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The truth is not to be trifled with One would expect that in these days of the myriad electronic gadgets there would be fewer problems with quoting people. However, in Guyana it would seem that political expediency negates anything that the electronic media could concoct. In days gone by people have been accused of saying many things and some of the accusations have come down through the ages as gospel. For example, there is the saying that the love of money is the root of all evil. This has been corrupted to ‘Money is the root of all evil’. And such corruptions could be understood especially when they deal with issues. However, when they deal with people it is another matter. In this Holy Week, some two thousand years later people are still quibbling about what Jesus the Christ said on the cross. The popular saying is that He did say, “My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me?” But there are scholars who are contending that the actual words got lost in the translation. One scholar actually says that what Jesus the Christ said was “My power, My power, you have forsaken me,” Whatever the case it could have been a question of who heard what. In the Scriptures it is actually written that some people believed that Jesus the Christ was calling out to Elijah. Those things are unlikely today given the myriad microphones available to pick up every sound. On Monday, General Secretary of the ruling People’s Progressive Party decided to repeat something that was first said by President Donald Ramotar during last week, that David Granger, the Leader of the main Opposition coalition and Leader of the People’s National Congress, actually said that Guyana was fuelled by a drug economy. Indeed, Granger was asked whether he did say such a thing. He denied then proceeded to read the transcript of what he actually said. “I said public security crisis will not correct itself. Narco-trafficking is the engine of growth that is driving this country’s high rates of money laundering, gun running, execution type murders and armed robberies. “Violent crime is scaring foreign investors, driving away the educated elites, undermining economic growth and impeding social development.” That was Granger on Friday. His comments then were on record as were the earlier comments to which President Donald Ramotar referred and pronounced on before calling on Granger to apologise. There are many things wrong here. Perhaps there was someone who wanted to score political points and saw an opportunity to mislead the Head of State. But then again, it might have been a case of someone not clearly understanding what Granger said. This is not uncommon given the decline on academic standards and could be forgiven. What cannot be forgiven is reluctance of people to ensure that they are correct whenever they quote someone. One cannot expect the President to go to the records to ensure that he is being fed correct information. He pays a lot of people to do his research. If they provide faulty research then he needs to fire some of them. Money is a scarce commodity. However, for the Minister of Home Affairs to repeat the incorrect allegation is a travesty. Of course, there is the issue of political gamesmanship. It is nice to remind one’s constituents that the political opposition is disrespectful of them. And there would be people who could not care less what Granger says. If the President says that he is disrespectful, then he is. And it is here that we need to be conscious of the society in which we live. We must also be aware of the way we want history to record us. If Clement Rohee, the Home Affairs Minister wants to be remembered as a serious person he would not behave as though the truth is what he perceives it to be. He tries to be knowledgeable of all things related to his area of control. But deliberate distortions will not stand him in good stead when history examines his contribution to the political development.

Tuesday April 15, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news

This is nothing but crude vote -buying using the public purse DEAR EDITOR, T h e P e o p l e ‘ s Progressive Party General Secretary Clement Rohee is quoted in the media as describing the actions of the combined opposition of voting against the allocation of $1.1B for an “Amerindian Development Fund”, as callous and vindictive and represents a brutal assault on our Amerindian citizens. He is further reported as saying that the opposition‘s action is “demonstrative of the uncaring and hypocritical attitude towards our indigenous people”. What is the truth, though? In two whole page ads appearing in the leading dailies and presumably paid for using taxpayers’ money the public is told that this allocation was aimed at “rolling out projects and programmes, which specifically target and encourage self-sufficiency and economic and social development in the hinterland”. The details of the activities to be funded under this initiative, however, reveal that $796M was for stipends of $30,000 monthly

to be given to some 2,000 persons, $200M for Presidential Grants to Amerindian Villages and the rest or $104M for listed interventions, among these being $2.1M for sports gear, $0.5M for musical instruments and $0.5M for drip irrigation for women‘s farming groups. This is nothing but crude vote-buying using the public purse. Let us not be shy in stating that the handing out of monthly stipends of $30,000 to young people in Amerindian Villages for little or no clear purpose other than to secure political loyalty is not assisting in equipping these young people in preparing them to deal with the challenges of today‘s highly competitive world. This handout demotivates and deskills its recipients (designated as Community Support Officers) and does them a decided disservice in the long term. It also encourages a dependency syndrome which is unfair. APNU has received direct information from many of the villages that this

stipend programme actually undermines the traditional authority of the Village Councils, as it is administered directly by central government and bypasses the Councils. The beneficiaries are recruited into the PYO or youth arm of the PPP. The expenditure of $1,100M can go a far way though, in achieving the goals stated in the ad referred to above, if it is meaningfully directed. When I visited the villages of Toka, Massara and Yakarintha in April 2013 as part of an APNU fan out exercise throughout the Rupununi we were told by communities what were some of their priority needs. Among these were the following : (i) access to development credit for farming, agro processing, aquaculture, tourism, etc; (ii) internet access; (iii) constitutional reform; (iv) reform of the Amerindian Act; (v) quality education; (vi) employment opportunities; (vii) better transport infrastructure; and (viii) proper medical facilities. More recently, APNU‘s

hinterland MPs and officials have been advised that properly equipped technical institutes catering for hinterland students is a burning need. This is why Leader of the Opposition David Granger stood up in the National Assembly and appealed to the government before the vote was taken for an earnest dialogue as to how best this allocation could be used in the interest of hinterland communities. It is of course known that this appeal was ignored, as the government clearly had no interest in meaningful engagement but rather wishes to pursue a narrow political agenda. The combined Parliamentary Opposition, however, has a duty and a responsibility to prevent the government from using state funds in a reckless manner and for purely partisan purposes. We will continue to discharge this responsibility despite the hysteria which the state media will now propagate and how many protests will be centrally organized. Ronald Bulkan, MP

An agenda to besmirch the good name of the PPP and its leaders DEAR EDITOR, Mark Da Costa in his letter in the Stabroek News of April 10, 2014 captioned ‘The PPP is a perversion of Dr. Jagan’s Party’ made the ludicrous claim that the PPP has abandoned the vision and ‘today discrimination is the norm’. He went on to attack the PPP General Secretary Mr. Clement Rohee for lashing out at what he himself is guilty of ,that is, using the good name of Dr. Jagan to attack the very organization which he founded and nurtured, the People’s Progressive Party. It is indeed ironic, if not absurd, for anyone to suggest that the current leadership of the PPP would have any interest or reason in wanting to depart from the Jagan legacy when the administration has been doing everything possible to ensure that the pro-working class character of the Party and the PPP/C administration is preserved, consolidated and perpetuated. Da Costa quotes selectively from Dr. Jagan’s writing which he then distorts and puts his own meaning and interpretation

to. This is intellectual dishonesty at its best. His reference to Dr. Jagan’s integrity and him ‘not forgetting his working class roots’ is purposefully done to create a distance between Dr. Jagan and the present crop of PPP leaders, who he accused of being ‘elitist and oligarchic ‘ Comparisons, it is said, are odious. Every leader has his leadership styles, personality traits and values. Janet Jagan, Samuel Hinds,

and Bharrat Jagdeo were all former Presidents of Guyana, not to mention our current President Donald Ramotar, who was literally nurtured by Dr. Jagan and from whom he took over the post of General Secretary f o l l o w i n g D r. J a g a n ’s passing in 1997. Each of them has brought to bear in the public eyes their own leadership styles and persona. There is no point in trying to put one against the

other. If there is one thing they have in common, it is their commitment and dedication towards the realization of a better Guyana. This is why there has always been policy coherence among the PPP/C administrations which are basically working classoriented and people-driven. To accuse the PPP leaders of being discriminatory in terms of (Continued on page 5)

Vindictive politics is contagious and destructive DEAR EDITOR, Our problems can’t be fixed if vindictive politics continue to get the better of us. It’s contagious and destructive. It’s safe to say that I don’t support the politics of any of the political parties in this state. Our government isn’t accountable, and I, like the majority of Guyanese, don’t know what the opposition is doing. Then we have grown folks and young people alike using the internet, especially Facebook, to peddle their own political ideologies, and some peddling political propaganda to the masses, most of which are bent and emanate some sort of hatred for the other side. Divide and rule should be a thing of the past, if you truly want change. Be

prepared to love your foes and those who you think are the reason for everything that is wrong with Guyana. There is an adage that was told to me a couple years ago as a teenager and I strongly understand why it’s so today. The saying goes, “Those who are convinced against their will are of the same opinions still”. If we continue to “buse” our foes and walk around stomping the ground, mad at the world because they are basically messing up, what is that going to change? I know one day that everything that is wrong in Guyana will be fixed. I believe it. You and me, we are all it takes for change to happen. Orin Phillips

Tuesday April 15, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Facts and truths are alien to those with supremacist agendas DEAR EDITOR, A strange, yet, rather disturbing letter appeared in the April 14th edition of your newspaper. One Vassan Ramracha, in an attempt to justify, or, give solidarity to an additional sum of 6 billion dollars to the failing GuysuCo, even by Guyanese standards, engaged in an odious excursion, debasing Lindeners and, Afro Guyanese in particular. This kind of narrative is not new, and, or, unique to those with the letter writer’s vile supremacist mindset. The first few lines of that letter immediately betrayed the manufactured mischief of the author. The public was presented with the deceitful fiction that, “It was not public information that Linden enjoyed a subsidy for more than 22 years during the PPP/ C and also during the PNC’s 28 years in government.” To put it bluntly, the author is a distant stranger to the truth. However, these facts might help the author stumble upon the truth. When the PNC assumed office in 1964, the bauxite community now known as Linden was the headquarters for the Canadian-owned, Demerara Bauxite Company. As part of operations, which included the mining and processing of bauxite, the company built a power plant in order to sustain those activities. With enough power generated for those production needs, excess power was made available to senior management for free, and, to the community at a minimal cost as part of benefits to the workers. That was the company/ town concept that obtained even after nationalization under the “conditions no less favourable “agreements. At no time did the PNC administration provide free or subsidized electricity to the

community. During the Hoyte administration, government was required to divest itself of the “commanding heights” of the economy. As part of the process, ancillary services not specific to production of bauxite were transferred to central government. It was during that period that power generation, which until that time was never part of the national grid, was assumed by the government of the day. I will leave others to deal with the specifics of that arrangement. The information is in the public domain. If that indifference to truth were not enough, the author then seeks to debase the value of, and the contribution made by bauxite workers, and, by extension, Afro-Guyanese. We were reminded that there was the imposition of the sugar levy. Yet, no mention was ever made of the RILA money withheld from bauxite workers. Located in that binary is the notion that only one side’s contribution is of import to our story.

To add insult to prevailing injury, we were reminded that Lindeners “rioted” for free electricity. Those who rightly organized and protested for better conditions in the sugar industry were asserting their human rights to do so. Then again, this is not surprising; this is the mindset that framed the likes of Kenyatta, Mandela, and Steve Biko as terrorists. Finally, if the above dubious claims were not enough, we were visited with a coup de grâce from this perverse mind. We were reminded that, “when all else failed Indian sugar workers were brought to build the wealth of Guyana.” Some 300 hundred years of chattel slavery with the attendant dehumanization and brutality were incidental to those who saw our society as one of the jewels in its crown. I would recommend the seminal work ‘Capitalism and Slavery’ to the author, but, facts and truths are alien to those with supremacist agendas. Leroy Nelson

We are not cargo! DEAR EDITOR, I have observed an article where Mr. Kit Nascimento mentioned that it was the Pilot of the aircraft who first observed the unlocked door on the plane. Mr. ‘Kit’ also mentioned that the plane’s door would not have flung open in midair. Whoever noticed that the door was not properly locked, first, second or last does not negate the fact that something was wrong. Does this mean that the passengers had no reason to be concerned for their safety? It may have been a good thing if the PR Consultant ‘par excellence’ had apologized for the slip-up and promised that more care will be taken in future – you know something

of that sort. It would also have been respectful if the Charterer/ Operator of the particular Flight Service had not been so arrogant when approached about the incident. After all, the passengers paid money. If they don’t buy tickets, the planes wouldn’t fly. It is appalling for the PR Consultant to speak like an accent is all that is required to shut people up. Their concerns about safety are real and quite rightly so. Too much is going wrong in the private aviation sector and we are not accustomed to this mediocrity when it comes to our very lives. We are not cargo! A regular traveller

Dispensing justice without fear, favour or partiality DEAR EDITOR, Another Guyana-born judge has delivered an important decision against a Belize minister of government which will be a blow to the Dean Barrow administration, since the administration has a razor-thin majority. Justice Courtney Abel on Friday recalled Minister Elvin Penner in the Cayo North after more than 2,000 electors voted for him to be recalled following allegations of mass corruption. The issue ended up in court after the Chief Election Officer, Josephine Temai, invalidated 337 signatures that had been collected in a petition to trigger the highly anticipated recall. Four members of the

opposition PUP challenged the ruling of the Chief Election Officer and Justice Abel found that her action was irrational, unlawful, arbitrary and unreasonable, resulting in the disenfranchisement of electors who had legitimate expectation that the recall process would have been fair and genuine. The judge then granted permission for a judicial review which will pave the way for the recall of the Minister who is facing charges of issuing a false passport to a Korean who is incarcerated overseas and never entered Belize. Justice Abel left Guyana a long time ago and went to Anguilla where he practiced for many years before joining

the judiciary. Two months ago, another Guyana-born Judge Kenneth Benjamin issued an order for the Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylle to investigate Minister Penner. The judge found that the Police Chief acted irrational, illegal and unlawful when he chose not to investigate the Minister. The application for a writ of mandamus was brought by opposition leader Francis Fonseca. There are three other Guyanese judges in Belize and there are several others in the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court and in Barbados who dispense justice without fear, favour or partiality. Oscar Ramjeet

An agenda to besmirch the... From page 4 the distribution of goods and services, as Da Costa is seeking to do, is completely misleading and cannot stand up to scrutiny. The PPP/C administration has always been even handed in the way state resources are being distributed. One only has to examine the budgetary allocation of money to the various administrative regions to get an idea of this even-handedness. This even-handedness could be seen from the distribution of public sector jobs, the allocation of house lots and the award of government scholarships, both overseas and local. An increasing num-

ber of Guyanese from all walks of life are today the proud owners of their own homes, thanks to the robust housing programme pursued by the PPP/C administration. There are some people who find it difficult to rise above petty thinking and see the big picture. Like the proverbial ostrich, they bury their heads in the sand and find fault with everyone who does not share their way of thinking, regardless how

warped and convoluted such thinking may be. The PPP is very cognizant of the fact that much work remains to be done to realize the Jagan dream and the PPP and the PPP/C administration cannot and will not allow itself to be distracted by the likes of Da Costa, who obviously have an opposition agenda, which is to besmirch the good name of the PPP and its leaders Jagnarine Somwar

