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Annual Report

Wolfgang Niessner, CEO

Dear reader,

2012 has been a year of exceptional challenges. Although – due solely to the weak fourth quarter – our results did not match those of 2011, they remained at a highly satisfactory level, with several activities or regions in particular, but ultimately all areas of the business making a valuable contribution. Gebrüder Weiss has grown in many respects, deepening and extending its range of services, building and expanding resources and competences, forging ahead with investment and innovation, implementing complex logistics solutions and winning prestigious awards. A highlight was the integration of freight forwarder Diehl in Esslingen (Baden-Württemberg, Germany), which could not have been achieved without the exceptional dedication of the local team and the support of many staff from the “orange network”. The new base is complete and all those involved are looking to the future

with confidence. The acquisition of Sprenger in Aldingen marks the completion and enhancement of our presence in one of the economically strongest German federal states. In the light of this, we are often asked about Gebrüder Weiss’ strategy for further expansion. The answer is simple: although – for specific reasons – GW has enlarged its network in southern Germany, it has no plans for further expansion and is relying, now and in the future, on partnerships in Western Europe, often built up over decades. We are primarily engaged in consolidating our position in Central and Eastern Europe, looking eastwards and – in cooperation with Röhlig – towards selected overseas markets. As proof of this, in 2012 we have already made the first move in this direction in Georgia, the USA, Japan and Vietnam. In our efforts to make good better and strengthen strengths, we will no longer continue to be


Annual Report

satisfied simply with operational excellence, but we will also strive consistently for service excellence. In this regard, we were very pleased to have been awarded the prize for “Regional Logistics Supplier of the Year” by HewlettPackard at a major event in San Francisco. These excellent achievements are only possible with employees working in an environment in which they are challenged and supported, enabling them to develop. Here, central training and continuous professional development

programmes, combined with the work of committed local and regional mentors and management, are bearing fruit. This was confirmed by the quality label “Great Place to Work” and the special prize for “Best Employer for Apprentices” in Austria. Logistics is a people’s business – not a new insight, but a guiding principle at GW. A well-known top manager in the US recently said: “We innovate by starting with the customer and working backwards. That becomes the touchstone for how we invent.” For us, this does not just mean “inventing” but “optimising” services and processes in the light of constantly changing market conditions and customer

Distribution of added value across the divisions in 2012

5% Consulting 27% International land transport

6% Customs

11% Domestic transport

11% Parcel service

26% Logistics 14% Air & Sea


Our goal is to optimise services and processes taking into account market conditions and customer requirements.

requirements. Our offer extends from practical logistics consultancy based on state-of-the-art knowledge (x|vise) to transparent and efficient standardised products under the GW brand pro. line, from technical services by tectraxx to more flexible home delivery, from outstanding parcel services to global project management, from industry solutions to inet’s internationally indemand TMS (Transport Management System). We also participate in various research initiatives, playing a proactive role and creating additional customer benefit.

In conclusion, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest appreciation to everyone who accompanies and supports us on the “orange way”. We will continue to make every effort, not only to meet your expectations but also to exceed them where possible. With best regards,

Wolfgang Niessner CEO, Gebrüder Weiss

Net sales in million euro 573.9
























the orange world

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50,000,000 euros were invested in the expansion of Gebrüder Weiss’ international network last year: in new locations, the extension of its infrastructure and more competences.

450,000 kilograms was the weight of the cable car GW transported from Switzerland to Mexico by air freight. A record-breaking achievement.

On the move globally, in orange

Austria Lauterach* Bludenz Dornbirn Feldkirch Graz Hall Hörsching Kalsdorf Kennelbach Leoben Leobend Werndorf Wiener Neudorf Wolfurt Wörgl Germany Memmingen Aldingen Eislingen Esslingen Hamburg Karlsru Bosnia-Herzegovina Sarajevo Bulgaria Sofia Kazanlak Croatia Zagreb Czech Republic Jeneč České Budějov Hajdúdorog Mosonmayóvar Vecsés Macedonia Skopje Montenegro Podgorica Romania Bucharest Arad Bacau Bratislava Bytca Presov-Petrovany Zvolen Slovenia Ljubljana Brnik Koper Turkey Istanbul Ukraine Kiev Lviv M Shenzhen Tianjin Urumqi Xiamen Xian Zhanjiang Hong Kong Kowloon India Chennai Ahmedabad Bangalore Singapore Singapore Taiwan Taipei Thailand Bangkok Khon Kaen Udon Thani USA Chicago Atlanta Bosto



kWh of electricity was produced in 2012 by GW’s own wind park in northern Germany. Enough energy to operate a vacuum cleaner non-stop for 4,800 years.


kilometres is the total distance GW staff travelled by bicycle – half the distance to the moon.

96 per cent of customers in the DACH region recommend GW, according to a representative survey.

dorf Leopoldsdorf Linz Maria Lanzendorf Maria Saal Pöchlarn Salzburg Sulz Vienna Vienna-Schwechat Wels uhe Kirchheim unter Teck Lindau Passau Untermünkheim Wernau Switzerland Altenrhein Bern Pratteln Zurich vice Hradec Králové Modřice Ostrava-Hrabová Říčany-Jažlovice Georgia Tbilisi Hungary Dunaharaszti Győr u Cluj Napoca Constanta Craiova Oradea Sibiu Serbia Dobanovci Belgrade Kragujevac Vujce Slovakia Senec Mukachevo Italy Bozen China Shanghai Beijing Chengdu Chongqing Dalian Guangzhou Nanjing Ningbo Qingdao e Kandla Mundra Kolkata Mumbai New Delhi Pune Tuticorin Japan Tokyo Osaka Canada Montreal Toronto n Dallas Houston Los Angeles Miami New York San Francisco UAE Dubai Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Hanoi



Successful in China

Gebrüder Weiss recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary in China. The company has been represented in Shanghai, the major transport hub in southern China, since 1992. Gebrüder Weiss looked back on its success story in China with a great celebration. Invited were about 250 international guests from business and politics, who have accompanied the progression from 1992 until today. “Our success of the last 20 years is based on the great personal commitment of many people and an unshakable faith in the country’s economic

and political development,” Paul Senger-Weiss, Gebrüder Weiss supervisory board member, emphasized in his speech held at the celebration. Board member Heinz Senger-Weiss described personnel continuity as a key component of success, enabling GW to embed the strong canon of its values and processes even in markets that are far away from its core market. Today, Gebrüder Weiss is represented with 342 employees at 17 locations in China.



Gebr端der Weiss: first step into Caucasus region

The worldwide Gebr端der Weiss network has been strengthened with a new country organisation in Georgia.

The new terminal will serve as a logistics hub for domestic as well as international transport and logistics services in the Caucasus region. (model)


By entering the market in Georgia, Gebr端der Weiss opened up a strategically important platform in the Caucasus, which will benefit many existing customers. In Tbilisi, GW is constructing modern logistics facilities with some 10,000 square metres of warehouse and logistics space, that are due to open shortly. The plot with about 95,000 square metres is easily accessible from the airport and the motorway and can also be connected to the Georgian railway network, which the government is currently expanding nationwide. With a new, direct groupage transport system from Passau to the Georgian capital Tbilisi, GW offers its customers a weekly overland connection to the emerging markets in Central and Eastern Asia. From the hub in Tbilisi, shipments are further distributed to all destinations within Georgia or to the neighbouring Caucasus states of Azerbaijan and Armenia. GW laid the foundation in the Caucasus region already in March last year with the establishment of a joint venture with Tegeta Motors.

Jack Welch (born 1935), former CEO General Electric (1981–2001). With his “fix it, sell it or close it” approach he turned the GE Group into a future-oriented and proactive global player. He is renowned as a highly successful manager and thought leader in the field of economy. Quoted from “29 Leadership Secrets”, 2003.

An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.


Growth in Japan Gebrüder Weiss has been represented in Tokyo since 2008.

Gebrüder Weiss expanded its presence in the Japanese market: besides Tokyo, the company is now also operating from Osaka.


In 2012, Gebrüder Weiss took over JHB Express, a Japanese logistics company specialising in air and sea freight. Osaka, where the company is located, now is the second pillar of Gebrüder Weiss in Japan besides Tokyo. Air and sea freight business of JHB Express has been continued seamlessly. Also in the field of staff, continuity is ensured: The previous owner of JHB, Hikoiku Yoshikawa, remained with the company as Vice Chairman. The purchase not only boosts intra-Asia transports of Gebrüder Weiss: the increased capacity also benefits major trading partners in the USA and Europe.


Gebrüder Weiss invests in home market

With the extension and modernisation of its headquarters premises in Lauterach, Austria, the company is preparing for the future. The company, which has a history going back 500 years, has a strong base in its home region in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg. Even if the company today is represented almost around the globe, the worldwide network is still coordinated from its headquarters in Lauterach. In order to prepare the headquarters for the future sustainably and secure the location’s competitiveness, comprehensive construction and renovation work started in November 2012. As part of an overall reconstruction, the existing

transhipment and logistics facilities will be remodeled and extended. Moreover, one of the most important measures will be the construction of new company headquarters with a total usable area of about 4,000 square metres. Investments are also made at the Wels location: in addition to the existing facilities, a 9,300 square metres state-of-the-art logistics warehouse and a 3,800 square metres office building are being built. The new facilities allow Gebrüder Weiss to continue to offer its customers the best conditions and enough capacities in Upper Austria. Abroad, logistics centres are being built in Tbilisi and Sofia. In addition to the facilities in Jeneč near Prague, a new location is planned for Brno. And in Slovakia the Senec location, to the east of Bratislava, will be expanded.



Strong in southern Germany

By taking over the forwarding companies Diehl and Sprenger, Gebrüder Weiss has strengthened its network in southern Germany. In spring 2012, Spedition Diehl, based in BadenWürttemberg and with offices in Esslingen, Untermünkheim, Karlsruhe and Tuttlingen, was taken over by Gebrüder Weiss as a wholly-


owned subsidiary. Recently also Spedition Sprenger with headquarters in Aldingen, district of Tuttlingen, joined the GW Group. The location was completely integrated into the Gebrüder Weiss network. The branch in Aldingen is headed by Georg Dieterle, the previous Managing Director of Spedition Sprenger, who will report to Anton Hagg, Branch Manager GW Memmingen. All 70 employees were taken over and complemented with 15 GW employees from Tuttlingen: staff and business activities of the Tuttlingen branch were moved to Aldingen, at a distance of about 20 kilometres. “With this targeted investment, we are considerably strengthening our position in Baden-Württemberg,” says CEO Wolfgang Niessner. “Customers and partners will benefit from the even tighter-knit orange network.”

Strength in innovation is more than ever the key to enhanced competitiveness. Half of all the products we will sell in five years have yet to be developed.

Karl Heinz Beckurts (1930 –1986) was a German physicist and manager. He is considered one of the founders of neutron physics in Germany and was a board member and head of research at Siemens AG. Throughout his professional life, he was dedicated to promoting cooperation between science and industry.


High award by Hewlett-Packard Bill Long, Vice President, Global Supply Chain Network and Logistics, HP; Jürgen Bauer, Regional Director East at Gebrüder Weiss; Wolfgang Niessner, Gebrüder Weiss CEO and Ronald Kleijwegt, Regional Director, EMEA Logistics, HP.

As a recognition for its high service quality in Central and Eastern Europe as well as CIS countries, customer Hewlett-Packard awarded Gebrüder Weiss as “Regional Logistics Supplier of the Year”.


Gebrüder Weiss was exclusively awarded with the coveted “Regional Logistics Supplier of the Year” prize at the SupplyChain-Supplier-Summit-2012. The gala ceremony took place in San Francisco. Gebrüder Weiss has been ranked number one in the field of transportation and logistics solutions for HP for several quarters in a row. In addition, GW is a benchmark in terms of project management and cooperation in the field of logistics. “We are very proud and pleased to have received the Supplier of the Year award,” says Wolfgang Niessner. “I see the award as a recognition of what we have achieved and appreciation of our particular customer and service orientation.” Gebrüder Weiss is a long-term logistics partner of HP and provides many services ranging from distribution, cross-docking and customs clearance to returns logistics.


Young talents In 2012, Gebrüder Weiss proved once again that it is one of the most attractive employers in the market.

25-year old Serhat Ekinci was “Young Forwarder of the Year 2012”. Karina Kuttner (21) won the second prize.

Gebrüder Weiss was awarded the “Great Place to Work” seal of approval within the course of an Austrian-wide employer competition. Additionally, the company received the special prize ”Best Employer for Apprentices”. Gebrüder Weiss offers numerous opportunities for development and further qualification of staff and newcomers in a targeted way. And these measures have borne fruit: in the past year, two young employees won the first and second prize in the 2012 “Young Forwarder of the Year” competition, held by the “Zentralverband Spedition & Logistik”, the Austrian Central Association Forwarding and Logistics. 25-year old Serhat Ekinci, Gebrüder Weiss Paketdienst, won the first prize for his customer solution “Tour critics”. The second prize went to the young GW freight forwarder Karina Kuttner (21) from Linz. She dealt with the communication problems between customers, expediters and drivers. And those two were not the only ones to win a prize: for example, two apprentices of GW Graz were honoured with the prestigious “Stars of Styria” award by the Styrian Chamber of Commerce.




lity 450 tons of construction elements and steel parts of an entire cable car, shortly before being loaded onto a cargo plane at Frankfurt Hahn Airport, headed for Mexico.

Quick thinking required Windward and leeward directions are important factors to consider when sailing a sailing ship. Windward is the direction upwind

Flexibility is the order of the day: in these extraordinary times, only customer-oriented providers who find solutions quickly and without fuss will find success. In one’s private life, too, it is impossible to get very far without a decent helping of flexibility.

out the slightest effort, there is a lot of work behind the gentle movement, driven by wind and weather. Depending on tides, currents, and especially the wind, sailors need to adjust the course of their boats to the new situation time and again.

On sunny days you can see them by the thousands, gliding through the waves of the lakes and estuaries in Central Europe. Very gently, almost as if they were flying. Looking like bright splashes of colour under the blue sky of spring, they are a joy to the eye – not least for the curious landlubbers on shore. Even if a sailboat seems to be drifting on the water with-

Flexibility is not only a major principle for captains, but for the entire crew. A sail set wrong, a wheel steered in the wrong direction and someone might shout “man overboard!” or, even worse, the SOS signal is sent out. From port to starboard and from windward to leeward: it is a matter of urgency when the wind turns and the sails need to be hoisted or lowered. Whether on

from the point of reference. Leeward is the direction downwind. The side of a ship that is towards the leeward is its lee side. If the vessel is heeling under the pressure


of the wind, this will be the “lower side”. Source: Wikipedia

In the modern sense of the word, “flexibility” means the ability to adapt to new situations or circumstances.

a small dinghy or aboard a large clipper ship: who strictly adheres to predetermined manoeuvres and loses sight of changing circumstances, will not get far on the high sea – and is unlikely to reach the shore with dry feet. From the Latin root to today’s buzz word But also on the safe shore, flexibility is required when referring to fast adaptation, situationinduced change, and flexible adjustment in line with new circumstances. For every human being, a certain amount of flexibility is necessary in our professional and private lives – even if our life is rarely dependent on it, as is the case at sea. Flexibility: it’s one of the most frequently encountered terms in the modern, globalised business world. Like many modern words, the much-used term has Latin origins. To ancient Romans, “flectere” meant to “bend” or “bow”. In the modern sense of the word, “flexibility”


means to adapt to new situations or circumstances. And the quicker and more effectively you can do this, the better. However, in addition to the ability to be flexible, you also require a crucial willingness to face new challenges and tread paths which others have shied away from. After all, in the same way that a blade of grass is more likely to survive a storm than a stiff branch, those who abide by rigid custom are now subject to strict limitations in everyday life. The faster the pace of our life, the more often we find ourselves confronted by change, whether this be superficial or deep-seated, long in the planning or spontaneous. One of the fundamental lessons of flexibility is recognising that our lives are in a state of permanent flux and that our world has now become a really small place. For every single person, the path to this awareness starts in their head.


A logistical tour de force and truly spectacular: a 1930 Rolls-Royce Phantom II is transported up the 2,502 m Säntis peak hanging from a gondola of the Säntis cable car. Picture: Rolls-Royce Museum Dornbirn

The phrase 'cookie cutter', which is intended to epitomise a conformist attitude, lacking in originality, is of fairly recent origin. It, of course, alludes to the cooking utensils which are used

A cookie-cutter approach no longer works Increasing competition and competitiveness in the world of work are forcing a growing number of people to react as flexibly as possible. In a globally networked environment, only those who promptly tailor their actions to the needs of clients, the market situation and customer requirements will succeed. For a long time already, this has applied to everyone, not just employees. Many successful companies place flexibility at the centre of their portfolio. Increasingly, prefabricated one-size-fits-all products and a rigid cookie-cutter approach are remnants of the distant past. In order to really delight customers rather than just satisfy them, proactively responding to individual desires is vital. Moreover, despite the demands of a hectic everyday working life, it is crucial to show a human face. Customers who don’t feel understood by their business contacts or who

perceive a lack of care will switch to the competition. The conflict between providing both the required level of flexibility and the anticipated amount of reliability concerns financial strategists and employee trainers equally. The important question is: how to remain flexible in the light of global competition and thought?

to cut out cookie shapes for baking. These have been so called in the USA since at least the 19 th century. People with a cookie-cutter mentality tend to do things always in the same way.

All for one and one for all! In business life, too, flexibility is dependent on the smallest individual unit: the employee. A company can only react flexibly and offer its customers the best possible service when its employees do exactly the same thing. The vital thing here is that each employee needs to act independently, regardless of their position and field of work. Naturally, employees are only able to act independently when they are given the opportunity to do so; responsibility is never a one-way street. Employers with a broad





Instead of flying, a 1.5 million euro helicopter was transported from Austria to Georgia with a truck. The reason: for the 3,000 km flight, the helicopter would have needed twice as much fuel as the fully loaded truck by land.

outlook do not withhold their appreciation for their employees and provide them with both constructive criticism and a large amount of motivation. Credibility, reliability, and support: there are lots of things that companies can do to increase the flexibility and independence of their employees. “Walk the talk”, or actually following through on your words, is a basic pillar of flexibility. Obviously, this does not mean that values and strategies should be thrown overboard without a second thought in order to promote flexibility. Flexibility can only be achieved by someone who actively seeks out dialogue, thinks one step ahead, and keeps an eye on the big picture – when interacting with both employees and customers. Flexibility is the order of the day “Faster, higher, stronger” – nowadays, this old Olympic principle applies to far more than

sport. If contender A doesn’t manage to amaze their customers with excellent service, contender B will soon step into the fray. It is all the more important for each individual to strive to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of a world which is spinning faster and faster. Only those who deliver consistently high quality and figuratively read the customers’ lips will succeed. Among mid-level participants in the economy – small and medium-sized enterprises and family businesses – every single customer is important. Logistics providers who take their job seriously cannot ignore the order of the day. By joining forces and showing a human face whilst remaining thoroughly professional, they can address current and future customers on a personal level. Although in the field of system logistics – at a global level – an increasing number of large-



If you work closely with the customer right from the start in order to find flexible solutions, you’ll reach your goal.

The cardinal virtues are the four primary moral virtues. The English word cardinal comes from the Latin word cardo, which means “hinge”. All other virtues hinge upon these four virtues. The four cardinal virtues are prudence, justice, fortitude (or courage), and temperance (or moderation). Source:

scale companies are emerging, the strength of mid-level suppliers lies in their ability to adapt. In a sector where the punctuality of international flows of goods means everything and competition tempts providers to place their trust in plans and diagrams, the path to success – as is so often the case – takes the middle ground: a company needs to be large and networked enough to be reliable, but small and flexible enough to be able to emphasise individual strengths. In order to preserve flexibility, listening skills are paramount. The better the communication between each employee and their customers, the more accurately and promptly the customers’ individual wishes can be met. If a company suffers loss of production, the logistics provider must flexibly adapt service to this situation in a tailored manner. If you wait until a problem becomes unavoidable, you’ll go under. If you work closely with the customer


right from the start in order to find flexible solutions, you’ll reach your goal. The product range (for example, individual logistics solutions) must also meet increased requirements with regard to flexibility. Concentrate on solutions, not problems: this motto illustrates the essence of flexible action as clearly as any saying. The quicker we can adjust to new situations, the easier it is for us to deal with change. For what has always been a matter of course when sailing, has long since become a kind of cardinal virtue in an international economic system.

Abraham Maslow (1908 –1970) was an American psychologist who is considered one of the founders of Humanistic Psychology. He is best known for creating a theory about human needs, often depicted as hierarchical levels within a pyramid: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.


Mission Possible Flexibility at Gebrüder Weiss always begins with an open ear towards the customer: proactively responding to individual needs and earning customer trust every day, that’s what “going the orange way” means to us. The goal is clear: we do not want to satisfy, but delight. And we are on the right track with our approach towards Service Excellence. This can be attested by the feedback and proven loyalty of many long-term customers.

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“GW’s organisational experience has given us the ability to command a precise overview of our supply chain, an absolute must where economic viability and sustainability are concerned. We were able to reduce costs and delivery times; customer satisfaction increased accordingly. What more could anyone ask for?” Oliver Binder, R&D Director



“Gebrüder Weiss developed a solution which guarantees rapid, reliable deliveries. For example, when they enter the warehouse in Wil (CH), the kanban containers have already been filled with the components which will be required for production at a later stage. This speeds up the outsourcing procedure. We can say it is an effective, durable logistics chain which prevents waste and dead freight.” Josef Kunz, Head of Procurement & Logistics

Read more about the Geberit logistics solution.

More information on the Tridonic logistics solution.

“With Gebrüder Weiss we have a soundly managed partner at eye level. Our strategic partnership has existed for a long time and with great success. The reliability in the transport of our goods is as consistent as the quality in the warehouse. Good communication and competent handling also helped in the successful implementation of the warehouse logistics in Singapore. Thanks to the strong interconnection of our systems, we benefit from a fast and efficient flow of data and goods.” Bernd Fink, Global Logistics Manager


Flexibility is lived daily by our employees – all around the world.

