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Wednesday April 23, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news

THE AFC merely stalled government dishonesty DEAR EDITOR, The Alliance For Change (AFC) would like our Indigenous brothers and sisters to know that we fully support the allocations for the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs’ Current Budget 2014, which is a total of $411.9 million. Out of this, $33.5 million is earmarked to be spent on National and Other Events and, according to Minister Sukhai, $25 million of this will be for Amerindian Heritage Month. The combined Opposition did not reduce this budget last year and we did not do so this year. Last year the Capital Budget was $435.188 million of which $392.5 million came under the Amerindian Development Fund and we approved everything. The Ministry of Amerindian Affairs’ entire budget was approved and never cut last year although many of our Indigenous brothers and sisters informed us that they were told that the Opposition had cut the Amerindian budget. If this is indeed so then they were told a very BIG, FAT lie! Four months ago Minister Sukhai came to the Parliament asking for a further $500 million under Amerindian Development Fund for Amerindian Development Projects and Programmes which she got. How many villages benefited from these monies, we do not know. The right thing for any responsible youth/adult to do is to ask the Minister about this… How was the $500 million spent? The money belongs to our Amerindian brothers and sisters and they are entitled to answers! For this year, the Capital Budget for the Ministry of

Amerindian Affairs came up to a total of $1.142 billion for five projects in all – Buildings, Amerindian Development Fund, Water Transport, Land Transport and Office Furniture and Equipment. All five came under one Project Code, 161 – Amerindian Development. AFC approves of the Buildings, Water Transport, Land Transport and Office Furniture and Equipment but we have questions regarding one allocation under the Amerindian Development Fund for which $1.1 million was allocated. Under this project there are a further four items— Youth Entrepreneurship and Apprenticeship Programme (YEAP) – for which $796,000,000 is earmarked; Construction of Village Offices and Multipurpose Buildings; Purchase of sports gears, musical instrument, drip irrigation systems, tractors and implements; and support to other projects and programmes including Ecotourism. The AFC has genuine concerns about YEAP, the first item under the Amerindian Development Fund. Last year we approved $200 million for YEAP and were very happy that our Indigenous youths were going to be exposed to types of training that would give them the opportunity to get jobs when they graduated, as well as business training. However, a few months into the programme, we were told that all was not well with YEAP; that the youths were not receiving the training as the Minister had promised, except for the ones working in the health, education and forestry or Agriculture sectors. The other youths

The roads in Kwakwani DEAR EDITOR, A recent accident in Kwakwani brought out a very troubling fact about the community’s roads. No one can be successfully prosecuted for any traffic offence in Kwakwani because the roads are not gazetted. A community that has been in existence for over sixty year s w i t h s o m e o f t h e basic infrastructures that would qualify it for township, cannot successfully prosecute traffic violators because of un-gazetted roads. We, the residents are really living dangerously and have to be thankful for the

mercy of the Almighty. We are calling on all of our elected representatives at the Regional and National levels, the Commissioner of Police and every authority, to thoroughly examine this grave situation with the sole objective to have it corrected within the shortest possible time. Our community roads are getting dangerous. With the ease at which we are able to access vehicles, it is imperative that we have systems in place to protect, deter, prosecute and probably able to compensate affected road users. Jocelyn Morian

were left to fend for themselves most of the time and did not know what to do but receive the $30,000 per month for which you are not at fault. Now Minister Sukhai is asking the Opposition to approve $796 million —$596 million more than last year for the YEAP. As leaders of this country we have a responsibility to all Guyanese and we would be shirking our duty if we allow our taxpayers hard-earned monies to be carelessly spent. We knew that we could not reduce/cut any allocation by itself, and instead had to “not approve”, as the Chief Justice ruled, the entire Project Code 161 – Amerindian Development. That is why we decided to ask the Government to let us discuss this matter so that we could be allowed to reduce the allocation of YEAP and would not have to cut the entire Project Code 161. Sadly, they refused to speak with us. We, in the AFC, understand the dilemma of the lack of training and jobs in Indigenous communities and want better for all Indigenous youths. To this effect we have been asking the Government to build technical Institutes, Agricultural and Mining Schools, Home Economics Schools like Carnegie in all hinterland Regions to cater for professional training for our Indigenous youths. I would like to categorically state that the AFC would never oppose money for proper training and jobs, titling of Amerindian lands or community development. However, with regards to the LCDS funds, we do not have control over this money since it is handled and carefully monitored by international bodies and implemented along with the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs. Continued on page 29

The Ministry of Education is doing a poor job DEAR EDITOR, Recently, we noticed that the Minister of Education appears to be getting more and more desperate as her record of real achievement in educating the children of Guyana crumbles around her. Being the Minister of Education is not only about political sound bites, it is also about leadership and tangible outcomes to enhance the welfare and well-being of our children. But the Minister seems to be more interested in photo ops, vulgar and abusive cuss-down language. In May 2011, the Minister reminded us that the PPP visions for Guyana’s children were that they want the children of Guyana “to be happy, to be safe, to have a good education, to be prepared to be productive citizens…” Shaik Baksh left the education portfolio with a pass rate at Mathematics of 35 percent but under the current Minister of Education, the pass rate in Maths has fallen drastically. Today 71 percent or some 8,500 students have failed Mathematics at the CSEC level . They are ineligible to be accepted at any proper university to further their education. This kind of implosion that took place under the Minister’s watch suggests that she has failed the children and parents of Guyana. As parents, we deserve better for our children. We believe that not being able to provide our children with a proper education will inhibit the development of the country. With such a dreadful track record and with no real plan,

policy or strategy for improvement, it is no wonder that she spends much of her time on NCN peddling propaganda and in Parliament hurling personal insults against her fellow MPs. The minister should have apologized to Jaipaul Sharma for her rude remark and to the Speaker for her arrogant behavior. Regrettably, such behavior is accepted by her party as the norm. If Minister Manickchand was so concerned about the victims of sexual abuse as she claimed, then she would have used her office to ensure the Sexual Offence Act of 2010 is fully enforced. The alleged victims whom she chose to bring into the limelight would be so much better off if their alleged oppressors are behind bars. This would have provided a much safer environment with access to a good education in order to make them more productive citizens. But one must ask what has Ms. Manickchand done to bring justice to these victims? Very little!

In such a situation, she has no right to use them as poster children to advance her political ambitions since that is nothing else but political prostitution. How much better is that than what takes place on the grounds of the Cenotaph at nights? Teachers, parents and students are disappointed with her raucous behavior and are distancing themselves from her. She is considered one of the PPP foremost propagandists. It is not the Minister or the PPP that is suffering; it is our children. Dr. Terrence Simon, Asha Balbachan, Derrick Arjune, Chandra Deollal, Esq. Rohit Misir, Dr. Reginald Watkins, Donna Mathoo, Noes Moses, Aubrey Reteymer, Vicki Rampersaud Guilianna Jacobs, Dr. Devita Khan, Asquith Rose, Ramesh Sookram, Harish Singh. Dr. Vincent Nauth

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AFC repeats call for end to drug purchases monopoly With more than $5B in the 2014 Budget for the purchase of drugs and medical supplies, the Alliance For Change (AFC) has reiterated its call for the urgent establishment of the Public Procurement Commission and a review of the Drug Purchasing Policy. AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan, says that this is urgently needed to stop any attempt at price gouging by any pharmaceutical supplier. Ramjattan told this publication yesterday that both t h e A F C a n d A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) have submitted the names for the persons to be nominated to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC). It is the PAC that is tasked with sorting through the names and making a recommendation to the President for the establishment of the Committee. Ramjattan said that there is the urgent need for this to be done in order to level the playing field when it comes

AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan to the supply of drugs. According to Ramjattan, the AFC believes that the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board is compromised, given that all of the members are appointed by the Ministry of Finance and are subject to directives from that Ministry. Ramjattan pointed to documented instances where one supplier, the New GPC, supplied drugs at a cost several times over what other

suppliers could have supplied at. He said that with a level playing field in place this would mean that Guyana could be able to purchase even more of the same quality of drugs rather than paying exorbitant prices. Ramjattan said that the Ministry of Health must also revise its drug purchasing policy which panders to a monopoly created by a policy called sole sourcing. This policy has led to the creation of a monopoly when it comes to supplying government with its drugs. Last year, Guyana spent $4.69B. This time around, according to the estimates recently approved in the National Assembly, it is the intention to expend in excess of $5.14B. The drug bills would represent half of the total Ministry’s budget of $10B. The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) is set to spend $1.86B or $40M more than in 2013. While the Opposition approved the expenditure during the recent considerations of the 2014 National Budget, there have been questions, especially over the drug purchases by the Ministry of Health and GPHC. Billions of dollars are being spent annually on procurement, with New GPC supplying the lion’s share. Other local importers have been complaining of a deliberate plot by the administration to sideline them.

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Rodney COI moves into high gear on Monday The Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into the June 1980 death of historian/ politician, Dr. Walter Rodney, is set to move into high gear from next Monday with the start of the public hearings phase. The hearings will continue until Wednesday, before breaking for May Day and resuming again on May 2. The hearings were initially set to start this week but faced delays. According to a Government statement on the hearings, it will be held at the Supreme Court Library Building, Avenue of the Republic and Charlotte Street. Almost 33 years after Rodney’s death, Government in late February appointed Barbadian Queen’s Counsel, Sir Richard Cheltenham, as the CoI’s Chairman with the other members being Guyanaborn, Trinidad-based Senior Counsel, Seenauth Jairam and Jamaican Queen’s Counsel, Jacqueline Samuels-Brown. The Government statement reiterated that the purpose of the hearings will be for the Commission to receive testimony and evidence from interested parties to help examine the facts and circumstances immediately prior, at the time of, and subsequent to the death of Dr. Rodney. The aim is to order to determine, as far as possible, who or what was responsible for the explosion resulting in the death of Rodney, who co-founded the Working People’s Alliance (WPA), an Opposition party.

Dr. Walter Rodney The CoI will inquire into the cause of the explosion in which Rodney died and examine the role, if any, which the late Gregory Smith, said to be a Sergeant of the Guyana Defence Force, played in the death. The hearings will be examining any possible evidence into who may have counselled, procured, aided and/or abetted Smith, including facilitating his departure from Guyana. Also to be determined is the role of the state, including the actions and activities of the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana National Service, the Guyana People’s Militia and those who were in command and superintendence of these agencies, “to determine whether they were tasked with the surveillance of and the carrying out of actions, and

whether they did execute those tasks and carried out those actions against the Political Opposition, for the period 1st January, 1978 to 31st December, 1980”. The Commission will be accepting original and followup statements from interested parties during the life of the Commission and will be setting subsequent hearing dates to facilitate the commission and attendance of witnesses. President Ramotar has said that Rodney’s family has been petitioning him to bring closure to the incident by ordering an independent inquiry. Almost 100 witnesses are expected to be heard. Dr. Rodney was killed on June 13, 1980, when a bomb exploded in a car in which he was an occupant. He was 38 years old at the time. His brother, Donald Rodney, who suffered injuries during the explosion, alleged that a former GDF electronics expert, Sergeant Gregory Smith, had given the politician the bomb that killed him. It was alleged that Smith planted the bomb in a walkietalkie that blew up on Rodney’s pelvic region while he was on John Street, Werken-Rust, between Hadfield and Bent Streets, less than 100 metres from the Camp Street Prison. Smith died of cancer 11 years ago in French Guiana where he had gone to live, after he had fled Guyana.

Deputy CEO not renewing contract – GECOM official GECOM’s Calvin Benn

The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) may soon be looking for a new deputy for its secretariat. Officials yesterday confirmed that Calvin Benn, the current Deputy Chief Elections Officer, has signaled his intentions not to renew his contract. Benn is currently on leave. His contract ends July 31. GECOM officials confirmed that he told officials that he will likely not be pursuing an extension after that date. Benn has served over 12 years at GECOM, which manages the election process in Guyana. Among other things, he has served as the Deputy CEO and even acted in the CEO position from time to time. Recently, during the search for a new CEO, Benn, in his late 50’s, had been a candidate. However, he pulled out and Keith Lowenfield was later appointed to fill the position.

Wednesday April 23, 2014

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Ukraine president calls for new antirebel offensive as crisis deal falters KIEV/MOSCOW (Reuters) - Ukraine’s acting president Oleksander Turchinov called yesterday for government forces to relaunch an offensive against pro-Russian rebels after a local politician from his own party was found dead with signs of torture. Kiev’s first push failed last week to retake one of the towns in the mainly Russianspeaking east occupied by the separatists, and its military has largely suspended operations since the United States, Russia, Ukraine and European Union signed a deal in Geneva last week intended to calm the crisis. But the agreement is already in trouble, with Washington and Moscow putting the onus on each other yesterday to ensure that it is implemented, including a stipulation that the rebels must disarm and leave the government buildings they have occupied. In an appeal that may complicate European efforts to mediate the crisis, Turchinov said two “brutally tortured” bodies had been found near Slaviansk, the objective of the failed Ukrainian army offensive. One was that of Volodymyr Rybak, a member of Turchinov’s Batkivshchyna party, who had recently been abducted by “terrorists”, he said in a statement. “These crimes are being carried out with the full support and indulgence of the Russian Federation,” he said. “I call on the security agencies to relaunch and carry out effective antiterrorist measures, with the

Dmitry Medvedev

Oleksander Turchinov

aim of protecting Ukrainian citizens living in eastern Ukraine from terrorists.” Police said the body of a man who had suffered a violent death had been found in a river. It resembled Rybak, a local councilor in the town of Horlivka, near the regional capital of Donetsk, but formal identification would need further work, they added. Batkivshchyna is led by Yulia Tymoshenko, a former prime minister who is running in a presidential election scheduled for May 25. Ukraine’s poorly resourced forces had previously shown little sign of taking on the gunmen who started occupying towns and public buildings two weeks ago. Turchinov’s call may not lead to much more action but could fuel recriminations between Moscow and Kiev about who is failing to honor the deal. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden told Russia yesterday that “time is short” for action

on defusing the crisis, but Moscow refused to be rushed, saying it could handle any tougher economic sanctions the West might impose. Speaking on a visit to Kiev, Biden called on Moscow to pull back troops built up on Ukraine’s borders and persuade the separatists to disarm. “We’ve heard a lot from Russian officials in the past few days. But now it’s time for Russia to stop talking and start acting,” he told a news conference. “We will not allow this to become an open-ended process. Time is short in which to make progress.” The United States has repeatedly warned Russia it faces “mounting costs” if it fails to ensure full implementation of the Geneva agreement. But the Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, ruled out rapid progress.

U.S. urges North Korea to refrain from new nuclear test WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States said yesterday it was monitoring the Korean peninsula closely after reports that North Korea may be planning another nuclear test and it urged Pyongyang not to take any step that would threaten regional peace. South Korean news reports quoted the South Korean government as saying yesterday that heightened activity had been detected at North Korea’s underground nuclear test site, indicating possible preparations for another atomic test. The reports come just before U.S. President Barack

Obama is due in Japan and South Korea, where he will discuss ways to deal with North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Obama is due in Tokyo today and in Seoul on Friday. “We have certainly seen the press reports ... regarding possible increased activity in North Korea’s nuclear test site,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. “We are closely monitoring the situation on the Korean peninsula.” “We continue to urge North Korea to refrain from actions that threaten regional peace and security and to comply with its international obligations and commitments,” she told a

regular news briefing. South Korea’s Yonhap news agency quoted South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok as saying that “a lot of activity” was being seen at the Punggye-ri test site. “So our forces are keeping in mind the possibility that North Korea may suddenly conduct a nuclear test in a short period of time, or as in previous cases, deceive us with what appears to be a nuclear test.” North Korea warned last month it would not rule out a “a new form” of nuclear test after the United Nations Security Council condemned Pyongyang for launching ballistic missiles into the sea.

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Wednesday April 23, 2014

Minister says Barbados will not engage in trade war with St. Lucia Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation - St. Lucia has announced the imposition of a 70 per cent tax on Barbadian goods effective May 1 and local authorities there must be open and frank discussions on the matter. But Castries has in the past pointed to a 2012 CORED decision which allows for Caribbean Community (CARICOM) lesser developed countries (LDC) to implement the duty on products from the region’s more developed countries. Barbados has not issued an official complaint on the matter but Donville Inniss maintained that his government will not allow the situation to escalate into a trade war. “The approach we’ve taken is to engage in quiet diplomacy and dialogue with our colleagues in St. Lucia around this particular issue of their decision, to exercise their right under article 164 of the Treaty of Chaguaramus, to adjust the rates of duties on

Donville Inniss these items upwards. “We have pretty much gathered what statistical information we needed to gather at my ministry’s that end and we’ve had early talks with the ministry of foreign trade around the matter. What I do not wish to see happen is any all out trade war going between Barbados and St. Lucia or Barbados and our friends in the OECS. I firmly believe that these matters can be resolved in large measure

by having frank talks with each other across the oceans,” he added. Inniss said that the Freundel Stuart government will raise the issue at the upcoming COTED meeting scheduled for Guyana next month. “I expect that there will be a sizable delegation from Barbados going to that meeting at which these issues will be formally discussed.” “But prior to the meeting, we are not waiting to on the meeting in Guyana, prior to the meeting there are meetings going on internally with the private sector who are affected as well as with the officials between St. Lucia and Barbados. “Now remember that today is St. Lucia we don’t know who else it will be tomorrow, I wish therefore to ensure that we are able to nip these issues in the bud by having conversations with one another initially and let’s hope that that works well for us, “Inniss said.

