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JULY 12, 2019 | RUSH-HENRIETTA | 585.226.8111 | GVPENNYSAVER.COM



289/ For 42 months. $


No Down Payment. Back-up Camera, Remote Start Lease for 42 months with 10k miles per year. $.25 per mile charge over 10k. MSRP $29,285. STK# Incoming. With approved credit through Chrysler Capital. Plus taxes, first payment and DMV fees. All rebates/conquest rules apply. Must have FCA lease in household. Lessee pays for excess wear and mileage. See dealer for complete details. Offer Expires 7/31/19.


OFF on selected Rams


Plus Castilone discount

Lease for 42 months with 10k miles per year. $.25 per mile charge over 10k. MSRP $35,940. STK# J9163. With approved credit through Ally Financial. Plus taxes, first payment and DMV fees. All rebates/conquest rules apply. Must have FCA lease in household. Lessee pays for excess wear and mileage. See dealer for complete details. Offer Expires 7/31/19.

SAVE UP TO $14,000!!



For 42 months. No Down Payment. Leather, Htd Seats, Htd Steering Wheel

OVER 100 PRE-OWNED VEHICLES TO CHOOSE FROM 2013 Dodge Dart SXT FWD Stock# J9210B, 113k mi., Remote keyless entry.

2006 Ford F-150 XLT Stock# R9012A, 4WD, 91k mi., recent arrival!

2013 Chevrolet Equinox LS

Stock# J9189A, AWD, Remote keyless entry, 97k mi.

2013 Jeep Compass Latitude Stock# P1690A, 4WD, htd. seats & mirrors, recent arrival, 68k mi.

2013 Chevy Traverse LS

#P1706A, 86K mi., FWD, 1 owner, fresh trade! 3rd row, Navigation, cooling sys.

2013 Ford Escape SE Stock# J9201A, AWD, Bluetooth, keyless entry, 71K mi.

2013 Ford Escape SEL

#P1694A, fresh trade! leather seats, bluetooth, heated seats

$7,588* $10,488* $10,787 $11,876 $12,488 $12,588* $12,588 2018 Chevy Malibu LT

Stock# P1584 Bluetooth, Back-up cam., 43K mi.

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

2017 Chevy Malibu LT

Stock# J9155A, Front Stock# P1673, Split dual zone A/C, Remote folding rear seat, keyless entry, 80K mi. Back-up cam., 36K mi.

2015 Jeep Compass Latitude

2016 Jeep Patriot High Altitude 4WD

Stock# P1664 One owner, #P1723, 35K mi., Heated seats, 27K mi. sunroof! Leather seats, sat. radio, HTD seats

2016 Jeep 2017 Jeep Patriot Latitude Renegade Latitude Stock# P1666 One Owner, Heated front seats, 25K mi.

Stock# P1695, 4x4, Back-up cam.,Keyless Entry, 32K mi.

$14,500 $14,988 $15,768 $16,688 $16,988 $17,488 $17,488 2016 Jeep Renegade Latitude Stock# P1665 4x4, Back-up cam., 27K mi.

2016 Honda CR-V EX-L

2016 Jeep Compass 2016 Jeep Compass 2016 Jeep Compass High Altitude High Altitude High Altitude

Stock# J9173A, Leather, Stock #P1711, 4wd, Stock #P1714, 4WD, 19k Stock# P1685, One owner, heated seats, 13k mi., remote start, mi., 1 owner, remote moonroof, Back-up Bluetooth, 16K mi. 1 owner, keyless keyless entry, heated cam., 71K mi. entry, heated seats seats, recent arrival

2016 Jeep Cherokee Sport

2018 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT

Stock# J9182A Stock# P1644, 1 owner, 4x4, Bluetooth, Trailer 3rd row seats, Back-up sway control, 29K mi. cam., 38K mi.

$17,788 $17,987 $17,988 $17,988 $18,588 $18,788 $18,878 *Vehicles subject to recall. Remedy not available yet. To check for recalls on any of our used cars go to All prices plus tax & license fees.


We buy cars for cash *Vehicles subject to recall. not available yet. To check for recalls on any of our used cars go to All prices plus Tax & License Fees. all and ask forRemedy Greg!

Call me today for a no-obligation quote! 585-815-0065 Christine Heideman - Your Local Farmers Agent 306 W. Main St., Batavia, NY 14020


Fresh From North Carolina

Strawberries • Cantaloupe • Tomatoes • Peaches

and Peas

Fresh Baked Goods

Active Living 50+ ____________________14 Auctions & Antiques ____________________24

Plant Sale! Everything Must Go!

Automotive ____________________12

Bloomfield • 2180 Rt. 64 North • 657-7656 (3 mi. N. of Bloomfield, 5 mi. S. of Mendon)

Body & Mind ____________________26

Open: weekdays 9-7pm; Sat. - Sun. 9-6pm

Classifieds ____________________36


Hemlock “Little World’s” Fair

Employment ____________________33

Tuesday, July 16 – Saturday, July 20, 2019

Garage Sales _____________________8

Rte. 15A Hemlock, New York Download the New Phone App. from

Give & Take ____________________23 Gillette Midway Shows

Home Services ____________________18

Pay One Price Admission

Hometown Events ____________________16

Includes All Rides, Attractions & Shows Except Tues.-Thurs. Monster Truck Rides: $10 Per-Person (4pm-?) Kiddie Train Rides on Tuesday and Wednesday from 2-7pm The Summer’s Greatest Family Entertainment Value TUESDAY, JULY 16 – SENIOR CITIZEN DAY Noon Sire Stakes Race / 7pm: Demolition Derby WEDNESDAY, JULY 17 – NIGHT OF FIRE & WHEELS Mounted Horse Patrol Competition 1pm Tuff Truck Qualifiers at 6:00pm before the Main Event 7:00pm MONSTER MAYHEM featuring BACKDRAFT, INSTIGATOR, GENERAL HAZZARD & MUDDY GIRL plus two new trucks ANGER MANAGEMENT and TEMPERATURE RISING!!! THURSDAY, JULY 18 7pm: NYTPA TRUCK & TRACTOR PULL Super Farm Stock Tractors & Outlaw Pulling Series: Mafia Series Semis – 2.6 Diesel Pickup Class FRIDAY, JULY 19 7pm: NYTPA TRUCK & TRACTOR PULL 3.0 Diesel 4WD Trucks – Modified Tractors 2WD Trucks – Super Stock Tractors SATURDAY, JULY 20 High Noon Sheriff’s Showdown – A friendly mounted competition 4 pm: Wood Carving Auction (Grandstand), 4:30 pm: Demolition Derby DAILY: CINCINNATI CIRCUS (new shows), Hemlock Fair Quilt Show in the AG Expo Bldg., Heritage Museum, THE RACING PIGS, JENNIFER BLACK CHAINSAW CARVING, Train Display in the AG Expo Bldg., Army National Guard Display

Kidz Korner _____________________3 Passages ____________________10 Pet Place _____________________5 Puzzle Answers ____________________25 Real Estate _____________________6 Vibes & Rants _____________________4 Worship ____________________22

Present The Region’s Best Bands Nightly GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

Sponsored By:


KORNER Dinosaurs



Sponsor our Family Fun Page for just $55 per week!


Call 226-5878 or email




1. Lived during the same period as dinosaurs but actually is a flying reptile.

2 2. Measured up to 43 feet long and weighed as much as 7.5 tons.

3 3. Plant eating (herbivore) dinosaur.


4. Had a Brain the Size of a Walnut.


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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

Submit photos and captions at


under My Hometown

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and walk to Lattimore P.T. six days a week to work out for 14 years now. The big question is who will give out first: me or my car? If only my doctors said, “No Charge.”

Thank you, Monro Muffler of Avon, for helping out this 94 yr. old lady when she got a bolt stuck in her front tire of her 2000 Buick. It was Saturday afternoon, and they took me right away. When I asked how much they said, “No Charge.” I’ve been their customer since moving here in 2005. I only drive locally We are told that student population is drastically decreasing. It is true that support staff are being cut. Why then does the district need so many administrators? Something is seriously wrong here. If you have a child in this district with special needs, beware! They won’t be getting the necessary support that you were told they would receive! Shame, shame, shame on you for sending the ducklings to the meat market once you were through with them. This is disgusting, to say the least. I hope someone reads this and takes action so this does not happen again. You should have found homes for the ducklings instead of sending them to be killed. Don’t you have any respect for life? Obviously GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

To the gentleman who bought our lunch on Saturday, June 15th, at the Town & Country Restaurant: What a kind and sweet surprise! We would like to thank you personally if we knew you. It’s so nice to know there are such good and caring people in the world.

with their mouths...which only shows their true character. It’s wonderful to have neighbors who know the true meaning of keeping a neat and tidy lawn. Neighbors who, when they cut their lawns, don’t leave behind dead grass. Neighbors who would trim around posts, etc. It’s a pleasure to have neighbors who don’t cheapen the neighborhood with all of their cha cha’s, but who keep their yard nicely done. So, with summer in full force, thank you to all those neighbors who know the true meaning of being neighborly.

How nice to have neighbors who have more than a four-word vocabulary, neighbors who are dignified and not trashy

A shout out and thank you to Ken Enos of Quinby Apartments for all that you do for us residents. He goes above and beyond his

not. Please stop this from happening; it’s cruel.

you jump in and steal my success. This is not the way to show consideration for me. I do not appreciate anyone who invades my thoughts while I’m thinking about a purchase nor someone who assumes that I need help getting it. Please do not bother me just as you do not bother others when they are considering their purchases. Also, never get behind a wheelchair user and move them without their consent. I’m a person. If I want help, I’ll ask! Please do likewise.

Please don’t display your flags on top of your car where they get tattered. It is disrespectful to the flag and all those who fought for our country. A bumper sticker or decal would be more respectful. I pass two flags in front of a house that are so tattered the stripes are hanging in separate strips. Also, you are not supposed to display a flag at night or otherwise in the dark without a light shining on it. - widow of a Vietnam Veteran. To all the people who see someone using a wheelchair and feel the need to help without asking permission: stop it! You may see me seemingly struggle with getting the milk off of the shelf, and then when I have almost succeeded,

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

They burn fuel, are terrible for environment and are a complete waste of taxpayer money! Nobody wants to see your group or subpar band half playing an instrument and tie up traffic in the meantime. If you are a fan of watching people walk, maybe you should check

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duties to help us stay safe by keeping our apartments up-to-date, problem-free and the outside areas beautiful. Thank you, Ken! Thank You to everyone that stopped to check on me after a deer accident on Wheatland Center Rd. the morning of June 19th. I am very grateful to the fireman on the motorcycle who personally came to my vehicle to medically check on me. He also ensured the safety of others traveling by removing debris in the road from my vehicle. May God Bless you all for your humbling actions and concerns. on S. Sharon

out the local mall. Parades are nothing but sight and noise pollution and should be treated as such! If you regularly walk the Canal Path between Main St. and [local] Park, you’ve seen ‘them…plastic bags full of dog poop that some inconsiderate, rude and entitled person(s) have intentionally left for others to pick up and deposit. They are, generally, left in plain sight on a rock, under a bush, or on the canal path itself. Just who do you expect will pick up your dog’s plastic poop bags? Do you think the Village has a special crew to handle this task? Pick up the full bags and carry them to a waste can. Your dog’s poop is your responsibility!


FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019


Penny Saver

Hi, I’m Zekey!


ACROSS 1 5 8 12 13 14 15 16 18 20 21 23 24 28 31 32 34 35 37 39 41 42 45 49 51 52 53 54 55 56 57

Collections Toward the stern Being, to Brutus Enticement Actress Myrna “Once -- a time ...” Operatic solo Harem’s housing Hex “Long Day’s Journey Into Night” writer Fairy tale villain Explosive letters Three-striper Dueling sword Opposite of “post-” Be philanthropic Corn spike St. Louis landmark Dramatic musical work Chance Sandwich shop Alexandrian peninsula Maximally Repaired Hee-haw Wise one Past Slender Low card Neither mate Otherwise

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 17 19 22 24 25 26 27 29 30 33 36 38 40 42 43 44 46 47 48 50

Pole or Czech Continental coin Small comb Sailing veteran Losers Enemy Novice First name of 20-Across Green type of soup Earth Carbon compound Pismire Curved molding Finished Hot tub Blunder Tend a dead battery Bullfight VIP Chow down Historical period Whip mark Invisible rabbit of stage and screen Spry, like Jack Luau bowlful “Hey, you!” Listen to Read bar codes Verbal Without (Fr.) Youngster Id counterpart

I’m about ten years old now. My first family surrendered me to Lollypop farm when I was about four years old. I had a bad skin infection and I guess they couldn’t handle it. Lollypop cleaned me up, gave me medications and sent me off to a foster Mom to heal before I went up for adoption. But even before I got better, my foster Mom adopted me because she said I was the cutest, kindest dog she ever met. I have a permanent home now. Send us a photo and brief write-up of your pet and we’ll feature it. Email to: or mail to: P.O. Box 340; Avon, 14414. Pets will be published at discretion of GVPS.

This week’s puzzle answer is elsewhere in this paper. The Crossword Puzzle is provided by Tribune Media Services. Any questions or comments should be made to 1-800-346-8798.


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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

Senior Apartments For Rent, North Chili Union Park: 1-2 Bedroom Apartments • Immediate opening for 1 BR now! • Heat & hot water included. Some apartments have walk-in shower. • Porch or patio in each apt. Small pets ok. • On-site laundry facility & community room available. • Must be 55 years old or older. Income & occupancy requirements apply. (585) 293-9150 | |

Henrietta’s Only Full Service Realtors Listing and Selling in a Hot Market • Realtors you can trust • Get pre-approved with on-site mortgage reps.

