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Friday August 10, 2018

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China’s Silk Road Isn’t So Smooth (The following is republished from Bloomberg Opinion – Authored by Mihir Sharma) You may not have noticed, what with the outbreak of trade war with the U.S. and all, but China’s economic diplomacy has had a bad few weeks. The country’s flagship Belt and Road Initiative is dealing with ever-greater resistance, slowing a momentum that once seemed unstoppable. In fact, I’d argue that the BRI is stalled.The clearest sign of this, perhaps, was the news that Malaysia had halted Chinese projects worth $22 billion, including a controversial rail link along the country’s east coast . The decision looked inevitable after May’s elections. One of the pillars of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s successful campaign to unseat Najib Razak was the charge that Najib’s close links to China had bred corruption and bad decisions. Mahathir’s associates linked the scandal at the 1MDB development fund to BRI financing, while Najib’s associates doubled down, putting Chinese President Xi Jinping on their party posters. One Malaysian politician complained visitors might’ve thought Xi himself was on the ballot. In many ways, China’s stumbles in Malaysia are exactly what BRI skeptics had always warned would happen in countries across Asia. Projects that might be easy to execute in China would run into delays and cost overruns in less-regimented countries; growth in debt, deficits and Chinese immigration would spark political opposition; and, when a new political leadership cancelled those projects, bilateral and multilateral tensions would spike. Malaysia is only the most high-profile example. To the north, Myanmar’s Planning and Finance Minister Soe Win told Nikkei that his government would demand that a new port on the Bay of Bengal be “slimmed down.” For China, the port is pivotal — the shortest way to get oil from the Indian Ocean to southern China, avoiding a strategic chokepoint at the Straits of Malacca. But Myanmar now owes 40 percent of its external debt to China, which, as Soe Win pointed out with gentle understatement, is “not recommendable.” Myanmar’s leaders can hardly be blamed for scaling back, especially given “lessons learned from our neighboring countries,” as Soe Win put it. In Sri Lanka, an overindulgence in Chinese finance has already pushed one government out the door and left its successor saddled with expensive white elephants. Interest payments on Chinese loans — about $11 billion a year — would’ve consumed almost all of the island nation’s tax revenue. (Chinese infrastructure finance doesn’t come cheap — Sri Lanka reportedly pays six percent.) That prompted the new government to grant a Chinese company a controlling share of the big, empty port at Hambantota in a debt-for-equity deal, and panicked India enough to explore buying the world’s emptiest airport 20 kilometers away — also Chinese-financed, naturally — just to ensure it stays out of Chinese hands. Negotiators began talks recently on a price. Even in Pakistan, which had embraced the ChinaPakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as an effective antidote to dependence on an increasingly unfriendly West, policymakers are having second thoughts. Expensive Chinese machinery imports have pushed the current account deficit — and the rupee — to the wall. Pakistan’s central bank only has enough reserves to cover a couple of months of imports — and that’s after the country borrowed nearly $4 billion from the Chinese last year. Pakistani officials have reportedly warned the Chinese that they’d better keep lending or Pakistan would turn to the International Monetary Fund, and then “we would have to make full disclosure of the terms on which China has agreed to build the CPEC.” China’s leaders will shortly learn a lesson the U.S. learned ages ago: Pakistan is

Editor’s Note; If your sent letter was not published and you felt its contents were valid and devoid of libel or personal attacks, please contact us by phone or email.

The Green Paper suggests an alarming behaviour pattern DEAR EDITOR After a long wait, a Green Paper entitled ‘Managing Future Petroleum Reserves etc., has been released. It speaks to our fiscal frameworks and a Sovereign Wealth Fund. The proposal has reportedly had the benefit of scrutiny and input from several international bodies and the Cabinet. About a year ago, a similar series of events unfolded with regard to the Petroleum Commission Bill. (At the time, in a submission to the Select Committee assessing the Petroleum Commission Bill, I wrote: “The general posture of the

Bill is that the Petroleum Commission (PC) is an advisory body to the M i n i s t e r, a l b e i t w i t h executive functions. “The Bill is not designed to create an independent or autonomous body. This posture of dependence will inhibit the capacity of the Petroleum Commission to perform its monitoring and regulatory duties. It also creates too many areas where the Commission’s actions and remit fall within the M i n i s t e r ’s s p h e r e o f control.” Those comments apply to the proposals outlined in the current Green Paper. This suggests the emergence of an

alarming pattern of behaviour on several fronts. First, one has to question the quality of advice being provided by the international bodies and their willingness to lend their names to these documents. Second, we appear to be utterly incapable of conceiving and configuring independent institutions. The petroleum industry represents both a massive stress-test for Guyana and an o p p o r t u n i t y. T h e s e institutions will bear the brunt of the stresses. They will need to be robust, efficient and autonomous. If, instead, we construct a fleet of institutional-ballahoos

designed to sway with the political tides and electoral cycles, we will all suffer the consequences. This is a moment in Guyanese history where politicians of all persuasions need to look beyond the end of their nose. Short-sighted, me-first or we-first policies will not work. There was some talk recently that the administration and the opposition might be prepared to work to achieve consensus and draft a road map on a limited number of topics. Perhaps they could start with this one. Yours faithfully, Isabelle de Caires

Commissioner of Police acted improperly DEAR MR. EDITOR, Kindly allow me a space in your letter to respond to an article published in the Stabroek News by the Former Home Affairs Minister, Mr. Clement Rohee dated August 2, 2018 in relation to the recent controversy involving Commissioner of Police (ag), Mr. David Ramnarine and Inspector Godfrey Playter. The ‘former honorable’ Minister of Home Affairs’ article which reads ‘Commissioner of Police Acted Improperly in Bus Matter, many questions still unanswered’ is one of retaliation against COP

Ramnarine for the previous encounter they had back in 2011. From the day that Mr. Ramnarine exposed Mr. Rohee for who he really is, he has always been looking to get back at the current COP. Mr. Rohee indicated in his article that he feels the matter should be further probed. What more is there to probe, ‘Former Honorable Minister?’ Shouldn’t the incident where you and your ministry were exposed for trying to steal $90M be further probed? I feel a need to say such. It is persons like Mr. Rohee that

the only country in the world that negotiates with a gun to its own head. My guess is that China will pay up this time, but that won’t make the CPEC any more sustainable financially.And while all this was happening, China’s Premier Li Keqiang was in Sofia meeting with the leaders of Central and Eastern Europe for the annual “16+1” forum — a meeting notably lacking in enthusiasm compared to previous such conclaves. The European leaders will have noted that big infrastructure investment hasn’t exactly been turning up on time from China — and, for that matter, where it has, as in Athens’ Piraeus port, it may also have opened the door to criminality and fraud.When the Belt and Road was first announced, it must have felt like a gift from heaven for embattled governments trying to raise money for the infrastructure their voters wanted. But, the truth is that China’s cash came with onerous conditions — high interest rates, procurement guarantees for Chinese companies, imported workers. Nor was China really prepared for the hurdles faced by big-ticket investments in countries with messy, more accountable politics.Can the initiative be salvaged? Perhaps. After all, China has a capital surplus that needs to go somewhere. But, if it wants its investments to be sustainable, China will have to behave in these countries a lot more like the Western capital it seeks to displace. That means being cautious, cooperative with local capital and civil society, and respectful of political sentiment, even from dissidents. In other words, the Chinese state would have to behave like the private sector. And we know how tough an ask that is. (Mihir Sharma is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist. He was a columnist for the Indian Express and the Business Standard, and he is the author of “Restart: The Last Chance for the Indian Economy.”)

caused the PPP/C to lose the reins of power back in 2015. I do understand that this isn’t about politics; maybe somewhat in Mr. Rohee’s eyes it is but let me make myself clear. I am and will always be a humble supporter of the PPP/C and while I do not always agree with this c u r r e n t g o v e r n m e n t ’s policies and the current Minister of Public Security’s style of leadership, I still honestly believe that Mr. Rohee should be the last to criticize anyone especially Mr. Ramnarine. If we can take a trip down memory lane when Mr. Ramnarine disclosed that his division did not receive the supposedly allocated $90M for the Home Affairs Ministry to cater for police in the hinterland area, Mr. Rohee’s ego got the best of him. Kaieteur News dated March 04, 2012 and Stabroek News dated March, 20, 2012 both exposed Mr. Rohee for who he is: a power hungry, dishonest, dishonorable politician who was rattled by the disclosure made by Mr. Ramnarine. Mr. Rohee never expected Mr. Ramnarine to be so outspoken or perhaps he wasn’t aware but let me make this clear. Mr. Ramnarine is one of the most honorable, educated individual I know. He will stand for what is right no matter what and that is the kind of COP this country needs. He will not follow the crowd to gain political points hence, he will stand alone if he has to and do what is right. I cannot say the same about Mr. Rohee. Needless to say, Mr. Rohee should be more

concerned about getting the PPP/C back in power, not that I think he can really do much. It will take a great mind like that of former President Bharrat Jadgeo to do so. Mr. Rohee is so quick to pick sides once is it against Mr. Ramnarine that he is unaware of who he’s joining forces with. Inspector Playter is one of the most deceitful policemen. His police colleagues right at Albion whom he has stiffed and used his authority to victimize are distasteful to say the least. He always seeks to gain ‘something extra’ from anyone he is willing to help, if you know what I mean. So Mr. Rohee should be very careful whom he decides to defend. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised because Mr. Rohee and Mr. Playter are the same. They believe that the rule of law does not apply to them. Mr. Playter was disrespectful to the COP and he was seeking to harass the men in the vehicle so I agree with the Top Cop. Mr. Rohee’s letter is all about trying to bring down Mr. Ramnarine but Mr. Rohee can never reach the public respect that Mr. Ramnarine has and can never be compared to him (Ramnarine). The entire country knows who Mr. Rohee is. And while I want to see the PPP/C back in power, I believe as General Secretary of the PPP/C Mr. Jagdeo is also tasked with purging the PPP of all the ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ or else, we will see another repeat of what happened in 2015. Yours Sincerely, Clinton James

GUYANA IS IN THE GRIP OF IDEOLOGICAL SCHIZOPHRENIA DEAR EDITOR, Dr. Clive Thomas, erstwhile anti-imperialist and dependency theorist, now a state functionary in the neoliberal APNU+AFC government, reportedly said that the government should give US$5,000 from the oil revenue to each Guyanese household annually. He told the residents of Buxton/Friendship at the Eusi Kwayana Emancipation Symposium that a friend told him that this is what they do in Alaska. The Libyan Jamahiriya, under the leadership of the revolutionary Pan-Africanist, Muammar Qaddafi did exactly what Dr. Thomas is calling on this government to do but the sum deposited was far more than US$5000. In the Libyan Jamahiriya, every Libyan was the recipient of thousands of dollars, deposited directly into their bank account because the Libyan revolution and its leadership affirmed the principle that the natural resources of the country are the patrimony of every citizen. Dr. Thomas is certainly


Kaieteur News

Friday August 10, 2018

ignorant of the tremendous achievements of Libya. He heard about Alaska, but was completely unaware of what happened first in Libya on the African continent. In fact, Dr. Thomas is one of those ivory tower academics who fell for the fake news and false narratives produced by the Western corporate media that “Qaddafi was killing his people”. Dr. Thomas is on record as siding with the forces of white supremacy and the racist Gulf Arabs to destroy the most prosperous African country at that time, when he said: on Channel 9, “Qaddafi must go.” Dr. Thomas is an example of the kind of ideological schizophrenia that has Guyana where it is today. This confusion dates way back. Poor Burnham had to contend with these people when he was charting a course for true independence and a self-reliant economy. Dr. Thomas and his party, the WPA, while claiming to be the big revolutionary socialists, hated socialist Burnham and fought him

tooth and nail, eventually finding themselves on the same side as the imperialist forces who attempted to destabilize Burnham’s government. When Burnham’s programme was overturned, they were unable to offer any alternative, and the country was plunged into the disastrous period of the imperialist directed ERP (socalled Economic Recovery P r o g r a m m e ) u n d e r M r. Hoyte’s leadership. This disaster opened the way for the brutal and racist PPP dictatorship. Despite their claims to be socialist and committed to the emancipation of Guyana’s suffering masses, today, Dr. Thomas and his cohorts have no problem aligning themselves with a government that is dictated to by the ABC countries, and which promotes neo-liberal policies that are causing havoc in this country. How much longer must we suffer their confusion and chaos? Gerald A. Perreira Organization for the Victory of the People (OVP)

POLICE BRUTALITY AND IMPUNITY DEAR EDITOR, Please allow me space to have a brief letter published and perhaps have an answer to a very simple question. It has been seen for years that the police get away with brutalizing persons and are not even charged. The question I would like to have an answer to is this: Are there different laws for police and a totally varied set for the ordinary man? Mr. Editor, I ask this question because we have seen and heard of Police beating /brutalizing persons and they are not or have not been charged. Just a little over a month ago I took two men to the Central Police Station and they filed a formal complaint against two

police ranks, who were named and to date none of these beasts has been charged. The laws must be different for police!!!! The men were told to make a complaint at the Police Office of Professional Responsibility and so they went. Not a word from that useless date. We have read and seen pictures of a young man who said he was brutalized by the police. I wonder what will be the outcome. I call on the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ramnarine and the Hon. Minister of National Security, Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan, to have police charged like any other person to stop the barbaric behaviour of some of the JOKERS in the force. Charrandass Persaud (MP)

Greed clouds CPL online ticket purchases DEAR EDITOR, The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) bandwagon has driven into town once again boasting glitz, glamour and fanfare. All roads it seems once again lead to Providence Stadium. However, apparently quite similar to the controversy which erupted almost exactly 3 years ago, where CPL’s refund policy was called into dire question, h t t p s : / / 2015/07/17/is-cpl-2015s-refund-policy-a-scam/, once again another ticketing storm is brewing. CPL’s online ticketing is this year managed by a company called So if one chooses to avoid the chaos down at CPL Head Office or at the Stadium, one can purchase one’s tickets online, saving CPL staff headaches of long lines, ensuing chaos and generally enhancing their efficiency. But, a huge catch! Unsuspecting online ticket buyers are led to believe that the prices for tickets actually range from US$15 to US$30 (GY$3,000 to GY$6,000) whether purchased online or at the venue ticket office, excluding credit card exchange rates and booking fee, since there are no adverts online mentioning a lower price at the actual ticketing office. At the local ticketing office on Quamina Street, Amazon Warrior’s head office, ticket prices are boldly advertised as GY$2,000 to GY$5,000 (implicitly from US$10 to US$25). So ironically, while far more efficient to CPL and its ticketing company, you are paying US$5 or GYD$1,000 more to

buy tickets online for any stand. Now I did not entirely mind paying the rather steep ScotiaBank credit card exchange rate of $218.5 to US$1 and the booking fee of approximately US$1.40 per ticket, which would have taken the total up on the US$25 ticket to GY$5,770 equivalent. But, I got duped into this online scam and ended up paying $6,861 per ticket for the first game on 11 August 2018. Had I purchased at the office or stadium, I would have saved $1,861 per ticket, and for the three I purchased, saved over GY$5,500. Further, when you go down to the ticket office to simply uplift the tickets paid for online, the price displayed on each ticket is GY$5,000. So I basically have 2 receipts with different prices. This is a blatant racket with false advertising, tantamount to fraud.Did the government properly vet this event before committing its support and provided several lucrative tax concessions for this year’s events, which runs into millions of taxpayers’ dollars? Was the allowance of this alleged fraudulent dual ticket pricing one such incentive? Will the government through its investigative arm, SOCU examine this financial skullduggery? How can such thievery be allowed at a government supported event? It is not too late for the government to withhold concessions granted to gain the playoffgames for this scam to be fixed.

