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GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018

No evidence of Haitians being –– Felix tells trafficked to Guyana House committee By Ariana Gordon

THERE is no evidence of Haitian nationals being trafficked in and through Guyana, Minister of Citizenship Winston Felix, declared on Thursday. Felix was at the time responding to questions posed by members of the Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Foreign Relations. Over the past few months concerns have been raised about the number of Haitians and Cubans entering Guyana through legal ports but the country’s immigration department has no departure records. According to statistics provided by the Ministry of Citizenship to the bipartisan parliamentary foreign relations committee there is an increasing number of Haitians arriving here but not departing through established ports of entry and exit. In 2017, 3,515 arrived with only 291 leav-

Opposition Member of Parliament, Nigel Dharamlall

ing according to departure records. This year, between January and April, 85 of 1,238 officially left Guyana. As a result there are 4377 Haitians unaccounted for in 2017 and 2018. “Where is the trafficking? Our evidence on trafficking so far suggests it is not the Haitians who are being trafficked. We have seen in the hundreds Venezuelans and if I have to look for trafficking in Guyana I am looking at the Venezuelans,” said Felix who noted that three times the number of women come from Venezuela and women are the victims of trafficking more than men. He was at the time responding to questions posed by Opposition Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) Member of Parliament (MP), Nigel Dharamlall. Dharamlall said he finds it strange that the administration is doing nothing to prevent the illegal backtracking by Haitians. Felix told the Committee that immigration officers in 2016 had gone in search for the large numbers of Haitians who had arrived then and came up empty handed. “So how do you know they are in Cayenne?” asked the opposition MP to which Felix responded, “they are not in Guyana.” “That (Cayenne) is their destination; I know that! They come not to go to Suriname but to Cayenne. They have relatives there – it is not today that Haitians are transiting in Guyana; they have been doing that since 1982 and they have all been coming and going to Cayenne,” he added noting the difference between persons moving and those

being trafficked. “Why would the government of Guyana legally allow Haitians into Guyana knowing that they would illegally leave in the thousands? Don’t you find that our government is complicit?” Dharamlall asked as Felix reminded that Guyana’s visa policy within the framework of the CARICOM community and the Caricom Single Market and Economy- freedom of movement, prevents Guyana or any CARICOM territory from preventing the arrival of nationals from sister territories. “No sir, we are a sovereign nation and our visa policy with CARICOM permits the arrival of Caribbean Nationals. We are not going to stop them, full stop. We are not going to stop them!” the Citizenship Minister declared. He acknowledged that in the past, Haitians were often times sent back to their home country for not meeting specific criteria but noted that policy has since been changed following a recent meeting held in Jamaica on the subject. As a result, Haitians can now stay in any CARICOM territory automatically for six months. Felix made it clear that Haitians would not be blocked from entering Guyana as they arrive here as visitors, and are given time to stay for whatever period they choose but their departure becomes the issue. “Once they leave, they leave on their own risk. Once they are found, they are dealt with accordingly,” Felix said while adding that the authorities in French Guiana are aware

of the said situation. TRANSIT POINT Felix said while there is an assumption that given the numbers of Haitians arriving in Guyana legally but not departing through any of the country’s official ports, the Haitians are being trafficked, Haitians are simply using Guyana as a transit point to travel to Cayenne, French Guiana to meet their relatives and friends. “We have not suspected any trafficking of Haitians in Guyana, through Guyana or whatever, at least up to this point of reporting, zero, no suspicion of any trafficking and if ever we suspect anything we are not going to wait for another nation to deal with, it will be counted in the figures that we have produced,” he told the sectoral committee. The issue of TIP Felix, a former Police Commissioner said has not been left on its own by his government as “we have displayed abhorrence to the crime of TIP and once it arises there is a multi-agency approach to this government’s response to trafficking of human beings.” He said TIP is taken very seriously by his administration noting that “if we want to get trafficking in Guyana let’s check the hotels, the clubs, interior locations (Kaimos), one thing I will assure you, you won’t find Cubans neither would you find Haitians.” The Minister reminded the Committee that Haitians have been transiting here since the 1980s in droves awaiting flights to neighbouring Suriname. However, Suriname had imple-

mented a visa requirement for Haitians and that slowed up the passage through Suriname. “So all that they do, is come to Guyana and we are assuming that they leave backtrack for Cayenne. There are a few Haitians here–the numbers not accounted for are not in Guyana. I assure you of that. Had they been in Guyana, all of us would have known. We know where the Brazilians are, we know where the Cubans are but nobody can tell you they know where the Haitians are. Haitians are not accumulating in Guyana,” Felix stressed. He disclosed that it has been observed that a large number of Cubans are moving to “another country” which is in contact with the government. The citizenship minister who was accompanied by staff of his ministry reminded that Guyana’s porous borders prevent the country’s immigration officials from preventing backtrack activities. “Just as it (TIP) is a concern of the opposition, it is a concern of this government,” Felix stated while pointing to statistics presented by the Guyana Police Force. SPECIAL PROCESSING Meanwhile, when asked by the Committee whether his ministry has received information regarding the special processing of Haitians or any other nationals through immigration at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Felix said no. “No such information has been received but if there is

Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix such information available to members of the opposition on this topic, I shall be grateful if it could be provided to ensure that an investigation is launched.” Felix said such actions are in breach of the Immigration Laws and persons found culpable will be dealt with condignly. “I can’t see that happening; what I do know and can say is that the Haitians have felt the brunt of our enforcement through the immigration department.” He reminded that the CJIA is a restricted area both on the air side and on the land side and as such only certain categories of persons can access those restricted areas. Also present at the meeting were Committee members, Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin, Hemraj Rajkumar and Mustapha Zulfikar and Acting Chief Immigration Officer Superintendent Wray, acting Registrar-General Louis Crawford, and a Ms. Bruce filling in for Carol Primo, who is on leave.

Unbribable top cop


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018

… President says next police chief must have integrity, intelligence THE days of concealing security sector mistakes and misdeeds are over, the Guyana Police Force officers will be held accountable for the consequences of their actions and the instructions they issue to their subordinates. This assertion was made by President David Granger during his address to members of the newly appointment Police Service Commission (PSC) on Thursday

security sector reform includes the appointment of the Top Cop with four Deputy Commissioners of Police. The Head of State said that the next Top Cop should possess the qualities of intelligence, impartiality and integrity. “I don’t give orders to the Commissioner of Police, but I want somebody who is ‘Unbribable’, somebody who is intelligent and somebody who is committed to carrying out

uty commissioners. We haven’t had four deputy commissioners for a long time and the hierarchy has been flat, everybody is of the same rank,” the president stated. He said the advancement of officers should be based on merit and discipline and dismissal should be applied fairly to encourage good conduct. “There will be in the Force, a core of senior officers committed to effective police administration,

Police Act shall function in accordance with the law as the law enforcement agency of the State responding daily to maintain law and order in suppressing crime, to ensure citizens are safe in their homes, streets and other places. He said the Police Act section 3 (2) tasks the Police Force with the prevention and detection of crime, the preservation of law and order, preservation of the peace, the re-

sion has the power to make appointments in the Police Force of or above the rank of inspector, the Head of State said the commission also has the power to exercise disciplinary control over persons holding or acting in such positions, including their removal. “Very powerful indeed, power to be exercised prudently,” the President noted. With the security sector reform, the President said future appointees will vigorous-

troubling questions about the role of the Defence and Police Forces during the ‘troubles’ and the reticence of the political administration of the day to provide useful evidence to the Commission of Inquiry into the massacre. The ‘troubles’ was a dark period in our country’s history. The inability of the Police to arrest the outbreak of criminal violence quickly led to the emergence of so-called ‘phantom’ death squads. The ‘troubles’

President Granger flanked by members of the Police Service Commission (Delano Williams Photo) at State House. Those appointed to the constitutional body are: retired assistant commissioners Paul Slowe, Clinton Conway, Vesta Adams and Claire Jarvis along with Public Service Commission Chairman, Attorney Michael Sommersal. Slowe was sworn in as Chairman of the Commission. President Granger said after meaningful consultation with the Leader of the opposition and chairperson of the Police Service Commission there will be an appointment of a Commissioner of Police soon. He said government’s plan for the

the programme of security sector reform, who has the initiative and who can generate public trust,” the President said. Underscoring the need for more professional officers and the need for intelligence gathering, the President said the commission’s independent status can contribute to enhancing public trust in the force and boosting the moral of officers while ensuring the efficacy of law enforcement. “I intend to appoint a Guyanese…I think Guyanese need a Commissioner they can look up to and I expect that he will be supported by four dep-

operations, investigations and intelligence gathering to ensure sound leadership to subordinate officers and constables and to evincing the virtues of intelligence and integrity and being capable of securing the public’s trust,” he explained. He said the appointment of the commission is essential to GPF efficiency and State security as the Guyana Police Force is the principal agency of the state concerned with law enforcement. Quoting from the Constitution 197 (a), President Granger said the Police Force which under the

pression of internal disturbance, due enforcement of all law and regulations and the apprehension of offenders. President Granger said that the GPF can fulfill these tasks effectively only if it is commanded by a core of officers who are competent, committed and incorruptible. “The Forces most senior officers must be men and women of proven independence, integrity and intelligence. The Force must be able to enjoy the trust of the public,” he said. Underscoring that the Police Service Commis-

ly carry out the approved reforms aimed at restoring public trust in the Force while fighting crime. The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces also said that the public’s trust in the Police Force and the need for Security Sector Reform have become more urgent following the presentation of the report into the circumstances surrounding the killing of eight miners at Lindo Creek on or about 21st day of June 2008, commonly referred to as the Report of the Lindo Creek Commission of Inquiry. “That Report raised

revealed, also, how drug lords had infiltrated the Force. The ‘troubles’ exposed the influence of a small but influential group of rogue officers. It revealed the need for more careful selection of officers and improved intelligence gathering. The report’s recommendations will be acted upon in due course. The days of concealing security sector mistakes and misdeeds are over. The Force’s officers will be held accountable for the consequences of their actions and for the instructions they issue to their subordinates,” he said.


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Friday August 10, 2018

Harmon commissions two new Islanders for GDF MINISTER of State Joseph Harmon, who also serves as the Secretary to the Defence Board, on Thursday said that the Government of Guyana is committed to providing the necessary resources and equipment to the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) so that it can effectively fulfil its mandate as he commissioned two new Islander planes for the Force’s Air Corps. Speaking at a simple ceremony held at Air Station London, Timehri, the Secretary of the Defence Board said that the acquisition of the planes is part of Government’s plans for the recapitalisation of the Force as outlined by President David Granger in the ‘Total National Defence Policy.’ Minister Harmon said that it is the President’s vision that Guyana must have a well-commanded, welltrained, well-equipped Defence Force with the core capabilities to keep citizens safe and secured. He noted that the GDF, in order to fulfil this mandate must be multi-role, flexible and fully integrated with sufficient support systems. “The Total National Defense Policy is designed to give our regular and reserve forces the resources they need to perform their mission. This policy is based on five pillars: personnel, readiness, infrastructure, morale and equipment. A

Minister of State Joseph Harmon and the top brass of the Guyana Defence Force as well as the Civil Aviation Authority

policy is a course or principle action adopted or proposed by a government. A policy is followed by a plan and a plan has to be implemented. All of this has to be driven by interest and the will of the state for there to be concrete action and subsequent success. In consideration of what I have just stated, this ceremony is therefore strong evidence that the President of Guyana has outlined a policy, a plan is being pursued and is being implemented, part of which is the acquisition of these two aircraft. This ceremony speaks directly to the part of the “Total National Defence Policy” that specifically addresses the issue of resources. The Guyana Defence force and the Air Corps must be properly equipped to carry out its mandate,”

he said. The Minister of State noted that the Government of Guyana will not hesitate to provide the support necessary to ensure that the servicemen and women are fully equipped to uphold the Constitution and protect Guyana. The aircraft, he said, represent an investment that demonstrates the Government's commitment to ensuring that the GDF receives the necessary aviation support required to execute its mandate. “These aircraft being received today will engage in activities that include ensuring the security and integrity of our borders, the security and integrity of our maritime space, especially with regard to the activities related to the production of oil and gas and anti-piracy

efforts, provide support to the resuscitated Engineering Corps of the GDF in its activities with regard to the infrastructural development in the hinterland, promote the policy of equal development and the delivery of public services and bridging the gap between our coastland and hinterland communities and supporting the establishment of a ‘green economy’ and ‘green’ state by monitoring activities in our forest for the control and mitigation of carbon emissions that affect climate change,” he said. Minister Harmon noted too that it would also assist in the maintenance of the integrity of the country’s protected areas, improve the security and protection of citizens in the hinterland, especially indigenous communities, improve relations and the delivery of resources and infrastructure to hinterland communities and facilitate medical evacuations from hinterland communities. “It will also ensure that our men and women in uniform have the necessary service support. I remember days when I was an Officer and we had to wait days for an aircraft for replenishments in remote areas. We are doing better now, so all of our

men and women must understand that what we are doing as Government is providing a reliable source of support for them. They must know that there is a chain behind them that is strong and that will provide support. I have been assured that the aircraft are the best suited to our conditions and the objectives to be achieved by the Air Corps in the execution of its functions. I have also been advised that they are the most economical option available to the GDF for the expansion of its Air Corps. I must, however, urge you, beseech you to take good care of this investment; to care these aircraft; to ensure their proper maintenance and use so that the GDF and the people of Guyana can have the maximum benefit of their investment,” Minister Harmon urged. Chief of Staff of the Force, Brigadier Patrick West, in his brief remarks, said that in addition to the Islanders, the Force expects to acquire two more Skyvans in the coming months to add to its fleet. “Words cannot express our profound gratitude over the continued support that produce results such as these. These aircraft, as you were told, will enhance our

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surveillance capabilities and provide increased support for our forward locations. It is also envisaged that they will provide much-needed assistance in administrative and other duties and contribute to the continued support for our civil defence operations,” he said. Commanding Officer of Air Corps, Commander Courtney Burns said that the Corps play an integral role in the Force’s functions and is therefore inspired that Government has seen it fit to add to its resources. “Air Corps is indeed inspired by this acquisition and we know this is only the beginning but we are inspired. We are re-energised as we continue to be driven by our motto of ‘Service’. No military can be effective without an effective Air Force. Our mission is to provide aviation support to the Guyana Defence Force. This support comes in the form of 16 tasks, namely: search and rescue as required; air borne and air mobile operations; casualty evacuations; day and night medical evacuation; air transport for troops; platform for tactical operation; surveillance through the country including the Exclusive Economic Zone; disaster relief operations; replenishment plans for those deployed; provide support for government programmes; conduct trainings; conduct anti-piracy; anti-illegal mining; logging and fishing activities; support civil powers and the police; provide internal support operations; conduct counter narcotic operations and cross border operations. These islanders will be directly employed in the conduct of those operations with the exception of one or two,” he said. (Ministry of the Presidency)

GUYANA CHRONICLE, Friday August 10, 2018

Ramjattan debunks claims of mismanagement of security sector

MINISTER of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan on Wednesday shut down Opposition claims that the government is inefficient in its management of the Public Security Sector. He did so by presenting to the House a detailed account on the improvements that have been done to the sector in the last three years. He also invited the People's Progressive Party (PPP) to work along with the Government in the fight against crime by engaging in bilateral talks and providing additional strategies for consideration. At Wednesday’s sitting of the National Assembly, Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira put forward to the House that although more money is being injected into fighting crime, there is “serious underperformance” within the security sector. She went on to accuse the government of “total incompetence in dealing with the public security sector”, stating that Guyanese are no safer today than they were in the past. She was roundly sup-

ported by her PPP colleague, Clement Rohee, who stated that there is “a lot of talk” about Guyana’s crime situation without the results to justify the amount of resources being utilised to fight crime. They were at the time debating a Motion put forward by the PPP on crime, and the need for the government to do more in this area. In his rebuttal to the foregoing arguments, Minister Ramjattan had at hand the statistics from the Guyana Police Force (GPF) on serious crimes for the years 2013 to 2017, which showed a gradual decline of 4,024; 3,688; 3,925; 3,300 and 3,036 respectively. On the murder front, he also proved that the rate between the years 2013 to 2015 fell by 155 and 115 respectively, and that robbery-under-arms also saw a decline over the years, from 823 in 2014, to 774 in 2016, and finally 673 in 2017. “We are catching more of these criminals,” he said, adding: “Indeed, it is still bad; too many robberies, too many burglaries, too many

rapes and sexual assaults, too many murders… “But it is important to understand that they are less; and that is what we are doing with the resources. We are training policemen, we have more patrol vehicles and we are ensuring that the patrols be done to the extent that there is decline and reduction.” Even the dogs and horses, he said, are being utilised for patrol in certain areas. As to Mr Rohee’s query about the role of civilians in addressing crime and security, and the effectiveness of the neighbourhood policing and community policing units, Minister Ramjattan said that despite the impression otherwise, the agencies have been working in collaboration with the central policing body. NO EASY TASK He was the first to admit, however, that managing crime is “an extremely difficult situation”, which is why there is need for additional support from community and religious leaders.

