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Wednesday April 16, 2014

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DEAR EDITOR, Most of us are enraged when we hear of the rape and abuse of children. Most of us would want to lynch, castrate, or even kill the rapists. However, the justice system is supposed to work and as a society, we are not expected to lynch, castrate or kill anyone who is accused of rape. We are supposed to be providing services for victims of rape, ensuring that perpetrators are brought to justice and preventing rape. The needs of rape victims are articulated in the letter to the media from Help and Shelter and Red Thread on April 5, 2014. The actions which should be taken by Ministers and MPs and their friends are also well articulated in that letter. Any Member of Parliament or Minister who is concerned about rape and sexual violence should know that section 87 of the Sexual Offences Act calls for the establishment of the National Task Force for Prevention of Sexual Offences by the President. Section 87 (of the electronic copy of the Act which was circulated at the time of passing) is reproduced here :(1) There shall be

established an inter-agency task force to be known as the National Task Force for the Prevention of Sexual Violence which shall have the duty to develop and implement a national plan for the prevention of sexual violence. (2) The President shall appoint the members of the Task Force, which shall include the Ministers of Legal Affairs, Home Affairs, Human Services and Social Security, Amerindian Affairs, Education, Health, Local Government, Youth, Sport and Culture, senior public officers with responsibility for law enforcement, health and human and social services and persons from non-governmental organisations. (3) The Task Force shall carry out the following activities either directly or by one or more of the constituent ministries as appropriate – (a) develop and publish within a reasonable time of the coming into force of this Act, a National Plan for the Prevention of Sexual Offences, which shall include the necessary steps to eradicate sexual violence in Guyana; (b) develop initiatives

An appointment no one wants DEAR EDITOR, Just when we Berbicians thought that things couldn’t get worse, we hear that former regional chairman Zulficar Mustafa is to be named as the MP and to become a minister. As far as Berbice is concerned, this man pillaged the county. He and his close collaborator are single-handedly responsible for the loss of votes in Berbice and continue to be the reason people stay away. They were engaged in everything one can imagine. But the PPP rewarded these two people with MP position and executive leadership of the PPP. If the PPP fervently wants to lose the next election, let them continue with these two men. I wait with tears in my eyes to see Member of Parliament Mustafa taking the oath and swearing upon the Koran that the PPP lose the next election. David Ally

for prevention of sexual violence; (c) co-ordinate the implementation of the National Plan; (d) commission and coordinate the collection, publication and sharing of data among government agencies; (e) establish policies to enable the Government to work with nongovernmental organisations, faith-based organisations, community-based organisations and other elements of civil society to prevent sexual violence and provide assistance to victims of sexual violence; (f) provide guidance to the Sexual Violence Unit; (g) develop national policy guidelines and protocols for victims of sexual violence and address matters relating to police services, prosecution, medical services, social service, probation service and prison service; (h) monitor the implementation of this Act, the National Plan and the National Policy Guidelines and protocols; (i) co-ordinate national education and awareness programmes; (j) focus special attention on the issues of sexual violence in remote areas, including access to police support and medical attention, court services; (k) determine the effectiveness of public awareness exercises and Continued on page 23

No woman has taken Silk in Guyana

DEAR SIR, It is noticeable without doubt that women today have flooded the Legal Profession which only a few years ago was mainly a profession dominated by men. I go back to my childhood days in the early 1940’s when as far as I can recall there was only one female Solicitor in New Amsterdam, Ms. Hyacinth Eleazer who later was married to Dr. Cunningham. Then in the early 1950’s Ms. Enid Luckhoo became a Solicitor. Until then there were no women Barrister-at-law. The first group of women to become Barristers-at-law comprised Ms. Norma Jackman, Ms. Elvy Edwards, Ms Natalie Agard and Ms. Shirley-Field-Ridley. They were all well qualified in Law, three of them having the LLM. At the same time there were two female Solicitors, Ms. Sheila Chapman, Mr. Raphael Trotman’s mother, and Ms. Desiree Bernard. This was in the 1960’s. Later on came Ms. Claudette La Bennett and others in the 1970’s. I mention Ms. Claudette La Bennett because as far I can recall she was the first female lawyer ever to present a Criminal Case in the High Court. Now women Lawyers

seem to outnumber male Lawyers. One only has to attend Bail Court or Chambers. Also the Magistracy is occupied by women. Male Magistrate’s have become a scarcity. Having said all this it cannot be disputed that women have done well in the Legal profession and have made their mark. Just recently Justice Desiree Bernard on her retirement was recognized for her contribution in various fields and more recently, the entire Guyana said goodbye to the late Deborah Backer in glorious terms. There is a female Solicitor General in Ms. Sita Ramlal, a female Director of Public Prosecution, a female Court of Appeal Judge, and four female Judges in the High Court. All these positions were once dominated by male Lawyers. In the case of the positions of DPP and Solicitor General the holder of these positions would normally be appointed Senior Counsel. It seems very, very strange that to date no female lawyer has ever been appointed Senior Counsel in Guyana. All over the Caribbean women are appointed Senior Counsel but not Guyana. Is this because of a lack of respect

for the contribution women have made to the Legal Profession. Something seems to be radically wrong. For the last five years no appointment of Senior Counsel was made. For over nine years the two top positions in the Legal Governmental system, the Chancellor and Chief Justice, have been acting. This does not auger well for the Legal Profession. Instead of going up the ladder we seem to be sliding down. Maybe the time has come whereby it is necessary to have a Commissioner of Enquiry into the Legal Profession to arrive at what steps ought to be taken to have a fervent and dependable Legal system. In Guyana we have experienced and capable Attorneys-at-law such as Mr. Bryn Pollard, Mr. Rex McKay, Mr. Ashton Chase and Mr. Keith Massiah to name a few who know of the Legal System of old and are capable of giving advice as to what should now happen. Jonas M.F. Coddett Attorney-at-law

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Wednesday April 16, 2014

Opposition swipes $5B from OP allocation In a day punctuated with protestors’ chants on the outside and disclosures of salaries at the Office of the President (OP) on the inside, a determined Opposition held true to its threats yesterday, voting against almost $5.1B. With the considerations of the $220B National Budget expecting to wind up today, unless an agreement is reached for the monies to be approved, several major programmes and agencies which receive subventions from OP would be affected. Yesterday’s non-approval would represent among the biggest of the Opposition’s rejections so far for this year’s budget. Government is holding strong to its position that the Opposition breached the possibilities of negotiations, with no list of concerns tabled so far by the latter. Already, monies for the Amerindian Development Fund - $1.1B; $910M for the Specialty Hospital and the Cheddi Jagan International Airport -$6.6B, have been voted against by the Opposition. Up first yesterday and of no surprise was an $81.7M allocation for the state-owned television and radio stations the National Communications Network (NCN) - and $139.8M for the Government Information Agency (GINA). Also affected under the $3.8B Administration Service capital budget of OP, would be a $50M allocation for the Presidential Secretariat for electrical repairs and upgrades at State House; a $3.46B allocation for the

- NCN, GINA, One Laptop project among affected entities

Minister within the Ministry of Finance, Juan Edghill Chinese-funded ICT project which included the One Laptop Per Family initiative; $24M for the Civil Defence Commission; $10M for the Guyana Office For Investment (GO-Invest); $10M for the Guyana Energy Agency and a $50M allocation for the Institute For Applied Science and Technology (IAST). According to Minister within the Ministry of Finance, Juan Edghill, the non-approval affected the purchase of a new car for President Donald Ramotar…one of six new ones being bought for the OP this year. In total, OP has 102 vehicles with 15 of them to be sold this year. Edghill, when questioned, disclosed that the Defence Board is considering a request on removing the Presidential Guard Services from under OP. Questioned how monies for NCN and GINA that were slashed to $1 last year by the

Opposition were restored without approval of the assembly, the Minister said that the Government was guided by the ruling of the Chief Justice. This immediately led to an angry debate over the authority of the court and the independence of the National Assembly with regards to the budget. However, Speaker of the House Raphael Trotman was not entertaining a debate on the contentious issue. There were intense questions about GINA which has 39 staffers. Alliance For Change (AFC) Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan, requested details of how the agency wanted to spend almost $140M. Edghill disclosed that GINA’s last completed audit was in 2007 with 2008 being worked on. He will be providing the latest financials to the Opposition. It was disclosed that NCN last year earned $476M excluding the government subvention which pushed the figure to $557M. In total, NCN has 236 staffers with 59 of them being temporary. On the issue of the contentious audit report of a fraud investigation in 2012 and which the administration has not been releasing, the National Assembly heard the matter is before NCN’s board. AFC MP Cathy Hughes also requested details of equipment that NCN has bought in recent years and their location. Meanwhile, on

Government’s major project to provide 90,000 poor families with laptops, there were also searching questions. According to Minister Edghill, a significant part of the project, which includes a fibre optic cable from Brazil and the building of 54 towers across the coastland, is expected to be completed by end of July. Under the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs, it is the plan to build 100 hubs in Amerindian villages. So far,

some 34,000 laptops have been distributed, with another set to the tune of $2.1B, to be ordered in the coming months. Speaking with reporters during a break yesterday, Minister Edghill said that the administration remained flabbergasted over the decision to cut the budget of the operations of OP under the current budget. Also affected will be the Office of the First Lady, Commissioner of Information,

Presidential Guard Services, and Castellani House. Puzzling too, he said, was the vote against of the monies for IAST, which is currently researching alternatives, including with the use of coconut, to replace the use of mercury in gold mining. Asked what options the Government has now to pass the budget, Edghill made it clear that attempts were made to engage the Opposition in the sub-committee forum but were rebuffed at every step. Government remains very open to negotiations, he said.

MURDER ACCUSED TO KNOW FATE TODAY The two accused in the Tain Corentyne murder trial are expected to know their fate today when Justice Diana Insanally sums up the evidence for the mixed jury sitting in the Berbice High Court. On trial are Joshua Persaud called ‘Sunny Boy’ and ‘Bun Boy’, 22, and Raphael Rene Morrison called “Red Head” 24, both of Bloomfield, Corentyne, Berbice. The men are accused of murdering Marlon Andrew Ramcharran on June 3rd 2013 on a street in Block ‘C’ Tain New Housing Area. When the matter resumed yesterday both the defence, which is being led by Attorney Mursaline Bacchus in association with attorney Perry Gossai, and the Prosecution, which is

being conducted by Attorney Renita Singh, presented their closing arguments. This was after Justice Insanally had overruled the defence’s no case submissions. E a r l i e r , both accused Joshua Persaud and Rapheal Morrison had made unsworn statements from the docks citing their innocence stating that they knew nothing of Ramcharran’s death. They both mentioned that they went out during the night in question at the ‘Dust Till Dawn Disco’. They left to go home and ended up in an altercation with some boys from ‘Train Line’. Persaud borrowed a cutlass from his cousin to defend them. Mr. Bacchus in his presentation concentrated his submission on the weakness of the prosecution’s case. He said that there was no proper identification. He mentioned the conflicting evidence by the prosecution witnesses. The matter of lighting was also a major part of the

defence’s submission. Mr. Bacchus submitted that all the witnesses gave different statements in relation to the matter of the lighting at the scene. In her submission, Prosecutor Singh concentrated on the evidence of the prosecution’s two star witnesses, Nicolas Beharry and Rakesh Jaikarran, whom she stated were on the scene and saw what had happened. She said that the two witnesses along with the police witness gave a good account of what took place. She reminded the jury that they heard for themselves what the witnesses had to say. She urged the jury to disbelieve the accused men’s account of what happened and stated that they had motives to kill because they and the deceased had a misunderstanding earlier in the night. She asked the jury not to have sympathy for anyone but to make their decision based on the evidence provided.

