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here is a serious call for the authorities to tackle the crucial issues that have dogged the coun try for decades. In order to achieve real progress amidst the many problems, there are some vital issues that, if addressed, could significantly improve the national welfare, and if not, they could severely derail our best efforts to develop the country. The events of the last few months have served as an illustration of this fact that we have a long way to go. First came the closure of the three sugar estates and the retrenchment of some 6,000 workers from GuySuCo with no clear plan for their immediate future or employment prospects. This was followed by the government’s acceptance of a meagre US$18 million signing bonus from ExxonMobil, for the horrible oil contract it signed with the oil giant, and then its (government’s) hiding it from the public for more than a year. And there was also the reappearing of the controversial drug bond scandal. This was not expected from an administration which built its image on integrity, honesty, transparency and accountability. In the last three years, the country has been relatively stable, but there seems to be a lack of economic growth, development and diversification of the economy, negligible production, a reduction of imports and increase in exports as well as few incentives for small businesses to grow. Small and micro-businesses have been the backbone of the economy. They have provided jobs and boosted income throughout the country. Big businesses also provide jobs and are a large part of the tax revenue, but they tend to monopolize the economic landscape in the country and stifle the growth of small businesses. For years, bureaucracy has been a hindrance to investment and the success of businesses in the country. The general lacklustre and supercilious approach has made it difficult to attract foreign investment needed to boost the economy and utilize the largely untapped talents of the citizens, both at home and abroad. Also, recently, there has been a serious breakdown of societal values due to a lack of respect and weak, political and partisan leadership. Poor societal morals have conquered the belief systems of our youth. The nation has cast aside the traditional values that have made our society prosperous and safe. The result is the inevitable dropouts due to deviancy in school and daily doses of crime such as murder, rape, armed robbery and domestic violence. We will repeat ad nauseam that the country needs bold, decisive and transformative leaders to return society to the foundation upon which it was built by our foreparents. It needs leaders with integrity and honesty, who are committed to fairness, equal justice, and will put the country first. We need a society in which principle trumps politics; people over power; humbleness instead of arrogance and national interest over party interest. The excitement and expectations that came with the election of a new government have been overshadowed by scandals, the perception of corruption and crime, which according to the U.S. State Department, is at a critical level. Public safety and security, peace of mind of the citizens and the welfare of the nation depend on overcoming crime. However, the police cannot fight crime alone. It needs adequate manpower and resources, and the support of the entire law-abiding population to help rid this scourge from society. Even though the crime rate has been lowered compared to last year, it cannot effectively be solved without addressing the underpinning issues that create the foundation for it to flourish. Society should provide some hope to our youths by educating them in order to help change their values and attitudes, improve their well-being and encourage them to become lawful and productive citizens.

Saturday July 07, 2018

Ramson is eligible but there is a caveat DEAR EDITOR, Allow me a small space to voice frustration with hatemongers of society, specifically to address an article in Kaieteur News, Thursday, June 28, “Ramson signals desire to be PPPC presidential candidate” and a letter in Friday’s Edition, June 29, p. 4, “Charles Ramson through the eyes of someone else.” Based on current and past leaders of Guyana, no doubt Charles Ramson is qualified to be President and the country needs vision in order to go forward. For example, the majority sitting Members of Parliament are not qualified to represent the people of Guyana, but they are very good at representing themselves, families and friends in terms of lining their coffers. First, allow me to interject that I will never vote for a PPPC candidate or anyone affiliated with the PPPC, as they are the best thieves,

criminals, manipulators, and leaders of corruption. Secondly, the sitting government whom I voted for is a group of followers lacking vision or leadership and are blind and deaf, just a repeat of the PPPC. Society should not be blinded that the sitting government has support of the ABC countries, simply because the PPPC perverted the entire country, and Ramson is smart enough to be able to captivate the nation’s younger votes and bridge the horrendous racism issues that is so ever present. In all sense of fairness it is beyond doubt Charles Ramson is qualified to be President of Guyana. In the June 28th article, Ramson has laid out an impressive background: a lawyer for 10 years, a strong link to the Bar Association and Georgetown Chamber of Commerce Industry, almost 10 years as a PPPC member and holds leadership

position, worked at Office of the Presidency, an expert in oil and gas, as well as other qualifications. He also compared himself with several of the most powerful men in the world, including former President of the United States Barack Obama. Ramson needs telling the people what his visions are and how he will achieve his agenda whereby he is correct to note, “We need a candidate who represent the future but who does not have baggage.” On the other hand, Ramson failed to realize that he has enormous baggage through his affiliation with the PPPC. Turning to Dr. Mark Devonish’s letter which I enjoyed reading (and who resides in the United Kingdom) that letter could only be viewed as a sense of hate against Ramson, for indiscretions while at Queen’s College, as youngsters. Quoting Dr. Devonish, “I

last saw Charles on 31St December 2017... I just do not think he has the character to be president,” and Dr. Devonish closed with, “He is too arrogant, obnoxious, and petty.” A reading of the letter is clear that Ramson’s indiscretions were as a student while at QC. Dr. Devonish has had no contact for some time and he also failed to indicate if Ramson’s behaviour has continued as such today. Tell me one young man growing up who did not possess chutzpah or arrogance. Furthermore, not all behavioral indiscretions are chronic and Ramson should not be judged because of his ambitions or what his perceived behaviour was like as a teenager. Without reservation, Charles Ramson is qualified to be President, but he will not secure my vote (as long as he is a PPPC candidate). L. Prashad

IS THERE A REAL THIRD PARTY? DEAR EDITOR, The lure for power and pecuniary gains will always rule paramount for third parties. This was evidenced in 1964 and again in 2015 by both the UF and the AFC. The pretenders and the pretensions of these Third Parties are well documented. In fact, those in the AFC are currently squandering the opportunity to be patriots who can bring about the necessary changes to propel this country towards socio-economic growth. Where have the progressives gone? Without an iota of doubt they have been utterly consumed by the PNC because of their greed and lust for power. Another third party just dissipated! It must be recalled that the leaders of the AFC main thrust and objective was to ‘get rid of the PPP’ as evidenced even before the Coalition is formed by the subversive tactics they used in Parliament. It was never about putting Guyana first but rather to get rid of their arch enemy. At no point in time was the AFC honest about tackling the socio-economic problems facing this country. They made the country ungovernable which led to a vote of no confidence tabled by Nagamootoo, the dissolution of Parliament and the calling of an early Election in 2015.It must also be recalled that at its formation, the founding leaders had vowed never to coalesce with either the PPP or the PNC since they claimed that both had destroyed this country. They had vowed to remain independent but the grand entry of the genuine pretender,

Moses Nagamootoo, just before the 2011 Elections changed all of that with his guile and innate ability to manipulate. Therefore, Mr Ralph Ramkarran’s proposal outlining the characteristics which a third party must be viewed as Utopian in nature that is meant for academic discourses rather than being based on the realities of our situation. I am sure he is genuine in what he has proposed but it simply will not work . There will never be ‘political unity’; such stuff is what dreams are made of. It is a myth! The ‘waste, extravagance and corruption’ of our oil monies have been set in motion. Furthermore, no third party will be willing to hold the reins of the Presidency until the Constitution is

amended include shared governance in accordance with their support at the elections. This will only happen if the third party wins a majority and can get a two-thirds majority or call a referendum. This will never happen! On the other hand, if the third party does not secure a majority or a plurality then it will be in opposition advocating for a unity government. This again will never happen since the winner takes all mentality bears a strong incentive against this. The alternative scenario is that if this call is ‘resisted’ then the third party will support ‘the Party which agrees to implement its policies of constitutional reform leading to inclusive governance’ to fight poverty, crime and corruption. The AFC has proven in

opposition that it will work to topple the government to secure power and a ‘good life’ for itself. So this gain will not happen. Where will we find a third party which possesses ‘that higher purpose which resonates with the Guyanese people’? Third parties have become proven themselves to be the means by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of Government. Another third party is criminal! “I once said to my father, when I was a boy, ‘Dad we need a third political party.’ He said to me, ‘I’ll settle for a second.’ “(Ralph Nader) Yours sincerely, Haseef Yusuf RDC Councilor Region 6

IAC CONGRATULATES DR. LOMARSH ROOPNARINE DEAR EDITOR, The Indian Action Committee (IAC) wishes to congratulate Dr. Lomarsh Roopnarine, PhD, Professor of Latin American and Caribbean History at the Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi, USA, for having become a co-winner of the Caribbean Studies Association Gordon K. & Sybil Lewis Book Award 2018 for his publication titled ‘The Indian Caribbean: Migration and Identity in the Diaspora (2018)’. The IAC has noticed that a total of 31 books were judged for this award. Dr. Roopnarine book shared it with Katherine

Zien’s ‘Sovereign Acts: performing race, space and belonging in Panama and the Panama Canal Zone’. The IAC understands that Dr. Roopnarine, a Berbician, obtained his s e c o n d a r y education at Skeldon Line Path Secondary School in Administrative Region No. 6 and his BA, MA and PhD all University at Albany, State University of New York. The IAC has noted that the committee chaired by Professor Anton Allahar wrote that Dr. Roopnarine’s ‘The Indian Caribbean: Migration and Identity in the Diaspora (2018)’ makes an important contribution to

an understanding of the arrival settlement, and eventual intra-and- extra- regional movement of people of IndoCaribbean descent addressing the key question areas of Caribbean scholarship and identifying relevant t h e o r y, m e t h o d s , a n d history and also including several countries w i t h i n the Caribbean and Caribbean Diasporas outside the region. The IAC welcomes this publication and is looking forward to future work from this renowned researcher. Yours sincerely, SairaAlli IAC Secretary

Will the PPP substitute a young vibrant stallion for an” unruly horse”? DEAR EDITOR, The response to Ramson Jnr candidacy by PPP MP, Harry Gill, in his missive,” Charles Ramson will make a great president of Guyana, but not now”, KN July 2nd, is a mirrored reflection of the ideology of the trench men must get what they want first. I feel good that I can read the old guard to a T. Gill wrote of Ramson, “Charles is young, ambitious, well-educated and has great potential”. Then he wrote,” Without the support of Bharrat Jagdeo, he could not have made it on his own”. The PPP old guard should be ashamed to disembowel their dirty attitude of having a stranglehold on politics in the PPP. This attitude is the reason the party cannot attract young or new people to its ranks. His own words, “Charles is young, ambitious, well-educated and has great potential”. Now! What more did Ramson need to be welcome with open arms in the top echelon of the PPP? Why did Gill have to mention, “Ramson has a bone to pick with Jagdeo, Anil Nandlall and Irfaan Ali”. This exposes the depraved asininity of the old guard. Gill’s remarks should be seen as a


Kaieteur News

Saturday July 07, 2018

public confession of elitism in the PPP hierarchy. Gill revealed the contents of an E mail sent to him by Ramson in which Ramson voiced his disappointment after the top brass of the PPP did not approve his application to pursue his studies on a scholarship he was offered. Then he went from surreal to audacious by saying.”Every politically astute person in Guyana knows that former PPP Ministers Anil Nandlall and Irfaan Ali are the ones most likely to contest the Party’s Presidential candidacy for the 2020 elections, and so this (Ramson announcing his candidacy) will present Ramson with an opportunity to deny them this nomination in much the same way they denied him” the scholarship. He proceeded, “Isn’t this vindictiveness, tit for tat?” I certainly can’t see any vindictiveness in Ramson announcing his candidacy. If the old guard wants to have its way-there is nothing to stop them. They are allergic to fresh ideas and like Harry Gill they are distant from the commoners in society. The truth remains! Voters on both side of the divide hate Ali and Nandlall to the core. They see Ali as being

RUM TOURISM? DEAR EDITOR The Caribbean Tourism Industry must be sinking to desperate measures when it has to resort to the destructive rum to attract tourists. The headline “Guyana maps role in Caribbean Rum Route” appears amidst news of drunk people killing family members. The ugly contradiction seems some testament to the desperation of survival in the 21st century tourism industry. The World Health Organisation has reported that the alcohol poses a greater health burden than tobacco in the Americas (including the Caribbean) . In the week that Guyana wants to promote the substance which has caused so much destruction, Guyana also gets a “World No Tobacco Day Award”. Will stakeholders in Guyana ever meet for ‘No-Alcohol’? Are Guyana and the Caribbean so ugly, so inhospitable, so lack of anything left for tourists, that we have to create routes around rum and alcohol? Will the money from the rum tourism increase the number of health and social service facilities to cope with the losses coming from rum? Will Guyana and the Caribbean ever be able to offer health and wellness routes instead of rum? Yours sincerely Vidyaratha Kissoon

complicit in the selling out of state lands cheaply to private developers to build houses and sell to the public, wherein those developers resold those lands at exorbitant prices, depriving thousands of Guyanese from getting a house lot. The masses think they know how he got his riches but they can’t prove it! As for Nandlall—if this country had a political culture like the US, his political career would have finished since the contents of his call to Leonard Gildarie in which he told Gildarie that bad things could to happen to him if he did not leave KN was made public. Added to that, his complicity in the removal of the Lexus Nexus law books from the AG’s office, unscathed, after the 2015 election did not go down well with the public. Harry Gill has to be alien to the term political baggage to suggest that Ali and Nandlall better fit the profile of “leadership with integrity, passion and vision; leadership that puts the people first.” Can Ali or Nandlall honestly say that they had put the people first when they were in office? I think not. Harry then went back to the theory of the trench men—those who struggle for the people’s cause must be first to get the perks of power—oblivious or in pretense of the fact that what Ali and Nandlall seem to be fighting are the same evils that they had perpetuated on the people while they were in office. If Ali or Nandlall get the nod ahead of Ramson, the support they get will come from people who see either as the lesser of the evil that exists (the coalition govt). The populace will understand that the PPP party substituted a clean vibrant stallion for an unruly horse all for its selfish aggrandizement. Rudolph Singh

WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? DEAR EDITOR, In this international Decade of People of African Decent I am forced to share my thoughts with my brothers and sisters on the way forward as a great nation that built early Empires across Africa. And then under enslavement we built the European and North American Empires. We invented and were very innovative; we introduced mathematics and science to the world; our Pyramid remains a modern day wonder. We have excelled in sports and culture worldwide at every conceivable event at which we are given the opportunity to compete. We are a happy people grounded in the love of the Creator and seek only the best for this beautiful and bountiful country built by our own hands for four hundred years before the coming of the Indentured servants who came mainly from India, with the Chinese and Portuguese coming as the Merchants and Traders. Let us be guided by the efforts of our fore parents who were united in pooling hard

earned savings accumulated during that four-year period of apprenticeship that lasted from 1834-1838. Their plan was well thought out and executed intelligently by first buying plantations and transforming them into villages that remain to this day. They focused on the development of roads, drainage and irrigation, agriculture, and building schools and churches that are still standing and further developed. Among my people there is much love but the unity to work together today for the benefit of all African people is surely lacking. Too often it is about me and not us. Let us stop complaining and understand the present financial situation facing this nation, when critical decisions had to be taken that will affect all of us, but we must remain steadfast and vigilant as we enter a new era of oil and gas and the promotion of a Green State Development Strategy that will see the emphasis on agriculture, renewable energy, recycling and innovation. We are in this together.