HENRIETTA OFFICE Sandra Lehmann Lic. RE Saleperson c: (585) 317-4514

Mandeep Malhi Lic. RE Saleperson c: (585) 278-0388

Joyce Wilding Lic. RE Saleperson c: (585) 615-7653

Michael Mercer Lic. Associate RE Broker c: (585) 278-0388

Don Wallace Lic. Associate RE Broker c: (585) 739-3765

2920 E. Henrietta Rd. Henrietta, NY 14467

0: 585.334.1020 Office. Open 9-5 Mon. - Fri. Sat. 10-2, Sun. by appt.

Lisa Bolzner Lic. RE Saleperson c: (585) 415-3919

Dina Mihalitsas Lic. RE Saleperson c: (585) 330-2709

Karina Ribis Lic. Associate RE Broker c: (585) 755-1396


Bob Machucki Lic. RE Saleperson c: (585) 749-7243

Marlene Adams c: (585) 943-0170

Delores Franco Lic. RE Saleperson c: (585) 820-3723

Gary Norton Lic. RE Saleperson c: (585) 734-7781

Chelsea Rowe Lic. RE Saleperson c: (585) 727-1353

Lic. Associate RE Broker & Saleperson

Raynae & Daniel Pieters Lic. RE Salepersons c: (585) 406-0140

Grace Wang Lic. Associate RE Broker c: (585) 766-7825

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

Nancy Sanderson Lic. Associate RE Broker c: (585) 738-3278

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John Buscemi & Michael Harris Lic. RE Salepersons c: (585) 813-7389 & (585) 813-7390

See What Our Agents Can Do For You!

Doug Forken Lic. RE Saleperson c: (585) 943-7181

Daniel Head Branch Manager (585) 738-9893


FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019


Monthly affordable rates: 1BR $521-605, 2BR $615-675


2 Bedroom Apartments Available Section 8 Vouchers and DSS Accepted

Contact us for an application 585-889-8726 TDD Relay 711 33 Bowerman Rd. • Scottsville, NY 14546

Travel with Cathy “Where the Fun Begins”

CALL 585-250-8103

Explore Rhode Island Part II Aug 26-29 $785 pp/dbl 3 Full Breakfasts & 3 Dinners (1 on the beach & 1 Lobster) Lighthouse Cruise, Mansion Tour, Newport & Jamestown Guided Tour, Wickford Village …. Seabee Museum … and more

Honey is a natural wonder that can be equally useful in the kitchen and in the medicine cabinet.

Call for full details or check out website


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

RUSH: 257 Fishell Rd. July 13 & 14, (9-3pm) MULTI-FAMILY. Furniture including: Desk, Dining set, Antique Dresser, Large charcoal grill, Arbor, Roto-Tiller, Bikes, Plants, Collectibles, Books and More!

Our 10 editions are published weekly with a total circulation of over 129,000 Main Office:

HENRIETTA: 118 Wright Road (off Lehigh Station or E. Henrietta Road). 7/19-20 (8:30-3pm). Counter stools, 66” triangle Corian countertop, FAO Schwarz train set, old fashioned desk, Lizzie High dolls, men’s clothes, holiday items, mirrors, DVDs, glassware, books, Cherished Kitties, dog crates, other household items, more. Everything priced to go!

PO Box 340 1471 Route 15, Avon, NY 14414 Phone: 585-226-8111 Fax: 585-226-3390

Additional offices:

WEST HENRIETTA: Henrietta Moose, 5375 West Henrietta Road. 7/20-21 (10-4pm). Vendors Welcome! Call 585-359-1937 for space availability. Multiple items for sale. Also, Chicken BBQ on 7/21, 12pm until sold.

222 East Main Street, Batavia, NY 14020 Phone: 585-343-3111 Fax: 585-343-3353 202 South Main Street, Canandaigua, NY 14424 Phone: 585-393-1111 Fax: 585-393-1823

PITTSFORD: 2 Winchester Drive. Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, 7/19-21 (10-5). MOVING SALE! Lots of household items, toys, games, yard and tools and more.

134 Main Street Dansville, NY 14437 Phone: 585-335-8537 Fax: 585-204-4007

WEBSTER: 630 Bay Road (corner of Bay & Weaver) Sat., 7/20 (9-5pm) HUGE MOVING SALE.

President ..............................Steve Harrison Vice President .....................Kimberly Dougherty Controller ..........................Kathy Hammond Advertising Sales Manager .............................Manuel Karam Creative Director .................................Cristie Leone Production Supervisor .....................................Jeff Wasson Circulation Manager .................................Shari Rapone Billing/Office Manager .....................................Beth Garbe Members of:

Free Community Papers of NY and

National Award Winning Paper

We make it easy for you to GO GREEN… We will recycle your old phone books and magazines. Simply bring them in to our Avon Office only during regular business hours. Our production team will shred and bundle this paper for trucking to the mill.

WEST BLOOMFIELD HISTORICAL SOCIETY: 28th Annual Yard Sale, Saturday, July 20 (9-4) and Sunday, July 21 (9-2), 8966 Rt. 5 and 20. 100’s of items, additional vendors, Saturday lunch, exhibits. Information HENRIETTA: 73 Hill Terrace. (Off Ward Hill Road) July 19th & 20th (9-4pm) Furniture, dishes, household, tools, misc. items. IRONDEQUOIT: 61 Twilight Drive, Irondequoit, NY 14617. Thursday, Friday, July 18th, 19th, (9-4pm), ESTATE SALE: Numbers first day, 8:30. 2011 Hyundai Sonata, 80,000 miles (bid on), full house contents, with 75” Sony TV-4K HDR Ultra, and 2014 Sony TV, 62” 3D and DVD Players for each TV, TV Receiver, Selection of DVD’s (4K, 3D, and Blu-Ray); two bedroom setsKing and Queenwith mattress sets, Kitchen table with 6 chairs, modular office furniture, bookcases, shelving units, floor lamps, table lamps, miscellaneous kitchenware,small appliances, bakeware, utensils, etc., Play Station 4, Wii, Nintendo Switch, Star Wars items, monitors, router, keyboard, speakers-- including surround sound speakers, sound and recording devices, Hi-Fi headset, tools, adult bike, much miscellaneous.

❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■ RUSH: 2481 Pinnacle Road. 7/19 (9-2pm). Household items, home decor, decorations, more.

❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■❒■ LAKEVILLE: 6001 Big Tree Road (next to Leisure’s Restaurant). July 19, 20, 21 (9-6pm). FLEA MARKET YARD SALE to BENEFIT SusieQ Dog ResQ. Furniture, Antiques, Collectibles, Linens, Quality Clothing, Toys, Tools. Stop in and find your treasure! All proceeds go towards the animals in our care. 585-346-6747. HENRIETTA: 19 Fox Chapel Rd. July 20 - 21 . (9-3pm). Household Items, Microwave Cart, Christmas Decorations and much more!

AVON EXIT 9 FLEA MARKET Indoor/ Outdoor. Sundays 8-3 Get ready for Christmas in July. Corner Rt. 15 and Agar Road. 390 South to Exit 9.

HENRIETTA: 28 Mertensia Lane & Neighborhood Sat/Sun: 7/13-14 (9-4pm) Variety: household items, decor, kitchen, clothing, Crib w/ mattress, luggage, Cd/DVD, Misc. No early birds. MENDON: 88 Mendon Ionia Road (Rt. 64). 7/19-20 (8-4pm). MULTIFAMILY SALE. Desks, dining set, bookcase, lots of craft supplies, fabric, household items. FAIRPORT: 2 Piping Rock Run. Fri., 7/19 (8-2pm) & Sat., 7/20 (8-12 noon). MULTI-FAMILY SALE. RV equipment, assorted tools, automotive, kitchen & cooking Items, & lawn furniture. HENRIETTA: COMING SOON! United Church of Christ 1400 Lehigh Station. July 26th and July 27th Nearly New Sale and Bake Sale. HENRIETTA: 149 Garden Parkway. July 13th (9-4pm) Variety of tools, household items, barbies, all priced to sell.

Avon Gold Standard Publication


1471 Rt. 15 ●

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

Visit an MVP Mobile Enrollment Center Mondays 9 am–4 pm Bullshead Plaza

Need help with health insurance?

855 W. Main Street Rochester

Tuesdays 9 am–4 pm

MVP is here for you!

Bullshead Plaza 855 W. Main Street Rochester

Visit MVP Health Care ® near you or call today.

Wednesdays 9 am–4 pm Salvation Army Temple Corps. 915 N. Clinton Avenue Rochester

Thursdays 9 am–4 pm Rite Aid

Talk with an MVP representative and get expert advice on free and low-cost health insurance* options for you and your family. Call to book an appointment or stop in today!

804 N. Goodman Street Rochester

Fridays 9 am–4 pm

1-844-687-1102 (TTY: 1-800-662-1220)

Rite Aid 804 N. Goodman Street Rochester

Visit an MVP Office Location MVP Enrollment and Member Service Center 220 Alexander Street Rochester Mondays–Fridays 9 am–4 pm Times subject to change. Visit for current listings.

* Discounted rates are dependent on subsidy eligibility and are not available in all counties. Individual premium rate may vary. Health benefit plans are issued or administered by MVP Health Plan, Inc.; MVP Health Insurance Company; MVP Select Care, Inc.; and MVP Health Services Corp., operating subsidiaries of MVP Health Care, Inc. Not all plans available in all states and counties.


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

Shawn M. Schmidt June 30, 2019 Phelps/Livonia: June 30, 2019 at age 42. Predeceased by his parents Matthew and Movureen (Shelley) Schmidt. Survived by his sister Heidi (Larry) Beardsley of Rush and brother Luke (Myra) Schmidt of Arkport. Shawn is also survived by 2 nieces and 1 nephew, aunts, uncles, several cousins and friends. Shawn was born on April 9, 1977 in Rochester, NY to parents Matthew and Movureen Schmidt. He attended Livonia High School and later worked as a machinist at Parlec in Fairport, NY. Shawn loved fishing in the Adirondacks and being outdoors. Friends and family may call on Friday, July 19th, from 6-8pm at the Kevin W. Dougherty Funeral Home Inc., 21 Big Tree Street, Rte 15 & 20A, Livonia, NY. Services and interment will be held privately. In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to the family, Heidi Beardsley, C/O Dougherty Funeral Home, PO Box 59, Livonia, NY 14487. To send a condolence or share a memory please visit: (585) 346-5401

1. Girls just want to have fun! 2. “Move over, birds! It’s my turn to eat!” 3. “Hey look, I’m driving!” 4. Lucas, 6, who enjoys the 4th of July, honors people of all ages and abilities who celebrate Independence Day every day with the help of Al Sigl Member Agencies.



GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

G reat SummerService Specials! WE SERVICE ALL Cooling System Flush $ MAKES & MODELS 20 OFF $ * 4 Wheel Alignment 10 OFF *Plus tax. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Must present coupon at time of purchase. See dealer for details. Exp. 7/31/19.

*Plus tax. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Must present coupon at time of purchase. See dealer for details. Exp. 7/31/19.

$ *Match any competitor’s service price. *Plus tax. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Must present coupon at time of purchase. See dealer for details. Exp. 7/31/19.

Our factory certified technicians and advisors will get you back on the road fast! Complimentary loaner vehicles available. *Quality limited lifetime warranty parts. *



NYS Inspection

*All offers expire 7/31/18. Prior sales excluded. Most vehicles, cannot be combined. See store for details. We honor all competitors’ coupons.

*Must have coupon present for discount. Exp. 7/31/19.

2780 LAKEVILLE ROAD • AVON, NY 14414 • 585.243.5000 Mon. - Fri. 7:30-5:30 • Saturday, 7:30-2:00 • Sunday Closed

Extended Service Hours OPEN UNTIL 7PM TUES & THURS

CONSERVE FUEL DURING YOUR DAILY COMMUTE Drive a vehicle with stop/ start technology. Stop/start systems, in which engines shut off automatically when drivers brake and restart automatically when the driver lifts his or her foot off the brake pedal, can make more efficient use of fuel. Once exclusive to hybrid cars, stop/start technology is now more widely available and can cut back on fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. That’s especially attractive to ecoconscious commuters who live in big cities where stop-andstart traffic is unavoidable. What’s more, many modern air conditioning compressors operate off electricity and not via a car’s engine, meaning vehicles with stop/start technology will stay cool in the summer even when the engine shuts off.


BONUS COUPON You Spend This:





Includes checking brakes, belts, tires, hoses, fluid levels and advise of safety needs. Must present at time of write up. Not valid with other offers. Expires 7/31/19


29 $ 4995*

We will perform a lube, oil & filter change on your vehicle as well as multipoint check over. We will completely check your car over for Spring and make sure your vehicle is ready for Spring travels. All service customers receive a free hand car wash. Performed by GM Certified Technicians.The people who know your vehicle best. *Some vehicles extra. Not valid w/any other offer, incl. up to 5 quarts synthetic blend motor oil & GM filter. Top off all fluids. Specialty filters extra. Offer expires 7/31/19. Please present coupon at write up. Price does not incl. sales tax. Dexos add $6.

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

A/C Summer Service

You Save This:



















$900.00 or More


Must present at time of write up. Not valid with other offers. Tire sales excluded. Expires 7/31/19.

