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The ability to forget The human brain is an amazing part of the anatomy. Some say that it is the repository of life and indeed, all of the phases of life are stored in the brain. The memories are stored there as are learned experiences that help us along the dangerous paths that life throws at us. This is the part of the brain that keeps us sane because of the ability to block out or store in its nether region, those experiences that are likely to result in trauma. Just recently, a woman, the victim of a knife attack in the National Park, started to tell her rescuers about the motorcycle and the number. Believe it or not, a minute later she could not remember the number. He brain had taken over to protect her during the period of shock. Most of us have deep seated memories. Some people have to be hypnotized before they can recall incidents, some of which actually influence their present lives. There is a long list of things that cause the brain to go into protective mode. Different people have different pain thresholds so while some writhe in pain, others lapse into unconsciousness. On January 26, 2008, eleven Lusignan residents were slaughtered in their beds while they slept. The attack on the Eve Leary Police headquarters did not give an inkling of this dastardly act that would be on the tongue of the entire country without days. Some were so incensed that they posted the most graphic photographs to make the world become aware of the animals that share the space with decent human beings. The police did not respond for hours because they must have been afraid of the weapons the killers had. And when they did visit the scene the people were so traumatised that they could not really recall what happened. Their brain simply went into sleep mode to shut out the horrors of that early morning. Later, the man who led the attack on the hapless residents of Lusignan admitted to walking into the community with a group of boy soldiers and wreaking havoc. His reason was that he wanted people to feel as he did when the mother of his unborn child simply walked with the child never to let him see the infant. That was a most vile display by a human being on others of his physiognomy. How the survivors could continue to live in that community is not really a mystery because the mind forces certain adjustments. Few who interviewed the people could forget that they would tell the world that daylight hours are not bad but that the nighttime was the worse. The killers were identified and before long the entire country knew who they were but not one of them was arrested. Albeit a week later when the killing spree moved to Bartica the police did make arrests. They reportedly arrested the man who provided shelter and transportation for the killers, most of whom are now dead. A mere six years later and the country appeared to have forgotten those horrible minutes during which eleven people, many of them children and women, died. The day came and went with scarcely a whisper save for a newspaper that carried some historical facts of the event. The government who made a ruckus when the killings took place must have forgotten January 26. It must be that in the wake of that event the nation is visited by so many events of such criminality that the human stock has become numb. Something must be horrible wrong with a society in which every individual wants to walk with a gun and in which every criminal has one which he does not hesitate to use. Scarcely a day goes by without the newspapers reporting on a killing, many by gunshots and in a way not dissimilar to that which occurred on January 26, 2008. The guns are so many; people are constantly arrested with illegal weapons but that does not seem to affect the numbers on the streets. It may do well to randomly search everyone at any time.

Thursday January 30, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news

IS IT REALLY UNCLE DONALD THAT PUT HIS FOOT DOWN? DEAR EDITOR, The prevailing opinion in Guyana is that Donald Ramotar is the Jagdeoites’ Dmitry Medvedev. Messrs Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh summed it up in their letter titled “Present PPP strategies full of Jagdeo’s fingerprint” (KN, August 6, 2012), in which they stated: “It’s been six months and we are yet to see President Ramotar being his own man. When will he be his own man? Is this how he will run this country; as a surrogate President fronting for Guyana’s Putin? What is wrong with Ramotar? With the Constitution on his side, why is he so spineless?” So, when a commentator like Peeping Tom misses this unavoidable public perception of Donald Ramotar, we get the kind of nonsense we got in his article titled “Uncle Donald puts his foot down” (KN, January 27, 2014). The resignation or removal of Ganga Persaud is not an indication of Ramotar’s assertion of authority or demonstration of fortitude. It is, in keeping with public opinion, a demonstration that the Jagdeoites still dominate government and Ramotar is still in submission to them. Ganga Persaud was never given a ministerial post by Jagdeo. In fact, Junior Minister under Ganga Persaud,

Norman Whittaker, was Jagdeo’s pick for Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, sworn in by Jagdeo in August 2011. Ramotar then put Ganga Persaud ahead of Whittaker. Now, Jagdeo’s selection has been restored while Ramotar’s selection is now out of that office. In summary, Ramotar’s pick has been kicked out of the position and Jagdeo’s pick restored for now. In the troubled excuse for intellectual analysis Peeping Tom contumely delivers in this respected newspaper, he sees this as Donald Ramotar putting his foot down, a Guyanese phrase that exemplifies the display of strength, force and authority. Indeed, Ramotar has put his foot down to remove his own selection and to restore Jagdeo’s choice. What an excellent example of Donald’s foot being put down and then stepped on! Kaieteur News reported in an article titled “Sugar overhaul… GuySuCo’s Chairman to become CEO - Ramotar” (KN, January 25, 2014) that Dr. Rajendra Singh, current GuySuCo Chairman and Jagdeo favourite, will become the new CEO of GuySuCo. Peeping Tom needed to peep further into the empty shell of his take on this issue and recognize that while Ramotar’s pick Ganga Persaud was

being removed from office, Jagdeo’s fortunate GuySuCo pick now goes from Chairman to CEO. Nothing underlines Ramotar’s fragility, frailty and powerlessness more than this state of affairs. Those with a brain, intellectual integrity and the ability to read leadership vulnerability know who is giving and who is taking orders at the Office of the President. Donald Ramotar is the best thing to happen to the Jagdeoites. Long before Guyanese voters decide his political fate in 2016, Ramotar’s political fate will be decided by the Jagdeoites. If the PPP falters badly again in local government elections likely to occur this year, and the fear is that Ramotar cannot secure the presidency in 2016 and that another Jagdeoite has a better chance of doing so, the Jagdeoites will use their domination of the PPP Central Committee and its Executive Committee to force Ramotar to resign to install their choice. If the results of the local government election and their own internal polling and other studies indicate the PPP is likely to lose the presidency in 2016 regardless of who it puts as the presidential candidate, the Jagdeoites will likely hold onto a weak Ramotar as they mount a massive campaign to (Continued on page 5)

Everybody should have the same quality of life and protection under the law DEAR EDITOR, The headline in Stabroek N e w s o n We d n e s d a y, January 29 reads “Top Cop sweeps No 51 station clean”. Sincere congratulations to the people of No. 48 village and surrounding communities for fighting for their rights and winning, and shame on Commissioner Brumell and Home Affairs Minister Rohee for so shamelessly showing the whole country that whatever PM Sam Hinds writes in his long letters to the press, for the PPP/C “all ah we is not one.” I wish to draw your attention back to the Colwyn Harding story in which he (Colwyn) accused a policeman of sodomising him with a baton. To date, I have not heard the Commissioner or the Minister saying anything that makes sense about this young man’s injuries. I have followed all the letters and articles written in the newspapers and I have not heard anybody in authority saying if the allegation that the young man is making is true (and I personally think it is; why would a young man in this homophobic society want to tell the whole world that he was sodomised?) then we need to put measures in place

so that it would not happen again and let the law deal with the policeman that committed the act. I nstead, all I read suggests to me that all efforts were made to cover-up this inhumane act. Sometimes I wonder if we are living in two Guyanas, one where the authorities take things very seriously and the other where they don’t care. Of course part of the reason why they

rush to satisfy protestors in the Corentyne while ignoring or abusing those in certain other communities is their fear of losing more supporters to the AFC. For this reason and more, I no longer stand up when the National Anthem is playing because I feel that Guyana is no longer a beautiful place to live in, when the very people who swore an oath to serve and protect you are actually the ones that you are fearful

of and the people in authority turn a blind eye. If we are to live in peace and love and harmony then everybody should have the same quality of life and protection under the law. I know that the world is never a fair place and the playing field is far from level to all that play in it but we must have one objective that is, what is good for one must be good for all. Wintress White

We would like to see more tangible assistance from corporate citizens DEAR EDITOR, We take this opportunity to make some suggestions to the way some of us treat our country. We believe there is need for corporate citizens; who have benefitted from the citizens of Guyana through their various businesses, to revisit the relationship they have with the country. Many who have the opportunity to visit places outside of Guyana are always amazed with the provision of services to community and country by various philanthropists. These persons donate all manner of facilities to better their communities and countries. We have big companies, old and new, who we believe can do a little more to help with public facilities. We are aware these companies are being bombarded for assistance for different types of things and we do appreciate these acts of kindness; however, we would like to see more tangible assistance.

A case in point is the Cremation Site at Ruimzeight which is benefitting people from East Bank, West Bank and West Coast Demerara. Can some businesses or people who have the finances step up and help with the Cremation Site at Good Hope? Are there persons who are willing to help in restoring the chairs on the seawall tarmac or the ones going bad? How about the enhancement of Le Repentir Cemetery or the area around the Stabroek Market? How about businesses forming themselves into a Business Owners Committee and trying to enhance their respective streets? The same can be done by homeowners in their respective communities. Come on folks, a little self-help work in a collaborated way can make a big difference to the place where we live. Members of Women & Environment (WEn) Glenis Persaud Barbara Deodat

Thursday January 30, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Young people feel What can bridge our differences? insecure in Guyana DEAR EDITOR, We as young people don’t feel safe in Guyana to express ourselves. We are aware of cases where young people have been abused and violated in this country and the public responded with chatter, speculation, and no concrete action that indicates we are interested in fighting for a better future, free from violence, for our youth. Many cases are usually swept under the carpet. We do not feel like we are entitled to any rights, despite all the grand pronouncements. We do not feel like government agencies and other organisations that claim a mandate to promote and protect our interests are actually doing this. If we as young people do not believe the law is there to protect us and to make us feel safe, if we do not feel safe in our own country, how can we protect it? How can we confidently identify as Guyanese? How can we be productive when we are far from feeling this is our land? A few months ago, we sat in a youth consultation organized by the Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sport, UNICEF and Commonwealth Youth Programme. This consultation served to gather information for the development of Guyana’s Youth Policy. During the consultation, we listened to the facilitators as they explained how the information would benefit the youth of Guyana to secure a progressive future. We participated fully in this consultation because we actually believe this mechanism can bring about positive change for young people. It is sad for us to say that we decided to pen this letter because we are severely affected by what has happened to our fellow young citizen - Mr. Colwyn Harding. On January 10, 2014, Kaieteur News carried an article titled ‘Man alleges police brutality, sodomy’. A young man of 23 years - Mr. Harding - was allegedly brutalized by members of the police force. Mr. Harding was maimed for life; he is currently ‘defecating through multiple bags from the side of his

abdomen as a result of his ruptured intestine, which was sustained after a policeman allegedly pushed a baton up his anus.’ There is no justification for this act. Nothing but pure sadism could have possessed an individual to carry out this deed. Guyanese need answers! As Guyanese and young people we need to demand answers from the Minister of Home Affairs and the Police Force. Further, Mr. Harding and/or his family need support. His rights were trampled! Four years ago the police tortured a teenage boy, setting fire to his genitals, and look at where we are today. If we continue to sit silently on these issues, we are pretty sure this latest atrocity is bound to be repeated. Where are all these organisations and individuals who say that they work in the area of youth development? Where are our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters? Where are our neighbours, aunts, uncles and friends? We need to publicly speak out against this because no one should have to experience such abuse. Someone has to be pressured. We have laws for a reason and we must demand that no person, no matter how big or well-connected, is above the law. It has been a couple of months since that consultation and we are beginning to see what a big joke this youth policy is or has the potential of being. We have not seen or heard of any releases from the Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sport or from the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security relating to this young man’s matter. We will assume, as usual, this isn’t their business. This incident only goes to show that we as young people need to demand our rights, because we are entitled to them. Collis Augustine Mark Ross Shabakie Fernandes Tremayne Kewley Norwel Hinds And other young people who feel intimidated to write because they fear the loss of their job.

Is it really Uncle Donald... From page 4 plunder this country before fleeing and leaving their helpless supporters behind. There are some in this country who will grasp at straws like drowning charlatans to support their inept and failed leaders. In a river of fail-

ure since November 28, 2011, they will desperately cling to a thread of delusion looking for relief in anything the “leader” does and then try to spin it as a ray of light, when in fact, it is only a continuation of the vast wall of weakness. M. Maxwell

DEAR EDITOR, Mr Elton McRae in a letter to SN of 1-26-14 titled “Burial sites linked to faith based organizations in BV-Triumph are managed by an established code”, seeks relief for alleged misrepresentation, he says, was not in his original letter. Further, the gentleman who also resides in the NDC, informs: “I view the report with distaste as a citizen of Guyana, as I try to understand how the Government Information Agency (GINA) can justify the promotion of an activity linked to family members of a serving Minister of Government.” With absolutely no connection or relationship with GINA, his appeals to get relief are off target, since my letters were never the original source of the news items. Failure to recheck elsewhere in the press is a problem only he can resolve. His criticisms and concerns again remain unfocused. Whether their “mischief” was contrived or directed to cause discomfort can, regardless, only exonerate onlookers like myself with only a public view. Why would it matter anyways if his intentions were honourable beyond reproach? My best wishes still go with him in his quest. Contrary to Mr McRae’s reminder, his objections that the NDC would be “burdened” in service to residents by maintenance costs had been earlier noted. When Guyanese can find so much disagreement in daily living following them to the grave and beyond it only

craves positive conclusion. Whatever the pitfalls, the benefits should not be worse. In consideration of him singularly as the prominent complainant, the criticisms were analyzed to be with undisclosed motivations other than his ostensible “maintenance costs for the bridge”. He gets full credit for his honesty when he writes: “In closing I wish to mention for the benefit of Mr Mohamed and others, including the editor of the Guyana Times, that I believe every Guyanese should share the abundance of Guyana, without prejudice.” Why that was appended was a surprise but understandable. In any event, such a candid admission was completely and totally alien to our exchange when it began, but it nevertheless exists. Everyone’s benefits, accrued or lack thereof, hardly mandate anyone to trade, barter or share in another’s well kept abundance, hidden in the bush, secretly. Let’s hope objections do not dissuade the Ali family from future charitable

contributions to Guyanese after their $840,000 new arch and bridge to the NDC. When things fall apart Chinua Achebe style, criticisms are in order. But when a bridge is built; given as gift by a public-spirited family, to a cemetery of all places, it still finds retribution and cause for disagreement. Only GINA can answer why they continue to share Guyana’s “abundance” like they have nothing better to do. Furthermore, even though Mr McRae’s Guyanese citizenship is correctly quoted to emphasize all its constitutional rights, he feels completely entitled to divorce himself from all his obligations, including any responsibilities to rid those in charge of Georgetown’s Le Repentir cemetery. What can anyone conclude when he advises “I must beg Mr Mohamed to take his displeasure about the affairs of Georgetown to an (sic) arena where it would matter.” Good Samaritan diplomats, substantially better than me have tried if he does not know, and failed. Why

he did not pursue a similar course within the framework of the NDC instead of the media “arena” for a shadow box dialogue with both the living and dead is a mystery best left unresolved. After all this, does Mr McRae have other rights to express more displeasure by birthright? Why not, for democracy’s sake, if the Editor permits. As if completely oblivious, out comes admonishment that “Not being satisfied with his mischief he (Mr Mohamed) then attempted to improperly anchor his federalism argument on my letter. These and any similar interpretations and use of the letter I wrote pertaining to the bridge reflect a dangerous intent.” Sometime later, after due reflection, Mr McRae can share the refreshing abundance how “dangerous intents” are evident and avoidable in inclusive Federalism in comparison to complete partition. But that can wait for later, unless more democracy brings lesser. Sultan Mohamed