Let us through IDPADG (International Decade of People of African Decent Guyana) acquire two tractors with slasher to clean the playfields of the many villages now under bushes. This will boost the village economy, competitions will be held and vendors will provide services to attending patrons. The standard of sports and culture will receive a big boost; the young people will surely appreciate these efforts to promote youth development. Promoters will swing into high gear. Local shows will abound, we can build the foundation for the Sports and Cultural Tourism Industry that will complement the Oil and Gas economy. We are a very creative people, we excel in songs, poetry, music, drama and dance,etc. let us give our youths the opportunity to exhibit their talents. Brothers and Sisters together we aspire together we achieve. Yours Respectfully RAS Aaron Blackman. Social Worker.

Protesting the actions of the REO DEAR EDITOR I am writing this letter to bring attention to the issues affecting the people of Region Seven. These issues are primarily in relation to the Regional Executive Officer (REO) Mr. Roderick Edinboro who has been labelled unprofessional, arrogant, and unconcerned with the wellbeing of the members of the constituency and the Administrative staff of the Regional Democratic Council. Mr. Edinboro who was removed from Region Five, refused admission by Region Ten and was placed in Region Seven much to the displeasure of many of the persons there. We believe this to be principally wrong to have done this in the first place. However, the REO was

given full support of staff members and the rest of the constituency to complete his tasks. The attitude of the REO, however, has over time, proven to be detrimental to the development of this region. As a citizen of this region I have received many complains and witnessed many injustices carried out by the individual in question. The nurses in the region are complaining of feeling demotivated. They find the REO’s lack of interest in the issues that affect them and his attitude in general to be push factor in terms of remaining motivated to perform their duties in the region. It need not be stated how critical it is to have nurses and other health care professionals in the region. The Nurses

have complained that even when there are meetings (which are not very frequently held) with the REO his attitude toward their concerns can be viewed as callous or dismissive. He would say, “What y’all expect me to do about that”. These types of statement betray the level of importance or lack thereof placed on the person in the Health Sector and their concerns. The present REO has proven to be incompetent in the way he manages the states assets. It was reported that the REO has yet to establish a proper facility to perform CT scans within the region even though the equipment was sent to the Region some two years ago (Continued on page 6)


Kaieteur News

THERE ARE TOO MANY LOOSE ENDS IN THAT BREAK-IN DEAR EDITOR, I must state before hand that I have nothing against the Chief constable but his recent ramblings caused me to reply. Now the latest embarrassing situation where the jewellery stall was broken into and reading the report purportedly emanating from him once again question his ability to properly manage the constabulary. Only recently this same chief constable was reportedly on the verge to tackling crimes which are prevalent outside of the market, especially at the bus parks. Now after the break in at the Stabroek market, he’s exploring the possibility of security cameras. To be fair, I believe that he’s in that position because those responsible are of the view he’s capable of holding that position he holds. Why only after it got out of hand is he getting ideas? I am no novice to markets or their operations, most especially the constabulary and I am well aware that since in my small days growing up next to La Penitence market, constables working during the nights would be locked inside the market and they would routinely patrol the market and each row. Now, based on that, and according to the consultants that from whom the jewellery store owners sought advice, it would take at least five

hours to perform that breakin. So you expect me to believe that the constables slept during that period even to the morning until 9:30am when someone discovered that beak-in? During that period there’s changing of shift. Was the next batch of constables sleepy too? When there’s a change over of shift, the incoming guards would survey the place and make sure stalls are ok. Perhaps the chief constable should tell the public if he changed that procedure or if the constables change it by themselves and he is not aware. Finally Editor, the explanation of the security firm responsible for monitoring the electronics alarm is also laughable and questionable. Indeed, everyone would know that given the valuables in the stall, security would not be taken lightly. The owners would go to the extreme to protect their valuables and indeed they did. Now, this is a security firm that is being paid a monthly fee for monitoring the electronics system placed by them at the stall. Again, based on the security firm’s press release, I would like to know what sort of arrangement they had with the owners and the city constabulary that you would be collecting a fee for a service that you provided in a secure area and have no access.

It does not make sense for me to paying for a service and in the case of emergency, you don’t have access . Secondly, the alarm that is installed should have a siren and I am quite sure once the alarm is triggered by movements, the siren would activate and create a loud noise. Thirdly, once the alarm is triggered, it alarms for a while based on the timings set by the technicians and after the speculated time, it would cut off. If it gets more movements, it would activate again and continue like that every time it gets movements. Now, in the estimated time frame of five hours, can someone tell me how many times the crooks would make movement? Now, if the alarm keeps going off, I am quite sure that would tell you something is definitely wrong but then again, seeing that they are so defensive, they might place the blame on rodents. Now, when there’s an alarm, the security would know exactly where the alarm is triggered. So, from my knowledge of security systems, I am quite sure the alarm would indicate exactly the location of the breach. For it to be kept activating over and over at the same location would definitely tell you something is wrong. Yes, the security firm would know where a particular sensor is. Sahadeo Bates

IS ANYBODY LISTENING? DEAR EDITOR, My good friend and colleague, Mr E B John has been painstakingly pointing out the litany of deficiencies within the several branches of the Civil and Public Services of our country; his lat-

est includes a frightening list of maladies in the Public Health Services (ref. his letter in SN of 7/718). Akin to this has been reports of malpractices leading to severe inconveniences, punishment, discomforts and possibly deaths in public health institutions as well as other forms poor public services. The silence from the responsible ‘authorities’, governmental, public personnel

and political aspirants has been deafening and the obvious lack of corrective action begs a multitude of questions as to who really cares about the populace whose votes are constantly being courted and whose patience must be at breaking point. Can we please see some corrective action or at least hear some consolation? Nowrang Persaud

Saturday July 07, 2018

Clear the force of the corrupt DEAR SIR, Permit me a space in your newspaper to air my disgust for some actions by our men in uniform, the police force, to be specific. I was driving through Quamina Street about 1.30pm on Friday, between Camp Street and Waterloo Street, closer to the now closed Waterchris Hotel. A new snackette is erected just outside the doors of this closed business. Police car PVV 8681, was parked there for no less than 15mins. and literally closed the traffic down heading west. To compound the problem, the officer stood at the snackette and just ignored the confusion around him. There were at least three others in the car at that peak hour. Minister Ramjattan, Commissioner Ramnarine and as recent as the drum head session last week Rev. Raphael Massiah, asked the officers to respect their uniforms and understand the power that comes with that uniform. Mr. Commissioner, these officers need

to be sanctioned. Some police officers have little or no regard for the oath they took. I recently saw Commissioner Ramnarine transferring Gavin Boyce to the TSU. Well done Commissioner. This is long overdue. Officers like these are embarrassing the force. This individual flouts the law with impunity, then charges you to build his profile, only to be named BEST COP for the division and RUNNER UP overall. You need to see Gavin Boyce on a given day in down town Georgetown and you will be shocked to see his actions. I parked by Demico one day, saw a white hat on a man in a crouched position and moving between the Kitty buses like a lion stalking its prey. When the hat emerged it was Boyce at his best, in full arrogance. “EMPTY THE BUS AND HEAD TO BRICKDAM”. Lo and behold ten minutes later all those buses returned to the “HOT PLATE”. Only a dunce, or a

naïve person would refuse to logically deduce what regularly transpires daily on the park at the hands of this sergeant. I don’t support breaking the law by any citizen, but if the Commissioner instructs you to stand down, you COMPLY AND THEN COMPLAIN. Refusing instructions in any organization is not tolerated. I am appealing to the Commissioner to continue in his quest to rid the force of these rogue elements, in the system. There are others in various departments who are at business places daily and are acting as enforcers for the owners. As a result some of these businessmen are committing some of the gravest atrocities. When a report is made, the matter is stuck at a senior officer’s desk. As a concerned citizen, the situation is getting worst daily, this downward spiral needs to be halted immediately if any confidence is left in our police force. Sincerely yours, R.R. Shepherd

Protesting the actions of the REO From page 5 and a rent in excess of $1,000,000 monthly is being paid to house the equipment. When asked about this the REO continues to make excuses such as; “the building lacks wiring” and other such issues that can and should be addressed with immediacy less the states valuable assets continue to be wasted.The citizens of the region are also complaining of the Nepotistic manner in which contracts are awarded by the REO. He has been accused of only issuing contracts to persons that are close friends of his or share his political affiliations (with the opposition PPP/C). Contractors within the region complain that to be awarded any contracts by the said REO you have hypothetically bend over backwards. They describe the process as comparative to begging for a handout which they find to be demoralizing. To date two of the capital projects in the Health sector have been awarded which is

embarrassing to say the least also this affects the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) which is vital to economy building and or regional development further testament to the incompetence of the Mr. Edinboro to lead the Region toward development. His Excellency the President has spoken on many occasion of his intention to irradiate corruption in our society. He has also been an advocate for transparency and fairness in relation to the work of the government and government agencies. There are however allegations still surfacing as regards not just corruption at the office of the REO but also political inference. The citizens of this region are complaining that office of Regional Executive officer has been dabbling in corruption example; issuance of false license to certain political friends of the REO. When confronted with the many complains and calls for resignation the REO holds his

political affiliations as a shield and declares himself untouchable. He tells the populace that because of his affiliations he cannot and will not be removed from that position. We the citizens of Region Seven believe that the time for decisive action is now. The administrative staff of the region as well as the other citizens is for the most part tired of Mr. Roderick Edinboro’s tyranny and believes that it is critical for the government to intervene lest they be tangled with the tainted image of the REO. I have personally heard threats of protest and even a possible shut down of the region if action is not taken to have this REO removed from the constituency. We are here all for the purpose of nation building and in that spirit believe that all hindrances to the progress of this region and by extension country should be removed. Signed Concerned citizen


Kaieteur News

Saturday July 07, 2018

Opposition, Ram worried Exxon has compromised Conservation Int’l By Abena Rockcliffe–Campbell “There can hardly be any justification for entities like Iwokrama and Conservation International to take money from the oil companies. No wonder that they have been so silent on the flawed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study which contained some highly suspect information and conclusions,” said Christopher Ram. Ram, an attorney at law, chartered accountant and strong advocate for transparency in the oil sector, said this in the wake of a recent announcement that ExxonMobil Foundation has given Conservation International and the University of Guyana US$10M. But he is not the only one worried about that recent development. Yesterday, the donation was a focal point of discussions between ExxonMobil and Members of Parliament representing both government and opposition. This was as ExxonMobil’s Country Manager Rod Henson appeared before the

Parliament Sectoral Committee for Natural Resources. That Committee is chaired by People’s Progressive Party’s Odinga Lumumba. Initially, Lumumba asked Henson if ExxonMobil consulted with the Government of Guyana before making the donation to Conservation International. “Did the government approve this?” Henson responded in the negative. He said, “This is an ExxonMobil Foundation initiative. It was neither directed nor approved by the government. This is a good thing. I am not aware that Conservation International has a sole role and a unique role as a watchdog.” Henson also sought to highlight that Conservation International is not the only beneficiary of the sum—University of Guyana is in on it too. “It’s a partnership,” he said. But at that point, Henson’s response was not good enough for Lumumba, so he probed further. “You are saying to us today that you know that Conservation Inter-

national is seen around the world as a watchdog of the environment. You don’t see this as a conflict in partnering with the watchdog? In essence, you have taken CI out of the domain of being a watchdog of any issue in Guyana with oil spills, environmental problems, etc. CI can no longer be a credible factor in this game and I am saying that Exxon being a reputable company, being a strong company and a powerful company must know this,” he said. But Henson vehemently sought to dismantle inferences that ExxonMobil essentially bought out Conservation International. He said, “Chair, I think Conservation International would disagree with you and I disagree with you respectfully, and I don’t think this in any way impedes Conservation International’s other roles

New Local Authority Areas infringe on Amerindian Act – Former AG Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan has been warned that the creation of new local authority areas in some regions, infringes on the 2006 Amerindian Act. This warning was sounded by former Attorney General Anil Nandlall, who also suggested that the decision by the Government could be challenged in the court. At the 2016 Local Government Elections (LGE), there were 71 local authority areas which comprised six Municipalities and 65 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs). The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) is preparing to hold those elections by December with nine additional areas. According to Nandlall, ‘the new electoral creatures are violating the Amerindian Act.’ “The Amerindian Act establishes its own systems of governance. There is a village council, there is method by which elections are held and there are a host of internal mechanisms by which those communities are governed. Areas identified for the creation of new local authority organs are within those Amerindian communities,” Nandlall stated. Some of the more contentious areas relate to Region Nine, specifically the communities of Annai Amerindian Village, Yakarinta, and other surrounding villages. The preparations for elections in Amerindian communities are done differently when compared to the LGE. Under the Amerindian Act, the Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs has to put all necessary arrangements in place to ensure the successful hosting of the elections in areas mandated as Amerindian communities. In preparation for the elections, audits are to be conducted three months prior in keeping with the Act.The Act stipulates that ‘the minister shall arrange a general audit, financial and documentary, before the date of Village Council Elections.’ The audits are led by an independent auditor.

