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Wednesday December 20, 2017


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Sale of BaiShanLin/BK lands at Providence…

Bank withholds Receiver’s payment The receiver, who was involved in finding an investor for the 100-acre Providence lands, that was once in the control of Chinese investor, BaiShanLin, is clashing with Citizens Bank for his money. The bank is refusing to pay the $37.47M that accountant Nigel Hinds, of Nigel Hinds Financial Services, is claiming. The bank’s lawyers, Boston and Boston, in a letter to Hinds last Friday, is claiming that Hinds’s performance was “grossly unsatisfactory”. However, the lawyer is disputing the bank. He said he found a buyer who paid hundreds of millions of dollars more than the nearest bidder--enough for the bank to collect its monies. Hinds calculated that his commission was in excess of $37M. However, the lawyers in the letter pointed to the terms of the accountant’s appointment as receiver of the lands. He noted that it was agreed that he would be paid a commission of 2.5 percent or “such lower sum as the bank in its sole discretion shall determine”… According to the lawyers, the lower sum has not been decided yet. The bank stressed that before any discussions on what that figure will be, Hinds must comply with the statutory requirement that he is mandated to follow after the termination of his receivership’s appointment. UNSATISFACTORY PERFORMANCE Contacted, Hinds denied that his work was unsatisfactory.

Nigel Hinds “How could you sell a property for $1.5B, pay off the loan in full and then describe the work of the receiver as grossly unsatisfactory?” Hinds said that his work has been finished for over a month and he has not received a “single cent”. “The loan has a zero balance and the principal and interest have been paid off. This is very strange.” Describing the “withholding of payment by Citizens Bank as an “abuse of power”, the accountant said he has raised the matter with the Governor of Bank of Guyana, Dr. Gobind Ganga. “…And I have shown that the monies deposited in the Receiver’s account was taken out without my consent, removed in such circumstances without a court order. Those things are relevant. I wrote the Governor pointing out breaches to multiple sections of Companies Act.” Hinds also claimed that the 2.5 percent clause of the bank in his appointment is

unfair and unreasonable and without legal merit and anticontractual. “It is as if you tell somebody you are to get $100,000 monthly in salary and then tell them you get pay what we decide. It makes no legal sense and has no legal merit.” Last month, Citizens Bank Managing Director, Eton Chester, wrote, revoking the appointment of Hinds. The Receiver/Manager claimed then that the bank allegedly attempted to force him to act contrary to the laws. He also hinted that the bank was in a possible conflict of interest situation. On the other hand, the bank is accusing the accountant of not acting in the interest of the bank as the Receiver/Manager. The bank blocked attempts by Hinds to make payments from the special account that had been established. At heart of the matter is the 100-acre land in Providence known as Parcel 130, Block 111, Zone East Bank Demerara. That land was sold to Sunset Lakes Inc, owned by contractor, Brian Tiwarie, in February 2014. The Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) had held on to the property for three years for Tiwarie before eventually selling it for $458M. A few months later, after he purchased it, Tiwarie turned around and sold Sunset Lakes to Chu Hongbo, the main principal of embattled Chinese company, BaiShanLin. The deal between Tiwarie and the Chi-

nese investor was for US$8M ($1.6B) or almost four times what Tiwarie paid for the land. The Chinese investor later approached Citizens Bank for financing, drawing down on a $1.1B debenture to create what was an ambitious gated community complete with community centre and all. However, Sunset Lakes with the new Chinese owner, defaulted on the bank payments which was in excess of $9M per month. At the end of October, the interest on that $1.1B saw the figure owed to Citizens Bank mounting. Hinds placed public notices out for the interested parties to bid for the land. SIX BIDS Six bids came, including a $900M bid for 50 acres by Banks DIH, a sister company of Citizens Bank. However, the Receiver/ Manager settled for the highest bid for the entire property which came from Precious Metal Inc., owned by businessman Tamesh Jagmohan. That company made a bid for over $1B, just a little more than what was owed by Sunset Lakes to the bank. The deal reportedly went through October with the buyer paying the money and taking possession. Works have started. And these works coincided with Hinds’s troubles. When Hinds attempted to have the funds transferred to Demerara Bank to an interest bearing account, Citizens Bank blocked the move, according to documents seen by this newspaper. Hinds claimed that as Re-

Citizens Bank chief, Eton Chester ceiver/Manager, he is bound to protect the interests of all the parties. In this case, with money just sitting in an account, he wrote all the banks asking for the best interest rates. Only Demerara Bank and the Guyana Bank For Trade and Industry responded. Citizens Bank did not, despite the account and the monies being there. In a letter dated November 13, last, Citizens Bank’s chief, Chester, objected to the decision to have the money transferred. The banker said that Hinds’s conduct amounted to negligence and in effect increased Sunset Lakes’ indebtedness to the bank. “A prudent receiver would have paid a significant amount of deposit to the debenture holder (the bank) in reduction of the company’s indebtedness and reduce the daily interest.” The banker pointed to the caveats by a number of parties and claimed that Hinds did

not inform Citizens Bank of them. Hinds insisted he cannot use the deposit by Precious Metal Inc. to pay the loan as the buyer has not yet received title. That is a no-no. Hinds defended handing over possession of lands to Precious Metal Inc. saying that is normal when more from 50 percent of the price has been paid. Precious Metal has started works on the Providence property. Several stalled buildings, impressive edifices, have been sitting there idly with works to start soon on them. The Central Housing and Planning Authority has reportedly visited the site. It has withdrawn its objections. The particulars of the sale of the 100-acre plot by Sunset Lakes Inc. to Hongbo a few years ago had raised eyebrows. From all indications, Sunset Lakes breached the agreement by selling the entire plot without building any homes. How the developer under the Chinese was able to get away with the breaches would raise troubling questions about CH&PA’s monitoring of the housing projects during the reign of the previous PPP/ C administration, especially as thousands of persons are on file awaiting house lots. CH&PA is facing questions over its administration of the lands and other housing programmes. Recently, it was disclosed that several close friends of the PPP/C administration benefitted from lands on the East Bank of Demerara.

Land commission moves to tackle money laundering Some forty percent of leases are non-performing, depriving the Commission of billions of dollars and putting a strain on the entity. This is according to Commissioner of the Guyana Lands and Survey Commission, (GL&SC) Trevor Benn. Addressing media personnel at an end of year press conference yesterday, Benn revealed that the non-payment of land rent and nonoccupation of public lands has been a burden on the Commission. “When I arrived here, when the new board took over, we were hundreds of millions of dollars in the red and largely due to issues of that nature. And by “in the red”, the Commissioner explained that “it is the amount of money owed to the land agency.” “A lot more needs to be done.” He said that the Com-

mission was able to make some headway in remedying the situation. “Today, we have over $200 million, but this is after we would have expended on a number of projects across the country. I believe that every effort will be made to change the way we operate in dealing with potential lease holders, so we now have a more rigorous system of collecting our arrears,” he further added. We cannot just see it in numbers because this includes a deficiency in equipment for many, many years, but in terms of liquid cash, we were close to over $200 million in the red,” he explained. Further, the Commissioner reminded that GL&SC is a semi-autonomous agency that is required to make its own money. Meanwhile, Benn said that the semi-autonomous agency is working “very closely” with

Guyana Lands and Survey Commissioner, Trevor Benn the Special Organised Crime Unit of the Guyana Police Force and the Financial Intelligence Unit to screen land lease applicants, who conduct large cash transactions. “We are following the antimoney laundering law in relation to large sums of money being paid over in cash, for

example, by our prospective lease holders,” he said. “We are on the look-out” despite the fact that “we are paper-based”. Benn explained that the GL&SC is collaborating with relevant agencies to ensure that dirty money is not laundered. Benn noted that so far no leases have been scrapped or applications blocked as a result of financial crimes. “Since we have been here we have cancelled a number of leases, not necessarily for suspicious reasons; most of them is for non-beneficial occupation… not for antimoney laundering issues…We have not repossessed any land for antimoney laundering,” he said. Also, the GL&SC said nothing could be done to withdraw leases that had been granted as a result of bribery and other corrupt practices to

the staff. “Once the process has been followed, even if it was an induced process, once the process has been followed and a lease was issued by the proper authority, it’s a lease at the end of the day. Even if it was induced, we don’t have the benefit of knowing at what point that may have happened, if it hap-

pened,” he said. Benn acknowledged that there has been a lot of talk about persons having paid unofficial sums for the processing of lease applications. “Once the process, however, was followed and lease issued by the competent authority, it has to be respected,” he reiterated.


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Wednesday December 20, 2017

Securities Council probes GWI and GGMC to collaborate in key areas appointment of GBTI chief

GWI’s chief, Dr. Richard Van West Charles, and other officials yesterday. The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) and the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) will be embarking on a partnership which will see the parties exchanging information and collaborating in different key areas. GWI Managing Director, Dr. Richard Van West Charles, disclosed yesterday that both parties have indicated interest in establishing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the New Year. He was at the time addressing GGMC and GWI staff in the boardroom at GWI’s Head Office on Vlissengen Road, when the company delivered a presentation to the GGMC staff on the reverse circulation drilling methodology. This method is new to Guyana. It is currently being utilized by Dutch company, De Ruiter Groundwatertechneik to drill a new well at Sophia. The drilling company has already completed the drilling of wells at Diamond and Sparendaam. The Managing Director said that it is important for GWI and GGMC to have a dynamic collaboration, particularly in the sharing of information. “I think going forward I

would want to see a dynamic sharing of knowledge and sharing of data and information between the two agencies to make our approaches easier,” he stated. According to him, readily available data and information would also allow persons entering the respective fields to be at a better advantage than those before them. Another possible area of collaboration highlighted by Dr. Van West-Charles was ensuring that students at educational institutions understand the career pathways which exist for them in the respective fields. According to him, geology and water are areas which will require more local personnel with competencies to ensure that things are done the right way. Laboratory testing is another possible area of collaboration highlighted by the Managing Director. Raising the diagnostic capability in Guyana by utilizing the collective resources can be examined. For instance, he alluded to the mercury present in gold mining and its impact on the rivers. Dr. Van West-Charles said GWI is working towards national certification, following which the company will seek

to be certified by the International Organization for Standardization. Meanwhile, Manager of Geological services at the GGMC, Mr. Gordon Nester described the collaboration as timely even as he too spoke of the need to archive data for future generations. Commending GWI for its successes in providing potable water to Guyanese, he said that Guyana has a young population of professionals who lack training in drilling techniques. According to him, GGMC is particularly interested in still home technology. Mr. Nester informed that his agency is currently mapping the entire country in terms of Geology and Geochemistry and would therefore have background information on sediments and multi-elements analysis. This, he said, is a possible area of collaboration, whereby GWI can do laboratory testing. Following the presentation, a site visit was conducted by GWI to offer representatives from GGMC the opportunity to witness the reverse drilling methodology at the new well in Sophia.

