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SATURDAY 9th November, 2019


‘Let’s see if you’re alive’ …GECOM chair justifies stance on 20,000 non-ID card holders …says they will be allowed to vote but must present other forms of ID …to be placed on supplementary list of electors

Mackenzie High takes coveted title



―at JOF Haynes inter-secondary debating competition 14


Chief Education Officer Dr. Marcel Hudson (extreme left) with Mackenzie High’s Angelique DeJonge, Ayesha King, Royston Lester, and Mc Ale McRae. At right is Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education Alfred King (Delano Williams Photo)

Soldier drowns aback 08 Camp Jaguar




Dead: GDF Corporal, Dwayne Johnson

Anonth Boodrage (in red) and Ricardo Fraser

Sea bandits charged

GECOM on track for E-Day

…received first batch of data sent for cross-matching




GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, November 09, 2019

GECOM welcomes elections observers

WHILE some members of the opposition have accused the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) of refusing to accept offers from organisations to observe the upcoming elections, Chair of the Commission, Justice (Ret’d) Claudette Singh, has stated that nothing is further from the truth. On the Kaieteur Radio on Thursday, she stated that, in preparation for elections, the commission is working along with the international community for assistance while local observers will be accredit-

ed soon. “We’re expecting many overseas observers to come in and they will be accredited by the Executive, that’s not GECOM’s function. GECOM’s function

is only to accredit the local observers and we’re just waiting after the President would have accredited the overseas [observers]…” she said.

One of these international observers is set to be the Carter Center through former United States (US) President, Jimmy Carter, who led the first mission

“There was much ado where persons were saying that GECOM doesn’t want observers, that is not true. GECOM welcomes all elections observers,” Singh said

GECOM Public Relations Officer, Yolanda Ward; Chair of the Commission, Justice (Ret’d) Claudette Singh and Chief Elections Officer (CEO), Keith Lowenfield (Delano Williams photo)

to Guyana with the aim of encouraging sustainable development and development of democratic institutions. Meanwhile, the commission will also receive two Senior Electoral Advisers from the Commonwealth Secretariat this month, while another individual from Canada is also on board. One of these was a Former Chair of the Guyana Electoral body, while another was the former Chief Elections Officer in India and another from Ghana.

later at a press conference in Friday. “These persons will be on board as from sometime this month…they will be here acting as advisers and overseeing what we’re doing in GECOM. They’ll be here before, during and after the elections.” She assured the public that the commission is not “shutting the door on anybody” and is appreciative of all the help it can receive to ensure credible elections are held. Also addressing the topic, Chief Elections Officer (CEO),

Keith Lowenfield, stated that the accreditation for local observers is a process. He explained that without knowing what the Official List of Electors [OLE] will look like and how many polling stations will be used, it would be impossible for the commission to move ahead with local accreditation. “Once these processes are satisfied, no doubt there’s a timeline for all the groups who have indicated their desire to participate as local observers, there’s a point in time when the Commission will deliberate and provide the approvals,” he said. Amongst the groups which have shown interest are the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU); the Private Sector Commission (PSC); the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) and the American Chamber of Commerce in Guyana (AmCham Guyana). These processes being outlined, the Chair affirmed: “With these persons on board persons should have no doubt, with them or without them, that GECOM would not produce credible elections. Everything is being done to by GECOM to produce free, fair and credible elections. No one should have any doubt about that.”


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, November 09, 2019

‘Let’s see if you’re alive’ …GECOM chair justifies stance on 20,000 non-ID card holders …says they will be allowed to vote but must present other forms of ID …to be placed on supplementary list of electors

By Lisa Hamilton SHOULD a total of 19,502 citizens who have not collected their Identification (ID) Cards from the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) over a period of years turn up to vote on elections day, they will be permitted to do so, but must present an alternative form of identification such as a passport or birth certificate. The names of these individuals who fail to collect their ID cards by a given date will be placed on a Supplementary List along with the Official List of Electors [OLE] on elections day, which would also allow them the opportunity to vote. The number, once stated as many as 20,000 persons, was narrowed down to over 19,000 with the removal of those

now dead with the help of the General Registrar’s Office (GRO) At a press conference on Friday, Chief Elections Officer (CEO), Keith Lowenfield, notified that amongst this number, from the 2008 houseto-house registration exercise, a total of 12,079 ID cards were not collected. Data for 2018 showed that over 1,400 ID cards remained undistributed both of which also add to the total figure. NO WITCH-HUNTING While several in the public have questioned the commission’s legal right to do so, GECOM Chair, Justice (rt’d) Claudette Singh, at the press conference, cited the proviso of Section 668 of the National Registration (Amendment) Act 2005. She highlighted

that, according to the Act, the commission can utilise the verification of the list at any time. “This is the procedure being utilised to cleanse the List. We just want to verify the existence of these people. They should come forward and say ‘well I’m alive’,” she said. In October, following the proposal of a commissioner, the commission had decided that the approximately 20,000 persons who were registered in 2008 but have not yet collected their ID cards, will be given 21 days to do same or be struck off OLE. The commission also assured that these persons will be given notice by means of publishing the names in the daily newspapers and by registered mail. On the Kaieteur Radio on Thursday, the GECOM Chair

had stated clearly that, contrary to some talks, it is not the commission’s intention to disenfranchise any eligible voter. “Your names will be taken off the Official List of Electors [OLE] but your names would still remain on the National Register of Registrants Database,” she stated. “We will remove them from that OLE and place them on another list supplementary to the OLE and it will be hanging there so if, on elections day, one of those persons turn up they will be allowed to vote once they come with maybe a passport, some form of identification.” On Friday, she added, “It is not GECOM’s intention to disenfranchise anyone and this exercise is not a witch-hunting exercise as is being rumored. GECOM has

no intention of disenfranchising anyone, it’s just a verification process.” SOMETHING FISHY Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo, is not against the verifying of the existence of the 20,000 but is against their removal from the OLE. However, the Chair admitted that it is “worrying” when some 20,000 persons, for over 11 years, have not taken the opportunity to collect their ID cards. Efforts, over the years, have been made to contact these individuals who have still not verified their existence in the country. Opposition-nominated commissioners have contested that the law does not stipulate that citizens need an ID card to vote and there-

fore the collection of these cards should be non-related. On the other hand, some commissioners believe that these persons might be part of a scheme of the opposition to rig the upcoming elections. “The fact is, since 2008, 20,000 persons did not come forward to collect these cards. Where are these persons?” the Chair questioned at the press conference. “They never turned up from 2008. You don’t know anything about those people, you don’t know if they’re alive or not. We need to verify; the law says that.” Elections are expected to be held in Guyana on March 2, 2020 and the commission has committed to doing all in its power to ensure that free, fair and credible elections are held.

GECOM on track for E-Day …received first batch of data sent for cross-matching

THE Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) is on track for elections on March 2, 2019 as plans such as the procurement of election materials and the preparation of polling stations and staff are falling into place. This was the information relayed by Chief Elections Officer (CEO), Keith Lowenfield, and Chair of the Commission, Justice (Ret’d) Claudette Singh, at a news conference on Friday. There, they updated that, having sent the 370,000 transactions from the house-tohouse registration exercise to be cross-matched; the first batch of 179,000 has been received while the final batch should reach the commission very soon. Of these 179,000 transactions there were 150,000 duplicates meaning that these persons are already present on the National Register of Registrants (NRR) while there were 29,082 new transactions. The names of these individu-

als have been up at GECOM’s various offices for public scrutiny and, although the claims period has ended, when the second batch is received, this will also be placed up for public scrutiny during the remaining objections period. IT’S LEGAL At the press conference, the chairman was able to defend the commission’s decision to utilise the house-tohouse data during the claims and objections (C&O) period. She referenced the August 2019 decisions of Chief Justice (ag) Roxane George-Wiltshire in a case challenging the constitutionality of registration exercise in which she ruled that the Constitution and the Laws of Guyana provide for the conduct of house-tohouse registration as a form of verification. “Going back to the Chief Justice’s decision where she spoke about verification of the List…[it was said that] we can verify the List even in conjunction with the

house-to-house or separately,” the Chair said. This house-to-house data, being lawful, the Chair stated that she decided that every entry from the data, following cross matching, would be posted for public scrutiny. Had the house-to-house exercise gone uninterrupted, the Chair stated that there would have been no need for the verification process. However, she noted that she cut short the exercise because of the ruling that GECOM had no legal authority to remove names from the National Register of Registrants Database. At the same time, the GECOM Chair stated that the commission is still deliberating on how the house-to-house data will ultimately be included in the Revised List of Electors (RLE). NO DATE FOR NOMINATIONS DAY When it comes to Nomination’s Day, this is still to be decided upon by the commission as the CEO said that while the

Laws of Guyana state that it should h held not less than 32 days before elections, there are “Administrative elements that must be satisfied”. These, he explained, which are tied to the procurement of ballots, statement of polls and tally sheets, could take the Commission beyond 32 days as they are being sourced from overseas service providers. Nonetheless, he assured: “We have been in contact with the major parties and the new and the upcoming parties that have indicated the desire to participate in the process as parties by themselves and again, at the appropriate time, we’ll be inviting all these parties to be briefed long before Nomination Day exercises are ahead so that all parties and all contestants would have an opportunity to be informed and to be made aware of the legal processes required for Nomination’s Day.” On

elections day, Lowenfield said that there will be more or less 2,350 polling stations countrywide – susceptible to change based on the commission’s decisions on the use of private residences for

polling stations. Meanwhile, training for polling day staff has also been completed with a total of 13,500 persons trained, who will be retrained at the appropriate time.

Shopkeeper accused of trafficking pills granted bail SENIOR Magistrate Leron Daly, on Friday November 8, 2019, granted $100,000 bail to a 31-year-old shopkeeper, for trafficking pills. Kurt Singh of Alberttown appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and pleaded not guilty to the charge. Particulars of the charge stated that, on November 7, 2019, at Albert Street, he had 181 Ecstasy pills, a type of Amphetamine pill, for the purpose of trafficking. According to information, on the day in question, ranks from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters, acting on information received, went to Albert Street, where they saw Singh. The ranks approached him and asked to conduct a search on his person. During the search, the pills were found. Singh was arrested and later charged. Magistrate Daly granted Singh $100,000 bail and ordered that he lodged his travel documents and report to the CID Headquarters, every Monday, until the conclusion of the matter. The matter was adjourned until December 13, 2019.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday November 9, 2019

Trump goads ‘little’ Bloomberg to challenge him

US President Donald Trump has taunted former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg amid reports that he is ready to jump into the White House race. Speaking to reporters, Mr Trump said of the billionaire businessman: “There is nobody I’d rather run against than little Michael.” Mr Bloomberg is expected to file paperwork for the presidential primary in

Alabama later on Friday. But advisers say he has not yet made his final decision. On Friday, Mr Trump said Mr Bloomberg “doesn’t have the magic” to make it to the White House. He continued: “He’s not going to do well, but I think he’s going to hurt Biden actually.” Calling him “a nothing”, Mr Trump said on Friday that Mr Bloomberg “will

fail” if he joins the Democratic race. In a statement, Bloomberg adviser Howard Wolfson said: “We now need to finish the job and ensure that Trump is defeated. “But Mike is increasingly concerned that the current field of candidates is not well positioned to do that.” Mr Bloomberg is said to be fully aware such a belated entry to the race could present challenges in states like Iowa and New Hampshire, where other Democratic contenders have been campaigning for months. The Bloomberg team reportedly sees a possible pathway through the so-called Super Tuesday contests in March, when 14 states, including California, Alabama and Colorado, will vote on a single day for their preferred White House nominee. Mr Bloomberg, 77, considered running for the White House as an independent candidate in 2008 and 2016. In March this year he said he would not run for president. But he is understood to have recently voiced scepticism that any of the current Democratic field could beat Mr Trump in the election a

year from now. If Mr Bloomberg does get on the ballot in Alabama by Friday, he will still have to register in other states. His advisers are reportedly preparing the necessary paperwork for other states with upcoming deadlines. Both Arkansas and New Hampshire require candidates to file by next week. State-by-state votes, known as primaries and caucuses, will be held from February next year to pick a Democratic White House nominee. The eventual winner will be crowned at the party convention in Wisconsin in July. He or she is expected to face President Trump, a Republican, in the general election in November. A total of 17 Democratic candidates are vying to be the party’s standard-bearer. Joe Biden, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders are the current front-runners. Mr Biden told media on Friday that he had “no problem” with Mr Bloomberg joining the Democratic field. “Michael is a solid guy,” Mr Biden said. “Let’s see where it goes.”

