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CHRONIC PROBLEMS! There is something that is not right in Guyana and is actually preventing it from developing. In terms of basic governance, decision-making and proper education and health care services, Guyana remains locked into an era long gone by. And nowhere is this chronic problem more evident than in government institutions, public officials, political leaders and the Guyana Police Force (GPF). As a nation, we inherited from the British an unoriginal mentality that we have not been able to shed after more than 50 years of independence. This mentality has led to the failure by governments to diversify the economy. It continues to hold back many of our brilliant, creative and innovative citizens who have succeeded in the arts and entrepreneurship. This problem, which has become chronic, is evident in our leader’s inability to create jobs, reduce poverty and homelessness, end corruption and provide better health care, educational and social services to the masses. It has contaminated the minds of many in an already problematic and corrupt Police Force to deal effectively with crime and gangs. While the Force seems to have established a better grip on the crime situation, its top brass has been accused of lacking the competence and leadership skills to step up and end the unprofessionalism that has plagued the institution for years. This void in leadership has over the years reduced confidence among the members of the Force which has not been able to establish a good rapport with the public. Since Independence, we have had many good, competent and respected leaders in the Force who have led with pride and honour. Today, there are quality leaders, but not in the numbers that would make a significant change. The actions of a few senior officers and rank and file members have not only cast a dark shadow over the Force, but they have also led to distrust among the people who believe that many of the crimes committed had the blessings of some police ranks. A very depressing situation. We have read repeatedly of the alleged involvement of ranks in robberies; there was the reckless behaviour of ranks with a school teacher who was later found on a roadway; then there was the attempted murder of a policewoman by a male rank who committed suicide, followed by the shocking allegation against two ranks, who have been charged in the October slaying of 58-year-old businessman Godfrey Scipio. These incidents have prompted the Minister of Public Security to acknowledge that something is terribly wrong within the police force and urgent action is needed to solve the problem. The Commission of Inquiry (COI) report into the alleged assassination plot against President David Granger cited a number of irregularities by some senior officers which have placed the entire force under a cloud of suspicion at a time when it needs strong and decisive guidance to improve its image. In the midst of the chronic problems, came an influx of gifts from the Chinese government in the form of several police vehicles, equipment and weaponry to help the police fight crime. However, in as much as the physical resources are needed to help fight crime, they alone will not solve the chronic problems in the GPF. It will take honest, decent and dedicated men and women, uncorrupt leadership and the political will by the ruling elite to do so.

Thursday December 21, 2017

Editor’s Note; If your sent letter was not published and you felt its contents were valid and devoid of libel or personal attacks, please contact us by phone or email.

Sex in City Hall - Season Two DEAR EDITOR, Well it seems to be Season Two for the local ‘Sex and the City’ drama series that is ongoing at the City Hall in our capital. One cannot forget Season One, starring a Lance Corporal and Corporal of the City Police with the best supporting actor and actress awards going to the King and Queen of the city for their roles in trying to cover up the sordid tales. Now already there is a new series, this time featuring a senior member of the Engineer’s Department

and a new staffer attached to the Human Resources Department. Not wishing to be left out, the City Police Department is again featured, as their patrolling ranks sought to investigate some strange noises emanating from a boardroom in the City Hall Compound late at night only to discover the two staffers working above and beyond or I should say below and beyond the normal call of duty. This new episode seems to be more of a hilarious

comedy than a dramatic production, as believing that they were about to rescue someone from the boardroom who had fallen ill or was injured due to the moans emanating from the room only to find the senior staffer having dinner under the boardroom table and the new staffer in a state of complete euphoria. Once again, the King and Queen of the City are in full cover up mode as in spite of receiving a full report on the matter; they are still to bring it to Council’s attention,

are still to take it to the relevant committee so that the errant officers could be disciplined and indeed are trying to make light of this serious breach of standards of professional behaviour. Indeed, they seem to be awaiting the satirical columns of the local newspapers to provide trailers, casting news, air dates and possibly some spoilery bits, before having an investigation launched, just like they did for Season One. With thanks, Riley Matthews

ARE WE PUTTING NEW WINE INTO OLD WINE-SKINS? DEAR EDITOR, The excitement obvious from the media reports in the December 19, 2017 issue on the graduation of the first batch of cadets from the Civil Service Training College is quite understandable; I join in congratulating the graduates and their tutors. I believe that all Guyanese will be looking to see what impact such training will have on the dayto-day delivery of services to the public. Without wishing to throw cold water on the obvious enthusiasm emanating from the graduation, I do not think it is premature to warn about the possibility of negatives resulting from putting

‘bubbling, effervescing, new wine’ (as per the graduates) into ‘old wine skins’ (as per the heavily bureaucratic, anachronistic systems and reported indifference among established civil servants). The current civil service with its heavy establishment of civil servants set in their comatose ways cannot be discounted; old attitudes and modus operandi die hard. For the newly trained civil servants who would naturally be expecting a mostly conducive and enabling environment for the application of their newly acquired knowledge and skills, it could be demotivating if not disastrous if they experience too many

bottlenecks at the operational levels. It is for such situations that many organisations realistically initiate their staff trainings from the top and prioritise focus on the current establishment (as opposed to entrants or newcomers); it is a more promising way to obtain ‘buy-in’ across the organisation where the established human resources welcome change and embrace newcomers and new approaches. Even better still is the spin-off when current managers and supervisors are trained as trainers and assume the responsibility for the effectiveness of the attitudinal, behavioural and

systemic changes expected from the training activities. The ‘cadets’ or ‘trainees’ need mentors to help with the application of their learnings; this will not be forthcoming if the current managerial/supervisory staff are themselves operating in the ‘old ways’ of doing things and are not seized with the need for change among and by themselves. Simply put - training should start at the top especially when the focus is on attitudes…and it is no secret that the major problems in the civil service are attitudinal for which the t o p e c h e l o n s must be trained and held accountable. Nowrang Persaud

Trotman’s decision to drop powers may not be wise DEAR EDITOR, Reports suggest that Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. Raphael Trotman is considering reducing the powers now vested in him. It allows him to control our patrimony. What has triggered this, I’m not certain, but I believe it will put us on the highway of folly and clog the wheels of progress. What is required now is a restatement of the undertaking given during the Election Campaign for good governance. I believe we now have Leaders who are morally erect and that they in no way will be up for sale. We h a v e m a d e alterations to our Constitution since Independence, but to compromise the authority of

a Minister without a public debate and good reasons will be a backward step, perhaps, pandering to those with narrow partisan interests. Change represents the inevitable in human experiences. We come into the world weak and bawling; then daily we change mentally and physically; daily we grow and therefore change. Other aspects of change come about by people making adjustments taking into account existing circumstances and their hopes and aspirations. Some of these man-made changes have had both happy and unhappy results. What is necessary is for the Coalition to enhance its public relations. The techniques used earlier may not be viable today.

What we do not want is a dilution of democracy by tying the hands of the Minister, most likely in the process slowing things down and delaying the making of decision in the public interest. R e c e n t l y, R e v e r e n d Calvin Haywood, in a powerful and relevant sermon, referred to ParentChild relationship and by extension the need for respect and obedience to those like Parents, National and Political Leaders who mislead and that the Leaders as well must respect and obey the Laws laid down but in particular Laws of God as found in the Holy Scriptures. We talk quite a bit about the Renaissance. The truth can be put quite simply but even as Europe, including England,

advanced, Roman law exerted quite a bit of influence on the thinking of government during the 17th century. The basis of sovereignty had been widened in order to include sanctions more severe than earlier man imposed laws. At the end of the day, what matters must be of cleavage and obedience to establish laws and principles of Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Christianity. In the case of the matter, the Ten Commandments are crystal clear what the Nation must therefore develop is a revival of our spiritual and moral values. No matter, how we think with Laws and Powers, what matters is the integrity of our Leaders and the confidence we have in them. Hamilton Green

Thursday December 21, 2017

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Caught between a rock and a hard place The Parking Meter contract cannot be resurrected

DEAR EDITOR, Whether Minister Broomes, who stopped the Public Service Commission from performing or Harmon who stopped the Police Service Commission from promoting senior cops, or the officers of MMA who it was firstly presumed, revoked the leases of three farmers in Berbice; in court, all three matters had a common result- the CJ cited the executive (president) for constitutional violations. I would not want to believe that the president allowed himself to be used as a “scapegoat” by two of his ministers and the MMA authority. His pen was involved. Whether he took advice from his advisors or not, it was his actions that the Acting CJ in her judgement found contrary to the constitution. One thing is certain. For these violations, the president (not his advisors) continues to appear clumsier by the day in the eyes of the people. We may never know where or from whom the inspiration to stash the US$18 million bonus came. So far, the president said he did it and Greenidge sought to be complimented for advising him. In the interest of transparency, Exxon, having its unofficial PRO, Greenidge lamenting about KN publishing its modus operandi here, should make public the documentation of the signing bonus. Confirmation of name or names representing Guyana and the amount would assist to give some closure to this debacle and restore Exxon’s

credibility here. (Scenario 1) If the president did it like he said, for the umpteenth time, he may find his decision being deliberated upon for contravention of the constitution--this time Article 261. (Scenario 2) If he were unaware of what transpired and has volunteered to take the flak for others because he is the one with the immunity--well so be it. Even if (scenario 2) is applicable, the president is not at liberty to do the patriotically correct by rolling some heads, which would have won him the “Oscar” of the century in the hearts of the Guyanese people. Either way the president has to take the flak. Coalitions are fragile, rolling a single head from APNU or AFC could set the entire power keg exploding—-it is a typical rock and a hard place scenario for the president. While violations of the constitution are serious matters, meddling in money matters puts him in unfamiliar territory- the realm of corruption. One wonders! Has the president given any thought to the kind of legacy he wants to leave as the President of Guyana? Or is he too preoccupied with overcoming the daily hurdles as they come? Or is he being yanked, like a puppet on a string by the whims and fancy of his advisors? Why did he revoke the leases of three poor farmers? Was this some kind of a personal vendetta or vendetta for someone else? His actions even before

