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Saturday December 30, 2017

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Retrospection exposes our weaknesses The end of a year provides an ideal opportunity for introspection and resolutions to improve on our weaknesses. The conduct of our politicians on both sides of the political divide over the past year has raised genuine concerns regarding the extent to which they internalize and fully appreciate their core functions. Regardless of their philosophical or ideological bent, those who aspire to be leaders in this nation must first and foremost regard themselves as servants of the people. Our leaders must fully understand what it means to be a servant of the people—all of the people of this nation. This demands an appreciation of their role as servant first and leader second. It requires a commitment to stewardship and the protection of a body of ideals that place people and their needs at the centre. In addition, it seeks the empowerment of others attained through respect, and an appreciation of and trust in those whom they lead. It is an intrinsic trait which must be so engrained in the nature of true leaders that it almost defines them. Though this may appear simplistic, it has proven to be a rare quality that we must however establish as a natural prerequisite for effective leadership at this critical stage and for the future of our country’s evolution. This service element has to be primary and regarded as the raison d’etre for those aspiring for positions that shape and define the future of this land we love so dearly. Our very short history as a nation has been replete with individuals in high offices whose actions have palpably demonstrated the absence of this service quality. Many may have started with such lofty aims and seem to have lost their grounding along the way. Others appear to have never embraced this as being at the heart of their duty to this nation. True leadership is not arrived at through the assumption of a post; it is the amalgam of a list of demonstrated qualities, service being the most important. The level of arrogance demonstrated when addressing the business of the people clearly indicates an absence of such an appreciation. The clear abuse of power and aloofness when faced with the needs of the people—all the people—they have sworn to serve indicate dispositions at odds with the commitment to serve. Disregard for the right of the nation to information and to participate in key decision-making processes flies in the face of the service-leader concept. Partisan allegiances at the expense of the attainment of national cohesion and integration contradict this most fundamental principle. Blatant self-aggrandizement, cronyism and nepotism that have emerged as defining traits of leaders in our country at various intervals are at odds with the call to serve. Leaders of this nation, regardless of party and power base, should honestly examine their true impact against this most basic principle of service. The one-upmanship and petty posturing for cheap political points have little lasting effect on the quality of the society we and our grandchildren will enjoy. Service has an immeasurable ripple effect that ultimately enriches all who are touched by it. They in-turn appreciate its importance and become servants themselves. Ultimately, our nation stands to benefit from these acts of service, though they may initially appear isolated and insignificant. The power bestowed upon you as leaders should be used to this end, leaving in its wake a formidable foundation upon which future generations can build.

A year of failed promises and unconstitutionalities DEAR EDITOR, The year 2017, will be remembered as a year of broken promises and some of the most egregious violations of the Constitution and the rule of law. In the month of January, the nation was treated with a media blitz by the Attorney General signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with two unknown academic entities for the establishment of a local law school in Guyana. Even a name was assigned to this venture – “The JOF Haynes Law School”, after one of the finest legal minds produced by Guyana. The nation would recall that in 1995, the Cheddi Jagan Administration was granted permission by the Council of Legal Education of the West Indies (CLE) to establish a local law school. This project, however, was abandoned the following year when the CLE, the University of Guyana and the University of the West Indies entered into a collaborative agreement through which the top 25 graduates of the LLB programme were

guaranteed entry in to the Hugh Wooding Law School. This agreement was continuously renewed under the PPP Administration. When the Attorney General made the public announcement of a local law school in January 2017, I disclosed publicly that while the PPP is not opposed to such a venture, permission must first be obtained from the CLE and that no such permission was obtained. I also publicly questioned the academic integrity of the two institutions with which the Government entered into this MOU. To my queries, the Attorney General boldly told the press that he sought and obtained permission of the CLE to establish a local law school in Guyana and that same will be up and running in 2018. By December 2017, the Attorney General was forced to disclose that he never received permission from the CLE. In short, there will be no local law school in 2018. Our poor law students were taken on a ride of deception. BLOOD ON MY CARPET We were told that in the

year 2017, a Law Reform Commission will be established. 40 million dollars was budgeted for it in the 2016 budget of the Ministry of Legal Affairs. To date, no such Commission has been established. No one has been able to account for this money. More money has been budgeted for the establishment of this Commission in the 2018 budget. We were promised that a slew of coroners will be appointed in the year 2017. Not a single coroner was appointed, although the Coroners Act was amended to facilitate these appointments. The nation was promised that the errors in the Laws of Guyana would be corrected in the year 2017. This turned out to be another failed promise. The year 2017, also saw the continued emasculation of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) office. These two organisations are constitutionally and statutorily charged with the responsibilities of investigating and detecting crimes and the prosecution of criminal offences. Armed with $100M from the

Treasury, the Attorney General hired Special Prosecutors to prosecute offences investigated by the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU), an organisation funded from the budget of the Ministry of the Presidency, and whose officers take political directions from various functionaries of the Government. These Special Prosecutors are issued with a fiat by the DPP, which says that they are retained at no cost to the state, but in fact are bankrolled to the tune of $100M paid from the Attorney General’s budget. These prosecutors are all handpicked and are closely connected to this Government. For the year 2018, the Attorney General has budgeted over $250M to pay lawyers whom he plans to retain in that year. The year 2017, also saw the Government hounding out of office, Carvil Duncan, the Chairman of the Public Service Commission, a member of the Police Service Commission and a member of the (Continued on page 6)

The current Acting Chancellor and Chief Justice should be immediately confirmed DEAR EDITOR, Within the past few days, the President’s plan to appoint a Chancellor of the Judiciary has been a topical issue in the news. The Stabroek News has revealed that the favoured candidate is Justice Kenneth Benjamin, who presently heads the Judiciary of Belize. The Ministry of the Presidency makes much of the fact that the President was insistent that the vacant positions of Chancellor and Chief Justice be advertised. Many however see the employed procedure as a smokescreen. The truth is that an ugly and offensive odour emanates from the advertisement/interview process. Can anyone in the government, including President Granger, honestly say to the people of Guyana that Justice Benjamin was not directly approached by government functionaries to take up the position of Chancellor of the Judiciary in Guyana before the advertisement? The Caribbean is a small region. What is done in the dark will be (or has been) revealed. The Judge’s past connections with the local army as revealed by the local newspapers, is being perceived by ordinary people in Guyana, as

giving him the edge over Judges presently giving distinguished service to the Guyanese Judiciary. It has been reported that Justice Benjamin served as Judge Advocate to the GDF. His father was at one time the army chaplain. He is well known to President Granger. Many, many persons believe that Justice Benjamin is the President’s candidate and are not fooled by the charade of advertisement and interview procedure. Justice Benjamin, no doubt has impressive scholastic achievements but as a judge, his record is less than stellar. While a Judge in one of the Eastern Caribbean states, the Privy Council had cause to make very adverse comments about his approximately five year delay, in his delivery of a decision. Now, he is faced with the same record of delinquency in Belize, though on an astronomical scale, so much so, that the lawyers in Belize have risen up against him and are making calls for his resignation/removal. If indeed this is President Granger’s candidate for the office of Chancellor of the Judiciary in Guyana, the question must be asked, if it is such

a judge that the President wants to inflict on the Judiciary but moreso on the people of Guyana. It is to be hoped not. It should be pointed out however, that there was really no need for His Excellency to go the lengths to which he did to name a Chancellor and a Chief Justice. The two Judges who presently act in those offices are indisputably worthy candidates. Justices Yonette Cummings-Edwards and Roxane George have proven themselves up to the task of effective performance in the offices of Chancellor and Chief Justice respectively. Over the months that they have executed their responsibilities, we have noted their efforts at improvements in the Judiciary. The Family Court, the Sexual Offences Court and various training programmes are part of their dedicated efforts to improvements in our legal system. It is said that the practising Bar fully supports the confirmation of these two Judges. Eminent senior counsel, Bryn Pollard and Ralph Ramkarran have spoken about the highly satisfactory performance and notable achievements of these Judges since they assumed control of the judiciary. They have com-

mendably steered the Judiciary over the past year. They were considered suitable to hold the fort in acting capacities, and so I ask, why are they not suitable to be proposed for confirmation? The plan to facilitate the return of a Guyanese Judge who ran away during difficult times and lure him with the promise of a good life, is offensive. To ignore Justices Cummings-Edwards and George for confirmation is insulting and demeaning to these Judges. Over the next days, I would expect to see an outpouring of support for these two Judges from lawyers individually and through the Bar Association. The Women Lawyers Association and women’s groups generally, should not allow this travesty to occur. The call should be for Justice Yonette Cummings-Edwards and Justice Roxanne George to be immediately confirmed as Chancellor of the Judiciary and as Chief Justice respectively. They have proven themselves worthy and deserving. In this particular instance, it should not be the case of what the President wants, the President gets. Hemchand Narine

Saturday December 30, 2017

Justice Kenneth Benjamin deserves unbiased consideration for top judicial post DEAR EDITOR, The legal fraternity here in the USA, the Queens College of Guyana (QC) alumni, and others have read the subjective and downright unfair attacks on Justice Kenneth Benjamin’s fitness to be appointed Chancellor of Guyana. While we hold no brief for Mr. Benjamin, we should not allow the vitriolic tendency to unjustifiably criticise our own to usurp the consideration, respect and due process he has earned, in the selection process. The legal support staff in the USA, including many law clerks, court attorneys and other personnel, supplement the work of the Judges and reduce backlogs efficiently a vital help, since many Judges are unduly burdened with constant administrative tasks. The backlog accumulation and budgetary constraints due to a lack of such support is no doubt a recurring problem in many jurisdictions, including the USA and many Commonwealth jurisdictions, especially since the Chief Justices, ex officio, are required to adjudicate a greater number of cases than other Judges. In a recent article, the Amandala newspaper of Belize stated that “the matter of outstanding judgments by the Supreme Court had come up even prior to Justice Benjamin’s tenure in Belize and that the Bar Association had taken on the Judiciary when Dr. Abdulai Conteh served as Chief Justice of Belize, but at the time, the contention was that there were over 50 delayed judgments, with about 60% of those pending from then Supreme Court Justice Samuel Awich…the allegation now is that Justice Benjamin is responsible for the bulk of the pending cases, as the other justices have tried to keep their backlogs to a minimum.” The most painful delays are wrought in criminal cases, where accused citizens must not be deprived of the fundamentally guaranteed right to a speedy trial. Whereas any delays in any judicial matter are a cause for concern, the paper does not cite any delays in the adjudication of

criminal cases by Judge Benjamin. Instead, it reported that “there are several cases for which no decision has been handed down, ranging from personal injury cases to banking matters, including a case involving a challenge to the sale of shares in Belize Telemedia Limited to the Belize Social Security Board.” In 1973, we were given an unprecedented 2 consecutive holidays at QC when then alumnus Kenneth Benjamin, and two other Six Formers, were awarded the prestigious Guyana scholarships out of 7 national awards for academic excellence. I remember the pride we felt as QC boys, and the academic impetus our continuing academic dominance brought us, honouring a proud legacy built on the backs of QC alumni, e.g., Presidents Dr. Cheddi Jagan, Forbes Burnham, Brigadier David Granger; Sir David Rose, First Governor General; Michael Abbensetts, playwright; E.R. Braithwaite (To Sir With Love acclaim), novelist; Vibert C. Cambridge, Media Professor; Martin Carter, A.J Seymour, Wordsworth McAndrew, poets; Christopher Nicole, novelist; Walter Farrar, Bishop; Sir Kenneth Stoby, Chancellor; Guy E. L. de Weever, author of The Children's Story of Guyana; Rhona Fox, actress; Bruce Pairadeau, Roger Harper, former West indies cricketers; Professor E. Nigel Harris; Wilson Harris, novelist; Samuel Hinds, Prime Minister; Habeeb Khan, comedian; Sir Lionel Luckhoo, lawyer; Sir Shridath Ramphal, international diplomat; Trevor Phillips, Briti s h politician; Dr Nadia Ramdin, haematologist and medical oncologist; Dr. Walter Rodney, historian; Gordon Rohlehr, scholar; Dr Keith E. Wilson, NASA/JPL physicist; Fred Wills, Rashleigh Jackson, Diplomats; Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine, lecturer; Norman Beaton, actor; Rayman Gajraj, Mayor and many others too numerous to mention and recall. This was a brilliant start to his legal career, which became further embellished with many outstanding appointments. Justice Benjamin received his legal training from the Univer-


