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On the move globally, in orange


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Two lines meet and merge into one strong line: Our customers have requirements. These represent challenges for our staff. We strive to offer solutions which more than satisfy our clients – we want our services to fill clients with enthusiasm. This is what Service Excellence means to us. And this is why we bring together the strengths of our people in order to find solutions both individually and locally, using a personal contact on site. Combining all our strengths to benefit our customers.

Austria Lauterach Bludenz Feldkirch Graz Hall Hörsching Kalsdorf Leoben Leobendorf Leopoldsdorf Linz Maria Lanzendorf Maria Saal Pöchlarn Salzburg Sulz Wels Werndorf Vienna Wiener Neudorf Vienna-Schwechat Wolfurt Wörgl Germany Memmingen Hamburg Lindau Nuremberg Passau

Switzerland Altenrhein Pratteln Zurich Italy Bozen Bosnia-Herzegovina Sarajevo Bulgaria Sofia Kazanlak Varna Croatia Zagreb Romania Bucharest Agigea Arad Bacau Brasov Cluj Constanta Sibiu Timisoara Serbia Novi Beograd

Slovakia Bratislava Košice Poprad Senec Žiar nad Hronom Žilina Slovenia Ljubliana Brnik Koper Czech Republic Rudná České Budějovice Modřice Ostrava -Zábřeh Prague Řičany-Jažlovice

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Ukraine Kiev Mukachevo Hungary Dunaharaszti Hajdúböszörmény Vecsés USA Chicago Atlanta Houston Los Angeles Miami New York San Francisco United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dubai

India Chennai Ahmedabad Bangalore Bhadhoi Gandhidham Jaipur Jodhpur Kanpur Kolkata Mumbai Nag Pur New Delhi Tiruppur Tuticorin

China Shanghai Beijing Chengdu Chongqing Dalian Guangzhou Nanjing Ningbo Qingdao Shenzhen Tianjin Urumqi Xiamen Xi'an Zhanjiang Hong Kong Kowloon Japan Tokyo Canada Montreal Toronto Singapore Singapore Taiwan Taipei Thailand Bangkok

On the move globally, in orange

An excellent solution. Orange Combi Cargo. In 2008, GW received several awards for its multimodal transport solution OCC. In May, the Climate Protection Award Vorarlberg and the TRIGOS award, in September the Austrian National Award from the Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology. Since January 2008, GW has been using OCC exclusively as a unit train, running daily between Vienna and Bludenz with an interim stop in Hall in Tyrol. With this multimodal solution, approx. 60 truck journeys per day as well as 9,000 tons of CO2 per year have been saved. Gebrüder Weiss developed the idea of the OCC in close cooperation with REWE GROUP and Rail Cargo Austria. Together they implemented it across the Austrian transport market within the framework of this unique cooperation model. “Our joint initiative fits in perfectly with the GW business philosophy. In the sensitive field of transport and logistics, we strive to establish a reasonable balance between ecological and economic interests and in many aspects, we focus on sustainability,” says CEO Niessner. In September 2008, the successful cooperation was expanded. Since then, Orange Combi Cargo has also been supplying the Salzburg branches of the REWE GROUP Austria. Having achieved ISO 14001 certification and made substantial investments in state-of-the-art vehicle technology and energy-efficient equipment, GW again demonstrates its environmental awareness with the OCC scheme. 5,000 truck journeys per year can be saved through the shift to rail transport between Salzburg and Vienna.

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All busy on the western front. Relocation to the GW logistics terminal in Pratteln.

In December 2008, the 53 employees working at the western-most branch within WeissLand relocated to the newly built logistics terminal in Pratteln. Since then, all transportation has been handled via the terminal measuring more than 3,700 square meters. Branch manager Cuno Mattioli would like to offer his customers even more services from one place. An additional logistics area of almost 2,000 square meters is available at the new terminal. Additional stages of expansion are possible at a later date. The branch grew considerably following the relocation of the GW branch from Uferstrasse in Basel to Pratteln, where better transport connections are available. More than three times the number of loading ramps are available, and additional experts in the air and sea freight field complete the team at the new location. Furthermore, a new logistics solutions team was established in order to be able to better meet the customers’ individual requirements. The improved customers’ individual requirements offered was completed by the takeover of Descatrans and MSV at the end of 2008. The MSV customs experts continue to work in their offices directly at the Basel / Weilautobahn border and will retain the MSV name. The entire team is now employed by GW Pratteln.

On the move globally, in orange

Seamless transport handling. New national organization in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

With the opening of the new branch in Sarajevo, GW guarantees seamless transport handling to and from the Balkan region. Sarajevo is located at the heart of the country and forms the economic and political center. Two objectives are being pursued with the establishment of the national organization: On the one hand, existing customers in the GW homeland can be provided with standardized quality and service to and from BosniaHerzegovina and on the other hand, by opening its own branch here, GW can position its services on the Bosnian market. Establishing this branch was not exactly easy: Bosnia is a federation, comprised of three cantons, each of which has its own administrative center. The commitment of the new country manager, Almir Jonuz, made quick market entry possible. In August 2008, seven new GW employees started working in the offices in close proximity to the customs buildings. Daily departures from Zagreb and several departures per week from Vienna were offered as early as one month after operative business commenced. Considerable development potential is evident in the distribution and procurement to and from Western Europe in particular as well as in the field of warehouse logistics and logistics solutions. In the medium-term, the expansion of the range of services and the initial operation of a company-owned logistics facility are on the agenda.

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Good connections. GW and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics (HWL) intensify their partnership.

In 2008, the partners GW and HWL, which have been cooperating for many years, considerably expanded their cooperation. The parallel land and logistics activities in the Czech Republic were recently combined under GW management. Thus synergies are being utilized, and the Czech market can be developed in a more effective manner. Moreover, by taking this step, HWL and GW are emphasizing their intention to maintain a sustainable strategic partnership. Once the two family companies had expanded their cooperation to include Southern and Eastern Europe in July, they expanded their partnership to cover Rüsselsheim / Frankfurt a. M. in October. On October 1, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics became the new partner for daily transportation to Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Austria, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland (Eastern Switzerland), Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary. The expansion of the partnership focuses on the use of the regional core competencies of both companies – daily direct and gateway transport. GW and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics are two of the largest private transport and logistics companies operating on the European parcel service market and have been successfully cooperating for more than 30 years. Both companies are founding members of System Alliance Europe (SAE), the leading European parcel service cooperation. Today, the SAE network includes 48 partners in 23 countries.

On the move globally, in orange

In the Land of the Rising Sun. Weiss-Röhling opens first office in Japan.

With the opening of an office in Tokyo, Gebrüder Weiss continues its successful joint ventures with Röhlig and strengthens its position within this sophisticated market environment with a high potential. In November 2008, Weiss-Röhlig Japan Ltd. commenced its operative business activities. Each partner holds a 50-percent share in the new company. Kazuyoshi Fujiwara is the manager of the office in Tokyo. The logistics expert has been working in the transport and logistics industry for 35 years, including 7 for Gebrüder Weiss in Japan. The potential of the Japanese market is deemed to be extensive. At the same time, insiders believe that Japan is a very difficult market. In order to be able to react to country-specific requirements in a flexible and direct manner, Weiss-Röhlig started out in Japan with a Japanese manager and a local team of experts.

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In mid-January, Chen Yongquan opened the 16th office in Chongqing in Central China. The 42-year old Chinese man has been working for Gebrüder Weiss in China for 18 years and on January 1 2008, he took over the country management role from Walter Schneider, who returned to Austria after 5 ½ years in China. With the opening of the new branch in Chongqing, Weiss-Röhlig is making its presence felt more intensely in the world’s most populated country. Chongqing has the most significant Chinese inland harbor. In terms of space, it equals the size of Austria. The huge city with 32 million inhabitants located near the Yangtze River in Central China has an enormous economic potential. With a direct cargo shipping service to the international port of Shanghai, Weiss-Röhlig offers its customers environmentally friendly and efficient transport services. The services include daily dispatches to all important air cargo hubs in Europe, the transporting of sea freight via any desired European port and a seamless monitoring of the goods from receipt to unloading. The country manager relies on his experienced local team and on making adaptations to meet the desires and needs of the customers. Weiss-Röhlig has a total of more than 294 employees working in 16 of its own branches in China. More than 190 destinations across all 22 Chinese provinces can be reached with flexibility within our own network. Defined service standards form the basis for customized solutions.

Dense network in the Middle Kingdom. New country manager opens the 16th office in China.

Management board at Gebr端der Weiss AG

Wolfram Senger-Weiss

Wolfgang Niessner, CEO

12  13 Heinz Senger-Weiss

Peter Kloiber

GebrĂźder Weiss Holding AG Annual Report 2008

Given current events, it is hard to recall the good things that happened in 2008. Since then the economic instability and its consequences for logistics and virtually all industries world-wide has been too great. The crisis emerged during the third quarter of 2008 in Europe and became noticeable in the fourth quarter. Over the course of the year, this turned into the largest global economic crisis in decades. Gebrßder Weiss is also affected. However, we are looking to the future with courage and confidence because our company has very solid foundations, a clear direction and committed, competent staff, enabling it to offer high-quality services to customers and partners. The scepticism that emerged at the end of 2007 did not prove true during the first half of 2008. In the case of most activities, growth was recorded – sometimes quite an impressive increase. The structures were fully utilized, productivity was high

Wolfgang Niessner, CEO

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and we achieved record results. In the individual regions, the drive remained unbroken, despite the fact that oil prices continued to surge, leading to the record high of $ 147 per barrel on July 11, followed by a slump leading to a temporary low of roughly $ 40 in December. However, this neither boosted the economy in general nor the logistics business in particular. The effects of the financial crisis on the so-called real economy were already too great. Industry giants such as the “big three” from Detroit issued warnings – and were soon joined by other major national and international companies. Growth forecasts were adjusted downwards almost daily. Soon, the USA and Japan reported recession and the impact on Europe was imminent. Formerly promising markets in Central and Eastern European could not avoid this trend either. Even China suffered major set backs. Taking these circumstances into account, the

4th quarter did not meet the rather high expectations set by Gebrüder Weiss – however, the very positive overall result for 2008 was not majorly affected. While the target net turnover of 1 billion euros was not quite met, the significant financial and productivity figures remained stable or even showed improvement. In terms of national and international land transport and logistics, all regions achieved their targets, although there were deviations from the budget and /or in comparison to 2007 in some local branches and national organizations; however, these could be attributed to specific influences. In cooperation with Röhlig, the Air & Sea division managed to exceed its excellent results in 2007. CEP once again proved its worth as one of the main pillars of the group. This positive picture is completed by customs and the consulting activities of inet-logistics and x|vise.