Ms Warren welcomed Mr Bloomberg to the race on Twitter, linking to her own campaign website and suggesting the former mayor take a look for potential policy plans. In tweet seemingly directed at Mr Bloomberg, Mr Sanders wrote: “The billionaire class is scared and they should be scared.” Some recent opinion polls have suggested that Ms Warren and Mr Sanders - who are more politically liberal than Mr Biden - might face an uphill battle against Mr Trump. The Republican National Committee said in a statement that the billionaire’s prospective entry “underscores the weak Democrat field”. Mr Bloomberg’s net worth is $52bn (£40bn), according to Forbes. This is nearly 17 times more than that of Mr Trump ($3.1bn). He was a Wall Street banker before going on to create the financial publishing empire that bears his name. He staged a successful campaign for New York mayor in 2001, remaining in office for three consecutive terms through 2013. A philanthropist, he has

donated millions of dollars to educational, medical and other causes. Originally a Democrat, Mr Bloomberg became a Republican to mount his campaign for New York mayor in 2001. Now regarded as a moderate Democrat, he rejoined the party only last year. Mr Bloomberg has liberal views on issues such as climate change, gun control, immigration and abortion rights. He was credited this week with helping Democrats win control of Virginia’s legislature, after his gun-control advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety injected $2.5m into the state’s election. But Mr Bloomberg is more conservative on topics like the economy and policing. As mayor, he defended NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy, which critics say disproportionately targeted African Americans and Hispanics. Black voters are a vital constituency for Democrats. At city hall, Mr Bloomberg banned supersize sodas to prevent obesity, but was overruled by the state’s Supreme Court. (BBC)


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GUYANA CHRONICLE, Saturday November 9, 2019

CDB, CARICOM Sign MOU to Deepen Cooperation November 8, 2019, BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to deepen their collaboration on projects and programmes, with emphasis on capacity building, institutional strengthening and disseminating informa-

tion on economic and social policy issues. CDB President Dr. Wm Warren Smith and CARICOM Secretary-General Ambassador Irwin LaRocque signed the MoU at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre in Barbados on Wednesday, November 6, following the CDB/Government of Barbados/International Monetary Fund’s Ninth Caribbean Fo-

rum. Under the MoU, CDB and CARICOM will cooperate on areas of activity which facilitate regional integration and the expansion of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME). The CDB President noted that the two regional bodies shared a long-standing relationship and had common goals of building economic

opportunity and prosperity for the people of the Region through deeper regional cooperation. “This MoU formalises a long-standing partnership between two leading regional organisations sharing a common interest in fostering the economic development of the Caribbean by promoting economic integration and cooperation. We can look

forward to even greater collaboration, especially in the areas of capacity building, institutional strengthening, and knowledge and information,” he stated. Secretary General LaRocque stated: “This is just the latest example of the excellent relationship between the CDB and the Secretariat that has been a feature of the tenure of Dr

Smith. All the areas cited in this MoU are critical to the development of our Community and the ultimate benefit of the people.” Critical areas for regional cooperation covered in the MoU include the CSME, education, disaster risk reduction, economic integration, regional transport and energy.

US immigration agents Region to tackle roaming rates nab Jamaican nationals during Operation SOAR NEW YORK, Nov. 8, CMC – The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency says officers from its Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Long Island, New York, Sub-Office have arrested Jamaican nationals among 23 sexual predators during a six-day operation in Long Island, a New York City suburb. On Thursday, ICE said that the enforcement effort, dubbed “Operation SOAR” (Sex Offender Alien Removal), ended on November 2. ICE did not identify the Jamaican nationals arrested but said that, in the course of Operation SOAR, ERO deportation officers apprehended the  individuals with past criminal convictions, ranging from sexual abuse to rape.  Several of those arrested are registered sexual offenders, ICE said. It said that each taken into custody is currently being detained pending the completion of removal proceedings, criminal prosecution or removal from the United States. Besides Jamaica, ICE said the arrestees include nationals from Canada, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines and Portugal. ERO deportation officers made arrests throughout Long Island, specifically in Nassau County: Mineola, Port Washington, Roosevelt, Uniondale; and in Suffolk County: Brentwood, Central Islip, Copiague, Huntington

Station, Manorville, Riverhead, Rocky Point, Wheatley Heights and Wyandanch. Additionally, ICE said two arrests were made in Brooklyn, and one each in the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens – counties in New York City. ICE said one Jamaican national arrested in Uniondale is a 52-year-old with a prior US federal conviction for receiving material involving the sexual exploitation of a minor for which a sentence of 120 months imprisonment was imposed. “When we talk about the safety of our communities, it should not be politics, it should be common sense,” said Thomas R. Decker, field office director for ERO New York. “We arrested nearly two dozen convicted sex offenders this past week, including many who conducted heinous acts against children, and could have been turned over to ICE instead of released back into our neighborhoods,” he added.  ICE said the criminal histories of those arrested during the operation include acting in manner injure child, aggravated Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, attempted forcible touching, attempted petit larceny, attempted sexual misconduct, criminal contempt, criminal mischief, criminal obstruction of breathing, criminal possession of stolen property, criminal sexual act, disorderly conduct, endangering

the welfare of a child, false impersonation, harassment, petit larceny, possession of a forged instrument, receiving material involving the sexual exploitation of a minor, sexual abuse, DWI and sexual misconduct. Five of the individuals arrested during this operation will face US federal criminal prosecutions for illegal entry and illegal reentry after removal, ICE said. It said an immigrant who illegally reenters the United States has committed a felony punishable by up to 20 years in US federal prison. The arrestees who are not being federally prosecuted are being detained in ICE custody, and will be processed administratively for removal from the United States, ICE said.  It said those arrestees who have outstanding orders of removal are subject to immediate removal from the country. ICE said the remaining individuals are in its custody awaiting a hearing before an immigration judge.

Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Ministers with responsibility for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have agreed to collectively approach the Region’s telecommunications providers to eliminate roaming charges throughout the Community. This is one of the priorities which they identified as an early benefit with respect to achieving a CARICOM Single ICT Space. At a Special Meeting of the Council for Trade and Economic Development (ICT) on Friday, by video-conference, the Ministers agreed that this would provide social and economic benefits to the people and to the Region. A number of regional and international organisations and CARICOM Youth Ambassadors also took part in the discussions. Chairman of the meeting, Dr the Rt Honourable Keith Mitchell, Prime Minister of Grenada and Lead Head of Government for Science and Technology including ICT, said this was an issue which would give a real boost to regional integration and had the potential to drive growth and development in the Community. CARICOM Secretary-General Ambassador Irwin LaRocque concurred with the sentiments of the Prime Minister and stated that this should be viewed as a low-hanging fruit in achieving the Single ICT Space which should be

realised as soon as practically possible. The Single ICT Space will allow for harmonisation of the ICT and other legislative frameworks in CARICOM, the removal of roaming charges, the encouragement of digital entrepreneurship, equipping all CARICOM nationals as digital citizens and looking at ICT financial solutions among other regional benefits. The Ministers emphasised the importance of cyber security in underpinning the Single ICT Space. The Ministers agreed on a Ministerial Understanding on the Single ICT Space in which they identified priorities as: developing the ICT sector as a catalyst to foster closer regional economic integration; enhancing the competitiveness of the Re-

gion through a vibrant ICT industry; and using the Single ICT Space as a driver of the CARICOM digital economy and the transformation of key sectors. The Understanding notes that the realisation of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) and the fulfilment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be greatly advanced by the strategic application and increased usage of ICT and applying a whole-of-government approach. The Ministers recognised the ICT Space could only be developed with partnership and commitment of all stakeholders in the public and private sectors, civil society and International Development Partners.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday November 9, 2019

Educator Emeritus

ON Monday, at a solemn but moving celebration service for the life of Oswald Neville Kendall, aka Shaft, at the Church of The Transfiguration, this icon of the teaching profession and renowned Guyanese educator was eulogised and praised for his services to the local field of education. So many of our educators in the various CARICOM islands, often praised for their dedicated and outstanding professional performance, must be a part of this cadre of teachers who would have sat at the feet of this now deceased giant, as he imparted to them the art of teaching and becoming a successful educator.

The fact that seating at the church had to be extended to accommodate the hundreds who gathered to pay their final respects is an illustration of their recognition of the sterling contribution which this great son of the soil would have made to the development of the education system in Guyana. Of course, he is undoubtedly one of the foundation members and building blocks of our modern system of education, a distinction which he must share with those other great educationists: Samuel Small, Newton Profitt, Conrad Luke and Lynette Dolphin, a few iconic examples, all late colleagues.

Further, it is apt that he be recognised as one of Guyana’s great grandmasters of the education system, as illustrated by his educational portfolios that saw him ascending to virtually every administrative office in the nation’s education department. These decades of experience would have given him a world view of the nation’s system of education, particularly its challenges. This continuing service to education after retirement, whether on school boards or in other related portfolios, Oswald Kendall was always willing to serve and play his role. For him, the service of training the nation’s educators and for them to mould

the nation’s children were a mission, which he carried out with passion and the greatest of dedication. It was such recognised qualities, among others, that would have perhaps resulted in the apogee of his teaching and administrative career, when he was named as the first principal of President’s College, Guyana’s school of excellence, commissioned by the late President Burnham. Kendall’s administrative abilities and excellent team work with his teaching staff, realised ‘A’ Grade results for students during his era, and even after. This meant that President’s College was as good as any of the leading secondary

schools of the day; and this can be measured by its alumni, many of whom subsequently distinguished themselves in professions, both in Guyana and further afield. Two of these, one a well- known politician and the other a prominent cardiologist, were among his pall bearers. It is ironical that Kendall would have passed away just after President David Granger’s announcement of Guyana’s Decade of Development, with the accent primarily on education as the tool for creating an educated Guyanese, and its role in the socio-economic development of Guyana in an oil and gas economy. Sure enough,

the expert advice and guidance of this sage educator would have been sought in the conceptualisation of this grand national vision for education. Oswald Kendall, educator emeritus, has left an immense legacy, worthy of emulation by any of today’s administrators, both junior and senior, all of whom stand on the shoulders of this great stalwart, and others of his revered class. It would be a tribute and an honour to his lifelong work that his work ethic and dedication begin to be adopted by those who are now his many successors; and if already being done, be taken to higher levels.

