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Monday April 07, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters...Where your views make the news

Discipline rogue ranks Mr. Hugh Brian “Magic” October is a liar but maintain roadblocks DEAR EDITOR, I couldn’t help but notice a letter in your Sunday Edition titled ‘Police harassment on the western end of the Demerara Harbour Bridge’, which to me disregards the bigger picture. First of all, let me make it clear that I am personally aware that there are some ranks in the Force who have no place in that entity, but then again, tell me, which entity hasn’t got some unwanted element(s)? Nevertheless, I am convinced that the ranks in ‘D’ Division, particularly those who conduct roadblocks, sometimes both day and night, and carry out random checks of vehicles at the Western End of the

Demerara Harbour Bridge, are in fact doing a laudable gargantuan task. Mr Editor, I too am a female driver who traverses the Bridge on a daily basis since I reside on the West Demerara. To be honest, I usually feel a sense of security when I see the ranks on duty at the end of the Bridge that I call home. This has been a practice since last year and it has been sustained by this Division. I think kudos should be in order for keeping at a task that I imagine cannot be easy. If I recall correctly, it was in the pages of this very publication that I read of these ranks being able to apprehend an alleged

perpetrator of a robbery on the West Bank of Demerara. This speaks volumes of the importance of their presence at that crucial point, which links the West Demerara to the East Bank of Demerara. These ranks are not gods, so it is not expected that they will catch all of the criminallyminded but I am confident they do keep many at bay. While as a woman I can relate to the disrespect that was detailed in the letter I earlier alluded to, I appeal to the Commander of the Division, whomever he is, to ensure that the defaulting ranks are disciplined but for heaven’s sake, please don’t’ end the strategic roadblocks. Concerned Citizen

This official has become an untouchable monster DEAR EDITOR, I am appalled to see how an official at the Lands and Surveys Department is trying to defend himself and the Surveyors who I will refer to as his agents. Firstly, I would like to make it clear to that this particular official is boasting of the powers he has that was given to him by the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Mr Robert Persaud MBA (LoL) since he was the Minister of Agriculture. He is also boasting that he can do whatever he likes since he has done favours for the PPP under the Jagdeo regime. One that he is particularly boasting about is that of the transfer of the lease a particular entity to another without the selling party having to pay the fees for the sale of the property in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in the lease. This official has become an untouchable monster in the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission and brings disgrace to the Surveying Profession in Guyana. There are many skeletons in his closet if one is to investigate. He is presently encouraging his friends who pays him plenty money and finance his overseas trips to buy up property in the Moblissa area in the Region 10 District from poor farmers. He has provided lands for his rich friends in the Intermediate Savannah and charges them huge sums of money for carrying out their cadastral survey. This official refuses to implement all the

procedures, policies etc that were developed by the consultants under the Guyana Land Administration Support Project and the Land Use Planning Project that were financed with donor funds from UK under the DFID, the IDB and the EU. These grants funds are wasted since Lands and Surveys is not implementing any of the work done under these projects. These are just a few things I want to highlight to you. I will now address the issue of the cost of the surveying that this official is trying to justify. Firstly, this official manipulates the estimate provided by the Lands and Surveys Commission in collaboration with the Surveyors from the Surveying Department and other Surveyors within Lands and Surveys so that the cost will be high. Secondly, he informs the clients to get estimates from other private surveyors and he will mostly refer them to the Professional Surveyors who he knows will have high cost and provide a fairly high estimate. Thirdly, he will then review the estimates and provide his estimates under the name of the Surveyors he used to do his private work. His estimates will be lower than all because he will use the commission resource which includes instrument, vehicles, finance and human resources to do the job. Basically he does the work at no cost to him since he will arrange some other field work within the area to send his mostly liked Surveyors who will

undertake the private work at the said time. I am very displeased as a Surveyor to see the reputation of the Surveying Professional going down the drain. I had written to the Chairman of the Board on this matter which I am appending to this letter for your information and publication since it is time that the nonsense is stopped at Lands and Surveys. We the Private Surveyors are at a disadvantage when a person like this particular official is at Lands and Surveys holding key position, has access to vital information and uses it for his personal benefit and enjoys the accreditation from this government. I am copying the President, the other Media and the Leader of the Opposition Parties this letter since it seems like the Government will cover up this matter. Concerned Surveyor

DEAR EDITOR, With Reference to the article captioned “Hero seaman recalls risky boat cruise” penned in Kaieteur News dated Sunday March, 30 2014. As a boat cruise fan, I would like to denounce all the false allegations made by Mr. October and to say what really took place. For your information, the cruise on Easter Sunday, 2009 was from Parika To Bartica and not Supenaam. At no time was the M.V. Makouria, which was the boat used, in danger of sailing into any Atlantic Ocean. That cruise was a very enjoyable cruise without any negative incidents; it left and arrived on time. Why would Mr. Robert Ferrier, who was the Captain of the vessel on that day, allow a civilian such as the likes of Mr. Hugh Brian “Magic” October to enter the wheelhouse to steer and turn

the M.V. Makouria out of troubled waters? To my knowledge Mr. October is not a holder of any ship steering license but he was a cook on a cruise ship many years ago. It is very surprising that the Transport and Harbours Department and Captain Ferrier would allow Mr. October to bring their reputation into disrepute by tarnishing the competence of the crew and not say anything to refute such lies being peddled by the likes of “MAGIC”. Ms. Marcia Merchant, the Deputy General Manager at that time and Ms. Hughes, the Traffic Manager were on board as well. Do you honestly think such an incident could have occurred, with boat slamming into a wharf and only one drunken young man in the wheelhouse with no captain to be found and the

authorities did not put a ban on all future cruises? Oh please! This seems to be the workings of some mischief makers who are up to no good and want to put a damper on the much anticipated Easter Sunday Boat Cruise for their own selfish reasons. Why after five years “Mr. Magic” suddenly decided that he will tell his story. I know numerous friends and family, both overseas and in Guyana, who have made this Easter Sunday Boat Cruise a much anticipated annual event, which they enjoy to their fullest. I would like to know how could someone just come up with a story such as this and no one took the time to clarify the information with the relevant authorities before highlighting it in the media? Samantha Bryan Boat Cruise fan

Put phones on recording mode when stopped by the police DEAR EDITOR, It was very good of you to publish the letter of Michael Anthony, on the Demerara Harbour Bridge. Knowing how much disliked your paper is by the police. I can imagine them smirking and saying “there KN goes again, but to no avail”. Once again I would mention that the Guyana Police should maintain records and from time to time publish the statistics coming out of those records.

So at this nightly stop, some records such as plate numbering, vehicle model and colour, date stopped, vehicles impounded and charges laid should be kept and published. Should members of the public find themselves subjected to such nightly stops, primarily because they have to use that bridge to get home, it would be useful to have their phones on in recording mode to record the approach made to them for use in any later

complaint. One might say that this is enticing confrontation with consequential use of excessive force by those in authority, but it is a chance to be taken to file verified complaints and to eradicate the misfits from the Force. Barring any concrete evidence, Michael Anthony’s letter would be simply cast aside by the COP as another example of a member of the public engaged in false commentary. Carl Veecock

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Monday April 07, 2014

African Guyanese communities in crisis…

Hughes confronts ‘uncomfortable truths’ in Bagotville address By Kiana Wilburg “The reality is that the perceived face of crime and violence in our communities is black, young and invariably male. The only thing worse than black on black violence and crime is the silence which allows it to continue…we have ducked, dodged, avoided and refused to address this truth.” This was the disturbing assessment of Attorney–atLaw Nigel Hughes during an address last Sunday at the Bagotville Community Centre, West Bank Demerara, on the state of African Guyanese. Stating that the African Guyanese home is “in crisis,” Hughes said that it is important for one to have a comprehensive and honest

