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Is Peter still paying the piper? Politics should not be about serving the interests of politicians, their friends, relatives, political parties or the business elite. It should be about serving the interests of the people. So President Granger’s unequivocal declaration in 2015 during his swearing in ceremony - that all who engage in corrupt activities in the past will not find solace in his Government, regardless of party affiliation or status signalled his tough stance against corruption. While in opposition, the APNU+AFC coalition had promised that if elected, they would put an end corruption and prosecute senior public officials of the last administration. The President’s statement shows that he has placed a heightened emphasis on the issue of corruption. He made it clear that corruption is one of the biggest challenges facing the nation. It has stifled development and wreaked havoc on the country during the Jagdeo/Ramotar administration - to the extent that Guyana was considered the second most corrupt country in the Caribbean, after Haiti. And while the President underlined the need for urgent action to end this scourge on society, many believe that he must do more than talk. But even though the government has taken decisive steps to tackle corruption within the state sector, it continues to persist at almost all levels of government. The government has spent more than $150 million of the taxpayers’ money on forensic audits and another $100 million to establish the State Asset Recovery Agency (SARA), whose focus is to follow the money. While SARA has done a good job so far, it seems that following the money and seek forfeiture through the courts have become difficult tasks. For a while, the government was on the right path to end corruption, by tracing the proceeds to the places they usually go. But now, halfway through its first mandate, that promise seems much more like a pipe dream. Except for the former Minister of Public Service, no other senior public official from the last administration has been charged or convicted of corruption. Would a Special Prosecutor - like the one currently investigating if the Russians interfered with the US Presidential elections, and what role if any was played by the Trump administration - have yielded more results? Many believe that the money spent on forensic audits to uncover corrupt practices, could have been better spent on improving the services at our hospitals, paying our doctors and nurses, fixing our decaying education system, keeping our city and communities clean and beautiful, providing shelter for the homeless and improving the welfare of the masses. Not to mention the repairing of our roads, reducing power outages and improving water supply. While the government has laid the groundwork for a decisive intervention to end corruption, it has not presented a plan to the nation as to how to tackle and solve the problem. It is true that action speaks louder than words. Tackling corruption seems to have been an ad hoc process for the past two and a half years. It is time for the government to develop and implement a concrete plan to address the issue. A good place to start is to shatter the myth that when it comes to white-collar crime, its hands are tied, because it is much more difficult to prosecute and convict those alleged of such crimes. It is a daily occurrence in other countries. White-collar crime is generational. It has a direct nexus with corruption, but the government cannot lay charges without solid evidence that would lead to convictions. However, there are also other crucial matters related to corruption that the state should be dealing with more seriously, such as further strengthening the Anti-Money Laundering laws to prevent the secret stashing away of money obtained through corruption. It should also urgently reform the procurement process in order to prevent the awarding of contracts to relatives and friends, and to end bribery or kickbacks by contractors to public officials. Too often there are suspicions that Peter is still paying the piper.

Saturday December 23, 2017

Editor’s Note; If your sent letter was not published and you felt its contents were valid and devoid of libel or personal attacks, please contact us by phone or email.

An open letter to President David Granger D E A R M R . PRESIDENT (“THRU” THE EDITOR) Scrap metal dealers are pleading with you to ensure that someone who is ‘Fit and Proper” be appointed to manage the scrap metal trade in Guyana. Mr. Ian Smith, the newly appointed Head of the Scrap Metal Unit does not have any experience in the scrap metal trade, and is not capable of managing this industry, that thousands of our people depend on for a living. Mr. Neilson McKenzie was managing the scrap metal trade from February 2017 up until August 2017 when he was interdicted from duty. When Mr. McKenzie started his employment at the Ministry of Business in 2016, he told other staff members that he really wanted to go to Law School to pursue studies in Law, but that he could not afford it. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Mckenzie was handing out his business cards with the credentials LLB, LLM behind his name. Because of his credential, he was tasked with the responsibility of preparing new legislation for the scrap metal trade by the Minister. What he prepared as the Scrap Metal Bill which

is presently before Cabinet for consideration is a “Bundle of Nonsense “and will have to be redone because the scrap metal trade cannot be conducted within the scope of that proposed legislation. M r. M c K e n z i e w a s demanding several millions of dollars from scrap metal dealers for permits to export scrap metal. We reported the matter to the Minister and he responded by closing down the trade. A n y h o w, t h e t h r e e months opening permitted by Cabinet, was up at the same time. After the closure, Mr. McKenzie continued to sell more permits to export. He was caught, the police were called in and he is presently on bail and interdicted from duty. Before Mr. McKenzie started his employment at the Ministry of Business, he was working at ‘Hits and Jams’. He was caught on video tape doing something and was immediately fired. In February 2017, the Ministry of Business advertised the vacancy for the Head of the Scrap Metal Unit. The required qualification was a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration or Public Management with at least

eight years experience in a Senior Managerial position. The Minister set up a committee to find a “Fit and Proper” candidate for the job. Over fifty persons with Bachelor’s degree and ten w i t h M a s t e r ’s D e g r e e applied for the job. Interviews were held and a few names were shortlisted and submitted to the Minister for consideration. However, in July 2017, the Minister employed Mr. Ian Smith to head the Scrap Metal Unit. Mr. Smith never submitted an application for the job, nor was he interviewed by the committee. When Mr. Ian Smith started out at the Ministry of Business, he told staff members that he has a “Diploma from the University of Guyana”. On his “Linkedln” page, for his qualification, he stated Penn Foster, 20122016, no stated credentials whatsoever. Penn Foster only offers unaccredited online courses. For his experience, he stated only the time he was appointed Head of the Scrap Metal Unit, September 2017. Our investigations revealed that Mr. Ian Smith never graduated from Penn Foster in 2016 nor did he successfully complete High

School in Guyana and he has no managerial experience. Sir, we have nothing personal against Mr. Smith but from his performance at the Ministry and his interaction with scrap metal dealers, we are convinced that Mr. Ian Smith is not capable of managing the scrap metal trade in Guyana and we will continue to suffer as long as he is the Head of the Unit. Among the numerous qualified applicants who applied for the job, we know of the following: 1. Ms. Oslyn Armstrong — She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Management and is employed for several years in a senior position in the Public Service. She was the Special Assistant to former Prime Minister, Mr. Sam Hinds, and was the Head of the Scrap Metal Unit for several years under him. She is presently the Special Assistant to the Hon. Ms. Annette Ferguson, Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure. 2. Ms. Christina Harding has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Management. She w o r k e d a s t h e Administrative Assistant at Continued on page 6

The police force is not what it should be DEAR EDITOR, The Guyana Police Force is corrupted from the top to the bottom and it truly needs cleaning up and overhaul. None of the senior ranks is suited to become the next police commissioner, as they are all set in their individual ways, not team players. They lack essence to serve the people freely through their deep-seated corruption. In Kaieteur News, December 17, 2017, an article titled “Top Cop concedes police ranks should not have been in Parliament,” and quoting “acting top cop” David Ramnarine, “It would be good for us to contemplate that in certain circumstances necessity knows no law.” How ironic is that! Ramnarine should say the Guyana Police Force (GPF) “knows no law or boundary.” It is an entity where anything goes, abusing discretionary powers and damn adverse

ramifications or repercussions, and they “know no law or boundary” is correct because the police are the thieves, murderers and criminals. There are countless examples of police impermissible activities, so there is no need to discuss them. Although Kaieteur News is the mouth-piece of free speech and expression in this backward-Third World country, too frequently your newspaper shuns letters whenever they implicate the corrupt and contemptuous behaviour of senior police officials, politicians, and friends of this newspaper. But it comes a point when a media outlet must take a position on reporting what a cesspool the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and members of parliament are. Ramnarine failed the people and still failing the people and Kaieteur News must stop protecting him. The recent disrespect in

Parliament by the PPP/C is a shameful act under the S p e a k e r ’s w a t c h , a n d Ramnarine is totally out of place when he indicated that “... police ranks should not have been in Parliament.” He has to be joking! The Speaker summoned the Sergeant-at-Arms who failed to remove the out-of-order “Bishop” Juan Edghill (and, a “Bishop” acting like a prostitute who didn’t get paid for services rendered). The police failed to assist the Sergeant-at-Arms. The top cop had no contingency in place for dealing with situations where members of parliament behave like dogs in heat. Then the recent Santa Claus trying to present Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo an Oxford Dictionary in Parliament should have been denounced as a gross security breach. Dr. Barton Scotland should have had the individual arrested. This could not be viewed

by Ramnarine as a “prank.” Has Ramnarine viewed tapes to ascertain who that perpetrator was? I am sure he did not in the same manner how he failed to view the tape that was given to him regarding the alleged plot to assassinate the President. Ramnarine’s excuse for two plainclothes policemen at the press table in Parliament weren’t properly briefed is nothing but passing the buck as him never being wrong. Action speaks volumes and countless cases of police corruption have been reported, including through myself, and Ramnarine has done nothing. How much longer should the public watch the circus of the top cop, GPF, and Members of Parliament? No name supplied (Editor’s note: We at Kaieteur News do not shun letters nor do we protect anyone because there are no sacred cows).

Kaieteur News

Saturday December 23, 2017


The presence of the police in People of Sixth Street, Alberttown need the National Assembly their peace from a miserable neighbour DEAR EDITOR, With reference to various articles written in the newspapers of Guyana, subsequent to the 79th Sitting of the National Assembly, concerning the entrance of police officers into the Parliamentary Chamber, which obtained during that Sitting, I wish to bring clarity to popular misconceptions with regard to the police acting unlawfully. Police officers assigned to the precincts of the Parliament are not only responsible for the security of the precincts, but are also required to assist with the maintenance of order within the Parliamentary Chamber, once necessary. This practice is common within all Parliaments. In many Parliaments, Members of Parliament as well as visitors in the Public Gallery have been removed from the Chamber and its precincts. It should be noted that the Sergeant-atArms of the Parliament of Guyana operates on the instructions of the Speaker of the National Assembly during Sittings. According to Standing Order No. 47 (7) of the Standing Orders of the National Assembly of the Parliament of Guyana, “If resort to force is necessary, the Speaker may suspend the Sitting during the removal of the Member.” On Monday, December 11, 2017, during the 79th Sitting of the National Assembly, the Sergeant-at-Arms was instructed to remove a Member of Parliament after he refused to obey the direction of the Speaker to forthwith withdraw from the Assembly and its precincts. It therefore became necessary for the Speaker to suspend the Sitting, pursuant to Standing Order No. 47 (7). What does “resort to force” mean in parliamentary practice? Once resort to force becomes necessary to remove a Member who has refused to obey a direction of the Speaker, the Sergeant-atArms is required to seek the assistance of the relevant Police Force or other police authority. It is only after order is restored that the House can resume the business that it was summoned to undertake. Referring to an incident in the United Kingdom’s House of Commons, the 24th Edition of Erskine May Parliamentary Practice, at page 457, states that the Speaker

directed the Sergeant-at-Arms to remove a Member of Parliament who refused to comply with an instruction to withdraw. The Sergeant-at-Arms, “finding that force was necessary, brought in his officers... “. Similarly, Standing Order No. 55 (12) of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago states that if “resort to force is necessary, the Speaker may suspend the sitting during the removal of the Member.” It further provides that in ejecting an offending Member, the assistance of any police officer may be obtained. In the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago, there have been instances when officers of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service have been called in to assist the Sergeant-at-Arms (Marshal) to remove grossly disorderly persons, including Members of Parliament, from the Parliament’s Chamber and precincts. Only recently, the police in South Africa were summoned to remove Members of Parliament from the Chamber. More so, on more than one occasion, the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa resorted to force and summoned security officers, who are members of the South African Police Service, to forcibly remove Members of Parliament. For reference, these occasions were on November, 2014; February, 2015; and February, 2017. It is worthy to note that if there is gross disorder in the Parliamentary Chamber, including assaults, the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Parliament of Guyana is not equipped to deal with matters of such nature and the Guyana Police Force would have to be summoned. It must also be noted that the Speaker of the National Assembly does not have to directly instruct that the police be called in. When a lawful instruction is given to the Sergeant-at-Arms, if necessary, the police would be called in. In the current instance, the Speaker of the National Assembly directed the Sergeant-atArms to remove the Member, and, since the Sergeant-at-Arms was unable to remove the offending Member, the assistance of the Guyana Police Force was rightfully sought and obtained.

