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EDITORIAL PEACE ON EARTH, GOODWILL TO ALL Christmas is a day away; the country is abuzz with preparations for the traditional year-end festivities, with many already contemplating their resolutions for the New Year. It is the season to be peaceful and jolly; one of goodwill to all mankind. On this festive season, a collective sense of hope usually inspires our belief that, despite our problems, better days are ahead. Sadly, the frequent horrific murders have cast a dark shadow over the land. Many are numb and traumatized and the emotion and anger that erupt from these senseless murders and violence allow no space for reason, dialogue or harmony. Unfortunately, these are symptoms of a deeper societal malaise that if solutions are not found, they could degenerate into belligerent and combative behavior, with damaging andfrightening consequences. Christmas is also a time of hope and for us to heed the teachings of Christ to strengthen us to save our beloved country and the world which is scarred by terrorism and discord. We need to find ways to effectively manage anger, so that it does not easily deteriorate into outrageous aggression and violence that will scar our country. Surely, we have the creativity and intellect to change the narratives and end the threats and fear, and develop strategies to help the discontented, the poor and the downtrodden. Society must have the capacity to create messages of hope and actively promote courtesy, loveand self-control and reduce provocation. We must equally take stock of how we treat the less fortunate and deal with issues of social justice and equity. Increasingly, and frighteningly, we are witnessing situations where criminals operate with impunity, thus replacing order with chaos. Experience informs that in these circumstances, the conventional policy of enforcing order is not always ineffective. What is required is intelligent recourse and judicious approaches to the application of law and order.The current situation in the country is challenging, but not hopeless. It demands wisdom and willingness by the government to adopt alternative strategies and meaningful involvement of citizens and communities. Our education system has a critical role in leading society to the humanism, co-operation and responsibility that facilitate cultivation of shared cultural and democratic values. Lack of these is at the core of our current dilemma. We, the people, cannot remain disinterested or stand idly by and allow our society to disintegrate. At this yuletide season, let us all heed the scriptures and build peace in the home, in society, workplace and school and offer a helping hand to the poor. We must not be daunted by the enormity of the task of building peace. In this time of peace and joy, we must demonstrate that we in Guyana care about our fellow citizens and about our country. We must pray for Guyana, especially for the poor, the homeless and the hopeless and for the world that all wars and hostilities will cease and that people will turn their weapons into plough shares. We must also pray that good will touch the hearts of those in authority and inspire them to govern wisely and to use the resources of the nation to build the common good and provide a better life for all. In the words of Mother Teresa of Calcutta: “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” May the spirit of the Christmas season infuse us with hope and galvanize us to build a better Guyana and to bring peace on earth and goodwill to all.

Sunday December 24, 2017

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Did some CARICOM members abstain from this vote out of fear of being punished by the US? Dear Editor: I must salute the Government of Guyana for its vote on Thursday in the United Nations on the issue of Jerusalem. I must however express my disappointment that the 14-member Caribbean Community (CARICOM) did not vote in unison in favor of this UN resolution. Seven members abstained or did not vote. Prior to the vote, both US President Trump and UN Ambassador Halley, issued warnings that America would take note of the names that voted for the resolution and that aid to those countries would be negatively affected in the future. So, was this threat the reason why seven CARICOM member states abstained or did not vote at all? Was it CARICOM’s strategy to have half the member states support the resolution, thereby making it difficult for the

Trump administration to “punish” the region as a whole, should it choose to carry out its threat? In my view this split vote provides for the current US administration to “pick off” CARICOM member states individually, thereby making it hard for us in the diaspora to lobby as a collective Caribbean against any possible “punishment” against the seven countries that supported the resolution. As much as I am disappointed in the way some CARICOM member states voted on this issue I still maintain an abiding faith in the regional integration process. I suppose our unity in CARICOM does not preclude a plurality of positions on key issues, it pre-supposes it. Jean Kirkpatrick, many years ago while serving as the US ambassador to the UN in the Reagan administration had

suggested that US aid to developing countries should be in keeping with their percentage of votes consistent with the US vote in the UN system. Her suggestion was inconsistent with the shared values which form the foundation of the relationship between the member states of CARICOM and the US, and so too does the threat from the Trump administration. I hope that should the US administration attempt to “punish” Guyana in any way because of its principled position as represented through last Thursday’s vote, the Guyanese diaspora in the US will mount a vigorous lobby to avoid any “punishment” that might be contemplated. I am committed to being part of that lobby, should it become necessary. Wesley Kirton

Sunday December 24, 2017


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Kaieteur M@ilbox

The Trump administration seems not averse to utilizing the ‘big stick’ to get things its way

Please free this suffering calf, Mr. President

DEAR EDITOR I read with interest the position taken by the vast majority of countries, including Guyana, at the United Nations General Assembly by voting in support of a UN resolution not to recognize East Jerusalem as the new capital of Israel, and to consider any such unilateral action as null and void. This is a slap in the face of the United States and its President Donald Trump who only recently declared its intention to move its Embassy from Tel Aviv to East Jerusalem, despite objections from several countries in the Arab world and also some key allies both in the Middle East, Western Europe and Asia. It is significant that the majority of the countries

have stood up in favour of principles, despite open threats by the United States that countries that opted to vote in favour of the resolution run the risk of being penalized in one way or the other. To the best of my recollection, this is the first time in years that a direct threat has been issued by the United States at the diplomatic level to ensure compliance with US policies at the United Nations. It would seem that the Trump administration is not averse to utilizing what is referred to as the ‘big stick’ method to get things its way. This does not auger well for international diplomacy and inter-state relations especially as it relates to smaller states

which are much more vulnerable both economically and politically to resist the dictates of the bigger powers. The world has advanced from the cold war mentality of 1960’s and the 1970’s when the world was demarcated into spheres of influence and countries were expected to comply depending on where they stood along the ideological divide. It is commendable that the majority of countries in Caricom and the hemisphere as a whole have opted to take a firm and principled stance on the issue of Palestine and more particularly Jerusalem which remains the bone of contention between Israel and Arab world. Hydar Ally

Might is not always right DEAR EDITOR The principled stand taken by the Government of Guyana in the UN Jerusalem vote must be commended. Though we are small in comparison we will

not be easily swayed and might is not always right. Good for Guyana and all Caribbean states that united in this just cause. Shamshun Mohamed

Fond memories of ‘little’ Sixth Street Alberttown DEAR EDITOR, I was much surprised to read about the goings-on in Sixth Street, Alberttown. My family lived in Sixth Street - from 1941 to 1946 in Mr. Nurse’s yard near Cummings Street, when he demolished the houses on that site to build one large one. Then we

moved to the street again and lived in a yard owned by Mrs. Jerrick, as I recall the name, from around 1946 to 1950. At that time, it was a quiet, sedate street of two blocks, running from Cummings Street to Albert Street, with ‘decent’ residents, including Rev. Sears’ parents and his motor mechanic brother, with

an on-site mechanic shop. Another was Mrs. Gibson, who did needlework with a machine, hemstitching, as I recall. I have fond memories of ‘little’ Sixth Street Alberttown - I taught myself to ride the bicycle there, and I hope everything settles down eventually. Geralda D

DEAR EDITOR, I am appealing to His Excellency, President David Granger to give due regard to my concerns raised in this letter and I am positive that you, Mr. President, will do everything in your power to bring resolution to grievous wrongs being done to a pitiable calf which has been impounded at the #51 Police Station for the past four months. This matter has been ventilated in the press, but despite assurances given by the Public Relations Officer of the Guyana Police Force, no progress has been made to alleviate the sufferings of this poor animal. Everyone in the Police Force is cognizant of the plight of this calf, including the Public Security Minister, yet the matter is now becoming an embarrassment to our Coalition Government. Some Berbicians are questioning the ability of our law enforcement to deliver a good service when such cruelties to animals are being perpetrated by the very people who supposed to afford protection. There are many instances where animals have died in the pounds due to thirst and starvation. Only recently two goats died at the Albion Police Station. The atrocious conditions and the refusal of the police to feed these animals are quickly transforming these pounds into slaughterhouses.

I am living at Skeldon and I would normally travel to Number 51 Police Station in order to feed and water this animal when Mr.Harbhajan, the PM’s Representative of Region 6, is unable to do so. You Excellency, this is not a ‘disputed animal’ as the Public Relations Officer claimed in the Press, this calf was struck down by a Motor car driver and only his mirror was broken while the cow calf suffered a broken back leg and no one was injured and since then no one came forward to claim the animal and it has been tied with a short piece of rope since early September and to date it remains in the sun, rain and not to mention the season of mosquitoes. Many versions of the Police file were given

and yet the animal remains impounded-sometimes the file went to the DPP, sometimes it went to the Public Security Minister and sometimes it is with the Divisional Commander (Royal run around with the Guyana Police Force as usual). No one seems to give a straight answer. I beseech you Mr. President, to use your executive power and free this calf. I saw you feeding the baby elephant in Kenya and I conclude that you love animals and that you are a kind, compassionate and humane person. I am sure that you will express your Christian sentiments and free this poor calf before Christmas Mrs. Leila HazellBhudial.


Sunday December 24, 2017

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Kaieteur M@ilbox

I take issue with Bishop Edghill’s most recent attack on Freddie Kissoon DEAR EDITOR, I take issue with Bishop Juan Edghill’s most recent article in the KN, “There’s hardly anything authentic about Freddie Kissoon!” It’s been a very long time since I had the displeasure of reading such a childish, empty, outburst from somebody who has been given the honour of sitting in our national Parliament. To be brief, I will repeat the Bishop’s main contentions about Freddie then provide my responses. 1. “Mr. Kissoon is petty and bears grudges, twists stories to bring attention to himself and when he sees it fit, uses his pen and access to the media to carry out his own agenda”; Crap! A petty man does not dedicate himself to the freedom of his country, even to the point of risking personal physical injury and even death at the hands of vicious and petty politicians. Freddie Kissoon has stood as a man and braved the halls of power and the streets of violence, all in his quest to bring the truth to light. No matter which Party is in power, Freddie has stood up bravely and let his words be heard by all and sundry. He stood up to the tyranny of the PPP, and now he is standing up to the power of the APNU-AFC government. This is not the behaviour of a

petty man. The Bishop was quiet when human faeces were thrown upon Freddie by PPP hoodlums. The Bishop was too petty to stand up and condemn this cowardly, sordid, despicable act of violence. I challenge the Bishop, a man “consecrated in front of more than 20,000” Guyanese citizens, to show me where he condemned this act of violence against a citizen of Guyana. 2. “Mr. Kissoon either dislikes himself or is not comfortable with who he is and when he sees what he desires to be in other persons, instead of admiring them for their successes, he reverts to asinine behaviour using his hired pen as a weapon to destroy”; Hogwash! Freddie Kissoon is a liberated Guyanese citizen, in spite of the deep racial and racist realities of this country. It is clear to all and sundry that Freddie has no personal and psychological qualms and insecurities about race and racial matters. He has embraced those of his ethnic group whom he thinks deserving of his embrace, as well as those of Negro ethnicity, and all other ethnic groups in Guyana. An individual who can embrace all ethnic groups the way Freddie does cannot have a problem with his personal identity. It is people who cannot embrace other

ethnic groups who have identity crises. I have seen no petty jealousy on Freddie’s part. When Freddie makes observations about people, it is always to highlight some political, social, economic, cultural, idiosyncratic or other issue concerning that person, and its importance to the development of Guyana. 3. “Mr. Kissoon reached his age of retirement while at the University of Guyana and believed that he had the divine right to be rehired although he was credited with poor performance as a lecturer who never published a single peer review article in over 30 years”; Lies! Every Guyanese citizen and the entire diplomatic community know that Freddie Kissoon was hounded out of his position at the University, as he approached retirement age. He was pre-maturely terminated by the PPP hierarchy on the governance board of the University. Everybody knows that Freddie was victimized near the eve of his retirement from the university. 4. “Mr. Kissoon has a pattern of attacking any professional who is more accomplished than himself, which seems to be almost everyone” I challenge the Bishop to give one example, only one, of Freddie’s unprincipled attack on any “accomplished

The Guysuco meltdown was long in the making DEAR EDITOR, Much noise has been made of the meltdown of the Guysuco complex. However, this has long been in the making. Sugar workers have to accept a significant portion of the blame for the sorry state of affairs at the nation’s largest employer of labour. The average turnout of workers is just around four days per week. This pattern of labour turnout can never maintain stable growth in any industry. The number of lost hours due to work stoppages and strikes has been phenomenal. The cost to the industry has caused the industry much in terms of retooling and modern

improvements. There thus should be no tears coming from anyone engaged in the industry. The nation cannot continue to subsidize this giant complex. The money already used could have started up several industries which would have guaranteed employment for countless numbers. Mr. Jagdeo’s ‘bottomhouse meetings’ with fake promises that should he be re-elected the sugar workers would get a monthly stipend is just a lot of hot air spewing. From where will he get this money. Not our taxes, old boy. The government should have dismantled this giant complex immediately on assumption of

office, and, as related above, placed the cash on new and diversified industries. Those workers from Wales Estate who refused to g o t o Uitvlugt cannot look out for severance pay since they automatically severed themselves for the Company when they refused to take up their new assignments. Guysuco received approximately G$ 30bn from the Euro system but placed this money on political pet projects. Now who can blame this new government for Guysuco’s failure. We need to get realistic and bite the bullet. Shortly after the new government took office the management of the Company was stating that without a bailout they could not pay wages. At this point the new guys on the block should have cut the life line. Cyril Walker

professional”, with the substance to reasonably show such petty jealousy on Freddie’s part. I will wait, but will not hold my breath. 5. “Mr. Kissoon’s politics is not about issues and policies, but is one of hate and destruction of character, and persons who he dislikes, refer to his columns and this is visible” I have read Freddie Kissoon for twenty five years, and not once has he written an article that was not on issues of development significance to our country, whether social, cultural, political, economic or idiosyncratic. This statement by the Bishop is by far the most ridiculous assertion in his childish article. I quote from Freddie’s article of today, 21st December 2017, in KN, highlighting Freddie’s penchant for analysis of the issues: “Unfortunately, the AFC’s life as a contributor to the emergence of a democratic culture was short-lived. It came on the scene at the end of 2005 and in ten years’ time, had acquired state power. The enjoyment of state power has destroyed the raison d’être of the AFC. I cannot think of any

other way of putting it, except in the words of Dr. David Hinds: ‘they are power drunk’….In this second part of the series, I look at how the existing political culture destroyed the AFC. In doing so, one must keep in mind at all times that our diseased political culture reinforces the arrogance and hogging of power…..In part three, I will compare the class origins of the AFC on the one hand and that of the PPP and the PNC on the other. A caveat is in order: you cannot methodologically separate a party’s political culture from its class derivatives. If I was doing an academic paper, on the AFC, then I would have covered both grounds in a single argument. For now, because of column space, I will look at political culture.” 6. “Mr. Kissoon believes that his views are superior and sacrosanct, even if it is singular or in the minority. For example, he devotes much of his column under discussion here, to a supposedly UNDPfunded project.” Freddie Kissoon’s confidence as a writer and political activist should not be mis-

taken for misguided arrogance. Freddie, in all his literary dexterity and style, is only displaying his great inner strength as a man of certain deep-seated social and political convictions. Confidence and conviction are not the same as superiority and foolish pride. I end these observations on Freddie Kissoon, this national hero, in response to a Bishop who was petty, careless and shameless enough to go on record as saying that “if Jesus Christ should come to Guyana, he would vote for the PPP”. Now how much more petty, empty and childish can a man be? It is the same pettiness and intellectual emptiness that the Bishop displayed in Parliament last week, when he refused to heed the order of the Speaker to leave the Parliament. I challenge the Bishop to give one example, only one, of Freddie’s unprincipled attack on any “accomplished professional”, with the substance to reasonably show that Freddie was being jealous of that “accomplished professional”. Sasha Persaud

The Budget Presentation DEAR EDITOR, As expected, the Budget Presentation provided what appears to be a comprehensive list of proposed government interventions aimed at stimulating national development. Among them, the attention paid to institutional strengthening in many areas, proposed infrastructure and social spending to fix and expand the road network, and proposals for strengthening education and health across the country are all welcome. Trouble is, with this long list of projects, what is the likelihood of successful implementation? Given the past acknowledgement of capacity constraints nationwide by the Ministry of Finance, it would be surprising indeed if this list of projects and activities got anywhere near full implementation. It was also a matter of interest to see what the Budget had to say about national economic performance. On one hand, the Budget is estimating 2.9 percent growth in 2017 while on the other hand, people in business – restaurant owners, shopkeepers and vendors, craftsmen, etc. – are almost unanimous in report-

ing downturns in business. What is to be made of this? The Budget projects a substantial 10 percent growth in imports in 2017. A significant increase in imports is usually consistent with GDP growth. But, as the Minister tells us, most of the major traditional tradable sectors (sugar, bauxite, etc.) suffered declines, with rice and timber being notable exceptions, so where is this overall growth coming from? Interestingly enough, the import increases are said to be driven largely by rising imports of mining machinery, chemicals, fuel and lubricants. Could this be a sign that the nascent oil industry is starting to have an impact on the economy? The behaviour of capital inflows also seems to suggest a role for the oil industry. The MoF reports a US$195 million turn around in capital inflows in 2017. Although the increase in capital inflows is due to various sources including government borrowing, with other industries not showing much dynamism, it is reasonable to deduce that a substantial source of foreign investment is the oil industry. It is also significant to note a fourfold jump in net factor payments abroad. What explanation for this can there be other than the wages of foreign workers associated with the oil industry? Incidentally, this capital inflow is also largely responsible (along with gov-

ernment borrowing) for the reported rise in international reserves despite the widening current account deficit. If my reading of the situation is correct, then Guyanese citizens need to be concerned about the pattern of economic activity that is emerging. It means that even before the oil industry has reached full operation it may be driving overall economic growth with little impact on earnings in the domestic sector. For international purposes the country’s growth statistics look not so bad but for most citizens it doesn’t feel good. It is clear that without strategic development policy and an exceptional effort of management of the oil industry in our country, it is possible for the incomes of a few to rise astronomically while social and economic improvement bypasses the majority of Guyanese citizens. A second aspect of the budget that caught my attention is the higher than projected growth in government revenue. Revenue growth is an obvious goal – that cannot be denied. Still, there is something incongruous about taxation increasing at a time of slowdown in business activity. In the balancing act of economic management, the Government needs to have a more conducive approach to enabling business activity and generating jobs. Desmond Thomas

Sunday December 24, 2017


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Kaieteur M@ilbox

Good intention no excuse for bad policy DEAR EDITOR, I will admit that I was both shocked and angry on reading in the Kaieteur News of 19th December 2017 that the CEO of Giftland Mall intends to institute an entrance fee for those wanting to access the said mall during the Christmas celebration. Indeed, compounding my shock and anger was the fact that the article starts with “once again shoppers will be required to pay a fee to enter the Giftland mall during the Christmas Season.” That this is somewhat of a practice of Giftland, and I have never heard any word of protest from any interest group in Guyana is disappointing. The said article goes on to quote Mr. Beepat as offering the following reasons for requiring a $3000. Redeemable entrance fee: (a) To reduce loitering at the location, (b) A desire to ensure the mall is a safe place, (c) To avid the issue of overcrowding. It is never a good thing when business establishments; especially those known for selling widely used merchandise; consider it necessary to implement systems that will deny access to their establishment by law-abiding citizen. Assuming there is widespread agreement on this, we need

to examine these reasons offered by the CEO for resorting to this approach to problem solving. First, Loitering is a behaviour typical of the young, it is not new behaviour. Writing about England in around 1625, one historian tells us that adults described young men as only good for molesting ladies on the streets and pelting stone at old people windows. Modern society has merely provided additional locations for youths to loiter and continue similar behaviours, and malls are the most flavored locations. There are two distinct groups of young people at the malls. There are the more conventional youths who use the occasion to spend their allowance, stand around conversing, engage in window shopping or merely wonder around with the hope of catching the eyes of the opposite sex. Then there are delinquents who are likely to spend their time at the mall wondering through stores, casing items they take a fancy to and contemplating the chances of absconding with same without being caught, picking fights, making provocative comments to female shoppers or just window shopping. While some of

these activities are distasteful to say the least, it is questionable whether imposing an entrance fee is a just approach for deterring loitering. A fee of $3000 places a burden on poor families and thus ends up; intentionally of not; denying children of the poor the opportunity of enjoying the mall when it is all spruced up. A family with three teenagers must find at least $9000. For the children to spend time at the mall. Redeemable or not that is one hell of a difficult ask of poor families. Second, the desire to maintain the safe environment of the mall is laudable, however this could best be achieved by strengthening the security efforts that were articulated by Mr. Beepat as already in place for the season. For example, his revelation that Giftland will have 60 security personnel working at the mall during the height of the Christmas shopping season. He also talked about seeking the Guyana Police Force assistance in providing added support. This is encouraging, and Mr. Beepat would know that there is no shortage of security services that could be turned to if he feels the need. Finally, there is Mr. Beepat’s concern about over-

crowding. Overcrowding at shopping centers at the height of the Christmas season is nothing new to Guyana. Indeed, same would be true for most countries in the world when citizens are observing national holidays. Here in the USA Black Friday comes to mind. Last black Friday I visited a store here in Georgia, on arrival I was confronted with a long queue of persons waiting to enter. On enquiring I was told the store was filled to capacity and so as a group exited the store, a group of similar number is allowed entry. The system worked most efficiently. Why can’t Giftland implement a similar system? This willingness to first think of instituting a system that ends up discriminating against the poor or some other unfortunate group, demands some attention. Mr. Editor, rarely do we think of the full impact of our behaviours. We tend to consider only how our behaviour will affect us and those we care for – whether these be relatives, friends, party supporters, or as in the case of Giftland – customers. But very often our behaviour can have wider negative social consequences. The thing here is

that these behaviours usually have the support, the sympathy, the understanding of the general society. Who will not find it commendable when someone does something in the interest of his family? Which of us do not find it encouraging when a business man/woman takes action with the expressed intention of wanting to ensure the safety of customers? It is this type of legitimacy that we tend to give to behaviour when such justification for them are offered that stifles wider consideration of unintended consequences of our actions. When we make it difficult for poor youths to visit the mall, those among them inclined to delinquent behaviour, develop a hatred for those groups responsible for creating the difficult conditions. Further, the smiling faces of those leaving the mall is perceived by youths inclined to delinquent behaviour as a show of uncaring for their plight and even supportive of the restrictions that kept them out (to understand this tendency read Dr. Samenow’s work on how delinquents think). Anger and hatred inspire such youths to pounce on shoppers, sometimes viciously

beating them and on occasions not taking any of their possession. Leaving us shocked and mystified at what seems to us, a senseless attack. Little realizing that this is their way of hitting back at a society that they perceive as excluding and showing little care for them. In the end the discriminatory act we too in the interest of our family, friends and customers contributes to them being targeted. Mr. Editor, I do not know Mr. Beepat, I have no reason to believe he is not an honourable man who wants to make money while serving his country. However, we must remember when we are involved in business that is intended to serve the general public, we must take care not to come up with solutions to challenges that disproportionately negative impact a group of citizens that has done no wrong. But has been singled out and denied access simply because we perceive the group as having in its rank persons we fear. Merry Christmas to all Guyana. Oh! how I wish I could be home at this time. Claudius Prince.


