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Thursday December 01, 2016

The importance of youths to rural development DEAR EDITOR, In the past few days we witnessed the graduation ceremonies at the University of Guyana Turkeyen and Tain campuses. What struck me was the fact that Tain is showing that the investment in a university in the ‘country’ has proven to be a very good investment. It is left to be seen if the UG administration will pursue development in both Linden and Suddie on the Essequibo Coast. I have witnessed the positive effect of a university in a town during student days in various countries of Europe. We need to move forward here in Guyana by opening up opportunities for our young graduates. It does not always have to be translated into government employment or even employment by a private sector entity. We need to put things in place to ensure that our graduates can step out on their own either as individuals or as groups and form companies that can have a significant impact on the economy of the nation. Recently we witnessed the technology competition

that showcased the skills of a number of our IT trained graduates. I am positive that many of them can band themselves together and move on from the ‘competition’ stage and get to the point of establishing companies that can make a difference in the economy. Government and its agencies need now to set up similar ‘competitions’ for those who will prefer to work and develop their rural communities. Much land will be left idle and with the downsizing of Guysuco. We need to come up right now with positive ideas for the further development of these lands. This is basically an agricultural country. Mining and oil extraction will have a certain definitive life. When these resources shall have been exhausted we shall still need to be fed, housed and clothed. Thus, I feel that the time is right to bring out similar competitions as the IT one and try and bring out the best in our youth. Our rural development will not go right without the inputs of our youth. Cyril Walker

The importance of prioritization and frugal spending DEAR EDITOR, With a budget comprising such a high percentage of the money we make (Gross Domestic Product or GDP) as a nation. It is important that the projects we undertake are cost efficient, pay for themselves and support our overall strategy. In recent weeks we have rightfully constructed an Arch for the 50th Anniversary however, the cost was $20M dollars. That is a sum which in conservative estimates is overpriced and could be utilized to construct a homeless shelter for those affected in the Capital. Such a shelter would aid in the tourism push underway, as the esthetics of the capital are also important in this venture. Given a budget which utilizes such a large amount of wealth of the nation, there should also be increased transparency on government projects. These projects should be capped by a standard profit margin for contractors so as to improve cost control. Prioritization of budgetary items should also align with how long each project takes to generate revenue and a

profit or income. Such cash positive projects can be found in established industries such as the sugar industry where capital generation is to be had in a timely manner due to existing infrastructure and established market access. Sugar is still our 4th largest export and one of the top revenue earners for the economy. In addition, revenue generating infrastructure projects should be backed by established long term contracts that have clear revenue and income generation goals that Continued on page 6


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Four indictments against the 2017 Budget DEAR EDITOR, The 2016 budget was about beckoning the ‘good life’, and we saw what happened: a rising cost of living, the drastic decline of rice and sugar production, contraction of the manufacturing sector, a decline in the livestock sector, a decline in the forestry sector, a decline in construction, rising unemployment especially among youths, rising crime, a wage freeze in the sugar industry, a paltry wage increase in the public sector, increased taxes and a reduction in the real growth of the economy to 2.6%. In contrast, ministers and other government officials enjoyed salary increases ranging from 50% upwards! This has been compounded by the massive and shameless squandermania which the government at all levels has been engaged in. You do not have to be Einstein to see who enjoyed the ‘good life’ in 2016! Well, we must give the Minister of Finance some credit for the 2017 Budget’s theme; he informed us that

this budget will be ‘…bringing a better life for all Guyanese’. So it is implied that if the 2016 Budget failed to give us a ‘good life’ (which it did) then this one will surely bring it. However, the Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Jagdeo made an accurate assessment when he lamented that the 2017 Budget will not benefit the working class and will “kill the private sector”, and its ominous signs forebode a gloomy future. Firstly, we have the exact opposite to what the previous government did to alleviate the sufferings of the pensioners. Pensioners were given electricity and water subsidies which went a long way to ensure a ‘good life’ for them, unlike this government which has introduced a 14% VAT on those two vital utilities. Many pensioners who own their own homes had complained bitterly with regards to the removal of the subsidies, but these com-

Police responds to Kaieteur News’ letter DEAR EDITOR, The Guyana Police Force is responding to an article in yesterday’s edition of the Kaieteur News under the caption ‘The police at Aurora Station need to arrest this man’ Please be informed that the person in question, Mark Beamil c/d Tout, of no fixed place of abode, was on Saturday last arrested and charged with unlawful wounding and threatening behaviour committed on George Couchman.

He appeared before Magistrate Sunil Scarce at the Charity Magistrate’s court the day before yesterday and pleaded guilty to both charges, but based on his explanation, not guilty pleas were recorded by the Magistrate who remanded him to prison until December 8, 2016 for trial. Jairam Ramlakhan Superintendent Public Relations and Press Officer

plaints fell on deaf ears. It must be noted that increases in pension do not have to be at the expense of those benefits already enjoyed. Similarly, it is not a valid argument that pensioners will not be affected by the imposition of VAT simply because 105,000 residents pay less than $10,000 per month. How many pensioners are in this category? It is beyond doubt that pensioners would have been better off with the electricity and water subsidies. Moreover, how will they be better off when they have now to pay VAT on staples such as milk, potatoes and many other necessities? These items are consumed on a daily basis. Therefore, how can no subsidy on water and electricity plus VAT on necessities result in a ‘better life’? Will a meagre pension increase of $800 provide this? The minus is far more than the plus! Secondly, the negligible reduction in VAT will not result in any tangible gains for the consumers since items which are normally consumed by the working class and were previously zero rated are now “vatable.” What will happen to sugar workers who have been denied any form of wage increase for the past 2 years? An ever increasing inflation rate will spell disaster for them

and their families. This reduction in VAT will only serve to benefit the wealthier class of people who consume expensive luxury items. The ministers and government officials will now enjoy further savings on their already humongous salaries. It does not matter that they have to pay VAT on milk and potatoes since that will just be a negligible percentage on the princely amounts they are getting. Thirdly, what will the cumulative effect of an imposition of VAT on electricity and water be? Will these not increase the production costs of goods and services? Most definitely they will, and the commercial sector will have to recoup these costs and of course the final consumer will bear the burden. On the other hand, negligible reductions hardly ever benefited the final consumer. How has the reduction in the Berbice Bridge toll benefitted commuters traversing that bridge? This reduction was never passed on to the final consumer and the government is aware of this. Moreover, the $5,000 increase in the income tax threshold will hardly give any tangible form of relief to the majority of workers who are earning less than $100,000. This will translate to just above $1,000 per month. Will this not be eaten by the removal of many necessary Continued on page 6


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My thoughts on the crime situation DEAR EDITOR, The crime rate in our country is definitely on the rise although the statistics from GPF is of the contrary. If we were to debate the incompetence, unreliability and the slow response of the GPF, it is safe to say we would be arguing for a lifetime. Yes! That’s the magnitude of backwardness we put up here with and sadly we have become comfortably passive about all this. It has become a cliché, like a morning breeze we wake up to. Reflecting on all of this makes it very difficult for me to convince myself that there is a future here for me as a young man. However, this is my country which I love dearly and therefore I took it upon myself to sit and formulate some strategies on how we can tackle this crime situation. Firstly, the GPF needs to accept that crime is on the increase and stop trying to fool us with those percentage assessments. After all, the first step to recovery is acceptance. How can we tackle something we think is not there or is not a threat? Secondly, we need to work on information gathering methods. If we are serious about reducing crime, we need statistics about criminals. I suggest we get more police in ci-

vilian clothes in the streets to gather intelligence or probably even live in crime oriented areas and act as informants. The more we know about criminals the better we can profile them. Lastly, there is a need for a rapid/reliable response to calls coming into the police station and 911. This may require functioning vehicles and enough personnel 24/7, which always seems to be the contributing factor to slow and in most cases, no response. I may have gone too far by thinking about a helicopter response to robberies around Georgetown, this way we can be in hot pursuit of getaway cars and especially CG motorcycles, which always seem to elude the police. In conclusion I must say that there are instances where credit must be given to the police but in most cases they disappoint. Criminals are literally wreaking havoc and becoming more blatant and if we don’t up our game and act, the poor, their hard earned bread and innocent lives are all at risk. If you are a member of the GPF and reading this, I am reaching out to you personally to say I am depending on you. Mahindra Nyron Narine

Four indictments against... From page 5 food items from the zero-rated list? Lastly, the 2017 budget shows clearly that the Minister of Finance is just an adroit juggler whose main intention is to squeeze as many taxes as possible from the poor working class of people of this country and ensure that the excesses of this government can be sus-

tained and not the country’s socio-economic development. Monetary and fiscal policies which can stimulate the economy are sorely lacking in this budget. Next year definitely will be worse than this year. I am sure that the opposition will expose the inherent weaknesses of this budget. Haseef Yusuf

Thursday December 01, 2016

There were always close links between Guyana and Barbados DEAR EDITOR, Barbados will on Wednesday November 30 join Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana in celebrating its golden jubilee as an independent nation, and the 166 square mile country started activities since January to mark the occasion. Guyana’s President, David Granger will journey to Bridgetown for the celebrations since Freundel Stuart that country’s Prime Minister, was in Georgetown for the Guyana’s celebrations last May. Stuart was honoured by

the Guyana government when the country’s second highest award, the Order of Roraima (OR) was bestowed on him. Barbados now has its own national awards. In fact knighthoods and Dames are awarded to persons for their meritorious services. Several outstanding cricketers like Wesley Hall, Everton Weekes, Conrad Hunte and others as well as academics and even trade unionists have been knighted, and one wonders if Stuart will reciprocate by honouring the Guyanese leader. There was

The State should pay for this boy’s surgery DEAR EDITOR, In a time of super salaries and pensions for government workers, there is the story of Omkar Persaud whose family is still looking for money for surgery for him (Kaieteur News, November 29). Nobody in Guyana would object if the government paid the full fee for all care for Omkar and any other child who is in need of medical attention which is not available in Guyana. Nelson Mandela had reportedly said, “There can be no

keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children,” and given that Guyana’s soul seems to be gradually eroded in the manifestation of different kinds of violence, we have one chance to redeem ourselves. The Government of Guyana should be paying full medical bills for Omkar Persaud and any other child who needs medical care which is not available in Guyana. Vidyaratha Kissoon

The importance of prioritization... From page 5 are outlined within a timeframe that allows the economy to sustain established growth rate targets over the near and mid-term. This approach will help us avoid the trap of that old saying “build it and they will come”. These near and midterm projects in turn should also

generate enough income to undertake longer term investment needs that are also revenue and income positive to the economy. Such an approach will ensure we as a nation can minimize the borrowing of capital needed for such projects and help us keep the debt level as low as possible. Jamil Changlee

a close link between Guyana and Barbados for several decades, long before independence. Errol Barrow, the man who led the country to independence was very close to Forbes Burnham in the preindependence era, and the friendship between the two countries continues up to this day. I recall as a boy there were several Bajans who were living in the country most of them were in the hinterland engaged in agriculture. Scores of Guyanese migrated to Barbados. Some of them are medical doctors, businessmen, lawyers and journalists, including Rickey Singh and Hubert Williams. They have contributed significantly to their adopted homes and a few were honoured by the Barbadian government, including Professor Bishundat Persaud who died a few months ago

in London, and his niece Dr. Shirley Hanoman. Radio personality Olga Lopes Seales lived for decades in Barbados where she eventually died. The standard of living in Barbados is relatively high and unlike Guyana and most of the Caribbean islands it is almost crime free, and as a result a few Guyanese retired there including Sir Shridath Ramphal. Sir Fenton Ramsahoye who has toned down his legal practice also has a home there. The 50th independence celebrations started on January 6 with the launch of ‘Barbados We Come From’ at Independence Square, and will culminate on November 30 with activities being held in Barbados and across the global diaspora. The celebrations are not only entertaining, but also multidimensional and educational with special emphasis on a youth audience. Oscar Ramjeet

Political favours were granted... From page 4 the current Cable Broadcasters have lamented that they were unfairly treated by the last administration and some of these claims seem credible, but I have not been advised that there is a single application lying at the GNBA for cable broadcasting 600700 MHz band. Operators who spoke to me I have repeatedly said to them that they should apply to be where E-Networks is and that will give the GNBA a legitimate reason to say to ENetworks, there are others who want to be where you are and there is hardly any place to put them please dress down (or some other form of regulatory action). I had made a commitment to make representation on their behalf with the Government for concession-

ary relief to allow them to invest in the sector. I had already made approaches to the Hon. Prime Minister and the Minister of Business to feel out their willingness to entertain such an approach, they both agreed in principle with my suggestion but wants to see concrete proposals. No existing cable broadcaster ever approached with a preliminary proposal of how the wish to be enabled to compete with E-Networks. Ultimately Guyana has to decide if the aim is to wipe out E-Networks simply because it received favours from the last government or is it that we want to curb the near monopoly status it is enjoying and expose it to formidable robust competition. Leonard Craig

Thursday December 01, 2016


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US citizen donates 43 homes to West Berbice families

Joseph Roetheli, left, assisting a young resident, Akeisha Halley, at the cutting of the ribbon, with CEO Food for the Poor Guyana, Kent Vincent (right).