Attorney at Law, Nigel Hughes look at the root causes of violence in the African Guyanese Communities. He said that African Guyanese must begin to examine the state of their communities and

how much the state of their families has led or contributed to the violence within the community. Hughes went on to pose a thought provoking question—what is the face of violence and crime in African Guyanese communities? “The reality is that the perceived face of crime and violence in our communities is black, young and invariably male. The only thing worse than black on black violence and crime is the silence which allows it to continue…we have ducked, dodged, avoided and refused to address this truth.” “The reality is that the identities of the policemen who shot and killed the Linden three, the policemen who shot and killed the Agricola youth, the

policemen who shot and killed the young man outside of the fish shop, the persons accused of the Bartica, Lusignan and Lindo Creek murders…were probably black males.” “Isn’t interesting, that in Guyana, the persons who are hired to kill African Guyanese are invariably African Guyanese but the money which hires them rarely ever is? We have a sub-culture of young black men pretending to be men by killing each other. We have to accept that this problem is a black problem and we are the primary persons responsible for addressing this problem…but we also have to acknowledge that …it is a national problem which requires the allocation of national resources to address.” According to Hughes, it is the tendency of the African Guyanese not to address their problems as African Guyanese problems and therefore asked for it to be incorporated into the national agenda for fear of being labeled a racist. It was upon this backdrop that Hughes said, “A nation is only as strong as the sum total of its constituent parts and if things are not right in a part of the nation then the things cannot be right in the state.” This he said applies to every community in the country. Hughes then turned his attention to the consequences of violence in African communities. As he expounded on poor socialization and social skills, he also addressed poor education. “The performance of the African student in primary and secondary school has been steadily declining. Last year Guyana won five of the eight awards for top performances in the Caribbean and not one of them was an African Guyanese… 2013 was not an exception.” The Alliance For Change member then showed how the

police force is invariably a byproduct of the state of the community. “Why are we surprised when the police enter our communities and unleash the most vicious forms of violence on the community…The obvious question is where do the policemen and policewomen come from? They come from the same communities which have faced the difficulties I refereed to, communities who have witnessed the most violent abuse of power by officers of the Guyana Police Force without ever being called to account... It is from these communities that we select our young policemen, put them in a uniform and then by some magic, expect them to behave differently from their predecessors.” Where do we start and what do we do? We first start by admitting that we are in a crisis. This opens the door for us to examine the issue and articulate solutions among the NGO community and political organizations.” Hughes then gave several solutions which he has adopted from Tom Burrell, the award winning African American, and Marketing communications pioneer. “Firstly, our silence must be broken, inaction must be reversed and the value of every black life must be reinforced. Let us resolve to be just as loud and angry about death related to black on black violence as we are about young black persons being killed by the hands of the state or another race.” “We must design programmes which not only address these problems, but provide solutions. We must demand that government institute the programmes which we have designed. We must change the criminal justice system so it must also place emphasis on keeping our young people out of places of incarceration. We have to change the way we spend our money. Additionally, we also have to change the way the police

Dr. David Hinds, political activist and University Lecturer force operates…We must get rid of the culture of dissing and disrespect which leads to so many unnecessary deaths.” Other speakers included A Partnership for National Unity’s Financial Spokesman, Carl Greenidge, University Lecturer and Local Government Expert, Vincent Alexander, and University Lecturer and political activist Dr. David Hinds. In closing the symposium, Dr. Hinds said: “Some people are asking why we are meeting as African Guyanese. We are not committing an offence by meeting. In fact we are correcting an offence—the offence of self-neglect. We are not fighting against government. We are fighting for ourselves. We are fighting to lift ourselves as communities. We are fighting to correct our problems. We are fighting against fear; the fear that comes from the perception and reality of powerlessness. So the best way to fight fear is to fight for empowerment. “We are fighting for ethnic and racial equality; for equal opportunities in all spheres of life in Guyana. We are fighting to level the field so that African Guyanese children can get an equal chance to succeed and African Guyanese in general can benefit from our collective resources. We are fighting against all forms of domination-ethnic, racial, gender and class. For domination or the quest for domination is at the heart of inequality.” The University Lecturer asked his audience to now go back to their communities and organize to implement the proposals provided at the event. “If we can succeed in revitalizing the African Guyanese community, then Guyana and the Caribbean would benefit.”

Monday April 07, 2014

Kaieteur News

Ex-Parliamentarian was chosen from regional list …gets sworn in today Ex-parliamentarian Ernest Elliot, who will be sworn in today to replace APNU member Jaipaul Sharma in the National Assembly was chosen from the Coalition’s regional list to fill the vacant seat on the opposing side of the House. Following Sharma’s resignation over a spat with Education Minister Priya Manickchand, the Justice for All party executive decided to tender his resignation leaving an empty seat which Elliot now comes to fill; but his appointment did not sit well with several party stakeholders, who voiced that a younger member of the team should have been exposed to parliamentary and representative politics. Several influential members of APNU’s hierarchy had made a case for a seasoned politician like former PNC General Secretary Aubrey Norton to return to the House or for the nod to be given to younger activists like Shondel Hope or Ryan Belgrave Kaieteur News was told, however, that Sharma’s replacement came with some limitations; in that the replacement member had to come from the regional list, hence Elliot’s appointment to represent Region Four. Head of the Coalition, David Granger had told the media workers that Elliot’s appointment was not “arbitrary.” He explained that with matters such as Local

Government Elections and reform among a list of important matters, much consideration had to be placed into the Region Four replacement; which is a positive one, the Leader said. Executive member, Joseph Harmon also mentioned that the returning member was chosen from the same list from which Sharma was selected. It was explained that Sharma was drawn from the Geographical Constituency List of the APNU, and his replacement had to come from that same list of which Elliot was fingered as the most suited for the position at this time. Elliot is however returning to the House under Granger’s leadership. He previously served under the People’s National Congress (PNC), but along with several others, he was not chosen for another representation. Sharma has claimed however that his resignation is a sacrifice to ensure that the criminal matter involving his father does not hamper the work of the APNU. During last week’s budget debates, Education Minister Manickchand heckled across the House floor making insinuations about Sharma’s father; CN Sharma, while another APNU member was on the floor delivering a presentation on rape. CN Sharma has current rape cases pending in the High Court. Manickchand’s heckle came with much

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APNU’s newest member Ernest Elliot rejection from the opposing side of the House with House Speaker Raphael Trotman demanding an apology from the Minister, while warning that her right to speak during the budget debate would be taken away. The Minister refused to apologise. Sharma tendered his resignation on the same day the House Speaker recalled his warning saying that the heckling was not made to the younger Sharma and the same day Manickchand delivered her presentation. She was however silenced when opposition members banged their desks, protesting for an apology on Sharma’s behalf. The debate on that day, ended prematurely.

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Letters... Where your views make the news

Reviving the culture of our six races in stories of the past DEAR EDITOR, It is indeed commendable that many overseas-based Guyanese can be updated on the daily happenings in our country simply because you have made your paper available to us via your website. Technology has certainly made it easier for your literary expertise to be shared, ardently read and enjoyed by those of us who seek regular connections with our homeland. Being a person who is always interested in our folk tales, I spent many a night revelling in the tales our grandparents told while we spent holidays curled around their feet. Therefore it was refreshing to stumble upon your “Creative Corner”, reading the long forgotten

tales. The tales ran out however, at the point where the one story my mother never wanted me to hear on the radio was becoming an interesting mixture of what will be the present victim’s fate and who will be the curious one to next touch the accursed manuscript. The sound of that flute was spine-chilling as a child and no doubt my mother knew the sleepless nights I would have spent obsessing over that melody of death drawing nearer and nearer, so she wisely saved me the peril. No doubt I was therefore left with a void of where the story ends. If you can be so kind as to continue the tales and revive the culture of our six

races in stories of the past, it would make for interesting reading and maybe an understanding of what we vaugely remember from our childhood holidays. I’m looking forward to reading the continuation of Edgar Mittelholzer’s, “My Bones and My Flute” and any other tales you deem fit for publishing. It will be understandable if there are more important stories to cover thus not enough personnel to take on additional articles for recreational reading. However these sometimes nullify the effects of the grim realities of everyday life. Kind Regards and Thanks in advance for your consideration. An overseas-based fan

In the interest of fair play DEAR EDITOR, I never cease to be amazed at the rank injustice which attends certain aspects of national life. I am speaking specifically of last weekend March 29-30 trials for selection to the Junior CARIFTA Games scheduled for the Easter weekend in Guadeloupe. The trials were held at the Police Sports Club Ground with several youth clubs participating. The Broad Jump event on Saturday was won by Jabari Joseph of the Police Youth Club. On Sunday, he competed in the High Jump event and won. To my utter disbelief, I was

confronted with the announcement in the media that Kade Pearce who placed second in the High Jump was selected to represent Guyana in that event at the Games. Editor, if that is not rank favouritism, can somebody please tell me? I think that the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport should investigate this matter in the interest of fair play. We need to send the message to our youth that they will be rewarded only through their best efforts and not as a result of any back room deals. Name and address withheld

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Monday April 07, 2014

Monday April 07, 2014

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Probe into Gold Board racket unearths collusion Several hundred million Guyana dollars are being siphoned off each month in a racket at the Gold Board, as a result of collusion between dealers, Government and senior officials of that entity. An official within the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) yesterday explained the scheme that was uncovered and which over the weekend led to the closure of the Guyana Gold Board suboffice at Bartica, Region Seven. Five low level employees at the office have since been arrested. According to the source, dealers would purchase gold from miners across the country at purity levels that vary. This gold would then be

sold to the Guyana Gold Board Office and its branches countrywide. The source said that through collusion, some corrupt staffers in the Gold Board pay the dealers for gold at a 95 per cent purity rate, when in fact the purity level is far less. This means that despite the fact some of the gold sold to the Gold Board may be 60 per cent pure, the dealer is still paid for the gold at the 95 per cent rate. According to the official, this racket that has been going on for several years and as such had to be with the knowledge of very senior officials at the Gold Board and possibly at the Ministry’s level. According to the official, it is highly inconceivable that the Gold Board could not