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Sunday December 24, 2017

Police to partner with GRA, insurance company to crack carjacking ring With vehicles being hijacked almost daily throughout the country, acting Crime Chief, Paul Williams, said that the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has had enough of such cases. It is now determined more than ever to put an end to the carjacking ring. First thing on the agenda, Williams said, is that the force will be taking a joint agency approach to tackle the culprits behind the carjacking. He said that the force will be partnering with the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) and insurance companies. Kaieteur News was informed that investigators will be able to determine how many crashed vehicles were sold as “scraps” and where they were sold since there have been reports that stolen cars are stripped and sold as spare parts. GRA will provide the police with information pertaining to the ownership of vehicles and the dates they were imported. Additionally, the Crime Chief said that there are a number of unauthorized workshops throughout the country. The operators of these places will have to provide the cops with details regarding the origin of spare parts. “We are going to be visiting these places and they have to tell us where they get their parts from,” the Crime Chief said. Williams explained that there are instances where persons report that their vehicles had been stolen, but when checks were made; it was found that the vehicles were actually repossessed by the auto dealers. “We are asking persons, when they come to report that their vehicle was hijacked, to tell us if they have any money outstanding for any auto dealers because we would have had cases where a person parks and goes into a store. When they come out, the vehicle is gone but it really was the company using its duplicate key to repossess the vehicle,” Williams said. Asked whether he has re-

Acting Crime Chief, Paul Williams ceived information that there are auto companies that purchase these stolen cars, the Crime Chief said that he has not received such report. Moreover, he indicated that ranks will be examining taxi bases to see if any stolen vehicles are there. Williams said that Toyota Allion and Premio motor vehicles are the most targeted vehicles. As of last July, bandits made off with five Toyota Allion and 12 Toyota Premio motorcars. In most of these cases, the drivers were held at gunpoint. In total, 25 vehicles were hijacked, including three Carina 212 and one Toyota Spacio car. The Crime Chief said that in most of the cases, the drivers were either trailed to their home or the perpetrator(s) was already at the victims’ home, waiting on them. “You find that the suspects are already at their home and when they come out of their car to open their gate, the perpetrator sticks them up right there and takes away their vehicles,” Williams said. He urged drivers to always be on the alert. ”When persons are going home, they should have someone looking out for them so that the person can see whether there is anyone suspicious there,” the Crime Chief said.

Sunday December 24, 2017


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Brazil police bust $$million fraud to export precious Amazon wood to China In a case that is bound to raise questions about the strength of Guyana’s systems of monitoring, it is now being reported that authorities in neighbouring Brazil have busted a major illegal wood exporting scheme to China. Almost three dozen persons, including two Chinese entrepreneurs and government officials, have been arrested and charged. According to a report on the, the scheme even involved the players moving to start gold mining in the logging areas. The report said that two Chinese entrepreneurs paid millions of dollars to a Brazilian company that bribed environment officials of an Amazon state to illegally export precious hardwoods to China. In a rare success against rising deforestation in the Amazon, Brazilian police and prosecutors were able to stop the scheme before exports started in earnest. They said they saved the state from US$30M worth of potential environmental damage. More than a week ago, prosecutors presented details of two connected, year-long operations that have seen 31 people charged, including the two Chinese entrepreneurs, Brazilian businessmen, environment officials and the former head of the

- Chinese entrepreneurs, state officials among 31 charged Police became interested in the company after an anonymous tip off and began monitoring it. (Photograph: LightRocket via Getty Images)

environmental licensing institute of the state of Amapá, on the eastern edge of the Brazilian Amazon. The report said that two Chinese citizens, businessman Xiaoliang Xu and his associate, interpreter and fellow investor, Xie Ping, had paid Brazilian company Pangea Mineração (Pangea Mining) US$3M of US$15M agreed for 50,000 cubic metres of wood. “There were Chinese investors who wanted to

Dem boys seh...

Madness at Freedom House and de White House This is Christmas season and dem boy learn plenty things. This is a de season of plenty drinks and madness. Nuff of dem govt people does get away fuh go and drink rum all over de place. Soulja Bai don’t know and he paying dem even and straight. Pastor Ten Edghill always complaining to Jagdeo when some of de MPs drinking. De Chat-3 is one who love ee drinks. Irfaat is another one. Ten Edghill don’t like that. Yesterday he carry a donkey to Freedom House. He put one bucket water and one bucker likker in front de donkey. De donkey drink out de water and walk out de place. Edghill then ask de employees what dem learn from he li’l exercise. De Chat-3 answer, “One who does not drink likker is a donkey.” Jagdeo push he mouth in de bucket wid likker right away. Ee mouth ain’t even dry when Edghill push in he own. Something similar happen in de White House yesterday. All presidents does put dem face on a revenue stamp. Trump was no different. Dem print a stamp recently wid ee face pun it. De new stamp was not sticking to envelopes and this mek Trump get vex and twitch he face. He order a full investigation. After two months and millions of dollars spent de investigators find out nutten was wrong wid de stamp or de paste wha deh pun it. De investigators find out that people was only spitting pun de wrang side of de stamp—de side wid ee face. Talk half hope Jagdeo, that scamp, don’t even thing about printing a stamp wid ee face.

extract wood in large quantity from Brazil. They made contact with loggers,” said Everton Aguiar, a federal prosecutor in Amapá’s state capital, Macapá. “They were putting a scheme together and it was defeated.” Police became interested in the company after an anonymous tip off. The police began monitoring it. According to prosecutors, Pangea used another company, Ordena Brasil, to bribe officials from the Amapá Institute of the Environment and Territorial Planning (Imap, in its Portuguese acronym) to issue “forest replacement credits” that are distributed to farmers who sustainably harvest wood by replanting deforested areas. In 2014, a Greenpeace investigation found a similar system being used to ‘launder’ illegally harvested wood in the neighbouring Amazon state of Pará so it could be exported with apparently legal documentation. Prosecutors said fraudulent credits for nearly 84,000 sq metres were identified of which 20,000 square metres worth had been used. It is not clear how much, if any, of the wood was actually exported. “We discovered that this company Pangea was acting as an intermediary for a group of Chinese [businessmen],” said João Bastos, a federal police officer from Macapá who worked on the investigations. “They paid bribes to staff of a government environmental organ[so they would] grant licences for deforestation.” One of the suspects, Xiaoliang Xu, was charged on December 10, with

racketeering and financial crimes by federal prosecutors in Amapá; his whereabouts are unknown and he has been placed on an Interpol wanted list, police said. Xie Ping was charged in October with unauthorised deforestation, corruption and racketeering. She is still in Brazil and has not been jailed. The gang illegally deforested a six-kilometer strip of forest with plans to start mining gold illegally, Bastos said. He added that Xie Ping even imported mining machinery from China. She has Brazilian residence and told police she believed all the investments planned were legal, he said. In October, Luis Costa, the former chief of Imap, was charged with racketeering and inserting false data into public administration systems. He was arrested but has since been released. Gilberto Rodrigues, Amapá’s state communications secretary, said Costa was “disconnected” from the environment agency in April this year. “The government always collaborated with the investigations from external control organs and stimulates internal control,” he said in a statement. Rodrigues said that Amapá state had suffered from a lack of federal government investments in its inspection apparatus, but said that new control mechanisms and disciplinary procedures were being introduced at Imap. Questions remain over the connections Xiaoliang Xu had been able to establish in Amapá. In February 2016, he was part of a group of Chinese businessmen who met state governor Waldez

Góes to discuss investments in the state, communications secretary Rodrigues said. “This gentleman was part of his committee,” said Rodrigues. “It is the responsibility of the chief of the state to receive innumerable visitors and investors with interests in developing in the state.” This recent case in Brazil, who forest is part of the Amazon with Guyana, would trigger concerns here. It has long been suspected, but not fully proven, that some forestry officials stationed at strategic check points in the hinterlands have been bought. Insiders have pointed to schemes where tree tags, used for tracking lumber to its point of origin, are being recycled. There have been other reports of logs being smuggled across the border. The Guyana Forestry Commission and consecutive

governments have been insisting that proper systems are in place. In fact, Guyana has signed onto a Norway deal for US$250M to keep its forest intact via sustainable activities, which expired in 2015— the arrangement has been extended to ensure that Guyana comply with conditions. This country has collected more than US$100M, it has been reported. With regards to the logging sector, the Chinese have been moving in. In the first two years in office, the Coalition Government confiscated the forest concessions of disgraced Chinese investor, BaiShanLin, one of the largest holders of forest property, which was accused of major wrongdoings including burning down a large swath in the Upper Berbice River area. While BaiShanLin from all appearances has exited the forestry sector, another Chinese company has been growing in prominence— Rong-An Inc. The Chinese has been aggressively moving into the Guyana market, taking a significant chunk of the commerce market. It has become involved in state contracts and has been donating equipment, including police vehicles and bikes, to Government. China’s donations would come at a time with disclosures that currently contractors from that country in the last few years have been granted almost US$300M in state projects. These include the East Bank and East Coast Demerara roads, the Timehri airport project and projects to run new transmission power lines and install smart meters.

Sunday December 24, 2017

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Sunday December 24, 2017

Jamaican shortlisted as GPL chief - Badal not interested in returning as Chairman

Robert Badal Guyana Power and Light (GPL) is preparing to name a new Chief Executive Officer earlier in the New Year. Officials last week confirmed that

the state-owned power company, which has been without a substantive chief since August 2015, has for all intents and purposes ended its

search for one. London-headquartered PricewaterhouseCoopers was involved in short listing the candidates and a Jamaican

has come out on top. CEO (ag) Colin Welch was let go last year leaving Renford Homer to perform the duties since then. The Jamaican, officials disclosed, has successfully headed up a number of large projects in that country as well as a large entity. GPL is now moving to tie up a number of loose ends, including remuneration. The naming of a new CEO would come as the current life of the Board of Directors is due to expire this year end. Already, since early, Chairman, Robert Badal, signaled his intentions to leave, as he is busy pursuing expansion of the Pegasus Hotel, which he owns. So the search will also be on for a new Chairman and board. GPL is facing increasing pressure to reduce outages and improve its performance.

Despite almost US$70M investments in installing new high powered transmission lines and submarine cables across the Demerara and Berbice River to create one grid, the troubles of outages have been angering the populace. There is an ongoing US$23M project to run more transmission lines and install more than 20,000 smart meters. However, there have been no updates on that controversial contract that ended up in court over the qualifications of the Chinese contractor, CMC. The Government, despite questions over CMC’s past performance, had argued that the project must go ahead as the funding, a loan, is in jeopardy. CMC is the same company that built the submarine cables and a number

of sub-stations. A consultant report had blasted aspects of the sub-stations. A few months ago, in August, tenders were also opened for more sub-stations. However, there have been little details. In the meantime, GPL is coming under increasing criticism for hardly denting its technical losses despite investments to the tune of billions of dollars. There has been accusations also of companies caught stealing and owing tens of millions of dollars with GPL facing difficulties in collecting. Guyana is toying with the idea of using natural gas to power its aging generators with a wind farm at Hope, East Coast Demerara, on the cards too.

Sunday December 24, 2017

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PSC takes Christmas cheer to over 1000 sugar workers and their families Some of the sugar workers and their families.

A private sector member distributes a Christmas cheer. More than 1,000 sugar workers and their families were on Friday treated with hampers and toys by the Private Sector Commission. Smiles were brought to the children’s faces as they were handed their toys and ice-cream. The initiative comes at a time when thousands of sugar workers from several estates were handed termination letters, leaving them jobless for the Holiday’s and onwards. Concerns were expressed for the families of these workers who would have to feel the pressure as well, financially and mentally. At the celebration women and their children along with the laid off sugar workers turned out in their numbers with a voucher in hand to uplift their hamper and toys as they were entertained by Santa Clause and Christmas Carols. Chairman of the Private Sector Commission, Eddie Boyer, told those gathered that the PSC is standing by their demands to not close the estates but to rather privatize. “A special purpose unit was set up, we don’t have a problem with privatizing but what we had a problem with, was the closure of the estates. We didn’t want that... but it happened”.

The gifts donated by the Private Sector Commision.

He said that the initiative will not be a stopping gap but rather a medium for many more to be done. In his message he charged the women and men to stay strong and avoid the pressures that will come along with the unemployment. “The wives need to understand that you cannot punish your husband for being unemployed, give them a break until they find a skill. We are hoping that these estates will be privatized so that everybody can get back their job. You also have to understand that it’s not gonna be business as usual but we are gonna continue to fight for you all,”, Boyer told those gathered. Meanwhile, Mayor of Corriverton and President of the Upper Corentyne Chamber of Commerce, Hemchand Jaichand, expressed his concern over the situation currently facing workers. “Skeldon estate can sustain itself with a local board, you have local management. As the mayor its a concern for me that 2,200 workers will be out of a job. This will cause cross border crimes and much more.” He stated that the idea came about some two weeks ago. He said that 900 hampers were distributed along with 350 toys.


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Sunday December 24, 2017


Education must feature multiculturalism The holiday season provides an ideal opportunity for us to reflect upon the cultural diversity that defines us as Guyanese and the role the education system should play in this regard. We have forged for ourselves a multicultural society where for the most part our peaceful coexistence has been preserved. As one delves below the surface elements, however, there are deep fissures within the social fabric that emerge and must be addressed. If we are to ever advance our levels of social cohesion the education system must play a primary role. To that end, multicultural education has to be regarded as a critical, cross-cutting component of the planned curriculum revision exercise. We have an opportunity to devise for ourselves a curriculum that truly reflects and values the rich cultural diversity that makes Guyana so unique. Our existing curriculum provides at best, a superficial understanding of the diverse

groups that comprise our social mosaic. It provides a rudimentary understanding of our origins and early experiences, some customs, holidays and the ways each group has contributed to building the society we now know. In addition, our schools provide opportunities for our children to learn about some ceremonies primarily structured around religious holidays. Beyond this, there is little that speaks to who our cultural groups really are, singularly and/or collectively. Little has been done to fully define the Guyanese cultural experience and we have for the most part structured our individual perceptions of same in the absence of any informed guidance. Where these have been examined it has been on a highly academic level from some exemplary studies at the University of Guyana, but little, if any, has trickled down to impact the perceptions, attitudes and behaviours of the average citizen. More importantly, it must

be recognized that our history has been told from a highly Eurocentric perspective that, for the most part, excludes the voices and perspectives of those who matter most—our respective fore-parents. As such, there are countless misrepresentations and slants that need to be corrected in the interest of presenting and preserving our true histories. Multicultural education provides a framework from which we can develop a greater awareness of our various cultural groups. It is founded on principles of respect for the diversity and similarities that define us all and extends to a sincere valuing of same. As such, issues of race, religion, historical truth, gender, socio-economic status, language, our sociopolitical context and a range of other socio-cultural dynamics are examined and addressed. It provides for the infusion of cultural content across the curriculum and promotes the examination of the origins and accuracy of

our existing perspectives on a range of cultural constructs. More importantly, it demands a dissection of prejudiced and stereotypical thoughts in an effort to arrive at higher levels of tolerance and appreciation of diversity, social justice and equity. This facilitates delving well beyond mere peaceful coexistence and seeks to establish a deeper level of social integration and interaction. A precursor of this is an education in which all individuals from across the social spectrum can find relevance and value and selfactualization. Our experience with the infusion of Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) in the school system has highlighted the fact that teachers feel ill-equipped and uncomfortable addressing value-laden topics in the curriculum. Culturally relevant pedagogy encourages and even demands that teachers master the content and delivery strategies required to

Social Protection Minister spreads Christmas cheer to Mahaica Children’s Home Minister of Social Protection, Amna Ally, yesterday, wrapped up her gift distribution exercise at the Mahaica Children’s Home, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara. Over the last three weeks Minister Ally has been distributing gifts to several communities across the regions of Guyana in an effort to bring cheer to our nation’s children. During her visit to the Mahaica Children’s Home, Minister Ally interacted with the young women and children at the institution. “Children are close to my heart and I know throughout the year (the children) would have been given good care by the caregivers at the home”. She also took the opportunity to thank the care givers for their commitment and their service throughout 2017. The Assistant Administrator (ag), Ms. Patricia December, thanked the Ministry for their annual gift distribution exercise, which ensures Christmas in the children’s home is not far from Christmas in any other home. Minister Ally subsequently joined with the children in the singing of Christmas carols after which gifts were distributed to all present. Personally, the Minister of Social Protection Amna Ally has touched the lives of over 5,000 young children during her visits to different communities such as Paramakatoi, Leguan, Mabaruma, Kwakwani, Lusignan and Buxton, just to name a few. Many other Ministers of government too have been involved in the distribution of Christmas cheer during this festive season bringing a total of over ten thousand children receiving gifts this year. Similarly Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection, Keith Scott, will be distributing the final set of gifts to the Sophia Children’s Home.

make learning more relevant to the needs of their diverse student populations. Our existing teachers would therefore have to undergo professional development in this regard and the Cyril Potter College of Education and the Faculty of Education must infuse and amplify these concepts in their teacher education and training experiences. It must be overtly established that teachers have a role in leading the efforts to address these important values clarification exercises and equipping our children with the skill sets required to address societal issues. More work needs to be done to ensure that our subcultures and our collective dominant cultural dynamics are given equal attention and priority. A prime example is our experience with language in Guyana. A recent UNICEF study of indigenous languages highlighted the fact that in many communities the mother tongue is being lost with larger numbers of individuals, especially the younger generations, opting to speak the English language. Language loss is usually an early indicator of cultural degradation. A recently launched pilot study with the Wapishana language is aimed at teaching English as a second language after instruction in the mother tongue in the early grades as a means of preserving the myriad of cultural benefits linked to language. Likewise, studies from our neighbouring Caribbean territories have pointed to the dangers of our traditional practices of demanding that

children leave their Creolese at the school gate. Studies have advanced the argument that Creolese is just as important as English and should not be regarded as being in conflict with, but as a means of supporting English language instruction. These issues and a multiplicity of others related to our cultural identity form a basis for extensive collaboration among educators, social scientists and historians as a means of establishing a national framework for addressing and advancing cultural studies in Guyana. The curriculum revision experience provides an ideal platform for the commencement of the discourse around our Guyanese culture and the role the education system should play in its preservation and promotion. Key questions have to be, who is the individual the education system is expected to produce after twelve years of schooling, and what values and cultural capital should that individual possess? Schools are at the vanguard of shaping and defining the society we envision and the enabling environment must be created for the exploration of means through which our social cohesion agenda can be advanced. The ultimate end must be a cultural tapestry that melds the multiplicity of identities that define us as Guyanese, as deftly as the black cake, pepperpot and ginger beer at Christmas and Old Year’s Night cook up. Multicultural education is the vehicle through which this is attained.

