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Friday July 13, 2018

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POSSESSION AND USE OF MARIJUANA Guyana is an inherently conservative country, in which people in general display an automatic tendency to resist any issue that has to do with change, such as the decriminalization of marijuana, which admittedly is a very touchy subject. The fact that marijuana is considered a cultural taboo by many, especially at leadership level, has substantially inhibited our progress in dealing legally with the possession and usage of small amounts of the substance. Indeed, emotions tend to have such a powerful impact on our behaviour that persons hardly ever see the wisdom to engage in a dispassionate examination of the pros and cons of decriminalizing the possession and use of small amounts of marijuana. This makes it difficult to arrive at a rational conclusion on the issue to inform the way forward. Against this backdrop, advocates of the decriminalization of marijuana open themselves up to the possibility of being accused of sanctioning wrongdoing, especially by persons who have developed an inflexible opposition to its use. Those adopting such a rigid stance would have generally been born and grew up in an era when, based on the values to which they were exposed, they would have come to see marijuana as totally undesirable. Today, mainstream thinking on the usage of marijuana around the world has changed dramatically. Interestingly, the move towards its decriminalization originated in the developed countries in Europe which, through the information they made available, helped to condition the thinking of people in developing countries such as Jamaica, which, in 2015, decriminalized the use of small amounts of marijuana. Authorities in these countries have concluded that marijuana use for medicinal purposes has some real benefits. While Guyanese have not supported the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes, there is convincing evidence of its medicinal benefits, which suggests that a more open-minded approach is required, especially at the policy-making level. Extensive studies have determined that the use of small amounts of marijuana or for recreational or medicinal purposes does not lead to low productivity and/or poor brain function, as once thought. Yet it remains caught in a maelstrom of drug abuse hype and is being viewed negatively in society. In the design of public policy, personal bias of decision-makers should have no influence on the outcome. The foremost consideration should always be what is in the best interest of the public, and what is the right and proper thing to do, based on the hard evidence. Even though the use of marijuana remains illegal here, consumption over the years has grown to such an extent that its use is now an inescapable fact of everyday life. Unscientific surveys have revealed that more than half the population in Guyana had tried marijuana and two out of five persons smoked it regularly. That translates into about 40 percent of the population who use marijuana on a regular basis. Therefore, promoting its use would not be a dishonour to society and to decriminalize it at the level being suggested will not be considered a security risk. The refusal by the government to decriminalize the possession and use of small amounts of marijuana does not sit well with its users and advocates. After three years in office, there is no action on the issue, which is unrealistic. But President’s David Granger announcement at the CARICOM summit in Jamaica that the government will move to end custodial sentences for possession and the use of small amounts of marijuana is not only a major relief, but a dream come true for marijuana users. Many rational individuals believe that it is time for the government to follow in the footsteps of Jamaica, Canada and other nations, in decriminalizing the use of small amounts of marijuana.

Editor’s Note; If your sent letter was not published and you felt its contents were valid and devoid of libel or personal attacks, please contact us by phone or email.

Bharrat Jagdeo is trying to weasel out of the Berbice Bridge deal DEAR EDITOR, I note in the Thursday, July 12 edition of the PPP aligned Guyana Times newspaper, an article under the headline “BBCI wants Minister Patterson at negotiation table” appearing on page 3 and continued on page 9. On page 9 the article reads, in part, “(Opposition Leader Bharrat) Jagdeo reminded that there was a financial model in place under the past Government, but noted that he was unsure what had become of that under the coalition Government. He strongly believes that the financial model may have been interfered with and this was something that had to be explained.” Mr. Jagdeo is being disingenuous, duplicitous and seeking to mislead Guyanese. Mr. Jagdeo is either feigning ignorance for nefarious political purposes or he is fully aware that the Coalition Government has not touched a single word in the concession agreement that his PPP government signed. It is worthwhile to remind, too, that Mr. Jagdeo’s self-confessed best friend (BF) Mr. Bobby Ramroop is a major

shareholder in BCCI. It cannot go unnoticed, therefore, that all of this manufactured brouhaha about outlandish toll increases and Mr. Jagdeo’s subsequent tongue-in-cheek suggestion that government should “buy out the other stakeholders” (Stabroek News, page 10, July 12, 2018) is designed to bail out his BF, Bobby Ramroop from what has turned out to be a horrible deal for Guyana. The carefully crafted image of Mr. Jagdeo as some sort of economic wizard or czar is coming apart before our very eyes. Like the white elephant Skeldon Sugar Factory, the Marriott Hotel, Amaila Falls and numerous others, this is another deal which has unmasked the former president as an executive hustler, hustling to create and facilitate deals and arrangements to enrich friends and associates and the former PPP government. Mr. Jagdeo is now engaged in bluster and rhetoric as he desperately tries to extricate himself from the mess that the Berbice Bridge Company has found itself in as a result of a flawed arrangement which was engineered by Mr. Jagdeo himself.

Further, it is widely known that the planned PPP move to increase tolls in 2014 and 2015 were only staved off because of the impending elections. And it is now clear that had the PPP been put back into office the tolls would have been increased to the exorbitant levels now being revealed through this obnoxious BBCI request. Had the PPP been in office Berbicians would have been made to suffer under these oppressive toll 1000% increases which the PPP head honcho, Jagdeo, would have insisted been approved with the sole purpose being for the shareholders (his BF being among them) to profit wildly from windfall dividends. For all the PPP talk of caring about Berbicians, the evidence of their actions and plans betray them. They are being unmasked for the uncaring lot that the people of Guyana came to realise they were, and booted them from office in 2015. Berbicians are fortunate that the Coalition Government is on their side and has bluntly rejected the toll increases and in fact reduced the tolls previously. Earl Hamilton

No Excuses for Min. Broomes DEAR EDITOR, Please permit me the space to comment on what appears to be a very disgusting and deplorable display and reckless use of power by Minister Simona Broomes and her driver with regards the New Thriving Restaurant episode recently. Every Guyanese that voted for change in the last general election and was hoping that these thuggish and brutish behaviours would become a thing of the past with the new administration is slowly realizing that this may have been a pipe dream. As a voter and taxpayer, Ms. Broomes is an embarrassment to the leadership of this country and I believe some measure of discipline if not dismissal should be considered. This is not the first episode involving this Minister and I guarantee if she continues it will not be the last, however I am very much pessimistic to the idea that anything will be done as we continue to see a President who is reluctant to admonish Ministers for bad b e h a v i o u r s o r incompetence. After three years in power and numerous blunders and bad behaviours from his inner

circle it is abundantly clear that this President is no Kamala Bissessar, the once f a m o u s Tr i n i d a d a n d Tobago Prime Minister who fired 11 Ministers in four years and who positioned that “there must be no compromise on integrity, no allowance for arrogance, no room for violation of mutual respect; there will be no sacrifice of our values on t h e a l t a r o f p o l itical expediency”. I absolutely believe were if not for the videos we would have had a very different outcome to this hugely embarrassing moment for the APNU Coalition and possibly still have had two private security personnel still in jail and potentially facing

charges. This display of thuggery and boorish behaviour is not what we the voters expect when we voted for change, for decency, for respect, for rule of law after so many awful years under the PPP administration. While I am thankful for what appears to be the vindication of the security personnel at the New Thriving Restaurant, Providence, East Bank Guyana, what I fear is that this Minister, who seems to have a laundry list of bad encounters and bad reputations among her colleagues, would be given a pass simply because as one media source insinuatingly justifies that “she is rough around the

edges” and “comes from a mining background” This only reinforces what we the public see as habitual behaviour from elected officials and their entourages. I myself have been witness to thuggish behaviour from drivers and security personnel of some elected officials. I would like to implore to our leaders to not only hold themselves a high standard but hold their peers as well, since their actions can damage your image and status. I implore them to not condone these types of behaviour but to admonish it for what it is and what it can do your party, and also because we have had too (Continued on page 6)

WHY NOT NATIONALIZE THE BERBICE RIVER BRIDGE? DEAR EDITOR, Why is Berbice being so severely discriminated against? Our national government seems comfortable with building, maintaining and subsiding the operation of a new Demerara River Bridge (reportedly, in addition to the existing Demerara River Bridge); commuters pay the paltry sum of $200 for a car to use the bridge while the same commuter, who pays the same taxes to the Government, has to pay virtually twenty times more to cross the Berbice River Bridge…and now there are moves afoot to add insult to injury by a substantial increase in the fees to cross the

Berbice Bridge. Is it not time for our ‘NATIONAL GOVERNMENT’ to simply assume full ownership, control and management of the Berbice River Bridge and so relieve us Berbicians, who are the main users of the bridge, the heavy burden of yet another discriminatory charge to commute nationally, especially as most critical ‘national/civil services’ are located in the city of Georgetown. PLEASE, Mr President and Cabinet, do consider some equitable treatment for us Berbicians! Nowrang Persaud


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Friday July 13, 2018

PARDON PERSONS JAILED FOR PETTY AMOUNTS OF MARIJUANA DEAR EDITOR, It always pains me when the lives of productive Guyanese men and women are disrupted and sometimes destroyed because of excessively harsh penalties inflicted on them for being found with minuscule quantities of marijuana. Many of these people have children and other responsibilities and it is a waste of time and money to prosecute them and jail them for having a few grams of marijuana, and, in doing so, destroy the lives of youths and give them criminal records. This is backward and irrelevant; it is cruel and unusual punishment. We have to do much better than this. Just this year, we saw glaring foolishness occur in our courts when 27-year-old poultry farmer, Carl Mangal, was sentenced to three years imprisonment for possession of just eight grams of marijuana. We also know of the case of a young man of East Indian descent and another one of African descent, both of whom suffered the same fate

for having tiny quantities of marijuana. I remember that the Afro-Guyanese man broke down in court, confused and depressed, not knowing how his children would be cared for. It is clear that usage of marijuana is not linked to any particular ethnicity. It upsets me because there are persons who commit many outrageous atrocities, but they do not feel the brunt of the law like some of those caught with a little ‘joint’. That is why I was so excited to hear His Excellency President Brigadier David Granger say recently that changes are likely to our laws to decriminalise possession of small quantities of marijuana. But he also pointed out, and quite rightly so, that his government will not be pushed towards legalizing commercial or industrial marijuana production. His statement follows CARICOM’s Regional Commission on Marijuana report, which recommended the decriminalisation of small

amounts of marijuana and a review of its classification as a ‘dangerous drug’ with ‘no value’, in the same category of heroin and LSD. Just last May, Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo, said he will vote in favour of decriminalising possession of small quantities of marijuana and said alternative sentencing such as community service should be considered. He also said that members of his party can vote based on how they feel about this, individually, as the party will not take a collective decision on the issue. I do not see his party loyalists going against him on this issue. However, I can’t help but wonder why his Government or the Donald Ramotar Government did not think of doing this. Amazingly, now that they are in Opposition, it seems pertinent for them to say this. But it’s a welcome awakening. Based on previous public statements, the AFC is also on board. So there is evidence of powerful political support

The promise of a bright future DEAR EDITOR, A lot of conversation here in recent months has focused on the nature and fairness of our deal with Exxon. Like many, I’ve been alarmed by claims that our government left money on the table. Many Guyanese feel hopelessly removed from our government’s decision-making processes, and that creates a resentment which makes it easy to believe that we are getting a bad deal. Fortunately, as 2020 draws closer things are starting to become clearer. Tuesday’s presentation by an independent energy intelligence firm from Norway called Rystad Energy focused on the outlook for our young oil industry. I was able to take a look at some of the slides that were presented, and I have to say

it was refreshing to see a report not based on conjecture or politics.One bit of information, I think, many will find interesting was the comparison of the percentage of our government’s projected take based on the oil contract, relative to the take of other countries. According to Rystad Energy, that take for Guyana’s offshore production is 59 percent. As the presentation showed, this puts us right in the middle of other countries which are deemed “frontier regions”. That means that we previously had no known resources or any oil and gas infrastructure. Our government take is more favorable than Israel and the Falkland Islands and only slightly less than Mauritania and Mozambique. This was

the first time I had seen an assessment of the contract which was based on a comparison with other production projects with similar circumstances. This means that our current contract, for all the criticism it has received, will still arm us with the revenues needed to completely transform our country. Now we must hope that our leaders have the foresight and wherewithal to institute the policy frameworks necessary to capitalize on the financial windfall we are set to receive. Regards, Andrew McBean

in Guyana for the CARICOM Commission’s recommendations on marijuana. This is great news. Our jails are terribly overcrowded, so what sense does it make to keep jailing persons held for the petty offence of having a few grams of marijuana? Why keep an added burden on a penal system that has failed us so many times? We have to modernise our thinking. We have to come up with new and innovative ways of tweaking our systems and getting important institutions, like jails, to work efficiently to do what they are supposed to do. In a previous letter, I suggested that those caught with small quantities of marijuana can be sentenced to do com-

munity service and spared a prison record so that they can continue with their lives without far-reaching consequences. We can also look at offering such persons the option of taking compulsory drug education classes, in which case, the charge would be dropped, the marijuana destroyed and they would be free to carry on with their lives. It alarms me that persons who are not inclined towards criminal activity are being forced to learn to survive among hardened criminals. Their families are also affected because society castigates them. This nonsense is causing children to grow up without their fathers.

When those who have families are sentenced to jail and are therefore unable to earn a living, their partner has to struggle with the full burden of meeting financial commitments and providing for the family. The partner may not even be employed and survival becomes a real challenge because Guyana is not like developed countries where citizens can fall back on welfare. If the sentencing policy is to be changed in the future, I am asking President Granger to pardon persons who are in prison right now for possession of petty quantities of marijuana. Pardon them now so they can get on with their lives. Mr. President, you have (Continued on page 6)

Rystad Energy offers a wake up call DEAR EDITOR, Like many, I was intrigued when I heard that Rystad Energy would be giving a presentation on Guyana’s oil industry. I was already somewhat familiar with Rystad’s general conclusions, which have appeared in the media over the past months, but was struck by the depth and extent of the research Rystad’s Sonya Boodoo laid out Tuesday evening.The data will provide plenty for citizens, Government officials and private sector leaders to pore over in the coming days and weeks. Overall, however, I believe the outlook is extremely positive for our country. The data presented also provided important perspective for the nature of our recent oil discoveries. For example, Rystad’s research shows that since 2015, Guyana has easily been one of the hottest regions for oil discoveries in the world. With around three billion barrels discovered in the last three

years, we far exceed discoveries in notable producers such as the US, Norway, China and Saudi Arabia. It’s no wonder that our small nation is quickly entering the international limelight. I was also struck by the analysis of oil barrels per capita. The per capita breakdown indeed shows the sheer magnitude of our reserves and the impact they will, relative to our small population. In this sense, Guyana is projected to be the global leader by a comfortable margin. By Rystad’s calculation, there will be 3,900 barrels for each Guyanese – that’s a full 1,000 more barrels per capita than the United Arab Emirates. It’s also far above the ratios for some of our neighbours, such as Brazil and Trinidad with only 200 barrels per citizen. What does this mean for Guyana? The scope of our discoveries means that we will be the subject of international

focus and attention. There is no doubt that we need to see a lot of investment in infrastructure, education and healthcare. Hopefully the international scrutiny will create a higher sense of urgency when it comes to how profits are governed. But the scope of our reserves relative to our population size also represents a huge opportunity. Compared to other oil-producing nations, our infrastructure, education and healthcare systems need to support a much smaller group of citizens. This will reduce scope and, by extension, costs. If revenues can be responsibly allocated, there is plenty of reason for optimism. Sincerely, Clement Smith