Baby dies at Day Care (From page 3) normal up to this morning. I fed him porridge (Nestum) and I gave him his tonic (Haliborange),” the mother recalled. Asked whether she was informed if anyone at the centre fed the infant before he passed away, the mother said, “They said that they didn’t feed him when I carried him.” When this publication visited the day care, no one was willing to offer a comment. Persons inside the building closed the doors and windows, and a voice could be heard exclaiming, “Ask the mother what happened! She overfed the child!” A post mortem will be done today.

Wednesday April 16, 2014

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Businessman kidnap/murder…

Cops intensify hunt for alleged mastermind Police have intensified their hunt for a man described as “Tall Man” even as they prepare to charge three other persons for the kidnap and murder of businessman Rajendra Singh. Ranks swooped down in the community of Albouystown after receiving information that “Tall Man” was hiding out there. Kaieteur News understands that some of the persons in custody have fingered “Tall Man” as one of the main players in the crime. The victim’s wife and his employees had described his abductors as a “tall man” and a “short one”. According to a source, one of the men said that he was recruited to be part of the kidnapping, but after taking the businessman to Goedverwagting, where Singh’s car was subsequently found abandoned, he had completed his role and did not know what transpired after. He was not picked out by the victim’s wife and employees from an identification line-up. Investigators believe that another suspect in custody was the organiser of the kidnapping since he was a

known associate of the businessman. “All the others are strangers, he is the only one who really knew him (victim),” the source said. Another prime suspect reportedly admitted making the ransom calls. A police source told this newspaper that while some of the persons have admitted being involved in some way in the kidnapping of Singh, they have all denied knowledge of his killing. But a senior police officer told Kaieteur News that the men could still face charges for Singh’s murder. “If you admit to kidnapping a man and he ends up dead, who do you think we will hold responsible?” the officer asked. Investigators have prepared a report on the matter and the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions will be sought, prior to the institution of charges. A senior police official suggested that the state might try to use one of the persons in custody as a witness against his accomplices. “We will have to charge him though, because you

Accused on felonious wounding charge remanded A 28-year-old grocery shop attendant who hails from White Water, North West District, was yesterday remanded to prison when he appeared before a city Magistrate for allegedly trashing a fellow villager with a piece of wood. The accused, Aaron Romascindo, was taken to the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court to face a felonious wounding charge. The charge which was read to Romascindo by Magistrate Ann McLennan alleged that on April 13, last, at White Water, North West District, Barima-Waini, he unlawfully and maliciously inflicted grievous bodily harm to his fellow villager Angelo Poliah. The accused was not called to respond to the charge since it was laid indictably. Representing the prosecution was Corporal Deniro Jones, who explained that on the day in question Poliah and a friend were passing the home of the accused when his (Romascindo’s) dog chased after him. Jones claimed that Romascindo confronted them and an argument ensued between the accused and the victim which escalated into a fight. During the scuffle,

Accused: Aaron Romascindo Romascindo picked up a piece of wood and lashed the victim several times about his body which resulted in Poliah’s foot being fractured, the prosecutor said. The Corporal told the court that the victim is currently hospitalised as a result of the injuries sustained. He added that he underwent surgery earlier that morning. The matter was reported and Romascindo was subsequently charged for the offence. Romascindo who was unrepresented by legal counsel did not submit a bail application and the prosecutor did not offer any objections. In response, Magistrate McLennan remanded the accused. The case is set to be called on April 30.

Dead businessman Rajendra Singh never know, he might renege on any deal.” An attorney for one of the men currently awaiting charges told this newspaper that despite being beaten by investigators, his client has refused to sign a confession statement which was allegedly prepared by the

police. When asked about the other persons in custody, the source said that they were all linked to the crime by their cell phones. However they have all given plausible explanations for this occurrence. “All that the police have

on these people is that their phone numbers were found in the businessman’s phone records, nothing else,” the attorney said. Singh’s body with bullet wounds to the head was discovered in Le Repentir Cemetery a week ago, four days after he was kidnapped from his Foulis, Enmore, East Coast Demerara business place. An initial ransom demand of $50M dollars was made and this figure was subsequently reduced by half. The kidnappers had also warned Singh’s wife not to contact the police. They also demanded the tapes from the surveillance cameras that surrounded the business place. But although relatives had gathered a part of the money, they never got the chance to hand it over to the kidnappers who apparently became impatient and murdered their victim. Investigators are convinced that Singh was

held captive in a location in the city shortly after he was abducted, despite reports that he was held in a house at Goedverwagting, a village located about five miles from where he was kidnapped. Police in a press statement last Sunday said that ranks acted professionally and promptly, with respect to the information provided from the time Singh was kidnapped to present. “We documented all the phone calls, so we have proof to substantiate that we acted responsibly,” a senior police official said. He said that the kidnappers were very innovative, since the police had difficulty narrowing down their monitored telephone calls to any specific area. “Most of the calls (from the kidnappers) were from cell sites in Georgetown. At one time we even got one from Vreed en Hoop and we searched the whole of Plastic City,” the official stated.

Teenaged male sex worker remanded on theft, damage charges A city Magistrate yesterday postponed sentencing a teenaged male sex worker who at his first court hearing confessed to stealing a cellular phone from one of his “clients” and damaging a gutter at the East La Penitence Police outpost a few days ago. Following the lengthy explanation of the 16-year-old, Magistrate Ann McLennan indicated that she will hand down her decision tomorrow (April 17) after she receives a probation report. The teen appeared yesterday at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court charged with simple larceny and malicious damage to property. He pleaded guilty with explanation to both charges when they were read to him. The accused told the Magistrate that because he “didn’t want no long talking” he, on April 12, “took” Burghman

King’s cellular phone in Georgetown as payment for prostitution services he had rendered. He admitted too that he climbed on the roof of the East La Penitence Police outpost, swung on their $3,900 gutter and broke it on his way down. Addressing the Magistrate on account of the first charge, the teen said “I went to the police station to report a matter and they refused to take it, so I go up on the roof to get them to take my report. That’s when the gutter break.” “Your worship, I was prostituting on the road and the man and he friend pick me up and I went and ‘fare’ with them. When we done, he seh he ain’t got money and got to go to the bank and I tell he “look, I ain’t able with no long talking” I gun hold onto the phone.” “I lef’ and some boys rob me of the phone. It was

three bandits who take away the phone from me.” At this point, after already listening to State Prosecutor Deniro Jones and the accused, the Magistrate indicated that she would defer sentencing for a probation report, and sent out a request for a Probation Officer. However, the teen continued “Your worship I not finish speak. After I was in the car ‘faring’ with the man, he put out he friend by Cuffy (the 1763 Monument) and put hickey on me neck and all sorta thing. Then when the story reach to the police officer, they gave a different story.” “They now ‘pick-up’ and seh how I did drinking beer. Your worship, they know I is a gay so dem officer tell dem man wah fuh seh at the station.

Every time I go to the station they always refuse to take a report.” “One of me cousin come and ask for bail and they refuse. This officer always try to put a charge on me.” The Magistrate at this point, indicated to the young man that if he has been facing those difficulties with making police reports, he should go to the Brickdam Police Station and file his reports. The matter was first called in the morning but was stood down pending the arrival of the probation officer. During the afternoon session, the Magistrate asked the Social Worker to prepare a probation report for the next court date on April 17 when she will hand down her ruling. The teen was remanded.

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Wednesday April 16, 2014

Clampdown on illegal tints proving successful Other minibus operators going through their paces

This operator is having a hard time removing a section of unpermitted tint from his window. Many 44 Georgetown to Mahaica minibuses and their respective owners were

yesterday going through their paces at Police Traffic Headquarters, Eve Leary, with

Inspector Clarence Hudson to bring their vehicles in line with the traffic laws, with

No bail for water vendor who allegedly stabbed ex-wife A Plaisance Bus Park water vendor appeared in a city court yesterday charged with stabbing his reputed wife with an ice-pick after she decided to end their relationship. Randy Bowen, of 17 Prince William Street, Plaisance, appeared before Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court for his first arraignment. It is alleged that on April 12, last, at Regent and Hinck Streets, he unlawfully assaulted his reputed wife so as to cause her actual bodily harm. When asked to respond to the charge, the accused pleaded not guilty. The case is being prosecuted by Corporal Deniro Jones and Bowen was unrepresented by legal counsel. Corporal Jones explained that the victim was vending at Regent and Hinck Streets when she was confronted by Bowen, her former reputed

Randy Bowen husband, and they started to argue. According to the

Prosecutor, during the quarrel the woman asked him to move from her stall and he started to point his finger in her face. In response, the woman told him that the relationship is over and that she wished not to be engaged in a problem with him and tried to walk away. The Prosecution said Bowen got angry and pulled her back towards him and dealt her two stabs with an ice-pick to her thigh. The matter was reported and the accused was later arrested and charged with the offence. The Corporal objected to him being granted bail citing that there were conflicts with the addresses he had provided to the court and police. Bail was refused and Bowen was remanded. He is scheduled to appear before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry on May 16.

major emphasis being placed on rectifying illegal tinting. Traffic Chief Superintendent Hugh Denhert told Kaieteur News that the exercise is against all categories of road users in breach of the traffic laws. “Sometimes we find it necessary to target specific deficiencies within the system. The specific focus is now on minibuses. Two weeks prior it was private cars. This should send a clear message to those persons who are not within the ambit of the law… their turn is coming.” Denhert explained that they are dealing with a lot of vehicles with tinted glass. Some of which are manufactured tint, while others are done locally. “Even those with manufactured tint; what we find happening is that when the vehicle comes into the country you will have a waiver/permit from the Ministry of Home Affairs which will state that they have six months to remove those glasses and replace it with visible ones.” He said that what usually happens is that persons apply for the permit but when the 6 months period is over

they don’t renew their permits. This is also the case with the application of locallyapplied tints. According to Denhert, the police are targeting those persons whose permits have expired. He explained that there is supposed to be clear visibility and officers must be able to see through and identify the persons within the vehicle. The clampdown is being conducted much to the dismay of the bus operators who are found to be in breach of the law. One of the operators was very vociferous in expressing his concerns over the recent actions by the police. He said he doesn’t have a problem with the law taking its course, but contends that “there is double standard of the law in the country and the harassment is for no reason.” He explained that if there is an accident involving a minibus then it is understandable that a vehicle has to be detained. He however had a problem with the vehicles being detained unnecessarily, more so when the bus is filled with passengers whom he said would have to be discharged. “The vehicles don’t have an overload so it can go from Georgetown to Mahaica and return to the station, why empty the vehicles?”

“The law states clearly 35 percent dark and 65 per cent light tint and not no tint at all, which the police are saying. As long as I can remember motor vehicle tint was not banned, it was regulated… now a man getting locked up for a sun visor, these things affect nobody. Now if you so desire that you want these vehicles because that sun visor is two inches over its legal limit, let the people complete the contract that they are on, because when we pick up passengers we have an unspoken contract to put you off at your port of destination. This is harassment and it needs to come to an end.” According to Traffic Chief, however, they have embarked on the exercise “to ensure that we get back some semblance of order within this society, because for too long the department has been trying over the years to have all these lewd writings and stuff they had before to come off, well we have achieved that. We are now focusing on illegal tint and other breaches”. He explained that to beautify one’s vehicle is nice however “the law limits you to certain things, so you have to follow the rules. Until the law is changed to accommodate that, only then we can deal with that. We are here only to enforce the law.”