A Dan-Victor Aaron Hristo Abadzhiev Insaf Abari Thomas Abbrederis Sanela Abdagic Remo Abderhalden Erkebay Abdullaev Fadil Abdullahu Christine Abenthung Michaela Abfalterer Vladimír Abraham Tengiz Abuladze Hamza Ebrahim Acheerakattil Tuncay Acikbas Judit Adam Walter Adamec Lucia Adameová Frank Yeboah Adamu Hans-Peter Aeberli Stefan Aebi Július Ágh Uros Agic Hope Aguila Michael Ahler Amy Ai Sarah Akbarzada Erguen Akbayrak Adem Akpinar Esmanur Akpinar Ahmet Aktas Dieter Alber Ilie-Gheorghe Alecu Robin Alge Ilyas Algor Khorchin Ali Kurosch Aliabadi Senad Alic Mirjana Alilovic Emel Allahkurtardi Naveen Kumar Allam Pally Philipp Allgeuer Faruk Almaz Enise Altindag Nesat Altuntas Josua Amann Oliver Amann Radu-Ionut Amarie Mohammed Saleem Ambalam Krisztina Ambrus Raza Amin Ramona Amstädter Vlad-Ionut Amza Nikola Andanovski Birgit Anderle Ivan Andjelkovic Harald Andre Kiriakos Andreadis Anisoara Andrei Elena Andrei Gheorghe Andrei Stefan Andrei Slavisa Andrejic Andrija Andrijevic Tomáš Andrýs Elka Angelova Rudolf Angerer Adelina-Manuela Anghel Florin-Daniel Anghel Gheorghe Anghelina Ivan Antl Mariana Anton Zuzana Antoňaková Dagmar Breuer David Antunez Dimitar Apostolov Luca Aquilino Yavuz Arabaci Ioannis Arampatzis Ulrike Aratsch Tomáš Arazim Cristian Claudiu Ardeleanu Sonja Arh Ersoy Aricigil Adem Arkan Erguen Arkan Hayrettin Arkan Gabriele Arli Nicole Arndt Walter Arnfelser Andreas Arnold Ciprian-Sorin Aron Camelia Arsenie Dragisa Arsic Ninoslav Arsic Aziz Arslan Alen Artenoglu Susanne Artinger Tanja Artner Peter Árva Zoltán Árvai Jürgen Arzberger Bekim Asani Helmut Aschauer Samet Asci Mesut Asik Ugur Asil Mehmet Aslan Yasin Aslan Markus Aster Gyula Ásványi Mehmet Lütfi Ataer Nurettin Atas Gülay Ates-Demir Bruno Peter Atilison Andreas Auckenthaler Andreas Auer Gabriele Auer Biljana Augustinovic Stefan Aulehla Markus Auner Klára Aurová Nina Außerlechner Dervis Avci Durmus Avci Bostjan Avgustincic Liliana Avram Marian-Costel Avram Mariana Avramescu Ismail Avsar B Belgin Aydeniz Semih Aydin Serkan Aydin Yunus Aydin Haydar Ayik Muhammad Ayyaz Mohammad Askar Azekzai Jure Babic Stipo Babic Anca Babici Franz Babinger Reimoun Babolleh Ion Bacanu Traian Bacanu Marcijan Bacarka Vanessa-Nina Bach Rudolf Bacher Stefan Bacher Johanna Bachinger Patrick Bachmann Petra Bachmann Alfred Bachmayer Marius-Sorin Badanoiu Zuzana Badárová Georgel-Valentin Badea Elena-Luminita Badicu Constantin Badulescu Elena Badulescu Werner Baessler GabrielNicolae Bahrin Sabine Baier Martin Baiker Petra Baitschew Vladeta Bajic Cristiana Florentina Bajinaru Zecir Bajrami Jasmin Bak Luboš Bakalář Abdurrahman Bal Serdar Bal Cristian Balan Nicolae Balasa Bianca Balazs Miklós Balázsy Alfred Balbuena Ondřej Balcárek Arno Baldauf Michael Baldauf Patrick Baldauf Thomas Reinold Bale Attila Balint Rica Balint Anikó Bálintné Garai Sasa Baljak Eszter Balkó Danuvys Ballester Cardenas Akos Balogh Frigyes Csaba Balogh Ioan-Adrian Baloi Yasin Baltaci Ursula Balzer Jan Bambas Doina Bambergher Petra Ban Vasel Banga Laura Bánhegyiová Mariana Banica Klaus Bannwarth Milomir Banovic Constantin-Eugen Banu Daniel Bänziger Jasmina Barac-Grujic Gerald Baran Krisztián Barát Mario Baratto Rene Baratto Alfred Barborka Paul-Adrian Barbu Michael Barchanek Éva Beáta Bárci Bogdan Bardas Julian Bärlocher Katharina Bärlocher Marcel Barnett Martina Baron Gábor Baros Tibor Barta Christian Barthofer Wolfgang Bartholomäus Szilvia Bartlné Lilik Christopher Bartosik Eva Bartošová Florian Bartsch Martin Bason Bruno Bastiani Klaus Battlogg Kristina Batusic Adolf Bauer Artjom Bauer Julia Bauer Jürgen Bauer Jürgen Bauer Katharina Bauer Kurt Bauer Mario Bauer Thomas Bauer Elmar Bauerle Johannes Bauernberger Ursula Bauernberger Tanja Bauhofer Siegmar Baumbach Josef Baumgartinger Bettina Baumgartner Bianca Baumgartner Christoph Baumgartner Marco Baumgartner Markus Baumgartner Stefan Baumgartner Bianca Baumhackl Corinne Bausch Ali Bayar Bernhard Bayer Johann Bayerl Sandra Bayr Josef Bayrhammer Helmut Bazzanella Eduard Becher Raphael Bechter Wolfgang Bechtold Markus Sebastian Beck Christel Beckers Damir Becovic Janka Bedleková Karl Bedrech Jennifer Bedua Dzewada Beganovic Jelena Begcevic Martin Begle Lukas Begusch Stefan Behmüller Desiree Beiter Jürgen Beiter Avdi Beka Leonte Belciu Christian Bell Wolfgang Bell Sabine Bellmann Zdeněk Bělohradský Alfred Belz Irina Benchea Balázs Bencsics Andrea Bender Soňa Bendová Petr Bendzák Ludwig Benedek Helmut Benedetter Eduard Beneš Jan Beneš Manuel Beneschosky Mario Beneschosky Vlasta Benešová Rene Benkert Serdar Benli Stanislava Beňová Stefanie Benseler Claudia Beranek Tomáš Beránek Miroslava Beranová Béla Bérces Victorita Berea Hunor Berecz Jaroslav Béreš Christoph Bereuter Hans-Jürgen Bereuter Gerhard Berg Alexander Berger Andreas Berger Beata Berger Doris Berger Gerhard Berger Rudolf Berger Sabrina Berger Manfred Bergmann Robert Berisa Egzona Berisha Mirsad Berisha Sebastian Bernardi Wolfgang Bernardi Harald Berndorfer Andreas Berndt Thomas Bernhard Alexander Bernhart Thomas Bernsteiner Gábor Berta Enrico Berthold Bettina Bertsch Daniel Bertsch Dietmar Bertschler Raffael Berweger Rolf Besanowsky Mihaela Betivu Ludmila Bezemková Buelent Bezgin George Bi Alois Biber Nebojsa Bibic Jiřina Bičišťová Daniel Bickel Daniel-Florin Biculescu Lenka Bihálová Hasan Bildik Saban Bildik Bernhard Bildstein Andreas Bilgeri Jennifer Bilgram Sladjana Bilic Gerhard Bilinsky Marek Billý Andrea Binder Michaela Binder Peter Binder Stefan Bindreiter Djordje Birman Horst Birnbaumer Maria Birnbaumer Melanie Birnbaumer Philipp Birnbaumer Doris Birngruber Matthias Birnstein Patric Birzle Thomas Bischof Beatrice Bischofberger Oliver Bischoff Anina-Elena Bitineanu-Stroiny Dana-Alina Bitire Ferenc Bitó Sabine Bitter Ljubisa Blagojevic Libor Blaha Tanja Blaha Martina Blaháková Stefan Blauensteiner Petr Blecha Norbert Blenk Denise Blum Mihaela Boboc Daniela-Cristina Bochis Florin Bocioaca Ivana Bočkayová Michael Böckle Simon Bodé Claudia Bodenberger Günther Bodlak Brigitta Bodnár Gerhard Boehme Igor Boev Nicoleta Bogateanu Nicolae-Marius Bogdan Zeljko Bogdan Marek Bognár Bojan Bogojevic Alexandra Bogomolova Kateřina Boháčová Andreas Böhler Daniel Böhler Dieter Böhler Joachim Böhler Edith Böhm Markus Boisits Azem Bojaxhiu Mijo Bokanovic Fetih Böke Moritz Böker Paul Böker Istvan Bokros Florin Bolboaca Mario Giovanni Bolda Wolfgang Boldrin Lucia Bolechová Franziska Boley Anita Bollinger Anca-Mihaela Bolos Alin-Ovidiu Bolovan Nicolae Bolovan Johann Bolovich Markus Bolte Sandra Bonca Sabrina Bönick Erich Bonigut Diana Bonomi Emil Bora Patrick Bora Ioan-Dorel Borbely Monika Borbely Daniel Borchardt Tamás Bordi Valeriy Bordyuk Sabina Borisek Silviya Borisova Armin Boros József Boros Lilla Boros Gabriela-Loredana Borovina Tibi Borzasi Andreas Bösch Mirko Bösch Thomas Bösch Wolfgang Bösch Francois Boschetto Renate Boskan Antal Boszkovics Alexandru-Dan Botez Nasser Bouchendouka Martin Bouzek Dubravko Bozic Miso Bozic Esref Bozkurt Murat Bozkurt Zdeňka Brabcová Adela Brabete Givan Braileanu Silke Brandl Emanuel Brändle Konrad Brändle Julia Brandner Claudia Brandstätter Augustin Brandstetter Gerhard Brandstetter Jürgen Branics Vesna Brankovic Martin Braschel Alexandru Brasov Roman Bratek Julian Brattoli Martin Braun Bettina Braunegg Alexander Bräuning Silvia Maria Bravo Gerd Breher Daniel Breimaier Hermine Breimaier Claudia Breinesberger Mark David Breinesberger Ursula Breit-Silvester Michael Brenner Bernd Breugem Pascal Breuning Marc Breuss Thomas Brezina Patrik Brezovski Alexander Bridel Sergej Bridel Ljubisa Brkic Bettina Brodbeck Franco Brogna Niculina-Mirela Brojban Ivan Brozincevic Bianca Brückl Sandra Brückler Walter Bruckner Cornelia Brugger Nebojsa Brukic Cynthia Anne Brunbauer Andreas Brunner Barbara Brunner Gerhard Brunner Helga Brunner Herbert Brunner Natalie Brunner Stefan Brunner Wolfgang Brunner Dominik Brunnthaller Gregor Bruschek Maria Brüstl Markus Brutar Lenka Brychtová Silvia Bubeck Miroslav Bubeník Günther Buberl Gheorghe-Dumitru Buboiu Besim Bucan Florian Buchbauer Andreas Buchberger Michael Büche Anita Buchegger Stefan Buchegger Thomas Büchel Michael Büchele Ramona Büchler Andrea Buchlíková Monika Buchmayr Christian Buchmüller Ronald Buchrieser Martin Buck Cristian-Carp Budana Attila Sándor Budavári Jiřina Budínová Thomas Bühler Peter Büttner Martin Franz Bugl Carmen Buhmann Hartmut Buhmann Hien Bui Barbara Bujacic-Husinec Beáta Bujňáková Yvonne Bukalski Zivko Bukovica Dániel Bukovszki Karlheinz Bukowsky Sezayi Bulduk Roberta-Florentina Bulea Hans Peter Bulitsch Israfil Bulut Murat Bulut Jeanette Bundschuh Ionelia Bunghez Andrea Burdiláková Lothar Burger Christian Burghart Miriam Burghart Michal Burian Vlastimil Burian Dagmar Burianová Vakhtang Burjanadze Fabienne Bürki Květoslava Burková Raphael Burstein Albert Burtscher Heinz-Dieter Burtscher Hubert Burtscher Nina Burtscher Anita Busa Hatidze Bushati-Beciri Constantin Busuioc Dominik Butschle Ferenc Butskó Sandra Büttner Gabriele Butzke Helmut Butzke Julian Butzke Florin Buzas Kornelia Buzinkayova C Öztürk Caglar Milan Caha Emma Cai Enrico Cairo Vahdettin Cakar Mehmet Cakir Irina-Elena Calaver Simone Calcagno Ingrid Caldonazzi Uwe Caldonazzi Catalin-Daniel Caloiu Battal Calp Semra Cam Costica Camara Pavol Čambál Ion-Claudiu Camburu Sarah Caminades Silvio Campregher Secil Camur Hicabi Can Yonus Can Muhoummed Cankaya Nevzat Cankaya Mihai Cantaragiu Cherry Cao Cherry Cao Melanie Cao Melanie Cao Tracy Cao Cristina Capus Elke Carda Rodica Carlugea Florentin Carmaciu Tomáš Čarný Brigitte Carraro Robert Carraro Andrei Carstea Enrico Caruso Marina Cäsar Pavel Čáslava Ingeborg Castiello Oprica Catinca Sonja Cavegn Damir Cavor Laurentiu-Madalin Cazacu Admir Cazimovic Ismet Cazimovic Berkan Cebecier Bektas Celebi Dilan Celebi Mehmet Celik Ugur Celik Veli Celik Yusuf Celik Serafettin Celikel Admir Ceman Akif Cengiz Igor Cerapinko Richard Cére Mehmet Ceritli Tomáš Čermák Pavlína Černá Calin Cernica Dan Cernica Václav Černý Martin Cerula Daniela Červenková Odetta Cervinschi Sami Cetin Zafer Cetin Bayram Ceylan Bayram Ceylan Erol Ceylan Erol Ceylan Firat Ceylan Guelten Ceylan Kadriye Ceylan Mehmet Ceylan Murat Ceylan Murat Ceylan Suleyman Ceylan Cindy Chai Andrea Chalamová Gabriele Chalopek Cherry Chang Joann Chang Michelle Chang Candy Chao Georgios Chatzidimitriadis Petra Chavíková Alen Chen Amanda Chen Dante Chen Emma Chen Jane Chen Jun Chen Karen Chen Karen Chen Lena Chen Rebecca Chen Reggie Chen Rolling Chen Yan Chen Yongquan Chen Zhangxin Chen Bonnie Cheng Claudia Cheng Joey Cheng Karthikeyan Prasanth Chethiparambil Cherise Chien Shota Chino Dan Valentin Chiran Razvan-Adrian Chiran Mugurel Daniel Chiriac Costel Chirila Cristina-Teodora Chirila Marilena Chirita Florin Silvian Chitu Dominik Chlubna Adam Chmela Roman Chňapek Vladislav Chodor Ondřej Chotaš Stanislav Chotětický Vicky Chou Martin Chovanec Katarína Chrenová Susanne Christof Kathrin Christoph Gabriele Chromy Samuel Chu Marcela Chudjaková Michal Cibuĺa Akin Cicek Ivan Cicko Tomislav Cicko Marko Cickovic Aysen Ciftci Sasa Cigoja Florin Ciobanu Ion Ciobanu Marian Ciolca Dimitrij Cír Dan Circiuvoianu Vasile Paraschiv Cirjaliu Marius-Florin Cirje Hüeseyin Cirpan Ion Cirstea Moussa Cissokho Stefan Ciulica Gheorghe Alexandru Ciuta Jasmin Civic Muhamed Civic Safet Civic Zbyšek Čížek Mirza Cizmic Damian Clej Ioan-Alexandru Clej Claudia Clon Miso Cobic Tanja Codato Sasa Cokic Natasa Colic Anita Compassi-Schuster Gheorghe-Bogdan Conda Marko Condric Alexandru-Cosmin Constantin Dumitru Constantin Vasile Constantin Valerica Constantinescu Elmar Constantini Carmen Copacel Muhamed Coralic Senada Coralic László Sándor Corb Nadine Correia Moreira Flavia Magdalena Cosereanu Jasmin Costa Nicolae-Alexandru Costache Andreea-Laura Covalcic Bogdan-Gabriel Cozma Razvan Cozma Georgeta-Camelia Craciun Marian Craciun Romina Crapolicchio Fabian Crepaz Ionut Cretulescu Bogdan-Florin Crihan Ciprian Crihan Sorin-Florin Crisan Marin Crljen Dubravka Crnogorcevic Veronica Crucean Brigitta Csáder Marie-Rose Csebits Cornelia Cserer Gábor Csiba Anita Csikósné Végh Róbert Csima Dóra Csizmadia Burt Cui Vedran Culic Bohuslav Čuma Paolo Albino Curelli Samir Cuturic Oliver Cvetkovic Peter Cyriax Marek Czanner Peter Czaplewski Stefan-Zsolt Czegledi Katalin Czeglédi Miklós Czeglédi Steffen Peter Czeschka D Ercan Dabanli Sandra Dabic Karin Dachs-Wiesinger Walter Dadam Min Dai Ksenija Daka Mehmet Dakmaz Yusuf Dakmaz Nino Daligdig Rudolf Dallago Ferim Damailovski Philipp Damiano Bojan Damjanovic Vladana Damljanovic Camelia-Lidiea Danciu Günter Danhel Edina Danku Franz Dannecker Sascha Dannecker Nicole Danzinger Kwadwo Agyei Darko Nicoleta Dascalu Stefan Daspelgruber Giorgi Datiashvili Thomas Daub Walter Daum Marlene Daurer Semsudin Dautovic Kevin Dax Filippis Daniele De Verena de Col Daniel Deaconu Ladislau Debreczeni Mircea Deculescu Fikret Dedic Philipp Deffner Kathrin Degenhardt Hannes Deisenberger Tono Deitmar Mario Dejanovic Gábor Dékán Renáta Dékány Predrag Deletic Bashkim Deli Safet Delic Coskun Delioglan Cosmin-Ionut Deliu Szilvia Demeter Branislav Demic Ivica Demic Hüseyin Demir Mehmet Demir Ahmet Demirbas Fatih Demirel Cengiz Demirkol Cevat Demirkol Mehmet Ali Demirtas Michael Demmeler Dominik Demský Martin Depaoli Azmi Koray Dereli Peter Derföldi Hueseyin Derin Markus Derndorfer Ronald Derndorfer Emese Derzsi Jutta Dettling Karin Dettling Janin Deuber Beatrice Deutsch Frank Deutsch Rene Deutsch Ali Deveceker Flute Di Markus Di Centa Karin Di Toro Dumitrita Diaconita Aiqing Diao Benjamin Dickinger Horst Diegles Elena Diehl-Frasch Anna Dielacher Johann Dielacher Georg Dieterle Bettina Dietrich Simone Dietrich Franz Diex András Dikter Murat Dilsizoglu Doina Dima Dimcho Dimchev Katalin Dimény Benjamin Dimitrijevic Marija Dimitrijevic Vojislav Dimitrijevic Ivailo Dimitrov Daniela Dimitrova Sonja Dimoska Sašo Dimoski Momcilo Dimovski Peter Dinc Bobo Ding Qing Ding Constantin Dinu Luminita Dinu Paul Dinu Vasilica Dinu Monika Dirtl Thomas Disam Biljana Disic Christian Disler Walter Tamás Dittrich Gerald Ditzer Marko Divac Milan Divac Petra Divišová Sead Dizdarevic Dragoslav Djenadic Borislav Djevov Ana Djilas Dejan Djordjevic Dejana Djordjevic Milos Djordjevic Novica Djordjevic Zoran Djordjevic Djordje Djuric Marjana Djuric Zoran Djuric Lucie Dluhošová Ngan Do Santino Doblander Carmen Dobler Sebastian Dobler Stefan Dobler Melina Dobmeier Simon Dobnik Laurentiu Dobre Andrea Dobrota Iulia-Rodica Dodu Hüseyin Dogan Constantin-Cristian Dogaru Monika Doľáková Thomas Dolente Daniela Doler Michael Doleschal Manuel Dolezal Walter Dolezal Diana Dolic Gyuláné Dolinay Martin Dollnig Anja Dolze Martin Domanský Lukas Domoracky Dávid Dömötör Oskar Doms Mehmet Dönderen Jennifer Dong Milance Donic Esad Donlic Markus Donner Kurt Dorfmaier Philipp Dörler Marcel Dormann Lajos Dorn Albert Dornauer Hanspeter Dorner Monique Dorner Sonja Dorner László Dorogi Paraschiv Dorosin Gunnar Dörr Florian Dörsam Gerhard Dorsch Laurentiu-Valeriu Dosescu Martin Doubravský Harald Drab Martin Drábek Alexandru-Ionut Dragan Azra Draganovic Daniel Dragomir Valerica Dragomir Ion Dragu Rodica Dragu Petr Drahovzal Hannelore Drechsel Nicole Dreiling Simon Drewello Aaron Drews Ewald Driessler Gabriela Drnec Werner Drnec Thomas Drtil Joy Du Pavel Dubec Peter Dubovský Thomas Dudek Murat Dueven Kemal Duezguen Lubomir Dulguerov Rosmarie Dullnig Ionel Dumitrache Danut-Marian Dumitrescu Alexandru Dumitru George Dumitru Marcel Dumitru Marian Dumitru Sandra Dunda Semah Dünmez Beatrix Dünser Armin Dunst Hannes Dunzendorfer Ali Dur Ján Durai Hidir Durak Dragica Durakovic Mesut Duran Erwin Duranovic Duro Duric Kryštof Duroň Fadime Dursun Philipp Dutka Simone Sheila Dutta Duran Duygun Fatih Duygun Mesut Düzgün Annamária Duzmath Christof Dvorak Izet Dzafic Milan Dzakula Gabriel Dzeba Vladimer Dzobievi E Andreas Ebenführer Helmut Ebentheuer Peter Eberhardt Alexander Eberharter Gerhard Eberl Markus Ebner Matthias Ebner Stefan Ebner Donatus Amandi Eboh Thomas Eckart Claudia Ecker Anna Eckert Jadranka Eckl Kurt Eckl Hans Edelfurtner Sandra Edelhofer Franz Eder Jennifer Eder Johann Eder Tina Eder Patrick Effinger Kyriaki Efstathiou Manuel Egele Robert Egender Bernhard Egger Hiltrud Egger Kerstin Egger Roland Egger Birgit Ehart Martin Ehlert Josef Ehrenberger Joachim Ehrhardt Gabriele Ehrlinger Thomas Ehrlinger Gabriele Ehrmann Wilhelm Ehrmann Andreas Eibl Felix Eibl Gerhard Eiblmayr Markus Eichberger Erich Eichler Markus Eiler Roman Eiler Petra Eisele Harald Eiter Peter Eitzenberger Ranjith Ekanayaka Asuman Ekici Serhat Ekinci Elankeeran Elango Dimitrios Eleftheriadis Ejla Elezagic Iris Elias Elguja Elisashvili Elisabeth Ellensohn Thomas Ellensohn Andreas Eller Walter Eller Christian Elmanowski Bettina Elmer Robert Elsler Rene Elsner Mesut Eltutan Jiří Elznic Attila Ember Ersin Emecen Cosmin-Alexandru Enache Marian Enache Claudia Madalina Enculescu Andre Ender Istvánné Ender Jürgen Ender Mathias Ender Michaela Ender Paul Ender Andrei-Stefan Ene Florina-Carmen Ene Magdalena Ene Valentin Ene Jamina Engel Jan Engel Theresa Engl Wolfgang Engleder Marisa Engleitner Christine Engstler Ivo Engstler Murat Enguel Oyunchimeg Enkhbayar Herbert Ennemoser Lena Ensinger Christiane Enzenhofer Cristina Eparu Hamdi Er Nadir Er Patrizia Eramo Oliver Erath Leopold Erber Recai Erdikli Oezkan Erdogan Aydin Erdogdu Ana Eremija Demet Eren Claus Erhard Sascha Erhart Wolfgang Erhart Ferhat Erken Gülderen Erken Murat Erken Serkan Erken Markus Erkinger Nedret Erkul Andreas Erlacher Heinrich Erlacher Tina Erlei Josef Erler Zafer Ermin David Ernes Bernadette Ernst Ibrahim Erten Alexander Ertl Givi Esaiashvili Rudolf Esterhammer Eberhard Ettel Joachim Ettischer Harald Ettl Hüseyin Ersin Evrankaya Viktor Ewert Daniela Exel Anna Eykelen F Katharina Fackler Daniela Fagerer Gerhard Fahrner Rita Fahrner Doris Faist Peter Faktor Luka Falamic Martin Falkner Roland Fallzberger Fancy Fan Peitty Fan Musli Fana Jamie Fang Linda Fang István Faránki József Farkas Lászlóné Farkas Ivo Fasani Martin Fasching Alexandra Ioana Fasola Reinhard Fasser Karl Josef Fastl Manfred Fastmann František Fatka Matthäa Faulhammer István Fazekas Sandor Zsolt Fazekas Alpár Lóránd Fazekas Papp Nikolett Fazekas-Papp Ursula Fechter Marcel Fechtig Michael Feddern Luciano Federico Claudio Fedrizzi Oliver Fehle Wolfgang Fehr Siegfried Feichtenschlager Gabriele Feierabend Bahri Fejzullahi Balázs Fekete Nikolett Fekete Szandra Fekete Tibor Fekete Tomas Fekete Angela Feldkircher Matthias Feldmeier Norbert Fellhofer Rosa Fellner Stephan Fellner Felix Felser Thomas Felzmann VirginiaLuminita Fenciuc Aleš Fencl Flora Feng Marco Fengler Karin Ingeborg Fenkohl Nikoletta Fényi Günther Fenzl Robert Ferk Natascha Fernandez Günter Fernitz Edmund Ferstl Annelies Barbara Fessler Benjamin Fessler Tobias Fessler Daniel Fettner Günther Fetz Thierry Fevre Hans-Peter Feyersinger Karin Fiala Melanie Fickert Mülazim Fidanci Erwin Fidler Stefan Fiedler Alois Fila Rade Filimonovic Ion Filip Viktor Filipp Lucia Filušová Rita Findl Robert Findl Verena Findner Darina Finikova Artur Fink Manuel Fink Raimund Fink Silke Fink Veronika Fink Walter Fink Eugen Firatoiu Mariana-Simona Firatoiu Wojciech Ziemowit Firlej Karin Firnthrat Andreas Fischbacher Alexander Fischer Andreas Fischer Annemarie Fischer Gisela Fischer Hermann Fischer Klaus Fischer Lydia Fischer Michael Fischer Petra Fischer Rene Fischer Robert Fischer Stefan Fischer Stefanie Fischer Daniela Fitz Johannes Fitz Michael Fitz Sabrina Fitz Achim Flatz Franz Flatz Rudolf Flaum István Gábor Fleck Cornelia Flecker Sabrina Flecker-Goriup Andreas Fleischer Markus Fleisner Katharina Fletcher Werner Flitsch Dumitru Flondra Florin-Ilie Florea Thomas Fobke Victorin Fodor Gerhard Foggenberger Lucie Földesová Hubertus Bernardus Foppen Karl Foretnik Robert Förg Simone Förg Thomas Förg Sonita Foric József Formeszter Vincenzo Fornito Siegrid Elisabeth Forster Thomas Forster Sonja Förster Hermann Forsthuber Daniela Fortu Constantin Fota Franz Fraissl Michal Fraj Martin Frajer Petra Frajová Andrea Francan Lydia Francan Reinhard Francan Marko Franjkovic Jürgen Frank Kurt Frank Viktor Frank Maximilian Frankl Christine Franz Richard Freiberg Dorothea Freidl Manuel Freitag Ingeborg Frener Mathias Frener Tomislav Fresl Robert Freuis Richard Freund Sebastian Freund Laurin Frey Marc Frey Albert Freydl Michael Frick Marek Fričovský Tomáš Frieb Nadja Friedel Rafael Friedinger Alexandra Friedl Christin Friedrich Ute Friedrich Julia Friedwagner Martin Frieser Anita Fritz Florian Fritzenwallner Delia Fröhlich Michael Fröhlich Christian Fröhlicher Robert Frolík Nikolaj Frolov Markus Frötscher Oliver Fröwis Anja Fruhmann Berger Nicole Frühwirth Philipp Frühwirth Xhavit Frühwirth Miran Frumen Barbara Fuchs Christian Fuchs Denise Fuchs Erich Fuchs Karin Fuchs Manfred Fuchs Manuel Fuchs Melanie Fuchs Nadine Fuchs Sonja Fuchs Theodosios Fuchs Viktoria Fuchs Viktoria Fuchs Markus Fuhrmann Kazuyoshi Fujiwara Satoshi Fujiyasu Zsuzsanna Fülöp Genoveva Fulterer Marie Fürbacherová Gerhard Füreder Robert Fürlinger Viorel Furma Markus Fußenegger Rene Fussi Katja Fuster G Otto Gabriel Metodi Gagov Dominic Christian Gaida Borivoj Gajinov Dávid Gál Ján Galád Laura Selina Galatioto Franz Galler Sabína Gállová Reiner Gallus Lenka Gaľová Aileen Gammerer Lukas Anton Gamper Karl Ganarin Jennifer Gander Reinhold Gander Roland Gander Wolfgang Gangl Manfred Ganotz Micha Ganotz Ann-Kathrin Ganser Chris Gao Clare Gao Cynthia Gao Patrick Garber Dimitra Garsudi Andreas Gartner Christina Gartner Roman Gartner Elisabeth Gärtner Petra Gasch Uwe Gase Naser Gashi Ľudmila Gašparová Birgit Gasselseder Helmut Gassenbauer Claudia Gasser Lukas Gasser Michaela Gasser Natascha Gasser Peter Gasser Romana Gasser Andreas Gassner Christine Gassner Michael Gassner Ralf Gassner Nina Gasteiger Alfred Gastgeb Hubert Gatterer Michaela Gau Jürgen Gaumert Katrin Gaumert Tereza Gavendová Marela Gavran-Prah Gabrijela Gavrilovic Kathrin Gawrijlidis Modou Gaye Florin Gazdoiu Norbert Gebelein Robert Gebhart Charlotte Geerken Nata Gegetchkori Petra Gehbauer Andre Gehler Martin Gehrer Jürgen Geier Andreas Geiger Gregor Geiger Martina Geiger Nicole Geiger Mario Geir Regina Geist Giorgi Gelashvili Dusanka Geldmacher Ramazan Gencer Alexandra Genser Monika Genser Patricia Gény Shibu Sam George Georgi Georgiev Sándorné Gere Viktória Gere Sven Gerig Alexander Gerkloz Birgit Gerl Nadine Germann Martin Germannshauser Anita Gerster Cengiz Geyik Vachik Ghazaryan Daniel Gheonea Marian Gheorghe Emil Ghirase Eveline Giacomuzzi Wolfgang Giacomuzzi Georgios Giannakopoulos Markus Gierer Johann Giermindl Roman Giesen Pascal Giger Günther Gillhofer Manfred Gillhofer Fabian Gillmayr Oskar Ginther Alina Simona Gioga Patrick Girardi Elke Girlinger Fabian Giselbrecht Florian Giuliani Genti Gjonce Spyridon Gkortsopoulos Marion Glantschnig Sven-Oliver Glaser Alexander Glasner Aaron Glass Johannes Glatzer Blaz Glavic Denise Glettler Vlad-Valentin Gliga Dejan Glogovsek Beata Glomb Carina Gloning Simone Gloser