Restructuring of GGMC will allow for effective stewardship of the country’s mineral resources

Dear Editor,

THE Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) takes note of a letter contained in the November7, 2019 edition of the Kaieteur News titled, “Restructuring of GGMC untimely, belated action shows lack of strategic vision”. Given its mandate to explore, develop and sustain the natural resources of our country, the ministry has continuously taken action to review and update policies and the functioning where necessary, to ensure the sustainable exploration and development of the nation’s resources. Particularly, the MNR has supported and worked along with the agencies within its purview, namely the Guyana Geology and Mines

Commission (GGMC), the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) and the Guyana Gold Board (GGB), which function as regulators within the sector. The ministry and, by extension, the Government of Guyana, in efforts to continue the advancement of the country and the natural resources sector’s management, has decided to move forward with acquiring recommendations on the restructuring and modernisation of all three agencies within its policy remit, the GGMC, GFC and GGB. These processes were approved by Cabinet in 2017 and 2018, and has been ongoing for many months. No one has been dismissed, and the purposes of these consultancies are not meant to target any individual in any agency,

and in fact, are grounded in strong management principles, which are to ensure that these state agencies are aligned with the Government’s vision for the future. Given the misunderstandings regarding the restructuring of the two key agencies, GGMC and GFC, it is fitting that the intent of the activities be reiterated. In the case of the GFC, the restructuring process has been headed by a Joint Task Force between the MNR and the Board of Directors of the GFC. Following the completion of work done to formulate a new Forest Policy and Plan, in 2018, it became imperative to review the functions of the GFC to ensure that all aspects of its work were in tandem with the new “green” vision that the country is embracing.

The intent of the task force was to submit recommendations regarding the restructuring. The task force was mandated to complete an examination and evaluation of performance standards and job descriptions, personnel procedures, conditions of employment and appointment, wages and salary structures and payroll administration. The activity further aimed at improving the efficient performance and effective management of the commission by identifying development opportunities for staff. With regards to the GGMC, to ensure preparedness for the emergence of a new and green economy, it was also imperative that the GGMC’s role and functioning also be scrutinised to ensure that it was ready for

the transition. In 2017, it was therefore decided that there is to be a thorough review of the Commission’s operating procedures, structure and functions. With the discovery of oil and the need for GGMC’s Petroleum Division to transition into the soon to be established Petroleum Commission, and the opening of new areas for exploration, it is appropriate that the agency adapts its efficiency and is better able to come into line with international standards and practices. This restructuring will allow the GGMC to continue to provide effective stewardship of the country’s mineral resources. Currently, GGMC is divided into a number of divisions and

units: Geological Services, Mines, Environment, Petroleum and Land Management. The Ministry continues to support effective functioning of these key agencies within the sector. It is the Government’s aim to advance the country’s development, hence, the restructuring activities will play a key role in how our patrimony is efficiently managed. The MNR continues to support the activities and looks forward to the submissions of recommendations regarding the agencies. Regards, Public Affairs and Communications Unit, Ministry of Natural Resources


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Saturday November 9, 2019

GECOM sparing no effort to get claims to 25,000 IDs

Dear Editor,

WHO in their right mind would not want to know why 25,000 persons have not yet uplifted their identification cards (IDs) since 2008? This is not normal behaviour for so many people and for so many years to have not found it convenient to uplift this very important piece of document. It is clearly said that the ID card is not only for voting, but it is a very useful and convenient document to walk around with. Other than being used as a form of identification by the holder for the purpose of voting at elections, it has been foundto be very useful for many other transactions. It must be said that a person’s passport may also be used for the same purposes, however, many people in Guyana find the use of a National ID Card more convenient, while some may even think that it is much safer to walk around with too. The fact is that the National Identification Card facilitates easy transactions at any bank in Guyana; allow a person to get their Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN); used when applying for a driver’s licence and even your passport. Also,

the ID Card is used when applying for a Loan; a police clearance certificate; also transacting business at any of the Post Offices around Guyana, which includes carrying out transactions specifically related with the monthly old age pensions. Additionally, the ID Card facilitates the carrying out of transactions associated with the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), as well as for arranging hire purchase transactions. Now, after all the above explanations that may not even be the full representation of the use of the ID Card, why would 25,000 people in a country with just over 700,000 persons, not want to pick up such a major piece of identification? And the fact is that this is just a percentage of the 700,000plus, who would have registered and thus due to uplift these ID cards. PLAUSIBLE REASONS “The chances are that there are some people who may have come in, got registered and left and never came back; the chances are that we have people who have died and we had put a call out and that number came down,” said Mr. Vincent Alexander, APNU+AFC Commissioner on a recent interview with Mr. Mark Benschop. Mr. Alexander added that GECOM is now making every effort

once more, writing the people, publishing their names in all of the country’s newspapers for 21 days – and the 21 days would commence this weekend, simultaneously with the publication of the list in all the newspapers, as well as the letters that are to be dispatched to those who have not uplifted. The publications will also be on the GECOM’s website. He also noted that GECOM would be posting these names – not just in alphabetical order, but also by regions and also by Electoral Divisions. Mr. Alexander said that there is a significant number of people from Region Nine, in the Rupununi, who are now turning up to uplift their ID Cards. He, however, said that the efforts now being put in place is in an attempt to call out the people to uplift their cards. He added that the response would help to inform GECOM on the next step. He iterated that his disposition is that there is need for a list that is “as clean as possible”, since based on previous experiences with a list that needs cleansing, such a list could be, “manipulated and fraudulently used,” when some people whose names are on the list do not turn up, which causes him to advocate for a clean


PHANTOMS It is therefore going to be a very interesting time for the people of Guyana to see what the end result of this exercise would reveal. Mr. Alexander stopped short of blaming any particular person or organisation; he and his GECOM team prefers to make every effort to dispel thoughts of plans for voter fraud or any such thing at this time. He already stated that some from the Rupununi are coming forward, while the list has been reduced, possibly by a couple of thousands in their initial attempts. None of us in this beautiful country of Guyana would like to have an election that is marred by confusion and unacceptable events. We are a country of six races but one people, one nation and one destiny. I would therefore like to urge that we be real and faithful to this land of our birth. Everyone who is entitled to vote should get that chance, but if there are phantoms; unreal people, ghosts in our midst, let us get the rid of them. No one that I know has ever had a good experience with what they deemed to be a ghost; it can be an evil thing. Regards, Margaret Burke

Calls for probe, reconciliation on UG Campus

--following hate-speech video Dear Editor, MOVE On Guyana, Inc., (MOGI) is deeply concerned by the racist statements that were uttered in a video recording recently by a University of Guyana student. These pernicious comments have thrown the University community and our nation into an uproar, and have exacerbated racial tensions in some cases. MOGI believes strongly that youth and other voices in our society should be heard, and that opinions should be expressed freely but responsibly. Racist speech is, however, unacceptable, and must be forthrightly condemned by all. Speech which encourages prejudice and hate has no place in our democracy. Those who cite precedence for such repugnant expressions are themselves excusing and perpetuating this behaviour. This is a classic case for the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) to pursue and justify its constitutional mandate and existence. There must be consequences, as MOGI believes that the student’s conduct violated the law. We call on

the University of Guyana administration to take action to deal with this and other social problems directly. Moreover, we urge the University administration to immediately convene forums, as well as employ other appropriate methods that promote healing and reconciliation on campus. MOGI has written to the UG administration, UG Student Society and the ERC proposing a joint forum on reconciliation.   This dialogue will allow students to engage each other, build cultural tolerance and competence and foster personal growth. Guyana’s academic institutions have a central role to play in fighting prejudice and promoting social cohesion and progress; as education is a vehicle that must be used to broaden horizons and perspectives. We look forward to a University community that is able to “Move On” from the scars racism has left on our country.  Regards, Mary Adams Vice- President for Communications & Community Affairs Move On Guyana Inc., (MOGI)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, November 09, 2019

Objections period will separate real from ghost …PNCR backs GECOM decision to verify names

GENERAL Secretary of the Peoples National Congress Reform, Amna Ally, has backed the move by the Guyana Elections Commission to remove the names of persons, who failed to pick up their National ID cards since 2008, from the Official List of Electors. During a PNC/R press conference on Friday at Congress Place, Sophia, Ally said there is a massive objection to a number of people who are non-existent. The Commission’s Chairman, Justice (rt’d) Claudette Singh, decided that GECOM will be publishing the names of in excess 20,000 persons who did not collect their national Identification Cards since 2008. Official notices will also be sent to their addresses. “If I am to ask that 25,000 persons who were registered since 2008, this is now 2019, 11 years after have not picked up their ID card, is it that for 11 years they didn’t have reason for any transaction, and those might be the only ones

that have been recognised. My information is that at the moment there is massive objections to a number of people who are non-existent,” she said. From reports, Ally said in many communities, there are names on the list of persons who were never seen or located. “We cannot come up with a figure whether it is one, two or 150, we will know at the end of the day, because GECOM has said that they are going to publish the names of the 25,000 people and when there are objections, when people make objections there are hearings, and so at the hearings, if you are in existence you have to present yourself, if you are dead or it’s a phantom name, then obviously you would not be able to present yourself and therefore at the end of the exercise you will be able to determine how many people were on the list that were identified and may have to be removed,” the general secretary said. Ally explained that at

the end of the exercise on November 11, 2019, a better picture will be available pertaining to the existence

General Secretary of the PNCR, Amna Ally

of voters. GECOM will this weekend, publish the names of over 25,000 persons who have failed to uplift their National Identification Cards, having applied for same some

Sea bandits charged for murder of Corentyne fishermen ONE week after being arrested in Suriname, wanted pirates, Ricardo Fraser called “Shines” and Anonth Boodrage called “Andy”, have been placed before the court and charged with the capital offence on Friday.

Miss Phoebe; Marvin Tamessar, 20, called “Buddy” and Lamar OttoPetrie, 20, both of Miss Phoebe, Port Mourant and Kawal Kissoon called“Ajay” of 223 Letter Kenny Village, during the course of a piracyattack on the Corentyne

Anonth Boodrage (in red) and Ricardo Fraser were on Friday charged with the murder of four fishermen

The men, who were handed over to Guyanese authorises on Wednesday, appeared before Magistrate Renita Singh at the Albion Magistrate’s Court and were charged in accordance with the Hijacking and Piracy Act of Guyana, Section 7, Chapter 10:08. The facts of the case as read in court stated that between October 5and 13, the men murdered Vishnu Seeram called “Kevin”, 20, of Lot 76

River. Fraser, 22, of Epson and Boodrage, 21, of Belvedere, both villages on the Corentyne, were unrepresented and not required to plead to the indictable charge. They were remanded until November 14 where they will appear at the Whim Magistrate’s Court. According to police sources, the duo will be appear with the trio ofSuresh Sundat called “Chu Chu Bai”, 22;

11 years ago. Meanwhile, the opposition PPP said it is concerned with the large number of

Narine Dhanrajh, 30, both of Belvedere Village and Lennox Arleigh Grimmond called “Breeze”, 38, of Cromarty Village, East Berbice, Corentyne, where they will be jointly charged. Epson and Boodrage were found in a boat that was at docked in an area called “Leferno” in Suriname, following a wanted bulletin issued by the Guyana Police Force. They were subsequently charged with entering Suriname and deported to Guyana on Wednesday, October 5, 2019. The quintet reportedly tried to loot the catch of the four fishermenwho were aboard the SARA One vessel in Suriname Waters, but after beingrecognised, they brutally beat, bound, chopped and threw the four menoverboard and made off with their catch and engine. The court appearance of the two men marks yet another successfuleffort by the Guyana Police Force to bring the perpetrators of piracyto justice. Following a major act of piracy in 2018, the Minister ofPublic Security, Khemraj Ramjattan, vowed to put measures in place to help curb crimes on the high seas. He initiated collaboration withthe local police and Surinamese authorities where intelligence andresources are shared across the two countries to bring thoseresponsible before the courts.

what it termed “unsubstantiated” objections being made by the APNU+AFC. In a release on Friday, the party said GECOM officials have received over three thousand

(3000) objections in Region Five. This includes almost five hundred (500) names from the Amerindian settlement, Marakabai in the Mahaicony River, the Robb Street headquartered party said. “Our constitution clearly states that a person can only be removed from the voters list due to death, upon which a valid death certificate must be produced, and insanity proven by a recognised doctor’s certificate. No one can be taken off the voters list due to residency, be it local or overseas. This was also reaffirmed by the recent ruling of the Chief Justice.” The PPP said to date, two hearings have been suspended in Region Five due to lack of supporting evidence from the APNU+AFC and GECOM officials wanting to seek clarity. “The APNU+AFC representative in Region Five, Carol Joseph, has failed to produce a single shred of evidence to support the objections made. This is a deliberate attempt by the

APNU+AFC and its agents to disenfranchise people who are perceived to be PPP supporters. Many of these persons have already come forward to identify themselves. A few may have moved from their original place of residence, however, this is not grounds for removing anyone from the voters list. The PPP is therefore calling on all Guyanese to condemn this nefarious act of trying to take away the rights of voters and is urging GECOM to ensure that the constitution is adhered to during this process.” Chairman of GECOM, Justice (rtd) Claudette Singh, says persons must come forward and verify their existence. The commission, in today’s newspaper, has published the names of the supposed owners of over 20,000 ID cards. These individuals have 10 days to show up and collect their cards. Failure to do so will result in them being struck off the Official List of Electors.