Kaieteur News

sity of the West Indies and the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad and Tobago, and then returned to Guyana where he practised privately, and served as a Magistrate and the Assistant Judge Advocate for the Guyana Defence Force. “Benjie,” as he is affectionately called by many, served on the Court of Appeal in the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, sitting in both St. Lucia and St. Vincent. He also served as the Presiding Judge for the Criminal Division of the High Court in St. Lucia and the High Court Judge in Antigua, British Virgin Islands and Grenada. Prior to his CJ's appointment in Belize, he served as Chief Magistrate in Antigua and Barbuda, and he is a member of the Commonwealth Magistrates and Judges Association, a former Rotarian, a former cricket executive in Antigua and a Fellow of the Commonwealth Judicial Education Institute. However, it is as an empathetic, knowledgeable, yet humble advocate, that we remember Judge Benjamin, who like Ashton Chase S.C., Ralph Ramkarran S.C., Vidyanand Persaud S.C., Judge Prem Persaud, Judge Cecil Kennard and Judge Loris Ganpatsingh, to name a few, was always willing to advise or assist less accomplished members of the legal profession. Indeed, any of these would have made exemplary Chancellors, but some are now unavailable due to the passage of Father Time or other considerations. Judge Benjamin is certainly qualified, experienced, temperamentally suited and independent-minded for the Chancellor’s position, and, with all due respect to them, brings more to the table than many of his predecessors and rivals, and deserves due consideration. Being a dual citizen of Guyana and Antigua is an asset, as he may not be vulnerable to either intrinsic and/or extrinsic pressures or considerations, a debilitating disability I have seen and experienced in many a judge. More on that later... Albert Baldeo

Kudos to govt. on the smoking ban DEAR EDITOR, Second-hand smoke is a major cause of morbidity and mortality on a global scale. Some Governments around the world have increasingly sought to mitigate the effects of second-hand smoking by introducing legislation that restricts tobacco consumption in public places. There is emerging evidence that such legislation leads to direct and indirect health benefits. The exposure to secondhand smoke is now shown to be associated with development of cardiovascular disease, and poorer health outcomes in patients with estab-

lished chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Childhood, including inutero, exposure to secondhand smoke has recently been linked with increased risk of cleft palate, demonstrable signs of atherosclerosis, and the development of emphysema and lung cancer in adulthood. Thus a comprehensive ban on smoking in public places in Guyana should lead to a reduction in overall exposure to second-hand smoke, for both adults and children, and should result in a reduction in the incidence of myocardial infarction and paediatric hospital attendances with

acute asthma. Banning smoking in public places is also an effective tool for reducing tobacco-related morbidity across a multiplicity of diseases. It is pleasing to know that our incumbent government is introducing legislation to enforce effective laws that prohibit smoking in public places. Cigarette butts account for millions of pieces of litter annually and detract from a location’s aesthetic. If smokers would dispose of their waste properly when they’re in public places, this might not be an issue, Rooplall Dudhnath

A day of infamy DEAR EDITOR, Yesterday (December 29, 2017) will be remembered by sugar workers as one of the saddest days in the long and proud history of an industry whose manifold contributions redounded to the betterment of all Guyanese. History will record it as a day of infamy, as thousands of ordinary workers were sent into the army of the unemployed through the largest retrenchment exercise in our country in recent times. For the some 4,000 workers, they never imagined that their employment with the Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc (GuySuCo) would have come to an end in such an undignified manner. They have aggregately given centuries of service to the sugar industry and by extension the nation. For a great lot, working in the cane fields and the sugar factories are the only job they have ever known and it is through their hard work and efforts they managed to realise life’s goals and scored several signal achievements.

Yesterday, as those workers left their workplaces for the last time, looking back with fondness of their years with GuySuCo, they did so with heavy hearts and in deep anguish. As they move from gainfully employed to jobless, they are unsure what the days and weeks ahead will hold for them and their families. They remain clueless as to when they would receive their severance packages though their living expenses continue to mount. Entire communities are thrown into disarray as large segments of their working-people are without a job, added to the social issues and economic difficulties they face. As the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) reflects on the situation and difficulties which now confront these workers, we are indeed dismayed that while the workers are the gravest victims, the intellectual authors, committing a serious atrocity on our working-people, have been left

unscathed and untouched. Our Union reiterates that the cutting down of the sugar industry was a wrong move and one that will leave an indelible scar on our country while aggravating a bad economic situation and, certainly, one that we will regret. At this time, we reiterate our call for the Government to engage the dispossessed sugar workers and share with them what plans they have to make their lives whole once again. Seepaul Narine General Secretary GAWU


Kaieteur News

Two former generous donors/sponsors and a football stalwart are no longer with us DEAR EDITOR, “Oh Death, where is thy sting, Oh grave, where is thy victory”. While death is inevitable, the untimeliness of it, in most instances always leaves one in a state of shock, or disbelief. In the space of 7 days the sport of football would have lost the generosity of the late: George Humphrey, Gregory “Peppers” Christiani and Winston “Cally/Chalky” Callender. The young generation of Administrators, may not know of the role the trio played in the past. Reiteratively and remonstratively, it remains sad for the sport of football – 115 years of existence in Guyana, that no proper documentation is recorded to be placed in the annals of the sport’s history. Firstly, within the Georgetown Football League (then) under the presidency of Colin Klass, Humphrey’s Bakery & Farm Products was a sponsor of an age-limit competition, over a protracted period of time. While when the Guyana Football Association (then) was cash strapped and national teams had to be encamped, once again, but as a donor this time around. Humphrey’s Bakery ensured loaves of bread were uplifted on a daily basis, during the period of encampment. Additionally, if my memory serves me well the East Bank F.A. was also a beneficiary of Humphrey’s Bakery sponsorship, in the past. If I’m wrong I’m subject to correction. Secondly, “Peppers” Christiani of Water Chris Hotel, his generosity as a donor came by way of reduced rates for accommodation and meals, for national teams’ encampment, which was also extended to foreign national teams. Executive meetings of the GFA, along with the General Council; the AGM under the presidency of former president, M.P, Odinga Lumumba

were held at the hotel rentfree, as well as meetings of the GFF’s Tournaments & Competitions Committee. The Kashif & Shanghai Annual K.O., in the past had benefitted by way of sponsorship. Finally, “Cally/Chalky” Callender, former national footballer, former president, Georgetown Football League (then); former 1st Vice President, Guyana Football Association (then) and former senior national football teams manager. Editor, it would be remiss of me not to mention that the first of my three stints as Honorary Secretary (elected) GFL/ GFA, was two decades ago, which also was the first and only time for Cally to be elected as the president. Additionally, as Kitty residents (myself by birth), our bonding was much closer, since Winston’s entry into the administrative aspect of the sport at the Sub-Association level (then) was at my insistence, with the endorsement of Kitty folks a few years earlier. Thereafter, in 1997, leading up to the F.L’s- AGM/Elections of the Office Bearers, Cally’s candidacy for the presidency was endorsed by G.F.C’s Committee Member, James Bovell, who became the Hon. Treasurer and former Thomas United - President, Oliver Hinckson, who was elected 1st Vice President. That specific A.G.M was historical on numerous fronts. Wherein, the incumbent GFL, President, and Hon. Secretary, were already entrenched in the respective GFA positions and for the first time ever in the sport’s history, a delinking from the GFL was imminent, since in the FA’S General Council’s deliberation (s) the conflict of interest” scenario that was inherently in place had to cease forthwith. The subsequent AGM at GNCB Staff Club had to be aborted. But during the reconvening thereafter, Cally won by a landslide. Due to a shortened season, the former

Banks DIH employee secured sponsorship from his previous employers, for the “Banks DIH/Campsite senior RoundRobin/K.O”, involving both 1st and 2nd Division Clubs. Bovell’s Business School and Hinckson’s Chuck Wagon Bakery sponsored the youth competitions. As a former GFC player, prior to his national representation, during one of our frequent interactions, Cally had outlined to me the first time he represented the “Bourda Blues” - coming on as a second – half substitute. “Sealey, the stands were filled and upon taking the field of play, the crowd erupted, ‘GFC, y’all putting coffee in the milk.’” Since Cally was the first Afro Guyanese to play for GFC, breaking the decades-old tradition of “Caucasians, Portuguese and Mulattos”. Winston also served on GFC’s Executive Committee as a Vice President. In retrospect, Cally it was a great pleasure working along with you, in further developing and promoting the sport of Sub-Association football, though you only served as GFL President for one term. Nevertheless, your election to the GFA (then) as 1st Vice President, the following year, didn’t detract you from keeping abreast with the FL’s football activities. Cally always strived for putting football first, unlike what transpires today. In one such instance a mere phone call, with a response in less than 30 minutes, resulted in a coaching clinic the following day at GFC, by Anton Corneal. It was approved for youths from the FL’s affiliates. Over 50 youths turned out and Winston was present. Cally was also present previously at the Pee-Wee Competitions at Thirst Park. He had also assisted in securing jobs for a few footballers at Banks DIH. And lest I forget, in December, a phone call was always assured for my alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Winston played his game beyond extra-time, penalty shootout and “Sudden Death”. He became the second former national footballer, after the late Mannie DaSilva, to be elected a GFL President. Farewell, Winston “Cally/ Chalky” Callender. Farewell, Gregory “Peppers” Christiani. Farewell, George Humphrey. To the sorrowing family members, relatives, friends, workers and co-workers, my deepest sympathy and sincerest condolences respectively, May their Souls Rest in Peace! Lester Sealey

Saturday December 30, 2017

Public officials in the gambling dens DEAR EDITOR, It is expected that our elected officials and those in high offices behave in a certain manner that is acceptable to all. One doesn’t expect a minister to whip out his gun and shoot up in the air, or for a top official to be cursing loudly in the full hearing of citizens. They are supposed to represent and protect the interests of all citizens. Gone are the days when public officials believed that they could act like they are

above the law. It is a fact now that with smartphones, the eyes of the public are always open. It is in this vein that I am asking our goodly Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan, to look into the prevalence of police and other public officials making frequent visits to a casino and even gambling dens in the city. While as private citizens, our public officials have the right to live to their choosing; it would cross to the public arena when that behaviour becomes questionable.