The Guyana Securities Council (GSC) has confirmed that it is probing the circumstances under which a former executive from Trinidad and Tobago has been appointed as new chief of the Guyana Bank For Trade and Industry. Larry Nath resigned from Trinidad’s First Citizen Bank in late 2014 amid a major investigation involving insider’s trading. Several other persons were sacked and the entire board of that state-owned bank resigned as a result. The accusation was that Nath allegedly acquired shares in the state-owned bank which was going public. As a result, he and other executives made millions of dollars. He was reportedly appointed by GBTI as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) a few weeks ago. However, there has been no official announcement. Nath appeared in the news recently during a number of donations by the bank. His appointment was supposed to have been greenlighted by the Central Bank and other vetting agencies, which under regulations, have to be aware of the executives who have been appointed. In the case of Central Bank and GSC, Nath has to withstand tough scrutiny as to whether he is “fit and proper”. In fact, Kaieteur News was told, regulators like GSC have little booklets of the “Fit and Proper” criteria that GBTI or any financial institutions that are being monitored have to complete when new executives and board members are being appointed. Legal counsel for GSC, Shawn Allicock, confirmed that a matter of the appointment has been raised with entity. “I can confirm to you that we are looking at the matter and that is all we can say at the moment,” the lawyer said. Contact could not imme-

diately be made with Governor of Central Bank, Dr. Gobind Ganga. However, the matter is reportedly engaging the attention of that regulator. Trinidad’s news was filled with the First Citizens Bank’s scandal in 2014. The Trinidad Express, on December 4, 2014, reported that Nath, First Citizens’ CEO, resigned from the company with immediate effect. The Trinidad Guardian reported that First Citizens shares went on the market in the leadup to 2014 with Nath acquiring 215,000 of the bank’s shares for TT$4.7 million. As at December 2014 trading price, those shares were worth TT$7.9 million. “Among the senior executives and directors of First Citizens, Nath’s purchase of shares in the IPO was eclipsed only by the group’s former chief risk officer, Phillip Rahaman, who acquired 659,588 shares. Rahaman’s purchase of the shares for over TT$14 million generated a huge controversy in the first half of 2014 over how he financed the acquisition and whether he bought the shares for himself or some relatives,” the Guardian reported. One month into the controversy, the board dismissed Rahaman, saying it had “lost confidence” in his ability to carry out his duties following an extensive internal investigation. All the First Citizens directors who served during the IPO have been replaced, most notably the bank’s chair, Portof-Spain attorney Nyree Alfonso, who resigned just before the June 17, 2014 special meeting. The transaction was labeled as insiders’ trading, highly illegal in certain territory. The subsequent investigation had recommended disciplinary action be taken

GBTI’s new CEO, Larry Nath against Nath, deputy chief executive and corporate secretary, Sharon Christopher, and head of the legal department, Lindi Ballah-Tull. The matter in December 2014 was still the subject of two investigations—one by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Trinidad and Tobago Police. GBTI was rocked by a major fraud over the last year that saw its Bartica, Region Seven, manager sent home and gold dealer, Saddiqui Rasul charged after over $900M that was paid out to cheques there were not cleared. The fraud had dented GBTI’s profits. The bank is also clashing with, and is in court with the police’s Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) over the release of information regarding investigations involving the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) and the 2007 Cricket World Cup. With regards to GRDB, it is said to be the biggest fraud under investigation, involving over US$500M. A few weeks ago, GBTI’s board members were criminally charged with alleged contempt of the court for those records. Last week, the bank was granted court orders blocking SOCU from accessing information regarding transactions of the Cricket World Cup.

Drug dealer nabbed at Berbice River check point As the police make use of their newly acquired vehicles and equipment and move to implement the Christmas Policing programme, a number of new initiatives have been put in place. One such initiative is the setting up of a police checkpoint at the entrance of the eastern half of the Berbice River Bridge. Already one man who was travelling in a car bound for Georgetown was nabbed with a quantity of narcotics

which he tried to hide after noticing the police. The man Lloyd John, 39, who gave his address as Wales, West Bank Demerara, appeared on Friday in the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Alex Moore on a charge of possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking. According to the prosecution, around 05:55 hrs on 14 December the man was among five persons travelling in motor car HC 7959.

The vehicle was stopped and the passengers were asked to disembark. A black plastic bag was left under the left side back seat under where the accused was sitting. A further check of the bag revealed a black plastic bag wrapped with transparent scotch tape inside. The contents were checked and what appeared to be leaves seeds and stems of the marijuana were found inside. John denied ownership of

the bag, but other passengers in the car identified him as the owner. He was arrested and taken into custody where the contents were tested and weighed and found to be 483 grams of marijuana. He was subsequently charged and placed on $175,000 bail despite the protestation of the prosecution. He was however taken to prison since he was unable to post the bail. His next court date is January 26.

Wednesday December 20, 2017


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Make the Exxon deal right! Lionel Messi has just agreed to a signing bonus of US$100M to stay on at Barcelona Football Club. This is in addition to his US$670,000 weekly salary. Guyana which is sitting on three billion barrels of oil has agreed to signing bonus of US$ 18M from Exxon Mobil. A signing bonus is a means by which a government can get revenue money upfront. It is not linked to what happens during the tenure of the contract. The country gets an upfront payment which is what at one stage the Minister of Natural Resources had been calling for. A signing bonus is also a way of ensuring that the company with which it is doing business commits to the contract. No company which pays a significant signing bonus is going to walk away from that bonus. Yet for some inexplicable reason, Guyana settled for a few crumbs from Exxon, a sum which is grossly inadequate to commit Exxon and which will be principally used to pay legal fees. The signing bonus which was negotiated by the government was a post-exploration bonus. It was signed after Guyana knew what reserves it had. Guyana is sitting on one of the largest oil

reserves in the world. Exxon has boasted as much. Yet, the government agrees only to an amount to cover legal fees and some other training costs. Guyana has not provided the public with a reason why it opted for such a minuscule signing bonus. The government clearly wants oil revenues to be rolling in before the next elections. It therefore has every reason to try to tie Exxon to a substantial signing bonus which would have forced the company to meet its 2020 deadline. The government has not said whether it has agreed to production bonuses which are quite usual also. Oil is an exhaustible resource. And by the way so is natural gas. Natural gas cannot by any stretch of the imagination be considered as renewable. Guyana could not interest Exxon in establishing a natural gas energy plant. Exxon is therefore only interested in plundering our oil, extracting it and not bringing on shore but shipping it out to an external refinery. As Exxon extracts Guyana’s oil, the volume and the value of the oil reserves will logically decrease. This is why most countries negotiate royalties. It is a means of com-

pensating for the decline in asset value of a country’s oil reserves. Guyana, despite knowing that it was sitting on three billion barrels of oil opted to go for a 2% royalty. It has sought to justify this by claiming that the original contract signed by Janet Jagan had only agreed to a 1% royalty. But this 1% royalty was at a time when it was not known that Guyana had such reserves. That agreement was a pre-exploration agreement. Now that Guyana knows the value of reserves that it is sitting on, it ought to have done much better than 2%. Brazil’s sets a minimum and maximum benchmark for royalties. Brazil’s laws set royalties at a minimum of 5% and a maximum of 10%. One local analyst with an accounting background says Guyana should have negotiated a 7% royalty but no basis as to how this figure was arrived at was given. The government needs to have a press conference dedicated to this contract it has signed with Exxon Mobil. There are too many contradictory statements being made. The President said that he was accepting responsibility for the deposit of the signing bonus in a Bank of Guyana account. But he did not state

Car thieves nabbed as cops vow to dismantle carjacking rings Police have vowed to dismantle the carjacking and car theft rings that have been operating brazenly around the country. Around 23.00 hrs on Monday, police arrested two men who were in a car with no registration plates at Victoria, East Coast Demerara. Police suspect that the

vehicle was stolen. A third man was arrested in connection with the same vehicle. Also on Monday, an expoliceman was arrested after he allegedly tried to steal a car belonging to a plainclothes rank. The rank had parked his car in Second Street, Alberttown, around 10.30 hrs and had gone into a store,

leaving the key in the ignition. He came out of the store just as another man was driving away with his vehicle. Luckily, the thief crashed into two parked vehicles and was arrested. He was subsequently identified as a former policeman who resides at Red Road, Sophia.


Is Christmas and people getting mad Christmas coming and this is de time when people does do some stupidness. All of a sudden people who never hold a screwdriver does present himself as an electrician. In de height of de crowd was a man that visit a place that does deal wid cell phones and sophisticated things like dem electronic things. Dem boys don’t know if is because he see de crowd or de money that flowing but he decide to test a point. Dem did plug in some fairy lights and de whole string refuse to light. Up comes this manager who promote himself to electrician wid de screwdriver. De next thing dem boys see is blue flame and a man who don’t smoke suddenly smoking. Is when he eyes roll up that dem boys know something wrang. He get save because de circuit break. He end up in hospital wheh he ain’t even know if is night or day but dem boys want him to recover. During this same season people who don’t know nutten bout contractor wuk

does claim how dem is contractor. A man who been doing this wuk fuh years although he never study to be a contractor get a lash because a beam collapse at a project. He family can’t enjoy Christmas. But dem ain’t de only one. A man drive a minibus like a race car and kill a man pun a bicycle. He tun and run away. Dem boys see more madness. Whole year container truck running pun de road and no accident. All of a sudden because is Christmas time, dem had to clean up four lamp post and two telegraph pole. Then you got some of dem man who drinking every chance dem get. Is Christmas and dem getting nuff offer. De police now mekking money to pay dem bonus. De number of people who getting test positive fuh alcohol so high that next year de police will refuse to ask de govt fuh a pension. Talk half and wait fuh more madness at Christmas.

whether he is accepting responsibility for the royalty of 2% and the quantum of signing bonus of a mere US$18M. He said that not all Ministers knew of the deal. This is passing strange because, at the minimum, one would have expected that an agreement of such importance to Guyana would have been deliberated

for days by a full assembly of Ministers. What is clear is that Guyana has signed a rotten deal, one of the worst deals signed by any government. The APNU should agree to a moratorium on all future deals. It should not sign any further deals until it makes this one right.

How to make it right? A signing bonus of US$500M plus a 5% royalty and a 50% production rather than profitsharing.