Brazil conference will plot Internet’s future post NSA spying (Reuters) - A global conference in Brazil on the future of the Internet in the wake of U.S. spying revelations might be much less anti-American than first thought after Washington said it was willing to loosen its control over the Web. Bowing to the demands of Brazil and other nations following revelations last year of its massive electronic surveillance of Internet users, the United States has agreed to relinquish oversight of the Internet Corporation for Assigned of Names and Numbers (ICANN), a nonprofit group based in California that assigns Internet domain names or addresses. “The focus has changed from a political reaction to the NSA allegations to one of more constructive criticism and talk about the future of the Internet,” said William Beer, a cyber security expert based in Sao Paulo. The two-day Net Mundial conference in Sao Paulo, which will open today by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, will discuss cyber security and how to safeguard privacy and freedom of expression on the Internet, as well as the shape of a future international body to oversee the decentralized digital network. Officials from dozens of countries - from China and Cuba to the United

Dilma Rousseff

States and European nations - will attend, but organizers say they will have no more voice at the event than Internet companies, academics, technical experts and groups representing Internet users. “All of them should have equal participation in this multi stakeholder process,” said Virgilio Almeida, Brazil’s secretary for IT policy, who will chair the conference. The event is not expected to result in any binding policy decisions, but Almeida said it will launch a high-profile debate that will “sow the seeds” for future reforms of the way the Internet is governed. Rousseff was infuriated by revelations last year that the U.S. National Security Agency snooped on her personal emails and

telephone calls with secret Internet surveillance programs. Other leaders, including Germany’s Angela Merkel, were also targeted by the NSA surveillance. The revelations by former NSA analyst Edward Snowden brought worldwide calls for the United States to reduce its control of the Internet, created 50 years ago to link the computers of American universities to the U.S. defence industry. Last month, the U.S. government surprised many by announcing it would relinquish oversight of the Internet Corporation for Assigned of Names and Numbers (ICANN), a nonprofit group based in California that assigns the network’s domain names or addresses.

Wednesday April 23, 2014

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Blessings in disguise and collateral damage There are lawful and constitutional ways in which a fair portion of the sums not approved in this year’s Budget can be restored. Both the Constitution and the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act provide mechanisms that would allow for some of the funds to be restored. The Minister of Finance and the legal advisers of the government may already be exploring these options with a view to ensuring that the work of critical government agencies is not affected. The fact that such restoration may not receive parliamentary approval does not make them illegal. All it

would mean is that parliamentary consent was not received. But notwithstanding the flexibilities afforded by the Constitution and the law to the Minister of Finance in restoring sums that were not part of the Appropriations Bill, not all of the funds can be restored. There will be causalities. These include collateral damage to some agencies which were not intended targets of the opposition parties, but which because they were lumped together with sums which the opposition disapproved, could not be given consent. One of those casualties

will be the Guyana Energy Authority. The government will have to find a way to restore funds to allow this agency to undertake its regulatory role, but the opportunity can be used to prune this institution and pass off some of its functions to line ministries. Another is likely to be the Guyana Office for Investment (GO-Invest). A great many students are also not likely to gain admission into the University of Guyana, since the funds for their student loans were not approved in the Budget. Those students will have to find the monies to pay to the University, as financing

Dem boys seh

Every holiday is madness Every holiday people does get real crazy. Dem who does drive pun de road does behave madder than de people who live in Fort Canje. And some of these same people is national leaders. Ash Knee drive he car two holiday in a row and knock up other people car. To this day de police can’t do de right thing because dem claim how dem got a protocol fuh dealing wid de big ones and dem got one fuh de ordinary people. Ordinary people can’t lef de scene of an accident but big ones can run away and comeback next week. Dem had one name Ganda who in true fashion drive and crash up a man car pun Carifesta Avenue. Just like Ask Knee, he fork out money and buy a new car fuh de man. To this day de police never even write a charge sheet. Good Friday come and

gone and is only because nuff people wasn’t on de road that nobody had anything to report. But by Saturday was madness. People just step out dem house and was like dem car and minibus was hiding round de corner and waiting fuh dem. Suh when dem step out de house was knock down. Some of dem who get knock down dead. Sunday was de same thing, but Monday tek de cake. Car slam into car and knock dem in some trench. Car drive into canal and driver ain’t know he head from he foot. Dem boys seh that is only because Donald tell some people not to drive, that dem must use drivers, mek dem ain’t had more accidents. Then dem had de murders. In two day four people dead. A man kill he wife and heself; a man kill he brother and a woman kill she husband. De thing sound like if people

killing fowl. A writer name James Baldwin did write a book name Fire Next Time. Well that is wha some man telling dem woman whenever de woman talk. One woman get vex because she husband refuse to bring in money to put food pun de table. De mistake she mek is to walk away just to ease de quarrel. Was fire next time. De man bun down de house. Dem had a fire at Nabaclis. A woman use to live wid she children and always leffing dem home. Neighbours always use to tell she, fire next time. Dem words didn’t even drop and was fire. De lady got to live wid neighbours. Dem boys seh that dem wonder whether it worth celebrating dem holiday when death deh lurking round de corner. Talk half and watch out fuh dem wild people.

for the student loans will not be available. It is a painful reality, but that is the nature of politics. The opposition did not intend to cut these funds, but since they wielded the axe on financing for the Ministry of Finance, then the student loan financing became part of the collateral damage. Some of the causalities should be seen as a blessing in disguise. GO-Invest really needs to be downgraded to desk duties within the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Commerce. That agency has not worked as anticipated and is never likely to be a onestop agency for investors. Government bureaucrats obsessively guard their turf and do not like others to try to be forcing them to act at a pace other than which they are accustomed to acting. For an agency such as GO-Invest to work effectively it requires a revolution in the way the other government departments with which they do business operate. Those agencies are not prone or organized to be businessfriendly and therefore there will always be bottlenecks outside of the control of GOInvest. The non-approval of

funds for GO-Invest should be seen as an opportunity for this entity to be shut down and its functions incorporated under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Commerce. Another blessing in disguise is the non-approval of funds for the Institute of Applied Science and Technology. This is an agency which a few years ago had boasted about developing a new model which would have seen it undertake research and development for the private sector. Now that funding has not been approved for the fiscal year 2014, the IAST can pursue its model of undertaking research for the business class and charge that class for the work it does. It is a good time for it to be weaned off of government financing or closed down all together. One of the regrettable cuts was to the One Laptop Per Family Initiative. It is accepted that this project was mired in controversy over the way the contract for the supply of the computers was awarded. But having passed that stage, the opposition parties should have had their ears to the grounds and

should have realized what a difference the OLPF has been making to the lives of poor children whose parents could not afford to buy them a computer. The benefits of the computers so far distributed are going to be felt in three years’ time when the use of the computer begins to impact on the school grades of the recipients. Tens of thousands of children who never would have been able to own a computer now do so because of the OLPF. And can you imagine the disappointment of the other tens of thousands who are awaiting their turn. This was one programme that should not have been cut, because it deprives poor children of the opportunity to improve their grades in school by having access to a tool which can make them perform better in the classroom. But that is the nature of slash and burn politics. Some good things will be destroyed in the process.

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Wednesday April 23, 2014


Do APNU and the AFC know about David Axelrod?

There is a song that each time you play it, the PNC gets depressed. If played often it will disintegrate the psychology of the PNC. It is the story of an avoidable electoral loss APNU suffered in 2011 Roughly about 120,000 eligible electors did not vote. If you break down the percentage by (a) those that migrated, (b) PPP abstainers, (c) AFC abstainers, (d) PNC abstainers, the PNC took the largest chunk. That number was large enough to have given them a plurality. It didn’t happen because the PNC in 2011 had no Guyanese equivalent of David Axelrod. The AFC, too, had no Axelrod. It was a foregone conclusion that had the AFC saturated Region Three with its presence in the 2011 election, it could have

received about two more seats I don’t believe the PNC and the AFC should participate in another general election unless there are commonsensical constitutional changes. The risk is too great if the PPP wins. A victory for the PPP in another election marks the end of the AFC and the dormancy of the PNC, probably a weakening of the PNC that could damage it to the point where resuscitation may not be possible. Should the PNC and the AFC contest another general election, they should heed the words of Axelrod. He is an American electoral strategist who carved out victories for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. He was particularly good in 2012 when the world believed that the election was too close to

predict an Obama re-election Last week, Axelrod was hired by the British Labour Party to strategize for them in the 2015 elections. This is an extremely crucial election for the world, not only the UK. It is a fight between the Conservative David Cameron and a left-leaning candidate of substance, Ed Miliband. If you don’t know Miliband, then you may know his father, Ralph Miliband. If you attended university in the seventies anywhere in the world and you did a course in 20th century political philosophy, then your professor would have had a compulsory item on the course outline – the theories of the Marxist theoretician, Ralph Miliband. Miliband’s most famous work, “The State in Capitalist Society,” was on our reading list when I did political philosophy as a

student at UG. Miliband is to the left of Obama. While you may regard Obama as a deep liberal, Miliband is even deeper. It would be a loss to the world if a politician that is so oriented to helping the poor of the UK loses. Axelrod has been called in. Here is what Axelrod told the British Guardian and the PNC and AFC should listen. He said, “Ultimately, a campaign like this (the British election in 2015) is going to work by mobilising people at the grassroots and in local communities who understand they have a stake in this, and that their economic future is on the ballot paper.” This is what the PNC and AFC have to do from day one. Get into those communities, stay there and work tirelessly every day on the grassroots. Despite the

billions of dollars the PPP will put into the election, the PPP is starting at a tremendous disadvantage. Here are three congenital negatives that God, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama cannot erase from the PPP. One – be nice to the population by appearing as good guys doing good things. The PPP has crossed the line so badly that no advice from any of the fantastic names mentioned above can get them to listen. The reason is simple – absolute power destroys absolutely. Just days before the voting, the PPP leadership will put on a display of arrogance and vindictiveness that would make 20th century European fascist leaders blush. Two – as a spin-off from number one -- who dares to advise someone like Roger Luncheon or Clement Rohee?

Frederick Kissoon If Gandhi and Mandela rise from the grave and go to Freedom House, put their hands on the shoulders of Rohee and Luncheon and say, “Sons, you must listen to the people,” the reply will be predictable; “Brother Gandhi and Brother Madiba, you know who you are talking to? The ruling party!” Three – there is an entire school of losers that will headline the PPP campaign, but so full of hubris and hauteur is the PPP, they present a natural advantage for the PNC and AFC. The hubris and hauteur blind the PPP from seeing them as election losers. They are Bharrat Jagdeo, Clement Rohee, Sam Hinds, Gail Teixeira, Roger Luncheon and Donald Ramotar.

Regional experts studying strategies to prevent dangerous goods trade Regional authorities are moving to meet later this week to mull strategies to prevent dangerous goods from entering its member states. According to the CARICOM Secretariat, its Rapid Alert System for Information Exchange on Dangerous Goods (CARREX) will be the focus of the Seventh Meeting of Consumer Affairs, in Jamaica of a two-day forum, starting tomorrow. CARREX is part of a CARICOM Secretariat project, funded by the European Union under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) and is intended to boost consumer protection and confidence and to improve the quality of products entering and trading on the regional market. “The CARREX programme will ensure that dangerous goods entering the CARICOM Single Market

and Economy (CSME) could be tracked and removed from the market.” The goods cover a wide range of product categories including toys, motor vehicles, jewellery and furniture. In the coming months, the programme will support CARICOM’s members to develop their national warning systems to improve market surveillance of nonfood consumer goods. “Non-governmental organisations will also benefit from capacity building to accelerate regional consumer participation in this programme.” CARICOM said that the meeting in Jamaica will serve both as a platform on which to assess the performance of the CARREX programme to date, as well as to heighten awareness and to strengthen the CARICOM Single Market and Economy. The meeting convened by

the CARICOM Secretariat includes representatives from the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality (CROSQ), and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). It will also be attended by representatives of the Organisation of American States (OAS), who have been specially invited to discuss cooperation and collaboration of the CARREX into the OAS Rapid Alert System for Exchange of Information (RAPEX) and Consumer Safety and Health Network (CSHN) for countries in the hemisphere. The meeting will have implications for Guyana as a CARICOM member. There have been complaints of poor quality or even toys that are made with banned materials entering the country. However, very little is known of the control mechanisms in place to protect consumers.

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Lone entity bids to manage water supply systems at Mabaruma, Port Kaituma There was only one bid, under Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), for the management of the water supply system Mabaruma, Region one. Bids were opened yesterday at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), Ministry of Finance, Main Street, Georgetown. The Registrar of the Supreme Court received bids for the provision of security services.

Still in the sector, the same entity was the lone bidder for the management of the water supply system at Port Kaituma, Region one. Bids were also opened for the provision of services for Sanitact Disposal and Pest Control for the Registrar of the Supreme Court.

Finally under GWI, bids were opened for the installation of a distribution network at Angoy’s Avenue, Region Six.

Fish vendor accused of stealing cousin’s property Meanwhile, two bids were opened for the procurement of a hook-lift truck and auxiliary equipment for the Georgetown Solid Waste Management Programme.

The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development received bids for the procurement of transporting equipment for the Eccles/Ramsburg Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC). The bids were divided into three lots.

Bail was yesterday set to the tune of $100,000 for a fish vendor who was arraigned before a senior city Magistrate for allegedly swiping a quantity of electronic appliances from his cousin. Bruce Sudin pleaded not guilty to the simple larceny charge which was read to him by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. It is alleged that between April 16 and April 18, at Lot 32 Public Road, Agricola, East Bank Demerara he stole his cousin Lakeram Sankar’s Compact Disc (CD) deck and a Digital Virtual Disc (DVD) set. The items listed in the charge amounted to $81,000.

Police Prosecutor, Inspector Michael Grant who briefed the court, explained that the two share the same residence at Agricola. He said on April 16, Sankar left home with the articles intact and had returned on April 18 to discover that they were missing. The matter was reported and subsequent investigations led to Sudin being arrested and charged for the offence. Grant stated that the accused has no prior charges or convictions and offered no objections to him being granted bail. The Chief, in response, granted bail and adjourned the matter to May 16 for statements.

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Mark Lyte is new GTU President By Leon Suseran Mark Lyte has been elected as the new Guyana Teachers’ Union President. He also won the First Vice President position after the ballots were counted on Saturday evening in Georgetown. He replaces Colin Bynoe as the head of the entity. Speaking with Kaieteur News last evening during the GTU’s Biennial Conference which is currently being held at the Union’s Woolford Avenue location, Lyte felt delighted at the win and said that teachers in Guyana can now expect a better level of representation from the Union under his leadership. The well-known Berbician began teaching in 1990 after which he migrated to St.

Vincent and the Grenadines to study Theology in 1991 and later graduated with an Associate Degree in Theology. He returned to Guyana in 1993 and started to work part time at the Winifred Gaskin Memorial Secondary for three years. He became a full- time teacher in 1995 at Corentyne Comprehensive High School where he taught for eleven years, after which he was promoted to Head of Department at JC Chandisingh Secondary in Berbice. He is also a holder of a Bachelor of Education Degree and a Master of Education Degree. The father of two was promoted to Deputy Head Teacher Tutorial Academy Secondary in 2012, during which he worked at the

University of Guyana Berbice Campus (UGBC) as Lecturer. Notably, he has also been the pastor of the Rose Hall Christian Church from 1993. When asked why he decided to run for the GTU Presidency, Lyte explained that “I decided that teachers are not satisfied with the level of representation that they are receiving from the Guyana Teachers’ Union, and many teachers have withdrawn their membership due to their levels of dissatisfaction.” “Looking at my credentials, I am someone who has a both spiritual and educational field, to provide better leadership, which would allow for all teachers to feel included and represented, irrespective of their professional status,

religion and social class, as well as location in the country,” he stated. He feels that the GTU can do more to enhance the agreement that they currently have with the Ministry of Education and Government and “teachers do not only need salary-like benefits but also non-salary benefits where they can get discounts from business entities.” Lyte opined that many of the branches are “becoming dormant or non- functional” He wants to work with the branch representatives to revive the branches. He feels that GTU needs to be more accountable to its members. “I promise to ensure that the membership knows exactly what the Union is doing with the finances they are given.” Lyte added, too, that he will ensure that the executive members not only sit in their offices, but visit members and branches and “come back to the drawing board to see how we can help them.” “Training of officers is critical. Many times they do not know what to do…their duties, an educational programme which will work to help the officers will be put in place. I also envision that the Union should be able to work closely with all stakeholders in education.” He pledged to foster a unity of union members, “so we can in turn work with other stakeholders in education.” “I believe with the right vision and focus of the executive, which I hope to provide, we will be able to achieve that atmosphere,” he

NEW PRESIDENT: Mark Lyte posited. He urged teachers to brace themselves, as “things will not happen in a day—we need to start from the grassroots and see how we can enhance things and that teachers can expect a better level of representation from the GTU under my leadership, at all levels— whether duty free, teachers’ scholarships, bursaries—we will lay out the criteria for people so they will know.” “I am there as the leader to guide the process to ensure it happens,” he asserted. The new GTU President is making a call to all teachers who have withdrawn their membership to re- apply to the Union. “You can’t enjoy the benefits that come unless they are members.”