- Guyana robbed of hundreds of millions$$$ each month have picked up on the scheme. The Gold Board must be aware of the quality of gold its buys and the quality of gold it sells on a monthly basis. “You don’t have to be an accountant or a scientist to pick up on this,” the official said. This publication was told that gold is exported monthly with each shipment being 10,000 ounces, worth an average of $2B (US$10M). Of that 10,000 ounces, an average of 6,000 is legitimately paid for at its purity level, while the remaining 4,000 ounces are

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mixed and paid for at the 9095 per cent purity while its purity is much less. According to the official, if those 4,000 ounces of gold were 60 per cent pure, and was bought through collusion at 95 per cent, it would mean that the players in the fraud scheme would be raking in $308M (US$1.5M). According to the official, this $308M on each shipment is split between the dealers and the corrupt Gold Board players, robbing the country of royalties and taxes. In early 2010, a manager of the Guyana Gold Board was sacked and a probe launched following the sale of a substantial quantity of gold said to be tainted with silver. That manager, too, was based at Bartica. Kaieteur News had reported then that the gold sold may have been in the vicinity of four kilograms and valued at over $25M. The

entity had reportedly lost $3M. Back then, Prime Minister Sam Hinds, who was charged with the mining portfolio, said that in a number of cases involving the Essequibo trader, a quantity of gold sold was only tested in part when all the different pieces should have been analysed. It was found that the pieces that were tested showed high purity levels and were bought. However, later tests found that a greater percentage of the gold sold was not of the desired level. The GGB reportedly incurred a substantial loss as a result. In 2009, a senior laboratory technician was reportedly sent home for misappropriating a quantity of gold. Meanwhile, investigators are trying to ascertain whether the tainted mineral has made it onto the

international markets such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Natural Resources Minister Robert Persuad told reporters on Saturday that investigators were trying to ascertain the extent of the racket at the Bartica location, while it is still unclear how long the fraud activities had been taking place. He said that assistance would be accepted from foreign authorities if necessary, adding that investigators will follow wherever the leads take them. “We are going to collaborate with the regular overseas agencies and channels and law enforcement agencies to determine if there is a foreign element in this racket.”

Staying ahead... (From page 14) has not come without challenges. I have learnt to overcome them professionally. I am indebted to God, my children, my hardworking staff, numerous friends and my extremely supportive wife. I love her dearly. She has always pushed me to be a better person and the business we have demands much from us but it has not placed a wedge between us. In fact, it has served to strengthen daily the love we have for something so profound and that is providing quality health care service in Guyana. I am happy to have her support.” In August, 2013, the staunch business owner and his siblings started a farming venture known as the Amazonia Farms. Inc but Boyle with a fetching smile said, ‘That’s another story I am willing to share at another time.”

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Monday April 07, 2014

M’cony poisoning tragedy…

Murder charges for mom Trinidad fired minister Dr. Glenn who allegedly killed children Ramadharsingh in sex probe

Awena Rutherford, the 21-year old who allegedly killed her children by feeding them a poisonous substance, is scheduled to appear in court today to face two charges of murder. Rutherford was detained at the East La Penitence Police station last week after being released from hospital. Rutherford allegedly fed her two children half a pellet each of a ‘carbon tablet’, at Perth, Mahaicony, two Thursdays ago, after telling a relative that she “had a surprise” for them. Jabari Cadogan, 16 months, died at the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital, while his sister, four-year-old Odessa Cadogan, succumbed at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). Rutherford was also

Awena Rutherford hospitalised after claiming that she too had ingested the deadly rodenticide. A relative suggested that Rutherford may have acted while in a state of depression, after her overseas-based spouse indicated that he was returning to Guyana to take

the children from her. A close relative also disclosed that Rutherford had also attempted to kill herself in similar fashion last December. Relatives reportedly found her lying on her bed with pellets of the deadly rodenticide known as ‘carbon tablets’ on the floor. Fortunately, the children were not at the residence. On hindsight, a relative said that she believed that the young mother was in urgent need of counseling, and had suffered from occasional seizures, particularly in times of stress. The relative painted a picture of a troubled and also “own way” young woman from an unstable home. She dropped out of school without writing her Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations after becoming pregnant. She also lost her mother to a terminal illness a few years ago. This newspaper understands that Rutherford and her reputed husband had resided for several years at ‘B’ Field, Sophia. However, she later moved to her mother’s home in Perth, Mahaicony. On the day of the tragedy, Rutherford’s reputed husband had reportedly called his mother earlier in the day and had asked her to keep the children at her Ann’s Grove, East Coast Demerara residence. Sometime in the afternoon, Rutherford reportedly went to collect the children and took them to her Perth, Mahaicony home, after telling the aunt she “had a surprise for them”. On arriving at Mahaicony, she allegedly fed the children the ‘carbon tablets’ and also ingested the same poison.

Trinidad Express - Police are investigating a report by a 47-year-old woman alleging that she was made to perform sex acts on fired government minister Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh when she went to him for assistance to fast track a Housing Development Corporation (HDC) application. The Sunday Express has learned that the woman, Patricia Singh, accompanied by her attorney Nizam Mohammed, went to the Port of Spain CID office last Friday and reported the matter. According to the police report, the two sex acts occurred at the Ministry of the People and Social Development at the corner of Independence Square and Abercromby Street, Port of Spain office in 2011 and eight weeks ago. The report, the Sunday Express learned, contains explicit details of the sex acts, corroborating an earlier interview Singh had with the Sunday Express on March 24. Singh told police officers in spite of her objections she was made to perform the sex acts on Ramadharsingh. Inspector Mervyn Edwards and WPC Sandra Phillips David are conducting investigations. Sunday Express investigations have revealed that the alleged sex acts were brought to the attention of Prime Minister Kamla PersadBissessar after midday on March 25 just before her decision to fire Ramadharsingh who was then publicly accused by Caribbean Airlines Ltd (CAL) flight attendant Ronelle Laidlow of disorderly conduct on a flight from Tobago to Trinidad The Sunday Express learned that up until March 23, Persad-Bissessar had considered demoting Ramadharsingh instead of giving him the boot. However, Cabinet sources told the Sunday Express the Prime Minister had a sudden change of mind and opted to fire Ramadharsingh after she learned Singh had been interviewed by the Sunday Express on the sexual allegations. Sources told the Sunday Express several Cabinet ministers were also informed

Patricia Singh poses for a photo with then minister of the people Dr. Glenn Ramadharsingh at his former office on Abercromby Street, Port of Spain, in 2011. of the nature of the sexual allegations against Ramadharsingh and began lobbying for him to be fired, expressing concern about the negative impact it would have on the Government. Ramadharsingh was summoned to a 4.30 p.m. meeting with the Prime Minister on March 25 and told that his ministerial appointment had been revoked. Ramadharsingh remains the elected Member of Parliament for Caroni Central. Singh contacted the Sunday Express at 11.30 a.m. on March 24 asking to tell her story. When the Sunday Express met with Singh at her central Trinidad home at 12.30 p.m. that day she produced phone logs showing missed telephone calls from Ramadharsingh on March 24 at 11.14 a.m., 11.16 a.m., 11.17 a.m. and 11.19 a.m. The missed calls were from the same mobile phone number the Sunday Express has called to reach Ramadharsingh from the time he was appointed a minister. During the interview, Singh, a part-time domestic worker, claimed she has had sleepless nights since committing the sex acts on Ramadharsingh and expressed fear she would be harmed if she spoke out. Insisting she had nothing to hide, Singh gave the Sunday Express permission

to use her real name and also produced a photograph she took with Ramadharsingh the first time she visited his office in 2011. Seeking to give credence to her story, Singh returned Ramadharsingh’s telephone call in the presence of the Sunday Express. During the five-minute, 15-second recorded conversation obtained by the Sunday Express, Singh expressed disgust over the sexual acts she said she was made to perform on Ramadharsingh at the ministry’s Port of Spain office. During the telephone c o n v e r s a t i o n , Ramadharsingh did not admit to the sex acts performed on him. The Sunday Express has also obtained a sworn Statutory Declaration in which Singh speaks of her disapproval over performing the sex acts on Ramadharsingh at the ministry’s office. The Sunday Express learned that Singh intends to file a complaint with the Integrity Commission this week for the matter to be investigated. Legal sources told the Sunday Express under Section 34 of the Integrity in Public Life Act, when there is a complaint from a member of the public, the Integrity Commission is required to investigate alleged breaches of the Act or corrupt or dishonest conduct. Section (34a) of the Act states: “In carrying out its function under section 33, the commission may authorise an investigating officer to conduct an enquiry into any alleged or suspected offence.”

Monday April 07, 2014

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Local telecoms lose over $1b a year to international call bypass Jamaica Observer - Over $1 billion is lost by local telecommunications each year to people illegally making international phone calls to Jamaica. Using the SIM cards of domestic carriers, LIME and Digicel, to make the calls from overseas means that international calling charges are bypassed. The high level of sophistication and cost associated with illegal bypass operations suggest that one or more organised networks are doing it. But it’s still very difficult to pinpoint exactly where it is occurring.