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Thursday January 30, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news

M&CC Roads, Parks and Drainage DEAR EDITOR, When last I checked (a few years ago) the establishment of each of the Units of the M&CC mentioned, was as indicated below. It is in the context of all the overflowing debate about a flooded Georgetown that the capacity of its administration to manage the environment to any degree of satisfaction must be evaluated, even if the personnel from Roads and Parks were to be transferred. There is simply no professional capability; not to mention the need to inventorise the necessary equipment and facilities. E.B. John

Irresponsible spending of taxpayers’ money DEAR EDITOR, Please permit me to respond to an article published in your 28th January edition ‘GPHC among five hospitals to get new ambulances’. The Health Minister reportedly said that Kwakwani was given a second hand ambulance that was significantly repaired. I want to say this specifically and significantly clear to our Honourable Minister of Health, that even if he assigned ALL those

new ambulances to Kwakwani, the results would be the same - which is a waste of taxpayers’ money. No ambulance can withstand the Kwakwani-Linden Road if it is not significantly upgraded. As a resident of Kwakwani I am very disappointed that our elected leaders can be so irresponsible in the spending of taxpayers’ money. Jocelyn Morian

Thursday January 30, 2014

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Thursday January 30, 2014

Govt. now eyes Chinese funding for Amaila hydro - Sithe Global not fully out By Leonard Gildarie The 165-megawatt Amaila Falls hydro project remains very much alive with Government not ruling out asking China for additional backings. The disclosures were made yesterday by Government during a presentation by the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) to Parliament’s Sectoral Committee on Natural Resources. The US$840M-plus project was left hanging in limbo last August after the US developer, Sithe Global, announced its pullout. This was because the National Assembly remained split on key legislations that were critical for partial project financing by the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB). The Opposition had been unconvinced on how the monies would have been spent, among other things. Sithe Global made it clear, then, that the flagship project, which it would manage for 20 years before h a n d i n g i t o v e r to Government, needed the full backings of the National Assembly. Since then, Government has remained largely quiet on the project’s future, the country’s biggest infrastructural development in terms of costs, only saying that they were exploring a number of options. Yesterday, Government’s point man on the project, Winston Brassington, based on questions from the

Opposition’s Members of Parliament (MPs), disclosed that Government had started looking at a number of options after Sithe Global’s pullout, recognizing that the parties involved had spent considerable time and monies in developing it. The contractor, China Railway First Group, remains “keenly committed” to the project. So does China Development Bank, the official said. Brassington, the current Chairman of GPL, made it clear that China is willing to step in and “fill the gap” with regards to financing. Under the financing structure, in the original arrangement, Sithe Global would have been putting in US$152M; IDB US$175M, Guyana US$100M and CDB US$413M. China Rail had already signed an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) agreement with Sithe for US$506M. Some 70 per cent of the total funding would have been coming from the CDB and the IDB. Brassington, however, s t r e s s e d y e s t e r d a y that talks are still ongoing with the partners with any negotiations still at a preliminary stage. Before the end of this first quarter, Government would be in a better position to know the next step. The official is not ruling out Sithe Global returning to the picture. Rather, the options on the table are a Chinese-led project or the

rime Minister Sam Hinds, GPL’s Chairman Winston Brassington and other executives update a key Parliament committee on developments in the sector. possibilities of the existing partners being returned. While not naming them, Brassington said that a number of other parties have also shown interest in the project. However, it was recognized yesterday that if Guyana engages a full Chinese-led arrangement, it may run into some problems. Sithe Global has done significant preparations for the financing and any attempt to revive Amaila may have to entail negotiations with them t o p o s s i b l e e v e n b uy some of the information. That is in case Sithe Global does not want to be a part of the project anymore. Ye s t e r d a y, Joseph Harmon, senior Member of Parliament for A Partnership For National U n i t y, the l a rg e s t Opposition faction, insisted that his side

remained supportive of hydro electric power but would like to see the IDB feasibility study on the project presented. This would be a critical starting point in bringing back the project. He also h i n t e d t h a t A P N U ’s approval would not be far if the IDB feasibility study is positive. The government would be more than happy for the support of APNU which voted against the Amaila Falls motions last year. Prime Minister Hinds in expressing his optimism for the support said that the Government is continuing to “keep things warm”. The Chinese angle in the Amaila Falls project would come at a time when the US has reportedly passed new laws which mandate its representatives on key bilateral funding agencies not to support funding for

large hydro projects because of environmental and other concerns. These funding agencies include USAID and World Bank. While IDB is not named, the report said that Guyana is one of the projects that could be affected. Government yesterday said that it is still assessing the report. Guyana has had a growing relationship with China with funding for projects i n c l u d i n g t h e US$150M expansion to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport and the Skeldon sugar modernization plan which involved a new factory in East Berbice. Meanwhile, with regards to the access roads to the Amaila Falls site in Region Eight, Brassington said that China Rail which had been given a section is nearing completion with final works expected in March. Some other sections remained behind schedule

with the Ministry of Public Works examining options. However, these are not so critical. The roads had been a major thorn in the side of the hydro project after it was awarded to Synergy Holdings Inc, whose principal, Makeshwar ‘Fip’ Motilall, was the original mover for the project. The US$15M access roads faced several delays and the contract was terminated in January 2012 by the government. It was later awarded in parts to several contractors. Some sections again fell behind and Section Seven was later awarded to China Rail, the same contractor who is set to build the hydro dam. Government has been pushing for the h y d r o electric project saying it remains the best option to the huge fuel import bill that Guyana is saddled with to feed its many power station.

Bandits kill shopkeeper in Mathews Ridge Bandits yesterday around noon stabbed and killed a 20year-old shopkeeper in the Tiger Creek area at Mathews Ridge. Dead is Tyrell Evans, who originally hailed from Georgetown but who had travelled to the interior location and had been living at Hosororo. This publication understands that this is the second robbery at the business place in recent

weeks. In the earlier incident the owner of the shop had suffered a broken hand. It is believed that the same robbers returned this time killing Evans in the process. He was stabbed nine times about the body. His body has since been taken to Port Kaituma. Police have launched an investigation and are hunting for the killers. Up to press time no one had been held as yet.

Thursday January 30, 2014

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ANOTHER MASTERCLASS FROM JUSTICE CHANG Yesterday was an historic day in the struggle to protect the Constitution of Guyana from being violated by the country’s opposition parties. And rightly so. It was the judiciary, the ultimate guardian of the Constitution that helped preserve important principles of constitutionalism. The Chief Justice has made a most significant ruling. It has been long awaited. Had it not been issued, it would have further emboldened an opposition and may have led to dire consequences for constitutional rule and the rule of law. The Courts have once again demonstrated its independence and fearlessness. It has ruled on an important constitutional issue. And while there have been soundings of an appeal, the grounds upon which such an appeal are said to be based are facetious. One opposition leader has signaled a possible ground of appeal. He has argued that the Committee of Supply holds “the power of the purse”. If this is the principal ground upon which the appeal is going to be based, then it would better advised that any appeal be shelved because there is no basis in the argument that because the Committee of Supply has the power of the purse, a power established by convention, that this

amounts to it being able to cut or amend the Budget. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land and Guyana’s Constitution, as now interpreted by the Court, prohibits the legislature from cutting or otherwise amending the Estimates. It however allows the legislature to either approve or not approve, in its entirety, the Estimates. This, in fact, is a far more advantageous power than simply having the power to amend Estimates because it allows the opposition with its one lead majority to refuse to pass the Appropriations Bill. When that happens the Minister of Finance has to go back and amend his Budget. The Court has ruled that the legislature cannot do this. It is for the Minister to go back and continue, as the need arises, to go back until such time as an Appropriations Bill suitable to the legislature, is passed. The ruling of the Court, unlike what the opposition party feels, does not take away from the Committee of Supply, the power of the purse. In fact in reinforces that power but argues rightly that it is for the Minister to decide the size of the purse and then to seek approval from the legislature for that purse. It is not for the legislature to decide to add or to subtract from what is inside the purse. The opposition parties

must not view yesterday’s ruling as a defeat from them. Guyana exists under a system of constitutional rule and any victory for the Constitution is a victory against arbitrary and absolute power. The reason for constitutional rule is precisely to constrain arbitrary and absolute power. The rules of the Constitution also protect the opposition in that governments cannot do things that are ultra vires of the Constitution. For example, there was once a court ruling to the effect that while no one has an absolute right to be granted a broadcast license, applications not considered in a timely manner constitute a violation of freedom of expression. There is going to come a

time, most likely soon, when the PPPC will regain its majority in the National Assembly and therefore it is the opposition parties’ advantage that the Court have asserted in yesterday’s ruling that the Court can rule on the constitutionality and lawfulness of legislation. There may come a time too when an opposition party may win an election. But in all probability the opposition will win the Executive but like the case of the PPPC today, not have a majority in the legislature. It is doubtful whether any opposition party can gain 50 per cent of the seats in the National Assembly, in the distant future. The opposition’s best chances of gaining Executive Office remain via a minority government

De Amaila project had to be a cash cow because although dem opposition politicians seh no, Brazzy still get Donald to hold on to it. And since Guyana married China, at least it look suh because everything is China, dem trying to get de Chinese fuh tek over de project. When de road nearly stall up is de Chinee contractors who bail out de project and tek on de most difficult part— de part wid dense jungle. To this day nobody don’t know how much money Guyana pay dem. But Uncle Sam know that some kok passing. De IDB was to put in some money and Sithe Global, an American company, was to put in some. Uncle Sam know that people woulda thief money suh it just put a law in place wheh no American money must go toward any big hydro project and fuh sure Uncle Sam mek it clear that no money ain’t going to no Guyana hydro. Obama send a clear message, “Thief anybody else money but not American money? When Uncle Sam mek de law dem boys get shame. And is then dem realize that when dem was talking people was really listening. Is just that dem didn’t know that Uncle Sam was listening suh close. Dem boys know that everything is a tek and a grab. Dem grab any and everything suh till dem boys want to know how come dem ain’t grab Le Repentir. Dem need de space fuh two main reason. Dem got to find space fuh put wha dem tek and grab because de net close and de money can’t get ship out no more. Then dem got to get space top rest dem weary soul because de Creator always seh that there is no rest fuh de wicked. Talk half and brace fuh de hydro backlash

Commission. That argument therefore about the independence of parliament can backfire on the very opposition. Justice Chang has delivered yet another master class. Guyana should be proud that we can produce jurists of this quality. This is solid ruling and one which this columnist predicts will be affirmed by the Court of Appeal and whichever other forum in which it may be challenged. There are no losers in this ruling. Everyone has won.

Opposition resolute on stance to cut budget AFC member and Parliamentarian Moses Nagamootoo

Dem boys seh...


If that happens, will the opposition wish to see their own Budget being cut and slashed as they have unlawfully done with the 2012 Budget? Would they wish to become then a victim of what they are doing now to the PPP? The opposition parties were always flirting with danger when they argued that the parliament was independent and therefore not subject to the supervision of the judiciary. When the opposition suggested this they seemed to be unaware of the fact that the very opposition parties had in the past mounted challenges to the constitutionality of certain legislative acts such as the extension, at one time, of the life of the Ethnic Relations

APNU’s Shadow Legal Affairs Minister and Parliamentarian Basil Williams By Zena Henry The combined Opposition remains firm in its understanding of the procedures of Parliament and remains unmoved by Chief Justice Ian Chang’s High Court ruling regarding their inability to cut the National Budget. Both Opposition parties; the Alliance for Change (AFC) and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) have expressed their intent to ignore the Chief Justice’s (CJ’s) ruling, citing the separation of powers between the Legislative and Judicial arms of the Constitution and the rules of Parliament which allows the Opposition more than “approval or disapproval” before the passing of the National Assembly. The Opposition has also indicated their intent to cut the 2014 Budget if the need arises. Both sides have stated that unless the Caribbean Court of Justice rules on the matter, the Parliamentary Opposition will remain firm in its position of the Budget cut matter.

APNU’s Basil Williams told the media that the party’s position has not changed. “As far as the Opposition is concerned, until the highest court rules on this, the position of APNU is that it could cut the Budget because Parliament is independent and has the authority to act within its domain...” Williams described the CJ’s ruling as, “a recipe for disaster.” He continued that it is not the Opposition’s belief that the Standing Order of Parliament are just rules, but the lead Counsel for the Opposition’s lawyers, Rex Mc Kay had submitted authorities to speak on that matter. Williams continued that other issues were put before the court, “but before we could argue that, we were struck out, given no opportunity to be heard on whether we can cut the Budget or waiver our immunity.” “We are in a political assemblage representing the people. How could the National Assembly be considered by the Chief Justice to be bound by his decision when he shut out

the leader of the majority?; the leader representing the majority of people in Guyana was not given a hearing.” Williams added that the matter involving Brigadier David Granger being a party in the Budget cut case will still be pursued. The implication of the CJ’s ruling Williams suggested, is that when APNU wins anything in Parliament and government goes to court when dissatisfied, “we will not be able to give our side of the story.” Meanwhile, AFC’S Moses Nagamootoo said that the CJ’s ruling was, “sensational, unprecedented and outrageous; and we believe strongly that there should and ought to be an immediate appeal of decision.” He said this matter opens a new political ball game. “If the Opposition in Parliament, being the elected representative of the people cannot disagree or change and vote on allocations we see as unnecessary, unjustified and unreasonable... then the ruling interferes with Parliament’s right to represent

their constituents.” Nagamootoo charged that the new engagement in Parliament brought attention like never before to levels and volumes of unprecedented corruption and conflict of interest and malfeasance that has taken place, to the extent that the Opposition has questioned the Finance Minister’s disbursement and spending of unapproved money. “It is thus convenient to conclude that the CJ’s ruling is a cover up malfeasance by the Finance Minister.’ He said money not appropriated by Parliament was spent by the Minister, “who could very well face sanctions” by the Parliamentary Committee of Privileges. AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan stated also that Parliament is independent and can conduct itself based on the procedures set in the House. He said that the CJ’s ruling will be appealed, but the 2014 budget will be cut if the opposition sees it fit. He said that the AFC will remain firm in its belief that it can cut the budget until told otherwise by the highest legal body.

