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March 17, 2023 | TRI-COUNTY | 866.812.8111 | GVPENNYSAVER.COM your Hometown connection PRSRT STD. US Postage PAID Permit #43 ittsford,P NY PIZZA MADNESS coupon inside! $3OFF

Albion Academy

Senior 62+ Community

Modern Conveniences in a Historical Setting

• 1 & 2 bedroom apartments • Heat, Hot water & A/C included

• Elevator • Walk-in closets • Indoor refuse facilities

• Indoor mailboxes • Onsite laundry

• Handicapped accessible units available

Albion Academy 16 East Academy Street, Albion, NY 14411 (585) 589-5401

TDD: 1-800-545-1833


RENT IS INCOME BASED - Applications can be submitted through section 8 and the rental o ce on site. Call (585) 283-4264 to ll out an application.

In order to qualify for a two bedroom apartment you must have 2 occupants in your household or be eligible for a reasonable accommodation. An eligible accommodation would include, but is not limited to, needing the second bedroom for a live-in aide.

Income and occupany restrictions apply.

“We are an equal opportunity provider and employer.”

January grey is here, Like a sexton by her grave; February bears the bier, March with grief doth howl and rave...

~Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792–1822), “Dirge for the Year”

Fair Housing Statement

All real estate advertised in the Genesee Valley Penny Saver is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, age, marital status, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

Fair Housing Enforcement Project Monroe County Legal Assistance Center

1 W. Main Street Rochester, NY 14614 (585) 325-2500 •

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(NAPSI) — According to Darrell Smith, executive director of the International Window Film Association, window film makes a lot of sense for homeowners eager to save money on their energy bills.

“Solar-control films can block as much as 80 percent of the solar heat coming through glass into a building, decrease the heat load on the air-conditioning system and reduce energy costs,” Smith says.

With more people working and studying from home, window film allows in abundant natural sunlight while blocking 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays to better protect the skin (from possible cancer) and eyes (from cataract development), while reducing the fading of floors and furnishings. Smith estimates that 40 to 60 percent of color fading is caused by UV exposure. Windows may also be upgraded for safety, as window film helps to hold glass pieces together if the window is impacted and broken.

For even a 3,000 square foot home, window film may be installed in a day or less with minimal disruption. Window film installers clean the glass before installation, keep the work space clean and practice safe contact as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. Find a local dealer/installer at

1. Ice sculpture at Caledonia Village Inn 2. Sammie and Ella and their snow dog 3. Winter 2. 3.
Call today and receive a FREE SHOWER PACKAGE PLUS $1600 OFF With purchase of a new Safe Step Walk-InTub. Not applicable with any previous walk-in tub purchase. Offer available while supplies last. No cash value. Must present offer at time of purchase. CSLB 1082165 NSCB 0082999 0083445


NAC Supplement Helps Curb Cravings to Smoke

DEAR DR. ROACH: I’d like to have your thoughts on what value the NAC supplement may have in reducing cravings for marijuana or nicotine?

I’m 73 and have been smoking marijuana daily since I was 21. Now I’m quitting for health reasons. I’ve been taking 1,000 mg of NAC every morning, as I’ve read it helps with smoking cravings. It also seems to be used for anxiety and other mental health issues, lung and heart problems ... the list goes on.

I’m not going to smoke anymore, but I’m just wondering what your take is on this, as I’m thinking of sending it to my 38-year-old son who’s been addicted to vaping/ cigarettes since he was a young man. He has ADD, anxiety and problems with breath capacity, and he may have heart problems as well. He’s smoking to relieve his ADD and anxiety. And, of course, he’d like to quit, but it’s so hard to do so.

Can the NAC supplement help me with the urge to smoke? I think it has reduced the cravings, but how would I even know? -- M.M.

ANSWER: N-acetyl cysteine, a precursor to the amino acid cysteine, has several roles in medicine, as you say. When inhaled, it breaks up mucous, which helps people cough out thick sputum. When used intravenously, it’s a specific antidote to acetaminophen (Tylenol) overdose. It has been used in these capacaties for years and is safe and well-tolerated.

But, in addition, there is data that shows oral NAC (sold as a dietary supplement) may have a role in helping people overcome addictions to tobacco, with small trials showing a reduction in smoking as well as the relapse rate in people using NAC compared with a placebo.

In people who want to reduce their cannabis use, most of the data on NAC has been on younger people (adolescents and young adults), but also shows some benefit. More stringent trials are ongoing.

It is very difficult for a single person (patient or physician) to tell whether it’s a “real” effect or a “placebo” effect that is causing the reduction in cravings. Only large-scale, placebocontrolled trials can show with confidence whether the treatment is more effective than a placebo. But, since the supplement is inexpensive and highly safe, and since a thirdparty lab found that the brands of NAC sold at reputable stores are what they say they are, I say it might be helpful. However, there are many other products that are proven to be safe and effective to help with quitting smoking, ranging from group tobacco cessation classes, to nicotine replacement therapy, to prescription medications like varenicline and bupropion -- all of which have many years of proven clinical efficacy.

Finally, there are a lot of people with attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder who are not getting appropriate treatment as adults. Getting treatment by an expert in ADD might make quitting smoking easier and may also improve many other areas of functioning for your son.


Dr. Roach regrets that he is unable to answer individual questions, but will incorporate them in the column whenever possible. Readers may email questions to

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VPG Medical is seeking eligible participants to test an investigational application for Android smart devices.

To participate you must:

• Be 40 years or older

• Have a history of Paroxysmal AFib

• Use a Samsung Android smartphone daily You will be compensated for your time and participation.

For more information and to determine if you qualify, please contact Margot Lutz: (585) 622-4410 •

375 White Spruce Blvd., Rochester, NY 14623 (585) 622-4410 •



“Since he started wearing the hearing aids, his hearing has made my life and our relationship a lot easier.”

We would love to help you!

Over 25 years of experience

“Since I started wearing these hearing aids, it’s turned my life around 100%.”

As seen on TV. Not paid actors.


TheCelticcrossisasymbolwidely associated with Ireland, but many may not know the unique history and debate surrounding this unique and instantly recognizable symbol.TheCelticcrosscombines a cross with a circle surrounding its intersection, but other than that description, little can be confirmed about the origins of this symbol that some historians believe can be traced back to ancient paganism. Historical revisionist author and researcher Crichton E.M. Miller theorizes that the cross had more practical purposesthanthosesubscribedto it today, serving as a navigational device used by ancient explorers and builders. One popular, though highly unlikely, theory regarding the origins of the Celtic cross is that it was introduced by St. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint. This theory states that St. Patrick, or possibly St. Declan, combined the cross, which is the foremost symbol of Christianity, with the sun cross, a circular symbol traced to prehistoric cultures, in an attempt to illustrate the importance of the cross to the pagans he was attempting to convert. Though the exact origins of the Celtic cross and its meaning will likely never be known, there is no denying its endurance as a symbol and its ongoing association with Ireland.

Do you have Medicare and Medicaid?

You could be eligible to get extra benefits for no extra cost with MVP DualAccess (HMO D-SNP). This special type of health insurance plan offers additional features to meet your personal needs.

• Allowances to pay for over-the-counter drug store supplies

• Dental and vision coverage

• Free rides to or from doctor visits

• Your own personal care team to help with scheduling medical appointments, ordering medical supplies, social service assistance

• And much more!

