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Friday February 17, 2017

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EDITORIAL IDEALS OF INSPIRING TEACHERS In Guyana as in other countries, teachers have a lot of power, but most of them do not even know it. Many believe that their job begins and ends in the classroom and that they are powerless to make changes. It is said that a major dimension of being a teacher is leadership in and out of the classroom. Most students view their teachers as their idols, role models and leaders and emulate their pattern of behaviour. On the other hand, teachers inspire students to pursue their goals and dreams. They enjoy a fair level of moral authority in the classroom and in society. This reality makes the power of teachers all the more credible and makes them morally acceptable in society. Such moral authority can either be enhanced or diminished based on the conduct and attitude of teachers. Teaching can be both positive and negative, but without doubt provides an excellent opportunity to enhance and develop leadership capacity. Some teachers have occupied many leadership positions in their communities where they have been highly respected. Not only students look up to teachers but also adults. Being a teacher is a privilege. It is a highly esteemed profession. As a teacher, one is given the golden opportunity to significantly impact upon the lives of students. Their actions and behaviour should always be beyond reproach in order to be admired and respected by all in society. It is important for teachers to remember that they are under constant scrutiny within the school environment as well as by the wider community. Many teachers have used their potential to make a positive difference to the lives of many in society. Others have restricted their practice to the classroom as educators. By adopting such a narrow view of the job, they have significantly diminished their role outside of the classroom, and at the same time reduced the level of satisfaction that their job offers. They have also reduced their potential to become leaders. We reiterate that teachers are considered the moral authority in society, and as such are obligated to maximize their impact by acknowledging their management roles, and by exposing themselves to opportunities to develop and refine their skills. This can be achieved within the school setting by accepting responsibilities to be involved in the curricula and extra-curricular activities. More teachers need to accept the responsibility to lead communities to plan and organize functions and develop programmes in order to gain experience. And even though it is extra work, it should not be seen that way, but rather, as a chance for personal growth and development. This would lay the foundation for teachers to enhance the impact on the lives of people around them. It would also provide them with the opportunity to realize their potential outside of the classroom that many do not even know they have. It is said that teachers are inspired to be great leaders in the communities with the ability to change the lives of people. The moral authority associated with teachers enhances their capacity to generally be inspirations. Teachers could inspire all of our citizens to do great things, as do great leaders. However, teachers must be mindful that integrity and moral authority are earned; they are not given or cannot be demanded. It is earned through the exemplary behaviour displayed by projecting the image of a true professional at all times, with humility and decency. In short, teaching is the genuine desire to make a positive difference in the lives of people, especially students. These are just some of the ideals of inspiring teachers who have ultimately helped to change their environment and the lives of so many.

Editor’s Note; If your sent letter was not published and you felt its contents were valid and devoid of libel or personal attacks, please contact us by phone or email.

A PLEA FOR NATIONAL UNITY GOVERNMENT Dear Editor; In normal circumstances, after elections, the losing side would naturally feel aggrieved but eventually resign itself to the outcome, engage as the opposition to try to keep the ruling regime in check for the good of the country, and start planning for the next ballot. But in Guyana, voting is colored by the fact that it follows a distinctly racial pattern. The passing of President Burnham saw the rise of Desmond Hoyte, a more moderate version of his predecessor; but divisions in Guyana continued to fester and the modus operandi of elections remained unchanged. Eventually, with significant changes in the world order, international pressure induced Hoyte, in 1992, to agree to elections monitored by international observers, spearheaded by t h e C a r t e r C e n t e r. Eventually, Jagan and the PPP/C, after nearly three decades in the opposition, regained power. The present government

came to power in 2015 after a bitter campaign involving widespread claims of corruption against the PPP/C administration, which had held on to power since 1992. Throughout their twentythree years at the helm, the PPP/C, despite concerted efforts to govern with inclusiveness for all, was rarely successful at shaking off accusations of bias against the Afro-Guyanese population. The PPP/C’s easing of media restrictions, a hallmark of the Hoyte era gave the press the freedom that had been denied them for decades. Ironically, this new-found freedom emboldened certain sections of the media sympathetic to the opposition to play a decisive role in diminishing perceptions of inclusiveness After Jagan passed away, in 1997, things did not get better for his successors, Janet Jagan (his widow), Bharat Jagdeo, and Donald Ramotar. Accusations of corruption spread like wildfire, aided and abetted

by a convenient, new-found outlet - social media. And when the election results of 2015 were announced, the PPP supporters cried foul, and have been so crying ever since. Now there is the perception and accusation that the present regime, led by David Granger, President, will not want to lose power. The status quo is likely to continue ad infinitum; cycle after election cycle unless something is done to eradicate the scourge of divisions. The idea of a national unity government has been bandied around for years but seems unable to gain any traction, mainly because of what President Carter referred to as a ‘winner-takes-all’ approach by whichever party is at the helm. Dr. Jagan’s attempts to get Burnham to join in a coalition had fallen on deaf ears, and the country, instead of being unified, remained splintered for decades. Many lives have been lost over the years, with little or no accountability because of absolute control of the press

and meddling with the security forces and the judiciary by the powers that be. There are those who posit that a national unity party would translate to a oneparty state, a term that would normally sound like a police state, with most basic human rights stripped by an authoritarian government. That really does not have to be the case with a properly crafted national unity government in Guyana. A basic prerequisite would involve sincere patriotism - love of country as opposed to party allegiance - and abandonment of the winnertakes-all mentality; and the two major parties can coalesce with a powersharing arrangement, something that was suggested (by the losers) after the 1992 elections but, sadly, failed to gain traction. (It would, anyway, have been unreasonable to expect the party that had been sidelined for twenty-eight years, amid (Continued on page 5)

The Government’s public relations need fixing Dear Editor; The PPP’s campaign of disinformation and misrepresentation of facts which began after the APNU+AFC coalition government took office is deliberately designed to exploit the insecurity in the Indian communities. This campaign has gained momentum and was recently carried to a new level with concerted efforts by former President, Donald Ramotar and former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, both of whom made erroneous statements which attempted to cast aspersions on Attorney General (AG) and Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams SC, by insinuating that he was engaged in the unwarranted dismissal of a number of employees associated with his ministry. Their contention is that the APNU+AFC coalition government is carrying out a policy of discrimination and political witch-hunting of persons perceived to be members and supporters, of the PPP. In the past, when similar accusations were made by the APNU and AFC parties, which were in

opposition to the PPP regime, that government either ignored the allegations or insinuated that the then opposition was involved in public mischief, lies and deception. In the most recent attempt by Nandlall and Ramotar to fool the nation and the world that the coalition government is racist and is violating citizens’ fundamental rights, the table was turned against them and they were stripped naked by the timely response of the AG, Basil Williams, whose explanations were buttressed by a letter released to media houses by former Chief Parliamentary Counsel, Mr. Cecil Durjon, which stated that he had actually resigned from service - not dismissed, as alleged by Ramotar - on the grounds of ill health, after the AG had offered to extend his service, by a further three years. The PPP’s intended propaganda scoop was neutralized and exposed for what it was - blatant lies on the part of Ramotar and Nandlall. I am impressed by the speed in which the AG responded and more

importantly, the detailed listing of persons and explanations showing in each case what the true position was relative to the individual situations. This approach exposed in the most dramatic fashion the wickedness of Ramotar and Nandlall, two of the very senior officials of the PPP. The Minister and his staff must be complimented for a job well done. In political and public relations terms it was an excellent rebuttal of the opposition propaganda. The AG’s actions should inform other government Ministries and agencies on how to combat the PPP’s propaganda machinery. The PPP has to be fought with open and public disclosure whenever its leaders try to spread lies and distortion. Government officials must be forthright and respond in a timely way. The PPP is apparently emboldened by what they see as a general consensus in the country that it is winning the propaganda war against the government. It is clear that they believe they have the coalition government on the back foot. I do believe that the government needs to

examine its public relations apparatus to determine the areas of weakness in its armor. Enough is not being done to counter the PPP’s efforts at destabilizing the government. The coalition’s PR is more reactive than proactive and this has got to change. Whoever is in charge of this department needs to be self-critical and do what is required to address the situation. The AG has shown what could be achieved when a consistent and determined effort is made to unearth the necessary evidence and information and make it known to the public in a timely fashion. It must be continuously borne in mind that the coalition government is involved in an ongoing battle for the minds and souls of the masses. In this struggle the government and the opposition adopt different approaches to achieve the results that best suit their respective objective. It is expected that the opposition will concentrate its main efforts on criticizing the government and in most cases, those criticisms given (Continued on page 6)

Friday February 17, 2017


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Minister David Patterson responds to Juan Edghill DEAR EDITOR; Reference is made to a letter published in February 16, 2017 edition of the Stabroek News, under the headline “Patterson statements on electricity were misleading” and penned by Mr. Juan Edghill, Opposition M.P. The same letter was carried in the Kaieteur News under the caption, “The PPP’s continuing concern about where GPL is being taken.” Reference is also made to an article published on the same date in Kaieteur News under the headline “Opposition warns of US$4M scam with company that replaced Wartsila”, which used the comments made in the aforementioned letter by Mr. Edghill as its foundation. On behalf of the Government of Guyana, I wish to strongly denounce and deem erroneous the statements made by Mr. Edghill on Wartsila’s operations in Guyana. According to Mr. Edghill, he was informed by the former Chairman of the Guyana Power and Light Inc. Board, Mr. Winston Brassington,

and former CEO, Mr. Bharrat Dindyal, that the contract between the Government of Guyana and Wartsila was to the tune of approximately US$7.5M per year, or about US$20,500 per day. He further intimated that the new contract with the Power Producer and Distribution Inc. (PPDI) made less financial sense than that of Wartsila’s. However, the figures stated by Mr. Edghill are grossly inaccurate. Below is an accurate breakdown of the amounts paid to Wartsila from 2008 to 2016: Year Contract sum (USD) 2008$6.2M 2009$6.8M 2010$6.7M 2011 $7.8M 2012$7.8M 2013$8.5M 2014$9.5M 2015$9.6M 2016$10M Furthermore, it must be noted that, going forward, Wartsila was proposing an average cost of US$20.51 per megawatt hour. This would have equated to approximately US$13.3M per annum, based upon a consumption of

650,000 megawatts per year. Compare this figure to the proposed fee of US$16.78 megawatts per hour from PPDI. This would equate to savings of US$2.4M, based on the same consumption rate for an enhanced service. With savings of this magnitude, it would be possible to buy a brand new 5.5MW Wartsila engine every three years. Additionally, when it came to spare parts prices, the agreement was that GPL would be charged at a discounted price. However, the records show that GPL was paying the global list prices up until the contract termination with Wartsila. PPDI will be purchasing spares for all parts at equal or better prices. It is certainly an indictment on the previous administration that they were clearly in the dark for years on the amount of monies that was being paid out to Wartsila; Mr. Brassington served as Chairman of the Board from 20102015 while Mr. Dindiyal was CEO in 2015. Yet, neither of them, it would appear, was aware of what was transpir-

ing in regards to Wartsila’s operations. The shift from Wartsila to PDDI is a needed move. Upon its entry into Guyana, Wartsila had no prior successful operations and maintenance of power plants and its management was unwilling to offer any guarantees of its services. It must be emphasized at all times that Wartsila was managed wholly and solely by Guyanese and PPDI intends to maintain this model, coupled with drastic financial savings. In fact, PPDI’s top management comprises of Guyanese with more than 60 years of combined experienced with Wartsila both locally and regionally. Furthermore, I must once again urge that the Opposition takes up its seat on the Board of GPL so that they can be properly informed. The other equally inaccurate matters raised by Mr. Edghill in his letter will be addressed at a later stage in a more appropriate forum. David Patterson Minister of Public Infrastructure

Need to set up tribunal for illegal use of state property DEAR EDITOR, It is welcome news that the current administration is finally moving ahead with some legislation concerning the theft of state cash and property. However I feel that the State has come up short on these issues. To my mind it is going to be very difficult to prosecute offending persons in the established courts. We need to do something much more all-encompassing. We need to set up a permanent tribunal to deal with all matters concerning illegal taking of state property. In China, quite recently a very senior official and his wife were tried by special court and given serious sentences for their parts in a heinous crime. We need to do the same here. I am suggesting the setting up of this tribunal which will comprise three judges (two coming from Caricom and the Commonwealth) and one from Guyana. Their task will be to adjudicate cases

brought before them by the SARA. The prosecutors for this tribunal will be taken from a panel of special prosecutors. These prosecutors will be chosen by the Attorney General and the DPP will have no jurisdiction over their selection or governance. All witnesses summoned before the tribunal will be required to appear and must give evidence. Those who fail to appear must be held in contempt and dealt with according to law. To facilitate witnesses Government must put in place a program of witness protection but this notwithstanding the witnesses will still be required to appear on pain of penalty. Unless Government sends the appropriate messages that it is prepared to deal condignly with both friend and foe in respect of the misappropriation of state assets, nothing m u c h w i l l b e achieved. Cyril Walker

A PLEA FOR NATIONAL... In support of the politics of Tacuma Ogunseye From job creation, likely to enpage 4 DEAR EDITOR; Tacuma Ogunseye is a friend of mine who I've known over the years. OG/ OGUN as we call him has been in the political arena forever; very principled, forthright and passionate in what he believes in. He is never afraid to vehemently defend his position/ point of view. Elder statesman Eusi Kwayana who I think was in some way his mentor and whom he respects and admires tremendously has locked horns with him in defence of his position and equally challenges anyone, as he knows to dialogue in polemics is the way of mature minds. He is not consumed by false pride, a simple and humble individual who is never boastful, one of moral rectitude who is neither a fraud nor a payoff. These are the characteristics 1 know him to possess. If he has abandoned these virtues, I need to be convinced for I will not indulge

in any form of blind defence on behalf of anyone no matter what they may be. There is a point beyond which one ought not to step if one makes claim to being honest and principle. Having said that please allow me to make some observation with regards to this very brother. Not so long I came across letters in the papers whereby he was severely criticized for his position in the APNU/ AFC Coalition and more alarmingly, of all people being accused of betraying Walter Rodney Editor, when I first began reading the criticisms leveled against him, I was looking at them objectively. I even raised and discussed some points with very close comrades. I was very concerned that Ogun was slipping a bit and ought to be very careful, since for too long he has been in the corner of the working class. But even so, if he has been indulging in what is not

seen as ethical and honest , then anyone in public has a bona fide reason to pull him over , something he himself has been doing over the years. But as I followed the gist of the criticism of putting him down, I realized it wasn't just a scorching criticism for some sort of unprincipled and brazen hypocritical conduct; there was something much more sinister as if the writer had an axe to grind. The tone and tenor the writer was designed to present OG as a nonentity, a simpleton to the public. A person with no authenticity, ability or credibility, an impostor who was offered a sinecure as a form of compensation for being a sellout. Let me say that Tacuma Ogunseye has stood the test of time, footprints in the sands of time as one would say. He has been in the trenches, struggled along

with the poor and powerless. He is no ' Jhonny come lately' who beats his chest and blows his own trumpet. And by the way, say what you will, this brother is an intellectual in his own right. Look I'm not saying the brother is infallible but I have faith in him, and as far as I am concern, any amount of gold coins he receives is well deserved-end of story. But let me make myself clear in saying; and I hope that I'm wrong that I have no confidence in the coalition still I will welcome a surprise. Just why some are bent on destroying genuine everyday people really beats me. Why don't they go after the real rogues who don't hide; they are there in the open. I am disappointed that Ogunseye's comrades who know better and can stand on a mountain top and sing his praises are silent as a grave. Frank Fyffe

claims of rigged elections, to suddenly yield to powersharing). To avoid abuse, the power sharing arrangement should come under the oversight of a committee of seasoned intellectuals, including highly respected ex-politicians, judges, and clergy involving the major religions of the country. The benefits of a national unity government can be legion. A bipartisan approach can lead to a drastic improvement of the crime situation, including the scourge of break-in robberies that for too long has been plaguing business owners and posing a disincentive for the many overseas-based Guyanese intent on re-migrating. And, importantly, a surge in the economy is to be expected, with entrepreneurship, both by locals and remigrants, and consequent

sue. It seems clear that for too long, the Guyanese people have been victimized by a brand of politics that spells division as opposed to unity. It’s about time that politicians from both sides of the aisle start deprioritizing party loyalty in favor of working for the good of the people. Enough of the seemingly ad-infinitum bickering and mud-slinging! The Guyanese people deserve nothing less, and would surely welcome the opportunity to rise from the clutches of division bequeathed us by our former rulers. Let’s make national unity our goal and pursue it relentlessly for the good of all Guyanese. Abel Peters