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Flexibility Gregor Gluttig Dieter Gmeiner Wilfried Gmeiner Margit Gödl Nermin Goekdere Andrea Goetze Claudio Goggi Manuela Goggi Florian Göhl Nermin Gökdere Süleyman Göktas Dominik Goldinger Roland Goldmann Jasmin Golez Michael Golic Zaim Golic Natascha Gollmann Stephan Gollner Nenad Golubovic Sandra Golubovic Zeljko Golubovic Sašo Golubovski Waltraud Gombotz Franz Gonaus Eileen Gong Matthias Gonzi Lars Göpfert Petra Gorejová Dagmar Goréová Elfriede Gorfer Silke Goritschnig Bernhard Goriup Robert Gorucan Vladimir Gospodinovic Arnold Gottsbacher Gerd Gottwald Gernot Gottwald Matthias Götz Elmar Götzinger Alexandra Grabher Stephan Grabher Klaus Grabher-Meyer Alexandra Grabner Larissa Grabner Michael Karl Grabner Zdravko Gracanin Nizam Gracic Magdalena Graf Thomas Graf Bostjan Grafenauer Rene Graff Sergiu Florentin Grajdeanu Leo Granbichler Marco Graner Martin Grass Reinhold Grasser Martin Gratzer Oksana Grechenig Marcus Gregersen Christian Gregor Thomas Gregor Tomasz Greibl-Slowik Robert Heinz Greier Paloma Greif Monika Greiler Anita Greimel Harald Greiner Peter Greiner Stephanie Greiner-Ratley Birgit Greussing Josef Greußing Ivan Grguric Stjepan Grguric Markus Griesebner Johannes Griesner Daniel Grießer Gerald Griesser Helmut Grießer Daniel Grigore Ion Grigore Petre Grigore Konstantin Grigorov Marieta Grigorova Maximilian Grill Philipp Grill Wolfgang Griss Barbara Gröber Heidemarie Groessbacher Christoph Groicher Karin Groiß Sigrid Gros Peter Groschek Husein Grosic André Groß Kurt Groß Dumitru Grosu August Grötzl Michael Gröz Peter Grozdanov Dejan Grozdanovic Marko Grubelnik Andreas Gruber Bianca Gruber Christina Gruber Gerald Gruber Manuel Gruber Marco Gruber Melanie Gruber Andreas Grubinger Bojana Grujic Gerd Grün Gerald Grünstäudl Peter Gschiel Daniela Gschwind Mario Gspurning Martin Gstach Gorden Gu Judy Gu Borislav Gucanin Serdar Güclü Metin Guenes Sinan Guenes Sunay Guenes Ralf Guggemos Melanie Guiffra Can Gül Nenad Gulabovski Anita Gulan Kadir Gülec Heike Gümpel Hüseyin Günaydin Erkan Günes Ursula Güntner Christof Gunz Chris Guo Eva Guo Steven Guo Thomas Gurker Artur Gurov Florian Gurtner Arno Guschelbauer Sabine Gust Harry Gut Belinda Gutierrez-Perez Irina Gutsche Wolfgang Gutsjahr Tobias Gütter Thomas Guttmann Mamuka Gvasalia Pavla Gvuzďová Valešová István Gyányi Tomáš Györi Attila Győrik Donald Gysin Attila Gyulai Attila József Gyurics H Thu Ha Frank Haas Siegfried Haas Birgit Haaser Jenice Habison Tomáš Hácha Werner Häckel Christian Hackhofer Johann Hackl Martin Hackl Richard Hackstock Venzislav Hadzhiev Lukas Haefele Thomas Hafner Alexander Hafurov Ringo Hagen Werner Hagen Karl Hagenauer Kurt Hagendorfer Norbert Hager Anton Hagg Stefanie Hagg Franz Haghofer Jürgen Hagspiel Margit Hagspiel Sylvia Hahn Elena Sarah Hahndl Matthias Haidenschuster Bernd Haider Heinrich Haider Michael Haider Zuzana Haider Peter Haidvogl Gerhard Haimerl Herwig Haingartner Franz Hainitz Gerhard Hainitz Claudia Hainz Marco Hainz Csilla Hajas Oliver Hajek Jan Hájek István Hajós Mária Halajová Franz Halak Nermin Halavac Marion Halbeisen Hubert Halbherr Rudolf Halbmaier Fehmi Halefoglu Abdurahman Halilagic Edina Hallai David Haller Herbert Haller Sabrina Haller Samuel Haller Thorsten Haller Šárka Hálová Herbert Halper Michael Halper Peter Haltmeier Thomas Haltmeier Wolfgang Hamberger Alfred Hamernik Paiwand Hamkar Anna Hammerer Judith Hammerer Jürgen Hammerer Stefanie Hammerer Thomas Hammerl Cornelia Hämmerle Franziska Hämmerle Jürgen Hämmerle Petra Hämmerle Tanja Hämmerle Simona Hampel Harald Hampl Daniel Hamrik Smajl Hamulic Nedzad Hamzic Emily Han Heidi Han Jessica Han Ulas Han Sebastian Manuel Handke Sabine Handl Tanja Handle Christine Handlgruber Ioana Hanganu-Fenichi Michael Hänsel Robert Hanser Gorazd Hansl Martin Hanslok Kálmán Zoltán Hantos Irene Häntschel-Erhart Adéla Hanušová Tamás Harangozó Jozef Haris Christel Härle Daniel Harrasser Barbara Harrer Zsanett Hársfai Torsten Hartel Claudia Hartmann Erwin Hartmann Frank Oliver Hartmann Thomas Fridolin Hartmann Wolfram Rudolf Hartmann Yvonne Hartner Ursula Hasancic Christian Haschek Thomas Haselberger Walter Hasenberger Sabine Hasenleithner Fadil Hasipi Marco Haslauer Ines Haslwanter Florian Haubenwaller Alfred Hauer Jacqueline Hauer John Hauer Jürgen Haug Michaela Hauk Thomas Haunschmied Nina Haupt Karin Hauser Martin Hauser Patricia Hauser Siegfried Hauser Wolfgang Hauser Tanja Hauser-Korchyts Dennis Hausin Christina Häusler Jacqueline Häusler Jiří Havel Sacir Haziri Lenka Hazuková Alexander He Wolfgang Hebding Esther Hecq Martina Hefele Sigrid Hefler Jörg Hefner Daniel Heger Bianca Hehle Sandra Hehle Sonja Heidenreich Tina Heidenreich Claudia Heider-Riekert Katrin Heidinger Monika Heidrich Rebecca Heil Tanja Heilig Christoph Heim Franz Heindl Franziska Heinen Michael Heinle Arthur Heinrich Celina Heinz Daniela Heinz Renate Heinz Thomas Heinz Christine Heinzle Renata Hejnová Helga Helbok Werner Helbok Christine Helfer Bianca Hell Peter Heller Christine Hellingrath Toni Hellingrath Alfons Hellmann Susanne Hellmann Smina Hellwig Ahmet Hen Daniel Hengl Gudrun Henne Judit Hennel Alexander Hennig Thorsten Hensel IoanaMaria Heput Tomislav Herakovic Manfred Herbst Alfons Herburger Ivica Herceg Timea Herczeg-Kulas Štefan Herics Lisa-Maria Herljevic Manfred Hermann Philipp Hermann Rudolf Hermann Sandra Hermes Klaus Herring Andre Herrmann Markus Herrscher Susanne Hersich Lisa Hertenstein Manfred Herunter Alexandra Herzog Corinna Herzog Frank Herzog Heidi Herzog Paul Hesina Daniela Hetzel Andreas Hetzinger Martina Hickmann Attila Hidi Saskia Hiebeler Sylvia Maria Hiebeler Verena Hießmayr Johann Hilbrand Marius Hilbrand Nicole Hilger Uwe Hindersmann Khader Hindi Wolfgang Hinkhofer Peter Hinterberger Edith Hinterdorfer Lukas Hinteregger Martin Hinterhuber Ludwig Hinterleitner Mario Hinterleitner Nina Hinterleitner Kevin Hinterndorfer Harald Hinterseer Petra Hintersteininger Magdalena Hipsz Ioan-Octavian Hiris Josef Hirsch Günter Hirschauer Werner Hirschfeld Lars Hirschmann Břetislav Hladil Tomáš Hliňák Eva Hlinovská František Hnízdil Marek Hnízdil Belinda Ho Ken Ho Wendy Ho Trang Hoang Tomáš Hocek Tanja Hochmayr Astrid Hochrathner Birgit Hochstaffl Frank Hochsteiner Gábor Hodek Maria Hödl Dominik Hödlmoser Mischa Höfelmann Anna Hofer Franz Hofer Gottfried Hofer Kurt Hofer Manfred Hofer Michaela Hofer Sylvia Hofer Carmen Hoffmann Maik Hoffmann Michael Hoffmann Walter Hoffmann Wolfgang Hoffmann Hermann Höfle Iris Barbara Höfler Andrea Höflinger Christoph Hofmann Roman Hofmann Thomas Stefan Hofmann Sabine Hofstädter Hermann Höglinger Anna Hohl Ronald Hohlhut Florian Hoisbauer Alois Hojas Guenter Hojas Manuel Holaus Sonja Holder Simon Kai Holderied Martin Holický Alfred Höllbacher Christian Hollerer Romana Höllmüller Petr Holub Andreas Holz Othmar Holzer Peter Holzer Ulrike Holzer Winifred Holzer Nicole Holzinger Markus Hölzl Stefan Hölzl Andreas Holzmann Alfred Holzner Alexandra Holzner-Puck Nicole Holzschuh Dalibor Homola Xiangbin Hong Uwe Hontscha Heidi Hopfner Arnd Peter Hoppe Birgit Höpperger Tanja Hoppichler Alexander Horak Peter Horak Sonja Horak Radek Hořák Blanka Horejsková Václav Horel Manuel Hörmandinger Georg Hörmann Walter Hörmann Rafaela Horn Regina Hörner Gotthard Horni Silvia Hornisch Werner Hornsteiner Oliver Hörschläger Petra Horstmann Zvonko Horvat David Horvath Manfred Horvath Attila Horváth Kitti Horváth Sándor Horváth Stanislav Horváth Sandra Horwath Walfried Hos Radek Hoško Tereza Hošková Anna-Lena Hössl Silvio Hössl Andreas Hotter Octavian-Alexandru Hotu Gisela Hotz Elsie Hou Marika Houšková Alexander Howanietz Marcela Hoyerová Senad Hozdic Peter Hraba Radomír Hrabovský Markéta Hrdličková Lucia Hrdlovičová Zlatko Hrehor Vladimír Hričovec Iliana Hristova Vladimír Hrnčíř Beatrice Hromatka Jana Hronková Sasa Hrstic Zbysek Hrstka Irena Hrubá Barbara Hruschka Martin Hruška Zeljko Hrvacanin Sanel Hrvat Ursula Hsu Hatty Hu Yolanda Hu Yucai Hu Bonnie Hua Cherry Huang Leo Huang Lydia Huang Michael Huang Oscar Huang Toni Huang Alois Huber Christian Huber Helmut Huber Herbert Huber Karlheinz Huber Markus Huber Markus Huber Reinhold Huber Wilson Huber Günther Hubmann Roswitha Hubmann Frank Hübsch Christoph Hueber Christine Huemer Stefan Dieter Huemer Siglinde Huettner Thomas Hufnagl Daniel Hugenpoth Daniel Hüger Chaim Huijsman Norbert Huja David Huka Danijel Hukic Dennis Hülsbusch Alois Humer Desiree Hummer Jochen Humpeler Veronika Humpeler Patrick Humpelstetter Helena Humplíková Paul Hundegger Klaus Hundsbichler Milan Hunyady Günter Hupfauf Olivér Hursán Stephanie Hürzeler Frank Huschle Meti Hushi Senija Huskic Mohamed Hussein Sascha Hutflesz Stefan Hutt Veronika Hutt Carmen-Adriana Hutter Christian Hutter Erika Hutter Oliver Hutter Angela Hüttler Trang Huynh Alen Huzjak Ariel Hwang I Iulian-Ion Ialgoczi Cristiana Iancu Vasile-Emil Iancu Ioan Iarca Afrim Ibrahimi Tofiq Sabir Ibrahimov Savo Icevic Sándor Lovas Dumitru-Constantin Ifrim Valentin-Alexandru Ignat Jessica Ihle Tomáš Ilavský Bayram Ildemir Andreas Ilg Soňa Iliášová Julija Ilic Miodrag Ilic Nebojsa Ilic Slobodan Ilic Alexandru-Gabriel Ilie Marius Ilie Virgil Ilie Ion Iliescu Stefan Iliescu Alexander Iliev Ilia Iliev Ilko Iliev Sedat Ilkay Andreas Illenberger Buyar Imeri Klaus Immler Maria Immler Ayper Inamlica Hueseyin Inamlica LauraClaudia Ion Petruta-Liliana Ion Radu-Mircea Ionescu Florentina-Paula Iordan Silvia-Camelia Iosef Duschko Iovtschev Shiyaz Iqbal Georgeta-Luminita Irimia Markus Irkes Rudolf Irsiegler Fredrick Iruobe Robert Isele Beat Iseli Nikola Isidorovic Enes Isik Volkan Isik Yunus Isik Buranzait Ismaili Silviu Ispas Ion Istrate Florian Ivan Gheorghe Ivan Mariana Ivan Tomislav Ivankovic Vlado Ivankovic Aleksandar Ivanov Ivan Ivanov Lyudmil Ivanov Zvetelin Ivanov Ralitsa Ivanova Stoianka Ivanova Vladimir Ivanovic Agnes Ivanschitz Marinela Ivanusic-Crnekovic Csaba Iványi Kosta Ivkovic Snezana Ivkovic Eva Iwanitza Yamato Iwasaki J Yama Jabarkhil Sanja Jacimovic Ján Jackovič Michaela Jackovičová Tibor Jacsó Naděžda Jadámková Angelika Jäger Berndt Jäger David Jäger Edgar Jäger Marc Jäger Stephanie Jäger Petra Jagsch Lidija Jagurinoska Michael Jahn Ralf Jahn Miklós Jáhn Maria Jahner Roland Jähnig Krisztina Jakab Gábor Sándor Jakabfy Mirče Jakimovski Dominik Jakob Anita Jaksch Marija Jaksic Angelika Jakubiec Yaya Jallow Jaroslava Jalovcová Josef Jambor Ilia Janakiev Helena Janásová Nikol Jandeková Rita Jandrasits Zlata Janečková Lisa Janesch Smiljka Janjanin Manuel Jank Mario Jankoschek Ivailo Jankov Ivana Jankovic Sinisa Jankovic Vera Jankovic Janne-Christian Jannsen Janina Jansen Ionica Janta Karin Jaritz Philipp Jarnig Katrin Jaschenko Markus Jaschko Manuel Jauk Sonja Jauk Manuel Jauschnig Eva Javorská Markéta Javorská Boban Jekic Ivan Jelavic Milica Jelikic Petr Jelínek Drago Jelisavac Markus Jelleschitz Tino Jemeljanow László Béla Jenei Pavel Jeníček Hedwig Jerabek Brigitte Jerebitsch Alexander Jeschko Viktor Jesser Birgit Jevtic Vojislav Jevtic Miodrag Jevtovic Zoran Jevtovic Ingrid Jewatzki Milos Jezdimirovic Wei Ji Xin Ji Janice Jia Janet Jiang Hongwei Jin Pauli Jin Petr Jirák Tereza Jiříčková Sabrina Jirka Gábor Joánovits Menyhértné Jobbágy Markus Jochum Lucie Johanová Mikael Johansson Achim Johler Bertram Johler Vera Mina Johler Stephan Jöhnk Kevin Johnson Roland Jonach Karel Jonáš Almir Jonuz Elke Joos Roland Joray Gerald Jordack Julia Jordack Gerhard Jori Mathias Joschika Sandra Josic Jacqueline Josifovic Borislav Jovanovic Milos Jovanovic Miroslav Jovanovic Zoran Jovanovic Danijel Jovic Tomas Jovic Savo Jovovic Mika Jozak Damjan Jozic Daniel