“It is absolutely not true that we have not been collaborating with all the units and all the agencies dealing with national security and public security,” the minister said. “Every Tuesday morning there is a meeting of the National Security Committee that has the head of CANU and the Police Commissioner, the Crime Chief, and a whole host of people who deal with this crime situation. “Many of the police stations have management committees made up of civilians; the community policing groups are also getting lectures on anger management. Within the communities, we are talking to a lot of people; all of these are the methods of the police to deal with civilians.” In closing, Minister Ramjattan said that like it or not, it’s an indisputable fact that the present government has been doing more to fight crime than the previous administration. He advised that the PPP take up the president’s offer to have bilateral talks on the issues of oil and gas, and

the environment and crime, as these subjects may very well prove to be beneficial to addressing age-old issues in the country. Voice dripping sarcasm, Minister Ramjattan said: “I want to urge that we act together; that the PPP opposition listens to what the president has to say. “Come and speak to him on those two other issues plus crime and security; you might help because indeed you were there for 23 years; you can now recognise what were mistakes done so that you can probably ensure that it doesn’t reoccur, and to that extent you could be of some help. “We are not going to be critical to that extent, but we would like you to know that as far as we’re concerned, we have moved forward; crime has been on the decline and we feel that we have taken the urgent measures… “And if you can give us some more measures that we ought to take, we certainly will take [them]. But provide it.”

EPA issued 200 operations permits during past year ply,” the EPA executive director elaborating on the project said All relations will be premised on the Environmental Protection Act and its

By Vishani Ragobeer ENVIRONMENTAL Protection Agency (EPA) Executive Director Khemraj Parsram said the entity has issued 200 operations permits during the past year as it moves to formalise operations in the forestry sector. “Over the last year or so we recognised that several of these small, forest resource or harvesting facilities like the sawmills log depots and so on are not authorised,” Parsram told the Guyana Chronicle. In response, he said, the EPA reached out and provided operations permits to these businesses. “The authorisation basically does an evaluation of your operation and sets outs terms and conditions for which they must comply to ensure that there are adequate environmental and social benefits and ensure the protection of the environment,” he said. After assessing some of the operations across Guyana, Parsram said some 200 authorisations in the form of operation permits detailing the terms and conditions to which businesses must comply to protect the

EPA Executive Director Khemraj Parsram

environment were granted. “Once you have a permit after we have done the risk assessment, we will determine the frequency of our visits and inspections,” he said. Parsram’s comments came against the backdrop of the launch of a project through the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) which seeks to provide capacity building assistance to community forest organisations on the environmental authorisation process. “We are going to have this inventory of operators and go and meet them or communicate with them, providing them with what is required and supporting them to provide necessary documentation and so and showing them how to com-

guidelines and will target all regions. “This is just a start, we intend through this project to bring the harvesting operations as well as the

downstream activities like sawmilling and so to come into the environmental protection act,” he said.



GUYANA CHRONICLE, Friday August 10, 2018

Building public trust PRESIDENT David Granger on Thursday swore in the five-member Police Service Commission during which he observed that public trust in the Police Force and the need for Security Sector Reform have become more urgent following the presentation of the Report into the circumstances surrounding the killing of eight miners at Lindo Creek. The Head of State noted that the Report which was presented to him last week raised troubling questions about the role of the Defence and Police Forces during the ‘troubles’ and the reticence of the political administration of the day to provide useful evidence to the Commission of Inquiry into the massacre. He again stressed that the ‘troubles’ was a dark period in our country’s history and that the inability of the Police to arrest the outbreak of criminal violence quickly led to the emergence of so-called ‘phantom’ death squads. The issue of public trust in the Police Force has been a longstanding one and in 2016 a USAID Report on Guyana said the Guyana Police Force (GPF) is the

institution least trusted. The GPF which was established during the colonial period (1839), though having the motto “Service and Protection” through the years has meant different things, and not necessarily to the well-being of the citizens. Where in colonial period it meant not only the maintenance of law and order, but also keeping the colonised ‘in their place’ and ‘protecting’ the colonisers from the colonized; the evolving relationship between the police and citizens have been tepid at best and stormy at worse. The police are product of the society, will operate within the framework allowed, and often take their cue from the prevailing political dynamics. The Force has never been socialised to see itself as part of the masses with equal responsibility to serve and protect as the leadership, but that of the masses being suspects to be contained at all cost. And this perception has seen the Force’s utilisation of methods and measures which often times are inconsistent with modern policing.

Negative perceptions of the force are informed by police brutality, ineffective crime fighting strategy, extra-judicial killings, court jackets being misplaced, high loss of cases in the court, bribery, always wanting ‘a tap-up,’ and hostile community interaction, as the most notable. In each instance with application of modern policing techniques, including acceptable universal standard operational procedures, respect for laws and human rights as well as proper remuneration, negative perceptions can be reduced. Current efforts through training in ethics and improved public relations strategy, along with partnership training with developed countries are noted. Recent released statistics showing comparative decline in serious crimes are also positive. While these are aiding in building positive perception, where almost all in society sees the Force in a negative light, it requires holistic structured approach in reducing such perception. Besides, the Force is designed to be a professional institution and if this is to be maintained,

it requires necessary investment to treat it as such. Avenues have to be pursued to attract professionals and salaries can be complemented with incentives and benefits. There are reports addressing the modernisation of the Force. The Disciplined Services Commission Report (2003) was unanimously approved by the National Assembly in 2010. There is the Linden Commission of Inquiry Report (2013) into the 18th July, 2012, police shooting and now the Security Sector Reform Strategy. These are incisive reports, achieved and borne at cost to the State, deserving of attention and their recommendations implemented. Though negative perceptions of the police are not unique to Guyana, as evident in countries such as Jamaica and the United States (U.S), Guyana must not be unique in not addressing same. Where citizens in the U.S have mobilised and are organised in addressing police excesses and poor police/community relations, addressing these repressive aspects of policing get fillip when political

leadership join the chorus. Since becoming President and even before, President Granger who is also Commander-in-Chief, has been consistent in calling for a professional security force. He has spoken out against vigilante justice and police shooting of alleged criminals instead of charging and bringing them before the court. He has insisted that every unnatural death would be subject to a coroner’s inquest and has demonstrated his commitment to supporting the work of the sector through his administration accessing more training for ranks and also increased budgetary allocations. The institution of policing serves an invaluable role in society and it is important that the discharge of responsible relations with the people is improved. Where society is designed on a system of laws, the ability of the Force to honour its motto has to factor in mutual respect for laws, rights of citizens, and the political leadership empowering the institution with requisite skills, training and resources.

Be honest with yourself, Mr Regional Chairman Dear Editor I TOOK a position sometime back not to challenge the political position of our Regional Chairman anymore, on the basis that he is coming around to accepting that Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) is climbing the ladder of success in the field of good governance and transparency. But with his recent misinformation, which he presented to the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority Board, that was reported to me, I am forced to have no other alternative but to clarify. It was reported to me that our Regional Chairman expressed his dissatisfaction with the manner in which the mini-excavators are operating in Region Three. I am guided

that he painted a picture suggesting that the machines are engaged in private work and not work to benefit the people of our region. Since his concerns were never raised with the Regional Executive Officer (REO), permit me the opportunity to detail how the established system concerning the excavators works. To begin with, the excavators’ primary mandate is to provide a service to communities that do not fall within an Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC). Since they do not pay rates and taxes to no NDC, it is the Regional Administration's duty to ensure that those communities are well kept in terms of drainage and other necessary services that are supposed to be provided by an NDC. From time to time, considering

the fact that NDCs are not financially rich and notwithstanding that drainage issues are the responsibility of NDCs, the excavators would assist. Bit the request must come from the NDC of itself that needs the assistance, or from the constituency’s Regional Councillor. Those requests are then examined so as to determine the level of priority and urgency, given that it's only four mini-excavators. At no time, since May 2015 to date, was any request not honoured. The machines have worked from as far as St. Lawrence down on the East Bank Essequibo to way past Patentia on the West Bank Demerara. Every single village has received assistance, and shortly, Wakenaam and Leguan are next in

line to benefit. Currently, the four machines are in Stanleytown, Windsor Forest, La Jalousie and Crane respectively. Within this very week, one will be moved to Vergenoegen, and in another two weeks’ time, one will go to Farm on the East Bank Essequibo. Recent works were completed in Goed Intent, Leonora, Uitvlugt and Parika Backdam. Farmers and residents continue to enjoy the benefits of these machines. It is worth mentioning that at no time did these machines ever do private work, unless if cleaning the drain in front the Regional Chairman's residence that benefits him alone is considered private work. The Regional Chairman did acknowledge at RDC Council meetings that the machines are working

in the Region, and that residents are benefitting. So, to learn that a different picture is being painted at the NDIA Board meeting leaves me to conclude that the Chairman is suffering from EPISTEMIC AMBIVALENCE, and the cure for this is to just be honest with yourself. In conclusion, the Regional Chairman will continue to receive my utmost respect, and if at any time he requires assistance with the excavators, it will be granted as happened in the most recent past. The service we provide as a region will continue to benefit all, and not just a selected few. Regards Ganesh Mahipaul Regional Information Officer


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Friday August 10, 2018

Guyana-Brazil Road closer to fruition

– govt’s to soon agree design for Lethem to Mabura Hill leg; bidding to start by year-end

THE authorities in Guyana and Brazil are working to complete the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the design of the Lethem to Mabura Hill leg of the Guyana-Brazil Road within two months. According to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday, Director of Northern and Western South America at the Brazilian Ministry of External Affairs, Mr Norberto Moretti has revealed that efforts are being made to start the bidding process by year-end. “The goal by the end of the year is to have the bidding going on,” Ambassador Moretti was quoted as saying. “It’s an ambitious timetable, but it's a realistic one, and we are working very hard to get it done,” he added. Ambassador Morretti also believes that there is great interest on the part of the Brazilian government to get the road completed, since the journey from Lethem to Georgetown can take as many as 13 hours, depending on the state of the road. While the road has re-

cently become impassable, it is envisaged that once paved, the trip will take no more than five hours. In a recent interview, Ambassador Moretti explained how the road will benefit Brazil, and the factors that have intensified the political will to see the project through to completion. “It is clearer now the potential benefits of getting this road paved,” Ambassador Moretti said, adding: “Brazil is very aware of its shortcomings in terms of infrastructure, and the need to bring down production costs.” According to the ambassador, the Brazilian authorities have also been trying to ensure the country’s development agenda is more geographically distributed. Brazil’s wealth and production activity have been largely concentrated in the southwest and southeast. As the ambassador pointed out, while the northeastern and central regions of Brazil have seen progress in the last decade, there is yet need for

Guyana’s Ambassador to Brazil, Mr George Talbot

greater effort, particularly in light of recent discoveries of oil here, and the projected increase in economic activity that that could bring. Said he: “The road will not only be convenient and useful; it will be fundamental.” Meanwhile, Guyana’s Ambassador to Brazil, Mr George Talbot said Guyana is currently reviewing Brazil’s proposed text on the TOR, and will make the requisite

Director of Northern and Western South America at the Brazilian Ministry of External Affairs, Mr Norberto Moretti (Photos courtesy Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

adjustments, if needs be. He said that once this is completed, the bidding process will begin. He explained that the two countries are also examining possible funding arrangements to pave the road from Mabura Hill to Lethem. Phase One of the project covers about 125km of the

The sky’s in its element this weekend –with ‘shooting stars’ galore!

Dear Editor, THE planets Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are lined off this month of August 2018: Venus in Virgo, Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Mars in Capricorn. Venus can be seen up to about 21:00h, Jupiter up to about midnight, Saturn up to 02:00h, and Mars up to 04:00h. Mars has overtaken Jupiter in brightness, and is now the 4th brightest heavenly body (after the Sun, Moon and Venus) up to September. This weekend of August 11-12, the Moon is fairly new and will therefore not be interfering with visibility.

That interference will be left to the weather, and bright city lights. Every year around August 11-12, the Perseid meteors encounter the Earth. They are called the Perseid meteors because when you see these shooting stars, they appear to emerge from the constellation Perseus, which rises not until around midnight. The next time this meteoric shower will be so near a favourable New Moon will be in the year 2026. The University of Guyana Astronomical Society (UGAS) has informed me that they are going to use the 2018 opportunity to view the Perseid meteors, which are

sporadic, but can average 70 meteors per minute in good visibility. So they are renting a high rooftop in Queen Street, Kitty, opposite the Glow Hotel, to minimise the bright city lights, and are inviting the public at a cost of $1,000 per person, $500 per child, to camp out for the events. They plan to set up 18:30h on Sunday August 12, and showcase their recently acquired 10” reflecting telescope, while providing the opportunity for those who have their own instruments to use or demonstrate them on the planets, Andromeda and our own Milky Way galaxies, and all the interesting

constellations. Early comers may be able to catch the Southern Cross and Venus before they set in the west. Knowledgeable persons should be available all night until dawn to talk night- sky lore, and discuss theories of the universe. I am told that refreshments can be purchased on location. So, let’s pray the weather permits clear viewing. We can always wait it out in fruitful discussion, and answering of questions. Regards Alfred Bhulai

road (from Linden to Mabura Hill), and also includes bridging the Kurupukari River. Guyana secured funding from the British Government through its UK Caribbean Infrastructure Partnership Fund (UKCIF) programme to complete the design. The contract for consultancy on this aspect of the project will be awarded shortly. “I see a benefit to connecting Guyana domestically to Brazil, and Brazil to the rest of the world,” Ambassador Talbot said. He, however, explained that the road is just one aspect of the project. “The road will not be enough in itself; it will have to be allied with the construction of adequate port facilities,” he said. “The equation is really the port plus the road to make the project economically viable.”