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Minister Amna Ally and a resident of the Children’s Home.

(From page 3) (on behalf of the Ministry of Finance). Rahaman used Bourse Securities, at which Imtiaz was a former director and executive chairman, as his broker for his transaction. The Sunday Express reported that in this transaction, Bourse was the broker for both parties—the buyers (the Rahamans and the Rahaman companies) and seller (Philip Rahaman). Bourse Securities was headed by Subhas Ramkhelawan, an independent senator, who is also chairman of the TTSE. The then Finance Minister, Larry Howai, has said the SEC had hired a team of forensic investigators from Canada to investigate the matter. First Citizens Bank’s Chief Executive Officer, Larry Nath, resigned and Philip Rahaman was fired. All the First Citizens directors who served during the IPO were replaced, most notably the bank’s chair, Port-of-Spain attorney Nyree Alfonso, who resigned just before a June 17, 2014 special meeting on the issue. The subsequent investigation had recommended disciplinary action be taken against Nath, deputy chief executive and corporate secretary, Sharon Christopher, and head of the legal department, Lindi Ballah-Tull. Nath was recently named as the Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Bank For Trade and Industry. The purchases of the shares of Demerara Bank reportedly happened after this appointment. Nath’s appointment is being probed by the Guyana Securities Council as well as Central Bank.

Sunday December 24, 2017


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Social Protection Ministry intensifies efforts in patient care, fight against sexual and domestic violence The Ministry of Social Protection has racked up a number of accomplishments for 2017 and the plans in the pipeline for next year regarding patient care and the fight against sexual and domestic violence are numerous. This is according to Social Protection Minister, Amna Ally who couldn’t be more elated recently to provide details in this regard. With respect to Patient care at geriatric facilities, Ally said that efforts have been intensified. She noted that there has been training of Patient Care Assistants (PCA) in the past year. Ally said that the institutions that benefitted are the Palms Geriatric Home, the Chavez Centre and the Night Shelter. The Minister said that the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation made invaluable input in this regard. She said that training now enables Patient Care As-

sistants to be more equipped to be of service to the elderly. “The Government is constantly looking at the improvement of the lives of our elderly. In 2018, the Palms Geriatric Home, which is one of 20 care facilities in Guyana, will benefit from a wheelchair accessible bus which will aid those residents who are wheelchair bound. The infirmary at the Palms Geriatric Home is almost completed. Within a few days in this year 2017, this facility will be completed.” SEXUALAND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE According to Ally, domestic and sexual violence are causes for concern for her Ministry, hence a National Action Plan has been developed. She noted that there has been training for frontline categories of workers. She stated that social workers have also undergone training

so that they can be au fait with the Sexual Offences Act, the Domestic Violence Act and gender-based violence, and have the capacity to deal with this scourge that plagues the nation. In addition, model guidelines have been developed in keeping with international best practices to manage cases. “I must say that it is an opportune moment and ground-breaking indeed when only last month, November, Guyana became the first country in the Caribbean to establish a specialized Court for the sexual offences. This court is outfitted with modern features for an enabling environment to deal with these issues.” In 2018, the Social Protection Ministry will establish a Victim Support Unit (VSU) to service the sexual offences court. VSU will assist victims

It’s the attitude that counts If you love your country, read and circulate this so that as many people can reflect on it and change. Think about it… The difference between the poor and rich nations is not the age of the nation. This can be demonstrated by countries like India and Egypt, which are more than 2000 years old and are still poor countries. On the other hand, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, which 150 years back were insignificant, today are developed and rich countries. The difference between the poor and the rich nation does not also depend on the available natural resources. Japan has limited territory, 80 percent mountainous, unsuitable for agriculture or farming, but is second in the world’s economy. The country is like an immense floating factory, importing raw material from the whole world and exporting manufactured products. A second example is Switzerland; it does not grow cocoa, but produces the best chocolates in the world. In her small territory she rears animals and cultivates the land only for four months in a year, nevertheless manufactures the best milk products. A small country which has an image of security which has made it have the world’s strongest bank. Executives from rich countries who interact with their counterparts from other countries show no significant intellectual differences. The racial or colour factors also do not

evince importance: migrants heavy in laziness in their country of origin or forcefully productive in rich European countries. What then is the difference? The difference is the attitude of the people, moulded for many years by education and culture. When we analyse the conduct of the people from the rich and developed countries, it is observed that a majority abide by the following principles of life: Ethnics, as basic principles; Integrity; Responsibility; The respect of Laws and Regulations; The respect from majority of citizens by right; The love for work; The effort to save and invest; The will to be productive, and Punctuality. In the poor countries, a small minority follow these principles in their daily life. We are not poor because we lack natural resources or because nature was cruel towards us. We are poor because we lack attitude. We lack the will to follow and teach these principles of working, of rich and developed societies. We are in this state because we want to take advantage of everything and everyone. We are in this state because we see something done wrong and say – “Let it be”. We should have a spirited memory and attitude… Only then we will be able to change our present state. (Source unknown)

The Baccoo Speaks A year does not go by without the madness on the roads at this time. This year is no different. Some motorcycle bandits would try to attack a car. They would trail the occupants with a view to stealing. However, they would be in for a surprise. The car occupants of the car would retaliate in a manner least expected. Public spirited citizens would do the rest. ** Tempers would flare on

the crowded streets of the city because of a minor accident. Good sense would leave one of the people involved but fortunately his anger

would not cause him to respond violently. However, a plainclothes policeman would intervene and the man would spend his holidays in a place most people try to avoid. ** There is going to be another shooting. Drugs would be involved. This is always the case when money is not paid for goods delivered. This shooter would not escape because of security cameras in the vicinity.

in identifying their needs and advocating their rights throughout the justice (pretrial, trial and post-trial) processes. The Ministry is also expected to establish its latest domestic violence centre prior to the end of December 2017 in Region Six. CHILD CARE AND PROTECTIONAGENCY Under the Child Care and Protection Agency, the Ministry of Social Protection is geared to provide the opportunities for a safe, stable and nurturing environment for children. In fact, it has implemented a series of initiatives such as the launching of the National Multimedia Child Abuse Awareness Campaign where daily ads and information sessions are illustrated on the television stations. The print and non-print media are used to promote this campaign. Ally said that in 2017, the Ministry commenced a programme that has reached hundreds of parents. The Minister said that this will continue in 2018 but with more involvement of community groups and religious organizations. “Day Care Centers in and around Guyana are an integral part of a child’s development. To date 260 child care facilities have been registered, but only 80 have been licensed. We look forward to the remaining set to reach the desired standards and be equipped so that we can have our children grow in an environment most positive and natural for their growth, wellbeing and protection.” In 2018, the Ministry is expected to vigorously work to implement its programmes that will continue the journey to the good life for the people of Guyana. “Our projections for 2018 will see the construction of a new Drop-in- Cen-

Minister of Social Protection, Amna Ally tre which will replace the previous one that was destroyed by fire in 2016. This new accommodation will be a processing centre for children and families in difficult circumstances. This will be a place to temporarily house up to 80 children and accommodate up to four families for a few days, while the risk assessments and care plans are being completed. Also, two centres for children are expected to become fully operational in Regions Two and Six in 2018.” Minister Ally said that next year, the Early Child Hood programme will move beyond the registration and licensing of Day Care facilities to earnestly promote the benefits of a child being exposed to early positive experiences during his/ her first three years of life. Additionally, the politician said that the Child Care and Protection Agency will part-

ner with religious organizations and local groups at the grassroots level for support services for families to prevent child abuse and to promote the wellbeing of children. The objective is to encourage communities to take responsibility for the safety and protection of children. YOUTH DEVELOPMENT With respect to youth development, Minister Ally reminded that Budget 2018 outlines a $1.7 billion investment for youth programmes. Ally said that the ministry will continue the implementation of activities under the various programmes that comprise the Ministry’s wide-ranging portfolio: policy development and administration, social services, labour administration and childcare and protection, to improve the lives of the people of Guyana.


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Sunday December 24, 2017

The man who loved CSI By Michael Jordan I have a strange request for you. I want those of you, who love crime dramas, particularly the CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) television series, to tell me if you recall any episode, perhaps going back six years, in which someone committed a murder in a house, and dumped the body in a creek, or river, or canal, to fake a drowning. This strange request may give a young man named Tristan Isaacs a clue about the still unsolved murder of his mother, which happened right here, and around that time… Boys will be boys, so the shiny red bicycle in the canal near the ‘D’ Field, Sophia access road caught the child’s eyes. The sight of that bike drew him closer to the water. It was then that he spotted the other object, and screamed, and ran. It was Sunday, March 13, 2011, and the sight of the running, screaming boy caught the attention of residents passing along the ‘D’ Field, Sophia roadway. What the boy told them sent them hurrying to the canal, and there they saw what had scared the child. It was a woman’s decom-

posing corpse, lying face-up and dressed in a green t-shirt and blue denim skirt. Some of the onlookers speculated that a vehicle may have struck the woman while she was cycling through Sophia, and that the panicstricken driver fled the scene. But others also observed that the bicycle was undamaged. Their queries turned to consternation when they realised that the victim was one of their own. She was 52-yearold Neibert Isaacs-Bacon, a Special Constable who lived at ‘D’ Field. She worked the three to eleven p.m. shift at a location near the Sophia Exhibition site and rode the red bicycle to and from work. Mrs. Bacon was reportedly last seen alive on Friday, March 11, 2011, two days prior to the discovery. She had a 19-year-old son, and it was he who confirmed the victim’s identity after viewing her remains at the Lyken Funeral Parlour. And he was certain of one thing: No hit-and-run driver had killed his mother. Someone with a motive had murdered her. Tristan Isaacs says that his mother could not have been riding her bicycle at the time of her death, because it

Dead: Neibert Isaacs-Bacon had suffered a puncture and she was unable to have it patched immediately. He also didn’t believe that his evervigilant mother was attacked while traversing the area. Tristan Isaacs believed that someone killed his mother in her home while she slept, then dumped her in the canal, in the hope of making it appear that she had drowned. He thought that the killer had also hoped that the caimans and other reptiles inhabiting the canal would have devoured the corpse. He was even more con-

vinced of the killer’s identity when a post mortem revealed someone had clubbed her to death. She had sustained blows to the head. Tristan Isaacs says that after identifying his mother’s body, he accompanied other relatives to his mother ’s home. According to Isaacs, he observed that someone had placed a heavy plank against the back door from the inside of the house. He believed that the killer blocked the back door with the plank to thwart her escape. The slain woman’s relatives also realised that a small black handbag, which his mother literally always carried, was missing. That handbag contained all of his mother’s valuable documents, including her birth certificate. Her phone was also gone. Something else was missing; or rather, someone. That person was Mrs. Bacon’s husband, Everol ‘Evo’ Bacon. He just couldn’t be found. The two had been married for five years, but were on the verge of divorce, and in the midst of a long and acrimonious court battle over their ‘D’ Field, Sophia property. Mrs. Bacon had reportedly also claimed in court that she was forced to flee her

home after her spouse threatened her with a meat cleaver, over her attempts to gain sole possession of the property. While some reports suggest that the husband moved to a relative’s home, located close to the couple’s house, Tristan Isaacs says that the two continued to live together, up to the time of his mother’s murder. According to him, his mother, “a no-nonsense and determined person,” repeatedly ignored pleas to find other accommodation until the case ended. But some two days after Mrs. Bacon’s body was found, Mr. Bacon reappeared. He turned up at the Turkeyen Police Station in the company of an attorney. According to reports, Mr. Bacon claimed that he was in Essequibo at the time of the murder. Police detained him for 72 hours, found nothing to link him to his wife’s death and released him. According to Tristan Isaacs, some of his mother’s closest neighbours have

hinted of hearing screams coming from the victim’s home on the night she was slain. Others reportedly also saw suspicious activity by a male resident, but have been fearful of retaliation and have not confided in the police. Isaacs believes that the killer is someone known to him; someone with an almost obsessive fondness for television crime dramas; someone who may have been watching CSI, and watching his mother, and planning…and waiting to turn fiction into reality. If you have any information about other unusual cases, please contact Kaieteur News at our Lot 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown location. We can be reached on telephone numbers 2258465, 225-8491 or 225-8473. You need not disclose your identity. You can also contact Michael Jordan at his email a d d r e s s e s :, and

Sunday December 24, 2017


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Snippets of memoirs Thirty years ago, even with my exposure to history, I would have laughed cynically even though there was no philosophical reason to. I’m referring to an email my friend sent to me last week. It was from a small, successful businessman, hardly nationally known. He started out modestly and has done well with a few small ventures. He is a nationalist that has an ongoing interest in politics. After carping about Guyana’s ongoing dystopia, in the email, he said he wants to try his hand in politics, vying for the presidency. I wished him luck. Thirty years ago, I would have brushed him off with cynical dismissal. Why I would have done that I don’t know, but I know that was the way I was 30 years ago. Now I am convinced, after being much older and wiser, that this guy could very well do it. We simply cannot and should not be flippant about any possibility in life. Life is one incredible journey, with incredible things unfolding in front of our eyes every passing day.

I was having breakfast with my wife and daughter in the kitchen and I mentioned what this businessman wrote to me. They know him because we patronize his businesses all the time. I then said to them; maybe he could become president. I told my wife and daughter that if and when I write my memoirs, there will be mention of these kinds of things; like two unbelievable stories that will fascinate my readers. They asked me for details. These two descriptions are snippets of my memoirs, though I don’t know when I will ever publish that autobiography. I am simply too lazy and disorganized to get started. And time is going. Maybe it will never be done and the entire collection of these columns will constitute my autobiography. Here are the two impossible circumstances. I came back home in 1984 after studies at the University of Toronto and serving the Maurice Bishop Government in Grenada (I should definitely publish my diary on the Grenada coup and the subse-

quent American invasion; I still have it). I went to the John Fernandes wharf one day to collect my things that were posted. What I saw I could not believe. There was Mohamed Shaw, working as a stevedore. This was one of the best teachers of West Indian history. He worked as a full-time teacher at Guyana Oriental College. When I did “afternoon” lessons for my GCE at that school, he taught me West Indian history. From 1984 until 1992, I would meet Shaw and implore that he go back to teaching and politics that he liked. Shaw had a refrain – “I make ten times more than what I would earn as a teacher.” Come 1992 and the PPP won the general elections. Just by chance one day, I ran into an old friend, Anand

Sanasie, Secretary of the Guyana Cricket Board. He said that Shaw warned him, Sanasie, that as a businessman, he should be careful with people like Freddie Kissoon, who is always criticizing the new government. Shaw had now become one of the most powerful men in what Marxists refer to as the coercive state machinery. He was head of BASS, a strategic branch of Customs and Excise in Berbice. Surely, life has its inexplicabilities. My history teacher turned stevedore turned custom officer had now seen me as an antigovernment threat. The second circumstance in essence is the same, only the form is different. In the same year of my return, 1984, I went to America Street to change American currency that my brother sent for my

mom. A close friend that I knew as a fellow UG student, (I later taught his daughter at UG), Phulandar Kandhai, came up to me to change my m o n e y. I w a s s t u n n e d . From 1984 to 1992, whenever I meet Kandhai, I would implore that he put his UG education to good use by teaching. Like Shaw, Kandhai would say; “I make ten times more than I would make teaching.” Come 1992, the PPP won the 1992 elections, and Kandhai became the PS in the Education Ministry. In December 2011, Kandhai, who was now the Ministry’s representative in the UG Council, got up at a Council meeting, took a piece of paper from his pocket and shouted at Vice Chancellor, Lawrence Carrington, “I want these four lecturers to be dis-

Frederick Kissoon missed, and Kissoon must go tomorrow.” Carrington refused. The Council then terminated my contract. My UG friend turned money changer turned Permanent Secretary got me out of my UG job. Don’t ever think you know what life has in store. My business friend may end up as the President of Guyana. Don’t be cynical about it!


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Sunday December 24, 2017

“We could never do that, never!” As a senior minister from the Alliance for Change said this week, activists in that Party would never stoop so low as to even think about putting out a press release maliciously alleging that a minister in the Granger administration tried to rape a married woman in his office this week. “We could never do that, never!” said the minister after he had heard reports about the alleged rape of the wife of a Ministry of Agriculture employee who had gone to the ministry to conduct business, but was pounced upon and nearly raped. But a letter writer hiding under the name of ‘Arnold Sanasie’ made that very allegation on Thursday, sending out the missive to a massive E-mail group that caters to nearly every media house, local and international correspondents and social media news outlets. The release to the group sent reporters scurrying to verify the reports that a minister would have been crazy enough to try to rape


a visiting married woman at his office in broad daylight, during working hours, while his secretaries are active and present, while security and other officials are around, and think he would get away with it. Calls were immediately made to the not so large group of Guyanese surnamed Sanasie, and it was quickly explained that only one elderly gentleman living on the lower East Bank goes by that Christian household “call” name. His legal name is not a Christian but a Hindu name. The gentlemen lives quietly in his community and is known to have little interest in politics. So quick Google checks of previous letters and releases under the name Arnold Sanasie came up with some interesting facts, and as people would rightly suspect, all roads led straight to Freedom House on Robb Street, and media outlets that are known to be friendly to the People’s Progressive Party (PPP). Letters attacking members of the governing Coalition litter the media landscape, particularly Citizens Report, I-News and Guyana Times. Arnold Sanasie has persistently resisted calls to emerge from the shadows, to come out in the open, debate and defend the slew of malicious and sometimes libelous allegations he had made under a pseudonym over the years. Some of the letters attacking APNU and the AFC, separately, have been published

by the friendly media outlets as far back as 2011. Yet no one knows who Arnold Sanasie is. This week’s letter will certainly discredit Arnold to such an extent that no media house, barring the three listed above, would consider publishing anything from Arnold going forward as there is now incontrovertible proof that he is a ghost writer, working for the PPP; hiding in dark shadows and hurling invective at credible, hardworking folks. For the sake of the public, here is the release forwarded to media houses on Thursday as it sent colleagues and security officials scrambling to investigate the alleged and now discredited incident. “On Monday, December 18, 2017, the wife of an employee of the Ministry of Agriculture was assaulted by the Minister, whose office is in Kingston. The woman was at the Ministry of Agriculture to conduct some business. On arriving at the Ministry of Agriculture, she was directed to an office. On entering the office, she was assaulted by the Minister. In putting up a fight and resisting his advances, there was a commotion. The commotion in the office caused other staff members to rush to the office. Had the staff members not rushed to the office, Editor, the woman would have been raped. The terrified woman rushed out of the office. Another staff member recognised her as the wife of a Ministry of Agriculture staff member and advised her to leave. The Minister

was abusive to the staff members also. Editor, you would think that this was the end of the incident, but it is not. After rushing to her car and driving away, she was followed the Minister. The result of his action was that he crashed into the woman’s vehicle on Shiv Chanderpaul drive. It is God’s grace that the woman was not alone when all of this occurred.” But a very upset Agriculture Minister Noel Holder was unprepared to let this allegation pass without dismissing it for what it is worth. Within minutes of learning about the allegation, he described Arnold Sanasie’s scenario as a virtual impossibility. “As far as I am aware no other minister came to this ministry to see me on Monday and I am certainly aware that there is no office in this ministry that any other minister occupies. Things of this nature can sully a person’s reputation. I have had a good reputation all of my life for 72 years and I don’t want it sullied now. I am also aware that things of this nature could go viral, and very often once it gets into the public arena it’s very difficult to remove this stain and attempt to put a smear on your character. As far as the incident that is reported, I cannot see it involving this ministry. I have had no reports from either the administration of the ministry or the security that any incident of this nature occurred within this compound”, Minister Holder explained.