Includes checking charge of a/c system, cleaning condenser and adding dye, visual leak check.



*Plus tax. Includes 1/2 lb. R-134A Freon. Does not include evac. and recharge, diagnostic may be extra. Not valid with other offers. Expires 7/31/19.

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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019


Hot weather can put extra demand on all fluids and engine components. Check transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and engine oil levels. Top off or change when necessary.


Spring Special 20% OFF Detail Services

proudly servicing the area for 76 years. “We work with the insurance company, making the repair process easier”

Professional Auto Detailing Interior Cleaning Paint Correction Ceramic Coating Vinyl Wraps And Much More



We also write directly for ALLSTATE, METLIFE, HANOVER and NYCM. Call today for a free estimate!

Certified & Insured • Free Estimates 585-533-4057 7272 W. Henrietta Rd., Rush 14543



24 Hour Towing 585-732-5999

1212 Rochester St., Honeoye Falls


(585) 624-2301 •

2019 FORD ECOSPORT TITANIUM loaded ............................ $22,295 2018 TOYOTA RAV4, AWD, nice. ....................................................... $20,995 2017 NISSAN FRONTIER King Cab, Auto., A/C............................... $14,995 2016 CHEVY SILVERADO LT 5.3, 4x4, dbl. cab ........................... $29,895 2016 LINCOLN MKZ .......................................................... $20,295 2016 TOYOTA COROLLA Nice equip., low miles ............................. $14,495 2016 FORD FUSION Nice equipment .................................................. $14,295 We also have several late model low mileage sedans in stock!! Discount Tire Center FREE WI-FI!

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Complete Car Care Specialists for all Makes & Models, Foreign & Domestic

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In summer, the song sings itself. ~William Carlos Williams

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Fair Housing Statement All real estate advertised in the Genesee Valley Penny Saver is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, age, marital status, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

June 29, 2019

Fair Housing Enforcement Project Monroe County Legal Assistance Center 1 W. Main Street Rochester, NY 14614 (585) 325-2500 • EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY

WildWood Country Club AUTOMOTIVE

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Visually Impaired Reader Inspires Author

Shopping f or an assist ed living f acilit y Consider the security in place. A good assisted living facility has a 24hour support system in place and immediate access to care. Rooms may be equipped w ith emergency phones that can be accessed day or night. M any homes have check-in desks so that residents are accounted for w hen going on outings and for announcing guests.

Visually Impaired Reader Inspires Author (NAPSI)Bestselling author Mary Jane Clark spoke at the Friends of the New Jersey Library for the Blind and Handicapped’s Fall Festival. There, she met Ottilie Lucas, a former rehabilitation teacher for people with macular degeneration and other disabilities who is visually impaired herself. After the festival, “we continued our correspondence and one thing led to another,” Lucas says of Clark. “She decided to include a character in her next book with macular degeneration.” And so was born Terri Donovan, introduced in the first book in Clark’s Wedding Cake Mysteries series, “To Have and to Kill.” “Mary Jane asked me to give her ways to identify symptoms that a person may be experiencing macular degeneration,” Lucas says. These include blurred vision and difficulty discerning the intensity of colors-symptoms shared by Terri Donovan, who runs a bakery and is the mother of the protagonist of Clark’s series, struggling actress Piper Donovan.

LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE AFTER 50 (NAPSI)—For many people, navigating life and love as they get older can be challenging. Adjusting to change, seeking a new partner, or simply breaking out of a rut may feel overwhelming. In the hilarious hit comedy “Book Club,” four mature women in different circumstances discover that you’re never too old to enjoy life or pursue love. That’s a message author and newspaper columnist Tom Blake agrees with wholeheartedly. Blake has written more than 4,000 articles and newsletters on the topic and offers this advice, which is reflected in the movie: 1. Give love a chance in later years: Put yourself out there; everyone deserves love. 2. Don’t worry about what others think: Do what’s right for you. 3. Loosen up: Don’t be too set in your ways. 4. Change your routine: Be open to new experiences. 5. Don’t let your children make decisions for you: No one knows you better than you. 6. Have fun: Don’t stop living before you stop living! In “Book Club,” legendary actresses Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen star respectively as a widow, single, divorcée and long-married woman who hilariously shake up their lives by diving into the infamous book “Fifty Shades of Grey.” From discovering new romance to rekindling old flames, the lifelong friends inspire each other to make their next chapter the best chapter. “’Book Club’ has wonderful messages about never giving up on life or love no matter how old you are,” said Blake. “Good things can happen when you venture out and meet new people.” To liven up your life, check out “Book Club” on DVD, Blu-ray or iTunes and go to for more tips from Blake. GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

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Lucas, who was born with retinitis pigmentosa, became a patron of the New Jersey State Library Talking Book and Braille Center (TBBC) in 1966. TBBC is among more than 100 libraries across the United States affiliated with the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS), part of the Library of Congress. NLS oversees a free reading program for U.S. residents and citizens living abroad who are blind, have low vision, or cannot hold a book because of a physical disability. NLS patrons may choose from tens of thousands of books and dozens of magazines in audio and braille-including mysteries such as Mary Jane Clark’s. NLS also loans the portable playback equipment needed to read its audiobooks. Patrons may access books online through the NLS Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) service. Lucas has been married 49 years and has been on more than 20 ocean cruises. “Ottilie is such an inspiration,” Clark says. “She helped me so much in the creation of Terri Donovan-a mother who faces macular degeneration head-on, who doesn’t feel sorry for herself and is determined to adapt to the challenges she faces. I wish I were as brave as Terri and Ottilie!” To learn more about how the NLS program can help you, a loved one or a friend, go online to or call 1-888-NLSREAD. The new mystery series by Mary Jane Clark (above) features a visually impaired character inspired by a real-life reader.

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A Look Back… MOMENTS IN TIME The History Channel * On July 15, 1965, the unmanned spacecraft Mariner 4 passes over Mars at an altitude of 6,000 feet and transmits the first close-up images of the red planet. The 22 pictures revealed a barren wasteland of craters, dismissing 19th-century speculations that an advanced civilization might exist there. * On July 16, 1999, John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife and her sister are killed when the single-engine plane he was piloting crashes into the Atlantic Ocean off Massachusetts. Kennedy had turned down an offer from a flight instructor to accompany him, saying he “wanted to do it alone.” * On July 18, 1986, new close-up videos of the sunken ocean liner Titanic are released. The wreck was found in 1985 off Newfoundland, 13,000 feet down on the ocean floor. The Titanic sank in 1912.

ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Is someone at work resisting that Aries charm? Hard to believe. But seriously, Lamb, you might want to back up your ideas with some solid data, and then watch the yeas pile on. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Your hard work could pay off in ways you didn’t expect, but certainly deserve. Tend to that pesky health problem now so you’ll be in top shape to tackle the new projects coming up. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Planning a family event can be stressful unless you make it clear from the start that you’re in charge. You might accept suggestions, but it will be your decisions that count. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) You still have a way to go to bring that professional matter to a satisfactory conclusion. Meanwhile, an important personal situation could require more of your attention by week’s end. LEO (July 23 to August 22) There’s something about you Fine Felines that makes people want to tell you secrets. But once again, be wary of who is doing the telling. You might not want to be that person’s confidante. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Creating a fuss about a family matter might get everyone’s attention. But it might be better to talk one-on-one with family members in order to spare a loved one unnecessary embarrassment. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) You’re making progress on that career move, albeit not as quickly as you had hoped. But stay with it. Your personal life takes an unexpected (but very welcome) new turn. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) If you feel you’ve been unfairly treated in a workplace decision, correct the situation now while there’s still time to do so. Arm yourself with facts and go to it. Good luck. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Devising your own system of doing things might be the best way to handle an increasingly complex situation. But do it tactfully in order to avoid ruffling too many of your colleagues’ feathers. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) A family member’s health problem might once again require you to shift some of your current priorities around. But this time, make certain other relatives will be there to help. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Catching up on tasks you’ve left undone will take a while to accomplish. But the sooner you complete them, the sooner you’ll be able to take on another time-sensitive project. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) You might feel swamped by all that you’re expected to do. But take a moment to come up for air, then handle things one at a time, and you’ll soon get through them all. BORN THIS WEEK: Although you love being home with your family, you also enjoy traveling and making new friends. (c) 2019 King Features Synd., Inc.


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G VP S ONLINE POLL: The US Women’s National Team, now 4 time world champions, won the Fifa Women’s World Cup yet their pay still falls behind the Men’s team. Should they be compensated equally? • Absolutely! Equal job, equal pay! • It depends on how much revenue they bring in. • No, they are being paid a fair wage. Poll Ends 07-16-19

Results from 07-09-19

On the 4th of July, many American families gather together to celebrate our country and our freedom. Which Independence Day tradition did you enjoy most this year? 27% American Flags & Patriotic Songs 22% BBQ Cookout 46% Fireworks 5% Parades 0% Sparklers

Vote at:


FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

AVON Save the date! 2019 Avon Central School Alumni Reunion Banquet. Your Hosts: Class of 1969. Come and join us! Friday, August 9th, 2019 at Jones Hall, 366 Leicester Rd., Caledonia. View details 585-226-3305 and registration form at First Annual Family Summer Fun Car Show! SUNDAY, JULY 21, 11:30-2pm, Lutheran Church of Epiphany, 6050 E Avon Lima Rd., Avon. Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles of all makes, models, conditions and years welcome! Family friendly event. Food Truck will be on site, as well as a bake sale and other fun events for the whole family!


Rush Public Library 5977 East Henrietta Rd.Rush 585-533-1370, M, W, F 1-8;Tu., Th. 11-8; Sat. 10-2

Henrietta Public Library 455 Calkins Rd., Rochester 359-7092 • Mon.-Thurs. 9 am-9 pm, Fri. 9 am-5 pm, Sat.10 am-5 pm

Henrietta Public Library: The Town of Henrietta Celebrates Opening of New Library. New Library Features More Space, More Books, and Upgraded Amenities. Henrietta, NY - The Town of Henrietta and the Henrietta Public Library will celebrate the grand opening of the town’s new library at 625 Calkins Road on Saturday, July 20. At 8:30am, hundreds of community members will form a half-mile line from the old library to the new library to pass the last book and open the new library. At 10:30am, there will be a short ceremony to unveil the dedication plaque, and at 11:00am the planning team and distinguished guests will offer remarks to the public. Other events throughout the day include a photo booth from 10am-1pm, tours from 11am-3pm, musical guests Never Too Late performing at 1:00pm, and Bruster’s Ice Cream from 1:003:00pm. The new two-floor, 36,000 square foot library is designed to meet the community’s needs.

And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer. ~F. Scott Fitzgerald GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

Crossroads House 2019 Garage Sale: Thursday, July 25, 9am-6pm. Friday, July 26, 9am-6pm. Saturday, July 27, 9am-noon (Box Sale). Held behind Ficarella’s Pizzeria. Pre-Sale: Wednesday, July 24, from 9am6pm. Admission $10/person. All items priced as marked! No bartering! For More Information Please Call: Jackie @ 585-734-0125, Jim @ 585-409-0916 or Val @ 585-519-5545.


Here’s what’s happening at your local library…

Suicide Prevention Takes a Community to Help Identify Veterans at Risk. The Canandaigua and Bath VA Medical Centers offer Veterans who have been identified as a high risk for suicide. Together, they share coping tools to use to help avoid a future suicide attempt. The groups are managed by a clinical psychologist and/or a licensed clinical social worker. Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1 to be connected with a Veterans crisis responder. Veterans living in the Greater Rochester area - Kelly Mohrman, LCSW: 585-463-2600 x 32570 and Veterans living in the Southern Tier - Jennifer Haggerty, LCSW: 607-664-4366.

Recovery International Self-Help Meeting: Meetings last about 1 1-1/2 hours. This is a self-help method (not a 12 step process), April 25-December 30, 7pm8:30pm. It is peer led held in a safe place, in a non-judgmental setting, and is confidential. There is a free will offering. We mainly use Dr. Low’s book Mental Health Through Will Training-read each meeting. We also practice a four-step example that helps participants to “spot” their problems and how to “work down” their anxieties. If you want to improve your life you do have to WORK AT IT. Our website is:

Geneseo Garden Club Craft Sale - Saturday, August 3, 2019 from 11-4pm at the Fiddler’s Picnic at Long Point Park on Conesus Lake. Hand crafted items by Club members. Proceeds support the Club’s programs (Village and Town plantings, scholarships, holiday Village fountain decorations. Geneseo Garden Club Craft Sale - Saturday and Sunday, July 20th and 21st, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, at the Conesus Lake Craft Show at Long Point Park on Conesus Lake. Hand crafted items by Club members. Proceeds support the Club’s programs (Village and Town plantings, scholarships, holiday Village fountain decorations.

Irondequoit High School (IHS) Class of 1974, 45th Reunion Join your friends for these fun Reunion Events: Friday, July 19, 2019, 6pm-til? Informal gathering at Titus Tavern; Free pizza & wings provided by Kim & Bucky Montrois. Saturday, July 20, 2019, 10am, IHS Tour. Saturday, July 20, 2019, 6pm check-in, Rochester Yacht Club (RYC) Drinks, Dinner & DJ. For more information, to register, and to purchase tickets for RYC Event visit: class_reunion. We’re looking for “missing” class members. Please update your information on our website and provide any information on missing classmates. Thanks

LIVONIA Neutral Ground Peer Support Group - On July 18 in addition to regular groups, please experience an hour (7-8 pm) of mindfulness. Mindfulness increases awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and the surrounding environment. The practice of mindfulness can bring many benefits to your emotional and physical health. Neutral Ground is a peer support group for individuals who are experiencing a loss of a relationship through death, divorce, separation, or the end of a long term relationship. There will be regular groups that evening from 7 pm until 9 pm. Neutral Ground meets at Henrietta UCC located at 1400 Lehigh Station Road. https://www.