Friday February 17, 2017

Kaieteur News

The PPP wants this report laid in the National Assembly DEAR EDITOR; I refer to my letter in your edition of Thursday, February 16, captioned, “The PPP’s continuing concern about where GPL is being taken”. As with that letter I begin with a sub-heading; “The AFHP, the Priority Project in the transition to a Green Generation Regime,” With Respect to Amaila, the Honourable Minister appeared to quote selectively from the NORAD/ NORCONSULT, “Review of the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project in Guyana”, giving the false impression that the report gave the “thumbs down” to Amaila. Indeed it is quite the opposite. The Hon Minister quoted the lines about the hydrological risk and the need for further review and fine-tuning of the design (in particular the dam). The Minister reiterated that the hydrology (rainfall and stream flow) was not well established and he spoke about the picture of a dry Amaila. Allow us to quote, perhaps a bit extensively, the germane parts of the Summary of that Report. The PPP/C want this report laid in the National Assembly so that it comes to the attention of and becomes available to all Guyanese.. “The only realistic path for Guyana towards an emis-

sion free electricity sector is by developing its hydropower potential. The fastest way forward is to maintain AFHP as the first major step for substituting its current oil fired generation. AFHP was prioritised as the first hydropower plant because it was the only project with a full feasibility study completed, it has a higher plant load factor than the alternatives, a small reservoir and a levelised unit cost in the same range as the most attractive alternative” “Amaila Falls alone cannot provide a 100% emission free power generation in Guyana. Other generating sources will have to be added in parallel like sun, wind and thermal production based on emission neutral fuel (bagasse) for back-up in the dry periods when the water flow to AFHP may be insufficient for full capacity operation. As the power demand is growing, and for reaching the goal of 100% generation by 2025, as assumed by the LCDS, a second hydropower plant of capacity comparable with AFHP will have to be commissioned by 2025. In parallel with preparations for the AFHP, therefore, pre-feasibility studies will have to be car-

ried out for promising candidates for the second hydropower project and a full feasibility study be performed for the select candidates. ” “The first needed step for revitalising AFHP is decision by the Government to maintain AFHP as the priority project in the transition to a green generation regime, as recommended in the initial study on System Expansion of the Generation & Transmission System” of 2014 and reiterated in the “Guyana’s Power Generation System Study” of June 2016, and thereafter to resume the planning ofAmaila Falls with political consensus and understanding with all stakeholders” The report leaves no doubt that whilst AFHP is neither a “silver bullet” nor a “matter of life and death”, it is the realistic way towards a Green Guyana. Nor should the APNU have any qualms about losing face, AFHP was identified by consultants since in the mid 1970s in the PNC/Burnham era. It should not be a difficult job for a good PR person to make AFHP as much an APNU project as a PPP/C one. The Honourable Minister would be well advised to have a serious engagement with Mr. Maurice Veecock and Mr. Joe

Diversification model is either disaster or mismanagement DEAR EDITOR, As we progress into 2017, we bear witness to a roll-out of the “New GuySuCo” concept, a brainchild of GuySuCo’s CEO. This “New GuySuCo” concept speaks to sugar production and a diversification division with focus on aquaculture, fruit crops, dairy farming, livestock farming and rice cultivation. Wales Estate was identified in 2015/16 as the ideal location to commence implementation of this model. At that stage, one would assume that any competent designer of such plan must have considered all factors that will allow for seamless transfer of remaining canes from Wales cultivation to Uitvlugt factory and conversion of abandoned

cane fields at Wales to rice plots and fish ponds. In September 2016, Minister Holder gave assurances that the diversification plan is on schedule. Refer to SN, 09/23/2016“Agri. Minister, team visit Wales Estate to inspect diversification steps”. The recent protests by my fellow brothers and sisters of Wales Estate brings into focus, the progress made on the diversification plan at Wales Estate. From all indications, the road to transport canes to Uitvlugt is incomplete, lifting equipment to transfer canes from trailers to factory conveyors at Uitvlugt is incomplete, fish ponds are nowhere in sight and there is change from rice to seed paddy cultivation on a few

acres of land. Editor, the physical appearance of things at Wales bears resemblance to gross mismanagement at best and colossal disaster at worst. Maybe, GuySuCo can provide an update on progress with the respective ventures i n t h e Wales diversification plan. After all, it is the model recommended to lift GuySuCo from bankruptcy to financial viability. The CEO needs to update his paymasters, i.e., the taxpayers of this country periodically. He has a moral obligation to this because we provide him an estimated package of G$M60+/yr. and we must not be treated with contempt. Sookram Persaud

The Government’s public relations... from page 4 our political culture, will not be constructive and very often, seek to exploit the sensitivity in the society. On the other hand the government is expected to effectively sell its policies and equally important, to counter the opposition’s criticisms and attacks, by using the government machinery at its disposal to provide the

nation with the relevant information in a timely way. The government for its part should (1) demonstrate its belief and commitment to the truth as against the opposition’s falsehood; and (2) conduct itself and business in a manner that is likely to win the confidence and trust of the people. It should at all times convey to the people that it is

being truthful, honest and transparent in what it says and does. I hope that the recent public relations defeat of the PPP by the Attorney General and his team will see the government assuming the ascendancy in its ongoing propaganda war with the PPP. In this vicious battle truth will prevail against lies and deception. Tacuma Ogunseye

Holder, separately and together, to discuss with him the merits and demerits of the Potaro and Mazaruni River basins. PV Systems still entail high Capital Cost Because of the desirability, political correctness and at the same time novelty of renewable energy systems there may be intended or unintended misunderstandings. For example, in a recent presentation on a PV (photovoltaic) system it was proclaimed that the investment cost was just about US $1/watt (but this was nearly all for the panels), as compared with about US $5 to $6 for AFHP; few persons may have connected this with another statement that the average daily insolation period in Guyana (equiva-

lent hours of full sunlight) is 4 to 5 hours per day. Thus, if one wants the same 24hrs x 7 day’s generation of say the AFHP he would need an installation of additional PV panels, storage and inverters which could raise the realised capital (first) cost investment of an equivalent stand-alone similarly-reliable PV system to about US $12/watt. We, the PPP/C, fear that the seemingly uncritical advice which the Hon Minister seems to be receiving may set the stage for intended or unintended misunderstandings at significant cost and disappointment to our nation. Taking Hydro Electricity to the Essequibo Coast in Good Time The Minister spoke about

“not a light bulb in the Essequibo coast being lit by the AFHP”. This is true; but at the same time it is not the whole story and hence is misleading. The PPP/C administration was aware of the need to settle a number of issues on the way to integrating Essequibo with the Demerara Berbice grid and receiving hydro electricity. These issues included the conversion of the area to 60 cycles and the routing of the 69kV link (crossing the Essequibo River). In fact, in 2014 GPL completed an integration plan for the Essequibo Coast costing US$33M. The Essequibo coast would have been integrated into the National Grid in good time. A further letter will follow Juan Edghill

Nigel Hinds take issue with Dr. Clive Thomas on SARU DEAR EDITOR; Dr. Clive Thomas has been writing for decades about the Phantom/Underground/Parallel Economy in Guyana. Enumerating some fantastical numbers such as those penned in Stabroek News publication dated February 16, 2017 and captioned “SARU Defends Assets Recovery Bill – says country was bleeding $313 Billion per annum” and captioned in Kaieteur News on the same date as “Guyana was losing over $300B annually through corruption under PPP.” In addition to the Kaieteur News caption, the Guyana Chronicle headline article on the same date is: “$306B stolen per year under PPP …SARU says uncovered massive scale of corruption.” The GY$313 Billion the country is supposedly losing per annum is sourced from undefined metrics, with numbers that are unverifiable. The substance of the reporting relates with varying numbers that re: “the nation was losing $28-$35Billion each year through procurement fraud. In relation to capital flight, the nation was losing $90 Billion every year. Furthermore, the underground economy caused the nation to lose $188 billion per year… adding up to a grand total of $313 billion per year, which is a conservative figure”. It is unfortunate that the emergence of SARU has adversely affected the efforts by our Honourable Minister of Finance, Mr. Winston Jordon, who is trying mightily to set our economic ship on course for improved economic growth. Instead, the imminence of SARA, among other factors, has our commercial banks unable to provide on

demand, United States Dollars (USD) to its clients, who have USD accounts. Basic wire transfers, from as little as US$500, have to go into bank trays for processing that can take over a week to process. During the “wait” period, if the exchange rate weakens, the customer has to pay more for the USD, if the transfer is ever made. The general thrust of the post May 2015 government is to spend an extraordinary amount of time and money to set up a so called “apparatus of anti-corruption” units, led by the State Asset Recovery Unit (SARU). Hopefully, common sense will prevail and the bill never becomes an Act. If it does, it will in my opinion, reduce the GDP per capita and the growth of the Guyanese economy and permit inhumane acts. We are creating a monster with powers that no politician of any party ought not to have as their creature to obey the bidding of the party in power. The folly of the “underground economy” analysis (it is reasonable to assume that a thorough analysis was done) is the complete lack of a comparative analysis as to what obtains in other countries, be it Trinidad, Jamaica or the USA, with regards to procurement fraud, capital flight and the underground economy. One cannot justify the numbers supplied by Professor Thomas without context. If the USA Empire cannot keep drugs to any discernable degree from entering the country since the “war on drugs started’, it is foolhardy to think that Guyana, with its wide-open and unprotected borders and airways can im-

pact drug smuggling and the use of Guyana as a drug transshipment country in any significant way. Another black polar bear argument by Dr. Thomas or SARU (the two seem undistinguishable) is that “The Guyana population is eager to see the country’s assets recovered”. My question for those on the SARU bandwagon is: where is the starting point for the recovery of assets? Is it from the first rigged election in 1968 that sustained through to 1991 in post independent Guyana? It should be easy to make a case for property transfers, whether by deed, gift, sale or discounted sale to be recovered that took place over the rigged election period. Of course, leases could also be revoked for reasons of lack of legality, during the 1968 to 1991 period. The unfree and unfair elections that Dr. Thomas struggled to expose, whether as leader of the University of Guyana, Ratoon group and/ or as a co-leader of the Working People’s Alliance, when he protested vehemently against the authors of the rigged elections. Be it the rigged elections in 1968, 1973, 1980, 1985 or the 1978 referendum that birthed us with the infamous 1980 Constitution of Guyana. The words of Dr. Walter Rodney, the Guyanese born and world renowned historian, activist intellectual, politician and brother of the working class, who embraced multiracialism, and with whom Professor Thomas struggled alongside for free and fair elections are notable here. I will flow up this missive with a subsequent one Nigel Hinds

Friday February 17, 2017


Kaieteur News

$4.6B award to Chinese company…

Court holds emergency sitting after Govt. argues billion$ will be lost

Attorney-at-law, Devindra Kissoon

Chief Justice (Ag), Yonette CummingsEdwards

A major battle is heating up in the High Court over a multibillion-dollar contract to run new power transmission lines and over 25,000 smart meters on the coastland. The contract was greenlighted to be awarded to a Chinese contractor for over $1B above the engineer’s estimate, sparking a local bidder, Fix-It Depot, who was partnering with a Colombian company, to challenge the evaluation process. Yesterday, in a rare and surprising move, the court brought forward the hearing date of March 6th, after Government applied for the matter to be dealt with urgently. During an open court session, it was Attorney General, Basil Williams, himself, who appeared to make his case before Chief Justice (Ag) Yonette Cummings-Edwards for the temporary order granted Monday to be overturned. He was accompanied by a battery of lawyers. Named as respondents in the case brought by Fix-It Depot were the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL); Minister of Public

Infrastructure, David Patterson; the Ministry and its Permanent Secretary, Balraj Balram, and the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB). According to the Attorney General yesterday, the project is an important one for Guyana’s power sector with the contractor, China National Machinery Import (CMC) and its partner Export Corporation and China Sinogy Electric Engineering Co. Limited Consortium, about to receive their advance to start work. However, the court order has virtually halted the process. After hearing the arguments of both the Attorney General and lawyer for Fix-It, Devindra Kissoon of the London House Chambers, the Judge allowed the respondents until 4pm yesterday to prepare and submit an affidavit in response to charges made by the local bidder. Kissoon was told, in turn, to make his submissions by 10am today after which another court session will be held at 4pm. According to the

Attorney General Basil Williams

Permanent Secretary, Balraj Balram

Attorney General, Minister of Finance Winston Jordan was booked to fly to Washington next week. He stated that the project was urgent because if implemented it would reduce the blackouts in the country. He argued that the Procurement Act does not apply, but that the InterAmerican Development Bank

(IDB) rules apply instead for the project. IDB and the European Union are funding the part-grant/part loan project to the tune of $4.6B. The Attorney General insisted that Paul James, the principal of Fix-It, failed to exhaust his administrative remedies and that Guyana (Continued on page 28)

CARICOM heads... From page 3 larger and safer market and for a louder, stronger voice in negotiating with other countries and regions,” the Guyanese Head of State told the conference. Granger continued that the Founding Fathers were convinced that if the Caribbean was to fulfil the hopes and aspirations of their peoples for full employment and improved standards of work and living, regional integration was an obligation, not an option, for governments. “That common, positive policy was conceived and the concrete foundation of our Community was laid at Chaguaramas (Trinidad and Tobago) on the three pillars of economic integration, foreign policy coordination and functional cooperation. We have erected a fourth pillar – security collaboration. The Treaty of Chaguaramas was a response to the challenges of the post-colonial era. The Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas was the response to the post-Cold War era, a time of increasing trade liberalization and the growth of regional organizations,” the Chairman said. “The Spirit of Chaguaramas is not the ghost or 'jumbie' of a dead project. It is the vital breath of life that inspires us to intensify regional integration. The 'Founding Fathers' had the inspiration to see the need for integration and the motivation to establish this great movement. They have entrusted the happiness of our citizens and the prosperity of our Community to our hands. We are, today, the trustees of this legacy. We must bequeath to our progeny a more prosperous region than we inherited from our progenitors,” Granger said.


Friday February 17, 2017

Kaieteur News

80 years each for D’Urban St. robbery/murder trio Three men found guilty of murder at the Georgetown High Court yesterday, were each sentenced to 80 years imprisonment. Fizal Moore called “Hard Mouth,” Stephan Campbell, called “Burnham,” and Roy Yokum called “Ray Ray” were found guilty of murdering Glen Xavier, a gold miner. The incident took place at Corn Bread Minimart, D’Urban Street, Werk-enRust, in the furtherance of a robbery on May 8, 2012. The victim died as a result of gunshot injuries. The three men faced a trial before Justice Navindra Singh and a mixed 12-member jury at the Georgetown High Court. The matter was presented by State Prosecutors, Siand Dhurjon and Tuanna Hardy. Following more than five hours of deliberation by the jurors yesterday, the sentence was handed down by Justice Singh. In his calculation of the sentence for the murder convictions, the Judge started with a base of 60 years. He

added five years for the use of a firearm, five years for discharging a firearm at a place which resulted in public endangerment and 10 years was added because the murder occurred in the furtherance of a robbery. This brought the sentence to 80 years for each convict. The men were represented by Attorneys Maxwell Mc Kay, George Thomas, Peter Hugh and Trenton Lake. Prior to the sentencing when they were given a chance to speak, all three men maintained their innocence. They told the court that they do not know each other or anything about the robbery. However during the trial, Detective Roderick Melville told the court that Moore called ‘Hard Mouth,’ or ‘Winston Bostwick,’ had revealed to police investigators that there was a plot to rob the gold miner. According to the Caution Statement, (CS) which was admitted into evidence, the accused said that he was in Albouystown when he received a telephone call

From front to back: Roy Yokum called “Ray Ray,” Fizal Moore called “Hard Mouth’ and Stephan Campbell, called “Burnham” from his friend “Ray Ray.” He said that “Ray Ray” told him about two men who had “a whole set of money” at a shop and he wanted help to go and rob them. He said that he met “Ray Ray” in D’Urban Street, where they joined “Burnham” and another man nicknamed “X”. The accused told the po-

lice that he and his crew went down to the shop and proceeded to rob the men at the shop. But the accused said before they left the shop, “Burnham shoot up the shop wid the gun that he had to do the work with.” Police Detective, Rodwell Sarrabo also testified that Campbell, called

“Burnham”, had supplied investigators with a CS in which he told them that he had been on a robbery with his partners, but he never shot anyone. According to the statement, Campbell told detectives of a robbery plot.

In the statement, Campbell noted that he and his friends had travelled on motorcycles to commit the act. He said during the process of the robbery, ‘Hard Mouth’ (Fizal Moore) whipped out a gun and shot the man (Xavier). “I didn’t kill da man, me and ‘Hard Mouth’ go pun the wuk…I didn’t know that ‘Hard Mouth’ woulda shoot the man.” The accused also told police that ‘Hard Mouth’ got $90,000 and a cell phone from the robbery, but didn’t give him any of the cash. Sarrabo later faced questions from lawyers on the defence team, but he maintained that all the necessary protocols were observed and the accused gave his statement freely and voluntarily. On Monday, while leading their defence, all three men denied giving the police statements with regard to the crime. The men also claimed to have been forced by the police to sign the documents, containing notes they did not supply. They each told the court that the police used electrical devices and other things to force them into signing the statements.

Body of suspected pirate recovered Police yesterday recovered the body of 25-year-old Shavy Allicock, two days after he disappeared in the Demerara River during a suspected pirate attack. Allicock’s body was recovered at around 18.00 hrs in the vicinity of the Vreed – en-Hoop jetty. It was brought ashore at the Marine Police wharf, located behind the Ruimveldt Police Station. Police sources said that the body bore no visible injuries. There are reports that

Allicock, of 24 James Street, Albouystown, plunged off a ship in the vicinity of Muneshwer’s wharf, after being spotted by a security guard. His mother, Yvonne Sooklall, had refuted reports that he was shot. In 2010, the young man’s father, Leonard Allicock was held for the 2009 murder of Wendell Tappin, who was stabbed and chopped about the body over a cell phone battery. He was later acquitted.