Juch Martin Juch Alois Jud Rudolf Juen Marek Juhász Margit Juhász Denisa Juhászová Nina Jukic Rudolf Jukic Milan Julínek Sandra Jung Branko Junger Silke Jungmayr-Pieldner Christoph Jungwirth Herbert Jungwirth Melanie Junker Olga Junkint Róbert Jurácsik Davor Juraga Róbert Jurás Libor Jurčo Dario Juric Michal Jurika Marijan Jurkovic Ljubisa Jurosevic Nicole Juster K Michael Kabasser Kemal Kabatas Garip Kadem Václav Kadeřávek Mehmet Kadir Tobias Kahl Nuri Kahraman Serdar Kahveci Simone Kainz Andreas Kaiser Christian Kaiser Sebastian Kaiser Tamara Kaiser Tomáš Kaiser Zuzana Kaiserová Andrea Kálaziova Artur Kalb Josef Kalb Vanessa Kalcher Mate Kalcina Radek Kalík Lenka Kalíková Vrazalica Jasmina Kaliman Ľudovít Kalivoda Nebojsa Kaljevic Lajos Kállai Aida Kaloper Jitka Kaloušová Wolfgang Kaltenberger Josef Kaltenbrunner Manfred Kaltwasser Olga Kalugina Mena Kalunseviko Tibor Kálvin Manuela Kalvoda Petr Kamitz Alfred Kampf Daniela Kampf Fevzi Kandemir Kamil Kandemir Walter Kandetzki Martin Kandler Silvia Kanitsch Kenji Kano Ramazan Kantar Martin Kantek Hans Kantringer Alexander Kapanski Walter Kapferer Zlatan Kapic Musa Kaplan Michael Kappmayer Anikó Kapusi Suat Kara Erdal Karaaslan Tarik Karadag Emre Karadeniz József Karádi Elitsa Karaeneva Devrnja Harun Karakas Ugur Karakas Elvira Karamehmedovic Sandra Karas Susanne Karas Miroslava Karásková Serafettin Karasoy Oender Karazehir Franziska Karbon Ümit Karbukan Alexandra Karl Ernst Karl András Karle Viktoria Karnitschnig Georg Karoh Christian Karow Janine Kasamas Sandra Käser Petr Kašík Róbert Kasman Albin Kasper Wolfgang Kassin Andreas Kast Mateja Kastelic Sonja Kastler Stefan Kastlunger Zoltán Kátai Kay Uwe Katte Karl Katter Sonja Katzensteiner Wilhelm Katzlberger Birgit Kaufmann Christopher Kaufmann Diethard Kaufmann Gerhard Kaufmann Julia Kaufmann Sabine Kaufmann Mirzet Kaukovic Jennifer Kaus Nicole Kauscheder Manuel Kauth Lisa Marie Kautzner Roman Kavcic Bülent Kaya Hakan Kaya Hidir Kaya Mehmet Kaya Murat Kaya Ramazan Kaya Sahin Kaya Sinan Kaya Yasin Kaya Yasin Kayaalp Christos Kazakis Veysel Kazan Gela Kbilashvili Gogi Kbilashvili Josef Keber Michael Keber Orhan Kececi Leander Keckeis Oliver Keckeis Radomir Kecman Tamás Kecskés Hana Kefer Igor Kefer Hubert Keinrad Nadine Keitel Marek Kele Beáta Kelemen Baerbel Keller Manuel Claudio Keller Thomas Keller René Kellner Bujar Kelmendi Lois Kerber Sonja Kerber István Kerekes Szilvia Kerekesné Gulyás Florian Kern Alexander Kernbeis Walter Kernberger Thomas Kerschbaumer Andreas Kerth Stefana-Andrada Kerth Ali Kesen Rene Kessler Tanveer Khan Alexander Kharlamov Nino Khorbaladze Elene Khubuluri Armin Kiefer Manuel Kiefer Eva Kiefer-Castro Peter KieflSabine Kielhorn Benno Kienzler Alexander Kieslinger Sabine Kietreiber Ruth Konstanze Kifner Tamaz Kikabidze Nino Kiladze Elmar Kilga Lisamarie Pia Kilga Marlies Kilga Ulrike Kilga Abdullah Kilic Ali Kilic Yilmaz Kilic Adela Kind Kurt Kiradi Margit Kiraly Christine Kirbs Marc Kirchberger Carina Kirchschläger Selim Kirlangic Gerhard Kirmaier Gernot Kirnigg Stefan Kirsch Alexandra Kirschner Daniel Kiss Tibor Kiss Zsolt Kiss Dieter Kitter Fahrettin Kiydir Soner Kiydir Gokuldas Kizedath Osman Kizil Christian Klahn Tanja Klampfl Thomas Klank Rudolf Klauenberg Tamara Klauser Alena Kleberczová Christian Kleewein Jan Klega Roswitha Klein Sylvia Klein Corina Kleinbrod Tereza Kleknerová Tomislav Klenak Wilhelm Kletzmair Faris Klicic Senad Klicic Dieter Kliem Monika Klien Agnes Kliho Gani Klimenta Alexander Kling Christian Klinger Gottfried Klöckl Peter Kloiber Robert Kloker Sebastian Klonk Jonas Klotz Michal Kmeťko Michael Knarr Thomas Kneissl Karin Kneisz Ingrid Knittelfelder Werner Knobel Johann Knoflach Filip Knop Sylvia Knor Clemens Köb Sabine Köb Karl Köberl Fidaim Köberle Stephanie Kobler Harun Koc Necmi Koc Murat Kocabay Mustafa Kocabay Savas Kocak Durmus Kocaman Satilmis Kocaman Tekin Kocer Oliver Koch Stephanie Koch Wilfried Koch Markus Köck Martin Köck Reinhard Köck Gyula Kocsis Jan Kodada Maik Koehler Mustafa Koekcue Sezayi Koekcue Carine Koenig Serkan Koepruelue Edwin Kofler Ivo Kofler Liselotte Kogler Wolfgang Kogler Nicole Kögler Bojan Kogoj Irén Kőhegyiné Döme Birgit Kohler Daniel Kohler Oscar Kohler Stephanie Kohler Tarek Kohler Jutta Köhler Robert Köhler Gabriele Kohlmayer Sandra Köhlmeier Agnes Kohlros Libor Koláček Jakub Kolanda Christine Kolar Klaudia Kolarovičová Silvia Kolarovičová Jolanta Kolasinski Anita Kolb-Schwarz Renáta Kolenčíková Nikolai Kolev Darina Koleva Igor Kolic František Kollár Lenka Kollárová Eduard Koller Michael Koller Peter Koller Andreas Köller Christian Kollmann Erik Kollmann Gabriella Kolozsvári Zoltán Komlódi Ľuboš Kondel Kristýna Konečná Andreas König Bernhard König Brigitte König Christian König Georg König Nadine König Sebastian Konowalski Heidi Konrad Philipp Konrad Robert Konrad Thomas Konrad Andrea Kontz Katalin Kontz Diana Konzack Christian Konzett Walter Konzett Dominik Konzilia Manuel Konzilia Dusica Koos Zuzana Kopčeková Simona Kopecká Matthias Kopeinig Thomas Kopf Djuro Kopic Friedrich Kopp Tibor Koppányi Manfred Koppeter Gerhard Köpplinger Dejan Korac Julia Koraj Davut Koramaz Paul Koravitsch Gerhard Kormesser Marcus Kornexl Makbuliye Köroglu Szílvia Körösi Anton Kos Jutta Kosalec Karl-Johann Kosalec Krisztina Kósáné Deák Janette Kosibová Vedran Kosic Michal Kosík Lenka Kosová Harald Kostial Bojan Kostic Vinicius-Corneliu Kosting Marian Kostolny Isabella Koszednar László Kőszegi Árpád Koszta Radovan Kousal Tanja Kovacevic Stanko Kovacic Miroslava Kováčová Lucia Kovacovska Balint Kovacs Annamária Kovács Attila Kovács József Kovács Lajos Kovács Tamás Kovács Lenka Kovácsová Jana Kozáková Angela Kozar Ľubomíra Kožiaková Michal Kozlovský Erzsébet Kozma Andrea Kozma-Császár Manuel Krabichler Albert Krahfuß Martin Krajča Karl-Heinz Kral Olga Královcová Barbara Kramaric Dirk Kramer Michael Kramer Oskar Kramer András Kránitz Hermann Kranjec Wolfgang Krank Jürgen Kranke Carina Krankenedel Armin Kranz Michael Kranz Markus Krapfenbauer Tanja Krasnic Skender Krasniqi Werner Krassnitzer Miroslav Kratochvíl Nils Kraus Thomas Kraus Peter Krause Stefanie Krause Victor Krause Anton Krausler Manuel Domingo Krauss Moreno Renate Krausz Friedrich Krautgartner Sarah Krawagner Mario Kreinc Tamás Kreisz Szílvia Kreiszné Gelencsér Martina Kreitner Isabell Krejci Norbert Krejci Petr Krejčí Jitka Krejzová Christian Kremsner Péter Krén Christian Krendl Petra Krenkel David Kretzl Josef Krich Alois Kriechbaumer Susanne Kriechbaumer Karin Kriegisch Timo Kriegisch Andreas Kriegl Vojtěch Krištóf Carola Kritz Aljosa Krivograd Ľubica Križanová Ivan Kriznjak Ludmila Krmelová Branka Krnjajic Stevo Krnjic Martin Kronberger Michaela Kropiunig Milan Krsanin Stojan Krstevski Dejan Krstic Zivojin Krstic Zlatibor Krstic Achim Krueger John Krüger Philipp Krump Jusuf Kryeziu Kevin Kuang Hana Kubaláková Miroslava Kubecová Andrea Kubešová Harald Kublick Petr Kučera Zdeněk Kučera Jan Kudela Martina Kuen Rene Kuen Philipp Küer Igor Kufner Lukas Kügerl Birgitt Kühlmuß Daniel Kuhn František Kuhn Manfred Kuhn Thomas Kühnel Nicole Kuijper Jessica Kukic Mehmet Kulak Róbert Kulcsár Zoltán Kulcsár Hana Kulihová Jaroslav Kuliš Tomaj Solt Kultsár Ajay Kumar Naveen Kumar Johannes Kummer Andrejka Kunc Hansjakob Kündig Madeleine Kündig Alexander Küng Fabian Küng Jana Küng Natalie Küng Wolfgang Küng Konstantin Kunz Christian Künz Werner Künzel Thomas Künzler Markus Kunzmann Abby Kuo Nicole Kupfer Vlado Kupres René Kuratli Adéla Kurečková Bernhard Kurle Hüsamettin Kurnaz Go Kurosawa Natia Kurtskhalia Christian Kurz David Kurz Petra Kurz Stefanie Kurz Simon Kurzbauer Petr Kuška Kristína Kušnierová Birgit Kuster Éva Kutalik Jiří Kuthan Marco Küttel Andreas Kuttner Karina Kuttner Kadir Kutun Alena Kuželová Sarah Kuzmann Kateryna Kuzminova Nazim Kuzu Daniel Kvaček Krzysztof Kwiatkowski František Kylar Edith Kyrian L Anuschka La Bella Petra Laaber-Lux Jessica Laback Wolfgang Labugger-Schober Bianca Lackner Marija Lackovic Engelbert Ladek Daniel Ladstätter Natalie Ladstätter Martina Ladurner Georg Lafenthaler Daniela Laferl Erich Lagovsky Attila Lajkó Anisse Lambriki Gino Stefano Lamon Dietmar Lampert Martin Lampert Robert Lampert Thomas Lampert Verena Lampl Manuela Lamplmayr Christian Lamprecht Wolfgang Laner Ingrid Lang Jennifer Lang Norbert Lang Richard Lang Ingeborg Lange Hans Langenbach Andreas Langer Luzia Langer Petra Längle Petros Languridis Heiderose Lanz Adrianna Lapucha Markus Larcher Michael Laritz Peter Lasch Alin Laslo Joe Lässer Hannes Laßnig Elena Latkóczyová Gábor Lattmann Daniela Laukas Jiří Laurenc Gheorghita Lazar Dragan Lazarevic Predrag Lazarevic Konstantin Lazaridis Polia Lazarova Daniel Lazic Anja Lazin Petra Lázničková Nhan Le Nhu Le Mojca Leben-Frumen Viorel Leca Andreas Lechner Astrid Lechner Gabriele Lechner Manuel Lechner Markus Lechner Silke Lechner Marie Lechnerová Jürgen Lecker Lydia Lee Natasha Lee Ruby Lee Daniela Leeb Jürgen Leeb Karl-Heinz Lehder Gerhard Leher Nicole Lehmann-Majtan Elke Lehner Gabriele Lehner Miroslav Lehotský Renate Lehrer Erwin Leidl Christian Alexander Leikam Rene Leimegger Alain Stephan René Leimgruber Nicola Leiner Elisabeth Leinfellner Ingemar Leitinger Michael Leitinger Conny Leitmann Jenny Leitmann Alexander Leitner Andreas Leitner Erwin Leitner Gerhard Leitner Günther Leitner Larissa-Chiara Leitner Patrick Leitner Thomas Leitner Wilfried Leitner András Lelkes Wiebke Lemcke Mathias Lener Florian Lengauer Johann Lengauer Bruno Lenherr Lisa Kathrin Lenkner Antonio Franz Leoncino Sebastian Leonhardt Philipp Lepeschka Alexander Lepschi Christoph Lerchenmüller Karl-Heinz Lerchenmüller Adriana Lešková Petra Lešková Milena Lešniaková Ivan Letica Guenter Leupold Jaroslav Lhoták Jack Li Leo Li Lili Li Lily Li Maggie Li Selina Li Stanley Li Tina Li Wayne Li Weibing Li Xiaoyu Li Young Li Zhichun Li Betty Liang Carolyn Liang Darcy Liang Linda Liang Rebecca Liang Eva-Maria Libardi Rosemarie Lichtner Verena Lick Johann Liebhart Karine Liebing Marco Liechti Christian Liedauer Chris Liedtke Helmut Liedtke Christian Lifschitz Joao Carlos Lima Ribeiro Gulla Limberger-Schgör Liviu Limpus Chen Shien Lin Fairy Lin Julia Lin Karen Lin Ophelia Lin Sunday Lin Erhard Lindinger Adolf Lindner Markus Lingenhel Bettina Link David Link Sebastian Link Franz Linsberger Sabine Linsberger Harald Linsboth Carina Lintner Walter Lintner Adele Lippitsch Alexander Lipski Fabio Lisciotto Gernot Lisitzky Sasa Litomerecki Cyndi Liu Doris Liu Judy Liu Linda Liu Paul Liu Peter Liu Sammy Liu Yuezhuo Liu Mihailo Ljubomirovic Nebojsa Ljustina Carlos Llerena Maximilian Lobenstock Konrad Lochmann Roland Lochmann Edith Lochner Niklas Lochner Lilla Locskay Walter Loibnegger Christian Loidl Michaela Loisinger David Lokau Alena Lorencová Kerstin Lorenz Thomas Loretz Renée Lormans Leopold Löschenbrand Bernhard Löscher Dieter Loser Mirko Loth Nadja Lötsch Selvin Lou Csaba László Lovász Zeljka Lovric Leo Luan Mirela Maria Luca Magdalena Lucht Mara Milena Lucic Thomas Ludescher Robert Ludewig Alena Ludvíková Heidi Luggauer Günther Luithle Balázs Lukács Andreea-Alexandra Lupu Emilia Lupu Zsófia Luttenberger Manfred Lutter Martin Emanuel Lutz Rene Lutzmayer Stephan Lux Sandy Lv Yuki Lv M Freddy Ma Lilly Ma Mark Ma Shirley Ma Stephanie Ma Jiří Macek Nataša Maceková Sanja Macesic Petr Machacek Vojtech Macháček Karl Macho Vasile Maciuceanu Francoise Mack Katarína Macková Pavla Mackovčáková Vladimír Mackulák Aleksandar Macura Christoph Mader Jens Mäder Rudolf Martin Mäder Beatrice Mäder-Maurer Rebecca Madlener Sonia Sheethal Madtha Frank Maendle Christian Maffei Alina Florentina Maftei Liane Magenheim