He is calling on them to re-apply so that they can become members once again. The GTU Biennial Conference at GTU Hall Woolford Avenue started yesterday and ends on Friday. Branch representatives on Friday will be the Rise of Conference, where a new executive will be installed. Other officers elected recently include General Secretary (re-elected), Coretta McDonald; Deputy General Secretary retained Jacqueline Douglas; Treasurer Samantha Allen who was unopposed; Second Vice- President was also unopposed, Julian Cambridge; Regional VP for Berbice, Donetta D’Andrade; Regional VP for Demerara, Hazel Pyle; and Regional VP for Essequibo unopposed, Desire Van Lewin.

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Kaieteur News

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N/A businessman arraigned on murder charge Popular New Amsterdam businessman and remigrant Charles Bristol also known as Charles Henry, ‘Wheels’ or ‘Charlie’, of Main and Lad Lane, New Amsterdam, was yesterday charged with the capital offence of murder. Bristol, 52, appeared before Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh at the Albion Magistrate’s Court and was not required to enter a plea to the indictable charge. According to Prosecutor Sergeant Phillip Sheriff, the licenced firearm holder, on Wednesday last, April 16, at High Dam, Caracas, West Canje, Berbice, shot and killed Errol Lindo, 51, during an altercation over land. Bristol’s attorney Horatio Edmonson asked the court for an early date for the commencement of the trial. Bristol was remanded to prison until next Monday, April 28, when the matter will be heard again at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court. A post mortem examination was conducted on Lindo’s body yesterday at the New Amsterdam Hospital

where it was revealed that the man died from shock and hemorrhage due to multiple gunshot wounds. The autopsy, which was conducted by Government Pathologist Dr. Vivekanand Bridgemohan, revealed that the deceased received three gunshot wounds. One to the left leg, another to the left side of the body which did not cause much damage while the third was lodged in the upper chest - that bullet was removed during the autopsy. The incident stemmed from an ongoing feud between the businessman and some residents over the illegal occupation of his land. According to information, Henry has been for years having problems with a number of persons who have been squatting on the land and had been refusing to remove, despite many court orders and notices of removal. On the day in question he and some workmen were in the process of dismantling a house which allegedly belongs to Lindo. It is alleged that the enraged man was shot after he ran into the yard

and attacked the businessman with an axe. Lindo was known to the authorities and had abandoned the house for about two months and was living in Black Bush Polder with his relatives. During the dismantling process, residents in the area telephoned Lindo’s sister who arrived on the scene and an altercation reportedly ensued between her, the land owner and the men breaking the house. Lindo, who was subsequently informed, arrived and a squabble started between him and the businessman when he was allegedly shot. He was picked up and rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he succumbed around 20:45 hrs. Henry and his workmen were subsequently confronted by a hostile crowd that gathered at the scene. The men fled and Henry sought refuge in a nearby residence. His silver-grey Toyota Carina 192, bearing registration number PGG 4048, was burnt and overturned. He had to be

Film Festival hosted in observation of Earth Day In a bid to promote an international movement to protect the planet and secure a sustainable and healthy future for all, Earth Day was observed yesterday as the U.S. Embassy and Castellani House hosted the final portion of their Earth Day Film Festival, at the Castellani House in Georgetown. The three films selected for this Festival, which began on April 15, serve to educate and promote awareness on environmental issues. According to the United Nations, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities and by 2050 some 6.3 billion people will be living in urban area. Earth Day is an annual celebration of the planet’s biodiversity and an important opportunity to highlight solutions to some of the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. Through more than one billion pledges to buy local produce, start composting, eat less meat, reduce energy consumption, and many other actions, the Earth Day Network is creating an international movement to protect the plant and secure a sustainable and healthy future for all. The focus of Earth Day this year is urban revitalization through the theme of Green Cities. And urban agriculture produces

more than just food. Its forests, gardens on rooftops, backyards, balconies, and city parks create green spaces for gardeners and eaters to gather, talk, and eat. There are

countless individuals and organizations across the globe working to promote urban agriculture and encourage investment in growing cities.

Charles Bristol (second left) outside the Albion Magistrate’s Court yesterday. rescued by the police. Residents in the area staged a protest through the streets of New Amsterdam on Thursday calling for justice. Lindo was fingered in the disappearance of a seven

months pregnant n e i g h b o u r h o o d policewoman, Gould Marcell Amsterdam called ‘Massa’, 37, a mother of three. The woman who lived at Caracas Vryheid, West Canje, Berbice,

disappeared last year and has not been seen or heard from since. Lindo, who it is reported was one of her children’s father, was taken into custody for a number of days.

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Man kills brother following drinking spree - Hides body under carpet

Jairam’s bloodied body was removed from next to this shack.

By Romila Boodram Constant fighting between two brothers ended in the brutal slaying of one early Monday morning at Kaneville, East Bank Demerara (EBD). The bloodied body of 40year-old Jairam Teekaram with the head almost severed was discovered around 08:00hrs yesterday by a neighbour, covered with a piece of carpet and hidden away in the bushes at the side of the shack he once called home. The dead man’s brother, called ‘Janko’ has since been arrested and according to police sources, all he is saying is, “I didn’t kill him.” However, investigators are saying, “This was not difficult to solve. Everything was right there.” Reports are that the two brothers had an argument during which the older brother ‘Janko’, chopped his sibling to death, and then hid his body. According to residents of the area, the two brothers

MURDERED: Jairam Teekaram were no strangers to the community as they were always at each other’s throats once they consumed alcohol, which was often. Yesterday, the dead man’s son, Chris Teekaram told this publication that he was at home getting ready for work when he received a call from one of his father’s neighbours, informing him

about the murder. “I come across here and then they (neighbours) tell me that my father was murdered by his brother. When I went into the house, the entire place was covered in blood and my father body was in the bushes and he (Janko) covered it with a piece of carpet,” the dead man’s son related. He said from all indications, his uncle murdered his father and then dragged him out of the house and hid his body. The man said that his father’s body bore several chop wounds and it would have been impossible for him to survive that attack. “I can’t believe he murdered a man in there and then he slept there like nothing happened. He even cooked and eat in that place,” Chris Teekaram lamented. He further recounted that his father, who did odd-jobs in the community, would often go to his home and Continued on page 15

The body being removed by undertakers.

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Kaieteur News

Wedding house patron stabbed - attacker flees, victim accuses police of sloppy work A Stabroek Market vendor is currently unable to move after he was attacked and stabbed at a wedding house in Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo, in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Fazaal Ally, 40, was stabbed about the neck and face, shortly after midnight. According to the father of two, he was a short distance from his home, when he was approached by a seemingly angry man who kept telling him that he knows him very well. “I didn’t know the man. First, I was on the road with some friends in front of the wedding house, bracing on my car. But then the rain start falling and we run go back into the yard. While me deh under the tent, the man just kinda rush up to me and say how he know me. But I didn’t know he, but after I keep telling he that he get me confuse with somebody else, he back off li’l bit.” However, Ally noted that after it stopped raining, he went back out to his car, and that’s when he was attacked. “Me went back fuh a box of chicken that I had in the car. Me leap into de car and after me grab the box, me feel somebody behind me. Is when me turn around, me feel a hard nack in me head. De man lash me with a beer bottle, and I start see dark,” Ally said. He added, “Before I could do or even seh anything, the man just start jukin me with

Fazaal Ally displays some of the wounds. the bruck bottle. Like me just get weak, weak and couldn’t do anything.” The Tuschen resident told Kaieteur News that he was rescued by an onlooker who raised an alarm, scaring his attacker away. “Is one ah dem boys from de area bin pon de road, and he see wha bin going on, suh he start hollering and bin running towards me. Dah is when de man who bin stabbing me, run away. But dem boys manage fuh ketch he, and dem carry he to de Leonora Police Station,” Ally told this newspaper. The injured man said that

he was then rushed to the Leonora Cottage Hospital where he was treated, and later sent away. His alleged attacker was arrested, and Ally said he was asked to visit the police station later on Easter Sunday. “Me couldn’t even move properly because ah all the pain, but me punish me self and went to the station. But dah was a waste, because dem give me the royal runaround. I talk to one person after the next, and nobody nah help me.” Ally told this publication that he was never afforded the

opportunity to give a proper statement against his attacker, who was later released on a $10,000 bail. “De head of de policing group and all to confirm it; De man could ah kill me, and dem collect $10,000 and leff he fuh go. I never even know he before now.” Ally said that he returned to the Leonora Police Station yesterday, and was able to speak with a CID rank, who ordered that an officer visit the home of the alleged attacker. “Fuss dem seh how dem nah gah no vehicle fuh go fuh de man, suh me family dem carry the police. When dem guh, de neighbour dem seh how de man pack up he bags and lef. Nobody ain’t know where he deh.” Ally is blaming the police, noting that actions taken by “investigating” ranks were all sloppy. “Dem seh dem would ah investigate. Dem nah do nothing, and me still here, can’t wuk or nothing, and this man gone. If de police bin do wha dem had to do, de matter could ah at least gone to court, suh that me can get justice. This man almost kill me, and now nobody nah know where he deh.” Ally said that he is unable to work as a result of his injuries. “Me gah two kids and two truck load of watermelon. All spoil. Over 500 pounds ah produce me lost, and nobody nah have nothing to say. This is the country we live in.”

Public Works Ministry buys motorcycles for police Eight motorcycles were purchased, through the Ministry of Public Works, for the Guyana Police Force to strengthen its traffic capability. The Works Services Group (WSG), a department that falls under the purview of the Ministry, reportedly paid $14.8M for the motorcycles and their spare parts. According to Geoffrey Vaughn, Coordinator of WSG, the procurement is part of his department’s Road Safety/ Traffic/Maintenance Department which “is tasked with utilising some of its international funding to plan, implement and execute various projects, which are aimed at addressing safety issues on our road network, including the safety and monitoring of our roadways.” Minister Robeson Benn will hand over

The Public Works Ministry has purchased eight motorcycles for the Police Force. the motorcycles to the police by the end of the month. The finance for the motorcycles was made

possible through a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank. The Ministry made it clear

that it had provided motorcycles and other devices to the police on previous occasions.

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Man kills brother... From page 14 complain about being attacked by his older brother. “He (Janko) would beat him and chop him up too. One time he chopped him (Jairam) on his face,” the distraught son, who was separated from his father for the past 11 years, said. The young Teekaram said that he would often talk to his father about the heavy drinking but his efforts were in vain. A next door neighbour, whose husband made the gruesome discovery, said that around 01:00hr on Sunday, she heard a loud noise and thought it was thieves trying to attack her son, but it was actually “Janko”. “I hear ‘Janko’ saying, ‘my name is Janko and meh does smoke cocaine and meh gon kill everybody’ and then he walked and then he start beating down the door and when the Amerindian man who does stay with them sometimes, o p e n e d t h e d o o r, h e (Janko) started beating

him, and the man run away,” the neighbour said. The woman added that ‘Janko’ started beating his brother. “When I peep through the back window I see he (Janko) got he brother and beating him and asking if he want he (Janko) tek the cutlass and push it up he behind and he pull down the man pants and push the cutlass in he.” The neighbour said that given the fact that “the fighting is a normal something” she went back to bed, and later that day, she and her family went to the creek. “This morning (yesterday) my husband went at the back of our yard and he see something looking like a body covered with a piece of carpet, but he didn’t know it was Jairam,” the woman added. Kaieteur News was told that the police were informed and upon checking, they found Jairam’s body. His brother was arrested at his employment site.

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Kaieteur News

Partisan politics placed over the lives of indigenous people - PPP

A scene from the recent protest outside Parliament Building The People’s Progressive Party, through its General Secretary Clement Rohee, says that partisan politics of the combined opposition has been placed ahead of the lives and wellbeing of Guyana’s indigenous people. These sentiments were expressed because of the non approval by the Alliance for Change and A Partnership for National Unity of over $1 Billion from the 2014 budget within the National Assembly for Amerindians. According to Rohee the combined opposition has “once again used their oneseat majority to deny allocations provided in the 2014 Budget by the PPP/C

government to improve the quality of their lives.” He then said that the refusal by the combined parliamentary opposition to approve monies allocated for Amerindian development is not only outrageous but highly unconscionable and “exposes the true nature of the APNU and the AFC, both of whom have conspired to deny the Amerindian people their inalienable right to a decent and dignified life.” The General Secretary outlined that Amerindians under the People’s National Congress (PNC) regime “were reduced to second class citizens and were denied basic fundamental rights which

included the right to quality education, quality health care, employment opportunities and recreational facilities.” He outlined that it is quite evident from the actions taken by the combined opposition that “they are bent on repeating their past performance, namely to starve Amerindians of developmental funds and to stultify their material and cultural advance.” The General Secretary posited that “the entire social and physical infrastructures of these hinterland communities have been substantially overhauled since the assumption of the (Continued on page 25)

Wednesday April 23, 2014

$35M inadequate for Ombudsman to conduct proper investigations Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, David Granger, has expressed concern over the fact that the recently approved $35M for the Ombudsman’s Office may not be enough for it to effectively carry out investigations. The current Ombudsman is former High Court Judge, Mr. Winston Moore. Granger in an interview last week told this publication that while it was A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) that lobbied relentlessly for the revival of the Office of the Ombudsman, it is now a matter of concern as to whether the allocation will be enough to support the investigative capacity of the Office. “We have been the ones to call for the restoration of the office. The Office of the Ombudsman is a very important agency and it is responsible for handling investigations into complaints not just for Georgetown, but for the entire country. We feel that the Ombudsman should have a strong investigative arm and he must have the staff to do so. I feel that the amount is inadequate, but of course, the Opposition does not have the power to increase provisions. Based on the Chief Justice’s ruling, we can only approve or disapprove.” Also lending support to Granger’s point of view was Member of Parliament of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Trevor Williams. He said that while it can be noted that the figure is a challenging sum, he believes that the Ombudsman should not shy away from asking for more funds if need be. “Mr. Moore was recently commissioned and I am not sure what his modus operandi is. I am not sure what agenda of his was taken into consideration hence the allocation. However, $35M is a challenging sum when one considers that the Ombudsman has to carry out

- Opposition Leader

Opposition Leader David Granger

Ombudsman Winston Moore

several investigations and outreach programmes around the entire country. But since you can do a supplementary appropriation for other agencies, I don’t see why they wouldn’t want to approve one for the Ombudsman’s Office if need be. It is a cause for concern and $35M is a challenging figure when certain things are taken into consideration, but let’s see how Mr. Moore handles it and what will be his plans with this allocation.” When contacted yesterday by this publication, the Ombudsman expressed that he can’t say whether he agrees or disagrees with the position of the politicians, but he will release, via notification this week, his plans based on the allocation. “I do not want to comment on the plans we have thus far since the allocation was approved, and I will not comment on whether I agree with Mr. Granger’s view. But what I can say is that I will send out a release this week with the details of the things we plan to do.” The Ombudsman was sworn in on January 13 at the Office of the President. The position was vacant for the past nine years. The last person holding this position was Justice Sheik Mohamed who died in 2005.

An Ombudsman, though appointed by the Government or Parliament, is given a significant amount of autonomy. He is also mandated to represent the interests of the public by investigating and addressing complaints of maladministration or violation of rights. In a previous interview with this publication, the Ombudsman had said that he has a staff of six and that his office has been furnished with most of what they need. He asserted that since his appointment his team has not started any investigations into any matter, though they receive many complaints on a daily basis. “We have been doing some preliminary work in some cases to see if it would warrant an investigation at all, but I wish to make it clear that we have got the capacity to effectively carry out investigations… but we don’t have any matter that requires that.” Additionally, based on the nature of some of the complaints received and the expectations of the complainants, the Ombudsman said that there is a serious need for a lot of outreach programmes. The office, he said, was not functioning for awhile and it is important for citizens to know what it can and cannot do.

