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GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, July 12, 2018

Anti-bribery culture needed …Irish financial expert tells MPs WITH Guyana slated to start pumping oil in the first quarter of 2020, Irish financial investigation expert and adviser to the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU), Dr. Sam Sittlington, has called for top level commitment to establish an anti-bribery culture here and warned authorities to be aware of possible threats as a result of the country’s new mineral find. As such, good governance, the strengthening of transparency and accountability are effective ways of tempering business exploitation. “On the international stage there will be scrutiny to drive Guyana’s largest business development. The importance of showing lead-

ership in this regard will give confidence to foreign governments and commercial entities that you are a nation that could do more business with and provide further investments,” he said Wednesday. Dr. Sittlington was at the time addressing a small group of Members of Parliament (MPs) at a forum geared at addressing issues of bribery, corruption and money laundering. Dr. Sittlington has been hired by the British Government to serve as a Financial Investigations Mentor or adviser to SOCU. This is his third stint in that capacity. He reminded the MPs that there is an inextricable link between corruption, fraud and money laundering, noting that they are applicable to

Dr. Sam Sittlington, Adviser to SOCU (Adrian Narine photo)

all levels of society. As such, he called for re-enforcing the need for a cultural change to the values, ethics and mindset, while stressing that transparency and accountability must be top priorities. According to the Irish expert, it is important to ensure these changes are made in light of the development of the country’s mineral market which will change the country’s political, social and economic landscape. “Another point perhaps is recognising

that neighbouring countries might get jealous or threatened by Guyana getting new wealth which brings spar,” the expert continued while noting that efforts can be made to destabilize Guyana’s efforts and opportunities by raising suspicions among citizens which suggest that government ministers and other officials are profiting. Dr. Sittlington noted too that international consultants can and do support governments in undertaking the development and strategic planning in this area. While Guyana has been gradually improving in the international transparency index over the years, the SOCU adviser reassured that corruption remains an issue on many levels. “Things are getting better but slowly,” he said as he called on all citizens to “act within and be subject to the laws of the law.” During his presentation which lasted for about two hours, Sittlington stressed that there are many levels of corruption, ranging from petty or grand. He pointed to internal issues such as employees’ deficiency in knowledge of company’s business and associated risks, organisation remuneration structure, deficiency in employee training and skill set and lack of clarity on organisation gift policy, entertaining and travel expenses as contributors to corruption, fraud, and bribery. Externally, however, Dr Sittlington explained the country’s risk and league tables. He said too that there are transaction risks (chari-

table, political, licences and permits, public procurement, high value projects, contractors, intermediaries and or agents) and partnership risks (high risk jurisdiction, prominent public officials, lack of knowledge or transparency of third party’s processes and controls). TOP LEVEL COMMITMENT Dr Sittlington called for top level commitment to establish an anti-bribery culture across organisations while exercising due diligence. He cautioned that there must be knowledge of the extent of the organisations business relationships, understanding the risks that a particular business opportunity raises, seeking reciprocal anti-bribery agreements and confident that business relationships are transparent and ethical. He posited too that there needs to be effective implementation of anti-bribery controls, the recruitment and remuneration policies. The SOCU adviser noted too that there needs to be the effective framework monitoring and auditing with controls that are sensitive to bribery and are transparent and consideration of how regularly the business needs to review its policies and procedures. Turning his attention to the Judicial Review Act which is yet to come into effect, Dr Sittlington said when the legislation comes into force, there will be a need for a new mindset. Judicial review refers to that area of the law which allows a person aggrieved by any public

officer, including ministers of government, public authorities or statutory tribunal, to challenge the identified act or omission on the ground that same is unlawful. The process, therefore, guards against the abuse of power. The question of ethics was also considered at the forum. Dr. Sittlington’s presentation was focussed on five of the principles under the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCNAC). Guyana ratified the UNCAC in 2008. The MPs were given the opportunity to ask questions on the expert’s presentation. Wednesday’s presentation forms part of a series of seminars held with key stakeholders, including the law enforcement agencies on the issue of bribery, corruption, fraud and money laundering. The financial investigations adviser is tasked with working with the Director of SOCU, Sydney James, and is responsible for reviewing all current investigations carried out by SOCU, provide advice and guidance on each case, as well as in relation to liaising with other agencies--external and internal--in order to progress SOCU investigations, provide practical advice and guidance to the DPP and AG’s lawyers on proceeds of crime matters, conduct meetings, workshops, research and training and submit reports on his work and findings. Sittlington will serve in that capacity until 2020.

Once an entertainment hotspot in the early 90s, this real estate in central Georgetown now houses Exclusive Boutique and Pizza Hut at Camp & Regent streets



GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, July 12, 2018

Oil is a big deal …U.S. Ambassador urges Guyanese to take advantage

By Svetlana Marshall IN spite of all the angst and uncertainty, Guyana’s future looks brighter now than ever before, U.S. Ambassador Perry Holloway said, stating that with the coming of oil, the country will be well positioned to meet the social and economic needs of its people. Holloway made the comments at the Marriott Hotel on Wednesday evening to mark the U.S. 242nd Independence Anniversary. Ambassador Holloway, in keeping with his theme “Guyana – Past, Present and Future,” said Guyanese must position themselves to effectively capitalise on the oil-and-gas industry, stating

Ambassador Perry Holloway and President David Granger toasting in the presence of First Lady Sandra Granger

of Guyana and their elected government officials,” the U.S. ambassador posited. DEEPENING TIES President David Granger,

while offering congratulatory remarks to the President, Government and People of the United States of America on their 242nd Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, recalled that Guyana and the U.S. established diplomatic ties on August 15, 1966. He noted that since then, Guyana has benefited from the US’ assistance in the areas of economic development, education, entrepreneurship, justice improvement, defence and security, such as the Caribbean Basin Security initiative. “We look forward to deepening and widening this cooperation under the multi-area strategy to increase the security, prosperity and well-being of the people of the United States and the Caribbean,” the President said. He also took note of U.S. leadership in the area of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Assistance, noting that Guyana’s Civil

Defence Commission has benefited significantly, especially from the provision of equipment and machinery, materials and training. USAID has been a friend in deed, he added, while stating that in light of the 2017 storms and the threats of more natural disasters, Guyana stands ready to further collaborate with the U.S. to mitigate the harmful effects of global warming and provide relief to victims of hurricanes and natural disasters. In August 2018, the first-ever, American Chamber of Commerce will be launched in Guyana as Guyana and the U.S. further strengthen ties. Ambassador Holloway’s wife, Rosaura; Guyana’s First Lady, Sandra Granger; Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo and his wife, Sita Nagamootoo and Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge, were among the officials present.

Campbellville murder suspect …cellphones of deceased recovered, nabbed one was already sold Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo and his wife Sita Nagamootoo at the U.S. independence celebration (Photos by Adrian Narine)

that while the David Granger administration has committed to doing its part, they too must play their part. “This discovery of oil offshore is a really big, big, big deal and everyone needs to take it seriously and get smarter on the issue, because while the government of Guyana is currently doing many of the things that need to be done, much more will need to be done. I know President Granger is committed to getting this right, but he cannot do it without the help of all Guyanese,” the U.S. Ambassador told his guests – a mixture of government officials, diplomats, private sector representatives, educators, and youth ambassadors. Guyana, he pointed out, ranks among the top 25 countries of the world in terms of confirmed reserves ahead of countries such as the United Kingdom, Colombia, and Trinidad and Tobago. “With a couple of more discoveries, Guyana will pass

Norway. This is serious business. When Liza 1 begins producing in early 2020, it will produce 120,000 barrels a day. That is more than all 100 oil wells in Trinidad produce in a day…One well in Guyana will produce more oil in one day than 100 wells in Trinidad and Tobago,” Ambassador Holloway further posited, while estimating that the country could very well produce 500,000 barrels a day as its oil industry develops. DEVELOPMENTAL PROJECTS Using revenues from its oil-and-gas industry, the country, he noted will be better positioned to fund its developmental projects and programmes for the betterment of its people. Like in any democracy, the ambassador said elected officials must be held accountable, as well as domestic and international companies operating here. However, he urged that positions taken by the people must be on the basis of facts. “The contract negotiated

by the previous government was about the best that could be expected based on historic exploration results in Guyana, and world oil markets at the time. The changes made by the current government to the contract were all to the benefit of Guyana and were done when confirmed reserves were barely a million. There are people from ExxonMobil and Hess here today, and I think they would confirm that exploration to date has been so much more successful than anyone could have predicted,” he explained. “ In moving forward, Ambassador Holloway said the country’s real challenge would not be how to acquire additional revenues, but rather how to effectively and sustainably utilise the resources coming from the industry. “Certainly, most would agree that money invested in infrastructure, education, health, security, agriculture and a rainy day fund for the future all make sense, but in the end it is not me that determines what needs to be done. It is the people

DETECTIVES in ‘A’ Division have been able to secure a major breakthrough in the murder of 61-yearold Deonarine Liliah and his 29-year-old son, Gopaul Liliah. A post-mortem performed on the remains of the two on Wednesday found that they died as a result of multiple incise wounds caused by a sharp object. On Tuesday after the murder, ‘A’ Division Commander Leslie James had indicated that the CCTV footage from the premises proved that a young man had entered the premises from the western fence. Using that footage, the police carried out their investigation. They first tracked the mobile phones of the deceased father and son. One of the phones which was on, allowed the police to have their break- through. The suspect, who it is suspected entered the home of the men and committed the robbery and murder, sold the mobile phone to someone. However, when that person was picked up by the police, that individual led the detectives to the young man from whom the phone

Pandit Deonarine Liliah

29-year-old son Gopaul Liliah

was purchased. It turned out that the young man who committed the robbery and who is now being treated as the main suspect lives just a street away from where the robbery and murder took place at the Liliahs’ home. Added to that, police detectives did confirm that the very suspect was in the past arrested and charged for robbery. Up to late last night the young man was said to be cooperating with the police. It is unclear whether he has provided a confession statement. Deonarine Liliah, who was also a pandit, processed spices in the lower flat of their home. They were reportedly last seen on Saturday by persons in

the area. However, a foul smell began emanating from the home on Tuesday, which prompted persons in the community to telephone the police. They also made contact with relatives from overseas and told them of the development and they made contact with the relatives of the dead duo here in Guyana. The father and son lived alone; the father was found dead in his bedroom, while his son was found dead in the living room. The bodies were said to be in the house since about late Saturday night and due to the fact that the house was locked up, the bodies decomposed rapidly. The investigation into the matter is ongoing.


GUYANA CHRONICLE,Thursday July 12, 2018

‘We’re in for the long haul’ …CDB official says at commissioning of West Demerara Road Project

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, as he addressed the gathering.

WHILE citing a number of projects to be undertaken in Guyana in the coming months , Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) Chief Economic Division official, O’Reilly Lewis, said the regional financial institution is committed to providing support to key areas of the country’s development in the future. Lewis was at the time speaking at the commissioning ceremony of the West Coast Demerara road project. Some 30.7 kilometers of the roadway from Vreed-enHoop to Hydronie, just about one mile east of Parika, was expanded, a project which took three years to materialise. The project forms part of the government’s plans to modernize the road network. The works included overlaying, construction of road shoulders, grading of pavements for cyclists and

pedestrians. Several top government officials, including Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo; Minister of State , Joseph Harmon ; Minister of Finance , Winston Jordan; Minister of Communities , Ronald Bulkan; Minister of Public Infrastructure, David

Patterson; and Junior Minister of Public Infrastructure, Annette Ferguson, attended the forum on Wednesday afternoon. Lewis stated that works included several components increasing the pavement and strength of the roadway, road

from the United Kingdom government for the upgrade of the Linden-Mabura road and the design of a river-crossing at the Kurupukari Crossing on the Essequibo River. Lewis said that in May this year, the bank approved funding for studies which will inform decisions of water treatment plans as well as upgrade of water supply infrastructure in Regions One, Two, Three, Five, Six and Eight and will benefit some 17,000 households. “So it is clearly evident that we are in this for the long run,” Lewis said of the bank’s commitment. He said that the CDB has an “unwavering commitment to the government and people of Guyana” and he noted that the institution is looking forward to continuing long

O’Reilly Lewis, Division Chief of the Caribbean Development Bank, as he spoke at the event.

in the latter half of this year additional Solar PV projects will be undertaken at several public buildings in the region. He said LED lamps will be installed at all schools and hospitals in the region, a project which is currently

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo (fifth from right) assists in cutting the ribbon to officially commission the project. Minister of State , Joseph Harmon (second from left ); Regional Executive Officer , Denis Jaikarran (left) and Minister of Public Infrastructure , David Patterson (third from right ) also assisted in the event.

safety awareness campaign targeting schools, community and driver road safety education programme. Lewis said that the CDB continues to be involved with the government of Guyana with a number of projects which are currently under implementation. He listed sea and river defence projects in Region’s Two, Three, Four and Six. He said the bank is also “excited” about a number of studies which are at various stages of development, and which are all expected to lead to major infrastructure improvement and opportunities for Guyanese. These include a grant

and fruitful relationship as both parties seek to re-orient and diversify the country’s economy. Minister Patterson said the commissioning of the project reiterates the APNU+AFC government’s commitment to undertake infrastructural development across the country. He described the road project which was undertaken between the Government of Guyana and the CDB as “monumental.” Patterson said that the other major projects carded for Region Three (Essequibo Islands /West Demerara) includes renewable energy programmes. He said that

ongoing in the region. Other projects listed for undertaking includes rehabilitation of the Vreed-enHoop stelling, including the passenger post which will be revamped. Patterson also listed the new Demerara Ha-

bour Bridge project as one of several which will benefit the region. Minister Harmon, in brief remarks, told the gathering that infrastructural development plays a key role in the socio-economic development of any country. He said great importance must be given to construction and infrastructure as he noted that the government, led by President David Granger, has identified infrastructure as a key element in Guyana’s development, linking the coastland with the hinterland, rural and urban communities and enabling access to the country’s natural resources. He said the importance and priority of the government is especially evident in the 2018 national budget in which $32B was allocated to the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, a significant sum of which was allocated to the national road network. Regional Executive Officer, Denis Jaikarran told the gathering that the road improvement project will advance the development of the country.