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BID SECURITY AND BID SECURING DECLARATION DEAR EDITOR, I trust that the rank and file at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), particularly those that participate at the public opening ceremony, and the evaluators are cognizant that qualified bidders could submit with their bid, bid securing declaration as an alternative to the bid security and the reason (s) for doing so. Further, the grounds for enforcement of the bid securing declaration and the concomitant penalties are much more severe than those for the bid security. Some time in 2015, the Ministry of Finance hosted a

seminar for bidders at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre. During the proceedings, the question of bidders not using the bid securing declaration in the form of a bid security came up. One of the presenters opined that the commitment bidders would have to make when the bid securing declaration is used as an alternative to the bid security is scary and the fear may have influenced their decision not to submit the bid securing declaration in place of the bid security when the need to do arises. Be that as it may, it would be unfair for the evaluators to disqualify/reject a contractor

bid for submitting a bid securing declaration instead of a bid security owing to ignorance; for ignorance is no excuse for not knowing the rules and regulations of the Procurement Act (2003) and the Procurement Amendment Regulations (2004). Julius Williams

DEAR EDITOR, I am a citizen of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. I was born and bred in the Alberttown community. I have achieved a business in this same community. This business is licensed and registered to operate in the context of the law with all stipulations being adhered to. From September 2014 to now, a particular individual in Sixth Street (where the business is located) has been making the lives of residents in the community a living hell. Persons operating other businesses are also feeling the brunt of victimisation at the hands of this disgusting neighbour. The community was accustomed to looking out for each other and living in camaraderie. No one knows what went wrong and why this neighbour became disgruntled. It started a couple of years back. Out of nowhere, this individual placed big blocks or any heavy object or string board on the city council parapet so nobody could park there. Junkies passed and removed these obstructions. However, it was reported to the Police Station that persons in my household had removed these blocks. Police harassment started because of this report that was not true. My social life in my registered licensed business took a turn for the worse. From that report about bricks it became noise nuisance— report after report. It was reported frequently that my business was playing loud music, disturbing this individual. However, police would drive up unexpectedly and always find that the music is not loud. They would however advise that we turn the music down further. I even asked them once, if it meant that I should not play

music at all but the officer advised that I turn it down further to be on the safe side of the law. Being a law abiding citizen, and to be accommodating, I complied. Please note, that I am operating a registered licensed business and I must be given permission to play music at a particular level. Every given day, from then to now, once that person is at home and the business is being operated, reports are made to various police stations. If satisfaction is not gained from Alberttown Police Station, Brickdam Police station is used. What a waste of taxpayers’ money, to have police drive or ride unnecessarily to investigate something that is not true for so many years. When is it going to stop? Could someone use the police force for so many years without penalty, for their own wicked gains? Some ranks at both police stations are totally fed up, but they have to adhere to commands and orders given from their functional superiors. This has caused my business to decline and customers are tired of the –”every minute” visits by the police. I was once told by one of the officers that the person is trying to close my business down. Why, I don’t know. I am doing a legitimate business with no illegal or clandestine behaviour. Many officers have asked to be transferred because of this wicked act. The records, if investigated would show and reflect such.

At one of our encounters with the police, a senior officer, who was dealing with the matter, told my son to be careful, because this neighbour has a personal vendetta, and is out to close the business. This was verbalised and reiterated by the said individual that that was the aim and objective. Could someone be so blatant in his act? When I put on my radio, police would either drive or walk through the neighbourhood, because of the accusation of noise nuisance that is affecting one malicious neighbour, who is always affected. This problem has become intolerable and needs to be properly investigated. Sometimes police would ride through the street looking for this noise complaint to which they are responding. If this noise is so loud, you should not have to look for it. Another neighbour accused this particular person of poisoning their healthy pit bull dogs. The owners went to bed after a confrontation with the individual, which subsequently ended in a court matter and the next day, found their dogs dead. When is this going to stop? After several reports to the police stations, reports started to be made to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about more noise nuisance. The team arrived from that Agency and conducted the necessary test to evaluate the sound system. Even at its highest, it was

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Willingly accepting counterfeit currency DEAR EDITOR, On Wednesday 20, 2017, my niece was travelling to Georgetown on a minibus. She was sitting next to a bulky African guy who was also a passenger in the bus. As they reached the Demerara Harbour Bridge, the man was checking some US which he had in a white big envelope. He pretended to know my niece and formed a conversation asking her about her husband. She told him that he was doing fine. He asked her if she can change $100 US for him since he has no local currency to pay the bus conductor. He took out a $100 US and asked her to change it. She gave him $20,000 and he gave her the $100 US. In his envelope, he

had all these counterfeit about 500. He was so smart that he was enticing people to see it. Apparently, he had others with him on the lookout for policemen. She was going to Georgetown to do her Christmas shopping not aware that this man was a scammer. As she exited the bus at East Bank Bus Park, the man was left sitting in the bus alone with the bus driver and conductor. To me this was a planned con by the operators and the con man. My niece went into GBTI Bank to change the foreign currency, and she was told by the cashier that the money was counterfeit. What I observed since the policemen are all around in Georgetown patrolling, these crooks have moved

their con business to West Demerara just before the DHB where passengers are coming from, especially Essequibo Coast. The Commissioner of Police should take note of this new operation and set up his new dragnet to catch these thieves and hooligans. Passengers travelling on these buses should take warning of these scammers and not to be caught in their acts. Mohamed Khan. Editor ’s note: The writer’s niece should not have been changing foreign currency since she did not have a licence. Further, people should not be calling on the police to protect people from their own ignorance.

We are suffering too much in Enterprise ECD! DEAR EDITOR, Can you please publish this letter so that The President, Prime Minister, Mr Khemraj Ramjattan, Dion Moore, all at Traffic, East Coast Police, Opposition Leader, and any other caring citizen or someone else who is in authority that can appreciate what is going on. It’s all about the bus service; we are being held at ransom by most of the buses. How can a bus leave Enterprise with overload, four adults in a seat, and pass all the Police stations on the East Coast Demerara without being stopped? As a UG student, I called all the Stations on East Coast Demerara and gave them the

time and number of the bus to the Traffic Department, but it seemed they were not interested to help, or they were blind to our problems. Don’t talk about the Vulgar and Loud music the elders, the children, the suffering, all have to endure daily! Can someone help the poor people please? I am from a single parent household with a brother going to a school in Georgetown. These hooligans—the conductor and driver (most of them) charge us $200 after 12.00 pm, instead $140. When we speak out, we are being insulted and cursed, and in the end, victimised to the point where they don’t

want us to travel with them unless we pay the $200. Things are hard for the sugar workers who have children travelling and even themselves and family who have to pay the extra fare. These are robbers who are robbing us daily! I wish to know who can help us. Only the buses in Enterprise are doing this; nowhere else on East Coast Demerara this is happening, at least not that I know of. Give us the information and numbers that we can call to get some help please. I just want to wish the government and people a very merry Christmas, and a most religious and loving 2018! A resident of Enterprise

Saturday December 23, 2017

People of Sixth Street, Alberttown need... From page 5 below their decibel and I was promised a letter from that Agency to reflect same, so that I could take it to the relevant authorities and the various police stations; I am still awaiting that letter. I spoke with the Supervisor five months ago at EPA and told her of my situation, and to date, I am still waiting. The harassment continues. This letter is important because that information has to be given to the Albertown Police Station, so they could forward it to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP). I am also in receipt of statements from other neighbours that I personally think should be documented. In 2015, a police officer told my son that they have over one hundred noise nuisance reports for our business documented. Our struggling business is being victimised and our customers are being driven away. We are clearly the target, because as soon as customers are seen at the shop from the window, a report is made and police turn up. Sometimes, if there are customers the individual would take out their picture with a phone or tablet and also take out and document their car number. My son spent two nights in the Camp Street jail for aggressive language, a charge with no bail. Is it because of friends and

associates? This individual goes all over and complains about noise nuisance. This is their way of peddling lies. I have no choice now but to plead with the Minister of P u b l i c S e c u r i t y, M r. Khemraj Ramjattan and Commissioner of Police, David Ranmarine (ag.) to investigate this matter, which is of utter importance to me and my family. I have no other means of existence. I have been self employed all my working life. I have expressed in this letter what I am going through. This individual has taken several of the neighbours to court, some of them twice for noise nuisance. I state my case. This is the truth. “Noise nuisance” is being misused. Another neighbour does handicraft. Steps and reports are being made to have that business cease and out of operation also for noise nuisance and dust pollution. Environmental Protection Agency checked their machinery about three times. Nothing was found as was stated and reported. EPA made this entrepreneur seal the entire workshop and still complaints are being made. The relevant authorities need to look into this matter. Last year, a police officer told me that he went into work at 5 o’clock the

morning to check for noise nuisance. I asked him what noise, because I operate up to 11 p.m. and be in my house watching MTV late night edition. All bars are allowed to operate until 2 a.m. but I cannot because of this burdensome situation. This business knows about dominoes, pools competition, karaoke twice per week, fun day in the street and this individual was right there. This person slapped my son. Why? — We had a BarB-Que and the individual’s tenant asked my son to take over some stuff for her. I did not want him to go over there but the owner (disgruntled individual) was not at home. The tenant had broken a leg. She fell on the bricks. The individual returned home when my son was coming out of the yard and blocked him from doing so. She then verbally abused my son and ended up slapping him. A report was made to the Alberttown Police Station and records at the station could attest to this. This episode lasted one whole year in the court. I could go on and on about incidents and catastrophes, but I close now. Please advise what I should do and what next. A fed up Citizen S.S

The presence of the police in... From page 5 The privileges, immunities and powers enjoyed by Members of the National Assembly of the Parliament of Guyana, in accordance with Article 172 of the Constitution, do not allow Members to misconduct themselves and enjoy

immunity from removal from the Chamber. It is hoped that this response serves to correct any misconception and to confirm that the summoning of the Police Force or appropriately precepted o ff i c e r s t o r e m o v e a Member or visitor who has

refused to comply with a S p e a k e r ’s o r d e r t o immediately withdraw from the Chamber is standard parliamentary practice t h r o u g h o u t t h e Commonwealth. S. E. Isaacs Clerk of the National Assembly