One of the homes donated.

A number of residents from the Hopetown community and environs were on hand on Tuesday to witness the inauguration of the New Hope Community Development Project, at Onderneeming, Wrest Coast Berbice- under the theme, “As often as you did it for the least of my brothers and sisters, you did it for me.� The event marked the official handing over of 43 twobedroom housing units to 43 families who have now taken up residence in the newly created village to be called New Hope. New Hope, as each home owner has been made to realize a dream of owning a home through the charitable organization, Food for the Poor, Guyana Incorporated. According to Mr. Joseph Roetheli, the donor, an American citizen, last June, he and his wife would have completed forty- three years of marriage, and it was as they discussed what they could do to mark the occasion that his wife suggested that he could brighten the lives of forty-three families in Guyana, and that was how it all started. Mr. Roetheli has funded several similar villages in Guyana. Also present for the ceremony was Florida-based Vice President of Food for the Poor Incorporated, Nathalie Carlisle; Chairman, Food for the Poor, Mr. Paul Chan-ASue; and Chief Executive Officer, Food for the Poor, Guyana, Mr. Kent Vincent. Food for the Poor has constructed over 3,300 housing units free of cost to underprivileged families across Guyana. The houses are twobedroom structures measuring twenty by sixteen feet. Of the 3,300 units constructed, more than 500 homes were constructed as part of twelve

villages. Most of the villages are equipped with sanitation blocks, shower enclosures, community centers, schools and water projects, and such villages can be found in Regions One, Two, Three, and Five. Most of the home owners have already taken up residence in New Hope community, a project that was completed in thirty-days. Works were scheduled to begin yesterday to lay pipelines within the village for potable water, while the authorities are hoping that Minister of Communities Mr. Ronald Bulkhan, makes good his promise to get electricity to the village within the time given. The house lots were acquired at a reduced cost from the Hopetown Multipurpose Coop Society, and Food for the Poor have paid half the amount together with meeting the cost of each housing unit. The home owners, upon completing the payment for the house lots would be issued transport for their individual property. Each family had to satisfy laid down criteria in order to be deemed eligible for a housing unit, and so even though recommended by local personnel, officers from the Georgetown office of Food for the Poor had to be satisfied before families were selected. Food for the Poor is a charitable organization based in the United States of America, and the organization has been funding projects for the less fortunate in different countries around the world, through various donors, one of whom is Mr. Joseph Roetheli.


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PAC wants “weighted sanctions” to be employed on errant Accounting Officers By Kiana Wilburg Disturbing financial transgressions by budget agencies which are documented year after year by Auditor General Deodat Sharma, in his reports, points to the need for serious action to be taken so as to protect taxpayers’ dollars and significantly reduce wastage. This has been emphasised by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) - the standing committee that exercises supervisory oversight of the functioning of the Audit Office. The Committee exercises powers in keeping with the Evidence Act, Chapter 1:08, which allows for the summoning of witnesses to give evidence and/or provide documents to it. It also has penalties for non-compliance without proper reason. According to the Committee, its engagements for the last fifty meetings in the National Assembly were occasioned in a large way, to addressing issues raised in the Auditor General’s 2010 and 2011 reports on the public accounts of Guyana. The PAC said that the evidence emanating from these encounters suggests that

they were not unique to those years. The Committee said that this in itself, points to the need for a revisit of the training and/or selection methods employed by the Government. “Correspondingly, the need has arisen for weighted sanctions to be employed on errant Accounting Officers as a means of reducing leakage. The fact that no Accounting Officer is on record of being sanctioned for inefficiency, fraud or dereliction of duty, has allowed a certain culture to grow,” the PAC stated.

called into question by the public. The Committee said that it was heartened by the evidence of improvement in a number of agencies. However, it noted that there continues to be systemic challenges faced by some agencies, especially the Regions, for which training and/or the recycling of staff did not address. Additionally, the Committee said that over the years, there have been a number of challenges regarding Budget Agencies.

“The fact that no Accounting Officer is on record of being sanctioned for inefficiency, fraud or dereliction of duty, has allowed a certain culture to grow.” The Committee further asserted that this is evident in the types of frivolous responses some Accounting Officers provided when queries were made about serious financial irregularities at their agencies. Hence, the Committee said that its oversight role as guardian of public expenditure is in a way pacified or

The Committee observed that across budget agencies, Accounting Officers and/or engineering staff appear to persistently sign off on incomplete projects. It said that Accounting Officers were found in many instances, not implementing appropriate measures to avoid the recurrence of overpayment. Compounding the situation is the fact that Government Agencies seemed reluctant to use the performancebased gratuity (specifically the withholding of increments) of Accounting Officers as a means of promoting efficiency. Additionally, the Committee said that the recycling of Accounting Officers who had been cited for inefficiency from one agency to another remains an irritant. The PAC

said that it has also observed that in numerous cases, Performance Bonds and Insurance were seldom utilized as surety by Ministries/Regions against shoddy and incomplete work done by contractors. In this regard as well, it found that there is a lack of clearly defined policies as it relates to invoking the Insurance and Performance bonds at the appropriate time. The PAC noted, too, that Log Books not being properly maintained continues to be a perennial problem across Ministries/Departments/Regions. Furthermore, the PAC has found that the Auditor General’s Engineering Department appears overstretched, given the number of expected interventions and the increase in capital works across agencies. The PAC said that another frustrating challenge is the fact that Accounting Officers when challenged regarding the comments in the Auditor General’s reports for signing off on incomplete projects, are in the habit of behaving as though the contractors are automatically and legally liable for rectifying the defects. The Committee said that a significant number of issues appearing before it are as a result of failure to put in place appropriate or timely policies and/or remedies. One such example it cited, was the unclear arrangements for the writing off of losses, which keeps recurring as queries annually. The PAC also expressed its dissatisfaction with the fact that budget agencies are taking on the average, one year (minimal), to rectify queries highlighted in the Auditor General’s Report. It stressed that in no uncertain terms, changes have to be made in this regard.

Thursday December 01, 2016

Man tells court smoking weed is hobby, remanded for trafficking Lois Byass of 356 East Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, Georgetown, who police say was caught in his home with a quantity of marijuana on a table, was yesterday remanded to prison on a charge of trafficking in narcotics. The court heard that after he was cautioned, Byass told the cops, “Officer I does smoke weed. That is my hobby. I ain’t getting work, so I buy the weed to sell. It (the weed) is me own”. The 40-year-old father of one appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts, where he pleaded not guilty to the charge. It is alleged that on November 26, at the aforementioned address, Byass had 105 grammes of cannabis sativa (marijuana) in his possession for the purpose of trafficking. During an application for bail, Attorney Clyde Forde told the court that his client was returning home on the day in question, when police ranks approached him and requested to conduct a search of his home. The lawyer explained that his client resides in the upper flat of a twostorey building. According to Forde, police found the drug at the bottom flat of the building which is abandoned. He requested for Byass to be admitted to reasonable bail, based on the fact that he had no knowledge, control or custody of the prohibited substance, and that multiple persons have access to the abandoned place. However, Police Prosecutor Shawn Gonsalves argued that police ranks visited the defendant’s home and observed him cutting something and placing it in a Ziploc bag. Gonsalves said that the defendant told police he resided at the premises, which resulted in them conducting a search, during which the marijuana was found on a table. The prosecutor objected to bail for the defendant citing the seriousness and prevalence of the offence. Gonsalves highlighted that the reasons raised by counsel were not sufficient to be considered as special, which is outlined in the Narcotics Act for bail to be considered for the offence. Byass will make another court appearance on December 13, before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan.

No bail for attempted murder accused A visibly injured Royston Jones appeared yesterday before Magistrate Judy Latchman and was remanded to prison until December 13, on an attempted murder charge. Jones, 57, a farmer, of Port Kaituma, was not required to plead to the indictable charge which alleged that on November 28, at Main Road, Port Kaituma, he caused

REMANDED: Royston Jones grievous bodily harm to Andel Edwards, with intent to commit murder. Police Prosecutor Shawn Gonsalves opposed bail for the accused on the grounds that the virtual complainant is still hospitalized in a critical condition. Prosecutor Gonsalves also pointed out the gravity of the charge and penalty the offence attracts. He said there is a likelihood Jones might not return to court if granted bail. Magistrate Latchman upheld the objections.

Thursday December 01, 2016


Kaieteur News

The public service is too bloated The imposition of VAT on water and electricity is a revenue-generating measure. It is an inefficient way of promoting conservation. The best way to promote conservation of water is to have a sliding-scale tariff. The higher the usage of water, the higher should be the tariff. This is how conservation is pursued. The government is attempting to disguise a crass and controversial revenue measure as a conservation tax. It is trying to raise more taxes to compensate for that which it has foregone through reduction in the corporate and income tax rates. Two better approaches could have been pursued. The first should have been to reduce government expenditure and go after tax evasion rather than trying to introduce a new tax. The government has always claimed that tax evasion is rampant in Guyana. It means that there are a lot of uncollected taxes out there. Instead

of introducing measures to encourage greater compliance, the government is introducing severe penalties which will only serve to discourage greater compliance. The government did not need to introduce VAT on water and electricity. There is enough evasion out there which if plugged, will more than compensate for the revenues which will be gained from taxing water and electricity. The second approach should have been to reduce government spending. Last year, it was pointed out that there were more contract employees under APNU+AFC than when the PPP/C demitted office. The government would have by now made adjustments to that, by ensuring that former contract workers are now placed on the fixed establishment as public servants. But it is quite possible that there are more government employees today than

there were when the PPP/C demitted office. Yet, the diagnosis of the government is that the public service is still lethargic. This means that the assumed increase in employment has not impacted on efficiency. The government has been saddled with poor levels of project implementation. Large sums budgeted have not been spent. The government is hoping to improve its implementation ratio by having planning units in every Ministry. It was the one, when in opposition, which shut down the State Planning Secretariat on the grounds that it was illegal, and it could not approve funding for an illegal entity. It is now recognizing the wisdom in having planning unit, but it is making a mistake in not centralizing this unit under one ministry. It will discover that there are simply not enough trained and experienced planners to be part of planning units in all Minis-

Dem boys seh...