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Friday July 13, 2018

MENTAL ILLNESS DOES NOT CATALYZE VIOLENCE DEAR EDITOR, The February 14 shooting in a Florida High School once again brought to the fore the issue of the relationship between mental illness and violence. US President Donald Trump felt that the shooter’s mental illness inevitably catalyzed his mass killings. But what are the facts? A 2000 article in Psychology Today entitled “Are the Mentally Ill Really Violent?’ by Edward P Mulvey and Jess Fardella, stated, “The overwhelming majority of people with diagnosed mental disorders do not engage in violence.” In fact the article pointed out, “Certain factors that appear to be associated with an increased likelihood of violence are in line with common sense’. In effect it’s the same for persons with and without mental illness.” A 1998 study published in the General Archives of Psychiatry by the MacArthur Risk Assessment Project, “shows that the circumstances in which mental patients most commonly commit violence do not differ markedly from those surrounding crimes committed by people who are not mentally ill.” In both groups, violence most often arises from everyday stress, such as conflicts with spouses, family members and co-workers.” That study also found that patients discharged from psychiatric facilities, who did not abuse alcohol and illegal drugs had a rate of violence no different than that of their neighbours in the community. In fact, research indicates that fewer than 5% of gun-related killings are committed by the mentally ill. In effect, as the American

Psychiatric Association emphasized following the Florida shooting, the “disparaging and inaccurate remarks about mental illness serve only to perpetuate stigma and prohibit honest and open dialogue about an illness (or disorder) that affects one in five people in the nation.” For people with mental illnesses such stigma makes an already difficult existence much harder. As columnist, The Mighty, puts it in the February 24 issue of the Huffington Post, “When you have a mental illness, you can feel utterly alone. You feel like a mime in an invisible box you can’t escape. The pain is not like that of a physical illness. The pain is deep, and the sorrow or burdens hold on to you, sometimes for years. You live like that, a constant cycle of feeling like you will never get better because of what has happened or what will happen if you don’t “try harder”. Of course, part of getting better is putting work into it, but it takes a long time for some people.” And, for some people, never. The need to bring clarity to this issue is important given that according to a study by Dr. Bhiro Harry and others, more than 200,000 Guyanese are mentally ill. As well there is the habitual abuse meted out to mentally ill. This issue, often ventilated by social activists, was again raised in a February 22 column, by Freddie Kissoon, who detailed the beating of a mentally ill man by government workers who had disembarked from a garbage truck on the Camp Street seawall. In fact, according to a WHO report released in 2014, Guyana is still struggling to fight the stigma of mental ill-

ness. Hidden or left to roam at will, the mentally ill are often abused or neglected or both. In the courts. Far too often they are sentenced without any psychiatric evaluation or mandated treatment. And the 1930 Mental Health Ordinance does not include many basic elements of protection in legislation. Nor has it ever been updated, although plans to do so were announced last year. The WHO report adds, “Persons with mental disorders are reported to suffer discrimination in their communities, the workplace, educational institutions, judicial services and the health-care system. Safeguards to protect individuals with mental illness from involuntary admission and treatment and mechanisms to oversee treatment practices within health facilities are lacking. There are no independent review bodies established to protect the human rights of users of mental health services. Stigma against the mentally ill is reported to be pervasive and considered by stakeholders to be expressed by the public as well as by many health professionals, the police, and policy makers and administrators alike.” “There are no standards, protocols, policies or guidelines for the use of psychotropic medications; the assessment, treatment, monitoring, and ongoing evaluation of patients with mental disorders; the charting of patient information; or the maintenance of health records. “There is little national mental health data available for mental health service monitoring and evaluation. As a consequence, datasets of suf-

ficient quality are not available to inform service utilization or to provide quality assurance for mental health care.” This sober reality emphasizes the need for a basket of measures for which The Caribbean Voice and others have been lobbying, including mental health care integrated into the physical health care system with psychologists in all public hospitals. There must be the establishment of psych wards with easy accessibility, in all public hospitals, and periodic visits by psychologists to all satellite clinics and community health centers; counselors in schools; relevant training for all police officers and guidelines for protecting the mentally ill, publicized across Guyana. As well, the ossified Mental Health Ordinance needs to be overhauled via bipartisan cooperation to avoid political footballing, so that the deficits outlined by WHO are addressed and the legislation informed by the latest advances in treatment for mental health, including the very common conditions of depression and anxiety.

In fact, advances in brain imaging indicate that the brains of persons who are clinically depressed look different than the brains of the non-depressed, similar to a diseased heart being different than a healthy heart. Meanwhile, there is still much that Guyana and Guyanese can do to address mental health. One such measure has to do with tackling the noise level. Studies in the UK and Denmark have found that living next to loud neighbours more than doubles your risk of mental illness and almost trebles the chances of suffering severe stress. Experts found rates of depression were twice as high among homeowners constantly bombarded by a racket from nearby premises. Late night parties and loud music were cited as the most common bugbears. But noise from building works was also a major catalyst. And, in the context of Guyana we might add, mini bus music, rum shop music and all night parties and various celebrations. In effect there is need to stringently apply the laws re-

lating to noise control across the board. As well Government and employers can provide first aid training in mental health. Both employers and government can also ensure that mental health experts are available to assist those who may be experiencing mental health problems. In fact there is a need for an ongoing and extensive, all stakeholders’ education campaign, not only to tackle the taboo against counseling but also to inform the population about the realities of mental illnesses so that myths and misinformation can be dispelled and needed attitudes cultivated, so that, for example, abuse of the mentally ill, whether on the streets or at home (as exemplified by the case of Gopaul Etwaroo) would cease. Also critical is the need for a return of the Gatekeepers Program to train lay counselors within communities, to be proactive first responders and to keep mental health redress grounded on reality rather than sensationalism. Sincerely The Caribbean Voice

Pardon persons jailed for petty ... From page 5 pardoned prisoners before for good reasons and you can do so again. Doing so will help to ease the unnecessary burden on the overcrowded prisons, reduce the stress and costs involved in operating the prisons and allow these people to return to their families where they can continue to play a meaningful role in the upbringing of their sons and daughters. God knows how their chil-

dren, wives and other dependents are surviving; how they are being treated by classmates, friends, fellow church goers and workmates, as the case might be. So I am happy the President is taking the CARICOM report on decriminalizing small quantities of marijuana seriously. Some of us have been calling for this for a long time. Let us be cautious though. We have to make sure that decriminalising small

quantities of marijuana does not encourage further lawlessness in our society. We cannot let some people think it is a ‘free for all’ and sit in bars or on street corners and smoke joints all day and night with their money and brains going up in smoke. President Granger’s position is great news. This move is long overdue, but we must proceed cautiously. Sincerely, Roshan Khan Snr.

No Excuses for Min. Broomes From page 4 much of it in the past and we should not make excuses any longer.Guyana is at a cusp of tremendous change and status in the world, a chance to rid the demons of the past and stake her rightful place in history. Time for a new chapter, a time to renew again and be spoken of and

respected as we were in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s, a time when they spoke highly of our philosophers, writers, poets, engineers, teachers and doctors…we should not have the likes of Ms. Broomes ruining this great renaissance. The world is watching Mr. Granger, Guyanese are expecting better after so much

abuse. I will continue to hope that one day we all can proclaim that Guyana is blessed finally with leaders of humility, integrity and grace and our elected officials are examples for others to follow…I hope, unlike everyone, that this is not a pipe dream. Tony Persaud

Businessman who owed pandit $8M hired killers - cops seek mastermind; intruders spotted on hidden cameras A businessman who owed Deonarine Liliah some US$40,000 is believed to have hired two others to kill the 61year-old Pandit and his 28year-old son, Gopaul Liliah, according to sources close to the case. The men the individual hired managed to sneak into the Craig Street, Campbellville property and butcher their victims. They then fled the scene after an unsuccessful search for a document that the mastermind had signed. But the killers were reportedly unaware that their actions were being recorded on concealed CCTV cameras in the house. Police believe that they have the suspects, and are at present trying to track down the alleged mastermind. A senior police official told Kaieteur News that one of the suspects in custody was detained near the victims’ home after he was seen acting in a suspicious manner. The individual reportedly was found in possession of a mobile phone belonging to one of the victims. He then identified an individual who he claimed had sold him the phone. That individual is also in custody. The decomposing bodies of Deonarine and Gopaul Liliah were found on Tuesday in their Lot 25 Craig Street, South Half, Section ‘G’ Campbellville residence. Gopaul’s body was face-


Kaieteur News

Friday July 13, 2018

Deonarine Liliah and his son Gopaul Liliah. down on the floor in a pool of blood while his father’s body was in the living room. An autopsy revealed that the victims had been stabbed 66 times. The gruesome find was made by Leewattie Ganpat, a tenant who lives in the bottom flat. Ganpat said that she last saw her landlord and his son in the yard on Saturday around 06:00hrs. They spoke briefly. Ganpat said later that night around 21:00hrs while using the Wi-Fi that she shares with the Liliahs, she heard some walking upstairs after which the Wi-Fi went off. She said that she again

heard someone walking. On Sunday when Ganpat looked out for the elderly Liliah, to tell him about the WiFi problem she did not see him. After being unable to locate him for two days, Ganpat made a report to the station at around 09.30 on Tuesday. Police who arrived at the house found the back door ajar. They entered the house and discovered the bodies. Police reportedly recovered CCTV footage which showed an unidentified male jumping the Western fence and entering the home, through the northern front door.

SARA and FIU sign MOU


he State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA) and its counterpart, the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) yesterday signed a memorandum of Understanding to facilitate cooperation between the two agencies. Director of the State Assets Recovery Unit, Dr. Clive Thomas said the MOU is in keeping with the fact that the roles of the two agencies direct that they cooperate. “We are mandated, I think both by international law convention as well as domestic law, to cooperate because both of us share the same set of goals, and these relate to the reduction of corruption both as a national good and as an international obligation”, Thomas explained. In addition, the SARA Head cited the fight against corruption as one which aims to increase resource availability to improve citizens’ welfare. He noted, “The increasing tendency globally is the recognition that the fight against corruption is the fight for the welfare and wellbeing of the broad masses of the population of the entire globe. I am not the one who is making this assessment but the World Bank itself, on its website has argued that public corruption is the single biggest deterrent to development.” Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit, Matthew Langevine described the signing of the MOU as in keeping with international

- move in keeping with international best practices

(Left) Director of the FIU, Matthew Langevine and Director of SARA, Dr. Clive Thomas. [Image courtesy of Derrick Bridgemohan] best practices. It will also, he added, foster cooperation and specifically allow for the sharing of intelligence between the two agencies. The FIU is a dedicated body that was created under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the

Financing of Terrorism Act which was made into law by the new Coalition Government. Its main role is to facilitate the detection and deterrent of money laundering and terrorist financing and other financial and serious offences. [DPI]


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Friday July 13, 2018

PPP will scrap Green State GPHC provides facts regarding infant mortality rates Development Strategy - Jagdeo During the 90th sitting of the 11th Parliament, Opposition Member of Parliament Dr. Vindhya Persaud posed a question relating to the Neonatal Mortality Rate at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). The GPHC wishes to assure the public that every life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is precious to its staff and every death is distressing. GPHC continues to work closely with the Ministry of Public Health, the Pan American Health Organization and other agencies in an effort to further decrease neonatal mortality in Guyana. Significant gains have been made in recent years as the details below confirm. In addition to the comprehensive and detailed response provided in the National Assembly by Minister of Public Health, the Hon. Volda Lawrence to Dr. Persaud’s question, the GPHC wishes to share with the media and the public the following important facts in understanding infant mortality rates in general and specifically at the GPHC. · GPHC is home to the ONLY Level 3 NICU in Guyana. · This means that GPHC is the only public hospital that is capable of providing a neonate with invasive breathing support. · Therefore GPHC re-

GPHC wishes to clarify that the total number of deaths for January 1 to June 30, 2018 is NOT 119. This is a misrepresentation of the facts. ceives the sickest and most high risk neonates from BOTHthe Public and PRIVATE medical institutions, countrywide. · GPHC has capacity to simultaneously support 18 babies in our NICU. · However, because sick babies arrive everyday, the admission numbers trend over this frequently. · GPHC provides care to all babies and does NOTturn away any sick baby that arrives.For the period June 2017 to June 2018, there were 6409 live births and 119 neonatal deaths at GPHC. This is a significantly lower number from the decade-high 295

deaths in 2014. See table below with annual statistics from 2010 to 2017. Since 2014 annual deaths have been declining. As is clearly shown in the table above, the total number of deaths in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has decreased significantly by an enormous 55.1% from 2015 to 2016 and continues to decrease.Again the GPHC reiterates that the life of every baby and every patient in its care is important and will continue to do everything possible to ensure that it improves the delivery of health care services which it provides.

President David Granger participated in a National Tree Planting Day exercise, in Bartica, Region The Green State Development Strategy (GSDS), one of the signature proposals of the coalition Government, will be axed should the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) return to Government. Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo, said that the strategy has not received the approval of the National Assembly. He said also that at this stage the GSDS Right is at its conceptual stage.

“That is a political initiative of Granger until it has Parliamentary approval as far as we are concerned. In all likelihood we will scrap it as soon as we get into office because it makes no sense,” Jagdeo stated. As part of the green development agenda, Government last month signed a $13M contract with JR Ranch Construction Incorporated for Guyana’s first Hinterland

Green Enterprise Development Centre to be located in the North Rupununi, Region Nine. Jagdeo stated that he disagrees with the fundamental premise of the President’s initiative because it brings costs to the country versus earning money for the country. He stated that the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) which was (Continued on page 11 )

Oil and Gas, Public Infrastructure sectors attract Brazilian investors

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon and a team of Brazilian investors A team of Brazilian investors met with Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, yesterday, and expressed interest in long-term investments in the Oil and Gas, Public Infrastructure and Business Sectors. During the meeting, Minister Harmon committed to further discussions with the team of investors and expressed Government’s commitment to collaborating particularly in the Public Infra-

structure sector, as part of its preparatory efforts for the emerging Oil and Gas Sector. “All the structures are being put in place right now, before the Cabinet and it will go to the National Assembly very shortly is a Bill to deal with our Sovereign Wealth Fund into which the revenues of Oil and Gas will be placed into that Fund and then it will be dealt with in a national way.”

Minister Harmon said the issues related to the sector are being addressed closely. The team, which comprised Alexandre Saverin, Yucatan Reis, Luis Panelli, John Forman and Jose Mario de Castilho, was updated on recent developments in the sector, including the significant amounts of oil discovered offshore Guyana in the Stabroek Block, ExxonMobil’s (Continued on page 9)

“You hear lie? That is lie! Lie? You hear lie? Teacher Percy say if you tell a lie, you going to Hell as soon as you die.”—Lord Nelson - King Liar All the holy books of the world denounce lying. The philosopher Immanuel Kant described a lie as a radical innate evil of human nature. People lie for all manner of reasons. Some to boost their ego, enjoy the favor of others while others lie for nefarious purposes, including personal gain, trickery and self-preservation. It is one thing to tell a lie about one’s achievements, show off or look good in front of others. It is another thing


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Friday July 13, 2018

to give false witness against another person, especially if that person is innocent. It is another thing also to lie on someone just to prove that you have power and influence. Telling a lie about someone is not something which should be taken lightly. It can be dangerous. Falsely accusing someone is like plunging a dagger into that person. Many innocent persons have found themselves locked away in prison because of the lies and conspiracies of others. It is for this reason that it is a crime to tell a lie against another in order to pervert the course of justice.