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Kaieteur News

Thursday January 30, 2014

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

Every day you see the mediocrity that has descended on Guyana One of the dangerous things about a poor country that is wrecked by social and political decay is the loss of human resources. Good, intelligent, mature, educated, talented, skillful, innovative, creative, learned, pioneering people leave and seek a secure future in more civilized countries. The exodus becomes dangerous because the society is left with Pavlovian, sycophantic citizens. Those that chose not to be slaves have no access to a pool of

rational, critical thinking citizens from which they can draw inspiration. As a consequence, mediocrity envelopes the country and creativity and critical thinking die. It is the lack of the critical mind that hurts the most. I refer to a column of mine of September 25, 2012 titled, “Every country has corruption, beggars but…” It was a response to a columnist from another newspaper. That commentator wrote that he saw beggars and corruption in Canada and the US and as

such he doesn’t know why Guyanese carp on those negatives here rather than look at those very things in places like Canada and the US. It was one of the most irritating moments in 2012 in my career as a media operative. How can any Guyanese be so unbecoming to make such a poor judgement? I was educated in Canada and I followed American politics since I was a teenager. Yes, there is corruption in perhaps all countries in the world but to say that Canada and the US do not confront corrupt officials and jail them is shameless barefacedness.

Since the PPP came to power in 1992 there has been no official that has been investigated. Kellawan Lall, Reepu Daman Persaud, and Ganga Persaud among others should long have been disciplined. That gentleman who wrote that piece should know that as sure as night follows day, no Prime Minister or President in the democratic world that includes the US, Canada, India, the entire European continent and even in authoritarian systems like Cuba and China would have survived the common-law scandal that then President Jagdeo was embroiled in with Ms. Varshnie Singh. Those kind of messy intrigues definitely cost ruling politicians their job. Last year I faced some criticism over my review of a book an American citizen based in the US wrote on the visa scandal in Guyana involving Thomas Carroll. This was an incompetent work that was badly written and done in a most unscholarly style. Many persons were delighted to read the book about the ocean of money Carroll took to process nonimmigrant visas. What was sad was that because Guyana had lost that

section of its population given to critical thinking, a jejune work on Carroll was praised when in fact so much of the Carroll infamy was published in our media at the time. In fact, Carroll’s cooperation statement with the district attorney had more intriguing information than the entire book, yet the author didn’t use Carroll’s confession in his work. Perhaps the most infamous example of this descent into mediocrity was the gentleman who for years deceived the Guyanese society with false polls. The holes in his operations were gargantuan, yet for years he got away with it. Most shocking was the fact that his polling organization could not be located in any country on Planet Earth and this is in the age of Google. Only a mediocre society would have allowed such a con game to go on uninvestigated Journalism in Guyana cannot escape the accusation of mediocrity. I am not referring to the sordid, shackled state media. Some say the answer is training. Maybe! But still the practice of journalism leaves much to be desired especially when you see the type of questions that are never asked of members of a government

Frederick Kissoon that is mired in thousands and thousands of financial and political scandals. Let me say without fear of contradiction, the atrocious mistakes that have marked the two year presidency of Mr. Ramotar should galvanize the press to confront him. Mr. Ramotar’s double standards are sickening but the media let him escape. Here is a president who publicly said that he cannot tell a private company what fee it should charge for the Berbice Bridge yet this very man has advised West Demerara commuters not to pay a twenty-dollar increase. Clement Rohee is yet to tell the Guyanese why his visas were suspended for six months. The mediocre press doesn’t ask. But is mediocrity the only factor in relation to the media? Or are they afraid to raise the questions out of fear of being insulted by Rohee and Ramotar? I think I am going to start asking questions at governmental media briefings.

Thursday January 30, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 11

Top Cop accepts Rohee’s recommendations, transfers Corentyne ranks …only shifting problem to another place -says AFC In response to the complaints and “standoffs” of residents of Number 48 Village, Corentyne over what they described as police involvement in crimes within their community, Commissioner Leroy Brumell accompanied by other high level officers met with the residents at the community Primary School on Tuesday. They discussed the concerns and plight of the villagers. A critical part of the meeting was the revelation by Commissioner Brumell that the ranks of the 51 police station will be transferred, a recommendation that Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee had communicated to Brumell. The officers were met by a room full of annoyed residents who voiced their concerns over the spate of robberies which they say is targeted towards business and households that have money. Commissioner Brumell said that he “came here in peace”. He added that he is aware of a standoff between the police and the community. The commissioner said that he dislikes standoffs and he knows that Berbice is a sensitive place, especially in the Corentyne area. Number 48 Village is a well knitted community and as such, members would know each other and by extension must know of the robberies taking place. But out of fear they don’t want to say anything or provide information. He said that the villagers should not allow persons to infiltrate their community. Brumell articulated that

Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell “inbreeding” of the police (the position where ranks that were born, grown, stationed and have an affiliation with Corentyne) makes them “familiar” with what is happening around them and some of them will out of fear of retribution say nothing with respect to crime, hence the need for them to be transferred. The commissioner also mentioned that he knows that transferring without investigating is not the best thing and they (villagers) need to know if there are indeed police collaborating with criminals. Anybody having information should come forward and let the authorities know. According to Brumell from yesterday the residents will be seeing new ranks in ‘B’ Division, people who are not from Berbice. He is hopeful that the new ranks will be quickly acclimatized so that they can “get the robbers out of the area.” Most of the persons present applauded the transfer after they understood what it meant. The Office of Professional

Responsibility (OPR) was on hand for any person who had information to divulge. Brumell said that he is not hearing anything much about community policing groups and said that if they are not active they should be quickly activated. General Secretary of the Rice Producers Association, Dharamkumar Seeraj, who was present at the meeting, said that the situation involving the Corentyne residents is a “slow fire” that has been burning for some time. He said that there can be no security in the region if there is distrust between residents and police. Seeraj said that he knows persons who are prepared to give statements on what they saw and on reports of crimes. He expressed another worry of the citizens which is, officers not answering their phones where reports of serious crimes are taking place. He said that incidences of cattle rustling and goats stealing are being reported and nothing is happening. He spoke of the drug trade that only the “small fishes” are being caught while the

leaders are not touched. A resident of No 48 Village spoke of the need for joint operations between the military and the Police for the Corentyne Region to fight crime. The resident also stressed that tax free salaries should be given to lower ranking police to encourage persons to enter the force. He said that there have been two murders and several robberies yet no one has been arrested. The man contended that the vigilante group within the region is doing a good job. He said until the community policing group is formed vigilante groups should continue. He added that police should give feedback to victims of robberies and murders since in most cases investigations take place and

AFC Executive Cathy Hughes those who are robbed and the families of those murdered don’t get any feedback from the police. Responding to the concerns raised by the residents, the commissioner

expressed that the GPF will not condone misconduct from members of the force. He further said that as long as we get evidence those ranks are placed before the courts and will be dismissed.

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Kaieteur News

Thursday January 30, 2014

$15M revetment project in Moruca turns to slush …Toshao laments poor quality of rehabilitated bridge

APNU’s Joseph Harmon meeting with Toshao, Basil Cornelius on Monday last The $43M rehabilitation of the main access bridge in the Moruca Sub Region, in the North West District was supposed to have been completed in three months but according to the villagers, it is now almost two years since the project commenced and is still unfinished. To make matters worse, more than $15M which was used for revetment works on

the eastern end of the bridge has since turned into slush. It is below the water level and has led to the residents resorting to a makeshift walkway in order to access the Bridge. The bridge facilitates just about 7000 persons, including an average of 1000 school children who traverse the facility on a daily basis. As a result of the

pleadings of the residents of the community, a team from A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) on Monday last travelled to the interior location to witness the situation first hand and listen to the woes of the persons living there. The APNU team was led by its Shadow Public Works Minister Joseph Harmon, Regional Member of Parliament, Renita Williams and also included political advisor Ronald Backer and Public Relations Officer, Mark Archer. Harmon and team held a community meeting as well as met with Chairman of the Village Council, Toshao Basil Cornelius. During that meeting, Cornelius, in venting his frustration, told the APNU team that the present

The revetment that has turned into slush Regional officials are treating the problems associated with most of the projects in the region “lightly” and with the bridge they are “going too far.” He spoke of what he called favoritism by the Regional officials in the granting of numerous contracts to a single individual or a selected few. “I would say that is the main cause for the very poor quality of work,” said Cornelius. On the matter of the bridge, he related to Harmon that the works started in 2012 and was supposed to be finished at the end of that year. “The contractor gave me his word on that, it was not a new bridge, it was a rehabilitation of the bridge.” According to Cornelius, they had been shown the drawings of the plan for the bridge and from a layman’s perspective they believed that it looked good, when in fact it was that very plan that was the beginning of the problems. Among the many problems with the bridge is the fact that the contractor used appropriately short piles which were even shorter than those that had been in place on the older bridge. According to Cornelius, what in fact happened is that only a few new piles were installed and the top of the bridge redone. “Where the inferiority of the materials is concerned I think that adds more to the insult,” according to an upset Cornelius. According to the official, the bridge is now worse than it was years ago. Cornelius said that as a leader in the village, he tries to work with the system and keeps negotiating with the relevant authorities and while the officials would usually make promises, the woes

continue. “As the year dragged on and the bridge kept being an issue I realized that the Regional officials are not going to answer the questions, they are not going to do anything and as such we started to make our voices heard as a village.” Cornelius said that to date (Monday) he is yet to receive word from the officials on the way forward. Cornelius is calling on the authorities to complete the bridge given that thousands of people depend on it. The Moruca area is described as a number of islands in between rivers and swampy areas. The bridge in question is the main one that provides access across the Moruca River. Cornelius described the current state of the bridge as a setback for the community for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Cornelius called the state of affairs with the bridge, an insult to the village council as well as the people of the Region. He questioned how it is that the contractor for the bridge has not been penalized and asked, “Why is this contractor so powerful.” Cornelius noted too that when the contractor decided to pull out his equipment from the project, the Council had taken a decision to seize the equipment given that the bridge was yet to be completed but was advised against such a move when they sought legal advice. Harmon however told Cornelius that as far as the contractor is concerned the project is completed. He informed the Council Chairman that he had met with the contractor before travelling in to the region and was told that by the time he reached the community on Monday the revetment work

would have been completed. “I am to assume that what I have seen there is the completed work,” said Harmon. Harmon in his observations noted that on the western end of the bridge there was a pitch road leading onto the bridge and questioned why in the contract the same could not have obtained, rather than the use of loam revetment. It was noted that the revetment was built on pegasse. “You needed to have something firm in order to take that traffic…on a sealed surface,” said Harmon. The APNU Executive Member is adamant that this was something that the members of the community deserve. “The community is entitled, this is not something that you have to beg for, you are entitled to a better quality of work,” Harmon told Cornelius. He reiterated that it is the nation’s money being spent. He suggested that it was eye-pass to the Region and posited that this had transpired because it was being done outside of the glare of the public’s view. According to Harmon, public works fall under his portfolio as shadow minister and regardless of the project, Guyanese deserve a better quality of work and that the contractors must execute works in a better manner. Cornelius told the APNU official that he met with President Donald Ramotar, last Wednesday and had expressed alarm over the state of the bridge. While he did not secure a firm commitment from the President, he said that Ramotar did indicate that the Administration is exploring the idea of securing another contractor to complete the bridge.

Thursday January 30, 2014

Two years of repairs…

Kaieteur News

Parika Health Centre still not functional

The newly refurbished and nonfunctional Parika Backdam Health Centre After two years of renovation at a cost of $2M, the Parika Backdam Health Centre is yet to become functional. At present, residents are being attended to by a Medex who utilizes a part of the community primary school. “It is a shame that a building measuring 20 feet by 16 feet took two years to complete.” This was the assertion made by Alliance for Change (AFC) Councilor in Region Three, Harry Narine Deokinanan, who said that it has been years since the health centre has been used. He said that repair works began only after Kaieteur News highlighted the condition of the facility in April 2012. It is now 2014 and residents are still unable to benefit from the healthcare facility. According to Deokinanan, after being under rehabilitation for two years, Regional Health Officer, Nadia Coleman, visited the site last June, only to order that some additional works be done. Deokinanan said that he finds it most embarrassing that the Vice Chairman of the Health Committee is claiming that the facility remains nonfunctional merely because the key to the

Page 21

building has been lost. “This is more than a lame excuse.” Both Ms. Coleman and the Health Committee’s Vice Chairman could not be reached for comment. Nonetheless, residents are saying that ever since the health centre was rewarded with a plaque for being able to administer the most doses of rotavirus vaccines in 2010, the building has not been maintained. Anand Singh, a resident of Parika, East Bank Essequibo, said that while the residents were angry at the deplorable condition of the health centre, they are even more annoyed at the fact that after two years, they are still unable to benefit from proper healthcare services. “Imagine taxpayers’ money was spent on that place, and still, to this day, the people have to take their children to primary school for treatment and vaccines and so,” Singh said. “This is not right; a school doesn’t have the proper facilities for clinics to be held and for people to undergo checkups and so. This is becoming excessively irritating,” he added Singh said that with the number of problems plaguing Parika, he is forced to conclude that the regional administration is misusing the

region’s resources. “I can’t understand how these people never have the money to do anything. We’re suffering and they don’t care. Something fishy going on, because I can’t see how come we paying taxes and yet nothing ain’t fixing. We the people of this region aren’t benefiting from anything much,” Singh said. “Take for instance the Parika Backdam Road. We fed up making complaints about this thing. I spoke to several people from the regional office, but they haven’t been doing anything. Is only when we highlight certain things then they fix it, otherwise they don’t care at all, he added.” Following a Kaieteur News article earlier this month, highlighting the deplorable condition of the Parika Backdam Road, the Ministry of Agriculture said it commenced construction. It is unclear whether the usually deplorable road will finally get a permanent fixture. “Fixed” with just crusher run, the aforementioned road has always been a cause for worry, since it would usually deteriorate within a few months, creating a great deal of inconvenience and losses for residents, especially farmers. Singh reflected that during his brief teaching

Pomeroon man freed of manslaughter A Pomeroon man who police had implicated in the murder of his dead friend, Alexis Smith, in 2010, at Warapana, Upper Pomeroon River, was freed on the lesser count of manslaughter by Justice Nareshwar Harnanan on Tuesday at the Suddie High Court. Alfred Nathaniel Charles, also of Warapana was initially charged with murder, but that charge was reduced to manslaughter after a review was sought and initiated by the Director of Public Prosecution. Police had alleged that in 2010, at Warapana,

Upper Pomeroon both the accused Charles and Alexis Smith were imbibing alcohol at a rum shop. Both men left the shop and were venturing towards their boats. It was reported that Smith was not content to leave so he requested cigarettes and more alcohol. Charles however, decided to tie Smith’s boat to his in an attempt to persuade him not to go back to the shop. Smith still desperate to fulfill his craving, struck Charles with a piece of wood. In retaliation, Charles struck Smith back. Smith fell overboard and was recovered three days later.

