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... at extraordinary meeting in City Hall compound

Mayor Hamilton Green and Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green at the extraordinary meeting in the City Hall yard.

Gov’t position on LEAD project based on facts

‘If the Ambassador wants proof, I have proof’Page - Presidential Advisor Gail Teixeira contends 3

Presidential Advisor Ms. Gail Teixeira

Ambassador Brent Hardt

US gives police Page 8 automated fingerprint system


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

Mayor illegally appoints King as Town Clerk

... at extraordinary meeting in City Hall compound By Derwayne Wills THE Mayor and Councillors of Georgetown have once again moved to have Public Relations Officer (PRO) Royston King illegally ap-

pointed as Town Clerk. Yesterday they removed Carol Sooba from that position, but not by means in keeping with the provisions of the Municipal and District Councils Act Ch 28:01.

The motion of removal, moved by City Councillor Hector Stoute, was approved unanimously by the quorum of Councillors, with a subsequent additional motion moved by Councillor Ranwell Jordan,

The extraordinary City Council meeting in progress

which was also approved unanimously, proposing that King be appointed as Town Clerk, with immediate effect. The motion was introduced during an extraordinary meeting of the Town Council, yesterday, convened in the presence of Georgetown Mayor Hamilton Green and Deputy Mayor Patricia ChaseGreen, along with a quorum of Councillors, and in the City Hall compound. King is no stranger to the media, after the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Norman Whittaker, had alleged that the PRO had fraudulently misrepresented the capacity of Town Clerk by signing tax waivers to the sum of some $36M to the Beacon Foundation, prompting the Minister to call on the Guyana Police Force and the Office of the Auditor General to investigate these waivers. This matter is still before the investigative entities. In keeping with Article 118(1) of the Municipal and District Councils Act Chapter

28:01, which reads to the effect that the power to appoint persons to hold or act in any local government office and the power to remove any such local government officer from office shall be vested in the Local Government Commission; the Act further provides in Article 119(1) that any such decision taken by the Commission must be approved by the powers duly vested in the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development. In the absence of the Local Government Commission, which is to be constituted by the Prime Minister, the powers of the Commission are conferred to the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development. Councillor Fraser, however, was adamant that “[the] minister has no authority, power or jurisdiction over [the] council”, further adding that, “We decided we will have Mr. King assume position until [the] Commission is set up.” Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green closed the session with the affirmation, “We shall indicate to the ap-

propriate authorities this decision taken,” The dispute over the Town Clerk’s appointment has spanned over the tenure of three successive Local Government Ministers, Kellawan Lall, Ganga Persaud and Norman Whittaker. Once again the Council has found itself in a dilemma by seeking to override the powers of the Local Government Minister in keeping with the constitutionally provided selection process of appointing local government officers in the absence of a Local Government Commission. This advance by the City officials was initially brought to the table in March, 2011 by Councillor Jordan, prompting a rejection by then Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Kellawan Lall, who was appalled at the selection process of moving to appoint King as Town Clerk with immediate effect. The then minister had made clear his position that “the motion collides with the Municipal and District Councils Act. You cannot appoint someone with immediate effect when, in fact, you have to make a recommendation to the minister.” Lall further added that he “cannot understand why this motion was allowed. It cannot stand scrutiny.”


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

Gov’t position on LEAD project based on facts ‘If the Ambassador wants proof, I have proof’ - Presidential Advisor Gail Teixeira contends

By Vanessa Narine UNITED States Ambassador to Guyana, Brent Hardt, last Friday hinted that the contentions of the Government, in relation to the controversial $300M Leadership and Democracy (LEAD) project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), are unsupported by fact. Speaking at a World

Presidential Advisor Ms. Gail Teixeira Press Freedom Day reception hosted at his Cummings Lodge, Georgetown, residence, Hardt said, “I would encourage all of you (journalists) to not be afraid to ask the tough follow-up question. For example, when a government official suggests that a foreign assistance programme is providing assistance to political parties, ask those officials to back up their allegations. Don’t keep repeating the same unsupported allegations in follow-up reports, press for new information, investigate, and inform.” PROOF EXISTS However, Presidential Advisor on Governance, Ms. Gail Teixeira, in an

interview with the Guyana Chronicle yesterday, trashed the Ambassador’s comments and was vehement in her assertion that the Government’s position can be proven. “If the Ambassador wants proof, I have proof,” she declared. The Presidential Advisor told the Chronicle that the disingenuousness of the Ambassador’s comments is clearly seen in the internship component that is part of the LEAD project. Teixeira said, “The internship component was supposed to have seen students of the University of Guyana (UG) being attached to the Parliament Office, which has not been done. “I have proof of UG students assigned to the AFC (Alliance For Change), who are paid a miserly stipend, without any written agreement from the University of Guyana, nor the Parliament Office. This happened in April, in the middle of the Budget debates. “I also have proof that the APNU(A Partnership for National Unity) was approached for three interns to be attached to their party, but as of last week, no decision was reached. “These are political parties that are being supported, not the Parliament office. The PPP/C (People’s Progressive Party/ Civic), which is the largest party represented in the National Assembly has not been approached for any such assistance.” Two of three components of the LEAD project speak to engagement of the National Assembly during its implementation. The first component seeks to encourage consensus-building in the National Assembly and facilitate more effective interaction between the Assembly and citizens. The second component aims to strengthen the effectiveness of the National Assembly and boost citizen engagement with Parliament.

“If the Ambassador wants proof, I have proof,” she reiterated. According to her, Ambassador Hardt is well aware of the trail of correspondence from 2012 to October 2013, when Cabinet made clear its disapproval of the implementation of the project. The project was not approved by Cabinet, and this was formally indicated to the relevant authorities on October 26, 2013.

Ambassador Brent Hardt

HELL BENT The Presidential Advisor said, “It is unfortunate that no less than the Ambassador of the United States appears hell bent on attacking and questioning everything the Government says on this project. “It is unfortunate and denigrating to the position he holds, representing the United States Administration, particularly since he is well aware of the Government’s position based on concerns that have been communicated to him.” Teixeira also addressed the contention of the US Ambassador that the LEAD project’s features are captured in a September 2009 agreement between gov-

ernment and USAID titled ‘Governing Justly and Democratically’. She said, “There are several 2009 agreements. The one agreement, which includes several projects, including one on democracy, expired in 2011, and that was the one that we worked on together, with USAID and the US Embassy. “There was another agreement of 2009 signed by Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh, in September. It is a multi-year agreement, but when you look at the 2009

agreement, there are no such provisions for the kinds of areas that the LEAD project includes. “The US Ambassador has said to us that the 2009 agreement covers the areas under LEAD, but we do not agree.” She made it clear that it is “a stretch of the imagination” to contend that the LEAD project’s components are covered by the parameters of the September 2009 agreement. “It is a stretch of the imagination when one

looks at the 2009 agreement and how the general See page 9



Ukraine slides towards war

(Reuters) - Both sides have been burying their dead as Ukraine slides further towards war, with supporters of Russia and of a united Ukraine accusing each other of tearing the country apart. Tuesday was generally quieter than past days in most of eastern and southern Ukraine, but violence flared at dusk in the eastern port of Mariupol, where a spokesman for pro-Moscow militants told Russia’s Itar-Tass news agency that one person was killed and three wounded in an attack on a checkpoint. In Kramatorsk, a separatist-held town in the east that saw an advance by Ukrainian troops at the weekend, the coffin of 21-year-old nurse Yulia Izotova was carried through streets stilled by barricades of tires and tree trunks on Monday. Scattered red carnations traced the route. At the Holy Trinity Church, seven priests led mourners in prayer for a woman killed by large caliber bullets, which the townsfolk believe were fired by Ukrainian troops. “They shoot at us. Why? Because we don’t want to

Nigeria’s gov’t acting like children

- says Nobel-winning author Wole Soyinka

live with fascists?” asked 58-year-old passport photographer Sergei Fominsky, standing with his wife among the mourners. “We’re not slaves. We kneel to no one.”

Abuja, Nigeria (CNN) -- Nigeria defended its response to the kidnapping of hundreds of schoolgirls by a terror group even as details emerged Tuesday about a second mass abduction, adding to a growing global outcry over the fate of the children. President Goodluck Jonathan has been under mounting international pressure to step up efforts to rescue the girls, who have become the focal point for a global campaign that began

Pro-Russian armed separatists guard a street near an administrative building in Donetsk, yesterday. (Reuters photo)

(CNN) - The search for more than 200 girls in Nigeria is now “beyond the capacity” of the government and needs international support, Nigerian author Wole Soyinka told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday. “This is a government which is not only in denial mentally, but in denial about certain obvious steps to take,” Soyinka, a Nobel laureate who is often referred to as the conscience of his nation, told Amanpour. “It’s one of those rather child-like situations that if you shut your eyes, if you don’t exhibit the tactile evidence of the missing humanity here, that somehow the problem will go away.” It is not just “a Nigerian problem,” he said. “I’m calling for the international community, the United Nations – this is a problem. This is a global problem. And a foothold is being very deeply entrenched in West Africa.” The search for the girls, who were kidnapped by the Boko Haram terrorist group on April 14, has seen little progress. The issue, Soyinka said, has been addressed “very late and very cursorily.”

China’s Alibaba embarks on U.S. IPO journey (Reuters) - Alibaba Holdings Inc. will seek to raise US$1 billion in what could become the largest technology debut in history, the Chinese e-commerce and payments giant said on Tuesday in a filing for its eagerly anticipated Initial Public Offering. Alibaba, which powers four-fifths of all online commerce conducted in the world’s second-largest economy, becomes the largest Chinese corporation to have sought a home on U.S. exchanges. Former English schoolteacher and co-founder, Jack Ma, now owns 8.9 percent of Alibaba. Yahoo Inc (YHOO.O) and Softbank (9984.T) own 22.6 percent and 34.4 percent of the company, which said on Tuesday it is still deciding between the New York stock exchange and the Nasdaq as a listing venue. Alibaba’s IPO has spurred levels of excitement in Silicon Valley and Wall Street circles unseen since Facebook Inc’s (FB.O) record-breaking US$16 billion coming-out party in

Nigeria’s government defends its actions as more girls are abducted

Anger grows over 200 missing girls

on social media and quickly spread to street demonstrations. “The President and the government is not taking this as easy as people all over the world think,” Doyin Okupe, a spokesman for Nigeria’s President, told CNN. “We’ve done a lot but we are not talking about it. We’re not Americans. We’re not showing people, you know, but it does not mean that we are not doing something.” Two special battalions have been devoted to the search for the missing girls, including the more than 200 who were abducted from an all-girls school in April, Okupe said. It was unclear whether these were additional troops being dispatched or were forces already in place. More troops, he said, are also on the way, though he did not detail how many.

Jodie Foster marries girlfriend Alexandra Hedison (CNN) -- Surprise! Jodie Foster’s now a married woman. The award-winning Hollywood actress and filmmaker quietly tied the knot with her girlfriend Alexandra Hedison over the weekend, a rep for Foster confirmed to CNN. According to E! Online, which first reported the news, Foster and Hedison had been dating for almost a year. The entertainment site took note of the relationship last September after photos surfaced of Foster spending time with Hedison, a photographer/actress and an ex-girlfriend of Ellen DeGeneres.

Alibaba’s logo is seen at its headquarters on the outskirts of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province in China. (Reuters photo)

2012. It will debut in a stock market where high-flying stocks like Twitter’s (TWTR.N) and Amazon’s (AMZN.O) have in past weeks been brought back to earth, in a selloff that has polarized Wall Street even as it revives doubts about soaring tech-sector valuations.

DATE: 03/05/2014 H 08 18 20 27 19 24 16









Hollywood actress Jodie Foster (left) quietly married her girlfriend Alexandra Hedison over the weekend




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President Ramotar’s Labour Legacy EDITORIAL

‘Bal Nivas’: Honouring a Father’s Legacy FATHER of the Guyanese nation, Dr. Cheddi Jagan, and his figurative comrade-in-arms, Pt. Reepu Daman Persaud, had many characteristic similarities; but outstanding –- given their social and historic background, where women were considered a sub-human specie -was their absolute respect for women, and their drive to empower this formerly very discriminated-against gender in Guyana’s male-centric society. That they have succeeded immeasurably is attested to by Guyanese women who straddle, with superiority, every profession and in every sphere of human endeavour. But there are yet pockets of resistance to change, because egoism, ignorance, and sheer human evil predisposes some males in the general society to prove their unique brand of machismo by abusing and/or battering the vulnerable and the helpless; and, most often, these are family members, including elderly parents, wives and children. Dr. Vindhya Vasini Persaud is a product of the Cheddi Jagan/Reepu Daman Persaud influences, and a chip off the old block. She re-defines the term ‘superwoman; Dr. Vindhya Persaud is doing her very best to help transfigure the socio-political dynamics of Guyana. Following in the footsteps of her larger-than-life father, Vindhya is serving society through Guyana’s parliamentary configuration, being part of the legislative processes; but simultaneously, she serves society through the practise of her profession as a medical doctor; through fostering of various art forms and skills training and other empowering initiatives; through providing proficient and effective leadership to the mammoth organisation her father founded, The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha; and for approximately two years, she became a promoter of international superstars. If Vindhya Persaud had wanted, she could have become a millionaire – rich beyond avarice; because the earnings from her promotional exploits were superlative. But she did what her father has done before: channeled all her efforts and the accrual earnings from her various productions and programmes into funds for the betterment of lives that need nurturing to survive and develop to maximum potential. Hence the commissioning, on Monday, of ‘Bal Nivas’, a home for abused children, and an empowerment/ skills-training centre for women. Guyanese Head of State, President Donald Ramotar, officially commissioned the multimillion-dollar ‘Bal Nivas’ facility at Ankerville, Port Mourant, Berbice that will provide temporary housing for 60 children and their mothers from across the country. Among those gracing the opening ceremony with their presence were inter-