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Tuesday April 15, 2014

‘Stashed funds’ from GNCB debt recovery ... Finance Minister will answer part of parallel treasuries questions - Opposition Monies collected by the Guyana National Cooperative Bank (GNCB) debt recovery unit will have to be accounted for. Alliance for Change (AFC) Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan and A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU) point man on Finance, Carl Greenidge, plan to grill Finance Minister Ashni Singh about monies which they say are “stashed” in revenue streams that the government is operating as “parallel treasuries”. The now privatized GNCB is said to have recovered some $4B from borrowers after its closure. However, instead of the revenue being placed in the Consolidated Fund as required by law, it was secretly placed into an account at the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry. The information, Ramjattan said, is not unknown to the Opposition and the Finance Minister will have to explain this, like the many other state funds that are tied up in other revenue streams instead of being placed in the Consolidated Fund. According to Article 216 of the Guyana Constitution, all revenues or other moneys raised or received by Guyana shall be paid into and form one Consolidated Fund. The GNCB funds are more of state funds being excluded from the Consolidated Funds and thus does not come before the Parliament. This, Ramjattan continued, is more state money that has also been excluded from the National Budget, but “the Minister will have to deal with this.” The Opposition members said that the GNCB issue came to their attention when questions could not be answered about where the money went. In the meantime, Greenidge said, more investigations are being conducted into the matter, but the government side will have to say where the people’s money is going. Keith Burrowes is the

General Manager of the GNCB, but several telephone calls to him and Mr. Brassington were unanswered. In his budget debate presentation last week, Ramjattan spoke extensively about the parallel treasuries in which the government has skillfully “stashed” state funds instead of putting the money into the Consolidated Fund. Ramjattan said that cuts to the budget were already made since all revenue streams are not accurately reflected. “If we put all revenue streams in the budget we would have lots more; it is in the vicinity of $50B cut, since before being laid here, monies are being hived off to accounts that belong to certain bodies,” Ramjattan had stated. He charged that the Guyana Forestry Commission had a balance at the end of last year of $1B, but this was never placed in the Consolidated Fund. GGMC

AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan held $12B while the Lands and Surveys Commission held $365M, but those amounts too were not placed in the coffers. Ramjattan went on to the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority having $742M, the Central Housing and Planning Authority $2.7B, the lotto funds having $1.1B and

Finance Minister Ashni Singh

APNU Shadow Finance Minister Carl Greenidge

NICIL hoarding some $9B. Ramjattan said, “These bodies have government monies or what is called public money, some $27.7B that is not there.” There is also the issue of the GNCB Trust. Executive Director of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) Winston Brassington was the

Head of NICIL when it acquired the Guyana National Cooperative Bank (GNCB) Trust. NICIL then sold the GNCB Trust to Hand in Hand Insurance Company and in 2003, the insurance company passed a special resolution to change the name of the new asset to Hand in Hand Trust Corporation. However, Brassington

had come under fire when his brother became a major shareholder in the company, and he (Brassington) still being at the helm of NICIL, with inside information, signed on behalf of his brother. NICIL was also a major shareholder in the company with 250,000 shares while Hand in Hand Fire Insurance Company had majority shares. In 2009, the Board of Directors at Hand in Hand Trust Corporation, “authorized an increase in the Trust Corporation Share Capital from $250M to $750M and further authorized the issuance of Preferred/ Ordinary Shares to cover the increased Share Capital.” The Trust had therefore increased its shares from 2.5 million to 7.5 million at $100 per share and immediately, Jonathan Brassington bought 2.25 million shares for $225 million, giving him a onethird ownership in Hand in Hand Trust Company.

Two confess to kidnapping/murder to be charged shortly Investigators probing the kidnapping and subsequent murder of businessman Rajendra Singh, have reportedly made a huge breakthrough in the case and are preparing to charge at least three persons. Reliable sources close to the investigation have informed this newspaper that at least two of the persons who are being held in connection with the incident buckled under intense interrogation and provided detectives with vital information. Kaieteur News understands that one of the persons in custody is a prime suspect in Singh’s kidnapping. But although he was not

picked out yesterday from an identification line up, police still believe that they have enough evidence to charge at least three persons. “We have phone records and at least two of them have implicated themselves,” a top police investigator told Kaieteur News. Police say they are looking for another Albouystown resident who they were told was one of the two men who snatched the businessman from his business place at Foulis Public Road, East Coast Demerara, two Saturdays ago. Late last night investigators were busy preparing a report on the matter which is to be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for advice, prior to the institution of charges. A senior police official

suggested that the state might try to use one of the persons in custody as a witness against his accomplices. However, “we will have to charge him though, because you never know he might renege on any deal.” Police had disclosed that up to Sunday, six persons were in custody. Investigators are almost convinced that Singh’s kidnapping was orchestrated by one of his employees, two of whom are in custody assisting with the probe. This newspaper was told that the plan to extort money from Singh was hatched after he reportedly benefitted from the proceeds of a huge property deal. “We believe that the kidnappers were targeting that money,” the source said.

Rajendra Singh After hours of negotiating, while keeping investigators guessing, the kidnappers apparently became impatient and killed Singh, dumping his body in Le Repentir Cemetery. Police in a press statement, denied receiving

any information that the kidnapped businessman was being held in a Goedverwagting, East Coast Demerara house. This followed an article in the Sunday Edition of the Stabroek News which quoted a source stating that the police had been informed that the kidnapped car dealer was being held captive in an abandoned house at Goedverwagting, East Coast Demerara, but ranks only visited the location hours later when he had been removed by his kidnappers. The police in their statement said that ranks acted professionally and promptly with respect to the information provided from the time Singh was kidnapped to present. “We documented all the phone calls so we have proof to substantiate that we acted responsibly,” a senior police official said, adding that the police don’t believe that the kidnapped businessman was held captive on the East Coast of Demerara. He said that the kidnappers were very innovative, since the police had difficulty narrowing down their monitored telephone calls to any specific area. “Most of the calls (from the kidnappers) were from cell sites in Georgetown. At one time we even got one from Vreed en Hoop and we searched the whole of Plastic City,” the official stated.

Tuesday April 15, 2014

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Nigeria bus station bombing kills 71 on edge of capital (Reuters) - A morning rush hour bomb killed at least 71 people at a Nigerian bus station on the outskirts of the capital yesterday, raising concerns about the spread of an Islamist insurgency after the deadliest ever attack on Abuja. President Goodluck Jonathan pointed the finger of suspicion at Boko Haram, although there was no immediate claim of responsibility from the Islamist militants who are active mainly in the northeast. As well as the dead, police said, 124 were wounded in the first attack on the federal capital in two years. Visiting the scene, Jonathan denounced “the activities of those who are trying to move our country backwards” by staging such an attack. “We will get over it ... The issue of Boko Haram is temporary,” he said, imploring Nigerians to be more vigilant in the face of suspicious characters. Security experts suspect the explosion was inside a vehicle, said Air Commodore Charles Otegbade, director of search and rescue operations. The bus station, 8 km (5 miles)

southwest of central Abuja, serves Nyanya, a poor, ethnically and religiously mixed satellite town where many residents work in the city. “I was waiting to get on a bus when I heard a deafening explosion, then saw smoke,” said Mimi Daniels, who escaped from the blast with minor injuries to her arm. “People were running around in panic.” Bloody remains lay strewn over the ground as security forces struggled to hold back a crowd of onlookers and fire crews hosed down a bus still holding the charred bodies of commuters. “These are the remains of my friend,” said a man, who gave his name as John, holding up a bloodied shirt. “His travel ticket with his name on was in the shirt pocket.” The attack underscored the vulnerability of Nigeria’s federal capital, built in the 1980s in the geographic centre of the country to replace coastal Lagos as the seat of government for what is now Africa’s biggest economy and top oil producer. Boko Haram militants are increasingly targeting civilians

they accuse of collaborating with the government or security forces. Amnesty International estimates the conflict has killed 1,500 people in the past year. In Washington, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki condemned the bombings and said the United States stood with Nigerians as they grapple with “violent extremism.” “We are outraged by these senseless acts of violence against innocent civilians,” Psaki told a regular news briefing. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he was “shocked and saddened by the many lives lost today in the bomb attack.” “The perpetrators of this attack, and those responsible for the continuing brutal attacks in the northeast of the country, must be brought to justice,” he said. ‘NO SURPRISE’ The police said its agencies were on “red alert”, and urged Nigerians to help with an investigation to find the killers. “In some ways it’s not a big surprise,” said Kole

Bomb experts search for evidence in front of buses at a bomb blast scene at Nyanyan in Abuja. (Credit: Reuters/Afolabi Sotunde)

Shettima, director of the Abuja office of the MacArthur Foundation, a U.S. charitable institution. “The situation has been escalating. “It’s a statement that they are still around and they can attack Abuja when they want, and instill fear.” In the past year, the militants, who want to carve an Islamic state out of Nigeria, have concentrated their

attacks mostly in the northeast, where their insurgency started. But an attempted jail break by Boko Haram suspects near the presidential villa in Abuja last month, which triggered a three-hour gun battle, may have used outside help, security sources say. In a video posted on jihadist websites, the sect’s purported leader Abubakar Shekau called on his

“brethren” to take up arms, specifically threatening to attack Abuja and the south, which has so far never been targeted. In a sign of how politicized violence is likely to be in the run-up to elections set for February 2015, the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) accused the main opposition All Progressives Congress of encouraging the blasts.

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Tuesday April 15, 2014

Tuesday April 15, 2014

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CLOSING THE GAP I think there were some very strong points made by the Leader of the Opposition in his presentation to the National Assembly during the Budget debates. Generally, almost all of the presentations from the opposition side of the House lacked alternatives but there were nonetheless some issues raised by the Opposition Leader that deserve greater recognition from the government. And these can form the basis of political compromise between the two sides. The first of these issues is the hinterland-coastland divide to which Mr. Granger alluded as being two worlds, one west of the Essequibo River and the other east. While it is true that there is a great disparity in the allocations in the Budget assigned to the coastland areas as compared with the hinterland regions, this is to be expected. More than eighty per cent of the population of Guyana resides on the coastland and if the Budget is expected to implement measures that meet down to the people, then it is logical that the areas where the bulk of the people reside would naturally have a disproportionate share of overall government spending. It is true also that there is acute poverty in the hinterland. The last time an

income and expenditure survey was done, it confirmed this fact. But since then there has been unprecedented development within the hinterland. It is not as if these areas were neglected. In fact, as one person recently remarked, there are far more vehicles now in certain hinterland communities than ever before. This, it is said, is a sign of growing prosperity in the interior of the country. It is most probable, also, that the greatest reduction in poverty since the last income and expenditure survey, would have been achieved in the hinterland. And this has to do with the specific interventions that the government would have made, including school feeding programs and extensive distribution of solar panels which is still an ongoing exercise. We will have to await the outcome of the next income and expenditure survey but it is most likely that in-so-far as hinterland poverty is concerned there will be a steeper reduction than in other parts of the country. There is a still a far way to go and Mr. Granger’s comparisons to the spending on the coastland and the hinterland raises another issue: how best can poverty be reduced in the interior? One approach- and one assumes that this approach is

Dem boys seh ...

De Waterfalls paper mek Jagdeo talk This weekend that pass was cuss out time and de Waterfalls paper get de most cuss out. Dem boys didn‘t know till Clement open he mouth and talk bout de special meeting and how it discuss de Waterfalls paper. De meeting had nuff talk. Clement talk; Donald talk and Jagdeo talk. Dem boys did expect Jagdeo to talk because de paper does focus pun he once it dealing wid corruption. It does talk bout how he create condition fuh he friends and family and dem family. Of course de paper notice how he save he money and get very rich and all because he use to live wid he mother when he start to wuk. If dem boys coulda tun a fly pun de wall fuh hear wha he had to tell de meeting dem woulda pay all de money dem got in dem name. And dem boys woulda like to hear wha de friends had to tell de meeting bout corruption. All of dem woulda talk how dem save money but none of dem would talk how dem rob de treasury. Dem had some people in de meeting who stand up and talk how de Waterfalls paper does talk de truth because dem have a lot of corruption in de country. De first man who seh suh get send to collect food fuh feed everybody else who been at de meeting. That was one way of shutting him up. Somebody write a note to Donald asking he to make a statement bout de rampant corruption but Donald tell dem that he got to prepare a speech. Ralph had he spy inside de meeting and he done hear that dem spending money to start a campaign against dem newspaper that does criticize de party. Jagdeo did actually pull de ads but that didn’t stop de criticisms. He move a motion fuh de meeting call pun de party people to stop buying de paper but it didn’t get far. It was too sudden and loose. Toilet paper couldn’t help. Talk half and don’t cuss de Waterfalls paper.

being supported by APNU- is for increased expenditure spending in hinterland areas. And there has been increased spending on infrastructure in the interior. But where poverty is acute, selective interventions are a much better approach than investment in physical infrastructure. When parents cannot afford to send their children to school in the interior because of the distance they have to travel, then a specific intervention such as the provision of an outboard engine goes a further way to reduce poverty than say an investment in building roads to the gold fields.

When parents in the hinterland cannot send their children to school because they have nothing to put in their lunch kits, then you can appreciate the value of free school lunches which is taking place in many hinterland communities. When children are not doing well in schools because they have no electricity to study when they get home, then you can see the value of the massive investment being made in distributing solar panels to Amerindian communities. If education is the key to reducing poverty, then specific interventions to

ensure children are encouraged to go to school, will lay the basis slashing acute poverty in the hinterland areas. Since the Opposition Leader has raised the issue of poverty and since it is believed that poverty is most acute in hinterland areas, then perhaps he may wish to negotiate with the government on the $10,000 per student initiative. Why instead of every child in Guyana receiving this sum, should the entire $2B allocation not be exclusively devoted to the children of hinterland Guyana? Who knows given the numbers, instead of each

child receiving $10,000, they can if the entire $2 billion dollars is set aside, receive about $40,000 each. Now this direct transfer to the poorest of the poor will make a big difference in reducing poverty in the hinterland. And while at the end of the year there may still be two worlds in Guyana, one would be making giant strides in catching up with the other.

Budget cut of Amerindian Fund ...