An open letter to President David... From page 4 the Guyana Metal Recyclers Association for over seven years. She is extremely knowledgeable in the scrap metal trade. 3. Mr. Michael Burnett — Mr. Burnett has a B a c h e l o r ’s D e g r e e i n Computer Science and a JD Degree in Law. He is a U.S Attorney, who now resides in Guyana for the last seven years. He personally exported scrap metal from Guyana in the past and has worked closely

with the Guyana Metal Recyclers Association since his return to Guyana. Because of his extensive knowledge on the scrap metal industry worldwide, Mr. Burnett is considered a world expert in this business. Mr. Burnett is personally known to the following cabinet members, Hon. Mr. Basil Williams, Hon. Mr. David Patterson, Hon. Mr. Raphael Trotman, Hon. Mr. Joseph Harmon and Hon. Ms. Cathy Hughes. Your Excellency, as our

President, and The Conscience of this Nation, we are pleading with you to ensure that someone, anyone who is qualified, “Fit and Proper” be appointed to manage the scrap metal trade. M r. S m i t h h a s n o experience in the trade, is not qualified and is not capable of moving this trade forward and this entire industry will continue to suffer as long as he is the Head of the Unit. With all best wishes Name not stated

Saturday December 23, 2017

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Saturday December 23, 2017

High Court judge tells CJ: All not well on Knox Street Trinidad Guardian - Pressure is mounting on Chief Justice Ivor Archie to speak out on allegations being made against him. A High Court judge has written to him saying he cannot stand by and remain silent about “the most significant threat to our institution in a very long time.” “All is not well on Knox Street,” Justice Ronnie Boodoosingh said in an email dated December 15 to Archie, Justice Carol Gobin and judges of the Appeal Court and High Court. A copy of the email has been obtained by Guardian Media. In it, Boodoosingh wrote that the Judiciary’s role in a democracy is bigger than any judge individually and collectively. When grave allegations are made, he said “we cannot just sit back and feel they will go away; that it could be business as usual.” Boodoosingh said the Judiciary had been in continuous public focus and in recent months information was being made public with allegations that get more shocking. He said like most judges, he had tried staying steadfast

to his judicial oath to attend court, decide cases, contribute to the judiciary and “carry on with business as usual.” However, he warned that ten years from now “when the consequences of what we do now are still being felt, I will not stand accused of having been part of the Judiciary and remained silent on the most significant threat to our institution in a very long time.” The serious allegations levelled against Archie include that he spoke to judges about changing their state security to private security and sought the intervention of the HDC to secure housing for a number of people. Archie has denied the former allegation but has admitted to seeking to get housing for individuals he deemed to be in need of such. Boodoosingh referred to guidelines for judicial conduct which state that judges must not ask favours of others and must be “beholden to no one, only to our consciences and our judicial oath.” He said while they may have views on politics, social and moral issues, they have to be circumspect in who they express those views to and in

what setting. “There are permissible areas for public engagement,” he said. He added that judges must be careful about the friends they keep, even in the legal fraternity and reserved in “what we do, where we go and who we go with.” “Judges must uphold the law. We have to avoid circumstances that may open us to even unfounded accusations,” he said He said while everyone is human with human needs and failings and will err, when that conduct has the potential to “undermine the functions we perform, shake judicial independence and the separation of powers, reduce public confidence in the Judiciary, open us up to blackmail or worse, we have to say something.” Boodoosingh said had there been a meeting of judges, he would have had an opportunity to express his views. Noting that the Judiciary “will benefit from light being shone on what we do,” he said if he is labelled as being part of a clique, he will “take it in stride, because I know my conscience is clear and I sleep well at night.”

Phillip J. Pierre

could leave and people would get used to the fact that such an excellent head of state would no longer be in office. “So I am not very happy with the way in which she is demitting office,” Pierre said, adding that he is aware of “all the rumours” surrounding her decision to step down. “I hope they are not true because as you know the prime minister does not discuss these things with me, not in the course of normal business where prime ministers discuss these things which ought not to be political. “The Governor General ought to be a role model and having said so I hope the person who is going to be given that job, it is difficult to follow in her footsteps, but I hope the person is someone with poise, has the dignity, who has impartiality, who has the vision to do the job of head of state and not be a political tool,” Pierre added. The head of state is largely a ceremonial position and is a representative of the Britain’s Queen Elizabeth. Since St. Lucia gained independence in 1979 there have been seven Governor Generals.

Opposition critical of “callous” way Governor General “forced” to resign from office

CASTRIES, St. Lucia CMC – The main opposition St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has criticised the “callous” manner in which Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy was forced out of office after two decades in the post. In a television broadcast on Wednesday, Dame Pearlette Louisy said she would be “demitting office as St Lucia’s Governor General on December 31st, 2017. “It has been indeed both a privilege and a pleasant duty to have served you and my country in this capacity,” she said, without disclosing the reason behind her decision to step down from office. But there has been widespread speculation here that the island’s first female head of state and longest serving Governor General was pressured by the Allen Chastanetled government to step down. Prime Minister Chastanet, had earlier this refused to be drawn on whether Dame Pearlette Louisy had been asked to resign, saying instead that it was ‘very unusual’ to have a Governor General in position for such a length of time”. Opposition Leader Phillip J. Pierre told a news confer-

ence that he was not satisfied in the manner in which Dame Pearlette demitted office. “For somebody who has been in that position for 20 years two weeks’ notice almost sound callous. I think the powers that be should have allowed the Governor General the time for the people of St. Lucia to get used to the idea that she would not have been there, so she could have left in a more fitting manner.” Pierre said that she should have been given at least a year’s notice “or 20 months of notice so that she


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Jamaica pleased with first shipment of bananas to Trinidad and Tobago

Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Minister, Karl Samuda (cente), cuts the ribbon to symbolise Jamaica’s first official shipment of bananas to Trinidad. (JIS Photo) KINGSTON, Jamaica CMC – The Jamaica government says the shipment of bananas to Trinidad and Tobago on Christmas Day is in keeping with the thrust to enter new markets, beginning with those in the 15-member Caribbean Community (CARICOM) grouping. “We have to start by working within our community, and CARICOM is an extended local market, so we are learning what we have to learn (by) being competitive within our domestic market,” Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Minister, Karl Samuda said as he inspected the estimated 36,000 pounds of the fruit destined for the oil-rich twin island republic. Monday’s shipment will be the first of weekly shipments to Port of Spain over the next six months and

Samuda said he is buoyed by the shipment, which represents the government’s work to re-develop the banana industry and boost exports. “This export to Trinidad is very encouraging, and I am extremely pleased with what I see and the level of efficiency in the packaging,” he said, praising the Banana Board, farmers, and other stakeholders. “It’s the beginning of a long road and there are challenges along the way… but you have the ability to overcome those challenges,” He said as the bananas, in 900 boxes were placed into the container on the compound of the Agriculture Export Centre (AMC Complex). General Manager of the Banana Board, Janet Conie, said she is pleased that Trinidad and Tobago is a new market for Jamaica’s bananas,

which will be receiving a Global Good Agricultural Practices (GLOBALGAP) certified product. GLOBALGAP is an internationally recognised set of farm standards. This certification is reassurance that food reaches accepted levels of safety and quality, and has been produced sustainably, respecting the health, safety and welfare of workers, the environment, and in consideration of animal-welfare issues. The government says it has been working to consistently increase the exportation of bananas through the Banana Export Expansion Programme, which is geared towards increasing banana production with international standards, and developing the industry through technical and infrastructural support.

NASSAU, Bahamas CMC – The Bahamas government says it plans to liberalise the foreign exchange control regime so as to promote greater opportunities for local investors and small and medium-sized businesses/enterprises (SMEs). Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis said that Bahamians and residents will be given approval to repatriate foreign currency deposits or investment assets at the same foreign currency value upon application to the Central Bank of The Bahamas. He said no penalties will be imposed on regularized accounts and investments. Minnis said the owners of deposit facilities will be allowed to use those resources to finance domestic transactions without restriction. But he noted that prohibitions will exist against either funding or

augmenting these facilities with proceeds converted from Bahamian dollars. This reform accommodates Bahamian residents who have amassed deposits or investment assets abroad for which they should have obtained prior Exchange Control approval. Prime Minister Minnis also announced t h a t t h e buying and selling rates for the Investment Currency Market (ICM) will be “significantly reduced” from 12.5 per cent and 10 per cent respectively, tfive and 2.5 per cent. In addition, he said Bahamians will be able to fund investments at the lower rate of B$1.050 (US$1.00) and to repatriate investment currency proceeds to the Bahamas at the rate of B$1.025 (US$1.00). The reforms are designed to reduce the costs of fund-

ing for capital market and related investments made outside of The Bahamas, with investment currency that is available at a premium. Minnis said as part of the relaxation protocol, Bahamian-owned businesses will be allowed to maintain operating deposit accounts of up to US$100,000 in foreign currency at domestic, commercial banks, without prior reference to the Central Bank. These accounts will have to be exclusively funded from revenues earned in foreign currency. This reform provides access to foreign currency accounts for local businesses to cover international expenses in their operations. Central Bank approval will continue to be required for accounts with balances of more than US$100,000 in foreign currency.

Govt. eases foreign exchange restrictions


Saturday December 23, 2017

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Monitoring capital projects will remain a challenge for Business Ministry - Gaskin - need for in-house engineer highlighted By the end of the half year, the Ministry of Business had only recorded a 22 percent implementation rate for the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP). In an interview with Kaieteur News recently, Business Minister Dominic Gaskin explained that there are a few factors which led to this. Gaskin said that while his ministry had a few setbacks, its rate of PSIP implementation has certainly not been poor overall. He explained that a lot of the spending for his ministry was concentrated in the second half of the year. Gaskin noted that the entity is actually projected to reach an 85% implementation. The Minister said, “Most of our agencies have exhausted their capital allocations. However, the Department of Industrial Development, which is responsible for over 60% ( $485M) of our capital, is where our greatest challenge lies. That department oversees a number of projects, but it has some capacity challenges.” Gaskin continued, “The Ministry of Business does not have an in-house engi-

neer and we have been trying unsuccessfully to recruit one since last year. The compensation package is just not attractive enough for us to recruit an engineer. The alternative is to hire consulting design and supervision engineers through the tender process, but that in itself is a timeconsuming process.” He added, “Being able to monitor our capital projects will remain a challenge while we do not have a resident engineer, but it is a constraint that we are working to overcome.” Additionally, Minister Gaskin spoke about the strides his ministry made with budgetary allocations in 2015, 2016 and 2017. He noted that the entity was able to complete specific phases of infrastructural works related to Industrial and Rural Development projects. He said that there was the construction of bridge on the Coldingen Industrial estate, installation of fire hydrants on the Belvedere Estate, completion of the Leguan Plantain chip factory, and completion of construction works for the Enmore and Tuschen Call Centres.