OVER the last two years, there has been remarkable improvement in the lives of Guyanese and (it is hoped that) workers, during the just concluded May Day, would have examined the benefits accrued to them under the PPP/C Administration, and more recently, the Donald Ramotar Administration. While the Opposition has cut the Budgets over the last three years and deprived many from employment opportunities, the Ramotar Administration has forged ahead and saw successive years of economic growth (5.4%, 4.8% and 5.2% for 2011-2013 respectively) and declining inflation of 3.3%, 3.5% and 0.9% for the years 2011-2013 respectively. As the Minister of Labour pointed out during the 2014 Parliamentary Budget Debate, for the first time there is a National Minimum Wage. This National Minimum Wage Order stipulates a 40-hour work week at five days per week, eight hours daily and more than 31,000 workers have benefited and are now entitled to Leave with pay benefits. The Labour Minister, Dr Nanda Gopaul, also went on to indicate the great gains made by workers, including the country’s ratification of the ILO Convention No. 189 for Domestic Workers, making them eligible for decent wage rates, leave with pay, and better working conditions and benefits. It is important to note that Guyana was the first Caribbean country to ratify Convention No. 189. Guyana’s Adoption of the Decent Work Country Programme was also significant for workers. The country is also the first to have tabled Regulations addressing HIV/AIDS in its National Assembly, thus bringing the Regulations into force. This would in a large way protect the rights of workers living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Therefore, without a shadow of doubt, when one examines the significant benefits brought to workers within recent times, one cannot help but see consistency of the PPP/C Administration in building a country and improving the lives of workers. The Donald Ramotar Administration has therefore shown, in no uncertain manner, that its loyalty is to the country with national singing sensation Sonu Nigam, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Attorney General Anil Nandlall, PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee and other members of Guyana Government. The centre is an initiative of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, and a vision of the late Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud. Dr. Vindhya said she is aware expectations of her are high, and she can never fill the shoes of her late father, Reepu Daman Persaud. However, she pledged to continue his work. “This is a project that is close to my heart as it is close to 2009, I got my first call that the children of this region needed a place of shelter and abused and battered women required somewhere they can gain esteem.” From that day, Dr. Persaud said the idea was birthed and it is now a reality. “It is a sad day when our children need this kind of facility, because we think every child has a safe place, because of this fact we feel a sense of responsibility,” she said. The facility will boast a counselling unit, as well as a technical training centre, and is expected to be operational by July of this year. It takes a special person, moreso a woman, to motivate an army of volunteers to concretise such a vision. However, today, ‘Bal Nivas’ stands as proud testimony to a daughter’s honour of a father’s legacy of, more than monuments and philosophies, adherence to a motto lived by father, emulated by a reverential daughter: ‘Service thy duty – reward not thy concern’.

a deep commitment to improving the lives of the working people. This analyst therefore salutes this son that came from the bowels of the working class, and urge that he remains focused despite the challenging times and anti-working class measures being taken by the combined Opposition in slashing yet another Budget. Insane as they may be, having seen the Chief Justice’s ruling on this matter, this artificial cutting will still have delays in job creation and moving the country’s thrust towards continued improvement of the working class. Ride on Mr. President! The working people are with you. This analyst condemns the Budget cutting exercise and unpatriotic measures taken by the combined Opposition forces. ROBIN PERSAUD

GT&T reiterates commitment to the delivery of uninterrupted service across its network THANK you for providing us the opportunity to respond to Mr. Mohamed Khan’s letter to the Editor. We at GT&T regret the service disruption that occurred on May 3rd, 2014 between 10:22 hrs and 15:00 hrs that affected Mr. Mohamed Khan and residents of the West Coast Demerara, West Bank Demerara and Essequibo Coast. It, however, must be noted that this disruption was not caused by GT&T but rather by Road Works’ Contractors in the vicinity of Covent Garden, East Bank Demerara who carelessly damaged our buried fibre cable. The previous major disruption of services to the aforementioned areas on April 17, 2014 was due to an act of deliberate sabotage in the Windsor Forest Area which is still engaging the attention of the Guyana Police Force. In both instances, our PR department did release public notices via the electronic media to alert our customers about the service disruption. GT&T wishes to stress that we have no inclination nor plans to deliberately disrupt service to Essequibo residents on “holidays” nor weekends since we are committed to the delivery of uninterrupted service across our network and have repeatedly issued notices and advisories to all civil works’ contractors engaged in activity in proximity to our cable facilities. Unfortunately, too often our appeals go unnoticed or are ignored. GT&T will strive to intensify our public education efforts with regard to ‘Call Before You Dig’ programme and also revisit our dissemination of public notices with regard to service disruptions to ensure that the message is delivered to the impacted customers in the areas affected when these types of unfortunate events occur. NADIA De ABREU Public Relations Officer GT&T



Response to Kaieteur News’ reprehensible allegations I AM writing in response to a letter published under the caption, ‘AFC Region 5 rejects the outcast from the AFC’ in the Kaieteur News dated May 4th, 2014. I think it should have read ‘Region 6’ but I do feel that the writer is not from Region 6 but from the AFC’s cabal in Georgetown. The ‘caption’ and the ‘complimentary close’ both have ‘Region 5’. But revealing as that may be, it is of little significance to the lies and misinformation stated within that letter. ** UG Student Loan Firstly, in my ‘Commentary’ I corrected AFC’s Councillor Donna Mathoo, when she told Berbicians that Dr. Ashni Singh deliberately ‘bundled’ the UG Student Loan with the LCDS Programme; that is, the Amaila Hydro Project so that the combined Opposition was forced to cut everything under that ‘Head’. I pointed to the fact that since November last year both APNU and AFC were given written notification to attend the 2014 Budget Consultation and that in December last year the AFC Leader refused by saying that it was too late. The AFC had ample time to make their recommendations with regards to the Head. I further pointed out that at that time Dr. Singh was still collecting estimates from some Regions. I then exposed the lie by stating the fact that since the UG Student loan was introduced in 1993, it was always presented under that heading, ‘031 Policy and Administration’ and furthermore five years budget estimates are on the Ministry of Finance website and all persons, especially UG students can ‘google’ it to verify the veracity of my statement. For all those five years, the UG Student Loan and the LCDS programmes were together! I also went at length to explain that by the very nature of the expense, it cannot be shown under a different heading since under ‘031 Policy and Administration’ the monies are to be used ‘to facilitate the provision of critical and financial and other support services to enable effective services delivery’. Both the AFC and APNU did not object to this during the Budget Consultation. ** The AFC Manifesto In my ‘Commentary’ I did not say that anything was wrong with the ‘AFC Manifesto’ as the anonymous letter writer is claiming. I exposed the fact that the AFC has in their own Action Plan the very items that they are ‘scissoring’ from the 2014 Budget. I quoted from the following heads from the

AFC’s Action Plan: Hinterland Development Trade Policy Renewable Energy Health Care System Tourism; and Education Policy. I provide ample evidences from the AFC’s manifesto to prove that they should have co-operated with the PPP/C Government since these very projects are contained therein. The writer foolishly asked me: ‘What is wrong with the AFC 2011 elections manifesto/blueprint for Guyana?’ Have I said that anything is wrong with it? No, but something is definitely wrong with the leadership of the AFC. They have miserably failed to keep their own promises! Even if the AFC is not in government they should have co-operated on issues and projects which they themselves want done. ** ‘Specialty Confusion’ The letter writer seems to be confused with the meaning of a ‘specialty’ hospital. It is a hospital which will specialise in providing a special type of medical service such as heart surgery. According to the definition in the Webster Dictionary it is ‘something (as a branch of medicine) in which one specialises’. The letter writer, like his AFC ignoramus leaders, claimed that ‘I think all doctors are specialists in their field and therefore all hospitals need to be a specialty hospital’. Even oil-rich countries cannot afford all their hospitals to be ‘specialty hospitals’. ** AFC ‘Honest leaders’ Next, the letter writer took umbrage when I spoke about cronyism, unaccountability and corruption within the AFC. I want to ask him to ask the then General Secretary Mr Sixtus Edwards about the findings of the inquiry which investigated allegations of fraud and cronyism brought against MP Ramayya by me and Donna Mathoo, another AFC Councillor. That investigation found Ramayya guilty and that he should be disciplined but the AFC Leader sent a press release to Stabroek News that ‘it was all a misunderstanding and miscommunication’. Donna Mathoo was so hurt by this that she said that she would wear her AFC t-shirt and protest in front of the AFC Office! When I questioned Ramjattan about this he asked me to keep quiet for the sake of the Party. Even the

It was a time of torture and mayhem WE are in the midst of a Commission of Inquiry into the murder/assassination of popular historian, Dr. Walter Rodney, and what a time it has been for the victims who had to relive that horrible experience all over again. The events surrounding Dr Rodney’s death were indeed traumatic and troubling, to say the least, but irrespective of the brutality of that era, we can still tell an accurate story. Right now, PNC Attorney, Basil Williams, is trying his utmost to badger and somewhat confuse the witnesses, but try as he would that goal will not be achieved as each witness kept on course to tell a consistent story of intimidation and torture. It is evidence that would go down in history, which further exposes the vile reputation of the PNC Party. The shocking disclosures coming out of the COI is nothing new to those of us who are familiar with this case. That incident is fresh in our minds as if it were yesterday, but the only reason we’ve waited thirty odd years to reveal it is because: (1) The climate is now conducive for our story to be told, and (2) We are revealing to the whole wide world how despicable and reprehensible the PNC was and still is. They are known for their torture and inhumane treatment of persons who had dissenting views. Those who opposed the PNC (however mild their criticism) were either rounded up, tortured, or even killed, and Rodney’s murder is a case in point. Talk about man’s inhumanity to man, those were the days - days of extreme police brutality as some persons just simply disappeared and, to add insult to injury, no one dared question the actions of the police. The police was “owned and controlled” by the PNC Regime. So, when I hear present day jokers the likes of Freddie Kissoon and Ramjattan speak of police brutality and extra judicial killings I gasp in disbelief and wonder which part of the world these guys lived when the ‘PNC brigade’, that’s the name I called the police then, held sway. So let me sarcastically answer that question by saying

they occupied an alien existence during that time, but landed just a few years ago to learn of the idea of police brutality in Guyana. Interesting! Now the acts of torture and mayhem are too numerous to mention. However, I shall delve into one of them to hammer home the point. Soon after Rodney’s murder, all members of the WPA had to literally run for their lives or suffer the consequences of torture and intimidation ad infinitum. One notable event leading up to his assassination was the PNC concocted story of catching Dr Rodney and associates red handed in the alleged torching of the National Development Ministry building. One of the so-called eyewitnesses at the alleged crime scene was the security guard Arnold Mollyneau. The PNC chose Mollyneau because it would shore up their story that Rodney did commit the act. So, Mollyneau’s “independent” testimony of seeing Rodney with the flammable liquid thinners on the night of the arson was sold on the news as solid evidence. Well, things did not go as they had planned because that man’s physical endurance was stretched to the limit in telling a lie and he finally collapsed and died of high blood pressure. But do you think that Mollyneau’s death would cause the PNC to stop and ponder? Certainly not! The morbid shocker of a man dying as a result of not being able to cope with a big lie did not stop the PNC, so they pressed on with their vile accusations nonetheless, determined to bring in Rodney guilty of arson. Ultimately they succeeded in raising doubts in the minds of persons that Dr Rodney was indeed the arsonist and a subversive element that should be gotten rid of quickly. Soon after that we woke up to the chilling report of Rodney’s murder. That arson story was a precursor to his killing. I pause here but will continue this discussion in another letter as I further expose the reprehensible acts of a party and people we call the PNC. NEIL ADAMS

members of that inquiry were not informed about that press release until they saw it in the newspaper. These are the ‘strongest and honest politicians’ the letter writer is bragging about! But this ignoramus should check the financial statement that was circulated at the AFC 2012 conference; it was not only unaudited but highly inaccurate. Since 2005 to 2012 the AFC produced no audited statements although its Constitution spoke about an annual audit. What hypocrisy! In another article I will give details of these inaccuracies. ** Rationale The main reason for my programme ‘Commentary’ is to expose the lies and misinformation peddled to viewers in Berbice and I have no hidden agenda except that I want the AFC to support social and economic development and I do not want to spend my remaining years under another PNC government. I have suffered enough. I have worked three jobs, including ‘cutting cane’ and the present trend of the AFC reminds me of the UF position in 1964; and although the UF Leader regretted his actions afterwards he could not have changed the numerous sufferings of the Guyanese people which followed. Even the British and the Americans regretted their inputs into the 1964 Elections and their pre-independence support of the PNC. I will continue without fear to expose the lies, deceit, hypocrisy, and dishonesty of the AFC! I do not have the time to delve further into some of the nonsensical conclusions drawn by ‘Mr. or Miss Region 5’. I humbly exhort this letter writer to keep on listening to my ‘Commentary’ and you will get smart one day. The great Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win’. HASEEF YUSUF AFC Councillor, Region 6

Congratulations to the Dharmic Sabha family I WISH to express heartiest congratulations to the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha on the opening of Bal Nivas. The Sabha has once more given Hindus throughout Guyana a reason to be proud of their culture and their Dharma. The Sabha, on Monday, opened the doors of the newly constructed Bal Nivas – a shelter for children – at Anchorville, Corentyne. The opening was done to coincide with the 176th anniversary of the arrival of East Indians to Guyana. This accomplishment gives us as Hindus a sense of pride and serves as an eye opener for the many Hindu religious organisations that claim to be operating for the purpose of elevating and propagating Sanatan Vedic Dharma. The Sabha has once more proven that it truly represents the interest of the Hindu population at large, and the successful completion of this project shows that the light and principles of Sanatan Vedic Dharma is still alive and strong within the fabric of our Hindu society. Once more, congratulations to the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, on yet another outstanding contribution to the Hindu Society and the Guyanese population at large. RODLEY M. MATHOO

Nothing from Opposition should be attached to this bill SECRETARY General of the Organisation of American States (OAS) José Miguel Insulza has again urged Guyana to pass the crucial anti-money laundering legislation, but Guyana’s political Opposition still will not budge. Again the PPP must be reminded not to attach anything to this bill from the Opposition, especially that of AFC. TED KING


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

U.S. gives police automated fingerprint system By Leroy Smith

THE acquisition of the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) by the Guyana Police Force is a major boost to its investigative capacity and yesterday United States Ambassador to Guyana, Brent Hardt officially handed over the computer system which the police have been using for some time now. The handing over of the equipment is part of the wider initiative of the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI), which is one pillar of a U.S. security strategy focused on citizen safety throughout the hemisphere. Speaking at the handing over ceremony at the Criminal Investigations Department at Eve Leary yesterday, Ambassador Hardt told the gathering of senior police officers, including Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud and Crime Chief Leslie James, it is proven that in the fight against criminals, working together in partnership has always yielded better results. The US ambassador said that the computer sys-

A CID rank specialised in the use of the Automated Fingerprint Identification System gives US Ambassador Hardt and Minister Rohee a crash course in its use Minister Clement Rohee and Ambassador Hardt shake hands after signing the document to signal the official handing over of the machine tem will help the police in their crime fighting to provide immediate results and he recalled that over the years a lot has been done to input the records into a new database system. EVIDENCE OF GUILT Hardt said that with the

fingerprinting machine no records will disappear or be degraded and the system will assist in providing evidence of the guilt of criminals, and this would add to public trust in the police and their investigative capabilities. He recalled that since the CID had been in posses-

sion of the state-of-the-art equipment, several cases have been reopened by investigators and new evidence tendered. Hardt added that in the fight against crime, law enforcement efforts must be imbedded in strong economic, democratic and social frameworks. Meanwhile, in his address Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee, pointed out that this development in law enforcement

impacts persons, their relatives and others associated with them. CBSI ASSISTANCE APPRECIATED He said that the Guyana Government values every single effort and assistance offered by the United States Government in the context of the CBSI. He emphasised also that Guyana appreciates such donations.