2000 young people are going to be on the bread line - PPP Peoples Progressive Party /Civic (PPP/C) Central Committee Member, and Region Nine Representative Brian Allicock says that “2000 young Amerindians are going to be on the bread line,” as a result of the combined Opposition’s decision to “heartlessly” cut $1.1billion from the budgetary allocation for the Amerindian Development Fund, “We were waiting on the Budget to pass to pay those people…. as of right now they are working without payment,”Allicock said at a media conference hosted by the ruling Party yesterday. He explained that part of the allocation cut by the joint Opposition (A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance For Change) includes the Apprentice Scheme for over 2000 Amerindian youths involved in management, community development and planning, “providing much needed assistance to the Toshoas and Councils of Amerindian villages.” Allicock added that, provisions were made in the

PPP Region 9 representative Brian Allicock 2014 Budget to ensure that every Amerindian Village would have young people learning and providing support in their communities. Allicock said that other programmes affected by the $1.1B cut are the secure livelihood initiative in Region One, the annual subvention to Bena Hill Institute which has been ongoing for years, grants to ten villages to

promote ecotourism and $200M which goes annually to Toshoas who decide what initiatives the various villages will pursue. “Imagine, we are just 10 percent of the population and we cannot get one percent of the Budget…” said Allicock. According to Allicock, “it is hypocritical that the Opposition which laments that young people have no jobs, would so callously deny 2000 Amerindian youths employment in their own communities. Instead of contributing to the building of human and social capital in their respective villages, these young people will now

be forced to leave their families and seek opportunities elsewhere, thereby compromising their village development.” Allicock said. He added that it is ironic that the Opposition would complain that there is no investment in the villages and the need for income earning programmes to assist the Amerindians with job security, but on the other hand deny “over $250M for such programmes which were provided under the 2014 Budget.” The overwhelming majority of the allocation, he (continued on page 12)

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 15, 2014

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

Manickchand’s manipulanda and mannalichen In this country, libel is quick to follow critics. Even if people don’t know the meaning of words they assume they are libelous and you get a lawsuit. I had fun with Bharrat Jagdeo when I referred to his politics as derived ultimately from his bennettitaceous style. (see my May 17, 2010 column, “Benn’s benthoscope and Guyana’s bennettitaceous dictatorship.” I learned that a libel writ was to be filed but they could not come up with a definition of “bennettitaceous.” The

little dictators are funny people. They do not know how to do elementary research. They probably checked the dictionary instead of a science encyclopedia for the word and couldn’t find it. Of course the little dictators don’t know that you can pull a word from science and contextualize it in political or journalistic writings. I used “bennettitaceous” about three times in my columns to denote the source of Jagdeo’s excesses and I believe that style holds the

key to explaining why he became so intolerant of the population. Let me assure my editor that the two words above that are supposed to rhyme with Manickchand are not used in any libelous sense at all. I found them appropriate after her explanation as to why she would not apologize directly to Jaipaul Sharma. Manipulanda is the plural of manipulandum. Definitionsomething that is to be manipulated. In Manickchand’s case, the manipulandum was public

opinion. In claiming that she could not apologize to Sharma because of her sympathy with rape victims, Manickchand was hoping to bend and shape public opinion in her favour away from the fact that Mr. CN Sharma is not convicted off rape, that the case is still in the courts and it was highly injudicious to pronounce on something that is sub judice. Manickchand’s mannequin did not make the showcase. The public believed, then and still think, that Manickchand was way out of line and an apology should have been made to Jaipaul Sharma. The Speaker provided a safety net for Manickchand by a faulty ruling, a decision he ought to apologize for. That error by the Speaker has not stopped the outrage against this lady, the latest being a devastating Stabroek News column. Mannalichen is another example of mine where I lift a word from science and apply it to social analysis. It refers to a type of lichen that is crustaceous and scaly and blows all over the place in the African and Arabian deserts. For this purpose, it refers to

those colleagues of Manickchand that roam all over Guyana doing things that should meet with the revulsion of Manickchand. Was it not under Manickchand’s watch at the Ministry of Social Services that Kwame McCoy was appointed to the Rights of the Child Commission? Is there any published document or unpublished document available to researchers to ascertain how Manickchand felt about this appointment? Is it too late for her to comment on McKoy’s membership? Was Manickchand not a Minister when one of the most shocking episodes in politics anywhere in the world occurred when Varshnie Singh went public with horrible accusations against a sitting President? It is the most inflexible stance of this columnist that the Varshnie Singh/Bharrat Jagdeo scandal has no parallel in modern world politics. Those accusations would have caused the downfall of any President or Prime Minister in all, I say, all the democratic states in the world. To date, Mr. Jagdeo has not answered even one of the claims made by Ms. Singh. Looked at from any angle, it was abuse, mistreatment and psychological mauling of a woman by a President who used his office to achieve his

Frederick Kissoon plan. None of the women in the PPP Government, who constantly see public opinion as their manipulanda, have come out in support of Varsnie Singh, I will give Manickchand the benefit of the doubt that she is not aware of the PPP’s mannalichen but the information is out there. She can get it if she wants. But if she does, will she mention the names as she did with Sharma? The list includes the beating of a wife in a night club in my hometown of Wortmanville, by the lecherous bandit/pandit whose life would make an interesting Lifetime movie. Which brings me to a question; as a practising Hindu, did Manchickchand ever host a ceremony over which this Pandit presided? After a ceremony at a renal clinic up the East Coast, all the young female journalists declined the offer of a ride to Georgetown from a PPPite. Interestingly the Stabroek says Ms. Manickchand and Jagdeo belong to the same school. Wow!

Tuesday April 15, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 11

Hold foreign investors accountable Police dismantle criminal gang in Berbice for creating jobs - AFC tells Govt …nab notorious criminal ‘Bara’ Police in Berbice ‘B’ Division continues to make inroads in the criminal gangs in Berbice after nabbing another notorious criminal. Davendra Harricharran called ‘Bara’ of Nigg Settlement, Corentyne, Berbice, who was a member of the notorious ‘Pop Corn’ gang and was wanted in the recent $10M robbery which occurred on Wednesday at Rose Hall, Corentyne, has been captured. Two unmasked armed bandits on a motorcycle that bore no registration number had held up and robbed Corentyne businessman Ramlingum Mangalie, called Buddy, of $10M in cash that day. He was about to deposit the money into the Republic Bank Rose Hall branch. Ramlingum, his brother Subramanie Mangalie and Father Mangalie Permaul, own and operate the Permaul’s Snackette, Trading and Distribution Store at Lot 30 B Albion Road, Corentyne.

Ramlingum was in his minivan PPP1632 and had just pulled up in front of the bank to deposit the money when he was accosted by the two bandits on a motorcycle. The pillion rider dismounted and discharged a round in the air and grabbed the bag. He then grabbed another bag that contained $7M which belonged to Subramanie. The man put up a fight but released the bag after the bandit discharged a round. The thief then remounted the motorcycle and he and his companion fled. Mangalie gave chase after the men as they meandered through the street before heading through a burial ground into the backlands discharging rounds in the interim with Mangalie in hot pursuit. However, due to the state of the street the man gave up. The matter was reported and the police responded.

They proceeded on foot into the backlands but the men had long since disappeared. The motorcycle was found abandoned in the backlands. On Friday the police got a breakthrough when they got a tip that one of the bandits was hiding out at Number Seven Village, Berbice. Acting on information, the police surprised the bandit at his hide out. The notorious ‘Bara’ surrendered without a fight. The man is the alleged owner of the bike. He has since been positively identified as one of the bandits that carried out the barefaced daytime robbery. The police recently came in for high praise from members of the Berbice community for denting the criminal enterprise. A number of known bandits are behind bars and the police are calling on the remaining criminals to put their guns down and to make a positive contribution to the society.

Fingerprinting technology lands taxi driver in court Almost five months after a civilian’s car was broken into at the Guyana Revenue Authority’s main office, the recently acquired state owned automated Fingerprinting Identification System (FIS) has landed a taxi driver before the courts for making off with almost $200,000 in cash. Jason Hunte, 31, of Lot 44 Grove, East Bank Demerara was yesterday morning taken before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court to be indicted on a larceny charge. The charge which was read to him by Magistrate Ann McLennan alleged that on November 7, 2013 at Camp Street, he stole Ashaf Ali’s $196,000. He pleaded not guilty and

submitted a bail application through his lawyer, Paul Fung-a-Fat, but the court ordered him held until his next court date. State Prosecutor, Corporal Deniro Jones, explained that on the day in question, Ali parked his car in front of the Guyana Revenue Authority building on Camp Street. Jones said that when the victim later returned, he discovered that the left side front window was broken into and the money missing. The matter was reported and subsequent investigations were conducted. Jones told the court that it was through the use of the recently acquired fingerprinting technology

that investigating ranks were able to identify Hunte as the thief. The Prosecutor offered several objections to Hunte being granted his pre-trial liberty. Corporal Jones cited the nature and circumstances of the offence as well as the fact that the fingerprint matched the accused and asked the court to remand him to prison. Representing Hunte, Attorney-at-Law Paul Funga-Fat urged the court to consider that his client has had no previous convictions and offer him reasonable bail. Hunte was remanded to prison until May 13 to appear before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry.

Some of the protest action outside the Marriott Hotel The fact that Guyanese are not employed in the construction of the controversial Marriott Hotel has brought great discontent among citizens. And this has happened despite former President Bharrat Jagdeo’s assurances to the nation that the multi-million-dollar Marriott Hotel project would have brought hundreds of jobs to the country. Especially, younger persons would have gained employment. Winston Brassington, Head of Atlantic Hotel Inc, which is overseeing the branding of the hotel had assured citizens and Union representatives last year that the Government will continue to push for the contractor, Shanghai Construction Group (SCG), to hire local labourers in the construction phase of the US$51M hotel. That was done even as he read out a clause in the contract to union representatives stating that the contractor has the right to import its labour. However, with the construction of the 197 -room hotel ongoing, Guyanese are yet to get their share of work at the facility. Alliance for Change (AFC) member Trevor Williams is therefore calling on the government to ensure that a foreign investment regime is put in place to hold foreign investors and developers accountable for creating jobs for Guyanese.

Williams had made the call during his 2014 budget presentation last week as he explained a grave dilemma which he said is facing young people as a result of job shortages. “Absent also is an investment regime that has foreign investors ensuring that they create employment for Guyanese.” “We had the Marriott fiasco of recent and now Bai Shan Lin recently announced that in its plan to invest in Value Added forestry products in Guyana, over 300 skilled persons would have been needed. Unfortunately, there was no indication that any could be supplied from Guyana.” Williams added, “Vitarna Holdings after acquiring Caribbean Resources Limited (CRL) from CLICO in Region Seven promised Guyanese that it would invest in value added production instead of shipping away raw materials which rob the country of revenues. Well after a number of years it is yet to keep that promise.” Williams had also informed the National Assembly of a report which said that a worker from the extracting industry was assaulted by his foreign employer. The report, he continued, is that the Manager had hit one worker with a spade and pelted others with hard hats. When that worker stood up to his

employer, he was fired. Williams called on the Labour Ministry to look into the matter and protect citizens from such injustices. He pointed fingers at Labour Minister, Nanda Gopaul, who he said spoke boldly about that Ministry being ready to represent workers’ interest across Guyana, but citizens continue to encounter such incidents. Speaking on the rate of migration, Williams had also said to the House that, “Apart from being rid of our best and brightest via the continuing brain drain scenario, Guyana’s youth remain largely detached from mainstream development, mostly unemployed or underemployed.” He said that many young persons are selling water and newspapers at stop lights, while they are willing and ready to work, “but our Government must show faith in them and partner with the private sector to make these opportunities available.” “I would have expected particularly in an electioneering budget, concrete programmes focusing on youth entrepreneurship from a policy level. A multisectoral job creation programme that links GO-Invest with the Ministries responsible for Labour, Education, Industry and Youth would have been welcomed but is of course conspicuously absent.”

Page 12

Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 15, 2014

Police in countywide community outreach in Berbice Riding on their recent success in their fight against crime in Berbice, the ‘B’ Division of the Guyana Police Force under the command of Assistant Commissioner Brian Joseph, recently conducted a countywide fan out and community outreach programme across villages in Berbice. The aim is to do policing differently. Members of the force walked through the various communities and interacted with residents to hear their concerns, in an effort to get a firsthand look at difficulties facing the villagers in the areas and to help sort out problems. During the visit the police highlighted the need to engage the communities to become more efficient in crime fighting and solving other problems. Residents were told during the interactions that they have a major role to play in preventing crime and assisting crime fighting. They

were urged to have an open mind about establishing a cohesive working relationship with the force. The initiative came about as the police adopted some initiatives in their fight against crime and to get a better relationship with persons in the various communities. The cops, during the past week, engaged in massive fan out exercises across the county especially in the ‘Hot Spot’ communities such as Angoy’s Avenue, Betsy Ground, Adelphi, Canefield, Rose Hall, Sheet Anchor, various parts of New Amsterdam, Corriverton, Blairmont, Rosignol and Bush Lot among other areas. Residents interacted freely with members of the Police Force and were happy that the cops visited. Among residents’ concerns were the number of idle youths in the areas, wanton gambling, high level of noise nuisance, speeding of vehicles in some

B Division Commander Brian Joseph (third from left) and some of his officers pay keen attention to the views being expressed by a resident. communities, high level of school dropouts, domestic violence, lack of opportunities for residents in some areas, lack of electricity in some areas resulting in the area being dark, giving confidence to unscrupulous persons to wait in the dark to rob passersby, many instances of petty robberies and break and enter. Some residents asserted that if there is nothing for the youths to do they become idle and find

themselves in trouble. The Police Officers responded by inviting all the youths in the areas to seek employment in any one of the joint services organizations. Parents were invited to involve their children in Police Youth clubs which are to be established. Some residents spoke about their fear of calling the police, because on many occasions the perpetrators would call and accuse them of being informers.

The Commander and his senior officers promised to make whatever resources are available to assist. The officers told the residents that the police, in their efforts to foster good relationships, will continue to work with the community to ensure that the areas remain quiet and peaceful. The residents were told also that they must play their part. They were encouraged to form policing groups in their areas and to make sure that they remain

active. The police traffic department will also step up visits to various areas. They also promised to introduce scouting to the various areas and to beef up security and the adoption of clubs in the areas. Residents had words of commendation for Commander Joseph and his team whom they praised for the reduction of crime in the Division and the capturing and elimination of some others.

2000 young people are going to be on the ... From page 9 explained, would be spent by the Amerindians in their communities, further supporting their villages’ economic development. “This cutting of your nose to spoil your face mentality by the Opposition is hard to comprehend, especially as the Opposition claims that Government has been neglecting

the hinterland.” When questioned by the media about allegations that monies being made available to the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs were used to recruit Amerindians to the Progressive Youth Organization (PYO) which is the youth arm of the PPP, Allicock responded by saying that the respective village councils were approached and

asked to provide the names of ten youths to work with their respective village councils. “I don’t know where that came from, probably other areas, but I know the area that I worked with, that is what I did. I did not go and say you are PPP or you are APNU or whatever… I asked for youths to work along with the village council so that is what we got.” APNU Leader David

Granger, in justifying the 1.1B cuts to that sector had said. “We have received advice that the more than $1B fund was being improperly used by the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs for political purposes rather than for educational or developmental purposes.” “The funds that have been used to establish the Youth Apprenticeship and Entrepreneurial Programme (YAEP) are controlled directly by the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs… and everybody in that programme receives a stipend of $30,000 a month. Some don’t do

any work…It has caused conflict between some of these Community Support Officers [CSO’s] and the Toshaos who have no say in it. “We do not feel it is a justifiable use of the money and we voted against it because we feel it must be accountable.” Responding to the allegation that the YAEP members are paid to do nothing Allicock said “I won’t say that they are paid to do nothing because in my area they are active, we know that they are active because they ask certain questions.”

