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Breakdown of Law and Order


e have seen how the East Asian countries, including Singapore, Taiwan and Indone sia have developed their into First World countries based on their economies. The common denominator that underpins their economic success is a solid social order cemented in the rule of law and riveted in the principles of Confucianism. As a country, Guyana would not develop without a proper social order and it cannot continue to exist peacefully without the rule of law, which is necessary for economic growth and development. After 50 years of political Independence, there has been little change in economic output in Guyana. The country remains dependent on foreign assistance and loans. Why is this happening? The answer lies in a number of issues, among them is the continued diminution of the social order, the rule of law, rabid political opportunism and massive corrupt practices in every sector of the society. These issues are interconnected and tend to have a single result, that is, the continued underdevelopment of the nation. Social order and the rule of law are are under threat because of corruption, cronyism and nepotism. It is not unusual for senior public officials to routinely break the law and violate traffic rules with no penalty. The former Police Commissioner has even stated that senior government officials, because of their status, are treated differently when they commit an offence. During the last administration, it was reported that some Ministers left the scene of accidents that resulted from drunk and reckless driving, and were not charged. The police refuse either out of fear or in deference to their rank. How can public officials expect youths not to commit crimes when they hear about the corruption and irregular practices? These are some of our realities, which are antithetical to economic growth and development. This government should learn from the mistakes of its predecessor in order to avoid such pitfalls. It can learn a thing or two, or maybe three that order in society is a necessary for economic growth and development and for everyone to enjoy their freedom. It will be ungovernable to have a society in which senior government officials violate the rule of law and where crimes are committed with impunity. And it would be injurious and chaotic to live in a society in which children are sexually abused, women are raped and murdered, youths are neglected or abandoned, seniors are ignored or are not wanted, the disabled are not cared for and the poor are left to fend for themselves. Neither can we have a society in which the political system is characterized by arrogance, elitism, greed, selfishness, racism and corruption. We do not need a society in which our youths are in a perpetual state of hopelessness, anger and frustration and where guns, drugs and violent crimes have and continue to threaten the social order. The sad reality is that this state of affairs has graduated into profound distrust of thousands of Guyanese for the rule of law, the justice system and the government. Many believe that if one is not wealthy or has status, or is not well connected socially and politically to the ruling elites, then there is little chance of his or her success of getting justice. This is the kind of Orwellian reality that “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” While this is the reality, those in authority and the opposition should join and fix the system for the sake of the country instead of resting on their laurels and criticism on one another.

Tuesday April 17, 2018

GuySuCo should be divested or diversified to hemp DEAR EDITOR, In the week before Easter, GuySuCo was in focus in the news again. It was reported that Colvin Heath-London the new NICIL, Special Purpose Unit CEO - was able to reopen Enmore Estate with a mere 10 million to facilitate the production of molasses for DDL. Why go into production of molasses at Enmore for DDL when that Company is interested in purchasing the Estate? Rent or sell the Estate to DDL! Local companies with interest should be given priority to rent or purchase GuySuCo’s assets. There was an article about the “Exposed Fat Cats” (Managers) collecting high salaries while the fortunes of the Industry were drifting in the red zone. An EB John, who took the responsibility to respond for his “exposed” colleagues, described the “Exposed Fat Cats” article as a “misinformative piece.” John said, “The official records would show that the final and irrefutable instruction regarding the closure of the named estates by not later than December 31, 2017 was given by the very providers of this misinformation.” So, according to John, Whistle blowers and Journalists gave the “final and irrefutable instruction” to close three of GuySuCo’s estates.

On March 30th, there was an article by a Mike Persaud Sr. saying that,” The current Administration has had setbacks when it entrusted the Interim Management Committee (IMC) with G$32B of the taxpayers’ dollars to chart and navigate the course for privatization, but who failed them miserably, along with a people, nation and a country. The resultant closure of estates was inevitable, given the IMC’s failure to generate G$52B in the fiscal years 2016 to 2017. To keep Albion, Blairmont and Uitvlugt operable, the Administration had no alternative but to close the ‘less productive estates’. I would hope that it wasn’t intended for the IMC to generate G$52B as profit for the fiscal 2016-17 - given GuySuCo’s high cost of production relative to the present price of sugar. I am at a loss to imagine, where that $52 billion was expected to be “generated” from? I could recall that Dr. Clive Thomas, in the time of the PPP, was in the habit of pontificating on the woes of GuySuCo weekly in the media. I guess Granger hired him to be the Chairman of the IMC, because Granger thought that Thomas had the GuySuCo ‘plague book’ at the back of his hand. Clive Thomas’ reign at the helm is reminiscent of someone watching a card game - when you have the

luxury of seeing two hands you see all the moves. Get in the game and instantly you realize that you are as mediocre as any other player. Clive Thomas’ stint as Chairman of the IMC is disappointing - he seemed to have lost the GuySuCo plague book - the articles about GuySuCo disappeared from newspapers and GuySuCo closed half of its factories in December 2017, only to contemplate reopening four months later with a new or two management teams – Heath-London at the SPU and Clive Thomas still as Chairman of the IMC. Presently, the Coalition, by entrapping itself with two boards - SPU and IMC- has laid bare its incompetency to the Nation, in handling of the affairs of GuySuCo. There has to be a misconception in plans to reopen the closed estates – just to keep alive for some 76 prospective possible investors. Any Agronomist will tell you if the closed estates’ lands are left uncropped for a while the soil will become more fertile - an incentive for any investor. As for the aged factories, any investor familiar with sugar production will consider those old equipment as being outdated or suffering from metal fatigue, consequently of little significant value. Hence consuming billions to keep the estates viable for investors is hogwash – a planned criminal misuse of

taxpayers’ dollars.GuySuCo is State-owned - meaning that the 30 billion in syndicated bond acquired by the SPU to return the three estates that the Govt. decided to keep, to profitability, will be squandered in a lost cause and will have to be repaid from the State’s Purse. What magician can turn the fortunes of a commodityproducing Company (GuySuCo) whose cost of production is more than twice the selling price of that commodity and has a 60% of its cost of production, as labour cost? One of the objectives should be for workers to keep their jobs. The factories are mechanized; to mechanize further means to get machines to plant, manure and cut cane. That will take the bulk of the jobs away from workers. Where is the logic? A letter by Seepaul Narine on April 5th in KN in which he quoted a Dr Davis saying “[what] we cannot go back to is a labour intensive sugar industry,” is a clear indication of what the SPU is planning. Field mechanization had been attempted before and failed because of our soil type and weather conditions.What canmake GuySuCo profitable again is essentially slave labour. That is the sad reality and we must face it. The SPU is nothing more than a patronage organization of the Coalition on a mission to assault the State’s (Continued on page 5)

I reiterate a call for the establishment of a Behavioural Science Unit in the Police Force DEAR EDITOR, Recent articles in the press by Patrick Mentore, Peeping Tom, Barrington Braithwaite, Charandass Persaud and others in relation to the behaviour of law enforcement officers have titillated me to make another clarion call for the establishment of a Behavioural Science Unit in the Guyana Police Force. Editor, please permit me to flashback on some issues and concerns that I raised in the press about behaviour of law enforcement officers and to posit some new thinking. No longer can you swear a policeman, give him a badge and send him on the beat to perform duty. No longer can a policeman depend on his physical brawn and his political connections to survive on the job. A policeman must be adequately trained. It is imperative that he understands and appreciates the importance of good behaviour in order to efficiently and effectively carry out his mandate as set

out in Section 3 (2) of the Police Act Chapter 16: 01 and what society expects from its protectors. During 1973, Harold Russell and Allan Beigel wrote, “The importance of understanding behaviour in the training of professional policemen is indisputable. Behaviour is the major phenomenon that the police officer must deal with. He must not only deal with the behaviour of criminals, but also with the behaviour of the general public, the behaviour of his family, and his own behaviour. He can no longer regard the study of behaviour as the sole concern of the psychologist and psychiatrist. He must learn more about behaviour and the behavioural science in order to effectively and safely carry out his job.” Those words were relevant 45 years ago; they are even more apposite today for law enforcement officers. A good starting point to assess behaviour in the Police Force is at the recruitment level. The present

recruitment process is not geared to identify inappropriate or more so psychological behaviour. It appears to cater for quantity rather than quality. An applicant who is highly qualified academically but is psychopathic and others with unacceptable behavioural traits can easily slip into the force, because the recruitment system does not address behaviour. To prevent this unwanted entry into the GPF, the police should establish Assessment Centres as part of their recruitment strategy. At the centres, applicants are exposed to a series of activities or scenarios where behaviour is assessed by a team of trained assessors. The Assessment Centre is nothing new. It was used by The Allies and the Axis during World War II to train their spies. Tinsley (2002) contends, “The assessment centre was - and still is - one of the best methods available for selecting suitable candidates for either employment or advancement

in law enforcement agencies.” This process will produce fewer recruits, but will result in a better quality of ranks being enlisted in the force. However, it will put the police in a predicament as they attempt to fill the existing vacancies. It is quality verses quantity. Which one will prevail? According to Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan, the police are understaffed by over 600 ranks. This figure will increase significantly when one takes into consideration First Oil and its security implications, the eminent need to properly secure our western border, and other emerging security issues and concerns. All have serious manpower implications. In assessing behaviour, one must not only deal with the entry level ranks of the force, but with members in all the divisions and branches. Both junior and senior ranks have displayed inappropriate and sometimes shocking behaviour. Such conduct will (Continued on page 6)

Jagdeo’s disgraceful claims DEAR EDITOR, The Opposition Leader is bold, and rather extra with his claim that the APNU+AFC Government is the most corrupt in Guyanese history and the English-speaking Caribbean. Yet the People’s Progressive Party’s tricks and evasion tactics will not protect them from the law. For the past three years, former President Bharrat Jagdeo and his counterparts have been taunting the government; claiming that they went on a witch–hunt in the name of corruption against opposition members and public servants aligned with their party but failed to prove same. Now that the investigation teams are winding down and finally putting the evidence in its correct perspective to file their cases, we will see more former ministers and public agents being charged and more evasion and counter arguments of corruption

coming from their ranks. When the Special Organised Crime Unit first commenced their work, we remember them telling the media that the magnitude of illegal and corrupt practices was beyond what they had expected and was branching out to highlight other crimes. I remember one of the agents saying to the media that when they would have gone in to investigate one matter, for example fraud, it was leading to cases of money laundering, bribery and racketeering among others. I also remembered the agent saying that the connections they were making while investigating the crime network that existed under the last administration, was one of the main reasons that prosecutions were taking so long. Two top officials who served the last government have been charged in absentia with misconduct in office, where they allegedly

sold state assets way below market price and handpicked those who would receive these assets. The former president who presided over this filthy governing style, Bharrat Jagdeo, is calling the charges “frivolous”. Of course, he would. If we recall the startling revelations of blatant corruption by Kaieteur News, then we ought to have an idea of what will come, because KN was right on the ball all along. Guyana is stepping onto the world stage, and if we want to prove our sincerity as a clean and transparent business destination, then now is the time to take a page from Brazil’s book and clean up the corrupt politicians and businessmen that have contaminated and stunted growth of our economy by keeping the wealth among a few. Peter Joseph Nazeema Mohamed Roy Mason

GuySuCo should be divested ... From page 4 purse. In their quest for jobs, sugar workers will not see the anomaly. GAWU knows the truth, but will continue to pretend like they have been doing since the era of the PPP. The PPP should take the blame for hiding from the sugar workers the realities of the state the Sugar industry was in since their time in office. Sadly, sugar workers only believe in the leaders of the PPP, whom for political expediency, continue to fool them that they would bring back sugar (make GuySuCo profitable again). Sugar workers in their state of betrayal, will never see the irony of the PPP’s failure to make GuySuCo profitable in the last ten years of their reign, versus their promise to do so now, as a ploy to garner their allegiance for 2020. I am in solidarity with the


Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 17, 2018

sugar workers. I believe that the 30 billion borrowed would be better spent to pay sugar workers their severance and continue to pay workers who had been earning less than $120,000 per month, one third of what they were accustomed to earn over a three-year period. This will help to alleviate the hardships in the communities. In the meantime, GuySuCo should be quickly divested or diversified. Hemp is a crop that offers unlimited possibilities and is easy to grow; it should be the crop of choice, if the powers that be are interested in diversification. The powers that be are hooked like a puppet on a string to the DEA because that organization recommends US aid to fight the illicit drug trade. The DEA pretends not to recognize the scientific study done on hemp and continues

to dissuade the Govt. from allowing Guyanese farmers from planting hemp - a crop that can be a greater life changer than oil - with regard to the current PSA with Exxon. It is ironic that while the DEA is against the cultivation of hemp in Guyana, the US is preparing to re-grow hemp on home soil. The Guyana government should be aware of this.Hardships in the sugar dependent communities will make people gravitate more to the use of illicit drugs and the social degradation that comes with that. In this light, 30 billion in syndicated bond spent on people in the sugar communities over a threeyear period will do more justice than spending it on a lost cause trying to keep GuySuCo alive. Guysuco should be divested or diversified to hemp. Rudolph Singh

Man’s Humanity to Human Resources (or Resourcefulness?) DEAR EDITOR, Although I have lived with the terminology of ‘Human Resources’ almost all of my working life, I have always quietly grappled with a feeling of contradiction of a human being regarded as a resource, like minerals; and soon oil and gas. So that when last weekend (April 7) a group of us practitioners from private and public sectors met, at the historic ‘sugar’ house Herdmanston, to review the state of the Human Resource Management function in Guyana, and found cause to lament the hierarchical imbalance between ourselves and so-called colleague managers; not to mention the distant CEOs and Chief Administrators, one could not help but refer to Frederic Laloux’s book titled ‘Reinventing Organisations’. It provides instructive exposure to a developing organisational construct, revealed in a survey of highly successful businesses (including on Wall Street) where the CEOs have demitted office, while at the same time delegating decision-making further down, and in instances as far as the shop floor – indeed with rewarding production and financial success. In the process the language expressing the relationship between supervisor and supervised became more humane, with ‘employees’, becoming ‘human beings’, more so with ‘heart’ and ‘soul’. In our environment, such an approach to employee communication would very likely be regarded as reckless adventure. The more perceptive would argue that the current portrayal constitutes of ’boss’ talking down to ‘subordinate’ or for that matter, even to colleague managers. The indifferent tone of the communication can be further compounded where

there is a gender differentiation. All this brings us circuitously back to the status and role of Human Resources practitioners – Officers, Managers and a sparse of Directors – positions in which interestingly, enough women appear to have now outnumbered men. So that at last weekend’s discussion, while not specifically articulated, one could detect an environment of chauvinism, however professionally depicted, in which authority relationships are conducted. The acknowledgement of equality is not immediately forthcoming and the lesser of the equals sometimes have to concede to the authority of imperious decision-makers. It would be useful to learn how many of our CEOs would lay claim to being sufficiently acquainted with, or indeed trained in, the human resources management philosophy, to the extent that they can set the model for treating ‘human resources’ as ‘human beings’. Which of them would have been heard to make a public utterance comparable to the rather old sugar industry cliché that: ‘people are more important than shops and ships and sugar estates’? Not totally irrelevant, the discourse addressed the confusion surrounding compensation management; and identified that even where the structure may have been based initially on a reasonably well conducted job evaluation exercise; it was not unusual for special interests having to be served, and as a consequence the system being continually compromised, beyond and above the level

of the incumbent Human Resources Management authority, and too often post facto. While such situations as described are hardly exposed in private sector organisations, there is more of a window to look through into the machinations of the Public Service, so far as the compensation management is concerned. For ready reference, one can turn to the Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Public Service (2016), of which Chapter 4 deals with ‘The Compensation System of the Guyana Public Service’. Its paragraph 168 refers to the most recent compensation reform initiative which (incredibly) was as far back as ‘1991/1992’. See following quote. “168. The most recent Human Resources Reform initiative in Guyana that dates back to 1991/1992 states: A job evaluation panel was selected by the Public Service Management, Office of the President, comprising Senior Officers from several agencies. Union officials were also invited to participate as panel members only (only the Guyana Public Service Union took up the invitation). The Chairman was selected from the Public Service Management, and a Consultant from Peat Marwick McLintock supported the programme for part of the time (i.e. with effect from September 1991 to November 1991). The Consultants used the following six (6) compensable factors: - qualification, knowledge and experience - decision-making and problem solving (Continued on page 6)


Kaieteur News

Blinded by culture DEAR EDITOR, It brings tears to my eyes to see what we deem laudable as a nation. Bear with me, for I have no contempt for the forthcoming offices I’m about to mention, but we as a people do not look past our traditional sources of income and business investments, and it stems from a lack of education, not just formal education but informal education as well. It is solely to blame on o u r monopolistictelecommunications i n f r a s t r u cture and propaganda machines that have limited Guyanese from achieving at least an informal first world education, and have created a cycle of traditional businesses based on our culture. Because of the aforementioned tools, it limits us from creating new trends and new cultures and in turn, creating innovative visionaries. The sad truth is that this disease has spread its tentacles in the minds of all of us. Editor, even to the top offices of this country, as I hypocritically point fingers, I

must admit that even I am infected and I believe that you also might be infected with this cultural phenomena; I will elaborate. To read the daily news and observe that the Head of State was at the commissioning of a playground in Linden and commending the success of this community, I kid you not, this is a place well known for having breadfruit as a staple. In my opinion, I do not think these kinds of business ventures would uplift this community. Linden is blessed with so many things that many larger towns across the world do not have - for example, they have a small population, lots of resources and importantly, easy access to the ocean. I pray that this newly elected town council breaks away from the tentacles of our cultural epidemic and strives for true upliftment, and not depend on government assistance. In an effort to change the hypocrisy in my attitude, I will suggest a productive approach to get you there, I suggest, firstly, we must prioritise the bauxite industry by being able to reap greater

benefits than the foreign bauxite companies for the people of Linden. In doing so, we have to i n v i t e c o m p a n i e s t hat specialise in aluminium packaging, and aluminium products - companies such as Nestle, Grace, Amcor, etc. In order to make these companies be attracted to Linden, we must be able to facilitate our subsidised gas after production begins, and encourage them to register subsidiaries in the town that will allow them to not only distribute to Guyana, but to other countries where we have trade a g r e e m e n t s , especially the CSME loophole that other companies are exploiting as we speak. This new industry does not require many skilled workers, so companies would not hesitate to spend money to train the people of Linden to work in their factories. This programme will have an immediate impact on Linden’s developing tourism sector, and that would truly uplift the people of Linden and steer them out of the “Plantain Chip” approach to investment. Yours truly, Mikhail Husbands

I reiterate a call for the ... From page 4 continue to occur if not nipped in the bud; hence, the need for corrective action. Here is where a Behavioural Science Unit can play a major role in identifying police officers with behavioural problems and establish Early Warning System (EWS) for providing intervention to correct those problems. According to Arnold (2001), “Early Warning

Systems (EWS) were developed as proactive tools and have been utilised by some law enforcement agencies with beneficial results. These systems have, to a limited degree, provided a ‘heads up’ regarding behavioural problems with police officers and afford the agency an opportunity to implement remedial action.” However, as Rhyons and Brewster caution: “An early warning system is not a

substitute for good supervision. Instead, it is a tool designed to help good supervisors become better.” UNESCO’s imperatives for learning rest firmly on four pillars and are applicable to the GPF. They are: Learn to live together; Learn to be; Learn to do and Learn to learn. The Behavioural Science Unit can sit nicely on those pillars in its effort to address behaviour in the GPF. Therefore, the following areas and many more recommended by UNESCO must be addressed by the police: effective communication, conflict resolution, anger management, cultural sensitivity, cultural awareness, self-esteem, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, skills, capacity to act, ability to apply knowledge, comprehension, ability to research and analyse, problem-solving and people skills. These areas, if sufficiently inculcated in the minds of all members of the force, will go a far way towards promoting acceptable behaviour by ranks at all levels of the GPF, hence, the opportunity to foster greater public confidence in the police. Yours faithfully Clinton Conway Assistant Commissioner of Police (Retired)

Tuesday April 17, 2018

Man’s Humanity to Human ... From page 5 - impact on results - resources management - communication - working conditions” Curiously, it is in relation to those ‘Compensable Factors’ that the following job hierarchy would appear to have been since established: - Administrative - Senior Technical - Other Technical and Craft skilled - Clerical and Office Support - Semi-skilled Operatives and Unskilled Quite irrelevantly, during the last Administration the category of ‘Contracted Employees’ was added to what is intended to be a Job Classification Table. Where then is the rationality in ‘Contracted Employees’ which includes incumbents of all the categories and levels of the jobs in the Public Service being included in the Classification Schedule? What this exposé says in fact is that there has long ceased to be any job classification, even related to the aforementioned ‘compensable factors’. But attend to the following observation at the COI’s para 187. “187. We draw attention to the following observations: · Job Classifications cut across almost all Grades. The most alarming are grades under the respective classifications: ‘Administrative’ and ‘Senior Technical’, starting from GS2 and continuing to GS4-GS14. · A Job Classification System cannot be used for positions, which do not match in terms of their duties and responsibilities. Instead it is used to group positions that have similar duties and responsibilities, require same or similar qualifications, experience and training as relevant.” Yet, nearly two years after, the Public Service Management Department continues to ignore this very defective faultline, amongst a workforce (in 2016) of ‘approximately 14,466 employees inclusive of 4,471 employed on ‘contract’. [COI Report] So that the recommendations 23 and 24 of the COI Report read as follows: “Recommendations # 23 – 24 We accordingly recommend: 23. That an Organizational Restructuring be undertaken in two Phases. In the First Phase, emphasis should be placed on rationalizing the status of pensionable and contract employees and the ‘de-bunching’ of em-

The Table provides an instructive insight into the imbalance in the disposition of Personnel Officers in the Public Service. ployees in the Salary Structure. 24. That the Second Phase continues the restructuring process by way of a thoroughly conducted job evaluation study.” Of course, there is much more in this Report alone that underscores the lack of respect given to the sapiential authority that should normally be attributed to Human Resources practitioners – both in the Private and Public Sectors. But the status of the five grades of Personnel officers in the Public Service is a separate discomfiting issue. The Personnel Officer I functions at the Clerical level (Grade GS5). The further major implication to be explored is what mechanism is now being utilised, in the face of all the new technical and technological jobs created in the Public Service, to measure with any accuracy, the various levels of skills and competencies needed to be assigned a classification. In any case, do those involved pay attention to the ‘compensable factors’ abovementioned and their relevance? So that in the milieu, one must ask about the role of a Personnel Officer (not even

‘manager’) in a dispensation that demands that even the latter should be treated more humanely. One must also enquire about how much longer will the Public Service Management Department take to transition and rise to the appreciation for the need for instituting a proactive human resources management philosophy, the implementation of progressive practices aimed at appointing Human Resources Management practitioners who can address the numerous (unspoken, but perceivable) needs of its employed human beings. The reality is that the current placidity subverts the dynamism now needed in government agencies who must react at a faster pace, and perform at a higher level, with increasingly new and sophisticated regional and international counterparts. In the end, morale needs desperately to be upgraded; motivation energised to achieve targets; discipline towards balanced accountability relationships must be the goal of a dynamic human resource management function – which must recognise the worth of the human being. E.B. John


Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 17, 2018

Friction between Bartica RDC, Town Council ironed out


he constant friction between Regional Democratic Councils (RDC’S) and new Mayor and Town Councils (M&TC’s) is just another teething problem that will come into play as the government moves towards heightening local democracy. This is according to Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan. He said the issue, however, does not take away from the reality that it can be easily ironed out, if officials work together. The Minister was speaking to Councillors of the (Region Seven) CuyuniMazaruni Regional Democratic Council and the Mayor and Town Council, at a joint Local Democratic Organ (LDO) consultation in Bartica on Friday. According to Minister Bulkan, the situation that exists between the councils is not strange to any of the regions that were given township status back in October 2015. ”This issue is not one that is unique to where we are. It exists in varying degrees in our three newest towns that were created.”Before the creation of the three new towns, Minister Bulkan said it was the RDC that had sole authority and jurisdiction over all the communities. He said it is not surprising if a new framework comes on stream that some friction would come into play; especially since there would be competing sources of authority and one that leads to the relinquishing of that authority. “It is something new that is being created, something

Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan. new that is being brought into being,” he noted. Minister Bulkan compared the situation that exists to that of giving birth. He said it could be a “painful and messy” situation but is all part of the growth process. He described the day’s consultation between the two entities as the first step towards addressing the problem, “Bringing it out into the open is important. It requires that we bring an open mind to the discourse. Refusing to accept it we are handicapping ourselves.” Among the concerns raised by councillors was the need for an effective working relationship between the two councils, improved communication especially in the area of developmental works, and

State Assets Recovery Agency takes corruption fight to streets A key agency that has been established to recover stolen state assets is taking the fight of corruption to the streets. The State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA), an autonomous agency, was created through the State Assets Recovery Act of 2017, and passed in Parliament on April 13, 2017. The act mandates SARA to recover, through civil proceedings, state property unlawfully acquired by a public official or any other person. SARA, in a statement, said it has embarked on launching this campaign “Corruption is Everybody’s Business”, in collaboration with various Government agencies, in the fight against corrupt practices within the nation.

