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The Town Clerk is strutting DEAR EDITOR, Since the year began, there has been a buzz about the likelihood of Local Government Elections being held again in 2018, which would give the indication that local democracy is alive and well. Well I can’t speak eruditely for the other Municipalities or towns and the 65 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) that have been established in Guyana, but for our capital city Georgetown, I wish to state clearly, that having any such election would be a complete waste of time and money if the Town Clerk and his cohorts in the administration remain at their desks. This individual has shown nothing but contempt for the Councillors individually and collectively, he has shown disregard for the Minister and Ministry of Communities, he

has shown scant regard for cabinet and central government and little respect for the Courts of Guyana. This present Council has wasted its time and energy having meetings and making decisions for two years now, decisions that this gentleman has honoured in the breach almost every time. After the next elections, the new Councillors would be made to take over a municipality whose books are still to be audited, a municipality that continues to provide guards, gardeners etc. to a former Mayor, though the Council is supposed to be cash strapped, a Council that owes GPL well over a billion dollars, the Guyana Revenue Authority and National Insurance Scheme hundreds of millions of dollars with an administration that doesn’t care less when they will honour their debts

and indeed continues to incur much more with each passing day. They will inherit a City Council that is bursting at its seams with super salaried employees who are sons, daughters and other relatives, friends, church pals, and paramours of senior officers. They will receive a municipality with the worst accounting system in the world. They will realize that they are mere rubber stamps, as the Town Clerk struts around with his chest in the air going about doing as he wishes, p a y i n g t he m n o m i n d , undertaking such projects such as building two storied attachments to the Stabroek Market, building presidential parks and petting zoos etc. without their knowledge or permission. Sincerely, Modi Sankar

All is not well in Paradise DEAR EDITOR The snub to the Advisor, the hollow explanation offered for the no-show of the featured speaker (was it a boycott?) which sounded like the barrel was scraped to find a

plausible reason and the call for the media to boycott coverage of the premier oil and gas event, tells all is certainly not well in paradise. Shamshun Mohamed

The dark forces are at work Dear Editor, I take the opportunity to commend the multitude of investors who have swarmed Guyana this week for seeing through the infantile attempt at scaring them away via a wicked newspaper advertisement. The desperate, negativist forces have sunken to an alltime low. They waited for the day when Guyana’s largest oil and gas conference opened in session to pay for a half page advertisement in local newspapers urging investors to spend their money elsewhere. Anywhere else in the world this would be condemned as highly unpatriotic, anti-national and even economic terrorism. But do these desperate forces of the dark care? Money and power by any means is their ambition.


Kaieteur News

Friday February 09, 2018

Guyanese and visitors would have read the advertisement and it must have occurred to them that there is a wicked, unpatriotic and vile opposition force in the land that is prepared to chase away foreign investors simply because it would not have control of Guyana’s oil and gas sector. Oil and gas have everything to do with that advertisement urging visitors to boycott our own country. How abhorrent! Guyanese must take note of the depths and lengths the known forces are prepared to go just to disrupt the economy. This includes encouragement for investors to boycott the country. This strikes a familiar

chord with previous salvos. Who was prepared to give away some of Guyana’s sea space to Venezuela just to settle Venezuela’s decadesold claims to Guyana’s marine and land space? These two alone should signal to Guyanese how unpatriotic and how anti-national these forces are. On the one hand there is an incessant drumbeat that the Government must find thousands of jobs for Guyanese and on the other hand dark forces are attempting to scare away investors who are here to seek opportunities to create thousands of jobs for Guyanese. Shame on these forces. Earl Hamilton.

This non-appointment undermines confidence in the judiciary DEAR EDITOR: The response by Leader of the Opposition Bharrat Jagdeo, to President David Granger’s nominees for the post of Chancellor and Chief Justice of the Judiciary is noted. In the Leader of the Opposition’s communication to the President he expressly referred to the requirement under Article 127 (1) of the Guyana Constitution, which states that such appointments can only be done with the office holder’s agreement. Article 127(1) expressly states, “The Chancellor and Chief Justice shall each be appointed by the President, acting after obtaining the agreement of the Leader of the Opposition.” In effect what this article says is that even in the process in arriving at the appointments there must be agreement. Reference is being made to my letter, ‘The President

cannot arbitrarily put a new process in place without consensus’ (KN, January 14, 2018,) in which it was stated, “If there is any failure in having agreement on the appointment and confirmation of a Chancellor and Chief Justice both the President and Leader of the Opposition must be held responsible.” While the Leader of the Opposition has stuck to the constitutional requirement and demands that it be respected, what is absent from this engagement is the apparent will by both sides to fill the vacant positions with persons that will be accepted through a credible bipartisan process. In this atmosphere what is absent in the Leader of the Opposition’s position is the identification of persons who can be considered during the engagement between the parties. To reject the nominees without putting forward

alternatives fall short of expectation and not befitting he/she who holds the political constitutional office of premier leadership. The Leader of the Opposition is called upon to put before the President the names of persons he is of the opinion should be considered for the filling of the vacancies in order to advance the bipartisanship spirit and intent of the extant article. While the President has the responsibility of inviting the Leader of the Opposition to discuss, among other things, the filling of constitutional offices, it is expected that the latter will not only say ‘no, I don’t agree with you’ but also fulfil the obligation of proposing alternatives in helping the process to arrive at an agreement. The Constitution calls for “agreement” and agreement does not mean my way and so be it. (Continued on page 6)

The scandals abound DEAR EDITOR, Is the Georgetown City Council beyond redemption? How much longer must the citizens of our capital city be subjected to the daily vicissitudes of City Hall? There is hardly a day that passes by without one learning of some outrageous, egregious and extremely corrupt activity being exposed. One can only imagine how much else goes on there without detection. We have just learnt that the Town Clerk of Georgetown has granted permission for a vendor to construct a two-storey building in the Stabroek Market Bazaar, without the knowledge or consent of the Markets and Public Health Committee of the Council, without the knowledge and consent of the full Council, and without the permission and consent of the National Trust. This

building and its environs is a heritage site. This is just another bizarre episode in a string of uncanny occurrences ongoing at City Hall for the last two and a half years. It must be clear to the youngest child that the Town Clerk of Georgetown, is above the laws of the land. In fact, he would seem to be the law, as none of his predecessors were able to get away with a fraction of what he has. He has stumbled from one fiasco to the next, in an unending series of debacles, whether it was the unlawful parking meter initiative, or the Bel Air Park, Lamaha Gardens and Subryanville playgrounds, to the garbage contractors crises, to the Abattoir hydraulic pump and stun gun predicaments, to the juvenile rapes and unlawful killings by members of the City

Constabulary, to the unsavory treatment of vendors, to the Kitty Market and Stabroek Market Wharf calamities, to the Merriman Mall scandal and the list goes on and on. The heartbreak of all of this is that it seems impossible to have this gentleman sent on his long outstanding accumulated vacation leave let alone disciplined for his many indiscretions. It seems as though the citizens will have to endure the hardship of living with this millstone until his retirement comes around. Why is it that dozens of Commissions of Inquiry are being held at various entities in the country and not at the Georgetown City Council which is fraught with corruption, scandals, exploitation, venality, and vice. Sincerely, Nadine Jerrick


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Who was truthful about corruption? DEAR EDITOR It is over two and a half years since the APNU+AFC Coalition came to power in May 2015. During their political campaign they claimed that there was massive corruption under the PPP/C Government. Yet, after over two and a half years Guyanese are left to ponder where is the evidence for this alleged corruption and where are the prosecutions?

It is believed that the APNU and AFC lied to themselves regarding corruption by the PPP/C and then lied to their supporters to get elected into Government, hence, the lack of prosecutions. Now they are in Government they cannot produce the evidence. Perhaps there is no such evidence? Yours faithfully, Sean Ori

This non-appointment ... From page 5 It requires engagement that involves constructive counter-proposals coming from both sides and the merit and demerits being examined. To just say no is insufficient. Both office holders are called upon to continue this dialogue with a high degree of alacrity. Where the Constitution mandates involvement and agreement office holders must use the instrument to work for a cohesive society. We have to get it right and must get it right. Guyana’s Judiciary should no longer be

undermined through political gridlock. This is an important branch of government and most importantly the only branch where the masses, irrespective of class, race, creed or other diversity feel that their voice can be heard and justice can be dispensed. The non-appointment of a substantive Chancellor and Chief Justice is undermining the confidence in the judiciary and the morale within the entire system, which carries dire consequences for the dispensing of justice and the upholding of the rule of law. Lincoln Lewis.

Trinidad & Tobago Legislation restrict Oil Companies from owning buildings DEAR EDITOR, The Private Sector is taken back by the call of Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, that local businesses must gear up for the opp o r t u n i t i e s b e i n g presented by the Oil & Gas Sector while addressing the GIPEX forum. The honorable Minister must be reminded of the many calls from the Private Sector for local content Legislation as it relates to Oil Companies operating in Guyana to provide a policy framework to guide local investment deci-

departments in attendance at the April sitting as APNU+AFC personnel. But it seems that the chairman has memory loss or maybe he is just playing the “an man tan man” game of his party. What I found interesting is that in no part of the letter the chairman indicated or find the time to respond to the other allegation of hiding critical information from the RDC and administration. That was interesting. In the last paragraph of the letter the chairman who keeps lying to the readers and residents of Region Five, wants to lay the blame on the government side of breaking up the RDC meetings. He stated that we on the APNU+AFC side have once again signalled our intentions to do so if we do not have things our way.

sions. Even being a member of Cabinet would have inform him that investments are only made where there is certainty and profits to be made in the long term. Asking the Private Sector to invest in what? With what safeguards? Already the Minister has silently allowed Exxon Mobil to lease 10 acres of land to build its Corporate office, an activity that in other countries are restricted to local investors. Just across TRINIDAD &

Tobago Legislation restrict Oil Companies from owning buildings, setting the stage for the Trinidadian Private Sector to invest in world class offices for Rental to oil Companies. This resulted in billions of dollars in investments in buildings in Port of Spain creating sustainable jobs, taxes and spin offs to the local economy. Why is the Minister and the Government treating oils companies as spoil children, compromising the interest of the local private sector and

our country? Oil & and Gas is a finite resource and on which must be levied full “economic rent “ so that our people benefits. In the case of Trinidad, Oil Companies faced a strong Government committed to its people. It remains to be seen how ours fear. Already by approving a sub-lease of 10 acres of land to Exxon to build its corporate office is a sellout. This would not give us much hope. Patrick A. Adams

Get tough on crime DEAR EDITOR, With the upcoming Mash season and its importance on the viability o f t h e economy, no time must be wasted in putting a stop to the crime wave taking place. If not properly nipped in the bud, it will damage the livelihood of many small businesses and their communities, as Mash season is extremely important to the income of many fami-

Lying To The Residents ... From page 4 side find favour in doing so when you have told the house that the investigation and findings of the said matter will be done by you and brought to the house?. Why are you lying on the entire council, when it’s your fault?.The chairman needs a check-up, because we on the government side of the house indicated to the house that we will no longer take part in RDC statutory meetings until he, the chairman, bring the findings of the matter at hand to the house. We have reasons for not wanting to sit and allow him to carry on with the meetings after he disrespects the Clerk of the house, who is also the accounting officer of the region, the REO. He went further on to brand some of the heads of

Friday February 09, 2018

Well, well this man seems to be very forgetful or he is trying to paint a holy picture of himself as the icon of truth whe n h e i s l y i n g a n d misleading the people through his barefacedness and blatant lies.The chairman may be far from what he preaches about parliamentary practices or maybe he dreamt the night before he wrote the letter, of being a parliamentarian. Hope if you get that opportunity he won’t be constantly lying to the house as he has been doing to the RDC. We on the APNU+AFC side of the council are calling on the Regional Chairman of Region Five to stop misleading the public in the barefaced and blatant lies. Regards Abel Seetaram

lies and sets the tone for the economy throughout the year. It’s time for the police to have a strong presence on the roads as well as the implementation of check points by both the police and the military. No opportunities to maneuver or room for escape should be allowed these criminals. They are showing an utter lack of concern for the

power of the justice system and the strength of the police and military in this country. It’s time for zero tolerance for these offenders. His Excellency is a pillar in the armed forces and these criminals should feel the heavy hand of justice upon them as soon as possible. All deportees should be rounded up and made to check in with the relevant authorities as well as those on

parole as required by the court. No further gaps in follow up with criminal elements should be tolerated and the strength of public involvement should be encouraged even more. The country is too small for these criminals to be able to get away with such heinous acts for that long of a time. Best regards, Jamil Changlee

Farewell to Councillor ... From page 4 immortalized in the Minutes of that meeting. The man, Councillor Junior Garrett, was in fine form that morning, his skills and craft as a Councillor honed. He was in touch with the facts, full of energy and he trained all his efforts into his presentation. We did not know it then but this was his final contribution as a Councillor to the chamber, his concluding act as a Councilman. When he left the chamber that fateful morning there was to be no return. Maybe, in a way, things are as they should be. Maybe, in a way, it is fitting for a man to die doing what he loved – what a final statement! What a curtail call! When I saw his son over his body at the hospital,

overwhelmed with grief, I thought of my own life in that moment, because with the dying of others we contemplate our own mortality. And I thought about my own life, how one day my sons will stand over my body. In a way it is fitting that sons should bury their fathers. It is an unnatural thing for fathers to bury their sons. God knows, too many fathers are interring their sons. As councilors we shared a common bond. We each in our own way want(ed) what is best for our constituency and city.