Distribution of added value across the departments

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Annual Report 2008

GW is involved in several research projects and promotes logistics solutions with the support of inet-logistics and x|vise. On a European level, decades of successful cooperation with Hellmann have been intensified in Germany and in Central and Eastern Europe and GW has even completely taken over Hellmann’s land transport and logistics activities in the Czech Republic. One of the highlights was the receipt of the “National Transport Award” for the “Orange Combi Cargo” – a unit train running daily from Vienna to Bludenz via Hall in Tyrol and vice versa, operated by GW in cooperation with REWE and ÖBB  /  RCA, thus taking the burden off the roads and the environment. GW also received the “Trigos” and “Climate Prize Vorarlberg” awards. GW is rising to the huge challenges it faces in 2009 and over the following years with energy and an awareness of the fact that the support of

In 2008, large investments were again made in infrastructure, network development, basic and advanced training. Land was bought in Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania, logistics facilities were modernized and /or put into operation in Austria and Switzerland and companies were acquired in Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. In Bosnia-Herzegovina and Japan (as a joint venture with Röhlig), national companies were established; in other countries, corresponding negotiations were initiated and completed in 2009 (e.g. India and Thailand). Furthermore, significant personnel and organizational decisions were made, such as the generational shift in China or the introduction of the “Eastern Region” in the case of land transport. The expansion of track & trace via mobile communications, the implementation of the SAP Business Warehouse and a new software system for Air & Sea are also worth noting.

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Net turnover






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shareholders, customers, partners and employees is extremely important during this period. We would like to thank everybody walking the “orange way” and helping us shape GW’s future.

June 2009

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Wolfgang Niessner, MBA Chief Executive Officer Gebrüder Weiss Holding AG






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8 in Mio €

Department Reports

logistics Time for the experts The system management logistics has met increasing customer demands by implementing a broad-ranging qualification campaign. “Without specialized staff, it is simply not possible to respond individually to the needs of our customers,” says Harry Stiastny of their commitment to basic and advanced training. Therefore, raising awareness about logistics issues and ensuring that the necessary specialist background is in place is a priority at present. Over the course of various seminars, more than 100 staff members from Western and Eastern Europe explored the world of logistics solutions over the past business year. The System Manager is particularly proud of the first employees who completed the training “GW logistics manager” program. This approx. 2 year program was specifically customized to suit the group’s requirements in the logistics solutions field. The objective is to establish comprehensive know-how in the local branches. Stiastny believes that this will lead to the establishment of a powerful team able to design customized projects. And this team is to be strengthened in future. “For 2009 we have already planned the second round of the training program, as the demand for logistics solutions is on the rise in almost all branches.” According to Harry Stiastny, the customers’ demands requested of Gebrüder Weiss are becoming increasingly more complex and more global. “In order to take this into account, we established a ‘Logistics’ project team at the head office in Lauterach in 2008.” The team is comprised of eight experts who have both consolidated expert knowledge and the necessary experience in project management. “Our employees are certified in accordance with the internationally recognized standards of the IPMA (International Project Management Association),” Stiastny adds, “thus, even in the case of complex tasks, a professional project management can be guaranteed.”

A major order took the project team to Gebrüder Weiss in Slovakia. There, a central warehouse for Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria had to be established for the newly acquired customer Whirlpool. The Head of Logistics reports that his team showed commitment in many different ways. “The team assumed the design of the physical processes in the warehouse and took responsibility for the compliance of the information technology with the requirements.” One team member was the project manager and worked on site for over a year. “He also accompanied start-up at the logistics facility and took overall responsibility during the initial phase.” When everything was running smoothly, the team returned to Vorarlberg. Since that time, the team of 25 at GW Slovakia have been running the logistics facility where approx. 50 trucks are loaded and unloaded every day. However, the “Logistics” project team was not only involved in customer projects. Several internal construction projects posed a challenge for the experts. Gebrüder Weiss put into operation new logistics centers in Pratteln, Switzerland and Salzburg-Bergheim, Austria; in Maria Saal close to Klagenfurt, an expansion project for the existing freight forwarding facility was launched at the end of the year. Stiastny says: “For such buildings, structural perfection alone is not enough. Ideal logistical frame-work conditions are much more important.” The group’s logistics team is and has been responsible for creating these conditions. And they will surely be involved even more in this field in future. The system manager is convinced that the trend towards individual logistics solutions will continue.

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land transport western europe Together we are strong Gebrüder Weiss and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics have been partners for over 30 years now. In 2008, the two successful family companies grew together even more closely – in order to gain strength together. It started in 1977 as a cooperative agreement in Austria. Now their work extends to large parts of Southern and Eastern Europe. Since the beginning of July 2008, Gebrüder Weiss have been cooperating with Hellmann in Germany and Switzerland, but also in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Hungary. Moreover since October, all traffic from Kayser, a former partner in Germany, has been handled by the newly established Hellmann branch in Rüsselsheim in the vicinity of Frankfurt. At the beginning of 2009, Gebrüder Weiss took over responsibility for all the land transport and logistics activities of Hellmann in the Czech Republic. “When we expanded our partnership, the focus was on combining the regional core competencies of both companies,” says Oskar Woisetschläger, who is responsible for Western Europe together with Ulrike Mori-Schwarzenberger. “Nowadays, customers expect a Europe-wide parcel service. And in cooperation with strong partners, regional service providers like ourselves can fulfill this requirement.” Both Gebrüder Weiss and Hellmann are founding members of System Alliance Europe (SAE) initiated in 2000. Now, daily transport between the partner countries is offered via the SAE’s gateway concept. Woisetschläger says: “In this context, we were able to continue to improve our service quality in terms of delivery periods and quality standards for the benefit of our customers.”

Important player within the SAE Gebrüder Weiss has a home advantage in the Alps-Danube region which makes the logistics group an important player within System Alliance Europe. “In 2008, we were the strongest partner by far: we had approx. 814,000 incoming consignments and more than 580,000 outgoing consignments,” Oskar Woisetschläger reports. Now, all orange national organizations are among the cooperation partners of the SAE, with the exception of Germany, Bosnia and Serbia. The British company Davies Turner and the Italian forwarding company Italsempione, two important and longtime partners of GW, have also joined the parcel service network. The system manager describes the implementation of the first gateway traffic in February of 2008 as a milestone. “This means that member companies have the opportunity to offer daily deliveries even to shipping agents in structurally weak regions.” As such, the customers do not have to forgo the information they are used to with direct deliveries, “as the gateway concept includes complete, internet-based parcel tracking up to the point of delivery confirmation.” System Alliance Europe continues to see itself as playing a leading role when it comes to quality and continues to implement effective innovations in this respect. The recently implemented service standards has brought about considerable improvements in quality of the network. Woisetschläger adds: “And Gebrüder Weiss is among the leaders when it comes to all the various quality statistics.”

Department Reports

land transport central and eastern europe Investments in the future – in proximity to the customers Slovakia: In 2008, the national organization was fully committed to its new customer, Whirlpool: until now, the household appliances group has operated local warehouses and transport structures in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. In future, the products will be stored together in a central warehouse and from there, they are to be distributed to trading partners across all four countries. “Gebrüder Weiss was responsible for designing the logistics facility covering an area of 24,000 square meters in the municipality of Lozorno in western Slovakia,” says Jürgen Bauer, Regional Manager for the East. “Furthermore, we developed optimized logistics processes together with the customer.” Since the end of November 2008, GW has operated a central warehouse in Lozorno with 25 employees and is also responsible for ensuring punctual deliveries. Every day, approx. 50 trucks carrying Whirlpool appliances are loaded and unloaded. “Whirlpool benefits from the standardized transport handling processes with equally high quality standards in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria as well as the low storage costs,” says Bauer. The storage areas in operation were reduced by 20 percent due to the restructuring process. Czech Republic: As of January 1 2009, Gebrüder Weiss took over responsibility for the land transport and logistics business of its long-term partner Hellmann Worldwide Logistics in the Czech Republic. Harald Prohaska, the Country Manager for GW Czech Republic, is convinced that the merger will have positive effects: “With these combined strengths, synergies can be used much more efficiently, plus we can demonstrate a more vigorous presence on the market.” Gebrüder Weiss’s high quality standards are certainly advantageous in this regard. “Once again

we were able to improve our quality score in comparison to 2007,” Prohaska reports. His team exceeded the group’s targets as well as the figures specified by System Alliance Europe. Over the past year, the organization was kept busy with preparations for a project for a major customer. “In Rudna, we leased additional storage space (totaling 11,000 square meters) on behalf of a renowned high-tech group,” Harald Prohaska explains. Since March 2009, consignments have been commissioned here on a customer and country level and prepared for pick-up by various carriers. GW is also responsible for incoming transport. Hungary: “The domestic business in particular revealed a considerable increase in consignment numbers in 2008 – despite the downward spiral of the Hungarian economy,” says Country Manager Thomas Schauer of the situation. Gebrüder Weiss secured itself national distribution responsibility for several renowned groups of companies from different industries. In order to keep up with this growth, the logistics terminal Dunaharaszti has been continuously expanded over the past few years. The last construction phase was completed in spring. “All in all, we now have a storage area of 22,500 square feet. In order to utilize our capacities in the best possible manner, we also optimized the Cargo Handling and Warehouse Logistics processes,” says the Country Manager. As a consequence, space problems, extra deliveries and overtime decreased significantly. In addition, Gebrüder Weiss established a new branch in the East Hungarian city of Hajdúböszörmény. Schauer adds: “With the clear objective of improving quality in the region.” Debrecen, Nyiregyhaza and Miskolc are cities in close proximity of this location. The branch focuses on full loads and consolidated freight transport. South-East region: Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine “Our investments in infrastructure, technology and in our staff are already proving fruitful across the entire south-eastern region,” the Regional Manager Thomas Moser proudly reports. Gebrüder Weiss established itself on this market as a quality and

20  21

In Rudna, we leased additional storage

Our investments in infrastructure, technology and our employees are

space (totaling 11,000 square meters) on

already proving fruitful across the entire South-East region.

behalf of a renowned high-tech group.

solutions provider. “This is reflected in our being named the best logistics provider of 2008 by the Romanian logistics association Arilog.” In Romania and Bulgaria, quantities of consignments have been continuously on the increase since these countries joined the European Union in 2007. “The EU membership simplified handling processes in the forwarding business,” Moser adds. “As a result, an increasing number of international logistics companies are flooding onto the market, which in turn leads to increased pricing pressures.” In 2008, Gebrüder Weiss’s focus in Romania was on the development of the country-wide distribution network. “In Constanta, Cluj, Bacau und Sibiu, we established infrastructure for transporting full loads,” Moser explains. “In Bacau and Sibiu, additional cargo handling areas were put into operation and in Bucharest, the groundbreaking ceremony took place for a new logistics terminal.” This commitment resulted in a 100 percent increase in turnover in comparison to the previous year, both for full loads and parcel services. In the neighboring country of Bulgaria, the GW team successfully completed a major project for a renowned European automobile group. “We were awarded the contract for regional forwarding and since that time, we have been handling all transportations from the Bulgarian supplier companies,” Moser elaborates. The recipients are located throughout Europe.