“signing bonus,” inspire more questions than answers. Back to the signing bonus! Let’s look at the President’s excuse. The President said,”Once the money is in an escrow account, it means it cannot be used for purposes for which it is not intended.”I would want to think that those were the exact words said to him by his advisors or colleagues as they prepared him to take the flak. “I figure the President did not check the meaning of escrow neither did he read the letter to Gobind Ganga. Had he done so, he would have known that the Government and the Ministry of Finance could not be considered as two different parties. Trotman had already taken Exxon out of the picture by saying that Exxon did not know that they had planned to use the bonus to pay lawyers. Moreover, ‘Escrows’ are expected to lie dormant-not “invested in interest bearing securities” as stated in the letter. What if the US$18 million were invested and suddenly his so called “security concern” arise. How would he have gotten the money? In short Granger’s escrow defence had the countenance of a poorly built, ludicrously looking “scarecrow.” The President’s ostensibly blind trust of his advisors and colleagues or his unwavering sacrifice to keep the Coalition alive is rapidly eroding his credibility as a leader. Rudolph Singh

Why the fuss over the agreement with Exxon? DEAR EDITOR, From media reports there seems to be a furor over which choice of Agreement with Exxon Mobil Corporation Guyana ought to find suitable for full satisfaction to all concerned. If there is not a 50/50 deal right down the middle then problems will arise. Going around the world to see who did what should not be our concern. No one checked with us about whether what they use is best for them so why should Guyana be looking at their experience to assume anything that they have done is a pattern suitable to meet our circumstances. The sticking point here

seems to be what should follow the occurrence of Disasters whatever the cause. It should be taken for granted that the host country will not create its own disaster so we can look for actual causative factors. Equipment failure, natural event, external disruption, could be among negative issues. A policy of insurance coverage can point to the way toward a conclusive resolution of this matter using an equally divided principle, that is all operators and host country. I haven’t seen any mention of OPEC or other equivalents. The cycle of blaming and criticising all

active partners will not be to anyone’s best interest. John De Barros

DEAR EDITOR, The recent High Court quashing of the parking meter by-laws must be music to the ears of most Guyanese and just about the best Christmas present for the private sector, not least among them the New Building Society, could have received from a Judge. Everyone is aware of the haphazard and arbitrary manner in which the Georgetown City Council went about this initiative. In fact, one could be fairly confident that the other actions taken by entities such as the Movement against Parking Meters will also defeat the Council’s illegal actions. From the very beginning, it has to be noted that this entir e arrangement was founded on a falsehood, which makes the entire process null and void. The claim made to the present Council that the previous Council of the Georgetown Municipality had recommended and approved a parking meter contract is just plain and simple imaginary, fictitious and a big fat lie. And the culprit that misled

Council, the government and the nation in this regard should be prosecuted. It is quite shocking that the present group of City Councillors is fully aware by now that they were conned by the administrators, into believing that the previous Council had approved the contract, are still not demanding to see the Minutes of the Meeting that purportedly approved it. They are still not moving to have the perpetrators of this untruth which is a very serious wrongdoing, dealt with condignly, but are rather just burying their heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich. Of course no such approval can be produced, as none exists. But just as appalling is the fact that the negotiating committee continues to allow itself to be disrespected by SCS who have failed to produce to them the necessary documentation they required to properly review the contract and concession. And now quite arrogantly, the Fantastic Four has responded

by notifying the public that it is actively engaged with its legal team, examining various options regarding the course of action to be taken, having regard to this recent ruling. The Fantastic Four is of the view that the ruling exceeded the scope of the challenge, and as such, are thinking about challenging same before an Appellate Court to test its soundness. In days gone by, the old people would have described the City Council as having ‘Bruk stick in their ears’ as it relates to their persistence with the scandalous parking meter contract. What has been made clear by all and sundry is that the contract is criminal; it is extremely unlawful and is corrupt to the core. No amount of tinkering can change that, and so this would-be Negotiating Committee can talk to SCS until the cows come home, the contract would still stand reviled, it would still be rejected and it would still be illegal. Sincerely, Modi Sankar

Crazy situations on the road DEAR EDITOR, So another life was lost to crazy driving on Vlissengen Road on Monday last. The driver and conductor were interested only in saving the speaker boxes from the overturned bus lying in the trench. Meanwhile a motorist was pinned underneath in the trench and screaming passengers were hurt. The driver ran away; quite a familiar ending that we read of so many times. Every day, we read about senseless taking of lives in accidents involving minibuses, taxis or errant drunkards on the roadways.

Everyone seems to be in such a hurry. Imagine you’re at a stoplight and two seconds before the counter gets to zero to change from red to green, horns are honking at the driver who is at the head of the line to move. Ve h i c l e s c o m e t o stoplights and can’t wait so they do the craziest aboutturns on major roadways, especially at Homestretch

and Vlissengen - right by Ministry of the Presidency! One recommendation on curbing this problem goes to the root of the issue: jointly charge and punish each offending driver ALONG with the certifying officer that bestowed a licence to them.I say collateral punishment for collateral damage. Stan Gouveia

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Thursday December 21, 2017

A sexist rant from a government advisor DEAR EDITOR, In an Op-ed piece published on December 6, 2017 in the state-owned Guyana Chronicle, captioned ‘On the school system, predators and Society’s Good People’, self-styled ‘senior government’ functionary Mr. Ruel Johnson, embarked on a laborious dissertation seeking to justify his role and conduct, in using social and main stream media to wage a personal battle against my client, Mr. Coen Jackson, a teacher attached to The Bishops’ High School. The readership would

have observed the great length to which Mr. Johnson resorted to defend himself, after it was revealed that he is motivated by a personal vendetta against my client, and that he used private information discussed with him by a young lady, to launch his attack, all whilst promoting himself as some “Women’s Rights Saviour”. I n h i s O p - e d , M r. Johnson also writes about ‘legal ethics and victimshaming’, attacking Mr. Coen Jackson’s defence team that included a young female, Attorney-at-law. He specifically singled out the

only female Attorney-at-law, Ms. Priyanka Sookraj, for his most vicious attack. He states that the defence team revealed the identity of a possible victim. This is untrue and in fact, it was Mr. Johnson who first alluded to the young lady’s identity, via his Facebook page. What was stated to the media by the defence team was in response to questions led by the media, referencing Mr. Johnson’s said Facebook posts. Also revealed in the Ope d , i s M r. J o h n s o n ’s cultivated sexist mindset and attitude. He writes,

Fleecing the workers DEAR EDITOR, It seems to us like (Damon) and Cuffy (Kofi), we too are fighting several enemies at the same time the (Colonial Masters) the (Company) the house slaves (officers) at the labour department) and the traitors among us (workers), Minister we would like to think you have made a grave error by sending warnings. Not meaning any disrespect but these are companies that will not heed to any warning, especially Inter Service Enterprise which has been doing this over the years. Whenever there is an increase in wages and salaries, they always create a retroactive which they fail to honour. This company should

have been placed before the court long ago and have its contracts terminated along with a seizure of its assets and an injunction restraining it from a change of name or of hands in order not to pay employees. It should be evicted from their premises until all payments are made in full to employees. Again with no disrespect, it seems as though some demonic elements are operating within the confines of the labour department to keep this delinquent child of Satan alive to continue blatantly disrespecting not only the workers but the Minister and the law. Though we are stupid, we are not ignorant when we mention house slaves; that is

how we would like even those with minute understanding to see these decaying corpses that the lower working class has to deal with. We know they have no shame as long as they can stretch forth their hands to collect earnings like the man did with the twenty pieces of silver according to the bible. We must have no shame to identify this disease and the stench it brings to our society and where it is coming from. We are now asking that you use your good office to see that we are adequately compensated from 1st July to 31st October, 2013 and from 1st January 2017 retroactive. Exploited workers.

Some rewards are worthy of questioning DEAR EDITOR, I wish to refer to the article in your yesterday’s edition of a police officer’s receipt of a number of awards. As I read the article, I was both amused and dazed as to how this individual was able to be

labelled with these prestigious titles when my knowledge of his work indicates otherwise. I have known the individual for many years, dating back to when he was stationed at Grove Police Station and Providence Police Station. During these times, he was known for collecting inducements and begging for ‘beer money’. To date, he is known for abusing his power, victimising drivers and being a blatant hypocrite. I can substantiate the latter by pointing to the fact that this police rank, who harasses and embarrasses people for tint, drives a heavily tinted motor vehicle himself. When questioned of this on one occasion, he replied to me by stating that ‘certain police with high rank like me, is allowed

tint’. Can I see the section of the law that states this? And in the former case, recently I was victimised (there are persons who can attest to this) by the police rank because I refused to ‘leave a raise’ on one occasion. It appears as though victimisation, abuse of power and harassment are recognised and rewarded in the current system. This reward system will force officers to be unnecessarily inflexible, harsh, draconian and petty at the cost of people’s time and faith in the system. We ought to be careful of what actions we seek to incentivise and what performance indicators are used to consider an officer as the ‘best’. Fearful of being further victimised. [Name withheld]

Attorney-at-law Ms. Sookraj was, ‘a young woman who could have easily been the target of his (Jackson’s), advances’, thereby insinuating that her involvement in the matter has nothing to do with her ability. He is also insinuating that Attorney-at-law, Ms. Sookraj could have been a possible victim, and may be suffering from what is known as the Stockholm syndrome, where a victim becomes a defender of her attacker. These innuendos are not only ludicrous but libelous. Mr. Johnson, who boasts about never ever being sued for defamation, should now be worried, and not sit so smug and comfortably. He should consult a competent lawyer. Apart from being sexist, Mr. Johnson’s statements are divisive in nature. While it is most surprising coming from a person who holds a ‘senior government position’, at the Ministry of Social Cohesion, where great attention is being paid to heal wounds, to bring gender balance, racial and religious unity, equity among regions and the promotion of a harmonious peaceful Guyana, it is not surprising coming from Mr.

