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Monday August 05, 2013

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Our Parliamentarians should think before voting for something that could be another Berbice Bridge

DEAR EDITOR, The briefings provided by the Sithe/Blackstone group to the Parliamentary sectoral committees on Natural Resources and Economic Services and to the National Stakeholders Forum are no substitute for a Green Paper that includes the findings of independent objective technical and financial assessments. At the National Stakeholders Forum on 31 July, Sithe Global stressed that it had spent US 16M and six years so far on the Amaila project; although it was not explained how the money had been spent other than ‘hundreds of scientists working on environmental issues’. How odd that there are no published reports from these hundreds of scientists in the public domain. According to Mr Brassington, Sithe Global had begun to have some engagement with the Parliamentary Opposition parties only from January 2012 (not before), and had shared confidential documents with them. Internal Sithe/Blackstone documents, whether confidential or not, are no substitute for independent

technical and financial assessments of a project of this magnitude in Guyana. If Guyanese taxpayers had had the benefit of an external review, we might have been spared the debt burden of the white elephant named Skeldon Sugar Factory whose costs to date are US $200M, and counting. We might have had an alignment of the Berbice River Bridge that did not turn New Amsterdam into a backwater settlement; a toll that did not cost G$2,200 per car versus the Demerara River Bridge toll of G$200 per car. While the Berbice River bridge was being constructed, the majority of poor Berbicians might have thought that they would be paying the same toll as the Demerara River bridge commuters. They lost corn and husk: there is no alternative cheap ferry. They must use the Berbice River bridge. Wealthy investors are the principal beneficiaries of that bridge; the State has been foregoing revenues so that the privileged investors can earn dividends. We would definitely have avoided the use of taxpayers’ money to fund the construction of a casino/hotel named the Marriott by a

Let us not be fooled... From page 4 is long past his sell-by date and should retire with his pension, but leave the energy sector in the hands of the young fellows of the GEA instead of another confused politician to bankrupt the country further. If they want to throw that kind of money somewhere let them cast it without strings at UG to educate the nation in science, technology and mathematics, under someone like Prof Clive Thomas who understands development and Guyana, and with whose analysis and recommendation for the Amaila Falls Project I agree. A sufficiently educated electorate might be more discriminating in choosing its politicians to not be the source of its troubles. And we Guyanese must learn to stand or fall by our own experts and not live beyond our means by begging from other countries or the IDB or awaiting their blessings. The great advantage of solar power is that with wise administration it can be tailored to what we can afford at any time. The Amaila Falls Hydro reservoir would cover 27 sq km of land with water and render that area unproductive for much else.

At a very conservative 100 W per sq metre we would need only 1.65 sq km of useful sheltered land area for 165MW of solar energy. Had we wise administration at UG some years ago, we might even have been on the way to manufacturing solar PVs from our own abundant high quality silica sands. Alfred Bhulai Energy technologist

Chinese company using Chinese labour, and that will bring no named social or economic benefits to Guyana. Dr Luncheon has already signaled that the casino will be sold on … Guyanese have been speculating on the identity of the likely beneficiaries. We would not have embarked on an unnecessary expansion of the Timehri Airport at great social and economic cost. According to Mr Brassington, if Amaila becomes a reality the government will force selfgenerators to go back on the national grid by withdrawing the duty free concessions now given for generators and spare parts. Neither those self-generators nor the Guyanese on the grid know what will be the cost of electricity sold by GPL, nor how power will be supplied when the water level at the Amaila dam drops below the critical level during periods of drought, or when the turbines are undergoing maintenance. It is GPL, not the Public Utilities Commission, that is legally charged with setting that tariff, and GPL which has to maintain alternative generator capacity. The drip, drip, drip of varying estimates of the component costs of this major construction project and associated commercial debts give no confidence that the Government knows what it is agreeing to with Sithe Global Inc. – whose only other venture into hydropower is

the expensive and poorlymanaged construction at Bujagali in Uganda, although the same personnel working for another Sithe company are said to have built other hydels. No details were provided other than a dam in Philippines. Sithe clearly does not want to get sucked into questions about the management and capabilities of GPL and whether GPL can pay the future debt in full and on time. The current draft agreement commits to Sithe getting the first cut of GPL income paid into Republic Bank, before GPL itself gets any money to pay its own costs. Sithe contested the comparison between the construction costs of Amaila Falls dam and other recent hydropower in other countries, published in Kaieteur News on 31 July, arguing that some of the lower prices in US dollars per megawatt reflected the exclusion of the cost of transmission lines and access road which are needed for Amaila Falls. However, even taking those into account, Amaila

Falls appears to be among the highest-cost in the world, due partly to the inclusion of several hitherto unrevealed costs for which details are still not in the public domain. And surely it was odd that the President and Prime Minister and Minister Irfaan Ali had not been provided by Blackstone/Sithe with the most recent cost data before putting the apex of Government on public display? There are still several major questions unanswered so it was reassuring that Blackstone/Sithe said at the second National Stakeholders’ consultation that they would be willing to answer them and to provide to everyone their presentation slides from the meeting on 31 July. Blackstone/Sithe confirmed that they would be willing to assist in the preparation of a Green Paper to the National Assembly, laying out objectively in sufficient detail the pros and cons of different options for future supply of electricity, including the final line item costs to the Guyanese taxpayer; until now, the Government appears to have

been considering only the single option of Amaila Falls and only cost estimates provided by the project partners. So, even if late in the day, now is the time to have expert independent input and check on these project developer’s figures, to inform the members of all political parties in the National Assembly and civil society in general. It is surely not acceptable for the Government to try to co-opt individuals by taking them into private meetings and showing them documents; that is not transparency nor the freedom to receive information which is assured by Article 146 of the National Constitution. I hope that our Parliamentarians will think long and hard before voting for something that could turn into another Berbice Bridge — one in which most of the benefits are privatized, even while all the costs are socialised. We do not need another Berbice Bridge — the costs borne by the average Guyanese, a cash cow for the private investor. Janette Bulkan

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Monday August 05, 2013

Controversial Hydro project…

No absolute guarantee for Guyanese employment Many, who attended the stakeholder’s forum held by the government last Wednesday, left the Guyana International Conference Center, uncertain that the average Guyanese worker will benefit in any way from the US$858M, Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project. In fact, among some of the fears still harboured is that the Amaila Project resembles the Georgetown Marriott with regards to the employment of Guyanese. The question was posed by a stakeholder present, who inquired whether there was a clause enshrined in the agreement to secure employment for Guyanese workers. China Railway First Group has been contracted by Sithe Global to construct the Hydro Project. The Chinese construction company is currently undertaking section ‘seven’ of the Amaila Falls Access Road and has not employed any Guyanese on that venture. The company has further stated that it will not be employing any Guyanese as it proceeds with that section of the access road. Asked about assurances for Guyanese employment on the actual construction of the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project, stakeholders were assured that this would happen. President of Sithe Global, Brian Kubeck, indicated that the construction site will attract just about 1,500

persons, of which between 15 to 20 percent of those will be Guyanese. This however is being provided for, using “very discretionary language” as was presented by Sithe Global. Kubeck said that the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract with China Railway, ensures that the conditions are made so that Guyanese workers will have work “opportunities.” It was noticed however that discretionary language is being used to “secure” jobs for Guyanese including phrases such as, “reasonable efforts”, “where possible, “as-needed”, “reasonable provisions” and the word “adequate.” None are in fact enforceable in a court of law. The Sithe Global President, in seeking to assure stakeholders even went as far as to say measures have even been put in place for local Guyanese food to be available to the construction workers, as opposed to “Chinese food.” According to Kubeck, Guyanese will be accommodated in the site at the same standard with foreigners and that Sithe Global has an overtime “obligation” to train Guyanese for the senior positions. Sithe Global’s presentation to stakeholders during the consultation, under the heading “Guyana Goods,