Rohee said that if the Guyana Police Force, or any other force around the world, wishes to counter the challenges emerging in crime fighting, then they must ensure that it builds on its human resources. He added that if the human resources and capacity building are not intact, then the equipment offered for the advancement of crime fighting could not serve its purpose.

Mysterious LBI mid-afternoon fire leaves four homeless By Leroy Smith FIRE broke out yesterday at about 13:30 hrs at Lot 99 Onion Field, La Bonne Intention, East Coast Demerara, while retired cane harvester, Dhanpaul was at home alone in bed; and in its aftermath, four persons have been rendered homeless. The Guyana Fire Service responded to that fire call, and when the Chronicle toured what was left of the gutted building, every single item in the home was either completely damaged by the fire or scorched by the heat. The roof of the one-flat building had caved in, while the heat from the fire caused the toilet bowl and other marble and glass objects to either shatter or be cracked

throughout. Home owner, Dhanpaul, told the Guyana Chronicle that he had been outside his

home drinking with a relative, but had left to go inside for a nap. He said that when he entered the home, he felt a heat and began searching to see whether something was burning. Thereafter, he fell into a dose, but someone

The house where Dhanpaul lived with his granddaughter and great-granddaughters

A homeless Dhanpaul ponders his next move

came and awoke him with information that the house was on fire. Dhanpaul recalls looking into the room which his granddaughters shared and seeing a blaze. The fire service was then contacted. According to Dhanpaul, his great grandchildren were at school, but he confessed

that the two would normally play with matches in the home, and he would have to rebuke them from time to time. Dhanpaul could not say what may have caused the fire. He also did not say whether or not the home stove had been lit at the time. Dhanpaul’s great grand-

daughters and their mother used to share the home with him. He said he has lost everything in the fire, and has nowhere to go. He has been living in the area for the past seven years. The Guyana Fire Service is investigating the circumstances of the fire. (Leroy Smith)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

Old Kai: Chronicles of Guyana ...

We are not puppets of the US - Ambassador Hardt would do well to educate Guyanese about his country’s ‘Insider Threat Programme’ OLD Kai had could not help but chuckle after reading the comments attributed to Mr. Brent Hardt, US Ambassador to Guyana, on the occasion of World Press Freedom day on May 2, 2014. As has become customary, the US top diplomat in Guyana is reported to have launched into his usual tirade against the Guyana Government, this time focusing on the Opposition media. This specific terminology to describe a section of the media which both privately and publicly act as cheerleaders of the opposition apparently irked Mr.

US Ambassador Bent Hardt Hardt. However, a casual glance at the majority of those receiving awards from the US ambassador reinforces rising concern that they are developing a clone with this particular section of the local media similar to its policy with media houses in the USA. Maybe it was by mere coincidence that the Editor-in-Chief of the Stabroek News was being rewarded by the US Ambassador days after he lambasted the Guyana Government in an editorial for not focusing more of its foreign policy on the US, so as to be their proxy in South America, as opposed to the current policy of expanding

Guyana’s foreign policy across the globe, especially with countries that are set to dominate the global economy in the next decade. The US Government also funded ‘exposure trips’ for at least two of the others recognised by the Ambassador. Interestingly, the Editor-in-Chief of the Kaieteur News was rewarded for his sterling work in the media fraternity, and Old Kai wonders if that includes using the newspaper to launch nasty attacks against public officials, including reference to a female as a ‘prostitute’ and other degrading references to females in general. Then there is Mackie’s boy, but that is another story which I will deal with at some point, save to say that the individual has been the main ‘cheerleader’ of the US in the local media fraternity for several years. There are a few there who I think genuinely deserve their awards, and kudos to them. That aside, the US Ambassador clearly entered the realm of opposition politician when he launched a scathing attack on the integrity of officials at the Broadcast Authority by inferring that they had not been fair thus far in their issuance of licenses. Not satisfied with trying to dictate local politics through their ‘democracy project’, the Ambassador now wants to dictate the functions of various State agencies. What the US official will not say is that licenses have been issued to a wide cross-section of applicants, and are spread in geographical regions. His attack on the Broadcasting Authority is designed to intimidate officials there, and makes him guilty of what he is accusing others of. Another misadventure is when Mr. Hardt attacks the State media of not including anything supportive of the Opposition, but then chose to reference an incident where, according to him, recordings of the Opposition’s Budget presentations were being aired in the State Media at a time he was not supportive of. This attempt to paint the media in Guyana as operating in a repressive system under the present PPP/C Government by the US Ambassador is most unfortunate, and is a clear attempt to distort the reality on the ground, and of what occurs. The media has enough latitude, to the point where there is an increase in cases of abuse. Yet they continue to practise their profession without fear, so much so that they can launch scathing attacks on any State official at will; ridicule officials; try to tarnish their reputation; and the US Ambassador would have the gumption to try and paint a picture that the local media is under some form of attack.

He clearly is mixing Guyana up with the US, and in his concern for the state of the media internationally, he omitted what is the fate of journalists in his country, and the increasing pressure they are facing. He should educate the Guyanese population on the US Government’s ‘insider threat program’ which targets the media, or the fact that they secretly collected information on over 100 journalists

The United States cannot be practising this type of dishonest foreign policy; engage in this type of behaviour to undermine our nation’s image internationally; and then expect this country to not take umbrage. We are not puppets of the US, and the sooner Mr. Hardt realises this, the better. So he can change his imperialist tone, and work in a genuine manner to strengthen the historic partnership between our two countries. operating in the US. In fact, this is how David Sanger, a veteran chief Washington correspondent of the New York Times recently described his current experience as a journalist in the United States, “This is the most closed, control-freak administration I’ve ever covered.” But the US Ambassador lectures Guyana on the importance of the media and its role in society. The United States cannot be practising this type of dishonest foreign policy; engage in this type of behaviour to undermine our nation’s image internationally; and then expect this country to not take umbrage. We are not puppets of the US, and the sooner Mr. Hardt realises this, the better. So he can change his imperialist tone, and work in a genuine manner to strengthen the historic partnership between our two countries.

Gov’t position on LEAD project ... From page 3 agreement has been stretched…we don’t agree and we do not buy it,” the Presidential Advisor said. FIRST IN TWO DECADES In a prior interview, Teixeira had said the current position of U.S. officials is a departure from the usual bilateral relations existing between the two countries. She said, “The problem with the LEAD project is that it is a breach of the normal bilateral relations, as well as that the content has concerns for the Government – concerns which we expressed. “This is the first time in 20 years that a project has not gone through that process. It has never happened between 1992 and 2012, and we are not agreeing to it because of the rejection of the Government’s participation.” Teixeira questioned why the Government was not

involved in the consultations on the project. She stated that the Guyana Government and the American Administration have worked together over the last decades on US-funded projects. “It has always been a collaborative effort, in which we agree on a design of a project and the implementation of that project,” she said. Referring to examples of the unchallenged implementation of projects that addressed the issue of democracy, Teixeira said: “I was part of other projects that dealt with democracy: the Consolidation of Democracy project, which ran from 2004 to 2006; and the more recent one, from 2009 to 2012, which dealt with trafficking in persons and violence against women and such. “In all of this, we sat with USAID and the U.S. Embassy to consult on the project over several days, some several weeks, and we came to agreement and the projects were signed off.”

She therefore maintained that the Government’s position has been made clear, and remains unchanged in relation to the LEAD project. “Were the LEAD project to have gone through the protocol over the last 20 years, we probably would have come to an agreement and fine-tuned the number of concerns we had, which we have had with other projects with USAID,” Teixeira said. She said what was provided to Government was a “done deal”, rejected by Government primarily on that basis. “The main problem is the way in which the project is being implemented,” Teixeira reiterated. The current Administration is at present awaiting a “timely and official” word from the United States Ambassador to Guyana, Brent Hardt, on Government’s reiteration of both its willingness to engage in talks over the project, as well as the condition that the implementation of the project be halted to facilitate talks.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

Shooting of teen by Cadet Officer…

Mother refuses million-dollar settlement -willing to face off with shooter

By Leroy Smith

MARCEL Griffith, mother of 15-year-old Alex Griffith who was shot in his mouth by a police cadet officer, said one million dollars is not going to cause her to turn a blind eye to what the police officer did to her son. Further, the woman said, no form of compensation would be able to repair the trauma and injury caused to her son by the bullet of an arrogant police officer who allowed his emotions to direct his actions. Griffith’s son was shot in the mouth by a police cadet officer who responded to a call from his sister after she had allegedly been robbed while walking through East La Penitence last week Wednesday. Speaking with reporters after her son had been discharged from hospital, yesterday, Marcel Griffith said she prefers that the police officer face the full force of the law. The woman related that the pace at which investigations

into the matter are proceeding and the complexion the probe is taking on leave much to be desired, and she is not pleased. She questioned why the implicated ranks had not as yet been charged for the act, and revealed that the police have not been updating her on the state of the investigation. However, this newspaper was informed last week that the matter is engaging the attention of the GPF’s Office of Professional Responsibility, from which advice would be sought. At the moment, the incident is being investigated, upon completion of which the findings would determine the GPF’s subsequent course of action. Ms Marcel said she would appreciate having a discussion with the police rank who hurt her son in what she described as a senseless shooting. She said the shooting incident was totally unnecessary, and that the police officer overreacted. “I would like to sit in front of the police that shot my son and ask him what is his reason.

It did not call for that…. I want to ask him face-to-face why he shot my child?” the woman declared. With respect to the medical expenses and the running to and from the hospital, Ms Marcel told reporters the fact that she has been caring for her children single-handedly compounds the strenuousness of the situation. She explained that had it not been for the Almighty, her son might have been dead today; but God saved the child’s life that he might be a testimony to others. Meanwhile, Crime Chief Leslie James told reporters yesterday that the errant rank has been taken off of close arrest, since the 72 hours’ detention period is up. He added that the GPF is in constant contact with the man, and he would not be allowed to cheat the course of justice. The Crime Chief made it clear that this case will not be like similar cases of police shootings, where the ranks have managed to skip the country, causing the investigation to be stalled.

Teixeira rubbishes comments by AFC’s Trevor Williams on establishment of the PPC By Vanessa Narine PRESIDENTIAL Advisor on Governance, Gail Teixeira, told the Guyana Chronicle yesterday that comments made by Alliance For Change (AFC) member Trevor Williams on establishment of the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) indicate that he is not “cognizant” of the legal provisions. The Stabroek News reported on Tuesday, under the headline ‘AFC MP seeks to move public procurement commission process forward’, that Williams is seeking to press the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), on which he is a member, to move forward with the establishment of the PPC despite non-submission of the names of the ruling party’s nominees. The Procurement Act stipulates that the PAC has to agree on five names to be submitted to the National Assembly in moving towards the establishment of the Commission, and that the PPC cannot be set up without the names being supported by a two-thirds majority in the National Assembly. Teixeira said, “Williams of the AFC seems unfamiliar with the Procurement Act and the constitutional provisions. Whosoever are the five persons nominated, the names that the PAC agrees to submit to the house must receive a two-thirds majority support.” She added that if the AFC is of the view that it can “roughshod” the ruling party’s members on the Public Accounts Committee, then it will be faced by the reality that the PPC will come only with a two-thirds majority support. Teixeira noted that the laws governing establishment of PPC are clear in their requirement for consensus from all the political parties represented in the National Assembly. “Whether the Government submits names or not, the fundamental issue is that the PAC must reach an agreement that requires all three parties. Williams seems unfamiliar with the rules,” she said. NO OBJECTION Moreover, Teixeira pointed out that Williams seemed unfamiliar with Government’s position on supporting the establishment of the PPC, which is that its no-objection role must be retained. The Procurement (Amendment) Bill 2013 was read for the first time in the National Assembly last November. It aims to amend the 2003 principal Procurement Act by deleting subsection six of Section 54 by, effectively restoring Cabinet’s no-objection role. Section 54 deals with Cabinet’s involvement in reviewing the award of procurement contracts, and the phasing out of its functions with the establishment of a Public Procurement Commission in the interest of decentralising the procurement process. Subsection six states that: “Cabinet’s involvement shall cease upon the establishment of the Public Procurement Commission, except in relation to those matters referred to in subsection one which are pending.” Without the Procurement (Amendment) Bill 2013, once the PPC is established, Cabinet’s no-objection role will no longer be effective. Government’s position is that if Cabinet is clothed with the responsibility to be accountable to the National Assembly for public spending, the Cabinet must have a role in the procurement process. Currently, the procurement process is decentralized at the level of ministry, regions, district tender boards and the Finance Ministry’s Tender Board. Contracts above the $15M mark are taken to Cabinet for its no-objection declaration.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

WWF grants $2.3M towards Kaieteur National Park management

THE World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Guianas, recently, finalised a $2.3M grant for the Protected Areas Commission (PAC) to strengthen its capacity. The financing, for seven months, will facilitate the PAC’s improved management at Kaieteur National Park (KNP), address some of the challenges which threaten its integrity and aid in fostering community development at Chenapau Village. The funding will also strengthen linkages with and increase income generation opportunities within the Chenapau Village and the Patamona community neighbouring KNP. The KNP Manager will, frequently, visit Chenapau Village in order to foster improved communications and a better relationship with residents and the Village Council.