Venezuelan shot, wounded off Waini coast DOCTORS at the Mabaruma Hospital in the North West District were up to late last night working to save the life of a Venezuelan, whose face was partially blown off in a gun attack off the Waini Coast around midday on Thursday. The victim’s name has been given as 31-year-old Eunevier Jose. While the man's colleagues are maintaining that he is a fisherman, reports say otherwise--that he may be involved in the illegal fuel trade. Reports from Mabaruma are that the man sells fuel to a businessman at Kumaka, the sub-region's business hub. In recent months, there has been a heavy influx of Venezuelans venturing across the border into the North West, and while many have been trading various commodities between the two areas, some have taken up residence in the region.

Time ripe for a Chanderpaul benefit match Dear Sir, WE have read that the University of the West Indies’ St. Augustine Campus will give Guyana’s cricket legend and former West Indies Test Captain Shivnarine Chanderpaul an Honorary Doctor of Law this coming October. This is a remarkable recognition for this young man’s contributions to the world for sportsmanship. This Guyanese gentleman represented the West Indies Cricket Tests for 21 years during which time he made 11,867 runs at an average of 51.37 runs.

No Guyanese cricketer has achieved this feat, yet the W.I. Cricket Board, in their haste and bias, never gave him the recognition he deserved in a tangible manner such as a Benefit Farewell Match. In view of the foregoing, WE DEMAND THAT YOUR BOARD ARRANGE A BENEFIT MATCH FOR THIS ILLUSTRIOUS SON OF GUYANA WITHOUT DELAY. Guyanese in the Diaspora are watching on. Regards Wilfred Mahadeo Pretam Chandra


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Friday August 10, 2018

Westford, Cummings charge ‘bad in law’- lawyer

Magistrate to rule on no-case submission Thursday COME August 16, Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman will make her ruling on the no-case submission in the case of former Public Service Minister Dr. Jennifer Westford, and her Personnel Manager Margaret Cummings, who are accused of stealing $600M from the State. The women’s attorney Dexter Todd had called for the charge to be dismissed citing that it was “bad in law.” The women are charged with stealing $639,420,000 belonging to the Government of Guyana, which they allegedly received by virtue of employment between the period of October 19, 2011 and April 28, 2015, while being employed with the former Public Service Ministry. It is also alleged that between 2011 and 2015, Westford signed 24 memoranda amounting to $639,420,000 and sent them to the perma-

nent secretary at the Office of the President to be signed and approved. The money was said to have been requested for activities to be conducted in the 10 administrative regions. Todd, during his submission noted that the prosecution had failed to establish that a criminal offence was conducted by Dr. Jennifer Westford or Margaret Cummings individually. “The prosecution has failed to establish both mens rea and actus reus in the offence of Larceny by a Public Officer. The prosecution has ignored the lawful meaning of a public officer and proceeded to try a then Minister under an offence which is not established in law,” the attorney noted. He also stressed that the prosecution failed to prove that the monies were actually stolen and if, that it was stolen by the two defendants. Special prosecutor, Na-

Margaret Cummings

tasha Backer urged the court to find that the charges were ‘good in law’ the two defendants were then officers of the state. Backer noted that Dr. Westford had requested memoranda for particulars sums of monies which were

‘Known character’ arrested with weapon

The .38 Smith and Wesson Revolver found

The crashed car the men were apprehended in.

TWO persons are in custody after police found a .38 Smith and Wesson Revolver with a live round in the chambers after the driver of motorcar PWW149 dropped the weapon when approached by police on Thursday. Police in a release said ranks of a police mobile patrol commanded by a corpo-

ral in the Charlestown community, at around 11:30hrs on Thursday observed the suspicious movement of the motor car driven by a ‘known character.’ As the patrol approached the vehicle in the vicinity of Russel and Howes streets, the ranks signalled the driver to stop but instead he accelerated and crashed

into a post, on Laing Street, Charlestown. The occupants were ordered to exit the vehicle and during that process, the driver dropped the firearm which was immediately retrieved and found to be a .38 Smith and Wesson Revolver with a live round in the chambers. The driver, 38, of West Ruimveldt and the other occupant, a 20-year-old unemployed resident of Campbellville Housing Scheme, are in custody and the vehicle has been lodged as investigation continues.

supposed to be used for specific projects at different times of the year. The money was handed over to Cummings. The prosecutor urged the court to follow the trail of money since there was no evidence of the projects being

Former Public Service Minister Dr. Jennifer Westford

conducted since the monies allegedly went missing after being handed over to the women. “The evidence cries out for an explanation of what happened to the money,” Backer noted as she urged the court to call upon the two

defendants to explain to the court, people and the State as to where the money went. The matter is adjourned until August 16 for Magistrate Latchman to rule on the no-case submission.

Bartician dies in accident A PEDESTRIANwho was struck down by a minibus around 20:00hrs Wednesday night on the Prospect Public Road, East Bank Demerara, succumbed to his injuries about 23:15hrs at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. Dead is Franklyn Dover, 43, of Lot ‘L’ First Street, Bartica, Region Seven. The driver of the minibus has been detained and is assisting police with their investigation. Police Public Relations Officer, Superintendent Jairam Ramlakhan said the 33year-old driver of minibus, BVV 2848, said he was proceeding south along the western lane of the eastern carriageway of the aforementioned road when the pedestrian reportedly ran across the road from west to east and collided with the front right side of his bus. As a result of the impact, Ramlakhan said the pedestrian received multiple injuries and was rushed to the East Demerara Regional Hospital in an unconscious state, but was subsequently transferred to the GPHC where he died while receiv-

The minibus that slammed into Franklyn Dover, resulting in his death

ing medical attention. Superintendent Ramlakhan said a breathalyzer test was done on the driver of the Route 42 Zone minibus who resides at Farm, EBD, but no alcohol was detected.

The body of Dover is currently at the Lyken’s Funeral Home awaiting a post-mortem examination as investigations into the accident continue.


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Friday August 10, 2018

Heritage Month launched – Minister Allicock urges preservation of Indigenous culture

As the Indigenous peoples of Guyana, along with all Guyanese, get ready to celebrate Indigenous Heritage Month, September 2018, Minister of Indigenous People’s Affairs Sydney Allicock has urged that they stay true to their culture. The theme for this year’s celebrations is: “Proud of our Indigenous identity, celebrating in unity.” And Minister Allicock reminded, “As we continue to celebrate as Indigenous people, let us not forget who we are and where we come from.” The theme comes a few months after the unfortunate incident at the Mae’s School where a young boy was turned away for wearing his Indigenous garb. Though the matter has since been resolved, in retrospect, the minister said the outcry showed that Guyanese stand in unison against any discrimination. He noted that the incident was a stark reminder that Indigenous people must be proud of their identity. Minister within the Ministry of Indigenous Peo-

Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Minister Sydney Allicock

Part of the cultural presentations to launch of Heritage Month

ple’s Affairs, Valerie Garrido-Lowe, said 2019 has been designated the International Year of Indigenous Languages. “We must never forget our indigenous ideals and traditions,” she stressed. Agreeing with her, Minister Allicock contended:

“Our language must be kept alive” and appealed to parents to “teach it to the young [because] in one generation we can lose it completely.” “Our language is our culture, it is our identity and we must preserve it,” the minister said while reminding that the Indigenous population in

Guyana encompasses nine groups, each with their own language which must be preserved. In September 2018, Wapichan children in three nursery schools in Region Nine will be taught in their native language, creating history in Guyana.

Through a Memorandum of Understanding with the Quality Bilingual Education Programme for Wapichan Children (QBEP), the Education Ministry has agreed to introduce the language course at three schools in Region Nine – Maruranau, Sawariwau and Karaudarnau nursery schools. While he urged persons to work towards preserving their culture, Minister Allicock also affirmed that the government is working towards strategies that will lead to the preservation and growth of Indigenous languages. As part of the Indigenous Month celebrations, the minister said an education lecture series will also touch on the issue of Indigenous

language. Heritage Month is an annual celebration in honour of Guyana’s Indigenous peoples and Allicock posited that the Government is working to ensure that they lead better lives. He also noted that land issues, migration and movement of Indigenous peoples are serious matters in the Indigenous community and Government is working to have these addressed. The revision of the 2006 Amerindian Act is another matter of importance and has to be keenly done through a consultative process, to comply with international law and in the best interest of the people, said Allicock.

GDF receives two aircrafts

THE Guyana Defence Force’s Air Corps added two Britten-Norman Islanders to its fleet. The aircrafts arrived at Air Station London, Timehri late Wednesday afternoon to a water salute. Commander of the GDF’s Air Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Courtney Byrne, explained to the Department of Public Information (DPI) that the planes will be able to effectively perform 10 out of the 13 Air Corps tasks. Byrne said the aircraft is best suited for Guyana’s rough, mountainous terrain, high altitudes and short hinterland airstrips. “These aircrafts can perform these missions well. They are adapted for this kind of terrain.” Earlier this year, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon had sought supplementary provision of $484Million in the National Assembly to procure two Islanders and two Sky vans. The Islanders that arrived on Wednesday were bought in Brazil and flown across the border by a team of GDF

Chief of Staff of the GDF, Brigadier Patrick West [centre], Commander of the Air Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Courtney Byrne [second right] and Major Mohinder Ramjag, Officer in Command at the Flight Operations Department [second left] among other GDF officials pose in front one of the Islanders

pilots. Major Mohinder Ramjag, Officer in Command at the Flight Operations Department, led the team that flew the planes to Guyana. The GDF will now have the planes certified and registered by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). “We already have highly qualified pilots to fly these aircrafts and we have engineers who are also qualified to main-

tain these aircrafts,” Byrne said. Lieutenant Colonel Byrne assured that the refurbished planes can provide more than 30 years of service to the Air Corps. Chief of Staff of the GDF, Brigadier Patrick West, and other GDF officials were on hand to witness the arrival of the aircrafts. There will be an official handing over ceremony for the aircrafts today. (DPI)

A firefighter gets a close up look at one of the Islanders shortly after it arrived at Air Station London, Timehri

One of the Islanders arriving to a water salute


Former Mayor, Ranwell Jordan passes away FORMER Mayor and councillor of Georgetown, Ranwell Jordan has passed away, the Mayor and City Council announced on Thursday. In a statement, City Hall said Her Worship Mayor Patricia Chase-Greene, Councillors and Officers of the Georgetown City Council are deeply saddened to learn of the sudden passing of Jordan. Jordan was sworn in as a Councillor on September 5, 1994 at the Georgetown Municipality. During his tenure he served on the International Relations committee and the City works committee. He was elected to serve as Mayor of the City of Georgetown between 19951996, and was Council’s representative on the Central Housing &Planning Authority Board and the Guyana Cricket Board. The former councillor served the city council for more than 21 years with immense knowledge and fervor. Georgetown has lost a true son of the soil. “We salute his commitment to local government reform and lo-

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018

Imported timber products must meet required standards –– Guyana Forestry Commission

Former Mayor, Ranwell Jordan cal democracy. The Council express sincere condolences to his children, relatives and other grieving friends”, the statement added. Meanwhile, in a terse statement, the People’s National Congress/Reform (PNCR) said it is saddened at the death of the former mayor and member of the Agricola PNC/R Group. “The Party expresses it sincere condolences to the family, friends and relatives of Mr. Jordan at this time of their bereavement. May his soul “Rest in Peace.”

PAC urges agencies, ministries, regions to get with the programme –– sanctions, security, accountability recommended in 2015 report

THE Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has encouraged agencies, ministries and regional administrations to be more accurate when presenting information to the committee. PAC in its report on the public accounts of Guyana for 2015 noted its dissatisfaction in some accounting officers who, during their deliberations before the committee, were unprepared to answer queries raised by members of the committee and in some instances provided inaccurate information. The committee observed that accounting officers continued to repeat their mistakes despite being warned on several occasions. On February 6, 2017 the committee began its deliberation of the Auditor General’s report for 2015. The committee faced a number of challenges during those deliberations. Among the challenges was the unpreparedness of the accounting officers to manage/answer questions posed by the committee. Some accounting officers even continued to show total disregard for a number of the recommendations proposed by the committee and they continued to breach the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act 2003. The PAC as such recommended that the finance secretary sanction officials employed by the ministries and regions for signing off on incomplete work. In order to maintain accountability, the committee also recommended that all money not utilised at the end of the year should be returned to the consolidated fund and budgeted for in the new year. PAC also recommended that emphasis be placed on the security and accountability of items purchased by Government agencies among other things. Despite the challenges the committee anticipates that systems will be implemented by ministries, agencies and regions to address the issue.

THE Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) is seeking to equate imported timber products with the standards demanded for local products, through a European Union Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade Action Plan (EU FLEGT) Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA). The project to oversee this task is being executed to the tune of US$79,000. Speaking at the launch of the project at the GFC’s headquarters, Kingston, Georgetown, the agency’s Head of Planning and Development, Pradeepa Bholanath said there is a small degree of imports that enter Guyana and steps are being taken to hold these imports to the same standards as local products. “The main idea behind the guidelines is to have information on the origin of the produce, ie, Where it’s coming from? What were the standards and methods used

in harvesting the produce? Did it come from a legal source [and] what were the means of conveyance of produce to the point of export? These aspects are embodied in the forestry term ‘chain of custody’.” “So the main area we are looking into is to have more knowledge on that chain of custody, because for the timber coming from Guyana, we have all of that information already. With this, we are able to say that it [the imported timber] fulfills the same requirement that is expected of our local timber,” Bholanath said. Though this process is being streamlined now, there are pre-existing systems in place at the National Plant Protection Organisation, the GFC and at the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA). All imports must follow procedures and requirements and specific attention will be placed on the chain of custody.

GFC Head of Planning and Development Pradeepa Bholanath “It really is to allow for there to be an eye on forest legality now and the chain of custody, rather than just documentary assessment that [says] you have filled up the necessary documents and paid the relevant taxes,” she said. She added: “It’s not so much questioning the legality.... It’s asking for there to be additional assessment to

give information on where it came from, what was the process used in harvesting that produce and what was the methods used to getting it to the point of export.” Bholanauth said this is a proactive approach as a higher level of detail is required that will allow the GFC to seamlessly integrate it into its chain of custody.