Former AG, Anil Nandlall Government has communicated the new local authority areas to the Chairman of the GECOM (GECOM), Justice James Patterson (ret’d) during a meeting to discuss preparations for LGE. Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has that said the People’s Progressive Party is very concerned about attempts to tamper with the local government bodies to gerrymander boundaries to suit the Government. According to Jagdeo, the parties that form the Coalition Government suffered a crushing defeat at the 2016 LGE polls where the PPP won 48 of the 65 NDCs, tied seven others and won three of the townships. The Opposition has cited the lack of consultation with political stakeholders and the residents of the communities. In some cases, residents will be forced to pay more taxes.

ExxonMobil Country Manager, Rod Henson (at right) conversing with Committee Chairman, Odinga Lumumba and other MPs after yesterday’s meeting in the country. I will say that we made the government aware that we are proceeding down this path but this is an ExxonMobil initiative.” Further, Henson said that ExxonMobil is always cognizant of its responsibility to stay “above board.” Less than a week ago, ExxonMobil Foundation, the philanthropic arm of ExxonMobil, earlier announced that it would con-

tribute US$10 million to a new collaboration with Conservation International and the University of Guyana to train Guyanese for sustainable job opportunities and to expand community-supported conservation. The Foundation said the investment is also intended to support Guyana’s Green State Dev e l o p m e n t P l a n, the country’s 15-year development plan that aims, among

other things, to diversify Guyana’s economy and balance economic growth with the sustainable management and conservation of the country’s ecosystems. A statement from the company explained that the ExxonMobil Foundation will provide the investment over five years. While Guyana, a country without a national oil spill response plan, faces serious (Continued on page 21)


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Saturday July 07, 2018

Given the current state of affairs… Guyana would lose out significantly in tax avoidance issues with oil companies -DR. MANGAL By Kiana Wilburg


ormer Presidential Advisor on Petro leum, Dr. Jan Mangal has no confidence in Guyana’s current ability to protect the nation from the tax avoidance tricks of oil companies. Given the country’s state of affairs and low oil and gas expertise, the consultant said that the nation is likely to lose out much more than other countries in such matters. In an interview with this newspaper, the former Presidential Advisor said that oil companies are very skilled at tax avoidance and spend millions on lawyers and accountants in setting up companies around the world to reduce their tax liability. Dr. Mangal said that such a situation might be viewed by some countries as illegal. He stressed, however, that it is up to countries to have a similar level of skills and resources set aside to determine what constitutes illegal tax avoidance. Dr Mangal said this is necessary to ensure that the country does not lose

out. In Guyana’s case, the consultant said, “We have put probably minimal resources towards aspects of oil and gas.” The former Presidential Advisor said, “If you look at the Ministry of Natural Resources, in the last three years, there isn’t a single full time oil and gas professional there . And when I say an oil and gas professional, it would have to be a foreign expert with 20-plus years of applicable experience. You aren’t going to find many Guyanese with the relevant experience.” He added, “With regard to tax, the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) and the Ministry of Finance, they have been receiving a lot of help from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and others, but I doubt they have any oil and gas tax experts, full time and on long term contracts there, developing the polices and the framework to address tax avoidance in the oil sector. Even the leaked IMF report, you may recall, it speaks to Guyana needing to focus on tax avoidance.”

Further to this, Dr. Mangal was reminded that GRA has said on several occasions that it would be able to put certain measures in place to prevent tax avoidance tricks by oil companies. But the former Presidential Advisor said that given what has taken place with ExxonMobil and Australia, it is hard to believe that Guyana would do any better. Dr. Mangal said, “All countries struggle with tax avoidance issues. But for a country like Guyana which is not so developed to be faced with the same (tax avoidance), then Guyana is likely to lose out much more than these other countries. So I don’t have much confidence. If I have to bet, then I wouldn’t bet that Guyana would be getting the upper hand.” EXXON AND AUSTRALIA USA oil giant, ExxonMobil has faced several allegations over its tax affairs in Australia. In fact, the company has not paid corporate tax since 2013 and does not expect to do so until 2021. ExxonMobil says it is

caught in a set of unique circumstances – caused by a large expenditure on capital investment and falling prices – which have left it without a taxable income. But a recent report by the Tax Justice Network exposed the links between the company’s Australian operations and tax havens in the Bahamas and the Netherlands. Details have also emerged from a Senate inquiry into corporate tax avoidance showing the company has spent a considerable amount on legal disputes with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). In response to a question on notice, ExxonMobil estimated it had spent $10m on legal costs in the past 10 years relating to ATO cases. It said the “bulk” of that

money had been spent on disputes over the petroleum resources rent tax, which were “fully resolved by 2013”. Tax Justice Network’s Jason Ward said the figure showed Australian taxpayers were footing the bill for legal battles with ExxonMobil, while the company itself paid little tax. Ward wrote the Tax Justice Network report that alleged the company used a complex web of subsidiaries and related party loans to shift profits and minimize tax. “Exxon’s ability to extract our resources and exploit Australian workers while paying minimal tax is already widely known,” Ward said. “What we did not know is that Exxon has spent at least $10m fighting the ATO to keep it that way.

Former Presidential Advisor on Petroleum, Dr. Jan Mangal “Exxon has barely paid a cent in corporate income tax since 2011 and won’t pay for years to come, but Australian taxpayers have had to foot the bill to fight them in court.” (See link for full article: h t t p s : / /

Taxi driver who transported bandits to victims’ home charged The taxi driver who recently admitted to police ranks that he transported two bandits to commit a robbery on the West Bank of Demerara, was yesterday slapped with a robbery under-arms charge. Harry James, 24, of 217 Zeelugt, East Bank Essequibo, appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. It is alleged that on July 3 at Alliance, Canal Number Two Polder, West Bank Demerara, while being in company of others and armed with a gun, James robbed Ravindra Sookdath of $792,000 in cash and a quantity of gold jewellery. The unrepresented man was not required to plead to the indictable charge after it was read to him. Police Prosecutor Gordon Mansfield objected to bail being granted to the defendant, citing the serious nature of the offence and the penalty it attracts. The prosecutor also added that investigation into the matter is still ongoing and two other suspects are being sought by police. The visibly upset defendant in addressing the court stated that he was hired by one of the robbery suspects, who he knows, to transport him and another individual to the victim’s house. He added “One of the guys hit me with a gun and told me to drive, so that’s what I did.” The Magistrate after listening to the prosecutor’s submission remanded the defendant to prison. The father of two was instructed to make his next court appearance on July 12, at the Wales Magistrate’s Court. According to reports, James defendant was apprehended shortly after the attack, during which the other two suspects were said to have been injured. It was reported that James told investigators that the men hired him to take them to the airport, but said they wanted to go “over the river” first. He then took them to the victims’ house at Alliance, Canal Number Two Polder. Harry told detectives that sometime later the men ran outside and entered his car. Police said that a 31-year-old mechanic,

Remanded: Taxi driver Harry James who is also a businessman, was sleeping in a hammock under a shed in his yard at around 02:00hrs on Tuesday, when two men armed with handguns confronted him and demanded valuables. They then took him inside his house and, in the presence of a sibling, relieved him of a large sum of cash. During the ordeal, the suspects gun-butted the siblings, but the brothers fought back and managed to disarm one of the intruders after the magazine fell out of his gun. The brothers then armed themselves with implements and wounded the robbers, who fled in the waiting vehicle. Police said that the victims pursued the car, but were forced to retreat after they were reportedly shot at. Police, after a brief chase, intercepted the car at Leonora, West Coast Demerara. A bloodstained jersey and traces of blood were found inside. Two live 9mm rounds were found at the scene and an unlicensed 9mm pistol. They were allegedly taken from one of the two armed suspects during a struggle, and were handed over to the police.


t is not rocket science how Sithe Global acquired the rights to develop the Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project (AFHP). It acquired those rights from the original developer. This is how the world of business operates. Intellectual property includes the development of ventures such as the AFHP. No developer is going to come to Guyana with a concept only to have it stolen and implemented. Fip Motilall was the originator of the AFHP. From his own business perspective, he entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the government of Guyana and later acquired exclusive rights to develop the project. Those rights were later acquired by Sithe Global. Given the level of investment which is required, no investor is going to enter into an arrangement of that nature

without having iron-clad property rights. No investor is going to begin to develop a project of that nature unless it is secured against political risks - such as governments changing their minds. Sithe Global walked from the AFHP because the then-opposition was against the project and this represented a grave political risk to the company. It was a political calculation which proved correct on the part of Sithe Global. The government needs to understand how major businesses operate. It is not going to be able to engage in venture capital investments in Guyana, unless it upgrades its understanding of international business. The government must stop believing that it is operating in an environment where investors are not going to secure themselves against all forms of risk. The government should not be worried about Sithe

Global. The proposed AFHP is not of such a great magnitude internationally that Sithe Global would be reluctant to transfer its rights for a nominal amount. If the government knows how to negotiate, it can regain the rights to that development for as low as US$1. But it has to familiarize itself with the way international businesses operate. The government also needs to familiarize itself with the real costs of building roads in virgin forest and swamplands. There is no way that a proper road to the AFHP could have been built at a cost of US$14M. No way, given the geography of that area, could a road to the site of the falls be built for US$14M. The government is faced with a crisis, and is up to its usual tricks of deflecting criticism to the opposition. Its renewable energy plan has reached a fork in the road

Department of Energy by August - President Granger President David Granger has assured that Guyana will have a fully functional Department of Energy by the end of August. “I am very confident that by the end of August or thereabouts the Guyanese people will see a Department of Energy with which they are satisfied,” he told the media on the sidelines of the 39th Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of CARICOM in Montego Bay Jamaica. Additionally, the president said, “I am setting

up a Department of Energy and when that is done I think we will be on sound footing. Right now, I am not happy what we have put in place over the last three years - the administrative infrastructure that is needed, but we are rectifying that.” It is believed that the establishment of the department will be a boost to ongoing preparations for the country becoming an oil producer in 2020. In March 2018, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon announced that a

Department of Energy within the Ministry of Presidency would be established, which will assume the responsibility of the oil and gas sector from the Natural Resources Ministry. Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, earlier in the year, said he had proposed the idea to have a Department of Energy due to the expansion of the industry in Guyana. “This department will be the only one which will be focused on the development of the petroleum sector.”


Exxon go to parliament fuh stupidness Is all well and good when people sit down and watch how odda people handling situation. That is when you does hear ‘if was me’. Reporters does get more cuss than dem got words. When dem ask a question all dem Tom, Dick and Harrilall does know wha dem should ask. Yesterday de Parliament invite Exxon fuh questioning. This was suppose to be like a court. De MPs would ask certain question and Exxon would answer. Is then de stupidness start. One MP ask Exxon why it ain’t pass no law fuh Guyanese. Since when foreign company does mek law fuh Guyana? Is nah parliament got to do it? Sook Eye who got more teeth than de big bad wolf and who fix she teeth wid


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Saturday July 07, 2018

taxpayers money ask Exxon why de company ain’t got work fuh de sugar workers. Now since when Exxon is Guysuco and suppose to employ sugar workers? Since when dem got cane in de oil field? Is that kind of stupidness de people had to suffer. But is de Kumar who ask a question that mek everybody shame. He want to know why Exxon in put legislation in place fuh certain things. Now he is de MP and he suppose to help vote on de law but he want Exxon to mek de law. De man from Exxon muttering and wondering wha kind of stupid people dem have in parliament. Dem call him to talk bout local content. That is buying and using whatever Guyana got once it

cheap like anywhere else. Nobody didn’t ask bout that. Is like if dem never see somebody from Exxon. De reporters who was at de parliament couldn’t believe that dem is de same people who does pretend to know everything. But is today dem boys know why when de reporters call some of dem parliamentarians fuh interview dem can’t get nobody. Is just that dem hiding to avoid people seeing how stupid dem is.De last time this thing happen Jagdeo claim how ee parliamentarians don’t know nutten bout oil and how he gun brief dem. Well if he did teach dem boys can imagine de stupidness he teach dem. Talk half and watch how Exxon laughing Guyanese right now.

. The government needs a major renewable investment in order to be able to meet its obligations under the LCDS, otherwise monies due to it will not be released. Two years ago, the APNU+AFC coalition was forced to puts its tail between its legs and undertake an independent review of the AFHP. That review found that the only realistic way forward for Guyana in having an emission-free electricity sector was through hydropower. And according to the foreign consultants, the fastest way to do this is to maintain the AFHP. The study noted that it was the only project with a full feasibility study completed; it has a higher plant load factor than the alternatives, a smaller

reservoir, and a levelised unit cost in the same range as the most attractive alternatives. Politically, the government will not go with the AFHP. It was opposed to the project while in opposition, and it was this opposition which caused the developer to walk. The government will lose face – and Jagdeo will be proven right – if it is now seen as endorsing the AFHP. But how else will the government be able to meet its renewable energy target within the electricity sector, unless it has a project the size of the AFHP. The AFHP would not have increased the national debt, since it was a BOOT-type project. The alternatives present financing challenges. The government has

serious problems in delivering on its promise to move towards full renewable energy by 2025. Time is not on its side. And ideas seem to be elusive. After 3 years in office, the government has no alternative to the AFHP. It has to understand that if it wants big projects, it has to be aware of how big business operates. Without property rights, nothing will move. Investors simply do not have the patience to deal with a government which cannot get its act together.


