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Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017





Despite a bumpy relationship between Guyanese passengers and Trinidadian airline, Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL), the company has disclosed that Guyana is among its most lucrative fly routes. Trinidad Newsday has reported working on have begun to bear fruit." that CAL is poised to break even on "We do believe that in 2018 we its investments in 2018 with the Pi- should be able to break even. Our arco to New York route being the numbers indicate that 2016 was better most recent to begin to show prof- than 2015. Our numbers suggest that itability, CAL Chairman Shameer 2017 will be better than 2016. We are Mohammed said. hopeful that by 2018, CAL perhaps As reporters questioned the will no longer be a burden on the taxchairman on that country's national payers." carrier, it was noted that the Cheddi On its assets, the chairman said Jagan International Airport to the that CAL operates 17 aircraft, five of John F. Kennedy Airport route for which it owns. The remaining 12 are Caribbean Airlines is one of its most leased. The aircraft may not be new, profitable ones. It was noted that he said, but they were safe and reliroutes previously run by Air Jamaica able. He said CAL was conducting a and taken over by CAL were not fleet review to capture, not only pasdoing well, but apart from the Cheddi sengers" needs, but the types of airJagan International Airport (CJIA) in craft best suited to fly certain routes, Guyana to John F Kennedy Interna- reliability and costs. tional Airport in New York "which is While the Guyanese market was noted as a favourable one, the relaone of our cash cows as it were." Mohammed confirmed that CAL tionship between passengers and the is making a turn on its profits. "I am airline has seen its share of deteriorahappy to inform that we have turned tion, especially during the pull out of around (the) New York (route). I be- Delta Airlines from Guyana and the lieve the initiatives that we have been fall of small charter companies some

ExxonMobil IRVING,




NESS WIRE) - ExxonMobil announc-ed Thursday positive results from its Payara1





time back. The Guyanese government then had warned the CAL that if they continued to treat Guyanese unfairly, authorities would consider reducing the easy access to the market. CAL was at the time charging passenger's exorbitant prices to travel between Guyana and New York knowing that airlift was limited and Guyanese passengers had little choices. Guyanese passengers complained about poor treatment by immigration officers and other agencies there. More recently they complained that duty free items purchased in Guyana were being taken away in Trinidad. CAL would be better suited to


improve their service to Guyanese since the Guyanese owned Fly Jamaica is proving strong competition for the Trinidadian carrier. The CJIA performance report of 2016 showed that Fly Jamaica passengers has increased by more than 60 percent and Caribbean Airlines declining by more than 23 percent. The owners of Fly Jamaica are looking to start up a Guyanese-based airline that could significantly affect CAL's role in the Guyanese market. About a month ago, a CAL carrier ripped off the tail cone of Fly Jamaica's Boeing 767 after the pilot had passed too close to the plane on its way to takeoff.

finds more oil offshore Guyana exploration potential on the block and the greater Liza area." The well was drilled by ExxonMobil affiliate Esso Exploration and

ExxonMobil Exploration Company. "We look forward to working with the government and our co-venturers to continue evaluating broader

Production Guyana Limited, and encountered more than 95 feet (29 me(continued on page 12)


Payara is ExxonMobiTs second oil discovery on the





Stabroek Block and was




drilled in a new reservoir. The Payara-1 well targeted similar aged reservoirs that were

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proven successful at the company's Liza discovery. "This important discovery further establishes the area as a significant exploration province," said Steve Greenlee, president of

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The Zena Henry Column For a long time the conversation about protecting our environment and ensuring its healthy state has been on the tip of every leader's tongue. The idea of "greening" a country, which simply means to protect its environmental state and utilize its resources in an environmentally friendly manner, is one that is being applauded the world over. World leaders are continuing to recognize the importance of protecting the environment and are increasingly using their collective efforts to safeguard their individual countries against the effects of environmental degradation by ensuring its people do their part in protecting natural habitats. More recently, Guyana signed on to the Paris Agreement in December, 2015 after President David Granger made that representation. The Paris Agreement or Accord de Paris is an agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) dealing with greenhouse gases emissions mitigation, adaptation and finance starting in the year 2020. The agreement was negotiated by representatives of 195 countries at the 21st Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC in Paris and adopted by consensus on 12 December. 2015. The international community has recognized that the planet is warming up by greater percentages every year and continued trends will lead to dangerous levels that foster undesirable changes in climate and weather patterns.

In his address to world leaders at this signing President Granger described the Paris Agreement as the "most ambitious international environmental agreement in modem history." He said the 'Agreement' presents a historic opportunity for the global community to respond to the challenge of climate change in an appropriate manner. He continued that Guyana signed on to the 'Agreement' on account of its recognition of the need for resolute action to combat this challenge.

y * %

>■ .<

"Guyana, through the pursuit of a Green Economy, will spare no effort to contribute to both the sustainable future and to an effective global response to climate change." The country was described as a "net carbon sink"; in that, the forest sequester more carbon that the country's human activities actually generate.

(LED) lights, and charging ports for mobile devices. The GEA said that the renewable energy programme for 2017 will entail the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on the rooftops of about 64 government buildings and a solar photovoltaic farm for the town of Mabaruma. It was announced that 20 solar-powered street lights at Agatash, Bartica, 100 energy efficient LED street lights at Timehri Base Road and the purchase of 600 photo sensors to replace defective units on existing street lights.

able energy, but also recognizing how much good it brings to the environment. These businesses are increasing installation of solar energy systems on their business places. Many eateries are offering bio-degradable containers to ease the harmful materials that get into waterways and other outflows that usually overflow during rainfall. The four acre Mabaruma solar farm will be the first model ever in Guyana and will power some 3,000 homes for 17 hours. It is a project that will lead many such more to come.

Guyana continues to follow through on promises to effectively tackle climate change as it transforms to the "Green economy" that the government has been promoting. The Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) recently announced the construction of six solar-powered bus sheds which will be equipped with light-emitting diode

Widespread public education has even rubbed off on citizens who have adopted the need for better management of the environmental and the use of less harmful items that reduce the amount of carbon released. Some business operators are "going green", not only acknowledging the savings to be made from renew-

Also for the first time, Guyana's dumpsites are being looked at to aid with the climate situation as recycling and the increased use of environmentally friendly materials are being promoted. Even assortment trash bins are being introduced in the city for the sorting of plastics, glass and other such materials. Citizens are also being taught composting and other conservation and recycling methods that are beneficial to both citizens and environment.



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As it relates to the development of the country with a "green economy" in mind, the government is adamant that green development is good for business since the country's green revolution will spawn a wide range of businesses and employment opportunities with the increased use of electric cars, hybrid vehicles, energy saving devices, solar home systems, organic health foods, recycling plants, environmentally friendly buildings, 'green' construction materials, biodegradable packaging materials, sustainable agriculture and 'green' financing options among many others. The government has already put out the call for locals at home and abroad to work closely with the 'Green State' in mind. He has asked that citizens invest within this framework of the economy. The capital city Georgetown has already promised to become the "greenest and cleanest" in the Caribbean. Evidence of this becoming a reality is already very visible.

Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017 The Handel



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Andrews Column

President Beercich

How will history judge Barack Obama's Presidency? What is his legacy to us who are witnesses? Aside from his general likeability, did he accomplish great things? He ran on "•Hope and Change." Is America better than when he became Captain of this Great Ship of State? Is the world a better place due to his foreign policies? A DIVIDED COUNTRY An Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll conducted recently shows that only 27% see the country as more united under his Presidency. Dr. King's "dream" of a united America remains unfulfilled. The Black-White problem has worsened, even among younger persons of both races. I am not blaming this on the President. I am merely noting that nothing has changed. African Americans see racial discrimination as the biggest problem in America. Protests in the wake of police killings dominated the headlines during much of his Presidency. "His complicated legacy comes into sharper focus when it comes to race. Nearly eight in 10 African-Americans view him favourably, but far fewer see his Presidency as having yielded the type of profound changes for black Americans that many had hoped." Some words from the Holy Writ come to mind; "'But we hoped that it was he who should redeem IsraelT The gap between rich and poor widened under President Obama. The richest 10 percent of Americans last year earned a larger share of income than at any time since 1951. Those in the top one-tenth of income distribution earned last year almost 12 times what those in the bottom tenth earned. "Much of the gap is out of the President's control, economists say,citing forces such as globalization and the spread of technology are overwhelming government remedies. Yet while Obama complains that Republicans are blocking his efforts to boost the minimum wage and provide universal pre-school, other policies that he has enacted such as trade agreements also may have contributed to inequality, they say." Aside from the "Obamacare" health care overhaul (soon to be dismantled). President Obama has been unable to gain congressional majorities to fulfil many of his goals. It is not the President's fault, but according to 55% of Americans, Congress during his two terms as President has accomplished less than any Congress in 20 years. His comprehensive immigration and other progressive plans were blocked by the "no good" Congresses. "It's one of the few regrets of my Presidency — that the rancour and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better" the President said in his his final State of the Union address. Notwithstanding, he could have passed some of his plans when his party had full control of Congress for his first two years. The 111th Congress comprised 257 Democrats and 178 Republicans. There is much talk these days about gun control. Why did the Democrats not pass gun con-

trol legislation at that time? Here are some of the achievements of our likeable President: (1) He signed the Affordable Care Act (2010) which would cover over 32 million uninsured Americans. Whether it is repealed is not the point. (2) Passed the Stimulus: Signed $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009 to spur economic growth amid the greatest recession since the Great Depression. (3) Passed Wall Street Reform: Signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (2010) to re-regulate the financial sector after its practices caused the Great Recession. (4) Repealed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell": Ended 1990s -era restriction and formalized new policy allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military for the first time. (5) Passed Credit Card Reforms: Signed the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act (2009), which prohibits credit card companies from raising rates without advance notification, mandates a grace period on interest rate increases, and strictly limits overdraft and other fees. (6) Provided Payment to Wronged Minority Farmers: In 2009, signed Claims Resolution Act, which provided $4.6 billion in funding for a legal settlement with Black and Native American farmers who the government cheated out of loans and natural resource royalties in years past.

i Jhcimci 's

long standing US policy, is under attack by the President-elect, whose Ambassador to Israel advocates setting up Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. President Obama made a hallmark decision to abstain from the UN vote against Israeli settlements being built in Gaza and the West Bank. President Carter is the only other US President in recent times to openly challenge an Israeli action or decision. Hats off to him.


y !


With respect to Cuba, President Obama's trip to that country in March 2016 signaled dramatic changes in U.S. policy. It signaled the end of America's 55-year-long isolation of Cuba. If Mrs. Clinton had won the Presidency, this should have developed into the lifting of sanctions. The nuclear agreement that the U.S.

and five allies reached with Iran in 2015 was a notable achievement. It halted Iran's march toward nuclear weapons. To be continued next week)


t-M J 1. 1. 14-i 1111 Ifision


(Located ooross from Staples at "Tilden Ave.)

We AooejDt IViedioaid and IN/lost Union Insurance Plan

Additionally, his strategies in solving the problems in Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt and Iraq have proven ineffective. The policy Mr. Obama inherited remains chaotic.

Instead, he has developed cordial relations with Iran and Cuba and openly supports the two-nation policy towards Israel and the Palestinians.



Despite some blunders. President Obama deserves an A on his Foreign Policy. Let me begin with his greatest blunder. Muammar Gaddafi was a great Libyan President, who made the country rich and united. Barack Obama removed him from power and the country is now a "failed State."

This aside, most of his other foreign policy decisions are commendable. I applaud his policy of engagement and diplomacy over confrontation. This is not to say that he did not bomb countries. For example, he bombed Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya. The point is that he did not start new wars.




President Obama adopted a successful policy of negotiations with China. The President-elect will not continue his policy and will adopt one of confrontation, which runs the risk of only negative results.














