate time for government to give notice for preparations to begin and it is not GECOM’s fault it is the Executive’s fault, they had enough time.” “We are making preparations and the

Leader of APNU David Granger

General Secretary of the PPP Clement Rohee

government will hear from us if they change the date of the National Assembly’s Bill…The government has an obligation to plan and provide resources in accordance with the decisions of the National Assembly. “The Executive must learn to pay attention to the wishes of the Legislative branch; there is no other way a county could run.” The General Secretary, responding to the opposition’s position of August 1, as set by the Legislature said, however, “That is what they would like

to have.” Of recent there has been a call by many within the Diaspora, the country and the public and private executives internationally for the holding of LGE soon within Guyana. Canada’s High Commissioner to Guyana, Dr. Nicole Giles, recently spoke about the need for bigger strides to be taken, particularly in the direction of local government elections. She saw the need for proper systems and structures to be put in place so that the country can be positively developed.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday June 03, 2014

Health Ministry mulling 50 per cent increase in tobacco taxes - in quest to reduce impact of smoking A 50 per cent increase in tobacco taxes is being touted as a strategic move to reducing the number of smokers across the globe to 49 million within the next three years, saving 11 million lives. This deduction is in fact one made by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which has been gaining support from a number of countries in this regard, Guyana being no exception. Moreover, the local Ministry of Health, in its relatively quiet observance of World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) this past weekend, voiced support for the WHO stance against tobacco. According to Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Shamdeo Persaud, the local Ministry of Health to mark the May 31 WNTD observance echoed the need for an increase in tobacco taxes in Guyana. “It is estimated that increasing the taxes in Guyana by 50 per cent will reduce smoking by about 10 per cent and can save up to 255 lives between 2015 and

2017,” .Dr. Persaud asserted. Smoking, according to him, is a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease which is also known to cause lung and other forms of cancer and even contributes to the severity of pneumonia, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Added to this already daunting dilemma, nonsmokers too can be equally affected if they are exposed to second-hand smoke, Dr. Persaud stressed. “For example, inhaling secondhand smoke may adversely affect children’s growth and cause childhood illness, especially respiratory diseases,” explained the CMO. As such, he noted that the onus remains on Ministries of Health to continually highlight the dangers of tobacco to the health of users and also those who are unwillingly exposed to tobacco smoke. Dr Persaud disclosed that tobacco smoke is attributed to about 18 per cent of the deaths between the ages of

29 and 59 years. It is also the task of the Health Ministry to advocate for smokers’ health and provide necessary services for them to quit, said .Dr. Persaud, who disclosed that “about 84, 000 men and about 8,000 women smoke tobacco in Guyana.” Based on the Ministry of Health’s Demographic Health Survey of 2009, three per cent of women between the ages of 15 and 49 reported that they used cigarettes and less than one per cent said that they smoke other tobacco products. By contrast, around 33 per cent of men aged 15 – 49 use tobacco products with 29 per cent of them smoking cigarettes, three per cent using other tobacco products and less than one per cent utilising a pipe. The survey found too that among women, consumption of cigarettes increased somewhat with age, from one percent among women age 15-19 to seven percent by age 40-44. Looking specifically at localities, it was deduced that smoking among women is higher in urban areas than in rural areas ranging from two

per cent in Regions One, Two, and Five, to seven per cent in Region Eight. Added to this, Dr. Persaud noted that “there was very little variation by education and wealth quintile in the percentage of women who smoke cigarettes.” It was also found that 45 per cent of men age 40-44 smoke cigarettes, compared with eight per cent of men age 15-19. Further, it was ascertained that unlike the situation with women, men in rural areas are more likely to smoke than men in urban areas characterised by 32 percent versus 23 percent. However, tobacco use among men in interior locations was found to be as high as 43 per cent. It was found that smoking cigarettes among men is lowest in Region 10 (16 percent) and highest in Region One (52 percent). Men with secondary (27 percent) and higher education (13 percent) and those in the highest wealth quintile (17 percent) are the least likely to smoke cigarettes when compared with other sub-groups. The survey uncovered too that among male smokers,

38 percent reportedly smoked 10 or more cigarettes in the 24 hours preceding the survey while the percentage of men who smoked 10 or more cigarettes in the preceding 24hour increased with age from seven per cent of men age 1519 to 50 per cent among those ages 35-44. Although there was no urban-rural area differences, men in the interior area (22 percent) were much less likely to have smoked 10 or more cigarettes in the preceding 24 hours than other men. There were also large differences among Regions in the percentages of heavy smokers, ranging from 12 per cent in Region Nine to 50 percent in Region Six. As a result, Dr. Persaud highlighted the need for strategic moves to be made to prevent new persons from smoking, especially adolescent and young adults since “every year an estimated 1,800 young males

and females start smoking.” According to him too, Ministries of Health are required to spearhead efforts to raise awareness among different sectors of the government about the importance of tobacco tax increases as a public health policy. Dr. Persaud highlighted too the need to support Ministries of Finance in their efforts to raise taxes and implement related policies. “Tobacco takes the lives of many of our brothers and sisters without us not being aware of its role. Let’s join hand in the fight against this powerful killer and protect all of our people from the devastating effects of tobacco,” said Dr. Persaud who noted that since smoking is an acquired behaviour adopted by individuals over time, all associated morbidity and mortality are in fact preventable.

Baby snatcher remanded From page 6 what state of mind she was in. “The police will have to ask her what happened to her baby-we don’t believe it diedshe was pregnant a few weeks ago-she has to find that child too!” “She might have gone and take the baby to MahdiaWho knows. She might have sold it too or sacrifice it-she

wutliss!” shouted a woman. McLean said, “The Muslims should punish her [the alleged baby-snatcher] for what she do to every Muslim woman. She make four Muslim women get locked up and it was Muslim people who helped us to get back our baby. She too wicked to be a Muslim woman.” McLean and the suspect

did not have words yesterday. “The police didn’t allow me to talk to her,” but she recognized her from that fateful morning at the Port Mourant Market. Her baby boy, she added, is very healthy after an examination at the Port Mourant Hospital yesterday, except that his head was badly shaven, presumably at a ‘nine- day celebration’ held by the alleged baby- snatcher. First thing she will do now to her baby is give him a bath; get him registered and give him a name. “He got to register and go to the health

centre to get he BCG [vaccine]…” “From the time I see his face, I knew it was my baby!” she exclaimed. She noted that the past days were full of horror, pain and stress. She hardly slept and whenever she did sleep, it was for short durations and she would wake up to pray. “Since last week Saturday to this morning, we are stressed. Whole day I sit down crying-I didn’t eat-I prayed, ‘ow God let me find me baby’. Me husband didn’t cry no day until today when he see the baby.”

Tuesday June 03, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 21

Nine murder trials completed during April criminal Assizes Nine murders were presented and completed during April sessions of the criminal assizes. According to a release from the Director of Public Prosecutions, (DPP) during the sessions, a total of ten criminal matters were completed at Georgetown Supreme Court. Yesterday marked the end of the April session of the Demerara Criminal Assizes. A total of 242 cases are listed to be heard during the June 2014 sessions of the Demerara Criminal Assizes, which will open today. In Berbice the June Criminal Assizes will start on June 9, with 37 matters listed to be heard; while in Essequibo the new Criminal Assizes commenced on May 20, last. Fifteen matters are listed for the session which will continue until October 2014. According to the release, in the Demerara Assizes, 230 cases were listed for the April 2014 Criminal Assizes, which were presided over by Justice Dawn Gregory, Justice William Ramlall and Justice Navindra Singh. However, during the session ten murders were presented and completed. Of the ten matters, there were three guilty verdicts, five not guilty verdicts and two ended in hung jury. Justice Navindra Singh completed five matters of which four were for the offence of murder and one for the offence of Attempt to Commit Murder and felonious wounding. In two of the four murder trials, the accused were jailed for 78 years and 56 years’

imprisonment respectively after the jury returned unanimous guilty verdicts. The accused in the other two murder trials were sent back to prison to await new trials after their jury failed to reach a verdict. The accused in the case for attempt to commit murder and felonious wounding was discharged by the trial Judge after the Virtual Complainant (VC) indicated to the Court that he did not wish to proceed with the trial. Justice Dawn Gregory completed three matters. Of the three matters, two were for the offence of murder and one for the offence of manslaughter. In the first murder trial, the accused was sentenced to ten years imprisonment after the jury found him guilty on the lesser offence of manslaughter. The accused in the other murder trial was acquitted after the jury returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty. The accused in the manslaughter trial was acquitted after the jury returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty. Justice William Ramlal disposed of two murder cases. In both cases the Judge upheld no case submissions by the defence and directed the jury to return formal verdicts of not guilty. The State has appealed the Court’s ruling in one of the first murder cases. The Berbice February 2014 Criminal Assizes was in progress with Madame Justice Diana lnsanally, who sat first and then Justice Brassington Reynolds continued the Assizes. Madame Justice Diana

lnsanally disposed of two matters for the offence of murder. In the first case, the accused pleaded guilty to the lesser offence of manslaughter and was sentenced to 11 years’ imprisonment. In the other murder case in which two persons were indicted, the trial Judge imposed twenty years imprisonment for each of the accused after the jury returned, a unanimous verdict of guilty. Justice Reynolds completed one matter for the offence of rape and robbery under arms and jailed the accused for 12 years, after he was found guilty by the jury for the offence of rape and not guilty for the offence of robbery under arms. A second murder trial is currently being heard before Justice Reynolds. The Essequibo February 2014 Criminal Assizes had commenced on February 18, with Justice Harnanan. Justice Franklin Holder then continued the session which concluded with four matters being presented and completed while one matter was nolle prosequi by the DPP. Justice Harnanan disposed of one case for the offence of carnal knowledge of a girl under fifteen and sixteen years for which the accused was discharged after the jury returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty. Justice Holder completed three matters, one for the offence of Murder, one for the offence of Rape of a child under sixteen years and the third matter for the offence of manslaughter. The accused in the murder trial was discharged after the Judge directed the

jury to return a formal verdict of not guilty because the State could not offer no further evidence, as the wife of the deceased and other eye witnesses did not wish to give evidence. In the matter for the

offence of rape of a child under sixteen years, the accused was dismissed after the jury returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty. The accused for the offence of manslaughter was discharged after the jury

returned a verdict of not guilty. One matter for the offence of incest and rape was Nolle Posequi by the DPP because the Virtual Complainant (VC) and her mother did not wish to testify against the accused.