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Asmir Maglic Ilona Magyar István Magyarossy Zuzana Magyarová Hannes Mahler Masaik Afji Miah Mahmood Miah Smajl Mahmuti Gerhard Maidhof Edith Maier Julia Maier Marcel Maier Marina Maier Marius-Ioan Maier Robert Maier Thomas Maier Helmut Mailänder Mario Mair Rudolf Mair Werner Mair Heribert Majores Lenka Májovská Vlastimil Majtan Martin Majtán Markéta Makalová Kresimir Makk Sladjan Maksimovic Vladica Maksimovic Lucie Malá Andrei Malatkou Ilir Male Pavel Maleček Radisa Males Nenad Maletic Gerald Malimanek Ionut-Marius Malita Nina Malle Patrick Malle Gerhard Malli Richard Mallin Lubomír Malota Stanko Maltaric Pavel Malý Finn Artur Mälzer Anita Mamic Andrej Mamiňák Rezvan Manaev Claudiu-Cristian Manases Teodor Manasijevski Lothar Mandel Monika Mandl Corneliu Manea Mihail Manea Marcus Mangold Nada Manic Klementina Mánich Markus Mann Rostislav Manov George-Florin Mantescu Caddie Manyi Saleem Manzar Claudia Mara Jana Mařánková Soňa Marčaníková Valentin Costel Marcas Lukas Marchart Anca-Marina Marchene Emil Marchene Kathrin Marchl Alexandra Marcu Claudiu-Ionut Marcu Aurel Mare Bettina Marek Markus Marek Markus Marek Miroslav Marek Catalin-Ginu Mares Georgeta Margineanu Radu Margineanu Dominik Margreiter Bosko Maric Dragana Maric Markus Maric Marian Marica Wolfgang Mariel Andrei-Marius Marinescu Miha Marinko Ivailo Marinov Galia Marinova Jozo Marinovic Michaela Marinschitz Vojislav Marjanovic Sonja Märk Elisa Markl Jovana Markovic Uros Markovic Julia Markowitsch Bojan Markus Tibor Marschall Dejan Marsenic Ilija Marsic Dominik Marte Peter Marth Manuel Martin Hana Martínková Tihomir Martinov Damir Martinovic Hillary Martins Monika Martins Andreas Martinschek Daniela Martinů Lydmyla Martsenyuk Mathis Maria-Luise Maruschko Ramona Maruschko Zlatko Marusic Gerald Marx Nicoline Marx Ines Märzendorfer Laura Marzik Mahmoudmiah Masaikafjimiah Philomena Mascarenhas Jan Mäser Peter Ortwin Mäser Rosita Mäser Thomas Mäser Alija Masic Vedran Masic Aranka Mašková Jozef Maslo Věra Masopustová Ringo Massing Marcela Matejovič Milan Matejovič Valer-Marius Mateoc Vencelné Máthé Dominic Mathis Michael Mathis Nikoloz Matiashvili Christina Matiz Sándor Matló Petra Matoušková Tamara Matovic Michael Mattl Ivett Mattyasovszky József Matyók Leopold Matzka Doris Mauch Christoph Mauerhofer Hildegard Mauerhofer Roman Mauerhofer Stefan Mauerhofer Carmen Mauler Florian Maurer Thomas Maurer Guiseppe Maurici Christian Mauser Srecko Mauser Eva Mautz Goran Mavrin Roman May Erika Mayenfels Gerti Mayer Lukas Mayer Manuela Mayer Michael Mayer Sebastian Mayer Sylvia Mayer Thomas Mayer Thomas Mayer Jürgen Mayerhofer Alexander Mayr Bernhard Mayr Christoph Mayr Heinrich Mayr Johann Mayr Johannes Mayr Marianne Mayr Erika Mayrhofer Erna Mayrhofer Uwe Mayrhofer Vilim Mazur Timothy Lee Mc Gowan Otar Mdivnishvili Claudia Medek Reinhilde Medel Pavol Medo Stefan Medwed Teimuraz Megreladze Awet Mehari Alban Mehmetaj Helmut Meier Melanie Meier Raimund Meier Karl Meiringer Wolfgang Meisetschläger Robert Meisinger Marco Meixner Damir Mekic Petr Melán Yordany Melgares Martiato Miroslav Melichar Thomas Melmer Laurentia Melnic Tomáš Melzer Nancy Mendonza Monsoon Meng Martin Mennel Katharina Menz Gunnar Menzel Filip Mérai Elena Merk Herbert Fritz Merkle Rolf Mertins Pavla Mertlová Sonja Mertz Laslo Mesaros Silvester Mésároš Fouad Mosmi Meschko Demira Mesinovic Rafiel Mestoian Attila István Mészáros Róbert Mészáros Tamás Mészáros Árpád Meszlényi Caryl Metzger Anna-Theresia Metzler Gabriel Metzler Helmut Metzler Wilfried Metzler Markus Meurich Anton Meusburger Gerhard Meusburger Hubert Meusburger Bertha Meyer Lars Meyer Claus Meystrik Angelos Miaris Markus Michal Peter Michalik Christian Michule Silvia Michulková Adriana Mičicová Dumitru George Micu Thomas Miculik Alexander Miedl Patrick Miedler Ingrid Mielke Thomas Mietschke Danilo Miggitsch Krisztina Migléczi Ioana Anca Mihai Stefan Mihai Tomita Mihai Angel-Petru Mihaies Ivana Mihailovic Sasa Mihajlovic Barbara Mik Fjodor Mik Marin Mikelic Mladen Mikic Robert Miklautz Marcel Mikšík Zeljko Mikulic Tereza Mikulková Predrag Milanko Barbara Mild Monika Mild Aleksandar Milenkovic Branislava Miletic Melitta Miletich Marica Milic Brigitte Milicevic-Merl Nenad Milisavljevic Adrian-Marian Militaru Bratislav Miljkovic Stefan Millonig Róbert Miľo Darko Miloradovic Zoran Milovanovic Tomislav Minakovic Jasmina Mincic Anton Minich Walter Minichberger Vladislav Minx Franciska Mioc Catalin Mircea Iordache-Viorel Mireanu Thomas Mirtl Nikola Mišáková Cornel Mischie Yakop Misel Luka Misic Robert Miszner Mihaita Mitache Natasa Mitic Sasa Mitic Stefan Mitov Vanja Mitrovski Anne-Cathrin Mittag Christa Mittl Anton Mittmannsgruber Kyoko Miura Rainer Mix Fumiko Miyauchi Julija Mladenovic Miroljub Mladenovic Franz Mlasko Lukáš Mlej Matúš Mlej Samy Moawad Stelian Mocioc Vedrana Mocnik Guido Mögenburg Waheed Mohammed Abdul Teja Mohorcic Alexandra Mohr Carina Mohr Christina Anita Mohr Lukas Mohr Stefanie Mohr Jadranka Mokris Tamás Mókus Jürgen Moll Karina Möllenhoff Marko Möller Manfred Molnar Dominika Molnár Endre Molnár Gáborné Molnár György Molnár Mária Molnár Sándor Molnár Tamás Molnár Branislav Momcilovic Maroš Moncoľ Jenő Monecke Wolfgang Montagnolli Michael Moor Tatjana Moor Dominic Moos Dominik Moosbrugger Lukas Moosbrugger Valentin Moosmann Adrian-Sorin Moraru Michal Moravčík Erna Móricz Mario Moritz Erwin Moriz Roman Morokutti Péter Morvai David Morys Claudia Moser Gerald Moser Kathrin Moser Kathrin Moser Nikolai Moser Rainer Moser Sophia Moser Thomas Moser Thomas Moser Imréné Mosonyi Patrick Mössner Markus Möstl Victor Motoca Martina Moulisová Harald Movia Michel Moyses Andreas Mrak Natasa Mrakovic Metoda Mravlja Igor Mráz Christin Mrosk Marinko Mrsic Jan Mrzena Neji Mselmi Rainer Mück Roman Mučka Ľudovít Múčka Bastian Mückner Rashid Muhammad Markus Mühlak Andreas Mühlbacher Gabriella Mühlbacher Günter Mühlbacher Karl Mühlbacher Ina Leonie Mühlberger Arno Muhri Ramo Mujabasic Admir Mujanic Adis Mujanovic Emir Mujanovic Senad Mujkic Yota Mukaiyachi Asif Hussain Mukthar Shaikh Hajrudin Mulaosmanovic Edin Mulic Jasmin Mulic Achim Müller Alexandra Müller Bianca Müller Ernest Müller Fabian Müller Gabriele Müller Gerald Müller Gerolf Müller Isabel Müller Marlon Müller Rudolf Müller Waltraud Müller Wolfgang Müller Beate Müller Denis Müller Frank Müller Renate Müller Victoria Müller Anna Müllner Margarete Müllner Bernhard Münzenmayer Cevdet Mumcu Ursula Mund Kristin Munk Thorsten Munk Volker Munk Dirk Münsterteicher Ion-Ionut Munteanu Daniel Munzenrieder Maria Murer Laurenz Murgg Sebastian Murgg Alina Elena Musat Samid Music Jennifer Muskari Hasan Mustafa Abdi Mustafov Zikri Mustafov Melanie Mutch Michael Muth Olivera Mutin Gernot Muxel Admira Muzaferovic Nataliya Mykulanynets N Bettina Nachbaur Stefanita Nache Willi Nagele Stefanie Nägele Sandra Nagel-Rigg Ákos Nagy Andrej Nagy Dominik Nagy Ferencz-Szabolcs Nagy László Nagy Erzsébet Nagyné Domokos Dominika Nagyová Harjeet Singh Nahal Naser Najari Ramazan Nalbant Ranjit Singh Namli Daniela Narrenhofer Goran Nastic Stevan Nastic Tanja Nather Ioan Neacsu Marius Neacsu Augustin-Ionut Neagoe Adrian-Lucian Neamt Corneliu Neamtu Irene Nebenführ Robert Nebenmayer Kateřina Nedbálková Mihai-Madalin Nedelea Daniel Nedeljkovic Nebojsa Nedeljkovic Ioan Nedisan Jitka Nejedlá Ranjith Ekanayaka Nekath Gedara Alexander Neldner Kamila Němcová Lenka Němcová Markus Nemec Jan Němeček Stanislav Nemeškal Attila Németh István Németh Viktória Németh Vania Nenkova Thiemo Nenning Tobit Nenning Julian Nenov Elena-Carmen Nenu Elisabeth Neppl Marcel Nesensohn Mario Nesensohn Dragisa Nesic Sasa Nesic Robert Neubauer Lukáš Neugebauer Andreas Neuhofer Christian Neumaier Daniel Neumann Udo Neumann Manuel Neuner Christoph Neunkirchner Erich Neupert Christian Neurauter Hermann Neustifter Erhard Neuwirth Michael Neuwirther Coskun Nevzat Henley Newmen Edwin Neyer Anh Nguyen Anh Nguyen Dao Nguyen Duc Thang Nguyen Mui Nguyen Jianguang Ni Sharon Ni Aleksandra Nicic Marin-Ionut Nicola Elena Nicolae Nicolae Nicolae Radu Nicolae Philipp Nicolussi Traian-Florian Niculae Wendy Nie Michael Niederbrucker Thomas Niederegger Barbara Niederer Thomas Niederer Patrik Niederl Sarah Niedermayr Marc Niesche Wolfgang Niessner Gerhard Nigg Denise Nigsch Markus Nigsch Willibald Nigsch Bojan Nikolic Dimitrije Nikolic Dragan Nikolic Jelena Nikolic Kristian Nikolic Nenad Nikolic Inna Nikolova Jelena Nikolovska Tatjana Nikolovska Aleksandar Nikolovski Peter Nimohaj Igor Nisandzic Suzana Nisandzic Masanori Nishimura Cristinel Nita Maria Nita Virgil Nita Marian Nitu Torsten Noack Martina Nöbauer Bohuš Noga Ali Hosein Noruzi Erik Nosko Lisa Nössing Klaus Novak Lukáš Novák Mária Novák Roman Novák Vladimir Novicevic Dalibor Novosel-Krot Kateřina Novotná David Novotný Petr Novotný Nina Nowak Sylwia Nowak Lisandro Nowakowski Manfred Nowotny Marlen Ntanatsidis Ilias Ntisios Hime Nuraj-Graf Dzemka Nurikic Serpil Nurtas Andreas Nussbaumer Christian Nussbaumer Sabine Nutz O Callam O´Connor Thomas Obereder Andreas Oberhauser Nicole Oberhauser Stefan Oberhauser Erich Oberschmied Immanuel Obertautsch Manfred Oberwegner Luka Obradovic Brigitte Ocko Frieda Oder Tamara Odermatt Davit Odikadze Zuzana Odlasová Muharrem Oecal Yasin Oecal Gabriele Oettlin Ekrem Oezcelik Manuela Ofner Markus Ogrinz Michael Ohler Ralph Ohler Dominik Oismüller Gheorghe Oita Richard Okál Pylypiv Oksana Hakan Öksuren Ricardo Oldag Sabine Olearczik Martina Olhová Maryna Oliynyk Božena Olleová Jana Olšová Elena Olteanu Esad Omeragic Edisa Omerovic Senad Omerovic Sam Onaiwu Omoregie Tomoko Omori Necdet Önen Izabela-Mihaela Onet Mayumi Onoue Birkan Öntürk Okan Öntürk Faruk Öntürk Ömer Raphael Onwunghai George-Andrei Oprea Marian-Gabriel Oprea Marius-Daniel Oprea Petre Oprea Romulus Oprea Martin Klaus Oprießnig Elena-Alina Oprisa Robert Rene Orator Zuzana Oravcová Éva Orbók Samet Ordu Constantin-George Orici Tiberiu Orici Jarmila Orolin Gergö Oross Vitalia Orsagosh Rebecca Orsingher Katarína Orthová Andreas Örtle Ali Oruc Robert Osinischow Kristina Oslakovic Christine Österle Heinz Österle Siegfried Österle Chikude Hillary Osuji Albert Oswald Michael Oswald Ali Ben Bechir Ouled Ali Koji Oura Ecevit Oyman Hasan Özcan Nesri Özcan Funda Özdemir Mahir Özdemir Mediha Özdemir Fatih Özer Nerhan Özer Selcuk Özgöc Hüseyin Özkan Oguzhan Özkan Bayram Özkaya Hikmet Özmen Baris Öztürk Bünyamin Öztürk Burhanettin Öztürk Fahrettin Öztürk Gökhan Öztürk Recai Öztürk Cristian-Gianni Ozunu Necdet Özyer P Alfred Paar Michaela Paar Peter Pabinger Christian Pabst Stjepan Pacic Jörg Pagel Rene Pagel Anastasios Pairamidis Cvijetin Pajic Lukáš Palčo Cornel Palcu Stephan Palka Günter Pallestrang Roland Palme Ahmet Palta Nicole Pan Suki Pan Csilla Panczel Majkl Pandur Fran Pandzic James Pang Franz Pangerl Margit Pannart Milos Pantelic Ursula Panzenböck István Pap Daniel-Horia Papa Vassilioss Papadopoulos Leopoldine Papaspyros Georg Papez Boglárka Papp Zsolt Papp Mirel-Cosmin Papureanu Stela Parashkevova Markus Paravicini Amila Paric Salvatore Parisi Esra Parlak Yasin Parmak Erich Parth Bernhard Partinger Stefan Partinger Erdal Paschinger Vlasta Pascolo Nicolae Pascu Thomas Paslak Julia Pass Raphael Passamani Irene Passler Alfred Past Tanja Paszt Kristína Patakiová Luigi Patierno Marie-Theres Patronovits Irakli Patsia Mario Paul Mario Paulitsch Juliana Paunova Ioana Pavel Miroslava Pavlíčková Ladislav Pavlík Bostjan Pavlin Nina Pavlin Peter Pawlik Christine Pearson Ina Pecher Erna Pechotsch Christian Pedrazza Karin Peer Mario Peham Michael Peham Tomislav Peharda Velimir Pejic Oldrich Pek Róbert Pék Muammer Peker Baris Pekgüzel Anja Pelcz Attila Pelle Sieglinde Pendl Dagmar Penerová Ivica Penic Gabriela Peniu Karl Penkl Johannes Penkner Oliver Penzenleitner Marjan Pepaj Lothar Peper Alexander Perc Pavel Percl Hajnal Perényi Emil-Adrian Perianu Darko Peric Katarina Peric Verica Perisic Sonja Perle Christian Pertl Elisabeth Perus Michael Peschek Stanimir Pesic Helena Pešková Miroslav Pešl Claudiu Petcu Ursula Peterli Stephan Petermair Ionut Darius Petis Milos Petkovic Nenad Petkovic Teodora Petkovic Silviu Mihai Petroi Sonja Petropoulos Dimitar Petrov Miroslav Petrov Margarita Petrova Teodora Petrova Alexander Petrovic Fabris Petrovic Rada Petrovic Marco Petru Andrianna Petrus Georg Petsch Karin Petschulat Anton Petz Raphael Petz Thomas Petzl Michael Pezina Beatrix Pfanner Wilfried Pfanner Stefan Pfeiffer Robert Pfeiler Susanne Pfeiler Pascal Pfister Alexander Pfisterer Johannes Pfisterer Patrick Pflotsch Gertrud Pflügl Bodo Pfrommer Hung Pham Uyen Pham Ha Phan Andreas Pichler Andreas Walter Pichler Angelika Pichler Claudia Pichler Daniel Pichler Gerhard Pichler Josef Pichler Kurt Pichler Sabrina Pichler Manuela Pieber Martin Piegger Daniela Pierer-Ropart Jürgen Pietsch Sabine Pikal Jaromír Pikart Hubert Pikus Willibald Pilger Manuela Pillinger Martin Pin del Viso Rodrigo Pin del Viso Harald Pinggera Reinhold Pinsker Igor Pintaric Alexander Pinter Mickel Pinter Markus Pipek Christina Pirchner Daniel Pirchner Karlheinz Pirker Michael Pirker Rene Pirkwieser Laurentiu Piroi Erika Pirolt Eugen Pirvu Gheorghe-Marian Pirvu Isabella Pirzl Bettina Pittl Carmen Pittl Gerhard Pittl Josef Pittl Vlastimil Pizlo Piergiacomo Pizzamei Silvia Pjanic Jakub Plachý Darko Plahuta Klaus Hermann Plaickner Kerstin Plam Sabine Plank Birgit Plankel Peter Plaschke Lukas Platt Stefan Plattner Thomas Plattner Alfred Platzer Ramona Platzer Veronika Plavcová Iveta Plešmídová Martin Pleßnigg Maria Plewe Oliver Plietzsch Patrick Plöchl Nela Plocková Norbert Plöderl Hannes Ploebst Romana Ploner Walter Plörer Laura Plösser Uwe Plüm Daša Pobiecka Thomas Pöcksteiner Petre Podaru Martin Podner David Podojsterschek Jaroslav Podpěra Jan Podrepsek Andreas Pohl Aram Pohosyan René Pointner Ivana Pokorná Viktoria Pokorny Wolfgang Pokorny Ljubica Pokrajac Lubomír Poláček Lucia Polackova Vladimíra Poláčková Michaela Polášková Kemal Polat Osman Polat Katalin Polgár Beatrice Polimeni-Wiss Rusmir Poljo Manuela Pollak Brigitte Polling Nebojsa Polomac Nadja Pölzl Lisa Pönauer Christian Ponstingl Calin-Ionut Pop Dorel-Stelian Pop Costel Popa Constantin Popescu Lenka Popluharová Dragoljub Popovic Lara Popper Sebastian Popper Susanne Pöpperl Katarína Poracká Stefan Porojnicu Monika Porstner Aytekin Porsuklu Dominic Porta Martin Posarnig Wolfgang Posch Gregor Pöschl Udo Postl Tomáš Potenga Mario Potocki Peter Potocnik Birgit Potocsny Philipp Potomak Michael Pötsch Martin Potscheider Davit Potskhverashvili Cetin Poyraz Irena Pozgaj Martin Praher Robert Praher Mario Prandl Mario Prandstätter Leonardo Pranjic Sabine Prantl Verena Prantl Walter Prantl Janine Prantner C.K. Prasanth Sabrina Pratter Desireé Anna-Monika Praxmarer Julian Praxmarer Tomáš Prchal Thomas Prechtl Petrica Preda Cristian Predan Mirela Predan Petra Preiss Azur Prepic Marc Pressl Christine Pressler Ralph Preysch Jan Přibyl Wolfgang Priestner Andre Prieth Peter Prímus Erich Prinner Kurt Printschler Alexander Prinz Dietmar Prinz Susann Prinz Michael Probst Nina Prochaska Harald Prohaska Lenka Prohasková Doris Prokesch Sava Prokopljevic Michael Pröll Marijana Promitzer Bruno Prosinecki Lydia Proßegger Angelika Prossenitsch Milan Protic Ivo Protudjer Claudia Proyer Marcus Proyer Lubomír Průcha Camelia-Maria Prundus Dejan Prvulovic Gerald Pühringer Gawan Pülzl Katrin Pummer Ronald Pumpernik Marc Puntigam Michael Punzet Slobodan Pupcevic Jaroslav Pupiš Stefan Pürcher Sabine Purghart Mihai Puscasu Silvia Puškelová Christian Pust Heinz Putschögl Carmen Puttinger Manfred Puttinger Manuel Putz Marco Antonio Putz Q Muhammad Raza Amin Qasim Alice Qian Andy Qian Lisa Qin Qin Qin Alice Qiu Frank Qu Vicky Qu Peter Quapil R Karl-Heinz Raab Karoline Rabengruber Ivana Raca Costel Rachieru Pavel Raclavský Angelika Maria Radebner René Radegger Mirjana Radenovic Vesna Radicevic Christian Radl Reinhard Radl Alexandra Rädler Marius Radoi Izet Radončic Vitomir Radonic Ivana Rados Jennifer Radosavljevic Darko Radovanovic Dejan Radovanovic Zeljko Radovic Maurizio Radtke Cristian-Viorel Radu Gabriel-Silvian Radu Ionelia Radu Aurora-Stefania Raducea Ana-Maria Radulescu Dorina Radulescu Mladen Radulovic Horatiu Raduta Klaus Raffke Nadine Ragg Miriam Rahali-Wegmüller Denis Rahic Miriam Raid Christian Rainalter Florian Rainer Julia Rainer Klaus Rainer Manuel Rainer Roland Raith Sonja Raitmayr Ricky Raj Gerhard Rajek Jelena Rajic Rene Rajnoha Andraz Rak Svetlomir Randev Andreas Rangger Michal Rapco Jens Rappel Anna-Isabell Rappold Medhat Rasool Saip Rastoder Madhat Rasul Manuela-Paula Rat Surinder Singh Ratan Andrea Rathaj Petra Rathmanner Mircea-Radu Ratiu Daniel Rauch Lydia Rauch Maria Mercedes Rauchberger Patricia Rauchberger Monika Rauchenwald Adnan Rauf Franz Rauscher Tanja Rauter Franco Ravazzolo Thamo Rebel Christoph Rebenklauber Ingrid Redl Jana Regécziová Daniel Rehak Jenny Rehm Gerald Rehrl Mario Reibmayr Julia Reich Peter Reich Bruno Reichart David Reichart Sergej Reichert Dominik Reichl Manuel Reichl Peter Reichmuth Brigitta Reidel Birgit Reier Marlies Reif Oliver Reif Pascal Reif Alexandra Reiländer Peter Reiländer Marcel Reimann Julian Reimenthal Carolin Reindl Jochen Reinhardt Martin Reinprecht Norbert Reischl Carmen Reischle Patrick Reisinger Dietmar Reiß Andreas Reitbauer Gustav Reiter Markus Reitmayer Petr Řejha Michaela Remeňová Matthias Remiger Dietrich Rempel Tomaz Remsak Mario Renner Raphaela Renner Barbara Renz-Gmeiner Tanja Rep-Cerkic David Řeřicha Sylvie Rest Barbara Rettenbacher Marc Rettich Qamil Rexha František Řezáč Dieter Rhomberg Sissi Rhomberg Gerhard Ribarich Joao Carlos Lima Ribeiro Angelika Richter Danilo Richter Frank Rickert Georg Rieckmann Thorsten Riedel Marco Rieder Nadja Rieder André Riederer Katharina Riedl Radoslav Riedl Isabelle Riedle Karl-Heinz Riedle Rosette Lea Riedle Judith Riedmann Kerstin Riedmann Raphael Riedmann Andreas Rief Christine Riegel Renato Alexander Rieger Simon Rieger Florian Riegler Sergej Riemer Florian Riepl Julia Ries David Rietzler Martin Rigg Steven Dominique Rigg Dietmar Rigo Pavol Rigo Martin Říha Ilona Říhová Daniel Bruno Rimensberger Alexander Rimer Stefan Rimser Claudia Rinderer Manuela Rindler Štěpán Ringl Barbara Rinnerthaler Jasmin Rischan Lukas Rischan Drago Ristic Ljubica Ristic Daniel Ritsch Georg Ritschl Martin Ritt Thomas Rittenbacher Arno Ritter Doris Ritter Elke Ritter Jennifer Ritter Roland Ritter Gabriel Ritz Günter Ritz Robert Ritz Sandra Ritzinger Necmi Riuen Pierre Riva Peter Rizmajer Bekim Rizmani Gennaro Rizzo Martina Rizzoli Paloma Roca Teresa de Jesus Rocha Rico Röder Marisol Rodriguez-Acevedo Sven Roemer Ingrid Rogg Jürgen Willi Rogner Iulian-Georgel Rogojina Marcel Rogojina Nicolae-Dorinel Rohat Josef Rohner Sebastian Rohner Sieglinde Rohrbacher Simon Rohrbacher Dominique Rohrmoser Josef Rohrmoser Eveline Annemarie Roidmaier Matthias Roll Adela Rolníková Sonja Rom Dan-Gabriel Roman Sandra Romano Lukáš Romanský Orlando Romeo Blazenka Romic Cesare Ronzani Mareen Roos Ropotan-Cristian Ropotan Maria-Raluca Rosca Jürgen Rösch Elisabeth Rosenberger Karl Rosian Jasmina Rosic Vanessa Rosic Crina-Teodora Rosini Ľubomír Roško Birgit Rosner Johannes Rosner Brian Ross Mircea Rosu Joachim Roth Barbara Rotheneder Jakob Röthlin Markus Röthlin Hannes Rothschädl Oliver Rotschädl Katharina Rott Jakub Roubíček Christian Roy Oliver Rozencwajg Blanka Rožnovská Martina Rozsypalová Wilson Ruan Harald Rubik Alena Rubíková Isabelle Rubin Viktoria Rubiyska Wolfgang Rudelstorfer Raphael Rüdisühli Hans Peter Ruesch Michael Ruesch Ivailo Ruikov Edvard Ruklic Adrián Ruman Marcel Rümmele Sabrina Rumpler Timo Rundstuck Nikolett Rupáné Zecher Alois Rupp Andreas Rupp Martin Rupp Alexandra Rusch Herbert Rusch Martina Rusch Philipp Rusch Veronika Rüscher Claudia Ruschitzka Mariana Rusenescu Michele Russo Sascha Russo Daniel Rusu Mihai Rusu Nicoleta Rusu Natasa Rutar Andrea Rutšeková Jürgen Rutter Lea Rutz Tanja Ruzic Andrej Rybanský S Philipp Sabitzer Roman Sabol Adis Sabotic Costel Sacaras Viktoria Sachsenhofer Amina Sacic Sami Sadikoski Saip Sadiku Morvarid Saed-Samii Matej Šafárik Andreas Safron Balázs Sági Dagistan Sahan Ismail Sahan Aydin Sahin Ertugrul Sahin Naci Sahin Orhan Sahin Kamil Sahinbaz Hadi Sahingöz Christian Sailer Raman Salahi Ismailj Salai Désiree Salaj Georg Salamonsberger Christine Saler Mohammed Salim Amir Salkic Jasmina Salkic Markus Salzer Manfred Salzgeber Marc Salzgeber Igor Salzmann Thomas Salzmann Petr Samec Catalin Orlando Sanda Marius-Adrian Sanda Tuncay Sandal Alina Georgiana Sandu Emilian Sandu Melania Sandu Ivancica Sanjek-Gojak Amanda Santini Jagoba Santos Aguirre Erika Sárácz Birgit Sares Dagmar Sargant Recep Sari Turgay Sari Zafer Sari Halil Sariay Ümit Sariay Mehmet Sarikaya Istvan Sarkany János István Sárközi Ibrahim Sasmaz Christian Sassmann Bayram Satilmis Maria Sattler-Thuswohl Alexandra Simone Sauerwein Marina Saurer Michael Sausenk Alexis Sauter Michail Savaidis Acnan Savas Verica Savkovic Ivana Savovic Nurettin Savran Anja Savrin Camelia Savu Costel-Andrei Savu Liliana Savu Marin Savulescu Mario Sawatzki Liliana Scarlat Peter Ščepita Eva Maria Schabauer Susanne Schacher Florian Schachinger Maria-Luise Schädl Tanja Schadt Bernardus Schäfer Erich Schafer Markus Schafer Christine Schäfer Hans Schäfer Herbert Schafferer Peter Schafferer Peter Schafleitner Konrad Schaittenberger Caroline Schaller Harry Schandelmaier Bernadette Schantl Jacqueline Schär Manfred Schär Rene Schärf Philip Scharfen Alexandra Scharmann Harald Scharsinger Bernhard Schartmüller Eduard Schatz Markus Schatz Nadine Schatz Natalie Schatzer Brigitte Schatzinger Kornelia Schauer Thomas Schauer Waltraud Schauer Heidemarie Schauflinger Andreas Schauperl Kurt Schauzer Daniela Schedler Ronny Schedler Liliana Scheel Christian Scheffknecht Ingrid Scheffknecht Thorsten Scheibein Alex Scheiblauer Silvia Scheidbach Rosa Scheithauer Barbara Schelander Michael Schellenberger Nicole Schelling Renate Schelling Dominic Schempp Patricia Schenk Sebastian Schenk Alexander Schertler Robert Schertler Herta Scherz Martin Schestak Anita Scheu Engelbert Scheucher Harald Scheucher Martin Scheucher Dagmar Scheumbauer Andreas Schick Nicole Schickbauer Günter Schieder Gertrude Schieder-Pregler Alexandra Schierhuber Klaus Schilcher Barbara Schill Ursula Schiller Matthias Schillinger Silvia Schiltz Alexander Schimpfössl Sandra Schimpl Carola Schinagl Christian Schindlauer Thomas Schindler Bernd Schintler Thomas Schir Margit Schirmer Sabrina Schlader Daniela Schlager Cynthia Schleich Zoltán Schleicher Andrea Schleichert Franziska Schleifer Konstantin Schleiger Stephanie Schleiner Heinz Schliak Davy Schlief Nadine Schmalzer Günter Schmarl Monika Schmauzer Ferdinand Schmedler Franz Schmeissl Philipp Schmerböck Alexander Schmid Amanda Schmid Carolin Schmid Elisabeth Schmid Gerald Schmid Günter Schmid Hildegard Schmid Monique Schmid Rebecca Schmid Samanta Schmid Simone Schmid Thomas Schmid Nicole Schmid-Fischer Simon Schmidhofer Sebastian Schmidhuber Alexandra Schmidt Christina Schmidt Günter Schmidt Linda Schmidt Louisa Carmen Schmidt Martin Schmidt Patrick Schmidt Peter Schmidt Petra Schmidt