Jagdeo and Jordan want jailing Old people always seh that when you play wid something that same thing does come back to haunt you. Some other old people got de saying, “Play, play does bring nay, nay.” De English meaning is that too much play does bring crying. When Soulja Bai and dem others get into office dem start one big investigation. Was a whole heap of forensic audit that expose nuff thing. Suddenly people start to believe that some of dem scamps gun see de inside of de jail. Is nearly two years since de audits come out but nobody ain’t moving in de direction of jailing de scamps. De next thing everybody know is that de same people who was trembling because de jail was watching dem suddenly tun round pun Soulja Bai and ee team. De fuss thing that mek dem boys realize that de eye pass start was when Jagdeo tell Soulja Bai that ee words don’t have weight.

That was because Soulja Bai seh one thing and Basil de Willie do something else. Now Jagdeo putting on a first class cussing pun Soulja Bai over de budget. Jagdeo go so far as to seh that this is de wuss budget in de history of Guyana. Dem boys seh that if he and he kavakamites been in jail dem wouldn’t have been talking now. But indeed is not everything good about de budget. Dem have some sections that mek it look like if Jordan, de man wid de river name, is a secret Pee Pee Pee member. Is only a Pee Pee Pee member gun present a budget that gun mek de whole country want to kick Jordan. From de time he talk bout putting VAT pun water and electricity was madness. People ain’t even got time to hear wha more de budget got and Jagdeo rubbing salt in de cut. Dem boys believe that de jail big enough fuh Jagdeo and Jordan.

tries. A great many square pegs will end up manning round holes in these planning units. There are already a number of square pegs in round holes in the government. A running joke within the media is that if you want a job in a certain government department, it pays to have experience in drama. A young lady was recently held in the United States on suspicion of smuggling narcotics into that coun-

try. She was said to be a Deputy Regional Executive Officer. Now why does a small country need a Deputy Regional Executive Officer? There are many positions within the government which should be outlawed. There is no need for such employees. There is no need for some ministries and departments. There are too many junior ministers. There are too many administrative personnel in Ministries. The public service

is bloated. There are too many persons doing the same work across ministries. All of this is costing money which the government has to raise through increased taxes. No wonder the new taxes on water and electricity have been imposed.

Shakeup in Police ‘B’ Division Following a visit to Berbice by National Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan on Saturday, and threats of stern action against the police, there has been a shakeup in the hierarchy of the police in the Ancient County Senior Superintendent Errol Watts, who was on leave, has taken over command of ‘B’ Division (Berbice). Acting Commander Senior Superintendent Kevin Adonis, who has been the Commander of the Police ‘G’ Division for a number of years, has been relegated to Deputy Commander.

Acting Deputy Commander Superintendent Kurleigh Simon has been sent as OC, in charge of Subdivision No.3 (Corentyne), while officer in charge of Subdivision No. 3 Deputy Superintendent Guy Nurse has been transferred to Police Headquarters. This shake-up comes on the heels of the murder of Faiyaz Narinedatt carpenter of No.70 Village Corentyne Berbice. Narinedatt a father of two was murdered between October 31 and November 1, last, at Number 70 Village, Corentyne, Berbice. His body was found on November 1, on

the public road in the area. Several persons have been charged and a wanted bulletin has been issued for overseasbased Guyanese Marcus Brian Bisram.


Thursday December 01, 2016

Kaieteur News

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

The President must show humanity in these situations I have heard several persons close to the administration say that President Granger does not want to intervene in particular situations because in each of those areas, there is a subject minister. I have been repeatedly told that the President does not want to be seen interfering in the work of his ministers and special appointees. In management science, there is justification for that. Management experts say that micromanaging has deleterious effects on the company’s performance. There are certain weaknesses when you lift a concept from one area of knowledge and apply it to another. Definite modifications have to be made. I think micromanaging has its set-

backs, but when you are dealing with an entire country in which the well-being of a nation is at stake, then, some business concepts may not apply. A Prime Minister or a President must at times intervene in sensitive or overbearing or unacceptable situations in his/her country for several reasons. First, he/she has to demonstrate to the nation that in all matters where the life of the country is concerned, he /she was elected to oversee the nation’s affairs and that is an obligation that must be carried out; the nation wants that obligation to be carried out. Secondly, the Head of the Government must at all times appear to the citizenry to be a caring person, who listens and acts. Thirdly, The Head

of Government must bear in November and December mind, at all times that subor- salaries. The teacher’s expladinates may not be as sensi- nation was that the Region tive and as unadvised staff derstanding as that it must is expected. correct any That is where deficiency the the ruler of the employee has country comes with the NIS. in. She wrote that I will cite a she was not number of cruel aware of that episodes for advice. Her which Presisalary for Nodent Granger vember was must show a not offered to no-nonsense her because of and underthat fault. standing attiShe was Frederick Kissoon tude. There is also told that a letter in this the system is newspaper in its Monday so structured that December edition in which a teacher is salaries are already made out appealing to the Region Four and she missed that deadline authorities to let her have her and will have to wait until

January. So for the Christmas season, this mother will have no money. How can any country be so cruel? What kind of humans do we have in this country? But there is another point. Is it legal to withhold the salary of an employee if their NIS transfers are not correct? I may be wrong, but it doesn’t seem so. I am asking President Granger to intervene and let this woman have her salaries. Once he says pay the lady, they will quickly adjust the system to write the cheque. If Mr. Granger chooses not to assist, then I would ask this teacher to contact me so we can seek an order from the court, and so she can have a happy holiday season. I will ask her to make contact with me. I live at 47 Area Q, Turkeyen, right next to the Caricom Secretariat. My phones are 222-1615, 2221616, 614-5927. My email is fredkissoon I normally return missed calls on my cell phone. Next is the mistreatment of our aging folks who went to collect their pensions in Suddie. What kind of sadistic humans do we have in Guyana? A letter in this newspaper described the terrible

conditions our old folks go through to collect their pension. Why would a government with so many aging leaders not be sensitive to how it treats its pensioners? A majority of them had to stand. There was no shelter from the rain or sun. And many of them were physically weak. If pensioners have to go to a particular office each month to collect their pension then this government which just built a billion-dollar structure at D’Urban Park, must provide pleasant conditions for them while they wait to be served. Finally, in Monday’s edition of KN there was a story of four puppies almost put to death by the vet at Correia Airport. I denounced this barbaric attempt in my Wednesday column. I am now asking both President and Prime Minister to name which time when they left Region Four and visited Region Ten, they had to open their bags to show Customs in Region Ten. Where is the Customs Office in Region 10? So why when you leave your home in Mazaruni with a plane to come to Region Four, must you check in with Customs at Ogle?

Thursday December 01, 2016


Kaieteur News

Meat selling in streets Cash-strapped GuySuCo unable to pay must stop – M&CC production bonus to sugar workers this year

According to the Mayor and City Council’s Public Relations Officer (PRO) Debra Lewis, concerns have been raised about the continuous sale of meat on the streets of Georgetown and around the Municipal markets. A statutory meeting was held on Monday last, where several Councillors would have voiced their concerns about this issue. At a previous statutory meeting, a decision was made to stop the sale of meat on the city streets. During an interview yesterday, Lewis cited the health risks and violation of the public health laws as just two of the reasons for prohibiting the open sale of meat. Councillor Malcolm Ferreira said that he observed that meat was still being sold in several parts of the City. Deputy Town Clerk Sharon Harry-Munroe said that the City’s Administration was in the process of implementing the Council’s decision. It was established that this practice is particularly prevalent in the vicinity of Bourda and La Penitence Markets. As the Christmas season is fast approaching and persons would begin to procure their meats, the Council cautioned consumers to be careful as they purchase meat. Lewis said that all meat offered for sale should be inspected by a Meat and Food Inspector and once deemed fit for human consumption, it is affixed with a Municipal stamp. She further stated that some persons do not even allow animals to pass through the Abattoir to be slaughtered and this can result in the animals contacting diseases such as tuberculosis. Also, any meat entering the City should first be inspected and approved by the City’s Meat Food and Hygiene Section before it is of-

Public Relations Officer, M&CC, Debra Lewis fered for sale. Lewis said that the meat being sold on the streets is being exposed to bacteria, flies and dust among others. She emphasised that, “our officers are going to be more vigilant”. The Municipal and District Councils Act Chapter 28:01, City Market bylaws, states that: “it shall not be lawful for any person to bring without permission of the Council, uncooked fresh meat into the Market. Also, no person shall sell or offer for sale in any market fresh meat except at a stall set aside and appropriated for that purpose”. This clearly states the violations of the laws that these persons are involved in. Persons who are involved in this trade are asked to make contact with the office of the Clerk of Markets immediately. Starting from today, December 1, 2016, persons who are involv e d i n t h i s a c t would be issued with a notice to desist from selling meats on the streets, however if they do not comply, City Hall would be forced to seized their products. Persons would be given one week’s notice.

Sugar workers are not likely to receive any production bonus this year, making it the first time in 64 years. The claims of the nonpayment were made yesterday by the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU). The union, the largest sugar union in Guyana, explained that the Annual Production Incentive (API) was previously known as Annual Production Bonus (APB). It came into being in 1952. The industry then was under private ownership. “This incentive to a section of the productive workforce continued after nationalization which took place under the Administration of L.F.S. Burnham who assured the workers on Vesting Day – May 26, 1976 – that their “conditions of employment shall not be less favourable”. This commitment has been honoured until last year,” GAWU said in a statement yesterday. According to the union, this year, from what can be determined, the Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc (GuySuCo) seemingly did not want in the first place to even discuss with the bonus. “The corporation wrote to the union seeking the basis of its claim. GAWU, in response, pointed out that its claim is related to whatever quantity of sugar is produced, as is always, and no other factor. Following the GAWU’s response, the corporation on November 24, 2016 engaged the Union in a session. “GuySuCo’s lead person at the meeting, apparently, was in a hurry to convey to the union’s delegation from the estates and union officials that the company’s financial position precluded any API award.” Furthermore, GuySuCo

Sugar workers are unlikely to receive any production bonus this year, GAWU said yesterday. advised that its position was consistent with its no pay rise position this year (2016). “In fact, last year, the Corporation did not increase workers’ wages and salaries, however, it awarded a mere 2.72 days’ pay as API.” GAWU emphasized that in the previous years, whatever the level of sugar production, API was never denied to the workers. “For instance, in 1990 the production was 129,920 tonnes sugar and in 2013 it was 186,665 tonnes, yet five (5) API days’ pay were awarded on each occasion. We need also to draw attention to the fact that despite the financial circumstances of the corporation, workers were not deprived of pay increases and API awards prior to year 2015.” GAWU argued that it is generally accepted that denial of reasonable pay increases to workers is not only callous but it serves to erode workers’ standard of living. “It is even more obnoxious and counter-productive

when really such a step can be avoided. The authorities are dangling the ‘debt’ question of the industry as their reason to not give the hard-working sugar workers an upward wage/salary adjustment critical to them. But we wonder if the ‘debt’ reason is universally applied. Certainly not. The union said that no wage rise for 2015 and 2016 and no API in 2016 constitute a blatant assault on the 18,000 sugar workers and represent a most crude and cruel treatment of the workers. “No Government since independence in 1966 has ever been so unfair to the sugar workers. Such measures, as myriad experiences have shown, will not augur well for the industry. The turnaround of the industry is not being promoted

but an aggravation of the industry’s problems and, sadly, a degradation of the well-being of its employees, our fellow citizens, lives.” GuySuCo is facing severe financial problems with production to reach a mere 180,000-plus tonnes, as compared to the 127,000 tonnes last year. GuySuCo owes over $80B to suppliers and other creditors and has decided to close Wales sugar estate. It has also announced plans to place some of the lands under rice. The state company has been racking up consistent losses in the last decade with consecutive government forced to dole out billions of dollars in bailout annually. The industry has over 18,000 workers and is the largest state employer.