Measures being taken to improve pass rates in Maths, English

THE Ministry of Education is implementing several corrective measures to improve the pass rates in mathematics and English of the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) 2018. This is according to Education Minister Nicolette Henry who made the announcement at the National Assembly on Wednesday in response to questions put forward by Opposition Member of Parliament (MP) Africo Selman. Some of the strategies being taken as listed by the minister include capacity-building and training for head teachers, education officers and teachers and the strengthening, monitoring and supervision of school teachers. Efforts are also being made towards programme development at primary levels countrywide which comprise intervention and remedial programmes. Added to this, the ministry has launched Mathematic Camps for Grade 4-6 pupils and parental and community engagement in all regions. The PPP MP also queried whether the ministry is mak-

… Min. Henry tells National Assembly ing special efforts to improve the performance of pupils in the interior with timely access to textbooks and other materials. Henry responded in the affirmative, stating that the ministry has taken note of the needs and challenges specific to hinterland communities with several of the aforementioned plans also assisting in this regard. She then took the opportunity to reaffirm the ministry’s commitment to ensure that Guyana’s pass rate in general continues to increase in the future years. “I have to point out that the 2018 results for National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA), in the instance of English language, it turned out to be the best year in terms of performance where we recorded 60 per cent passes,” Henry said, adding: “I recognise that when you have 40 per cent of your students not passing examinations, it is something to be concerned about but, of course, it speaks to

where we’re coming from and where we’re going and we will continue to work to ensure that we have improved examinations results throughout the education system.” At the sitting of the Assembly, Henry was also called upon to expound on the previous expenditure of $48.6 M on “Emergency Education intervention for improved performance in mathematics by students in Grade Six”. She was asked to identify how the funds were spent on improving the students’ performance. In response, Henry said that 548 teachers of the Grade 5 and 6 levels were trained in content and methodology across all educational districts in the country at a sum of $28M, while for the recruitment of 10 mathematics coordinators and 40 monitors, the sum of $7M was invested. She added that an additional $6.8M was spent on the training of 452 school administrators, coordinators and head teachers in Regions

1,3,8,9 and 10 to supervise the Grade 5 and 6 mathematics teachers. Meanwhile, for the diagnostic assessment done in all regions, $2.9M was spent on this initiative which did a numeracy diagnostic instrument which was designed for pupils entering grade 9. In Community-based participation $3.4M was spent which brought the total amount spent to $48.6M which was approved for the emergency intervention. Addressing additional funds and resources used in 2017 and in which areas, Henry detailed that three areas were awarded funding whereby the Government spent a total of $250 M. In that regard, $62M was spent on text books for students in grade 6; $153M was spent on the training of teachers, administrators, coordinators and monitors countrywide while $35M was used primarily for placing ads, mathematic clinics and mock examinations.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018

'No evidential basis' for cash payouts –President Granger

PRESIDENT David Granger on Thursday said there is “no evidential basis” for the suggested cash payout to households from the expected oil and gas revenues. Economist, Dr. Clive Thomas speaking at a recent forum said the government should consider annual cash transfers of $1Million (US$5000) to poor households. However, President Granger said he has not received a formal proposal from Dr. Thomas in this regard. “I have not considered that proposal, it is outside of the recommendations of the Sovereign Wealth Fund, the Natural Resources Fund and I don’t know that there is a precedent for it.” The Head of State reminded of the quintet of ministers and the newly appointed Head of the Department of Energy, Dr. Mark Bynoe, are advising him on matters related to the sector. On Wednesday, during the 96th Sitting of the National Assembly, Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan laid the Government’s ‘Green’ paper on the President Natural Resources Fund for consideration by the David Granger House. It is expected that before the year ends, legislation will be enacted that will see the prudent management of the petroleum resources. The ‘Green’ paper presents preliminary proposals which are expected to stimulate discussions. It also details specific issues and possible courses of action in terms of policy and legislation. It also elaborates on the necessity of the establishment of a Sovereign Wealth Fund. Jordan later told reporters that he embraced the public debate on direct cash transfers to citizens after Guyana begins oil production in March 2020. Jordan said if such an approach were to be adopted, then extreme caution must be employed, a view shared by Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman. He said over the years, there have been such transfers which targeted education. He pointed to the national school-feeding programmes and the uniform vouchers that students in the public school system receive. “I must admit to you, I would have a difficulty if Cabinet were to agree to it and in the implementation it wasn’t properly structured,” said the finance minister, who noted that rather than giving citizens US$5000 as hypothetically suggested by economist, Professor Clive Thomas last Sunday in Buxton, issues within critical sectors should be examined. “Why not look at issues such as education, health, youth programmes, small businesses …teaching a man to fish and then he could do it for a lifetime, rather than giving him a fish when he could only feed himself for a short while,” Jordan suggested, while noting that the matter has not yet reached the level of Cabinet. Trotman for his part said too that the public discourse on the subject is timely, as Guyana has within its reserves more than 4B barrels of oil equivalent. “For 50 years Guyanese have been told about their potential and what they are entitled to, we have seen that potential around us. This and future governments have a duty to spread oil wealth in a responsible way to as many Guyanese as possible. The AFC supports any initiative that spreads the wealth transparently and equally not just for some, but to ensure that every citizen in all 10 regions get an equal say in how this money is spent and they get a share of it,” Trotman said, noting that he would make such a representation to cabinet.



GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018

Slowe takes aim at promotion, discipline in GPF NEWLY appointed chairman of the Police Service Commission, Assistant Police Commissioner Paul Slowe said that indiscipline of ranks in the Force will be dealt with in a condign manner as the process will be smooth and efficient. Other commissioners appointed on Thursday at State House before President Granger were retired assistant commissioner Conway, Vesta Adams and Claire Jarvis along with Public Service Commission Chairman, Attorney Michael Sommersal. “We have to look at the constitutional mandate and promotions and discipline and those are very important especially discipline. The system when I was there, we had lots of issues with the whole process because as you know the Constitution dictates that the disciplining of ranks from inspector to assistant commissioner is the duty of the Service Commission but for a number of years, we have had issues up to when I left and I suspect they have continued. There are matters there pending for unduly long periods of Police Service Comtime and justice delayed mission newly elected is justice denied”, Slowe Chairman retired Assaid. sistant Police CommisAdding that the Com- sioner Paul Slowe (Delmission intends to focus ano Williams Photo) on several issues, but primarily give extra attention to the issues of promotion and discipline, the Chairman said the body will be meeting soon to look at the issue of an appointment of a substantive Commissioner of Police. Underscoring the qualities he would be looking for in the next Commissioner of Police, Slowe said it would have to start with a consultation and it will definitely be someone who is competent and can command the respect of the Force and the public. When questioned about recent comments from Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo that he should not be chairman of the commission since he has a lot of baggage, Slowe said it is what’s in the baggage that is important. “Well I don’t want to say much about it, but I do have baggage but it’s what is in the baggage that is the important thing. The baggage contains discipline, it contains professionalism, it contains measures to deal with corruption, so forget about the baggage part and examine what’s inside and that’s what I am interested in,” he said.

Man denies stealing fish spray, Fabuloso and cheese A MAN appeared before a city magistrate on Thursday on a simple larceny charge. It is alleged that on July 29, 2018 at Cummings Restaurant, John McKenzie stole one pack of sliced cheese, four bottles of Fabuloso (cleaning liquid), three cans of fish spray and other items totaling $12,500, property of the said restaurant. The Leopold Street resident denied the charge when it was read to him by senior magistrate, Fabayo Azore. The police prosecutor had no objection to bail but asked that it be granted in a substantial amount. Bail was granted in the sum of $15,000 and the matter was adjourned to August 22, 2018.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018

Two GDF officers promoted to substantive colonels

SUBSTANTIVE Lieutenant Colonels Trevor Bowman and Godfrey Bess have been promoted to the rank of Substantive Colonel, the Guyana Defence Force announced on Wednesday. Their promotions, which took effect from July 1, 2018, were an-

vealed that Colonel Bowman will take over the appointment of Inspector General, while Colonel Godfrey Bess will hold the appointment of Quartermaster General. The two appointments, the Chief-of-Staff noted, demand higher levels of responsibility, account-

tremendous support particularly when duty called for him to be in locations far away from home. He thanked his superiors for reposing confidence in him, as he supports the further development of the Guyana Defence Force. For his part, Colonel

Substantive Colonel Trevor Bowman being decorated with his new badge of rank by Chief-of-Staff, Brigadier Patrick West and his wife Mrs Gee-Gee Bowman nounced by Chief-of-Staff Brigadier Patrick West in accordance with Part III Section 16 of the Defence Act, Cap 15:01 of 1977,

ability, and greater efforts to ensure that a standard is upheld throughout the Force. Brigadier West expressed confidence in the

Bess thanked his wife and family for their support, noting that it was indeed selfless and invaluable. He also thanked the GDF,

Substantive Colonel Godfrey Bess being decorated by his wife, Mrs Shondelle Bess and Chief-of-Staff, Brigadier Patrick West following approval by His Excellency the President and Commander in-Chief. West congratulated the newly promoted colonels after decorating them with their new badges of rank, the GDF said in a release. He urged the officers to continue on their path of excellence. Brigadier West also expressed appreciation to Mrs. Gee-Gee Bowman and Mrs. Shondelle Bess for supporting their husbands’ careers. Brigadier West re-

officers and encouraged them to continue giving their best, not only for the development of the GDF, but also in service to the people of Guyana. Colonel Bowman acknowledged that with his new rank, comes increased expectations. He thanked his creator and acknowledged his reliance on God’s guidance and providence as he progresses in his career, GDF said. He also expressed appreciation for his wife’s

the Chief-of Staff and the Commander-in-Chief for reposing their confidence in his ability to get the job done. Col. Bess also thanked his fellow Officers and the Ranks with whom he worked and whom, he acknowledged, had enabled his success on the journey to military excellence. He pledged to stay dedicated and committed to the continued pursuit of excellence for the GDF.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018

House clerk sets record straight –– says criticising the Speaker in any way is ‘impermissible’

By Lisa Hamilton THE Clerk of the National Assembly has cleared up misunderstandings on the parliamentary procedures regarding the criticising of the Speaker. Said the incumbent, Mr Sherlock Isaacs: “All reflections, inside and outside of the House, on the character or actions of the Speaker are impermissible.” He did so in a statement to the media on Wednesday, whereby he also apologised for failing to adequately brief Members of Parliament on these procedures during their post-election orientation. Elaborating on the correct guidelines, Mr Isaacs said: “Where a Member is dissatisfied with a decision of the Speaker, he or she has a right to table a Motion challenging the decision or action of the

Speaker. “For example, if a Member is dissatisfied with the Speaker’s approval of a Motion, he or she has the right to table a substantive motion challenging the Speaker’s decision. Such a motion will receive priority over the motion challenged.” The need for clarification arose when People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Member of Parliament (MP) Harry Gill took to the letters column of a certain daily recently to accuse the Speaker of being biased in making decisions in the House. Fully intending to insinuate that the opposite holds true, Mr Gill wrote in his letter, “Members of Parliament have an obligation to be truthful and factual, and not mislead the people of Guyana in their presentations. “It is therefore imper-

ative that the moderator of debates in the House, the Speaker of the National Assembly, remain politically impartial at all times.” Not done there, Mr Gill went on to say: “Someone has to have the credibility and courage to remind the Hon. Dr. Barton Scotland that he owes his loyalty to the dignity of Parliament, and that his role as Speaker of the National Assembly must remain politically impartial at all times.” When the matter came to the attention of the Speaker and the House, a Motion was put forward by Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo for the matter to be referred to the Committee of Privileges. At the sitting at reference, which was on Monday July 30, Dr Scotland noted that it was the second time in two years such disregard for the House had

been displayed by an MP, but he supposed such action was now considered de riguer, given the silence of previous speakers, which is perhaps what emboldened MP Gill to do what he did. Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira felt there was nothing untoward about what did, and even stood up in his defence to argue that the PM’s Motion constituted a threat to his right to freedom of expression. But as Mr Isaacs was at pains to explain in his statement, such action was contrary to the guidelines governing House business, as obtains in Parliaments the world over, from India, to Australia and Canada. The prime minister, in the August 5 edition of his weekly column, ‘My Turn’, spoke at length on the matter of Gill’s associates defending his calumny, saying that he was simply “professing

the truth”. As did Mr Isaacs, the prime minister said that according to the Standing Orders, the decisions of the Speaker cannot be questioned or disobeyed, except by a Motion to this effect. Commenting further, he wrote: “Speaker Scotland may appear to be gentle, which is why there has been such sporadic disorderly conduct in the National Assembly. But he would act whenever attempts are made to impugn and undermine the Office of the Speaker.” As Mr Isaacs said in his statement, “My understanding of the above, and from discussion with my fellow Clerks in the Commonwealth Caribbean, including the Clerk of the Parliament of Barbados, is that all reflections, inside and outside of the House, on the character of actions of the Speaker are also impermissible.

Clerk of the National Assembly, Mr Sherlock Isaacs “It is my hope that the Honourable Members will use this as a guide when considering criticising the character of the Speaker.”


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Friday August 10, 2018

Sept. ruling in PI for murder of Berbice carpenter COME September 19, Magistrate Charlyn Artiga at the #51 Magistrate’s Court is expected to make her ruling on a prima facie case in the preliminary inquiry (PI) into the murder of Berbice carpenter, Faiyaz Narinedat. Facing the Preliminary Inquiry for allegedly murdering Narinedatt between October 31 and November 1, 2016, at Number 70 Village, Berbice, are: Orlando Dickie, Radesh Motie, Diodath Datt, Harri Paul Parsram, and Niran Yacoob. Overseas-based Guyanese Marcus Bisram, 28, was charged in absentia also for the murder of Narinedatt. He is currently in the United States before a New York judge facing extradition proceedings.

On Wednesday, special prosecutor Stacy Gooding made her reply to the submission made by defence attorneys, Bernard DaSliva, Sanjeev Datadin and Siand Dhurjon. Police had initially labelled the case as a ‘hit and run’ accident, but Narinedatt’s relatives had always been adamant that ‘the accident’ was staged by persons known to them. Reports alleged that after beating the man, the men placed the lifeless body into the trunk of a car and dumped it on the public road. They then drove over the body to make it appear as an accident. It is alleged also that the murder stemmed from a sexual advance made by the host of the party towards Nariendatt. This publication

understands from a source that Narinedatt was urinating when the US-based businessman approached him and tried to touch his private parts. Narinedatt became upset and accosted the businessman by slapping him twice. The businessman then reportedly ordered one of

Magistrates’ Court for attempting to pervert the course of justice. Shinella Indarally, 45, and Mary Anne Lionel, 25, both of Lot 171 Section ‘B’ Number 71 Village, Corentyne, were charged for deliberately attempting

to obstruct the course of justice. It was reported that they offered a police corporal $4 million to release the five men who were detained for the murder of Narinedatt, and to cease efforts to apprehend Bisram.