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Saturday December 23, 2017

Survey reveals more than 3000 living with disabilities in Region Six A survey by the National Commission on Disability has uncovered that there are in excess of 3,000 people living with disabilities in Region Six alone. This figure, according to Senior Minister of Public Health, Ms. Volda Lawrence, has “surely exceeded expectations.” The Commission, according to the Minister, has in fact commenced a survey for disabled persons which has already reached Regions Two, Five, Six and 10. “So far Region Six’s data has been analyzed and we have found 3,267 persons with some form of disability,” Minister Lawrence revealed. According to the Minister, given the impact of disability, considerable and consistent efforts are being made to cater to persons with disabilities. In this regard, she disclosed that as part of the rehabilitation week of activities in June of this year, a massive school screening project was executed in Region Two along the Essequibo coast. This move allowed for children attending six nursery schools in the region to be screened for various hearing, speech and physical impairments. During the course of this year too, Minister Lawrence said that 19 differentlyable young adults graduated from the Open Doors Vocational School. To date, seven of these differently-able young adults have been employed at various agencies, including at the Ministry of Public Health. Added to this, Lawrence revealed that community-based training was completed by 30 participants from various backgrounds who returned to their communities to ensure timely delivery, intervention and access to the rehabilitation services. Article 26 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities calls for countries to make rehabilitation available at the earliest possible stage and make rehabilitation services available as close as possible to people’s communities, including the rural and hinterland areas. For many health conditions, including injury, rehabilitation is beneficial along the continuum of care. As such, Minister Lawrence underscored that it is important that persons in the hinterland and rural areas have access to follow-up services in the community, following discharge from hospital. “These outcomes are not only significant and beneficial for the persons receiving care, but will also confer considerable advantages on the health system,” she asserted. The public health sector has also been forging strategic collaborations to advance

Murder suspect gets visa, flees despite police holding passport -Gangaram family appeals for justice

Minister of Public Health, Volda Lawrence its efforts to address the needs of persons with disabilities. This, according to the Minister, resulted in 435 patients benefiting when its Audiology Department partnered with the Starkey Hearing Foundation this year. The parent company of the Starkey Hearing Foundation is Starkey Hearing Technologies, which is the largest producer of hearing aids in the United States. In fact, it is one of the top six producers of hearing aids in the world. The beneficiaries were screened in March and June last, an undertaking which saw 870 hearing aids being distributed. “This was all free of cost to the patients, and they will have these hearing aids with a lifetime warranty, and all patients will receive batteries free of cost for their devices,” informed Minister Lawrence. She disclosed that the hearing aids will provide valuable benefits to improve the quality of life of the patients in a number of important ways. The Minister sought to amplify that the significant gains will: ensure patients hear better in situations that are important to them; allow them to stay connected; ensure that they do not become a burden to others; be able to identify speech amidst noise; be able to stay sharp; be alert to what’s happening around them and, most importantly, be able to work longer and earn more. “Studies clearly demonstrate that untreated loss of hearing can impact your success on the job, with even a mild hearing loss reducing earning potential. Using hearing aids can help you communicate successfully on the job so you maintain your productivity, professional standing and income,” the Public Health Minister emphasised.

New generators for Anna Regina, Bartica early next year The Guyana Power and Light Incorporated (GPL) is aiming to provide Bartica and Essequibo citizens new generators early in the new year. Acting Chief Executive Officer, (CEO), Renford Homer told the Department of Public Information that new generators will be commissioned in Bartica and Anna Regina, early next year. Further, new generators will be commissioned in Canefield, East Bank Berbice roundabout by September of 2018. “Even though we have received engines for Anna Regina and we expect to have engines for Bartica, during the month of January, and we have started preparatory


works at those locations, we will not be able to do that before the end of the year, but we have made provisions as far as generation is concerned. To again offer us some comfort, as well as some Barticians and some Essequibians, along the coast.” Back in 2016, Bartica and Anna Regina endured long outages because their multiple generators broke down unexpectedly. As a result, GPL had announced that four 1.7 MW generators are to be purchased – three for Anna Regina and one for Bartica. The Bartica and Anna Regina stations are managed exclusively by GPL.

Murdered: Ramnarine Itwaru aka ‘Bill’ It was a regular afternoon for a livestock farmer and his family on the 27th September, 2016 in the quiet village of Gangaram, East Canje, Berbice. Ramnarine Itwaru well known as ‘Bill’ to villagers had just had his lunch, prepared by his wife Kuntie Hemraj called ‘Rosie’, and set out to his farm to tend to his livestock, located some miles away, on his motorcycle. He never returned home that day. News made its way to villagers and relatives that ‘Bill’, a father of one, was murdered. His body was reportedly discovered by a fisherman, face down, backpack still on and his motorcycle parked on the roadway near his corpse. Several bullet wounds were noticed about his body and what appeared to be marks of violence on his face. Nearly 15 months later, the mystery surrounding the murder of the farmer still remains unsolved with the last word from police sources, months ago, stating that “the case has gone cold”. The grieving wife, siblings, in-laws and other relatives are, however, eager to have justice served for their loved one. Brother of the deceased farmer, Deonarine Itwaru, 40, of Susannah Village, Corentyne, Berbice paid a visit to the Prime Minister’s office at Port Mourant and spoke with the Regional representative, Gobin Harbhajan, after the family had received no new information or heard of any progress from authorities into the execution-style of his sibling. He told reporters that he made several calls and visits to investigators in Berbice and was told that they were not in charge of the case. “When we go to police in New Amsterdam they seh how GT (Georgetown) dealing with the matter. So if GT dealing with the matter, what they doing there?” Deonarine asked. According to the farmer’s brother, a prime suspect that was arrested after the shooting was released on station bail shortly after and the case has since gone cold. Initial reports had stated that bloodstained clothing was discovered at the prime suspect’s home in Gangaram. The suspect was reportedly involved in a heated argument with ‘Bill’ a month prior to the shooting and had threatened to kill him, after ‘Bill’ stopped him from trespassing on his farmland. He had reported several head of cattle missing and other livestock, hence his actions. Deonarine told Kaieteur News that the

Widow: Kuntie Hemraj main suspect has since gone overseas, but he is puzzled as to why the individual was allowed to leave the country, as he (Deonarine) claimed, the authorities told him that the suspect’s passport was lodged with investigators. “When me tell dem the guy got his visa and go away, dem tell me that he can’t go nowhere. Dem seh how dem got all he documents. So how he out of the country? That is what we want know,” the frustrated man said. He stated that after he was told that Georgetown was handling the matter, he made contact with detectives at CID Headquarters and was told by detectives that they were in possession of the suspect’s travel documents. “I don’t know what is going on.I don’t think they are doing enough. If I get justice I gon satisfy,” he stressed. Meanwhile, the still devastated wife Kuntie Hemraj was brought to tears as she recounted the events of that day when she got the news of her husband’s death. She related that it still remains fresh in her memory and as time goes by it gets harder knowing that the killer is still out there walking free. “I feel like it happened yesterday. Is every day I crying, because I can’t find a person like he back”, she said, as her eyes became watery with tears. Taking a deep breath, she explained that life has not been easy for her and their son, now 12. “He (son) don’t talk much now. Sometimes I does see him sitting by himself on the bench and he looks sad. It’s like when he deh here at the house he does get flashbacks. He told me one time when he come home from school that he just feel like screaming, and I ask he why, and he said ‘because daddy nah deh’… that was hard to hear”. Etched in her memory was the first time she met her husband back in 2002. “I was riding my bicycle and he was sitting on the culvert,” a smile plastered on her face as she spoke of that moment. The woman who has since taken up the mantle of taking care of her husband’s livestock is seeking justice for his death. She wants the killer to face the penalty. “I want them to know that it is not okay… it is not okay for them to take away someone I love from me. I am hurting and I want justice.” Ramnarine Itwaru was last seen at 13:00 hrs that fateful day, heading to his farm. A fisherman reportedly discovered his body. Four .38 mm spent shells and one live round of ammunition were also found at the scene.


Saturday December 23, 2017

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North Korea: UN imposes fresh sanctions over missile tests

(BBC) The United Nations Security Council has voted unanimously to impose tougher sanctions on North Korea in response to its recent ballistic missile tests. The US-drafted resolution includes measures to reduce the nation’s petrol imports by up to 90%. China and Russia, North Korea’s main trading partners, voted in favour of the resolution. The country is al-

ready subject to a raft of sanctions from the US, the UN and the EU. Washington has been imposing sanctions on Pyongyang since 2008, freezing the assets of individuals and companies linked to its nuclear programme and banning the export of goods and services to the country. The US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, said the sanctions sent an “unam-

biguous message to Pyongyang that further defiance will invite further punishments and isolation”. Chinese envoy Wu Haitao said the vote “reflects the unanimous position of the international community” on the issue of North Korea’s weapons programme. US President Donald Trump also welcomed the resolution. He tweeted the world wanted “peace, not death”. Tensions have risen this year over North Korea’s nuclear and missile programmes, which it has pursued despite pressure from world powers to stop. The Trump administration says it is seeking a diplomatic solution to the issue, and drafted this new set of sanctions: Deliveries of petrol products will be capped at 500,000 barrels a year, and crude oil at 4 million barrels a year All North Korean nationals working abroad will have to return home within 24 months under the proposals, restricting a vital source of foreign currency There will also be a ban on exports of North Korean goods, such as machinery and electrical equipment.

(BBC) Police in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad say they have arrested a man after a woman was burned to death during an argument. Sandhya Rani, a 25-yearold receptionist, was on her way home when she was attacked at about 18:00 local time (12:30 GMT) on Thursday, police told the BBC. People rushed to help Ms Rani but she died on her way to hospital. The accused, Karthik Vanga, 28, is a former colleague. He used to work in the same company as Ms Rani until a few months ago,

police told BBC Telugu’s Deepthi Bathini. When he approached her on Thursday, the two were seen arguing before the man pulled out a can of kerosene, poured the fuel on her and set her alight, police alleged. They said there had been allegations that Mr Vanga had been pursuing Ms Rani with marriage proposals for two years. She had repeatedly rejected the proposals but police said it was unclear whether any complaint against him had been lodged. Scrutiny of violence

against women in India has grown since the 2012 gang rape and murder of a student on a Delhi bus, and has led to the formulation of tougher laws aimed at dealing with such attacks. However, brutal attacks against women and children continue to be reported across the country. According to government figures, there are hundreds of attacks against women involving acid each year in India - campaigners say they are often targeted by jealous partners or stalkers.

Nikki Haley

India woman burned to death during argument in Hyderabad

Sylvester Stallone denies rape as police investigate Actor Sylvester Stallone has denied an allegation of rape after police in California opened an investigation. Santa Monica police said they were examining a complaint of sexual misconduct dating from the 1990s. The Rocky star said the allegation was “completely fabricated”. His lawyer, Martin Singer, said a woman had filed a police report “alleging a rape that occurred 27 years ago”. “My client categorically disputes the claim,” Singer

continued. Stallone, 71, received Oscar nominations for Rocky and Creed and starred in the Rambo film series. Santa Monica police spokesman Lieutenant Saul Rodriguez said: “I can confirm we received an allegation of sexual misconduct involving Mr Stallone. “The [alleged] victim came forward to report the incident in November 2017. The alleged incident occurred in the early 1990s in Santa Monica.” A “thorough investiga-

tion” will be made before the case is presented to the district attorney, he said. Lt Rodriguez told the Reuters news agency the accusation could fall within California’s complex statute of limitations for criminal prosecutions of sexual abuse. Offences must generally be prosecuted within 10 years, Reuters said. Stallone previously denied a separate allegation that he and a bodyguard sexually assaulted a 16-year-old fan in Las Vegas in the 1980s.