Johnson, who described himself as ‘unkempt, crude and foul-mouthed’. M r. J o h n s o n a l s o describes himself as an incredibly flawed man with a less than stellar history with women. These words don’t absolve from his own sexist conduct and is proof that he is not ‘fit and proper’ to be a ‘senior government’ functionary, receiving a fat salary with liberal access to state resources including the Guyana Chronicle, and perks paid by taxpayers of this country. These qualities certainly cannot be the ones that H.E. President Brig. David Arthur Granger’s would want our young folks to emulate. Our ’senior government’ functionary Mr. Johnson, should be reminded of Article 149 (1) (b) of the Constitution of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, states ‘that no person shall be treated in a discriminatory manner by any person acting by virtue of any written law or in the performance of the functions of any public office, or any public authority’. Article 149(2) states that ‘discrimination means affording different treatment to persons attributable wholly or mainly to their sex or gender, inter alia’.

Article ‘149 A’ states that ‘No person shall be hindered in the enjoyment of his or her right to work, that is to say the right to free choice of employment.’ The combination of these enshrined provisions of our constitution put Attorney-at-law Ms. Priyanka Sookraj, well within her rights to act as legal counsel, for anyone she chooses to represent. Based on his Op-ed, Mr. Johnson appears to want to deny Attorney-at-law Ms. Priyanka Sookraj the right to partake in this matter, solely on the basis that she is a woman. The Minister of Social Cohesion, Dr. George Norton, has so far not addressed or condemned Mr. Ruel Johnson’s sexist adumbration. Equally the Hon. Prime Minister, Mr. Moses Nagamootoo, under whom the Guyana Chronicle Newspaper operates, has so far not distanced himself from the sexist statements made by his Government’s ‘senior functionary’. Therefore, is the public to conclude that the government embraces and endorses such sexist policy coming from one of its policy advisors? Jerome Khan Attorney-at-law

A serious allegation against City Hall DEAR EDITOR, Please refer to letter captioned “City Hall is a special place” penned by Shanta Singh, which appeared in the Monday December 18, 2017, edition of your newspapers. The tone and content of the missive indicates that the author has access to serious information about the operations of the City Constabulary Department. Miss Singh mentioned some serious issues about the City Constabulary Department, such as the disappearance of large quantities of ammunitions, bail money and firearms. If Miss. Shanta Singh is a credible source, then she is a potential person of interest for the Guyana Police Force and the Investigation Department of the City Constabulary Department. Peradventure, she may be privy to more information about the workings of the City Constabulary Department that may be insidious from the general

public. Therefore, the City Council should follow up on the information provided by this author with regards to the ammunitions. Give the current spate of gun crimes in Guyana; the disappearance of ammunitions from the precincts of a Law enforcement building is an indictable matter that requires further investigation. I also observed that the author made a sweeping assertion about gross negligence and sloppy

management at City Hall. An entire organisation cannot be blamed for negligence of a few officers. Every organisation has its own peculiar challenges and City Hall is no exception. It is on this note that I would like to commend the Council for its efforts to restore the aesthetics of Le Repentir Cemetery and proposed that a strict maintenance schedule be implemented so that we do not see the degeneration of the final resting place of our loved ones. Akeem Bennons

Thursday December 21, 2017

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Thursday December 21, 2017

CDB-funded project positions UTech to be the region’s premier tech institute

UTech President Professor Stephen Vasciannie (left) with Minister of Education, Youth and Information Ruel Reid (centre) and UTech’s Chancellor, former Prime Minister of Jamaica, Edward Seaga, (third from right), as they discuss UTech’s new and improved facilities with Stepehen Lawrence, Operations Officer (Civil Engineer), Social Sector Division, CDB, far right. BRIDGETOWN, Barbados — The University of Technology (UTech), through an expansion and enhancement project financed by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), seeks to lead a revolution in science and technology which could position the institution with other globally renowned tertiary tech giants. According to r e l e a s e from the CDB the project has cemented hopes that the college can be a springboard to drive education, training and certification to increase productivity and prosperity in Jamaica, particularly by adding to the number of Jamaicans entering the workforce in fields related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). “We are graduating overall, across all of our universities less than 500 engineers, so the STEM areas are totally underrepresented. We have to lead a revolution to infuse STEM and TVET in the curriculum so we make science and technology something that our students aspire to. And we as Caribbean people and Jamaicans can conquer the world of math and science. And the University of

Technology will become the new MIT of the Caribbean and the Latin American region,” said Education Minister Ruel Reid while delivering the keynote address at the official opening of the new facilities last Thursday. The UTech Enhancement Project commenced in 2007 when the Government of Jamaica signed a loan agreement with CDB for a loan of US26 million to fund the development project at the University. The Government undertook this investment as a grant to UTech, Jamaica to which the University provided counterpart funding of US$17 million. The project proceeded under three main components of institutional strengthening, building and civil works, and furniture, fixtures and equipment. The shared facilities building, constructed as part of the intervention, is a learning and teaching space for all colleges and faculties, and comprises 20 SMART classrooms, three state-of-the-art lecture theatres, computer laboratories, sanitary amenities and an amphitheatre. UTech’s President, Pro-


Kaieteur News

fessor Stephen Vasciannie noted that in the college’s 60year history, it has made significant contributions to education, training and economic growth in Jamaica, and that the expansion and enhancements are an extension of those contributions. “We recognise the importance of development of the physical infrastructure of our campus in attracting both local and overseas students, and we are committed to ensuring that our facilities are of a standard for which we can all be proud,” he said. Vasciannie also noted that the partnership established among UTech, the Government of Jamaica and the Caribbean Development Bank is key to advancing education and development in Jamaica, particularly as the country works towards attaining its Vision 2030 development goals. The outcomes of the partnership also directly align with Sustainable Development Goal 4 set by the United Nations, which speaks to inclusive, equitable and quality education for all. (Jamaica Observer)

Govt. legislator resigns amid missing money controversy ST. JOHN’S, Antigua CMC – A government legislator, who is at the centre of a scandal involving the disappearance of more than EC$100,000 (One EC dollar =US$0.37 cents), has tendered his resignation, noting the “repeated efforts by members of the opposition parties to impugn improper behaviour” in relation to the incident. Senator Michael Freeland said his resignation would take effect on December 31, 2017. In announcing his resignation, Freeland said that he was making the “statement to the people of Antigua and Barbuda without prejudice and consistent with my own personal commitment to openness and good governance. “I have noted repeated efforts by members of the opposition parties to impugn improper behaviour to me in relation to the proceeds of an auction which I conducted in my private capacity, as an auctioneer, on behalf of the Customs Department. “I make it clear that there was no impropriety in this matter and that the Customs Department was advised of circumstances beyond my control which prevented me from handing-over the proceeds of the Auction immediately and in full.“Following discussions with the Customs Department, it was agreed that I would make full payment in instalments in an

approved timeframe,” he said in the statement. Earlier this week, Prime Minister Gaston Browne was accused of covering up the scandal after he said that the matter involving the disappearance of EC$119,866.50 “is now settled”.Opposition legislator Joanne Massiah, had been calling for Freeland’s removal from the Parliament and criticised Prime Minister Browne for treating the issue “in such a flippant and dismissive manner”. Prime Minister Browne has remained silent on questions posed to him by the media regarding the missing funds, including when did the actual auction take pace; whether Freeland had pro-

vided him with an explanation for failing to surrender the funds and whether any action had been taken to reprimand the legislator. Massiah, a practicing attorney, said Prime Minister Browne must answer to the public about when he was informed about Freeland and the money, what actions he took immediately, and why nothing has been said or done by him since the scandal came to the public attention in November. In his statement, Freeland said that contrary to allegations made by his political protagonists, “I am pleased to state categorically that I have made payment in full and to the satisfaction of the Customs Department.

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti - CMC – Former Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive has been prevented from leaving the country by an investigating judge, probing a murder dating back to 2012. The investigating judge of the Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince, Jean Wilner Morin, issued the order preventing Bellerive who was

scheduled to leave the French-speaking Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country on Monday. In the order, the investigating judge said that the Director of the Immigration and Emigration Service should take “all necessary measures to prevent” Bellerive, 59, who in 2009, was named to replace then prime minister

Michèle Pierre-Louis, from leaving the country by air, land and sea. Political observers here said that the ban comes as the investigation continues into the assassination of Alix Mary Junior Gassan in 2012, following the disappearance of Joseph Robert Marcello of the National Commission of Public Contracts.

Michael Freeland

Former prime minister prevented from leaving country


Thursday December 21, 2017

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Plans apace to make professional nurses certificate degree programme

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Moves are being made to move the Professional Nursing programme from merely a certificate programme to a full-fledged degree programme. Information in this regard has been forthcoming from the Ministry of Public Health and comes even as plans are apace to reduce the excessively large intake numbers to the various nursing programmes.Reports suggest that a move in this direction is intended to ensure that tutors are able to pay greater attention on quality training and quality of graduates yielded from the nursing programmes. As such, efforts will be made to not only develop training programmes for the health workers but also to strengthen the management capacity.The Ministry of Public Health is working to boost the capacity of “our nurse leaders and educators by exposing them to higher education at the Master’s and doctoral levels through scholarship programmes – even as we partner with our sister countries.” Addressing this development recently was Minister of Public Health, Ms. Volda Lawrence.In fact it has been revealed that a strategic plan is in the making to focus on continuous development of nursing leaders and educators so that they can continue to promote quality education and service. Such measures, reports suggest, are linked to Government’s recognition that the professional nurses’ curriculum is a significant tool in this process. Although it has been developed to incorporate recent trends in nursing education regionally, health officials are convinced that there is still need to ensure that the content of the nursing programme is delivered in a standardized way across all the schools of nursing in Guyana. This move, Minister Lawrence is convinced, will be strongly supported. This, she said, willseeineachlocalsetting,theMinistry of Public Health applying its human resource plan to close the gaps between demand and sup-

ply of health human resource – especially in the teaching arena and with the assistance of donor and technical partners. “We will strengthen the management and capacity of the nursing education system,” Minister Lawrence recently told the National Assembly.In fact she made it clear that “addressing policies and regulations that govern this noble profession will be top priorities for the upcoming year.” It was only recently that Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Dr. Emanuel Cummings revealed that plans are apace to realise international accreditation for the Bachelor’s of Nursing programme offered at the University of Guyana [UG]. But accrediting the nursing programme, according to the Dean, will more than likely require more than simply putting measures in place at UG. He explained that since the nursing programme does not fall entirely under the university, “we will have to assume control of it.”Currently, the Bachelors in nursing programme offered at UG is the final stage of a programme administered by the Ministry of Public Health and the privately-operated St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. “After completing the Diploma aspect of that programme, candidates would come over to UG for two years to get their Bachelor’s Degree,” said Dr. Cummings.But according to him, “for us to even consider having the nursing programme accredited, UG will have to run the entire programme from the very first year...we will have to have complete control of the programme.” Another programme that UG will support the Public Health Ministry to offer is a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health Nursing. The programme is one that has been approved by the University’s Academic Board and will be shortly rolled out, according to Dr. Cummings. “This programme is intended to train individuals who will help to address the issues related to maternal and child health,” he said.