The Marriott Hotel under construction in Kingston which has come in for criticism over its exclusive use of Chinese Labour. Services and Labour,” has the following bulleted points. •The Engineering Procurement and Construction contract requires China Railway to undertake the following: –Use reasonable efforts to use materials produced in Guyana by Guyanese citizens, and services provided by Guyanese citizens. –Use reasonable efforts to hire individuals who are Guyanese citizens and resident in Guyana –Actively recruit local, qualified citizens of Guyana where possible to work at the AHP site –Advertise upcoming hiring needs by skill category on an as-needed basis in Georgetown, Linden, and the Amerindian villages. –Provide adequate contractor supervisors capable of speaking fluent English to avoid discrimination against

Guyanese employees. –Provide housing in the labour camp for Guyanese employees that is equivalent to that provided to employees from the contractor’s country. –Make reasonable provisions for Guyanese workers. Eminent forestry expert, Dr Janette Bulkan, who was also present at the stakeholders’ forum, is among those that have pointed to the language used. According to Dr Bulkan,

“…this kind of discretionary language does not match Guyana’s Investment Code of 1988.” She also noted that, “neither the Ministry of Labour nor any other government Ministry has issued any figures on employment of Guyanese, or benefits to the Guyana economy from PAYE and NIS payments from the Marriott or any of the other secretly negotiated investments with Chinese companies awarded large infrastructural projects

in Guyana. All such contracts should comply with our Investment Code and with the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Companies.” The Marriott Hotel which is under construction saw no Guyanese labour being used. In fact, the only Guyanese on the Marriott construction site was the security guard. Various officials, in defending the exclusive use of Chinese labour on the project, spoke to the unavailability of Guyanese skills.

Suicide and Diabetes - Guyana’s... (From page 3) you haven’t been diagnosed, it’s as if you have already had a heart attack,” the Diabetes Educator asserted. She added that the disease is such a concern, since it lends itself to so many other diseases and illnesses, includ-

ing blindness, loss of limbs and kidney problems. While these complications are deadly, according to Jones, they are preventable with education and proper care, which she stated is the primary aim of the Deskan Institute. Concern was also raised about Guyana’s rising suicide rate. Dr. Liverpool noted that with Guyana carrying the highest suicide rate in the Caribbean, much can be said of the

easy accessibility to poison that Guyanese market places provide. “It is troubling how easily poison can get into the hands of the most vulnerable,” she said. Having rendered their services to various Regions in Guyana, the Deskan Institute has made known its commitment to continue their outreach programmes, not only to address health issues but to include management of social issues on their agenda.

Monday August 05, 2013

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Monday August 05, 2013

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Monday August 05, 2013

Monday August 05, 2013

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Monday August 05, 2013

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Monday August 05, 2013

“Get out immediately” from abusive relationships - Minister Webster warns women (From page 21)

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Minister of Human Services and Social Security Dr. Jennifer Webster yesterday sounded the alarm for women who may be in abusive relationships to “get out immediately”. The Minister in an invited comment urged women who are experiencing not only physical but also other forms of abuse to leave. Webster made the comment in the wake of a recent spate of incidents of domestic violence which have resulted in the deaths of both women and children as well as the maiming of others. The Minister explained that the Ministry has various services which are provided to victims of abuse, adding that domestic violence isn’t just between a man and woman, but the entire community also has its role to play. “Domestic violence is e v e r y b o d y ’ s business….don’t wait until something happens then to say the woman lived in an abusive relationship.” Webster hinted that her Ministry may have to revisit the present legislation

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two chop wounds to her head, which has left her with a fractured skull. She also sustained wounds to the hands and about her body. Twelve-year-old Donette Fordyce is also a patient at the hospital but in the Paediatric Ward. She sustained wounds to both her hands. The alleged assailant, Shawn Fordyce, has been on the run since the brutal assault. On Saturday morning news of a murder/suicide rocked the village of Mahaica, ECD. Relatives and neighbours made the gruesome discovery of the semi-nude body of 26-yearold Vanessa RichmondJames with her hands and feet bound, and her throat slit, around 06:00 hours. The woman’s husband, a former member of the Guyana Defence Force, ingested poison and succumbed. Police are convinced that the ex-soldier killed his wife during a heated domestic spat, hours after they had left a queh-queh that took place in the community the previous night.

over the past few years. That situation has severely challenged the capacity of most CARICOM states to self finance their own development.” He said grant financing and access to concessionary financial resources to finance development are becoming increasingly more important to CARICOM states, particularly at this time, “when some of our IDP are looking inwards and are even reducing the net outflow of their development cooperation provided through grant aid and concessionary financing”. La Rocque said that in addition, the Region is confronted with the “troubling and vexing issues of differentiation and graduation which deny many countries access to such funding.” “To graduate CARICOM

member states from access to grant aid, concessionary financial r e s o u r c e s o r technical assistance, on the basis of per capita income cannot be right. Per Capita Income is, at best, an arithmetic ratio. It does not measure the level of poverty; it does not address the distribution of income; it does not say whether the economy is resilient and on a path to sustainable growth, and it certainly does not measure the capacity of a country to self-finance its growth. “ The CARICOM Secretary General said that as some of the Region’s partners shift from bi-lateral assistance to increasing reliance on regional programmes, there is greater responsibility on the CARICOM Secretariat to ensure coordination of the regi o n a l resource mobilisation effort, to attempt to minimise any

adverse impact of such a shift on individual member states and to ensure value for money and optimisation of the use of these dwindling resources. He said Regional leaders at their summit in Trinidad recently, had instructed the Guyana-based Secretariat to design a Resource Mobilisation Strategy to ensure adequate financing of Regional and National priorities to catalyse and ignite growth in CARICOM states. “We will familiarise you with our development plans, strategies and priorities. We will jointly examine priority areas in which you can be of assistance to us. We will map out approaches intended to ensure that your assistance will facilitate development in our areas of priority and we will address how we can optimise the use of scarce resources.” “As a Community we are looking for results and impact and we would welcome your cooperation and support in that regard,” he said, noting that CARICOM was hoping for increasing the number of Community priorities into IDP bi-lateral and regional programmes, increasing donor contributions to multiyear programmes of the Community and well as an increase in the number of multi-donors funded projects and programmes.

Minister Jennifer Webster

Global crisis impacting heavily on the Caribbean - La Rocque

Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretary General Irwin La Rocque says that the global economic crisis is having a severe impact on the region resulting in stagnation or declining growth rates. A d d r e s s i n g representatives from International Development Partners (IDP), at the Third Forum on Donor Coordination involving CARICOM, La Rocque said the fallout from the global crisis that began in 2008 “is still being felt deeply in this region.” “Stagnant or declining growth rates, high per capita debt, falling fiscal revenues, diminishing fiscal space and increasing unemployment have been a prominent feature of some of the economies of CARICOM member states, particularly

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relating to domestic violence. According to the Minister the law will have to be amended so as to ensure that even if a woman “backs out” on giving evidence against her abuser, the police can still proceed with the matter once there is sufficient evidence. On Wednesday a 26-year old man allegedly chopped to death his five-year-old daughter Kimberley Houston and her little brother, twoyear-old Tarif Lord. The incident occurred shortly after 6:00pm at their Lot 864

Zeelugt Squatting Area home. The children’s mother, 21 year- old Bibi Nazarena Houston’s right hand was severed and the fingers from her left hand were cut-off. The woman somehow managed to survive the savage cutlass attack by bolting from their modest dwelling house after her mother had intervened during the melee. On Thursday Attorneyat-law Wanda Fortune was among four persons injured after her stepfather went berserk and also chopped her two sisters and mother at Sophia. Fortune, 26, was discharged from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation on Friday. She sustained about three lacerations to her back and another to her head. Her mother, Dorothy Blackman-Fordyce is in a critical but stable condition at the hospital’s High Dependency Unit with her 20year-old daughter, Latoya Wilson, just a few beds away from her. Wilson was chopped once to her neck while her mother sustained

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From page 16 “little by little and I have been behind him and he is now completing it.” Kaieteur News questioned the company’s Managing Director Courtney Benn on the project’s delay, since it was to have been completed by late 2011. “The problem is bad weather. Equipment cannot go down to the site when there is heavy rainfall. Though the one year contract was signed in December, 2010 and we are over our time, we have legitimate reasons for our delay.” When pressed further on the “legitimate reasons,” Benn did not elaborate. Kaieteur News understands that 90% of the works on the Abary sluice were completed thus far.