It is my hope that we honour his memory by the quality of work we continue to contribute in the chamber and in our communities. As we remember the biblical injunction, ‘the harvest is plenty but the labourers are few’ I say farewell to Councillor Junior Garrett. God speed to that great and shining city which does not need not mayors or councillors, or sadly accountants. So take your much needed rest, and rest in peace. Sherod Avery Duncan City Councillor

Friday February 09, 2018


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Local content must be considered in process to award contracts By Kiana Wilburg The coming of oil and gas has led to an influx of foreign entities into the nation’s borders. Many of these companies will be competing for contracts to supply goods and services at a national level. While the Government may be smiling from ear to ear with this investment boom that is set to take place, local stakeholders are cautioning that businesses here should not be left out in the cold. In fact, Mr. Charles Ceres, Managing Director of Ground Structures Engineering Consultants (GSEC) made a call yesterday at the Marriott Hotel for the Government to integrate local content into the evaluation process for the award of contracts. Ceres was at the time delivering his perspective on global experiences in developing an oil and gas sector. This was just one of the many subject areas covered at the Guyana International Petroleum Business Summit (GIPEX). His presentation focused on the work his company has been doing thus far as it relates to local content preparedness in Guyana. The engineer noted that one needs to recognize that potential overseas partners will require first world level skills. In this regard, he commented that it would therefore call for an investment in training and technical resources to ensure that the expertise provided is second to none. Ceres said that this ensures that potential partners are secure that the said company can appropriately respond to its needs. “In our case, we have been probably the sole provider of local content to international companies in the mining industry prior to the discovery of oil in Guyana. In fact, in 2008 we supported

- Veteran engineer

Mr. Charles Ceres, Managing Director, Ground Structures Engineering Consultants Canacol’s environmental compliance efforts for the drilling of several wells in the Takutu Basin. We have provided geotechnical engineering, environmental compliance and groundwater hydrology services to companies such as Guyana Goldfields, Troy Resources, Sandspring Resources, the former Omai Gold Mines etc. We have provided services outside of Guyana in Suriname, Trinidad, Grenada, St Lucia and the US.” Ceres continued, “Our ability to respond in a technically sound manner to the demands of our clients mandated that we implement training programmes which provide our staff with the skill set demanded by these firms. It also meant that we had to acquire first world equipment to service their needs. This saw the introduction of a fully digitized soils and materials testing laboratory.” Ceres added, “Consequently, when we formed an alliance with Fugro, our staff was not in awe when exposed to exactly the same equipment in Fugro’s laboratory.” Fugro is the world’s leading, independent provider of geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions for large constructions, infrastructure and

natural resources. Furthermore, Ceres said that the acquisition of resources must, of course, be supplemented by training and a commitment to quality. In this regard, his company has expended considerable resources in training persons to be responsive to clients’ needs. The veteran engineer also stated that Guyana has a very poor culture when it comes to engineering distinction. As such, Ceres was careful to note that his company’s training programme focuses on ensuring persons are part of a company culture of excellence. He said that emphasis is placed on the need to never be satisfied with outputs and to continually push the boundaries to obtain better solutions for clients. Ceres said that this has resulted in the development of skills in areas as diverse as earthquake wave propagation analyses, geo-statistics and groundwater and surface water quality modeling. Furthermore, Ceres said that his company has continually sponsored students at the University of Guyana. In fact, GSEC currently has three students under full sponsorship - two in engineering and one in biology. Ceres said that this is recognition of the importance of young people in the success of his company and “acceptance that evolution dictates young people are smarter than old people”. “This policy has therefore married the knowledge of the old with the smartness of the young to advance the company and results in early exposure of young people to our company culture while instilling a sense of the need to respond appropriately to cli-

Lethem miner remanded on reinstituted murder charge Two years after a Lethem gold miner was charged with the murder of a Brazilian businessman and had the matter against him discharged, he was yesterday back before a City Magistrate where the same murder charge was re-read to him on the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). The accused, Michael Melville, 30, of Waramadong, Upper Mazaruni, was not required

to plead to the indictable offence which alleged that between December 2 and December 5, 2015, at Arau Landing, Wenamu River, in the Essequibo Magisterial District, he murdered Jose Oliveira Silva. Melville had the charge against him discharged last year after the witnesses in the matter were not showing up to testify during the Preliminary Inquiry. Advice from the DPP was then sought and the matter

was discharged. According to information the body of the 62-year-old man was found on December 5, 2015 with marks of violence. According to reports, Silva and another man were involved in a fight during which he was chopped about his body. Melville was remanded to prison until March 20 when he will appear in the Kamarang Magistrate’s Court.

ents’ demands. Needless to say, this has resulted in our company having persons who are young and fully supportive of our objectives and who see our field of practice as being an integral part of their future.” That said, Ceres stressed that local content requires investment in equipment and resources. He said that it has been typical for local companies to await contract awards prior to acquiring resources and equipment. “That is a policy frowned upon by our firm. We have among our arsenal, equipment which has never been utilized, including water well logging equipment and a drill rig capable of drilling to 1500 metres. While others may see this as a waste of resource, these items provide our staff with exposure to first world equipment and it has worked to our benefit.” Ceres continued, “In fact, the initial phase of our local content collaboration with Fugro entailed exposure of several of our staff members to Fugro’s facilities which mirrors ours. The training stints were therefore relatively short since it focused more on procedural issues than technical

ones.” CREDIBILITY According to Ceres, the most important part of local content support is professional integrity. He emphasized that this means walking away from practices which impugn the professional integrity of the company. “I think that it is well known that we had, and continue to have, a policy of very little participation in public sector projects. Public sector projects, here in Guyana, are driven very little by the need for technically defensible outcomes. The absence of that requirement limits a company’s ability to grow and develop to be able to compete against first world companies.” He continued, “Local content must also be driven by recognition of the availability of skills locally. I recall having a conversation with an advisor to the present government who was unaware of the existence of drilling expertise in Guyana. I pointed out to that individual that we had in fact done directional drilling here in Guyana in the mineral exploration sector…” The engineer added, “Local content also mean the building of expertise. Since our involvement with Fugro, our staff has worked in the Gulf of Mexico, off the East

Coast of the USA and in the Caribbean. It should be noted that these projects are not all oil and gas related…Local content in our case will consequently bring first world expertise outside of the oil and gas arena to Guyana.” IMPEDIMENTS Ceres is of the firm view that local content must be supported by local decisions. In this regard, he commented that local decisions must be made by local affiliates, and not by persons removed from the local environment. “This implies that decisions must be made in Georgetown not Houston, Texas. Georgetown is aware of the expenses incurred to develop local expertise. Georgetown is aware of local, proven successes by the entities being considered. Georgetown is aware of the fact that expertise must be developed to be responsive in the long term, and that this will entail some level of support. Georgetown must therefore fight to ensure that local content precedes other considerations, including in some instances, price.” Ceres strongly concluded that the Government of Guyana must provide oversight to ensure that local content is integrated into the evaluation process for the award of contracts.


Friday February 09, 2018

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Summit hears…

Guyana spending $$$millions on expert advice that it is not taking

By Abena RockcliffeCampbell Many of those who are worried about the extent to which Guyana will really benefit from its vast oil wealth are also concerned about the fact that the Government of Guyana seems to be ignoring advice that, if acted upon, can result in the required changes in the country’s current trajectory. This was highlighted yesterday as Guyana’s first official international oil and gas summit continued. Attorney at Law Nigel Hughes was a guest speaker on one of the panels. He spoke briefly on Guyana’s reliance on international advice, since the country has no history of oil and gas, and thus has a deficit of local experts. In the question and answer segment, businesswoman and environmentalist, Annette Arjoon-Martins noted the fact that the Government of Guyana is spending millions of dollars on “experts”, but seems not to be taking much of the good advice being offered. Arjoon noted that Guyana is at the critical stage of building its embryonic oil and gas industry. She said that this is the stage where certain decisions are most important. Arjoon further noted, “I am noticing we have paid for a lot of expert advice, but we are not taking it.” Arjoon asked Hughes for a proposition for the way for-

Attorney at Law, Nigel Hughes ward. Hughes responded in acknowledgment that Guyana’s politicians seem to lean towards taking the advice that is not necessarily sound. Hughes said, “Getting politicians to take rational advice is no easy task.” He continued, “The question is how we create an environment in which that advice is known nationally and thus accepted nationally.” Hughes said that national knowledge of the advice offered reduces the options for the political class to ignore. “That is part of the solution.” Hughes said that there must be national discussions, where the paid experts share their opinions. “The opinions must not only be offered to the ministers, but across the country, so the country can understand the consequences of not following the advice. Hughes said that there will

Annette Arjoon then be less scope for political action not consistent with the recommendations offered by the experts. Advisor to President David Granger on Petroleum, Dr. Jan Mangal seems to be one of the good advisors that the Government of Guyana has retained but has refused to listen to. It was reported in the press since last year that Dr. Mangal recommended that the government release the Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) it signed with ExxonMobil. But even after that, the government maintained secrecy until eventually releasing the contract last

Oil and Gas expert, Dr. Jan Mangal December. Also, Dr. Mangal, a Guyanese who spent 18 years in the oil industry abroad, had written many letters promot-

norm. Delivering a presentation on the Government of Guyana’s Vision for the Oil and Gas Sector at the University of Guyana, Dr. Mangal said that the current contract must be compared to what obtains internationally. Dr. Mangal noted that contracts should always be reviewed as new information becomes available. “Contracts are always changed. A contract is an agreement between two people. Both parties need to be comfortable. If one party becomes really uncomfortable it will be changed,” Dr. Mangal pointed out. He said that Guyana is a sovereign country and the evidence around the world is

“Getting politicians to take rational advice is no easy task.” - Attorney at Law, Nigel Hughes ing the need for transparency in the embryonic oil and gas industry. On Monday, Dr. Mangal said that the PSA can be renegotiated. He added that zero taxes and two percent royalties in the current agreement is not the international

that contracts can be renegotiated as the situation changes. Dr. Mangal’s comments seem to have rubbed the government the wrong way. The Ministry of the Presidency subsequently issued a sharp statement distancing it-

self from his public statements. It was stated, “The Ministry of the Presidency puts on record that Dr. Jan Mangal, Presidential Advisor on Petroleum, is not authorized to speak on behalf of His Excellency, President David Granger or the Government of Guyana.” Yesterday, State Minister Joseph Harmon said that because of Dr. Mangal’s expertise, “as a citizen of the country he is free to give advice internationally and to the nation as a whole.” The Minister said Dr. Mangal’s advice on petroleum is not the only one the President receives and what the President chooses to do with the advice, whether to reject or accept, is up to the President. Dr. Mangal is an oil and gas professional, who has worldwide experience with oil majors and governments, a background in project management, decision analysis, facilitation, project economics, and a PhD in offshore geotechnical engineering. On his LinkedIn profile, Dr. Mangal said he is “currently focused on ensuring Guyana’s oil resource benefits the people and future generations.”

Jagdeo will not stymie the work of the judiciary – Harmon Following the rejection of the two names for the top judicial positions in the country, President David Granger is preparing for the next steps that could see appointments being made. According to State Minister, Joseph Harmon, yesterday, President Granger will be writing Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo, informing him that another level of consultations will be held before the appointment of a substantive Chancellor of the Judiciary and Chief Justice. This follows Jagdeo’s noshow at a scheduled meeting on Wednesday at State House, relating to the appointment of the selected

persons for the top judicial positions. On January 3, 2018, at a meeting with the Head of State, the Opposition Leader asked for one month to conduct due diligence regarding the two nominees - Justices Kenneth Benjamin and Yonette Cummings-Edwards for the posts of Chancellor and Chief Justice respectively. Minister Harmon made it clear that “the work of the judiciary will not be held in abeyance or will not be stymied by any interventions whatsoever.” He noted that the Opposition Leader’s rejection of the nominees is constitutional as are the powers of the President. “Where agreement can-

Nominee for Chancellor: Justice Kenneth Benjamin

Nominee for CJ: Justice Yonette Cummings-Edwards

not be met, there is a second level which now requires meaningful consultations, so I believe that is the next step we will have to go to,” Minister Harmon said. The 63-year-old Guyanaborn Justice Benjamin is currently serving as Chief Justice of Belize, following his appointment to head Belize’s judiciary in 2011 and has been practising law for 39 years. Justice CummingsEdwards has in excess of 28 years of legal and judicial ex-

perience and service to Guyana. She began her legal career as a State Prosecutor and Legal Adviser in the Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and subsequently served in various positions. “There is a constitutional provision which we will look at. If, in fact, there is no agreement for them to be appointed in the substantive position, there is constitutional provision for them to be appointed otherwise.”

Friday February 09, 2018


Kaieteur News

Guyana has to get a better deal The reprehensible 2016 agreement signed between Exxon and the government of Guyana has to go down in history as the most disagreeable and shameful agreement in the history of the Caribbean. It is perhaps the worst oil deal negotiated in the history of civilization. Exxon has taken advantage of Guyana. It has used its stronger negotiating experience and superior access to legal skills to extract a deal which is lopsided and which

deprives Guyanese of a fair deal. Guyana is an innocent virgin when it comes to the oil industry. Guyana has had no experience in the oil industry. Instead of helping us to understand this industry, Exxon has violated Guyana’s innocence. It has left us bruised, traumatized and hurting. The 2% royalty which it has offered is a rip-off. This is perhaps the lowest royalty offered in the world. It is totally unacceptable. It must be

rejected by all the people of this country. Yet, there are forces in our society who are trying to tell us, again – despite the rejection the first time they tried it – that we should not be too concerned with what we are getting from Exxon, but how we are going to spend it. It is like a poor woman inheriting a million-dollar diamond ring and someone comes and offers $100,000. When it is pointed out that this is one-tenth of the value of the

ring, the buyer tells the seller that she should not be worried about what is being paid but what she, a poor person, will do with the $100,000. It is an insult to the people of this nation to be told that they should start planning how they will spend the money. What is there to spend when there is a 2% royalty and when there is a 75% cap on revenues for cost recovery and when there is 50% production sharing?

Region Six Chairman blasts 100% increase in rates and taxes at N/A tion of the 100% increase, said that the increase was discussed twice at council level in the presence of the media. It was also disclosed by Haywood that a meeting would be held with the business community on the increase. In relation to the letter the council has written the RDC, Haywood said that "it was being done in the past but had stopped. We want to have the region include the council in the loop with regard to works being carried out in the town".

The New Amsterdam Town Council

The New Amsterdam Town Council has come in for heavy criticism by the Region Six Chairman, David Armogan. It follows the implementation of an increase of 100% in rates and taxes by the council. "It is bad for business," said Armogan, during a press briefing at his office at the Regional Democratic Council in New Amsterdam. He argued that the increase, which has been effective since January 1, is a decision that could have crippling effects in the township. "If you want to increase, you have to look at it gradually; you have to look at it based on the economic circumstances of the people who have to pay these rates and taxes." It was also disclosed by Armogan that no public consultation was done with residents and with an already evident decrease in sales by 30% since the closure of the estate, the move to have such an increase is uncalled for. He added that an increase in taxes would ultimately mean an increase in the price of products being sold within the township. "Now you’re asking people in the business community to double up… 100% increase on the taxes, they are already paying high taxes. Businesses are doing badly at present, and to be taxing them more now is unfair. You used to pay $100,000 now you have to pay $200,000 to the town

Region Six Chairman, David Armogan council," Armogan lamented. He further explained that the council is currently collecting less that 50% (of persons’ rates and taxes) in New Amsterdam. This, he noted, is penalizing people who are already paying. Additionally, Armogan opined that the town council should have considered going after persons who were not paying their rates and taxes. He took a further jab at the council after he disclosed that "they do not offer any particular service to the people in this town, most people are paying a private garbage collector to pick up their garbage, and the drainage situation hasn't really improved and if you see some improvements now it’s because of a small excavator that the region has given to the New Amsterdam Town Council.

