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Distribution logistics:

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A good thing The recommended logistics solution for CWS-boco Quality, know-how and good ideas – Gebrüder Weiss transport and logistics services achieve a straightforward supply of goods to global markets. Our customer CWS-boco has many reasons for understanding the importance of this achievement. Besides the traditional advantages that outsourcing logistics brings, CWS-boco can rely on Gebrüder Weiss’ proven skills in international freight forwarding. The CWS-boco central warehouse in Wil, Switzerland, has the latest warehouse infrastructure to cater equally well for the needs of suppliers, CWS-boco and its national organisations; it also has a global customs function as an integral part of the logistics process. This is a significant plus for Swiss operations.

GebrĂźder Weiss has delivered a tailor-made logistics service allowing us to manage complex processes simply and efficiently. This includes everything from satisfying Swiss import and export requirements to designing solutions for new business processes in the refurbishment area. We found that we could rely on the support and ready helpfulness of the entire team.

“Customs complexity simply and professionally tackled.� Boris Wildner, Supply Chain Manager

The Challenge.

The Challenge The CWS-boco group CWS-boco International GmbH, headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, boasts two favoured brands – CWS and boco – which supply washroom hygiene, professional clothing, textile services and dirt-trapping mats. The company is a single service provider of the two brands: CWS-boco, a subsidiary of the Haniel group, has its own subsidiaries in 17 European countries and in China, employing approximately 8,000 people. CWS-boco Supply AG is located in Baar in the Swiss canton of Zug and controls all purchasing activities for the national CWS-boco group companies in the Washroom Care area. Distribution logistics for CWS-boco Supply AG CWS-boco sought a logistics provider to establish a European central warehouse in Switzerland. In addition to warehouse logistics, the company invited tenders for supplier deliveries to the central warehouse (procurement logistics) and distribution from the central warehouse to national companies (distribution logistics). Up to the summer of 2009, CWS-boco handled warehouse logistics for 5,000 pallets in its Central Distribution Centre in Rodgau, Southern Germany. The tasks facing Gebrüder Weiss at the outset of the project included the design of the warehouse, the reformulation of materials flow and infrastructure implementation itself. Added to these, a particularly varied range of CWS-boco items represented a considerable challenge. Products ranging from liquids (soaps) through air freshen-

ers to fabrics (towels) are subject to a wide range of warehousing and customs conditions. Furthermore a solution for a consignment warehouse was sought for CWS-boco’s largest supplier, Noventa AG in Diepoldsau. In this tripartite relationship, there was a need to keep all partners in the loop with respect to electronic information and status updates.

The Solution.

The Solution Deliveries from all over the world Whether it is from Italy, England, Pakistan or China: CWSboco suppliers’ goods arrive in the Wil central warehouse on an ongoing basis. From there, Gebrüder Weiss monitors and organises all logistical steps, from procurement to distribution. Between three and six HGVs leave the warehouse each day, heading for CWS-boco’s European outposts. A warehouse for the major supplier Gebrüder Weiss has put a consignment warehouse at the disposal of Noventa, one of the main CWS-boco suppliers. The entire process, from goods movement mapping to billing, is coordinated in the GW system. A seamless connection to CWS-boco and Noventa organisations ensures secure and efficient central warehouse management. Carefree customs Gebrüder Weiss takes care of all customs and documentation requirements on behalf of CWS-boco, sparing the customer the stress of paperwork or unnecessary delays. Gebrüder Weiss has the necessary customs approved sender/receiver status (ZVE) to undertake all customs clearance for consignments arriving from China and Pakistan at the open customs warehouse (OZL).

The BeneďŹ ts.

The BeneďŹ ts The local advantage The client’s main objective was a central warehouse in Wil. This local position represented an advantage with respect to the various customs handling procedures (OZL, EU customs) Supplier proximity The proximity of the main supplier Noventa in Diepoldsau meant journey times and associated freight costs could be minimised. Transparent processes Establishing interfaces with CWS-boco and its main supplier, Noventa, allowed for central control and management of procedures via the GW system. Processes became easier and more transparent and information could be extracted as required. Cost savings The open customs warehouse for goods from Pakistan and China allows the customer to leave the stored goods in the warehouse without having to undertake customs control until the moment of dispatch. Clean cross docking procedures bundle consignments more efficiently, resulting in a competitive advantage as well as cost savings.

The Process.

Cross-border handling by one agent Efficient cross-border logistics requires a high degree of customs know-how and familiarity with national and international regulations. Companies whose base or central warehouse is in Switzerland are in particular need of high-quality adapted customs solutions. An approved receiver and shipper, Gebrüder Weiss can utilise all options to ensure CWS-boco customs procedures run smoothly. Gebrüder Weiss assures EU status with EU customs clearance, tax brokerage and open customs warehouse services.