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Tuesday June 03, 2014

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Tuesday June 03, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 23

Mentally ill man among three killed in separate road accidents A mentally ill man died on the spot early yesterday at Hope, East Bank Demerara after he jumped in front of a truck which was heading north along the East Bank Demerara Public Road. He was among three persons killed in separate accidents across the country yesterday. Hilton Nedd called “Monkey man”, 35, of Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara was killed around 08:00 hours. According to eyewitnesses, Nedd who they claimed “tripped” yesterday, jumped in front of the moving truck and ended up under its wheel. When the vehicle stopped about 100 feet away from the point of impact, the lifeless body of Nedd was pulled out. One eyewitness who refused to give his name said he knew Nedd for some years now. He claimed that the man who lost his wife last year “would get a nervous breakdown from time to time and wander.” “Since before his wife died he does trip out and he does deh all about. I think his last address was Diamond. He done trip two times for this year,” the eyewitness said. He added that he saw Nedd in front of his business place at Hope yesterday and he called out to him but did not get a response. “When he ain’t answer, I say to myself that he trip out again and I left and go,” the man added. Sanjay Ramdass, Nedd’s employer, said that the now dead man had been working for this company for the past four years. “He does work and when he tripped out, he does disappear for couple months and then come back,”

The truck that Nedd jumped in front. Inset the truck driver

(From page 22)

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Ramdass said. Meanwhile, the truck driver who was sitting at the back of a police car refused to speak to the media. Five hours later, 21-yearold Paul Gonsalves, of Pomeroon, Essequibo River, became another road fatality when the motor vehicle he was travelling in crashed into a utility pole at Greenwich, West Coast Demerara. According to the police, about 13:30 hours Gonsalves was in a motor vehicle travelling along the Public Road at Greenwich, when the driver lost control of the vehicle. Paul Gonsalves sustained injuries and was pronounced dead on arrival at the Leonora Cottage Hospital. Another passenger, Gillian Raphael, 23, also of Pomeroon, sustained injuries and has been admitted to the Leonora Cottage Hospital. The driver of the vehicle is in police custody assisting with the investigations. And earlier yesterday, police on the West Coast of

Nedd’s body after it was pulled from under the truck

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in relation the offence of manslaughter. Immediately after the Judge announced that he was free to go, George sprinted out of the court and hurriedly left the precincts of the Georgetown Supreme Court. While leading his defense, George had told the court that on the day of the incident, his stepfather was beating his younger brother and he intervened. George told the court that he initially intended to “make peace,” but that his stepfather was too aggressive and hence they got into a fight. The man told the court that his stepfather was in the habit of beating his mother and siblings, whenever he consumed alcohol. George said that during

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Berbice were called to investigate a fatal accident that occurred at about 05:15hours at Golden Grove Public Road, and resulted in the death of Neil Wallerson, 55, a labourer of Hopetown. Investigations revealed

that Wallerson was riding a pedal cycle along the roadway when he was struck down by a motor vehicle which drove away from the scene. He was taken to the Fort Wellington Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

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Man freed of killing stepfather After spending more than five years behind bars, Anthony George called “Ryan,” 26, of Better Hope, East Coast Demerara, was yesterday acquitted of a manslaughter charge. George was on trial before Justice Dawn Gregory and a mixed 12-member jury, at the High Court for the unlawful killing of his stepfather, Ralph Jacobs. The incident took place at Better Hope, East Coast Demerara on December 7, 2008. George was reportedly involved in a fight with his stepfather, at the time of his death. After approximately two hours of deliberations, the panel of jurors returned to the courtroom. The foreman announced that the panel had found the accused not guilty,

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the fight his stepfather lashed him across his head with a bottle and he became afraid. Thus, he collected a knife from his friend who was standing nearby, and stabbed his stepfather, in self defense. A post mortem examination revealed that Jacobs of Victoria Road, Plaisance, East Coast Demerara, died due to a single stab wound to the region of his heart. Throughout the trial, George’s Attorney, Sonia Parag, maintained that her client was a peacemaker in fight, which ended in the death of his stepfather. Under cross examination, by State Prosecutor Natasha Backer, George denied that he told police investigators that he killed his stepfather because he made advances to

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Freed: Anthony George, called “Ryan,” his sister. Backer was representing the State, in

association with Attorney-atlaw Mercedes Thompson.


Page 24

Kaieteur News

Tuesday June 03, 2014

Pursuit of AML/CFT compromise cannot be conditional By Gary Eleazar General Secretary of the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee, is of the opinion that any meeting with the Alliance for Change (AFC) and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) in pursuit of compromise on the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill must be premised on unconditionality. He was at the time speaking at the Party’s weekly press engagement. The Party leader made public his views when questioned on a way forward yesterday, following his lamentations on the recent developments at the Caribbean Financial Action Taskforce (CFATF) over Guyana’s non compliance with its representation. As it relates to the demands of the AFC, Rohee said that with respect to the

…still no closer to solution on Procurement Bill -Rohee AML/CFT fiasco due to non passage as a result of the Opposition, “I don’t think we are very near to the finding of a solution with respect to Public Procurement Bill.” Rohee was adamant that the PPP has consistently argued the point that there has to be no linkage between the AML/CFT Bill and any other Bill in House “The question of linkage is an invention of the AFC which we reject.” He said that each Bill in the National Assembly must be debated and solutions sought on its individual merit and demerits; “the question of linking is not acceptable as a negotiating ploy or as a deal breaker in the search for a solution on the AML/CFT Bill” Pressed on an avenue for compromise, Rohee said, “for

a meeting of minds to take place the most important factor is un-conditionality.” He said that the foremost un-conditionality is that everyone, in the same way that Government as the ruling party has accepted that there are serious implications for the country if the Bill is not only not passed, must come to that realization. Rohee said that there must be an acceptance by all parties on what the Bill means for the nation, “we must put the nation first before political interest.” Rohee lamented that consequences of being blacklisted will not affect one group of party supports but rather, the entire nation. “Even if we were in Opposition we have always put the nation first in any

Party Chairman, Zulfikar Mustapha (Left) and PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee crisis that arise in this country…Every single party coming to the negotiating table must put the nation first,” according to Rohee. He suggested that should this be done then things will fall into place. Pressed on the view that the Opposition is speaking for the majority of the populace

Man charged for stealing expensive gold band Bail was yesterday set at $100,000 for a man who was charged for snatching an expensive piece of gold jewellery from a patron at the Stabroek Market area a few days ago. Todd Browne appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and faced a charge of larceny from the person. The charge which was

read to him by Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry alleged that on May 30 at Stabroek Market he stole a $150,000 gold band from Latchmie Narine. He pleaded not guilty to the allegations. Prosecuting the case was Corporal Bharat Mangru who stated that the facts in the matter are as charged. Mangru revealed that

Browne had faced a similar charge before the courts before. The case was subsequently transferred to

Magistrate Faith McGusty who sits at the said court. Browne is expected to appear again in court on June 20.

Public, Teaching Service... From page 3 understands that Carvil Duncan, Vidya Looknauth and Cecil Persaud have been identified as Commissioners for the Public Service Commission. The members of the Teaching Service Commission were effectively reappointed, namely Leila Ramson, Mayda Persaud and Allan Monroe. Monroe was nominated by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) while all of the other appointments were that of the President. The members will soon be sworn in their offices as Com-

missioners shortly by President Ramotar. This publication understands that the two could not have consulted as yet on the Police Service Commission and Judicial Service Commission among others outstanding, since there was a need for the Public Service Commission to be addressed first. This is the case since the chairperson of the Public Service Commission would have to be identified and appointed first since that person would sit on the board of a number of other service commissions.

and as such Government should listen, Rohee responded by saying “I think the Government is listening yes, the question we could equally be asking; is the opposition listening.” The Party leader suggested that the Government has always listened to the Opposition and used as example the Linden crisis with regards to electricity and said “the Government listened to the Opposition.” According to Rohee, many concessions given by Government in the past are not necessarily based on political horse trading but rather on the realities in the country. Asked why the Party does not agitate publicly for General Elections as a solution to the current impasse over the AML/CFT Bill and its consequences, Rohee said that he has observed commentary by the leaders of the Opposition which suggests that elections is not the way forward. “I think that’s because they not ready for elections, …that’s why they’re saying that, we are…the PPP is ready for any one of the elections, local government, national or regional elections,” according to Rohee. Prior to fielding questions from media

operatives, Rohee read a prepared statement where he castigated the political Opposition saying that both AFC and APNU are fully responsible for forcing economic hardship on Guyanese, following international blacklisting. “This imposition by the Opposition is not only profoundly embarrassing to our nation; it will bring to bear untold hardships to all Guyanese. Our Party has in the past warned of these impending consequences; unfortunately the Opposition has now made the blacklisting a reality.” According to Rohee, given the fact that this current situation could have been avoided had the Opposition demonstrated a sense of patriotism and concern for the people of this nation including their own supporters, “the PPP can only conclude that the Opposition’s action is spiteful and woefully uncaring.” Rohee posited that “It is clear that oppression, ruin and despondency are elements dear to the Opposition; elements which were the hallmark of the dictatorial regime it led prior to the return of freedom and democracy just over two decades ago.”