Sunday December 24, 2017


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My column

There is nothing better than a Guyanese Christmas Another Christmas and another round of enjoyment to the extreme. That is what Christmas does. There was a time when I was totally wrapped up in the season. As a boy, Christmas meant varnish, polish, new blinds that smelled, food galore, and a huge array of homemade beverages. There was the sound of hammering and furniture dragging, because in some cases the objects were too heavy to lift. Of course the smells from the kitchen were what really made the difference. In no other country will a Guyanese experience these things. Such is the situation that many spend thousands of dollars just to come home to be a part of the season. One of my sisters who lives in New Jersey called me last week. These days with all the smart phones, one can chat with relatives, no matter how far away, and see them in real time. My sister already had up her Christmas tree. At the time I was preparing garlic pork and I said as much to her. Then she lapsed into nostalgia. She said that where she lives Christmas is boring. I reminded her of the decorations in the streets where she lives, the gaily decorated homes and the music blaring from the stores. She said that those things cannot compare to what happens in Guyana. Indeed, she said that she

can get all the things that one gets in Guyana, but the feeling is never the same. And of course, there is the loneliness. For starters, there is snow on the ground; the place is cold and people simply avoid venturing out in the cold if they do not have to. I would not be surprised if she turns up at my home on Boxing Day. Two other sisters, one from Ottawa and another from Staten Island are coming. They were last here on Christmas Day two years ago. They always talk about the rum and coke that seems to be unending; they talk about the children running around in the streets. Those are the things they miss. This is the season that takes us back to our childhood days. I remember the time when the government appealed to parents to avoid buying toy guns for their sons. As a boy I had a cap gun complete with holster. I was a cowboy and we shot at each other. Later, when I became an adult, play became reality. Boys no longer wanted cap guns, they wanted the real thing. The Desmond Hoyte government recognized the problem. Today, nowhere in the country are stores selling toy guns; at least I don’t think so. A few years ago I did see some toy guns that looked real in the hands of Abdul Kadir. These guns looked so real that the media supported the view

that Kadir was a terrorist. I knew that the guns were fake, because I found the store from which he bought them, but that did not matter to the investigators. What mattered was that the local police descended on the home and conducted frantic searches, but found nothing threatening. Christmas in Guyana is walking down Regent Street and looking at the stores. At one time, many years ago, the fashion was to walk down Water Street. That was the business centre. Today it is Regent Street. Yesterday, that Street was so full of traffic that I wondered where all those vehicles came from. I saw the visiting Guyanese. Strange how one can easily spot a visiting Guyanese. There is something about the way they dress and their complexion. But no matter how long they left, they never seem to lose that accent. Of course, the heat gets to them, so you see them mopping their faces ever so often while the regulars just go about, caring not if as some would say, Christmas fall on Good Friday. The face of Regent Street has changed. There are now large Chinese businesses offering things much cheaper than the local stores. Many do not have the decorations to which we have grown accustomed but after all, it is about money. I saw red, literally. Everyone seemed to be wearing red at this time, and more than a few have the hats that one associates with the season. The streets were

chockfull of them. For those who say business is bad, I cannot imagine what business they did in the past. Don’t tell me that people are just walking in and out of the stores without making purchases. The visitors loved the markets for whatever reason. My disappointment was with the foreign fruits on sale. This is mango season, but mangoes are jostled by apples and grapes. In some stores I saw canned foods going fast, as though there are not enough local products. Suffice it to say that it was good that the government and the Guyana Public Service Union reached an agreement that put additional money into people’s pockets. The money was more than the traditional five percent that a government once offered, because it knew that people would be happy with anything extra. Finance Minister Winston Jordan told me that the Jagdeo and Ramotar administration never gave any public service a bonus at Christmas time. He said that this has never been the case in the 23 years that the PPP administration was in office. Minister Jordan told me

that the people got the five percent and the soldiers and police got the one month taxfree pay because the government wanted to pacify them. This year, the public servants got so much more, but Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo expressed disappointment that the public servants never got a bonus. Christmas is about beer and alcohol. No longer are the jamoon wines, the rice wines, and the like as popular as they were in the past. I saw the crowds at the off licence stores and at the Banks outlets. As fate would have it, tomorrow is Christmas Day, so there is scope for binge drinking. The next day is a holiday, so there is time to recuperate. In fact, people had more than the two days. They had Sunday as well, so for some, Christmas actually began one day earlier. Where I live I am being assailed by the smell of black cake. Who ever invented the recipe did something that makes Guyana unique. I cannot bake, so I will have to visit relatives and friends to get my share. Fish is cheap, because we are going for beef, pork and chicken. Poor me, I am going to have my glut of fish because I love it.

Adam Harris A. A. And I must not forget the less fortunate. I know that many people took cheer to them. There are those in hospital, some because of carelessness. On Friday at the intersection of Quamina and Thomas Streets I had the right of way. A car stopped at the intersection, but a young and stupid motorcyclist continued full speed ahead. I missed him by inches. Perhaps the Man above did not want me to have a miserable holiday in some police station. He also did not want the idiot incapacitated. For that I am happy. So here I am wishing everyone the best that the holidays have to offer and hope that we all live to do the same thing all over again next year.


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Sunday December 24, 2017

Healthier children, happier communities (Remarks by His Excellency Brigadier David Granger, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, at the re-launching of the National Commission for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases) Movie stars, social celebrities and business magnates, a few years ago, were often pictured smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol – habits which were imitated by their adoring fans, especially children. Traditional lifestyles, in poorer countries such as ours, were transformed by copying the glamorous habits of the rich and famous. Food preparation and consumption shifted from the home to the street. Residents of hinterland and rural regions now readily resort to restaurants selling sugary beverages and salty, oily processed foods in preference to fresh, home-grown and local produce. Schools without playgrounds and physical training and sports programmes

for children, but with cafeterias where the consumption of ‘Cola’ and candy were more likely to be available than coconut water, are commonplace. Minibuses replaced the once ubiquitous bicycles as the preferred means of going to school. The consequences of such cultural carelessness are everywhere evident. More than half of Guyana’s adult population suffer from one of the main non-communicable diseases. Almost seven out of every ten deaths of Guyanese, aged 23-60 years, are caused by cancers, chronic lung diseases, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. Non-communicable diseases cause illness and may frequently result in premature death. They reduce human productivity and exact a huge cost on individuals and the state. They are a silent epidemic. Non-communicable diseases were responsible for 70 per cent of the 56 million global deaths in 2015, the majority of which are cardiovascular diseases which ac-

counted for 45 per cent of deaths; cancers, 22 per cent; chronic respiratory diseases, 10 per cent and diabetes 4 per cent, in that year. These statistics should make it clear that the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases is essential to ensuring human health and, by extension, bringing up healthier children and happier communities. The Caribbean Community was quick to recognise the dangers of non-communicable diseases. CARICOM Heads of Government convened a special Regional Summit on Chronic Non-communicable Diseases on September 15, 2007 – four years prior to the United Nations High Level Meeting of the General Assembly on the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases. The ‘Summit’ of Caribbean leaders issued a fifteenpoint declaration, known as the Declaration of Port-ofSpain: Uniting to stop the epidemic of chronic NCDs. The ‘Declaration’ urged the establishment of National

President, David Granger

Commissions on NCDs, or analogous bodies, to plan and coordinate the comprehensive prevention and control of non-communicable diseases. Guyana, in fulfilment of the ‘Declaration’, developed the Guyana Strategic Plan for the Integrated Prevention and Control of Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases and their Risk Factors 2013-2020. The Government of Guyana recognized the importance of combating NCDs and established a National Commission for the Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases on September 12, 2014. It would be impossible to ensure satisfactory standards of public health unless the highest priority was accorded to the prevention and control of NCDs. The re-launch of the

‘Commission’ recognises the need for increased public information, fresh initiatives and the implementation of programmes to promote a revised NCDs strategy and institute mechanisms. The Government, therefore, proposes a three-pronged approach towards reducing the incidence of NCDs: - Information. Countrywide public information is necessary if prevention is to become the cornerstone of our response the NCD epidemic. The public must be better informed about the need for lifestyles changes and choice in order to reduce risk from the harmful use of alcohol and tobacco, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity. - Initiation: Initiatives, led not only by government but, also, by citizens and celebri-

ties, civil society, non-governmental organisations, the media and trade unions – can help to drive an intensified national response to the threat of non-communicable diseases. - Implementation: A comprehensive and multi-sectoral approach is needed to implement measures for the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases. The Guyana Strategic Plan for the Integrated Prevention and Control of Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases and their Risk Factors 2013-2020 needs to be updated and needs to be complemented by the implementation of an action plan aimed at preventing and controlling the incidence of NCDs. Prevention of NCDs is a pressing problem. The burden of NCDs falls mainly on the poor, where most premature deaths from these diseases occur. Reducing risk factors will not only save lives, but will also provide an impetus for the economic and social development of hinterland and rural regions. Non-communicable diseases are a grave threat to the health of our people. This Commission’s work, therefore, will be decisive in determining the extent to which the good life can be realised. The National Commission for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases in Guyana can lead the information, initiation and implementation campaigns for healthier children and happier communities in Guyana.

Sunday December 24, 2017


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Facts about painful periods By Dr Zulfikar Bux Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine Many women experience menstrual pains just before and during their menstrual periods. Statistics show that as many as 90% of adolescent females and above 50% of menstruating women worldwide report suffering from menstrual pains, with 10– 20% of them describing their hurt as severe and distressing. For some women, the discomfort is merely annoying. For others, menstrual pains can be severe enough to interfere with everyday activities for a few days every month. These pains may be because of underlying medical conditions and should not be ignored. Today we will explain menstrual pain, with the hope that it can shed some light on this annoying condition. WHYARE MY PERIODS SO PAINFUL? During your period, your body makes chemicals called “prostaglandins.” These chemicals cause the uterus to contract or tighten. It’s the same kind of contraction that happens during labour and childbirth. Contractions during a period are normal. But, they can be painful. The medical name for painful periods is “dysmenorrhea.” ARE THERE MEDICAL CONDITIONS THAT CAN BE CAUSING MY PAINFUL PERIOD? Yes. The following conditions may be the cause of your painful period: - Endometriosis. In this painful condition, the tissue that lines your uterus becomes implanted outside your uterus, most commonly on your fallopian tubes, ovaries or the tissue lining your pelvis. - Uterine fibroids. These noncancerous growths in the wall of the uterus may be the

cause of pain. - Adenomyosis. In this condition, the tissue that lines your uterus begins to grow into the muscular walls of the uterus. - Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). This infection of the female reproductive organs is usually caused by sexually transmitted bacteria. - Cervical stenosis. In some women, the opening of the cervix may be so small that it impedes menstrual flow, causing a painful increase of pressure within the uterus. WHAT DO PAINFUL PERIODS FEEL LIKE? Women with painful periods have cramping in the lower belly. The cramps can be mild or bad. You might also have pain in your back or thighs. Pain often starts with your period or right before your period. Some women also have: - Nausea - Diarrhea - Extreme tiredness - Headache - Bloating (a feeling of fullness in the belly) SHOULD I SEE A DOCTOR? See your doctor if: - The pain is getting worse - Pain medicine isn’t helping - You also have pain well before or well after your period - The pain is preventing you from performing daily activities. ARE THERE TESTS I SHOULD HAVE? Your doctor will decide which tests you should have based on your age, other symptoms, and individual situation. Most women need only a physical exam. In the exam, your doctor will check the size and shape of your vagina, cervix, uterus, and ovaries. If the exam isn’t normal or pain medicine doesn’t help, your

doctor might do other tests. These include: - Pelvic ultrasound – This test uses sound waves to make a picture of your uterus, ovaries, and vagina to see if they look normal. - Tests for infections that you catch during sex - Laparoscopy – This is a type of surgery. The doctor will put you to sleep and make a small cut just below your belly button. Then, he or she will use a thin tool with a camera on it to see inside your belly. HOWARE PAINFUL PERIODS TREATED? That depends on what is

causing your painful periods. The most common treatments are: - Pain medicines - Birth control pills or other types of birth control that involve hormones - Surgery may be an option if a medical condition is the cause of your painful period. ARE THERE LIFESTYLE ADJUSTMENTS THAT CAN HELP? Doing the following may help to minimize you period pains: - Exercise. Studies have found that physical activity may ease the pain of men-

strual cramps. - Heat. Soaking in a hot bath or using a heating pad, hot water bottle or heat patch on your lower abdomen may ease menstrual cramps. Applying heat may be just as effective as over-the-counter pain medication for relieving menstrual cramps. - Dietary supplements. A number of studies have indicated that vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-1 (thiamine), vitamin B-6 and magnesium supplements may effectively reduce menstrual cramps. - Avoiding alcohol and tobacco. These substances

Dr. Zulfikar Bux can make menstrual cramps worse. - Reducing stress. Psychological stress may increase your risk of menstrual cramps and their severity.

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Sunday December 24, 2017


SUNDAY SPECIAL IMF TAX TEAM UNEARTHS…GRA FAILS TO MONITOR EXTENT OF FALSE REPORTING BY LOCAL BUSINESSES – AUDIT CASES NOT SELECTED IN FAIR MANNER Earlier this year, an assessment of the tax administration systems employed by the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) was conducted by a team from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The team found several worrying weaknesses within the Authority. In the area of accurate reporting in declarations, GRA received a 'D' Grade which indicates the lowest level of performance in the eyes of the IMF tax team. The report notes that there is no automated crosschecking of internal and external information to detect and deter inaccurate reporting. There are no proactive initiatives to encourage accurate reporting. Significantly, the team found that GRA does not monitor the extent of inaccurate reporting in any of the core taxes. The team also provided reasons for giving the revenue authority a 'D' Grade for the aforementioned areas. The IMF team said that GRA's audit programme is decentralised and does not include a range of audit types and audit methodologies. “The annual audit programme covers all core taxes but is not clearly weighted towards large taxpayers. The audit manual, reportedly updated more than 20 years ago, is not made available to auditors and is not used to set or monitor performance standards. “Except for self employed cases, audit cases are not selected centrally or based on assessed risks. There has been no evaluation of the impact of audits on levels of taxpayer compliance.” The team also noted that there is no large scale automated cross checking of internal or external information to detect and deter inaccurate reporting. It said that information from GRA's Customs Department is “used on an ad hoc basis” to validate amounts reported for Personal Income Tax (PIT) and Corporate Income Tax (CIT). With regard to proactive initiatives to encourage accurate reporting, the team found that there is no system of public or private rulings nor are cooperative compliance arrangements in place to facilitate GRA's clarification of tax issues. It said that there is also no legal framework to support the issuance of binding rulings. As it relates to GRA's proclivity to monitor the extent of inaccurate reporting in core taxes, the team stated that there have been no compliance gap studies for Value Added Tax (VAT). The IMF team was also careful to impress upon the importance of accurate reporting in declarations. It said that tax systems rely heavily on complete and accurate reporting of information by taxpayers in tax declarations. It said that tax administrations therefore need to monitor tax revenue losses regularly from inaccurate reporting, especially by business taxpayers, and take a range of actions to ensure compliance. TROTMAN TO SEEK REDUCTION OF POWERS GIVEN IN PETROLEUM BILL Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, is about to make moves that will complement his stated anti-dictatorship position. Trotman is actually going to go to Cabinet and ask that it approves the reduction of powers to be vested in him as prescribed by the Petroleum Commission Bill.

Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman Trotman announced his intention to do so recently in the National Assembly as he contributed to the Budget debates. Trotman told the House that in 2017, both the Petroleum Commission Bill and the Local Content Policy were widely disseminated for public scrutiny and currently; the Bill is before the Select Committee while the Policy is being finalised with stakeholder feedback. Trotman said that the Government of Guyana chose to pause the implementation of the Petroleum Commission Bill so that it can receive all “fit and proper proposals that may be out there.” He said, “This moment will not come again and how we prepare to manage this resource, in particular, will determine the long-term future of the country so I will recommend to Cabinet that the format is changed from the standard semiautonomous one to make the Commission more independent and inclusive so that it can enjoy national support.” The opinions that too much power is to be vested in the Minister of Natural Resources are widespread. Stakeholders have been saying the Petroleum Commission Bill, now before a parliamentary select committee, should be finetuned to make way for a Board of Directors with broader powers to eliminate concerns about possible ministerial micro-management. With some 51 clauses, the Bill seeks to provide the framework for the monitoring and regulation of efficient, safe, effective and environmentally responsible exploration, development and production of the resource in Guyana through the setting up of a Petroleum Commission. The Bill currently says that the Minister is to appoint the Board of the Petroleum Commission and is empowered to act as the Board in the absence of an active board. The Board will control the commission and the commission will have the main say in the oil sector. Therefore, in giving the Minister the power to act as the board, the Bill is giving the Minister powers to singly control the sector. When it was being debated, before being sent to the Special Select Committee, the opposition argued that it vests too much power in the Minister of Natural Resources, and should be adjusted to reflect an apolitical stance of the sector. MONDAY ANTICORRUPTION ADVOCATES QUESTION …HAS GREENIDGE BECOME

Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge THE NEW SPOKESPERSON FOR EXXONMOBIL? -FOREIGN COMPANIES SHOULD ALSO BE SUBJECTED TO DETAILED BACKGROUND CHECKS— GREENIDGE IN 2014. On more than three occasions, Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge, has expressed the belief that the disturbing behaviour of USA oil giant, ExxonMobil, in other parts of the world is of no consequence to its dealings in Guyana. In fact, Greenidge now wants the media to take a step back from exposing the entity's troubling past. Several anticorruption advocates have found this stance by a Minister of the Government to not only be upsetting but inappropriate. Chartered Accountant, Chris Ram, told Kaieteur News Sunday night that Greenidge's posture, when it comes to ExxonMobil begs the question, whether he is now the new spokesperson of the oil company? Has he taken over from Kimberly Brasington (Exxon's Public and Government Affairs Director)? Ram also said that Greenidge should be thanking the media for the job it is doing in informing the citizenry on the nature of organisations such as ExxonMobil. He said, “Why doesn't Minister Greenidge tell the London Guardian or the other media which have reported on ExxonMobil to back off? Greenidge is groveling at the feet of ExxonMobil and his statements thus far in support of the company are not only shocking but insulting to the citizens of this country.” Kaieteur News is doing its job in informing the nation and Greenidge needs to understand what freedom of the press is all about.” “In fact, he should be thankful to the press for all that it has brought to light about ExxonMobil's behaviour around the world. If it weren't for the press, we would not have even known about the US$18M signing bonus that ExxonMobil gave to Government.” The Chartered Accountant also noted that there were many instances where this publication exposed the PPP and the manner in which it treated with foreign companies. He said that Greenidge and others were happy when those exposures where being made; when the troubling past of some Chinese firms were being placed on the front burner. Ram then questioned what could possibly make ExxonMobil so special.

Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall The anticorruption advocate noted that organisations have a culture regarding how they operate and ExxonMobil is an American business. He said that Greenidge's position on the company is out of order and it is inappropriate. Ram also stated that if ExxonMobil has a problem with the reporting by Kaieteur News it should call a press conference or speak with the entity directly, not complain to Ministers as was previously reported. FORMER AG NANDLALL SAYS…GECOM CHAIRMAN TWO JOBS IN VIOLATION OF CONSTITUTION – PATTERSON STILL ON GOVT.'S PAYROLL AS LEGAL ADVISOR The troubles relating to the appointment of retired Justice James Patterson as Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) continue. It has now been revealed that the Chairman is functioning unconstitutionally. Article 161 (1) of the Constitution states, “There shall be an Elections Commission for Guyana consisting of a Chairman, who shall be a full-time Chairman and shall not engage in any other form of employment, and such other members as may be appointed in accordance with the provisions of this article”. Nevertheless, Patterson remains on the Ministry of Legal Affairs payroll. He is an advisor to the Attorney General and Minister of Legal, Basil Williams. Before his appointment, Patterson took the job with the government and his continued remuneration has been budgeted for in the 2018. This was revealed during the recently concluded Budget deliberations. The House was in Committee of Supply, and sums allocated to the Ministry of Legal Affairs were being examined. Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall questioned his successor about sums falling line item titled 'other.' Williams identified his team of Ministerial Advisors as the recipients of sums under that line item. Nandlall asked whether Patterson was still serving as Chairman of the Council of Legal Advisors. Williams said yes. He said too that “having embarked on his office as GECOM Chair, I doubt whether he'll have the time for that particular arrangement,” Williams replied. “We haven't addressed our minds to it yet.” Continued on page 41

Sunday December 24, 2017

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GBTI’s new CEO, Larry Nath Acting Crime Chief Paul Williams

Best graduating student Ato Vaughn receiving an award from the Head of State

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Sunday December 24, 2017


From page 41 Nath has to withstand tough scrutiny as to whether he is “fit and proper”. In fact, Kaieteur News was told, regulators like the GSC have little booklets of the “Fit and Proper” criteria that GBTI or any financial institutions that are being monitored have to complete when new executives and board members are being appointed. Legal counsel for GSC, Shawn Allicock, confirmed that a matter of the appointment has been raised with entity. “I can confirm to you that we are looking at the matter and that is all we can say at the moment,” the lawyer said. Contact could not immediately be made with Governor of Central Bank, Dr. Gobind Ganga. However, the matter is reportedly engaging the attention of that regulator.

Wanted: Wayne Chester

LAND COMMISSION MOVES TO TACKLE MONEY LAUNDERING Some forty percent of leases are nonperforming, depriving the Commission of billions of dollars and putting a strain on the entity. This is according to Commissioner of the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission, (GL&SC) Trevor Benn. Addressing media personnel at an end of year press conference Tuesday, Benn revealed that the non-payment of land rent and non-occupation of public lands has been a burden on the Commission. When I arrived here, when the new board took over, we were hundreds of millions of dollars in the red and largely due to issues of that nature. And by “in the red”, the Commissioner explained that “it is the amount of money owed to the land agency.” A lot more needs to be done.” He said that the Commission was able to make some headway in remedying the situation. “Today, we have over $200 million, but this is after we would have expended on a number of projects across the country. I believe that every effort will be made to change the way we operate in dealing with potential lease holders, so we now have a more rigorous system of collecting our arrears,” he further added. We cannot just see it in numbers because this includes a deficiency in equipment for many, many years, but in terms of liquid cash, we were close to over $200 million in the red,” he explained. Further, the Commissioner reminded that GL&SC is a semi-autonomous agency that is required to make its own money.

Detained: Kevin Persaud Meanwhile, Benn said that the semiautonomous agency is working “very closely” with the Special Organised Crime Unit of the Guyana Police Force and the Financial Intelligence Unit to screen land lease applicants, who conduct large cash transactions. “We are following the anti-money laundering law in relation to large sums of money being paid over in cash, for example, by our prospective lease holders,” he said. “We are on the look-out” despite the fact that “we are paper-based”. Benn explained that the GL&SC is collaborating with relevant agencies to ensure that dirty money is not laundered. Benn noted that so far no leases have been scrapped or applications blocked as a result of financial crimes.

Dead: Purcell Junior Moore ‘Since we have been here we have cancelled a number of leases, not necessarily for suspicious reasons; most of them is for non-beneficial occupation… not for anti-money laundering issues…We have not repossessed any land for anti-money laundering,” he said. THURSDAY FATHER OF THREE GUNNED DOWN IN SUSPECTED ROBBERY -ONE SUSPECT IN CUSTODY, TWO ON THE RUN A 42-year-old man, who welcomed his third child into the world just a few days ago, was gunned down at around 07:00 hrs Wednesday at Old Road, Craig, East Bank Demerara (EBD), after being cornered by a group of men. Purcell Junior Moore, who lived in Cayenne, French Guiana with his wife and two children, but came to Guyana for the birth of his son, was slain a short distance from where he was staying with the mother of his child. The area is also a few houses away from his parents' Lot 28 First Street, Craig residence. According to information received, Moore was returning home from a shop when the suspects, one of whom was armed with a handgun, confronted him. An argument reportedly erupted between Moore and the suspects. This escalated into a scuffle, during which the individual with the gun discharged several rounds at Moore, shooting him in the right side of the chest before fleeing. Moore was rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Police found two spent shells from a small calibre handgun on the scene.

FATHER TURNS OVER ESCAPEE SON TO COPS AS TWO OTHERS REMAIN AT LARGE -POLICEWOMAN UNDER CLOSE ARREST Wayne Gilbert may have been thinking of the song “There's no place like home for the holidays…,” when he escaped from the Golden Grove Police Station on Tuesday night. But his father seemed to have been thinking otherwise. He promptly turned his son over to the police. A police release stated that at around 23:00 hrs on Tuesday, Gilbert “was handed over to the police by his father, whom the officers applauded. The 25-year-old of West La Penitence has since appeared in court on a murder charge. Gilbert, Ivree Hooper, 25, of James Street, Albouystown, and Derrol James, 22, of Lot 131 Middle Walk, Buxton, escaped from the Golden Grove Police Station (also called Diamond Police Station) at around 18:00 hrs on Tuesday. It is suspected that they used a piece of metal that they had broken off from the door of the lockups to smash a hole in the western wall, in an area near the washroom. At the time, three ranks, including a female corporal were on duty. The corporal has since been placed under close arrest. 'DEVOTED CHURCH MEMBER' GETS LIFE SENTENCE FOR SODOMISING GIRL A man who claims to be a devoted Catholic Church member was handed a life sentence with possibility of parole after 35 years, after he was found guilty on two counts of rape committed on a child under the age of 16. Continued on page 43

Sunday December 24, 2017

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From page 42 Michael Abrams, who is said to be in his late 40s, showed no remorse whatsoever after a mixed 12-member jury returned unanimous verdicts on both counts Wednesday at the High Court in Georgetown. In fact, Abrams, who was represented by Attorney-at-law, Chandrawattie Persaud, maintained that he was innocent. He told the court that there is no way he could have committed the act nor would he have ever committed such an offence. “I will maintain this now and forever,” Abrams told the court. One charge before Abrams stated that between January 1, 2013 and January 19, 2013, he engaged in sexual penetration with the girl who was six years old at the time. The other charge stated that between January 2 and January 19, 2015, he engaged in sexual penetration with the girl who was eight years old. Kaieteur News understands that on both occasions Abrams had anal sex with the child and inserted his fingers in her vagina. Trial Judge, Simone Morris-Ramlall sentenced Abrams to life imprisonment on both counts. In arriving at the custodial sentence, Justice Morris-Ramlall reminded Abrams that although he testified to loving the child, and that the child trusted him, he treated her like a beast by sodomising her. The judge advised him to pray to God for forgiveness. Justice Morris-Ramlall also took into consideration the nature of the offences and the circumstances under which they were committed FRIDAY CRAIG MURDER…SUSPECT TELLS COPS VICTIM'S DEATH WAS A 'WUK’ A 21-year-old man who was taken into custody shortly after Purcell Junior Moore was gunned down at Craig Old Road on Wednesday, has admitted his involvement in the murder and claimed that the victim's death was a “wuk.” Kevin Persaud told investigators at the Grove Police Station that he had only accompanied the two other suspects on the “wuk.” He claimed that he was not the one who pulled the trigger. Kaieteur News was informed that he has given investigators the names of the two other persons

who were with him at the scene. One of those individuals is 20-year-old Wayne Chester of Lot 20 Friendship, East Bank Demerara. While the suspects took a small gold chain from their victim, investigators at this point are trying to figure out whether the “wuk” was an execution or a robbery. GUYANA, BRAZIL TARGET CHINESE FUNDING FOR LINDEN-LETHEM ROAD LINK – ARMIES TO COLLABORATE ON DROUGHT WELLS FOR REGION NINE Government on Thursday inked two agreements with neighbouring Brazil during

President David Granger's official State-visit to the neighbouring country on the invitation of his Brazilian counterpart, President Michel Temer. One of the agreements is the Complementary Agreement to the Memorandum of Understanding between the Cooperative Republic of Guyana and the Federative Republic of Brazil, which creates the “Guyana-Brazil Joint Commission to Develop Infrastructure Projects”. The second is the Complementary Agreement to the Basic Agreement on Technical Cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Guyana and the Federative Republic of Brazil for the Implementation of the Project -“Technologies to Reduce the Effects of the Drought in Region Nine of Guyana.” According to the Ministry of the Presidency on the visit, the agreement on infrastructure is one in which the two countries committed to enhancing the infrastructure between the interest of economic and social integration. “The construction of the long-awaited LindenLethem road is one of the key projects under this agreement. President David Granger said that for decades both sides envisaged a route through Guyana, which will provide better development prospects for investors to come from the Caribbean into Brazil and from Brazil into the Caribbean.” This is something that has been long discussed and in fact, in some parts of the Rupununi roads were actually aligned but funding to complete it could never be found. “The infrastructure agreement we are entering will be focused on fulfilling that obligation to building a road between Lethem and Linden. “Brazil has done its part; Brazil has built a bridge under President Luiz DaSilva and the road literally comes right out to the bridge. We need to do our part so that is a very important agreement that was signed,” he said. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge, explained that in July, earlier this year, he and

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, met with their respective counterparts to discuss moving the project forward. At that forum, it was agreed that both countries will provide financial resources for the engineering and design of the road. GUYANA, 127 OTHER COUNTRIES DEFY TRUMP IN UN VOTE Guyana is among 128 countries in the United Nations (UN) that voted against United States President, Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. At an emergency special session of the UN General Assembly on Thursday, 128 UN members voted in favour of a nonbinding resolution criticizing Trump for the move, while nine nations voted against it and 35 countries abstained. Barbados, Granada, St Vincent, Bahamas and Dominican Republic are some of the Caribbean countries that voted, like Guyana, against Trump. Guyana's neighbours, Brazil, Venezuela and Suriname also voted against Trump. Richer countries like France, Norway, Japan, Qatar and Spain also voted against. However, other Caribbean countries like Jamaica, Antigua, Bahamas, Haiti and Trinidad chose to abstain from the vote. Trump had made threats to cut off foreign aid to countries that vote against his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. But in blistering speeches preceding the vote, several nations made their fury clear not only with Trump's precedent-breaking announcement on Jerusalem earlier this month, but with threats from Trump and the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley, who had tweeted that the U.S. would be “taking names” of countries backing the resolution. Continued on page 44

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From page 43 2A.M. CURFEW LIFTED FOR THREE WEEKS The Ministry of Public Security has decided to relax the 2 a.m. curfew for the Christmas season. This move comes after pleas from the general public, various businesses, Guyanese who are visiting for the holiday and even senior public officials. These persons said that they want to fully enjoy their Christmas season. The relaxation of the curfew will be in full effect until January 12, for bars, night clubs and other various entertainment spots. The Ministry has noted that as of January 13 the curfew will be back in full effect. In addition, the Ministry has also stated that despite the curfew being relaxed the laws governing driving under the influence will be enforced through police patrols and other means. “All other laws especially those prohibiting drinking and driving and noise nuisance will be thoroughly enforced through more vehicular patrols and policemen outside partying spots.” The Ministry has advised citizens who wish to attend events during this period to always have a designated driver and to ensure that the noise produced at the night spots are at a minimum level. “Partygoers are advised to get a designated driver and ensure noise levels at partying spots are not excessive.” The curfew was enforced in July 2015 to aid in the reduction of domestic violence cases, traffic accident cases and to increase the work productivity of the working class mainly the younger population. SATURDAY MURDER SUSPECT GETS VISA, FLEES DESPITE POLICE HOLDING PASSPORT - GANGARAM FAMILY APPEALS FOR JUSTICE It was a regular afternoon for a livestock

farmer and his family on the 27th September, 2016 in the quiet village of Gangaram, East Canje, Berbice. Ramnarine Itwaru well known as 'Bill' to villagers had just had his lunch, prepared by his wife Kuntie Hemraj called 'Rosie', and set out to his farm to tend to his livestock, located some miles away, on his motorcycle. He never returned home that day. News made its way to villagers and relatives that 'Bill', a father of one, was murdered. His body was reportedly discovered by a fisherman, face down, backpack still on and his motorcycle parked on the roadway near his corpse. Several bullet wounds were noticed about his body and what appeared to be marks of violence on his face. Nearly 15 months later, the mystery surrounding the murder of the farmer still remains unsolved with the last word from police sources, months ago, stating that "the case has gone cold". The grieving wife, siblings, in-laws and other relatives are, however, eager to have justice served for their loved one. Brother of the deceased farmer, Deonarine Itwaru, 40, of Susannah Village, Corentyne, Berbice paid a visit to the Prime Minister's office at Port Mourant and spoke with the Regional representative, Gobin Harbhajan, after the family had received no new information or heard of any progress from authorities into the execution-style of his sibling. He told reporters that he made several calls and visits to investigators in Berbice and was told that they were not in charge of the case. "When we go to police in New Amsterdam they seh how GT (Georgetown) dealing with the matter. So if GT dealing with the matter, what they doing there?” Deonarine asked. According to the farmer's brother, a prime suspect that was arrested after the shooting was released on station bail shortly after, and the case has since gone cold. Initial reports had stated that bloodstained clothing was discovered at the prime suspect's home in Gangaram. The suspect was reportedly involved in a heated argument with 'Bill' a month prior to the shooting and had threatened to kill him, after 'Bill'

stopped him from trespassing on his farmland. He had reported several head of cattle missing and other livestock, hence his actions. Deonarine told Kaieteur News that the main suspect has since gone overseas, but he is puzzled as to why the individual was allowed to leave the country, as he (Deonarine) claimed, the authorities told him that the suspect's passport was lodged with investigators. "When me tell dem the guy got his visa and go away, dem tell me that he can't go nowhere. Dem seh how dem got all he documents. So how he out of the country? That is what we want know," the frustrated man said. He stated that after he was told that Georgetown was handling the matter, he made contact with detectives at CID Headquarters and was told by detectives that they were in possession of the suspect's travel documents. "I don't know what is going on. I don't think they are doing enough. If I get justice I gon satisfy,” he stressed. GECOM COMMISSIONER SEES NEED

Parking on the road shoulders, especially in East Berbice, is becoming worse by the day, a senior official says

FOR NATIONAL INTEGRATED DATABASE - SAYS WILL HELP ALLEVIATE ISSUES RAISED DURING ELECTION PROCESS Given the historic concerns about the Official List of Electors (OLE), one of the Commissioners of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Vincent Alexander, believes a central database will help to alleviate the issues which are often raised by the political parties during the election process. Persons who have died have appeared on the OLE (voters' list) and there are reports that foreigners have been issued Guyana birth certificates which enabled them to register through GECOM. According to Alexander, the database should be an integrated system for both births and deaths, with the important task of keeping a clean GECOM database. “What we do now is that we take people off the register based on a report submitted by the registrar of deaths. The chances are that not all of the deaths are registered. We have had in the past, the case of Viola Burnham (former First Lady), where the nation knew she died and she was still on the list. Sometimes around election time we have a frenzy to issue birth certificates and the system becomes susceptible to all sort of things, like foreigners getting birth certificates,” Alexander stated. He noted that having different agencies generate information that feeds into GECOM will continue to create challenges in connection with election results. “In some regards why do we need all of these different databases. What we probably need is one national database that different organisations will access for the purposes that fall within their scope of work, so that they are not accessing the creation of the base itself nor editing the content. All they are doing is using it, so one body does the creation of this database and becomes the custodian of the database,” Alexander stated. He pointed out that GECOM has made the recommendation for a national database in the past and for GECOM to be the custodian of the base. However, despite various representations, the idea was turned down. “What is needed is the political will to establish the database. We have approached the relevant Government ministries in the past and they have no interest. Yet, every time we have elections, persons complain that the names of persons who have died are appearing on the list. GECOM has made their position known. We have to bite the bullet some day and get it done,” Alexander stated.

Sunday December 24, 2017

First Lady impersonator woos Magistrate with Christmas present A male prisoner wowed Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan on Friday, when he presented her with a token—a Christmas card—which she read aloud in court. The words engrave in the card read, “Dear past, thank you for your lesson. Dear future, I am ready. Dear God thank you for another chance.” The prisoner, Mohamed Ali, was charged on Thursday for allegedly defrauding several persons by impersonating First Lady Sandra Granger. He had appeared before Senior Magistrate Leron Daly who transferred his matter to the Chief Magistrate for assignment. Ali had the Christmas card concealed in a book. After pleading with the Magistrate to send him back to the New Amsterdam Prison, Ali presented the Chief Magistrate with the Christmas card. According to Ali, the reason for him wanting to go back there is because of his mental condition, adding that he needs to socialize with other inmates. He also told the court he would like to go back at the prison so that he can continue to use his treatment. He added, “Is three days now I ain’t get the opportunity to use my medication. I am feeling frustrated and it got to the point where I start to cut my wrist. I want go back at the New Amsterdam Prison.” The visibly upset prisoner went on to ask the Magistrate for her to grant him permission to be kept in a cell with other prisoners. “Your worship since this incident the police officers remove me from the other prisoners and put me in an isolation room. I don’t want to be in a cell all by myself I like being around the other prisoners.” It is alleged that between April 1 and April 30 at the New Amsterdam Prison, Ali with intent to defraud, obtained from three persons a quantity of cash, by falsely pretending that he was First Lady Sandra Granger, and that he was in a position to grant them scholarships. The accused denied the charges and asked the court to grant him permission

CHARGED: Mohamed Ali to meet with the First Lady. Police Prosecutor Arvin Moore told the court that the file is incomplete and asked that the matter be kept in the Georgetown Magisterial District until the file is complete before transferring it. The prosecutor added that the file has to be sent to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) since there are some points that need to be cleared up. The Magistrate told the prosecutor that they should have charged the accused after the file was completed since he is a convicted prisoner, and it will cost a lot to get him back and forth to come and collect statement when all of that should have been completed. Ali will return to court on January 22.


Buy safe toys and playthings for your children Toys and playthings are one of the commodities monitored by the GNBS under its Standards Compliance Programme especially during this Christmas season. When purchasing toys, parents have a significant role to play in ensuring children are protected from harmful toys and their misuse. As parents, you can protect your children from the use of unsafe toys and playthings by adhering to the following tips: 1. Read the label. Warning labels give important information about how to use a toy and what ages the toy is safe for. Be sure to show your child how to use the toy the right way. 2. Think Large. Make sure all toys and parts are larger than your child’s mouth to prevent choking. Take caution with toys that can be unassembled by children into many tiny pieces. 3. Avoid toys that shoot objects into the air. They can cause serious eye injuries or choking. 4. Avoid toys that are loud to prevent damage to your child’s hearing 5. Look for stuffed toys that are well made. Make sure all the parts are on tight and seams and edges are secure. It should also be machine washable. Take off any loose ribbons or strings to avoid strangulation. Avoid toys


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that have small bean-like pellets or stuffing that can cause choking or suffocation if swallowed. 6. Buy plastic toys that are sturdy. Toys made from thin plastic may break easily. 7. Avoid toys with toxic materials that could cause poisoning . Make sure the label says “nontoxic.” 8. Avoid hobby kits and chemistry sets for any child younger than 12 years. They can cause fires or explosions and may contain dangerous chemicals. Make sure your older child knows how to safely handle these kinds of toys. 9. Electric toys should be “UL Approved” or carry any other certification mark. Check the label to be sure. Lastly, parents, age recommendations on toys can be helpful, because they offer guidelines on the following: · The safety of the toy (for example, if there’s any possible choking hazards) · The ability of a child to play with the toy · The ability of a child to understand how to use a toy · The needs and interests at various levels of a child’s development For further information on this subject, call the GNBS on Telephone number: 2190065 or visit the Bureau’s website:

With pineapple and sugar production gone, Hawaii weighs its agricultural future KAHULUI, Maui — Tens of thousands of abandoned acres of farmland lie fallow on this island, cemeteries of Hawaii’s defunct plantation era, which met its end last year when the state’s last remaining sugar grower shut down an operation that had run for 146 years. Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co.’s sprawling sugar cane fields used to provide visitors to Maui a rolling green blanket as they arrived at the airport, but they are newly stagnant, joining other growers in a long decline. Facing competition from cheap foreign labor, a shortage of farm workers and some of the nation’s highest land costs, the sugar and pineapple plantations that used to be the state’s lifeblood are not redeploying into active agriculture, raising questions about the industry’s future here. “Pineapple is lost, sugar is lost, and we now have one sole industry, which is a very dangerous position to be in,” said Maui County Councilman Alika Atay. “We have put all our eggs into one basket, and that is tourism. But not everybody who lives on this island wants to work in the hotel industry, and it’s almost impossible to feed a family here working as a farmer. We are now seeing drastic displacement of young people leaving Maui because of a lack of economic opportunity.” The closure of Maui’s last sugar producer marked a pivotal moment in Hawaii’s agricultural production. Since 1980, Hawaii’s total land use for agricultural production has shrunk by about 68 percent, according to data from the University of Hawaii. Sugar had, at one point, been Hawaii’s top crop. Now the corn seed industry is the state’s dominant agricultural land user, followed by commercial forestry and macadamia nuts. But none of those products, not even when combined, come anywhere close to filling the economic void created by the loss of sugar and pineapple.