He continued that “what is being done, is that when we go into villages, the CSO’s are there and they support what we are doing and they of course are asked to report to the Ministry, so that is what at least in my area and where I work is happening. I have heard it before that people are being paid to do nothing, but I don’t think that is the case in my area even though we had a shaky start in that the village councils couldn’t understand the TOR [Terms Of Reference] in the beginning. But that was rectified”, said Allicock.

Tuesday April 15, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 21

Man on bail for publishing Road fatalities is a worrying trend - McLean nude pictures of ex-girlfriend Guyana is supposed to half the number of road fatalities that occur by the year 2020, based on the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020. But, instead, Guyana is faced with a worrying upward trend. This is according to Major General (Retired) Norman McLean, Chairman of the Guyana National Road Safety Council, during a recent interview with this publication. He noted that accidents and incidents on the roadways are “getting from bad to worse.” McLean believes that education, coupled with enforcement, is pertinent to reducing road fatalities. He emphasized that the four theoretical sessions offered by the Guyana Police Force’s Traffic Department as a prerequisite to getting a driver ’s licence is inadequate. He does not recommend the driver’s package being more difficult but is adamant that continuous education should be a criterion for holding a driver’s licence. McLean explained that

during the first year of holding a driver’s licence, the individual should be required to attend classes to sharpen one’s knowledge of how to use the roadways. “It is my view that the schools need to do a lot more road safety education programmes and our young people between the ages of 18 and 25 need to have intensive education programmes. Persons who want to drive must have intensive training programmes. They must be conscious of what their responsibilities are on the road,” he said. He dismissed the notion expressed by many observers that there is a correlation between the increasing

number of vehicles on the roadways and vehicular accidents that result in fatalities. According to the Chairman, increasing traffic would result in traffic congestion and not road accidents. However, he will be conducting an analysis to determine the main contributing factors to road accidents and under what circumstances the persons become victims. “The carnage of the roadway is very traumatic… There is the cost of hospitalization for the injured…and the recuperation period. All those things are costly and impacting negatively,” McLean said.

Water shortage hits Kwakwani Several residents of Staff Hill, Kwakwani, have been without water for the past four weeks. KUI, the subsidiary supplying water to the community, is tasked with investigating what is impeding water from reaching residents’ taps since there is reportedly no problem with the water plant. According to an elderly female resident, for weeks her tap has been dry while most of her neighbours are receiving water. She said that she is forced to bathe at her daughter, who lives in another street, and fetch water to do household chores. She also depends on rain water to flush the toilet. She believes that the water company does not have the capacity to satisfy the growing community. Another resident, who lives about two doors away, said for the past week water has been trickling through his

tap. “It would come on, fill a cup and cut off,” he said. He is hopeful that the problem would be resolved shortly since the water situation is posing great inconvenience. His family is currently using water from the creek for bathing and other domestic purposes. He uses bleach to treat the creek water and he purchases bottled water for drinking. The man said that on Sunday a team from the water company was in the area trying to address the issue.

“Our Education System ... From page 14 was there. “When I left, there was a well stocked freezer and a fridge, a microwave, utensils and a generator. Now there is nothing. Everything vanished,” an angry Benn related. She added that she was informed that the former kitchen workers were lending each other the money which was meant to feed the children.

At present, the kitchen is not functioning. “Now the children have to go home for lunch and some of them don't even come back because of the distance they are living from the school,” Benn stressed. Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand could not be reached for a comment yesterday but an official at the Ministry promised to look into the situation.

According to a representative of KUI, the company was not informed of this recent water “shortage” situation. There was a similar situation earlier in the month but that was fixed. However, the company would have to carry out another investigation to determine why water is not reaching all the taps. The representative noted that there are 31 houses on the hill and the majority is receiving water. He assured that there is nothing wrong with the water plant and there is adequate pressure to send water through pipelines. He said that residents do not pay for water since the service is subsidized by Government. According to Shaik Baksh, Chief Executive Officer of Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), GWI provides capital assistance to KUI to ensure residents have access to water. He noted that GWI is concerned about the current situation and hopes the matter would be resolved soon.

Bail was yesterday set to the tune of $70,000 for a 22year-old Banks DIH employee who was arraigned at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court for publicizing nude pictures of his ex-girlfriend. Angus Durant, a resident of Block ‘X’, Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara pleaded not guilty when the charge was read to him by Magistrate Ann McLennan yesterday. On March 1, last, Durant knowingly and without lawful excuse exposed to the public, obscene pictures of his exgirlfriend. The Prosecution team led by Corporal Deniro Jones who briefed the court, stated that the ex-girlfriend and Durant had known each other

because they once shared an intimate relationship for some time. The Prosecution did not reveal the details of the crime and offered no objections to bail. Jones, however, asked that if granted it be of a substantial sum with conditions attached. The Magistrate, in response, granted bail and ordered that Durant must report to the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) every Friday until the completion of the matter. He was also ordered to stay fifty feet away from his exgirlfriend. The case will be called again on May 13 before Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry at the said court.

Accused: Angus Durant

GWI seeks consulting services for Treatment Plants upgrade The Guyana Water Inc (GWI) is seeking consultancy services to undertake upgrade/expansion of its treatment plants at Bartica, Eccles, Sophia and Mon Repos. The duration for the consultancy will be six weeks for each location and will be undertaken simultaneously. According to the utility company, the projects require geo-technical investigations at suitable locations to ascertain the characteristics of actual soil/rock strata and engineering properties of each soil/rock strata to obtain the necessary information for the design of the foundation

and safe bearing pressure for the foundation design. Guyana Water Inc will be inviting eligible consultants to indicate their interest in providing the services for the following: Lot 1 – Bartica Water Treatment Plant; Lot 2 – Eccles Water Treatment Plant; Lot 3 – Sophia Water Treatment Plant and Lot 4 – Mon Repos Water Treatment Plant. GWI noted that interested consultants must provide information establishing that they are qualified to perform the services (description of similar assignments, experience in similar type of

conditions existing in Regions 4 and 7, availability of appropriate skills among staff, etc.). Interested consultants may obtain further information via email to and addressed to the Director of Procurement or by telephone on numbers: 225 0471/5 or 227 1399. Expressions of Interest must be placed in a sealed envelope and deposited in the Tender Box located at Guyana Water Incorporated, Vlissengen Road & Church Street Bel Air Park, Georgetown, no later at 2:00 p.m. on April 16, 2014.

Pensioner Simon Desmond Chesney of 131 Wismar Housing Scheme has complained about the exorbitant bill that Guyana Water Inc. has issued to him. According to Chesney he washes only about three or four times per month, and never cooks as he is visually impaired, yet his bills continue to be ‘astronomical’. The man said that his daughter who lives close by prepares his meals. “So where did this exorbitant bill come from? It seems to me that they’re billing me for somebody else, because I just can’t understand this- I have neighbours who do a lot of washing and the usual things that families do with water, and their bill is far less. “Now I’m a pensioner and I was issued a bill for $24,300 and something. When my

daughter queried it, they told her that I would have to pay $15,000 or somewhere around that amount, when they discount my pension subsidy. “But even that amount is still too much, because as I said before, I don’t wash much, and I don’t cook.” Chesney complained that he had a similarly ‘high bill’ last year and was even disconnected, when it was not paid. “I had to pay $6000 for reconnection- Chesney says he feels that the GWI is being

unfair to him, as apart from being a pensioner, he is visually impaired. “This situation is totally unfair to me, and right now, I’m of the opinion that I’m paying water bill for somebody’, the unhappy man declared.” In an invited comment from GWI an officer from the PR department, disclosed that according to their records the bill that was issued to Mr. Chesney was correct, as the reading on his meter determined what was reflected on his bill.

Pensioner accuses GWI of overbilling

Page 22

Kaieteur News

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Tuesday April 15, 2014

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Tuesday April 15, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news

We are now a divided society where our motto no longer exists DEAR EDITOR, The Joint Parliamentary Opposition leader Brigadier David Granger had met with the Alliance For Change (AFC) Leader Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan prior to the sitting of parliament on the morning of Thursday, 10, April, 2014 to discuss the $6B allocation for the sugar industry in the 2014 budget presented by the Finance Ministry Mr. Ashni Singh recently. In that meeting, the Joint Parliamentary Opposition agreed not to vote down the $6B allocation for the sugar workers in the National Assembly because sugar, for decades, has been a significant contributor to the Guyanese economy in its good years, and provides jobs. This was expected by all of us, since Mr. Granger has always fought to ensure the sugar industry doesn’t close down in this country

under this incompetent regime. It is very clear that the PPP/C Government was behind the related protest to create some sort of disturbance and division in the country. This Government is bent on trying to regain control of power in parliament through dirty politics - on racial and ethnic grounds - after they lost power at the 2011 general elections. This nonsense must stop if our nation is to move forward. However, I was very surprised to notice that the sugar cane workers were not arrested, shot or tear-gassed by law enforcement officers, when they turned up in front of parliament building last Thursday, to register their concern about the allocation that the Government had made for the sugar industry. As a matter of fact, the police acted in a professional

and civilized manner in dealing with the hundreds of sugar workers, predominantly Indo-Guyanese, who were outside Parliament Buildings on that day. Remarkably no lives were lost and I must take this opportunity to commend the Force for a well job done in dealing with the protestors. Conversely, I would like those in authority to tell me and the nation why is it when protesters of Afro-descent take to the streets to protest for better wages, working conditions and equal rights, among issues of genuine concern to them in this country, they are either being arrested, terrorized, murdered, jailed, tear-gassed, beaten, tortured and shot at with live rounds. Under the Constitution, “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person” and Article 20 (1) states that “Everyone has the

right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.” So why have predominantly AfroGuyanese protestors been the victims of police brutality under this administration for the past twenty years? In July 2012, Shemroy Bouyea, Ron Somerset, and Allan Lewis were shot dead during a protest regarding government’s plan to increase electricity tariffs in the bauxite mining town of Linden. The protestors were calling for a reversal of the decision. These protestors were peaceful and unarmed, just like those outside Parliament Buildings on the morning of Thursday, April 10, 2014, yet three persons were killed senselessly. We are now a divided society where our motto ‘One People, One Nation, One Destiny’ no longer exists. Rayvonne P. Bourne

Poverty is the result of weak leadership, and a wicked and corrupt government DEAR EDITOR, It seems that no feasibility study has yet been done to establish the Amaila Falls as a sustainable source of hydropower. Pictures have been taken which show that the volume of water flowing over the Amaila Falls, without being placed under the microscope of an expert study, clearly demonstrates to any layman that there is no justification whatsoever for spending any amount of money on building a hydroelectric dam there.

Yet this Government has spent, and intends to continue making provision, and to spend - whether from borrowing or from our hardearned taxpayer dollars - on a road which no one in Guyana has yet proven otherwise, that this road will lead nowhere but to a complete waste of our financial resources, and is essentially a means of enriching the government’s cronies and associates with our money. Fraud, as defined at http:/ /legal-dictionary.thefree, is “a

false representation of a matter of fact—whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of what should have been disclosed—that deceives and is intended to deceive another so that the individual will act upon it to her or his legal injury”. I would like to contend that expenditures under this Amaila Falls project in the past, to the present, were, and are fraudulent. I further encourage our lawyers and economists to

work together closely with the aim of recouping any and all expenditures under this line item in the government’s budget. The Honorable David Granger said recently that “Poverty is not an act of God…” I would like to suggest an alternative completion of the thought as follows: “Poverty is not an act of God, but the result of weak leadership, and a wicked and corrupt government intent on stealing from and robbing the citizens of its country.” Craig Sylvester

First police witness testifies in Mahaicony... From page 18 before Justice William Ramlal and a mixed panel of jurors. Adams told the court that he was attached to the Cove and John Police Station, at the time of the incident. The policeman said that on January 29, 2010, he was summoned to a murder scene at Mahaicony. The witness claimed that upon arrival of the crime scene, he observed a crowd gathered at the side of the road. “I observed the body of a male lying on the side of the road, he appeared to be dead,” he added. Adams continued to describe what he saw at the murder scene. “The victim was wearing black pants, no shirt, there a spot of what appeared to be dried blood and a stab wound at his left side chest, there also spots of what looked like

dried blood at the side of the road.” The policeman said that he checked the area for sharp objects but none were found. Adams said that he then summoned crime scene investigators to the location, where photographs and samples of other evidential nature were uplifted. The witness claimed that he escorted the body to the hospital and subsequently went to the Mahaicony Police Station, where he contacted Jaikaran, the number one accused. Attorney at law, Jailall Kissoon, who is representing the trio, cross examined, Adams. Kissoon is representing the accused in association with Attorneys -at-Law, Satyesh Kissoon and Renee Kissoon. Under cross examination, the witness told the court that he did not know the victim,

prior to his death. “I didn't know him personally; I only knew his name,” Adams recalled. Adams told the court that while at Mahaicony Police Station, he also took statements from several witnesses.

“I took statements from several persons other than the accused I cannot recall the time names of all the witnesses.” State Prosecutor is Dhanika Singh as the trial continues today.

(From page 22)

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 15, 2014

$$Multi-million security, road repair contracts under scrutiny …$7B budget approved for Regions 6, 7 and 8 The Opposition brought the microscope on millions of dollars spent annually for security services contracts before approving over $7B for Regions Six, Seven and Eight, as the considerations of the $220B National Budget estimates for this year continued yesterday. One of the companies, Strategic Action, especially came for special attention as its main principal had reportedly faced charges relating to stolen property. Some of the items included, (allegedly) a number of stolen laptops belonging to a distribution programme run by the state. However, the charges, the House was told last evening, have since been dismissed. The Opposition had argued earlier that the company should have been blocked from participating in state contracts because of the charges. According to

Winston Felix, a former Commissioner of Police and now Member of Parliament for A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), he would have been blacklisted had he been in the same position. Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Norman Whittaker, insisted that the contracts were awarded in keeping with the national procurement laws. Questions were also asked about the costs for security services which have increased significantly, in some cases, up to 80 per cent. However, the government has explained that the difference reflects increases of the Minimum Wage last year, which placed extra costs for those companies. The Opposition was especially critical of complaints that security guards have been underpaid despite the introduction of

new Minimum Wage measures last year. They have asked for details of how and where security services are being provided so that checks can be made to ascertain that 24hours services are indeed being provided. According to Whittaker, Government is paying security firms $300 per hour on the contracts. The issue is not new as workers have been complaining of being paid late, and less than what they should be receiving. Additionally, there have been cases reported of security firms not paying taxes and workers deductions for the National Insurance Scheme not being remitted. Strategic Action and Homesafe Security were the two companies that have been awarded the bulk of the contracts for the schools, health centres and other

Government facilities. For the three regions, more than $400M has been allocated to pay security firms. During considerations of Region Six (East Berbice/ Corentyne), Member of Parliament of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Dr. Veerasammy Ramayya, raised questions about the Region’s spending on fuel and lubricants. Of concern was the fact that a truck has been in the workshop for two years now with the low-bed trailer at the Whim centre ground. However, it was explained that the Region has other vehicles. There have been accusations that the Region is involved in rackets where private contractors illegally benefit from “free” fuel. In total, more than $4.4B in allocations for East Berbice Region was approved. So too was a $1.6B allocation for Region Seven

AFC’s MP, Dr. Veerasammy Ramayya

Local Govt. Minister, Norman Whittaker

(Cuyuni/Mazaruni) and a $1.6B for Region Eight (Potaro/Siparuni). In Region Eight, Government disclosed that it is moving to phase out the use of pit latrines for its facilities, including schools, with a number of projects underway. Questions were also asked about the availability of vehicles for Regional Chairman, Mark Crawford. Crawford’s party, the Alliance For Change, has been complaining that the official has been consistently

sidelined in his work. That opposition party won the Region following the 2011 General and Regional Elections. However, Minister Whittaker disclosed that an All-Terrain Vehicle is at the disposal of the Chairman. So too were vehicles which are under the control of the Regional Executive Officer. The Government was also intensely grilled about the hostels, schools and repairs to roads and bridges in especially Regions Seven and Eight.