A section of the expanded roadway on the West Coast of Demerara.

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GUYANA CHRONICLE,Thursday July 12, 2018

MP Gill pilloried for attacking SOCU adviser PRIME Minister Moses Nagamootoo on Wednesday led the condemnation of opposition Members of Parliament (MP) who have called on Irish Financial Investigation expert and adviser to the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) Dr. Sam Sittlington, to resign over what they consider as his failure to investigate corruption. Harry Gill, the PPP’s Region Five MP, led the call during an anti-corruption forum held at Parliament on Wednesday. The past PPP administrations have been described as the most corrupt this country has ever seen. Gill’s attack on Sittlington, however, was condemned by Prime Minister Nagamootoo and Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan. During his presentation before a handful of parliamentarians from both sides of the House, the expert fielded questions from the participants. Gill accused Sittlington of taking the MPs on a “journey around the world,” while “turning a blind eye on reports of corruption taking place right here in our government.” Gill made reference to the rental of the Sussex Street drug bond by the government and the development of D’urban Park. “How do you justify that?” asked Gill, to which Sittlington replied, “I don’t have to justify it because I am an adviser to SOCU in terms of investigations that they have currently. None of those cases you mentioned have been referred to SOCU, nor have they been referred to the commissioner of police. As an investigator, I welcome any case that comes to SOCU.” The SOCU adviser made it clear that in the instance of the forensic audits received by SOCU, the investigations were done by reputable firms. “Once they find misdemeanours therein, those cases were referred to the Finance Minister, then to the Police Commissioner and then to SOCU.” But Sittlington’s response did not find favour with Gill, who noted that issues relating to rental of the Sussex Street bond and the development of D’urban Park were all raised in the media repeatedly. “Dr. Sittlington is here to brief us and talk to us about corruption – there is glaring evidence of corruption right here in Guyana…we need to find out how Guyana benefits from his services... As an expert in the field of corruption and anti-money laundering, the cases I mentioned here are in the news all the time, so you can’t just

Seminar: Members of Parliament engage in a discourse on bribery, corruption, fraud and money laundering on Wednesday in the Parliament Chamber. (Adrian Narine photo)

turn a blind eye to that. You must wake up one day and say ‘this doesn’t sound right, let me check it out’. You have never had the thought of investigating these cases sir? And advise the government that this is not the way to go about business,” asked Gill, who described the expert as a “brave man for exposing yourself to questions posed by the opposition.” It was at this time, Ramjattan who served as chairman of the proceedings cautioned the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) MP not to stray away from the expert’s presentation. “Have you seen my TOR? It is public,” said Sittlington who had an uncomfortable look on his face. But even that response prompted the PPP MPs to state they are unaware of what his TORs state with Gill suggesting that the Irish expert is ignoring clear instances of corruption here. “Even if the Guyana government is perceived to be corrupt it is ok, because I am working with them. That is what you are saying. I am going to look into corruption somewhere else. This is not right!” he declared as members of his party agreed. This prompted the Public Security Minister to interject. Ramjattan reminded the parliamentarians of Sittlington’s earlier statement that his TORs do not allow him to act outside of established protocol for investigations. “If he is indicating that it is not within his TORs…he cannot do that,” declared Ramjattan. “Well then he should resign, because it is a conflict of interest and it is not doing good for his portfolio,” Gill declared. This prompted Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo to upbraid Gill for his remarks. “You have no shame! You come here to Harass Dr. Sittlington?”

asked the prime minister, even as Ramjattan declared the statement by Gill to be ad hominem and disallowed such statements. UNHELPFUL Meanwhile, Nagamootoo cautioned his colleagues that the seminar should not be used to ascribe motive. “… to turn this into a lynch gang is not helpful. It is not helpful; the intention is clear by calling for Dr. Sittlington to resign,” declared the prime minister. It was then that the opposition through Juan Edghill objected strongly to the prime minister’s use of the term ‘lynch gang’. “I am offended by the prime minister’s statement and I am calling for it to be withdrawn,” Edghill said. This resulted in a few minutes of loud cross talking among the

participants as Dr. Sittlington remained seated. “We all came here to learn not to prosecute and what is taking place is a prosecution of the adviser. He should withdraw his assertion. It is unacceptable,” said the prime minister. At the conclusion of the seminar, Nagamootoo told Guyana Chronicle that he was disappointed by the opposition’s behaviour. “To use the occasion to accuse him of discriminatory conduct, going after one side and not the other side, and calling for his resignation it says there is a motive, you are making statements with a motive to discredit a person who is in a position just as an adviser.” “I am very disappointed because we are a hospitable country, we extend courtesies to friends

and visitors and one would have expected you won’t find this outrageous conduct in the National Assembly by Members of Parliament-very insolent, arrogant and bombastic and accusatory. Is this how you treat people?” Nagamootoo questioned. Meanwhile, Dr. Frank Anthony then asked Sittlington what mechanism is in place for an ordinary citizen to deal with instances of corruption. “There are many citizens around the world who suspect corruption in government and some sit idly by and accept it and others will campaign against it and others will report it. If you report something as a citizen, it has to be looked at. If you want something investigated you report it,” the expert responded. Dr. Anthony noted that he like many other citizens is concerned that the police do not take allegations of corruption seriously and find ways and means of not investigating same. “How can we change that?” he asked, to which Dr. Sittlington said the establishment of anti-corruption bodies that are independent of influence by decision-makers would change that situation. Questions were also asked by Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira, Minister within the Ministry of Finance Jaipaul Sharma, and Opposition MPs Gillian Burton-Persaud and Nigel Dharamlall.


GUYANA CHRONICLE,Thursday July 12, 2018

Taking responsibility for our actions

EVERY Guyanese wants to live in a perfect society and this is all well and good, because as human beings we deserve to and are capable of making it possible. Oftentimes, Guyanese compare, and seek after, societies considered to be having better standards of living and their people courteous and orderly. Even as comparisons are understandably made and some condemnations are in order, the absence of recognition of our roles and requisite systems being put in place to bring about this state is frankly a responsibility we have to shoulder. Recognition and acknowledgement of failings ought not to be seen as belittling, but necessary engagements in self-critique to address human frailties as a pre-requisite for growth and development. There are two sore issues where citizens -- irrespective of politics-are united in daily concern. These are the constant road accidents and

our physical environment. There is unanimity that the number of road accidents and the causalities from them make road usage a stressful encounter for the law-abiding within our midst. Yet, there will continue to be persons who use the roadways without regard for the traffic laws and fellow road-users. Such attitude may speak to the daredevil nature in some of us, disregard for law (i.e. traffic regulations), and absence of courtesy for others. Road causalities will not be reduced unless strong penalties are put in place, inclusive of swift justice to serve as a deterrent. Every life is precious and if others do not want to treat theirs as such, they have no right to deny others the right to life and limb. The continuous attention to the callous use of our roads is being done in the hope that courtesy will manifest among road users and the traffic laws will be obeyed, or stringent measures will be put in place to halt what

is evidently becoming cause for grave concern. As we bemoan the state of our physical environment, there continues to be trash strewn around; drains clogged with food boxes, bottles and so forth; yards and parapets overgrown with weeds; risk of mosquito infestation and communicable diseases. Poor environmental practices aid in creating the unsightly environment we rightly bemoan and condemn, yet these bad practices continue. In other societies, such acts carry heavy penalties with the aim of serving as deterrents. Guyanese will leave these shores and visit other countries and instantly comply with maintaining the environment and observing the laws. This in part is due to their loved ones nudging them to do likewise, awareness that they will face the consequence of the law should they deviate, or impressed by the orderliness, courtesy and

Causing the PPP/C sleepless nights Dear Editor IT is quite obvious that the recent Toshaos elections, at which there was reported interference by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), indicates a pattern of undemocratic political behaviour towards our Indigenous peoples by this party. It is the continuation of not allowing the citizens of the hinterland, to choose their community leaders. And it is now even more frantic, as was the recent examples of seeking to hurl criticisms against the coalition government, in attempts to influence the votes of the people in those communities. After all, since 2015, the coalition has been unfolding hinterland development programmes that have been impacting the lives of Indigenous peoples and their communities.

As examples, the boats component of President Granger’s Boats, Buses, Bicycles, Breakfast, and Books initiative, has resulted in the significant improvement of hinterland children being able, not only to attend school regularly, but also continue their scholastic development without having to become dropouts. Many hinterland schools also now have ready access to internet services that are of tremendous assistance in assisting in the preparation of their assignments and general education. Further, there are ICT hubs in many communities, as it is the coalition government’s view that the hinterland and their regions are a part of Guyana, and must therefore be part of the national development process, especially with regard to the acquisition of ICT skills.

Bharrat Jagdeo and company must understand that governance is about socio-economic development in the best interests of the people -- all the people, and not sections of the people as his government had so shamlessly demonstrated during their lengthy tenure in office. Finally, it is about treating our Indigenous peoples with respect and the long overdue dignity which they are now being accorded, as citizens of Guyana and part of the Guyanese family. Their socio-economic development is being implemented in a holistic manner, that will in time elevate their daily lives to the level of their coastal countrymen. This is causing sleepless nights for the PPP/C. Regards Dillon Goring

aesthetics, feel compelled to act accordingly. Conversely, as soon as they return to these shores, they fall back into bad practices. What ought not to be lost sight of in such societies is the sense of responsibility borne by citizens and visitors to conform to the rules/laws, lest they suffer the consequences. In short, these societies don’t leave it up to the people to act in a certain manner; laws are put in place to ensure conformity. No society, be it its systems or people, functions in an orderly manner and engage in productive activities without the inputs of its people in shouldering their civic responsibilities. It is also true that while human beings can be self-serving, cruel to the other, and disregard conditions in society necessary for the good of the collective, laws are put in place to curb such tendencies. And even as governments and corporate entities exercise

their responsibilities such as in making laws and the provision of social services and community supports, citizens too have their responsibilities. These responsibilities, outside of paying taxes, require obeying the laws, treating each other with courtesy, and taking pride in one’s surroundings and use of the public good. At the same time, it should be said that there exists a tendency in our culture, on the part of all three groups and in all areas of our welfare, to focus more on building with little attention given to enforcement and maintenance. Where these are not being given equal priority, things will fall apart and could create dire consequences for the people and prove to be cost-prohibitive. The perfect society we rightly yearn for, the responsibility rests with us as citizens to create by our actions as individuals, government and corporate entities.

Region Two NDCs have problems Dear Editor I AM writing this article to start setting at least some minimum standards for our leadership within the NDCs, especially Region Two. As a market vendor and ratepayer within the Annandale/Riverstown NDC, it has been brought to my attention that the chairman and the overseer of this NDC are indulging in an illegal act pertaining to the revenue of the Suddie Market and council. Some vendors and I are still being molested by the clerk to pay revenue which was already paid to a clerk via receipt. Mr. Editor, I had drawn

this concern to the NDC chairman, who said he would look into this matter. Visiting the NDC office with my receipts, the clerks there collected the number and opened a receipt book-- I guess to compare the two -- look at each other in a suspicious manner and said we would draw it to the council’s attention. As a hardworking citizen of this country, I would like to know where our hardearned money that is being paid where it goes. Also, Mr. Editor, as a citizen of Region Two, I would like to know if it is legal for an overseer to run two NDC offices (Suddie and Queenstown). Mr. Editor, at the Charity/

Urasara NDC Clerk flinging correspondences on Councillor at their Statutory meeting which was shown on National television. Evergreen/Dartmouth NDC always closed for transaction. Aberdeen/ Zorg-en-Vlygt NDC I would be grateful for a thorough investigation into the lawlessness. The Overseer sending out letters to ratepayers informing them to pay some back rates which their property never appraised and telling them to pay within two weeks. Every time you go there you’re being told you have to wait on the Annandale/Riverstown NDC Overseer to deal with the matter. Turn to page 7 ►