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I, . Jagdeo



I ditor In ( hict Nigel Williams tidilor Godfrey Wray


Editorial: 227-5216; 227-5204 - Rohee expresses dissatisfaction

By Navendra Seoraj

unigclKV gnnlcditorial^ For All Publishing and Advertising in New York consult our New York Representative: Dennis A. Nelson dennisnelson.nychronicle@yahoo.coni Tel: 917-379-6590

(Et i tonal

Finding a GECOM

Chairman ON Sunday January 8 at the Annual Media Brunch held at State House, President David Granger addressed the proposed appointment of a Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM). Incumbent Chairman, Dr Steve Surujbally, resigned with effect from November 30,2016, but has been asked by the President to stay on until his replacement is found. Last November. President Granger wrote Leader of the Opposition. Bharrat Jagdeo. requesting that he submit a list of nominees "not unacceptable" to him consistent with Article 161 (2) of the Guyana Constitution, which would allow him to extract one to be appointed chairman. This article stipulates who are likely to be among the persons to be considered. The persons are from among those who are judges or who had held the position of judge in any part of the Commonwealth, or are likely to be among this group, or "any other fit and proper person." It is the President's view that the present list submitted to him is found to be "unacceptable." Without getting into the nitty-gritty of the matter, suffice it to say there is a view that disagrees with the President's, most notably the Leader of the Opposition, whose role it is to submit the list of nominees. And while the opposition has expressed concern about the way fonvard and the President under Article 161 (2) paragraph 2 has the authority to appoint in the absence of an agreement of someone from the list, he has requested the Opposition Leader to submit another list which would afford him wider consideration. The act of requesting another list indicates that the President is looking for consensus, rather than holding to a position as perceived by the opposition that he intends to appoint someone not recommended by the Leader of the Opposition. This action augurs well for our politics. Our society is still tending the scars of recent People's Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) governments dealing with issues in which the opposition, interest groups, and individuals may have raised concerns. Whatever decision the PPP/C governments took on any issue they conceptualized ~ whether right or wrong and regardless of what evidence may have been presented to them ~ their track record has been one where public opinion that did not sit with theirs didn't matter. And here is where the nation is urged to pause, lest we miss an aspect of our politics

IN a not-so-surprising move, members of the Central Executive Committee of the People's Progressive Party (PPP) have elected Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo as the new General-Secretary, replacing Clement Rohee, who had held the post for the past five ears. At the last PPP Congress held on December 19. 2016 at Cotton Field Secondary School. Anna Regina. Essequibo Coast. Jagdeo received the most votes with 718. followed closely by Dr Frank Anthony, who got 620 votes. Rohee managed to rake in 522 votes and was placed at number seven. During the meeting on Saturday at Freedom House. Rohee was not too pleased with Jagdeo's election and told reporters that he is disappointed that Dr Anthony was not elected General-Secretary. He said he preferred a younger candidate for the post, hence, he withdrew from the elections to give Dr Anthony the opportunity. "I am disappointed that Frank did not get the post, but he nevertheless has a personality that the public will indeed appreciate." said the party's former General-Secretary. During the internal elec-

^ 4

^ Former PPP General-Secretary Clement Rohee speaking to members of the media in front of Freedom House on Saturday tions which involved the 35-member Central Committee of the party. Dr Anthony managed to cop 11 votes, while Jagdeo gained 24 votes. Asked what are his expectations of Jagdeo. Rohee said that the party has a "history of straggle" and would expect this tradition to be maintained. Meanwhile, the new PPP General-Secretary said he will be working towards promoting the youths of the parly by delegating responsibilities to them, especially at a regional level. According to Jagdeo. the 31st Congress was. by any standard, the largest and most successful held in recent times. Significantly, there was a commendably large presence of comrades from the hinter-

~ however minute ~ that should it be nurtured can help us to grow from strength to strength. It is not the intent of this editorial to analyse the merits or demerits of the exchanges that have brought us to where we are presently on the matter. It is the intent to draw attention to an aspect of our political culture where listening to alternative views has not been a common feature. The Leader of the Opposition, who held the presidency for 12 years, would not find it difficult to admit that was not something he would have welcomed or would have reacted to positively. His was a leadership known for verbally abusing and denying persons and organisations who dare challenge his view, decision-making, or management of the State. There was a general perception that fear pervaded the land as a result of his attitude and behaviour and persons felt it was safer to be silent than to speak out. And though our politics has its ups and downs ~ and

land regions. A new Central Committee was elected at the Congress. This Central Committee. he said, reflects a mixture of youth, experience, gender, and ethnicity and for the first time, boasts a high presence from the hinterland and riverine communities. "This represents a national party and it is not just about members and supporters ... as for our Central Committee, it is balanced, because it has a lot of experience and new faces, particularly youths." Jagdeo said. He said the party will give opportunities to young people and create young leaders, as it has high hopes of winning the next elections. "We are a working-class party which supports the growth in the country and we intend to work strongly in support areas and even work in APNU strongholds." Jagdeo declared. As such Freedom House, he said, will welcome anyone who has concerns and suggestions as to how they can make amends to better develop their party and work in the interest of the public. The former president sees his position as General-Secretary as a "light job" and stressed that he will work to grow his party by giving opportunities to youths and persons who deserve to be part of a strong team.

PPP Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo Those elected to the Executive Committee are Anil Nandlall. Clement Rohee. Irfaan Ali. Roger Luncheon. Gail Teixeira. Zulfikar Mustapha. Donald Ramotar. Frank Anthony. Neil Kumar. Shyam Nokta. Clinton Collymore. Collin Croal. Dharamkumar Seeraj. Pauline Sukhai and Bheri Ramsarran. The Central Committee also elected the following Secretaries: Zulfikar Mustapha. Executive Secretary; Irfaan Ali. Finance Secretary; Anil Nandlall. Public Relations; Hydar Ally. Education; Bheri Ramsarran. International Relations; Gail Teixeira. Mass Organisations; Rick Ramraj. Organising Secretary; and Nigel Dharamlall. Trade Unionism. Meanwhile, Vickram Bharat, Nigel Dharamlall and Fizal Jaffarally were elected to the Executive Committee as candidate members.

some may argue more downs than ups ~ if the political leadership can present assurance that the people can count on and rely on them to ultimately do right by them, it is a breath of fresh air. The President's act of requesting that the Opposition Leader submit another list is evident; he is responding to other opinions, which has not been a feature of recent politics, though it remains one the citizenry has been requesting. In spite of the various expressions of identifying, and ultimately finding the candidate to be appointed, where our political leaders can cultivate and apply that sense of servant leadership and humility to listen to the people, including dissenters, and act in a manner that would lend to assurance that all views matter, is helpful. This opportunity must be seized and built on for our common good, not ignored or squandered in the midst of the noise.

Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017


A view from New York Russian

Chess And False

msmioM WITH MICHAEL DEREK ROBERTS i, * (347) 279-6668

Flag Operations

k There is an old saying in the Caribbean: ulook at the pot telling it's a fair player and honest non-meddler in political processes all over the planet. Yeah, the kettle its bottom is black." What this means is that you're yeah I get it. Vladimir Putin is a tough, old guilty of the same thing that you're accusing me of. And as I former KGB thug, charismatic though he is, watched the spectacle of a bunch of pompous, gaseous-sounding who sits atop a regime populated with klepUnited States senators sounding off in self-righteous anger against tomaniacs, corrupt and self-serving sycoRussia for supposedly meddling in the United States elections on be- phants that run the country as their own personal fiefdom. He's a bully and ruthless half of Donald Trump I had a real LoL moment. The smug, holierpolitical leader who answers to no one and than-thou Senator Ted Cruz and a cabal of elected officials with trust could care less what the United States does. and honesty ratings in the sewer, sought to imperiously lecture Russia His record is one of invading and visiting unon its hacking of the Democratic National Committee's (DNC) emails, told misery on any and all countries that dare passing them to Wikileaks, who dutifully made them public just to to go against the Putin Doctrine. And he's confounded, thwarted and give Trump the edge. angered the United States by his adventures And if all of that was not pure exercise by the United States that we're seeing now. forcing President Obama to helplessly look in comic relief content - not that I'm downThe oft characterization of Putin in the on with only sanctions and political rhetoric playing the possibility of Russian mischief United States media - that he's some mindleft to amuse Putin and company. Thing is in any way - President Trump was having less, incompetent fool of a spent power and Russia is not Iraq, Libya or Syria there the quite a few "Twitter moments" and associ- therefore easily intimidated by a tough-talkUnited States could intervene on a presiated meltdowns for "disparaging the intelli- ing United States - is just so much hogdential whim or fancy. Russia is stocked up gence community" for its historical wash. The fact that the United States senate to the gill slits on nuclear weapons, thoushenanigans and "false flag" [see below for has taken him seriously enough and Presisands of tanks, modern missile technology, explanation] operations. In fact, Trump's dent Barack Obama is so enraged with him distrust of the American Intelligence Com- as to slap new, ineffective sanctions, on very sophisticated air defenses and other war materials that make war against them munity does carry some valid currency given the checkered past of these organizations to meddle and mislead. As recently as [FALSE FLAG - The contemporary the presidency of George W. Bush the CIA fed this quisling president a hill of baked term false flag describes covert beans about Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's weapons and nuclear potential and capabiloperations that are designed to ities that turned out to be a stinking tissue of lies, half-truths, speculations and conjecture. deceive in such a way that the So looking at this phalange of sternfaced white men grilling generals and intelligence hacks over Russia's and President operations appear as though they Vladimir Putin's alleged role on the recent US elections, I got the distinct urge to start are being carried out by entities, giggling uncontrollably, morphing into a certifiable celebrity candidate for Bellevue. groups, or nations other than those I also had immediate visions of black-bottomed kettles and pots all banging together who actually planned and executed in a cacophony of hypocritical caterwauling. For Trump winning the Electoral College vote and getting creamed by the poputhem.] lar vote does that to a bombastic egotist and his little hands that just loves early morning Russia is testimony to Putin's political is not a feasible proposition and borderline tweets over the mundane intelligence brief- skills. At EVERY turn he's outwitted and ing. His knee-jerk, zany remarks in the outmaneuvered the United States. From his lunacy. The United States knows that quite well despite its saber-rattling rhetoric. And wake of this admittedly manufactured ex- invasion of Georgia 24-hours after sitting cuse for American international embarrass- with and chatting President George W. so does Europe that has remained silent, uncharaterrically so, in the face of Russia's ment abroad, was vintage Trump - just be Bush, his lightning occupation of the a Troll and do something, heck anything, Crimea, his deliberate break up of the aggressive behavior. that deflects from the issue at hand that Ukraine and intimidation of the smaller But after all this is said and done if calls for some cohesive and coherent think- states, his threats to cut of the gas spigot to some Americans are all jacked up over ing - things that Trump has a seriously bad Eastern Europe, his insertion of Russian Putin's latest political mischief they should relationship with. Does the phrase "winning military in Syria, his closeness to Iran and not be calling the Russian kettle's bottom his teaching Turkey a bitter economic les- black. Because their own pot's bottom is it" come to mind? But try as they may the Senate Hear- son and now his exclusion of the United just as black or even blacker. The United ing into Putin's naughtiness did not expose States (and Great Britain) in a peace deal States is the world leader in meddling in the a smoking gun and fell far short of what with Turkey over Syria (resetting internal affairs of sovereign independent was expected, even by US Senate stan- Turkish/Russian relations), makes Vladimir nations. If the truth was told Russian meddards, since the process was whittled down Putin a political genius of sorts. dling is minuscule when compared to US to a grandstanding venting session, with If indeed, as the US claims, Moscow overthrowing of governments, assassinaguys trying to out do each other for the as- did the dirty deed to the DNC and used Julian tion plots against leaders it does not like sembled media. So the billion-dollar ques- Assange as a pawn to front it and take the (ask Cuba), and all kinds of other direct and tion is: did ole Vald (not to be confused blame, then the US Republicans must be indirect meddling. Here are the facts: bewith The Impaler) really hijack the US elec- miffed that they did not think about that tween 1946 and 2000 the United States and tions? It is plausible I grant you that it's en- themselves. Moreover, the Democrats at- Russia together intervened in one way or tirely possible. And if he and his trolls in tempts to pin their humiliating loss to a blovi- the other over 117 times in foreign elecpossible that Russian meddling was de- ating nincompoop on Russia is just plain tions. That's one out of every nine "free and signed for both domestic consumption in lunacy. Fact is the United States has long lost fair" elections conducted by independent, Russia and to provoke the kind of response any moral credibility around the world that sovereign nations around the world.