“The road work is being done by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure; the development of the park that you are seeing is done by the Ministry of Communities. I don't know what they will be doing with this 100% increase, because we are not seeing any improvements on these services that are being offered by the New Amsterdam Town Council". He chided the move by the council as a revenue generation initiative that could do more harm than good. He also called on the Minister of Communities to intervene. In addition to the increase, Armogan pointed out that the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) was written to by the Town Council recently. The letter detailed that if the RDC wishes to carry out works within the township, a proposal must be submitted to the Mayor. This, Armogan said, will hinder "important and necessary work to be done within the township in a timely manner, or even at all. We got to go through all these paperwork then the year comes to an end and the budget is gone, we want people to understand that they are putting in now additional work on the region". Meanwhile, the Mayor of New Amsterdam, Winifred Haywood during a telephone conversation in response to a question laid out on whether public consultations were done prior to the implementa-

The monies we are told will go into a Sovereign Wealth Fund which caps the percentage that can be taken out each year. Norway takes out 4% each year, but it has been an oil producer for years and the value of the accumulated fund is among the highest in the world. There are always people who try to tell you how to spend your money. Guyanese have to beware of some of these individuals. What you get for your resources is just as important as how you spend it. The less you get, the less you have to spend. The more you get, the more you can spend or save. So there is nothing wrong with Guyanese insisting that this obnoxious contract which was signed with Exxon must be renegotiated so that a fair deal can be had. It has happened before and it can happen again, but public pressure must be brought to bear on Exxon so that they cannot come into our country and rob us of our oil wealth. We will not accept this, even if what we end up getting will come in handy. We cannot accept a situation where Exxon is rolling in cash while Guyana is thrown

crumbs. Guyana is rich. There are persons who are gasping when they are told about the amount of oil offshore in our waters. A few wells have been drilled and already we are told that we have 3.2 billion barrels of oil. Multiply that by the present prices for crude on the market and you will realize the value of the resource which we have at our disposal. Guyana cannot shortchange itself. Guyanese have waited a long time to reach the end of the rainbow. But instead of a pot of gold, Guyana is being thrown a few dollar coins and is being told by persons in our country that we should not be too disheartened by these few coins which we will receive. They are saying that we should be more worried as to how we will spend it. Guyanese must beware of those bringing this message. Guyanese deserve a better deal... for our children and grandchildren's sake.

Friday February 09, 2018

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Friday February 09, 2018

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UGSS looking for “total recall of hiked fees” A total recall of the decision to hike administrative fees is the move that President of the University of Guyana Student Society [UGSS], Mr. Norwell Hinds, is expecting of the administration of the University of Guyana [UG]. Hinds, in an invited comment to this publication, said that such a move would be warranted in order for the UGSS to refrain from legal action, which it is currently pursuing. “The only thing that can really appease the students is a total recall of the increased fees,” said Hinds, as he informed that the UGSS has already started to receive pro bono advice from a number of lawyers on the matter. Hinds is convinced that the UGSS has a solid case with which it could head to the court. He recalled that the move in this direction was spurred because of a refusal of the administration to reconsider its fee increase decision which is viewed by students, and by extension the UGSS, as unfair. He recalled that the executive of the UGSS, which was installed towards the end of last year, was made aware of the state of affairs through the complaints of students on January 8, 2018. By way of email, students were informed of the increase of administrative fees. According to information shared by the administration, the increase was imperative, since apart from tuition and facilities fees, there are other expenses associated with studying at the university. The fees, the university explained, “cover a wide range of services, including fees for processing applications for degree, diploma and certificate programmes [adjusted from $500 to $1000], and late applications [adjusted from $2,000 to $3,000], late registration [adjusted from $10,000 to $12,000], supplemental examinations [adjusted from $1,500 to $5,000]. The cost of personal transcripts has moved from $3,000 to $5,000”. It also noted that “some services were entirely free, and now attract a fee. Included here are the re-sit examinations, which now cost $6,000 and letters for students that are used for visa applica-

UGSS President, Norwell Hinds tions and other purposes; they now will attract a charge of $5,000.” The university’s administration had also made it clear that the UGSS had a hand in the decision to hike the fees. But according to Hinds, while the former UGSS, headed by the then-President Ron Glasgow, was involved in a Council meeting which approved the budget of 2017 which included the administrative fees, the present executive has not supported this move. The Council, which has since been dissolved, also approved some other fees including tuition fee increases for three consecutive years starting with a 15 percent imposed increase from this academic year, 10 percent slated to be applied in September and a further 20 percent for the following academic year, Hinds related. He however noted that in relation to the administrative fees, “once we received the complaints, we did begin to initiate a conversation with the administration...our first bit of conversation was for us to understand the basis for the increase, and they provided information about the Council meeting that approved the fees as part of the budget.” Hinds noted that in studying the related documents shared by the administration, the UGSS had raised concerns

about students not being afforded prior notice. This resulted in the administration opting to revise the implementation of hiked fees from January 1, 2018 to March 1, 2018. But after further perusal of the documents, Hinds said that “we found that because the implementation was part of the budget for the year 2017, we felt that any fees such as the services fees could only be implemented in the budget year, and if the budget year had already expired, the fees could no longer be implemented now.” It is the view of the UGSS, Hinds said, that the administration must seek to present again the fees hike proposal as part of the budget estimates for 2018. Moreover, he added, “We wrote to the administration to that effect on January 16, and they subsequently met with us on January 25.” According to Hinds, during that meeting, the administration made it clear that its position was unchanged since the increased fees were approved ahead of the dissolution of the Council with the support of the former UGSS. He informed that the university administration premised its decision on the fact that it is in need of finances. “They said they are going to go ahead with the fees and we said that we are going to oppose the fees, since we didn’t support it, and we would make our views public...and we will also seek a legal option and that is how that meeting ended,” said Hinds. Unless moves are made by the administration to recall its decision, Hinds said that the UGSS will be looking to the courts to decide whether its interpretation of the state of affairs is accurate or not.

Friday February 09, 2018


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Ram stumps oil and gas panel Academy launched to prepare Guyanese for oil and gas jobs with questions about tax - Former sugar workers among those targeted for training giveaways to ExxonMobil Attorney at law and Chartered Accountant, Christopher Ram yesterday stumped a panel at the three-day Oil and Gas Summit being held at the Marriott Hotel. When Ram was given the opportunity to ask a question during the afternoon session, it came with specific instructions from the moderator of the session, Joanna Homer, who is a Legal Officer attached to the Ministry of Natural Resources. She asked that he make his question, quick and straight. Ram acknowledged the request to be “quick and straight” but asked that the facilitators recognize the serious issues being addressed; issues that should not be hurried. Ram followed up on what one of the presenters had to say about taxation. He said that if consideration is to be given to the question of taxation, “we must realize that we cannot get any tax because we have the perfidious section 51 of the Petroleum Exploration and Production Act. So my question is; is there any plan to repeal Section 51 which grants almost blanket tax exemption, this includes income tax, corporation tax, property tax and capital gains tax?” Ram also asked if there is an intention to remove what he refers to as the strangulation clause of the contact otherwise known as the Stability Clause. He asked, “What happens to the petroleum agreements that we have signed with very restricting stability clauses which state that no new law will apply to the existing agreements?” Ram continued, “We focus a lot on the Petroleum Commission Bill, but we must not forget the regulatory framework which includes the

Attorney at Law, Christopher Ram Petroleum Exploration and Production Act and a host of current petroleum agreements that contain very restricting stability clauses.” Homer, who is also an advisor to the Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman told Ram that there was no one on the panel who could respond to him on the intention of legislative reform as far as Section 51 is concerned. Ram expressed the opinion that Homer, being an advisor, can state whether the intention exists. However, she told him that she was only wearing her hat as a facilitator. The contract signed between the Government of Guyana and ExxonMobil clears the company from any future law or tax that can come in the way of the huge profits that the company intends to reap. That kind of security for ExxonMobil is enshrined under Article 32 of the contract that speaks to “Stability of Agreement.” Article 32 states that “Except as may be expressly provided herein, the government shall not amend, modify, rescind, terminate, declare invalid or unenforceable, require renegotiation of, compel

replacement or substitution or otherwise seek to avoid alter, or limit this agreement without he prior written consent of the contractor.” The drafters of the contract were very explicit in stating that under no circumstances should ExxonMobil have to submit to any new law or pay any new tax. No new taxes “whatsoever” was expressly included in the contract. The contract reads, “After the signing of this agreement and its conformance with Article 15, the Government shall not increase the economic burdens of the contractor under this agreement by applying to this agreement or the operations conducted hereunder any increase of, or any new petroleum related fiscal obligation, including but not limited to any new taxes whatsoever, any new royalty, duties, fees, charges, VAT or other imposts.” Also, the contract states that if at any time after the signing of this agreement there is a change in the laws of Guyana - whether through the amendment of existing laws or the enactment of new laws or a change having the force of law in the interpretation implementation of application ExxonMobil must not be affected. Guyana agreed that despite whatever may change, ExxonMobil must receive the “same economic benefit under the agreement that it would have received prior to the change in law.” The contract compels Guyana to resolve “promptly” and by “whatever means may be necessary” any conflict or anomaly between this agreement and any such new or amended legislation including by way of exemption, legislation, decrees and/or other authoritative acts.

Bishops’ High School sexual allegations probe…

DPP requests cops return file within seven days

The report on the sexual allegations against suspended Bishops’ High School teacher Mr. Coen Jackson is back with the police, and the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has requested that investigators return it within seven days. This is the second time that the DPP has sent the report to the police for investigators to clear up certain aspects of the case. On December 8, 2017, police handed over the file to the office of the DPP. On De-

cember 18, 2017, the DPP sent it back to the police, asking that they clear up a number of issues pertaining to the investigation. The police subsequently sent the file back to the office of the DPP on February 2, which returned the file last Monday, again requesting that specific areas be cleared up. The DPP also requested that the police return the file within a week of February 5. Economics teacher of The Bishops’ High School, Mr.

Coen Jackson, was accused of grooming several female students ahead of assuming sexual relationships with them. Cultural Policy Advisor within the Ministry of Social Cohesion, Mr. Ruel Johnson has claimed to have accounts from several students of Mr. Jackson’s actions. He had filed a letter of complaint to Chief Education Officer [CEO], Mr. Marcel Hutson. In Mr. Johnson’s letter, which was also copied to the (Continued on page 15)

Academy launched! Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman [right] turns the sod in the presence of Lars Mangal, Chairman of TotalTec Oil Field Services. Aimed at preparing 500 Guyanese for jobs in the oil and gas industry over the next three years, TotalTec Academy yesterday formally broke ground at the Gafoor’s Complex, Houston, East Bank Demerara. Lars Mangal, Chairman of TotalTec Oil Field Services, said that the academy will operate out of the complex, which will be decommissioned and fully acquired from Gafoors to facilitate the operations of Guyana Shore Base Inc., a major partner with ExxonMobil. “We have a vision for really accelerating local content development and making this a huge success for Guyanese participation in the industry in the coming years,” Mangal stated. He disclosed that TotalTec, which also has operations in London, has signed a five-year multimillion-dollar contract with First Competence, to provide training, alongside three Guyanese instructors. Mangal explained that the training is being made available at a time when there are layoffs in the sugar industry. “We have so many people applying. We have had 3000plus applications to Shore Base within two weeks. We have such a large pool of applicants looking for work. We are looking at how we can assist… with what’s happening in the sugar industry and the technical institutes, in terms of liaising with them,” Mangal stated.

The company has signaled intentions to undertake a very diligent recruitment process, while balancing the need to provide accelerated training for Guyanese. Based on the demand, Mangal anticipates providing training for 120 persons in the first year. Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman has been named patron of the academy. He attended

yesterday’s launching where he was asked to turn the sod and plant a palm tree to officially declare the academy operational. “We, the Government of Guyana, are preparing. We cannot do it alone. We need all hands to support us, and particularly, we need private enterprise support. We are overwhelmingly happy that you have taken this initiative,” Trotman asserted.


Slowdown in public spending…

Coalition lights fire under Permanent Secretaries to speed up With just under three years in office, public spending had fallen to worrying levels. But there has been improvement in the last eight months, as the Coalition Government has been reading the riot act to its accountants and project officers. According to Ministry of State, Joseph Harmon, for a while now, the administration has been holding monthly statutory meetings with Permanent Secretaries and technical officers from the Ministry of Finance to ensure efficient disbursement of Public Sector Improvement Programme (PSIP) funds. The PSIP is the main mechanism for the government’s capital programme spending. It is the budgeting and strategic planning tool available to translate the

Friday February 09, 2018

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administration’s policies and plans into tangible projects and programmes. Speaking during the postCabinet press briefing yesterday, Harmon revealed that a significant sum of money allocated under the PSIP in 2015, 2016 and 2017, was not efficiently disbursed and several contracts had been poorly administered and had rolledover. It is against this backdrop that cabinet resolved to institute all measures necessary to ensure contracts awarded under the programme will be executed in a timely manner, and appropriate penalties are applied to defaulters. The State Minister explained that the recently concluded meeting with the Permanent Secretaries and technical officers involved a review of spending for 2017, and

work plans for 2018. “For the 2018 work plan the following were presented; preparations for procurement plans for all agencies, a format for PSIP monitoring reports, and a format for preparations for various analysis. Also, highlighted for effective short-term spending are prioritising disbursement for small nontechnical projects, while also planning for large technical contracts, compulsory training for relevant staff, institutional strengthening and improved working relations for relevant agencies,” Minister Harmon said. Harmon also highlighted issues that affected the efficient and timely spending of PSIP funds. It was however noted that there have been improvements in the performance of the various ministries, for which the Permanent Secretaries were commended. Projects and programmes under the PSIP represent investments in the country’s economic and social infrastructure. It is also designed to improve the standard of living of the citizens and provide the foundation for economic growth and human development. As the capital expenditure component of the National Budget, the PSIP is focused on projects and programmes that would achieve sustainable development.