Oil and Gas, Public... From page 8 operations and President David Granger’s decision to create the Department of Energy. According to Minister Harmon, Guyana has one opportunity to get things right in the Oil and Gas Sector, therefore government is putting all the necessary measures in place to achieve positive results. He committed to arranging a special meeting with the team along with Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson to discuss possible projects. Minister Harmon also took the opportunity to update the investors on Guyana’s Green State Development Strategy (GSDS) which is close to finalisation and its focus on cleaner and sustainable energy use, Green Tourism, development of the agriculture sector and maintenance of the Protected Areas. The recent breakthrough in the Norway Agreement, which unlocked billions of dollars and government’s plan of reducing Guyana’s use of fossil fuels by 50 percent over a threeyear period, were also discussed. The State Minister reiterated that, “throughout all of that, our physical infrastructure is key, because we cannot develop our country unless our physical infrastructure is in order, so what that means is that our ports have to be modernised, our road network that links the Coast to the Hinterland would have to be modernised.” Investor, Alexandre Saverin said, “We are very excited to be here and would love to proceed with something in the Oil, the Infrastructure… so we can bring some Brazilian expertise and entrepreneurship.”

Three years ago, the story broke of the freeing of a man who was falsely condemned and who spent forty years in prison because law enforcement officers coerced a witness to lie against a man. In 1975, a man called Rickey Jackson was sentenced to life imprisonment for a crime he did not commit. It turned out that one of the main witnesses in the case was threatened by detectives in the case to lie against Jackson and his co-accused. Jackson spent almost forty years in prison during which time his father mother and other relatives died. And all be-

cause of a lie. In March of this year, a man named Richard Phillips of Michigan was freed after spending more than forty-five years behind bars, and all because a witness lied during his trial. Phillips spent almost all of his productive years behind bars because of a lie. He was framed by a lie. Lies can convict the innocent. But they can only free the guilty. In 1955, two White men were charged with the brutal murder of a Black teenager. The men were subsequently acquitted of the charge. A key witness in the trial which led to the acquittal

of the men is reported to have told an author that she lied. This revelation has led to the reopening of the case even though both of the accused are now dead. Bearing false witness against another person is not innocent. It can have serious consequences. And this is why law enforcement agencies take such a strong view of those who lie against others, especially in order to pervert the course of justice. Be wary of those who bear false witness against others! They are dangerous. They can cause real harm to others. They can force people to be

locked away for a long time. Do not trust liars. Keep far from them. Liars are like thieves. They snatch innocence and freedom. Today is Friday the 13th. Keep the liars out of your day! Remember the words of Lord Nelson: “You hear lie? That is lie! Lie? You hear lie? Teacher Percy say if you tell a lie, you going to Hell as soon as you die.”


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Friday July 13, 2018


One of the deadly sins of this country


gainst the back ground of the Simona Broomes incident outside the New Thriving Restaurant at Providence, I would like to offer brief notes on the nature of narratives, discourses and polemics in Guyana. It is not a pleasant horizon. It is a landscape filled with mines that can explode under your feet at any moment. My experience with Ms. Broomes tells me she is not inclined to be written about once there is an element of criticism, but Minister Broomes is simply another manifestation of a society that just does not value intellectual polemics. We will return to the minister below. There are very few persons from civil society and the political sphere in this

country who would tolerate being criticized, even though they speak on people, issues, places and events all the time. Their motto is simple – do not write about me. I should start with GHK Lall. Never spoke to the gentleman. Never met the gentleman. Never saw the gentleman. Never wrote about the gentleman. I believe as a social activist and public commentator, I should face criticism. So one day I read a very nasty, libelous letter on me by a person who signed his name as GHK Lall. He asserted that three businessmen built my home and that I have become a contaminated person (a word for which I could have sued for libel). I ignored Lall. This was many years ago. Since that time, Lall has penned vicious criticism of me

and the newspaper I write for (two days ago, he referred to Kaieteur News again as a rag). On April 17, I replied to Lall’s excessive and ugly incessancy of “cuss down” writings. Lall replied, with the caption of his letter intriguingly titled, “I feel tainted.” To understand Guyana, it is essential that you remember these words of GHK Lall when he was criticized; “Now I regret that I have to venture into the gutter that has become part of the local lifeblood and so dominant in the national mainstream. I feel stained and tainted and utterly disgusted. Is this what this country has become? Is this the emblematizing of national pastimes dedicated to malice, putridity, vulgarity, the dishonourable, the sicken-

ing, and so much more under the guise of journalism and public commentary? Again, what kind of country is this? What kind of society is it that spawns this degree of ugliness, lunacy, and embedded leprosy?” It is simple to understand what kind of society this country has become. Lall’s position is straightforward – do not criticize me. And you see this attitude all the time. Travis Chase of HGPTV Nightly News asked me two weeks ago how many libels I got in my media career and I didn’t name names. But the list would surprise many – Christopher Ram, Ralph Ramkarran and Tacuma Ogunseye, among others. Of course you all know the notorious one – President Jagdeo. When you see Ramon Gaskin on television lambasting those he thinks deserves to be criticized, you would never believe that Mr. Gaskin reacts very angrily to those

who put him under the microscope. Mr. Gaskin has recently formed a political party. As an analyst, it is my job to survey his electoral prospects. After the publication of that column, my editor, Adam Harris called me to say that Gaskin was upset. Only in Guyana, the leader of a political party would be annoyed when the media assesses his chances of electoral success. Do you know a trade union that is a blood relative of the PPP, GAWU, sued Khemraj Ramjattan, for Ramjattan simply saying that GAWU provides funds to the PPP? You would think a controversial trade union would hardly pay any attention to such a harmless observation; probably so elsewhere, but not in Guyana. GAWU lost the case a few months ago and rightly so. We now return to Simona Broomes. I don’t think I ever met Ms. Broomes, but I got to know of her thinking when I did a short stint as editor of

Frederick Kissoon the letter pages of this newspaper. I am not going to go into details, because I don’t need another libel. But during my experience in that capacity, I got the distinct impression that Minister Broomes would not accept public publication of any criticism of actions she was engaged in, if others felt such actions need to be commented on. I will leave an analysis of Ms. Broomes’ display for another column, but I will end with a reminder – a society will never be free and accept the outspoken word, if those with status and power seek to shut off the free spirit of intellectual discourse.


Soulja Bai putting ee foot in wickedness at O.P.? Dem have wickedness coming from O.P and dem boys don’t want to believe that Soulja Bai directing it. However, if that is so he beginning to get just like Jagdeo. Some of dem inside O.P. got problems wid odda people outside and to get at dem people dem using de heads of some state institutions to go after de people. De heads does go after de people family just to get at de persons who dem vex wid. Dem boys been hearing people talking and dem been getting complaints. Dem didn’t want to believe but when it home, it really open dem boys eyes to what really playing out. Dem boys watching a few things and dem boys plan to

raise this matter wid Soulja Bai before dem expose it. Jagdeo use to do de same thing. He get Sattar fun go after de Waterfalls boss man. He use judges to go after Uncle Adam and Freddie. Dem boys thought that dem days for discrimination, victimization and hate was over when de govt change. Not fuh one moment dem boys believe that this thing woulda happen so close to home and so rampant. One man tell dem boys that every adult member of his family is being a target and pressured. Dem boys seh is a good thing Simona not wukking at O.P. because people woulda think is she. Everybody know

she wicked and she doing wickedness. It was a terrible thing she did de odda day to an ordinary security guard. She wrang to de man and then get de police to lock up de man. Then she go and sit down wid she driver and eat dinner like if nutten happen. She go to parliament yesterday and when people ask she why she do wha she did, she watch dem reporter full in dem face and seh, “I don’t know wha y’all talking bout.” It was then that Bishop Ten Edghill seh de Chinee food wha she eat eff up she memory. Talk half and wait fuh see wha Soulja Bai gun do.


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Friday July 13, 2018

Jagdeo regime must answer questions over Berbice Bridge contract – Min Patterson


he contractual ar rangement signed by the previous government as it relates to the operations of the Berbice River Crossing is not a sustainable deal. Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson told reporters yesterday, that the contract model under which the bridge was constructed was not sustainable to the people of Berbice or the Government of Guyana. Patterson ‘s comments on the issue came a few hours after the Berbice Bridge Company Inc. (BBCI) issued a statement calling for Government to honour the contractual agreements entered into some 12 years ago. The only people, who could have benefitted from that deal, were the private shareholders under whose control the bridge currently operates. Patterson noted the Jagdeo-led administration is the only group capable of answering the questions surrounding the deal the government entered into. “It’s like the Ministry of Finance said; one of those mumbo-jumbo contracts. I don’t see how with about

US$40M investment, you will only guarantee a certain group of people 23% rate of return and you‘re saying to them so many more cars are going to be on the road. “And if so many cars are not the road, the Government will be obligated to pay you the $300% increases. It’s definitely not sustainable.” He said therefore that the PPP/C regime which is now in opposition, should be responding to the questions from the media about the bridge. “These are questions I believe should be put to the opposition on how they thought that deal would have been sustainable ... “Under that deal the entire weight would be on the Berbice people so they should be the ones explaining why we’re here...” “The deal proposed by the company locked the government in and the PPP had been saying that it is a great government idea for public / private partnership. Obviously, they knew of the dangers, because the increased tolls were supposed to kick in since 2014. But they delayed it until after the elections and that

Minister David Patterson

Minister Bharrat Jagdeo

compounded the problem.” Asked whether further subsidizing the bridge is a step the Government is willing to take to help alleviate the problems of the Berbice Bridge, Patterson explained that he cannot see the rationale behind increasing the financial support. “I can‘t see the rationale in increasing the subsidy to a (private) company when last year Mr. Bert Carter said that the company has already paid out over $800M in dividends. “Now where has that

$800M in dividends gone? “They (BCCI) have done no maintenance to the bridge for the eleven to 12 years that they have it there.” And should there be such a consideration, Patterson said there must be provision for other matters not just for paying profits to a few investors alone. At present, Minister Patterson said that the matter will engage the attention of Cabinet. “It‘s something that will come up for discussion at Cabinet on Tuesday. So it‘s

CARIBBEAN ICT ROAD SHOW CULMINATES WITH YOUTH FAIR AND BERBICE FARMERS OUTREACH Racing Robots; Robots and apps to test the moisture content of soil; high tech drones; creating animated characters for television shows; smart classrooms attended by children at school in the Hinterland regions … These are mere representations of the high tech exhibits that will be on show at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC) today. Every single IT creation is the work of Guyanese secondary school students, university students, community ICT hub clubs, and small scale entrepreneurs equipped with an idea, a lot of Internet product design skills and a business plan. The exhibition is part of the CTU Caribbean ICT Roadshow’s YOUTH FAIR that is intended to bring into one physical space the many Guyanese young IT designers, app developers and technologists who have built products that would be put to use. Running simultaneously with the exhibition in the am tomorrow will be a Robotics Workshop coordinated by STEMGuyana. Youth Day will end with a town hall-styled discussion session featuring hundreds of students and Cathy Hughes, Minister of Public Telecommunications. It kicks off at 9.00 am inside and outside of the Conference Center. The finale of the Roadshow is set for tomorrow at the Nand Persaud Conference Hall, #36 Village, Corentyne where the CTU’s and Guyanese Agriculture, ICT and other experts will meet farmers and residents throughout the day. The creators of the prize winning app, Innovative Systems (InnoSys), are expected to

unveil and demonstrate their AGRICULTURAL COMMODITIES TRADE EXCHANGE app in Berbice as well. Team InnoSys is made up of IT techs Deenauth Mohabeer, Munifa Erskine, Julius Simon and Sonny Kothapally. Essentially the new App will bring producers, sellers and buyers of fruits, vegetables, ground provisions, dairy products, meats and other Guyanese agro-processed foods like cassava bread and cassareep into a single online marketplace. The opportunities for export are tremendous. (DPI)

PPP will scrap ... From page 8 initiated under his watch was an economic strategy that earned revenue. “It earned money for Guyana. The Green State Strategy so far is about expenses from our treasury. That is why conceptually, we disagree with it,’ Jagdeo stated.Just over a year ago, the Government with the help of the United Nations published the framework of the Guyana Green State Development Strategy and Financing Mechanisms.The plans include a ‘Vision 2030’ for an inclusive, green and prosperous State as the fundamental guide for the strategy. Jagdeo stated that the Government is talking about planting trees which indicates that they have missed the whole point that the plan should be an economic strategy to adjust for the future.“This here [Government’s plan] is a ton of consultants coming in,” Jagdeo stated.

not about an election promise but our concern for the Guyanese people because no-one can pay that level of toll that has been proposed.” Earlier this week, the Government rejected the proposal of a nearly 300% increase in tolls for the Berbice Bridge saying that it stands by its decision to reduce tolls. The government said, too, that it will continue to work with the BBCI in ensuring that the bridge is sufficiently maintained and safe for vehicular and marine use. The Government’s statement was a response to comments, made by the Chairman of BBCI, Dr. Surendra Persaud. Dr. Persaud had detailed to the media the struggles the company has endured in keeping the Berbice Bridge afloat. The bridge was constructed under a Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) scheme, a public-private partnership venture. The construction of the bridge under the Bharrat Jagdeo administration, while widely welcomed, was heavily criticized because a few private investors were al-

lowed almost total control, though putting up only a fraction of the almost US$45M used to build it. The Government of Guyana is the largest investor, but can only take control after 20 years. The privately-owned bridge has been facing a major problem with maintenance, or the lack thereof, particularly as it regards to the pontoons. As such, the BBCI has been reaching out to the Government to increase the tolls. The Government nonetheless has been adamant and insisted to all Berbicians and users of the bridge that it is not contemplating any increases to the Berbice Bridge toll. The Government says that any request for toll increases must take into consideration a wide array of factors, and cannot solely be on the basis of recouping operational costs and profits on the dividends. “The bridge agreement places obligations on all parties, which include scheduled maintenance and associated upgrades,” the government said in a statement.