On Friday, one such activity will be hosted with a symbolic walk against corruption, from 14:00hrs to 16:30hrs along the Camp Street avenue. “The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness of corruption. Among those invited to speak are Director of SARA Professor Clive Thomas; British High Commissioner, James Greg Quinn; Anti-corruption Advisor: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, David Robinson; The Queen’s Young Leaders and Key members of the Religious Community.” After the short ceremony, all invitees will participate in a symbolic walk against corruption. The event will take place from the corners of Camp and Lamaha Streets, SARA said.

Councillors of the Bartica M&TC and Region Seven RDC.

the inclusion of parties in each other’s meetings. Both Regional Chairman,

Gordon Bradford, and Mayor Gifford Marshall admitted that there were teething prob-

lems but noted that a strong relationship exists the two. He said the recommendations

made at the consultation will be taken and put into practice.

Nat’l stakeholders set to benefit from radiation emergency preparedness and response training


ational stakehold ers are set to ben efit from information and knowledge benefit from training on radiation emergency preparedness and response during a five day training course currently underway. The training is facilitated by International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Ministry of Public Health. The aim of the workshop is to equip participants with the basic knowledge on the safety and the regulation of radiation sources. According to Chairman of the EPA Board of Directors, Dr. Patrick Williams, it’s anticipated that at the conclusion of the sessions, capacity will be built for national regulatory agencies to establish, operate and adequately regulate a programme for the safety and

EPA Board of Directors, Dr. Patrick Williams security of radiation sources. Guyana is currently working to manage or address any form of radiation emission. At present, the EPA and vehicle importers are in no position to detect vehicles with high levels of radiation.

The EPA had told this publication that it had no equipment to detect various levels of radiation, while several vehicle importers said that they too are unable to do so, and that they were depending on exporters to sell them safe motor vehicles. The problem of radiation was highlighted following the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant fallout in Japan in 2011, which was caused by a massive earthquake that triggered a tsunami causing widespread devastation in the East Asian country. This is not the first time the IAEA conducted programmes in the country. The first meeting that involved the IAEA in Guyana focused on training in ‘radiation emergency preparedness and responses’ and dates back to 2016. It coincided with the visit of an IAEA expert mission on ‘Emergency Preparedness and Response to

Nuclear and Radiological emergencies’. This was specifically designed for new IAEA Caribbean Member States. That IAEA Mission was the launch pad for Guyana’s National Radiation Emergency Plan in line with PAHO/ WHO’s Biennial Work Plan 2016-2017. The IAEA has been involved in a partnership with Caribbean countries over the years, with the goal of developing their capacity in addressing the above mentioned since 2016, IAEA/ PAHO and CEDEMA have been working in partnership to assist Caribbean countries in the development of their national capabilities to respond to radiological emergencies. Guyana was the first Caribbean country to benefit from the initial intervention in 2016 to develop their national capabilities.


Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 17, 2018

Guyana has toll free helpline to suicide prevention


toll free suicide helpline is cur rently available to persons who are in need of immediate counselling. The hotline number [592] 600-7896 is one made available by one of the two local telephone companies – Digicel Guyana. This means that persons, even if they do not have credit in their mobile devices, can have access to a counsellor who can offer them professional help. This development has been especially lauded by the National Coordinating Director of Caribbean Voice, Mr. Nazim Hussain. Registered in New York, the Caribbean Voice is a notfor-profit Non-Governmental Organisation [NGO] involved in anti-violence activism with a special focus on suicide prevention and anti-abuse that has a major focus in

Guyana. Hussain noted that the move by Digicel to render its support to offer the toll free service is a very laudable move. “I didn’t even know that there was a taoll free helpline until a recent visit to the Minister of Public Security’s office. I knew there were helpline numbers but it was brought to my attention then, that the Digicel number on the list of helpline numbers is a toll free number. “This is something that we have been calling for, for a long time,” said Hussain. This was required in recognition of the fact that “some people do not have money to pay for a call when they are having suicide ideations,” Hussain noted. He added, “We have also been calling for all the helplines that are manned by the Ministry of Public Health

The Caribbean Voice Guyana Coordinator, Mr. Nazim Hussain. be toll free too. The Ministry of Public Health has said that they are willing to work with us on that [and] we have requested that they use their

clout to broker this with the phone companies and other people who can provide free credit.” Other helpline numbers are [592] - 223-0001, 223-0009 and 623-4444. The toll free number [600-4444] and 6234444 are also active Whatsapp numbers that persons in need of counselling can access. Earlier this year Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan, said that Government is not opposed to the introduction of a toll-free suicide helpline. But the Public Security Minister even then said that while a move in this direction would be tactical, Government was not in the best of position to independently fast-track its implementation. Minister Ramjattan also revealed that he is willing to throw any possible support

behind individuals or organisations willing to bring such an initiative to fruition. He, however, noted that “the first step is to know who is behind such an idea because I would want to know if they have good or bad intentions. There are some people who might want it for their own profiteering purpose,” speculated Minister Ramjattan. Ramjattan’s solicited remarks came on the heels of calls for the implementation of toll-free suicide helplines from the Caribbean Voice. Recognising the Caribbean Voice as a credible NGO, the Public Security Minister said that he is ready and willing to lend support wherever possible. “I would support Caribbean Voice; they have done some work in Guyana but I want to see them going down on the ground doing

much more work,” the Minister had noted. Hussain disclosed that while the Caribbean Voice has not been in the business of highlighting the extent of its work, there is record to substantiate that it has been reaching people across the country and has worked in collaboration with the Public Health Ministry and other organisations too. In fact, he disclosed that Caribbean Voice is currently engaged in offering professional services to a few individuals. Speaking on the need for toll free helplines earlier this year too, Hussain said, “It is high time that moves are made to introduce a toll free suicide helpline to the Guyanese public.” From all indication, Digicel heard the call and responded by causing its number to be toll free.

Green initiative for schools gathering steam


everal schools in Re gion Four have been identified for adoption under the recently launched Green School Project (GSP). This is a programme that aims to resocialise children who would have been taught to discard of their waste indiscriminately and develop a grassroots approach using the formal education system. The Project falls under the Ministry of Communities flagship, Green Generation Guyana (#3G Project), which was launched at the Yarrowkabra Primary School on March 21, 2018. The 3G team is currently scouting several schools with the help of Region Four (Demerara – Mahaica) education officials. A few schools have been identified including the Diamond Secondary School. According to Ministry officials, the intention is to create a model of greening that is not only limited to the condition of the environment, but extends to the way students and teachers behave, their

habits, mannerisms and attitude to waste disposal and the adoption of green designs into the construction of these schools such as Solar panels and sun roofs. The programme also focuses on a green diet, which covers aspects of food and nutrition and hunger eradication. It is expected that the project can be replicated throughout the Region at other primary schools and so far the Ministry of Education has committed to this process. The Ministry is currently working with the Diamond Nursery School through the University of Guyana’s Local Regional and Municipal Government- DPM 3209 Class to introduce some level of greening including the weeding of the compound, the distribution of waste separation bins and some amount of tree planting. The Green School Project is one of several projects which falls under the Green Generation Guyana Project including the soon-to- be launched Green Quiz, the

Students at the Yarrowkabra Primary School planting trees as part of the Green Generation Guyana (#3G Project). Green Debate and the ongoing #3G outreach. The Ministry will also be

working in Region Four to continue its 3G outreach to schools and have so far completed five schools in Georgetown including West Ruimveldt Primary, F.E. Pollard, St. Winefride’s Secondary and St. John’s College. All of the Secondary and Primary Schools along Woolford Avenue were contacted, as recently as April 13 and these schools are expected to join the 3G team on

the Waste Management Crusade. The Ministry will be working along with the constituency representatives on these various projects. The #3G Project was launched in August 2015, with the aim of sensitizing children about the importance of adopting proper waste disposal habits and to educate them on the basic concepts of waste management of sepa-

ration, composting, recycling and waste-to- energy initiatives. Since then, the programme has grown to encapsulate a regional recycler’s camp, a waste to resource (green) exhibition, a composting project for secondary schools, a national word-search competition, support for environmental clubs and a tree planting initiative. So far, these programmes have reached over 3,000 students in more than 30 primary and secondary schools across the country and in all nine municipalities. The composting project will be launched on April 25 at the Ann’s Grove Secondary School.

Tuesday April 17, 2018

Kaieteur News



Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 17, 2018

“Awareness is a stepping stone to ...

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From page 3 answers, “we think that the awareness we can create can be a stepping stone to saving lives. It is vital that all Guyanese understand that although suicide is influence by thoughts, these thoughts are influence by things that happen in the community or even globally.” Hussain explained that when a child is born, he or she is void of things such as hate, ideations of self harm and violence. Such traits, he related, are eventually learnt from parents and others within the child's environment. “So what transpires when a person is violent, is really something that is influenced,” Hussain emphasised. He disclosed that the Caribbean Voice has been continually advocating for the media to, as far as possible, desist from sensationalising acts of suicide. “When one reads about these things they can cause the Werther's effect, that is, the copy cat effect,” he added. To advance its efforts, Hussain said that the Caribbean Voice has several platforms that it is focused on. He disclosed that among the NGOs focus is to have measures put in place to decriminalise attempted suicide. “We have been very vocal about that and the Minister [of Public Security] shares our concern about decriminalising we would like to see some action on this because we have been talking about this for the longest time,” Hussain informed. Another area that the NGO has been directing much passionate advocacy is the formation of a Sex Offenders Registry. It is the expectation of the Caribbean Voice that the Sexual Offenders Registry will be one that will not only help officials be able to put a tag on the offenders but also to provide training to them too. The aim, Hussain said, is to help to reform the offenders with the hope that they can be reformed and become law abiding citizen.


Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 17, 2018

Antigua And Barbuda Government Exposes Two Criminal Money Launderers

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua and Barbuda The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has exposed two convicted criminals who are now selling themselves as Financial Crime Consultants through internet blog sites that they run in return for hefty payments. The two - Kenneth Rijock and Monte Morris Friesner have both been convicted of money laundering and fraud and have served time in jail. Information on Friesner’s criminal activity can be seen on the Internet at the following websites: https:// and: https:// appellate-courts/F3/61/917/ 492744/ Friesner’s criminal record includes convictions for

fraud, assault, arson and possession of stolen property. Rijock’s history as money launderer and fraudster can be read at: http:// moslive/article-2162657/KenRijock-Limos-Learjetsbundles-cash—meet-Mobsmoney-launderer.html The two convicted criminals now both sell themselves to damage the reputations of individuals, Governments and companies. Their latest line of scams is attacking Citizenship by Investment Programmes in Caribbean countries. Friesner emerged as a scandal monger against the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) government in the final two weeks of last month’s election campaign, posting demonstrably fake news. Rijock has been engaged in scandalising the Dominica and St Kitts-Nevis Governments, and recently added the Antigua and

Barbuda government to his list.Since April 12, both men have been particularly active in manufacturing fake news about the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, its Citizenship by Investment Programne and its passports. Both career swindlers and criminals have posted several blogs containing completely false information and spinning fabricated stories. The Government of Antigua and Barbuda advises the public, locally, regionally and internationally of its repudiation of the false claims made by Friesner and Rijock. They claim that when Asot Michael, a Minister of the Government was arrested in the UK last year, the British arresting officers found blank Antigua and Barbuda passports in his position. On 13 April, this claim was rejected as false, in writing, by the Economic Crime Command of the British National Crime Agency.

