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CARICOM summit opens today …crime, security high on agenda

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Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo was on hand at the Eugene Correia International Airport to greet and escort Barbados PM, Freundel Stuart (right) and his counterpart of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne who arrived here on Wednesday for the summit

Parking meters $306B stolen per Five charged with year under PPP murder of Tain woman deal betrays Page 22

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...SARU says uncovered massive scale of corruption

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…cops still hunt mastermind

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

GTT to lay off 120 staff members in 12 months …as part of restructuring programme THE Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT), has announced that it will be laying off some 120 workers over the next 12 months as part of a restructuring programme for its operations. The telecommunications company said the changes are aimed at aligning GTT with the new environment in which it provides services. “GTT expects that about 120 positions would be made redundant over the next 12 months,” a statement by the company said, adding that the announcement coincides

with the separation of the first six employees under the restructuring programme. “The six employees were drawn from multiple departments. All employees affected by the restructuring are receiving their full benefits and severance. In addition, the company is providing opportunities for these employees to receive training to prepare them for their new endeavours. The announcement was anticipated by employees, who were briefed by the CEO in several staff meetings and interactions held over past months, about

the need to right-size the company to remain viable,” GTT said. According to the company in an internal memorandum to all employees on Wednesday, Chief Executive Officer Justin Nedd said: “We are on the verge of really creating a company that is built for the future and we must position ourselves to ensure that everyone understands his or her role and is driven in the same direction.” Talent Management is one of GTT’s top priorities for 2017 to ensure that the right employees are in the right roles, the release added. “Through improving Talent Management, GTT expects to provide more training for employees, better tools and the leadership that would

Chief Executive Officer Justin Nedd

lead to improved productivity. The goal of Talent Management is to enable GTT to delight its customers and to grow revenue.” GTT said too that cus-

tomer care is the other top priority for GTT in 2017. “Through restructuring, GTT expects to be able to meet and then exceed customers’ expectations. The last of

the 2017 priorities for GTT is completing negotiations with the Government of Guyana on a mutually beneficial agreement in the context of the liberalisation of the telecommunications sector. “ Liberalisation will, for the first time in a long time, allow GTT the opportunity to operate on a playing field that is level. This means that for the first time, it is likely that competitors in the same sector pay the same taxes and fees as GTT has over the last 26 years. CEO Nedd added that “At the end, we will come out stronger as we shift from a technical-centric organisation to an organisation that is focused on satisfying the customers’ needs and, eventually, consistently delighting our customers.”


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

CARICOM summit opens today …crime, security high on agenda CARIBBEAN Community (CARICOM) leaders begin their two-day inter-sessional summit here today with crime and security, economic development and international relations high on their agenda. CARICOM Secretary-General, Irwin LaRocque, speaking ahead of the summit, said that crime continues to pose a threat to the 15-member regional grouping and is no longer just a national issue. “It’s a regional one and hence it demands a regional solution,” LaRocque said, noting that trans-border crime is “something one needs to address,” given the need to reduce the “level of criminality” within the Caribbean. But he noted that the regional leaders will not be in a position to sign onto the arrest warrant treaty and recovery of assets treaty that would have resulted in increased cooperation among member states and which are part of the crime and security strategy adopted by leaders at their 24th inter-sessional held in Haiti three years ago. “At this point and time, we are not yet in a position to say that we are going to adopt this instrument at the sitting…our hope was to have done that, but I have to admit that some of the legal instru-

ments require very careful examination. “Both of those instruments are being renegotiated simultaneously and both are in an advanced stage of deliberations,” LaRocque added. Guyana is expected to present the draft CARICOM Arrest Warrant Treaty for ratification at the summit. “The adoption of this treaty will simplify the procedures by which fugitives from justice are returned to participating member states to face criminal prosecution or serve judicial sentences,” said Minister of State, Joseph Harmon. The regional leaders will seek to further develop the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) initiative that allows for the free movement of goods, skills, services and labour across the Region. LaRocque pointed to significant progress that had been made in the CARICOM Single Market (CSM), especially its legal and administrative frameworks, but acknowledged that more, however, needed to be done with respect to the Single Economy. LaRocque said the leaders at their two-day summit will also discuss the Region’s productive sectors with much emphasis being

Chairman of CARICOM, President David Granger

placed on the tourism industry, a major contributor to the Region’s gross domestic product (GDP). Consultations have been held with the Barbados-based Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA), which identified marketing, human resource development and strengthening linkages with other sectors, including transportation and creative industries, as areas to enhance the regional tourism product. The regional leaders will also discuss the Single Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Space, with LaRocque describing the ICT as a sector in its own right as well as an enabler of

development. He said a roadmap to this end will be before the CARICOM leaders and issues that it will cover include regionally harmonised ICT policies, legislation, technical standards, networks and services, roaming rates, spectrum and broadband matters and regional best practices. Guyana will also be recommending the signing of a draft agreement to establish the Caribbean Centre for Renewable Energy Efficiency (CCREE). “This agreement is geared at addressing several areas including energy security, energy access for production use and climate change mitigation,” Harmon said. The CCREE has been established with assistance from several agencies, including the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), Small Island Developing States Sustainable Energy and Climate Resilience Initiative and the Government of Austria. Additionally, Guyana will be submitting the draft Rules of Procedures for consideration by the leaders. “The draft rules were finalised by the CARICOM Secretariat and have been the subject of on-going discussions. Cabinet approved the draft rules and agreed to its submission at the 28 Inter-sessional meeting,” Harmon said. The CARICOM Secretar-