The project will also enable training for Chenapau residents in the development and sale of locally made products and, when the funds expire, the manager will submit a report on recommendations for KNP improvement. The money is for the hiring, too, of a new KNP Site Level Manager, who is expected to take up a permanent position on the PAC’s payroll, following the expiration of the grant. The new manager would supervise KNP wardens, oversee the Park infrastructure and equipment and manage threats to it. SEVERAL INITIATIVES In addition to the recent granting, WWF Guianas is working in partnership with the PAC on several initiatives for KNP, including designing an exhibit for

the Park’s Visitors Arrival Centre; finalising its revised management plan; conducting joint village meetings to foster good relations between the village and KNP; planning for trail restoration and maintenance; architectural designs for rehabilitation of the guest house and staff quarters; tour guide training for interested individuals from the nearby indigenous villages of Chenapau, Karisparu and Paramakatoi; biodiversity surveys within the Park and upper Potaro River Basin and assessment of gold mining impacts within and surrounding the Park. The KNP, originally established in 1929, is the oldest Park in South America and the location of the country’s premier tourist attraction, the iconic national symbol, Kaieteur Falls, one

Guard remanded over stabbing death in garbage feud By Geeta Rampersaud THE 53-year-old security guard who is accused of stabbing a labourer to death over a garbage dumping feud was remanded to prison yesterday by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry yesterday. Kelvin Chrisholeum of Lot 5 Kingston, Georgetown, was not required to plead to the indictable offence, which said that on Thursday, May 1

at Quamina Street, Georgetown, he murdered Nigel Lawson. No facts were read in the court and Police Corporal Bharat Mangru, prosecuting, said that no advice was sought as yet regarding the matter. He said investigations are incomplete and there are seven witnesses to testify in the matter. According to reports, Lawson lived along Camp Street and would do odd jobs

for persons in the area. The accused was identified as a guard, who allegedly rode behind Lawson for a while before stabbing him. Chrisholeum will make his next court appearance on May 16 for report and fixture.

of the world’s most powerful waterfalls. The Protected Areas Commission (PAC) was created at the end of 2012 with the enactment of the Protected Areas Act 2011 and has the overall responsibility for

the Guyana National Protected Areas System (NPAS), which includes the KNP, approximately 35 of the NPAS. The World Wildlife Fund Guianas is part of one of the world’s leading conservation organisations, with a mission

The Kaieteur National Park

to stop the degradation of the Earth’s natural environment and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. More about it can be learnt at www.wwfguianas. org.


Dr. Beri Ramsaran (far right) and members of the Vector Control Services of the Health Ministry

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

Vector Control Service conducts demonstration ahead of fogging

THE Vector Control Service (VCS) of the Health Ministry hosted a malaria smear fogging demonstration last Friday at Square of Revolution in Georgetown. On that occasion, the media were encouraged to enhance sensitisation of the public on the activities that are, presently, being conducted. The VCS said it will commence the exercise in selected communities with a lot of focus on the capital City, Georgetown, targeting wards including Charlestown, Werk-en-Rust, Newburg, Wortmanville, Kitty, Ogle, Queenstown, and Sophia, from 17:30 hrs daily, with the aim of eradicating adult mosquitoes. VCS Director, Dr. Reyaud Rahaman, said residents should open their doors and windows, to allow the fog mist into their homes. He advised that the smoke from the fogging machines is not hazardous to human health and so persons should

The fogging team of the Vector Control Services of the Health Ministry is ready to tackle the scourge of mosquitoes

not be alarmed. Rahaman said, too, that all other pets, except birds, should be kept covered during this operation but no date for the commencement has been given. But people should cover their drinking water and secure all fruits, vegetables and food, both cooked and uncooked, to prevent possible contamination. He also said individuals suffering from asthmatic conditions should avoid direct contact with the fog mist. Rahaman said, while malaria may be one of the leading vector borne diseases, there are many others, some of which may be fatal. These include Chikungunya, Dengue, Lymphatic Filariasis, Leishmaniasis and Chagas among many others. Chikungunya is one of the more worrisome, and Rahaman said this fogging mostly targets that disease and malaria because they have similar symptoms and are transmitted by mosquitoes. Minister of Health, Dr. Beri Ramsaran, also attended the demonstration.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

TRAVELSPAN puts second aircraft on Georgetown route

Boeing 767/300 aircraft currently being used by TravelSpan From left: Vanita Jagnarain -General Manager of TravelSpan Guyana; Vision Airline’s Engineer -Alan Drozd; and David Goberdhan - Operations Manager of TravelSpan Guyana at the media briefing TRAVELSPAN, in collaboration with Vision Airline, has announced the addition of a second aircraft dedicated to its Guyana route. The Boeing 767/300 will support the extra flights that have been added for July and August, according to the announcement made at a media briefing on board the aeroplane at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport last week. On that occasion, media representatives were afforded the opportunity of touring the new carrier that was parked at the terminal before departing for New York Saturday night. The Boeing 767/300 has a more spacious interior and affords extra leg room, during flights between New York and Georgetown. It is configured with a 30-seat Business Class with full reclining bed seats, and 191 economy seats. General Manager of TravelSpan Guyana, Ms. Vanita Jagnarain, said: “We, at TravelSpan, are delighted to have this backup aircraft; it is quite needed for the expansion of our flights during the Summer of this year.” She explained that TravelSpan currently has flights scheduled to New York on Tuesdays and Saturdays and has increased those for July and August on days from Tuesdays through Sundays. The company also has flights scheduled for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sat-

urdays to and from Portof-Spain, Trinidad, for July and August. TravelSpan will offer, as well, all- inclusive vacation packages at four, five and six star hotels in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, on Tuesdays in July and August. Major carriers Operations Manager of TravelSpan Guyana, Mr. David Goberdhan, said: “It’s a backup to the 767/200 that we already have. This is one of the major carriers that TravelSpan ever had. The airline’s objective is to build a reliable air service for the people of Guyana, and it is the only airline that currently offers a non-stop service between Georgetown and New York.” The aircraft engineer attached to Vision Airline, Mr. Alan Drozd, disclosed that he is on board all flights and the maximum take-off weight is about 400,000 pounds. Talking about the passenger capacity of the aircraft and its spaciousness, he referred to the unique loading facilities, saying: “Our baggage loader is a forward cargo pit that uses cans that hold the baggage. With this setup, the bags are kept in place with less damage, quick movement to and from the aircraft and, if there is bad weather, the baggage will not get wet.” TravelSpan Incorporated was cleared to begin direct flights between New York and Guyana from De-

cember 14, 2013, with approval by the United States Department of Transport. The airline was established in April 2006 and began operations to Guyana shortly after being granted licences to provide regional and international services. TravelSpan Guyana is a sister company of the existing TravelSpan Inc. that operates charter services between Portof-Spain, Trinidad, and North America.

Media operatives checking out the spaciousness of the aircraft


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

Region 2 Youth, Sports and Culture Dept & PYARG Unit collaborate on community projects

PYARG members paint the pedestrian crossing

THE REGION 2 Department of Youth, Sports and Culture has collaborated with the Anna Regina Multilateral School’s President’s Youth Award Republic of Guyana [PYARG] Unit to paint a bus shed and pedestrian crossing on the Golden Fleece public road in front of the Fisher Primary School. This activity was done as part of Labour Day activities on the Essequibo Coast, and the

paint for the two projects was provided by the Region 2 Administration. Youth, Sports and Culture Officer, Mr. Herald Alves, said the pedestrian crossing and bus shed were painted by the PYARG members as part of community projects, and that members can further qualify for the Youth Award Programme in either Bronze, Silver or Gold by participating in community projects. Mr. Alves thanked the PYARG members for the excellent job they did and for their effort in

accomplishing the tasks. He said that during the month of May, the Youth, Sports and Culture Department would collaborate with the President’s Youth Award Programme to involve them in several activities. Alves disclosed that, on May 23rd, an Impromptu Speech competition will be held; while on May 24th and 25th, the PYARG Essequibo unit will host its Bronze qualifying expedition at Mainstay and Tapakuma. (Rajendra Prabhulall)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

Dharmic Sabha’s E/bo Praant to hold special seminar on May 13

THE Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha Essequibo Praant will be holding a special seminar on May 13 at the Cotton Field Secondary School on the Essequibo Coast. This seminar, to be conducted by Chairman of the Essequibo Praant, Mr Kaydar Persaud, and Vice Chairman Mr Parmanand Persaud, targets all leaders of mandirs and other executive members, and is aimed at fostering unity amongst leaders and updating executive members of the various temples on the Sabha’s planned activities. It is also intended to remind mandir executives of their duties and responsibilities to manage the temples, and to address issues with which some mandirs might be faced. Moreover, the seminar will offer a forum for inter-

Paraant executive members action, suggestions and recommendations. Public Relations Officer of the Essequibo Praant, Ms. Reema Natram, a leading member of the Golden Fleece mandir, said the seminar will commence at 10:00 hrs, and some two hundred leaders from temples across the region are expected to attend.

Ms. Natram said the newly-elected executive members of the Essequibo Praant will be introduced to attendees at the seminar, and President of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Shabba, Dr. Vindhya Persaud, and other members of the Central Executive are expected to attend. (Rajendra Prabhulall)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

Top Cops want 24-hour court sittings to combat escalating crime rates in Caribbean Region THE TOP COPS of the Caribbean have lamented what they see as worsening murder rates in the Region and have called for the possible sitting of 24-hour courts to clear the rising backlog of cases. They have also denounced what they regard as “the constant scourge of bribe payments,” and have lamented the ongoing challenges to combat human trafficking, pointing out that this “modern day slavery” involves children as young as five years and upward from countries in Asia. They say that “some (are sold) into servitude, (and) others (are sold) for sex (work).” These and other worrying concerns engaged last

week’s four-day 29th annual meeting of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP) in Port-ofSpain, held under the theme “Working in Partnership to Combat Transnational Organised Crime.” In a statement released yesterday (Tues) by the Barbados-based Secretariat of the ACCP, the commissioners stressed that the Region’s murder rates were “far too high,” recording at over 50 per 100,000 population, while a survey conducted by Transparency International has revealed “endemic corruption” in the Region. Emphasising the old maxim that “justice delayed is justice denied” — for victim, accused, or witness — the commissioners said they have

committed themselves to engaging the governments and judiciaries in the member countries of the Region to “expedite court appearances” with a view to moving towards establishing 24-hour courts in all jurisdictions. The commissioners said they have shared “best practices” among themselves, and commended Jamaica for leadership in piloting “a real time intelligence template that identifies trends in one country, with cybercrime or ATM fraud as examples to be immediately flagged to colleagues for action.” Together, the commissioners asked of their “key partners” to join them in seeking a renewal of “public confidence and faith in the rule of law” across the Caribbean. (R.SINGH)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

Five new CAPE subjects for 2015 exams

THE Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) this month is launching five new subjects for the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination, bringing to 30 the total number of subjects offered at the advanced level exam. The five new CAPE subjects for teaching in September, 2014, and the first exam in 2015 are: Agricultural Science, Entrepreneurship, Performing Arts, Physical Education, and Sport and Tourism, according to a CXC statement. The first launch will take place on Friday at the Accra Beach Resort in

Barbados under a tourism theme, Guyana will host the launch with the Agricultural Science theme on May 12, Trinidad and Tobago will host the Entrepreneurship event on May 15, St. Lucia will focus on the Performing Arts on May 16, and Jamaica will host the Physical Education and Sport theme on May 20. CXC is partnering with various stakeholders to host the different events. These include the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Cultural Development Foundation of St. Lucia,

the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute, and various tertiary institutions in Jamaica. CTO Secretary-General, Hugh Riley, said the launch was especially important to tourism as it would make frontline workers more knowledgeable in the field. “This step is a giant leap toward providing our youth with the knowledge, the confidence and insights needed to change the quality of the experience we sell. Thousands of tourism frontline workers who are in positions to make or break this industry

will now have an opportunity to get a tertiary education. For them, a

CXC certificate, or just the knowledge gained while studying for that

certificate, could be an absolute game-changer,� Riley is quoted as saying.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

Bradbury still here after visa and work permit revoked … just over two weeks ago By Vanessa Narine THE International Republican Institute (IRI) resident Country Director, Glenn Bradbury, whose visa and work permit were revoked just over two weeks ago is still in Guyana, although whether or not he is still working remains unclear. Bradbury is in charge of implementing the controversial $300M United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded Leadership and Democracy (LEAD) project and has been in Guyana since September 25, 2013. General-Secretary of the ruling party, Clement Rohee, yesterday made it clear that the revocation of Bradbury’s extension of stay was effective immediately and the United States Embassy employee is unauthorized to work in Guyana. Speaking at a press conference held at Freedom House, Robb Street, he said, “Bradbury has engaged himself in the internal political affairs of Guyana. His arrogance, deceitful and counter-productive approaches would not be entertained by any self-respecting nation. GLENN BRADBURY “The PPP (People’s Progressive Party) has found that Bradbury has been engaging institutions without their approval. He has also been misrepresenting reality and abusing long-established protocols.” Rohee also noted the party’s disappointment that the US embassy would associate itself with Bradbury, who has exposed himself to the “disgust” of stakeholders. “The PPP supports the Government of Guyana’s decision to revoke the work permit of Mr. Bradbury,” the General-Secretary said. Head of the Presidential Secretariat (HPS), Dr. Roger Luncheon, last Wednesday disclosed to the media that the revocation was communicated by Bradbury to his employer, the United States Embassy in Guyana, and the Canadian High Commission, as he is a Canadian citizen. Luncheon told the media, at the time of the disclosure, that the revocation of the documents were based on the conclusion that the “immigration laws of Guyana have been offended” by Bradbury and his actions in Guyana. In a statement to the media, the United States Embassy said, “The decision to revoke Mr. Bradbury’s permit is contrary to our understanding of the Government of Guyana’s commitment to review together the LEAD programme and to the spirit of the discussions proposed by the Government of Guyana itself.” Bradbury, according to an online professional profile, has more than 20 years of experience at the House of Commons of Canada as a Senior Parliamentary Assistant and Policy Advisor to Members of Parliament; and has amassed considerable expertise in several areas – governance, parliamentary and committee procedure, legislative drafting, regulatory regime reform, public policy analysis, strategic communications, media relations, reputation management, stakeholder engagement, issues management, and public affairs. The project, whose implementation he heads, was not approved by Cabinet and this was formally indicated to the relevant authorities on October 26, 2013.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

Nationalism should take front seat to anti-gov’t sentiment PRESIDENTIAL Adviser on Governance, Gail Teixeira, said that the media in Guyana has a responsibility to be balanced, and when it comes to development, they must make true decisions based on the nationalist point of view. Speaking on a panel discussion in observance of World Press Freedom Day on the National Communications Network (NCN) on Sunday, she noted that the media’s role is to be the fourth-estate, to observe, watch, write about, inform, analyse, and criticise all aspects of development that are taking place in the country. The other members of the panel were: Adam Harris, Editor -in-Chief of Kaieteur News; and Edward Layne, Senior Editor at NCN; the moderator was Dario McAlmon. Teixeira said that the media must not be seen only as a critic of government, but also as a critic of civil society; and as such much hold themselves to a higher standard of not being a proponent of any particular view, since in essence they are historians; and as such, their standards require much greater

responsibility on the issue of whether they cover a story and how well they cover it. “Unfortunately, a lot of what comes out now is - ‘are you for the government or are you against the government?’ -and who lose in the end are the people, in terms of they not being given the full scope of the information that is available,” Teixeira noted. She pointed out that the government also loses, as well as the country, as the media’s anti-development reporting not only hurts the image of the press, but also the image of the country, as it hinders the country’s ability to attract investors. She noted that other media houses and owners recognise this in other countries, and as such, if one were to examine some of the newspapers in the Region, one would realise that all the crime issues are way down in the newspapers, because the media understand that their countries’ economy depends on tourism. “These are decisions that editors, that the owners of the media make...that kind of balance is not here, and we have to find a balance,” Teixeira urged.