Hunt on for Onica’s killer

Barbados (NationNews)TWENTY-FOUR HOURS after Onica King was stabbed to death in front of her two children, and as rumours surrounding the capture of her husband swirled, her family is remaining tightlipped on the incident. And one Government agency is moving swiftly to help the children. King, 36, who lived at Leadvale, Christ Church, with her husband David King, became the island’s latest murder victim on Saturday. Police continue their hunt for the killer. When a DAILY NATION team visited the area where the couple lived yesterday afternoon, relatives declined to speak. However, several residents said they were not familiar with Onica, who was a Guyanese. One woman, though, said the situation was shocking because whenever she saw the couple on their way to work, they appeared to be in great spirits. Meanwhile, Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector (Acting) Rodney Inniss dismissed rumours that the husband had been apprehended. The allegation made the rounds via a voice note on WhatsApp which suggested that a man was caught at Grantley Adams International Airport attempting to flee the island.“That is a rumour. That is not true,” Inniss said, adding that no one was yet in custody.However, lawmen yesterday issued a wanted notice for the husband and are

Killed: Onica King

asking him to turn himself in, even in the company of a friend or an attorney. Meanwhile, Minister of Social Care Steve Blackett said the couple’s two children, who witnessed the act, would be getting counselling. “I know that the Child Care Board has come on board and is offering counselling services and is offering counselling. That is my principal aim to have those children counselled,” Blackett said on CBC-TV last night.As he decried acts of domestic violence, the Minister said he hoped

estranged parties could solve their issues “before they reach the point where a life is lost. It saddens me every time something like this happens.” The nail technician’s death brought businesses on Swan Street to a halt on Saturday when she was killed around 2:45 p.m. at her work in Mandela Mall. A large crowd thronged the street as they tried to catch a glimpse of the body, which remained at the scene until around 5:45 p.m. Businesses also closed. King was the tenth murder victim for the year.

They also claim that Asot Michael has a cousin who is a “prominent member of the diplomatic corps” and that this cousin, whom, they said, they “choose not to name” will be arrested or indicted. They also cleverly omitted to name the country in which the arrest or indictment would occur since, of course, they made it up. They also claim that this diplomat was a “co-conspirator” in a counterfeit passport scheme in St Vincent. The Government of Antigua and Barbuda rejects this scurrilous attack on the reputation of its diplomats by two notorious criminals and hired guns. Further, the Government makes it clear that its law enforcement authorities acted swiftly, upon receipt of information from the Police authorities in St Vincent that they had uncovered criminal activity, implicating a police officer in Antigua and

Barbuda. The criminal activity did not involve even one Antigua and Barbuda passport as claimed by Rijock and Friesner; the reported activity surrounded only pages of an Antigua and Barbuda passport. The Police officer was immediately suspended from duty, his premises searched, and a thorough investigation has begun involving the Police Forces in St Vincent and the Grenadines and Antigua and Barbuda. They claim that 200 blank Antigua and Barbuda passports were entrusted to a Chinese businessman and they have now gone missing. In his most reckless claim, Rijock claimed that “thousands of bogus passports were manufactured and sold. The Government dismisses the claim by these two notorious scammers as utterly and completely false. No Antigua and Barbuda passports were ever entrusted to any one at any time

other than the official Passport office in Antigua, and audits conducted last year and again this year have given full account for all passports. The Government of Antigua and Barbuda highly values its passports and respect for it in the international community. Similarly, the Governments upholds its obligations to the security and safety of all countries at whose borders its passports are presented for entry. That is why over the last few months it has been transitioning from machine readable passports to ones that are fully biometric and incapable of tampering. Having given these assurances, the Government also announces its intention to investigate legal recourse against the two convicted criminals, Rijock and Friesner, for the damage they are trying to do on behalf of their paymasters.

‘Big Foot’ denies killing hotelier


former Diamond, East Bank Demerara resident accused of killing Joseph Jagdeo, the proprietor of South Central Hotel, Georgetown, has denied the killing, asserting at his trial yesterday, “I don’t know anything about any murder. I did not kill anyone.” The murder accused, Bryan Leitch, also called ‘Big Foot’ made these assertions during an unsworn testimony before Justice Sandil Kissoon and a 12-member mixed jury. The indictment against Leitch alleges that between November 13 and November 14, 2013, at the above mentioned hotel, he murdered Jagdeo called ‘Joey’. Leitch, who has retained Attorneys-at-law Hewley Griffith and Lawrence Harris, has pleaded not guilty to the murder indictment brought against him by State Prosecutors Mandel Moore and Lisa Cave. Standing in the prisoners’ dock, Leitch related his story to the court. Based on information, on November 13, 2013 Leitch and a female companion had rented a room at the hotel. During that time Jagdeo

MURDERED Hotelier: Joseph Jagdeo misplaced his cellular phone and had confronted Leitch. After Jagdeo’s employees did not see him the following day, they became concerned about his whereabouts and forced their way into his room where they were greeted by his motionless body. Police ranks were later summoned to the scene and Leitch was later arrested and charged for the killing. Prior to Leitch’s testimony, Former Police Constable Miguel Charles testified to visiting the hotel where he captured 17 photographic exposures of the building and Jagdeo’s lifeless body.

Those 17 photographs were tendered and admitted as exhibits in the trial. During cross examination by Harris, the former police constable recalled that other ranks were at the scene when he arrived at around 08:30hrs on November 14, 2013. Also testifying was Kiana Garnett, who told the court that she is a friend of Leitch. Garnett recalled that on November 13, 2013 around 09:30hrs, she and her friend Shauntel De Younge were going to purchase a Chinese food when they saw Leitch on the road. Garnett said that Leitch inquired from them if they wanted a phone and “Shauntel replied yes.” According to the witness, Leitch sold De Younge a small silver Nokia cell phone for $4,000 and told her not to answer it when anyone calls. After Garnett’s testimony, the prosecutors closed its case and closing submissions were presented by them and the defence. Justice Kissoon is expected to surmise the evidence in the trial this morning and direct the jurors who will thereafter be sent for deliberation on a verdict.


Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 17, 2018

Marriott was on verge of being seized by bank - Finance Minister

Government has admitted that it almost lost the Marriott Hotel last year after the facility was unable to make payments for its loans. By stepping in, taking over the loans, the Ministry of Finance managed to renegotiate the interest rates downwards, reducing it from 8.65 percent to 6.28 percent. The Minister was last week speaking about developments under his Ministry. It would be the first time that the Administration has really been so blunt about the hotel, commissioned shortly before the May 2015 general elections by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic government, under the worldrenowned brand. It was supposed to be a flagship project that brought jobs and quality rooms to Guyana. However, the construction of the hotel and how it was configured placed the project under a shroud. The hotel, with its casino and recreation centre still to be built and made operational, is unable to make enough

monies with the banks, led by Republic Bank Trinidad, warning management that the payments were due with interest mounting last year. Jordan explained that it is a fact that for commercial purposes market rates of interest are the norms. There could be cases of “sub-market” rates but this is given to Government, which has to relend to company in question at market rates. In the case of Marriott, the big hurdle was the payments. Government has been toying with placing the Kingston hotel on the market but it is worried about the price. On paper, almost US$80M has been spent for acquiring lands, development, along with the hotel proper. In fact, Jordan is on records saying it is a wasted project that Guyanese taxpayers’ have been saddled to repay. Atlantic Hotel Inc. (AHI), a company that is owned by Government, has no money to repay the loans that it took from Republic Bank Limited (RBL), forcing the

Marriott Hotel was almost seized last year.

Administration to step in or face the loans being called in. The RBL loans were in excess of US$27M, it was reported. Opened in early 2015, the 197-room hotel ran into early problems, not making enough money to repay the almost US$27M-plus syndicated

U.S. suggests Russia, Syria may tamper with Douma evidence, Moscow denies it DAMASCUS/THE HAGUE (Reuters) - The United States accused Russia yesterday of blocking international inspectors from reaching the site of a suspected poison gas attack in Syria and said Russians or Syrians may have tampered with evidence on the ground. Moscow denied the charge and blamed delays on retaliatory U.S.-led missile strikes on Syria on Saturday. British Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron faced criticism from political opponents over their decisions to take part in the air strikes. Syria and Russia deny unleashing poison gas on April 7 during their offensive on Douma, which ended with the recapture of the town that had been the last rebel stronghold near the capital, Damascus. Relief organizations say dozens of men, women and children were killed. Footage of young victims foaming at the mouth and weeping in agony has thrust Syria’s civil war - in which half a million people have been killed in the past seven years - to the forefront of world concern again. Inspectors from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) traveled to

Syria last week to inspect the site, but have yet to gain access to Douma, which is now under government control after the rebels withdrew. “It is our understanding the Russians may have visited the attack site,” U.S. Ambassador Kenneth Ward said at an OPCW meeting in The Hague yesterday. “It is our concern that they may have tampered with it with the intent of thwarting the efforts of the OPCW FactFinding Mission to conduct an effective investigation,” he said. His comments at the closed-door meeting were obtained by Reuters. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov denied Moscow had interfered with any evidence. “I can guarantee that Russia has not tampered with the site,” he told the BBC. Increasing regional jitters, Syrian anti-aircraft defenses shot down missiles fired at the Syrian air base of Shayrat in Homs province, Syrian state television said. The Pentagon said there was no U.S. military activity in that area “at this time”. Separately, the pro-Iranian Hezbollah militia said Syrian air defenses intercepted three missiles aimed at Dumair military airport northeast of Damascus. An Israeli military

spokesman said: “We don’t comment on such reports”. TRUMP WANTS U.S. TROOPS HOME Two days after the missile strikes that he hailed as a wellexecuted military operation, President Donald Trump still wants to bring the small number of U.S. troops in northern Syria home, the White House said. But spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said he had not set a timeline for a pullout. Trump was also willing to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin, she added, while indicating that no such encounter was imminent. Britain’s delegation to the OPCW accused Russia and the Assad government of stopping inspectors from reaching Douma. “Unfettered access is essential,” it said in a statement. “Russia and Syria must cooperate.” The team aims to collect samples, interview witnesses and document evidence to determine whether banned toxic munitions were used, although it is not permitted to assign blame for the attack. British Ambassador Peter Wilson said in The Hague that the United Nations had cleared the inspectors to go but they had been unable to reach Douma because Syria and Russia had been unable to guarantee their safety.

loan it took from Republic Bank.In fact, without the adjoining annex being completed and converted into a casino to an independent operator, the hotel will never realize a profit, even if all the rooms are filled. Last year, up to June, the payments due to Republic Bank were a staggering US$2.356M.Operating under tight checks and balances, the Coalition Government was unable to come up with

the money in a hurry. Payments semi-annually now have been brought down from US$1.750M every six months to US$899,000, or almost half. By 2030, the Atlantic Hotel Inc. (AHI), the special company, which owns the facilities, has to repay the US$26.970M it owes to the bank.Currently, four companies have reportedly shown serious interest in the hotel’s planned casino,

including the Princess Group at Providence, and one from S u r i n a m e . The hotel was birthed under the Bharrat Jagdeo administration with promises of local jobs being created. However, save for a few contracts for sand and other material, the jobs went mostly to the Shanghai Construction Group and its imported Chinese workers. Even the landscaping jobs were handled by them.