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Saturday July 07, 2018


The two Bs: Bharrat and Basil


hile the CCJ was hearing the presidential term limit case, Attorney-General Basil Williams made an intriguing remark on an unrelated subject, but the positions of the two Bs – Basil Williams and Bharrat Jagdeo - actually coincided. Here is the essential argument of the first B (Bharrat) in the case that he lost before the CCJ. There are changes to a country’s laws and amendments to a country’s constitution that have far-reaching consequences, therefore these changes should be made directly by the people rather than their representatives in Parliament. In other words, there are situations that call for the direct approval of the people. This is done in a referendum. The first B contended that the Parliament could not have amended the constitu-

tion to prevent a citizen from holding the office of president for any amount of terms, but should have put the issue to the electorate directly. The first B got a prodigious boost and felt he had victory in the CCJ when the UK government held a referendum to determine if the UK should leave the European Union. The majority voted to leave. But then the first B suffered a setback. A Guyanese woman who is a UK citizen by naturalization asked the courts to decide whether there should not be approval by Parliament of the decision to leave the UK. In other words, she was saying that the people’s representatives must make the decision, that is, Parliament. The courts ordered that the Parliament must decide on leaving the UK. The first B didn’t like the British court decision because the British judges

saw an essential role for the people’s representatives. While the CCJ hearing was taking place, the second B (Basil) made a statement to the press that caused the first B to think that the CCJ might rule in his favour, that is, the first B. Asked for his opinion of amending the anti-narcotic legislation to allow for lighter sentences such as fines for conviction of possession small amounts, the second B said that such an issue should be put to the people directly in a referendum. The first B jumped so high for joy that he got stuck while coming back down to the ground. Why was he so elated at what the second B said about going directly to the population for amending the law? You see, the first B thought that he got the CCJ case wrapped up, because the second B was the Attorney-Gen-

eral in Guyana, and was arguing the case for the supremacy of parliament right in front of the full house of the CCJ (all seven judges), yet contradicted himself by telling the Guyanese people that certain laws should only be amended by referenda. The first B thought that the seven judges could not have missed the blatant contradiction in the AttorneyGeneral’s theorizing about constitutional law and legal politics. The fans of the first B were assured their man would win, because the position of the second B was graphically explanatory. This is how they polemicized on the remark of the second B on the marijuana law. To amend a simple Bill, the second B thinks it necessitates a referendum, then how can the second B go to the CCJ and tell the court that

it is alright to amend an important section of the constitution by an act of parliament. On the surface, these fans look like they had a good and plausible adumbration. But as we know, the CCJ upheld the supremacy of parliament. Where does this leave the theorizing on law and politics by the second B? Surely, his bosses in the Cabinet were holding their breath when the second B talked about going directly to the people to amend the marijuana law while the presidential term limit hearing was taking place. And to crown it all; he was the man arguing the case before the CCJ. His bosses must have asked why he had to say such a thing at the time the CCJ was hearing the matter; is he crazy? Now that the presidential term limit litigation is over, the media ought to press the second B on his referendum de-

Frederick Kissoon sire on the issue of the marijuana amendment. Why is it necessary to go directly to the people to amend a simple Bill that is absolutely uncomplicated and absolutely unrelated to thorny issues involving the constitution, public institutions etc? All the amendment seeks to do is to empower the judiciary to impose a fine rather than a mandatory prison term on conviction of small amounts. Why does the second B want a referendum for that? How about a referendum to choose the PNC’s chairman?

Exxon appears before Parliamentary committee…

Uninformed, ill-prepared opposition lets company off the hook - Questions regarded as “hogwash” -

By Abena Rockcliffe-Campbell His confusion and accompanying amusement were quite visible. In fact, he even paused for a few seconds before answering the question. It was quite clear that ExxonMobil’s Country Manager, Rod Henson, did not expect to be asked why the company did not secure legislation for local content. Eventually, Henson answered, “I am sorry, but a company cannot secure legislation sir.” It was Opposition Member of Parliament (MP), Neendkumar, who posed that question at yesterday’s meeting of the Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Natural Resources. ExxonMobil appeared before the committee. Neendkumar’s question made it appear as if the longstanding parliamentarian actually thinks that ExxonMobil, or any other company for that matter, actually has relevance in the drafting and passing of legislation. This is usually the job of the legislature. But even after Henson said that it is not in ExxonMobil’s remit to secure legislation, he followed up the question. When faced with a similar response, the parliamentarian gave up and said, “Okay, we will have to followup with the minister.”

Opposition MP, Neendkumar The Neendkumar scenario was unfortunately not unique to yesterday’s meeting. It is even safe to pronounce that the meeting was characterized by similar occurrences. Across the board, the questions posed were not what would be considered ‘hardball’ or constructed based on research or an understanding of the industry and Guyana’s uniqueness at this point. The few well-framed questions that ExxonMobil’s Henson could have actually provided answers to were posed by government MPs and Chairman of the Committee, Odinga Lumumba, who sits in parliament on behalf of the opposition. Opposition Member, Yvonne P. Fredericks did not pose a single question during the almost threehour meeting. While MP Pauline CampbellSukhai posed many questions, few were considered pertinent. So wor-

Opposition MP, Pauline Campbell-Sukhai rying was the situation that Minister Ronald Bulkan asked that members stick to matters relating to ExxonMobil’s role in the oil and gas industry and the progress the company is making. But Sukhai insisted on asking questions like why it is that ExxonMobil has not sought to provide jobs for displaced sugar workers. Also, most of her questions were accompanied by lengthy comments. In fact, most MPs were guilty of this. However, Sukhai was the biggest culprit, to the extent that she spoke for spans of five to 10 minutes when ‘posing questions.” In one instance, when her colleague attempted to guide her, Sukhai said “I would like to finish my line of thought.” At another point, she accused the chair of trying to steer the conversation. It was here that Lumumba got upset. He reacted, “Come on, me

Chairman of the Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Natural Resources, Odinga Lumumba ain’t protecting Exxon; Exxon big enough to protect itself.” But Sukhai was not deterred. She then went on to accuse ExxonMobil of funding political initiatives. Sukhai said, “There is talk that Exxon is funding a political initiative that is not yet approved by the National Assembly—that is the Green State Development Strategy.” At this point, she offended Henson. He said, “Sorry ma’am but I have to stop you. ExxonMobil…we don’t choose sides, we are apolitical. We are not funding any political party.” But even after then, Sukhai continued. Henson then said, “Allow me to say that is complete hogwash.” But still, Sukhai was not deterred. She insisted that she is “a National MP and the concerns are out there, so it would be remiss of me if I do not seek the level of clarification that is needed at this meeting.”

There were instances after Sukhai’s questions that Henson said, “Thanks for your comments, can you repeat the question?” This would be a surprising turn of events as just a few weeks ago, Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo committed that the Opposition would bring its “A-game” at the next meeting. Jagdeo had said, “They are clever people. It is just that they are not specialists in the areas.” Jagdeo said this after it was pointed out that PPP/C’s representation was not at its best at the meeting before. Kaieteur News highlighted the fact that some opposition members of the Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Natural Resources seem to lack the capability of holding the government accountable at these meetings. The fact that most questions at the last meeting were posed by PPP/C’s Odinga Lumumba was also noted. Jagdeo had said, “Let me be truthful… I had a meeting with the members of that committee. I said that whilst I was happy with what took place I am not satisfied that, for such an important committee, we do enough preparation to hold the government to account…” Jagdeo revealed that that meeting saw an agreement being made that “they will seek guidance from the others because we work as a collective. Some may not be specialists in the areas that are going to be discussed. But we can have specialist assessments that will guide them in the questioning of the people who come before the committee.” Jagdeo was convinced that the PPP’s preparation would be strong.

Saturday July 07, 2018

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Saturday July 07, 2018

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Badal is involved in transfer pricing and GRA is ignoring it - Jagdeo claims Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has accused businessman Robert Badal of defrauding the State via his practice of transfer pricing. Bad a l i s t h e o w n e r o f P e g a s u s H otel, the majority shareholder of Guyana Stockfeeds Limited and the owner of the Popeye’s franchise. On T h u r s d a y, at J a g d e o ’s w e e k l y p r e s s conference, he said that Badal is given special treatment because of his relationship with the government, “he is a financier.” Jagdeo sa i d t h a t t h a t m u s t s t a n d t o r eason why Government did not appeal the ruling last year of the Court of Appeal that reduced governm e n t ’s s h a r e i n G u y a n a S t o ckfeeds Limited to just seven percent. “They could have taken it to the CCJ (Caribbean Court of Justice).” He then claimed that Badal is “involved in massive illegal activities in order to defraud the state of its rightful revenues and all that is being ignored.” J a g d e o s a i d , “He (Badal) engages in transfer

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

Businessman Robert Badal

pricing.” The Opposition Leader said that Badal has set up a company in Trinidad and Tobago with the same name, Guyana Stockfeeds Limited and he owns 100 percent of the shares… . I will issue a press release on this matter. I do not want to take up too much time at the press conference. But I will show how Popeye’s and all was involved in this (transfer pricing scheme),” Jagdeo never issued the statement as promised. But he said, “I know

that there are people in the Guyana Revenue Authority who take instructions from the Office of the President and from the Minis ter of Finance.” He continued, “Seve r a l i n d e pendent bodies have been receiving instructions from the executive as to how to act. The fuel smuggling that is taking place and is causing a massive leakage to the treasury, people are turning a blind eye to it. They know who the players are and they are still turning a bl i n d eye.”

Saturday July 07, 2018

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In terms of revenue forgone…

Exxon deal will cost us more than all other contracts signed in this country’s history - Ram Anyone familiar with contracts made by a Government in this country would know that the ExxonMobil-Guyana Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) is the most lopsided, reckless and costly contract since independence. Those were the words of Chartered Accountant and Attorney-at-Law, Chris Ram during his latest assessment of the state’s preparedness for the oil sector. In his recent writings, Ram said it may not be an exaggeration to say that the agreement will cost Guyana more than all other contracts signed by all other governments in the history of this country. Further to this, Ram said that the Granger Government has undone all the nationalization contracts engineered by the late Forbes Burnham. He said, too, that the contract will be the nation’s most costly one, due to egregious provisions in the oil contract. Ram listed the four most offensive to be the stability clause; the power of a Minister to bind successive governments in perpetuity without even the façade of parliamentary cover; self-insurance by the oil companies against all risks; and the US$460M pre-contract costs. Ram said that all the apologists who decry others as pessimists and prophets of doom should have the courage to justify such reckless action by Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman who has received the fullthroated support of Foreign Minister, Carl Greenidge and President, David Granger. The Chartered Accountant said, “Trotman, for all his unbelievable lack of performance, remains as Minister either because of his loyalty or because of some rule that Ministers in a coalition Government cannot be fired. And he remains as the chief spokesman on petroleum months after responsibility for petroleum was transferred to the Ministry of the Presidency.” Ram added, “Let us not forget that Minister Trotman has not passed a single piece

Chartered Accountant, Chris Ram of petroleum legislation in three critical years, nor has he taken the elementary step of appointing a Chief Inspector as required by the Petroleum Exploration and Production Act. If Minister Trotman had taken the time to read the relevant legislation, he would know that Guyana has no environmental protection legislation specific to the petroleum sector, arguably as important for its existential implications and the fiscal terms are for the national budget and the economy.” Ram said, too, that another disturbing development is not only the silence of civil society, but “how easy it has been for Exxon to buy their loyalty with a rental or services contract here or a donation there…” Given the rate at which, local authorities are developing the oil sector, Ram remarked that Guyana will soon become a company country, with “Exxon beyond the reach of our laws, our Constitution and our Parliament.” The Chartered Accountant concluded that it is perhaps, not an irretrievable situation, but stressed that clearly there needs to be manpower changes and more leadership from the President. Ram said, “He needs to take charge before it is too late.”



Saturday July 07, 2018

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Tactical moves by govt. helped realise laudable NGSA results – Harmon There have been some notable improvements in the results of the National Grade Six Assessment [NGSA] in recent years. This year there has been no exception. In recognising this development, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon on Thursday shared his view that government should be given credit for implementing measures that helped to achieve the notable success. Speaking to media representatives at this week’s Post Cabinet press briefing, Harmon said although private schools have been known to outshine public schools over the years, the deliberate interventions of government have pushed public schools to improve. “The public schools have actually started to turn around the situation and this year they have done very well. I believe this in large measure is due to several factors,” said Harmon, as he mentioned at least three tactical moves introduced by government. He listed for instance the fact that government through its Five Bs programme has been able to ensure that students are provided with transportation to attend school. Added to this, he

highlighted that government has ensured that there is a vibrant school feeding programme for students that caters to them being fed while at school. But of most importance might have been the move by government to implement an emergency intervention programme for primary schools following the daunting results that were obtained at the NGSA in 2016. The NGSA is the final assessment undertaken by primary school pupils in order for them to be placed at secondary level institutions. “After the 2016 results, government had made an emergency intervention, particularly to look at the results in the Mathematics and English and we can actually see those benefits now coming out,” said Harmon. In its quest to improve the results, Government had initially allocated the sum of $48 million to the public education system. Harmon had however noted that government was prepared to advance even more funds to improve the NGSA results. At that time he said “there is an immediate emergency arrangement which requires this sum of 48 million and there is a strategy that’s outlined for that which we have already started and we [Cabinet] agreed to that.”