Kaieteur News

Thursday December 01, 2016

Unlit sections of EBD highway creating a dangerous situation for motorists For months, residents and commuters who use the fourlane East Bank Demerara highway have complained

about the lack of working lights, especially when passing through the communities of Providence, Farm,

Herstelling, Prospect and Covent Garden. Kaieteur News had published an article on this exact

issue on October 29, 2016 more than one month ago, and from all indications there has been no change to the situation which continues to be a cause of concern for motorists particularly. One bus driver who traverses that stretch of road daily said yesterday that not having the lights has created a dangerous situation, whereby visibility while driving is considerably decreased. This he said, increases the chances for the occurrence of accidents on both the eastern and western carriageways. He said that this is particularly an issue since his job causes him to be driving at the dead of night, which raises security concerns. According to him, the situation has existed for far too long and it seems as though nothing is being done to address it by the relevant authorities. Since the problem has persisted, Kaieteur News contacted Senior Electrical Engineer within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure Terrence O’Brien yesterday to get a clearer picture with respect to the reasons for the existing situation and when it is expected that the problem will be rectified. He said that the stretch of road had been contracted to BK International Inc. Further, O’Brien said that the company is in the process of importing

two transformers necessary to complete the circuit. However, until this happens, according to O’Brien, the Ministry will be moving ahead to temporarily install two 25 kilo volt ampere transformers. He said that the two units have been acquired and tested at the Guyana Power and Light’s Sophia location. When Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson was contacted yesterday he said that the transformers have been tested and will be installed by GPL in a couple of days. According to O’Brien, the installation of the transformers is being scheduled to happen in time for the arrival of Prince Harry this evening. He said that prior to this installation, GPL would on certain occasions interfere with the circuit and supply power to it but only temporarily, which would explain why on some occasions the lights are on and at another time, off. O’Brien said that the Minister has spoken with the top officials at GPL to have the Transmission and Distribution (T&D) department uplift the transformers and install them. He said that the Minister has already spoken to Chief Executive Officer of GPL Renford Homer and Deputy CEO Elwyn Marshall to ensure all goes according to plan. According to O’Brien, this gesture is being extended

until BK International can import the transformers they have to install, according to the contract for the roadway. BK was paid US$3.5M to complete works along the roadway with a length of 1.20km between Prospect and Great Diamond. This was completed in June 2015. According to sources familiar with the project, initially the company had installed transformers but this was done without lightning arresters. As a result of this, the transformers were damaged during a lightning storm. Kaieteur News tried to speak with Chief Engineer at BK Leon Goring yesterday, but he said that he was engaged in a meeting at the time. When this publication had contacted Goring last month, he said that the company was in the process of replacing a pair of light poles which were damaged as a result of separate vehicular accidents. In addition to the new poles, Goring had said that the company was also procuring the requisite arms to be attached to the poles so that the new lights can be installed. On that same day, when this newspaper spoke to Terrence O’Brien, he informed that the lights on the road were not commissioned as yet and as such the Ministry could still move to use the warranty to have any defect remedied.

$13B allocation will greatly improve hinterland residents’ lives The Ministers of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs say the $13B allocated for the hinterland communities in the 2017 National Budget, will significantly improve the livelihoods of the residents. Speaking with the Government Information Agency (GINA), Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Sydney Allicock said that many hinterland youths will benefit with the introduction of advanced technology and the many more opportunities to be presented. Minister Allicock explained that the $250B, National Budget for 2017 has provided the opportunity for hinterland communities to have access to proper institutions that will be able to offer the training to youths and adults that is desperately needed. “This will lead to the establishment of industries within the hinterland, which will in turn bring the country together, since we have been divided too long,” Minister Allicock explained. The Minister added that

- Indigenous Affairs Ministers the $100M for the construction of 115 subsidised housing units and 45 roof and water catchment system subsidies in Regions One and Nine are also welcomed. He said that the allocation provides an opportunity for the hinterland communities to have better houses and security, especially since the population is growing rapidly. “We are a people who live dispersed, and because of the population growth, you have to take a better approach on how you do housing in the communities because you must ensure there is space for agriculture and other developments, especially since there are talks about going inland, so I look forward to this being a big support to our people,” Minister Allicock underlined. Additionally, the Minister pointed out that the allocation will also create job opportunities especially for those persons who make the

burnt blocks using shingles, tiles or leaves. “It will be a better organised way of developing the communities,” he stated. Meanwhile, Minister within the Ministry, Valerie Garrido-Lowe told GINA that while she’s very pleased that the Hinterland Employment and Youth Service (HEYS) got $991M to continue the other half of the programme, she is more thankful that works will commence on the Mahdia hospital. This health facility has been in a deteriorating state for years. “I’m very happy that the Mahdia hospital is being upgraded because no one had much faith in the hospital, even myself. I am also happy to hear that a specialist will be going there to provide services for the hinterland communities, they really need it,” Minister Garrido- Lowe said. The Minister indicated that the $991M allocated for Continued on page 23

Thursday December 01, 2016

Kaieteur News

Food runs out in Mosul

Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF) during a battle with Islamic State militants in Mosul, Iraq The United Nations issued a fresh warning on Wednesday about the humanitarian situation in eastern Mosul where the U.S.backed Iraqi army is locked in heavy fighting with Islamic State militants. More than six weeks into the offensive against Islamic State’s last major city stronghold in Iraq, the army is trying to dislodge militants dug in among civilians in the eastern districts, the only side Iraqi troops have been able to breach. “The situation in eastern Mosul city close to the front lines remains fraught with danger for civilians. Mortar

and gunfire continue to claim lives,” the U.N. humanitarian coordinator’s office said. “The limited supplies of food and water are running out, amid concerning reports of food insecurity emerging from the city.” Water was cut to 650,000 people - or 40 percent of total residents in the city - when a pipeline was hit during fighting, a local official said on Tuesday. With winter setting in, aid workers say a full siege is developing around the city and poor families are struggling to feed themselves as prices rise sharply. The longer the conflict

drags on, the more civilians will suffer as they are also exposed to violence from the militants bent on crushing any opposition to their rule. Deputy U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Kate Gilmore said on Wednesday there were reports that Islamic State - which has killed residents it suspects of collaborating with the army - shot dead 27 civilians in public in Mosul’s Muhandiseen Park last week. Three weeks ago at least 20 people were killed and their bodies displayed, as if crucified, at road junctions in the city for passing information to “the enemy”.

Syrian rebels vow to resist army advances in Aleppo

A Syrian tank in Aleppo Syrian rebels on Wednesday vowed to fight on in east Aleppo in the face of sudden government advances that have cut the area held by the opposition by a third in recent days and brought insurgents in the city to the brink of a catastrophic defeat. Gains by the Syrian army and its allies since last week have brought whole districts back under government control and led to a human exodus as thousands have fled their pulverized neighborhoods near the rapidly shifting front lines. With the rebels now reduced to an area just kilome-

ters across, the leaders of Russia and Turkey, two of the most powerful supporters of the opposing sides in the war spoke by phone on the need for a ceasefire, according to sources in Ankara. The army and its allies said they had taken the Sheikh Saeed district in the south of the city on Wednesday. Rebels denied this, saying the government’s advance had been repelled. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based monitoring group, said the insurgents retained a third of Sheikh Saeed. The Observatory reported that the government was detaining and questioning hundreds

of those fleeing rebel-held areas for the comparative safety of state-controlled districts. A Syrian military source denied this, saying there had been no arrests, but adding that displaced people whose identities were not known were being moved into “specific places” in the areas of Aleppo where fleeing civilians were found. In their attack on Wednesday, government forces stepped up the use of air strikes, including in Aleppo’s Old City, according to a rebel official. Rescue workers in eastern Aleppo said 45 people were killed in an artillery bombardment.




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Thursday December 01, 2016

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Thursday December 01, 2016


Kaieteur News

Joshua Abdool admitted to the bar Joshua Abdool was admitted to the bar yesterday morning on a petition presented by Senior Counsel Edward Luckhoo before Justice Diana Insanally. Abdool, the son of Peter Abdool, a prominent insurance broker, was the best graduating Civil Procedure 2016 student out of Hugh Wooding Law School this year. Last week he received the Cameron and Shepherd award for his performance. The award was made by Senior Counsel Ralph Ramkarran, Senior Partner of the firm.

From left: Mrs. Abdool, Justice Diana Insanally, Joshua Abdool, Peter Abdool and Senior Counsel Edward Luckhoo.

Mayoral elections to be completed by Dec. 16 Several towns across the country are gearing up to elect their new mayors and deputy mayors or re-elect the current ones. Eight of the nine municipalities have already submitted their dates for internal elections with the Corriverton Mayor and Town Council leading the way. According to the Ministry of Communities, the elections at Corriverton, East Berbice, were held on November 24 and resulted in a tie between current Mayor Ganesh Gangadin and Deputy Mayor, Krishnand Jaichand. That tie is expected to be challenged at new elections

scheduled for tomorrow. Internal elections at the Municipality of Anna Regina were held on Tuesday with Mayor, Rabindranauth Mohan and Deputy Mayor Darshan Persaud being reelected to their substantive positions. Mohan reported that the elections came off as planned without any major hiccups. The Lethem Municipality is scheduled to hold its elections today, followed by Rose Hall on December 7 and Linden on December 8. According to Lethem’s Town Clerk, Keisha Vincent, all plans are in train and moving apace for today’s

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the Mayor and City Council, Debra Lewis, says that the entity has commenced a campaign in Lacytown, Georgetown, where it was established that the businesses in the area are using ‘junkies’ to dispose of their garbage. Whilst investigating the matter, Lewis said that the Council discovered that only about five persons were legitimately disposing of their waste. The others stated that the garbage trucks do not pass at the time that is in accordance with their schedules, so they would resort to paying persons a small fee to dispose of their

waste. However, these ‘social rejects’ would empty the garbage bags possibly looking for discarded food or anything that would be of use to them, thereby scattering the waste, and then dumping the garbage wherever they feel necessary. The PRO said that, over fiftyfive persons were issued with a 14-day notice to desist from this act. However, if they do not comply with the notice they will be taken to the court to be dealt with accordingly. Lewis said they are appealing to the businessmen to dispose of their waste in the correct way, “so that we would not have so much waste around the place”.

Lacytown businesses cautioned on methods of waste disposal

$13B allocation will... From page 12 the HEYS programme in 2017 will be used for training of approximately 2000 youths and stipends for facilitators. She highlighted that in May 2017, the second phase of the HEYS programme will commence across the remaining 106 hinterland communities. Youths from a similar number of communities are currently benefitting from the programme. Minister Garrido-Lowe is appreciative that other infrastructural works will be undertaken to improve roads, bridges and airstrips.

elections.The municipalities of New Amsterdam and Mabaruma have scheduled elections on December 14 with Bartica Mayor and Town Council announcing its elections for December 15. All elections are expected to be completed by December 16, 2016 as stipulated by law, the ministry assured yesterday.

“The annual internal elections are for the purposes of electing the mayor and deputy mayor of the various municipalities, and is in keeping with Chapter 28:01 of the Municipal and District Council Act.” So far, eight of the nine municipalities have also submitted their approved bud-

gets to the Ministry of Communities. “Work programmes which are applicable for the year 2017 were expected to be submitted to the ministry by November 15 for purposes of notification. The work programmes are also to be prominently displayed by the councils for members of the public to peruse.”