GUYANA CHRONICLE,Thursday July 12, 2018

Guyana Prize took on things not normally managed by literary prizes Dear Editor I TAKE the time to reply once more to questions repeated by Rev Gideon Cecil in a letter in your newspaper on July 9 , 2018. He asks why there has been such a long delay in the announcements of shortlists and awards for the Prize. By now Rev. Cecil ought to be aware that this is because the funding has not yet been made available to complete the process. He repeats yet again his refusal to accept that a writer is allowed to enter the Prize as contestants one year and be asked to serve as a judge in another year. He declares “no award in the world will ever allow such an act”. He is wrong. Other major awards around the world do allow it. In previous letters I have supplied the evidence to prove that former judges are not debarred from entering and winning, and former entrants, former winners are always asked to serve as judges. I gave several examples of these from the IMPAC Dublin, the Commonwealth the OCM Bocas. These are not my opinions – they are facts that can be verified. There is no such clause in the eligibility rules of the Man Booker Prize, or any of those others. The rules of the IMPAC Dublin speak to persons being entrants and judges at the same time, it does not bar them from entering or from being a judge in the future. Clearly, if I am a judge

in 2018 I cannot enter in 2018. But when I am not a judge in 2019 I am not barred from entering. I supplied factual evidence of this happening in that same IMPAC Dublin Prize. Rev. Cecil suggested, “I believe regulations barring former judges from entering the Guyana Prize should be integrated into the award brochure.” That is a reasonable suggestion based on his opinion. But it has not been the view of the major literary prizes around the world. He also objects to writers entering the Prize and winning on repeated occasions. Those international literary prizes do not disqualify winners from entering again. The former Whitbread Prize, now known as the Costa Book Awards, is another of the major prizes. For the Best Novel, they have had winners repeating many times – Salman Rushdie, William Trevor, Kate Atkinson, Beryl Bainbridge. Poetry has been dominated by Seamus Heaney, Carol Ann Duffy, Ted Hughes. Incidentally, Duffy and Bainbridge have served repeatedly as judges a number of times for that same Prize, as have other winners including Susan Hill, Andrew Boyle and Paul Theroux. These are among many writers who re-appear as winners and judges of the same Prize. If Rev. Cecil is still not satisfied, I can name other examples from the famous Pulitzer Prize. If this is acceptable practice around the

world, why is it wrong in the Guyana Prize? Has the Guyana Prize helped emerging writers living and writing here in Guyana? Rev. Cecil says “no”. He argues that local residents do not win because there is no publishing house in Guyana; overseas writers always have an advantage over the locals, because they have opportunities for good editing, publishing and other facilities. We have, during the past week, heard two overseas writers declare that that is a myth. The lack of local publishing houses is indeed a problem, but that has not condemned all local writers to oblivion. Harold Bascom, while living in Guyana, had his first novel, Apata, published by Heinemann. Rooplall Monar from his home in Annandale, had Backdam People published in England. Ryhaan Shah published her novels overseas without leaving home, as did a few others, including Moses Nagamootoo (Hendree’s Cure) and Deryck Bernard (Going Home and Other Stories). But what has the Guyana Prize done to assist writers living here? 1. The Prize was established for the best of Guyanese writing at home and abroad, and it was for published books only. The Committee listened to comments from the local writing community and decided to assist locally resident writers by allowing them to submit unpublished manu-

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Region Two NDCs ... Good Hope/Pomona NDC an article was published some time ago about the NDC Chairman and cheques missing and to date he is still the NDC Chairman. Mr. Editor, how

could it be possible that these people are involve in financial misconduct and still performing financial duties within the NDCs. These NDCs have fall under the PPP/C for years

and this is what they have brought to the people of Region Two. Regards Concerned Vendor/ Ratepayer

scripts. Self-published works were also admitted. 2. This gave them a chance to be in the competition. It motivated several writers to produce, to compete and to grow as writers. 3. It opened the gate for several of them to be shortlisted and to win the Prize. 4. Several local residents won both with manuscripts and with published books. 5. Several workshops were held, conducted by locally resident and visiting writers. 6. These workshops were not sufficient, so, something more thorough, regular and lasting was needed. This resulted in collaboration with the Department of Culture. Courses in Creative Writing were created and run at the National School of Theatre Arts and Drama. Any of these courses in Fiction, Poetry or Playwriting can be taken free of cost by any emerging or

developing writer. Substantial training was thus made available. 7. Five student writers were awarded Diplomas in Creative Writing from that programme in 2017. There was a public reading of selected works. 8. In collaboration with the Drama School, A National Creative Writing Competition in Poetry, Short Story and One-Act Plays was held for local emerging writers and nine prizes were awarded in honour of the 50th Independence Anniversary. 9. An Annual National Poetry Slam was created for writers and performers of spoken word, performance poetry and hip-hop, in cooperation with the Drama School. Writers were challenged to create compositions on social issues and patriotic pieces to generate a volume of meaningful compositions in a very popular

art form. 10. Writers were invited to read their works publicly. 11. The Caribbean Press was established and one of its mandates was to fill the gap and have a good local publishing house available. This press published several local writers, and had started to pay attention to Guyana Prize winners. Here is a Prize established for the highest quality of Guyanese writing that took on things not normally managed by literary prizes. The Guyana Prize, however, took them on because it saw the need for developmental programmes to help writers living in Guyana to develop to create the excellence in literature demanded by the Prize. Regards Al Creighton


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, July 12, 2018

$93M contract signed to get reference stations on stream By Navendra Seoraj

THE Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission (GLSC) has signed a $93 million contract with British consultancy company, Ordnance Survey International, for the establishment of a Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) project. The project seeks to establish and sustainably maintain a modern, robust and accurate national geodetic positioning network for Guyana. “The project, envisioned to be highly complex with specialised blend of technical work to be undertaken. To ensure sustainability, an institutional strengthening and capacity-building component has been added to the project,” said GLSC Commissioner Trevor Benn prior to signing of the agreement at the Ministry of the Presidency on Wednesday. GLSC as the beneficiaries has sought a specific combination of qualities in a geospatial consulting firm to provide consulting services for successful delivery of the national project. Benn said they expect world-class standards;

Commissioner of GLSC Trevor Benn and Managing-Director of Ordnance Survey International Peter Hedlund, hold the new agreement as Minister of State, Joseph Harmon watches on (Samuel Maughn photo)

knowledge, expertise and experience to be employed by the contracted firm. The firm was chosen because of their detailed understanding of the GLSC’s role as the national mapping and geospatial agency and its own particular insight into sustainable and future use of the CORS technology He believes that the expertise is needed, because

this is not a new project and approximately seven years ago the then government expended half a billion dollars on this network but although stations were established, they were never operationalised. “Given the previous mistakes and lack of use of the network, we expect worldclass standard, expertise to help us manage and maintain

the network,” he said, noting that they will re-establish the existing eight-station CORS network which are located in Regions, One, Two, Four, Six, Seven, Nine and 10. The stations were never put into operation, so the equipment and other features went into disrepair. As opposed to the previous project, they hope to establish full functionality

and usability of the existing Network Operations Centre (NOC) and an eight-site CORS network; design and document associated CORS management processes; train staff to be able to operate all first and second-line operation activities; and establish third-line support cover with GNSS equipment and software manufacturer. Such a network has application in a wide variety of fields, including surveying, mining, agriculture and construction. “It will enable all users, engineers, surveyors to get more precise information to help them make decisions… the network will point them closer to their target, like where to look for what… we have to talk with GWI and so forth to tell them how it is going to work,” said Benn. Workers who deal with infrastructure would also have more precise readings, because Ordnance will also assist GLSC to specify, procure and deploy specialist equipment for the CORS network in accordance with identified national development needs and the strategic business requirements. “They will help us to design and implement action

plans to ensure sustainability of the CORS network, including specialist training, skills transfer, expert network building and wider user engagement to ensure benefit of investment is maximised by Guyana’s public and private users,” the commissioner explained. Work on the project is scheduled to commence on Friday and is expected to be completed before the end of the year. Minister of State Joseph Harmon commended the GLSC for its work so far and noted that the project is very important, as it will enable the commission to fulfil one of the main aspects of its mandate which is to execute, Geodetic, Topographic and hydrographic surveys in relation to land and water resources. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Managing-Director of Ordnance Survey International, Peter Hedlund, said the company has had a local presence for many years, so they know the project is a cornerstone for the future. He believes that a solid CORS network is a key foundation for survey, mapping and land administration.

Mortice Primary top student says hard Chinese ambassador calls on President work paid off By Rajiv Bisnauth WITH 19 marks shy of a total of 529 marks, Nicholas Mohabir has emerged as the top candidate for the Mortice Primary School at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA). The 11-year-old will be heading to Bishops’ High and looks forward to starting at his new school in September. Speaking to the Guyana Chronicle, Mohabir, as an aspiring lawyer, who is fond of mathematics, said his success was due to hard work and dedication. The top-performer, who was placed among the region’s top 10, related that he did not focus solely on academics, but also did extra-curricular activities such as visiting the rice fields with his father on a regular basis. The young man, whose father is a rice farmer and mother, a house wife, hails from the

The 2018 Graduating Class with teacher Inderjeet Persaud (Rajiv Bisnauth photo)

small village of Hyde Park located on the left bank of the Mahaicony River. With a perfect score for mathematics (136), Mohabir explained that a lot of sacrifices had to be made in preparation for the exams. “I had to cut off television, because I used to love watching long hours of television and I love to go to sleep early, but I couldn’t do that because I had to study so much making sure that everything is on time.” He urged other students not to be lazy. “If you want to be

successful, keep on studying and always believe you can do it.” His mother Jenifer Mohabir described her son as focused and very diligent. She also said the school worked very well with him as well as her husband and the rest of the family members. Mohabir’s teacher, Sir Inderjeet Persaud, said the hard work from both the teachers and the students has once again paid off. “I am very proud, I have always been proud of my chil-

dren, they go the extra mile, they would do much more than I ask them to do, so it’s not all my doing; it takes a lot from them too, because they are self-motivated and they push themselves,” he said. Mortice Primary School was the region’s top school last year and this year it recorded an 85 per cent pass rate. Thirteen students wrote the exams, with two students awarded city schools. The school held its graduation ceremony last Thursday.

President David Granger and China’s Ambassador to Guyana, Mr. Cui Jianchun

PRESIDENT David Granger on Wednesday met with China’s Ambassador to Guyana, Mr. Cui Jianchun, to discuss a wide range of issues as the two countries recommit to working closely to further diplomatic relations. The meeting was held at State House. In a release, the Ministry of the Presidency said over the years, Guyana and China have developed a strong, mutually beneficial partnership in areas of common interests. Building on an already excellent diplomatic relationship, the President and Ambassador discussed strategies to improve economic and cultural cooperation at the bilateral level and deeper collaboration at the multilateral level.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, July 12, 2018

President says open Jagdeo wants gov’t to buy out shares in BBCI to requests for media …rejects Stabroek interviews News editorial …says does not support hike in tolls

AMID complaints about the infrequency of presidential news conferences, the Ministry of the Presidency on Wednesday said President David Granger remains open to requests for interviews and also rejected a Stabroek News editorial earlier this week deeming it a “malicious misdirection.” The ministry said the Stabroek News’ Editorial of July 9, 2018, sought to falsely project the media as nuisances to the President. In a statement, the ministry said this cannot be further from the truth, since the President makes efforts as regularly as possible to engage members of the media, particularly during public exercises. According to the ministry, the assertion carried that the number of presidential press conferences is a lack of demonstration of accountability to the people is simply absurd. “The ministry takes this opportunity to remind Stabroek News of the weekly post-Cabinet briefings, which are held to update

President David Granger

the media and by extension, members of the public on deliberations and decisions of Cabinet by the Minister of State, Mr. Joseph Harmon, who is the chief spokesperson for the government. This does not take into account the extensive speeches and publications produced by the President and the Ministry of the Presidency. “The David Granger-led administration since its assumption of office has been nothing but transparent and accountable to the citizens

and in so doing, has empowered the Ministers of Government to speak on their respective portfolios unabated,” the statement added. The ministry said what is important to question is the motive of such an editorial. “The Stabroek News, which champions itself as a balanced and fair newspaper, deliberately ignores the numerous avenues through which information on the government’s business is available, among them being the Department of Public Information (DPI) and the Public Information and Press Services of the Ministry of the Presidency, which provide content on a daily basis.” The Ministry of the Presidency uses this opportunity to reiterate the President’s commitment to engaging the members of the media -- whom he holds in high esteem -- in an effort to provide accurate information to the Guyanese public. The head of state also remains open to requests for interviews in this regard.