Tuesday June 03, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 25

M&CC expresses concerns over interference by Central Government The Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown (M&CC) continue to express concerns about the insistence of the Central Government to interfere with the internal management structure of the City Hall. Owing to what is being described as an attack on the principles of democratic decency on the management of City Hall members and supporters of the M&CC, are calling on the administration to put an end to the controversy by holding Local Government Elections. “We demand respect as duly elected councillors of the city of Georgetown…It is not an option. If they do not want that, let them call the Local Government Elections. “Let us go to the polls and have change,” Deputy Mayor, Patricia ChaseGreene told media operatives, during a press briefing at the conference room of the National Library, on Friday. She noted the recent actions of Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Norman Whittaker, where he sought

-says Local Government Elections will put an end to controversy to meet with officers of the council without the council’s permission, can best be described, “as absurd and totally disrespectful.” “I do not know what the Minister is trying to do… but the officers are not being paid by the Minister of local Government but by the council…The Government has never bailed out this council,” Chase Greene stressed. Over the past several months, the internal variances among officials of the (M&CC) have intensified, with the council blaming most of its administrative problems on the Government appointed Town Clerk, Carol Sooba. Sooba was selected for the post by Minister Whittaker, who despite numerous objections and legal actions taken against him by the council continues to defend his appointment. The council maintains that it is a local government authority with its powers and authority set out in the Municipal and District Councils Act, Chapter 28:01,

with specific reference to sections three to eight which grants full authority to the body to carry out its mandate and responsibility to the citizens of Georgetown. “For years, the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development has used assumed powers, which he never had, to cow and bully the council, and, in particular, officers of the council, whose remunerations are paid out of the city treasury, to carry out the biddings of the government.” “By doing that, and other things including starving the city of the governmental fiat, to implement revenue earning projects, to broaden council’s revenue base, the Minister had undermined the authority of the duly elected council.” M&CC has noted that for many years the council has faced an invariable “no factor,” from the current administration. “Many negatives have been put in place to stop the council from operating; it is the government, who had

started to place the negativity on the panel. “But we have tried in every single aspect to overcome, we are still trying and will continue and if we have the right tools to do our work we will do it,” Chase Greene added. The Council is also calling on all stakeholders to encourage the government to see the importance of Local Government Polls. “The Council is calling on all citizens to urge the government to announce a date for the holding of local government elections. Citizens must not allow the government to continually deny them their constitutional rights to participate in voting for a local government body of the choice. “It is the right of every citizen to have a say in who manage their local communities.” In his brief remarks, Mayor Hamilton Green reminded the gathering that numerous proposals were made to broaden the Council’s revenue base but to no avail; some of the

proposals require governmental permission. “The government did not give its fiat to facilitate the implementation of those proposals. Had those proposals been implemented citizens would have had better quality of municipal services and improved local communities.” Expressing his concerns for the issue, executive member of the Alliance For Change, (AFC), Michael Carrington, made a call to intensify the people’s power by way of mass protests and legal action to ensure that Local Government Elections are held. Meanwhile, in spite of the current situation, efforts are being made by the council to

advance in the business of managing the city. “We have been talking to Community and other leaders about forming themselves into community groups. We have been encouraging them to mobilize resources and join with the city council to restore the health of their neighbourhoods. “We have met with nongovernmental organizations and community basedorganizations, and religious organizations and groups and individuals and discussed several proposals to advance the interest of the city. “These include parking, drainage, uses of open spaces, and citizens’ participation in the decision making process at City Hall.”

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Kaieteur News

Firefighters rescue elderly man from burning building

Tuesday June 03, 2014

Timehri Backlands murder…

Emotions rise as PI into female cab driver’s killing gets underway …husband, 9-year-old son called to take the stand

Firefighters attempting feverishly to cut the heavy grill work Fire fighters last evening battled a fire that had engulfed a Turkeyen house, eventually rescuing an elderly man who was immediately rushed to the hospital with burns about the body. The man was identified only as Sewsankar, 77 of lot 33, Third Street Turkeyen. According to reports, the man lives with his son who up to press time this morning was identified as ‘Sonny.’ The younger man had

reportedly left his elderly father at home to take a walk a short distance away when the fire began. The area had been experiencing bouts of low voltage and as such this newspaper understands that Sewsankar resorted to lighting a candle. This reportedly caught on something flammable quickly engulfing the home. A loud explosionpresumably from a gas cylinder- alerted neighbours. As persons converged on the scene, the man could be heard shouting for help from inside the heavily grilled building. By this time his son had

returned and shouted to him to seek refuge in a bathroom in the house. When this publication arrived on the scene, one set of firefighters could be seen struggling to cut through the grillwork while another attempted to break through the back door of the house. By this time the flames had almost completely engulfed the upper flat of the two storey building. This went on for more than half an hour but their efforts eventually paid off and the man was rushed to the hospital in a waiting police vehicle (see more d e ta i l s i n t o m o r r o w ’s edition)

As the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the death of a female taxi driver who was earlier this year found dead in a clump of bushes, one mile from Jubilee Fun Park and Resort, Timehri, East Bank Demerara, commenced at the city court yesterday, the emotional widower and the couple’s nine-year-old son were amongst those called to offer sworn testimonies on behalf of the State. Sylvester Bristol, also known as “Rambo” is currently charged with murdering taxi driver Savitri “Maya” Palmer, some time between February 15 and February 16, last, at Dakara Creek on the Soesdyke/ Linden Highway. Palmer, a mother of two, who resided at Loncke’s Avenue, Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara was reportedly raped and strangled with a bootlace several hours before her body was discovered in the wee hours of the morning of February 16. She was said to have been murdered by the accused who she offered a lift to Loom Pit after picking him up at his work place on the night of February 15. While Palmer’s body was reportedly found face down with her head “pressed to the earth,” her nine-year-old son was found sleeping in the rear seat of her abandoned taxi hours later by her husband who decided to search for his “missing wife.”

Dead: Savitri Palmer Investigators who probed the case were led to the accused who was reportedly found hiding in a wardrobe at his living quarters at Bashir Sandpit, Soesdyke/Linden Highway. The case is being heard by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and prosecuted by Corporal Bharat Mangru who is attached to the chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). Bristol has since sought the legal representation of attorney at law Charles Ramson Jr. At yesterday’s hearing, the widower Kamal Palmer was the first to take the stand and offer a testimony about the frantic search conducted for his missing wife. Next to give evidence in the matter was the woman’s

Murder Accused: Sylvester Bristol son; a student of the St. Mary’s Primary School. His testimony was followed by that of Kissoon Palmer, the father-in-law of the deceased. He explained to the court the part he played at the Post Mortem (PM) of his daughter-in-law’s body. The final witness to testify was the woman’s sister, Sharon Gangadeen. She revealed the part she played in the investigation as well as at the Post Mortem. It was during the only cross examination that the accused, who had sat nervously in the prisoner’s docks moments before the commencement, cracked. Bristol became unnerved and hurled accusations at the widower during cross examination. By request of Corporal Bharat Mangru, Palmer’s sister will return to court to continue with her testimony. The PI is scheduled to continue today in the said courtroom and a total of five are slated to be called to take the stand.

Tuesday June 03, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 27

Afghan president fumes at prisoner New law in St Vincent deal made behind his back: source exonerates corruption

(Reuters) - The Afghan president is angry at being kept in the dark over a deal to free five Taliban leaders in exchange for a captured U.S. soldier, and accuses Washington of failing to back a peace plan for the war-torn country, a senior source said yesterday. The five prisoners were flown to Qatar on Sunday as part of a secret agreement to release Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, who left Afghanistan for Germany on the same day. The only known U.S. prisoner of war in Afghanistan, Bergdahl had been held captive for five years. “The president is now even more distrustful of U.S. intentions in the country,” said the source close to President Hamid Karzai’s palace in Kabul, who declined to be identified. “He is asking: How come the prisoner exchange worked out so well, when the Afghan peace process failed to make any significant progress?” Karzai has backed peace talks with the hardline Islamist Taliban movement, which ruled Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001 and has fought a bloody insurgency since then against U.S.-led forces in the country. But they have come to little so far, and the group moved swiftly to dash hopes that the prisoner swap would rekindle negotiations between it and the Afghan government. “It won’t help the peace process in any way, because

Karzai we don’t believe in the peace process,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said on Sunday. The official close to the palace also said Karzai was worried about further deals being cut without his knowledge. “It indicates that other deals could be negotiated behind the president’s back,” he said. “THEYAGREED TO IT” U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan James Cunningham, speaking to reporters in Kabul, said the Karzai administration had been made aware of the impending prisoners’ swap. “It’s not behind the government’s back. The government’s known that we’re trying to (do) this for a long time, and they agreed to it and they supported it,” he said. “The only thing that was not transparent to anybody was the actual timing – the fact that there was an agreement and the timing. It certainly doesn’t undermine

the government and they never expressed any concern to us that it would undermine the government.” Karzai has yet to comment publicly on a swap that is bound to deepen the mistrust of a leader who has been fiercely critical of the U.S. administration in recent years. He is due to step down as president later this year, but many Afghans believe Karzai will continue to wield considerable influence over policy from behind the scenes. Karzai’s press office said in a statement that the U.S. deal to transfer five Taliban militants from a Guantanamo Bay jail to Qatar violated international law. “No government can transfer citizens of a country to a third country as prisoners,” said the statement, issued on behalf of the foreign ministry. The prisoner swap has stoked widespread anger in Afghanistan, where many view it as a sign of a U.S. desire to disengage from the country as quickly as possible. Washington has mapped out a plan to fully withdraw all of its troops by the end of 2016. TALIBAN LEADERS IN QATAR Under the terms of the deal, cut by Qatari intermediaries, the five Taliban detainees were released from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where they had been held since it opened in 2002, and flown to Qatar where they must stay for a year.

Russia and Ukraine to mull gas dispute plan (Reuters) - Russia and Ukraine agreed yesterday to consider a proposal for Kiev to pay off a multi-billion-dollar gas bill that has soured relations between Moscow and Kiev, while fighting raged all day in eastern Ukraine. Russia accused NATO of whipping up dangerous tensions near its borders and encouraging Ukraine to use force against pro-Russian separatists. At a tense meeting in Brussels, the alliance urged Moscow to stop arming the rebels. In Luhansk, at least two people were killed and several injured in an explosion which separatists controlling the eastern city said was the result of an air strike by the Ukrainian military. This was denied by Kiev, which said it was caused by separatists who had launched a heat-seeking rocket at a Ukrainian plane but the

missile had zeroed in instead on the rebel-occupied regional administration building. Ukraine and its Western allies accuse Moscow of fuelling the proRussian uprising that threatens to break up the former Soviet republic of 45 million people. Russia denies orchestrating the unrest, and says Ukraine’s attempts to end it by military force are making the situation worse. In an a sign of rapprochement, Russia’s and Ukraine’s gas companies agreed to consider a plan for Kiev to pay off its outstanding gas debts, including a proposal that should ensure security of supply until June 2015, European Union Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said. Earlier, in a conciliatory signal, Russia’s Gazprom GAZP.MM had given Ukraine until June 9 to resolve the two countries’

long-running row over gas pricing, postponing a threat to cut off supplies as early as today. Following around six hours of talks in Brussels brokered by the European Commission, Oettinger said the company chief executives and their governments would now consider the proposal. He said another round of three-way talks could take place in the coming days But two top Russian officials turned up the volume of Cold War-style rhetoric in the worst East-West crisis since the fall of Communism a quarter of a century ago. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Moscow would submit a draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council later on Monday, calling for an immediate end to the violence in eastern Ukraine and the creation of humanitarian corridors to help civilians escape the fighting.