But, I doubt they would do anything; they have become too desperate for the limelight to bother! Are sponsors aware of how sullied their brands will become for associating with a product that tries to con people out of their hard earned currency. As the lead sponsor of the Amazon Warriors team this year Exxon Mobil is no stranger to such accusations, so I have little faith in them being even a fraction concerned about this issue. You have to wonder now about the reputable CPL sponsors onboard such as REPSOL, Eldorado, Republic Bank, and KFC, whether they possess any courage to pull up the local office and the website company, and have them remedy this situation by ensuring credit card purchasers are refunded the price differential including the exchange rate differential or completely funding all online purchases. If the CPL authorities fail to remedy this situation, like they belated did three years ago, it would only confirm they are a greedy band of crooks trying every loophole to fleece Caribbean citizens. This would be my last game, and I will certainly encourage many more will not attend future matches. Yours respectfully, R. Persaud


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JULIUS FAERBER IS SUFFERING FROM EPISTEMIC AMBIVALENCE DEAR EDITOR, I took a position some time back not to challenge the political position of our Regional Chairman anymore on the basis that he is coming around to accepting that Essequibo Islands /West Demerara is climbing the ladder of success in the field of good governance and transparency but with his recent misinformation, which he presented to the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority Board, that was reported to me, I am forced with no other alternative but to clarify. It was reported to me that our Regional Chairman expressed his dissatisfaction with the manner in which the mini excavators are operating in Essequibo Islands /West Demerara. I am guided that he painted a picture suggesting that the machines engage in private work and not work to benefit the people of our region. Since his concerns were never raised with the Regional Executive Officer, permit me the opportunity to detail how the established system concerning the excavators works. To begin with, the excavators primary mandate is to provide a service to communities that do not fall within an NDC. Since they do not pay rates and taxes to any NDC it is the Regional

Administration’s duty to ensure the communities are well kept in terms of drainage and other necessary services that are supposed to be provided by an NDC. From time to time, considering the fact that NDCs are not financially rich and notwithstanding that drainage issues are NDCs responsibilities, the excavators would assist. Requests must come from the NDC of itself that needs the assistance or from the constituency Regional Councillor. Those requests are then examined to determine the level of priority and urgency given that it’s only four mini excavators. At no time since May of 2015 to date were any request not honoured. The machines have worked from as far as St. Lawrence down the East Bank of Essequibo to way past Patentia on the West Bank of Demerara. Every single village has received assistance and shortly Wakenaam and Leguan are next in line to benefit. Currently the four machines are in Stanleytown, Windsor Forest, La Jalousie and Crane respectively. Within this very week one will be moved to Vergenoegen and in two weeks time one will go to Farm on the East Bank

of Essequibo. Recent works were completed in Good Intent, Leonora, Uitvlugt and Parika Backdam. Farmers and residents continue to enjoy the benefits of these machines. It is worth mentioning that at no time did these machines ever do private work unless if cleaning the drain in front the Regional Chairman’s residence that benefits him alone is considered private work. The Regional Chairman did acknowledge at RDC Council meetings that the machines are working in the Region and residents are benefiting. To learn that a different picture is being painted at the NDIA Board meeting leaves me to conclude that the Chairman is suffering from epistemic ambivalence and the cure for this is to just be honest with yourself. In conclusion, the Regional Chairman will continue to receive my utmost respect and if at any time he requires assistance with the excavators it will be granted as had happened in the most recent past. The service we provide as a region will continue to benefit all and not just a selected few. Yours faithfully, Ganesh Mahipaul. Regional Information Officer.

Of flip-floppers and party hacks DEAR EDITOR, Not long after coming to office the APNU+AFC coalition government disbanded the $10,000 school grant initiative on the grounds that it was “fiscally unsustainable” and could be used as an “electioneering gimmick”. Fast-track to August 1, 2018 and President David Granger is quoted in a speech urging Guyanese not to be “slothful”, to desist from seeking “raises” and to get prepared for the oil economy. A few days later, Economist Professor Clive Thomas suggested that every household in Guyana should benefit from an annual cash payout when oil revenue begins to flow. Enter the flip-floppers and party hacks. Those who agreed that

the PPP-government school grant initiative was being used as an electioneering gimmick now think a potential coalition-government oil payout initiative is the best thing since slice bread. Those who firmly agreed with the President that the culture of ‘always wanting a raise’ was counterproductive, now say handouts from oil revenue is a brilliant idea. One only has to look across at Venezuela to see how the creation of a welfare state killed productivity and contributed to soaring inflation. Closer to home, the Amerindian community in Guyana has been the recipient of substantial state grants and support. One cannot conceivably say that our Amerindian brothers and sisters are better off as a result.

Most importantly, we lack the basic systems to equitably disburse any such funds. So it was in the case of the school grant and so it remains. We lack the political integrity required to not use such a scheme to buy votes. So it was before and so it remains. To believe otherwise points to madness. It is time that common sense and good judgement are used in serious debates on issues with national implications. Those who appeal to the emotions and weaknesses of the poor with tactful comments on social media and elsewhere, in an attempt to sell the goodness of a welfare state, are in fact enemies of the poor. They serve political outfits and operate at the bidding of their masters. Guyanese people need to wake up before it is too late. Demand accountability and full transparency in the management of oil revenue. Demand investments in infrastructure, education and social services. Reject attempts for you to be used as political footballs. Reject overnight schemes designed to keep you in poverty and subservient to the state. Wake up! Patrick Davis Concerned Guyanese

Friday August 10, 2018

Death due to a Flaw in the Law - Protection or Disconnection? DEAR EDITOR, Are the police neglecting their duty thereby endangering the public via a false sense of security? The gruesome fate that Rohini Sabrina Lakhan met at the hands of her husband Ramesh Ramdeen should never have taken place. After years of being subjected to physical abuse, here she was putting the necessary steps in place to remove herself from the existing Hades. Yes, she had returned on several occasions but this time was different, no longer was she going to be the recipient of verbal and physical abuse. Enter additional actors into the scenario at the Albion Magistrate’s Court, all purportedly working towards the attainment of the same goal— separation from her husband, and a protection order issued against the husband thereby limiting his contact with his wife once she departs the shared residence. Following the conclusion of the case two law enforcement representatives accompanied the couple back to the house to retrieve the wife’s clothing, as she requested to leave the domicile. It is at this juncture that basic common sense fails to make an appearance, and protocol beggar’s revision. Multiple documented studies reveal that domestic violence continued, or increased in severity after separation. Batterers who kill their partners usually do so at the time the victim is in the process of separating from their abuser. Why then was the victim in the company of the indi-

vidual against whom she had just secured a protection order? Among the conditions listed in a protection order, includes an order that the person has no contact whatsoever with the person that the order is intended to protect. It is obvious that in the act of seeking protection, Rohini was placing her trust and safety, even her life in the hands of several professionals: the magistrate who granted the separation and issued the protection order, the police officers who served and enforced the order. All these links in the civil protection chain should be connected and operating in unison. The ranks were initially sent on a specific mission, what rationale would they proffer for departing before the mission was accomplished? Were they rookies or crooked cops? The indicators and circumstances for continued domestic violence were all in place, along with an added potential for lethal outcome. It is critical that the ranks tasked with ensuring adherence to a protective order, not only take the order seriously themselves, but also act appropriately when the order is violated? One is left to ponder why Guyana’s law protection agencies/representatives always display an inability to get even the simplest of tasks right. There was a protective order; the husband was in her presence, a clear violation of the order. According to the American Bar Association: protective orders only reduce the

risk of further violence if the restrained party is convinced they will be enforced. If protection orders are not enforced by law enforcement and the courts, they are nothing more than pieces of paper that actually increase the victim’s risk. Reliance on protection that does not actually exist places victims in even greater danger than if they’d never obtained a protective order. The facts of this case are egregious but sadly common. On the part of the police there appears to be a consistent lack of true policing or police behavior. The entire situation further reflects both the behavior and quality of policing and law enforcement currently in effect in Guyana. What options are available in the face of ineffective protective enforcement, especially in cases where it results in loss of lives? Who is accountable? Sadly, the evidence revealing the flaws and failures that allow domestic violence to morph into domestic homicide are systemic and ongoing. Therein lies the reason why abusers should see the police as enforcers, and that there are consequences for violation(s) An investigation is warranted into this tragic but totally preventable situation. On the way to remediation and rectification it may be worthwhile to include provision and revision as it pertains to enforcement of protective orders, especially for the ranks. The course we must alter as wives continue to pay with their lives. A change must come and soon. Y. Sam.

Heavenly spectacle to adorn night sky DEAR EDITOR, The planets Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are lined off this month of August 2018: Venus in Virgo, Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Mars in Capricorn. Venus can be seen up to about 9 pm, Jupiter up to about midnight, Saturn up to 2 am, and Mars up to 4 am. Mars has overtaken Jupiter in brightness and is now the fourth brightest heavenly body (after the Sun, Moon and Venus) up to September. This weekend of August 11-12 the Moon is fairly new and will therefore not be interfering with visibility. That interference will be left to the weather and bright city lights. Every year around August 11-12 the Perseid meteors encounter the Earth. They are called the Perseid meteors because when you see these

shooting stars they appear to emerge from the constellation Perseus, which rises not until around midnight. The next time this meteor shower will be so near a favourable New Moon will be in the year 2026. The University of Guyana Astronomical Society (UGAS) has informed me that they are going to use the 2018 opportunity to view the Perseid meteors, which are sporadic, but can average 70 meteors per minute in good visibility. So they are renting a high rooftop in Queen Street, Kitty, opposite Glow Hotel to minimise the bright city lights; and are inviting the public at a cost of $1,000 per person, $500 per child, to camp out for the events. They plan to set up 6.30 pm on Sunday August 12, and showcase their recently acquired 10-inch reflecting

telescope, while providing the opportunity for those who have their own instruments to use or demonstrate them on the planets, Andromeda and our own Milky Way galaxies, and all the interesting constellations. Early comers may be able to catch the Southern Cross and Venus before they set in the West. Knowledgeable persons should be available all night until dawn to talk night sky lore and discuss theories of the universe. I am told that refreshments can be purchased on location. So let’s pray the weather permits clear viewing. We can always wait it out in fruitful discussion and answering of questions. Alfred Bhulai Exaudi Domine justitiam Think Engine Energy Services Co.


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Friday August 10, 2018

New Demerara River Bridge study…

Patterson breached procurement laws in $148M contract award – Commission Report states

An artist’s impression of what the new bridge could look like.


slew of procure ment laws were breached when a Dutch company was awarded a $148M contract for a feasibility study for a new bridge design across the Demerara River. This is according to a recently released report from the Public Procurement Commission (PPC), which conducted an investigation of the contract award process based on a request from Opposition Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira. The PPC found that the Ministry of Public Infrastructure headed by Minister David Patterson, did not tender for the project.

In fact, the PPC indicated that the Ministry received an unsolicited proposal from LievenseCSO Engineering Contracting BV, to provide consultancy services for the bridge project. According to the PPC, Patterson, by way of a Memorandum dated November 18, 2016, made a request to Cabinet seeking consideration and approval to use funds from the Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation (DHBC). Specifically, Patterson requested funds from the company’s asphalt plant accounts to fund the feasibility study and commence a contractual arrangement with Dutch company, as of Janu-

ary 1, 2017. The PPC in its investigation found that the Minister’s request to Cabinet was not forwarded through the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB). Based on the PPC report, the submission by Patterson directly to Cabinet was in breach of the Procurement Act.“The Procurement Act and regulations make no provision for the Minister of Public Infrastructure to take a procurement request directly to Cabinet for approval of award of a contract,” the PPC report states. The PPC report points out that while Cabinet has the

right to review all procurements that exceed $15M, this review shall be done on the basis of the streamlined tender evaluation report of the ‘Authority’ which in this case is the NPTAB. There was no such report prepared by the NPTAB. Nonetheless, the PPC noted that Cabinet considered the Minister’s submission and on November 25, 2016, approved a total of $161,514,420 to be used from the DHBC asphalt plant accounts to cover the cost of the feasibility study for the new bridge. In December 2016, General Manager of the DHBC, Rawlston Adams, signed an

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson agreement with LievenseCSO Engineering Contracting BV to provide the required services. PPC found that the procurement procedure used to select the company did not meet the requirement of any of the methods described in the Procurement Act. And there is no procedure that defines how a procurement entity should deal with ‘unsolicited proposals’. LievenseCSO had submitted a 57-page final report, in which it recommended that the proposed location of Houston-Versailles was the most ideal – with a three-lane structure and moveable part to allow for ships to pass

General Manager of the DHBC, Rawlston Adams through. It was the best model, at the least cost, the consultant recommended. A number of homes will have to be removed at Houston, East Bank Demerara, with talks already started with residents. PATTERSON ORDERS TO SIGN The report stated that Adams informed the PPC that (Continued on page 11 )


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Friday August 10, 2018

No evidence Haitians trafficked…they’ve likely left for French Guiana


here is no wholesale overstaying or Trafficking in Persons (TIP) with Haitians coming to Guyana. Rather, from all indications, more than 5,000 Haitians who came to Guyana in the last five years and are not recorded as leaving, more than likely skipped via the ‘backtrack’ on Corentyne, Berbice, to Suriname, thence to French Guiana. These statements were made yesterday as Minister with responsibilities for Citizenship, Winston Felix, appeared before the Parliamentary Sector Committee on Foreign Relations. It was a sometimes testy exchange as Felix, a former police commissioner, was grilled on why Government continued to allow the Haitians into the country without ensuring they leave. The Opposition has been hinting that maybe the Haitians and other foreigners, from the region, were quietly being r e g i s t e r e d , w i t h their children in school. However, Minister Felix was adamant that the presence of the Haitians would have stuck out like a sore thumb in such a small

place like Guyana. The committee is chaired by Opposition Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira, with the other members on the Government side including Ministers Nicolette Henry and Dominic Gaskin. For the Opposition, the other members present yesterday were MPs Nigel Dharamlall and Zulficar Mustapha. Minister Felix was summoned to disclose how the Government is handling Guyanese returning home from troubled Venezuelan as well as Venezuelans who are coming here with the intention of becoming migrants. However, yesterday, the questions were largely on the presence of the Haitians. Teixeira explained that the Committee wanted to be briefed as Parliament is headed into a two-month recess. Following a June request for Felix and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge, to appear before the committee, the former had provided information on questions and signaled his willingness to do so on July 25th. However, he was engaged and did not turn up.