South Korea’s Lotte Group founder jailed for embezzlement

Lotte Group founder and patriarch Shin Kyuk-ho is free on health grounds, pending an appeal (BBC) A South Korean court has sentenced the 95year-old founder of Lotte Group to four years in prison for embezzlement. Shin Kyuk-ho was indicted last year, along with three members of his family, on charges including tax evasion and fraud. His son and successor Shin Dong-bin was given a suspended 20-month prison sentence on Friday. The probe into one of the country’s biggest firms is part of wider efforts to stamp out corruption in South Korea. Mr Shin was convicted of embezzling at least 128.6 billion won ($119m; £89m) from the firm to benefit his relatives, according to AFP. The court allowed him to remain free on health grounds

pending an appeal, as he suffers from dementia. The founder’s daughter Shin Young-ja was sentenced to two years in prison, while his eldest son Shin Dong-joo was found not guilty. The trial is significant because South Korea’s familycontrolled conglomerates, or chaebols, used to be considered untouchable because they have powered much of the country’s economic growth. But in recent years these firms, which also include Samsung, Hyundai and LG, have become the focus of public anger over inequality and corruption. “For the longest time South Korea has been very lenient on chaebol leaders, because of their contribution to our economy, so a lot of

them have got away with their financial crimes,” Juwon Park, business reporter with Korea Expose told the BBC. But attitudes toward chaebols are shifting. In August, Samsung’s de facto leader Lee Jae-yong was sentenced to five years in prison for corruption in a bribery scandal that also saw the impeachment of the country’s former leader Park Geun-hye. President Moon Jae-in was elected this year following the impeachment of Ms Park, on a promise to stamp out corruption. Korea Expose’s Juwon Park said the ruling against Mr Lee marked a “clear warning sign” to chaebols and a move toward tougher corporate governance in South Korea.

San Francisco police officer donates kidney to save a stranger CNN) San Francisco Police Officer Anna Cuthbertson hadn’t considered organ donation until she listened to a podcast about a woman who had done it. After some research, she determined she would donate one of her kidneys to help a stranger live. In February, curiosity drove her to, a website that works to connect organ donors with those in need of a transplant. “It looks like personal ads,” Cuthbertson said. “People that need different body parts, kidneys being the primary request, and everybody puts up a page. They tell you about themselves, how they ended up in a position where they need an organ.” Cuthbertson was struck by how many people had pages on the site. “There were so many people that just needed somebody to step forward so they

can live,” she said, emotion catching in her throat. Even when she narrowed the need down to just her native San Francisco, the need was overwhelming. ‘It’s not as big of a deal as people think it is’ “If you’re healthy, it’s not as big of a deal as people think it is,” Cuthbertson said. “I started doing research about the risk, long-term health risk, how much time it takes. And the more I looked into it, the more I realized that there wasn’t a reason not to.” Instead, Cuthbertson found a very compelling reason to donate her kidney: Joan. Sixty-five-year-old Joan Grealis has kidney disease. When she got sick five years ago, doctors discovered that she had hyperoxaluria, or oxalate crystals in both her kidneys — the result of a biochemical reaction that oc-

curred when she had surgery in her 20s. Do you know an officer who has gone above and beyond what the job requires? E-mail us at Grealis and her husband, Gary, have been together since they were teenagers. But neither Gary nor their two adult children was able to donate to Joan. “They were all tested, and for various medical reasons, they couldn’t donate,” Grealis said. But without getting a new kidney, her prognosis wasn’t good. “Eventually, I would die,” she said. “I would go on dialysis first, and dialysis is usually a couple of years.” Practically minded, Grealis even made cremation plans. “I don’t know if I would have done that normally at my age, but it just seemed like I should do this,” she recalled.


Kaieteur News

Saturday December 23, 2017

UWI critical of EU blacklisting of Caribbean countries KINGSTON, Jamaica CMC – The University of the West Indies (UWI) has criticised the European Union over its decision to blacklist a number of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries as tax havens, warning that the unilateral move could have a deleterious effect on their economies. “This latest decision by the EU is based on new, unilaterally-determined and unclear criteria that differ significantly from the currently accepted international standards of tax transparency, anti-money laundering and accountability,” said UWI Vice-Chancellor Sir Hilary Beckles. “These universally accepted standards were established by the Financial Action Task Force and the OECD Global Forum and demanded by the very EU,” Sir Hilary said, noting that CARICOM countries had either met or exceeded these accepted international standards and best practices over many years. Earlier this month, EU finance ministers meeting in Brussels named St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, and Trinidad and Tobago among a list of 17 countries considered to be global tax havens. They said the new list had been drawn up after 10 months of investigations by EU officials. The ministers said the

countries on the blacklist were not doing enough to crack down on offshore avoidance schemes. Potential sanctions that could be enforced on members of the list are expected to be agreed in the coming weeks. The EU said that as a first step, a letter will be sent to all jurisdictions on the new list, explaining the decision and what they can do to be delisted. CARICOM has strongly objected to the listing with its Secretary General Irwin la Rocque said the decision by Europe had ‘been based on new and unilaterally-determined criteria that go beyond the generally accepted international tax transparency and

accountability standards which our countries have been diligently meeting over the past several years. “CARICOM strongly objects to this listing of our member states and calls on the EU to remove our member states from this pernicious list,” he said, noting that the 15-member grouping stood ready to discuss the matter with the European Council. The UWI Vice Chancellor said the unilateral EU blacklisting was “de facto a derailing of these standards and undermine the entire process of accountability and fairness in financial matters carefully constructed by the world community”.

ROSEAU, Dominica CMC – The Dominica government says a review will be held to determine what went wrong with security on the island following the passage of Hurricane Maria in September that killed at least 28 people and left millions of dollars in damage. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said he will also seek to sign an agreement with Jamaican authorities “soon” to allow members of that country’s defence force to assist in the development of the local law enforcement agencies. “And then also, critically, we are going to have some kind of review as to what went wrong on September 19. Why wasn’t there sufficient coverage by the police on September 19? ‘We can know what went wrong if anything and what needs to be done to avoid….that happening in the future. So there will be different aspects of the review of the police force…,” Skerrit

said in a live interview yesterday on the state-owned DBS radio. Last month, the government said it is undertaking a review of the island’s police service with the intention of assessing the functional services and effectiveness of the law enforcement agency. National Security Minister Rayburn Blackmoore said that the review would also allow for recommendations for the improvement and strengthening of the Dominica Police Force. “This review is intended to carefully assess the current functional capabilities of the police force and to determine the way forward,” Blackmoore said. Skerrit told radio listeners that he could not give a commitment that his administration would implement all the recommendations likely to come from the review that is being undertaken by a team led by Colonel Jaimie Ogilvie of the Jamaica Defence Force.

“Once they are practical, I can’t give a commitment ….because I have not seen them. I haven’t seen all of them, the one or two I have seen we are starting to work on and the Minister will give effect to…after Christmas. “But the idea is to ensure that we can provide what needs to be provided to address the situation,” Skerrit said. He acknowledged receiving correspondence from the Dominica Business Forum regarding the security issue here following the hurricane saying “we are more than willing to receive and all suggestions. “Obviously as I said this will have to be reviewed, this has to be analysed to see the practicality of some of them. Where some of them are practical, we will certainly implement them,” he said indicating that the review of the police force was being done “way in advance of any recommendation coming from anybody else”.

Sir Hilary Beckles

Dominica conducting review of security following passage of Hurricane Maria

Saturday December 23, 2017

Trinidad and Tobago legislators to elect new head of state early 2018 PORT O F S PA I N , Tr i n i d a d - C M C – Trinidad and Tobago will have a new head of state early next year when the Electoral College meets on January 19 to elect a successor to President Anthony Carmona. The new head of state will take up office in March when Carmon’s five year term comes to an end on March 19. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bridgid Annisette-George has written to Opposition Leader Kamla Persad Bissessar informing her of the date for the “convening of a meeting of the Electoral College for the purpose of the election of a President”. She said the date was selected “in an effort to ensure that this office fully complies with the deadlines set out by the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago and the Electoral College Regu-

lations.” Under the Constitution, the Speaker as the person responsible for holding the election m u s t a n n o u n c e the date of the election in the gazette not less than 21 days or more than thirty days In advance of the day chosen. Media reports here yesterday said that the government is likely to nominate former judge with the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Rolston Nelson, while the opposition are said to be considering retired diplomat Reginald Dumas and ret i r e d High Court judge Gladys Gafoor. Since the island attained political independence from Britain in 1962, Trinidad and Tobago has elected seven heads of state with the late Sir Ellis Clarke being the last Governor General and the first President of the Republic.

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Saturday December 23, 2017

Saturday December 23, 2017


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WADA lifts suspension of France Seahawks fined $100,000 for violating concussion protocol anti-doping laboratory (Reuters) - France’s main anti-doping laboratory has had its suspension lifted after it corrected its “deficiencies”, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) said on Thursday. The Paris laboratory, where disgraced American cyclist Lance Armstrong’s samples were tested, was suspended on Oct. 31 after it self-reported analytical issues. WADA said it was satisfied the laboratory

had corrected “non-conformities” with the international standards. “We are confident that the Laboratory has corrected its deficiencies and our Laboratory Expert Group will now continue to monitor the Laboratory’s performance to ensure that it operates to the high standards required by WADA,” WADA director general Olivier Niggli said in a statement.

Two ex-South American soccer officials convicted in FIFA bribery case (Reuters) - A New York jury yesterday found two former soccer officials guilty of taking bribes in exchange for the award of valuable marketing and media rights to international soccer matches. Juan Angel Napout and Jose Maria Marin were convicted of U.S. corruption

charges following a five-week trial in federal court. There is not yet a verdict in the case against Manuel Burga. Charges against the three were brought by U.S. prosecutors in 2015 as part of investigations of world soccer’s governing body FIFA.

Saturday December 23, 2017 Aries: Mar 21 - Apr 19 While you may be comfortable with your environment, you could receive an unmistakable signal that it's time for change. This could involve a different job, allowing you to make use of skills and talents that have been lying fallow.

Libra: Sep 23 - Oct 22 Stress-related health complaints could force reevaluation of your current situation, particularly your job. You may take a good look at your skills and consider how they can be put to use in other fields.

Taurus: Apr 20 - May 20 Sudden financial success could produce upheaval in your lifestyle. Therefore, rethink your current situation and consider the pursuit of cherished old dreams that you may have abandoned.

Scorpio: Oct 23 - Nov 21 Your inner child surfaces today. Memories of past good times bring out your playful side. You might want to try forms of amusement that you once enjoyed but have long since abandoned.

Gemini: May 21 - Jun 20 You spend much of your life serving others. Now you may reevaluate your "duty" toward them. Perhaps someone is taking unfair advantage of your good nature.

Sagit: Nov 22 - Dec 21 Renegotiating relationships may cause sorrow today. You may find that trying to fix one won't work. Past emotions that have created difficulties may resurface.

Cancer: Jun 21 - Jul 22 You always see both sides of a situation clearly. Today you might judge possible future courses of action in view of the past. Prior values may be put to the test and former opinions revised.

Capri: Dec 22 - Jan 19 Today you might put aside your usual tendency to push ahead without a backward glance. You could reconsider past ideas and see them in an entirely new light.

Leo: Jul 23 - Aug 22 Someone you've known for a long time may disappear from your life. This could leave you feeling disoriented and unfocused.

Aquar.: Jan 20 - Feb 18 Dreams or ambitions that you may have abandoned could resurface. You could be forced to confront difficulties in your current situation.