Private security guards need better training – Crime Chief AMID the drama involving a government minister and personnel from a private security firm over the weekend, Crime Chief Assistant Commissioner of Police Paul Williams has issued a call for better training to be conducted for members of private security firms. The issue became public on Monday when Minister within the Ministry of Natural Resources, Simona Broomes, alleged that a security guard had pulled a gun on her and her driver after they sought parking space at the Massy Supermarket parking lot on the East Bank of Demerara to access the New Thriving Chinese Restaurant Sunday evening. However, a video which subsequently surfaced shows the minister exiting her vehicle and tossing two no parking signs to the ground, so that her driver could park. The minister said that she

Crime Chief, Assistant Commissioner of Police Paul Williams

had identified herself, but the security guards who were on duty disregarded her. “It is within your own judgment and sense that if you see a certain vehicle within a certain standard and class right there and then it speaks out to somebody, even if you want to rate the

person as for whatever it is, whether the person is drug lord whether the person is a minister, whether the person is a businessman; whether the person is a gold miner or whatever it is, from the time you see a vehicle of certain standard it is supposed to arouse your attention and alertness, rather than from a normal vehicle, ” Williams said. He said that what he finds is that security companies in this country employ people at the lower levels who work at stores, malls and premises who should receive more training than they have in order to deal with their responsibilities in terms of dealing with the members of the public and carrying firearms. Following the incident on Sunday night involving the two sides, the police detained the security guards for 16 hours and the weapon was briefly seized. The minister also came in Turn to page 11 ►

LEADER of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo, says she supports government’s decision to reject the Berbice Bridge Company Inc (BBCI)’s request to increase the bridge tolls. Government had shot down a demand from management of the company to astronomically increase the tolls paid by users/ commuters. “What has happened is that they did not get the increase in 2014 and 2015, so cost for maintenance and so forth increased. In order to offset the cost, they want an increase which I do not support”, said Jagdeo during a press conference at his Church Street office on Wednesday. The bridge, he said, is governed by a financial model which was established under the previous administration. According to Jagdeo, the financial model was used to forecast tolls and the traffic across the bridge. The model also stipulated that there would not be an increase in fees for the first eight years of operation but after that period had passed, requests by the company to have increases in 2014 and 2015 were still rejected. “In 2014 the fee should have gone up by six per cent and by 17 per cent in 2015, after which they would have repaid the bond and there would have been a steep decline from the current prices,” said the opposition leader. The time has passed, so he advised the government to buy out the other shareholders in the company, so that more of the bridge would become publicly owned or they could subsi-

dise the increase of the toll to cover the maintenance cost. The current tolls are subsidised in two parts: one internally by the company, as it has not charged the toll as per the arrangement and the other by the government, which has subsidised the old toll prior to the adjustment, in accordance with the agreement of June 2, 2006, to enable BBCI to execute its obligations. “Government stands

Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo (Adrian Narine photo)

by its decision to reduce tolls in fulfilling a campaign commitment and will continue to work with the company in ensuring that the bridge is sufficiently maintained and safe for vehicular and marine use,” a press statement from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MoPI) said on Tuesday. In a follow-up press release on Wednesday, BBCI said it has noted that the government in its response “unfortunately, chose to ignore its contractual obligations under the Concession Agreement entered into with the Berbice Bridge Company.” The company pointed out that the gov-

ernment, by doing so, has made it impossible for it to meet its contractual obligations to operate and maintain the bridge by the government refusing to honour the Concession Agreement, under which the company is provided with the necessary revenue to operate and maintain the bridge. “As the company has pointed out, its board believes that the situation is fixable. There is a contract, there is an established formula within that contact and there are obligations to be met. The company trusts, therefore, that the Minister of Public Infrastructure, instead of ignoring its application, will come to the table as required by the Concession Agreement.” The BBCI had written Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, requesting that the tolls be increased, as determined by the Toll Adjustment Formula which is prescribed in the Concession Agreement of June 12, 2006. The proposed increases include the car toll moving from $2,200 to $8,040; pickups from $4,000 to $14,600; 4WD from $4,000 to $14,600; minibuses from $2,200 to $8,040; small trucks from $4,000 to $14,600; medium trucks from $7,600 to $27,720; large trucks from $13,600 to $46,900; articulated trucks from $32,000 to $116,680; freight from $460 to $1,680 and the toll for boats moving from $110,000 to $401,040. The company was contracted to own and operate the bridge for a period of 21 years after which “a fully operational” bridge will be transferred to the government and people of Guyana, at no cost.

‘Confused’ woman puts blame on medication A WOMAN appeared before a city magistrate Wednesday charged with providing false information to a police constable. The charge alleged that on May 15, 2018, at Kitty, Felicia Rosely gave a police constable information that she was robbed of $588, 000, knowing same to be false and causing the officer to use his power to the annoyance of others. The woman pleaded guilty to the charge read out to her in court.

Before sentence was passed, the woman told the court that she was confused and that she was taking medication at that time. Magistrate Fabayo Azore fined her $20,000, or she would have to be imprisoned for three months. The magistrate warned her after imposing the sentence that the next time she was confused, she should not call the police because they could have been dealing with more important matters.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, July 12, 2018

Trade unions back motion for …floats ‘Ministry of Labour labour ministry and Social Protection’

MEMBERS of the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) and Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) remain optimistic ahead of a discussion on a motion that was put before the National Assembly for the re-establishment of a Ministry of Labour. The motion, which was tabled by Opposition Member of Parliament Gillian Burton-Persaud supports the call of the trade union movement to have a Ministry of Labour. It will be discussed in the National Assembly on Thursday. “The trade union community can safely say it has a sense as to where the opposition will vote. This notwithstanding, expectations are being held [that] the house will deliver unanimous support for the motion,” said veteran trade unionist and General-Secretary of the GTUC, Lincoln Lewis, during a press

briefing at Critchlow Labour College on Tuesday. He said that the ministry does not have to be a separate entity, but the word labour could be added to the Ministry of Social Protection, making it the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. “The absence of a Ministry of Labour is a disservice to Guyanese and the historical development of the society,” said Lewis. Although labour is not a separate ministry, it is a department within the Social Protection Ministry which is headed by Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection, Keith Scott. Lewis however contended that labour deserves recognition and the trade union community in unison as such expects that the motion will see spirited discussion on the workers’ contributions to building Guyana from the ground up with their sweat. He said: “Labour’s demand

for equal prominence and treatment in the structure of governance is well deserving. We are not asking for a new minister, we are asking for equal treatment.” The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has 189 conventions. Social protection deals with 17, leaving more than 170 unattended or not having equal treatment. This, he said, will also be another issue that will be addressed if labour receives recognition. He said too that 2018 marks 92 years since the working class sat in that august house for the first time, deliberated and developed a strategy to move the peoples of the Caribbean toward political independence under a system of governance that will respect and treat them as first-class citizens. “It was March 1926, the father of trade unionism in Guyana and the British Commonwealth,

Hubert Nathaniel Critchlow and other erstwhile Caribbean labour leaders, decided at a conference that from henceforth the workers will fight for one-man-one-vote (universal adult suffrage), representative leadership, public education, universal healthcare, paid leave, housing, a 40-hour work week, eight-hour work day, prison reform, internal self-government, ownership of the economy, etc. As the parliamentarians debate the motion not only must the work and achievements of the working class be seized, but also the struggles pursued, and scars attained that made it possible for each and every one occupying a seat in those hallowed halls. Today’s occupants are inhabiting space occupied by stalwarts such as Critchlow, Cheddi Jagan, Forbes Burnham, Boysie Ramkarran, Claude Merriman, Winslow

Carrington, Janet Jagan and, Winifred Gaskin …. These persons are renowned for their actions in advancing the welfare of the working class. Though none expects mimic men and women, it is reasonable to expect the struggles, goals, ideals and representation of predecessors will be noted and their strengths built on.” Lewis said the trade union movement believes that as citizens-inheritors of Guyana’s bounty and sacrifices of our forebears, “we must not merely record history, recant history or be passive [sic] observant, we must learn from the past and actively shape and mould the present and future for the better.” He said labour’s demand for equal prominence and treatment in the structure of governance is well deserving. “We are not asking for a new ministry, we are asking for

General-Secretary of the GTUC, Lincoln Lewis

equal treatment. Labour can be accommodated in the Ministry of Social Protection where the ministry can be renamed, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. Or,l can be equally accommodated in any other ministry as government so chooses. There exists precedence in our society.”


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, July 12, 2018

Police begin probe of fraud attempt at Public Health Ministry OVER the past two days, police investigators have been combing through documents at the Public Health Ministry’s Brickdam head office as they probe an alleged plot to steal millions of dollars from the state. This is according to Crime Chief, Assistant Commissioner of Police Paul Williams. In an interview on Wednesday, Williams told the Guyana Chronicle that the Guyana Police Force received a formal request from the Public Health Ministry for an investigation to be done into an alleged plot

to defraud the state. Williams, at the time, could not have stated when the request was made; however, he told this newspaper that since Monday, a team of police investigators was deployed to the ministry to scrutinise records there. At the time of the interview, no arrest had been made. The investigation has been launched close to one month after Public Health Minister Volda Lawrence warned senior officers at her ministry that police detectives and internal auditors would have been called in

to investigate the “misappropriation of funds and the blatant attempts to steal” public funds. In a press statement issued by the Public Health Ministry on June 19, 2018, it was said that Minister Lawrence, in a frank discourse with senior public health officials, raised questions about “blatant attempts to steal” and other brazen, dishonest acts perpetrated by employees of the ministry. Lawrence had said that the police and officials from the Ministry of Finance had carried out open investigations into ongoing

Child rapist must spend rest of life in prison SHELDON Lynch, 46, was on Wednesday sentenced to life imprisonment for the 2015 rape of a child under age 16. This was ordered by Justice Priya Sewnarine-Beharry in the Sexual Offences Court at the Georgetown High Court. It was well after two hours when a mixed 12-member jury returned with a unanimous guilty verdict. According to the state, on August 22, 2015, Sheldon Lynch, of Plaisance, East Coast Demerara, engaged in sexual penetration of a girl child, who was then only 11 years old.

The female who is now 14 years old is said to be known to Lynch and had visited his home, where he forced himself onto her.The matter was reported to the police and Lynch was arrested and charged for the offence. Lynch’s attorney was Clyde Forde while the state was represented by Lisa Cave and Orinthia Schmidt. Earlier this year, Lynch was sentenced to two life sentences which will run consecutively and he will be eligible for parole after serving 35 years for two counts by Justice Simone Morris-Ramlall for the rape

Sheldon Lynch

of another underage girl on two occasions. The girl was then 11 years old. The state said it happened between December 7, 2010 and January 25, 201,3 in the county of Essequibo.

Private security guards... for some very harsh criticisms on social media over the development, given her account of what had happened as against what a video which was captured by a CCTV camera revealed. By dawn on Tuesday night, Minister of Health Volda Lawrence reached out to one of the security guards and apologised for the development and his 16-hour detention. The crime chief was adamant that the security guard erred. “The minister came out and even if the minister came out and maybe she was a little thing, you know, maybe a little upset or whatever the case, from the time she would have identified herself as a minister, he as a security guard his

tone ought to have changed and said excuse me., sorry I did not know you were a minister, but however these are the instructions or this is not allowed, but not where he was being gesticulating and pointing up and so on” Williams stated. He continued: “You can’t want to be irate and saying you don’t respect no minister who you be and so on; we got to respect people in authority, that is a must we have to respect people in authority you maintain your cool and you do the right thing and definitely whatever is wrong or where it has to show it will show. But I am not in support in terms of the behaviour of the security guard that is my position.”

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The assistant commissioner of police questioned whether the actions of the security guard would have been the same had it been a diplomat in the vehicle on the night in question. “It could have been somebody else of higher standing or stature in this country in that vehicle. If was a U.S. diplomat or a diplomat from any other country who would have gone there in that vehicle, yes you may not know who is in the vehicle, but the person looked at the sign and move it…” He called on private security personnel to be more reasonable and urged better training for them to deal with members of the public.

corrupt practices by staff members. “Fraud has been ongoing a long time at the Public Health Ministry”, she was quoted as saying. A well-placed source at the Public Health Ministry had told this newspaper that there was a plot to steal millions of dollars during the hosting of the country’s in-

augural Health Expo, which was held from May 30 to June 2, 2018. Though unconfirmed, it is believed that the sum is to the tune of $50M. At this point, it is unclear what the money was intended for. However, according to the source, bogus documents which cloned those of the Public Health Ministry were presented as “official” documents to cheat the state of millions of dollars. Though it is unclear at this stage how many persons

at the ministry’s Brickdam Headquarters were involved in this scam, it is believed that they have well-organised connections outside of the Public Health Ministry. The plot reportedly crumbled, however, on the eve of the opening of Health Expo 2018, after a diligent staff of the ministry detected that the documents represented were fake. It is believed that the corrupt practice had been ongoing for a long time, but was detected only recently.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, July 12, 2018

‘Drug mule’ shows no remorse as she gets three years’ jail A 19-year-old ‘drug mule’ who had swallowed 119 cocaine pellets was on Wednesday sentenced to three years’ jail along with a $1.4M fine as the hunt continues for her two known drug recruiters. Anisha Hardy appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan and confessed that on July 6 at the Cheddi Jagan

International Airport (CJIA), Timehri, she trafficked 702 grams of cocaine. Hardy was unrepresented by an attorney and showed no remorse as the charge was being read to her. According to Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) prosecutor Konyo Sandiford, on the day in question Hardy was an outgoing passenger on

an airplane destined for JFK, New York. Sandiford, however, noted that while the teen was checking in at the CJIA airport, she was confronted by a female CANU officer, who was acting on information that the teen had ingested cocaine pellets. The teen was cautioned and was taken to a hospital

and subjected to an X-ray, which showed that she had foreign objects in her stomach. Sandiford further told the court that within three days the teen excreted a total of 119 cocaine pellets and gave a caution statement to the police naming her drug recruiters. “This is a side incident

Anisha Hardy

of the living standards of the teen taken advantage of by a seasoned narcotics trafficker,” the prosecutor told the court during a mitigation plea. The teen, after the magistrate had considered the mitigation plea from the prosecutor, was sentenced to three years jail along with a fine of $1.4M. CANU has issued warrants for the arrest of Mark Sauers called ‘Marcus’ or ‘Marco’ of Lot 1 Ogle, East Coast Demerara and Second Street, Liliendaal, Georgetown and his cousin, Kelvin Sauers, called John, of Fourth Street, Success, ECD, who allegedly recruited the teen to traffic the drugs. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of the two men is kindly asked to make contact with CANU headquarters at 227-3507 or 226-0431. In 2015, Mark Sauers, who was charged with another man with trafficking over 15 kilos of cocaine at Beterverwagting, on the East Coast of Demerara, was remanded to prison yesterday by a city magistrate. The charges against Sauers and Bacchus state that the duo procured Jallalodeen along with Kathleen De Florimonte and Odessa Pollard to traffic cocaine between April 1 and May 19, 2016, and between July 1 and November 5, 2015. However, the matter was dismissed due to the witnesses not wanting to offer evidence in the case. Also in 2015, Mark Sauers was charged with the offence of conspiracy to traffic narcotics. It is alleged that Sauers between January 01, 2014 and January 17, 2014 at Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara, conspired with Jermaine Lowe to traffic 15.308 KG cocaine. Earlier this month, a 37-year-old drug mule was also sentenced to three years ‘jail after confessing to trafficking cocaine, subsequent to being arrested by CANU at the airport. Natasha Blair of Grove Housing Scheme was sen-

Kelvin Sauers called ‘John’

Mark Sauers called ‘Marcus’ or ‘Marco’

tenced by the Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan for trafficking 532 grams of cocaine at CJIA. Blair was also an outgoing passage on a Caribbean Airlines flight destined for JFK International Airport, New York and was travelling with her 11-month-old daughter. However, while checking in at the CJIA, she was nabbed by a CANU officer and was taken to a city hospital and subjected to an X-ray which showed foreign objects in her stomach and pelvic area. She excreted 32 pellets containing cocaine which weighed 322 grams and 210 grams was extracted from her vagina. The prosecutor added that Blair told ranks in a caution statement that she did it because she needed the money for herself and her child. Her attorney Keoma Griffith during his plea for mitigation told the court: “These situations are very prevalent, my client is a single parent and had to make difficult decisions and an unfortunate risk.” Earlier this year, CANU had issued a statement following another teen being busted at the CJIA airport and noted that “irrespective of life’s challenges civilians must recognise that the narcotic trade must never be an option. The narcotic trade is harmful to the traffickers, its users and everyone connected to them.”