KINGSTOWN, St Vincent — A controversial Bill to amend the existing Passport Act was tabled last week in the St Vincent and the Grenadines House of Assembly for debate yesterday, prompting allegations that the government is seeking to rush the legislation through parliament in an attempt to exonerate corrupt or otherwise illegal acts. The Bill appears to have its genesis in an audit carried out last year by the Office of Audit for SVG of the New York consulate accounts for the period of August 2011 to August 2013. The audit was conducted to assess the extent of compliance with finance regulations and other rules governing public sector expenditure and came after a scandal that resulted in the recall of deputy consul general in New York, Edson Augustus, over alleged visa and/or passport related matters, and a side business

Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves

that he was running that promised to obtain US permanent residency (“Green Card”) status for Vincentians, many of whom were believed to be living illegally in the US. Earlier this year, the SVG government revoked, with immediate effect, Augustus’s appointment as deputy

consul general in New York. A statement issued by the ministry of foreign affairs on February 5, 2014, acknowledged that Augustus was “involved in activities outside the scope of his duties and inimical to the interest of the consulate general and the government and people of St Vincent and the Grenadines.”

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Tuesday June 03, 2014

Tuesday June 03, 2014

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Mixed results in NA GTU, Hearts Blades, Roberts lead Media of Oak Masters football in Berbice XI to win over Enmore

There were mixed results when the triple header football competition organized by The New Amsterdam Branch of The Guyana Teachers Union and the Hearts of Oak Masters Football Club was played. The one day football fiesta was played on Friday last at the All Saints Scott Church Ground Princess Elizabeth Road, New Amsterdam under lights. In the first encounter in a female match - Berbice High School (BHS) female students and Tutorial Academy Secondary (TASS) female

students played to a 0-0 draw. The second game on the night’s card saw Hearts of Oak Masters of Berbice coming from behind to defeat their Georgetown Masters counterparts 2-1. Former national player Kurt Alphonso was in good touches, slotting home a double in the second half to give his team victory after Rod Henry had earlier given the visitors the early advantage with a first half strike. The feature matchup, which pitted the New Amsterdam/Canje Teachers and their West Berbice

counterparts, saw the game living up to its expectation as it ended in a in a 1-1 stalemate. There was not much separating the two teams and in the end the results showed. Colin Bowery opened the scoring in the 20th minute for the NA/Canje teachers to give them into the advantage at lemon time. The West Berbice team fought hard and were rewarded with five minutes left to play in the 60 minutes encounter when Booker T Williamson found the back of the net to even things up.

Tuesday June 03, 2014 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) Today you have the ability to make an important breakthrough in whatever project you work on, Aries. Try not to get bogged down by emotions, which may leave you feeling heavy and stale. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) You may get the feeling that you're rubbing against sandpaper today, Taurus. More than likely, this is a result of issues deep inside you. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) You may feel like you're walking on burning coals today, Gemini. Someone has tossed you the ball and you need to figure out what to do with it. CANCER (June 21–July 22) Your emotions will feel stable today, Cancer, although there may be an unexpected element trying to sneak into the equation. Be aware that people will be a bit more volatile today. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Explore deeply your innovative, irrational side today, Leo. Your emotions may run counter to this principle, but instead of letting this put a damper on your progress, use the energy to spur you to action. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) You might want to stay in and not speak to anyone today, Virgo. If you decide to venture out, you're apt to run into opposition almost everywhere you turn. Don't see this as negative. Use it as incentive to work harder toward your goals.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) You may not feel like you're exactly clicking with anything today, Libra. Adjustments will need to be made either by you or the people you're dealing with for any resolution to come about. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Examine your emotions, Scorpio, and trust your instincts. Unexpected forces may try to disrupt the flow of things. Keep in mind that you should have no problem keeping the situation under control as long as you stay solid and focused. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) This is one of those days in which you might not be fully appreciated for the wonderful breath of fresh air you bring to the group, Sagittarius. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Don't be surprised if things don't go exactly according to plan today, Capricorn. Unexpected events are likely to pop up and disturb the course of action. AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) Your emotions could be a bit vulnerable today, Aquarius, and it may be hard to find shelter from the storm. Your umbrella is a bit too drafty and water seems to be leaking in from the top. Comfort yourself by centering and enjoying a quiet evening at home. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) Unexpected events may crop up and nudge you in the side, Pisces. You could get the feeling that there are thorns poking out of nowhere whose sole purpose is to annoy.

In what was a clinical performance, the Media XI outplayed Enmore Over-40 by 27 runs to win their T/20 clash at the Enmore Community Centre ground on Sunday afternoon. The match was reduced to 16 overs due to a late start, and the Media XI, sent in to bat, posted a challenging 1208 before routing the home team for 93 through a disciplined bowling effort. The Media side was indebted to a fine all-round performance from Keon Blades and a fiery opening spell from skipper Calvin Roberts, who led the way in ensuring a maiden victory after the first game against the Georgetown Cricket Scorers and Umpires Association,

was washed out on Independence Day at Bourda. Media XI openers John Ramsingh and Rajiv Bisnauth started briskly, adding 20 before the left-handed Bisnauth fell for nine (1x4). Ravi Persaud was dismissed soon after for five, before Ramsingh and Daniel Singh added 25 for the third wicket. Ramsingh followed up his top score of 32 in the Independence Day game with another solid knock of 28 (1x4). Singh played sensibly for 16, and with the fall of Avenash Ramzan for seven, Blades proceeded to give the innings much needed impetus. The attacking righthander hit a six and a four in a

breezy 30 from 18 deliveries, before Esan Griffith provided a late flourish with 12 not out. The other batsmen to be dismissed were Reuben Stoby (04) and Ishaka Jackman (01). Bowling for Enmore, Vijai Dass picked up 3-18 and Eon Abel 2-13. The hosts were given a solid start of 26 by Abel and former national wicketkeeper/ batsman Sheik Mohamed. The right-handed Abel was the aggressor, hitting Jackman for three consecutive fours in the fourth over before Mohamed found the cover boundary in the fifth over off Roberts. However, the very next delivery Mohamed (04) found his off stump rocked back as Roberts found some late movement. Three deliveries later, Jagdesh Persaud (02) was dismissed in similar fashion at 28-2. It soon became 32-3 in the seventh over when Roberts removed the dangerous Abel for 23 (4x4s), brilliantly caught by Ramzan, running in from the long-on boundary. After that it all went downhill for Enmore. Blades picked up 4-16 from 2.4 overs, while Roberts finished with 315 from three overs. Left-arm spinner Ravi Persaud and fast bowler Jermaine Neblett picked up one wicket each. Ganeshram Dayaram chipped in with 12 (2x4s) towards the end of Enmore’s innings, which lasted 13.4 overs. At the presentation ceremony which followed, Blades was named Man-ofthe-Match, while Roberts and Ramsingh were adjudged best bowler and best batsman respectively. All the trophies, including those for the winner and runner-up, were sponsored by Tiger Sports of Enmore Old Road. Roberts lauded his players for the win and expressed appreciation for the hospitality provided by the Enmore team. Enmore skipper Anil Persaud said being on the losing side is a rarity for his team, but he congratulated the Media boys for a good display and threw out an invitation for a rematch, one which was readily accepted. Both sides thanked Tiger Sports, owned by Mohamed, for providing the trophies once the match was finalised. Meanwhile, the Media XI is in discussion with several clubs across the country, and at least three matches are lined up for the next month.

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Tuesday June 03, 2014

Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport chides WICB’s for removing the Third Test In a release, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport chided the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) for removing the third Test match between the Windies and New Zealand from Guyana. Here is the full text of the release: Government of Guyana notes with deep regret the decision of the West Indies Cricket Board to relocate the Third Test between West Indies and New Zealand, from Guyana. We observe with even greater concern, certain assertions made by the WICB regarding this matter and we feel compelled to respond. On May 30Th 2014 at about 4.35pm, Mr. Dave Cameron, President of WICB, wrote to His Excellency, President Donald Ramotar, raising certain concerns in respect of the Guyana Cricket Administration Bill. In that letter, Mr. Cameron requested an opportunity to study the Bill and the Constitution, in order to be able to provide more detailed comments at a later stage. In the interim, he requested that the President not assent to the Bill until there is agreement in relation to the matters raised. The letter requested a response by 6 pm that day.

At or about 6.22 pm that day, the Honourable Minister of Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony, responded. In a covering email, the Minister explained that the President was out of Georgetown and that he was duly instructed to respond on the President’s behalf. At 6.54 pm, the Minister received an e-mail from Mr. Cameron, indicating that the response was “unacceptable” and that the response which he requires “must be done under the Seal of the President “. The email then informs that WICB will proceed with its decision to move the match. It is hoped, that the arrogance and contempt assumed by the WICB, as it purports to give directions to a sovereign Government of a CARICOM member state, is noted. That aside, the statement issued by the WICB was clearly structured to convey a very jaundiced impression of their exchanges with the Government on this matter. The Government of Guyana does not discount the fact that the West Indies Cricket Board maybe looking for a scapegoat in this matter, since their agents in Guyana were restraint by a Court Order

from acting or holding themselves out as officers of the Guyana Cricket Board and as agents of the WICB. The net result being that WICB has no agents in Guyana to act on their behalf in relation to hosting of the Third Test between West Indies and New Zealand. One cannot help but wonder, whose interests the WICB really represents, is it that of cricket or some unknown vested agenda. This Bill which was found so offensive, seeks to bring transparency, accountability, and good governance to the administration of cricket in Guyana and to address the plethora of allegations of rigged and fraudulent elections, financial irregularities and lack of accountability in respect of cricket administration, inter alia, because of the absence of legal personification in its structure. This Bill does not, in any way whatsoever, allow or permit, directly or indirectly, Government’s involvement in the administration of cricket in Guyana, save and except a singular instance, where the Minister is ascribed a function when the Act comes into operation. After that

initiating act, the Minister’s role disappears. Government, therefore, rejects all or any contention or insinuation that this Bill presents an opportunity for Governmental intrusion into the administration of cricket in Guyana. It is recognized that these charges are emanating from a particular grouping and their sponsors who perceive this Bill as an end to their dominance over administration of cricket, and who many feel, are the architects of the chaos which the Bill is designed to arrest. The Government is not surprised by the chameleon outburst of the AFC. This is a party that masquerades as a prosecutor of accountability, transparency and good governance, concepts which form the very raison d’etre of this Bill. However, they withheld support from this Bill in the National Assembly having participated in the Parliamentary Select Committee that produced a consensus report. And have now joined forces with an extrinsic organ that is attempting to meddle in the internal affairs of our country and thwart our constitutionally enshrined law making process.