HONEOYE FALLS Join us for the 12th annual Young and Wyld 5K Race through beautiful historic Honeoye Falls. Wednesday, August 7 at 7PM. Starts across from the Honeoye Falls Post Office. Further Details/Register at Includes free T-shirts for the 1st 100 registered, free food and root beer floats. Open to all ages, families. Walkers welcome. Proceeds benefit Young Life.


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The Family Sowell - Winners of the 2019 SPBGMA International Band Championship: Join us on Sunday, July 14th at 2:30pm at the Livonia United Methodist Church, 21 Summers St., Livonia. For more information, please contact: Paul Stark @ 585-749-1843. www.

MENDON Community Open Meal - All are welcome! Join us for a picnic-style meal and fellowship on Sunday, July 14th from 3pm-4pm at the Msgr. Schnacky Community Center at St. Catherine of Siena Church. The church is located at 26 Mendon-Ionia Road in Mendon and the center is handicapped accessible. The menu includes hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage, sides, and dessert. For more information, contact the church rectory at 624-4990.

ROCHESTER ABC Streets Garden Walk! July 14th, 12-4pm. Rain or shine! Stroll or bike the ABC Streets neighborhood and experience the variety of creative approaches for city front, side and back yard spaces: perennials & annuals, inviting porches, patios & decks, shade gardens, grass-less yards and treelawns, found objects, water features.

GUIDELINES TO QUALIFY FOR PUBLICATION IN OUR HOMETOWN EVENTS: Events should occur on a specific date at a specific time. Due to the increasing number of submissions, we will no longer be able to publish the following items: • Businesses/schools seeking registration for classes or programs • Organizations seeking Crafters or Vendors • Organizations seeking donations of items Genesee Valley Penny Saver reserves the right to approve/reject events for publication. EVENTS DEADLINE: Monday, 2 weeks prior to publication date. 60 word limit for events wishing to be published in print. Log in to your account or register on our website to start submitting your events today! Events are published in the Penny Saver as space allows. REGISTER AND SUBMIT YOUR EVENT ONLINE AT: Click on “My Hometown” then click “Submit Event.” Events may also be submitted at: 1471 Route 15, Avon, NY 14414 View more Hometown Events online at

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Make this a safe fireworks season

2019 4-H Expo: Join Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County as we introduce the community to the 4-H Program, and highlight the accomplishments of our 4-H members. See how the 4-H Positive Youth Development Program impacts our community! The event will include giveaways, crafts, and activities, as well as demonstrations by members of our 4-H clubs. 4-H projects will be judged at this event. Last year’s event included visits from McGruff The Crime Dog & Rec On the Move! This year we’ll have even more fun! Held July 14, 12-6pm, Ontario Beach Park, 50 Beach Avenue, Rochester. http://monroe.cce. 2019-4-h-expo Recovery International Meetings - A peer led meeting for nervous people to alleviate their fears and anxieties. Meetings are held weekly and last about 1-1-1/2 hours. This is a self help method (not a 12 step process). It is peer led held in a safe place, in a nonjudgmental setting, and is confidential. There is a free will offering. Join us for a meeting and see if our “method” can work for you! Our website is: www. Enter your zip code to find a meeting near you. We have telephone meetings and web chat rooms. Ridgeland Community Church Summer Picnic - Sunday, July 21, 11:30-2pm, Ridgeland Community Church, 260 Beckwith Rd., Rochester. Everyone is welcome to join RCC during their annual Community Summer Picnic for tons of free fun and food! There will be a bounce house, pony rides, face painting, and so much more! Feel free to attend the 10 AM church service as well. http:// The Gates Historical Society’s July meeting will be held on Monday, July 15th at 7:00 pm in the Gates Town Hall Annex, 1605 Buffalo Road. Rick Becker, retired owner of Becker’s Furniture Store in Gates, will give an overview of his family history dating back to the late 1800’s. He will tell how his furniture store evolved after World War II and what he is doing since he retired. There is no charge for this program. This facility is handicapped accessible. Madison High School Class of 1959 60th Year Reunion!! Friday, September 13, 2019 at Red Fedele’s Book House, 920 Elmridge Plaza. We are looking for “missing” class members. If you haven’t heard about the reunion or haven’t updated your information since the last reunion please send an Email to include your name (maiden & married), home & Email address and phone number or call Joe Giorgi (585) 458-5368. More details will follow once we have the list updated. GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

Genetaska Club of Rochester is hosting a day-trip to Seneca Niagara Casino on Tuesday, July 23, 2019. Cost $25; however, you get back $25 free play and $5 food voucher. The bus leaves Skyview Center at 9am, arrives at Casino at 11:15am and returns to Skyview at approximately 6:30pm. If you’re looking for a group with a purpose to help those in need in our community while building friendships, join us! Call Paula Ouriel 585-360-4315. Henderson Ford Begins Ninth Annual Book Drive! Henderson Ford wants families to experience adventures on the road and in books! This is the ninth year of the annual Henderson Ford book drive, benefiting students at School #50, Helen Barrett Montgomery. To assist with the book drive efforts, please donate new or used books. For a list of locations please visit: The books’ content should be appropriate for grades Pre K - 8th (ages 5 -14). All reading levels through adult are represented at the school. School #50 educates children speaking over 26 different languages! The collection will run from July 1st through August 31st.

RUSH Rush Seniors will meet on the third Thursday in July. The 18th. Because the firemen’s carnival is the week before. Bring your usual dish to pass and table service. Our luncheon will be a picnic at the firemen’s pavilion, 1971 Rush Mendon Rd.

WEBSTER East High School 1969 Class Reunion. 50 YEARS!! Friday, August 16, at 6PM. Cost: $50. Webster Golf Club, 440 Salt Road, Webster, NY. For more information and to register, go to: rochester-new-york-east-1969/ Daylily Sale & Display Garden: 40+ varieties for sale, plus some interesting perennials. Come see over 200 daylilies during peak bloom in the display garden on Sunday, July 14th (8am to noon) at the WEBSTER ARBORETUM, 1700 Schlegel Rd., Webster. This is a fundraiser for the arboretum which is a town park.

WEST HENRIETTA “Trolleys at Twilight” - The New York Museum of Transportation presents an old-time trolley park with “Trolleys at Twilight” on Saturday, July 13, 2019, 4 p.m. to dusk. Enjoy a unique evening of electric trolley rides. Calliope music will waft through the air as the sun goes down over the scenic Genesee countryside. Complimentary ice cream treats provided for all attendees! No reservations needed, and unlimited trolley rides are included in the admission price of $8 adults, $7 seniors age 65+, and $6 youths age 3-12. Under age 3 are free. Located at 6393 East River Road, West Henrietta. (585)533-1113.

SCOTTSVILLE T.O.P.S. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) is a healthy and sensible way to lose pounds with a wonderful support group. We meet on Monday mornings at the #4 Chili Fire House off Scottsville Road (off Jemison Rd.) Weigh-ins 9:159:45am. Meetings at 9:4510:45am. Teens and guests are welcome. For information: Pat Gallo 889-2020 or Nada Rogers 889-1466. Patrick Place Comfort Care Home Annual Chicken Barbecue Fundraiser - Patrick Place Comfort Care Home Annual Chicken Barbecue and Bottle Drive Fundraiser Sunday, July 14, 2019, 11am-1pm, at Scottsville Ice Arena, 2000 Scottsville-Chili Road, Scottsville. Take out / Tickets $10 - Presale tickets at

VICTOR Victor United Methodist Church Chicken Barbecue is being held on Saturday, July 20th from 4:30 until sold out. Drive-thru lane available. $10/ dinner. 106 East Main Street, Victor.

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Fireworks displays are a hallmark of summer, and a frequent component of Independence Day celebrations and commemorative events that require a touch of flair. Aweinspiring pyrotechnics shows lure millions of spectators around the world each and every year. Many people experiment with fireworks on their own, but that can be dangerous. According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, thousands of people are injured by fireworks in the United States each year. Whether purchased legally or on the black market, fireworks pose a considerable threat. Fireworks purchased on the black market may be especially dangerous, as they likely were not subjected to government regulations and inspections. While summer might be the season of fireworks, it’s important that people who intend to incorporate fireworks into their summer festivities keep safety in mind at all times. The following are a handful of ways to ensure this summer is both fun and safe. •

Attend a municipal firework display rather than hosting your own. Professionals follow certain safety protocols that private citizens are unfamiliar with, and there is often a considerable distance between audiences and professional fireworks displays.

Exercise caution if fireworks are legal where you live. Maintain a safe distance from fireworks at all times and never allow children to handle fireworks.

Read and strictly adhere to manufacturer’s instructions.

Light only one firework at a time, and never attempt to re-ignite a firework that doesn’t light the first time around.

Do not carry fireworks in your pocket.

Do not shoot fireworks out of metal or glass containers.

Always wear safety glasses when lighting fireworks, and keep water or a fire extinguisher around for emergencies.

If not handled properly, fireworks can cause serious injuries to kids and adults. The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to leave it to the professionals. RUSH-HENRIETTA EDITION

FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019


• Additions • Remodeling • Kitchens • Bathrooms • Siding • Plumbing • Electrical Work • Concrete Flat Work • Ceramic Tile Compact Loader/Backhoe Services Available FREE ESTIMATES 538-2636 Smart watering conserves water and saves money Start early. Homeowners may feel that the hottest times of the day are when lawns and gardens will be most in need of water, so that’s the best time to set sprinklers or grab the hose and get to work. But in many areas, watering between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., when summer temperatures tend to peak, can be both wasteful and ineffective. That’s because watering between those hours will cause much of the water to quickly evaporate, robbing lawns and gardens of the water they need to withstand the heat. Homeowners who water when water is most likely to evaporate may feel they need to water more, and that only wastes water. It’s best to consult a local landscaping professional in your area to determine the best time to water each day, but in many regions the best time to water is between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m., when temperatures are generally lower, the sun is not at its peak and winds are not as strong.


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EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED WHEN RENOVATING Dirt and noise: Homeowners can count on dust, debris and noise throughout the renovation process. Dust appears when walls come down or go up, and construction teams typically erect temporary walls or tarps to contain the debris. Air filtering systems also can limit dust particles. Noise is unavoidable. If it becomes troublesome, arrange to be outside of the home when the bulk of the construction is taking place.

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Gutter Cleanings


• Toilets, Faucets, Sump Pumps • Sewers & Drain Cleaning • Boiler Replacement • Water Tanks • All Carpentry Work • Drywall Repair • Gutter Repairs • Basement Repairs • Plumbing Repairs Fully Insured • Soffit & Fascia Repairs Senior Citizen Discounts …and more!



Family of 1 $28,692 Family of 2 $37,524 Family of 3 $46,356 Family of 4 $55,176

WATERING 101: HELP YOUR LAWN THRIVE THROUGH THE DOG DAYS OF SUMMER Water when it’s coolest. Watering when the temperatures are their lowest might seem counterintuitive. After all, homeowners might think their grass and gardens need water most when the temperature is at its highest. But watering when the temperature is cooler decreases evaporation, meaning your lawn will get the water it needs and won’t lose any to steamy conditions that cause evaporation. This is especially important when the amount of water you can use is limited by a drought restriction. You’ll want to make sure the water you can use is actually going to the lawn and not evaporating as you’re watering. Watering in the early morning or in the evening, when the sun is not as strong and the temperatures are generally at their coolest, also reduces the likelihood that your grass will burn. That’s because water attracts the sun, and a lawn that’s wet in the middle of a hot day might attract too much sun and cause the lawn to burn.



Bu tler

Try our DeckOver HOME IMPROVEMENTS, LLC process. Make Remodeling & Repair Service old decks look Over 25 years experience like new!

Veteran Owned Business

Servicing Wayne, Ontario & Monroe Counties

2474 Route 21 Canandaigua 585.393.9410

Painting • Decks • Bathroom Upgrades Floors • Porch Rebuilds Kitchen Upgrades • Windows & Doors Small Excavating Service & Gravel/Stone Delivery

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$199 FURNACE & A/C Clean, Check & Safety Inspection. Restrictions apply.

AIR DUCT CLEANING Removes Mold, Dust and Bacteria. State-of-the-Art Push Pull System up to 10 vents. Redeem coupon with code Vet1776

Starting at

399 Free Santizing $


“Quality Service at Reasonable Rates”

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

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Maintaining a satisfactory level of disinfectant will help prevent the multiplication of bacteria and algae in the pool. Many pools are kept clean through the use of chlorine products. The ratio of chlorine to water needed to maintain the clarity of the water depends on the size of the pool, the sanitizer used, weather, sunlight and evaporation, and the pH. In many instances, the available free chlorine in a pool when tested should be between 3 and 4 ppm to offer adequate sanitation. Frequent testing will help pool owners gauge how well the pool water is holding chlorine and how to compensate if extra is needed. Page 19


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Waters Basement Services, Inc. The only WATER that should be in YOUR BASEMENT is BOB WATERS! Waterproofing Sump & Backup Pumps Rim Joist Spray Insulation Structural Repair

New Roofs • Re-roofs • Tear-Offs Flat Roofs •␣Metal Roofs Barn Roofs •␣Repairs Residential & Commercial Free Estimates

Drain Tile Wall Crack Repair Stone Foundation

Fully Insured

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HOW TO PREP YOUR YARD FOR SUMMER PARTIES Make sure outdoor lighting is working properly. If you’re about to host your first event of the summer, inspect your home’s exterior lighting so everyone isn’t left sitting in the dark. Check patio lighting and replace any bulbs and make sure the lights along your walkways are functioning at full capacity so guests can safely navigate their way around the party. You may even want to string holiday lights around the patio to create a more laid-back ambiance in which guests can relax without lights beating down on them.