Flexibility Daniel Schmidutz Lukas Schmied Kai Schmiedeknecht Daniela Schmiedl Zsuzsanna Schmikliné Kreisz Alfréd Schmöger Dagmar Schmögerová Patrick Schnaitter Adolf Schneider Andrea Schneider Arthur Schneider Florian Schneider Gabriele Schneider Lothar Schneider Madeleine Schneider Maximilian Schneider Norbert Schneider Robert Schneider Rudolf Schneider Sabrina Schneider Sandra Schneider Thomas Schneider Yvonne Schneider Stephanie Schnell Verena Schneller Michael Schnetzer Andreas Schnitzer Uwe Schoas German Schoass Christian Schobel Michelle Schoberl Daniel Schobert Johanna Schöch Benjamin Schockenbäumer David Schoder Benedikt Schöffmann Erika Schoger Armin Schöllhorn Wolfgang Schönbacher Nina Schöneberg Daniel Schönegger Corina Schönenberger Thomas Schoner Henrietta Schöngrund Karl-Heinz Schönherr Jürgen Schöny Dieter Schöpf Helmut Schöpf Manuel Schörg Lukas Schranz Margit Schranz Andreas Schratter Klaus Schreiber Patrick Schreiber Sabine Schreiber Simon Schreiner Uwe Schröder Roland Schröder Peter Schroer-Rustler Verena Schroeter Franz Schrofner Andreas Schroll Sabrina Schroll Verena Schröter Bettina Schrotzhammer Thomas Schuchter Helga Schuele Bernd Schuh Simon Schuh Barbara Schulcz Reinhold Schuler Patrick Schullatz Gabriele Schultz Claudia Schulz Claudia Schulz Hanno Schulz Natalie Schum Tanja Schumacher Kerstin Schürer Janine Schurgast Corinna Schuster Günther Schuster Heinz Schuster Manfred Schuster Philipp Schuster Roswitha Schuster Silvana Schüttenkopf Andreas Schütz Beat Schütz Egon Schütz Brigitte Schwab Kathrin Schwab Andreas Schwaiger Julia Schwalb Michael Schwan Alexander Schwar Florian Schwarz Melissa Schwarz Michael Schwarz Monika Schwarz Rainer Schwarz Wolfgang Schwarz Wolfgang Schwarz Georg Schwarzenauer Helmut Schwarzenberger Herta Schwarzgruber-Shartun Wolfgang Schwarzl Judith Schwärzler Thomas Schwärzler Corina Schwarzmann Michael Schweda Harald Schweiger Kathrin Schweiger Tanja Schweiger Stefan Schweighofer Gabriele Schwemberger Igor Schwendinger Joachim Schwendinger Susanne Schwendinger Klaus Schwerzler Ulrike Schwerzler Christian Schwirtz Zoran Scompulj Emil Scortan Ramona-Cristina Scriosteanu Ciprian-Ioan Scrob Michal Šebek Desanka Sebez Carmen-Emilia Secheres Ingeborg Sedlacek Barbara Seeberger Seza Sefoski Erika Seibt Heidrun Seidel Tristan Seidel Maximilian Seidl Caroline Seidler Roland Seifert Johann Seifried Gerhard Seiler Francesco Ipke Seiser Bianca Seiter Dzihad Sejfula Dzevdet Sejfulai Elisabeth Sekoll Damir Sekulic Nemanja Sekulic Maria Magdalena Selaru Admir Selimovic Andrea Semanová Gertraud Semeyer Nicole Semeyer Ilknur Semiz Hasan Sen Ibrahim Sen Taner Sen Denis Sencic Heinz Senger-Weiss Wolfram Senger-Weiss Siegmund Senk Martin Šenk Sueleyman Senol Manfred Senoner Telat Sentürk Nuri Senyurt Ionut-Andrei Serafim Vasile Serbanescu Melike Serce Adis Serdarevic Christos Serkenlis Bojan Seslek Elke Seubert Iva Sevaldová Martin Seybal Sabrina Seybal Asif Husain Mukhtar Husain Shaikh Hysen Shala Mufail Shala Naim Shala Simone Shamandi Tony Shao Gary Shen Grace Shen Thomas Sheng Shubha Shetty Candy Shi Edith Shi Leighton Shi Kazue Shiida Vitaliy Shut Thomas Sickinger Eva Sidlo Elisabeth Sieber Michael Sieber Gerhard Siedl Matthias Siegle Alberto Sierra Garcia Christian Silberer Sonja Silberhorn Lukas Silhavy Ivana Sili Herbert Siller Thomas Simandl Ondřej Šimek Evelyn Simic Sonja Simic Jürgen Simma Tamara Simmel Janine Simon Elisabeth Simoner Elisabeth jr. Simoner Pavlína Šimonková Dusan Simonovic Dragan Simovic Jasmina Simovic Karel Šindelář Magdalena Singh Ranjit Singh Martin Šinkner Heribert Sinn Róbert Sipőcz Mona-Patricia Sipos Cristina-Maria Sirboiu Viorel Sirboiu Aydin Sirin Halil Sirin Ibrahim Sirin Pavel Šiška Petra Sittová Desiree Siutz Petra Sivackova Mariana-Carmelia Sivu Silke Skala David Skalka Michaela Skalníková Dieter Skaper Markus Skarget Blanka Skleničková Petra Skokanová Suzana Skoric Marina Skoro Agata Skorodzien Eva Škultétyová Jan Slabý Miloslav Sládek Karel Slanina Anton Slavík Michaela Šlechtová Lucia Slimák Alexander Slovak Ľubica Slovjaková Tristan Sluga Danijela Slugan Vladimír Sluka Anton Slup Azra Smajic Alma Smajlovic Edin Smajlovic Jeannine Smith Martin Smitha Eveline Smrekar Karolina Šmucrová Zsolt Smuk Adam Smýkal Martina Šnaidaufová Szilvia Snóbel Miroslav Šnobl Ion Soare Roland Sobieraj CosminConstantin Soceanu Phillip Martin Sögner Ramazan Sögüt Birgit Sohm Harald Sohm Slaven Sokcevic Elvane Sokoli Jana Sokolovská Natasa Sokolovska Zindl Aleš Soldán Anna-Maria Soldo Milan Šole Armin Soljanin Claudia Song May Song Helmut Sonntag Silke Sonntag Peter Sonnweber Lukáš Šonský Sina Sonyuerek Zoltan Soos Cristinel-Ion Sora Vito Sorbello Andreas Sordje Manuela Sordje Dragica Sosic Mato Sosic Olaf Sotta Thomas Michael Soucha Asif Spahic Sadri Spahiu Umurli Spahiu Martina Španihelová Barbara Spanner Bettina Spannring Alexander Sparer Dejan Spasojevic Sarah Maria Speckle Julia Sperk Ines Sperl Silvia Andrea Sperl Adam Šperl Ulrike Spiegelgraber Richard Spiegl Lena Spiller Daniela Spiridon Chantal Spirig Gabriela Spišáková Peter Spiss Julia Spitzauer Cornelia Spitzer Jane Spitzli Mario Sponner Michael Sponner Silvia Sponseiler Ondrej Špoták Iveta Špotáková Herbert Spöttling Dominik Sprenger Martin-Jan Sprenger Guntram Sprickler Petr Šprincl Jaroslav Šrámek Lukáš Šranko Sinisa Srejic Kerstin Stabodin Herbert Stacher Michael Stadelmann Nicole Stadelmann Richard Stadelmann Roswitha Stadelmann Bernadette Stadler Kurt Stadler Markus Stadler Thomas Stadler Bernd Stadlhofer Alexander Staffa Christina Staffa Anita Staggl Katarzyna Lidia Stamenkovic Slobodan Stamenkovic Jennifer Stamminger Jurica Stampf George-Daniel Stan Victor Stan Ioan Stanca Costela-Cristina Stanciulescu Mihai Stancu Jacqueline Stangl Michaela Stani Daniela Stanic Ionel Stanica Constantin Stanila Ivan Stanisavljevic Milenko Stankovic Ninoslav Stankovic Tatjana Stankovic Zvonimir Stankovic Nikolai Stanoev Dragana Stanojevic Thomas Stanzel Zuzana Starcová Rada Starik Andrej Stark Hans Stark Martin Stark Karl-Heinz Stary Alexandra Stasny Zdeněk Šťastný Cristian-Marius Statulescu Andreas Staudacher Michael Staudacher Christoph Stecher Michael Stecher Ronald Steck Roman Steeg Patrick Steer Alexandru-Vasile Stefan Doru-Dan Stefan Gabriel-Alin Stefan Harald Stefan Marian Stefan František Štefan Ivan Stefanac Martina Štefančíková Valerica Stefanita Branka Stefanovic Richard Štefunko Zuzana Štefunková Johannes Steger Gerhard Stehle Lukas Steidl Gloria Erika Steiger Nadine Steiger Alexandra Stein Christoph Steinacher Claudia Steinberger Julia Steinböck Marco Steinbrugger Andreas Steindl Jürgen Steiner Kurt Steiner Manuel Steiner Ralph Steiner Thomas Steiner Werner Steiner Monika Steingruber-Knapp Pavel Steininger Edith Steinke Daniela Steinlechner Andreas Steinmaßl Markus Steinschneider Thomas Steinschneider Herwig Steinwender Iulian-Nicolae Stelian Mirela Steljic Thomas Stellmann Friedrich Stelzer Michaela Stemer Christian Stemmer Florin-Daniel Stepan Christa Stepasiuk Zdeněk Štěpnička Serge Sterkendries Manuela Stern Robert Stern Sandra Stern Kai Sterzl Natasa Stetin Tobias Stetter Gerhard Steur Philipp Steurer Zarko Stevanovic Harry Stiastny Viktor Stiaszni Florian Stieber Werner Stiegler Herbert Stiglmair David Stingaciu Florin Stingaciu Monika Stingl Hans Martin Stinzendoerfer Peter Stock Georg Stöckeler Holger Stoelker Christian Stöger Karin Stöger Laurentiu-Marius Stoica Dejan Stojanovic Marija Stojanovic Vladimir Stojanovic Malisa Stojicevic Srdjan Stojicevic Marjana Stojicic Slobodan Stojiljkovic Danilo Stojkovic Jovanovic Jovanka Stojsic Alexander Stoll Heinrich Stoll Cornelia Stöllinger Franz Stöllner Cornelia Stoppel Bratislav Stosic Natascha Stosic Stefan Stotz Christof Stradtbauer Thomas Straka Jan Strakoš Johannes Strametz Michael Stranner Dimitrios Strantzalis Rene Stranz Milan Strašifták Gerhard Strass Hansjörg Strasser Heinrich Strasser Kristina Strasser Manfred Strasser Silvia Strassner Gernot Strauss Manuela Strauß Michael Strauss Nenad Strbac Leopold Streimelweger Pavel Strnad Alois Strobl Bernhard Strobl Gerhard Strobl Karl Strobl Lukas Strobl Angela Stroe Peter Ströhm Klemens Strohmer Edvin Strojil Silvia Strondl Nadja Struger Rene Strunz Roman Strutynski Christian Stubenrauch Lukas Stubenrauch Benjamin Stückelberger Yves Stucki Martin Studenič Dietmar Studer Wilfried Stuhr Sabine Stummer Michael Stumpf Markus Stumpfer Stipe Stupar Wolfgang Stuphan Christian Stur Karin Sturn Fred Stürzebecher Ion Sturzu Daniel Stüttler Edi Suceska Andreas Suchanek Ai Sugiura Alma Suhic Ljutfi Sulejmani Stefan Sultzer Gregor Sulzbacher Felicia-Maria Sumalan Elisabeth Regina Summer Anastasia Sun Li Sun Kamil Sungur Servan Sunkak Christoph Supp Hannes Suppan Kerstin Suppan Manfred Suppan Stefanie Supparitsch Ursula Supparitsch Subravko Surina Rajko Surla Štefan Surovčík Manolache Surugiu Csaba Susányi Marek Suský Diana Šušlová Timo Süss Jacqueline Suter-Jester Katrin Sutter Philipp Sutter Christian Sutterlüty Hildegard Sutterlüty Chandrashekhar Umesh Suvarna Chandru Suvarna Haruka Suzuki Petr Švábenský Milos Svabic Jana Svádová Martina Švecová Kamila Švehlová Miran Svigelj David Svoboda Jiří Svoboda Ladislav Svoboda Martin Svoboda Alena Svobodová Jaroslava Svobodová Andrea Sýkorová Klára Sýkorová Haki Syla Maxhun Syla Anja Syrianow Gabor Szabo Tibor Szabo Balázs Szabó Marek Szabó Tamás Szabó Zsófia Szabó Ladislav Szalay Edina Szász Tímea Izabella Szász Csaba Szegedi László Székely Geza Szekeradi Gábor György Szeleczki Józsefné Szénási Ildikó Szőkéné Balla Sándor Szőnyeghy Timea Szűcsné Kocsi Zsuzsanna Szűcsné Szabó Balázs Szukk T Nicole Tagliavini Naip Tairi Balázs Takács Tamás Takács Boris Talic Adrian-Claudiu Tamas Eleftherios Tampouridis Dumitra Tanase Florina Tanase Florinel Tanase Burton Tang Nikolaus Tanzer Bo Tao Catherine Tao Mario Tarnik Ionela Tartau Ibrahim Tastan Cosmin Nicolae Tatar Milan Tatovic Oliver Tatranský Ionel Tatu Jana Tatzreiter Klabanova Sylke Taube Elisabeth Taucher-Dresler Janette Tauscher Marcela Taušová Francesco Tavano Giuseppe Tavano Sabine Taxer Kaypakkaya Taymus Martino Tazza-Stock Paxe Teca Tanja Tegeler Mücayit Teke Yüksel Telci Jutta Telsnig Alois Tement Jaroslav Temiak Katja Tempone Ana-Daniela Tenea Ales Teran Paulina Tescaru Christine Tesch Michaela Tessadri Sanja Tetkovic Tanja Teubl Theodor Teuschler Hana Těžká Felix Linus Thaler Marcel Thaler Sonja Thaler Thomas Thaler Gerold Thaller Helmuth Thaller Julia Anna Thallmann Caroline Thanei Mathias Theile Alexandru-Rares Theodosiu Raphael Thiem Julia Thier Martina Anna-Maria Thomaser Madeleine Thoms Michael Thomsen Manfred Thöny Monika Thöny Harald Thullner Clair Tian Julia Tian Katarína Tibenská Mario Tiboni Birgit Tibori Ionut Viorel Tichir Edgar Tiefenthal Benjamin Tiefenthaler Gabriele Tiefenthaler Kim Sarah Tiefenthaler Mehmet Tika Günter Till Mónika Tillmann Constantin Timisan-Matei Norbert Timischl Stefan Timisescu Renaldo Timm Vladimir Timov Alper Tirasoglu Ivan Tirpák Gerhard Tischer Alexandra Titz Veronika Tkačíková Kristína Tkáčová Jakub Tlustý Florica Toader Roxana Elena Toader Christian Tober Simina Toderascu Mircea Toderici Dalibor Todorovic Gabriela Todorovic Ilija Todorovic Jelena Todorovic Ahmedi Turan Tokay Barbaros Tokbas Stjepan Tokic Miguel Tolsdorf Cosmin Toma Zdenko Toma Gabriele Tomaselli Milun Tomasevic Katrin Tomberger Iulia-Alexandra Tomescu Sirma Venelinova Tomova Marisa Tomsej Josef Tomsovsky Viorel-Lucian Tomuta Emma Tong Marius Tonghioiu Ivan Tonkovic Klemens Tonsern Nicusor Topa Recai Topcu Boja Topic Abdullah Toprak Dilek Toprak Eugen Torcea Istvan-Jozsef Torcos Karl Tordy Martina Tordy Philipp Toscana Berta Tóth Csilla Tóth Edit Tóth Magdolna Tóth Anna Tóth Répási Ivana Tóthová Manfred Totter Mario Totter Andrea Tötzer Abdelhak Touati Enrique Toubes Tova Tünde Tóvári Siegfried Toyfl Ceyhan Toyhan Jürgen Träger Rene Traintinger Vesna Trajkova Ivica Trajkovski Karin Tramposch Hoa Tran Phuong Tran Thang Tran Markus Traxler Dime Trenčevski Florica Tresca Pavel-Benedec Tresca Branimir Trickovic Valentin-Bogdan Trifan Daniela Trifunovic Arne Trillig Markus Trimmel Roland Trink Goran Trisic Günther Tritscher Thomas Tritscher Marco Trixl Marcello Trofa Harald Trojer Josef Tröls Michael Trommer Dmitri Troni Michael Tröscher Christian Trost Daniel Trost Marcel Trost Michael Trost Udo Trott Manuela Troy Sonja Trummer Stefan Trummer Revaz Tsaava Jack Tsai Tammy Tsai Peter Tschernutter Alexander Tschida Gernot Tschinkel Margit Tschirk Achim Tschoche Erich Tschöpa Sven Tschöpa Peter Tschugg Allen Tseng Willie Tseng Otar Tsiklauri Petre Tsiklauri Vano Tsitadze Krasimir Grigorov Tsvetanov Volodymyr Tsyhyka Daniel Tu Denise Tuder George Tudor Laurentiu Tudorache Varvara Tudose Laurentiu-Titi Tugui Klaus Tumler Hueseyin Tunc Edit Ibolya Turai Abdurrahman Turan Göksel Turan Irfan Turan Arnela Turanovic Daniel Turcanu Wolfgang Turek Saso Turk Kuzu Türker Yildirim Beyazit Türker Toygar Türkoglu Sandra Turnwald Esther Turpin Elena-Simona Turtica Brigitte Tusch Heinrich Tusch Daniel Tvoric Štefan Tvrdoň Brigitte Tyderle Ladislava Tyrnerová Petr Tyšer U Manfred Überfellner Radu-Emanuel Ucea Hana Uchytilová Aurelia Udeanu Patrick Uebel Gueltekin Uenlue Murat Ugurcu Jürgen Uhl Patrick Uhlir Gabriela Uhrinová Petra Uitz Nuhi Ukelli Manuel Ulbing Mustafa Ülker Lukas Ullmann Mario Ullrich Karl-Heinz Ulmer Nicole Ulz Constantin Umerel Taichi Umezu Martina Umlauft Christian Ummenhofer Hasim Ünal Michael Unegg Christian Unger Vlad Ungureanu Reinhold Unter Erich Unterberger Leopold Unterberger Martin Unterlechner Karl-Heinz Unterlercher Roland Urach Jochen Uray Sabine Urbanek Jerzy Urbaniak Ionut-Petrisor-Sorin Urdes Viktor Uri Bernd Urlic Nicole Urner Vasile Ursea Nicoleta-Speranta Ursu Drazen Usancevic Bayram Uslu Vasile-Romica Uta Octavian Vivian Uturas Cemalettin Uzun Emrah Uzun Turan Uzun V Maria Magdalena Vacaru Lubomír Vachuda Árpád Vadász Petra Vadovičová Jiří Vágner František Vágo Andrei-Ioan Valan Franziska Vallant Attila Vallerjanovics Viktor Valta Gabriele Van den Eijkhoff Dennis van Scharrel Stefan Vancea Eugen Vanea Irene Van-Werven Florin Varasteanu Serafina Varcaro-Trapani Attila Varga Bálint Varga Michal Varga Zsuzsanna Varga Sinisa Vargek Zuzana Vargová Árpád Varju Tamás Varjú Marian-Ionel Varzaru Abdul-Aleem Vasan Ivan Vašanič Marko Vasic Sinisa Vasic Vladimir Vasic Martin Vašíček Mariana Vasile Marian-Titi Vasile Tamara Loreta Vasile Costel Vasile-Neagu Gheorghe Vasilescu Milan Vasilic Nikola Vasiljevic Dusan Vasiljkovic Alyona Vasinovich Sorin-Cornel Vasiu Ioannis Vassiliadis Emilia-Antonela Vatamaniuc Andreas Vater Martin Vatlavic-Manea Luděk Vávrů Ondřej Vávrů Tereza Vavrušová Marin Veckov Stefan Vecsei Franjo Veg Christine Veit Nela Vejlupková Elke Veljaca Jovana Veljkovic Rajesh Verma Ágnes Verner Andrea Vernyik Francesco Verzino Sabina Vesel Markéta Veselá Verena Christina Vesely Jan Veselý Matúš Veselý Judith Vetter Peter Vetter Otilia Veuillet-Rodriguez Stanislav Veverka Petrica Videanu Lenka Vidová Christoph Vierthaler Ingo Viertler Kerym Vigilante Valentin Vigl Jaroslav Vik Stevan Vince Ambróz Vincze Ivan Vinkovic Marian Vinogruschi Nicolae Vintila Lazar Vintonjak Ekkehard Violand Jacqueline Violand Aleksandar Virgej Marius-Florinel Visan Marius-Mihai Visan Matěj Víšek David Visintainer Bogdan Visner Hana Višňová Zoltán Vitál Karol Vitáloš Lucie Vítková Thomas Vitr Zoran Vizin Elena Vizireanu Adrienn Vizsy Raluca-Teodora Vlad Ferenc Vladár Igor Vladic Milorad Vladimirovic Damir Vlahek Dejan Vlahovic Jiri Vlazny Kamila Vlčková Jan Vodička Stefan Vogel Martin Vögel Silvia Vögel Werner Vögel Bernhard Vogl Diana-Augusta Voicu Roxana Voicu Ion-Robert Voinea Daniel Vojak Branislav Volčko Daniel Volčko Roman Volevecký Michaela Volfová Wolfgang Völkel Adolf Volkmer Harald Vollmann Monika Vollmann Walter Vollmann Lukáš Volovecký Gisèle Voltz Simon Von Aschwege David von Schwerin Oldag von SchwerinAlexander Vonach Anton Vonach Heinz Vonach Martin Vonach Matthias Vonach Monika Vonach Heike Vonach-Wachter Ljubica Vondra Manuela Vorderwinkler Krisztina Vörösné Agárdi Radek Vosáhlo Daniel Vošmík Klára Vostárková Roman Vrana Jana Vraspírová Petr Vrátný Dagmar Vraždová Kamila Vrbová Luka Vrevic Veronika Vršanská Dien Vu Ngan Vu Slavko Vucenovic Vidan Vuckovic Doris Vugrinec Marija Vujic Ivan Vujovic Miljan Vujovic Martin Vůjta Alema Vukovic Mihajlo Vukovic Zivojin Vukovic Hana Vykysalá Petr Vykysalý W Anita Wabin Andreas Wachter Christian Wachter Elmar Wachter Jan Waelsch Michael Wagenhofer Domtila Adongo Wäger Tim Wäger Christiane Wagner Kerstin Wagner Linda Joy Wagner Thomas Wagner Zsolt Wágner Mohammed Abdul Waheed Daniel Wahlmüller Jörg Waibel Martin Wakolbinger Monika Walch Wolfgang Walch Bernhard Walchshofer Nicole Waldböck Peter Waldenberger Renate Walder Alexandra Waldherr Andreas Waldinger Priska Waldner Uwe Waldschmidt Christian Waldvogel Peter Walenta Gabriele Wall Irene Wallak Johann Wallinger Daniel Wallner Dominic Walser Alexander Walter Jan Walter Hans Helmuth Walzer Toni Wampfler Helmuth Hans Wandersee Bessie Wang Daisy Wang Diana Wang Jennifer Wang Jessica Wang Jin Wang Kelly Wang Liang Wang Lydia Wang Maggie Wang Matthew Wang Queency Wang Reena Wang Sara Wang Sharon Wang Shawn Wang Shirley Wang Snow Wang Valenne Wang Victory Wang Vivian Wang Celina Wannas Tamara Wannas Wilfried Wanner Claudia Wattaul Johann Wattaul Kurt Wawruschka Adil Waziri Christian Weber Jürgen Weber Kevin-Mike Weber Philipp Weber Richard Weber Ulrich Weber Harald Weblacher Christoph Wechselberger Doris Wechselberger Gerhard Wechselberger Karl Wechselberger Wilfried Wechselberger Michael Wegan Thomas Wegele Alfred Weger Andreas Weger Martin Wehinger Fenny Wei Jennie Wei Lily Wei Michael Weidenauer Karolina Weideneder Brigitte Weigel Birgit Weigl Rene Weihser Christian Weimann Eva Weinbacher Angela Weinberger Peter Weinberger Bernd Weinhandl Christian Weinhauer Roland Weinzierl Andreas Weiss Bernhard Weiss Elmar Weiss Jacqueline Weiss Josef Weiss Karl Hugo Weiss Rainer Weiss Rene Weiss Rudolf Weiss Monika Weissbacher Ulla Weissdorn Julia Weisser Paul Weisz Julia Weizel Christian Wendel Andre Wendt Sascha Wengbauer Florian Wenger Regina Wenighofer Martin Werdath Elfriede Werdenich Rudolf Werderitsch Roland Werenka Oswald Werle Marco Wess Josef Philipp Wessiak Christa Wetzel Frank Jens Wetzel Georg Wetzel Markus Wetzel Jerome-Tom Wewer Andreas Wider Ruth Widin Johanna Widlhofer Heinrich Widmaier Joanna Wieczorek Sabine Wiedemannott Walter Wiedenbauer Florian Wieder Christof Wieland Andreas Wieman Thomas Wiener Monika Wiens Tina Wienss Thomas Wieseneder Lisa Wieser Theodor Wieser Jürgen Wiesinger Gerald Wiesmayr Karl-Heinz Wiest Simone Wiik Jannick Wild Markus Wild Tobias Wild Doris Wildauer Manuela Wilfling Michael Wilkus Helmut Willi Simone Willi Thomas Willingsdorfer Birgit Wilmschen Christian Wiltschko Gabriele Wiltschko Klaus Wimmer Michaela Wimmer Stephan Wimmer Susanne Wimmer Bernhard Winder Eva Maria Winder Jürgen Winder Andreas Winkelmayer Alexander Winkler Christian Winkler David Winkler Heinrich Winkler Juergen Winkler Karl Winkler Manfred Winkler Bernhard Winklhofer Alexander Winter Björn Winter Elfriede Winter Lukas Winter Sonja Winter Manfred Wippel Bernd Wirsing Jürgen Wirsing Michele Wirsing Thomas Wirtenberger Ulrike Wirth Dieter Wirtl Dilini Wishma Gabriele Wissik Corinna Witschnig Regina Witzig Bettina Wlach Harald Woerz Michael Wohlgenannt Rainer Wohlgenannt Wolfgang Wohlmuther Markus Woldan Günther Woldrich Alexander Wolf Alexander Wolf Andreas Wolf Gerald Wolf Juliane Wolf Karl Wolf Michael Wolf Patrick Wolf Robert Wolf Alfons Wölfel Thomas Wolfger Dietmar Wolfinger Stefan Wölfler Wolfgang Woller David Wollinger Martina Wollinger Raphael Wollinger Simon Wollnik Sonja Wollrab Bruno Woodtli Fabian Wörz Meik Harald Wörz Reinhard Woschitz Gabriele Wrba Flora Wu Will Wu Yu Wu Manuel Wudler Gerhard Wührer Dominik Wund Martin Wunderle Manuel Wunderli Alexander Wurm Klaus Würzelberger Oliver Wurzer Rudolf Wüster Marco Wustlich Jörg Wydenkeller Michael Wyhnal X Summer Xia Candy Xie Shane Xin Tina Xiong William Xiong Allen Xu Echo Xu Elaine Xu Elaine Xu Keke Xu Lily Xu Lynn Xu Tina Xu Yingbo Xu Robert Xuan Alex Xue Margaret Xue Y Natalia Yakovchuk Suekrue Yalaz Sadik Yalcinkaya Gökhan Yalgin Masayuki Yamaguchi Chiyo Yamazaki Kelly Yan Leslie Yan Allen Yang Edwin Yang Jeffrey Yang Lily Yang Lulu Yang Paul Yang Sophie Yang Ali-Ihsan Yangin Tina Yao Weidong Yao Safet-Engin Yapici Hui Ye Lizzy Ye Peter Ye Sezer Yenice Ali Yesil Özgür Yesil Ahmet Duran Yesildag Ibrahim Yigit Tuncel Yildiran Ibrahim Yildirim Lütfi Yildirim Cebrail Yildiz Cihan Yildiz Hüseyin Yildiz Osman Yilmaz Sami Yilmaz Mehmet Yilmazer Irinna Yin Samantha Yin Ramazan Yön Hikoiku Yoshikawa Tim You Amanda Yu Grace Yu Irene Yu Jerry Yu Jessica Yu Joeann Yu Sam Yu Ahmet Yücel Z Sabine Zach Ivo Zacha Ondřej Zacha Martin Zachar Radka Zachariášová Aslan Zafer Ivana Záhejská Helena Zahradnik Lukáš Zajíc Lucia Žáková Peter Zamboni Hajnal Zámbori Marian Zamfir Marius Mitel Zamfir László Zana Peter Zander Tamara Zanevic Nikola Zaoralová Janusz Zapalski Alexander Zapletal Christian Zapletal Andreas Zardini Reinhold Zarfl Bozo Zaric Bojan Zarkovic Jakob Zauner Eliška Závěšická Jana Zdvihalová Zoran Zecevic Walter Zech Alexandra Zechmeister Bas Zedelmayer Eva Zedníková Benjamin Zeeb Birgit Zehetner Thomas Zeillinger Harald Zeiner Sandra Zeininger Sabine Zeissmann Nazmi Zejna Muamet Zekiri Mile Zelen Václav Zelenka Antun Zelic Oliver Zeljkovic Robert Zeller Irene Zellhofer Kevin Zellinger Dominic Zeltner Jana Zemanová Monika Zemková Ibrahim Zenger Franz Zengerle Sptim Zenku Nicole Zenz Kurt Zeynel Hubert Zezulka April Zhang Celia Zhang Elvin Zhang Emily Zhang Eric Zhang Gina Zhang Haze Zhang Helen Zhang Iris Zhang Jason Zhang Jenny Zhang Jessie Zhang Lansing Zhang Lily Zhang Lina Zhang Michael Zhang Na Zhang Norman Zhang Qing Zhang Sally Zhang Samantha Zhang Shirley Zhang John Zhao Susan Zhao Joyce Zheng Justine Zhou Peter Zhou Quick Zhou Victor Zhou Alice Zhu Cathy Zhu Chengyao Zhu Derrick Zhu Jerry Zhu Judy Zhu Niko Zhu Wendy Zhu Tatjana Zidaric Beate Zieger Claudia Zieger Lukas Ziegler Michael Ziehbauer Alois Zieringer Sabahudin Zijadic Jennifer Zika Jiří Zíka Břetislav Zikmund Sascha Zillenbiller Denis Zimmer Katharina Zimmerling Alfred Zimmermann Hubert Zimmermann Katharina Zimmermann Romana Zimmermann Sandro Zimmermann Marcin Zimny Gerhard Zipper Hugo Zirn Tomáš Zítek Jelena Zivanovic Ana Zivkovic Ivan Zivkovic Ivo Zivkovic Marko Zivkovic Drakce Zivotic Tedore Zivzivadze Monika Zlatanovic Jelena Zlatkovic Franziska Zlatnik Markus Zodl Constantin Zoe Paul Zoglauer Alexander Zohil Angelo Zöhke Mark Zöller Ana Zoric Nenad Zoric Emil-Octavian Zorila Patrick Zorn Teodora Zota Joanna Zou Ralph Zscherpe Sabrina Zscherpe Thomas Zuckerstätter Andre Zückert Sandra Zudrell Sabine Zügner Daniel Zulechner Jasna Zulic Václav Zumr Lukas Zurflüh Renate Zweck Andreas Zwerger Sabine Zwick Thomas Zysk As of 31.12.2012