Kaieteur News

Thursday December 01, 2016

Jamaicans to enjoy more free hot spots across the island KINGSTON, Jamaica, CMC – The Jamaica government will continue to roll out free secured Wi-Fi hotspots in popular public places across the island, Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Dr Andrew Wheatley, has said. The initiative is being made possible through the Universal Service Fund (USF), an agency of the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology, which will carry out the installation in the select locations. Addressing the fourth staging of the National Cyber Security Conference which ends here on Wednesday, Wheatley said the service will

also be rolled out in Half-WayTree and Emancipation Park in Kingston; Spanish Town, St Catherine, Montego Bay, St James, and Ocho Rios, St Ann, as well as rural centres across the island. “As a government, we recognise that we have to embrace technology and as we improve the way citizens do business on the Internet, the Government has committed to removing the barriers to facilitate use of these fantastic services, especially as it relates to citizen-togovernment interactions,” he said. Wheatley told delegates to the conference, hosted by the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC),

University of the West Indies,(UWI) that other measures include zero-rated access to government websites and content, the “Tablets in Schools” initiative, as well as the Smart City initiative, which will be piloted in the New Kingston area. He said the Smart City initiative will be rolled out in the latter part of 2017, with persons who live and work in the area finding themselves plugged into technology grids for the seamless delivery of services. Wheatley is urging Jamaicans, particularly children, to be vigilant with cyber security issues, such as hacking, identity theft, and cyber bullying, among others.

TRINIDAD-CRIME-Police said child did not die from eating French fries PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, CMC – Police are now conducting a murder investigation after a post mortem found that a fouryear-old girl, whose death was originally linked to her eating a meal of French fries, had sustained multiple blows to her head and stomach. Police said that the Jenice Figaro was “badly beaten”

Last week, the police said that the child’s stepmother said she gave the child and her two other children, a meal of chips, ketchup and garlic sauce. Her father, Robert “Jericho” Figaro, 36, who said he also ate some of the fries, told reporters then that “everyone ate from those fries and no one else was affected”.

But the autopsy done on the pupil of the Whiteland Early Childhood Learning Centre, in Gasparillo, south of here, showed that she died as a result of blunt force trauma to the body. “The autopsy states that she sustained multiple blows to head and stomach area. She was badly beaten,” the police added.

UN Secretary General calls for greater effort to eradicate HIV/AIDS BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, CMC – Outgoing United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Wednesday urged the world to do more to eradicate the HIV/AIDS virus, even as he acknowledged that 35 years since its emergence, the international community can look back with some pride. But Ban is due to leave office this year. He said, “We must also look ahead with resolve and commitment to reach our goal of ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030”.

He said in a message to mark World AIDS Day, tomorrow, that there has been real progress in tackling the disease. “More people than ever are on treatment. Since 2010, the number of children infected through mother-tochild transmission has dropped by half. Fewer people die of AIDS-related causes each year. And people living with HIV are living longer lives.” Ban said that the number of people with access to lifesaving medicines has

doubled over the past five years, now topping 18 million. Meanwhile, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is urging governments and society in the Caribbean to intensify nine measures to end the epidemic by 2030. PAHO said, “Take the Challenge; End AIDS” is its campaign slogan for World AIDS Day and that the use of condoms and lubricants, HIV testing in areas frequented by the most at-risk populations, and expanding access to pre-exposure (PrEP) are some of the measures that, if reinforced, could help end AIDS as a public health problem within 15 years. PAHO said nearly two million people are living with HIV in Latin America and the Caribbean. Each year, 100,000 people acquire the virus and 50,000 die from AIDS-related causes, PAHO said. It said that between 2000 and 2015, new HIV infections were reduced by 25 per cent and deaths by 23 per cent. However, in the last five years, there has been a slight increase in cases (0.7 percent), particularly among men, PAHO said.

Thursday December 01, 2016

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Antigua gives US new deadline to end gaming dispute ST. JOHN’S, Antigua, CMC – The Antigua and Barbuda government has given the United States until the end of the year to settle the long running dispute over internet gaming amid claims in excess of US$200 million. The Gaston Browne administration, which earlier this year dismissed a proposals by the United States to end the dispute, has given Washington until the end of next month to agree to a settlement or face sanctions. A statement posted on the World Trade Organization (WTO) website noted that St. John’s has warned that “if a settlement was not reached before the end of 2016, Antigua would have to resort to the suspension of copyright on the sale of US intellectual property…” Antigua and Barbuda’s Ambassador to the United States, Sir Ronald Sanders, in an interview with Observer Media, said “if they put something on the table that is rea-

sonable [then] that would remove the end-of-year deadline, because then we would have something we could actually look at favourably. So far that has not happened.” “We will only implement that award if absolutely nothing comes forward from the United States, that is something that we can live with,” he told the Observer Media, adding “we would hardly have made the statement [to the WTO Dispute Settlement Body] if we weren’t solid on it. In 2005, the WTO ruled that Washington had violated international trade agreements by prohibiting operation of offshore Internet gambling sites. Antigua claimed that it lost US$3.4 billion a year due to the US action, but the WTO awarded the island US$21 million. But in its final ruling, the Geneva-based WTO allowed Antigua and Barbuda to suspend certain concessions and obligations it has under international law

to the United States in respect of intellectual property rights. In September 2014, the Browne administration said that it was seeking US$100 million to settle the dispute, admitting that while the figure represents a reduction on what St John’s had originally been demanding, it is negotiable and could be a mixture of cash and kind. In July, this year, Prime Minister Browne in a radio and television broadcast said then that his administration had dismissed a proposal by the United States to end their long-running dispute over internet gaming. Antigua and Barbuda has criticised the United States since 1998 of breaching its commitments to members of the WTO under the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) by enacting laws that prevented foreignbased operators from offering gambling and betting services to its citizens.

Guyanese among top awardees as Barbados celebrates 50th independence anniversary BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, CMC – Five nationals are being honoured with National Awards. The Companion of Honour has been awarded to the former publisher of the Barbados Advocate newspaper, Anthony Theophilus Bryan, and Guyana-born Dr. Henrick O.C. ‘Dudley’ Ellis, who has been a leading light in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Prominent businessman Sir Ronald Geoffrey Cave, and attorney Sir John Andrew Connell have received the top honour of Knight of St. Andrew, while the newest Dame of St Andrew is Selma Udine Jackman for extraordinary and outstanding achievement and merit in service to Barbados or to humanity at large. Barbados is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its political independence from Britain despite the inclement weather that has forced the postponement or cancellation of some of the activities to mark the occasion. Britain’s Prince Harry, who arrived here on Tuesday, is the highest profile guest for the celebrations that includes the “Reveal of the 50th Anniversary of Independence National Monument “at the famous Garrison Savannah later on Wednesday night. The ceremony will be followed by the Golden Anniversary Spectacular Mega Concert at the Kensington Oval, But the 50th Anniversary Independence Day Parade, scheduled for the Garrison

Dr. Henrick Ellis (R) recieves his award. Savannah has been postponed and the authorities have said that the “Toast of the Nation” will take place at 4.00 pm (local time). The heavy rains have blamed on an upper level trough that has also affected the Lesser Antilles. In his Independence Day message, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart said that the island had made significant socioeconomic and political strides during the past 50 years and that the pursuit and achievement of nationhood was never intended to be an end in itself. “It was not just a search for psychic satisfaction. We pursued nationhood in order that we might take our destiny into our own hands and mould that destiny in such a way as would develop to the fullest extent possible the hidden potential of our people. “Today as we look back over the past 50 years, we have every reason to feel satisfied with and proud about what we have

been able to achieve despite sometimes daunting odds. We have so diversified our economy that sugar, while still a feature, now plays a role subordinate to tourism and international business and financial services. “Our manufacturing sector continues to show commendable stamina, while two new sectors, the Cultural Industries and the Renewable Energy sectors, are on the rise. Our housing stock has improved vastly, not only in respect of the conversion from wood to stone, but also because most homes are now equipped with electricity and waterborne facilities,” Stuart said. But he said that while health and healthcare have improved, the system is now being forced to deal with, and has been responding to, the unacceptably high incidence of a number of life-style diseases, otherwise known as chronic non-communicable diseases.



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Thursday December 01, 2016

Thursday December 01, 2016

OPEC in first joint oil cut with Russia since 2001, Saudis take “big hit” OPEC agreed on Wednesday its first oil output cuts since 2008 after Saudi Arabia accepted “a big hit” on its production and dropped its demand on arch-rival Iran to slash output. Non-OPEC Russia will also join output reductions for the first time in 15 years to help the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries prop up oil prices. Brent crude jumped over nine percent to more than $50 a barrel as Riyadh reached a compromise with Iran and after fast-growing producer Iraq also agreed to curtail its booming output. “OPEC has proved to the sceptics that it is not dead. The move will speed up market rebalancing and erosion of the global oil glut,” said OPEC watcher Amrita Sen from consultancy Energy Aspects. Iran and Russia are effectively fighting two proxy wars against Saudi Arabia, in Yemen and Syria, and many sceptics had said the countries would struggle to find a compromise amid frosty political relations. Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said ahead of the meeting that the kingdom was prepared to accept “a big hit” on production to get a deal done. “I think it is a good day for the oil markets, it is a good day for the industry and ... it should be a good day for the global economy. I think it will be a boost to global economic growth,” he told reporters after the decision. OPEC produces a third of global oil, or around 33.6 million barrels per day, and under the Wednesday deal it would reduce output by around 1.2 million bpd from January 2017. Saudi Arabia will take the lion’s share of cuts by reducing output by almost 0.5 mil-

lion bpd to 10.06 million bpd. Its Gulf OPEC allies - the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar - would cut by a total 0.3 million bpd.

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Thursday December 01, 2016

Syria war: UN holds emergency meeting on Aleppo’s ‘descent into hell’ CNN) The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting Wednesday on the dire humanitarian situation in the Syrian city of Aleppo, which a UN official described as a “descent into hell.” “For the sake of humanity, we call on, we plead with the parties and those with influence to do everything in their power to protect civilians and enable access to the besieged part of eastern Aleppo before it becomes one giant graveyard,” UN humanitarian chief Stephen O’Brien told council members during the meeting. French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault called for the meeting a day earlier. He told Reuters that Syria’s brutal civil war, which has raged for almost six years, would not be resolved with one of the “biggest massacres on a civilian population since World War Two.” This (Security Council) meeting would have to find a way to deal with the humanitarian situation and see how we can get aid in. We have to find a way,” Ayrault said. Syrian regime forces entered eastern Aleppo by ground Saturday in an opera-

Syrians flee from eastern Aleppo on Tuesday, lining up to get onto government buses.

tion to wrest control of the area from rebels, who have ruled there for more than four years. Civilians are fleeing by the

thousands — many to government-controlled western Aleppo — as the regime pounds the east with

airstrikes and rebels fire back from their strongholds. Around 20,000 people have fled from eastern neigh-

borhoods in recent days, O’Brien told CNN on Tuesday night, but around 200,000 remain. The area has be-

come a wasteland as a government siege has left it short of food, clean water, fuel and medical supplies.