Virgo: Aug 23 - Sep 22 Though communication is one of your strong points, today you might find it hard. You may feel introspective, but open, honest discussion could be what you need now.

Pisces: Feb 19 - Mar 20 Happy and painful memories of childhood could come to mind today, bringing new understanding of how your early experiences affect your present situation.

(The Sports Xchange) The Seattle Seahawks were fined $100,000 by the NFL for failure to follow concussion protocol during a game last month against the Arizona Cardinals, the league and the NFLPA announced Thursday. The $100,000 fine represents the maximum punishment for a first offense under the protocol. In addition to the fine, the Seahawks’ coaching and medical staffs will be required to attend remedial training regarding concussion protocol, the NFL and NFLPA said in its joint statement. The announcement stems from quarterback Russell Wilson briefly leaving midway through the third quarter of Seattle’s 22-16 win on Nov. 9 after taking a hit to the chin from Arizona linebacker Karlos Dansby.

GSSF Scores all hits on Steel Challenge... From page 30 3rd – Michael Blake (87.46 seconds) Limited Division 1st – Rajiv Latchana (71.07 seconds) 2nd – Vidushi Persaud (73.90 seconds) 3rd – Harold Hopkinson (83.38 seconds) Law Enforcement Category Winners in the Limited Division: 1st – Harold Hopkinson (Time: 83.38 seconds) 2nd – Odel August (Time: 102.94 seconds) 3rd – Dallas Thomas (Time: 133.17 seconds) Match Winner – Ryan McKinnon followed by Pravesh Harry and Michael Blake in third. The Guyana Sport Shooting Federation an affiliate to the international SCSA among other international shooting organisations, will strive to continues to pioneer this simple, yet action packed shooting sport to local pistol shooters by hosting such matches on a regular basis. The GSSF would like to extend its sincerest gratitude to the Managing Director of Publik, Mr. Sean Major, for sponsoring the exciting event. The Federation also thanked the Chief of Staff of the GDF, Brigadier Patrick West, GPF Asst. Commissioner Ramnarine, GPF Commander Chapman, GPF OC TSU and the ranks of the GPF Armoury and TSU. More information on the G.S.S.F. is available on its website www.Guyana

Referee Walt Anderson then sent Wilson off the field for a test. Wilson went into the medical tent on the sideline — TV cameras showed the quarterback was only in the tent for seconds — and sat out just one play before returning to the game. Wilson was on the field for two more plays before the Seahawks punted. During the change of possession, he entered the tent and remained inside for a longer period of time. “The results of the joint review determined that the protocol was triggered when Mr. Wilson was directed to the sideline for an evaluation after the referee, Walt Ander-

son, concluded that a medical examination was warranted,” the NFL and NFLPA said in a joint statement. “Nonetheless, the required evaluation was not conducted and Mr. Wilson was permitted to return to the game without an evaluation. Once it is determined that a medical examination is warranted, a player may only be cleared to return by the medical staff; Mr. Wilson’s return to the field without a sideline concussion evaluation was therefore in violation of the Concussion Protocol. The Seahawks released a statement shortly after the announcement. (Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports)

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Saturday December 23, 2017

Highlights of India’s Rohit equals record for fastest T20 century Thursday’s NBA games

Not many batsmen can match Rohit Sharma’s clean hitting. He razed his way to the joint-fastest T20 hundred, off just 35 balls ©BCCI (Reuters) - India’s Rohit Sharma yesterday equalled the fastest century in Twenty20 International cricket from only 35 balls to set up the hosts’ massive 88-run victory against Sri Lanka and a series win with a match to spare in Indore. Opening batsman Rohit, leading India in the absence of the newly-wed regular captain Virat Kohli, matched the record South Africa’s David Miller set against Bangladesh in October. Rohit, the only batsman to hit three double hundreds in the 50-over format, added 165 with fellow opener Lokesh Rahul to power India to 260-5 in their 20 overs for the jointhighest total by a team in what is the shortest format of the game. In reply, Sri Lanka, who lost the opening match by 93 runs at Cuttack on Wednesday, were bundled out for 172 in the 18th over to go down 2-0 in the three-match series after also losing in tests and one-day internationals. India’s wrist spinners once again did the damage for the hosts with leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal taking 4-52 while leftarmer Kuldeep Yadav picked up 3-52. Angelo Mathews could not bat due to an injury as Sri Lanka’s chase screeched to a halt after they lost six wickets in two overs from the spinners.

Kusal Perera top-scored with 77 off 37 balls for the touring side, who had also gone down 9-0 across formats to India at home earlier in the year. The 30-year-old Rohit smashed 10 sixes and 12 fours before he was eventually dismissed for 118 in 43 balls on a featherbed of a wicket at the Holkar Cricket Stadium, where Sri Lanka captain Thisara Perera won the toss and opted to field. Four of Rohit’s sixes came in consecutive deliveries off Thisara which took him to 97 and he completed his second hundred in the format with a four on the next ball he faced from seamer Angelo Mathews. Rahul took charge after Rohit’s dismissal and added 78 for the second wicket with former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni before falling for 89 off 49 balls. India were well on course to eclipse the highest T20 International total of 263-3, which was set by Australia against Sri Lanka in 2016, but lost their way by losing four wickets in the last two overs of their innings. Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium will host the final match of the tour tomorrow. Scores: India 260 for 5 (Rohit 118, Rahul 89, Thisara 2-49) beat v Sri Lanka 172 (Kusal 77, Tharanga 47, Chahal 4-52, Kuldeep 3-52) by 88 runs.

Kusal Perera and Upul Tharanga frustrated India with some pyrotechnics of their own ©BCCI

Cleveland Cavs players celebrate during the game. (David Richard, WSA Today Sports) (The Sports Xchange) - Highlights of Thursday’s National Basketball Association games: Cavaliers 115, Bulls 112 LeBron James scored 34 points and the Cleveland Cavaliers outlasted the Chicago Bulls 115-112 on Thursday night. Kevin Love added 27 points and seven rebounds for Cleveland, which doesn’t play again until their NBA Finals rematch with Golden State on Christmas. They’ve won 19 of 21 games and have scored at least 100 points in 26 straight. Chicago, led by Lauri Markkanen’s 25 points, had a seven-game win streak halted. There were 24 lead changes by the end of the third quarter and 26 in the game. James scored 11 in the fourth quarter, and his two free throws with 11.1 seconds left put the Cavaliers ahead by three. Raptors 114, 76ers 109 DeMar DeRozan scored a career-high 45 points, including five in a pivotal 10-2 flurry late in the game, as Toronto rallied for a victory over short-handed Philadelphia. DeRozan was 6 of 9 on 3-point attempts. His six triples were a career high. Kyle Lowry added 23 points for the Raptors, who erased a 22-point third-quarter deficit to win its fifth straight and 11th in 12 games. Ben Simmons had 20 points to lead the Sixers, who were without center Joel Embiid, the team’s leading scorer and rebounder, for the third straight game because of back tightness. Starting guard J.J. Redick also sat out with hamstring tightness. Knicks 102, Celtics 93 Michael Beasley had 32 points and 12 rebounds, and Enes Kanter added 14 points and 10 rebounds as New York beat Boston. Kyrie Irving scored 32 points and Jayson Tatum had 17 for the Celtics, who are 4-5 since a 22-4 start and have dropped

consecutive games for the first time this season. Kristaps Porzingis returned from a twogame absence with one of the worst outings of his career, an 0-of-11 shooting effort. The Knicks, who have won five of six, went on a 15-6 run in the fourth quarter to take control of what had been a back-and-forth game. Jazz 100, Spurs 89 Rodney Hood scored 29 points and made several critical fourth-quarter baskets to lift Utah past San Antonio. Derrick Favors added 14 points and nine rebounds, and Ricky Rubio chipped in 11 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists for the Jazz, who snapped a three-game losing streak and won for just the second time in the last nine games. Bryn Forbes led the Spurs with 12 points. Four other players each scored 11 points as San Antonio had a three-game winning streak end. Suns 97, Grizzlies 95 TJ Warren scored 27 points and Troy Daniels hit the go-ahead 3-pointer with 17 seconds left to give Phoenix a win over Memphis. The Suns outscored the Grizzlies 18-14 in an ugly fourth quarter, but Phoenix got the basket that counted. Greg Monroe ran down a missed 3-pointer, turned and found Daniels, a former Memphis player, alone in front of the Grizzlies’ bench for Phoenix’s 10th 3-pointer of the night. Daniels finished with 14 points for the Suns, who have won three of their past four games and won at home for the first time since Nov. 19. Evans had 23 points, nine rebounds and five assists for Memphis, which had all five starters score in double figures but has lost nine straight on the road dating to Nov. 7 at Portland and 19 of their past 21 games overall.

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Saturday December 23, 2017

Letter to the Sports Editor

Why are RHTY&SC cricketers being unfairly treated Dear Sir, The Management and Members of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS, would be very grateful if the powers of cricket can explain the reasons why two of Berbice’s best cricketers “Eon Hooper and Keon Sinclair are not playing in the current Guyana Cricket Board 50-Overs Franchise Cricket Tournament. We have been quiet over the last few months as our players have been unfairly treated. Despite being one of the best fast bowlers in the three-day format since its formation, Keon Sinclair was not invited or selected for the Upper Corentyne Team with no explanation given. As everyone in Berbice can testify, Keon Sinclair along with Clinton Pestano and Romario Shepherd are the best all round fast bowlers who are brilliant fieldsmen and capable middle order batsmen who have contributed with the bat numerous times for their teams “Rose Hall Town Gizmos & Gadgets and the Upper Corentyne Franchise Team. Only recently against Upper Corentyne he showed his class with a fiery spell of 6 for 29 but he continues to be sidelined for reasons unknown. Keon Sinclair is known for being a committed and disciplined individual and has never once been accused of indiscipline. Eon Hooper in 2016 took the most wickets in the three-day league - 42 and in 2017 took 36 impressive wickets from just five games. Like Keon Sinclair, Hooper is also a brilliant fieldsman and a solid middle order batsman who once opened the batting for Berbice at the junior level. Hooper, who represented Guyana at the Senior level in 2016, was left out for two matches in 2017 for reasons unknown and without a properly laid out discipline structure. To our surprise, he was left out completely of the Upper Corentyne Franchise 20 man squad for the current oneday tournament with no reasons given. We were informed through the grapevine that he was accused of using rude language in the presence of some Berbice Cricket Board executives. Hooper nor the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club were informed of any allegations of indiscipline, he was never

invited to any discipline meeting much-less given the opportunity to defend any accusation against him. While Hooper is suffering, many others who have committed worse crimes are allowed to play because of their seeming affiliation. The Upper Corentyne Team has players who have never played first division cricket, never came close to a Berbice or Guyana Selection and one who is known as a softball player and an Under-19 player who is totally unknown is regularly in the squad. Meanwhile, outstanding junior cricketers Junior Sinclair, Sylus Tyndall and Keith Simpson, who are very productive in Berbice Cricket, are left out to pasture. The Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS demands justice for our cricketers who are being told openly by certain persons if they want to play for Berbice and Guyana, they have to leave the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club and join a certain Cricket Club. One Selector is said to have even visited the homes of our junior cricketers and advised them to take their sons out of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club. Of course, he was rejected. Our players including junior cricketers are targeted for the smallest things and feel that they are being victimized for reasons best known to the Berbice Cricket Board Officials. If any of our players break the discipline code, they should face the full penalty only after the proper hearing where they are given an opportunity to be heard. In closing, we would like to question, how can one team get about thirteen cricketers in a twenty man squad in the Upper Corentyne Franchise League when that same team has not won a single cricket title since 2004 and import players from Georgetown to play first division tournaments. Matches against Rose Hall Town and Albion are postponed until certain players from Georgetown are available. Surely, if you are good enough to be in a Franchise League Team, the highest local cricket tournament then how can you not make your own club team. Concerned Rose Hall Resident.