Wednesday April 16, 2014

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Nothing has been cut as yet from the budget No line items have been cut from the 2014 Budget. What has happened is that the opposition parties have signaled their non-approval for certain line items. The opposition parties have no powers to cut the Budget. What is taking place in the Committee of Supply is scrutiny of the Budget Estimates. By indicating their nonapproval, the opposition is signaling to the Minister of Finance that when the time comes for the Appropriations Bill to be presented to the House, it will not give its consent to any such Bill which contains provisions in respect of those line items for which they have expressed

non-approval. The Court has ruled that the opposition has no powers to amend the Budget. They can approve or not approve of the Budget in its entirety when the time comes for the Appropriations Bill to be laid before a reconvened House. What is taking place in the National Assembly at the moment is that the full house has convened into a committee, known as the Committee of Supply, so as to scrutinize the estimates and to express an opinion on them. The scrutiny takes the form of rigorous grilling of the respective subject Ministers. These Ministers are afforded the opportunity to justify their proposed

estimates. Based on this scrutiny the Committee of Supply as a collective, with the Opposition holding a onemember advantage, expresses an opinion as to whether it approves or does not approve of the estimates. In the past when the ruling party had a majority, this opinion was a perfunctory exercise. Since the government’s side of the House always had the majority, regardless of what the opposition felt, the provisions would mostly be carried in their original form. This time around the government does not have a majority in the Committee of Supply and therefore votes

Dem boys seh

Nokta is a fake Amerindian Guyana full of fake. It got fake drugs wha somebody does sell to de Ministry of Health. Dem boys only blowing whistle; you call de name. If you can’t call de name ask Jagdeo, de former President. He know de man good. He know what is fake. Everything surrounding he is fake or scampish. Nokta use to deh round he and become a fake. He deh in de midst of de protest in front Parliament. De story and headline seh that Amerindians protesting some cut. When dem boys watch de photo dem see Nokta wid a Pee Pee Pee umbrella. Dem boys hear that Sharma pull up wid he camera. He interview some of de people. He ask one woman wha she protesting for. She tell he that if she don’t do this she gun lose money. Sharma tun and ask de woman if she gun lose cash too. Then he see Nokta. He know everybody protesting that day suppose to be Amerindian. Suh he ask Nokta if he is a Buck Man too. Nokta seh ‘Nah, me is a Bukta.” And a fake one too. Another one ah Jagdeo friend get involve in a fake transaction wid Brazzy, de fat crook. Jail deh over this one head in de States. Jagdeo and Brazzy give he de people land fuh next to nutten to set up a factory to employ people. That is Jagdeo and Brazzy theme song from Day One. This was de same Brazzy, who when Donald tell him to release de Privatisation deals, he release a document wha only he, he wife, Bobby, Jagdeo and de devil understand. It was deliberate to confuse de media. Dem boys want to believe

that not even de Creatah would understand de document. Dem boys did know that all de time dem was confusing de nation wid every state asset and project that dem tek or give way to dem friends. When dem get ketch den dem jump and holler how much jobs Guyanese gun get. Sanata Complex was to employ 1200 people. Only crappo, dog and snake deh in deh. Dem boys seh is de same

thing happen at Leonora. When people talk de first time how Jagdeo give he friend de land fuh next to nutten, he Brazzy jump up and seh that de man gun create job wid he wood process factory. Today de man ah sell house lots fuh millions of dollars and de people who suppose to be getting jobs still waiting fuh he Brazzy and Ed fake wood factory. Talk half and wait fuh de next Brazzy and Jagdeo fake announcement.

have to be taken to determine whether the Committee agrees or disagrees with the respective line items. There is no cutting here. The Court has ruled that the Opposition cannot cut the estimates in the Committee of Supply because this would amount to them preparing their own Estimates and then later approving them. It is, however, for the Minister of Finance to take into consideration the opinions expressed within the Committee of Supply, and when the House reconvenes, to lay before the House the Appropriations Bill for the fiscal year, having given due consideration to the views of the Committee of Supply. The government is most likely going to, at the first go, present an Appropriations Bill which will contain the Estimates as originally provided for in the Budget. There will in this original submission be some amendments in terms of structure, since the government has already consented to a demand from the Opposition to have the judiciary receive a lump sum subvention, rather than be treated as Budget agency.

This is a noteworthy compromise. It shows that the government is willing to stand on principle, in so far as constitutional organs are concerned. The Opposition had long been pressing for these constitutional agencies to be given subventions rather than be treated, for budgetary proposes, as Budget agencies. When the first Appropriations Bill is submitted, it is therefore likely to be somewhat different, structurally, from the Estimates laid in the House, because there has been a promise to make the adjustments to ensure that the judiciary receives a subvention instead of being treated as Budget agency. The government is, however, not likely in the first instance to change anything else, because to do so would be to give recognition to the powers to cut the Budget, powers which the Court has indicated are not reposed in the Opposition. Since the Appropriations Bill is then likely to be not approved, this will then lead to negotiations by the parties and it is from these negotiations that the Minister

will have to come up with an Appropriations Bill that will receive the approval of the House. What is taking place these past two weeks in the Committee of Supply is the mere build-up to negotiations. It is emerging out of those negotiations that the Minister will have to decide how best he can tweak his numbers so that it will enjoy support from the House. We have not reached that stage as yet. And most definitely nothing has been cut as yet. It is not for the opposition to cut. It has no such powers. It is for the Minister of Finance to cut so that he can have an Appropriations Bill that enjoys the support of the majority of members of the House. You may ask what happens if the Minister of Finance cannot come up with an Appropriations Bill that will enjoy the approval of the majority of the House. If this happens, we will have what is known as a fiscal cliff.

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Wednesday April 16, 2014


Sycophancy can cause narcissism and omnipotence If you give a leader your honest opinion on something he/she solicits you on and you are abused for your candour, then only one course faces you – don’t offer any view anymore. But then again, suppose you are in the employ of the leader and your bread is threatened by his/her annoyance at your refusal to offer an opinion? I know Forbes Burnham and Cheddi Jagan were not like that. They would listen, debate you, then you would be politely told that the leader will choose to go the way he wants. Mrs. Janet Jagan was not like Cheddi. You were in trouble if you didn’t tell her what she wanted to hear. Desmond Hoyte and Robert Corbin would listen and take your opinion on board. Sam Hinds is the kind of politician

that would thank you for showing him that he was wrong. In the WPA days, Walter Rodney, Clive Thomas, Moses Bhagwan, Eusi Kwayana and Rupert Roopnaraine were keen listeners and respected your differing opinion. In the AFC, the four big names are similar. Moses Nagamootoo, Khemraj Ramjattan, Nigel Hughes and Raphael Trotman are leaders that want your input. They would gladly welcome your opposing proposals. I don’t know much in this context about David Granger, but I believe he is a gentleman who will be glad that you submitted your frank viewpoint, even if it differs from his. Ramotar is too weak a leader to think for himself, so he would run with

the advice he asked you for. The exception was Jagdeo. In the end, his people, his personnel, his underlings had to tell him what he wanted to hear. The trouble with a powerful leader who is full of himself is that the risk of descent into narcissism and omnipotence is always there when you continue to shower oceans of praise on them. If you are not beholden to them then you should call it the way you see. This was the grave mistake of Ralph Ramkarran. Except for doing legal work for the Jagdeo Government, Ramkarran was too financially independent to fear Jagdeo’s reaction if his opinions were not on the same wavelengths with his president. It comes as a huge

surprise to me to read a description from Ramkarran that he openly dissented in 2006 with certain attitudinal directions of the Jagdeo Government and he was rebuffed, with Jagdeo being the most vociferous rejecter. I believe Ramkarran, but Jagdeo’s narcissism and omnipotence were certainly encouraged by subsequent behaviour of Ramkarran. Months before the elections, Ramkarran penned a Chronicle column in which the panegyric of Jagdeo was excessively sycophantic. It was a servile piece that was too fawning. Ramkarran went overboard in actually saying that Jagdeo was the best head of government Guyana ever had. The Jagan admirers were probably annoyed at that description. Ramkarran obviously was strategizing. He knew he wanted the presidential candidacy for the upcoming national election, so he was eulogizing Jagdeo to get his support. He knew that

whoever Jagdeo favoured would be the choice. But Ramkarran’s strategy backfired. We can go to Forbes Burnham of Guyana and Adolf Hitler of Germany to show how Ramkarran failed. Strong, tyrannical leaders live in a closed room of irony. They want slaves to run after them, but they lose respect for such people and tend to dismiss them as foot soldiers. The one person who defied Hitler was Albert Speer. In a weird example of psychological contortion, Hitler only admired Speer within his inner circle and would have done anything for Speer. Burnham detested fawning people and saw them as persons he could not rely on. So he chose to confide in those who were not afraid of him or not intimidated in telling him when he was wrong. There were three such persons. His school friend from QC that he made Works Minister, Steve Naraine; Guysuco CEO, Harold Davis

Frederick Kissoon and DDL CEO Yesu Persaud. When Yesu Persaud’s autobiography is out, I suspect we will hear from this iconic Guyan e s e h o w strange a leader Burnham was. If Mr. Ramkarran was more familiar with the psychology of tyrannical leaders, then he would have known that he shouldn’t have written that column. Obviously, Jagdeo said that he even got the great Ramkarran bowing to his feet; that even Ramkarran thinks that he, Jagdeo is a better leader than Cheddi Jagan. Ironically, instead of securing Jagdeo’s patronage, Ramkarran was treated as just another slavish foot soldier. When it was time to select the presidential candidate for the 2011 general elections, Jagdeo didn’t even bother to host a debate. He chose Donald Ramotar.

Wednesday April 16, 2014

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Potable water wells for Mon Repos, Sparendaam and Sophia Five tenders were opened under Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) for the construction of potable water wells. The bids were opened at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), Minister of Finance. They were divided into three lots; Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara (ECD), Sparendaam, ECD and Sophia, Region Four.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture received bids for the printing of documents. The bids were divided into four sections.

GWI also received eight bids for the supply and delivery of service connection materials. The bids were divided into four lots.

The Education Ministry received six bids for the purchasing of classroom equipment at the University of Guyana.

And bids were opened for the provision of security service for the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) 2014. The bids were divided into 11 lots.

Finally for GWI, tenders were submitted for the supply and installation of 200mm transmission mains along the access road from the treatment plant to four and five miles, Bartica, Region seven.