Guyana should not only be known as a primary producer of oil By Kiana Wilburg While millions of dollars will be gained as a result of Guyana’s 50/50 oil agreement with ExxonMobil, the Government should not be comfortable with this alone. In fact, there are several other opportunities for earning more revenue if one considers the possibilities of downstream activities. This point was alluded to on Wednesday at the Marriott Hotel by Dr. Nelson Modeste. He is the Chief Planning Officer at the Ministry of Finance. The former Central Bank staffer was at the time, speaking at the Guyana International Petroleum Business Summit (GIPEX). The official’s presentation focused on the macroeconomic variables that would be impacted by the oil sector, the trade and industrial transformations to come and the opportunities for growth which must be considered. Dr. Modeste noted that there will be an immediate effect on the labour market. He said that there would be an increase in the demand for skilled and unskilled workers as well as an increase in the number of immigrants flocking Guyana’s shore to fill certain employment gaps. He said that this is already taking place. With the further development of the oil and gas sector, the Chief Planning Officer said that overall, income in Guyana would be affected in a positive way as the confidence of investors will grow, thereby leading to an increase in investments in the economy. He also stated that Guyanese will notice an increase in the demand for foreign exchange as well as in Government revenue. But while all these changes and variables will be taking place before one’s eyes, Dr. Modeste was careful to highlight the temptation of becoming comfortable with this state of affairs. He stated that Guyana can even be in a better fiscal place with moves to downstream activities. He said that Guyana should not only be known as a primary producer of oil. Dr, Modeste noted that the move to downstream activities would see the production of lubricants, pesticides, propane, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals etc. He commented that this move would be in Guyana’s favour. ADVICE FROM TT Many countries which are

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

…Chief Planning Officer calls for consideration of downstream activities

Chief Planning Officer at Finance Ministry, Dr. Nelson Modeste on the verge of developing an oil and gas sector for the first time are often caught up in the sweet rapture of earning billions of dollars in revenue. The leaders of these very states quickly forget to keep their agriculture or manufacturing sectors on the developmental trajectory leaving the citizenry to feel the economic consequences when the oil market faces a hard time. There are territories, however, which have taken stock of the mistakes made by such nations. Guyana’s Caricom sister, Trinidad and Tobago (TT), is a prime example of this. In an interview with Kaieteur News recently, one of TT’s energy leaders, Mr. Ashley John advised that the Guyanese authorities seriously consider getting into downstream activities. John has been the President of the Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Corporation Ltd. (PLIPDECO) for the past eight years. PLIPDECO is the manager for one of Trinidad’s leading ports which is a hub for downstream activities and makes a 30 percent contribution to the Caribbean island’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The PLIPDECO President told Kaieteur News that the emphasis for many countries that have gotten involved in the oil and gas sector has been “to go after the quick bucks”. He said that Guyana should not fall sweet on the quick money that will come. “The investors would come in and promise the moon and stars and the country could fall into the trap of failing to look at what the long term vision should be and the long term benefits to the country is. I would suggest that the government really surround itself with very good advisors who are knowledgeable in the industry, be it local or international and work with

them on developing a long term strategic plan for the energy sector.” John said that this long term plan would take into account what information is available from companies of the likes of US oil giant, ExxonMobil. From that, he opined that they would be able to determine what the short term or the medium term opportunities should be. On that basis, the experienced businessman said that the country can then be able to lay out a proper road map which would therefore focus usage of the raw materials and resources of the country so as to ensure sustainable development for Guyana. John also noted that there are many other downstream activities that one can get involved in when it comes to oil and gas. He noted however, that regardless of the direction the country heads in, be it the production of methanol or ammonia, a number of factors must be considered. “The thing about it, ideally, is that the country should look as much as possible at getting into downstream-type operations because at the end of the day, the further downstream you go, the higher the margins you would stand to make for each molecule of oil extracted.” “If I extracted the gas and I just sold it, the mark up you make on that is marginal. But if you use raw materials to manufacture different things like, methanol, ammonia or plastics, you are able to put a much greater mark up on those things. But they require more input. It is not just a matter of saying I am going to get into it…there has to be a critical mass in terms of how much of this raw material you are actually producing to facilitate implementation of a major downstream sector.” “So for example, if you are only producing five hundred million cubic feet of gas per day, that in itself would not warrant or give you the ability to establish a major downstream and energy sector and put in place a large company of the likes of what is going on with Trinidad and Tobago, because one plant or two plants can utilize your entire production…” With this in mind, he said that Guyana’s authorities would have to determine based on what is available, if it wants to establish a major plant. He noted that while he advocates for it, Guyana must decide the best way to go based on analyzing all the available data before plunging head first into downstream activities.

Friday February 09, 2018


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French oil giant executives pay courtesy call on Pres. Granger President David Granger last evening received a courtesy call at State House from Mr. Michel Hourcard and other executives of TOTAL Exploration and Production Americas, a subsidiary of a French multi-national company, which has its chief office in Houston, Texas. The executives are here for the Guyana International Petroleum Business Summit and Exhibition (GIPEX), which is ongoing at the Marriott Hotel. The exploration company is the most recent to join Guyana’s oil and gas sector, as it announced on Monday that it has signed agreements to acquire interests into a number of exploration licenses offshore Guyana. It also announced that it is seeking exploration rights to operate in Guyana. During the meeting with the Head of State, the company’s interest in Guyana and the country’s ‘Green’ State Development Strategy were discussed. President Granger said

that the country welcomes all investors and noted that even as Guyana works to develop the oil and gas sector, it is also focused on ensuring the protection of the environment and the promotion of the ‘green’ state policy. “We are very concerned about protecting our environment and we want to cherish our ‘green’ reputation, but we welcome investments and we want to build capacity within our small country. We want to work with our partners and we are very confident that you will be comfortable with your investment here,” President Granger said. Hourcard, in an invited comment, said that Guyana has immense potential and his company is looking forward to doing business here. “We are looking for opportunities in this beautiful country and we are wishing to become an operator in this country. We are very happy to be here,” he said. The meeting was also at-

From left: Mr. Bruno Courme, Mr. Samir Oumer, President David Granger; Mr. Michel Hourcard, Mr. Carl Greenidge and Mr. Frederic Linsig. tended by Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Carl Greenidge and Mr.

Bruno Courme, Vice President, Exploration Services, Mr. Samir Oumer, Strategy Busi-

ness Development Research and Development Division, New Business Lead Negotia-

tor and Mr. Frederic Linsig, Vice President Country Delegate from TOTAL.

GBTI contempt trial…

Prosecutor, defence counsel clash over testimony of SOCU Head The trial involving eight high ranking officials of the Board of Directors of the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) who are before the court for failing to comply with a production order continued yesterday before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. The officials charged for the offence are Chairman, Robin Stoby; and directors, Edward A. Beharry, Suresh Beharry, Richard Isava, Carlton James and Basil Mahadeo, along with Chief Executive Officer (ag) Shaleeza Shaw and Kathryn Eytle-Mclean. They all denied the charge which alleged that on September 7 at Georgetown, they failed to comply with production order granted by Chief Justice (ag.) Roxanne George Wiltshire, for them to produce certain documents to the head of the Special Organised Crime

Unit (SOCU), Sydney James. The order was made on August 29. The defendants are being represented by Attorneys Ian Chang, Roger Yearwood, Nigel Hughes, Stephen Fraser and Edward Luckhoo. Yesterday when the matter was called in the Chief Magistrate courtroom, Sydney James, Head of SOCU continued his testimony. The testimony of James did not go over too well with the battery of lawyers who are representing the defendants. Soon after James started to give his testimony, the lawyers asked that he leave the courtroom so that they can address the court. The lawyers told the Magistrate that James’ testimony on the first occasion was about the production order which their clients allegedly did not produce when they were ordered to do so and that his evidence would be repeti-

DPP requests cops... (From page 13) Ministries of Public Health, Social Protection, Legal Affairs, Public Security and Social Cohesion, it was alleged that the teacher’s action might have started as far back as the late 1990s. Mr. Johnson in his letter claimed that he had brought the situation to the attention of the CEO some five months prior. Mr. Jackson, in retaliation, had secured legal representation and insisted at a press conference that the allegations levelled against him were inaccurate. Mr. Jackson had told a press conference that Mr. Johnson was out to ‘destroy’ him if he had failed to sever ties with a mutual friend [a former student of The Bishops’ High]. The matter was handed over to the police and Mr. Jackson was arrested on December 3, 2017. He was released on $100,000 station bail.

tive on this occasion. SOCU Prosecutor, Patrice Henry, in his reply to the lawyers, told the court that James’ further evidence should be taken, since he played a major role in the investigation even after the production order was handed over to SOCU. The Magistrate after listening to the prosecutor told the court that she would allow the witness to continue giving his evidence in the trial. James was then invited back into the courtroom and was allowed to continue his testimony. James said that August 6, 2017, he was presented with an envelope by a representative of GBTI. Subsequently, the documents issued for the production order were delivered to him. He added that he was present at SOCU Headquarters during the month of September when six envelopes were delivered to him by a representative of GBTI, and he signed and collected them. James went on to tell the court that on October 10, he received another envelope from a marshal from the High Court and inside that envelope was an application of variation to the production order. On October 20, last, he was present in the Chambers of the Chief Justice (ag) Roxane George, where the matter came up for hearing. At the hearing, the acting Chief Justice granted the defendants an extension until November 3 for them to comply

with the production order. James went on to tell the court that on October 19, he was given certain instructions with respect to filling charges against the defendants based on advice by DPP and the charges were filed. The matter was adjourned until February 12 when the defendants attorneys will cross examine Sydney James. SOCU, as part of a probe into US$500M that the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) handled as far back as 2010, submitted files to the DPP recommending contempt charges against GBTI’s eight directors. This was after the

bank and SOCU were locked in a battle over information concerning the GRDB accounts, since February. SOCU is contending that the bank failed or stalled and gave all kinds of excuses, and even destroyed pertinent records relating to GRDB. SOCU reportedly argued that other banks complied, but it was finding it hard going with GBTI. SOCU received four court orders, including one from the High Court, asking that GBTI hand over the information. In late August, the acting Chief Justice granted production orders to SOCU, giving

the bank a week to hand over certain information. That deadline expired in early September, and the bank was reportedly granted some extra time. However, the deadline elapsed and SOCU prepared files recommending the charges of contempt against the directors. Under tough anti-money laundering laws, once court orders are granted, financial institutions are reportedly bound to provide information. In this case, the monies are not from private accounts, but rather from the US dollars and other accounts of GRDB, a state entity.


Friday February 09, 2018

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St. Rose’s High demolition…

Successful contractor bids half of Govt. engineer’s estimate Government has greenlighted a contract of almost $17M for the demolition of the St. Rose’s High building - almost half the price of what Government’s engineer has estimated the works to be. Yesterday, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, during the post-Cabinet press briefing, disclosed that Cabinet this week had noted the award to PD Contracting. The contractor will wait until the Easter holidays to start the demolition of the iconic wooden building located on Church Street. The contract is for $16,930,000. According to Harmon, the displaced students will be accommodated in other buildings located in the same school compound, in the new term. News that the engineer’s estimate was $30M had raised

eyebrows, with prominent businessman Rizwan Khan saying that he could do it for half of that amount. Creaking floors, broken windows, leaking ceilings and crooked stairways badly affected sections of the school, one of the top secondary institutions in Guyana. Officials last December had said that nine classrooms that will be affected by the demolition will be provided for in the other buildings of the school. Most of the classes have already evacuated that section of the building. Students currently enter and exit the school through the St. Joseph Ursuline Convent gate, which is located on Camp Street, Georgetown. It was explained that most of the classrooms are already crammed and so whatever space is available, will be made

This St. Rose’s High building will be demolished during the Easter holidays

use of. St. Rose’s High School has been in existence for over 150 years and currently has over 500 students.

Over the years, Government’s engineers have been preparing estimates for what they believe a project should cost - materials and

labour included. However, collusion and material costs have in cases seen a wide disparity in the estimates and what contractors were bid-

ding. A number of Government engineers have been accused of accepting bribes and leaking the estimates.

Due diligence caused delay of support to kidney failure patients The Ministry of Public Health has reportedly not been taking lightly its role to undertake due diligence in every aspect of its operation. It was in so doing that the Ministry was faced with a dilemma which ultimately saw it probing a case that has since impacted the lives of several renal failure patients as well as post-kidney transplant patients. This publication had reported that because of an error on the part of Ministerial Adviser to the Ministry of Public Health, Mr. John Adams, two kidney failure patients scheduled for trans-

plants will now have to secure new dates, if they survive. The patients in question are 17-year-old Rovin Sohan of Berbice, and 28-year-old Richard Manpersaud of Campbellville, Georgetown. The two, who will have to continue to find funding for dialysis three times weekly, were hopeful they would have been able to complete the scheduled transplants [February 19 and 20] that have the potential of affording them an improved quality of life. But due to what was believed to be fraudulent documents submitted, the patients were unable to secure financ-

- Ministry Official ing from the Ministry in a timely manner to secure cross-matching tests required ahead of the transplants. In order for them to have been operated on, on the specified dates, cross-matching tests [for the kidney donors and recipients] would have had to be completed and returned to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation [GPHC] by last Thursday. The surgeries were scheduled to be completed by Kidney Transplant Surgeon attached to the GPHC, Dr.

Kishore Persaud. This publication was provided with documents, which revealed that the GPHC was able to forge a relationship with the University of Miami which has been conducting cross-matching tests for transplant patients for quite a few years. A number of post-transplant patients were able to share with this publication information that showed that they too had benefited from the cross-matching services of the University of Miami, through GPHC, ahead of their transplants. However, when the two earlier mentioned patients turned up with documents from both the University of Miami and GPHC, officials there, including one Ms. Bibi Seeraj and Mr. Adams, had reason to believe that the documents were not authentic. This state of affairs, according to information one of the patients [Manpersaud] shared, even saw Adams calling in the police, accusing them [Manpersaud and Sohan] of presenting fraudu-

lent documents to the Ministry. In fact, reports reaching this publication suggest that moves have been made at the level of the Ministry to discontinue the collaboration with the University of Miami, since it was not able to authenticate the documents it received from the patients. Even a number of posttransplant patients have since sought audience with various senior Health officials, both at the Ministry and GPHC, indicating that this decision will impact them as well, since they are dependent on the University to conduct tests required to maintain their wellbeing. But Public Relations Officer attached to the Public Health Ministry, Mr. Terrence Esseboom, is adamant that the move by Adams or any other official of the Ministry is not due to an error, but rather, a situation that may be farther reaching. Without sharing too much information, he hinted at the possibility of investigations being apace that are likely to bring clarity to a state of affairs that could prove to be very troubling. This publication has been informed that

Ministry officials are suspicious that there has been skulduggery at some level, but this of course has to be substantiated by solid evidence. According to Esseboom, although the patients affected may be of the view that they are being denied much needed support from the Ministry, this is certainly not the case. “We are not monsters and we didn’t err in what we did; there was no error and there was no clandestine or malicious act. We just did what any proper institution would do...we have to authenticate documents,” said the Public Relations Officer. He asserted too that the Ministry has no intention of imposing death sentences on ailing patients. “We want the people to get the money,” said Esseboom. But he reiterated that it is imperative that in processing legitimate cases, “We want to get authentic documents; letter heads for documents can’t be different. Things are going to unravel later on,” he stated, adding “if something is smelling like a gillbacker, it is more than likely a gillbacker.”


Friday February 09, 2018

Kaieteur News

Tucville murder trial ends… West Ruimveldt seafood company supplies army, gold operations and GPHC Duo freed due to insufficient evidence

CEO of Global Seafood Distributors, Mrs. Allison Butters-Grant showing President David Granger samples of dried fish ready to be packaged President David Granger yesterday visited Global Seafood Distributors, a seafood processing and packaging facility, which supplies products in Guyana and the Caribbean. Speaking to the owner, Allison Butters-Grant after touring the West Ruimveldt facility, the Head of State reaffirmed Government’s support for small and mediumscale enterprises and said that the company’s operations are, “entirely in keeping with Government’s food security policy”. The Head of State also told Butters-Grant, who was accompanied by her husband, Kerwin Grant, that the current administration will continue to support the development of value added production across the country. “I would like to assure that the Government will work with you to not only make the industry prosper but also to provide cheap and healthy reliable food for our population,” he said. According to the Ministry of the Presidency, President Granger has visited a

number of medium and small scale enterprises and sees such visits as an ideal opportunity to interface with local entrepreneurs and listen to their concerns and challenges. “This is something that is adding value to Guyanese products and I would like to throw the Government’s weight behind enterprises like these, particularly since they are concerned with food security. It is my belief that we do not make enough use of our fish and we have an obligation to not only provide food to people on the coastland, but the hinterland as well. So I am very interested in value-added, I am very interested in packaging and preservation,” the President said. Meanwhile, the businesswoman explained that upon her return to Guyana from the United States where she had resided for a number of years, she played around with several business ideas, which, for many reasons, never got off the ground. She recalled that back in 2012 she and her husband wanted to establish a school

on the East Bank of Demerara, but that plan also fell through. They eventually settled on the seafood business, an industry to which she was no stranger since her parents were involved in fishing. “I grew up in the industry. I have a great passion for it. I think it’s in my blood,” she said. With a keen focus on the local market, Mrs. ButtersGrant informed that the company supplies fish to Guyana Goldfields, the Guyana Defence Force and from Monday, the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. They also export fish to the United States, Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. Apart from packaging fresh fish, the company, which employs over 15 persons, is also famous for its boneless and skinless saltfish. This is filleted by staff members at the processing facility and is then placed on racks in a solar drying facility, after which it is packaged. The company’s product line also includes fish nuggets and pre-seasoned, pan-ready fish and Mrs. Butters-Grant also hinted at plans to make fish sausages.