According to Harmon, funding for the Mathematics improvement venture was seen as a matter of immediate emergency. He considered that “if you have a problem in primary, by the time you go to secondary the problem goes with you. So we figured that at the bottom level this is where it has to be dealt with initially, because if we don’t deal with it there, they will get to the secondary and university [levels] and the problem is never dealt with.” In highlighting the need to undertake the improvement venture, Harmon intimated that “I believe that [based on] some of the reports I get out of our own university, we have some problems at the tertiary level as w e l l . ” Harmon back in 2016 said that efforts will particularly be made to target the primary level, since improving the performance at this level is seen as being of extreme importance. He had however assured that the long term plan of the Ministry of Education is to also address the performance at the secondary level. As he considered the results this year, Harmon said, “we want to congratulate all those students and in particular those who got 100 percent, I mean that is fantastic. I believe our future is in good hands when we look at the results coming out of the examination with these students.” Although pleased with the result, the Minister of State made it clear that despite the success realised “I know we have a very far way to go in being able to provide and deliver the quality education that is needed for modern Guyana.”

Saturday July 07, 2018

Public Service Credit Union fiasco…

Over $10M in ‘suspicious’ cheques being reviewed by IMC The Interim Management Committee (IMC) installed by Government at the Guyana Public Service Co-operative Credit Union Limited (GPSCCUL) has stopped over $10M in cheques that they deem to be suspicions payments authorized by the former managers of the union. Chairman of the IMC, Trevor L. Benn told Kaieteur News that within a week in late

Chairman of the IMC, Trevor Benn

June, the former managers, armed with an injunction from the court to stop the IMC’s work, re-entered the union and cut several cheques. When the IMC regained control of the Union, Benn stated that they discovered that several cheques were written in the space of a week, including one for $3.5M which was cashed. However, there were several other cheques that total over

$10M which the IMC has placed a hold on. “We will review each payment on its merit and if it is justified we will honour those payments,” Benn stated. Following accusations of financial mismanagement, the Chief Cooperatives Development Officer, Perlina Gifth, appointed the IMC to streamline the union’s operations and also ordered an audit of thousands of transactions over the past ten years. Benn shared that “people may have organized the union in such a way to ensure that they benefited’, but overall it has not affected their ability to meet the financial demands of the members”. “There has been no finalized audit for eight years, no Annual General Meeting (AGM) and no payout of dividends for several years. These things fuel speculation and unease among the mem-


Kaieteur News

bers. We are trying to make everything a little more transparent so people know what is expected and how their demands are being met. Maybe at the end of the process we might find that there are issues, but so far we cannot pronounce on that,” Benn noted. He stated that the union issues roughly 400 cheques per week, hence, providing a timeline for the conclusion of the 10-year audit could be difficult. Benn pointed out that the IMC continues to work diligently to administer the requests of its members. He stated that the committee is also examining the overall structure of the union to ensure that it can become a 21st century operation, similar to other unions globally. This review targets the union’s constitution, rules, regulations and the time it takes to process claims made by members.

“We are looking at the staffing structure to see if it is geared towards meeting the needs of the shareholders. We are looking at the fiduciary duty of the institution. We are also looking at the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) requirements and the delinquency rate. We have just started and all we are doing in trying to understand for ourselves the status of the Union,” Benn noted. The Chairman stated that it is too early to make a serious pronouncement as to when the IMC’s work will be completed, but they intend to finish before the one year deadline set by the Chief Cooperatives Development Officer.

Govt. has no intention of funding Amaila Falls hydro While the Government of Guyana is open for the development of the Amaila Falls hydro project, it is not likely to plunge any more money into it. Rather, that would be up to the investors to take the project and run with it. Already, miles of roads, costing more than US$40M has been constructed. The government is concentrating on a mix of other energy projects including solar, wind and even a natural gas-fired power plant. The issue of Amaila Falls and the almost US$1B hydro project that was supposed to be built there raised its head recently after Government disclosed that it will be utilizing US$80M that was being held by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to build large solar farms and fund other alternative energy projects. Speaking on Thursday during the post-Cabinet press briefing, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, made it clear that Amaila Falls is not dead, but rather, it is highly unlikely Government would be spending any money. Recently, Government said that it is open to investors making proposals. Before being elected to government in 2015, Government members soundly criticized plans for the project which were being pursued by the former People’s Progressive Party (PPP) administration. Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, told a Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources on Friday that the project is still on the table.

”The Government of Guyana, while it has voiced its concern and disappointment in the Amaila Falls project, it has never taken it off the table, even now that there are hydrologist studies there to determine whether there is adequate supply of water to generate what is needed to produce electricity,” Trotman stated. It will be recalled that in August 2013, the preparations for implementation of Amaila Falls Hydropower Project came to a standstill, as the Parliament of Guyana did not vote unanimously in favour of certain features of the project presented by its main sponsor, Sithe Global, a US-based investor in the international energy market. At that time, the National Assembly was controlled by a one-seat Opposition majority of A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance for Change (APNU/AFC). Sithe Global withdrew from its position as the main sponsor throwing the project’s future into jeopardy. The Government of Guyana, represented by the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Natural Resources and the Government of Norway, represented by the

Minister of Climate and Environment decided at a meeting in Paris in December 2015 to perform “an objective and facts-based” assessment of the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project. The project was heavily pushed by the last two administrations of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) but ran into trouble early, specifically problems with the access roads to the Amaila Falls dam site in Region Eight. The roads collapsed in many parts and the contractor was fired. Costs ran from US$15M to over US$40M. The US$900M-plus tagged for the 165 megawatts project was seen as too costly, with criticisms over the technical readiness of the Guyana Power and Light Inc. to take the power. There were also questions over whether the dam would actually be able to sustain the promised power, with one photo even showing the waterways dry. Trotman told the committee that the two-year study currently in progress is the first to be undertaken at Amaila Falls. The studies, according to the Minister, are expected to be completed by the end of this year.


Saturday July 07, 2018

Kaieteur News

Region Seven gears to modernize ‘frontline communities’ Starting next year Region Seven [Cuyuni/Mazaruni] will be looking to expand and modernize its health services in the frontline communities bordering Venezuela. This disclosure was made this past week by Regional Health Officer, Dr. Edward Sagala, during the Regional Health Services meeting which concluded yesterday at Lake Mainstay Resort. In his presentation at t h e f o r u m , D r. S a g a l a shared the proposed plans to strengthen and improve healthcare next year in the predominantly gold-mining community. This, he explained, will see Kamarang District Hospital, in the Upper Mazaruni, “being modernised to provide critical and much needed back up services to all neighbouring communities.” In these facilities there are nine general medical practitioners serving the communities which i n c l u d e Imbaimadai, Jawalla, Quebeng, Kako, Waramadong and Paruima. Dr. Sagala reminded the other RHOs and participants at the annual Regional Health Services review programme that health care is a human right and not a privilege. “This care must be always available when needed, acceptable, accessible, timely and appropriate. Despite all the good intentions, sometimes it is difficult to ensure that the above parameters are met,” Dr. Sagala said. The Cuyuni/Mazaruni RHO said that plans are also afoot to upgrade all health posts to health centres in both Upper and Middle Mazaruni, where doctors are already providing services to those re-

Region Seven RHO, Dr. Edward Sagala. mote areas where transportation and communication are very difficult and severely affecting timely delivery of health services. Dr. Sagala said too that proposals have been included in the 2019 budget to ensure that comprehensive primary health care (PHC) is also made available to all ‘frontline communities’ bordering Spanish-speaking Venezuela where, currently, due to economic hardships a number of Guyanese have been re-migrating. Several Venezuelans have also been fleeing their homeland to seek medical and other benefits from Guyana. “It is planned to have doctors stationed at all ‘Frontline Communities’ including Eteringbang, Kaikan and Chinoweing to ensure comprehensive primary health care delivery is available in a timely fashion to the residents. Dr. Sagala affirmed that the proposed plan is in-

deed ambitious. “Difficult yes, impossible no… It is doable and necessary for both economic and security reas o n s , ” D r. S a g a l a s a i d about his Region’s shortterm aspirations. Despite the current economic situation under the review period, the country has achieved significant progress in ensuring that its population receives quality healthcare. “What gives us hope is that almost all the current constraints are man-made and therefore have solutions,” the RHO said. Challenges in Cuyuni/ Mazaruni are amplified by its size. The region is recognised as the second largest in the country and has geographical peculiarities, transportation and communication difficulties, disease patterns and a scattered population of some 28-30,000 residents living in the Lower, Middle and Upper Mazaruni subdistricts. Those residing in the sprawling interior mining community usually seek m e d i c a l a t t e n t i o n f o r, among other things, hypertension, heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, vector-borne diseases, malaria, dengue, pregnancy-related conditions, skin conditions, snake bites, accidents, trauma, violent acts and mental disorders in that order. However, Dr. Sagala said the five leading causes of death in Cuyuni/ Mazaruni are respiratory disorders, gastro-intestinal conditions, neonatal conditions [sepsis, prematurity], multifactorial [accidents and trauma] and congenital malformations.


Kaieteur News

Saturday July 07, 2018

Ministry of Communities requests more time…

No excuses, regional officers must account for Govt. funds – PAC Chairman PAC Chairman, Irfaan Ali

Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Irfaan Ali is appalled by the request from the Ministry of Communities to suspend the examination of the 2016 Auditor General Report for the remaining Regional Democratic Councils to allow for better preparations by regional officials. According to Ali, the Auditor General’s 2016 report has been released for more than a year and at the PAC meetings, the Finance Secretary and the Accountant General confirmed that sessions were held with the regional officials to prepare them for the PAC. “I think the REOs ought to be prepared. They had a

lot of time to be prepared. They had the Auditor General report over a year now. They had exit conferences with the Auditor General. The Finance Secretary and the Accountant General clarified that they have met with these officials on many occasions. There should be nothing hindering their level of preparedness to come before the committee,” Ali noted. The Ministry of Communities sent a letter to Ali dated June 26th, 2018, asking the PAC to consider the request for a suspension. Ali noted that this will be done at the PAC’s next meeting on Monday when the committee resumes the examination of the 2016

expenditure. However, Ali is of the view that the regional officials should have their houses in order and give account for taxpayers’ funds. “You have a budgetary allocation and you’re supposed to have the documentation to support the expenditure. All you have to do is come to the PAC, answer clearly, precisely and honestly, and not skirt around the issues,” Ali noted. The PAC of Parliament is a bi-partisan committee, although the Government holds a 5-4 majority. There has been heavy media coverage of the PAC meetings which has resulted in very damning information regarding expenditure becoming public. The most recent, was the admittance of the REO of Region Six that the region engaged in contract splitting to purchase medical gloves. Then there were revelations that Region Six accepted a bulldozer from a supplier which was contrary to what was requested in the bid documents. Following media reports, the supplier refunded Government over $14M. Region 5 REO was sent away from the PAC meetings and is now under investigation for allegedly refusing to cooperate with the Auditor General’s request for information.

Opposition, Ram worried Exxon... From page 7 environmental risks with the coming of oil production, Conservation International is yet to join the conversation. In fact, Annette Arjoon of the Guyana Marine Conservation Society (GMCS) is the lone environmentalist that has been speaking out

on the risks involved in oil production and calling for mitigation measures to be put in place pronto. Even the opposition, which is now speaking out about Conservation International’s possible buyout, has had little to say about the environmental hazards that Guyana face.

The timing of the Ministry’s request is interesting, given that the Government is preparing for Local Government Elections scheduled to be held within six months. Region Four, which is controlled by the

Government, is still to appear before the PAC. Ali was asked if the request from the Ministry was made to stop the embarrassment by the regional officers ahead of the elections.

He replied, “I don’t want to get into that. The committee will get into that. In my view, the regional administration had enough time to prepare and they ought to come and account for their stewardship to the PAC,” Ali noted.


Saturday July 07, 2018

Kaieteur News

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Saturday July 07, 2018

Venezuelan teen who stole money to buy clothes jailed A Venezuelan teenager who told the court that he stole a quantity of cash from a businesswoman to purchase clothing was yesterday sentenced to six months imprisonment. The 17 year-old will be deported to his homeland after serving the time. Luiz Marques appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts, and admitted to the charge which stated that between July 1 and July 2, at Water Front, Port Kaituma, he stole $410,000 cash, property of Sabrina Johnson. Police Prosecutor Gordon Mansfield told the court that Johnson is the proprietor of a general store at Water Front, Port Kaituma. The prosecutor said that on the day in question, Marques went to the woman’s store to purchase a haversack. While Johnson was attending to Marques, someone called out for her and she ventured outside. She returned a few minutes later and Marques paid her for the haversack and left the store. Johnson then proceeded to a shelf where she had left the money mentioned in the charge. She discovered that the cash - which was from the previous day’s sale - was missing. She reported the matter to the Port Kaituma Police Station. The matter was then investigated and Marques was arrested and taken into custody. Under caution, he


Kaieteur News

Luiz Marques

admitted to the offence, stating that he took the money to buy clothes. The prosecutor added that there is no document to prove that the defendant entered the country legally. Marques, who spoke through an interpreter, told the court that he stole the money to buy clothes. The Magistrate then informed him that upon

serving the jail term, he will be escorted to the nearest port of exit on his way back to Venezuela.