Soldier drowns aback Camp Jaguar

A SOLDIER drowned aback the Medical Centre at Base Camp Jaguar, New River, Berbice on Thursday. Dead is Lance Corporal, Dwayne Johnson. He was with eight other soldiers at the river when he went down, causing his colleagues to raise an alarm. The Guyana Defence Force Headquarters immediately ordered the deployment of a team and reached out to

Dead: GDF Corporal, Dwayne Johnson

members of the local Amerindian community to assist in the search. The soldier’s family has since been informed of the incident and a Board of Inquiry has been convened to investigate the circumstances of his death. The Commander-in-Chief, Defence Board, Chief-of-Staff and officers have since extended their condolences to the family and friends of Johnson.

Region Seven by Inspector C. Hooke. Regulation 34 (1) (a) of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act, Chapter 51:02 states “Every motor vehicle, the width of which does not exceed seven feet, other than

a two-wheeled motorcycle not having a side car attached thereto and an invalid carriage, on any road, during the hours of darkness shall carry two lamps, each showing to the front a white light visible from a reasonable distance.”

Police target vehicles with colourful headlamps SEVERAL motorists using coloured lights on their headlamps were escorted to Traffic Headquarters, Eve-Leary, during a police crackdown on Thursday. The use of coloured lights is in breach of Regulations 34 (1) (a) of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Regulations Chapter 51:02, which speak to Illumination. The exercise was spearheaded by Deputy Traffic Chief, Deputy Superintendent, Joseph Jack with the assistance of Traffic Education Officer, Inspector Raun Clarke and 30 other police ranks. Similar exercises were carried out in regional divisions, numbers two and seven. In Region Two, the exercise was spearheaded by Inspector T. Griffith while in

A senior officer points to a vehicle using coloured lights


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, November 09, 2019

Large quantity of minibus parts found at Sarah Johanna home POLICE have arrested a resident of Sarah Johanna, East Bank Demerara, after a large quantity of ‘Pitbull’ minibus parts, suspected to be stolen, were found at a home. Reports are that ranks from Division Four ‘B’ swooped down on the premises early Friday morning and conducted a search and discovered the items. The suspect is cooperating with investigators. On Wednesday, 13 persons were arrested and a number of vehicle parts, shells, cars and motorcycles, among other items, were found in a “chop shop” during a police operation at Kuru Kururu Station District, East Bank Demerara. Illegal operations known as “chop shops” are places where stolen vehicles are disassembled so that parts may be resold. “Chop shops” can be found almost anywhere and are often not identified until it is too late. It is alleged that former policeman, Jason Harry, who was previously charged with five counts of receiving stolen property, was also arrested. Reports indicate that the arrest was as a result of an intelligence-led operation conducted by ranks of Regional Police Division Four

(b) (Eccles-Moblissa). Police also seized shells of a pitbull minibus and a 192 Toyota motor car, five generators and two weeding machines, all suspected to have been stolen or unlawfully obtained. Police said persons have begun to identify some of the articles as their belongings and several confessions have been obtained from suspects regarding their criminal involvement into the articles found. Last February, the alleged mastermind behind the carjacking ring in Kuru-Kuru, Soesdyke/Linden Highway was charged for receiving several stolen cars and removing their chassis numbers. Former policeman, Jason Harry, 26, had appeared before Georgetown Magistrate Judy Latchman and pleaded not guilty to five counts of receiving stolen property. He was released on $200,000 bail on each charge. Particulars of the first two charges alleged that Harry, between August 17, 2017 and February 9, 2018 in Georgetown, received a Toyota Spacio PNN 1811 valued $1.7M, property of Shivrajie Narine and a Toyota Allion PMM 7517, valued $2.9M, property of Samuel Munroe, knowing same to be stolen.

It is also alleged that between December 8, 2017 and February 10, 2018, at Georgetown, he received a stolen Toyota Fielder HC 6999 valued $2M, property of Elizabeth Martin. Additionally, it is also alleged that Harry, between December 12, 2017 and February 10, 2018, received a stolen Toyota Allion PVV 6691 valued $2.3M, property of Tricel Powers. Lastly, Harry was charged with receiving a stolen Toyota Spacio PVV 9742 valued $2.5M, property of Dellon Skedel between December 15, 2017 and February 10, 2018, at Georgetown.

Some of the parts found by police


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, November 09, 2019

Public Health Ministry anticipates first batch of locally-trained psychiatrists

THE first batch of locally-trained psychiatrists will be among the graduates at the 2019 Convocation of the University of Guyana (UG). These students would have enrolled in the university’s Master in Psychiatry programme which was launched in 2017. In addition, another batch of students who have pursued their Diplomas in Psychology will be graduating. However, these are from another programme which was also launched in the latter part of 2017. The Ministry of Public Health’s Mental Health Unit is keenly await-

ing the advancement of this batch since it is anticipated that they will likely join the health fraternity. Minister of

Minister of Public Health, Volda Lawrence

Public Health, Hon. Volda Lawrence said she is very enthused. The minister noted that there was much work to be done in dealing with mental health and as such skilled and trained human resources were needed in moving forward. “It is very exciting for the health sector in Guyana. I know the staff which presently works in this particular area would be very happy to have some of the workloads shifted to them. They would be able also to provide services in areas that we have not been able to provide services because of the lack of human resources so this is a

giant step for mental health,” she said. The minister was at the time sharing her views with Radio Broadcaster Michela Abraham-Ali while on Voice of Guyana’s (VOG) radio programme, ‘INSIGHT’. She noted that mental health in Guyana has received continuous attention from all sectors after alarming rates of suicides, attempts at suicide and other mental related actions surfaced. “Having a cadre of graduands coming forward, in a few weeks is a great outlook… We, in Guyana, have not been taking this particular illness seriously.

As a matter of fact, persons would stigmatise persons or families who have someone suffering from this illness, but now, we recognise that it is important for all of us to be able to have at our disposal these services,” Minister Lawrence added. T h e s e t r a i n i n g p r ogrammes have been launched with support from Caribbean Network of Psychological Associations (CANPA) and UNICEF. Specifically, the psychology programme offers a certificate and diploma, a bachelor’s degree in general psychology and a masters in clinical psychology.

The two mental health-related programmes seek to increase the number of mental health providers capable of evaluating and treating psychological conditions. It also seeks to reduce the high rate of suicide, while increasing awareness, prevention, support, and showing compassion for those who have mental illness issues. Further, it provides professional growth and development for those currently in the mental health workforce, under-graduate and graduate-level clinical psychology training. (DPI)

Dangers of single-use plastic THE proliferation of single-use plastic around the world is accelerating climate change and should be urgently halted. It is a known fact that plastic contributes to greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of its lifecycle, from its production to its refining and the way it is managed as a waste product. Mr Mikhail B. Amsterdam, Fisheries Officer attached to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Department, a double master’s degree holder, has in a recent presentation on the researched topic `Investigating the Application of Integrated Marine Planning and Management in CARICOM and the wider Caribbean Region’, listed conservation, invasive species, tourism, territorial disputes. fisheries management and climate change, as the major the major challenges facing the fisheries industry. According to him, the status of implementation for single use plastic and Styrofoam ban across the region as of May, 2019 and which was reported by UNEP Caribbean Environment Programme., states that plastic items are not limited to packaging but as included consumer products such as straws, spoons and boxes used at the retail level. Only a small amount of plastic items are allowed to be imported by companies

in cold storage or fresh produce packaging, the repost stated.. In 2010, the Protocol Concerning Pollution from Land-Based Sources and Activities (LBS Protocol) which was tabled in 1999, was officially signed into force by 16 contracting parities. To date of 34 countries, only two Venezuela and Brazil, have not signed on, even though there are concerns that the activities of partied nations may have trans-boundary impacts.

depending on their capacity and risk of Pollution, Amsterdam said. Alluding to the Caribbean Regional Action Plan for Marine Litter (RAPMaLI), it was noted that the Caribbean is widely affected by marine litter; plastics contribute to over 50 per cent of the total garbage generated and enter the oceans from land sources. The Caribbean is the second most plastic-contaminated sea in the world after the Mediterranean Sea.

ings indicate that CARICOM and the Wider Caribbean Region (WCR) considers Climate Change, Fisheries Management, territorial disputes, tourism, invasive species and conservation, the six main drivers which promote the adoption of integrated marine planning and management practices in the region. Further, Amsterdam said that the research reflects that international obligations, blue economic  development, resource loss and

According to the LBS Protocol, each signatory is required to create action plans for dealing within land seas interface impacts, both at the local and regional level by adopting management approaches such as Integrated Coastal Zone Management. This protocol is considered the most significant of its kind having regional influence and incorporates wastewater (sewage), agricultural pollution and dumping from coastal enterprises. Each signatory has a different implementation date

This plastic pollution has far reaching implications for marine life and ecosystems and directly affects the tourism sector which depends on the aesthetics of the region and this pollution diminishes the region’s “untouched beauty”. In order to counteract this this scourge CARICOM nations have joined the regional action plan for marine litter implementing actions which area aimed to reduce the amount of plastic in the region and thus reducing the impacts on the marine environment. The investigation find-

conflict resolution as the underlying reasons for political/strategic importance being placed on marine management, which is a key distinction when we consider  genuine stewardship verses political correctness. CARICOM has implemented several regional  projects, policies and management groups aimed at ensuring collaborative management and shared responsibility. The Cartagena convention protocols on oil spill, land based sources and  special wildlife protected areas are amongst the

initiatives reviewed for their regional coverage and impact on regional integrated marine management.  The European Union’ (EU) approach and policy milestones achieved as part of its integrated maritime  management, were identified and used to create insights on how CARICOM could adopt a similar  regional management policy like the EU’s Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) which supports the European maritime economy and Protection of the EU maritime environment through cross cutting  tools, such as the MSP directive and MSPF. It was determined that CARICOM needs to outline a key strategic direction, identify priority areas for integration and establish robust  governance institutions, in order to ensure effective implementation of a regional integrated marine planning  and management approach Here in Guyana, the government has restated its dedication to the initiative to initiative to gradually phase out the use of single-use plastic containers by the year 2021.That policy position has been in the pipeline even before the Coalition took office. Work has started on sensitising the population about the vast diversity of marine life globally; its crucial importance to human devel-

opment and the importance of prudent management of marine resources for future generations. There is need to impose such a ban since as much as 40 percent of oceans are tremendously affected by pollution, with an estimated eight million metric tonnes of plastic waste entering the world’s oceans annually. Guyana has declared its intention to drive advancement forward along an environmentally sustainable, or ‘green’ trajectory of development and, the single-use containers such as non-returnable plastic bottles in which drinks are sold. and wanton disposal of non-biodegradable pollutants such as plastic bags is inconsistent with a ‘green’ development philosophy. The most harmful offender may be the single-use “black bags” used in most supermarkets and shops to deliver goods to customers. Those bags which are made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic do not biodegrade, although they may break down. Such chemical breakdown releases its constituent components, including toxic chemical contaminants into the air, land, and water. With the proposed total ban on single-use plastic containers in 2021, Guyana will join several countries which have already implemented similar initiatives.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, November 09, 2019

Indigenous People’s Commission submits annual reports

SPEAKER of the National Assembly, Dr Barton Scotland, on Friday, received annual reports for the years 2013 through 2016 from the Indigenous People’s Commission. The reports were handed over by commission member Doreen Jacobus and other members of the body including its Chief Executive Officer, Neil Bacchus. Jacobus, in brief re-

marks, noted that the commission has been working around the clock to carry out its mandate. She noted that although indigenous villages are far apart geographically, the commission members were able to hold meetings at central points across the country. She said one of the major challenges which the body noted within indigenous

communities was the inability of the councils to ensure accountability is up to standard at the village offices. Jacobus said that persuading people to understand that time had changed was another challenge the body encountered. She said the commission was working with all the villages to ensure that they were better equipped to undertake their respective

Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Barton Scotland and representatives of the Indigenous Commission, shortly after the annual reports were handed over to the Speaker by the commission members. (Carl Croker photo)

mandates. The Speaker noted the importance of the reports and he reminded those gathered that the commission

had given assurances regarding the submission of reports for 2017 onward. Those reports are expected to be submitted early next year.