Thursday December 01, 2016


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IAAF plans transparency amid new corruption claims Just as the IAAF is about to endorse wide-ranging changes to its governance aimed at making the organization more ethical, transparent and accountable, world athletics’ governing body is being assailed by more claims of corruption. International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Council officials will receive today an update from the Task Force looking at progress being made on antidoping in Russia and whether there is any indication that the country could return to the athletics fold a year after being banned. There will be a more upbeat feel about tomorrow’s proceedings as the athletes of the year are named in a gala event that was canceled last year amid the chaotic fallout of a series of corruption alle-

gations and revelations at the heart of the IAAF’s former leadership. On Saturday, the ruling body’s president Sebastian Coe will present to the IAAF Congress his much-trumpeted “Time for Change” document, already approved by the Council, which will introduce a raft of measures to alter the way his organization is run and policed. In his foreword to the document, Coe wrote: “It is a framework that will help the next generation to protect, promote and provide for athletes and athletics in a responsible, responsive, accessible and transparent way. It is time to leap not to tip-toe.” While Coe’s focus is determinedly on the future, the stories still swirling around the IAAF’s past refuse to go away. French newspaper Le

Monde and German broadcaster ARD said last week they have seen evidence of demands for payments of hundreds of thousands of dollars by Russian athletes to IAAF officials in exchange for covering up failed drug tests. The documents were said to be from the ongoing investigation by French prosecutors into former IAAF president Lamine Diack, his son Papa Massata Diack and others over alleged corruption and money-laundering. Reuters has not seen, nor is able to verify, the existence of those documents. France’s national financial prosecutor’s office declined to comment on Le Monde’s report, in order to protect the investigation, it said. The IAAF said it was committed to rooting out any instances of wrongdoing in the past.

Thursday December 01, 2016 ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) You can handle situations that require contact with institutions or large corporations. Help elders get their personal papers in order. TAURUS (Apr. 21- may 21) Use your charm to get your own way. Family responsibilities are escalating. You can make new friends if you get involved in group activities. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Hold on; your time will come. You may find that your boss is not delighted with your work lately. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Your boss may be on the rampage and you certainly don't want to be the one to take the brunt of a bad situation. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Focus on using your creative abilities in other ways. Get domestic chores out of the way early. Travel will be exciting. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Don't be too quick to judge those you live with. Large organizations may try to talk you out of your hardearned cash. Use your quick wit to win points and friends.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Do not blow situations out of proportion. Stand up and propose your ideas, and you'll be surprised how many people will follow you. Try not to overspend on luxury items. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Your partner may blame you for everything. Be inquisitive about unfamiliar circumstances. You may have a problem at work with a female coworker. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Try to include friends and relatives in your activities. Exhaustion will lead to minor injury if you don't know when to quit. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Your energy will be high; however, if not channeled suitably, temper tantrums may erupt. Love and romance are evident. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Good friends will give you honest answers. Changes in your home will be positive. Property investments should payoff. Financial limitations may add to your depression. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Changes regarding your career direction will payoff handsomely. Use your creative abilities to come up with new ideas and directions.

”We cannot comment on the specifics of the (Le Monde) article whilst the criminal investigation is underway,” the governing body said in a statement. “It is clear we all need to get to the bottom of what has happened which is what the French criminal investigation is doing and we continue to assist them as required. ”We are taking bold steps to safeguard the sport in the future with the reforms we are introducing including setting up the Integrity Unit and Disciplinary Tribunal.” The latest accusations came after three senior IAAF officials were suspended in June over payoff allegations. Last year’s independent World Anti-Doping Agency

Sebastian Coe

(WADA) investigation, which exposed state-sponsored Russian doping, also said “corruption was embedded” at the IAAF under Diack

who, it said, ran a clique that covered up organized doping and blackmailed athletes while senior officials looked the other way. (Reuters)

Jawahir leads Blairmont to massive victory in2-day 1st Div match From page 34 for 9 declared with Inshan 50, Baksh 31 and Glasgow 26 being the principle scorers. Bowling for Bush Lot, B. Jaikarran took 4 for 35 and C. Harry 3 for 66. In their second turn at the crease the visitors again failed to put up a fight having being bowled out for 145. Mathabeek made 69; Jawahir bagged five wickets to end with figures of 10 for 62. Baksh took 3 for 35. Meanwhile, in the only game played in the Tenelec Inc. 50-over first division tournament, Blairmont CC whipped Bush Lot (Saywack) by 53 runs. Blairmont batted first and made just 119. Seon Glasgow scored 42; C McKenzie took 2 for 22. In reply, Bush Lot were bundled out for 66. All rounder Jawahir continued his fine form by taking 4 for 7. Left arm spinner Waqar Hassan had 3 for 16 and Derrick McAlmon 3 -22. The Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) says it is finding it difficult to seek sponsorship for this very important competition and as such, this initiative. They are pleading with the business community and individuals in and out of Guyana to assist in ensuring the competition is run smoothly by making a contribution. Contact can made with the board on telephone numbers 623 6875 or 333 2375. Emails can be sent to or The two-day tournament

continues t h i s w e e k e n d with Bush Lot (Hemraj) facing Bush Lot (Saywack) at Bush Lot, Young Warriors playing Police at

Cumberland, Albion hosting Port Mourant and Rose Hall Town Gizmos and Gadgets battling UCCA at Area ‘H’ ground.


F1 bosses vote Hamilton best driver, Rosberg third Formula One team bosses have voted Lewis Hamilton the sport’s best driver, despite the Briton losing his title to Mercedes team mate Nico Rosberg, in an annual Autosport magazine poll. Germany’s Rosberg, who won his first world championship in a tense Abu Dhabi season-ender last Sunday, was third in the secret vote behind Red Bull’s 19-year-old Dutch sensation Max Verstappen. Red Bull’s Australian Daniel Ricciardo was fourth. Hamilton won 10 out of 21 races this season - the first time a driver has won more

than seven and not ended up as champion -to Rosberg’s nine. The triple world champion also ended up with 12 pole positions but lost out by five points to Rosberg, who enjoyed greater car reliability and was consistently on the podium. Hamilton got more points in the 2016 Autosport poll, which asks bosses to name their top 10 and awards points to each driver according to Formula One’s scoring system, than he did last year when he won the title with three rounds to spare. (Reuters)

Lewis Hamilton

PELE’S Santos Futebol Clube of Brazil returns to the Caribbean ... From page 29 of the CTFL and its partners, the Chairman and CFO of the CTFL, Chris Anderson made the announcement yesterday at a Board Meeting. ”This is a proud moment for all of us in the Caribbean as there will finally be a very high profile professional league in the region and our players and coaches can earn a living participating in the sport they love,” said Chris Anderson. This announcement comes after support (as it relates to the concept and structure) was garnered from several regional Associations’ presidents as well as Heads of State and Ministers of Tourism. The vision of stimulating the regional tourism product and placing focus on Sports and Entertainment Tourism as a main platform to drive their Tourism products would be of benefit to the region. CFTL’s main focus is to establish across CARICOM member states modern sports and entertainment complexes, including sports rehab centers and vacation/ residential estate homes. These will be targeted to multi-million dollar earning athletes and entertainers. CFTL is confident

Thursday December 01, 2016

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that this aspect of the project is of utmost importance for the region. One of the major aims of the CLF is to fast track the development of young regional footballers and to show-case their talents on the international stage. This will lead to an improvement in the performance of Caribbean players whether at club or national level. It is hoped that this will result in more Caribbean member national teams appearing at FIFA World Cup competitions. In depth discussions have been on going with entities outside of the CONCACAF region. These include entities from Europe, the Middle East and Asia with regards to investment and sponsorship in this new CLF Intellectual property initiative. CFTL looks forward to finalizing the commitment of the first set of Marquee players and Head coaches. These announcements will be made within the next few months in time for the CLF 2017 kick off. The CLF shall be operational for a twelve (12) weeks period between June and August of each calendar year. The first official competitive

season shall consist of scheduled games three (3) days per week: Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, (all double headers) to be played in the selected countries in two (2) groups of four (4) clubs per hub. In addition to the regular season and its play-off Champions Cup titles CLF shall organize two (2) CLF All Star teams for annual friendly games at the end of each season to showcase the collective talent of the region. CFTL will host games in markets where international games are not regularly hosted. About the ISLANDS CUP OPEN Tournament 2017: The schedule for the inaugural ISLANDS CUP OPEN Tournament 2017 will be as follows: Match Day Date Venue Game #1 January 27 Windsor Park, Dominica Santos FC vs Combine Islands FC #2 January 29 Arnos Vale Stadium, St. Vincent Santos FC vs Combine Islands FC #3 February 1 Arnos Vale Stadium, St. Vincent Potential bonus game TBA #4 February 4 Andre Kamperveen Stadium, Suriname Santos FC vs Combine Islands FC

Marlon Samuels’ 55* carries Comilla home

Marlon Samuels hit his second fifty of the competition to steer Comilla home © BCB Comilla Victorians dented Rajshahi Kings’ charge towards a last-four finish, beating them by eight wickets with eight balls to spare. Young allrounder Mohammad Saifuddin took three wickets to help restrict Rajshahi to 124 for 7 before Marlon Samuels struck an unbeaten 55 off 41 to complete a convincing chase. The win took Comilla to six points on the table, still well behind Rajshahi, on 10. With two rounds of matches to go, Rajshahi will be engaged in a closely-contested battle with Rangpur Riders, also on 10 points, and Khulna Titans, on 12 points, as the race for semi-final berths

tightens. Comilla opener Imrul Kayes holed out to deep square leg in the fourth over of the chase, giving Rajshahi a sniff. But Ahmed Shehzad and Marlon Samuels held sway thereafter, adding 90 off 69 for the second wicket. Shehzad struck four fours and a six in his 45-ball 46, while Samuels hit two fours and four sixes in what was his second fifty of the competition. Shehzad was dismissed with 19 runs left for victory, but Samuels and Khalid Latif steered the chase home with no further losses. Earlier, Saifuddin removed the dangerous Samit Patel in the ninth

over before dismissing Mehedi Hasan and Rajshahi captain Darren Sammy in the 12th over, reducing them to 59 for 6. Comilla captain Mashrafe Mortaza picked up two wickets while Nabil Samad and Rashid Khan took one each. Only James Franklin, making his first BPL appearance, stood out among the Rajshahi batsmen, making an unbeaten 44 off 31 that included two fours and three sixes. He struck two of those sixes in the last over, bowled by Shahadat Hossain that cost Comilla 24 runs. In the end, even that late charge proved too little for Rajshahi. (ESPNcricinfo)

Official Points Standings after the 3rd Round

St. John’s, Antigua – Following are the Official Points Standings after the third round of matches ended on Tuesday in the 2016-17 Digicel Regional 4-Day Tournament. Abbreviations: Pts-total points, M-matches, W-won, L-lost, T-tied, I-incomplete match, Aabandoned match, DP-Abandoned match due to dangerous pitch, MR-match referee awarding match, Bat-batting points, Bowl-bowling points, PB-pace bowling points

Thursday December 01, 2016


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Soccer plane in Colombia crash was running out of fuel: recording The pilot of a plane that crashed in Colombia virtually wiping out a Brazilian soccer team had radioed he was running out of fuel and in an emergency, according to a recording of his final communications. Monday night’s disaster killed 71 people and sent shock waves round the global soccer world. Only six on board the LAMIA Bolivia charter flight survived, including three of the Chapecoense soccer squad en route to the biggest game in their history: the Copa Sudamericana final. ”Miss, LAMIA 933 is in total failure, total electrical failure, without fuel,” the Bolivian pilot Miguel Quiroga is heard telling a control tower operator at Medellin airport on the crackly audio played by Colombian media. ”Fuel emergency, Miss,” he added, requesting urgent permission to land. That matched the account from the co-pilot of an Avianca plane flying close by at the time who said he overheard the LAMIA plane reporting it was out of fuel and had to land. ”Mayday mayday ... Help us get to the runway ... Help, help,” Juan Sebastian Upegui described the LAMIA pilot as saying in an audio message also played by local media. “Then it ended ... We all started to cry.” Alfredo Bocanegra, head of the civil aviation authority, said the recordings could be used as part of the investigation, and Upegui could be called as a witness. The BAe 146, made by BAE Systems Plc, slammed into a mountainside. Besides the three players, a journalist and two crew members survived. One survivor, Bolivian flight technician Erwin Tumiri, said he only saved himself by strict adherence to security procedure, while others panicked. “Many passengers got up from their seats and started yelling,” he told Colombia’s Radio Caracol. ”I put the bag between my legs and went into the fetal position as recommended.” Bolivian flight attendant Ximena Suarez, another survivor, said the lights went out less than a minute before the plane slammed into the mountain, according to Colombian officials in Medellin.