That's why this new-fangled "Russian bogeyman" that's messing with our "Democratic system" is so hilarious. The muchtouted American Democracy is as mythical as the Dodo Bird, and as deeply flawed as the sacredness of the American vote. Heck, this last presidential contest exposed these long-held myths. Two unpopular, elitist and very rich candidates duked it out so that "we the common, ordinary people" could choose either a millionaire that gives six figure speeches to Wall Street fat cats, or an egotistical, race-baiting, bigoted billionaire. Both campaigns were short on real "bread and butter" issues and long on personal attacks, insults and banal, divisive rhetoric. In the end Americans get to choose the face of a new oppressor every five years in a system where 538 unelected, faceless, and unknown people - mostly white men - get to choose or "select" the President of the United States regardless of the overwhelming majority of votes cast for another candidate. Democracy you say? No wonder Putin was right at home in an increasingly corrupt and undemocratic system. The point is that in order to comprehend the "New Cold War" between Russia and the United States, we have to go back to the CIA's toppling of Salvador Allende in Chile, Jacobo Abenz in Guatemala, coddling Anastasio Somoza in Nicaragua, the assassination of Patrice Lumumba in the Congo and the underhand role of countless "advisors" to favored governments. In fact, as recent as 2009 the United States intervened in the political life of Honduras. When President Manuel Zelaya was overthrown by a military coup, then Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton refused to condemn it because Zelaya was seen as "too populist" for US tastes. Had she done so that would have automatically triggered a suspension of US aid and military assistance to the armed forces in Honduras. So Clinton simply ignored the coup, looked the other way, and with a nod and a wink, called for new elections - as if elections were the problem -and not an illegal and illegitimate military overthrow of a democratically elected president. This green light by the US Secretary of State created the conditions for a brutal military crackdown, revitalization of the death squads, and national repression not seen since the 1970s and 80s. So spare me the self-righteous, hypocritical whining and finger pointing. If Vladimir Putin's minions could simply sit in a dingy apartment in Moscow with a laptop, and waltz into the DNC's database, then we're ireally in doo-doo. And if after everything, American Democracy, with all of its flaws, is so fragile as to be jittery as soon as Russia poops, then we're in just as bad shape. Still, there is a glaring double standard here because it now seems that meddling in the internal affairs of foreign nations is only outrageous and reprehensible when the United States is getting kicked in its butt for dong the same thing. Russia is simply giving the United States a taste of its own medicine. And its sure tastes nasty as hell.


Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017


Fly Jamaica's damaged plane back on NY route by Februar Fly Jamaica's operators are seeking to bring its damaged Boeing 767back to full operation come February following an incident at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport last month. A Caribbean Airline's pilot taxing 11 •'

the runway for takeoff had passed too close to the Fly Jamaica carrier, knocking off the carrier's tail cone. Fly Jamaica's Director Rox- commence with charter flights from anne Reece told the Guyana Chron- Guyana to Cuba and Guyana to icle (NY) that the plane is currently New York. The company Reece being repaired and will soon be op- pointed out has been in existence erational. The Boeing 767 was most since 1999, but was unable to adpreferred by the airline to travel the vance since the country does not New York route from Guyana given have Category One status. Air Guyana is not just seeking to operits ability for long hauls. ate in Guyana, but the company is Reece explained that after the also interested in being the country's incident, many of the company's national airline. travel plans, as well as those of its Air Guyana will commence passengers were disrupted. "It was a huge disaster," She said that the air- regular service as soon as Category line was unable to transport passen- One status is earned. Until then, Fly ger's luggage in a timely manner Jamaica will provide charter servduring the Christmas season because ices for Air Guyana. "Fly Jamaica of the smaller aircraft they had to use. will be operating the charters for Air She also said it was costing the com- Guyana," Reece highlighted. "And pany large sums of money to use the as soon as Guyana gets Category services of another plane, and delays One, we will be operating Air for January were unavoidable. Guyana under its own umbrella, but in the meantime, we will be doing Reece was nonetheless pleased to announce the return of the carrier the Air Guyana charters to New York and to Cuba." and the fact that it will be adding Cuba to its list of destinations. The At least 500 Cubans are said to airline is also gearing to launch its be arriving in Guyana on a weekly new carrier Air Guyana. According basis for business purposes. Reece to the company. Air Guyana will said while these persons are spend-

ing their money in Guyana they are having a hard time getting back home with their goods. In some cases these persons must go through another country to get to Cuba with their items. Reece said Cuban passengers will enjoy non-stop flights to their destinations with more cargo space for their goods. As it relates to the national car-

rier and the operation of Air Guyana, Reece said that all paper work has been submitted to the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority and it is now a matter of waiting for confirmation. She said that all that is needed is to rcbrand their aircraft for Air Guyana's use. Trained flight attendants and other staffers are already in place.


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Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017




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wish to nurture and grow into



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Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017



Dr. Basil Springer's


"And Jesus said unto them. Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain: Remove hence to yonder place and it shall be removed and nothing shall be impossible unto you." — Matthew 17:20


"Ask, and it will be given you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you."

— Matthew 7:7

"Our great weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way of success is to try just one more time." There are many A Uth three of the above references are relevant to today's theme agricultural opportunij/m and I hope that at least one of them wiU Impact someone who ties which can utilize in turn draw it to the attention of our decision makers. the approximately Speaking in parliament recently, the of these resources, albeit with slave 30,000 acres of land in Barbados Minister of Finance was quoted labour, that resulted in the establishment Barbados in response in the press, in the context of the contin- of the sugar industry in the mid 17th cen- to the potentially very ued subsidization of the Barbados sugar tury. Now that sugar, in its original con- profitable global marindustry, as saying; "I am not an agricul- text, is a "sunset" industry, Barbados ket pull for tropically tural expert and I am certainly not a sugar should be looking for "sunrise" agricul- produced fresh and expert but I know that if we take the ex- tural industries to utilize the vacated processed products. ample of what other countries have gone arable lands most of which are now lying First of all we must through and the environmental, ecologi- fallow and in bush. believe that developing NOTHING BIATS BUSINESS SUCCESS cal, economic, social and other challenges As an example as to what is possible, a modern agricultural that have emerged from a disorderly exit a forward thinking farmer, after trying his industry can contribute from sugar, we know that Barbados, being hand at many agricultural exploits, has to growth in Barbados. Next, if the Minthe type of economy that it is, can ill-af- taken advantage of the opportunity to put ister of Finance is not an agricultural exford that type of luxury, if ever it could be less than a thousand acres of this idle land pert and not a sugar expert then "ask, and it will be given you; search, and you will described as a luxury". back into production with a vertically infind; knock, and the door will be opened The problem to be solved is not the tegrated sweet potato project where the for you." Thirdly, the most certain way of exit from sugar, it is the effective use of farmer cultivates land, grows the crop and success is to "try just one more time". our arable land to develop an agricultural processes it into sweet potato fries. This Let us follow the three-pronged stratindustry, including sugar as appropriate. displaces imports of white potato and egy of Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. in her book The major assets in Barbados in- sweet potato fries and creates an export "Saying Yes to Change: Essential Wisdom clude the climate, arable land and people. opportunity. The result is a net foreign ex- for Your Journey" co-authored with her History reveals that it was the exploitation change gain. husband, Gordon Dveirin, where they ad-


—Thomas Edison (1847-1931) SAYING


^/1\^ nN /> , ^. "'if. m CB vocate three stages of transformation; (1) Separation — The Journey Begins; (2) Dwelling at the Threshold — Surrendering to the Unknown; and (3) The Return — Transformation and Rebirth. (Dr. Basil Springer GCM is ChangeEngine Consultant, Caribbean Business I nlcrprise Trust Inc. - CBET. His email address is and his columns may be found at and wwwjiothingbeatsbusi

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Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017


\ A



-Ik My




UA ^

DO UNTO OTHERS Aman and his wife are FISH PIE PASTRY


"No. I did not. It is three o'clock in the morning and it is pouring rain outside!!."

awakened at 3 o'clock in the morning by a

1 tsp. margarine 1/4 pint milk lemon juice

loud pounding on the door. The man gets up and goes to the door where a drunken stranger,

8 ozs. short crust pastry

Method: 1. Remove skin and bone from the fish and divide into flakes. 2. Melt margarine, add flour and milk. Boil for 3 minutes 3. Mix fish lightly with the sauce, salt and pepper, yams and parsley and lemon juice. 4. Roll out pastry 1/4 inch thick and divide into 4 pieces (round or squares). 5. Place mixture on each piece. 6. Dampen edges of pastry. 7. Fold in half so that pastry covers fish or fold over edges to form an envelope. Prick with a fork.




pouring rain, is asking for a push. "Not a chance," says the husband, "It is three o'clock in the morning." He slams the door and returns to bed. "Who was that?" asked his wife ."Just some drunk guy asking for a push," he answered. "Did you help him?" she asked.

8. Glaze with beaten egg and bake in hot oven 20-25 minutes



Ease The Tension—Enjoy A Laugh

Recip es

Ingredients: 1/2 lb cooked fish 2 tsp. flour pepper, salt, parsley 1 lb. cooked yams (diced) 1 tbsp. milk


His wife said, "Can't you remember about three months ago when we broke down and those two guys helped us? I think you should help him, and you should be ashamed of yourself!" The man did as he was told (of course!), got dressed and went out into the pouring rain. He called out into the dark, "Hello! Are you still there?" "Yes," came back the answer. "Do you still need a push?" called out the husband. "Yes! Please!" came the reply from the darkness. "Where are you?" asked the husband. "Over here on the swing!!" replied the drunk.

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Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017










Mary Seacole, born in Kingston, Jamaica, returned from the Crimean War bankrupt, broke. In London, she tried to set up a business that would get her out of debt â&#x20AC;&#x201D; selling to soldiers. But this failed. Did her life crumble? No. In spite of her financial condition, she was a star. Her story had been written by others in the British press. She herself wrote a very successful book "The Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands" â&#x20AC;&#x201D; published in 1857. A deeply grateful London subscribed money in gratitude to her. She spent the rest of her life traveling and working between London and Kingston. She was to receive later the Crimean Medal, the French Legion of Honor and a Turkish medal. Why? London knew of what she had done from the wide coverage she received in the London newspapers. In 1856 William Howard Russell, special correspondent of the Times and a hugely influential journalist of the time, wrote: "I have witnessed her devotion and her courage . . . and I trust that England will never forget one who has nursed her sick, who sought out her wounded to aid and succor them and who performed the last offices for some of her illustrious dead." He was referring to the services that Mary Seacole performed in the Crimean War. Mary Seacole was born Mary Grant to a mixed-race Jamaican mother and a white Scottish father in 1805 in Kingston, Jamaica. Her

father had been a soldier and her mother was a healer who ran a boarding house for invalid soldiers. Mary married in 1836 to Edward Seacole, but her husband died some months later. When her mother died shortly afterwards, Mary took over the boarding house and continued the work of caring for the sick. Most of these men were British soldiers. She also knew a number of military doctors from whom she learnt as much as she could. And she had the experience of working with the sick during the cholera epidemic that hit Jamaica in 1850. Then came the Crimean War. In March 1853, Britain and France went to the aid of Turkey after its invasion by Russia. In this conflict, known as the Crimean War, thousands of British soldiers succumbed to cholera and malaria while in Turkey. Mary Seacole heard about the cholera epidemic and she traveled to London to offer her services to the British Army. Prejudice against women's involvement in medicine ensured her rejection. No one would give her an ear. The British War Office never gave her an interview. But when it became widely known that large numbers of British soldiers were dying of cholera, a


public outcry forced the government to do something about it. However, it was the volunteer Florence Nightingale who was f permitted to go to Turkey with a group of 38 nurses. Mary Seacole, -an expert at dealing * with cholera, which 4 Florence Nightingale was not, applied to <4 join the Nightingale team, but her application was rejected. Mary, determined to go regardless, did so at her own expense. Once in Turkey, she applied to Florence Nightingale again, and was again refused.

SEACOLE maica, her educational travels in Central America and the Caribbean, and her experience dispensing the remedies and healing herbs she had leamt were effective.

Undeterred, Mary launched a business called the British Hotel. There she sold food and drink to the British soldiers and with the proceeds she financed the medical treatment she gave to the wounded and sick soldiers.

Let it be acknowledged that Florence Nightingale was a wonderful person, who was truly a force for good, but she had little practical experience of cholera. The two ladies, working together, would have been much more formidable.

The two women worked, but separately. Florence Nightingale and her nurses did their work in hospitals miles from the battlefront. Mary Seacole treated her patients on the battlefield, sometimes treating wounded men from both sides of the conflict, sometimes doing so while hostilities still raged.

In her book, Mary Seacole dealt with the run around she got when she was seeking an interview, and asked "Did these ladies shrink from accepting my aid because my blood flowed beneath a somewhat duskier skin than theirs?"

Mary used the knowledge and skills she had acquired during her work with cholera patients in Ja-

Mary died on May 14th, 1881 and was buried at St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Harrow Road, London. Her life is a testimony to what, with tenacity, dusky skins can do.