“We have come out of a period of lack of democracy, where the press (Mirror and Catholic Standard in those days and then later Stabroek News) had to scrounge for paper... We have come into a period where the press is open and basically unregulated,” she said, noting that there must be balance to ensure this freedom is not abused. “That is not to say that you are asking them to sweep things under the carpet, but you are asking them that when you (use) raging headlines, you are hurting the country. “You may have enough influence to change the government eventually, and that might be the intention, but the impact on the country and the impact on development cannot be replaced,” she noted. She said that this is one of the issues that the media owners, not the journalist, have to deal with, since while there can be professional ethics in terms of the journalists, it is the owners and editors that set the tone and policy for the media houses. World Press Freedom Day was observed on May 3, 2014.(GINA)

- Teixeira- on panel discussion to mark World Press Freedom Day


Region 1 residents outraged at Opposition’s cutting of ADF budget

RESIDENTS of several communities in Region 1 were given the opportunity to voice their concerns over the non-approval of budgetary allocation for several sectors, more specifically the Amerindian Development Fund (ADF). On Wednesday last, Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, Permanent Secretary Nigel Dharamlall and a team visited Kwebanna, Karaburi and Waramuri, and the following day, Santa Cruz and Warapoka.

Mabel Hackett During the meetings, the residents were told of the negative effects the disapproval will have on the youths as a result of no funding for the Community Support Officers (CSOs). This programme provides employment opportunities to youths in 187 Amerindian communities and they are paid a monthly stipend. The youths give assistance in the Health, Education and other sectors, all of which benefit their communities.

Mohamed Nazardeen Under this year’s budgetary allocation to the Amerindian Affairs Ministry, an additional 1,100 more youths would have been signed on to the programme, but this has been stymied. Resident of Kwebanna, Mohamed Nazardeen, said, “Seeing the cut to this bud-

get, it seems like hell for the entire sub-region; what I want the Opposition to do is visit these areas and see the difficulties we face…, they promised us a lot around election time, but the little money the government is giving us they are cutting… it will affect the forest sector. With the budget cut for road projects, in rainy weather the road gets bad and we can’t move our logs in and out and if airstrips don’t get fixed, aircraft would not want to come in.”

Orlando Drakes Orlando Drakes, a resident of Karaburi said, “The cut is very unreasonable and most of our people here will be suffering because they have been denied development that is taking place countrywide, most youths in our community don’t have jobs but the CSO programme provides employment, it will be very devastating for young people.” Mabel Hackett of Kwe-

banna, said, “I feel so bad what the Opposition is doing, this is what will bring development to us and they are stopping money from coming into our village and I am asking them to give us what is due to us.”

Rudolph Peters Rudolph Peters said he was saddened “at what the Opposition has done to our money, however, I am pleased to see what our brothers and sisters had done for us in protesting. I wonder what more we the residents can do to support our Government; it was good to see our brothers and sisters standing up for us, today those who don’t know our history should learn.” The Amerindian Affairs Ministry’s Amerindian Development Fund of $1.1B was allocated for projects and programme, which specifically target and encourage self sufficiency, and economic and social development in the hinterland. (GINA)


A section of the residents who attended the meeting at the Koko nursery school, Region 1

Amerindian comm of Gov’t commitm avenues to resto

MINISTER of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, on Tuesday met with residents of Santa Rosa, Koko and Kamwatta, Region 1, where she held meetings to update residents on the recently concluded 2014 National Budget. The Minister sought to enlighten the residents on the cuts made to the national budget and the impact they will ultimately have on their lives and the development of the country at large. The first meeting was held at the Santa Rosa Secondary School, and was well attended by residents, including Community Support Officers (CSOs). There the village’s Toshao, Richard Cornelius, noted that following the outcome of the budget, they have joined with the rest of those affected in condemning the cuts to the Amerindian Development Fund (ADF). Cornelius said that, personally, he feels betrayed by the Opposition parliamen-

Residents as Kamwatta, Region 1 during the outreach meeting with Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai

tarians, and urged that they that project fell under the capital explain the reasoning behind expenditure, which was not apthe cuts. proved by the combined Opposi“These people show no tion. The minister told residents regard for us, the first peo- that several training programmes ple, they never come to our for youths have been affected. community so they cannot Most importantly, funding for the know what our needs are, CSOs was cut. so how can they sit in parAccording to Minister Sukhai, liament and determine that the plan this year was to increase we do not need money?” he the number of CSOs which would asked. have meant more employment Hence, the Toshao called and capacity building for other on the combined Opposition interested youths, but that will to let good sense prevail, and now be put on hold. restore the cuts. “Every time we meet with In addition, Permanent communities, we hear that there Secretary for the Amerindian are not employment opportunities Affairs Ministry, Nigel Dha- and many youths cannot afford to ramlall, in his address to the move out of their communities to residents, called on them to seek employment or training in unite and not be intimidated, preparation for employment, so but let their voices be heard. the CSO programme was geared He told the residents that as a result of the non-approval of funds to the ministry’s capital budget, several critical developmental projects will be affected, not only for their community, but also for the other 187 Amerindian communities around the country. The Permanent Secretary added that the Government will explore every possible legal avenue to ensure that the funds are restored. Meanwhile, Minister Sukhai said she A section of the gathering at t was disheartened by the Secondary School, Region 1 outcome of the recent budget, as the cuts will have specifically to target that issue.” devastating impacts on not Another area of development only Amerindians, but the which will be hampered by the country at large. outcome of the National Budget On the issue of the cuts will be the wood working facility to the Amerindian Affairs for the Moruca area. This facility Budget, the Minister said would have been able to provide the further development of employment opportunities, as youths in 187 hinterland well as generate income for the communities will be af- community. fected. The Opposition cut Funds for the Wood Working the entire capital budget of facility were also allocated under $1.1B from the Ministry. the ministry’s capital budget for More specifically, a ben- 2014. ab for Santa Rosa will not Meanwhile, over at Koko, be a reality, as funding for where another outreach meeting


Minister of Amerindian Affairs Pauline Sukhai centre, Permanent Secretary Nigel Dharamlall right and Project Coordinator Jude DaSilva during the meeting at Santa Rosa Secondary School

munities reassured ment to find legal ore budget cuts was held, the residents were eager to hear how the cuts would affect them and more so, were prepared with questions. The Minister went into details about the disapproval of the ADF. Projects affected are the National Secure Livelihood Programme and Youth Entrepreneurship and Apprenticeship Programme, the construction of village offices and multipurpose buildings, purchase of sport gear, musical instruments, drip irrigation systems, tractors and implements and support for other projects and programmes including eco-tourism. Additionally affected was youth development and empowerment,

the meeting at the Santa

which speak to the focus of ensuring secure indigenous livelihood by developing the capacity and capability of the youth. The residents were told of programmes in their community, which would be affected. While the Minister zeroed in on the cuts to the Amerindian Affairs Budget, she also shed light on cuts to the Minister of Public Works’ Budget. Minister Sukhai pointed out to residents that the

disapproval of the Public Works’ budget will mean that rehabilitation works on several hinterland airstrips will be halted, thus putting pressure on residents of hinterland communities. “When the airstrips are not up to scratch and the aircraft owners do not want to come to these locations, then it would mean food prices will go up…” The minister further called on residents to remain resolute and do what is necessary to ensure that what is rightfully theirs is restored. On the other hand, residents expressed their feeling of betrayal by the combined Opposition who, they say, only visits their communities when it best suits them. In addition, over at Kamwatta, where another meeting was held on Tuesday evening, residents expressed similar sentiments. Speaking on the cuts to the Health Sector Budget, the Minister went into details about the impact and the trickledown effect for Amerindian communities. The minister explained to residents that the disapproval of funds to the health sector will Rosa now mean that there will be no specialised medical treatment for all Guyanese. Hence, patients with complicated health issues will still have to seek much needed medical attention overseas at a very high cost to the Government, and private sector as well. “Only recently, the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health had to find resources to send two Amerindian children to Trinidad for medical attention because the services they need are not available here.”

The Minister noted that if the funds were approved for the construction of the specialty hospital, this would reduce and ultimately eliminate the need for highly expensive trips for citizens to seek medical attention overseas. The 2014 Budget was presented to the National Assembly on March 24, but several sectors were affected as the combined Opposition voted against funding for key development. A total of $37.46 billion was slashed from the Budget. The Health Ministry suffered a cut to the tune of $910 million. Under this funding, the specialty hospital project has been quashed along with several other critical developmental projects. Some of these include the provision of specialised clinical services for all Guyanese and procurement of modern ambulances. Also, the parliamentary Opposition parties voted against the $6.5 billion which was allocated under the Ministry of Public Works, for the expansion of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA). In addition, in their move to disapprove the $18.5B for initiatives under the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), the Opposition joined forces to cut the entire policy and administration capital budget, totalling $22.3B. The Amaila Falls Hydro and the Cunha canal projects were among those affected. Funds totalling $5.1 billion for Office of the President and several other key agencies which fall under its purview were also voted against by the Parliamentary Opposition. (GINA)


President joins Arrival Day celebration at Skeldon

PRESIDENT Donald Ramotar on Monday joined with residents of Skeldon, Berbice and other surrounding communities to celebrate Indian Arrival Day. The Head of State was joined by First Lady, Deolatchmee Ramotar, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, PPP/C General Secretary, Clement Rohee, Minister of Legal Affairs and Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran and other members of the Cabinet. In his address, President Ramotar urged the gathering to recognise the struggles of their foreparents and continue to build on them. “Today is 176 years since the first indentured labourers set foot on the shores of Guyana, and it has been years of struggles and trials for those who came before us. You can recall that in that time, slavery was about to be abolished and new labour was needed on the sugar estates in the then British Guiana, and our forefathers came here to work to help build this land.” The President reminded the gathering that at that time Guyana was still a colony and was extremely oppressed, but their ancestors continued the fight for freedom and they eventually won. “The struggle started with the time of slavery

when slaves were fighting to build a better society, for freedom and …that free- multi- cultural, multi- racial; dom came only partially, and one good thing is that but was replaced by bound we want to build and we labour, and that struggle be- are building from the differcame hard and mainly it was ent strands from where we the immigrants from India came.” The President, speaking who carried out that struggle to the government’s developto end indentureship.” According to President Ramotar, it wasn’t until after that freedom was achieved that Guyanese were able to enjoy the right to practice their own religion, the right to vote, the right to an education and many other basic rights now being enjoyed. Apart from achieving this, the President noted that it is equally important that the cultures of the various ethnic groups President Donald Ramotar have been preserved and addressing the gathering at the Line Path, Skeldon maintained. Community Centre Ground “Our foreparents joined in the struggle for ment efforts being thwarted, independence and democra- pointed to the combined Opcy, and to be free …we have position’s non-support to the achieved with great sacri- Anti-Money Laundering and fice and we have managed Countering the Financing of to maintain the cultures, Terrorism Bill, as well as the the dance, the food, and recent cuts to the national this should be a tribute to budget. He further called on all our foreparents, this was an to show their support for enormous achievement.” President Ramotar added continued progress in taking that one of the objectives Guyana forward to make it a of colonialism was to wipe better place for all. Meanwhile various out culture, but they did not groups from the area treatsucceed. “Today we must use the ed the large gathering to example of our foreparents songs, dances and dramatic as we carry on the struggle pieces.(GINA)

President Donald Ramotar and Prime Minister Samuel Hinds with some of the performers at the Indian Arrival celebration

A section of the gathering at the Indian Arrival celebration at Skeldon, Berbice


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

Following record breaking 2013…

New Building Society targets $1B profit for 2014 NEW Building Society (NBS), after a record breaking 2013 in which it made the highest ever in history, is targeting to exceed a $1B profit for 2014. That was disclosed at its most recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) by the Chairman, Mr. Moen McDoom who said the 2013 figure was $993M. He said the lending institution continues to build on its successes of the past years and will, hopefully, exceed the target. In his report, he said the institution’s financial performance has remained exceedingly strong, achieving an even higher level, continuing to balance delivering value and service to its customers, and maintaining its financial strength for the long term. “…the Society is in capable hands to attain much greater heights in the foreseeable future and overcoming challenges that lie ahead,” he stated. According to him, aggressive competition in the financial services sector, compounded by high levels of liquidity, resulting in low yields on investments in Treasury Bills, did not deter the NBS from delivering “excellent” results in 2013. McDoom admitted, though, that the state of the global economy also posed a challenge but NBS aims at building on the trust of its customers. “The interest of our customers and members will always come first. We continue to believe in helping people have better lives. The views of our customers and members form an integral part of our decision making process,” McDoom said. Support and loyalty He expressed appreciation for the “support and loyalty” of customers and members, which was “tremendous” last year. “I wish to go on record to thank everyone for all they have done, in their respective roles. Cooperation and commitment at every level have resulted in the resounding financial fortunes of the New Building Society,” Mc Doom acknowledged. The Chairman said the work of NBS, given the fact that it is a “grassroots Society,” has, over the years, made contributions to the advancement of communities. He said: “For 2013, we have donated in excess of $6M to several charitable organisations, with emphasis on helping those people who are more vulnerable, particularly the elderly, children and people with disabilities. “We have also supported recreational projects that focus on developing the talent of our young sports enthusiasts. In 2013, we renewed our sponsorship of the NBS 40-Overs Cricket Tournament in Georgetown and Berbice,” Mc Doom pointed out. About the way forward, the Chairman said the Society anticipates continuation of Government’s housing drive across Guyana, which will provide real opportunities for it to increase the scale of its mortgage financing to a growing number of customers and members. See page 24



GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

New Building Society targets $1B profit ... From page 23 McDoom highlighted that the Society also expects the trend of positive yields from its investment in Treasury Bills to be maintained. He said: “Though the financial services sector continues to be saddled with high liquidity, compounded further with the fact that the Society can only invest in a number of instruments, we began to see increase yields on Treasury Bills.” The Society’s total assets at the end of 2013 were $54B, an increase from $49B in 2012. In 2013, mortgages accounted for 61 percent of that total, up from 57 percent in the previous year, while liquid assets made up 30 percent of it, a

decrease from 34 percent in 2012. Liquid assets The value of NBS liquid assets was $16.4B at the end of 2013, down from $16.7B. In 2013, it disbursed $7.8B in mortgages to qualified home owners, which was more than the $6.8B in 2012. The Society’s overall portfolio rose by $3.7B and stood at $44.7B at the end of last year, compared to $41B in the previous year, and its total reserves were $9B at the end of 2013, up from $7.8B in 2012, and represented 20 percent of the investors’ balance. The number of accounts in arrears at the end of last year was 1,393, with a default value of $58M, a

decrease from 1,529 valued at $68M. The Society’s finances for 2013 were given a positive review by the external auditors’ chartered accountants, Maurice Solomon and Company. NBS was incorporated in 1940 through Chapter 36:21 of the Laws of Guyana and, in the process, took over the assets of its forerunner, the British Guiana Building Society, which consisted of 39 buildings valuing $77,960. Today NBS boasts a strong financial position from where its assets have grown. It has seven branches located in Georgetown, New Amsterdam, Rosignol, Rose Hall, Corriverton, Mackenzie and Essequibo.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014



GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014



GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014



Pathologist testifies Mocha schoolgirl had ruptured hymen, bloated body

DR. NEHAUL SINGH who had performed the post-mortem on nine-yearold schoolgirl Sade Stoby, who was allegedly raped and murdered, used pictures of the victim in testifying about his findings. And another medical expert in medicine, Dr. Mohan Persaud, who had examined the two accused at the invitation of the police told Justice Navindra Singh and the jury about injuries he found on the accused. However, the

medical doctor noted that some of the injuries could have been either self-inflicted, received during forced sexual intercourse or the result of masturbation. Dr. Singh found that Sade’s body was bloated, she had haemorrhage, bleeding to the front of her head, to the muscle at the back of her neck and to the muscle in the middle of her chest between the fifth and sixth ribs. Dr. Singh also found black mud in her trachea and

For Wednesday May 7, 2014 -10:30hrs For Thursday May 8, 2014 -11:30hrs For Friday May 9, 2014 -13:00hrs

bronchi while her stomach was filled with dark black mud. There was blood in her vagina and her hymen was recently ruptured and her intestines were protruding through her anus. Dr. Singh formed the opinion that there was evidence of blunt trauma to Sade’s head at least four times while the bruising of the vagina indicated sexual activity just before death. He gave the cause of death as asphyxiation due to submersion, compounded by blunt force trauma. The prosecution’s case is that nine-year-old Sade Stoby was raped and murdered during the course or furtherance of a felony-rape. The two men accused of committing the crime are Jevon Wharton and Charles Colyn Cush. The other medical expert, Dr. Mohan Persaud, testified about examining Jevon Wharton in the presence of Detective Constable Gomes. He said that the uncircumcised penis of Wharton revealed scratches and bruises, but no discharge. Dr. Persaud said that he also examined the genital organs of the accused Cush and also did a body examination. According to him, he found multiple abrasions to the head of Cush’s penis. The hearing is continuing before Justice Navindra Singh and a mixed jury. Mrs Judith Mursalin, in association with Mr. Lloyd Mark Conway, is prosecuting. Mr. Raymond Persaud and Mr. George Thomas are defending.

Aries March 21 - April 19

If you’re not feeling so hot about your ability to get things done on schedule, it’s time to reach out and ask for help. Get your ego out of the way; don’t worry about how this request will look to others. People know you’ve been asked to do the impossible, so they’re half expecting your call anyway. Deadlines are deadlines, and there is no getting away from your responsibilities for meeting them.

Taurus April 20 - May 20

So what if folks aren’t giving you your props -- they may have been bitten by the greeneyed monster! If others are giving you a hard time for feeling cocky, it might also be karma’s way of sending you a message. Next time the people around you score a big win, try hard to be the first one to congratulate them -- and mean it! The generous energy you put out will come right back to you when it’s your turn to shine.

Gemini May 21 - June 21

It’s much more helpful to get your ideas and concerns out in the open. There’s nothing wrong with debating with yourself to come to a firm conclusion about how you feel on a certain issue, but there’s a problem with internal talk -- no one can hear you! When you unlock your feelings and thoughts from the vacuum of your mind, you can quickly see what makes the most sense. Any interested bystander could serve as the sounding board you need.

Cancer June 22 - July 22

You will be struck by visions of what can be today -- when you look at a child, you’ll see a glimpse of the talented adult they might grow up to become. When you look at an empty lot, you’ll see the elaborate mansion that could stand there some day. It’s a day of fanciful imagining and creativity, so apply your most positive way of thinking to everything you see. Imagine things the way you want them to be, and you will give the universe some hints to go on.

Leo July 23 - August 22

Have you let your flirting skills get rusty? Shame on you! Whatever your excuse is -- you’re in a committed relationship, you haven’t been feeling confident, or you’ve just been a bit lazy -- today will offer you a major opportunity to add some sizzle to your day. Remember that flirting doesn’t have to be a commitment. Flirting is just having fun! Let yourself loosen up a bit. Try to make someone smile. Flatter, titter and blush away -- you’ll take a lot of tension out of the day.

Virgo August 23 - September 22

When the accolades come your way today, don’t be shy about accepting them. On the other hand, don’t brag about what you’ve done -- let other people do that for you! True, it’s a very tricky thing to balance your humility and your pride, but you can find a great way to make it happen. Creative impulses should be obeyed today. If you want to make or create something, then you must do it!

Libra September 23 - October 22

Organisation is key for understanding the details that will shower down on you today. Dates, names, budgets, and itineraries will all need your full attention right now, so get ready to get it together! Like a harried conductor trying to get all the orchestra musicians playing the same notes in the same way, you will need to utilise all your patience and all your creativity to create that beautiful music. But the good news is that this challenge will bring you joy.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21

You’re deep in the thick of a work situation, and while you are enjoying this particular challenge, it might be causing you some stress. Today, you should make sure this stress doesn’t bleed into the other areas of your life -- give some attention to a friend who desperately needs your insight. A few words of wisdom on your part will make them feel cared for. You’re paying attention to your career, but you should pay attention to the people you love, too.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21

Now that you have reached a point in your life when you can sit back and relax for a little bit, be sure to do it with gusto! Just coast and experience things for a while. There is no need to get involved in anyone’s dramas or anyone’s big new idea. Reserve your strength and plan a little getaway if you can -- solo travel is favoured highly. It will enable you to do whatever you want, whenever you want. And what could be more relaxing than that?

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

Whatever insight you’ve been taking from your dreams lately will serve you well today. Follow your gut and do what you think you need too. Certain images and issues are recurring themes in your life. Your subconscious is keying you in to what you need to deal with first. It’s now time to confront things once and for all. Getting to the heart of the matter as quickly as you can today will save you a lot of headaches later in the week.

Aquarius January 20 - February 18

One of your friends is seeking a bit more independence in your relationship, and it could feel as if they are pushing you away. Don’t let your fears get the better of you. Just because they are being vague about future plans or declining your social invitations doesn’t mean you’ve fallen out of their good graces. Being alone is a skill everyone should learn, and they are in the midst of their lesson now. Give them space.

Pisces February 19 - March 20

The normal routine of your day will be disrupted early on by someone who needs your help with something entertaining. Turns out, they will end up giving you some help too, although you might not understand just how to ask them for it yet. In a business negotiation, your creativity will enable you to get what you want without sacrificing any of your hard-earned resources. If you make it clear that you are not willing to compromise, you must stand behind that statement.








GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

Pistorius accused of intimidating Steenkamp’s friend in court JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (Reuters) - South African Olympic and Paralympic track star Oscar Pistorius, on trial for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, tried to intimidate a friend of the former model in court yesterday, according to the friend’s lawyer. Pistorius is accused of shooting dead 29-year-old Steenkamp following a heated row in the early hours of Valentine’s Day last year. The track star says he killed Steenkamp after mistaking her for an intruder hiding in the toilet. “During an adjournment in court today, my client Kim Myers was approached by Oscar Pistorius who whispered in a sinister undertone: ‘How can you sleep at night?” Myers’ lawyer Ian Levitt told Reuters. “She is horrified by this disturbing act but will not be intimidated and intends to carry on attending the trial for Reeva.” Local media reports said Pistorius denied speaking to Myers when asked about the alleged incident at the court by reporters. A reason for what Levitt said was Pistorius’ attempt to intimidate Myers was unclear. She has regularly attended the trial and has been quoted in the media commenting on her close friendship with Steenkamp. The state prosecution has spent much of the 27-day trial trying to portray Pistorius as an intimidating figure who bullied Steenkamp, although the Paralympic gold medallist insists

Oscar Pistorius,

they were in a loving relationship. Phone text messages sent between the couple were read out to the court earlier in the trial, one of which from Steenkamp said she was scared of Pistorius, although most of the retrieved conversations were loving. The trial of Pistorius, who faces life in prison if found guilty, has attracted huge interest across the world. Before the shooting, Pistorius was one of the most revered figures in sport, a man who had his lower legs amputated as a child but who reached the semi-finals of the 400m at the London Olympics in 2012 running on carbon-fibre prosthetic “blades”.

Singh to attend historic Africa Congress … WBSC secures Mizuno as first ‘Global Sponsor’   PRESIDENT of the Guyana Baseball League, Robin Singh, leaves today to attend the historic and first-ever World Baseball Softball Congress (WBSC) in Africa, which was announced last month. Officials of the world governing body for baseball and softball have announced a new key agreement with the Japanbased Mizuno Corporation, establishing Mizuno as WBSC’s first Global Sponsor and the Exclusive Official Game Ball Supplier of all 2014 Baseball and Softball World Championship platforms, from youth to professional level.   “The WBSC is proud to partner with a sports industry leader like Mizuno, which will help keep the WBSC at the forefront of youth sport and further strengthen our youth engagement platforms,” stated WBSC co-presidents Riccardo Fraccari and Don Porter. WBSC leadership also hailed the agreement as highlighting the value baseball and softball could deliver to the Olympic Movement, if included on the Olympic Programme. “The WBSC remains committed to Olympic Games inclusion, and this strategicpartnership -- the sponsorship of our youth-, women’s- and men’s competition platforms -- is critical to strongly demonstrating baseball and softball’s youth and commercial appeal, and gender-balance,” the co-presidents added.

Robin Singh

“We are confident that under the Olympic umbrella, baseball and softball’s global assets could further enhance and sustain the uniqueness, year-round message and economic positioning of the Olympic Games, while making the Games increasingly relevant to women and viceversa.”Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) was established in April 2013 and granted recognition as the sole competent authority in baseball and softball by the International Olympic Committee at the 125th IOC Session in September 2013. The WBSC which has National Federation members in 141 territories across Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe and Oceania, will be led by an Interim Executive Board until the Inaugural WBSC Congress in May 2014.

Pakistan brings back Waqar as coach KARACHI, Pakistan (Reuters) Former captain Waqar Younis was reinstated as Pakistan coach yesterday and quickly made it clear that his main target was the 50-over World Cup in Australia and New Zealand next year. The Pakistan Cricket

Board (PCB) announced in a statement that Waqar had been given a two-year contract. The former fast bowler was also given the job in 2010 before quitting in late 2011 for personal and health reasons. “I am extremely pleased to have been selected as head coach,” Waqar said

yesterday. “My immediate aim is to prepare the team for the upcoming busy cricket season, including next year’s World Cup.” Waqar was the hot favourite for the role after Australian Dav Whatmore decided in February not to extend his twoyear contract with the PCB. Another former captain,

From back page

Moin Khan, was named interim coach for the Asia Cup and World Twenty20 tournaments earlier this year. Moin has now been appointed as chief selector and manager of the national team. Waqar, 42, who took 373 Test and 416 one-

day wickets, formed a formidable new-ball attack with Wasim Akram in the 1990s before retiring in 2003. It is Pakistan’s seventh coaching appointment since 2008 in a list that also includes Australian Geoff Lawson, Intikhab Alam and Mohsin Khan.

scores at 300 yards with Bissonnette shooting 35.4 and Katna 35.3 while Trinidadian Michael Perez also shot 35.3. Braithwaite dropped just one point at 300 yards range with 34.3 out of a highest possible score (HPS) of 35.7. National captain Mahendra Persaud shot 33.1, Terrence Stuart 33.0 and

Goodluck 31.2. At 600 yards, Braithwaite shot 48.1, Stuart also 48.1, Fields 47.5, Goodluck 47.4, John Fraser 47.2, Leo Romalho 46.3 while Paul Slowe and Sherwin Felicien had scores of 45.2 and 45.1 respectively. Trinidad and Tobago’s Norris Gomez shot the only possible at 600 yards with a score of 50.5.