Wednesday December 20, 2017

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Wednesday December 20, 2017

Kaieteur News

Brazil donates 10,000 units of MMR vaccine to Guyana

Minister of Public Health, Volda Lawrence, receiving a portion of the MMR vaccines from Brazilian ambassador to Guyana, Lineu Pupo de Paula in the presence of Director of Family Healthcare services in the Ministry, Dr. Ertenesia Hamilton. Brazilian Ambassador to Guyana, Lineu Pupo de Paula, handed over a quantity of Measles, Mumps and Ruebella (MMR) Viruses Vaccines to the Ministry of Public Health on behalf of his government, yesterday. Receiving the donation were Minister of Public Health Volda Lawrence; Director of Family Healthcare Services Dr. Ertenesia Hamilton; and Focal Point for Adolescent Health Dr. Oneka Scott. A total of 10,000 units were received to aid in the continued fight against the MMR viruses. The Brazilian Ambassador noted, “This is the second donation that Brazil is offering for the Ministry of Health, this year.” Earlier in 2017, Brazil and PAHO/WHO donated drugs to help counteract Leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease found in tropical and subtropical countries. Ambassador Pupo de Paula said: “It is in our interest to help to vaccinate children and everybody…This just shows how good the relationship between the two countries is going.” Minister Lawrence wel-

comed the Brazilian government’s gesture, noting that the vaccines acquired will go directly towards ‘cross border vaccination activities’. “We do have a lot of persons traversing through Guyana, whether they are coming here to find work or to invest or whether they are using here, as a ‘jump off’ point to some other neighbouring country”, the Minister explained. She alluded to the fact that there were outbreaks of the MMR viruses in neighbouring countries. However, she noted that through efforts made by these countries and the PAHO/ WHO, efforts were put in place to prevent the spread of such viruses. Although these outbreaks did not affect Guyana in any significant way, Minister Lawrence emphasised that the vaccines acquired will “ensure that we have a stockpile of vaccines…We have a vaccination programme in Guyana we are catering for that through our budget and through some of our partners.” She added, “Because of the high incidence of persons going back and forth,

Brazilians, Surinamese, Venezuelans and so on, this boost will help us to take off that excess and ensure that we always have, to be able to help our sisters and brothers from the neighbouring states.” In issuing the MMR vaccine, the adult population will be primarily targeted. Director of the Family HealthCare Services, MoPH, Dr. Ertenesia Hamilton, said, “Some of our adults are still at risk because they would have not benefitted…So this donation will be aiding in improving the immunization of our adult population, and those persons, who would have not been caught in the normal immunization programmes.” It was further explained that the adult population in Regions One, Two, Seven, Eight and Nine (regions sharing borders with Venezuela and Brazil) will be the first to access vaccines from this donation. “Also, we try to immunize all of our officers who are first responders such as Port Health Officers, our Immigration officers, our police and our soldiers,” Dr. Hamilton stated.

Dharm Shala hosts senior citizens The Dharm Shala is hosting a luncheon for the senior citizens of Albouystown and neighbouring communities on Monday December 25, 2017 in the Dharm Shala com-

pound Albouystown. The event is set to begin at 11:00 am. The elderly will be served lunch to the sounds of Christmas music and will also be presented with gifts.

The party will see appearances by Santa Claus and President David Granger. The organisation also hosted a Christmas party for the children of Angoy Avenue on December 9, last. The party attracted 180 children who were entertained by Christmas music. Santa Claus was also present. The event saw a Christmas tree being lit and the children in attendance were presented with treats and presents. The Dharm Shala has been providing entertainment in the Albouystown community for about 97 years.

Wednesday December 20, 2017


Kaieteur News

Go-Invest helps thwart abuse of incentives The Guyana Office for Investment (Go-Invest) has been taking an active role in thwarting the abuse of incentives by businesses. This is according to Business Minister, Dominic Gaskin. The Minister said that the entity is able to do this through its position on the Investment Promotion Council. This is a statutory body set up under the Investment Act to examine Guyana’s incentive regime and make recommendations to improve its effectiveness. Gaskin said that this is an important responsibility because incentives can cause billions of dollars of tax revenues to be forfeited. He said that revenues forfeited through incentives must contribute to the devel-

opment and competitiveness of Guyana’s key economic sectors and must be recoverable in the long-term from increased economic activity. On the investment facilitation side, the Business Minister said that the Guyana Office for Investment welcomed close to 1000 visitors looking to do business in Guyana between January and September, last. He stated that the agency has been providing information on starting a business, on concessions and other government policies that can support investments. This is in addition to the role it plays in processing formal applications for investment agreements. GO-Invest has also hosted trade missions from Brazil and from Canada. There

…assumes role on Investment Promotion Council is also a familiarization trip for potential client companies for the Industry. The latter, according to the Business Minister, has enormous potential for job creation and GO-Invest is monitoring the follow-ups taking place between locally based operators and overseas clients. Up to the end of October 2017,103 investment projects received the agency’s assistance. Nineteen investment agreements were executed for the year. Three of those were public sector projects with proposed job creation of 122, while the remaining 16 were

$900 million Global Fund grant to advance HIV/AIDS fight The way has been cleared for Guyana to benefit from HIV/AIDS funding amounting to US$4.5 million ($900 million). The funding, which comes in the form of a grant from Global Fund, has been approved for the next there years, according to Senior Minister of Public Health, Ms. Volda Lawrence. Costing of the National Strategic Plan ( which spans 2018-2020) for HIV response was slated to be concluded this month. According to Minister Lawrence monthly statutory meetings between the National AIDS programme Secretariat and the Materials Management Unit are expected to help ensure accurate quantification and timely procurement of antiretrovirals. She said that a fourth round of the Biological and Behavioral Surveillance Survey of key population is underway. A report in this regard will be made available by February 2018. This will help Guyana to better understand its HIV/AIDS situation. As at the end of 2016, the prevalence of HIV, recorded by the Ministry of Public Health, stood at 1.66 percent. This translated to an estimated 8,496 people living with the disease that is known to cause AIDS. This is according to information shared by Minister Lawrence, as she quoted from the UNAIDS 2016 Spectrum Estimate Files. The UNAIDS Spectrum Estimate Files are essentially surveillance and antiretroviral data obtained from respective Health Ministries. According to Minister Lawrence, although the local data suggest a slight increase in the figures over the previous year, data collection for

Minister of Public Health, Ms. Volda Lawrence the fourth quarter was rigorous. As such, it resulted in more comprehensive programme data being provided for the development of the Spectrum Files. But deliberate efforts have been initiated, to combat the prevalence of HIV/ AIDS, said the Public Health Minister, who recently shared the local HIV/AIDS situation with her parliamentary colleagues. She said that moves have been made towards aligning the local programme towards the UNAIDS 90/90/ 90 international standards slated to be attained by 2020. This standard is one that aims at ensuring that 90 percent of the estimated number of people living with HIV be aware of their status; that 90 percent of those aware of their status must be on sustained antiretroviral therapy, and of those on antiretroviral 90 percent must be virally suppressed. This goal, according to the Public Health Minister, was well on course to becoming a

reality when a mid-term review of the national strategic plan was conducted in December 2016. At the end of last year, Guyana’s 90/90/90 figures stood at 69 percent [status awareness], 84 percent [sustained therapy] and 68 percent [virally suppressed]. But in order to sustain the gains made, Minister Lawrence said that an Oversight Steering Committee to guide implementation of a Sustainability Plan spanning the period 2018 – 2025 was established. According to Minister Lawrence, the designing of the plan began in August. The process came to an end this month and two meetings have thus far been held by the Committee. Minister Lawrence revealed, too, that Social Contracting Research was conducted to assess Guyana’s readiness to adopt the Sustainability Plan as a means to sustain the HIV response. Added to this, was the establishment of a National Health Account and Committee with a component to monitor HIV expenditure. Data gathering for the Account, according to the Minister, is ongoing to capture health expenditure across all sectors. Further, she noted that the ministry has moved to adopt the ‘Treat All Approach’ for all pregnant mothers, children under five, all HIV clients with non communicable diseases [NCDs], discordant couples and all persons under 50. Moves have also been made towards the completion of a draft Hepatitis guidelines document, which, according to Minister Lawrence, will soon be reviewed with technical support from Pan American Health Organisation.

private sector investments with proposed job creations of 850. The total value of those investments was $23B. As of the end of October 2017 there were eight applications awaiting approval and 31still being processed. There were also 43 applications for land. Gaskin said, “Just for benchmarking, if we look at Jamaica and their investment promotion agency JamPro, their annual subvention from the government last year was US$4M and they facilitated 23 investment projects valued at around US340M. GO-Invest would have received an annual subvention of aboutUS$1M just about a quarter of the Government funding that JamPro gets. Go-Invest is still able to facilitate one third of the value of investments that JamPro is facilitating.” The Business Minister also noted that Go-Invest recently completed a two-day Joint Venture Training Session to give local businesses a better understanding of how joint ventures work, the benefits of joint ventures and how to go about establishing joint

Business Minister, Dominic Gaskin ventures. He said, “There is a lot of discussion among the Guyanese business community and some of our political commentators about local content and the extent to which Guyanese will benefit from the large sums being spent and being earned as a result of activities in the oil and gas sector.” Gaskin continued, “We all understand that most Guyanese companies lack the experience, the expertise, the financial resources and the quality control systems to be competitive industry suppli-

ers at this point and that there is an urgent need to build local capacity in order to maximize Guyanese participation in the lucrative opportunities that that oil and gas brings.” The Minister added, “Joint ventures are one way of Guyanese companies getting involved in the early stages of the development of our offshore industry. “So this was a timely initiative by GO-Invest that will no doubt impact positively on our private sector.” Gaskin also stated that Go-Invest also collaborated with the Canadian High Commission, the New Guyana Marketing Corporation and Propel to host a Webinar for producers of fresh and processed food. The Webinar was focused on providing access to the Canadian market for local producers of fresh and processed foods. The Agency facilitated the attendance of 23 businesses to expositions outside of Guyana. It also connected over 44 local businesses with markets outside of Guyana. These were exporters of sugar, rice, wood, seafood, fruits, and vegetables to the United States of America, Dominica, Korea and Trinidad and Tobago.

Man freed of Issano murder On December 5, 2017, David Thompson, 29 years originally of Culbert City, Lethem, was before the Suddie High Court indicted for the murder of Dixon Gomes, called Alex. He was accused of killing Gomes on January 10, 2015 at Honey Camp, Issano, Middle Mazaruni. On December 13, last, the jury unanimously found Thompson NOT GUILTY of murder. The matter was tried before Justice Priya SiewnarineBeharry. Ms. Tamika Clarke appeared on behalf of the State whilst Ms. Beverley Bishop-Cheddie appeared for Thompson. The prosecution’s main evidence was allegedly contained in a voluntary statement by Thompson. He reportedly confessed that he had been consuming alcohol and smoking when Gomes approached Thompson’s table, took his cigarette and walked away.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

Thompson, in the statement, said that he pursued Gomes and a confrontation ensued where they remonstrated and thereafter the accused stabbed the deceased with a knife. A metal knife had also been found near the alleged crime scene. The accused in his defence contained in an unsworn statement denied giving the police a caution statement confessing to any crime and insisted that he was tricked into signing his name to a document. Thompson also denied knowledge of any

interaction or incident between himself and the deceased. Thompson said that he had been beaten, wounded and forcibly taken by unknown assailants from his dorm at a mining camp and bound during the middle of the night of January 10, 2015 and abandoned there. In the morning he was accosted by police officers who untied him, arrested him and took him to the Bartica Public Hospital for medical treatment. Thompson was subsequently charged with murder.