For 2023, MVP DualAccess was the only D-SNP plan in New York State rated 5-Stars by Medicare

Call 1-844-687-6691 (TTY 711) to learn more about the doctors in our network or if your prescription drugs are covered. October 1–March 31, call seven days a week, 8 am–8 pm Eastern Time. April 1–September 30, call Monday–Friday, 8 am–8 pm.

MVP Health Plan, Inc. is an HMO-POS/PPO/HMO D-SNP organization with a Medicare contract and a contract with the New York State Medicaid program. Enrollment in MVP Health Plan depends on contract renewal. This plan is a dual eligible special needs plan (D-SNP). Your ability to enroll will be based on verification that you are entitled to both Medicare and medical assistance from a state plan under Medicaid. MVP Health Care complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity). Every year, Medicare evaluates plans based on a 5-star rating system.


5 Stars Out of 5 Stars Overall by Medicare 2023 HMO D-SNP
95 Canal Landing Blvd., Suite #5 Rochester, NY 14626
Call Today to Schedule an Appointment! 585-360-2540
Andrew F. Morabito, HIS HearingInstrumentSpecialist


Patrick’s Day St.

MARCH 17, 2023

St. Patrick was not an Irishman

He was born Maewyn Succat around 385 A.D., son of a Christian church deacon and wealthy family, in Britain, which was under the rule of the Roman Empire at that time.

Today the world’s biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebration is the annual parade in New York City, where more than two million spectators line the parade route, all claiming to be Irish, at least for the day.

Four-leaf clovers are never shamrocks

The four-leaf clover being lucky has nothing to do with St. Patrick — legend has it that St. Patrick used a green plant with three leaves, commonly called a shamrock, to teach the Christian concept of the Holy Trinity — only a three-leaf clover can be a shamrock.

Using the pre-filled in word, use the letters below the numbers to fill in the rest of the code. More words will begin to reveal themselves once all those letters are in place.
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Mann Distribution

Leone Production Supervisor

Wasson Circulation Manager


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General Manager
Karam Director of
Harrison Creative Director


Many people may be tempted to discard rusty tools that have gone unused and sat in a garage or shed for a significant period of time. But tools encrusted with rust do not need to be relegated to the trash bin, nor do gardeners have to toil for hours scraping and sanding off the rust. There’s a much easier way to restore rusty tools that relies on a common household ingredient: vinegar. Pour vinegar into a deep enough vessel to submerge the metal part of the tool. Soak the tool overnight. The next day, use a scouring pad to rub off the rust. If the tool is too big to fit into a can or bucket, simply wrap it with a vinegarsoaked rag and cover the whole tool with a tightly secured plastic bag. Follow the same procedure the next day. After all the rust is gone, rinse the tool in cool water and dry thoroughly. Then return it to regular usage.


GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER ● GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111 Page8 TRI-COUNTY EDITION ● FRIDAY,MARCH 17,2023 MAIN LINE PLUMBING Residential • Commercial PLUMBING Lee Ziegler 585-474-9058 • Foundation Wall Repairs • Concrete Driveways • Garage Floors & Sidewalks • Porches & Patios • Block Foundations • Cultured Stone • New Construction & Additions • Light Demo Fully Insured No Job Too Small! Formerly L&L Masonry MASONRY & BASEMENT THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: “I had a new vision in front of me, and I always feel that if I can see it and believe it, then I can achieve it.” -- Arnold Schwarzenegger GENERAL CONTRACTING LIMITED TIME OFFER 60% off TAKE AN ADDITIONAL 10% off YOUR INSTALLATION Install for Military, Health Workers and First Responders + Warranty- Limited Lifetime. Transferable to 1 subsequent owner from original purchaser. Terms and conditions apply. Hail up to 2.5”, Appearance of the surface coating beyond normal wear and tear. Limited time offer. Expires 3.31.23 STRONG AS STEEL WITH THE ATTRACTIVE LOOK OF VARIOUS ROOF STYLES Upgrade Your Home witha NEW METAL ROOF Guaranteed to Last a Lifetime! From Dimensional Shingles to classic styles reminiscent of Cedar Shake and Spanish Tile, an architectural roo ng system by Erie Metal Roofs can enhance the beauty of your home while protecting your family and property for a lifetime. Made in the USA Call today to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE 1-877-350-3053 New orders only. Does not include material costs. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Minimum purchase required. Other restrictions may apply. This is an advertisement placed on behalf of Erie Construction Mid-West, Inc (“Erie”). Offer terms and conditions may apply and the offer may not be available in your area. Offer expires March 31, 2023. If you call the number provided, you consent to being contacted by telephone, SMS text message, email, pre-recorded messages by Erie or its affiliates and service providers using automated technologies notwithstanding if you are on a DO NOT CALL list or register. Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use on All rights reserved.
GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER ● GVPENNYSAVER.COM1-866-812-8111 Page9 TRI-COUNTY EDITION ● FRIDAY,MARCH 17,2023 BREAKING DOWN THE LEPRECHAUN MYTH While 21st century celebrants of St. Patrick’s Day might be hard pressed to find images of leprechauns not dressed in green, that wasn’t always the case. Prior to the 20th century, leprechauns were described in various depictions as wearing red. D & B PowerWashing Since 2000 RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL HOUSES • DECKS • PATIOS SIDEWALKS Dan Fox 585-208-8144 OTHER
Chuck 716-708-7996 Will purchase large tracts of oak, maple, hickory, cherry, ash, walnut & poplar. Will purchase walnut & white oak yard trees.
SERVICES WAYS TO SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES Shop at small businesses regularly. 5% OFF FOR VETERANS LIMITED TIME OFFER! Discounts for rst responders, Veterans, and teachers! Parking lots and driveways are our speciality! Small or large businesses, churches, you name it! T.A. Scott Co. PAVING & ASPHALT 585-490-3513 Book Now! Paving The Way In Your Area. Commercial & Residential • State-of-the-art Equipment To participate in this online only auction, please visit our website and complete the “Online Bidder Registration Packet”. Originals must be received at our office no later than 4PM on Monday, April 3RD “Selling Surplus Assets 7 Days a Week Online” For complete information, visit or call 800-536-1401, Ext. 111 Tax Foreclosed Real Estate Auction Allegany County • Online Only Online Auction Start: Tuesday, March 21ST, 12PM Online Auction Closing Begins: Wednesday, April 5TH, 10AM 80+ Parcels: Lots, Acreage, Homes, Commercial Properties **Action Required** Wanted: Farmland to rent for agricultural use. Call (585) 682-4435 Lynn-Ette & Sons, Inc. It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. ~Charles Dickens (1812–1870), Great Expectations
Cash For Trees

WARDROBE MOVING BOXES. Pick up, Canandaigua city: 585-364-8666

QUEEN SIZE BOX SPRING. Good condition. Pick up, Shortsville: 585-469-7046

SOCKS, fair to good condition, others can be used for crafts: 585-236-0426

LOWREY ORGAN Model M-375, Walnut Finish. You pick up: 585-370-2535

TREADMILL, suitable for walking, not running on. Works. You pick up:

Older CPAP MACHINE, works well:

Used ARIEN SNOW BLOWER. Fairly old but still runs: 585-953-0163 (lv. msg)

SLEEPER SOFA, good condition and a SOFA, good condition but has some stains. Bloomfield: 585-747-5521

ENTERTAINMENT CENTER, solid, light oak. Fits 32” TV or could be used for computer monitor. Excellent condition. You pick up: 585-359-1652

WILTON NOVELTY CAKE PAN shaped like running/athletic shoe. Holds one entire cake mix recipe. Four STONEWARE .5L BEER MUGS. Fairport:

SONY CD/DVD PLAYER. Works. Fairport:


STAMPED CROSS STITCH KIT, Serenity Prayer 16” x 20”. All floss and more. Pick up, LeRoy. Text or call: 716-352-1248

WOOD DINING ROOM CABINET w/GLASS DOORS. Good condition. You pick up: 585-213-4023

SUBARU VERTICAL SHAFT ENGINE, did run, needs pull start replaced: 585-737-0491

Clean QUEEN SIZE MATTRESS, 2” thick. Perfect for camper: 585-755-1948

FELLED 4-5’ SECTIONS ASH WOOD; take as much as you want. Easy access; wood on edges of lawn: 585-281-1717

CASTRO CONVERTIBLE COUCH and SLIPCOVER - cushions ripped, but mattress perfect:

FIREWOOD. Large cotton wood tree; felled, trunk and large branches broken down. Easy access. You pick up, Ionia: 585-657-4894


You move: 585-323-1762 (leave message)

WURLITZER PIANO - great condition; only one sticky key. Located on the second floor. Text: 585-755-9697

RESMED S8 ELITE II CPAP - Case, Heater/Humidifier, 2 Tanks, Cord, Manual, Hose, but CPAP part probably no good. West Henrietta:

AVANA COMFORT MATTRESS ELEVATOR (king size). Pick up, Webster: 585-872-6756

PATTERNS for an 18” doll: 585-624-5144

SNOWMOBILE wanted running or not. Call or text: 585-733-2026

LARGE POTTERY JARS for indoor gardening: 585-374-5768

Jars of OLD, BROKEN JEWELRY for artwork: 315-694-2247

Clean EGG CARTONS: 716-432-4249

OLD WINDOWS. Must NOT be low-E glass: 814-397-1432

PIANO MUSIC (classical, pop, country): 585-358-6142

20 HP MERCURY OUTBOARD MOTOR for parts. Will pick up. Text: 585-230-9380

SLEEPER SOFA, any size. Please, not if it smells like smoke or cat urine. Will pick up! Thanks! 585-443-9338


VINTAGE ELECTRONICS - Tubes, tube testers, vintage stereo equipment, radios, microphones, motors, speakers, meters, turntables, communication gear, Advertising, Ham, Test Equipment: 585-538-9341

ROSARIES (old and new) to add to my 300+ collection: 585-293-2199

COMICS AND SPORTS/COLLECTIBLE CARDS, any condition, will pick up. I enjoy everything. Thank You! God Bless. Text: 585-260-0437

KEYBOARD in working condition for a 90s Dell computer for a disabled person to work with: 585-346-7022

CLEAN STORAGE BOXES, like copier paper boxes, with lids for moving. Stored indoors. Will pick up: 585-497-2327

HP PRINTER INK CARTRIDGES #60 and #61, new or expired okay. Thank you: 585-519-3325


OLD ELECTRONICS, will refurbish and pass on to others in need, or recyclecomputers, stereos, printers, etc.:

Senior Navy Veteran needs any running VEHICLE that has passed inspection for himself and animal rescue: 585-531-4004

Rock music - 8 TRACK TAPES, CASSETTE TAPES, and VINYL RECORDS for my own personal collection. Thanks in advance:

BOX TRAILER: 585-323-1762 (leave message)

COOPERSTOWN DREAMS PARK TRADING PINS and carrying case for granddaughter who will be in this summer’s tournament: 585-334-6134

AIR COMPRESSOR - 10+ gallons:

INVERSION TABLE, for senior with bad back:

TRAILER WHEEL & TIRE, ST175-80D13 13” wheel, 5 lugs: 585-993-1917

BUILT/UNBUILT MODELS OR KITS. Parts and pieces ok. Longtime collector seeks projects/restorations/customs. Auto, Truck, Plane, Military, etc. Call 585-314-6989


Submissions published as space allows. We reserve the right to decline/edit/omit info. We assume no responsibility for submissions. Submissions must include phone # or email. Noncommercial use only. 20 word limit. Please call to remove listing once item is taken/received.

Submit at

under Share With Us - Give & Take or call 226-8111 x 111


A shout out to our local first responders

We were suddenly plunged into darkness last night when a car struck a utility pole at the north end of Bronson Hill Rd. in Avon. The first police officer arrived on the scene in what couldn’t have been more than 3 minutes. I counted four police cars and I don’t think ten minutes had gone by. The ambulance arrived shortly thereafter. The power company was there in less than 30 minutes and power was restored within an hour and a half. I hope all is well with the accident victims. I was amazed at how quickly the first responders were on the scene. Thanks to all involved. You really start to appreciate it when you’re sitting in the dark with no heat or electricity on a cold 30 degree night!

Thanks for helping our cat

Years ago, Anna, my daughter, went fishing. She heard loud meowing nearby. Anna found a small, gray kitten with funny, spiky hair. Anna brought the kitten home. Stryker got her name because she likes to stick out a paw and playfully strike people as they walk by. She has the heaviest, thickest fur coat I have ever seen. We are not sure if she is part Maine Coon, but she has a fur ruff around her neck, a bushy tail and thick fur like a bear. When Stryker went outside she would come back with ticks hidden in her thick fur. I tried to groom her myself but ended up taking her to the vet after I accidentally cut her. Beth at Lab’s Landing in Darien Center has been a lifesaver. We even discovered Stryker has gray stripes under all her baggy fur. Thanks Beth for making life so much easier.

To the wonderful people who helped me!

I want to say thank you to the three people who stopped on Route 63 yesterday to help me when I flipped my car over the guardrail in the snow storm. You stopped and helped me get out of my car and waited with me til 911 arrived. I really and truly appreciate your kind hearts to wait in the blistering cold with me. I am home and doing ok thanks to all of you and everyone who helped me. So thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Embarrassing parents

At a recent hockey game with 10yr. old players I was shocked by some parents’ behavior. First, the kids can’t hear you screaming constantly: helmets, hats, it’s noisy on the ice. Second, you are not the only parent who paid for gear, got up early on weekends and brought kids here, then help them get dressed. Third, your entire family should be embarrassed as you taught those kids to scream and complain if things don’t go your way. I did not go there to listen to you up in the top row screaming your opinion about refs, coaches and calling kids by name, telling them you know best! You are rude, sir.

Technically Handicapped

Not really a Rant, but there is a lot of computer help out there. Libraries offer free computer use and probably instruction. Also used and rebuilt are really cheap these days. I’m no wizz but over 70 and I get by with the tech stuff.

Technology Choice

This is in response to Technically Handicapped. I have an old-fashioned cell phone for use when I leave the house. I CHOOSE not to have a smart phone! I do have a computer, know how to use it, and think it belongs at home. I agree that there’s far too many businesses and medical

us your photos and captions at under My Hometown
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How does it feel when you’re the only one in the whole grocery store who’s wearing a mask? Or when you get three phone calls from the senior center asking if you’re interested in signing up for the monthly ladies lunch, a er you’ve already said no?