Guyana’s Braithwaite takes The experienced Norris Gomez of Trinidad and Tobago is third overall and second among Caribbean shooters with 127 points and 11 V-bulls including a possible at 600 yards. Another Canadian Serge Bissonnette is currently in fourth place with 127 points with eight V-bulls. Jose Nunez of Jamaica

and Guyanese Ransford Goodluck are currently in fifth and sixth places with scores of 126.10 and 125.8 respectively. Goodluck shot 31.2 at 300 yards, 47.4 at 600 and 47.2 at 900 yards. National vice-captain Dylan Fields is 11th overall with 123 points and five V-bulls. Fraser who holds the

12th position overall is the leader in ‘O’ Class with 122 points and four V-bulls. He shot 30.2 at 300 yards, 47.2 at 600 and 45.0 at 900 yards, to lead Oscar Waldron of Trinidad and Tobago with 119 points and seven V-bulls while Guyana’s Leo Romalho is third with 118.7. There were three possible


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

History of the World Cup from 1930 to 1950 (REUTERS) - The first of a five-part history of the World Cup from Uruguay in 1930 up to the preparations for the 2014 finals in Brazil: Part One: The tournaments from 1930 to 1950: Uruguay 1930 Final: July 30 1930: Centenario Stadium, Montevideo URUGUAY 4 ARGENTINA 2 Attendance: 93 000 FIFA, world soccer’s governing body, had discussed holding a World Cup since the early days of its conception in 1904, but the Olympic soccer tournament adequately served the purpose of establishing the best team in the world in the opening decades of the 20th century. However, by the mid1920s, with the growth of professionalism and the game establishing strong roots in Europe and South America, FIFA decided to go ahead with their own tournament which was awarded to Uruguay, the Olympic champions of 1924 and 1928. After some teething troubles and withdrawals, 13 countries entered and the European nations - Belgium, Romania, Yugoslavia and France - all travelled to South America on the same ship. During their two-week voyage they called in at Rio de Janeiro to courteously pick up the Brazilians. With no qualifying competition held, the first two matches started at the same time on July 13 1930 with France beating Mexico 4-1 and the United States beating Belgium 3-0. Frenchman Lucien Laurent scored the first goal of the tournament. Hosts Uruguay and neighbours Argentina contested the final, which

Jules Rimet was a French football administrator who was the 3rd President of FIFA, serving from 1921 to 1954. He was FIFA’s longest serving president, having served for 33 years.

Uruguay won 4-2 after trailing 2-1 at halftime. For the first and only time every match was played in one city, the capital Montevideo. Italy 1934 Final: June 10, 1934 PNF Stadium, Rome ITALY 2 CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1 Attendance: 55 000 Holders Uruguay refused to compete in Italy feeling that the European nations had snubbed their tournament in 1930. With FIFA’s membership now at more than 50 nations, a qualifying competition was held. The final qualifier was conducted three days before the competition started, with the U.S. beating Mexico 4-2

in Rome on May 24 before being knocked out 7-1 by Italy on May 27. Italy’s ultimate triumph, to the delight of fascist leader Benito Mussolini, left both Argentina and Brazil disenchanted after they had travelled 13 000 kms for one game each in the first round. Italy beat Czechoslovakia 2-1 after extra time in the final, having trailed 1-0 until eight minutes from time. Antonin Puc put Czechoslovakia ahead after 70 minutes but Argentine-born Raimundo Orsi grabbed an equaliser and Angelo Schiavio scored an extra-time winner. France 1938 Final: June 19, 1938 Stade Colombes Paris

ITALY 4 HUNGARY 2 Attendance: 55 000 Italy travelled to France and won the World Cup again but politics and the looming spectre of war kept away a number of top nations. Austria qualified but withdrew, though some of their players appeared in the colours of Germany, and Spain were absent as their country was ravaged by civil war. Argentina and Uruguay also stayed away. Brazil and Poland produced one of the greatest games of any World Cup in Strasbourg with the South Americans triumphing 6-5 after extra time thanks to four goals from Leonidas who played barefoot for a spell. In the final, Italy retained their title by beating Hungary 4-2. Gino Colaussi and Silvio Piola scored twice each for Italy, while Pal Titkos and Gyorgy Sarosi found the net for Hungary. Brazil 1950 July 16 1950: Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro URUGUAY 2 BRAZIL 1 Attendance: (estimated) 205 000 The 1950 finals have returned to the spotlight in recent years as a result of Brazil hosting this year’s finals for the first time since then. As every student of the world game knows Uruguay’s win over Brazil was not strictly speaking the final but effectively the deciding game in the final pool, and a draw would have given Brazil the world title. Their defeat, in the words of Pele and others, remains the ghost in Brazil’s foot-balling past and only a victory this summer will help expunge the memory somewhat.

After World War Two (during which FIFA president Jules Rimet, the competition founder, reclaimed the trophy from Italy and kept it under his bed), the World Cup returned and Uruguay won it for a second time. Before that, the United States beat England 1-0 in Belo Horizonte in one of the greatest upsets in the game’s history and Sweden’s amateurs beat an Italian side still ravaged by the Superga air disaster that wiped out champions Torino the

Sweden, Spain and Uruguay were the final contestants. Brazil needed only a draw in their clash with Uruguay to clinch the trophy but lost 2-1 at Rio’s Maracana Stadium in front of an estimated crowd of 205 000, the largest to ever watch a match anywhere. Friaca put the majority of the crowd into raptures when he gave Brazil a lead two minutes into the second half, but Juan Alberto Schiaffino equalised for Uruguay on 66 minutes and Alcides Ghiggia

The Jules Rimet trophy

previous year. A mini-league format was used to determine the champions and Brazil,

plunged Brazil into a state of national mourning when he scored Uruguay’s winner 10 minutes later.

Honduras coach Suarez names 23-man World Cup squad T E G U C I G A L PA , Honduras (Reuters) Honduras coach Luis Fernando Suarez gave no surprises in the 23-man World Cup squad whhe announced on Monday, keeping faith with most of the regulars who saw the team through the CONCACAF qualifiers. Honduras, going to their third finals in Brazil

next month, face France, Switzerland and Ecuador in Group E where they will be looking for their first ever tournament win. “During the course of the qualifiers, 54 (players) played and today there are 23, with 31 left behind who helped get the national team through but are not here now,” Suarez said.

“I ask for your understanding because I can’t please everyone but we’re going to try to ensure this group does well enough for make us proud,” the Colombian told a news conference. The Central Americans have lined up warm-up friendlies against Turkey, Israel and fellow finalists England before their June

15 tournament opener against France in Porto Alegre. Squad: Goalkeepers Noel Valladares, Donis Escober (both Olimpia), Luis Lopez (Real Espana) Defenders Brayan Beckeles (Olimpia), Arnold Peralta (Rangers), Emilio Izaguirre (Celtic), Juan Carlos Garcia

(Wigan Athletic), Maynor Figueroa (Hull City), Victor Bernardez (San Jose Earthquake), Osman Chavez (Quingdao Jonoon), Juan Pablo Montes (Motagua) Midfielders - Luis Garrido (Olimpia), Roger Espinoza (Wigan Athletic), Jorge Claros (Motagua), Wilson Palacios (Stoke City), Oscar Boniek Garcia

(Houston Dynamo), Andy Najar (Anderlecht), Mario Martinez (Real Espana), Marvin Chavez (Colorado Rapids) Forwards Jerry Bengtson (New England Revolution), Jerry Palacios (Alajuelense), Carlo Costly (Real Espana), Rony Martinez (CD Real Sociedad)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

Brazil lack attacking threat of the past, says Rivelino (REUTERS) - Thiago Silva is the only current Brazil player that would find a place in the 1970 World Cup winning team, former midfield great Rivelino says, highlighting the Selecao’s shift from an attacking force to one more defensively orientated. Rivelino, one of the stars of that legendary side, said Neymar was the other standout in the team aiming for Brazil’s sixth World Cup title at the tournament starting on home soil on June 12. The 1970 side had a host of great forwards so only Silva, the classy Paris St Germain defender and Brazil captain, would edge his way into the team ahead of Wilson Piazza, the former Corinthians and Fluminense player said. “If you look at the back, Thiago Silva would get in the 1970 team,” he said in an interview. “Piazza was a great player, but he wasn’t a central defender, he was

was Pele and Vava; in 1962, Pele and Vava; in 1970, Pele and Tostao. Then Bebeto and Romario (in 1994) and then Rivaldo and Ronaldo (in 2002). “And there were other players alongside them. But there were two important players, one or the other was always on hand. Today we have one, Fred, who has a nose for goal, but the ball has to come to him, he doesn’t make goals himself.”

adapted from midfield. You can’t ignore a player like Thiago Silva. He has real quality.” Rivelino lamented the lack of strikers and said that for perhaps the first time Brazil go into a World Cup

Thiago Silva

with a better back four than forward line. The country of Pele, Ronaldo and Romario has few attractive options upfront, a worry considering each of the World Cup triumphs included a deadly

attacking duo. “Brazil always had great attackers who could decide a game at any moment,” he told Reuters at an interview at his eponymous soccer school. “If you go back, in 1958 it

FRED GUARANTEE Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari has guaranteed a place for Fluminense striker Fred in the 23-man squad he will name today in Rio de Janeiro. Former Manchester City and Everton centre forward Jo, who is now with Atletico Mineiro, is expected to be his back-up. Both players have their limitations, with Fred lacking mobility and suffering from a number of injuries in recent seasons,

and Jo, who was substituted after 15 minutes of Atletico Mineiro’s loss to Goias at the weekend, not in the top echelon of strikers. If Fred or Barcelona forward Neymar, who has 30 goals in 47 international matches, was injured or lacked form Brazil could struggle to hit the back of the net, with Rivelino saying Scolari should pick an extra attacker to compensate. “I wouldn’t take four central defenders, I’d take three and another striker,” he said. “I’d take (Sao Paulo’s) Luis Fabiano. He doesn’t have to be first choice but he’s there as an option. I think he’s an interesting player and if he has to play he won’t be afraid because he’s been there before.” Such thinking has become more pronounced in Brazil in recent days, with the names of AC Milan’s Robinho and new Sao Paulo signing Alan Kardec also being put forward as options.

Modi’s return to office Lillee quits consultancy faces BCCI challenge role with CA in pay dispute (REUTERS) - Former Indian Premier League chief Lalit Modi was named president of the Rajasthan Cricket Association yesterday but his hopes of defying a life ban on holding any position with an administrative body in India were challenged immediately. The flamboyant 50-year-old was banned by an Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) disciplinary committee last year over financial and administrative irregularities during his stint as chairman of the Twenty20 league’s first three editions. His latest appointment is unlikely to last, however, after the BCCI wasted little time in suspending the Rajasthan authority, pending disciplinary proceedings against it on charges of misconduct.

Former Indian Premier League chief Lalit Modi

“Keeping in mind the interests of the sport of cricket and in order to safeguard the best interests and welfare of the cricketers playing the game in different age-groups and their future, an ad-hoc committee will be constituted shortly by the BCCI,” the board said in a

statement. Modi, who has denied any wrongdoing, stood for election as the head of the Rajasthan Cricket Association in a poll conducted in December and the result was announced by a court-appointed observer yesterday. The Rajasthan body is expected to challenge the BCCI sanction in court. The combative billionaire was vice-president of the BCCI from 2005 until September 2010, soon after he had been removed from his position in charge of the IPL. Modi has long been the most vocal critic of Narayanaswami Srinivasan, the industrialist who has run the BCCI since 2011 and will become chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in July.

(REUTERS) - Australia Test bowling great Dennis Lillee, credited for helping resurrect paceman Mitchell Johnson’s career, has quit as a Cricket Australia (CA) coaching consultant after failing to agree terms on his pay. CA this week signed a twoyear extension with another former fast bowler, Craig McDermott, as the team’s bowling coach. “Unfortunately Dennis Lillee didn’t accept Cricket Australia’s offer to renew his contract,” a CA spokesperson said in a statement. “He is a great of the game and the door will always be open to him if he wants to return and be involved in any way. “We’ve made a point in recent times of being open to bringing in coaching consultants when required.”

Dennis Lillee

Left-arm fast bowler Johnson made a spectacular return to Test cricket during the Ashes in Australia, bamboozling England’s batsmen with his fiery pace and steep bounce after spending some time out in wilderness due to poor form. Lillee, who took 355 wickets in 70 Tests for Australia, told Melbourne radio station SEN in February that the CA bosses were “quibbling over an increase”.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014

Ireland suffer Sri Lanka loss IRELAND failed to cope with Ajantha Mendis as they lost the first of two one-day internationals against Sri Lanka by 79 runs. The hosts had their illustrious opponents 95 for five and 176 for eight, but the momentum swung as Mendis and Nuwan Kulasekara hit 43 from the final 22 balls and Ireland then slipped to five for two. A fifty-partnership between captain William Porterfield and Niall O’Brien was as good as it got as Mendis took three for 26 from his 10 overs to help bowl Ireland out for 140.

Kusal Perera fell to the fourth ball of the match and Lahiru Thirimanne (eight) edged Alex Cusack to wicketkeeper Gary Wilson. Stuart Thompson had Upul Tharanga (24) nick to Wilson, making it 57 for three, and Dinesh Chandimal’s innings of 39 was brilliantly ended by Kevin O’Brien’s catch off his own bowling. Paul Stirling then struck with his second ball, Kithuruwan Vithanage edging to Ed Joyce at slip, before Sri Lanka’s century came up, five down, from the last ball of the 31st over. The key wicket of Angelo

Ajantha Mendis had Ireland in a spin in the first ODI.