Friday February 17, 2017


Kaieteur News

The people have spoken The people protesting the parking meter system may not be representative of all Guyanese nor may they be representative of Georgetown or those who utilize their services. They have rejected the revised parking meter fees. They are also no longer calling for a reduction in fees. They seem consigned to accepting that this will never happen. They are calling for the scrapping of the parking meter contract. The people are far smarter than they are usually given credit for. They know that the parking meter contract will not be scrapped by City Hall. One protestor, however, was calling for the government to force the Council to scrap the contract and to compensate the parking meter company when the oil money begins to flow. A lot of people have plans for this oil money. Oil money will however mean higher parking meters, because more ve-

hicles will be on the roadways and people will have more money to spend, if and when Guyana begins to produce oil. The people know that the die is cast. There is only one way that they will be spared from the parking meters. They will have to starve the “green monsters” by sustaining their boycott. But can this happen? Already we are seeing divisions within the protestors. The talk is becoming increasingly political. People are calling for national leadership on this question. They are in effect calling for the President to act. Once the protests begin to get even the slightest political, it will split the Movement Against Parking Meters. The movement is already split. A number of the faces which were part of the two previous protests did not turn up at yesterday’s protests. The size of the protest may have been the same, but cracks are appearing. More importantly, the protests are

not becoming larger. The battle lines are also shifting to the Court. Challenges are being made to the parking meter contracts. Legal proceedings, however, do not bring short-term relief. They are protracted. The movement is also being split through the employment of a system of divide and rule. We are told that commercial bank workers will be given parking permits. What about the other workers who have to park all day? What about the lawyers and court workers? What about those who work in the hotels and stores? Protestors in Guyana do not have staying power, especially when no movement is being seen to meet their demands. True, the tariffs have been slashed, but this was never going to satisfy those who cannot pay. Everyone is hurting. The businesses are losing sales. People are not going into the heart of the commercial dis-

Strategic plan implemented to help reduce maternal mortality – MCH Director With funding from the Inter-American Development Bank (IBD), the Ministry of Public Health has introduced an initiative that is aimed at keeping avoidable maternal deaths at bay. This is according to Director of Maternal and Child Health, Dr. Ertenisa Hamilton. There has thus far been no reported case of maternal death for this year and the Ministry of Public Health is hoping to keep things that way as far as possible. Using the loan, Dr. Hamilton said that the Ministry has embraced the Three Delays Model. This Model is one that sees the Ministry working strategically with women within communities. “We recognise that education is an important role with regards to how women respond when they are pregnant and what are their actions, especially in cases where you recognise that there is some sort of danger,” Dr. Hamilton underscored. For this reason the aim of the Three Delays Model is to firstly recognise when there is potential danger as it relates to a pregnancy. Once this is detected, then the next move is to ensure that the individual is taken as soon as possible to a health care facility. However, Dr. Hamilton asserted that while taking a pregnant woman at risk in a timely man-

ner to a health facility is important, what is even more important is ensuring that the health facility has the necessary equipment to provide adequate care. Moreover, Dr. Hamilton said that the Three Delays Model does not only emphasise the importance of training, but it also looks at infrastructure in terms of what equipment is needed and what systems should be in place. “All of those things we have brought on board because it is a comprehensive way of looking at how we reduce deaths,” Dr. Hamilton noted. The IDB last year approved an US$8 million loan for a programme to not only help to reduce maternal but also neonatal deaths in Guyana. This programme is one that is aimed at improving the quality of care at 140 health

Dr. Ertenisa Hamilton facilities and in 88 communities, benefitting at least 140,000 women and 9,000 newborns per year. Despite progress achieved during the last (Continued on page 11)

tricts. Taxi drivers are no longer doing brisk business. Vendors are also suffering. This is a lose-lose situation. The government must not abandon the people. It must stand by the people and try to find ways out of this problem. The APNU must use its clout over the city Council to force a vote of no confidence in the parking meter contract. This will signal to the people that the government understands their plight. The government cannot

keep playing this “hold me, loose me” game. They cannot keep having photo ops in the form of meetings, or by simply saying that the parking meter system is burdensome but do nothing afterwards. They must do something. They have the power to do something. The people cannot sustain the protests indefinitely. But they can sustain their disapproval of the government. The parking meter system may prevail in the end, be-

cause the protestors may not be able to sustain their boycott. But they can bottle up their disappointment and disapproval of an uncaring government.


Friday February 17, 2017

Kaieteur News

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

Criminal investigations into the previous regime A letter appeared in this newspaper under the caption; “This was Anil Nandlall’s attitude towards me when he was AG,” KN, February 7, 2017. The writer had this to say; “Every time I read an article about Mr. Anil Nandlall’s pronouncements on the Constitution of Guyana and those who violate it, bile rises to my mouth. The hypocrisy of this man is astounding! “ The person went on to say how she approached Nandlall when he was AG to show him how her constitutional rights were being violated by his government, but he ignored her. Mr. Nandlall chose not to respond, and one suspects that he wants the issue to be left dead, because his response may lead to more revelations that may reveal more hypocritical traits. The lady who wrote that letter is right. Nandlall discovered the saccharine freedoms the Guyana Constitution offers Guyanese because he only read and digested the document after the PPP was defeated. It was this same Nandlall who also didn’t read books on freedom, justice and liberation so he accepted that

Jagdeo, when as President, was doing the right thing when he sued me for libel for referring to him as an ideological racist, so he became the President’s lawyer. The same Nandlall has not chastised his client by telling him he cannot sue citizens for referring to him as a racist, yet call others racist. This is what Jagdeo has done in New York and in Guyana. But more graphic is the fact that in the 2015 General Elections, Jagdeo took racist incitement to levels never before seen in this country. The lady is right. Nandlall is a born again democrat. Also born again democrats are Rohee, Leslie Ramsammy, Gail Teixeira, Hydar Ally, Donald Ramotar and above of all of them – the Champion of Dirt. Leslie Ramsammy writes frequent letters in the newspapers and his topics are always about violations by the State. This is the same man who ought to be criminally investigated for acquisition of spy equipment that under US laws could only be purchased by governments. The spy equipment allegedly ended up in the hands of a murdering drug dealer now in a US jail. We come to Jagdeo.

They say in life the best defence is offence. Mr. Jagdeo wants to bring criminal charges against sitting members of the government. Here is where my perennial example comes in. Each time the Jagdeo cabal makes a statement in the media about governmental wrongdoing, I think of that visitor to Guyana from another planet. Such a visitor would never imagine that Jagdeo and Ramotar shared fifteen years of authoritarian, oligarchic rule between them, in which even family members of critics of this cabal were victimized. It was fifteen years of victimization, employment termination, arrests and charges, corruption, violence and murder. So Jagdeo wants to bring private criminal charges against Ministers. On hearing that, I went to my lawyer. I want to institute similar charges against both Jagdeo and Ramotar. It is my belief that the paper trail would lead to the offices of both Presidents during the physical attacks on me – one in 2010, the other in 2012. One of the men charged in the 2010 assault can be seen accompanying Jagdeo in all his public perambulations in Guyana; not

Georgetown alone. In the 2012 attack, the number plate of the car which drove away with the aggressor was registered to a former Assistant Commissioner of Police who provided security service to President Ramotar during the 2015 elections. When his car was identified, he told the Stabroek News, it was used without his knowledge. Should Leonard Arokium bring private criminal charges against Bharrat Jagdeo? He lost two sons when eight miners were murdered at Lindo Creek in June 2008. Arokium has insisted since 2008 that it wasn’t the

Fine Man gang that did the killings, because it was not possible for them to have traversed Christmas Falls into Lindo Creek at the time when the security forces had identified them and had them on the run. I was the first media operative that Arokium contacted to explain his accusation that the security forces killed the men by mistake. I took him to the Catholic Standard office and invited Sarah Bharrat of Stabroek News and the Editor of the Standard, Colin Smith, to listen to his description. With maps and charts, Arokium showed that it was not pos-

Frederick Kissoon sible for the gang to reach Lindo Creek in one day with the security forces chasing them from Christmas Falls. He contended and still does that the gang was never at Lindo Creek. Jagdeo was President then, he needs to come clean.

Dem boys seh... Is nuff people run to de slaughter house Yesterday dem boys announce how de Chancellor going to de slaughter house and dem wasn’t wrong. But dem had de wrong reason. De man was going to de slaughter house. He was looking fuh Basil de Willie. Is a long story. Basil de Willie and nuff others including de Chat-3 done know that Jagdeo can’t serve a third term because de constitution seh suh, But up come de Chinee Man and he seh that Jagdeo can serve three term and even four. Things reach de stage wheh Basil de Willie appeal. Fuh more than a year de matter didn’t come up and nobody didn’t see de need to file

dem case. Then news that de Chancellor was retiring and Basil de Willie run to de slaughter house to look fuh a butcher. He didn’t want de chancellor to hand down a decision. But he didn’t know who he was playing wid. When you corner a cat and you beat it, a time does come when you got to run, because de cat does tun round pun you. Is de same thing wid cat and rat. Dem boys see rat tun pun cat and de cat had to run. Well de Chancellor tun pun Basil de Willie and he run. He forget that he can appeal all de way to de Caribbean Court of Justice, so even if he think de Chancellor was going to give a deci-

sion he didn’t like, he coulda go to de CCJ. Instead he choose to run in a slaughter house and de Chancellor go behind him. Is in de slaughter house that Basil de Willie beg fuh more time. And who he had to beg? De same Chancellor. Dem boys seh that when people cuss dem, nobody don’t beg. But this time Basil de Willie beg and de Chancellor grant him his plea. “Ow Chancellor, Give me li’l more time nuh?” He get de time and it happen that he got to go to court couple hours before Mash because de Chancellor will wuk till midnight on Mash Day. Talk half and watch who going to de slaughter house.

Friday February 17, 2017


Kaieteur News

CARICOM Heads of Govt. Summit...

Full implementation of CSME key to avoiding economic emasculation – President Granger Chairman of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), and President of Guyana, David Granger, said yesterday that if the region is to escape the “hazard” of economic emasculation in today’s global environment, efforts must be made to expedite the full implementation of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME). The Head of State made this call at the 28th Intersessional Meeting of the Conference of CARICOM, which convened yesterday in Guyana at the Marriott Hotel in Kingston, Georgetown. The CSME is an arrangement among the CARICOM States for the creation of a single enlarged economic space

through the removal of restrictions resulting in the free movement of goods, services, people, capital and technology. However, there have been several challenges being faced by Member States, primarily in the area of free movement of people and services. President Granger told the Heads of State that the community faces threats that include dampened demand for goods and services and reported distortions in financial sectors caused by de-risking by international banks. He however, expressed confidence in the CSME, noting that it has the potential to enhance private sector growth and competitiveness by providing ac-

cess to a larger pool of resources, facilitate the movement of human capital, catalyse the establishment of regional businesses and encourage the free movement of goods. “The CSME must not be allowed to become a victim of equivocation and procrastination,” he told his regional counterparts. The Chairman noted also, that the full implementation of the CSME will enhance functional cooperation, which will aid the region in reaching its full potential, primarily in the areas of food security and energy. “The Caribbean Community has the capability to meet its food needs. Food security will ensure health and nutritional ben-

Strategic plan implemented to help... From page 9 decade, Guyana had reportedly continued to experience one of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in Latin America and the Caribbean, with a maternal mortality rate estimated at 121 per 1,000 live births and an infant mortality rate at 22 per 1,000 live births. It was revealed that about 93 percent of deaths in children less than one year of age occurred in the neonatal period. As such, the programme was designed to support and improve maternal and child health care with a focus on improving access to quality neonatal health services and providing a better path to quality reproductive and maternal health services. This operation draws from the IDB’s experiences with the Mesoamerican Health Initiative, and incorporates lessons learned on evidencebased biomedical and operational interventions. It will closely monitor results to ensure that those interventions can contribute to the success of the programme. Although the collaboration with IDB comes as part of the Ministry’s efforts to curb the maternal and neonatal mortality rate, information

out of the Ministry has suggested that the major challenge faced in realising a safe motherhood initiative has been linked to the depleted midwifery staff within the regions to adequately execute the programme. Moreover, the Ministry has asserted that it has been seeking to intensify its efforts to address this shortcoming. In 2015, there were 17 recorded maternal deaths, while in 2016 there were 12 recorded maternal deaths. Ministry officials have linked the reduction to the fact that there are more trained doctors in the public health system in the field of Obstetrics. It was said too that the reduction in the number of maternal deaths can also be attributed to increased education and women being seen earlier in their preg-

nancy. Meanwhile, helping to reduce the number of neonatal deaths has been credited to deliberate collaboration between the public health sector and the Guyana Help the Kids (GHTK) Charity. This collaboration saw the commissioning of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Bartica Regional Hospital in May of last year. This hospital has joined five others across the country with established NICUs as a result of this collaboration. Added to this, during the course of last year 33 health care providers were trained under the Helping Babies Breathe initiative, and this saw them being equipped with the skills to manage infants who are born with breathing complications.

efits for our people, earn foreign exchange and eliminate the bloated bill for importing food. Ensuring regional food security is a cross-sectoral task involving cooperation in agriculture, finance, health and nutrition and infrastructure, among other sectors. Belize, Guyana and Suriname – the Community’s three mainland states – are together, bigger than Germany or Japan. Food security can be advanced by the fuller utilisation of our lands for large-scale investment in agriculture and agro-processing and by dismantling barriers to regional trade in a g r i c u l t u r a l products.”Granger said. CARICOM must also intensify its efforts at reg i o n a l e n e rg y s e c u r i t y, Granger said, while asserting that Member States are equipped to do so, since they are “blessed with abundant sources of renewable energy”.

President David Granger addressing the gathering. “The Community has done considerable, commendable work towards ensuring energy security which can ease the Community’s energy sector

off of its addiction to fossil fuel, and encourage the adoption of renewable sources of energy.” Meanwhile, CARICOM’s Secretary-General, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque, during his remarks, s t a t e d t h a t “considerable” progress has been made in implementing the CSME. This, he said, is evident in the legal and institutional measures and mechanisms to support the free movement of goods, services, skills, and crossborder establishment of businesses. However, there is still much to be done. “With all that is before us, it is relevant and timely for this Meeting to consider a comprehensive review of the CSME, as agreed to last July. Ideally, a review of the CSME must not only be about what has been done, or not done, and what might have been the constraining factors; it should also be about the impact and how it has measured up to intent and expectations, and therefore how the shortcomings might be addressed.” LaRocque stated.


Kaieteur News

Friday February 17, 2017

Dominican national remanded Kevin France is not the cell phone thief for fake stamps in passport A 36-year-old Dominican Republic national who told the court that she came to Guyana in search of work, was yesterday remanded to prison after she found herself on the other side of the law. Police say that Doris Vasquez Santana conspired with others to forge four Immigration stamps on her passport to show that it was issued from the Central Immigration and Passport Office. The woman arrived in Guyana legally, but in the process of extending her stay she conspired with person or persons to forge four stamps to show that she was granted permission to stay longer here. As a result of the allegation she was brought before City Magistrate Judy Latchman in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts for allegedly uttering the forged document. Santana denied that between January 6 and February 13 at Georgetown, she, with the intent to defraud, conspired with others to forge four Guyana Immigration Service Stamps in her Dominican Republic passport SE1942556, purporting to show that same was issued by Guyana Immigration department, knowing same to be false. It is also alleged that on February 13 at Georgetown, she uttered to an Immigration officer, her Dominican Re-

Kevin France, 29, of 708 East Ruimveldt, Georgetown, is not the man who posted his image on Whattsapp after stealing a cell phone. The man who stole the phone and posted his image is yet to be caught. This newspaper reported that France was arrested after posting his photo to the Whatsapp account of the phone he stole from a woman at Chateau Margot, East Coast Demerara. Rather, France was arrested in connection with another robbery. The man actually responsible for stealing the phone and using the woman’s Whatsapp account is known to the police, and a detective said that his capture is only a matter of time.

Remanded: Doris Vasquez Santana public passport with the number SE1942556, in favour of herself, with four forged Guyana Immigration Service stamps, purporting to show that same was issued by Guyana Immigration department, knowing same to be false. The woman, when given a chance to speak through an interpreter, told the court that she did pay someone to stamp her passport, but she did not know the stamps were fake. Based on her explanation the court entered a not guilty

plea for both charges, the interpreter also told the court that the woman resides at Lot 7 D’Aguiar Park with a friend. Prosecutor Shawn Gonsalves objected to bail being granted to the Dominican, based on the fact that she has no ties to Guyana and if granted bail she would not return to court for the trial. Bail was refused. Santana will make her next court appearance on February 21 where she will be placed before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan for statements and assignments.