The Speaker said that as soon as the National Assembly reconvenes, the reports will be laid in the House.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, November 09, 2019

Construction worker remanded

A 42-year-old construction worker was, on Friday November 8, 2019, remanded to prison by Senior Magistrate Leron Daly, for trafficking pills. Kenton Haynes of Mocha appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and pleaded not guilty to the charge. Particulars of the charge stated that, on November 7, 2019, at Albert Street, he had 190 Ecstasy pills, a type of Amphetamine pill, for the purpose of trafficking. According to information, on the day in question, ranks from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters, acting on information received, went to Albert Street, where they saw Haynes. The ranks approached him and asked to conduct a search on his person. During the search, the pills were found, He was arrested and later charged. Magistrate Daly, after hearing that Haynes had committed similar offences, remanded him to prison and adjourned the matter until December 13, 2019.

Man accused of robbery remanded

SENIOR Magistrate Leron Daly, on Friday, November 8, 2019, remanded a man to prison on an armed robbery charge. Delroy Gladstone appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and pleaded not guilty to the charge, when it was read to him. Particulars of the charge stated that, on October 31, 2019, at Georgetown, while in the company of another, and armed with a gun, he robbed Norello Sincere of a bag, an umbrella and a t-shirt, all valued at $8,000 along with $30,000 cash. Police Prosecutor Christopher Morris objected to bail being granted to Gladstone since he was positively identified by Sincere. Morris also told the court that Gladstone had similar matters before the court. Magistrate Daly refused bail and remanded Gladstone to prison and adjourned the matter until December 13, 2019.

Man sentenced for break and entering

A 26-year-old West Ruimveldt, Georgetown, resident, was, on Friday November 8, 2019, sentenced to 14 months in prison on a ‘break and enter and larceny’ charge. Seon Isaacs was, on Friday, found guilty by Magistrate Rondel Weever, at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. Isaacs had pleaded not guilty to the charge which stated that, on July 12, 2019, he broke and entered the home of Sandra Adams and stole a number of household appliances valued at $1,400,000. According to information, on the day in question, Adams arrived home and noticed a car was parked in front of her house. The car then drove off and Adams noticed some of her appliances in the trunk of the car. Adams then alerted some of her neighbours and they gave chase. The car finally stopped. When the officers arrived on the scene they arrested Isaacs who was in the car. Isaacs was told of the allegation and he admitted to it, during a caution statement.

Man who committed a series of offences sentenced

49-year-old Gary Grant appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and led his defence in the four charges against him. “I en get no witness, I is the witness” Grant said. Magistrate Annette Singh, after listening to Grant, stated that she found him guilty of the offences and sentenced him to three months on each of the charges. Grant, on his first appearance at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, pleaded not guilty to the charges, when they were read to him and stated that, “The police lash me in ma head, I can’t remember doing anything, and I in name Gary so he betta come and answer to all them charge, I escape then turn myself in, still yal get escape charge”. Particulars of the first charge stated that, on September 19, 2019, at Stabroek Market, he stole, from a woman, one cellular phone, valued at $35,000. The second charge stated that, on September 19, 2019, at Stabroek Police outpost, he behaved in a disorderly manner. It is alleged that, on the same day and at the same place, he damaged two benches valued at $10,000 along with other items totalling $ 39,300, property of the Guyana Defence Force. The last charge stated that, on the same day and at the same place, while in custody, on a simply larceny charge, he escaped. Magistrate Singh stated that the charges will run concurrently and his time spent in prison will be deducted. She also ordered that he (Grant) pays the Guyana Defence Force $39,300 for the property damaged.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, November 09, 2019



GUYANA CHRONICLE, Saturday November 9, 2019

Mackenzie High takes coveted title --at JOF Haynes inter-secondary debating competition

MACKENZIE High took the coveted title this year at the annual JOF Haynes Memorial Inter-Secondary Debating Competition, hosted countrywide every year by the Ministry of Education. The event, which was held at the Theatre Guild, saw Mackenzie High of Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice), going up against Anna Regina Secondary of Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam), both of which successfully won their regional debates and secured their place in the finals. The competition is usually done in several stages, with the first seeing students from each school de-

bating among themselves internally, with one team emerging victorious to represent their school. In Phase Two, the schools battle other schools in their respective districts to find the group to represent their region. In the final phase, the regional representatives go head-to-head for the title. This year, the finalists had the task of debating the topic, “Is reducing emission from deforestation and degradation important to the development of Guyana’s Economy”, and saw Anna Regina proposing the moot, and Mackenzie High opposing it. Both teams presented

their points in a strong and robust way, convincing both audience and judges that their view was the one they should believe, giving their opponents a real battle to rebut their points. The debaters in this year’s final leg of the competition were Swasti Saytoo, Duvina Seurattan, and Emilia Martinborough, with Shane Samaroo on standby, all of Anna Regina Secondary; and Royston Lester, Ayesha King, and Angelique DeJonge, with McAle McRae on standby from Mackenzie High. The title of Best Speaker went to Mackenzie High’s Ayesha King, who, in telling of her experience while

Locked in discussion on the merits and demerits of reducing CO2 emissions are, from left, Emilia Martinborough, Duvina Seurattan, and Swasti Saytoo of Anna Regina Secondary; and Angelique DeJonge, Ayesha King, and Royston Lester of Mackenzie High

During the final leg of the JOF Haynes 2019 Inter-Secondary Debating Competition (Photos by Delano Williams)

training for the competition said that while it was very intense she was able to grasp additional knowledge in the use of English language, and was able to build her own self confidence as it relates to public speaking. Asked about her reaction to not only being a part of the winning team, but also being named ‘Best Speaker’, the teen said, “I’m so happy that we won the finals; it was so nerve-wracking sitting there for what seemed like years, while we awaited the judges’ deliberation. At this point, I’m just so excited. Being in this competition changed me. When I started, I was very scared to… like raise my voice and so on, but as we went, I got more and more en-

couraged to do it. I don’t even sing, and I stood proudly today to sing.” King further related that she would encourage any student to take up debating, as it is a great tool to utilise for self-development. Both schools were awarded prizes and trophies from Sol Guyana, Metro Office Supplies, and The Ministry of Education. The winning team, in addition to their trophies and prizes, were also rewarded with a cheque on behalf of Sol Guyana Inc. and a computer system, compliments of Metro Office Supplies.

Women in Business Expo to be launched soon THE 5th Annual Women in Business Expo will be launched on Thursday November 21, 2019, at the Pegasus Hotel. The event is being hosted by the Sonia Noel Foundation for Creative Arts (SNFCA) in collaboration with the Women’s Association for Sustainable Development (WASD). In a statement, SNFCA said the launch will kick off with a press conference, followed by a two-day mini exhibition open to the public.

“This will be a treat for persons looking for holiday ideas for unique gifts, home decor and that exclusive outfit etc. for the holidays,” the foundation said. “Guyana International Petroleum Business Summit (GIPEX) will be held around that time in Guyana and it will give visitors the opportunity to shop for local products,” it further added. The 2020 Women in Business Expo will be held on March 22 and March 23,

2020 at the Pegasus Hotel, during Women’s History month. INSPIRE YOU motivational event will climax the weekend’s activities, the foundation said. “Last year, we made phenomenal inroads. Over seventy (70) exhibitors from across Guyana participated in the EXPO, inclusive of a number of first-time exhibitors. This year we wish to make our fifth edition a true celebration of entrepreneurship, position-

ing the entrepreneurs a step closer to their goals,” Noel pointed out. She added that, recently, eleven of the expo’s participants showcased at three US based platforms - the Florida International Trade and Cultural Expo, at Miami Carnival and at Bronze Kingdom in Orlando. Some of these businesses have secured markets, as a result of those engagements, she said. “We are tremendously proud

of these inroads,” Noel said in the statement. Proprietor of Leisa Salon and Beauty Supplies said that being involved in Women in Business Expo had allowed her business to grow. “We have seen tremendous growth in our manufactured natural products from one product to several products. The training before the expo had prepared us to be able to interact with the customers on the day of the expo and onwards. The expo had helped the busi-

ness to grow,” Leisa Gibson shared. SNFCA will also be hosting STYLE MISSION 2019 in aid of the victims returning home from Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. This charity will be held in the Savannah Suite, at Pegasus, on November 24.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, November 09, 2019

Father, 92, worried about jailed mentally-ill son By Tamica Garnett

LLOYD Jackson, a 92-yearold father, is worried about the safety and well-being of his mentally-ill son, who was arrested in connection with the burning down of several bonds at Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara last month. Jackson raised his concerns at an outreach by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to Region Three on Friday. The DPP met with residents at the Nismes/La Grange and Patentia/Toevlugt Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDCs).

the government,” Jackson conveyed. POLICE AWARE Jackson noted that given the police has dealt with his son over the years, they were aware he is mentally unstable when they arrested him. The elderly man said he attempted to see his son at the prison but encountered difficulties. “He takes treatment from GPHC [Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation]. He was institutionalised on three occasions; the first time about four years ago, he spent about six weeks. The other times it as shorter. They said he was

DPP Communications Officer, Liz Rahaman, right, speaks with two of the persons at the outreach on Friday

Jackson related that his son was diagnosed as being mentally-ill some four years ago. On October 16, he was arrested for setting some bonds on fire in Goed Fortuin, and is on remand at the Lusignan Prison. Jackson said his concern is that his son is not being taken for medical treatment despite his condition and is also without clothing, to the best of his knowledge. “He takes treatment from GPHC but he hasn’t been there for the whole year, so he got sick again and he burn down these places. The police beat him, lock him up, pass him through the court. I heard he’s being ill-treated by the prison warden and prisoners, because he is mentally-ill. The police and even the prison wardens are not trained to deal with mentally-ill people. I wouldn’t like for him to die in there because if he dies in there it wouldn’t end so, I sue

better and well but they said he is struggling with some kind of thing that affects his nerves,” Jackson noted. Representing the DPP at the outreach was Communications Officer, Liz Rahaman, who spoke with the attendees about the work of the DPP. “The objective of our outreaches is that we have a lot of people that need assistance as it pertains to criminal matters, whether they are victims, or the accused family. A team of us would go, myself as communications officer, [and] at least two state councils and a police prosecutor. We have gone to every single region in this country. Our outreaches are from Region One right up to Region 10 as far as Orealla, Mabaruma, Essequibo, and Linden,” she said. FORUM TO RAISE CONCERNS Rahaman noted that the outreaches would deal with

cases of victims as well as those of the accused, who have concerns with how justice is being served. She distributed copies of the department’s brochure, which covered topics such as the “Functions and Roles of the DPP” and how the DPP can help the public and even prisoners. “Accused persons also have their civil and constitutional rights. They may be

languishing in jail for however long, [but] they have rights. Family of accused persons they do come to meet with us and say the accused person has been awaiting trials for however long, so we take their complaints and deal with it in the relevant manner,” she said. At Friday’s outreach, she noted that persons even came from villages outside of the district to have their matters

addressed. “We had a man who came all the way from Susannah’s Rust in the Upper Demerara River, who had a complaint concerning his daughter who was sexually molested by her step-father. Now this matter has been set twice for hearing and on each occasion the accused, who is out on bail, failed to make an appearance,” Rahaman noted. Friday’s meeting was the

first of a series of meetings scheduled for the region. Similar meetings will be held at Mora/Parika and Hydronie/ Good Hope NDCs on November 12; the Tuschen/Uitvlugt, Stewartville/Cornelia Ida, and Hague/Blankenburg NDCs on November 15; and the La Jalousie/Nouvelle Flanders NDC on November 18. The outreach by the DPP has been ongoing for the past six years.