Do you feel tempted to explain to the young person who gives you the eye in the dairy aisle? Or worse, apologize to the senior center sta er who no doubt voted to dispense with all masks months ago?

Don’t. Don’t explain. Don’t apologize. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing for three years now, which is taking care of yourself as best you can.

Depending what source you read, you might be tempted to believe that Covid is no longer a problem, that it’s safe to go to lunches where everyone is sitting inches from each other, that it’s perfectly ne to go without the mask in stores.

However, if you look at graphs and charts and follow the progress of Covid, you’ll see that it’s still very much among us. Data taken from e New York Times Covid stats indicates that for a two-week period in February, there were in excess of a half million positive Covid cases in the U.S.

Individual states are doing better or worse than the average. In my state, the 14-day change has gone up 50%, and we’re not even in rst place.

ose positive Covid numbers are from people who were tested at a facility that reports their statistics. How many millions of people are using those at-home test kits and never see the inside of a doctor’s o ce and therefore don’t have their results reported?

None of us has a crystal ball to see when Covid might leave us for good. While it’s still here, take care of yourself. And yes, keep washing your hands.

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585-431-0089 BROCKPORT, NY

Champion Moving Local & Long Distance Services

100 Owens Rd., Brockport 585-235-3500

NYS DOT#-11083

Magic Maze


Online POLL

An average user spends 2 hours and 31 minutes daily on social media. Half of our time on our phones is reserved for social media. If you were forced to choose just one source for social media, what would it be?

Facebook YouTube Instagram TikTok Reddit Pinterest LinkedIn Twitter

None, I don’t have time for social media

Poll ends 3-21-23

Poll ended 3-14-2023

March is National Craft Month. Learning a craft offers many benefits. Expressing one’s creativity provides stress relief and can lower blood pressure much like meditation. There’s natural positive reinforcement from learning a new skill. What craft do you most enjoy?

In Cats, Ear Infection Can Have Subtle Symptoms

DEAR PAW’S CORNER: My cat Chester seemed perfectly healthy, but when I brought him in for his annual checkup, the veterinarian said that he has an ear infection. I didn’t notice any behavior or odd symptoms previously. I gave Chester the expensive eardrops he was prescribed, and he seems just ne. Was the vet just making up the infection? -- Jeanine C., Bu alo, New York

DEAR JEANINE: Cats are really good at hiding the symptoms of an illness. I’m glad you brought Chester in for his regular checkup, because those are very helpful in determining hidden acute problems like an ear infection, and noting potential problems (for example, if his weight is getting higher than normal, or he’s developing arthritis).

Now that Chester has been treated, keep an eye out for signs of the infection recurring. Look, listen and smell (yes, smell!) around his ears periodically and note certain behaviors. Hold Chester on your lap and shine a little ashlight into each ear.

A healthy ear is pale pink, with little to no earwax visible and no debris.

Trouble signs include: A strong odor from the ear; lots of earwax buildup; debris or discharge that looks like co ee grounds; or discharge that is yellow or black. You (or the vet) may see redness or swelling of the ear ap or in the ear canal.

We love hearing from you! Vote and make your voice heard when you visit!

Ear infections cause behavioral changes, too. Some of them are subtle: Chester may shake his head a er you scratch around his ears, or he may tilt his head more in one direction than another. More serious symptoms include loss of balance, disorientation, hearing loss or even facial paralysis.

(c) 2023 King Features Synd., Inc.

35.7% Knitting 21.4% Painting 14.3% Woodworking 14.3% Sewing 7.1% Jewelry Making 7.1% Scrapbooking

Hamlin Public Library

1680 Lake Road, Hamlin 585.964.2320

Mondays/Wednesdays 10am6pm; Tuesdays/Thursdays 10am-8pm; Fridays 10am-4pm; Saturdays 10am-2pm

Hoag Library

134 S. Main St., Albion 585.589.4246

Visit our website for hours.

Holley Community

Free Library

86 Public Square, Holley 585.638.6987 •

Hrs.: M & W: 10am-1pm & 4-8pm Tu, Th, & F: 10am-5pm Sat: 10am-2pm until June 22nd (Closed Sat for the Summer)

Seymour Library

161 East Ave., Brockport 585.637.1050

Hrs.: M-Th: 10am-8pm, F: 10am-6pm Sat: 10am-3pm

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HamlinPublicLibrary: The HamlinPublicLibraryisopen

Mondays/Wednesdaysfrom10am6pm;Tuesdays/Thursdaysfrom 10am-8pm;Fridaysfrom10am-4pm; Saturdaysfrom10am-2pm.ABCStorytimeiseveryMondayat10:30am. Joinusasweread,talk,singandplay ourwaythroughthealphabet!Registrationisrequiredforallprograms exceptPreschoolStorytime.Formore information,callthelibraryat 964-2320,gotoourwebsiteat hamlinlibraryny.orgorFacebookpage.



Female entrepreneurs are on the rise. A 2017 report from American Express found that female entrepreneurship grew by 114 percent between 1997 and 2017.


Royalty Party:Saturday,March 18th,10:30am-12pm

YearehearbyinvitedtoParma Library’sRoyaltyParty.Journeyto thelibraryandembarkonaquest tocompletefeatsofstrength,aim, andwit.Comedressedasyourbest royalself.Recommendedforages 4-10.Noregistration.


PresentedbyCornellCooperative Extension.Learnaboutthewide rangeofpollinatorsactiveinour gardensandhowtoattractpollinators.Pleaseregistertoreceivea Zoomlink.

CraftKit:PaperHyacinthBouquet: Tuesday,March21st,6:00-6:30pm Kitincludes:coloredpaper, instructions.OptionalZoomtutorial at6:00pm.Pleaseregistertoreserveakit.

IdaTarbell:MuckrakingJournalists andtheFightAgainstRockefeller Thursday,March23rd,2:304:00pm IdaTarbellwasafamousjournalists forthatMcClure’smagazineand changedhistory.PresentedbyMark Sample,ProfessorofHistory&SociologyatMCC.Pleaseregister.


The SeymourLibrarywillbeCLOSED onMonday,March20thforStaff training.TheLibrarywillreopenon Tuesday,March21stat10:00am. IdentityThief:presentedbyM&T bank:TuesdayMarch21,2pmto 3:30pm;orThursday,March23,6pm to7:30pm.

FingerKnittingSnakes*:Thursday, March23,4:00pmto5:00pm

Learnsimplestitchestobeginanew hobbyandbringhomeacolorful finger-knittedfriend--asnake!Allmaterialsprovided.Grades4-8.*Registrationrequired. InStitches*:Friday,March24, 12:00pmto2:00pm

LeslieBoedickerwillbeteachingthe basicsofFiletNetEmbroideryLace. *Registrationrequired. TheFriend’softheSeymourLibrary willbehostingtheirSpringBookSale onWednesday,April19ththruSaturday,April22nd.andtheFoundation oftheSeymourLibrarypresents:After Hours2023,MusicalsandMischief, Saturday,April29,2023.MoreInformationtofollowforbothevents

Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.