Rehabilitation works on this 20 by 16 feet facility took two years and cost $2M c a r e e r a t a We s t B a n k Demarara primary school, he was irritated at the way students and teachers were treated. He said that apart from the school yard being in a deplorable condition, the school building had missing floor boards, windows and a leaky roof.

He also opined that a lot of “nonsense” has been going on at the regional office, adding, “Many of the people here (Parika) don’t necessarily blame the central government, we blame the regional administration, because the people at that office are the ones who supposed to register our

plights at the various ministries, but they don’t do that, so we are the ones who end up suffering.” Singh is calling on the relevant authorities to look into the functions of the Regional Democratic Councils, and assess how well they have been carrying out their mandate.

Man claims police shot, robbed him A father of two is calling on Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell and other relevant authorities to investigate an undercover policeman who shot him in the upper thigh while discharging several rounds after confronting him in a yard on Hadfield Street Lodge Tuesday morning. He claims that the police later entered his home and robbed him of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The man was identified as 38-year-old Delon Hutson of 36, Hadfield Street, Lodge. “I was in a passage way not far from my house urinating when I see a man on the road, I didn’t know was who, and I see he draw a gun, so I decide to run and I hear someone else holler ‘shoot he, shoot he,’ and I hear several shots behind me and I was hit in my thigh with one. I run through some yards on D’Urban Street and end up on Princes Street,” he explained. Adding that he has not returned home since police upturned his entire house, Hutson who is a miner and a plumber by trade said he was rescued by friends and public spirited citizens who assisted him with medical treatment since he had not wanted to

Delon Hutson displaying his injured leg.

visit the Georgetown Public Hospital out of fear of police presence. Explaining the reason for his concern, Hutson said relatives visited his home where he lives alone and found that the house was upturned and all signs of jewelry and money disappeared. “I had US$174, •120, $74,000 and $205,000 in $5,000 bills and three pennyweight of raw goal…All of this

disappeared when my family check and now I don’t want to go to the police because I was robbed by them,” Hutson underscored. Residents in the area confirmed Hutson’s allegations saying the police who was not in uniform discharged several rounds indiscriminately. It was also noted that a report was made at the East La Penitence Police Station.

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Thursday January 30, 2014

Kaieteur News

Berbician charged for forged passport stamps A 37-year-old father of two accused of inserting false Guyana Immigration stamps in an Antigua and Barbuda passport appeared yesterday before Chief Magistrate, Priya Sewnarine-Beharry, at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. During the period January 4 to January 10, Emram Mohabir, a Guyanese national, is alleged to have conspired with parties unknown to insert four false passport stamps in the passport numbered B010000 in his own favour purporting to show that it was issued by the Immigration Office, despite knowing it was forged. When the charge was read to him by the Magistrate, Mohabir, a resident of Canefield, East Canje, Berbice pleaded guilty. However he explained to the court that he did not make the arrangements, that someone else (no name given) did. He said that ‘some guy’ just gave him a package with the passport. Based on his explanations, the Magistrate entered him into a not guilty plea. Inspector Michael Grant, who prosecuted the matter, told the court that Mohabir, a Guyanese national, has ties in Canada and that it was some time last December, that he and his family made arrangements for him to journey there. “On January 11, last, the accused left Guyana with his passport and ventured to Trinidad where he subsequently stayed for three days. On January 14, 2014 he boarded an in-transit flight from Trinidad using an Antigua and Barbuda passport in the name of Vikia Ramdass but bearing Mohabir’s photograph,” the prosecutor explained. According to Inspector Grant, the aircraft’s route entailed it returning to Guyana before departing directly for Canada. He said when the flight stopped in

Guyana, Mohabir remained on the plane. However, the Prosecution explained that the forgery was unearthed when an airline security who upon checking the passenger manifest observed that he was not listed as a passenger. As a result, Mohabir was arrested and the said Antigua and Barbuda passport which had the false passport stamps was found in his possession. Subsequent investigations were conducted which led to the charge being instituted against him. Attorney at Law Paul Fung-a-Fat who represented the accused stated that his client was heading to Canada to visit his sick sister. He beseeched the court to exercise leniency since his client knew what he did was ‘wrong.’ However, his application was met with objections from Inspector Grant who said that the serious nature of the offence was sufficient reason for him to be ordered held. He said too that Mohabir is “clearly a flight risk since he went to the extent of forging a passport to leave.” In response, the Magistrate offered conditional bail to Mohabir in the sum of $200,000. The condition ordered by the Magistrate is that he must report to Corporal Harry at the Criminal Investigations Division, Headquarters, Eve Leary every Friday. The case was adjourned to February 17.

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Kaieteur News

Thursday January 30, 2014

De-criminalise marijuana or revise sentencing policy - GHRA In alluding to the inconsistencies related to the sentencing of persons convicted of marijuana possession, the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA), in a statement issued yesterday, amplified its concern about recent comments made by Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee. Minister Rohee earlier this week rejected any possibility of Guyana legalizing the currently prohibited substance which is recognized as a religious herb by some individuals. According to the GHRA, “While the recent categorical rejection by the Minister of Home Affairs of the possibility of decriminalizing the use and possession of marijuana may meet with a mixed reception, the incoherent and unfair manner in which the law is currently applied must surely be a matter of universal discomfort.” The human rights body made reference to the

“disproportionate harshness” of sentencing for possession of marijuana in contrast with the apparent “inability of the police or CANU ever to detect, much less convict the main suppliers of cocaine.” The GHRA detailed a number of marijuana cases taken to the courts that are indicative of the lopsided course of justice that has been meted out over the years. Making reference to a case in November last year, the GHRA detailed a court hearing where a woman was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment and fined $120, 000 on four charges for possession and trafficking of 2.8 grams of cannabis and one gram of cocaine. It was particularly emphasized that it was the day after being found with the substance that the sentence was handed down. “Several factors about this case are disturbing,” pointed out the GHRA, which stated that “the habit of

separating ‘possession’ as a separate case from ‘trafficking’ for the purpose of increasing the sentence is perverse on the part of the police.” In asserting that trafficking assumes possession, the GHRA noted “that a woman should be sentenced to three years for possession of 2.8 grams of marijuana at a time when many countries are actively de-criminalizing marijuana possession is bizarre.” The woman in question has in fact received a further three years for possession of one gram of cocaine. The harshness of the 12year sentence, the GHRA noted, is counter-productive since it gives the impression that the risk is greater in trafficking marijuana than cocaine because ‘coke’ is more lucrative and the penalty is the same. Another counterproductive feature outlined is the fact that people could be discouraged from ever pleading ‘not guilty’. The GHRA observed that professional mules carrying kilos of cocaine through Cheddi Jagan airport “rarely, if ever, attract more than four years.” A cursory review over the

past three years, outlined by the GHRA, shows extensive discrepancy in sentencing ranging from a New Amsterdam man being imprisoned for five years and fined $4.9M for possession of 1.8 grams of cannabis while a woman received 18 months plus $30,000 for trafficking 150 grams of cannabis and eight grams of cocaine. And then there was the case of a man walking home with his friend from a Bar who received three years and $20,000 for possession of three grams of cocaine and two grams of cannabis. He informed the court that his friend was not charged because he paid the police $20,000 while he had no money to do so. The GHRA also alluded to a case where an 18-year-old woman was remanded to prison for possession of 26 grams of marijuana found in a house after police had followed her. As reported, bail was refused “because of the seriousness of the offence.” The GHRA, commenting on the case at the time stated, “The practice of finding narcotics in a house and the police charging whoever happens to be on the premises is an abuse which

has resulted in many innocent people being jailed over the years.” “The standard operating procedure is to arrest a range of people in the hope that between them one will plead guilty. Many similar cases have seen men ending up in Camp Street and female partners in New Amsterdam prison for a statutory threeyear sentence over small quantities of marijuana, working great hardships on children and everyone concerned,” pointed out the GHRA. It was underscored by the GHRA that while sting operations by the police have their place in crime-fighting, in the context of policing in Guyana they nonetheless raise misgivings. According to the human rights body, too, the widespread harassment by police officers of innocent

citizens for bribes and other abuses of authority renders such approaches unsafe. The circumstances of the charges against the woman who received 12 years, whereby the police went to her home to purchase drugs, leaves a lot unsaid, noted the GHRA. “Did she live alone in the house? Were any females involved in the sting? What promises were made that may have misled her to plead guilty? The contrast between the prison terms handed down in haphazard fashion to the street runners and other ‘small fish’ contrast sharply with the inability of the police to put drug suppliers before the court, underscored the GHRA. “It prompts the question whether the same thought ever crosses the minds of magistrates?”

Case adjourned after prisoner collapses in courtroom In the courtroom of the Chief Magistrate yesterday, a prisoner collapsed and was sent for medical attention, even before the threatening language charge could have been read to him. Simon Madramootoo appeared in court, yesterday, and collapsed in the docks, forcing an adjournment to the proceedings. The prisoner, decked in a worn out black tee shirt neatly tucked in faded blue jeans, was silently seated alongside a younger prisoner before the Magistrate called his name. However, as he rose up, he fixed his stare on the floor in the prisoner’s docks, sparing the presiding Magistrate brief glances while she addressed the victim.

It was at the very moment when the Magistrate asked her “Are you going to proceed with this matter, maam?” and she said that she would be offering evidence against him, that Madramootoo fell. He landed on the feet of a fellow prisoner. The Chief Magistrate raised the shocked courtroom and the prisoner in the docks assisted three police ranks to remove Madramootoo. The prisoner Simon Madramootoo was sent to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and his matter was transferred to the court presided over by Magistrate Geeta ChandanEdmond. It is expected to be called on Friday (January 31).

Thursday January 30, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Thursday January 30, 2014

High Court rules against budget cuts ... Speaker to appeal

Lawyer for House Speaker - Khemraj Ramjattan By Zena Henry Chief Justice (ag) Ian Chang yesterday put to rest matters relating to the Parliamentary Opposition’s ability to cut the National budget when he ruled that the opposing side of the National Assembly, under the Constitution, does not have the power to cut the government’s budget. In a case, the first of its kind in this country, the Chief Justice affirmed that the National Assembly has no power to cut the budget estimates made by the government’s Finance Minister. He said that for the Opposition to cut the budget, it is a “final act” that leaves no space for amending the budget estimates. He explained that there is therefore nothing left for the government’s Finance Minister to amend. Chang said that the Constitution provides for the Finance Minister to present the budget since the finance of the country is the responsibility of the Executive; and for the Opposition to cut the budget and then approve it; then the estimates are no longer that of the Finance Minister, but that of the Assembly. Chief Justice Chang said that the Standing Orders of Parliament, which has been used to justify the budget cuts, is not law, but merely procedures of the House, that cannot override the

Constitution. Article 171 (2) (a) and (b) of the Constitution, -which was pointed out as giving the Opposition the power to cut the budget- “has nothing to do with the reduction of the Minister’s estimates.” “The words in Article 171 (2) (a) (11) (“otherwise than by reducing it”) have nothing at all to do with the reduction of the Minister’s estimates, but rather with the reduction of a charge which has already been imposed upon the Consolidated Fund by an Appropriation Act or by the Constitution or Act.” Chief Justice Chang continued that “if the Assembly were permitted to cut the Minister’s estimates, the estimates, when cut, would necessarily become the estimates as fixed and determined by the Assembly and would cease being the Minister’s estimates.” “If the Assembly has the power to cut the estimates in relation to one line item, then, as a matter of principle, it would have the power to cut each and every line item. Assuming that the estimates in relation to each and every line item were to be cut to $1, it can hardly be said that the estimates as cut remain the estimates of the Minister.” In relation to the Parliament’s Standing Orders which were said to confirm the cutting of the budget, the Chief Justice said, “Indeed, since the interpretation of the Sanding Orders is the

responsibility of the Speaker, Section 9 mandates him to construe them as to achieve conformity with the Constitution. It is not the function of the court to interpret Standing Orders. “However, it is the function of the court to act as guardian of the Constitution and to ensure that whatever the contents of Standing Orders, their application does not involve a contravention of any provision of the Constitution or law of the land.” Chang noted however, that the fact that the Constitution has provided for the approval (and by necessary implication, nonapproval) of the Minister’s estimates of expenditure by the Assembly under Article 218, conduces to the irresistible conclusion that approval cannot be interpreted to mean “to amend”, “for it would be nonsensical for the Constitution to require the Assembly approve that which it has itself amended. The power to amend involves the power to approve, but a power to approve does not imply a power to amend.” Attorney General, Anil

Nandlall, said yesterday that the government was vindicated in their charge that the Opposition cannot cut the Finance Minister’s budget estimates. He told media operatives that he is happy with the outcome since the government resolutely maintained over the last two years the clear language of the Constitution and the doctrine of separation of powers; prevent the opposition from cutting the budget. He charged that the opposition could withhold its approval of the budget; “a power we (government) has never denied.” “They have the power of approval or disapproval, but they cannot cut the estimates which the Finance Minister presents, substitute a dollar or otherwise and pass that estimate, because they will be passing an estimate not prepared and presented by the Finance Minister.” Attorney for the Speaker of the National Assembly Khemraj Ramjattan has expressed his intent to appeal Chang’s ruling within a matter of days. The Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael

Lawyer for the government Attorney General Anil Nandlall

Trotman remained the lone defendant in the budget cut case since he was accused of opening the door for the 2012 budget to be cut. Ramjattan said the Speaker is the authority of the House and would have allowed the cutting of the budget based on the vote of the majority of the House; which happens to be the opposition, representing the majority of citizens in the country. It is therefore their belief that while the CJ is claiming that the Standing Orders are not laws of Guyana, it is the rules of Parliament. Ramjattan believes that

Chang may have erred in his ruling because the National Assembly, especially the Committee of Supply, has the power in any Westminster type democracy to amend budgetary allocations and estimates. “That’s why in the Committee of Supply we do what we do, which is, the line item has to be approved and voted on. What we are merely doing, if we were to take it to its logical conclusion; we would simply be a rubber stamp of the Executive and so there is no check and balance in relation to budgetary allocations.”