Gebrüder Weiss Ukraine started 2008 with a great show of strength. The national organization assumed the responsibility for the transportation of replacement parts and car components for a leading German vehicle producer. The project business revealed a particularly positive development. Thomas Moser reports: “In this field, we made a name for ourselves with guaranteed terms of delivery – while complying with high quality standards.” South-West region: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia All national organizations in the south-western CEE countries revealed a growth rate for turnover and quantities which reached double figures in 2008. “However, this positive development has had no negative impact on existing high quality standards,” says regional manager Erich Schafer. He describes the market entry in BosniaHerzegovina as “the most outstanding event” of 2008. The first company branch was established in Sarajevo, the political and economic center of the country, on August 1. Schafer says: “We can now offer seamless transport from domestic GW markets to the Balkan region and vice versa.” The national organization has been working for renowned GW customers such as Hewlett Packard, General Motors, Hilti or Daikin from the very beginning. Erich Schafer sees good opportunities in particular in distribution and procurement to and from Western Europe and in logistics solutions.

Department Reports

The latter is gaining in importance due to the increased number of companies from the West relocating to the area. In the medium-term, an expansion in services and initial operation of a company-owned logistics terminal are on the agenda. In neighboring Croatia, the decision to purchase a parcel of land in Zabok measuring 30,000 square meters was made in 2008. According to Erich Schafer, a modern freight forwarding and logistics facility is to be built here in 2009 / 2010. “Gebrüder Weiss Croatia is currently undergoing a rapid development in warehouse logistics and / or logistics solutions,” the Regional Manager states. “Our capacities have long been exceeded.” Naturally, Croatia’s pending membership of the EU plays an important role in the decision whether to build an efficient new building with ample space. A construction project will also soon be launched in Serbia. In summer 2004, Gebrüder Weiss initiated their commitment to the country at the center of the Balkan peninsula. Over the following years, the national organization revealed a continuous upsurge. Now, the infrastructure in the capital of Belgrade is lagging behind current, positive developments and cannot be expanded anymore. Schafer says: “Given that we intend to successfully position ourselves as complete solutions providers on the Serbian market, an efficient logistics terminal will soon be inevitable.” In Slovenia, the new construction project has been put on hold. Erich Schafer justifies the decision: “The current capacity offers room for growth in the medium-term.” GW Slovenia, too, is currently focusing on logistics solutions; in 2008, some initial positive results were achieved. Schafer: “We were able to acquire Bim Trade as a new customer, a domestic company operating in the food industry.”

land transport within the gw network Trains are gaining ground Seamless logistics, excellent processes, environmentally friendly transport alternatives and above all customer benefits: this was the focus of the Land Transport Product Management in 2008 and it achieved great success on all counts. Gebrüder Weiss is a seamless organization: the high quality of the transport and logistics processes as well as the service standard are guaranteed both on the domestic markets and over the border. Intra Corporate Destinations (ICD) are transport routes whereby all goods are handled by GW staff only. Looking back at 2008, Walter Konzett, Land Transport Product Manager, comments on a growth rate in double figures within the ICD segment: “All in all, during the last business year, 642,000 parcels were transported between our European branch offices – that means an increase of 21 percent compared to 2007, despite a weaker fourth quarter.” Konzett is also satisfied with qualityrelated developments: “We once again managed to increase the quality score across all segments and thus also the service quality for our customers.” Permanent improvement The “Operational Excellence” project (“OpX”) launched during the previous year was a challenge for Gebrüder Weiss in 2008. “A permanent improvement process forms the basis, with the objective being to design internal processes in an even more efficient manner,” says Konzett. “This will generate direct customer benefits and at the same time facilitate the work of our staff.” In order to support the organization, qualification programs have been organized, processes standardized and scheduling and monitoring tools optimized. Customers benefit in particular from the mobile communication solution implemented in 2007 which has been ensuring the continuous documentation of all transport processes on all domestic markets since the end of 2008.

22  23

We have fitted our regional forwarders with special scanners

All in all, during the last business year, so that they can transmit consignment details and delivery

642,000 consignments were transported between receipt to our IT systems in real time.

our European branch offices.

“The roll-out in WeissLand has been completed,” says Konzett. “More than 900 GW delivery vehicles in eleven countries are equipped with such devices and more than 90 percent of the delivery data is transmitted wirelessly via mobile communications.” Since last year, carriers working for GW have also been involved, according to the product manager: “We equipped our regional forwarders with special scanners so that they are able to transmit delivery information and delivery receipts in real time to our IT systems.” Deliveries are now recorded electronically on a package level until delivery. Furthermore, as part of “OpX”, the product management developed comprehensive informative brochures for customers, addressing the delicate topics of claims settlement and the handling of loading devices. National award for OCC At the beginning of the year, Gebrüder Weiss implemented a project that was both innovative and environmentally friendly. On January 7, Orange Combi Cargo (OCC) started its maiden voyage. The unit train was established in close cooperation with the customer REWE GROUP Austria as well as with the rail company Rail Cargo Austria and has been running on a daily basis between Vienna and Vorarlberg, with a stopover in Hall in Tyrol. “As the first private transport company, GW can offer

an economically viable alternative in East-West transport within Austria,” says Walter Konzett. “In this way we will shift approx. 15,000 truck runs from the road to rail.” Since September 22, an additional partial train has been commuting between Vienna and Salzburg. Among others, deliveries are made to REWE stores in the Salzburg area. According to Konzett, the shift from truck to rail makes a further 5,000 truck journeys across Austria unnecessary. The environmental balance sheet of Orange Combi Cargo was correspondingly positive – “therefore approx. 3.3 million litres of diesel can be saved with the two transport solutions from the road to rail,” says the product manager, „therefore, approx. 12,000 tons of CO2 are not emitted.” In May 2008, GW’s commitment to environmentally friendly transport alternatives was recognized with the award of the TRIGOS, an “award for companies showing responsibility”. In November, Wolfgang Niessner, CEO, received the Austrian national award for the OCC.

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air & sea Flying on the wings of an eagle Decreasing quantities and increasing capacities caused instability in the industry in 2008. Shipping companies and airlines alike had to face reductions in freight while battling increasing costs and stricter framework conditions. The market participants were all affected by the escalating uncertainty. However, even in such turbulent times, Gebrüder Weiss have continued to consistently pursue their strategic goals. Within the worldwide Air & Sea network, a clear course has been set and important investments made. “We have reinforced and continued to develop existing countries, regions and business segments,” says Air & Sea Board Member Heinz Senger-Weiss. “Moreover, we have extended our network and put out feelers in new regions.” The success story of Gebrüder Weiss in China started out in a hotel room in Shanghai in 1992. There Yongquan Chen, GW’s first employee in the People’s Republic of China, promoted the development of the organization under the management of Walter Schneider. After 16 years of managing Weiss-Röhlig China, including five years on site, Walter Schneider from Vorarlberg handed over his management responsibilities to his long time associate Chen. Heinz Senger-Weiss believes that this will secure the continuation of the company in a similar spirit: “Given that our new manager is Chinese, we will be able to gain ground locally.” Weiss-Röhlig China aims to transform itself from a European company into an “authentic” Chinese player, while also generating more and more orders on the domestic market. “The best opportunities can be found in imports to China, in the project business and of course in logistics solutions,” says Senger-Weiss. “We have already achieved initial successes.” Take off with “Orange Eagle” The transformation from being a handling agent working mainly for the global network to a market-

focused company was also implemented in the USA in 2008. Here, the establishment of the marketing & sales structures was accelerated; at the same time, “Orange Eagle” took off. Orange Eagle is a large-scale, group-wide campaign, launched with the objective of bringing the employees on both continents closer together and of creating optimized framework conditions for transportation between Europe and North America. “Orange Eagle” comprises product innovations, service standards specifically established for the Northern American markets as well as highly qualified employees, who not only know the respective markets inside out, but are also familiar with the corresponding cultures. “For our customers, the USA is important, both as a sales and as a buying market,” explains the Board Member. “Therefore, one of our priorities is to become the best service provider in the USA business through ‘Orange Eagle’.” Combined strengths Active sales activities and a high market exposure were also success factors in the positive development of Air & Sea in Central and Eastern Europe. “Together, we managed to position GW as a strong player in the overseas business and to gain new market shares on most of our domestic markets during the last year,” says Heinz Senger-Weiss. To achieve even greater efficiency within the existing structures, the Czech Republic and Slovakia have been placed under the same management; the same is true of Romania and Bulgaria. The Air & Sea terminal in Graz was relocated from the airport to the Graz Cargo Center in Werndorf. Senger-Weiss argues in favor of the relocation: “From a strategic point of view, the combined terminal is in a better location than the airport. We now offer the best conditions possible for sea freight in particular which is dealt with at the south harbor.” Import consolidated containers are still very important. In this context, Koper and Constanta play an increasingly important role as gateways for imports to the WeissLand area. In 2008, a bundling of sea freight exports began at the hub

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Having now opened its own office in the third-largest economy

The best opportunities can be found in imports in the world in November 2008, the Weiss-Röhlig network now

to China, in the project business and of course has another hub in East Asia.

in logistics solutions.

in Antwerp in cooperation with Röhlig, “in order to offer consolidated containers on a regular basis along our key trade routes.” In order to improve the bundling of transport flows, to use synergies and last but not least to increase vigor on the market, the Air & Sea management also decided to increase the staff for the product management Air & Sea. Step into the future For years, GW Air & Sea has been trying to break into the Swiss market – a difficult undertaking, which was not possible through organic growth alone. With the takeover of a strong local player at the Zurich-Kloten airport, an important step towards the future was taken in 2008. Heinz SengerWeiss says: “Aersped and Freight Factory International (FFI) strengthen Air & Sea Switzerland with their experienced staff and excellent infrastructure.” FFI operates in several niches and undertakes the transportation of cars and luxury goods. Aersped is responsible for the air and sea forwarding business. “The business segments included in the GW portfolio will be integrated into the organization,” says Senger-Weiss. “The successful niche products will remain independent.” Moreover, at the end of 2008, a new sea freight team started work at the Basle site, thereby forming a basis for further development in Switzerland.

Global course set Gebrüder Weiss has had a sales representative office in Japan for 7 years. Having now opened its own office in the second-largest economy in the world in November 2008, the Weiss-Röhlig network now has another key intersection in East Asia. Senger-Weiss notes that the Japanese market has always been very important for GW, therefore opening its own office on the market was an obvious and necessary step. “Now we can also guarantee a uniform handling of sea and air freight in the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ in accordance with our high standards.” Within the network, it will be easier to incorporate individual customer requirements concerning logistics solutions. The potential on the Japanese market is deemed to be extensive – however, so are the challenges. “Many examples show that it is extremely difficult for foreign companies to establish themselves,” admits the Head of Air & Sea. “We have completed the preliminary work and are confident that it will work out.” Weiss-Röhlig deals with the largest and most important markets of the world with its own staff on site. In the countries without an independent joint venture, these tasks are carried out by regionally-based well-positioned transport and logistics companies. In order to increase the density of the global network, additional contracts with agents were drawn up in 2008. “We found new cooperation partners in South America, North Africa, the Middle East and Russia,” says Heinz Senger-Weiss. And the decision in favor of an alliance with Röhlig has repeatedly proven to be absolutely right for Gebrüder Weiss Air & Sea. “We work in harmony with one another and work together to establish important global focal points.”