“Nowadays we can identify certain SIMs that are involved and we shut them down,” said Barry O’Brien, CEO of Digicel Jamaica. “They are just one step ahead of us and these are quite large sums of money involved here, estimated to be as much as US$1 million per month ($109 million).” It also means that the Government misses out on collecting its 19 US cents-aminute tax on incoming international calls. “It robs the treasury of quite a bit of money” said Garry Sinclair, CEO of LIME Jamaica. Digicel, along with LIME

and Flow have been working with the government to cut down the illegal operations. Meanwhile, Universal Service Fund (USF), which gets its revenue from the levy on incoming calls, is currently in discussions to get software within three months to assess the extent of illegal bypass in Jamaica. More specifically, the restricted time-of-use demo software will assess the routing of incoming international call traffic and where it’s being routed, according to Hugh Cross, CEO of USF, but it costs as much as US$5 million to actually purchase.

Prison officer behind bars Barbados Nation - After seven years keeping prisoners behind bars, a prison officer is getting the chance to experience what it’s like. In a dramatic session in the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court Saturday, prison officer Danny Michel Francisco Alleyne was remanded until tomorrow when he will reappear before Magistrate Graveney Bannister charged with unlawfully taking three mobile phone batteries into HMP Dodds, where he works. According to the prosecution, Alleyne acted suspiciously as he sought to enter the prison last Friday. He was interviewed and searched, and the batteries were found inside the bottom of his shoes. The prosecutor, Sergeant Neville Watson, did not object to bail for the 31-yearold accused of Denton Road, Grazettes, St Michael. He added that investigations in the matter were completed. That’s when the drama began. The magistrate said the charges were serious and given that Alleyne worked in a position of trust, he asked his attorney, Talal Noumeh, why the accused should be granted bail. Noumeh pointed out that Alleyne had a fixed place of abode where he resides with his mother, brother and other family. He had no previous convictions and the prosecution gave no reason to suggest he would abscond. He said the charges were allegations and the matter still had to be determined. At that point, Jason Alleyne, the accused’s brother, took the oath to be

Danny Alleyne (in T-shirt) being led out of court on his way to prison. his surety. But the magistrate deemed him inadequate after Jason revealed he owned no property, vehicle, or any other substantial property. Magistrate Bannister said the bail had to reflect the seriousness of the offence and set it at $30 000. “The Court needs documentation. I need proof; this is a serious offence,” said the magistrate. He warned if by the end of the day it could not be met the accused would be remanded. Noumeh left the court, apparently to confer with Alleyne’s family. At that stage the prison officer returned to sit among the other accused. He sat with his head bowed, his hands covering his face, and occasionally rubbing both hands at the side of his eyes to his temples. The attorney returned and requested the court consider reducing the bail. He argued that Alleyne was the father of three children, aged 11, nine and six years old, and

that as a prison officer was fully aware of the consequences if he did not attend court. He said too that conditions could be placed on Alleyne, like reporting to a police station. Noumeh also stated that it was difficult for the other person willing to be a surety to get documentation as it was a Saturday, and the accused was only charged the day before. After consideration of Noumeh’s arguments, the magistrate remanded Alleyne until Tuesday when he will appear at the District “C” Magistrates’ Court, stating those willing to stand surety should have their documentation by then.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

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St Lucia allocates EC$2.5m in grant funding to support ICT businesses CASTRIES, St Lucia, CMC - The government of St. Lucia, through the Caribbean Regional Infrastructure Programme (CARCIP), will tomorrow launch an EC$2.5 million grant instrument to support ICT business incubator services and training. Funds allocated for the business incubator services component will support government’s efforts to nurture local innovation by providing financial support

to technology-based small to medium sized enterprises. The goal is to develop a more sustainable entrepreneurial base by providing financing for business development activities aimed at promoting the creation of an ICTenabled industry. CARCIP will partner with agencies such as the Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs and the Trade and

Export Promotion Agency (TEPA). The agencies will assist with the provision of business support services, mentorship and business counselling for the target beneficiaries. The training grant component will complement ongoing efforts by the government to prepare the youth for the job market. The training will be market-driven and accredited at the regional and international levels.

Jamaica Gleaner - The Government is to spend less on criminal investigation, police operations and the control and investigation of drug trafficking in this year’s budget. Criminal investigation was cut by more than J$145 million, down from about J$2.4 billion in the last fiscal year,

while the allocation for police operations has been cut by over J$746. 7 million, to just under J$14 billion. The Government will also spend less on drug trafficking investigation and control, for which the budget was reduced in the 2014/ 2015 Estimates of Expenditure tabled in parliament last

Thursday. Spending was cut from over J$508 million to just over $499 million. The Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) will also operate on less with budget estimates reduced to just over J$111 million, down from more than $117 million.

Jamaican govt. to spend less on fighting crime

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Monday April 07, 2014

‘Storm’ rejected Kartel deal Jamaica Observer Entertainer Shawn Campbell reportedly refused an offer from the prosecution to plead guilty to accessory before or after the fact of murder. This was confirmed by his attorney Miguel Lorne and Director of Public Prosecution Paula Llewellyn. Lorne said his client, known by the stage name ‘Shawn Storm’, was not asked to give any evidence against his co-accused but refused the deal because he was not part of any common design to kill Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams. “I was approached by the prosecutor who made the offer. I discussed it with my client and he said there was no fact. He was not part of any plan to kill anybody so he refused. He said there was no fact. As an attorney I have to follow my client’s instructions,” Lorne told the Jamaica Observer. Llewellyn confirmed the story. “I was told about it by the prosecutor, Jeremy Taylor. He said he approached his attorney with the offer,” the DPP said.

If he had accepted the offer Campbell would have served a three-year prison sentence. Campbell, who is also called ‘Sivva’, was last Thursday sentenced to life imprisonment by Justice Lennox Campbell for the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams. He must serve 25 years before he can be considered for early release. All the others were given life sentences, with Vybz Kartel (real name Adidja Palmer) being eligible for parole after he has served 35 years, while André St John and Kahira Jones will be eligible for parole after they have served 30 years and 25 years in prison, respectively. “He refused because he maintains that he was never involved in any murder and to take that offer would have signalled that he was guilty of participating in murder. I even discussed it with his mother and she said she was glad he refused,” Lorne said. Campbell was sentenced based on the premise of common design in law, which states that even if a person

- Vybz’s crony offered threeyear sentence for guilty plea did not actually commit murder he can be found guilty of participating in the act if he did not voice his objection to the act or acted as a lookout person. Evidence was presented in court that Campbell sent text messages to his girlfriend, informing her that someone was going to be killed. The prosecution also argued that Campbell took Williams and the prosecution’s star witness, Lamar ‘Wee’ Chow, to a house owned by Vybz Kartel at Swallowfield in Havendale, St Andrew knowing that they would be killed. The court was told that Campbell had repeatedly urged Williams and Chow to be calm, after they began acting skittish during a trip from Portmore to Havendale in a taxi driven by a man known only as ‘Need For Speed’. Chow managed to escape

without being harmed and later testified that he saw Williams’ motionless body lying in the living room of the house and Jones holding what appeared to be a block over him. His evidence weighed heavily on the jury and helped the prosecution to secure a guilty verdict. Throughout the trial, Campbell appeared dazed at times and when the guilty verdict was read, he grimaced. However, he appeared more composed during the sentencing hearing and it seemed as if he had come to grips with the fact that he would be spending a long time in prison. The four convicts were taken to the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre, popularly known as GP, after the sentencing on Thursday, where they were processed. They were then taken back to the Horizon Adult

Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell (right) and Adidja ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer leaving the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston last Thursday after they were sentenced to life in prison. (PHOTO: BRYAN CUMMINGS) Correctional Centre, where they had been held before and during the trial, and will be assigned to maximum security correctional facilities later on, which will likely be either that at Tower Street, or the St Catherine Adult Correctional Centre in Spanish Town. They are expected to

appeal the verdict on several grounds, including claims that the evidence was tampered with by police and that they were victims of a plot to sink Vybz Kartel, who is not well liked by some sections of society for his outlandish lyrics and gangster image.

Fuad: Health card to clamp down on non-nationals Trinidad Guardian Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan says the implementation of the National Health Card will clamp down on non-nationals seeking free medical attention at public health institutions. Khan said as far as he knows, the ministry has no policy in place that restricts free healthcare to non-nationals. In the coming weeks, Khan said, Government will roll out the cards, which would generate a policy that would allow medical services to only nationals and some nonnationals who work here. “They have been coming here (non-nationals) for a long time. It creates an increase utilisation of the healthcare system. So that is why I am putting the health card in place so we could determine who are the beneficiaries for that system. But the emergency system will be a different thing. We can’t stop that...for people to get emergencies.” Khan said the card would generate its own policy to treat with national and non-nationals. “So if you don’t have a health card you cannot get in.” Khan’s comments came after the death of 35-year-old Guyanese national Jeetindra

Dr. Fuad Khan Sookram, who was denied medical attention at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex on Thursday because he was not a T&T citizen. Khan said the ministry would also put prices on the cost of medical procedures as well. “If I am going for a national health insurance system, I must be able to cost my procedures. Our people would get it for free. Nonnationals would have to pay for it.” Khan also advised visitors entering our shores to walk with their insurance. “Maybe we should set up a policy that before you come into the country let us see your medical insurance.