The state’s Agriculture Department is working on the issue with a depleted staff — 122 of its 360 positions are vacant, including the entire branch responsible for market analysis and tracking the state’s trends in food imports and production. The agency is narrowing its focus to court outside capital for investments in Hawaii food production and is studying the possibility of allowing farmers to inhabit small family homes alongside their crop beds. Tenant farming is now restricted on state agriculture land. “There are tens of thousands of acres of good agriculture land, at least, currently sitting fallow in Hawaii, where we have some of the most expensive land in the world,” said Department of Agriculture Director Scott Enright. “At the same time, we’ve got a group of farmers who are aging out of the business. The next generation is coming in and finding if you’re going to try and start up a farm when you’re a 20-something with no track record, the banks aren’t going to lend to you. That’s a problem for us.” The sugar industry, which helped usher Hawaii into statehood, steered the state’s politics and economy for more than a century. It helped build company towns inhabited by multiethnic field laborers from Asia and Europe. With statehood came U.S. labor laws, inspiring Hawaii’s biggest sugar and pineapple producers to embrace cheaper foreign labor. As monocrop agriculture declined, the state put its economic faith in tourism, which accelerated as jet plane travel became faster and more affordable. Plantation companies either vanished or transitioned into landdevelopment firms. Some swaths of farmland have been sold off and developed into commercial or residential real estate, inspiring fears that Hawaii’s agrarian past could one day be lost to a more citified future.

“We have and we will continue to lose agriculture land to urban development,” Enright said. HC&S is a division of Alexander & Baldwin, one of Hawaii’s largest commercial real estate holders. The passage of the plantation heyday has been slow but impactful. In 1980, Hawaii hosted 14 sugar and four pineapple plantations that farmed more than 300,000 acres. In 2017, these two crops account for less than 5,000 acres. Once the largest pineapple plantation in the world, the island of Lanai’s former crop beds are now parched and deserted. Hawaii spends as much as $3 billion a year to import 90 percent of its food, and residents routinely pay some of the highest prices in the nation for staples such as eggs and milk. Even the grain that feeds the cows on the islands’ two dairy farms is shipped in. Should a natural disaster affect the ability for cargo ships to arrive, the state’s 1.4 million residents and nearly 9 million annual visitors could be vulnerable to crippling food shortages. The shaky state of food security in the world’s most isolated group of islands has prompted Hawaii Gov. David Ige (D) to set a deadline of 2030 to double local agriculture production, a goal that some experts decry as unrealistic because Hawaii does not consistently track agricultural data about crop yields. On an island chain that once was completely selfsufficient — before the arrival of Westerners in the late 1700s, indigenous Hawaiians thrived 2,500 miles from the nearest continent using sustainable farming and fishing methods — many believe a resurgence of agriculture is possible. “There’s no reason why we should go to a grocery store and see a banana from Ecuador or Mexico. We can grow banana here,” Atay said. “Why do we go to the store and see mango from Continued on page 60


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To-day, Sunday, is the beginning of Christmas Week; it is also Christmas Eve. The Christmas Season will continue until the end of the year, and with some families even until Twelfth Night, that is on January 6. There is so much to enjoy and so much to be thankful for during this Season. For one, there is the weather which, this year so far, has been sunny. At this time the days and nights are cooler with the refreshing Trade Winds fanning the entire coast. The sun sets much earlier than say, in August, and the sunsets are not the brilliant orange and bright colours of that month. The sunsets are cool orange, turquoise, blues, slate, shreds of yellow (gold) and purple. The combination and merging of these, present a unique beauty which will never recur, and the dusks are longer moving from the russet and gold-tinted light into the opaque blue which subsumes the landscape before nightfall. Each day offers its own unique treat. The vegetation have a lighter shade of green and there may occasionally be a

little mix of spring green and the flowers - bougainvilleas of many colours, yellow buttercups, oleanders, queen of flowers, poppies and hibiscuses - are in bloom in the yards, the fences and hedges. The skies are of a softer blue and the silver of the clouds seem to be brighter. Older Guyanese used to call this time “the Christmas weather”. Christmastime offers an inclusive spiritual dimension in which adherents of the other two National FaithsHinduism and Islam - could participate with Christians. The Nativity story and the moral and spiritual teachings which go with it have a universalism which transcends all religious differences. Guyanese people could again be spiritually refreshed as they had done at past Christmases. The moral and spiritual aspects of the festival complement and enrich the commercial and purely secular and offer a deeper joy. Charles Dickens did this for 19th century England and indeed, for the Englishspeaking world. The commercial and other secular aspects of

Christmastime loom very large. The shops are wellstocked, sometimes with novel gadgets and new items which are being introduced for the first time. And everywhere there are colourful decorations including colourful lights. Children encounter ingenious toys and games. Most shoppers, these days, never even glance at the decorations but if adults would allow themselves and their children to enjoy the decorations, they would find some of them very artistic and beautiful and find added pleasure from their shopping expeditions. In enjoying the decorations, children would begin to learn the meaning of colours since each Christmas colour has its own mythology and meaning, and their art work at school would very likely improve. In being confronted with attractive stocks of goods, do not succumb to “cumpulsive” buying. The commercial aspects of Christmas should be enjoyed but do not be overwhelmed by them. Though many of the parties and dances of the Season have sameness about them, attend them, participate and enjoy them since many

of them turn out to be occasions which would leave pleasant memories throughout life. At Christmas time there is special music not usually heard at other times of the year. Such music ranges from the works of Classical composers like Mozart and Bach to Christmas carols and secular Christmas songs. Such music is evergreen and to older people it awakens nostalgic memories which could be as cathartic as Scrooge being able to recall his past life by the help of the Spirit of Christmas Past. Children listening and learning such music would be

laying the foundation of future pleasant memories. Certain special foods and drinks are prepared at Christmastime and children and adults should savour them since their association with Christmas always evoke nostalgic memories. Such would include pepper pot, garlic pork for those who ate pork, various types of baked meats, curried chicken, Dutch cheeses and so on and drinks such as jamoon and rice wines, and ginger beer and sorrel and heavy fruit cakes and black cake. The Guyanese character is generally caring and

generous unlike in many other countries where people feel it is the responsibility of the State or humanitarian organizations to assist the poor or less able people. During the Season, we have visited downtown Georgetown and saw how much goodwill people felt for the old, the decrepit and generally less able. We would not give examples of the many kindnesses being proffered to the less able since it would take up too much of our allotted space. But helping the helpless or those in need would bring much joy and happiness to all.

With pineapple and sugar production... From page 59 Chile, not mango from Maui, when Maui grows some of the sweetest-tasting mango in the world? Because in the last 200 years we never had the land and the water available — until now.” HC&S has so far deployed 4,500 of its 36,000 farmland acres. A new grass-fed cattle operation aims to expand local beef production through a 300-calf management partnership with Maui Cattle Company. More than 95 percent of the beef consumed in Hawaii has been shipped in from the U.S. mainland. On Maui, HC&S hopes to cut that number to as low as 80 percent. In addition to raising cattle, HC&S has dedicated 1,500 acres to grow sweet potato and crops that help produce energy. Hawaii’s

eight main islands have the highest electricity prices in the nation, but a 250-acre orchard of pongamia trees, which produce biofuels, could help wean the state off its fossil fuel dependence, experts say. Another 800 acres are being considered for an agricultural park for small-scale, local farmers. “We’ve been talking about diversified agriculture and energy for 10 years, but nobody has found the magic bullet,” said Rick Volner, the former HC&S plantation manager who now oversees the company’s fledgling diversified agriculture program. “The hope was that we could launch right into it. Instead we’re trying to grow different crops to try and see what works.” (Washington Post)

Sunday December 24, 2017


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Commissioner of the Guyana Lands and Survey Commission (GL&SC), Trevor Benn, has defended a decision to cancel the leases of four businessmen in the Mocha Community and debunked claims that the move had any political motives. “I have had very clear instructions that whatever happens here must be as a result of decisions made at the level of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). I don’t receive any instructions from any minister in relation to whose land

Make-up Courses with Mac, Bare Minerals, etc. -CosmetologyCourses:$90,000 Nail Technician Course: $35,000. Call: 647-1773/688-0009

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Farm (East Bank) $2.8M Parfaite Harmonie (High Income) on main road 100ftx50ft $2.5M Tel#6560701/611-7223 Prime land to build that dream home. Not far from Princess, New Thriving, Massy, HJ water world $13M neg- Call: 669-8397. Parafaite Harmonie (Foundation and column) $2.5M Zeelugt (50x100) Tel# 642-1252. Parafaite Harmonie $1.1M Herstelling (4th Bridge) $2.5M Uivlugt $2.8M Tel#667-1960

should be taken away,” Benn told the media on Tuesday last. He was at the time making a statement at an end -of-year press conference. During the briefing, the commission noted that further steps to repossess more than 1,000 acres leased to four businessmen. None of the land was occupied in four years. “We took back the land and we are about to give to the residents of Mocha over 200 house lots which they are clamouring for because they really need it, together with other agricultural lots,” Benn said, adding that the Lands and Surveys Commission was at the same time taking steps to repossess lands for failure to beneficially occupy or use them or pay their fees. Addressing the issue of non-performance of leases, the Commissioner explained that the Commission usually

sends the defaulter a letter which gives him/her six months to get things together. “If they don’t get themselves in order, steps can be taken to repossess the land,” Benn explained. He said that following the appointment of the new Board of Directors and management team, the commission began implementing a number of measures, designed to ensure delivery of a higher quality of service to all clients. Sharing some of the highlights of 2017, the Commissioner noted the entity’s compilation plans for various areas such as Great Diamond, Houston, Herstelling, Eccles and Peters Hall, its move to digitize cadastral plans, to improve the lease application process, and lease management system, with the completion of the Lease Revenue Portfolio.

Natural disasters warrant... (From page 54) of information, there has to be cooperation among the security force. They may not threaten the State but they may create local disorder. They can take over zones and use those zones for platforms for narco-trafficking. They can create airstrips for planes to land and this has happened in my country…Transnational crimes could become big if it is not stopped when it is small, and it is the duty of the States and the intelligence agencies and security forces to prevent them for degenerating,” President Granger said. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Carl Greenidge; Minister of Public Infrastructure, Mr. David Patterson; and Minister of Natural Resources, Mr. Raphael Trotman; and Director General in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Audrey Waddell were also present at the forum.

Former Chief Magistrate testifies... (From page 53) cash and a quantity of jewellery that were contained in the woman’s handbag. Based on reports, Payne and her male friend, David Fraser, were in a Canter truck and upon approaching Agricola the truck encountered some mechanical problems. They were heading to Georgetown to conduct business. Fraser stopped the truck to attend to the problems while Payne remained inside. But after a few minutes, Payne came out of the vehicle and stood watching her friend while he fixed the problem. A gunman approached Fraser

from behind demanding valuables and snatched away his gold chain while Payne tried to escape but was cornered by another bandit who was acting as the lookout. Upon seeing Payne’s handbag, the bandits intensified their demands. Payne, who was hesitant at first, eventually complied with the bandits demands. But as she was handing over the bag, the bag’s strap got entangled causing the bandits to believe that she was reluctant. Payne, who was shot in the area under the armpit, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

File on robbery by cop and uncle... (From page 55) to be missing when the cash was checked at the station. Two of the ranks were released on $70,000 bail each, after appearing in court. An arrest warrant was issued for the third. Last month, Police Corporal Derwin Eastman and Constable Jemison Williams were remanded to prison for the murder of Godfrey Scipio known as “Saga”. Scipio, 58, was shot dead shortly after leaving a Kitty hotel. He was also robbed of a gold chain. Aubrey Bobb, 26, of Kitty, was subsequently charged for his murder and remanded to prison.


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Sunday December 24, 2017

France ready to strengthen force in Sahel fighting Islamists – Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron, seen in this still image taken from video, sits with French military forces during a visit with troops who participate in the Operation Barkhane in Niamey Thomson Reuters PARIS (Reuters) - President Emmanuel Macron said yesterday France stood ready if needed to strengthen its military force fighting alongside African troops against Islamist insurgents in the Sahel. France has been seeking to eventually withdraw from the poorly policed scrublands of the

Sahel region - which abuts the Sahara to the north and has become a recruiting and training ground for Islamist militants with the help of a new regional African force. The G5 Sahel, which began official operations in November, is made up of troops from Mali, Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso and

Mauritania that will patrol the region in collaboration with 4,000 French troops deployed there since intervening in 2013 to quell an insurgency in northern Mali. But Macron said on a visit to the Niger capital Niamey that the Sahel would remain a focus for the French army, should it be required in the future.

Sunday December 24, 2017

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Moscow - U.S. arms may spur use of force by Kiev in eastern Ukraine MOSCOW (Reuters) The U.S. decision to supply weapons to Ukraine is dangerous as it will encourage Kiev to use force in eastern Ukraine, Russian officials said yesterday. The U.S. State Department said on Friday the United States would provide Ukraine with “enhanced defensive capabilities” as Kiev battles Russian-backed separatists in the eastern part of the country. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Facebook yesterday the weapons would be used to protect Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. Supplies of any weapons now encourage those who support the conflict in Ukraine to use the “force scenario,” Russia’s RIA state news agency cited Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory

Karasin as saying yesterday. Franz Klintsevich, a member of the upper house of the Russian parliament’s security committee, said Kiev would consider arms supplies as support of its actions, Interfax news agency reported. “Americans, in fact, directly push Ukrainian forces to war,” Klintsevich said. Since Moscow’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, Ukraine and Russia have been at loggerheads over a war in eastern Ukraine between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian government forces that has killed more than 10,000 people in three years. Poroshenko said in his Facebook post that he had confirmed the weapons deal with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, calling it “a transatlantic vaccination against the Russian virus of

aggression.” “American weapons in the hands of Ukrainian soldiers are not for offensive, but for stronger rebuff of the aggressor, protection of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, as well as for effective self-defence in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter,” Poroshenko said. Kiev accuses Moscow of sending troops and heavy weapons to the region, which Russia denies. The Russian foreign ministry said the U.S. decision once again undermines the Minsk agreements, TASS state news agency reported on Saturday. The agreements, intended to end the fighting in Ukraine, were signed by Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France in the Belarussian capital in early 2015.

More than 100 dead in Philippine mudslides, flooding – officials MANILA (Reuters) - A tropical storm in the southern Philippines triggered mudslides and flash floods that killed more than 100 people, while dozens are missing, police and disaster officials said yesterday. The casualties, most of them caused late on Friday, were all on the main southern island of Mindanao, they said, adding three provinces were hardest hit. Disaster officials said many residents had ignored warnings to leave coastal areas and riverbanks. “Many people were swept to the sea as flood waters


quickly rose due to the high tide,” Manuel Luis Ochotorena, a disaster agency official, said. “They never heeded the warnings. They thought it was a weak storm but it dumped more rains.” Hundreds of kilometres to the east, army and emergency workers were checking reports an entire village was buried by mudslide in Tubod town in Lanao del Norte. Ryan Cabus, a local official, said power and communication lines to the area had been cut, complicating rescue efforts. The weather bureau

said the storm had gathered strength over the Sulu Sea and was packing winds of up 80 kph (50 mph) and moving west at 20 kph. It was heading out over the sea by midday on Saturday and would have moved clear of the Philippines by Monday, it said.



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Sunday December 24, 2017

State owned oil company ends contract with firm at centre of “fake oil” scandal PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad - CMC – The state-owned oil company, PETROTRIN, says it has terminated the contract of A&V Oil and Gas, a company at the centre of a “fake oil” controversy here. In a statement, PETROTRIN said it had given notice to the lease operator “associated with the discrepancies in reported oil production and actual receipts revealed by its Internal Audit Department earlier this year”. A forensic audit report by the Canada-based Kroll Consulting Canada Company found that PETROTRIN paid A&V for oil produced between January to June which it did not receive. Opposition Leader Kamla Persad Bissessar, who first made public the “fake oil” issue, had called on the government to immediately terminate PETROTRIN’s contract with A&V Oil and Gas Ltd and for a criminal investigation to be launched by the police. But Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley said that the matter would be dealt with by the PETROTRIN board of di-

rectors and the Energy Ministry. In September, PETROTRIN announced that it had launched an investigation, into the reports of inconsistencies in the volumes reported from its exploration and production fields. “PETROTRIN confirms that investigations are in progress, with respect to reports of inconsistencies in the volumes reported from our exploration and production fields, and that reported as received at our Pointe-a-Pierre refinery. These investigations are focused on the volumes for fiscal 2017 and the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries has been informed,” the company said in a brief statement then. In its statement announcing the termination of the contract, PETROTRIN said it has given written notice of termination to the lease operator this week after it communicated its findings to the operator and gave it an opportunity to respond. PETROTRIN’s chairman Wilfred Espinet said that

while some commentators have expressed concern at the rate of the company’s progress in the matter, it was critical that the Board act only after careful consideration of all relevant matters, including the response of the lease operator to the findings. “Adherence to process is the most important component of this exercise. We are being guided by expert counsel, and we are committed to ensuring that we do things in accordance with proper procedure,” he said. But A&V Oil and Gas and former attorney general, Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj is challenging the decision to terminate the contract saying he had written to the company giving it a January 2, 2018 deadline to respond. “If none is forthcoming, we have the option to go to court for an injunction to block their termination decision. A breach of contract can result in PETROTRIN paying over one billion (One TT dollar=US$0.16 cents) in damages,” Maharaj told the Trinidad Guardian newspaper.

Addressing Venezuela, China says choice of path must be respected BEIJING (Reuters) - A country’s right to choose its own development path must be respected, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told his Venezuelan counterpart on weekend, offering support for the strife-torn Latin American nation. The OPEC member is locked in a deep political and economic crisis, with more than 125 people killed during months of opposition protests earlier this year, drawing condemnation from the United States and Europe. Meeting in Beijing, Wang told Jorge Arreaza that stability in Venezuela was not only in his own people’s interests, it was also the common wish of the international community, including China, China’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “China wishes that Venezuela maintains its trend of returning to stability, and encourages the resolution of the problems that exist via dialogue and consultation within a legal framework,” the ministry cited Wang as saying. “Every country’s right to go down a development path that accords with its national conditions should

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza (L) walks with China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing. REUTERS/Nicolas Asfouri/Pool be respected,” he added. China and oil-rich Venezuela have a close diplomatic and business relationship, especially in energy. China has repeatedly brushed off widespread condemnation from the United States, Europe and others about the situation in the country. Last month, China, along with Russia, Egypt and Bolivia, boycotted an

informal public U.N. Security Council meeting on Venezuela organized by the United States. On We d n e s d a y, Venezuela’s pro-government legislative superbody ruled that parties which boycotted this month’s local elections had lost legitimacy, potentially eliminating the main opposition groups from the 2018 presidential race.

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Sunday December 24, 2017


Defending champions Shattas and undefeated Eagles ascend to semifinal Eagles United remained unbeaten when they recorded a second win in Group B to advance after beating Botafago 2-1, while defending champions Silver Shattas were able to come away with a 0-0 draw against a good performance from Kwakwani Strikers which facilitated Shattas’ advancement. This is the narrative of the action when play continued last Friday evening in this year’s Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA) 5th GT Beer Christmas tournament being played at the Mackenzie Sports Club ground. Eagles United were able to rebound from a 27th minute goal by Botafago courtesy of D. Francis, as before the half time they were able to tie things up when Kwesi Quintin netted in the 39th minute. With the game on even keel, Eagles United got the winning goal when Kellon Primo scored in the 76th minute to give his team the lead that provided a safe passage to the semifinals. The defending champions Silver Shattas were held at bay by an energized Kwakwani Strikers team which matched them all the way to the final whistle and both teams remained

Eagles United scorers Kwesi Quintin and Kellon Primo. scoreless. However, by virtue of their first 3-1 win over Topp XX and their unbeaten play, allowed the Shattas to top Group A. Come next Wednesday when the competition continues at the Mackenzie sports Club ground Blueberry Hill will face Net Rockers in the first game at 19.00hrs which will conclude play in the round robin format.