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gebrüder weiss parcel service Around the world seven times Austria’s leading parcel service celebrated its 20th birthday in 2008. The factors that led to DPD’s initial resounding success still characterize the company today: courage and a spirit of innovation. The success story of DPD in Austria started on May 2, 1988 in the form of a suitcase. This was the content of the first parcel delivered by the company recently founded by Gebrüder Weiss, Lagermax and Schachinger. In the first year, approx. one and a half million parcels passed over DPD’s conveyor belts and in 2007 almost 36 million. If all the parcels delivered by the parcel services over the past two decades in Austria were arranged into a line, they would stretch around the globe seven times. Ewald Müller, Managing Director of the Gebrüder Weiss Parcel Service proudly reports: “In no business year have we experienced a fall in quantity.” Müller recalls the beginnings: “At that time, our nationwide 24-hour-delivery service was revolutionary.” “Customers receiving parcels were not familiar with such service and for a long time we were the only company offering this.” Battery disposal. Austria’s first private parcel service is still a pioneer in almost all areas pertaining to parcel services. Since 1995, for example, the Shuttle Box has been in use – an environmentally friendly reusable packaging system. In 1997, wine logistics were launched onto the market and at the same time, deliveries on Saturdays were implemented. A milestone in 2000 was the launch of the website, a unique online control center for parcel logistics. In addition to a number of other products and services, DPD also started battery disposal logistics for Umweltforum Batterien (UFB) as early as 1991. This association established a simple but efficient collection system and the parcel service handled all transportation from the very beginning. In September 2008, a new

EU Battery Ordinance came into effect in Austria, and around the same time the UFB discontinued its operations. New regulations had to be issued for battery disposal. “Together with various collection systems and a waste management company, we managed to find a cost-effective solution to comply with the ordinance,” says Ewald Müller. “Despite the new market situation, we were able to retain the business and renew the contract.” A standard battery collection system and professional disposal are therefore still guaranteed. “Ball boy”. DPD demonstrated sporting excellence in the run-up to the European Championships in 2008: While UEFA and Adidas introduced the official ball, the “EUROPASS”, during the course of a final draw, the parcel service delivered thousands of these soccer balls, complete with shirts and football boots. Approx. 30,000 parcels had to be delivered to recipients in Austria, Germany and Switzerland – punctual to the day or even to the hour – e. g. to Intersport stores at 1 p.m. sharp where invited soccer fans were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the EUROPASS and co. “Concerning delivery performance, we achieved a success rate of 99 percent,” says the GWP Managing Director. “As the exclusive parcel service for Adidas in the Germanspeaking region after the World Cup of 2006, DPD also completed its second challenging major order with success.” Powered by natural gas. In December 2008, DPD switched to natural gas power. In cooperation with Konrad Wittwar GmbH and the Styrian Gas-Wärme GmbH, the depot in Graz subjected the alternative fuel to an endurance test. For three months, a natural gas-powered Mercedes Benz sprinter took to the streets, both in city traffic and long-distance traffic. Ewald Müller reports that there were cost savings of up to 30 percent in comparison to diesel. “However, in addition to the economic benefits, environmental aspects also argue in favor of testing natural gas-powered vehicles.” After all, cars with a natural-gas engine emit up to 80 percent less carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide, while sulfur

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dioxide and sooty particles are completely eliminated. “Green cars” are gaining ground with good reason – and perhaps they will soon be in constant use for fast parcel delivery.

subsidiaries and brands x|vise Living processes A new central warehouse is soon to have a significant impact on the logistics of Geberit Austria. Together with x|vise, the sanitary engineering company has been busy preparing itself for the changes to come. The status quo for Geberit is for customers to be supplied directly from the Pottenbrunn site. However, this will change starting in 2010. Then, socalled “jumbo-trucks” will take all finished products to the central warehouse in Pfullendorf, Germany, as part of a shuttle service from where they will then be distributed. “Combining the goods flow has an impact on both stock levels and on the number of intra-company transports”, Harry Stiastny, Managing Director of x|vise innovative logistics, explains. In 2008, the logistics consultants assumed the task of quantifying future commodity and traffic flows. x|vise looked at internal processes and existing data in detail. “We determined that the central warehouse would mean stocks in Pottenbrunn being halved and internal transportation being reduced by more than 30 percent,” says Stiastny. Subsequently, forecasts were compiled and detailed future scenarios developed.

The ramps required for the “jumbo-trucks” were also an issue the logistics consultants had to solve. The best strategic location and dimensions had to be determined. “All in all, we prepared four scenarios, calculated investment costs and internal transport routes and times and took into account both the cost factors and the future potential,” says the Managing Director. Geberit now has to make the final decision. After completion of the project, the customer was very satisfied with the results and said: “x|vise fulfilled its tasks 100 percent.” In 2008, the logistics consultants also focused on facility design on a larger scale. The design and development of logistics facilities has been in high demand since 2006 – now a new area of responsibility has been created for this. Operational processes should not have to be adapted to the structural situation. “Therefore, we start with the required processes in a company and on this basis, we plan the ideal infrastructure,” Harry Stiastny explains. This is the only way to build an efficient logistics structure that is also capable of meeting future requirements.

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The key to success entails customer contact –

During the past year, many companies have which to dicall is a still a priority, unlike with

decided to cooperate with inet-logistics automatic answering systems.

inet-logistics Seamlessly integrated “Software as a service” – the concept pursued by inet-logistics by offering web-based modular logistics solutions – is very successful. In 2008, the software company laid the foundations for linking e-logistics and e-customs. The focus of the management is increasingly turning to logistics. The management’s declared objective is to increase the optimization potential. In this context, the inet-logistics software solutions also played an important role in 2008. The company is one of the leading providers in Europe in various fields: in transport management, an area in which this software company from Vorarlberg has been able to stand up to “big names” such as Oracle and SAP, and in reducing transport costs through consistent freight cost clearing. During the past year, many companies have decided to cooperate with inet-logistics. Managing Director Oswald Werle proudly reports that the Supply Chain Execution solutions are being used by Unilvever, MAN, Hewlett Packard, ABB, Interseroh and also transport service providers such as Fiege and Panalpina. There is only a small step from e-logistics to e-customs: the objective of the project initiated by the EU is a paperless customs clearance process. “As of July 2009, companies in non-EU-countries must exclusively report their exports to customs by

electronic means,“ Werle explains. This enhances demand for the corresponding software solutions. Within this context, inet-logistics secured a strategic partnership with MIC Datenverarbeitung GmbH, the leading provider of customs software in 2008. “The objective of our cooperation is to seamlessly integrate the efficient MIC applications for customs management into our integration platform, logistics server®,” says the Head of inet. “Thus, customers will receive a complete solution, covering all tasks in connection with the planning, control and execution of cross-border transport.”

dicall Against the current Customer studies show that call centers should be easily accessible, the staff should be friendly and the services offered should be of a high quality – dicall more than fulfills these requirements. This industry is on the upturn. An increasing number of companies are outsourcing large parts of their customer care to third party service providers. However, call centers are facing increasingly

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high price pressures. As a result, considerable staff cutbacks have been made and the employee tasks are increasingly being undertaken by voice-controlled computer systems. In this respect, dicall went against the current in 2008. Florian Maurer, Head of the Customer Care Center, proudly talks of “the highest number of employees and the best operating result since the company was established.” To him, the key to success entails customer contact – which to dicall is a still a priority, unlike with automatic answering systems. The company’s top customer DPD very much appreciates this. For some time now, dicall has been responsible for certain customer groups for all issues in the internal sales division on behalf of Gebrüder Weiss Parcel Service East. In spring of 2008, this cooperation was expanded to include western Austria. Maurer reports: “At the depot in Hall, we have been handling approx. 5,000 calls per month.” The location is connected to the Callcenter Software CCTop, specifically developed by the IT department of Gebrüder Weiss Parcel Services to meet the Customer Care Center requirements. CCTop has been implemented step-by-step within DPD in Germany since 2008. By the end of the year, a total of 59 locations had been integrated and more than 1,000 users set up. Of the new customers who used the services provided by dicall in 2008 for the first time, Florian Maurer highlights Triple A. The water dispenser provider took over a former dicall customer. “We managed to acquire Triple A as a customer and over the course of the year we carried out various telephone marketing projects.” And last but not least: the business training sessions offered by the Styrian Customer Care Center were in high demand: The team of trainers was particularly successful in Germany and in the Austrian banking sector.

gebrüder weiss rail cargo Right on time / trains are gaining ground While the upturn of the railways continued in Germany in 2008, the situation in Austria was not quite as simple. Yet the committed Rail Cargo team still managed to exceed the million mark. The German “Pro-Rail Alliance” described 2008 as “a golden era for railway transportation”. In Germany, railway transport revealed higher growth than road transport and freight railways managed to gain additional market shares for the fifth year in a row. However in Austria, the opposite trend was observed according to Walter Dolezahl, Managing Director of GW’s rail freight forwarder Rail Cargo: “The gap between railway and truck transport continued to widen over the past year.” Road transport was able to increase its head start as the top transport carrier. Therefore, maintaining existing business was the order of the day for Rail Cargo. The team of 6 employees succeeded in this task – “despite the slump caused by the economic situation over the last quarter,” Dolezal adds. All in all, Rail Cargo organized the environmentally friendly transport of approx. one million tons of freight in 2008. Approx. one third of this related to so-called cross-border traffic which took place entirely via the foreign railway network. The focus of the GW rail freight forwarders has always been on chemical and mineral oil products; an increase was achieved in the field of biodiesel in particular.

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automotive logistics

leisure+sports logistics

On a par automotive logistics once again managed to stand up to the competition during the last business year – despite the highly competitive environment – and thus braved the beginnings of the financial crisis. In 2008, the Competence + Solution Center assumed responsibility for the regional forwarding from Bulgaria on behalf of the largest European automobile manufacturer. “We now handle transport from Bulgarian suppliers to more than 30 factories and consolidation points across Europe,” says Kurt Pichler, Head of Business Development Automotive. He believes a further expansion of the partnership would be beneficial: “This cooperation automatically leads to further links to other brands within the group.” Two more companies have also been added to the inbound network of which utility vehicle manufacturer Scania is a member. Their transports are made from the same supplier to factories in South Sweden. An exclusive cooperation agreement for Austria was drawn up with one of these new customers, a world-wide leader in seat systems. An evaluation of Slovakia is scheduled for 2009. automotive logistics continues to expand its procurement logistics cooperation with the automotive suppliers F. S. Fehrer Automotive, Grammer and the Danaher Motion Group. Pichler is pleased to have had its contract with a renowned German steel producer renewed until the end of 2009. “Cooperation with the Romanian organisation of the biggest German car manufacturer in Hungary, Romania and the Ukraine in the after sales domain has revealed a very positive development.” Kurt Pichler is pinning his hopes on the new boom region of Central Serbia for 2009. The automotive manager reports: “Up until the third quarter of 2008, we developed a number of concepts and offers for our customers.” However, when the economic crisis affected the automotive industry, the implementation of such developments was postponed. Despite the cost pressures, Pichler intends to benefit from the crisis and to position Gebrüder Weiss automotive logistics on a par as a reliable partner – and the best in its class.