From page 20 were Bolivia, Egypt, Honduras, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Paraguay, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Togo, Uruguay, Vietnam and Zambia. During the ICAO WorldAviation Forum, discussions were held between the Council Presi-

dent of the ICAO, Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu, and Minister Ferguson and her delegation. “It was proposed that Guyana host the ICAOAir Transport Conference in the third quarter of 2018. It was further proposed that Guyana host the Third ICAO African States and Diaspora Meeting to focus on promoting tourism and air linkages between African States and the Diaspora, especially in the Caribbean States.”The conference will also address the challenges in overcoming irregularities or non-availability of air links between the two regions, revise and develop existing BilateralAir Services Agreement, and explore opportunities for multilateral agreements using ICAO Air Services Negotiation (ICAN) facility, including trade and investment, science and technology, travel and tourism, and transportation infrastructure.

Guyana recognised as most...

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Thursday December 21, 2017

GGMC to perform duties of petroleum commission The Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) will soon begin performing some of the functions of the Petroleum Commission as outlined in the Petroleum Commission Bill of 2017. This disclosure was made by Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman in a recent interview with Kaieteur News. The Petroleum Bill creates a Petroleum Commission. However, the Bill is currently stuck in a Special Select Committee of Parliament. In the absence of the Commission, there is need for an agency to perform some of the functions outlined in the Bill. Minister Trotman said that GGMC’s Petroleum Division will transform itself, for the most part, into the Petroleum Commission The Commission is supposed to monitor and regulate the efficient, safe, effective and environmentally-responsible exploration, development and production of petroleum in Guyana. The Commission is to promote the policies of the Government in the exploration, development and production of petroleum in Guyana. It is also to review and recommend to the Minister for approval, amendment or rejection of the plans, proposals, reports, analyses, data and any other information submitted by an applicant or Operator in support of an application for the granting or renewal of a petroleum prospecting licence or a petroleum production licence. When required by the M i n i s t e r, t h e P e t r o l e u m Commission is also supposed to manage bid rounds for the granting of licences; monitor and ensure compliance with national policies, laws and agreements related to petroleum operations and ensure that operators, contractors, subcontractors and other persons involved in petroleum activities comply with all applicable laws. The commission is supposed to ensure compliance with health, safety and environmental standards in petroleum operations in accordance with applicable laws and agreements and in cooperation with other government agencies, and ensure compliance with fiscal metering requirements in petroleum production activities in accordance with applicable laws and procedures. Those are just some of the functions of the Commission.

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Almost 500 contractors interested in Public Infrastructure contracts for 2018 -'prequalifying' bids read at NPTAB's final session Securing close to 500 prequalifying bids at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board's (NPTAB), final session for the year was the Ministry of Public Infrastructure. These bids were obtained for six different projects. Prequalifying bids were first read for the rehabilitation or maintenance of sea defence structures, roads, bridges and buildings by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure.


Trump hails ‘largest tax cut’ in US history (BBC) US President Donald Trump has hailed sweeping tax reforms after they were given final approval by Congress, despite fierce criticism by Democrats. “We are making America great again,” a jubilant Mr Trump said. He is expected to sign his first major legislative achievement - the biggest rewrite of the US tax code in a generation - in the coming days. The bill slashes taxes for corporations and the wealthy, while offering mixed, temporary relief to working people. Democrats have labelled the Republican tax bill “government for sale”, with prominent Senator Elizabeth Warren describing it as a “heist”. Hosting Republican lead-

Thursday December 21, 2017

Kaieteur News

ers at the White House, President Trump said: “This will indeed be a very big day when people look back at our country.” He thanked congressional leaders for pushing through what he called “the largest tax cut in the history of our country”. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan praised Mr Trump’s “exquisite presidential leadership” for the success of the bill. Earlier, in a statement, Mr Trump said: “I promised the American people a big, beautiful tax cut for Christmas. With final passage of this legislation, that is exactly what they are getting.” Because of a procedural glitch, the Bill had to be voted on for a second time in the

Republican-dominated House of Representatives. It passed by 224 votes to 201 on Wednesday afternoon. Democrats say that error was caused by Republicans rushing the most sweeping overhaul of the tax system since 1986 through Congress. In an often secretive process, no public hearings were held and multiple lastminute amendments that were pushed by lobbyists cropped up in the final version. The unpopular bill is likely to be a major issue during next year’s mid-term congressional elections. Fifty-two per cent of adults said they opposed the tax plan, while only 27% supported it, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Eni and Shell on trial in Italy over Nigeria ‘corruption’

Jerusalem UN vote: Trump threatens US aid recipients

Fourteen states backed a similar motion on Jerusalem at the UN Security Council on Monday (BBC) US President Donald Trump has threatened to cut off financial aid to countries that back a United Nations resolution opposing the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Earlier this month, Mr Trump took that step amid international criticism. “They take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars, and then they vote against us,” he told reporters at the White House. “Let them vote against us. We’ll save a lot. We don’t care.”His comments come ahead of a UN General Assembly vote on a resolution opposing any recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The draft resolution does not mention the US, but says

any decisions on Jerusalem should be cancelled. President Trump and Ambassador Haley are trying to use American muscle rather than diplomacy to convince countries to vote their way. From Washington’s perspective, recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and deciding to move its embassy there is its sovereign right. But that’s not how the majority of countries at the United Nations see it. The strongest repudiation came, unsurprisingly, from Washington’s critics. Meanwhile, many US allies are brushing off the tough rhetoric as an empty threat. A senior diplomat told me it was clear that the Trump administration was deter-

mined to take a stand for Israel at the UN, but he doubted that Washington would cut aid to, say, Egypt - which sponsored the failed Security Council measure on which the General Assembly draft resolution is based. What is certain is that the US will be isolated in the General Assembly on Thursday as the rest of the world once again tells President Trump that it does not agree with his decision on Jerusalem. The status of Jerusalem goes to the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel occupied the east of the city, previously occupied by Jordan, in the 1967 Middle East war and regards the entire city as its indivisible capital.

Poland faces EU punishment over controversial judicial reforms

(BBC) Two global oil giants, Eni and Shell, are to stand trial in Italy over allegations of corruption in Nigeria. The case involves the purchase of an offshore oil block in Nigeria for $1.3bn (£1bn) in 2011. The companies deny wrongdoing, saying they acquired the rights in accordance with Nigerian law. The trial in Italy is expected to start in March next year. It follows a lengthy investigation by Italian prosecutors. Anti-corruption watchdog Global Witness says it could be one of the biggest corporate corruption trials in history. The companies are also

facing charges in Nigeria over the case, which concerns Nigeria’s OPL-245 - an offshore oilfield estimated to hold 9bn barrels of crude oil secured by Shell and Eni in 2011. The allegation is that a large part of the $1.3bn payment went not to the Nigerian state but to Nigerian politicians as a bribe. Emails sent between Shell management, which were released by Global Witness in April, suggest Shell was aware the money would end up in the pockets of Nigerian politicians. As well as the two corporations, key individuals in the companies are facing charges

including Eni’s CEO Claudio Descalzi and former Shell executive Malcolm Brinded. The prosecution claims that the oil companies used a Nigerian middleman, a former oil minister Dan Etete, to pay the bribe. Mr Etete will also go on trial. In a press release issued on behalf of its board of directors, Eni said it was confident that neither the company nor its CEO was involved in the alleged illegal conduct. A Shell statement said it was confident that nothing illegal had occurred, adding: “We believe the trial judges will conclude that there is no case against Shell or its former employees.”

(CNN)The European Union has triggered an unprecedented disciplinary process against Poland for a “serious breach” of its values, in a dispute over judicial reforms that could lead to Warsaw being stripped of its EU voting rights. The European Commission, the EU’s principal administrative body, warned of a “clear risk of a serious breach in the rule of law” posed by legal reforms introduced by Poland’s rightwing government. It recommended that EU leaders invoke Article 7, a process that could eventually lead to Poland’s voting rights being suspended. The dispute involves a series of measures introduced in recent years by Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party. They EU believes they have paved the way for political interference in the legal system and put the independence of the Polish judiciary at risk. Frans Timmermans, vice

president of the European Commission, said that 13 laws adopted by Poland in the past two years had created an environment in which the Polish government “can systematically politically interfere with the composition, powers, the administration and the functioning” of the judiciary. Poland has been given three months to address the EU’s concerns. In a statement published Wednesday, the Commission urged Poland to change laws that lowered of the retirement age for judges and gave the President the power to prolong a mandate of Supreme Court justices. It also wants the Polish government to remove an ex-

traordinary appeal procedure, which includes the ability to reopen final judgments taken years earlier, and to restore the independence and legitimacy of the Constitutional Tribunal. Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawieck hit back by saying that reform of the judiciary was a matter for his state, not the EU. “Poland is as devoted to the rule of law as the rest of the EU. Current judiciary reform is deeply needed,” he tweeted. He added: “The dialogue between the commission and Warsaw needs to be both open and honest. I believe that Poland’s sovereignty and the idea of United Europe can be reconciled.”