Medical insurance is not expensive.” Mohammed: Insurance will not foster good relationship with Caricom Chairman of the North Central Regional Health Authority Shehenaz Mohammed said asking nonnationals to walk with their insurance “does not make sense.” She said this would not foster a good relationship among Caricom countries. Gopee-Scoon: The matter warrants immediate communication Former foreign affairs minister Paula Gopee-Scoon said even if someone is in T&T illegally, “I believe there ought to be a human rights obligation to treat with them should a medical emergency arise.” Gopee-Scoon said T&T would certainly want its nationals to be attended to if they fall ill in another country. Healthcare providers, GopeeScoon said, should have an obligation to treat anyone in distress. Gopee-Scoon said this matter warrants immediate communication and apologies from T&T. “I believe Caricom would be of the same view seeing that our islands are a community.”

Monday April 07, 2014

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More ships rush to probe signals in plane search PERTH, Australia (AP) — Three separate but fleeting sounds from deep in the Indian Ocean offered new hope yesterday in the hunt for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet, as officials rushed to determine whether they were signals from the plane’s black boxes before their beacons fall silent. The head of the multinational search being conducted off Australia’s west coast confirmed that a Chinese ship had picked up electronic pulsing signals twice in a small patch of the search zone, once on Friday and again on Saturday. Yesterday, an Australian ship carrying sophisticated deepsea sound equipment picked up a third signal in a different part of the massive search area. “This is an important and encouraging lead, but one which I urge you to treat carefully,” retired Australian Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston, who is coordinating the search, told reporters in Perth. Houston stressed that the signals had not been verified as being linked to Flight 370, which was traveling from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing when it disappeared March 8 with 239 people on board. Experts, meanwhile, expressed doubt that the equipment aboard the Chinese ship was capable of picking up signals from the black boxes. “We have an acoustic event. The job now is to determine the significance of that event. It does not confirm

An autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) sits on the wharf at naval base HMAS Stirling in Perth, Australia, ready to be fitted to the Australian warship Ocean Shield to aid in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, yesterday. (AP Photo/Rob Griffith) or deny the presence of the aircraft locator on the bottom of the ocean,” Houston said, referring to each of the three transmissions. “We are dealing with very deep water, we are dealing with an environment where sometimes you can get false indications,” he said. “There are lots of noises in the ocean, and sometimes the acoustic equipment can rebound, echo if you like.” China’s official Xinhua News Agency reported Saturday that the patrol vessel Haixun 01 detected a “pulse signal” Friday in the southern Indian Ocean at 37.5 kilohertz — the same frequency emitted by the flight data recorders aboard the missing plane. Houston confirmed the report, and said the Haixun 01 detected a signal again on Saturday within 2 kilometers

(1.4 miles) of the original signal, for 90 seconds. He said China also reported seeing white objects floating in the sea in the area. The British navy ship HMS Echo, which is fitted with sophisticated soundlocating equipment, is moving to the area where the signals were picked up and will probably get there early today, Houston said. The Australian navy’s Ocean Shield, which is carrying high-tech sound detectors from the U.S. Navy, will also head there, but will first investigate the sound it picked up in its current region, about 300 nautical miles (555 kilometers) away, he said. Australian air force assets are also being deployed into the Haixun 01’s area to try to confirm or discount the signals’ relevance to the

Merkel ally says U.S. assurances on NSA spying ‘insufficient’ BERLIN (Reuters) - A leading ally of Angela Merkel has criticized the United States for failing to provide sufficient assurances on its spying tactics and said bilateral talks were unlikely to make much progress before the German leader visits Washington next month. Reports last October based on disclosures by former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden - that Wa s h i n g t o n h a d monitored Merkel’s mobile phone caused outrage in G e r m a n y, which is particularly sensitive about surveillance because of abuses under the East German Stasi secret police and the Nazis. Berlin subsequently demanded talks with Washington on a “no-spy” deal, but it has become clear in recent months that the

Angela Merkel United States is unwilling to give the assurances Germany wants. “The information we have so far is insufficient,” Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, one of Merkel’s closest cabinet allies, told German weekly magazine Der Spiegel. “U.S. intelligence methods may be justified to a

large extent by security needs, but the tactics are excessive and over-the-top,” de Maiziere added. Asked if he expected progress before Merkel pays a visit to President Barack Obama in early May, de Maiziere said: “My expectations of what further talks will yield are low.” Obama visited Europe late last month, saying one of his aims was to reassure allies that he was acting to meet their concerns on the scope of U.S. data gathering. In January, Obama banned U.S. eavesdropping on the leaders of close allies and began reining in the vast collection of phone data on Americans. But he also said U.S. intelligence agencies would continue to gather information about the intentions of other governments.

search, Houston said. In Kuala Lumpur, families of passengers aboard the missing plane attended a prayer service yesterday that also drew thousands of Malaysian sympathizers. “This is not a prayer for the dead because we have not found bodies. This is a prayer for blessings and that the plane will be found,” said Liow Tiong Lai, the president

of the government coalition party that organized the twohour session. Two Chinese women were in tears and hugged by their caregivers after the rally. Many others looked somber, and several wore white Tshirts emblazoned with the words “Pray for MH370.” Two-thirds of the passengers aboard Flight 370 were Chinese, and a group of relatives has been in Kuala Lumpur for most of the past month to follow the investigation. Liow said some of them were planning to go home yesterday. After weeks of fruitless looking, the multinational search team is racing against time to find the soundemitting beacons and cockpit voice recorders that could help unravel the mystery of the plane. The beacons in the black boxes emit “pings” so they can be more easily found, but the batteries last for only about a month. Investigators believe Flight 370 veered way offcourse and came down somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean, though they have not been able to explain

why it did so. The crew of the Chinese ship reportedly picked up the signals using a hand-held sonar device called a hydrophone dangled over the side of a small runabout — something experts said was technically possible but extremely unlikely. The equipment aboard the Ocean Shield and the HMS Echo are dragged slowly behind each ship over long distances and are considered far more sophisticated than those the Chinese crew was using. Footage aired on China’s state-run CCTV showed crew members in the small boat with a device shaped like a large soup can attached to a pole. It was hooked up by cords to electronic equipment in a padded suitcase as they poked the device into the water. “If the Chinese have discovered this, they have found a new way of finding a needle in a haystack,” said aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas, editor-in-chief of “Because this is amazing. And if it proves to be correct, it’s an extraordinarily lucky break.”

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Monday April 07, 2014

Ukraine says Putin behind protesters’ seizure of state buildings DONETSK/KIEV, Ukraine (Reuters) - Ukraine accused Russia’s President Vladimir Putin of orchestrating the seizure of state buildings in two eastern Ukrainian cities by pro-Russia protesters yesterday, in a further escalation of tension between Kiev and Moscow. The protesters seized the regional government building in the industrial hub of Donetsk and security service offices in nearby Luhansk, waving Russian flags and demanding a Crimea-style referendum on joining Russia. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said police would restore order in both cities without recourse to violence. He accused Ukraine’s ousted president Viktor Yanukovich, whose political base was in Donetsk, of conspiring with Putin to fuel tensions. “Putin and Yanukovich ordered and paid for the latest wave of separatist disorder in the east of the country. The people who have gathered are not many but they are very aggressive,” Avakov said in a statement on his Facebook page. “The situation will come

Pro-Russia protesters storm the offices of the state security services in Lugansk, eastern Ukraine yesterday. REUTERS/Stringer (UKRAINE Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST) back under control without bloodshed. That is the order to law enforcement officers, it’s true. But the truth is that no one will peacefully tolerate the lawlessness of provocateurs,” he said. Ukraine’s Acting President Oleksander Turchinov called an emergency meeting of security chiefs in Kiev and took personal control of the situation, the

parliamentary press service said. Mainly Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine has seen a sharp rise in tensions since Yanukovich’s ouster in February and the installation of a pro-European government in Kiev. Branding the new Kiev government illegitimate, Russia has annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region citing threats to

its Russian-speaking majority, a move that has sparked the biggest standoff between Moscow and the West since the end of the Cold War. More than 1,000 people protested in Donetsk on Sunday before breaking into the regional administration building where they hung a Russian flag from a second floor balcony, a Reuters witness said. Protesters outside cheered and chanted “Russia!”. In the Luhansk protest, Ukrainian television said three people were injured. Police could not confirm the report. Talking to the crowd over a loudspeaker, protest leaders in Donetsk said they wanted regional lawmakers to convene an emergency meeting to discuss a vote on joining Russia like the one in Ukraine’s Crimea region that led to its annexation. “Deputies of the regional

council should convene before midnight and take the decision to carry out a referendum,” said one of the protest leaders without identifying himself. A local Internet portal streamed footage from the seized building, showing people freely entering and exiting. Soviet-era music was being played over loud speakers outside. The building houses the offices of regional governor Serhiy Taruta, a steel baron recently appointed by Kiev to rule a region with close economic and historic ties to Russia. “Around 1,000 people took part (in the storming of the building), mostly young people with their faces covered,” said Ihor Dyomin, a spokesman for Donetsk local police. “Around 100 people are now inside the building and are barricading the building,”

he added. In Luhansk, Reuters television showed images of hundreds of people outside the state security services building in Luhansk and a policeman in riot armor being carried away on a stretcher. Ukrainian television said the Luhansk protesters were demanding the release of people detained by security services in recent days as well as a referendum on joining Russia. “We don’t want to join the EU, we don’t want to join NATO. We want our children to live in peace,” an unnamed woman told Ukraine’s Channel Five in Luhansk. Ukraine’s state security services said on Saturday they had detained 15 people in Luhansk suspected of planning to overthrow the authorities and had confiscated hundreds of rifles, grenades and petrol bombs.