New GuySuCo board is... From page 14 Minister was not aware of all the facts. He said that he was travelling in recent times overseas. The issue of GuySuCo with its myriad of problems has been troubling the Coalition Government since they won in early elections in May 2015. At the end of December, almost $32B was plunged into the industry.As the pressure to do something about GuySuCo piled up, the new government installed Thomas and the new board with Wales Estate the first casualty in late 2016. However, despite the $32B, there was little that the Board could do. In fact, production plummeted to one of the worse in decades last year- just over 137,000 tonnes.Last year, weeks before Christmas, the bombshell was dropped…three estatesSkeldon, Rose Hall and Enmore were all closed. A red-faced Administration said that it did not have the opportunity to discuss the matter at Cabinet. That is, the sending home of thousands of workers, hundreds of them would have been working decades in the industry.In fact, Jordan last

week admitted to reporters that he would have preferred the Thomas-led Board spending the $32B in fixing technical issues instead of the decision to pay off suppliers. A significant part of the monies too was used to pay wages and salaries of the more than 15,000 workers. Last year, the Administration brought in Heath-London, an experienced financial expert, to oversee the privatization and divestment of GuySuCo. The People's Progressive Party (PPP), now in opposition, which has built its support on sugar workers, has blamed GuySuCo and by extension the Administration for badly handling the situation. In Berbice, with two estates closed, hundreds of workers are complaining of hardships.The SPU, under Heath-London, has been attempting to fix the fallouts, with Enmore reopened to process canes on the ground for the Demerara Distillers Limited, which wants the molasses for its rums. The attention has also been focused on Rose Hall where canes were being processed at nearby Albion Estate. Between the two estates, hundreds of redundant work-

ers have been rehired as contract workers to harvest canes and do other related activities. The fact that the Finance Minister has said that there are two Boards as at last week, suggested a dilemma of two Boards in play. However, with the Registry records now surfacing, it would be difficult for the Cabinet to scrap the Board without admitting it has erred badly.It would have to send letters of revocation to the persons whose names are on the new board. Already the Board has been doing work, with the new Chairman reportedly meeting with factory Managers and even being part of the team with the Ministry of Finance to close a $30B financing for the operations of the reduced, three-estate GuySuCo. All of the Directors have received letters of appointment from the Finance Secretary, Hector Butts, from Ministry of Finance. The new Board members includes a number of prominent members of society including environmentalist, Annette Arjoon and Rosh Khan. The previous GuySuCo Board has been accused by the opposition of being “too old” and out of touch with reality.

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Tuesday April 17, 2018

Cuba brings forward assembly session to pick new president HAVANA (Reuters) Cuba said yesterday it was bringing forward the start of the national assembly session where a new president to succeed Raúl Castro will be selected and it will last two days. The assembly, whose members were selected in a March vote, had originally been set to meet on Thursday but will now start its “constitutive session” at 0900 ET (1300 GMT) tomorrow. The change was to “facilitate the development of the steps that a session of such importance requires,” the national assembly said on its website. The session will conclude on Thursday, a day of symbolic importance as it marks the anniversary of Cuba’s 1961 defeat of a CIA-backed Cuban exile invasion at the Bay of Pigs. Castro, 86, has said he will step down as president at the next assembly session after completing two successive five-year mandates. The man expected to succeed him is

Raúl Castro and Miguel Díaz-Canel First Vice President Miguel Díaz-Canel, 57. Díaz-Canel would be the first president since Cuba’s leftist 1959 revolution to be born after it. Castro, who formally took over the presidency 10 years ago from his brother, Fidel Castro, will remain head of the Communist Party, Cuba’s sole political party. The assembly is calling

on Cubans to use the hashtag #SomosContinuidad (“We are continuity”) on social media during the two days it is meeting, reflecting the party’s desire to ensure stability above all. The session will take place in the Palace of Conventions, the national assembly said, rather than its new seat, the Capitol, that is in the final phase of restoration work.



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Tuesday April 17, 2018

IMF issues warning to Jamaica WASHINGTON (CMC) – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) yesterday told Jamaica that continued reform implementation will not only safeguard hard-won gains but also deliver stronger growth and job creation.The IMF Executive Board earlier this month concluded a review of the US$1.68 billion Stand-By Arrangement (SBA) and the IMF in a statement said after five years of reforms and tenacious fiscal consolidation, risks from reform fatigue and loss of social support are high, especially as growth remains feeble and crime escalates.“Addressing some of the entrenched structural problems that hamper growth is not an overnight task; these difficult reforms require continued broad-based support and policymakers’ commitment to persevere with the implementation,” the IMF noted.The Washington-based financial institution said that the economic reform programme, which began in May 2013, has been a turning point for Jamaica. “With broad-based social and political support for reforms, the Jamaican govern-

ment—over two administrations—has embarked on a path of fiscal discipline, monetary and financial sector reforms, and wide-ranging structural improvements to break a decades-long cycle of high debt and low growth.” The IMF said that considerable progress has been achieved on macroeconomic policies and outcomes, noting that fiscal discipline, anchored by the Fiscal Responsibility Law, has been essential to reduce public debt and secure macroeconomic stability.It said employment is at historic highs, inflation and the current account deficit are modest, international reserves are at a comfortable level, and external borrowing costs are at historical lows. “Growth and social outcomes, however, have been discouraging. Economic growth continues to disappoint, averaging only 0.9 percent since the reforms began. Entrenched structural obstacles, including crime, bureaucratic processes, insufficient labour force skills, and poor access to finance, continue to hinder productivity and growth.“Moreover, the agricultural sector’s vulner-

ability to weather shocks exacerbated rural poverty in 2015. Not addressing these bottlenecks could pose risks for continued public support for the government’s policy”. The IMF said that structurally reducing the wage bill is critical for the government to reprioritize spending toward growth-enhancing projects. It said more expenditure is needed for infrastructure, citizen security, building agricultural resilience, health, education, and the social safety net. “Creating the space for such spending will require going beyond temporary remedies like wage freezes and adjustments to non-wage benefits. It will require highquality measures to (i) overhaul the compensation structure to retain skills and reward performance, (ii) streamline the vast and inequitable allowances structure, (iii) prioritize key government functions and shed those activities that it can no longer afford to undertake, and (iv) change the capital-labour mix through technology upgrades, including a better monitoring of (and accountability for) government spending.


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Tuesday April 17, 2018

Brazil top court ruling could free Lula, derail graft fight SAO PAULO (Reuters) A decision looming before Brazil’s Supreme Court could free imprisoned former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva within days and deal the harshest blow yet to the South American country’s battle against corruption, prosecutors and judges say. Several justices on Brazil’s top court have already made clear they want to overturn a landmark 2016 ruling that allowed defendants to be jailed if their graft convictions were upheld on a first appeal - the sole reason that Lula and several senior politicians and businessmen are currently behind bars. Critics say the decision denies defendants the constitutional right to exhaust the appeals process before being jailed and Supreme Court Justice Marco Aurelio Mello is expected to decide early this week whether to bring before the full tribunal a motion against the ruling. But leaders of Brazil’s groundbreaking anti-corruption drive, including the crusading Judge Sergio Moro who jailed Lula this month, told Reuters that overturning the decision would seriously damage the country’s sweeping battle against graft. Reversing the ruling would mean not just freedom for Lula, who leads polls for October’s presidential election, but also the release of many other leading politicians and businessmen serving time for corruption. Other powerful figures, like President Michel Temer, who face graft trials or are under investigation, would also benefit from the change

if eventually found guilty. The high court’s ruling two years ago “expressed an understanding that impunity and corruption walk hand-inhand,” Moro said by email. “I have great hope that the Supreme Court will not reverse its precedent.” Before that 2016 decision, white-collar criminals wealthy enough to afford expert lawyers could launch countless appeals and remain free as their cases crawled through the country’s complex and backlogged legal system. Moro has spearheaded the fight against graft, convicting over 120 people, including Lula, in the “Car Wash” investigation. The four-year-old probe centers on construction firms that paid billions in bribes to politicians and former executives of state-run companies in exchange for contracts with state oil company Petroleo Brasileiro SA and other enterprises. Lula, 72, was sentenced to 10 years in prison last year after he was found guilty of accepting 3.7 million reais ($1.1 million) worth of bribes from engineering firm OAS SA, the amount of money prosecutors said the company spent refurbishing a beach apartment for Lula in return for his help winning contracts with Petroleo Brasileiro, as Petrobras is formally known. In January, a higher court rejected his appeal and extended his sentence to just over 12 years. Lula, an icon for many on Latin America’s left, finally turned himself in to police on April 7 after a Supreme Court justice re-

jected his latest petition, throwing Brazil’s presidential race wide open. “It’s impossible to read the Brazilian Constitution, with its high standards on liberty, equality and democracy, in the sense that it aims to guarantee impunity for the powerful even when their crimes are proven,” Moro said. “We are a republic, after all, not a society of castes.” ‘HARSH BLOW’ Justice Gilmar Mendes, who in 2016 sided with the majority in the narrow 6-5 decision, now says he has reversed his opinion. He argues that the ruling was only meant to give lower courts the possibility of jailing someone after their first appeal, but that in practice it had become mandatory. Any decision will hinge on Justice Rosa Weber, considered the only swing vote. Two years ago she sided with those who wanted to allow defendants to remain free until they used all their appeals. She has signaled in recent decisions that her stance may have changed, but she has not made any clear public statement on the matter. “It would be a harsh blow. We would return to a system that allows impunity and endless delays,” said Rodrigo Janot, who until late last year was Brazil’s prosecutor general and remains an influential senior prosecutor. Janot told Reuters that removing the threat of prison after a first appeal would destroy the best weapon used against corruption - the plea bargain agreements that were allowed in the passage of a

Supporters of former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva display a banner in front of the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, , April 14, 2018. REUTERS/Pilar Olivares

2013 law to combat organized crime. “Nobody will want to turn state’s witness if they know they will not face punishment,” Janot said, noting that the corruption in the Car Wash scheme had continued even after several politicians were imprisoned. “Imagine what will happen if people know they can act criminally and that the most remote thing in the universe is the chance that they would go to prison?”

Top court Justice Luis Roberto Barroso, the most vocal defender of continuing to imprison people after a first failed appeal, said the only reason the subject is back up for debate is because of the graft investigations’ effectiveness. “The reaction is obvious,” he said at an event in Rio de Janeiro last week. “The changes are hitting people who have always judged themselves as being above the law, and for that reason

they thought that the rule of law would never be applied to them.”Prosecutor General Raquel Dodge last week argued in a brief filed before the top court that it must carefully weigh whether the benefits of repealing the precedent outweigh the costs to the efficacy of the judicial system. “Any review should be carried out with caution and parsimony, and only when a precedent no longer corresponds to society’s sense of justice,” she wrote.