Thursday December 21, 2017

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BVI Govt. pays St. Lucia to house 21 inmates TORTOLA, British Virgin Islands - CMC – The British Virgin Islands (BVI) government says it is paying an estimated US$13,000 a month to St. Lucia to house 21 inmates brought there following the passage of two hurricanes through the Lesser Antilles in September. The Minister responsible for Prisons, Myron Walwyn, told the House of Assembly that the prisoners are expected to be in St Lucia for at least six months with their return here expected in March next year. He said that the ruling National Democratic Party administration is paying the St Lucia government just over US$13,000 per month to keep the BVI inmates until the prison facilities here are repaired. “I’m not aware of any assistance to be given at this time to defer the cost but, of course, we won’t refuse any

offers to assist us,” Walwyn said in response to questions from the parliamentary opposition. Earlier this month, the St. Lucia National Security Minister Hermangild Francis, said he hoped that the prisoners who were brought here following the passage of the hurricanes are not a financial burden on the state. “I just hope that we are collecting our dues from the persons, the countries that have sent their inmates here. It is all well and good having them to be here and taking care of them, but we cannot make them become a financial burden on the country,” Francis said. The prisoners are being housed at the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) which said that arrangements made so far can allow for the prisoners to remain for an ‘indefinite’ period until the necessary structures are put in

place in the home countries. “The guys are there, so far so good,” Francis said adding that the Director of Corrections has indicated that everything is ‘working okay. “We are just praying that the countries get their prison systems back up as quickly as possible so that we can repatriate them,” Francis said. Walwyn believes that the repairs will be completed by March and the Superintendent of Prison, David Foot, told a local newspaper last week that the repairs might take much longer. “There is a lot of work to do, a lot of the fences fell down. The roofs were damaged in the main parts of the prison. So, once that repair work is done, then we will get those prisoners back as soon as possible. I would like to say we will get that done in the next six to nine months,” Foot said.

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The rift between the Government and the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) over wages continues with the association insisting that the wage talks must improve at the start of 2018. In the latest statement on the matter, JTA president, Georgia Waugh Richards said the teachers feel disrespected after being “unofficially informed” that the meeting scheduled for yesterday morning with the Ministry of Finance to continue the negation was postponed. Waugh Richards, in an audio statement issued yes-

terday afternoon, said the “unofficial communication has caused us to feel disrespected, to say the least, and therefore, come January morning the story has got to change”. JTA communications officer, Leaon Nash informed OBSERVER ONLINE that the meeting had been called off via telephone from sources within the ministry Tuesday. He said a reason for the cancellation was not given but the association was told that a written letter would follow. However, Nash said the association is yet to receive that letter.

“The teachers at this time, to say they are livid would be an underestimation. We are not at all pleased with the process or even with how the negations are being handled. It is therefore important that at this time the Government recognises that things cannot remain the same.” The president said the teachers are expecting that the business of their wage negotiations will be handled with much more respect and much more seriousness. The JTA has rejected the Government’s offer of six per cent increase over two years. (Jamaica Observer)

SAO PAULO (AP) — Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said yesterday that he’s not worried about an upcoming decision of an appeal over his corruption conviction and that he will remain a presidential candidate until officially barred. Da Silva was convicted in July of corruption and money laundering as part of Brazil’s massive “Car Wash” graft investigation. Despite that, he is leading the polls for next year’s elections.

If the conviction is upheld, Brazilian law states da Silva would be barred from running. But several legal experts have suggested there are myriad ways he could remain in the race. A court is expected to rule on the appeal on Jan. 24. “I will be a candidate ... until the day a court says I cannot be a candidate,” he told a group of reporters. Da Silva, who oversaw an unprecedented economic boom while in office from 2003 to 2010, has always said he is innocent of all charges and

that he is being persecuted. Da Silva was accused of receiving a beachfront apartment and property repairs as kickbacks from construction company OAS. He never owned the apartment, but prosecutors argued it was intended for him. Da Silva said yesterday that he would continue to appeal any unfavourable decision and that he was confident he would not be jailed. “I will not go down in history as an innocent man convicted,” he said.

JTA blasts Govt. over ‘unofficial’ postponement of wage talks

Brazil’s Lula says he’ll be a candidate until court bans him

Thursday December 21, 2017


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Guatemala to hold referendum to settle border dispute with Belize BELMOPAN, Belize CMC – The Belize government says Guatemala is planning to hold a referendum in April next year as a step towards finding a solution to the long standing border dispute between the two countries. Guatemala has been claiming the whole or part o f Belize since 1940 and Fore i g n M i n i s t e r Wi l f r e d Erlington, who met recently in Panama with his newly appointed Guatemalan counterpart, Sandra Erica Jovel Polanco, said the referendum could be held by April 15 net year. “She indicated to me that they want to have it in April, the 15th of April; I think the earlier date which they set was too close to Easter time, but they thought they could do it the 15th of April and it is set for that,’ Erlington told television viewers on Tuesday night. He said the matter is being handled by t h e S u preme Electoral Tribunal in Guatemala and “they are doing the necessary education campaign and t h e y h o p e t o b e able to pursue it. “I indicated to her that before Carlos Raul Morales

ceased to be foreign minister for Guatemala, we had agreed that we would have gone on a joint excursion to try to obtain funding from our supporters and partners and allied countries, particularly the Europeans, because we need funding to help us with the education campaign and the like”. Erlington said that the new foreign minister was in agreement with that strategy and “so she said yes, she thinks we can continue with that initiative. “I indicated to her that we had in fact been doing [our] education campaign for some time and in the last budget we had gotten more money than before so we were able to be doing even more [of] this continuous education. “So I think we settled on the idea that we will do as much as we can to raise funds; to that end, we were going to engage the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) to ask him to try to set up meetings with the Group of Friends, so that we can make our pitch for the increased funding,” Erlington added. Caribbean Community

(CARICOM) leaders at their last summit in Grenada in July, expressed “their unflinching

support for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of Belize”.

Earlier this month, the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group also urged “just

and peaceful resolutions of territorial dispute” between the two countries.


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Thursday December 21, 2017

Thursday December 21, 2017

Illness leaves Gayle in doubt for Christchurch ODI

ESPNcricinfo - Chris Gayle could be a doubtful starter for West Indies’ second ODI against New Zealand in Christchurch on Saturday (Friday Caribbean time). The opener scored 22 in yesterday’s first ODI in Whangarei, and did not field during New Zealand’s innings. New Zealand won the match by five wickets. “He took ill,” West Indies coach Stuart Law said after the match, when asked why Gayle hadn’t taken the field. “He’s going to seek further medical advice once we arrive in Christchurch tomorrow. At this point in time I can’t give you any further details of what’s going on.” Law did not divulge any details of Gayle’s illness. “I’m not a doctor,” he said. “I can’t give you any more, so I

apologise. We should get a full appraisal tomorrow.” Sent in to bat, West Indies posted a total of 248 for 9, which New Zealand overhauled with four overs to spare. Law said conditions changed significantly through the course of the match, and that New Zealand had won an important toss. “We would have liked to have bowled first as well,” he said. “Whether or not the wicket got damp through the covers... it was certainly a tackiness to the surface when the game started. “I looked at it half-time and it was bone dry. You would have liked an even contest, not taking anything away from New Zealand at all. We saw our opening batters - they’re pretty good

strikers of a cricket ball - they were having trouble locating it, which means the wicket was doing something. We didn’t see that this afternoon.” Gayle and Evin Lewis put on 40 in 10.1 overs for the first wicket. Lewis went on to score 76 off 100 balls. Law felt his dismissal in the 36th over - an lbw that replays suggested was wrongly given, when West Indies had run out of reviews - was a turning point, given his shot-making skills and those of Rovman Powell, with whom he had added 43 in just 31 balls. “He [Lewis] was circumspect with the deliveries he attacked. He’s a wonderful striker of a cricket ball,” Law said. “Today he wasn’t able to be as free as he would’ve liked but he showed some

Thursday December 21, 2017 Aries: Mar 21 - Apr 19 It would be best to do some deep meditation today. Connection with your inner space is incredibly valuable. Realize that great transformation comes when you release control. Taurus: Apr 20 - May 20 This is a wonderful time to express yourself in a powerful manner. You may go to extremes on this level, so be careful how you wield your power. Gemini: May 21 - Jun 20 Activity around you is picking up and you should add your energy to the group. Don't feel like you need to get expensive accoutrements to be part of the crowd. Cancer: Jun 21 - Jul 22 Don't get too emotionally attached to your work today. You'll have greater success when you distance yourself from what it is you're trying to achieve.


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Libra: Sep 23 - Oct 22 What you can't find in one place, you'll be able to find in another. The key today is to take the power of your fiery emotions and put it to good use. Scorpio: Oct 23 - Nov 21 If you're open to new ways of doing things, revolutionary thoughts may come to you. It would behoove you to anticipate the future and nip any potential problems in the bud. Sagit: Nov 22 - Dec 21 Don't get overwhelmed by the intense energy of the day. Instead of cowering from it, use it as fuel to keep your internal power strong. Capri: Dec 22 - Jan 19 Your emotions are going to be intense. There's a great deal of strength in your words. Let the fire burn red hot. The energy is contagious.

Leo: Jul 23 - Aug 22 Finding out the truth in a situation is key for you. Today you may want to take things to a higher level and loftier vantage point.

Aquar.: Jan 20 - Feb 18 Things may be happening all around you today. You could feel like a spectator watching a foreign theater production. Don't sit this one out in the audience.

Virgo: Aug 23 - Sep 22 Imagine yourself as part of a magnificent choir today. Your role is to sing beautifully but be aware of the other voices, too. Make sure your song isn't drowning out anyone else. Stay integrated into the events of today.

Pisces: Feb 19 - Mar 20 This feeling may be extra powerful. Great transformations are possible under this current trend. Seek freedom from your normal routine and feel free to push the boundaries of your limitations.

class. He showed the ability to get through some really tough times, to build an innings, and then unfortunately given out lbw when he was set, ready to continue that partnership with Rovman Powell. “Those two can score very quickly once they get going and 15-20 an over is not out of the question with those two.”

Rose Hall Town Area ‘H’ Ground undergoing ... From page 34 Town Youth & Sports Club was founded in 1990 by the three times Guyana and Commonwealth Youth Service Awardee, the St. Francis Community Developers, the Area ‘H’ Ground was virtually a swampland. The Club single handedly raised over $25M to transformed it into its current state and among the work done are fencing of the entire ground, internal fence, two sight screens, concrete pitch, scoreboard, sanitary facilities, charity kitchen, storage room, three pavilions, all weather court, while a children Playfield was constructed at the entrance of the Ground. The Area ‘H’ Ground despite its short comings has produced a total of sixteen national cricketers, one hundred Berbice players and five for the West Indies at all levels. Additionally, the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club has won three National Championships, five Guyana Cricket Club of the Year Awards, over fifty major cricket tournaments and is the only cricket club in the history of Guyana to have ever received a National Award. Vice President Mark Papannah praised the co-operation of the Region 6 Regional Democratic Council and expressed confidence that the relationship between the David Armogan led Regional democratic Council and the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club would be strengthened in the future to benefit more youths in Guyana’s smallest township.