TheGreatBataviaTrainShowMarch 26,9:30am-3:30pm,RichardCCallArenaGCC,OneCollege Dr.,Batavia.Allformsofmodel railroadandtrain-relatedmerchandisewillbeavailable.Itemsoffered includeallscalesofmodeltrains, historicrailroaditems,books, DVD’sandtoys.Freeparking. Snackbar.$6adults,$3under18, freeforchildrenunder13.http://

HLOMJavawithJoeE.: Don Burkel, “TheUptonGirls:Inspiring Women”- TheHollandLandOffice Museumisproudtoannouncethe nexteditionofourJavawithJoeE. seriesThursday,March23rd,9am. PresenterisDonBurkel.“There werethirteenchildrenintheUpton Family,sixweregirls.Thefirstbeing bornin1822andthelastin1846. Theybecametheprimarycorrespondentsoftheirbrother, Emory,whilepursuingcareersand goalswhichwereexamplesto otherwomen.Thisistheirbriefyet interestingstoryoftheircontributions.”Admissionfreeandcoffee anddonutsprovided.Pleasecontact585-343-4727or hollandlandoffice@gmail.comif youplantoattend.

HLOMGuestSpeakerSeriesHolly Watson, “LinwoodGardens”-TheHollandLandOffice Museumthenexteditionofour GuestSpeakerSeriesonThursday, March30that7pm.Thepresenter willbeHollyWatsonoftheLinwoodGardens.LinwoodGardensis arareexampleofaWesternNew Yorkcountryplacefromtheearly 1900swithauniquehorticultural historyandenduringconnections toitscommunity.JoinfamilymemberHollyWatsonforabehind-thesceneslookatthehistoryofthe people,peonies,andpropertyduringthispresentation.Admissionis $5or$3formuseummembers. Pleasecontactthemuseumat 585-343-4727or hollandlandoffice@gmail.comif youplantoattend.


TheGatheringTable/Teen Closet - TheGatheringTable,free communitydinner,atBrockport FirstBaptistChurch,124MainSt., willbeheldonSunday,March19, 12noonto1:00p.m.Thedinner willbeservingchickenpotpie.The TeenClosetwillbeopen11:00 a.m.to1:00p.m.Freeclothingand accessorieswillbeavailabletostudentsandyoungadultsinthe community.


OpenSnowshoeRentals2023Snowshoes areavailabletorentat GeneseeCountyPark&Forest InterpretiveNatureCenterthrough themonthsofDecember,January, February,andMarch,weather permitting.Rentalsareavailableon afirstcome,firstservebasisand mustbeusedwithinthepark. Hours:10am-3pmonThursdays andFridays,12pm-3pmonSaturdaysandSundays.Rental:$5/pair; driver’slicensemustbeleftatNatureCenterwhilesnowshoesarein use.Snowshoesmustbereturned tothebuildingby3pm.Interpretive NatureCenterwillbeclosedon December25thandJanuary1st. SnowshoesprovidedbyACORNSAssociationforConservationof Recreational&NaturalSpaces.

BirdingWalks- Come enjoya birdingwalkattheGenesee CountyPark&Forest!Thebirding walksareledbyabirdingguide andtakeyouthroughmeadow, forest,andwetlandhabitatstohelp youidentifybirdsbysoundand sight.Perfectforbothbeginnerand experiencedbirders!Walksare approximately1milelongovereasy terrain.TheApril15thwalkisat DeWittRecreationArea.Preregistrationisrequired;call(585) 344-1122toregister.Thisprogram isFREE!

GuidedDogWalks-Bringyourbest friend forsomegreatsocialization andexerciseonaguideddogwalk throughthepark!Walkstakeplace onthefirstSaturdayofeachmonth fromApriltoAugust.Dogsmustbe keptonaleashatalltimes.Aggressivedogsarenotallowed!Genesee CountyPark&Forest,11095BethanyCenterRoad,EastBethany. InterpretiveNatureCenter,Feeis $5perdog;allproceedsbenefitthe GeneseeCountyAnimalShelter. Pre-registrationisrequiredbycalling(585)344-1122.


Events should occur on a specific date at a specific time. Due to the increasing number of submissions, we will no longer be able to publish the following items:

• Businesses/schools seeking registration for classes or program

• Organizations seeking crafters or vendor

• Organizations seeking donations of items

Genesee Valley Penny Saver reserves the right to approve/reject events for publication. Events are published as space allows.

Event deadline is Monday, 2 weeks prior to publication date

REGISTER AND SUBMIT YOUR EVENT ONLINE AT Log in to your account or register on our website to start submitting your events today! under ‘Share With Us’ Events may also be submitted at: 1471 Route 15, Avon, NY 14414

In a pinch, you can use toothpaste to scrub your faucet in the bathroom.


GeneseeCountryVillage& Museum’sannualMapleSugar Festival -SaturdayandSunday, March25-26.Exploreamoderndaysugarhousewherefreshsyrup isboiling,thenjourneyintoa19thcenturysugarcampstaffedbycostumedhistoricalinterpretersto learnaboutthetechniquesand toolsusedbyearlysettlersusedto collectsapandmakemaplesugar. HeadintotheHistoricVillagetosee maplesugarusedinhistoric kitchens,sausagemaking,timber sportswithrepresentativesfrom SUNYESF,Hodinöhsö:ni’ (Haudenosaunee)culturaltraditions andstorytelling,andmore.Tickets areavailablenowathttps://www.


GoodbyeWinter-HelloSpring: “We’veOnlyJustBegun”Sr.Luncheonswillnotbetakingplacein January,FebruaryorMarch,2023. Wewillresumeourluncheonsin theSpringonApril18,2023at 11:30amattheSouthAlabama Firehall.WishingyouallaSafe/ HealthyWinterandaHappyNew Year!HopetoseeyouallonApril 18,2023!

ChairYoga- Comejoinus Thursdaysat10amforChairYoga. Theseclassesaremeanttohelp withbalanceandstrengthandare FREEthankstoanawardfrom Univera.JoinusatTheGOOSE CommunityCenter,33SouthMain St.,Oakfield.http://www.

Yoga: ComejoinusonWednesday eveningsat6:00pmforYoga. Theseclasseswillhelpincreaseyour balanceandstrengthandareFREE thankstoanawardfromUnivera. HeldatTheGOOSECommunity Center,33SouthMainSt.,Oakfield.http://www.

PaperMakingArt: Water&dryer lint,let’smakesomepaper!March 29atTheGOOSECommunityCenter,33SouthMainSt.,Oakfield. Classesareheldat11:30&2:00. Participantsmustregisteratwww. registeringpleasebesuretochoose thetimeslotyoupreferandregister foreachpersonattending.

Baby&MeProgram: Theclasses willincludefunactivities,reading, gamesandpresentationsbylocal healthserviceproviders.Classesare FREEandareopentoanycaregiver andchildfrombirthto4yearsold. Noregistrationrequired.Classes willbeheldweeklyfromMarch 10th-May12thfrom10am-11am atTheGOOSECommunityCenter, 33SouthMainSt.,Oakfield.http://

Spring is sooner recognized by plants than by men.

~ Chinese Proverb

CoffeeHour-Wednesdays1011am. Bringafriendorcomemake afriend.JoinuseveryWednesday from10-11amattheTheGOOSE CommunityCenter,33SouthMain St.,Oakfield.http://www.