Top Cop targets Corentyne drug dealers Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell has said that his ranks will have to go after big drug dealers. He then mandated ‘B’ Division Commander, Brian Joseph, to pursue this issue. Inspector Khali Pareshram will now head Number 51 Police Station in addition to the Albion and Moleson Creek stations. Assistant Commissioner Balram Persaud who was part of the team that visited Corentyne on Tuesday, said that if there are tainted people in the community who sell drugs and are related to the residents the community can expect to be hurt since the tainted ones will feel the full force of the law. If residents don’t bring information on the drug dealers they will be the ones

to suffer, since drugs contribute significantly to different types of crimes. He said that nobody is above the law and as such there are cases of ranks that are placed before the Courts and ranks who are serving time in jail for crimes. He added that the force is 20 percent short and is accepting applications. Residents were in an uproar when the meeting initially ended; they were obviously not satisfied with the representation given. As such the meeting was prolonged to hear some more concerns affecting the villagers. The Alliance For Change (AFC) through its executive member, Cathy Hughes, has since said that with respect to the decision to transfer the

Corentyne ranks that the police appear to be becoming criminals themselves; they are not doing the job that they have sworn to do. “This, we feel, is a reflection of the administration and the government.” Mrs. Hughes said that the AFC has repeatedly called on Government to professionalize the police force. She also cited no confidence in Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee but nothing has happened. She said that there are reports on a daily basis of the various levels of violence and involved in those reports often are situations where there is a belief that members of the force themselves are involved. “This is really a disturbing trend that seems to be just getting worse and worse. Our tolerance as citizens of Guyana seems to be just becoming acceptable. We really don’t feel the outrage that we once did,” said Mrs. Hughes. According to Mrs. Hughes, “The incident on the Corentyne resulted in the ranks of the 51 police station being removed. It seems that there will be no disciplinary or stern procedures following that which will actually

determine the level of criminal activity. We have not heard of any investigation; we have just heard that they are being transferred. So these ranks are being transferred to another village or town where they can continue whatever nefarious activities they were engaged in. This means that another village or town will now have to suffer.” The AFC executive member rhetorically asked if there is “any citizen who would feel comfortable knowing that rogue officers in the force who may be engaged in criminal activities are now in their community. How does this lend to building confidence in the police force?” She expressed that the government has no intention of cleaning up the force taking what is happening into consideration. She said the government has failed to provide a safe State for citizens. This, she says, is a contributing factor why many Guyanese migrate and why investors are reluctant to invest in Guyana’s economy, as well as why private citizens pay “millions” of dollars daily for basic protection.

Thursday January 30, 2014

Kaieteur News

Assad adviser rejects call for transitional govt.

Louay Safi, left, spokesperson for the Syrian National Coalition, Syria’s main political opposition group, answers journalists questions at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, yesterday. (AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus) GENEVA (AP) — Syrian President Bashar Assad’s adviser yesterday rejected the opposition’s call for a transitional governing body and suggested for the first time that a presidential election scheduled to be held later this year may not take place amid the raging violence. The comments by Bouthaina Shaaban in an interview with The Associated Press came as U.N. mediator Lakhdar Brahimi announced that the first phase of the Syria peace talks in Geneva will end tomorrow, as scheduled, and that the gap between the government and the opposition remains “quite large.” “To be blunt, I do not expect that we’re going achieve anything substantial” by tomorrow, he told reporters yesterday. “I’m very happy that we are still talking and that the ice is breaking slowly.” Brahimi said both sides will decide when the second phase of the talks will take place — most likely after a one-week break. Earlier yesterday, both

sides managed to discuss the thorniest issue: the opposition’s demand for a transitional government in Syria. But Shaaban said it would be difficult to hold a presidential election in Syria, given the fighting, and she rejected a transitional governing body. “There’s nothing in the world called transitional government. We don’t mind a large government, a national unity government, but I think they invent the wrong term for our people and then the y circulate it in the media,” she told AP. The idea of a national unity government has been rejected by the opposition, which insists Assad must step down in favor of a transitional government with full executive powers. Louay Safi, a spokesman for the opposition’s negotiating team, said the

issue of a transitional government was put on the table at the talks for the first time. But he added the government delegation stuck to its demand that putting an end to terrorists was still its No. 1 priority. “Today we had a positive step forward because for the first time now we are talking about the transitional governing body, the body whose responsibility is to end dictatorship and move toward democracy and end the fighting and misery in Syria,” he said. The government seems “more ready to discuss that i s s u e , b u t s t i l l t h e y ’re trying to push it to the back of the discussion,” Safi said. “We

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Kaieteur News

Thursday January 30, 2014

Congresswoman welcomes Obama’s position on immigration reform

World Bank meets with Govt. to combat crime

NEW YORK - CMC — Caribbean American Congresswoman Yvette D Clarke has commended United States President Barack Obama for addressing comprehensive immigration reform in his State of the Union Address Tuesday night. During his address, Obama urged the US Congress to enact immigration reform that will allow the more than 10 million immigrants without legal status, including Caribbean nationals, to apply for temporary legal status and, eventually, United States citizenship. “A policy of comprehensive immigration reform will also support our economy by preventing the exploitation of workers who lack legal status despite, in some instances, living in the United States for almost their entire lives,” said Clarke, the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, who represents the 9th Congressional District in Brooklyn, New York. “With legal status and an opportunity for citizenship, these workers will finally have the ability to benefit from the rights guaranteed to American labourers, and thus become full participants in our civil society,” she told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC). Ahead of his State of the Union address, Clarke had written to Obama for second time urging him stop deporting Caribbean and

Yvette D Clarke other immigrants. Clarke, along with Arizona Congressman Raúl M Grijalva, appealed to the president to “respond to the crisis of deportation in the undocumented community. “As your administration nears an astounding two million deportations, we write again to reiterate our initial request and inquire into additional steps the White House can take to provide relief to the millions of ‘Americans in Waiting’ , who live and work among us,” they wrote. Clarke also told CMC that the continued deportation of Caribbean immigrants who lack legal status had resulted in many families being separated. “This policy must end,” she stressed, adding that,

with the US Congress currently debating immigration reform, “the practice of continued deportation risks the very men and women who will have the ability to apply for permanent legal status and citizenship under a new system of immigration”. Grenadian American New York City Councilman Jumaane Williams also lauded Obama’s address, noting that he outlined a “bold, progressive agenda”. Williams, who represents the largely Caribbean 45th Council District in Brooklyn, said that the agenda “re-focuses the nation’s attention on the need to end income inequality and to ensure increased opportunities for every American, including those who struggle to find work, those who came to the United States in search of a better life, and those who have not reaped the benefits in an economy that continues to leave many behind. “Many of the ideas outlined in the speech, from extending unemployment benefits, increasing the minimum wage for those working for federal contractors, to ending wage discrimination against women, would benefit the constituents of the 45th Council District that I represent,” said Williams, chair of New York City Council Committee on Housing and Buildings.

Trinidad Express Members of a World Bank delegation met Tuesday with the Ministry of Finance and the Nationa l S e c u r i t y Council to discuss how to make the Customs and Excise Division more efficient. They were also in the country to advise on crimemonitoring programmes. “(Crime and corruption) are very important areas and can influence your capacity to attract foreign direct investment and the well-being of the population, so we do see these as extremely important areas of work,” Sophie Sirtaine,

country director of the Bank’s Caribbean Country Management Unit for Latin America and the Caribbean region, said. She was speaking at a media conference hosted by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, at Nicholas To w e r s , P o r t o f S p a i n , yesterday. The delegation from the Wo r l d B a n k a r rived in Trinidad and Tobago on Monday for a two-day visit to, among other things, discuss the bank’s engagement with the Government in areas of reform that can have a transformational impact on

the economy, competitiveness and job creation. Their visit follows the December 20 drug bust in Norfolk, Virginia, USA, of more than 700 lbs of cocaine hidden in cans labelled as Trinidad Orange and Grapefruit juices, produced by local manufacturer SM Jaleel and Co, which were illegally transported through the Port of Spain Port. The World Bank has developed significant expertise in the area of reform and its impact on the economy across Latin America and the world, Sirtaine said.

Government minister plans to speak freely on economic situation in Barbados BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - CMC – A senior Barbados government minister says he is uneasy about the direction of the island’s economy and is promising to make public his position. Agriculture Minister, David Estwick, a former finance minister, told reporters yesterday he was prepared to put the country above politics when he makes a full statement on the ailing Barbados economy. “I am going to make my statement very, very soon on what my position is,” he told reporters, adding “I was a man before I got into politics, and

I can stay one if I am out of it. “But I will do what I believe I have to do, honestly and diligently in the interest of Barbados and in the interest of my children and grandchildren to come.” The Barbados government has said it would soon lay off 3,000 public servants as it seeks to turn around the ailing economy. Trade unions have called on

the Fruendel Stuart administration to reconsider proposals they have submitted for consideration, but Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Chris Sinckler has said these proposals do not go far enough. Sinckler said that the government has already drawn up the list of public workers to be dismissed.

UN says foreign direct investment flows to the Caribbean reach new high NEW YORK, United States - CMC - The United Nations says foreign direct investment (FDI) to the Caribbean reached a new high last year. In a report, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) said flows to Latin America and the Caribbean increased by 18 per cent, the fourth consecutive year of growth, to an estimated US$294 billion. “While in previous years growth was largely driven by South America, in 2013 Central America and the Caribbean were the main recipients, with increases of 93 per cent and 38 per cent, respectively. “The US$18 billion acquisition of Grupo Modelo in Mexico explains most of Central America’s increase, while the strong rise in the Caribbean was mainly driven by the British Virgin Islands,” it added. UNCTAD said the increase for developing economies was mainly driven by Latin American and the Caribbean, and Africa; while

developing Asia, the world’s largest recipient region for FDI, saw flows at a level similar to 2012. Overall, the report said FDI flows to developing economies, including the Caribbean, reached a new high of US$759 billion, accounting for 52 per cent. It said transition economies also recorded a new high of US$126 billion, 45 per cent up from the previous year and accounting for nine per cent of the global total. UNCTAD said global foreign direct investment (FDI) rose to levels not seen since the start of the global economic crisis in 2008, increasing by 11 per cent in 2013 to an estimated US$1.46 trillion, with the lion’s share going to developing countries. The report said transition economies experienced a significant 45 per cent rise, reaching a record level of an estimated US$126 billion, with Russia jumping by 83 per cent to US$94 billion, making it the world’s third largest recipient for the first time ever.

Thursday January 30, 2014

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Young Warriors cricket club launches Mash Cup 2014 The Young Warriors Cricket Club of East Canje recently launched their second edition of the Mashramani Cup cricket competition called “Mash Cup 2014” which will be played on Sunday February 23rd (Mashramani day) at the Cumberland Playfield, East Canje. The matches will be five over affairs. The competition, which is open for teams in the East Canje/ East Coast (NO19)

Berbice areas, will see 10 teams participating namely Gangaram Strikers, Betsy Ground Triple Stars, Goed Bananen Land, Young and the Restless, Rose Hall Community Centre, Canefield, Young Warriors, Bristol Warriors, #Two Cricket Club and No19 Combined. Seawell Cricket Club will not be participating this year and their place has been taken by the Rose Hall Community Centre which has been

recently resuscitated. Speaking at the launching ceremony held recently at the headquarters of the Young Warriors Cricket Ground at Cumberland East Canje was Mr. Anil Beharry,Vice President of the Berbice Cricket Board and Secretary/ Treasurer of the Young Warriors Cricket Club and former Berbice all-rounder. Beharry, addressing members of the 10 participating clubs, sponsors, parents, friends

Thursday January 30, 2014 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): Today you should be feeling very energetic, Aries, both physically and mentally, and you're likely to feel rather anxious for some physical activity. Go for a workout if you have time or for a short walk if you don't. *************************** TAURUS (APR 20 MAY 20): A lot of physical and mental energy could be channeled today into artistic projects of some kind, Taurus. *************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): It's another potentially anxious day ahead, Gemini. But you have the power to soothe your ruffled feathers. *************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Your level of physical and mental energy should be very high today, Cancer, and so you could feel restless throughout the morning. As a result, you might spend your afternoon and evening out and about, shopping, paying visits, or attending classes or lectures. *************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): Your level of imagination and inspiration should be operating at a very high level today, Leo, so if you've been planning to start a new artistic project, this is the day to do it. You're also likely to be feeling quite intuitive, so don't be surprised if you find yourself tuning acutely in to the thoughts, feelings, needs, and desires of others, even strangers. ************************ VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): A group with which you're affiliated could ask you to take care of a few tasks. This might involve making phone calls, running errands, or both. Your energy and enthusiasm are high, Virgo, so this is a good day to prove how valuable your work is and how efficient you are.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Important projects, either job related or personal, might need to be completed today in order to meet a deadline or fulfill a promise. *************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 - NOV 21): A long-awaited vacation may be coming up soon for you, Scorpio. The study of travel books might be on your agenda for today. *************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 DEC 21): This could prove to be a very busy day, Sagittarius. Someone close to you might come to you for advice on how to manage their resources, perhaps because of successes you've had in the past. *************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): Social events, probably family related, could take up a lot of your time today, Capricorn. They might involve outings, perhaps to parks or other recreational areas. *************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): Your home today could be like Grand Central Station, with lots of people coming and going and a lot of activity taking place within the house itself. The phone could be also ringing off the hook, Aquarius. *************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): This is probably going to shape up to be a busy and rather chaotic day. You might find yourself spending a lot of time out and about, Pisces. You may need to run a lot of errands and see a number of people. A friend might accompany you. Phone calls might need to be made in order to make arrangements for future events, and someone might take up too much of your time calling to chat.