From page 31 the territory Board level. a. The WICB must ensure that they play a longer Regional tournament of quality with both Leewards and Wi n d w a r d s Islands providing a Ladies Team for the Regional Tournament. b. The WICB must e n s u r e t h a t Te r r i t o r i a l members organize more female cricket tournaments within their cricket development programmes, with an adequate remuneration package in place. c. There must be the reintroduction of the junior female ladies cricket tournament at the domestic (territorial levels) and the Regional (WICB) level. This has been abandoned approx. (7) years ago. d. That the current and future WI female teams must benefit from specialized technical attention since it is obvious, that, notwithstanding their enthusiasm and desire to input all their efforts, there is too much reliance on St e p h a n e y Ta y l o r a n d Deandra Dottin to win with

their batting. Other capable, players must be trained in the ability to score from technically correct applications, whilst the bowling, fielding and general cricketing knowledge must be improved. In concluding I wish to reiterate that for WI Cricket to resurge to the top we need to begin with the product “the Cricket” from the grassroots. It is evident that the WICB and Mr. Pybus feel that the beginning and the end of WI Cricket rest only with the performance of the WI S e n i o r Te a m a n d s e e m totally unconcerned of what happens in the respective territories, leading up to WI Selection. In this regard: 1. The Territorial Boards that wean the product (the cricketers) must be investigated to ascertain that they are capable of working in sync with international best practices and the plan/objectives of the WICB, especially with regards to the administrative, financial and technical development aspects.

2. The WICB must be investigated to ascertain the quality and integrity of its directors with regard to their suitability and capability to take our cricket forward, for whilst they may be good in other work areas it must be substantiated that they are good enough for the promotion, administration and development of cricket. It is the only way forward especially in light of the newfound anticipated wealth to be garnered from the controversial new ICC proposals, and the fact that t h e W I C B ’s c a r e l e s s incompetence in managing its member’s efficiency is largely responsible for the decadence that depicts WI Cricket today. I predict that the ICC’s new proposals will influence strong consideration for the establishment of a new Competing International Cricket order, amongst, both disgruntled and prospective members. So, let’s stop blaming the cricketers who are terribly underprepared and the selectors who could

only select from the players produced, and place the blame where it belongs - at the WICB. The fact is that not a single territory within the WICB has been operating at its optimum given the natural talent that abounds within and the funds which we know are available. It follows therefore that if the territories which make up the WICB are inefficient then the WICB must be inefficient, and therein lies the problem and if Mr. Pybus intends to solve it he must address the cause and not the symptoms. M r. P y b u s m u s t b e thorough, candid and realistic in his analyses/ recommendations if his stint is to be successful, he must interface with all stakeholders in each Te r r i t o r i a l B o a r d ’s Jurisdiction to understand the real issues since paying homage to the WICB cannot help WI Cricket return to the glory days. Claude Raphael Former - GCB Executive Member Former - WICB Director

Ali 15/15 Softball tourney

Tradesman beat Sunil XI by 68 runs Tradesman defeated Sunil XI by 68 runs when the Rafman Ali 15/15 softball tournament commenced. At CPCE, in the open category, Tradesman batted first and scored 175-4 in 15 overs. Hamid Ally slammed 72 and Rai Gopaul supported with 50. Kapil Singh claimed 2-27. Sunil XI were bowled out for 107 in 11.3 overs in reply. Ally grabbed 3-13 and Omesh Jaikarran 3-22. Trophy Stall B overcame Accomplishment by 158 runs. Trophy Stall scored 227-5 in 15 overs, batting first. Nandram Boodhoo stroked 44 and Vishnu Gewan 37. Accomplishment were skittled for 69 in 9 overs in response. Gewan captured 310, Joshua Singh 3-19 and I.

Mohan 3-26. Line Top went down to Tradesman by seven wickets. Line Top managed 158-8 in 15 overs after taking first strike. H. John scored 88; Jaikarran snared 3-12. Tradesman replied with 160-3 in 12 overs. Amit Ally stroked 69 and Rai Gopaul 43. At Everest, Trophy Stall A beat Brickery by five wickets. Brickery took first strike and scored 127 all out in 14 overs. Trophy Stall A knocked off their target in 13 overs, ending on 128-5. Surujpaul Deosarran made 32. Wolf’s Warriors defeated Challengers by 20 runs. Wolf’s Warriors posted 160, batting first and restricted Challengers to 140.

Royal champions... From page 32 flank and causing havoc f o r t h e M e l a n i e ‘ A’ backline fired in a fierce shot that raced into the goal. Not to be outdone, the talismanic Alfred, who is always a joy to watch, ensured that he too entered the scoresheet with a clinical finish as the opposition threw men forward in search of a goal. It was the perfect finish for a team that clearly deserves a chance to showcase their skills at the highest level. In the third place playoff, Albouystown ‘B’, who finished fourth in the Georgetown leg, defeated L i n d e n ’s champion Eagles 2-1, with Malvern Ross (11th) a n d R o y Cassou (20th) scoring for the victors, while Rene Allicock pulled one back for Eagles in the 21st minute. In the Skills Challenge Competition which was held to arrive at a winner to repre s e n t G u y a n a i n this category at the C a r i b b e a n championships, Melanie ‘ A’ Mikel Stoute displayed admirable creativity and he gained the unanimous nod from the judges over his fellow competitors and will now go on to represent Guyana in the Skills Challenge segment. Three exhibition matches were played last Sunday night, to keep the fans who braved the overcast conditions

occupied before the third place competitors and finalists took the court of play, with Giant Killers defeating Underdog 3-1, followed by Guinness Bar’s 1-0 win over Media XI, before Giant Killers and Clippers Barbershop played to a 1-1 draw. The champions earned $400,000 for their efforts, while the trip to Trinidad and Tobago could see them earn US$4,000 if they go all the way along with a certified FIFA Training Course. Melanie ‘ A’ , Albouystown ‘B’ and Eagles won $200,000, $100,000 and $75,000 respectively. In the house also was SportsMax the Sports Cable Network that recorded the game live. I n t h e n i g h t ’s f u l l results: Queen Street Tiger Bay-3 vs Melanie-‘A’ Queen Street Scorers James Meredith-5th Alpha Fletchman-24th Deon Alfred-30th 3rd Place Playoff Albouystown-‘B’-2 vs Eagles-1 Albouystown ‘B’ Scorers Melvern Ross-11th Roy Cassou-20th Eagles Scorer Rene Allicock-21st Skill Competition Winner-Mikel StouteMelanie-‘A’ Exhbition Matches Giant Killers-3 vs Underdog-1 Guinness Bar-1 vs Media-0 Giant Killers-1 vs Clippers Barbershop-1

Tuesday June 03, 2014

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Letter to the Sports Editor

DEAR EDITOR, Essentially, the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB’s) main role is to provide youth, and senior cricket teams (males and females) for ICC Tournaments. These teams must consist of players who are carefully selected, nurtured and developed into cohesive units that can successfully compete. The fact that the West Indies Cricket Team comprises players from six (6) Territorial Boards coming together presents a major challenge unlike any other current cricketing body and therefore requires special skills to effectively achieve the desired objective. Unfortunately it is evident that the current WICB lacks the skills required to carry out its mandate. The Board has displayed a remarkable inability to take our cricket forward. It is time for the WICB Directors to accept their limitations, swallow their pride and come down from their lofty pedestals to the “grassroots”. Yes, “the grassroots” is where the resurrection of our cricket must begin both at the Administrative and Playing levels. To begin with there must be a thorough investigation of the administration and cricket development programmes within each territorial board to ascertain the quality and quantity of work being done, before any programme could be designed and proposals initiated at the WICB level. In its attempt to address the need for restoring West Indies (WI) cricket to its former glory days the WICB enlisted the services of Mr. Richard Pybus as Director of cricket, unfortunately his job description and salary have not been made public, but in my view must be attractive enough to appeal to this consummate professional. While I have nothing against Mr. Pybus I am concerned that whatever advertisement was made for the position, not a single West Indian was found to be suitable. Not Clive Lloyd, Deryck Murray, Roger Harper, Darren Ganga, Vivan Richards, Andy Roberts, Brian Lara nor any of the multitude of capable illustrious West Indians. It is difficult to understand any foreigner coming into the WI to solve our cricket problems when everyone in the WI (except the WICB) knows

what these problems are and their solutions. The appointment of Mr. Pybus is an insult to the WI populace and the many competent personalities who have played or participated administratively in the development of our cricket in the past. It insults the recommendations contained in the Patterson Report, the Wilkins’ Report and the numerous opinions/ recommendations of our cricketing icons such as Clive Lloyd, Deryck Murray, Tony Cozier, Colin Croft, Sir Andy Roberts and other reputable journalists/commentators/ players. It is very strange that the WICB expects the young players to emulate our great players when the Board itself deliberately ostracizes them. So in reviewing Mr. Pybus’ report it is observed that he has been employed since November 2013 and has already produced a report without any known visit to Guyana or any of the other Five Territories that make up the WICB. It leaves one to wonder on the source and accuracy of his information. It is therefore not surprising that his report falls terribly short of expectations, with proposals that are certainly not new, while ignoring the following important areas. 1. The role proper governance has to play in the development process, which requires comprehensive analyses of the Eighteen Member Board of Directors of WICB, its Secretariat and Operations unit along with the respective sub-committees and the efficiency of the Territorial Boards’ stewardship. Proper Governance has been the single most important failure of the WICB although the Board had the benefit of the Patterson and Wilkin Reports, along with recommendations from the likes of Clive Lloyd and other notable WI great professionals - all of these recommendation were largely ignored by a group that is more concerned with preserving their status and not resolving our cricket problems. They have betrayed our national game. 2. The WICB doles out funds to Territorial Boards for development of cricket without receiving any proper development plan whatsoever. In addition there is no monitoring mechanism which ensures that the funds disbursed are properly

utilized within a properly integrated Coaching or Management training programme. 3. That Guyana’s cricket has been in turmoil for over four years as a consequence of administrative lawlessness, lack of accountability and no cricket development plan in place as a consequence there is no Guyanese in the WI Team, and an entire Under-15 Team from the area administered by a favouredWest Indian director has been bowled out in a Demerara Cricket Board fixture for 13 runs (all extras), not a single run was scored by any of the youngsters. This must be interpreted in terms of where our cricket future is heading especially when Guyana has been a major contributor to WI Cricket Team in the past. The WICB as far as I am aware has never attempted to even act as a mediator to resolve the issues facing Guyana’s Cricket, while our current Guyana representatives at the WICB Anand Sanasie, Raj Singh, Drubahadur, Anand Kalladeen and Clifford Reis seem either incapable or unconcerned about Guyana’s Cricket as long as they maintain their status quo as Directors/representatives. Below are examples of similar cricket woes in other territories-: 1. Leeward Islands that produced such illustrious players as Sir Vivian Richards, Sir Curtly Ambrose, Sir Andy Roberts, Sir Richie Richardson, the Benjamins, Ridley Jacobs, Eldine Baptiste etc. has been struggling to produce players for any WI Team. They have not been participating in any WICB Ladies’ Tournaments (in defiance of ICC rules) without any evidence of either assistance or sanctions from the WICB. 2. The Windward Cricket is also struggling with the Women continuing to participate in the WICB Regional Ladies Tournament as individual countries ie Grenada, St Lucia etc instead of a Windwards Ladies Team. This effectively dilutes the quality of our Regional Tournament. Indeed Barbados, Guyana, Trinidad and Jamaica are all struggling to upgrade their female cricket teams not because of a lack of talent, but simply because there is no properly integrated development plan in place for the ladies to work within. 3. Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad have also been experiencing problems with