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Kaieteur News

Rohee blames GT&T for... (From page 17) mourners gathered were terrorized and robbed. The family explained that several attempts were made to the 911 number but they got no response. Prior to that, many criticisms were leveled in this regard. EXPERT REPORT In March of this year, Rohee had announced that experts were flown in at a cost of US$20,000 to address the inefficient 911 system and had presented a report to him addressing the situation, which he had yet to go through. At a PPP press conference yesterday, the General Secretary outlined that he had completed the reading of the document/ report, which he deemed as “highly technical”, and said that further advice is needed to make a definitive pronouncement on which way to proceed. “It is not a policy or political document written for the eyes of a politician so to speak. It is useful for informing the policy maker but then that policy maker has to have additional, local technical advice, and that is what we are seeking to get now… local technical advice on the advice that was given by the foreign experts, so while it might sound as though we are getting advice on advice, I think it is necessary for us to do that.” Rohee outlined that the report lists three basic approaches - short, medium and long term - each of which has additional costs. “That is another factor that we have to consider. While it may be necessary, we still have to go deeper into the technical advice being offered in order to ascertain how justifiable are each of those options in respect to the cost they have attached to them, and that is what we are going through right now.” He explained that one of the options is to integrate all the emergency numbers into 911, that is, Fire, Prison, Police and GPL. “That is one of the suggested options; to integrate all into one number, but to have dedicated lines so that for example, the person who would be able to answer appropriately to each of those calls, that’s a particular question which they have to sort out.” The other one, he pointed out, is to go a little further than that, and do a review of the entire system within the country. “The problem is that there is only one telephone service that we can work with here and that is GT&T, because Digicel, owing to the monopoly that GT&T enjoys, doesn’t provide land line services. So while a person would be able to make a call from a

cell phone, the call has to still go through a land line, because the 911 instrument would be a land line, so it would be a call from a cell phone to a land line.” “WE ARE NOT AT FAULT” However, the telephone company yesterday responded to Rohee’s statement, categorically stating that it is not at fault. Rather, it is the police who man the facilities on a 24-hour basis with GT&T only facilitating the toll fee lines. The company called for an urgent investigation and review “of all facts which would highlight all issues associated with 911 services and reported deficiencies of same.” “It is with grave concern and disappointment that we have noted the reported comments from the Honourable Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Clement Rohee that “the unresponsiveness of the 911 system is a technical error that GT&T is refusing to accept responsibility for”. GT&T said it is a service provider which prides itself on its coordination and cooperation with all state entities in particular the nation’s first responders. “The 911 service is installed and operated like any other landline/fixed service provided by GT&T, the only difference being the use of three digits (911), instead of the standard seven digits. The toll-free 911 facilities that are housed at police stations are manned solely by the Guyana Police Force and their operatives. Hence, GT&T has no responsibility or visibility as to manning levels and indeed whether or not there are GPF personnel tasked with twenty four hours, seven days (24 x 7), 365 day manning of the 911 facilities across the country.” The company explained that prior to 2006, all calls to the 911 number were answered at the Brickdam Police Station, regardless of which area of the country the calls originated. “At the request of the Guyana Police Force, GT&T officials met in 2005 with them to review the 911 operation. A decision was taken at the aforementioned meeting that landline calls to 911 be answered at various police stations based on a detailed schedule submitted by the

Guyana Police Force.” GT&T insisted in its statement that this was done. Georgetown and New Amsterdam are the exceptions, with four dedicated lines each. “All cell calls, irrespective of where they are made from, are answered at the Brickdam Police Station. GT&T does weekly checks to ensure all lines are technically functional. GT&T records the answering GPF party once the line is answered during these routine tests. Priority is given to faults detected during tests or complaints reported when the line is answered.” GT&T said that its checks have revealed with great frequency the disappearance of handsets from the termination points of 911 lines at various Police Stations and the removal of the handset off the hook. It also found that there were no answers by personnel during standard working hours. “We are aware of the plans by the Ministry of Home Affairs to upgrade their national emergency system, to include police, fire and ambulance services using the 911 facility. GT&T earlier this year cooperated with their consultant in two rounds of discussions which were essentially data gathering sessions and are awaiting a formal needs/ submission summary such that implementation design and costs can be confirmed and addressed based on the consultant’s recommendations and the Ministry’s review of same. As such, it was with great surprise that reportedly the consultants identified “technical faults” as being responsible for 911 calls being unanswered.” “GT&T, for the record, wishes to also confirm that we are not privy to the consultants’ assessments and conclusion that presumably have been submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs.” The company made it clear that it wanted this important national security matter to be addressed from a “factsbased perspective” as opposed to “apparent innuendo, misconceptions and false conclusions which we presume have been erroneously supplied to the Honourable Minister, resulting in today’s public release which has potential for public anxiety.”

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Miner remanded on two counts of attempted murder, four other charges A 29-year-old man who was last week nabbed after police ranks prevented a robbery on an Albouystown business was yesterday taken before the city court where he was slapped with five charges. Paul Branson, a miner, of Railway Embankment, Kitty, made his first appearance before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry where he was arraigned on two counts of attempted murder as well as single counts of illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition, and attempted robbery. It is alleged that on April 17 at Charlestown, Georgetown, Branson, an unlicenced firearm holder, had a .40 calibre handgun along with five rounds of live ammunition. The police claim too that on the said date he discharged a loaded firearm at Dean Gibson and Alrick

Edwards with intent to murder them. Branson was charged also for allegedly attempting to rob businessman Rafeek Singh. In response to the charges for illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition, Branson pleaded not guilty. He was, however, not called upon to respond to the other three charges since they were laid indictably. The Prosecution was conducted by Inspector Michael Grant who did not reveal the details of the crime but offered several objections to bail. Grant claimed that the serious nature and prevalence of the offence as well as the fact that a firearm was used in the commission of the offence was sufficient grounds for him to be denied his pretrial liberty. Responding, the Chief Magistrate upheld the objections of the Prosecution

and Branson was remanded. The case will be called again on May 19 for report. It was previously reported by this newspaper that about 11:00 hours last Thursday, businessman Rafeek Singh, 35, and his wife Bibiwattie, were alerted to noise at the back of their home. On checking, Rafeek Singh was reportedly confronted by a man climbing up a ladder in an attempt to gain entry to his home. Upon seeing him, the suspect discharged a round. The ranks who were within the precincts of the business premises reportedly responded to the sound of the gunshot and upon approaching the scene, they too reportedly came under fire. The police had said that the man was subsequently arrested and an unlicenced firearm with five live rounds of ammunition and three spent shells were recovered.

Partisan politics placed over... (From page 16) PPP/C administration even though challenges still remain.” “It is clear that the actions taken by APNU and the AFC are intended to punish the Amerindian population for their overwhelming support to the PPP and the PPP/C administration” said Rohee. The PPP, Rohee explained “will continue to champion the cause of our Amerindian population and condemns the cuts made by the opposition parliamentary parties which would

negatively impact on the living standards of these communities, especially as it pertains to land titles and building capacity at the local level to undertake community projects which are made available under the Amerindian Development Fund”. The combined opposition has since provided what it sees as justification for disapproving

the $1.1B allocation, among other things citing concerns with the way the Amerindian Development Fund was being utilized - primarily the complaints which they said were leveled against the misuse of the fund for political purposes as well as the lack of accountability on government’s parts for the monies that were allocated previously.

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Kaieteur News

Two alleged jewellery thieves remanded Two men accused of violent muggings were yesterday remanded to prison when they made their first appearance before Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. Seon Davis, 33, of 64 Charlotte Street, Georgetown and Leon Vieira, 29, of 26 Hogg Street, Albouystown, were separately arraigned on robbery charges. Davis faced a single count of larceny from the person following claims that he stole a $150,000 gold chain from

Annalisa Ross on April 16, at Croal Street, Georgetown. He was also charged for robbery with aggravation after he, together with person(s) unknown, allegedly robbed Roopchand Maraj of his $300,000 gold chain. To both charges he pleaded not guilty and asked the Magistrate for “an early trial date since I know I didn’t do anything.” Vieira, on a similar charge, pleaded not guilty when he was accused of robbing Mortimer Lucas on Wellington Street,

Georgetown - making off with his $60,000 wristwatch on April 17. The Prosecution was conducted by Corporal Deniro Jones who did not reveal the details of the crimes but offered several objections to bail. Jones claimed that the serious nature, prevalence and gravity of the offence as well as the fact that Davis has other matters in a different court of a similar nature was sufficient grounds for him to be denied his pre-trial liberty. The Prosecutor offered

similar objections to Vieira being granted bail. Jones, in Vieira’s case, added that he had offered the police with a different address from that he had provide the Magistrate with. The Prosecutor explained that he had told police ranks that he resided on Russell Street. He added that the wristwatch was not recovered. Davis and Vieira were remanded and are expected to return to court for statements on May 8 and May 9, respectively.

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Providence Stadium shooting…

‘DJ Casual’ recuperating at private hospital - overcrowding at GPHC Recovery Room prompts transfer Popular Radio Host Curtis ‘DJ Casual’ Armstrong

After undergoing surgery for two bullet wounds at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), Popular Radio Host Curtis ‘DJ Casual’ Armstrong was moved to a private hospital to recuperate as the Theatre Recovery Room at the Public Hospital was too packed to accommodate him. Armstrong was shot early Monday morning after an argument ensued between him and his assailant. The incident took place at the conclusion of the Easter Fest Show which was held at the National Stadium at Providence. Police officers have confirmed that the 34-year-old radio personality and Sean Hinds, who was also shot, may be familiar with the shooter. In a statement, police officials disclosed that at about 04:10hrs on Monday last Armstrong was involved in an argument which was followed by a scuffle with two men in the car park at the Providence Stadium. Police say that Hinds interfered and one of the two men drew a gun and shot Armstrong to his abdomen and left hand and Hinds to his left foot. The assailants then made good their escape. When this publication visited the GPHC yesterday, it was revealed that Armstrong had been transferred around 03:00 hrs to the private facility. Armstrong was surrounded by close friends and relatives. When asked if he could give an account of what happened on the said night he was shot and if he could describe his attackers, a “sedated” Armstrong said, “I don’t even know what day of the week it is. They gave me a lot of drugs and it’s helping with the pain, but I don’t remember what happened that night. I can’t even remember who shot me. I don’t remember why I was shot. All I remember is that I was at the show with my friends.” When asked as to why he was moved from GPHC to the private hospital he said, “Oh I had no choice but to move. They called my relatives and told them they don’t have space for me in the recovery room. The place was so crowded. They had to make arrangements for me here.” When this publication contacted the Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital, Michael Khan to verify the claim made by Armstrong, he said, “We don’t have enough beds at the hospital. We have always had this issue. We shouldn’t be worrying about beds. He was given the best treatment, but beds have always been a problem. Yes, we have a problem with space and the recovery room is overcrowded, but other arrangements were made for him.” The Radio Announcer said that doctors have indicated to him that he would be released by this weekend. Investigations into the matter are still continuing.

Corentyne man on trial for rape and robbery A Corentyne resident who is accused of robbery and rape committed on a female resident of No 73 village is on trial for the offences in the Berbice High Court. The man, Beesham Gopaul called ‘Thakoor’ 27, of No 72 Village, Corentyne, who is on trial before Justice Brassington Reynolds and a mixed jury in the Berbice High Court, is accused of committing the offences on June 24, 2008, at the virtual complainant’s home. He is being represented by attorney at law Carolyn Artiga. When the matter was called yesterday a mixed jury was sworn in before the matter was adjourned to tomorrow. The case is being prosecuted by attorney at law Renita Singh.

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Kaieteur News

Sooba condemns Mayor’s actions over Easter Day revenue collection Town Clerk, (ag) Carol Sooba has condemned the actions of Mayor Hamilton Green, whom she claimed sabotaged the Easter Monday Revenue collection exercise by law enforcement officers along the Georgetown Seawall. According to Sooba, the actions of the Mayor show that he has descended to “an all-time low” in order to tarnish her reputation as well as the reputation of her staff. On Monday, Mayor Green and a small group of councilors clashed with city constables and police ranks who were demanding money from vendors and citizens who had erected structures along the vicinity. The showdown was a result of an ongoing controversy among officials of the council on whether citizens should have paid for the occupation of spots along the seawall route on the Rupert Craig Highway. Mayor Green had initially instructed the public not to pay a cent for spots on the seawall on Easter Monday, while Sooba insisted that citizens must pay. However despite the disagreement, the Mayor and a group of Councilors claimed to have ‘stumbled upon an incident’, whereby officers were demanding as much as

Town Clerk (ag) Carol Sooba

Georgetown Mayor Hamilton Green

$20,000 from persons who had erected canopies along the area, to partake in the Easter festivities. Green intervened and insisted the people are not supposed to pay for the spots. However during a press conference yesterday, Sooba claimed that the Mayor, accompanied by his bodyguards, allegedly took away the keys to the vehicle which was transporting city constables and told vendors and other citizens not to pay any rates to the council. Sooba alleged that the Mayor and his team also took away some of the money, leaving her staff traumatized. She told reporters that the council had since written to

the Local Government Minister, Norman Whittaker, to have the matter sorted out, and it is up to the police to level criminal charges against the Mayor, as statements were made the Alberttown Police Station about what transpired. Sooba maintains that the sale of these spots has been an ongoing exercise for over two decades. The money she claimed usually assists with the expenses of preparatory works and the cleaning of the area after the festivities. Mayor Green has since denied the allegations, but noted that the council is still seeking to pursue legal action with regards to the Town Clerk.

Minister maintains there was no recent breakout at NOC Contrary to reports carried in an article by an online news outfit that 16 youngsters escaped from the New Opportunity Corps (NOC), over sexual harassment, Minister of Culture Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony is maintaining that apart from the one in 2012, there has been no recent escape from the juvenile detention facility. According to the article, the teenagers, who tried to escape about two weeks ago, are now being held at a holding Centre in Sophia, Greater Georgetown, awaiting a May 2014 court case. The news site reported on some troubling allegations made by a couple, who are claiming that their 15-year-old daughter had told them that she was being sexually harassed by male staffers and older male inmates at the institution in Essequibo. The article stated that the parents were not satisfied with how the ‘break out’ was handled, noting that instead of calling in the police, NOC staffers sent the older male inmates to search for the escapees. It was reported that after being caught, three other females were molested before being returned to the juvenile detention facility. The news item further read, “The parents noted that the authorities at the institution never informed them that these children who ranged between ages 14 – 17 were being passed through the Court system and speculated that efforts may have been afoot to cover up the issue.” The parents also reportedly claimed that when they visited the institution after learning about the incident, they were treated with hostility by staffers there. The article also quoted the teen’s mother as saying that her daughter has been “crying

…amid allegations of inmates being sexually harassed all the time.” It was stated too that the inmates are scheduled to return to the Suddie Magistrate’s Court on May 2. Despite this, Dr. Anthony is maintaining that ever since the violent breakout two years ago, there has been no such incident. The Minister said that he is looking into the issue, and will respond today with a press statement. It should be noted that last November, authorities launched a probe into circumstances that led to at least three female inmates of the New Opportunity Corps becoming pregnant. Prior to this, a number of youngsters, ages 14- 16, went on a violent rampage to escape from the NOC, claiming that they were being ill-treated by staff members. The teenagers stormed through several communities, armed with cutlasses and other weapons. A female dormitory and a workshop within the compound were set alight. Some 17 young ladies who were housed in that dorm had to be relocated. Subsequent to the rampage, some of the inmates claimed that they had reached a breaking point, after being abused for months. A senior Ministry of Culture official had however stated that none of the juveniles made any such allegations to a team, which had visited the centre prior to the escape. After receiving a number of conflicting statements, a Commission of Inquiry (COI) was set up to investigate the circumstances surrounding the escape. It has been almost a year, and the results have not yet been revealed.

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Concerned residents claim businessman built “secret road” behind CJIA, GDF base Residents of Timehri North are expressing grave concern over what they are convinced is a major security threat for not only their community, but for the Guyana Defence Force (GDF)’s military base, Camp Stephenson, and the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA). The residents have highlighted the presence of a “secret road “allegedly constructed by a Soesdyke businessman behind the military base and leading directly to the community and the CJIA. During a visit to the Timehri community over the weekend, this newspaper was directed to an almost three mile-long road which included a foot path between Timehri North and the Timehri Base Road. The construction of this footpath, the residents said is being claimed by a businessman who goes by

the name, ‘Churchill’ and operates a wholesale grocery shop in the vicinity. The residents are even more concerned, as they claim the man is a former security guard, once employed at the CJIA. Public Relations Officer of the Timehri North Community Council, Sherlander Daniels, told Kaieteur News that she is not only aware of the secret road which is nestled within the thick bushes surrounding the community, but she is also aware that local farmers are complaining about the Base Road resident cordoning off the farmers’ land and restricting its use. She told Kaieteur News that the businessman would have crossed the swampy area which divides the two communities making it one. This is however unsafe, she said, since it is an unmonitored entry into Timehri, in proximity to the

international airport and the military base. Daniels expressed that she is also aware that the businessman is claiming to have legal documents for the land which was tagged by the government as being state land and thus insisted the relocation of Timehri residents. The man has however failed to show the proof of ownership. After being pushed out of initial farmlands by the CJIA’s expansion project, farmers went in search of new land and are claiming that the businessman has blocked their progress in restarting their farming activities. However, residents say that outsiders have been using the path to enter and exit Timehri North. The foot path not only enables easy and quite access to Timehri, but it is also before the Timehri Police Station, Continued on page 30

A section of the “secret road” which connects Timehri North with the Base Road.