In light of insufficient evidence provided by the State in the case against Edward Skeete and Nabadingi Gobin for the July 2015 murder of Ryan Clementson, Justice Navindra Singh yesterday directed the jury to return a formal verdict of not guilty in relation to the offence. Gobin also known as “Dangles” and Skeete called “Pretty Boy” had both denied the allegation that they murdered Clementson at Turning Point, Tucville, Georgetown, on July 24, 2015. After the State closed its case, the Judge noted that there was insufficient evidence against the two men to satisfy the elements of the offence for which they were charged. They were represented by Attorneys Nigel Hughes, Mark Waldron and Keoma Griffith. Attorneys Tiffini Lyken, Abigail Gibbs and Narissa Leander represented the State, which indicated an intention to appeal the outcome of the case. Earlier in the trial, Police witnesses testified to responding to reports of a shooting near the Turning Point establishment at Tucville, Georgetown. Police Lance Corporal, Detective Colwyn Major, who told the court that he discovered Clementson partially submerged in a trench next to a bridge at the location, said that on July 24, 2015 he was performing duties at the East La Penitence Police Station when he received information about a shooting at Turning Point in Tucville. As a result, the policeman recalled that he and a party of policemen proceeded to the location in force vehicle, PNN 8760. According to the police witness, he encountered Clementson whose lower body was partially submerged in a trench next to a bridge in the area. The cop recalled that Clementson was groaning as

Acquitted: Nabadingi Gobin if he was in pain. Lance Corporal Major told the court that public spirited citizens assisted him with removing the man from the trench. He said that he observed what appeared to be a gunshot wound on Clementson’s upper right thigh. He said that Clementson was placed in the force’s vehicle and transported to the Georgetown Public Hospital. “During the journey to the hospital, Clementson did not sustain any further injuries, neither was the vehicle involved in any accidents,” Lance Corporal Major added. He said that on their way to the hospital, he questioned Clementson about who had shot him and he mentioned a name, then related certain things to him that caused him to contact Ayo dele Solomon, who he met at the hospital. According to the detective, while conversing with Solomon he noticed what appeared to be a gunshot wound on his right shoulder. Lance Corporal Major added that he then returned to the crime scene where he was unsuccessful in finding anything of evidential value. Under cross examination by Defence Counsel Hughes, the detective was asked to clarify what sort of wound he saw on Clementson’s chest. The police witness insisted

Acquitted: Edward Skeete

Ryan Clementson that it appeared to be a gunshot wound since he was familiar with such injuries. When further questioned, Lance Corporal Major agreed with counsel that there was a circular open wound on Clementson from which blood was oozing. He told counsel that the area from which Clementson was retrieved was dark and that the trench was overgrown with bushes. Government Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh later revealed the findings of a post mortem examination that he had performed on July 29, 2015. During cross examination by Attorney-at-law, Mark Waldron, the Pathologist disclosed that he did not find any gunshot wounds on the remains of Clementson neither was there any foreign particle, such as a projectile, lodged in the body.

112 complaints filed at Ombudsman’s office over past eight months - 25 new cases filed for this year alone The office of the Ombudsman continues to make significant strides by offering hope to hundreds of citizens across Guyana. Since June of last year, some 112 complaints have so far been addressed. New Ombudsman, retired Justice Winston Patterson, according to a release from Government, yesterday said that the office has been able to complete several matters including the backlog of complaints left, following the sudden passing of Justice Winston Moore.

“We have been able to be successful in our attempts because we were doing the socalled backlog matters simultaneously as we were dealing with current matters, because if we do not do it that way, then the current matters would sooner or later become backlog,” he told the Department of Public Information in an interview. Justice Patterson, who has been at the helm of the office since June last year, said that the office is a place for all Guyanese. So far, the office has seen a total of 112 complaints,

which includes 25 for this new year. Although the office deals only with matters regarding government agencies, other forms of complaints are heard and referred to the relevant places. Even so, Justice Patterson said Guyanese are better off visiting the office with their complaints. “There are only two agencies where persons can have redress - that is the courts and the Ombudsman’s office. The court system entails finance, the Ombudsman’s office is faster, and no fee is involved, so that is a plus, and one

would tell the other and persons would come from all parts of the country.” The Office is, however, not permitted to deal with matters that are engaging the attention of the court whether they are civil or criminal. Out of the 112 matters, 48 were out of its jurisdiction. “That notwithstanding, however, persons come, and they level complaints for more than one reason. We entertain them, and we guide them accordingly, and apart from that we try to assist them without infringing the jurisdictional

aspect.” According to Justice Patterson, the range of complaints reaching the office includes protests against persons in government departments and private and commercial entities. While the office has little or no jurisdiction over some, it has been able to assist in the process which saw successful resolutions. He said most of the complaints that come in are merited, but a few are discriminatory in nature. He also noted that the office does not entertain individuals’ personal agendas.

Ombudsman, Justice Winston Patterson

Friday February 09, 2018

Pastor gets 40 yrs for sex with underage church member A pastor, who took advantage of a child he was reportedly counseling and had sex with her, has been found guilty and sentenced to 40 years in jail. Andrew Hannibal, 46, of Bennett Dam, Rosignol, West Bank Berbice appeared before Justice Sandil Kissoon and a mixed jury in the Berbice High Court. Hannibal, who reportedly has been a pastor for over 28 years, is said to be the founder of the Rosignol Deliverance Temple Church of Marcy Dam, Rosignol, West Bank Berbice. It was reported that he also founded eight other churches around the country. The case for the Prosecution was presented by attorney at law Tuanna Hardy. The court heard that between Friday 29th and Saturday 30th of January 2016 at Rosignol he engaged in sexual intercourse with the child. It was reported that the man was having an affair with

40 years in jail: Pastor Andrew Hannibal the child who was still at school and a member of his church. The story unraveled when the girl’s parents reportedly missed her one night and began enquiring about her whereabouts. They went looking for her, but were unsuccessful. She was found subsequently and after being questioned, related what had happened. It was learnt that

the pastor was having an affair with the child for some time. After the matter was reported, the man was arrested and placed in custody and subsequently charged. The prosecution had called a number of witnesses to support their story. The case which lasted two days saw Justice Kissoon summing up the evidence for the jury and directing them to the aspects of the law. The jury subsequently retired to consider the evidence before returning with a unanimous verdict of guilty. Justice Kissoon then handed down the 40-year sentence. The preliminary inquiry was conducted before Magistrate Rhondell Weaver at the Blairmont Magistrate’s Court. The matter was called three times where the committal statements were read in the magistrate’s court. The Pastor was given a chance to respond to those statements but did not.

Govt. seeks to strengthen border control in efforts to reduce gun crimes Responding to reports of a spate of criminal activities involving guns, Minister of State Joseph Harmon yesterday disclosed that Government is working closely with the law enforcement agencies to tighten up security along the country’s borders. Minister Harmon outlined the plan by Government during his weekly press briefing at the Ministry of the Presidency boardroom, Shiv Chanderpaul Drive, Georgetown. He emphasised that crime is one of major concerns to the administration, particularly at a time when the State is seeking to attract foreign investors and provide citizens with a safe place to work. In response to the reported rise gun- and gang-related crimes, Harmon told media operatives that based on the findings of the Guyana Police Force (GPF), a large number of the guns used in crimes here are manufactured in neighbouring Brazil. “The guns are not manufactured here and therefore we must take steps to stop weapons from entering the country. Because when you look at the guns that are being used; the ones that were recovered by the police, and you check the country of origin, a large number of these guns were manufactured in Brazil. Brazil is one of largest manufacturers of small arm weapons.” “(And) the fact is that we have a border situation that allows for easy access to and from Guyana and these other

countries… we have vehicles, motorcycles, guns as well coming through the borders.” The Minister said therefore that the focus of the administration has now shifted towards finding a solution to strengthen border control. “We are looking at tightening up our activities on our borders, in particular, so that we can curtail these activities.” He posited that gun amnesty is among a raft of measures undertaken by the GPF towards minimizing gun-related crimes. Harmon pointed out too, that part of Government’s efforts to improve the capacity of the GPF is providing the agency with the resources and training needed to adequately carry out its function. “You would recall recently that the Police Force was given a huge amount of equipment to do their work. You will also recall I pointed out to the media, the steps we were taking to train and retrain our officers not only here in Guyana but abroad, in matters of best practices. He noted, however, that all the efforts can be futile if there is no cooperation between the GPF and citizens. “This is what the Minis-


Kaieteur News

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon ter of Public Security (Khemraj Ramjattan) is talking about…the partnership between the citizens and the law enforcement to deal with crime and criminal situations.” “What I can say to you is that the criminal situation is taken quite seriously, and every single week at the meeting of the national security committee which the President chairs, there is a report on these issues. And there is in fact a strategy to deal with crime like the CG motorcycle gangs and so on.” Additionally, the Minister of State explained that police operations have become more concentrated in areas of high criminal activity.

GGDMA blasts inordinate delays of mining permit processing The Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) says it has secured a legal opinion by independent counsel which reaffirms that the previous action by ministers responsible for mines and minerals, the boards and commissioners of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) since 1994, in allowing portions of or all the lands held in valid Prospecting Licenses held by Guyanese to be marked off and applied for as Mining Permits [Medium Scale], is legal and grounded in the Mining Act and the Regulations. “The GGDMA further submits while, as mentioned earlier, this has been happening since 1994 that there was no publication of notice to the public that the applications and subsequent grants of the Mining Permits under Section 35 of the Regulations, were illegal, unlawful or offended the Mining Act of 1989.” This comes as there have been complaints - at least one letter to the editor - on the issue. There were accusations of abuse in the system. The GGDMA, which represents several of the most powerful miners, said in a statement that it accepts the right of the minister under Section 133 of the Mining Act 65:01 to exempt anyone from the provisions of the Act in order to give effect to any Mining Policy the Minister desires to put in force.

“We note with concern that the actions of some senior staff at the GGMC seem to suggest that they reject this right of the Minister to exempt. We are advised that the staff of the GGMC appear to reject the decisions of the Commissioner and challenge his right to implement policy as stated by the Minister. We know that the GGMC Act gives the minister the right to advise the Commissioner on Mining Policy to be implemented.” The GGDMA said it categorically rejects the ongoing, inordinate delays in processing of the requested applications. “We reiterate that the GGMC has an implied duty to process applications without undue delay; some applications are pending for more than 24 months. A deliberate attempt at maximum administrative delay could not have been worse.” The GGDMA also said that it categorically rejects the suggestions of the Commissioner that applications for conversion must be tied to performance criteria set by the staff, Commissioner, or Board of the GGMC. “The GGDMA is advised that the only criterion for conversion is that the PL (Prospecting Licence) must be in force. We are further advised that if the PL holder is in default, he (or she) is notified in writing by the GGMC of the default and is requested to remedy same. The perfor-

mance criteria, we submit, impinge on the performance bond and due process related thereto. The PL continues in force until cancelled by the competent authority. The PL holder must not be subjected to administrative dicta which result in frustration of the PL holder.” The GGDMA also disclosed that it welcomes the recent decision by the GGMC to offer a waiver of interest on monies owed by medium scale miners for late payment of rent. “We recognize that this amnesty follows a rich tradition by the GGMC to give meaningful support to the mining sector. We note that such positive actions flow from an understanding of the vagaries of the sector. Likewise, we commend the Minister for his policy which provided special approval, by way of order, for small miners in need to obtain special mining permits from the Closed Area Reserve. We too are of the view that some time miners need a helping hand and even now, some of our larger miners have begun lending sums of money to syndicate members to assist them to get back on their feet. Yes, we are not interested in burying the wounded. We therefore, call on our mining administrators to continue to temper justice with mercy as we pursue development of the mining industry in particular and Guyana as a whole.”


Friday February 09, 2018

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Motorcycle thief jailed for two years FOR RENT

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Friday February 09, 2018


Kaieteur News

Oil companies can influence Govts, but not the people - Petroleum advisor Advisor to President David Granger on Petroleum, Dr. Jan Mangal has outlined the power of the people to make their voices heard about what is taking place in the oil and gas sector, especially as it relates to the 2016 Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) signed between the Government and ExxonMobil. Dr. Mangal made the declaration in response to questions from students of the University of Guyana following an in-depth presentation on the Government of Guyana’s Vision for the Oil and Gas Sector. “What you will find is that oil companies… and this is not looking at Guyana, are very powerful, and experts in everything they do. They know how to influence Governments to a T. However, they can’t influence people. The only thing they are scared of are people. That’s why it is important for Guyanese to have an intelligent debate,” Dr. Mangal stated. Responding to several questions which highlighted a number of shortcomings in the PSA, Mangal stated that a lot of people in Guyana are questioning who negotiated on Guyana’s behalf. The PSA was released in

December, and since then there have been daily debates about the provisions of the contract, with growing concern that Guyana did not get a fair deal. “What I would say is, let’s see how the public debate goes on over the next couple of months,” Mangal noted. The Presidential advisor is on record, pointing out that zero taxes on oil and the two percent royalties in the PSA is not the international norm for oil agreements. “We can all sit down and talk about it. The way I would be more happy and you would be more happy as well, is if a process was followed and we knew who was involved, and we knew their competencies and their expertise… and they were respected… and that they went out there to bat for Guyana and they did the best they could,” Mangal pointed out. ExxonMobil is a multinational corporation with powerful reach which was run for a number of years by Rex Tillerson, the current United States Secretary of State. Mangal has pointed out that regardless of how powerful the company is, the people’s view will weigh on the decision makers of the country.

A cross section of students who attended the discussion with Dr. Jan Mangal Dr. Mangal is a Guyanese who has spent 18 years in the industry, 13 of them with Chevron working on major oil and gas projects in the United States, West Africa and Asia. Amid growing calls for the contract to be renegotiated, Dr. Mangal noted that contracts should always be reviewed as new information becomes available. “Contracts are always changed. A contract is an agreement between two people. Both parties need to

be comfortable. If one party becomes really uncomfortable it will be changed,” Dr. Mangal pointed out. He stated that the question of renegotiating the contract is one that the people of Guyana must answer. According to Dr. Mangal, the focus last year was to get the ExxonMobil contract released to the public. He expressed his happiness that the information is out there and people are doing the analysis for themselves.