Soccer fever June 7 was the kickoff for EURO 2008 – from that point on, soccer was a priority all over Europe. Thanks to leisure+sports logistics, there was no hint of boredom in the stadiums – even when the beloved ball was not in play. More than 1.1 million people watched the battle for European Championships trophy at first hand in the stadiums. leisure+sports logistics made sure that entertainment was offered when the ball was not in play. “We were responsible for distributing all the equipment for the supporting program before kick-off, during half-time and after the end of the game,” says Klaus Bannwarth, Product Manager, who established contact with UEFA. The group branches in Hall, Basel, Salzburg and Pöchlarn delivered the required equipment in good time both in Austria and in Switzerland from one venue to the next. “Team work” proved to be a success factor. “Logistics for an event of that magnitude can only work with a strong network,” says Bannwarth. In the midst of the “europhoria”, the wellness and fitness trend continued. The desire for physical well-being boosted sales figures in many segments of the sports and leisure time industry, despite the economic crisis. And more and more producers of sports goods decided to outsource logistics to a competent partner. Klaus Bannwarth says the increase in new customers is enormous and he believes that the reasons for this include: “We scored above all with individual solutions and corresponding added-value services.” Since 2008, leisure+ sports logistics has handled distribution in Central and Eastern Europe and Italy for Burton Sportartikel GmbH which has its headquarters in Innsbruck and includes brands such as Gravis, Analog or RED. However, the leisure+sports team also managed to increase existing business. The focus on Service Excellence over the past year made an impact. “The quality level has been steadily increasing,” says Bannwarth. “Many of our customers such as Adidas or Reebok have rewarded our commitment and intensified our partnership.”

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tectraxx high tech logistics A revolution for repairs Repair logistics are a top priority for tectraxx. And with good reason: the high-performance futureproof solution created by this high-tech logistics company is already being used by renowned electronics groups. The question of what was the highlight of 2008 is easily answered: “Of course that would be the Austria-wide implementation of repair logistics for Samsung Electronics,” says Wolfgang Leuthner, Branch Manager tectraxx. The high-tech logistics company has overall responsibility for carrying out repairs for the world market leader in LCD displays and color laser multifunctional devices. Since November, tectraxx has been handling deliveries between the end customers, vendors and service partners in charge of the repairs on behalf of the electronics group. Moreover, tectraxx offers additional services such as packaging on site, functional checks, installation work and documentation of the entire process. “Large groups such as Samsung are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that complex structures in the repair process are simply not up to date anymore and are (too) expensive,” says Wolfgang Leuthner. “The cost of repairs has long reached its limit and transport costs continue to surge.” The demand for an outsourcing partner in this field is ever on the increase. In order to be prepared for future challenges, tectraxx is continuing to expand its repair logistics capacities. On December 31, 2008 the high-tech logistics company took over the largest repair workshop for brown goods and information technology in Austria, MCL Unterhaltungselektronik Service GmbH. With 18 employees, the company deals with customers such as Samsung, Sharp, JVC, Grundig, Yamaha, Loewe and Marantz. “After the merger, these companies automatically became logistics customers of tectraxx,” says Leuthner about the reputable names on the reference list. Wolfgang Leuthner points out that customers in the repair and service domain usually look for a provider offering the entire range of services from

one source. “When it comes to transport logistics, we definitely benefit from our surroundings,” he adds, „both from the parent company Gebrüder Weiss and the subsidiary DPD.” Leuthner is pleased that tectraxx now has flexible and efficient structures. “No other service provider can establish them easily.”

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personnel development Living networks Helmut Schöpf sums it up: “It is our task to support committed staff members in order to continue challenging the competition.” In 2008, the Head of Personnel Development and his team again set important sights for the future. “The future is orange” – since 2004, this has been the motto for the participants of “Orange Future”, the trainee program for young university graduates and high potential individuals in the company. This program is now being carried out in English and German for the first time. Helmut Schöpf describes it as a fundamental change, beneficial in particular to staff in Central and Eastern Europe. He adds: “Strengthening the middle management on the future markets is one of our top priorities.” Highly qualified individuals with promising potential and a good background are not only sought after in the CEE region, but rather on a group-wide basis. “In the past, we offered a special course on the topic of executive development every two or three years,” says Schöpf. „Due to the increased demand, two such executive development programs have been launched and / or completed over the past year.” Gebrüder Weiss is ready to face the challenges of the future with its qualified and motivated executive team. Networking together The Personnel Development division also focused on staff with a background in freight forwarding. The “GW-plus” support program for young professionals was tailored to this group. “Between January 2008 and October 2009, we are organizing regular seminars on GW-specific topics and in the field of personality development,” Schöpf reports. The objective is to provide the 37 participants with insight and perspectives both within the orange world and their personal world and to promote fun at work. Here too, “networking” was a focal point. Currently, almost 200 young people in Austria, Germany and Switzerland complete their training with GW. Helmut Schöpf explains that a lot has been achieved in the training field since 2007: “We

offer English courses for trainees almost group-wide and we support their participation in Orange College seminars, our company’s training and advanced training program. A new trainee portal on the intranet will accompany our junior staff on the path from ‘branch thinking’ to the group vision.” Service charges and trainee bonuses within the company have been standardized and communicated internally insofar as this is legally possible. The personnel development managers have also focused on the training supervisors, who are now employed within each branch. This included a customized advanced training program. “Forming young people into efficient staff members is a very important task,” says Schöpf. “We would like to support the training supervisors in this task as best we can.” The power of values 2008 was also the year of the orange way. The Personnel Development division initiated the “Employer Branding” project with the goal of reinforcing the “Employer Brand Gebrüder Weiss.” “The way in which a company is regarded as an employer on the labor market is essential for its image,” Schöpf says of the initiative and continues: “GW’s core values are communicated beyond the confines of the group through personnel work and marketing, but they also focus inwardly on the staff – and that is an issue that is frequently neglected.” For this reason, a qualitative survey was conducted to determine which values staff members of all ages and positions associate with their employer. “Based on these results, we can implement targeted measures in future in order to support our company’s culture such that it can be observed and experienced by our staff and transmitted to the outside world.”

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it-services High level availability The highest possible security across the data network, the development of a multi-lingual PC world and optimized support of the operational processes – the IT Services’ capacities were once again put to full use in 2008. The forwarding and logistics business would not be feasible without stable, efficient information technology. Therefore, the group’s IT department is also responsible for the high level of system availability. Klaus Heim, Head of IT Services, explains: “It is our task to ensure that business-relevant applications run around the clock.” Furthermore, precautions must be taken to avoid any data loss. The magic word is redundancy. Data centers, servers, emergency power supply etc. run at least in duplicate within GW. Operations can thus continue in the event that the energy supply is disrupted, a server malfunction occurs, data becomes damaged or an entire data center fails. In 2008, as part of the “Business Continuity” project, all operation-critical applications and data bases were comprehensively tested for their system stability and improved where necessary, Klaus Heim reports: “Moreover, we started developing an emergency manual to avoid wasting time in the event of a major incident.” From now on, the comprehensive tests will be conducted as a matter of routine once a year in order to further increase the security of the GW data network. Growth at Gebrüder Weiss During the course of the year, the Wolfurt team was busy integrating the new group branches and locations into the company’s IT networks. In spring, Gebrüder Weiss acquired the companies Aersped and Freight Factory International in Zurich and towards the end of the year the freight forwarder MSV in Basel was taken over. Furthermore, the first intragroup branches in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Japan were established in 2008. GW Czech Republic also took over the land and logistics business of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. A company takeover was the trigger for designing a multi-language

PC world in 2008. Klaus Heim recalls: “When we integrated the Slovakian company M&G into our systems in 2006, we realized that some of the staff spoke neither German nor English well.” As a consequence, a solution was developed to offer the Windows and Office environment group-wide in the most important national languages. Since December, PC users have been able to select between Czech, Hungarian, Mandarin and Taiwanese – not just German and English. In order to facilitate this, more than 300 man days were invested. Heim is satisfied that feedback from the regional IT departments is good and the staff have accepted the opportunities offered.

“Tuning” of internal processes The “Operational Excellence” project (“OpX”) was launched as early as 2007 with the objective of continuously optimizing the operational processes within Gebrüder Weiss – and informational technology plays a key role in this project. Together with Land Transport Product Management, the staff of IT Services also tackled technical innovations and improvements in 2008. In this context, Klaus Heim would like to highlight the final push concerning the implementation of mobile communications: “After three years of work, this major project is now almost complete.” With a few exceptions, all of the relevant regions within WeissLand were integrated in the group-wide solution in 2008. Consignments can now be recorded electronically with scanners, the relevant data is transmitted to the IT systems in real time and GW customers can access this within a short period of time. “The technical basis for transparent transport has been established,” says Heim in summary. Now, the processes must be optimized continuously and the quality must be improved – in accordance with the spirit of “Operational Excellence”. Other “OpX”-activities of the IT-Services included the implementation of a production monitor, making day-to-day business more transparent in relation to the haulage process. Moreover, the loading device management was expanded, as barcode scanning means that not only europallets can be electronically recorded, the wire mesh containers, frames and covers can

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In 2008, employees in the IT services The use of scanners now means that consignments

division worked intensively with the land can be electronically compiled and the relevant data

transport product management towards transmitted to the IT systems in real time.

technical developments and improvements.


34  35

be documented too. According to Heim, “this is the first step towards fully automatic loading device management and better control of loading device movement.” “OpX” will continue to pose challenges for his team, says Heim. “And that is a good thing,” says the Head of IT. He is convinced that the entire organization benefits if internal processes are accelerated or at least simplified through even better IT support.

customs services Seal of quality for customs clearance Gebrüder Weiss was Austria’s first “Authorized Economic Operator” in 2008. It is not just the shipping and transportation industry which requires a secure supply chain, the administration wants this too. The EU has revised its Customs Code in order to provide more security in the movement of goods within the European Community. Until 2009, measures will be gradually implemented which standardize customs checks among other things and increase protection of the external borders of the EU. For socalled “Authorized Economic Operators” (AEO), customs clearance has been significantly simpler since the beginning of 2008. Once again, Gebrüder Weiss was one of the pioneers: the logistics group was the first Austrian company to be awarded the AEO certificate.

“The Federal Ministry for Finance brought us onboard as part of the AEO pilot project,” Thomas Zeillinger, GW’s customs officer, reports. “As a result, we were able to apply for the status of Authorized Economic Operator at the earliest possible point.” Following comprehensive reviews of the various company divisions, we received the AEOC certification for customs simplification as early as April 2008. The top priority for Gebrüder Weiss was above all the quality aspect – in addition to ensuring EU-wide recognition of this certification and the associated simplification to customs regulations. Zeillinger believes that the AEO certificate is a seal of quality, demonstrating the company’s high level of reliability. “It will be an additional important sign of quality for customers and business partners alike.” The positive impact on customs clearance will be evident as early as 2009.

Aiming for the sky! Higher, faster, further?