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Wednesday April 16, 2014

Migration has far-reaching impact, says UK-based researcher Although by 1992 Guyana was able to have free and fair elections which saw the People’s Progressive Party returning to power after 28 years, the threat of instability was imminent. The country’s economic growth at this time stood at seven per cent and there was a continuing trend of emigration, even of East Indians, the traditional supporters of the ruling party. By 1997 through 2008 Guyana was faced with a stagnant economy and increasing corruption, coupled with the shrinkage of the agriculture and bauxite industries. Added to this, there was evidence of criminal activities in the economy and the State, which resulted in the country’s per capita Gross Domestic Product being just

above Haiti at about US$1,125 per year. The foregoing details were contained in a report of the preliminary findings of a research project conducted by experienced Research Officer attached to the Oxford University, Simona Vezzoli. The findings of Vezzoli’s project entitled ‘Historical migration trends and factors that shape Guyanese migration’ were presented last week Wednesday at a public forum held at the National Library, Church Street, Georgetown. The research project is one that chronicled the migration trend of Guyanese over the period 1960 through 2010. According to Vezzoli, although her findings are based on preliminary observations and insights, she will be conducting further

analysis in the next few months in order to refine them. The Researcher, through her preliminary findings, concluded that factors important in Guyanese emigration can be categorised in the three broad groups of ‘origin country factors’, ‘receiving country factors’ and ‘migrant networks and migration feedback effects’. The ‘origin country factors’, according to Vezzoli’s findings, were influenced by the decolonisation process and independence which led to a short-term but critical migration effect. These factors, it was found, were also linked to authoritarianism, insecurity and discrimination. Vezzoli also found that the effect of long-term emigration was

associated to policies relating to agriculture, nationalisation, economic performance, education and national service. Her findings also highlighted that among the negative impacts of emigration were: loss of young and entrepreneurial individuals, loss of resources which were allocated to educate departing migrants, potential introduction of new democratic ideas through the Diaspora and the fact that high emigration reflects negatively on the State’s ability to provide for its citizen. However, Vezzoli’s findings further found that emigration effects may not all be unexpected and negative since States could, at times, take advantage of such situations.

Research Officer, Simona Vezzoli Moreover, the positive outcomes of emigration could include: reduced unemployment problems, reduced pressure on social services such as schooling, health care, housing, among others; reduced political opposition, that is, people ‘vote with their feet’. Added to this, Vezzoli concluded in her findings that it is expected that emigration could help to create balance of payments through financial remittances. And when the ‘receiving country factors’ were considered, it was found that they impacted the closure of border regime with the former colonial state; prompted immigration policies in alternative destinations, either opening or restricting; categorising of migrants and

even influenced the timing of policy changes. As a result there were policy changes in economics, segmentation of the labour market, higher education, recruitment programmes, among others. Vezzoli in her findings speculated that through ‘migrant networks’ there may be a cumulative effect of migration stimulated by compatriots. As such it was concluded that migrant networks were able to create a bridge that facilitate migration, and sometimes help by-pass obstacles created by immigration policies and even lead to migrants becoming ‘gatekeepers’. The offshoot was theref o r e a s h i f t o f important emigration determinants from country o f o r igin to country of destination, as it relates to immigration policies and migrant networks, according to Vezzoli’s findings. Moreover, it was deduced that migrant networks and policies fostered family reunification. And so based on Vezzoli’s findings, emigration is a response to a set of factors that are intertwined and evolve over time and not necessarily solely the economy. However it was underscored that “the state plays an important role in shaping these factors, both in origin and receiving countries.”

Wednesday April 16, 2014

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US urges Guyana to support sanctions against Russia over Ukraine crisis

US President Barack Obama

Guyana’s Foreign Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett

The government of the United States of America is urging the Guyana government to get off the fence and join in the imposition of targeted sanctions on those who are involved in destabilising Ukraine, and also against those who are providing support to the Russian leadership. The request comes several days after the armed takeover of government buildings in Kramatorsk, Slovyansk and other cities in

eastern Ukraine. It also comes weeks after Guyana abstained from voting on a United Nations General Assembly resolution which declared as invalid, Crimea’s Russia-backed referendum which resulted in its declaration of secession from Ukraine. A statement from local United States Embassy said that the evidence of Russian support was apparent in the recent armed takeovers, as it was before in Crimea, and in the regional capitals of

Donetsk, Kharkiv, and Luhansk last week. The embassy stated that Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine, its illegal occupation of Crimea, and its ongoing efforts to destabilize the Ukrainian government by fomenting unrest in the east are violations of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and a breach of Russia’s core obligations under international law. The Americans are maintaining that Russia’s actions are a threat to international peace and stability. “It is critical that the international community stands together in challenging these violations of international law and in imposing costs on Russia for its actions. The United States and many of our partners have made clear – including at EU meeting and UN Security Council meetings in recent days – that we are very concerned about evidence of Russian support for a concerted, orchestrated campaign of incitement and

Military personnel, believed to be Russian servicemen, walk outside the territory of a Ukrainian military unit in the village of Perevalnoye outside Simferopol. sabotage to undermine and destabilize the Ukrainian state,” the US embassy statement said. It stated that to this end, US President Barack Obama has issued three Executive

Orders and the United States has imposed targeted sanctions on three tranches of persons most directly involved in destabilizing Ukraine and those who have provided material support to

Russian leadership. Additionally, the EU Council likewise strengthened sanctions against persons responsible for misappropriating Continued on page 24

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Wednesday April 16, 2014

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Wednesday April 16, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news

What does the U.S Embassy need? DEAR EDITOR, This is my fifth occasion applying for a non-immigrant visa at the U.S Embassy. I am a senior citizen, 73 years old. On three occasions I applied for a non-immigrant visa on my own. The first instance was in 1986 when I was refused. A few years later, when my nephew planned to get married, he sent all the necessary documents and once again, I was refused. Subsequently, my son encouraged me to re-apply. He also sent all the relevant documents and once again I was refused a nonimmigrant visa. The interviewer at the U.S Embassy told me that I do not have enough ties to

return to Guyana. However, in July 2011, myself and wife (now married) decided to re-apply and again we were refused a visa with the reason again being that we do not have enough ties. After four failed efforts, I decided that the U.S embassy received enough money from me and promised that I would never re-apply again. Anyway, the following year 2012 my wife decided to try on her own and once again she was refused. I wish to state that my wife was employed with the Guyana Revenue Authority at that time for 16 years. I have my own property for which I am receiving a monthly rent for the bottom flat. I have four

kids; one resides in the U.S.A., one in Cayenne and two in reside in Guyana plus two grandchildren in the U.S.A, four in Cayenne and three in Guyana. My wife was so desirous of spending her vacation in the U.S.A that she decided to re-apply and begged me to accompany her. I reluctantly re-applied and accompanied her to the U.S Embassy on April 9, 2014, where we were interviewed with the following questions asked: • How long do we know each other? • Do you have a property? • Do you own a car? • What is the address and lot number of the property?

• How many children and grandchildren do you have? I wish to state that at my age, I am not interesting in living in the U.S.A but would like the opportunity to see the country and visit my son and grandchildren. I have worked long and hard in my beloved Guyana and have no intention to migrate to the U.S.A at this point in my life. All I am simply asking of the USA embassy is to grant me the one opportunity to enjoy a vacation in the USA and spend time with my relatives. However, being told of my continued lack of ‘ties’ to Guyana as reason not to grant me a visa baffles me. Handel Thornhill

The diligent are punished by NDCs DEAR EDITOR, Town Councils and Neighbourhood Democratic Councils are stagnated by lack of finance due to poor rate collection. Councillors seem unable to come up with innovative ways to collect rates. Valuation of properties is another setback; in some areas properties have not been revalued for years so the rates assessed are not a true reflection of the value. And it is on this issue I would like to put a proposal for the consideration of the Government and Opposition political parties, but before that let me present a scenario. There are two neighbours living in a rural area, both working with the same company earning the same rate of pay per day. One goes to work every day and is dedicated to his job; he takes

Guyana is failing... From page 5 measures to be taken to ensure effectiveness; (l) provide guidance on the development of training programmes specified under section 91; Section 88 of the act also calls on the Minister of Human Service to set up the Sexual Violence Unit which will support the Task Force. Minister Webster’s budgets and plans so far for 2014 do not include the Sexual Violence Unit. Surely she should be heckled too for her failure to put the legislative mechanisms in place! It is ironic, the standing in silence by the PPP in support of their colleague on Friday afternoon in parliament. The PPP’s silence and refusal to effectively implement the Sexual Offences legislation which the party passed are sickening. Vidyaratha Kissoon

good care of his family, always doing something to enhance his living standard, builds a nice house, plants a kitchen garden and flowers, cleans his drain and keeps his environment clean; he pays the garbage truck to remove his garbage. The other drinks and smokes, goes to work when he feels like it, has a small house, his yard is overgrown with bushes, he does not clean his drain and depends on the N.D.C. to do so. The Government has to provide uniforms and books for his children. He dumps the garbage on the street and burns it, the cans and bottles go into the drain. The Law as it stands now, compensates the second one and penalises the first one for when valuation is done the property of the first is assessed higher and consequently he has to pay a greater amount as rates and taxes than the second. The one who is a liability to the State and the N.D.C. pays little or nothing; the one

who does not require the N.D.C. to do anything has to pay; he is penalised for keeping his place nice and clean. Is it a fair system? This system was fair when it was instituted but the present conditions make it unfair. Everyone has an opportunity to own a house and enhance his or her living standard. Work is available for those who want to work, interest rates are low, poverty now is of one’s own creation. With this in mind and the problem in getting valuation done, I humbly propose the following. Valuation be done on a settlement/village/scheme/ ward basis; based on the physical infrastructure and public amenities such as the quality of road — asphalt, chip seal, loom —drainage, electricity, water-treated and untreated, telephone, playground, present within the area. Based on the type and quality of infrastructure and amenities, a uniform rate for every property in a particular

scheme etc. is fixed. No one can cry discrimination. Businesses, workshops and other commercial activity would attract a different rate based on the type of activity. Rates could be increased by a certain percent annually or bi-annually. Also, as schemes benefit from an upgrade of infrastructure the rates would be adjusted accordingly. This will avoid discrepancies with respect to valuation of properties and will not cause Town Councils and N.D.C.’s to suffer due to inability to have valuations done. I trust that the Ministry of Regional Development and the political Opposition will consider these proposals as a solution to valuation of properties for it is more uniform and less costly. Mohamed Akeel

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Wednesday April 16, 2014

Guyanese fined for stealing electricity in Antigua Antigua (CaribAntigua) A 26-year-old Guyanese man pleaded guilty yesterday to fraudulently diverting, abstracting, and consuming electricity from the Antigua Public Utility Authority (APUA) when he appeared in the St John’s Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel. According to the facts, Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officers executed a search warrant at Orland Wilson’s home in Villa at about 6:45 am on April 13. The lawmen were searching for an unlicenced firearm and a 42" flat screen TV.

Not only did the lawmen find a television matching this description, but, they noticed that a red tag was attached to the APUA electricity meter on the house. Sergeant Findley asked Wilson about the tag, and he explained that APUA had disconnected the electricity in January.He said since he did not have any money, he cut the tag off, opened the meter, and removed the plastic which was preventing the flow of current. The defendant reconnected the current and then replaced the red tag. Wilson was subsequently taken into custody, arrested,

and charged. A report was made to APUA and the electricity supply to the house was disconnected again. On the charges of abstracting and diverting current, Wilson was reprimanded and discharged. For the unlawful consumption of electricity, he was fined $900. The court ordered the father of two to pay $500 forthwith. The balance must be paid on or before May 1. In default, Wilson would be jailed for three months. The police are continuing their investigation involving the television.