Decorated Coach Jimmy... From page 30 have potential to produce exceptional talent,” McLean noted. McLean noted his dissatisfaction with the scouting process of the GFF when gathering overseas based talent for the senior team and labeled it as shady since it squad at times include players who aren’t even attached to a club. His solution to the problem is to have local coaches doing the recruitment in a more diligent process but when quizzed about the avenue for the added financial burden the process will cost, that couldn’t be solved.

In closing, McLean shared that in order for Guyana’s football to head in the right direction, interim head Coach Wayne Dover should be removed, “I do not think that Dover has been successful enough to remain the head coach. I believe Pollard, the current assistant coach who I have coached as a player should take the top spot. Pollard has captained Guyana and T&T professional teams for many years and based on his player experience he would be a perfect fit for the Golden Jaguars head coach role.” (Calvin Chapman)

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Thursday December 21, 2017

Decorated Coach Jimmy McLean back to help develop Guyana’s football -Not satisfied with the direction the game is going locally

Top XX football club pose a team photo pre-match at Bourda ground during the 1990’s. Veteran football coach Jimmy McLean who has had successes both locally and regionally has signaled his intention on his return to Guyana to work with all football stakeholders, and more importantly the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) to get the game on the right track since he is not satisfied with current route it’s on. McLean was employed with the Department of Culture, Youth and Sports in the 1980s as a sport organizer and was responsible for working with youngsters to develop football in Region 10 (Upper Demerara/Kwakwani). After being impressed by McLean’s work, founder of the Hurricanes Sports Club based in the community of Retrieve in the “mining town”, Albert Rose, offered him the post of coach of the club’s youth football team in 1989 which later became Top XX Football Club. Speaking to Kaieteur Sport, Jimmy McLean noted that based on his experience working with youths in the region, Top XX managed to put together a formidable squad when he joined because a lot of players were keen to register at the club due to the sporting relationship he had created with them during his time as the Ministry’s football coordinator in Region 10.

Success came early for the McLean led Top XX team and they won the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA) senior league in 1990 with predominantly under-19 players; a monumental feat. In 1991, the Top XX youth team participated in the Caribbean Under-19 Cup in Barbados and finished second to the home team and in 1992, their debut year, McLean coached the team to championship honours in the Kashif and Shanghai tournament, their first of five titles. The likes of former national players Colly Hercules, Randolph Jerome and former captain Charles Pollard came through the ranks of Top XX and McLean’s guidance before going to play in the then semi-pro league in Trinidad and Tobago in the mid 1990’s. After a successful decade of coaching at the club, Jimmy McLean retired from the post of head coach at Top XX before the next chapter in his coaching career began three years later. In 2003, based on the recommendations of former Top XX players Kayode McKinnon and Carey Harris that were outfitting for the struggling T&T professional club North East Stars FC, he was

Flying Ace Cycle Club holds Annual General Meeting today The Flying Ace Cycle Club (FACC) of Berbice is scheduled to hold its annual General meeting today at Corriverton, Upper Corentyne. High on the agenda is the election of office bearers and the club’s annual report along with the Secretary report and financial statement. Among the positions to be contested is President, First second and third vice presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and assistant Secretary. The FACC was founded by cycling coach Randolph Roberts and is one of the most active cycle cubs in Guyana. Popular businessman John Lewis is the long serving President, well-known Attorney at law Mursalene Bacchus is the

first Vice President, Randolph Roberts is the second Vice President with former national cyclist Neil Reece the club’s third Vice President. Margaret Kuma is the secretary with Roberts doubling up as the Treasurer. Formerly national female cycling champion Marica Dick is the Assistant Secretary. There are four committee members in Rawle Felix, Fizal Ally, Pearl Arokium and Ganesh Singh. Former New Amsterdam Mayor and Businessman Errol Alphonso is the long serving Patron. Rhonda Russel a former Secretary is an honorary member. (Samuel Whyte)

Top XX (Yellow) before a match at the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) ground during the 1990’s. offered the post of the head coach there which he gleefully accepted. In his first year at North East he won the T&T Football Association knockout Cup, the oldest trophy in T&T football history, while finishing third in the league that year after finishing last the previous year. The Guyanese boys were on top as Charles Pollard, who was the captain for North East and Guyana, won the league’s MVP award, while Randolph Jerome was highest goal scorer with 27. After rebuilding the team in 2003-04 season following their last place finished in the 2002-3 season, McLean employed five Guyanese, five Trinidadians and one player from St. Vincent in his usual starting 11. McLean’s and North East FC two year rebuilding plan was in full splendour when they copped the league’s championship trophy in his second year at the club, the 2004-05 season. The Guyanese’s coaching career in T&T also saw him winning the semi-pro league with Economy Strikers FC, while enjoying

coaching stints with secondary school teams Toco and Valencia before hanging up his coach’s hat in T&T in the year 2011. McLean explained to Kaieteur Sport that based on his experience and his love and dedication to the game he would like to exercise his vast coaching knowledge to help the GFF either as an advisor or a youth development coach. In fact, with limited support, he has kicked started a football youth development programme which he has aimed to be a countrywide initiative that will allow him to scout and facilitate the development of promising players from all across the “land of many waters”. The base of the programme is currently in his home town of Kwakwani in Region 10. “The main reason I choose Kwakwani is because the Kwakwani community ground is one of the best in Guyana and also I live in that area and I want the youths from that area to excel because I believe that the ground Continued on page 25

Achievers, D’ Edward, Blairmont triumph Achievers, D’ Edwards and Blairmont recorded wins when the West Berbice Cricket Association, Singh Travel Service Under-19, 50 Overs Competition continued recently. Kevin Sinclair set No.5 ground a blaze, when Achievers played the host. Achievers batted first and made a massive 383 for 6 in their reduced quota of 40 overs due to late start. Kevin Sinclair slammed 211 which included 23 fours and nine sixes, while Shamal Angel made 48, Kayonliu Small 36 and Darrad Arthur 32. Bowling for No. 5, Linden Blair claimed 2-48. No. 5 were bowled out for 78 in reply. Angel had 2-14 and Omaie Arthur 2-11. Achievers won by 305 runs. At Bush Lot, D’ Edward batted first and made 258 all out in 40 overs. Denanauth Persaud slammed 65, Wazim Inshan 41, Hemraj Harrilall 34, Dishan Phillips 26 and Lakeraj Lalsa 18; N.Prashad snared 4-37, N.Shivarathan 2-29 and T. Persaud 2-40. Bush Lot in reply were all out for 115. T. Persaud got 43; Dishan Phillips claimed 4-

Kevin Sinclair 32, HemrajHarrilall 3-15 and Lakeraj Lalsa 2-8. D’ Edward won by 128 runs At Paradise, the host batted first made 188 all out in their allotted overs. Windel Fordyce stroked 106, Sedesh David 23 and Lakeram Ramkissoon 20; Shamal Fordyce had 3-44 and Jaden Samuels 2-39. When Achievers were ready to take to the crease, Paradise had no ball to use after waiting for over two hours.

Thursday December 21, 2017

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Do you really think Australian captain Steven Smith can command major ranking in this Getty Images batting lineup of this 1957 West Indies team to England? I don’t think so. Back, from left: Andy Ganteaume, Rohan Kanhai, Nyron Asgarali, Gerry Alexander, Denis Atkinson, Tom Dewdney, Wes Hall, Garry Sobers, Bruce Pairaudeau, Roy Gilchrist, Collie Smith. Front, from left: Sonny Ramadhin, Frank Worrell, John Goddard (c), Clyde Walcott, Everton Weekes, Alf Valentine © Getty Images By Albert Baldeo ESPN Cricinfo carried an interesting article, widely published that “AUSTRALIA captain Steven Smith is closer than ever before to matching Don Bradman as the toprated batsman of all-time, according to the ICC rankings for Test batsmen….Smith, who scored 239 to lead Australia to regaining the Ashes in Perth, increased his ratings points tally from 938 to 945 at No. 1, surpassing his previous best of 941 after the first Ashes Test in Brisbane. He is second on the all-time list along with former England batsman Len Hutton, and no one else apart from Bradman – who has 961 points – has ever achieved a higher tally…Smith earned seven points after his

performance at the WACA led Australia to victory by an innings and 41 runs, overtaking the highest career tallies of Peter May, Ricky Ponting and Jack Hobbs. His Test batting average of 62.32 is only behind Bradman’s 99.94 on the list of best averages for batsmen who have played at least 20 innings. And he’s number one currently ahead of India captain Virat Kohli by 52 ratings points. By the time the Boxing Day Ashes Test begins, Smith would have been at the No. 1 ranking for two years.” To compare any batsman to Sir Don Bradman is the greatest tribute anyone can pay to a batsman. With the greatest of respect to Steven Smith, I have seen him bat many times, but he is not in the same league with

Bradman. I think he deserves a lot of praise, and he has been the supreme professional, but to elevate him to that gold standard when his career is still incomplete, is an overreach. Neither is Smith as good as fellow Australians Ricky Ponting, Greg Chappell or Steve Waugh, or as accomplished as Sachin Tendulkar, Sir Viv Richards, Sunil Gavaskar, Brian Lara, Sir Jack Hobbs, Sir Wally Hammond, Graeme Pollock, Rohan Kanhai, George Headley, Sir Gary Sobers, Hanif Mohammed, Martin Crowe and at least a few dozen others we can all nominate-or will pay at the turnstiles to see them bat. Moreover, bare statistics should not be the only defining criterion in measuring the quality of a batsman. Statistical greatness

must be supplemented with the value of an innings, such as being the fulcrum of the batting, dependability, professionalism, t e n a c i t y, e l e g a n c e , c r o w d a p p e a l , adaptability, restraint and dominance. After all, cricket is a spectator’s sport, and the audience’s views and emotions are more valuable than some computer generated algorithm. Indeed, the crowd perched in the trees on Regent Street overlooking the Bourda cricket ground in its heyday who took cover when Clive Lloyd or Carl Hooper went over the top, or the many vociferous fans in the bleachers around the world’s cricket grounds were more knowledgeable and entertaining than many an expert.