Faiyaz Narinedatt

Overseas-based Guyanese, Marcus Bisram

his bodyguards to “get rid of him,” and that he (businessman) “will deal with it.” Meanwhile, Bisram’s mother and sister are currently on trial before a senior magistrate at the Georgetown

Three of the five murder accused: Radesh Motie, Harri Paul Parsram and Niran Yacoob

Minibus driver gets 50 months on causing death charge

MINIBUS driver, Jamal John was on Thursday sentenced to 50 months’ imprisonment after being found guilty of causing the death of Desmond Grandsoult, during an accident on Vlissengen Road, Georgetown during December last. John, 25, was on trial before Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman who found him guilty of the charge which said that on December 18, 2017 at Vlissengen Road, he drove minibus, BTT 8476, in a manner dangerous to the public, causing the death of

Jamal John

50-year-old Grandsoult. Evidence was led

by Police Prosecutor Shawn Gonsalves, while John was represented by attorney-at-law Melville Duke. Two passengers of the said minibus had testified during trial. One of them had testified that on the day in question John drove the vehicle at a fast rate and at one point she had turned to the conductor and asked him: “ What’s wrong with the driver… he driving like he is on the race track?” John was the driver of the minibus when it collided with the back wheel of

Jewellery heist accused released on $1.5M bail each AFTER spending the last month on remand for allegedly breaking into the popular Guyanese jewellery store, L. Seepersaud Maraj and Sons located inside the Stabroek Market and carting off $22M worth in jewellery, three men known to the Police were on Thursday released on $1.5M bail each. The men, Albert DeFreitas, 54 of Leopold Street, Georgetown, Trion Parks 31 of Eccles, East Bank Demerara and Clifford Rodney, 66 of One Mile, Linden were remanded by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan when the matter was first called. It is alleged that the men between July 2, 2018 and July 3, 2018 at Stabroek Market, broke and entered the jewellery store

of L. Seepersaud Maraj and stole a quantity of gold and diamond jewellery worth $22M. The men were not required to plead to the charge and the matter was transferred to Senior Magistrate Fabayo Azore. Magistrate Azore, when the matter was recalled on Thursday however released the men on $1.5M bail each with report conditions. The matter is adjourned until September 20 for the commencement of trial. Rodney is represented by attorney Pamela DaSantos while Parks is represented by Adrian Thompson. According to reports, on Tuesday July 3, upon arriving at work an employee of the establishment discovered that the establishment had been vandalised.

Reports indicate that the staff observed the front grill of the store had been opened and upon closer inspection, it was discovered that the vault door was open. The staff immediately contacted the proprietor who visited and noted that a large quantity of gold and diamond jewellery was missing. A police source said the robbers gained entry to the store from the eastern grill by cutting the locks and disabling the alarm systems before blow-torching the vault door open. It was noted that the bandits had taken several hours to complete their operation, since there were three major security doors before the vault.

Grandsoult’s bicycle. As a result the minibus toppled several times before ending up in a nearby trach while Grandsoult lost his life. John during his defence explained that he left the crime scene because he felt threatened by the crowd which had gathered following the accident. The Magistrate in her summing up of the evidence told the court: “If Jamal John was paying attention to the road he would

have seen Mr. Grandsoult.” She added that the defendant was inattentive to his driving and failed to exercise care, courtesy, consideration, caution and commonsense while using the roadway. The court was further told that due to the collision, Grandsoult died from several broken ribs along with a fractured skull. Attorney Duke begged the magistrate for a ‘light sentence’ and told the court that his client was the

sole breadwinner of his two kids and he was a former officer of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) The magistrate took into consideration the fact that a life was lost, that John was a former GDF officer and failed to render assistance to the injured man and the need to promote road safety. It was on those grounds that the magistrate sentenced John.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018

Teachers threaten strike … after rejecting govt’s $700M payout offer

By Tamica Garnett DISSATISFIED with the outcome of a meeting with the Ministry of Education (MoE) on Thursday morning, the Guyana Teacher’s Union has threatened to call out teachers on a strike come this September after their union rejected a government proposal of some $700M for salary increases for 2018. President of the GTU, Mark Lyte, was met by immediate chants of “No School” from a collection of teachers, gathered outside of the MoE building, when they heard that the GTU could not accept what the MoE was offering. “We are

militant right now. We need to march, we need to make these people hear us. Teachers have endured too much for too long, we have to take a formal stance. Full strike, school door don’t open,” said one teacher. The teachers asked for the strike to begin from the pre-term activities in the week prior to school reopening and a continued absence of teachers in the first week of school. School is expected to resume on September 3. The GTU/MoE meeting marked the last of several that the two bodies have been having over the years as they continue to fail to come to an agreement on a way forward as it pertains to several issues

facing the teachers, most pressing of those being salary negotiations and the teacher’s debauching monies. “The GTU, coming out of this meeting, cannot say that we are in agreement of what has been counter proposed. We could have only agreed on a few things that were mentioned in the proposal,” Lyte informed his impassioned audience. “One of the most important areas would have been the debauching and increases (in salaries) by way of percentages. The government’s side made an offer with effect to current dates which we rejected. The union cannot accept current date payment when we would not have had an agreement

GTU President, Mark Lyte, (left) addressing his members after negotiations with the MoE fell through (Delano Williams photo)

from 2016 to now, so we would want things to be retroactively addressed.” According to Lyte, the MoE, instead of offering percentage in salary increase, is offering the teachers an overall payout of $700M towards salaries. However, Lyte contended that when stretched across the approximately 10,000 teachers in the system the money will come up to very little individually. Moreover the monies only covers the 2018 period. “It is chicken feed for the amount of teachers we have. And when we look at it the $700M would have only addressed current year and your union would not have accepted such,” Lyte told his members. Braving the scorching sun, the some 80 odd teachers waited over two hours for the meeting to come to a close, and were adamant that “enough is enough.” The crowd included teachers from as far as Berbice, and Lethem, according to reports. Lyte attempted to get the teachers to wait until next Wednesday to make an official decision, however the crowd vehemently maintained that they were done waiting and wanted an immediate decision. This saw Lyte and other executives agreeing to an impromptu meeting, held immediately at the GTU compound, where the teachers continuously called for strike action. “We must agree on something now. We are not waiting. We are not wait-

ing. We are not waiting,” was the chant from the crowd. “The next move for us as teachers is strike. We not going to work.” They maintained.

NEGOTIATIONS At the GTU meeting Lyte gave the teachers a breakdown of negotiations with MoE, noting that of 27 specific issues the MoE rejected or could not address 22 of them. Aside from strike action Lyte also noted that the body will be looking into legal action against the Ministry for other previously agreed upon terms that were not honoured by the Ministry. Other issues that the GTU calls on to be addressed include duty-free concessions, Whitley council monies, risk allowance monies, performance incentive, clothing allowance, improved qualification allowances, and hardline station allowance, among others. “We’re talking about thousands of dollars that are owed to us,” Lyte said. Minister of State Joseph Harmon said on Monday that Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry had presented a report of the high-level committee on public education to Cabinet recently. That report, which contains important issues, was handed over last month. “You would recall that there were some recommendations made by the high-level committee; these recommendations required a response,” Minister Harmon said, adding: “Government, at the level of Cabinet, has

A gathering of teachers eage their union executives negot prepared a response to those recommendations and it is the government’s response which would be given to the Union by the minister, and there would be further discussions.” The task force was put together last November to address salary negotiations and other issues affecting teachers. The matters addressed included non-salary issues, allowances, de-bunching and matters highlighted during the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into the education sector, in addition to the GTU MultiYear Agreement. “Cabinet deliberated on the report, gave its responses to the recommendations, and directed that the unions be re-engaged,” he said. When the report was handed over to Minister Henry at her Brickdam office, the Education Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Vibert Welch said that af-

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018

e action


Mysterious fire destroys Enmore house

erly await news outside of the Ministry of Education as tiate inside (Delano Williams photo) ter three months of intense deliberations, a number of favourable recommendations had been tabled. According to him, the recommendations made in the final report will likely attract more persons to the teaching profession, and encourage those who are already in it to remain. The permanent secretary had said, too, that the high-level task force is optimistic that Cabinet would

look favourably at the recommendations that were put forward. The GTU, too, through its president Mark Lyte at the time had expressed satisfaction with the proposals and recommendations made in the report. Lyte said it is important that the work of teachers in the classroom is recognised, and, like Welch, he too expects a favourable response from Cabinet.

The Lot 184 Brezzie, Enmore, East Coast Demerara house that was destroyed by fire on Wednesday evening A HOUSE at Lot 184 Brezzie, Enmore, East Coast Demerara which had been unoccupied for over a year, was on Wednesday evening destroyed by fire of unknown origin. Reports indicate that the house was owned by an 82-year-old overseas-based Guyanese. The

one-storey wooden and concrete structure was totally destroyed in the aftermath of the fire. One resident said he was cooking when he received a cell call from a neighbour who related that the house nearby was on fire. The resident said when he looked out, he saw the building engulfed

in flames and immediately alerted the police and Fire Service which arrived and extinguished the blaze. Residents in the area said the owner will be contacted and the police and fire service will need to investigate the origin of the fire which seems suspicious.


Seven to compete for Miss Emancipation title tomorrow night

Meet the seven beauties vying to be the ultimate

ANOTHER seven African beauties are trying their hand for the Miss Emancipation crown this year, but of course only one will prevail, and that person is going to be revealed tomorrow night at the National Culture Centre. The pageant continues under the 2015-2024 theme of “International Decade for People of African Descent. The seven young ladies have been undergoing training and teachings for the past few months, which included African Cultural lectures with Dr. Norman Ng-A-Qui of Cuffy 250 Committee and franchise owner Dr. Melissa Varswyk. The girls will do well to remember what they are taught as they will be grilled as part of their question and answer segment of the pageant. Over the past few months, the girls have also been busy learning to code robots by US-based Robotic Engineer, Terrence Southern, as part of their STEM project, which they will be prejudged on. The night is set to begin with the introduction segment, followed by the African business wear, project presentation, African evening gown and the question and answer before things are narrowed down to the final three. The final question will determine the ultimate winner.

Education: Associate Degree in Law, Associate Degree in Humanities, Associate’s Degree in Education Gabrelle is a music and dance lover and has a passion for working with young people. She is President of Guyana Anglican Youth Council and is also part of the Woodside Choir, the Karokwa Folk Choir, a past member of the National School Choir and National School of Dance. An assistant mistress teaching at the East Ruimveldt Secondary, Gabrelle is now passing on her torch by teaching a choir at her school and has an enthusiasm for anything that has to do with learning. She’s a force to be reckoned with but with her cheery personality, she’s easy to get along with. Despite being fiercely independent she still works well with others.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018

African queen:

Delegate #1 Patrina Cummings Age 18

Education: Certificate in Business Studies and Diploma in Public Management Despite being a systems operator at the Guyana Power and Light, Patrina has a love for cosmetology and is a serious reggae music lover. She’s the type of person who doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and loves to make others happy. She also believes that you’re never a failure until you stop trying.

Delegate #2 Feliciann Elliot Age 22

Delegate #3 Gabrelle Cummings Age 21

Education: Pursuing a BSc. In Computer Science This University of Guyana student has a serious love for graphic designing especially creating programmes for new software and web designing. She’s an optimist, who loves a good challenge because she enjoys tasks where she can learn and grow as a person.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018

Delegate #4 Tandika Moore Age 27 Education: Certificate in Industrial Relations Tandika is a great “people person”, with a love for new foods and has a passion for learning about new cultures, visiting new places and interacting with persons. Above all, she has a great sense of humour to make it easy to do just that. She is a stern believer that laughter is the best medicine because she believes that even though in life you go through challenges you must turn those challenges into something that you can laugh about.

Delegate #: 7 Dr. Colleen Bovell Age: 30 Education: Pursuing a Masters in Psychiatry, Master’s in Children and Young People Mental Health and Psychological therapy. All the way from the Ancient County of Berbice, this medical practitioner has a love for volunteering and a love for languages and cultures. A polyglot, she’s fluent in Portuguese and Spanish and speaks a little French. But she’s by no means extravagant. She believes in simplicity and being humble.

Delegate #5 Sithendisi Cameron Age 38 Education: Bachelors Degree in Public Administration, Diploma Secretarial Science This outdoorsy country girl from the Essequibo County is all about fun, frolic and loving life, and is a serious gym junkie. She’s all about advocating fitness and health in the fight to combating chronic diseases, and once you get to know her you’ll also discover her love for laughing. She truly embraces being happy, believing happiness is a key to a long life.

Delegate #: 6 Shelisa Depradine Age: 20 Education: Certificate in Business Studies, Certificate in Banking Operations A banker at a local bank, Shelisa entered the pageant to help build up her confidence in interacting with others and public speaking. The former St Stanislaus College student is shy, yet intelligent. She has a deep love for the African culture and football. She had been observing the pageant for some years before she finally decided it was time to take a bold step and be a part of it.

CARDI B AND OFFSET’S DAUGHTER KULTURE MAY GET HER OWN CLOTHING LINE Look out world—Cardi B and Offset’s daughter Kulture is making some big moves. According to The Blast, Bardi and Offset have filed a trademark for the merchandising of clothing and footwear under their daughter’s name, Kulture Kiari Cephus. The trademark filing also includes the name’s use for “musical recordings, motion pictures, entertainment marketing services.” Sounds like they’ve got everything covered. Baby Kulture was born on July 10 and, understandably, she’s already become a media darling. So far, Kulture has gained attention for her lavish living. Just about a week after Kulture’s birth, Bardi flaunted the baby’s ultra-flossy crib. A few weeks later, the Bronx rap-

per revealed that designer Jeremy Scott had sent her an incredibly luxurious baby stroller. Clearly, she’s living

the good life. In related news, it was recently revealed that Cardi, who previously announced

her sabbatical from the stage, will be performing at the 2018 Mala Luna Festival. The festival, which will take place between October 2728, will mark Bardi’s first performance after giving birth to Kulture. Addressing her fans on Instagram earlier this month, the 25-year-old rap superstar also teased a new project. “I did features with artists—I don’t know when they’re gonna put their music out. I’m gonna have a project coming out in the fall, and I’m gonna work,” she said at the time. “People, my life is not over, you know? I just have to take my time with to do certain things, because my body really cannot take it.” Here’s to hoping Cardi, Offset and Kulture continue soaking up the good life.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018