Sunday December 24, 2017 Aries: Mar 21 - Apr 19 Sometimes friends become your real family. Many people are eager to give their help, so why are you reluctant to receive it? Taurus: Apr 20 - May 20 You've moved beyond the problems of the recent past and you're entering a more peaceful phase. Gemini: May 21 - Jun 20 The somewhat oppressive atmosphere of the past few days inspires you to change your surroundings and visit new places. Cancer: Jun 21 - Jul 22 You're able to observe what's going around you while still retaining some distance. Leo: Jul 23 - Aug 22 You're finished with the hassles you experienced during the past month and have entered a calmer period. Virgo: Aug 23 - Sep 22 While you may be tempted to look back and think about how far you've come, your time would be better spent thinking about what the future has in store.

Libra: Sep 23 - Oct 22 This would be an ideal day to take extra care of your body. Don't kid yourself that those back problems will go away. Scorpio: Oct 23 - Nov 21 You may have recently modified the material aspects of your life. Was it sufficient to stop there? Sagit: Nov 22 - Dec 21 This will be a great day to meditate. You may be dissatisfied because your various projects have yet to take form. Capri: Dec 22 - Jan 19 Today promises to be excellent, but don't go overboard. You might be tempted to think that your minor financial difficulties are already behind you. Aquar.: Jan 20 - Feb 18 You're in the home stretch now. Kiss your worries goodbye. Your efforts pay off as people listen to your advice and try to please you. Pisces: Feb 19 - Mar 20 You're an outgoing, cheerful, engaging conversationalist who enjoys bringing people together, but lately you've been yearning to be alone.


Barcelona pile on more misery on Real Madrid in 3-0 ‘Clasico’ win MADRID (Reuters) Barcelona exploited a lackluster Real Madrid to win the ‘Clasico’ 3-0 on yesterday as goals from Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi and Aleix Vidal propelled the Catalans to a 3-0 win and lifted them 14 points clear of their rivals in the standings. Suarez capitalized on a wide open space in Madrid’s midfield to knock in a simple pass from Sergi Roberto following a breakaway move in the 54th minute. That opened the scoring after a tense but tight first half in the early afternoon sun at the Santiago Bernabeu. Messi hammered in the second goal from the penalty spot 20 minutes later after Dani Carvajal was sent off for blocking a goalbound header from Paulinho with his arm after Real were again easily picked apart on the counter attack. Catalan defender turned winger Vidal hit the third in injury time to pile more misery on Madrid, who looked unrecognizable from the side that crushed Barca 5-1 on aggregate in the Spanish Super Cup in August. Real failed to capitalize on their chances in the first half as Karim Benzema’s header came off the post and Cristiano Ronaldo was denied by the flailing leg of Barca goalkeeper MarcAndre ter Stegen. However, the European and Liga champions collapsed after the interval and Barca took full advantage. “We are feeling very angry because it’s a defeat that hurts a lot but we are not going to give up,” Real coach Zinedine Zidane told a news conference. “It’s a complicated moment because of the defeat and the three goals, I could say we don’t deserve this but football is like this. This is a very painful defeat, we are all sad, especially me. But we will come back much stronger.” Barca are nine points clear of nearest challengers Atletico Madrid at the top of the standings although Valencia could climb to second and close the gap to eight points later on Saturday if they beat Villarreal. Real are 14 points adrift but have a game in hand. Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde said it was

premature to assume that his side had wrapped up the title or to count Real out of the running. “Of course not, the first round of fixtures hasn’t even finished. We’ve got the advantage, but we don’t focus on that,” he said. “We’re only focusing on our games, our points and our sensations.” Instead of the usual late evening kickoff time, Spain’s premier club fixture took place at 1200 GMT in a bid to capture a record television audience in Asia. It was also played in the backdrop of a political crisis in the country, coming two days after elections in Catalonia in which separatist parties won a majority.

Real’s supporters unfurled a giant banner before kickoff to boast of the unprecedented five trophies the team had won in 2017. The volume in the packed Bernabeu was cranked up when Ronaldo headed a corner in off the crossbar in under two minutes but the offside flag halted the premature celebrations. Barca, the only unbeaten team in the league, took a less active role than they have in recent games at the Bernabeu, with their best chances before the break falling to Brazilian midfielder Paulinho. They created a number of opportunities after the interval, however, and could have punished Real even further than they did.

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Sunday December 24, 2017

Kaieteur Sports Week in Review From page 67 In the Ladies Finals Priyanna Ramdhani defeated Shivannie Persaud: 21-6, 21-8. The Presentation was then made to the respective winners by Banks DIH Powerade Brand Manger Mr. Errol Nelson, who presented the trophies and haversacks. GDF SERGEANT IS LATEST ONE STAR BOXING REFEREE Guyana Defence Force Staff Sergeant Lawrence Assanah has become the third Guyanese and first from the GDF to pass the AIBA One Star examination. Reports from St Lucia stated that the 36-year-old soldier was flawless in the practical and theoretical parts of the examination held during the just concluded Caribbean Boxing Championships in St Lucia. Assanah now joins Ramona Agard and Richard Braithwaite as Guyanese certified to wear the prestigious AIBA One Star badge. President of the Guyana Boxing Association Steve Ninvalle applauded Assanah's new status and labeled it another critical piece in the sport's development puzzle. “If our intention is to produce good boxers then it is most apposite that we have good coaches and referee/judges. Mr. Assanah is young, bright, dedicated and disciplined and has a very far way to go in the sport. His recent elevation among other things, underlines the fact that boxing is on the upward swing,� Ninvalle declared. The GBA head thanked Chief of Staff Brigadier Patrick West for supporting Assanah's travel to St Lucia. The Staff Sergeant is expected to showcase his new knowledge when he officiates in the Sons of Champions card to be staged on Boxing Day at the National Gymnasium. TITAN BOWL VII PRESIDENTS COLLEGE BOUNCE THEIR WAY TO FEMALE TITLE; MACKENZIE HIGH CLAIM MALE CROWN President's College female team piped Marian Academy to championship honours when the V11 edition of the Titan Bowl Basketball Championship organized by Youth Basketball Guyana (YBG) concluded at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. The male segment of the competition was won by Mackenzie High School (MHS) which schooled Linden Technical Institute (LTI) in the final, 91-74. The female match saw President's College edging Marian Academy 24-23. Leading the charge for the winners were Annalisa Barclay who

touched in 7 points while grabbing 5 rebounds, Roschelle Campbell supported with 6 points and a whopping 15 rebounds along with 3 steals. Despite the game high 19 points from Jada Mohan, who also grabbed 7 rebounds and 6 steals, Marian came up short when the time ran out on the clock. The male match-up, however, was by no means a close one as Mackenzie High blew away the challenge of their counterparts from LTI. In ripping form for the winners was Yannick Tappin who poured in the game high 44 points which was backed up by 6 assists and a similar amount of rebounds along with 8 steals. Kevlon Cadogan backed up with 14 points and 7 rebounds, while Leon Benjamin had 13 points with 11 rebounds. The top markers for LTI were Jamal Gilkes with 18 points and 15 rebounds, Dillon Pellew - 14 points and 10 rebounds, while George Yearwood had 13 points. The tournament was sponsored by Bounty Ltd., Department of Youth and Sports, Real Value Supermarket, Go Invest and Banks DIH. ASATT INVITATIONAL SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 NOEL AND SCOTT SMASH RECORDS; DSSC END 11TH OF 30 CLUBS The Dorado Speed Swim Club (DSSC) swimmers gained valuable experience competing at the annual Republic Bank Amateur Swimming Association of Trinidad & Tobago (ASATT) Invitational Swim Meet hosted by the Marlins Swim Club at The Aquatic Center 10 lane 50 meter Indoor Championship Pool. During the course of the 4-day Meet Guyanese swimmers made encouraging strides taking on very experienced and well trained swimmers. The Dorado Speed Swim Club, which was Guyana's lone representative, ended 11th of 30-clubs with a 144 points; Tidal Wave Aquatics of T&T emerged as the best with 947 points. The records attained by the Guyanese swimmers are all unofficial as the Guyana Amateur Swimming Association has not verified records in a few years. Raekwon Noel set the record for the boys 1112 800 free with his time of 10:28.74. (There is no previous Long-Course time for 11-12 boys). Noel's 400 free time of 4:54.88 bettered Leon Seaton's time of 4:59.38 set in March 2017. Daniel Scott had the best recorded boys 15-17 800m free time (9:57.95) and did 9:32.44 in this Meet. Scott had set a time of 2:09.90 at the Commonwealth Youth Games (July 2017) and did 2:07.73 in the Twin Island Republic, while Omar

Adams had a time of 18:42.80 for the 1500 free (Dec 2015) but Scott set a new standard of 18:21.91. The Boys 9-10 quartet of Tyler Allicock, Elliott Gonsalves, Valdimir Woodroffe and Jason Allen competing in the 4x50 Medley Relay copped silver medal in 2:50.23. Scott also got silver in the 800m Freestyle with a time of 9:32.44 having entered the event with a time of 9:57.95. Clubs from Barbados, St. Lucia and Jamaica competed at the event. THIRD KINGMEDAS PANSY ADONIS CLASSIC HAILED AS A HIT The third Kingmedas Pansy Adonis classic was a huge success, thanks to the many participants along with invaluable support of all the sponsors, according to the organizers of the event who are delighted with the results. The games saw many firsts for Guyana where a day was set aside for field events only where youngsters competed in Under-7, Under-9 and Under-13 categories of the turbo javelin, discus and the shot put events. This was achieved with the help of the dedicated coaches at the event that assisted the youths and it was a great feeling to see them perform, the organizers expressed. With the absence of a lot of top athletes, the organizers of the event stated that it was a blessing in disguise and they got the opportunity to make their point of the many young talent that exists in Guyana, the main reason for the King Medas Pansy Adonis foundation's objective of targeting schools. During the four-day event, Jamaican athletics Coach Michael McIntosh expressed delight with all the promising talent witnessed and noted that Jamaica has been able to dominate in the world of athletics because of their focus in the schools where the bulk of the talent exists. The organizers were very pleased with the undiscovered talents that were displayed and were promised by the National Sports Commission (NSC) through their head, Chris Jones, that next year they would receive more support for the event, that sentiment was expressed by the event other major sponsor, Banks DIH, through representative, Errol Nelson who was also present at the event. SPORTS FRATERNITY HAS LOST A DEDICATED PATRON IN FORMER GCF PRESIDENT GEORGE HUMPHREY The outspoken former President of the Guyana Cycling Federation (GCF) George Humphrey took his final lap in the race of life on

The T&T youngsters had a wonderful farewell Dinner & Presentation at the New Thriving Restaurant at Providence. (Sean Devers photo)

The late George Humphrey. Sunday last when he departed this life following a brief period of illness. Touching the lives of many cyclists, many of whom 'Georgie' as he was fondly known would have accommodated at his Ketley Street, Charlestown based Bakery, the late Humphrey was also a huge supporter of investing in the development of many a sportsmen and women. He touched the lives of many in the boxing, athletics and the football fraternity not only with financial support but by supplying bread and other materials for teams when encamped and even when travelling. 'Georgie' was a true champion for sports and would be heard loudly debating with others in the yard of the Bakery in Charlestown of how he felt about any issue affecting sports and how he felt things should go in favour of the development of athletes. He committed to supporting individuals and clubs on a monthly basis in a very quiet but impacting way, this was his style. His son Troy, died by accident some years ago and being a diehard cyclist and wanting to see young people develop, his Bakery have since been sponsoring a memorial Meet for well over a decade in memory of Troy where attractive cash and other prizes are won by the riders. KUMAR RAMPAT CRICKET ACADEMY U-13S GUYANA TOUR TRINIS IMPRESSED WITH STANDARD OF OUTFIELDS HERE Rydell Ramsarran, Coach of the Under-13 side from the Kumar Rampat Cricket Academy of Trinidad and Tobago is very satisfied with the just concluded one-week tour to Guyana which climaxed with a farewell Dinner and presentation at the New Thriving Restaurant in Providence East Bank Demerara last Thursday night. The touring team included Trinidad & Tobago's U-15 player, 12-year-old Andrew Rambarran, who scored the most runs (111) and captured the most wickets (8) from five matches as the visitors won four of their six matches in Guyana. Coach Ramsarran said this tour was arranged as part of the developmental programme for the young cricketers and it served the youngsters well in all aspects of development both as cricketers and individuals. The team played two t2o games in Georgetown at the famous Bourda where West Indies won their first ever Test match when they beat England by an innings and 89 runs in 1930. Rampat thanked the GCB, the clubs, who were very hospitable and some of the local sponsors, including the Kaieteur News Papers in Guyana, for helping to make the trip a resounding success.

Sunday December 24, 2017

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Kaieteur Sports Week in Review Sports Week in Review We look back at the past week's main activities in the news in relation to sports. We also take the opportunity to wish all Guyana a Merry Christmas and May Christ, the reason for the season bless, keep and guide you. DALEY JR. LEAVES HIS MARK AT GEORGETOWN GRAND PRIX FINAL SHOWDOWN Regarded as the number one karter in the Caribbean, Collin Daley Jr. lived up to that billing, turning in an impressive performance to not just amaze fans but stun his opponents into subjection at the season-ending Georgetown Grand Prix Final Showdown at the GMR&SC facility in Thomas Lands. The 20-year-old Jamaican, competing in Guyana for the first time, displayed excellent command of the GT Motorsports track, despite arriving in the country only a day prior to the event. Competing in the Shifter Pro Cup and 125cc Senior categories, Daley Jr. outshone all performers. Also ending the year in outstanding fashion were Jeremy Tenpow, Rayden Persaud, Jonathon Law, Raymond Baksh and Raymond Seebarran. Also enjoying a good night on the track were Darryl Timmers, Dharmendra Dharmo and Ralph Persaud. Donning a Red Bull-branded outfit and white helmet, Daley Jr. signalled his intentions early, qualifying on pole for the Shifter Cup with a time of 30.916s, faster than Stefan Jeffrey (Guyana) 30.969s, Darryl Timmers (Canada) 31.021s, Kristian Jeffrey (Guyana) 31.254s, Orry Hunte (Barbados) 31.652s and Elliott Vieira (Guyana) 31.690s. The highly anticipated showdown between Daley Jr. and Guyana's top Shifter competitor Kristian Jeffrey was a bit one-sided early on with Jeffrey encountering mechanical issues. Daley Jr. also suffered a cut chain in his opening Shifter race just when he was starting to gain momentum. Jeffrey did test the Jamaican later in the night, in the second Shifter race, which was a reverse grid, Daley Jr. started back of the pack (fifth) and worked his way up to second, just behind Jeffrey. As the intensity grow and the gap between the two lessened, the crowd's anticipation of a fantastic finish quickly evaporated as the Jamaican's attempt to overtake on a turn resulted in a collision and both men spun out. A disappointing end to what was heading to be an exciting climax. What followed however, was a commendable act of sportsmanship as both drivers rose from their karts and shook hands. Daley Jr. ended the night with a first and a second in the 125cc Senior and a first in the Shifter Pro Cup. Jeffrey had one third in the Shifter Pro Cup, and a second and two thirds in the 125cc Senior. Stefan Jeffrey and Darryl Timmers, who was later named champion driver, won the other two Shifter races, while Jonathon Law copped the champion driver accolade in the 125cc Senior by winning two races. FARFAN & MENDES JUNIOR SKILL LEVEL SQUASH TOURNAMENT DANIEL ISLAM BEAT FERNANDES IN LAST MATCH OF EXCITING TOURNAMENT At the Georgetown Club, the curtains came down in thrilling fashion in the six-day Farfan and Mendes Junior skill level tournament with 15-yearold Daniel Islam pushing Caribbean U-19 Girls Champion Taylor Fernandes hard before winning 3-2. Daniel's older twin Anthony had beaten Samuel Ince-Carvalhal to top Category 'A' before

President's College Female Captain and MVP, Annalisa Barclay receives the winner's trophy from Reyad Boyce. Daniel faced off with taller, older and more experienced Fernandes in the final match of an exciting tournament which saw the emergence of some possible future Squash stars. In the last match of a Tournament which saw the biggest registration of participants and tremendous improvement among the players who participated in previous youth competitions, both Fernandes and Islam demonstrated plenty of Court control and Skill, while executing excellent shot selection. Fernandes took the first game 11-9 with some clever use of the Court as her longer reach to good effect, especially with several back hand shots but Islam stepped up the tempo in the second game which he won 11-5. But Fernandes dug deep taking back points at crucial times and took the third game 11-9 to keep her victory hopes alive in five-game match. But Islam the fitter and stronger of the two played dominated Fernandes in the last two games; winning 11-4, 11-4. In Category 'C' Mohryan Baksh and James Mekdeci engaged each other in a riveting battle. Baksh won the opening game 11-9 as Mekdeci played from the back of the court. Watched by the largest turn-out of the tournament which climax with the feature fundraising Bar-B-Q, Mekdeci employed some powerhitting to take the second 11-8 and continued to play good Squash to win the last two games 11-9, 11-9. In one of the most competitive matches of the tournament, Brenno DaSilva and Tiana Gomes entertained the fans which included former and present Squash Internationals Nicolette Fernandes who has now retired from the game and talented Mary Fung-a-Fat. The pair embarked on long rallies and well constructed drop shots. Gomes was pressured by shots which seemed out of her reach, she was right there to hit some stunning returns. DaSilva won the match with some quality serves; 11-8, 611, 11-3. This was the last tournament for the year and once again it was a well organised event by the Guyana Squash Association (GSA). 2017 C'BEAN BOXING CHAMPIONSHIPS GUYANA'S 'FEARSOME FOURSOME' CAPTURES 3-GOLD AND 1 SILVER IN ST LUCIA Forgotten Youth Foundation's 18-year-old Keevin Allicock followed up his Gold Medal in last

year's Championships in Barbados by winning another Gold medal when he defeated Ajayi Jones of Barbados in this year's finals of the third annual Caribbean Championships (formerly Caribbean Development Boxing Championships) in Grois Islet, St Lucia. Solider Colin 'Superman' Lewis, who also won Gold in last year's Championships, beat Jessie Jones of Barbados and Middleweight Desmond Amsterdam knocked out his opponent in the first round to also capture Gold Medals, while Joel Williamson, the other Guyanese Boxer, had to settle for a Silver after losing to 2014 Commonwealth Games Bronze Medallist Trinidadian Michael Alexander. Allicock, a Silver Medallist at the Commonwealth Youth Games in Bahamas earlier this year, Lewis and Williamson all fought in Jamaica this year and President of the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) Steve Ninvalle said the Association was very happy with the results. Due to a lack of funds the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) could only send a six-man team including four boxers and although the Guyanese captured three Golds and a Silver Medal, Team Guyana was not able to accumulate enough points to retain their team title. GUINNESS 'GREATEST OF THE STREETS' COMPETITION SPARTA BOSS FINALLY DETHRONED BY 'GOLD IS MONEY' A capacity crowd saw West Ruimveldt 'Gold is Money' dethrone Sparta Boss to become the new champions of the Georgetown Zone of the Guinness 'Greatest of the Streets' Competition at Demerara Park. The tournament, which has enjoyed massive turnouts from Day One, once again demonstrated why its popularity among the fans is second to none. Randolph Wagner, who has been one of the leading players in the tournament, saved the best for last when he fired in the lone goal of the game in the 26th minute to ignite huge celebrations among the thousands of supporters of the team. The former champions, who have been experiencing one of their leanest periods in the street format, saw a lapse in concentration account for the goal after Sheldon Shepherd overcompensated in attack only to expose the goal and Wagner finished a pass from the back with aplomb. With the newly-installed Guinness Goal still in

effect in the final three minutes of the game, Sparta Boss attacked with menace, but the youthful 'Gold is Money' unit remained dogged in defence and ensured that there would be no three peat for the former champs. They went home with $500,000, the winning trophy and an automatic berth in the national playoffs, while Sparta Boss won $250,000 and a trophy. Earlier, in the third place playoff, Leopold Street showed no mercy for Bent Street with a 3-0 drubbing thanks to a Guinness Goal from Tyrese Forde in the 27th minute, while Orandel Wiliams 9th minute strike had given them the early lead. They went away with $200,000 and a trophy, while Bent Street collected $100,000 and a trophy for their efforts. In the Plate Section, North East La Penitence grabbed the $60,000 winner-take-all on offer with a narrow 1-0 win over Kingston. Kelvin Moore's 26th minute effort was all it took to secure the win. BANKS DIH AQUA & POWERADE CHRISTMAS BADMINTON SINGLES TOURNAMENT CONCLUDES The Guyana Badminton Association Banks DIH Aqua Mist & Powerade Christmas Badminton Tournament 2017 concluded at the National Gymnasium. The Tournament was played off in the Senior Open Men & Ladies Singles and Junior Boys Under-11, 15 & 17 Singles. Pan American, Caribbean & National Champion Priyanna Ramdhani was allowed to play in the Men Singles due to lack of Competition in the Ladies and created havoc by taking out the Current National Champion Jonathan Mangra in the Semi-Finals. In the first game Jonathan won 21-9, while in the second game Priyanna came back with superb and skillful play to win at 21-11. In the third game Priyanna, who was covering the court exceptionally well, won the game at 21-5 after Jonathan conceded at 15-5 due to the lack of fitness. In the Other Men Semi-Final, Ronald Chang Yuen defeated Marlon Chung in straight sets: 2114, 21-17. The Men Finals was then played between Priyanna Ramdhani and Ronald Chang Yuen with Priyanna taking the first game 21-10, Ronald took the second game at 21-10 and in the third game Priyanna who continued her aggressive performance lost to Ronald in a close finish at 2119. Continued on page 66