Mathews (30) came via a direct hit from Niall O’Brien but new-man Kulasekara quickly lifted Cusack for a straight six. Ashan Priyanjan made 31 from 44 balls, with four

boundaries, before chipping Dockrell to Joyce at midon and Tim Murtagh (two for 21) removed Sachithra Senanayake for three. But Dockrell haemorrhaged 17 runs in the 48th over

including three successive boundaries for Mendis, who finished 18 not out from only nine balls with Kulasekara 42 n.o. from 34. Ireland started badly as Stirling edged Kulasekara for four but was bowled next ball and the in-form Joyce failed to trouble the scorers, edging Suranga Lakmal to keeper Chandimal. Porterfield and Niall O’Brien produced a handful of boundaries in a stand of 58 before the latter fell lbw to Mendis for 33. Wilson (three) was shambolically run-out and Kevin O’Brien holed out first

ball off Lakmal, and when Thompson was trapped on the crease by Mendis, Ireland were 74 for six. Their last hope went when Porterfield (37) hoisted Mendis to Perera at deep square leg, while Cusack made 10 before being yorked by Lakmal (three for 29). Max Sorensen (17) was dismissed from the first ball after drinks and though Dockrell (18 n.o.) and Murtagh (10) at least went down fighting, the Middlesex paceman was trapped lbw by Senanayake after hitting two boundaries. (PA Sport)

Pollard, Starc in showdown as Mumbai beat Bangalore MUMBAI, India (CMC) - Sparks flew between West Indies all-rounder Kieron Pollard and Australian pacer Mitchell Starc as Mumbai Indians beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 19 runs in the Indian Premier League here yesterday. Pollard and Starc stared in heated late innings scenes before Mumbai Indians defended a total of 187 by restricting Bangalore to 168 for eight in 20 overs at the Wankhede Stadium. Mumbai Indians achieved their total by riding on Rohit Sharma’s 35-ball 59 and Pollard’s handy 43 off

31 balls while Bangalore, despite a knock of 38 from Chris Gayle, lost their way from 94 for one in the 10th. Sharma and Pollard came together at 84 for 4 in the tenth over and accelerated late to add 97 in the next ten for Mumbai. Bangalore’s big-hitter Gayle and Parthiv Patel responded with an opening stand of 53 in five overs. But the tension unfolded in the 17th over when Starc fired a bouncer at Pollard who just avoided getting hit when he missed an attempted hook. The fast bowler had a few words to say to Pollard who

Mitchell Starc is not impressed after Kieron Pollard flings his bat towards him, in their showdown in Mumbai, yesterday.

Second set of twins born to Federer family MADRID, Spain (Reuters) - Roger Federer’s wife Mirka has given birth to the couple’s second set of twins, boys named Leo and Lenny, the former world number one said yesterday. “Mirka and I are so incredibly happy to share that Leo and Lenny were born this evening! #TwinsAgain,” Federer, who already has four-yearold twin girls, Myla Rose and Charlene Riva, wrote on his Twitter feed. The Swiss announced earlier yesterday he had withdrawn from this week’s Madrid Open Masters event to be at the birth. “I’ve decided to withdraw

Roger Federer and his wife, Mirka, now have twin boys and twin girls.

from Madrid to be with my wife Mirka during these next few exciting weeks for our

family,” Federer wrote on his Facebook page. “I apologise to my fans

and hope to be back in Madrid next year,” added the 32-year-old, currently ranked four. “I’ll be training near my home, and am excited to rejoin the Tour soon.” Federer, who won the clay event in the Spanish capital in 2009 and 2012, has not played competitively since last month’s Monte Carlo Masters, where he lost to compatriot Stanislas Wawrinka in the final. The 17-time grand slam singles champion said he would not hesitate to miss any tournament to be at the birth, even the French Open that gets under way on May 25.

responded by waving him away. The confrontation continued into the next delivery when Pollard pulled away just as Starc was about to deliver, angering the Australian who angled the ball past the Trinidadian cricketer. An incensed Pollard reacted by threatening to throw his bat at Starc but ended up throwing it close to himself. Starc had the satisfaction of running Pollard out, but before that, he teased the hopelessly stranded batsman to come back before contemptuously swatting the bail off.

The saga continued in the second half when Starc was greeted by a bouncer from Pollard, who eventually caught him at cover in the next over. Pollard’s tense scenes with Starc followed a minor runin with Gayle, when he stood outside his crease and dared his West Indian counterpart to run him out. Despite their loss, Bangalore have enough games to qualify for the knockouts while Mumbai, who rebounded from a five-game losing streak, will want to continue winning.

CRICKET QUIZ CORNER (Wednesday May 07, 2014) Compliments of THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market &The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: (1) CSK vs MI (Capetown, South Africa-April 18, 2009) (2)

10 fours; 13 sixes

Today’s Quiz: (1) Which IPL franchise recently signed WI player Lendl Simmons? (2) Royal Challengers Bangalore twice played in IPL finals. When? Answers in tomorrow’s issue


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 7, 2014


Regal crowned champions in Masters and Open categories … ANGELS AND WELLWOMAN JOINT FEMALE WINNERS

By Calvin Roberts PRE-TOURNAMENT favourites Regal XI lived up to that billing, when they carted off the top prize in the Open category of the inaugural Georgetown Softball Cricket League Inc./National Sports Commission Independence Cup, which culminated at the Everest Cricket Club ground last Sunday night.. They defeated Memorex of Berbice by seven wickets in a pulsating final, after witnessing their Over40 teammates claim that category’s top prize, with their four-wicket victory over Frontline Rangers, while Trophy Stall Angels and Mike’s Wellwoman were crowned joint winners in the female category. In the Open category, Regal XI, who less than two weeks ago had claimed the Guyana Floodlights Softball Cricket Association/Trophy Stall T20 title, asked Memorex to take first strike, before

The victorious Regal Open (front) and Masters team strike a pose with their spoils, following their respective victories last Sunday in the GSCL Inc./NSC inaugural Independence Cup tournament.

reducing them to 154 for 8 off their 20 overs. David Lukenauth 37 (3x4, 2x6), Waheid Edwards 32 and Enaam Singh 18 (2x6) were the principle scorers for Memorex, as Chien

Gittens took 3 for 24 and got support from Lakeram Roopnarine, Troy Kippins and Safraz Esau, who picked up a wicket each. In their reply, Regal XI reached 155 for 3 from 17.2

overs in fading light, thanks to an unbeaten 62 (5x4, 3x6) from Gittens which earned him the Man-of-the-Match award, backed by 23 from Richard Latiff and 18 from Kwesi Joseph while Roy

Jafferally took 2 for 30 for Memorex. In the Masters category, Regal Masters won the toss and invited Frontline Rangers to bat first, reducing them to 153 for 5 in their 20 overs, led by Mohammed Rafiek 63 (3x4, 3x6), 24 from Manoj Malone and 21 (2x6, 1x4) from Kishon Mohabir. Rafiek and Malone had earlier added 60 for the second wicket, after Sheik Mohammed was caught off the bowling of Clyde Butts (1 for 18), while Rafiek and Shaun Massiah (11) added 40 for the third wicket, following the demise of Malone before they were both dismissed. Satrohan Seeraj took 3 for 24 for Regal Masters, who said thanks to Younis Yusuf’s 39 that was decorated with five fours, 29 (2x6, 1x4) from Eric Thomas, 28 (4x4) from skipper Mahendra Arjune and 18 from Lance Adams, as they reached 154 for 6 off 18 overs, despite Rafiek’s 3 for 36.

At the presentation ceremony that followed, Speedboat’s Greg Singh was named Man-of-the-Series in the Open category, following his 205 against Karibee Boys on the penultimate day of the tournament. He received a three-piece living room suite, while Regal took home $500 000, a trophy and 15 medallions and Memorex $200 000, a trophy and 15 medallions as well. In the Masters category, Regal Masters carted off $400 000, a trophy and 15 medallions, Frontline Rangers $100 000, a trophy and 15 replicas, while Rafiek was named Man-ofthe-Match in the final and Floodlights’ Greg DeFrance the Man-of-the-Series. In the female category, Trophy Stall Angels and Mike’s Wellwoman agreed to share the spoils evenly, after their game was cancelled due to insufficient playing time, following their semifinal victories over Regal Champs and Karibee Strikers.

Demerara and Berbice locked in Inter-county Under-19 battle … ESSEQUIBO FIGHT BACK By Calvin Roberts THANKS to another halfcentury, this time unbeaten from wicketkeeperbatsman Kemol Savory, defending champions Demerara were able to garner first-innings points from Berbice, in their Guyana Cricket Board Inter-county Under-19 fixture at the Georgetown Cricket Club ground yesterday. At the close of play, Berbice, who conceded a first-innings lead of 54 to Demerara, were 103 for 3 off 52 overs, for a lead of 49 runs heading into today’s final day play, with Viendra Gooniah and David Latchaya unbeaten on 35 and 27 respectively. At the Demerara Cricket Club (DCC) ground, Essequibo, who resumed the day on nine without loss in response to President XI’s 332 all out, of which Avishkar Sewkarran

stroked 109, Ronaldo Ali Mohammed 75 and Ryan Shun 70, were bowled out for 234 - conceding a lead of 98 runs, but struck back to reduce their opponents to 112 for 6 at the close of play. At GCC, Demerara resumed yesterday’s penultimate day on 70 for 2 in response to Berbice’s 140. Balchand Baldeo (27), Shimron Hetmyer (24), Gooniah (22) and Arif Chan (18) were the leading scorers, with Tagenarine Chanderpaul on 18 and Rudolph Singh 1. They pushed the score to 94, before Singh was lbw to Shiraz Ramcharran for 14. After Chanderpaul posted the 100 with a six over midwicket off Chan, he was brilliantly caught by a leaping Niall Smith at midoff, when he looked to hit Parmanand Ramdhan over that area. Chanderpaul departed for 32 (137 balls, 3x4, 1x6), leaving Demerara on 116 for

President XI’s Avishkar Sewkarran is closely watched by the Essequibo wicketkeeper, as he strokes the ball through the off-side during his first-innings ton last Monday.

4, which soon became 137 for 8 as they lost Shurfane Rutherford 16 (1x4, 1x6), Malcolm Hubbard (6), Steven Sankar (0) and firstinnings destroyer with the ball, Keon Morris (1). Meanwhile Savory was stroking the ball around, picking up the singles coupled with the odd boundaries. Together with Daniel Basdeo they steered their side to first innings points and a safe position

of 153 for 8 at lunch, with Savory on 21 and Basdeo 8. After the break, Demerara lost Basdeo lbw to Ramdhan for 9, but his departure enabled Savory to post 34 valuable runs for the final wicket with Kevin Paul (4), as he realised his second successive half-century following the one he scored in the first round against Essequibo, from 91 balls with seven fours. Shortly after, Kevin Paul

was lbw to Grisean Grant (2 for 36) for 4, leaving Savory unbeaten on 56 (109 balls, 134 minutes 7x4), as Demerara took the lead in the face of Ramdhan’s 3 for 33 and Ramcharran’s 3 for 37. In their 11 overs before the tea break, Berbice lost Shimron Hetmyer (4) who pulled a short ball from Basdeo, straight into the waiting hands of Renaldo Renee at deep squareleg, taking the break on 25 for 1 with Gooniah on 6 and Balchand Baldeo 13. They lost Baldeo 26 (2x4) and Ramcharran (7) after the break to be 55 for 3, but an unbroken 48-run partnership between Latchaya, who pulled Kevin Paul for four after surviving a torrid spell from Sankar and Gooniah, saw them to safety at the close of play. On the opening day, Morris ended with 4-42 and Basdeo claimed 2-25, as the Berbicians struggled on the track when play got under way in the second session after seepage cancelled

play for the entire morning session. At DCC, Essequibo began the day on 9 without loss, after off-spinner Akil Wallace ( 5 for 96) and Kemo Paul with 2-54 had restricted the President’s XI and saw Avenash Persaud 85 (99 balls, 13x4, 2x6), Travis Drakes 28 (2x4, 3x6) and Ryan Adams 21 (2x6), enable a spirited reply. It was much better than the batting display they put on against Demerara in the first round, as they fell short of the President’s XI total by 98 runs, thanks to the bowling of Shun who took 3 for 18, backed by Ershad Ali, Travis Persaud and Vivian Albert, who took two wickets each for 29, 36 and 39 runs respectively. However, Keanu Harry fought back gallantly for the Essequibians, to reduce their opponents in their second innings, picking up 2 for 11, while Wallace snared 2 for 45, in the face of Sunil Singh’s resilient 53, with Shivnarine Srikissoon and Albert unbeaten on 6 and 4 at the close.


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Guyana’s Braithwaite takes lead on opening day of WFSC By Troy Peters GUYANESE Lennox Braithwaite, the reigning West Indies Fullbore individual ‘X’ Class shooting champion, has taken the lead while United States-based compatriot John Fraser is in charge of ‘O’ Class on day one of the individual competition at West Indies Fullbore Shooting Championships (WFSC) at Twickenham Park ranges in Spanish Town, Jamaica. Braithwaite dropped six points to finish the day with an overall 129 with six V-bulls as the weather dictated the day’s events, first with winds changing from left to right before a windstorm later in the afternoon made the situation difficult for all the shooters. The reigning two-time champion was consistent, shooting 34.3 at 300 yards, 48.1 at 600 and 47.2 at 900 yards, to lead Canadian Alpar Katona who shot an overall 128 points with six V-bulls including a possible at 300 yards. Turn to page 35

Lennox Braithwaite finishes the day with an overall 129 points.

John Fraser is the leader of the `O’ Class with 122 points.

Match-fixing to be criminalised in New Zealand THE New Zealand government has amended its Crimes Act 1961 to include match-fixing in it, to give “greater certainty to law enforcement agencies and international sporting bodies”. While existing legislation might have covered match-fixing under other offences such as fraud, this amendment will for the first time deal directly with fixing as a crime. This was part of a new sports match-fixing policy announced by New Zealand sport and recreation minister Murray McCully. “New Zealand is not immune to the

international risks of match-fixing, and we are taking pre-emptive steps to protect our well-deserved reputation for playing fair and the integrity of New Zealand sport,” Mr McCully said. “Today we have released the New Zealand Policy on Sports Match-Fixing and Related Corruption, and announced plans to amend the Crimes Act 1961 to ensure the most serious form of match-fixing is a criminal offence.” McCully said the new policy will provide a framework for proper regulation of

betting. “The national match-fixing policy provides a comprehensive framework for collaboration across government, the sport sector and the betting industry to address match-fixing risks to New Zealand sport,” McCully said. “An important component of the policy is ensuring we have a strong legal framework around match-fixing, and ensuring it is subject to criminal sanctions. “We have therefore decided to amend the Crimes Act 1961 to ensure match-fixing is included. While match-fixing may already

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be covered by existing legislation, the decision to refer to it specifically in the Crimes Act gives greater certainty to law enforcement agencies and international sporting bodies.” There have been quite a few incidents of match- and spot-fixing in cricket around the world recently. In countries that don’t have clear laws against match-fixing, the onus of investigation and correction falls on sporting bodies, which don’t always have the resources to deal with it. (ESPN Cricinfo) Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Guyana chronicle may 07 2014  
Guyana chronicle may 07 2014