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Dr. Hinds is wrong! Racism has not invaded cricket - Sanasie

The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) has taken umbrage to the views reflected by Dr. David Hinds in his most recent column published in the Kaieteur News. More specifically, the GCB thinks it was irresponsible of Dr. Hinds to present information he gathered about the selection of cricketers as “facts.” Yesterday, Board Member, Anand Sanasie, said that most of what Dr. Hinds said can be proven as “false” Sunday, Dr. Hinds said that the cricket administration in Guyana has been “completely racialized in favour of one ethnic group – Indian Guyanese. What does this mean? It essentially means that the monies that go to the respective governing groups are controlled by members of one ethnic group. It also means that this group controls all decision making in relation to national cricket, including how and where the money is spent and who gets selected to represent Guyana.” Speaking on behalf of the GCB, Sanasie said that racialism has not invaded the selection process of national

cricketers neither has it invaded the selection process for officials of the GCB. In fact, he said that the Senior National Selection Panel is dominated by AfroGuyanese while the Junior Selection Panel benefits from an equal composition of Indo and Afro Guyanese. The members of the Senior Selection Panel are Reyon Griffith (Chairman), Esaun Crandon, Michael Hyles Franco, Clive Brimon and Sanasie. The Members of the Junior Selection Panel are Nazimul Drepaul, Aotto Christani, Julian Moore and Anil Persaud. Sanasie also stated that 95 percent of the coaches of the national teams are Afro Guyanese. In this regard, he mentioned that the coaches of Guyana’s under 19, 17 and 15 national teams are Julian Moore, Orin Bailey and Winston Smith respectively. Further, Sanasie noted that the election/selection structure is so designed that clubs, associations and counties are involved in election and selection processes. Addressing the channeling of cash, Sanasie said that GCB does not benefit from

Political Analyst/ Columnist, Dr. David Hinds the financial support of government. “Neither this government or the one before support us financially. The money comes from West Indies Cricket Board or what was raised by the Guyana Cricket Board because what we receive from the West Indies Cricket Board is minimal for our budget.” In Dr. Hinds’s column, he said, “This statistic would shock Guyanese. The 14-man squad that represented Guyana at the Regional Under-15 tournament in Jamaica

earlier this year included 11 Indian Guyanese and three African Guyanese players…Further, the statistic on the youth team suggests that only Indian Guyanese boys are interested in cricket, or are good enough to represent the nation – or that other ethnic groups are marginalized.”Sanasie said that he could not definitively say that Hinds was incorrect when he stated that only two Afro-Guyanese were on the under 15 team that went to Jamaica. However, he said that names can sometimes mislead. “If I tell you about a Troy Persaud you will think that he is Indian but that is not always the case.” Also, Sanasie said, “Maybe Hinds conveniently forgot to mention, or does not know, that the under 17 team currently in Trinidad has two Amerindians. Why didn’t he talk about them; what? They

are not included as Guyanese?”Sanasie could not state the ethnicity of the other members of that team in Trinidad. He said, “I do not have that in front of me right now, but I can get that for you at another time.” Hinds had written, too, that “member boards and associations which are more ethnically balanced have, for the most part, been marginalized from participating at the higher levels of administration. “Challenges in the courts have highlighted the various issues in this regard. Representatives of these boards and associations have been working tirelessly to educate Guyanese on what is happening and to get government to intervene to change the situation. They have been dubbed trouble makers. “As a consequence, the areas where African Guyanese boys live, and

Friday July 13, 2018

Guyana cricket Board Official, Anand Sanasie clubs that they belong to, are deliberately starved of resources, and they are often overlooked for national selection.”Sanasie said, “None of that is true.” Dr. Hinds had posited that dictatorship in Guyana’s cricket administration was institutionalized under the PPP as part of their ethno-racial domination of Guyana. Of that, I am certain. (Continued on page28 )

President Granger receives courtesy call from Exxon Mobil’s Senior Vice President

President David Granger, Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman and members of the Exxon delegation.


resident David Granger received a courtesy call from Senior Vice President of Exxon Mobil Corporation, Mr. Neil Chapman, yesterday. Chapman is in Guyana to familiarise himself with the operations, having recently taken over responsibilities for the global upstream oil and gas operations at the Corporation’s headquarters. During a meeting held at State House, the two sides discussed matters related to the status of exploratory and development work as well as the relationship between the Government and the company. President Granger said that at the end of the process, Guyanese must be able to view the development of a petroleum industry as one

that is beneficial to the national interest as he noted that the Government will be working with ExxonMobil to develop a long term relationship. Mr. Chapman said that the meeting was productive and he looks forward to building on the relationship, which was established three years ago. “We talked about the oil development offshore with what’s taking place right now. We updated the President on not just what is taking place today, but where we see the development going in the future. We are very positive about the relationship between ExxonMobil and the country. “We are very pleased with the developments; we are very pleased with the explo-

ration, but the benefit for this is not just for ExxonMobil. It is for the benefit of the country and that is what we talked about; how this will benefit the country going forward,” he said. The meeting was also attended by Minister of Natural Resources, Mr. Raphael Trotman on the Government’s side while ExxonMobil’s executives present at the meeting were Mr. Rod Henson, C o u n t r y M a n a g e r, M s . Kimberly Brasington, ExxonMobil’s Guyana Senior Director of Public and Government Affairs (outgoing), Ms. Deedra Moe, ExxonMobil’s Guyana Senior Director of Public and Government Affairs (incoming), and Mr. Carlton James, Director, Government Relations, Guyana. (DPI)

Friday July 13, 2018


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House passes Financial Institutions (Amendment) Bill to strengthen Central Bank powers …Opposition contends it is toxic with opportunities for political interference By Kiana Wilburg The government’s oneseat majority in the National Assembly was able to successfully pass yesterday, the Financial Institutions (Amendment) Bill. Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan, spoke at length about the importance of the Bill to the financial stability of the nation. He said that the Financial Institutions Bill, together with four others on the Order Paper, is designed to modernize the nation’s financial architecture and anchor the financial stability of the country so that those in the system can be resilient and are able to withstand unexpected shocks or unwinding imbalances. The Finance Minister explained that the Bill was a necessary recommendation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank which conducted a Financial Sector Assessment Programme (FSAP) two years ago. This programme was established by the two international bodies in 1999. It is done to help countries analyze the resilience of their financial sector, the quality of its regulatory and supervisory framework, and to understand and strengthen its capacity to manage and resolve financial crises. Based on its findings, FSAPs produce recommendations of a micro- and macroprudential nature, tailored to country-specific circumstances. Jordan noted that prior to 2016; such a test was done on Guyana in 2004. He pointed out that during that time; an FSAP report recommended that there be substantial changes to Guyana’s Financial Institutions Act. Jordan said that the FSAP’s suggestions to improve the Act were instituted by the Jagdeo administration and the Bill, signed into law

Finance Minister, Winston Jordan on November 30, 2004. Jordan noted that the 2004 changes limited financial institutions to making loans or extending credit to any parent company or subsidiary; prescribed penalties to directors and officers for giving false information, allowed Bank of Guyana to help banks in financial distress etc. The Finance Minister said that these changes made the system revolutionary. The Finance Minister bemoaned the fact that it was until a decade before another FSAP was done. He then gave a snippet of the findings of the 2016 FSAP report. Jordan said that the financial system is doing “reasonably well” but significant vulnerabilities remained. According to the 2016 FSAP report, Guyana’s crisis management framework needs improving along with its deposit scheme. It also stressed the need for the Banks to engage in proactive responses to sectoral issues. Jordan said that these are significant observations. To underscore the importance of the Bill, Jordan reminded of the Globe Trust and Investments Company fiasco. Globe Trust began operating in April 1991 and was licensed in 1999 to conduct

depository financial business with authority to engage in Trust business. However, in 2000 and again in 2001, a series of inspections by the Bank of Guyana found the institution to be in breach of the Financial Institutions Act. Central Bank, with the intention to liquidate, seized the institution in September 2001. The Finance Minister noted however that the process to close Globe Trust was a lengthy one. The economist noted that the Financial Institutions Act, which was amended with the help of the IMF and the World Bank, would remove such problems in the future. While members of the political opposition are in favour of the modernization of the financial sector, they did not lend support for the Bill. This was reflected in statements made by Opposition Members, Irfaan Ali, Joe Hamilton, Juan Edghill and Anil Nandlall. Edghill during his presentation said, “We accept and have high regard for international consultants that give us help but we must never seed out our sovereignty. “We must never be slavish that we must do whatever is being told to us. We must decide in this House what is best for us. We agree that the financial architecture of this country, it must be modernized. But let us take the time to discuss these amendments so that we are not made to come back again and do more amendments. Don’t let us rush it.” Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, remains convinced that the Bill would only seek to impose political will on those in the banking sector. He reminded of the issue where cambios were “threatened” to use government imposed rates of buying and selling, the failure of which would lead to the revocation of their licences.

Ministers share different views on Minister Broomes fiasco Four days ago Minister Broomes made allegations against two security guards, whom she claimed cocked and pointed a gun at her. The guards were detained by the police for 16 hours. Since then Minister Amna Alli, Minister Volda Laurence and Minister Joseph Harmon have had different views on the issue. Minister Broomes when questioned by media operatives on the matter, claimed a lack of knowledge about the matter. “I don’t know what

you are talking about,” she responded to reporters when they asked her about the incident. Minister Broomes made claims that one of the guards cocked and pointed a gun at her after her driver was about to drop her off at the entrance of the restaurant and was attempting to move some “No Parking” signs. She said that the security guard verbally abused her. She went on to tell different media publications of the hor-

rible experience she had, all the time claiming that the security guard was the aggressor, and that she and her driver were innocent bystanders. Video footage that was released in the wake of Minister Broomes’s claims, showed a totally different version of the events, and has sparked much discussion about the Ministers actions. On Wednesday evening Minister Volda Laurence met with one of the (Continued on page 28)

Nandlall said, “This is the political control we are talking about because if they didn’t do it then their licences would be revoked. These bills are toxic, filled with political control and interference. There is no independence of Central Bank here…” The Opposition Members also criticized the fact that the government was cutting and pasting the IMF’s and World Bank’s recommendations

without giving careful thought to the effects it will have on the banking sector. But in his wrap up on the Bill, the Finance Minister categorically disagreed with the points proffered by his colleagues. He stressed that there is no shame in receiving help from international institutions so that the banking sector can be on par with the rest of the region. He said that this was necessary since the Chambers of the Attorney General is

overburdened. Jordan said, “We don’t have the skill set needed to do the drafting of some of these Bills and this is no disrespect to the AG Chambers. They are doing a fantastic job too…But there is no shame in asking for help.” The Members of the House then went through the various amendments to Sections of the Bill. It was put to a vote and subsequently passed.


Friday July 13, 2018

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Region Three students benefit from Govt. scholarship programme Community members gathered at the meeting

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon addressing the gathering at The Grove Multipurpose Centre, Region Three

Students at West Demerara Secondary School Numerous Region Three students have benefited from the Ministry of the Presidency’s Department of Public Services’ scholarship programmes. Since assuming office in 2015, the government has granted over 137 scholarships to youths in the region, said Minister of State, Joseph Harmon. He was

addressing members of the Mora/Parika/Salem community last evening. Minister Harmon stated that “these were scholarships for all over the world.” He went on to list some of the countries for which they were granted. These included China, Barbados, Cuba, Georgia, the United States, Jamaica, Mexico, The Netherlands, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United Kingdom. The Minister of State highlighted that all these scholarships were fully paid and ranged from tertiary education students to those looking to acquire their PhDs. He disclosed, “At the University of Guyana alone over this period, we sent over one hundred and something young people to the University of Guyana, paying for everything for them.” Minister Harmon noted that “there were some attachments which do not categorize as scholarships.” These, he explained, are courses that span a few weeks which are categorized as “on the job training”. These courses sometimes are hosted overseas and are paid for at the expense of the state. He reiterated that the government continues to be committed to the capacity building of the nation’s people. Since assuming office in 2015, the Government of Guyana through its Department of Public Service has granted over 1,000 scholarships to youths across the country covering a wide range of subject areas. [DPI]

Friday July 13, 2018


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Teens to benefit from ‘Outliers Zone’ financial literacy workshop Come this Sunday teenagers will be the target for and interactive ‘financial/wealth literacy Masterclass for teens’. The forum hosted by Outliers Zone will explore six basic financial strategies to grow Generational Wealth; Earn well; Tithe well, Save well, Spend well, Invest well, and Donate Well. This masterclass is a part of Outliers Zone’s mandate and national initiative to educate Teens on how to manage money and equip them with a skill that is key to making their dreams a reality — and bringing reality to their dreams. This masterclass sets out to help youths raise their financial literacy level to become Generational Wealth Builders and focus on creating a legacy of wealth. Outliers Zone is a unique and innovative Institute which provides financial counselling and mentorship to enable Teens, Women, Couples and Business Owners to make informed money decisions in order to leave a legacy of wealth for their generation. Culturally, it’s a different and pioneering philosophy being introduced to Guyana. This institution is on a mission to awaken the consciousness of Guyanese so that they can achieve more out of life if they learn to grow their money to benefit their generations. According to the CEO of Outliers Zone, Mrs. Athalyah

Quality Assurance Trainees after receiving Financial Training Yisrael, “Guyana’s economic stability depends on the financial well-being of our youth, which is why Outliers Zone has chosen to host a masterclass targeting teens. It is so important that children and teens start learning about finances at a young age so they are better prepared to make sound financial decisions in the future.” While Teens might not be immediately headed for financial troubles, Yisrael seeks to bring to the fore the cost of a financially illiterate secondary student leaving school without being equipped to master their personal finances. “A financially illiterate secondary school student is

a danger to their families, our workforce and overall contribution to the development of Guyana,” said Yisrael who added, “The team at Outliers Zone is passionate about empowering teenagers to become financially literate and dedicated to building a legacy of Generational Wealth mindset.” In this regard, she said, “They will be taught how to begin managing their daily school monies when received from parents. This is the first experience of managing money.” The Financial /Wealth Literacy Masterclass for Teens will take place this Sunday at noon at the ‘We Own Space (Continued on page 16)

Outliers Zone solution to Money Problems


Friday July 13, 2018

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Regent Street vagrant dies weeks after car crash …Police seek public’s assistance to identifybody “Carpenter”, his only name given, has died at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. “Carpenter” was one of the vagrants who was run over by a Toyota motor car PKK 7006 on June 19, last, after the car ran off of Regent Street and mowed down four vagrants who were sleeping in the vicinity of Household Plus. The store is located between Cummings Street and Orange Walk. Witnesses who were in close proximity to where the accident occurred, claimed that there was a loud crash around 03:00 hrs; then screams could be heard. When persons ran to the scene to ascertain what happened, four vagrants were pinned under a shed that had been uprooted by the car that came to rest some 150ft away. One of the individuals pinned and was identified only as “Carpenter”, had both of his legs crushed. The scene was a bloody one; the emergency services were called and they then used power tools to free the four individuals who were

pinned. “Carpen t e r ” a n d a n other of the four vagrants who received serious injuries were taken to the hospital. Witnesses claimed when the driver emerged from the car, witnesses claimed that he said he saw someone in the middle of the road and swerved to avoid hitting the person. He also said he was going at 60kph, which witnesses claim could not be true, since the car came to rest a long way from the first point of impact. In a statement yesterday, the Guyana Police Force appealed for help in “identifying a male whose name was given as “Carpenter” and who was involved in an accident in the vicinity of Household Plus on Regent Street between Cummings Street and Ora n g e Wa l k , B o u r d a , Georgetown.” He subsequently succumbed to his injuries on July 02, 2018 at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. The body is presently at the Georgetown Public Hospital’s Mortuary

The car that was involved in the accident.

awaiting identification and a post-mortem examination. Anyone with information that may lead to his identification is asked to contact the police on telephone numbers 225-2672, 226-2411, 227-1152, 226-7065, 227-1611, 227-1149, 227-1270, 225-6940-9, 226-2917, 2252700, 225-6411, 226-4585, 2262917, 225-0593 911 or the nearest Police Station.

Emergency services trying to free the victims at the time of the accident.

Closing arguments to be presented in cause of death trial Almost one year after a 64-year-old woman was struck down and killed while attempting to cross the Herstelling Public Road, East Bank Demerara, the prosecutor and defence will soon be making their closing arguments in the case. Cleveland Softleigh, 50, a business man of Mocha is currently on trial before Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. It is alleged that on July 29, last, Softleigh drove motor car PKK 3251 in a manner dangerous to the public causing the death of Ingrid James. Softleigh denied the allegation and is currently out on $1M bail. He is being represented by Attorney-at-law Sanjeev Datadin while the state case is being prosecuted

Charged Cleveland Softleigh by Police Prosecutor Shawn Gonsalves.

The prosecutor recently closed his case in the matter and the defendant led his defence. According to information, on the day in question about 20:20 hrs the defendant was proceeding at a fast rate along the Herstelling Public Road when he collided with James who was crossing. It was reported that James landed some distance away from the point of impact and was picked up by Softleigh and taken to the Diamond Hospital. It was also reported that as a result of the collision, James’ left leg was severed. She was pronounced dead on arrival. A statement from the police had said that the woman was reportedly crossing the road and walked into the path of the vehicle.

Teens to benefit from ‘Outliers Zone... From page 15 Conference Room’ located at lot 3 David Rose and Aubrey Barker Street, South Rumiveldt Gardens. This workshop for teens will also be held in Berbice, Linden and other locations throughout Guyana. Interested persons can contact Out-

liers Zone to book a session for Teen/Youth Groups, Religious organizations or school to raise their Financial Literacy level. Also, persons can secure their place at the Teen Financial/ Wealth Master Class session by contacting Yisrael on [592] 623-4386.