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, July 12, 2018

Guyana oil rating on the rise – with production pegged at 700,000+bpd by 2023 ENERGY consultants, Rystad Energy, has projected very favourable outcomes for Guyana from ExxonMobil’s explorations here. According to the group, this country could become a major destination for the provision of oilfield services, with Exxon possibly pumping out as much as 700,000 barrels per day. This is the view of Sonya Boodoo, Senior Analyst with Norway-based Rystad Energy, who gave a presentation on Tuesday evening at a symposium at Duke Lodge,

Sonya Boodoo, Senior Analyst at Rystad Energy

the E&P (exploration and production) activities in Guyana, and the government is expected to receive up to U.S.$100B at a US$70 per barrel oil price now, if all of these discoveries are sanctioned,” Boodhoo said, adding: “Rystad Enery expects Liza Phase 2 to be approved next year and potentially have a start-up in 2023. “And with all these discoveries, we see that Guyana has the potential to be a major upstream destination for oilfield services. “We expect

A section of the audience at the presentation (Photos by Adrian Narine)

Kingston, under the auspices of the Private Sector Commission. She noted that the exploration success rates in Guyana are way above average, based on ExxonMobil’s successes since its first discovery in 2015. “We at Rystad Energy do see a positive outlook for Guyana’s exploration and

production activities, with peak production exceeding 700,000 barrels [per day] by 2030,” said Boodoo, who has an MSc in Energy Studies. But she clarified that this production figure is based on the assumption that all of the eight discoveries by ExxonMobil are put into production. “Significant wealth is expected to be generated from

Guyana to rank among the 13 largest nations for oilfield services by the 2020s.” She noted that capital and operational expenses will reach about US$15B were all of the discovered wells sanctioned for production, and if that is the case, some three Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading vessels (FPSO) would be needed.

A FAIR DEAL Boodoo, whose forte is Oil & Gas Economics, said that Guyana secured a fair agreement with U.S. oil giant ExxonMobil and its joint-venture partners HESS and CNOOC Nexen, because of the country being a frontier region. “What we have done,” she said, “is compare the Guyana Government’s take with other offshore regions. And we find the government take here as the net present value of the government receipts divided by the net present value of the profits of the entire field; and what we have seen is that average for offshore is around 80 per cent, and Guyana comes in at around 59 per cent.” Boodoo noted that while in the grand scheme of things, Guyana might appear to be receiving a low number, one must remember that Guyana is a frontier region. She said that when compared with other offshore regions that are in a similar state of maturity, Guyana’s ranking is about average, comparable to countries such as Mauritania, Mozambique and Israel. “Within this frontier region bucket,” she said, “we see the average government take being between 45 and 70 per cent; and Guyana falling at 59 per cent is quite average in that respect. “So we think the regime here is quite fair and aver-

Son’s death was most traumatic in her life …he was a drug addict who had relapsed twice THE Preliminary Inquiry into the unlawful killing of 34-year-old Marlon Fredericks continued on Wednesday with the testimony of his mother Claudette Fredericks. Charged for manslaughter is Gregory Bascom, a 50- year-old lance corporal attached to the City Constabulary. Bascom is accused of unlawfully killing Fredericks on January 14 at Regent Road, Bourda, Georgetown. He is not required to plead to the indictable charge and is currently out on $800,000 bail. The matter is being conducted by Senior Magistrate Leron Daly with evidence being led by Prosecutor, Assistant Superintendent Vishnu Hunt. The matter has been

DEAD: Marlon Fredericks

adjourned until July 25. Fredericks of Tiger Bay, Georgetown, was apprehended by law-enforcement officers from the City Constabulary for a number of simple larceny cases, during which

Lance Corporal Gregory Bascom

he was beaten. Fredericks was kept in custody at the entity’s Bourda Outpost and it is alleged that he attempted to flee custody and was shot as a result. His

mother Claudette Fredericks had gone to visit him when she witnessed the shooting. A post-mortem revealed that the cause of death was a result of complications to his lower back, due to a gunshot wound. Eyewitnesses said his death could have been avoided, since he was in a weakened state and could not have run away; hence, apprehending him should have been an easy task for the lance corporal. Claudette Fredericks had told the media that her son was a drug addict who had relapsed twice following stints at a rehabilitation facility. She said that seeing her son being brutally beaten while surrendering to the police had been one of the most traumatic moments of her life.

age.” She spoke of the necessity for countries such as Guyana to incentivise investment into the oil-and-gas sector here. “We need to incentivise people to come and invest in a Region that is quite high risk. One way to do that is by government offering very favourable fiscal terms. And I think that it has been successful in attracting ExxonMobil and its partners into the Region. and discovering all of these

resources,” she said. Boodoo warned that changes to existing contracts could serve to disincentivise activities, which, she said, could lead major players with significant capital to invest to disregard that particular country and possibly delay potential future developments, because of changes in existing contracts and “them not having confidence that government would keep to their word.”


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, July 12, 2018

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, July 12, 2018



GUYANA CHRONICLE,Thursday July 12, 2018

BK International donates $1.5 million to Linden top 10 students CHIEF Executive Officer of BK International Brian Tiwarie and Mr. Leslie Chang, Managing- Director at Surrey Paving and Aggregate Company, on Wednesday donated $1.5 M to the top 10 National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) students of Region 10. The cheque was presented to the Regional Member of Parliament Jermaine Figueira, who had made an application to Tiwarie for the donation. The students, Shakina McGregor, Somira Dainty, Shakina London, Owen Hooper, Latanya Edwards, Zaria Jacobis, Oroyo Trotman, Zalika Dey Anton Ward, Shinnia Flatts , Seraiah Dorris Walker and Makayla Moseley were present with their parents for the simple ceremony which had in attendance Minister of Social Protection Amna Ally. Ally congratulated the students for their excellent performance and thanked Mr. Tiwarie and Mr. Chang. “I want to thank them for stepping forward and giving assistance to you in your exams and because Mr. Tiwarie would have recognised how important education is to all of us…and so I hope you can take the contribution towards this on a very serious note and your parents will utilise it in the best way possible,” Ally said. Mr Tiwarie said that the donation is a continuation of what was started on Sunday by Minister of State Joseph Harmon in Linden, raising $1.8 M for the students. Ti-

warie also congratulated the students for their hard work and made a commitment to continue donating towards their education, as long as they continue to succeed. MP Figueira has the responsibility of consulting with the parents in deciding how the money will be spent to benefit the children’s education. Parents however are suggesting that the monies which are currently $3.3 M in total be used to purchase a bus to transport the children to their respective awarded schools in Georgetown. Carolyn Allicock expressed appreciation for the donation and said, “I am very happy about the donation, because I am a single parent and you know single parents, they need a lot of help, because in this time it is very hard, when the children work to achieve certain schools and you can’t afford to let them go, so when we get the support, we are very grateful for that… I believe if we get the bus it would be good, because they have other children that would be going to Georgetown that would really need the assistance that is not within the top 10, we would be thankful for that,” Allicock said. Similar sentiments were expressed by Rayann Jacobis, who said, “I am grateful for the donation that they made because the children would have worked hard, so it is nice to see somebody appreciate the hard work,” she said. Rayann also believes that purchasing the bus is a good

The top 10 students of Region 10 pose with Minister Amna Ally and (from rear right Member of Parliament Jermaine Figueira, BK’s Brian Tiwarie and Mr. Leslie Chung.)

suggestion, since it will not only help the students in the top 10, but also other students attending who were awarded schools in Georgetown. Member of Parliament Jermaine Figueira expressed his appreciation to Mr. Brian Tiwarie and Mr. Leslie Chang for recognising the performance of Region 10 children. He is happy with the additional benefits that the region has garnered, which sparked from Minister Harmon’s donations. It goes to show the level of commitment the government, businesses and the people of Guyana have in respect to the educational development of the country.”

He said that he will ensure that the monies are utilised in the best interest of the children and will consult with the parents, since they are the ones to have the last say. He however also believes that going in the direction of the bus may be most fitting, given the longterm effect it would have. Last Sunday, the top 10 students were presented by Minister Harmon with laptops, tablets and other stationery-related items. Several of his campaign supporters also pledged donations totalling $1.8 M. Making a hefty donation of $200, 000 was Basil Blackman, who said it is his desire to see the children

attend the school they were awarded, Queen’s College. He also committed to engaging his friends in the diaspora to come on board to make their donations as well. After the challenges faced by one parent, Rayann Jacobis, to afford the $20, 000 monthly transportation cost to Georgetown were reported in this newspaper, Zaria has received overwhelming support even from the diaspora. Zaria already has commitments made to cover her travelling for the next five years and has been receiving cash donations as well, along with Dimitry Waldron, who is also visually impaired and was awarded a place at Mackenzie

High. The Linden Youth Network in collaboration with Corporate Supplies are granting the two children free printing, photocopying, internet time and other assignments-related work for the next five years at the stationery centre located on Republic Avenue, Mackenzie. The Trevor Pierre Wilson Memorial Scholarship is also funding all that is needed for the two students’ high school in September. The two were also presented with cash at Sunday’s meeting.


GUYANA CHRONICLE,Thursday July 12, 2018

Health Ministry takes Reg. 10 youths in hand – in bid to keep them on the straight, narrow

THE Ministry of Health on Tuesday began a fourday workshop on drug prevention and life-skills education in a bid to help the youths of key Region 10 communities overcome their dependency on drugs. The communities at reference are Old England, Three Friends and Coomacka, all of which were formerly engaged in bauxite mining. The workshop, which is being hosted by the ministry’s Drug Awareness Reduction Services Unit, saw over 30 participants from the three neighbouring

den where marijuana is widely grown, and where many fields have been discovered and destroyed by law enforcement agencies. Said Hunt: “Certain environments can have risk factors which could predispose a person towards using drugs; and in communities like these, it could be the isolation from mainstream.” The workshop targets delinquent youths as well as community leaders, so as to equip the former with the necessary skills to make informed decisions on drug use. “The majority of them are young people, and their

Health Education Officer Petal Gordon making a presentation on alcohol abuse

communities in attendance. The programme is being facilitated by Health Improvement Adviser, Mr Wayne Hunt, and Health Education Officer, Ms Petal Gordon. According to Hunt, the purpose of the workshop is to sensitise residents of the outlying neighbouring communities, primarily the young people, on the harmful effects of drug use, while at the same time providing them with life skills to make informed decisions in future. The reason the ministry targetted these particular communities, Hunt said, is because of their isolation from the mainstream communities, and the lack of social and educational programmes to keep the youths meaningfully occupied, so they wouldn’t gravitate to such unconstructive activities as drug use. Coomacka is one of the known communities in Lin-

social environment will have an impact on them,” Hunt said, adding: “So we’re giving them the skills so that they can resist peer pressure, and for them to have an influence on their peers rather than their peers having a negative influence on them. “It is one to stimulate the awareness; the knowledge, but giving them skills to help them now to make informed decisions and choices, so they can become productive adults.” Gina Fredericks, a participant, said that previous workshops hosted by the ministry and targetting social issues have had much success in her community, Old England, and she would play a pivotal role in raising the awareness by sharing what she would have learnt with especially teens. “I found that these workshops have been benefitting me, because whatever we are taught at these

workshops, we not only keep to ourselves,” Fredericks said. “When we go back to our community, we share it with others. And since we are coming to this workshop in my community, we have less teenage pregnancy, less drug use; it helps us a lot, because we carry the awareness in our community,” she added. Federicks along with the other participants are confident that this workshop will have the same positive impact on them all.