Kevin France

Block maker charged for allegedly killing ‘bully’ The 30-year-old block maker accused of fatally stabbing a man who constantly bullied him, was yesterday remanded to prison on a murder charge, when he appeared in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Magistrate Judy Latchman. Joseph Duncan of 485 Tabatinga, Lethem, Rupununi, Essequibo, was not required to plead to the indictable charge which read that on February 12 at Tabatinga, he killed Cheddi Glasgow. (Continued on page 28)

Remanded: Joseph Duncan

Friday February 17, 2017


Kaieteur News

Accusations that $$B lost through corruption under PPP is utter trash - Nandlall The recent contention by officials at the State Asset Recovery Unit (SARU) that billions were lost under the PPP through corruption of various forms is not only utter trash in the eyes of the Opposition, but also indicates a “psychological or psychotic disorder of some sorts”. Specifically making this, and other harsh criticisms yesterday, was Executive Member of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Anil Nandlall. His statements come in wake of remarks by SARU that Guyana lost $28 to $35B every year through procurement fraud, $90B through illicit capital flight, and $188B through the underground economy. This adds up to a grand total of $306-$313 billion per year. The anti-corruption body said that this is a “conservative” numerical image of the state of corruption which existed under the former administration. But Nandlall insists that SARU is peddling nothing but fiction. “In the end, those who concocted this trash themselves begun to believe them. It must be a psychotic and psychological disorder of some kind when persons start to believe their own fabrications. They become delusional,” Nandlall asserted. The former Attorney General also stated that $300B is nearly twice the size of the last budget presented by the PPP/C in office. He added that it is even more than the 2017 National Budget presented by this Government. Nandlall noted however that SARU chose not to explain why or how the 26 forensic auditors failed to unearth this scale of massive corruption. “Are these forensic auditors so incompetent? Neither did they explain how such magnitude of corruption could have escaped the Auditor General’s annual report as well as, the Public Accounts Committee, always chaired by the PNC/APNU, from 1992 to 2015. Was the PNC/APNU, so inept? Or

SARU Head, Dr. Clive Thomas were they complicit?” Nandlall questioned. The Opposition Member also stressed that the PPP has been out of Government for nearly two years. He deduced, therefore, that the Treasury should have an extra $600B which would have been saved because of the PPP not being in office. He said, too, that one must also add the billions, which Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman had said were smuggled out in gold under the PPP, annually, but which his Ministry has stopped since the change of Government. In this regard, Nandlall said, “Where is this windfall of billions now? How come, with all this extra money and billions more being collected under the massive regime of new taxes, the economy is in shambles and the US dollar has skyrocketed to the highest it has ever reached.” The Opposition Member added, “Why can’t this Government use these new found billions to keep GuySuCo alive, pay our teachers, our public servants and law enforcement officers promised increases in salaries? Or is it that the APNU/AFC, is stealing all this money? Somebody in Government must answer these questions!” As for the SARA Bill, Nandlall, like some members of the Private Sector, maintained that it contains dozens of provisions which cannot withstand the litmus test of constitutionality. He stressed that “no amount of inane ramblings will change that”. Nandlall insisted that the Bill will only attract

several legal challenges upon its enactment. The Private Sector Commission recently expressed dissatisfaction over the fact that consultations held last year on the draft Bill for the State Assets Recovery Agency was perhaps, just for show. The feeling of the commission is premised on the understanding that the draft Bill, which was initially submitted to stakeholders for discussion, is essentially the same Bill that was laid recently in the National Assembly. The private sector body recalled that last year, during consultations which were held by the Ministry of Legal Affairs, the Commission and others, obtained legal advice on the Bill regarding its draconian nature and the potential impact it would have on investor confidence. But even after concerns were submitted to that effect with proposed amendments, the Commission was taken aback after it learnt that the Bill was submitted with no meaningful changes to its provisions. The Commission, via a letter to the House Speaker, Dr. Barton Scotland, said that it maintains that the provisions of the Bill are in conflict with the rights enshrined in the Constitution of Guyana and constitute a threat to democracy and good governance. The Private Sector body added, “The Commission therefore humbly beseeches that the State Assets Recovery Agency Bill, as it was tabled, be submitted to a Special Select Committee where its provisions, and implications of these, can be thoroughly examined and debated upon, and where civil society may be invited to speak.” CEO of the State Assets Recovery Unit, Aubrey Heath-Retemyer recently told Kaieteur News that the

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

changes proposed by the Commission were based on the fact that they did not understand several aspects of the Bill. The SARU Officer said that while the Commission was not alone in this boat, efforts were made to ensure that all misunderstandings regarding the Bill were clarified. He said, “I do recall their concerns with the Bill but the truth is, that the criticisms we received on the Bill were largely due to the fact that people did not understand it, and that was the case with the Commission.” Heath-Retemyer said that there were no “substantial” changes made to the provisions but there was some “tightening of the language used.” The Bill also provides for SARA to be enabled to seek the recovery of such property wherever in the world that property may be located, and must also raise public awareness on the dangers of corruption and other crime. As part of the need to maintain and upkeep public confidence in the criminal

Opposition member, Anil Nandlall justice system, Head of SARU, Professor Clive Thomas, explained that the Director must, before undertaking civil recovery proceedings, consider whether the recovery of State property will be better secured by criminal proceedings. He said that the Director and named members of SARA staff may exercise the powers of police, customs and immigration officers, if so designated by the relevant Ministers, upon the Director’s request. The Director will also be

under a duty to ensure training in the operation of the Act is available to professionals, and to ensure relevant staff are trained and accredited in financial investigation. The SARU Head said that mutual cooperation between the Director of Public Prosecutions and Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit is a requirement, and the Commissioner of Police must provide such assistance as is requested by the Director. He said that the Director may enter into binding memoranda of understanding with other Government or public bodies, and is able to collaborate with any State organ, foreign government or international or regional organization, in the recovery of State property. The Bill sets out that the Director is thus authorized to use the funds to commence actions under the Act, to make certain payments e.g. to pay experts to assist him in carrying out SARA functions, to fund training and capacity building, or to compensate victims who suffered loss as a result of unlawful conduct.


Resistance continues against parking meter contract

Friday February 17, 2017

Kaieteur News

An overhead shot of the protest yesterday

...third protest again attracts large numbers The pressure continues to mount against the powers that be for the complete revocation of the Parking Meter contract between the Georgetown Mayor and City Council and Smart City Solutions. The Movement against Parking Meters held its third protest yesterday in front of City Hall yesterday. Expressing his rejection of the contract was People’s Progressive Party Councillor Bishram Kuppen, who told the media that one of his contentions are the number of concessions given to SCS under the contract. The M&CC had agreed to support and facilitate any application or process the company may pursue to secure exemption from income, corporations, VAT (value added tax), capital gains and all other levies, taxes, duties, cesses or other imposition of similar nature in respect of the importation, use and operation of any equipment related to the metered parking system. Further, Kuppen said that the rejection of the project is not solely about the City implementing parking meters as the council has the authority to do so under the Municipal and Districts Council Act subject to some other laws.

“But the way, how this contract came about there was no consultation with the public. There was no public tendering; this is something that was very burdensome. If you recall the original rate was $500 and it is only after public outcry that they are reducing it. Now I call this like a rotten apple, you’re trying to fix something that is not good to begin with. I think this entire contract should be scrapped and they should start over and then get public consultation and involvement for approval of this.” He added that making adjustments to the contract will not serve the people of Georgetown. As it relates amendments being made to the contract, Kuppen said that at the last meeting of council, there was a PowerPoint presentation saying “Proposed Reduction”. “That is not the contract, that is a PowerPoint presentation and they have not made that contract available. They are saying that it is available and that it is in the office of the Mayor and the Town Clerk, but I think it must be put in front here for public scrutiny. It is not a private entity, the council represents the people

Some of the placards which were on display yesterday of Georgetown, as such, and you have to have these things in the open.” On the matter of reduced rates, Kuppen said that eventually the company will raise the rates so as to achieve the projections of the investments they would have made. “They will have to raise

the rates, $100 an hour will not do for them. The people of Georgetown are not stupid.” One of the protesters said that government, particularly President David Granger, needs to act and protect the poor people of Guyana. “It must be scrapped! We have a President who goes on television and says ‘I would like to see.’ What we would like to see is the President being affirmative...coming in, making an order, abolishing the contract, leaving it aside.” Businessman Troy Parbu,

owner of Creation Crafts on Water Street said that the parking meters have negatively affected business, as persons had been afraid of being bullied and clamped. He said that after the suspension of penalties, business has picked up a bit. “Maximum usage of the place is not as before, but it is coming back. But with the parking meter, it ceased. People found one place to go, in and out, if they can’t, they stopped. Even myself, I don’t support parking meters, so I send someone on a bicycle

to do what I want. Now that it has been relaxed, people are coming, but the minute they start with the clamping and so forth, then everything goes back to the way it was, no business at all.” The protest was attended by a number of private sector employers and employees representing a wide crosssection of society. The action which began at noon ended in similar fashion to the previous two, whereby persons sang a stanza of the National Anthem before dispersing.

Friday February 17, 2017


Kaieteur News

‘Ringleader’ behind attacks on bank - provided gangs with customers captured guns, motorcycles By Michael Jordan After months of investigation, police have finally arrested a ringleader of one of the gangs that has been behind a wave of attacks on individuals leaving commercial banks with large sums of cash. The suspect was arrested on Tuesday, and Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum said that investigators will be approaching the courts today to detain him further. “We have arrested one of the ringleaders who is deeply involved in robbing customers leaving commercial banks,” the Crime Chief said. “The group leader is fingered in the attempted robbery/murder at Fogarty’s, along with three other matters, where individuals leaving banks with large sums of cash were robbed.” According to Blanhum, the suspect “revealed to investigators that he acted as the facilitator for the group, by providing them with firearms and motorcycles. The GPF will be applying to the court today for an extension of detention.”

The attempted robbery/ murder to which the alleged ringleader has been implicated, occurred in October 2016 in a branch of the Electronics City store, which is located in the Fogarty’s building. A customer, Abdel Odie, had entered the store with about $1.3M that he had withdrawn from Republic Bank. Odie was checking items in the store when another man held him at gunpoint and relieved him of a bag containing the cash. The robber also shot armed Electronics City store guard, Quacy Anthony Joseph, in the stomach before escaping on a CG motorcycle. Last week, Crime Chief Blanhum had revealed that an individual who was recently freed on a murder charge was the mastermind behind similar attacks. He had also stated that police intelligence indicated that the robbers comprise a group of men, who were “randomly selecting their victims.” The Crime Chief had also said that the gangs have taken the place of several others that the police had dismantled.

“Police have so far dismantled six groups. The perpetrators are now in jail, but more persons are motivated to commit that sort of crime,” Blanhum said. There has been concern that some low-level bank employees may be colluding with the robbers, but Blanhum said that there was “no evidence that bank tellers are involved.” There have been at least nine attacks on persons leaving commercial banks between May 2016 and January 2017. Six of the victims, including one woman, were shot during the robberies which were committed by individuals in cars and motorcycles. At least six of the victims had done transactions at the Republic Bank’s Water Street and Camp Street branches. One victim was attacked after leaving the Demerara Bank Limited at Diamond, East Bank Demerara, and one after leaving Scotia Bank in Robb Street. On December 10, 2016, 29year-old contractor John Bryan uplifted some $3M from the Republic Bank in

Works on E.C.D. road-widening to restart in April The mobilization payment has been made, and the second phase of the stalled East Coast Demerara road-widening project is expected to begin in April of this year. This assurance was given by Public Infrastructure Minister, David Patterson, on Tuesday. “The contractor is mobilizing. They had said to us that they would be on site by the beginning of May. We said that that’s too late, so we’re asking them to be here, the latest, April 1, to start the work,” he said. The US$46M project was awarded to China Railway First Group Limited. The first phase of the project, which was the preparatory works, had been completed since 2015 at the cost of some G$500M. While the commencement of the second half of the project was on hold, the sand and other materials used in preparation of the expansion had been washing onto the existing road, leading many to believe that it was just a waste of tax dollars. However, Chief Roads and Bridges Officer of the Public Infrastructure

- Minister Patterson

Public Infrastructure Minister, David Patterson Ministry, Ron Rahaman, had defended the first phase of the project. “I wouldn’t say that it was a waste of money. Of course we would like the additional works to have come much faster, because it would’ve definitely worked better,” he noted. The East Coast Road Expansion Project was tainted by the findings of the

Auditor General for the years 2014 and 2015. The reports showed that a number of overpayments were made to the phase one contractors, under the People’s Progressive Party Civic government. When the Coalition Government took office, Minister Patterson announced that measures were put in place to ensure that the monies are repaid to the state. Actual payments are expected to begin this year. “All the issues that they had prior to us coming to office, were resolved,” the Minister told this newspaper. The East Coast roadwidening and improvement project caters for a section of the main thoroughfare between Better Hope and Belfield. (Rehana Ahamad)

Water Street. To ensure that he wasn’t being followed, Bryan said that he boarded a bus, and exited at Lamaha Street and it was then that he saw two men walking briskly behind. Suspecting that the men were robbers, the contractor ran into the Ministry of Finance compound. But the men pursued Bryan into the compound, shot him in the upper left thigh, and escaped with the cash in a white Toyota Premio, bearing registration number, PSS 4570. It was last December also, that businessman Kenneth Earle, 39, withdrew $4M from Scotia Bank on Robb Street, Georgetown. Accompanied by a friend, Earle was about to exit his vehicle at a Prince William Street, Plaisance, East Coast Demerara house, when two gunmen attacked them. The men discharged several rounds, hitting Earle to his legs. The robbers then relieved the injured man of his cash. Last January, Barbara Walrond uplifted a $2M payroll from the Republic Bank. A group of men in a car trailed her to her Meadowbrook home, shot her in the arm, and escaped with the payroll.

Also in January, gunmen snatched $1.5M, a loaded firearm and three smartphones, from 41-yearold Elda Belle. Richard Bellamy, who was transporting the woman, was shot in the left leg. Belle, a businesswoman in the mining sector, had uplifted the money from Republic Bank on Water Street. A few days later, Indranie Budhu, of 31 Chateau Margot, uplifted some $6M from Republic Bank’s Water Street branch. A taxi took her home, but as she was entering her yard, a man rushed in behind her and grabbed the money-bag. He fled in a car with an accomplice. In August 2014, dredge owner Shyrazadi Ragghu and his wife stopped at a traffic light at the Regent Street and Vlissengen Road junction.

Two gunmen on a CG motorcycle shot Mr. Ragghu dead, shot his wife in the right thigh, and escaped with his money. Jermaine Otto, 25, of 735 East Ruimveldt, Georgetown and Travis McDougall, were later charged with Ragghu’s murder. In April 2015, Fyuse Hussain, 64, a rice farmer and contractor, was shot in the head by bandits on a CG motorcycle. In June 2015 rice farmer, Hardat Kissoon, uplifted a sum of cash from a city bank. But a bandit posing as a passenger shot him dead in a minibus. It is believed that Kissoon was trailed by the bandit from a city bank to the Mahaica Bus Park after he had cashed a cheque. Two men were subsequently charged for Kissoon’s murder.


Friday February 17, 2017

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E.C.D. & E.B.D. road projects…

Govt. lost over $500M due to badly managed contracts Bad contract management of two projects – the East Bank Demerara four-lane extension programme and the East Coast of Demerara Highway improvement project - has cost government in excess of $543M. The contracts, which were awarded to Dipcon and Courtney Benn Contracting Services Limited, were subsequently terminated after the contractors alleged they were having cash flow problems. The two projects were funded by the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) and the Guyana Government and were budgeted to cost $5B. Works under both projects commenced on November 1,

2010 and were expected to be completed by the end of April 2013; both projects missed their deadline and works are still to be completed. At the most recent Public Accounts Committee (PAC) meeting it was revealed that these contractors were allowed to continue works even after their performance bonds had expired. In the case of the East Bank Demerara four-lane project, the contractor, Dipcon, was allowed to continue doing work although there was no performance bond to cover for potential liabilities. The relationship between the government and Dipcon soured and that contract was terminated on November 23,

2015, on the grounds that the contractor was not capable of completing the works due to financial reasons. That decision cost the government in excess of $163M, because there wasn’t an active bond in place at that time and works were incomplete. The contract was being supervised by M&M in collaboration with CEMCO. On this and a number of other issues, PAC Chairman Irfaan Ali sought answers on why such poor contract management prevailed, although these problems were flagged. Chief Roads and Bridges Officer of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Ron Rahaman told the PAC Chairman that the termination was amicable and the

remaining works are now being undertaken by two new contractors. Ali said that he was not interested in the amicability of the settlement but rather, the exorbitant cost the settlement incurred. Strangely the two firms, M&M Consultancy and CEMCO, which supervised the East Bank project, are still being used by the ministry. This did not go down well with the Chairman. “Why would you give them other contracts when there were such blatant violations in contract management?” he asked. Ali then enquired about what actions were taken against the ministry’s employees who were overseeing the project, and learnt that nothing was done. Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Emil McGarrel, at this juncture explained that because the project was funded by the IDB, there are no penalties for non performance, only termination can be enforced. Ali said that although the performance bond for this project expired while the project was alive, nothing was done by the consultants or the Ministry of Public Infrastructure. The PS explained that the contractor (Dipcon) was written to on numerous occasions and gave assurances that it would get its affairs in order. This did not

happen, and the ministry took a decision to pull the contract. This then created a conundrum; in that because there was no performance bound in place at the time of the termination, there were very few options, if any, that could have been used to recover the $163M. The Chairman then instructed McGarrel to provide copies of the letters that were written to Dipcon and to the Auditor General. The Permanent Secretary said that his ministry has been clamoring for penalties to be included in IDB consultancy contracts, since this is a glaring omission that allows poor performing consultants to get a free pass. The PS noted that this then places the burden on the ministry to absorb that loss rather than the consultants. EAST COAST On the East Coast of Demerara Highway project works were done in seven lots; Lot one was contracted to Dipcon to the value of $468M. That lot is the stretch of road from Better Hope to Montrose, and this contract was terminated by the ministry citing a breach in contractual obligations. The Auditor General found that at the time of termination, the contactor owed the government $81.570M, and that there was no evidence that this money was paid by Dipcon. The

company in turn hauled the government before the High Court claiming that the termination of that contract was unfair. On Lot 3, which was being done by Courtney Benn Contracting Services, and is the stretch of road from La Bonne Intention to Beterverwagting, the Auditor General found that the contractor had simply abandoned the site. There were no personnel or equipment present and the contractor had already collected 76 percent of the monetary value of that project, when it should have been 50 percent. When a valuation was done on the works that were completed, it was found that the contractor was overpaid by some $120M; the government has only been repaid $10M to date. Then as if that was not enough, an advance payment to the same contractor who was responsible for lot four, a different stretch of road, and there was an overpayment of a whopping $132M. The government was only able to recoup $10M; things were no different with the lot 5 (Triumph to Mon Repos) the same contractor was over paid by $32.892M, none of which has been recovered. And all this time the Contractors and the consultants were allowed to continue to provide unacceptable services and were even collecting excess monies for their efforts. Both the East Bank and East Coast road projects are still to be completed.


Friday February 17, 2017

Kaieteur News

GRA warns businesses not CXC being considered as permanent to charge customers $10 alternative to set nurses’ exam environmental bottle tax - Minister Cummings

The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has warned local manufacturers and importers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and water that the ‘Environmental Levy’ of $10 being applied to non-returnable bottles which came into effect on February 1, 2017 must not be applied to Tax Invoices and receipts given to customers as an additional charge to them. The levy is in accordance with amendments to Section 7A (1) of the Customs Act which states as follows: “Notwithstanding anything in this Act or in any other written law, there shall be raised, levied and collected a levy in this section referred

to as an environmental levy, at a rate of ten dollars on every non- returnable unit of metal, plastic or glass container of any alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage or water, whether imported, locally manufactured or produced in Guyana.” In addition, Section 7A (2) states “Except as otherwise provided, the importer, local manufacturer or producer of any beverage or water referred to in subsection (1) shall pay the levy to the Commissioner-General in relation to: (a) goods imported and not warehoused; (b) goods imported and warehoused and removed from the warehouse;

(c) goods manufactured or produced in Guyana and removed from the warehouse, factory, bond, or other place of storage Notwithstanding the above, the GRA has received reports that the levy is being shown to customers separately on their bills when purchases are made. “The GRA wishes to make it clear that this levy is applicable only to the importer, manufacturer, or producer of such goods, in accordance with Section 7A (2), and not the consumer of the goods. This means that businesses including supermarkets, distributors, retailers, etc must not charge the environmental levy and should not show this on the bill given to customers, as this will be in violation of the law.” As such, GRA requests that all businesses guilty of this practice desist from doing so immediately.