Air services Ltd introduces new routes to Region 7 AIR Services Limited (ASL) will be affording persons ease of access to eight villages in Region

7. Persons travelling into the hinterland would now have access to, Kamarang, Imbaima-

dai, Chi Chi East and west, Phillipai, Paruima, Kaikan and Ekereku Bottom. These flights

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, November 09, 2019

(From left) Olivia Rodrigues, Assistant to the Managing Director; Maleeka Ally, Finance Manager; Lee Williams, Toshao of Paruima; Dawn Hastings-Williams, Minister of State; Jaipaul Persaud, Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure; taking part in the ceremonial cake cutting to celebrate the launch of the additional services.

will be available every Tuesday and Thursday, beginning November 12. This announcement was made today at the ASL Office at Ogle Airport International. Minster of state, Dawn Hastings-Williams, who spoke at the launch said that the government has been moving in the direction of ensuring easy access to hinterland communities in an effort to sustain development and ensure that persons in the country would have the opportunity to travel and have the experience of taking in the beauty of the hinterland regions. “Your government under the leadership of his excellency, President Granger, always talk about bridging the gap, between the hinterland and the coastland and when he speaks about that he not only speaks about roads, and bridges but he talks holistically bridging the gap even in terms of ITC hubs. You could have an aircraft that tourist go in and if he or she has Wi-Fi available you could take a picture at the top of mount Roraima, and send it to someone in another part of the world and so it is a form of selling your product, that’s a part of tourism right there and that’s what we’re moving towards, developing the hinterland, while using tourism to do so,” said Hastings-Williams. Also speaking at the launch, Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Jaipaul Sharma said, “Guyana is known as the Eldorado,

and you know we have yellow gold, we have black gold now, and I believe tourism and aviation is a gold by itself. It will compete with gold, oil and gas. Persons coming in to Guyana would no longer just have to settle for Georgetown or Kaiteur, but they will have the opportunity to visit all of these other destinations.” Minister Sharma further stated that the he was pleased that ASL was moving to expand seeing that aviation in the next seven years will see a massive growth. The 17000 aircrafts worldwide would be increased by an estimated 25000, which he said would indicate that there is opportunity for employment in aviation. ASL related that the main idea behind adding these communities in Region 7 to their areas of air transport coverage was to cater for their customers on a larger scale. The company moved in this direction to ensure that their customers could get to and from their destinations easily, without having to take multiple modes of transportation. This achievement is not just one for the company, but one that is beneficial to Guyanese and to the economy. Not only would it enable persons to travel to these parts of the country with ease, but it will also benefit the business persons in these communities in relation to getting their products in and out of these communities.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, November 09, 2019



GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, November 09, 2019

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, November 09, 2019



GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, November 09, 2019

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, November 09, 2019



GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, November 09, 2019

GUYANA CHRONICLE, Saturday November 9, 2019


Banks DIH pumps $2M into BCB 1st division tournament BEVERAGE giant Banks DIH, on Friday, pumped in excess of GY$2M into the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) as the two entities prepare to stage the Banks Beer 1st Division two-day tournament. Friday’s major deal was confirmed at the company’s Thirst Park location, where BCB President, Hilbert Fos-

ter, received the sponsorship cheque from Banks Beer Brand Manager, Brian Choo Hen, who made the donation ahead of the upcoming competition. Foster noted that it was good to have the continued support from the company which has been one of Guyana’s premier sponsors of sports across the board.

Foster said the move will further aid in the development of cricketers in the ancient county. Choo Hen noted that the company and by extension, the brand, are happy to be associated with the BCB and cricket expansion. He said the commitment that Banks DIH has shown over the years is a staunch reminder

of their love for sports in Guyana as well as developing players from the Berbice district. The tournament is set to bowl off next weekend – November 16 – and will feature teams like; Blairmont, Young Warriors, Tucber Park, Albion, Rose Hall Town Thunderbolt Flour, West Berbice and Rose Hall Canje.

Teams will be battling for lucrative cash prizes which range from; first place – $150,000, second place – $100,000 and third place – $75,000. Notable players set to be a part of the tournament include Shimron Hetmyer, Clinton Pestano, Kevlon Anderson, Romario Shepherd, Johnathan Foo, Gudakesh Motie and other top stars.

Guyana Beverage Inc. backs Busta T20, ‘Champion of Champions’ cricket tournaments –company gives sponsorship to Berbice and East Coast GUYANA Beverage Inc., on Friday, threw their support behind cricket in a major way by sponsoring the upcoming Busta East Coast T20 tournament as well the Berbice ‘Champion of Champions’ 40-Overs competition. Manager Raymond Govinda presented the two respective cheques to Hilbert Foster, President of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) and Mr. Chandrapaul Pick-

aram of the Busta Enterprise Sports Club, during yesterday afternoon’s launching held at the company’s Diamond, EBD location. Foster will spearhead the upcoming Champion of Champions 40 Overs match in Berbice, 1st division tournament which has been on the rise since its birth in 2004. The tournament is slated to bowl off on Monday November 11, and features 11 teams playing in a knock-

out format. The Busta T20, one of the biggest cricket tournaments held on the East Coast annually, will be hosting its tenth edition of the competition. Chandrapaul stated that it was good to see the partnership between the Enterprise Club, which was practically adopted by the Busta soft drink brand, continue to blossom over the years. He said the sponsorship

over the years has helped the club to develop but also produce a few Guyana and West Indies players. He thanked Guyana Beverage Inc. for their vision and trust in the development of cricket on the East Coast of Demerara. Govinda, during his brief remarks, said that the company, over the years, has thrown its support behind all facets of sports locally and cricket is no different. He highlighted that it is the

company’s social responsibility to give back to the youths and to help encourage more youngsters to follow up sports and divert from any negative paths that present itself in life. The Busta T20 tourney is set to bowl off from November 16 and will feature some 16 teams battling it out for bragging rights and spoils.

Man jailed for 10 years for armed attack on Arsenal players LONDON (Reuters) A man who tried to rob Arsenal players Mesut Ozil and Sead Kolasinac at knifepoint in a failed North London carjacking last July was sentenced to 10 years in jail on Friday. The BBC reported

that Ashley Smith, 30, was sentenced at Harrow Crown Court after admitting trying to steal watches worth 200,000 pounds ($255,440.00) from the Premier League players. An accomplice, 26-year-old Jordan Nor-

thover, had also admitted involvement in the attack and was awaiting sentencing. Judge Ian Bourne described Smith as a “career criminal” who was well known to police. Former Germany mid-

fielder Ozil was driving his black Mercedes in North London when the car was boxed in by motorbike riders wearing helmets on July 25. Video images showed Bosnian defender Kolasinac, who was a pas-

senger, getting out of the vehicle and confronting the attackers. Both players were then left out of Arsenal’s team for the season-opening game.


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Canadian Racing Tips Woodbine Race 1 Earthquakedirector Race 2 Belle Danseuse Race 3 Massey Hall Race 4 Betwixting Race 5 Money Matters Race 6 Tara Dawn Race 7 Compensate Race 8 Owlette

South Africa Racing Tips Vaal 08:15 hrs What You Afe 08:50 hrs Chief Of State 09:25 hrs Singforafa 10:30 hrs Soqrat 11:05 hrs Jacko Boy 11:40 hrs Itsmydarlin

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Aintree 08:20 hrs Joueur Bresilien 08:55 hrs Mossy Fen 09:30 hrs The Last Day 10:05 hrs Cepage 10:40 hrs Skandiburg 11:15 hrs Roskana 11:50 hrs Let Me Be

Wincanton 08:40 hrs Fiddlerontheroof 09:15 hrs Saintemilion 09:50 hrs vDanse Idol 10:25 hrs If You Say Run 11:00 hrs Fusil Raffles 11:35 hrs Present Man 12;10 hrs Millbank Flyer

Irish Racing Tips Naas 08:30 hrs Tiger Tap Tap 09:05 hrs Ornua 09:40 hrs Kilfenora 10:15 hrs Ask Heather 10:50 hrs Elixir D’Ainay 11:25 hrs Tower Bridge 12:00 hrs Annieguire

GUYANA CHRONICLE, Saturday November 9, 2019

Superb seamers bowl Australia to T20 series win against Pakistan By Joel Dubber

Top-scoring with 45, Iftikhar Ahmed played a lone hand before being PERTH (Reuters) caught at fine leg off the Pakistan were left humbowling of Kane Richbled and humiliated ardson who recorded by Australia’s miserly career-best figures of 18 bowling unit, which set for three. up a comprehensive “Starcy, Kane 10-wicket victory for Richardson, they were the home side in the brilliant every chance third Twenty20 internathey got,” said winning tional on Friday and enskipper Aaron Finch. sured a 2-0 triumph in “Sean Abbott, to come the rain-affected series. back after five years Batting first after losand do the business first ing the toss at Perth Stadi- Sean Abbott bowled economically up was unbelievable.” um, the tourists mustered to take 2-14 After the change of just 106 after Australia’s innings, openers Finch seamers combined for clean bowled on the next (52 not out) and David Warner seven of the eight wickets delivery. (48 not out) entertained the to fall. The target posed no Sean Abbott, play- modest Perth crowd - expeproblems for the hosts who ing his first internationblasted their way to 109 in al match since bowling riencing their first T20 international in nine years - with a 11.5 overs. Pakistan struggled from a bouncer which fatally lusty display of twilight hitting the outset, with paceman struck New South Wales which produced five sixes and Mitchell Starc (2-29) pick- batsman Phillip Hughes eight fours and saw Australia ing up two wickets in the in 2014, bowled economi- cruise to victory. Both teams now turn third over. Babar Azam, cally (2-14) and was heartthe world’s top-ranked ily embraced by his team their focus to red-ball crickT20 batsman, was trapped mates when he induced et, with the first of three tests leg-before for only six while a top edge from opener starting on Nov. 21 in BrisMohammad Rizwan was Imam-ul-Haq (14). bane.