BELIEF, ‘SALAWALA’ AND UNDERSTANDING Where we are en masse against what is obviously human I WAS saved from the tangled web of belief confusion and seduction by the diverse exposure in the first 13 years of my life living with my godparents at Mahaica with weekend visits to my relatives in West Ruimveldt and Drysdale Street. From a posse of 10 children, I lived as an only child in those formative years, with a normalcy inclusive of books, encouragement for my obvious artistic skills and answers to my questions; including where and how to find answers to almost everything that I was allowed to inquire about. Comic books, toy soldiers and toy kits were enabling but neither did events in the environment go unnoticed nor unengaged. They weren’t rich folks, but civilised. One such observed event was the business of the village ‘Wuk Man’ Rider. As children, we could not understand as we watched beautiful young women from other places would come to this fellow who was completely disrespected in the village for a variety of reasons (real and imaginary). So, we

decided to intervene. We had on several occasions peeped at his operation as he bathed them in the rising water of the Atlantic, sometimes naked, adding to our ‘curiosity’. Armed with slingshots, we crept between the black sage with intent to maul him where it would sting most. We aimed and missed. They (the ‘Wuk Man’ and a client/victim) were both backing us with two other victims waiting. The little slingshot pebbles hit the young lady where it was intended for the ‘Wuk Man’. Before I could announce our predicament my friend was about 20 yards gone and with threats of attacks by spirit as Rider was heading my way. The thing is, it’s difficult to catch little boys in bush terrain with trenches covered with weeds when they are aware of how to speed cross and you are not. That afternoon my godfather and my friend’s father stood and listened to the Wuk Man’s complaint, though I was watching from the window behind the blinds fearing inevitable belt lashes, I couldn’t hear because the

complaint was not done with the usual loudness that village complaints are announced in. I didn’t get the lashes but received a terse talk that people sometimes have problems and need a confidence boost and that sometimes if they feel something can help, it does. This, I learned, was the nature of the service this ‘Wuk man’ was offering. My Godfather also informed me to be less closed-minded, explaining that viruses were once unknown to men, so we aren’t sure about what else is out there, so I was to keep an open mind while looking for the obvious answer. About 10 to 15 years ago, there emerged new Pawn Shop establishments and a rise in religious entities to join others already enjoying priestcraft as economic adventures, not to be confused with the genuine religious personalities involved with enhancing the social ailments of souls in trouble. The combination of multiplied pawn shops and priestcraft is the classic embodiment of a nation in economic problems. They came from Brazil, India, Afri-

ca with double the amount of local ‘Wuk’ men and women and Pastors, Bishops, Popes, Pandits and Imams- some we know well. Two weeks ago, 60 Minutes carried a feature on The Hubble Telescope now viewing space not from earth, but from its position in outer space. In the presentation, the Scientist told the staff presenter that he learned in space research we humans are connected by our physiology to the cosmos. Resulting in the familiar term, describing us as ‘Stardust’ or according to the scientist Carl Sagan who proposed with evidence the connection and possibility of life originating from the cosmic process that resulted in creating our planetary galaxy. No wonder from our earliest beginnings we glanced upward to that region we define as ‘the Heavens’ the home of God(s).’ Ours is a city (Georgetown) with a religious building on almost every street, and even more, a usual presence of mystic men and women here and there on many streets offering expensive

services. We have freedom of religion but we have failed to allow the cultivation of bridges in popular culture to invite in scientific approaches to wrestle with the prostrate imagination that closes all else to the seduction of superstition. The 2002 bizarre case of spiritualist Patricia Alves that resulted in the death of Kamille Seenauth, is a drop in the canal. These are culture-driven occurrences that are not recorded, explored and represented with the mystery unmasked to the benefit of students and adults. From the range window in West Ruimveldt, a cousin and I watched as a spiritual Elder beat a woman with a sword, it was unbelievable. Then during the ‘Troubled Times’, I couldn’t come up with an answer when a police friend asked me “ Braff you does study culture. Tell meh why these people Roger Khan sending in Buxton does go there barefoot- those that didn’t make it out, all were barefoot?” I was frozen, couldn’t answer, but saw it as a challenge, as I had a clue, following an experience

myself and Kenton Wyatt had at a certain religious temple, where we were allowed to photograph, but as my father had once told me don’t go into certain places barefoot. When the ritual began a woman screamed “People in here wid dem shoes on!” and with only the white of her eyes visible she was coming towards us. We sped out of the location. So I explored and later learned that at a similar upper East Bank religious location some of these political/drug cartel auxiliaries (Phantoms) were visitors too, along with Politicians of the day. It must be clearly understood that there are phenomena that cannot be dismissed, a percentage of paranormal that flaunts the limitations of our knowledge. But mimicked by a greater percent by charlatans to the disadvantage of masses that understand much less, and in many cases are tormented by genuine mental and physical ailments. The yet unexplained mystery that turns superstition then ’Salawala the con game’ is rooted too deep in the consciousness of our species. Science taught skilfully is necessary, for science has unravelled much and created more questions, but like Odysseus, the intellect of man must wrestle the challenges of the Gods to earn their respect, for as The Christ is reputed to have said to superstitious men of his day “The Kingdom of heaven lies within”.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018

IT’S THE weekend and you know what they say all work and no fun makes Jack a dull boy. So get out there and have some fun! Don’t be cooped up at home.

Guyanese filmmaker’s Solomon Dasko selected for the 2018 Newark International Film Festival

TODAY For an after-work hang with friends, you can head down to Cheto’s Hot Spot &Pool Bar where you get to enjoy five banks beers for $1,000. Enjoy games such as pool, dominoes and darts and also enjoy a wide variety of cutters, fish, chicken and wild meat and DJ mixes all night. The Vintage Wine Bar, Restaurant & Lounge presents “Latin Night” Get two Desperados Tequila Beers for $1,000 For a cool and breezy atmosphere and after-work hang head out to White Castle Fish Shop where the fish speaks for itself! TOMORROW Selector Damion presents his birthnight event “Black is Unique VS Bawl Out”. This is a party you don’t want to miss! It’s going down at Bagotstown Public Road. Music will be performed by the best DJs. It’s the barbeque and dance called “ Pretty Girls Alone” so all ladies come out and have fun! Music by Selector Timothy and Selector Desmond. This will be going down at Lot 11 West Ruimveldt (near to Cool Square). Hypa Vibz and Club Extreme present “The Biggest Damaged Jeans and Anything Official Party”. There will be lots of giveaways to the female in the best damaged jeans. Music by David Hype & DJ Rawl. This event will be taking place at Club Library 3, Linden. It’s the party called “Climax”. This is going to be a spectacular one and it’s all going down at Mocha. Music by the most entertaining DJs. The annual African red carpet affair is here again! Another seven African beauties vying for the crown in the Miss Emancipation Pageant and the competition is looking stiff. Pageant begins at 20:00hrs at the National Cultural Centre. Cost: $1,000 Come out to the ultimate Glow Paint party of the summer. Enjoy good vibes and music while glowing in paint. GLOWING PAINT, GLOWING DRINKS GLOWING RAVE GLOWING PEOPLE GLOWING FUN! The Paint fetes with all the Vibez, all the action, all the fun all the surprises! This event will be going down at the National Park. SUNDAY Euphoria Dance Crew presents a dance production “Summer Get Down 2” at the National Cultural Centre. Guest performances by Esan Benzy, Happy Feet Dance Studio, Abel Stokes and Let’s Dance Studio. Tickets: $1,500 and $2,000 The Most Electrifying Summer Event in Guyana! It’s the Mainstay Regatta 2018. Bring out the entire family and enjoy a day of fun at the Mainstay Resort.

Yaphet Jackman

THE director’s cut for Solomon Dasko, a film by New York- based Guyanese cinematographer Yaphet Jackman, has been chosen to be part of the 2018 Newark International Film Festival. The film was chosen from among more than 1,000 submissions from 80 countries and adds to a list of other festivals that it has been featured since its production. These include the Timehri, the Reel Independent Film Extravaganza and the Orlando Urban Film Festivals. Speaking with The Buzz, Jackman said that he is very excited with his most recent accomplishment as this particular event, though relatively new, is one that has been gaining increasing popularity since its inception. “It is based in Newark, New Jersey and they have in a very short space of time attracted very big names and very big films. I have actually worked with the Iron Bound Studios a couple years now so this is the first time I have ever submitted to them. I was encouraged to submit and I got in. It’s pretty exciting,”

UWI clarifies Rihanna’s honorary degree The University of the West Indies released a statement earlier today, following reports that Barbadian singer Rihanna was to receive an honorary doctorate. “The University of the West Indies Cave Hill campus wishes to clarify recent public statements indicating that international singer Robyn Rihanna Fenty will be the recipient of an honorary doctorate at its 2018 graduation ceremony. While Ms Fenty was among a list of eligible candi-

dates approved for receiving the university’s highest honour, her management conveyed that she was unable to commit to receiving the honorary degree this year because of scheduling commitments. This information was communicated to the University of the West Indies several weeks ago and management at the UWI Cave Hill campus, where the award would have been conferred, was aware of Ms Fenty’s inability to accept the award on this occasion.

At the UWI’s Annual Business Meeting of Council on April 27th, 2018, 21 people were approved to be awarded honorary degrees for the University’s 2018 ceremonies. This is subject to their willingness to accept, and their ability to be present at the respective Graduation Ceremonies at each of the UWI’s four campuses. The confirmed list of honorary graduands is now 17 based on the responses from these two criteria.”

he said. Jackman stated that he has eyes on bigger festivals but is currently testing the waters with his short film in order to prepare for them. In the meantime, the film maker still has some projects that he is working on including his film Daisy which he started work on last year. “With Daisy, I am three quarter way through post production… I think I am closer to a very finished product and will try to complete that by the end of this year,” he said. He added, too, that he is looking to work on a “long overdue” piece on the diaspora. “I think that it is only right seeing that I have been touting myself as a Caribbean cinematographer and director that I should work on a diasporic story to

kind of bridge the life I have grown to come accustomed to in the west versus what I have known in Guyana,” he said. According to its website, the Newark International Film Festival is a three-day festival which will showcase the breadth of the film industry including screenings at a number of cultural anchor institutions and outdoor screenings (weather permitting), stunt exhibitions, pitch opportunities and auditions for TV and film, acting, directing, producing and crowd funding workshops, and much more. The NIFF is the first international film festival hosted in Newark. A main feature of the NIFF will be the Hannibal Goodwin Award for Innovation in Filmmaking in homage to Hannibal Goodwin, the Episcopal priest who invented celluloid film 1887 in Newark, NJ.

A scene from Solomon Dasko


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018



GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018



GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018

American Racing Tips Saratoga Race 1 Planet Trailblazer Race 2 Secret Quality Race 3 Treble Race 4 Long Gray Line Race 5 Devious Charm Race 6 Elios Miols Race 7 Empressof The Nile Race 8 Theatreintheround Race 9 My Boy Tate

Brew Race 7 Itsnicetobenice Race 8 Red Explosion Race 9 Hey Howie

Canadian Racing Tips Woodbine Race 1 Beau’s Beauty Race 2 Corky’s The Name Race 3 Candycreet Race 4 Dontdropurcrop Race 5 Peace Control Race 6 Midnight

Irish Racing Tips Tipperary 12:05 hrs Tenax 12:35 hrs Sakura 13:05 hrs Amthaal 13:40 hrs Christmas 14:15 hrs Royal Admiral 14:45 hrs Julienne 15:20 hrs Universal Focus

South Africa Racing Tips Fairview 08:30 hrs Zevenastic 09:05 hrs Just Call Me Angel 09:40 hrs Tiger Warrior 10:15 hrs Arabian Dynasty 10:50 hrs Petipa

English Racing Tips Newmarket 12:25 HRS Firelight 13:00 hrs Capla Gilda 13:35 hrs Kick On 14:10 hrs Love To Breeze 14:40 hrs Red Starlight 15:15 hrs Sunnerghand Brighton 09:00 hrs Mother Of Dragonns 09:30 hrs Showout 10:00 hrs Light Of Air 10:30 hrs Killdeer 11:00 hrs Pour La Victoire 11:30 hrs Kachumba 12:00 hrs Time Medicean Chemsford City 12:55 hrs Dancing Speed 13:25 hrs Buckingham 14:30 hrs Boom The Groom 15:05 hrs Coverham 15:40 hrs Espirit De Baileys


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018

Ben Stokes tells court he ‘stepped in’ to defend two gay men


NGLAND cricketer Ben Stokes told a court he “stepped in” to defend two gay men before an alleged brawl. The Durham all-rounder is one of two men accused of fighting outside a Bristol nightclub on September 25. Stokes, 27, denies affray and says he acted in self-defence. He said he had drunk up to three pints and six vodka and lemonades but was not drunk. Ryan Ali, 28, has also denied affray while Ryan Hale, 27, was acquitted at Bristol Crown Court of affray earlier. Giving evidence for the first time, Stokes told the court he intervened when he heard Hale and Ali “shouting homophobic comments” at two gay men, Kai Barry and William O’Connor. He told the jury: “I stepped in and said ‘you shouldn’t be saying these things to these two men’.” ‘KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS’ The prosecution has accused Stokes of mimicking the voices and mannerisms of Barry and O’Connor in

what was described as “a derogatory way”. Stokes was asked by his barrister Gordon Cole QC if any of his actions towards the two gay men outside Mbargo nightclub were homophobic.

Ben Stokes

The cricketer told the court: “Definitely not. The only comments between myself and this gay couple was about what he was wearing that night.” Prosecutors previously told the court Ali, who they say had been holding a glass beer bottle, and Hale were knocked unconscious by Stokes.

When asked what was “the first action in any violence”, Stokes replied: “Ali turning the bottle he had. He took the neck of the bottle.” Stokes said he had been “protecting himself” and the people around him when he got involved in the fight. He said: “I took the decision for what I did very quickly. As soon as this episode started I knew not just myself but other people could be a target of these two men.” He added: “As soon as I decided to get involved, everything I did was under self-defence. I did what I could to keep myself and those around me safe.” When asked if he had become “enraged” at any point during the incident, Stokes replied it was a “difficult question to answer”. The 6ft 2in tall sportsman added: “I didn’t know they could be carrying more weapons on them. “They could decide to attack me at any time if I was to turn my back on either of these two. “At all times I felt under threat from these two.” Stokes, who was dressed in

court in a blue suit, white shirt and blue tie, said that after a win against the West Indies he had celebrated at the ground then had two or three pints with a meal. After the meal, Stokes and some of his England teammates went to Mbargo, where they drank five or six vodka and lemonades. ‘NOTHING UNUSUAL’ Mr Cole asked: “Were you drunk?” “No,” Mr Stokes replied. The cricketer said a large group then decided to go to the Pryzm nightclub instead. Cole showed the jury a photograph of Stokes and teammates James Anderson, Jake Ball and Alex Hales taken outside Pryzm. He then returned to Mbargo in a taxi with Hales. Stokes said there was nothing unusual in how he had behaved in his dealings with nightclub doorman Andrew Cunningham. When asked by Cole if he had become enraged at some point, Stokes said: “No.” He also said he did not remember flicking his cigarette at the gay couple outside the club. (BBC Sport)

Caribbean Sensation finals set for tomorrow … Dant, Sunshine clash promises to be electrifying By Frederick Halley


ORONTO, Canada – Defending Caribbean Sensation 10/10 champions Dant are seeking to make it three in a row when they battle Sunshine in tomorrow’s eagerly-awaited Conference A final, set for the Ashtonbee number one ground, Scarborough here.

ceedings is the B Conference final with GTA Storm coming to grips with Cougars at Ashtonbee number two as well as the two consolation finals which will see Enmore clash with Rems at Ashtonbee Reservoir number one and Carr Tec and Wakenaam face off at Ashtonbee Reservoir number two.

pose a red-hot Sunshine team who have already knocked them out of the Norman Sue Bakery-sponsored 15-over tournament.