Oxford University researcher examines Guyana’s migration trend Although in 1960 Guyana had a meagre migration rate of six per cent, by 2010 that rate had climbed to a whopping 56 per cent. At least this is according to the preliminary findings of a research project entitled “Historical migration trends and factors that shape Guyanese migration.” The project was conducted by Simona Vezzoli, a Research Officer attached to the University of Oxford. Vezzoli presented her work last week Wednesday during a forum at the Church Street, Georgetown, National Library, which was held under

the theme “I am Guyana’s Solution Tank”. According to her findings, in 1960 Guyana was inhabited by 560,000 people and six per cent of these were abroad. Vezzoli found too that while Guyana’s population had grown to 786,000, by 2010, 56 per cent were outside of the Guyanese jurisdiction. In fact she discovered that Guyana’s history and migration dynamics between the 1940s and 1960s reflected colonial migration: of the elite; for the purpose of education; for prestigious positions and those oriented to the United Kingdom.

The migration dynamic was also linked to working opportunities in the transport and health care sectors as well, Vezzoli uncovered. Added to this, the movement trend was associated to threat of communism, to existing socio-economic structure, flight of upper and middle class. These were classified as “Red scare migration.” And then there was the UK Commonwealth Act of 1962. Elaborating on the Act in her presentation, Vezzoli said that “Guyanese were aware of the British intent to curb immigration and a quick

rush to reach Britain occurred in 1961-1962.” The migration trend, the Researcher found continued even after Guyana gained its indepe n d e n c e i n 1 9 6 6 , evident by “mixed feelings in the population – some fears but also jubilation; some return for development reasons and also some (for) retirement.” By the time Guyana became a Cooperative Republic in 1970, there was nationalisation of multinational corporations, import substitution and mechanization of agriculture and moves to reform

Research Officer, Simona Vezzoli education even as an immigration policy to attract Guyanese and other West Indians back was crafted. However, there was increasing authoritarianism, discrimination of East Indians population and opposition, which resulted in entire families or “plane loads of people” emigrating, many of whom ventured to neighbouring Suriname, Vezzoli found. The Researcher observed too that Walter Rodney’s assassination and worsening economy somehow contributed to political threats to the opposition, deep economic crisis, food shortages, smuggling of goods from Suriname even as emigration increased both by Indo- and Afro-Guyanese. But despite her extensive

research, Vezzoli informed this publication yesterday that since her findings are based on preliminary observations and insights she will be conducting further analysis in the next few months in order to refine them. Vezzoli’s research interests include migration policy, in particular sending countries’ perspectives on emigration and the interaction between emigration and immigration policies; sending country policies to engage diaspora communities; and return and reintegration of migrants in their communities of origin. Her work has covered migration and development initiatives in Mexico, Morocco, Ghana and Serbia. She is currently exploring the history and impact of migration policies, with a focus on the Caribbean region. As such, her current research work sees her using Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana as case studies even as she seeks to ascertain ‘the role of the origin country/state in migration processes’; role of i n d e p e n d e n c e / decolonization in state formation processes and state policies. Vezzoli is therefore taking advantage of archival research, that is, government documents, newspapers and 31 interviews with migrants, re-migrants and nonmigrants.

Tuesday April 15, 2014

Kaieteur News

Caribbean answering global call to end stigma and discrimination KINGSTON, Jamaica (UNAIDS) — The Caribbean response to HIV has known many successes in recent years. Since 2001 there has been a 54% decline in AIDSrelated deaths while new HIV infections have dropped by 49%. Twenty times more people are accessing HIV treatment now than there were ten years ago. And several countries are on track to virtually eliminate new HIV infections among children by 2015. However, stigma and discrimination are still hampering efforts to reduce new HIV infections, increase the numbers of people accessing antiretroviral treatment and ensure that all people living with HIV can live full and productive lives. Prejudice towards people living with HIV and other key populations such as men who have sex with men, transgender people, sex workers, people who use drugs, homeless people and prisoners, remains a major obstacle throughout the region. “HIV is a by-product of social inequities,” said Carolyn Gomes, executive director of the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition at the Caribbean Consultation on Justice For All in Kingston, Jamaica. “We need a bottom-up approach. We have to find

ways to be heard. We have to apply resources to what we know would bring about transformative change.” The “Justice For All” initiative is meant to link the voices and actions of members of civil society with governments, faith communities and the private sector. It is an attempt to collectively propel Caribbean countries toward improving citizens’ access to justice and equity. It also aims to build alliances in order to increase awareness and support for human rights. Coordinated by the PanCaribbean Partnership Against HIV and AIDS (PANCAP), the effort is led by the United Nations Secretary General’s Special Envoy on HIV for the Caribbean, Professor Edward Greene, supported by UNAIDS. “The world now knows what to do to end this epidemic,” UNAIDS deputy executive director, Dr Luiz Loures told participants. “We have the tools but we have entered a phase in which some people are getting left behind. The Caribbean is part of this contradiction. The general epidemic is going down but there are still laws, attitudes and practices that stop us from achieving our goals.” Loures encouraged participants in the consultation to choose concrete targets

and milestones to chart their progress towards ending stigma and discrimination. The executive director of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Mark Dybul, noted that this regional approach to building a culture of respecting human rights is unique. “The Caribbean can become the leader in ending AIDS,” said Dybul. “We are at an historic moment when we can end AIDS as a public health threat. No other epidemic is pushing us to respond to one another differently and to embrace everyone, every small subset of people, as part of the human family.” Greene identified key areas of focus including reducing gender inequality, promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights and repealing discriminatory laws that infringe human rights. Sex between men is a criminal offence in 11 nations in the region and several Caribbean countries prohibit aspects of sex work. Some countries also have laws that restrict entry on the basis of sexual orientation, HIV status and disability. The prime minister of St Kitts and Nevis, Denzil Douglas, assured that “Justice For All” will be a focus of discussion for the region’s political leaders.

Remittance fees to Caribbean outrageously high - World Bank (Jamaica Gleaner) The World Bank has voiced concern about what it described as the exorbitant cost of sending remittances to the Caribbean. The World Bank says in some cases migrant workers are forced to pay as much as US$50 to send US$200 and it says this is wrong. The Washington-based financial institution said this is especially so when workers are sending salaries they have earned in the hope of supporting their families back

home. It said US$200 is often a very significant sum for migrants’ family income. It says there was little price transparency and no global effort to address this problem until the World Bank helped form a coalition to monitor the process and create an information system to help remittance-senders compare services and costs. As a result, the bank said the global average of sending a remittance of US$200 came down from 9.81 per cent to 8.95 per cent in the normal

average and from 8.58 per cent to 6.62 per cent in the weighted average from 2008. The World Bank has also said that remittances to the Caribbean and other developing countries are expected to remain robust this year, despite increased deportations of migrant workers. The bank said migrants from developing countries, including the Caribbean, are expected to send US$436 billion in remittances to their home countries this year.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 15, 2014

Journalists get death threats - Reporters told they will be killed for Kartel coverage (Jamaica Observer) Death threats have been made against the lives of two journalists for their reporting on the Vybz Kartel case. Jamaica Observer Crime/ Court Desk Editor Karyl Walker and Nationwide News Network reporter/producer Abka Fitz-Henley have been identified as the reporters whose lives have been threatened. Walker received several threatening calls on his cellular phone making reference to a Sunday Observer lead story that carried no by-line. “P.... hole, a wah dat yu write bout di man a bran him as informa; wi know weh yu live,” the first caller told Walker. Walker calmly told the caller that the only article he had in the paper was one about problems in Port Royal. But the caller insisted that it was Walker who wrote the story, saying that he knew his writing style. The article quoted a source in the police high command as saying that Vybz Kartel had given information to the police that led to the recovery of 17 illegal firearms and the apprehension of several wanted men in the Portmore, St Catherine area. The police source said also that Kartel gave up the information in an effort to avoid being charged with the murder of associate Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams. In the case of Fitz-Henley, he was threatened shortly after Nationwide aired the voice notes that were used by the prosecution in convicting the artiste and three coaccused — Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Kahira Jones and Andre St John — for Williams’ murder. In the voice notes, a man, whose voice has been attributed to Vybz Kartel could be heard issuing death threats if Williams did not recover two guns that were stolen while in his care. The explosive voice notes were taken from Vybz Kartel’s phone. They were compiled into a 10-minute-

- Kartel calls on fans to stop

Entertainer Vybz Kartel long package with musical interludes and narrated by Fitz-Henley. Nationwide boss and senior journalist Cliff Hughes confirmed the threat against Fitz-Henley. “We have written to the commissioner of police, formally bringing it to his attention and asking him to investigate and provide the necessary guidance and protection,” Hughes told the Observer. The letter to the commissioner was sent off on Friday. “In two instances last week after we played the voice notes from the trial, Abka got a direct call to his phone telling him to leave Kartel alone, if not all kinda things could happen to him,” Hughes said. He added: “Last Monday morning, the security guard at our front desk received a call from a man demanding to speak with me. When he heard that I wasn’t there, he told the security guard to tell Abka to leave — and he used an expletive — Kartel alone because wi know weh him live and wi a go murder di bwoy. We don’t know if it is coming from Kartel or from exuberant supporters....” The journalists aren’t the only ones to be threatened as a result of the Vybz Kartel

matter. Sergeant Patrick Linton, the former cybercrime boss, who gave technical evidence in the matter, had received threats and there was an attempt to firebomb his house. The director of public prosecutions and her team who handled the case also received death threats. The convicts were sentenced to life imprisonment with Kartel ordered to serve 35 years at hard labour before becoming eligible for parole, Campbell and Jones are to each serve 25 years before the possibility of parole, and St John is to serve 30 years before he’s eligible for parole. Meanwhile, yesterday afternoon, Kartel through his legal team issued a call for his fans to refrain from threatening journalists. “I appeal to any misguided individual or individuals who may think it appropriate to seek to threaten or intimidate anyone, to stop it,” Kartel said in his statement. “Such action is not helping me or my fellow appellants and is playing into the hands of the police and others who are seeking to discredit me and prejudice the fair hearing of my appeal.”

Rent-a-casket (Nation News)The rental of caskets has taken off in Barbados in a significant way. And a number of funeral homes are cashing in on this trend as people look for more economical ways to say final goodbyes to their loved ones. Rather than paying upwards of $4 000 for a locally-made casket and as

much as $15 000 for an import, Barbadians can have the same “turnout” for a fraction of the cost. Figures quoted range from $1 500 to $2 500. However, rentals are only done when the body is to be cremated and there is a memorial service or viewing of the body.

Tuesday April 15, 2014

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Elizabeth Styles U-19 50-Over cricket... 5 records tumble at Tucber Park, Police and Cotton UTech Classic in Jamaica Tree Die Hard notch up wins

Jamaica Observer RISTANNANA Tracey smashed the women’s 400m hurdles record at the UTech Classic and in the process established a world-leading time of 55.64 seconds Saturday. Tracey, a former Edwin Allen star, now at Racers Track Club, said her race wasn’t perfect but was not surprised by the time, as she lowered Kaliese Spencer’s record of 56.32 seconds set in 2009. “I felt great about my race.

I think I executed fairly well. However, there were parts in my race that I actually messed up, but overall I’m pleased, and yes, I was expecting this time or better, based on training,” she told the Jamaica Observer. Up to press time Saturday evening, five records were broken, one of which was Edwin Allen setting a high school world record of 43.95 seconds in the women’s 4x100m relay, though finishing second to MVP,

which broke the meet record with 43.31 seconds, a world lead so far this year. Racers with Kenroy Anderson, Michael Frater, Warren Weir and Yohan Blake lowered the men’s equivalent of 38.46 seconds, to 38.41 seconds. Running without Usain Bolt, Blake had to come from behind and catch Tyquendo Tracey of UTech, whose quartet also went below the previous record with 38.42 seconds. MVP were third in 38.91 seconds.

Tuesday April 15, 2014 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): A memory prompts you to take a more rational approach to an upsetting situation. In the past, you tended to act before you thought. Now you’re seeing the benefit of mulling over plans before putting them into practice. *********************************** TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): People have accused you of being stubborn and set in your ways. You have a golden opportunity to change that perception today. Reaching out to an offbeat neighbour will teach you a valuable lesson. *********************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): Pursuing an unusual career path feels stimulating and challenging. You’ve never been the type to rest on your laurels. Whenever you reach a certain level of achievement, you feel compelled to move to higher ground. *********************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): You can salvage a depressing work environment by adding cosy touches to your surroundings. Family photographs, thriving plants, and soft lighting can soothe your nerves and boost your productivity. *********************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): A creative breakthrough is imminent, provided you discuss your ideas with anyone who will listen. An innocent remark will help you see this project in a whole new light. *********************************** VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): Alove of nature could prompt you to transform a drab outdoor spot into the Garden of Eden.This project is a perfect expression of all you hold dear. Certain friends will think you’re wasting valuable time, money and energy, especially if you’re not working on your own property.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Normally, you’re content to take the middle ground in the interests of preserving harmony. Today you have very strong opinions about sex, death and money. Don’t hesitate to speak your mind to a neighbour or close relative. *********************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): You’re incredibly resourceful when it comes to making and saving money. Keeping a low profile helps you to avoid temptation. Resist going out to expensive restaurants with friends, and avoid going window-shopping to fill time. *********************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): You’re a virtual miracle worker when it comes to rallying the troops. Take this opportunity to uplift and encourage people who are engaged in a seemingly endless project. Under your guidance, the team could finish the project in record time. *********************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): Trust your sixth sense, especially when it comes to advancing your career. An authority figure admires your humble attitude, and may reward you for it in the near future. *********************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): Your leadership qualities come out in full force today, when you prompt certain members of the group to work harder. Some people need gentle encouragement, while others require stern lectures. *********************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): A strong drive to succeed could prompt you to draw upon hidden resources. Normally, you are hesitant to express your creativity at work. Today you won’t be able to resist adding an artistic flair to an important project.