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Wednesday April 23, 2014

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Wednesday April 23, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news

Reparations is not about money

DEAR EDITOR, Easter is a time of reflection, rebirth and renewal. Hope springs eternal. Such is the essence of reparations. And reparations are about selfrestoral and self-renewal. Individual and collective selfrenewal. The usual first response to the word ‘reparations” seems to be a focus on money. This is unfortunate. Let us listen to the great Nigerian Professor Chinweizu, who in his famous paper presented at the Abuja Conference ‘Reparations and New Global Order: A Comparative Overview’ defined reparations in this way” exorted: “Let me begin by noting that reparation is not just about money: it is not even mostly about money; in fact, money is not even one percent of what reparation is about. Reparation is mostly about making repairs. Selfmade repairs, on ourselves: mental repairs, psychological repairs, cultural repairs, organisational repairs, social repairs, institutional repairs, technological repairs, economic repairs, political repairs, educational repairs, repairs of every type that we need in order to recreate and sustainable societies”. For Guyana, and especially at Easter, we owe it to ourselves to reflect on our

historical legacies. We owe it to our children to understand the legacy of divide-and-rule/ divide and conquer that we have inherited. The Colonial rulers put Amerindian versus African; Indian versus African and Amerindian versus Indian. At Easter, we should reflect on why our Nation still suffers from this indoctrination and understand it is a strategy that allows a few to get rich at the expense of the masses. It’s a legacy that will never allow us to be “One People, One Nation, One Destiny”. Guyana and the Caribbean can use the reparations process to heal; to rebirth themselves. As such, CARICOM has been very careful in its definition of “reparation”. For CARICOM “Reparation is the process of repairing the consequences of crimes committed, and the attempt to reasonably remove debilitating effects of such crimes upon victims and their descendants. “International law provides that the economic and social system referred to as chattel slavery - the legal denial of persons’ rights to human identity and the control over their bodies - was and is a crime against humanity subject to reparatory justice. “Reparation seeks reconciliation between victims and beneficiaries. As

such it is non-confrontational and conciliatory. Reparation seeks to restore equity in social relations, equality before the law, and justice within the fabric of human diversity that typifies humanity. “Reparation seeks to heal, atone, and bring closure to the human tragedy of mass slavery. It seeks, finally, to restore a higher moral order by removing the shame and guilt that persistently poison the relations between descendants on all sides of the crime.” The legal process of Reparation demands of perpetrators and beneficiaries the following: (1) An Apology, rather than a Statement of Regret that expresses no responsibility for the suffering of victims; (2) Admission of wrong doing; (3) Commitment to reasonable reparatory actions; (4) Commitment to non-repetition. Reparations are about “justice” and it is not a new phenomenon. In Europe, after WW II, the victors demanded reparations from Germany for all damages to civilians and their dependants, for losses caused by the maltreatment of prisoners of war, and for all non-military property that was destroyed in the war. In 1921, Germany’s reparations liability was fixed at 132 billion gold marks. After

This is not helping Amerindians From page 4 while Roger Luncheon is paid in excess of $950,000. You would have heard about the army of contract workers who all receive super salaries. The PPP is distracting you from the real issues that you have, over the years, held dear to you. Firstly, why not ask the government why most of your communities cannot access the LCDS funds to date in spite of its existence for more than four years now. Secondly, why not ask the government when will the Amerindian Land Issue be settled? You are aware of the many outstanding land demarcation and extensions that have been applied for, some as long as 15 years. Allow me please to inform you that this government is not interested in granting you more lands. They think that you have too much. So the ploy here is to wean you off from the land, make you less dependent on the land so that you would have no justification to request for extension. So the PPP is not going to give you your lands. They do

not want you to depend on the land so they decided to give a few $30,000, and the rest of the people - your parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends are of no consequence. In dialogue with each other you will be surprised to find out how much you as a people are being shortchanged. Brothers and sisters open your eyes to the real demons. Ask yourselves why there is no Technical Institute, or other institutions of higher learning in none of the hinterland regions. The reason is simple: get you as far away as possible from the land. This is in order that you will no longer have economic, spiritual or cultural ties to the land. While they are breaking your relationship with the land, they are shipping in their supporters everyday who are now engaged in land speculation. Open your eyes brothers and sisters and you will see. In your quiet moments mull over what you have read here, discuss it in groups, discuss with the elders of

your villages and if what I have written here makes any sense to you, then you must do the courageous thing and denounce the PPP for who they are: a pack of con men and women masquerading as politicians, pretending that they are championing your cause while holding a doubleedged dagger behind their backs. The ball is effectively in your court. What you do with it is entirely up to you, but remember history will judge you accordingly. What will it be? Will it be a throng of courageous young people who stood their ground in the face of extreme adversity, that stood up for their Nations against a dictatorial and tyrannical PPP? Or, would it be a pack of selfish, egoistical young people, who in their own self interest, sold out their Nations for 30,000 pieces of silver, which was the catalyst of their eventual demise as a people? You chose how you will be seen in the next 30 to 40 years. Carl Parker Sr. Regional Councillor Region 9

WW II, the victorious Allies filed reparations claims against Germany for $320 billion. Reparations were also levied on Italy and Finland. The items for which these claims were made included bodily loss, loss of liberty, loss of property, injury to professional careers, dislocation and forced emigration time spent in concentration camps because of racial, religious and political persecution. Others were the social cost of war, as represented by the burden from loss of life, social disorder, and institutional disorder; and the economic cost of war, as represented by the capital destroyed and the value of civilian goods and services foregone to make war goods. Payments were made in cash

and kind goods, services, capital equipment, land, farm and forest products; and penalties were added for late deliveries. So as Guyanese all around the World participate in Easter activities…Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, we should remember the words of Frantz Fanon who argued reparations are about creating a new order of human behaviour….one that endorses our motto of “One People, One Nation, One Destiny”. Fanon stated, “Let us not pay tribute to Europe by creating states, institutions and societies which draw their inspiration from her. Humanity is waiting for something other from us than such an imitation, which

THE AFC merely... From page 5 Whenever monies are released for projects falling under the LCDS that is when communities will start to benefit. I would like to advise my Indigenous brothers and sisters to be brave; ask more questions and consider the answers carefully. A story has two sides and the right thing to do is to listen to both sides… Only then a fair opinion can be formed on the subject. A government is the manager of a country and the people in the government are just like you and me; they have flaws and make mistakes and are therefore liable to correction. The Opposition’s job is to question the Government and in so doing produce better programmes that will benefit the whole country, or in this case, our Amerindian brothers and sisters. Many of them travelled to Georgetown on Sunday to protest outside of Parliament against the “not approval” of the Amerindian Capital Budget.

But as I have explained, the Minister knows that she can come back to Parliament and ask for everything else except the $796 million for YEAP. For this we will a reduced amount of $200 million, and I have explained the reason why. Our Amerindian brothers and sisters will agree with us that $796 million is far too much to be spent on this programme. They will agree with us, also, that the amount of money the Minister is spending to transport two thousand of them out to Georgetown to protest chartering airplanes, boats, paying for hotel accommodation and meals for all of them – are millions of dollars which could have been used for their actual benefit. AFC wants better for our Indigenous youths and will always support programmes that will benefit them for years to come. Valerie Garrido-Lowe AFC Indigenous Parliamentarian

would be almost an obscene caricature. If we want to turn Africa into a new Europe, and America into a new Europe, then let us leave the destiny of our countries to Europeans. “They will know how to do it better than the most gifted among us. But if we want humanity to advance a step farther, if we want to bring it up to a different level than that which Europe has shown it, then we must invent and we must make discoveries. If we wish to live up to our peoples’ expectations, we must seek the response elsewhere than in Europe.” Divide and Rule; hate versus human compassion; racism versus Justice and Peace; understanding versus divisiveness; iIndifference versus human empathy. Eric Phillips Chair Guyana Reparations Committee

(From page 28)

SERVICES PLANNING AN EVENT? BIRTHDAY PARTY, G R A D U AT I O N , W E D D I N G S , ANNIVERSARY, ETC. – CALL DIAMOND TENTS: 216-1043; 677-6620 Guyana Passport & Visa Forms Application, USA, Canada and England. Tel: 626-7040; 265-4535. COOL TECH : Repairs Services & Installation of all types if homes appliances: Air Condition & Refrigeration units - Tel: 233-2008; 675-4959 B R I D G E WAT E R CONSTRUCTIONS - CO: NEWHOMESREMODELING, NEWBATHROOMS,TILE& MARBLE INSTALLATION, F R E E E S T I M AT E S CALL: 660-6935; 6769660; 269-094 We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer call:2310655,683-8734 Omar Repairs, sales & spares air conditioning, microwaves, washer, fridges & stoves. Ultra Cool, call: 225-9032, 647-2943 Dating and relationship advice – Tel: 662-6862

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Wednesday April 23, 2014

Litterbug jailed for escaping First Lady observes Int’l Mother Earth Day police custody during “blackout”

Nazir Hussein (centre) being escorted

First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar pays keen attention to one of her plants. International Mother Earth Day is observed on April 22, each year.

Yesterday, Guyana’s First Lady, Deolatchmee Ramotar observed the occasion by

planting a sijan tree and pigeon peas plants at State House. These two plants have high protein content. The sijan in particular has several benefits and contains vitamin A, calcium and iron. In Guyana, the leaves are used as a form of calaloo and the pods are used in Creole dishes like fish curry as well as in dhal. International Mother Earth Day, also referred to as Earth Day, is annually celebrated worldwide. Each year, countries try to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The occasion was first celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and celebrated in more than 192 countries.

A litterbug, who admitted to using a power outage to jump through a window and escape custody, was yesterday sentenced to one year imprisonment when he was taken before Magistrate Geeta Chandan-Edmond. The Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday heard that Nazir Hussein, 35, who escaped and was recaptured by a city constabulary rank was attempting to evade a

charge of unlawfully depositing waste (littering). According to the City Constabulary, on April 16 a t St a b r o e k Ta r m a c , Georgetown (a public place) he deposited waste. The said date, whilst in custody at the City Constabulary Inquiry Office, he escaped from Lance Corporal Nicola Yhap. Hussein, who provided

Concerned residents... From page 27 “meaning that any illegal activity is off the road before it passes the police station,” a resident insisted. A foot path of almost two miles was created with form boards over the soggy swamp area, while the remainder of the road is a track accessible by vehicles. Residents say they are totally against the two communities being connected, because persons can smuggle in illegal items and moreover, commit illegal acts and escape, leaving residents to take the blame. Also, this “secret road” can take persons to any section of the CJIA and the army base, leaving them possibly exposed, with a quick and easy getaway route. The Timehri residents are not only calling on the military to block off or man this alleged secret road, but they are demanding an explanation from the government as to how the businessman reportedly got documentation for his farmland.

the court with no fixed place of abode, admitted to both misdemeanors and told the Magistrate that he regretted his actions. The Prosecution was led by City Constabulary Corporal James Garnett who explained that about 18:40 hours on April 16, Hussein was in custody at City Constabulary after being caught littering. At the time, he explained, Corporal Yhap was the officer in charge of that shift. Hussein was amongst four others on the prisoners’ bench when there was a power outage. “Your worship, he seized that opportunity to run from the bench and jump through the window. He ran north in the City Hall compound but noticed a Constable on Regent Street and turned around to run in the opposite direction.” “By that time, Corporal Yhap who was alerted by a detainee on the bench, managed to apprehend him in the vicinity of the Mayor ’s office. He was rearrested, subsequently placed in safer custody and charged for the offence.” When presented with the Prosecution’s facts, Hussein told Magistrate Chandan-Edmond “I sorry fuh wha I do. I de too frustrated. I never really been in lock up and dem ting that’s why my worship. I begging you for mercy.” In response, the Magistrate informed him that the offence of escape from lawful custody carried a one to three-year prison sentence and that she considered all the factors; both the mitigating and aggravating factors. She stated that the court would impose the minimum sentence and he was given a one year jail term. He was also fined $12,000 for littering with an alternate of one month imprisonment.

Wednesday April 23, 2014

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NATO minesweepers set off on Baltic deployment KIEL, Germany (AP) — Five NATO mine-hunting ships set off yesterday on a deployment in the Baltic Sea, part of the alliance’s efforts to strengthen its presence in Europe’s ex-communist east as members there worry about Russia’s intentions in Ukraine. The ships — a minesweeper and a support ship from Norway and one mine-hunter each from the Netherlands, Belgium and Estonia — left the German port of Kiel for an exercise that will continue under Norwegian command until the end of May. Germany will

then take command of the deployment. The ships will visit several Baltic ports and also participate in previously scheduled operations to dispose of ordinance from the two world wars. Commodore Arian Minderhoud, the NATO Allied Maritime Command’s deputy chief of staff for operations, said the exercise “is part of the whole package of ... actions to show NATO’s resolve, to show NATO’s preparedness.” NATO said last week it was strengthening its military footprint along its eastern

border. During a visit yesterday to the Czech capital, Prague, Canada’s foreign minister stressed his country’s support for NATO’s eastern members. “We will stand with you in the face of aggression,” John Baird said after meeting his Czech counterpart. Last week, Canada announced it would contribute six CF-18 jet fighters to a NATO airpolicing mission to be based in Poland. Baird said in Prague: “we will be making other announcements of specific projects in the coming days.”

Opposition: South Africa’s ruling ANC giving away mattresses for votes Johannesburg (AFP) South Africa’s government corruption watchdog is looking into an allegation that the ruling ANC party handed out state-paid mattresses in election campaigns ahead of general polls on May 7, a spokesman said yesterday. Public Protector Thuli Madonsela is planning a meeting with the country’s social security agency after a complaint from new opposition party AgangSA. “AgangSA complained that mattresses were distributed in Valhalla in Cape Town allegedly as part of the ruling party’s election campaign,” her spokesman Oupa Segalwe told AFP. AgangSA said in January it would complain after the ruling African National Congress’ deputy secretary general Jesse Duarte handed out 300 mattresses to shantytown residents. The watchdog will also meet with the social

Jamaica to host international

sugar conference Jamaica Observer Developments related to export markets for sugar in the post-2017 period are expected to be discussed during the 45th Annual International Sugar Organisation (ISO) Council conference, scheduled for the Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spain Montego Bay, St James from May 27 to 29. Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Roger Clarke, who spoke at the conference’s media launch last week, said that while Jamaica will still have duty-free and quota-free access for sugar in the export market after 2017, there will be no price guarantee. Currently, the European Union is offering other sugar producing countries the same duty-free and quota-free access under various bilateral and other regional trade agreements, he pointed out. “These market changes in the European Union will

mean greater competition for Jamaica from other lower-cost producers. Jamaica must, therefore, urgently turn its attention to exploiting the possibilities in the regional market for both raw and refined sugar, as well as increasing our productivity. This conference must address these imperatives,” Clarke said. The three-day conference, which is being held in the Caribbean for the first time, is expected to be attended by more than 100 delegates from 40 countries. These representatives include Prime Minister of the Republic of Fiji and the ISO Council’s Immediate Past Chairman Commodore Frank Bainimarama, as well as government ministers from Guatemala, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Participants are slated to discuss a range of issues pertaining to the global sugar

industry under the theme ‘Positioning for the New Market Frontiers’. These include energy cogeneration; financing; and research, in addition to sugar export markets. Efforts are also being made by the organisers of the conference to schedule tours of at least two sugar factories for the participants. The conference coincides with the elevation of Sugar Industry Authority executive chairman Ambassador Derick Heaven to the position of ISO Council chairman. He was elected to the post in November 2013, and assumed office in January. Welcoming Jamaica’s selection to host this year’s conference, Clarke underscored the importance of the 87-member ISO. “The member states account for 86 per cent of world sugar production; 69 per cent of world sugar consumption; 95 per cent of world sugar exports; and 41 per cent of world sugar imports,” he said.

Trinidad’s AG dismisses call for his resignation

A man waves an ANC flag as supporters of the ruling party take part in a protest on March 26, 2014, in Cape Town (AFP Photo/Rodger Bosch) development minister today following a complaint from the main opposition Democratic Alliance, Segalwe added. “The DA complained last year that the department of social development was using food parcels to canvas for votes ahead of the municipal by-election in Tlokwe, North West”

province, he said. Madonsela also launched a “preliminary investigation” to test if the electoral commission could hear complaints that the provincial government of Gauteng, the country’s economic heartland, used the same colours as the ANC in branding.

Egypt vote a two-man race between ex-army chief, leftist Cairo (AFP) - Egypt’s presidential election has turned into a contest between the ex-army chief lauded by millions f o r o u s t i n g a n Islamist government and a leftist who claims to represent the ideals of the 2011 uprising. Former army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is the frontrunner in the May 26-27 vote, riding a wave of popularity after deposing Mohamed Mursi, the country’s first elected and civilian president.

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Sisi’s sole rival is Hamdeen Sabbahi, who came third in the 2012 election which Mursi won, and is seen by supporters as the only leader representing the aspirations of those who revolted against the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak in 2011. Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood will not feature in the election. Not only is it boycotting the vote, but it has also been blacklisted as a “terrorist” organisation amid a brutal crackdown by the

military-installed authorities, despite sweeping all elections since Mubarak’s fall. The movement’s top leaders are behind bars, and its members are blocked from contesting any poll. Next month’s vote comes against the backdrop of unprecedented violence set off by Mursi’s overthrow. Amnesty International says more than 1,400 people have died in the police crackdown targeting Mursi’s supporters, while over 15,000 have been jailed.

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad - CMC – Attorney General Anand Ramlogan has dismissed a call for his resignation from the civil rights group, Fixin’ T&T, as the controversy over the leak of a confidential report into the New Flying Squad Investigative Unit (NFSIU) that a retired senior police officer said he had been asked to establish by a former senior government minister. Ramlogan in a statement responding to the call accused the leader of civil society group, Kirk Waithe of being “obsessed” with him since he was appointed the government’s chief legal advisor in 2010. At the center of the war of words is Ramlogan’s questioning how investigative journalist Anika

Anand Ramlogan Gumbs and the public relations officer of the main opposition People’s National Movement (PNM) Faris AlRawi had been able to obtain the confidential reports on the alleged new flying squad

ahead of the government. The reports were the results of investigations carried out by the police and the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) into the flying squad that the former senior police officer said he had been asked to reestablish by the then minister of national security, Austin “Jack’ Warner. The report formed the basis of a front page story by the Sunday Express newspaper written by Gumbs earlier this month. The non-governmental organisation (NGO) also called on Al-Rawi’s resignation from the Senate, saying his misrepresentation of the key findings of the report, under the cloak of parliamentary privilege, was irresponsible.