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Monday August 05, 2013

Following spate of domestic violence…

Don’t leave our men out of the counseling set-up - female community leader urges A well-known female community leader believes that the lack of organizations at which men can deal with their frustrations is partly to blame for the country’s spiraling cases of domestic violence. She was responding to the recent incidents last week in which three men vented their rage on their families, killing one of their spouses, two children, and maiming three other family members. The community leader made it clear that she condemned this violence, particularly when children are the victims. But she believes that many similar incidents could be avoided if men, particularly those who are abused, are given the opportunity to discuss their problems. As someone who holds regular meetings in a depressed community, the activist says that she has spoken to many men who are also victims of domestic abuse in many cases, though, they conceal their agony from society. “A lot of men are in pain but walking the road and smiling because they say that it (showing emotion) is a sign

of weakness,” she said. “Women have frequent forums where they can interact and get everything off your chest, and the men have nothing. Why are we leaving the men out? Let us come together with the men and discuss issues.” She believes that poverty is one of the primary causes behind the spate of domestic violence, while infidelity is another. From speaking to both sexes, she believes that there are cases in which women are living beyond their means and nagging their spouses to provide things that they cannot afford, and even taking the step to be unfaithful. “I am not condoning the killing, especially of innocent children, but some women need to have a change of attitude. Some women say that you have to have a man to pay the light bills and another to pay the phone bill. Some women would say ‘I want a big-screen TV by Christmas’, but the man doesn’t want it. Some men can’t make ends meet but they love their wives… some women would have a barrel with six different blinds, but they want one (more) from

African Moods.” One of her views that is likely to stir controversy is the suggestion that the laws that exist at present are more in the favour of abused women than men who are abused. “I know of a case where a woman went to where a man lives and broke up his windows and assaulted him, even though they had separated and it was he who had been thrown out of the (couple’s) house. Another man spoke to me of a ‘sweet man’ and his wife beating him in his home, and it was he that got locked up. We need laws to protect the men as well as the women. If we don’t put systems in place for abused men there will be more bloodshed. Men must know that we are willing to talk to them.” The community activist also believes that couples also need to learn to sit down and discuss their differences. She also believes that more families should return to the church, since, in her view, “the family that prays together never gets chopped up together.”

Monday August 05, 2013

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VEHICLE FOR SALE Fielder Wagon- Call:6913812 One Hilux Surf- Call:6173001 1 AE91 (EFI)- Call:265-4346 3Y Surf $1.6M, Toyota Wills $1.6M- Call Shawn 618-7483 One NZE Toyota CorollaCall:614-9060

Smart Choice Auto: Unregistered Premio, Allion, IST, Fielder- Call:652-3820/ 665-4529

24 Hour East Coast Guyoil needs night pump attendants, salesgirl & office assistantCall:688-9611/684-2838 Refrigeration, A/C Technician. Call 231-0655/ 683-8734 Male sales person for Plant Shop 18yrs-25yrs, must have secondary education- call 648-1821 (between 8:00am4:00pm) 1 Live in maid must be from country & able to cook, age 35-45 years- Call:662-1124 or 611-0200

PROPERTY FOR SALE Prospect $13M, West Bank $18.5M, Section ‘K’ $40M, AA Eccles $60M- $40MCall Diana@ 227-2256/6269382 Houses on East Coast & East Bank for sale- Call:2238479/647-3768/ House and Land @ D’Edward, W.C.B.- Call: 6892973/698-3703 Prashad Nagar $65M, Diamond front, Atlantic gardens, Atlanticville, South $15M, La Penitance & W.C.D, W.B.D- Call:2317805/ 618-7483 For sale by owner: Lot 4 La Bagatelle, Leguan. Land 100’×200’, house 40’×25’ $8M Neg- Call:231-5508/ 628-2166 Good Business Properties: Alexander, New Market, Lamaha, Middle, Camp, Waterloo, Lance Gibbs & Lombard Street- Call:2317805/231-2200/618-7483 DRESSMAKING Classes in Designing and Sewing. Call Sharmela (Canadian-Trained) @ 6410784/626-2629

Unregistered Nissan Bluebird Sylphy: Fully loaded, 17" rims- Call:692-9252 Unregistered Mitsubishi long canter $3,350,000Call:615-7526/653-4560 One black Titan (2005) 4 wheel drive, fully loaded: $4.2M negotiable- Call:6782814/699-2322

VACANCY One Upholster & two JoinersCall:219-1342/610-7005

LEARN TO DRIVE Soman & Sons Driving School , First Federation Building Call 225-4858, 6445166,622-2872,615-0964 B & C Driving School: Lot 5 Hadfield Lodge- call:2250150,229-7258,680-6826

Needed sellers to walk & sell Tin fruit juices: Apply at Alabama Trading G/Town Ferry Stelling Vacancy exists for able bodied male cleaner: Apply at Alabama Trading G/Town Ferry Stelling One person to build chairs in work shop- Call:610-7005/ 219-1342 Vacancy exists for one Manager to work at an out of town Hotel/ ClubCall:226-9768/642-7963 Senior Accounts Clerk: Minimum 5 subjects CXC, CAT/ACCA, knowledge of Quickbooks Accounting (3yrs experience)- Call:2314069 Cashier/ customer service Rep: Minimum 5 subjects CXC, knowledge of Point of SaleCall:231-4069e m a i l : j i m m y @

EDUCATIONAL I.A.E (Camp street): Register for full- time, lessons & adults CXC classes: Maths, English, Business & ScienceCall:223-0604/683-5742 Enroll now for certificate in nursing practices: Home nursing, Geriatric nursing child care- Call:692-2063/6130803/685-9095 Construct a strong lifetime literacy: Choose Caribbean First Class NurseryElementary: Lessons and Adult classes- Call:684-7403

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Regional ICT Ministers to meet in Trinidad PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad - CMC — The state of information and communication technologies will be examined in Trinidad by regional officials at a forum to be held August 7 to 8. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in collaboration with the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) has organised the Caribbean ICT Ministers’

Forum on Leveraging ICT for Development in the Caribbean to be held at the Hyatt Regency in Port of Spain. This stakeholder meeting, targets ministers responsible for telecommunications/ ICT, senior Government officials, and regional organizations. Participants will also exchange views on current opportunities and challenges.

In addition they will take a look at the progress made in implementing the ITU-EC project on the “Support for the establishment of Harmonised Policies for the ICT Market in the ACP”. Drawing lessons from the implementation of this project, the meeting will then map strategies for the establishment of a new project and potential funding possibilities.

Dominica health ministry confirms dengue outbreak ROSEAU, Dominica CMC – The Ministry of Health in Dominica has issued an alert concerning an outbreak of dengue fever. So far seven cases of the disease have been confirmed while the authorities are awaiting confirmation on 18

suspected cases. There have been no deaths reported. Dengue is an infectious disease caused by a virus transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The symptoms include high fever, intense headaches,

severe joint and muscle pain, vomiting and a rash. The Health Ministry has urged people with signs or symptoms of dengue fever to seek immediate attention at the nearest health centre or contact their personal doctor.

Jamaica Gleaner Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen is urging Jamaicans to play a greater role in the transformation of the country. Sir Patrick said this could be done by forging partnerships that will allow Jamaica to free itself of the hindrances to its growth and development.

Making reference to last Thursdays’ signing of the private/public/social partnership agreement at King’s House during the National Independence Church Service at the Bethel Baptist C h u r c h i n S t Andrew this morning, the Governor-General said the agreement is indicative of the commitment to break free of

the negative attitudes and encumbrances to unity. Meanwhile, also speaking at yesterday morning’s church service, Minister of Youth and Culture Lisa Hanna urged Jamaicans to use the 51st Independence celebrations to recommit themselves to the rights w o n b y t h e n a t i o n ’s forefathers.