The BCB organised, Elizabeth Styles Under-19 50 overs cricket tournament continued recently with victories for Tucber Park, Police and Cotton Tree Die Hard. Martin Singh slammed 73 (6x4 4x6) and Berbice Under-19 batsman Hakeem Hinds hit 61 (6x4) to steer Tucber Park to 255 in 44.2 overs against Goed Bananen Land. Former Guyana Under-15 pacer Nial Smith grabbed 6 for 19 from 10 overs and Singh, bowling off spin had 2 for 8 to bowl out Goed Bananen Land for 64.

Leon Andrews hit 86 (4x4 3x6), Kwesi Mickle 56 (5x4 1x6) and Marlon Shepherd stroked 46 to lead Police to 285 in 44.3 overs against Rose Hall Community Centre. Mickle and Andrews returned with the ball taking 4-6 from 2.5 overs and 4-19 from 9 overs respectively to skittle out Rose Hall for 42 to give Police a huge 243 run victory. Munesh Hemraj scored 50 and pacer Andre Chesney took 4 for 15 from 4 overs to help Cotton Tree Die Hard to a 121 run victory over D’Edward.

NBA roundup: Magic can’t rally... From page 31 City (58-22) on a day it could have locked up the second seed in the West. Oklahoma City rallied from a 10-point fourth-quarter deficit, tying the score at 89 with 2:46 to go. But Paul George hit a 3 and Stephenson made one with 34.2 seconds to go to make it 97-91. RAPTORS 116, PISTONS 107 AUBURN HILLS, Mich. — DeMar DeRozan scored 14 of his 30 points in the fourth quarter, and Toronto tied a franchise record for victories with a win over Detroit. The Raptors (47-33) had already clinched the Atlantic Division, and the victory over Detroit was their 10th in 14 games. Toronto has reached the 47-win mark for the third time. The Raptors went 47-35 in 2001 and 2007. Kyle Lowry scored 28 points for Toronto before fouling out with 5:51 remaining. Andre Drummond had 14 points and 17 rebounds for the Pistons in the final home game of their dismal season. Detroit’s Josh Smith missed a fourth straight game with tendinitis in his left knee. KNICKS 100, BULLS 89 NEW YORK — Tim Hardaway Jr. scored 20 points and the New York Knicks, a night after being eliminated from playoff contention, beat the Chicago Bulls 100-89 on Sunday. No longer with any hopes of their own, the Knicks snapped the Bulls’ sevengame winning streak and dropped them back into a tie with Toronto for the No. 3 seed in the Eastern Conference with two to play. Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith each had 17 points for the Knicks, who were eliminated Saturday when Atlanta beat Miami, ending New York’s run of three straight postseason berths. A 54-win division champion last season, they believed they were built to play deep into the spring, so con-

fident in what they had that Amare Stoudemire said the

expectations should have been even higher.

Oscar Pistorius trial... From page 31 bathroom. Mr Nel said he would resume on Tuesday with a series of questions about the toilet. Prosecution witnesses have testified to hearing a woman scream, but the defence disputes their testimony. The Olympic sprinter faces life imprisonment if convicted of murdering the 29year-old model and law graduate. If he is acquitted of mur-

der, the court must consider an alternative charge of culpable homicide, for which he could receive about 15 years in prison. Mr Pistorius also faces charges of illegally firing a gun in public and of illegally possessing ammunition, both of which he denies. There are no juries at trials in South Africa, and his fate will ultimately be decided by the judge, assisted by two assessors.

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Confident Jamaica lift regional U-16 netball crown with unbeaten run Ruthless to the end

Jamaica’s Under-16 netballers and coach Marvette Anderson (third left) celebrate after defeating St Vincent and the Grenadines 62-13 to retain their Caribbean Netball Association Jean Pierre Youth Championship title in St John’s, Antigua, on Saturday. (PHOTO: COLLIN REID COURTESY OF SCOTIABANK) JAMAICA’s Under-16 netballers arrived home Sunday after winning the 2014 Jean Pierre Youth Netball Tournament, which was held in Antigua and Barbuda. Jamaica have now won the youth championship on 10 occasions. Coach Marvette Anderson said she was proud of her team and that victory was expected based on the quality of the Jamaican players. “We were very confident, we know that we have the edge over the rest of the teams, the records have proven that over the years and so going into the tournament we were very confident. “I am very happy with the achievement that we have won. I am really proud of these girls. To have gone away to represent your country and voted as the Most Disciplines Team speaks well for us,” Anderson told the Jamaica Observer shortly after their arrival at the Norman Manley International Airport. Reflecting on the

overall performance of the team, Anderson had a small concern with the defensive department. “When we left here we knew that the weakest part of our game was our defence, but the ladies rose to the occasions,” she noted. Meanwhile, Netball Jamaica president Marva Bernard said she was happy with the girls’ accomplishment. “I am very proud of their achievements in the championships, winning the Most Disciplined Team award, having six players copping awards I am just happy for them overall. This accomplishment will make any association and any president proud and I am really proud of these girls,” she said. Meanwhile, dominant Jamaica formalised their capture of the championship on Saturday night with a ruthless victory over St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). Heading into the contest with the title virtually sewn up, the Jamaicans

ESPNcricinfo picks five... From page 29 to justify his high price and keep his ODI spot. GAUTAM GAMBHIR Gambhir last played for India in January 2013 and since then has been ignored, along with Virender Sehwag. The attention has shifted to the Shikhar Dhawan-Rohit Sharma duo as India’s new opening pair in limited-overs cricket and Gambhir has since thrown his weight behind

domestic cricket to make a comeback. He hasn’t been in bad form - 743 first-class runs in ten matches with two centuries, 162 runs in five T20s, with one fifty, at a strike rate of 123.66. He was retained by Kolkata Knight Riders and will continue to lead the side. He insists that he isn’t using the IPL as a launchpad for an India comeback, but a strong showing can only have a positive effect on his future.

spared no effort as they produced another emphatic display to rout the Vincentians 62-13. They finished the competition unbeaten from six outings and on top the standings with 31 points, five ahead of second-placed Barbados who signed off with a 33-19 triumph over St Lucia in the night cap game. Hosts Antigua and Barbuda also finished the tournament on a high with a 41-6 whipping of Nevis, while Dominica extended Trinidad and Tobago’s disappointing campaign with a 30-24 verdict. SVG and Dominica finished on 17 points from 33 records but the Vincentians picked up third spot on goal difference, while St Kitts were fifth on 12 points and T&T sixth on 11 points. St Lucia lost all their games to be bottom of the pile. Playing in the second game of the evening’s schedule, Jamaica showed their intent by rushing to a 145 first quarter lead which they converted into a 30-8 advantage at half-time. By then, it was apparent the Sunshine Girls were headed for a blow-out, and they pressed home their advantage in the third quarter, out-scoring the Vincentians 16-3, to leave the result a foregone conclusion at the start of the final stanza. For the winners, goalshoot Simone Gordon scored 30 goals from 35 attempts, while Tracy Francis supported with 24 from 28 attempts. SVG were led by Khadija Williams who shot 13 from 16 attempts. (CMC/Observer)

Tuesday April 15, 2014

>>> Letter to the Sports Editor <<<

DCB continues its charade to attract support and to deceive sponsors DEAR EDITOR, The Demerara Cricket Board fiasco is presently engaging the attention of the court. On January 25, 2013, Madam Justice Diana Insanally issued a court order preventing the holding of elections of the Demerara Cricket Board. (DCB). In a display of gross disrespect and unbridled arrogance, a few persons representing the West Demerara Cricket Association (WDCA) and the East Bank Demerara Cricket Association (EBDCA) defied that court order and held elections and contemptuously installed a committee; the names of all the members have never been made known. Again the public is reminded that the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) and the East Coast Cricket Board (ECCB), out of profound respect for Justice Insanally’s court order, did not take part in those elections. As a result, the phantom group that controls the DCB has ostracized both the GCA and the ECCB, and in an extraordinary and unprecedented move have gone into those two cricket resourceful areas and selected teams even taking cricketers from those two (2) areas and including them in the teams from the weak areas of Demerara cricket – the East Bank and the West Demerara. Cricket teams are being selected at the whims and fancies of inept selectors and talented and promising cricketers are being sidelined without rhyme or reason. It is against this backdrop that the support of the DCB by the Diamond Fire & General Insurance Inc. presents a disturbing and untenable position for members of the public, many of whom are policyholders of that Insurance Company. Had Diamond Insurance done a background check and engaged in due

diligence, it would have noted that the DCB is illegitimate, does not have Executive Meetings, Ordinary General Meetings or Annual General Meetings as are statutory requirements of the constitution of the DCB. In addition, there is no accountability of the monies conveniently provided by the Guyana cricket Board (GCB) and by sponsors as there has not been any financial report of the DCB for over three (3) years. Diamond Insurance Co. cannot claim that it is unaware of these startling matters as they have been well ventilated in the media time and time again. Cricket in Demerara and in Guyana is in such a shambolic state that it is presently engaging the attention of Parliament which is now tasked with the responsibility of passing a Cricket Bill pursuant to bringing order, legality and respectability to our national game. One expects that Diamond Insurance, as a responsible Company, would ensure that its sponsorship monies are channeled to proper and legally-appointed entities, those which can stand up to strict scrutiny. To provide sponsorship in such dubious circumstances can be damaging to the all important image of the Company and may lead to questions being asked about the judgement being displayed by its management. Of equal importance, the youth cricketers who are expected to benefit from such sponsorship must be nurtured and developed in an environment that has a policy of “best practices”. Demerara cricket in its present deplorable state can hardly serve as an example to promote effective youth cricket. Sponsors must ensure that they do not fall prey to the shenanigans of the cricket charlatans. Robert Roberts . East Coast Cricket enthusiasts.

MotoGP: Marc Marquez cruises to Grand Prix of Americas victory BBC Sport - World champion Marc Marquez claimed a dominant victory from Honda team-mate Dani Pedrosa in the Grand Prix of the Americas in Texas. The Spaniard, 21, led from pole and crossed the line 4.124secs ahead despite breaking a leg two months ago. Marquez said: “The start was very good and after that my lead was such that the race was a bit boring.” He now leads by 14 points after two rounds of MotoGP 2014 after winning the season’s opener in Qatar last month. The Honda bikes finished over 20 seconds in front of the field and it was the battle for third that proved most exciting for spectators, with Italy’s Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati) finishing ahead of Stefan Bradl (Honda) and Britain’s Bradley Smith (Yamaha). The Austin track is certainly to Marquez’s liking after he claimed his maiden win in last year’s race on his way to becoming the youngest MotoGP champion.

Marc Marquez cruises to Grand Prix of Americas win. (Getty Images) Marquez, who fractured his right fibula during a dirttrack training session in Lleida, near Barcelona in February, was never headed in qualifying or the race. Second-placed Pedrosa said: “Marc was a little too fast for me. He was three-tenths of a second faster per lap and there was no part of the track I could close him up.” It is the first time a rider has won the first two MotoGP races of the season from pole

since Australian Mick Doohan in 1995. Britain’s Cal Crutchlow was stretchered from the track after coming off his Ducati on lap 12 and his manager later said that he may have broken his right hand. Spain’s Maverick Vinales took the Moto2 race from Pons Kalex team-mate Esteve Rabat, with Australia’s Jack Miller on a KTM winning his second successive Moto3 race of the season.

Tuesday April 15, 2014

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ESPNcricinfo picks five Alpha and GDF into semis, prevail by 1-0 players for whom this IPL margins over Western Tigers and Slingerz is of bigger significance NAMILCO One Love Football Classic

The semi-final has been fully cast now following the final two quarter-final matches of the NAMILCO One Love Football Classic knockout tournament which were contested on Sunday evening last at the Tucville Playfield. Based on the pre-game hype, the scale was tipping in favour of wins for Alpha ‘The Hammer’ United and Slingerz but by the end of the evening, Alpha were through yes, but it was the Guyana Defence Force which arrested Slingerz to book a semi final date with Riddim Squad while Alpha will engage Fruta Conquerors. Both Alpha and GDF were 1-0 winners over Western Tigers and Slingerz respectively. Facing off in the main event, Slingerz and the GDF did not hide their intentions as they both went after each other in a fierce manner but within the confines of the laws of the game. While the evening was cool in nature, the on-field exchanges were hot in contrast as both teams

pressed each other and like the first game, close marking was the order of proceedings. The fact that the game was decided by a single goal tells the story. It was air tight defence on the part of both sides and when the Army was presented with the slightest possibility to score, they grabbed it with glee. The opening 45 minutes were even in terms of returns, the boys from Camp Ayanganna were solid in defence as they kept the dangerous Anthony ‘Awo Abrams at bay. Abrams’ reputation as a striker is well documented and it was clear as day that the GDF did their home work in nullifying his strengths while unleashing a sleeping giant of their own in offence, the fleet footed Delwyn Fraser. Fraser was a constant bother to Slingerz’ defence as Abrams was kept at bay also on the other end. Early in the second half however, Fraser ensured that he made Slingerz pay for allowing a bit too much latitude as he broke away from their defence to bang a well directed shot past

Jason Cromwell in goal. The breakthrough came four minutes into the half and that was all that was needed to secure a place in the final four. Even the likes of Devon Millington and Vurlon Mills in the Slingerz line-up did not intimidate the Army boys as they stuck to their game plan of not giving up too much space to the high ranking and star studded Slingerz. It was almost the same script in the first game as Western Tigers too, kept on the heels of the Alpha United players as they matched them play for play. The longer the game went without a goal being scored meant that the pressure was building more on Alpha. Their experience as the undisputed kings of the game in Guyana and their known exploits at the Caribbean and CONCACAF levels is what brought them through successfully. Gregory ‘Jackie Chan’ Richardson tried his best to crack the defence of the Tigers but every time he looked like sneaking away, he

was kept in check. His presence however, kept the Tigers’ defenders and goalkeeper Derrick Carter alert always. Carter brought off some stinging and point blank saves early in the second half as Alpha stepped up the pressure as they attacked the northern goal, incidentally, that was the goal where both games were decided. With the game 64 minutes old, Captain Dwight Peters who worked overtime to give his side the advantage, aimed a powerful shot at goal which was partially blocked by Carter, the onrushing second half substitute Sheldon Holder was alert enough to pounce on the ball and tucked it away to break the deadlock. Tried as they may, neither team was able to be effective in the final third and it ended 1-0 in favour of Alpha who will now play host team Fruta Conquerors in the feature semi final tomorrow at the GFC ground. Riddim Squad and GDF will square off from 18:00hrs in the first.