Secretary- General of CARICOM, Irwin LaRocque

iat was mandated at the 36th Meeting of the Heads of Government, held in July 2015, to prepare the draft rules of procedure for meetings of CARICOM leaders. Meanwhile, LaRocque has again defended the regional integration grouping, telling reporters “Can you imagine if there were no CARICOM? Things that we take for granted in our everyday lives… like CXC (Caribbean Examination Council)… that’s CARICOM at work. “The fact that more than 99 per cent of our goods is traded freely within our Region – that’s CARICOM at work. The fact that we can have a concerted effort at talking about correspondent banking,…can you imagine if Guyana went alone or St Lu-

cia went alone to talk …about correspondent banking? “The fact that we have been able to successfully address the issue [of] HIV/ AIDS collectively; the fact that we have become the first Region in the world to eliminate measles and the fact that we have a Community response at the time of disaster. “The fact that we are able to present our concerns on climate change collectively. There always is room for improvement… By and large, I am satisfied. There are some frustrations that we hear of and we experience in terms of the pace. “But as one prime minister always says: ‘We are not going to a point, we are on a journey.’ Development, as is integration, is a journey and once your journey is going in the right direction and you are always improving on what you have and building a sense of Community which I think we really do have, I think we are on the right track.” The Region’s top public servant said he is convinced “we are going in the right direction. We are carrying everybody with us; no one is being left behind We are building a sense of community and carrying everyone with us. Despite what you may hear … [integration] is working,” LaRocque added. (CMC)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

Andy Puzder withdraws nomination for labour secretary

[BBC] - US President Donald Trump’s choice for labour secretary has withdrawn from consideration on the eve of a long-delayed confirmation hearing. Andrew Puzder lost the support of several Republican senators after he admitted employing an illegal immigrant as a former housekeeper. The fast-food billionaire had been criticised for his remarks on women and employees at his restaurants. He was the first Trump cabinet pick to fail to secure a nomination. The fallout

from Mr Puzder’s rancorous 1980s divorce had also returned to dog him. It recently emerged that his ex-wife, Lisa Fierstein, appeared in disguise as a victim of domestic violence in a 1990 episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, titled High Class Battered Women. They split in 1987, but she later dropped the abuse claims in a child custody agreement. In an 18 January letter to the Senate committee that had been due to hold Mr Puzder’s confirmation hearing, Ms Fierstein said: “Andy is not and was not abusive or violent.”

Andrew Puzder (R) is the first of Mr Trump’s cabinet picks to fail to secure a nomination

But Susan Collins, one of several Republican senators who withheld support for Mr Puzder, said she was taking the talk show tape into consideration. The Maine politician told reporters on Monday: “I have gone to view the Oprah Winfrey show for an hour on which his former wife

appeared and I am reviewing the other information that has come to light.” The clip was presented last month to members of the Senate panel. The CKE Restaurants chief executive’s opposition to raising the minimum wage, overtime laws and break-time for workers had also drawn

the ire of union groups. Some of his staff at burger chains such as Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s claimed they were victims of wage theft or sexual harassment in the workplace. Republican South Carolina Senator Tim Scott said he had voiced reluctance to the Republican leadership to back Mr Puzder. “As revelations regarding paying employees in cash, illegal immigration, and comments regarding some of the American workforce came to light, I developed serious concerns regarding his nomination,” he said. Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO union, argued Mr Puzder would not have protected employees against his own industry.

“How can he possibly go out and defend workers?” he said. Mr Puzder was also criticised for racy commercials that featured bikini models gorging on fast food. Defending the strategy, he argued in a 2011 press release: “We believe in putting hot models in our commercials, because ugly ones don’t sell burgers.” But perhaps most damagingly, he had admitted failing to pay taxes on an undocumented housekeeper who worked for him for up to five years. He later repaid back-taxes after being nominated by Mr Trump. “I fully support the president and his highly qualified team,” said Mr Puzder in a statement on Wednesday as he confirmed his withdrawal.

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dominican Republic: Two Brazil judge lifts Temer radio journalists shot hacking ban dead mid-broadcast

Family and friends mourn the murdered journalists

[BBC] - Three men have been arrested after two journalists were killed during a live radio broadcast in the Dominican Republic. One of the journalists was filming his show on Facebook Live when he was shot. The footage showed his broadcast interrupted by gunfire and a panicked woman shouting “Shots!

Shots! Shots!”. Police said the shooting happened on Tuesday in San Pedro de Macoris, east of the capital Santo Domingo. The two journalists killed were presenter Luis Manuel Medina and radio producer Leo Martinez. A woman was also injured and is undergoing surgery, said local authorities. The arrested men have not been

charged and police say they do not know the motive. “The investigations have begun and we will try, with all the means in our powers, to reach the truth,” Attorney General Jean Rodriguez told the local press. In August 2015, two US journalists were shot dead during a live TV report in Virginia.