According to Felix, his duties kept him away. Also present yesterday were immigration officials and Deputy General Registrar, Louis Crawford. From figures provided a few weeks ago by Minister Felix, it was di sclosed that more than 44,000 Cubans e n t e r e d Guyana last year with more than 7,000 not leaving. F o r t h e y e a r, o v e r 22,000 entered but just over 6,000 were still here. Over the past five years, about 17,000 Cubans would have not departed. Haitians who did not leave since 2013 were over 5,400. Yesterday, Felix made it clear that it was not a trafficking in person situation, which is being targeted seriously by the administration. He pointed out that since back in the 1980s, Haitians have been coming here via BWIA (now Caribbean Airlines). Many slept at the Timehri airport before taking flights to Suriname via SLM, on their way to French Guiana. In fact, the current phenomenon has seen authorities alerting Guyana.

-Felix tells Parliamentary Committee

Minister Felix (at the head of the table, far left) appearing before the committee yesterday. He insisted that the recent government reports have indicated 77 TIP victims rescued for the year. The areas where TIP situations exist are well known, including at the bars. The official denied that there is any large upsurge in foreign nationals or that there is any special processing for Haitians at the airport. He called on the Opposition to provide any information that they may have. It was pointed out that there are strict procedures - spending monies requirements and others - which are well known by Haitians who are coming here. A c c o r d i n g t o MP Dharamlall, the ‘nonchalant’ attitude of the authorities of not being interested whether the Haitians departed is worrying. However, Felix pointed out that the under CARICOM free movement laws, there is little that can be done to refuse Haitians, who are now recognized under the regional

bloc. According to Minister Felix, it is difficult to pick up at the airport, the victims of trafficking. Minister Gaskin, meanwhile, queried the Opposition’s concerns. He wanted to know whether the issue was one of TIP or more of how the Haitians left. According to the Chairperson, the decision to have the minister appear had to do with news reports in recent months over an apparent ring involving personnel at the Timehri airport to traffick in Haitians, among other things. According to Minister Felix, there are several security sensitive actions that are being taken to handle the matter. In fact, there were transfers at the airport of personnel who were suspected to have been involved in facilitating the entrance of Haitians. MP Teixeira noted that Government may do well to sometimes act on information that sometimes is not

evidentiary in nature. She noted that right at the Ministry of the Presidency, there is equipment to view what is happening at the airport and determine any collaboration with immigration officials. However, Minister Felix said he would not be disclosing some of the security-sensitive operations that authorities are involved in. According to the Opposition, the questions have nothing to do with antiHaitian sentiments, but about what exactly is happening in Guyana. Minister Felix stressed that the Opposition in its line of questioning has attempted to “merge” an issue of departure by Haitians with that of trafficking in persons. There have been reported cases of police holding groups of Haitians, a situation that should not have happened, Felix said. Also present at the committee meeting was Speaker of the House, Dr. Barton Scotland.


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Friday August 10, 2018

Rich people want to become poor to cash in on the oil money


t is hard to understand what the President meant when he said that no evidential basis was presented to him for the payment of cash grants to citizens. What perhaps the President meant was that no case has yet been formally presented to him, demanding that consideration be given to utilizing part of Guyana’s anticipated oil revenues to pay cash grants to citizens. The President does not have to look far to find evidence of countries that provide their citizens with cash grants. Many oilproducing countries mail sums to their citizens in the form of cash vouchers. Some add in additional benefits such as subsidized food, petrol, housing and energy. Norway provides cash benefits for children. As does Canada. Saudi Arabia which has been cutting back on certain types of spending, still gives cash-grants to its citizens. Kuwait does the same. Libya did the same under the Gaddafi. In the United Arab Emirates, a number of services are provided to

citizens, either at subsidized rates or free. Therefore, there is no shortage of evidence of oil wealth being used to provide different types of cashbenefits to families. In Brazil, which is not a major oil producer, the Lula government had introduced conditional cash grants for parents who send their children to school. Jagdeo copied this, but gave cash grants to the parents of school children. The WPA has indicated its willingness to advocate for cash grants to be made to Guyanese when the oil revenues begin to flow. So the President is likely to receive information or a demand to this effect, so that he and his government can make provision for this suggestion. If he so desires. The WPA now seems to be limiting its suggestion to benefit only the poor and powerless. The WPA’s adjustment injects some practical problems into the cash-grant debate. First, the government will have to establish when a person can be considered poor and powerless.

This in itself presents some problems, because the main means often used for classifying someone as poor is their income. One WPA leader has already pointed out that many poor people do not pay taxes, nor work in the formal economy. How then does one then establish the income of a person who is not working within the formal economy? Second, we have a lot of persons who do not work and do not want to work. They live on remittances from abroad. Should one reward someone who is not willing to work and who if he

or she receives the cash-grant will be more inclined to work? Guyana does not have a database of the poor and powerless. Establishing such a database will present problems, because of the dishonesty which exists within our society. We also have a lot of migratory people. They work across the border in Suriname but have homes in Guyana. This is a significant number of persons, many of whom can be considered poor and powerless. There is going to be

national resistance towards the WPA’s proposal of limiting cash grants to the poor and powerless. Oil is a national resource, so the argument goes. It therefore should benefit all and not some. There will be persons who will claim that it is wrong to reward just the poor and penalize those who are rich. But when all is said and done, Guyanese must not have high expectations because Guyana, it should be recalled, signed one of the worst deals ever. The US$5000 which is being suggested as a cash

grant per household is simply not going to be available to pay to every household or even every poor household. And boy oh boy, Guyana does have a lot of poor people. And with oil money to be distributed, even some rich people will want to pretend that they are poor.


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Friday August 10, 2018


We allowed Jagdeo; we are now allowing Granger


y friend Leonard Craig is visiting Guyana from studies abroad, so I am filling him in on the depravities, immoralities, inequities, insensitivities, crudities, banalities, and stupidities that inhere in the use of power from colonial times and 52 years after Independence. I told Craig that he arrived in Guyana at a time when he can see the direct continuation of the authoritarian instinct that has been carried over from the PPP’s reign. The manifestation was the unilateral appointment of the head of the Department of Energy. As Craig was about to speak on the suitability of Dr. Mark Bynoe, I stopped him immediately to warn him that Guyanese must stop the obfuscation invented by President Granger in relation to the appointment. People are sympathetic to Dr. Bynoe and protecting his suitability for the job. The latest crusader on behalf of Bynoe is the Public Service Union (PSU). The issue is not the man, Bynoe. He did not hand-pick himself. At the moment, Dr. Bynoe has done nothing even inelegant, much less im-

proper, and commentators should stop their focus on him. President Granger perhaps met the PSU’s endorsement with glee, because that is what he wants. Granger needs more people to pledge support for the Bynoe placement, because it obfuscates his continuing embrace of the authoritarian pattern of governance in Guyana. The method used in the selection of Dr. Bynoe for what the international media, governments around the world, and the internal and external nation of Guyana consider the major industry in the future of Guyana, was downright autocratic, and it will have terrible consequences. For such an industry, the decision needs a manifestation of governance that rests on broad consultations with coalition partners, civil society and should carry advertisements worldwide. What Granger did is to strengthen the arguments of cultural bigots like the journalists at the New York Times that oil wealth will not be protected by democratic governance. Do the people of Guyana realize that in arrogating to himself the right to determine who administers the

energy sector, Granger has fired the first salvo that as president he will determine who shapes the oil industry. This type of thinking ruined the sugar industry. After President Burnham died, sugar became the sole prerogative of Presidents Hoyte, Cheddi Jagan, Janet Jagan, and Jagdeo. Arrogant governance that excluded deep and far-reaching consultations on the sugar industry caused its demise. It was always on the cards that WTO rules would have intervened to stop the European subsidy on sugar, but the downsizing of sugar was transformed into its demise by authoritarian use of power. What Granger has shown with his unilateral selection of Dr. Bynoe, is that there is no guarantee that oil wealth will be managed within a democratic framework. Granger’s decision, I am convinced, has already initiated a resurgence of pessimism among diaspora members who want to come back, capitalists who want to invest, young Guyanese who wanted to stay because Guyana will be an oil power, and the average person who sees a country forever blighted by terrible rulers.

It has been reported that the Green Paper on the Sovereign Wealth Fund centralizes power in the Ministry of Finance, meaning the fund will be a government-administered process. If that is so, then the oceans and mountains of advice Guyana got on how to manage this fund in ways that would isolate it from autocrats who love power are wasted. It is highly unlikely, almost impossible, that Granger did not see that Green Paper before it was presented to Parliament. He had to know, He knew and he agreed with the centralization process. Mr. Granger is surely and quickly showing us that he is

not interested in democratizing the use of power. I wrote a column last year, after I saw the authoritarian trend began to show its monstrous head, that God gave us a chance in 2015 and if we throw it away, he will not give us another opportunity. I have studied Granger’s use of power for three years and I have come to the conclusion from my sources that Mr. Granger is happy with the autocratic pathway. And he is insulated from criticism because he is not a corrupt ruler. It is banal, political theory for any scholar to argue that an honest Prime Minister or President cannot develop and be satisfied with the to-

Frederick Kissoon talitarian use of state power. This country watched and allowed the autocratic drift of Bharrat Jagdeo when he newly arrived at the gates of power. We are doing the exact thing with David Granger. In months to come, Krauss will return and write that Guyana and its oil wealth are doomed to die.


Soulja Bai got to get unbribable Ministers Soulja Bai mek people smile yesterday when he seh that he want an unbribable police commissioner. That is a good thing, because everybody know that people does pay bribe fuh mek some case disappear. Dem boys seh that he should want de same kind of Ministers. He got to mek sure that he Ministers wouldn’t be tempted to tek money from any and every big business, especially from Exxon. Dat type of money is a real sweetener for some people. Dem boys remember de Minister in Jagdeo government who tek a paper bag wid money from de Chinese. People see when de Chinee people go to ee office wid de paper bag, but dem didn’t know wha been inside till de rain wet de bag and de money fall out. And when somebody got money dem does attract people. When a poor man living he don’t have friends or family. People don’t know him. Suh he end up in de Palms. But leh that same man win de lotto, he gun have more friends than he can count. Family who

he didn’t know gun tun up. That is when people gun fight to carry him to dem house. Guyana in that same position. When it was poor, people never use to want to come, not even if de plane ticket was fuh free. But suddenly Guyana find oil and de whole world brucking dem foot to come. Australian, Canadian, Chinese, Americans, Malaysians, everybody want to come. And dem ain’t coming wid dem two lang hand. Dem offering to lend money. Dem ain’t wondering if Guyana can pay back, because dem intend to tek over de country by de time dem done. Soulja Bai got to learn to seh no to all dem offer. He must remember when he didn’t have, nobody was giving anything. He got to shake he head and keep he Ministers from dem people, because some of dem can tek bribe to mislead Soulja Bai just like how dem mislead him wid de Exxon contract. Talk half and create some unbribable ministers.

Jagdeo tells ExxonMobil ‘no more courtesy calls’

By Abena Rockcliffe-Campbell No longer will the Parliamentary Opposition be contented with the “informal” meetings that it has been afforded by ExxonMobil, reportedly hinged on the instruction of Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman. Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo said as much yesterday during his weekly press conference. Jagdeo told the media that he had a meeting with ExxonMobil Country Manager, Rod Henson two weeks ago. At that meeting “I indicated that I have seen Trotman telling people on the ground that Jagdeo is fully briefed, because he has directed ExxonMobil to give me regular briefings, and so I said to him (Henson) that from September, I would like the briefings to be a bit more formal.” Jagdeo said that other members of the Opposition will be included in the “formal” meetings. These members will include those who are in parliament and others “who have an interest in the sector.” The politician made it clear that questions will be asked of ExxonMobil because “we are not dummies.” The Opposition leader said that when they get an-

- Wants Govt. to stop spreading “false hope” about oil prosperity

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo swers to pressing questions from ExxonMobil, they will then share it with the public. He however acknowledged the possibility that even in the formal meetings; ExxonMobil might not be forthcoming with the information requested. “They always claim, you have to go to the government to get certain information” Jagdeo said that there are several things that “we would like to ask and then have it formally on record.” He said that the meeting held two weeks ago, “was good.” “We discussed a number of issues, the same sort of issues relating to the environment and on the Local

Content, but I would prefer this be done in a formal setting rather than a courtesy call.” Jagdeo expressed concern that “Our government has gone silent.” He said he told ExxonMobil, “We do not hear from the government, they are not telling us anything. We want to know if they are satisfied with the measures being taken to protect the environment. We want to know if they think we are prepared for an oil spill. Because, I am of the firm opinion that the burden of any oil spill must not be carried on the backs of Guyanese. The burden must be borne by the company. That is my view.”

Patterson breached procurement ... From page 7 the Board of the DHBC was not a party to the decision to use the funds approved by the Cabinet. He further informed the PPC that he ‘had not signed the contract on behalf of the DHBC, but only because he was requested to do so by the Minster of Public Infrastructure’. More worrisome, is the fact that he told the PPC that he was the designated project manager for the consultancy. Kenneth Jordan, the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary reportedly told the PPC that the consultancy project, though funded by the DHBC, was considered to be a project of the Ministry. However, the PPC report noted that the contract listed DHBC, and not the Ministry, as the client. HOW IT STARTED Initially, the Ministry advertised for the consultancy work. The closing date for this process was December 8, 2015. Some 23 foreign and local companies submitted Expressions of Interest (EOI). Among the 23 was a submission from Lievense with Econovision and Ace Consultancy An evaluation committee


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Friday August 10, 2018

appointed by NPTAB shortlisted 12 companies, which included Lievense and its partners. Requests for Proposals were then sent to the 12, but only two companies – China Railway First Group Co. Ltd. and MMM Group (Canada in association with CEMCO (Guyana) – submitted proposals by the March 15, 2016 deadline. Of the two companies, China Railway failed the technical evaluation, while MMM Group’s bid price of US$848,950 exceeded the project’s budget of

US$800,000. According to the PPC, negotiations between the Ministry and the MMM Group were unsuccessful. The Ministry subsequently informed NPTAB of its decision to annul the tender and re-scope the work with a view of retendering at a later stage. N P T B A g r a n t ed approval for the Ministry to retender the project. The project was never retendered and questions are being raised about how Minister Patterson was able to get Cabinet approval for the unsolicited proposal.

Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry sectors show improved mid-year performance - Finance Ministry According to the 2018 mid-year report of the Finance Ministry, the agriculture, fishing and forestry sectors grew by an estimated 3.4 percent. This is in spite of the sugar and rice industries contracting, by 30.6 percent and 3.8 percent, respectively. The Ministry noted that ‘other crops’, livestock and forestry industries all experienced growth over the same period, with the latter two growing by a commendable 29.1 percent and 18.1 percent, respectively. It was noted that the expansion in the forestry industry was driven by the production of logs and roundwood, which increased by 24.8 percent and 46.6 percent, respectively. This favourable

outturn was largely due to increased demand from China, India and the US, which saw exports in the first quarter of 2018 increasing by 17.1 percent. By the end of the first half, the increase was 7.9 percent, the Ministry stated. In addition to this, the Finance Ministry said that producers also expanded their output in response to local demand from both the private and public sectors. This was partly attributed to Government’s successful effort in lobbying for a hike in the CARICOM Common External Tariff on imported pine lumber, which has allowed additional market share for local lumber yards. Further to this, it was noted that growth in the for-

estry industry was also buoyed by higher plywood production, which grew by a significant 73.4 percent, with the main producer signaling the intention to maintain production above 1,000 cubic metres per month. The forestry industry is expected to continue its expansion into the second half and remains on track to at least meet its growth expectation of 8.0 percent, for 2018. However, the Finance Ministry issued a cautionary note, stating that the prolonged rainy season has resulted in a significant deterioration of hinterland roads, which poses a risk to production. Recognizing this, the Government has intervened to implement emergency maintenance works.