Domenicali resigns as Ferrari F1 boss (Reuters) - Stefano Domenicali resigned as Ferrari’s Formula One team principal on Monday with the company’s North America president and chief executive Marco Mattiacci appointed as his replacement. The Italian glamour team, the oldest and most successful in the sport, have made a poor start to the season with two fourth places for Spaniard Fernando Alonso the team’s best results in three races so far. Ferrari have not won a driver’s world championship since Kimi Raikkonen in 2007, although they were constructors’ champions in 2008. At the most recent race in Bahrain, Alonso and his Finnish team mate were ninth and 10th. “There are particular moments in all of our professional lives where you need the courage to take difficult and very painful decisions,” Domenicali, who had been principal since January 2008, said in a Ferrari statement. “It is time for a significant change. As the boss, I take responsibility, as I have always done, for our current situation. “This decision has been taken with the aim of doing something to shake things up

Stefano Domenicali attends a news conference REUTERS/Brandon Malone and for the good of this group of people that I feel very close to,” added the 48-year-old Italian. Mattiacci will take overall charge of the Gestione Sportiva - the carmaker’s sporting activities including the Formula One team that has competed in every championship since 1950 with immediate effect. Ferrari had hoped to make a strong start to Formula One’s new V6 turbo hybrid era this season but they and Renault - who power champions Red Bull - have been eclipsed by rivals Mercedes. The German manufacturer

has won all three races with a power unit that looks for more competitive and reliable than others. Domenicali, who has been with Ferrari for 23 years in various roles, replaced Jean Todt as team principal when the Frenchman took on a more senior management role at the Maranello headquarters. Todt, who presided over a golden era at Ferrari when Michael Schumacher won five titles in a row between 2000 and 2004, is now head of the sport’s governing International Automobile Federation (FIA). MORE OPEN

Domenicali brought a friendlier, more open and less combative atmosphere to the team in a new era of greater collaboration with rivals at a time when global financial troubles were threatening the sport. He was one of the youngest and most approachable principals but that landscape has changed considerably with Mercedes, Lotus and McLaren all revamping their management structures since the end of 2013. Mercedes and McLaren have scrapped the formal role of principal, with Ron Dennis in overall charge of the latter following the exit of Martin Whitmarsh. Domenicali thanked Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo, who has been involved in Formula One since the 1970s, and the fans with the regret “that we have been unable to harvest what we worked so hard to sow in recent years.” Montezemolo, who has strongly criticized the sport’s new rules, thanked Domenicali for his contribution and “the great sense of responsibility he has shown even today in putting Ferrari’s interests ahead of his own”. The next race is the Chinese Grand Prix on April 20.

It’s a chance for Cheteshwar Pujara to break the door down in India’s ODI squad © AFP KEVIN PIETERSEN Booted out by England, Pietersen has begun his career as a T20 freelancer. He accepts that the chances of him being recalled by England are remote, so for an indefinite period, T20 leagues like the IPL are his future. The turbulent events following the Ashes didn’t affect his stock in the auctions though - Delhi Daredevils bought him for Rs 9 crore ($1.5m, their second costliest purchase) and he was named captain of the franchise, too. He said the time away from the game has helped him re-focus, and the initial interactions with coach Gary Kirsten have been “fantastic.” Now that he has committed himself to a full IPL season, England’s loss could be Daredevils’ gain. CHETESHWAR PUJARA It’s ironic that Cheteshwar Pujara has played only 24 IPL games over four seasons. And only two ODIs for India, despite his impressive run in Tests. Pujara has long been regarded as a Test specialist, and though he figured in the ODI squad for the Asia Cup, he didn’t get a game. Pujara, who was with Royal Challengers Bangalore last season, was bought by Kings XI Punjab for Rs 1.9 crore ($316,000). He has a T20 strike rate of 103 and an average of just under 20, for a top-order player. His List A numbers are even more striking - an average of 55.03 in 70 games with nine hundreds and 20 fifties. Last IPL, he played four matches, with a highest of 51. Pujara may make the starting XI for Kings XI this season, in the top three. He is working on his bowling to boost his limited-overs CV. If he aims to make it to India’s 50-over World Cup squad early next

year, this IPL gives him an opportunity to seal a berth in India’s ODI squad going forward. YUVRAJ SINGH Yuvraj was vilified for his painstaking 11-ball 21 that sucked the momentum out of India’s innings in the final of the World T20 against Sri Lanka. This was just two innings after he scored a matchwinning 60 against Australia, where after a scratchy start, he brought out the repertoire of strokes he is known for. But unfortunately, the memories of the final will linger for a while and the best way for Yuvraj to set the record straight is to score big for Royal Challengers Bangalore. After all, public memory is short and a few good innings may help revive his confidence and form. DINESH KARTHIK Dinesh Karthik has spent the majority of his international career fighting for a spot and, once in the XI, fighting to keep it. It has not been easy on him, as a wicketkeeper in MS Dhoni’s era. A strong IPL 2013 for Mumbai Indians, with 510 runs in 19 games, was the break he needed to earn a recall for the Champions Trophy as a batsman. He wasn’t consistent enough, making just two fifties since his comeback. However, he hit the jackpot at the auction, beating Kevin Pietersen as the most expensive buy for Delhi Daredevils at Rs 12.5 crore ($2.08 million). However, the auction happened before the Asia Cup, which was a forgettable tournament for Karthik who missed two crucial stumpings in two games while filling in for Dhoni. The IPL is a chance (Continue don page 28)

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Tuesday April 15, 2014

Rain helps Barbados to title as Guyana, T&T play to a draw By Sean Devers Guyana’s final game in the Regional fourday cricket competition against Trinidad & Tobago ended in a draw as rain had the final say yesterday at Providence with the Guyanese, set 225 to win, on 80-3, still 145 short of their target. When play began on the final day 65 minutes late due to overnight and early morning showers, Guyana resumed on 17-1 after losing Trevon Griffith (13) just before the close on the penultimate day. They slipped to 43-3 before Man-of-theMatch Devendra Bishoo (25*) and Skipper Leon Johnson (30*) revived the position with their unfinished 37-run partnership after rain had stopped play, 22 minutes after Lunch with the score on 70-3. After a lengthy delay play resumed at 16:52 hrs and Guyana added 10 runs in 2.4 overs before the Captains agreed to call off the match at 17:00hrs. SCORES: T&T (294 & 212), GUY (282 & 80-3) The draw ensured defending champions Barbados retained the President’s Trophy in the League tournament with 82 points since T&T had to beat Guyana to move to 89 points if they wanted to lift their sixth Regional title and first in eight years. Their defeat in Barbados and their showing here took some of the gloss off of the four wins at home and raised questions about the mental toughness of T&T on the road. It also provided Guyana, who remained at bottom of the points, with a draw to climax what has been one the worst seasons for the South Americas. The second shower came just after the interval and robbed Guyana of a great

opportunity to post their only win of the competition, especially since the 26-year-old Johnson, their most complete batsman, was at the crease and night watchman Bishoo looked to have fully regained his confidence. Earlier, Tagnarine Chanderpaul (7) got a ball from Linden-born Marlon Richards that jagged back into the left-hander and trapped him lbw to leave the score on 33-2 in overcast conditions. A handful of spectators then watched in bemusement as 17-year-old debutant Shemron Hetymer threw his wicket away for the second time in the game to give Richards (2-21) his second wicket and leave Guyana on 43-3. The left-handed West Indies under-19 player got off the mark with a disdainful pull as Richards pounded one in on the unresponsive track before an irresponsible drive to Emrit at deep mid-off caused his demise in the same over, as he needlessly tried to clear the fielder instead of playing the ball along the ground. Johnson, who followed up a classy 110 in the last match in Antigua with an accomplished 78 in the first innings, joined the technically correct Bishoo to take the score to 64-3 by Lunch and Guyana holding the advantage with victory 161 runs away and two sessions left in the match. Guyana Captain Johnson said he was disappointed that the rain spoiled the contest with his team with a good chance of achieving victory for pride and the local fans. T&T Coach Kelvin Williams said the adverse weather was a huge disappointment for his team since at the start of the day the touring side was looking to force an outright win to get ahead of Barbados on the points table. The Trinis ended the round-robin stage

The ground staff had a busy day at Providence yesterday. of the competition with 80 points while Guyana got eight points from the game to move to 28. Williams felt his batsmen missed out on what turned out to be crucial batting points in the first innings here which would have taken them to one more that the Bajans. “Our plan was to try and get five batting points in the first innings and bat once in the match. We missed an extra batting point here by six runs and missed out on few more during the course of the tournament. So yes, I am disappointed,” Williams added. Jamaica will clash with home team Barbados, while T&T will host the Windward Islands from Saturday in the semi-final with the winners advancing to the final from April 25-28 where they will play for Headley/Weeks trophy.

Taylor over the moon after WT20 pick Jamaica Gleaner Kingston, Jamaica - West Indies Women’s Stafanie Taylor is elated at her inclusion in the ICC Women’s World Twenty20 team of the tournament, and is looking forward to representing the outfit during an exhibition match next month. The tournament team, which also includes hardhitting West Indies player Deandra Dottin, is scheduled to play a game against a MCC Women’s XI on May 19 at the famous Lord’s cricket ground in London, England. “When I got the email that I was a part of the team of the tournament, I was excited,” Taylor said. “It’s an honour and privilege, as I wouldn’t rate my performance during the tournament as my best. However, it always feels good to be recognised, and I look forward to doing well in the MCC match.” The ICC Women’s World Twenty20 team was selected on the basis of performances in the tournament only, according to the ICC. The world governing body also said that “statistics were used”, but were not the “sole basis” for selections. The team is made up of two players from Women’s

Stafanie Taylor (

Twenty20 champions Australia, and four from runners-up England. Bangladesh, India and New Zealand also gained a selection each. Chairman of an independent jury, which selected the team, and member of the ICC Elite Panel of ICC Match Referees, David Boon, in commenting, said

this year’s tournament again demonstrated the “incredible depth” of talent across women’s cricket. “Selecting one team of 11 players was a tough task, as we saw standout performances from many players,” Boon added. The independent jury also included Marais Erasmus of the ICC Elite Panel of

Umpires, former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram, exEngland captain Nasser Hussain, former West Indies fast bowler Ian Bishop, and Utpal Shuvro, one of Bangladesh’s senior-most cricket correspondents. The MCC Women’s XI match will be one of two organised by the MCC to commemorate it’s bicentennial celebrations. The other will be a men’s showdown between an MCC XI and a Rest of the World team on July 5th at the same venue. The Rest of the World team will be captained by Shane Warne, and include the likes of Kevin Pietersen, Brett Lee and Muttiah Muralitharan. ICC World Twenty20 2014 Women’s team of the tournament: Suzie Bates (New Zealand); Charlotte Edwards (captain, England); Meg Lanning (Australia); Sarah Taylor (England wicketkeeper); Stafanie Taylor (West Indies); Deandra Dottin (West Indies); Ellyse Perry (Australia); Natalie Sciver (England); Salma Khatun (Bangladesh); Poonam Yadav (India); Anya Shrubsole (England). 12th player: Shabnim Ismail (South Africa).

Indian national arrested... From page 32 India and the UAE, allegedly talking on his phone to bookies in those countries. Dutta is the first Indian to be arrested specifically under the charge of aiding betting in Bangladesh, after another Indian called Durga Prasad was thrown out of the stadium during last year’s BPL and admitted later that he is a Hyderabad-based bookie. This third arrest, within the space of three weeks, marks a significant catch for Bangladesh police. A regular visitor to Bangladesh for the last three years, Dutta has been spotted in the stadium during matches since the 2011 World Cup. He was also seen in Bangladesh’s tours to Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka during the same period. He has been in Bangladesh since the Sri Lanka series in January, as well as the Asia Cup and World T20 since the first round. During the second edition of the BPL, he was quizzed by the BCB’s security chief but was let off due to lack of evidence. The police state that they have proof of Dutta’s contact with suspected bookies in India after they tapped his phone after his first release on March 21. The BCB declined

to comment on the matter when the news broke, related to the arrest of a bookie who had been first apprehended by detectives inside the Shere Bangla National Stadium in Mirpur on March 21. The BCB said that since the World T20 was an ICC event, it fell under the ACSU’s jurisdiction to shed light on the matter. Dutta’s latest arrest comes less than a week after he was granted bail by a Dhaka court on April 7, after being arrested on April 6 in Dhaka although some other newspaper reports claim that he was arrested on April 3 in Benapole (a town 240km southwest of Dhaka on the Bangladesh-India border) while trying to cross over to India. After being quizzed by detectives on March 21 during the World T20 match between India and Pakistan, he was released. Upon being arrested a second time earlier this month, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), a lawenforcing agency in the country which had filed a case against him under the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Act, tried to get a 7-day remand but the court rejected the appeal and granted him bail.

Tuesday April 15, 2014

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Oscar Pistorius trial: Prosecutor Gerrie Nel queries tears BBC Sports - The prosecutor at the Oscar Pistorius murder trial has suggested the South African athlete is using his emotions “as an escape”. He broke down in tears four times on Monday and has also vomited in court. “Now you trying to be emotional and it’s not working,” said prosecutor Gerrie Nel. Mr Pistorius admits killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in February last year, but says he fired his gun after mistaking her for an intruder. Mr Nel said the Olympic sprinter, 27, had deliberately shot Ms Steenkamp, a model, after the couple had had an argument. As the prosecutor resumed his crossexamination on Monday, he accused Mr Pistorius of “tailoring his evidence” as he went along to suit the defence case, which had been “concocted”. “Your version of events is untrue,” Mr Nel said. Shortly before the case adjourned for the day, Mr Nel said: “You’re getting

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel suggested the athlete was broke down“as an escape” (Reuters)

Oscar Pistorius was still emotional as he left court. (AP) emotional now because you’re getting frustrated because your version [of events] is improbable. The prosecutor, known as “bull terrier” for his fierce style of questioning, then asked: “You’re not using your emotional state as an escape are you?” T h e B B C ’s P u m z a Fihlani in the South Africa capital Pretoria says Mr Nel spent much of the day trying to highlight apparent inconsistencies between Mr Pistorius’ bail application and his evidence in court.