US urges Guyana to support... From page 21 Ukrainian state funds and targeted four additional persons with asset freeze and visa bans. “The United States urges the Government of Guyana to take similar measures against individuals and entities sanctioned by the United

States. Given the signs we are seeing that are similar to those that preceded the invasion of Crimea, we also need to be prepared for the possibility of Russian military intervention in eastern or southern Ukraine. G7 leaders agreed we should respond to any invasion with broad sanctions against major sectors of the Russian economy. We urge Guyana to join us in preparing such measures,” the statement said. When asked about the recent US request, Guyana’s Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett said that the country’s position remains the same as it was when it abstained from voting at the United Nations on the issue regarding the Ukraine. The United States said it remains committed to a diplomatic solution to this crisis, but such a solution can

only be achieved if Russia ends its destabilizing and provocative actions. Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Geneva, Switzerland, on April 17 to participate in a multilateral meeting among the United States, Ukraine, Russia, and the European Union to discuss the ongoing situation in and around Ukraine. Secretary Kerry will continue efforts to deescalate the situation in Ukraine and find a diplomatic path forward. The United States said it is committed to supporting Ukraine, and helping the Ukrainian people build a stable, democratic, and prosperous country. On April 14, the United States signed a $1 billion loan guarantee agreement with Ukraine. “We ask other countries to extend their support as well,” the statement said.

Wednesday April 16, 2014

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Ukraine armed forces land airborne troops in eastern town

Members of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry walk past a MI-8 military helicopter and armored personnel carriers at a checkpoint near the town of Izium, eastern Ukraine, yesterday. (REUTERS/Dmitry Madorsky) KRAMATORSK, Ukraine (Reuters) - Ukrainian airborne troops landed in a town in the east of the country yesterday after the defense ministry announced it was launching a “special operation” there against pro-Russian separatists. The town of Kramatorsk is one of 10 localities in Ukraine’s Russian-speaking east where separatist rebellions have broken out and the move suggested Ukraine’s authorities were going ahead with a plan for a broad military crackdown to end the unrest which began 10 days ago. Separately, the state security service announced a similar operation had got underway in the town of Slaviansk, about 20 km away where pro-Russia militants are occupying state buildings to push their demands for referendums on the status of Ukraine’s eastern regions. In Slaviansk a Reuters correspondent said there was no sign of any forces loyal to

Kiev, and no evidence of fighting. The troops disembarked in Kramatorsk from two military helicopters after an air force plane made what appeared to be an unsuccessful attempt to land at the airfield where separatists had set up barricades at the entrance. This correspondent heard several shots fired from inside the base as a crowd of separatist sympathizers moved towards the gates, but these appeared to be warning shots. A Ukrainian general, Gennady Krutov, who identified himself as the commander of the antiterrorist operation, told the crowd: “We have information that there is shooting going on in here. I came here to clarify that. “There is an anti-terrorist operation going on in here. I am here to protect you. I address you as citizens of our common country,” he said. But he was met by abusive

chants and cries of “Hands off the Donbass,” a name for the surrounding region of eastern Ukraine, which is mainly Russian-speaking. As talks grew heated, the crowd numbering several hundred jostled the general who at one point lost his hat in the commotion. In Kiev interim president Oleksander Turchinov said the airfield had been re-taken from the separatists. At the airfield in Kramatorsk, tense negotiations were going on with a crowd who stood their ground despite an appeal by the local mayor, Gennady Kostykov, for them to return to their homes. “You won’t get shot at if there are no provocations”, he said. Locals, some of them holding the Russian flag, had set up barricades of sand and tires outside the gates to the airport and prior to the troops landing some of them appeared to be preparing petrol bombs.

Islamists abduct more than 100 girls from Nigeria school Maiduguri (Nigeria) (AFP) - Heavily armed Boko Haram Islamists kidnapped more than 100 girls from a school in northeast Nigeria, sparking a search by soldiers to track down the attackers, a security source and witnesses said yesterday. The unprecedented mass abduction in Borno state came hours after a bomb blast ripped through a crowded bus station on the outskirts of Abuja, killing 75 people, the deadliest attack ever in Nigeria’s capital. The violence underscored the serious threat the

Islamists pose to Africa’s most populous country, with the group capable of carrying out large-scale attacks in remote areas and massive bombings in major urban centres. Gunmen stormed the Government Girls Secondary School in the Chibok area of Borno after sundown on Monday, torching several buildings before opening fire on soldiers and police who were guarding the school, witnesses said. They ultimately overpowered the guards and entered the school, said Emmanuel Sam, an education

officer based in Chibok who fled to the state capital Maiduguri after the attack. The girls were then forced onto trucks and driven away by the attackers, multiple witnesses said. A security source who requested anonymity said more than 100 girls were taken and blamed the attack on Boko Haram, a radical group whose name means “Western education is forbidden”. “We were able to follow the path of the truck and we found it broke down deep in the bush,” the source told AFP.

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Wednesday April 16, 2014

Security Council sees grim images of Syrian dead UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The U.N. Security Council fell silent yesterday after ambassadors viewed a series of ghastly photographs of dead Syrian civil war victims, France’s ambassador said. The pictures show people who were emaciated, with their bones protruding, and some bearing the marks of strangulation and repeated beatings. French Ambassador Gerard Araud said the pall of silence lingered, and then questions slowly began about the credibility of the slides of the dead, who offer mute testimony to the savagery of a Syrian civil war in which more than 150,000 have died. The council members were shown more than the 10 photos publicly released in January, part of a report

funded by the government of Qatar — a major backer of the opposition and one of the nations most deeply involved in the Syrian conflict. Among the new photos was an image of at least a dozen bodies laid out on the floor of a warehouse, being wrapping in plastic sheets with men in military garb standing among them. One of the authors of the report, former Sierra Leone Special Court prosecutor David M. Crane, said it was firm evidence of “industrialized systematic killing.” “Bodies in, bodies out. It was a very systematic processing of human beings. The were laid out in a parking lot because there were too many to put into the morgue,” Crane said, “They died in agony over

months of starvation and torture, and then almost mercifully were executed,” Crane said. “Doesn’t this bring back some interesting images from Dachau, and Auschwitz, and Bergen-Belsen?” Crane observe, sitting in front of the grisly procession of photos projected behind him in a U.N. news conference. “The gruesome images of corpses bearing marks of starvation, strangulation and beatings and today’s chilling briefing indicate that the Assad regime has carried out systematic, widespread and industrial killing. Nobody who sees these images will ever be the same,” U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power said. The photos were selected from among 55,000 images of tortured and slain Syrian war victims.

China angered by Britain’s report on human rights, cancels talks (Reuters) - China accused Britain yesterday of interfering in its domestic affairs after the British government criticised Beijing’s human rights record. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Britain’s annual human rights made “irresponsible remarks...about the Chinese political system, rudely slandering and criticising China’s human rights situation”. She was speaking a day after China called off talks with Britain on Beijing’s human rights record. Chinese and British officials had been due to hold a round of the two-way Human Rights Dialogue in London today. Britain listed China as “a country of concern” in its report last week, saying it had observed increased curbs on freedom of expression, association and assembly in 2013. It also cited reports of repression of ethnic unrest in

David Cameron Tibet and Xinjiang. The two countries had agreed to resume the regular meetings during a trip to China by British Prime Minister David Cameron in December. Hua told a daily news briefing that Britain must immediately stop using human rights as a pretext for

interfering in China’s internal politics and judicial sovereignty. “Britain’s path on this issue is not helpful to dialogue and discussion on the subject of human rights, and not good for the stable development of the health of China-U.K. relations,” Hua said. Cameron’s visit in December was aimed at forging closer trade and business links between Britain and the world’s second biggest economy, and at drawing a line under a dispute involving Tibet’s spiritual leader that had led to a diplomatic freeze. A spokeswoman from Cameron’s office said Britain had registered its disappointment with the Chinese government. “We believe a Human Rights Dialogue is essential, and are working on agreeing new dates,” the spokeswoman said.

‘Syria rebels get US-made missiles’ Beirut (AFP) - Syrian rebels fighting to topple President Bashar al-Assad for the first time received at least 20 US-made TOW anti-tank missiles from a “Western source,” a rebel official told AFP yesterday. “Moderate, wellorganised fighters from the Hazm movement have for the first time received more than 20 TOW anti-tank missiles from a Western source,” the source said on

condition of anonymity, and without specifying who had supplied the rockets. The Hazm movement, part of the opposition Free Syrian Army, brings together mainly ex-army officers and soldiers who defected from the military to join the revolt. “More have been promised should it be proven that the missiles are being used in an effective way,” the source said. “Dozens of fighters

have been trained with international assistance in the use of these missiles,” the rebel said, adding that the weapons have been used in flashpoint areas of Idlib, Aleppo and Latakia provinces in the north. Amateur video distributed by the opposition Masarat media network showed rebels unpacking, loading and firing several missiles at unnamed locations in the Syrian countryside.

Wednesday April 16, 2014

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Grenada wants IMF Media association condemns Attorney General Trinidad Express - The media. government official has been fearlessly on matters of public Association of Mr Ramlogan has once libeled then he can seek importance. In that context agreement by May Media Trinidad and Tobago again launched a virulent redress under the law. To the Attorney General’s focus ST GEORGE’S, Grenada CMC – Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell says the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is likely to meet and approve the island’s “Home Grown Structural Adjustment Programme” next month. Mitchell, who has returned home from Washington, where he attended the annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank, told reporters the international lending financial institution had signalled its desire to meet and approve the package early next month.He said a senior IMF official, who is likely to chair the meeting, had met with Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of finance, Timothy Antoine, on the matter. “He did ask Timothy to work with his team to look for a date, early, most likely in May. We were hearing, before that, they were talking about the end of May. But we were a bit nervous about that because we wanted to see the resources start flowing before the end of May,” Prime Minister Mitchell said. “From all indications now it looks like we will be up and running sometime early in May which is an excellent thing for the country as a whole because given the fact that we know people are hurting in every respect we want to start delivering on some of the programmes as early as possible,” he added. Last month, the IMF said it had reached agreement in principle with the Grenada government for a three-year US$21.9-million Extended Credit Facility to support an “ambitious programme” to correct the island’s fiscal imbalances and lift sustainable growth.”The

(MATT) yesterday issued a statement in response to comments made by Attorney General Anand Ramlogan on a television talk show on Monday. The following is MATT’s full statement The Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago (MATT) condemns in the strongest possible way Attorney General Anand Ramlogan’s continued attacks on members of the

Dr Keith Mitchell agreement reached with the authorities is subject to approval of the IMF’s Executive Board and is contingent upon the timely completion of prior actions to be taken by the Grenadian authorities and obtaining the necessary financing assurances,” said Aliona Cebotari, IMF mission chief to Grenada. As a result of the IMF agreement, the government has said it would also be able to secure US$100 million in soft loans and grant funding from regional and international lending agencies. Mitchell described his meetings in Washington as a success and that the IMF had welcomed Grenada’s structural adjustment programme. “I consider the meeting highly successful because basically we were trying to finalize the date of start for the implementation of the programme as far as their side is concerned and the need for the board to meet to conclude on the homegrown programme as far as their support.

Another Caribbean country warns of water shortages KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent - CMC – St. Vincent and the Grenadines has become the latest Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country to warn nationals about the low level of water at its reservoirs and the need to implement “strict water conservation measures”. St. Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda and Jamaica have already said the prolonged drought period is affecting water supplies to consumers and the Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) here said that the “critical levels” at three of its intakes were due to the continuing lack of rainfall. “The CWSA is therefore

requesting all citizens to now observe strict water conservation measures, including restricting watering and washing of vehicles,” the CWSA said in a statement. “Caretakers of schools and public buildings are expected to ensure that wastage is eliminated and the general public is also asked to continue to report all leaks promptly to the CWSA.” The CSWA warned that should the situation worsen, rationing of water may have to be implemented to ensure an equitable distribution of water from these systems, promising nonetheless to keep the public informed of the situation.

attack on a member of the media, Ms Anika Gumbs, suggesting she continues to “lick up the government” in the course of her duties. The Attorney General has shown his willingness to use the courts to get redress whenever he feels the government’s interest has been wrongly harmed and if he has a shred of evidence that a journalist is “licking up the government” or that a

seek to intimidate any journalist is at best unbecoming of the holder of the Office of Attorney General. MATT has made it clear that the freedom of the press must be jealously guarded and any attempt by any power to limit this freedom must be resisted by all right thinking people. Further, it is duty of the media to report fairly and

on how the information came into the j o u r n a l i s t ’s possession and less so on the content is striking. M ATT stands resolutely in defence of media freedom and urges its members to continue to f r e e l y, a c c u r a t e l y a n d fearlessly cover the news, and not be cowered by the attacks of the Attorney General or anyone else who yields power.