For example, would it be considered bad for a minister to be visiting, in a covert manner, a known gambling den? Or would a senior cop who visits a casino frequently, raise eyebrows? How much money is being gambled during those visits? Is it consistent with the persons’ salaries? If a minister is visiting the casino and it is known that he is gambling more than his salary, then surely there is a problem. I am asking this for my neighbour. A curious whistleblower

A year of failed promises... (From page 4) Judicial Service Commission. Mr. Duncan was invited to the Ministry of the Presidency where he was offered a package to resign, with the President saying to him “I do not want blood on my carpet”. When Mr. Duncan refused, a Tribunal was established with the design to remove him from office. The legality of this tribunal was challenged in the court. The Judge who was hearing this matter was vilified by the Attorney General in open court. CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM The year 2017, also saw poor rice farmers from Region 5 successfully challenging the unconstitutional revocation of their 50-year-old leases for rice lands. It is also this year that the President instructed Minister Joseph Harmon to direct the Police Service Commission to halt the promotion of Police Officers. Again, the constitutional jurisdiction of the High Court had to be invoked to declare these directions unconstitutional. This year also witnessed repeated acts of rampant discrimination on the grounds of race, gender and politics. Dozens of qualified professional sons and daughters of this land were unlawfully dismissed in a manner designed to disgrace, humiliate and tarnish their professional reputation and standing. Another vulgar violation of the Constitution took place when the Commissioner of Police was suspended by the Minister of Public Security in clear violation of Article 225 of the Constitution. It was also in 2017, that the nation learnt that the Government received an $18M USD signing bonus from ExxonMobil, which it stashed in a secret account in the Central Bank instead of depositing same in the Consolidated Fund as is required by Article 216 of the Constitution. The year 2017, will conclude with Guyana being no closer to constitutional re-

form, a promise that the Coalition Government promised to deliver within its first 100 days in office. This year, the nation also witnessed an unprecedented and repeated abuse of the Procurement Act, where a singular purchase of over $605M of pharmaceuticals was undertaken upon the direction of a Minister of Health to a handpicked supplier. The year 2017, will also end without the promised termination of the lease of a house in Charlestown, for which the Government is paying $14M per month to one of its cronies. The lease contract says that the property is being rented as an office, but the Government says it is storing pharmaceuticals and medical supplies at the premises. Like in preceding years, the Minister of Finance cut the budgetary requests of almost every single constitutional agency, while the Government continues to pay lip service to financial and functional autonomy, which these agencies are guaranteed under the Constitution. The Judiciary’s Capital Budget was cut by over two thirds, rendering it impossible for the Judiciary to carry out most of its capital programme. APPOINTMENT OF CHANCELLOR Perhaps the mother of all constitutional violations was the President’s unilateral appointment of an 84-year-old retired Judge as Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM). This scandalous appointment came after the President rejected 18 respectable and outstanding Guyanese, whose names were submitted to him by the

Leader of the Opposition, who received those names through a consultative process involving almost every important stakeholder organisation in this country. The gentleman who was eventually appointed claimed that he was the Chief Justice of Grenada. The President disclosed to the press that he appointed him because he was the Chief Justice of Grenada. To date, not an iota of evidence has been produced that this gentleman was ever appointed the Chief Justice of Grenada. In fact, the evidence which has been unearthed established that he was never appointed the Chief Justice of Grenada. The matter is now engaging the attention of the court. 2017 is ending with another major constitutional scandal brewing. The President is actively recruiting a person for the position of Chancellor of the Judiciary but has not seen it fit to engage the Leader of the Opposition, whose agreement is constitutionally required, before such appointment can be lawfully made. Indeed, the press has already identified a candidate who seems to enjoy the President’s confidence. Having regard to his track record on these matters, one cannot discount some warped and twisted interpretation being placed on the Constitution through which the President persuades himself that he is empowered to make such an appointment, unilaterally. Only time will tell. Mohabir Anil Nandlall, MP Attorney-at-Law


Saturday December 30, 2017

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SALON Make-up Courses with Mac, Bare Minerals, etc. - Cosmetology Courses: $90,000 - Nail Technician Course: $35,000. Call: 6471773/688-0009

2017-HC-DEM-CIV-FD1268. IN THE HIGH COURTOF THE SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE, FAMILY, DIVORCE AND MATRIMONIAL JURISDICTION, FAMILY DIVISION.PETITION No. FD-1268. BETWEEN:- CHIN (BEBI SAFURA) nee JAMAL, Petitioner – and - CHIN (WENDELL E.), Respondent. BEFORE THE HONOURABLE MADAM JUSTICE SANDRA KURTZIOUS (In Direction Hearing) DATED THE 27TH DAY OF NOVEMBER, 2017. ENTERED THE 29TH DAY OF NOVEMBER, 2017. UPON READING the Without Notice Application on the part of BEBI SAFURA CHIN nee JAMAL, the above named Petitioner/Applicant filed herein on the 24th day of November, 2017 and the Affidavit of the said Petitioner/Applicant sworn to and filed herein on the 24th day of November, 2017 in support thereof

From page 14 10.4 million people fell ill with TB and 1.7 million died from the disease. Close to half of the infected who passed away were people living with HIV. In fact, according to WHO, TB is a leading killer of HIV-positive people with 40 percent of those infected in LEGAL NOTICE AND UPON HEARING Attorney-at-Law for the Petitioner/Applicant IT IS ORDERED that Directions Hearing date be extended. AND IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the personal service of the Petition with Affidavit in Support of, Notice of Proceedings and Acknowledgement of Service be and is hereby dispensed with AND that a mode of Substituted Service of the said Petition with Affidavit in Support of, Notice of Proceedings and Acknowledgement of service be effected on the Respondent by way of advertisement of a Notice of Petition in 2 (two) consecutive Saturday issues of the Kaieteur News Newspapers, a daily newspaper printed, published and circulated in and around Guyana and on the World Wide Web (Online) AND IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Respondent do have twentyeight (28) days after the second and final Publication of the said Notice of petition to file an Acknowledgement of Service, a Notice of Intention to Defend, an Answer and/or Cross Petition. AND IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that an Affidavit of Publication sworn to by the Attorney-at-Law for the Petitioner/Applicant with copies of the advertisement exhibited thereto shall be deemed good and sufficient proof of Service. AND IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Directions Hearing be and is hereby scheduled for Wednesday the 31stday of January, 2018 at 9:30 am before the Honourable Madam Justice Sandra Kurtzious. BY THE COURT

2016 dying due to the disease. WHO estimates that there were 600,000 new cases with resistant to rifampicin – the most effective first-line drug of which 490,000 had MDRTB. Globally, TB incidence is falling at about two percent per year, but according to WHO, this needs to accelerate to a four to five percent annual decline to reach the 2020 milestone of the End TB strategy. It has been ascertained by WHO that about one-quarter of the world's population has latent TB, which means people have been infected by TB bacteria but are not yet ill with the disease and cannot transmit the disease. People infected with TB bacteria have a five–15 percent lifetime risk of falling ill with TB. However, persons with compromised immune systems including those with HIV, malnutrition or diabetes, or people who use tobacco, have a much higher risk of falling ill. According to WHO, when a person develops active TB disease, the symptoms, such as cough, fever, night sweats, or weight loss, may be mild for many months. This can lead to delays in seeking care, and results in transmission of the bacteria to others. People with active TB can infect 10–15 other people through close contact over the course of a year. Without proper treatment, 45 percent of HIV-negative people with TB on average and nearly all HIV-positive people with TB will die.

$3.5B contract awarded to expand Mazaruni Prison From page 2 was disclosed that 12 new family quarters had been constructed in the prison compound. These quarters are a prerequisite to the construction of the new brick penitentiary. They will house the additional prison officers that would be needed to manage the expected increase in prison population. There are plans to build another eight chalets in 2018 and undertake additional work to ensure 24-hour electricity supply for the facility. The current prison population at the Mazaruni Prison is just over 450 inmates. In October, it was disclosed that the estimated bid being tendered for the new wing of the Mazaruni Prison was $2.8 billion. Interested contractors were invited to bid for the project through the National Competitive Bidding procedures specified in the Procurement Act of 2003.


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Saturday December 30, 2017

Russian tankers fueled North Korea via transfers at sea - sources (Reuters – Exclusive) LONDON/MOSCOW - Russian tankers have supplied fuel to North Korea on at least three occasions in recent months by transferring cargoes at sea, according to two senior Western European security sources, providing an economic lifeline to the secretive Communist state. The sales of oil or oil products from Russia, the world’s second biggest oil exporter and a veto-wielding member of the United Nations Security Council, breach U.N. sanctions, the security sources said. The transfers in October and November indicate that smuggling from Russia to North Korea has evolved to loading cargoes at sea since Reuters reported in September that North Korean ships were sailing directly from Russia to their homeland. “Russian vessels have made ship-to-ship transfers of petrochemicals to North Korean vessels on several occasions this year in breach of sanctions,” the first security source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Reuters. A second source, who independently confirmed the existence of the Russian shipto-ship fuel trade with North Korea, said there was no evidence of Russian state involvement in the latest transfers. “There is no evidence that this is backed by the Russian state but these Russian vessels are giving a lifeline to the North Koreans,” the second European security source said. The two security sources cited naval intelligence and satellite imagery of the vessels operating out of Russian Far Eastern ports on the Pacific but declined to disclose further details to Reuters, saying it was classified. Russia’s Foreign Ministry and the Russian Customs Service both declined to comment when asked on Wednesday if Russian ships had supplied fuel to North Korean vessels. The owner of one

ship accused of smuggling oil to North Korea denied any such activity. The latest report came as China, responding on Friday to criticism from U.S. President Donald Trump, denied it had illicitly shipped oil products to North Korea. North Korea relies on imported fuel to keep its struggling economy functioning. It also requires oil for its intercontinental ballistic missile and nuclear program that the United States says threatens the peace in Asia. “The vessels are smuggling Russian fuel from Russian Far Eastern ports to North Korea,” said the first security source, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Reuters was unable to independently verify that the vessels had transferred fuel to North Korean vessels, whether the Russian state knew about the sales or how many Russian vessels were involved in the transfers. It was also unclear how much fuel may have been smuggled. Ship satellite positioning data consulted by Reuters and available on Reuters Eikon shows unusual movements by some of the Russian vessels named by the security sources including switching off the transponders which give a precise location. The security sources said the Russian-flagged tanker Vityaz was one vessel that had transferred fuel to North Korean vessels. VITYAZ The Vityaz left the port of Slavyanka near Vladivostok in Russia on Oct. 15 with 1,600 tonnes of oil, according to Russian port control documents. Documents submitted by the vessel’s agent to the Russian State Port Control authority showed its destination as a fishing fleet in the Japan Sea. Shipping data showed the vessel switched off its transponder for a few days as it sailed into open waters. According to the European security sources, the Vityaz conducted a ship-toship transfer with the North