India to kick off world’s biggest election in remote northeast LAHOAL, India (Reuters) - Indians start voting in the world’s biggest ever election today, with a Hindu nationalist opposition party that has promised economic rejuvenation and jobs tipped to emerge as the clear leader but likely to fall short of an absolute majority. The elections to choose members to the 543-seat Lok Sabha, or House of the People, will be spread over five weeks, kicking off in two small northeastern states, then spreading to the northern Himalayan plateaus, western deserts and tropical south before ending in the denselypopulated northern plains. Results are due on May 16. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), led by Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi, and its allies are forecast to win the biggest chunk of seats but fall shy of a majority, according to a poll released this week by respected Indian pollsters CSDS. In such a situation, a coalition government led by the BJP is seen as the most likely outcome. India’s 815 million voters are set to inflict a resounding defeat on the ruling Congress party, led by the NehruGandhi dynasty, surveys show, after the longest economic slowdown since the 1980s put the brakes on development and job creation in a country where half of the population is under 25 years old. But Modi is tainted by accusations that he failed to stop or even encouraged antiMuslim riots in 2002 in the state of Gujarat, where he is

Narendra Modi chief minister. At least 1,000 people died in the violence, most of them Muslims. Modi has denied the charges and a Supreme Court inquiry found no evidence to prosecute him. India’s remote northeast, a lush but underdeveloped border region of eight states home to just 27.4 million voters, is a test case for the appeal of Modi’s promises to fill India with new highways and fast trains and to take a tough line on frontier disputes with neighbors. China claims sections of the region. “Modi is the best person for prime minister...because we need industries that can create jobs,” said Jyotirmoy Sharma, a manager at a tea factory who lives in Lahoal village in Assam, one of the two states due to vote on Monday. He voted for the ruling Congress party in India’s last two national elections in 2004 and 2009. “Young people can’t find good work here - the jobs

available are just about picking tea leaves,” said Sharma, who worries that his 14-year-old son will have to leave the area when he finishes school. Assam is India’s biggest tea-growing state. Northeastern India is one of the few remaining strongholds for Congress. The CSDS poll found that almost half of voters in Assam, who have one of the country’s lowest per capita incomes and often still rely on the centre-left Congress’ welfare schemes, are set to support the party. Most of the village’s residents, who work as casual tea pickers on surrounding plantations, told Reuters they planned to vote for Congress. Many had not heard of Modi. The debate in New Delhi is focused on whether Modi can win enough seats to secure a stable coalition with India’s increasingly powerful regional parties and push through his promised reforms. India’s diverse electorate and parliamentary system mean that local leaders - and local issues such as their caste or ethnic group - still hold great sway. In some constituencies this could stymie the BJP, which has run a presidential-style campaign focused wholly on Modi. “I vote for the local candidate - that is who affects my life,” said Shanti Naik, a woman selling biscuits and shampoo sachets at a stall in Lahoal who said she planned to vote for Congress. “Whoever is in Delhi, it doesn’t bother me.”

Monday April 07, 2014

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Israel threatens unilateral moves against Palestinians Jerusalem (AFP) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened the Palestinians with unilateral reprisals yesterday, as the two sides met for last-ditch talks with a US envoy on salvaging the peace process. Israel will retaliate if the Palestinians go ahead with applications to adhere to 15 international treaties, the rightwing premier said. “These will only make a peace agreement more distant,” he said of the applications which the Palestinians submitted last Tuesday. “Any unilateral moves they take will be answered by unilateral moves at our end,” he told a weekly cabinet meeting. Israeli and Palestinian negotiators went into talks with US envoy Martin Indyk in the afternoon, a Palestinian

Benjamin Netanyahu source said. He stressed there would be no change in the Palestinian position if Israel continued to refuse to free Arab prisoners. The crisis erupted after Israel last week refused to release the fourth and last batch of Palestinian prisoners

in line with an agreement struck with the Palestinians and the United States. In a tit-for-tat move, Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas signed the applications, triggering Israel’s wrath. Israel says Abbas’s move was a clear breach of the commitments the Palestinians gave when the talks were relaunched last July to pursue no other avenues for recognition of their promised state. US Secretary of State John Kerry, the driving force behind the talks, warned on Friday that there were “limits” to the time and energy that Washington could devote to the peace process. But Abbas and Netanyahu have both ignored Kerry’s pleas to step back from the brink, and Israel’s prime minister asked

Smooth Afghan poll raises questions about Taliban strength KABUL (Reuters) - A bigger-than-expected turnout in Afghanistan’s presidential election and the Taliban’s failure to derail the vote has raised questions about the capacity of the insurgents to tip the country back into chaos as foreign troops head home. The Taliban claimed that they staged more than 1,000 attacks and killed dozens during Saturday’s election, which they have branded a U.S.-backed deception of the Afghan people, though security officials said it was a gross exaggeration. There were dozens of minor roadside bombs, and attacks on polling stations, police and voters during the day. But the overall level of violence was much lower than the Taliban had threatened to unleash on the country. And, despite the dangers they faced at polling stations, nearly 60 percent of the 12 million people eligible to vote turned out, a measure of the determination for a say in their country’s first-ever democratic transfer of power, as President Hamid Karzai prepares to stand down after 12 years in power. “This is how people vote to say death to the Taliban,” said one Afghan on Twitter, posting a photograph that showed his friends holding up one finger - stained with ink to show they had voted in a gesture of defiance. There was a palpable sense in Kabul yesterday that perhaps greater stability is within reach after 13 years of

strife since the fall of the Taliban’s hardline Islamist regime in late 2001. The insurgency has claimed the lives of at least 16,000 Afghans civilians and thousands more soldiers. “It was my dream come true,” said Shukria Barakzai, a member of Afghanistan’s parliament. “That was a fantastic slap on the face of the enemy of Afghanistan, a big punch in the face of those who believe Afghanistan is not ready for democracy.” And yet this could be the beginning of a long and potentially dangerous period for Afghanistan as it will take weeks if not months to count votes and declare the winner in a country with only basic infrastructure and a rugged terrain. Although the Taliban failed to pull off major attacks on election day itself, some fear insurgents are preparing to disrupt the ballot-counting process which kicked off on Saturday night. In the first such attack since polling closed, a roadside bomb killed two Afghan election workers and one policeman and destroyed dozens of ballot papers on Sunday, police and an election official said. Observers believe it is too early to conclude from the Taliban’s failure to trip up the vote that it is now on a backfoot. More than 350,000 security forces were deployed for the vote, and rings of checkpoints and roadblocks around the capital, Kabul, may well have thwarted Taliban plans to hit

voters and polling stations. It is possible the Taliban deliberately lay low to give the impression of improving security in order to hasten the exit of U.S. troops and gain more ground later. After all, they managed to launch a wave of spectacular attacks in the run-up to the vote, targeting foreigners, security forces and civilians. Indeed, they remain a formidable force: estimates of the number of Taliban fighters, who are mostly based in lawless southern and eastern areas of the country, range up to 30,000. Borhan Osman of the independent Afghan Analysts Network argues that for now the insurgency does not appear to be winning, though the Taliban might argue it has already exhausted the United States’ will to fight. In a report late last month Osman wrote that support for the Taliban was fading in regions where they had previously counted on help from villagers, and they appeared to lack the strength to besiege major towns or engage in frontal battles. “So far, they have rather focused efforts on hit-andrun attacks, among other asymmetric tactics, which can bleed the enemy but usually not enough to knock it down,” Osman said. There could, though, be an opportunity for the Taliban to reassert themselves if - as happened in 2009 - the election is marred by fraud and Afghans feel cheated of a credible outcome.

for a range of retaliatory options to be drawn up. The Israeli parliament is due to meet to discuss the crisis today. “The Palestinians have much to lose from a unilateral move. They will get a state only through direct negotiations and not through empty declarations or unilateral moves,” Netanyahu said yesterday. “We are prepared to continue talks, but not at any price.” Israel’s chief negotiator Tzipi Livni suggested that Washington scale down its “intensive” involvement, saying direct talks between Abbas and Netanyahu were needed. “We need bilateral meetings between us, including between the prime minister and Abu Mazen (Abbas),” she said on television on Saturday. A Palestinian source said Livni had already made the suggestion at a meeting two days earlier with her Palestinian counterpart Saeb Erakat, but that no such encounter is on the agenda.