Without a goal, GPS cannot be of any help: objectives keep us grounded and show us the way to the future – today more than ever. She could just relax. Be proud of what she has achieved. And breathe easy for once. But she doesn’t. She is aiming for the skies – both figuratively and in reality. Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner from Upper Austria is the best mountaineer in the world. At the age of 38, she climbed eleven of the fourteen 8,000 m peaks. Using her own strength alone. Only Mount Everest, K2 and Lhotse are still missing from her impressive collection. Ms. Kaltenbrunner has seen fellow climbers die, had to deal with setbacks and overcome injuries. However, she has never lost track of her objectives. Objectives are not a purpose in themselves. They are guiding stars, giving us direction. The Romans used to say per aspera ad astra – in other words: You have to have objectives in order to achieve them. And these are not fixed dogmas. In order to remain effective, they sometimes change their “appearance”. Sometimes one specific star shines very brightly in the sky; sometimes it is another. The most important thing is to look up at the sky regularly to see whether the guiding stars still meet one’s expectations. Should this not be the case (any more), flexibility is a must. Without regular checking, objectives turn into mere illusions. Those who do not question their objectives from time to time and change them where necessary, lose sight of them. Sounds quite easy, doesn’t it? But why is man so attracted to tangible objectives? What impact do they have on our everyday life – and can we succeed without them? According to science, the answer is: no. Scientists from all disciplines have been concentrating on the term “objective” for a long time now. Economists and social scientists in particular have long been seeking answers to the question: why do we need objectives? This is also true of the great Austrian philosopher Karl Popper. Or the Canadian Raymond Hull, who died in 1985. Both Mr. Popper and Mr. Hull looked at man’s desire for objectives. According to them, a high level of individualism is required in order to set goals for oneself. People setting goals for themselves must know who they are and where they come from. Like trees in soil, great objectives spring from a basis of experience and an awareness of one’s own skills. Only rarely can objectives be forced upon someone. They will simply do not work without personal willpower, passion and motivation. Who feels one hundred percent passionate about the objectives of another person?

38  39

Irrespective of whether this refers to a company or a nation, a school class or a family: setting objectives requires personal commitment and achieving or changing them requires motivation.

Cross heading: Lucky coincidences Despite all our abilities to plan: sometimes coincidence is the best thing to happen to goal-oriented people. As is often the case, it all depends on what you make of it. In the case of the mountaineer Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, the minister at her church took her up into the mountains in Upper Austria after the sermon on Sundays – and this helped give her life direction. However, not all objectives we set for ourselves need be a life-time goal. In order to find ourselves at the right place at the right time, we do need a dose of luck – and plenty of flexibility, both in our thinking and in our actions. This equation applies in particular to situations in which our fixed goals are knocked on the head. Whenever the order situation changes suddenly due to external influences, whenever a customer communicates completely different requirements overnight or whenever circumstances indicate that this may occur. Adjustments must then be made to goals as well as one’s own objectives, in order to meet both one’s own, greater objectives and those of the customer or partner. Anticipation, i.e. the ability to foresee certain developments or trends, helps us find adequate objectives. Those who begin to set themselves modified objectives at an early stage will have a significant head start. This applies to all areas of life and the economy, i. e. in case the tourism industry which must adjust to the consequences of climate change and many Austrian winter sports regions which must make plans for a future with less certainty of snow. However, we should not overdo it. Overly ambitious goals, e.g. if a ski resort attempts to market itself as a destination for sunbathing holidays, do nobody any good. Overshooting an objective in the heat of the moment means the objective has not been achieved – the same is true of an objective for which there are inadequate resources available. The opposite of “good” is only “wellmeant”.

Aiming for the sky

Personal goals and the ambitions of the company are not always the same. However, even a partial overlap can create a win-win situation, beneficial for individual staff members, customers and the company as a whole. Only by constantly listening to the customer’s wishes is it possible to help the customer achieve his or her goals as well as one’s own objectives. It is also necessary to review your objectives regularly in terms of validity and feasibility – otherwise you will soon find yourself without. Careful listening and inquiring and questioning what you have learnt are all tools which can help you to identify the wishes and objectives of the customers. If the customer is always right, flexible thinking is an absolute must. Have the customer’s objectives changed? Will I be able to improve my work in such a way that the customer can achieve his or her goals more quickly, easily and efficiently? In their quest for objectives, attentive companies paying attention will deal with more questions than answers. And even more important: why are we doing this and for whom? In fact, it is quite simple: first and foremost, for the customer.

Just do it Just like the mountaineer Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, whose entire ambitions are focused on the peaks, a commercial enterprise makes every effort to achieve the objectives defined in line with the company’s philosophy. The principle of “walk the talk” means that promises must be kept. In terms of achieving goals, “walk the talk” means that each link in the chain must contribute something to the success. This also means that a supervisor must experience the objectives he /she sets for him / herself and the team, in order to be credible. If the supervisor manages to motivate the employees, he  / she has taken a big step in terms of contributing to the company’s overall success. A motivated forward-thinking employee offers the best guarantee that ambitious objectives can be achieved. And it doesn’t matter whether it is the objective of an individual department or a corporate target.

40  41

For example, if the top priority is to supply customers and partners with the best quality at all times, this seems obvious at first glance. Who wouldn’t want to say that about themselves? However, this priority is definitely not trivial. Every objective has its place in a deeply rooted hierarchy. The philosophy of science defines it as follows: the hierarchy of objectives describes the hierarchal status of a number of sociopolitical and politico-economic objectives. Their position in the hierarchy is also expressed in the goal-means relationship. This means: the hierarchy of objectives also involves estimating what effort is required at what point in order to achieve an objective.

Flexibility means freedom Long-term planning in particular requires a company to have great staying power. Interim objectives are milestones and show the direction, provided they are planned properly. Just as individuals set themselves large and small tasks, companies set objectives and interim objectives, which may be adjusted in the event of inaccuracies or problems arising. Does the path lead to the goal? Or has the goal changed? It is certain that flexibility leads to the goal. First things first as the Americans say. Long-term planning offers perspective while short-term flexibility gives us the freedom to be creative. Often the obvious and easily visible things are affected by tunnel vision – the result of routine – and as such do not offer the quickest progress on the path to success. Those who understand that the route to the goal is often thorny and rarely streamlined and straight, have already made a great deal of progress. The hierarchy of objectives also means identifying superior, interim and subordinate objectives, defining them, and – and this is the crux – formulating them in words. According to the scientists, the interconnections between the individual goals, irrespective of their hierarchy status, must be complementary, i. e. they must build on one another. What does this mean? Let’s stay with our climbing image: if a climber plans on climbing Mount Everest in one go, he will fail. He has set a goal for himself that he cannot realistically achieve.

Aiming for the sky

However, if the mountaineer manages to keep one eye on the peak while still concentrating on interim objectives, i.e. base camps and bivouacs, he will be able to achieve his objective through his own efforts. Theoretically, this means that achieving one goal does not jeopardize or even rule out achieving another goal. We can assume that most companies aim to generate as much profit as possible. Normally, maximizing sales is a relatively safe way of achieving this objective. However, this does not change the fact that having the courage to face objectives is always worthwhile. Naturally, this theory assumes an ideally planned, meticulously and consistently designed goal focus, as is required in high-performance sports and as is essential for mere survival in the case of mountaineers. In real life, in our everyday lives, humans are not perfect and the nature of the day or other differences often play an essential role. It helps to regularly set smaller goals that are easier to achieve and which complement one another. A clear description and declaration of these goals for ourselves, our environment and our partners, enhances visibility. Reliability, resilience, flexibility, accuracy: these four buzzwords form the basis for a successful goal-focused approach. Alternatives In normative decision theory, used by psychologists to identify why people act in a certain way or not, objectives play a fundamental role. Objectives determine how we evaluate an alternative in comparison to another alternative. This means: without objectives, we do not know where the journey will take us. Objectives define the behavioral rules for our decisions. This applies as much to the economy as it does to sports, where the principle of “higher, faster, further� defines significant goals.

42  43

A person who knows that he  /she is required to generate the highest turnover possible for the company will act differently when deciding whether to accept or reject orders to someone whose objectives are not linked to sales figures. Similarly a triathlete who knows that he will only achieve his /her goals by training very hard, e. g. swimming, can act and decide accordingly. The task of defining the content of an objective means defining which results of an action are to be taken into account during the evaluation. And where the path to the stars will take us. One thing is for certain: We don’t always know in advance where we will be at the end of the day.

Wolfgang BĂśsch

What do objectives mean to you? + + + + + Generally, objectives are concrete, measurable quantities that you either define for yourself or that others define for you. In order to achieve objectives, perseverance and persistency are required, but also the flexibility required to take a detour if needed. Any objectives not achieved require more detailed analysis, as only by knowing the cause can further mistakes be avoided or minimized. What was your objective when you started working for GW 35 years ago? + + + + + The primary objective of my first job was to establish cost and contribution margin accounting. 1974 was one of the few but intense years of crisis in my 35-year GW career. The first oil crisis triggered massive profit slumps. Transparency of cost structures and increased cost awareness were essential in order to support management decisions. Are you currently pursuing a certain objective? + + + + + During my final five years of my employment with GW, I would like to serve the company with my extensive experience and my strengths. This may involve personal contact with customers, key account projects or supporting young employees of GW who are willing to learn more. Do you believe that objectives change? + + + + + Goals in life change when a person’s values change. Business objectives are adapted to new framework conditions. The current recession is leading to objectives being adapted, even though the material strategies and directions are not discarded. Do you have private objectives that are particularly important to you? + + + + + In my private life, non-quantifiable values are often a priority. To me, health is more important than anything else – and I try to do my best to maintain my health. Another important issue is to be involved and take part in activities within my network of family and friends. My private life has sometimes suffered during my many years of professional work.

44  45

Generally, objectives are concrete, measurable quantities.

Wolfgang BĂśsch started his career with GW in 1974 in Bregenz. Over the following years, he held various management positions at an international level. Today he is responsible for central logistics acquisitions.

Thomas Forster

What do objectives mean to you? + + + + + Objectives accompany us every day – from budget planning and controlling to the direct objectives of individual dispatchers to achieve full capacity for their trucks. In my opinion, clear specifications and good controlling tools as well as reasonable discipline play an important role in achieving objectives. What was your objective when you started working for GW? + + + + + More than 22 years ago, when I started working for GW, my objectives were not structured and communicated as clearly as they are today. However, my main objective has always been GW’s economic success. On this basis, I would like to secure and expand our quality leadership. Are you currently pursuing a certain objective? + + + + + My personal objective is always to achieve special benefits for customers and customer loyalty through partnerships. I would like to achieve this based on a team of experts who are able to speak openly about the strengths and weaknesses of their peers in order to find new solutions. Do you believe that objectives change? + + + + + Individual development is a continuous process. New influences change perspectives and thus lead to changed opinions, entailing new priorities. The different phases in life also influence a person’s objectives. Difficult economic circumstances and new framework conditions require different objectives than during “quiet times”. Do you have private objectives that are particularly important to you? + + + + + My private objective – and it doesn’t always work out – is to establish a good balance between my professional and my private life. Only then do I see the possibility of pursuing my personal objectives consistently and in the best interest of our customers and GW, as well as being happy and in my private life.

46  47

Objectives accompany us every day.