With a cloud of suspicion hanging over the Guyana Nursing Council, the Ministry of Public Health is currently considering bringing on board the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) to prepare Professional Nurses State Final Examinations in the future. This disclosure was made on Wednesday by Minister within the Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Karen Cummings, during an interview with this publication. In much the same way as the Ministry of Education has been relying on CXC to improve its Mathematics performance at the National Grade Six Assessment level, Minister Cummings said, “That is the route we want to go for the nurses exams.” This development comes on the heels of an ongoing investigation to identify those who are culpable for leaking the 2016 State Final Examination which was conducted in October of last year. It is believed that person or persons within the Council - which has long had the mandate to prepare examinations for the country’s nursing schools were involved in leaking the examination. This state of affairs is currently engaging the attention of the Guyana Police Force. In fact an investigation into the matter had caused the nursing students to be in limbo since the completion of the examination. But last week Senior Minister of Public Health, Ms. Volda Lawrence, announced that student nurses who participated in the 2016 State final will on February 21, 2017 be required to re-sit Paper

One of the examination. She had revealed that the paper one or multiple choice segment of the examination was leaked. In light of the situation and the concerns that officials within the Nursing Council could be involved, a decision was made for the Ministry of Education to instead prepare the substitute examination. In essence, “The Ministry of Education will act on behalf the Ministry of Public Health to engage its personnel to prepare multiple choice questions; to administer those questions [and] to have a group of persons recruited to mark the essay part of those questions,” Minister Lawrence disclosed. She, however noted that the Nursing Council will be required to provide tutoring sessions for the nursing students since “not all of the students who wrote the 2016 examination were able to complete both parts, so it will only be those students who have written the multiple choice aspect of the examinations...” According to the Minister, based on the numbers from the Nursing Council, approximately 150 students will be required to re-sit the examination. It is expected that the results of the examination will be presented to the Public Health Ministry and the declaration of the results will be done no later than March 2, 2017. But according to Minister Cummings, while the Public Health Ministry has relied on the Education Ministry to set this examination, a permanent alternative is being considered. “Because of what has

Junior Minister of Public Health, Dr. Karen Cummings happened we have no confidence in the Nursing Council, even the students don’t have confidence in the Nursing Council. This is the first time that it is being exposed like this, but even before it seems that this has been going on,”Minister Cummings reflected. This exposure, she disclosed, will understandably “Put the [student] nurses in a very uncomfortable situation; there are [student] nurses who would have studied, and it is unfair to them too that they have to re-sit. So we are working as a team...what we are doing is for all Guyanese. We want to make it better for both the students and the teachers,” the Public Health Minister asserted. But in order to effectively address the situation, Minister Cummings stressed, “We are going to go the Caribbean way. We have to get a new curriculum and we will have to work on that new curriculum. We will need both the students and tutors to improve if we are to have that regional standard. They have to be au fait, so we have to train them so that we can roll out the curriculum,” she added.

Friday February 17, 2017


Kaieteur News

AFC rejects Mayor’s attack on Sherod Duncan Mayor of Georgetown, Patricia Chase-Green, was recently chided by the Alliance For Change (AFC) for her “unwarranted attack” on Deputy Mayor and AFC member, Sherod Duncan. In a missive to the media, the party said that it is both alarmed and disturbed by reports that the Mayor sought to blame Duncan for taking misinformation to the public on the parking meter contract and causing civil unrest. The party went on to state that an attack on Duncan is, invariably, an attack on the AFC. The AFC insisted that it is unquestionably the initial and continued secrecy, lack of transparency surrounding the contract, the bad negotiating, lack of consultation with the people and poor implementation, which are among the main reasons for the widespread rejection of the metered parking initiative. The Party said, “It is the view of the party that it is in fact the Mayor along with the Town Clerk and those who were secretly involved in negotiating and signing off on this sordid contract, who must take responsibility rather than seek to cast blame elsewhere.” Speaking with this newspaper recently, Duncan

- but City Council claims there was no aggression

Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan weighed in on the behaviour of the Mayor. He said, “I think the Mayor has not done well to represent the coalition at the local government level. Her tirade at our recent Statutory Meeting is unfortunate as well as her actions as regards the parking meter contract.” The Deputy Mayor said that Chase-Green over the last few months has been deliberate in locking the AFC Councilors out of caucuses. He added, “And like her actions on many other issues, we have to be surprised by events when we go to Council meetings to transact the people’s business.” Duncan stressed that the recent Statutory Meeting was no different. He explained that the Mayor led a move to

suspend the Standing Orders to deliberate on, what in the view of some, were “untruths” being peddled in the media, and very subjectively so. He stressed that a fundamental right in democratic societies, is the right to a fair hearing and associated with that is the right to time to prepare a defence. “So the Standing Orders were suspended to discuss the parking meter amendments, but the only copy of the alleged amendments in the Chamber was a copy of the one the Mayor had,” Duncan pointed out. He said that this has often been the style of the Mayor; to discuss documents, copies of which she alone would have possession. Duncan said that even the By-laws travelled the same course. The Deputy Mayor said, “Seventy pages of By-laws arrived out of nowhere and we’re to tweak and move along. This is not good enough. The Mayor has to have a different approach to the people’s business.” While the AFC has spoken against the Mayor’s

Food and Drug laws for major upgrade this year The Food and Drug Act of 1971 which covers food, drugs, cosmetic and therapeutic or medical devices regulation is expected to be amended this year. This archaic document, according to a Government statement, is expected to be adjusted to bring changes for the implementation carried out by the Government Analyst Food and Drug Department (GA-FDD). Director of the GA-FDD, Marlon Cole, explained that this is among other major goals that the department will be working towards during the course of 2017. The official said that the Ministry of Public Health has lent tremendous support in coining these objectives, which will prompt the department to work towards achieving them in the shortest possible time. “Now the Act, we would do so quickly in terms of revising the Act and ensure that we have coverage for some areas because the Act has been (in existence) since 1971. There wasn’t any upgrade (since), then, only relative to the fees, but there

(are) some section(s) of it where we are hoping to ensure that we are now a corporate body and therefore we (would) have a little more flexibility in terms of doing things and carrying out our mandate,” Cole explained. The Act governs the GAFDD’s outdated laws which generally do not apply to the modern state of the country. This does not allow the department to function effectively since most orders and regulations only speak for a time past. Another major goal of the GA-FDD set to be achieved is the accreditation of all testing labs attached to the department. “You would see the food and drug department laboratories being accredited according to the ISO 17025 standard, meaning what (ever) documentation we produce, what analysis we do, and we issue a certificate from the laboratory, (that) would be accepted in the international community because we would have subjected ourselves to the process of the ISO standard, and therefore, when we issue a document, it would be

recognised globally,” Cole added. In most major countries, ISO 17025 is the standard for which most laboratories must hold accreditation to be deemed technically competent. Originally known as ISO/IEC Guide 25, ISO/ IEC 17025 was initially issued by the International Organisation for Standardisation in 1999. Additionally, the commencement of construction of the new GAFDD complex is projected for this year. The total cost for constructing and equipping the building is $130.7M. The construction of a laboratory and administrative building for the Food and Drug Department will cost $110M. The $20.7M will be used to procure laboratory supplies, quality control aids and proficiency testing materials.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

disposition, the City Council issued a statement on Wednesday stating that there was no attack on Duncan. The Council reminded that under the Municipal District and Councils Act Chapter 28:01, the Mayor has the right and the authority to encourage members of the council to conduct themselves in a way that would lead to the development and progress of the Council and the city as a

Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green whole. Moreover, the Council said that it is

governed by a system of laws, regulations and standing orders; and members ought to faithfully adhere to and comply with these Statutory and legal arrangements. The Council said, “Also, this very Act gives the Mayor the authority and tools to address inappropriate behaviour and actions of members. No one attacked the Deputy Mayor at that Statutory or any other meeting of the Council.” The Council said that remains fully committed to its decisions and actions to improve conditions in Georgetown.


Friday February 17, 2017

Kaieteur News

City Hall ordered to give reasons why Police arrest British parking meter shouldn’t be scrapped visitor following Even as members of the public continue to cry outrage at the controversial parking meter project, Chief Justice (Ag), Yonette CummingsEdwards has granted an ‘Order Nisi,’ to quash the decision of Mayor and City Council & Town Clerk to enter into a contract with Smart City Solutions (SCS) Incorporated, unless they can give just cause why it should be so. The decision was handed down at the Georgetown High Court, yesterday. According to the document seen by this newspaper, the court ruled in favour of an application by Mahendra Arjune. Arjune‘s Attorney Kamal Ramcharan presented the application and submissions and the order was granted. The Chief Judge specifically granted an order to quash the agreement made on May 13, 2016. The court ruled that the amendments must be made to the establishment of parking meters in the city of Georgetown with Smart City Solution Inc., and all the things thereafter which flowed from that decision unless the defendant, Mayor and City Council of Georgetown (M&CC), shows cause against quashing the decision. The Court also granted an order nisi to quash the decision by the M&CC to empower the Town Clerk to sign and operationalise contracts with SCS Inc., for the establishment of parking meters and all acts of things done or caused to be done or

drug find

Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green flowing from the decisions of the M&CC and the Town Clerk, unless reason is given against rescinding that decision. The order was granted to cancel the agreement by the M&CC and anyone acting on their behalf to, except persons or categories of persons paying fees for parking in the city of Georgetown and being subject to penalties of such. The M&CC is therefore instructed to show cause why this decision should not be quashed. The application is now set for hearing on February 27 before Justice Brassington Reynolds at the Supreme Court. Parties involved in the matter were warned that failure to comply with the order will result in them being held in contempt. The M&CC had signed the contract with SCS on May 13, 2016.

Chief Justice (Ag), Yonette Cummings-Edwards

The contract gave the company exclusive rights to conduct paid public parking within Georgetown and includes the installation of parking meters. According to the contract, “The City Hall shall support and facilitate any application or process the concessionaire (SCS) may pursue to secure exemption from income, corporation, VAT (value added tax), capital gains and all other levies, taxes, duties, cesses or other imposition of similar nature in respect of the importation, use and operation of any equipment and materials, including but not limited to, any unit or part of the Metered Parking System imported by the concessionaire for purposes of initialisation and on-going operation of the project.” The company has been afforded a number of sole and absolute discretions also. These include SCS having the

power to establish distinct and multiple geographic Parking Zones within the territory of the City which shall be subject to distinct Metered Parking Fees and Parking Fines. This process, however, must be accompanied by the company demonstrating the basis and justification for the distinctions within any relevant study to be provided to the City Council. Further, the company can begin charging for parking beyond 19:00hrs. This can be done in places classified as “nocturnal areas” which are typically frequented during evening hours. The contract was signed by Mayor Patricia ChaseGreen, Town Clerk Royston King, and Councillor Junior Garrett on behalf of the council. Signatories for the company are Chairman and Director of SCS Simon Moshesvilli and Director Ifagbamila Kamau Cush. Cush is no longer employed with the parking meter company.

KINGSTON, Jamaica, CMC –A British woman is scheduled to appear in court in the second city of Montego Bay next week Monday after she was arrested by the police late We d n e s d a y at the Sangster International Airport. The police report that the 22-year-old woman from Birmingham, England was held she was found with cocaine and marijuana, as she was

about to check in on a flight to Frankfurt Germany. The police say they found the drugs wrapped in tins wrapped foil paper and transparent plastic bags. Tw o o f t h e 4 0 t i n s were opened and one contained cocaine and the other with six pounds of ganja. She is facing six counts of breaching the Dangerous Drugs Act.

Block maker charged.. From page 12 Duncan was represented by Attorney-at–Law Jerome Khan, who told the court that his client suffers from a medical condition which diminishes his cognitive capacity which as a result, makes him suffer from epilepsy a n d h a v e f r e q u e n t seizures. Khan further stated that as a result of his client’s condition, the man is subjected to constant torment and taunts by persons in the area, including the now deceased Glasgow. He said that on the day in question, Duncan was going fishing with some friends in the Tabatinga R i v e r, w h e n G l a s g o w came out of his yard and attacked his client with a fork after taunting him about his medical condition.

Khan stated that in return his client took out a knife from his pocket and defended himself. During the ordeal the two men fell to the ground and it was then that his client stabbed Glasgow. The man immediately after stabbing Glasgow picked up the knife and fork and took them to the Lethem Police Station and made a report. He was then arrested and charged for the offence. Khan stated that there are eyewitnesses who told the Police exactly what the accused told them transpired. Khan also told the court that his client is under medical care which is being conducted by two well-known psychiatrists. The father of two will make his next court appearance on February 16 before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan.

Court holds emergency sitting after Govt. argues... (From page 7) stands to lose billions of dollars if the Court does not discharge the Order Nisi. He also stated that Mr. James would suffer no harm if the temporary order was discharged. DUTY BOUND However, Kissoon, in his replies, made it clear that no urgency could trump illegality, and accordingly the court was duty bound to review the merits of the matter. He noted that the tender evaluation process took more than nine months to be completed, after bids were opened by the NPTAB since February last year, and accordingly, there could not be a real and sudden urgency. He also quoted a critical supervising engineer’s report of CMC’s past work in Guyana and with GPL which criticized the Chinese

company’s performance on a US$40M sub-station, transmission lines and submarine cable project. He said this and other reasons would compel the court to quash the award for the benefit of the country. Kissoon had previously argued that the decision to award the contract to CMC in no way benefits the public since the tendered sum is $lB higher than Fix-It’s tender potentially resulting in a waste of taxpayers’ funds. The amount that CMC would be getting, he had said, is 25 percent higher than the engineer’s estimate. Kissoon argued that not only was the proper administrative route not taken but that in any event, the proper evaluation process was not followed. He stated that Mr. James was harmed since not only was there an illegality, but in any event, the

Order Nisi seeks to have GPL reconsider its decision to disqualify Fix it. The Chief Justice declined to discharge the Order Nisi and ordered that the Attorney General serve his affidavit before the afternoon was out and that Kissoon reply by 10am today. NO SENSE Meanwhile, according to the affidavit in response to the claims of irregularities made by Fix-It, the Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry, Balraj Balram in court documents submitted yesterday afternoon noted that the local Procurement Act could not have been breached, as the evaluation process used was according to IDB rules. The PS argued that it would make no sense if the court went ahead and granted an order to overturn the award to CMC, since this would only

result in the contract having to be re-tendered, a process which would last a minimum of six months, and which would result in Guyana losing the money. Asking that the court discharge the temporary orders, Balram also argued that there is no evidence suggesting any impropriety by some of the respondents, as is the claim. Fix-It, which partnered with Colombian-owned Enrique Lourido, contended in its court action that the award for the project was made arbitrarily, “unreasonably, irrationally, unlawfully, illegally, erroneously, in bad faith and in breach of the rules of natural justice” and was procedurally improper, unfair, and unreasonable without the requisite transparency by failing sufficiently to disclose contract award criteria and

weightings in advance and by failing to properly apply those criteria which were disclosed. The project is part of a bigger one to improve the efficiency of GPL and has been generating attention locally, not only because of the billions of dollars involved, but with questions raised over the procedures to evaluate the bidders. The tenders of the rehabilitation project had been opened since February last year, and were only reportedly granted Cabinet’s no-objection late last year– more than nine months later. Fix-It and its partner came in the lowest, but were disqualified and later told they had not done enough work to the required value. The award to the Chinese company had raised eyebrows, since the company was involved in the

construction of seven substations, running new high powered transmissions along the coastland and the laying of two submarine cables across the Demerara and Berbice Rivers. The cable which was laid across the Demerara River was damaged in July under unknown circumstances. This left the East Demerara and Berbice areas without additional power being supplied by the new Vreeden-Hoop power station for a number of months. It was only fixed, recently. A key report by CEMCO, the local engineering company that supervised that project, had criticized the quality of work of CMC, including the laying of the submarine cable in the Demerara River. CMC was described in the CEMCO report as a spare parts company.