Monday August 05, 2013

Govt. approved CLICO successor company nine months ago Trinidad Guardian - The Ministry of Finance, Larry Howai said Saturday that the Government approved the establishment of Atrius, the successor company to Clico, more than nine months ago and the company has had a board of directors since May. The ministry was responding to a report in another newspaper, which claimed the story was exclusive, that Cabinet had approved the transfer of Clico’s good business to a new state company called Atrius. The ministry said the intention behind the establishment of Atrius, which was set up on December 5, 2012, was so that selected assets and liabilities of Clico could be transferred to the new company. The use of Atrius to house Clico’s traditional insurance portfolio of life insurance and annuities “remains under consideration

and no new decisions regarding this matter have been made” recently, according to the ministry. While the use of Atrius for Clico’s traditional insurance portfolio “remains under consideration,” Clico’s parent company, CL Financial, is proposing that the portfolio “be divested for commercial value.” The Government spent $16.4 billion to buy out the short term investment products of Clico and its sister company, British American, as well as on recapitalising Clico. A July 8 Ernst & Young analysis presented for Cabinet’s deliberations indicated that Clico has assets estimated at $24.33 billion and liabilities of $10.41 billion. The analysis excludes the $4.9 billion in preference shares that the Government pumped into Clico to recapitalise the insurer. The

Larry Howai Government made a claim of $23.3 billion against CL Financial and its subsidiaries as the total amount of money spent on bailing out the group. CL Financial has acknowledged and accepted $18.33 billion of the Government’s total claim.

Cuban exiles accused of Sir Patrick urges Jamaicans to assist supporting assassination plot in transforming country BOGOTA, Colombia — In the latest twist on longrunning allegations, Venezuelan officials last week accused members of Miami’s Cuban exile community and former CIA agent Luís Posada Carriles of plotting to assassinate President Nicolás Maduro, as he struggles to fill the shoes of late leader Hugo Chávez. “The plans to physically eliminate Maduro are under way,” National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello told state-run TV. “Where is this coming from? Miami… from Cubans who went there many years ago — who are living there — and have contact with Venezuela.” Although he provided few details, Cabello said Posada Carriles is working with former Colombian President Alvaro

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

Nicolás Maduro Uribe to hatch the plot, which he claimed had raised $2.5 million and amassed 400 mercenaries. He said the armed men had entered the country through Zulia state, which borders Colombia, and that the government foiled an assassination plot against

Maduro that was scheduled for last Saturday. Interior Minister Miguel Rodríguez Torres said that along with Uribe, former Honduran President Roberto Micheletti, as well as someone he identified as Eduardo Macaya, who lives in Miami, were involved. Rodríguez also said the same groups were plotting against the socialist governments of Ecuador and Bolivia. At various times since Maduro won April’s hotly contested election, the administration has fingered shadowy El Salvadoran or Colombian mercenaries as potential assassins. Uribe and former U.S. diplomats are often named. While the administration has repeatedly said it would provide proof of its claims, little hard evidence has been forthcoming. Posada Carriles, a former CIA agent who lives in the United States and has deep ties to South Florida, is wanted in Venezuela and Cuba for the 1976 bombing of a Cubana de Aviación flight that killed 73 people. Miranda Gov. Henrique Capriles, who ran against Maduro, took to Twitter to blast the latest allegations. “Once again, the corrupt ones are talking about a supposed assassination attempt to distract our nation from the disaster of this Government,]” he wrote.

Monday August 05, 2013

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Political leaders on Carmona’s call for campaign financing reform: Trinidad Express Political leaders have agreed to President Anthony Carmona’s call to bite the bullet of campaign financing reform. Those in agreement yesterday included Leader of Government Business Dr Roodal Moonilal, People’s National Movement political leader Dr Keith Rowley, interim leader of the Independent Liberal Party Jack Warner and Congress of the People leader Prakash Ramadhar. Warner, who returned to Parliament last Friday as MP for Chaguanas West, Saturday condemned the prevalence of political investors and financiers for what he described as their dominant role in the political process. Warner told the Sunday Express that “financiers and investors are an evil to political systems”. He said he was fully supportive of a call by President Carmona for campaign financing to be more transparent. Warner, who has been described as having “deep pockets” and a “bottomless pit” by Prime Minister Kamla PersadBissessar has been previously described as a financier of the ruling United National Congress (UNC) and its successor, the People’s Partnership administration. Yesterday he also dismissed claims that he had spent over $10 million in the Chaguanas West by-election and had allegedly paid certain UNC activists as much as $300,000 to deliver voting blocs in support of his party. “I really don’t wish to dignify that with an answer,” he said, adding that it was foolish for anyone to think they can pay people to vote in their favour in an election. “How do you know who votes for who? I never indulge in this kind of foolishness. It would be ludicrous and foolish to do

President Anthony Carmona so,” he said. Warner was at the time commenting on President Carmona’s speech at the opening of the Fourth Session of the Tenth Parliament last Friday at Tower D, International Waterfront Centre, Port of Spain during which he called for campaign financing reform. Carmona told parliamentarians: “Election campaign financing is a veritable juggernaut that results in financiers arrogating political power onto themselves and thereby undermining the system of governance.” He said when political parties were in opposition they lobbied for transparency in campaign financing, yet when they were in power “they conveniently neglect” to deal with the problem. In calling for campaign financing reform, Carmona said this will “build citizen confidence and enhance our system of democratic governance”. Warner said he was “fully in favour of it. I think it is long overdue. I know when it comes into play a particular contractor who spent millions in the Chaguanas by-election would be exposed.” He also felt it was time to institute procurement legislation so as to “correct those twin evils”, explaining that one cannot talk about

transparency in campaign financing without talking about procurement legislation. “In the absence of procurement policies all rules are allowed to be broken, and special contractors benefit from Government’s largesse,” he said. But he warned that any legislation to be put in place must be realistic, adding that campaign funding of $50,000 was “laughable and foolish”. “You cannot have a candidate running for an election and not lift the level of spending,” he said. Yesterday Warner hinged his success at the polls last Monday to the enthusiastic support of some 8,000 young people whom he said were attracted to the ILP. He pointed out that service was everything. He added that some 300 people had flocked to his office in Chaguanas yesterday for representation. Congress of the People political leader Prakash Ramadhar yesterday welcomed President Carmona’s call for campaign financing reform. “It is now absolutely necessary. There has been a loss in public trust with regard to governance but this also applies to prior governments. It is critically important that it be regularised,” he said. He pointed out that the People’s National Movement (PNM) was now having a raffle for three BMW vehicles and it would be interesting to ascertain where the money for that activity came from. The PNM said last week it paid for the vehicles without support. Ramadhar said the COP has been proactive in this area in trying to educate its membership. Questioned on what kind of time-frame such reform would become a reality, Ramadhar said that very often the public commentary on these matters forced change.

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World Bank says mining can help Haiti reduce poverty WASHINGTON - CMC – Mining is one way to reduce poverty and promote economic growth in Haiti. This is according to the World Bank which states that while mining is a “complex sector”, when managed in a transparent and sustainable fashion, this sector could be beneficial to the nation. The Washington-based financial institution said this is one of the main conclusions stemming from Haiti’s first Mining Forum held under the auspices of Haiti’s Council of Economic and Social Development (CESD) with support from the World Bank, the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Public Works. “This event marks a seminal step towards a shared vision of mining development in Haiti,” said Deo Ndikumana, World Bank’s senior country officer for Haiti. At the Mining Forum, international and national experts shared knowledge on the mining sector with representatives from the government, private sector and civil society. Alexander Medina, the

director of the Mines and Energy Office in the neighboring Dominican Republic, said “mining has made a very positive contribution to the Dominican Republic, creating jobs, supporting economic growth and providing income to the government.” Gerardo Castillo, Professor at the Catholic University of Peru, argued that transparent management of mining income is “key to overcoming social tensions.” For example, he said the Conga project – the largest expected investment in Peru (US$5 billion) – “has been put on hold due to massive local and regional opposition,” The World Bank said a new law, strengthened institutional capacity, and transparency are “critical next steps to unblock the exploration of Haiti’s gold and copper potential and pave the way for this promising new wealth-generating sector.” “By 2020, we want to see the emergence of Haiti”, said Haitian Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe. “To achieve this, we are counting heavily on the

Laurent Lamothe contribution of the mining sector, which clearly has the potential to strengthen and diversify our economy”, he added. According to the World Bank, Haiti’s mining sector is currently constrained by an “outdated legal framework, weak institutional capacity and widespread lack of information about the sector among the press, members of parliament and the general public.” The bank said it will be providing expertise to help improve the policy and legal frameworks for mining.