Korean Flagged Sam Ma 2 tanker in open seas during October. Reuters could not independently verify the transfer as ship tracking data showed that the Sam Ma 2 had turned off its transponder from the start of August. The owner of the Russian vessel denied any contact with North Korean vessels but also said it was unaware that the vessel was fuelling fishing boats. Yaroslav Guk, deputy director of the tanker’s owner, Vladivostok-based Alisa Ltd, said the vessel had no contacts with North Korean vessels. “Absolutely no, this is very dangerous,” Guk told Reuters by telephone. “It would be complete madness.” When contacted a second time, Guk said the vessel did not have any contacts with North Korean ships and that he would not answer further questions. An official at East Coast Ltd, the vessel’s transport agent, declined to comment. Two other Russian flagged tankers made similar journeys between the middle of October and November, leaving from the ports of Slavyanka and Nakhodka into open seas where they switched off their transponders, shipping data showed. In September, Reuters reported that at least eight North Korean ships that left Russia loaded with fuel this year headed for their homeland despite declaring other destinations, a ploy that U.S. officials say is often used to undermine sanctions. A Russian shipping source with knowledge of Far Eastern marine practices said North Korean vessels had stopped loading fuel in Russia’s Far Eastern ports but that fuel is delivered at sea by tankers using ship-to-ship transfers, or even by fishing vessels. China on Friday denied reports it has been illicitly selling oil products to North Korea, after Trump said he was not happy that China had allowed oil to reach the isolated nation. The United States has proposed that the United Nations Security Council blacklist 10 ships for transporting banned items from North Korea, according to documents seen by Reuters this month. The vessels are accused of “conducting illegal ship-toship transfers of refined petroleum products to North Korean vessels or illegally transporting North Korean coal to other countries for exports,” the United States said

Saturday December 30, 2017

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Thousands of Palestinians take part in anti-Trump protests

A wounded Palestinian demonstrator is evacuated during clashes with Israeli troops at a protest against U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa GAZA (Reuters) - Thousands of Palestinians took to the streets of Gaza and the occupied West Bank for the fourth Friday in a row in protests against U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Palestinian health officials said at least 50 protesters had been wounded by live fire, mostly along the Gaza border. An Israeli military spokeswoman said soldiers had shot at the “main instigators” who she said posed a direct threat to the troops and who were trying to damage the border security fence. The spokeswoman said about 4,000 Palestinians across the West Bank and Gaza, some throwing rocks and fire bombs and setting tires alight, confronted Israeli

soldiers who responded mainly by firing tear gas. In Gaza, demonstrators chanted “Death to America, death to Israel, and death to Trump” and militants fired rockets into Israel, drawing strikes by Israeli tanks and aircraft. The military said it targeted posts that belonged to Hamas, the Islamist group that controls the Palestinian enclave, after intercepting two of the three rockets fired into Israel. Police said the third struck a building, causing damage. No casualties were reported in those incidents. Trump outraged Palestinians and sparked anger in the Middle East and among world powers with his Jerusalem declaration on Dec. 6, which reversed decades of U.S. policy on one of the most sen-

sitive issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel considers Jerusalem its eternal and indivisible capital. Palestinians want the capital of an independent Palestinian state to be in the city’s eastern sector, which Israel captured in the 1967 Middle East War and annexed in a move never recognized internationally. Most countries regard the status of Jerusalem as a matter to be settled in an eventual Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, although that process is now stalled. A U.N. General Assembly resolution passed on Dec. 21 rejected Trump’s Jerusalem declaration. A total of 128 countries voted for the U.N. resolution. Nine opposed it and 35 abstained. Twenty-one countries did not cast a vote.

Numbing cold wave grips U.S., heralding a frigid New Year's Eve (Reuters) - The torrent of arctic air that poured into many parts of the United States this week tightened its grip yesterday and brought record cold to some spots, as forecasters warned revelers from Memphis to Maine to expect numbing conditions on New Year's Eve. As far south as Charleston, South Carolina, freezing rain coated the city's landmark church steeples, while a shroud of ice blanketed rock faces next to Niagara Falls as mist from the thundering falls on New York's border with Canada froze in the bitterly cold air. For the second day in a row, North Dakota and northern Minnesota were among the coldest spots in the country on one of the coldest days

of the year, prompting the National Weather Service to issue a winter chill advisory for the region. Temperatures in northern North Dakota are expected to plunge to around -30 F (-34.4 C) today with a wind chill of about -50 F (-45.5 C), said Ken Simosko, a meteorologist with the weather service in North Dakota. The hundreds of thousands of people heading to New York's Times Square for the New Year's Eve celebration tomorrow may witness the giant ball drop on the secondcoldest evening on record for the night, forecasters say. Temperatures are expected to be at about 10 F (-12 C) or colder in midtown Manhattan, forecasters said. Canada has also issued

extreme weather alerts and scaled back some of its New Year's Eve celebrations. The cold weather pattern is expected to persist through the weekend, the NWS said, adding that a reinforcing shot of arctic air is currently taking shape over northwestern Canada. Yesterday, it issued winter storm warnings and advisories for an area stretching from Washington State, across the Midwest and into New York state.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood



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Saturday December 30, 2017

Venezuela probes ex-oil czar Ramirez over alleged graft scheme CARACAS/HOUSTON (Reuters) - Venezuela is inves-

tigating Rafael Ramirez, a once powerful oil minister and

former head of state oil company PDVSA, in connection

with an alleged $4.8 billion Vienna-based corruption

scheme, the state prosecutor’s office announced yesterday. Prosecutor Tarek Saab said Ramirez and at least four other oil executives from the South American OPEC nation sold crude oil at below market prices in exchange for bribes. Ramirez, who led PDVSA for a decade, told Reuters the allegation was a “blatant lie.” Venezuelan authorities had warned earlier this month that they planned to launch a criminal investigation of the former oil czar, in an escalation of a corruption purge that has resulted in the arrest of dozens of senior oil executives. ”(Ramirez) appears as the main intellectual author of what happened,” said Saab, inviting Ramirez to Venezuela to defend himself. Venezuela ordered the removal of Ramirez from his post as representative to the United Nations in New York last month. “What the prosecutor says is not only false but demonstrates a deep ignorance,” said Ramirez. He added that the Vienna office of PDVSA was not in charge of selling oil but rather monitoring prices of Venezuelan crude exports.

“It’s a blatant lie ... intended to persecute not only me but my team.” In his announcement yesterday, Saab also reported the arrest of Nelida Izarra, a former boss at a Vienna-based subsidiary of PDVSA, for alleged links to irregular purchases and sales of crude oil. Saab also said he had ordered the arrest of two other PDVA officials who worked in Austria: Bernard Mommer and Irama Quiroz, as well as lawyer Mariana Zerpa. It is not immediately clear where Izarra was arrested or where the others currently reside. Mommer was a pillar of oil strategy under former President Hugo Chavez, with oil sales serving as the cash cow for the country’s socialist revolution. He was key in planning the nationalization of swaths of Venezuela’s oil fields a decade ago and once served as the country’s representative to OPEC. “The executives involved in the case were complicit in these modifications that caused serious damage to the Venezuelan State, allegedly in exchange for commissions in foreign currency,” said a statement from the state prosecutor’s office.

Saturday December 30, 2017

Prime Minister to make statement on police wage impasse KINGSTON, Jamaica CMC – Prime Minister Andrew Holness is expected to issue a statement “on the way forward” after he holds talks with various stakeholders in a bid to end the impasse that has resulted in several police officers reporting sick for duty. The Police Federation said it has written Prime Minister Andrew two letters urging his intervention in the negotiations after the rank and file of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) rejected a two-year six per cent wage offer from the Ministry of Finance. The Federation had described the offer of four per cent increase in the first year and two per cent in the second year as “unacceptable”. Director of Communications in the Office of the Prime Minister, Robert Morgan, confirmed that the letters had been received and that the prime minister “is going to inform himself of all the vari-

Prime Minister Andrew Holness ables, make contact with the stakeholders who are a part of the negotiating process, and after that is done, then the Prime Minister will issue a statement on the way forward”. Morgan dismissed suggestions that Prime Minister Holness had been slow in responding to the request

pointing out that the first letter was sent at the height of the Christmas celebrations. “I don’t know if objectively it can be said that the response has been slow. We have to follow the protocols, we have to follow the rules; they are established long before our entry into the system,” he added. Meanwhile, the JCF said members were reporting for work yesterday. At the height of the sick out, an estimated 2,730 officers stayed away from work, but the figure has since been reduced to 1,712. Earlier this week, the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) called on the state to quickly resolve the pay dispute with police officers. PSOJ president Howard Mitchell said that there’s no leadership on the issue and that the business sector is concerned that the sickout by the police members is growing with no clear direction from the state.

Jamaica top Caribbean country in Forbes Magazine global report on doing business BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - CMC – Jamaica is the highest ranked Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country while the Frenchspeaking island of Haiti is ranked among the worst three countries in the world for doing business, according to the US-based Forbes Magazine. In its 12th edition of the annual report “Best Countries for Business”, Forbes Magazine has named the United Kingdom as the top of the 153 countries surveyed.

The magazine determines the Best Countries for Business by rating 153 nations on 15 different factors including property rights, innovation, taxes, technology, corruption, infrastructure, market size, political risk, quality of life, workforce, freedom, red tape and investor protection. It said the data is based on published reports from several reputable organisations including the United Nations, Transparency International, World Bank Group and World Economic Forum.

According to Forbes, Jamaica was ranked at number 72, followed by Trinidad and Tobago at 75 and Belize at 111. Guyana was listed 113 with Suriname at 135 and Haiti at 151. The magazine said Haiti is the worst performer among non-African countries, after indicating that African nations populate the worst countries for business with six of the bottom 10. Most of these countries fare poorly on innovation, trade freedom and investor protection, it noted.

Former Mexican governor to be extradited from Panama January 4 PANAMA CITY (Reuters) - Panama said yesterday that it will hand over a former state governor for Mexico’s ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) to Mexican authorities next week for extradition to face corruption charges. Roberto Borge, who was governor of the state of

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Quintana Roo from 2010 to 2016, was arrested in Panama City in June as he was preparing to board a flight to Paris. A spokeswoman for Panama’s Foreign Ministry told reporters that on Thursday morning Mexican authorities will take Borge to Mexico, where prosecutors accuse him of using funds obtained illegally, embezzlement and abuse of public office. Corruption will be one of the major issues in Mexico’s presidential election next July, with public discontent widespread over a spate of conflict-of-interest rows that have dogged the Cabinet and President Enrique Pena Nieto himself.