Siding •␣Trim Painting Int. & Ext.



Financing Available


Trust your roof to a specialist!


New Roofs • Re-roofs •␣Tear-offs Metal Roofs • Flat Roofs • Vinyl Siding • Repairs • Soffit & Fascia Residential/Commercial Free Estimates • Reliable & Fully Insured

JJM Roofing

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A full roof with ad.

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Exp. 7/31/19.

Fast Free Estimates • Financing Available We also do aluminum trim, windows, doors, interior painting, cleanouts, siding and gutters.

Roof Leaks?

Go with the best! Call Atlas Roofing Today! 585-469-4214

• Roofing • Roof Repairs • Soffit & Fascia • Chimney Repairs • Chimney Re-builds

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Tree Problems? Tree Removal • Tree Pruning Cabling/Bracing • Stump Grinding Land Clearing • Firewood

Aman Roofing

Small log loads starting at $150

Tear-Offs • Re-Roofs • Metal Roofing

24 Hour Emergency Service

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Gutters Locally owned & operated. Soffits & Fascia Now Accepting Credit Cards

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Gutter Cleaning

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Kick off home improvement season with easy maintenance projects Top up your attic insulation. Many older homes have inadequate levels of insulation in the attic that wouldn’t meet today’s building code. Topping it up will help reduce energy consumption and keep your house cooler in the summer months. Aim for a depth of 16 inches or an R-value of 50. Insulating properly could also provide added benefits, such as improving the longevity of your air conditioner by reducing stress on the unit as temperatures rise.


Fresh Produce @ Both Locations Plant & Tree Sale

ot 60 Fo et Buckice Serv

• Soil, Mulch, Straw • Honey & Maple Syrup • Cuba & Craig’s Creamery Cheese • Homegrown Corn Coming Soon!

$200 OFF Any Tree Service Over $1,500 • Trimming & Removal

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• Affordable Stump Grinding • Professional/Insured • Free Estimates • Senior Discounts

Best stump grinding prices in town.


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Also 2nd Location on Rts. 5&20 (Farm Market) • 6045 East Avon Lima Rd., East Avon

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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

Henrietta Vineyard Church 900 Jefferson Road, Rochester, NY 14623 (Located in building 3 where the Genesee Valley Regional Market is) Services: Sundays at 10:30am 585-245-2086

Lutheran Pinnacle Lutheran Church 250 Pinnacle Road, Rochester (corner of Stone Road) Church 334-1392 • School 334-6500 Rev. Joseph Mazikas, Senior Pastor Worship Services: Sat. 5:30pm; Sun. 10:00am Bible Study/Sunday School: Sun. 9:00am (Sept. - June), NEW Toddler Room (ages 18 mons. - age 3); Preschool half/full day (ages 3-4); Full Day Kindergarten (Sept. - June); Before & After Care M-F 6:30am - 6:30pm; Summer Camp 6:30am - 6:30pm

Catholic Marianne Cope Roman Catholic Parish Daily and Weekend Mass Schedule Saturday:

4:30PM at Good Shepherd


8:00AM at St. Joseph’s 9:45AM at Good Shepherd 11:30AM at Guardian Angels


8:15AM at Guardian Angels


8:15AM at St. Joseph’s

Wednesday: 8:15AM at Guardian Angels Thursday: 8:15AM at St. Joseph’s Confessions available every Saturday at 3:00pm at Good Shepherd Sr. Sheila Stevenson, Pastoral Administrator Fr. Eloo Nwosu, Sacramental Minster Phone: 585-334-3518 • FAX: 585-334-6015 Visit us on the web at: Email: Good Shepherd, 3318 E. Henrietta Rd., Henrietta, NY 14467 Guardian Angels Church, 2061 E. Henrietta Rd., Rochester, NY 14623 St. Joseph’s Church, 6105 Rush Lima Rd., Rush, NY 14543

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church 779 Erie Station Rd. (across from W. Hen. Post Office) • 334-4795 Pastor Mark Brown Sun. Worship, 10:00am Sunday School/Bible Study, 9:00am Pre-School every day 3&4 yr. olds • 334-4130

Presbyterian JOHN CALVIN PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 50 Ward Hill Road Henrietta, NY 14467 • Phone 585-334-2130 • “The Church on the Hill” • Rev. Marie Hanselman, Pastor SUNDAY, 10 am Worship (Nursery Care provided) 11am Fellowship Hour Bible Study following Fellowship Hour

Episcopal Grace Episcopal Church 9 Browns Ave. (at west end of Genesee St.), Scottsville 889-2028 Sunday Morning: 10:30am - Holy Eucharist 10:30am - Church School

By reading the scriptures I am so renewed that all nature seems renewed around me and with me. The sky seems to be a pure, a cooler blue, the trees a deeper green. The whole world is charged with the glory of God and I feel fire and music under my feet. ~Thomas Merton GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

WESTERN ITEMS for a Williamson VBS and parade float in mid-July:

54” FLOOR MODEL TV. You pick up: 585-303-2878 DAY BED w/trundle bed attached. Dark brown CERAMIC TILES and a CHILD’S CAR needs battery. Pavilion: 585-252-3004

HIDE-A-BED COUCH in very good condition: 315-536-4029

LADIES ADULT DISPOSABLE UNDERWEAR. Size 18 - Large: 585-334-6916


ANTIQUE HALF ROUND GALVANIZED RAIN GUTTERS: FLAT SHALE STONES, 1” to 3” thick, 1ft. to 3ft. in size. Easy access. Take a few or a truck load: 585-548-9914 Approx. 1-1.5 yards of GRAVEL. Pick up only: 585-314-5627

2 gallons of DARK, COOKING MAPLE SYRUP and a MANUAL TYPEWRITER & RIBBONS in good condition:, 585-367-2399

FLAT BED TRAILER, 6.6’ x 8’ with storage over the tong. Livonia. Must pick up: 585-309-3639

SATELLITE DISH, 4 to 6-foot diameter. Prime focus or offset feed. For ham radio experiments. Email and include your location

COMPOSTED HORSE MANURE/SHAVINGS. You load and take. Begin Again Horse Rescue, 2828 Plank Rd., Lima (15A): info@, 585-322-2417

OLD WOODEN SHUTTERS or OLD WOODEN CLOSET DOORS. Removing an old ceiling fan? I need CEILING FAN BLADES: 585-481-0082

TWIN BED and FRAME. Good condition: 585-755-5117

PERSONAL SHREDDER in good condition: 585-397-2073


RICHARD S. WHEELER BOOKS: “Sundance” & “Santa Fe,” hardcover or paperback in good condition: 585-397-2073

GRACO CHILDS CAR BOOSTER SEAT – like new. Call or text 315-480-5719

ROCKING CHAIR for front porch: 585-201-1948

PAINTS and STAINS. Many partial cans. You pick up. Alexander. 585-721-8876

WHITE LATEX INDOOR or OUTDOOR PAINT. Webster area: 585-671-1996 please leave message


NUTRI NINJA BLENDER, 1000 watt. In good working condition: 585-409-6477

NAVAGE NASAL IRRIGATION SYSTEM. Like new. Oakfield: 585-948-9296

RIDING MOWER for a disabled Vet. Need ASAP: 585-402-4114

MICROFICHE MACHINE: or 585-737-9788 LARGE DOG IGLOO: 585-502-5099

VINTAGE ELECTRONIC ITEMS: Radios, Tube Tester, Tubes, Motors, etc. (No TV’s): DRYWALL, specifically a piece that is at least 74” x 21”: 585-482-3962

MATTRESS, Sealy Posturepedic Sovereign Plush, Twin-size, 38 x 74 x 12. Like new, rarely used. Pick up only: 585-582-2030 leave message

5,000 BTU WINDOW AIR CONDITIONER in good working condition: 585-409-6477

KENMORE WATER SOFTENER, works great: 585-265-2615


POOL, 27-foot x 5-foot with all accessories. Liner needs to be replaced. You take down & remove: 585-314-2684

SMALL CANOPY 5x5 or 10x10. Any color. No stains or rips, a lot of rust: 585-233-1901

KENMORE 19.1 CU. FT. FROSTLESS REFRIGERATOR/FREEZER, side-by-side, brown. Recommended opening 34 x 67. KENMORE SOFT HEAT ELECTRIC DRYER: 585-507-6861

2-3 VERTICAL METAL FENCE POSTS at least 3’ high: 585-482-3962

POOL PUMP, model 637R, for a 16’x48” Intex above CROSS COUNTRY SKIS, many pairs. Also, many BOOKS: ground pool that takes a size A filter: 585-637-0933 Submit at under Our Sections - Give & Take - or call 226-8111 x 111 Let us know when your item is taken/you receive what you asked for and we will remove it from the list.

Guidelines: Submissions published as space allows. We reserve the right to decline/edit/omit information. We assume no responsibility for submissions. Submissions must include phone # or email. Noncommercial use only. 20 word limit. GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

Preowned Items Can Be Good For The Environment Visit consignment stores: Consignment shops and Goodwill(R) stores are popular places to buy preowned items. These stores take donations or offer items for sale on consignment, which means once sold the person who provided the item gets a portion of the sale. When browsing the racks of these stores, it’s possible to discover highend items mixed in with less expensive items. Shoppers may find designer handbags and clothing for much less than they would sell at retail, especially if the pieces are one or two seasons old. Relying on these stores to supplement classic wardrobe pieces is cost-effective and beneficial to the environment. If you regularly shop consignment stores, you can develop a rapport with the shopkeeper, who may alert you when new items are available.

BEST KEPT SECRET IN TOWN. COME CHECK OUT OUR JANITORIAL SUPPLIES! • Paper Toiletries • Cleaning Solutions • Vinyl Gloves • New Vacuums and more! VACUUM CENTER 120 Mushroom Blvd.


Vacuum and large machine repairs


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

TRAVIS WESTER Excavating and Trucking

Driveways • Water & Electrical Lines • Septic Systems • Sewer Lines Basements • Ponds • Drainage Tile • Land Clearing • Rock Hounding Post Hole Drilling • Stone • Gravel • Sand • Topsoil • Bushhogging Sitework: Residential and Commercial Paving: Driveways Concrete Work: Sidewalks, floors, slabs, patios Firewood • Snowplowing Cell: 507-7591

Fully Insured

PO Box 15, Conesus, NY 14435

FLU-FIGHTING TIPS: Annual flu shots administered in advance of flu season can help protect people and their families from getting the flu. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says that, in select situations, antiviral medications - which are usually prescribed to treat the flu and lessen symptoms - can reduce the chance of illness in people exposed to influenza. Many over-the-counter medicines can alleviate symptoms of the flu, but cannot fend it off.

Imagine walking through fields of daylilies in bloom. Come visit us at

COTTAGE GARDENS and see all the color and forms of our daylilies— over 3800 cultivars 4540 East Shelby Road Medina, New York 14103 RETAIL & AHS DISPLAY GARDEN Open July 1st - August 4th Tues.-Sun., 10am-5pm •␣Or by appointment BRING THIS AD and receive a

FREE PLANT with purchase.

Puzzle Answers This Week


PHONE 585-798-5441 Web: We welcome garden tours • Gift Certificates Available


We certainly have grown... ...but we still welcome new patients adults & children. Diane M. Evans, DDS

Can You Name the Dinosaurs?

15 High Tech Dr., Rush, NY 14543 2 min. from I390 exit and 4 min. from Rte. 251 & Rte. 15

585-321-1460 Thank you for 21 wonderful years providing dental care to the community GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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1. 2. 3. 4.

Pteranodon T-Rex Triceratops Stegosaurus


FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

Discover The Human Touch In Hearing Technology


Lakeville • 585.286.3664

Taking Antibiotics Before Dental Work

3513 Thomas Dr., Suite 2 (Near the Re/Max building)

Henrietta • 585.359.4987


DEAR DR. ROACH: I have a stent, but also a knee replacement, for which I take four 500-mg capsules of amoxicillin each time I go to the dentist, including just for cleaning. This is per my surgeon’s orders. Do you have any information that would question the necessity of this? -- M.W. ANSWER: Bacteria can get into the bloodstream occasionally in healthy people. They often enter through the mouth, especially in people with poor oral hygiene or with inflammatory oral conditions, such as gingivitis (gums) or periodontitis (tooth lining). The reason to take antibiotics is to prevent the bacteria in the blood from getting into someplace they are likely to cause harm, such as prosthetic heart valves, joints or stents. For years, expert groups recommended taking antibiotics around the time of dental procedures. The problem is that it’s not clear whether antibiotics help prevent infection, and it is clear that antibiotics have the potential to cause harm, although the risk of serious problems with a single dose of amoxicillin is pretty small. No study has ever shown a reduction in the rate of serious infections from using antibiotics before a dental procedure. Further, bacteria are just about as likely to get into the bloodstream after brushing (or even after a bowel movement). For this reason, antibiotics to be taken before dental procedures are reserved for people at the highest risk, those in whom an infection would be extremely dangerous. This includes people with artificial materials in the bloodstream, such as prosthetic heart valves, or with repaired congenital heart disease. People with any history of infection of the heart valves are at high risk and should receive antibiotics. For people like you, with orthopedic hardware, infection after a dental procedure is rare. A joint statement by the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons instructed: “In general, for patients with prosthetic joint implants, prophylactic antibiotics are not recommended prior to dental procedures to prevent prosthetic joint infection.” However, any given person may have underlying surgical or medical issues that may supersede these general recommendations. What remains important is maintaining good oral hygiene and promptly treating any dental infections.