Course |AnIntegrativeApproach toConceptualizingtheProcesses EngagedinEverydayListening. ContinuingEducationOpportunity! Thispresentationwillexaminethe underlyingprocesses,possible breakdowns,assessment,and interventionsinthecontextofwhat thelistenerfacesineveryday situations,recognizingtheintertwiningofvariousprocesses,such asauditoryprocessing,cognition, andlanguage.Audience|GoodTo Attend.Audiologists,general practitioners(includingENTsand PEDS),speech-languagepathologists,psychologists,special educationteachers,generaleducationteachers,occupational therapists,students,andparents. LearnMore/Register:https://www. Available-March25,8:30am-5pm, NazarethCollege|TheShultsCenter|Forum,4245EastAvenue, Rochester. continuing-education

HearingLossAssociationof America/RochesterChapterAnyoneinterestedinhearingloss, eithertheirownorsomeoneelse’s, iswelcome.AllHLAAprogramsare free.Someareinpersonwhile other,virtualprograms,require preregistration.Tuesday,March28, CanalsideSpeech,8-9pm-HEAR TOGETHER.KristinBergholtzCCC/ SLP.VirtualonZoom.SpeechlanguagepathologistBergholtzconductsavirtualsupportgroupfor parentsandcaregiversofDeaf/hard ofhearingchildren.Learnmore aboutyourchild’shearingloss,servicestobenefitthem,andtipsto supporttheirlanguagedevelopment.Registeratkristinbslp@gmail. com.Ms.Bergholtz’sprivate speechpracticeisCanalside Speech.Info.:hearinglossrochester. org


SpringBloodDonorDrive sponsoredbytheWomen’sClubof WebsteronTuesday,April4th, 1-6:00p.m.atSt.MartinLutheran Church,813BayRoad,Webster. TheChurchislocatednorthof Route104.Blooddonorswillbe rewardedwithhomemadecookies toenjoywiththeirjuice. Appointmentsrequired.Donors canjustdropin.BloodDriveInformation?ContactKatieHout, 585-353-9964.TheWomen’sClub ofWebsterisanactivecommunity serviceorganizationthathasgenerouslysupportedmany worthwhilecausesforoverfive decades.Newmemberswelcome! ClubInformation?ContactNancy Melrose,585-330-9928.

Puzzle Answers This Week



God and the soldier, all men adore In time of danger and not before When the danger is passed and all things righted, God is forgotten and the soldier slighted

Etched on a sentry box wall in Gibraltar, this passage o en resounded in me as I thought of my brother’s unheralded return from Vietnam in the 60s. His surprise arrival late one night brought joy a er a very long eighteen months away. It also reminded me that my mother’s family still awaited closure on their son who was listed missing in action (MIA) in WWII, then o cially declared dead. e lack of a burial, a ceremony, a closure, lingered years later. My mom o en said that her brother’s death allowed her non-English speaking immigrant parents to a ord to buy a farm outside the Bu alo area. Little did she know that their escape from memories of their neighborhood home would keep the mystery of his death.

My rst generation American-born Uncle Aloysius was a dra ed member of the Armored Infantry Battalion, 7th Armored Division. He was ‘lost’ in a battle in Overloon, Holland in October 1944, ten months before his namesake, my brother, would be born. For a year, Uncle Al was listed MIA, and I as a sister and mother of returned vets, can only imagine the heartache my grieving grandmother felt for her lost son.

grandparents’ grave, and I placed it with the dirt on Uncle Al’s grave. Upon return to Bu alo, I took a teaspoon of dirt from his site and placed it on my grandparents’ grave. I felt I reunited the son with his parents. Little did I know my mission was not complete!

One year ago in January 2022, I answered a ‘spam risk’ call. A woman asked if I was the daughter of Eugenia, sister of Aloysius. In the moment of my brain freeze, she explained herself as a researcher for the Human Resource Commission, Post Con ict Repatriations. Her job was to research to “account for all who did not return” and “to include or exclude information.”

A er spending a generous time on the call with me, she explained the armed forces wanted to identify my uncle’s remains. “Many human pieces” are o en found, and if they can identify some pieces they can identify all the various remains by narrowing down the options. Would I give them my spit for a DNA test?! My initial reaction was again that this was a spam call or that someone wanted my DNA for a cold case le. She suggested I talk to my family, gave me several phone numbers to verify the Army program, and le me in a state of What?!

My brother called it a scam. My immediate family said, “Go with your heart; it’s your decision.” When the young lady called back, I was still unsure, but she o ered to send me my uncle’s complete le to consider. Within days, an envelope arrived containing almost 200 pages detailing the circumstances of my uncle’s death, the search the military did to nd relatives in 1946, again in 1978, and nally his internment with a full military funeral. I learned from the le everything from his shoe size to his dental cavities to the fact that his rosary beads were by his side when he died!

When ancestry research came to the computer y years later, I entered information with the hope of nding information about my grandparents, my only certainty being that they were from an area that spoke Polish. My youth was at a time when you did not express nationality other than being ‘American.’ You didn’t want anyone to think you were foreign!

We lived about twenty miles from my mom’s family, and since my parents didn’t drive, visiting my grandparents was like visiting a foreign country. ey didn’t speak English, children didn’t ask questions, and at that time, we just tried to be as American as we could. e arrival of displaced persons from European refugee camps was not something to associate with. Not surprisingly, I found nothing related to my maternal grandparents in my research.

But out of the ancestry search came an unexpected nd: a historian for the Armored Division saw my post and reached out to ask if I was related to Aloysius Gonsowski of Bu alo, NY, and from him I found where my uncle was buried – in Belgium. I promised my mom I would one day visit his gravesite.

My daughter works in Europe, and during visits to see her and vacation capitals, I nally got to Belgium to see the grave. I knew that he was interred at the Ardennes American Military Cemetery, and on a picturesque June day in 2017, my family stood in awe at the site’s magni cence. Like the US’ Arlington National Cemetery in DC, the grounds at Ardennes are an immaculate, serene tribute to those who gave everything. I had brought with me a teaspoon of dirt from my

Evidently, in 1978, a townsman looking in a well-known battle area for war relics came across a shallow grave with two skeletons and a set of dog tags, one engraved with my uncle’s name. Again, the military tried to nd relatives and when they were unsuccessful, Uncle Al was given a full military burial in Ardennes. e le included the pictures and write-up from the Stars and Stripes paper! An amazing, beautiful closure for a soldier never forgotten by the military. How could I not give my DNA? It will be kept in a database so that if body parts are found in the battle area, they can include/exclude possible servicemen. Uncle Al gave so much; how could I not?

I wish the technology had been available sooner so my grandparents, my mom, and her siblings, could have had the closure I received knowing all the circumstances of the death of this WWII tank hero, a young man adored by his family and never forgotten or slighted by his country.

Love to write? You could earn CASH when you share your original story, personal experience, community happening or school event with us! It may be featured on our popular website for all to see and even selected for print! Go to My Hometown at or email!