Fans of Chapecoense soccer team gather in the streets to pay tribute to their players in Chapeco, Brazil, Tuesday. REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker

Of the players, goalkeeper Jackson Follmann was recovering from the amputation of his right leg, doctors said. Another player, defender Helio Neto, remained in intensive care with severe trauma to his skull, thorax and lungs. Fellow defender Alan Ruschel had spinal surgery. Suarez and Tumiri were shaken and bruised but not in critical condition, medical staff said, while journalist Rafael Valmorbida was in intensive care for multiple rib fractures that partly collapsed a lung. Investigators from Brazil have joined Colombian counterparts to check two black boxes from the crash site on a muddy hillside in wooded highlands near the town of La Union. Bolivia, where LAMIA is based, and the United Kingdom also sent experts to help the probe. The plane “came over my house, but there was no noise,” said Nancy Munoz, 35, who grows strawberries in the area. “The engine must have gone.” Rescuers have recovered all of the bodies, which are to be sent to Brazil and Bolivia. All of the crew members were Bolivian. Forty-five of the bodies have been identified, Colombian officials said. Since there

was no fire on board, bodies are being identified by fingerprints, Julio Bitelli, Brazil’s ambassador to Colombia, told Reuters. “There’s no need for family members to come,” he said. ”If they want to come, that’s an individual decision that we respect, and we will give all the support needed.” He said returning the bodies to Brazil was complicated by the number of victims, but air force planes were ready to take them from Medellin direct to Chapeco, in remote southern Brazil. Soccer-mad Brazil declared three days of mourning. It was a bitter twist to a fairy-tale story for Chapecoense. Since 2009, the team rose from Brazil’s fourth to top division and was about to play the biggest match in its history in the first leg of the regional cup final in Medellin. Global soccer greats from Lionel Messi to Pele sent condolences. In the small city of Chapecó in remote southern Brazil, black and green ribbons were draped on fences, balconies and restaurant tables. Schools canceled classes, and businesses closed. ”It’s a miracle,” Flavio Ruschel, the father of Alan Ruschel, told Globo News as

Trophy Stall and Bel Air Rubis Under-13 cricket

Ogle overcome Lusignan Ogle defeated host Lusignan by 29 runs when the Trophy Stall and Bel Air Rubis Under-13 cricket tournament commenced recently on the East Coast of Demerara. Batting first, Ogle were bowled out for 119 in 20.3 overs. Devanand Khemraj led with 53 while extras contributed 33. Krishan Surdyal had 3-18 and Roberto Thomas 2-13. Lusignan were limited to 91-9 in 25 overs in reply. Romel Daturdeen and Vankatseh

Armogan made 18 and 16 respectively. Mark Sukhai claimed 3-9 and Rudranauth Kissoon 3-14. The tournament continues this weekend with GCC hosting Royal Rangers, Ogle staying at home to Enterprise and Lusignan travelling to Fairfield. Interested teams can contact Anil Persaud on 624 6098 or Jitlall Jawahirlall on 617 2430 for information on registration.

he prepared to fly to Colombia. “I don’t think I’ll be able to speak, just hug him and cry a lot.” Black banners hung from a cathedral downtown and wrapped around a 14meter statue of one of the town’s founding explorers. Outside the team’s Conda

stadium, a group of hardcore fans put up a tent and promised to keep vigil until the bodies of their idols returned to the city. “We were there for them in victory, and we’re here for them in tragedy, rain or shine,” said fan Caua Regis. “Like family.”

The Colombian team wants the trophy to be given to Chapecoense in honor of the dead. “As far as we are concerned,” the team said, “Chapecoense will forever be the champions of the Copa Sudamericana Cup 2016.” (Reuters)


Noitgedacht SC claim Banks Beer T20 title in Wakenaam

Wayne Osbourne

Thursday December 01, 2016

Kaieteur News

Jaggernauth Manbodh

Noitgedacht SC emerged winners of the Banks Beer T20 festival which was contested last weekend in Wakenaam. Led by an unbeaten 42 from Keemo Paul, Noitgedacht SC defeated Sans Souci by 9 wickets in the final at the Wakenaam Community Centre ground. Sans Souci batted first in a game which was reduced to 10 overs and made 83-6; Wayne Osbourne scored 21 and Seon Venture 19. Jamaul Hartman snared 2-18. Noitgedacht SC raced to 84-1 in 7.2 overs. Neil Ramalho supported Paul with 26 not out. Sans Souci overcame G Square Cavaliers by six runs in the eliminator. Sans Souci took first strike and scored 106-4 in 10 overs. Cleon Venture struck 36 while Kiron Kumar got 26. Romario Stephens took 2-14. Cavaliers were restricted to 100-4 in response. Jaggernauth Manbodh stroked 66; Osbourne grabbed 316. Noitgedacht beat Sans Souci by 67 runs in their preliminary match. Batting first, Noitgedacht posted 152-1 in 10 overs. Paul struck 11 sixes in an unbeaten 85 while Leon Higgins made 50. Sans Souci mustered 85-5 in reply. Seon Venture scored 29.

FIFA President expresses condolences on air tragedy

Kennard Lewis

Cavaliers got the better of Maria’s Pleasure by 12 runs. Cavaliers made 146-8 off 15 overs, taking first strike. Kamal Khan hit 66 and Manbodh 23. Kennard Lewis had 2-28. Maria’s Pleasure managed 134-7 in reply. Kennard Lewis slammed seven fours and one six in scoring an even half century; Chandrika Ragnauth had 2-22 and Satnarine Sahadeo had 2-24. Sans Souci beat Sans Souci Jaguars by eight wickets. Jaguars took first turn at the crease and got to 137-6 in 15 overs. Zameer Zaman made 43; Tavin Budram captured 3-20. Sans Souci scored 140-2 in 13 overs in reply. Osbourne struck six fours and three sixes in 62. Noitgedacht overcame Good Success by 105 runs. Noitgedacht rattled up 221-1 in 15 overs, batting first. Paul slammed 21 sixes in a robust 156. Good Success who were without one of their key all-rounders Nazeer Mohamed due to an injury made, 116-7 in reply. Imran Khan scored 20; Matthew Chung had 2-14. Noitgedacht received a trophy and $100,000 while Sans Souci received a trophy; Paul was awarded the MVP prize.

Brazilian team Associação Chapecoense de Futebol Following the news of the plane crash suffered by the Brazilian team Associação Chapecoense de Futebol, on their journey to Medellin for the final round of the Copa Sudamericana, FIFA President Gianni Infantino has expressed his shock and deep sadness at the tragedy. ”This is a very, very sad day for football,” Infantino said. “We are so sorry to hear about the airplane crash in Colombia, it is shocking and tragic news. At this difficult

time our thoughts are with the victims, their families and friends. FIFA would like to extend its most heartfelt condolences to the fans of Chapecoense, the football community and media organisations concerned in Brazil.” The aircraft, which had 72 passengers and nine crew members on board, including the Brazilian team’s delegation and members of the media, was travelling from Brazil. Following a stopover in

Bolivia, the aircraft crashed on 28 November in the Colombian region of Antioquia, Cerro Gordo, with the causes currently unknown. CONMEBOL, in an official statement, has announced the suspension of all its activities until further notice. Juan Carlos de la Cuesta, president of Atletico Nacional - Chapecoense’s opponents in the final - has expressed his club’s support and solidarity with the club. (FIFA)

CONCACAF mourns the Chapecoense tragedy The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) is deeply saddened by the tragedy of the Associação Chapecoense de Futebol, which occurred Monday, in Colombia. The football family has lost a talented team, which had a promising future. Their outstanding path in reaching the Copa Sudamericana final for the first-ever time, will

remain in the history of our game as an inspiration for younger generations across the world. CONCACAF stands in solidarity with CONMEBOL, the Confederação Brasileira de Futebol, and the Chapecoense family. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the South American football community at this difficult time.

RHT Bakewell ‘A’ win Food for the Poor (Guy) 5/5 cricket tournament A brilliant final over bowled by veteran left arm spinner Sunil Marimuthoo led Rose Hall Town Bakewell ‘A’ to yet another cricket championship. Playing at the Area ‘H’ ground the home team held their nerves to successfully defend a total of 60 to win by a nail biting 5 runs to lift the Food for the Poor (Guy) 5/5 Cricket Tournament Trophy. Batting first against a determined Young and Restless team in the final, Rose Hall Town Bakewell rattled up 60 for 2 off their allotted five overs; former senior national player Delbert Hicks blasting a quick fire 30 not out which included 22 runs off the final over. In response, Young and Restless raced to 51 for three off four before the wily Marimuthoo conceded just two runs off the first five balls of the last over. He then bowled three successive

wides to reduce the required runs to five off one delivery but the visitors were unable to score to trigger wild celebrations by the home team supporters. In the first round, Young and Restless defeated Kendall Union by 10 wickets, Rose Hall Town ‘A’ defeated Tamarind Root by a similar margin, Rose Hall Canje cruised past Port Mourant Training Centre by 8 wickets while West Berbice beat Fyrish by 9 runs. The semi-finals featured RHT ‘A’ against Rose Hall Canje and West Berbice versus Young and the Restless. Rose Hall Town ‘A’ brushed aside Rose Hall Canje by 23 runs while Young and Restless crushed West Berbice by 10 wickets. In teh 3rd place playoff, Rose Hall Canje thumped West Berbice by 8 wickets. West Berbice was restricted to 36 for 4 off their 5 overs to

which Rose Hall Canje replied with 37 for 2 with four balls to spare. Delbert Hicks received a trophy as Man-of-the-Final while Rose Hall Town Bakewell ‘A’ received the winner’s package of $70,000 and trophy. Young and Restless took home $30,000 and trophy and Rose Hall Canje collected $20,000 for the 3rd place. Guysuco Training Centre easily won the Male and Female Volleyball competition, while Rose Hall Town ‘A’ defeated Rose Hall Town ‘B’ 1-0 to win the Football tournament. Trophies for all the events were donated by the cricket teams of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club M.S. Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster stated that the Family Fun Day and Day of Sports was a smashing success and all funds raised would be used by Food for the Poor to continue its charity work.