Former soldier gets 50 months for causing death of pedal cyclist A former member of the Guyana Defence Force was yesterday sentenced to 50 months imprisonment by a City Magistrate after he was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving. Twenty-five-year-old Jamal John, a minibus driver, of 53 Joseph Pollydore Street, Lodge, was on trial before Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. He had denied the charge which stated that on December 18, last, at Vlissengen Road, Georgetown, he drove minibus, BTT 8476, in a manner dangerous to the public, causing the death of Desmond Grandsoult. However due to the circumstance of the pedal cyclist’s death, John was never granted bail for the offence. Magistrate Latchman in handing down her ruling, yesterday, told the court that there is a dire need for a clear message to be directed (Continued on page 29)

Jamal John


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Dr. Jennifer Westford trial… “Both defendants owe an explanation to the court, the State, the government and the people of Guyana, as to where the $600 M is. The evidence cries for an explanation as to what happened to the money,” State Counsel Natasha Backer argued yesterday. Her arguments come weeks after lawyers representing former Minister of Public Service, Dr. Jennifer Westford, and her Personnel Officer, Ms. Margaret Cummings, presented extensive arguments for the multimillion-dollar simple larceny charge to be dismissed. The prosecution yesterday contended

Friday August 10, 2018

Evidence shows minister signed off, personnel officer collected $600M - Prosecution

otherwise. Dr. Westford and Ms. Cummings have denied 24 simple larceny charges which alleged that between August 2011 and April 2015, while being employed in the Public Service of Guyana, they stole $639,420,000. They are currently out of $4.8M bail each. According to court facts, Westford was employed as Minister of Public Service from 2001-2015, while her coaccused was the principal personnel officer of the Ministry. Cummings was also in charge of the Ministry’s accounts department. It was allegedly discovered that on numerous occasions Westford signed memoranda amounting to $639,420,000 and sent them to the Office of the President for approval. Approval was granted and cheques were prepared and encashed by

Ms. Margaret Cummings Bank of Guyana (BoG). The monies were requested to carry out various activities throughout the 10 administrative regions. However, personnel from the various re g i o n s w e r e contacted and denied ever receiving the cash. Investigations were carried out, but the monies were never recovered. Ye s t e r d a y w h e n t h e

Dr. Jennifer Westford

matter was called before Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman, State Counsel Natasha Backer replied to the no-case submission that was put forward by the defendants’ lawyers. The Prosecutor in her reply started off by asking the Magistrate to disregard any alleged evidence attributed to at least 10 persons, who were labeled witnesses in the matter by the defence, since those persons never testified in the trial. Responding to arguments by the attorney Dexter Todd that Dr. Jennifer Westford is not a Public Officer, and

therefore, the charges against her have no legal basis, Backer said that the charge is good in law and the defendants should be called to lead their defence. “The evidence throughout the trial shows that Westford requested via 24 memoranda, specific a m o u n t o f m o n i e s , for specific activities, for specific regions and for different periods,” Backer said. She went on to tell the court that substantial evidence then points to Cummings, who is said to have signed and collected the

$600M, and soon after the monies disappear without a trace. With all this evidence, the Prosecutor told the court, it is only right that the defendants should be called upon by the court to lead a defence in the matter. On July 31 last, the lawyers representing the defendants had told the court that the prosecution had failed to prove that the monies were stolen and that the monies were stolen by the defendants. They had told the court tha t t h e p r o s e c u t i o n brought no evidence in their case which prima facie establishes the elements of the charge of Larceny by Public Officers, and their clients should not be called upon to lead a defence. T h e d e f e n d a n t s are being represented by Senior Counsel Neil Boston and Dexter Todd, while the p r o s e c u t i o n ’s c a s e i s headed by State Counsel Natasha Backer and State Counsel Teshanna Lake. Magistrate Latchman i n s t r u c t e d D r We s t f o r d and Ms. Cummings to return to court on August 14, when she is expected to making a ruling on whether or not she thinks there is enough evidence to call upon them to lead their defence in the matter.

Friday August 10, 2018

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Strike action to meet Govt.’s ‘disrespectful’ offer to teachers By Sharmain Grainger Not only has government rejected the majority of the recommendations detailed in the salary proposal for teachers, which was negotiated by a government-appointed high-level Committee, but it has even failed to agree on a percentage increase for the years that teachers have been waiting. Public school teachers have been waiting since 2016 for their union, the Guyana Teachers’ Union [GTU], to ink a multi-year agreement with government for them to receive enhanced salary and non-salary benefits. But following an unfavourable meeting between union representatives and government officials yesterday, the long wait will end with a full-blown strike action. Following a meeting at the GTU’s Woolford Avenue, Georgetown headquarters, a decision was taken for teachers to engage two weeks of strike action. This will translate to teachers staying away from school for pre-term activities [the week before school reopens] and the first week of school [the first week of September]. “Nobody will go to school for pre-term and nobody will go to school for the first week,” GTU President, Mr. Mark Lyte, related to media operatives yesterday. Several teachers, gathered at the union’s headquarters, passionately shared their frustration with the union’s leadership, as they insisted that strike action was the only way to go, since government has failed to live up to its many promises to ensure that they too benefit from “a good life.” According to many of the teachers, not only has the government they voted into power failed them, but it has even gone as far as reducing them “the moulders of the nation” to insignificant beings. “It was this government, while in opposition, who said that teachers were important,” the GTU President reminded the gathering, as he called on the union members to decide the way forward. “We are now mandated by our members to take industrial action,” said Lyte, who noted that the union will inform the Ministry, by way of writing, of its decision. He noted that while the initial action will be for two weeks, government’s failure to reconsider its position will see the union deciding the nature of continued industrial action. “The only way this will change is if something is accepted by the union...this

situation will not change unless government says to us this is what we are offering, and we accept,” Lyte insisted. Earlier this week the union was invited to meet with Minister of Education, Ms. Nicolette Henry, who was tasked with presenting government’s position after considering the recommendations of the high-level committee. The near three-hour long meeting held at the Education Ministry’s 26 Brickdam boardroom yesterday, saw Minister Henry and several of her officers, Senior Social Protection Minister, Ms. Amna Ally, Minister within the Social Protection Ministry, Keith Scott, and several government advisers, meeting with the GTU President and members of his executive. At the meeting, the union representatives were informed that government has proposed offering teachers a “ball park figure” to facilitate an increase in salaries for all teachers based on the current salary scale. Since the expiration of a multi-year agreement at the end of 2015 which the union had inked with the previous administration, moves were made to submit a proposal to the APNU-AFC government detailing salary and non-salary benefits for teachers. In relation to the salary proposal, the union had asked for a 40 percent across the board increase for teachers for 2016; 45 percent increase for last year and 50 percent for this year and the following two years (2019-2020) for all categories of teachers. But Lyte divulged yesterday that “in terms of our salary, the government is proposing only $700 million for a payout to teachers, and that they would provide a specialist to work out how teachers will be paid.” Not only were the union representatives irked by government’s proposal to bring a ‘specialist’ on board to further negotiate a living wage for teachers, but Lyte said that it was especially disturbing when it was revealed that government was only prepared to pay teachers for 2018. In fact, the GTU President revealed that government even seems bent on significantly slashing the debunching monies owed to teachers from as far back as 2011. “The [Education Ministry’s] HR Manager indicated that $200 million was available for debunching, probably as a one-off [payment], with effect from September 2018 to July 2019,” said Lyte, as he disclosed that from the very start of the meeting,

Strike action was decided as the way forward as GTU executive members met with their membership.

Union representatives meeting with government officials.

“We noticed there were several statements made in relation to the proposal by the GTU, and upon a quick glance, we realised that several things were not offered.” Moreover, Lyte said that although the union representatives endured the lengthy meeting, the union completely rejects government’s counter offer. “Even things like clothing allowances [proposed by the union]...were rejected. As it is we are dissatisfied. We felt that the meeting did not bear any kind of fruit [because] there were no commitments really made by government as it relates to teachers’ financial position,” said Lyte. In a statement issued by the Education Ministry yesterday, it was revealed that at the conclusion of the meeting, Minister Amna Ally indicated that while the GTU’s demands are not unreasonable, consideration should be given to the economic status of the Government. Moreover, the Minister assured, “this is not the end, but rather a continuous process, in which both parties should be planning and preparing for better times.” Minister Henry, according to the Ministry’s statement, sought to reiterate that her Ministry will retain a specialist to assist in determining the percentages of increase per category of teachers. She noted too that “there are difficulties in honouring all the requests put forward by the (Continued on page 15)


Friday August 10, 2018

Kaieteur News

“No evidential basis” for cash payouts from petroleum revenues - President Granger President David Granger yesterday said there is “no evidential basis” for the suggested cash payout to households from the expected Oil and Gas revenues. Economist, Dr. Clive Thomas speaking at a recent forum said the government should consider annual cash transfers of $1Million (US$5000) to poor households. However, President Granger said he has not received a formal proposal from Dr. Thomas in this regard. “I have not considered that proposal, it is outside of the recommendations of the Sovereign Wealth Fund, the Natural Resources Fund and I don’t know that there is a precedent for it.” The Head of State reminded that a quintet of ministers and the newly appointed Head of the Department of Energy, Dr. Mark Bynoe, are advising him on matters related to the Oil and Gas sector. On Wednesday, during the 96th Sitting of the National Assembly, Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan laid the Government’s ‘Green’ pa-

President David Granger per on the Natural Resources Fund for consideration by the House. It is expected that before the year has ended, legislation will be enacted that will see the prudent management of the petroleum resources. The ‘Green’ paper presents preliminary proposals which are expected to stimulate discussions. It also details specific issues and possible courses of action in terms of policy and legislation. It also elaborates on the necessity of the establishment of a Sovereign Wealth Fund. (DPI)

Economy grows 4.5 percent - Midyear Report Finance Minister, Winston Jordan’s Midyear report has revealed that the nation’s economy grew 4.5 percent in the first half of 2018. In fact, the report which was laid in the National Assembly on Thursday notes that Guyana’s economy is estimated to have grown by 4.5 percent, comparing favourably with the revised growth rate of 2.5 percent for the first half of 2017. Correspondingly, the non-sugar growth rate is estimated to have climbed to 5.1 percent from a revised 2.8 percent. Preliminary data indicates that this growth, for the first half of 2018, was more broad-based than the previous year, with robust performances in agriculture, fishing and forestry, of 3.4 percent; services, of 8.2 percent; and construction, of 13.4 percent. The Mid-year Report also states that the significant increase in the construction sector was evidenced by higher building imports by

Finance Minister, Winston Jordan 24.7 percent, supported by the increased pace of execution of the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP),which rose by 3.9 percentage points above the previous half year. The document notes, too, that private sector investments also improved, with, for example, real estate mortgages rising by 5.0 percent at the end of the review period, compared to 4.1 percent at the previous half year.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

Friday August 10, 2018

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Unoccupied Enmore house goes up in flames

The charred remains of the Enmore property A fire that began around 21:15 hrs on Wednesday at First Street, Beezie, Enmore, East Coast Demerara, has completely destroyed an unoccupied house, and has left residents in that neighbourhood calling for a thorough investigation into what really transpired. A neighbour, ‘Sir Deoraj’, said h e w a s w a t c h i n g cricket when other neighbours came shouting for fire, he immediately ventured out and noticed the property adjacent to his house on fire. The house was totally engulfed on the eastern side at this time. The man said calls were made to the fire service, while residents formed a bucket brigade and started to soak his house and others in close proximity of the lot 184

property. ‘Sir Deoraj’ said the first fire tender to respond was one from Guysuco, but unfortunately that did not provide much help, since it came without water. Then the Guyana Fire Service responded with two fire tenders, only one of which had water, making the assistance they offered very limited. ‘Sir Deoraj’ said he was very disappointed in the response by the emergency services. The man opined that if it weren’t for the cooperation of the residents of the community, his house might have gone up in flames too. He was thankful to his fellow neighbours for their acts of kindness. The man said he begged the firemen to ensure all the flames were completely extin-

guished, but this apparently fell on deaf ears, as the flames managed to rekindle around 00:30 hrs on Thursday, and had to be quelled by another bucket brigade formed by residents. ‘Sir Deoraj’ was baffled as to how such a tragedy could occur, when the house was unoccupied and did not have any electricity supply. He told this publication that the property belonged to a woman he only knew as Subagie, an 82--year -old who resides in Canada. Another neighbour has since attempted to make contact with the owner in Canada Neighbours are also claiming that “a lot of junkies” would hang around the front of the property, and suspect one of them might have been the cause of the blaze.

Strike action to meet Govt.’s... (From page 13) Guyana Teachers’ Union”, but implored the Union representatives to “be responsible enough to ensure that as many as possible, if not all, benefits from the new approach be carefully considered and accepted”. “It was agreed that both teams will carefully consider what was discussed at the meeting and agree to a date for further discussions at the earliest possible time. The Ministry has listened attentively to the Guyana Teachers’ Union and expressed hope that the union equally pays close attention to the counterproposal offered,” the Ministry’s statement outlined. Even as the meeting went on inside, teachers, many shaded by umbrellas, gathered in their numbers outside waiting to hear from their union leaders.

Shortly after she sat with other executive members to hear from the membership, GTU First Vice President, Ms. Leslyn Collins, weighed in on the move by government, which she described as nothing short of disrespectful to teachers. As she considered the lengthy wait that teachers were subjected to, Collins said, “We knew all along they were using delaying tactics. Some of the things we are asking for we were promised by this government when they

were in opposition. They promised us!” “This is frustrating! Why our teachers got to live like that? Our teachers got to live from month to month. If our teachers go to the bank, the bank is saying ‘we can’t afford to give you a loan because you can’t afford to pay’. Many teachers, when you see your students passing, you run in your house because you are ashamed of where you live,” said an especially incensed Collins.



Friday August 10, 2018

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Pegasus did not breach fire safety regulations - owner Proprietor of the Pegasus Hotel, Robert Badal has debunked claims that the hotel breached any safety regulation when a fire erupted on Sunday. In a statement issued yesterday, Badal refuted reports by certain sections of the media, in which claims were made by purported guests of the hotel. He pointed specifically to the account by one guest purportedly a pastor who reportedly had to evacuate his family from a higher floor while chains were on the emergency exit doors. This, the hotel owner claimed is totally false. “We put all families on the same floor and there is no record of that Pastor being a guest. We have footage of the guests of the hotel on that night.” Badal noted that the headlines in one newspaper which suggested that the Guyana Tourism Authority is investigating Pegasus Hotel, and in another, which stated the Fire Department were removing locks from exit doors following the incident, has scared clients and potential clients of the hotel. The headlines, he noted, were publicized all over the world and a few guests, who arrived at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, were even under the impression that the Pegasus had been completely destroyed by fire. Badal noted that obviously this is not the case, since “the Pegasus has a long history of safety and security of our guests and customers”. “Our latest model fire re-

Owner of the Pegasus, Robert Badal sponse performs well; all our fire extinguishers were fully charged. The management and staff of the hotel were professional and up to the task at the time of the incident. By the time the fire department arrived, the blaze was already extinguished and evacuations were near complete. At no time was fire officers required to evacuate anyone. Guests returned to their rooms shortly afterwards,” Badal reassured. According to Badal, at around 10:30pm last Sunday, a small fire ignited on a fryer in the kitchen area of the Pegasus Hotel. The fire was extinguished within ten minutes by hotel staff as the smoke alarm triggered emergency response, but residual smoke entered the lobby and a few other areas which caused anxieties and inconveniences to some of the guests.