Withdraw bank levy, says Audley Shaw Jamaica Gleaner - The Opposition spokesman on finance, Audley Shaw, says Finance Minister, Dr Peter Phillips, must scrap plans to introduce a tax on withdrawals from banks before the close of the Budget Debate. Making his contribution to the Budget Debate in the House of Representatives yesterday afternoon, Shaw described the tax on withdrawals as cruel. The new tax, which will be a levy on withdrawals from

deposit-taking institutions, will see withdrawals of less than one million dollars being subjected to a 0.1 per cent tax. Phillips says given the increase in the income tax threshold, PAYE earners would have to make withdrawals of $12.48 million in one year to be in a worse off position after paying the withdrawal tax. However, According to Shaw, the levy is a disincentive to persons banking their money and comes at a time when the

Government should be encouraging formal banking. Shaw also says the tax on withdrawals from deposit taking institutions present another opportunity for banks to increase earnings from administrative fees. He says he is not convinced that the Government has worked out with the banks how the money will be paid over and whether the banks will charge for collecting the tax on behalf of the Government.

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Ancelotti discusses Ronaldo fitness, Bale form Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti says he will not start Cristiano Ronaldo in the first leg of their UEFA Champions League semi-final against Bayern Munich today if there is any risk of his No7 aggravating a hamstring injury. The FIFA Ballon d’Or holder has missed Los Merengues’ last four games due to the problem, but has returned to full training ahead of the clash with the defending champions. “Cristiano has trained

normally today and has trained well in the past few days,” Ancelotti explained. “Tomorrow (today) we will have another test with him to be sure and then we will take a decision. “He will play if everyone can be assured that he can play without any problem. We are confident at the moment, but the decision will be taken tomorrow (today). “If there is a risk of a recurrence of the injury, he will not play because we need to think that this is a tie of two games and will not be decided tomorrow. The decisive

match in the tie will come next Tuesday.” In Ronaldo’s absence, Gareth Bale has come to the fore, scoring three times in the last four games, including a sensational solo goal to win the Copa del Rey for Real against Barcelona last week. The Welshman also overcame flu-like symptoms to train on Tuesday, and Ancelotti believes he is enjoying his best run of form since Los Blancos paid a reported world record fee to bring him to Madrid from Tottenham Hotspur last year.

Real Madrid players going through the paces at practice

Wednesday April 23, 2014 ARIES (March 21 April 19):Messages from a distant state or foreign country, possibly through fax, email, or website, might not be totally accurate, Aries. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 May 20): Staying in touch with a love partner could be difficult today, Taurus, almost to the point of causing a minor panic. Don't jump to any unwarranted conclusions about possible problems in the relationship. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 June 20):Are you having problems with the lighting or heating in your home, Gemini? If so, you might not be able to get a professional out today. There could be problems in the entire neighborhood. ******************** CANCER (June 21 July 22): A friend or neighbor you need to contact could be in and out all day, Cancer, and so you could have trouble reaching him or her. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): This probably isn't a good day to do work that concerns money, Leo. Your mind may not be in the right space. You could make errors that cause problems. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 Sept. 22): A lost object could have all the members of your household going through every room trying to find it, Virgo probably without success. Visitors could pitch in as well and help with the search.

LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): This could be a very busy day in your community, Libra. Some kind of rally, protest, or other public gathering might take place. If you attend, you may not hear much because of all the noise, and the event could seem disorganized at best. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): A future course of action that you may or may not take could depend on information you might receive today, Scorpio. However, don't be surprised if the information is vague and needs to be clarified. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): Are you unhappy or uncertain about your current profession, Sagittarius? Are you thinking of making a change? .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): Your natural psychic or intuitive abilities could be short-circuited today, Capricorn. Interference from the minds of other people could cloud issues, and this won't do you any good. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18): The atmosphere around you could seem somewhat unreal today. If you get a weird vibe from someone, Aquarius, take everything this person says with a grain of salt. ********************* PISCES (Feb. 19 March 20): Communication could take some extra effort today, Pisces. A business or romantic partner could seem like they're keeping things from you.

“He is very happy at the moment,” said the Italian. “Yesterday he had a small problem, but today he was fine and has the confidence and enthusiasm the whole team has at the moment. “After scoring a goal like that against Barcelona in a

final, it is normal that he is full of confidence. At the start of the season he had a problem with injuries, but once he began to train everything has gone well. He has played very well and scored a lot of goals, but he still wants to improve for next season.”

Valcke... From page 39 on schedule. Brazil 2014 Organising Committee (LOC) Management Board member Ronaldo The Arena is fantastic. I’m glad I encouraged Andres (Sanchez, the former President of Corinthians) to play his part in fulfilling the dream of every one of the club’s fans by giving them their own stadium. Lucio Blanco, Arena Corinthians Operations Manager It’s an honour to represent Andres Sanchez at this visit by the representatives of FIFA, the LOC and the state and city governments, who are our true partners and are helping us to meet the timetable and match schedule for the World Cup at the Arena. We are more relaxed now, as progress has been made with work on the temporary structures, which were subject to a tighter deadline, such as IT, TV broadcasting and the catering concession. Secretary of Planning and Development of the State of Sao Paulo Julio Semeghini It was a very productive meeting and we could see that the deadline is being met. The main infrastructure projects in the area around the stadium, which are the responsibility of the state, will be delivered before 28April, which means that the entire transport network will be ready for the tests in May. Aside from the mobility projects, we will be testing our safety and security strategy with the Command and Control Centre. We will also be ready to welcome and support the 15 national teams who will be preparing for the World Cup in the state of Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo Deputy Mayor Nadia Campeao We are aware of everything we have done over the last three years and we are also aware that there’s still a lot of work ahead of us, and that time is of the essence. In regards to the area around the stadium, the projects will be handed over before 10 May and included in the test events to be carried out later that month.

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Kaieteur News

Letter to the Sports Editor

GFF congress will be an interesting one DEAR EDITOR, I read with ‘great’ amusement an article in your dailies on the 20th of April 2014, titled ‘Time for the GFF General Council to awake and do what’s right’. First, I would like to commend Kaieteur and its editor for never being discriminatory with the selection of letters to be in its print. This provides the opportunity for some writers to hide behind the cloth of anonymity so that the identity of their senseless, ill informed and misguided expressions would remain in the shadows of the unknown. The author of this missive is most certainly confused and it is without any doubt he/she is from the school of the previous regime, a grouping of people who without any inclination of remorse ‘raped’ the Guyana Football Federation for more than two decades of development. A body of executives whose self serving interests, stifled and robbed countless youths with immense talent and potential, the opportunity to proceed and advance to higher heights in the game they loved. The author, Mr Editor, has the audacity to make a comparison of this new body of less than two years of service, to those of the past twenty years. What a shame! This individual is smart in his/ her disguise as a ‘concerned football fan’. But it should be stated that no real fan of Guyana’s football would have ventured to make such a comparison. How could someone in their right sense make such a moronic, unworthy and downright unfair comparison? In over twenty years, the formation of clubs/teams across the country only amassed a count of 108, after all that time? What a waste of precious years! Of those clubs/teams less the 15 could have satisfied the 12 basic constitutional requirements,

is that development? In all of Guyana’s clubs/teams for the past 20 years only 3 B license coaches. In over two decades and all of the finances from FIFA, what tangible asset does the GFF poses? The headquarters is nothing but a transformed two bedroom house. Which of the associations can boast of having a well furnished office with a computer having internet access, a working telephone, printer and all other equipment to aid in the day to day management of the affairs of their respective associations? Which association can say that the GFF for the past 20 years has given, not loan them, balls, uniforms, books to educate their players, and or financial assistance to aid in the preparation of a league irrespective of junior or senior football? Where is the World Cup money of 2010 that is still unaccounted for, is this transparency and accountability? In 2012 more than $300,000,000 dollars were spent by the GFF; yes three hundred million dollars and the year’s prior expresses astronomical amounts of monies as well. The question to be asked is who actually benefited from all that money? What visible development can be attributed to all those monies spent in 2012 by the GFF under the then acting President who incidentally is the author of the very motion of no-confidence laid against the Matthias Presidency. Is this wisdom according to this ghost writer, and should such a motion still be given commendation of the highest regard? Mr. Editor, it is important to understand, especially the author of that letter, that the General Council was dead for a number of years, but was awakened by the testicular fortitude of the Matthias led team that challenged the status quo of the Klass regime. It was his resilience to fight against a visionless dictatorship that

saw the intervention and coming of FIFA to our shores, that brought an end to the GFA and GFF debacle and subsequently brought about a democratic election after 20 years. What is also important to note Mr. Editor, is that Mr. Matthias Presidency resulted in him having an executive made up of a presidential candidate (Ivan Persaud), Mr. Adams and Ms. Dickenson who were apart of the slate for another presidential candidate of the old regime, Mr. Ojeer of the other third presidential candidate, Mr. Hercules, who too was desirous of becoming the president and a general and deputy general secretary of the old administration. So it is very much impossible for one not to see the potential conundrum it would have created to function effectively as a unit. For all those individuals had their own egos and personal aspirations and an anger grouping of people working relentlessly behind the scene to create confusion and frustrate the office of the president. This is what the man had to work with, coupled with over thirty million dollars in debt. Some in the football fraternity are oblivious to the realities that exist, the behind the scene workings of individuals who were there before, trying to muster their way back in for their own selfish interest and not for Guyana’s football development. With the upcoming congress on the 26th April 2014 as rightly stated by this ghost writer, who I’m certain is a camouflage working mole of the previous regime, will certainly be an interesting one. The writer’s compiled information garnered from the dailies and certainly from speculations and hearsay makes his/her expressions certainly not absolutely accurate and correct. It was not the Matthias led regime who suspended the UDFA, it was the very awakened General Council of the GFF. I am very much confident that the GFF General Council will be more awakened with the revelations of the financial audit and they will once again do what is right for Guyana’s football. Yours respectfully Jermaine Figueira.

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Sangakkara, Jayawardene face disciplinary action Colombo, Sri Lanka (AP) - Sri Lanka stars Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene are facing disciplinary action for their public criticism of cricket board officials in a dispute over their retirement from Twenty20 internationals. Sri Lanka Cricket said in a statement on Tuesday (yesterday) said that it decided to refer the “unsubstantiated statements” of the players to the Disciplinary Committee “for their views and recommendations.” Sangakkara and

Jayawardene, on their return home from the World Twenty20 triumph in Bangladesh this month, hit out at board officials who criticized them for announcing their retirement from the shortest format of the game to the media before discussing it with officials. At a news conference arranged at the airport to welcome the team, the two stalwarts said they were only responding to media queries when they said the tournament was their last World Twenty20 and they

never mentioned retirement. However, they said SLC secretary Nishantha Ranatunga and chief executive Ashley de Silva criticized them in the media without ascertaining if they really made such a statement. The two players played crucial hands in the final against India, and Sangakkara’s match-winning half century won him the player of the match award. Both players subsequently handed letters of resignation from T20 internationals to the cricket board.

Farbrace quits as Sri Lanka coach

Paul Farbrace (left) quit the Sri Lanka job after he was approached by England © AFP Paul Farbrace, the Sri Lanka coach, has resigned with immediate effect in order to take up a role with the ECB, Sri Lanka Cricket has confirmed. The development came a day after Farbrace returned to Colombo and met with SLC officials to discuss his position, following reports that he had been approached by the ECB to become assistant coach to Peter Moores, the new England coach. Farbrace had been expected to have further meetings with SLC on Tuesday, but had sent in his letter of resignation before the board had had a chance meet him. SLC secretary Nishantha Ranatunga said that although the board regretted his decision to leave the role, they had understood the reasons behind it. Significantly better pay and a desire to work in the country of his birth are believed to be the primary reasons for Farbrace’s early departure from Sri Lanka. After talks on Monday, Ranatunga said Farbrace had been offered an “attractive package” by ECB, the likes of which SLC could not hope to match. The salary SLC hadoffered had been deemed

too modest by several highprofile coaches, before Farbrace, who was Yorkshire’s second XI coach at the time, was signed by the board. Farbrace was a little over three months into his two-year contract with SLC. His tenure was marked by offfield upheaval, as much as onfield success. Sri Lanka lost only one out of 18 matches under his watch, winning the World T20 and Asia Cup in that time, but at his time of departure, the players remained locked in a contracts dispute with the board, seven weeks after their previous agreements expired. Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara also clashed with SLC officials over the announcement of their T20 retirements. Farbrace said, however, his experience in the role had not been soured by off-field events. He had also said he had not applied for the England position, but was approached by the ECB on Thursday, two days before the ECB confirmed Moores as head coach. It is understood Moores had a major say in who he wanted to work with and was strongly in favour of Farbrace. SLC have not yet worked

out the legal repercussions of Farbrace terminating his contract,Ranatunga said. The coach has walked out inside a six-month probationary period, which may mean neither he, nor ECB, are liable to compensate SLC, even though another clause in the contract states Farbrace must give six months’ notice before leaving the role. Sri Lanka’s short-term plans have been landed in some disarray by Farbrace’s departure, as they prepare for a tour of Ireland and England that begins on May 7. Following that tour, Sri Lanka is set to host no.1 Test side South Africa at home in July, before Pakistan’s expected arrival for another full tour in August. Their plans for the 2015 World Cup will also have been somewhat hampered. An interim appointment is likley for the upcoming tour, with assistant coach Marvan Atapattu the frontrunner to assume the role. Including two other temporary appointments, Atapattu would become the seventh head coach Sri Lanka have had since 2011. Ranatunga said the board had not yet decided whether to open up a fresh application process for the job.

Wednesday April 23, 2014

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Stubborn Chelsea secure stalemate

Jose Mourinho was unapologetically grumpy on the eve of the UEFA Champions League semi-final first leg at Atletico Madrid and his team were unwaveringly stubborn in a goalless draw at the Vicente Calderon Stadium. Chelsea lost 2-1 to Sunderland in the English Premier League last Saturday to leave Mourinho in a sour mood and the European Cup they won in 2012 their most likely trophy chance this term. Mourinho, appearing in the semi-finals for a fifth successive season, was returning to the city which was his home for three years while Real boss as he seeks a third European Cup win on 24 May in Lisbon after successes with Porto in 2004 and Inter Milan in 2010. The Portuguese opted for a defensive approach against Atletico, who had never lost to English visitors in nine previous matches and were the last unbeaten team in the

competition. Los Rojiblancos, in the last four for the first time in 40 years, appeared undeterred by the pedigree of Chelsea and Mourinho in the competition, but encountered a black wall of shirts. Striker Fernando Torres, starting against his former club, cut an isolated figure as the visitors packed men behind the ball, with Gary Cahill marshalling dangerman Diego Costa superbly. Atletico goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, playing against his parent club, was a spectator for much of the contest, which saw Chelsea’s long-time No1 Petr Cech go off injured, clutching his shoulder after a heavy fall, inside the opening 20 minutes. Captain John Terry also went off 18 minutes from time, forcing a defensive reshuffle, but still the visitors held firm to frustrate Atletico. Chelsea are likely to be a different proposition at Stamford Bridge next Wednesday, but they could be without three

Action in the Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid stalwarts in Cech, Terry and Frank Lampard, who will serve a suspension following

Ex-champ Briggs disrupts Klitschko news conference

Shannon Briggs tried to reach Wladimir Klitschko during the Ukrainian’s press conference Duesseldorf, Germany (AP) - Former heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs disrupted a news conference on Tuesday (yesterday) ahead of Wladimir Klitschko’s title bout against Alex Leapai - demanding a fight of his own against the reigning champion. Briggs lost a 2010 WBC title bout against Klitschko’s elder brother Vitali - a fight that left the American hospitalized. He showed up at a news conference with Klitschko and Leapai and demanded a title fight against Klitschko in the United States. Briggs eventually left after being pushed back by security. Klitschko joked that he had to restrain Leapai, saying ‘’I have

Boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko of Ukraine, left, stares at challenger Alex Leapai from Australia-Samoa never had to hold back my o p p o nent at a press conference before.’’ Klitschko will defend his

WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight titles against Australian challenger Leapai in Oberhausen on Saturday.

a second-half booking. Like Lampard, who might have been shown a second

yellow card for handball, John Obi Mikel will be banned for the second leg after being

booked as Chelsea’s approach came at a cost. (

Michael Schumacher is SUED for ‘causing motorbike crash’ in Spain A Spanish biker has filed a formal complaint over a traffic accident involving Michael Schumacher weeks before the F1 star’s horror ski crash. Schumacher is accused of knocking the motorcyclist off his bike after failing to give way at a roundabout in Bormujos near Seville. The unnamed Spaniard is claiming compensation for the broken wrist he suffered and damage to a watch, his clothes and his motorbike in the accident on November 17 last year. Schumacher, who has been named in the complaint along with the company that hired him the rented Audi A4 he was driving and its insurers, h a s b e e n i n a medically-induced coma since suffering a head injury in a French Alps fall on December 29 last year. A trial will only take place if insurers contest the claim and the 45-year-old German would not be obliged to attend. Police have said in their accident report the seven-time F1 champion, who was on a private visit to Spain, failed to respect his alleged victim’s

Schumacher with his wife Corinna right of way. Poor lighting on the approach to the roundabout has also been blamed. Last week, Schumacher’s family was given the smashed helmet he wore on the day of his ski accident. Doctors caring for him have rebutted claims his injuries may have been worsened because the helicopter that took him from the ski resort of Meribel to Grenoble hospital made a stopover at a smaller hospital

en route. Schumacher’s Manager Sabine Kehm has said Michael is making progress. She said at the start of the month: ‘He shows moments of consciousness and awakening. ‘We are on his side, together with the team of the hospital in Grenoble, and we keep remaining confident.’ She also rubbished claims his wife Corinna had plans to build a medical suite for him at their Swiss home.