Friday July 13, 2018

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Murder charge against former GDF Captain....

Sagga murder...

Two more witnesses testify in PI

Magistrate defers yet another court hearing

Two more witnesses yesterday testified in the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the murder of Reona Payne, a travel agent, who was shot 14 times about her body, allegedly by former Guyana Defence Force Captain Orwain Sandy. Sandy, who was also the Special Assistant to the Chiefof-Staff, is currently on trial before Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. Yesterday when the matter was called, two witnesses went into the box and testify in the matter. The first witness called by the prosecution was Corporal Nigel Gravesande, who told the court that he is stationed at Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters, Eve Leary and attached to the ballistic section. The second witness called was Leroy Carol, who told the court that he is a crime scene examiner. He further went on to tell the court that he visited the scene after the crime was committed. Both Gravesande and Carol give brief testimonies. The murder accused, who is being represented

Former GDF Captain Orwain Sandy by Attorney-at-Law James Bond, has not been required to plead to the indictable charge. The PI into the murder will continue on June 6. Government Psychiatrist, Dr. Bhiro Harry, after evaluating Sandy on several occasions, deemed him fit to stand trial for the capital offence. According to reports, the incident occurred be-

tween 10:15 hours and 10:45 hours in the vicinity of a Masjid at Alexander Village, Georgetown. Sources say that Sandy and Payne were in (Payne’s) Car when the two got into an argument during which Sandy whipped out his firearm and shot the woman several times, killing her on the spot. Sandy then drove himself to the Ruimveldt Police Station where he reported the matter to the police and was taken into custody. Payne was the mother of three; she worked as a Tr a v e l A g e n t a t t h e Muneshwer’s Travel Service for a number of years. Payne and Sandy were not married, but were living together for about three years. The Guyana Defence Force, in a release, said that Sandy was immediately interdicted from duty. The GDF said that it was saddened by the incident, but noted that Sandy’s action was not reflective of the values and standards of the GDF. The matter will be called again on July 16 for continuation of the PI.

Godfrey Scipio

Charged, Derwin Eastman

One month after two former policemen who are charged with the murder of businessman, Godfrey Scipio, voiced their dissatisfaction at the delay of the Preliminary Inquiry (PI), the matter was yet again given another adjournment date. Derwin Eastman who was once Best Cop for ‘A’ Division and his colleague, Jemison Williams, who were both attached to the Brickdam Police Station are currently on remand for the capital offence. The duo was not required to plead to the charge which alleged that on October 12 last, at David Street, Kitty, Georgetown, they murdered Godfrey Scipio. Yesterday when the matter was called in Senior Magistrate Fabayo Azore Courtroom, the Magistrate told the court that she would have to grant an adjourn-

Charged, Jemison Williams

ment in the matter. Her reason for the decision is unknown. The men were told to return to court today for the continuation of the PI. Aubrey Bobb, 26, of Kitty was the first person to be charged with the murder of the businessman and he is currently on remand. The allegation against Eastman and Williams stems from a statement Bobb gave to the police, implicating the former police ranks in the crime. According to reports, Bobb alleged that Eastman is the mastermind behind ‘Sagga’s’ murder since he allegedly provided the weapon. It was reported that Scipio, 58, was shot dead shortly after leaving a Kitty hotel. He was also robbed of a gold chain.

Friday July 13, 2018


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GWI making strides with equitable water supply across country The realisation of a seafood processing plant in Region One will require moves by the Guyana Water Incorporated [GWI] to direct some infrastructural investment in that section of the country. Plans in this regard were on Wednesday disclosed by Managing Director of the water company, Dr. Richard Van West Charles, during a press conference at the Shelter Belt Vlissengen Road and Church Street office. Based on some calls from Vice President and Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Sydney Allicock, and Minister within the same Ministry, Ms. Valerie Garrido-Lowe, Dr. Van-West Charles said that GWI will be tasked with providing water to the processing plant. Estimated at $10 million, the processing plant, which is slated to be built at a location in Smith Creek, Region One, is expected to process crab and fish caught by residents of Smith Creek, Morawhanna and Imbotero [all in Region One]. The sale of this seafood is said to be the main source of income for the residents there. “That project requires water, so we have to now look

at probably drilling a well in that community to serve that economic project,” said Dr. Van West Charles. According to the GWI Managing Director, “We visited Smith Creek; we provided a large lifesaver filter and the Region is going to be putting up the trestle and so forth, but they are going to get water from the river and it is going to be purified.” Undertaking this project, according to Dr. Charles, represents a few of the projects that GWI is currently spearheading as part of its efforts to provide equitable service to the nation. A move in this direction, he said, “is really responding to the President’s [David Granger] call for equity between the hinterland regions and more or less the coastal regions and that is by definition the mission of the organisation to respond to and provide potable water nationwide, not only on the coast.” Speaking of its ongoing works in the hinterland communities, Dr. Van West Charles said, “The information we have got so far tells us that certain times of the year when water in the river is low, the water becomes brackish, so they can’t use

GWI Managing Director, Dr. Richard Van West Charles that water all year round.” “Even with climate change many of these hinterland communities that are using surface water are under threat,” he added. For this reason, he said, “we are now looking at not only the use of surface water but ground water in many hinterland communities. In some communities it presents a challenge be-

Accreditation to improve competence of GA-FDD The work of the Government Analyst Food and Drug Department [GAFDD] is expected to be much more reliable. This development is linked to the fact that the body was recently conferred with the status of accreditation for four laboratories to better carry out its duties. The laboratories include: Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Excise Chemistry and Water Chemistry. Addressing the latest advancement of the GA-FDD, Director Marlan Cole said, “this project was facilitated by the Caricom Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality [CROSQ] through the Technical Barriers to Trade [TBT] programme”. The programme is one that falls under the 10th European Development Fund [EDF] with support from the Guyana National Bureau of Standards [GNBS]. According to Cole, the four laboratories are now accredited by the Jamaica National Agency for Accreditation [JAANAC]. The accreditation status, which became effective on Tuesday May 29, 2018, is in accordance with the ISO standard in relation to general requirements for testing and calibration laboratories.

GA-FDD Director, Marlan Cole “Accreditation gives the GA-FDD laboratories formal recognition of its technical competence to perform analytical testing where accurate and reliable results will be provided that meet customers’ needs,” Cole related. This, in essence, will translate to the results of the GA-FDD being issued in accordance with the ISO/ IEC 17025: 2005 requirements and would be recognized by the international community.

According to Cole, “This means that exporters of food commodities that are subjected to our regulatory oversight can now be assured of additional support/ confirmation as a result of our accredited status.” He added, “We wish to thank all the hard working staff at the department who made this possible and the Ministry of Public Health for its key, critical and invaluable support throughout the entire process.”

cause of the rock formation and we have to have the right equipment to do the drilling and some other diagnostic equipment to be sure that where we drill, the chances of success will be higher than to be drilling in the blind.” In its continued quest to help improve the quality of potable water on a national scale, the GWI Managing Di-

rector revealed that there are also ongoing projects geared at improving the water supply at public schools. “That is one of the things we have found in some schools in the hinterland regions, they were built and there is no water...children were actually bringing water from home...I know in Batavia, Region Seven [for example] this is the situation,” Dr. Van West Charles said. This project, he disclosed, is one that is being done in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the regional administrations. “That is an activity that is countrywide...we have been cleaning the [water] tanks, checking samples of water from the tanks, disinfecting the tanks and seeking to ensure that the tanks are clear of any pathogens,” D r. Va n We s t C h a r l e s shared. Among the regions in which the project is nearing completion are Regions Four and Six. “Region Six is nearly finished and Region Four is more or less completed, with the exception of some schools on the East Coast [of Demerara] which we are working on,” said the Managing Director. However,

the focus has not only been on school facilities but also on health facilities, including hospitals, health centres and health posts, throughout the regions. T h e i n t e n t , D r. Va n West Charles said, is to be sure that the quality of water getting into those facilities is potable enough for human consumption. “Our thinking is that the schools and hospitals within communities really serve as proxy indicators for the entire communities, so we are working in this direction to ensure that our schools and health facilities [are safe].” In order to cater adequately to the health facilities, GWI has been working closely with the Ministry of Public Health and, according to Dr. Van West Charles, “the Ministry will also be seeing from its epidemiological data, the level of water-borne diseases in different parts of the country.” Water-borne diseases have over the years been a major health challenge in hinterland communities, but with the ongoing support of GWI, it is expected that this will be considerably reduced.


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Friday July 13, 2018

Ministers share different views ... From page 13 security guards at the New Thriving Restaurant and posted photos and a statement on her Facebook page. “Tonight I met young Josh Rambarran, a security guard at New Thriving Restaurant Providence, who told me a story about what happened to him on Sunday last. According to him he was wrongfully arrested and detained for 16 hours. From the bottom of my heart, I apologised to him and said I was sorry. Humility and wisdom are character traits we must always ask of our Creator,” her Facebook posting read.At Parliament yesterday Minister Volda Laurence said when questioned about the Broomes issue, “When the young man came to me and explained the situation, and I saw the footage, I think it was appropriate to apologize to him.”Minister Amna Alli

Minister Broomes at Parliament claiming not to know what reporters are talking about. said, “For me I would say that all and sundry must o b serve the rule of law. Whether you are a Minister, you are an ordinary person. That is what is expected.” Minister Joseph Harmon stated he would not comment on a police matter.Robert Goodluck, the security guard whom the Minister claimed

Dr. Hinds is wrong! ... From page 12 So, Mr. Jagdeo, this is one area of race relations I would love to discuss with you with the aim of changing it. Sanasie responded, “Jagdeo is no friend of the Guyana Cricket Board. In fact, he and his government attempted to take over the Cricket Board and it was rejected. He (Jagdeo) nor his government was ever involved in the selection processes.” Sanasie continued, “My previous comments were made on behalf of the GCB but this is from me, Anand Sanasie. If Hinds has a problem with Jagdeo let him deal with Jagdeo and leave cricket out of it. Because, in my opinion, neither of them (Dr. Hinds or Jagdeo) has enough knowledge about cricket and its management in Guyana to the extent that they can have a debate. I am aware that David Hinds is part of this group calling themselves stakeholders of Guyana cricket and he has a horse in the race. I will say this; his horse has lost. Since I replaced Claude Raphael as director on the West Indies Cricket Board I am aware that there has been a belief that that should not have been. I will leave that there.” Read Dr. Hinds’ entire column at: https://

cocked and pointed a gun a t h e r, h a s f o u n d t h e Minister’s accusations disturbing. He says the whole incident has had a negative effect on him so far. After the incident w a s widely publicized, and accusations were made against him, persons had concluded that he was guilty. He was also detained for sixteen hours. Later, video footage of what really transpired had come to light. But by then, the damage was already done. Goodluck said the whole issue was very unfortunate. He said that he has always been very respectful in executing his job. Goodluck said he learnt that the woman was Minister Broomes after he was told by his superiors. He said the woman and her driver never said anything that would have suggested that she was a Government official. The video footage of what transpired can be viewed at this link: watch?v=2_nOg7_2uIA

Friday July 13, 2018

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Friday July 13, 2018

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Friday July 13, 2018


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In one year…

GPHC records 119 neonatal deaths –Lawrence reveals The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) has recorded 119 neonatal deaths for the period June 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018. This was revealed by Minister of Health, Volda Lawrence, during a parliamentary session yesterday. She was at the time responding to questions from Opposition Member, Dr. Vindya Persaud, who expressed concern over the number of deaths for the aforementioned period. During her questions which were posed without notice, the Parliamentarian asked the Minister to speak to the causes for the high mortality rate at the GPHC. Dr. Persaud also asked Lawrence to state what measures were being taken to reduce the deaths at the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). She also wanted the politician to tell the National Assembly, the number of deaths at the NICU, if there were any investigations and if the cleanliness of the Unit had any link to the deaths.

The Minister of Health was quick to note that during the one year period in question; there was no increase in neonatal deaths. She said that the NICU had 1155 admissions and 10.3 percent represented deaths. Dr. Persaud shouted across the room that “this is too high.” But Lawrence quickly responded, saying that even one neonatal death is “too high.” The Health Minister said that over the years, the figures for neonatal deaths have been on the decline but provided no statistics to the House to prove her point in this regard. Be that as it may, the Minister said that works continue in an effort to ensure that neonatal deaths are brought down to zero. As it relates to investigations, Lawrence said that every neonatal death is reported and reviewed by the Child Mortality Committee which draws representatives from the government and the private sector. She stressed that if a report shows any discrepan-

cies, then investigates are done. For the period in question, Lawrence said that no special investigation was warranted. Further to this, Lawrence made it clear that poor sterility and infrequent testing of the facility was not responsible for the deaths during the period in question. The Minister said, “GPHC employs several practices to ensure the safety of neonatals. The NICU is thoroughly cleaned and then sterility checks are done after cleaning. Blood culture results are also reviewed. “Once that is done, then there is a review of all cleaning protocols and hygiene compliance audits are done for quality improvements. The NICU is a clean environment. Sterility checks are only warranted after a general cleaning and decontamination...” That said, Dr. Persaud turned her attention to the number of neonatal deaths for this year. She pointed out that from January to April, there were 32 deaths. The

CDB, PAHO train regional mental health pros to respond in aftermath of a natural disaster BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (CMC) – The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) have embarked on a project to build resilience and psychosocial support across the Caribbean. Mental health professionals from across the region attended a trainers’ workshop that ended yesterday. The objective is to establish a roster of persons who can be mobilised to affected countries in the event of a natural disaster, to provide mental health and psychosocial support. In addition, participants will be provided with the tools to conduct additional training in their home countries. Speaking at the opening ceremony earlier this week, Daniel Best, Director of Projects, CDB, said that while recovery and rehabilitation efforts have typically focused on infrastructure, there is a need to prepare populations to better cope with natural hazards by focusing on mental health and psychosocial well-being. “As participants of this workshop you will be trained in tools to provide mental health and psychosocial support, including the

provision of psychological first aid (PFA). PFA is specifically geared towards addressing the immediate and practical psychosocial needs of individuals, families, and communities in the aftermath of a disaster. You will play a critical part in current and upcoming recovery and rehabilitation processes. We cannot achieve social resilience and sustainable development without addressing mental health and psychosocial well-being”, said Best. Delivering the feature address at the opening of the workshop, Minister of Health, Jeffrey Bostic, noted that given the Region’s vulnerability to natural disasters, the training provided during the workshop will enable the mobilisation of a regional response in the event of a disaster. “We are becoming increasingly aware of the emotional and mental toll that severe disasters have on populations and the need to design appropriate strategies. The psychological impact of such devastation, including loss of life in some instances, cannot be overlooked. Immediate and focused interventions are needed to assist individuals to cope with loss, devastation, and to

provide the tools to emotionally support individuals and their families to the eventual transition to normalcy or their new norm.” Meanwhile, Dr. Godfrey Xuereb, PAHO/WHO representative for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, said that PAHO is focused on including mental health support in its interventions. “Addressing mental health and psychosocial support has become a priority in our disaster preparedness efforts both at the national and at the regional level. We need to raise mental health awareness pre and post disaster. Over the coming days we hope to train a cadre of persons to enable them to identify immediate needs and tailor interventions during humanitarian emergencies, placing particular emphasis on vulnerable groups and gender-based vulnerability,” said Xuereb. The workshop is part of a joint project by PAHO and CDB, entitled “Building individual and social resilience to cope with the impacts of natural hazard events: enhancing capacity for mental health and psychosocial support in disaster management in the Caribbean”. It will be implemented over an 18month period.