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Monday August 05, 2013

Monday August 05, 2013

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Conference on State of African Guyanese deemed as “awakening experience” “Time for Renewal and Empowerment,” was the theme for a special forum on “The state of Black African Guyana,” hosted by the Ghana Day Committee in collaboration with the Cuffy 250 Committee. The fact-finding meeting which lasted all day yesterday was the first in a series of conversations in the African Guyanese Community which marked the

205th anniversary of the Berbice Slave Uprising. Following presentations on topics, which included the current socio-economic, political and cultural condition of African Guyanese, were in-depth discussions by members of the audience, aimed at generating needed inputs for the evolution of a plan of action for the African Guyanese community.

Presenters at the forum included African Guyanese Scholars and Activists such as, Hugh Tommy Payne, Nigel Hughes, Andaiye, Mellissa Ifill, Carl Greenidge and Dr. David Hinds. The international panel of presenters consisted of, the acclaimed African-American scholar-activist, Anthony Browder and GuyaneseAmerican businessman, George Abrams.

Professor Anthony Browder

Monday August 05, 2013 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): Your opinions are valid, but you had better not expect everyone to agree with them right now! So give up trying to change anyone's minds before you even get started, today -- everyone is feeling like sticking to their guns instead of opening their minds. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): When it comes to starting a new romance, you should err on the side of modesty right now. Instead of focusing exclusively on having a hot and sizzling affair with someone right off the bat, just be happy with the warm connection you have. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Someone close to you has been having some money issues, and it's naturally going to start affecting their social life. Your job is to be sensitive to the fact that they might not be able to do the things you used to do together. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Your intuitive feelings, while usually helpful in your decision-making, are actually going to be quite distracting today. Weird hunches or troublesome feelings will be keeping you from focusing on an important project that really needs your full attention. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): The pressure of a deadline is bearing down on you today, but once again you are going to meet it without any problems at all! Other people will be amazed at how you skilled you are at finishing work that needs to be done in record time, and they'll probably want to know what your secret is. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): When you are in a group situation today, keep your curiosity under control -- it's not wise to go exploring with

new people, or ask too-probing questions. ********************* LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): This is not a good time to indulge in any expensive celebratory dinners or big nights out on the town. Not only could it drain your wallet way too much, it will probably fall short of your hopes - the energy just isn't quite right for a big party, today, and your buddies are not able to get into the right mood right away. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): Travel is at the top of your mind right now, especially travel to overseas destinations. But if this type of travel isn't exactly in your budget, simply use your creativity to feed your wanderlust. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): It's going to be fun and easy to stay in synch with other people today -- all of the people you are working with are right on the same page as you, feeling the same things and reaching for the same goals. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): Today you just might discover that you share a common interest with one of the newer people in your social circle. This will be great news for the both of you, because it will give you each a new partner to pursue your interests with. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18): The eccentric energy that swarms all around you today won't annoy you as much as it would on any other day. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): Just because you haven't seen a friend for a long while does not mean that you two have drifted away for good. They still care about you, and they would love to hear from you.

Professor Browder, the Founder and Director of IKG Cultural Resources, in an invited comment, said that the state of mind of the African Guyanese is, “pitiful.” Browder stated that this conclusion was made, based on Guyana’s high poverty and crime rate, the amount of black youth being killed by the police, increasing rate of teenage pregnancy among other factors. He added that what is even more depressing is that the young people of Guyana are being programmed by music, most of which comes from the U.S.A. “They are influenced by the music and they get into activities that end their lives prematurely, and unfortunately, America is a contributing source of the misery in Guyana.” The Professor stressed that Guyanese men and women need to make a serious and conscious effort to change their perspective of “Self image.” He added that the misconception of one’s image and who we should emulate is also part of the downfall of the African society. The analyst said that, “pop stars such as Lil Wayne, Drake, 50 cent; Lil Kim, Beyonce and Rihanna have only had a negative impact on how the youth perceive and value themselves.” He said that singers such as; “Nicki Minaj,” Beyonce Knowles, and Robin “Rihanna” Fenty, only teach our young women that dressing with short pants and dresses is the only way to win the love and attention of a promising husband. He added that whilst some of these activities stem from a father who fails to validate his daughter, “and letting her know that she is beautiful and worthy”, has left her very vulnerable to the power of negative music, which has been able to manipulate “our women into thinking that this manner of conduct is acceptable.”

Farmer still critical 23 days after hit and run accident For the past 23 days, a 47-year-old man has been battling for his life in the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC)’s Intensive Care Unit. The father of five, John Coxall was struck down by a speeding motor car on the Madewini, Soesdyke/ Linden Highway on July 27 last. The driver of the car escaped but was later apprehended by the police and was kept in custody for one day. Coxall, who belongs to the West Bank Demerara, is currently on a life support machine. He sustained a fractured skull, broken ribs and a fractured foot.

Yesterday, the mother of his child, Sunita told this publication that she was at home when she received the sad news. “We are not living together. I am living in Grove and his brother living far so when he was knocked down, I only know about it three days after.” According to Sunita, the 47-year-old man was transferred from the HighDependency-Unit to the Intensive Care Unit twice but medical practitioners have not been telling her what is going on. “He was in ICU, they moved him to HDU and moved him back yesterday (Saturday) to ICU.”

Coalition going ahead... (From page 11) activities for between August 18 and 21. The coalition will be hosting two telethons to raise funds for the construction endeavor of the 1823 People’s Monument. “All monies collected will go solely towards the construction of the monument and will not be used for administration purposes by the Coalition”, the Committee Member said. She added that during the month of August there will also be a design competition for the 1823 monument. The public and a panel of judges will choose the winning design.

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Monday August 05, 2013

Companies help immigrants obtain US citizenship SANTAANA, Calif. (AP) — For immigrants working toward the American Dream, some employers are now helping them reach their dream of becoming Americans. Health clinics, hotels and a clothing factory are pairing up with immigrant advocates to offer on-site citizenship assistance as one of the perks of the job in greater Los Angeles, Miami, Washington and Silicon Valley as they aim to make naturalization more convenient for the 8.5 million legal immigrants eligible to become U.S. citizens. The effort is billed as a win-win for both employee and employers: Workers avoid legal fees and having to shuttle to and from law offices to complete applications; companies create a deeper bond with immigrant workers and there’s little cost as nonprofits pick up the tab. “You create some sense of loyalty,” said Leonie Timothee, human resources manager at InterContinental Miami, a luxury hotel that has helped six employees apply to naturalize since last year.

“It is going to be a part of you for the rest of your life, and to know your place of employment helped you, assisted you in becoming a citizen — I think that’s a great deal.” In most cases, immigrants can apply to become an American citizen after having a green card for five years and passing English and civics tests. But they often take longer to do so because they can’t afford the application fees, fear their English isn’t good enough or simply don’t know enough about the process, studies have shown. While high-tech companies frequently sponsor foreign workers for visas or green cards, most companies haven’t gotten involved in the naturalization process. Their involvement usually ends at getting work papers unless the employee needs to travel extensively overseas or obtain national security clearance only available to a citizen, said Angelo Paparelli, an immigration attorney who specializes in employmentbased issues. Since last year, 19 companies have signed up to participate in the effort by the