2nd & 3rd Shift

Machine Operators: Riveter, Welder, Lathe, Press

Entry-Level Production: Stackers, Hangers, Heat Treat

QA Technician & Material Handler: 3rd shift

Skilled Trade Openings: Maintenance Mechanics

Industrial Electricians

Millwright/Press Mechanics

Monthly bonuses awarded for Safety & Attendance! PLUS! Paid vacation awarded throughout your first year of employment! Full Benefits at 75 Days including Health/Dental/401k plans

For Job Descriptions & to Apply Online Visit: Submit resumes to:


Research the job market. Look into the industries for the field you are considering. Is it the right time for success in this field? Industries tend to ebb and flow. Do not leave a job only to find the next career has few, if any, openings. Job growth projections are available through resources like the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


* Check your local newspaper or city/county government for programs that provide free or near free water barrels or trees. Many areas have a program, and they really do help keep your water costs down if you have flowers or vegetable gardens.

* To keep the edges of lettuce from browning, tear it or use a plastic knife sold just for this purpose. Metal will make the edges brown.

* “If you want same-size cookies, roll and freeze your dough for 10-15 minutes. Most doughs will harden enough to slice into perfectly uniform slices, and the freezing doesn’t really affect cooking time too much. (Watch your first batch, though.)” -- R.L. in Missouri

* If you are reattaching a button to shorts or pants, try using dental floss, the unwaxed kind. It’s much stronger and can hold the button better than regular thread. Use a marker to darken it if the color is an issue.

* “Shaving cream can be used as a spot remover for many carpets. Use only a small amount, and follow up with a damp cloth.” -D.L. in New Brunswick, Canada

* “To prevent a skin from forming on the top of a can of leftover paint, you can inflate a balloon and stick it in the can, cut a piece of wax paper to fit or store the can inverted, so that the skin will form on the bottom and stay there when you flip it.” -- W.B. in Alabama

EMPLOYMENT ● GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111 Page17 TRI-COUNTY EDITION ● FRIDAY,MARCH 17,2023 MOMENTS IN TIME The History Channel On March 22, 1947,
View complete employment listings at GVPENNYSAVER.COM
President Harry Truman establishes a sweeping loyalty investigation of federal employees in response to public fears of communism in the U.S. Congress had
launched investigations of communist influence in Hollywood.
OR Apply in person at 3959 Bates Rd. • Medina, NY EOE

Notice of Vacancy Custodial Worker

Quali cations:

• Civil Service Eligibility

• High School Graduate or equivalent

• Physical ability to perform assigned duties

• Team player with strong work ethic and positive attitude

• Dependable and safety-oriented

• Valid NYS Driver’s License


• Batavia B shi - 2:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.


• $31,824 + $939.60 shi di erential

Starting date:


Visit our website at

Reply by April 4, 2023 with reference to Vacancy 23-114, resume and cover letter to or mail to: Human Resources, Genesee Valley BOCES

80 Munson Street, LeRoy, NY 14482


Timebuyer Auto Sales • Batavia, NY

• Diagnose & Repair used autos

• Min. 3-5 Years Exper. Preferred

• Positive Attitude; Excellent Work Ethic

• Valid NYS Driver’s License

NYS Insp. License Is NOT Required

WE OFFER: Competitive hourly wage – NO FLAT RATE! Full-Time, M-F • NO WEEKENDS!

Bonuses, Medical/Dental/Vision Ins., 401k Plan, Paid sick/vac/holidays –Uniforms & tools provided.


OR stop by 244-248 W. Main St.; Batavia, NY


Salary: Of course everyone would love to earn more money when changing jobs, but there is more to changing jobs than just improving your bottom line. As you begin your job search, consider how much you currently earn and if that allows you to live a life you love. If so, don’t overemphasize finding a new job that pays considerably more than your currently earn. On the flip side, young professionals who want to start a family in the years ahead should consider the costs associated with such a decision and how the salaries they earn at their next jobs may affect what they want down the road.

Notice of Vacancy Financial Manager


Expanding Rochester, NY area Automobile Shredder Operation looking for experienced Heavy Equipment Operators and General Laborers. Experience in the Scrap Industry a plus, but not required. Position is full-time plus OT. Reliable transportation a must. Pre-hire background check and drug screening required.

Very competitive wages and benefits including vacation, paid holidays, 401 (k) and health insurance.

Learn more about us at Call for an application, apply in person or mail resume to:

Union Scrap Processing, Inc.

PO Box 486, 3484 S. Union St., N. Chili, NY 14514

E-mail resume to:

Or fax resume/application to: (585) 594-0160

Direct inquires to Diane at: (585) 594-1600

Quali cations:

• Bachelor’s degree in accounting, business administration, economics or another related eld including or supplemented by at least 18 credit hours in accounting and two years of accounting experience involving third party insurance billing, budget preparation or nancial reporting OR

• Associate’s degree in accounting and four years of experience as described above

Job Duties:

• Prepare cash receipts

• Reconcile bank accounts and prepare treasurer’s reports

• Prepare journal entries, trial balances, and reconcile general ledger accounts

• Prepare P/L statements

• Monitor revenues and expenses

• Prepare quarterly and nal expenditure reports Location:

• LeRoy Services Center

Salary range:

• $45,000-$50,000 based on experience

Starting date:


Visit our website at

Reply by April 4, 2023 with reference to Vacancy 23-115, letter of interest and resume to or mail to: Human Resources, Genesee Valley BOCES 80 Munson Street, LeRoy, NY 14482


Genesee Community College currently has several openings for Secretary at the Batavia Campus. ese are civil service positions with Genesee County and will be provisional appointments. e individuals selected for the positions must be a resident of Genesee, Erie, Livingston, Monroe, Niagara, Orleans or Wyoming County, apply for the next Genesee County Civil Service examination for this title and be reachable on the list.

e minimum quali cations include graduation from high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma recognized by the NYS Department of Education, and either: a) graduation from a regionally accredited or NYS registered two year college with an Associate’s Degree in Secretarial Science or related eld, and one year of full-time, paid clerical experience which shall have included typing, or b) completion of a minimum of 65 semester credit hours from a regionally accredited or NYS registered college or university, including a minimum of 24 semester credit hours in O ce Technology and one year of full-time paid clerical experience which shall have included typing, c) three years of full-time, paid clerical experience, which shall have involved typing, or d) any equivalent combination.

Review will begin immediately and continue until positions are lled. For more details and to apply online, please visit Please include a cover letter, resume and contact information for four references.

GCC is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to fostering diversity in its faculty, sta , and student body, and strongly encourages applications from the entire spectrum of a diverse community.

1. MOVIES: What is the name of Scarlett and Rhett’s daughter in “Gone with the Wind”?

2. GEOGRAPHY: What body of water lies between Australia and New Zealand?

3. TELEVISION: Eric Camden is a minister on which TV dramedy?

4. CHEMISTRY: Which element has the Latin name stannum (Sn)?

5. LITERATURE: Which book is first written in C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia series?

6. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is the name of the bird logo on Twitter?

7. ANIMAL KINGDOM: How long does it take a sloth to digest food?

8. PSYCHOLOGY: What is the irrational fear represented by coulrophobia?

9. MYTHOLOGY: Which Greek god stared at his own reflection until he died?

10. INVENTIONS: What did Alessandro Volta invent? Answers

1. Bonnie Blue Butler. 2. Tasman Sea. 3. “7th Heaven.” 4. Tin. 5. “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.” 6. Larry. 7. An average of 16 days, and up to 30 days. 8. Fear of clowns. 9. Narcissus.
Synd., Inc.
10. The electric battery. ©
2023 King Features

Awake, thou wintry earthFling off thy sadness! Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth Your ancient gladness!