Kaieteur News

Wednesday December 20, 2017

Monitoring and evaluation tactic to address gaps in teacher training

Moves are apace for the establishment of a Teachers’ Upgrading Programme [TUP] Centre in the North Pakaraimas in Region Eight. The TUP is intended to prepare in-service teachers from riverain and hinterland areas to access the Trained Teacher’s Certificate [TTC] programme. Moreover, the Cyril Potter College of Education [CPCE] has the establishment of at least one TUP Centre in Region Eight high on its agenda, CPCE Principal, Ms. Viola Rowe, said, recently. According to her, CPCE is also gearing towards designing and implementing an effective system of monitoring and evaluation which would include, as a strategy, the use of the staff appraisal instrument in all satellite centres. Currently there are centres at Mabaruma, Moruca and Port Kaituma in Region One; Charity and Anna Regina in Region Two; Vreeden-Hoop in Region Three; Turkeyen and Georgetown in Region Four; Moraikobai in Region Five; New Amsterdam and Rose Hall in Region Six; Bartica and Kamarang in Region Seven; Mahdia in Region Eight; Lethem, Aishalton and Annai in Region Nine and Linden and Kwakwani in Region Ten The monitoring and evaluation approach, Rowe said, is developmental. It would allow for gaps, limitations and strengths to be

- Principal identified across centres. She said, too, that results would also inform the type and nature of, for example, development activities necessary at the level of individual, centre and the institution. “Ultimately, without losing sight of contextual differences, the proposed strategy would help to ensure congruence in the quality of the delivery across centres,” Rowe said. Rowe underscored that CPCE has continued to demonstrate that “we are not oblivious to the quality [that is] imperative in our business of initial teacher preparation.” CPCE, she said, has continued to operate on the principles which characterise quality education as it relates to: being concerned with the cognitive development of learners, and nurturing of softer skills, attitudes and values in learners as recommended by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation [UNESCO]. As part of its effort to focus on the development and nurturing of soft skills of teacher trainees, the CPCE a few years ago introduced a Pastoral Care Initiative [PCI]. The PCI, according to Principal Viola Rowe, was one aimed at stimulating the affective side of learning.

Some of the recently graduated teachers of CPCE. This tactic, she explained, was designed to equip and reinforce in students, skills and values including problem-solving, volunteerism, basic courtesy, cohabitation, conflict resolution, anger management, deportment and respect for self, others and the environment. But the PCI has since been reviewed and is now being dubbed the Pastoral Care Programme [PCP] with the inclusion of failsafe environment concept. In such an

environment, Rowe said, students are willing to take risks in learning new measures such as new skills and or adjusting values knowing that behavioural change may take time but are confident to continue in a supportive environment. “This environment comprises three distinct dimensions: failsafe mentorship, friendliness in feedback, and knowing self and others,” according to Rowe. PCP, she said, commenced

in the period 2015-2016 with the resident students as the target group. However, during the reporting period [20162017], it was extended to nonresident students at the Turkeyen Centre. It is the expectation of Rowe that the programme will eventually be included in all CPCE centres. “Indeed, the impact of the PCP would be realised over time,” said Rowe. “If you were to visit our Turkeyen campus and interact with our students, you would be pleased

with the high level of courtesy, warmth, love and respect by all.” According to Rowe, CPCE has been slowly, progressively and deliberately nurturing those softer skills which are needed in the school system. To this end, she noted that CPCE will remain encouraged by the favourable feedback from students and other stakeholders who believe that PCP indeed holds many possibilities for the greater good.

Burger King takes Guyana by storm Leading global fast food chain, Burger King, has finally found its way to Guyana. The US-based restaurant brand officially opened its doors at the corner of Camp and Regent Streets on Monday. It will open its second unit at the Giftland mall before the end of the year. The brand which has been in existence since 1954, with over 15,000 locations in 100 countries, offers patrons a variety of delicious, freshly made, signature recipes, such as its world famous flamegrilled Whopper sandwich. The chain is operated through a franchise agreement with Corum Restaurant Holdings, a subsidiary of Corum Group. It is a diversified company which currently manages Guyana’s Pizza Hut Franchise. Corum Restaurant Holdings announced its immediate plans to develop five stores within the next few years, translating in over 300 jobs for Guyanese.

Finance Minister, Winston Jordan (third from left) surrounded by members of the Corum Restaurant Holdings during the Burger King ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan, welcomed the investment on Monday and expressed his confidence in

the Corum Group. He said he is “doubly pleased that the initiative has come from a group of young Guyanese

who in spite of the odds, survived the doubts of the naysayers, put their money where their proverbial mouth

is and invested in our country’s development.” Minister Jordan further stated that the Government welcomes foreign investment for Guyana and that the government has been reshaping the business environment to make it conducive for the private sector to increase its contributions to the growth and development of the country. Deputy Chief of Mission to the United States Embassy,Terry Gonzalez, was also a guest speaker at Burger King's launch. Mr Gonzalez said, “When an American brand establishes itself in a country such as Guyana, it is a vote of confidence in Guyana’s strong business climate and strong economy.” The Deputy Chief of Mission further stated that the US Embassy supports and encourages Corum’s efforts and hopes that the company “looks upon the US embassy as a partner that is here to support it along with many other

US companies that are increasingly recognizing what a good economic environment and good investment environment that Guyana is for American investment.” Managing Director Clairmont Cummings said that the group is confident that the franchise is uniquely positioned to be a great success in Guyana. He cited its meaningful corporate support, well designed system, high quality products, well trained employees, and most importantly, enthusiasm from the community. Mr Cummings added that Burger King will provide patrons with a tasty, fresh, diverse, affordable, fun, and all round attractive menu and dining experience. He added that the goal is to create a space where Guyanese not only eat, but one where they are able to build relationships and share moments with their friends and families.

Wednesday December 20, 2017


Kaieteur News

British High Commission, Quantum Leap Security treat Joshua House

British High Commissioner, Gregg Quinn (left) hands over the monetary fund to Administrator of the home, Gladys Accra (right) The British High Commission and Quantum Leap Security have collaborated to bring happiness to the residents of Joshua House Children’s Home. Yesterday the two entities showed up at the children’s home in Georgetown bearing gifts and monetary bestowal. Joshua House is located in Thomas Street, South Cummingsburg, Georgetown. A white sack with toys was sponsored by the British

High Commission. Along with the recreational toys, the children were presented with colourful educational books to facilitate their learning. The books were contributed by Quantum Leap Security. Other contributors included Pizza Hut Guyana, Marriott Hotel, Palm Court, Roy Beepat from Gift Land Mall, Ameena Gafoor, Ricki and Bibi Ramsaroop and Lewis and Neeve Kartick.

The children pose for a picture with their gifts with British High Commissioner and Quantum Leap representatives According to British High Commissioner, Gregg Quinn, the books and the money donated cost approximately US$1500 ($300,000 GYD). He said that Prince Harry is very fond of the children’s home since his visit there last year. As a means of raising funds for the presentation, the two donors hosted two cricket matches recently. The matches were played between the Diplomatic Community (representatives from the British High Commission, US Embassy, High Commis-

sion of India and United Nations Development Fund) and Quantum Leap Security. According to Administra-

tor of the home, Gladys Accra, the Joshua House currently houses 48 children. She also said that the children’s home

will be keeping a concert on December 23 in the compound. They are asking for the public to support the event.

Enmore foremen still to receive redundancy payments The Enmore estate

Non-profit group takes Christmas to Hauraruni

Breaking Barriers Foundation members with the Founder (second right) and current head of the home (center) The Breaking Barriers Foundation (BBF) on Sunday last took Christmas to the Soesdyke/Linden Highway. The group took food and toys to the girls at Hauraruni Girl’s Home where they spent the day with the children. It was their first act. According to a group member, Shaquille Grant, they met about 17 girls there with

the oldest being 14 years old. To raise funds the BBF hosted a Fish Fry and some generous group members donated a number of items. They decided to target the area because they felt as though the home is forgotten; many persons are not aware of the existence of the home. Some of the group members only knew of the Hauraruni

Girl’s Home when one member informed them of the place. The group is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation. The group aims to help persons in various communities. Next on their list is the Palms Geriatric Institution, where they will be going sometime soon to donate fruit baskets.

Thirty Field Foremen/ Forewomen of Enmore Estate who were deemed redundant by the Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GAWU) are still to receive their severance payments. According to the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU), the corporation’s redundancy letter to them dated October 24, 2017 reads inter alia “… in accordance with Section 12, subsection (2) (a), (b) and (c) of the Termination of Employment and Severance Pay Act 1997 (TESPA), the Corporation wishes to inform you that your job is being made redundant. As a consequence, this letter serves to give you one (1) month’s notice of the aforementioned in accordance with Section 15, subsection (1) of TESPA 1997.” The letter said that the notice shall expire on Novem-

ber 23, 2017 and that would be the last day of work with GuySuCo. According to the union, the affected group of workers, naturally, expected to receive their payments on their last working day but were disappointed, as the corporation is yet to honour its lawful obligations. “The workers told the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) that the non-payment of their redundancy pay is adding insult to injury as they desperately require their monies to sustain themselves and their families at this time, until, hopefully, some work can be found in the near future.” According to the union, it finds the delay perplexing given public statements by several state officials, including President David Granger himself. He committed that the workers would receive their redundancy pay as the Gov-

ernment moves forward. The union said it is heartless to shutter estates and cruelly put workers on the road at the usually joyful Christmas season. “The delay certainly casts serious doubts on the administration’s utterances and we cannot help but wonder whether this is a harbinger of things to come as 4,000, in a few days’ time, will join the already saturated ranks of the unemployed in our nation.” The government, as part of the restructuring of the revenue-losing GuySuCo has announced that it will be putting up four estates for privatization/divestmentWales, Skeldon, Rose Hall and Enmore. A special unit has been established to overlook the process with several expressions of interest, both locally, and internationally, already submitted.


Wednesday December 20, 2017

Kaieteur News

Canter, car collide at Number 19 Village

Disgruntled Rose Hall workers storm out GuySuCo meeting

The damaged Raum

Workers storming out of the meeting. An early morning accident involving a car and Canter truck along the Number 19 Public Road, Berbice, has left several persons nursing injuries about their bodies. One of the injured men who was in the passenger side of the Canter, told this publication that a silver-grey Toyota Raum bearing license plate number PLL 3547, was heading east along the northern carriageway when the driver of the vehicle swerved into his lane. He was headed in the opposition direction.

The driver, Pertab Ramnarine, subsequently lost control of his vehicle, which had four workers in the tray and one in the passenger seat. The truck ended up in the trench. His fellow workmen sustained injuries to their face, head, arms and legs while the driver of the car also had minor injuries. They were taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital for a medical examination,treated and sent away. Investigations are ongoing into the accident.

The canter halted in this trench.

Frustrated Rose Hall Estate sugar workers yesterday stormed out of two separate meetings that included officials from the Guyana Sugar Corporation. The walk-out was reportedly sparked by an inability of GuySuCo officials to answer questions asked by the workers. Several meetings were scheduled to take place yesterday with the top brass of GuySuCo and workers from the Rose Hall Estate. These workers are among the many transferred to the Albion Estate and Blairmont Estate. Information revealed that the workers would have asked several questions in relation to their placement and work but did not receive responses they were happy with from the officials. This angered the workers and prompted the walk-out. “The people left disgruntled; they did not allow the meeting to conclude. The just walk out of the meetings,” the source said. Meanwhile, the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union, Regional Supervisor for Berbice, Harvey Tombran stated that over 300 workers attended the meetings yesterday. Tombran said, “the meeting was held to inform the workers that those present will be transferred to either Albion Estate or the Blairmont Estate.The workers asked alot of questions as it regards to transportation,

similarities of job opportunities, earnings, etc from Rose Hall Estate compared to Albion and Blairmont Estate but Management seems, well not seems, management is not prepared to answer those questions because they do not have the answers.” Some of the issues raised by the workers included concerns of retrenchment. “If you working here as a foreman when you being transferred you suppose to be transferred as a foreman,” Tombran stated. According to the GAWU rep, “Presently management cannot answer basic questions from the workers. They don’t even know the system at Rose Hall. For example, a gentleman working at filter press gang at Rose Hall, he is the second in charge; when they go Blairmont you already have a number two man there.” Questions were also raised about the process which was used to select workers for termination, transferred and to be retained. A question also asked by many of the workers was the schedule of the Berbice River Bridge. “Wha gon happen when the bridge is closed?” One of the officials responded, “Workers would have to adjust themselves”. The meetings were reportedly headed by an official from GuySuCo together with the management and staff from Rose Hall, Albion and Blairmont Estates.