ExxonMobil finds more oil offshore Guyana (from page 3) ters) of high-quality, oil-bearing sandstone reservoirs. It was safely drilled to 18,080 feet (5,512 meters) in 6,660 feet (2,030 meters) of water. The Payara field discovery is about 10 miles (16 km) northwest of the 2015 Liza discovery. In addition to the Payara discovery, appraisal drilling at Liza-3 has identified an additional high

quality, deeper reservoir directly below the Liza field, which is estimated to contain between 100-150 million oil equivalent barrels. This additional resource is currently being evaluated for development in conjunction with the world-class Liza discovery. "These latest exploration successes are examples of ExxonMobil's technological capabilities in ultra-deepwater environments.

which will enable effective development of the resource for the benefit of the people of Guyana and our shareholders," Greenlee said. Drilling on Payara began on Nov. 12 with initial total depth reached on Dec. 2. Two sidetracks have been drilled to rapidly evaluate the discovery, and a well test is underway to further evaluate the successful well results. The well data will be analyzed in the coming

months to better determine the full resource potential. The Stabroek Block is 6.6 million acres (26,800 square kilometers). Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited is operator and holds 45 percent interest in the Stabroek Block. Hess Guyana Exploration Ltd. holds 30 percent interest and CNOOC Nexen Petroleum Guyana Limited holds 25 percent interest. Posted by: Denis Chabrol of Guyana Waves

Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017


HEROC's FOURTH ANNUAL The Health Education and Relief Vision Center, Joseph McElroy of Clari. Organization Inc. CH.E.R.O.C.) ins Fragrance Group, Joyce Chase and held its fourth annual Holiday the New York Edition of the Guyana Breakfast on Sunday January 8,2017. Chronicle for their efforts in 'Giving CanAmidst the cold wintry day, the atmos- cer the Boot.' Survivor Recognition Awards were phere at the breakfast was warm and cozy with sumptuous prepared Guyanese Break- given to a mother and son, Gwendoline fast dishes. The energetic and dynamic Dr. Barker (Breast Cancer) and Peter Barker Rose October-Edun was the MC and kept (Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma) and Pearlene the program light and informative. Vesta Wilkinson (Breast Cancer) who were A review of H.E.R.O.C and a captivat- given the label 'Celebrities in the house' by ing report on its inaugural trip to Guyana in the MC. October 2016 were delivered by its PresiHighlighting the afternoon was a heart dent, Lorna Welshman-Neblett, who also wrenching video Presentation of the journey highlighted the continuous support from of Cancer Patient Marcia P. Gordon's valiant W

i Patrons: Pamela McKenzie — Pam's Bakery, Vibcrt 'Cookie' Bernard Sybil \ Bakery & Restaurant (Libdety Avenue) , Edgar Henry —E.N.G. Caribbean

fight against Cancer, supported by Health, Education and Relief Organization, Inc (H.E.R.O) through Dr. John Mitchell and his team of doctors and H.E.R.O.C.'s team.


s ■

Marcia is the poster person for positive attitude in the face of Cancer trauma. Her mind-set is that adversity is temporary, and with her faith and a strong support team gives her courage to "stand up" to Cancer. The Video presentation which was expertly done, and touched on every aspect of her stmggle, was produced by Marcia on her computer with voice overs. This 28-year-old has now entered her second phase of treatment for stage 4 Cancer and has been in this fight to give "Cancer the Boot" from her initial diagnosis two years ago. Marcia's Mom, Alexandria Gordon, is her rock and is walking this walk every step of the way with her only child.

Her other "Mother" Lorna is a source of strength and has provided hospitality and companionship to Marcia and her mother. Culminating the event was the friendly, but highly competitive Dutch auction, conducted by auctioneer Cleveland John and his energetic assistants, who added to this being a very rewarding event. H.E.R.O.C. continues to hold steadfast in the fight against cancer with the evidence that Team work is essential in the success of any event. Their team is a group of enthusiastic persons who are all focused on their Motto, 'Give cancer the Boot' and are dedicated to uphold their Mission statement.




T 1



" ^ Me. na,,"a*c * »---V0 A) Sections of the audience who braved the elements to support HEROC's fourth annual Breakfast. At right is Oswald Bobb of Bob-0-Vision, who provided Music and Video entertainment.



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* n From Left: MC Dr. Rose October-Edun, (H.E.R.O.C.'s Fighter) Marcia Priyadarshani Gordon, (her mother) Alexandria Gordon and President of H.E.R.O.C.



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Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017




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YouH / dpiguyana

@ dpiguyana

0 a?;v*

X. PHOTO: President David Granger flanked by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Carl Greenidgeand Head of the CARICOM Unit in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Charlene Phoenix during the meeting at State House.







of February inter-sessional

Georgetown, Guyana â&#x20AC;&#x201D; (January


of Heads of Government. As such,

of Government, which is slated for

6, 2017) Current Chair of the Ca-

Guyana will host the 28th Inter-ses-

February 16-17.

ribbean Community (CARICOM),

sional Meeting of CARICOM Heads


Breakdown by g(

President David Granger, today, met with Secretary-General of the body.


Ambassador Irwin LaRocque and


a delegation from the Secretariat, which included Advisor to the Sec-

-T m




















retary-General, Mr. Neville Bissembcr and Executive Director, Human




Resource Management at the CARICOM Secretariat, Ms. Charmaine Atkinson-Jordan. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Carl Greenidge and Head of the CARICOM Unit in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Charlene Phoenix were present at the meeting, which took place at State House. President Granger assumed the Chairmanship on January 1, 2017 as per the Rotation Schedule for The Chairmanship of the Conference

CARICOM's delegation (left): Executive Director, Human Resource Management at the CARICOM Secretariat, Ms. Charmaine Atkinson-Jordan, CARICOM Secretary-General, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque and Advisor to the Secretary-General, Mr. Neville Bissember. On the right is the Head of the CARICOM Unit in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Charlene Phoenix, President David Granger and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Carl Greenidge





Totals: Males - 371,8( Populatior

Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017










VtT ^

m / w .






HON. DOMINIC GASKIN MINISTER OF BUSINESS Guyana has decided to set up a

LATION FACTS ender per region FEMALES






















Females - 375,150

i: 746,955


the click of a button on a computer.

specific point of reference on all of

ministerial sub-committee to help

That is the direction in which we are

these issues," he said.

craft a Diaspora policy, following

moving," Harmon told a post-Cabi-

recent concerns by New York-based

net news conference.

Guyanese that they are being left out of decision-making.



Assurances that government

The Minister of State said currently the point of reference is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through

is sticking to one of its campaign

Guyana's consulates, high commis-

Minister of State, Joseph Har-

promises to engage the Diaspora in a

sions and embassies abroad. "Very

mon said the roadmap for crafting

structured manner has followed pub-

often our Guyanese brothers and sis-

the Diaspora Engagement Policy has

lic concerns by a group of pro-gov-

ters in the diaspora come home and

alread received support from, among

ernment Guyanese in New York that

try to get services provided to them

others, the International Organisa-

they are being treated as outcasts

when they are here," he said.

tion of Migration (IOM).

although they had campaigned for

He said Cabinet has agreed that

Minister of Foreign Affairs,

and provided hnanciak support to

Carl Greenidge has assured over-

a sub -committee comprising the

APNU+AFC. They have also flayed

seas-based Guyanese that they are

Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Public

government for failing to set up a

not being ignored, but his ministry is

Security, State, Finance, Business

Diaspora Commission or selecting

not an employment bureau.

and Citizenship has been appointed

an overseas-based Guyanese to be a

to examine proposals and advise on


a final decision.

Harmon said government is

President David Granger has called on overseas-based Guyanese to stop writing petitions and instead

determined to ensure overseas-based

come back and invest in village

able to prepare a strategy which

Guyanese enjoy the ease of doing


allows them to remain wherever they

business in their homeland.

"What we hope to do is to be

are and to be able to access informa-

"We believe that it is important

He has said that he loves the Diaspora and has credited them with

tion, to get decisions from govern-

enough to ensure that our Guyanese

supporting him and his coalition's

ment entities and agencies by just

in the diaspora that they have a

election campaign.


Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017





s Minister within the Ministry of Communities with responsibility for Housing, Valerie Adams-Patterson By Svetlana Marshall LOW cost houses will be erected in the capital city to aid in the relocation of squatters, but for those who are bent on squatting on government's reserves, their dwellings will be dismantled, the Minister responsible for Housing, Valerie Adams-Patterson has warned. Patterson made the announcement on Tuesday at a news conference at her Brickdam Office. In an effort to curb the issue of squatting, which is an environmental and health hazard, the Central Housing and Planning


Authority (CH&PA) will be implementing an Urban Renewal Programme in Georgetown which will primarily involve the relocation and resettlement of squatters to facilitate the restoration of the previously occupied sites. "We are currently exploring a site to build very low cost wooden houses to accommodate squatters firstly in central Georgetown particularly areas such as Sophia. East and West Ruimveldt among others." Minister Adams-Patterson explained while noting that the project will have some element of self-help.

The minister said she had met with the Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan on Monday, and had gotten his approval for the Urban Renewal Programme, following an intense discussion on the need for such an initiative. The logistics such as the number of houses to be built and their design are still to be worked out. According to the minister, there are approximately 700 squatters spread across Sophia and East and West Ruimveldt. She said CH&PA has received credible information that a percentage of the squatters was allocated lands and have since built on those lands. Those houses are now being rented, while the own-

by another woman, who claimed that her husband

ers continue to squat. "We are going to deal with those persons!" Minister Adams-Patterson said, stating clearly that such action will not be tolerated by the Housing Authority. "We are going to break them down if they do not remove.. .We will be serving them with notice, and if they don't remove, we are going to take the stractmes down," she warned. The Housing Minister said she is cognizant of the fact, that there are persons whose applications for house lots have been in the system for several years and are awaiting approval, and as such they have turned to squatting. Thought that

squatters should not be an excuse to squat, she said that argument has been advanced and it is quite understandable, and as such those persons will be given preference when the very low cost wooden houses are built in the capital city. "I don't believe that you should break down those people's building and leave them on the road." she posited. However, she said once the low cost houses have been built, they will be offered to squatters particularly in Sophia. East and West Ruimveldt as an alternative. "If you don't take it we will have to move you." the Housing Minister further warned. In 2016,221 regularised squatters received alloca-

"*1 i


11 ■

'mm Squatting in Sophia. Two of the 700 shacks erected in Sophia, East and West Ruimveldt by squatters


had sent her to steal, so as to provide for their new-


born. Melinda Forde. aged


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« n (Ws* ' ft ;i. ' 8»i|I, k/l 11


LH I s DoTlu* Hani \\ork

tion letters of the targeted 400 regularised squatters. It was noted that while some squatting areas can be regularised, others such as those in Sophia, West and East Ruimveldt cannot be regularised. Squatting in some areas not only pose a threat to the drainage and irrigation systems but also to the health of citizens, Minister Adams Patterson said as she alluded to cases in which latrines have been erected over canals often used as source for water for washing and even bathing. "If we don't deal with it, we are just as guilty," she said while noting that necessary actions must be taken to restore order in the citv.




A MOTHER of four was robbed of her mobile phone



910 Park Place Suite 3B Brooklyn NY 11216 Tel. (347) 279-6668

New Amsterdam, just before 20:00hrs. on Monday evening to purchase a Chinese sausage fried rice. She had in her possession a Smart phone, which was a gift from her mother. After making the purchase. she was returning home when in a narrow unlit passageway a few feet from her home, a woman pounced on her. The attacker had emerged from under the stairs of a building which shared the same unfencedyard space as Forde's home. Although the attack was sudden, the victim managed to hold on to the thief who had grabbed her mobile device. They struggled on to the road, where an alarm was raised and neighbours responded. But, the suspect, escaped, fleeing into an alleyway along Main and King Streets, before hiding amongst trucks within the precinct of the Guyana Power and Light Company on Strand Road. She was however later arrested and handed over to the police. A search on her person revealed the phone in her underwear.

Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017

Emphasis on Real Estate,





Taxes and Business S TAXES The Edgar Henry Column m With a new US President to be sworn into office on January 20th, there are a few simple new things one can do to be debt free and at the same time enhance one's financial situation in 2017. The challenge however is to make them manifest. So for the new year this could surely be one of your New Year Resolutions. It makes no sense to have information and don't act on it. As it is said uYou can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink." The ball is in your court. SLASH ENERGY BILLS The Alliance to Save Energy released the following statement from Director of Research Kevin Lucas regarding the Administration's second installment of the Quadrennial Energy Review. "We're pleased to see the Administration again recognize the powerful role that energy efficiency can play across the economy to boost productivity, bolster our energy security and reliability, and increase the value of energy to consumers. The fact is that energy efficiency is the cheapest, easiest and most practical solution we have for addressing our toughest energy and environmental challenges. We were particularly pleased to see the Administration recommend cutting building energy use by 50 percent by 2030 as these savings will be locked in for decades. Doing that alone would have a huge impact in saving consumers billions of dollars in utility bills, reducing stress on the power grid and cutting harmful emissions."