Friday February 17, 2017


Kaieteur News

Phone card vendor’s wife breaks down as accused killers appear in court By Malisa Playter Harry Relatives and friends showed up at the Whim Magistrates Court to face the men accused of cold bloodedly murdering Danian Jagdeo, a phone card vendor and father of four, on February 4, last. The accused, Mark Doman aka “Mikey”, 22, of 190 Nigg Settlement; Shannon Batson, 24, a father of one of Hampshire, Topoo Village; Abdul Salam Azimullah aka “Sato”,34, of 183 Hampshire Village; Zaheer Abdul aka “Marlon”, 28, of New Scheme Adelphi, East Canje, Berbice and Satesh Bhudramaka “Baba”, 19, a painter employed with his father, of 70 C Hampshire Village, Corentyne, Berbice, all appeared before Magistrate Charlyn Artiga to answer to the charge of murder of Jagdeo, during the course of a robbery. They were not required to plead to the indictable charge. Mark Doman was represented by Attorney Chandra Sohan who stood in for Attorney Mursaline Bacchus. Satesh Budhram was also represented by Sohan. However, both men, who were appearing in court for the first time, lodged a complaint with the guidance of their lawyer that they were allegedly beaten by ranks. Budhram stated that he was picked up and taken to the Albion Estate road where he was reportedly beaten, while Doman told the court that he was beaten at the Whim Police Station. Abdul Salam Azimullah, who was represented by Attorneys

Tonya Clemence Warren and Kim Kyte (Kyte was absent) also lodged a complaint that he was brutalised by ranks at the Albion and Whim Police Stations. Zaheer Abdul who was unrepresented also related to the court that he was picked up by police and taken to a dam at Tain Village and was allegedly given a sound thrashing as well. He reportedly sustained injuries and was allegedly denied medical attention. However, Magistrate Artiga endorsed the warrant to receive medical attention. Batson who was also unrepresented alleged that he was picked up and taken to the Rose Hall Outpost and the Whim Police Station where he was beaten by the Police and received injuries to his chin and ribs, he accused the police of firing three gunshots near his head. The complaints were noted by the Magistrate. Prosecutor Phillip Sheriff told the court that a statement is still outstanding, while both Attorneys requested to make applications for statements to be disclosed. The men who stood in the prisoners’ dock with a look of defiance were all remanded to prison until March 6. As the accused exited the courtroom and made their way down the steps to the police vehicle, the dead man’s relatives, including his wife Mary Jagdeo and his sister were inconsolable. The devastated wife screamed and shouted through her tears, “Why you kill him, he never trouble nobody, you use to come at

*************** Pic filed as satesh bhudram Caption: Remanded: Satesh Bhudram Pic filed as Shannon Batson (in white) and Zaheer Abdul Caption: Remanded: Shannon Batson (in white) and Zaheer Abdul Pic filed as mark doman Caption: Remanded: Mark Doman Pic filed as angry wife Caption: Mary Jagdeo (second from right) being held by a relative, while the dead man’s sister (second from left) is also restrained. Pic filed as danian jagdeo Caption: Shot dead: Danian Jagdeo

he house every Saturday and now you tek way from me, I can’t live without him, wha’ you kill he fuh?” She was directing her comments to one of the accused who would normally frequent Jagdeo’s home as a friend of his. The dead man’s sister angrily yelled to the men “all y’all are pigs, it’s not gonna go down just like that...justice for my brother will

be served”. Danian Jagdeo’s life was cut short during a robbery committed on him by an armed bandit at Adv e n t u r e Vi l l a g e , C o r e n t y n e , Berbice. He was shot three times and was robbed of phone cards and cash. The gunman and an accomplice rode off on a motorcycle with the

loot, while Jagdeo lay lifeless on the floor of the shop he was in. The men reportedly abandoned their motorcycle and were picked up by a car bearing licence plate number PVV 9465 with the slang “Thug Passion” on the windscreen of the vehicle. Due to diligent work by the ranks in ‘B’ Division, the suspects were all arrested.

GWI hosts research training for regional managers The Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) will later this year be hosting a five-day conference and exhibition at the Guyana Marriott Hotel in Kingston, Georgetown. The event is slated to be held on October 15. With this in mind, the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) wants the individuals representing Guyana at this event to be fully capable of doing, preparing and presenting proper research documents. In this regard, the company yesterday commenced two days of training at its Vlissengen Road, Georgetown office. The sessions are being facilitated by brothers, Dr. Colwick Wilson and Dr. Leon Wilson. Dr. Colwick Wilson achieved his Bachelors of Arts in Theology in 1983 from Caribbean Union College/ University of Southern Caribbean and his Masters in Sociology and Counseling from the University Of Michigan. He also acquired his PhD in Philosophy from the same University, and is

also involved in teaching, community outreach programmes and public speaking. Dr. Leon Wilson is an internationally recognized educator, statistician and researcher. He currently serves as the Interim President of Alabama State University in the United States. Managing Director of the Guyana Water Incorporated, Dr. Richard Van West-Charles told the trainees that their ability to execute effective research will not only help them at the upcoming conference, but will also assist GWI in making better decisions, especially in relation to the deployment of resources. “If we want the board to be effective in its decision making, in the formulation and approval of policies, we have to be evidence-based. Policy formulation, without the base of evidence, takes us down slippery slopes, with misallocation of resources and wastage of money that a country like Guyana really

(From left) GWI’s Managing Director Dr. Richard Van West-Charles, with facilitators Dr. Colwick Wilson and Dr. Leon Wilson needs,” Dr. Van West-Charles pointed out. He frowned at the fact that many of the companies in the country do not pursue research as a mainstream activity. “As we continue on the programme budgeting line, in every region, there must be a component of research that must be funded.” Dr. Van West-Charles believes that the full-fledged research components will not

only help GWI make better decisions, but it will also better the lives of customers all across the country. “We need to have a feel of how our customers receive our service and how they appreciate that service. So, the customer service staff throughout the country must have the skills and competencies to be able to conduct customer satisfaction survey, exit interviews…to give

feedback.” The GWI head noted that such studies would even help the water company to ensure equity in the distribution of its services. “That’s where research starts…the questions, the unanswered questions.” During the forum, members of the Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association are expected to discuss the treatment of wastewater. At present,

Guyana is not equipped to treat its wastewater and since the country, particularly the city, is prone to flooding, it remains a serious health hazard. On Tuesday, when Ch i n e s e Ambassador Jianchun Cui visited City Hall, he promised officials there that assistance would come from the Chinese Government for Guyana to manage and treat its wastewater.


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Friday February 17, 2017

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Friday February 17, 2017


Kaieteur News

Govt. launches crucial EITI Multi-Stakeholder Group By Kiana Wilburg While there are a few more stages left to go through, Guyana certainly made significant headway on Wednesday as it relates to its application for membership to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). At the Umana Yana, members of the Government, Diplomatic Corps and civil society gathered for the launching of Guyana’s very own EITI Multi-stakeholder Group (MSG). This is one of the requirements for Guyana to make it into the EITI fold. Speaking to the importance of the initiative was Dr. Rudy Jadoopat, National Coordinator of Guyana’s EITI Secretariat. Jadoopat said that EITI brings together a number of groups. He said that these include oil and gas companies, representatives of government, local and international stakeholders and assessment management companies. The National Director stressed that the objective of the EITI is to bring international and acceptable standards for transparency to the oil, gas and mining sector. Jadoopat said that commitment to the initiative indicates that government continues to advance towards the institutionalization of transparency and accountability. He thanked the Ministry of Natural Resources and representatives of the civil society who were all instrumental in the successful launching of the MSG. The National Director

Dr. Rudy Jadoopat said, “EITI creates opportunities for the building of trust among stakeholders and indeed the community at large. Companies are required to disclose what they pay to government and the government must in turn disclose what receipts from the companies are made. The reconciliation of these figures will become a key responsibility of the GEITI.” Jadoopat stressed that the EITI principles underline the importance of transparency by governments and companies in the extractive industries and the need to enhance public financial management and accountability. In this regard, he said that Guyana committed to the implementation of EITI, and so its government knowingly committed to high standards of accountability in public life. STATUS UPDATE Adherence to, and the implementation of EITI as part

Minister Raphael Trotman

of a menu of good governance measures, is important for Guyana’s economic and social development. The initiative requires governments in participating countries to disclose revenues earned and that oil, gas and mining companies share data on payments made. These figures are then compared to discover any discrepancies, and the information made public as a way to foster public scrutiny and greater accountability over natural resource profits earned by governments. To do this, a Multi-Stakeholder Group comprising representatives of government, civil society and industry is formed to facilitate and drive the process. The Multi-stakeholder group is central to the operation and philosophy of the EITI. According to the National Director, an interim body has been formed and is managed

by a steering committee. He said, too, that Guyana has already satisfied a number of requirements. Jadoopat said however that there are still a few steps which need to be completed. These include; adapting the terms of reference of the MSG, determining the materiality and scope; to review and finalize a draft work plan; to prepare a communication strategy and plan for it; and to review and ensure the finalization of the scoping study which was commissioned and prepared by a consulting firm etc. The National Director assured that the Secretariat will provide support to the MSG. THE GEITI -MSG Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman who also gave an update on Guyana’s status thus far, said that the GEITI –MSG is a primary body which will be responsible for overseeing and coordinating the successful

implementation of the global EITI standards. The Minister said that the body will provide and establish a framework to promote collaboration and consensus building in implementing the EITI accordingly. He said that the grouping is a true demonstration of inclusivity and transparency as all stakeholders are represented at the table. Trotman said that this includes government, civil society and industry. With four members and equivalent alternates on the MSG, Trotman remarked that the Government will be represented by high level officers from the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Finance and the Guyana Revenue Authority. He revealed that the GEITI will be chaired by the Ministry of Natural Resources. “The Government has approached the EITI process

with a commitment to transparency and openness as well as a recognition, acceptance and a deliberate effort to foster the truth that the resources of Guyana belong to every Guyanese in equal measure,” asserted Trotman. “This EITI initiative has the potential to bring significant benefits to the Guyanese economy through increased accountability and transparency, translating into more informed policy debates and guidance on managing our resource endowments,” Trotman said. He added, “It also has the potential to increase the potential of investor confidence and enhance Guyana’s reputation as a sound investment destination. This process joins a suite of initiatives that this government has committed to and is actively pursuing to strengthen public institutions and systems for managing resources and revenues from the extractive sector.” The politician noted that efforts to find a suitable standalone location for the EITI secretariat have already commenced. Trotman also stated that hiring of additional support staff for the Secretariat has already started. He hopes to have a full staff for it before the end of the first half of the year. Trotman said, too, that in the coming weeks, there will be an outreach programme to engage the public on all matters of importance and interest within the natural resources sector.

62 clerks start work to digitise 148 years of birth, marriage, death certificates Minister of Citizenship Winston Felix, on Wednesday, charged the 62 data entry clerks at the General Register Office (GRO) in Guyana Post Office Corporation building, Robb Street, to make accuracy and speed their watchwords, as plans move apace to digitise the agency’s records and create a national database. At the meeting, the Minister said the clerks are currently being trained to enter births, deaths, marriages and adoption records from 1987 to as far back as 1869 into a database that aims to ensure the more efficient functioning of the GRO. “This project is important to Guyana in terms of improving the efficiency of the GRO… The first benefit from [digitising] these records since 1869 is that you ought to be able to print a birth certificate and we ought to be able to search for a name electronically … Once [a person] is registered, the record will be here,” Minister Felix said. He also said that the overall aim of the project is to ensure that each citizen has one identification card that will capture all relevant information from birth to death and that will

include biometric information such as fingerprints and possibly retinal scans that will erase the need for additional forms of identification such as a National Insurance Scheme (NIS) card and a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). “The input of the data is really the first stage in digitising the birth records … after the records have been digitised, from there we will proceed to producing a printed birth certificate and hopefully from there, each citizen will get a unique number, and as a result of that, we’ll be able to digitise the records and have it on your National Identification Card,” he said. The two-year project, which started on February 1, 2016, is expected to officially begin next week, once training for staff is completed and the database server is fully operational. Deputy General Registrar, Louis Crawford; Dawn Britton, Head of Operations; Rajnish Parmar, Programme Manager, Information Technology (IT); Ian Lambert, Systems Administrator IT Department, and Computer Engineers; Ricky Chan and Shivanand Willie, also attended the meeting.

Minister of Citizenship Winston Felix (standing at right) listens to a data entry clerk as she explains how she verifies her data before inputting it in the database while Deputy General Registrar, Louis Crawford (standing in background ) looks on.


Friday February 17, 2017

Kaieteur News

On a ‘Day Without Immigrants,’ Workers Show Their Presence by Staying Home

Demonstrators, including immigrants and students from Science Park High School, protested on Thursday outside the Hall of Records in Newark. CreditChristopher Occhicone for The New York Times New York Times - It first spread on social media, rippling through immigrant communities like the opposite of fear and rumor: a call to boycott. In the New York region and around the country, many cooks, carpenters, plumbers and grocery store owners decided to answer it and not work on Thursday as part of a national “day without immigrants” in protest of the Trump administration’s policies toward them. The protest called for immigrants, whether naturalized citizens or undocumented, to stay home from work or school, close their businesses and abstain from shopping. People planned for it in restaurant staff meetings, on construction sites and on commuter buses, but the movement spread mostly on Facebook and via WhatsApp, the messaging service. No national group organized the action. “It’s like the Arab Spring,” said Manuel Castro, the executive director of NICE, the New Immigrant Community Empowerment, which works primarily with Hispanic immigrant day labourers in Jackson Heights, Queens. “Our members were coming to us, asking what the plan was. Frankly, it kind of came out of nowhere.” But what began as a grass-roots movement quickly reached the highest levels of federal government. In Washington, the Pentagon warned its employees that a number of its food concessions, including Sbarro’s, Starbucks and Taco Bell, were closed because immigrant employees had stayed home and that they could expect longer lines at restau-

rants that were open. Restaurants, from San Francisco to Phoenix to Washington, D.C., were some of the most visible spots affected, with well-known chefs closing some of their eateries for the day in support. Rick Bayless, the Chicago chef and owner of the Frontera Grill, announced on social media that he was closing several of his restaurants “out of respect” for his staff’s vote to suport the action. Continue reading the main story Some schools and childcare centers across the country experienced a drop in attendance. At KIPP Austin Comunidad, a majority-Hispanic charter school in Austin, Tex., one teacher posted on Twitter that only seven of her 26 students came to school on Thursday. “Some of our school buses were coming to school with two and four children on them,” said Sarah Gonzales, a second-grade bilingual teacher at the school. “Nothing like this has ever happened before.” By the end of the day, the KIPP Austin Public Schools network executive director, Steven Epstein, said only 60 percent of students attended its 10 schools with 5,000 students. Usually the attendance rate is 98 percent or above. More than half of all students stayed home from schools in Mendota, Calif, a small city California’s Central Valley, where undocumented immigrants make up the vast majority of agricultural workers. Cary Catalano, a spokesman for the school district, said that while school officials had heard of the protest beforehand, they did not ex-

pect so many of the roughly 3,300 students to be absent. At Siler City Elementary School in rural North Carolina, where 65 percent of the school population is Hispanic, 263 of the 662 students were absent on Thursday. Just 18 were absent on Wednesday, said John McCann a spokesman for the county school district. In the Hasidic neighborhood of Borough Park, Brooklyn, some customers noticed the absence of the usual Latino immigrant employees at their local stores. “I thought, ‘Oy, my coffee will not be as good as any day,’ but I felt, ‘good for them, they are standing up for their rights” said Rabbi Joel Labin, 34, a writer and activist who shopped at Center Fresh market. “We grew up with these stories. I hear from my grandparents the issue of immigration from Europe. I feel like it’s kind of my story, too.” The action was not limited to Hispanic immigrants: In several blocks in Midwood, Brooklyn, virtually all stores were shuttered on Thursday, as part of a protest planned by Pakistani shop owners. There, an auto repair shop on Coney Island Avenue posted a handmade sign on its pulled-down metal shutter: “We Are Immigrants.” The driver of a discount shuttle bus outside the Port Authority Bus Terminal, Sam Ahmad, originally from Egypt, said on Wednesday night that he was not going to work on Thursday and many members of his mosque in New Jersey would not, either. Asked why, Mr. Ahmad, 57, said, “Because that crazy guy,” he said, referring to President Trump. “Because I’m Muslim and I got a lot of family here.

Friday February 17, 2017


Kaieteur News

Government allocates funds for project to reduce HIV KINGSTON, Jamaica, CMC – The Andrew Holnessled administration has allocated just under J$500-million towards the HIV Prevalence in Most-at-Risk Population Reduced Project. The initiative seeks to increase safer sex practices and improve attitudes and behaviours among vulnerable high-risk groups; and reduce HIV transmission by delaying sexual initiation, promoting abstinence, and increasing condom use among sexually active adolescents. Other objectives of the projct include reducing the stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV/AIDS and finalising and disseminating the National HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy. As of last June, 226 Men-who- have-sex-withMen (MSM) received HIV testing and counselling services and received their test results; 741 MSM were reached with individual and/ or small group level HIV preventative interventions. Also, 348 Female Sex

Workers (FSWs) received HIV testing and counselling services and received their test results; and 970 FSWs were reached with individual and/or small group level HIV preventative interventions. In addition, 326 adults and children were enrolled in antiretroviral therapy; 7,669 adults and children began receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART); and 5,095 ART patients had a viral load result documented in the medical record within the past 12 months. Some 6,815 HIV-positive adults and children received at least one of the following during the reporting period: clinical assessment; CD4 count to evaluate the immune system; or a viral load test, which measures the HIV virus particles in a millilitre of blood. For the new fiscal year, the programme seeks to reach 634 MSM with individual and/or small group level HIV preventative interventions; reach 409 FSWs in small group interventions; return test result to at least 562 MSM and 368 FSWs, who did

HIV testing and counselling. Other plans include enrolling an additional 611 adults and children

on antiretroviral therapy; and maintaining care of the 12,278 adults and children on

antiretroviral therapy. The funding for the project is outlined in the 2017-18 Esti-

mates of Expenditure now before the House of Representatives.


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Friday February 17, 2017

Friday February 17, 2017

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Opposition prepares for court over non-appointment of Deputy Speaker

Phillip Pierre CASTRIES, St. Lucia, CMC – The main opposition St Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is heading to court over the issue of the non-appointment of a Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly. SLP leader, Philip J. Pierre told reporters that the government has a majority in the House and appointments of a Deputy Speaker have traditionally been made from the government side. Pierre has accused the Allen Chastanet-led administration of wanting to make every Government Member of Parliament a minister. “There is no back bench – it is actually a shame for our parliament not to have any back bench in that every parliamentarian is a minister,” he asserted, adding that the opposition feels that the government should choose one of its own to fill the Deputy

Speaker position as former Prime Ministers, Sir John Compton, Dr. Kenny Anthony and Stephenson King did. However the St Lucia Constitution makes it clear that the post can be filled from either side of the House as both Government and Opposition have equal responsibility. The Castries East MP said if the government refuses to yield, the SLP will be taking the matter to court. “It is already in the hands of our legal people, but as you know the wheels of justice grind slowly so we have been very patient.” However he made it clear that the opposition will not be nominating anyone to be Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly. “The matter will be going to court,” Pierre said.

Last year the government and the opposition traded accusations over the issue of the non-appointment of a Deputy Speaker. When a new session of parliament convened, no nominations were forthcoming although House Speaker, Leonne Theodore-John, issued three invitations. Chastanet then proposed a ten-minute adjournment to confer with the leader of the opposition. When the house reconvened, Castries Central MP, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, was nominated and elected. However Flood-Beaubrun subsequently resigned in July to take up an appointment as Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Economic Growth, Job Creation, External Affairs and the Public Service, leaving the post of Deputy Speaker vacant. Chastanet, said at the time that the language used in the constitution for the Deputy Speaker notes that if the Deputy Speaker resigns, then a new Deputy Speaker shall be elected as soon as is convenient from either side of the House. He said that while a Deputy Speaker was required for the opening of parliament, it was clear that the Deputy Speaker is not required for the government or the opposition to proceed.