After U.S. veto, U.N. General Assembly to meet on Jerusalem status UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) The 193-member United Nations General Assembly will hold a rare emergency special session today at the request of Arab and Muslim states on U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Palestinian U.N. envoy Riyad Mansour said the General Assembly would vote on a draft resolution calling for Trump’s declaration to be withdrawn, which was vetoed by the United States in the 15-member U.N. Security Council on Monday. The remaining 14 Security Council members voted in favor of the Egyptian-drafted resolution, which did not specifically mention the United States or Trump but which expressed “deep regret at recent decisions concerning the status of Jerusalem.” Mansour said on Monday he hoped there would be “overwhelming support” in the General Assembly for the resolution. Such a vote is non-binding, but carries political weight. U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley, in a note on Twitter, warned the United States would remember those who voted for the resolution criticizing

the U.S. decision. “At the UN we’re always asked to do more & give more. So, when we make a decision, at the will of the American ppl abt where to locate OUR embassy, we don’t expect those we’ve helped to target us. On Thurs there’ll be a vote criticizing our choice. The US will be taking names,” she wrote. Under a 1950 resolution, an emergency special session can be called for the General Assembly to consider a matter “with a view to making appropriate recommendations t o members for collective measures” if the Security Council fails to act. Only 10 such sessions have been convened, and the last time the General Assembly met in such a session was in 2009 on occupied East Jerusalem and Palestinian territories. Today’s meeting will be a resumption of that session. Trump abruptly reversed decades of U.S. policy this month when he recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, generating outrage from Palestinians and the Arab world and concern among Washington’s western allies. Trump also plans to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem from Tel

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley vetos an Egyptian-drafted resolution regarding recent decisions concerning the status of Jerusalem, during the UN Security Council meeting in New York. (REUTERS photo) Aviv. The draft U.N. resolution calls upon all countries to refrain from establishing diplomatic missions in Jerusalem. Haley said on Monday that the resolution was vetoed in the Security Council in defense of U.S.

sovereignty and the U.S. role in the Middle East peace process. She criticized it as an insult to Washington and an embarrassment to council members. Israel considers Jerusalem its eternal and indivisible capital and

wants all embassies based there. Palestinians want the capital of an independent Palestinian state to be in the city’s eastern sector, which Israel captured in a 1967 war and annexed in a move never recognized internationally.

Wednesday December 20, 2017

Kaieteur News


Seven coys bid for GPHC drug supplies Receiving bids from several entities was the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) for five different projects. Bids were firstly read for the procurement of medical supplies for 2018. The hospital secured bids from seven companies whose bids were in excess of $100 million.

GPHC obtained two bids also for the procurement of santact disposal services for 2018.

For the rehabilitation of the access road to Rosehall’s Landfill, the Ministry of Communities received bids in excess of $50 million. For the provision of services for the maintenance of industrial air conditioning systems in 2018, GPHC received one bid.

The Georgetown Public Hospital secured bids for the provision of services for the collection and disposal of non-infectious waste in 2018.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Security received bids for the procurement of communication equipment.

The Guyana Water Incorporated by two local and two international suppliers also received bids for the supply and delivery of Calcium Hypochlorite.

Receiving bids for two projects also was the Guyana Revenue Authority. Bids were firstly read for the supply and delivery of a Power Edge R640 Server.

The Guyana Revenue Authority also secured bids for the supply and delivery of laptop computers by three entities.

The Ministry of Communities also received bids for the supply of metal skip bins.

Bids were further received by the Ministry of Education for the construction of students’ and teachers’ learning complex.

Additionally, the Hospital secured bids for the procurement of pest control services in 2018 by one company.


Wednesday December 20, 2017

Kaieteur News

Two break out from Diamond lockups - murder charge pending for one

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Police were last night hunting for two prisoners who staged a brazen escape from the Golden Grove Police Station (also known as the

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Diamond Police Station). The suspects were identified as Wayne Gilbert, a murder suspect, of West La Penitence; and Derrol James. Kaieteur News understands that the men escaped by smashing out some concrete blocks that are located near the wash-room area at around 19.00 hrs. That area is reportedly situated at the back of the station. A large section of the compound is unfenced. Police recently detained Gilbert and were reportedly preparing to charge him with a murder that was committed near the Stabroek Market last January. The victim was knifed to death during a robbery. Gilbert was also charged in 2012, and later jailed in May 2013, for armed robbery. Gilbert and an accomplice had used a toy gun to commit the robbery. He was wounded in 2015 by another inmate while incarcerated at the Georgetown Prisons. Police said that the other escapee, Derrol James, is a suspect in at least one armed robbery.

Wednesday December 20, 2017


Kaieteur News

Business Ministry steps up performance for 2017 By Kiana Wilburg The Ministry of Business has been working steadfastly towards improving the commercial climate here. Its Department of Commerce has been carrying out a number of outreaches; awareness regarding market opportunities has increased; the Small Business Bureau has improved support for small enterprises, and the Guyana National Bureau of Standards has provided more assistance to companies seeking ISO certification. With respect to the Department of Commerce, it has conducted outreaches in 10 administrative regions. It met with various Chambers of Commerce and Local Authorities in an effort to share information and to hear directly, the concerns of businesses. This year, the Department of Commerce collaborated with local chambers of commerce in Lethem and Mahdia to establish business registration hubs so that persons can now register their businesses in these towns rather than having to travel to Suddie on the Essequibo Coast under the prevailing system. According to Business Minister, Dominic Gaskin, this has helped people in Regions Eight and Nine to regularize their business activities so that they can develop formal businesses and enjoy the benefits of doing so. By the end of the third

quarter of 2017, Gaskin stated that the Department of Commerce recorded an increase of approximately 20% in the number of import and export licenses processed and approved. In addition, Minister Gaskin said that trade agreements between Guyana and other countries such as

viable manufacturing businesses that can benefit from governmental incentives; and training for women in Region Nine in the area of Record Keeping. In 2018, he explained that nearly $1M will be spent on similar initiatives to build the capacity of local businesses with export readiness

that 831 persons were provided with training in various aspects of running a business as well as technical training. Forty loans valued at US$758,753 were disbursed during the same period. Additionally, 132 grants valued at US$170,923 were disbursed. The Small Business

Bureau also launched its Inschool Entrepreneurship Programme in which 100 grants of $30,000 each were disbursed to students in 15 schools all around Guyana. This is a project aimed at helping fourth and fifth form business students fund their SBA projects and turn them into real investment projects.

- increases awareness regarding market opportunities - establishes hubs for business registration in remote areas - improves support for small enterprises - provides more assistance to companies seeking ISO certification Costa Rica, Brazil and China have been analyzed and created into Fact Sheets to raise private sector awareness of market opportunities, key provisions and exemptions granted by such agreements. In 2018, he noted that more such fact sheets will be available for Guyanese to learn about opportunities for trade with other countries. Additionally, the Business Minister asserted that the Private Sector continues to play a vital role in the growth of Guyana’s economy. The politician noted that the Ministry of Business recognizes this and supports private sector development. In this regard, he commented that various projects and initiatives have been undertaken including; conducting of product surveys to identify potentially

especially in the agroprocessing sector. The Business Minister stated, “Having a good awareness of the issues facing the business community is important in making meaningful interventions. This is why our Ministry has begun surveys for the development of a Business Confidence Index. Surveys have already been conducted in Regions Six and Ten, and are ongoing in other regions.” Gaskin noted that this Index is intended to be a tool to identify the level of optimism or pessimism in the economy and to arrive at and propose evidence based policies for enhancing the ease of doing business in Guyana. In recognition of the strong correlation between the business environment

Assuria Guyana sponsors bus shed in the city

Students from the two schools take time out for a photo in the newly constructed bus shed, compliments of Assuria. Assuria Guyana, ever conscious of its social responsibility, has once again stepped on board to provide a much needed Bus Shelter outside of the North Georgetown Secondary and St. Joseph’s High Schools. This initiative resulted from the General Manager of Assuria, Clyde Muntslag observing that children, teachers and other pedestrians exposed to sun and rain, whilst waiting on public transportation to take them

to their destinations. As a result, an approach was made to the Ministry of Public Works for approval to erect a Bus Shed. The request was granted without delay. This is the second such bus shed sponsored by Assuria. The first was commissioned in April 2016, on Regent Street oblique to the GuyOil Gas Station. Assuria wishes to thank the Ministry of Public Works for the support for this project.

and the levels of investment that take place in an economy, the Ministry of Business has been pursuing various Doing Business Reforms. Gaskin noted that in 2017 works were undertaken in the areas of Registering a Business and Registering property with the development of a web portal to allow the public to access forms, statistics and information on procedures and requirements. In alignment with the Green State Development Strategy Framework, the Ministry in 2017 has sought to develop an incentive Framework for Green Businesses to promote sustainable green business practices through regulatory reforms and training. To this end, Gaskin noted that the Ministry has secured partial funding from Compete Caribbean for the examination of regulatory reforms and the provision of training to be carried out in 2018. The Business Minister said, “Our Department of Industry continued to focus on the development and management of industrial estates in Guyana. The existing industrial estate at Coldigen has had infrastructure works undertaken in an effort to improve the operating environment for its occupants.” He added, “Estate Management Committees have also been set up for both the Coldingen and the Eccles Estate to actively address matters of importance to occupants. Work is also being done to regularize the occupancy in these estates and to curb malpractices that have gone unchecked for many years. SMALL BUSINESS BUREAU According to the Business Minister, the Small Business Bureau is continuing to establish itself as a key national institution for supporting micro and small enterprises and to develop effective programmes to meet its objectives. As at the end of last September, Gaskin revealed

The Minister said it is also competitive and fosters the development of the entrepreneurial spirit. Subject to review, this project will be expanded in 2018. The Small Business Bureau has also been contracted by the Ministry of Public Security to execute its Youth Entrepreneurship Programme. This year, a total of 68 grants valued at US$1,500 each were disbursed by the Small Business Bureau on behalf of the Ministry of Public Security. This project is also expected to continue into 2018. The Small Business Bureau has begun work on developing a programme for operationalizing the two business incubators currently under construction. An incubator specialist from Canadian University Service Overseas (CUSO) is assisting the Bureau to create a viable and sustainable incubator model. NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS For this year, the Guyana National Bureau of Standards continued to develop and revise standards for various products and services, and also provided technical assistance to companies seeking to become ISO certified. As of the end of last September, 21companies received assistance in achieving ISO certification. In fact, the Bureau assisted yet another laboratory in attaining ISO accreditation, raising the number of accredited laboratories now operating in Guyana to three. The Business Minister has noted that more laboratories will become accredited over the next few years thereby enhancing the national quality infrastructure and reducing the amount of samples that have be sent overseas for testing. In all, over 740 businesses were provided with technical assistance, training, and product certification in 2017 by the Guyana National Bureau of Standards. Training was conducted in