Netanyahu angrily noted that the Palestinian applications to the international institutions were filed before planned talks aimed at extending negotiations beyond their April 29 deadline. But Palestinian official Yasser Abed Rabbo said Israel was responsible for the crisis and “wants to extend the negotiations forever.” “Israel always implements unilateral steps,” he told Voice of Palestine radio. Israel’s hardline Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman called for early elections in case the prisoners are released. “The government has three choices: free the prisoners even if the Palestinians have not kept their promises, form a new governing coalition or organise elections. The last option is preferable,” he said at a conference in New York, quoted on Israeli radio. Officials from Netanyahu down have been cautious not to specify the exact nature of punitive measures Israel might take against the Palestinians.

But Haaretz newspaper said Netanyahu and Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon have asked the military administration in the West Bank to draw up a list of possible punitive measures. Other reports said Israel could prevent Wataniya Palestine Telecom from laying down cellphone infrastructure in the Hamasruled Gaza Strip, and halt Palestinians from building in parts of the West Bank. Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, an outspoken hardliner who opposes a Palestinian state, said certain Palestinian leaders should be tried by the International Criminal Court for war crimes. Shurat Hadin, a nongovernmental organisation that backs the families of Israelis killed in Palestinian attacks, said it would petition the ICC. Human Rights Watch, meanwhile, said Washington should back the Palestinian bid to join international treaties, a step which “could help create a better environment for peace negotiations”.

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WANTED One Salesgirl for shop to work on the ECD, between age 17-24, text name & address to telephone # 6177823 Responsible hire car drivers. Tel: 231-7200 Weekend car and van driver Call: 227-1830 (after 5pm) CHAINSAW LUMBER: Kabukalli, Shibadan, Silverballi, Simarupa, etc Tel: 653-9752 Maid to work on Lower East Bank - Call: 671-7878 between 6am to 9pm, on weekdays and weekends Welders, carpenters, masons. Must be 25years and older – Tel:265-3586 Urgently! Joiners, spray painters (furniture), handyman and Upholster – Contact:225-6810 1 General Domestic to work in Georgetown, must know to cook Indian & Creole dishes. Must be trustworthy - Call:656-6388 One (1) night guard – Tel:6667734 or 225-1276 One Barber – Tel:225-6337 One Domestic - Call:6144358. One girl to work in upholstery workshop and one salesgirl to work in store. Call: 610-7005 or 2191342 One Live-in domestic and one part-time domestic. Must be between 18 years and 25 years. Apply in person. Phone 610-9493 Sales representative for the distribution of groceries/ beverages. Send application to Maya @ Lot 24 Saffon Street Charlestown. Tel:609-7132 One Trained Carnegie/ Home Economics Cook. Four (4) times per week - Call: 6144358 One female to cook at a home in the Interior Contact:681-6044 One male janitor. Apply in person to Alabama Trading, Georgetown Ferry Stelling. Two waitresses, opposite The National Stadium, E.B.D – Call:233-5481 between 11:00am-6:00pm One Handyman to work in the Interior - Call: 681-6044 SERVICES We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer call:2310655,683-8734 Omar

Monday April 07, 2014

GBBC Jamaican Invasion affair

Dexter Marques retains CABOFE accolade as Guyana and Jamaica share the spoils

By Michael Benjamin Guyanese boxers clinched two victories but their Jamaican counterparts rebounded with a similar number of wins to share the spoils when the curtains were drawn on the Guyana Boxing Board of Control (GBBC) ‘Jamaican Invasion’ boxing extravaganza at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH), Saturday evening last. edge and ret6ained the World Boxing Council a Dexter ‘The Kid’ Marques turned in a classical display of boxing skills interspersed with crisp combinations and the heart of a lion to convincingly defeat Jamaican, Rudolph ‘Cutting Edge’ Hedge and retain the World Boxing Council Caribbean Boxing Federation (WBCCABOFE) flyweight title while local pugilist, Quincy Gomes, emulated Marques’ feat with a convincing display to take the honours against Jamaican Toriano Nicholas in their 4 rounds lightweight affair. The Jamaicans ensured that it was not a one sided affair when their super/ middleweight representative, Kemahl Russell pounded Romeo Norville into submission to win by technical knockout, while Devon Moncrieffe bulldozed Mark Austin to earn a convincing majority decision in their 8 rounds junior/ middleweight shindig. In the lone all-local bout, Richard Williamson punished David Thomas and eventually forced the referee to halt their junior/lightweight 4 rounds fight at 1:32secs of the final round. Marques made his intensions clear from the very first gong when he rushed out

and dealt Hedge a wicked overhand right and followed up with a left hook to his body for good measure. The slimly built Hedge took his punishment and retaliated with several straight punches of his own to set the pace of the fight. Always the busybody, Marques bustled out in the second stanza with blazing fists that pushed the Jamaican on the back foot. The latter fighter remained on the defensive for the first half of that round before he came to life and when he did he shook Marques with crisp combinations. Undaunted, Marques got on his bicycle and his slick footwork and accurate punching was indeed a joy to behold. Hedge attempted to slide past Marques’ piston jabs in the early stages of the third stanza but the Guyanese proved to be elusive and kept him at bay. The Jamaican doggedly advanced and Marques retaliated with a one two combination that caused Hedge to stagger a little. He quickly reasserted himself and ended the round punching. Marques turned up the heat at the start of the fourth round with vicious head and body shots before slickly sliding out of range. The distinction in skills became apparent as Marques danced and weaved circles around his Jamaican counterpart but Hedge demonstrated resilience and pluck when he came on strong nearing the end of the round with a three punch combination. Hedge found his rhythm in the fifth round and forced Marques to work overtime to stay in front. The Guyanese was up to the task and laced

Kemahl Russell his Jamaican counterpart with several combinations and then slipped out of reach before he could have responded. It seemed though, that Hedge was doing much better than anticipated as the scores up to that point reflected. Local judge, Trevor Arno had him ahead, 40-36 while Trinidadian judge, McKenzie Granger and Francis Abraham both had Marques in front 40-36. Round six was the round that Hedge had predicted for a knockout and he came out firing connecting with a flush straight right to Marques’ jaw. The latter fighter shrugged off the blow and countered with a left and right hook before smoothly sliding out of range. Hedge pursued his man and the two warriors became engaged in a nice exchange of punches in one of the neutral corners. By now, the crowd was very much a part of the action as they egged the Guyanese on. Buoyed by the support, Marques upped the ante and laced Hedge with a few straight punches but the Jamaican showed that he was made of sterner stuff and

stayed in contention with several punches of his own. Marques turned to his legs for support in the eighth round and they did not disappoint him as he weaved circles around his opponent while sneaking in left and right hand punches. The blows had their effect and the referee called in the ringside doctor to examine a cut over Hedge’s left eye which also had a small lump. Hedge’s determination came to the fore in the ninth round when, despite his torrid experience, he went after his opponent with a force. Marques was up to the challenge but switched from an aggressive approach to a jab and move technique. It was also around that time that the crowd began to chant his name which provided the impetus for a series of punches that checked Hedge’s approach. The fight was extremely competitive with Hedge searching for the sucker punch while Marques stayed on his bicycle and averted any danger. Sensing that he was behind on the scorecards, Hedge shifted gears in the penultimate round but a supremely fit Marques refused to relinquish the lead. He dug deep and came up with a beautiful combination that crashed into Hedge’s face and the blood started to pour from the gash over his left eye all over again forcing medical intervention. Upon resumption, Marques continued the onslaught with punches to his opponent’s body and head. The two warriors had done quite a lot during the preceding rounds and it was a reasonable expectation that they be tired in the penultimate stanza. This was not the case, however, as that both attacked and a mini war ensued in centre ring with each giving as much as he received. The final round could have easily been

mistaken for the first as both pugilists appeared fresh and determined, trading punches right down to the bell while the crowd screamed its appreciation. It was a furious bout but in the end Marques proved that his fitness and determination were not hampered by the lengthy absence from the ring. The judges concurred and Trevor Arno gave Marques the fight 117-111, while Trinidadian judge, McKenzie Granger and Francis Abraham both concurred with scores of 119101 and 117-111 respectively. Boxing out of a southpaw stance, Austin failed to employ the right strategy against a stoutly built Moncrieffe. He was outmuscled and failed to find the right punches to stop the rampaging Jamaican. All three judges, Arno, Carlton Hopkinson and Bernard DeSantos gave the Jamaican the bout 79-72, 80-72 and 7973 respectively. Norville never looked the part and entered the ring sporting a chubby physique that contradicted the claim that he had trained properly for the bout. He was punished for most of the time he stayed in the ring. Midway into the second round he received several clouts and after showing no retaliation, his handlers threw in the towel but the referee simply threw the garment out of the ring. It all summed up to naught as Norville eventually quitted on the stool at the end of the second stanza. Both Gomes and Toriano were making their debuts and the Jamaican refused to take chances, dancing around while jabbing and crossing. Gomes appeared the stronger of the two and used his power punches to good effect which eventually earned him the decision. Rawle Aaron registered a stalemate at 3838 while Hopkinson and Andrew Thorne handed the Guyanese the bout 39-37 each.