Venezuela bans CNN after fraud report [BBC] - Venezuelan authorities have ordered that US broadcaster CNN’s Spanish-language channel be taken off air, accusing it of spreading propaganda. The accusation relates to a report on the channel on alleged passport fraud at the Venezuelan embassy in Iraq. Venezuela’s National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) ordered “the immediate suspension of broadcasts”. Conatel accused the channel of attempting to “undermine the peace and the democratic stability” of Venezuela. It did not specifically mention the passport story, but government officials had earlier in the day disputed it at a press conference. The story was the product of a year-long investigation into allegations that Venezuelan passports and visas were being sold to people in Iraq, including some with terrorism links.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (R) and his vice-president Tareck El Aissami

The report alleged that Venezuelan Vice-President Tareck El Aissami was directly linked to the granting of 173 passports, including to members of the Lebanese group Hezbollah, which is designated a terrorist group by the US and other Western powers. According to Venezuelan media, Conatel urged publishers and journalists to “provide timely and truthful information to our people, adjusted to the values of

Venezuelan society”. Mr El Aissami has this week had sanctions imposed on him by the US for allegedly trafficking drugs. He was described by the US treasury as a drug “kingpin” who worked with traffickers in Mexico and Colombia to ship drugs to America. He accused the US of “imperialist aggression” in response and President Nicolas Maduro demanded a public apology.

[BBC] A high court judge in Brazil has overturned a ruling that banned the media from publishing information about blackmail attempts against President Michel Temer's wife. Two leading newspapers had been forced to remove reports of messages exchanged between Marcela Temer and a man convicted of hacking her mobile phone. The hacker demanded money for withholding information. The judge said the news blackout violated freedom of speech. The two newspapers, O Globo and Folha de Sao Paulo, said the documents had already been published in court and that forbidding their publication amounted to censorship.

"There is no indication that the journalistic activity on the part of Folha was meant to follow an irresponsible or abusive editorial line," judge Arnoldo Camanho ruled. 'Name in the mud' The hacker, Silvonei Jose de Jesus Souza, was sentenced in October to nearly six years in jail for extortion and larceny. He had demanded nearly $100,000 (£80,000) from Mrs Temer in return for not publishing video, audio and pictures from her smart phone. In one message, he told her that a video hacked from the phone could drag the name President Temer into the mud. Mr Temer has been implicated in the huge corruption scandal involving the state oil company, Petrobras.

His name has been mentioned by executives of the the country's biggest building company, Odebrecht, which paid bribes to politicians and senior officers to wind contracts. Mr Temer denies any wrongdoing. He was also criticised for his alleged role in the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff last year. Mr Temer replaced Ms Rousseff in May when she was suspended by Congress for budget irregularities. He was sworn in to finish off her term when she was dismissed by Congress in September. Ms Rousseff said she was the victim of a political coup and accused Mr Temer of joining the plot against her.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017


The Cummingsburg Accord FEBRUARY 14 marked two years since the signing of the Cummingsburg Accord between A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC), that contested the 11th May, 2015 General and Regional Elections (GRE) as a coalition. These elections saw the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) losing office after being in government for 23 years. This loss came amidst growing disgust for a government that had grown corpulent with corruption, gross mismanagement, and disrespect for the people. It is not unfair to say that prior to the coalition, citizens were skeptical the political system could ever bring about a change in government. This perception apparently too held sway in the PPP/C. That these perceptions on the people’s part led to resignation by some and hubris within the government cannot be denied. In 2011, when the APNU and AFC campaigned as separate entities, together they held the majority in the National Assembly (33 to 32 seats), and secured the plurality of votes at the GRE. These results sparked hope that progressive political change is possible and could be on the horizon. During 2011-2015, the level of militancy the Opposition demonstrated in Parliament in holding Government accountable and keeping it on its toes was greeted with much admiration and respect by the people. It is not unfair to say that politics took on a new life and people felt it worthwhile to be engaged and get involved. With the new zero tolerance for corrupt practices and political secrecy, such brought about a new wave of political militancy in the society and

conditioned a thinking of the possibility of new political beginnings. Though initially there were mixed reactions to creating a coalition, the signing of the Accord, and the terms of agreement within, when then President Donald Ramotar announced the date for elections, the enthusiasm by the electorate in feeling that a change was going to come, was arguably without containment. People who were never involved in politics got involved and those who had resigned themselves to a fatalistic outlook, sat up, paid attention, and played their part to bring about change. The proverbial voices in the wilderness calling for a different approach to governance felt such was within grasp. Arguably, 2015, both to political watchers and bystanders, was a referendum on the PPP/C government, its management of the state’s business, and its treatment of citizens. The coalition represented an ideal the people longed for, i.e. a united front committed to change the way politics was conducted, how the country was managed, and how government officials, elected and appointed, treated with citizens. The results of the 2015 GRE put that wind under the people’s wings and they wanted to soar, and saw the possibility with the coalition winning the Executive and Parliament. Statistical review would admit that the though the coalition won, the country remains divided. The Parliament was won by one vote, giving the coalition 33 seats to the PPP/C 32, and the Executive won by also by a slim margin. This data confirms that bringing about unity requires treating each other with respect, reaching across the