GDA hosts Open Tournament tonight The Guyana Darts Association (GDA) will be holding an Open Tournament at the Malteenoes Sports Club, Thomas Lands. According to

Friday February 17, 2017

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a release from the GDA, over $20,000 in prize money will be up for grabs while there will be three (3) special trophies for players in the Novices cat-

egories. Registration is set to commence at 19.00hrs and the competition starts half an hour later.

Knicks’ Anthony replaces injured Love for All-Star Game

Anthony Joshua: I won’t be world’s best until I unify heavyweight division Britain’s Anthony Joshua believes he will not be recognised as the world’s leading heavyweight until he unifies the four divisions. Joshua, 27, will defend his IBF h e a v y w e i g h t t i t l e against Ukraine’s Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley stadium on 29 April, with the vacant WBA title also on the line. If he beats Klitschko, 40, he would be missing the WBC and WBO titles. “You have to unify the division to gain that respect,”

said Joshua. “This [beating Klitschko] would definitely put you on a pedestal for sure. [But] I would never claim to be the universal heavyweight champion because I’ve never unified the division. ”That’s a status in itself, so in my opinion I need to do a bit more work before I can claim that.” American Deontay Wilder currently holds the WBC title, while New Zealand’s Joseph Parker is the WBO champion.

Joshua had previously said he can become “a legend overnight” by beating former champion Klitschko in front of a possible 90,000 spectators. The former Olympic champion now believes he can go on to dominate the division, if he beats Klitschko. ”I can definitely push him aside and create a pathway for me to reign for a long time,” added Joshua, who has 18 knockouts from his 18 professional fights. (BBCsport)

Kaieteur Sport predicts outcome... (From page 39) been working well in tandem and their skills will prove enough to secure victory. Police on the other hand are an emerging team with loads of crowd support and while this is usually a part of any

team’s arsenal, Dwain Jacobs and Quincy Holder will find the going very tough. In the other encounter, Mahaica Determinators playing at what could be termed home ground faces an emerging Santos side filled with a

number of young emerging talent. However, Kaieteur Sport is forecasting a 3-2 win for the host with Delroy Deen the main architect of the Determinators advance to the semi-finals. Eion Abel, who started the tournament with a pair of goals will no doubt be aiming to reproduce that form and it will be interesting to see him team up with Deen. Santos are a young side, but players such as O’Kenie Fraser, Keith Caines and Job Caesar have been around for a long time despite their youthfulness and they are expected to give the Determinators a tough time, but will fall just short of a semi-final appearance.

Berbice dismiss Essequibo... (From page 38) defeat. But among the small crowd with included Shiv Chanderpaul, no one would have imagined how badly the lasses from the Cinderella County would’ve been beaten in a mismatched contest where, not even a fairy Godmother could save them. Only Devina Buer (7) who got off the mark by running and was gifted four overthrows off Giddings, Keisha Tucker (5*) and Tricia Francis (1) got off the mark asseven batters made ducks. Essequibo’s next match is tomorrow when they face-off with Demerara at the same venue.

Carmelo Anthony. Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony was named on Wednesday to replace injured reserve Kevin Love in the NBA All-Star Game. Anthony, a 10-time All Star, was originally left off the roster for the first time since 2009 but

will now participate in Sunday’s game in New Orleans. Love had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee on Tuesday and is expected to be sidelined about six weeks. The announcement by NBA

Commissioner is a bit of rare piece of positive news for Anthony, who has endured criticism from team president Phil Jackson this season amid rumors that the organization will trade him. (Reuters)

Friday February 17 2017 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) Look into family outings or projects. Recognition can be yours if you present your ideas and stand behind your beliefs. Spend a quiet day with the one you love.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) You may find that someone you really cared for in the past has come back into your life. You'll stay out of trouble if you pick projects that will benefit the whole family.

TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) Don't forget to let your mate know how much you care. Friendships could be terminated quickly if disappointments occur. Opposition is present and you should be prepared to counteract it as best you can.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) It's doubtful anyone will try to stand in your way or cut you off at the pass today. You will communicate with ease today. Involvement in groups will be favorable and lead to valuable information.

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Tell it like it is. You need more time to think this whole situation through. You may not be that popular at home but you should be able to shine at social gatherings. CANCER (June 21–July 22) Don't try to deal with important issues or make changes that will upset the apple cart. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Get busy. Take a look at investment opportunities. Get involved in the activities of children. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) You can evade the issue as usual by being affectionate, fun loving, and far too active for your lover to catch on. Opportunities to learn important information will surface through discussions with peers or seminars you attend.

SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Avoid arguments with relatives who might be conservative and outdated. Talk to someone you trust in order to see the whole picture. You can become obsessed with detail and must be sure to divide your time appropriately. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) You can expand your circle of friends if you get out and socialize. You're not your usual self today. If you act with anger you may blow the relationship. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Don't be afraid to make additions to your house. Your ability to communicate with ease will win the hearts of those you are in touch with today. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) Sudden changes at home will affect family members more than you anticipated. This will not be the time to give too much to your children.


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Friday February 17, 2017

Champion of champions Samuels cleared to Pools on this Sunday bowl in internationals West Indies allrounder Marlon Samuels has been cleared to resume bowling in international cricket by the ICC. Samuels was banned from bowling at the international level for 12 months in December 2015, after his action was found to be illegal for a second time in 24 months. The offspinner’s action could be reassessed by the ICC only after the 12-month period ended, and Samuels underwent tests on January 29 at the ICC-accredited testing centre in Loughborough. According to an ICC release, the tests revealed the elbow flex for his offspin deliveries was within the permitted 15degree limit. If the umpires find issues with his action going forward, they can report him again, and then he will require further analysis of his action by the ICC. Umpires will be provided with images and video footage of his reworked bowling action, the ICC said, to help them judge his action in games. Samuels was reported during the Galle Test against Sri Lanka in October 2015,

Shooters Club is set to stage its grand champion of champions pools competition this Sunday at the Grand Central Sports Bar, popularly known as Jerries Bar, located at Grove Public Road.

include Banks DIH Ltd, Truck Masters, Jagroops Auto Electrical Es t a b l i s h m e n t , Supreme Petroleum, Jerries Bar and Rasta Auto Spares. Cue off time is 13:00hrs.

Time to shake up golf, head of European Tour says Marlon Samuels © Cricket Australia/Getty Images and subsequent tests revealed he was breaching the 15-degree limit. That was the third time Samuels’ action had been reported; the first instance was in 2008, when he was called for a suspect faster ball after the third Test against South Africa in Durban. He was later suspended from bowling in international cricket but after remedial work on his action, was permitted to bowl in September 2011. Then, once again, he was reported during the Mumbai

Te s t a g a i n s t I n d i a i n November 2013. Following tests, he was allowed to bowl the offbreak delivery but not his quicker ball. Samuels last played for We s t I n d i e s a g a i n s t Pakistan on the tour of the UAE in SeptemberNovember 2016. He was left out of the squad for the tri-series in Zimbabwe that followed. We s t I n d i e s ’ n e x t assignment is the home ODI series against England, starting from March 3. (ESPNcricinfo)

LABA/Hamid Foundation U-23 Basketball

Bulls favoured against Pistons, Royals and Jets in ding dong battle tonight The unranked Christianburg Pistons will make their second appearance against the number one ranked Half Mile Bulls in the first game of tonight’s double header card which bounces off at 18:30hrs. Tonight’s main attraction at 20.30hrs pits the second and third ranked clubs Amelia’s Ward Jets and Victory Valley Royals in the Linden Amateur Basketball Association (LABA) / Hamid Foundation Under23 championship at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court. Bulls will be led by national shooting guard Terron Welch who nailed 31 points to open the defense of this championship they last won in 2015 when it was played, Welch being named

At stake is a first place prize o f $ 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 w i t h $40,000 and $20,000 set aside for the 2nd a n d 3 r d p l a c e finishers, along with t r o p h i es. Sponsors for this event

MVP. Welch is expected to carry the heavy scoring load and with Keifer Tappin and Tahquille Johnson they could prove too strong for this Christianburg side. Pistons are expected to be competitive. The second game is one that will determine the real ratings of this competition. Royals were placed at second but the records show that they ended third in the last competition and should have not gained that nudge ahead of the Jets which lost in the final against the Bulls. But the seeding did not impact the group placings as they are rightly placed in Group B where Kwakwani has proved to be a huge factor in which teams will move to the semifinals after

round robin play. The Royals were blown away by Kwakwani 55-25 and must be at their best to beat the Jets which started with a good win against Bankers Trust Falcons 5746. The Royals best shot was Yannick Tappin (11 points) in that game. Daniel Lee who go six points and Oneil Gentle will have to step up to b r i n g t h e m v i c t o r y. The Jets are depending on Akini Wilson who poured in 24 points in that win over the Falcons and had solid s u p p o r t f r o m Vi b e r t Benjamin with 17 and Travis Archer, eight. On Sunday, Kwakwani is expected to continue their campaign when they face the Jets in the second game, the opening clash brings together Raiders and the Flames.

CEO of the PGA European Tour Keith Pelley speaks during the presentation Action Images/Paul Childs Professional golf has long consisted of 72-hole tournaments played over four days - something that will have to change if the game wants to reach a new generation of fans, the head of the European Tour said. T h e t o u r ’s c h i e f executive, Keith Pelley, has pledged to shake up the European circuit since taking over from George O’Grady in 2015, and a couple of innovative tournaments this year are part of that effort. One is the World Super 6, which began at Perth’s Lake Karrinyup course in Western Australia yesterday. After the usual three days of stroke play, the A$1.75 million ($1.35 million) tournament will end on Sunday with 24 players competing at match play in six-hole playoffs until only one remains. Although the tournament makes a grandiose pledge to “revolutionize” golf, the change is more evolution than revolution. A more radical shift will take place in May at the GolfSixes tournament in Hertfordshire, England. Two-man teams will compete in six-hole matches over a two-day weekend, with pyrotechnics and music and players hooked up to microphones to

boost fan engagement. The new tournaments have been written off as gimmicky by critics. But Pelley - a Canadian whose background is sport media and North American football, not golf - says golf needs to find a way to reach a ‘millennial’ generation that grew up with smart phones, social media and truncated attention spans. ”Golf at the end of the day is not just sport. It is also entertainment, and we have to face up to it that we are in the entertainment business,” Pelley told Reuters in an interview from the World Super 6 in Perth. ”When we grew up with golf, we didn’t have social media and all this technology. The younger generation, particularly, have grown up being able to get things on demand and instantly. It’s no longer the case that they are prepared to wait.” With 72 holes played over four days a fixture at most tournaments for over a century, instant gratification is not a feature of professional golf. Watching for multiple days before a winner emerges is a heavy commitment for casual fans. Pelley said 72-hole golf would remain sacrosanct at t h e f o u r m a j o r

championships. But he foresees lowerprofile tournaments making way for a faster format of golf on the European Tour. ”Seventy-two hole golf is a fundamental part of the game and that will continue,” he said. “But is it something that we want at all tournaments? This is what we are looking at ... We do not see the same number of 72-hole tournaments in our calendar in future.” Getting the players on board may be key to the hopes of any fledgling revolution. The inaugural World Super 6 features a modest field headlined by world number 11 Alex Noren and former British Open champion Louis Oosthuizen. The tournament’s hopes for a favorable first impression also might be tested if marquee players fail to make the final 24 that will compete in pairs on the match-play Sunday. Organizers should still be applauded for trying something different, Pelley said. “That does not mean we should throw away traditions of this great game,” he said. “But there is a narrative within the industry that we need to innovate and that change is necessary.” (Reuters)

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Colts, Ravens on collision course in GABA ‘League of Champions’ UG Trojans win twice in one night National Basketball Champions, Bounty Colts and the 2014 National Champion, Dyna’s Ravens are on a collision course for the Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) ‘League of Champions’ title following the release of the latest s t a n d i n g s y e s t e r d a y. Standing in their way of the senior title are Plaisance Guardians and Pepsi Sonics. Guardians and Colts played in one of the semi-finals last night after Colts topped Group B and Guardians ended second in Group A; Ravens faced Sonics in the other semi-final with Ravens topping Group A of the preliminary round and Sonics finishing second in the other group. Meanwhile, in the games played Wednesday night at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, Pacesetters, who also won a National Championship in 2015, confirmed its place in the cellar position of Group B with a 63-65 loss against University of Guyana (UG) Trojans.Guard/forward, Akeem Kanhai scored 17 points and grabbed nine rebounds for UG while Akil Lewis added 16 points and five rebounds and Dwight McKinnon nine points and 10 rebounds for the institution that was third in G r o u p B . For Pacesetters, Sherland

Akeem Khanai Legal had a double-double with 14 points and 10 rebounds while guard Nathan Saul had 12 points

and Kwesi Roberts 11 points. In the Under-23 Category, UG won again with a 68-61 triumph over Guardians. Kadeem Peterkin scored 19 points while Jonathan Browne finished with 17 points and Sherland Gillis 13 points and 12 rebounds for a double. Jaber Joseph ended with seven points and 19 rebounds for Trojans as well. For Guardians, Nigel Bowen had 21 points while Andrew Johnson, Terrence Daniels and Akeem Crandon scored 10 points apiece. The tables with the current standings in both the Division I and Under-23 Categories of the tournament are below:

Hope’s Ton sees Pride past Hurricanes by 110 runs

Barbados Pride celebrate. WICB Media Randy Brooks of Brooks Latouche

FIFA Director visits Guyana, meets Sports Minister F I FA D i r e c t o r o f Member Associations & Development for Africa and the Caribbean, Véron Mosengo-Omba, arrived in Guyana yesterday as part of a two-day visit to support the work of the Guyana Football Federation Inc. (GFF) and to encourage the Government of Guyana (GoG) to help with the development of football. Mosengo-Omba, GFF President Wayne Forde and GFF First Vice President Bruce Lovell met with Minister within the Ministry of Education – Department of Sports Nicolette Henry to update her on the GFF’s plans to invest in football infrastructure and youth development, including the FIFA Forward Project and

Friday February 17, 2017

the possibility of a nationwide schools’ initiative for football. “It was a very productive meeting and the Minister was very attentive,” Mosengo-Omba said. “There was a lot of good will to work together for the youths of this country. It’s important for us to strengthen the relationships between governments, our Member Associations and FIFA. Minister Henry said she was keen on the three organizations joining forces to strengthen football in the region. “Lots of the initiatives discussed here are very feasible things that we can

get done,” Henry said. “It looks very promising for us and we see the opportunity to collaborate – government, F I FA a n d t h e G F F – particularly the opportunity to do the schools initiative through this stakeholder engagement.” “I’m also really excited about the football stadium at Providence, and the government would like to give as much support as it can for that initiative.” The meeting, which was held at the Minister’s office on Main Street at 14:00hrs, saw Mosengo-Omba presenting a signed Adidas football to the Minister and, in return, she presented a ‘Guyana at 50" magazine.

St. John’s, Antigua, CMC – Barbados Pride defeated Leeward Islands Hurricanes by 110 runs in the second day/night semifinal of the Regional Super50 against at Coolidge Cricket Ground here last night. Shai Hope’s career-best hundred lifted was enough to lift the Bajans to a challenging total after opting to bat first against hosts Leeward Islands Hurricanes, Pride finished on 314 for seven off their 50 overs, with the right-handed Hope carving out a superb 125 off 108 balls. Opener Kraigg Brathwaite weighed in with 54, captain Jason Holder stroked a breezy 26-ball unbeaten 42 while Roston Chase chipped in with 31. Off-spinner Rahkeem Cornwall (2-53) and Jason Campbell (2-70) finished with two wickets apiece. Kevin Stoute took the attack to the bowlers, striking four fours in 21, as the aggressor in an opening stand with Brathwaite worth 42 runs, putting Hurricanes on the back foot. Brathwaite then put on 77 with the second wicket with Hope who then added a further 83 for the fourth wicket with Chase, to energise the innings. The right-handed Brathwaite was his usual patient self, facing 84 balls and counting five fours, and it was left to Hope to provide the impetus in an innings laced with eight fours and five sixes. He raised three figures in

the 42nd over off 95 balls and when he finally departed in the 46th over, Holder arrived to lash two fours and three sixes to further accelerate the scoring. Holder put on 33 for the seventh wicket with bighitting Carlos Brathwaite whose 27 came from just 11 balls and included three sixes. In reply, Hurricanes were sent packing for 204 all out off 47.3 overs with Montcin Hodge hitting the

top score of 63, Jeremiah Louis ended 41 not out while Rahkeem Cornwall contributed 30. Leading the bowling for Barbados was their most successful bowler in this year’s competition, Ashley Nurse with 3-37 while Carlos Brathwaite had 3-56. Jamaica Scorpions and Barbados Pride will clash in tomorrow’s final where a new champion will be crowned.

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Friday February 17, 2017


GFF/Scotiabank ATC officers and coaches host practical session at Diamond ground

Coaches of the GFF/Scotiabank Academy Training Centre with GFF TD and East Bank FA players at Saturday’s Orientation session at the Diamond Community Center Gr.