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Wednesday April 23, 2014

Women’s response impresses CFU President St. John’s, Antigua & Barbuda – With the inaugural Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Women’s Caribbean Cup set to start next month, CFU President Gordon Derrick is pleased with the response from the organization’s member associations. The tournament, which will crown a champion, will double as a regional qualifying for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. “It is very encouraging that many of the CFU members have taken up this challenge, it is a very good start,” Derrick said. “We hope to have a very competitive tournament and will seek to build on its

momentum and increase on the numbers until we have full participation for future tournaments. “I am very happy because one of my goals as President of CFU was to have a women’s championship to both promote development of the game and to display our women players and it is good that after such a short time we are able to have this competition.” Of the CFU’s 31 members, 20 have registered for the competition. Those numbers are stark contrast to qualifying for the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup, when only three Caribbean nations (Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana and Haiti) participated.

Flashback! Guyana’s Lady Jags seen before the start of their game against Antigua and Barbuda in November 2011 at the Uitvlugt Community Centre ground.

Manchester United Manager sacked by club Manchester United Manager David Moyes has been sacked, only 10 months after succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson. His dismissal was announced shortly after 0830 BST, following a meeting with Executive Vice-Chairman Ed Woodward at the club’s training ground. Moyes, 50, was chosen by Ferguson to succeed him when he retired after 26 years in charge last summer. United said player-coach Ryan Giggs will take charge “until a permanent appointment can be made”. His first match as interim boss will be the home game against Norwich on Saturday. The BBC understands coaches Steve Round and Jimmy Lumsden have also left their posts, but goalkeeping coach Chris Woods and firstteam coach Phil Neville will remain with the club for the rest of the season. United shares, which trade on the New York Stock Exchange, were up more than 6.5 per cent at $18.80 at 1830 BST, signalling investor relief

David Moyes

at the decision to sack Moyes. On Monday, United had refused to comment on newspaper reports that Moyes, who left Everton to sign a six-year deal with the Premier League champions, would be sacked before the end of the season. However, those reports prompted club officials to hold talks with the Scot late on Monday in a move

Novak Djokovic hopeful of Madrid Masters return after wrist injury World number two Novak Djokovic says he hopes to return in two weeks’ time after his wrist injury was found to be not as serious as first thought. Djokovic had claimed he would be out for “some time” to let the wrist heal after exiting the Monte Carlo Masters. But the Serb, 26, is now optimistic of being fit for the Madrid Masters in a fortnight. “Fortunately, the situation with the injury is better than it first seemed,” said Djokovic. “Doctors assured me that I will be ready for Madrid, then Rome and Roland Garros, just as it has been planned. “However, I need to continue with the recovery process and full medical treatments. It means I will have to take a short break in order to recover as soon as possible.” The French Open is the only Grand Slam that Djokovic has yet to win, although he came close to beating Rafael Nadal in last year’s semi-finals before losing in five sets. Djokovic had won consecutive Masters 1000 titles in Shanghai, Paris, Indian Wells and Miami before losing to Federer in Saturday’s Monte Carlo semi-finals. (BBCsport)

designed to prevent a drawnout dismissal process. In a short statement on Tuesday, the club said Moyes had departed, adding it “would like to place on record its thanks for the hard work, honesty and integrity he brought to the role”. Netherlands coach Louis Van Gaal, Borussia Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp, Atletico Madrid’s Manager Diego Simeone and Paris StGermain’s Laurent Blanc have been tipped as possible successors. However, Klopp has ruled himself out of the job, the 46year-old telling The Guardian: “Man Utd is a great club and I feel very familiar with their wonderful fans. But my commitment to Borussia Dortmund and the people is not breakable.” Former Manchester United and England striker Michael Owen said on Twitter: “Huge news at Old Trafford but with the summer looming and a huge transfer kitty available United had to be 100% Moyes was the right man. “Evidently they didn’t have the confidence in him in

which case makes the timing absolutely right. Now the big question is who’s next?” The Daily Telegraph suggest United will make discreet moves to see if Pep Guardiola can be persuaded to leave Bayern Munich. But BBC Sport has learned that Giggs is not under consideration for the role on a full-time basis. “I definitely think Ryan will be a manager,” said former United captain Bryan Robson. “Whether he gets it full-time at a club like Manchester United is a big ask.” United, who lie seventh in the table with four games remaining, are guaranteed to record their lowest points tally in the Premier League having struggled at Old Trafford in particular this season. Under Moyes, they have lost six league games at home, been beaten in the FA Cup by Swansea at Old Trafford and were unable to prevent Sunderland defeating them in the Capital One Cup semifinals. In March, some

supporters chartered a plane to fly overhead during their Premier League game against Aston Villa trailing a banner with the words “Wrong One Moyes Out”, a reference to the banner at Old Trafford that proclaimed Moyes to be the “Chosen One”. The Red Devils will miss out on Champions League football for the first time since 1995 and are in danger of missing out on European competition altogether for the first time since 1990. United reached the last eight of the Champions League before being knocked out by Bayern Munich and Moyes argued that their best displays had been in the competition. But the Scot has been dogged by claims he has fallen out with members of his squad. When midfielder Anderson joined Serie A side Fiorentina on loan in January, he was quoted as saying other United players “wanted out” although he later denied it. Rio Ferdinand and Robin van Persie also made less than complimentary comments about his management style, while Javier Hernandez and Wilfried Zaha posted cryptic quotes on Twitter. At the weekend, Manchester-born striker Danny Welbeck was reported to be considering his future after becoming frustrated at regularly being played out of his favoured position. Moyes left Everton after 11 seasons saying he could not turn down the opportunity to move to Old Trafford and began his job on 1 July. However, United endured a difficult summer transfer window and failed in reported bids for Barcelona’s Thiago Alcantara and Cesc Fabregas. A double bid for

Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines was dismissed as “derisory and insulting” by Moyes’s old club Everton, although Fellaini finally joined on transfer deadline day for £27.5m. Moyes was unhappy United were given a difficult start to the season, playing Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City in their first five games. “I find it hard to believe that’s the way the balls came out of the bag, that’s for sure,” he said. But his reign began in style with a 2-0 victory over Wigan Athletic in the Community Shield at Wembley, followed by a 4-1 win away at Swansea City in the first league game of the season. However, things quickly got worse with defeats at Anfield and Etihad Stadium, setting the tone for what would become United’s worst Premier League season. With the exception of the additional 21 games Matt Busby (manager from 19451969) had in charge as emergency manager following Wilf McGuinness’s exit in 1970, and the 22 games when Jimmy Murphy stood in for Busby after the Munich air crash, Moyes’s reign represents the third shortest in United history. It is also the first time since 6 November 1986 that Manchester United have sacked a manager. The Scot’s 51 games in charge exceeds the 43 matches that Walter Crickmer presided over during the first of two spells as manager. Lal Hilditch was in charge for the shortest time, lasting just 33 games between October 1926 and April 1927. (BBCSport)

Wednesday April 23, 2014

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Two Taekwondo athletes Phelps facing toughest challenge yet qualify for CAC Games The Guyana Taekwondo Association (GTA) has revealed that two of its athletes have qualified to participate in the upcoming Central American and Caribbean Games (CAC) to be held in Veracruz, Mexico, November 15-18, 2014, following their participation at the recent CAC Qualification tournament. Kenrick Sven Lorrimer who entered in the Flyweight division and Jibreel Malik who competed in the Bantamweight category both earned spots for Guyana at the first CAC Qualification Tournament held recently in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Lorrimer fought against a very tough opponent from Puerto Rico in what was an exciting battle for the duration of the match. In the two round contest both athletes delivered exciting and superior kicks and at the end of the two rounds the score was tied at a 4 - 4 which meant that the match had to go to a sudden-death round.

With a quick and decisive blow Lorrimer secured the opportunity to take the fight resulting in Guyana earning its first spot for Taekwondo. Then it was over to Jibreel Malik who had suffered mixed results in his match against the Dominican Republic champion. Nonetheless, Malik put up a good fight against the experienced champion to secure Guyana’s second spot for Taekwondo. Malik has stated that though he entered the ring with the wrong strategy against his much taller and experienced opponent he will use this experience as a stepping stone in preparations for the upcoming CAC games. After finishing up in Santo Domingo, it was off to Cali, Columbia for Lorrimer where he earned himself a fully sponsored trip earlier in the year to compete in the Columbian Open Taekwondo Championships. In Columbia, Lorrimer defeated a Columbian fighter in a 17-6 margin but had to

bow out in the quarter finals due to his many injuries suffered in Santo Domingo. Malink on the other hand, went on to compete in the German Taekwondo Open but was unable to clinch any medals after suffering a severe injury in Hamburg, Germany. Nonetheless, both athletes have expressed gratitude for being able to compete at these events. They also expressed many thanks to their Coaches, Trainers, Masters and the GTA for affording them the opportunity. Meanwhile, the GTA executive has also expressed their joy and satisfaction in having the two athletes represent and qualify for the CAC Games. The public is being reminded that Taekwondo classes are held at the Guyana Teacher’s Union Hall, Woolford Avenue every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 17:00hrs to 18:30hrs. Further information can be obtained from Roy Bacchus on 644 4402.

Lance Armstrong Team boss Johan Bruyneel gets 10-year ban Lance Armstrong’s former cycling team Manager, Johan Bruyneel, has been banned for 10 years for his involvement in doping. Doctor Pedro Celaya and Trainer Jose ‘Pepe’ Marti have been given eight-year suspensions, says the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). The trio all worked for Armstrong’s US Postal Service team (USPS). American Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and given a lifetime ban for doping in 2012. He finally admitted using banned substances in a television interview with Oprah Winfrey in January 2013. “The evidence establishes conclusively that Mr. Bruyneel was at the apex of a conspiracy to commit widespread doping on the USPS and Discovery Channel teams spanning many years and many riders,” said a USADA statement. “Similarly, Dr Celaya and Mr. Marti were part of, or at least allowed themselves to be used as instruments of, that conspiracy.” Two other doctors connected to the team, Spaniard Luis Garcia del Moral and Italian Michele Ferrari, were handed lifetime bans from professional sport by USADA in July 2012. USADA’s 2012 report said the USPS team had run “the most

Bruyneel (right) was Armstrong’s team manager for all seven of his discredited Tour de France wins sophisticated, professionalised and successful doping programme the sport has ever seen”. Bruyneel, who worked with Armstrong at the US Postal and Discovery Channel teams, was widely implicated in USADA’s report but took his case to a threeperson arbitration panel in London last December and was banned until 11 June, 2022. A former professional cyclist, Bruyneel was team manager for all of Armstrong’s seven Tour de France wins from 1999 to 2005. The Belgian enjoyed further success with Astana before moving to run the RadioShack team, a position he resigned from when USADA published its report into Armstrong’s

doping. “I do not dispute that there are certain elements of my career that I wish had been different, nor do I dispute that doping was a fact of life in the peloton for a considerable period of time,” the 49-year-old said in a statement on his website. “However, a very small minority of us has been used as scapegoats for an entire generation. “There is clearly something wrong with a system that allows only six individuals to be punished as retribution for the sins of an era.” Bruyneel said he continued to dispute USADA’s jurisdiction over him and might still appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. (BBCSport)

Reuters - Michael Phelps has been swimming against the tide all his life. Time and time again he has proved the doubters wrong, setting the standard for Olympic achievement with his 18 gold medals. But now, almost two years after retiring from swimming and two months shy of his 29th birthday, the American is plunging into uncharted waters by attempting a comeback where the riskreward ratio is heavily stacked against him. If all goes well, Phelps could be back on the winner’s podium at Rio, although he insists he is still undecided about whether he wants to go to the 2016 Olympics. If it goes wrong, he will join a long list of great athletes who were lured back to competition but failed to reproduce the form that took them to the top of their chosen sports. His legacy is already assured. Nothing he does in the future will take away from what he did in the past but as Muhammad Ali, Mark Spitz, Michael Jordan, Bjorn Borg and Michael Schumacher all discovered, it can still become a permanent footnote. Phelps has not yet given a full explanation for his decision to come back or his plans for the future. That will come today when he and longtime Coach Bob Bowman face the media before the April 24-26 Grand Prix meet in Mesa, Arizona, where he will make his return. A global sporting icon, Phelps has already amassed a fortune through his endorsements so money is unlikely to be the driving motivation to get him back in the pool for the grueling training required to be an Olympic swimmer. Nor is he likely to top his past achievements so anything he does is likely to be less than before. He won

U.S. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps poses with his Special Laureus Award during the 2013 Laureus World Sports Awards six gold medals at Athens in 2004 and an unprecedented eight at Beijing in 2008 when he was at his absolute peak. At the 2012 London Games he won four gold and by the law of diminishing returns would be hard-pressed to match that in Rio, when he will be 31, past the age when most elite swimmers have hung up their goggles but not too old to be totally discounted. At the Athens Olympics, Inge de Bruijn of the Netherlands won the women’s 50 meters freestyle gold medal days before her 31st birthday. Four years later in Beijing, Jason Lezak teamed up with Phelps to win gold in the 4x100m freestyle relay at 32 while Dara Torres won three silvers in the Chinese capital at age 41. For Phelps, his biggest asset is his physique and perfect technique. He stands 1.93m (6ft 4in) tall but has a wingspan of 2.01m (6ft 7in) giving him greater pulling power in the water. But the natural evolution of swimming looms as his biggest obstacle. Even if he can match his best times, his younger opponents are getting faster all the time.

This week’s meet will offer few real clues to what Phelps might do in Rio, if he were to go that far. He has deliberately picked a relatively light program of three races - 100m freestyle, 100m butterfly and 50m freestyle. “It’s just a start,” Bowman told Reuters last week. The first big test for Phelps will come in August when the U.S. national championships, which will double as the trials for next year ’s world championships in Russia, are held in California. Then in mid 2016, the U.S. Olympic trials will take place in Omaha, Nebraska. Phelps only needs to finish in the top six in either the 100m or 200m freestyle at the 2016 U.S. Olympic trials to make the relay team and if he did, he would have a realistic chance of adding to his collection of Olympic medals. For mere mortals, that would be a lifelong achievement but for Phelps, he is likely to want to swim at least one individual event, possibly the 100m butterfly which would also secure him a place on the medley relay and a chance at four golds in Rio.

CONCACAF appeals committee decision on Cruz Azul case Miami, Fl - The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) announced that its Appeals Committee has reduced by two matches the suspension to Cruz Azul Goalkeeper Jesus Corona, imposed for the player’s role in an on-field melee following the second leg of Cruz Azul’s CONCACAF Champions League semi-final victory over Club Tijuana on Wednesday, April 9 at the Estadio Azul in Mexico City. After thorough review of the case including analysis of

extensive video tape, as well as testimony and reports from match officials, the Appeals Committee found a lack of comprehensive evidence supporting any additional sanctions further to the onegame ban levied as a result of the red card Corona was issued after the match in question. Corona was originally handed a three-match ban on Tuesday, April 15, and served the first game of that suspension during the away leg of the Finals of the CONCACAF Champions League, in which Cruz Azul and visiting Deportivo

Toluca played to a goalless draw.Exercising its right under Articles 6.11-6.14 of the CONCACAF Champions League Regulations 2013-14, and Articles 118-125 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code, Cruz Azul appealed the additional two-game suspension. That appeal was brought before the CONCACAF Appeals Committee Monday, resulting in the updated ruling. Cruz Azul faces Deportivo Toluca in the return leg of the 2013-14 Champions League Finals tonight in Toluca, with kickoff set for 7PM local time. Corona is now eligible for selection for that match.