Govt. achieves highest implementation rate of public projects in five years After months of issues, the Government has finally been able to improve the implementation rate of its Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP). The Finance Ministry has noted that for the first half of 2018, the PSIP expended $19.0 billion, reflecting a 20.0 percent increase, over the comparable period, in 2017. This represents an overall implementation rate of 31.8 percent of the budgeted allocation of $59.7 billion, the highest half-year implementation rate in the last five years. While challenges persist within the tender process, the Ministry said that evidence suggests that sensitization clinics, held with Budget Agencies, during 2018, to mainstream procurement plan-

ning and assist agencies with the preparation of procurement plans, have positively impacted this half year performance. The Ministry said, too, that there has been a 30.0 percent improvement in the performance of the locallyfunded portfolio, compared to similar period in 2017. Further, the general improvement in turnaround times in the tender process has contributed to improved implementation. As at the half year, more than $23.8 billion of the local PSIP projects were awarded. Further to this, the Finance Ministry said that the implementation rate of the foreign-funded portfolio of investments was 25.3 percent of the budgeted sum of $27.3 (Continued on page 27)


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Friday August 10, 2018

Foot and mouth disease… Team dispatched to Venezuela border area to prevent animal importation The Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA) is on high alert for foot and mouth and other vesicular diseases following confirmed cases in Venezuela. Head of GLDA’s Animal Health Unit, Dr. Colbert Bowen says following confirmation of the disease’s presence by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), the Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA) has dispatched a team to Region One, Guyana’s closest border region with Venezuela, to prevent the importation of animals and animal products, which aid in the transmission of the disease, according to a Government release on Wednesday.“We have sent in a few officers there led by one of our veterinarians and they are presently on the ground in Region One, specifically in the Mabaruma because of the influx and movement of people from Venezuela. Because of the situation in Venezuela, there is always the threat of somebody wanting to bring over a live animal or some sort of meat from those animals that are affected to Guyana. So, it was necessary for us to mount a monitoring surveillance operation in those areas so that we could reduce the probability of somebody bringing those animals and products into Guyana,” Dr. Bowen said.The veterinary doctor advises that should the symptoms of vesicular diseases be observed among cattle, swine, goat and sheep or other split-hooved animals immediate contact should be made with GLDA on the telephone number 220-6557.“A vesicle is basically what we call a boil. So, you might find a boil in the mouth of the animal, drooling and when you look at it you might find them off feed. Secondly in going with the name foot and mouth disease it affects the hoof of animals, so you’ll find just above the hoof of the animal the same raised boils and separation of the hoof on the animals. The animals might be off feed, might be drooling, you’re going to see them limping, lameness in the animals,” he explained. According to Dr. Bowen, of the various animals affected, swine are more severely affected in terms of lameness. There’s a clear sign of separation of hoof in swine while cattle show separation of hoof, lameness and them being affected with vesicles in the mouth. However, in sheep and goat, the signs and symptoms are not so clear.Vesicular disease is a general term referring to diseases that cause blisters on various body parts of livestock and, in some cases, humans. Included in this category are Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD); Vesicular Stomatitis (VS); Swine Vesicular Disease (SVD); and Vesicular Exanthema of Swine (VES). Foot and mouth disease is considered the most devastating of them because of its rate of transmission and the capacity to wipe out large herds in a short period leaving economic despair in its aftermath. Guyana has been deemed free from foot and mouth disease without vaccination. This makes it easier for the country to trade in animals and animal products internationally. In order to maintain this status, the GLDA in collaboration with other local and international agencies earlier this year held a simulation exercise to demonstrate its readiness to deal with any such outbreaks. The exercise received high marks for its state of readiness.

Friday August 10, 2018

Two nabbed with gun after car chase ends in crash

The crashed vehicle and firearm

A car chase involving the police and two men ended in Lyng Street, Charlestown yesterday, with the civilians crashing their vehicle and being arrested with an unlicenced gun.A release stated that a police mobile patrol was in Charlestown at around 11:30hrs when they observed suspicious movement of motor car PWW149. The vehicle was being driven by a “known character”, with a male seated in the back.“As the patrol approached the vehicle in the vicinity of Russell and Howes Street, the ranks

signaled the driver to stop but instead he accelerated and crashed into a post, on Lyng Street, Charlestown,” police said. “The occupants were ordered to exit the vehicle and during that process, the driver dropped a firearm which was immediately retrieved and found to be a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver with a live round in its chamber.” The 38-year-old driver of West Ruimveldt and his 20-yearold unemployed resident of Campbellville Housing Scheme are in custody and the vehicle impounded.

Jordan opposed to direct cash transfers of oil money to ... From page 21 and in a transparent manner. It is a necessary discussion, but please bear in mind there are variants of this cash transfer mechanism. Just do a little research.” The Parliamentarian noted that indeed, the mechanism has been known to be a victim of corruption. He stressed, however, that this does not mean the country should be opposed to trying it. Trotman said, “We have doubted ourselves for 50 years and this is my 20th year in Parliament. Since that time, I


Kaieteur News

have noticed that we found every reason to doubt ourselves and castigate ourselves and pull ourselves down… We tend to believe that only when someone comes from a different country and tells us something it is right. Unless you try you won't know.”The AFC Leader said that indeed there would be a need to have the necessary expertise on the matter, but he stressed that Guyanese need to take control of their own destiny and begin the discussion and process of the fair distribution of wealth.

Former Mayor Ranwell Jordan passes away Former Mayor of Georgetown and city Councillor Ranwell Jordan passed away yesterday. According to a statement issued by City Hall, Jordan served the City for more than 21 years with immense knowledge and fervor. He was sworn in as a Councillor on September 5, 1994, at the Georgetown Municipality. During his tenure he served on the International Relations Committee and the City Works Committee. He was elected to serve as Mayor of Georgetown between 1995 and 1996, and was Council’s representative on the Central Housing and Planning Authority Board and the Guyana Cricket Board. City Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green said that councillors and officers of Georgetown City Council were deeply saddened to learn of the sudden passing

Former Mayor Ranwell Jordan of former councillor and Mayor. “Georgetown has lost a true son of the soil. We salute his commitment to local government reform and local democracy.”

Govt. achieves highest... From page 16 billion, an improved performance when compared to the $6.5 billion spent in the comparable period, in 2017. Government said that it remains committed to delivering the PSIP, of $59.7 billion, supported by rigorous monitoring of all PSIP projects. In the second half, the Finance Ministry said that greater emphasis will be placed on accelerated implementation of the foreign-funded portfolio of investments.


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Friday August 10, 2018

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Friday August 10, 2018

Former soldier gets 50.. From page 11 at the preservation of Guyana’s human resource. This message, she said, must be sent by the courts. John’s lawyer, Melville Duke had made a no-case submission on his client’s behalf, on the grounds that the prosecution failed to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt. He added that the prosecution was unable to prove that his client drove dangerously, and that Grandsoult died as a result. Police Prosecutor Shawn Gonsalves on the other hand informed the court that a prima facie case was made out against John, since the prosecution was able to prove all the essential elements of the case. The Prosecutor added that Grandsoult died as a result of John’s negligence, and that he (John) had not taken enough due care and attention. Magistrate Latchman in her ruling said that after looking at the entirety of the evidence, she is of the opinion that John at the time was not paying attention to the road. She added that she believed the evidence of the prosecution witnesses and their evidence was not discredited, hence she found John guilty of the offence. Magistrate Latchman told the court that she took into consideration that John was going at a fast rate on a busy road. She went on to tell

the court that he failed to exercise the five C’s of driving care, caution, commonsense, courtesy and consideration. She also took into consideration that Grandsoult received a fractured skull and all the ribs on his right side were fractured as a result of the accident. She concluded by telling the court that John was part of a disciplinary organization, but failed to r e n d e r assistance to the now dead man; hence she sentenced him to 50 months imprisonment. According to information, the minibus was proceeding south along Vlissengen Road at a fast rate while the pedal cyclist (Grandsoult) was proceeding in the same direction, in front of the minibus. Grandsoult then attempted to cross the road from east to west when the accident occurred. The police in a statement said that the left front of the minibus collided with the rear of the pedal cycle which resulted in Grandsoult falling on the roadway, causing the minibus to run over his body. The driver then swerved into the trench. Grandsoult was picked up in an unconscious condition and taken to the Georgetown Hospital where he was admitted to the High Dependency Unit. He eventually succumbed to his i n j u r i e s .



Friday August 10, 2018

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Friday August 10, 2018

Laboratory professionals benefiting from strategic training Eighteen professionals from primarily public testing laboratories in Guyana are currently benefiting from a five-day training course on the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Standard -General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. This training course, which is being held at the Guyana National Bureau of Standards, Sophia Exhibition Complex concludes today. The forum has been geared to enhance the competency of professionals within Public Testing Laboratories. It is an initiative of government, through the Ministry of Business to build capacity within local laboratories to achieve the goal of establishing a network of competent and accredited laboratories in Guyana. A n a l y t i c a l , environmental, food and calibration laboratories responsible for the development and implementation of the laboratory management system are represented at the training. Participating organisations include: the Guyana National Bureau of

Standards, Guyana Forensic Laboratory, ACTLABS, Livestock Development Authority, Institute of Applied Science and Technology, Food and Drug Analyst Department, Veterinary Public Health Unit, Fisheries Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Public Works Materials Laboratory, Guyana Rice Development Board, University of Guyana, GUYSUCO and the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission. The facilitator is Ms. Maxine Campbell of Maxine Campbell and Associates Ltd, Jamaica. From the training, participants should understand the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard; develop the relevant documentation such as manuals, policies, procedures and work instructions; and conduct internal audits within their respective laboratories. Ultimately, the testing and calibration needs of industry will be satisfied through services offered by public laboratories that are accredited to the international standard.

A training session in progress

F u r t h e r, r e l i a b l e a n d recognised testing services are critical for the export of locally manufactured products. Government, through the Ministry of Business, and supported by the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB), is implementing a programme for improving the National Quality Infrastructure in Guyana (NQI). The programme’s main objective is to support the economic diversification and exports through the enhancement of the NQI and through a National Export and Investment Promotion Strategy.

Stabroek Market jewellery heist…

Trio granted $1.5 M bail each

Albert De Freitas


Kaieteur News

Clifford Rodney

Three men who were accused of breaking into the Stabroek Market jewellery store of L. Seepersaud Maraj and Sons and carting off $22M in gold and diamond jewellery were yesterday granted bail by Senior Magistrate Fabayo Azore in the sum of $1.5M each and will return on September 20 for commencement of trial. The men, 66-year-old, Clifford Rodney of 265 One Mile Wismar, Linden; 55-year-old, Albert De Freitas of 100 Leopold Street, Werken-rust and 31-year-old, Trayon Parks, of 107 Eccles, East Bank Demerara, were previously denied bail on two occasions by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan It is alleged that between July 2 and July 3 last, at Stabroek Market, they broke and entered the jewellery store of L. Seepersaud Maraj and stole a quantity of gold and diamond jewellery valued $22M. Rodney, De Freitas and Parks were represented by Attorneys-at-law Pamela DaSantos, Kenzia Williams and Adrian Thompson respectively. Their attorneys had pleaded to the

Trayon Parks

court to grant their clients bail, citing that their clients were beaten repeatedly to confess to the burglary. The lawyers said they were told by their clients that officers had placed black plastic bags over their (the men’s) heads and subjected them to electric shocks. The court further heard that the accused were repeatedly struck on the testicles. Prosecutor Neville Jeffers indicated that the defendants should be remanded, citing the serious nature of the offence and the value of the stolen articles. He added that all three men have matters of similar nature in the courts and if bail is granted that they would not return. The Prosecutor also stated that the defendants admitted in a recorded interview to cutting open the safe and removing the articles. Prosecutor Jeffers went on to tell the court that CCTV footage showed the three men entering the Sleep Inn Hotel. He stated that it was there that they divided the jewellery.


Friday August 10, 2018

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Hero CPL T20 Cricket: Hetymer fires Warriors to victory over... From page 38 contest began 15 minutes late because a set of the floodlights came on after the others and the Warriors, who left Bishoo, Permaul, Primus and Singh out, invited the Patriots to

bat on a slow track. Gayle flicked the first ball of the match from Sohail Tanvir for four. Green, who opened the bowling, conceded just a single to Gayle after the first delivery went for four

leg byes. While the 38-year-old Gayle seemed intent on running quick singles, Evin Lewis looked out of sorts and was soon bowled for one with a perfect arm-ball from Green at 15-1 to bring Australian Tom Copper to join his Skipper. Gayle drove Tanveer powerfully past mid-off for his second boundary and was already looking ominous. Leg-spinner Imran Tahir was introduced and at the end of the powerplay six overs, the patriots were 32-1 while Paul greeted Gayle with a bouncer with his first ball. Gayle dumped Tahir over on for six before Copper, with a reversed swept b o u n d a r y, a n d G a y l e ’s

Friday August 10, 2018 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) A group with which you're affiliated may be temporarily torn apart by quarrels among its members, Aries. It's best to stay out of it. A friend could be having trouble and come to you for advice and help. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) Changes taking place in your home could cause some temporary frustration tense nerves on the part of family members, Taurus. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Miscommunication with someone from far away could lead to bruised egos, heightened emotions, and angry phone calls. It's best not to get drawn into a quarrel. CANCER(June21–July22) Your talents as a psychologist could be put to work today when misunderstandings arise. Your companions aren't likely to be thinking straight and may not respond to reassurance, Cancer. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Someone who interests you could seem to be showing interest in someone else. This might arouse your insecurities and cause a bit of jealousy. Don't make yourself crazy. All may not be as it seems. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Someone is keeping secrets from you. We all have private issues, Virgo, but this situation affects you. Your intuition will probably tell you who the person is. Try to get them to open up without exerting pressure.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Circumstances beyond your control might get in the way of attending a group event. This could cause some disappointment for you and others, Libra. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) A female visitor who needs some sympathy could come around today. She may want advice on some problems, but she could also bring information, possibly involving new scientific or metaphysical studies SAGIT(Nov.22–Dec.21) Some important plans, perhaps involving a vacation or education, could be temporarily blocked by circumstances beyond your control CAPRI(Dec.22–Jan.19) A letter or call could arrive today bringing upsetting news about money, Capricorn. Your first reaction might be to blame yourself or someone else, but the circumstances are probably beyond anyone's control. AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) Jealousy could rear its ugly head today, Aquarius. This could involve a romantic relationship. Jealousy is often groundless, so avoid it by doing some communicating. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) Nervous tension could cause a temporary malaise that keeps your energy very low today. But there are tasks that need to be done, so you'll probably try to do them in spite of the way you feel.

consecutive sixes spoiledGreen’s spell as he conceded 19 in his last over. Copper was dropped on 12 by Rutherford at long-on off Rayed Emrit before Copper (15) played around an inswinger from Paul and was trapped LBW at 76-2 in 11.1 after the first 10 overs produced 71 runs. Ben Cutting joined Gayle who reached his 71stT20 fifty before edging Emrit for a fortuitous boundary to move to 54 A

six from Gayle off Tahir took the score to 97-2 after 15 overs before sixes from both Cutting and Gayle in the next over off Emrit saw the 100 posted in the 16th over which cost 13 runs. Cutting clobbered Taveer for six before the 33year-old Pakistani was bowled off the next ball to leave the score on 119-3 while Gayle flicked Emrit disdainfully and hit him down the ground for boundaries to gallop to 85.