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Roberto Borge Borge has long been accused of corruption by opposition parties. He has denied the allegations.

Minister condemns “fake news” as video circulates on social media PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad - CMC – Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Daryl Smith yesterday confirmed he is the person seen in a video being circulated on the social media showing an intimate moment with an unidentified woman and accused a media house here of creating “fake news”. Smith also said the “specific video footage from my home security system was taken by my ex-wife and leaked via social media” and that a local television station had decided to “maliciously report’ on the matter. Smith, who acknowledged that his “marriage was dissolved by Order of the Family Court more than seven months ago,’ said the television station “not content with reporting the story they also embellished it and created fake news. “My lawyers are presently reviewing this 5 minute footage and we will have more to say on that in the not so distant future,” he said in a statement, adding “my entire focus continues to be on the

emotional well-being of my children but I have now been forced by this leak and the further embellishment of this story to clarify the facts. ‘I am the person in the video footage inside my own home. This was a family setting in which my father and other family members were present. The rest of video footage (deliberately not leaked) clearly portrays context,” Smith said, noting that “it is uncanny that the footage was leaked on the very day that the financial aspect of my divorce was finalised”.

He said that it is “very unfortunate and quite sad” that his former wife had revealed personal information to try and destabilise the family and that the matter was now again in the hands of his attorneys. “Equally as shameful, but not surprisingly, is that some of my political opponents on social media have chosen to use this to pontificate and preach about moral behaviour in public office for their own myopic and self-serving agendas” The Trinidad Guardian newspaper Friday quoted political analyst Professor John La Guerre as saying that people in high offices should avoid having their private moments in public because of the risks involved. He said people, such as ministers of government “should always be looking over their shoulder so they have to be extremely careful.” The newspaper reported that the circulation of the video has sparked a public outcry over claims of invasion of privacy and inappropriate behaviour.

BRONX - CMC – At least four Jamaicans were reported killed in one of the deadliest fires in New York that also claimed the lives of eight others. Jamaica’s Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister, Kamina Johnson Smith, said her ministry is working with the Consulate General and New York authorities to obtain further information on the situation. Johnson Smith, who has expressed sadness at the tragic loss of life, said the ministry has been assured by the authorities that details such as the nationalities of the victims will be communicated through the usual channels as soon as they have been confirmed. The Jamaica Gleaner newspaper quoted an official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as saying that a statement will be issued later. However, Ambrozia Stewart said her daughter Karen Stewart-Francis, 37, died with her two daughters and was part of a large Jamaican family living in the building. Stewart named the children as two-year-old Kylie Francis and seven year-old Kelly Francis, adding that her niece, 19-year-old Shawntay Young, was also killed. Her

son-in-law, Holt Francis, is in hospital in a coma. The fire inside a Prospect Avenue apartment building near the Bronx Zoo, is reported to have started on Thursday night by a three and a half-year-old boy who was playing with stove burners. Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro told a news conference Friday that the boy’s mother was not in the kitchen when the fire started, however, she and her two children ran out of the apartment and left their door open once they realised the fire was out of control. Nigro explained it was because the door was left open which allowed the fire to spread quickly through the corridor of the building, trapping and killing five people in a very short period of time.

Among the dead are a one-year-old girl and 63-yearold woman. Seven others died at Saint Barnabas Hospital and Jacobi Medical Center as a result of their injuries, officials say. At least 12 people escaped the fire by climbing down fire escapes and FDNY rescue ladders. Two people remain in critical condition at Jacobi Medical Center, and one is in serious condition. Other residents of the building are still missing or unaccounted for, according to officials. At least 175 firefighters responded to the initial call in 3 minutes, and the fire was extinguished hours later. New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio said the fire was the deadliest in the city in 25 years.

Daryl Smith

Jamaicans killed in Bronx, NY fire


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Saturday December 30, 2017

Saturday December 30, 2017


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Tennis: Serena, Fed and Rafa make it landmark year for greats

Federer saw off Stanislas Warinka to book passage into the final (Image: Getty Images) LONDON (Reuters) Serena Williams needed just one January fortnight to underline her greatness before Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal then spent the rest of 2017 reminding us of why tennis really is still basking in its age of sporting wonders. When Williams beat big sister Venus in the Australian Open to lift a 23rd grand slam singles crown, a record in the Open era, she seemed so

dominant that a calendar year grand slam even felt feasible. Instead, it was to be the last match Serena played all season as she ended up celebrating an even happier event. For after it was revealed that, astonishingly, she had been eight weeks pregnant when winning in Melbourne without dropping a set, Serena gave birth to baby daughter, Alexis Olympia in

Serena Williams (APA/EPA, Andrew Gombert) September. She reckoned those ‘AO’ initials were a nod to how they spent together on court at the ‘Australian Open’ and Serena will be back there in January at 36, seeking to equal Margaret Court’s all-time record of 24 singles slams. Yet even ‘supermum’ Serena would do well to top the amazing Federer-Nadal comeback roadshow of 2017 as they seemed to hop from

some time machine to share the season’s four slams. That would have been considered preposterous at the start of 2017 with Federer, at 35, given no chance after a six-month injury absence, and 30-year-old Nadal apparently a shadow of his old dominating self after so much wear and tear on his battered knees. Instead, the pair served up an epic final in Melbourne, won in five mesmerising sets by Federer, that was to reignite and reshape sport’s most shining rivalry. With his new-found swashbuckling backhand attack, Federer beat his nemesis in all four 2017 meetings but, also recognising the importance of rest, decided daringly to bypass the entire draining claycourt season. He was right to predict Nadal would be unstoppable as usual at his Roland Garros kingdom as the Spaniard achieved ‘La Decima’, that unreal 10th French Open crown, without dropping a set and thrashing Stan Wawrinka in the final. A refreshed Federer was then equally majestic at Wimbledon, winning a record eighth crown in the same blemish-free fashion, outplaying injury-hit Marin Cilic for his 19th slam. Nadal did, though, win their duel for the world No.1 spot in August as Federer’s form was affected by back trouble and the Spaniard roared to a 16th slam, beating Kevin Anderson in the U.S. Open final. Of course, the duo’s monopoly was aided by injury woes for the outgoing no.1 Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic, whose lame exits at Wimbledon persuaded them to take a leaf out of Federer’s book and seek rest and recuperation. They will be back raring to go in Melbourne, as will Grigor Dimitrov, leader of the chasing pack who was crowned ATP Tour champion in November, but Federer, who lost just five of 57 matches and lifted seven titles, offered the eerie impression of actually

The Spaniard endured a difficult 2016 beset by injuries (Image: AFP/Getty) playing better than ever. Williams, meanwhile, will return, knowing no-one seemingly had the game nor ambition to take command of women’s tennis in her absence. Four others also held the No.1 ranking in 2017 -Angelique Kerber, Karolina Pliskova, Garbine Muguruza, winner at Wimbledon over 37year-old Venus Williams, and Simona Halep, who ended the season on top. Halep, though, again fell short in the biggest events, topped by her loss to free-hitting 20-year-old Latvian Jelena Ostapenko in the French Open final, perhaps the most startling triumph of the year from a youngster who had previously not even won any

tour event. As for comeback of the year, even Federer bowed to Petra Kvitova, who returned after a career-threatening knife attack to win, astonishingly, in just her second tournament back on tour. Then there was Sloane Stephens, who after 11 months out with a foot injury that needed surgery and having been ranked 957th only a month before the tournament, won her home U.S. Open final against great friend Madison Keys. “If you told someone this story, they’d be, like, ‘That’s insane.',” Stephens mused afterwards. She could have been reflecting on the whole of a faintly surreal but wonderful tennis year.


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Letter to the Sports Editor Two former generous donors and a former football stalwart are no longer with us DEAR EDITOR, “Oh Death, where is thy sting, Oh grave, where is thy victory”. While death is inevitable, the un-timeliness of it, in most instances always leaves one in a state of shock, or disbelief! That in the space of 7 days the sport of football would have lost the generosity of the late: George Humphrey, Gregory “Peppers” Christiani and Winston “Cally/Chalky” Callender. The young generation of Administrators, may not know of the role the trio played in the past. Reiteratively and remonstratively, it remains sad for the sport of football – 115 years of existence in Guyana, that no proper documentation is recorded to be placed in the annals of the sport’s history. Firstly, within the Georgetown Football League (then) under the presidency, of former president, Colin Klass, Humphrey’s Bakery & Farm Products was a sponsor of an age-limit competition over a protracted period of time. When the Guyana Football Association (then) was cash strapped and national teams had to be encamped, once again, but as a donor this time around Humphrey’s Bakery ensure loaves bread was uplifted on a daily basis, during the period of encampment. Additionally, if my memory serves me well, the East Bank FA was also a beneficiary of Humphrey’s Bakery sponsorship, in the past. If I’m wrong I’m subject to correction. Secondly, “Peppers” Christiani of Water Chris Hotel, his generosity as a donor came by way of reduced rates for accommodation and meals for national team(s) encampment, which was also extended to foreign national teams. Executive meetings of the GFA, along with the General Council; the AGM under the presidency of former president, M.P, Odinga Lumumba were held at the facility rent free, also, meetings of the GFF, Tournaments & Competitions Committee. The Kashif & Shanghai Annual K.O., in the past had benefitted by way of sponsorship. Finally, “Cally/Chalky” Callender, former national footballer, former president, Georgetown Football League (then); former 1st Vice President, Guyana Football Association (then) and former senior national football teams manager. Editor, it would be remiss of me not to mention: “The first of my three stints as Hon. Secretary (elected) GFL/GFA, was 2 decades ago, which also was the first and only time for Cally to be elected as the president.” Additionally, as Kitty residents myself by birth, our bonding was much closer, since Winston’s entry into the administrative aspect of the sport at the Sub-Association’s level (then) was at my insistence, with the endorsement of Kitty folks a few years earlier. Thereafter, in 1997 leading up to the FL’sAGM/Elections of the Office Bearers, Cally’s candidacy for the presidency was endorsed by G.F.C’s Committee Member, James Bovell, who became the Hon. Treasurer and former Thomas United- President, Oliver Hinckson, who was elected 1st Vice President. That specific A.G.M was historical on nu-