Did you know that the average U .S. household will pay about $5,000 plus, to power its homes and vehicles in 2017? By simply sealing up air leaks in doors and windows, pointing your brick walls you save ($500), adjusting your thermostat ($375) and switching to compact-fluorescent light bulbs ($300), you could on the average save $1,150. Simply cutting back your energy consumption needs no extreme behavioral changes. Taking colder showers in the winter could make a big difference on your energy bills.

Of Debt

Another simple cost-saving measure is to seal up air leaks around windows, door frames and other areas. Most people have enough leaks in their home at different points in that, when you combine them, it's tantamount to having a window open. Sealing those leaks will improve your home's energy efficiency by about 20%.



though the bulbs are initially more costly $15 for a pack of six at Home Depot, they last much longer, about 10 CUT HEATING COSTS years or so. Start by adjusting your thermostat PUT AWAY $5,000 FOR by just one degree cooler can save you RETIREMENT 1% to 2% on your monthly heating bill. If you're making $50,000 a year. Could you imagine if you set it five deAlthough your company matches grees colder? You can save even more 401(k) contributions of up to 5% of by actually programming the thermoyour salary, you're only contributing LIGHTING stat to work less hard while you're 3%, investing a total of $3,000 for the Swap your regular light bulbs for asleep, on vacation, at work or otheryear, including your employer's match. energy-efficient compact fluorescents wise out of the house and cut your bill Wait a minute; you can increase your as these bulbs give off the same amount by another 5%. contributions to 5%, earning the full of light as traditional ones, but use company match. Each month, you'll put about one-third as much energy. Alaway an extra $167 for retirement, for only $62.50 more of your take-home payResolving to dramatically increase the balance in your 401(k) is easier than O.G. SHIPPING & BUSINESS INC. it sounds. You do not have to be a rocket scientist or an investment guru, just boost your contributions enough to SHIPPING TO GUYANA snag the full company match, that's like giving a guaranteed 50% return on your investment and because 401(k) contri& THE CARIBBEAN butions are taken out of your pay before & dsrs taxes. You'll save on taxes while simultaneously reducing the deduction on VIA AIR OR OCEAN your take-home pay. WIPE OUT CREDIT-CARD ^bu ySng \%/?heKe . . . Qet yheve DEBT If for example, you currently have $10,000 in debt on a Gold master card Specializing In: carrying a 15.99% interest rate, and you're not putting anymore purchases ♦ MOVING ♦ PICK-UP & DELIVERY SERVICE on the card, and paying the minimum ($150) each month. Given these circumstances, your balance will be 958 ROGERS AVE , (bet. lien AveTAIbemarleRil.) RROOKLYN, NY 11226 $9,784 by December 31, 2017. It will take you nearly 14 years to eliminate TEL: 347-234-8783 / 347-787-7443. FAX; 347-240-7983 the debt, and you'll pay $15,040 in interest. By paying just $10 more than email: your minimum payment, and talking 7 PUBLIC RD. ♦ LaPENITENCE, mm.,GUYANA ♦ 225-4099 or 225-0627 (Continued on page 20)


Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017 T.HARRIS @ LARGE (Ed Harris Column)

1can't believe that we are fast approaching the third

the upcoming events we look for-

a solution, please visit the gov-

week of the first month of this New Year. The days are

ward with eagerness to celebrate

ernment's website and identify

moving along swiftly and many of us are left wonder-

as well.

the Ministries that will be concerned with this modern plague

ing how the days are running out so fast. Well, I must re-

While we speak of Celebrat-

vert to an old saying when we were young with not much

ing Excellence and Fostering Na-

to do, the days lingered and nights even stayed around

tional Pride, there are persons in

My own recommendation is

longer, many of us concluded that we were spending a

our society who are bent on dis-

that we return to our former val-

gracing our nation. In the first 10

ues of religious belief, respect for

days of 2017, we have almost

others, establishment of voca-

recorded as many homicides. All

tional centres and an aggressive

longer day than 24 hours. Today, with our hectic, on the go lifestyles with packed agendas, the days appear to be shorter but the last time I checked, it still took 24 hours to make up one day — nothing more, nothing less. The Creator of this universe is the same yesterday, today and will be forever! Time and tide waits on no man. In the first month of what is from January 15 to February 4. slated to be an exciting year on all fronts, we in Saint Lucia cele-

types of causes have been advanced from every quarter of society but one thing is certain we didn't





of crime.

campaign of SAYING NO TO DRUGS. Is it time for National Service in the region?

overnight. It is a journey that took

All is not well on the South-


years. The situation of utter law-

em front but in time it is my hum-

minded by me that there is never

lessness is today staring us in our

ble opinion that the matter will be





brate Nobel Laureate Week Fes-

amicably resolved. The 2.6 bil-


lion US dollar DSH project is a




highlights the achievements and


successes of the two Nobel Laureates of Saint Lucia

scope of such a project is beyond


our imagination. However, it is

William Arthur Lewis, who won rv

the Nobel Memorial Prize in


my belief that most persons will P

Economics in 1979; and Hon-

ment there are too many rumours,

the Nobel Prize in Literature in





Committee, Governor General,

approve of the project when the true facts are known. At the mo-

ourable Derek Walcott who won 1992.

challenge to many of us as the



some false and without basis. As

Sir Arthur Lewis

Hon Derek Walcott

I write this article,



many of my friends have called




to inform me about a meeting

Her Excellency Dame Pearlette

being hosted by Vieux Fort Con-

Louisy, under whose guidance

a dull moment in St. Lucia. I refer

faces. What is the solution? The

cerned Citizens



to St. Lucia as the party island in

sociologist, the psychologist all

Change (VFCCCC) this evening.

panded its scope of the celebra-

the Eastern Caribbean. The fun

related professions

These types of activities will pre-

tions and gave it the type of

never stops. This year we wel-

something to do with human be-

activities that can be celebrated

come the beginning of things to

haviour are hereby summoned to

as a Festival. The theme is "Cel-

come with the introduction of our

our help. Our economic future is

ebrating Excellence: Fostering

Summer Festival with diverse en-

threatened, our principal export is

National Pride". Previously it

tertainment, cultural and social

tourism — we must find answers.

was celebrated for a period of one

events. The renowned St. Lucia

If anyone reading this article has

week; this year it will be held

Jazz Festival week will be one of

the expertise to contribute toward



that have

Coalition for

pare both Government and citizens





dialogue that will seek the final approval of the majority of our citizens. So many things are happening at the level of government

Make 2017 a successful year

that I must encourage you to return to as my recom-

for your business

mended website of the week. Remember always to Keep

Advertise in the

the Faith, knowing that God is in Charge — Dream Big and Expect

New York Edition


and see your business grow

Edward Harris: Biblicist, Author/Publisher, Business Consultant, Real Estate Agent/Broker, Networker, CSR/Small Business Advocate & Motivational Speaker.

Call Dennis Nelson our

Email: jobfreelife 72 @ yahoo .com Webs He :

of the Guyana Chronicle

representative @ 917-379-6590

Facebook harrisbiz.

Page: w w w face book .com/ed

Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017







- Granger says due process was followed By Navendra Seoraj PRESIDENT David Granger on Tuesday justified appointing Brigadier George Lewis to head the army for three months, insisting that the decision ensured due process was upheld and it also staved off any internal conflicts in the 52-year-old organisation. Granger was at the time speaking at the swearing-in ceremony of Brigadier Patrick West who succeeded Lewis as the 10th Chief-ofStaff of the military. The Commander-in-Chief s comments seem to have been harking back to 2007 when then President. Bharrat Jagdeo side-stepped several senior officers in a move that angered some in the army, and promoted Gary Best from Commander of the Coast Guard to Commodore and Chief-of-Staff. Andrew

Pompey. Bruce Lovell and Mark Phillips, all lieutenant colonels at the time were elevated to substantive colonels. The supersession of the officers then meant that Lawrence Paul, a Colonel at the time, with just about a year left in the army was overlooked to replace Brigadier Edward Collins, while Colonels Linden Ross. Frank Bishpam and Gordon Benn were superseded. The four men were offered secondments to the public service but only Ross had taken up the offer at the Carifesta Secretariat. Jagdeo had defended his decision saying he had acted in accordance with the Defence Act which gave him the authority to appoint the Chief-of-Staff. Meanwhile. West's appointment was deemed a symbolic day. taking over from Lewis, who served the "shortest" tenure ever, ac-

cording to President Granger during his presentation at the ceremony at GDF's Mess Hall. "This represents due process...the decisions of the Guyana Defence Board will ensure that officers retire when they ought to and those who deserve to be promoted get what they deserve." Granger, himself a retired brigadier said. He said acting in this manner shows the commitment of the Defence Board, in ensuring that there is no future disraption to the professional development of the GDF. "Therefore, the benefits of a professional system will see to it that ranks serving a fair tenure without fear. "This is the 52nd year of the GDF and yes over the years they have been faced with many challenges but. I do not want internal problems to be one which affect members of the force." stressed the

'â&#x20AC;˘ '''



President David Granger and Former Army Chief of Staff, George Lewis decorate Brigadier Patrick West with his new badge of rank President. As such, he said while professionalism is paramount for an efficient unit, officers were reminded that professionalism is centered on certain pillars, one which includes military education. "You would not fly in a plane that is piloted by an untrained pilot." President Granger used Brigadier West as example of what he is speaking off. noting that the new Chief of Staff has offered 33 years of service to the force . during which he completed all his military studies both locally and internationally. West, in 2010 became Guyana's first officer to have earned tw o masters degrees simultaneously; one in Military Arts and Science and the other in Administration. That year


President Granger signing the instruments which West received upon being appointed as the GDF's Chief of Staff

President PRESIDENT David Granger has indicated that he has received a letter from the Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo in response to his requesting a new list of nominees for the post of Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) that meets the requirements of Article 161 (2) of the Constitution of Guyana. The Head of State indicated that he will respond to the contents of that letter in due course, a release from the Ministry of the Presidency noted Tuesday evening. President Granger had said that the list of nominees provided to him is unacceptable and falls



short of the Constitutional requirements. The Article first outlines clearly that the Chairman of GECOM must hold office as a Judge while another section allows for "any other fit and proper person, to be appointed by the President from a list of six persons..." identified after meaningful consultation. According to the release. Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs. Basil Williams noted that the determination of what is 'fit and proper' is at the discretion of the Head of State and that every person submitted on the list presented by the Leader of the Opposition should meet that requirement. "All six persons are re-



\ \

J Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Basil Williams quired to be acceptable to the President. Therefore, if you bring in three of those persons, [who] are not in the range, you are actually reducing the options of the

he returned from the U.S. where he attended the United States Army Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth. Kansas and the Central Michigan University, through the bilateral co-operation agreement betw een the GDF and the U.S. Military. He recorded phenomenal performance in all his assigned duties and was also lauded for his immeasurable contribution to the success and professional development of the Army. Air Force and International Military students last year, while taking advantage of every opportunity to enhance his own professional development. Thus, in an effort to recognise the Brigadier's service to the military, he was given the Military Service Star (MSS) by the Chancellor of




â&#x2013; jifplf-

President. So it is beholden on the Leader of the Opposition to always provide a list of six acceptable persons or as they say six persons not unacceptable

Orders of Guyana. President Granger. "His service and qualification is comparable to any of the past persons who held the post which West filled." said the President, as he indicated that West's appointment can be justified at any time. And. similar to the new Chief of Staff, everyone will be given a chance to serve in authority once they have earned it. despite their race, creed and religion. However, although they might rise in the hierarchy, they still need to remember that all members of the force have a social responsibility and are responsible for the entire society. PLANS Meanwhile, when asked what his plans are for the Force, the new Army Chief said that he intends to effectively transform the force for national defence, by exerting sheer professionalism in what he does. He indicated that the environment at GDF has changed considerably and every strategic direction is now decided by the Defence Board. "An environment like this is healthy to work in and I realised that a few years ago, the possibility to become Chief of Staff, hence I completed all my professional military education and academic education," said the new Brigadier. The Brigadier promises to be a just Chief of Staff who intends to work cohesively with his colleagues and officials to ensure that national defence is a priority.