Sue DeBruyne, Au.D.

Elizabeth Orlando, Au.D.

20 Finn Road, Suite C Henrietta NY 14467

Doctors of Audiology Caring for you and the community since 2001.

Delivering The Freedom Of Choice RECOGNIZE AND AVOID YOUTH SPORTS INJURIES Sprains and strains: Sprains are injuries to ligaments, or the bands of tough, fibrous tissue that connect two or more bones at a joint. Strains impact a muscle or a tendon, which connects muscles to bones. Clinical research has linked acute strains and sprains to improper warm-up before sports, fatigue and previous injuries. Preparticipation conditioning and stretching can help reduce the risk of injury.



DEAR DR. ROACH: I am a healthy 79-year-old who takes the blood thinner Xarelto for occasional atrial fibrillation. I hear it can be dangerous. I have had rectal bleeding in the past, which wasn’t serious but was scary. I can’t take aspirin, so when I accidently took it in an over-the-counter cold medication, I threw up blood. Should I be worried about being on Xarelto? -- E.H. ANSWER: Xarelto has the same or somewhat lower risk of bleeding than warfarin (Coumadin), but it cannot be reversed in an emergency. Aspirin significantly increases bleeding risk when added to Xarelto (or warfarin, or any of the other newer anticoagulants). Throwing up blood is potentially a medical emergency, and you should at least talk to, if not see, your doctor that same day. If you threw up more than just a little blood, you should be on your way to the emergency room. The decision to take anticoagulation to prevent stroke in atrial fibrillation is based on your benefits weighed against your risks. Given a history of vomiting blood and rectal bleeding, I would have a long talk with your doctor before making a decision.

*** Dr. Roach regrets that he is unable to answer individual letters, but will incorporate them in the column whenever possible. Readers may email questions to © 2019 North America Synd., Inc. All Rights Reserved


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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

O’Neill’s Tree & Landscape Service

We are MOVING to The Eastview Mall

• Full Service Arborists • Tree/shrub/stump removal • Corrective pruning

Grand Re-Opening is August 2nd, 2019


We are excited to announce that our shop has been invited to open in Eastview Mall With a bigger store, we will be offering more:

Insured. Call for free estimate. Since 1970

Craft Event Options - Birthday Parties, Bridal Showers & More Custom Order Options - Totes, Plaques, Glassware & More Any One Item In store purchase only. Offer not combinable with any other discount or existing offer. Not valid on custom work or Located craft night registrations.


Exp. 8/15/19

BATMAN Expert Bat Proofing & Removal

In The Eastvie w Mall

Family Hair Care


Residential/Commercial Serving Western New York

585-335-7902 It’s a cruel season that makes you get ready for bed while it’s light out. ~Bill Watterson

Too much direct heat: Food should not char on the outside before the inside has a chance to cook. A two-zone fire, according to food experts at Serious Eats, enables grillmasters to cook over high heat to sear and then move the food to a lower temperature to continue to cook evenly.

Our Staff: Santo Viola, Sue Ingalls, Sue Rouhana, Peter DeSalvo, Bonny Belknap, Janet Schuster, Debbie Harrington, Linda Leverenz 2098 East Henrietta Rd. • 359-2500

TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL DRIVING VACATION: Be firm with departure times. Make a plan to leave at a particular hour and stick to it. This will help to keep the trip on schedule.

Henrietta Senior Center or 334-4030 July 15-19, 2019 • Lunch Entrees Monday: Veggie Meatball Sub Tuesday: Ham, Turkey, or Roast Beef Sandwich


Wednesday: Swedish Meatballs Thursday: Closed Friday: BBQ Chicken

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

Dipper Dan Honored by Special Proclamation

The Moffitt Family at Dipper Dan’s 30th Anniversary Celebration. In the center is Hank Moffitt, 98 with his children and their spouses; (l-r) John & Carol Moffitt, Ginny & Eric Baker, Sue & John Connelly

Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, Dipper Dan, a popular, family-owned and operated ice cream parlor in Honeoye Falls, was honored with a proclamation declaring June 4th “Dipper Dan Day.” Ever a local favorite, Dipper Dan was started by Hank Moffitt, 98, and his late wife, Marie Moffitt, who sadly passed away in 2015. Hank and Marie’s three children and their spouses are actively involved in running the store today. “We were very honored and humbled that our small, family business would have a proclamation and a day of its own,” Hank Moffitt’s daughter, Sue Connelly, responded on behalf of the family. Congratulations to Dipper Dan and the Moffitt family, both local treasures!

June 4th Proclaimed Dipper Dan Day!


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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Marie and Hank Moffitt on Dipper Dan’s Opening Day in 1987

Have something interesting you’d like to share with our readers? It’s easy to do. Go to My Hometown at www. to view previously posted stories and to post your own. Visit My Hometown today!


FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

Outside Self RV & Boat Storage Furniture • Vehicles • Motorcycles 1 Hour Fire-Rated Walls and Ceilings

Check our low price


Mini-Plus Storage Inc.

889-1284 July 15-19, 2019

346-6248 1.2 miles north of the boat launch, 3 min. away!

4693 East Lake Road • Conesus Lake • Livonia, NY 275 units 8x10 to 12x25 •


Thursday: Braised Pork Chop Friday: Senior Center Closed

Enriched: Foods that are labeled as “enriched” have had nutrients added to them to replace those that were lost when the food was processed.

Tom Wahl’s® Picnic Pavilion • Rt. 5&20, Avon TUESDAY NIGHT CONCERTS 7:30-10:00pm Tuesday, July 16 Tuesday, July 23 Tuesday, July 30

Ghost Riders Gateswingers Big Band The Music Makers Band

RAIN OR SHINE FREE CONCERTS In the event that seating is inadequate, please bring your own chairs.


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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(c) 2019 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

Under The Stars

1. British Columbia 2. Volleyball 3. Helium 4. Kennedy and Johnson 5. “Walden” 6. Knowing everything 7. Lay’s Potato Chips 8. Princess Aurora 9. Igneous 10. A scroll with the national motto, “E pluribus unum” (one from many)


Free Summer

TRIVIA TEST By Fifi Rodriguez 1. GEOGRAPHY: What is the westernmost province of Canada? 2. GAMES: What sport originally was called “mintonette” when it was invented in the late 1800s? 3. CHEMISTRY: What is the second element on the Periodic Table? 4. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Which two presidents did Dean Rusk serve as secretary of state? 5. LITERATURE: What was the title of the 19th-century book that carried the subtitle, “Life in the Woods”? 6. LANGUAGE: What is the meaning of “omniscient”? 7. AD SLOGANS: What product featured the advertising slogan, “Betcha can’t eat just one”? 8. MOVIES: What is the real name of the character known as Sleeping Beauty? 9. GEOLOGY: What type of rock is created from molten lava? 10. GOVERNMENT: What is the eagle in the United States’ Great Seal holding in its beak? (c) 2019 King Features Synd., Inc.

SPORTS QUIZ By Chris Richcreek 1. Name the last major-league pitcher to lose at least 20 games in a season. 2. In which league did Frank Robinson hit more of his 586 career home runs -- A.L. or N.L.? 3. In which of these two decades - 1960s and 1970s -- did more quarterbacks win the Heisman Trophy? 4. How many years were there between Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s first and second NBA Finals MVP award? 5. Which two NHL franchises have recorded at least 30 road victories in a season? 6. Name the last time before 2018 that Germany won the gold medal in all three bobsled events in the same Olympics. 7. Who were the only three golfers before Rory McIlroy in 2019 to win the Players Championship, U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship during their careers?

Answers 1. Detroit’s Mike Maroth was 921 in 2003. 2. Robinson hit 343 of his 586 home runs in the National League. 3. Five quarterbacks won the award in the 1960s; two won it in the 1970s. 4. Fourteen years (1971 and 1985). 5. Detroit had 31 road wins in 2005-06; Tampa Bay had 30 in 2018-19. 6. It was 2006. 7. Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Lee Trevino.

Monday: Veggie Meatball Sub Tuesday: Senior Center Closed Wednesday: Swedish Meatballs

FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

Q &A

with the

Look for this weekly column! Your questions answered by the local Cornell experts.



from Cornell Cooperative Extension, Livingston County What are some good plants to plant with my Hostas? – Donna Y. Hostas are wonderful plants for shady or partly shady areas with many other shade lovers that make good companions. Ferns, especially Ostrich ferns, make a great backdrop, growing tall and willowy behind your Hostas. Wind some Astilbes among various Hostas. They have ferny leaves with tall flowers stalks shooting up in late spring and early summer. They come in many colors from white to pink to deep reds. A very popular shade lover to consider is Coral bells (Heuchara), which

comes in many, many varieties in Special thanks to Master Gardener Should mulch be endless shades of red, purple, lime Linda Phillips. changed out every and green. Every shade garden year? – Jessica should have some of these. Another There is no need to remove your favorite for shade is Brunnera Jack mulch from the previous year. You Frost, which sends up masses of can put some new mulch right on forget-me-not- looking blue flowtop of the old. The lower layer will ers in the spring followed by large decompose sooner, improving your heart-shaped leaves of silver with soil. A total mulch depth of 3-4” is green veins. A nice ground cover optimal. around Hostas is Lamium Silver Beacon, also called Dead Nettle (and there are many other Lamium variSEND YOUR QUESTIONS TO OUR EXPERTS! eties) with small silvery leaves with Your question(s) will be answered directly green margins and purple flowers & may be featured in our column! in late spring. A word of caution: it can be a bit aggressive. View more Ask them today at: GVPENNYSAVER.COM/GARDEN about this topic on our website!

The Master Gardener Program is a national program of trained volunteers who work in partnership with their county CCE office to extend information throughout their communities.


CLOTH TOTES We take care of everything from start to finish including custom design with all orders.

Call us today for a FREE quote!

Jill Garza • 585.226.5865 GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

SUMMER FUN $AVINGS! Join The Fun! July 1 to July 31

HUGE DISCOUNTS on selected in-stock buildings

$300 OFF

& Up to Custom Orders

So much more Than A shed

Call our experienced personnel: 716-292-1680 Jay • 585-318-4385 Richard 315-975-7047 Jacob • 585-430-2380 Paul

This Free Paper Strengthens Our Community

To bring this ad to life, download this app:



GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

Do You Love To Clean? Come join our team!

R u sh -H enrietta C entral Sch ool D istrict

• DAYS, M-F 7:30am - 4pm • With performance & attendance rewards can earn over $500/wk. • Paid vacation/holidays provided w/required time in service. • Must be at least 21, have own car & be able to pass drug, background and driving record screening.

Part-tim e N urse N eed ed 3 days/week,sch ool-yearsch edu le,to provide nursing services in sch ool bu ild ings and during field trips,assisting with th e review ofim m unization records,and assisting with various m ed ical screenings.N YS Registered N urse license requ ired .

Call: (585) 924-2060

Full-time Meat Cutter Position

A pply online at rh Experien ce the R-H A dvan tage!

Interested person must be at least 18 years of age. Meat cutter experience preferred, but will train the right person. Must be customer service oriented, be able to handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment, be a team player, good communicator, and willing to learn new skills.

Grain Facility Manager Hainsworth Farms LLC is looking for an individual to manage our Grain Operation Facility. Must be Detail Oriented and have Excellent Organizational/ Communication Skills; Farm work experience and Class A CDL helpful.

Interested applicant may apply at

This is a Full Time, Year Round Position with Competitive Pay &Benefits, including Health and Dental Coverage and Employer Matched Savings Plan.

Please email resume to or contact Chris at (585)455-3325

Come join the family!


LPN and CNA Positions Available Part-time, ALL shifts, including every other weekend.

Salary: Of course everyone would love to earn more money when changing jobs, but there is more to changing jobs than just improving your bottom line. As you begin your job search, consider how much you currently earn and if that allows you to live a life you love. If so, don’t overemphasize finding a new job that pays considerably more than your currently earn. On the flip side, young professionals who want to start a family in the years ahead should consider the costs associated with such a decision and how the salaries they earn at their next jobs may affect what they want down the road.

RN-Nurse Coordinator Full time days including occasional on-call weekends Experience preferred/training available. Benefit and No-Benefit Rate available.

R u s h -H en r i etta Cen tr a lSc h o o lD i s tr i c t I s H i r i n g ...


a i d tr a i n i n g pr o g r a r i ver ’s L i c en s e (CD i g h Sc h o o lD i plo m lexi b le wo r k h o u r s

m to o b ta i n Co m m er c i a l L ) a va i la b le a / G E D r eq u i r ed • E xc ellen tb en ef i ts

Ca ll(585) 359-5380 o r vi s i tr h n et.o r g / d r i ve E xp e rie nce the R H A d va nta g e !

We offer health, vision, 401K & dental

6131 Big Tree Rd., Livonia, NY Apply in person or send resume to Lisa Wolinski at: EMPLOYMENT

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

Looking to Start a New Career in Trucking?