and members of the media, mentioned the benefits that were accrued from the last event which enabled them to do a number of things to spruce up the venue and improve their facilities - including acquiring a large cover for the pitch and square. He also mentioned some other added facilities that were put in place over the years including the construction of new pavilions and stands, fencing the venue, building sight screens, acquiring a 42 inches motor cutter for the ground, thus allowing them to be one of the few grounds in the country with such equipment. He said that one of the primary objectives at the club is not only to play cricket, but to enhance the lives people in the community, especially the youths. He noted that over the years the challenges of running a cricket club have increased with outside influences being a big distraction. He mentioned things like drugs, alcohol, gambling, peer pressure and other illicit activities as major contributing factors. He also encouraged parents and guardians to

Anil Beharry send their children to the club including both boys and girls. “We have the facilities here, all we want you to do is to send the youths so that they can be gainfully occupied…. Remember Berbice has two young cricketers in the West Indies U19 team and one is from this very same club, and Berbice also has three female players in the West Indies female cricket team. So there are benefits,” he urged. He also said that the ground is available to everybody. It is a community ground for the entire community and anybody can

use it, but their only appeal is for persons not to destroy the venue, especially when it is wet. According to the organisers there will be cash incentives for the top four teams in the competition plus outstanding individual performers. Also to note is that the prize monies have been increased with the winning team receiving cash incentives of $60,000 plus a trophy, second place will collect $30,000 and trophy, third place finisher will collect $15,000, while the fourth place team will be presented with a trophy. There will also be incentives for the man of the match in the final and other prizes to be decided by the organisers. He is also appealing to the business community to come on board and assist to make the venture an unforgettable affair.

BCB and... From page 31 educated mind. Too many young players are only interested in playing the game alone but Foster stated that with all the technologies involved, along with dealing with the media and sponsors, it is very important that all players be educated and well informed. He challenged the administrators of the different clubs to ensure that the Mini Libraries are established as early as possible and that the young cricketers benefit from them. At least ten other Mini Libraries would be established at other clubs during the Diamond Jubilee year. BCB First Vice President Anil Beharry stated that clubs in the Ancient County should be proud of the outstanding work of the Board as it was making a positive difference on and off the field of play. He urged the club to place special emphasis on improving the educational background of every member. President of both, the BCB and RHTY&SC, Keith Foster noted that both organisations would continue to invest in education as it was the key to success. The BCB, the President continued, was one of the few cricket Boards in the Caribbean which invests heavily in every aspect of its cricketers’ development. Representatives of the six clubs expressed gratitude to the BCB while pledging that the Mini Libraries would be established shortly and would be open to youths in their areas as well.

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BCB Golden Jubilee 1939-2014 The Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) with support from the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) launched their 75th Anniversary celebrations with a massive donation to fourteen cricket clubs drawn from across the Ancient County. The clubs benefitting from the donation on Sunday last at St. Francis Community Developers head office were Bush Lot, Blairmont, West Berbice, D’Edward, Edinburg, Police, Young Warriors, Rose Hall Canje, Chesney, Whim, Albion, Port Mourant, Upper Corentyne and Fyrish Strikers. Each of the clubs received a special Coaching Kit for players aged 8 to 12 years, a $23,000 Notice Board, a Scorebook, 12 knee wraps and a basketball for recreational warm-up. Chairman of the BCB

Kaieteur News

Fourteen clubs benefit from largesse of BCB & RHTY≻ HIV/Aids campaign launched Special Events Committee and the 75th Anniversary Committee, Hilbert Foster, said that the presentation was the perfect way to launch yearlong celebration for the Diamond Jubilee. He stated that under the stewardship of President Keith Foster, the BCB has gone out of its way to assist clubs to fulfill their mandates and it would continue to do so in the future. Foster, who is also Secretary/CEO of the RHTY&SC urged the cricket clubs to use the items for the intended purpose and to do everything in their power to unearth new talent for the country. He expressed gratitude to the Berbice River Bridge for donating the cricket kits which cost $100,000 and Mr. Feroze Barakat for the scorebooks. The cricket teams of the RHTY&SC contributed the Notice

Club representatives display the items in the presence of BCB President Keith Foster (centre) and other officials.

Boards, the Knee Wraps and basketballs. The fourteen clubs were also recipients of a donation of condoms as the BCB launched an HIV/Aids

Multiple boxing champion, Clive Atwell, secures lucrative world ranking By Michael Benjamin Months of sacrifice, diligent training and scintillating victories have finally borne fruit for multiple champion, Clive Atwell and he has secured a lucrative number 12 spot in the featherweight division of the recently released World Boxing Council (WBC) ratings. Naturally, Atwell was elated and immediately acknowledged the hard work of President of the Guyana Boxing Board of Control (GBBC), Peter Abdool, for his tireless efforts in his recent promotion. “It appears that (Peter) Abdool is working hard because I was made to understand that in order to attain this lucrative ranking I had to have received expert representation so I wish to relay my appreciation and gratitude to him,” said Atwell from his base in Dominica when he spoke with Kaieteur Sport yesterday afternoon. “I was indeed elated to hear of the latest rating and I must also acknowledge God’s hand in all this,” he further proclaimed. Atwell said that boxing activities in his adopted homeland is somewhat stifled and he merely engages in roadwork activities and other boxing related activities while staying fit. “Boxing is not such a big thing here so I stay in shape with the basic exercises and roadwork until I receive an offer to fight,” said Atwell. He said that he

Thursday January 30, 2014

jogs for approximately 15 miles per week in the morning. “During those sessions I also engage in shadow boxing and jump rope exercises along with several rounds on the heavy bag,” said Atwell. He also said that he engages in weightlifting sessions at least twice per week. Quizzed on his next move, Atwell reminded that he was under a management structure with the local Dog Pound group and he was awaiting word from them. “My understanding is that my management team is engaged in discussions for me to fight the WBC champion sometime soon.” The multiple champion also revealed that his managerial contract should expire in another year’s time. Atwell’s journey commenced in January 2010 with a points decision over Carlton Skeete before he recorded the only blemish to his career, a drawn decision against Mark Austin in September 2010. He won the national featherweight title in June 2012 after a clinical display that left Rudolph Fraser spread-eagled on the canvass. Atwell rattled off two more victories against Revlon Lake (KO 4) and Orlon Rogers (KO 5) before securing his second title after disposing of Prince Lee Isidore in the 12th of a twelve round encounter for the vacant World Boxing Council/ Caribbean Boxing Federation (WBCCABOFE)

light/welterweight belt. He faced off with his nemesis, Revlon Lake in a return bout in December 2012 and proved that his first victory was no fluke when he stopped the Barbados based Guyanese in the 3rd of a 12 rounds affair that netted him the local lightweight belt. Most fighters would revel in those victories and become complacent but Atwell proved the exception to the rule when he went after Venezuelan, Rafael Hernandez and after 12 rounds of fistic fury, clinched a well deserved decision and the lucrative WBC CABOFE featherweight title. After chalking up several more wins, Atwell was matched against the highly touted Jamaican, Glenroy Beckford and disposed of him in the second of the scheduled 8 rounds bout. That bout was his last and occurred in October 2013. Quizzed on the inspirational force in his life Atwell, who is currently engaged in studies in Theology confidently responded, “I am in no way near where I want to be but I’ll get there because God is my guide and my buckler and he has been good to me; he has blessed me with good people in my life for as long as I can remember and I am now resigned to his direction and advice.” That direction may very well lead the prolific multiple champion to a world title. Only time will tell!

campaign as part of the Diamond Jubilee activities. Foster also disclosed that a special one-day seminar would be organised by the Special Events Committee to educate young cricketers on a wide range of topics including HIV/Aids, peer pressure, the importance of education, drug abuse and suicide. BCB First Vice President Anil Beharry expressed pleasure that the Board was

able to assist the clubs while also praising the RHTY&SC for their efforts to obtain the donated items. Keith Foster, who is President of both the BCB and RHTY&SC in remarks, warned that the items are for the membership of the clubs and not for personal uses of a selected few. President Foster noted w i t h p r i d e t h a t the two organisations have over the years developed a reputation

of assisting others and this would continue in the future. He urged the Club’s Administrators to place special emphasis on developing new talent especially right arm leg spinners as there is a shortage of those in the County. Representatives of the clubs expressed gratitude to the BCB for the support and pledged to work to ensure that the Diamond Jubilee celebrations are a huge success.

Letter to the Sports Editor

DECISIVE REGIONAL TOURNAMENT FOR SARWAN DEAR EDITOR, I have noted with intent the various individual and team records that were set during the previous 50 overs Regional cricket tournament, compliments of sports historian Charwayne Walker. The statistics are quite impressive but none other than Ramnaresh Sarwan’s three centuries in a single tournament. This fact cannot be understated but should serve as a decisive moment of reflection and motivation for Sarwan to emulate if he desires to instantly return to the West Indies team. Injuries, loss of form and with it confidence would have unfortunately stymied the progress of an otherwise stellar career of the Guyanese batting stalwart. I still believe he is one of the finest of contemporary batsmen since his test and one day batting average of over 40 should be considered as a distinction according to academic terms, particularly with him having played over 80 matches in both formats of the game. Such qualities aptly

reinforce his class, skill and character, exhibits which ironically have eluded him of late. The timing therefore is absolutely crucial for the resurrection of his career, thus the 2014 50 overs tournament should be the ultimate stage for him to once again stamp his mercurial authority. The International Cricket Council’s (ICC) speculative experiment though tentative at this time, still remains troubling for West Indies cricket especially if the body decides upon a two tier test system. This will mean that the West Indies team will be demoted since their status and points standing remains disappointingly low; a static trend endured by the team for the last three years. A recollection of the recent series against India and New Zealand is an ample sign that transformational changes are required both structurally as well as technically. The WI players are not being under-paid yet they consistently under-achieve; such gratuitous display by

the WICB and selectors does not exist in a competitive and professional environment nowhere else in the world. It is therefore inherent upon someone such as Sarwan’s magnitude and ability to demand his rightful place and seek to resurrect a faltering WI team that is well below the high standards that have been set by other countries such as Australia, India and England (the super three may also impose their influence on the governance of the ICC). The WICB may still suffer the imminent embarrassment should the team be relegated to join featherweights such as Afghanistan, Scotland or Argentina at the test level under the potential new system being studiously studied by the technical committee of the ICC. Sarwan therefore can and should make a difference to his career and that of a brighter future for West Indies cricket beginning with the super 50 Regional tournament to be held in Trinidad. Yours Faithfully, Elroy Stephney

Thursday January 30, 2014

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Brigadier Mark Phillips is new GNRA President AGM reports another successful year for local marksmen Brigadier Mark Phillips has been elected as the new President of the Guyana National Rifle Association (GNRA) when that entity held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Police Officers Mess, Eve Leary, on Monday last. Retained as Honorary Secretary was Ryan Sampson, while Ray Beharry was elected as the new Treasurer. The AGM, which was chaired by ACP Paul Slowe (Ret’d), saw reports delivered by the Hon. Secretary, Captains of the Fullbore and Smallbore Sections and the Treasurer. Honorary Secretary Ryan Sampson reported that the Association’s membership continued to grow in 2013. There were 98 financial members, but a larger number registered. Sampson noted that the association still continued to experience the problem of non-active members who have joined and have not participated in activities. Sampson implored his colleagues to propose prospective members who are truly interested in the sport of shooting while lauding the media for their great support and coverage over the year. Smallbore Captain Dale Hing reported on the local competitions and trips to Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname which saw credible performances by the shooters. However, Hing lamented the great shortage of ammunition which affected the shooting programme immensely. It is his wish that the local dealers will be able to meet the demand of the GNRA. Fullbore Captain Mahendra Persaud reported

that the team retained the West Indies Long Range Team title - Milex Cup, while surrendering the Short Range Team Title at the West Indies Full Bore Shooting Championships which was held in Barbados. Guyana had recaptured the Short Range title on home soil. Persaud reassured members that the level of complacency which cost the team to lose in Barbados will not be repeated in Jamaica at this year’s championships. The Guyana NRA also hosted the GB Rifle Team which was made up of world class shooters. Persaud reported that it was a privilege to have the GB Team in Guyana as part of their West Indies tour in 2013. Their visit was used as preparation for the fullbore team’s participation at the WIFBSC. Guyana also had three marksmen - Lennox Braithwaite, Sigmund Douglas and Mahendra Persaud - participating in the Imperial shoot at Bisley, England. The GNRA continues to proudly represent the Golden Arrowhead on the Shooting circuit with pride and excellent results. The AGM was notified that association has stalled its pursuit of an Indoor Range and Club House. Land was allocated at Tuschen on the East Bank of Essequibo, however, the GNRA has been unsuccessful to date in having this revised for an area closer to the city. Members were informed that the association continues to adhere to a prudent accounting system. Treasurer, Lt. Col Stuart highlighted in his report, the financial status for the last year expressing gratitude to the Government of Guyana

The New GNRA Executive following the Annual General Meeting. Donald Ramotar for his continued support. Thanks were also extended to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, The Guyana Defence Force, the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Revenue Authority and the Customs and Trade Administration. Members of the business

community coming in for high praise were Crown Mining Inc, Industrial Safety Supplies, Queensway, Modern Optical Services, Demerara Mutual Life Assurance, Banks DIH, Citizens Bank, Scotia Bank, Noble House Seafoods, North American Resources, JAParts, Sterling Products,

Citizens Bank, Bank of Guyana and Mohamed’s General Store among others. ACP (ret’d) Paul Slowe in closing remarks congratulated the new executive and urged them to work assiduously for the betterment of the Association. Following is the full list of Executives:

Brigadier Mark Phillips GNRA President and some of its agencies along with members of the business community for their donations and sponsorship over the last year. Special gratitude was extended to GNRA Patron, His Excellency President

Diamond Jubilee Celebration 1939-2014

BCB and RHTYSC assist six clubs in establishing

Young Warriors, Mini Libraries Blairmont, Whim, Chesney and Rose

beneficiaries were Bush Lot,

The Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) in conjunction with the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) last weekend donated $500,000 worth of books to six cricket clubs under their “Say Yes to Reading” programme. The presentation was done as the BCB launched their Diamond Jubilee celebration and the

Hall Canje. Secretary/CEO of the RHTY&SC and Chairman of the BCB Special Events Committee, Hilbert Foster stated that the Board and his club were determined to make sure that every cricketer in the Ancient County develops a love for reading as it was the best way to produce an (Continued on page 29)

Representatives of the six Clubs pose with President Keith Foster (3rd left) and other officials of the BCB following the presentation.