Chair - AG

to the President. He is the decision maker. "The President is doing nothing wrong. In fact he has invited the Leader of the Opposition to send another list and he can do that several times until the Leader of the Opposition gets it right and he has to get it right, failing which the President will be forced to make an appointment. Of course at all material times he acts in his own deliberate judgement. So it's entirely the President's judgement." the Attorney General was quoted as saying in the release. Expanding on the legal qualifications set out by the Constitution, where Article 161 (2) on four occasions refers to judge level qual-

ifications". Minister Williams said that the President believes that the Constitution should be followed thoroughly in the selection of a Chairman for such an important post and if the need arises for several lists to be submitted by the Leader of the Opposition in keeping with the law. then this should be done. Minister Williams said, "It is entirely at the discretion of the President. The Constitution gives him that power to determine, who is a fit and proper person. The Leader of the Opposition ab initio (in the beginning) really has to address his mind to what the Constitution requires."


Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017

Mash PLANS for the Mashramani celebrations are expected to include its usual packed cultural programme of activities, culminating with the return of the Annual Costume and Float Parade. The procession is expected to proceed down the length of Brickdam and end at Durban Park, in keeping with last year's Jubilee float procession. The usual chutney, soca. calypso, masquerade and steel band activities and competitions will take centrestage in the next few weeks as the Mashramani festivities unfold. There is expected to be quite a number of activities catering to all ages and ethnicities.

parade There will be the Junior Calypso Competition. Children's Art Competition, and Children's Costume and Float Parade to cater to the younger generation, while the "Concert for the Elderly" takes care of our older folks. In a new addition, there will be the Miss Mash Pageant. which will see a number of beauties having the opportunity of vying for the coveted crown. There's also a "Literary Street Fair" and "Essay Competition" to add an educational flair to things. The traditional Flag-Raising Ceremony will also be held to commemorate the Republic Day. Meanwhile, the Costume and Float Parade will return




m rW

a ft w


* ■5•

i <■ =3^ Flashback! The Jubilee Float Parade last May to its Febraary 23 slot, after it was moved last year to be a part of the May 26 Jubilee Independence Day celebrations. However, while the pa-

rade returns to its customary date. it is not expected to return to its usual Church StreetATissingen Road route. In other adjustments last year, the parade took place

on Brickdam. beginning at the Stabroek Market, and ended at the newly commissioned Durban Park facility, after a previous proposal to have the parade take place on

the East Coast of Demerara Highway. While some had endorsed the change to Brickdam. several persons, however, had misgivings about this new route. Some contended that it was too short, providing less space for vendors, who usually look forward to the business that the float parade provides. There were also traffic concerns. In response to criticism, Junior Minister responsible for Culture, Youth and Sport, Nicollette Henry said that the parade was moved to capitalise on the Staborek Square as the assembly point because it provided a more spacious area.

JIWS LOT FW m aUMM Aconstitutional fight seems to be developing over Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo's




GECOM Chairman.

second list that he finds acceptable, the President has demonstrated generosity and asked Jagdeo to submit a second list within the constitutional parameters of article 161(2).


There is no need for a constitutional fight but Jagdeo and his plenipo-

Jagdeo's list of six nominees

Jagdeo's pride may have been

tentiaries will play the race card and

included — five persons who did

bruised because the President exer-

the victim complex, go to the courts

not meet the constitutional requirements according to article 161(2).

cised his discretionary powers within the constitutional parameters

and demonstrate in the streets. It is within President David

Should the Opposition Leader fail to submit a second list that is ac-

allowed him and exhausting a search throughout the country or

Granger's constitutional powers to reject the list.

ceptable to the President, then President David Granger could appoint a fit and proper person, such as a

even through the Diaspora. Yes the Diaspora is part of the equation!

The Chairman of GECOM is an independent officer and due care

There cannot however be a failure

must be observed in selecting some-

judge or one that held the position

one of good character with the ap-

of a judge or who is qualified to be

by both the President and Opposition Leader to find a Chairman of

appointed as a judge. While the constitution does not

GECOM, that would result in a constitutional crisis.

require the President to ask for a

While a time limit has not been

(from page 17) your lender into a lower, 10.99% rate, your year-end balance will be $9,136 — 7% lower. But the real benefits are long term. You'll pay off your debt in eight years, and pay just $4,955 in interest. That's a savings of 67%. You can make a significant dent in even the huge credit-card balance this year with surprisingly little effort, with two simple changes. 1) Increase your payments. Paying just $5 to $ 10 more than your minimum monthly credit-card payment can shave hundreds off your balance. 2) Lower your interest rate. Call up your lenders and ask for a better rate. Little do you know that they are open to negotiation, mainly because they are

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set for the presentation of the second list, Jagdeo hopefully will make his submission in a timely manner.

propriate qualifications. Only one person from the six names submitted by Jagdeo met the constitutional requirement, while

their monthly Verizon Wireless bill and a % off the purchase price of phones and accessories. Other deals are focused on one-time events or splurges: American Express Gold Card members get free roadside assistance, for example, while frequent theatre attendees receive 40% off tickets to select Broadway musicals. LIFESTYLE CHANGES Get involved with philanthropic activities as most are tax deductible. Volunteer your skills to the neighborhood boy scouts or your church fundraising events. Quit smoking and save a whole host of money and at the same time save the cash you would have been spending separately and


the other 5 persons were political activists and persons of questionable character. Watch out for the games and crocodile tears!

count your savings at year end. Promote world peace. They're all admirable New Year's savings, to be sure. But will you still be acting on them come February? If you are disciplined as I am, you will give it a shot. If you're looking for easy resolutions to work into your repertoire, consider your finances. With just a few minor tweets - like president elect Donald Trump - you'll be off and running much faster than you think. Now that I have brought the horse to the water I certainly hope you will drink. The ball is still in your court. "It is always better to have information and not need it, than to need it and not have it"

Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017



New York Ckroiicle Noroscoie ARIES (Mar. 21 - April 20) A new image can be the result if you change your look. Your contributions will be valued and helpful. Use your quick wit to win points and friends. You need a change of pace. Your lucky day next week will be Tuesday. TAURUS (Apr. 21 - May 21) Don't make promises. Invite friends over. Changes could be overwhelming. You will have a problem sorting out your true feelings < when it comes to your relationship. Your lucky day next week will be Monday. GEMINI (May 22 - June 21) Although it does look promising, be careful not to overextend yourself or you will lose in the long run. Try to be reasonable. Your partner may push buttons that infuriate you. Uncertainties regarding relatives will make situations uncomfortable if you attend a family function. Your lucky day next week will be Thursday. CANCER (June 22 - July 22) You should get involved in competitive sports next week. An older member of your family may have left you with a pressing situation. Your ideas may be good, but they aren't necessarily right for everyone. Your outgoing nature might work against you next week. Your lucky day next week will be Friday.


LEO (July 23 - Aug 22) You can make gains if you work in conjunction with others. Children may pose a problem if they don't like suggestions. You can make extra money. Rewards will be yours if you put in the overtime required. You have more than enough on your plate already. Your lucky day next week will be Tuesday. VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 23) Make changes that will heighten your appeal. You can expect insincere gestures of friendliness this week. Disruptions may set you back, but you're strong, and in the end the choices you make will be favorable. Don't avoid your true feelings. Your lucky day next week will be Thursday.



1 16



8 25

22 H33




42 12 >6 >9


r \

CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) It's time to get yourself back on track. Older relatives may be a burden. Problems with colleagues are likely. Someone you like may be receptive and actively seeking your company. Your lucky day next week will be Saturday. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 - Feb. 19) Prove your worth; concentrate on getting the job done and steer clear of office politics and gossip. Refrain from using the highway as a racetrack. This is a great day to mingle with people you would like to impress. Don't make mountains out of molehills if you want to avoid conflict. Your lucky day next week will be Monday. PISCES (Feb. 20 - Mar. 20) You are best to keep hard feelings to yourself. Try to ease any disappointment by making amends. You may find yourself in an emotional fix if you interfere in other people's problems. Get promises in writing or you will be disappointed. Your lucky day next week will be Tuesday.





44 54


ACROSS 1. Mass. clock setting (abbr.) 4. Borden cow 9. Texter's "wow!" 12. Author Bradbury 13. Gapes 14. Previously named 15. Device 17. Novelist Levin 18. Kowtow 19 21. Lend a hand 23. Itinerary info (abbr.) 24. Lift the spirits 28. One who dines 32. Standard work week (abbr.) 33. "Who cares?n' 35. Dashed madly 36. Makes smooth 39. Merchants 42, Airline schedule

9. "Don't bet !" (2 wds.) 10. Just 11. Reverse 16. Starring role 20. Vast amount 22. Obama's Party (abbr.) 24. Baseball execs (abbr.) 25. Mauna 26 27. Author Buntline 29. Uno plus due 30. Piece of com 31. Flealthcare professionals {abbr.} 34. " a Rebel" 37. Mo. when winter starts 38. Daze 40. Puzzler's direction 41 . Stead 43. Fragrance 45. Box 46. Garfield's friend 47. V- or turtle follower 49. Worry 50. Another name for Cupid 51 . Skating enclosure 54. Tic- -toe 55. Season or late beginning

55 ■



■" abbr. 44. Biol., e.g. 45. Agree 48. Recommend 52. Fizzless beverage 53. Dried flower Petals 56. "Attack, Fido!" 57. Bradley et al. 58. Geologic Period 59. Mouse-spotter's cry 60. Track events 61 . "For shame!" DOWN 1. Estrada of "CFliPs" 2. " Yankees" 3. Printed letters 4. Place for shadow 5. Make a hasty departure 6. Scand. land 7. circle 8. Subject of a will M O






E w T




































































































































































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T H (K T (S



M G O K s - -c 5 571

/U M K


Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017

House By Ravin Singh THE National Assembly passed the Tax (Amendment) Bill 2016, which will now see the increase in airport travel tax from $2,500 to $3,500. The Bill was passed on Friday after intense deliberations. Travellers leaving Guyana pay what is commonly referred to as an 'airport tax' of $4,000. Of this amount. $2,500 accounts for travel tax while the remaining $1,500 is a security tax. However, the successful passage of the amended bill will now see the travel tax increasing by $1,000. The Bill was presented by Finance Minister Winston Jordan, who noted that the Commissioner-General

approves of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) is now able to appoint agents for collection of the travel tax and for the remission of the tax to the commissioner. He also revealed to the House that the current GRA Commissioner-General is in talks with a body that will be paid a commission of 1.5 per cent to collect the increased travel tax. He said too that the tax will be included in the cost of the airline ticket, after which it will be remitted to GRA. The explanatory note of the Bill states that. "A carrier or a collection agency who fails to remit the travel tax to the commissioner, or a carrier who fails to remit travel tax to an agent or the commissioner. shall be liable to the





Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan prescribed penalty." Minister Jordan also suggested that the inclusion of this tax in the price of an airline ticket will now result in one less line at the airport. But it was immediately rejected by Opposition Chief Whip. Gail Teixeira. who

reasoned that travellers will still need to line up to pay the $1,500 security tax. She further questioned why a 1.5 per cent commission must be paid to an external body, when there are less than 10 staffers who collect over $2M in travel tax at both the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) and the Eugene F. Correia Airport. Teixeira. who spoke to

an almost empty House, also rhetorically questioned how the external body will collect this increased travel tax when the Tax (Amendment) Bill 2016 allows that body to collect only monies from tickets sold in Guyana. She pointed out that in this technologically driven age. airline tickets are sold online from any country. "I believe the minister should pause, go back and


consider and come back to the House with something that makes greater sense." she said, adding that the PPP is willing to work with government to develop a better Bill. But it was Jordan who would have the final say. positing that the Tax (Amendment) Bill 2016 only changes the way in which the increased travel tax is collected. "We are just changing a method of how we collect a tax." he informed the western side of the House. But despite the Opposition's objections to the Bill, which its Chief Whip described as having "nonsensical aspects," it was passed in the National Assembly by a government majority vote.




our country can do to

Leader, released the following statement in regard to the seventh

help Haiti.

anniversary of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. The disaster killed roughly 300,000 people, and displaced more than a million Haitians. STATEMENT BY COUNCIL MEMBER WILLIAMS

munity outside of Haiti and Florida, I take very seriously the responsibil-

"All of our thoughts and

ity of contributing to the ongoing

prayers must continue to go out to

mission of remembrance, recovery

Haiti and its proud people. As an

and rebuilding. Though that devas-

elected representative of a shared

tating day happened seven years ago

area with the largest Haitian com-

today, there is still so much more

"As a Black man living




States, I recognize the role Haiti played in abolition. As an American, I recognize the role Haiti played in doubling the size of our country and increasing its power. We


have a great debt that is owed to Haiti. Haiti deserves more attention for

mm W f fi

its contributions throughas

out history than what has actually been given.