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Thursday December 01, 2016


GFF Grass Roots Festival

Tripple venues to host this weekend; Coach Educators Programme also on

Posing for a group pic before the start of the East Bank leg of the GFF Grass Roots Festival. Three venues in respective associations will be host to this Saturday’s Guyana Football Federation Inc.’s (GFF) Grass Roots Festival including the National Track and Field F a c i l i t y, L e o n o r a ; Scottsburg Community Centre Ground (Berbice) and Wisburg Secondary School Ground (Linden) from 10:00hrs to 14:00hrs. While the participants of two events will be drawn from the general populace, the event at the National Track and Field Facility, Leonora will cater for approximately one hundred children from ten (10) schools located in Region Three and will be jointly facilitated by the GFF and CONCACAF. As a lead up to the programme in Region Three, twenty-six (26) teachers will participate in a

CONCACAF-facilitated “Coach-Educators” programme from today to Saturday. This programme, led by Lenny Lake – CONCACAF Instructor – will seek to build the capacity of the identified teachers to introduce the game of football to children 6 to twelve (12) years-old through a variety of activities. All participants of the programme will be awarded the CONCACAF “E” License on completion. This is the fourth, fifth and sixth in a series of Grass Roots Festivals, the last being conducted in the Essequibo and East Bank Demerara Football Associations respectively. Franklin Wilson, President of the East Bank Demerara Football Association (EBDFA), said the Association was happy to

partner with the GFF. “We’re very happy to work with the GFF…we’re very grateful to the parents and the guardians

Renea Hunt, a participant, shared her thoughts about the programme and football.

session that we have – the Grass Roots festival – will benefit the youths in the future, working on their

male and female - To introduce family members to the beautiful game in a positive

who have seen it fit to get these youngsters out here to get involved and to get a little understanding of what the beautiful game of football is all about. Kudos to the GFF and the new team, as well as the Executive, for seeing the need for such a programme.” He committed to his Association’s sustainability of the programme.

“It’s making your life change a lot and I think people should focus on that more but focus on your school work (as well)…football is all about having fun, it’s all about practicing to challenge one another.” In an invited comment, Coach Levi Braithwaite shared his thoughts about the benefits of the programme. “I know that this group

technique, developing basic skills and (I) know that they will improve, once they love the game they will keep coming and they will get a very good nursery…” The festival, which is held from 10:00hrs to 14:00hrs, have as its objectives the following: - To p r o m o t e a n d increase participation at Grass Roots level of both

environment - To act as a catalyst for GFF 2017 Grass Roots Coaching programme The complete schedule of the remaining festivals is as follows: The festivals cater for children six to twelve (12 years); parents and caregivers are encouraged to accompany their children to the festivals.

PELE’S Santos Futebol Clube of Brazil returns to the Caribbean on 45th anniversary The Caribbean Football Trust Limited (CFTL) will create a monumental event in the history of Caribbean football. In 2017 there will be the official launch of the Caribbean League Futbol (CLF) featuring the legendary Pele’s Brazilian home team of Santos FC from Sao Paulo. In 1972 Santos FC, featuring three (3) times Brazilian World Cup winner “PELE” toured the Caribbean countries of Jamaica, Suriname and

Trinidad & Tobago with much success. Now, in 2017, forty-five (45) years later Santos FC will take center stage in a Best of three (3) games series kicking off January 27 at the Windsor Park in Dominica continuing January 29 at the Arnos Vale Stadium in St. Vincent and then on February 4, the final game will be played at the Andre Kamperveen Stadium in Suriname. The final game will be for the prestigious inaugural “Islands Cup Open” and would be versus the newly

established Combine Islands FC. CFTL is also preparing to offer fans a “Major International Friendly” bonus game featuring two (2) major International clubs scheduled for February 1 in St. Vincent at the Arnos Vale Stadium Several International Elite Marquee players will be representing the Combine Islands FC team as guest players in all three (3) games. The names of these players will be announced in the upcoming weeks. The Caribbean Football

Trust Limited (CTFL) has a n n o u n c e d t h e establishment of the CLF:-. The CLF will be a professional twelve (12) week regional tournament with eight (8) teams competing for the league title and over three million USD ($3,000,000.00) dollars in prize money. This will increase up to five million USD ($5,000,000.00) dollars after the first three (3) years. After years of planning by the Directors (Continued on page 26)

Thursday December 01, 2016

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BCCD-CBIS 2016 Inter Agency 10/10 Soft Ball Cricket

Kascon Engineering defeat Permaul Trading to win championship

In a truncated final due to failing light, Kascon Engineering of East Canje defeated Permaul Trading of Corentyne to claim the spoils when the 2016 edition of the Corporate Business in Sports (CBIS) Inter Agency 10/10 softball cricket competition concluded at the Rose Hall Community Center Ground, East Canje Berbice last Sunday evening. Permaul Trading won the toss and elected to bat, scoring 42-5, with L Kandasammy top scoring with 15. Vidian DeSilva and Ramesh Poonoo were the main wicket takers with 2 apiece. Kascon in reply reached 43-1 in 5.2 overs with the leading scorers being Clinton Pestano (20) and Marvin Arjune (*15). Y Mangal took the lone wicket for Permaul Trading. Kascon defeated Olderndorf by 70 runs in the semi-finals after the former team scored 124-8 with Pestano 41 and Roy Jafarally 35. When their turn came to bat, Olderndorf amassed 54, losing all their wickets in 9.2 overs. In results of quarterfinal games, Permaul Trading, which had drawn the bye to the final, defeated Republic Bank by 5 wickets. Republic Bank made 84 all out with Permaul Trading replying with 85-5 in 7.4 overs. Massey Industries then opposed Olderndorf Carriers and lost by 5 wickets. Batting first, Massey Industries scored 69 all out while Olderndorf knocked off the required runs to reach 70 for 6. In other results, Massey

The victorious Kascon Engineering Team with their silverware along with officials of the BCCDA Industries defeated Berbice Bridge Company (BBCI) by 3 wickets. BBCI made 44 all out in six overs with Michael Newland taking all three wickets; Massey Industries lashed off the required runs, 45-3, in seven overs. Olderndorf then defeated Hand in Hand, scoring 45 for 6 off seven overs after the latter team batted first and

scored 44 in nine overs. In other matches, Republic Bank defeated Ansa Mc Al by two wickets after the latter team batted first and made 96; Deon Chase top scoring with 42. Republic Bank then amassed 97 for 8; Seon Hetmyer lashing a top score of 38. Massey Distribution lost to Permaul Trading by seven

wickets after the former team made 77-2. Permaul Trading responded with 80-3 in nine overs. Kascon Engineering defeated J Supermarket by 63 runs in a high scoring affair. The former team amassed 143 in their 10 overs with the latter falling short of the target after replying with 80 all out. The presentation

ceremony followed immediately upon the conclusion of the tournament with Kascon receiving the winning cheque, trophy and medals compliments of Terminex Pest Control. Permaul Trading collected $20,000 and trophy compliments of Sukhpaul Gas Station while

Olderndorf received the third place trophy compliments of Danzies Business Enterprise. Clinton Pestano was adjudged manof-the-match in the final and received a hamper, compliments of Massy Distribution. He also received one year free television cable supply from E Networks.

Blairmont whip Bush Lot in Tenelec 50-over contest

Jawahir leads Blairmont to massive victory in 2-day 1st Div match Shabeer Baksh

A magnificent all round performance from Kevon Jawahir led Blairmont Cricket Club to a massive victory over Bush Lot (Hemraj) in the only first round match of the two-day first division cricket competition for teams in Berbice. This competition is sponsored by National Sports Commission, Office of the Prime Minister, Chris

Lachman and Rajendra Ramlall of the USA and other friends of Berbice cricket. At Blairmont Estate Ground, the host posted a massive 307 all out in their first innings with Jawahir scoring 156 not out (26x4 2x6). He got support from Zameer Inshan 37 and Javid Karim with 23. R. Thakarran took 2 for 32 and skipper Rajbance

Hemraj 2 for 43 bowling for Bush Lot. In reply, the visitors were shot out for a disappointing 115. A. Mathabeek was the only batsman to offer any resistance with 25. Jawahir came back with the ball to grab 5 for 26. Shabeer Baksh had 2 for 18 and Derrick McAlmon 2 for 21. Batting a second time, the home team got to 188 (Continued on page 28)

Kevon Jawahir

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Thursday December 01, 2016

Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Competition

Another terrific night of action anticipated this evening

Part of the action in this year’s Georgetown Zone of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Competition. After a terrific opening night on Monday, organisers of this year’s Georgetown Zone of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Competition must be feeling positive about the exciting matches that have been played so far. Action in the competition resumes tonight with eight more

matches scheduled to be played at Demerara Park opposite Banks DIH, Thirst Park and fans could brace themselves for another rivetting night of play in the knockout phase. At stake is over $1million in prizes and apart from Banks DIH the other sponsor on board is Colours Boutique.

‘Top Gun’ Hopkinson supports 100 mile walk The 100 mile walk being undertaken by G u y a n a B o x i n g Association (GBA) President Steve Ninvalle in order to gain funds to send a team to the Caribbean Development Tournament has been given a shot in the arm. Ye s t e r d a y , C h i e f Executive Officer of Secure Innovation and Concepts H a r o l d ‘ To p G u n ’ Hopkinson made a pledge to donate one thousand dollars for every mile covered by Ninvalle. Hopkinson’s support mirrors a similar pledge made by New York based Boxing Promoter, Seon Bristol. The walk which commences tomorrow morning at the Number 43 Villiage bridge in the Corentyne was organised after the association failed to receive positive responses following requests for sponsorship. The GBA is attempting to send a team of 13 boxers,

Harold Hopkinson five referee/judges and three coaches to the tournament which kicks off on December 7. The referee/judges are expected to be in Barbados on December 3 to participate in a seminar and exam that once they are successful, would see them being

Steve Ninvalle

awarded One Star badges. Guyana held the first Caribbean Development Tournament last year and 13 countries participated. Already, President of the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) K. Juman Yassin, President of the Guyana Table Tennis

Association Godfrey Munroe, members of the boxing fraternity and Ursula Parris, wife of Guyana’s only Olympic medallist Michael Parris have promised to be involved in the walk which concludes on Sunday in Georgetown.


‘We must continue to dream big’: an open letter from Serena Williams Serena Williams. Jacopo Raule /Getty Images

Wr i t i n g f o r P o r t e r M a g a z i n e ’s I n c r e d i b l e Women of 2016 issue, the tennis star takes aim at the barriers that still hold women athletes back. To all incredible women who strive for excellence, when I was growing up, I had a dream. I’m sure you did, too. My dream wasn’t like that of an average kid, my dream was to be the best tennis player in the world. Not the best “female” tennis player in the world. I was fortunate to have a family that supported my dream and encouraged me to follow it. I learned not to be afraid. I learned how important it is to fight for a dream and, most importantly, to dream big. My fight began when I was three and I haven’t taken a break since. But as we know, too often women are not supported enough or are discouraged from choosing their path. I hope together we can change that. For me, it was a question of resilience. What others marked as flaws or disadvantages about myself – my race, my gender – I embraced as fuel for my success. I never let anything or anyone define me or my potential. I controlled my future. So when the subject of equal pay comes up, it

frustrates me because I know firsthand that I, like you, have done the same work and made the same sacrifices as our male counterparts. I would never want my daughter to be paid less than my son for the same work. Nor would you. As we know, women have to break down many barriers on the road to success. One of those barriers is the way we are constantly reminded we are not men, as if it is a flaw. People call me one of the “world’s greatest female athletes”. Do they say LeBron is one of the world’s best male athletes? Is Tiger? Federer? Why not? They are certainly not female. We should never let this go unchallenged. We should always be judged by our achievements, not by our gender. For everything I’ve achieved in my life, I am profoundly grateful to have experienced the highs and lows that come with success. It is my hope that my story, and yours, will inspire all young women out there to push for greatness and follow their dreams with steadfast resilience. We must continue to dream big, and in doing so, we empower the next generation of women to be just as bold in their pursuits. (the guardian)

t r o Sp GFF Grass Roots Festival

Tripple venues to host this weekend; Coach Educators Programme also on


Players being taken through some exercises by the facilitators of the GFF Grass Roots Festival at the Grove Playfield on Saturday last.

RHT Bakewell ‘A’ win Food for the Poor (Guy) 5/5 cricket tournament P.28

The winning Rose Hall Town ‘A’ Team following the presentation.

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