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Wednesday April 23, 2014

Final Medals table at What’s next for George and Baird? Carifta Games 2014 Guyana claimed four medals at the Carifta Games at Stade Municipal Pierre Aliker in Martinique over the Easter weekend to end among the top performers overall. Double defending champion Cassey George and Kadecia Baird were the medalists for the Guyanese. George successfully defended her 1500m and 3000m titles, while Baird won the 400m and took silver in the 200m after stumbling just on the line. These performances

accounted for the three gold and one silver medal the Guyanese collected at the games. Jamaica racked up a record haul of 88 medals to top the 43rd staging of the event for the 30th consecutive year and their 37th overall since the first staging in 1972. Jamaica again topped the medals table with 88, 42 gold, 34 silver and 12 bronze. Trinidad & Tobago finished second with 6 gold, 7 silver and 12 bronze, while

Barbados ended third with 5 gold, 5 silver and 6 bronze. Rounding out the medals were:Guyana 3 gold and 1 silver; Guadeloupe 3 gold and 8 bronze; Dominica 2 gold; Bahamas 1 gold, 8 silver and 11 bronze; Grenada 1 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze; Bermuda 1 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze and St. Lucia 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze

No stopping Maxwell and Kings XI Last season, Glenn Maxwell was the punchline to tons of millionaire jokes. He warmed the Mumbai Indians bench for much of the campaign, and was a peripheral figure in the three matches he did play. This time, the season is only a week old, and he’s not just played three matches, he’s been the Man of the Match in each. The people laughing now will be Kings XI Punjab’s owners who will view the million dollars they sunk on Maxwell as a bargain given the three impressive wins he has orchestrated at the start of the season. If the previous two victories had been thrilling encounters in which Kings XI hunted down massive scores, this was a forgettably one-sided affair after Maxwell put on a show again to lead the side to 193. Especially after L Balaji removed David Warner and Aaron Finch in the fifth over. Sunrisers Hyderabad have a dangerous top order - any of Shikhar Dhawan, Warner or Finch can single-handedly transform a match - but they also have a dangerously unbalanced batting line-up. After the big three, the batting is alarmingly thin - KL Rahul is still finding his way at this level, Venugopal Rao isn’t someone teams are going to worry about too much, Irfan Pathan is a spot too high at No. 6 and Darren Sammy is great at providing the finishing touches but less proficient at building the base. Once Mitchell Johnson accounted for Dhawan and Balaji made his double breakthrough, it was a hourlong dirge for Sunrisers’ fans before it ended in a crushing 72-run defeat, leaving them with plenty of questions over the composition of the team. Warner won’t just be disappointed with his low score, but also with his botched catch that reprieved Maxwell on 11. With

By Rawle Welch If the preformances of double gold medalist Cassie George and gold and silver medalist Kadecia Baird were not enough to evoke a more vociferous national conversation on the development of Sport then only heaven knows what will. These two young athletes have just done Guyana proud by beating the mighty Jamaicans and the rest of the Caribbean in their respective events so by any measure they have done exceedingly well. George, just as she had done last year remained a thorn in the flesh of the powerful Jamaicans, while Baird’s display this year was just as awesome, having evidently had the opportunity to prepare much better this time. She too should have been a double gold medalist had it not been for an unfortunate fall just as she approached the finish line. The Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) has tried to get feedback from various stakeholders on their thoughts on Sport and how serious we are about its development.

While the entity must be commended for hosting such forums and have made a more authentic effort to assist more and more disciplines, the urgency must be to have a well prepared and structured Policy that has the input of all stakeholders. Because the Government has the resources they must be encouraged to come on board and lead the way for the development of sport. Financially no other stakeholder could match their ability and while I’m not advocating that these resources are unlimited, there is enough in its coffers to make a real impact. We h a v e a g l o r i o u s opportunity to produce two quality athletes, they are young and talented and all Guyana should come together and ensure that they do not suffer the same fate as our beloved track stars Aliann Pompey and Marian Burnett. The team was expected to return last night and I’m hoping that they would h a v e g o t t e n a h e r o ’s welcome with many of the important stakeholders in attendance since it sends a clear signal to

our athletes that we care. The team’s fourth place overall finish by this small contingent must be highlighted and because we continue to have encouraging returns every effort must be made to send a much larger group next year with early preparations being the key to success. The Athletic Association of Guyana (AAG) to my mind wasted a few spots, especially when it was revealed that funds were scarce so it will have to do a better job of team selection to generate even better results. This is not meant to discourage our hard working athletes, especially those in the sprinting category, but a real assessment and paying attention to what the other athletes’ times were would have allowed for a better team selection. I was not privy to the decisions or criteria used to select the team, but in the absence of adequate funding, careful attention must be paid to those with the best possible chance of medaling. Meanwhile, it would be interesting to know what’s next for both George and Baird.

Spurs coach Popovich named Coach of the Year

Glenn Maxwell steps out for a big hit Wriddhiman Saha slotted for No. 6, Kings XI don’t have too much depth in their batting, something Sunrisers could have capitalised on had Warner held on to a fairly straightforward chance at long-off in the 10th over. Instead, the chance went went down and Maxwell went on to pillage 95 off 43, including nine sixes. The highlight of the onslaught was the 13th over when Maxwell effortlessly cleared midwicket off the first three deliveries before launching one towards the sightscreen to take 25 runs off Amit Mishra. This innings had fewer of the switch-hits and reverse-sweeps and was more about clean hitting down the ground and, especially, over midwicket. It was the prefect setting for Maxwell as the openers Cheteshwar Pujara and Virender Sehwag had

provided a fast start from which he could build. He had plenty of luck as well - besides the Warner reprieve, he was caught off a no-ball, a skier was in the air for ages but evaded everyone when it landed at midwicket. Sunrisers also didn’t bring on their main weapon, Dale Steyn, when Maxwell was in the midst of his carnage. Till he was 72 off 29, Maxwell faced neither Steyn nor Bhuvneshwar Kumar both of whom combined to limit the damage at the end of the innings. Still, though Kings XI didn’t reach the 200 that they looked nailed on for, they reached a total which proved far too much for Sunrisers. Scores: Kings XI Punjab 193 for 6 (Maxwell 95, Bhuvneshwar 3-19) beat Sunrisers Hyderabad 121 (Balaji 4-13) by 72 runs. (ESPNcricinfo)

Reuters Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs was voted NBA Coach of the Year, becoming the third threetime winner of the award, the National Basketball Association announced on Tuesday (yesterday. P o p o v i c h ’s Spurs p o s t e d t h e N B A’s b e s t record at 62-20 to secure home court advantage through the postseason as he claimed the coaching honor for the second time in three seasons and joined Don Nelson and Pat Riley as a three-time recipient. After steering the Spurs to a 15th successive season with 50 or more wins, Popovich totaled 380 points, including 59 first-place votes, from a panel of 124 sportswriters from the United States and Canada. Phoenix Suns first-year Coach Jeff Hornacek was second in the voting with 339 points, including 37 first-place votes, followed by Tom Thibodeau of the Chicago Bulls, who tallied 159 points. The Spurs, a model of

Gregg Popovich consistency under Popovich, were the only team to record 30-plus wins both at home (32-9) and on the road (30-11) in a spirited bounce back after losing an epic seven-game series against the Miami Heat in last season’s NBA Finals. San Antonio led the NBA in points per game differential at 7.8, having

averaged 105.4 points per game while giving up 97.6, and recorded a 19-game winning streak that tied for fifth-longest ever in the NBA. Popovich presided over a balanced roster, with French point guard Tony Parker leading the team with a 16.7 scoring average and 29.4 minutes played per game.

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Wednesday April 23, 2014

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Aruwai Mining/DC Promotions T20 tourney semis to come off on May 3

Flashback! Inaugural winners Challengers pose with Charles Jones (left) and Deon Ferrier (right). Following the postponement of competition initially due to the inclement weather and then the subsequent reconstruction of the new Bartica Community Centre, DC Promotions group has informed that the long awaited semi finals of the 3rd Aruwai Mining T20 competition will now come off on Saturday May 3. Making it through to the semis of the competition were Orient of Bartica, Wa k e n a a m , S o u t h

Essequibo and New Line Cavaliers of Demerara. In the first semi final on May 3, New Line Cavaliers will clash with South Essequibo with the feature game bringing together home team Orient and Wakenaam. The respective winners will advance to the final on May 4 with the overall winner taking home One Million dollars and the losing finalist, $500,000. Semi final losers will face off in the third place encounter with $200,000 at stake for

the winner. Organisers, Charles ‘Mice’ Jones and Deon Ferrier in association with the Bartica Cricket Committee and the Essequibo Cricket Board are behind this flood light competition which has been well supported by the Bartica Community including the business entities. Jones, President of the group said that they have been eager to get the competition concluded but

challenges beyond their control curtailed its completion. “We are aware that this second tournament has taken a very long time to conclude but we want to assure the teams, fans and our other stakeholders that we too are eager to get it over and focus on the next tournament. The weather and then the rebuilding of the Community Centre did not allow us to finish before.” Jones noted that the spanking new and bigger

community centre has been welcomed by the community and they are grateful for this major improvement. He also expressed gratitude to the sponsors who were on board before and are still on board, thanking them for their patience and understanding. He noted that the usual high level of organizing will be no different and is urging supporters of the teams to take note of the dates promising that the action will be pulsating and entertaining.

The teams that started the competition were New Line Cavaliers (Demerara), South Essequibo, Bartica Challengers, Wakenaam, Rising Stars (Bartica), East Bank Essequibo, West Super Kings (Berbice) and Central Essequibo. Sponsors on board are Scotia Bank, Digicel, Ansa McAl Trading, Hopkinson’s Mining, Five Star Mineral, Eldorado Mineral, Beverage Depot, Scott Service Station and Aruwai Enterprises among others.

Valcke visits Sao Paulo ahead of key May date The setting for the Opening Match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ in a little over 50 days, the Arena de Sao Paulo in Itaquera yesterday provided the first stop on FIFA Secretary General Jérôme Valcke’s latest tour of Brazil, which will also take place in Curitiba, Cuiaba and Fortaleza later this week. Accompanied by the Brazilian Minister of Sport Aldo Rebelo and Brazil 2014 Organising Committee (LOC) Management Board member Ronaldo, Valcke had a meeting with the local authorities and toured the stadium. rounds up what was said at the press conference that followed the

day’s events. FIFA Secretary General Jérôme Valcke Today (yesterday) we received the latest updates on the progress of the work being carried out, and I can say that the Arena de Sao Paulo will be ready for the Opening Match. The next key date now is May 17 or 18, which is when we will do the test event (a Brazilian championship match between Corinthians and Figueirense) and check the structure. This will give us three weeks to address anything that is not working. It’s a race against time and with only 50 days to go before the Opening Ceremony; we don’t have a single minute to lose.

Brazilian Minister of Sport Aldo Rebelo With the World Cup approaching so fast, it’s only natural that we should be turning our attention back to the venue for the Opening Match. I had a tour of the neighbourhoods around the stadium and took a look at the mobility projects that are being carried out, and I am sure that they will bring hope to the people of Itaquera. The fatal accidents that have taken place have contributed to the delays the project has suffered, but the Corinthians board and the companies entrusted with the task of setting up the temporary structures have given their assurances that everything is (Continued on page 31)

Brazilian legend Ronaldo (left) and FIFA General Secretary Jerome Valcke in Sao Paulo

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Shiv’s 82 helps Derbyshire to 1st innings DERBY, England - West Indies middle order batsman Shiv Chanderpaul scored his fourth half century of the season to help inspire Derbyshire to first innings lead over Hampshire on the third day of their County Championship game yesterday. Chanderpaul compiled 82 runs as Derbyshire, replying to Hampshire’s first innings 328, amassed 399 runs in a rain affected third day at their County Ground. At stumps Hampshire was 20 without loss, still trailing Derbyshire by 51 runs. The veteran West Indies batsman, 35 overnight, faced 141 balls, hit 11 fours and played a crucial role in reviving his team’s innings after a slump of 273 for 2 to 312 for 7. The hosts had hoped to establish a commanding position as they resumed following a morning wash-out at 203 for 2. Once play finally got underway, Chanderpaul’s overnight partner Stephen Moore added a further 22 before falling to a Sean Ervine. South Africa international Kyle Abbott picked up 4 for 84 as Hampshire frustrated Derbyshire’s attempts to build a

Shiv Chanderpaul

sizeable first innings advantage. Chanderpaul departed three overs after Moore, caught by Ervine off James Tomlinson for his 82. Hampshire responded by making a solid start to their second innings, Michael Carberry and Jimmy Adams making it to the close unbeaten. (CMC)

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Jamaica squeeze past Barbados in thriller, to face Winward Islands in final The deplorable batting in this year’s Regional FirstClass four-day cricket tournament continued yesterday at the Kensington Oval with Jamaica losing seven wickets for 61 runs as they narrowly squeezed past reining league Champions Barbados by one wicket in the semi-finals of the knockout phase of the only FirstClass tournament in the Caribbean. Scores: Barbados (245 & 223), Jamaica (302 & 167-9). Set 167 to win with eight wickets in hand on a hard pitch and in brilliant sunshine, the Jamaicans began the final day on 106-2 and completely lost their way despite 64 from Jermaine Blackwood and 43 from Andrew McCarthy; 28year-old medium pacer Kevin Stout grabbed 5-29 to

register his second five wicket haul at this level. He got support from leftarm spinner Suleiman Benn, who opened the bowling with Fidel Edwards and had 3-78. The 22-year-old Blackwood, who stoked eight fours and a six in his 121-minute half-century, the fifth in his career, put together 91 for the third wicket with McCarthy after they joined forces on Monday with the score 20-2. McCarthy, who reached the boundary four times and batted for 83 minutes, was removed at 111-3 by the towering Benn. When Blackwood fell to Stoute at 123-4 and Carlton Baugh (1) was run out six runs later the Bajans knew that if they could get rid of Tamar Lambert, who scored his first ton in five years with a

cultured 121 in the first innings, they would have a chance of securing a sensational come-frombehind victory. The Jamaican Captain batted for just under an hour for 10 before he fell to Stoute at 133-6, and Barbados, with a record 22 First-Class titles to their name, were back in the contest with Stoute picking off three quick wickets as Jamaica catapulted to 155-9. The handful of spectators present on a working day in Barbados, urged the home team on, but David Bernard (14) who batted for 86 minutes and last man Nikita Miller (3) who joined him with victory 12 runs away, stayed together for 41 minutes as Barbados tried everything in a futile attempt to win the match.

Memorex U-17 cricket bowls off tomorrow in Berbice The Memorex Under-17 two-innings cricket competition organised by the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) sponsored by Memorex Enterprise of New Amsterdam is set to get cracking tomorrow. Games will be played on a one-day two innings format in the preliminary rounds while the quarter finals, semi finals and final will be two day matches. Only players born on or after September 1, 1997 can participate. Twenty-two teams have registered and will participate in four (4) geographical zones.

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Wednesday April 23, 2014

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Linden Secondary Schools U-19 b’ball semis on today

Linden Alphonso The stage is set for this y e a r ’s 1 0 t h L i n d e n Secondary Schools Under-19 basketball championship semi finals where the defending c h a m p i o n s C h r i s t i a n b u r g / Wi s m a r take on Linden Foundation in the second game at 16:00hrs, while the first brings together Mackenzie

High against New Silvercity at 14:30hrs at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court. Mackenzie High ended the preliminary round with a perfect 10 points from five wins in this six team contest, while the reigning champions C h r i s t i a n b u r g / Wi s m a r placed second after losing one game to Mackenzie High. However, the passage to the semifinals was made easier for the contending schools after Linden Technical Institute were booted out after winning their first three games, but lost them by forfeiture after it was discovered they had played with over aged players in those wins, but won their final two matches. Mackenzie High leads with 10 points, followed by Christianburg Wismar Secondary on three wins and two losses for eight points, Linden Foundation had two wins and two losses for six points, as did

GFF U-17 Inter Association

East Bank hosts Bartica today Competition in the Guyana Football Federation Under-17 Inter Association competition is set to continue today at the Grove Playfield when the East Bank Football Association hosts their counterparts from Bartica. Action will kickoff at 14:00hrs and the home team

would be seeking to start with a win in this all important match-up.In the matches that were played last weekend, Georgetown and East Demerara battled to a 1-1 stalemate; Essequibo lost to West Demerara 1-3 while Upper Demerara needled Berbice.

UDCA T10 Tourney

Muritaro crowned Champions Home team Muritaro won the Upper Demerara Cricket Association (UDCA) triangular T10 cricket tournament which was recently held at the Muritaro Upper Demerara River ground. Muritaro beat Young Achievers in the final which was reduced to a five-overper side affair because of fading light after making 606 and restricting their opponents to 47-3 when their five overs expired. Dellon Peters top-scored with 37 while Troy Peters took 2-8 and Marlon Fredericks supported with 29. When Young Achievers batted, only Brian Charles

reached 15 as they were kept on a tight rein by the Muritaro bowlers. In the first preliminary round game, Police lost to Muritaro by six wickets after the hosts reached 95-4 in reply to the 93-9 made by Police. In the second game, Young Achievers got the better of Police by eight wickets after Police batted first and made 73 all out in 8 . 4 o v e r s a n d Yo u n g Achievers replied with 78-2 in 8.5 overs. UDCA President Bradley Fredericks and other members of the UDCA witnessed the event and assisted in the distribution of prizes.

New Silvercity Secondary, and advanced on average after the tie breaker involving the match-up did not produce a winner as both teams failed to show. L i n d e n Te c h n i c a l Institute had two wins and three losses for their four p o i n t s w h i l e Wi s b u rg ended on two points from their two wins.

When the teams met in the preliminary round, Mackenzie High won against New Silvercity but this game should be a closer one as the New Silvercity look to reach this year’s final at the expense of last year ’s runner-up side Mackenzie High. Likewise, the

defending champions Christianburg/Wismar are hoping to get another easy win after beating Linden Foundation Secondary in their preliminary game 42-19. The final is set for Monday next when most of the United States based sponsors including the f o u n d e r o f t h e

tournament, Linden Alphonso, among others will be present. Among the local sponsors are Banks DIH, who has been with the tournament for the past ten years, Nigel Hinds Financial Services, Mackenzie Sports Club and 104.3 Power FM Radio.

t r o Sp

What’s next for George and Baird? Cassey George

Kadecia Baird


Two Taekwondo athletes qualify for CAC Games P.37

CAC Taekwondo qualifiers Kenrick Sven Lorrimer (left) and athlete Jibreel Malik (right) with coach Stephen Amundson.


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