2 35


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Full service logistics expert with heart and soul Gebrüder Weiss delivers top performance every day with experience, expertise and a passion for logistical challenges. Our aim is not necessarily to be the biggest, but to be one of the best in the industry. This claim is based on a service concept that has fixed quality requirements but still aligns to the specific needs of our customers. The various opportunities of the different divisions and brands link smoothly together to enable seamless transport solutions by road, rail, sea and air as well as offering integrated solutions for all logistics processes. The group’s highlyspecialised brands also make an important contribution to this extensive service portfolio:

sector solutions such as tectraxx, automotive logistics, leisure+sports logistics and fashionet as well as subsidiaries such as x|vise, inetlogistics, dicall, the Gebrüder Weiss parcel service and Gebrüder Weiss Rail Cargo. The company’s focus has always been on quickly reacting to the demands of today and its ordering parties. Our flexibility is based on the global presence of Gebrüder Weiss and our 5,250 highly qualified employees. From a local forwarder, Gebrüder Weiss has long since matured into a full service logistics expert with solution expertise for its customers’ entire supply chain. A service provider that operates systematically and always puts themselves in their customers’ position.


More than just from A to B The seamless transport of goods is at the very heart of economic efficiency, especially in an increasingly linked European economic area.

Gebrüder Weiss land transport offers comprehensive solutions that provide considerable advantages for the development and every-day servicing of all European markets. 87 independent locations in 15 European countries and a trusted network of partners guarantee reliable service quality for the entire range of transport requirements. This was once again demonstrated by Gebrüder Weiss land transport in 2012. Despite the flat economic environment, the division recorded stable volume growth of over ten per cent. “In 2012 we were able to successfully


balance large fluctuations in demand as well as intense cost pressure,” says Walter Konzett, Head of Product Management for land transport. The strategic focus for the past fiscal year was on the continued positioning of the European GW pro.line product line. Gebrüder Weiss guarantees that its customers receive the highest quality standard for their groupage freight services, including defined house-to-house delivery times, daily departures and digital track and trace. The implementation of additional premium services in Germany, Belgium and the

Land transport Logistics Air & Sea Parcel service Brands

The Orange Combi Cargo (OCC) is an impressive example of the marketability of sustainable logistics solutions. The train has been commuting between Vorarlberg and Vienna every day since January 2008. This has replaced about 65,000 truck transports over the past five years. Based on estimates by research institutes such as the IFEU, this is equal to a saving of 34,000 tonnes of CO² in this period.

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Netherlands in the past year means that GW now also provides optional delivery of the goods by 4 p.m., 12 p.m. or 10 a.m. Another enhancement – the GW pro.line date – now allows the date of delivery to be postponed by up to three days. This enables the recipient to individually adjust the distribution of goods. Investments in system


safety (Tapa certifications), the completion of the EcoTransIT calculator and the ISO 14001 certification in the region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland will continue to ensure the sustainable quality of the orange land transport portfolio in the future.

million shipments and over 7,000 tonnes were transported by Gebrüder Weiss land transport in 2012.


Fast and flexible into the future Modern logistics is more than the seamless exchange of goods and information. Intelligent and sustainable business requires the competence of logistics experts that think ahead. And for the future that begins today.

Efficient logistics are indispensable in modern business. Customised logistics solutions are a factor that has a significant impact on earnings. The orange Group’s modern logistics centres help to lower fixed expenses and to promote efficient and transparent operations. The quick logistics processes at Gebrüder Weiss enable flexible inventories and web-based IT systems provide a constant insight into the warehouse and distribution area. No wonder that renowned companies once again made the decision to


rely on the logistics expertise of Gebrüder Weiss in 2012. “We can look back on positive development predominantly in the double digit per centage range,” says Harry Stiastny, Head Corporate Logistics at Gebrüder Weiss. The “magic” number of ten million picked items was passed in the previous year – a milestone. And the logistics division has also increased in size and personnel. The number of employees rose by 15 per cent and the storage area by 16 per cent, now covering 350,000 square metres.

Land transport Logistics Air & Sea Parcel service Brands

In the eastern corner of Europe where merchant caravans once travelled the ancient Silk Road trade route to China, Gebrüder Weiss last year constructed a state of the art logistics centre to Western European quality standards. In Tbilisi, the capital of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, the first orange location in the Caucasus with 800 square metres of warehouse space operates from June 2012.

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“We are carrying out intensive trend analyses to ensure a sustainable logistics development. This will also allow us to act flexibly in a rapidly developing market,” says Stiastny. In 2013 he and his team want to enter another promising segment. “We want to guide customers, who are not yet active online, into the e-commerce future.” The

topic of supply-chain-visibility is another focus in 2013. “We are developing from a provider of logistics solutions to a supply-chain conductor,” says Stiastny. “This trend allows us to react much more quickly and flexibly to the changing requirements of our customers.”

10,697,000 items were consigned by the logistics experts of Gebrüder Weiss in 2012, this represents an increase of 19 per cent over 2011.


Orange on the high seas and up in the air Whether London-Heathrow, New York-JFK or Vienna-Schwechat, the sea port of Hong Kong or that of Rio de Janeiro: the air and sea freight services provided by Gebrüder Weiss send sea freight to any sea port throughout the world and they arrive at all important air freight hubs every day. The strategy in focus: security, reliability, flexibility. All transports are completely monitored. Fixed courses are chartered on important sea freight routes in order to safeguard the hold guarantee. Flexibility in a daily changing market is a fixed component in the orange service portfolio. Facing increasing volatility on the markets, the GW Air & Sea full service concept offers much more than just basic services. In a globalised world and a complex and speculative market where overcapacities are an issue in the air and


sea freight industry, anyone wanting to impress their customers has to be flexible. Even when it comes to their profile: “We are no longer just seen as a forwarder, but as a logistics partner that can provide benefits in all areas,” says Vojislav Jevtic, Global Product Manager Seafreight. “Our business often requires short-term changes from planned processes. Our expertise is demonstrated by our ability to proactively convey the benefits of the change as well as pointing out possible risks. Our customers appreciate

Land transport Logistics Air & Sea Parcel service Brands

630 employees at 35 locations in ten countries between Venezuela and Chile form the backbone of the Gebrüder Weiss network in South America. Attractive air and sea freight solutions, which (just like all GW Air & Sea regions) also adhere to the minimum service standards will help set the stage for the company to become ‘South America’s best service provider’. In 2012, GW Air & Sea shifted its marketing focus entirely to the Latin American continent. “A huge amount of resources were invested in this business segment (as part of the SAM campaign) and achieved good sales results in Europe and Asia,” says Joe Lässer, pleased with the result.

Shortsea & multimodal logistics – watch the film here.

this.” The air freight market also experienced severe fluctuations in 2012, while high fuel costs added intense cost pressure. “In general we have noticed a strong trend away from air freight to sea freight,” says Joe Lässer, Director Air & Sea Headquarters. Considering the volatile markets, GW Air & Sea will once again face

challenging times in 2013. The air freight experts at Gebrüder Weiss expect increasing complexity on the subject of security. “But flexibility also means sticking to commitments even in difficult times, with increasing costs and in the face of volatile markets,” says Lässer.


the number of times that our cargo travelled around the world during the year in kilometres flown.


Recipe for success: Service First Walk the extra mile: at the GebrĂźder Weiss parcel service (GWP), which celebrated its 25th anniversary together with DPD in 2013, this highly topical business motto has been taken literally since the very beginning.

The 1,500 DPD employees have been working on the big puzzle of inspiring customers for a quarter of a century and have made DPD Austria’s market leader in B2B parcel services. DPD offers a comprehensive 24-hour service for parcels up to 31.5 kilogrammes between Lake Constance and the Neusiedlersee throughout Austria. DPD also connects the Alpine Republic to the international parcel service. In 2012, 38.2 million parcels arrived quickly and safely at their destination


under the banner of DPD. The diligence is paying off: DPD recorded sales of 160.7 million euros last year, an increase of two per cent over the previous year. Service standards such as online consignment search, permanent track and trace and automatic insurance of consignments entrusted to the company are no longer a guarantee for economic success for a sustainable parcel service, knows Andreas Winkelmayer, Managing Director of GWP. “The magic word in

Land transport Logistics Air & Sea Parcel service Brands

Where, if not in wine, would you look for the truth. The success of DPD is more than just dry figures. In 2012 more than 2.3 million bottles of precious red and white wine were securely, quickly and gently delivered from vintners to households and restaurants. The DPD wine logistics special service was able to increase its deliveries by 19.8 per cent compared to 2011.