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Wednesday April 16, 2014

Wednesday April 16, 2014

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New Zealand name squad for Windies tour Wellington, New Zealand - Wellington Firebirds wicketkeeper Luke Ronchi and Otago Volts off-spinner Mark Craig are the new caps named in the BLACKCAPS squad for the tour to the West Indies starting later next month. The pair’s selection is the highlight of the 15-strong squad named to play three Tests in Jamaica, Trinidad and Guyana in June. The BLACKCAPS selectors have gone for two spinners, two allrounders and only three pace bowlers in what will be spin-

friendly conditions in the Caribbean. BLACKCAPS Test squad for tour to the West Indies: Brendon McCullum – Captain (Otago Volts), Corey Anderson (Northern Knights), Trent Boult (Northern Knights), Mark Craig (Otago Volts), Peter Fulton (Canterbury Wizards), Tom Latham (Canterbury Wizards), James Neesham (Otago Volts), Luke Ronchi (Wellington Firebirds), Hamish Rutherford (Otago Volts), Ish Sodhi (Northern Knights), Tim Southee

(Northern Knights), Ross Taylor (Central Stags), Neil Wagner (Otago Volts), BJ Watling (Northern Knights), Kane Williamson (Northern Knights). BLACKCAPS Head Coach Mike Hesson says Ronchi, a regular member of the BLACKCAPS limited overs teams but making his debut in the Test squad, has been named as the back-up keeper with Tom Latham included purely as a specialist batsman. “Luke also provides us with middle order batting

Wednesday April 16, 2014 ARIES (March 21 April 19): The right moment to ask for a raise or apply for a promotion or new job could come your w a y t o d a y, b u t y o u ' d better make use of it or the opportunity could pass you by. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 May 20): Love and romance are definitely on the agenda for today, Taurus, and you should be feeling warm, passionate, and particularly sexy. You're likely to be looking quite attractive, too, and romantic partners or potential partners could seem especially attractive to you. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 June 20): A friend or family member could be feeling rather grim, taciturn, and not open to communication. ******************** CANCER (June 21 July 22): A warm, loving phone call or letter could come your way today from a lover or close friend who's presently out of town. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): oday you could discover a talent for investment, real estate, or other form of money management that you never thought you had, Leo. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 Sept. 22): Yo u m i g h t wake up today feeling a little grumpy and out o f s o r t s , Vi rg o . Yo u could aspire to nothing more strenuous than spending the day without any distractions other than a good book.

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cover as he’s a good player of spin bowling.” Hesson says that the 27year-old Craig provides a nice balance with leg spinner Ish Sodhi. “Mark has had a strong Plunket Shield taking 22 wickets and his right-arm offspinners will be valuable against their left-handed heavy top order batting lineup. He’s been in our sights for some time and was also chosen for our winter training squad.” Hesson confirmed that Daniel Vettori was not available for the tour saying he felt his bowling loads were not yet up to the intensity of Test cricket. Jeetan Patel was

Brendon McCullum also unavailable for the tour but for personal reasons.

Hesson is expecting a far more formidable challenge from the West Indies team compared with the injury-hit side that toured here this summer. “While we gained a convincing 2-0 Test series victory against the West Indies in December, they’ll be a totally different proposition in their conditions and they’ll have the added motivation to perform well in the first match which will be Chris Gayle’s 100th Test.” Jesse Ryder and Doug Bracewell were not considered for either squads as they are yet to satisfy the selectors that they have their off-field issues under control.

Djokovic strolls into Monte Carlo third round Reuters - Novak Djokovic opened his Monte Carlo Masters title defense with a 6-1 6-0 demolition of Spanish qualifier Albert Montanes on Tuesday to reach the third round. In his first claycourt match of the season, the Serbian world number two won 11 games in succession from 1-1 in a 45-minute stroll on centre court. Djokovic, bidding to become the first player to achieve an Indian WellsMiami-Monte Carlo Masters treble in the same season, ended his opponent’s ordeal on his first match point with a volley, having broken five times and saved four break points. Fifth seed Tomas Berdych of the Czech Republic was made to work hard to dismiss Russian Dmitry Tursunov 7-5 6-4, while Spain’s David Ferrer, the sixth seed, stormed into the third round with a 6-3 60 thrashing of Frenchman Jeremy Chardy. But it was Djokovic who had the easier day. “For the first match on clay, it was great. I lost only one game, so there were not too many flaws in my game that I could recall,” said Djokovic, who has been nursing a wrist problem for a week. Djokovic, who 12 months ago ended Rafael Nadal’s eight-year reign in the principality, has won the last four Masters events he has played, prevailing in Shanghai, Paris, Indian Wells and Miami and also won the 2013 ATP World Tour Finals. Earlier, Frenchman Michael Llodra beat Polish 16th seed Jerzy Janowicz.

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Kolkata v Mumbai, IPL, Abu Dhabi

On-field action set to divert from off-field drama Just over a month ago, the IPL was still looking for a venue, thanks to the Indian federal elections. Three weeks ago, there were question marks over whether the tournament will take place at all, thanks to the IPL corruption case being heard by the Supreme Court. Today will be a big day for the IPL, not just because the first match of the season gets underway in the evening in Abu Dhabi, but also because the next court hearing is in the morning in Delhi. The vast majority of IPL fans are likely to be interested only in the on-field action, when defending champions Mumbai Indians take on Kolkata Knight Riders. Attendance numbers hardly took a hit even when three Rajasthan Royals players were arrested midway through the previous season. The news has been relentlessly bad since the previous season, but that doesn’t seem to have affected ticket sales in the UAE. The tournament also provides fans in the region a rare chance to watch Indian stars in action, after an eight-year absence. The Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi has not traditionally been a highscoring venue - there have been nine Twenty20 internationals held so far, and only once has a team scored more than 168. That trend of low scores looks set to

Sunil Narine continue as Mumbai and Knight Riders have two of the better attacks in the tournament. Mumbai retained five of their key players, and snapped up the reliable Michael Hussey - last season’s highest run-getter and flavour-of-the-season Corey Anderson, but their

squad seems to lack the depth it had in 2013. Knight Riders have four core members of the squad from 2013 - Gautam Gambhir, Sunil Narine, Jacques Kallis and Yusuf Pathan. They have invested in Robin Uthappa and Australia’s Chris Lynn, but the batting still looks a touch light. Both sides have a pair of spinners who have excelled at the IPL. Neither Harbhajan Singh and Pragyan Ojha may not find a regular place in the national team, but for Mumbai, they have been vital cogs for several years. Similarly, Sunil Narine and Piyush Chawla have flourished in the league, and should again prove difficult to contend with. Both teams will look to 38year-olds who have retired from Tests to provide the stability in the top order. Hussey was outstanding last season, but will age start to catch up with him? Jacques Kallis had a less than stellar season in 2013, but can he turn things around given his workload in international cricket has vastly reduced? Stats and trivia · Knight Riders have beaten Mumbai only twice in 12 IPL matches. · Knight Riders are the franchise with the least number of centuries in the IPL - 1, the blockbuster 158 Brendon McCullum hit on the opening day of the inaugural season. (ESPNCricinfo)

Wednesday April 16, 2014

CAS blasts Jamaica over sloppy anti-doping procedures Reuters - The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) blasted Jamaican anti-doping officials yesterday for the mishandling of a drug test by sprinter Veronica CampbellBrown that led to a successful appeal of the three-time Olympic gold medalist’s two year ban. In a scathing 58-page report explaining the decision to uphold Campbell-Brown’s appeal, a CAS panel cited errors in the collection and handling of the sprinter’s urine that could have resulted in contamination of the sample, calling into question the entire Jamaican antidoping operation. “In this case, the evidence before the panel establishes that the JAAA (Jamaica Athletic Administrative Association) has persistently failed to comply with the mandatory partial testing,” said CAS. “That systematic and knowing failure, for which no reasonable explanation has been advanced, is deplorable and gives rise to the most serious concerns about the overall integrity of the JAAA’s anti-doping processes, as exemplified in this case by the flaws in JADCO’s (Jamaica AntiDoping Commission) sample collection and its documentation.” Jamaican officials were not immediately available for comment. Jamaican athletics, the world’s top sprinting power, has been rocked by a disturbing string of doping

scandals with eight Jamaicans failing doping tests in 2013. Last week former 100 meters world record holder Asafa Powell was banned for 18 months by a Jamaican panel after he tested positive for a banned stimulant in 2013 while his former training partner Sherone Simpson received an 18-month suspension from the same panel for the same substance. Both have appealed their suspensions to CAS. Another Jamaican, Olympic discus thrower Allison Randall, was also handed a two-year ban for using the prohibited diuretic hydrochlorothiazide. Campbell-Brown also returned a positive test for hydrochlorothiazide at the Jamaica International Invitational meeting in Kingston on May 4 and in October was given a public reprimand by a JAAA disciplinary panel. But after a doping review board of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) recommended a two-year doping ban, the Jamaican panel put the suspension in place in February. CampbellBrown appealed the ban, her lawyers arguing that international standards were violated during her sample collection, thus compromising the integrity of the samples. The three member CAS panel agreed that serious errors were made in the

collection process noting that Campbell-Brown took her partial sample with her in a covered (but unsealed) collection vessel and went to the waiting room where several other athletes were present. It was noted that Campbell-Brown placed the sample on the floor while she went to collect more water and did various exercises in an effort to produce more urine. CAS said the errors left open the possibility of CampbellBrown’s sample being contaminated by water or sweat through the spout of the collection bottle. “In this case, the evidence before the panel establishes that the JAAA has persistently failed to comply with the mandatory partial testing,” summed up the CAS report. “The panel notes the contradictory explanations provided by the JADCO witnesses to the JAAA Disciplinary Panel in September 2013, which cause further concern about the reliability of the evidence adduced against the athlete. “The panel’s assessment of the athlete’s testimony fortifies its conclusion that the evidence is insufficient to establish a doping violation to the requisite standard of proof. “The panel concludes that the athlete’s appeal should be allowed on the ground that the panel is not comfortably satisfied that the athlete committed the charged antidoping violation.”