merous fronts. Wherein, the incumbent GFL, President, and Hon. Secretary, were already entrenched in the respective GFA positions and for the first time ever in the sport’s history a delinking from the GFL was imminent, since in the FA’S General Council’s deliberation (s) the conflict of interest scenario that was inherently in place had to cease forthwith. The subsequent AGM at GNCB Staff Club had to be aborted. But the reconvening thereafter Cally won by a landslide. Due to a shortened season, the former Banks DIH employee secured sponsorship from his previous employers, for the “Banks DIH/Campsite senior Round-Robin/K.O”, involving both 1st and 2nd Division Clubs. Bovell’s Business School and Hinckson’s Chuck Waggon Bakery sponsored the youth competitions. As a former GFC player, prior to his national representation, during one of our frequent interactions, Cally had outlined to me the first time he represented the “Bourda Blues”, coming on as a second – half substitute. Sealey, the stands were filled and upon taking the field of play, the crowd erupted“GFC, ya’ll putting coffee in the milk”. Since Cally was the first Afro Guyanese to play for GFC, breaking the decades old tradition of: “Caucasians, Portuguese and Mulattos”. Winston also served on GFC’s Executive Committee as a Vice President. In retrospect Cally it was a great pleasure working along with you, in further: “Developing and Promoting” the sport of Sub-Association football, though you only served as GFL President for 1 term. Nevertheless, your election to the GFA (then) as 1st Vice President, the following year, didn’t detract you from keeping abreast with the FL’s football activities. Cally always strived for putting football first” unlike what transpires today. In one such instance a mere phone call, with a response in less than 30 minutes. “A coaching clinic the following day at GFC, by Anton Corneal was approved for youths from the FL’s affiliates; over 50 youths turned out and Winston was present. Cally, was also present previously at the Pee-Wee Competitions at Thirst Park. He had also assisted in securing jobs for a few footballers at Banks DIH. And lest before I forget in December, a phone call was always assured for my alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. Winston played his game beyond extra-time; penalty shootout and “Sudden Death”; enabling him to enlist with his former teammates. He became the second former national footballer, after the late Mannie DaSilva, to be elected a GFL President. Farewell, Winston “Cally/Chalky” Callender. To the sorrowing family members; relatives, friends, workers and co-workers, My deepest sympathy and sincerest condolences respectively, May their Souls rest in Peace! Respectfully yours, Lester Sealey

Saturday December 30, 2017

Highlights of Thursday's NBA games (The Sports Xchange) Highlights from National Basketball Association games on Thursday: CELTICS 99, ROCKETS 98 The Boston Celtics pulled off the biggest comeback of the NBA season on Thursday. Down by 26 points early in the third quarter, Boston never led until Al Horford scored with 3.7 seconds left, escaping with a wild 99-98 victory that sent the Houston Rockets to their fourth straight loss. Two straight offensive fouls in the backcourt resulting from James Harden knocking down Marcus Smart as Houston tried to inbound the ball with no timeouts left turned the game in the closing seconds. Kyrie Irving paced the Celtics with 26 points. Harden led all scorers with 34 points but was only 7-of-27 from the floor. SPURS 119, KNICKS 107 LaMarcus Aldridge scored a game-high 25 points, and Pau Gasol added 17 points and 11 rebounds to rack up his fourth straight double-double as San Antonio rolled past New York. All five starters scored in double figures for the Spurs, who won their straight game. Kyle Anderson, who started in place of Kawhi Leonard, scored 16 points, and Danny Green and Tony Parker hit for 15 and 14 points, respectively. Michael Beasley led the Knicks with 23 points and 12 rebounds off the bench. Kristaps Porzingis, who fouled out with 2:30 left, and Courtney Lee had 18 points apiece. MAGIC 102, PISTONS 89 Point guard Elfrid Payton had 19 points, eight rebounds and eight assists in leading Orlando to a victory over Detroit that snapped a nine-game losing streak. The Pistons lost for only the second time in the past seven games. Evan Fournier scored 17

Rockets guard James Harden reacts after committing a foul on Celtics guard Marcus Smart. (Photo: Greg M. Cooper, USA TODAY Sports) points for the Magic. Bismack Biyombo, in his second start of the season, had a seasonhigh 12 points and grabbed 13 rebounds. Aaron Gordon added 14 points. Tobias Harris led Detroit with 21 points. Andre Drummond had 17 points and a game-high 18 rebounds. Ish Smith, in his first start of the season, scored 18 points. TRAIL BLAZERS 114, 76ERS 110 CJ McCollum scored 34 points and Portland rallied from an 18-point, third-quarter deficit to beat Philadelphia at Moda Center. Shabazz Napier added a season-high 23 points and Jusuf Nurkic collected 21 points and 12 rebounds for the Trail Blazers, who snapped a six-game home skid. Joel Embiid had 29 points and nine rebounds and Dario Saric chipped in 25 points and

nine boards for the 76ers, who lost for the sixth time in seven outings. BUCKS 102, TIMBERWOLVES 96 Eric Bledsoe hit a threepointer with 2:25 left to give Milwaukee its first lead of the night in a victory over Minnesota at the Bradley Center. Bledsoe scored 26 points, and Giannis Antetokounmpo finished with 22 points and 10 rebounds for the Bucks, who overcame a 20-point deficit in the second half. The Timberwolves were hitting at a 57.7 percent clip through three quarters but went 2 of 10 from beyond the arc and 4-of-19 overall in the fourth quarter. Karl-Anthony Towns led the Timberwolves with 22 points. Andrew Wiggins and Jimmy Butler had 21 and 20, respectively, as Minnesota’s five-game win streak ended.

Bayliss bemused as England are... (From page 29) sledging row, a ball-tampering rumpus was the missing incident on the series bingo card. "We've had a good couple of days and there was no too much positive press for them, so it was a bit of pommiebashing I suppose," said Bayliss. "But we are used to that. We knew when we came out it was going to be 24 million versus 11, and we just have to laugh it off." An England spokesman confirmed that Anderson had been legitimately pushing down a loose bit of leather, in

full view of the umpires, using the back of his fingernail so as to avoid transferring any moisture from his fingertips. An ICC spokesman later added that no report had been issued by the umpires. However, both sides were spoken to about the tactic of scuffing the ball on the wicket ends when throwing it in from the outfield, a tactic that is commonly used by most international teams when attempting to hasten the onset of reverse swing. "It has been both teams," said Bayliss. "To get the ball to go reverse, one side has to

be rough, the other smooth and dry, so all teams around the world try to get it reversing as soon as possible. The umpires don't want it to be too over the top, so a quiet word to both captains soon stops it." The incident had echoes of a similar flare-up in Australia's 2016-17 home season, when South Africa's Faf du Plessis was caught on camera sucking a sweet and rubbing saliva on the ball. On that occasion he was found guilty by an ICC hearing and fined his match fee.

Saturday December 30, 2017


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Rain hits England's hopes of Ashes win

Rain washed out the final session to leave the draw the likely result ©Getty Images David Warner shelved his attacking game to resist England's attack ©Getty Images MELBOURNE (Reuters) A morning that brought two wickets for England and a sniff of a drought-breaking Ashes win gave way to a bleak afternoon for the tourists as rain washed out most of day four yesterday and left Australia well-placed to save the fourth test. The home side were 103 for two in their second innings at the Melbourne Cricket Ground when rain interrupted play before tea and the showers lingered long enough for umpires to abandon the day without another ball bowled. David Warner was 40 not out, with captain Steve Smith on 25 and Australia still need-

ing another 61 runs to make England bat again. But even with the promise of reverse swing, Joe Root’s bowlers face a big task on an unresponsive pitch to prevent Australia from batting them out of the game. “Any time there’s a bit of rain and you’re on top in the game it’s a bit frustrating but we’ve got an opportunity tomorrow to win and that’s the attitude we’ve got to take into tomorrow,” England coach Trevor Bayliss told reporters. ”We’ve got to be very disciplined, there’s not a lot you can do on that type of wicket. “If we can get rid of those two guys early on tomorrow and put some pressure on the

opposition late order batters, as I said, anything’s possible.” His counterpart Darren Lehmann said the pitch was “tough work” for a new batter. “(The pitch) is getting slower,“ the coach told host broadcaster Channel Nine. ”So once you’re in, you’ve got to stay in. “Our boys are fighting really hard. A couple of good (England) balls to get the wickets and Smith and the vice- captain (Warner) went about their work.” With little cricket played, former Australia players and media pundits directed allegations of ball-tampering at En-

gland, with commentator Shane Warne suggesting seamer James Anderson had used his thumbnail to work on the ball. Umpires warned both teams not to “scuff” the ball during the match but no reports were made to the match referee. “It’s a beat-up,” said Bayliss. “As soon as I saw the headlines I raced into the umpires and that was their words.” Australia regained the Ashes after the third test in Perth and hold an unassailable 3-0 lead in the series but England had hope of cracking a

first win after Alastair Cook’s unbeaten 244 propelled them to a first innings lead of 164. They had resumed their on 491-9 in the morning but were unable to extend their total, with tail-ender Anderson dismissed first ball by paceman Pat Cummins, fending a catch straight to Cameron Bancroft at short leg. That left former captain Cook unbeaten on his overnight score, a record total among openers who have carried their bat through an innings. Australia’s second innings began brightly on a cloudy but dry morning, with England losing a review for a

caught behind decision when opener Bancroft played at a Tom Curran ball in the seventh over. However, the tourists seamers struck twice to leave Australia wobbling at 65-2 before Warner and Smith showed patience and poise in their unbroken stand of 38. All-rounder Chris Woakes made the early breakthrough, bowling Bancroft for 27, with Anderson having number three Usman Khawaja caught behind for 11. Scores: Australia 327 and 2 for 103 (Warner 40*, Smith 25*) trail England 491 (Cook 244*, Root 61, Broad 56, Cummins 4-117) by 61 runs.

Rose Hall Town Mayor Vijay Ramoo praises outstanding work of RHTY&SC, Teams - Proud of 2017 Christmas Village “If there are ten more clubs in Guyana like the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, then our country would be a far better place and our youths would be totally protected from the evil world of crime, drugs, suicide and alcohol. I am so proud that Guyana’s best is based in my township and this outstanding Club has made my job as Mayor easier because of the volume of its work in Rose Hall Town.” Those were the words of Rose Hall Town Mayor Vijay Ramoo as he declared the 2017 Rose Hall Town Christmas Village closed on Christmas Eve. The passionate Mayor stated that he was proud to be associated with the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS as it was an organisation which has transformed the Township of Rose Hall along with the lives of countless youths, the elderly and down

trodden. The passionate Mayor stated that he was once a member of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club and even represented the Club on the Cricket field as an opening batsman at the Second Division level. The Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, he stated has worked beyond the call of duty to transform the Township it is based in and among the project/programme it has spearheaded or obtained over the last two years are the construction of a Children Playfield, 175th Anniversary Monument, Cricket Scoreboard, upgrading of the Area ‘H’ Ground, 175th Anniversary Celebration of Rose Hall Town, Christmas Village, Booklet on Rose Hall Town, Medical Outreach for Residents, Career Fair, Honouring of Rose Hall Town Residents, Community Benab, beautifica-

tion of the Township, multimillion upgrade of the Rose Hall Town Primary School Compound, Pensioners monthly programme at the Rose Hall Town Post Office, Children Mash Parade and Massive Anniversary Parade. The Club, its Cricket Teams and Over-35 Group since its formation in 1990 has spearheaded the transformation of the Area ‘H’ Ground from a swampland into its current state, has raised and invested over $20M and among the other work it has done are the multi-million dollar restoration of the Lower Corentyne Secondary School (19911992), Charity Kitchen, Area ‘H’ Sanitary Facilities, Water System in Area ‘H’ Ground, All weather Court for Sports, Small bridge at Miller Street, Dust bins, Cricket Side Screens, Anti-Drugs Billboards and providing $1M worth of street signs in 2007

for the Township. Residents of Rose Hall Town have also benefitted from the Club’s massive Say No/Say Yes Campaign, Charity Programme, Educational Scholarships, Cricket Academy, Education Summer Camp and Award Scheme among others. Ramoo stated that the impact of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club is unmatched in Guyana and issued a call for residents to support the Club as it strives to do even better. He also expressed pride that the Club’s ten cricket

teams continue to put Rose Hall Town on the cricketing map with outstanding performances on and o f f t h e cricket field. Ramoo expressed his total delight at the organising of the Christmas Village and stated that the joy on the faces of the hundreds of children reflected the success of the well organised event. The two term Mayor stated that he and his Council would continue to support the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club and predicted that brighter days are ahead for

Rose Hall Town and the Club. Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster expressed thanks to the Mayor for his public support and stated that the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club would continue to make Rose Hall Town proud on and off the cricket field. Foster stated that the Club has the support of 99.99% of the Township population and disclosed that several major projects/programmes are scheduled for 2018 to further develop Guyana’s smallest Township.