Business Minister, Dominic Gaskin the areas of management standards, root cause analysis, process mapping, food safety management systems, good laboratory practices and safety management training, to name a few. Gaskin stated that the Bureau is also working on a National Building Code to raise standards in the local construction industry. Based on the recommendation of the Guyana Association of Professional Engineers (GAPE), the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States’ (OECS) Building Code was adopted by the National Standards Council in Guyana in August 2017. He said that the implementation of a building code in Guyana will improve the standard and quality of works carried out, both in the public and private sectors and raise the levels of safety in the industry. CCAC The Department of Consumer Protection and the Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (CCAC) are the two entities with responsibility for consumer matters. These bodies have worked in tandem during 2017 to raise their profile and establish greater relevance in the country. This has also resulted in an increase in consumer complaints. As of the end of November 2017, the Business Minister stated that 196 consumer complaints were received with a sales value of over $100M. So far, 155 of those complaints, i.e. 79%, have been resolved. The remaining 41 cases are still on-going. A total of eight cases were referred to the Board of Commissioners of the CCAC with two of those or 25% being resolved so far. Gaskin related that both the Department as well as the CCAC has been conducting consumer education activities throughout Guyana using the various regional expos as opportunities to interact and share information with large numbers of consumers.


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Wednesday December 20, 2017

U.S. seeks ship ban over North Korea violations, Moon proposes curtailing drills UNITED NATIONS/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States has called on the U.N. Security Council to blacklist 10 ships for circumventing sanctions on North Korea, documents showed yesterday, while South Korea’s President suggested curtailing military exercises with Washington to ease tensions ahead of next year’s Winter Olympics. Documents seen by Reuters said the 10 vessels had been conducting ship-to-ship transfers of refined petroleum products to North Korean vessels or transporting North Korean coal in violation of U.N. sanctions imposed over Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs. The ships would be blacklisted - meaning countries would be required to ban them from entering their ports - if none of the 15 members of the Security Council’s North Korea sanctions committee object by this afternoon. North Korea is under a U.N. arms embargo and the Security Council has banned trade in exports such as coal, textiles, seafood, iron and other minerals to choke funding for Pyongyang’s missile and nuclear programs. In September, the council put a cap of 2 million barrels a year on refined petroleum products exports to North Korea. The ships targeted for blacklisting were Xin Sheng Hai (flag unknown); the HongKong-flagged Lighthouse Winmore; the Togo-flagged Yu Yuan; Panama-flagged Glory Hope 1 (also known as Orient Shenyu), Kai Xiang, and Billions No. 18; and the North Korean-flagged Ul Ji Bong 6, Rung Ra 2, Rye Song Gang 1, and Sam Jong 2. Four ships were designated for carrying coal from North Korea by the council’s North Korea sanctions committee in October. The United States has led a drive to step up sanctions on North Korea in response to Pyongyang’s efforts to develop nucleartipped missiles capable of hitting the United States. In Ottawa on Tuesday, Canada and the United States said they would co-host a foreign ministers meeting in Vancouver on Jan. 16 to demonstrate international solidarity against North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests. Representatives of the countries that sent troops or other military support to the U.N.-backed effort to repel North Korean forces after the 1950 invasion of South Korea will attend. Japan, India and Sweden will also attend,

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said. “We can’t talk unless North Korea is ready to talk,” Tillerson told reporters after meeting with Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland. “What’s important for North Korea to know is that this pressure campaign will not abate, we will not be rolling any of it back, it will only be intensified as time goes by, and it will remain in place until they agree to give up their nuclear weapons and allow us to verify the fact that is what they have done,” he said. Freeland said the world had to demonstrate to North Korea that it was united in condemning Pyongyang’s actions. “The international pressure campaign - we believe it’s going to be successful, and a successful outcome of the international pressure campaign is a diplomatic engagement,” Freeland said. Washington has warned that all options are on the table, including military ones, to prevent North Korea’s missile development. On Tuesday, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said he was willing to ease tensions ahead of next year’s Winter Olympics in South Korea by curtailing joint military exercises. “It is possible for South Korea and the U.S. to review the possibility of postponing the exercises,” he told NBC News. “I’ve made such a suggestion to the U.S., and the U.S. is currently reviewing it. However, all this depends on how North Korea behaves.” A spokesman for the U.S. Pacific Command, Commander Dave Benham, declined to discuss any plans for exercises. Earlier yesterday, Japan and South Korea, both U.S. allies, urged China to put more pressure on North Korea. Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono said after talks with South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha that China - North Korea’s neighbor and only big ally - was implementing Security Council resolutions but could do more. China routinely says it is meeting its U.N. obligations on North Korea and has urged “all sides” to pursue dialogue. China has been irritated by stepped-up U.S. naval deployments in the Pacific and along with Russia has proposed that Washington and Seoul halt major military exercises in exchange for North Korea freezing its weapons programs.

Trinidad Guardian - There has been an increase in private sector investments because of the successful implementation of Government policy according to Trade Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon. A Ministry of Trade media release Tuesday quoted the Minster as saying: “The commissioning of Unicomer Limited’s Freeport Campus, Baron Foods (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited’s manufacturing facility in Chaguanas, Excellence Stores’ new retail outlet in Arima and the extension of the Point Lisas Business Park, all occurring in the last quarter of 2017 are clear indications that investor confidence is being restored in the economy.” The release said that the Trade Ministry is working on several initiatives to improve the investment climate in the country and this includes: 1) The automation of the construction permitting process to be effected in 2018 2) The full implementation of an electronic system for business registration, work permit applications and visa exemptions by

December 2018 3) The reduction in the clearance and approval times for goods supported by the Customs and Excise Division by March 2019 4) Expedited Town and Country approvals, water and sewage and electricity connections with initial reform work commencing in 2018 “A robust package of administrative and legislative reforms, aimed at improving the ease of doing business in T&T is also being pursued. These arrangements are complemented by the work of an InterMinisterial Committee established to approve and facilitate non-energy sector investments. Thus far, the Committee has facilitated 12 investment projects valued at approximately US$140 million. These investments could potentially provide as many as 1,600 jobs, both temporary and permanent, across sectors such as Information and Communication Technology services, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), food and beverage, manufacturing and distribution,” the realease said.

Investor confidence returning to T&T - Trade Ministry

Wednesday December 20, 2017


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Law Association looking at possibility of impeaching Chief Justice PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad - CMC – Less than a week after the Chief Justice Ivor Archie publicly denied several reports in the media including the security of judges, the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago (LATT) says it will retain two senior lawyers to examine the possibility of approaching Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to initiate impeachment proceedings against him. In an email sent to its members, LATT secretary Elena Araujo said the committee set up to investigate the allegations will report to the Council on or before December 29 and two senior lawyers will be retained to advise on the question of whether there is sufficient basis to refer a question of misbehaviour by the Chief Justice to the Prime Minister for his consideration under Section 137 of the Constitution. Araujo said that upon receiving the advice from the committee, the LATT will convene a meeting of the general membership to “consider such advice and obtain directions as to the way forward.” Last Friday, Chief Justice Archie, indicating that he is not at “liberty’ to say much at this time, denied media reports regarding the security of judges in Trinidad and Tobago.

Chief Justice Ivor Archie

Elena Araujo “Specialised Units of the Trinidad and Tobago Protective Services and the Judiciary Security Unit are the only entities responsible for assessing and implementing arrangements for the personal security of

Judges and Magistrate. “It is therefore false, and indeed irresponsible that at any Judge’s meeting, the Chief or any other Judge discussed the retention of any private security firm for the purpose of providing the said personal security, ” Archie said in a brief statement. In November, the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago (LATT) called on Chief Justice Archie to publicly address allegations in the local media, particularly the Sunday and Daily Express newspapers, that he discussed security arrangements for judges with a personal friend. Media reports in recent days have linked Chief Justice Archie to discussing security arrangements for judges with a personal friend and earlier this week, the friend, Dillian Johnson, told police that he had information on individuals who want to kill him. Johnson had recently survived a gun attack on him at his home in Gasparillo, in southern Trinidad. In his statement, the Chief Justice said “more recently there has been discussion in the public domain about an attack on Dillian Johnson. The Office of the Chief Justice expects the relevant authorities will urgently conduct a necessary and thorough investigation into

Prosecutor seeking lengthy jail term for accused in “December Murders” PARAMARIBO, Suriname - CMC –A military prosecutor yesterday asked the court to impose a 20 yearjail term on three of those accused in the so-called “December Murders” when opponents of the then military government of President Desi Bouterse were shot and killed at a camp in 1982. In June, the prosecutor had also sought a similar sentence against Bouterse, the main suspect in the murder of 15 people including journalists, entrepreneurs, soldiers, lawyers, university lecturers and trade union leaders, considered critics of the military government. They were killed on December 8, 1982 and 25 former military officers and civilians, including Bouterse, have been charged with their murders. So far the prosecution has requested the acquittal of all five civilians. The prosecutor, Roy Elgin, had also sought a 20 year-jail term for Stephanus Dendoe, Arthy Gorré, Etienne

Desi Bouterse Boerenveen, Ernst Gefferie and Iwan Dijksteel. Last month, Ruben Rozendaal who prosecution had sought a 10 year sentence against, committed suicide.In his presentation to the Military Court yesterday, Elgin defended his call for a 20 year jail term against Benny Brondenstein, Luciën Lewis and Kenneth Kempes, saying that the former army officers had willingly participated either in the planning or execution of the murders.

Brondenstein was one of the young officers who together with Bouterse and 14 others removed the democratically elected Henck Arron-administration in a coup on February 25, 1980. Kempes and Lewis were bodyguards of Bouterse after he became head of the government in 1980. Elgin argued that although the two bodyguards were not involved in the plotting of the killings, they did actively participate in the murders and other offenses. He claimed that they rounded up some of the men who were shot in the then military headquarters Fort Zeelandia and burned down objects such as radio stations and other buildings. Both Kempes and Lewis were in the firing squad that executed some of the men. President of the Military Court, Cynthia ValsteinMontnor, said that attorneys for Bouterse and the other accused will on January 29 next year outline their cases for their clients.

this incident”, Last Thursday, the LATT said that it was increasingly alarmed at allegations of improper conduct levelled directly and by implication against him, as head of the Judiciary. “Of particular concern is the allegation that he has intervened to obtain preferential treatment in the distribution of public housing to his acquaintances.” But in his statement, the Chief Justice noted in 2015 he “did forwa5rd the names of

some needy and deserving persons to the Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation (HDC) for such consideration as might be appropriate. “At no time has Chief Justice Archie ever recommended Mr. Dillian Johnson for HDC housing. It is patently untrue and appears to be purposeful mischief making for one to suggest otherwise,” he said, adding “that is all that the Chief Justice is at liberty to say at this time”.