Truck Driver Seeking Class A and Class B drivers immediately. Competitive pay and benefits including medical, vacation, and 401k!

CDL-A Driver Training Program Wadhams Enterprises has a CDL A Driver Training Program that is: • FREE • Paid Hourly While Training • Job Waiting Upon Completion

Mail resume or apply in person. 1823 Lakeville Rd. • Avon, NY 14414

(585) 226-2506

Join the New York State Workforce

Call Recruiting for details

800-334-1314 x1140

As a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)! Salary range: $40,875 to $49,709* The Finger Lakes DDSO is seeking LPNs Livingston, Ontario, Monroe, Wayne, Steuben & Wyoming counties. Minimum Qualifications: Must have a current license and registration to practice in New York State, or a limited permit to practice in NYS, or an application on file for a limited permit to practice in NYS

For more information: Finger Lakes DDSO Human Resources Office: (585) 461-8800 E-mail

HEAD MEN’S AND WOMEN’S CROSS COUNTRY COACH, PT: In conjunction with the Director of Athletics, the head coach is responsible for planning, directing, programming, supervising, and implementing the duties and functions of the Cross Country athletic program. Required: Bachelor’s Degree. Experience working within a college environment preferred.

NYS Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) Office of Human Resources Finger Lakes DDSO, 620 Westfall Rd., Rochester, NY 14620

STUDENT LIFE SPECIALIST - EVENING SUPERVISOR, PT: Starting Fall 2019 - Serves as the primary student life staff member on campus during the evenings. Helps facilitate communications with faculty/staff on the student life office’s operating procedures. Assists in the coordination of event registration, event supervision, and social media with the Assistant Director of Student Life. Associate’s Degree preferred. Successful completion of 36 credits from an accredited higher education institution required. Working with students in a college setting required. Preference given for graduate or professional experiences. Experience with large event planning (e.g., orientation) strongly desired.

*includes $2,000 geographical differential

As a Direct Support Professional! Salary range: $32,972 to $45,200 Finger Lakes DDSO will be continuously administering the Civil Service Exam for Direct Support Professionals throughout Ontario, Monroe, Livingston, Wayne, Steuben & Wyoming Counties

To apply, go to Applications will only be accepted online.

Minimum Qualifications: High school diploma or GED equivalent; you must have a valid license to operate a motor vehicle in New York State at the time of appointment and continuously thereafter

CIVIL SERVICE POSITION: GROUNDSKEEPER, PT: Operates a variety of equipment such as trucks, tractors, mowers, weed cutters, etc. in the maintenance and care of College grounds; Performs routine grounds maintenance activities such as mowing, cutting, and raking grass; Keeps grounds free of litter. Plants and maintains trees, shrubs, and plants; Removes snow and ice from walks, pathways, and steps. Required: Some knowledge of grounds maintenance including practices, tools, terminology, and accident prevention; willingness to perform manual and routine work; ability to follow directions and work independently without constant supervision; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position; dependable and willing to work under all weather conditions. Minimum of 1 year of experience as a laborer in grounds maintenance or its part-time or volunteer similar equivalent. Possession of a valid NYS Operator’s license at the time of appointment, and maintenance of such license throughout the tenure of employment in the position. To apply, complete an Ontario County application at

For exam application: Finger Lakes DDSO Exam application available at:

Human Resources Office: (585)


NYS Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) Office of Human Resources Management Office Finger Lakes DDSO, 620 Westfall Rd., Rochester, NY 14620 An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111


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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

Alpine Manor is currently accepting applications for:

Brentland Woods

Weekend Supervisor: Every other weekend 8:30am-4:30pm, supervising residents and staff to ensure daily needs are being met and to assist with family interaction. Prior supervisor experience highly preferred.

in East Henrietta is currently hiring

Personal Care Aides: Part-time Saturday & Sunday 3:30pm-8pm Duties include assisting residents with personal care, serving meals/ snack and cleaning up dining area. Responsible high school students are welcome to apply. No certification required, will train on-site.

full time night shift

Resident Care Aide

To apply visit our website at

Medication Aide: 11pm-7am Per Diem Qualified nursing school students eligible for $500 scholarship E-mail resume to or stop in and fill out an application today:

Alpine Manor, 2714 Poplar Hill Rd., Lima, NY 14485 (585) 346-5880

Brentland Woods in East Henrietta is currently hiring

A Per diem Licensed

Practical Nurse

To apply visit our website at Building a strong professional network takes patience and hard work. But the right network can pay dividends for years to come. EMPLOYMENT: THE NEXT STEP AFTER GRADUATION Graduation is an exciting time in the lives of students. After years in the classroom preparing for life after school, graduation marks a time when students are finally ready to enter the “real world” and land their first professional job. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics advises that earning a college degree can greatly improve a person’s chance of landing a job. The more education a person receives, the lower his or her prospects of being unemployed become. The BLS said that, as of 2014, individuals with a bachelor’s degree could earn on average $1,101 per week, compared to $668 for persons with high school diplomas. Those with bachelor’s degrees had a 3.5 percent unemployment rate compared to 6 percent for those with only high school diplomas. The National Center for Education Statistics estimates that roughly two million students earn bachelor’s degrees each year. Many others will go on to earn master’s or doctorates before entering the workforce. As the economy continues to improve, job prospects follow suit. According to a job outlook from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, employers had plans to hire 8.3 percent more new college graduates in 2015 than in 2014. The growth of businesses and the rising rate of retiring Baby Boomers has spurred employment prospects. Landing a job post-graduation requires diligence on the part of new grads. EMPLOYMENT

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

To place a classified ad, visit or call 1-866-812-8111


“Item for Sale” ads for any item under $50! One ad per residence/phone #. 3 editions per week ($5/each addl. area per week). One item in the ad. Ten words or less. Price of item must be $50 or less & stated in the ad.



PRINTING: Affordable, exquisite, fast. or call 1-866-812-8111 and ask for Gina or Jeanine.

AIRLINE MECHANIC TRAINING Get FAA Technician certification. Approved for military benefits. Financial Aid if qualified. Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance, 866-453-6204.

DID YOU KNOW... Placing an Obituary in the Genesee Valley Penny Saver Passages Section is far less expensive than other media? Email: Lynn Forrester for more information!

AIRLINES ARE HIRING - Get FAA approved hands on Aviation training. Financial Aid for qualified students Career placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance, 888-686-1704.

CLIFTON FIRE DEPARTMENT Carnival August 2nd & 3rd. Parade Friday at 7pm. Saturday Antique Tractors 5pm. DJ-6pm. 53 Wheatland Center Rd.


2019 ORLEANS COUNTY 4-H FAIR JULY 22-27. Admission still only $7 per vehicle. Schedule and entertainment information online at

All free ads must be placed via our website:

DONATE YOUR CAR TO CHARITY. Receive maximum value of write off for your taxes. Running or not! All conditions accepted. Free pickup. Call for details. 1-855-587-1166.

info Classifiat ed gvpennysave ads with the Ads

Scan the QR code below to learn more!


FIREWOOD AVAILABLE for pickup or delivery in Henrietta. Starting at $80 per face cord. Please call 261-9465 or 750-0276.


JUNK CARS, TRUCKS, and Vans Wanted! Higher cash paid for most. Always free pickup. 585-305-5865.

Visit and view the ad online to see the additional details.

FIREWOOD: Face Cords (4’x8’x16”). Seasoned/ Unseasoned, pickup or delivered. Stacking Available. HEAP Vendor. 5385 Agar Rd., Avon. Call/ Text Mike McEvoy, 585-690-6024.


CARS/ TRUCKS WANTED!!! We buy 2002-2018 Cars/ Trucks. Running or Not! Nationwide Free Pickup! Call 1-888-416-2208.

Plus logo have more pictures, videos or info online providing you with more details before making your decision to purchase!

MEDICAL BILLING TRAINEES NEEDED! Train at home for a career as a Medical Office Professional at CTI! 1-833-766-4511.

CARS/ TRUCKS WANTED!!! All Makes/ Models 2002-2018! Any Condition. Running or Not. Top $$$ Paid! Free Towing! We’re Nationwide! Call Now: 1-888-985-1806. CARS/ TRUCKS WANTED!!! 2002 and Newer! Any Condition. Running or Not. Competitive Offer! Free Towing! We’re Nationwide! Call Now: 1-888-416-2330. 2001 BMW 330I: Silver sedan. Automatic. Very clean. Leather, heated seats, sunroof. 6 cylinder. New rear shocks. New transmission. Air blows cold. Just inspected. 2nd set of 4 BBS rims with snows. 152K miles. Clean title. $3500. Serious inquiries only please. Call or text Peg: 716-393-0930

FLORAL PATTERN COUCH with matching pillows. Excellent condition. $300 or o.b.o. Can text for pictures. 585-362-6838.

PERSONALS PRAYER TO THE Blessed Virgin (Never known to fail.) Oh, most Beautiful Flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God. Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in my necessity (make request). There are none who can withstand your power. Holy Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us, who have recourse to Thee. (3 times). Holy Mother, I place this in your hands. (3 times). Say this prayer 3 days and then you must publish it and it will be granted to you. P.G. PRAYER TO THE Blessed Virgin (Never known to fail.) Oh, most Beautiful Flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God. Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in my necessity (make request). There are none who can withstand your power. Holy Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us, who have recourse to Thee. (3 times). Holy Mother, I place this in your hands. (3 times). Say this prayer 3 days and then you must publish it and it will be granted to you. P.G.

PETS HEALTH OXYGEN - Anytime. Anywhere. No tanks to refill. No deliveries. The All-New Inogen One G4 is only 2.8 pounds! FAA approved! FREE info kit: 1-855-839-1738.

THE PET NANNY Providing loving care for your pets when you’re not home! Bonnie, 585-478-0528

DENTAL INSURANCE from Physicians Mutual Insurance Company. NOT just a discount plan, REAL coverage for [350] procedures. Call 1-855-434-9221 for details. www. 6118-0219 VIAGRA and CIALIS USERS! 60 Generic Pills SPECIAL $99. FREE Shipping! 100% guaranteed. 24/7 CALL NOW! 888-349-4759 Hablamos Espanol. SUFFERING FROM an ADDICTION to Alcohol, Opiates, Prescription PainKillers or other DRUGS? There is hope! Call Today to speak with someone who cares. Call NOW 1-855-866-0913. VIAGRA and CIALIS USERS! 100 Generic Pills SPECIAL $99.00. FREE Shipping! 100% guaranteed. 24/7 CALL NOW! 888-445-5928. Hablamos Espanol.



COMPUTER ISSUES? FREE DIAGNOSIS by GEEKS ON SITE! Virus Removal, Data Recovery! 24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE, In-home repair/ On-line solutions. $20 OFF ANY SERVICE! 855-385-4814.

8 FOOT SNOWBEAR utility trailer in very good condition. Trailer is wired with lights. $400.00 firm. 585-533-9035.

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

FOR SALE: Manure spreader, NH baler, tedder, York rake, wagon, cultivator, cultipacker, mower, cultimulcher, rake, Kubota tractor. 585-733-7621.

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3 AKC/ ACA registered pedigree pomeranian pups. 2 males, 1 female. Parents on site. Born 5-28-19. Pups will be vet checked. Serious inquiries only. $1600 each, firm. 585-576-3592 FREE KITTENS: Playful, healthy. Need good homes. Phone: 585-243-5757.

FOR RENT COUNTRY RANCH: Palmyra. 2500 s.f. 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, laundry, DR, LR. Pets okay. Call/ Text 585-734-3423 for additional information.


FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

STUDIO APARTMENT RENTAL: Geneseo across from college. Includes all utilities. No smoking/ pets. $600/ month plus $600 security. 434-229-1163; 434-509-3805. LIMA VILLAGE APARTMENT: 1 bedroom. $600/ month includes all utilities and appliances. Security, lease. 585-230-3733. PITTSFORD RENTAL: 3 room cottage. Includes all utilities, private drive. References. No pets. $800/ month. $800 deposit. 585-330-6674. HENRIETTA RENTAL: Half house, 2 bedrooms, private drive, large yard, basement, W/D. $850 plus utilities. Security, references required. No Pets. AVAILABLE NOW! 585-208-8908. FOR RENT AVON: 1000 s.f. office or retail space. Excellent Location. Efficient heating & air conditioning system. Call 585-750-9323 8am-6pm. ROCHESTER: 2 Bedroom, large newer upper, basement storage, W/D hookup. Nice area, north Rochester, near Irondequoit. $650+ utilities, negotiable. 585-683-1000.

SERVICES MARAL ELECTRIC LLC: Commercial/ Residential. Licensed/ Insured. 25yrs experience. FOR ALL YOUR ELECTRICAL NEEDS! All Major Credit Cards Accepted. 585-490-3607.

FIREPLACE/ CHIMNEY SERVICES All Brands. Installation, Parts, Gas Logs & Lines Installed. Chimney Relining, Repair, Caps, Dampers and Crowns. 42’ Lift. Call/ Text: 585-356-5567 Email: COLORED METAL ROOFING: For the same price as shingles with twice the warranty! No tear off necessary. Goes on very quickly, no messy clean up. 35 years experience. 585-507-8354. Visit Erik Berggren Remodeling on Facebook for other services offered.

HANDYMAN: Carpentry, Moldings, Wall/ In-House Repairs, Painting, Wallpaper Removal Electrical, Power Washing 23+ Years Experience. Insured. Major Credit Cards Accepted. Patrick, 585-200-8051 RNJ STUMP GRINDING & TREE REMOVAL: Affordable, honest, quality service. Rick Gerbino, 585-750-6044. AFFORDABLE NEW SIDING! Beautify your home! Save on monthly energy bills with beautiful NEW SIDING from 1800Remodel! Up to 18 months no interest. Restrictions apply 855-505-6471.