Opposition Member asked Lawrence to state how high the figures have to be in order to warrant a full scale investigation into the direct causes. Volda agreed that the figures presented by Dr. Persaud are accurate but reminded that even in those cases; no discrepancies were found by the Mortality Committee. Dr. Persaud was not satisfied with this response, stating that 35 neonatal deaths in four months is alarming. She also pushed for Lawrence to say what were the causes of the deaths for the year but Lawrence provided none at that time. Dr. Persaud had other pressing questions on the subject but was told to put them in writing. The Health Minister assured that answers would be provided soon.

Health Minister, Volda Lawrence

Canje Hindu temple burglarized The Cumberland Sri Radha Krishna Mandir, a Hindu temple at Cumberland Village, East Canje, Berbice was on Thursday broken into and burglarized. Equipment worth $500,000 were reportedly stolen by the brazen perpetrators . The Secretary of the mandir stated that a Behringer Euro power PA system and a quan-

tity of power tools were stolen. The secretary is pleading with persons to report to the nearest police station if they see anyone attempting to sell the stolen items. Persons can make contact with the secretary of the mandir on telephone numbers 327-2120 or 615 7590.

Arrest warrant issued for convicted drug dealer A drug dealer who was nabbed at the eastern section of the Berbice River Bridge has been found guilty. However he was absent from Court and an arrest warrant has been issued for his arrest. The man, Lloyd John, 39, who gave his address as Wales, West Bank Demerara, appeared in the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Alex Moore and was found guilty on a charge of possession of Narcotics for the purpose of trafficking. According to Prosecutor Inspector Bernard Brown, around 05:55 hrs on December 14, 2017 John was among

five person travelling in motor car HC 7959. The vehicle was stopped and the passengers were asked to disembark. A black plastic bag was left under the left side back seat under where the accused was sitting. A further check of the bag revealed a black plastic bag wrapped with transparent scotch tape inside. The contents were checked and what appeared to be leaves seeds and stems of the marijuana were found inside. John denied ownership of the bag, but other passengers in the car identified him as the owner. He was arrested and taken

into custody where the contents were tested and weighed and found to be 483 grams of marijuana. He was subsequently charged and placed on $175,000 bail despite the protestation of the prosecution. After been granted bail the accused did not return to court. The matter was tried in his absence and he was found guilty and sentenced to one year in jail and fined $150,000. Failing to pay the find he will serve an additional six months in jail. His bail has been escheated and an arrest warrant has been issued.

Overseas-based Guyanese launches... (From page 3) enter pageants and they cannot deliver themselves because of morals, poise, ethics and lack of communication skills. She said PEARL is an interactive programme, a free community-based programme designed to ensure that young girls achieve a good life by instilling great moral values in a safe and nurturing environment while exposing them to life skills in a practical way. “Practical principles will be applied during this programme to help refine girls into wellmannered young ladies of character, poise and charm.” Adams-Wintz also noted that for every child’s success it is imperative that the physical, social, spiritual and academic potentials be real-

ized to its fullest; because it would lead to holistic development of the individual becoming wellgroomed to face adult hood with confidence and self-esteem. According to Adams-Wintz when this is achieved the young lady is destined to become an exceptional individual who would have rippling positive effects on the community. Adams-Wintz said her objective at the end of the five days is to give young girls the opportunity to embrace themselves for who they truly are; help them to realize their personal strength and adapt necessary life skills that will help them to achieve and maintain a life of great character, moral, integrity and purpose. She said she will prepare them for a world of work as PEARLS.


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Friday July 13, 2018

Friday July 13, 2018

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Friday July 13, 2018

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Tour de France: Martin wins stage as Thomas climbs to second overall

Dan Martin had the strength to hold off the chasing pack after a short and sharp final climb.(GettyImages)

Friday July 13, 2018 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) The clouds have finally lifted and you should be able to see clearly again. The fire is burning red hot and you'll find people likely to stick up for themselves more than usual.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Don't be surprised if unexpected actions from others give your heart a jolt today, Libra. You could find that a strong force of erratic energy affects your emotions.

TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) Your slow and steady approach may need a sharp kick in the pants today, Taurus. Don't withhold your opinions. This is a time to get it all out on the table, despite the tension that it may cause.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) It's time to implement the plans you fostered as a result of internal processes over the past few days, Scorpio. Hop in the driver's seat and take control. As you do, you may need to erect a bit of a mental barrier.

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Try to seek freedom and new experiences today, Gemini. This is an important time for you to spread your wings and explore. Keep in mind that something or someone may be working to restrain you emotionally. CANCER(June21–July22) If people insist on having things their own way, let them, Cancer. Fighting isn't going to do any good. This kind of reaction will only cause more tension between you and the other person involved. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Suddenly you've found your energy again. Your engine is oiled up and ready to go. Put yourself in high gear and don't let anything stand in your way. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) You may be a bit daunted by the frenzy of energy present in the air today, Virgo. Try not to get thrown off balance by others who may be more abrasive than usual. Use this as a time of release for yourself.

SAGIT(Nov.22–Dec.21) Your mood should be quite good today, Sagittarius. Generally, you'll find that people will react to your tendency to take the lead. Keep in mind that this also indicates that they'll probably be more likely to fight back CAPRI(Dec.22–Jan.19) Be a little braver than usual today, Capricorn. Take some risks and show others that you have the strength to accomplish anything. AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) You may have the spark that wants to light things today, Aquarius. Indeed, there's a fast-paced tendency to the day that is right up your ally. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) Interaction with others may not be especially satisfying for you today. You could get the feeling that other people don't really care as much as you thought they did. Keep in mind that everyone is doing the best they can.

Ireland’s Dan Martin produced a superb late attack on the Mur de Bretagne to win stage six of the Tour de France. Birmingham-born Martin went with a kilometre to go on the final climb and held off the late challenge of Pierre Roger Latour by a second.Team Sky’s Geraint Thomas was part of a group three seconds behind but climbed to second overall after securing two bonus seconds during the stage. Chris Froome was eight seconds back and Tom Dumoulin nearly a minute behind. The Dutchman had to have a front wheel change just over 5km from the finish and chased desperately with the help of team-mates to try to limit the damage only to be handed a 20-second penalty for drafting behind a team car. Britain’s Adam Yates finished sixth on the day in the pack three seconds back, and has vaulted above Froome in the overall standings. The pair are 13th and 14th, one minute two seconds behind yellow jersey Greg van Avermaet, and 21 seconds ahead of Dumoulin. The stage, which finished with a second ascent of the category-three Mur de Bretagne, delivered the dramatic climax that the organisers had hoped for. Martin’s surge for the line was decisive as he secured his second stage win in the Tour, five years after his maiden success in the Pyreenes. As Martin rode clear, a host of general classification

Coaches support... From page 38 Kaieteur Sport.The coach whose team is top of the Elite League currently, posited that he understands that some players are looking for quick cash but there is no way that he would encourage any of his players to play for $500,000 when they have millions at stake in the league with the added incentive of a shot to play overseas while representing the ‘Land of Many Waters’. Coach Allen insisted that he believes, “Country should come first.” Coach Gilbert noted that he supports the development of the sport and the GFF’s move to enforce the league clause which debars players from playing in unsanctioned tournaments is a step in the right direction, “And, I believe that small goal competitions are only beneficial to the organisers. It’s all about making money, not for the love of the game.”

contenders endured the most testing examination of their credentials so far. Froome, in pursuit of his fifth Tour de France title and fourth successive Grand Tour victory, let five seconds slip in the overall standings to encourage rivals, of whom Dumoulin was Thursday’s biggest loser. After securing two bonus seconds at the ‘bonification’ sprint, Thomas said he went for them “because I saw the opportunity”. “I don’t think they are going to let me get away with it again,” said Thomas, who has been given licence to ride for himself for the first nine stages of the Tour at least. The 181km (112-mile) stage had earlier been brought to life by New Zealander Dion Smith forming part of a five-man breakaway

in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to wrestle the polkadot jersey from Tom Skujins. (BBCsport) Stage six results 1. Daniel Martin (Ire/UAE Team Emirates) 4hrs 13mins 43secs 2. Pierre Latour (Fra/ AG2R La Mondiale) +1 secs 3. Alejandro Valverde (Spa/Movistar) +3 secs 4. Julian Alaphilippe (Fra/ Quick-Step Floors) same time 5. Rafal Majka (Pol/Bora Hansgrohe) 6. Adam Yates (Gbr/ Mitchelton - Scott) 7. Bauke Mollema (Ned/ Trek - Segafredo) 8. Peter Sagan (Svk/Bora - Hansgrohe) 9. Geraint Thomas (Gbr/ Team Sky) 10. Primoz Roglic (Slo/ LottoNL - Jumbo)

Friday July 13, 2018


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Preparations begin for CFU and... From page 39 Provisional Squad – CONCACAF Girls U-15 Championship # Name Club/Academy Training Centre (ATC) 23 Sukhayiah Willie Dixi SC 24 Jenea Knight AJAX 25 Alanna Clarke Unionville OPDL 26 Alleia Alleyne Georgetown Football Association 27 Wendy Holden Rupununi Football Association 28 Shenika Atkinson Rupununi Football Association 29 Euriane Mentore Berbice Football Association 30 Shauna Edwards East Bank Football Association 31 Jalade Trim Upper Demerara Football Association 32 Nakasi St. Jules Georgetown 33 Shamaya Daniels East Bank Football Association 34 Kersti Thomas Bartica Football Association

Country Canada Canada Canada Guyana Guyana Guyana Guyana Guyana Guyana Guyana Guyana Guyana

Provisional List CFU Boys U14 Challenge Trophy # Name Academy Training Centre 1 Ian Gomes Bartica Football Association 2 Dellon Jones Bartica Football Association 3 Kimoni Milne Berbice Football Association 4 Shoran James East Bank Demerara FA 5 Kevon Scott East Bank Demerara FA 6 Dwayne Bess East Bank Demerara FA 7 Devon Padmore East Bank Demerara FA 8 Neron Barrow East Bank Demerara FA 9 Mark Morgan East Coast Demerara FA 10 Tyrice Dennis East Coast Demerara FA 11 Makhayah Jarvis East Coast Demerara FA 12 Colin Henriques East Coast Demerara FA 13 Samuel Garnett East Coast Demerara FA 14 Tyquan Brummel Essequibo Football Association 15 Joshua Holder Essequibo Football Association 16 Kevin Mullin Georgetown Football Association 17 Atwaun Vincente Georgetown Football Association 18 Aaron Austin Georgetown Football Association 19 Daniel Lowe Georgetown Football Association 20 Brandon Solomon Georgetown Football Association 21 Seon Sue Georgetown Football Association 22 Jaleei Alcindor Georgetown Football Association 23 Alexander Davidson Rupununi Football Association 24 Ofancy Winter Rupununi Football Association 25 Shavid Hernandez Rupununi Football Association 26 Lincoln James Rupununi Football Association 27 Matrim Martin Rupununi Football Association 28 Daniel Hopkinson Upper Demerara Football Association 29 Marcus Tudor Upper Demerara Football Association 30 Gerald Wittington Upper Demerara Football Association 31 Zidana Ramdeholl Upper Demerara Football Association 32 Keishawn Smith West Demerara Football Association 33 Kwesi Gill West Demerara Football Association 34 Romel Medas West Demerara Football Association 35 Oswin Archer West Demerara Football Association

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will renew rivalry in Wimbledon semi-finals

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal last met at a Grand Slam in the 2015 French Open quarter-finals Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have met more than any other two men in the Open era - and the pair are ready to finally resume their long-standing rivalry on the Grand Slam stage. Nadal, 32, and Djokovic, 31, meet in a highly anticipated Wimbledon semi-final today. They have met on 51 previous occasions, but not at this stage of a Slam since the 2014 French Open semi-finals. The winner will play either John Isner or Kevin Anderson in Sunday’s final. Spain’s Nadal and Serbia’s Djokovic have won 29 Grand Slam titles between them, including five previous victories at SW19. The pair have only met twice at Wimbledon, Nadal

winning their 2007 semi-final when Djokovic retired hurt, the Serb gaining revenge in the 2011 final. ”There is no one other match in the history of tennis that has been played more than our match. That’s a big thing,” said second seed Nadal. “We always played in important stages, important places.” While Nadal’s rivalry with Roger Federer may be considered as the most engaging, it is the Spaniard’s rivalry with Djokovic which is the most enduring. The pair have produced some of the greatest matches ever seen - which include memorable Grand Slam finals and career-defining victories. They have met in: 7 Grand

Serena Williams to face Angelique Kerber in women’s final Serena Williams will face Germany’s Angelique Kerber for an eighth Wimbledon singles title after both won their semi-finals in straight sets. The American former world number one overpowered Germany’s Julia Gorges 6-2 6-4, while Kerber beat Latvia’s Jelena Ostapenko 63 6-3. Tomorrow’s final will be a re-match of the 2016 showpiece, which Williams won. Williams will be seeking a record-equalling 24th Grand Slam title and her first since giving birth in September. Williams was in control from the outset against 13th seed Gorges, who was making her Grand Slam semi-final debut. It was the first time at these championships that the American had faced a player ranked in the top 50 and she stepped up with a powerful display that also showed bet-

Williams won 87% of points on her first serve against Gorges, who managed just 59%. ter movement around the court than in previous rounds. She broke in the sixth game of the first set when Gorges went wide and then took the set on the German’s serve when her opponent sent a forehand wide. The second set followed a similar

pattern, with the only brief wobble coming in the ninth game when Williams was broken. But she struck back immediately and looked to the sky when an attempted lob from Gorges flew out to give her the victory. Gorges, who had spent

more than 10 hours on court before this match, the longest of any of the semi-finalists by around two and a half hours, was put out of her misery on Centre Court in just 70 minutes. Williams only returned to the Tour in March, having

“almost died” giving birth to her daughter last September. Despite her maternity break, she is now into a Grand Slam final for the 12th consecutive year. Two-time Grand Slam champion Kerber reached her second Wimbledon final with a commanding performance against an error-prone Ostapenko. The 11th seed saved a break point in game six before breaking the Latvian’s serve in the next game. The 30-year-old then gained an early break in the second set on her way to the victory. Ostapenko, who won the 2017 French Open title, was playing in her first Wimbledon semi-final. Despite making 18 firstset winners compared to only six from Kerber, the 21-yearold also made 19 unforced errors, with Kerber only making two.(BBCSport)

Slam finals, 4 Grand Slam semifinals, 17 other tour-level finals, 13 other tour-level semifinals, 1 Olympic semi-final. Djokovic leads 26-25 in their head-to-head, dominating in recent times with seven victories in the past nine matches. “It is always a big challenge facing Novak,” said Nadal. “He is one of the more complex players that I ever saw in our sport. It is always a big test. “You know that you can’t win against him if you don’t play very well.” Djokovic came into the Championships on the back of a frustrating year which was blighted by an elbow injury and saw him slide down the world rankings as a result. He showed signs of recovering at the French Open before a shock loss in the quarter-finals against unseeded Italian Marco Cecchinato, then reached the Queen’s final where more mental fragility proved his undoing against Marin Cilic. However, the 12th seed has looked focused and close to his best form on his way to reaching a first Slam semi-final since the 2016 US Open. After a hectic clay-court season where he won the Monte Carlo, Rome and French Open titles, Nadal decided to go into Wimbledon without playing a warm-up event on grass for the second year running. The Majorcan, who is the world number one but seeded second at Wimbledon, looked refreshed as he breezed through his opening four matches without dropping a set. None of his opening four opponents were ranked inside the world top 50, meaning he faced a huge jump in class against world number four Juan Martin del Potro in Wednesday’s semi-final. (BBCsport)


Friday July 13, 2018

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Batting collapse leaves India A odds-on bet for win Taunton, England, CMC – Test star Jermaine Blackwood and attacking opener John Campbell struck half-centuries but West Indies A suffered a batting collapse to let India A back into the second four-day “Test” here yesterday. Resuming the penultimate day at the Somerset County Ground on 96 for one in their second innings, Windies A were eventually dismissed for 210, with Blackwood top-scoring with 67 and Campbell getting 61. However, the last nine wickets tumbled for 85 runs, as new-ball seamers Mohammed Siraj (4-64) and Rajneesh Gurbani (3-64) ran through the innings. Left with a target of 321, India produced another sterling second innings effort to end on 214 for three, with Hanuma Vihari top-scoring with an unbeaten 65, captain Karun Nair stroking 55 and Abhimanyu Easwaran chiming in with 31. The right-handed Easwaran ensured a solid start to the innings when he put on 51 for the first wicket with Ravikumar Samarth (18).