Dr. Patrick Chesney replaces Joe Singh on Protected Areas Trust, NAREI boards Experienced agriculturist, Dr. Patrick Chesney, has been named as member to the Boards of the Protect Area Trust and the National Agricultural and Research Extension Institute (NAREI). Updating members of the media yesterday, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, said that Chesney will replace Major General (retired), Joseph Singh, on those boards. In late October, four days after President David Granger appointed retired Justice James Patterson as the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Singh delivered his resignation via the Ministry of the Presidency giving one month’s notice. “From a protocol standpoint, I submitted a letter to the Ministry of the Presidency indicating that I am giving a month’s notice for the termination of my contract. At this stage I don’t really want to make any further

Dr. Patrick Chesney statements,” Singh told Kaieteur News. Singh, who did not provide a reason for his resignation, has served at the behest of former Presidents Bharrat Jagdeo and Donald Ramotar. He was retained by the Granger administration through annual contracts. His current contract was due to expire at the end of March.

“My contract is from year to year and I have been here for the past three presidents…At this stage I have decided that I don’t wish to continue beyond the month that I have as a mandatory req u i r e m e n t , ” S i n g h had stated. Dr. Chesney is a trained agriculturist, horticulturist and tropical agro-forestry specialist and has more than 25 years working and learning experiences in the diverse disciplines of general agriculture, horticulture, agroforestry, rural development, organics, and environment in the Americas. He has worked at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as the Chief Technical Advisor to the Guiana Shield Facility, an eco-regional initiative

aimed at the long term conservation and sustainable development of the Guiana Shield eco-region. Prior to that appointment, he was responsible for biodiversity conservation policy and projects at Conservation International Guyana (2005-2007) and served as Head of Department and Research Scientist at the National Agricultural Research Institute (1990-2005). He has served on several boards, including the Scientific Advisory Group for the ACP Forestry Research Network, Guyana Forestry Commission, Ministerial Advisory Group on Agricultural Diversification, Fisheries Advisory Committee, and Linden Economic Advancement Programme Demonstration Farm Board.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood


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Friday February 09, 2018

ICC probing alleged crimes in Philippines, Venezuela The Hague (AFP) - The prosecutor at the International Criminal Court yesterday unveiled new probes focusing on the deadly war on drugs in the Philippines and alleged abuses during Venezuela’s political unrest. The unprecedented decision to launch two inquiries at once comes after ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda was petitioned by opposition leaders from the two countries, accusing their hardline governments of crimes against humanity. Bensouda said after “a careful, independent and impartial review... I have decided to open a preliminary examination into each situation.” Both countries have signed the Rome Statute, underpinning the ICC, giving the tribunal authority to investigate crimes on their soil.

Fatou Bensouda In the Philippines, Bensouda’s office will analyse alleged crimes, since July 1, 2016, carried out in “the ‘war on drugs’ campaign” launched by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. It has been alleged that “thousands of persons have been killed for reasons related

to their alleged involvement in illegal drug use,” she said. Opened in 2002, the ICC is the world’s only permanent war crimes court and aims to prosecute the worst abuses when national courts are unable or unwilling. In Venezuela, Bensouda said she would examine crimes allegedly committed during a wave of protests since April 2017 against the government of President Nicolas Maduro. “It has been alleged that state security forces frequently used excessive force to disperse and put down demonstrations” as well as detaining thousands of opposition members, she said. The ICC prosecutor will also examine whether protesters resorted to “violent means”, injuring or killing security personnel.

We Value Your Help - Washington Tells Kingston Its Role In Region Is Appreciated The Gleaner - Calling Jamaica its closest partner in the region, United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Wednesday pledged continued support by his government to bolster the capacity of Jamaica’s security forces to clamp down on transnational and other crimes impacting both countries. “We appreciate that the Government of Jamaica has made important progress in combating lotto scamming, cooperating closely with US authorities to extradite suspected lotto scammers to the United States and establishing a bilateral lotto scam task force,” Tillerson told local and international journalists at a press conference at Jamaica House. He was in the island yesterday for a three-hour working visit, after travelling to Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Colombia. On the question of the ongoing political instability in Venezuela, Tillerson said that his country valued Jamaica’s role in tackling the major issues in the region. “Jamaica’s votes in the OAS (Organisation of American States) to achieve stability, prosperity and support democracy in Venezuela has demonstrated exceptional support to human rights issues that confront us in the western hemisphere.” With the US imposing wide-ranging sanctions against the Nicolas Maduro regime in Venezuela, Tillerson said that his country would continue to put pressure on the ruling administration to “return the country to free

Prime Minister Andrew Holness (left) shakes hands with United States Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson just before both men fielded questions from journalists at Jamaica House. (Rudolph Brown) and open democratic elections. The people of Venezuela deserve this.” He stressed that the US would take all actions possible to persuade the Maduro regime to restore democracy to the country. “As to any future steps that the US might take regarding sanctioning oil or products to put more pressure on the Maduro regime, we are going to take into full consideration the impacts of regional countries as well,” Tillerson said. Venezuela supplies oil to Jamaica and other Caribbean countries under the PetroCaribe agreement. This allows Caribbean countries to access oil on favourable terms from the South American country. However, Prime Minister Andrew Holness told journalists at the Jamaica House press conference that the country has not been receiv-

ing oil from Venezuela. Minister of Science, Energy and Technology Andrew Wheatley told journalists Wednesday that Jamaica last received a shipment of oil from Venezuela in May 2017. “Notwithstanding that, Jamaica, from an energy security perspective, we are in a good position in terms of being able to purchase fuel, whether refined products or crude from Trinidad, the Gulf of Mexico or the Spot Market.” He said that Jamaica sources oil under PetroCaribe when the price on the international market increases to more than US$70 per barrel. According to Wheatley, with the current price being less than US$60 per barrel “the special benefits that we get from the PetroCaribe agreement does not come into play even if we were taking petroleum products from Venezuela.”

Friday February 09, 2018


Kaieteur News

With oil and gas development in full flow...

Local private school partners with Canadian entity to develop workforce LearnCorp International Limited (LCI) and School of the Nations (Nations) have announced that they have formed a strategic partnership to set up a joint venture implementing a five-year workforce development and technical skills programme for Guyana. This move comes in the wake of recent discoveries of significant oil resources located at Liza, Payara, Liza Deep, Snoek and Turbot within the Stabroek block, which the two entities have described as exciting and welcome news for the people of Guyana. But they have observed too that the awarding of major contracts in 2017 has signalled a real and immediate need for workforce development initiatives. Nations and LCI have stated that they have together recognised the significant potential economic benefits that will come to Guyana from the recent activities resulting from the oil and gas discoveries in the country. Moreover, Nations has plans

LCI and Nations’ joint booth at the ongoing GIPEX Conference and Exhibition. to design, build and operate a vocational skills training centre here, to provide a qualified labour pool for the market. This will create rewarding employment for Guyanese citi-

zens and provide opportunities for the future. Through a staged approach, LCI and Nations will develop infrastructure and resources within Guyana to

Senior Immigration official, Dale Alves, goes on retirement

Assistant Commissioner Dale Alves (centre) with several of his colleagues at the farewell ceremony On Wednesday last, ranks of the Guyana Police Force both serving and retired, gathered at the Central Immigration and Passport Office to wish Assistant Commissioner Dale Andrew Alves farewell as he heads into retirement. Assistant Commissioner Alves has an impressive 34 years of service in the Guyana Police Force and functioned in many different areas, such as the Tactical Services Unit (TSU), Commander 'G' Division and Deputy Commander of ‘A’ Division,” the force said in a statement. The Deputy Chief Immigration Officer, who also served as a drill instructor at the Felix Austin Police College during his earlier years

in the Force, was referred to by many as the Assistant Commissioner Extraordinaire, and both senior and junior ranks from the Immigration Office fervently expressed admiration and gratitude to the outgoing official. Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud DSM, noted that Alves remarkably transitioned from a background in the Tactical Field and was able to adapt and function incredibly well in the area of immigration which requires exceptional people skills and tolerance. Assistant Commissioner ‘Law Enforcement’ Mr. Paul Williams, Assistant Commissioner ‘Operations’, Mr. Nigel Hoppie DSM, Director of Pris-

ons (ag), Gladwin Samuels and other serving and retired senior officers of the Guyana Police Force, described Alves’ thinking as critical and out of the box. But perhaps the most impacting remarks were those of the staff of the Central Immigration and Passport Office. Through dance and poetry, the ranks sent emotional waves across the room. Assistant Commissioner Alves proceeded on pre-retirement leave on February 7 and will be officially retired on April 1, 2018. He is succeeded by Senior Superintendent P. Langevine who served as acting Deputy Chief Immigration Officer and Deputy Commander of ‘C’ Division.

meet the educational and training needs for the youth of the country. Key components will include opportunity identification and early project initiatives, training programme development, delivery of education, training programmes and capacity building. LCI is a world leader in the development, customization

and delivery of workforce development programmes with experience providing training for international floating production storage and offloading [FPSO] projects. The entity develops unique education and training solutions for the energy sector that includes but is not limited to basic skills, Foundation and High School Top Up Programmes as well as Advanced Skills Training and Competency Assessments for Specialty Operations and Maintenance [excavator -operator, mechanic, instrumentation, electrical] Technicians. A Certificate in Petroleum Operations is also available through Cape Breton University in Canada. As a global leader in training for the oil and gas sector, LCI recognizes the importance of local content and is committed to providing economic and social benefit to Guyana. “We are excited to finalize a Joint Venture agreement with Nations,” said Ms. MacIsaac, President of LCI. “Over the next five years, we will work together to build capacity and provide an excellent workforce development programme for the country of Guyana. We are particularly grateful for the support and assistance

provided by the Canadian High Commission in Guyana and government agencies to aid in the development of this strategic partnership.” Nations on the other hand is a private tertiary education provider with more than 20 years of experience working with some of the leading Universities in the world to offer quality education in Guyana. Nations sees education as a means of realizing potential and a powerful force in the transformation of society. Registered with the National Accreditation Council, Nations offers a wide range of qualifications including MBA, LLB and a number of Advanced Diplomas and Certificates from various awarding bodies, including the Universities of Cambridge, London and Bedfordshire and the Association of Business Executives (ABE). Dr. Brian O’Toole, the Director of Nations commented, “we are delighted to be partnering with LCI from Canada on this exciting venture. LCI has over 20 years experience in its field working literally all over the world. We eagerly look forward to offer training courses in the areas of electrical, mechanical and operational processes.”


Kaieteur News

Friday February 09, 2018

Colombia tightens border, gives aid as Venezuelans flee crisis CUCUTA, Colombia (Reuters) - Colombia has strengthened immigration controls and will give aid to hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans fleeing an economic crisis, President Juan Manuel Santos said yesterday, as his country spends millions of dollars to support the migrants. The number of Venezuelans living in Colombia increased 62 percent in the last half of 2017 to more than 550,000, the migration authority has said. Many arrive in utter poverty, forced to sleep in doorways and under bridges while they try to scrape together enough money to feed their children. Santos said he would put in place stricter migratory controls along the Venezuelan border, temporarily suspending new daily entry cards for Venezuelans and deploying 2,120 more soldiers along the shared frontier. Speaking in Cucuta, a border city of about 670,000

President Juan Manuel Santos Colombian inhabitants, Santos said he would not tolerate crime committed by Venezuelan migrants and would prosecute any unlawful behaviour. He will create a new registry of Venezuelans already in Colombia and open a centre

with the United Nations to provide humanitarian aid. Colombia estimates it costs $5 (£3.6) per day to supply each Venezuelan migrant with food and lodging. The government did not provide figures on how many migrants it was supporting.

St. Vincent to implement new rule for US$ payments to Trinidad and Tobago KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent - CMC – Come March 1, all US dollar payments from St. Vincent and the Grenadines to Trinidad and Tobago will require the prior approval of the Director of Finance and Planning. This is “in order to ensure that our farmers and other exporters receive timely payments for their sales to and from Trinidad and Tobago,” Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves said in his Budget Address on Monday. Approval for US dollar transactions would become necessary as the Ministry of Finance in Kingstown enforces the relevant provisions of the Exchange Control Act amidst the protracted impasse in which Vincentian itinerant traders are unable to convert their earnings in Trinidad and Tobago to Eastern Caribbean dollars. “The Ministry of Finance will, of course, be happy to revisit this decision in the future if all parties can arrive at

Camillo Gonsalves a less bureaucratically cumbersome solution. It is wrong and unfair for St. Vincent and the Grenadines to be so disadvantaged in this matter,” Gonsalves said. He said the foreign exchange issue with Trinidad and Tobago is one for urgent analysis and attention. Gonsalves pointed out that Trinidad and Tobago, over the last five years, has enjoyed a visible trade sur-

plus, on average, of $149.9 million annually. “Over the last five years, St. Vincent and the Grenadines imported $167.1 million annually from Trinidad and Tobago while exporting an average of $17.2 million to this neighbouring Republic each year,” he said. He further said that Kingstown pays Port-ofSpain for its imports in hard currency.

Friday February 09, 2018

Coutinho off the mark as Barcelona reach Copa del Ray Final BBC Sport - Philippe Coutinho scored his first Barcelona goal as the Spanish side beat Valencia to reach a record fifth successive Copa del Rey final. Coutinho, making his fifth appearance since a £142m move from Liverpool, came on in the second half and acrobatically steered home from Luis Suarez’s cross.That put Barca, cup winners in the past three years, 2-0 up on aggregate in the semi-final second leg in Valencia, before Ivan Rakitic added another. Barca will face Sevilla in the final. Valencia - who are third in La Liga, 18 points behind leaders Barca - had two key chances but were well beaten by a team that looks certain to win the league title. At 0-0, striker Rodrigo headed against the crossbar while Jasper Cillessen pro-


Kaieteur News

Coutinho has started only once for Barca since moving from Liverpool in January. duced a stunning instinctive save to deny full-back Jose Luis Gaya from point-blank range following Coutinho’s opener. After Rakitic coolly rounded off a late counter attack, finishing from Suarez’s pass, Barca brought on 23year-old Colombian defender Yerry Mina - a £10.4m Janu-

ary signing from Palmeiras for his debut.Sevilla, sixth in the Spanish table 25 points behind the leaders, reached their second Copa del Rey final in three seasons with a 31 aggregate win over La Liga rivals Leganes. Barca have won the competition three times in a row since losing to Real Madrid in the 2014 final.

Sanjay’s... Ashes: ICC ends matchfixing investigation into third Ashes Test

From page 38 ”This is going to be a very special event; Sanjay wants people to know that there will be great value in competing like the pieces that are on display at his store here and at the Giftland Mall. With this contribution, golf would continue to be at the forefront of where we are heading in this year.” Persaud noted that he is very passionate about the sport: “I’ve always been passionate about golf, I went there a few times and saw how they pat the ball and I always admire it that’s why I am a great sponsor of golf.” Persaud also posited that a lot of golf is being promoted now and supports the view that the tournament presents an ideal opportunity for the family to go out and enjoy the action. Hussain informed that there would be some specials from Sanjay’s Jewellery at the LCG tomorrow for the fans.