Washington-based National Immigration Forum to help more people become citizens. The focus of the so-called Bethlehem Project is on lowwage workers, who often face additional hurdles to naturalization such as long hours and extensive commutes and who may lack the cash to hire an immigration lawyer to help them complete the paperwork. Uruguayan native Yolanda Oruc said she could have become an American citizen three years ago but didn’t have the money for attorney’s fees. When the 52-year-old who restocks hotel room mini bars learned her employer had brought in immigration experts to help her fill out the papers for free, she jumped at the chance and naturalized in July. “I didn’t have a way to become a citizen because I didn’t have the money,” said Oruc, who works at The Betsy Hotel in Miami’s South Beach. For starters, companies host a free information session run by a nonprofit to let employees know about the process of becoming a citizen. The agencies then hold one-

on-one meetings to help fill out the necessary paperwork. Some employers go further and front the government’s $680 naturalization application fee and deduct the funds from pay checks, said Jennie Murray, manager of the Bethlehem Project. The effort is funded in part by the New Americans Campaign, which is a broader push to encourage citizenship through workshops, training sessions and the development of a mobile app to help immigrants determine if they’re eligible to become Americans. Overall, about $500,000 has been donated to jumpstart the project named for Bethlehem Steel, which in 1915 offered its immigrant workers free Englishlanguage instruction. Some businesses are also offering their own citizenshiprelated perks. Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles, Fla., is paying for English classes to help its employees pass the citizenship test, said Linda Geyer, the hotel’s general manager. The hotel is also offering interest-free loans and letting workers cash out

vacation time to cover the cost of citizenship application fees. Evan Bacalao, senior director of civic engagement at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, said he’d like to expand the program to help naturalize workers in big factories and warehouses in Southern California’s Inland Empire. The region consists of suburbs spread over miles where immigrants often can’t make the half-hour or hourlong trip to an advocate’s office for help. While unions historically played a role in helping workers naturalize, businesses didn’t often get involved. But companies may be looking for ways to hang onto low-wage workers as immigration to the U.S. has waned and the economy starts improving, said Louis DeSipio, a professor of political science and Chicano/ Latino studies at University of California, Irvine. He said larger companies with a sizable immigrant workforce are more likely to join such an effort. “In tough economic times, keeping your workers

isn’t so valuable,” he said. “Now as we’re moving back into a tighter job market it makes sense for employers to find ways to hold on particularly to low-wage employees.” Beyond breeding loyalty and gratitude, companies such as the Southern California-based health care provider AltaMed see providing such assistance as part of their mission. For years, AltaMed has focused on treating Latinos and underserved communities in cities such as Santa Ana, where about half of residents are immigrants. As a community service, the network also holds regular voter registration drives in the hopes of churning out more voters who support health care programs for the poor. So adding citizenship assistance seemed like a natural fit, said Bob Turner, AltaMed’s vice president of human resources. “The voters need to influence the politicians,” Turner said. “We believe that an informed electorate, and a voting electorate — it’s the way to be able to influence social change.”

Monday August 05, 2013

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Germany’s Left urges new alliance to oust Merkel after poll boost BERLIN (Reuters) - The leader of Germany’s Left party urged the Social Democrats (SPD) yesterday to rethink their ban on a left-wing alliance as an opinion poll showed the three opposition parties could narrowly beat Chancellor Angela Merkel in the September 22 election. Gregor Gysi, the Left’s parliamentary leader, said in several high-profile interviews yesterday that the SPD should stop ostracizing the Left party because of its Communist past. “I don’t see any reason that would prevent the Left party from becoming part of a government ruling in Germany one day,” Gysi told Bild am Sonntag newspaper, which published a poll putting the SPD, their Greens allies and the Left party on 46 percent, a point ahead of Merkel’s centre-right alliance. “The SPD needs to understand that, without us, they’re not going to win the chancellery,” said Gysi, who indicated he had his eye on the foreign minister’s job. The Left is polling about 8 percent after winning 11.9 percent in the 2009 election. SPD support is 25 percent, 15 points behind Merkel’s conservatives. The SPD’s Greens allies are at 13 percent, ahead of Merkel’s Free Democrat allies at 5 percent. Peer Steinbrueck, the SPD’s chancellor candidate, has ruled out a coalition with the Left party at the national level, as have most SPD and Greens leaders largely because it is the successor to Communist East Germany’s SED party that built the Berlin Wall, and because the Left wants to abolish NATO. But Steinbrueck also said in a ZDF TV interview yesterday the SPD would not enter into “grand coalition” again as Merkel’s junior partners, as the SPD did from 2005 to 2009, because the SPD lost millions of voters and part of its identity. Steinbrueck’s opposition to a ‘grand coalition’ or a left-left alliance suggests there could be a stalemate after September 22. “A ‘grand coalition’ is very unlikely in my opinion because the SPD won’t want to be stirrup holders for Merkel again - we all know what happened last time around,” he said, referring to support plunging to 23 percent in 2009 from 34.2 percent in 2005. The SPD and Greens also worry about the Left’s opposition to euro zone

Angela Merkel rescue efforts. While the SPD and Greens have backed Merkel’s rescue programs, the Left party consistently voted against linking financial aid to demands for structural reforms. But the SPD quietly dropped its ban on alliances with the Left at the state level in 1998 in formerly communist eastern Germany, where the Left is popular. From 2010 to 2012, the Left party supported an SPD-Greens minority government led by Hannelore Kraft in the western state of North RhineWestphalia. There are fears in government circles that the SPD and Greens might drop the ban on alliances with the Left at national level if the September election produces a leftist majority. SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel has ruled out such an alliance. The SPD and Left have similar policies on economic and social issues. “If it comes down to what Sigmar Gabriel and Hannelore Kraft want, then Germany’s going to get an SPD-GreensLeft party government after the election,” conservative Bavaria state premier Horst Seehofer said in a Focus magazine interview on Sunday.

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Berlusconi backs government at rally against tax conviction ROME (Reuters) Thousands of supporters of Silvio Berlusconi protested in Rome yesterday against a tax fraud conviction that has rocked Italy’s fragile coalition, but the center-right leader said the government must continue. Addressing the 2,000strong crowd, a subdued Berlusconi again bitterly attacked what he calls leftist judges and insisted he was innocent, but said he would continue to support the shaky coalition of his centerright People of Freedom (PDL) party with the centerleft Democratic Party (PD) of Prime Minister Enrico Letta. “We have said loud and clear that the government must go forward to approve the economic measures that we asked for and were agreed,” Berlusconi told the rally, making clear that he was in no rush to force a snap election as some of his hawkish supporters have demanded. “What drives us is not our personal interests. Always the interests of everyone and of our Italy come first.” Dressed in a navy t-shirt under a suit jacket, the 76year-old’s restrained performance was a contrast to his usual ebullient public appearances and his voice cracked several times during the address. Italy’s supreme court on Thursday upheld a four-year jail sentence - commuted to one year - for the media mogul. It was the first definitive conviction he has suffered in dozens of trials

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi leaves the stage flanked by his girlfriend Francesca Pascale at the end of a rally yesterday. (Reuters) since he stormed into politics in 1994. He says leftist magistrates are trying to subvert democracy by forcing him out of politics. He is expected to serve the sentence either under house arrest in one of his luxurious residences or doing community service. Offenders over 70 are not normally sent to jail. The PDL has been lobbying for President Giorgio Napolitano to pardon Berlusconi, which political sources say he has angrily rejected as impossible for several reasons, including because Berlusconi is still awaiting a verdict in an appeal against a conviction for paying for sex with a minor in the so-called “Rubygate” scandal. The level of anger in the PDL over the sentence and PD insistence that the law must be upheld have raised real fears of a collapse of the

coalition government. But even if the government continues, the strife is likely to dim hopes for reforms desperately needed to drag the euro zone’s third largest economy out of its longest post-war recession. Defence minister Mario Mauro told newspaper Il Sussidario earlier there was an awareness in the government that the delicate coalition risked breakdown, but any move towards elections is unlikely until parliament returns from its summer recess and Italians from their sacrosanct August holidays. Analysts point out that Berlusconi may hesitate to bring down the government and force elections because the sentence will prevent him campaigning or standing as a candidate, and the party depends not only on his wealth but his charisma and communication skills.

In addition, until a dysfunctional electoral law is changed, a new election is likely to produce an even more chaotic outcome than the last vote in February. Head of State Napolitano and Letta both say the country cannot afford another election at a moment of economic crisis. After his speech, in which he defiantly said he would remain in the political fight, Berlusconi greeted emotional supporters, many of them women, in the crowd. Some of them wept as he shook their hands. “I’m here to support our leader, who is the only person in Italy and perhaps in Europe acting as a barrier against the advance of the ‘red judges’,” supporter Marielle Menegatti told Reuters at the rally outside Berlusconi’s Renaissance palace home near parliament. The four times prime minister ’s words at the Sunday rally may help to calm days of political tension since the supreme court verdict. One of Berlusconi’s most loyal and hawkish supporters, PDL deputy Daniela Santanche, earlier threatened a mass resignation by center-right lawmakers unless Napolitano issued a pardon, which she said was Berlusconi’s right. “We are in a dictatorship. There is a power that has overruled democracy (the judiciary),” Santanche told daily Il Fatto Quotidiano in an interview published on Sunday. “Berlusconi’s conviction deserves a revolution.”