Councilman Jumaane Williams

Although the cameras have

Matthew, I call on the Obama Ad-

moved elsewhere, the need is still

ministration to extend Temporary

there; especially following Hurri-

Protected Status to Haitian nationals

cane Matthew, which left more than

impacted by Hurricane Matthew. As

500 dead and 175,000 homeless.

Haiti continues to recover from the

This does not include existing issues

toll the earthquake had on the coun-

before the earthquake and condi-

try, and now also the hurricane, I am

tions that have worsened since then.

hopeful that we can all work to-

"Given the added devastation a


Haiti because

of Hurricane

gether in bringing Haiti to new heights for the years to come."

Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017

23 y








- And







I've told you about some of my discoveries in the past. They include resveratrol, green tea, Seanol, and others. But today I'm going to tell you about another plant that safely starves cancer cells as efficiently as a powerful chemo drug. In fact, it even works on pancreatic cancer cells, which are particularly difficult to kill. This plant is a common veg- apoptosis. That's nature's way of etable from Asia called "bitter dealing with wayward cells. They melon." It is popular among the simply kill themselves. Bitter melon long-lived population of Okinawa, juice induced this programmed cell Japan. death along several different pathBitter melon juice diluted to ways. And even better, it also actijust 5% in water showed remarkable vated a pathway, which shows that potency in severely damaging all it knocks out the cancer cells' mefour pancreatic cancer cell lines re- tabolism of glucose. In other words, searchers tested. The bitter melon it literally starved them of the sugar reduced the viability of two cancer they need to survive. cell lines by 90%, while it knocked Do these lab dish studies apply off the other two lines by a stagger- to living animals? A resounding yes! ing 98%. And it did so after just 72 University of Colorado researchers hours of treatment! gave mice bitter melon at doses easIn the past, I've told you about ily achievable in humans. The ani-

mals had a 64% reduction in pancreatic tumor size without side effects! This level of effectiveness beat the

most commonly used chemo drugs for this lethal cancer. Reprinted from an article By Dr Robert Rowen.

CINNAMON FACTS ON HONEY TOOTHACHE: It has been found that a mixture of honey is sweet, if taken in the right dosage jam and eat it regularly for breakfast. It rehoney and cinnamon cures most as a medicine, it does not harm diabetic pa- duces the cholesterol in the arteries and Make a paste of one teaspoon of cindiseases. Honey is produced in tients. In its January 17,1995 issue, Weekly saves the patient from heart attack. namon powder and five teaspoons of honey most of the countries of the world. Sci- World News, a magazine in Canada, has Regular use of this process relieves and apply on the aching tooth. This may be entists of today also accept honey as a given the following list of diseases that can loss of breath and strengthens the heart applied three times a day until the tooth 'Ram Ban' (very effective) medicine for be cured by honey and cinnamon as re- beat. In America and Canada, various nurs- stops aching. all kinds of diseases. Honey can be searched by western scientists: ing homes have treated patients successDISCLAIMER: These health tips used without any side effects for any fully and have found that as you age, the that are provided by this newspaHEART DISEASES kind of disease. arteries and veins lose their flexibility and Make a paste of honey and cinnamon per are not intended to replace Today's science says that even though get clogged. Honey and cinnamon revitalpowder, apply on bread instead of jelly and any medication that anyone is ize the arteries and veins. taking for any of the mentioned ARTHRITIS Arthritis patients may take daily, complaints, but is information morning, and night, one cup of hot water that we acquired from various with two spoons of honey and one small sources, some fo them are menteaspoon of cinnamon powder. If taken regtioned, that we thought might be ularly, even chronic arthritis can be cured. helpful to you in your ongoing In a research conducted at the Copenhagen University, it was found that when the docfight to gain perfect health. I, tors treated their patients with a mixture of T All our articles are only on one tablespoon of honey and half a teaeveryday over-the-counter fruits spoon cinnamon powder before breakfast, and vegetables that we use, and within a week, out of the 200 people so if used in the right way, might be treated, practically 73 were totally relieved of pain, and within a month, mostly all the helpful in solving some of the patients who could not walk or move problems mentioned in these armยงaround because of arthritis started walking ticles. without pain. Before using any of these y BLADDER INFECTIONS: remedies, we suggest that you Take two tablespoons of cinnamon consult with your regular doctor powder and one teaspoon of honey in a for their approval. glass of lukewarm water. It destroys the germs in the bladder. (To Be Continued Next Week)


Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017



For decades, and indeed for ages, a High Court Judge in Guyana dispenses of the jail delivery — at the end of each session — the number of cases/persons awaiting trial. This was done this week by Madam Justice Roxanne George. Years ago that number would

the Commercial Division, which

be in the sixties, and in many instances a large percent of the remanded individuals would have been waiting for their day in court.

makes it reasonable to conclude, the remaining nine (9) Judges are working feverishly to eliminate the huge backlog of civil cases — or

Recently the number of cases pending/awaiting trial has topped

are on vacation.

the one hundred mark.

because only two judges have been

In the October session, the number of cases listed was 141.

assigned in the Demerara Assizes. WHY only two? There must be

My concerns are being raised

Perhaps there are too few Judges in Guyana, while there are reports that recommendations have been made for an undisclosed

assignment of only two judges for 140 cases does not suggest that the

yet taken place. If the appointment of additional Judges is one answer

need for speedier trials is being addressed; and meanwhile, many

to the situation — but if the individuals thus far recommended failed to meet the required stan-

persons continue to languish in prison awaiting their day in court!

dards — the Judicial Commission should be so advised and requested to review and rapidly propose more favorably qualified practitioners.

ceived the attention of the High Court — Thirteen (13) were nolle

lot of the individuals need to be kept

proseque by the Director of Public Prosecutions, based on statements

locked away from society, both for

by the virtual compliant. There were three Judges who disposed of

their and the public's safety, "Justice

the following number of cases — Justice Jo-Ann Barlow - 6; Justice

Delayed is Justice Denied." Answers

Roxanne George - 3; and Justice Bovell-Drakes - 6. I would not comment on the apparent small


that a lot of the individuals need to be kept locked away from society, both for their and the public's safety,

protracted delays in trials, especially for individuals who are on remand for

remand for three or more years, which can only be described as an

three or more years, which can only

injustice that needs to be addressed urgently.


described as





needs to be addressed urgently. very compelling and valid reasons

past, the average number of cases

for such a situation. This is made

heard in each session by a Judge was fifteen (15). Using that aver-

more alarming when we learn that

hundred cases will have to be put forward for listing in the April

While many are of the opinion

of the protracted delays in trials, especially for individuals who are on

needed on

had listed 140 cases for hearing by TWO Judges. In the immediate

age, we can expect that at the end of the current session over one

ties are very likely even more unjust.

of the


It was reported earlier this week that the January 2017 session

Judge has been assigned each to

"Justice Delayed is Justice Denied". Answers are needed on the subject

trails and postponements mitigate being

makes reference only to the Demerara Assizes, and that one fewer


number and term them as alarm-


And when we take into consideration the fact that the number 140

the Berbice and Essequibo Assizes, the situation in those coun-

While many are of the opinion that a

against higher completed.

would be corrected. However, the

number of appointments of new/additional Judges, this has not

Twenty eight (28) were disposed for the session. Fifteen (15) re-

ing, for factors such as lengthy

thorities responsible for the assignment of cases openly offered the commitment that the situation

one judge will each be assigned to the Berbice and Essequibo Assizes.

This unacceptable state of affairs additionally feeds the frustration of those who have been waiting three, four or five years for their cases to be heard in the High Court, which was one of the rea-

We know that there happens to be a large number of individuals in Guyana who are overly qualified for the position of High Court Judge, but who resist such appointments because the remuneration, compared to their earnings in private practice, is so paltry as to prohibit them from accepting a judicial position.


times five Judges were usually assigned to deal with criminal cases in each session. The public needs

sons noted in the Commission of Inquiry's report on the riots at the Georgetown Prison last year. In addition to those awaiting,

vited to assume acting or temporary positions for a session and

Lawyer website shows that three (3) Judges are listed for action in

to be advised why this practice no longer exists, is there a shortage of

we need to also recognize that an even larger number of persons on

help to relieve the currently dire situation?

the Court of Appeal as of June 2017, while the number of judges

Judges? If not, and there exist an

remand are awaiting the hearing of their Preliminary Inquiries, and

Two judges being asked to preside over 140 cases at the 2017 Demerara Assizes is completely unsatisfactory, and a factor which

2017 session. A




listed for work in the High Court is thirteen (13). Two of these Judges, Hon Mr. Justice Rishi Persaud and Hon Madam Diana Fazeela Insanally, are assigned to

In Guyana four and some-

appropriate number of Judges, the public deserves to be told why only two of the eleven (11) remaining Judges are assigned to the 2017 January criminal session in Demerara .

that if a case is made out against these persons in the Lower Courts, there may be many more that 140 cases listed for hearing in April. Given these factors, the au-

Is it not possible for some of these qualified individuals to be in-

could lead to more problems for the prison authorities, as well as the society in general.

Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017






President Granger urges journalists By Shauna Jemmott PRESIDENT David Granger on Sunday appealed to local media operatives to desist from presenting reckless and dishonest news reports to the public and strive for professionalism as individuals. The President on Sunday morning had as his guests over 100 media professionals at a media brunch, the second under his presidency held on the lawns of State House, Main Street, Georgetown. He said throughout the world damage is done when people are allowed

powerful tool. Because you can bring down Governments and you can raise up imposters simply by propagating falsehoods," President Granger said, and added: '"Luckily in the media in Guyana we don't have such." The President had pledged a sum of money to support the work of the GPA, but the sum has not been handed over since he is awaiting information on the account number into which the money must be deposited. GPA President Neil Marks had explained earlier that an account had only recently been estab-

period of time you could gather the experience and the expertise, so that your accumulated years of service would translate into high levels of professionalism." The GPA has a major role to play, since journalism itself is a profession ""susceptible to imposters" who take advantage of the press freedom arrangement to create mischief. The President stressed that Article 146 of the Constitution of Guyana guarantees the press freedom of communication and assured the media that no one from his Government will hinder such

freedoms. ""In order for such freedom to be exercised, media practitioners need to be educated,and that is why last year, I promised you a sum of money -1 called it hard cash - to enable you to intensify your education programme." The President warned that the financial investment must not be used for media awards nor parties, but for education. ""Not for media awards, not for parties, but for education. And I will continue to support, without interference, the Guyana Press Association's attempts, efforts to conduct media President David Granger speaking at the media brunch on the lawns of State House yesterday (Photos by Samuel Maughn)


education," the President said. He also said that the media has a social responsibility of presenting only the truth and should therefore carry balanced reports with opinions and facts presented by all parties concerned, in any issue being reported. ""There are people out there... who will read what you write and think it's the truth. So you have an obligation to tell those people... you have a responsibility to be truthful. It's hard to find out what is truth... but you must




jr A section of the gathering at the media brunch to broadcast and publish whatever they feel without the experience and without being guided by a professionalised media organisation, such as the Guyana Press Association (GPA). President Granger said his Government will continue to invest in the work of the GPA in ensuring that professionalism is achieved through education of local media professionals, journalists in particular. "I don't have a problem with criticism. I have a problem with recklessness and dishonesty," President Granger stated, as he pointed out that the publishing or airing of false news can interfere in the democratic process. ""And that is why it is important that people who are media operatives are trained in the use of this


fished at a local bank after the organisation had been legalised. President Granger said the press association will be given a first deposit this year and one again in 2018, as government keeps its vow to support the work of the GPA and education efforts of a free press in Guyana. KEY PRINCIPLES Journalism must stand on the professional principles of education, social responsibility and corporate solidarity, if it is to achieve and maintain professionalism, President Granger said. He told the media that while journalists should be trained, have the expertise and experience, ""You no longer have to go to a media college - college of journalism - but over a

lV tIII l *

always ask yourself what is truth. ... you have that social responsibility not to carry one side of the story or the other side, but a balanced account of how this matter evolved... You will be able to give your readers, your viewers, your listeners, a clearer picture of what issues are at stake," President Granger advised. He reminded the journalists that persons throughout Guyana depend on them for information and a professional approach is vital in handling public information.

III 4.1.