Thomas Forster has been working for GW for 22 years and is responsible for the product Weiss24 in Wolfurt. As a key account manager, he serves as the initial contact for renowned corporate clients.

Melanie Röhr

Living aimlessly leaves you without prospects.

Melanie Röhr has been working in Customer Service at Gebrüder Weiss Parcel Service/DPD in Sulz since November 2007.

48  49

What do objectives mean to you? + + + + + They are very important to me. Objectives provide me with the opportunity to define my path and plan and/or control my life. I subdivide my objectives into sub-objectives. Thus, they are easier to achieve and I remain motivated. Living aimlessly leaves you without prospects. What was your objective when you started working for DPD? + + + + + I did not have a clear objective when I started working for DPD, since DPD itself was my objective. At that time I wanted to switch from my former occupation to the transport industry, and when I was offered the opportunity I took it. Are you currently pursuing a certain objective? + + + + + No, currently I am attempting to redefine both my private and my professional goals in order to change direction. I have achieved many of the objectives I set for and due to new circumstances in my life, my objectives and my wishes have now changed as well. However, one objective remains – the fulfillment of my childhood dream. Do you believe that objectives change? + + + + + Objectives can change, just like life changes. Changes occur all the time, and we all must redefine ourselves and our objectives. The reasons for this are many and varied. Every new phase of life entails different objectives. When I was a child, I wanted to become a firefighter, now I want to further my career with DPD. Do you have private objectives that are particularly important to you? + + + + + Yes, as I have already mentioned. When I was a child, my dream was to swim with dolphins. This objective is very important to me. However, it has always taken the back seat. Now is the right time to fulfill my dream.

Walter Schneider

Some objectives are worth fighting for.

Walter Schneider started his career with GW in the summer of 1964 in Lustenau. Before moving to Shanghai in 2003, he held various management positions in the air and sea freight divisions. Following hand-over of the country management in China, he was assigned new tasks in Austria.

50  51

What do objectives mean to you? + + + + + Objectives are part of life. Some last over decades, some change. Times are now more short-lived. Therefore objectives too must become more short-term in order to cut down on reaction times. However, they cannot fully replace medium and long-term objectives. Which was your most important objective when you started working for GW 45 years ago? + + + + + I wanted to move abroad. That was one of the objectives that stayed with me. When I started working in Lustenau, I was fascinated by the international air and sea freight business. That is why I relocated to England in order to learn the language. The Latin and Ancient Greek I learned in school would not have been much help. So you have to fight for your objectives? + + + + + Yes, some objectives are worth fighting for. Each individual must decide for him or herself which are worth the effort, as objectives may change. My professional objective of working abroad took me to Shanghai. When I was offered the opportunity to work in China in 2003, I took the chance and never regretted it. What is the significance of objectives in China? + + + + + I cannot answer this question as objectives are primarily individual. During my 5 ½ years in China, I did notice that objectives are viewed on a different time scale. They are more short-term. Your objective was to live abroad. Why is that? + + + + + I wanted to get to know new cultures and face new challenges. Conducting business in Africa is totally different from conducting business in China, for example. It is important to adapt to the people and situations in question. To me, this very challenge is what makes my work so appealing still today.

Doris Ritter

Objectives turn into success.

Doris Ritter has been working with GW since 1972; since 2000, she has been responsible for Sales in the Feldkirch/Bludenz branch.

52  53

What do objectives mean to you? + + + + + Dreams and visions, both in my private and my professional life, require objectives in order to be achieved. Where am I now, where do I want to go? In my profession, especially in the sales department, objectives are essential. Naturally, they must comply with the objectives of the group, so the company can continue on its successful course. Objectives turn into success. What was your objective when you started working for GW 37 years ago? + + + + + At that time all I wanted was to start working and get away from school! To me, it was important to complete a real – as a “girl”. I actually wanted to train to become a forwarding merchant. However, I was advised against that choice; at that time, it was an occupation for men only. I am glad that I have now reached my objective, training as an office clerk along the way. Are you currently pursuing a certain objective? + + + + + Over the past two years, I have completed a three-part series of seminars. I can now use the valuable insight I gained here in my work. I like to turn theoretical knowledge into hands-on experience. In today’s difficult times, this tends to become a very challenging objective. Do you believe that objectives change? + + + + + Absolutely. Each of us and our surroundings change continuously. At the age of 20, different things are important than at the age of 50. If we didn’t change our objectives, we would be forever stuck in the past. Do you have private objectives that are particularly important to you? + + + + + My husband and I like to travel. In the summer we travel to Greece, in the winter we prefer Asia. For various reasons, we have not been able to undertake any long-distance travel over the past three years. Papua New Guinea has been at the very top of our wish list for a long time. However, we are now looking forward to a summer in Greece on our trikes.

Roland Werenka

What do objectives mean to you? + + + + + For me, objectives are fundamental stimuli. I take on board many things from the world of sport. Defining and persistently pursuing objectives is my philosophy in life. However, this single-minded attitude is not always an advantage, in particular when trying to achieve a good work-life balance. . What was your objective when you started working for GW? + + + + + In 1991 I would have done (almost) anything to work for GW! When I was hired, I set more challenging sub-objectives for myself. Initially, I didn’t want to be the one getting lunch every day, then I wanted to be the best at filing – not making any mistakes but still working fast – whoever was fast at filing was assigned more demanding tasks. Are you currently pursuing a certain objective? + + + + + I always pursue several objectives at the same time. Professionally-speaking, I would like to lead my team to ensure that we can provide a good service and stable, wellperforming software for our branches. And it should all be able to function perfectly whenever I am not there. In this way, I am always ready for new tasks and challenges – and you always get those at GW! Do you believe that objectives change? + + + + + Objectives constantly change – and that is a good thing. Every day, we encounter numerous factors which affect our objectives. This does not mean that I reset my objectives every day. The focus must remain on the long-term objectives. However, we should not forget to always cast a critical eye over the strategies employed to achieve these objectives. Do you have private objectives that are particularly important to you? + + + + + My team is scattered across several locations. Therefore, on a personal level, my objective is to spend more time with family and friends. I also face sporting challenges as a player in the Upper Austrian Inline Skater Hockey League.

54  55

For me, objectives are fundamental stimuli.

Roland Werenka started working for GW in 1991 as an apprentice and worked in several branches before transferring to the IT department in 1996. Today he is responsible for land transport in the IT Services division.

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Gebrüder Weiss S.R.L. Air & Sea Terminal Bucharest 075150 Otopeni, Romania Str. Aurel Vlaicu nr.11C. Etaj 2, Cam. 8-10 T + F +


Gebrüder Weiss S.R.L. Air & Sea Terminal Timisoara 300562 Timisoara, Romania Str. Stefan cel Mare nr. 56, Etaj 2 T +40.356.463.723 F +40.356.463.724

Slovakia Gebrüder Weiss s.r.o. Air & Sea Terminal Bratislava 821 04 Bratislava, Slovakia Mokráň záhon 4 T +421.2.4920.5021 F +421.2.4920.5050 Gebrüder Weiss s.r.o. Air & Sea Terminal Košice 040 01 Košice, Slovakia Prešovská cesta 4 T +421.55.729.0356 F +421.55.729.8651 Slovenia

Brigl Weiss Air & Sea Cargo SRL 39100 Bozen, Italy Mitterhoferstraße 1 T +39.0471.246.276 F +39.0471.246.180

Gebrüder Weiss d.o.o. Air & Sea Terminal Ljubljana 4210 Brnik-Aerodrom, Slovenia Airport Ljubljana T+386.4.201.8492 F+386.4.201.8494 Gebrüder Weiss d.o.o. Air & Sea Terminal Koper 6000 Koper, Slovenia Koper Seaport Ankaranska cesta 7b-Rotonda T +386.5.6638.530 F +386.5.6638.535

Serbia Ukraine

Romania Gebrüder Weiss S.R.L. Air & Sea Terminal Brasov 500152 Brasov, Romania Str. Turnului nr.5 T +40.368.006.094 F +40.368.006.094

Cargo T. Weiss d.o.o. Air & Sea Terminal Beograd 11070 Novi Beograd, Serbia Beograd office park Djordja Stanojevica 12 T +381.11.2179.088 F +381.11.3018.737

TOW Gebrüder Weiss GmbH Air & Sea Terminal Kiev 04070 Kiev, Ukraine 3-a NaberezhnoKhreschatytska Str., of 23 T +380.44.536.1258 F +380.44.494.3975

62  63 WEISS-ROHLIG Canada Weiss-Rohlig Canada Inc Montreal, QC H9S 5J9, Canada 185 Dorval Avenue, Suite 301A T +1.514.633.0006 F +1.514.631.3330 Weiss-Rohlig Canada Inc Toronto, ON M9C 5E9, Canada 703 Evans Avenue, Suite 201 T +1.416.621.1600 F +1.416.621.5656

Weiss-Rohlig China Co., Ltd 116000 Dalian, PR China Rm 2110, MingShi Fortune Centre No. 20A, GangWan Road, Zhongshan District T +86.411.3956.9111/39569222 F +86.411.3956.9000

Weiss-Rohlig China Co., Ltd. 200021 Shanghai, PR China Rm 1712-1719, 1 Corporate Avenue No. 222 Hubin Road T +86.21.6340.6000 F +86.21.6340.6858

Weiss-Rohlig Hong Kong Ltd 510620 Guangzhou, PR China Unit 1510-1511, 15F,   Baoli Fengxin Plaza, Building B, Tianhe Road No.242, Tianhe District T +86.20.38395088 F +86.20.38104900

Weiss-Rohlig Hong Kong Ltd. 518001 Shenzhen, PR China World Finance Centre, Tower A, Suite 6B No. 4003, East Shennan Road Luo Hu District T +86.755.3306.3200 F +86.755.3306.3220

Weiss-Rohlig China Co., Ltd 210018 Nanjing, PR China Rm 13A, Deji Mansion No. 188 Changjiang Road T +86.25.8681.6006 F +86.25.8681.6007

Weiss-Rohlig China Co., Ltd 300042 Tianjin, PR China B22 D-E, Mansion of Triumphal Arch No 66 Nanjing Road, Hexi District T +86.22.2339.8246 F +86.22.2339.8248

China Weiss-Rohlig China Co.,Ltd 100027 Beijing, PR China F-7-F, Fu Hua Mansion, No.8 Chaoyang Men Avenue (N) T +86.10.6554.1916 F +86.10.6554.3090 Weiss-Rohlig China Ltd 610041 Chengdu, PR China Unit H, 8th Floor Guoxin Mansion No.77 Xiyu Street T+86.028.8619.8000 F+86.028.8619.8001

Weiss-Rohlig China Co., Ltd 315010 Ningbo, PR China Room 8608 Howard Johnson Office No.230, Liuting Street T +86.574.2788.8201 F +86.574.2788.8200

Weiss-Rohlig China Ltd 400020 Chongqing, PR China Unit 1005, Jia Nian Hua Tower No. 9 Walking Street T +86.23.8679.2891 F +86.23.8679.2893