Mason charged for assaulting arresting constable A man who reportedly dealt a police constable several lashes about his body with a piece of wood, after he tried to arrest him, was yesterday charged and released on $100,000 bail by a City Magistrate. Randy Bharrat, 43, of Albouystown, Georgetown, appeared before Senior Magistrate Leron Daly in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts where two charges were read to him. The first charge alleged that on July 2 at Albouystown, Bharrat assaulted Police Constable Mark Griffith, with intent to prevent lawful apprehension of himself. It was further alleged that on the same day in question, he unlawfully assaulted Ryan Pollard. He denied both charges. Police Prosecutor Sanj Singh had no objections to bail being granted to Bharrat, but asked that conditions be attached. The prosecutor added that Bharrat is known for acting in a violent manner and he was previously charged for unlawful possession of a firearm and robbery. According to information, on July 2, last, Police

Randy Bharrat

Constable Griffith after carrying out certain investigations saw Bharrat and approached him. Bharrat allegedly picked up a piece of wood and dealt the police rank several lashes about his body. He is also said to have spat in the face of the law enforcement officer. The officer subsequently managed to apprehend Bharrat and he taken to the Ruimveldt Police Station. Magistrate Daly after

listening to the prosecutor released the defendant on $100,000 bail. A condition of the bail is that he report every Monday to the Ruimveldt Police Station. He was instructed to make his next court appearance on August 31.

LEGAL NOTICE 2 LEGAL NOTICE CONT’D TAKE NOTICE that the Divorce is fixed for Directions Hearing on Tuesday the 14th day of August, 2018 at 9:30 am before the Honourable Madam Justice Simone Morris-Ramlall in the Directions Hearing Room of the Family Division of the High Court at Georgetown. IN DEFAULT of your filing an Acknowledgement of Service/Notice of Intention to Defend, Answer and/or Cross Petition the Court may proceed in your absence and may make any Order it considers appropriate, including granting the Divorce. The Registry of the Family Division of the High Court is located at the Law Courts [Georgetown, Demerara]. The office is open to the public between 8:00am and 3:30pm on Mondays to Thursdays and 8:00am to 2:30pm on Fridays except on public holidays and on such other days as the Registry is closed. Dated the 21st day of June, 2018.


Kaieteur News

Saturday July 07, 2018

Saturday July 07, 2018

Kaieteur News



Kaieteur News

Saturday July 07, 2018

Saturday July 07, 2018


Kaieteur News

Ruthless Federer marches on with another Seven-a-side football on straight-sets win today at Den Amstel

Switzerland’s Roger Federer celebrates winning his third round match against Germany’s Jan-Lennard Struff. (REUTERS/Peter Nicholls)

Saturday July 07, 2018 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) You're at a dramatic climax in your monthly emotional cycle today, Aries. It's possible that you'll erupt like a volcano. Don't be ashamed of releasing these emotions.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Get up early and get working, Libra. You have a lot of emotional and physical energy that should help you accomplish whatever you need to do.

TAURUS(Apr.20–May20) Your Florence Nightingale side might make an appearance today, Taurus. Your default defense is to take care of yourself and others.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Feel free to speak up today, Scorpio. Perhaps no one has heard your point of view in a while. It's probably important for them to hear it.

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Today is a terrific day for you, Gemini. You'll find that you can get quite a bit done using your quick mind and sharp wit.

SAGIT(Nov.22–Dec.21) Someone has turned on the fan and papers are flying everywhere. The pace of things is picking up and you're scrambling to pick up the pieces.

CANCER (June 21–July 22) Often we ask ourselves, "Why me?" You might feel like you ask yourself this question more than anyone else. Your life probably seems at times like a rollercoaster ride that never ends. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) You may find your brain buzzing around like a bee today. This is good. There's a great deal of information that you need to process now. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Don't automatically assume that you can work out all your problems by yourself. Just the act of talking things over with others can help shed light on a situation that was baffling you earlier. Enlist the help of others in areas where you need help.

CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) No one is going to be catering to your needs today, so get up and do things on your own. You'll find that there is little sympathy from others, and strong opinions are a dime a dozen. AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) Listen closely to the wind, for the answers are blowing around right in front of you today. Make contact with people you haven't heard from in a while. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) You might find yourself sidestepping in order to avoid a commitment today. Don't keep giving someone the runaround. Be strong and let people know your thoughts even if you think their feelings will be hurt.

LONDON (Reuters) Top seed and defending champion Roger Federer advanced to the Wimbledon last 16 without dropping a set after a 6-3 7-5 6-2 win over German Jan-Lennard Struff yesterday. F e d e r e r, s e e k i n g a record ninth Wimbledon title, eased through the first set before the big-serving Struff put up more of a fight in the second. But Federer clinched it with a superb service game that included a wonderful volley at the end of a long rally followed by a winning drive down the line. The 36-year-old Swiss proceeded to win his 29th consecutive set at the All England Club and wrap up victory on Centre Court in just over one and a half hours. “Against big servers who go for a lot it’s always difficult to find rhythm and be sure that you are in d r i v e r ’s s e a t u n t i l t h e match is over,” Federer said. “I was happy to stay clam and finish off the job. I thought I did very well today. I created more chances in the second set and was always able to stay pretty clean on my own service game. “It’s a wonderful feeling walking out there, I take every match one at a time, I try to put on a good match, try hard every time, and will never underestimate anybody - that keeps me in check.”

Serena on... From page 28 express train.She brought up another match point with a 12th ace and finished it off with her 13th. Williams has now won 17 consecutive matches at Wimbledon including the 2015 and 2016 titles. She missed last year’s tournament because she was pregnant with daughter Alexis Olympia.

GBA to host... From page 32 Ninvalle noted via a press correspondence. The GBA is expecting to cater for at least seven countries in August: “Apart from Trinidad, St. Lucia, Barbados and Jamaica we are expecting Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, Suriname and French Guiana at the third edition of the Caribbean Schoolboys and Juniors,” Ninvalle declared.

Teams in Den Amstel and surrounding villages will be locked in battle later today at the Den Amstel Community Centre Ground when a 7-a-side football competition organised by Tree Top Family Promotions is held. A top prize of $70,000, two footballs and a trophy

awaits the winner with the second placed team to collect $40,000, one ball and a t r o p h y, w h i l e t h e t h i r d place team will walk away with $25,000 and a case of GT Beer. There will also be basketball, dominos and a road race for children to be held this morning.

Queen’s College first form cricket finals on today The Queen’s College Sports Committee will be bowling off two first form’s eight-over cricket finals for boys and girls at the National Park today from 10:00hrs. The first game will be contested between 1B and 1C girls, while the boys’ final will see 1A versus 1D. Trophies for the event have been provided by Trophy Stall of Bourda Market, while medals have been contributed by Johnny ‘Overseas’ Barnwell.


Shaw, Samarth lead run riot as Windies endure chastening day BECKENHAM, England, CMC – Teenaged opener Prithvi Shaw missed out on a double hundred while Ravikumar Samarth struck a century of his own, as India A turned the tables on West Indies A, leaving the Caribbean side facing a tricky final day of the opening four-day “Test”. Resuming yesterday’s penultimate day at Kent County Ground on 159 without loss in their second innings, India A batted audaciously to make a bold statement, piling up a massive 536 for four at the close. The 18-year-old Shaw, 101 not out at the start, carried on to make a better than run-aball 188 while Samarth stroked an attractive 137. Captain Karun Nair supported with 77 not out while opener Mayank Agarwal added 12 to his overnight 56, before being dismissed. The day in the field proved a chastening one for West Indies A and seamer Sherman Lewis was the only bowler to come away with any real success, taking two for 100. Having led India A by 250 runs on first innings, Windies A saw that advantage completely eviscerated and are now behind by 286 runs heading into Saturday’s final day. Lewis plucked out Agarwal in the morning’s

Saturday July 07, 2018

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West Indies A … endured a chastening day in the field against India A fourth over but any hopes of quick success were then dashed as Shaw and Samarth combined in a dashing 158run second wicket partnership. All told, Shaw struck 28 fours and a pair of sixes in an innings which required only 169 deliveries and lasted just short of 4-1/4 hours. Samarth, meanwhile, faced 202 balls in nearly 5-1/4 hours and counted 14 fours, helping to take India A to lunch on 289 for one. Unbeaten on 160 at the interval, Shaw became Lewis’s second wicket and only one of the second session as Samarth, on 35 not out, found an ally in Nair to put on a further 166 for the third wicket and turn the screws on Windies A. Samarth was on 90 at tea with India A on 415 for two,

and comfortably brought up three figures in the final session. When the 25-year-old Nair finally departed, Nair pressed home India A’s advantage in an innings comprising eight fours and spanning 134 balls and nearly four hours. Scores: INDIA A 133 (Hanuma Vihari 37, Vijay Shankar 34, Karun Nair 20; Sherman Lewis 4-35, Chemar Holder 4-57, Raymon Reifer 2-20) and 536 for four (Prithvi Shaw 188, Ravikumar Samarth 137, Karun Nair 77, Mayank Agarwal 68; Sherman Lewis 2-100). WEST INDIES A 383 (Sunil Ambris 128, Shamarh Brooks 91, Raymon Reifer 52, Chandrapaul Hemraj 42, ; Ankit Rajpoot 4-76, Navdeep Saini 2-78, Shahbaz Nadeem 2-87).

Serena on a roll as she roars into last 16

Bertens ends Venus’ days of living dangerously LONDON (Reuters) There was no great escape for Venus Williams yesterday as the five-times champion became the latest top-10 seed to perish at Wimbledon after she was beaten 6-2 6-7(5) 8-6 in a pulsating third-round match by Dutchwoman Kiki Bertens. The American, at 38 the oldest woman in the draw, had to recover from a set down in her first two matches but her days of living dangerously were ended by a opponent who simply would not give up. “I still can’t really believe it. It was such a tough match and such a big fight and I’m really happy that I won this one,” a breathless Bertens said moments after emerging victorious in the two hour, 40 minute thriller. A poker-faced Williams summed up the experience as: “Just ran out of time in the end. You have to win the last point, and I didn’t succeed in that today.” In fact, even in the first set Williams kept failing to win the points that mattered. She was 40-0 up on serve in the third game but a successful Hawkeye challenge combined with a lunging mis-hit winner from Bertens allowed the Dutchwoman to streak 3-0 ahead. However, the precision serve that had gone AWOL during the first set - with the ninth seed holding serve only once - was back on target for Williams as she produced some exquisite volley winners to snap up the second set when Bertens smacked a forehand long. But all the effort she put into forcing a decider despite being two points from defeat at 4-5 down in the second set came to nothing as Bertens

Venus Williams of the U.S. in action during the third round match against Netherlands’ Kiki Bertens. (REUTERS/Andrew Boyers) played the match of her life to reach the second week at the All England Club for the first time in her career. Bertens had come agonizingly close to toppling Williams in Miami this year, when she had held three match points, and on Friday it was clear she had learned from that near miss. When match point number one disappeared with a stretched volley winner from Williams on Court One Bertens kept believing. When match point number two vanished with a wild backhand error - Bertens did not lose faith. When match point three ended with the American netting a tired backhand into the net, Bertens dropped to her knees in triumph. “I played her in Miami and had a few match points

there and I lost so of course that was going through my mind but I told myself to keep going,” said 20th seed Bertens. “I told myself, ‘you’re in the Wimbledon third round, never reached the fourth round so you have nothing to lose so go for your shots’.” Friday’s result meant both last year’s finalists have lost before the fourth round, with Williams following 2017 champion Garbine Muguruza out of the tournament. Her demise also continued the horror show for women’s seeds at Wimbledon as only two of the top 10 - world number one Simona Halep and number seven Karolina Pliskova - are still in the tournament. It is the worst showing by the women’s seeds in the professional era.

Serena Williams of the U.S. reacts during the third round match against France’s Kristina Mladenovic. (REUTERS/Peter Nicholls) LONDON (Reuters) Seven-times champion Serena Williams moved ominously into the last 16 at Wimbledon when she recovered from a sluggish start to beat France’s Kristina Mladenovic 7-5 7-6(1) yesterday. The American, seeded 25,

looked sluggish initially and trailed 5-3 but the 36-year-old flicked the switch and reeled off six games in a row as Mladenovic wilted in the heat. To her credit Mladenovic recovered her poise and had a chance to break the Williams serve at 4-4 in the second set. Williams slammed the

door shut though and piled on the pressure when Mladenovic served at 5-6. Mladenovic saved one match point with a graceful forehand winner and forced a tiebreak but there was no stopping Williams as she steamed through it like an (Continued on page 27)

Netherlands’ Kiki Bertens celebrates winning the third round match against Venus Williams of the US. (Reuters Andrew Bouers)

Saturday July 07, 2018


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Mercurial Monfils tames Querrey Movistar launches 3-man attack - Zverev wins yet another to end Froome’s Tour reign to reach last 16 Grand Slam five-setter LONDON (Reuters) Unseeded Frenchman Gael Monfils tamed the power of American Sam Querrey to reach the Wimbledon fourth round for the first time yesterday, having previously fallen six times in the third round. It looked like being a familiar story for the 31-year-old when 11th seed Querrey bombed down nine aces to win the opening set but crowd-pleaser Monfils responded with some dazzling tennis to win 5-7 6-4 6-4 6-2 on Center Court. Monfils leveled the match with an ace of his own after breaking for a 5-3 lead in the second set. A forehand pass gave him the breakthrough midway through the third set and Querrey’s resistance faded in the heat as Monfils raced through the fourth set in 23 minutes. He will face eighth seed Kevin Anderson next. Meanwhile, Fourth seed Alexander Zverev reached the third round at Wimbledon for the third year in succession when he came from 2-1 down to complete a 6-4 5-7 67(0) 6-1 6-2 victory over Taylor Fritz in their suspended match yesterday. The second-round clash on Court One, which lasted three hours 12 minutes, was suspended on Thursday evening in fading light with the 20-yearold American Fritz leading 2-1 after taking a 56-minute third set. It was the fourth time in six Grand Slam matches that the 21-year-old German had

Germany’s Alexander Zverev celebrates celebrates winning the second round match against Taylor Fritz of the U.S. (REUTERS/Tony O’Brien) come back from 2-1 down to win a five-setter, after three at the French Open. World number three Zverev said he had struggled with a stomach virus and the fading light on Thursday. “Yesterday was tough for several reasons, I had a stomach virus, went to bathroom at the end of the second set and threw up, and last night I didn’t eat anything,” he said. “It’s a closed court... We played in dark for an hour. I was missing balls I usually don’t miss. It helped me we stopped at the third. We were both struggling to be honest, it helped him to reach the tiebreak.” As the match looked to be going into a second day, Fritz slipped and fell twice when 65 up in the third set, missing the chance to break Zverev’s serve and clinch it before the tiebreak. But the 68th-ranked American was on a roll and took command of the tiebreak

from the start, running out a 7-0 winner. Zverev said he was returning much harder, rushing Fritz and giving him less time to react. “I was seeing the ball much better.” He added that wearing contact lenses was not an issue. “I feel 100 percent comfortable with contacts. I love playing night sessions.” Determined not to make an early exit in a tournament where he reached the fourth round a year ago — bettered in Grand Slams only by his quarter-final in Paris this year — Zverev came out guns blazing on Friday and powered Fritz into submission. The American had his moments, such as a sublime lob, and the better of numerous baseline rallies. But Zverev, serving better and sharper in finding the lines and length, stifled Fritz’s efforts to regain the advantage he had held on Thursday.