their male and female cricket, in both the Administrative and Technical areas. 4. The Academy/HPC whatever it is called has been an abject failure since it is badly structured, with no satellite feeder academy at the Territorial Board level, no known criteria for selecting attendees, generally unknown facilitators and no arrangement for attendees when they return home after their stint is concluded to put into practice what they learned. It has been largely ineffective and failed, in my view, to provide within its structure: 1. A process for emerging players and 2. Rehabilitative opportunity for out of form Senior or Junior WI Players. The following are among the many youngsters whose cricket careers suffered from the inadequacy of a facility that was intended to enhance their development – Brandon Bess, Ronsford Beaton, Rajendra Chandrika, Devendra Bishoo, Kraigg Braithwaite, Kirk Edwards, Kemar Roach, Adrian Barath, Johnson Charles, Darren Bravo, Shane Shillingford and Lendl Simmons. 8. The CPL which has tremendously revived spectator attendance at

cricket matches throughout the region has indeed been a welcome breath of fresh air although in my opinion the WICB directorate lost out on a great opportunity to rake in development funds instead of a mere annual rental. Their meek acquiescence to the disbandment of our Regional T20 does nothing to help the preparation of our aspiring youngsters for CPL, particularly since from all appearances the foreign players will dominate, and soon we may see – for example - a Guyana Team with no Guyanese. The regional T20 tournament should be reinstated to offer the opportunity for our youngsters to compete and develop their talents thereby providing a feeder of players for the CPL and onwards. Indeed Mr. Pybus’ reference to extended Regional Tournaments, professional leagues etc are nothing new, and whilst some recommendations seem to be coming from other countries practices many in my opinion will not be applicable in the West Indies at this time. Mr. Pybus’ report seems to address the symptoms not the cause, so if his TOR does not include an analysis of the cause of WI ongoing cricket debacle then his tenure

would be useless and his efforts will go the way of the many previous reports. The favoured recommendation will be accepted and others abandoned, whilst WI Cricket finds renewed depths of degradation. He must go to the root cause, and that is, The WI Cricket Board which has, reneged on its responsibility, to supervise is constituents properly. Territorial Boards must be managed by competent, capable officials of unblemished character; who are capable of executing the plans, programmes and objectives of the WICB with a vision that comes from a love, knowledge fair-play and commitment to cricket. Criteria for Directors to the WICB must include a proven track record of playing or properly administering cricket at least within their area, or professional /technical competence in a particular relevant field. If this situation is not immediately addressed; our cricket will never improve: 1. Our women cricketers will soon falter from the limited success they have been enjoying, which in my opinion could have been immeasurably improved if they were better prepared at (Continued on page 30)

Letter to the Sports Editor

The public debate on football DEAR EDITOR, Allow me space in your column as I make my maiden voyage joining my illustrious compatriots that whets your readers appetite daily in your columnist section. Sitting at our soon to be remodeled Cheddi Jagan International Airport awaiting my outbound flight to Miami en route to Atlanta GA and usually reading my f a v o u r i t e d a i l y, t h e Kaieteur News, I stumble upon the sports section Knews 24-04-14 captioned, ‘GFF president call out disgruntled five to public debate and let Guyana judge’, it says if I’m wrong as president of GFF with my policies I will RESIGN and if you the disgruntled are, they should RESIGN. Editor, as someone who has been part of football development in Guyana for more than a decade I would like to give the president of GFF thumbs up for such an initiative since it represents b r e v i t y,

however Mr President it represents a big gamble too since the football loving public will not be sympathetic and I hope the disgruntled five take up the challenge and put verifiable facts to your facts to the starving hard working football patrons of Guyana. Editor the first hurdle the GFF president has to cross is his handling of the now infamous no show of the national beach football team to the CONCACAF qualifiers in Bahamas May 2013, here is what the public will ask: • Did you as president of GFF sign the document entering Guyana to participate? • Did the GFF bear any cost for the team’s preparations? • Did you agree along with the GS Adonis that Mark Xavier will manage the team with Rollin Tappin, Abdulla Hamid coaches? • Did Guyana receive a

fine from FIFA for its no show, if yes, what’s the amount? • Why did you say to Guyana it wasn’t going to be fined for its no show? • What is the current amount of the GFF dept? Editor, these are just a few of the questions the GFF president will have to a n s w e r t o . E d i t o r, t h e president of the GFF may be sincere in the way he wants to see things done but the truth is those policies may never see light at the end of the tunnel, but harmonizing the football environment is the most logical solution by allowing our players to feature the most in your dailies because at the end of the day his success will be judged by the quality that is on the pitch representing our more than 750,000 residents covering our beautiful 83,000 square miles. Yours truly, Rollin Tappin

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday June 03, 2014

3rd NZ vs WI Test to DCC grab first innings from GCC be played in Barbados Carryl, Fernandes, Squires star GCA/Noble House Sea Foods second division tourney

Demerara Cricket Club grabbed first innings points from arch rivals Georgetown Cricket Club when the latest round of matches in the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA)/Noble House Sea Foods second division 2-day tournament ended Sunday. Resuming on their overnight first innings score of 243-9, DCC were bowled out for 247 in 63 overs. Lawrence Smith, who was unbeaten on 37, hit left arm spinner Devon Lord to the cover boundary before Lord had him caught at gully in the said over leaving Dexter George unbeaten on 78; Smith went for 42. GCC were bowled out for 203 in 51.1 overs in reply. Elon Fernandes stroked an attractive 91 (12x4,3x6), while Martin Pestano Belle scored 43 (6x4,1x6) and Delon Fernandes chipped in with 20 (3x4). Off spinner Dennis Squires grabbed 6-68 and Antonell Atwell 2-73. DCC were 59-6, batting a second

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – The West Indies Cricket Board yesterday advised that the Third Test between West Indies and New Zealand will be played at the Kensington Oval in Barbados. The dates of the Test – June 26 to 30 – remain. The WICB thanks the Barbados Cricket Association and the Government of Barbados for their commitment in ensuring that the match is successfully hosted following the rescheduling.

Dennis Squires

Elon Fernandes

time when stumps were drawn on the second and final day. Dexter George continued his fine form to remain unbeaten on 22 while Andrew Gibson made 15. Lord was the pick of the bowlers with 3-11. Scores: DCC 247 all out and 59-6, GCC 203 all out. At University of Guyana, the host were bowled out for 221 in 51 overs after resuming on 130-6. Nicholas Carryl slammed six fours and five sixes in scoring 105 not out.

Rawl Haynes captured three wickets while Troy Benn had two. In reply Police were 1855 off 32 overs when play was halted. Stephan Blacks slammed 76 (8x4,2x6), Benn scored 39 (5x4,2x6) and Daniel Barker 34 (5x4). Omesh Dhanram snared 3-55 and Dennis Haywood 2-85. At Muslim Youth Organisation, play was called off without a ball being bowled. St. Stanislaus were skittled for 38 in 18 overs, batting first on Saturday.

Georgetown are GFF U-17 Inter-Association Champs - beat East Demerara on penalties; UDFA is third

The Test will be a bonus for cricket fans in Barbados who witnessed three enthralling Twenty20 Internationals between the West Indies and England in March this year. The Third Test was originally scheduled to be played at the Guyana National Stadium but was relocated following the Board and the Government of Guyana not being able to find a mutually agreeable resolution relating to the Cricket Administration Bill, the WICB release stated.

Transport SC cops Bowen birth anniversary dominoes title

Reginald Bowen (right) hands over the trophy and cheque to captain of Transport SC Herman Nichols in the presence of other members and secretary of the GDA Mark Wiltshire (far left). Transport SC chalked 81 games to win the Reginald Bowen (Lil Mark) Birth Anniversary Dominoes tournament on Sunday night last at his residence, 2169 Festival City, North Ruimveldt. TNT placed second with 68 games and Sparton finished third on 60. Jillian Hyman led the scoring for the winners with 16 games while Colin Ross and George Benjamin supported with 15 each.

Dane Bynoe marked 17 and Shawn Morgan 15 for the runner up team, while Kanhai Samaroo made 15 for Sparton. TNT registered 72 games to win the semi final ahead of Transport SC on 7 0 a n d G o l d 6 5 . Ry a n B o o d h o o m a d e 17 and Shawn Morgan 16 for TNT. Hyman recorded 16 and Colin Ross 14 for Transport SC, while Althea Chase made 15 for Gold. Hyman was given the

player of the final award, while Bowen of R and R received the trophy for sharing the first love. Speaking at the presentation ceremony Bowen of Lil Mark Boutique thanked the teams for participating and congratulated the winners, while secretary of the Georgetown Dominoes Association Mark Wiltshire thanked Bowen for his sponsorship.

Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Final

Georgetown Football Association U-17, 2014 GFF Inter Association Champions Guyana’s largest association, Georgetown Football Association (GFA) emerged as the best when the curtains came down on the Guyana Football Federation Under-17 Inter Association tournament on Sunday last at the Buxton Community Centre Ground, East Coast Demerara. Facing East Demerara Football Association in the final, the game which was a keen contest between future stars of the sport, went down to the wire and ended 1-1 after

90 pulsating minutes. Penalty kicks were required to decide the champs and it was the GFA side that prevailed, again in a close tussle, 2-1. The city side took the lead in regulation time 37 minutes into the battle, Wesley Greenidge giving his side the initial advantage. They enjoyed the lead for some time until East Demerara’s Captain, Romario Welcome, took matters into his own hands to bring his side back in the game, breaching the Georgetown defence and

goalkeeper, Ronnel Roberts in the 52nd minute. Neither team was able to score again as the minutes ran out. From the penalty spot it was a close fight again and it was only on the final penalty kick the game was decided, Roberts saving the shot to hand Georgetown the title. In the third place matchup, Upper Demerara Football Association needled Berbice Football Association through a 78th minute goal off the boot of Kellon Primo in another closely fought contest.