Wednesday April 16, 2014

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COP Inter-Division T20 cricket

‘A’ & ‘F’ divisions in winner’s row; C. Persaud Dental Clinic & Lab. is main sponsor By Sean Devers The Commissioner of Police (COP) Inter Division T20 Cricket Competition sponsored by C. Persaud Dental Clinic and Laboratory bowled off yesterday with ‘F’ division getting a walk-over from Presidential Guards at Malteenoes and ‘A’ division beating Phillip Austin Police College (PAPC) by 21 runs. The ‘A’ division side won the toss, elected to bat in overcast conditions and reached 177-6 when their 20 overs expired on a slow track and heavy outfield. PAPC produced a spirited run chase but finished on 156-7 off 20 overs despite an aggressive 55 from Richard Leacock. A packed pavilion of boisterous spectators watched as Police division one opener Rawle Browne was sent back by Ryan Singh for a duck with just one run on the board. Fazil Mohamed and Police first division all-rounder Jason Heyliger put together 38 for the second wicket, Heyliger playing the lead role in the partnership before

Mohamed was run out for 13. With a strong wind blowing across the ground Heyliger departed 10 runs later when he had his stumps disturbed by Edison Williams for 32 to leave the score on 59-3. Ganesh Deokarran (4) was run out at 75-4 and the trainees had the handcuffs on ‘A’ division in a slight drizzle which got harder as Kevin Letch and Travis Withrite began ‘operation rebuild’. Both batsmen counterattacked the bowlers before Withrite, who displayed a wide array of shots in his artillery was taken at long off as he aimed to hit his third six, Selwin Melville broke the entertaining 86-run stand. First division fast bowler Darson LaRose caressed Singh for two exquisite boundaries off successive deliveries before the pacer had the last laugh when he scattered his stumps in the same over, leaving the righthanded Letch high and dry on 48 (4x4 2x6). When PAPC, playing in their first hard-ball match, began their response they

quickly lost Kinsley Archer (5) off Heyliger at 7-1. However, an 83-run partnership between Leacock and left-hander Jason McCalmont sought to rescue the innings before McCalmont who hit four maximums and two fours was stumped off the burly Eion Parris for an explosive 40. When Leacock was needlessly run out 10 runs later in a mix-up with Osbert Chand who then ran himself out for seven, PAPC had slipped from 90-1 to 115-5. Parris finished with 2-19. The competition continues today with ‘G’ Division battling ‘D’ Division from 09:30hrs while ‘C’ Division opposes ‘E’ Division from 14:00hrs at the GDF ground. At Eve Leary, ‘B’ Division takes on Headquarters in the morning game before TSU face Officers from 14:00hrs. Sponsor of the competition Mr. Coober ‘Anand’ Persaud of Peter’s Hall, East Bank Demerara this week handed over a cheque worth over $700,000 to Police representative Mr. Colin

Barcelona, Doha and Eugene hoping to host 2019 worlds Reuters - Barcelona, Doha and Eugene, Oregon have all thrown their hats in the ring to host the 2019 world athletics championships, the s p o r t ’s world governing body, the IAAF, said on Tuesday (yesterday). The International Association of Athletics Federations Council, meeting in the Senegalese capital, Dakar said in a statement that the three cities had lodged letters of intent to join the bidding process as candidates for the event.

The statement said the Council would announce the winning city at its meeting in M o n a c o i n N o v e m b e r. Before then, the potential hosts must present detailed bid dossiers and will receive feedback from an IAAF evaluation team to help them deliver the best case for their cities. USA Track and Field s p o k e s w o m a n J i l l G eer confirmed Eugene’s interest, telling Reuters: “USATF has sent an initial letter of potential interest to the IAAF. “The next step is to

receive more information from the IAAF about requirements for a bid, in the full bid packet.” Beijing will host the next world championships in 2015 with London staging the event in 2017. The IAAF said the world championships, first staged in 1983, are the third largest global sporting after the Olympic Games and the soccer World Cup based on competing nations (over 200), athletes (over 2000) and global TV audience (six billion).

Boyce. Mr. Persaud said that he was pleased to be associated with the competition which will serve to foster a high level of

sportsmanship and camaraderie among the members of the force. Boyce in turn expressed gratitude to Mr. Persaud on

behalf of the Commissioner of Police stating that all the teams are hyped and have promised to play exciting cricket.

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Wednesday April 16, 2014

IPL 2014...UAE all set to host lavish welcoming party On Monday afternoon, the Sharjah Cricket Stadium looked like it had been airlifted out of India. This impression came partly from the lightweight tent-like roofs covering the stands at the other end, the sort of roof that has sprung up over pretty much every new stadium in India. Mostly, though, it was all the branding, all those blue vinyl strips that covered every available surface with the IPL logo and the crests of its eight franchises. Tony Greig would have struggled to identify exactly which aisles all that dancing had taken place in, all those years ago. Back then, back in the boom years of 50-over cricket, Sharjah had hosted the IPL of its time. There was money, there was Bollywood, there was even a tantalising whiff of impropriety. When it all became too much, India

stopped playing there. For close to 14 years, the people of the UAE didn’t get to watch India play, except when they came over for two matches in Abu Dhabi in 2006. It seems weirdly appropriate that the IPL has come to the UAE precisely when - though not for that reason - the whiff of impropriety surrounding it is at its most pungent. Not that anyone is staying away. Tickets for most of the first week of the tournament have already sold out. “IPL is IPL,” said an Emirates Cricket Board official. “There is so much enthusiasm that such things will not cause public interest to wane.” You could feel this at the ground, where crews of workers were putting things in place for the start of the tournament. Even the Pakistani expatriates among them were looking forward to

the IPL, never mind their players missing out, never mind them missing out even when the tournament had pitched its tent at what has been their cricketing home for the last five years. “We are feeling very bad,” said Mohammad Arshad, a member of the stadium workstaff, speaking for himself and for his colleague Wasim. They occupied the two top-most rungs of a 20-foot stepladder, and were hoisting a cable up to the roof. “But we are supporting Chennai Super Kings. We like MS Dhoni’s captaincy.” Leaning against the fence of a neighbouring stand, a man watched over a crew of maintenance workers hosing down the seats. This man, Mohammad Ali, turned out to be their supervisor. He has been in Sharjah for 11 years, and visits his family in Madurai once every one-and-

Tickets have been selling through the roof in UAE © AFP. a-half years. “I like all the players in the Indian team,” he said. “So I’m definitely excited about the IPL. I’ve watched Sri Lanka, West Indies, South Africa, Pakistan obviously, and even Afghanistan. Almost all the teams except India.” The official had said pretty much the same thing. “The Indian players were missed,” he said. “No one expected the IPL to come here, so after it happened, suddenly, there has definitely been a buzz. It is a good break, and it’s good to have India here, and to have the BCCI here.” The Emirates Cricket Board, he said, looked forward to the BCCI’s support in helping the growth of cricket in the UAE. “We will seek their guidance towards

developing cricket in this part of the world,” he said. “They are like our elder brothers.” At times, though, they can get a bit Big Brother. Back in 2009, when the IPL was first moved out of India, the management at the Wanderers in Johannesburg weren’t too pleased with what they saw as an attempt by the IPL to “take control of the entire Stadium operation, regardless of the cost or disruption.” Back in the old days, the members’ stand in Sharjah had a clear view of the players’ comings and goings, and the only thing separating the media and the players’ dressing room was a four-foot long fence. But much has changed in the years since India last played there, and the public and the media

definitely won’t get the same kind of access any more, for better or worse. On Monday, though, some vestiges of the stadium’s old-world atmosphere still remained. A man with a camera seemed to have wandered in without too much of a hassle, and was clearly enjoying himself, taking photographs of the last-minute preparations at the ground, and even of the office walls, covered with action shots from the 90s. At some point, though, his luck ran out, and he ran into a venue manager, who made him delete all his photographs. He had crossed the invisible line separating Sharjah Cricket Stadium and Sharjah, the IPL venue. (ESPNcricinfo)

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Wednesday April 16, 2014

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GCA/Hadi’s World City Mall Inc. first division 2-day tourney

Police, GNIC grab first innings points Mitseden reward for three female footballers Police and GNIC grabbed first innings points from Demerara Cricket Club (DCC) and Gandhi Youth Organisation (GYO) respectively when the latest round of matches in the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA)/ Hadi’s World City Mall Inc. first division 2-day tournament concluded on Sunday last. At Police, DCC scored 221 all out after taking first strike. Dexter George led with 50 while Denver Greaves scored 43, Antonell Atwell and Timothy Mc Almont 41 each. Jermaine Reynolds claimed 4-51 and Troy Benn 2-35. Police replied with 386-9 declared. Ricardo Adams slammed 134 not out, Norwayne Federicks stroked 71, Seon Daniels 60 and Reginald Rodrigues 58. Atwell bagged 5-99 and Ashmead Nedd 3-80. Trailing by 165, the visitors declared their second innings on 305-7, minutes before the scheduled close of play; the captains agreed to call off the game. At Malteenoes SC, GYO batted first and posted 203-9 declared after facing 72.2

Anthony Ifill overs. Trevon France scored 57, Anthony Ifill 50, Wazeer Mohamed 28 and Kwame Crosse 20. Alistair Ifill snared 4-62, Collins Butts 335 and Jermaine Grosvenor 2-24. GNIC scored 252 all out in 67.3 overs in reply. Grosvenor top scored with 59, while Dexter Solomon made 36, Troy Thompson 27

Trevon France and Joshua Persaud 23. Divesh Ramjattan picked up 2-26 and Surendra Heeralall 2-48. Facing a deficit of 49, GYO were 110-6 at stumps of the final day. Shiv Parmanand scored 37 not out while Mohamed retired hurt on 32. Butts and Ifill took two wickets each. (Zaheer Mohamed)

Police takes top honours in Berbice Joint Services sports Berbice B Division Police have taken top honours so far when action in the Joint Services Sports programme continued on Friday with cricket and football action at the Scott Church Ground, Princess Elizabeth Road, New Amsterdam Berbice. Latest action saw police winning at cricket and reaching the final of the football competition. In a six overs cricket match, Police hammered New Amsterdam Constabulary by 10 wickets. Constabulary batted first and made a decent 68 all out in their allotment of overs. In reply the Police openers bludgeoned the hapless Constabulary attack as they galloped to 70 without loss in a mere 2.5 overs. The openers were merciless in their assault with Constables Philbert Wilburg 30 and Nicholas Chase 28 plundering the bowling to all parts of the ground. Extras contributed 12.In football, Police and Prison Service are set to

contest the final with both teams winning their earlier matches. Police defeated the Guyana Deference Force (GDF) 2-0. Prison Service beat their Fire Service counterparts also 2-0. Police returned to edge

past Constabulary 1-0. The final between Police and Prison Service is set for today. The cricket competition is continuing while other matches in other disciplines are on the cards to commence soon.

Recipients of the Mitseden soccer boots from right, Krista De Silva, Nikita Amardeo and Diana Angoy. The three female footballers who participated in the just concluded Trophy Stall East Bank Football A s s o c i a t i o n U n d e r- 1 5 league were rewarded with a pair of boots each, compliments of Mitseden, a USA based company owned by Guyanese Stephen

Budhu.Krista De Silva and Nikita Amardeo both played with Herstelling FC while Diana Angoy represented Diamond United FC. T h e t r i o w a s complimented for participating in the tournament which attracted four clubs and was contested

over two rounds at the Grove Playfield. Budhu, who is the designer and manufacturer of the boots, said he decided to reward the girls as a means of encouraging them to stay playing the sport while also paying keen attention to their educational pursuits.