Rutherford took a stupendous catch by running in from deep cover and diving full length forward off Tahir with Gayle 14 short off his 22nd T20 ton to leave the Patriots on 134-4 in the penultimate over before another ‘blinder’ from Rutherford in the last over accounted for Anton Devcich (9) to give Paul his second scalp, restricting the Patriots to under 150. The Warriors next play St Lucian Stars tomorrow from 16:00hrs.

Giddings and Samaroo cops major... From page 33 Latchman, Erva Giddings, Dian Prahalad, Chris Harry, Sherica Campbelle, Ricardo Ramdehol, Trevon Stanislaus, Gourav Ramesh, Rampertab Ramnauth, Jeremy Sandia, Mahendra Gopilall and Doorsammy Mahadeo. Five of the cricketers were selected by the Coaches to receive cricket bats from the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club Patron’s Fund as part of the Club’s Celebration of President David Granger’s 73rd Birthday. The other players receiving awards were Best Bats-

Lady Jags defeat... From page 37 conceded another towards the end of the first half to end the half down 2-1. The coaching staff made some adjustments in the second half that saw the Junior Lady Jags begin to take control of the play. We won a penalty kick that was neatly taken by Jenea Knight to tie the game at 2-2. The Junior Lady Jags never gave up on the game and were rewarded with the victory for their tireless work.” The starting lineup for yesterday’s match was: Ludesha Reynolds (GK), Aliea Moses, Hasha Holder, Jenea Knight, Samantha Banfield, Shacaylah Williams (C), Jalade Trim, Shamya Daniels, Kersti Thomas, Ashaya Doobay and Allianna Holder. Meanwhile, The Under-14 Boys taking part in the CFU 2018 Boys’ U14 Challenge Series in Curacao, lost to the host nation 0-4 at the Ergilio Hato Stadium on Wednesday, their second loss in as many matches after going down to Trinidad and Tobago, 0-8 in their opening match. The young Golden Jaguars will play Bonaire today from 18:00hrs and clash with Aruba on Sunday from 16:00hrs.

man - Ricardo Ramdehol, Best Bowler -Doorsammy Mahadeo, Most Disciplined - Zeymul Ramsammy and Most Committed - Ramnauth Rampertab.

The five cricketers selected to receive cricket bats were Isaiah Thorne, Ricardo Ramdehol, Niraj Singh, Sarwan Chaitnarine and Ramnauth Rampertab.

Friday August 10, 2018

Trophy Stall/BVA Beach Pairs competitions successful The Berbice Volleyball Association (BVA) in collaboration with the Trophy Stall of Bourda Market recently hosted two Beach competitions for Pairs in the Ancient County at the No. 63 Beach, Corentyne. The competitions which were contested in three categories (seniors, novices, females) were held in preparation to select players to participate in overseas competitions later this year. The first competition saw 10 senior males, five novices and four female pairs participating. Emerging as the winner in the senior male category were Luen David and Ray Moore who defeated Tyrone Farley and Jamalodeen 21-19 in a close encounter. The winning pair among the females was Krystal Paddy and Philana Simpson who served their way past Amesha Mohabir and Aaliyah Mohabir 21-20 in another closely fought match. Vickash Seenauth and David Etwaroo were the winners in the novices’ category. The second tournament which was held on August 1st saw seven senior male pairs and four novices participating. The senior male winners are Ravi Rampartab and Andy Rohoman. They won 21-16 from Tyrone Farley and Roy Jamalodeen while in the novice category the same pair of Vickash Seenauth and David Etwaroo emerged winners, again. Trophies and prizes were also donated by Shabeer Baksh of Blairmont Community Center and the BVA. The games had to be played at a lesser points system due to the tide. (Samuel Whyte)

BCB/Dr. Tulsi Dyal Singh Academy ends

Giddings and Samaroo cops major awards

Erva Giddings receives her award from the four Coaches. The outstanding female players receiving their trophies. The Male category winners being rewarded by BVA President, Levi Nedd.

World Championship bound Carlos Petterson pays courtesy call on Fitness Express Carlos ‘The Accomplisher’ Petterson, just off his gold medal exploits at the just concluded 16th Annual IPF/ NAPF North American Regional Powerlifting Championship in Mexico City took time out after returning home to visit his main sponsor, Fitness Express, located at John and Sheriff Streets, Campbellville. Petterson, who won gold medals in the Men’s Raw Open 93kg and Men’s Equipped Open divisions took the opportunity to extend gratitude to Manager of Fitness Express, Jamie Mc Donald for his continued support which has continued to give him {Petterson}the necessary fuel to excel. McDonald in return congratulated Petterson for his exploits and for qualifying for the Equipped World Champi-


Kaieteur News

Petterson and Mc Donald display the silverware won by the Guyanese strongman in Mexico.

The Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) organised Dr. Tulsi Dyal Singh Academy concluded last Sunday at the Area ‘H’ Ground with a total of 85 students participating during the four day activity. The Academy was conducted by Level III Coach Winston Smith with assistance from Balram Samaroo, Neil Rudder and Lakeram Latchman. West Indies female pacer Erva Giddings was named player of the Academy while National Junior player Mariam Samaroo was named Best Female player. They each received a cricket bat and trophy, compliments of the Patron’s Fund of Guyana’s leading youth and sports club, the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS. Head Coach Winston Smith described the well attended Academy as a total success and praised the attitude and discipline of the young players who were drawn from across the Ancient County. He noted that the Coaches had observed that every one of the attendees were fully focused and had shown tremendous improvements in every area of the game. Special emphasis was placed on batting, fast bowling, wicket-keeping, spin bowling and physical fitness while a lot of off field activities were also held to improve the knowledge of the game, its Laws, structure and history. Smith, on behalf of the other Coaches expressed gratitude to the BCB for its investment in youth development and told the players that Berbice was privileged to have such a visionary President, who is very passionate and caring. President Hilbert Foster in remarks stated that no other Cricket board in Guyana invests in its young players like the BCB. Foster stated that

since his election in February, hundreds of youths have benefitted from constant training and coaching. He advised the young players to go back to their clubs and to put into practice, what they have learnt. He also urged them to do regular research, so that they can become students of the game. Leaders like Clive Lloyd, Sir Frank Worrell, Ian Chappel, Imran Khan, Mike Bearley, he stated were students of cricket and as such were able to think on their feet. Students were also encouraged to Say No to Drugs, Suicide, Alcohol, Tobacco, Crime and to embrace Education, Discipline, Hard work and Honesty. He reassured the young cricketers and members of the Berbice Female Cricket Team that as long as he remained President they would be the main priority and that everyone of them would be given an equal opportunity to excel despite their creed, gender, club or racial background. Foster also expressed gratitude to sponsor Dr. Tulsi Dyal Singh for making the Academy possible and stated that since his election, Dr. Singh has invested over $1M into the development of cricket talent in Berbice and is also sponsoring early preparation for Berbice teams for 2019 season. Special praise was also extended to Berbice Cricket Board overseas Liaison Officer Oscar Ramjeet who has single handedly assisted to garner over $2.5M from overseas donors. The BCB would also like to express gratitude to the Patron’s Fund of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club for donating all the prizes, distilled water and cricket balls for the Cricket Academy. Among the cricketers attending the Academy were Zeymul Ramsammy, Vettori (Continued on page 32)


Friday August 10, 2018

Kaieteur News

King of the Strip 3

GFF Elite League Season III

Palm Court and Electronics City join list of sponsors; Barbados confirmed

Western Tigers looking to bounce back against Buxton; double-header at Leonora tonight After their shock defeat to 10-man Guyana Defence Force Football Club (GDF FC) on Sunday night last, fourth placed Western Tigers will be hoping that their 4-2 defeat at the hands of the defending champions will be their first and last of the season as they look to bounce back against Buxton United in tonight’s feature Elite League match at the National Track and Field Center (NTFC), Leonora. The Tigers, coached by Calvin ‘Flu’ Allen and captained by Daniel Wilson who will be part of the Train & Play camp in Brazil, had high hopes of winning the Guyana Football Federation’s (GFF) Elite League title in their debut year but after leading

2-0 during the first half, they self destructed to lose by two clear goals to the GDF, blowing the title race wide open in the process. The Ruimveldt based club that recently benefitted from the National Sports Commission’s (NSC) light up project, will be up against a confident Buxton United FC that defeated Cougars FC 2-0 also on Sunday night. Buxton

United, currently in sixth place have nothing to prove and will be going all out to move into the top half of the 10-team league. Tonight’s opening game will kick off at 19:00hrs and will involve seventh place Milerock FC of Linden and ninth place Cougars FC of Berbice. In the updated league table, Fruta Conquerors remain top with 32 points ahead of second place Den Amstel FC on goal difference followed by the GDF with 30 points, Western Tigers fourth with 27, Victoria Kings 22, Buxton 19, Milerock 10, Ann’s Grove United six points, Cougars FC four points and New Amsterdam United last with four points.

Sasha Lewis (right) of Palm Court hands over sponsorship to GMR&SC’s Surica Singh. Once again, Palm Court have thrown its support behind motor racing locally, this time being one of the major sponsors for the upcoming ‘King of the Strip’ (KOTS) 3 International Drags event which will speed off at the South Dakota Circuit, Timehri on August 26. Also signing on to the premier Drag Race Meet that is organised by the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMRSC) are cellular phone retailers, Electronics City and Trans Pacific Auto Sales and Spares. GMRSC’s President Rameez Mohamed reminded

of the companies’ usual willingness to support motorsports locally. “Palm Court, Electronics City and Trans Pacific are two companies that are always ready to rally behind motor racing. They usually help in whatever way they can and this time around, it’s a big effort from both of them.” Their support will go directly into plans for August 26th event, some of which will feature work on the launch pad which commenced last week and is expected to be completed before race day”, Mohamed further noted.

Mohamed, contended that this is what the club has been working on from the beginning of this year, getting international competition. He noted that, “Earlier this year, I went to a drag meet in Trinidad to try and solicit competition for our local guys to foster a better drag meet and also put on a better show for Guyanese,” and that move has now resulted in several Trinidadian competitors, Barbadian, Surinamese and now even Grenadians showing keen interest in the much buzzed about KOTS drag series.

Demerara Cricket Club Youth Camp orientation on today The Demerara Cricket Club (DCC) will be holding a Camp Orientation Meeting at 17:30hrs today at the DCC Pavilion, Lance Gibbs and New Garden Streets, Queenstown. The objective of this meeting is to brief participants and their parents on the DCC Youth Cricket Camp’s guidelines, objectives and expectations. It will also allow those who have not yet registered to do so. The Orientation Meeting seeks to ensure the smooth

running of the DCC Youth Cricket Camp which is set to begin at 9:00hrs on Monday with a brief opening ceremony at the Club ground. The Camp will be conducted over ten days, Monday to Friday, until the 24th August, beginning at 09:00hrs and conclude at 15:30hrs, daily. The programme of the camp will involve classroom sessions, lectures by a variety of expert presenters, cricket and fitness drills, game simulations and matches.

A significant number of players who attended the DCC Summer Youth Camp over the years have gone on to represent Guyana and West Indies at the youth level and some at the senior level. This camp aims to build on that custom by identifying talented players and teaching them the fundamentals of the game with the hope that they will go on to become future national and West Indies players in the tradition of the Legends the club has produced over the years.

Barbados and Jamaica romp to easy victories Kingstown, St Vincent, CMC – Both Barbados and Jamaica expectedly recorded comfortable victories against the Leeward and Windward Islands respectively on the final day of play in the second round of matches in the Regional Under-19 Championship here yesterday. Entering the final day at Park Hill Playing Field on 10 for three and requiring another 239 runs for an unlikely victory, the Leewards were dismissed for 158. Mikyle Louis and Jemuel Cabey both stroked half-centuries to lead a fightback in the morning session to give the Leewards hope, adding 88 runs for the fourth wicket. Louis was the more aggressive, stroking 56 from 64 balls with three boundaries and four sixes, while Cabey’s patient 55 came from 128 balls and contained three boundaries and one four. But once the partnership was broken by Kadeem Alleyne, who accounted for the wicket of Louis, the end came swift for the Leewards.

Camarie Boyce then struck three times in quick succession to leave them tottering on 144-7, before first innings hero Joshua Bishop returned to wrap up the lower order. Boyce was the top bowler, finishing with 4-45, while top-order wrecker Matthew Forde snared 3-21 and Boyce 2-22, to finish with match figures of 11-92. Barring a sensational collapse Jamaica was expected to complete an easy win over the Windwards, having entered the final day needing just 33 more runs with eight wickets intact. Resuming from their overnight score of 13 for two, Jamaica found themselves in a bit of bother when they lost the wicket of opener Kirk McKenzie with the score on 20. However, Andre McCarthy who scored an unbeaten 21 and Carlos Brown (12 not out) carried their team to safety with no further surprises to end on 47-3. Scores: At Park Hill Playing Field: Barbados won by 91 runs. BARBADOS 249 (Mat-

thew Forde 45, Nyeem Young 44, Shian Brathwaite 32, Kilano Brathwaite 26; Elroy Francis 4-56, Mikyle Louis 244, Zawandi White 2-52) and 239 (Antonio Morris 49, Kadeem Alleyne 37, Nico Reifer 30, Kilano Brathwaite 29, Nyeem Young 28; Elroy Francis 4-73, Mikyle Louis 242, Uri Smith 2-47) LEEWARD ISLANDS 239 (Joshua Grant 89 not out, Mikyle Louis 59, Javin Spencer 34; Joshua Bishop 9-70) and 158 (Mikyle Louis 56, Jemuel Cabey 55; Camarie Boyce 4-45, Matthew Forde 3-31, Joshua Bishop 2-22) At Arnos Vale Playing Field: Jamaica won by seven wickets. WINDWARD ISLANDS 184 (Tahj Tavernier 53, Mica Joseph 34, Johnel Eugene 29, Kimani Melius 25; Sanjay Brown 3-12, Raewin Senior 345, Andre McCarthy 2-40) and 125 (Kimani Melius 43, Jahseon Alexander 31; Sanjay Brown 5-17, Raewin Senior 344) JAMAICA 263 (Bryan Brown 73, Ricardo McIntosh 64, Kirk McKenzie 33; Rayan Williams 3-39, Simeon Gerson 3-75) and 47 for three.

Friday August 10, 2018


Kaieteur News

ASK-G hosts successful Grading Exams, 109 students participate Participants of the ASK-Guyana karate examinations pose with Instructors among others following the presentation.