\ m

K-- -



Minister Moses Nagamootoo and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Guyana National Newspapers Limited (GNNL) Imran Khan, share a light moment with First Lady Sandra Granger, who celebrated her birthday yesterday.


Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017









Aubrey Bryan's



dedication, love for the

captivated millions worldwide

By Rabindra Rooplall STEEL pan music has historically always been associated with the Caribbean. But did you know that a state-of-the-art steel pan manufacturer, teacher and composer is a Guyanese? Meet Aubrey Granville Bryan. The 74-year-old who is the eldest of three brothers is the offspring of William Granville Bryan and Ruby Elvira Premberton. He resides in United Kingdom. The steelpan player, composer, tuner and maker who recently visited Guyana to donated six steelpans to two city schools. St Rose's High School and the North Ruimveldt Multilateral School sat down with the Guyana Chronicle for an exclusive interview. The pan artist said he decided to donate the instruments to St. Rose's High School, because his three adopted sisters and wife were past students. He has expressed a keen interest in developing the steelpan art in Guyana; however, he needs support from local communities as well as the Government of Guyana. Reflecting on his life in the field. Bryan while growing up in Forshaw Street. Queenstown was taking piano lessons and his mother noticed his interest in pan and decided to give him the go ahead and support in doing something he loved, thus quitting the piano lessons. He had even formed a band called "Club 59" in the 1960's. "I just loved the sound of the steel pan. At the age of 17 I carried home a pan and played it for my mother and she showed great encouragement and that was god's gift to me. My mother died at the age of 95 and her encouragement was tremendous." He recalled ganging up in front of a cake shop back then at 59. Robb Street. Georgetown and it was there where the name "Club 59" was derived. Many of the youngster at that time played football, table tennis, cricket and pan. The band collapse after its members left Guyana for various studies. "At that time there were 15 guys in the band, but when I first visited the UK and saw the interest there in pan. it was amazing; dozens of schools have steel pans for those who wanted to practise." he said. When he visited Croydon. London in 1964 he worked in an engineering factory, he developed the specialist heat treatment and metalworking skills needed to make pans. In the early 1970s. Bryan started making pans for schools, as well as for musicians. He also taught pupils how to play them. Realizing the UK and Europeans nations interest in Aubrey pan music. Bryan said while pursuing his education in the tunes UK he also supplement his compost income to pay for university steelpan studies by furthering his love for the pan. This evolved into something more when he designed a new melody (or soprano) pan in the UK known as the "Aubrapan". By 1978. the birth year of the Aubrapan. steelpans had been in England at least 27 years and there were already more than 50 school steelbands across London. The panist used higher frequency notes placed nearest to the rim of the pan in contrast to the center of the pan where most high notes are generally located. The lower octaves are placed directly opposite each other in order to facilitate

Aubrey Bryan testing the pans he created


.... mi jn wfii


a pendulum-like action of the arms - these ascend in whole tones. This concept facilitates easier and rapid playing of the chromatic scale in single and double note form. The Aubrapan was piloted in by the Inner London Educational Authority (ILEA). There was also a London Schools Steel Orchestra. It was only natural to use the ILEA school bands as a channel for the promotion of the Aubrapan. Hence, the instrament was exhibited to the heads of several music departments in schools across London. The innovation received much accolade and recommendation. Bryan who spent a year experimenting with various note layouts before finally choosing the layout, during the late 1970's to middle 1980's the Aubrapan was â&#x2013; i then exhibited to several; Heads of Music Departments in London schools. He said that the pan has been played by leading panists Roy "Pele" Geddes and Godfrey Roberts and both thought highly of the invention. Frank Rollock. a former arranger of the London All Stars Steel Orchestra played the Aubrapan and was very excited about the invention, whilst a group of German panists from the Berlin TinPan Alley Steel Orchestra played the instrument and had nothing but praise for it. The Aubrapan was also played by master pan-tuner Roland Harrygin and his assistants during a tour of the United Kingdom by the Casablanca Steel Orchestra. They were fascinated by this pan and praised Aubrey for his original work. Moreover. Aubrey was invited by the Crafts Council of England to exhibit his Aubrapan from June to August 1986. His work is also featured in the museum of Croydon. London he has even composed "Moonlight on the Seawall" and "Sunlight in the Darkness" in the 1980's and his own

band "Club 257" with a subsequently music compilation in CD titled "Club 257 Combo". He said the music from this instrument has captivated millions worldwide such that there are steelbands all over Europe with Switzerland in 2005 accounting for at least 20 per cent of the world's steelbands. The Dutch police force has a steelband . so does the Nigerian Army and the United States Navy. There are steelbands in Guyana. Japan. Australia. Kuwait. South Africa and over 300 steelbands in the United States and undoubtedly, the instrument is also popular in Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the Caribbean. Underscoring that the steelpan also known as the Caribbean steel drum or simply the pan is a tuned percussion instrument that originated in Trinidad and Tobago around the time of World War II, Bryan said steelpans are currently largely produced by traditional handcrafting which begin by stretching the drumhead to produce an evenly dished surface on which the note regions are created. Adding that he learned mechanical engineering and was educated while attending night schools about how to handle metals and heat treatment of them to produce different tones. Bryan in explaining the process said the depth of the dished surface ranges from 90mm for low-pitched bass pans to 200mm for high-pitched soprano pans. Note regions are usually separated by creating a continuous line of punch marks or grooves on their perimeter. The side of the drum is cut to lengths in accordance with the steelpan type under production. Skirt lengths range from 140mm for soprano pans to the entire drum side for bass pans. After the dished surface is produced and note regions are created, the pan is heated to provide strain relief in the material prior to tuning. The final stage involves tuning of the note regions until the desired frequencies are achieved. Traditionally, he said the steel pans are made from large oil drums that is normally shaped into a concave shape. This is done by hammering the surface with a large sledge hammer. "In London modern technology such as : air-powered tools, a compressor, a pedal are used to help sink the pan into the concave shape." This exciting new project broadens and enhances the African Caribbean heritage that is already present worldwide. "I've toured Europe and played and made pans during that time, Guyana can develop this industry further and give the many youths who have lots of time of their hands something to learn and develop since in the first world, steel pan is admire and loved. I would love to see the President support this venture" he said.

Guyana Chronicle New York Edition Week-ending January 13, 2017


USA's Taylor named in Jamaica squad for Nagico SuperSO SA captain Steven Taylor has been named in Jamaica's 14-man squad for the WICB Nagico SuperSO tournament, which begins January 24 Uin Antigua and Barbados. Taylor, American-bom and raised to Jamaican immigrants in Florida, had been spending

The move from the ICC Americas squad to Jamaica leaves a hole at the top of the batting order

his off-seasons from the Florida club calendar to play club cricket in Jamaica for the last two years

for the combined USA-Bermuda-Canada squad.

in a bid to improve his chances for selection in the Jamaican team, and it has finally paid off.

the leading scorer for ICC Americas last year at the Nagico SuperSO, is expected to fill one open-

The 23-year-old, who is contracted with Barbados Tridents in the Caribbean Premier

ing spot while the other may be contested between USA's Fahad Babar and Bermuda's

League, had been named as vice-captain last month for the ICC Americas squad, due to play

Kamau Leverock. Babar has been playing first-

in the Nagico SuperSO. Taylor was in the ICC Americas squad last year for the Nagico SuperSO competition and was expected to be an integral part as a returning member of this year's team, especially after scoring a blistering 124 not out off 95 balls against Oman during USA's run to the ICC WCL Division Four title in November. However, a pair of batting spots opened up in the Jamaica squad after Chris Gayle was mled out due to injury and Marlon Samuels report-

Canada's Srimantha Wijeyratne, who was


class cricket during the winter with Kalutara Physical Culture Club in Sri Lanka while Leverock struck an impressive 137 off 111 balls opening the batting against Jersey in Division Four. No replacement has been announced yet for Taylor in the ICC Americas squad. He is the second player who has been plucked away from the combined squad after Bermuda's Delray Rawlins withdrew from consideration to commit to the England U- 19s' tour of India in January-February 2017.

edly took up an offer to play with Leewards Islands, paving the way for Taylor's inclusion.


— E SPN C riclnfo





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win play three Tests, three ODIs, two T20s

West Indies will host Pakistan for a seven-week ^ -2 _r

tour beginning at the end of March, comprising


two T20Is, three ODIs and three Tests, spread across five venues in the Caribbean. It is the first Pakistan



f MR

tour of the West Indies since 2013 — when Pakistan won


a five-match ODI series 3-1 and swept a pair of T20Is — and their first Test series in the Caribbean since a drawn two-match series in 2011. However, there was no announcement regarding any agreement for West Indies to travel to Pakistan to play a pair of T20Is in mid-March, despite recent discussions being held between the WICB and PCB regarding a possible visit to Lahore. Such an agreement would need approval from the West Indies Players Association (WIPA) as well as a security clearance, something that may be problematic after a report issued by PICA regarding player safety and security, strongly discouraged players from going to Lahore for the Pakistan Super League final, confirmed for March 5. The Pakistan tour begins in Trinidad & Tobago, where the pair of T20Is will be played at Queen's Park Oval from March 31. According to multiple sources, the WICB had explored the possibility of staging the T201s at the Central Broward Regional Park in Lauderhill, the same Florida venue where West Indies played a pair

of T20Is against India in August. Central Broward Regional Park officials confirmed to ESPNcricinfo that they had been contacted by the WICB regarding availability for dates toward the end of March but in the end the WICB opted to keep all matches for Pakistan's tour at Caribbean venues. Guyana will be the host country for all three ODIs beginning on April 7. The ODIs will be crucial heading into the September 2017 cutoff date for 2019 ICC World Cup qualification. Pakistan is currently ranked eighth on the ICC ODI rankings table, the last automatic-qualification spot, with 89 points while West Indies are three points behind them in ninth position with 86 points. If West Indies fail to get into the top eight spots by September, they must participate in the 2018 ICC World Cup Qualifier. That tournament is currently scheduled to be held in Bangladesh, although that may change, if Bangladesh



i — currently ranked seventh with 91 points — gains an automatic qualification. Pakistan will have a three-day warm-up match at Trelawny Stadium in Jamaica starting on April 15, before the first of three Tests begins at Sabina Park on April 22. There is a three-day gap before the second Test begins at Kensington Oval in Barbados on April 30, while the final Test is scheduled to be played at Windsor Park in Dominica, starting on May 10. As per the ICC's Future Tours Programme (FTP), four Tests had been

originally slated for this series. Pakistan defeated West Indies in all three formats last year on West Indies' tour of the UAE. West Indies were in turmoil from the start of the tour after coach Phil Simmons was sacked on the eve of the team's departure to Dubai. Pakistan went on to sweep both the T20I and ODI series by identical 3-0 scorelines before taking the Test series 2-1. It was Kraigg Brathwaite's 142 not out followed by a 60 not out that helped West Indies to a five-wicket win in the final Test in Sharjah. —

f7 iego Ma radon a says he's disappointed in Lionel Messi ^^^^Ticgo

Maradona was

B disappointed that Lionel



Barcelona opted not to travel to Zurich for the 2016, the Best FIFA Football Awards ceremony, with Roberto Carlos and Michel Salgado also critical, Goal reports. Messi, nominated for the Best FIFA Men's Player prize, had been expected to travel with Barca team-mates Luis Suarez, Neymar and Gerard Pique. However, the club announced on Monday, January 9 that none of their players would attend the gala in

Switzerland due to the Copa del Rey match against Athletic Bilbao on Wednesday. The Argentina international was beaten to the accolade by Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, and Maradona was frustrated his compatriot was not present. "I'm disappointed with Messi, from watching television at home you cannot fight anything or anyone - here you can fight," he told TVE. "I do not know why Barcelona did not come to such an important event. They have priorities and the priority was for Leo not to come. I think coming here [Zurich] they could fight more than they would in Barcelona." Madrid icon Roberto Carlos was

also miffed by Barca's decision, suggesting Messi could learn humility from Ronaldo. "I am sad and disappointed that

Leo and his team-mates have not come. They have many great footballers and all of us would have liked to see them attend," the former Brazil international said before the ceremony. "We all wanted to see Messi, the other big players and the coach of Barcelona here. It's a FIFA prize. FIFA is the highest authority in football. So everyone should be here. "Cristiano has learned the importance of this and I think Leo also needs to learn that he must be here. This has to change. "Real Madrid also have a match this week but they are well represented in Zurich. The obligations to win for both clubs are the same." —

Guyana Chronicle New York Edition 13 01 2017  
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