Royal champions Queen Street to represent Guyana By Rawle Welch Queen is normally associated with royalty and the monarchy and that is exactly what the performance of national champions Queen Street of Tiger Bay typified during their impressive march to victory against East Coast Demerara champions Melanie ‘A’ in the final of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Competition which ended on Sunday night, at the Demerara Park. The reigning Georgetown champions were in sublime form, displaying tactical superiority, while tournament

top goal scorer Deon Alfred and Alpha Fletchman mesmerising skills proved to be more than a handful for opposing defenders as they marched to a comfortable 3-0 triumph and the right to represent this nation at the Caribbean Championship set for this weekend in Trinidad and Tobago. Added to that, they employed a well thought out strategy to keep Melanie ‘A’ leading marksman and national striker Dwight Peters and the lethal William Europe at bay with the former having no impact on the team’s

chances of scoring for the first time in the tournament, while Europe’s thunderous strikes were either effectively blocked or sailed wide of the mark. On target for the winners were James Meredith (5th), Alpha Fletchman (24th) and Deon Alfred (30th). The lanky Meredith opened the scoring for Queen Street when he glided in a pinpoint pass from Alfred to give them the lead which stood until the half. On the resumption, Fletchman moving well on the (Continued on page 30)

Tuesday June 03, 2014

Kaieteur News

Head Coach Gibson’s goal for West Indies Barbados Nation Bridgetown, Barbados West Indies’ coach Ottis Gibson is not fazed by criticism of his tenure with the regional cricket team. Since taking up the job in 2010, Gibson has endured mixed fortunes in all three formats. The team won the World Twenty20 in 2012 but have lost four of their last five Tests after earning six consecutive victories. The record has resulted in the removal of Darren Sammy as Test captain after he lost the job as One-Day skipper. “Critics are critics and it is their right to criticise but every day we go out on the field and we try and do the job the best way that we can to get the team moving,” Gibson said in a recent interview with NATION SPORT during the training camp at the 3Ws Oval ahead of this month’s three-Test series against New Zealand. “Any team, whether it is a great team or a team in transition like ourselves, or a team that is trying to develop like we are, will have our ups and downs. “When we won the six Test matches in a row, I guess those critics would’ve been looking at the opposition that we played against and said well, we can’t really judge it on that opposition. Then we had the four losses, they look at the opposition again, playing away from home in India and

Ottis Gibson New Zealand which have always been tough places to play, and they would’ve had a lot more to say. Gibson said the directors of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) would at some point, review everything he had done and make a decision on his future involvement with the team. “They will decide whether it is time for Gibson to move on and then Gibson will move on and the cricket will still continue,” he said. But whenever that time comes, Gibson said he hoped the team would be better off than when he first took the job. “The one thing that I always wanted to do from the beginning was to try and develop a winning team. There are certain characteristics of a winning team in terms of fitness, in terms of attitude, attention to

detail and striving for excellence. “We have had that in part. We have not had it all the time and that’s why we have not been a winning team all the time. We have won some, we have lost some. We won a World Cup. We won six Test matches in a row and ultimately, when I move on, I would like to think that the team and the cricket is in a better place than when I got my hands on it,” he said. With the first Test starting on Sunday at Sabina Park in Jamaica, Gibson reckons the team’s bowling is now much stronger now with both Jerome Taylor and Kemar Roach returning and Shannon Gabriel showing signs of improvement. “We also got Shane [Shillingford], who has probably been one of the best spinners in Test cricket in the last [year] and [Sunil] Narine, who present mystery, so we got five bowlers there, who are more than capable of bowling out any team in the world. Narine has since been ruled out of the series after failing to meet the WICB’s deadline for attending the camp. “It is just getting our batsmen to put the runs on the board for those guys to operate and if we can get some consistency with the bat, we know that we got a bowling attack that can take 20 wickets,” he said.

AB de Villiers & Hashim Amla in frame to replace Graeme Smith BBC Sport - AB de Villiers is the leading contender to replace Graeme Smith as South Africa Test captain when Cricket South Africa meets on Tuesday. Smith retired from international cricket in March after a record 109 Tests in charge. One-day skipper De Villiers was Smith’s deputy, is rated the number one Test batsman in the world and is also the team’s wicketkeeper. Batsman Hashim Amla and T20 captain Faf du Plessis are also in the frame. Amla, 31, skippered South Africa at the Under-19 World Cup in 2002 and led the one-day side for three matches before resigning to become De Villiers’s deputy. However, he has informed selectors he wishes to captain the Test side. Former Lancashire

AB de Villiers & Hashim Amla (Getty Images) batsman Du Plessis has impressed while leading the Twenty20 team but has played only 14 Tests. Neither De Villiers, Amla or Du Plessis have led the five-day side, with Smith missing just four matches in his eleven-year reign from 2003 until 2014.

The national selectors will table their recommendation for the captaincy, but the final decision will be made by the board. The new captain’s first assignment will be to lead South Africa in two Tests in Sri Lanka in July.

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Nadal shows no sign of relinquishing King of Clay crown PA R I S ( R e u t e r s ) Concerns that Rafa Nadal’s reign as king of Roland Garros might be in jeopardy due to an aching back proved wide of the mark on Monday as the world number one led a Spanish charge into the French Open quarter-finals. On the day that Spanish King Juan Carlos abdicated his throne, there was no danger of his compatriot doing the same in Paris as the eight-times champion produced a 6-1 6-2 6-1 demolition job on Serbian Dusan Lajovic. Next up will be fellow Spaniard David Ferrer, who lost last year’s final to Nadal but beat his compatriot the last time the duo faced each other across a net. Ferrer stalled Kevin Anderson’s bid to become the first South African man in 47 years to reach the last eight of the claycourt major with a 6-3 6-3 6-7(5) 6-1 win. Nadal, who said he had to slow down his serve in his previous match after being troubled by back pain, left Lajovic with a sore head and aching joints as he went on a rampage to go 5-0 in the first set before rattling off 17 straight points at the start of the second. The winners flying off Nadal’s racket appeared to leave everyone in such a trance that the umpire even fluffed his lines at one stage telling the players ‘to replay the point’ in English before sheepishly repeating the instruction in French drawing a rare smile from Lajovic. With enigmatic American pop singer Prince watching from the stands, it did not take 83rd-ranked Lajovic too long to discover why beating Nadal at Roland Garros is one of the hardest riddles to crack.

Rafael Nadal of Spain reacts after winning his men’s singles match against Dusan Lajovic of Serbia at the French Open tennis tournament at the Roland Garros stadium in Paris June 2, 2014. REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier On the eve of his 28th b i r t h d a y, a s c r e a m i n g forehand winner allowed Nadal to take his formidable French Open win-loss record to 63-1 and just three wins away from sinking his teeth into the Musketeers’ Cup. More importantly for Nadal, his serve had once again picked up speed on day nine of the tournament and there was no evidence of any discomfort. “My back can be pretty unpredictable,” was all Nadal was willing to say when he was quizzed about the subject. While Nadal being in the final of the French Open is one of the most predictable sights in tennis - his only blip was in 2009 - Ferrer made it that far for the first time only 12 months ago. Odds of him repeating that run were boosted by his defeat of Nadal in the quarter-final of the Monte Carlo Masters only weeks ago but as Ferrer knows only too well, beating his celebrated rival on the regular tour is completely different to toppling him in a best-of-five set match on red dirt.

While three of the top five men’s seeds are still alive, Romanian Simona Halep remained the only top five woman to reach the last eight with a 6-4 6-3 win over Sloane Stephens, whose exit ended American interest in the singles. A n d r e a P e t k o v i c ’s decision to hold off trading in her tennis racket for a career in journalism paid off as she reached a grand slam quarter-final for the first time in three years with a 1-6 6-2 7-5 win over Dutch qualifier Kiki Bertens. Hobbled by back, ankle and knee injuries that forced her out of the tour for several months over the past two years, the 27-year-old German considered quitting tennis in 2013 to try her luck as a magazine journalist. But having put that plan on the backburner for now, she will be eager to pen a happier tale this week by reaching her first grand slam semi-final. She will next face 2012 runner-up Sara Errani, who continued the cull of top 10 players with a 7-6(5) 6-2 win over sixth seed Jelena Jankovic.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday June 03, 2014

Jebon Crawford returns to winning ways in Berbice cycling event

The prize winners posing with the organiser and some sponsors at the end of the event. The Flying Ace Cycle Club (FACC) of Berbice 40 miles cycle road race came off successfully on Sunday with young cyclist Jebon Crawford of Trojan Cycle Club (TCC) taking top honours with a convincing victory. Crawford was in blistering form and seems to have returned to his old self when he broke away from around the half way stage to ride home all alone with over a minute to spare. The event, which peddled off from in front of the Outar Motor Rewinding Establishment at No.2 East Canje, proceeded to Bush Lot on the Corentyne, before turning back to finish in front of the First Impression Hotel at Hampshire Village also on the Corentyne. The leading bunch

comprising Crawford, Neil Reece, Syborne Fernandes, Wasim Hassnu, Audrel Ross, and Curt La Rose was out early as they established their dominance. The leaders were trading places as they pressed for the early advantage, but were not getting much success. However, it was Crawford who made a jump around Adventure Village on the upward journey and was never caught. Riders of the FACC occupied the next four spots with the veteran pair of Fernandes and Hassnu battling for second and third place which was taken by Fernandes. A three way battle between La Rose and Millington of the FACC and Green of Trojan followed with La Rose, Millington and Green following in that

order for the fourth, fifth and sixth spots. Crawford for his dominance took away four sprint point prizes with La Rose and Ross splitting the other two. Marica Dick was the lone female rider on show and was required to ride half the distance. Race organizer and FACC coach Randolph Roberts speaking at the end of the activity took the opportunity to thank all those who participated in the day’s event. He also had special words of commendation for those who came forward to sponsor the event. The event was sponsored by several business entities in Berbice including First Impression Hotel, Berbice River Bridge, Ross and

West Dem retain DCB U-17...