Showstoppers... Friday February 09, 2018 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) See about getting as active as possible today, Aries. This could really give your overall health a boost, especially if you've been sedentary lately. TAURUS(Apr.20–May20) Good decision making will be a prominent asset today, Taurus. It's an excellent time to make a list of things that you’ve either put off or haven't been able to settle on. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Your ability to concentrate will be enhanced today, Gemini. If you have studying or detailed work to tend to, this will be an opportune time to get to it. CANCER (June 21–July 22) It's time to get up and get moving, Cancer. If your job or home life leans toward the sedentary, your health can suffer if you don't engage in some physical activity. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) It's a great day to explore your creativity, Leo. This probably isn’t a new thing for you, since you’re artistic. Staying focused on one thing can be another story, though. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Taking the easy way out won't tempt you in the least today, Virgo. This isn’t to say that you usually favor this approach, by any means; yet it's safe to say that everyone is tempted from time to time.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Practicality and planning will work well for you today, Libra. It's a good time to take a long look at your financial situation. Are you where you want to be? SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) It's a super day to make decisions, Scorpio. You can sit on the fence for a little too long when it comes to serious choices. SAGIT(Nov.22–Dec.21) It's a great day to set some of your ideas into motion, Sagittarius. The courage you need to forge ahead is available to you with this day's planetary aspects. All you need to do is use it. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) A renewed sense of values and integrity may be present for you today, Capricorn. Connecting with this can be extremely uplifting, as it can put everything into perspective for you. With your hardworking tendencies, it can be easy to drift from the things that are most important to you as a person. AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) Settling a dispute may be on your agenda today, Aquarius. You may find yourself getting caught smack in the middle of the stew if you aren’t careful. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) You're likely to be feeling pretty energetic today, Pisces, making it an opportune time to do some much-needed cleaning and organizing. Why not tackle those closets, attic, and storerooms?

From page 40 Admiral United 2-1. Daniel Abrams notched a “Guinness goal” in the 20th minute for the win after his side had trailed 1-0 throughout when Lexroy Manfield scored in the fourth minute. Up-Like-7 benefitted from a Guinness goal when Anthony Darlington slotted home in 20th minute as his side beat Bagotville Allstars 2-0. Patentia Money Team edged Nismes Ballers 1-0 on penalty kicks, after normal time ended in a goalless draw. Facebook needled Veterans 1-0 through penalties, following a 1-1 score at the end of normal time. Kacey John scored for Veterans in the 13th minute, while Jalen Williams equalised one minute later. In other results Zeelugt defeated Harmony Ballers 1-0 while G a s Te a m d i s m i s s e d Brother’s United 2-1 and Harmony Warriors defeated Goal-Getters 2-0 on penalty kicks, following another goalless draw after the allotted match time of 20 minutes. (Calvin Chapman) Final Point Standings

GFF Elite... From page 40 will definitely be the focal points of the feature match while forward Sunil Logan (Northern Rangers to Fruta Conquerors) will be anxious to get some playing time with his new club. Admission fee to enter the venue is $500 on all match days

BBC Sport - An investigation into allegations of matchfixing in the third Ashes Test last year has ended after no evidence of corruption was found. In December the Sun claimed Indian bookmakers offered to fix aspects of the Test between England and Australia. The International Cricket Council said “no evidence” of corruption was found in an “extensive global investigation”. Australia won the match in Perth which saw them take an unassailable 3-0 lead in the series. The Sun reported that a gang, working with an Australian called ‘the Silent Man’, was charging up to £138,000 to influence the game. No England players were named as being involved but the gang claimed to have recruited one former Australia player. ”There is no indication that any players in this Test have been in contact with the alleged fixers,” Alex Marshall, the ICC general manager anti-corruption, added in a statement on Thursday.


Friday February 09, 2018

Kaieteur News

Winter Olympics

Pyeongchang cold, Team GB, Russia and a united Korea BBC Sport - The 23rd Winter Olympics begin in Pyeongchang today and are set to be the coldest in history. The build-up has seen relations thaw between North and South Korea, with the countries fielding a joint women’s ice hockey team, while there has been controversy over the 169 Russian athletes set to compete as neutrals. Team GB have sent a record 59 athletes to South Korea - three more than at Sochi 2014 - and are aiming for their most successful Winter Games, with a medal target of five or more. Over 17 days, more than 3,000 of the world’s best athletes will compete in 102 medal events in 15 sports.Around 77% of tickets have been sold - approximately 826,000 - across the 13 venues in South Korea. Heat pads, blankets, a warm seat

cushion and raincoats are on offer for spectators as they prepare to watch extreme sport in extreme weather in Pyeongchang, where temperatures dip below zero for a third of the year. The Games are held around two main venues Alpensia, the mountain resort, and Gangneung on the coast, with stand-alone venues in Bokwang and Jeongseon. While residents of Gangneung are treated to relatively warm temperatures - ranging between -6C and 2C - the wind chill in the mountainous regions means it can feel as cold as -25C. That would see the Games surpass the 1994 edition in Lillehammer, Norway, where temperatures dipped to -11C. The 35,000-seater purposebuilt Olympic Stadium, situated north east of Alpensia, has been built without a roof and temperatures for Friday’s

opening ceremony - which starts at 20:00 local time (11:00 GMT) - are forecast to drop to -5C. It will certainly differ from Sochi four years ago, when temperatures as high as 20C saw the Games go down as the warmest on record. But there is good news for those attending today’s curtainraiser, with temperatures expected to be “not problematic to having the opening ceremony”, according to Korean Meteorological Administration deputy director Choi Heung-jin. The cold has not been the only problem in the build-up, as 86 cases of norovirus have been confirmed among security staff, leading to soldiers having to replace them as guards. Korea unites Following the first highlevel political talks in two years, North Korea have sent

Manchester United blame President Trump for half-year loss of £29m Manchester United have suffered their biggest financial loss in nearly eight years as a result of Donald Trump’s new tax reforms in America. United were knocked into the red by a non-cash writeoff of £48.8million, leading to an overall loss of £29m for the six months to December 31, according to the club’s latest financial figures announced yesterday. It represents United’s worst results since a thirdquarter loss of £65.8m in 2010. In the same period last year, they had made a profit of £18.7m. The club blamed it on Trump’s tax cuts which have slashed America’s corporation tax rate from among the highest in the west to one of the lowest as the US president tries to get the country’s economy moving. It has affected many companies worldwide, even those like United who only pay a fraction of their taxes in the US. The club’s chief financial

officer, Cliff Batey, insisted that it is a one-off charge that has pushed United into a loss but will have no other impact. ‘It should be beneficial to the club in the long-term,’ said Batey. ’It’s important to reiterate that it’s a non-cash accounting charge only which has no impact on our financial competitiveness or our ability to meet Financial Fair Play regulations.’ United’s overall revenue for the quarter rose four per cent to £163.9m, although commercial, sponsorship and matchday revenue were all slightly down. The club spent £69.6m on wages and benefits in the final three months of 2017, up £6m on a year earlier due mainly to player bonuses for reaching the Champions League. Old Trafford chief Ed Woodward claimed that United’s ‘solid business model’ has enabled them to offer new signing Alexis Sanchez a total of £600,000a-week, and extend manager

Jose Mourinho’s contract. Woodward revealed that the Sanchez deal was already paying off after the Chile star set a new record for shirt sales by a January signing treble the previous best set by Juan Mata in 2014. The announcement of Sanchez’s move from Arsenal also eclipsed Neymar’s transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain on social media. He said: ‘It was the biggest United post on Instagram with two million likes and comments, the most shared United Facebook post ever, and the most retweeted United post ever - #alexis7 was the number one trending topic on Twitter worldwide. ’To put that in context, the announcement generated 75 per cent more interaction than the announcement of the sale of the world’s most expensive player last summer when Neymar moved from Barcelona to PSG.’ (MailOnline)

Trump’s US tax reforms forced the Premier League outfit to write off £48.8m


22 athletes in five sports across the border to Pyeongchang after agreeing a breakthrough deal. The two nations will march together at the opening ceremony under a united flag and will field a joint women’s ice hockey team - a move that has proved unpopular with some in the

south, who believe the late inclusion of North Korean players will jeopardise their chances of a medal. The team played together for the first time on Sunday in their only practice match, which they lost 3-1 to Sweden. As well as skiers and figure skaters, the North are also

sending hundreds of delegates, cheerleaders and performers.There were small protests against the unified team, while hundreds of South Koreans demonstrated on Tuesday as a ship from North Korea carrying around 120 performers arrived at the eastern port of Mukho.

Top seed Wawrinka labours to three-set victory in Sofia Sofia (Reuters) - Stan Wawrinka, looking to play himself back into form after a long layoff due to a knee surgery, survived a scare to advance to the Sofia Open quarter-finals with a 4-6 6-2 6-3 win over Slovakian qualifier Martin Klizan yesterday. After losing the opening set, the 32-year-old threetimes grand slam champion piled on the pressure with rasping baseline winners and wrapped up victory showing no ill-effects from the injury that hampered him at the Australian Open last month. The burly Swiss’s powers of recovery will be put to the test on Friday when he meets 2016 runner-up Viktor Troicki. The Serb progressed to the last eight by beating Uzbek Denis Istomin 7-6(4) 1-6 7-6(5). ”I knew it will be tough match against a tough opponent. It was my just third match after last year at Wimbledon,” Wawrinka told a news conference. “So I need matches, I need tournaments, I need confidence. My level fitness-wise is not yet at my top, but I was surprised I was playing good. I am really proud with the way I was fighting.” Marcos Baghdatis upset second seed Frenchman Adrian Mannarino 6-7(4) 63 6-1. The feisty Cypriot, who will meet Slovakian qualifier Jozef Kovalik for a place in the semis, broke twice in the decisive set, leaving his 29-year-old opponent to hurl

his racket to the court. Third seed Gilles Muller needed all his experience to dig himself out of trouble and beat Italian Andreas Seppi 46 7-6(5) 7-6(2) in the longest match of the tournament to reach the quarter-finals in Sofia for a third consecutive year.

The 34-year-old lefthander from Luxembourg clawed his way back into a match lasting two hours and 35 minutes after powering down 23 aces to set up an intriguing clash with big-serving Romanian Marius Copil, who breezed past Slovenia’s Blaz Kavcic 6-2 6-2.

Friday February 09, 2018

Caribbean Club

Atletico Pantoja, Arnett Gardens advance to finals

Couva, Trinidad & Tobago - Club Atletico Pantoja (Dominican Republic) and Arnett Gardens (Jamaica) secured spots in the 2018 CONCACAF Caribbean Cub Championship (CCC), Tier 1 finals with Group A wins on Sunday at Ato Boldon Stadium. takes a look at the first-round matches: Arnett Gardens 4, Real Hope Football Academy 0 - Arnett Gardens jumped from last place to a spot in the finals on the strength of a 4-0 win over Real Hope Football Academy (Haiti). After a scoreless first half, the Jamaican side exploded for four goals, including three by forward Fabian Reid - all with his right foot. The 26year-old struck for the first and last goals (65', 90'+2), both from 10-yards out and made it 2-0 from the penalty spot (86'). Leon Strickland (90') netted the other goal from five yards off a left-sided cross by the outstanding Reid. W Connection 0, Club Atletico Pantoja 3 - Atletico Pantoja maintained its unbeaten record with a 3-0 win over host and three-time champion W Connection. The in-form Luis Espinal (27') — who put two goals past Real Hope on Friday —

Club Atletico Pantoja’s Luis Espinal (white) scores against host W Connection. (Photo courtesy of Club Atletico Pantoja) gave the Dominican Republic power a 1-0 lead near the midway point of the first half, slotting in with his right foot from seven-yards out. Four minutes later, Armando Maita (31') doubled the advantage off a neat pass by Espinal, before Jean Carlos Lopez (65') completed the scoreline with a second-half penalty kick. The Competition - Club Atletico Pantoja and Arnett Gardens will join the top two teams from Group B (opens play on February 7) in the CCC finals, with the champion gaining a place in the

2019 Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League, while the runner-up and third place finishers will qualify for the 2018 Scotiabank CONCACAF League. The fourth-place side will face the winner of the Tier 2 tournament — Caribbean Club Shield — in a playoff to determine the third club that will represent the Caribbean in the 2018 Scotiabank CONCACAF League. The Tier 2 champion, however, must comply with the minimum CONCACAF Club Licensing requirements to secure participation.

NBA: All 30 franchises worth at least $1bn for the first time, according to Forbes BBC Sport - All 30 NBA teams are worth at least $1bn (£719m) for the first time in history, according to Forbes. International growth and lucrative US television deals are underpinning basketball’s growth according to the business magazine, with franchises now worth an average of $1.65bn. That is a 22% rise on 12 months ago. New York Knicks are the most valuable at $3.6bn, ahead of LA Lakers ($3.3bn) and Golden State Warriors ($3.1bn), who overtake Chicago Bulls ($2.6bn). The Warriors - NBA Finals winners in 2017 - have been able to increase ticket prices off the back of their success in recent seasons and their value is 19% higher year-on-year. The Knicks have been able to grow revenues after upgrades to their venue Madison Square Garden. They are now the sixth most valuable sports team in the world, behind football clubs Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United, baseball’s New York Yankees


Kaieteur News

The New York Knicks have benefited from an upgrade to their home at Madison Square Garden. and the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys. Cleveland Cavaliers NBA champions in 2016 - are 15th in the list of valuations at $1.3bn but lost money during the last year, thanks in part to a $134m wage bill servicing the likes of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. According to Forbes, the lowest valued team is the New Orleans Pelicans at $1bn. Continuous growth in China - where an estimated 300 million people play the sport has been integral in boosting the value of franchises.

A new nine-year television contract in the US has also delivered $24bn for the NBA - three times the value of the previous deal. In addition, NBA teams played five fixtures overseas in 2017 in order to boost the sport’s appeal and a fixture between the Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics has already been played in London in 2018. Such figures helped some franchises to rapid year-onyear growth, with Forbes estimating the Philadelphia 76ers are worth 48% more than a year ago.

North American Soccer World Cup would create $5 billion in economic activity: study Reuters - A tri-nation North American bid to host the 2026 soccer World Cup could create over $5 billion in economic activity for the area if it wins the right to stage the tournament, according to a study published on yesterday. The United States, Mexico and Canada are bidding to host the 48-team tournament, which will be the largest in World Cup history, and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) said hosting the event would support about 40,000 jobs across North America. ”Our assessment found that if the United Bid Committee is successful in its bid to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup, it could generate significant short-term economic activity and numerous other benefits across Canada, Mexico, and the United States,” Cliff Grevler, senior partner at BCG, said in a statement put out by the United Bid Committee.

FIFA logo The study isolated the effects of the World Cup from economic activity that would happen anyway, such as ongoing infrastructure improvements and regular international tourism. According to the North American bid committee, a unique feature of the joint proposal is that the three countries are relying on prebuilt infrastructure that will reduce the cost of hosting.

Morocco is the only other country to have put forward a bid for the finals, which will be the first to feature an expanded 48-team format. Formal submission of the completed bids has to be made by mid-March and FIFA will decide whether to select one of the candidates at its congress in June, or to re-open the process to other regions if none of the bids are accepted.