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Sunburst Linden Sec. Sch. U-17 B’ball Final In what was a thrilling finish to the inaugural Sunburst Orange Juice sponsored Linden Secondary School Under-17 Basketball championship, Mackenzie High School led by Most Valuable Player of the final, Daniel Anthony, won by the slimmest of margins {37-36} over Christianburg Wismar Secondary at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hardcourt. The third place was won by Linden Foundation Secondary who got the better of New Silvercity Secondary. Going into the final game of the tournament which started last year, Mackenzie High was the team to beat as they were unbeaten and had earlier defeated Christianburg Wismar when the two sides met before, another close battle. Mackenzie High led by a single point 7-6 by the end of the first quarter, but eased to an 18-12 half time advantage. By this time the excellent team play shown by Mackenzie High during the championship was beginning to have an effect on their opponents who failed to match their momentum. By the end of the third quarter, Mackenzie High were coasting 29-21, or so it seemed, before the ‘Multi’ boys made a run for the title

Kaieteur News

Thursday January 30, 2014

Mackenzie High pip Christianburg Wismar to win title; Daniel Anthony is MVP late in this deciding game. Daniel Anthony who finished with 16 points and a similar amount of rebounds to go with five assists and six steals and point guard Yannick Tappin played excellent basketball to steer their side home to the title in a thrilling climax. Tappin touched in seven points, a similar amount of assists and four rebounds, while teammate Tyrese Mitchell added six points, four rebounds and three steals to lead the new champions. Christianburg Wismar crept back into the game in the final minute but were unable to deliver the basket to tie the game, losing two possessions in a row which delivered the game to Mackenzie High. Gregory Europe played well for the losers pouring in 16 points and seven rebounds with back up from Dellon Patterson and Akini Wilson with five points each. On hand to witness the final were Continental Group of Companies, sponsors of the championship under their Sunburst Orange Juice Brand, Marketing Assistants, Mr. Jaigobin and Roy Persaud, while District Education Officer (Primary) Mrs. Lashanna Anderson represented the Department

Continental Group of Companies, Marketing Assistants Mr. Jaigobin (2nd right) and Roy Persaud (right) along with District Education Officer (Primary) Mrs. Lashanna Anderson (left) pose with the champion team Mackenzie High. of Education in Region Ten (Upper Demerara/Berbice). Jaigobin handed over the winners’ trophy and the MVP award to Daniel Anthony of Mackenzie High, while Persaud presented the second place trophy to Christianburg Wismar as well as the replicas to Mackenzie High. Mrs. Anderson handed

over the third place trophy and medals to the second place team. In remarks, Jaigobin said his company was pleased to have given back to the Linden community through this medium as they have always been supported by the community of Linden over the years.

Ms. Anderson was pleased with the tournament being run through the Education Department which gave permission for the championship to be held. Secretary of the organisers, the Linden Amateur Basketball Association (LABA), Joseph Chapman apologized for the tournament

Scotiabank Kiddy cricket – G/town zone

overlapping into 2014 as this was due to the inclement weather among other things but was grateful for its conclusion. In the third place playoff game, the Linden Foundation Secondary proved superior to their rivals New Silvercity Secondary and came away 63-30 run away winners.

Wins for Redeemer, St. Gabriel’s, FE Pollard and Bel Air By Zaheer Mohamed Redeemer, St. Gabriel’s, FE Pollard and Bel Air Primary schools were the victorious teams when the Scotiabank Kiddy cricket festival continued yesterday with four matches at the Georgetown Cricket Club ground Bourda. Playing in the Georgetown zone of the nationwide competition, Redeemer defeated Rama Krishna by 16 runs. Redeemer Primary batted first and scored 132-5 off the allotted 10 overs. Ronald DeGuiar top scored with 12, while Timothy Singh claimed 3 wickets, Rahul Ramjeawon, Nestor Hussain, Uganda Payne and Sudershanie Sharma picked up two each. Rama Krishna were restricted for 116-6 in 10 overs in reply. Extras led with 42. Matthew Abrams bagged five wickets for the winners while Roise Stoll grabbed 4, Ephraim Prass took three and Amanda Ng-A-Fook had two.

St. Gabriel’s overcame Stella Maris by 7 runs. Stella Maris took first strike and managed 122-6 and St. Gabriel’s responded with 1296. FE Pollard got the better of JE Burnham by 55 runs. FE Pollard posted 166-4 off their 10 overs, batting first, extras contributed a healthy 32. J E Burnham in reply mustered 111, losing 10 wickets in the process off their quota of 10 overs, Extras top scored with 42. Bel Air thumped Comenius by 31 runs. Bel Air rattled up 154-4 in 10 overs after taking first turn at the crease. Comenius scored 1234 in 10 overs in response. The format provides for each team to commence their innings with 100 runs. The batters are being divided into pairs with each pair batting for two overs and shall have unlimited lives, but six runs are being deducted for each dismissal.

Matthew Abrams The competition continues today at the said venue with South Ruimveldt, Tucville, Enterprise, East La Penitance, St. Pius, St. Sidwell, Smith Memorial and Thomas Moore battling for supremacy. Action gets underway at 13:00hrs.

Ronald De Guiar- Redeemer top scorer Ronald DeGuiar plays through the off side.

Thursday January 30, 2014

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Jayawardene, Vithanage help SL surge to 498 lead ESPNcricinfo Individual milestones dominated the most onesided of the three days so far as Sri Lanka eventually declared after piling on a whopping 730 for 6, after Mahela Jayawardene reached his seventh doublecentury and Kithuruwan Vithanage scored his maiden century in only his third Test. By tea, Sri Lanka were already ahead by a healthy 370, but the captain Angelo Mathews held back the declaration till Jayawardene reached his milestone, giving Sri Lanka a seemingly unassailable lead of 498. Sri Lanka picked up a late wicket to cap another dominant day. Bangladesh had been on the field since the final session on the first day and the physical and mental fatigue was apparent with the way they carried themselves on the third day, as if waiting to be told when to head indoors and pad up. Their specialist seamers weren’t effective enough and their spinners too were at the mercy of Sri Lanka’s inform batting line-up. There was little the parttimers could do. It’s normal for captains to give their bowlers at least an hour before stumps to nip out a few wickets, but Mathews adopted a more conservative approach and instead was happy to give the hosts nine overs. In that period, Bangladesh lost Tamim to a

reckless shot. Mathews had a chance to add to the centuries tally, before falling for 86. Jayawardene continued to milk the bowling in placid conditions and he brought out his signature late cut and paddle sweep against the spinners. Having begun his innings overnight, he brought up his fifty with an effortless cover drive off AlAmin Hossain. He moved to the 90s with an impeccable reverse sweep off Sohag Gazi that went for a boundary. He sped towards his century with a late cut off the part-time legspinner Marshall Ayub and followed it up with another boundary in the same region, off Robiul Islam. The seamer dished out a long hop down the leg side which Jayawardene pulled to fine leg to bring up his century. He barely gave the bowlers a chance, until he survived a close shout for lbw off Gazi on 119. Jayawardene attempted another reverse sweep and was struck adjacent to the stumps with the ball pitching in line with the stumps despite the round the wicket angle. Gazi was exasperated when it was turned down but it summed up Bangladesh’s day. Mathews too survived, when on 68 he edged Ayub and was dropped by the wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim. Mathews capitalised

Mahela Jayawardene pulls away during his double century. (AFP) on Robiul’s poor length, pulling a short one down the leg side and driving the next one down the ground for consecutive boundaries. He had a century for the taking but chipped Gazi towards midwicket where Ayub took a sharp catch. Vithanage made merry given the carefree situation and along with Jayawardene, helped take the score past 600. Vithanage made a fifty on debut, against the same team last year in a similar pressure-free scenario. His inclusion in this Test was due to Prasanna Jayawardene’s departure due to his father’s death. And Vithanage made good use of this unexpected

opportunity. The left-hander was busy at the crease, rocking back to cut the spinners through the off side when they dropped it short. He came down the track to the spinners and tonked two sixes down the ground. The new ball didn’t give Bangladesh any respite as a couple of short balls were dispatched for fours behind square leg by Vithanage, who brought up his fifty with one of those. Luck was on his side as two outside edges by Vithanage found the third man boundary, one of which bisected the keeper and first slip, both of whom were unmoved. Vithanage brought up his

Kithuruwan Vithanage forces it through the off side. (AFP) ton with a square cut for four off Nasir and at that stage, Jayawardene was still 17 short of a double-century. Jayawardene batted with greater urgency after tea, shuffling across his stumps to sweep the spinners and he raced to his double-ton in style, with two sixes over deep midwicket off Nasir. Jayawardene, in the process, overtook the Australian Allan Border’s tally of 11,174 runs and is now the sixth-highest run-getter in Tests. Neither pace nor spin worked for Bangladesh, and their frustration in not being able to pick up wickets was summed up in one small passage of play in the

morning when Robiul Islam exchanged words with Jayawardene, making the umpires and Rahim intervene to appease the situation. They now face the task of batting out two days. Tamim’s dismissal, caught off a leading edge to point, was perhaps the last thing they needed. The best they can do is take a leaf out of Sri Lanka’s book and use the conditions to play themselves in and grind out the opposition. Scores: Bangladesh 232 and 35 for 1 trail Sri Lanka 730 for 6 dec (Jayawardene 203*, Mathews 86, Vithanage 103*) by 463 runs.

NBA roundup: Rockets rally for 97-90 win over ... From page 30 e x p i r e d , a n d Thompson had 13 points and six rebounds for the streaky Warriors PELICANS 100, CAVALIERS 89 CLEVELAND — Anthony Davis scored 30 points with eight blocks and seven rebounds and Eric Gordon scored 20 to lead New Orleans. Davis, one of three No. 1 overall picks in the game, was dominant at both ends of the floor as the Pelicans won their third straight. He injured fingers on his left hand in the final minutes, but got taped up during a timeout and stayed in. New Orleans scored 16 straight points to close the

first half and opened a 22point lead in the third, causing some fans to boo the listless Cavaliers.Kyrie Irving scored 23 and Dion Waiters 21 for the Cavs, who had a 1-4 homestand after a 3-2 trip out West. Cavs rookie Anthony Bennett, the first pick in last year’s draft, scored a season-high 15. KNICKS CELTICS 88


NEW YORK — Carmelo Anthony had 24 points and nine rebounds in 28 minutes, and New Yo r k a v e n g e d a n embarrassing home loss. Jeremy Tyler added a career-high 17 points and fellow reserve J.R. Smith also scored 17 for the Knicks, who lost by 41 last

time the Celtics came to Madison Square Garden but led this one by 35. New York won its third straight to even its record at 3-3 on its eightgame homestand, with games remaining against Cleveland on Thursday and Miami on Saturday. New York is only a half-game out of the eighth and final Eastern Conference playoff spot despite its 18-27 record Jeff Green scored 14 points for the Celtics, who have lost three straight and six of seven. Rajon Rondo had seven points and five assists, shooting 3 of 13 in his sixth game of the season after returning from a torn ACL. PISTONS MAGIC 87


AUBURN HILLS, Mich. — Andre Drummond had 13 points and 17 rebounds, and Detroit snapped a fourgame losing streak. Drummond bounced back from a poor outing at Dallas over the weekend,

and the Pistons led comfortably throughout the second half. Detroit has struggled to close out games at home this season, but this time the Pistons turned a double-digit lead into a rout. Brandon Jennings had 20 points and eight assists

for Detroit, and Josh Smith added 16 points. Victor Oladipo scored 19 points for the Magic. Detroit finished with 17 offensive rebounds — 12 in the first half — and outscored Orlando in the paint 44-22.

Savitir guides Satro to victory An attacking half century from Huckumchand Savitir guided Satro Sports Club to a nine wicket victory over Muslim Youth Organisation (MYO) in a 35- over match played on Sunday last at MYO ground. Savitir smashed six fours and a similar number of sixes in a top score of 85 as Satro reached their target of 141 in 18.1 overs for the loss of one wicket. Arjune Ajmal supported Savitir with 43 which contained four fours and two sixes. Earlier, MYO batted first and scored 140 all out in 35 overs. Zulfikar Alli led with 32 and Richard Latiff chipped in with 32; Saif Razack and Mustapha Zaman claimed two wickets each. Satro is set to take on Maria’s Pleasure SC of Wakenaam in another limited overs fixture on Sunday.