Morgan hails England’s batsmen after New Zealand victory


which has seen him become the first player to register ENGLAND produced more than four 50+ scores one of their best ever in his first 10 T20Is. Twenty20 batting perHe now averages 57.25 formances in Friday’s 76-run win over New in his nine matches to date Zealand, says captain and is only the second EnEoin Morgan. gland batsman to make The tourists made 241a T20 century after Alex 3 - their highest T20 score Hales in 2014. with Dawid Malan making an unbeaten 103 from 51 “To become the next in balls, the fastest century by line or establish yourself in an England batsman in the this team, you have to do shortest format. something special,” York“I don’t think we’ve shire’s Malan, 32, said. ever batted in that manner Dawid Malan battered the New or posted a score like that, Zealand bowlers, helping England “For me to do this, hopeso to do it against a very level the T20 series at 2-2 (AFP fully I’ve put a step forward strong line-up and come Photo/Marty MELVILLE) or half a step forward to out winners is extremely proving I can actually play satisfying,” said Morgan. It means England have England set several national levelled the five-match series at this level in this format and records in Napier, including: at 2-2 with one game remain- I can push players above me. Fastest T20I half-century ing, having rested a number of “You work so hard to get (Morgan, 21 balls) senior players for the tour. to this level: you have to score Fastest T20I century “I said before the game a lot of domestic runs and put in (Malan, 48 balls) that our method doesn’t really Highest T20I total (241- waver at any stage, just our skill a lot of hours and sacrifices, so 3) level needs to get better,” Mor- to be able to do it on the internaHighest T20I partnership gan told Test Match Special. tional stage and score runs, it’s (182 runs, Malan and Morgan) “Today it was right on the Malan and Morgan teamed money, particularly with the a relief when you finally reach up with England 58-2 off 7.2 bat. In T20 cricket you have to a landmark. overs and were parted 182 runs continue to take risks.” “I didn’t know whether and 74 balls later. The final match takes place I should scream or just be Morgan made 91 off 41 in Auckland tomorrow at 01:00 calm but I have a way that I balls in an innings which con- GMT. tained seven fours and seven There, Malan will be hop- celebrate and I just stuck to ing to continue a run of form it.” (BBC Sport) sixes.

Merseyside police give Man City safety assurances for Liverpool clash

(REUTERS) - A “comprehensive” police operation is in place to prevent any violence or untoward incidents when Manchester City travel to Liverpool for Sunday’s topof-the-table Premier League clash, Merseyside Police said on Friday. British media reported that concerns for the team’s safety were raised by City after a viral social media post encouraged Liverpool fans to line the road to Anfield and greet the team bus with “pyro, pints and flags”. City’s team bus was damaged in similar circumstances in April 2018 when they arrived at Anfield for a Champions League quarter-final match, with supporters lighting red flares and throwing objects such as bottles and cans at the windows. Two police officers were injured in the incident and Liverpool, who apologised “unreservedly” to City, were charged and fined 20,000 euros ($22,036) by European soccer governing body UEFA. “As with any match, a comprehensive and appropriate policing operation has been put in place ahead of Sunday’s game and we have liaised with both clubs and their supporter groups,” Merseyside police superintendent Paul White said in a statement here “We’re aware of one

poster on social media regarding a bus welcome. The corresponding last fixture ran smoothly and we are working to ensure this game can be enjoyed safely by all as well as minimising any disruption to local residents and roads.” Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp said it was everyone’s responsibility to ensure that it does not happen again. “It’s senseless and if someone at Man City is concerned, it’s our fault,” Klopp told reporters. “It was one of us and we’re all responsible and we all have to make sure this doesn’t happen again. “We have never had a similar situation since, which is positive, and it’s an important part of coming to Anfield but you can’t overstep the line.” City manager Pep Guardiola said the police were aware the last time their bus was attacked and hoped there would not be a repeat. “The police knew it for the Champions League game and didn’t do anything,” he said. “Hopefully it will be an incredible game and the same that happened two seasons ago won’t happen.” Liverpool lead City by six points at the top of the Premier League and have yet to be defeated this season.

USOPC introduces reforms in response to Nassar scandal (REUTERS) - The United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) on Friday introduced the first wave of reforms to correct the organisational failings that allowed Larry Nassar, the former team doctor for USA Gymnastics, to prey on young athletes. Following recommendations from an independent report and two Congressional investigations, athlete representation on USOPC’s board will be increased from three to five and national governing bodies will have to meet specific compliance standards. “We promised changes to our structure and our practices that are revolutionary and substantive, recognising the importance of the athlete role in organizational decision-making, robust compliance and certification protocols, and reflective of the population that makes up the Olympic and Paralympic community in the

United States,” USOPC Chair Susanne Lyons in a statement. “Today we’ve delivered an important step toward that promise. Following recommendations from an independent report and two Congressional investigations, athlete representation on USOPC’s board will be increased from three to five and national governing bodies will have to meet specific compliance standards. “We promised changes to our structure and our practices that are revolutionary and substantive, recognising the importance of the athlete role in organizational decision-making, robust compliance and certification protocols, and reflective of the population that makes up the Olympic and Paralympic community in the United States,” USOPC Chair Susanne Lyons in a statement. “Today we’ve delivered an important step toward that promise.

GUYANA CHRONICLE, Saturday November 9, 2019


Bravo, Solozano hundreds give Red Force winning start PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, (CMC) – West Indies left-hander Darren Bravo wasted little time in reminding selectors of his immense talent, smashing an unbeaten hundred to lift Trinidad and Tobago Red Force to a comfortable eight-wicket win over Windward Islands Volcanoes in the Super50 Cup here Thursday. In pursuit of a competitive 239 under lights at Queen’s Park Oval, Red Force stormed to their target in the 43rd over with Bravo carving out a handsome 115 and fellow left-hander Jeremy Solozano hitting 102

Darren Bravo struck five fours and eight sixes in his unbeaten 115.

not out. Together, they posted a record 226-run for the third wicket to pull their side

around from danger at 13 for two in the fourth over. Bravo, left out of the West Indies side currently in India for the Afghanistan series, struck five fours and eight sixes in 127 balls at the crease to mark his seventh List A hundred and clinch Man-of-the-Match honours. Solozano, meanwhile, notched his maiden regional one-day hundred, facing 118 balls and counting nine fours and two sixes all told. Asked to bat first in the Group B contest, Volcanoes did well to get up to 238 for eight off their 50 overs, after a late flourish from Alick Athanaze who

smashed a 23-ball 28 and Kerron Cottoy who lashed a 15-ball unbeaten 27. Desron Maloney had earlier marked his debut with a half-century, stroking 56 off 81 balls with five fours as he put on 46 off 42 balls for the first wicket with veteran lefthander Devon Smith (24). When Smith missed a wild heave at seamer Anderson Phillip and had his stumps rattled in the seventh over, Maloney found an ally in Kavem Hodge (57) to add a further 62 for the second wicket. Hodge’s knock was a slow one, requiring 105 balls and including one

four and a six, and it put the innings under pressure, leaving Volcanoes struggling especially after they lost three wickets for 15 runs in the space of 31 balls to be 123 for four in the 33rd over. Emmanuel Stewart arrived to punch two fours and sixes in a 34-ball 31, adding a vital 48 for the fifth wicket with Hodge who eventually perished after adding a further 28 for the sixth wicket with Athanaze, bowled by left-arm spinner Yannick Ottley in the 46th over. In reply, Red Force stumbled early when Tion Webster (5) feathered one from

off-spinner Shane Shillingford through to wicketkeeper Stewart in the second over and Kyle Hope followed two overs later for five. But that was the end of Volcanoes’ success as Bravo and Solozano dominated the attack. Bravo brought up his hundred off 113 balls at the start of the 39th over with a giant six over mid-wicket off leg-spinner Cottoy and Solozano followed him at the end of the 42nd, reaching his landmark by clearing the mid-wicket ropes with leftarm spinner Hodge.

Unbeaten Drayton and Tiwari to battle in round four of GAICO chess today NATIONAL Champion Anthony Drayton and Errol Tiwari are set to battle in round four of the seven-round GAICO Construction Chess, which will be played off today at the National Sports Resource and Racquet Centre in Woolford Avenue. The duo are currently unbeaten after three rounds and are tied for the top spot on the points table. Third place on the leader

Recently crowned strongman, Carlos Petterson-Griffith (right) during his battle with Shiv Nandalall on Wednesday evening.

board isWendell Meusa, who is currently on 2.5 points. Like Drayton and Tiwari, Candidate Master (CM) Meusa is also unbeaten. Neither he nor his opponent Roberto Neto could have made the first round on Saturday, so they settled for half-a-point each. Since then Meusa has won two straight games, including one on Sunday afternoon against Justino DaSilva. Although Meusa was ex-

pected to win that clash, there have been several upsets so far. Jaden Taylor held seasoned campaigner Loris Nathoo to a draw in round one, while he surprised Adrian Roopnarine in round three. National Junior champion Andre Jagnandan defeated current GCF president Frankie Farley in round one, while Chino Chung upset Ronuel Greenidge in round two. Meanwhile ,since Na-

tional Strongman Carlos Petterson-Griffith, who was en-route to winning his title at the National Gymnasium on Sunday, could not compete then, his battle with Shiv Nandalall was pushed to Wednesday evening at the Ocean Spray International Hotel. Nandalall won that battle. Currently he and seven other players are tied for the fourth position on two point each.

Dina Asher-Smith backs new athletes’ union after Diamond League changes

GREAT Britain’s 200m world champion Dina Asher-Smith says she will support the Athletics Association, an athletes’ union formed in response to changes to the Diamond League programme. American two-time Olympic triple jump champion Christian Taylor launched the body to “fight for athletes’ rights”. “You know you always have my support! Let’s do this,” tweeted Asher-Smith. The 200m and triple jump were two of four events cut from the regular 2020 Diamond League programme. The 3,000m steeplechase and 200m will still feature at 10 of 15 Diamond meetings, while two will stage the dis-

only damage this sport we all love”. “We will fight for athletes’ rights and ultimately demand a seat at the table and

He invited fellow athletes to email to register their interest and follow the organisation’s social media accounts. Britain’s Adam Gemili,

Asher-Smith’s 200m world title was accompanied by silvers in the 100m and 4x100m in Doha in September.

cus and triple jump events. None of the four will be included in the Diamond League final in Zurich in September. Diamond League chairman and International Association of Athletics Fed-

erations (IAAF) president Lord Coe said the changes were intended “to create a faster-paced, more exciting global league that will be the showcase for our sport”. However Taylor said “separating the events can

Christian Taylor, who has won three successive world titles as well as Rio 2016 gold, will be denied top-level triple jump contests in the run-up to Tokyo 2020.

a say in how our sport is run and how the sport can grow and evolve without ripping out its core.”

who expressed surprise at the Diamond League’s announcement on Wednesday, retweeted Taylor’s manifesto.