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Tuesday April 17, 2018

Tuesday April 17, 2018


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UEFA condemns online abuse of referee Oliver and his wife ZURICH (Reuters) - UEFA has condemned the online abuse aimed at Michael Oliver and his wife after the English referee awarded a decisive stoppage-time penalty to Real Madrid against Juventus in their Champions League quarter-final, second leg last week. “UEFA strongly condemns the abuse directed at Michael Oliver and his wife,” European soccer’s governing body said in a statement. “We have been in contact with them to offer our support and we trust the relevant authorities to take action against those individuals who have behaved inappropriately both on and off social media.” Juventus, who had wiped out a three-goal defi-

Michael Oliver was fourth official for Huddersfield’s won over Watford on Saturday. (Photograph: Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/ Getty Images)

cit from the first leg, were furious when Oliver awarded a soft penalty for a foul by defender Medhi Benatia on Real forward Lucas Vazquez. Cristiano Ronaldo con-

verted the spot kick to make it 3-1 and send Real through to the semi-finals 4-3 on aggregate. The BBC reported on Sunday that British police were investigating threat-

Tuesday April 17, 2018 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) It's likely that you'll receive some unpleasant news today, Aries. Perhaps there are changes occurring at work that you read about in the morning newspaper. TAURUS(Apr.20–May20) This could be a day of technical glitches and malfunctions, Taurus. It's frustrating, to be sure, but a little bit funny, too. Everything you touch, from computer to washing machine GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Today is filled with socializing, with a strong emphasis on the exchange of information. If you're attending a party this evening. CANCER (June 21–July 22) You might want to make an extra effort to tidy up the house this morning, Cancer. It's likely that you'll have some unexpected guests. Some neighbors could drop by unannounced LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) You'll have to let go of your usual drill-sergeant manner and simply let the day unfold as it will. Try as you might, even you won't be able to direct events today. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) You work hard to reach your goal of financial independence, Virgo. All signs indicate that you're well on your way. Today you could receive some news that makes you realize you aren't there yet.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) You're bound to be busy but happy today, Libra. You'll likely spend the morning doing chores and generally puttering around the house. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) This could be a rather intense day for you, Scorpio. Your mind is filled with plots for novels you want to write and ideas for ways to streamline production at work. SAGIT(Nov.22–Dec.21) This is one day for you to be as flexible as possible, Sagittarius. It may be that you begin with a specific list of items that absolutely must be done CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) You can overcome the intensity of today's planetary energies by making a conscious effort stay positive, Capricorn. Distract yourself with necessary household chores and errands. Don't forget to take some time out for fun, too. AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) Don't take any information you receive today at face value, Aquarius. Technical glitches will likely plague you throughout the day. Your bank statement could be incomprehensible. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) Don't take anything you read or hear today at face value. It's possible that you'll receive some rather distressing news, but before you react in frustration, read the fine print.

ening text messages sent to Oliver’s wife Lucy, whose Twitter account was also targeted with threatening and abusive messages. The 33-year-old Oliver was bitterly criticised by some Juve players after the match, with goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon saying the official was not prepared for such a high-profile game and should instead have been eating crisps in the stands. Buffon, who was sent off for his furious protest, said that Oliver had a “garbage bin” instead of a heart. On Saturday, Buffon said in an interview that he would repeat the comments all over again but in “more civil” language. “I am a human being who

Russia ready... From page 35 tournament.At CSKA Moscow’s Europa League quarter-final match against Arsenal last week, a Reuters photographer heard dozens of supporters make monkey chants aimed at some of Arsenal’s black players. CSKA dismissed the Reuters account and said in a statement that they were “outraged” by what they called a “slanderous” report. European soccer’s governing body, UEFA, told Reuters last week that no racist behavior had been reported to it by match officials at the game.

SHC and... From page 33 of Sequel.In the second men’s match, Bounty GCC managed to squeeze past the experienced Senior Saints by a 2-1 margin. GCC scored first through captain Kareem McKenzie but Taise Seepaul evened the score at 1-1 four minutes later. The deciding goal came three minutes after halftime through a Lennox Carrol field goal to give GCC the 2-1 win. In the men’s division, Old Fort is now tied with Sequel on 12 points each. Saints U19s and Bounty GCC follow with six points each, while the Hikers Cadets and Senior Saints are yet to secure points. In the ladies’ competition Pizza Hut GCC lead the table with 7 points, while Saints hold second position with 4 points. The Bingo Spartans have 3 points while Old Fort and Woodpecker Hikers bring up the rear with 1 point each. Matches continue every weekend at Saints ground until May 20th.

puts passion, sentiment and anger into what I do,” he said. Former England forward Gary Lineker was among those who said that Buffon’s comments were over-the-top. “These vituperous attacks on Michael Oliver and his wife are repugnant,” he said on

Twitter. “Big admirer of Buffon but his behaviour since has been inflammatory and out of order. Oliver was doing his job and hard to argue against his decisions. Understand the emotion but time to defuse it, Gianluigi.”

Rana and Russell hand... From page 34 charging out of his crease too early. That was Roy’s 12th dismissal to legspin in 27 innings - in that time he has scored 190 runs against them at a strike rate of roughly 126. Russell’s pace and bounce did for Shreyas Iyer, who fended a rising delivery to slip, and when Gautam Gambhir chopped on against Shivam Mavi, Daredevils had lost a wicket in each of their first three overs. With no option but to keep playing their shots, Pant and Maxwell kept the game alive for a little longer, but with such a large chunk of Daredevils’ resources already depleted, it was a matter of time before Knight

Riders would reassert their dominance. Both fell to Kuldeep Yadav; Pant smashed him straight to deep midwicket in the ninth over, and Maxwell, having just struck successive sixes off him in the 11th, holed out attempting a third in a row. Chris Morris and Vijay Shankar, the last two recognised batsmen, fell in the space of three stumpto-stump balls from Sunil Narine, enabling him to pick up his 100th and 101st IPL wickets. Scores: Kolkata Knight Riders 200 for 9 (Rana 59, Russell 41, Tewatia 3-18) beat Delhi Daredevils 129 (Maxwell 47, Pant 43, Narine 3-18, Kuldeep 332) by 71 runs.


Tuesday April 17, 2018

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Pacers stun LeBron James, Red Bull and Ferrari are prising open the Mercedes grip beat Cavaliers by 18 in Game 1

Victor Oladipo scored 32 points Red Bull driver celebrates on the podium as second-placed Valtteri Bottas (left) and Kimi Raikkonen, who came third, look on. (Reuters) LONDON (Reuters) - It may be premature to call the end of an era of Mercedes domination but Daniel Ricciardo’s thrilling win for Red Bull in Shanghai on Sunday marks a clear shift in the Formula One landscape. Even if Mercedes were back on top of the constructors’ standings, the world champions were beaten for the third race in a row at the Chinese Grand Prix — a first for the V6 turbo hybrid era that started in 2014. “It’s inevitable in all sports that at some point, the winning becomes harder or stops,” commented Christian Horner, Ricciardo’s team boss, as the celebrations continued. “Mercedes still have a quick car. It’s incredible that after three races they haven’t won a Grand Prix yet,” added the Briton, whose team won four successive double titles between 2010 and 2013. The sheer depth of talent and resources at Mercedes’ disposal, and the fact that there are 18 races still to run in this grueling 21-round season, means it is too early to trumpet a changing of the guard. Gloomy pre-season predictions, based on testing form, that Lewis Hamilton and his Anglo-German team would run away with this championship can be laid to rest, however. “It certainly does look like

the tide has turned... in this turbo-hybrid era,” commented 1996 world champion Damon Hill after Ferrari swept the front row in qualifying for the second race in succession. ALARM BELLS Red Bull’s success in the race, following on from two Ferrari victories, emphasized that this will be more than just a two-team battle. For Mercedes, who for the first time since 2013 also failed to have both drivers appear on the podium together in at least two of the opening three rounds, Sunday’s race will keep the alarm bells ringing. As a measure of form, Shanghai was more significant than Australia or Bahrain — both won last year by Ferrari’s current championship leader Sebastian Vettel. Seen as much more of a Mercedes circuit, the champions had won for the past four years in China while Hamilton boasts an unprecedented five victories there. While Vettel had looked good for a hat-trick of wins on Sunday morning, Ricciardo cashed in on a safety car period that put Red Bull in the driving seat. They could have had both drivers on the podium had Max Verstappen not wrecked his chances with some rash overtaking attempts, including a collision with Vettel that ultimately dropped the Ger-

man down to eighth. Mercedes might also have won without the safety car, with Mercedes getting Valtteri Bottas ahead of Vettel on strategy, but they know the real score. “Sebastian in my opinion controlled the race at the beginning, and then the Red Bulls after the stop had just a mighty pace,” said Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff. “The whole weekend we were just not good enough, everywhere,” he added. “This weekend we were probably third and fourth (behind Ferrari), so we just need to get our act together.” The trajectory of Hamilton’s season has been downward since Melbourne, with the 33-year-old second, third and now fourth. He has not won for six races, his last being the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin last October, which represents his longest such run since the end of 2015/start of 2016 when he was off the top step for eight in a row. “It is clear from this weekend that we are not the quickest,” said Hamilton, who did not spare himself blame either. “We’ve lost performance since Melbourne and maybe more so this weekend. We are the second, or third fastest team at the moment so we have some improving to do, but that’s not impossible.”

CLEVELAND (AP) Victor Oladipo scored 32 points and the Indiana Pacers held off Cleveland’s second-half rally for a stunning 98-80 victory Sunday in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference series, handing LeBron James and the Cavaliers’ their first loss in the opening round in eight years. Indiana was in control from the outset, opening a 21-point lead in the first quarter and leading by 23 in the third. The Cavs stormed back and got within seven, but Oladipo hit a big 3pointer and Bojan Bogdanovic helped put Cleveland away with a 3 to make it 88-71. The Pacers completely outplayed the three-time defending conference champions, whose turbulent regular season has carried over into the playoffs. Game 2 is tomorrow night. James scored 24 with 12 assists and 10 rebounds for his 20th career triple-double. But James got little help as Cleveland’s four other starters – Kevin Love, Jeff Green,

Rodney Hood and George Hill – combined for 25 points. This is all new to James, who had won 21 consecutive first-round games and lost a postseason for the first time in his 13th playoffs. The 33-year-old is trying to get to his eighth straight Finals, and already the path is tougher than imagined. Cleveland had won 14 straight first-round games, last losing on April 22, 2010, the last season of James’ first stint with the Cavs. Indiana was swept by Cleveland in last year ’s opening round. Those Pacers, though, didn’t have Oladipo or the balance of this Indy squad, which may lack experience but not confidence. Lance Stephenson, a longtime playoff nemesis for James, helped set the tone in the first quarter with a dunk he punctuated by throwing several punches into the padded basket stanchion. The Pacers took the fight to the Cavs. They were more physical, more energetic and more composed.

Oladipo has become one of the NBA’s rising stars, and after being a role player in Oklahoma City, he’s Indiana’s main attraction and looked like a seasoned star on the playoff stage. He made six 3-pointers, swiped the ball from James on two occasions and more than doubled his previous playoff scored high of 15. The Cavs fell behind 33-12 during a strange first quarter that included Cleveland missing all eight 3-pointers, James not attempting his first field goal until 1:52 remained and fans in Quicken Loans Arena wondering what they were seeing. As he does for every postseason, James shuts down all social media activities, a routine he calls Zero Dark 23 Mode. And this time, he began it Saturday by posting a quote on Instagram from Martin Luther King Jr: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.” The Pacers drove him into a darker place.

T&T slip as Reggae Boyz remain top in CFU BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, CMC – Powerhouses Trinidad and Tobago took a pounding in the latest FIFA world rankings released last week, as St Kitts and Nevis and Haiti also lost significant ground. T&T, the only Englishspeaking Caribbean side to reach the final round of qualifying for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Russia, fell 13 places to slip to 92nd in the world. They also surrendered second place in the Caribbean Football Union

rankings, slipping to third place as Curacao gained 11 places to replace them. T&T’s fall comes on the heels of two ordinary results in international friendlies last month when they edged Guadeloupe 10 in Basse-Terre and drew nil-all with Martinique in Fort-de-France. On Tuesday, they take on World Cup-bound Panama in Port of Spain in another friendly. Curacao with their rise, meanwhile, have moved up to 71st in the FIFA world rankings but French Caribbean side Haiti were not as fortunate, crashing out of the

top-100 to be 108th in the world. Haiti are now fourth in the CFU rankings. There were also slides for St Kitts and Nevis who fell 19 places with Grenada tumbling 12 spots and Dominica, 10. Antigua and Barbuda enjoyed the best movement among CFU teams, climbing 15 spots to 124th in the world and fifth in the region. Last month they beat Bermuda 3-2 in St John’s before scoring late to draw 1-1 with Jamaica in Kingston. The Reggae Boyz remain the highest-ranked CFU nation at 48th in the FIFA tables.