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GCA/Brain Street U-15 tournament

Wins for Everest, GNIC and DCC

Joshua Persaud

Mandy Mangru

Zahir Bristol

By Zaheer Mohamed Everest Cricket Club, Guyana National Industrial Corporation (GNIC) and Demerara Cricket Club (DCC) registered victories when the latest round of matches in the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) / Brain Street Under-15 limited overs tournament concluded yesterday. At Everest, the host defeated Malteenoes Sports Club by one wicket. Malteenoes batted first and were bowled out for 101 in 32.1 overs. Pacer Zahir Bristol picked up a few early wickets before Sase Norville and Sachin Basdeo added 47 for the fourth wicket. Norville was dismissed for a top score of 25 while Basdeo departed for 16. Bristol finished with 4-19 while Nicholas Sattaur claimed 2-20 and Kishan Bhola 2-37. Everest responded with 102-9 in 34.1 overs. They lost two early wickets but Mandy Mangru, the lone female player in the match put together 39 for the third wicket with Gansham

Premchand to keep their team in the hunt. After Gansham went for two, Mangru shared in a fourth wicket stand of 25 with Bristol who was dismissed for 20. Off spinner Andrew Persaud kept Malteenoes hopes alive by picking up a few quick wickets, but Mangru held her nerves to see Everest to safety. She ended unbeaten on 23. Persaud was the pick of the bowlers with 3-29 and Avin Gangadin snared 2-14. At GNIC, the home team overcame Rubis Bel Air by 42 runs. GNIC posted 212 all out in 22.5 overs, batting first. Haifa Walters stroked 29, Paul Thomas 21, Joshua Persaud 19, Kurt Lovell and Rickey Dass 15 each. Alex Chunilall grabbed 3-11 and Vishal Moorchan 316. Rubis were given a bright start by Bhisham Mohabir and Nand Sanicharan; the pair put together 58 for the opening stand, but their separation triggered a collapse and the visitors were sent packing for 79 in 18.2 overs. Mohabir

scored 34 and Sanicharan 22. Joshua Persaud bagged 5-19 and Dass 2-13. At Bourda, Demerara Cricket Club got the better of Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) by seven wickets. GCC took first strike and rattled up 186-1 after their allocation of 55 overs were reduced to 37 due to rain. Stephon Wilson slammed 86 and Joshua Raghabar made 51. DCC were given a revised target of 77 to win from 15 overs following another interruption. They reached their target in 14.5 overs for the loss of three wickets. Anthony Roopnarine scored 21 and David Marshall 14 not out. According to the competition regulations, the team batting first shall bat for 55 overs and the team batting second shall bat for 44 overs. It further states that if the side batting first is all out before their allocation of 55 overs, the remaining overs shall be added to the team batting second. The competition continues today.

Wednesday April 16, 2014

Sport development requires more than creation of facilities By Rawle Welch The recent boast of Government’s unrestricted support for Sport by the Director of Sport Neil Kumar must be taken as a pinch of salt and nothing more. Writing in the Kaieteur News of Sunday, April 13 under the caption ‘Director of Sport challenges opposition to refute g o v e r n m e n t ’s s p o r t s contribution’, spoke of the “contribution and effort being made by the government in relation to sports.” Kumar was responding t o A F C ’s M P Tr e v o r Wi l l i a m s , w h o i n h i s presentation in Parliament during the 2014 Budget debates questioned the leadership and vision of the Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sport, labeling the entity as visionless in relation to its policy for the advancement of Sport. Kumar countered by stating that Williams failed to offer alternatives to the Ministry’s policies and went on to highlight the achievements of the Ministry over the past eight years which according to him saw “substantial investments and transformation in the sports sector.” The Director mentioned the construction of a number of facilities including the National Stadium, Aquatic Centre, National Racquet Centre, Synthetic Track at Leonora and the installation of floodlights at the Albion Sports Complex as proof of Government’s vision for the development of sports. However, the thought of developing sport is not restricted to the construction of facilities only, substantial investment in our athletes is equally important, but sadly

the current state of affairs paints a different picture since the two components seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum rather than working in tandem. What could be a plausible reason (s) for the wretched performance of the national cricket team that had the best possible preparations heading into the regional tournament according to most media reports, while the continuous poor returns from our athletes in domestic, regional and international competitions, aren’t all incontrovertible attestations? The creation of facilities is just one part of the development process, the need to support our athletes financially and this involves money to purchase nutrients for the body, money to attend competitions and other related support so that the focus is purely to train and compete nothing else. The Ministry in the past had given support to some athletes and associations, but it has always been inadequate and this might be because of the absence of a proper Sports Policy, giving rise to speculation that most things are conducted in an ad hoc manner and there is no proper planning hence the assumption of unfairness. Then there is the constant lament among associations, athletes and even the Olympic Association about the Ministry’s half-hearted commitment and in some instances total absence, so just for emphasis, the boast of facilities cannot hide the real facts. The Director’s song of praises about the construction of facilities as being confirmation of the Government’s obligation to develop sport is croaky since

several important factors usually involved in the procedure are missing. The continual access to facilities, the reasonable cost to rent facilities, the facilitating of international coaches, new and advanced information and technology and of course access to modern equipment in addition to having them procured at affordable prices are all part of providing an enabling environment for development and consequent success. After the enormous expenditure on facilities, we still do not have athletes who are world beaters not now nor in the foreseeable future unless there is a concerted effort to infuse more money in athletes’ direct development. There is compelling evidence to support the belief that we possess some of the most naturally talented athletes in the Caribbean and many of them are extremely dedicated, but their efforts are not being complemented by similar investments by the Government so until the status quo changes we will continue to be labeled ‘also ran’. Our national men’s hockey team is a prime example of our natural talent, they finished third in the recently concluded Pan Am Cup in Uruguay playing against players that enjoy massive support from their respective countries , but despite our lack thereof, they went and competed with distinction even though they failed to qualify for the World Cup in Germany next year. Think about if we had the luxury of a proper facility and the opportunity to get in a few warm-up games against international teams.

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Wednesday April 16, 2014

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Edghill claims Bronze at Butterfly Canadian Open Chelsea Edghill

Local Table Tennis junior star, Chelsea Edghill, winner of the 2012 of the cadet edition of the Canadian Junior and Cadet table tennis Championships when she teamed with Korea’s Ku Kyojin, had to settle for bronze in the 2014 edition of those championships. Edghill and Belgium Lisa Lung, ranked 56 in the world, two players who are qualifiers for the 2nd Youth Olympic Games scheduled for 16th – 28th August 2014 in Nanjing China, had to settle for bronze at the Butterfly Canadian Open Junior and Cadet Championships. The team made a perfect start to their campaign by recording a three-nil (3-0) success against Hu Xiyue and Annie Shi representing USA ‘B’ with Chelsea Edgill defeating Xiyie Hu by a 3-1 margin 11-8, 9-11,11-1,11-5, Lung defeating Annie Shi 31, and the Belgium and Guyana Pair won the doubles by a 3-1 margin, but on their second visit to the table it was a different story. They suffered a tough three matches to two defeat at the hands of Canada ‘A’

with Lisa Lung, the winner earlier in the week of the Girls’ Singles event at the Road to Nanjing Series – North America tournament, remaining unbeaten in her two singles contests. She accounted for Betty Guo (11-4, 11-7, 11-6) and Michelle Liaw (11-6, 8-11, 11-9, 11-7) but that was the sum total of her team’s success. Chelsea Edghill was narrowly beaten in the opening match of the fixture by Michelle Liaw (5-11, 117, 5-11, 11-8, 12-10) and, in the vital concluding fifth contest of the duel by Betty Guo (11-9, 11-5, 13-11). The crucial doubles very much turned the tide in favour of the Canadians; the third match of affairs, Betty Guo and Michelle Liaw posted a five games win 3-2 (7-11, 8-11, 11-8, 12-10, 115) over Edghill and Lung coming from behind after trailing 2 matches to 0. This meant combination of Belgium’s Lisa Lung and Guyana’s Chelsea Edghill had to settle for second place in their group; the consolation being that the teams finishing in first and

NAMILCO One Love Football Classic

Final spots on the line in today’s semi final showdown at GFC

Lisa Lung (ITTF)

second places in each group advanced to the semi-finals to play the cross over number one team from group 1. Wi t h a c h a n c e f o r redemption beckoning the pair, they however had to settle for the bronze medal after losing their semifinals encounter by a 3-1 margin against USA’s “A” Prachi Jha, eventual winner of the girls singles competition and her partner Angela Guan a defensive player who went on to defeat Canada A by a 30 margin to take gold. In the girls singles group stages, placed in group 1with number 1 seed Anqi Luo of Canada, Edghill advanced as second player in her group to the round of 16 by virtue of her win against Annie Shi USA by a 3- 0 margin 119,12-10,11-8. In her match against number 1 seed Annie Luo she lost 3-0 margin. In the round of 16 Chelsea lost after being defeated by Michelle Liaw of Canada, a player she had a battle in the team events with, narrowly losing by a 32 margin 12-10 in the fifth and deciding set scores 115.7-11,11-5, 8-11,12-10, and

in the singles the results were the same again- a narrow lost. After valuable preparation and experience and time to reflect and strategize, Chelsea now focuses her attention on her Caribbean Examination Council Examinations while maintaining her intensive domestic training schedule. Her next engagements in preparation for the Youth Olympic games will be an ITTF Training camp for Youth Olympic games qualifiers scheduled for Taichang China June 3rd27th; the Pan American Olympic Festival in Mexico in July; the senior Caribbean Championships Cuba June/July; ITTF Training Camp USA/Sweden; Commonwealth Games Scotland Glasgow Jul/August; ITTF Youth Olympic Games training camp China and into the 2nd youth Olympic games. Chelsea is an international table tennis federation “With the Future in Mind” player sponsored by Continental Group of Companies under its Sun Burst Juice brand and is

Sceyon Hope

Gregory Richardson

t will be do or die come this evening when the semi finals of the NAMILCO One Love Football Classic knockout tournament are contested at the Mecca for the sport in the city, Georgetown Football Club Ground. Defending champions, Guyana Defense Force will be conscious of the fact that they are just two hurdles away from retaining the crown and will not be taking their opponents, Riddim Squad lightly. The Army turned back the challenge of Slingerz in their quarter final match on Sunday last and must maintain their momentum if they are to get past the Mocha based Riddim Squad. The first semi final brings together Alpha ‘The Hammer’ United against the host team Fruta Conquerors and while many might hold the view that this challenge is likened to the biblical story of David and Goliath, one would also realize that it was David that defeated Goliath against all odds. Conquerors will feature a young but determined unit that is as hungry for success as Alpha. The National champions will certainly start the game as favorites to win but a solid performance by Conquerors whose

Technical Staff would have done their homework, can see them coming out victors. Trevon Lythcott will once again feature prominently for the host team along with Raphael Edwards and the inform Dwayne Lawrence who has been a handful for opposing teams in tandem with Lawrence. Alpha star studded lineup includes Captain Dwight Peters, Gregory Richardson, Ronson Williams in goal, Philbert Moffatt, Manasseh Primo and Kelvin Mc Kenzie among others. Leading the Army’s charge to arrest yet another opponent will be the busy body and nagging Delroy Fraser who carved out the 10 win for his side against Slingerz. Able support will come from Nigel B r a i t h w a i t e , Wi l l i a m Europe, Kennard Simmons Rawle Success who will be aiming for a clean slate again between the uprights. Riddim Squad, which finally broke the jinx of losing against Sunburst Camptown in their quarter final game which they won 3-1, will again bank on the faith trio of Captain Sceyon Hope and the Ramsay siblings of Steffon and Amos to chart their victory course.

t r o Sp

UAE all set to host lavish welcoming party P.32

COP Inter-Division T20 cricket

‘A’ & ‘F’ Divisions in winners’ row; C. Persaud Dental Clinic & Lab. is main sponsor


Mr. Coober ‘Anand’ Persaud hands over the cheque to Mr. Colin Boyce of the Guyana Police Force.


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