In its latest correspondence, the LATT said that it had decided to take the decision to examine the possibility of impeaching the Chief Justice because of the public ridicule being heaped on the entire Judiciary as a result of the allegations. The LATT said that on November 30, its president Senior Counsel Douglas Mendes and two other members met with Chief Justice Archie to discuss the association’s concern over the current situation.

Govt. Makes Offer To Buy Back Stake In Petrojam The Gleaner - Energy Minister, Dr Andrew Wheatley, says the government is written to the authorities in Venezuela making an offer to buy back Jamaica’s stake in Petrojam as the country seeks to cauterise any further financial fallout. A state-owned Venezuelan company has a 49 per cent stake in Petrojam. Wheatley told Power Talk on Power 106 yesterday morning that the government is awaiting a response from Venezuela on its offer. He says an evaluation of the refinery was conducted over the summer where its

value was ascertained. He declined to disclose the figure. Island’s oil refinery has been experiencing financial challenges arising from an executive order by US President Donald Trump on the South American country. The Order essentially prevents US entities from engaging in transactions involving the Venezuelan government and companies owned by the state. As a result, foreign banks have expressed concerns about conducting financial transactions for Petrojam. The Energy Minister said the government is still

Dr. Andrew Wheatley pursuing diplomatic channels to resolve the issue.


Wednesday December 20, 2017

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Govt. seeks funds for election, Opposition urges supporters to be prepared BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - CMC – Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart yesterday sought parliamentary approval for more than half a million dollars (One Barbados dollar=US$0.50 cents) for the Electoral and Boundaries Commission as it gears up for the general election constitutionally due next year. But while Stuart was seeking an estimated BDS$591, 067, in Supplementary Estimates, Opposition leader Mia Mottley was telling supporters at a Barbados Labour Party (BLP) function on Monday night that they should be prepared for the polls. She said it is now an estimated 10 weeks before the dissolution of Parliament. “It is time to believe again and to believe in the promise of Barbados and in the glorious nature of what Barbados can offer for all of

us and I ask you to do so even as this government struggles its way to the finish line,” she said. In the 2013 general election, the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) secured a two-seat majority winning 16 of the 30 seats at stake. The BLP won the remainder. Prime Minister Stuart told legislators that certain expenditures had been incurred in opening 30 constituencies registration centres in preparation for the election, constitutionally due by February 2018. He said that the money which had been allocated at the start of the financial year was insufficient to meet the expenditures projected for the end of this financial year. He said the expenditures include the purchase of printing ink, surge protectors and cameras and other material used in the registration process. “All of these expenditures are related to the fact that in a

few months’ time, certainly until the end of the financial year, preparations will have to be made for the upcoming general election and the Department has to be properly positioned to do all those things that are necessary to ensure that our election machinery is properly oiled and smoothly functioning so that we can go through that process as we have done so successfully from the time universal adult suffrage was introduced in Barbados in 1951,” Stuart said. “We have been able to manage our elections successfully and smoothly ever since we embarked on these processes on a mass scale. But the processes have become much more complex with the Passage of time,” he told legislators. Meanwhile, an opposition legislator is calling for an investigation into allegations of voter buying she claimed was a feature of the last election.


Exports To Trinidad From Jamaica Kicks Off Tomorrow The Gleaner - Jamaica will be exporting one container of bananas per week to Trinidad, beginning tomorrow. It’s part of an export thrust restarted in 2013. The Agriculture ministry says since 2013, there has been a steady increase in banana production from over 33,000 tonnes up to 58,701 metric tonnes in 2016. Export of bananas has been on the increase, moving from 78 tonnes in 2013 to

411 tonnes in 2016 with earnings of $47.7 million, following the devastation of the industry in 2012 by Hurricane Sandy. The ministry says European Union-funded capacity building training has led to a 7.5 per cent increase in productivity in the banana industry. It has moved from 15 tonnes per hectare in 2011 to 18,000 tonnes. In addition, production of bananas and plantains has increased by 26 per cent in 2016.

OAS says Honduran presidential election should be redone T E G U C I G A L PA (Reuters) - The Organization of American States (OAS) said late Sunday that Honduras should hold new presidential elections, after the electoral tribunal declared conservative President Juan Orlando Hernandez the

official winner of the bitterly contested Nov. 26 presidential vote. The tribunal said that Hernandez beat center-left challenger and TV star Salvador Nasralla by 1.53 percentage points, according to the official count, sparking

fraud accusations and calls for renewed street protests. In a nationally televised address, tribunal head David Matamoros said all the challenges presented to it had been resolved and votes were recounted at select polling stations, declaring Hernandez “the presidentelect for the Republic of Honduras.” OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro questioned the tribunal’s decision. “The people of Honduras deserve an electoral process that confers them democratic quality and guarantees. The electoral process that the tribunal concluded today clearly did not provide that,” Almagro said in a statement. He said the election was marred by irregularities and deficiencies and called for a new general election.

Wednesday December 20, 2017

After one week, Myanmar silent on whereabouts of detained Reuters journalists YANGON (Reuters) - Two Reuters journalists completed a week in detention in Myanmar yesterday, with no word on where they were being held as authorities proceeded with an investigation into whether they violated the country’s colonial-era Official Secrets Act. Journalists Wa Lone, 31, and Kyaw Soe Oo, 27, were arrested last Tuesday evening after they were invited to dine with police officers on the outskirts of Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon. “We and their families continue to be denied access to them or to the most basic information about their wellbeing and whereabouts,” Reuters President and EditorIn-Chief Stephen J. Adler said in a statement calling for their immediate release. “Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo are journalists who perform a crucial role in shedding light on news of global interest, and they are innocent of any wrongdoing.” The news group Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) yesterday cited government spokesman Zaw Htay as saying that the journalists were “being treated well and in good health”. It gave no further details in its online report. Reuters was unable to reach Zaw Htay for comment. Myanmar’s civilian president, Htin Kyaw, a close ally of government leader Aung San Suu Kyi, has authorized the police to proceed with a case against the reporters, Zaw Htay said on Sunday. Approval from the president’s office is needed before court proceedings can begin in cases brought under the Official Secrets Act, which has a maximum prison sentence of 14 years. The two journalists had worked on Reuters coverage of a crisis that has seen an estimated 655,000 Rohingya Muslims flee from a fierce military crackdown on

militants in the western state of Rakhine. CRITICISM FROM FAR AND WIDE A number of governments, including the United States, Canada and Britain, and United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, as well as a host of journalists’ and human rights’ groups, have criticized the arrests as an attack on press freedom and called on Myanmar to release the two men. The U.S. State Department yesterday called for their immediate release. “We’ve been ... following the cases of the two reporters, the Reuters reporters, very closely. We’re deeply concerned about their detention. We do not know their whereabouts. That is of concern also,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert told a news briefing. “Today I want to make it clear that we’re calling for their immediate release.” On Monday, the spokeswoman for the European Union’s foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini, described the arrests as “a cause of real concern”. “Freedom of the press and media is the foundation and a cornerstone of any democracy,” the spokeswoman said. Myanmar has seen rapid growth in independent media since censorship imposed under the former junta was lifted in 2012. Rights groups were hopeful there would be further gains in press freedoms after Nobel peace laureate Suu Kyi came to power last year amid a transition from full military rule that had propelled her from political prisoner to elected leader. H o w e v e r, a d v o c a c y groups say freedom of speech has been eroded since she took office, with many arrests of journalists, restrictions on reporting in Rakhine state and heavy use of state-run media to control the narrative.

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday December 20, 2017

CDB approves funding to support climate-smart agriculture in Grenada BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - CMC – Grenada is to benefit from a five million US dollar loan from the Barbados-based Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) to support climate-smart agriculture and enterprise business development on the island. The CDB said that the project will assist the Grenada government in its efforts to increase productivity and the contribution of the agricultural sector to economic growth, rural poverty reduction and environmental sustainability. The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will provide additional financing. Male and female farmers and entrepreneurs in some of Grenada’s poorest rural communities will receive technical assistance and financial support, as well as increased opportunities to own and operate businesses and take advantage of employment opportunities in the sector. The project will also promote farmer adoption of new technologies and practices to build resilience to climate change impacts. The project aligns with the Grenada government’s ongoing work to protect the sector by implementing climateand disaster-smart agricultural and sustainable land management strategies to support long-term stability. Under the project, there will be skills training and job placement for programme beneficiaries and training in climatesmart practices and technologies. Infrastructure, including roads and drainage systems, will be expanded and rehabilitated. Over the past three years, Grenada has been the fastest growing Caribbean economy. While the tourism sector is the leading foreign-exchange earner, statistics from the International Trade Centre list agriculture as responsible for almost half of the country’s total exports. The sector also contributes 13 percent to total employment and is vital to the economic well-being of those living in rural areas.

Wednesday December 20, 2017

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Wednesday December 20, 2017

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Gilgeous of Westfield Prep and Vasconcellos of Marian Academy are MINISLAM Champs Kyle Gilgeous of West Field Prep School and Ema Vasconcellos of Marian Academy emerged as the Boy and Girl MINISLAM C h a m p s f o r t h e G LTA Christmas Interschool RED BALL competition which was held at the National Gymnasium. A total of 26 players all under 10 years old with familiar faces and new ones all enthused to make their mark in beginner tennis and socialize with new friends and old. Players contested for the eight schools: Marian Academy, N e w G u y a n a S c h o o l , St . M a rg a r e t ’s Primary, St. Pius Primary, We s t f i e l d P r e p , Wi n f e r Gardens, St. Agnes and Buxton Youth Developers. The tournament was conducted by National Junior Coordinator Shelly Daly. The Round Robin format was used because it is premised on frequency of

From Left: Ema Vasconcellos of Marian Academy, Kyle Gilgeous of Westfield Prep, Kemo Prince of Buxton Youth Developers and Byanka Young of New Guyana School display their prizes. play as participants get to face multiple opponents to increase the number of matches played to help build confidence and skills. A total 17 boys competed in the first of four rounds. In the final round, the four players battling for the top two positions were Kyle Gilgeous of Westfield Prep, Allayne Embrack of St. Agnes, Kemo Prince and Justin Leitch both of the Buxton Yo u t h Developers. Gilgeous and Prince tied with two match w i n s a p i e c e . H o w e v e r, Gilgeous secured the win because of a better game win/loss percentage. There were 9 girls competing for the title. The girls had three rounds of matches. Ema

Vasconcellos and Sienna Sookram both of Marian Academy, Byanka Young of New Guyana School and Kayesha Harding of St. Margaret’s made it to the final round. The young ladies showed potential and drive. Vasconcellos easily took first place with 3 wins, Young had 2 wins, Harding had 1 win and Sookram did not secure a game. The trophy for Best School was copped by Buxton Youth Developers having satisfied the criteria for enthusiasm, determination and consistency in developing tennis as a sport at their school as well as their participation and performance in the inter school competition.

After eleven years of existence in primary schools the Guyana Tennis Association chose to rename its mini-tennis programme to MINISLAM to pique interest and to cater for new thrusts for tennis as a recreational sport in community development. In this regard, the association continues to appeal to the authorities to make facilities available nationwide for the development of the sport, both as a recreational activity and for high performance programmes. The next MINISLAM U10 Schools REDBALL competition for Georgetown will be held on March 16th, 2018 at the National Gymnasium.