Athletes already have two voting positions on the 26-person IAAF Council with competitors at the recent World Championships in Doha balloted on who should represent them as part of the Athletes’ Commission. French pole vaulter Renaud Lavillenie and New Zealand shot putter Valerie Adams are among those elected. “We are fully supportive,” an IAAF spokesperson told BBC Sport of the Athletics Association’s creation. “The more athletes involved in the decisions made in the sport the better the sport will be.”(BBC Sport)


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Saturday November 9, 2019

‘Sad’ for Windies to have missed out on Archer claims legendary all-rounder Sobers

LEGENDARY West Indies all-rounder Gary Sobers does not believe the regional cricket team did enough to hold on to Barbadian-born fast bowler Jofra Archer and must be a little ‘sad’ to have missed out on such a top prospect. The 24-year-old was born in Barbados and played youth cricket for the Win-

Jofra Archer made his debut for England at the World Cup.

dies but failed to secure a spot on the youth World Cup team. The player later moved to England before deciding to switch allegiance and represent the country of his father’s birth. Archer made his debut for England at the World Cup earlier this year, after a change in the country’s eligibility rules allowed the

player to represent England earlier than originally stipulated. The bowler went on to make a major impact at the tournament as England claimed a maiden title. Archer then went on to make his impact felt during the Ashes series. “We have lost a good one, there’s no doubt

about that,” Sobers told the Daily Mail. “Jofra is an amazing bowler. For him to jump to where he is in the England team already is tremendous. I believe there was an argument as to whether they should play him in the World Cup but eventually they got over that and they must be very happy they did

because he has been great for them,” he added. “He started in Barbados and wanted to get in the West Indies team but he didn’t get the chance to do that so he went to the best place he could.” (Sportsmax)

Matches set to continue this weekend at Providence COMPETITION in the East Bank Football Association (EBFA) Senior League sponsored by the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) will continue today and tomorrow at the GFF National Training Facility, Providence, E a s t B a n k D e m e r a r a. Today’s matches from 14:00hrs will see Herstelling Raiders coming up against Diamond United from 14:00hrs followed by Friendship All Stars against Agricola Red Triangle. Tomorrow from 12:00hrs, Soesdyke Falcons will come up against Timehri Panthers; Grove Hi Tech matches skills with Mocha Champs from

14:00hrs with the feature game between Kuru Kururu Warriors and Agricola Red Triangle from 16:0hrs. In back to back matches last weekend when the league re-started, Timehri Panthers trounced Herstelling Raiders 6-0 on Sunday after edging old rivals, Grove Hi Tech 2-1 on Saturday. Their win over Herstelling raiders was achieved on account of Tyrone Khan’s hattrick in the 26th, 36th and 85th minute. There was one each for Shanon Samnauth in the 66th, Oliver Denny in the 75th and Tyrell Khan in the 82nd minute. Their goal scorers against Grove Hi Tech were Samna-

uth (4th) and Travis Thornhill in the 61st minute. Grove had equalised in the 55th minute but Thornhill’s strike sealed full points for Timehri. Mocha Champs thumped Friendship All Stars 4-1 on Sunday, thanks t o goals from Ulrick Griffith (5th), Stephan Daniels (11th), Shawn Gilbert (67th) and Tyrone James in the 70th minute. Friendship All Stars consolation goal came off the boot of    Kuru Kururu Warriors gained a walk over from Diamond United, Soesdyke Falcons enjoyed a similar result over Agricola Red Triangle.

Timehri Panthers FC goal scorers (L-R) Oliver Denny, Tyrel Khan, Shannon Samnauth and Tryone Khan.

Richards confident settled Hetmyer will eventually deliver for Windies LEGENDARY West Indies batsman Viv Richards is confident that it will only be a matter of time be-

fore mercurial young talent Shimron Hetmyer lives up to his full potential. Since bursting on the

scene in 2017, Hetmyer has shown clear signs that he has the potential to be one of the game’s best players.

CRICKET QUIZ CORNER (Saturday November 09, 2019) COMPLIMENTS OF THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market & the City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL COMPANY LTD-83 Garnett Street, Georgetown (Tel: 225-6158) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: (1) Samuel Badree-54 wickets (50 matches) (2) Rashid Khan-79 wickets (41 matches) Today’s Quiz: (1) What is the highest individual score made by a WI player in a T20 Int’l game to date? (2) What is the highest individual score made by an Afghan player in a T20 Int’l game to date? Answers in tomorrow’s issue

West Indies batsman Shimron Hetmyer.

Hetmyer, who has four centuries in 37 matches, recently became the 4th fastest West Indian batsman to score 1,000 ODI runs. On the flip side, however, the young batsman has put in several disappointing performances with innings that have been typified by rash stroke play

and what many have criticized as a carefree approach. Richards has, however, backed the young batsman to deliver the goods eventually. “Hetmyer we keep speaking about, he’s a young talent I believe when he settles down, his numbers could be much better for West Indies in the

future, but at present, he’s a little if and but at times, but when he works that out and gets to believe he can accomplish that, he’ll be okay. But his talent, his talent is enormous, it’s just for him to know how to get that done,” Richards told Espncricinfo.

GUYANA CHRONICLE, Saturday November 9, 2019


GBTI GCC Spartans, GCC Pitbulls victorious on night two THE Sunshine Snacks Under-21 girl’s competition of the Junior Indoor Hockey Championships produced a nail-biting finish when the pre-tournament favourites, GBTI GCC Spartans scored a lone goal in the final seconds of play against Saints. The GCC Pitbulls managed to secure the club’s second win against Saints for the evening with a 4-2 win. The GBTI girls seemed to have the upper hand from the outset of the match but the sturdy defence of Saints held the lethal strike force of Abosaide Cadogan and Sarah Klautky at bay. Klautky seemed to have put the Spartans up by one at the halftime buzzer but the whistle had gone for a Saints infringement just a second earlier and leaving the halftime score at 0-0. Saints goalkeeper Donyale Nurse had made some fine saves in the first half of play and continued this performance in the second half as GCC earned several

4-2 victory. Captain McKenzie would hammer in two penalty corner goals for GCC int eh first seven minutes of play before Tivesard Garnett could respond in similar fashion for Saints in the tenth. Halftime found the score at 2-1

Saints with two field goals in the 11th and 13th minutes to end with a 4-2 victory for GCC. The Farfan & Mendes Under-16 competition saw the Bingo GCC Her-ricanes make their tournament debut against YMCA Old Fort in

Jason Gomes counterattacks for GCC War Dogs against Saints

penalty corners. With time running out for both sides, a skilful solo run by striker Sarah Klautky produced a penalty corner for GCC at the final buzzer. Midfielder Madison Fernandes stepped up with what would be the final chance to score in the match and broke the deadlock with a powerful flick

into the left corner of the net for the 1-0 GCC win. Although the Saints boys put in a sound team performance, the experienced leadership by Kareem McKenzie, Meshach Sargeant and Samuel Woodroffe, along with solid goalkeeping from Michael Hing saw the GCC Pitbulls come away with a

Saints livewire Oshazay Savoury in control for Saints against the GCC War Dogs

for the Pitbulls. Sargeant then took over in the second half to put the match beyond reach for

the girls division. Both teams featured several newcomers to the game

and, despite some near misses, resulted in a 0-0 stalemate producing the first points of the competition for both sides. The GBTI GCC Spartans in true dominant fashion then made light work of the SHC Sensations by 3-0. Madison Fernandes scored a double for the Spartans while Sarah Klautky added a single. In the boys division, the SHC Silencers drew 0-0 against YMCA Old Fort but the latter would rebound in their second match of the evening to drown the Joseph Warriors by 4-0. Yusuf Branot and Daniel Woolford were the heroes for YMCA, scoring two goals each. The SHC Shockwave shocked the GCC War Dogs by 3-0 in the remaining U16 boys match. The entertaining Shakeem Fausette was in fine form, scoring the first two goals for Shockwave while Oshazay Savory added the third in the final minutes. Matches continued last evening with the finals scheduled for tomorrow..

Rawle Toney/Mackeson 3X3 Basketball Classic on from tonight -

‘STUFF’ to present basketball sneakers to MVP

SOME of the country’s top ‘ballers’ will converge on the Burnham Basketball Court tonight, when the two-day Rawle Toney/ Mackeson 3X3 Classic bounces off. With $300,000 up for grabs for the winner, over 25 ‘3X3’ teams will take to the court in order to stake claim to the inaugural title. Second place will pocket $100,000 and third place $50,000. The Andrew Ifill MVP will also be up for grabs. Ansa McAl under their Mackeson brand is the tournament’s title spon-

sor, while the Guyana Lottery Company’s Let’s Bet Sports, FireSide Grill, JD Carn ICT Guyana Inc., Allegiance Corporations Inc., the National Sports Commission, Chung’s Global Enterprise and Trophy Stall are the other sponsors. According to Toney, over 25 teams have so far registered for the tournament that will also have a fourpoint shot, compliments of FireSide Grill. Toney said that the popular food establishment which is known for their creative and fresh seafood line and other exotic

cuisines, will give $1,000 to every player who makes a basket from the spot on the court. The Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) will also be hosting their National 3-point Shoot Out on Sunday. The winner will walk away with $25,000, one basketball and a year bragging rights as the country’s top marksman from beyond the arc. Meanwhile, Toney pointed out that the opening night of the tournament will be bitter-sweet, since a night of reflection and celebration on

the life of former National Basketball Player Andrew Ifill will be held. The teams will play in a round-robin/knock out format, with the two finalists being outfitted by JD Carn ICT Guyana Inc. Meanwhile, former National basketball player Kester Gomes was the latest sponsor to come on board, offering a basketball sneakers to the player named Most Valuable at the conclusion at the two-day championship. Gomes, through his online sneakers store

Tournament organiser Rawle Toney (L) and Kester Gomes displaying some basketball sneakers.

‘STUFF’, made the presentation to Toney recently, while adding that it was

his way of not only giving back to the sport, but also advertise his brand.

‘D-Day’ at ‘Battle of the Ballers’ GT Beer / Keep Your Five Alive Futsal Competition THE venue for tonight’s showdown between the four survivors of what has been another exciting edition of the tournament is the National Gymnasium and the reverberation being heard in the streets is that the setting will be electric and boisterous. It is expected that fans from the respective communities will come out in large numbers to offer support to their teams as they battle for prize monies in excess of $1million along with some beautiful trophies.

The four semi-finalists Sparta Boss, Future Stars, Bent Street and Gold is Money will be on show to battle for prize monies in excess of $!million along with bragging rights for the next year. Promoter Kevin Adonis told the media that all systems are in place for fans to enjoy a riveting night of action between the four best teams in the format in the country. To add to what he said, all four captains are predicting success in the final, making

the semi-finals mouthwatering encounters as they seek places for the championship game. Defending champs Sparta Boss headline the lists of teams scheduled to go toe to toe in what many pundits are touting as the most competitive semi-finals in a long time. The champs are set to tackle a rejuvenated Future Stars unit that has turned back challenge after challenge throughout the competition, but many believe it could be a case of a bridge too far this time around.

Sparta’s chances of winning will rest on the performances of Gregory Richardson, Sheldon Shepherd, Ryan Hackett and Eusi Phillips. On the other hand, the Stars will hope that players such as Keiron Solomon, Kevin Cummings and Jamal Cozier continue to shine to get them to the final. In the other semi-final, Bent Street, the team that has looked unstoppable throughout the tournament go up against a slightly weakened Gold is

Money side missing their inspirational captain Hubert Pedro. However, after a shaky start, they rebounded to beat a stubborn LA Ballers in overtime and many will know that their experience at this stage of competitions has always proved to be a thorn for many opponents. Gold is Money will be led by leading marksman Jermin Junor, while his support will no doubt come from the experienced Phillip Rowley, Solomon Austin and Randolph Wagner.

On the other hand, Bent Street a team loaded with national standouts will be aiming to take full advantage in the absence of Pedro to reach the championship game. The likes of Pernel Schultz, Daniel Wilson and William Europe are in their lineup and their only focus will be to dominate their opponents. Two exhibition games will precede the semi-finals.


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Saturday November 9, 2019 BCB President, Hilbert Foster accepts the sponsorship cheque from Banks DIH Banks Beer Brand Manager, Brian Choo Hen, in the presence of Banks DIH Special Events Manager Mortimer Stewart. (Adrian Narine photo)

Banks DIH pumps $2M into BCB 1st 23 division tournament PAGE

Guyana Beverage Inc. backs Busta T20, ‘Champion of Champions’ PAGE cricket tournaments

Man jailed for 10 years for 23 armed attack on Arsenal players



From left- Busta’s Enterprise Club representative, Chandrapaul Pickaram; Guyana Beverage Inc. Manager, Raymond Govinda, and BCB President, Hilbert Foster, during Friday’s launching.(Adrian Narine photo) Arsenal Training Centre, St Albans, Britain - Arsenal’s Sead Kolasinac, Mesut Ozil and Shkodran Mustafi during training Action Images via Reuters/Tony O’Brien Printed and Published by Guyana National Newspapers Limited, Lama Avenue, Bel Air Park, Georgetown. Telephone 226-3243-9 (General); Editorial: 227-5204, 227-5216. Fax:227-5208


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