Nigel Williams Editor

Godfrey Wray

Editorial: 227-5216; 227-5204


political aisle, and seeking at all costs to avoid acts of the PPP/C government that earned the ire of the people. Coalitions are fragile by nature, given the amorphous interests of the group and even among individuals within the group. This is why, in order to avoid fragmentation or dissolution within the group, or dis-illusionment by the public, it’s imperative to stay true to agreements, expressed and implied. In the instance of the APNU+AFC coalition, its agreements are two-fold: the Accord, and what the people were told and led to believe were campaign promises, via the manifesto, etc. And though none can deny the coalition has had some successes, where there have been rough patches and falling short of honouring expectations, the anniversary presents the opportunity for frank and honest introspection. Guyanese are known for their resilience and capacity to work with those who treat them with respect. Come May 11th, it will mark two years of the coalition government and as it reviews its record, hopefully paying attention to public disquiet, the parties would seek to focus their attention on the agreements they made that brought them together and earned the confidence of the people.

PPP’s campaign of misinformation failing Dear Editor, THE PPP’s campaign of misinformation and misrepresentation of facts, which began after the APNU+AFC coalition government took office, is deliberately designed to exploit racial insecurity in the Indian community. This campaign has gained momentum and was recently carried to a new level with concerted efforts by former President Donald Ramotar and former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, both of whom made erroneous statements which attempted to cast aspersions on Attorney General (AG) and Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams, SC, by insinuating that he was engaged in the unwarranted dismissal of a number of employees associated with his ministry. Their contention is that the APNU+AFC coalition government is carrying out a policy of ethnic cleansing and political witch-hunting of persons perceived to be members and or, supporters, of the PPP. In the past, when similar accusations were made by the APNU

and AFC parties, which were in opposition to the PPP regime, that government had either ignored the allegations or insinuated, that the then opposition was involved in public mischief, lies and deception. In the most recent attempt by Nandlall and Ramotar to fool the nation and the world that the coalition government is racist and is violating citizens’ fundamental rights, the table was turned against them and they were stripped naked by the timely response of the AG, Basil Williams, whose explanations were buttressed by a letter released to media houses by former Chief Parliamentary Counsel, Mr Cecil Dhurjon, which stated that he had actually resigned from service -- not dismissed, as alleged by Ramotar -- on the grounds of ill health, after the AG had offered to extend his service, by a further three years. The PPP’s intended propaganda scoop was neutralised and exposed for what it was -- blatant lies on the part of Ramotar and Nandlall. I am impressed by the speed with which the AG responded and more importantly, the detailed listing of

persons and explanations showing in each case what the true position was relative to the individual situations. This approach exposed in the most dramatic fashion the wickedness of Ramotar and Nandlall, two of the very senior officials of the PPP. The minister and his staff must be complimented for a job well done. In political and public relations terms, it was an excellent rebuttal of the opposition propaganda. The AG’s actions should inform other government ministries and agencies on how to combat the PPP’s propaganda machinery. The PPP has to be fought with open and public disclosure whenever its leaders try to spread lies and distortion. Government officials must be forthright and respond in a timely way. The PPP is apparently emboldened by what they see as a general consensus in the country that it is winning the propaganda war against the government. It is clear that they believe they have the coalition government on the back foot. I do believe that the government needs

to examine its public relations apparatus to determine the areas of weakness in its armour. Enough is not being done to counter the PPP’s efforts at destabilising the government. The coalition’s PR is more reactive than proactive and this has got to change. Whoever is in charge of this department needs to be self-critical and do what is required to address the situation. The AG has shown what could be achieved when a consistent and determined effort is made to unearth the necessary evidence and information and make it known to the public in a timely fashion. It must be continuously borne in mind that the coalition government is involved in an ongoing battle for the minds and souls of the masses. In this struggle, the government and the opposition adopt different approaches to achieve the results that best suit their respective objective. It is expected that the opposition will concentrate its main efforts on criticising the government and in most cases, those criticisms, given our political culture, will not be constructive and very often, seek

to exploit the racial sensitivity in the society. On the other hand, the government is expected to effectively sell its policies and equally important, to counter the opposition’s criticisms and attacks, by using the government machinery at its disposal to provide the nation with the relevant information in a timely way. The government for its part should (1) demonstrate its belief and commitment to the truth as against the opposition’s falsehoods; and (2) conduct itself and business in a manner that is likely to win the confidence and trust of the people. It should at all times convey to the people that it is being truthful, honest and transparent in what it says and does. I hope that the recent public relations defeat of the PPP by the attorney general and his team will see the government assuming the ascendancy in its ongoing propaganda war with the PPP. In this vicious battle, truth will prevail against lies and deception. Regards Tacuma Ogunseye