Banks Beer Softball Cup set for May 6 The Banks Beer Champion of Champions Inter-Company and Association Softball Cricket competition is set for May 6 at Thirst Park. Entrance fee is $12,000 and action gets underway at 18:00hrs. The tournament will be contested in two categories; over-35 and open. The first place team in the open division will pocket a trophy and $120,000 and the runner up a trophy and $60,000. The over 35 winners will take home a trophy and $100,000 and the runner up a trophy and $50,000. Among the teams expected to take part are Kings Jewellery, MediCare, Nafico, Beharry Group of Companies, Scotiabank, NBIC, Demerara Power and Light, Princess Hotel and Banks DIH. For more information teams can contact Samuel Kingston on 614-9536.

Monday April 07, 2014

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Monday April 07, 2014

Griffith’s 58, Joseph’s opening burst put Guyana in good position for 1st win of the season Guyana were seven wickets away from the their first win at the end of the third day of their sixth round Regional 4-Day cricket match against the Leeward Islands yesterday at the Vivian Richards Cricket Ground in

Antigua. Leewards ended the day on 101-3, needing another 178 on the final day today after Guyana, who began day three on 47-2, reached 212 with Trevon Griffith hitting eight fours from 101 balls in an

attractive 58. He got support from Anthony Bramble (47), Chanderpaul Hemraj (34) and Zaheer Shadir Mohamed (28). Assad Fudadin struggled for an hour for his 11and was the first to

10th Linden Secondary Schools Basketball C/ship bounces off today The 10th Linden Secondary Schools Under19 Basketball Championship, which is organized by the Linden Amateur basketball Association, will see a hectic opening week of five playing days beginning today through to Friday at the Mackenzie Sports Club, where the four times champions Mackenzie High School will be featured in the opening encounter at 2:30 pm. For the 10th straight year the popular Linden Secondary Schools Under -19 championship will attract participation from six secondary schools in Linden. They are defending champions Christianburg Wismar Secondary, Mackenzie High, New

Silvercity Secondary, Linden Foundation Secondary, Wisburg Secondary and Linden Technical Institute. The initial round robin format to decide the semifinalists will see Mackenzie High facing the challenge of Wisburg at 2:30pm, while the second game at 4:00pm is between Linden Foundation Secondary and Linden Technical Institute. Tomorrow New Silvercity Secondary take on the defending champions Christianburg Wismar Secondary in the first game at 2:30pm and the second will see Mackenzie High in action again, this time against Linden Foundation Secondary at 4:00pm. On Wednesday Linden Technical Institute come up

against New Silvercity Secondary and game two is between Christianburg Wismar Secondary and Wisburg Secondary. On Thursday Linden Foundation Secondary take on Wisburg Secondary in the first game and Mackenzie High face the challenge of Christianburg Wismar Secondary, while on F r i d a y, Linden Technical Institute take on Mackenzie High in game one and the second is between New Silvercity Secondary and Linden Foundation Secondary. All the trophies, replicas, medals and basketballs for the tenth championship have been sponsored by Lindeners now residing in the United States of America.

go yesterday when he fell to pacer Kelbert Walters at 85-3 before Griffith departed at the same score off legspinner Anthony Martin. Skipper and first innings centurion Leon Johnson fell for seven before Hemraj and Bramble added 65 before they both were sent packing in the space of nine runs to leave Guyana on 178-8.

Martin (5-49) wrapped up the tail with the wickets of Veerasammy (3) and Ronsford Beaton (3). The Leewards began their chase badly and slipped to 28-3 as Keon Joseph, who had four scalps in the first innings, removing openers Kieran Powell (7) caught behind and Javir Liburd (11) LBW, before Beaton bowled Orlando Peters (7).

Devon Thomas (38) and Jamal Hamilton (34) then kept the hosts in the fight with an unfinished fourth wicket stand of 69. Beaton 7-0-28-1; Joseph 6-1-21-2; Shadir Mohamed 7-1-27-0; Permaul 6-1-21-0 are the bowlers used so far. In the other matches T&T beat Jamaica by 145 runs and CCC defeated the Windwards by 82 runs.

GAPF Novice & Junior Championships

Kevin Brijlall, Roger Callender and Andrea Smith crowned overall winners Kevin Brijlall of Hardcore Gym was crowned Junior and Sub-Junior overall Champion when the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPF) brought off their Novice and Junior Championships yesterday at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue. Roger Callender representing Fitness Freak Gym took Best Overall Lifter Award in the Novice category, while on the distaff side, Andrea Smith of Body Max Gym emerged as the top Overall novice female of the four ladies that competed in the Fitness Express and Lucozade sponsored competition. The hot conditions at the Gymnasium did not deter the athletes from giving of their best as they were urged on by their faithful supporters, family and friends who all weathered the heat.

Brijlall, won the 59kg male Sub Junior class with a total of 480 (best squat 190kg; bench press 100kg; dead lift 190kg) and 423.168 Wilks points. Second was Jeremy Chow (59kg) whose total was 452.5 (squat 172.5kg; bench press 92.5kg; dead lift 187.5kg .5) and 396.978 Wilks points. Callender, competing in the 74kg Novice division relegated Stabroek News Photographer Orlando Charles to the second placed in a straight fight between the two in this class. Callender recorded a total of 590kg (squat 225kg; bench press 137.5kg; dead lift 227.5) 434.65 Wilks points. Charles had a total of 517.5kg (squat 185kg; bench press 132.5; dead lift 200kg) and 381.342 Wilks points. An elated Andrea Smith took the top spot in the 57kg category from Daphnis

Lackner with a total of 280 (squat102.5kg; bench press 47.5kg; dead lift 130kg) and 336.056 Wilks points. The other female category winners were Cloe Hunter (52kg) as the lone competitor with a total of 217.5kg and 275.638 Wilks points. Telisha Roland was also the lone athlete in the 84+kg division. Roland recorded a total of 352.5kg and 306.781 Wilks points. Other category winners were Timothy Mc Andrew (66kg) male sub-junior; Leon Rupertie (59kg) male junior; Ahmad Rozan (53kg) Novice; Dike Utoh (83kg) Novice; Navendra Tamasar (59kg) Novice; Feeyad Azeem (66kg) Novice; Martin Webster (93kg) Novice; Dillon Mahadeo (105kg) Novice; Kenny Mars (120kg) Novice; Steve Ramnarine (120+kg) Novice.

Sri Lanka beat India to win... From page 27 Sangakkara, who had scored only 19 runs in his previous five innings in the tournament but oversaw a patient run chase that was finished off in style when Thisara Perera clubbed Ravichandran Ashwin for his third six. World Cup and Champions Trophy winners India were hoping to become the first team to hold all three limited-overs trophies. But their quest was undermined by a disappointing batting performance that stalled badly after Rohit Sharma drove to short extra cover in the 11th over for 29 to break a second-wicket partnership of 60 with Kohli. Yuvraj Singh, so often a destructive batsman in the shorter forms of the game, looked horribly out of touch as he scratched around for 11 off 21 balls. With Kohli starved of the strike, the innings lost all

momentum and even Mahendra Dhoni could add only four from seven balls after Yuvraj’s tame lob to long-off finally brought the captain to the crease in the penultimate over. The final four overs, in which Kohli faced eight balls, yielded just 19 runs before the tournament’s leading runscorer was run out trying to force a second from the last ball of the innings. There was a wicket apiece for Nuwan Kulasekara, Angelo Mathews and Rangana Herath as not one of Sri Lanka’s five bowlers conceded more than 29 runs from four overs. India took wickets with enough regularity to keep the match alive and evoke memories of the 2012 final, when Sri Lanka were bowled out for 101 in pursuit of West Indies’ modest 137-6. Kusal Perera sliced Mohit Sharma to mid-off in the

second over and Tillakaratne Dilshan holed out to Kohli at deep square leg for 18. Jayawardene swiped Suresh Raina to midwicket to depart for 24 and, when Lahiru Thirimanne nicked Amit Mishra to wicketkeeper Dhoni, Sri Lanka were wobbling on 78-4. But Perera announced his intent by hitting Mishra over long-on for a huge six and followed up with another maximum in the leg-spinner’s next over. Sangakkara thrashed consecutive fours off Ashwin to reach his halfcentury and take Sri Lanka to within four runs of the title. Perera danced down the track to apply the perfect finish and spark jubilant scenes among the Sri Lanka players and fans. Scores: Sri Lanka 134 for 4 (Sangakkara 52*, Jayawardene 24) beat India 130 for 4 (Kohli 77) by 6 wickets.

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