Bobby Parasnauth

Yunis Usuf Riaz Kadir

The action gets underway at 09:00hrs and with a plethora of stars on both sides, it promises to be an electrifying encounter. The final, which also forms part of the Ontario Softball Cricket League (OSCL) family fun day and All Stars feature, is expected to attract a large crowd including kids of members of the league. Added to the day’s pro-

After relinquishing the title to Caribbean Sensation in 2015, when the tournament was played with white balls, Dant rebounded to lift the crown in 2016 in a closely-fought encounter with Better Hope, triumphing by 12 runs at the same venue. In last year’s final, Dant displayed their undoubted superiority over Rebels in a lopsided affair but are expected to face stiff opposition in this year’s final when they op-

Of much significance is the fact that two of Dant’s former players, Hemnarine Chattergoon and skipper Looknauth Ramsuchit, have “jumped ship” and are now members of the rampant Sunshine team who also lead the regular season (20-over) with 54 points, Dant trailing in second on 49. Sunshine have, however, played nine games to Dant’s eight. Led by Anil Mahadeo, Sunshine also includes the likes of star all-rounder Mahendranauth ‘Bobby’ Parasnauth, opener Anil Ramoutar, middle-order batsman Bernard Kartick and all-rounder Avinash Sookdeo,

all capable players. Not to be outdone, Dant will pin their hopes on the hard-hitting skipper Damodar Daesrath, no-nonsense opener Farouk Hussain, Riaz Kadir, Munniram Karran the evergreen Satrohan ‘Blade’ Balkarran and Aftab ‘Maxie’ Shamshudeen who has developed into a competent all-rounder. The B Conference final featuring GTA Storm and Cougars should also be brimful of interest with the former starting as slight favourites to lift the championship trophy. GTA Storm are heavily dependent on their three overseas Guyanese stalwarts, skipper Yunis Usuf, Ramo Malone and Lloyd Rooplall, who have been creating waves since their entry into the team this season. They would, however, need help from their other players if they are to come out tops. For Cougars it has been smooth sailing in the tournament, having gained a walkover and a subsequent bye before whipping Ramblers in their semi-final clash. Captain Rakesh Budhram is confident that his charges, including key players Vishal Balram and Nishal Singh are good enough to make them victorious.

Brilliant Hetmyer leads Warriors past Patriots on CPL debut


By Rajiv Bisnauth HE Guyana Amazon Warriors began their Hero Caribbean Premier League Twent/20 tournament in impressive fashion, whipping the St Kitts and Nevis Patriots by six wickets last evening at the National Stadium, Prov-

idence. An astonishing run-chase by the Warriors made a mockery of Patriots total of 146 in match two of the 2018 season. Shimron Hetmyer’s dashing unbeaten 45-ball 79 propelled the Amazon Warriors to their target with 24 balls to spare. The left-handed Hetmyer was in no mood to hang around in pursuit of a total which, although below-par, seemed it might trouble the hosts on a tacky pitch. A superb display of ball-striking from Hetmyer ensured that was certainly not the case. He clinically punished fractional errors in length from the Patriots, striking boundaries on both sides of the ground, to end with four sixes and nine fours. When play began, Chris Gayle was lucky to survive a plumb leg before wicket call early and went on to anchor the innings with a 65-ball 86, but he hardly got any support from the other end; no other batsman went past 20. Keemo Paul (2 for 16 off his four overs) was brilliant and he was well supported by the other Warriors bowlers. A grandstand finish never came and the Patriots ended at least 20 runs short on the surface. Play was delayed by 15 minutes after a couple of light-towers had endured some electrical problems. However, after being put in to bat by the Amazon Warriors, Gayle neatly glanced the first ball to the fine leg boundary off Sohail Tanvir to kick start the innings, but Evin Lewis, an established T20 star, was entirely out of choice. Credit must go to the Warriors opening bowlers, Tanvir and off-spinner Chris Green. They bowled beautifully with the new ball, and by the end of their first spell respectively, the Patriots could only muster 31 runs in six overs. The left-arm seamer, Tanvir, in particular, swung the ball both ways, while Green bowled a series of arm-ball which eventually got through Lewis’ defence in the fourth over. With the field dropping back, the Jamaican was then forced to lift the run-rate, which he eventually did single-handedly. The hosts had their moments while bowling, but failed to captilised on a good position and allowed the Patriots, especially Gayle, to recover. It was the pack crowd at the stadium which was at risk once Gayle decided to open his arms and swat away everything that was in his zone over the boundary. Tom Cooper and Ben Cutting threw away their wickets in a brief period of worry for the three-time finalists, but Malik and his team-mates could do little to stop the 38-yearold Gayle from taking apart their bowling. The left-hander smashed seven fours and five sixes. The Amazon Warriors began the chase in a positive manner with Chadwick Walton hitting consecutive boundaries off Sheldon Cottrell. However, a major collapse ensued inside the powerplay, beginning with the dismissal of Luke Ronchi. Walton outing came to an abrupt halt soon after, while Malik, after hitting Cottrell for three boundaries in the third over, was taken at the wicket at 24-3 after three overs. Thereafter, Hetmyer held the charge firm, and in company of Jason Mohammed, pressed the accelerator harder. In a matter of 6.2 overs, they added 62 runs for the fourth-wicket. The right-handed Mohammed hit a four and six before he was dismissed. Hetymer, however, ensured the platform didn’t go wasted, and was in company with Green when victory was achieved. The Warriors will be in action tomorrow from 16:00hrs against the St Lucia Stars.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018


ORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) - Swashbuckling knocks from Colin Munro and Denesh Ramdin propelled defending champions Trinbago Knight Riders to a record-breaking total and a comfortable 100-run win over the St Lucia Stars in the opening match of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) here on Wednesday. Munro smashed 68 from 48 balls and Ramdin bludgeoned the Stars attack all around the Queen’s Park Oval in an unbeaten 50 off just 27 balls, to help the Knight Riders post a healthy 195-6 from their 20 overs – the highest ever total at the ground in CPL history. Despite a quick-fire start for the Stars, who raced to 35 inside the third over thanks to a cameo from opener Andre Russell, they never mounted a serious challenge and eventually folded for a meagre 95 in 17.3 overs. It was the Stars’ 12th straight loss in the CPL dating back to 2016 when they were named the Zouks. But it was the batting of Munro and Ramdin which set the Queen’s Park Oval on fire, sending their mostly red and black clad fans into frenzy. Munro came to the crease after just five balls, following the dismissal of Chris Lynn who hit a Mitchell McClenaghan full toss to cover. He was especially harsh on leg-spinner Qais Ahmad,

Munro, bowlers power Knight Riders past hapless St Lucia Stars

whose final four balls of the ninth over went for 18 courtesy of three boundaries and one massive six. Soon after, he brought up his half-century off 33

He found a worthy partner in Javon Scantlebury-Searles, who blasted two boundaries in the final over, bowled by Kesric Williams which yielded 17 runs.

lights were quickly extinguished. Warner followed four runs later, deceived by a quicker delivery from Scantlebury-Searles and

Colin Munro led the way for the Trinbago Knight Riders, scoring 68 from 48 balls.

balls when he slapped Kieron Pollard to the backward point boundary. Together with Ramdin, they added 51 runs in five overs, to take the Knight Riders from a sticky position of 89-4 to 140-4. Munro was eventually bowled by Pollard after he walked too far across his stumps in an attempt to flick the bowler to fine leg. His knock contained nine boundaries and one six. Ramdin picked up the momentum following the dismissal, scoring 28 of the Knight Riders’ final 45 runs.

Ramdin brought up his half-century off the final ball of the innings, which was laced with two boundaries and four sixes. Stars’ openers David Warner and Fletcher gave them a perfect start, belting Shannon Gabriel’s first over for 26 to race up to 35. But American Ali Khan, who was unlucky not to have Fletcher caught behind by wicketkeeper Ramdin, and also lbw, had his revenge when he bowled him with a perfectly-executed slower ball for 19. From there, it was all downhill for the Stars, whose

he was quickly followed by Rahkeem Cornwall as they slipped to 43-3. Fawad Ahmed who was brought on at the end of the Powerplay when the Stars were 47 for 3, bamboozled Lendl Simmons with a googly first ball, then had Mark Chapman driving to cover three balls later, accelerating a Stars collapse that saw them lose their 10 wickets for 60 runs. It was the worst margin of defeat by runs for the Stars and just the third time in the history of the CPL that a team lost by 100 runs or more.

Rain washes out day of Lord’s Test for first time in 17 years


AIN washed out the first day of the second Test between England and India at Lord’s. It is the first time a full day’s play has been lost at Lord’s since the opening day of the first Test against Pakistan in 2001. Neither team have named their final XI, although batsman Ollie Pope is set to make his debut for England. The hosts lead 1-0 in the five-match series after a thrilling 31-run win at Edgbaston last week. The forecast is better for the remainder of the Test, although there may be further showers this afternoon. Steady rainfall kept the covers on the pitch for the duration of the day, and play was abandoned at 16:50hrs BST - to the disappointment of a good-sized crowd. England captain Joe Root said on Wednesday he was “keeping all his options open” over the team selection. All-rounders Moeen Ali and Chris Woakes will compete for the final spot in the side, with Ben Stokes absent because of his ongoing trial for affray in Bristol. Pope, the 20-year-old who had a brief net on Thursday, will bat at four in place of Dawid Malan, who was dropped after Edgbaston. Pope will become the fourth under-21 player to play for England this year, after Mason Crane, Dom Bess and Sam Curran. (BBC Sport)

Salah, Ronaldo and Messi on Champions League awards shortlist (REUTERS) - Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah joined regulars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi on UEFA’s shortlist for the best forwards who played in the Champions League last season, soccer’s European governing body announced yesterday.

Lucozade 11-Race Cycling Programme returns to National Park tomorrow


NSA McAl, through its Lucozade brand, will revive the ‘Lucozade 11-Race Cycling Programme’ tomorrow, at the inner circuit of the National Park; this time under the organisation of National cycling coach and Carlton Wheelers cycling club president, Hassan Mohamed. Guyana’s top cyclists will vie for sprint prizes, trophies and other cash incentives in the Junior, Juvenile, Veteran and Senior categories as well as the Mountain Bike and BMX events. Guyana’s top cyclists

will vie for top honours while Andrew Hicks, Christopher ‘Chicken Legs’ Griffith, Curtis ‘Chappy’ Dey, Deeraj Garbarran, Jamual John, Romello Crawford,

Silvio Innis, Hamzah Eastman, Paul DeNobrega, Briton John and Alonzo Ambrose will be keeping an eye on their performances, as they are all on a shortlist

Jamual John

for the Guyana Cycling Federation (GCF), who will select five from the group to represent Guyana at the Caribbean Senior Championships in the Dominican Republic. Meanwhile, Michael Anthony, who recently returned to action in Guyana, was the winner of last week’s Seven Seas meet at the National Park and will be looking to maintain his form at the inner circuit. However, Jamual John, Paul DeNobrega and others will want to come back strong. The action begins at 09:30hrs and thrilling action is anticipated.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo, who won the award last year, topped the scoring charts with 15 goals in the competition as Real Madrid won a third consecutive European crown. Egypt’s Salah led Liverpool’s remarkable run to the final with 10

goals and four assists, while Barcelona talisman Messi netted six goals. The best defender is sure to be from Real with their trio of Marcelo, Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane the only names short-listed for the award. Real duo Toni Kroos and Luka Modric will compete with Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne for the midfielder award. New Liverpool signing Alisson’s performances for AS Roma earned him a place on the goalkeeper shortlist. He will compete for the honour with Real Madrid’s Costa Rica international Keylor Navas and Italian Gianluigi Buffon, who completed a switch from Juventus to Paris St Germain last month. The winners will be announced during the 2018-19 Champions League group stage draw, in Monaco, on August 30. The nominees were selected by a jury of 32 coaches from last year’s Champions League participants and 55 journalists chosen by the European Sports Media group.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018

Barbados, Jamaica romp to easy victories

Action between West Side ballers (yellow) and Good Fellas in the Mohamed’s Enterprise/ExxonMobil annual futsal tournament, at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court, in Linden

Linden futsal tourney moves into quarter-finals tonight


IGGY Green Jags, Good Fellas, Germans and Quiet storm, by virtue of coming out on top of their respective groups, have booked their place in the quarterfinals of the Mohamed’s Enterprise/ExxonMobil annual futsal tournament, at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court in Linden. With the final group games completed, the knockout stage will begin tonight at 19:00hrs when Progressive Ballers take on Germans in the first match, followed by Quiet Storm battling Dc Ballers in game two, while Goodfellas match skills against Russians in the third

quarterfinal. Figgy Green Jaguars will collide with Haynes Hitters in the night’s final encounter. With $600 000 up for grabs for the winners, August 18 is marked as the final playing day, when the team who finish second will pocket and $250 000, third-placers $100 000 and fourth-placers $50 000. After narrowly getting past one of the tournament favourites Silver Bullets, 2-1 on Wednesday, to top Group A, Figgy Green Jags are now touted as ‘the team to beat’. Runic Velloza smashed four goals while his teammate Joel Isaacs netted a brace as

Good Fellas held their nerve to edge West Side Ballers 6-5. Marvin Josiah scored a hat-trick for the West Demerara-based team while Stephon Jupiter and Lennox Cort added one goal each for the men from Region Four. Silver Bullets, playing their second match of the night, went down 4-1 to Amelia’s Ward Russians. The Bullets played well throughout the match but failed to finish their chances while the Russians didn’t hesitate to put them to the sword. Travis Watterton buried a hat-trick while Ruel Williams added one goal for the winners and Jamine Samuel

scored the solitary goal for the losers. For Group C winners Germans, Andre Mayers banged in a late hat-trick in their 7-2 final group game win over Achievers to secure their quarter-final berth. In other results, DC Ballers defeated Young Kings 5-3 while Hardball negotiated Presidential Family 7-4 and Quiet Storm plundered a depleted Swag FC 8-4 to top their group. Sponsors for the tournament include Mohammed’s Enterprise, ExxonMobil, Bakewell, Cell Smart, PPDI, Sankar’s Auto Works and Bumper to Bumper Services.


INGSTOWN, St Vincent (CMC) – Both Barbados and Jamaica expectedly recorded comfortable victories against the Leeward and Windward Islands respectively, on the final day of play in the second round of matches in the Regional Under-19 Championship here yesterday. Entering the final day at Park Hill Playing Field on 10 for three and requiring another 239 runs for an unlikely victory, the Leewards were dismissed for 158. Mikyle Louis and Jemuel Cabey both stroked half-centuries to lead a fightback in the morning session to give the Leewards hope, adding 88 runs for the fourth wicket. Louis was the more aggressive, stroking 56 from 64 balls with three boundaries and four sixes, while Cabey’s patient 55 came from 128 balls and contained three boundaries and one four. But once the partnership was broken by Kadeem Alleyne, who accounted for the wicket of Louis, the end came swiftly for the Leewards. Camarie Boyce then struck three times in quick succession to leave them tottering on 144-7, before first-innings hero Joshua Bishop returned to wrap up the lower order. Boyce was the top bowler, finishing with 4-45, while top-order wrecker Matthew Forde snared 3-21 and Boyce 2-22, to finish with match figures of 11-92. Barring a sensational collapse Jamaica were expected to complete an easy win over the Windwards, having entered the final day needing just 33 more runs with eight wickets intact. Resuming at their overnight score of 13 for two, Jamaica found themselves in a bit of bother when they lost the wicket of opener Kirk McKenzie with the score on 20. However, Andre McCarthy who scored an unbeaten 21 and Carlos Brown (12 not out) carried their team to safety with no further surprises to end on 47-3.