On one occasion, when Mr Pistorius corrected Mr Nel, the prosecutor said this showed Mr Pistorius was a “stickler for detail” and yet on many aspects of the case, the athlete was being vague. ‘Changed aim’ Earlier, Mr Nel again pressed Mr Pistorius on the moment he shot Ms Steenkamp. The athlete, a double amputee, said he had not intended to kill anyone. “I fired out of fear,” he said. This prompted Mr Nel to say Mr Pistorius was changing his story from self-

defence to saying he shot by accident. The prosecutor said this was because the truth was: “You fired at Reeva.” “It’s not true,” Mr Pistorius replied, breaking into tears and prompting the court to briefly adjourn. After the break, Mr Nel said that, as Mr Pistorius was trained to use firearms, the court could not accept he had fired by “mistake”. He also said that the athlete had changed his aim to hit Ms Steenkamp after she had fallen down when she was

hit by the first bullet. This was denied by Mr Pistorius. The prosecutor said the fact that a pair of Ms Steenkamp’s jeans was lying on the bed showed that she was in the middle of getting dressed in order to leave Mr Pistorius’ house when she was shot after the couple had argued in the early hours of Valentine’s Day 2013. This, too, was denied. The sprinter also started sobbing as he recalled shouting at the burglars he thought were in his house. When asked why he broke

down, Mr Pistorius said: “I am traumatised” by the events of that night. The prosecutor also pointed to forensic evidence that showed Ms Steenkamp had eaten within a couple of hours of her death. The athlete says the couple had last eaten together about 19:00, some eight hours before she was shot. Mr Pistorius says there was no row and they had a quiet evening together, before he woke up on hearing a noise in the (Continued on page 27)

Manny Pacquiao targets Floyd NBA roundup: Magic Mayweather fight after title win can’t rally against Nets

Manny Pacquiao will target Floyd Mayweather next. (Getty Images) BBC Sport - Manny Pacquiao is hoping to secure a long-awaited fight with unbeaten American Floyd Mayweather after winning the WBO welterweight title. The Filipino, 35, beat Timothy Bradley on points in Las Vegas at the weekend. Pacquiao, who has won world titles in eight weight divisions, said of a possible bout against WBC welterweight champion Mayweather: “The line is open 24 hours, seven days a week. “If he wants to fight, the fight will be on.” Pacquiao and Mayweather are generally considered the best fighters of their generation. But their camps have never been able to agree a deal over a bout, with one stumbling block being Mayweather’s insistence on a

strict blood-testing programme during training. Pacquiao is expected later this year to take on the winner of the fight between Juan Manuel Marquez and Mike Alvarado who meet on 17 May. He has fought Marquez four times and was knocked out by the Mexican in their last encounter in December 2012. Mayweather, 37, will put his 45-fight unbeaten record on the line against Argentina’s Marcos Maidana in a world welterweight title bout on 3 May. Head-to-head Pacquiao Mayweather 56 Wins 45 5 Losses 0 2 Draws 0 38 Wins inside distance 26

By Associated Press NEW YORK — Mirza Teletovic scored a team-high 20 points and Joe Johnson and Mason Plumlee each added 17 and the Brooklyn Nets beat the Orlando Magic 97-88 Sunday night. Deron Williams had 16 points, five assists and four steals for the Nets, who have a two-game lead for the fifth spot in the Eastern Conference playoff race over the idle Washington Wizards. Tobias Harris scored 18 points for the Magic, who have lost their past two games. Trailing 59-55 with 6:59 remaining in the third quarter, Brooklyn went on a 15-0 run, highlighted by five points from Teletovic, to take a 70-59 lead with 3:23 left in the quarter before Ronnie Price then hit a 3-pointer to end the run. Brooklyn coach Jason Kidd pulled most of his regulars after the end of the third leading 79-70. PACERS 102, THUNDER 97 INDIANAPOLIS — David West scored 21 points and Lance Stephenson had

his league-best fifth tripledouble of the season, leading Indiana past Oklahoma City 102-97 Sunday — putting the Pacers one win away from clinching the Eastern Conference’s top seed. The Pacers (55-26) lead

two-time defending champion Miami by a half game with one to play and hold the tiebreaker based on conference record. Kevin Durant finished with 38 points for Oklahoma (Continued on page 27)

Brooklyn Nets’ Mirza Teletovic (33) defends Orlando Magic’s Doron Lamb (1) duirng the second half of an NBA basketball game Sunday, April 13, 2014, in New York. The Nets won 97-88. (AP Photo/Kathy Kmonicek)

Page 32

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GHB Vice-President praises effort of national men’s team -Urges more tangible support for the sport

Ivor Thompson By Rawle Welch Vice-President of the Guyana Hockey Board (GHB) Ivor Thompson, speaking with Kaieteur Sport via telephone yesterday, showered praise on the national men’s team following their outstanding performance, at the just concluded Pan Am Hockey Cup in Montevideo, Uruguay. The Guyanese finished third in the competition which also had powerhouses Canada, the eventual winners, USA, Argentina and Uruguay with the winner gaining a place at the 2015 World Cup in Germany. According to Thompson, himself a former national player, who represented this country at many regional and international competitions including

the Central American & Caribbean Games (CAC), all the players performed outstandingly and deserve all the praises which will be forthcoming when they return. “I watched most of the games and even though I was privy to the arduous training and preparations that the team went through prior to departure, when we beat Argentina, a team rated higher than us in our opening game I was surprised, but when we faced them again and beat them for a second time I was completely shocked,” Thompson said. Thompson, when asked about the kind of impact the result could create for the sport right now, he responded by saying that it will boost every aspect of the sport’s development since it clearly demonstrates that despite the obvious shortcoming, which is the absence of an artificial turf, we still possess players with the quality and calibre similar to those from countries that have invested in the appropriate infrastructure. He recalled a similar performance by the ladies team who according to him has been steadily closing the gap on their regional counterpart Trinidad and Tobago who’re regarded as the strongest team in the English-speaking Caribbean. “Hockey has been enjoying a renaissance and it is all due to a robust

developmental programme which was conceptualized and put into action by the Board and enjoys the support of all the clubs.” Asked to highlight any individual (s) whose performances were pivotal in the team’s overall display, Thompson said there were many outstanding individual performances such as the attacking play of young Jamarj Assanah, Aroydy Bradford, the experienced Devin Munroe, Robert France, Aderemi Simon and Shane Samuels, but he singled out goalkeeper Tony Cole’s dazzling display between the uprights as deserving of special mention. Cole produced some brilliant stops against the Argentines in the third place playoff which definitely allowed us to defeat the opposition for a second time in the tournament. Thompson lamented the absence of an artificial surface which he advised is critical towards the further development of the game. “We’ve seen what the players can do, they’ve done their part and it is now up to the relevant stakeholders to play their part since Sport could be used to eliminate antisocial and deviant behaviour within our society, whilst also providing an individual with another path to be a productive citizen.

Michael Phelps: Most successful

Olympian to end retirement BBC Sport - Swimmer Michael Phelps, the most successful Olympian in history, is set to end his retirement. The 28-year-old American, who has won 22 Olympic medals in his career, is expected to compete for the first time since the 2012 Games in London at a meet in Arizona on 24-26 April. Phelps won 18 gold medals at the last three Summer Games.The Baltimore Bullet also broke Mark Spitz’s record for a single Olympics by winning eight golds in Beijing in 2008. Britain’s Steve Parry, who finished third to Phelps in the 200m butterfly at the Athens Games in 2004, was surprised by the news of a comeback. “I cannot believe he has made the decision to get back in the water,” said Parry. “He has got nothing left to prove in the sport.” He added Phelps not only had to get himself back in shape physically, he also needed to recapture the hunger to win medals again. But he told BBC World:

Michael Phelps (centre) will come out of retirement.

“If anyone can do it, then Michael Phelps can.” Rebecca Adlington, who won double gold at the 2008 Olympics, said it was “exciting” to hear that Phelps would be racing again. “All eyes will be on him, so no pressure at all,” added the Briton, who retired last year after winning two bronze medals in London. After winning a further four gold medals in London, Phelps insisted his career was over. “I have achieved what I wanted to achieve,” he said. “If you can say that about your career, then it’s time to

move forward, time to move on to other things. I finished my career how I wanted to.” Last year, long-term coach Bob Bowman said Phelps was capable of adding to his stunning tally of medals at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Phelps returned to training last year and reentered the United States drug-testing programme. He has now completed his sixmonth waiting period to be eligible for competition. USA Swimming said Phelps is expected to join fellow Olympians Ryan

Lochte and Katie Ledecky at the meet in Mesa. Ian Thorpe, a long-time rival of Phelps, attempted a comeback ahead of the 2012 Olympics but failed to make the Australian team. Michael Phelps - Career record 58 gold medals: 18 Olympic, 27 World Championship, 13 Pan Pacific 11 silver medals: 2 Olympic, 6 World Championship, 3 Pan Pacific 3 bronze medals: 2 Olympic, 1 World Championship

Tuesday April 15, 2014

GCA/Brain Street U-15 tourney...

GNIC, TSC record wins Lovell slams century

Paul Thomas (left) and Kurt Lovell By Zaheer Mohamed Guyana National Industrial Corporation (GNIC) hammered Everest Cricket Club by 80 runs When the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA)/ Brain Street U-15 limited overs tournament commenced yesterday. GNIC took first strike after winning the toss and rattled up 268-5 declared in 39.5 overs. Kurt Lovell stroked an attractive 121 with eighteen fours. He and fellow opener Joshua Persaud gave GNIC a bright start by adding 56 for the opening stand before Persaud was dismissed for 30 (7x4). The right handed Lovell who brought up his fifty from 39 balls also shared in a sixth wicket stand of 104 with Sachin Persaud who made 38 (4x4). Zahir Bristol grabbed 2-48, Kishon Bhola 2-71 while Nicholas Sattaur and Brandon Ramnarine had one each. Everest were set a revised target of 150 from 31 overs after rain interrupted play and were skittled for 70 in 15.1 overs in reply. Joshua

Persaud 13 and Kishon Bhola 09 were the only batsmen that reached double figures. The home team’s only female player wicket keeper/batter Mandy Mangru showed promise occupying the crease for some time before she was stumped for 02. She impressed many with her defense and also effected a stumping. Pacer Paul Thomas grabbed 4-33 and Rickey Dass 2-14. At Georgetown Cricket Club, Transport Sports Club (TSC) overcame the host by 33 runs. TSC took first strike and scored 197-6 off their reduced 39 overs due to rain. Adrian Hinds led with 59. GCC were set 101 to win from 18 overs but could only muster 68-3 when their overs expired. At Demerara Cricket Club, play was abandoned due to rain between the home team and Rubis Gas Station. The visitors were 25-3 in 9 overs when the rain came. Host Malteenoes SC got a walk over from St. Stanislaus. The competition continues today.

Indian national arrested in Bangladesh for betting ESPNcricinfo - Bangladesh police has arrested an individual suspected to be involved in the betting industry during the World T20, for the third time in less than a month. Sub-Inspector Enamul Haq of Mirpur police station filed a case against Atanu Dutta, an Indian citizen, with the police station under Section 54 of the Criminal Procedure Code (a law which allows police to arrest without a warrant). On all three occasions, Dutta had been arrested for aiding betting, which is illegal in Bangladesh, through phone calls to (Continued on page 30)

Tuesday April 15, 2014

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Grove Hi Tech take lead, hands Timehri first loss; Kuru Kururu also win

Stag Beer/EBFA Div. 1 League...

GOAL BOUND! Cordell Johnson (2nd left) lets off a stinging right foot shot to score the second of his three goals against Herstelling.

Domini Garnett’s header sailing into the back of the nets for Grove’s opening goal against Timehri Panthers.


rove Hi Tech handed Timehri Panthers their first loss of the Stag Beer/East Bank Football Association (EBFA) division-one league and in the process took over pole position in the points standings, knocking the losers off in the process with a superior goal average. It was a ding dong battle between the arch rivals at the Grove Playfield on Sunday afternoon last, when the final whistle was blown, Grove had scored twice with assistance from Timehri with an own goal, the losers failed to register a goal of their own, losing 2-0. Teams Grove Timehri Agricola Kuru Kururu Soesdyke Diamond Mocha Herstelling

P 5 5 4 5 4 4 4 5

The day’s opening salvo saw Kuru Kururu Warriors recording their third win of the season whilst delivering the fifth straight loss to Herstelling FC, a 4-0 whipping. The main attraction, was witnessed by a fair sized crowd of mostly Grove supporters who were integrally involved in every moment of the game with the home team going on the offensive early, cognizant that Timehri is a dangerous team. The pressure was kept up in the first quarter of the game with quite a few corners coming Grove’s way. It was from a corner that the opening goal

LATEST POINTS STANDINGS W L D Pts 4 1 0 12 4 1 0 12 3 0 1 10 3 2 0 9 2 2 0 6 1 2 1 4 0 4 0 0 0 5 0 0

materialized. Clive Matthews Jr. it was who was entrusted with throwing the ball over and found the head of diminutive forward and captain, Domini Garnett who made no mistake in clinically putting the ball away in the 14th minute. While the lead was secured, it was still nervous moments for Grove as they sought to protect their advantage even as Timehri sought to draw even. As the game progressed the tension levels kept rising in both camps and around the field among the fans. The levels of anxiety would have been significantly lowered for GF 20 11 16 11 12 3 3 1

GA 6 3 2 8 12 5 10 31

GD +14 +8 +14 +3 0 -2 -7 -30

COP Inter-Division cricket starts today


he Commissioner of Police (COP) Inter Division Cricket Competition will bowl off with four matches at two venues and is sponsored by C. Persaud Dental Clinic and Laboratory. The matches will be T20’s as opposed to 40 over matches in the previous years. At the Police Sports Club Ground, Eve Leary the Felix Austin Police College will play “A” Division from 09:30 hrs followed by “C” Division taking on “E” Division from 14:00 Hrs. Meanwhile, over at the Malteenoes Sports Club Ground “G” Division will tackle “D” Division at 9:30 hrs and at 14:00 hrs “F” Division will engage

Presidential Guards. The 12-team knock-out competition will continue tomorrow at the Police Sports Club Ground with “B” Division taking on Headquarters from 9:30hrs and the final preliminary round match will put together the Tactical Services Unit (TSU) and the Officers from 14:00hrs. The next phase of the competition will be contested among the winning teams on Thursday at the Police Sports Club Ground with the final and third place play-off matches set for Saturday also at Eve Leary where the presentation of prizes will be done as well.

Grove when Timehri scored against themselves in the 70th minute, a goal that effectively knocked the wind out of their sails. Grove did their utmost to secure the lead and accomplished same at the end of 90 minutes of

bruising ball. Leading Kuru Kururu Warriors to an easy win over Herstelling was Cordell Johnson who blasted a hattrick. He was on target in the 46th, 71st and 86th minute. The scene for the win was set

by Rakesh Haimnauth who converted in the 27th minute. The win for the Warriors propelled them into fourth place behind Agricola, Timehri and Grove. Another double header is fixed for Sunday at the same venue.

t r o Sp = NAMILCO One Love Football Classic =

Alpha and GDF into semis, prevail by 1-0 margins over Western Tigers and Slingerz Alpha United’s Gregory‘Jackie Chan’ Richardson being kept in check by Western Tigers in their match-up.

This GDF player (#3) keeps his eyes on the ball as the Slingerz player works his way into the final third.

Rain helps Barbados to title as Guyana, T&T play to a draw

Man-of-the-Match Devendra Bishoo plays forward to Amit Jaggernauth as Skipper Leon Johnson looks on at the non-striker’s end.

FIFA World Cup Countdown Tournament starts in:


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