Weiss-Rohlig China Co., Ltd 266003 Qingdao, PR China Rm C-1, Huiquan Dynasty Hotel No. 9 Nan Hai Road T +86.532.8607.7890 F +86.532.8287.6140

Weiss-Rohlig China Ltd 830011 Urumqi, PR China Rm 1109, Markor Plaza No.26 South Beijing Road Xinjiang Province T +86.991.3665.806 F +86.991.3665.807 Weiss-Rohlig China Ltd 361006 Xiamen, PR China Rm 619 Minmetal Building No. 226 Dongdu Road T +86.592.3107.558 F +86.592.3107.498

Gebrüder Weiss locations

Weiss-Rohlig China Ltd 710075 Xian, PR China Room 806, Building A, Seastar City Plaza, No.37 Keji Road, Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone T +86.029.8831.7047 F +86.029.8831.7078 Weiss-Rohlig Hong Kong Ltd 524000 Zhanjiang, PR China GuoMao, Bldg. B, Suite 6B06 No. 53 Renmin Nan Road, Xiashan District T +86.759.2660500 F +86.759.2660400

Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Bhadhoi, India 14, Niryat Bhavan Bida Complex Stations Road T +91.5414.228515

Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata 700 0170, India Unit No. 1D, 4th Floor, No. 37 Shakespeare Sarani T +91.33.40084733 F +91.33.22900645

Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Chennai 600 001, India 53-55,Rajaji Salai, Vth Floor T +91.44.42980800 F +91.44.25230302

Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai 400 059, India 502/503/504, A-Wing 5th Floor, Mangalya Chambers Marol Makwana Road, Andheri (E) T +91.22.42142401 F +91.22.42142444

Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Chennai 600 001, India No.48,First Floor, Rajaji Salai T +91.44.42980800 F +91.44.25230302

Hong Kong Weiss-Rohlig Hong Kong Ltd. Kowloon, Hong Kong Unit A, 3/Floor, Pioneer Building 213 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong T +852.2268.9300 F +852.2345.6060 India Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad 380 007, India Mahakant Building Office No.701, 7th Floor T +91.079.2658.0715 Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore 560038, India No.1794, 9th Main, HAL 3rd Stage, Indiranagar T +91.80.25210455 F +91.80.25210454

Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Gandhidham 370 201, India Room No-106,Nirav Chambers 1st Floor,Plot No-13,Sector-9 T +91.2836.650772 F +91.2836.231105 Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Jaipur, India 109, First Floor, Prakashdeep Station Road T +91.141.2361930 Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Jodhpur 342 005, India Plot No.17, 2nd Floor,   Prakashdeep Station Road Transport Centre Basni IInd Phase T +91.291.2742101 Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Kanpur 208 001, India 401, Kan Chamber 14/113, Civil Line T +91.512.2332006

Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Nag Pur 440 015, India 215,Chatrapati Nagar Wardha Road T +91.712.2250816 F +91.712.2250815 Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi 110 001, India 909, 9th Floor, Surya Kiran Bldg. K.G. Marg, Connaught Place T +91.11.23766885/886 F +91.11.23314563 Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Tiruppur 641 603, India 8/18, Sri Mahavishnu Nagar T +91.421.2485718 F +91.421.4338910 Weiss-Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd. Tuticorin 628 008, India 48/1, Bryant Nagar,   Ist Street - East T +91.461.2335239 F +91.461.2335238

64  65 Japan


Weiss-Rohlig Japan Ltd. Tokyo 170-0002, Japan Landmark Bldg., 3F 3-20-3 Sugamo, Toshima-ku T +81.3.5961.1620 F +81.3.5961.1621 kazuyoshi.fujiwara@

Weiss-Rohlig Thailand Ltd. 10110 Bangkok, Thailand 10/1-2nd Floor Soi Farm Watana, Rama 4 Road, Prakhanong,Klongtoey T +66.2.3812940 F +66.2.3812937-38


United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Weiss-Rohlig Singapore PTE.LTD. Singapore 169877 171 Chin Swee Road #04-01 San Centre T +65.6535.3345 F +65.6535.7747

Weiss-Rohlig U.A.E. LLC Dubai, UAE Al Shamsi Building, 1st Floor, Unit 120, Karama P.O. Box 2737 T +971.4.337.2340 F +971.4.334.8143

Weiss-Rohlig Singapore PTE.LTD. Singapore 819454 119 Airport Cargo Road #04-02 CCAM 1 T +65.6785.3393 F +65.6785.0300 Taiwan Weiss-Rohlig Taiwan Ltd. Taipei, Taiwan 6/F, No. 213 Sec. 5 Nanjing E Road T +886.2.2766.1000 F +886.2.2766.0002

Weiss-Rohlig USA LLC Los Angeles El Segundo, CA 90245, USA 1960 E. Grand Ave. Suite 420 T +1.310.414.9300 F +1.310.414.3900 Weiss-Rohlig USA LLC Miami, FL 33126, USA 7200 NW 19th Street, Bldg. 5, Suite 511 T +1.305.716.0884 F +1.305.716.0885


Weiss-Rohlig USA LLC New York Cranford, NJ 07016, USA 20 Commerce Drive, Suite 226 T +1.908.931.1500 F +1.908.931.1593

Weiss-Rohlig USA LLC Atlanta, GA 30349, USA 4820 Clark Howell Highway Suite C-7 T +1.404.209.3922 F +1.404.209.3923

Weiss-Rohlig USA LLC San Francisco, CA 94066, USA San Bruno 1250 Bay Hill Drive, Suite 113 T +1.650.588.1392 F +1.650.588.1792

Weiss-Rohlig USA LLC Chicago Des Plaines, IL 60018, USA 351, Touhy Ave, Suite 100 T +1.224.563.3200 F +1.224.563.3201 Weiss-Rohlig USA LLC Houston, TX 77032, USA 1300 North Sam Houston Parkway East, Suite 200 T + F +

BUSINESS UNITS AUTOMOTIVE LOGISTICS Gebrüder Weiss Gesellschaft m.b.H. automotive logistics 4600 Wels, Austria Terminalstraße 91 T +43.732.7655.784 F +43.732.7655.790

Gebrüder Weiss locations




Fashionet-Austria Textilspedition GmbH 2333 Leopoldsdorf, Austria Arbeitergasse 50 T +43.2235.47838 F +43.2235.43839



inet-logistics GmbH 1010 Wien, Austria Annagasse 5 T +43.1.512.7771.100 F +43.1.512.7771.150 office.oesterreich@

Xvise innovative logistics GmbH 8401 Kalsdorf, Austria Feldkirchenstraße 14-16 T +43.59006.2970 F +43.59006.2959

LEISURE+SPORTS LOGISTICS Gebrüder Weiss Gesellschaft m.b.H. leisure+sports logistics 3380 Pöchlarn, Austria Manker Straße 55 T +43.2757.4004.4831 F +43.2757.4004.4840

TECTRAXX tectraxx High Tech Logistics 2351 Wiener Neudorf, Austria Brown-Boveri-Straße 6 T + F +

SUBSIDIARIES DICALL dicall - Weiss Logistik Systeme GmbH 8401 Kalsdorf bei Graz, Austria Feldkirchenstraße 14–16 T +43.810.810.210 F +43.3135.2002.529

inet-logistics GmbH 6961 Wolfurt, Austria Holzriedstraße 29 T +43.5574.806.0 F +43.5574.806.1599 Germany inet-logistics GmbH 61440 Oberursel, Germany In der Au 19 T +49.6171.694.16.10 F +49.6171.694.16.05 office.deutschland@ Switzerland inet-logistics GmbH 8330 Pfäffikon, Switzerland Witzbergstrasse 7 T +41.58.458.5250 F +41.58.458.5251 RAIL CARGO Gebrüder Weiss Rail Cargo Ges.m.b.H. 2326 Maria Lanzendorf, Austria Wiener Straße 26 T +43.1.79799 F +43.1.79799.7079

Xvise innovative logistics GmbH 6923 Lauterach, Austria Bundesstraße 110 T + 43.59006.2950 F + 43.59006.2959 Xvise innovative logistics GmbH 2326 Maria Lanzendorf, Austria Wiener Straße 26 T +43.59006.2961 F +43.59006.2969 United Arab Emirates (UAE) Xvise innovative logistics Dubai, UAE Dubai Airport Free Zone, Building 5 East, Block A, Floor 2, Office 219 P.O. Box 54731 T +971.4.2045.021 F +971.4.2045.022

GWP – GEBRÜDER WEISS PARCEL SERVICE (DPD) Depot 0626 6060 Hall in Tirol, Austria Schlöglstraße 45 T +43.810.810.110 F +43.5223.53439

66  67 Depot 0628 8401 Kalsdorf bei Graz, Austria Feldkirchenstraße 14–16 T +43.810.810.110 F +43.3135.57770 Depot 0630 8700 Leoben, Austria Waltenbachstraße 7 T +43.810.810.110 F +43.3842.8347.214 Depot 0622 2100 Leobendorf bei Wien, Austria Industriezeile 2 T +43.810.810.110 F +43.2262.6819.223 Depot 0621 – Zentrale 2333 Leopoldsdorf bei Wien, Austria Arbeitergasse 50 T +43.810.810.110 F +43.2235.432.89 Depot 0623 3380 Pöchlarn, Austria Manker Straße 55 T +43.810.810.110 F +43.2757.8867 Depot 0627 6832 Sulz, Austria Industriestraße 16 T +43.810.810.110 F +43.5522.70252.63




9434 Au, Switzerland Grenze T +41.58.458.5300 F +41.58.458.5309 kundencenter.schweiz@

6800 Feldkirch-Mäder, Austria Grenzübergang T +43.5523.54170 F +43.5523.54185 6812 Feldkirch-Meiningen, Austria Grenzübergang T +43.5522.74104 F +43.5522.78084 6800 Feldkirch-Tisis, Austria Grenzübergang T +43.5522.76449 F +43.5522.78138 6845 Hohenems, Austria Grenzübergang T +43.5576.73771 F +43.5576.77186 6912 Hörbranz, Austria Autobahnzollamt T +43.5573.83112 F +43.5573.83112.6 6890 Lustenau, Austria Grenzübergang T +43.5577.827491 F +43.5577.827490 6960 Wolfurt, Austria Gemeinschaftszollamt AT/CH T +43.5574.696.1258 F +43.5574.696.1182

9430 St. Margrethen, Switzerland Grenzstrasse 24 T +41.58.458.5330 F +41.58.458.5340 kundencenter.schweiz@

GebrĂźder Weiss GmbH MAKOM BundesstraĂ&#x;e 110 A-6923 Lauterach Project Management Thomas Konrad Project Team Sina Balke Raimund Fink Gabi Schneider Simon Holderied Editorial Team Sina Balke Thomas Konrad Florian Niederndorfer Barbara Koch Photography Adolf Bereuter Graphic Design Manuela Gritsch Lithography Fitz Feingrafik Printing Eberl GmbH Translation MB International Languages GmbH

We would like to thank everyone for their support in making this annual report possible, in particular with the photography.

GW Annual Report 2008  

The Annual Report of Gebrüder Weiss for the Year 2008

GW Annual Report 2008  

The Annual Report of Gebrüder Weiss for the Year 2008