Scotiabank renews commitment with GCB for Kiddy programme By Zaheer Mohamed Scotiabank has committed to the development of sports once again. Following their partnership with the Guyana Football Federation for their Academy Training Centers last week, the entity has renewed ties with the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) for the staging of its 2017 Kiddy programme. The programme which is being held in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Guyana Teachers Union, National Sports Commission and the Child Care and Protection Agency will involve some 4,200 students from 210 Primary Schools across Guyana. According to Territorial Development Officer Colin Stuart, the programme which was launched yesterday at the GCB boardroom, Regent Street, will commence on February 28 in Pomeroon and includes basic coaching and coaching education where students will get an opportunity to interact with several national and international cricketers. Stuart informed that following the playoffs where schools will compete against each other in their districts, four camps will be held in the three counties in July and August. He indicated that eight schools will be selected for the international display at the Guyana National

Stadium during the Pakistan series in April. Speaking at the launching Marketing Manager of Scotiabank Jennifer Cipriani said they are big on supporting sports for children stand to benefit tremendously. ”Apart from the obvious contribution to physical development and fitness, playing in sports promotes mental and psychological advances in children. Sports builds character, boosts self esteem, strength perseverance, teaches discipline, teamwork and provides guidance to make right decision,” she explained. Cipriani reminded that youths are our future leaders, teachers, parents, business persons etc, so it is important that they be equipped to become productive members of society. ”It is my wish that the kiddy cricketers’ involved in this programme develop not only their cricketing skills but also their life-skills, giving us emotionally, intelligent youths and adults who are equipped to make good choices,” she said. Cipriani stated that Scotiabank is proud to be associated with Kiddy cricket for 18 years adding that this is one of their longest sponsorships in the Caribbean. She informed that last year the West Indies Cricket Board reported that at least 20 male and female first class players came though

the programme which is one of its positives, and she is looking forward to another successful year in West Indies cricket. Taliba Speed of the Child Care and Protection Agency (CC&PA) said they are pleased to be on board for such a programme and thanked the GCB and Scotiabank. She spoke briefly on child abuse and pledged their support when it comes to protecting the nation’s children. Lorna Mohamed of the Ministry of Education congratulated the GCB and Scotiabank on the initiative and said the Ministry views this programme as an important one since the youths are being exposed to rules which will instill discipline and help to build team spirit. ”We all know that cricket is one of the most popular games in any community in Guyana and there is no better way to capture the hearts, minds and interest of our children. It also helps them to become rounded individuals,” she noted. President of the GCB Drubahadur thanked Scotiabank, MOE, NSC, GTU and CC&PA for their input and urged the students present to make the best of the opportunity. Also in attendance were Gervy C. Harry of the National Sports Commission, Nicholas Fraser of MOE, Hazel Lewis of GTU and students of the Redeemer Primary School.

Just off another successful classroom and interactive session geared towards ensuring they are fully prepared for the challenge of being a Technical Development O f f i c e r a n d Yo u t h Development Coach, the newly trained GFF personnel were involved in a practical session with players from the East Bank on Saturday last at the Diamond Community Centre. Technical Director of the

GFF Ian Greenwood was on hand to witness the TDO’s and YDC‘s who will be the main resource persons at the GFF/Scotiabank Academy Training Centers, go through the paces with Grassroots Under13, 15 and 17 players drawn from various clubs affiliated to the East Bank Football Association. Clubs involved were Circuit Ville Jaguars of Ya r r o w k a b r a , L i n d e n Soesdyke Highway, Grove H i Te c h , H e r s t e l l i n g Raiders, Diamond United,

Soesdyke Falcons and Craig Primary School. The players were taken through the various drills by EBFA TDO Devnon Winter and YDC Levi Braithwaite as their counterparts observed the process throughout the day. GFF Technical Development Officer Lyndon France was also on hand to observe. The GFF/Scotiabank Academy Training Centers (ATC) would see players at the Grassroots, Under13, 15 and 17 levels (males) and female Under-17 benefitting from sustained and deliberate training with a view to churning out better prepared and competitive national teams. Training would be done on multiple days during the week and weekends at AT C ’ s i n t h e n i n e associations affiliated to the GFF. The East Bank Football Association is expressing to the Grove /Diamond NDC Chairman Mr. Bharat Narine and the Council for making the Diamond Community ground available for uses on Saturday.

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Friday February 17, 2017

Limacol Round Robin/Knockout Football Tournament

Teams receive monies for Group stage appearance Te a m s t h a t a r e competing in this year’s Limacol Round Robin / Knockout Football Tournament were handed their monetary rewards for completing the round robin p h a s e o n We d n e s d a y evening, during a simple ceremony that was conducted, at the Bransville Hotel on Pike Street in C a m p b e l l v i l l e . In addition to teams representatives, also in attendance were officials of the Petra Organisation, the entity that has responsibility for the entire organisation of the tournament. Co-Director Troy Mendonca speaking at the occasion spoke of how pleased they are with the support that is being received by the teams, while also showering praise on all

the sponsors who’ve added their support to the event. ”I would like to assure all the sponsors who’re on board that the support you’ve given is money well spent and we in the Petra Organisation are optimistic that the tournament is here to s t a y . Quizzed on how satisfied they were with the general performance of teams and the support from fans, Mendonca in response said, “we are generally satisfied with the support from the clubs and fans, not withstanding that the tournament in the initial stage was being run concurrently with another tournament, but the clubs and their representatives ensured that our event was n o t a f f e c t e d . ”

Representatives of the teams that are participating in this year’s Limacol Round Robin/Knockout Football Tournament pose with their cheques and Petra Co-Director Troy Mendonca (third left) on Wednesday. The winner of each group received $100,000, while the 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed finishers were given $50,000, $30,000 and $20,000 each. Meanwhile, a double header will be played on Sunday, at two venues. At the MSC ground, Milerock play host to

Western Tigers, while Winners Connection takes on compatriot Eagles United. At Victoria Ground, Police square off against Den Amstel, while Mahaica Determinators entertains Santos.

CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship Bahamas 2017

Golden Jaguars leave Barbados today for Bahamas Head Coach of the Golden Jaguars Beach Soccer Team Abdullah Hamid says the team is a confident bunch as they now set sights on the CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship Bahamas 2017 which will kick off on Monday in the Bahamas. The Guyana Football Federation was invited to participate in the just concluded Barbados Beach Soccer Showcase which saw teams from the host nation, Tr i n i d a d a n d To b a g o , England and Antigua & Barbuda taking part. Guyana ended the competition on a high with back to back wins over Barbados and Antigua after suffering opening losses to T&T and England. Hamid, in an invited comment from the team hotel in Barbados yesterday said that the Technical staff were able to work on the weak areas which came to the fore in the Barbados competition and was thankful that they were able to put in a number of training sessions in the Land of the ‘Flying Fish’ before leaving

Golden Jaguars Beach Soccer team going through the paces at the Brandan Beach in Barbados ahead of the CONCACAF Championships. for the Bahamas, today. ”The players have all reacted great to the sessions and some of the areas we worked were our movements and communication apart from being focused in the

game situation.” Sessions were held at the Brandan Beach and all attention would now be on the CONCACAF Championships which will see Guyana creating history

by competing at this level for the first time. Guya n a h a v e b e e n drawn in Group A alongside host nation, Jamaica and Belize. The lads from the Land

of Many Waters will have the distinction of playing the feature match of six on the opening night, February 20th against the home team. The next match would

be on February 21st against Jamaica and Belize on the 22nd to close out group play. Both the Jamaica and Belize encounters are the main supporting matches.

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Friday February 17, 2017


GCB/MOE Secondary Schools Cricket

Tutorial beat Charlestown in thriller In a low scoring affair with lots of drama towards the end Tutorial High, led by a quick-fire 30 with three sixes and two fours from Zion Gray, squeezed past Charlestown Secondary in t h e G e o rg e t o w n z o n e qualifier of the GCB/MOE National Secondary Schools 30-over competition yesterday at the DCC ground. Each team will play each other in a round robin format and the top team will win the Georgetown District and advance to play the Mahaica / East Coast District winner on February 21. Joel Spooner (4-11), Brandon Matthews (3-8) and Devon Allen (2-12) had conspired to bowl out Charlestown for 86 as only Qumar Torrington who clobbered three sixes in two overs off Ramesh Boodhai in a 13-ball 21 and Tatesh Shivrattan (17) offered token resistance. They were both removed by Spooner nobody else reached double figures. Gray’s innings provided some impetuous for Tutorial High who slumped from 33-

Qumar Torrington hit 3 sixes in a cameo 21 yesterday.

Mohamed Jameer is bowled by Brandon Matthews who had 3-8 yesterday at DCC. 3 to 81-8 before Eyitawoya Pilgrim (8) and Travis Hercules (0) saw them home in mounting pressure which had a fair sized crowd of mostly students, on their feet. Nequsa Walters (2) was bowled by off-spinner Matthews with three runs on

the board but Jamal Micheal (8) and Shivrattan steadied the ship with a useful second wicket stand before Matthews struck again when Micheal edged one that did not turn to the keeper to leave Charlestown on 20-2. Matthews, in the middle of a good spell then bowled the

lefthanded Mohamed Jameer (5) nine runs later and when Shakeem Fraser was run out for a duck at 32-4, Charlestown were on the ropes despite Torrington’s cameo, no other player reached double figures. Tutorial High were expected

to enjoy an easy win but Gray and Wayne McPherson (11) rallied their team after Micheal (2-13), Walters (222) and Raymond Bandhu (2-5) ran through the middle order before the ninth wicket pair saw their team over the line in 22 overs. The City zone continues on

Monday at DCC when National defending Champions Chase Academy will come up against Charlestown Secondary. Tomorrow’s action will see Parika Sale m Secondary taking on Leguan Secondary in the Essequibo Island of Leguan. (Sean Devers)

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Friday February 17, 2017

GCB Women’s Inter-County Cricket

FSCC/Forbes Burnham Memorial Cycle Road Race


Berbice dismiss Essequibo for record low 15 runs; Giddings claims first helmet trick

Tricia Francis loses her leg stump to give Erva Giddings the first ever helmet trick in Guyana’s inter-county cricket yesterday at Everest. By Sean Devers A commanding 119 opening stand in 19.3 overs between Sheneta Grimmond and Melanie Henry inspired Berbice to an emphatic 278run win over Essequibo before Erva Giddings grabbed the first ever Hemet trick at Everest in yesterday’s opening round of the GCB Women’s Inter-County 50over cricket tournament. Grimmond reached the ropes four times in her 69ball 47 while Henry’s more sedate 50 from 95 balls included just two fours as

they laid a solid foundation for Shabika Gajnabi, who faced 63 balls in her 48. Sherica Campbell was unbeaten on 32 and Katana Mentore added 26 as Berbice, aided by 79 wides in 89 extras, rattled up 298-4. The 30-year-old Giddings removed Skipper Estel Lewis, Kydia Paul and Althea Newark for ducks off the last three balls of the first over before getting rid of Mayon Boson with the first ball of her next over to finish with 5-9. She got support from fellow West Indies pacer

Tremayne Smartt (3-6) as Essequibo were bowled out for 15 off 6.1 overs and 35 minutes. Records tumbled yesterday in hazy sunshine in the biggest defeat at this level. The 15 made by Essequibo was the lowest at this level to join their Men’s 31 made at Hampton Court in 1997 while Giddings’ helmet-trick was the first ever in any form of InterCounty cricket in Guyana. Grimmond was the first to go when she was bowled by Newark but job had already been done and Essequibo

were regretting asking Berbice to bat on a slow track. Mentore and Henry added 62 for the second wicket before the latter was removed in the 30th over by Lewis. Mentore was bowled by Lisa Charles 12 runs later but Gajnabi and Sherika Campbell, the cousin of West Indies batter Shamaine Campbell took the score to 292 before Gajnabi was bowled playing a tired swipe with two balls left in the innings and two away from an attractive fifty. When Essequibo began their reply in horrendous fashion and with their skipper Lewis and the team’s best batter back in the pavilion in the first over, they were heading for massive (Continued on page 32)

Cyclists to compete in potential three-stage thriller; first on Sunday on Berbice

Junior Niles

Jornel Yearwood

The best of the nations cyclists will be locked in intense exchange of pedals on Sunday when the first stage of three of the annual Forbes Burnham Memorial Cycle Road Race takes place in the Ancient County of Berbice. The race which is organised and administered by the Flying Stars Cycle Club (FSCC) will see the top riders in the Open, Junior, Veteran and Female categories all being rewarded. According to a release from the club, Sunday’s first stage in Berbice will commence at 07:00hrs in New Amsterdam proceed to Rose Hall before returning to the starting line for the finish. The second stage will be contested on Sunday February 26 from the

Bauxite Mining Town of Linden to Homestretch Avenue in the City also pedaling off at 07:00hrs. later on the same day, the third and final stage will be contested, commencing in the City proceeding to Belfield before returning to the place of origin for the finish. The organisers have all cyclists to note that transportation to Berbice on Sunday will depart from the Ministry of Education, Main Street at 05:00hrs. A new overall champion would be crowned since last year’s winner, Raul Leal will not be defending his title owing to an accident. Jornel Yearwood, Junior Niles and Christine Mattheson were the respective winners in the Junior, Veteran and Ladies categories last year.

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Friday February 17, 2017


West Demerara/East Bank Demerara Guinness Competition

All four semi-finalists survive penalty shootouts; massive crowd anticipated for final showdown It was a night of penalty shootouts with defending champion Showstoppers, also being required to go that route, before surviving 2-1 over Brothers United after their pulsating quarter-final encounter ended 0-0 in regulation time on Wednesday night, at the Pouderoyen Tarmac. Appearing in the third quarter-final fixture in this year’s West Demerara / East Bank Demerara Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Competition, Showstoppers were pushed to the brink by a determined Brothers United, before prevailing in a tense penalty shootout to set up a semi-final date with the Money Team this evening, at the same venue. T h e M o n e y Te a m enjoyed a similar 2-1 triumph against favourite Tajoe’s Admiral United in a penalty shootout after their clash also finished with neither team able to score in regulation time. In the other

Part of quarter-final action between ESPN and Agricola on Wednesday evening at Pouderoyen Tarmac. quarter-final matches, the growing crowd favourite ESPN which is led by Stabroek News Reporter Duncan Saul frustrated Agricola with a stifling defence, before beating them 2-0 in another penalty shootout. Also, tournament joint favourites Hustlers saw a

one-goal lead disappear two minutes from full time, before outlasting Goal Getters 3-2 in a penalty shootout to set up a clash against ESPN in what promises to be a sizzling affair for a final berth. In the night’s full results: Quarterfinal Game-1: ESPN-0 vs

Limacol Round Robin/Knockout Football Competition

Kaieteur Sport predicts outcome of Sunday quarter-finals Kaieteur Sport looks at the possible outcome of quarter-final action in this year’s Limacol Round Robin / Knockout Football Competition which will be played on Sunday at the Mackenzie Sports Club (MSC) ground and at Victoria. At the MSC ground, Milerock hosts Western Tigers, while Winners Connection takes on compatriot Eagles United. Defending champs Milerock have looked a shadow of last year and could fine the inform Western Tigers unit too strong to beat even though they are the visiting team. The Tigers have certainly been the best of the crop in local football outside the Elite League and the inclusion of strikers Andrew Murray Jnr and Devon Millington has added potency to their attack. Jumane Somerset, Randoloph Wagner, Jamal Pedro and Linden Picketts are all very good players who’re excited to showcase their immense talent so the early prediction is a 3-1 victory for the visitors.

In the Winners Connection versus Eagles clash, the former should prevail by a 2-1 margin. They are far more experienced than the young Eagles side and that should be enough to take them over the line. Rawle Gittens, Garey Thompson and Sedrick Hunte are all very good players capable of turning a game on its head. Eagles have a talented cadre of players such as Kendolph Lewis and Kelon Primo, but because we are in the knockout phase, the superior experience of Winners will prove to be the decisive f a c t o r At Victoria Ground, the Police versus Den Amstel duel should see the latter cling to a 2-1 win. Den Amstel has benefitted immensely from the imbroglio surrounding the four Elite clubs that withdrew from the League and the players returning have shown their superiority so far and this is expected to continue. Delon Lanferman, Gideon Payne, Andre Hector

and Gavin Graham have (Continued on page 32)

Agricola-0. ESPN won 2-0 on penalty kicks. Game-2: Hustlers-1 vs Goal-Getters-1. Hustlers won 3-2 on penalty kicks. Hustlers scorer Deon Charter-14 ; GoalGetters scorer Rolex Smith-28 . Game-3: Showstoppers-0 vs Brothers United-0. Showstoppers won 2-1 on penalty kicks. Game-4: Money Team-0 vs Tajoe’s Admiral United-0. Money Team won 2-1 on penalty kicks. Group Stage results: Game-1: West Side Ballers vs De Kinderen, West Side th


A player from Hustlers (with ball) attempts to dribble past a host of Goal Getters defenders during their clash on Wednesday night. won via walkover. Game-2: Golden Warriors vs Patentia Street Ballers, Patentia won via walkover. Game-3: ESPN-0 vs Goal Getters-0, ESPN won 2-1 on sudden death penalty kicks. Game-4: Harmony Ballers1 vs Young Ballers-1, Young Ballers won 3-2 on sudden death penalty kicks. Young Baller Scorer Simeon Peters-9 ; Harmony th

Scorer Kevin Richards-11 . Game-5: Goed Intent AllStars-0 vs Money Team-1, Amoniki Buntin-9 . Game-6: Agricola Champion Boys-0 vs Hustlers-0; Hustlers won 3-2 on sudden death penalty kicks. Game-7: Brothers United-1 vs Tajoe’s Admiral United0; Leon Yaw-8th . Game-8: Showstoppers-2 vs Jetty-0; Dexroy Adams8 , Hubert Pedro-12 . th




t r o Sp

Scotiabank renews commitment with GCB for Kiddy programme

Officials of the GCB, NSC, GTU, CC&PA, MOE, Scotiabank and students of Redeemer primary school following the launching ceremony at the GCB boardroom.

Hope’s Ton sees FIFA Director visits Guyana, meets Pride past Sports Minister Hurricanes by 110 runs

Shai Hope accepts award from Johnny Grave. WICB Media Randy Brooks of Brooks Latouche

Minister Henry presents a football and Guyana at 50 magazine to VĂŠron Mosengo-Omba in the presence of GFF President Wayne Forde right and 1st VP Bruce Lovell.

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