Jermaine Blackwood

Left-arm seamer Raymon Reifer removed Samarth to a catch at the wicket while fast bowler Romario Shepherd also claimed Easwaran to a catch also behind, to put West Indies A in control at 78 for two. However, Vihari and Nair then combined in a solid 136run, third wicket stand that put

the Indians back in control of the run chase. The right-handed Vihari struck five fours in an innings lasting 123 balls in just over 2-1/2 hours while Nair slammed eight fours in a counter-attacking 63-ball knock before perishing to the final delivery of the day. Blackwood and Campbell

had earlier extended their second wicket stand to 74 before being separated. Resuming on 23, Blackwood belted eight four and a six off 84 balls in 142 minutes while Campbell, on 43 at the start, counted seven fours and a six in an innings spanning 102 balls and in just about 2-3/4 hours at the crease.

Belgium better than Amazing Rutherford hundred puts Windies B in final England says Meunier Teenager Australia leg-spinner Fawad Toronto, Canada, CMC – Ahmed, belting three sixes Sherfane Rutherand a four in the ninth over ford smashed a sensational as they battle for bronze hundred to hand West Indies which gushed 25 runs. He Thomas Meunier

Moscow (Reuters) - Belgium are a better team than England and to finish third at the World Cup is a minimum for their squad, full back Thomas Meunier said yesterday. The two countries meet in the third place playoff in St Petersburg tomorrow and the defender is expected to be back in the line-up after missing the 1-0 semi-final defeat by France on Tuesday because of suspension. ”We are better than England. Winning the match is not an obligation but something we want to do. Third place is a minimum for us,” he told a news conference at the team’s training base in Moscow. “We beat England in the group phase and so we can do it again.” Both countries rested regulars for the Group G match in Kaliningrad on June 28 which Belgium won

1-0. The two teams had already secured qualification for the round of 16 before that encounter. ”We want third place for ourselves on a personal level, for those whose supported us over the last years and for all the work we did in qualifiers. We have a fantastic squad and to finish on the podium would be something.” Meunier admitted Belgium’s ‘golden generation’ of players had likely lost their last chance at World Cup glory after their 1-0 loss in the last four. “This group could still do something in two years,” he said in a reference to the 2020 European Championship, “but in four years’ time, many will have left.” ”But there are a lot of exciting youngsters coming through who might continue our expedition,” the Paris St Germain player added.

B a dramatic last-ball win, as they chased down an imposing 216 to beat Chris Gayle’s Vancouver Knights by six wickets in the first Global T20 Canada qualifier here yesterday. With the Caribbean side needing a single from the last ball of the match, wicketkeeper-batsman Anthony Bramble blasted leftarm spinner Saad Bin Zafar over long on for the second six of the over, to complete a remarkable run chase and put his side in the final. Rutherford, the brilliant architect of the victory, finished on 134 from 66 balls to earn Man-of-the-Match honours, while Nicholas Pooran chipped in with 44 and Bramble, a cameo 23 not out. Windies B were down and out at 11 for three in the third over before the 19-year-old Rutherford took matters into his own hands. The right-hander belted 11 fours and 10 sixes, adding 130 for the fourth wicket with the left-handed Pooran who struck four fours and a pair of sixes in a 28-ball knock. When West Indies star Andre Russell removed Pooran in the 15th over with still 75 runs required from 35 deliveries, Rutherford combined with fellow Guyanese

Sherfane Rutherford

Bramble to stun the Knights in an unbroken fifth wicket stand worth 80. Rutherford had earlier snared two for 25 with his medium pace but Gayle hit exactly 50 from 44 balls while fellow Jamaican and West Indies star, Chadwick Walton, gathered a top score of 54, as Knights piled up 215 for six off their 20 overs at the Maple Leaf North-West Ground. Walton faced 24 balls and counted six fours and four sixes, adding 73 from 33 balls with the left-handed Gayle who pounded four fours and three sixes in a more measured 44-ball stay at the crease. Russell arrived near the end of the innings to produce a trademark cameo, striking 29

not out off 16 balls, including a four and three sixes. Gayle held the innings together, putting on exactly 50 for the third wicket with Rassie van der Dussen (23) and a further 44 for the fourth with Babar Hyat (25), before falling at the end of the 16th over to a catch in the deep off seamer Jeremiah Louis (2-46). Knights then crippled Windies B’s run chase, as Shamar Springer (0) holed out to cover off pacer Tim Southee to the fifth ball of the innings with one run on the board, and Justin Greaves (1) and Brandon King (6) followed in quick succession. Rutherford, who had managed only 11 runs from his first 15 balls, then ripped into

raced to his half-century off another 13 balls and never eased up, as he destroyed the Knights bowling with audacious hitting on both sides of the wicket. Rutherford notched a pair of sixes off New Zealander Southee in the 12th over which went for 20 and then lashed another two sixes off West Indies left-arm speedster Sheldon Cottrell – the second of which saw him to three figures off 50 balls. Pooran joined in, twice clearing the ropes with Fawad Ahmed in the 14th over before falling to a catch in the deep in the next over. With 27 runs needed from the last 12 balls, Rutherford struck Russell for a straight six and followed up with a couple of boundaries, leaving Windies B requiring 13 runs from the final over. The first two deliveries yielded four runs and when Bramble cleared the ropes at long off with the third ball, the result was then virtually beyond doubt. In the other match played, seamer Rayad Emrit took four for 28 and fellow Trindad and Tobago and West Indies player Lendl Simmons scored 33, to help Winnipeg Hawks beat Edmonton Royals by seven wickets.

Friday July 13, 2018


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Brathwaite, Hetmyer give Windies early edge Kingston, Jamaica, CMC – Kraigg Brathwaite struck his eighth Test hundred and second in as many matches but it was 21-year-old strokemaker Shimron Hetmyer who left tongues wagging with a shot-filled half-century, as West Indies took an early grip on the second and final Test against Bangladesh here yesterday. Sent in on the opening day at Sabina Park, the Windies recovered from a dodgy start to reach 295 for four, with Brathwaite top-scoring with 110. Hetmyer, however, lit up the afternoon in the Jamaican capital with an up tempo unbeaten 84 while Shai Hope and Kieran Powell both chipped in with 29. Off-spinner Mehidy Hasan proved Bangladesh’s best bowler with three for 90, including the wicket of Brathwaite in the final session. Looking to seal the series following their crushing innings and 219-run victory in the opening Test in Antigua last week, West Indies made a disappointing start when they lost Devon Smith cheaply for two inside the first

half-hour with just nine runs on the board.The veteran lefthander was caught by Mominul Haque running back from short leg after miscuing a flick at a full length one from Mehidy Hasan. His dismissal brought together Brathwaite and Powell and they added 50 for the second wicket, to see West Indies safely through the remainder of the first hour. Powell, with a string of starts since returning to the Test arena last year but still without a hundred, again looked in good touch with four boundaries in a 49-ball knock before perishing about 35 minutes before lunch, struck in front to give 20year-old off-spinner Mehidy Hasan his second wicket of the session. On 79 for two at the break, West Indies flourished afterwards as Brathwaite and Hope put on 79 for the third wicket, leaving Bangladesh without success for the first hour following the resumption. Hope, still searching for decent form, counted two fours in a 79-ball innings that lasted just over two hours

Kraigg Brathwaite ©AFP

before becoming the only casualty of the session, caught by wicketkeeper Nurul Hasan running around to silly point, off left-arm spinner Taijul Islam.On 33 at lunch, Brathwaite moved to 81 at the tea interval, before raising his

Five matches on tomorrow at Timehri Red Ground

EBFA / Juicy Juice U-13 League

century three overs before the final drinks break, when he guided off-spinner Mahmudullah backward of point for a single. All told, the right-hander faced 279 balls in 321 minutes and struck nine fours, to follow up his 121 at the Vivian Richards Cricket Ground exactly eight days ago. West Indies had reached 164 for three at the final interval without any real fireworks but all that changed in the final session as the left-handed Hetmyer put his foot down to dominate a 109-run, fourth wicket partnership with Brathwaite. He has so far blasted nine fours and a six in 98-ball innings lasting nearly

2-1/2 hours. On 13 at tea, Hetmyer played with typical flair and aggression afterwards, in his first Test innings in seven months, after being ignored for the first two Tests against Sri Lanka recently, before falling ill for the third and final one.He took two boundaries on either side of the wicket off Taijul in the first over after the resumption, before coming down to the same bowler in his next over and hammering him to the cover boundary.He moved to 46 when he charged Taijul again and smashed him to the mid-

wicket boundary and raised his second Test half-century in his sixth Test with a streaky boundary to third man off seamer Abu Jayed, in the first over after the final drinks break. Brathwaite fell a couple of overs later, uncharacteristically holing out to mid-wicket attempting a big shot but Hetmyer carried on unfazed, playing with gay abandon until the close. Nothing more epitomized his dominant approach than his clean, straight six off Mehidy Hasan, in the third over before stumps, as shadows lengthened.

ExxonMobil Schools Football

Charlestown and South Ruimveldt leads girls’ points standing; Boys’ semis on tomorrow Swan FC, (blue & white) on the attack against Kuru Kururu Warriors on Saturday last at the Timehri Red Ground. Play in the first Juicy Juice sponsored East Bank Football Association (EBFA) Under-13 League will continue tomorrow with five matches at the Timehri Red Ground. Friendship will open against Agricola Red Triangle at 10:00hrs and this game would be followed by Hararuni Eagles against Soesdyke Falcons at 11:15hrs; Herstelling Raiders vs Grove Hi Tech at 12:15hrs; Samatta Point/Kaneville vs Timehri at 13:15hrs with the final match of the day featuring Diamond United and Swan from 14:15hrs. Timehri Panthers, Swan, Samatta Point/Kaneville and Diamond Upsetters ar all on six points but are listed in that order in the points table due to goal difference. No matches would be played on Sunday due to the FIFA World Cup final between France and Croatia. Saturday July 14 Fixtures 10. Friendship vs Agricola 14.07.18 12. Hararuni Eagles vs Soesdyke Falcons 13. Herstelling Raiders vs Grove HI Tech “ 14. Samatta Point/Kaneville vs Timehri Panthers 15. Diamond United vs Swan “

“ “ “ “ “

“ “ “ “ “

10:00hrs 11:15hrs 12:15hrs 13:15hrs 14:15hrs

The ExxonMobil Under14 Boys’ and Girls’ football tournament will entertain eight potentially exciting matches tomorrow at the Ministry of Education (MOE) ground on Carifesta Avenue, four clashes in each division. Match one will kick off at 11:00hrs in the girls’ division when Tucville battle Uitvlugt. GroupA Teams South Ruimveldt New Campbellville Tucville Dolphin Group B Charlestown East Riumveldt Vergenogen Uitivulgt

That game will be played simultaneously with the Vergenoegen versus Dolphin match. At 12:00hrs, Group ‘Aleaders, South Ruimveldt will match skills with La Penitence before the final girls’ roundrobin match of the day that will pit New Campbellville against Group ‘B’ leaders,

Charlestown Secondary. The finalists for the Boys’ division will then be decided in the afternoon when St. John’s College play North Ruimveldt Multilateral at 14:00hrs before favourites Chase Academy clash with Buxton Youth Development at 15:00hrs.Please see below girls’ points standing.

GP 3 3 3 2

W 2 2 1 0

L 0 0 2 2

D 1 1 0 0

GF 8 2 4 2

GA 2 0 6 4

GD Points 6 7 2 7 -2 3 -2 0

3 3 3 2

3 2 1 0

0 1 2 3

0 0 0 0

6 4 2 0

0 1 3 8

6 3 -1 -8

9 6 3 0


Friday July 13, 2018

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GOA announces 98member for CAC games At their Lilliendaal Headquarters yesterday, the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) announced the 98 member contingent that will be competing at the 2018 Central American and Caribbean (CAC) games which will be held in Barranquilla, Colombia. Out of the 98 members of the team, 79 of those are athletes and 19 are officials. At the games which will be competed from July 19 to August 3, the Golden Arrowhead will be represented by 10 sports disciplines namely, Badminton, Boxing, Athletics, Swimming, Cycling, Table Tennis, Rugby, Hockey, Taekwondo and Squash. Name Deion Nurse Philip Fernandes Nalini McKoy Gokarn Ramdhani Narayan Ramdhani Priyanna Ramdhani Jonathan Mangra Terrence Poole Keevin Allicock Colin Lewis Roland Thomas Mark Choy Adrian Spellen Justin Choy David Fernandes Juanita Fernandes Ramon Chan-A-Sue Mary Fung-A-Fat Ashley Khalil Taylor Fernandes Sunil Seth Jason Khalil Nyron Joseph Joseph Britton Romello Crawford Matthew Khan Godfrey Munroe Priscilla Greaves Trenace Lowe Christopher Franklin Natalie Cummings Shemar Britton Nigel Bryan Joel Alleyne Chelsea Edghill Robert Fernandes Jamarj Assanah Aroydy Branford Rayon Branford Jerazeno Bell Hilton Chester Marvin Dannett Jason DeSantos Robert France Randy Hope Kareem McKenzie