Namilco makes massive donation to RHTY&SC Cricket Teams’ Christmas Village The National Milling Company Ltd (Namilco) on Saturday last make a significant contribution towards the hosting of the 3rd Annual Berbice Christmas Village that would be organised by the ten cricket teams and Over-35 Group of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club. Guyana’s most dynamic organisation would be hosting the popular Christmas Village from the 21st to 24th December, 2017, in the compound of the Rose Hall Town Primary School. Namilco handed over a 20ft by 15ft full coloured banner and a 16ft trampoline to the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club. The huge banner was placed in front of the School Compound to promote the event, while the trampoline would be used in the Christmas Village to provide entertainment for the kids. Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster, who received the donation from Namilco CEO Bert Sukhai, hailed the Company as a true friend of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sport Club, MS and noted that Namilco is one of the main reasons why the Club is the only youth and sports organisation in Guyana to have ever received a National Award. Foster stated that the main objectives of the Christmas Village are the promote the true traditions of the Festive Season, to promote social cohesion among Berbicians, to provide clean and safe

entertainment for children and their families, to attract tourists to Rose Hall Town and to make a positive difference in the lives of youths. The long serving Secretary/CEO stated that the Christmas Village would consist of the entire compound being covered with fairy lights, a 20 feet Christmas tree, Christmas Star, the Nativity Scene, Santa and his Sleigh, Christmas Home, Inflatable Christmas Scene, Plyboard Cut-out Christmas Characters, Trampoline, Bouncy Castle, Children Games, Toy Shop and Horror House among other attractions. During the Christmas Village, the ten Cricket Teams would be sharing toys and goodies to less fortunate children, while 300 food hampers, clothing and footwear would be distributed to families in need. Foster hailed the contribution of Namilco as a big boost to the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club efforts to make Christmas a bit brighter for Children. He also hailed Namilco’s Managing Director Bert Sukhai as a hero to every Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club member for his support over the years, while special mention was made of Azam Khan, Michelle Majors, Fitzroy McLeod and Ms Jonelle for their cooperation. Sukhai, in handing over the two items,

Namilco’s Bert Sukhai makes donation to RHTYSC Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster. stated that Namilco was proud to be associated with the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club and was very impressed with its record of activities and achievements over

the years. Namilco, he noted understands its corporate responsibilities and as such special emphasis is placed on education, sports, culture and youth development.

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Thursday December 21, 2017

Windies chasing series after opening defeat WHANGAREI, New Zealand, CMC – West Indies were left to chase their threematch series against New Zealand after unconvincing batting, coupled with a subdued bowling effort, left them with a fivewicket defeat in the opening One-Day International here yesterday. Sent in at Cobham Oval, West Indies got contrasting half-centuries from opener Evin Lewis who top-scored with 76 off 100 deliveries and Rovman Powell, who struck 59 off 50 balls down the order. Debutant 20-year-old Shimron Hetmyer (29) and Chris Gayle (22) got starts but failed to convert, leaving the Caribbean side well short of a competitive total at 248 for nine off their 50 overs. Seamer Doug Bracewell shone on his return to the host side, picking up four for 55 while debutant leg-spinner Todd Astle claimed three for 33 and speedster Lockie Ferguson, two for 49. With the pressure immediately on the Windies bowlers, they proved loose early on, allowing opener George Worker to post a career-best 57 while Ross Taylor stroked an unbeaten 49 and Colin Munro, 49. Captain Kane Williamson chimed in with 38, as the Black Caps eased to victory with 24 balls remaining. Skipper Jason Holder (2-52) and offspinner Ashley Nurse (2-55) ended with two wickets apiece. Lewis and Gayle had earlier handed the Windies a solid start, posting 40 for the first wicket before wickets tumbled in clusters. The left-handed Gayle started slowly but threatened to explode when he clobbered three fours and a giant six – the latter a clean blow down the ground off seamer Tim Southee. But Gayle nibbled at one from Bracewell at the start of the 10th and was caught at the wicket and Shai Hope followed off the next legitimate delivery, given out caught behind off the inside edge, though subsequent DRS replays yielded little conclusive evidence of an edge. Lewis, who counted seven fours and a six in his knock, then put on 62 with left-hander Hetmyer to prop up the innings, with both

Rovman Powell goes on the attack during his half-century in the opening One-Day International against New Zealand. (Photo courtesy CWI Media) playing freely before another collapse ensued. Hetmyer holed out to long off in the 24th over off Astle, triggering a slide that saw the Caribbean side lose three wickets for 31 runs to slip to 134 for five in the 31st over. Lewis, who posted his first ODI halfcentury off 77 balls in the 28th over, revived the innings as he paired with Powell to add a further 43 for the sixth wicket. Seemingly cruising towards a third hundred, Lewis was the victim of a poor decision when he was adjudged lbw in the 36th over after missing a sweep at a googly from Astle, with replays showing the ball clearly missing off-stump.

His was one of three wickets to tumble for 24 runs, leaving the Windies tottering on 201 for eight but the right-handed Powell, who blasted two fours and four sixes, ensured a rollocking end to the innings as he put on 45

for the ninth with Kesrick Williams (16 not out). New Zealand were gifted easy runs early on in their run chase as the Windies seamers found themselves either too full or short, allowing Worker and Munro to dominate in a 108-run opening stand. Worker struck eight fours in a 66-ball knock while Munro also crunched eight fours in his 36-ball stay at the crease. Pacer Williams got the breakthrough when the left-handed Munro drove a simple catch to Nurse at short cover in the 17th over, and Worker followed in the next over when he was bowled by Nurse trying to cut one too close to him. On 118 for two, the Black Caps were steadied by a 57-run, third wicket stand between Taylor and Williamson which put the hosts in sight of victory. Taylor faced 76 balls and counted only two fours in a composed knock while Williamson was more expansive, striking five boundaries off 45 balls. When Williamson played on to Holder in the 32nd over, Taylor remained solid to add 26 for the fourth with Tom Latham (17) and 29 for the fifth with Henry Nicholls (17) to see New Zealand to a 1-0 lead in the series. The second ODI will be played in Christchurch on Saturday (Friday Caribbean time). Scores: WEST INDIES 248 for nine off 50 overs (Evin Lewis 76, Rovman Powell 59, Shimron Hetmyer 29, Chris Gayle 22; Doug Bracewell 4-55, Todd Astle 3-33, Lockie Ferguson 2-49). NEW ZEALAND 249 for five off 46 overs (George Worker 57, Ross Taylor 49 not out, Colin Munro 49, Kane Williamson 38; Jason Holder 2-52, Ashley Nurse 2-55).

Five grab the prizes at National Draughts Association Annual Hamper tournament

Banks Beer Village Cup launched -$1.5million in cash prizes up for grabs The inaugural Banks Beer Village Cup commenced on Tuesday evening at the Victoria Community Centre Ground with three exciting matches which saw Tigerbay, Mocha and Plaisance securing vital wins to progress to the quarter-final rounds. Tigerbay’s 3-0 rout of Liliendaal came off the heels of marksmen Manasseh Primo (7th), Darien Dickson (18th) and Deon Alfred (29th). Mocha edged East Ruimveldt 5-4 on sudden death penalty kicks after their match ended 1-1. Michael Charles had opened the scoring in the 17th but four minutes later Travis Blaze found the equalizer for East Ruimveldt. More so, Plaisance whipped Sophia 3-0 with Vincent Thomas scoring a brace (17th & 79th) and received support from Akeem Thomas (4th). Matches will continue this evening at the aforementioned venue with Pouderoyen in action against Kitty from 18:00 hrs then Alexander Village battle Stewartville from 20: hrs. The final match of the night pits

Stabroek and Beterverwagting from 22:00 hrs. Meanwhile, at a press briefing yesterday, the title sponsors confirmed their partnership with the event. Communications Manager Troy Peters stated, “We are proud to be on board this venture and it aids us in helping football being played throughout Guyana and we look forward to an exciting tournament.” Organiser Esan Griffith expressed his gratitude for the support of the company and felt the tournament had a productive start and fans can be assured of more riveting action. Griffith also explained the idea behind the tournament was to bring football back to its grass roots and given community teams a chance to showcase their talents. The tournament which will see the winning team going home with $800,000 with the grand final set for December 30. Apart from the winner’s purse, the second placed side will pocket $400,000 with $200,000 set to go the third placed team and $100,000 to the fourth placed finisher.

President of the Association Mr. Jiaram, second left, pose with the winners, Khemraj Pooranmall, Floyd Cumberbatch, Steve Bacchus, Godfrey George and Navin Meghbarran. Five successful players were awarded with food hampers and goodies at the National Draughts Association Annual Hamper tournament played last Sunday at the National Gymnasium. Six ‘A’ class and three ‘B’ class players contested the tournament. The competition was very competitive throughout the day where the six round draw took its toll on some of the players.

The winners were Khemraj Pooranmall with 17 points, Linden player Floyd Cumberbatch with 16 points, Steve Bacchus 15 points, Godfrey George 14 points and Navin Meghbarran 13 points. The National Draughts Association would like to thank the following sponsors: Noble House Seafoods, Sankar Autoparts, Uniparts, Attorney- at - Law Elias Gentle and Gain Mart Supermarket for their valuable contributions.