Health Improvement Officer Wayne Hunt, at the workshop on Tuesday


GUYANA CHRONICLE,Thursday July 12, 2018

Life imprisonment for killing unarmed cop DELON Abrams was on Wednesday sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole by Justice Sandil Kissoon after he pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter for the 2014 killing of a serving member of the Guyana Police Force (GPF), Seburn Elias. In handing down his sentence at the Demerara High Court, Justice Kissoon told the court that the accused, Abrams, was rescued by a police patrol after he was thrashed by residents of Sophia who claimed he had committed a wrong. The judge stated that the injured Abrams was taken to the GPHC for treatment, having been escorted there by ranks. However, he chose to disarm a cop of his weapon and escaped, but he was cornered by the police in Fourth Street, Alberttown. Justice Kissoon related that two unarmed cops, including Detective Seburn Elias, confronted Abrams in an alleyway to retrieve the force’s gun and had no intention of harming him. He added that Elias used a hammer, given to him by residents, to gain access to Abrams and died while doing his duty. The court could not turn a blind eye in the matter. Justice Kissoon added that when the unarmed detective approached Abrams, it showed bravery and courage. Abrams, he said, should face the consequences of his actions in the brutal execution of a cop who was merely doing his job. He then sentenced Abrams to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. According to the state, on January 6, 2014, in the county of Demerara, Delon Abrams murdered detective Seburn Elias, a member of the security forces, in the execution of his duties. Abrams called “Roachie” pleaded not guilty to murder, but guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter when the indictment was presented in court. State Prosecutor Abigail Gibbs, in presenting the facts, said that on January 6, 2014, the accused was dealt a thrashing by residents of Sophia. Luckily, a passing police mobile patrol rescued him and he was first taken to the Sophia Health Centre for medical attention for injuries he had received. However, he was referred to the GPHC where he requested to use the washroom.

Delon Abrams

After doing so, he managed to relieve a cop of his weapon and escaped. Based on information received, ranks of the GPF went to Fourth Street, Alberttown. Upon entering the said yard, the police eventually spotted Abrams. Elias then confronted him with the intention of retrieving the force’s gun but he was fatally shot, hit by two bullets discharged by Abrams. At the time, the only person armed was Abrams, who was confronted by the two unarmed cops. Meanwhile, Abrams, when asked if he had anything to say, told the court that he could recall discharging only one round at Elias. He stated that he was sorry for the loss of life and only escaped because he did not want to return to prison. Abrams said, “Is nah like I take the gun and shoot he; we had a scuffle and the gun went off.” In his plea of mitigation, defence attorney Maxwell McKay said that Abrams is 29 years old, has four brothers and two sisters and both of his parents were deceased. He added that Abrams did not waste the court’s time, gave an early plea, accepted responsibility and was remorseful. In response, State Prosecutor Abigail Gibbs said the deceased was a serving member of the GPF and, at the time, he was doing his duty to serve and protect the people of this country. She related that he was a married father and joined the GPF in 1990 and at the time of his murder, he was unarmed and had no intention of harming Abrams, only to take possession of the force’s gun, which Abrams took from a cop at the GPHC before escaping.


GUYANA CHRONICLE,Thursday July 12, 2018

‘We’re scouting for oil opportunities’

…suspicious plane crew, passengers tell police THE crew and passengers of a suspicious chartered aircraft which landed at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport on Monday have claimed that they are here to explore opportunities in the oil-and- gas sector. Crime Chief Paul Williams told the Guyana Chronicle that during initial investigations of the pilots and passengers, the men indicated that they came to Guyana to explore avenues in Guyana’s emerging oil-andgas industry. The private chartered plane reportedly landed at the country’s premier airport around 15:20hrs Monday, and had listed as its ground-handling agent, Roraima Airways. In a press statement on Tuesday, the police said that the craft had several irregularities which prompted the relevant agencies to get involved; the crew was detained and the

plane searched. Yesterday, Williams told this publication that the craft would be sniffed for drugs and explosives. He further stated that up to late yesterday, the pilot, during questioning, denied that the

were questioning him that the data plate is still affixed on the craft, but on the inside on one of the doors and not where it was originally expected to be found. Late yesterday, the po-

The illegal aircraft at the CJIA

“data plate” from the plane was missing. One of the pilots reportedly told the detectives who

lice and members of various agencies, including the Civil Aviation Authority, and the Customs Anti-Nacotics Unit

Murder case adjourned a fourth time

THE matter involving Deonarine Bhikari, who reportedly murdered Daniel Singh some 18 years ago in front of the man’s children, was adjourned again, the fourth time in two months when it was called before Magistrate Peter Hugh at the Cove and John Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday. Senior Counsel Donald Trotman who is representing the interest of the family of the deceased, told the court that he feels something is wrong with the prosecution’s handling of the case. Trotman proffered that there

is sufficient evidence and statements for the police to proceed with the matter, but they continue to ask the court for more time, claiming that the investigation is incomplete. In court on Wednesday, Trotman told the magistrate that the development reflects negatively on the investigators in the matter. The prosecution told the magistrate on Wednesday that the file is still incomplete. Bhikari was arrested in May after being on the run for 18 years after reportedly killing Singh in full view of his children.

Counsel for the accused, Pamela DeSantos, indicated to the court that based on what the police present on the next court date set for July 25, she will be strongly examining her options to ensure that her client does not remain in custody while the police try to complete a file. DeSantos stopped short of telling the court that she will make an application for the charges against her client to be quashed, since the police seem not ready to prosecute or might not have the evidence to do so.

(CANU), were seen accompanying the pilots to identify where on the plane the data plate was actually located. This publication could not confirm whether the data plate

was indeed found where the pilots said it would be. The police, in their statement on Tuesday, said that the pilots were invited here by businessman Mr. Michael Brassington, who was at the airport to receive them. The Guyana Chronicle reported on Wednesday that several persons were in police custody helping with investigations into the landing here on Monday at around 15:20hrs of the aircraft, a Beechcraft 200 model, and that it was reportedly linked to a local businessman who runs

an airline service. According to reports, the flight originated in Barcelona, in northern Venezuela, and on Tuesday morning four passengers of the aircraft presented themselves at CID Headquarters of their own accord. They were followed shortly thereafter by arrival at the CID of the two pilots, accompanied by CANU ranks. According to the police, all six men, two of whom are lawyers, are Venezuelans.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, July 12, 2018

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, July 12, 2018



GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, July 12, 2018


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, July 12, 2018

Mandzukic sends steely Croatia into first World Cup final By Mitch Phillips

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Croatia showed magnificent resilience to come from behind and beat England 2-1 on Wednesday as Mario Mandzukic’s extra-time goal sent them into their first World Cup final and sparked celebrations across the Balkan nation. England had looked on course for their first final since 1966 as they led through Kieran Trippier’s fifth-minute free kick and totally dominated the opening half. But Croatia, in their first semi since 1998, levelled through Ivan Perisic after 68 minutes and then looked the more dangerous side. It stayed level at 90 minutes, meaning Croatia faced extra time for the third successive game, having got past Denmark and Russia on penalties. But instead of flagging, they seemed to gain in energy and avoided a third shootout when Mandzukic struck with a well-taken low shot in the 109th minute. Since their dream run to the last four in 1998, their first tournament as an independent nation, Croatia have failed to get past the group stage, with every subsequent failing team being compared unfavourably with the heroes of France. This group, however, have gone one better and will get the chance to avenge the defeat of 20 years ago when they face the French on Sunday back at the same Luzhniki Stadium. We are deservedly in the final,” Croatia coach Zlatko Dalic said. “What the lads played tonight is fantasy, they’ve made history. We haven’t said our last word, there is still one more game to go. God willing, we will be world champions.” As always, Croatia have shown fantastic spirit and

belief, coming through extra time in three matches and battling back superbly after a wretched first half against England when they should have been put out of the game. England had got off to a flying start when Trippier curled a superb free kick into the top corner. It was their 12th goal of the tournament and ninth from a set-piece, but they should have added more from open play as they revelled in the space they were being given and looked completely in command.

CONSTANT THORN Harry Kane shot weakly at Danijel Subasic and forced the rebound against a post while Raheem Sterling was a constant thorn in the Croatia defence. The best chance for a second England goal was wasted by an unmarked Jesse Lingard when he curled wide when a goal looked certain. Croatia had been desperately poor, a shadow of the team who carved Argentina apart in the group stage, but started to get a foothold in the game as the match rolled past the hour mark and Luka Modric’s influence grew. England paid the price for those misses when Perisic showed great determination to get in front of Kyle Walker to meet a Sime Vrsaljko cross and though his boot was high and he threw an anxious glance at the referee, Walker was stooping and there were few complaints. Perisic should have added another when given a great shooting chance but he cannoned the ball against a post as England’s defence began to lose shape. It was a different game

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from then on, with Croatia suddenly playing with accuracy and purpose as England lost momentum, though Kane missed a chance to win it in stoppage time when he headed wide from a free kick. England initially regrouped well in extra time with Marcus Rashford introducing some pace and Croatia were grateful for Vrsaljko’s goalline clearance of a John Stones header. But it was Croatia who struck the killer blow when Perisic won a header on the edge of the box, England lost concentration and the ball dropped for Mandzukic, whose firm low finish beat Jordan Pickford. “This is a miracle. Only great teams can be as brave as we were and fight back from a goal down against teams like England,” Mandzukic said. “We were like lions out there tonight and we will be the same in the final.” England captain Kane said the loss would hurt for a long time. “We created some good chances when we were 1-0 up, maybe we dropped a little too deep and we didn’t get enough pressure on the ball,” he said. “There’s a lot we could have done better.” Coach Gareth Southgate also lamented his team not making their early dominance decisive. “When you have spells, you have to make them count; we probably needed that second goal,” he said. “We’ve come an incredible long way in a short space of time. We are probably beyond where we thought we might be able to go. So tonight we weren’t quite there, but the team will be stronger for that.”

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, July 12, 2018

Anderson stuns defending Wimbledon champion Roger Federer DEFENDING champion Roger Federer is out of Wimbledon after eighth seed Kevin Anderson fought back from two sets down in a gripping quarter-final. Top seed Federer, who was aiming for a record-equalling ninth singles title, missed a match point in the third set. It proved pivotal as the South African recovered to win 2-6 6-7 (5-7) 7-5 6-4 13-11 in four hours and 13 minutes. The 2017 US Open finalist plays John Isner, who beat Milos Raonic, in a first SW19 semi-final for both men. Eight-time champion Federer has already won more Wimbledon singles titles than any other man, but was aiming to equal Martina Navratilova’s alltime record. Defeat also ended the Swiss’ chance of a romantic

South Africa’s Kevin Anderson (left) celebrates winning his quarter final match against Switzerland’s Roger Federer . REUTERS/Andrew Boyers

reunion in the final with second seed Rafael Nadal in the final. It would have happened on the

10th anniversary of their epic meeting in the 2008 final. Federer, who turns 37 next

month, had been utterly dominant on his way to the last eight, swatting off Dusan Lajovic, Lukas Lacko, Jan-Lennard Struff and Adrian Mannarino in a combined total of little more than six hours on court. But Anderson finally made the 20-time Grand Slam champion look human in unfamiliar territory on Court One, where the Swiss had not played in three years. The 32-year-old became the first opponent to win a service game, and then a set, against Federer at this year’s Championships. Anderson continued to grow in confidence and stature as the match wore on, holding his nerve to earn his first win over Federer in five attempts. “He played the match of his life,” said former Wimbledon champion Boris Becker. (BBC Sport)

Djokovic defeats Nishikori to reach first Wimbledon semi-final since 2015

NOVAK Djokovic became a serious Wimbledon title contender as he made his first semi-final since 2015 with a 6-3 3-6 6-2 6-2 win over Kei Nishikori. It was performance of resilience and resolve from the former number one, reminiscent of the player who held all four Grand Slam titles two years ago. After Djokovic took the first set, his Japanese opponent saved four break points before levelling. The Serb took the next and fought from a break down in the fourth to win. Djokovic told BBC Sport: “It feels great to be in the last four of a Slam. I’ve been building in the past couple of weeks. The level of tennis has been going up in the past couple of months and tournaments. “This is not the first time I have been in the semi-finals here but I will try to enjoy this victory. “I am very grateful to play on the court I love [Centre Court] and to be competing at a high level. I am trying to get in the best possible shape for the biggest possible events and it doesn’t come much bigger that Wimbledon.” Djokovic’s last run to the final four at Wimbledon ended with him winning the tournament - and he then went on to lift the 2015 US Open and 2016 Australian and French Open titles, becoming only the third man to hold all four Grand Slam trophies at the same time. (BBC Sport)

Nadal beats Del Potro to reach last four for first time since 2011 RAFAEL Nadal reached the Wimbledon semi-finals for the first time since 2011 with a five-set victory over Juan Martin del Potro on Centre Court. The two-time champion won 7-5 6-7 (7-9) 4-6 6-4 6-4 hours after Roger Federer lost to Kevin Anderson. Nadal was forced to come back from a set down before breaking in a thrilling fifth set to win in almost five hours. The Spanish second seed will play 12-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic in the semi-finals. Nadal is bidding to win his third Wimbledon title and his second Grand Slam of the year, having secured the French Open in June. And the 17-time Grand Slam champion is a strong favourite to win the tournament following Federer’s shock exit. D e l P o t ro h a s o n l y reached the Wimbledon semi-finals on one occasion

Rafael Nadal’s last Wimbledon title was in 2011.