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Saturday December 30, 2017

RHTY&SC, MS Cricket Teams Christmas Village, Charity Programme a massive success The untiring efforts of the ten cricket teams and Over-35 Group of Guyana’s number one youth and sports organisation, the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS to make a positive difference continues to bare fruits with the successful hosting of a massive and highly successful 3rd Annual Christmas Village and 27th Annual Christmas Charity Programme. The Christmas Village was hosted in the compound of the Rose Hall Town Primary School from the 21st to 24th December, 2017, and was visited by thousands of excited children and their parents, while the Charity Programme was hosted from the 1st to 23rd December, 2017. The Christmas Village saw the compound of the historic school being transformed into a children’s dreamland with thousands of fairy lights, 20 feet Christmas Tree, a fancy Children Home, the Nativity Scene with a specially constructed Manger, Christmas Star, inflatable Christmas Scene, Toy Shop, plyboard cut outs of Christmas Characters, Santa and his Sleigh and Christmas Angels among others. The Village also consisted of two trampolines donated by Namilco and the Power Producers & Distributors Inc, bouncy castles and a Children’s Game Section sponsored by V Net Communications of Georgetown. The four night’s event was a massive success with thousands of children visiting despite the current rainy season. The ten cricket teams used the opportunity to promote their Say No/Say Yes Message which advices youths to Say No to Drugs, Suicide, Alcohol, Crime and Yes to Education, Life, Religion and Sports. Among the major sponsors of the Christmas Village were Sueria

Manufacturing, Namilco, Peter Lewis Construction, Nand Persaud Co. Ltd, Scotia Bank, KSM Investment, V Net Communications, The Nero’s Family of the United States of America, Bakewell, Starr Computers, Errol Hendrax and friends of the United States of America, Guyana National Newspaper Limited and Farfan & Mendes Ltd. Special thanks are also extended to the Region 6, Regional Democratic Council for upgrading the venue to an all weather one. The Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club under its Christmas Charity Programme distributed $2.1M worth of food hampers to less fortunate families, 4 000 toys to children, $2M worth of clothing, footwear and educational materials. The Club also treated hundreds of pensioners on the 4th December, 2017 as they waited to uplift their monthly old age pension. The pensioners were provided with a warm lunch, snacks, refreshments and special gifts, while a Team from the Ministry of Health provided free medical service. The pensioners were also entertained with Christmas Songs, while sixteen of them were provided with large Christmas Hampers. A special Feeding Programme fed dozens of less fortunate residents, while over 300 children were feted at the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club 27th Annual Christmas Party. The kids received a lunch, a toy, bag of goodies, Bakewell bread and a box of juice each. Donation of toys, finance and food items also made to a total of 27 Groups and Churches including the Mission Chapel Family Life Day Care Centre, Rose Hall Town Assembly of God Church, Rose Hall Town Wesleyan Church, Kendall’s Union Cricket Club, New Amsterdam Prisons, Port

Some of the Children attending the Christmas Party pose with their goody bags and toys.

Looking after pensioners at the Rose Hall Town Post Office. Mourant Hindu Dharmic Home and the Mount Sinai Cricket Club. Club Secretary CEO Hilbert Foster who spearheaded the activities hailed the 2017 activities as the largest of its kind in the history of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club and hailed the hard work of his executives and members of the Club. Together, he stated they

were able to make positive difference in the lives of others and close off an unbelievable year of achievements for the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club. The Management of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club would like to express gratitude to all the sponsors who made the 2017 Christmas Charity Programme successful. Special mention

must be made to the Ministry of the Presidency, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, Survival Supermarket, Mattai’s, A.M Khan, The Gift Centre, H.A Snacks, John Lewis Styles, King Solomon Logistics, Fitness Express, Namilco, Lotto, Lens Craft, Ansa Mcal, D.D.L, Bissan’s Trading, Busta, Sueria Manufacturing, G.B.T.I, Staff of the Republic Bank of Rose Hall Town,

Ramoo Funeral Home, Sterling Products, Food for the Poor, KSM Investment, Nand Persaud Co. Ltd, China Trading, L. Johnny Grocery, Dr. S. Tulsi (Dentist), De Sinco Trading, F&H Printery, Factory Price, Ricks & Sari Ltd, Toucan Industries, Bounty Farm, Colin Elcock, University of Guyana, Kishan Sarwan and numerous residents of Rose Hall Town.

Roy Baijnauth T20 to bowl off on Jan. 7 in Upper C’tyne Secretaries, Managers and Captains of twenty three Clubs in the Upper Corentyne area attended the Upper Corentyne Cricket Association's ( UCCA) official launching of the Roy Baijnauth's T/20 competition which was held at the # 73 Village Cricket Club on Thursday last at 16:00hrs. The Clubs are all enthusiastic and optimistic that the resuscitated Upper Corentyne Cricket Association can breathe life into the morbid state of cricket in the area. The Clubs all acknowledged the hard work and dedication of the Executive body of the UCCA, headed by President Mr. Hamant Jagdeo. They are of the view that this kind of competition will definitely boost the morale of all the budding cricketers in the area. Jagdeo, in his opening remarks expressed his satisfaction and gratitude at the huge outpouring of support he has received from the Clubs, and has assured them that this competition is just one of many that the UCCA will be hosting for the development of cricket in the area. He reassured the Clubs

that cricket will be played at all levels, and in every corner in Upper Corentyne. Mr. Vadanand Sugrim, Secretary of the UCCA, declared that the Association will spare no efforts in ensuring that all clubs are involved, and empowered. He said that the Competition at hand will be of a high standard, properly monitored and administered. The Association will provide balls and qualified Umpires for all the games in all the rounds of the competition. He added that cash incentives and trophies will be given to outstanding teams while a monitoring committee will be set up to gather statistics, and other data to compile player profiles in the area. Asst Secretary and Chairman of the Competitions Committee, Mr. Lakhram Lathman, after conducting the draw announced indicated that copies of the rules will be provided to the clubs. The drawing determined the following: # 72 Cut & Load vs # 59 YSC, Scotsburg vs # 68, Guns & Roses vs # 70 CC, # 70

MYO vs # 64 Fighting Marines, All Family vs Yakasari Caribs, Bomb Squad vs # 72 all Star, Skeldon Super Kings vs # 77 Sports Club, # 69 Red Rose vs # 48 Challengers, # 70 Young Blood vs # 43 Scorpions, # 73 Young Warriors vs Crab Wood Creek Sports Club, Skeldon Titans vs # 77 Cricket Club. # 69 Vikings drew bye to the next round. Teams were asked to submit their list of 14 players to the Competitions Committee. The UCCA, thru its President, Mr Hamant Jagdeo, is appealing to all teams and members of the public to support the tournament and to encourage the young players to remain committed. He thanked Mr. Roy Baijnauth, former President of the UCCA for his support and dedication to the Association and said that the Association will continue to grow stronger with such assistance. The Competition is scheduled to commence on January 7 at venues across the Upper Corentyne Area, and will be used to identify players for its Senior Team.

Saturday December 30, 2017


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Basketball Meets Fashion and Awards @MSC Ground Tonight

Rookies Phillips, Rance star in dominating NZ win

Linden’s brightest sports persons to be celebrated

ESPNcricinfo - Dynamic fifties from Colin Munro and Glenn Phillips laid the base, the lower order pitched in, then a sharp New Zealand attack aided by even sharper catching, saw the hosts trounce West Indies for the sixth time on tour. The visitors were also complicit in their own demise, leaking too many runs in the second half of New Zealand's innings, and later failing to gain any momentum in their chase of 188. In the 10th over, they were 61 for 3 - the required rate already having risen to 12. Batsmen continued to fall as the pressure mounted. The eventual margin of defeat was 47 runs, the last wicket falling in the 19th over. Though the top order paced the innings intelligently, and the quicks were efficient in defence of a big score, it was New Zealand's fielding that truly delighted. Phillips pulled off two outstanding catches from behind the stumps, first tracking a Chris Gayle top edge back from his wicket-keeping position to complete a spectacular diving take past the thirtyyard circle. Then later, he flung himself to his right to intercept an edge off Rovman Powell's bat. Debutant Anaru Kitchen also claimed a sharp catch at cover, the ground fielding was athletic, and Phillips completed two stumpings to boot. New Zealand were missing some key players in this XI, but their peerless fielding standards did not dip on account on their absence. There was hope for West Indies in the first few overs of the match. Martin Guptill was trapped in front of the stumps by Jerome Taylor in the second over, and Samuel Badree kept the scoring on a leash through the Powerplay. It was not until the eighth over that Munro truly broke free, whipping Kesrick Williams to deep square leg for four, then slamming the two subsequent deliveries for six, in the rough direction of cow corner. With that 19-run over, the innings had come alive. Munro would go in to complete a fifty off 31 deliveries, before eventually being caught by a diving Carlos Brathwaite at long on. The 86run stand for the second wicket was ended, but Phillips - who had cruised to only 31 off 29 balls at the time, kicked on. He cracked Brathwaite for a six and a four - one boundary either side of the wicket next over, before meting out punishment even to Badree, who is perhaps the most in-