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

Stop the sabotage Dear Editor THE Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GuySuCo) wishes to inform those persons who are the instigators of acts of sabotage in the corporation, that the management takes very seriously its responsibility to secure the livelihoods of its 17,000 employees, and as such, sees it as a duty to protect the assets of the corporation and ensure the highest level of productivity. Therefore, individuals and organisations whose mo-

tives are opposed to those of the corporation and who seek to influence our employees to commit illegal acts which will impact negatively on their livelihoods and that of their fellow employees, will be met with the full force of the law. Over the past week, there have been two acts of sabotage on the corporation’s properties at two separate locations and the Guyana Police Force is currently conducting investigations into these matters. The management is well aware that most of our employees come to work,

to produce, to be productive and to receive returns for their labour and it will ensure that they are not denied that right. The management intends to run a business that is free from impediments such as these and is therefore calling on persons who are either involved in these acts or are encouraging employees to commit them, to stop and to stop now! Regards Audreyanna Thomas GuySuCo Communications Unit

In support of the parking meters Dear Editor, THE introduction of parking meters in Georgetown has been met with differing emotions. The most vocal critics, who may be the minority, have overtaken the airwaves and social media. What we have not heard to date, are the thousands of Guyanese who have expressed their approval and support for the project, be it in their homes, among friends, or by utilising the paid parking system. Prior to the introduction of this system, the city streets were in perpetual chaos, with drivers parking with utter disregard for the parking laws and bylaws. The Guyana Police Force

seemed utterly incapable, or probably exasperated by their efforts to control or manage the traffic situation in Georgetown. Most businesses park trucks, cars, canters etc, in front of their properties, sometimes for days on end, depriving persons desirous of doing business in the city, from doing so efficiently. This has affected many Guyanese, who see the parking meters as a sustainable solution to these problems. Many persons can attest to the fact that if, for instance, they have to pay a bill at Courts, one would have to circle the block about four times, thereby utilising much-needed gasoline and time. Since the meters have

been installed, we, the silent majority, have been able to commute through downtown Georgetown with ease, thereby executing our daily activities efficiently, with ease, and without fear of our vehicles being broken into. The silent majority wishes to express thanks to Smart City Solutions and the many young city youths (who some want to see return to the unemployment line), for bringing much-needed relief to those of us who now enjoy driving in Georgetown, and an end to the lawlessness that became the norm for more than two decades. Regards Kerrancia Griffith

No VAT on medical services Dear Editor,

THE Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has noted with concern a “Peeping Tom” article published in the Wednesday, February 1, 2017 edition of the Kaieteur News, titled ‘VAT! VAT! VAT! In which the writer erroneously wrote that “VAT is now chargeable on medical services.” Please note that Schedule II to the VAT Act, Cap. 81:05 (Exempt Supplies) states the following: “Exempted for the purpos-

es of section 18 are a supply of medical, dental, hospital, optical or paramedical services, other than veterinary services.” GRA is reminding the media that its Tax Advisory Services Section can be accessed via telephone numbers 2276060/227-8222 extensions 1201-1204 for clarification on any tax matter of public interest. Regards Guyana Revenue Authority Public Relations Unit

Kaieteur News is wrong and irresponsible again Dear Editor WHILE the “Dem Boys Sey Column” is satirical in nature, the editor must be keen in ensuring that the information therein is accurate. As one of the four major daily publications in Guyana, you are obligated to disseminate truth, since a large section of the masses -- locally and in the diaspora -- may be relying on this newspaper for information. We are referring to the February 15, 2017 publication with the sub-headline, “Jagdeo is a real, real bad man.” The column asserted that “…Dem boys does also know sick people by de number of tablets dem does drink and that is how dem know that de whole of de Elections Commission sick. Dem boys sit down at de tender board yesterday and hear how GECOM want $75 million in drugs fuh this year. At first, people think was cocaine GECOM was buying, but Dr Steve seh that is not de case.” How did you arrive at $75 million? Please be guided by this summary of the Tender Bids for the Medical Supplies that was opened on 14-Feb-2017: Name of Tenderer Tendered Amount Guyana Distributor Ltd. $1, 072, 740 International Pharmaceutical Agency $824,236 Gender Distribution $1,239, 528 The Family Store $1,262,850 Metro Office Supplies $709, 846 Regal Stationery and Computer Centre $1, 939, 140 This would not be the first instance of reckless journalism emanating from the Kaieteur News publication. It would not be the first time the information is grossly inaccurate. These inaccuracies seem to be perpetrated as a means to sensationalise. At the same time, you are malevolently making efforts to tarnish the image of an organisation. Start being professional. Regards Tamara Rodney Public Relations Officer


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

Strengthening integrity – Gov’t seeks to retool Integrity Commission By Svetlana Marshall The strengthening of Guyana’s integrity legislation is critical as this country gears up to produce an estimated 100, 000 barrels of oil per day as early as 2020. In delivering the keynote address during the launch of the Guyana Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Multi-Stakeholder Group (G-EITI-MSG) on Wednesday at the Umana Yana, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo said the integrity legislation needs to be amended to allow the chairman of the Integrity Commission to be appointed based on a process of consultation and political diktat. The Integrity Commission Act, which makes provision for the establishment of an Integrity Commission, mandates that public officers disclose their financial assets and liabilities on or before June 30, each year. When a public officer ceases to be a person in public life, he or she is required to disclose his or her as-