The Association do Shotokan Karate – Guyana (ASK-Guyana) on Sunday last hosted another high level and successful karate examinations at the YMCA, Thomas Lands which was conducted by head of the IKD, 9th Dan Shuseki Shihan, Frank Woon-A-Tai. Some 109 students of the ASK-G participated and were urged on by their parents and well wishers. According to a release from ASK-Guyana, tensions were high with some students being well hyped up while others were very nervous and the little ones anxious to participate and pass their exams. Following eth exams, presentations for past successful Dan ranks were done by Shuseki ShianWoon-A-Tai. KYU Promotions: (with

outstanding students in bold) 11 t o Ye l l o w B e l t Yuvraj Beharry / Ethan Rosine / Saskia Dyasindoo / Giada Agdomar / Ajit Dehaan / Tyrese Gittens / Saif Tulla/Keith Williams / Bethany Agdomar / Xavier Lambert / Elijah Rosine. 16 to Orange Belt Kyra Soares / Amit Prasad / Junxi Yang / Aditya Sukhu / Tyler Bess / Tyshaun Bess / Joshua Daniels / Jonathan Thomas / Shemar Fortune / Shaquan Stewart / David Harold / Gurav Ram / Aishah Persaud / Nathaniel Higgins / Antol Griffin / Joshua Rampersaud. 15 to Green Belt Yam Chan Chu / Nicholas Rampersaud / Christian Rampersaud / Andrew Johnson / Matthew

Salim / Joshua Nimar / Isaiyah Proctor / Alex Penniston / James Griffith / Daquan Guilford / Thamishwar Dyasindoo / Kristen Samaroo / Anuvani Gunpat / Jeremiah Pile / Romario Jaisingh. 9 to Blue Belt Shiquana Corlette / Gabriel Looch / Nicolai Adolph Nathan Narine / Oudesh Ram / Aayush Persaud / Bibi Farook / Jaiya Harricharan / Adrian Bhawanidin. 17 to Purple Belt Christopher James / Maheshwar Dyasindoo / Brandon Foo / Aaliyah McAdam / Jazara Hewitt / Chad Lall / Jayden Chichester / Obinna Utoh / Murduoq Boyce / Youvraj Persaud / Jasmine West / Leandre Holder / Akeem McPherson / Kevin Fraser

Police Progressive Youth Club athlete Joanna Archer lands scholarship in New York The career of Police Progressive Youth Club female athlete Joanna Archer was given a major boost when she was recently awarded a scholarship to the Munroe College in New York, USA. T h e f o r m e r We s t Demerara Secondary School student, who is set to participate in the Boyce and Jefford Classic this weekend in Linden, will depart Guyana on Monday morning to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice. Headmaster of the West Demerara Secondary School Harrinarine (only

name) congratulated Archer and made a monetary donation to her. He encouraged her to aim for the skies adding that she is a rounded individual having excelled at the Caribbean Secondary Education Examination with passes in seven subjects including Mathematics and English. In an invited comment Archer said she is elated at being given a scholarship and excited to compete overseas. She won gold in 800m, 1500m and 4x400m at the 2017 Inter Guiana Games. She won silver in 800m and was part of the

Guyana team that took gold in the 4x400m at the S o u t h A m e r i c a n Yo u t h Games at Leonora in 2017. She competed at the CARIFTA Games which was held this year in the Bahamas and won bronze in 800m and silver in the 4x400m. Archer set a new national record at the Aliann Pompey Invitational which was held recently at Leonora where she clocked 2 minutes 13 seconds in the 800m. Archer expressed gratitude to Harrinarine and all those who have assisted her in her career so far.

Following are the full results: DAN PROMOTIONS 3rd Dan Promotions 1. Mahadeo Ramotar 2nd Dan Promotions 1. Aaron Persaud 1st Dan Promotions: 1. Sienna Sookram 2. Adrian Mohan 3. Pierre Grant 4. Kyle Wayne 5. Pratush Deokinandan 6. Abhigyan Chatterdeo 7. Kaden Pyneandy 8. Gavin Singh 9. Cecil DaSilva 10. Wanda Agdomar 11. Jerry Santana Bain / Shinessa Boyce/ Bhaskar Jaipersaud / Zac Hussain. 14 to Brown - Farhan Jahan / Bohan Cao / Nick Sookdeo / Piya Parasram / Amara Nandan / Keyshawn Grant / Jared Rambissoon / Navindra Deonarine / Crystal Itwaru / Nalini Arjoon / Ricardo Narine / Shaquan Barrow / Budhdave Singh / Bradley Fenty. 2 to Brown - Krisendat Phagoo / Mareo Dhanraj. 12 to Brown - Jamar

Pile / Shamar Francis / Emily Santana Leon / Danielle Persaud / Jeremy Hargobin / Lateef Moffatt / Anya Insanally / Rachel Persaud / Raphael Isaacs / Shanker Parasram / Mark Henry / Andes Roberts. Congratulations have been extended to all the successful students as well as the Instructors for their dedicated efforts - Roger Peroune, Malcolm Francis, Keith Beaton, Patrick

YMCA/GFK YMCA YMCA YMCA YMCA YMCA GFK GKF YMCA YMCA YMCA YMCA YMCA G u r a h o o a n d Wa n d a Agdom a r (YMCA); Clinton Moriah (New Amsterdam); Hazrat Ali (Albion & Blairmont), Parmeshwar Persaud (Canaan) and Mahadeo Ramotar (GFK). Shuseki Shihan Frank Woon-A-Tai will be holding intensive instructors and judges training sessions at the GKC and ASKG YMCA until he leaves, next Tuesday.

EBFA / Juicy Juice U-13 League

Four matches set for this weekend Play in the East Bank Football Association (EBFA) / Juicy Juice Under-13 League will continue this Saturday and Sunday at the Timehri Red Ground with four matches, two daily. Timehri Panthers Sports Club and Agricola Red Triangle, the only two remaining unbeaten clubs will be in action and certainly eyeing full points again as the league winds down. Timehri is at the top on 18 points from their six matches to date while Agricola, also playing six matches is on 16 points from five wins and a draw against Soesdyke Falcons. Diamodn United is next on 16 points but form 7 matches, their only loss coming at the hands of Agricola last week. Following is the weekend fixture: Match Day 10 32. Samatta Point/Kaneville vs Herstelling 11.08.18 10:30hrs 33. Diamond Upsetters vs Agricola “ 11:45hrs Match Day 11 34. Herstelling Raiders vs Timehri 12.08.18 10:30hrs 35. Samatta Point/Kaneville vs Hararuni “ 11:45hrs


Friday August 10, 2018

Kaieteur News

Munro and Ramdin power Knight Riders past hapless Stars Port of Spain, Trinidad, CMC- Swashbuckling knocks from Colin Munro and Denesh Ramdin propelled defending champions Trinbago Knight Riders to a record-breaking total and a comfortable 100-run win over the St Lucia Stars in the opening match of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) here on Wednesday. Munro smashed 68 from 48 balls and Ramdin bludgeoned the Stars attack all around the Queen’s Park Oval in an unbeaten 50 off just 27 balls, to help the Knight Riders post a healthy 195-6 from their 20 overs – the highest ever total at the ground in CPL history. Despite a quickfire start for the Stars, who raced to 35 inside the third over thanks to a cameo from opener Andre Russell, they never mounted a serious challenge and eventually folded for a meager 95 in 17.3 overs. It was the Stars’ 12th straight loss in the CPL dating back to 2016 when they were named the Zouks. But it

was the batting of Munro and Ramdin which set the Queen’s Park Oval on fire, sending their mostly red and black clad fans into a frenzy. Munro came to the crease after just five balls, following the dismissal of Chris Lynn who hit a Mitchell McClenaghan full toss to cover. He was especially harsh on legspinner Qais Ahmad, whose final four balls of the ninth over went for 18 courtesy of three boundaries and one massive six. Soon after he brought up his half century off 33 balls when he slapped Kieron Pollard to the backward point boundary. Together with Ramdin, they added 51 runs in five overs, to take the Knight Riders from a sticky position of 89-4 to 140-4. Munro was eventually bowled by Pollard after he walked too far across his stumps in an attempt to flick the bowler to fine leg. His knock contained nine boundaries and one six. Ramdin picked up the momentum following his dis-

missal, scoring 28 of the Knight Riders’ final 45 runs. He found a worthy partner in Javon ScantleburySearles, who blasted two boundaries in the final over bowled by Kesric Williams which yielded 17 runs. Ramdin brought up his half-century of the final ball of the innings, which was laced with two boundaries and four sixes. Stars’ openers David Warner and Fletcher gave them a perfect start, belting Shannon Gabriel’s first over for 26 to race up to 35. But American Ali Khan, who was unlucky not to have Fletcher caught behind by wicketkeeper Ramdin and also lbw, had his revenge when he bowled him with a perfectly executed slower ball for 19. From there, it was all downhill for the Stars, whose lights were quickly extinguished. Warner followed four runs later, deceived by a quicker delivery from Scantlebury-

Team of 7 to represent Guyana at Crossfit 12-12-12 Throwdown in T&T

The Guyana contingent that would be flying the Golden Arrowhead in T&T. Guyana’s quest for top honours at the 3rd annual Crossfit 12-12-12 Throwdown in Trinidad and Tobago tomorrow would be led by the reigning and three-time local champion Dillon Mahadeo. Eight Caribbean nations would be competing with 80 athletes in the reckoning. The rest of the Guyana contingent is Christian McRae, Jamie McDonald, Delice Adonis, Zalena Alli, Jessica Xavier and Shawn DeJesus who is based in Toronto, Canada. Zalena Alli and Jessica

Xavier will compete in the Scaled (Novice) Category) while the reminder of the athletes would be contesting the RX (Open) category. There will be a total five (5) workouts for this event, all athletes will compete in the first three (3) events with the top 10 going forward to workout #4 and top five (5), will proceed to workout #5 after which the respective champions would be crowned. At the same competition last year, Guyana was represented by a total of 10 ath-

letes; while seasoned campaigners Mahadeo and Semonica Duke did not make the podium, debutants Stephen Fraser and Christina Rahman ended with bronze medals. At the inaugural competition in 2016, 8 athletes represented Guyana when Mahadeo took the bronze medal in the RX (Open) Men’s category while Angelina DeAbreu won gold in the Women’s Scaled (Novice) category. The Guyanese team left these shores yesterday.

Dwayne Bravo and Denesh Ramdin celebrate a wicket ©CPL T20/Getty Images Searles and he was quickly followed by Rahkeem Cornwall as they slipped to 43-3. Fawad Ahmed who was brought on at the end of the Powerplay when the Stars

were 47 for 3, bamboozled Lendl Simmons with a googly first ball, then had Mark Chapman driving to cover three balls later, accelerating a Stars collapse that saw them lose their 10

wickets for 60 runs. It was the worst margin of defeat by runs for the Stars and just the third time in the history of the CPL that a team lost by 100 runs or more.

Guyana Cup 2018

Banks Beer jockeys with premier Horse Race event At the Banks DIH boardroom yesterday, the beverage giants renewed their long serving partnership with the annual Guyana Cup Horse Race event which is in its 12th year, through their Banks Beer brand. The Guyana Cup 2018 which is being organised by the Jumbo Jet Thoroughbred Racing Committee in collaboration with the Rising Sun Turf Club will be held at the Port Mourant, Berbice Race Track on August 19th with over $15 Million in cash and prizes to be won. Communications Manager of Banks DIH, Troy Peters, explained: “Banks DIH hopped on board when the event was in its developmental stages and we are quite pleased to see how big it has grown. I’ve been to a few meets before and it is quite a spectacle. We will be sponsoring through our banks beer brand and we are encouraging patrons to drink responsibly while enjoying the races to the fullest.” Also present at yesterday’s launch were Mitra Ramkumar (Head of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana - THAG), Organisers Nazrudeen Mohamed Jr., Compton Sancho and Roy Jafarally along with Director of the

National Sport Commission, Chris Jones. Jones commended the organisers for staying true to their passion and thanked Banks DIH and all the sponsors that have supported the event while calling for all Guyanese to come out in their numbers since an event like horse racing attracts people from all walks of life and fosters social cohesion. Ramkumar related that events such like Guyana Cup that attracts jockeys and owners from across the Caribbean such including Trinidadian Shawn Mohamed, are very easy to support and give blessings to because of the opportunities it creates through tourism. The THAG boss noted that sports tourism is relatively new to Guyana and last year this event had over 12 000 spectators while creating over 200 jobs, a statistic which shows the enormous potential of the event. Head of the Organising Committee, Nazrudeen Mohamed Jr., posited that, “Banks have been helping us grow this tournament not only through the improved prize money but through regulation and organising standpoints and we are grateful.” He further stated that in

addition to the familiar commentary personality of Compton Sancho, the Guyana Cup 2018 will have the prestige of a Belmont Stakes experienced commentator at the Rising Sun Turf Club, come next week Sunday. And, according to Mohamed Jr., the club will have a big screen television for those fans that may not be able to negotiate the anticipated large crowd to see the real time action. Sancho shared during the press brief that the Berbice track is in immaculate condition and the grounds men must be commended for their great work done when weighed against the recent inclement weather. The programme of events for the day has been released and as is customary, the C Class event is the main attraction. The day’s full race programme reads as follows: 1) C class and lower, 1600m. Total purse: $3,875,000. 2) 3 year old Derby 1100M – purse: $2,000,000. 3) G1 and lower 1400M – purse: $1,550,000. 4) H3 and lower 1100M – purse $1,350,000. 5) 2yrs old Guyana Bred 1100M – purse: $680,000. 6) I class and lower 1400M – Purse: $581,000. 7) J3 and lower 1400M. Purse: $485,000. 8) L class 1400M – purse $390,000.


Friday August 10, 2018

Mohamed’s Enterprise Quarter-final action starts tonight in Linden /ExxonMobil Futsal

Action in the Figgy Green Jags (Black) and Silver Bullets clash which finished 2-1 in the Jags’ favour.