TRI CO DOOR COMPANY for garage doors and openers. Parts, Service, Sales and installations. Commercial, Residential, Automatic. FREE ESTIMATES. 585-924-3210. Insured.

ENERGY SAVING NEW WINDOWS! Beautify your home! Save on monthly energy bills with NEW WINDOWS from 1800Remodel! Up to 18 months no interest. Restrictions apply 855-338-5767. STAY IN YOUR HOME LONGER with American Standard Walk-In Bathtub. Receive up to $1500 off, including a free toilet, and lifetime warranty on the tub and installation! Call us at 1-855-465-5426.

COMPLETE BATHROOM REMODELING! Bathtub to Walk-In Shower Conversions. Tile Flooring. Kitchen Back Splashes. Countertops, Vanities, and Plumbing Service. Tile Repair & Re-Grouting Free Estimates, Fully insured! Please visit: For Pictures, Videos & Testimonies. 585-317-2296. CARPET LAYER has THOUSANDS of yards of carpet left over! $1.50/ s.f., installed. Free in home estimates. Hugh, 585-798-0909.


NATE’S HANDYMAN: *No job too big/ small. *Free estimate. *Interior/ Exterior. *Honey Do List. *Basement Waterproofing. $99 Roof Repair Special. $59 Gutter Cleaning. 585-755-NATE (6283) M&M´s E-Z CLEANERS Residential Junk Removal Cleanout... Estates, Hoarders, Move Outs Attics, Basements, Garages, Barns Demo... Garages, Pools, Sheds, Barns Mike, 585-975-9019, 585-482-8366.

SAWYER TREE SERVICE: SUMMER SPECIAL- SAVE 25% Fully Insured Affordable Pricing Stump Grinding, Removal, Trimming, Cleanup FREE ESTIMATES Senior Discounts 585-507-5488 CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE GENERAL CONTRACTING SERVICES LLC Roofing, Vinyl Siding, Decks, Additions, Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations. *SUMMER ROOFING SPECIAL* Owens Corning Duration Shingles RE-ROOFS: $250 PER SQ. COMPLETE TEAR OFFS: $350-600 PER SQ. 1 SQ=100 SQ’ ROCHESTER & SURROUNDING AREAS Fully Ins. N.Y.S. Comp & Liability. Make your experience affordable & worry free! VISIT OUR WEBSITE/ CALL: 585-500-5505

WINDOWS: ENERGY SAVING NEW WINDOWS! Beautify your home! Save on monthly energy bills with NEW WINDOWS from 1800Remodel! Up to 18 months no interest. Restrictions apply. Call Today 1-866-335-0996. SHEPARD ASPHALT PAVING: Commercial/ residential. Excavation. Concrete. Topsoil. SIGN UP NOW & SAVE! 35 years experience! Free Estimates! 585-733-2781.

NEED AN ELECTRICIAN? Immediate response. Licensed and insured. Any job welcomed. 30 years experience. Call 585-455-1626.

SEAMLESS GUTTERS & GUTTER CLEANING: 55 Years Experience 16 Colors, Facia & Overhang No Job Too Small. Fully Insured. A.J. Fritz, 585-506-5904

ROOFING, SIDING, Gutter Cleaning & Repair, Power Washing. Serving the Rochester area. Call/ Text Alex, Beddia Exteriors, 585-708-2363.

CLEANING TO PERFECTION affordable rates. Call today 585-353-6164.

Waters Basement Services, Inc. The only WATER that should be in YOUR BASEMENT is BOB WATERS! Waterproofing, Drain Tile, Sumps & Backup Pumps, Wall Cracks, Stone Foundation, Structural Repair & More! www. 585-765-3369; 716-474-3898

STAY IN YOUR HOME LONGER with an American Standard Walk-In Bathtub. Receive up to $1,500 off, including a free toilet, and a lifetime warranty on the tub and installation! Call us at 1-855-534-6198.

STUMP GRINDING / REMOVAL. Free estimates, fully insured. Fast, reliable service. Reasonably priced. Call Mike, 716-544-5856.

BATHROOM RENOVATIONS. EASY, ONE DAY updates! We specialize in safe bathing. Grab bars, no slip flooring & seated showers. Call for a free in-home consultation: 888-912-4745.

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

ROB’S WINDOW CLEANING Since 1985. Streak Free Guarantee. Also, Gutter Cleaning. Top quality work. Insured. Reasonable Rates. Free Estimates. 585-377-7923; 585-749-8588.

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Same Day Service W A T E R / F L O O D CLEANOUTS We Remove TVs, Tires, Paint, Carpet, Concrete, Furniture, Hot Tubs, Pianos, Swimming Pools, Sheds, Decks. Basement, Attic, Garage & Barn Cleanouts. MR. JUNK IT ALL 585-880-0383.


FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

ELIMINATE GUTTER CLEANING FOREVER! LeafFilter, the most advanced debris-blocking gutter protection. Schedule a FREE LeafFilter estimate today. 15% off and 0% financing for those who qualify. PLUS Senior & Military Discounts. Call 1-855-995-2490.

TIM CALLAGHAN PAINTING *Interior/ Exterior *Wallpaper Removal *Drywall Repair *Deck Staining *Over 25 Years Experience *FREE Reasonable Estimates Tim, 585-259-6758

CLOCK REPAIR Cuckoo Clock not Cuckooing? Grandfather clock not chiming? Give us a call we fix them all! 585-624-2098

Honor Your Loved One In print and online by publishing an Obituary in our Passages Section for just $50. Includes color photo and unlimited wording. Call or Email: Lynn Forrester, Ext. 141 585-226-8111

NOW BUYING ANTIQUES Old Signs, Lamps, Paintings, Trains, Aviation- Auto- Nautical items, American Indian Items, Old Cameras, Christmas & Halloween Items, Toys & Games, Bronze & Marble Statues, Crocks & Jugs, Antique Costume Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Persian & Oriental Rugs, Military, Badges, Pens, Lighters, Historical & Political Items & Documents. Call

A PLACE FOR MOM. The nation’s largest senior living referral service. Contact our trusted, local experts today! Our service is FREE/ no obligation. CALL 1-844-258-8586. DISH TV - Over 190 Channels Now ONLY $59.99/ month! 2 year price guarantee, FREE Installation! Save HUNDREDS over Cable and DIRECTV. Add Internet as low as $14.95/ month! 1-800-871-1312.


A PLACE FOR MOM. The nation’s largest senior living referral service. Contact our trusted, local experts today! Our service is FREE/ no obligation. CALL 1-844-722-7993.


$$$$$$$$ Paying Top Dollar FREE HOME APPRAISALS Vintage watches, coins, vintage toys, military items, clocks, fishing, hunting, farm, railroad, advertising items, jewelry. Also buying estates. Main Street Williamsville location. CM GOLD CALL OR TEXT 716-472-8450 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ANTIQUES WANTED: Coins. Furniture, Toys, Crocks, Oil Paintings, Oil/ Farm Signs, Pedal Tractors. Howard, FOX FARM ANTIQUES, 585-226-6160, 585-747-0193. WANTS TO PURCHASE minerals and other oil and gas interests. Send details to P.O. Box 13557, Denver, Co. 80201.


EARTHLINK HIGH SPEED INTERNET. As Low As $14.95/ month (for the first 3 months.) Reliable High Speed Fiber Optic Technology. Stream Videos, Music and More! Call Earthlink Today 1-855-520-7938.

TRUCK DRIVER TRAINEES NEEDED at Stevens Transport! Earn $1000 per week! Paid CDL Training! No experience needed! 1-844-452-4121.

APPLYING FOR SOCIAL SECURITY Disability or Appealing a Denied Claim? Call Bill Gordon & Assoc., Social Security Disability Attorneys, 1-855-498-6323! FREE Consultations. Local Attorneys Nationwide [Mail: 2420 N St NW, Washington DC. Office: Broward Co. FL (TX/NM Bar.)]

A SMALL PET friendly house to rent wanted. (North of Conesus lake). $800 Max. Will treat your place as my own.

GENERIC VIAGRA and CIALIS! 100 Pills $99.00 FREE Shipping! 100% guaranteed. 24/7 CALL NOW! 888-889-5515.

HUNTERS LOOKING TO LEASE 50+ of wooded acreage for the 2019 deer hunting season. Please call (585)750-5145.

HEAR AGAIN! Try our hearing aid for just $75 down and $50 per month! Call 800-426-4212 and mention 88272 for a risk free trial! FREE SHIPPING!


CROSS COUNTRY MOVING, Long distance Moving Company, out of state move $799 Long Distance Movers. Get Free quote on your Long distance move 1-800-511-2181.

SPECTRUM TRIPLE PLAY! TV, Internet & Voice for $99.97/ month. Fastest Internet. 100 MB per second speed. Free Primetime on Demand. Unlimited Voice. NO CONTRACTS. Call 1-888-383-5155 or visit http://

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

CALL EMPIRE TODAY to schedule a FREE in-home estimate on Carpeting & Flooring. Call Today! 1-800-508-2824.

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GET DIRECTV! ONLY $35/month! 155 Channels & 1000s of Shows/ Movies On Demand (w/SELECT All Included Package.) PLUS Stream on Up to FIVE Screens Simultaneously at No Additional Cost. Call DIRECTV 1-866-731-3285. LUNG CANCER? Asbestos exposure in industrial, construction, manufacturing jobs, or military may be the cause. Family in the home were also exposed. Call 1-866-795-3684 or email cancer@breakinginjurynews. com $30 billion is set aside for asbestos victims with cancer. Valuable settlement monies may not require filing a lawsuit. PORTABLE OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR May Be Covered by Medicare! Reclaim independence and mobility with the compact design and long-lasting battery of Inogen One. Free information kit! Call 888-609-2189. Get a SMARTPHONE for $0 DOWN* with AT&T Next and AT&T Next Every Year; $250 Gift Card for Switching to AT&T! (*Requires well-qualified credit. Limits & restrictions apply.) 1-888-545-5093. DENIED SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY? Appeal! If you’re 50+, filed for SSD and denied, our attorneys can help get you approved! No money out of pockets! Call 1-866-376-3163. DENTAL INSURANCE from Physicians Mutual Insurance Company. NOT just a discount plan, REAL coverage for [350] procedures. Call 1-877-308-2834 for details. www. SPECTRUM TRIPLE PLAY! TV, Internet & Voice for $99.97/ month. Fastest Internet. 100 MB per second speed. Free Primetime on Demand. Unlimited Voice. NO CONTRACTS. Call 1-855-652-9304 or visit http:// A PLACE FOR MOM has helped over a million families find senior living. Our trusted, local advisors help find solutions to your unique needs at no cost to you. Call 855-741-7459.


FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

RECENTLY DIAGNOSED with LUNG CANCER and 60+ years old? Call now! You and your family may be entitled to a SIGNIFICANT CASH AWARD. Call 877-648-6308 today. Free Consultation. No Risk. DENTAL INSURANCE. Call Physicians Mutual Insurance Company for details. NOT just a discount plan, REAL coverage for 350 procedures. 888-623-3036 or http://www. Ad# 6118. DISH TV $59.99 For 190 Channels + $14.95 High Speed Internet. Free Installation, Smart HD DVR Included, Free Voice Remote. Some restrictions apply 1-800-718-1593. BECOME A PUBLISHED AUTHOR! We edit, print and distribute your work internationally. We do the work... You reap the Rewards! Call for a FREE Author’s Submission Kit: 866-951-7214.


DIAGNOSED WITH LUNG CANCER? You may qualify for a substantial cash award. NO obligation, NO risk! We’ve recovered millions. Let us help you!! Call 24/7, 855-845-8269. MOBILEHELP, AMERICA’S Premier Mobile Medical Alert System. Whether You’re Home or Away. For Safety and Peace of Mind. No Long Term Contracts! Free Brochure! Call Today! 1-855-401-6993. INVENTORS - FREE INFORMATION PACKAGE: Have your product idea developed affordably by the Research & Development pros and presented to manufacturers. Call 1-888-501-0236 for a Free Idea Starter Guide. Submit your idea for a free consultation. ATTENTION OXYGEN THERAPY USERS! Inogen One G4 is capable of full 24/7 oxygen delivery. Only 2.8 pounds. FREE information kit. Call 877-929-9587.

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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USE ROUNDUP WEEDKILLER? Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, and Leukemia may result from RoundUp exposure. A recent $2 billion judgment was awarded in a RoundUp injury case. Call 1-619-493-4791 or email RoundUp@ and let us begin work on your RoundUp case today. Get DIRECTV! ONLY $35/ month! 155 Channels & 1000s of Shows/ Movies On Demand (w/ SELECT All Included Package.) PLUS Stream on Up to FIVE Screens Simultaneously at No Addt’l Cost. Call DIRECTV 1-855-781-1565. SPECTRUM TRIPLE PLAY! TV, Internet & Voice for $99.97/ month. Fastest Internet. 100 MB per second speed. Free Primetime on Demand. Unlimited Voice. NO CONTRACTS. Call 1-877-338-2315 or visit http://


FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111


FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

Profile for Genesee Valley Publications

Rush-Henrietta Edition - Genesee Valley Penny Saver 7-12-2019  

Rush-Henrietta Edition - Genesee Valley Penny Saver 7-12-2019