Taylor voted skipper of T20 Team-of-the-year DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, CMC – West Indies Women captain, Stafanie Taylor, has been named captain of the ICC Women’s Twenty20 Team-of-the-Year. The 26-year-old was one of three West Indies players in the squad with the flamboyant Deandra Dottin and teenaged opener Hayley Matthews also making the XI. Jamaican Taylor is one of the premier batsmen in the women’s game. She has scored just over 4000 runs in 108 One-Day Internationals where she averages 43. She averages 37 from her 80 T20Is that have yielded 2474 runs. In the period under consideration, Taylor scored 266 runs at an average of 53, and currently tops the ICC T20 batting rankings. Dottin, meanwhile, has stood out once

again with her powerful middle order hitting, with a brilliant hundred against Sri Lanka Women last October. She is now the only woman with two T20 hundreds following her exploits during the 2010 T20 World Cup in the Caribbean. Fellow Barbadian Matthews, still on 19years-old, has emerged as the leading women’s bowler and all-rounder over the past year and sits on top both rankings. She scored 163 runs during the period under consideration while taking 10 wickets with her steady off-spin. All three Windies players are currently plying their trade in Australia’s Women’s Big Bash. No West Indies player made the ICC ODI Team-of-the-Year.


Mohamed’s Enterprise/New Era Entertainment Futsal Semifinals on tonight New Era recognises the contributions of key sponsor Mohamed’s Enterprise

Aubrey Major Jr Director of New Era hands over the plaque to Nazar Mohamed’s, Managing Director of Mohamed’s Enterprise while Kenrick Noel Looks on. Semifinal action in the Mohamed’s Enterprise/New Era Entertainment fourth annual futsal tournament kicks off tonight at the Mackenzie Sports Club (MSC) hard court with both matches as the remaining four teams seek ascension into the final and a step closer to the $500,000 grand cash prize. Hard knocks will play Spaniards at 19:30hrs in the first semifinal, while Silver Bullets will come against NK Ballers at 21:30hrs in the feature match of the night that will see the finalists decided for the Boxing Night final at the same MSC hard court venue. In addition to the half-million purse the winners will walk away with, the second place finishers will receive $150,000 and third place will pocket $50,000. Adding to the excitement tonight will be three exhibition matches that will include an under- 15 matchup in the first game, while the second exhibition will be played between Broad Money Hard Knocks and Spaniard and

the third game will be between the promoters and referees affair. During the week, Aubrey Major Jr handed over a plaque of appreciation to Mohamed’s Enterprise on behalf of New Era Entertainment and the Linden community for their continued contribution to sport and development in the “mining town”. Fans are being reminded by the promoters of the Bakewell promotion that will see two lucky futsal patrons winning a Flat screen television and a Refrigerator on the day of the final. According to the organizers, for a chance to win the prizes, patrons must submit three Bakewell bread or tennis rolls plastic bags with their name and telephone number in envelopes and submit them at participating stores. However, in order to win, participants must be present at the drawing on boxing night, during the futsal finals at the MSC hard court.

IOC bans 11 Russian winter athletes for life for Sochi 2014 doping ZURICH (Reuters) - The International Olympic Committee said yesterday it had banned 11 Russian athletes for life after they committed doping offences at the 2014 Sochi winter games. Among them are speed skaters Ivan Skobrev, a two-time medalist at the Vancouver 2010 Games, and Artem Kuznetcov. Along with lugers Tatyana Ivanova and Albert Demchenko, who both won silver medals in Sochi, cross-country skiers Nikita Kryukov, Alexander Bessmertnykh —both silver medallists— and Natalia Matveeva, bobsledders Liudmila Udobkina and Maxim Belugin, and ice hockey players Tatiana Burina and Anna Shchukina, they were disqualified from the events they took part in. They were also stripped of their medals and banned from future Olympic events, the IOC Disciplinary Commission said. The decision is part of an IOC investigation into doping of Russian athletes at the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Earlier this month the IOC banned Russia from next year’s Pyeongchang Winter Olympics for what it called “unprecedented systematic manipulation” of the anti-doping

system. Investigations by the World Anti-Doping Agency and the IOC confirmed allegations of widespread doping among Russian athletes across many sports as well as tampering with Russian athletes’ samples during the Sochi 2014 winter Games. The IOC, however, left the door open for Russian athletes with a clean history of non-doping to be invited to compete in Pyeongchang as neutrals. “To date, the number of cases opened by the (IOC) disciplinary commission (for Sochi 2014) has reached 46 after additional findings from the re-analyses,” the IOC said. It has retested all of the samples from Russian athletes from those Games, banning dozens for life in recent months. “All 46 of them have been handled, of which three have been filed. As some investigations are still ongoing (notably the forensic analysis of the bottles), it cannot be excluded that there might be new elements that would justify opening further new cases and holding more hearings,” it said. The Pyeongchang Olympics run from Feb. 9-25 with Russian athletes competing under the Olympic flag as Olympic athletes from Russia (OAR).


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GFF soon to fulfill promise of national youth leagues

Ian Greenwood, GFF Technical Director The future of the Golden Jaguars, Guyana’s senior men’s football team, is dependent on the development of locally based players and more importantly the youth players. Being cognizant of this fact, the current Guyana Football Federation (GFF) executive committee (Exco) that had made it one of their mandates to develop a solid youth programme during pre-election, are making strides to realize this dream. The current GFF exco had promised if elected to office that they would’ve oversee the running off of youth leagues in four age groups in the under-13, under-15, under-17 and under-20 age groups. And, now, almost at the end of the 2017, two years after the current exco were elected to office, the organizing of successful under-17 and under15 national leagues have been unveiled with the sponsors of each of those leagues committing to five-year contracts. In

Saturday December 23, 2017

RHTY&SC Cricket Teams assists University of Guyana Students

GFF President, Wayne Forde addition, during an interview with Kaieteur Sport, head of the GFF, Wayne Forde, noted that 2018 will see the launching of the critical under-13 and under-20 national leagues. Currently, the sponsor of the under-17 league is the National Milling Company (NAMILCO), while the Pele Football Club Alumni sponsors the under-15 league. However, Forde didn’t disclose the sponsors of the under-20 and under-13 leagues since negotiations are still undergoing. Technical Director of the GFF, Ian Greenwood, reiterated the importance of solid youth development programmes and noted with Kaieteur Sport his intention of working with the under-13 squad to have them be the best players Guyana has ever seen. “The current u-13 team put together this year will be the best when they reach the senior level, not only because of the work we will put in with them but we intend to keep the squad together,” Greenwood shared.

Executive Members Keith Hicks and Ravindranauth Kissoonlall hands over the donation to the Education and Humanities Class Reps. In keeping with its new mandate to assist students to achieve success in the classroom, the Management of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS joined hands with the Club’s ten cricket teams to assist two groups of students attending the University of Guyana Tain Campus. The donations were made under the club’s highly successful Say Yes to Education and No to Drugs. Receiving the donations were Social Work fourth year Students and Course Een 4102 Education and Humanities Group. Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster stated that the donation represented the Club’s commitment to making sure that every person, especially youths, fulfill his/her full potentials in the class. The first donation was made after the Club received a letter from the University of Guyana Tain Campus Students Association whose President is Godwyn Allicock. The ten cricket teams donated funds to purchase a street lamp for the Social Workers Outreach Programme, while funds was donated to the Education and Humanities Class to purchase Children Story books for a Reading Project targeting Primary Schools Students. The ten cricket teams, “Rose Hall Town King Solomon Logistics Under-12, Poonai Pharmacy Under-13, Farfan & Mendes Under-15, Bakewell Under-17 and Second Division, Pepsi Under-19 and Intermediate, Metro Females and Gizmos & Gadgets

Under-21 and First Division” during 2017 donated millions of dollars worth of bicycles, school bags, school uniforms, footwear, exercise books, sports gears, educational materials, medical assistance and finance to students, schools and NGOs across Berbice. This is an addition to other programmes such as Youth Inspiration Forums, Educational Competitions, Educational Scholarships, Educational Posters, Television Programmes and Commercials, Youth Magazine, Youth Information Booklet, Scotia Bank Tribute to Teachers, Top Ten Grade Six Award Scheme, DMLAS Region 6 Top Teachers, Tribute to Head Teachers and Ansa Mcal Award of Excellence which are all part of the Say Yes to Education Campaign. The Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club and the University of Guyana Tain Campus enjoyed a close working relationship and Foster stated the Club was committed to assisting students once funds are available. The long standing Secretary/CEO also disclosed that the Club to date has successfully completed 698 out of the 700 programmes/activities it has set itself for 2017. The Club had originally set itself a target of 500 programmes/activities but it was surpassed on the 2 September, 2017. The Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club at the end of 2017 would successfully complete 712 activities beating its old record of 506 that was set in 2016. nd

Raheem Sterling: hooligan admits racially aggravated attack on Man City winger BBC Sport - A convicted football hooligan has been jailed for a racist and “unprovoked” attack on Manchester City and England winger Raheem Sterling. Karl Anderson, 29, pleaded guilty to racially aggravated common assault after Sterling was attacked outside City’s training ground on Saturday. The court heard Anderson already has 25 convictions for 37 offences, including football-related violence. He has been jailed for 16 weeks and must pay £100 in compensation. Anderson, who kicked Sterling four times during the assault, said he “lost his temper” and was sorry for his actions. He abused the City player using racist

language, as well as telling Sterling he wanted his mother and child to die. In a victim impact statement read out to the court, Sterling, 23, said he “did not think this kind of behaviour happened in this country in this day and age”. CCTV footage of the attack outside City’s training complex was played to the court, which showed Anderson pulling up in his van alongside Sterling. In sentencing him, magistrate Diana Webb-Hobson called it an “entirely unprovoked attack” and described Anderson’s previous record as “appalling”. Anderson, of Woodward Street in Manchester, smiled as he was taken from the dock.