CHOLET, France (AP) — Movistar is launching a threeman attack to foil Chris Froome’s quest to win a fifth Tour de France. While most teams appoint one leader to fight for the title, Movistar says Nairo Quintana, Alejandro Valverde, and Mikel Landa all start the race on Saturday with equal options to become their No. 1 rider. “We always come here with high hopes, but this year it definitely looks like it is our turn more than ever to aspire for victory with these three leaders,” Movistar general director Eusebio Unzue said on Friday in western France. “It’s undeniable that this team has gotten better and that we are coming here in perfect position to achieve the goal of arriving to Paris in the yellow jersey.” However, some rivals question whether not having a defined leader and seven more riders tasked to help him through the grueling 21-stage race will only create confusion and in-house competition for Movistar. Richie Porte, who helped Froome win two Tour titles then left Sky to have his shot at being a top rider on BMC, said finding a balance with three riders who are fighting for the overall classification would be difficult. “It is a tricky one, having a three-prong attack,” Porte said. “It is great to have those options, but you have to use them wisely. Who knows how harmonious it is on that team? It is hard enough with two leaders, let alone three.” Porte won last month’s Tour de Suisse after Movistar

Colombia’s Nairo Quintana greets spectators during the Tour de France cycling race team presentation in La Roche-sur-Yon, Vendee region, France, Thursday, July 5, 2018, ahead of today’s start of the race. (AP Photo/Christophe Ena) fell short with Quintana finishing third and Landa 16th. Porte said he was aided in Switzerland by what he called Movistar’s poor race tactics. He gave an example of the team ordering Landa to attack into what Porte described as a headwind. “Hopefully for Landa they are going to use (their riders) more smartly” in France, Porte said. Quintana, a winner of the Giro d’Italia and the Spanish Vuelta who has twice finished runner-up to Froome at the Tour, said Movistar was accustomed to competing without a clear hierarchy. The Colombian climber has shared the top spot on the team for years with Valverde. “On other occasions we have been in this situation of having more than one leader and we have known how to handle it,” Quintana said. “It’s not a problem. Day by day the race will decide for us.”

Valverde, at 38 years old, said he was most likely third in the pecking order behind Quintana and newcomer Landa. “I have come here several times as the leader and my opportunity (to win) has probably passed,” Valverde said. “Our idea is to win the Tour for Movistar, but they have better chances than I do.” Landa is trying to follow a similar path to Porte. The Spaniard excelled as a strong support rider for Froome and former Tour winner Vincenzo Nibali before he signed to Movistar this season. “The difference between previous seasons and this one is that now I can run my own race,” Landa said. “It’s great to share a leading role with Alejandro and Nairo. I’ll fight to be up there with them, learning as much as I can from them, and taking advantage of my chances during the race.”

Thompson beaten into second place in Lausanne

France’s Gael Monfils hits a shot during his third round match against Sam Querrey of the U.S. (REUTERS/Peter Nicholls)

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, CMC – Olympic champion Elaine Thompson was forced to settle for second place as Marie-Josée Ta Lou of Côte d’Ivoire produced a strong performance to win the 100 metres at the Lausanne Diamond League here Thursday. The Jamaican was timed at 10.99 seconds but was unable to keep tabs on Ta Lou who crossed the line first in 10.90. American Jenna Prandini clocked 11 seconds flat for third place. Murielle Ahouré got the jump on the field in lane six and was already leading after 25 metres, with Thompson trying to make up ground from lane four, and Ta Lou making

gains alongside her in lane five. Ta Lou surged to the front after 60 metres with Thompson chasing but unable to find the acceleration to stay with the Ivorian. “It’s good to be able to go out in this special stadium and be able to execute and that more to be able to run sub 11 seconds. I love this crowd,” Thompson said afterwards. “As for the next steps this season I am going to get back to training now for a little while and then go to Canada and finish my season in Brussels.” There was also defeat for another Jamaican Olympic champion, Omar McLeod,

who came in a disappointing fifth in the men’s sprint hurdles. He clocked 13.41 seconds as Russian Sergey Shubenkov took victory in 12.95, with American Devon Allen second in 13.29. In the women’s 400 metres hurdles, Jamaican Janieve Russell finished second in 53.46 seconds, following home Shamier Little of the United States who stopped the clock at 53.41.


Saturday July 07, 2018

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Vettel leads, Verstappen Griezmann inspires France past punchless Uruguay in crashes at Silverstone World Cup quarter-final

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton after a pit stop during practice. (REUTERS/Andrew Yates) SILVERSTONE, England (Reuters) - Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel pushed Formula One title rival and home race favourite Lewis Hamilton off the top of the British Grand Prix practice timesheets in a sizzling yesterday session while Max Verstappen crashed. Hamilton, winner for the past four years at Silverstone and five times in total at his home track, had started the day by leading a Mercedes one-two in the hot opening session. Vettel, who leads the Briton by a point in the championship after nine races, put in a lap of one minute 27.552 seconds in the afternoon to end the session 0.187 faster than his fellow-four-times world champion. That was still slower than Hamilton’s morning time of 1:27.487, however, with Vettel third then and half a second slower. “We had a good Friday, everything we put on the car seemed to work, and I felt happy with the balance of the car straight away and managed to find a good rhythm from the beginning,” said Vettel. Hamilton enthused about the track conditions and the speed, helped by fresh asphalt and the effects of the drag reduction system, and expected a close fight with Ferrari in Saturday’s qualifying and Sunday’s race. “It feels like driving a fighter jet around the track,” said the Briton. “However, it is also the bumpiest track I’ve ever experienced. “With the speeds we’re going now and the G forces we’re pulling, I think it’s

going to be the most physical race of the year.” Hamilton’s Finnish team mate Valtteri Bottas, with a new engine in his car after last weekend’s mechanical retirement in Austria, was second and third fastest respectively in the two sessions. TOO QUICK Australian Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen traded fourth and fifth places while Max Verstappen, winner in Austria for Red Bull, was sixth in the morning but crashed after lunch without setting a time. The 20-year-old Dutchman, whose crash brought out red flags, had ended the first session early after he was told to stop the car. “I think I was a bit too quick on the hard tyre; I tried to go too fast through the corner and I just lost it,” said Verstappen. “The feeling is good and the car is working quite well but we are just

losing a lot of time on the straights which is unfortunate.” Haas’s Romain Grosjean had a heavy crash at the fast first corner, slamming into the tyre barriers after failing to close the drag reduction system (DRS), in the morning and did not take part in practice two. “The car is destroyed,” the Frenchman, who was unhurt by the impact, said over the radio. “I’m very, very sorry guys. I think it was the bump. I missed the (DRS) button.”Team boss Guenther Steiner said the team needed to rebuild the chassis. Grosjean’s team mate Kevin Magnussen and McLaren’s Fernando Alonso were called to see stewards for a “potentially dangerous manoeuvre” after an incident between them early on but stewards ruled there was no further action needed. “Magnussen tried to hit me two times - in one and three,” Alonso reported over the radio. “Very dangerous.”

Max Verstappen crashed during the session. (Formula 1 Twitter)

Uruguay’s Fernando Muslera concedes as France’s Raphael Varane scores their first goal. (Reuters Carlos Barria) NIZHNY NOVGOROD, Russia (Reuters) - Raphael Varane’s glancing header and a goalkeeping blunder that gifted Antoine Griezmann a soft goal gave France a 2-0 victory over Uruguay in the first World Cup quarter-final yesterday and set them up for a last-four tie with Belgium who got past Brazil. Uruguay went into the game without key striker Edinson Cavani, who was ruled out with a calf injury, with Cristhian Stuani drafted into the starting line-up. The impact on their attack was noticeable. Without Cavani, who scored twice in the round of 16 win against Portugal, Uruguay’s moves forward lacked a focal point, and Luis Suarez found less space and openings against a well-drilled French defence. The South Americans battled but their talented generation of players, including the defensive rock Diego Godin, look like ending their international careers without the World Cup success they have threatened to deliver. “I’m proud of my team mates - they were lions,” said skipper Godin. “We are a team where everyone gives everything in the matches and in preparation..I just have

words of gratitude for my team mates,” he said. France rarely sparkled, but they didn’t need to move through too many gears, and they go into the semi-finals without any major weak points and appearing capable of taking on anyone of the survivors in this tournament. “I think we deserve the result,” said coach Didier Deschamps, a World Cup winner with France in 1998. “We were better than they were today. We had far more mastery, especially in the second half. We didn’t want to give them any opportunity. The attitude is there but we have margin for improvement,” he added. France forward Kylian Mbappe, who had ripped apart Argentina in the previous round with his directness and pace, wasted a good opportunity to open the scoring in the 15th minute when Olivier Giroud headed across the box to him but the 19-year-old’s looping header was off-target. A relatively quiet game burst into life in the 40th minute when Varane sprinted clear of his marker to meet a well-placed Griezmann free kick with a perfectly angled header. Moments later, France goalkeeper Hugo Lloris ensured his side went in at the break with the advantage,

producing a brilliant onehanded save to keep out a Martin Caceres header although Diego Godin will be disappointed his follow-up shot was wildly off target. If that was an example of goalkeeping at its very best, Uruguay’s Fernando Muslera showed how easily it can go wrong for the custodian with a horrendous error to gift France their second goal in the 61st minute. Griezmann tried his luck with an effort from outside the box which was straight at Muslera, but the keeper’s illchosen attempt to palm the ball away ended with him merely deflecting it into the net. It was a mistake that left Oscar Tabarez’s team with too much to do to turn the match around. “Fernando is a great goalkeeper... We all make mistakes.. On other occasions, he has rescued us with incredible saves,” said Godin. Mbappe then caused a melee after he went down claiming he had been struck in an incident off the ball and was confronted by a furious Godin about his playacting. That proved to be the last hint of any drama in what was overall a disappointing game which had promised much more. Today’s quarter-finals see England take on Sweden and hosts Russia face Croatia.

Saturday July 07, 2018


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Windies record fifth-largest Test win for series lead NORTH SOUND, Antigua, CMC – West Indies crushed Bangladesh by an innings and 219 runs in just seven sessions, to record their fifth-largest Test victory ever and grab an all-important 1-0 lead in the two-match series here yesterday. The hosts needed just over 1-3/4 hours on the third day at the Vivian Richards Cricket Ground to claim the remaining four wickets and send Bangladesh tumbling to 144 all out in their second innings. Wicketkeeper Nurul Hasan resisted with a counter-attacking 64 but the writing was always on the wall for the Tigers after they resumed the morning on 62 for six – still requiring an improbable 301 runs to make the Windies bat again. Shannon Gabriel added another wicket to his tally to finish with five for 77, while captain and fellow fast bowler Jason Holder picked up three for 30 and Miguel Cummins, two for 16. West Indies wasted little time in getting the breakthrough when Holder removed Mahmudullah (15) with his first legal ball but second delivery of the day, squaring up the batsman and

having him caught at third slip by Roston Chase. Nurul counter-attacked, adding 25 for the eighth wicket with Kamrul Islam (7) and a further 55 for the ninth wicket with Rubel Hossain (16), to temporarily halt the Windies charge. All told, the 24-year-old right-hander struck six fours and two sixes in a hasty 74ball innings, recording the fastest half-century by a Bangladeshi on foreign soil. Resuming on seven, he took a couple of boundaries off the second over from Gabriel before ripping into the same bowler a few overs later, with fours on either side of the wicket before clearing the ropes at long off in an over which leaked 17 runs. Nurul raised his landmark off 36 deliveries in the next over from Holder, with a single to fine leg. Along the way, he lost Kamrul, bowled middle stump by Gabriel before himself perishing at the hands of Cummins, caught and bowled trying to hit a short delivery back overhead. With his dismissal went Bangladesh’s resistance and Cummins ended the innings two overs later when he rattled Rubel’s stumps.

Captain Jason Holder celebrates another wicket during his three-wicket haul in the Bangladesh second innings. (Photo courtesy CWI Media) Seamer Kemar Roach, who did not bowl in the second innings, was adjudged Man-of-the-Match for his five wickets for eight runs which sent Bangladesh crum-

bling to a record-low Test score of 43 in the first innings. West Indies will go for a series win when the final Test bowls off at Sabina Park in Jamaica next Thursday.