Waramadong Sports Ground now equipped with lights from NSC

Tiger Bay’s Alfred produces another dazzling display


HO could stop Tiger Bay’s prolific marksman Deon Alfred? This question was on everyone’s lips after he produced another dazzling display, firing in four goals to lead them to a comfortable 6-0 drubbing over Victoria Church Yard on opening night of the Three Peat Promotions / Guinness Cage competition, at the Haslington Market tarmac. The diminutive striker picked up where he left off in the Guinness National playoffs where he had led his team to the title over

One of the lights that were installed at the Waramadong Sports Ground

Part of opening night action in the 2nd Annual Three Peat Promotions/Guinness Cage competition being played at the Haslington Market tarmac.

Sparta Boss.

CRICKET QUIZ CORNER (Friday August 09, 2018)

COMPLIMENTS OF THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market & The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL COMPANY LTD-83 Garnett Street, Campbellville, Georgetown (Tel: 225-6158) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: (1) Colin Munro (TKR) (2) Trinbago Knight Riders defeated St. Lucia Stars by 100 runs Today’s Quiz: (1) How many matches are scheduled for Hero CPL 2018? How many are set to be played in Guyana? (2) Who is the first player to cop the Man of the Match Award in a CPL game?


He was once again the main architect in the team’s victory, netting in the 2nd, 4th, 9th and 10th minutes to earn them three points. He was supported by a goal apiece from Keoma Gravesande and Leon Fredericks. In one of the more entertaining matches, Broad Street came from behind to overcome East Coast’s Paradise 3-2, with Jimmy Gravesande’s 13th minute strike being the decider. Victoria Eagles impressed with a clinical 2-0 win over Melanie ‘A’ in an all-East Coast matchup,

while the much-vaunted Sparta Boss’s struggles continued when they succumbed to defending champions Ol Skool Ballers by a solitary strike from Sheldon Profitt after eleven minutes. Kitty Hustlers opened the proceedings with a narrow 2-1 win over Blazers, while Leopold Street escaped with a 2-1 penalty shootout triumph over Avocado Ballers. Belfield Warriors defeated Melanie ‘B’ 1-0 on penalties after regulation time failed to break a 1-1 deadlock.


WELVE 1000-watt lamps were installed at the Waramadong Sports Ground in the Upper Mazaruni, Region Seven, in time for the hosting of the annual Upper Mazaruni District Games being held from August 5 to 12. The initiative is part of the National Sports Commission’s (NSC) ‘Light it up’ campaign which started in 2017. A total of $15M was spent to procure the lights and supplies for various grounds across the country where competitions are held. Director of Sport, Christopher Jones, explained that the aim is to install lights at every community ground, in the Upper Mazaruni district, where the games are hosted annually. The first batch of lights was installed at the Kamarang’s community ground last year. In addition, Jones said funds were provided for upgrades to the field and pavilion among other areas. “Essentially, we provide from $1.5M to $2M for ground enhancement, but because of where these communities are located, we may have to give double that amount. So, every year, in whatever village the games are being hosted we will give that support.”


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, August 10, 2018

Guyana Cup organisers promising unforgettable 2018 event T … Banks Beer on board

HE Guyana Cup is the country’s premier horse racing event, and now, in its 12th year, beverage giant Banks DIH, under its Banks Beer brand, is once again aligning itself with the marquee event. On August 19, compliments of the Jumbo Jet Thoroughbred Racing Committee, racing fans are expected to flood the Port Mourant, Berbice race track, where over $15M in cash and prizes will be at stake. Communications Manager at Banks DIH, Troy Peters, explained that “Banks DIH hopped on board when the event was in its developmental stages and we are quite pleased to see how big it has grown. I’ve been to a few meets before and it is quite a spectacle. “We will be sponsoring through our banks beer brand and we are encouraging patrons to drink responsibly while enjoying the races to the fullest.” Also present at the launch were Mitra Ramkumar; head of

the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG), organisers; Nazrudeen Mohamed Jr Compton Sancho and Roy Jafarally along with Director of Sport Christopher Jones. Jones commended the organisers for staying true to their passion and thanked Banks DIH and all the sponsors that have supported the event. He called for all Guyanese to come out in their numbers since an event like horse racing attracts people from all walks of life and fosters social cohesion. Ramkumar related that events like the Guyana Cup attract jockeys and owners from across the Caribbean e.g Trinidadian Shawn Mohamed and it is very easy to support and give them blessings because of the opportunities that are created through tourism. The THAG boss noted that sport tourism is relatively new to Guyana and last year this event had over 12 000 spectators while creating over 200 jobs, a statistic

which shows the enormous potential of the event. Head of the organising committee, Nazrudeen Mohamed Jr, posited that “Banks has been helping to grow this tournament not only through the improved prize money but also through regulation and organising standpoints and we are grateful.” He further stated that in addition to the familiar commentary personality of Compton Sancho, the Guyana Cup 2018 will have the prestige of a Belmont Stakes experienced commentator at the Rising Sun Turf Club, come next week Sunday. And, according to Mohamed Jr., the club will have a big screen television for those fans who may not be able to negotiate the anticipated large crowd. Sancho shared during the press brief that the Berbice track is in immaculate condition and the grounds men must be commended for the great work done when weighed against the

Banks Beer manager Brian Nedd (centre), poses with the Championship trophy with Nazrudeen Mohamed (second from right), in the presence of Jones (2nd left) and Banks DIH managers and organisers of the event.

recent inclement weather. The programme of events for the day has been released and as is customary, the C Class event is the main attraction. THE DAY’S FULL RACE PROGRAMME READS AS FOLLOWS: 1) C Class and Low-

er, 1600m. Total purse: $3,875,000 2 ) 3 - y e a r- o l d D e r b y 1100m – purse: $2M 3) G1 and Lower 1400m – purse: $1,550,000. 4) H3 and Lower 1100m – purse $1,350,000. 5) 2-year-old Guyana-bred 1100m – purse: $680,000.

6) I Class and Lower 1400m – Purse: $581,000. 7) J3 and Lower 1400M. Purse: $485,000. 8) L Class 1400m – purse $390,000. 9) L Class 1400m – purse $390,000. 10) L class 1100m – purse $290,000.

‘Green Machine’ to open Americas Rugby Holder, Mills, Cox named in Johnson’s against Colombia on August 26 23-man ‘Golden Jaguars’ squad for Brazil stint Challenge Paraguay and México Colombia (43) joined SuBy Rawle Toney


OLDEN Jaguars head coach Michael Johnson has announced a 23man squad to participate in the ‘Train and Play’ stint in Brazil to be held from August 12 to 26, as Guyana seek to build a foundation of excellence for the Senior Men’s National Team. The squad, which consists of Guyana and international-based players from England, Canada and Trinidad & Tobago, includes three goalkeepers, eight defenders, six midfielders and six forwards.  Johnson, in an invited comment, said the camp will focus on both on-and-offfield activities, including developing a “winning mindset and drive for excellence” among the players. “With the Nations League and Gold Cup qualifiers on the horizon, the camp gives young players the opportunity to showcase their talents and their characteristics to the senior staff. The experienced members of the squad will be looking to establish themselves as we focus on preparing the Golden Jaguars for September 8. The camp will be the mechanism to develop a winning mind-set and drive for excellence within the group as we look forward to our Nations League campaign,” said the former Jamaican International. As Guyana look to qualify for their first CONCACAF Gold Cup in 2019, Technical Director Ian Greenwood said player assessment and instilling the

new philosophy are primary elements of focus for this initial period of encampment. According to Greenwood, “The head coach and staff will be looking to establish the values and beliefs around the new-look Golden Jaguars set-up. The training camp in Brazil is the ideal opportunity for building effective player-coach relationship. The staff will benchmark and assess the Guyana-based players to truly understand what they are capable of achieving.”

Explosive attacking midfield player Vurlon Mills is back in the ‘Golden Jaguars’ set-up.

“Our new head of recruitment, Mr Khan, along with technical staff, has been a key figure in ensuring specific criteria are followed, as we prepare for the upcoming Nations League

campaign, via scouting and video performance analysis,” said Greenwood. Greenwood pointed out that the technical team is “excited about the blend of youth and experience in the group. The players have the opportunity to establish themselves and cement their place in the squad against Barbados in September, but it is ultimately up to them as individuals to grasp this opportunity. The key message to players in the national team pool is to earn the right to wear the badge.” Guyana’s first match of the CONCACAF Nation’s League is set for September 8, 2018 at the National Track and Field Centre, Leonora. Wi t h m a t c h e s b e i n g played on the FIFA dates between September 2018 and March 2019, Guyana, after their clash with Barbados, will then travel to Turks and Caicos for a meeting between the two countries on October 13, followed by an encounter against French Guiana on November 20, before hosting Belize in March, 2019. The squad: Goalkeepers - Jason Cromwell, Jermaine Cumberbatch, Sese Norville. Defenders: Raushan Ritch, Kester Jacobs, Kevin Layne, Jake Newton, Kevin Dundas, Jelani Smith, Samuel Cox, Cecil Jackman. Forwards: Eon Alleyne, Daniel Wilson, Kelsey Benjamin, Delroy Fraser, Delon Lanferman, Sheldon Holder. Midfielders: Delwin Fraser, Job Ceasar, Curtez Kellman, Anthony Benfield, Ryan Hackett, Vurlon Mills.


UYANA’S 15s Rugby team, popularly known as the ‘Green Machine’, will begin their Americas Rugby Challenge campaign against Colombia on August 26, following the announcement of the schedule for the inaugural competition, which will be played at the Estadio Cincuentenario in Medellín, Colombia. The tournament which runs until September 1, will see Guyana compete against Colombia, Paraguay and Mexico, in the cross regional event that encompasses both North and South America. The Americas Rugby Challenge is following in the footsteps of the successful Americas Rugby Championship, which will have its fourth season of competition this coming February/March. The competition was created by Rugby Americas for development teams in the Rugby Americas North and Sudamérica Rugby regions. At a time when rugby is in constant global growth and the four participating nations are enjoying success on and off the field, rugby in the Americas accounts for 91 of the 338 million who are interested or very interested in rugby in a recent survey commissioned by World Rugby. The introduction of the second-tier Challenge tournament follows on the back of three editions of the Americas Rugby Championship featuring the top six nations across North and South America.

will open the tournament on Sunday, August 26, while hosts Colombia will tackle Guyana to close the first round of the tournament. Trans-regional matches will also be played in the second round with Guyana meeting Paraguay and Colombia playing against México on Wednesday 29.

damérica Rugby’s elite in the new 6 Naciones Sudamericano. Guyana (47) and Mexico (53), representing Rugby Americas North, will be able to advance in the rankings on the back of good performances. Meanwhile, according to the Guyana Rugby Football Union (GRFU), their selectors

Guyana’s 15s Rugby team in training at Parade Ground

The final round, on Sunday, September 1, will see Mexico clash with Guyana, and Colombia versus Paraguay as the closing match. The winners will be the team accruing the most tournament points.
 This Americas Rugby Challenge will provide Guyana, Colombia, Mexico and the Paraguay with international competition to aid their development, as well as promote the growth of rugby across the continent. World Rugby Rankings points will be on offer and the proximity of the four teams in the rankings ensures games will be both relevant and interesting. Paraguay (ranked 38) and

will be announcing the final squad to represent Guyana at the Americas Rugby Challenge in the new week. The team’s head coach Grant Stuart at a training session on Wednesday afternoon, disclosed that the training squad have stepped up their preparation with a trial session among the players at Independence Park (Parade Ground), as venue remains a big challenge for the Union. According to the head coach, the players’ fitness is not the question at the moment, but getting them to gel and understand the system is the focus. He, however, is confident the players will get it right in time.

Brilliant Hetmyer leads Warriors past Patriots on CPL debut See Page 28

Shimron Hetmyer celebrates his debut CPL half-century against St. Kitts Nevis Patriots at the Providence Stadium last night.

Man-of-the-Match Shimron Hetmyer receives his prize from DDL Chairman Komal Samaroo. (Adrian Narine photos)

Four countries confirmed for GMR&SC international drags (By Stephan Sookram in Canada, compliments of Mohamed’s Enterprise and National Sports Commission)


OUR countries are confirmed to participate in the King of the Strip 3 Drag race meet set for August 26, at the South Dakota Circuit, Timehri. According to the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC), the organisers of the event, this installation of the event will feature the largest number of overseas countries. Contingents from Trinidad, Barbados, St Vincent and

Suriname are expected for the International meet though the club has yet to confirm numbers Reports indicate that one of the sponsors, Tropical Shipping, has offered to ship the cars here and back should they get the approval, something they are interested in capitalising on almost immediately. Meanwhile the club announced that they are continuing construction of their Launchpad and full quarter-mile strip as well as revisiting several areas of concern ahead of the meet. Spectator fencing is one area that they intend to look at ahead of the August 26 meet. Meanwhile, many will be

interested to try out the full strip the club intends to unveil in the coming weeks. Several classes will have new champions, as the strip length increases but competition is expected to get tougher with the installation of the launch-pad. Last time out, Mohamed Enterprise’s Nissan GT-R ‘Goliath’ piloted by Shawn Cox lowered the strip record to 7.52 seconds to win the Unlimited class. Other winners included Shawn Persaud (Toyota Caldina) in the 8-second class, Raj Panday with a Toyota Alteeza took the 9-second class and Damian Persaud with a Toyota Caldina took the 10-second class.

Suriname’s Michael Namchand with his Toyota Mark II took the 11-second class with the Toyota Chaser Raymond copping the 12-second class. Ricardo Moore’s Toyota Starlet was the winner of the 13-second class with Bishram Rajaram winning the 14-second class. The 15-second class was won by Troy Kowlessar with the Trinidadian bike duo of Shawn Briggs and Ian Atherly also picking up trophies. The sponsors for KOS Strip 3 include Mohamed’s Enterprise, Ansa McAl, B.M. Soat, ExxonMobil, Tropical Shipping, Del Ice Company and Trans Pacific Auto Spares.

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Shiv Chanderpaul to receive honorary doctorate from UWI

HIVNARINE Chanderpaul, the second most prolific Test cricketer in Windies history, is to be awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of the West Indies’ (UWI) St. Augustine campus later this year. The university made the announcement Tuesday that the 43-year-old batsman will be bestowed with the Honorary Doctor of Laws during the campus graduation ceremonies beginning October 25. During a Test career that spanned two decades (19942015), Chanderpaul played a record 164 Tests for the Windies scoring 11,867 runs at an average of 51.37. During that time he scored 30 Test centuries and 66 fifties and was a stabilizing force in the Windies middle order. He was also prolific in ODIs, amassing 8,778 runs at an average of 41.60 in 268 matches during which he scored 11 centuries and 59 half-centuries. Chanderpaul announced his retirement from international cricket in January 2016. He was 41 years old and had not played for the Windies since May of the previous year. FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 2018

Guyana Chronicle E-paper 8-10-2018  
Guyana Chronicle E-paper 8-10-2018