Defending Champions West Demerara retained their DCB U-17 title at Everest yesterday. From page 31 effort. Only Juddell McAllister (23) offered any resistance, while Darshan Persaud and Sherfane Rutherford with 19 each offered token resistance as Rutherford and Persaud added 25 for the third wicket on the heavy outfield. Ewart Samuels (2-9), Travis Persaud (2-10) and Malcolm Hubbard (2-15) took two wickets each for West Demerara who lost Mark Jeffers for a duck, bowled by Ronaldo Mohamed before the West side unit had scored. Renee, who hit several delightful shots on the slow track, put together 82 for the second wicket with Persaud (31) before Persaud was dismissed with victory four runs away. Renee then spanked a four and a six off consecutive balls to end the low scoring contest. (Sean Devers)

Winner Jebon Crawford receives his prize as organiser Roberts shares the moment. Sons, Outar Motor Rewinding and Triple ‘S’ Taxi Service.The race was

used as a warm up for the annual Banks DIH Limited Aqua Mist 60-mile cycle

road race slated for this Sunday 8th June in Berbice. (Samuel Whyte)

Why no Berbice U-19 player in CPL... From page 35 the players was not as clear cut as it seemed adding that he was unaware of Kevin Paul’s selection. With the present situation between the warring factions of the BCB and the GCB ongoing, it could lead to questions being asked if this was just bad selections or a vindictive plot to punish Berbice by not selecting Hetmyer or Mottie-Kanhai, thus depriving the youngsters of their biggest payday to date although they were not expected to play a game in the much hyped event. But well placed sources close to the Guyana CPL Franchise, informed that Drepaul reportedly wanted Brian Sattaur and Hetmyer but the Franchise, wanted

Chanderpaul. It is also understood that a left-handed fast bowler was required making way for Basdeo’s selection, while the local selectors were reportedly told that the youth players were basically there to provide the batsmen with practice. However, it must be remembered that players should be picked on merit since they are being paid in US dollars per match since the selectors will be just as guilty as the PPP and APNU, who passed the Cricket Bill and are on the verge of depriving the Guyanese players a fair opportunity of earning, in the likely event that they are banned from Regional Cricket at all levels.

This is certainly not the best combination of Guyana’s teenage talent for a T20 tournament and especially the Berbicians should let their voices be heard publicly in protest to a wrong being perpetrated against their players by the Guyana selectors or the CPL. If Guyana is banned from Regional tournaments by the WICB, the CPL could be the only cricket Guyanese could participate in and youngsters like Shemron Hetmyer would be unfortunate not to have been included and get the opportunity to earn a decent sum due to no fault of his. My Editor-in-Chief told me yesterday that nobody cares about what is happening to Guyana’s cricket. Sadly, I am beginning to believe him.

Kaieteur News

Tuesday June 03, 2014

Blacklisting of Guyana by WICB Statement from the Alliance for Change (AFC) on the blacklisting of Guyana: In early 2012, the Alliance For Change (AFC) condemned the statesponsored harassment of members of the Guyana Cricket Board through forced searches of person a n d p r o p e r t y, u p o n instructions of the Attorney General. This terrorising of GCB members led to certain resignations of GCB members. The AFC also had rejected the forcible imposition of the Clive L l o y d ’s I M C a s t h a t certainly would not have solved the myriad problems. Moreover, the AFC since then was aware that the Attorney General, Mr. Anil Nandlall, who was directing this assault on GCB was, until his appointment to high office, the lawyer for one of the warring factions in this dispute. It would appear that the learned Attorney General continued to prosecute his clients’ case when GCB members were being harassed. As Minister of Justice, he ought to have been more even-handed. This cricketing debacle

of that year 2012 led to massive loss of revenues as a result of the Guyana leg of the Australia tour being called off. Our hospitality industry was delivered an uppercut, with a major contract for Pegasus Hotel being cancelled. Other hotels, restaurants, taxi services and hospitality services were dented financially. Our cricketing public was crushed, too. It did not see live Test Cricket in Guyana in 2012. The mishandling of the Cricket Bill in 2014 by the combination of the Minister of Sports and that most garrulous Attorney General will realize probably even worse repercussions than in 2012. Already the New Zealand Test has been taken away and transferred out. The AFC in voting against the Bill last month had warned of exactly this probability. It has come to pass. T h e G o v e r n m e n t ’s insistence on interfering in the running of the game has forced the WICB to cancel the game that was scheduled to be played here. This is a dark time for cricket in Guyana.The WICB had made it clear that it will not

tolerate interference by any Government in the running of cricket in the Region, but the controlling nature of the PPPC and their belief in autocracy has forced this dark day upon us. By its cavalier attitude, the Government has shown a total lack of understanding of the significance and authority of regional and international organisations and bodies like WIBC and the ICC. Cricket in Guyana is not just a game but is a part of who we are as a people, it is part of our culture, and thousands of fans at home and abroad will suffer as a result of what the Guyana Government has caused. Wo r s e y e t i s t h e demoralising effect this will have on our youths, many of whom dream of representing this country or the West Indies on the cricket field. The PPP government has dashed the dreams of many young people. This will have a long lasting effect not only on cricket in Guyana but also in the Region.The AFC’s position has now been wholly vindicated. The blacklisting of Guyana by the WICB is totally a result of the Guyana Government.

Why no Berbice U-19 player in CPL squad Asks Sean Devers The non inclusion of the West Indies under-19 pair of batsman Shemron Hetmyer and left-arm spinner Gudakesh Mottie-Kanhai among the four under-19 players in the Guyana Amazon Warriors squad has raised eyebrows among those who have been following Guyana’s cricket. Hetmyer had to be the first pick if the selectors were looking for a teenage batsman for any T20 team especially since Taignarine Chanderpaul, left-handed Demerara under-19 pacer Daniel Basdeo, Kevin Paul, a fast bowler who also represented Demerara at the under-19 level and Kemo Paul were selected. Chanderpaul is Guyana’s most correct under-19 batsman. He displays the temperament of his prolific father Shiv Chanderpaul and at 17, is one who could go on to play Test cricket, if the present cricket crisis is resolved. However, young Chanderpaul, who has a low strike-rate, is not a T20 player, at least not yet. He

Is it just a bad selection or politics?

Shemron Hetmyer should not be forced into this area before he better learns to manipulate the ball into gaps since T20 cricket at this juncture of his fledging career, could result in the talented youngster developing bad habits. Essequibo senior InterCounty all rounder Kemo Paul is certainly one for the future and at just 16 rubbing shoulders with senior International players should do him a world of good. However, Kevin Paul and Basdeo are surprise

inclusions in the Warriors’ line-up. When contacted Guyana Amazon Warriors Head Coach Roger Harper explained that while he played no part in the selection of the teenagers for his team, he understands that four under-19 players had to be included and that because it was a developmental programme the Regional Boards were tasked with the responsibility of recommending the under-19 foursome. When Kaieteur Sport contacted Chairman of the senior GCB selection panel Rayon Griffith, the former National pacer said he was not involved in the selection of junior players but expressed surprise that Hetmyer was not included. The GCB junior selection panel comprise of Chairman Azeemul Drepaul, Essequibian Ato Christiani and Berbician Julian Moore. Drepaul declined to comment on the matter but hinted that the selection of (Continued on page 32)

Page 35

Did the Government snub the WICB President?

The Sports Minister should make his response public

President Donald Ramotar

Dr Frank Anthony

It is now public knowledge that the Third Test Match between West Indies and New Zealand scheduled to be played at the Providence Stadium from June 26 to 30 has been removed from Guyana by the West Indies Cricket Board. It is also now known that the President of the WICB Mr. Dave Cameron was in Guyana for Three days trying to work out a solution to the ongoing feud with the primary objective of keeping WICB matches and tournaments playing here. Kaieteur Sport was reliably informed that while meetings with cricket officials and the Minister of Sports were held, his meeting with President Ramotar was cancelled when he was in the reception area of the Office of the President. A usually reliable source at the WICB stated that Mr. Cameron’s meeting with President Ramotar was confirmed by Mr. Anthony days before and reconfirmed an hour before the meeting. The meeting which was scheduled to be held at 15:30hrs on Tuesday 27th May was preceded by a Cabinet meeting and it is believed that it was at this forum that a decision was taken to cancel a meeting that

may very well have resulted in a different situation than we are being faced with today, complete isolation from the cricketing world. Why did the Government snub the WICB President? Did this lead to the last minute rush to salvage the situation with an exchange of letters? Any plebe reading the government release would realise that a letter coming from the WICB immediately after its 15:00hrs teleconference on Friday 30th May would have been a result of decisions taken at that meeting. The teleconference was called specifically to decide on the moving of the game and to which venue. The Minister’s prompt response giving the Guarantees requested also speaks volumes of what was apparently transpiring behind the scenes. The Government was obviously seeking last minute solutions to save face. Why? Why did the Government press release conveniently omit to state that a further Twenty Four hours was given by Mr. Cameron after he was told that the President was unavailable on Friday afternoon. The time actually

Dave Cameron ran out at 17:00hrs on Saturday 31st May. The Government release chose to stay clear of the content of Minister Anthony’s reply which Kaieteur sport was told granted the guarantees requested, but WICB made it clear that only a guarantee from President Ramoutar would be accepted as this was negotiated between Mr. Anthony and Mr. Cameron via a telephone conversation initiated by Mr. Frank Anthony before the WICB Directors commenced their teleconference. The source stated that it is not unusual for the Minister of Sports to say something and do the opposite hence the reservation by the WICB. It is obvious that there is “more in the mortar than the pestle”. The current situation is likely to get worse when the Cricket Bill is signed into law as the WICB has made its intentions clear. The public must find out why our Government snubbed the WICB President. It is important that President Ramotar himself get to the bottom of the matter and find out what are the real issues. This is appearing to be a case of “all the President’s men”.

DCB Inter-Association U-17 Cricket

West Dem retain DCB U-17 title Man-of-the-Match Ronaldo Renee fashioned an attractive unbeaten 54 to spur defending Champions West Demerara to an emphatic eight-wicket win over hosts Georgetown yesterday at Everest in the final round of the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) Inter-Association

under-17 limited overs competition. In a match reduced to 30 overs per side due to a late start because of rain, the City side were bundled out for 85 in 29 overs before the visitors reached 90-2 in 19.4 overs with Renee, who faced 59 balls and hit nine fours,

ended the contest in style, lofting Kemo McKenzie for his only six. Left-arm spinner Ashmead Nedd sent down six overs and conceded just four runs in one scoring shot as he delivered 35 dot balls in his spell in a losing (Continued on page 30)

t r o Sp Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Final

Royal champions Queen Street to represent Guyana A representative of the Guinness Brand hands over the winning trophy and prize money to Queen Street of Tiger Bay Captain Deon Alfred in the presence of teammates and Guinness Brand Manager Lee Baptiste (right) Sunday night.


Georgetown are GFF U-17 Inter-Association Champs Why no Berbice U-19 player in CPL squad

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