sets and liabilities to the commission within 30 days from the date that individual ceased to be a person in public life. However, it has been approximately 11 years since the Integrity Commission has been without a chairman. The last chairman, Bishop Randolph George, resigned in 2006. “It was beheaded and it remains headless to this day. We need a process by which we could have this important body reconstituted and perform the functions for which it had been established to ensure that we don’t have officials and others associated with officials, interested persons benefitting from disproportionate wealth, benefitting from ill-gotten or unjust enrichment,” Prime Minister Nagamootoo said. He noted that these misappropriations often surface when a country begins to benefit significantly from the Extractive Industries, such as the oil and gas industry. “When you look at that, you also see that there is

temptation for those who would have access to personnel and to offices and to companies…You have to insulate them from dipping their dirty fingers into the cookie jar,” the prime minister added, while he emphasised the need to strengthen the integrity legislation. Cognisant of the issues surrounding the integrity of office bearers, the prime minister said he has already submitted to Cabinet a menu of amendments to be made to the Integrity Commission Act for consideration. He noted the importance of having a Code of Conduct in place for office-holders to protect them from being contaminated. Additionally, in alluding to the “Dutch Disease” and the “Resource Curse,” which have befallen countries that either depended on a single natural source of wealth or became corrupted as a result of a natural source of wealth, Prime Minister Nagamootoo said Guyana should remain committed to upholding not only its democratic values,

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo

but also a clean system of governance. “The system of governance must be a system that is clean at the level of Government, at the level of the judiciary, and at the level of the legislature, and at the level of all other institutions of the democratic state,” he stated. It was on this note that the prime minister spoke of the importance of constitutional reform, pointing out that though it is a difficult process, it is very critical. “In 1980, we were all excited by the process of constitutional reform, and though we fought for a bet-

ter constitution in post-independent Guyana, and post-republican Guyana, we found that some of the changes in the 1980 Constitution had placed some of the advocates of reform against those very changes,” he recalled. The prime minister said some of the features embedded in the 1980 Constitution, which have saddled the system, will be very difficult to remove. “Shades of authoritarianism and executive abuse have been entrenched and are not going to be easy to be removed, so for those who think that constitutional

reform is a slogan, or that it could be achieved easily, our own history shows that it is a fight, that it is a struggle,” he emphasised. As such, he said it was important for Government to be guided by a Constitutional Reform Steering Committee that will effectively map out the scope of the intended reforms. That committee, which is headed by Attorney-at-Law Nigel Hughes, has already submitted its report with key recommendations. “I am serious about constitutional reform, because it is going to become the bedrock upon which we build all these lofty edifices like G- EITI (Guyana Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative ) upon which the MSG (Multi-Stakeholder Group) will mount its monitoring, evaluating and advising on how our extractive industries could best serve our society.” He had also used the opportunity to express gratitude to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for the support offered in providing muchneeded expertise as the process of constitutional reform continues.

Ministers concerned about Mash route WITH one week left to go for the annual Mashramani street jam celebration, last-minute changes are expected to be made to the Brickdam route for the Mashramani float and costume parade, slated to be held on February 23.

The Guyana Chronicle understands that a significant number of Cabinet ministers and other prominent persons have been clamouring for a review of the current Mash route. The Mashramani route matter was said to be one of

the burning issues that faced Cabinet members recently. The officials say they are against the current route, noting the strains it would pose on the commercial aspect of the event. The Guyana Chronicle was also told that subject

Minister Nicolette Henry was summoned by Cabinet and asked to present a review of the current Mashramani route. While the junior minister was required to return last Tuesday with the reviewed route, the newspaper was told that that did not occur. Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo has confirmed however that “There have been reviews of the Mashramani route on two occasions.” He said that indeed the Mashramani route has been “modified, for example, the new route still includes Brickdam.” “One of the reasons for the review was the consideration of vending and other commercial activities.” The PM pointed out that there are concerns that the current route might not be able to accommodate the

vending activities that usually occur on Mashramani Day. Since the announcement of the 2017 Mash route which had been changed and shortened to facilitate Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary last year, the event has seen a decline in the number of participants. Telecommunication giant Digicel, for example, is a regular supporter of Mashramani, not only providing costumes to interested persons, but also physically prepares its members for the street jam; however, the company will not be on the road this year. The normal Mashramani route would see numerous persons and companies taking the opportunity to sell their items. Thousands of persons usually sign up to secure their spots. It is un-

derstood however, that so far, just over 250 persons have registered to operate during the festivities. Some businesspersons have spoken out against the new Mash route, describing the move as anti-business. It was explained that the shorter Mash route reduced the number of persons that could operate on that day and the size of their operations. It was also stated that while the Mashramani event should be expanded and further promoted for tourism and other commercial purposes, the shortening of the route can kill the flair of the event. The undesirable Mash route is slated to begin at Avenue of the Republic and Church Street, south to Brickdam and then east along Brickdam to Durban Park.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

Students, parents protest removal …at Providence Primary School of teacher

Region #4 Education Officer Loren Park uses a hammer to break chain and padlock used to lock the gate at Providence Primary School during a protest Wednesday morning (Photos by Samuel Maughn)