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Boult’s best sinks West Indies – 2nd ODI

Ronsford Beaton bowled a quick first spell after New Zealand’s openers made fifty in a breeze ©Getty Images CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, CMC – West Indies’ bid for a series-levelling win over New Zealand was jettisoned by a careerbest spell from left-arm fast bowler Trent Boult that handed his side a 204-run victory in the second One-day International yesterday at Hagley Oval. Windies were bowled out for 121 in 28 overs to suffer their heaviest ODI defeat to the New Zealanders, as Boult claimed seven for 34 from his allotted 10 overs to reach 100 ODI wickets. The result left the Caribbean side 0-2 in the three-match series, after the Black Caps also won the first ODI two days earlier at Cobham Oval by five wickets. The final ODI is on Boxing Day, Tuesday, also at Hagley Oval. West Indies gave another insipid performance in the field, as a record sixthwicket partnership between local boys Henry Nicholls and Todd Astle, along with other solid contributions from the top-order, carried New Zealand to 325 for six off 50 overs. Nicholls hit a personal-best top score of 83 and Astle made 49, sharing 130 to establish a new mark for the sixth-wicket against the Windies, George Worker supported with 58, Ross Taylor made 57 and Colin Munro added 30. Still reeling from the late-innings flourish from Nicholls and Astle that rescued the New Zealanders from 186 for five after the 33rd over, West Indies endured a horrific start to their chase, when Boult removed Kyle Hope, fellow opener Evin Lewis and fellow lefthander Shimron Hetmyer cheaply to leave them wobbling on 21 for three inside the first six overs. Shai Hope stayed long enough with Jason Mohammed to carry the visitors past the 50run mark before Boult had him caught behind for 23, as the Windies finished the first Power Play on 53 for four. The wickets of Mohammed and Rovman Powell for a first-ball duck to Lockie Ferguson in successive balls in the 16th over,

and skipper Jason Holder to the same bowler in the 18th over snuffed out any chance of the tourists scripting a comeback story. West Indies lost their last three wickets – all to Boult – for 21 in the space of 40 deliveries, as the left-arm fast bowler enter the record books. Boult became the fifth fastest ODI player in terms of matches to reach 100 wickets (56 games) and finished with the second-best ODI figures by a New Zealanders behind Tim Southee (7-33). Earlier, the Windies again saw Worker and Munro give New Zealand a flying start, bringing up the first 50 in the sixth over before Sheldon Cottrell, the visitors’ most successful bowler with three for 62 from 10 overs, made the breakthrough. The left-arm fast bowler had Munro caught at mid-on, but Worker would push onto a second consecutive half-century. Cottrell had Neil Broom caught at slip for six in the 11th over and Worker shared 58 with Taylor before he was caught at deep fine leg off Ronsford Beaton. Taylor continued to anchor the batting with a typically breezy half-century, but Holder removed him and Black Caps skipper Tom Latham within three overs to leave the hosts at the crossroads. West Indies however, failed to maintain the pressure, as Nicholls and Astle came together on their home ground and put on a clinic in middle-over batting, manoeuvring the ball around and running well between the wickets to steer their side into a position to launch the final onslaught. The Windies were almost powerless when they did ignite, as sixes and fours rained down to the delight of the crowd. Scores: NEW ZEALAND 325 for six off 50 overs (Henry Nicholls 83 not out, George Worker 58, Ross Taylor 57, Todd Astle 49, Colin Munro 30; Sheldon Cottrell 3-62, Jason Holder 2-52). WEST INDIES 121 all out off 28 overs (Ashley Nurse 27, Shai Hope 23; Trent 7-34, Lockie Ferguson 3-17).

Sunday December 24, 2017

GBTI onboard with MSC street football

Mr. Julian Joseph treasurer of MSC (left) receives the cheque from a representative of GBTI Port Kaituma branch. Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Port Kaituma branch has supported the Matarkai Sports Committee (MSC) for the staging of its second annual male and female street football which is set to kick off on Boxing Day. All matches are schedule to commence at 18:00hrs, while the finals are slated for January 1 at Oronoque Tarmac. Defending champion Citrus Grove FC, Matthews Ridge Gold Diggers, Matthews Ridge Sports Club, Arakaka FC, Oronoque FC, Pk United FC, Sebai, Invincible Talons FC and Five Star FC are the clubs set to battle for supremacy. Three schools are expected to field an

under 12 team for exhibition matches. Registration is presently ongoing and clubs are advice to call Mr. Kimtse Castello on 6702447 to uplift forms and sponsorships. The champion Male team will cart off $150,000 and a trophy, runners up $100,000 and third place $50,000. The female winner will pocket $100,000 and a trophy and second place $50,000. Admission to the venue is $300 while children under 12 will be admitted free, but will be asked to pay a fee of $500 for the finals where there will be lots of giveaways, games and meals for the entire family. Bullet Soundz will provide added entertainment.

Businessman John Lewis elected once again to lead Flying Ace Cycle Club The members of the Flying Ace Cycle Club (FACC) have once again shown faith in long serving President John Lewis. The popular businessman was once again elected unopposed to the position of President when the club held its annual general meeting recently at Corriverton, Upper Corentyne. Lewis is the manager of popular Water Chris International Hotel in Georgetown. Prominent Attorney at law Mursalene Bacchus is still the first Vice President, while founder and coach Randolph Roberts is the second Vice President. Former national cyclist Neil Reece is the club’s third Vice President. Margaret Kuma returns as Secretary with Roberts doubling up as the Treasurer. Formerly national female cycling champion Marica Dick is the Assistant Secretary. The four committee members remain Rawle Felix, Fizal Ally, Pearl Arokium and Ganesh Singh. Former New Amsterdam Mayor and Businessman Errol Alphonso is still the Patron of the club. Up and coming cyclist Balram Narine has a lot of responsibilities placed on his shoulders. He is the new Club Captain and

will double up as the Assistant Coach. Narine, who hails from the Upper Corentyne area, will be responsible for coaching the cyclists in the area with a view of assisting Roberts in unearthing new members. Former Long serving Secretary Rhonda Russell remains an honorary member. Lewis thanked the club for continuing to show fate in him and expressed his pleasure in continuing to work with the club. He congratulated all the members for a job well done and had special words of commendation for the cyclists who help to keep the name of the club on its high pedestal. He also congratulated those that participated in the club’s activities last year especially those who did well, while wishing them a better year in 2018. He also expressed his satisfaction in the number of events hosted by the club in the foregoing year. There were words of thanks and appreciation to all sponsors including a number of former members and overseas based Guyanese who would have supported the club through the year. The executives are to meet shortly to plan the list of activities for the New Year. (Samuel Whyte)

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Sunday December 24, 2017


Excitement promised at Guyana Cup GFF/Corona Super 16 - rematch horse race meet on December 31 Buxton United and Police march into quarter finals Grove, Western, Conquerors & Ann’s Grove tangle at GFC today Home team Buxton United rallied past New Amsterdam United 2-1, while the Guyana Police Force were forceful in their 5-1 hammering of Victoria Kings when competition in the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) / Corona Super 16 knock-out football continued on Friday night at the Buxton ground, East Coast Demerara. Contesting the feature game against one of the top sides in the Berbice association, Buxton United, one of the ten Elite League teams in the competition had to work overtime to keep the team from the east at bay. It wasn’t until the first minute of added on time in the first half (45+1) that Buxton were able to break the deadlock through a Ralph Moffatt goal. Not content to be trailing the Buxtonians, New Amsterdam fired back early in the second half to equalise. Jamaal Butts rocking the nets in the 57th minute to bring things back on even keel. But the home team, with their eyes on the big prize of 2 Million Dollars would regain the lead on 77 minutes through a Keoma Sullivan strike which turned out to be the winning goal. Opening action between Police FC and Victoria Kings virtually produced one-way traffic as the lawmen; bolstered by the inclusion of Gregory ‘Jackie Chan’ Richardson and Daniel Wilson banged their way to a solid 5-1 win. Their Captain, Dwayne Jacobs signaled the

intentions of his team very early with the opening goal in the 7th minute. By the half way mark, Police were comfortably 2-0 ahead on account of Shamar Fraser’s 22nd minute effort. The second half saw the Police side more than doubling their first half tally with goals from Daniel Wilson in the 53rd and a Richardson brace in the 72nd and 85th minutes that sealed the deal for them. The Kings, once regarded as the best knock-out side in Guyana, pulled one back thanks to Reuben Morris in the 65th minute. The other teams already through the quarter finals are Winners Connection of Linden which downed the Coty Camptown, Linden’s Milerock which tamed Berbice’ Cougars, Guyana Defence Force which took care of West Demerara’s Pouderoyen and West Demerara’s Den Amstel which got past the Indigenous All Stars line up. Based on the fixture, Winners Connection are down to play Pouderoyen on Monday, Christmas Day at the Mackenzie Sports Club ground, Linden; the other match will see Milerock taking on Den Amstel. The final round of sixteen double-header is slated for the GFC ground in the City today from 18:30hrs when Grove Hi Tech tangle with Western Tigers, the winner will earn a quarter final date on Boxing Day against Police. Today’s main attraction features Fruta Conquerors and Ann’s Grove United with the victor earning the right to face Buxton United.

Teams collect prizes won in Stag/WDFA/ Derrick Josiah Memorial KO tourney

Red Jet, all the way from Georgetown, last win at Rising Sun. It will be a true rematch when the “Guyana Cup Rematch” horse race meet gallops away on new year’s eve at the Rising Sun Turf Club, Arima Park, West Coast Berbice. This is so because Red Jet, all the way from Georgetown that won the previous meet, in addition to the Rising Sun and President’s Cup meets will battle Storm Bird again that has three straight wins and the horse’s jockey will be looking to make it four in a row for the “Rematch”. The meet which is organised by the Jumbo Jet Auto Sales and Racing Stables in collaboration with the Rising Sun Turf Club, has been attracting tremendous attention over the past few days, with numerous entries. Eight races are listed for the programme which has over $7M in cash prizes up for grabs. The feature event for animals classified D2 and lower over 1800M has the top winning take of $1M and a trophy with the likes of Princess She Not, CP Got Even, Golden Blue Ecko, Lady Budapest, Honey Flow, Score Even, Just Call Me Boss, Spit Fire, Jack in My Style, Release the Beast and Light up Canada looking for the big pay day. The other events are – the race for horses classified E1 and lower West Indies bred non earners for 2016 and E3 US and Canadian bred non earners for 2016, running for a winning money of $600,000 and trophy over 1400M.

The event for 4 years old West Indies Bred and animals classified G3 and lower carries a winning pocket of $300,000 and trophy over 1400M. Horses classified H and lower will race for a winning take of $275,000 and trophy over 1100M. The 3 years old West Indies bred and I1 and lower horses will cover 1400M for a first prize of $225,000 and trophy. There is an 1100M event for three year old West Indies bred horses maiden animals for $220,000. The event for three and four year old Guyana bred maiden horses carries a winning prize money of $200,000 and trophy over 1100M. The J2 and K class event has its first prize tagged at $175,000 and trophy over 1100M. The animals classified L and lower will compete for the winning pocket of $130,000 and trophy over 1100M. The top Jockey along with the runner up, the top stable and champion trainer will all be presented with trophies and other incentives compliments of the Trophy Stall of Bourda Market and the organizers. Interested persons can contact Fazal Habibulla on 657-7010 or 232-0232, Donald Lawrie on telephone Nos 225-4530, Campton Sancho 602-1567 or Ramnauth on 697-1979. Race time is 12:30 hrs. The coordinator is Nasrudeen (Jumbo Jet) Mohamed.

Settlement triumph as Mabaruma Town Council/ Hosororo FC host Day of Sports

The top four teams representatives with WDFA President and other executives following the presentation of prizes. Winner’s Den Amstel received their $200,000 first place prize when the West Demerara Football Association held the presentation ceremony on Friday afternoon last for the STAG sponsored Derrick Josiah Memorial competition. Association President Orin Ferrier handed

over the incentives to the respective recipients. Den Amstel had defeated Pouderoyen in the final on kicks from the penalty mark to win the competition, Pouderoyen received $100,000. In the third place match, Uitvlugt Warriors thumped Young Achievers 5-0 to win $50,000 with the loser collecting $25,000.

Mayor Henry Smith (left) and Town Clerk Barrington Ward at the event. The Municipality Council of Mabaruma in Collaboration with the Hosororo Football Club recently hosted a day of sports at the Green Park, Hosororo. The Mayor Henry Smith and Town Clerk Barrington Ward attended the event and briefed players on their vision for sports and the development of the Green

Park; they also called on the players to be disciplined on and off the field in order to achieve success. Under-18 football teams from Hosororo, Wauna and Settlement participated in the competition with the latter being the eventual winners on penalty shootout. The day ended with games of bingos.

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Sunday December 24, 2017

Kobras defeated Ravens to reach final four, Jets end tournament on high Road to Mecca IV

The final two group matches of the Guyana Basketball Federation’s National Club Championships (road to Mecca IV) were competed on Friday evening at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) with Kobras winning to secure a last gasp qualification for the semifinals which were played last evening and Amelia Ward Jets achieving their first victory in their final game of the tournament. In the feature game between Kobras and last year finalists Raiders, Travis Burnett led the Georgetown Amateur Basketball Federation (GABA) based Kobras to victory with a team high 15 points, in the 6758, 9-point win. Marle Richards didn’t score a single point for Kobras but was outstanding in the air and leaped to grab impressively, 17 rebounds. Keon Cameron scored 16 points from just eight attempts but didn’t had enough support from his teammates as their team, Raiders, that had to win by three points or more to qualify for the semifinals, were booted from the tournament. Jammers had to defeat the winless Jets by 48 points to qualify for the semifinal stage but instead they couldn’t even salvage a victory and were defeated by 11-points as Jets

-Finals on tonight won 84-73. Jets’ David Benjamin scored a game high 24 points, while his team-mate Sean Muss matched Michael King’s 21 points which was enough for a Jammers victory. The finals will be played tonight at the CASH involving the winners of last night’s semifinals between Victory Valley Royals and Dynas Ravens and defending champions Bounty Colts and Kobras that contested the semifinal matches. The cash prizes for the 1st, 2nd and third placed teams amount to $600,000, $400,000 and $200,000 respectively. Individual prizes totaling $200,000 will be shared between the MVP, player scoring the most points and player with the Most Rebounds. In addition, $100,000 will go to Guyana Basketball Officials Council (GBOC). Admission to the venue is $1,000. Apart from the final and third place matches and dances by the uniformed cheerleaders, there will be half-time entertainment by Meleesa Payne and the heat wave Dancers, Tiffani Bonner, Shellica’s Indian Dance Troupe and Roy Stewart on the Saxophone.

Jammers’ Kevan Emmanuel drives towards the arc as Jets’ Allister Webster stands firm during the final round robin action on Friday night at CASH.

Sunday December 24, 2017

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“Sons of Champions” Boxing Day fight card launched “Going to be like World War two”- says Clairmonte “Vibeman” Gibson The Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) in collaboration with Briso Promotions launched the “Sons of Champions” fight card which will punch off on December 26 at the National Gymnasium on Mandela Avenue. This is a happy occasion for local pugilists and boxing fans as there has not been Boxing Day boxing for over a decade, according to Technical Director of the GBA, Terrence Poole. The one night extravaganza, as the name suggests, will feature fighters who would have had a father or other close relative who have made a distinct impression in the sport. Leon ‘Hurry Up’ Moore had created waves on the local boxing scene and was among the best punchers. Several of his sons have followed in his footsteps and come boxing night, the eldest of the bunch, Isaiah, will be among the feature attraction. Keevin Allicock vs. Clairmonte “Vibeman” Gibson is the most anticipated matchup. Allicock, who finished with the silver medal in the Youth Commonwealth Games in the Bahamas this year, dethroned “Vibeman” as the Bantamweight champion when the National Open championships concluded earlier in the month. “For me this is war, World War 2 actually

because Allicock defeated me to take the National (bantamweight) title. I’m so determined to win that yesterday (Friday) was my birthday and I didn’t celebrate, I trained even harder”, exclaimed Gibson during the launch which was held at the Windjammer International Restaurant and Hotel. Meanwhile, the 18year-old Keevin Allicock noted that, “I always come prepared for a fight and on this significant card, I just want to give the audience a good show so that after such a long delay in the Boxing Day boxing, it will be a memorable occasion.” There will be 11 fights during the meet so fans can expect to have their bellies full of fighting and Poole, the technical director of the GBA, noted that the organizers tried to have fighters from each region that has a gym, involved in this bout and there will be competitors from as far as Region 9, Lethem. Representative of Briso promotions, Seon Bristol posited during the launch that, “Boxing day is for boxing and I intend to not only help resuscitate the tradition but to keep it alive during the years to follow. In addition, I will be looking to develop the boxing locally and the sport cannot be developed without looking at the foundation, which is the main reason why I support amateur

Rockets’ Harden slams officials after second straight 50-point game (Reuters) - Houston Rockets guard James Harden exploded for his second consecutive 50-point game and then hit out at the officials after being ejected late in his team’s loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday. Harden tallied 51 points as the Rockets fell 128-118 but suffered through frustrating final minutes that ended with him fouling out and then being ejected following an exchange with a referee. “(Expletive) calls, “Harden told reporters when asked about his frustration. “I‘m tired of hearing ‘I made a mistake,’ or ‘I didn’t see it’. “That’s frustrating when you hear it as a player. I know we all make mistakes, but it’s just frustrating.” Harden’s tough finish to the night included just two points, two turnovers and three fouls in the final 2:20. Despite that, Harden became the last player since Kobe Bryant in 2007 to register consecutive 50-point outings. He also scored 51 in a defeat against the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday.

boxing.” President of the GBA, Steve Ninvalle, explained that there are a number of competitions coming in 2018 including the Commonwealth Games, Central America and Commonwealth (CAC) Games so this tournament is

part of their rigorous training programme in preparation for those events. Ticket prices for the “Sons of Champions” event are $1,000 regular, $1,500 ringside while VIP cost $2,500 (inclusive of a meal). (Calvin Chapman) Seon Bristol, representative of Briso Promotions.

t r o Sp Road to Mecca IV

Kobras defeated Ravens to reach final four, Jets end tournament on high -Finals on tonight

p. 70

“Sons of Champions” Boxing Day fight card launched p. 71

“Going to be like World War two”- says Clairmonte “Vibeman” Gibson

Shamar France (nine points) of Jammers looks for a pass during their loss to Jets on Friday.

Clairmonte “Vibeman” Gibson (left) and Keevin Allicock squares off ahead of Tuesday’s feature match up at the Gymnasium.


Trent Boult was brutal in his opening spell, taking four top-order wickets. He eventually finished with a seven-for ©Getty Images

Henry Nicholls was patient at first, but opened his arms thereafter. He smashed a career-best 83* to help NZ finish on 325 ©Getty Images

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