West Side Ballers (yellow) battling Goodfellas on Wednesday night at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court.


n Wednesday night, Figgy Green Jags, Good Fellas, Germans and Quiet storm each topped their respective groups and secured their places in the quarterfinals of the M o h a m e d ’ s Enterprise/ExxonMobil 5th Annual Futsal tournament, following final round group stage matches at the Mackenzie Sports Club (MSC) Hard Court in Linden. Figgy Green Jags are being dubbed as one of the

favourites to clinch the championship and the $600,000 first place prize by the fans in the ‘Bauxite M i n i n g To w n ’ a n d rightfully so after edging out one of the stronger teams of the tournament, Silver Bullets, 2-1 on Wednesday, to top Group A with a perfect record. Donovan Francis was on song for the Jags as he netted both their goals while Damion Williams was the Bullets lone goal scorer. Runic Velloza smashed in four goals while his


Lady Jags defeat The Bahamas to post first win; face Curacao in final match today Guyana’s U15 girls posted their first win when they defeated The Bahamas yesterday 3-2 and will play their final match against Curacao today in Bi-Annual CONCACAF U15 Girls tournament at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, from 11:00hrs. According to Paul Beresford, Guyana Football Federation (GFF) International Women’s Coordinator, Guyana will play the third-place team of Group D: “All teams are playing a fourth match. Top teams in each group play a semi-final; all other teams play the team that placed the same as them in the opposing group.” The U15 Girls will be brimming with confidence, as they look to end their participation in the tournament with two wins after a shaky start. “I am happy to see the team take this first victory in the history of the U15 girls’ programme,” said Beresford. “It was a well-

deserved victory given the challenges we faced in getting the team together. It was great to watch the synergy of the Guyana and international-based players. We are looking forward to the next match and will be striving to win our second game of the tournament.” In recapping the match against the Bahamas which saw goals from Captain Shacaylah Williams, Kirsty Thomas and Jenea Knight respectively, Beresford was high in praise for the team: “The Junior Lady Jaguars finally lived up to the technical staff’s expectations by winning our first game of the competition. Outstanding play by the team contributed to an exciting game that saw Shacaylah Williams score the game winner with minutes left in the match. Guyana went down early in the game but fought back to pull the game even at 1-1 with Kirsty Thomas scoring Guyana’s first goal of the game. We (Continued on page 32)

teammate Joel Isaacs netted a brace as Good Fellas held their nerve to get past West Side Ballers 6-5. Marvin Josiah scored a hat-trick for the West Demerara based team while Stephon Jupiter and Lennox Cort added one goal each for the men from region four. Silver Bullets, playing their second match of the night went down 4-1 to Amelia Ward’s Russians. The Bullets played well throughout the match but failed to finish their chances

while the Russians didn’t hesitate to put them to the sword. Travis Waterton buried a hat-trick while Ruel Williams added one goal for the winners and Jamine Samuel scored the solitary goal for the losers. For Group C winners, Germans, Andre Mayers banged in a late hat-trick in their 7-2 final group game win over Achievers to secure their quarterfinal berth. In other results, DC Ballers defeated Young Kings 5-3 while Hardball

negotiated their way past Presidential Family 7-4 and Quiet Storm plundered a depleted Swag FC 8-4 to top their group. The knockout stages begins tonight with quarterfinal action from 19:00hrs featuring Progressive Ballers versus Germans in the first match followed by Quiet Storm vs. Dc Ballers in game two while Goodfellas will match skills with Russians in the third quarterfinal before the feature match between the crowd

favourites, Figgy Green Jaguars and Haynes Hitters. The sponsors of the tournament include Mohammed’s Enterprise, ExxonMobil, Bakewell, Cell Smart, PPDI, Sankar’s Auto Works and Bumper to Bumper Services. The final of the tournament is set for August 18th and the runners-up will receive a handsome $250,000, third $100,000 and fourth place $50,000 in the GFF sanctioned competition. (Calvin Chapman)

Green Machine up preparations for Americas Rugby Challenge


he Guyana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) selectors will be announcing the final squad to represent Guyana at the Americas Rugby Challenge in Colombia next week according to information disclosed by Head Coach Grant Stuart, during a training session on Wednesday afternoon at Parade ground. With just days to go before the team departs for the challenge series, the training squad has up the ante on preparations with trial sessions among the players at Middle Street location, as a proper training venue remains a big challenge for the Union. According to the Head Coach, the players’ fitness is not the question at the moment, but getting them to gel and understand the system being the primary focus but he is confident that they will get it right in time for competition. G u y a n a ’s N a t i o n a l Rugby team will participate in the Americas Rugby Challenge series for the first

Guyana’s Green Machine in action at the RAN 7s championships last year.

time this month and will be coming up against the likes of Mexico, Colombia and Paraguay in anticipated rigid 15s action. This will be a great test for the English speaking side that hasn’t dominated this format regionally for over a number of years now. Confirmed Schedule for

ARChallenge2018: Sunday, August 26: Paraguay vs. Mexico Sunday, August 26: Colombia vs. Guyana Wednesday, August 29: Guyana vs. Paraguay Wednesday, August 29: Colombia vs. Mexico Saturday, September 1: Mexico vs. Guyana

Saturday, September 1: Colombia vs. Paraguay


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Friday August 10, 2018

Hero CPL T20 Cricket : Hetymer fires Warriors to victory over Patriots despite Gayle’s 86

St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots skipper Chris Gayle congratulates Warriors' Chris Green and Shimron Hetmyer following their win.

By Sean Devers Watched by a colourful, flag waving capacity crowd under a clear night sky, ExxonMobil Guyana Amazon Warriors began their 2018 campaign auspiciously when led by an explosive unbeaten 79 from Shimron Hetymer they hammered St Kitts & Nevis Patriots by six wickets last night at Providence in match

2 of the sixth edition of the Hero CPL T20 tournament. A belligerent 65-ball 86 with seven fours and five sixes from Skipper Christopher Gayle was the lone innings of significance for the Patriots who were limited to 146-5 as no other player passed 15. Twenty-year-old Kemo Paul (2-16) was the most successful bowler for the Warriors who reached 148-4 in 16.3 overs on the back of an unfinished 62-run fifth wicket stand between Hetymer (79 from 45 balls with nine four and four sixes) and Chris Green who was not out on 25 from 23 ball on his CPL debut. Eighteen year-old Sandeep Lamichhane had 212 and Sheldon Cottrell 2-21 had the most wickets for the Patriots. When Warriors began their hunt Chadwick Walton (9) was removed in the first over by Lamichhane at 9-1 before Cottrell bowled Luke Ronchi (0) without addition to the score. Skipper Shoaib Malik edged Cottrell to the Keeper at 24-3 after pounding the Jamaican for three fours and his demise started the Shimron Hetymer show. The left-handed Guyanese, unfortunately not selected for the three-match T20 series against Bangladesh, was missed-stumped by Devon Thomas to a googly from Lamichhane before he had scored and made the Patriots pay dearly for the error.

Hetymer tore into Cooper; hitting him for a four and two sixes off three balls before smashing Joseph for three fours and a six in the fifth over and blasting Lamichhane for another blistering boundary and along with the out of form Jason Mohammed (16) took the score to 86 before Lamichhane got rid of Mohammed in the 10th over. Hetymer raced to his first CPL fifty from just 29 balls to follow-up his 52 and 125 in the ODIs against Bangladesh in his last two innings at Providence and the sell-out roared their approval. With the Tassa drums rolling, the cheer leaders dancing to pulsating music from the sound system and the fans in the stands waving Warriors and Guyana flags madly in the stands, the atmosphere was absolutely fantastic. Green played a wonderful supporting role as his stand with the on-fire Hetymer flourished under the flood lights as Green smashed Carlos Braithwaite back past his ankles for four. But it was the 21-yearold Berbice batter from the Young Warriors club in Canjie, who had the fans on their feet. The Windies batsman, clobbered Cutting for two fours and a mighty six in the 16th over and ended the contest with a pugnacious boundary with 21 balls to spare.Earlier, the (Continued on page 32)

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Friday August 10, 2018


Golden Jaguars’ Training Camp Attendees Announced

“Train and Play” in Brazil seeks to develop winning mind set and drive for excellence Golden Jaguars’ Head Coach, Michael Johnson, has announced a 23-man squad to participate in the “Train and Play” in Brazil that will be held over the period August 12-26 as Guyana seeks to build a foundation of excellence for the Senior Men’s National’ Team. The squad, which consists of Guyana and international-based players from England, Canada and Tr i n i d a d a n d To b a g o includes: three Goalkeepers, eight Defenders, six Midfielders and six Forwards. Johnson, in an invited comment, said the camp will focus on both on and off-field activities, including developing a “winning mind-set and drive for excellence” among the players: “With the Nations League and Gold Cup qualifiers on the horizon, the camp gives young players the opportunity to showcase their talents and their characteristics to the senior staff. The experienced members of the squad will be looking to establish themselves as we focus on

preparing the Golden Jaguars for September 8. The camp will be the mechanism to develop a winning mindset and drive for excellence within the group as we look forward to our Nations League campaign.” As Guyana looks to qualify for its first CONCACAF Gold Cup in 2019, Technical Director Ian Greenwood said player assessment and instilling the new philosophy are primary elements of focus for this initial period of encampment: “The Head Coach and staff will be looking to establish the values and beliefs around the new look Golden Jaguars set-up; the training camp in Brazil is the ideal opportunity for effective player-coach relationship building. The staff will benchmark and assess the Guyana-based players to truly understand what they are capable of achieving. Our new Head of Recruitment, Mr. Khan, along with technical staff, has been a key figure in ensuring specific criteria are followed as we prepare for the upcoming Nations

League campaign via scouting and video performance analysis.” Greenwood said the technical team is “excited about the blend of youth and experience in the group” and emphasized the importance of the players earning the right to wear the badge: “The players have the opportunity to establish themselves and cement their place in the squad against Barbados in S e p t e m b e r, b u t i t i s ultimately up to them as individuals to grasp this opportunity. The key message to players in the national team pool is to earn the right to wear the badge.” Guyana’s first match of the CONCACAF Nation’s League is set for September 8, 2018 at the National Track and Field Centre, Leonora. Guyana has been matched against Barbados, Turks and Caicos Islands, French Guiana and Belize and will play host to Barbados and Belize in September 2018 and March 2019 respectively while Turks and Caicos Islands and French Guiana will host Guyana in October and November, this year.

Michael Johnson Golden Jaguars’ Head Coach

Ian Greenwood – GFF Technical Director

Following is the list of players selected: # Name Position 1 Jason Cromwell Goalkeeper 2 Jermaine Cumberbatch Goalkeeper 3 Sese Norville Goalkeeper 4 Raushan Ritch Defender 5 Kester Jacobs Defender 6 Kevin Layne Defender 7 Jake Newton Defender 8 Kevin Dundas Defender 9 Jelani Smith Defender 10 Samuel Cox (c) Defender 11 Cecil Jackman Defender 12 Delwin Fraser Midfielder 13 Job Ceasar Midfielder 14 Curtez Kellman Midfielder 15 Anthony Benfield Midfielder 16 Ryan Hackett Midfielder 17 Vurlon Mills Midfielder 18 Eon Alleyne Forward 19 Daniel Wilson Forward 20 Kelsey Benjamin Forward 21 Delroy Fraser Forward 22 Delon Lanferman Forward 23 Sheldon Holder Forward

Sam Cox - Golden Jaguars Captain

Club Country Buxton United FC Guyana Den Amstel FC Guyana Milerock FC Guyana Fruta Conquerors FC Guyana Den Amstel FC Guyana NA United FC Guyana Hamble Club FC England Den Amstel FC Guyana Sigma FC Canada Wealdstone FC England Fruta Conquerors FC Guyana Guyana Defence Force FC Guyana Fruta Conquerors FC Guyana Western Tigers FC Guyana Fruta Conquerors FC Guyana Fruta Conquerors FC Guyana Western Tigers FC Guyana Fruta Conquerors FC Guyana Western Tigers FC Guyana Western Tigers FC Guyana Guyana Defence Force FC Guyana Den Amstel FC Guyana Caledonia AIA T&T

Three Peat Promotions/Guinness Cage Competition

Tiger Bay’s Alfred produces another dazzling display


ho could stop Tiger Bay’s prolific marksman Deon Alfred were the words on everyone’s lips after he produced another dazzling display, firing in four goals to lead them to a comfortable 6-0 win over Victoria Church Yard on the opening night of the Three Peat Promotions /Guinness Cage Competition, at the Haslington Market Tarmac. The diminutive striker picked up where he left off in the Guinness National playoffs when he led his team to the title over Sparta Boss and he was once again the main architect in his team’s victory, netting in the 2nd, 4th, 9th and 10th minute to earn them three points. He was supported by a goal apiece from Keoma Gravesande and Leon Fredericks. In one of the more entertaining matches, Broad Street came from behind to beat East Coast’s Paradise 3-2 with Jimmy Gravesande’s 13th minute strike being the decider.

Vi c t o r i a E a g l e s impressed with a clinical 20 win over Melanie ‘A’ in an all East Coast matchup, while the much vaunted Sparta Boss’ struggles continued when they succumbed to defending champions Ol Skool Ballers by a solitary strike from Sheldon Profitt after 11 minutes. Kitty Hustlers started the proceedings with a narrow 2-1 win over Blazers, while Leopold Street escaped with a 2-1 penalty shootout triumph over Avacado Ballers. Belfield Warriors beat Melanie ‘B’ 1-0 on penalties after regulation time failed to break a 1-1 deadlock. Meanwhile, Julius Variety Store is the latest corporate entity to throw its support behind the competition. Organiser Rawle Welch received the e n t i t y ’s c o n t r i b u t i o n , recently. The full results of the latest action are seen below: Win in Normal Time-3 points; Win on Penalty

Kicks-2 points. Game-1 - Hustlers-2 vs vs Blazers-1: Hustlers Scorers, Sunil Logan-10th, Anthony Sancho-13th. Blazers Scorer, Desmond Cottam-12th. Game-2 - Melanie-B-1 vs Belfield Warriors-1: Belfield won 1-0 on penalty kicks, Belfield Scorer, Guy Thom-5th. Melanie-B Scorer, Ryan Seales-4th. Game-3 - Leopold S t r e e t - 1 v s Av o c a d o Ballers-1: Leopold won 2-1 on penalty kicks. Leopold Scorer, Omallo Williams4th. Avocado Scorer, Mario Heywood-12th. Game-4 - Broad Street-3 vs Paradise-2: Broad Scorers, Jamal Cozier 6th and 12th , Jimmy Gravesande-13th. Paradise Scorers, Tyreek Cummings10th, Emmanuel Sandy11th. G a m e - 5 - Vi c t o r i a Eagles-2 vs Melanie-A-0: Ken Gulliver-5th, Keron Assanah-12th. Game-6 - Albouystown1 vs North East La Penitence-0: Tevin Curry-

Three Peat Promotions’ Rawle Welch receiving Julius Variety Store’s contribution.

12th. Game-7 - Ol Skool Ballers-1 vs Sparta Boss-0: Sheldon Profitt-11th. Game-8 - Tiger Bay-6 vs Victoria Church Yard-0: Deon Alfred-2nd, 4th, 9th and 10th, Keoma Gravesande-6th, Leon Fredericks-7th.

Game-9 - BV-B-1 vs Buxton Diamond-0: Wayne James-8th. Game-10 - Back Circle4 vs Plaisance-B-0: Jermaine Beckles-3rd and 14th, Selywn Williams12th, Dellon Kelly-13th. Game-11 - Uprising-0 vs Vryheid’s Lust-1: J.

Gibbs-5th. Game-12 - Alexander Village-6 vs Haslington Hypers-2: Alexander Scorers, Shaka Jones-5th and 10th, Shem Porter-9th and 12th, Leon Yaw-7th and 13th. Haslington Scorers, Rodwell Sandy-2nd, Steffon Bailey-3rd.

rt o p S Hero CPL T20 Cricket :

Hetymer fires Warriors to victory over Patriots despite Gayle’s 86 P. 38

The Warriors weren't short of support last night

Shimron Hetmyer celebrates after reaching his half century

Banks Beer jockeys with premier Horse Race event

Guyana Cup 2018 P. 36

Police Progressive Youth Club athlete P. 35 Joanna Archer lands scholarship in New York Joanna Archer accepts the cheque from Harrinarine.

Banks Beer Manager, Brian Nedd (center), pose with the Championship trophy with Nazrudeen Mohamed (2nd right) in the presence of Christopher Jones (2nd left) and Banks DIH Managers and organisers of the event yesterday. Printed and published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd., 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown. Tel: 225-8458, 225-8465, 225-8491 or Fax: 225-8473/226-8210.

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