U.S. Olympic swimmer accuses excoach of sexual abuse when she was 16 Reuters - A former U.S. Olympic swimmer accused a former coach of the national team of sexually abusing her when she was 16, joining a chorus of young athletes in gymnastics and other sports who have come forward with similar allegations involving team officials. Ariana Kukors, who represented the United States in the 2012 Olympic Games, said Sean Hutchison, then a coach for USA Swimming’s national team, began “grooming” her for a sexual relationship when she was 13. ”I’ve realized that stories like my own are too important to go unwritten,” Kukors, 28, said in a statement on Wednesday. Hutchison, 46, could not be reached for comment. His swimming club, the King Aquatic Club in Washington state, said in a statement that the news “broke our collective hearts.” Hutchison remained a club executive but had no “direct interaction with our swimmers for a very long time,” the statement said. Kukors, whom the club described as “part of the King Aquatic family,” said she first met Hutchison through the club. Investigators from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security have searched Hutchison’s Seattle home, a department spokeswoman said, describing it as an investigation into “alleged online child exploitation,” without giving further details. Athletes have denounced

U.S. Olympic officials in recent weeks as reacting too slowly to reports of sexual abuse. The criticism grew from the emotionally charged sentencing hearings for Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics team doctor who pleaded guilty to sexual abuse last year. Kukors echoed this complaint. ”Much like the USOC knew about Larry Nassar years before his arrest and did nothing, USA Swimming had notice in 2010 that Sean Hutchison was involved in an inappropriate coach-athlete relationship with Ariana and took no actions to protect her or other swimmers,” her lawyer Robert Allard said in a

statement. USA Swimming said in a statement it investigated in 2010 a report that Hutchison and Kukors had a sexual relationship in breach of the organization’s code of conduct. Both denied a relationship at the time, and the case was closed. The governing body said it first learned of the allegations of sexual abuse while Kukors was a minor for the first time when she went public this week. The group supported Kukors and was helping the investigation. ”We stand by her, and all other victims, in their quest to break their silence and confront their horrific experiences,” the statement said.

Ariana Kukors swims at the London 2012 Olympic Games, July 30, 2012. REUTERS/David Gray.


Friday February 09, 2018

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NAMILCO on board again for Petra’s 3rd Annual Futsal tourney MVP and Lucky Fan to win motorbikes The National Milling Company of Guyana (NAMILCO) is on board again with the Petra Organisation for the entity’s Third Annual Fustal tournament which is set for kickoff on February 24th at the National Gymnasium. This was announced at a press briefing yesterday at the Company’s, Agricola East Bank Demerar, office. At the simple ceremony, NAMILCO’s Finance Executive Fitzroy McLeod expressed pleasure on being able to support the venture. “NAMILCO is concerned that young Guyanese citizens should always have options which allows them to make positive choices and pursue

healthy and productive pathways.” McLeod continued , “We (NAMILCO) further support this in the development of our youth through sport and education programmes, through health and wellness projects and as we are now doing now, by facilitating healthy competition.” The company has committed to cover the first and second prizes of the competition to the tune of $750,000. Co-Director of the Petra Organisation Troy Mendonca, expressed appreciation for the support by NAMILCO. This tournament is expected to feature teams the likes of Alpha Warriors, Pro

Kleaners-Campbellville, Showstoppers, Mocha, Agricola, Plaisance, Sparta Boss, Ol Skool Ballers, Leopold Street, Albouystown, Kingstown, North East La Penitence, Back Circle, West Front Road, North Ruimveldt, Tiger Bay, Broad Street, Channel 9, Bent Street, Tucvllle, Alexander Village, Future Stars, NK Ballers and Sophia. Meanwhile, as an incentive for teams in the group stage, the top finishers will get an additional $40 000, secondplace $30 000, third-place $20 000 and fourth-place $10 000. In addition, the MVP of the tournament as well as a lucky fan will ride away with one motorbike each.

Edwards guides Volcanoes to maiden win Bridgetown, Barbados, CMC – Former West Indies vice-captain, Kirk Edwards, stroked a half-century to guide Windward Islands Volcanoes to their first win of the Regional Super50 here Wednesday night. Asked by English County Hampshire to chase a modest 201 for victory in the daynight contest at Kensington Oval, Volcanoes reached their target in the 37th over with Edwards finishing unbeaten on 71.West Indies Twenty20 star Andre Fletcher slammed 53 while former Windies speedster Fidel Edwards claimed three for 52. Opting to bat first earlier, Hampshire could only muster 200 all ou tin the 49th over, with James Adams top-scoring with 83. Wicketkeeper Lewis McManus chimed in with 28, Bradley Taylor got 24 while Asher Hart scored 21. Former Test off-spinner Shane Shillingford, adjudged Manof-the-Match, finished with four for 32 while Windies limited overs seamer Kesrick Williams (2-39) and left-arm spinner Kavem Hodge (2-42) picked up two wickets apiece. Hampshire recovered well after losing Tom Alsop to the second ball of the match without a run on the board, with Adams anchored three small stands to steady the innings. He put on 41 for the second wicket with Joe Weatherley (8), 36 for the third wicket with Sean Ervine (8) before adding a further 38 for the fourth wicket with McManus. All told, Adams counted 11 fours and two sixes in an attractive 75-ball knock. Once he departed in the 23rd over, however, the innings declined steadily with the last seven

Former West Indies batsman Kirk Edwards. wickets falling for 85 runs.Hampshire could have capitulated below the 200-run mark had it not been for a brave 41-run eighth wicket stand between Taylor and Hart. In reply, Volcanoes were stumbling on 35 for two in the fifth over after Fidel Edwards blasted out openers Devon Smith (14) and Johnson Charles (13) cheaply. But Kirk Edwards came to the party, putting on 94 off 83

deliveries with Fletcher in an up tempo third wicket partnership. The 33-year-old Edwards faced 91 balls and struck eight fours and a six while Fletcher also belted eight fours and a six in a hasty 55-ball knock.Fletcher became Edwards’s third victim in the 21st over but Edwards remained immovable, adding 32 with Roland Cato (17) to put his side over the line.

GSSF receives donation from Guyana Ideal Life Inc. The Guyana Sport Shooting Federation (GSSF) has received a donation from Essequibo based Guyana Ideal Life Inc., located at Hampton Court on the Essequibo Coast. The GSSF through a press release is expressing thanks to its newest sponsor for its generosity. Managing Director of the company, Ms. Yumei Zhang was lauded by the GSSF for the timely donation which the federation said would assist to offsetting some of its expenses. GSSF President, Mrs. Persaud-McKinnon noted that as a n o n - p r o f i t organisation, the support is welcomed as good corporate sponsors come forward to promote sport

Ms. Yumei Zhang (right) hands over donation to Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon. shooting in Guyana. Guyana Ideal Life Inc., deals with the processing and bot-

tling of cold-pressed virgin coconut oil which has tremendous health benefits.

Kent easily collar USA to extend streak North Sound, Antigua, CMC – Joe Deny missed out on three figures as Kent coasted to their third win on the trot with a comfortable 27run victory over USA Cricket here yesterday. Sent in at the Vivian Richards Cricket Ground in the Group B affair of the Regional Super50, Kent rattled up 215 for nine off their 50 overs, with the experienced Denly top-scoring with 96 from 109 deliveries. Zak Crawley supported with 27 while Will Gidman and Adam Rouse both chipped in with 22 apiece. In reply, USA were restricted to 186 for nine of their 50 overs with captain Ibrahim Khaleel leading his side’s batting effort with 61 off 114 balls. Opener Jaskaran Malhotra with 28 was the only other batsman to pass 20 as USA lost wickets at vital times to watch their run chase slowly fizzle out. He punched five fours in a brisk 32-ball knock, dominating a 35-run second wicket stand with Sunny Sohal (7) which pulled the Americans around from 19 for one in the fifth over. However, both Malhotra and Sohal perished

Joe Denly in successive overs with two runs added to leave USA on 56 for three in the 14th over. It was left to Khaleel and Timil Patel (19) to add 64 for the fourth wicket and dig USA out of trouble, taking them past the 100-run mark. Khaleel struck five fours but was one of six wickets to fall for 56 runs as off-spinner Adam Riley (3-36) and left-arm spinner Imran Qayyum (2-40) triggered a collapse. Denly had earlier taken the headlines as he held the innings

together in a knock which contained 10 fours. With the English county struggling on 22 for two in the 10th over, Denly posted 52 for the third wicket with Crawley, 42 for the fifth with Gidman before adding 79 for the sixth wicket with Rouse. Roy Silva was the best bowler with three for 42 while fellow seamer Elmore Hutchinson picked up two for 33. Kent have not lost since their opening match of the tournament.

Pybus makes surprise return as High Performance Director St John’s, Antigua, CMC – Englishman Richard Pybus has made a shock return to West Indies cricket as High Performance Director, just over a year after leaving the post of Director of Cricket. In the new role, the 53year-old will has been tasked with working with Chief Selector Courtney Browne, Director of Cricket, Jimmy Adams and regional coaches to “improve the high performance programmes and stan-

dards within franchise cricket.” ”His role will also include, but not limited to standardizing coaching and preparation for regional teams and overseeing a talent identification programme from the Under-19 level all the way to the Windies international level,” Cricket West Indies said in a statement. Pybus, who has signed two-year contract, said he was excited about the task of

helping to develop the region’s cricketing resources. “I am delighted to be re-joining Cricket West Indies in this newly created role,” Pybus said. ”I am looking forward to working with Jimmy Adams and the rest of the cricket department to improve standards within a system that I know well. “My focus will be on developing our high performance programmes and help-

ing to identify and coach the most talented cricketers in the Caribbean.” Pybus was appointed director of cricket in November, 2013 and spent three years in the role before being replaced by former Test captain Adams in January last year. Since then, Pybus was overlooked for vacant head coach positions with the India, Bangladesh and South Africa national teams. He was in Dhaka last December for an

interview with the Bangladesh Cricket Board after being short-listed but was unsuccessful in the end.Pybus has in the past coached Pakistan and also had a short stint with Bangladesh. He has, however, coached extensively in South Africa at club level. He was instrumental in overseeing the implementation of the Professional Cricket League in the Caribbean four years ago.

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Regional Super50 Festival

McCarthy’s ton subjects Jaguars to first defeat as Scorpions win by 46-runs Story and photos by Sean Devers in Antigua in association with Vnet Communications, Bounty Farm, Noble House Seafoods & Playter’s Enterprise A well-constructed 105 form 104 balls (5x4, 4x6) from Man-of-the-Match Andrew McCarthy led Jamaica Scorpions to 46-run win against Guyana Jaguars on the Duckworth/Lewis/Stern System last night at Coolidge Cricket Ground when the first half of Zone ‘B’ of the Regional Super50 concluded. McCarthy set up Scorpions for massive total before Kemo Paul (3-46) and Romario Shepherd (3-67) orchestrated a collapse with the Scorpions crumbling from 228-4 to 264-9 when their 50 overs expired. McCarthy dominated a 110-run fifth wicket stand with Fabien Allen who made a carefully constructed un-

beaten 47 from 62 balls (3x4, 1x6). Chadwick Walton contributed a 53-ball 33 (4x4, 1x6) at the top of the order while Rovman Powell’s 34 lasted 53 balls with five boundaries. Set a second revised target of 215 from 34overs on the Duckworth/ Lewis & Stern System after 16 overs were lost to rain, the Jaguars were bowled out for 164 in 30.1 overs with only Shimron Hetmyer who hit three fours and two sixes in 40, passing 20. Nikita Miller (4-22) was the best bowler for the Scorpions who moved nine points. Guyana who are still in the lead, remains on 13 points while Kent beat USA to go to 12 points level while Hurricanes are level with Scorpions on nine. The scorpions won the toss and elected to bat in sweltering heat on a spinfriendly track and small ground and quickly lost Steven Taylor who edged

Paul to Keeper Anthony Bramble without a run on the board. Walton and Powell joined forces and Powell hammered Paul back over his head for four while Walton clobbered Shepherd for six over long-off and pulled for four off consecutive balls. Aggressive batting saw the 50 posted in 8.4 overs as the batsmen went after Shepherd whose first four overs cost 28 runs. Walton was trapped LBW to Rutherford at 60-2 while Powell was stumped as he missed a big drive off left-arm spinner Veerasammy Permaul 97-3. McCarthy who reached his 50 from 66 balls (3x4, 2x6) swept leg-spinner Davendra Bishoo for six before Brandon King (6) was LBW to Bishoo at 118-4 to set the stage for a wonderful fifth wicket partnership between McCarthy and Allen.While Allen struggled to get the ball away, McCarthy was in full flow, sweeping part time left-arm

Rovman Powell is stumped by Bramble off Permaul for 36. (Sean Devers photo)

Andrew McCarthy sweeps during his 105 last evening.

spinner Chanderpaul Hemraj for four and lofting him for six. But Hemraj bowled a tidy spell and kept the batsmen, especially Allen in shackles but McCarthy continued to play his shots and was watched by fair size crowd which was kept entertained by Soca, Dance Hall and Chutney music in cold wind. McCarthy reached his ton from 98 balls with five fours and four sixes before he was bowled by Paul at 228-5. Allen tried to go after the bowling with little success. When the big hitting Andre Russell, who thumped two four and a mighty straight six off Paul, was taken off Shepherd for 15 at 252-6, Paul and Shepherd, bowling straight and full, polished off the tail by taking the last five wickets for just 12 runs. Chasing 265to win, Chanderpaul Hemraj (17) hit three fours in the same over from left-arm spinner Christopher Lamont before a crunching cut off Russell was well taken by Odean Smith at point at 19-1. Shiv Chanderpaul (3) and Shimron Hetmyer (1) were at the crease when a heavy downpour sent the players scurrying off the field with the score 22-1 from 5.1 overs. When play resumed Hetmyer smashed Powell for six, pulled Russell for four, hammered Peat Salam for six and majestically cut him for four while Chanderpaul eased Powell over cover a delightful boundary. But with partnership developing nicely, Chanderpaul (16) gloved a hook at Smith and was well caught by wicket-Keeper Chadwick Walton diving forward to leave the score 65-2. Leon Johnson (1) was bowled by Miller at 69-3 while Hetmyer, well set for big score played an irresponsible pulled to Miller and was taken by Brandon King running in from long-on 10 short of a fifty. Barnwell playing in first match after replacing Raymond Reifer due to Windies ‘A’ team duties was just looking set after playing an enterprising cut off Miller for boundary and banging off-spinner Salam for flat six before he gifted his wicket away, top-edging a sweep off Miller for Russell at short fine leg to hold a good catch to his right after making 15. From 100-5 the Jaguars lost wickets regularly as Miller bowled Bramble (4) at 107-6 but nobody reached 20 as Rutherford (18), Shepherd (19), Permaul (15) and Paul (14) all departed after playing little cameos Guyana’s next match is tomorrow against Kent from 09:00hrs at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium.

Excellent ‘death’ bowling from Shepherd saw him take the sting out of the Scorpions’ lower order.

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