Tuesday April 17, 2018


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Dominant Djokovic races past Sir Hilary urges ICC to sit down with CARICOM Lajovic in Monte Carlo (Reuters) - Former world number one Novak Djokovic showed signs of rediscovering his form with a dominant 6-0 6-1 victory over Dusan Lajovic in the opening round of the Monte Carlo Masters yesterday. Djokovic’s start of the season was disrupted by an elbow surgery, and has since suffered defeats in consecutive opening matches at Indian Wells and Miami. But there were no signs of his recent struggles as he kickstarted his claycourt campaign in style to record a victory over fellow Serb Lajovic in just 57 minutes. Djokovic, a two-time winner at Monte Carlo, dropped just eight points as he wrapped up the first set with his opponent well off the pace. Lajovic, ranked 93 in the world, offered resistance in the second set to level at 1-1 but failed to capitalize on a break point as the 12-time grand slam winner roared back to book a second round meeting with Borna Coric of Croatia. Earlier in the day, Japan’s Kei Nishikori came back from a set down to see off Czech 12th seed Tomas Berdych 4-6 6-2 6-1 and reach the second round. Nishikori, who missed a

Novak Djokovic started his clay-court season with a flawless straight-sets victory over compatriot Dusan Lajovic. large part of last season with a wrist injury, started the season in the Challenger Tour events before reaching the second round at Miami. He was playing close to his best tennis despite calling for a medical timeout for his troublesome wrist. “It’s not great but first match on clay, you know, I’m expecting little soreness,” Nishikori said. “Hopefully I have a day off tomorrow. If I have to play tomorrow, I got to be ready tonight.” The 28-year-old, who is making his first Monte Carlo

appearance since 2012, will face Russian Daniil Medvedev in the next round. World number 51 Jared Donaldson confronted an umpire after disagreeing with a call made in his first-round defeat by last-year’s finalist Albert Ramos-Vinolas. While 6-3 3-2 down, the 21-year-old American became outraged when a serve by the Spaniard was called in by Arnaud Gabas when he believed it was out. Donaldson eventually lost 6-3 6-3 and apologized to Ramos-Vinolas but refused to shake Gabas’ hand.

FIFA task force arrives to inspect 2026 candidate Morocco R A B AT ( R e u t e r s ) Morocco’s bid to host the 2026 World Cup went under the microscope yesterday as a task force from global soccer body FIFA arrived for an inspection visit to assess the country’s ability to host the tournament. Morocco is the only rival to a joint bid to stage the event from the United States, Canada and Mexico with the FIFA Congress due to choose the hosts in Moscow on June 13. Morocco’s bid committee said in a statement that the five-man task force will visit several cities between April 17-19 as well as stadiums, training camps and fan fest sites, together with other venues related to the organization of the competition. The task force will use a point-scoring system to evaluate the two candidates and a bid which does not meet a minimum score on a number of different

points will be disqualified before the final vote in Russia. “Morocco is offering... an innovative and compact concept to ensure operational efficiency, outstanding profitability and a lasting legacy in Morocco and Africa,” said Moulay Hafid Elalamy, president of the bid committee, in the statement. He added that the visit would “strive to convey the vision of a humble, passionate, determined bid, but above all a professional and solid one.” Morocco’s bid plays heavily on the country’s passion for football and its fan culture, on its relatively compact size, its proximity to Europe and climate. Morocco has already made four unsuccessful bids to host the tournaments for 1994, 1998, 2006 and 2010, although it was close on three occasions. The country was second to the U.S. for 1994,

behind France for 1998 and just lost out to South Africa for the 2010 finals, the only time the event has been held in Africa. Some of FIFA’s national associations have already publicly stated who they will vote for and Morocco received South Africa’s backing on Monday. South Africa Football Association (SAFA) president Danny Jordaan said that Morocco’s bid was Africa’s bid. “It is an old myth that Africa doesn’t have the capacity and naysayers should stop using the political argument,” he said. “Africa hosted the best FIFA World Cup ever and with good support, Morocco can emulate South Africa.”FIFA has 211 member associations who all hold one vote at Congress although FAs cannot vote on World Cup hosting if they are part of a bid or if they are suspended from FIFA at the time.

KINGSTON, Jamaica, CMC – Renowned regional academic Professor Sir Hilary Beckles said it was critical cricket’s world governing body, the International Cricket Council, heeded the call of the Caribbean community, in helping to solve the governance crisis in West Indies cricket. The Vice-Chancellor of the University of the West Indies said the Caribbean side had been a key player in the expansion of the global game, providing a “new performance culture” while also generating “a box office bonanza for five solid decades” and as such, had a role to play in ending the current impasse. CARICOM requested a meeting with the ICC during the Commonwealth Heads of Government in London this week to discuss the governance crisis only to be told their representatives would be busy preparing for their quarterly board meetings in Kolkata from April 21-26. “CARICOM has been respectful of the International Cricket Council in its request for a discourse,” said Sir Hilary, who has written several books on West Indies cricket. “The ICC knows, and should be respectful of the fact, that West Indian cricketers rescued the dying Test game after the Second World War, and gave it a new performance culture that captured the global imagination. “In the process, the celebrated West Indian brand was born and has generated a box office bonanza for five solid decades.” Following the two-day Intersessional in Haiti last February, CARICOM adopted legal advice which confirmed it could challenge CWI’s right, as a private entity, to manage the public good of West

UWI Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles. Indies cricket. And the regional nation grouping said it would request a meeting with the ICC to convey what it termed the “desperate urgency” of reforming the governance structure in the Caribbean. Labelling regional governments as a “major financial stakeholder”, Sir Hilary underscored the importance of ICC approaching CARICOM’s requests with a level of “gratitude and generosity.” “The ICC sits on a mountain that is filled with West Indian gold. It should therefore be mindful of the need to hear the West Indian case from the people and their governments,” argued Sir Hilary, a former director of Cricket West Indies. “CARICOM is not asking for any special dispensation. It is insisting that as the major financial stakeholder, there has to be internal restructuring using best practices that have long been upheld by the ICC itself.“This is a necessary beginning to end the standoff between cricket officials, community and governments. The present circumstance is not sustainable. CARICOM has every right to

expect from the ICC, a respectful level of gratitude and generosity. “Through our governments it must hear the voice of reason and the cry of the community.” Sir Hilary was also careful to reiterate that CARICOM had no interest in personally taking charge of the running of West Indies cricket, only to resolve the governance issue. “The depth of gratitude the ICC owes the West Indian people can be respected by an engagement in high level discussions with West Indian governments,” the former UWI Cave Hill principal stressed. “Their objective is not to manage West Indies cricket, but to resolve a crippling governance crisis that has driven a wedge between the people and the game they love, and for a century, invested all of what they possessed.” In a recent letter to CARICOM, the ICC said it was willing to meet in November during the Women’s Twenty20 World Cup in the Caribbean but insisted CWI president, Dave Cameron, needed to be present.

Whitmore returns after Grange brokers agreement KINGSTON, Jamaica, CMC – Intervention by Sports Minister Oliva Grange has resulted in Theodore Whitmore withdrawing his resignation and returning as head coach of the Reggae Boyz. The former Jamaica international quit last week in a contract row with the Jamaica Football Federation, contending he had been treated with “great disrepect and total disregard” by the local governing body.

However, the dispute was resolved following a meeting at Grange’s office, which involved officials of the JFF, Ministry of Sports and Whitmore.“Recently I tendered my resignation and I must tell the public that I’m here to withdraw it based on what transpired from [the] meeting,” the Observer newspaper quoted Whitmore as saying. “And I’m looking forward to get back to doing what I love and that is

coaching, and to make sure that the nation’s football is priority and we move forward with myself and the federation and the ministry to make it a success.” Grange, who mediated the discussions, said she was optimistic about the future relationship between the JFF and Whitmore. “I’m very happy that I was able to sit at the table with the president of the JFF (Michael Ricketts) and his team along with representatives from my ministry as well as coach Whitmore,” Grange said.


Tuesday April 17, 2018

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Put aside your differences and work for Cricket Development - BCB President urges Clubs

In his third Face the Clubs Meeting, Berbice Cricket Board President Hilbert Foster urged Cricket Clubs and Officials in the West Berbice Cricket Association to put their differences aside and adopt a mature attitude to work as a collective unit for the development of the game. Foster was at the time addressing a meeting at the Berbice River Bridge Company Administrative Office as he continued his Berbice wide consultations with Cricket Clubs. Stating his only interest was the development of the game, the Berbice Cricket Board President stated that he has no interest in the politics of the game and he urged the attentive cricket leaders to work along with his administration to return Berbice Cricket to its rightful place. Clubs at the meeting were Achievers, Blairmont, D’Edward, Cotton Tree, Bush Lot Rising Star, Bush Lot United and Paradise. Foster provided the Club Officials with a comprehensive update on the tournaments to be played in 2018, at the Under-15, Under-17, Under-19, Under-21, Intermediate, Second Division, Female, First Division and Internal Zone levels. Plans for the Award Ceremony, Cricket Academy, Countywide Coaching Programme, Elite Training Programme were all unveiled as the Berbice Cricket Board President sought to get all Clubs to work together as a

BCB President Hilbert Foster, Secretary Robby Saywack pose with Representatives of the Clubs. collective body in the Area. He praised the work of the West Berbice Cricket Association and its President David Black for the efforts they are making to promote the game. Special mention was made of the Shabeer Baksh sponsored Tapeball Competition for Primary Schools in Region 5, while he also announced plans for a Berbice wide Inter-Secondary School Knockout Cricket Tournament. The West Berbice Board was also mandated to select sixty youths between the

GFF Elite League Season III

ages of 12 to 18 years to be a part of the historic Dr. Tulsi Dyal Singh Countywide Coaching Programme, which would start in May, 2018, under the leadership of the Vice President Albert Smith. Foster, told the gathering that he nor the Berbice Cricket Board has a monopoly on planning or ideas and as such he wanted to hear suggestions on the way forward. Representatives of the Clubs took advantage of the opportunities to discuss a range of important topics including

the level of umpiring, debarred players, uniform for matches, assistance with gears and tournaments for teams in Berbice. The President of the West Berbice Cricket Association expressed concerns over the hosting of several Berbice Cricket Board Tournaments in the area and the Berbice Cricket Board immediately mandated Black and his Sub-Association to organise all cricket in West Berbice in association with the Board’s Com-

petition Committee. Foster in closing remarks stated that he intends to be a President for all Clubs in Berbice and under his leadership there shall be no place for malice, vindictive, selfish behaviour and corruption. The BCB president also disclosed that he inherited a Bank Account with just $42,000 but his Club, the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club has invested over $500,000 into Berbice Cricket as part of its effort to assist. The sum, he stated would not

be repaid but he urged other clubs to also support where possible. The Berbice Cricket Board is still working to have access to the Bank Account which was locked down during the recent legal actions. Representatives of the Clubs and West Berbice Cricket Association President David Black expressed gratitude to the Berbice Cricket Board President for taking the time to visit them and to update them on plans for the future.

Ann’s Grove and Den Amstel win on Sunday

Den Amstel Scorers from letf Delon Lanferman, Jamal Pereira and Gideon Payne pose for a photo after their team’s 4-0 triumph over Milerock. The third edition of the Guyana Football Federation’s (GFF) Elite League continued on Sunday afternoon with a double header at the Den Amstel Community Centre ground on the West Bank of Demerara. The two matches were competed between Ann’s Grove FC and New Amsterdam United FC in the opening fixture, followed by the home team Den Amstel FC against Milerock FC. The East Coast Demerara based Ann’s Grove, brushed Berbice side New Amsterdam 5-2 courtesy of a brace of goals from Dwight Peters and solitary strikes from William Europe, Quincy Barry and Maxton Adams. Meanwhile, Leonardo Adams and Jamaul Butts accounted for the loser’s two goals. Gideon Payne netted a double while Delon Lanferman and Jamal Pereira scored once each in Den Amstel’s 4-0 drubbing of Linden’s Milerock.

Ann’s Grove goal scorer stands behind a free kick during his team’s 5-2 victory over Milerock on Sunday.