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Thursday December 21, 2017


Sports fraternity has lost a dedicated patron Former GCF President George Humphrey ends race of life

George Humphrey with Team RBC at the 16th Troy Humphrey Memorial Race in 2013 at the Band Stand Circuit. By Franklin Wilson The outspoken former President of the Guyana Cycling Federation (GCF) George Humphrey took his final lap in the race of life on Sunday last when he departed this life following a brief period of illness. Touching the lives of many cyclists, many of whom ‘Georgie’ as he was fondly known would have accommodated at his Ketley Street, Charlestown based Bakery, the late Humphrey was also a huge supporter of investing in the development of many a sportsmen and women. He touched the lives of many in the boxing, athletics and the football fraternity not only with financial support but by supplying bread and other materials for teams

when encamped and even when travelling. ‘Georgie’ was a true champion for sports and would be heard loudly debating with others in the yard of the Bakery in Charlestown of how he felt about any issue affecting sports and how he felt things should go in favour of the development of athletes. He committed to supporting individuals and clubs on a monthly basis in a very quiet but impacting way, this was his style. His son Troy, died by accident some years ago and being a die-hard cyclist and wanting to see young people develop, his Bakery have since been sponsoring a memorial Meet for well over a decade in memory of Troy where attractive cash and other prizes are won by the riders.

George Humphrey pictured with wife Pauline and some of his grandchildren at the Troy Humphrey Memorial Race at the National Park in October, 2012. At the helm of Roraima Bikers Club (Founder) which produced many stars including Marlon ‘Fishy’ Williams who was like an adopted son, ‘Georgie’ teamed up with the National Milling Company of Guyana to run off the Annual CARICOM ‘Wheat Up’ Cycle Race. He also sponsored a Memorial Race for the late Guyanese cyclist and close friend, George Cumberbatch who also served as an executive of RBC. Whenever he was around the sport, his voice was distinct and loud, matching his generosity to the cyclists, young and old. But as age caught up with him, ‘Georgie’ decided to take a back seat from the sport he was dedicated to voicing his dissatisfaction at the way it was administered.

Despite, he still continued to support in his own charismatic style. His loss would be impacting not only for his wife Pauline and family who pedaled along the journey of life with him, but also his many friends and supporters. The residents of his immediate environs in Charlestown, young and old, would miss him dearly. His generosity transcended race and religion as he lived life reaching out to all and sundry. To his sorrowing wife Pauline, children and extended family, the Sports Department at Kaieteur News extends deepest sympathy to you on the loss of an icon. May his soul rest in peace and rise in glory.

Rose Hall Town Area ‘H’ Ground undergoing major upgrading The Rose Hall Town Community Centre known as the Area ‘H’ Ground is currently undergoing some major restoration work due to the efforts of Guyana’s number youth and sports organisation and the Regional Democratic Council of Region 6. The Area ‘H’ Ground is the home base of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS and since 1990, the Club has been spearheading the effort to transform the venue from a swampland into a modern sport facility. With funding from the Region 6 Regional Democratic Council, the entire outfield of the ground has been boosted with a large amount of suitable clay and has been leveled. Two new cricket pitches have also been constructed measuring 80 feet by 23 feet and has crusher-run as its foundation. The pitches have also been constructed six inches above the ground while special work has also been done on the two bowlers’ run-up. The Club and its ten cricket teams would shortly be installing 410 running feet of boundary boards while four electric lamps would be installed around the all weather court to allow its usage in the evenings. Secretary/CEO of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS Hilbert Foster also disclosed that earlier in the year, the Ministry of Sports had contributed $1M towards restoration of the outfield and stated that in the future the Area ‘H’ Ground would be one of the best facilities in Berbice. Additionally, the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club also received assistance from the Regional

Area ‘H’ Ground undergoing major restoration work.

Democratic Council to cover the front part of the Rose Hall Town Primary School Compound with asphalt at the cost of millions of dollars as part of the Club’s Community Developmental Programme. The Club on an annual basis uses the School Compound to host its popular Christmas Village Project.

Foster expressed gratitude to Regional Chairman David Armogan, Vice Chairman Dennis Deroop, Regional Executive Officer Kim Williams Stephens, Engineer Mr. Ali, Mayor of Rose Hall Town Vijay Ramoo, Contractors Annirud Ramcharitar and Peter Lewis for their co-operation. The Club would also be receiving assistance from another

government agency to plant grass on the relaid outfield, while funding would be sought to construct an indoor training complex so that Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS cricketers can practice all year despite the rainy season. Foster recalled that when the Rose Hall Continued on page 25


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Thursday December 21, 2017

Gangster Domino wins inaugural Mackeson “King Of the Domino” tournament One of the largest dominoes competition to ever be played in Guyana with action in the three counties (Essequibo, Demerara and Berbice) including areas Linden and Bartica, the recently concluded “King of the Domino” tournament which was a collaboration between the Guyana National Dominoes Federation (GNDF) and Ansa Mcal was deemed a success by both entities. Champions of the nationwide competition, “Gangster” domino team, are $1million richer after receiving their grand cash prize of $1million at the Ansa Mcal’s

head office at Beterverwagting during a simple presentation yesterday. Gavin Towler of the championship winning team, Gangster, was awarded the MVP of the tournament. Although the tournament was a countrywide affair, Georgetown teams finished in the top three spots. Spartans, that finished with 75 wins, eight less than the champions, settled for the second place trophy and $250,000 cash prize. Meanwhile, third place finishers TNT, pocketed $100,000 and the corresponding accolade.

MVP Gavin Towler receives his trophy and cash prize of Mackeson brand manager Sean Abel.

Mackeson Brand manager, Sean Abel (center-left) take a photo-op with champions Gangster domino team during the presentation yesterday.

Star Boys claim Desmond Hoyte Memorial 5-a-side football Star Boys Football team won the Hugh Desmond Hoyte Memorial 5-A-Side football competition which was played recently at the Love and Faith Church Ground. In the finals which went down to penalties after the game was locked nil all, Star Boys went on to win 32. Love and Faith Church team won the 3rd place 1-0, over New Level Family Team. Star Boys claimed $100,000. The programme was sponsored by National Sports Commission and coordinated by Sports Officer A. Munroe and John Harrison of Love and Faith Church, with support from Director of Sport Christopher Jones.

Action in the final of the Desmond Hoyte Memorial football.

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Thursday December 21, 2017


Den Amstel FC partners with Banks for year-end tournament

Den Amstel’s Coach O’Neal Yearwood receives the sponsor’s cheque from GT Beer Brand Manager Jeoff Clement in the presence of other club officials and Banks DIH Managers. Eight teams from West Demerara Football Association will battle for a top prize of $400,000 as Den Amstel Football Club has joined forced with Banks DIH under their GT Beer brand to host a year end tournament. The straight knock out tournament which kicks-off on Friday was launched yesterday at Thirst Park. The tournament is slated to conclude on January 7 and will be graced by teams such as Young Achievers, Eagles United, Golden Warriors, Stewartville, Pouderoyen, Uitvlugt and Wales United. Friday’s fixture pits Achievers against Eagles from 18:30 hrs followed by the host battling Warriors from 21:00 hrs. Action will resume on December 26 with Pouderoyen

facing Stewartville from 18:00 hrs after which Uitvlugt engage Wales from 20:30hrs.Coach of the host club O’Neal Yearwood expressed his gratitude for the support of the entity and felt the tournament will give teams in the association who are not a part of the on-going national tournament a chance to showcase their skills and worth. More so, Yearwood felt his side stand a significant chance to walking away with championship honours despite their Elite League players not being able to play. According to the coach, his confidence stems from his unit having a wide cross-section of players who can muster a stern challenge. Additionally, Communications Manager of Banks DIH Limited, Troy Peters stated the entity is extremely pleased to

be in support of the venture under their GT Beer brand which he termed as the “beer of the season”. Peters added the tournament adds to their support of yearend activities and development of football with tournaments in full swing in Berbice and Linden. “We will continue to support football despite the negatives that we see happening around football at this time. As a good corporate citizen we are here to support community initiatives and this is one for the people of Den Amstel,” Peters expressed. Aside from the lucrative first prize, $200,000 will be awarded to the second place team while $100,000 and $50,000 will be given to third and fourth respectively.

Metro rides with Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club Boxing Day race-meet

For the eighth year in succession, Metro Office and Computer Supplies has thrown its support behind the signature Boxing Day horserace meet organised by the Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club. At a simple function yesterday, representatives of the two entities were on hand to finalise the partnership at the company’s main outlet on Quamina Street, Georgetown. Assistant Manager of the company, Ariff Baksh, moments before presenting the $1M cheque and massive trophy to Justice Cecil Kennard, the Honourary President of the Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club, stated how elated the establishment was to sponsor the biggest prizes of the day. Metro’s cash incentive

and the trophy will be presented to the champion of the feature event, the C Class, which will go for nine furlongs. Kennard reflected that the club and Metro, through its current president Ron Ramnarayan and Ron’s father Deo Kharag, have had a long and fruitful relationship, and this partnership further cements their alliance. Kharag was also president of the club from 1955 to when he migrated in the 70s. He further underscored the significance of sponsorship to events such as the upcoming one, noting that gate receipts and entrance fee from competitors w ould be woefully inadequate. Kennard confirmed that over 60 horses have been

entered for the grand one day meet, and that the track at Bush Lot Farm, Corentyne, Berbice, is in fine condition, despite some rain over the past few days. The feature of the day is expected to be a hotly contested affair with Golden Blue Echo set to defend its title from 2016. In its way this time around would be Vera’s Finally, Brave Sky, Lady Budapest, Goodwill Boy, Honey Flow, Just Call Me Boss, Princess She’s Not and Storm Bird. Other events carded for the day are L-Non Winners, F and Lower, Two-Year-old Guyana Bred Open, L Class Open, H and Lower, and J3 and K and L Lower. The action will gallop off at 13:30hrs and admission to the venue is $1,200 for adults and $600 for children.

Ariff Baksh (left) of Metro presents the trophy to Justice Cecil Kennard.

rt o p S


Evin Lewis, however, was the rock of the West Indies batting. Wickets tumbled around him, but Lewis motored along to another ODI fifty ©Getty Images

Doug Bracewell, who made his international cricket return after a long absence, struck twice in his first over ©Getty Images

Banks Beer Village SPORTS FRATERNITY HAS LOST A DEDICATED PATRON Cup launched Former GCF President George -$1.5million in cash prizes up for grabs

Humphrey ends race of life

(From left) Banks DIH Brand Manager Errol Neslon, Organisers Esan Griffith and Dennis Reid along with Banks Communication Manager Troy Peters and Special Events Brand Manager Mortimer Stewart at the presentation.

The late George Humphrey.

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