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Thursday January 30, 2014

Duel between ‘loneliest’ players could decide Super Bowl NEW YORK (Reuters) If one is the loneliest n u m b e r, t h e n D e n v e r Broncos kicker Matt Prater and his Seattle Seahawks counterpart, Steven Hauschka, can certainly count themselves in singular company as they prepare for the Super Bowl. With five of the last six Super Bowls having been decided by less than a touchdown, Sunday’s title clash at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey could well come down to a kicking contest between Prater and Hauschka. The two men perform the loneliest roles in the National Football League. When they succeed and kick field goals between the uprights from 40 yards to win games, their contribution is often no more than a footnote as the story is told. Conversely, when they succumb to the agony of a miss with the glory of a championship or even a regular-season game on the line, their role is widely analyzed and criticized. The kicker becomes a major talking point in defeat; in victory he is often barely acknowledged. Statistics indicate that

field goals are being made from increasingly longer distances, and that makes misses all the more striking especially in the rarefied atmosphere of a Super Bowl. Though the pressure of making a precision kick with very little time left on the clock is always intense, Prater said he would embrace the chance to earn the winning points for the Broncos on Sunday. “I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that and we’re 10 points in front,” the 29-yearold told reporters. “But if it does, I’m ready for it. I just have to treat it like any other kick. “This is what all the practice is for. It’s not something I ever dreamt about as a kid, but if I’m in that situation, I’ll be ready. I expect to make any kick that they send me out for.” Last month, Prater set a National Football League record with a 64-yard field goal during his team’s 51-28 rout of the Tennessee Titans in mile-high Denver, a feat he says owes everything to game conditions. “Obviously with the altitude, I’ve made some long kicks in Denver but I’ve made some long ones in Florida as well,” said Prater, before adding that he was

unframed by the frigid temperatures forecast for Sunday at MetLife Stadium. “It depends on a lot of things, and obviously the wind. If you hit the ball well, it’s going to go straight and it’s going to go far. I don’t think it’s going to be too windy (on Sunday), if anything the winds affects it more than the cold.” Prater comes into Sunday’s game having connected on 25-of-26 field goal attempts in the regular season and set a league touchback record with 81. He has converted five of his six field goal tries in the postseason. SUPER BOWL PRESSURE Asked whether he felt any added pressure heading into his first Super Bowl, he replied: “I’m not nervous, I’m excited. I just have to treat it like any other game and make sure I execute everything right.” Signed by the Detroit Lions as an undrafted free agent in May 2006 and released just three months later, Prater bounced around between several teams before playing his first two NFL games for the Atlanta Falcons in 2007 and then being cut. He took over as

Denver Broncos kicker Matt Prater celebrates after he kicked the game tying field goal in regulation against the Chicago Bears in their NFL football game in Denver December 11, 2011 . REUTERS/Rick Wilking starting kicker for the Broncos in 2008, replacing Jason Elam who signed with Falcons, and has since played six full seasons in Denver. Hauschka’s journey to the Super Bowl has also followed a twisting route, the 28-year-old kicker having been with five different teams in the league

since he was originally signed as an undrafted free agent by the Minnesota Vikings in 2008. “I’ve dreamed about kicking a game-winning field goal ever since I saw (Patriot kicker Adam) Vinatieri do it in the Snow Bowl,” Hauschka said about Vinatieri’s overtime effort through driving snow for a

playoff win over the Raiders on New England’s way to their first Super Bowl title in 2002. “He was my idol growing up. I had a signed photo picture of him up on my wall. I looked forward to that chance as soon as I started kicking. Never thought I’d be an NFL kicker until seven, eight years ago.” Hauschka, a former soccer player at college, spent two seasons with the Baltimore Ravens and a year with the Broncos, where he became friends with Prater, before he was claimed off waivers by Seattle in September 2011. “Kicking is kind of like a brotherhood,” Hauschka, who converted 33-of-35 field goal attempts during the 2013 regular season and all six of his tries in the postseason, said of his relationship with Prater. “We stay in touch. I sent him texts throughout the season and texted him last night.”Asked how he felt about the chance to hit a game-winning kick in the Super Bowl, Hauschka replied: “It heightens your awareness, but at the same time you have to treat it the same as any kick in practice.”

NBA roundup: Rockets rally for 97-90 win over Spurs (Boston Herald) Associated Press HOUSTON — Dwight Howard scored 23 points, Terrence Jones had 21 and the Houston Rockets held on for a 97-90 win over the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday night. The Rockets trailed by as many as 15 points in the first half before scoring 33 in the third quarter to go on top. San Antonio closed to 90-88 in the final minutes, but Howard and Jeremy Lin helped Houston hold on for the win. Boris Diaw scored a season-high 22 points for the Spurs, and also had 11 rebounds. Tony Parker added 17 points and Tim Duncan had 12 points, 14 rebounds and four blocks.The Rockets were without leading scorer James Harden (bruised left thumb), who is averaging almost 24 points a game this season. GRIZZLIES 98, TRAIL BLAZERS 91

PORTLAND, Ore. — Zach Randolph scored 23 points and had 10 rebounds and Mike Conley added 19 points and seven assists to lead Memphis.

13 rebounds for the Lakers, who returned from a twoweek road trip for their 17th loss in 20 games. WIZARDS WARRIORS 85

Marc Gasol had 15 points and eight rebounds and Courtney Lee scored 12 points for the Grizzlies (2320), who have won three straight and seven of eight. Lamarcus Aldridge had 27 points and 16 rebounds as the Blazers (33-13) slipped three games behind Northwest Division-leading Oklahoma City and had their home winning streak snapped at five. Randolph, the former Blazers forward, registered his 27th doubledouble of the season as well as his franchise-leading 190th for the Grizzlies, who shot 51.8 percent and led from start to finish. PACERS 104, LAKERS 92 LOS ANGELES — David West scored 19 points, Lance Stephenson had 15 points and 14 rebounds, and Indiana wrapped up a five-

Houston Rockets’ Dwight Howard (12) is fouled by San Antonio Spurs’ Boris Diaw (33) during the second half of an NBA basketball game Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014, in Houston. (Associated Press) game road trip by beating the spiraling Lakers. George Hill had 13 points and seven rebounds for the Pacers, who stayed atop the overall NBA standings despite losing

twice on their West Coast trip. Los Angeles kept it close into the second half before the Pacers finished an easy win over the injuryriddled Lakers, who have

lost five straight.All-Star selection Paul George had his second straight rough game for Indiana, scoring 14 points on 4-for-21 shooting. Pau Gasol had 21 points and


OAKLAND, Calif. — Bradley Beal scored 18 of his 20 points in the second half, and John Wall had 15 points and eight rebounds to l e a d Wa s h i n g t o n . Wa s h i n g t o n ’s t e r r i f i c tandem outplayed and outhustled Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson when it mattered most in a matchup of two of the NBA’s best young backcourts.Beal, who was 1-of-7 shooting in the first half, finished 8 of 19 from the floor to go with seven rebounds and four assists. Wall hit a tiebreaking 3-pointer with 1:28 remaining, and the Wizards forced the Warriors into several difficult shots in the closing moments.Stephen Curry scored 23 points before missing a contested left-handed 3-pointer as time Continued on page 33)

Thursday January 30, 2014

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Australia beat England in first Registration closes on Friday for GSCL Inc. Pre-Mash tourney Twenty20 international in Hobart - Launch and draw set for February 11 at GNIC Registration for the Georgetown Softball Cricket League Inc. (GSCL)-organised PreMashramani tournament, which will be played in two categories - Open and Over-40, will be closed tomorrow. The launching and draw will occur on Tuesday 11th February at the Guyana National Industrial Corporation Sports Club on Woolford Avenue, from 1700hrs. The winning team in the Open category will pocket G$1M, a trophy and 15 medals, with the runners-up collecting $200,000, a trophy and 15 medallions and in the Over-40 category, the winners will receive $600,000, a trophy and medallions, while the second-placed team will take home $200,000 a trophy and medals. Man-of-the-Series for both categories will receive a three-piece living room suite or cash

equivalent and the Man-ofthe-Match of the final $10,000 and a trophy. Te a m s d e s i r o u s o f competing in the Open category, are asked to pay an entrance fee of $140,000 (US$700), while those who wish to do battle in the Over-40 segment will have to pay an entrance fee of $120,000 (US$600). A release from the GSCL Inc stated that the invitations which were sent to the teams from Suriname, Canada, Florida and New York, were well received but due to work commitments, wherein players were unable to acquire the requested time off to compete, they were categorically denied. H o w e v e r, s e v e r a l teams from overseas have given their commitment to the GSCL Inc., as it relates to future competitions of this kind. On the local scene, t e a m s s u c h a s Wo l f Warriors, Berbice Titans, Regal XI, Memorex, Bartica Challengers,

Cotton Field Wild Oats and Trophy Stall will seek to capture the first prize in the O p e n c a t e g o r y, w h i l e Regal XI, Savage Masters and Industry Super Kings, Floodlights XI and Mike’s Wellman, are some of the teams who will be among the list of competitors in the Over-40 segment. Preliminary matches are expected to be played at Everest Cricket Club, Police Sports Club ground, E v e L e a r y, a n d t h e Ministry of Education ground, with the semifinals and final being contested at Everest Cricket Club; the Open final is expected to be played under lights, with live radio commentary. Among the sponsors so far are Five Star Minerals and Reuben General Store of Bartica, National Sports Commission (NSC), Everest Cricket Club, Memorex Enterprise, Regal Stationery and Computer Supplies and Romaine Car Wash.

GVF/CSV Beach Volleyball Coaching Course opens The arrival of two accredited Beach Volleyball Coaches from neighbouring Brazil must be viewed as serving as a stimulus for the sport, more particularly the Beach segment. Yesterday the Guyana Vo l l e y b a l l F e d e r a t i o n (GVF) in collaboration with the South American Volleyball Federation (CSV) commenced a five-day Continental Coaching Course at the Carifesta Sports Complex on Carifesta Avenue. The Course, which is being conducted by Brazilians Roberto Rodrigues and Fernando Marques, saw around twenty participants in attendance along with GVF executive members President Lenox Shuffler and Commander John Flores, who welcomed the two trainers to Guyana and wished them a good and fruitful stay. He disclosed that the visit by the two trainers follows on the heels of a

similar Course that was conducted last year, but the difference is that the current one is a step higher and geared specifically for those desirous of getting into the area of coaching. He urged the participants to pay rapt attention to what was being taught so that they could go back to their respective communities and impart the knowledge gained. Shuffler for his part commended the CSV, FIVB and the National Sports Commission for their respective roles in facilitating the Course, adding that it clearly demonstrates that all four stakeholders are operating on the same page and this he referred to as an encouraging development. He called on the participants to start thinking Beach Volleyball since it is inexpensive and could be played with two players, while he also revealed that he had held discussions with

the CSV and FIVB and they had expressed a strong possibility of a pair or two travelling to compete in international tournaments within the South America region. Shuffler, who has been at the helm of the GVF for a number of years, pleaded with the participants to respect the time listed for the start of each session and to absorb what was being taught to the best of their individual abilities. Meanwhile, Marques, who spoke on behalf of the pair, gave a brief outline of what the Course will entail, informing that they are here to basically stimulate the participants to create their own method (s) on how to coach, while also showing via video the various contents of the programme. The theoretical and practical sessions are set for today at the Carifesta Sports Complex and National Gymnasium respectively.

BBC Sport - Australia beat England by 13 runs in Hobart in the first of the t h r e e - m a t c h Tw e n t y 2 0 international series. Openers Cameron White (75) and Aaron Finch (52) shared 106 inside 11 overs, with 11 fours and seven sixes as the hosts posted 213-4 after opting to bat. Needing to equal their highest ever T20 total to win, England soon lost three wickets for seven runs in 13 balls. Ravi Bopara struck seven sixes in an unbeaten 65 from 27 balls, the fastest England T20 fifty, in their 200-9. B o p a r a ’s t h r i l l i n g innings was something of a microcosm of the one-day matches during England’s difficult tour - plenty of promise but ultimately unable to avert defeat in a 10th loss from 11 matches in all formats against the old enemy. In an Australia side containing two debutants, only skipper George Bailey was part of the Ashes whitewash and just half a dozen featured in the oneday series which the hosts won 4-1. The Hobart wicket was far from centrally positioned in the square, with one boundary at mid-wicket measuring only 57m, the distance a Finch defensive push might travel, not that there were many of those in evidence. There were four sixes as 52 runs were scored in the six powerplay overs but shots came in all directions, Jade Dernbach’s opening two overs going for 25. Left-arm spinner Danny Briggs was thrust into the fray and conceded three fours in his opening over as Finch, who made a T20

Aaron Finch drives down the ground during his 52. (Getty Images) world record 156 from 63 balls against England at Southampton last August, reached his fifty off 26 balls in the ninth over. England captain Stuart Broad was by far the pick of the bowlers, conceding only two boundaries in maintaining an impressive line, and he made the breakthrough when Finch was caught in the deep. White, dropped on 11 at slip by Joe Root in the third over, disdainfully launched Luke Wright’s opening delivery into the construction site over the short boundary and added fours off the next two balls before he was trapped lbw by the Sussex all-rounder, whose one over cost 18. Glenn Maxwell reverse-

swept Briggs for four and then played the same shot for six off the next ball, while d e b u t a n t C h r i s Ly n n displayed some clean hitting down the ground and through the leg-side as Australia posted their fifth highest T20 total. England, who had only made 200 on four previous occasions, lost Michael Lumb in the second over. Alex Hales hit five fours in his 22 but wickets began to fall rapidly, key man Eoin Morgan out fourth ball playing an ungainly heave across the line at spinner Maxwell. Scores: Australia 4 for 213 (White 75, Finch 52) beat England 9 for 200 (Bopara 65*, Coulter-Nile 430) by 13 runs.

GCA /Noble House Sea Foods matches on this weekend Hadi’s first division postponed The Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) was forced to postpone their Hadi’s World Inc. First Division 2-day matches which were set for this weekend due to the unavailability of a number of grounds in the city. Meanwhile, the Noble House Sea Foods Second Division 2-day tournament

will resume on Saturday with five games. Police will clash with GNIC at Eve Leary with Cyril Garnath and Deon Feassal umpiring, Transport Sports Club will travel to Muslim Youth Organisation with Andrew Allen and Ryan Banwari in charge, Georgetown Cricket Club will host Gandhi Youth

Organisation with Javed Persaud and Anthony Ramsahai doing on field duties, Guyana Defence Force will challenge Malteenoes SC under the watchful eyes of Linden Matthews and Heuvel Cunha and Third Class will face Sophia with Mario Nicholls and Leyland Liverpool calling play. Matches start at 10:30 hrs.

Sunburst Linden Sec. Sch. U-17 B’ball Final

Mackenzie High pip Christianburg P.33 Wismar to win title; Daniel Anthony is MVP

Multiple boxing champion, Clive Atwell, secures lucrative world ranking P.30

Clive Atwell

Continental Group of Companies, Marketing Assistant Mr. Jaigobin (3rd right) hands over the winning trophy to Mackenzie High Captain and MVP Daniel Anthony.

GVF/CSV Beach Volleyball Coaching Course opens


Brazilian Coaches Roberto Rodrigues (2nd left) and Fernando Marques pose with GVF President Lenox Shuffler (left) and Commander John Flores yesterday. Printed and published by National Media & Publishing Company Limited, 24 Saffon St.Charlestown, Georgetown.Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491 or Fax: 225-8473/ 226-8210

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