Saturday December 23, 2017

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Kumar Rampat Cricket Academy U-13s Guyana tour

Trinis impressed with standard of outfields here By Sean Devers Rydell Ramsarran, Coach of the Under-13 side from the Kumar Rampat Cricket Academy of Trinidad and Tobago is very satisfied with the just concluded one-week tour to Guyana which climaxed with a farewell Dinner and presentation at the New Thriving Restaurant in Providence East Bank Demerara last Thursday night. The touring team i n c l u d e d Tr i n i d a d & Tobago’s U-15 player, 12year-old Andrew Rambarran, who scored the most runs (111) and captured the most wickets (8) from five matches as the visitors won four of their six matches in Guyana. Coach Ramsarran said this tour was arranged as part of the developmental programme for the young cricketers and it served the youngsters well in all aspects of development both as cricketers and individuals. “We wanted to expose them to different conditions at a young age and because Guyana was doing well in recent times in Regional youth tournaments we want to come here. But in addition to that, most visiting teams spend most of their trip in the City but we wanted play games in the country areas so that the youngsters could really have the experience of seeing different places and cultures,” Ramsarran explained. Krishna Rampat, Technical Director of the Academy which was formed four years ago, also described the tour as a success, adding

that while Trinidad has all the modern facilities equipped with lights, practice nets, stands and scoreboards, only the First-Class grounds have good outfields. “What we saw here are great grounds all over Guyana even though most of them don’t have the things we have. But in the end cricket is played on grounds and if you have the fancy facilities but don’t have a proper ground to play on the youngsters will never become good fielders. We are very impressed with the standard of the grounds here,” Rampat stated. The team played two t2o games in Georgetown at the famous Bourda where West Indies won their first ever Test match when they beat England by an innings and 89 runs in 1930. The lads from Carnival County beat East Bank Demerara in the morning game before losing to the Georgetown Cricket Club whose home is Bourda. The game was keenly contested and went into the last over with GCC needing two runs off the last three balls. Coach Ramsarran said the GCC players were the most organised team they played and it was a memorable experience for the players to play at Bourda although it was disappointing to see the deplorable condition of the stands there. Tour Manager Shameer Mohammed informed that the team played their first match against Enterprise on the same day they arrived in Guyana and won the t20 game at the Enmore ground.

Kumar Rampat Cricket Academy U-13 team had a successful tour of Guyana. The visitors also played at Parika against East Bank Essequibo who were the only other team to defeat them in one of two 40-over games they participated in. The visiting Academy team also played in Port Mourant, an area which produced six Tests players including Rohan Kanhai, Alvin Kallicharran and Mahendra Nagamootoo. The host side lost to the Trinidadians, who were led by a fluent 78 from Khalim Mohammed.The Trinis also played Zeeburg where they registered their fourth win in six matches to conclude a successful tour on and off the field. “We have benefited

tremendously from this tour since spending a week together. We got to know the people we were travelling with and the tour helped the team to bond and everyone enjoyed their time in Guyana despite this time of the year being the rainy season here,” Rampat disclosed. At the presentation Ceremony, former T&T offspinner and National youth selector Suruj Mahabir, who travelled with the team, told the gathering which included the parents of several players, that the youths would have tested their abilities against players from another Country and would have leaned alot especially playing spin which Guyana has a lot of but added

Ex T&T off-spinner & National Youth selector Suruj Mahabir address the players at their farewell Dinner on Thursday night. (Sean Devers photo)

that they should not forget their school work since both go hand in hand. “Always be disciplined and work hard in whatever you do and show respect to others. As a selector we have picked some talented players for Trinidad but their names were scratched out because

of their behaviour,” Mahabir said. Rampat thanked the GCB, the clubs, who were very hospitable and some of the local sponsors, including the Kaieteur News Papers in Guyana, for helping to make the trip a resounding success.

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Saturday December 23, 2017

GSSF Scores all hits on Steel Challenge Shooting Competition sponsored by Publik Steel Challenge Matches worldwide are a speed shooting competition governed by the Steel Challenge Shooting Association. This gives the G.S.S.F. an SCSA affiliate organisation the ability to pick from eight standardized stages with steel targets, ranging in size from 10" (25 cm) round plates to 18x24" (45x60 cm) square plates. Competitors are scored solely by the time it takes them to complete each stage, and the match winner is the competitor with the lowest overall time. The Guyana Sport Shooting Federation introduced Steel Challenge in Guyana and has been hosting these matches on a regular basis with the assistance of eager sponsors such as Publik. Publik, a popular name in the food industry, known especially for their tasty wings and burgers, assisted the G.S.S.F. in serving to local steel shooters a “Phenomenal” competition to end the year 2017. This match saw shooters competing in the Limited and Production Divisions (9mm or higher caliber

pistols are required). Trophies were up for grabs for the Overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in both divisions and special category medals for those in Law Enforcement who were competing amongst themselves within the divisions. The match was declared open by Match Director Dr. Pravesh Harry and then commenced with two squads shooting simultaneously in the Showdown and Roundabout Stages. Shooting concluded with the Smoke & Hope stage, which is the most popular one consisting of the largest targets, thereby allowing the shooters to really exercise their trigger fingers in the fastest display of the day. Ryan McKinnon proved to really smoke this stage with timings of just over three seconds per string. In every stage competitors were required to shoot five different steel targets set out at various angles and distances, one of which is designated as a “stop plate” which is shot last. Registering a hit on the plate stops the time. The total time it takes to hit all five

Publik 2017 Steel Challenge Shooting competition winners. plates is used for the score. Every miss and penalty adds 3 seconds to the time. Scoring was done using a digital timer which records times according to shots fired. The competitor’s best

four scores out of five strings of fire on each stage were then added together for a collective score. The lowest total time/score for all stages wins the overall match. Scoring was done using a

specialized scoring application called Practiscore which is then posted online at for all to access. Shortly after the final shot was fired, the Match was declared closed and at the Closing ceremony, President of the Federation, M s . Vi d u s h i P e r s a u d McKinnon in her closing remarks commended the Match officials for the high standard of the Match, thanked Publik for their sponsorship and wished members and spectators present a very Merry

Christmas. The official scores of the Publik sponsored match were then announced to a highly anticipating group of members and prizes were presented by GSSF Director Mr. David Dharry and the Match Director, Dr. Pravesh Harry. Match Results of the G.S.S.F. Steel Challenge Competition sponsored by Publik: Production Division 1st – Ryan McKinnon (54.97 seconds) 2nd – Pravesh Harry (56.78 seconds) Continued on page 25

Saturday December 23, 2017

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Albouystown warrior Keevin Allicock represents in ‘Sons of Champions’ fistic affair

Keevin Allicock Despite suffering the brunt of social rebuff, Albouystown, a small community in the heart of Georgetown, has produced qualitative residents in the academics, sports, culture and the academic fields. Of all its achievements, boxing has stood out after one of its residents, the late Andrew ‘Sixhead’ Lewis, lifted Guyana high on the pedestal with a world title win over James Page. Many other stalwarts from this community have distinguished themselves through the noble sport of boxing much to the delight, pleasure and appreciation of the residents of that village. R e c e n t l y, a n o t h e r pugilist, Keevin Allicock, has risen to prominence and given hope to his village mates that much good still resides in that community. Allicock fought in Barbados and lifted a gold medal in the Caribbean Development tournament last year and followed up that feat with a silver medal in the Youth Commonwealth Games in the Bahamas. Still thirsty for more, this enterprising boxer

traveled to St Lucia and dominated his division to once again clinch a gold medal in the 2017 Caribbean Championship. Back home, he climbed to the bantamweight division after defeating all and sundry in the flyweight to claim championship honours in the just concluded Terrence Alli N a t i o n a l O p e n Championships. The victory became even more meritorious when it was noted that his nemesis, Clairmonte Gibson was already established in that division and packed a punch. These two are scheduled to clash in a highly anticipated return for bragging rights and championship honours in the Boxing Day tournament dubbed ‘Sons of Champions.’ The Albouystown community is getting ready to support their boy with tassa drums and trumpets, not to mention moral support. Gibson will not be totally unsupported as he will have a strong contingent from the GDF, equipped with similar

Banks Beer Village Cup continue tonight on the East Coast Action in the inaugural Banks Beer Village Cup resumes this evening at the Victoria Community Centre ground with a triple header. Being dubbed the “Battle of the Coast” the action will see Victoria, the home side, fielding a strong line-up against Providence in the feature match, while the opening encounter that begins at 18:00hrs will pit Lima Dam against Golden Grove Back. The second match will be contested between Stabroek vs. Beterverwagting at 20:00hrs. Due to rain yesterday, three matches namely Pouderoyen against Kitty, Alexander Village vs. Stewartville and Stabroek vs. Beterverwagting were cancelled. The winning team will pocket $800,000, while the second placed side will pocket $400,000 with $200,000 set to go the third placed team and $100,000 to the fourth placed finisher. The grand finale is set for December 30th at venue to be announced.

musical instruments to boost his moral and bring out the best in him. The scene is, therefore set for three hectic rounds of boxing and fans will not want to miss a punch. In all, there will be 11 bouts, all involving pugilists who would have inherited their skills from a parent of other family member. The tournament was conceptualized by President of the Guyana Boxing Association, Steve Ninvalle and his “brother” Seon Bristol of Briso Promotions, and aims to highlight the inherited qualities of contemporary amateur boxers. Another highly anticipated sizzler is the fight between Colin ‘Superman’ Lewis of the GDF gym and Marlon Darryl of Forgotten Youth Foundation. Lewis is the Caribbean light welterweight champion and has a style reminiscent of former world champion Thomas ‘Hitman’ Hearns. This bout is an anticipated thriller between boxers of contrasting styles; Lewis has a whip-like jab and is at home, while either boxing or slugging. His opponent is more of a boxer who has an impeccable defence. A heavy puncher, Lewis is a crowd pleaser and fans can be assured of another of his exciting displays. Such contrasting styles will pave the way for an imminent slugfest which could very well determine, once and for all, which is the better boxer. This is a must see affair. Several other clashes are expected to whet the appetite of boxing buffs from the first gong when junior boxer, Shamar Morrison of the

Forgotten Youth Foundation (FYF), matches gloves with Emanuel Pompey one bout before Shaquincy Wright of the Vergenoegen Boxing Gym (VBG) takes on Kami Kami Yayah of the Pocket Rocket Boxing Gym (PRBG). Exciting flyweight pugilist, Julius Kesney of the Rosehall Jammers (RHJ) will tackle Kelvin Moore (VBG) in an Elite flyweight contest, while Junior boxers, Travis Inverary (FYF) and Jaden Graham of the Young Achievers (YA) will grace the ring in a fight that is much talked about. Both principals have earned the right to be touted as top boxers and it will be interesting to see which comes out on top. T w o G D F representatives, Aubrey Headley and John Mars will oppose each other in a battle for bragging rights as well as championship honours, while Alex Murray (FYF)

Colin Lewis will attempt to keep the (Andrew) Murray legacy alive when he squares off with Akeem Crandon of the Pocket Rocket Boxing Gym. The card will be graced with two female bouts and in the first, Alicia Rodney represents the newly inaugurated Savannah Boxing Gym (SBG) and clashes with Abiola Jackman (FYF). Joan Williams (GDF) will also square off with

Aleema Arokium (RHJ) in a female elite flyweight battle. Bell time is 20:00hrs and fans are urged to fill the arena early to witness every skillful move, every punch as competent sons carry on the baton of their fathers. Meanwhile, a press brief to launch the Boxing Day Affair will be held this morning at the elegant Wind Jammer Hotel in Kitty. The press conference commences at 11AM.

rt o p S Kumar Rampat Cricket Academy U-13s Guyana tour

Trinis impressed with standard of outfields here

The T&T youngsters had a wonderful farewell Dinner & Presentation at the New Thriving Restaurant at Providence. (Sean Devers photo)

GSSF Scores all hits on Steel Challenge Shooting Competition sponsored by Publik

Competitors and match officials at the Publik sponsored GSSF’s Steel Challenge Match. Printed and published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd., 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown. Tel: 225-8458, 225-8465, 225-8491 or Fax: 225-8473/226-8210.

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