By Shauna Jemmot STUDENTS and parents protested outside the Providence Primary School, East Bank Demerara, on Wednesday, calling on the Ministry of Education to reinstate Sir Rodwell Simon, an Assistant Master who was dismissed by the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) earlier this month after being charged for neglect of duty and misconduct. Several students protested inside the school’s compound, while members of the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) lined the corridor in front of the school with placards and chanting for an exchange -- the return of ‘Sir Rodwell’ and dismissal of the school’s Headmistress. In a letter from the TSC dated February 6, 2017 and signed by Secretary of the Teaching Service Commission, Sophia Hunte, the As-

sistant Master was informed of his dismissal from the teaching service after being found guilty by the TSC of charges brought up against him by the ministry. During a hearing on January 30, 2017, charges were read to Simon, accusing him of neglect of duty for “not attending adequately to duties assigned (and) refusal to execute any lawful duty assigned, whether given orally or in writing in keeping with duties and responsibilities.” In the second charge, ‘Conduct Unbecoming of a Teacher,’ he was accused of “Insubordination/disobedience to Head Teacher and Education Officers (and) Breach of policy: Circular no. 1/2009 ‘Extra Lesson after school hours’ dated November 4, 2008.” He was found guilty of all charges except “not attending adequately to duties assigned,” the letter pointed out.

“The Disciplinary Committee found you GUILTY of the charge (1) (ii) and charge (2) (i) and (ii). The committee then made the appropriate recommendation to the commission. As a consequence, you are hereby DISMISSED from the teaching service with effect from 2017-0203,” the letter further stated. When the Guyana Chronicle visited the scene around 8:00hrs Wednesday, students used pages of exercise books to design their own placards displaying messages of “We need Sir”; “We want him back” and “Better than the rest Sir,” as they braced the bars from the inside of the padlocked school. They respected the call to assembly and went to their classrooms at school time. On the outside of the school compound however, parents and past students of the school continued to protest, chanting for the return of Sir Rodwell – who taught at

Protestors and Education Officer Loren Park in a heated exchange yesterday as police officers tried to make peace

A former student of Sir Rodwell Simon protests against a decision by the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) to dismiss him from the teaching service

the school for 17 years -- and the dismissal of the headmistress who was placed there about a year ago. “No warning letter was given. No proper investigation was done… We need Sir Rodwell back in the Teaching Service. H.M must go! Give us justice!” were the messages some of the placards bore. “We just asking the ministry to look into this matter, because this Sir is claiming that he never get any warning letter at no time at all and he been dismissed and we are angry parents over this matter, because this Sir never been warned by no other official,” one of the protestors said. The parents believe a thorough investigation into the matter was never done and are calling for a deeper investigation, since they feel something is amiss. They threatened legal action and claimed that his removal from the teaching system

creates a backlash for his students. “We are asking the official to come in and make a thorough investigation over this matter right now. If the teacher can’t teach, he children them can’t get back in school cause we gon take legal action against this thing, because it’s totally unfair to the teacher. A lot of students come out from this school and go to high school and he have [sic] many parents who concern about he situation,” a parent stated. Being familiar with the teacher for 12 years, the parent said he has taught her daughter from Eccles School. “So we are in solidarity with the Sir. So if he is not reinstated, the children them can’t (be taught). We are asking the President, we are asking the Education Minister to please come and do something proper so that the teacher could be on the job. 17 year is not 17 days!” the

parent stated. Another parent who protested Wednesday said her son has become an ‘A+’ academic performer with his percentage in the 90s as a result of the dedication of Sir Simon. “We need justice for this man! We as the parent, we gatto support the teachers, and we want the teachers at Providence School to come out and support us… we gon protest everyday until the teacher get justice!” Another protestor, former student, Peter Puran, pointed out that the Grade 6 teacher had been producing students of excellence and has lifted the standards of the school over the years. “He taught this school for 17 years, he brought out 42 students last year with Queen’s College and other schools. None of the students failed, so we need justice for Sir Rodwell,” the young man said.

Students at Providence Primary School brace the school’s gate and fence as they call in protest for the return of their dismissed teacher, Sir Rodwell Simon; chanting that he is “Better than the rest!”


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

Parking meters deal betrays citizens – TIGI LOCAL transparency watchdog, Transparency International Guyana Inc.(TIGI) on Wednesday lashed out at the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) for the implementation of a parking meter deal with Smart City Solutions (SCS), which they say is not in the best interest of the people. In a statement to the media, TIGI said the parking meters contract “leaves little to question about the shroud of secrecy surrounding it. “The lack of transparency in the handling of the deal is a telling blow to good governance and the repercussions will visit future generations if the deal is not rescinded,” the statement noted, adding that “equally damning” is the attempt by some to vilify those who

dare to protest against its implementation including councillors. “The Mayor and Town Clerk are at the forefront of this onslaught but have not monopolised this function. The extent of collusion between City Hall and the contractor is such that boundaries have been obliterated as exemplified by a director boldly, defiantly and repeatedly hurling derogatory remarks at the citizens. But this can be done with the security that the contract provides since City Hall appears to have done all it could to bequeath its streets and its people to Smart City Solutions (SCS).” In a previous missive dated August 9, 2016, TIGI had identified the lack of transparency and secrecy surrounding the contract, vi-