Tuesday April 17, 2018


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Bounty Paper Towels Second Division Hockey Leagues

Road to Mecca V at Cash

SHC and GCC maintain their undefeated status when play continued on Sunday

Bounty Colts win five straight to qualify for semifinal Two-time defending champions Bounty Colts look and have been unbeatable so far in the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation’s (GABF) National Club Championships dubbed ‘Road to Mecca V’ as they won their fifth straight Group A, round-robin game at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) to book their semifinal spot. Colts were in their usual devastating form on Sunday night and Berbice’s lone representative in the championship, Canje Knights, were not spared as they received a thumping in the match that finished 99-45. Shane Webster was once again the high-point man with 20 points for Colts. The action on Sunday evening at the CASH also saw Kobras defeating Pacesetters 82-79 to stay in contention for a playoff spot, while Republic Bank Nets defeated Jets 86-80 and Ravens comfortably got past Bulls 73-66 to also stay on course for a playoff spot in

Outstanding newcomer Charlia Webb of Saints on the attack against the Woodpecker Hikers. Saints Hockey Club (SHC) and Pizza Hut GCC both continued their unbeaten run in the Bounty Paper Towels women’s second division league Sunday at the Saint Stanislaus ground on CARIFESTA Avenue with victories over the Woodpecker Hikers and Old Fort respectively. Meanwhile, in the men’s division, Sequel caught up with pool leaders Old Fort with a good win against Hikers Cadets, while Bounty GCC edged SHC. SHC women are improving every time they take the field and the Woodpecker Hikers would have recognized they were in for a tough afternoon from the opening whistle. Four minutes into the match, young speedster Charlia Webb outpaced the Hikers defence to score her team’s first goal. Former national striker Tekeisha Deleon added a second with a powerful strike in the 13th minute

to give Saints a comfortable 2-0 lead at the half. With Saints continuing to exact pressure on the Hikers and capitalizing on their superior speed, Webb slammed home a second in the 28th minute to take the Saints lead to 3-0 for the win. Team Captain Carina Moller was all business in the other ladies match of the afternoon and although the GCC ladies enjoyed the majority of possession, junior national Tamala Glenn made several runs up the right wing for Old Fort but failed to penetrate the scoring circle. Moller proved a menace for the Old Fort defence throughout the match with good support from young Sarah Klautky and Makeda Harding in midfield. And, after receiving a pass from the right to smash her shot past the Old Fort goalkeeper in the 13th minute, it was Moller again to seal the deal with her second goal three minutes from full

time. That 2-0 victory maintains Pizza Hut GCC’s position at the top of the ladies division. Sequel seemed to be cruising to victory in their men’s clash with Hikers Cadets as striker Philip Fernandes fired them to a 2-0 lead after the first half. However, five minutes into the second half, young Cadet Shomere Garnett capitalized on a defence error to slide his shot into an open Sequel goal. Sequel midfielder Alan Fernandes responded immediately with a solo run through the entire Hikers defence to score and maintain the two-goal margin for his side. GCC created the majority of chances in the match but their wayward shots produced no further goals as Colonel Heywood managed to score the game’s final goal four minutes from the end to move the score to 3-2 in favour (Continued on page 29)

Woodpecker Hikers standout Nicole Eastman being challenged by Kezia Chinian of Saints.

tournament. Pelham Doris sunk 24 points to lead Nets to a their six-point win over Jets, while Darcel Harris and Dominic Vincente both netted 14 points to boost Ravens’ playoff hope in the seven-point win over Bulls. Not surprisingly, Travis Burnett was the main man with 22 points in Kobras’ triumph over Pacesetters. Mecca V continues tomorrow at CASH with three matches and there is over $2million in prize money up for grabs in the competition with the grand cash prize of $600,000 to be received by the Champions when the competition concludes on April 28th. The runners up will pocket $400,000 and 3rd place finishers will receive $200,000. In addition, the MVP will pocket $200,000, player with the most points, most rebounds and most improved player will each receive $100,000.

Deadline fast approaching as CSA, players yet to reach agreement

Faf du Plessis with his team-mates at a training session. (Getty Images) ESPNcricinfo - Cricket South Africa (CSA) and the South African Cricketers’ Association (SACA) are yet to reach an agreement on their Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which expires at the end of April. Failure to reach common ground by then will leave most of South Africa’s international and franchise cricketers - apart from those on two-year deals - out of contract, a situation which has left SACA “extremely concerned,” according to their CEO Tony Irish. ESPNcricinfo understands discussions have not been entered into in earnest, though SACA has prepared its position and will ask for status quo to remain. SACA is hopeful the terms of the MoU will stay the same as they have been for the last four years, which includes a revenue-sharing model for the players that CSA executives had initially indicated they would move away from. In December last year, acting CEO Thabang Moroe and president Chris Nenzani had

said the model would be up for review, but by March, they recommitted to revenueshare. At the March briefing, Nenzani also said CSA was “ready to commence negotiations” with SACA in advance of the MoU expiring. However, there are now only nine working days until April 30 April 27 is a public holiday in South Africa - and fears that the parties are running out of time are mounting. One source told ESPNcricinfo that unless an agreement is reached by this Friday, April 20, the chances of completing the negotiations before the MoU expires are slim. CSA appears to agree with the timeline, but could not put a firm date on when the new MoU will be concluded. “If we can possibly seal the MoU in a week, then we will strive for such but that all depends on the negotiations,” Moroe told ESPNcricinfo. The SACA negotiations are not the only thing taking up Moroe’s time. CSA has been trying to finalise an FTP

schedule for 2019 to 2023 and the board is yet to confirm all their fixtures with other member countries; but most pressingly, a decision on whether the Global T20, South Africa’s proposed franchise T20 tournament, will go ahead is also pending. CSA initially had a deadline of March 31 to make a call but now aims to make an announcement by the end of May. “The board gave the management the support of a committee, to which the management would report,” Moroe said. “The feedback given to the committee has encouraged them to allow the management to continue with the negotiations and the planning of the league.” Key questions include whether the tournament will be privately owned - and whether the existing franchise owners will continue to be involved - how many teams will be included in the league, and whether CSA can secure a broadcaster and sufficient sponsorship to make the event financially viable.


Tuesday April 17, 2018

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GAPLF launches partnership with club 704 By Sean Devers The Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPLF) yesterday launched their partnership with Club 704 at the club’s location at Albert and Lamaha Street Georgetown. The partnership, which GAPLF’s President Ed Caesar hopes was an everlasting one, starts with the staging of the GAPLF’s Club 704 and B a n k s D I H ’s G u i n n e s s fundraising Bench Press competition on Saturday from 15:00hrs at 704. “This is the first of several activities planned to raise funds to send a 15member team to participate in the North America Powerlifting Championships in Mexico from July 31 to August 4,” informed t h e F e d e r a t i o n ’s P R O Runita White. White added that registration will be done in three categories (Light, Medium and Heavy) and registration starts at 14:00hrs and explained that a scale will be provided to identify the three weight classes. Admission to the Sky

Lounge is $1,000 and anyone from the public can register for free and give themselves the opportunity of winning cash prizes, while at the same time aiding in sending the team to Mexico. Females are also being encouraged to participate and everyone will have three attempts to see who can Bench Press the most weight in their category. The President stated that the GAPLF is encouraging everyone to start exercising to build their bodies and mind to produce a strong and healthy Nation. “Weight training is one of the best ways of getting strong and fit. We got 32 medals for Guyana recently in a tournament in Florida and I call on Government and Cooperate Guyana to support this team which puts Guyana on the map, give this Country glory when we do well,” Caesar stressed. He said the GAPLF is grateful that Club 704 has come on board and hoped it was a partnership that would be ‘never ending’, adding

- Hosting Bench Press fundraiser on Saturday

(From L-R) Andrea Smith, Runita White, Jermaine Prescod of 704, Ed Caesar (GAPLF) & Erwyn Smith at the Head Table yesterday. that it would be great for both parties to have Club 704’s name on their tournaments starting with the Intermediate on May 13 at the Saints Stanislaus College. National Powerlifter Erwyn Smith, who is also a Committee member of the GAPLF, thanked everyone who has been supporting the Federation and said

Saturday’s event could be the chance of rubbing shoulders with some of Guyana’s elite athletes since he is encouraging those from other Sports disciplines to test their strength by participating in the Bench press competition. Also at yesterday’s launching were Club 704s Mixologist Jermaine Prescod who represented the Club.

He said 704 was pleased to be partnering with the GAPLF and informed that he would be participating on Saturday. Andrea Smith, the General Secretary of GAPLF, thanked Club 704 and Lee Baptiste the Guinness brand Manager at Banks DIH for their supports and also urged the girls to come out and participate in the

Bench Press competition. Dustani Barrow, the General Manager of Club 704, told Kaieteur Sports, when he was approached by the GAPLF to help with their fun raising drive to send a Powerlifting team to Mexico he willingly agreed and has provided the use of their Sky Lounge for Saturday’s Event free of charge.

Rana and Russell hand Daredevils a drubbing ESPNcricinfo - Is Andre Russell the most valuable T20 player in the world? He has the stats (and the smart stats) to back such a claim, and yesterday he added to his vast body of work with a brief and brutal assault that transformed the mood of what had until then been an edgy battle for first-innings points. Russell came in with Kolkata Knight Riders 113 for 4 in the 14th over. He departed 22 balls later, having added 61 to his team’s total in the company of the impressive Nitish Rana. He only faced 12 balls, but he hit six of them for six. Knight Riders finished with exactly 200. This was a difficult target against Knight Riders’ spin attack, on a pitch offering a good amount of turn. Delhi Daredevils needed a strong start; they ended up slipping to 24 for 3. It was all uphill from there, and Daredevils didn’t have the legs for the climb, with none of their batsmen getting into double figures apart from Rishabh Pant and Glenn Maxwell, who threatened briefly to make this a contest with a 61-run stand for the fourth wicket in 33 balls. Daredevils were bowled out for 129, with 5.4 overs still to play. Uthappa and Rana make up for misfiring Narine and Lynn Chris Lynn likes pace, but

Sunil Narine took his 100th wicket in the IPL and finished with 3 for 18 ©BCCI doesn’t score as quickly against spin. Sunil Narine likes spin, but isn’t too fond of fast, short bowling (16 off 20 balls against this type of bowling last season, and four dismissals). It’s a hard opening pair to plan against, and Daredevils, having chosen to bowl, went all pace at the start. It worked: Trent Boult started the game with the first maiden of the season, to an off-colour Lynn who struggled for timing, and then sent back Narine with a well-directed bouncer. After that early dose of pace, it was all spin from overs 6-10, presumably in an effort to keep Lynn quiet. Daredevils managed that, as

Lynn ended the 10th over batting on 28 off 25, but the batsmen at the other end compensated, with Robin Uthappa and Nitish Rana hitting five sixes between them in that phase. Knight Riders ended the first half of their innings at 85 for 2. Russell ruins Shami’s night It remained like that for a while: runs coming quickly at one end but not quite at the other. Mohammed Shami, varying his pace constantly, went for only 11 in his first two overs, the 11th and 13th of Knight Riders’ innings, and sent back Lynn with a welldisguised knuckleball. Vijay

Andre Russell smashed a 12-ball 41 ©BCCI Shankar and Chris Morris, meanwhile. went for 12 and 15 against Rana and Dinesh Karthik in the 12th and 14th overs. Neither team could really say it was significantly in front at the start of the 15th over, which began with Russell batting on 0 off 0. Twenty-two came off that over, with Russell ramping, lofting and muscling Shami for three massive sixes. In between, he miscued one, only for Jason Roy to drop him, diving forward after running in from long-on. Rana was the dominant partner in the next over, pulling Morris for six and then

holding his shape to carve a slower one over point for four, before Russell versus Shami resumed. Three more sixes came off this over, off three very different deliveries - a wide, full slower ball; a length ball; a bouncer - and 20 runs in all. It took a perfectly directed yorker from Boult to send back Russell in the 18th over. Then Rana played a couple of outrageous shots himself a middle-stump yorker from Boult squeezed past short third man, a scything squaredrive off Morris that made deep point redundant - before falling for 59 off 34 in the penultimate over. With Knight

Riders’ batting might almost extinguished, Rahul Tewatia took three wickets and only conceded one run off the last over, but the damage had been done. Early wickets seal the deal Jason Roy came into this match fresh off a match-winning, unbeaten 91 in a chase of not dissimilar magnitude against Mumbai Indians. There would be no repeat here. Piyush Chawla bowled the first over, no doubt because of Roy’s dodgy T20 record against legspin, and had him stumped down the leg side when he spotted him (Continued on page 29)

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