To conclude the 2017 basketball season, the Linden Amateur Basketball Association (LABA) will stage an inaugural ‘Basketball Meet Fashion and Awards’ event which will include fashion designs by the “mining town’s” young designers. Meanwhile, a Linden against Georgetown basketball match will provide an anticipated matchup when Linden’s reigning 1st division champions Victory Valley Royals face top Georgetown basketball club, Ravens. This match will be followed by a match between an under-20 East (Mackenzie) going against under-20 West (Wismar) at 19.00 hrs, all at the Mackenzie Sports Club (MSC) ground. This special promotion which is being done in collaboration with Bankers Trust Falcons along with designers Setra O’Selmo and Crystal Lam is certain to attract many spectators since the designs by the two are anticipated to be eye popping displays, according to the organizers of the event. They will also have

basketball uniforms on display which will feature players from the eight affiliate clubs. Other designs for the eyes will also be shown throughout the evening. However, the honouring of a number of sports persons who have excelled over the year will be of much interest. Already chosen by the organisers are the Male sports person in Daniel Williams who won the Silver medal at the World Youth games and the prodigiously talented female Chantrobra Bright who is the female sports Person. But there is also South American Youth Championships 400m champion DeShanna Skeet who will also be honoured as will Guyana’s first 100m Carifta Games Gold Medalist Compton Caesar. Johnny Gravesande, Abdulla Hamid and Ann Gordon are among the coaches to be honoured, while entities that have supported the promotion of the game in Linden like President of the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation, Nigel Hinds, and Vice

President, Michael Singh, beverage giants Ansa McCal and Banks DIH, Mackenzie Police Station, Mackenzie Sports Club, Ramesh Trophy Stall, Ansa McAl trading among others will also be given recognition. Several persons who have also contributed to the education and sports sectors will be honoured as well and the best young basketball talents from the eight affiliated LABA clubs. Harold Adams who rewrote the record books with his 111 points in a LABA league game and national basketball captain Akeem Kanhai are also to be on spot to be in the highlight of the night’s packed proceedings. The president of LABA, Lawrence Simon, has acknowledged that the undertaking was a huge one and some persons may be missing but assured that come next year, the awards ceremony will be staged again and due recognition would be given to those who will miss out this time around.

Bayliss bemused as England are drawn into 'ball-tampering' row ESPNcricinfo - Trevor Bayliss, England's coach, dismissed media allegations of ball-tampering as mere "pommie-bashing" after television footage appeared to show James Anderson digging his fingernail into the ball on a rain-affected fourth day of the fourth Test in Melbourne. The incident was picked up by Australia's Channel Nine commentary team early in Australia's second innings, and circulated widely among the local media, including the news arm of Cricket Australia's official website. "I'm not sure you are allowed to use your fingernail there," Shane Warne said during the live coverage. His cocommentator, Michael Slater, added: "That's interesting, you can't get your nail into the ball. That's a no-no." Mike Hussey, another former Australia cricketer working for the outlet, predicted that Anderson might be asked to explain his actions to the match referee, Ranjan Madugalle. However, an ICC spokesman later confirmed that no action would be taken. The England management took issue with the tone of the initial reports, and the use of

The umpires kept a close eye on the ball as stories emerged on how England were managing it ©Getty Images the word "ball tampering" was removed from some headlines, with Fox Sports later apologising to the team for their interpretation of the story. The fact that Anderson's fingernail appeared to be working on the shiny side of the ball rather undermined the allegations that he was seeking to adversely alter its condition, as Bayliss pointed out while dismissing the story as a "beat-up" [made-up] when he spoke to the media at the

close of play. "As soon as I saw it during the rain break, I went to the umpires to find out what was going on," Bayliss told BT Sport. "And in their words it was a beat-up. You're allowed to clean the ball and that's what we were doing. There was no problem at all, they said." However, on a tour that has already featured headbutts, beer throwing, matchfixing allegations and a (Continued on page 26)

Colin Munro blasted a 31-ball half-century, his fourth in T20Is©Getty Images domitable operator in the T20 game. Badree did soon have his revenge, however. Having been struck for two fours in the14th over, he dipped a ball past Phillips' defence, and took out the stumps. The remainder of New Zealand's innings was comprised of brief-but-impactful contributions - Ross Taylor hitting 20 off 13 balls, and Mitchell Santner producing 23 off 11. Though the batsmen were clinical, it was Williams' awful final over that propelled New Zealand's total from competitive to commanding. Delivering three no-balls - two for overstepping and one for bowling too many bouncers Williams also two fours and a six to Santner, giving away 25. Having also bowled the two most-expensive overs in the innings, his figures were 1 for 52. In response, West Indies never really had the measure of this chase. Openers Gayle and Walton fell to successive deliveries from debutant seamer Seth Rance, and though Shai Hope and Andre Fletcher attempted a recovery,

they did not score quickly enough to worry the hosts. Fletcher appeared to be warming to his work when he ran down the pitch one too many times at Ish Sodhi, and had the ball slip past his blade. The wickets tumbled quickly after that. Jason Mohammed and Shai Hope were out in the 11th over, bowled by Doug Bracewell. Brathwaite then struck some heavy blows, before he and Powell departed in the same Tim Southee over. With five overs remaining, West Indies were seven down and required 87 - a near impossible requirement. Rance dismissed Badree to end the innings, and collected figures of 3 for 30, which were the best in the match. Scores: NEW ZEALAND 187 for seven off 20 overs (Glenn Phillips 55, Colin Munro 53, Mitchell Santner 23 not out; Carlos Brathwaite 2-38, Jerome Taylor 2-41). WEST INDIES 140 all out off 19 overs (Andre Fletcher 27, Carlos Brathwaite 21, Ashley Nurse 20 not out; Seth Rance 3-30, Tim Southee 336, Doug Bracewell 2-10).


Saturday December 30, 2017

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GBA President describes 2017 a successful year for Amateur Boxing Lack of financial support still biggest challenge

GBA’s President presents the Best Boxer Trophy to Allicock after the Terrence Ali National Open C/Ships. By Sean Devers The year 2017 has triggered mixed emotions for President of the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) Steve Ninvalle who described the year as very successful one for Guyana’s Amateur Boxing. The GBA successfully hosted the Caribbean Youth, School Boys and Juniors Championships while locally, the Pepsi Mike Parris U-16, the Andrew Lewis National Novice Championships, the Lennox Blackmore Intermediate, the Terrence Ali National Open Boxing and the Sons of Champions Boxing Day tournaments were held this year. Ninvalle, who was appointed to the Association Internationale de Boxe Amateur (AIBA) Executive Bureau this year, expressed satisfaction with the performances in the Ring both locally and overseas. The GBA’s biggest accomplishment for 2017 was Keevin Allicock winning a Silver Medal at the Youth Commonwealth Games. “That’s a great accomplishment for us and also to have a third Ref-

eree/Judge being added to the list of (AIBA) certified one stars,” Ninvalle proudly stated. “The GBA has been able to continuously…some of the National Associations have not been able to do that….but we have been able to make sure that all of our local statutory competitions were held. Our biggest challenge will always remain the acquiring of resources…resources to get our Boxers exposed, be it International competitions or for training. That has always been our biggest bugbear and remains our biggest Challenge,” lamented Ninvalle. The GBA Boss added that his greatest disappointment would be the most recent Caribbean Championship with Guyana not being able to send a full team and thus relinquishing their Caribbean Champion title. “Nevertheless the Caribbean understands that we are the Champions although we were not there in our full numbers,” said Ninvalle, who has the GBA Head since 2010. Allicock, Colin Lewis and Joel Williamson won gold

medals, while Desmond Amsterdam captured Silver at the last Caribbean Championships in St Lucia, while Christopher Moore and Allicock perform creditably at the Youth Commonwealth Games. Lewis, Williamson, Amsterdam and Clairmont Gibson went to Jamaica and performed well, while West Demerara’s Christopher Moore and Allicock went to the South American games but were denied a chance of participating due to a controversial age limit ruling. “We also had Guyana’s first IBBA certified Coach Terrence Poole conducting a seminar while in St Lucia for the last Caribbean Championships. He was given a plaque for his sterling contribution over the last 13 years to Boxing in the Caribbean,” Ninvalle informed. Ninvalle said he was also impressed with Sebert Blake who Coached Allicock to the Silver Medal at the Youth Commonwealth Games. The GBA would like to see the development of the Sport put on the front burner in 2018. “I think it is time that

Keevin Allicock (left) and Clairmont Gibson in action in the GBA’s final C/Ships for 2017.

The four Guyanese Medallists with Coach Terrence Pool in St Lucia. Sports in Guyana be prioritised in the sense that we have to look at which sports is likely to give us our best chances of Olympic and Commonwealth Medals and those Sports be put in priority order and with that these sports be

Djokovic doubtful for Australian Open after withdrawing from Abu Dhabi event (Reuters) - Former world number one Novak Djokovic’s preparation for next month’s Australian Open suffered a blow after he pulled out of the seasonopening exhibition event in Abu Dhabi yesterday due to pain in his right elbow. The 12-time grand slam winner was scheduled to kickstart the new season against Roberto Bautista Agut but was advised by his medical team to skip the tour-

nament just hours before the match. Djokovic has not played since he was forced to retire against Tomas Berdych in the quarter-finals of Wimbledon in July due to an elbow injury. “I am terribly disappointed that I am forced to withdraw from the Mubadala World Tennis Championship,” the Serb said in a statement. ”Unfortunately, in the past few days I started to feel pain

in the elbow and after several tests, my medical team has advised me not to risk anything, to withdraw from the tournament and to immediately continue with the therapies. “I am very sad because I was eager to return to playing official matches. Now I need to accept this situation, and to wait for the results of the therapies, in order to start playing tennis again and getting back to full rhythm.”

Organizers said that Britain’s Andy Murray had agreed to step in and play an exhibition match against Bautista Agut instead. Murray has been out of competitive action for six months due to an ongoing hip problem but was in Abu Dhabi as part of his rehabilitation. The Australian Open, the first grand slam of 2018, begins on Jan. 15 at Melbourne Park.

given the necessary financial injection they need,” said the former Parliamentarian. Ninvalle lamented that it’s not unique to Boxing that people have to go out with begging bowls every time they have to participate in some International Competition. “Athletics does it, Table Tennis does it, Rugby has been doing it over and over and over, Boxing has been doing it. How long is this going to continue? We need to find a way…and I guess that will come with our Sports Policy that is needed now,” complained Ninvalle. Ninvalle feels what’s needed is to have Guyana’s top three sports which are most likely to give this County International medals, prioritisedin that order. “Then the Government and Guyana Olympic Organisation (GOA) can provide those sports disciplines with a stipend or

whatever you want to call it so that you don’t have to go with a begging bowl every time you have to leave the Country,” concluded Ninvalle, who in 2014 became the first person for Guyana and the English speaking Caribbean to be named as one of five representatives on the AIBA Executive Committee. Over the last few years Guyana has developed into a powerhouse in Caribbean Amateur Boxing with Albouystown pugilist, Allicock, who took the ‘Best Boxer Award’ in the last two National Championships, being the stand out Boxer this year. The 18-year-old Forgotten Youth Foundation (FYF) Fighter along with others like GDF’s Colin ‘Superman’ Lewis, Joel Williamson, Desmond Amsterdam, Clairmont Gibson and Christopher Moore were also impressive during 2017.

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