EBFA/Ralph Green U-11 League champions... From page 45 stages of the competition having gone into the semi-finals with the most defeats (3) of the four clubs that advanced. To date, Grove has lost just a single match scoring a total of 20 goals opposed to taking 6 for a positive goal difference of 14. Agricola on the other hand, would be led by the tournament’s third highest goal scorer so far, Jonathan Andries who has 7; Herstelling Raiders’ Captain, Solomon Austin ended with 8. Agricola is not far behind Grove in terms of having attacking minded players since they have scored a total of 18 goals with 8 against. The key to either team lifting this year’s championship will be their abilities to keep the dangerous Cordis or Andries at bay. Andries will find able support from the likes of Seon Grant, Calvin Bowling, Jaan Paul and

Terry Moore while Cordis will seek support from fellow teammates, Jevon Pluck, Rayfield Hilliman, Zundi Francois and Dwayne Cliffe. Today’s third place match features debutants, Diamond Upsetters and Samatta Point/Kaneville in a match that the Upsetters will fancy their chances of taking. In the preliminaries, Upsetters gave up a walk over to Samatta Point/Kaneville for arriving late and will be aiming to settle the score today. For the Upsetters which have the exciting Joshua Dias in goal with the most economical record (only 4 goals against), Ronaldo Adams, Jarrell George, the Amin brothers, Mohammad & Abdullah, Shawn John and Shafeek Russell will all work in tandem. Samatta Point/Kaneville will rely on Devon Parris, Nickelay Francois, Akeem Francois, Mark Blackman, Emanuel Francois and Revaldo Simmons among others.

Wednesday December 20, 2017


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GFF hosts successful Extraordinary Congress NO MONEY OF THE GFF IS MISSING – FORDE

GFF Executives and Delegates deliberating at the Extra Ordinary Congress on December 16, last.

The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) successfully hosted an Extraordinary Congress on Saturday last where all the agenda items were unanimously approved, including the GFF’s Audited Financial Statements and Consolidated Accounts. The Extraordinary Congress, which was held at the National Resource Centre, Georgetown, and saw the attendance of 18 members, also saw the unanimous vote of the GFF 2018 Budget by a 17-member vote with one abstention.

In giving remarks at the post-congress press conference, GFF’s President, Wayne Forde said the Congress achieved much and he was pleased with the interaction had: “Today marks a very successful Extraordinary Congress. Every item that was brought to the floor from the agenda was passed unanimously. We dealt with some very heavy items today; today was heavy lifting at the GFF Extraordinary Congress but I am pleased to report that the members responded very positively. We had some very

engaging conversations on every aspect of the operations of football as it relates to the items on the agenda. We took some very bold decisions today.” Below are the key agenda items approved: 1. GFF AUDITED FINANCIALSTATEMENTS AND CONSOLIDATED ACCOUNTS 2016 Seventeen (17) members voted to approve the accounts and one member abstained. 2. 2018 BUDGET Seventeen (17) members voted to approve and one

Best of the Best Martial Arts School Guyana... From page 44 and Miguel Hunte were rewarded as the Best Gold Medalists for the year 2017. Following is the list of other awardees: Trenton Coates - Most Outstanding Instructor of 2017; Cedwin Adams - Most Improved Student of 2017; Celwin Adams Best Gold Medalist for 2016; Akeem Baveghems Most Improved Student of 2017; Kimberly Baveghems - Most Completive Student of 2017; Antowne Allen - Most Competitive Student of 2017; Daniel Bruster - Most Improved Student of 2017; Victor Garden Best Participating Student of 2017. Meanwhile, Quacuy Baveghems was presented with an Ambassador Award as well

as received the Ruko Dan 4th Degree - Diploma Shotokan Dan from the Guyana All Styles Martial Arts Federation (GASMAF) at a presentation also held at The New Thriving Restaurant, Main Street, Georgetown on Saturday last. Baveghems who is also Head of the Technical Committee of the GASMAF was joined in receiving the Ambassador Award by Miguel Hunte, Trenton Coates, Antowne Allen and Celwin Adams. The Best of the Best Martial Arts School Guyana is extending gratitude to the Government of Guyana and the Business Community for their support throughout 2017.

High Court rules Berbice Cricket Board... From page 43 sides the court declared that the elections of Office Bearers at the Annual General Meeting of the Berbice Cricket Board of Control held on 8th October, 2017 is unlawful, null, void and of no legal as the entire election process was fundamentally flawed, unfair and undemocratic. The court further ruled that a new election for the office bearers of the Berbice Cricket Board of Control is to be held on a date as set by the court in January 2018. Another order was that the Returning Officer at that Election is to be selected by the members present. An order was granted that all eligible representative of the clubs and associations listed in schedule 111, section 4 of the Cricket Administration Act be submitted to the Court by January 5th 2018. It was further ordered that the said

representatives submitted to the court shall, after verification and approval by the court, be the delegates/ representatives who will represent the said clubs and associations at the elections to be held in January 218 for office bears of the Berbice cricket Board of Control. The court further ordered that all clubs and associations intended to participate in the said elections must pay their annual dues by January 16th 2018 to Ms. N Noble at the Berbice Cricket Board Office. It was also ordered that nothing should be construed as hindering or affecting the general administration of cricket in Berbice until the elections are held. Attorneys at law Mr. Gossai for the applicant and Ford for the respondents have been tasked with delivering a copy of the court’s order to the respective clubs and associations.

abstained. 3. REVISED TOURNAMENT LEVY - The membership approved 3% levy on all tournaments. The levy structure will be presented to the Regulations Committee for review. The committee is chaired by Mr. Eton Moses from Buxton United FC and that committee will develop the regulations to govern the levy. The revised level is a 3% against the total prize money or the total gate income, whichever is higher of the two. 4. UPDATE ON 2018 MEMBER SUPPORT INITIATIVES AND PROJECTS APPLIED TO FIFA FOR 2018 - This includes the upgrading of three grounds – Georgetown, Linden and Rupununi. Nine and a half million dollars ($9.5M) will be allotted to the

development of each ground. * Three vehicles will be acquired – brand new team bus, 15-seater mini-bus for the Federation and a 4x4 pickup for the technical department. * The Federation will build capacity of the Regional Member Associations (RMAs). Among the key areas to be focused on are: Rental of offices for each RMA. The said offices will be equipped with necessary stationery and equipment (printers, computers and necessary tools required to operate an office). The GFF will also fund salary of the office staff. The stipend for the operational cost for each RMA has been increased from fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) to one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000). These have all been presented as a project to FIFA for funding. 5. COMPETITIONS SCHEDULE - The 2018 Competitions schedule was presented to the Congress and showed the consolidated football activity that will bring greater regulation to every aspect of football including street football. 6. TERMINATION OF THE CHAIRMAN OF THE D I S C I P I N A R Y COMMITTEE - A motion was unanimously passed to terminate the appointment of Mr. Sanjeev Datadin as Chairman of the Disciplinary

Committee and the motion was supported by a 16 – 2 secret ballot vote in accordance with Article 38 of the GFF Constitution. Forde also took the opportunity to reiterate the position of the Executive Committee that the finances of the GFF are in safe hands: “Our goal in 2017 is to present a financial report without any qualification. We are working on developing management accounts reports that will come out every quarter and will be shared with the general public and the membership. We wish to get to a level of financial transparency that is not only necessary to restore confidence to the operations of football but they are the conditions that have been laid out to us by FIFA. The vote of the approval of the finances today takes us one step closer to full restoration of funding from FIFA.” The auditors have been able to adequately explain to the membership that the qualification contained in the audit report was based on third-party confirmation of payables. The auditors also reiterated that no money of the GFF is missing, has been stolen or has been embezzled by anyone including the staff of the Federation and the Executive Committee.


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Wednesday December 20, 2017

GFSCA saddened by the passing of Rai The President Mr. Ramchand Ragbeer and members of the Guyana Floodlights Softball Cricket Association are saddened by the shocking passing of popular softball cricketer Amrit Rai who died recently in an unfortunate manner. Rai also known as Rocky was the captain of one of the country’s top teams, Wolf ’s Warrior. He led them to International Championship glory at “Guyana Softball Cup 4” in November 2014. A statement from the GFSCA stated that his death is indeed a sad blow to the game and an unnecessary loss of a life. The statement continued by saying that he was an outstanding leader and player and was a very humble individual on and off the field. The Association takes this opportunity to express condolences to his family members.

New Committee elected by Lusignan Golf Club The Lusignan Golf Club held its Annual General Meeting last Saturday and elected a new committee with a mandate to implement innovative plans for the Club. The Members present were unanimous in their election of Aleem Hussain (President), Paton George (Vice President), Chatterpaul Deo (Captain), Pandit Ravi Persaud (Secretary), Aasrodeen Shaw (Treasurer), Parmanand Max Persaud (Asst. Secretary/Treasurer), Anasha Ally (Public Relations Officer), Mike Gayadin (Head Grounds Superintendent). The newly elected President and Executive offered thanks to the previous Executive for their contributions to the Club, saying that the efforts of previous committees have laid the foundation for the new team to implement the changes for the club and its members. “Partnerships with the major hotels, airlines, corporate members and with the continued support from our current membership will lead to the Lusignan Golf Club becoming the premier recreational and event centre for Guyanese and ex-pats.” Vice President Paton George said that he sees the LGC, “…in addition to golf, becoming the destination of choice for events such as weddings, parties, conferences and family gatherings on a year-long basis rather than just a few times.” Treasurer Aasrodeen Shaw stated that complete transparency in the committee’s mandate will help to transform the Club and make it a home for all Guyanese and visitors who not only want to play golf but experience the peaceful and secure atmosphere that the LGC provides. “We will be up-grading the facilities to

create an atmosphere of world-class dining, relaxed sports bar and great entertainment for all ages.” Captain ‘Chen’ indicated that 2018 will offer many more golf tournaments for experienced and beginner golfers with lessons and equipment being provided for all those seeking to learn the game and he encourages everyone to come out and enjoy the course. Pandit Ravi Persaud will work to develop programmes for the University of Guyana and several High Schools that with the support of Minister Norton expand and put golf on the sports agenda for all Guyanese. Head Grounds Superintendent Mike Guyadin committed to making the course playable all year long and to transform it into a park-like setting where weddings and birthdays would be hosted amongst the natural beauty of the outdoors. The newly elected President of the Club Aleem Hussain expressed his gratitude to Pandit Hardesh Tewari, Pastor Ragnaught, Pur Persaud, Jax Harry, Munaf Arjune, Avinash Persaud and thanked all the other members for their support and confidence in their selection of the new committee. Mr. Hussain said, “It will be a wonderful year for golf in Guyana and we extend an invitation for everyone to stop by and see for yourself exactly why the LGC will become your choice for relaxation. There is no fee to come see how much fun golf can be!” For more information on the Lusignan Golf Club, events and activities calendar and how you can become a member of the LGC, visit their Facebook page, call 220-5660 or simply stop by for a tour of the facilities.

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