Read the report on DPD responsibility.

our sector is flexibility. In the practical terms of our guiding principle ‘Service First’, this means that we have to ensure that special customer requirements such as fluctuating pick-up times, extreme changes in parcel quantities or special

delivery solutions are always resolved to the highest quality and close to the customer. DPD has been working on this for the benefit of our customers every day for a quarter of a century,” says Winkelmayer.


million parcels were sent in 2012 – an increase of 1.2 per cent.


Always the right note

Whether sales preparation and consulting or order acceptance, claim, info hotline and repair logistics: the name dicall has stood for customer-focused and professional communication services since 2002. Nothing is more important than a good first impression. Especially on the phone where the hustle and bustle of everyday business often means that there is no second chance. More than one million inbound calls were received by the 52 employees in Kalsdorf and Maria Saal in 2012 and 2013 will bring a move into a new office for dicall. “2012 was a very successful


year. Both economically as well as for our continued development,” says Managing Director Florian Maurer, looking back on the past year. The winds of change have also made a visible impression: the dicall logo and internet presence have been redesigned and the service portfolio has been expanded. dicall took on the role of customer throughout the Group and in half a dozen different languages as part of mystery calls. “This high quality reference project underlines our outstanding expertise.”

Land transport Logistics Air & Sea Parcel service Brands

From a sprint to a marathon

Athletes don’t just need to perform at the Olympics. This is the motto of leisure+sports logistics, the logistics specialists for the sport and leisure sector. From the procurement of sports equipment through to storage and delivery, platform logistics, returns management and IT, Gebrüder Weiss offers producers and traders a unique, efficient and customised industry solution: adherence to delivery schedules in the time slot window of over 98 per cent, e.g. for large sports equipment retailers. In 2012,

Photograph: GEPA pictures

the leisure+sports Product Manager and Graz Branch Manager Klaus Bannwarth and his team managed to convince one of the world’s largest sports equipment retailers of their offer. Leisure+sports logistics organises the distribution of sporting equipment to the Balkans from their central warehouse in Greece. “We were able to maintain our quantities despite the malaise in the leisure sector and also attract a number of major customers,” says Bannwarth. “The challenge in 2013 will be to continue to operate as sensitively and flexibly in this dynamic market.”


Land transport Logistics Air & Sea Parcel service Brands

Beyond all barriers

The customs experts at Gebrüder Weiss are forever unlocking new paths across all boundaries – quickly, proficiently and reliably. What started in our home state of Vorarlberg has, over the years, grown into a global network. In 2012 the customs division had to adjust to changed statutory framework requirements in Austria. According to a judgement by the Unabhängiger Finanzsenat (Independent Tax Tribunal), in the future the forwarder will be held liable if the recipient does not pay the purchase tax. “We had to quickly develop flexible new solutions for our customers. We were able to successfully achieve this in 2012,” says the


customs representative for the orange Group, Thomas Zeillinger. In 2013 Gebrüder Weiss will look to apply standard legal requirements throughout Europe. “We want to prevent a distortion of competition and a subsequent weakening of the Austrian location.” Even though the customs clearance numbers in Austria for 2012 were slightly below the historic high in 2011, the orange customs experts were once again able to exceed the 300,000 limit in the past year. “This is a huge success in these difficult economic times,” says Zeillinger.

Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing, layout, processes, and procedures.

Tom Peters (born 1942) is a management consultant and owner of the Tom Peters Company. He studied civil engineering at Cornell University and earned an MBA degree in Economics in Stanford. In 2004, he received an honorary doctorate from the State University of Management in Moscow.


Logistics consulting for demanding solutions

x|vise offers intelligent consulting for demanding logistics solutions. Core business: planning of storage facilities and the introduction of the appropriate logistics software. In 2012 the employees in Lauterach handled 53 different consulting projects, from initial consulting through to support in logistics management. Over many years the Gebrüder Weiss branch has developed trust far beyond the highly competitive beverage industry. In the past year Managing Director Harry Stiastny and his team designed two fully automatic high-bay warehouses for a domestic chipboard manu-


facturer. Together with a partner, x|vise also developed an optimisation concept for the supply chain of the largest textile producer in the Gulf metropolis of Dubai. And it looks like 2013 will be just as exciting. This will be enhanced by x|vise’s focus on a completely new field of business. “We developed considerable expertise in e-commerce in 2012,” says Stiastny. “In 2013 we want to build on this with consulting services in the field of e-commerce solutions.”

Land transport Logistics Air & Sea Parcel service Brands

Customised software solutions

inet-logistics, a subsidiary company founded by Gebrüder Weiss in 1999 and a leading provider of global Transport Management Systems (TMS) also had to protect its good reputation in 2012. inet-logistics currently provides its supply chain partners with a forward-looking multimodal transport management system in 80 countries worldwide – integrated, scalable, flexible. Whether the chemicals, consumer goods or automotive industry: more and more companies are benefiting from the inet TMS as a central software solution for the automation of strategic,

Photograph: Matthias Weissengruber

operational and administrative tasks in transport networks. inet-logistics, with is head office in Dornbirn, recorded sales of over 10 million euros despite the uncertain and risky market situation in 2012. This is an increase of 11 per cent from 2011. SupplyOn AG, provider of the leading platform for cross-company cooperation in the manufacturing industry, has been using the inet-logistics technology on the SupplyOn platform since 2012. “This partnership helped us to reach a real milestone in the integration of procurement and transport processes in 2012,” says Managing Director Wolfgang Erhart.


Land transport Logistics Air & Sea Parcel service Brands

A specialist for high-tech logistics

Thanks to the proven high-tech special solutions provided by tectraxx, technology companies were able to continue to focus on their core competencies in the 2012 anniversary year. tectraxx executed more than 110,000 consignments with on-site services in the fields of home delivery and technical distribution in the 2012 anniversary year – in the high quality that the company is renowned for. The sensitive hightech sector has full confidence in tectraxx. “We are proud of the diverse range in our customer portfolio and continued to refine our offer over the past year,” says Bernd Breugem, Head of


Business Unit tectraxx. “We have been supporting some customers that have been with us from the very start for ten years, while we also welcomed a number of new customers in 2012.” Breugem can look back on intensive collaboration with Gebrüder Weiss Slovakia in the high-tech Warehousing segment. “This allowed us to strengthen our ties with several of our key customers for the long term.” But there will be no time to rest in 2013 says Breugem. “We want to grow together with our customers and expand our offer.”

For decades, we have been accustomed to thinking in linear growth rates. This is now a thing of the past – at least in Europe. We will have to learn again how to respond more and more flexibly to increasingly volatile markets. Wolfgang Niessner (born 1954) earned an MBA degree at the Vienna University of Economics and is a graduate of the Columbia Senior Executive Program in New York. He has been a Board Member of Gebrßder Weiss since 1999 and in January 2005 he took over the position of CEO.


Arriving at the destination by rail

Gebrüder Weiss RailCargo was able to save almost 50,000 truck trips over the past year. This is not only pleasing for the environment, but also for customers that primarily operate in the oil, chemicals and agricultural sectors.

south eastern Europe and Italy. Good cooperation with rail companies enables Gebrüder Weiss RailCargo to ensure seamless and transparent transportation. A large oil group has once again entrusted Gebrüder Weiss RailCargo with their kerosene deliveries to the The reason for the efficiency of the orange rail Vienna and Munich airports. “We have managed experts: the intelligent bundling of transport. In to perfectly implement the guiding principle of 2012 the independently operating rail transport ‘just in time’ on the track,” says Walter Dolezal. subsidiary company increased turnover by more “We want to continue our environmentally than 25 per cent. Gebrüder Weiss RailCargo friendly rail transport in a contemporary form also increased its transport quantity to well for our customers in 2013.” over a million tonnes. This was predominantly achieved by Managing Director Walter Dolezal and his team thanks to increased transport to


Land transport Logistics Air & Sea Parcel service Brands

Orange turbo in the automotive sector

automotive logistics, the competence and solutions centre for the Gebrüder Weiss automotive, supplier and two-wheeler sector keeps things on the move. Its turbo: effective solutions for a powerful hp market. Experienced experts ensure the competent and flexible development of all the components of the highly specific logistics systems for the entire supply chain management: from transport to warehousing and information logistics and ultimately through to individual add-on services

and turnkey solutions in contract logistics. “Despite the generally difficult market environment, our sales and quantities trended upwards in 2012,” says Kurt Pichler, Manager Business Development automotive. One reason for this: automotive logistics was able to acquire new customers with cross-selling potential. For example, a complex offer was successfully prepared for a large German car manufacturer with new annual turnover worth tens of millions of euros. “This forwarder project will continue to keep us busy in 2013,” says Pichler.



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Weiss-Rohlig China Co., Ltd. Chengdu branch 610041 Chengdu Unit I, 6th Floor Guoxin Mansion No. 77 Xiyu Street T+86.28.8619.8000 F+86.28.8619.8001

Weiss-Rohlig Hong Kong Ltd. Guangzhou branch 510660 Guangzhou Unit 2045–2046 Vili International Building No,167 Linhe Xi Road Tianhe District T +86.20.38395088 F +86.20.38104900 info-guangzhou@ Weiss-Rohlig China Co., Ltd. Nanjing branch 210018 Nanjing Rm 1502 Zifeng Tower (Podium) No. 8 Zhongshan North Road Gulou District T +86.25.8681.6006 F +86.25.8681.6007 Weiss-Rohlig China Co., Ltd. Ningbo branch 315010 Ningbo Room 8608 Howard Johnson Office Building No. 230, Liuting Street T +86.574.2788.8201 F +86.574.2788.8200 Weiss-Rohlig China Co., Ltd. Qingdao branch 266003 Qingdao Rm C1, Huiquan Dynasty Hotel No. 9 Nan Hai Road Shandong Province T +86.532.8607.7890 F +86.532.8287.6140

Weiss-Rohlig China Co., Ltd. Shanghai branch/Headquarters 200021 Shanghai Rm 1712-1719 Corporate Avenue 1 No. 222 Hu Bin Road T +86.21.6340.6000 F +86.21.6340.6858 Weiss-Rohlig Int’l Forwarding (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. Shenzhen branch 518001 Shenzhen World Finance Centre Tower A Rm 6B No. 4003, East Shennan Road Luo Hu District T +86.755.3306.3200 F +86.755.3306.3220 info-shenzhen@ Weiss-Rohlig China Co., Ltd. Tianjin branch 300042 Tianjin B22 D-E Mansion of Triumphal Arch No 66 Nanjing Road Hexi District T +86.22.2339.8246 F +86.22.2339.8248 Weiss-Rohlig China Ltd. Urumqi branch 830011 Urumqi, Xinjiang Rm 903, Markor Plaza No. 506 South Beijing Road T +86.991.3665.808 F +86.991.3665.807 Weiss-Rohlig China Co., Ltd. Xiamen branch 361013 Xiamen Unit A 10/F Goodport Garden Plaza No.3 Jianye Rd T +86.592.3107.558 F +86.592.3107.498 Weiss-Rohlig China Co., Ltd. Xi’an branch 710075 Xian Room 806, Building A Seastar City Plaza No. 37 Keji Road, Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone T +86.029.8831.7047 F +86.029.8831.7078

Weiss-Rohlig Hong Kong Ltd. Zhanjiang branch 524000 Zhanjiang Room11-12, 19th Floor RongJi International Plaza Business Tower No. 183, GuanHai Road Development Zones T +86.759.2660500 F +86.759.2660400 info-zhanjiang@ Hong Kong Weiss-Rohlig Hong Kong Ltd. Hong Kong branch Kwung Tong, Kowloon 11/F Westley Square 48 Hoi Yuen Road T +852.2268.9300 F +852.2345.6060 info-hongkong@ Weiss-Rohlig Hong Kong Ltd. Warehouse branch Kowloon Bay Unit A, B & C, 14th Floor L7 & L8, 2nd Floor Ever Gain Centre 28 On Muk Street, Sha Tin, N.T. T +852.2759 9732 F +852.2759 3622 info-hongkong@ India Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad branch 380 009 Ahmedabad 204, Narayaan Krupa Nr. Sakar V, B/h Natraj. Off Ashram Road T +91.79.4009.3845 F +91.79.2658.0715 Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore branch 560 008 Bangalore Oxford Towers, 6th Floor Unit No. 711, Old Airport Road Kodihalli T +91.80.4905.8300 F +91.80.4905.8301

Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt., Ltd. Chennai branch/Headquarters 600 092 Chennai No-672, „Temple Towers“ 4th Floor, Anna Salai, Nandanam Tamilnadu T +91.44.4298.0800 F +91.44.4298.0831

Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Tuticorin branch 628 008 Tuticorin, Tamilnadu 48/1, Bryant Nagar Ist Street – East T +91.461.2376.155 F +91.461.2376.238 Japan

Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Kandla-Mundra branch 370 201 Gandhidham, Gujarat Room No 106, Nirav chambers 1st Floor, Plot No. 13, Sector 9 T +91.2836.2225.06 F +91.2836.2311.05 Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata branch 700 020 Kolkata, West Bengal Crescent Towers, 5th Floor Unit No. 5C 229 A J C Bose Road T +91.33.40084.734 F +91.33.22900.645 Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai branch 400 059 Mumbai 502/503/504, A-Wing 5th Floor, Mangalya Chambers Marol Makwana Road Andheri (E) T +91.22.4214.2401.29 F +91.33.2290.0645 Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Delhi branch 110 065 New Delhi 3rd Floor, 10 Community Centre East of Kailash T +91.11.4646.0707 F +91.11.2331.4563 Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Pune branch 411 001 Pune, Maharashtra C-1 Liberty Phase II Opposite Lane No.5 North Main Road Koregaon Park T +91.20.2615.0496 F +91.20.4120.3641

Weiss-Rohlig Japan Co. Ltd. Tokyo branch 104-0033 Tokyo Higashi Kayabacho Yuraku Bldg. 6F 1-17-25 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku T +81.3.6280.5530 F +81.3.6280.5590 Weiss-Rohlig Japan Co. Ltd. Osaka branch 542-0081 Osaka 9/Floor Minami Senba Heart Bldg. 2-3-2 Minami Senba, Chuo-Ku T +81.6.6263.0288 F +81.6.6263.0181 Singapore Weiss-Rohlig Singapore Pte. Ltd. 408600 Singapore 10 Eunos Road 8, #14-04 Singapore Post Centre T +65.6229.3777 F +65.6229.3788 Taiwan Weiss-Rohlig Taiwan Ltd. 10569 Taipei 6/F, No. 213 Sec. 5 Nanjing East Road T +886.2.2766.1000 F +886.2.2766.0002 Thailand Weiss-Rohlig (Thailand) Ltd. 10110 Bangkok 10/1–2nd Floor Soi Farm Watana, Rama 4 Road Prakhanong, Klongtoey T +66.2.3812.940 F +66.2.3812.937.38

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Weiss-Rohlig U.A.E. LLC Dubai, Karama Al Shamsi Building, 1st Floor Unit 120 P.O. Box 2737 T +971.4.337.2340 F +971.4.334.8143 USA Weiss-Rohlig USA LLC Atlanta branch Atlanta, GA 30349 4820 Clark Howell Highway Suite A-4 T +1.404.209.3922 F +1.404.920.3251 Weiss-Rohlig USA LLC Boston branch Chelsea, MA 02150 46 Arlington Street T +1.617.884.0991 F +1.617.663.6821 Weiss-Rohlig USA LLC Chicago branch/Headquarters Des Plaines, IL 60018 351, W. Touhy Ave, Suite 100 T +1.224.563.3200 F +1.630.599.1338 Weiss-Rohlig USA LLC Dallas branch Grapevine, TX 76051 601 Hanover Drive, Suite 650 T +1.817.421.4000 F +1.817.796.2893 Weiss-Rohlig USA LLC Houston branch Houston, TX 77032 3340D Greens Rd, Suite 710 T + F +1.281.605.5287

Weiss-Rohlig USA LLC Los Angeles branch El Segundo, CA 90245 1960 E. Grand Ave. Suite 420 T +1.310.414.9300 F +1.310.943.2217 Weiss-Rohlig USA LLC Miami branch Miami, FL 33126 1607 NW 82nd Avenue, Doral T +1.305.716.0884 F +1.305.716.0885 Weiss-Rohlig USA LLC New York branch Cranford, NJ 07016 20 Commerce Drive, Suite 226 T +1.908.931.1500 F +1.908.931.1593 Weiss-Rohlig USA LLC San Francisco branch San Bruno, CA 94066 1150 Bay Hill Drive, Suite 121 T +1.650.588.1392 F +1.650.745.4228 Vietnam Weiss-Rohlig Vietnam Ltd. Ho Chi Minh City branch Ho Chi Minh City HD Tower, 9th Floor 25Bis Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 1 T +84.8.3822.3430 F +84.8.3822.5450 Weiss-Rohlig Vietnam Ltd. Hanoi branch Hanoi CBC Building, 3rd Floor 3B Dang Thai Than, Hoan Kiem District T +84.4.3933.3868 F +84.4.3933.3889

Business units Gebrüder Weiss Gesellschaft m.b.H. automotive logistics 4600 Wels Austria Terminalstraße 91 T +43.732.7655.9349 F +43.732.7655.9311 Fashionet-Austria Textilspedition GmbH 2333 Leopoldsdorf Austria Arbeitergasse 50 T +43.2235.47838 F +43.2235.43839 Gebrüder Weiss Gesellschaft m.b.H. leisure+sports logistics 3380 Pöchlarn Austria Manker Straße 55 T +43.2757.4004.4831 F +43.2757.4004.4840 tectraxx High Tech Logistics 2351 Wiener Neudorf Austria Brown-Boveri-Straße 6 T + F +

Subsidiaries dicall – Weiss-LogistikSysteme GmbH 8401 Kalsdorf bei Graz Austria Feldkirchenstraße 14–16 T +43.810.810.210 F +43.3135.2002.529 inet-logistics GmbH 6850 Dornbin Austria Färbergasse 17 T +43.5572.7374.0 F +43.5572.7374 1599

inet-logistics GmbH 1010 Vienna Austria Annagasse 5 T +43.5572.7374.0 F +43.5572.7374.1579 office.oesterreich@ inet-logistics GmbH 20459 Hamburg Germany Herrengraben 3 T +49.40.54005 F +49.40.54005.3932 office.deutschland@ inet-logistics GmbH 8330 Pfäffikon Switzerland Witzbergstrasse 7 T +41.58.458.5250 F +41.58.458.5251 office.schweiz@ inet-logistics Co., Ltd. 610042 Chengdu China 6F, West Building, La Defense 1480 Tianfu Avenue T +86.28 853 372 30 F +86.28 852 750 92 inet-logistics Co., Ltd. 41220 Udon Thani Thailand 11 Moo 3, Tesaban Sao Lao Amphur Nong Wao So Tambol Non Wai T +66.43.009 701 F +66.43.009 031 office.thailand@ inet-logistics Co., Ltd. 40000 Khon Kaen Thailand Lak Muang Office Gallery 3/21 Sri Chan Road Nai Muang Subdistrict Muang District T + F + office.thailand@

Gebrüder Weiss Rail Cargo Ges.m.b.H. 2326 Maria Lanzendorf Austria Wiener Straße 26 T +43.1.79799 F +43.1.79799.7079 Xvise innovative logistics GmbH 6923 Lauterach Austria Bundesstraße 110 T + 43.59006.2950 F + 43.59006.2959 Xvise innovative logistics GmbH 2326 Maria Lanzendorf Austria Wiener Straße 26 T +43.59006.2961 F +43.59006.2969

GWP – Gebrüder Weiss Paketdienst Gesellschaft mbH Austria Depot 0626 6060 Hall in Tirol Schlöglstraße 45 T +43.810.810.110 F +43.5223.53439 Depot 0628 8401 Kalsdorf bei Graz Feldkirchenstraße 14–16 T +43.810.810.110 F +43.3135.57770 Depot 0630 8700 Leoben Waltenbachstraße 7 T +43.810.810.110 F +43.5900.68775-50 Depot 0622 2100 Leobendorf Industriezeile 2 T +43.810.810.110 F +43.2262.6819.223

Depot 0621 – Headquarters 2333 Leopoldsdorf bei Wien Arbeitergasse 50 T +43.810.810.110 F +43.2235.432.89

6812 Meiningen Grenzübergang T +43.5574.696.2770 F +43.5574.696.2775 grenzstelle.meiningen@

Gebrüder Weiss GmbH MAKOM Bundesstraße 110 6923 Lauterach Austria

Depot 0623 3380 Pöchlarn Manker Straße 55 T +43.810.810.110 F +43.2757.8867

6960 Wolfurt Gemeinschaftszollamt AT/CH T +43.5574.696.1257 F +43.5574.696.1182 01vtgrenzewolfurt@

Project Management Frank Haas Thomas Konrad

Depot 0627 6832 Sulz Industriestraße 16 T +43.810.810.110 F +43.5522.70252.63


Border Offices Austria 6800 Feldkirch-Tisis Liechtensteinerstraße 148 T +43.5574.696.2760 F +43.5574.696.2765 grenzstelle.tisis@ 6845 Hohenems Diepoldsauer Straße 134 T +43.5574.696.1272 / 1273 F +43.5576.77186 01vtgrenzehohenems@ 6912 Hörbranz Autobahnzollamt T +43.5574.696.1184 F +43.5574.696.1146 01vtgrenzehoerbranz@ 6890 Lustenau Reichsstraße 28 T +43.5574.696.1270 / 1271 F +43.5574.696.1181 01vtgrenzelustenau@ 6841 Mäder Schweizerstraße 49 T +43.5574.696.2780 F +43.5574.696.2785 grenzstelle.maeder@

9434 Au Border T +41.58.458.5300 F +41.58.458.5309 kundencenter.schweiz@ 9430 St. Margrethen Grenzstrasse 24 T +41.58.458.5330 F +41.58.458.5340 kundencenter.schweiz@ MSV Verzollungen GmbH 4057 Basel-Weil GZA Basel-Weil T +41.58.458.5180/5190 F +41.58.458.5189/5199

Editorial Team Raimund Fink Frank Haas Sylvie Rest Gabriele Schneider Photography Gebrüder Weiss archive Graphic Design Dalpra & Partner René Dalpra Stefan Žvokelj Translation/Editorial Office Renée Lormans Xplanation Language Services Lithography Günter König Printing Buchdruckerei Lustenau GmbH We would like to thank everyone involved for their support in making this annual report possible.

For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something. Steve Jobs (1955–2011) was an American entrepreneur, best known as the co-founder and long-term CEO of Apple Inc. Jobs was widely recognised as a charismatic pioneer of the personal computer revolution and for his influential career in the computer industry.

Annual Report 2012  
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