* On March 20, 1861, President Abraham Lincoln’s sons, Willie and Tad, are diagnosed with the measles. The boys recovered, but in 1862 Willie contracted typhoid fever and died. Tad died at age 18 in 1871. Of Lincoln’s four boys, only the first child, Robert, lived to an advanced age; he passed away at age 82 in 1926.

EMPLOYMENT ● GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111 Page20 TRI-COUNTY EDITION ● FRIDAY,MARCH 17,2023 You may also apply online at MAKE YOUR NEXT CAREER MOO-VE JOIN OUR TEAM! HIRING FOR: Production • Entry • Blow Mold Lab • Warehouse • Mechanics Competitive Wages • Benefits Growth/Advancement Opportunities Email resumes to:
IN TIME The History Channel


Shelby Transportation is currently seeking motivated and dedicated team members who are responsible for local grain hauling and home every night.

• Potential for $60k plus

• Excellent benefits – health and dental insurance, matching 401(k), life insurance, wellness benefits.

• Requirements: Minimum 3 years driving experience. Good MVR, No DUI/DWI

• On farm/agricultural experience preferred Apply in person 4141 Bates Rd, Medina, NY, or email resume to


Give yourself a confidence boost. Going into negotiations feeling grateful to accept anything is the wrong tactic. Sell your skills to yourself first before you share them with a boss. Make a list of why you deserve a raise and then back up those points with clear examples. Include past successful projects, your developing skill set, software experience, education, training, and anything else that boosts your résumé.


Seasonal work: Seasonal work is another great way for retirees to fill their time and make a little extra money along the way. Come the holiday season, retirees should have no trouble finding seasonal retail work at their local malls or shopping centers. In warmer months, retirees may find seasonal employment at area beaches, golf courses or parks.


Unemployment isn’t easy for anyone, regardless of their age. But unemployed men and women over 50 may find it especially difficult to find work.

Whether it’s a byproduct of age-related discrimination or any of a host of additional variables, jobless older workers often struggle to find work. In a 2016 analysis of government figures, the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis at the New School estimated that the jobless rate for workers 55 and older in August of 2016, six years after the Great Recession, was nearly 9 percent. At the time, the national jobless rate hovered around 5 percent.

Unemployed men and women over 50 who are struggling to find work can consider the following strategies as they look to rejoin the workforce. Revisit your résumé. Unemployed men and women over 50 have no doubt updated their résumés to reflect their most recent professional experience. But they may need to trim some of the fat in regard to their work life 10 or more years ago. Today’s hiring managers may only be concerned with recent experience that illustrates skillsets that are relevant to today’s jobs. Men and women over 50 may consider their experience from 20 years ago invaluable, but if that experience does not meet the specific needs of the jobs they’re now seeking, then they should remove it from their résumés so hiring managers can quickly access the more relevant information from their work histories.

Embrace 21st century job hunting. Finding a job in the second decade of the 21st century is unlike job hunting in decades prior, and wholly different from how men and women over 50 looked for jobs upon beginning their professional lives. Networking can mean the difference between unemployment and landing a job. Go to job fairs attended by hiring managers and join professional organizations that host events where professionals in your field can gather.

Turn your age into a positive. Men and women over 50 should accept the likelihood that their new managers and/or hiring managers will be younger than them. When interviewing for a job, men and women over 50 should make an effort to showcase their enthusiasm about working with and learning from younger colleagues, while also noting their desire to commit long-term to a company. Some hiring managers may surprise older applicants, viewing them as potentially more reliable than younger workers simply looking to gain some experience in a particular industry before moving on to the next opportunity.

Make use of your existing down time. Another strategy unemployed men and women over 50 can try as they look for work is to make better use of their existing downtime. Enrolling in online courses can give prospective employers the impression that applicants over 50 are both tech-savvy and willing to learn new things. Each of those things can help men and women over 50 overcome any unjustified, tech-related stigmas that hiring managers may attach to older job candidates.

Finding work after 50 is not always easy, and job seekers may need to adjust their approach before they can get back in the workforce.

“YOU’RE HIRED” Get that l ok.


THEGARLANDCEMETERY Associationisholdingit’sannuallotowner’smeetingonTuesday,April4th, 2023at6pmattheClarksonCourt House.Alllotownersorinterested partiesarewelcometoattend.

TRAVELING?LaminatedLuggage Tags withhandlefastener.Just$1 eachforsomuchpeaceofmind! GeneseeValleyPennySaver,1471 Route15,Avon.OpenM-Th8:30am5pm&F8:30am-3pm.




PassagesSectionisfarlessexpensivethanothermedia? Call: 585-226-8111 formoreinformation!


EXPERTPIANOTUNING &REPAIR.Since1980.MusicianExtraordinaire,CharlesM.Freida, 585-426-2334.


JUNKCARS,TRUCKS,andVans Wanted!Highercashpaidformost. Alwaysfreepickup.Wearethe ONLYlocalcompanythatpaysHonestandFairestforover30years. 585-305-5865.

DENTALINSURANCE- Physicians MutualInsuranceCompany.Covers 350procedures.Realinsurance-nota discountplan.Getyourfreedental infokit!1-855-526-1060www.

ATTENTION: OxygenUsers!Gain freedomwithaPortableOxygenConcentrator!Nomoreheavytanksand refills!GuaranteedLowestPrices!Call theOxygenConcentratorStore: 855-839-1738.

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MUST-HAVES FOR YOUR PADDY’S DAY PARTY Formanyrevelers,St.Patrick’sDaywouldn’tbethesamewithoutGuinness, which is among Ireland’s most famous exports. This world renowned and easily recognizable Irish dry stout traces its origins to 1758, when Arthur Guinness began creating it at his brewery at St. James’s Gate in Dublin. The black beer and its familiar white head instantly evoke images of Ireland for millions of people across the globe. While hosts outside of Ireland might not be able to find a keg of the black stuff for their Paddy’s Day party, it is widely available in cans.

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. ~Proverb

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Peewee and Gizmo are brothers. We got them through a family member. They’re so cute and fun to watch play together. They love going for rides.

Corned beef and cabbage might not be a part of many people’s diet regimens throughout the year. But come March 17, it’s not uncommon to find people from all walks of life indulging in this beloved meal.

March 17 marks the celebration of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Over the years, the day has also become a celebration of the Emerald Isle. Such celebrations tend to feature corned beef and cabbage, even though the dish may have little to do with Ireland (and even less to do with St. Patrick). The precise origins of the link between corned beef and St. Patrick’s Day remain a topic of debate, but some historians say the corned beef enjoyed today can be traced to New York City’s Irish immigrant population in the 19th and 20th centuries, who popularized a salted meat made from brisket that was then sold by Jewish butchers.

Regardless of the authenticity of its link to Ireland, corned beef is delicious and many modern Paddy’s Day celebrants wouldn’t think of going without it on March 17.

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One offer per customer and cannot be combined with any other coupon. Expires 3-31-23

One offer per customer and cannot be combined with any other coupon. Expires 3-31-23

One offer per customer and cannot be combined with any other coupon. Expires 3-31-23

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