- in 2013, when he lost to Djokovic in a record-breaking five-set thriller. The fifth seed, who also lost to Nadal in the semi-finals of the French Open, bounced back from a set down to claim a closely-contested tie-break in the second. Del Potro was on top for much of the third set before finally forcing a late break of serve to take the lead at two sets to one. But Nadal broke midway through the fourth to put the pressure back on the former US Open champion and force a fifth set. It was evenly balanced and full of drama until near the end - Nadal even jumped into the crowd at one point during a rally, and saved five break points in the final set. But the Spaniard broke midway through the final set and held his nerve from there to set up his sixth Wimbledon semi-final - and a third meeting with Djokovic at SW19. (BBC Sport)

Providence Stadium ready to host WI and Bangladesh ODI’s – Xavier

... Ticket prices to be released shortly By Rajiv Bisnauth MANAGER of the Providence Stadium, Anthony Xavier, has confirmed that the venue is fully prepared and ready to host its leg of the three-match One Day International (ODI) series between the West Indies and Bangladesh. The National Stadium at Providence, East Bank Demerara, will, for the first time ever, host a day/ night ODI match on July 25, when the Windies and Bangladesh clash. These two teams will also play another One Day International (day) match at Providence on July 22, which would comprise two of the three ODIs on their itinerary. The last ODI is scheduled for Warner Park in St Kitts on July 28. “ We a r e d e f i n i t e ly ready to host the two games...we are putting in the finishing touches to what we do best...the main thing is the preparation of the square to accommodate both games, so later on this week and early next week we will be testing the lights and all the other various things. So, as we speak, most of the systems are in place,” the former government Minister said. When Chronicle Sport visited the venue yesterday, the place was a hive of activity with workers putting on the finishing touches to the various areas of the Stadium. Equipped with the best drainage system among the International venues in the West Indies, the outfield looked lush green and billiard-table

smooth, despite the prolonged rainy season. To this end, ground staffs are confident that once there is no continuous rain on match days, the games will not be affected in any way. Meanwhile, an official from the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) has confirmed that tickets will be released shortly to the general public, since additional information from Cricket West Indies (CWI) is yet to reach the board. However, the CWI website through their third party source (KYAZOONGA BIG TICKET NEXT), indicated that online tickets cost US$15 – US$25. Prices online revealed that the Grass Mound/ Party Stand (US$10), Red Stand - North West cost (US$15), while the orange stand (south east) and green stand (south west), cost US$25 each. Bangladesh last toured the Caribbean in August/September 2014, on an identical tour. The hosts had swept the Tests and ODIs before the lone T20 was abandoned due to rain. Bangladesh are currently ranked seventh by the ICC on the ODI charts, ahead of Sri Lanka and the West Indies. International cricket was last played at Providence back in April 2017, when the Windies lost the three-match ODI series 2-1 to Pakistan. International cricket will again be held in this country when Guyana co-hosts the Women’s T20 World Cup, to be played from November 3-24.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, July 12, 2018

Regional U17 championships...

Trinidad and Tobago sweep aside Barbados, wins for Windward and Leeward Islands PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, (CMC) – Two-time defending champions Trinidad and Tobago began their title defenCe in the Windies Under-17 Championships in fine fashion, dismissing Barbados by 154 runs on Tuesday. There were also wins for the Leeward and Windward Islands, who defeated Jamaica and Guyana respectively. Led by half-centuries from Leonardo Julien (83) and Rivaldo Ramlogan who made 57, Trinidad and Tobago posted a healthy total of 250-8 from their 50 overs. While Julien was patient in his knock, facing 115 balls, Ramlogan motored along at better than a run-a-ball, needing just 49 balls in just over an hour at the crease, during an 82-run partnership for the fifth wicket. Matthew Forde and Amari Goodridge both took two wickets for Barbados. In their run chase the visitors never threatened, as they

regularly lost wickets, slumping to 71-6. Sameer Ali was the pick of the bowlers snagging 3-13, while Anderson Mahase chipped in with 2-25.

After Tariq Newman (414) and Kenny Sutton who finished with 3-32, had run through Jamaica’s middle order to dismiss them for 137, the Leewards found them-

Sameer Ali was Trinidad’s top bowler, snaring three wickets

The Leewards Islands were made to work much harder, edging Jamaica by one-wicket off the penultimate ball of the match in a thrilling contest.

selves on the verge of defeat on 125-9. However, the last wicket pair of Antonio Fernandes and Jaylen Francis became heroes,

‘Mid-Summer Derby’ Horse Race meet set for July 22 at Bosh Lot

as they added the 13 runs needed for victory,to spark wild celebrations. Garvin Serieux scored the first century of the tournament, and his teammate Teddy Bishop fell nine runs short of a second as the Windward Islands were comfortable 59-run winners over Guyana. Serieux’s knock of 122 and Bishop’s 91 were the mainstay of their team’s total of 284-8 in 50 overs. The two shared a 204-run partnership for the fourth wicket to help rescue the Windward Islands from the perilous position of 43-3. Despite two half centuries from Sachin Singh, who made 52 and Seon Glasgow (51), a middle-order collapse doomed Guyana to defeat. At one point they were cruising at 145-2 in the 29th over before Dominic Auguste (4-42) and Ackeem Auguste (4-50) turned the match in the Windwards’ favour. They accounted for the next five wickets for the addition of just 43 runs as Guyana crumbled to 188-7. The second round of matches will begin today and will see the Windward Islands coming up against Barbados at Gilbert Park, Trinidad and Tobago taking on  Jamaica at the National Cricket Centre and the Leeward Island playing Guyana at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy.

Sagan takes second win in first hilly stage WORLD champion Peter Sagan outstayed his rivals to win a dramatic uphill sprint finish in Quimper on stage five of the Tour de France. He made his move with 200m to go, beating Sonny Colbrelli and Philippe Gilbert for his second stage win. Greg van Avermaet stayed in the yellow jersey, extending his overall lead with a two-second bonus during the stage. He came seventh, behind Ireland’s Dan Martin, while Chris Froome finished safely in the peloton. In an impressive performance from Team Sky, Froome’s team-mate Geraint Thomas came home 12th. The Welshman is fourth in the general classification, five seconds off Van Avermaet.

Peter Sagan showed his versatility as he won a hilly stage with an uphill finish in typically buccaneering style.

SAGAN’S SKILLS TO THE FORE On a rolling, twisting 204km stage, which demanded technical skills throughout and canny tactics at the finish, Sagan’s ability came to the fore. The 28-year-old, who has represented his country in mountain biking at the Olympics, plotted his path to the finish superbly, overhauling Colbrelli in the final few metres. Excluding Monday’s team trial, Sagan has two second-placed finishes and two stage victories from the Tour’s five race days so far. He won five successive points classifications until 2016 before his run ended last year with disqualification following a crash involving Mark Cavendish. With a 33-point lead over second-placed Colombian Fernando Gaviria and nearly 100 points over the rest of the field, he may well carry the green jersey all the way to Paris. Thomas claimed before the start of the Tour that Team Sky would permit him to compete as a contender for the overall title - rather than as support for four-time champion Froome - until at least Monday’s first rest day. The plan is apparently to review the situation from there. So far the 32-year-old has done his best to ensure he is given longer to chase yellow for himself. His current contract with Sky expires at the end of 2018. And, although he is rumoured to be close to a renewal, a strong showing as a lead rider, combined with his recent win in the Criterium du Dauphine, would only strengthen his hand in negotiations with them or other teams. (BBC Sport)

FIFA’s Samoura says Russia sets bar high for Qatar 2022 World Cup (L-R) Arianne Brown, Lynton Luke and Narissa Gopaul at the launch of the ‘Rock and Come In’ promotion’s ‘Mid-Summer Derby’ Horse Race meet at the Giftland Mall.

ON Sunday July 22, at the Bush Lot United Turf Club, the country’s top locally-bred horses will be in action at the ‘Rock and Come In’ promotion’s ‘Mid-Summer Derby when they will do battle for over $2M in cash and other prizes. Narissa Gopaul, one of the organisers, told the media at yesterday’s launching of the event at the Giftland Mall, that the meet will cater only for the ‘L Class’ of horses, where the winner of the featured event will pocket $400,000 while the horse coming second is set to ride

away with $200,000 and third place gets $100,000. Prizes will also be given to the champion jockey, trainer and the champion stable, as Gopaul pointed out that the event has been receiving tangible support from the corporate community; listing Ansa McAl under their STAG Beer Brand, Republic Bank, Giftland Mall, Pas Cargo, Park Square Fun City and Jumbo Jet as some of the sponsors of the event. Lynton Luke, STAG Beer representative, said his company was delighted to support the July 22 event, since they understand

how important the sport of horse racing is for the people of West Coast Berbice. Arian Brown, a member of Giftland’s marketing team, pointed out that the mega mall will be on board via the ‘Urban Life’ clothing store and just like Luke, pointed to their interest in the sport because of the love in the Bush Lot community and its environs. Meanwhile, Gopaul encouraged everyone to support the meet, telling the media that with $1500 to enter the venue, an unforgettable day of racing is promised.

MOSCOW (Reuters) FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura said on Wednesday that Russia’s staging of the soccer World Cup had set the bar high for Qatar, the tournament’s next hosts in 2022. “I feel for Qatar, because (Russia) has set the bar very, very high,” Samoura, referring to the next World Cup in four years’ time, said at a meeting with Valentina Matviyenko, speaker of the upper house of Russia’s parliament. Samoura asked Matviyenko to convey to Russian President Vladimir Putin FIFA’s “profound appreci-

ation for everything that he has done to make it possible for the world to watch the

FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura

beautiful game.” “I’d like to express to Russia the dear, heartfelt thanks of FIFA,” Samoura said. The tournament has left visitors with good memories, Samoura said, adding that she thought the doping level has been at record lows. Russia is hosting the tournament for the first time, in 12 stadiums spread across 11 cities including Moscow, St Petersburg and Sochi. France will take on either Croatia or England in the final at Moscow’s Luzhniki stadium on Sunday.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, July 12, 2018

Reifer’s 5-50 helps Windies A take control of second “Test” TA U N T O N , E n g l a n d , (CMC) – A five-wicket haul from Raymon Reifer has put the West Indies A in firm control after the second day of the second four-day “Test” against India. Reifer ran through India’s lower order, snagging 5-50 – his fifth first-class five-wicket haul – to help dismiss them for a paltry 192 in reply to the Windies first innings total of 302. With a healthy first innings lead of 110, the Windies closed on 96-1, an overall lead of 206. Resuming on their overnight total of 301-9, the Windies added just one run to their total, with skipper Shamarh Brooks finishing unbeaten on 122. Windies pacer Oshane Thomas then struck twice early, claiming the wickets of Ravikumar Samarth for 10 and Hanuma Vihari (4) to limit India to 40-2. Reifer, a left-arm pacer, then got in on the action, accounting for the wickets of Abhimanyu Easwaran (23) and captain Karun Nair for 42, to leave them in even bigger trouble at 114-4. A fighting, unbeaten knock of 43 from Ankit Bawne tried to steady the innings for India, but Reifer sliced through the lower order to ensure there was no fightback. He dismissed Shahbaz Nadeem for 11 and Mohammed Siraj and Rajneesh Gurbani who both scored ducks, for the addition of just three runs to leave India in tatters on 149-9. Bawne, though, found

a good partner in last man Vijay Shankar. The pair added 42 invaluable runs for the last wicket, with Shankar blasting a whirlwind 30 from just 17 balls, to frustrate the Windies bowlers for just over half an hour.

Raymon Reifer snagged five for 50 to put India on the backfoot

Thomas, who finished with the respectable figures of 3-66 from his 12 overs, returned to ensure the damage done was not too significant, having Shankar caught behind by wicketkeeper Devon Thomas to bring an end to the innings. In their second innings Windies openers John Campbell and Thomas once again gave them a good start, posting 51 runs in an opening stand. Once Thomas lost his wicket for 25, caught behind off the bowling of Gurbani, Jermaine Blackwood came to the crease and ensured there would be no further drama. Campbell is unbeaten on 43 and Blackwood is 23 not out.

SCOREBOARD WEST INDIES A 1st innings J Campbell b Shankar 41 +D Thomas c Vihari b Gurbani 27 J Blackwood b Nadeem 12 *S Brooks not out 122 S Ambris lbw b Nadeem 0 V Singh c Nair b Yadav 8 R Reifer c Nadeem b Siraj 11 R Shepherd b Siraj 5 J Warrican c Pant b Nadeem 5 S Lewis c Pant b Siraj 18 O Thomas c Pant b Siraj 2 Extras: (b17, lb23, nb9, w2) 51 TOTAL: ( all out, 90.5 overs) 302 Fall of wickets: 1-49, 2-86, 3-114, 4-114, 5-166, 6-210, 7-216, 8-222, 9-292, 10-302. Bowling: Siraj 22.5-4-68-4, Gurbani 20-3-53-1, Shankar 6-0-20-1, Yadav 20-1-79-1, Nadeem 22-4-42-3. INDIA 1st innings R Samarth c Blackwood b Thomas 10 A Easwaran c D Thomas b Reifer 23 G Vihari c D Thomas b O Thomas 4 *K Nair c D Thomas b Reifer 42 A Bawne not out 43 +R Pant c&b Shepherd 3 J Yadav c Warrican b Lewis 0 S Nadeem b Reifer 11 M Siraj b Reifer 0 R Gurbani c D Thomas b Reifer 0 V Shankar c D Thomas b O Thomas 30 Extras: (b14, lb1, w11) 26 TOTAL: (all out, 48 overs) 192 Fall of wickets: 1-36, 2-40, 3-48, 4-114, 5-123, 6-125, 7-147, 8-147, 9-149, 10-192. Bowling: Lewis 11-2-31-1, O Thomas 12-1-66-3, Reifer 16-2-50-5, Shepherd 9-1-30-1 WEST INDIES A 2nd innings J Campbell not out 43 +D Thomas c Pant b Gurbani 25 J Blackwood not out 23 Extras: (b2, lb2, nb1) 5 TOTAL: (1 wicket, 25 overs) 96 To bat: R Shepherd, S Brooks, S Ambris, V Singh, J Warrican, S Lewis, O Thomas, R Reifer. Fall of wickets: 1-51. Bowling: Siraj 9-2-23-0, Gurbani 9-1-31-1, Yadav 2-0-14-0, Nadeem 5-1-24-0.