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Monday August 05, 2013

Egypt mediation gathers pace but Brotherhood leaders face trial CAIRO (Reuters) Egypt’s army-installed government said yesterday it would give a chance for mediation to resolve the crisis brought on by the overthrow of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi, but warned that time was limited. At the same time, a Cairo court announced that the leader of Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood and his deputy will face trial in three weeks’ time for crimes including incitement to murder during protests in the days before he was toppled. That could complicate efforts by international envoys and Egyptian factions to launch a political process, encourage national reconciliation and avert further bloodshed. But an imminent battle between security forces and thousands of Mursi supporters standing their ground in two protest camps in Cairo appeared less likely while the mediators talked. The National Defence Council, made up of civilians and soldiers, said in a statement it backed mediation “that protects the rights of citizens regardless of their affiliations and that spares blood, as long as that happens in a defined and limited time.” It did not specify a deadline. The statement was issued one day after U.S. and European envoys met separately with members of the new government and allies of Mursi. The crisis has led Egypt, the Arab world’s most populous state, to its most dangerous days since a popular uprising in February 2011 ended U.S.-backed strongman Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year rule and raised hopes of a new era of democracy. Mursi became Egypt’s first freely-elected leader in June 2012. But fears that he was tightening an Islamist grip on the country and his failure to ease the economic hardships afflicting most of its 84 million people led to huge street demonstrations, culminating in the army ousting him on July 3. The military has laid out a “road map” to elections in about six months and promises a return to civilian government. The Brotherhood, an Islamist movement that spent decades in the shadows during Mubarak’s rule, had spurned the road map. Almost 300 people have been killed in political violence since Mursi’s overthrow, including 80 shot dead by security forces in a single incident on July 27, and much

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood and supporters of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi shout slogans and hold up posters during a rally marching. (Reuters) of the Brotherhood’s leadership is in custody. A Cairo court said yesterday it would start the trial of Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie and his deputy Khairat el-Shater on August 25 on charges of inciting killings during the protests in the last days of Mursi’s rule. The general prosecutor also ordered the pre-trial detention for 15 days of Rifaa El-Tahtawy, Mursi’s former chief-of-staff, and his deputy, accused of inciting the detention, torture and interrogation of protesters in 2012. Mursi’s allies view them as political detainees who should be included in talks to ease tensions. Mursi, who has also been accused of murder and other crimes, is detained at an undisclosed location. Diplomats say the Brotherhood and its political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, understand that Mursi will not return as president but they want a face-saving legal formula for him to step down. Analysts say civilians in the new government are also trying to promote a political solution despite resistance from security services that want to take a hard line on the Brotherhood. A spokesman for the Mursi camp told Reuters on Saturday it wanted a solution that would “respect all popular desires” - an apparent recognition of the strength of the popular protests against his one-year rule. But Mursi’s allies also told envoys from the United States and the European Union that they rejected any role in a political settlement for army chief General Abdel

Fattah al-Sisi, who led Mursi’s overthrow.

Asked whether the delegation had insisted on

Mursi’s reinstatement as part of any political deal, Tarek ElMalt, a member of the Brotherhood-affiliated Wasat party, said that was a detail for future discussion. U.S. Deputy Secretary of State William Burns and European Union envoy Bernadino Leon, who are leading the diplomatic push, met Sisi on Sunday, an army statement said. It gave no details. The United Arab Emirates, which has given the new government $3 billion in support, is also involved in the mediation, sending Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed to Cairo. In the United States, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham said the Egyptian military must move “more aggressively” to hold elections and future U.S. aid will hinge upon a return to civilian rule. U.S. President Barack Obama has asked Graham

and Senator John McCain to travel to Egypt to meet members of the new government and the opposition. Graham said they would be leaving soon but he did not give a date. “The military can’t keep running the country. We need democratic elections,” Graham said in a CNN interview. Washington has been grappling with how to respond to the situation in Egypt, for decades an important ally in its Middle East policy and recipient of billions of dollars in military aid over the years. “I want to keep the aid flowing to Egypt but it has to be with the understanding that Egypt is going to march toward democracy, not toward a military dictatorship. And that’s the message we’re going to send,” Graham said.

Iran, U.S. signal will to engage as new president sworn in

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran and the United States signaled a fresh will yesterday to seek to end the dispute over Tehran’s nuclear program after Hassan Rouhani was sworn in as president and called for dialogue to reduce “antagonism and aggression”. Hopes for a diplomatic resolution increased with Rouhani’s win over conservative rivals in June, when voters replaced hardliner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with a cleric whose watchword is “moderation” but who is still very much an Islamic Republic insider. “The only way for interaction with Iran is dialogue on an equal footing, confidence-building and mutual respect as well as reducing antagonism and aggression,” Rouhani told parliament after taking his oath of office. “If you want the right response, don’t speak with Iran in the language of sanctions, speak in the language of respect,” he said. Within hours, the United States said it was ready to work with Rouhani’s government if it were serious about engagement. “The inauguration of President Rouhani presents an opportunity for Iran to act quickly to resolve the international community’s deep concerns over Iran’s nuclear program,” White House spokesman Jay

Hassan Rouhani

Jay Carney

Carney said in a statement. “Should this new government choose to engage substantively and seriously to meet its international obligations and find a peaceful solution to this issue, it will find a willing partner in the United States.” Iran’s critics say it has used previous nuclear negotiations as a delaying tactic while continuing to develop nuclear weaponsrelated technology something Tehran denies. Signaling both his wish to get straight down to work and a likely willingness to engage with the United States, Rouhani immediately presented a list of cabinet nominees to the parliament speaker that included Iran’s former ambassador to the United Nations, Mohammad Javad Zarif, as foreign minister. Parliament must approve the proposed

ministers before they can take office and the speaker said the assembly would review the nominees in the next week. Zarif is a respected diplomat involved in negotiations with the United States since the 1980s and well known to top U.S. officials including Vice President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Western envoys familiar with Zarif have said his appointment may be a sign of Rouhani’s interest in breaking the deadlock with the United States. Ali Vaez, Iran analyst at the International Crisis Group, said Zarif had unique skills that “allow him to bridge the great gulf of misperceptions between Iran and the West.” “No one else is better suited to take on the grim but grand task of ending Iran’s isolation at this time of national peril,” he told

Reuters. Any new overtures to the West would have to be approved by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has maintained a staunchly antiWestern stance since becoming Iran’s supreme leader in 1989. After eight years of A h m a d i n e j a d ’ s confrontational government, under which the West tightened sanctions making daily life tougher for normal Iranians, Khamenei is likely to give Rouhani a chance to resolve the issue, but has publicly expressed more skepticism of the chances of a solution. Though less hard line than his predecessor, Rouhani has held important military and security posts since the Islamic revolution of 1979. He was head of the Supreme National Security Council for 16 years and one of two personal representatives of Khamenei on the same body for another eight years. Rouhani did not name a candidate to head the Supreme National Security Council. The person occupying that position is usually also Iran’s chief negotiator in its talks with world powers over its nuclear program. Iranian news agencies last month said Rouhani would nominate Mohammad Forouzandeh, a former Revolutionary Guard, defense minister and member of Iran’s Security Council, for the post.