Apart from Swimming, all of the other disciplines had to qualify for the games and Chef-de-Mission, Deion Nurse, noted: “We expect our athletes to do their best and whatever else comes will be icing on the cake.” The GOA will be funding all expenses for the trip and the Guyana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) Sevens’ team that is the only team to win Gold for Guyana at the CAC games (2010), are expected to do well this year. Among those expected to do well are boxers Keevin Allicock (56 kg) and Colin ‘Superman’ Lewis (64 KG) and national Javelin record holder Leslain Baird who won silver Sport Chef -d-Mission Deputy Chef Administrator Badminton/Coach Badminton/Athlete Badminton/Athlete Badminton/Athlete Boxing/Coach Boxing/Athlete Boxing/Athlete Taekwondo /Coach Taekwondo /Coach Taekwondo /Athlete Taekwondo /Athlete Squash Team Manager Squash Official Squash/Coach Squash/Athlete Squash/Athlete Squash/Athlete Squash/Athlete Squash/Athlete Squash/Athlete Cycling/Coach Cycling/Athlete Table Tennis/Coach Table Tennis/Coach Table Tennis/Athlete Table Tennis/Athlete Table Tennis/Athlete Table Tennis/Athlete Table Tennis/Athlete Table Tennis/Athlete Table Tennis/Athlete Table Tennis/Athlete Hockey/Coaches Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete

at the South America Games last month. University of the West Indies based (Mona Campus) Emmanuel Archibald will be looking to improve his personal best of 10.22 seconds in the 100m and more eyes will be on the rising star when he takes to the track rather than the high jump. For squash, Guyana will be in the hands of former Caribbean Junior Champions Nyron Joseph along with Taylor Fernandes who will be spearheading their delegation. Although, men’s Hockey Coach Robert Fernandes stressed on the inexperience of his side, he did noted that Name Mark Sargeant Meshach Sargeant Medroy Scotland Andrew Stewart Steven Xavier Dwayne Scott LaToya Fordyce Damon Woodroffe Shebeki Baptiste Vanessa Pires Min Sodia Culpepper Ashley DeGroot Ulrica Sutherland Dominique DeGroot Dacia Woodroffe Trisha Woodroffe Nicole Eastman Marisha Fernandes Princess Wilkie Samantha Fernandes Alysa Xavier Marzana Fiedtkou Gabriella Xavier Bushani Kaladeen Sham Johnny Troy Doris Winston George Jenea McCammon Leslain Baird Emanuel Archibald Peter Green Lawrence Adonis Dwayne Schroeder Claudius Butts Avery Corbin Richard Staglon Peabo Hamilton Patrick King Ronald Mayers Jamal Angus Godfrey Broomes Rondel McArthur Ryan Gonsalves Osei McKenzie Paul Mahaica Andrew Fowler Jamila Sanmoogan

the unit is ever improving, during the press conference yesterday. In the qualification tournament, the men were robbed the opportunity to play for gold after a power issue forced the championship game to be abandoned at the University of West Indies’ (Mona Campus) Hockey Turf while the Women’s Hockey team won gold in the qualifiers last year. The Rugby team will depart one week prior to the start of the tournament to better facilitate the acclimatisation of the high altitude conditions in Colombia. See below the full contingent list for the CAC games: Sport Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Manager Hockey/Coach Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Hockey/Athlete Athletics/Coach Athletics/Athlete Athletics/Athlete Athletics/Athlete Athletics/Athlete Athletics/Athlete Rugby/Manager Rugby/Coach Rugby/Captain Rugby/Athlete Rugby/Athlete Rugby/Athlete Rugby/Athlete Rugby/Athlete Rugby/Athlete Rugby/Athlete Rugby/Athlete Rugby/Athlete Rugby/Athlete Rugby/Athlete Swimming/Coach Swimming/Athlete Swimming/Athlete

Coaches support GFF’s move to debar players from unsanctioned tourneys

Calvin ‘Flu’ Allen Western Tigers Head Coach The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) is making a concerted effort to qualify for the first time in Guyana’s history for the CONCACAF Gold Cup and part of the effort include the GFF enforcing Article 2.26 of the 2017 / 2018 Elite League Rules & Regulations which states that, “Players are not permitted to compete in any competitions outside of those sanctioned under auspices of the Elite League”. According to a correspondence from the GFF, in order to qualify for the Gold Cup, “We have to ensure that our players that are available locally are given every opportunity to be ready for selection.” It further explained that, “We (the GFF) are making sure that the players are not subjected to some unnecessary injury outside the Elite League (which kicked off its second leg last week).” This was made in reference to ‘small goal’ competitions inclusive of futsal and street football that are usually competed between the playing dates of the GFF/FIFA funded Elite League that sees participation of the best local based players. Despite some stern criticisms by many stakeholders of the move by the football administration, some are in favour of the move, including coaches Calvin ‘Flu’ Allen of Western Tigers Football Club and Sampson Gilbert of Fruta Conquerors Football Club. The outspoken Gilbert, whose team is currently second in the league with 23 points, explained that, “I support the GFF decision because these small goal competitions are not beneficial to the league and the league is most important. I would encourage the promoters of these events to host during the off season.” Gilbert reiterated that, “I would like my players to come out and train. I’m from Conquerors and I want to win the

Sampson Gilbert Fruta Conquerors Head Coach

Wayne Forde - GFF President league and I think these small goal tournaments would definitely impede on the club’s ambition since they are played many times concurrently with the league. I believe the organisers should host such events during the off season if they want Elite players to participate.” Head of the GFF Wayne Forde shared with Kaieteur Sport that he really wants to ensure that the local players are given every opportunity to be part of the historic process of qualifying for the GOLD Cup which he is confident Guyana will achieve. ”We’ve got to monitor how these players play and put measures in place to protect them. When players participate in tournaments that aren’t properly supervised it affects the game play during the national league and the added fatigue can lead to injury,” the President explained. ”I understand that the GFF are protecting their players and the continuity of the Elite League, in addition, a National Squad will be selected in a few days to start preparations for the Nations League in September but I believe that the GFF needs to look at regularising and bringing all these futsal tournaments in order. In addition, I think the Guyana Futsal Association also needs to play their part”, ‘Flu’Allen of Western Tigers, shared with (Continued on page 34)


Friday July 13, 2018

Preparations begin for CFU and CONCACAF Youth Tournaments - Provisional Squads Encamped

National U14 Boys Squad encamped For CFU U14 Challenge Trophy.


uyana has begun preparations for participation in the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Boys U14 Challenge Trophy and CONCACAF Girls U15 Championship in August 2018 respectively, with the encampment of the two squads. The CFU Boys U14 C h a l l e n g e Tr o p h y i s scheduled for August 2 – 12 in Curacao while the CONCACAF Girls U15 Championship is scheduled for the IMG Academy, Florida, USA from August 6 – 13. T h e n a t i o n a l encampment, being held from the 8th – 16th July, at the Guyana Fire Service Training Facility, Leonora,

features a provisional squad of 35 boys and 35 girls, with Bryan Joseph and Akilah Castello the assigned Head Coaches of respective squads. Among the 35-member female squad named are 10 overseas-based players from Canada and the USA selected by the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) International Women’s Coordinator, Paul Beresford, 23 from the GFF-Academy Training Centres (ATC), and one player from Region One. Members from the Boys’ squad are all national players from the ATCs. Guyana is one of five countries placed in Group C of the CFU Boys U14 Challenge Trophy along with Curacao, Bonaire, Trinidad and Tobago and

Aruba while the U15 Girls have been placed in Group E with the Bahamas, Cayman Islands and St. Lucia. Guyana is scheduled to play its first match in the U15 Championship against St. Lucia on August 6 at 11:00hrs, followed by Cayman Islands on August 7 at 09:00hrs and Bahamas on August 9 at 11:0hrs. The playoff will begin on August 10, following the group qualifiers, with the finals set for August 13 at 11:00hrs. A shortlist of the squad will be done at the conclusion of the current camp. Tw o a d d i t i o n a l encampment periods are scheduled for July 22 – 26 and July 29 – August 1 respectively.

National U15 Girls encamped for CONCACAF U15 Girls Championship.

Provisional Squad – CONCACAF Girls U-15 Championship # Name Club/Academy Training Centre (ATC) 1 Sidney Facey Wexford 2 Ludesha Reynolds Georgetown Football Association 3 Veyansa Hope East Bank Football Association 4 Akeela Hodge Georgetown Football Association 5 Jaida Brooks UFA 6 Anaya Willabus Monarachs, NY 7 Ashaya Doobay RichmondHillSC 8 Sara Matthias Georgetown Football Association 9 Ayana Walker Berbice Football Association 10 Melissa Torres Berbice Football Association 11 Nikiita Wayne Upper Demerara Football Association 12 Aliea Moses Essequibo-Pomeroon Football Association 13 Samara Rodrigues Region One 14 Latesha Sutherland Georgetown Football Association 15 Amanda Mc Kenzie Georgetown Football Association 16 Leah Perreira Bartica Football Association 17 Hasha Holder Georgetown Football Association 18 Ronette Grant East Bank Football Association 19 Affia Hartman Berbice Football Association 20 Samantha Banfield Pickering 21 Mariah Johnson Pickering 22 Anastasia Salvadore North Missagua (Continued on page 35)

Country Canada Guyana Guyana Guyana Canada USA Canada Guyana Guyana Guyana Guyana Guyana Guyana Guyana Guyana Guyana Guyana Guyana Guyana Canada Canada Canada

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Friday July 13, 2018

CWI Regional U-17 Tourney

Swamy, bowlers shine as Guyana crush Leeward Islands by 69 runs By Zaheer Mohamed in Trinidad and Tobago in association with V Net Communications, Regal Stationery and Computer Centre, Mike’s Pharmacy and Bel Air Rubis

Nigel Deodat in action


he pitch at the Brian Lara Stadium didn’t play badly despite the overcast conditions and it was least expected that the spinners would have dominated in an atmosphere that was more suited for fast bowling. In the end, it was the innings of middle order batsman Leon Swami that proved to be the difference as Guyana crushed Leeward Islands by 69 runs when the second-round of the Cricket West Indies (CWI) Regional U17 50-over tournament concluded yesterday in Trinidad and Tobago. Swami propped up the Guyana innings before the bowlers performed the final rights in a match that was affected by rain. Opener Sachin Singh got off the mark from the very first ball of the innings when he guided pacer Tahiem Tong to the fine leg boundary before repeating the shot for a similar result two balls later as the first over leaked nine after Guyana were asked to bat. Navindra Persaud then drove Antonio Fernandes for a couple through the covers before he was given out caught behind off Tong for four, Guyana losing its first wicket with the score on 17 in the third over. A heavy downpour then sent the players off the field at 11:04hrs and delayed the resumption for three hours and 14 minutes later which resulted in the game being

Tariq Newman picked up four wickets for Leeward Islands

reduced to 28 overs. Following the interval, Singh and Yeudistir Persaud took the score to 34 before wickets fell at regular intervals due to some inept batting in hazy conditions. Yeudistir Persaud was stumped off Tariq Newman for five before Singh who pulled Kenny Sutton to the mid-wicket boundary attempted to sweep a full delivery and was lbw to the said bowler for 19 leaving the score at 40-3. Due to the reduction of the overs, the Guyanese needed to keep wickets intact while accumulating runs to give their bowlers a chance. However this was not to be as Seon Glasgow attempted an ill-advised swipe and was caught at slip off Newman for one before Andre Seepersaud (00) skied Newman to fine leg in the same over, Guyana slipping into further trouble at 40-5 in 11 overs. Dwain Dick, one of the players expected to dominate in this tournament, struck Newman to the longoff boundary before he was caught in the same area off the very next ball for six. Leon Swami was the only batsman that showed purpose as he mixed aggression with defence. He added 21 for the seventh wicket with Nigel Deodat and showed the importance of application and playing the ball on its merit. Deodat was then caught and bowled by Rasheed Henry for 14 while Niran Bissu was bowled by pacer Jaylen Francis for one. Swami timed the ball well and counted two consecutive fours and a six off Fernandes to bring up his

t e a m ’s 1 0 0 i n t h e penultimate over. The lefthanded Swami was then caught in the final over for 41 which came off 35 balls and included five fours and one six. Sheldon Charles and S i l v a n Wi l l i a m s w e r e unbeaten on seven and one r e s p e c t i v e l y, G u y a n a finishing on 116-9. Tariq Newman captured 4-9 off four overs while Jaylen Francis had 2-12. Set a revised target of 118, Leeward Islands got off to a terrible start as the Guyanese maintained a steady line and length. Pacer Williams trapped opener Jahiem Africa lbw for two before off-spinner Dick removed Demari Benta without scoring as the Leeward Islands plunged to 12-2. Rasheed Henry was run out for two before Williams sent back Hilroy Andrew for a duck leaving the score on 18-4. The Leeward Islands batsmen lacked application which was evident in their poor shot selection. Left arm spinner Deodat accounted for Kenny Sulton (10) and Essan Warner (01) in quick succession to further peg back the Islanders reducing them to 20-6. The Guyanese bowlers continued to maintain a steady line, picking up wickets regularly to send Leeward Islands packing for 49 in 22 overs. Deodat 2-6, Williams 2-9, Seepersaud 210 and Dick 2-12 did the damage for Guyana. The other matches between Windward Islands and Barbados which was set for Gilbert Park and Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica that was scheduled for NCC were rained out without a ball being bowled.

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Friday July 13, 2018


Blairmont U-15s receive kits from Trophy Stall & Mike’s Floor Covering Inc. Tw o e n t i t i e s h a v e fulfilled a promise to present uniforms to Blairmont Centre Cricket Club (BCCC) after they were crowned champions of the inaugural Guyana Floodlight Softball Association and Wellmen Under-13 tournament last year. Mike’s Floor Covering Inc. has given the club 15 pairs of white uniforms while The Trophy Stall of Bourda Market presented a similar amount of colored uniforms. BCCC is ranked among the best clubs in Guyana and has produced several players for Berbice and Guyana. At the BCB 2018 Awards

c e r e m o n y, B C C C w a s awarded the Most Improved Club trophy. BCCC has 10 active teams, U-13, 15 ‘A’ & ‘B’, 17, 19, 21, two Second Division teams, a First Division as well as an Over40 side. The executive and members are very thankful to Mr. Ramesh Sunich of The Trophy Stall and Mr. Michael Balkaran of Mike’s Floor Covering Inc. Captain of the U-15 ‘A’ Team, Shreedatt Rupnarine expressed gratitude on behalf of his teammates whilst assuring the donors that their contributions would be utalised fully by the teams.

Inaugural Nand Persaud/Karibee Rice Golf Tourney on tomorrow The first Nand Persaud/Karibee Rice Golf tournament will be played tomorrow teeing off at 12:30hrs. Dozens of players are expected to compete as they prepare for a packed remainder of the season to finish off the year. Karibee Rice is known for great taste and quality and it is therefore no surprise t h a t t h e c o m p a n y ’s executives have decided to become members of the Lusignan Golf Club and sponsor a stand-alone tournament as their entry to the game. Both Devesh and Ragindra Persaud have long been admirers of the sport and with the initiatives of expanding the game to include newcomers, women

and children, have decided to join forces with the Lusignan Golf Club (LGC) to sponsor this competition. ”Nand Persaud and Karibee Rice are proud to be associated with the LGC and hope to be a major part of its development in the coming years”, said Devesh Persaud as he committed to sponsoring the tournament. Players will compete for prizes and honors in the Lusignan Open draw scheduled for August 4-5th. Fans will be treated to a display of individual player ’s skills in golf tomorrow. More information can be had by visit facebook pages: lusignangolfclub; karibeerice; skyplusinc or call 220 5660; 325 3563.

Windies vs Bangladesh Guyana to host two ODI’s Guyana is set to host two potentially electrifying One Day International matches between the West Indies and Bangladesh, the first being on Sunday July 22 next from 09:30hrs and a Day/Night showdown on Wednesday July 25th. This latter match will bowl off from 14:30hrs at the National Stadium, Providence. Ticket holders will have designated seating. Tickets and car passes will be available for purchase from next Monday between 09:00hrs and 17:00hrs only at the Guyana Cricket Board Office, Regent Road, Bourda.Ticket prices are as follows: Red Stand-$5,000, Green Stand-$5,000, Orange Stand-$3,000, Grass Mound-$2,000. Children under 12 years-old would be admitted free with the purchase of an adult ticket. Car passes-$1,000. Senior Citizens over 60 years would be free with the presentation of a National ID at the Box office, while these tickets last.

Displaying the Trophy Stall uniforms.

rt o p S

Swamy, bowlers shine Brathwaite, HetmyerP. 37 give Windies early edge as Guyana crush Leeward P. 40 Islands by 69 runs

CWI Regional U-17 Tourney

Leon Swamy plays a cut shot during his innings.

Shimron Hetmyer goes on the attack during his entertaining half-century yesterday. (Photo courtesy CWI Media)

GOA announces 98-member for CAC games P. 38

Head of the GOA, Juman-Yassin (seated center) and members of 98 participants that will be heading to Colombia for 2018 CAC games Printed and published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd., 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown. Tel: 225-8458, 225-8465, 225-8491 or Fax: 225-8473/226-8210.

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