‘Keep Your Five Alive’ Indoor Competition to kick off tonight ... Avacado Ballers, Xtreme Cleaners new entrants

FOLLOWING the forced rescheduling of opening night action in the sixth Annual ‘Keep Your Five Alive’ Indoor Competition, action will kick off this evening with five matches at the National Gymnasium. According to Organiser Kevin Adonis, the forced rescheduling was due mainly to his adherence to a mandate from the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) that cautioned the appearance of players participating in the current Elite League. Adonis said he received a letter from the GFF which, among other regulations governing the tournament, barred all players who’re participating for clubs in the Elite League from appearing for their community teams in this indoor competition. “This recent development ordered by the GFF ultimately forced me to reschedule the opening night from last Saturday to today to ensure that teams have the opportunity to discuss the directive set by the Federation in order to avoid any consequence (s) of their decisions,” Adonis said. He added that while he would have liked the notification to be delivered earlier to avoid the unfortunate cancellation of the

scheduled first night, all systems are in place for a prompt start this evening and fans can be assured that riveting action is anticipated as teams battle for survival to the next round. Teams have been drawn from Georgetown, Linden, Berbice, West and East Demerara and the East Coast of Demerara and prize money in excess of $1million will be up for grabs. He added that thirty-two of the best teams in the country

have been assembled, including defending champions, West Front Road ‘Gold is Money’ and beaten finalis, Future Stars. Among the other teams making the shortlist are Sparta Boss, Bent Street, Leopold Street and most of the zone champions of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Competition. In opening night action, Rhythm Stars (Mocha) tackles recently-crowned Berbice Guin-

FLASHBACK! Lennox Cort (left) of Albouystown tussles with Gerald Gittens of North Ruimveldt for possession of the ball at the National Gymnasium.

ness champions, Trafalgar, and this encounter will be followed by the clash between Agricola and Broad Street. Kingston then square off against Swag Entertainment out of Linden, before Avacado Ballers take on Sophia. In the final game of the night, Leopold Street play host to East Coast’s Melanie Damashana. Buxton Diamond engage West Demerara Showstoppers, while the young Uprising team from the East Coast go up against Linden’s Silver Bullets. Xtreme Cleaners then collide with East Coast’s BV, before Ann’s Grove and North East La Penitence take to the court. The rejuvenated Tiger Bay unit then faces California Square, before Sparta Boss and Tucville bring the curtain down for the evening. The fixtures for the third night of action are as follows: Albouystown and Upsetters get things going, before Future Stars and Alpha Warriors square off. Back Circle then tackles Kitty Hustlers, before Linden’s Dave & Celena All Stars go up against Bent Street. The reigning champs, West Front Road then close the night with a clash against Alexander Village.

Narine powers Montreal Tigers to victory …play-offs bound CWI B suffer second defeat By Frederick Halley TORONTO, Canada – Sunil Narine saved the best for what was likely his last innings in the inaugural Global T20 Canada with a swashbuckling 61, firing Montreal Tigers to a comfortable six-wicket victory over Cricket West Indies B when the tournament entered its second round at the Maple Leaf Cricket Club ground, King City, here Tuesday. Needing to get 163 for victory, after limiting West Indies B to 162 for seven in their allotted 20 overs, Montreal Tigers coasted to 165 for four in 17.3 overs. Their play-offs hope, however, hung in the balance as they await favourable results from the three remaining second round fixtures which are set to conclude on Wednesday. Despite their second defeat in as many games, Cricket West Indies B are already assured of a play-off place following their four successive wins.

Sunil Narine The day, however, belonged to man-of-the-match Narine whose exploits with both bat and ball were under scrutiny, following his heroics in the Indian Premiere League (IPL). By the time the left-handed opener was dismissed off the first ball of the eighth over off left-arm spinner, Khary Pierre, he had plundered nine sixes and a solitary four in his 25-ball knock. Narine, who dominated a second wicket stand of 71 with Australian Moses Henriques (32), took a special liking for fast-medium bowler Derval Green, belting the hapless bowler for four consecutive sixes before succumbing to Pierre’s first delivery, holing out to Shamar Springer at long-on. Henriques fell in the 15 th over, caught at long-on by Springer off left-arm spinner, Fabian Allen, as Cricket West Indies B scent an opening. However, cameos by Zimbabwean Sikandar Raza (32 off 29) and Najibulla

Zadran (29 off 12) ensured no further alarms as the two shared an unbroken fifth wicket stand of 40 off 17 balls. Pierre was CWI B best bowler with two for 25 from his four overs while Allen bowled economically to finish with one for 20. CWI B had earlier started disastrously after being asked to take first strike, with opener Sherfane Rutherford (two) losing his off stump to a searing yorker from skipper Lasith Malinga in the first over. Springer, promoted to the opening spot due to an injury to the in-form Justin Greaves, counter-attacked superbly with a belligerent 62 before he was well caught by George Worker on the second attempt. The ebullient Springer belted seven sixes and three fours in his brilliant knock. Nicholas Pooran weighed in with a breezy 25 off 26 balls, slamming two sixes and a four while opener, Brandon King, hit five fours in a quick-fire 23. The top and middle-order were, however, undone by teenage Nepal leg-spinner, Sandeep Lamichane, who grabbed three for 31 in his four-over spell, using the “wrong-un” to good effect while medium pacer Cecil Pervez took two for 31. CWI B skipper Anthony Bramble, whose struggles with the bat continued after scoring four runs in the encounter, pointed out at the presentation ceremony that he’s confident that his team will still lift the top prize in Sunday’s final despite losing two games in a row. In the evening’s nightcap, Vancouver Knights, the second team to join CWI B in the playoffs, took on Toronto Nationals who are struggling to make the cut. The second round concludes on Wednesday with Edmonton Royals opposing Winnipeg Hawks at 11.00 hrs. Today, the battle resumes with the four play-off teams in action. Top-of-the-table, Vancouver Knights, take on second place CWI B from 11.00 am with the winners advancing to Sunday’s final. The second game at 16.00hrs will see Edmonton Royals opposing Winnipeg Hawks. The losers of the opening game will then battle with the winners of the second game at 15.00hrs on Saturday for a place in Sunday’s final with the winners guaranteed $500,000(US) and the coveted trophy. (Frederick Halley)

CRICKET QUIZ CORNER (Thursday July 12, 2018)

CRICKET QUIZ CORNER (Thursday July 12, 2018) COMPLIMENTS OF THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market & The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL COMPANY LTD-83 Garnett Street, Campbellville, Georgetown (Tel: 225-6158) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: (1) ENG-46 (vs WI, Trinidad, 1994) (2) 18.4 overs Today’s Quiz: (1) What was the result of the first Test of current WI/BANG series? (2) Who was named Man of the Match at the conclusion of the first Test? ANSWERS IN TOMORROW’S ISSUE


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Tactical switch transforms Croatia from zero to hero By Simon Evans

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Croatia ruthlessly exposed England’s limitations in the second half of the World Cup semi-final on Wednesday as Zlatko Dalic’s side fought back to secure a famous 2-1 extra-time victory. While it is players who win matches there can be little doubt that a tactical switch from the canny Dalic transformed the game. Pushing wide players Ante Rebic and Ivan Perisic into more advanced roles was not the most complex move but it was one that turned the match on its head. Gareth Southgate’s England had made it to the last four by playing a brand of progressive passing football and there was enough of that in the opening 45 minutes, after Kieran Trippier’s fifth-minute goal, to keep them comfortably on top.

Croatia struggled from the outset. They gifted England a huge amount of space in midfield and allowed wing-backs Ashley Young and Trippier to push forward and provide options. More worryingly for Dalic, the basic qualities of his side simply were not there. The passing was too often inaccurate, the defence struggled to cope with the pace of Raheem Sterling and there was precious little support for Mario Mandzukic in attack. For a team who have been consistently well-organised and effective throughout this tournament, it was a strange state of affairs but crucially they were able to turn it around and England had no answer. Rebic and Perisic were pushed higher and with Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic clearly under instructions to feed them quickly, Trippier and Young suddenly had their

hands full. The early success of the wide-men in pushing back England’s wing-backs, also gave the opportunity to Croatia’s full backs Sime Vrsaljko and Ivan Strinic to get forward more.

Croatia’s Luka Modric and coach Zlatko Dalic celebrate after the match REUTERS/Carl Recine

DOUBLE THREAT Wi t h Tr i p p i e r a n d Young facing a double threat, England’s midfield began to be stretched with

Windies confident of series win over Bangladesh says Holder KINGSTON, Jamaica, (CMC) – As they close in on a potential series win over Bangladesh, West Indies captain Jason Holder is confident that the regional side can claim victory at Sabina Park today. With the Windies holding a 1-0 lead over Bangladesh heading into the second and final Test, Holder told reporters that Sabina Park had proven to be a successful hunting ground for the home side. “I’m very confident about clinching the series. We’ve been playing some really good cricket. I feel really confident coming into this last Test match at Sabina Park. It’s been a place that has been good to us in terms of our overall performances so hopefully, this game should be no different,” the captain said. “To beat the Bangladeshis in the last Test match in three days says a lot about the cricket that we are playing. We had a good series against Sri Lanka I believe, although we didn’t clinch it. We have a few things we can look back on.” Holder said the loss of fast bowler Kemar Roach, who has been ruled out with a hamstring injury, was definitely a big loss for the team. However, he maintained that the team had capable replacements who would step up to the plate once called on. “Kemar is obviously one of our leading fast bowlers

for the last couple months, so it’s just unfortunate what

Windies captain Jason Holder is confident his team can wrap up the series over Bangladesh

Jordan Henderson taking on an unmanageable workload and Jesse Lingard and Dele Alli more pre-occupied with helping out the defenders than asking questions of Croatia’s back-line.

happened in Antigua. He had a slight hamstring strain so we just took the precaution of resting him and bringing in Alzarri as cover,” Holder said. “Kemar is obviously a big loss. He’s been doing well for us, especially with the new ball and also coming back and getting wickets …but we’ve got more than able replacements in the squad. I think Keemo Paul is a capable replacement and we also have Alzarri as well.” The Windies also had an opportunity to close out Sri Lanka in the previous home series, only to see the visitors win the final Test and square the three-game series at 1-1. He said the team’s recent performances showed that the Windies were steadily improving their game. “I think we’re headed in the right direction in terms of our Test cricket. We are competing a lot more and winning a lot more Test matches. It’s just about clinching the series now. We’ve got ourselves in a position to clinch another series …so it’s all to play for here in Sabina Park and the guys are really up for it. “I definitely believe Bangladesh will come hard at us. Obviously what happened in the last Test match isn’t something they are accustomed to. We got the better of them in that last Test match so I expect them to come pumped and ready to beat us,” Holder said.

The momentum of the game had changed and when Perisic equalised for Croatia in the 68th minute it was no real surprise.

England had no answer — neither on the field as their passing game was replaced by hasty clearances and long balls forward nor on the bench as Southgate was unable to make the switches that might have changed the game. “The general all-round perception was that this is a new-look England who have changed their ways of punting long balls upfield but when we pressed them it turned out that they haven’t,” Croatia full back Sime Vrsaljko said. When things clicked for Croatia they had the quality of Modric and Rakitic, who finally began to dictate the tempo and flow of the game as many had expected they would. Southgate’s only response was to take off S t e r l i n g f o r M a rc u s Rashford, keeping the

same formation and failing to tackle the areas in which Croatia were dominating. England’s lack of a genuine creative midfielder is not a new problem and Southgate has done well to devise a system that can compensate for that weakness. But his inexperienced team were unable to recapture the passing and movement and it was simply their fight that took them into extra time. Croatia were looking like the team who beat Argentina 3-0, their tails were up and Mandzukics’s opportunist finish secured a victory few could deny was deserved. They now they have the chance to use their tactical intelligence and mental strength against a formidable France team on Sunday.

GFF installs IMC to manage Georgetown football affairs

GFA IMC (L-R) - Nolan Lancaster, Trevor Williams and Major Shen Fung.

THE Guyana Football Federation (GFF) has appointed three persons to serve as members on the Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) effective July 9, 2018. Trevor Williams will serve as Chairman, while Major Shen Fung and Nolan Lancaster are the other members of the body, which has a six-month lifespan. According to the IMC’s Terms of Reference, the GFA’s IMC will be responsible for the daily operations

of the GFA with key responsibilities, including managing the daily operations of the GFA in accordance with the Constitution of the Association, organising the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the GFA and organising elections accordingly by December 31, 2018, in accordance with the Constitution of the GFA. The group is also tasked with organising the competitions of the GFA, establishing an office for the daily operations of the GFA and preparing and submitting

monthly reports to the Executive Committee of the GFF. The appointment of an IMC for the GFA became necessary following a non-functional Executive Committee and was taken in accordance with the guidelines and provisions of Article 2 [d] and [e], Article 13 [a] of the GFF Constitution and Article 82, in addition to Article 8 (2) of the FIFA Statutes. The members of the IMC will not be eligible to contest the GFA election when it is held.

Mandzukic sends steely Croatia into first World Cup final See 3 2 a P ge

Croatia’s Mario Mandzukic celebrates after scoring during the second half of extra time against England yesterday (Los Angeles Times)

Tactical switch transforms Croatia from zero to hero

Providence Stadium ready to host WI and Bangladesh ODI’s – Xavier ... Ticket prices to be released shortly

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