Monday August 05, 2013

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ALL ON BOARD FOR KMTC/ DIGICEL HORSE RACE CLASSIC All systems are in place for Digicel/Kennard Memorial Turf Club (KMTC) one day Horserace Classic now set for Sunday August 11th at the club’s Bush Lot Farm, Corentyne Berbice venue. The event is the biggest horserace meet for the year in Guyana so far, with total prize money of over $12M which is the largest purse to date. Eight events are list for the day with entries reaching over 80, making it one of the largest fields to have assembled so far. The feature event is for B class horses over one mile and will see the likes of Score’s Even, Donut Prince, C.P Got Even, Grande De Roja, Elle’s Vision, Got To Go, The Message, Funny Factor, Miss Karina, Zee Bomb, Swing Easy and Marathon Man battling. The winner will gallop away with a whopping $2.5M, and trophy in what is expected to be a scorcher. It’s My Turn, Gold Rush, Princess Alisha, Set For Fame, Wild Grinder, Monsoon, Flying Baby, Angel Sayer, De Legion, Silent Night and Party Time are among the top Guyana and West Indies Bred three years old horses entered to battle for the $1.3M top purse also over one Mile. The D3 Class six furlong race with a tantalizing first prize of $900,000 up for the grabs has the likes of Mission King, Country Armagh, Zee Bomb, Miss Karina, Renia Del Café, Stormy Flame, Who is on the Case, Swing Easy, Marathon Man , Silent Lizzy, Treacle, Red Cloud and Prado’s Gold all down to compete.

Among the animals entered for the two year Guyana and West Indies Bred event are Today Is My Day, Nobody wants me, Unsettled, Shining Star Royal Empire, Untouchable, Golden King, Treasure Hunt, Back Rules, I Get Another, Baby Kerry and Triple Three as they compete for the winning money of $700,000 over five Furlongs. A top notch field has been assembled for The G1 and lower one mile race for the $600,000 winners money including War Craft, Treacle, Captain Crook, Traditional man, Princess Paige, Celebrating Love, Silent Flame, Bridal Stone Corner, Red Cloud, Quiet Storm, Gold Romance, Prado’s Gold, Top of the Line and Roxanna. A top prize of $325,000 is available for the winner in the I1 and Lower seven furlongs race with Savion, Cat Messiah, Affinity, Easy to Win, Dream Boy, Smarty Light, Black water, Apostle, Mary Ann, DE Gump, Sango, Piece of the Cash, DE Lion, Pick Pocket ad Party among those looking for the win. A whopping 17 animals have been entered to compete for the $300,000 at stake for the winner in the race for J1 and lower horses over Six Furlongs. The final race for the day is for animals classified J3 and K over five furlongs and has some 16 animals down to compete for a winner’s money of $200,000. All the winners will be presented with trophies compliments of the sponsors. There will also be rewards for the outstanding individual performers which will include top jockey, trainer, stable and horse compliments of Ramesh Sunich of the Trophy Stall,

Gold Romance, about to prepare for an exercise, will be looking for another win in the G class event. Bourda Market and Digicel. The race meet will be run under the rules of the GHRA and those interested in entering their animals can do so by contacting Secretary Niketa Ross on 66204668, Campton Sancho on 690-0569 Roopnarine Matadial on 3253192, Justice Cecil Kennard on 226-1399, 225-4818 or 6237609,club, Ivan Dipnarine 331-0316, Isabella Beaton 693-7812 or Dennis DeRoop on 609-9143. Horse owners are also reminded to get their horses properly registered with the Guyana Horse Racing Authority. Those horses not

properly registered will not be allowed to participate in the day’s proceedings. Race time is 12:30hrs. (Samuel Whyte)

Monday August 05, 2013

Shakib’s six overwhelms Trinidad in low-scorer ESPNcricinfo - Only four batsmen reached double figures and two bowlers took five-fors in Barbados Trident’s low-scoring fourwicket win against Trinidad & Tobago Red Steel in Bridgetown. The T20 match actually lasted just over 20 overs and only 105 runs were scored in all on the same ground where over 300 were scored in the opening match of the Caribbean Premier League. Jason Holder accounted for two of the top three T&T batsmen, who fell within five overs after they elected to bat. It was a Shakib Al Hasan show from there on as he ran through the batting line up, dismissing the next six batsmen to finish with figures of 6 for 6 from his four overs. The solo performance had started much earlier when he took the openers’ catches off Holder and S h a n n o n Gabriel. His spell included a triple-wicket maiden, the tenth over of the innings, in which he trapped Dwayne Bravo lbw with an arm ball for 5, got Nicolas Pooran caught at short leg for a duck, and then rattled Kevon Cooper’s stumps on the last ball of the over. From 40 for 4, T&T were now 40 for 7.

Shakib came back to dismiss Samuel Badree and Kevin O’Brien in his fourth over. Gabriel finished the innings with his second wicket and only two batsmen, Davy Jacobs and Ross Taylor, reached double figures. Chasing only 53, Jonathan Carter gave Barbados a flying start smashing two sixes in the first over in which Sulieman Benn conceded 20 runs. But Fidel Edwards counterattacked by dismissing the openers in his first over with his swing and pace. Benn continued and had Shoaib Malik caught at second slip for 5. Barbados’ hopes of finishing the chase easily were dashed further when Edwards got Umar Akmal caught at slip and took two more wickets, of Shakib and Kyle Mayers, in his third over to reduce Barbados to 39 for 6. However, they needed only 14 more and Ashley Nurse finished it off two overs later with a four over the midwicket boundary. Barbados are at the top of the table with six points from three unbeaten matches. Scores: Barbados Tridents 53 for 6 (Edwards 5-22) beat Trinidad & Tobago Red Steel 52 (Shakib 6-6) by 4 wickets.

St. Lucia dent Guyana’s hopes of... From page 31 on-drove Tino Best sweetly for four before a valiant diving effort by Herschelle Gibbs proved futile next ball as Simmons skied to deep cover. Sarwan and Simmons shared an unfinished 60 partnership in their last match to steer Guyana to an eightwicket win Jamaica, tried to orchestrate another revival by putting together 20 for third wicket. Simmons was bowled by Shillingford who two balls later trapped Narsingh Deonarine lbw for a duck as two wickets tumbled in three balls to the Dominican offspinner as Guyana slipped to 73-4 in the 14th over. With pulsating music blaring in between overs, Comedian Chow-Pow tried his best to revive the crowd by instructing them to perform the Mexican wave. But when Sarwan (9) edged Best to the Keeper to leave Guyana on 82-4 in the 17th over and James Franklyn (3) was run out three runs later, the fans had gone dead. Chris Barnwell (29*) woke up the crowd with a pair of thunderous boundaries off Sammy in the 18th over which cost 12 as he and Denish

Ramdin (13*) took 33 from the last 19 balls. Ramdin spanked Best for four and Barnwell clobbered Shillingford for consecutive sixes and the crowd, chatting ‘Warriors, Warriors’ was alive again as the last over cost 17 runs After a colorful display from the cheerleaders, Drummers and Masqueraders during the break St Lucia began their run chase and Krishmar Santokie conceded just a single from the opening over. However, Hafeez was hit for consecutive sixes by Fletcher in the second over to again spoil the fan’s party. Veerasammy Permaul struck in his first over when he had Tamim Iqbal (6) at 22-1 in the fifth over while Sunil Narine trapped Gibbs (6) infront in the next over seven runs later. Fletcher (23) was removed by Deonarine at 423 in the 10th over while Misbah Ul Haq, who dumped Deonarine for consecutive sixes in the 12th over. Devon Smith, who loves the ball coming on to the bat, hit Franklyn, Guyana most expensive bowler in the tournament for three consecutive boundaries to

bring the required rate to under 10 per over. With 38 needed from 24 balls, Smith (24) was run out while the big hitting Morkel was run without facing a ball at the same score with St Lucia 88-5. A crucial four from Sammy off Santokie left St Lucia needing 28 from 18 balls and Narine’s final over cost just five runs leaving 23 to get from 12 balls. Sammy, who finished on 21 not out from nine balls, picked up Santokie and sent him way back into the stands over mid-wicket and with the final over to be bowled by Hafeez, St Lucia needed 10 runs with Ul Haq and Sammy at the crease. Ul Haq just needed three to formalize the result and give his team their first win in the competition. Ul Haq hit Hafeez for consecutive sixes to finish the game in style as St Lucia won with three balls to spare and Coach Roger Harper must seriously consider replacing the struggling Hafeez with Steven Jacobs. Guyana’s next match is a return fixture against T&T’s Red Steel in Port of Spain on August 9.

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