Belgium hold off Brazil fightback to reach semi-finals KAZAN, Russia (Reuters) - Belgium struck early and held off a late Brazil fightback to send the fivetimes champions tumbling out of the World Cup with a 2-1 victory in an end-to-end thriller yesterday that earned them a semi-final against France. A Fernandinho own goal and a brilliant Kevin De Bruyne strike gave Belgium a spot in the last four for the second time after 1986 and sent Brazil home at the quarter-final stage for the third time in the last four World Cups. Brazil dominated possession and carved out chance after chance but could not score until substitute Renato Augusto headed home Philippe Coutinho’s cross 14 minutes from time. Roared on by the vast majority of the crowd at the Kazan Arena, the Brazilians poured forward to try and save the game but Roberto Firmino, Augusto and Coutinho spurned giltedged opportunities to level the scores. If Belgium’s first goal in the 13th minute had an element of luck, the ball going into the net off Fernandinho’s shoulder from a corner, the second in the 31st minute was a shining example of counter-attacking football. Romelu Lukaku took the ball with his back to goal, turned into space and stormed past Fernandinho up the pitch before

Brazil’s Alisson makes a save against Belgium. (REUTERS/Toru Hanai)

releasing De Bruyne on his right for the playmaker to rifle the ball into the net from the edge of the box. De Bruyne, playing in a more advanced role than he had in B e l g i u m ’s p r e v i o u s f o u r matches, was at the heart of his

team’s best work, managing the transition from rearguard defence to attack with vision, pace and accuracy. This was no repeat of Belo Horizonte four years ago, when Brazil were thrashed 7-1 by Germany in the semi-finals on home soil, and

Tite’s side kept their shape and composure. Belgium goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, though, made a fine saves from Coutinho and Serbian referee Milorad Mazic waved away penalty appeals from Neymar and Gabriel Jesus.

The Brazilians finally got some reward for their efforts with Augusto’s header and Belgium needed a brilliant fingertip Courtois save from Neymar in the last seconds to secure a date with neighbours France in St Petersburg on Tuesday.


Saturday July 07, 2018

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Roy Fredericks Cup set for Blairmont CC on July 21 The Blairmont Centre Cricket Club of West Bank Berbice will be hosting its annual fundraiser, the Roy Fredericks Flood Lights Cup, at the Albion Community Centre on Saturday 21st July 2018. This is the fourth Edition since its inauguration in 2015. The cricket competition will be a Day/Night affair with some of the leading cricket clubs in Guyana confirming participation at a venue which hosted the first ever ODI in the West Indies in 1977 when West Indies beat Pakistan. Apart from the T20 competition the other competitions which have been planned are Volleyball and D o m i n o e s . The day’s activity is scheduled to commence at 09:00hrs and concludes 22:30hrs under lights with the seven teams competing for the supremacy in this year’s Roy Fredericks Cup expected to produce riveting action. Two times Defending champions, Blairmont Blazer, will have to be on top of their game this year since tough challenges should come from Albion, City side DCC, Rose Hall Youths & Sports Club, Port Mourant, Young Warriors and Upper Corentyne. Named after the former Berbice, Guyana and West Indies left-handed opener, the Roy Fredericks Cup started at

Blazers are the defending Champions. Blairmont Centre Cricket Club and later involved DCC. The day’s event will provide plenty of entertainment for the spectators including Tassa Drumming, Lighted Bails, Fans Bowl Off, Spectator catching, Cartoon Characters walk around and live Ground commentary by International Radio Commentator Inderjeet Persaud. The BCCC has named the

Main Pavilion at the Blairmont ground after Fredericks who played 59 test scoring 4334 runs at an average of 42.49 with 8 centuries and 26 half centuries. The great Berbician is remembered for his scintillating 169 at Perth against Australian pacers Dennis Lillie and Jeff Thomson. In 1983, Fredericks, then the Guyana Manager and his

Country’s Sports Minister in the Forbes Burnham PNC Government, came out of retirement and scored 217 against Jamaica at Bourda. This remains the only time in the World that a sitting Minister of Government has scored a First-Class double century. Since 2015 this tournament has been a tribute to Fredericks, who succumbed

to Cancer in the USA at age 57 and is one of the club’s major fundraisers. The Club is seeking sponsorship and welcomes any contribution toward the success of this event. Proceeds will go towards the maintenance and the development of the Club which has produced two Test players; Fredericks and pacer Brandon Bess who played his lone Test

against South Africa in Barbados. The club’s main project is to build an indoor cricket facility for the club members and non-members to hold practice session during the rainy season. For more information please make contact with Assistant Secretary Mr. Ameer Rahim on telephone 626-2563. (Sean Devers)

GBA to host Pepsi ‘Mike Eight games at MOE ground today in Parris’ junior competition ExxonMobil school football tourney today at ‘Six head’ Gym With just over a month before the Caribbean Juniors and Schoolboys Boxing tournament, the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) will host its third junior competition in less than a month’s time, today at the Andrew ‘Six head’ Lewis Gym. With support of the Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL), the Pepsi ‘Mike Parris’ meet will see for the first time, fighters from the Hands-inGlove Gym in Mahdia participating, as preparation heighten for the August 17th to 19th regional competition. GBA President Steve Ninvalle shared with this publication that International Boxing Association (AIBA) Three-Star coach, Sebert Blake, has been put in charge of organizing the competition which will punch off at 14:00hrs at the Callendar Street, Albouyston based Gym. According to Ninvalle, joining the fighters from Hands-in-Glove of Mahdia, there will be representatives

Play in the ExxonMobil under-14 football tournament during earlier rounds.

Sebert Blake from Savannah of Lethem, Moruca’s Power-Right Boxing Gym, Bartica’s Blazing Rocket of Region Seven, Rose Hall Jammers, Pocket Rocket and the other popular local gyms. “We created a special novice and beginner’s category specifically to facilitate the participation of the newcomers. We have been in contact with the new gyms and the response is heartening,” (Continued on page 27)

Quarterfinal action is set for the Ministry of Education (MOE) ground on CARIFESTA Avenue in the boys’ division of the ExxonMobil under-14 schools’ football tournament this morning. The knockout action will be played after the final play of group roundrobin matches in the girls’ division. Play will kick off at 11:00hrs with Tutorial verus

Girls 7/7/2018 11:00 hrs 11:00 hrs 11:50 hrs 11:50 hrs Boys 7/7/2018 13:00 hrs 13:00 hrs 14:00 hrs 14:00 hrs

Round 3 Ministry of Education Ground Tutorial v/s South Ruimveldt Secondary New Campbellville v/s Tucville East Ruimveldt v/s Vergenoegen Secondary Charlestown Secondary v/s Uitvlugt Secondary

Match # 9 10 11 12

Quarter Finals Ministry of Education Ground Marian Academy vs St John’s North Ruimveldt Multi vs Tucville Vergenoegen Secondary vs Chase Academy Buxton Youth Development vs Dolphin Secondary

Match # 45 46 47 48

South Ruimveldt Secondary girls, while the boys’

quarterfinals will begin at 13:00hrs.

See below the complete fixtures for today’s play.

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Saturday July 07, 2018


EBFA / Juicy Juice U-13 League kicks off today

The trophies and medals at stake.


ompetition in the East Bank F o o t b a l l Association (EBFA) Juicy Juice sponsored Under-13 League is set to kick off today at the Timehri Red Ground with five matches. Being sponsored by Sureia Manufacturing, the official distributor of Juicy Juice, this competition has so far attracted ten (10) clubs with Hararuni Eagles FC based on the Linden Soesdyke Highway set to make their debut today. A number of new players are expected to make the limelight in this tournament, while many who would have competed in the Ralph Green Under-11, which was won by Agricola Red Triangle, are also eager to continue the process of exhibiting their skills in a l e a g u e t h a t i s developmental.

Match Day 1 Mt.# Team Date Venue 1. Kuru Kururu Warriors vs Sawn 07.07.18 Timehri Red Gr. 2. Timehri Panthers vs Hararuni Eagles “ “ “ 3. Herstelling Raiders vs Diamond United “ “ “ 4. Diamond Upsetters vs Grove Hi Tech “ “ “ 5. Samatta Point/Kaneville vs Agricola “ “ “ Match Day 2 6. Soesdyke vs Swan 08.07.18 “ “ 7. Diamond Upsetters vs Hararuni Eagles “ “ “ 8. Kuru Kururu Warriors vs Timehri Panthers “ “ “ 9. Samatta Point/Kaneville vs Grove Hi Tech “ “ “ 10. Herstelling Raiders vs Agricola “ “ “

Sureia Manufacturing Brand Manager, Selwyn Bobb is expected to be on hand for the opening and kick off of the league. The winning team will collect a First place trophy and 16 gold medals; second place attracts a trophy and 16 silver medals, while the third place team will receive a trophy and 16 bronze medals.

The fourth place reward is a trophy, while individual awards will go to the Most Valuable Player (Trophy), Best Goalkeeper (Trophy), Highest Goal Scorer (Trophy) and Best Coach (Trophy). T h e l a s t U n d e r- 1 3 champions are Agricola Red Triangle which had won the Lens Craft Optical sponsored competition in

Time 10:00hrs 11:15hrs 12:15hrs 13:15hrs 14:15hrs 10:00hrs 11:15hrs 12:15hrs 13:15hrs 14:15hrs

2015. They ended with 15 points from six matches and were followed by Grove Hi Tech, Herstelling Raiders, Mocha Champs, Diamond United, Kuru Kururu Warriors and Craig Primary. Herstelling Raiders’ Shoran James ended as the top goal scorer with seven (7), one more than Kuru Kururu Warriors’ Kevin Scott.

42nd teach them young programme pedals off on Monday


he National S p o r t s Commission will be hosting their 42nd edition of the ‘Teach Them Young’ cycling programme under the tutorage of Coach, Hassan Mohamed. The programme will commence on Monday, July 9 and runs until September 1. The programme targets school children but is not limited to them as Mohammed pointed out the

event is open to anyone interested in the sport. To be a part of the action is simple, all you need is protective gears, especially a helmet as well as a bicycle in working order. Hassan explained that the programme is absolutely free and all that is required is to be registered. Persons desirous of registering can do so at the National Park or at the National Sports

Commission.The programme has groomed 95 percent of the cyclists that have represented Guyana including current Secretary General of the Guyana Olympic Association, Hector Edwards who was part of the inaugural programme in 1976. And as the years rolled by the likes of Marcus and Noel Fiedtkou, Byron and Burtram James, Godfrey

Pollydore, Dwayne Gibbs, Linden Dowridge, Robin Persaud, Eric Sankar and Tyrone Hamilton, Troy H u m p h r e y, A l e x a n d Reginald Mendez, Junior Niles, Geron Williams, Warren McKay, Raynauth Jeffrey, Michael Anthony, Hamza Eastman, Raphael Leung and Jamal John. The programmed will run Monday to Friday from 09:00hrs to 11:00hrs.

NAGICO Executive Chairman supports BCB for Reds Perreira visit


he outstanding work of the Berbice Cricket Board continues to attract the attention of prominent overseas based Guyanese. The Berbice Cricket Board over the last two months have been able to obtain sponsorship through the tireless effort of its U.S.A based Liaison Officer, Oscar Ramjeet. Overseas based Guyanese Brian Ramphal, Dr. Tulsi Dyal Singh and Vernon Throne have all made financial contributions towards Cricket Development Programmes organised by the Berbice Cricket Board. Executive Chairman and CEO of NAGICO, Mr. Imran Mc Sood Amjad has now join hands with Guyana’s most dynamic County Board by providing financial sponsorship toward covering expenses of the visit of Joseph ‘Reds’ Perreira. Perreira, the widely respected International Cricket Commentator and Sports Administrator would be visiting Berbice from the 19th to 22nd July, 2018, as part of a comprehensive development programme. He will meet with players, umpires, Berbice Cricket Board Executives and Representatives of Clubs as part of an effort to strengthen management at the Club and Board levels. NAGICO sponsorship would cover expenses for accommodation, meals, transportation and a OneDay Seminar with one hundred persons. Berbice Cricket Board President Hilbert Foster, who is spearheading the historic visit, expressed gratitude to Mr. Imran Mc Sood Amjad for his timely support and also to former Berbice Cricket Board Secretary Oscar Ramjeet for working beyond the call of duty to assist Berbice Cricket. Ramjeet, he stated has single handedly assisted the Berbice Cricket Board to raise over $2M in sponsorship from overseas based Guyanese. The main objective of the four days visit by the St. Lucia based Perreira is to assist clubs to strengthen their Management Structures so that they can achieve more

Imran McSood Amjad on and off the cricket field. Special emphasis would also be placed on strengthening the overall operation of the Berbice Cricket Board, while getting officials to understand their list of duties. Perreira would also be meeting with all of Berbice Under-15, Under-17, Under19 and Female Cricketers as part of a comprehensive personal development programme. The Berbice Cricket Board and the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS would also be honouring the legendary Commentator for his service to Cricket. Imran McSood Amjad, ACII is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NAGICO Insurance which has its Head Office in St. Marten. The Company has offices in twenty two countries and is one of the top Insurance Companies in the Caribbean. Amjad played cricket in Guyana alongside the likes of Faoud Bacchus, Rupert Gomes and is a passionate lover of the game. He is the founder of the St. Marten Cricket Association and sponsored the Leeward Island Cricket Association Tournament for ten years. NAGICO also sponsored the West Indies Cricket Board 50-Overs Tournament for several years. Ramjeet, who served as Berbice Cricket Board Secretary in 1965, stated that he was humbled to serve Berbice Cricket once again as he was very impressed by the vision and passion of the current Executives.

rt o p S

Windies record fifth-largest Test win for series lead P. 31

Shannon Gabriel (left) and Jason Holder (right) lead the West Indies players off the field after play, West Indies v Bangladesh, 1st Test, North Sound, 2nd day, July 5, 2018 © CWI Media

Belgium hold off Brazil fightback to reach semi-finals P. 31

Brazil’s Thiago Silva in action with Belgium’s Marouane Fellaini. (Reuters Murad Sezer)

Griezmann inspires France past punchless Uruguay in World Cup quarter-final . 30 P

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