olation of procurement laws, alignment of interest of the Mayor and City Council and the contractor in the trip to Mexico, as well as the inaction of central government, given the Ministry of Finance’s review of the contract as a ‘telling blow to

transparency, accountability and good governance.” TIGI noted that there are several recent developments which speak clearly to the action by both the M&CC and SCS namely: the implementation of penalties prior to ratification of the by-laws necessary to support such actions, the exorbitant penalties for parking infringements and SCS’s absolution from responsibility for vehicles of which they take possession. The Transparency body noted that the aforementioned problems exist only when planning, consultations and procurement essentials are by-passed and noted that it is significant that central government, inclusive of President David Granger, his entire cabinet

and the responsible minister, has invoked a non-interference stance while persons are unable to access needed information about the deal. “It is the people who bear the burden of poor governance and they have decided to resist. The Mayor’s and Town Clerk’s retaliation to the Movement Against Parking Meters (MAPM) is therefore in poor taste, though consistent with their management of the project so far.” TIGI said the protests organised by the MAPM is against “sustained abuse and disregard” and noted that the movement is based on the legal governance issues of which the economic burden on citizens and the implementation maladies are “merely symptomatic.”

Additionally, the transparency body said the parking meters’ debacle and the civil action against the deal resulted from the poor governance of the M&CC. The body noted too the attempt by City Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green, to blame Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan, for the public outcry against the parking meters. “TIGI wishes to recognise the contributions of the Councillors who stood up for the people and are now under attack by City Hall. The people have a right to know what the city is doing and given the circumstances, we believe that you have done your job. TIGI also recognises and stands with the MAPM on this matter. “We commend the public on taking up its duty to reject unilateral impositions of such dire consequences. We finally encourage citizens to always ensure that your voices are heard and to spare no effort to communicate your views to your leaders, within the law and the provisions of democracy.” Moreover, the transparency body believes that the movement is consistent with democratic principles and “exemplifies freethinking that transcends social divides and political ideologies”.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

Linden councillors, residents accuse mayor of undermining development – mayor refutes claims, says councillors should work harder By Vanessa Braithwaite MAYOR of Linden, Carwyn Holland, and the municipality have come in for criticism from Councillor Lennox Gasper of Constituency 2 and residents of Constituency 7. Residents of the community of Andyville of Constituency 7 have voiced their disappointment in the limited attention their community is receiving from the council, as it relates to garbage-collection, de-bushing and other developmental issues. According to Chairman of the Andyville’s Community Development Council, Michael Greene, the residents are of the opinion that their community is being neglected, because of the infighting between the mayor and their councillor, Fern Mc Coy. “The council doesn’t have time for us, we have our councillor, Councillor Fern, who seems to be willing to help us, but because of the infighting with them in the council, is like we getting the setback. The area want de-bushing, garbage ain’t collecting and a

whole host of other things and it is not right,” Greene said. Councillor Mc Koy and Mayor Holland have been at loggerheads for some time and Mc Koy even voted against Holland being re-elected to office. When asked by this newspaper why she had voted against Holland, Mc Koy posited that Holland’s leadership style is autocratic. “Definitely, he is a dictator. Since this man has been placed there, I don’t know where this power came from. He speaks to people in this way: like, ‘Well, I am your father and you have a right to listen to me,’ like he thinks he is mayor and he is the boss of the council; and he is not, he is not the boss of the council,” she exclaimed. Meanwhile, Councillor Gasper also complained that his constituency is being sidelined, because of his opposing views of Holland’s leadership. “Before I left to go to the States, I asked the council to do some work in a field in Retrieve, I asked them to back-fill an opening pawn at the centre of

leaving his undone.

Mayor of Linden, Carwyn Holland

606 Oval to the back, it is harbouring mosquitoes, the water is stink, it is not going anywhere, people are living around that. I asked about the back road that is filled with garbage, nothing was done; there are complaints about people in Spieghtland about roads and drains and in old Kara Kara nothing was done, ya know why, because Councillor Gasper is opposing the mayor so the mayor is sidelining Councillor Gasper,” he stated. Gasper claimed that the excavator was used in Constituency 1 and then went on to do works in other constituencies, while

HOLLAND RUBBISHES CLAIMS In responding to these allegations, Mayor Holland said that there is no truth to any constituency being sidelined or any display of favouritism on his behalf. He said that works are done in all eight constituencies including 2 and 7, despite the council’s small budget. “We would have done some work, we would have not gotten a chance to do enough work, but we started work at the ball field. We also would have joined with the community, they came together to do some clearing of bushes and trees in that area, when there was the flooding we did intervene,

we worked along with Bosai and we got those drains cleared,” Holland revealed, while commenting on Gasper’s constituency. He said there is still a lot of work to be done in Retrieve and it is on the council’s radar to continue work there in 2017. Holland said that the loaned excavator has not completed works in Constituency 7, but work has been done. “In Constituency 7, the councillors were able to team up with the Multilateral School and we did some work there and of course council’s machinery was there to assist.” For 2017, the Linden Mayor said that the community of Blue Berry Hill in

Constituency 7 will receive street lights. “There is nothing about any favouritism on the work of the council being done or being executed, in fact, the truth be told, the constituency reps have a greater role to play in their communities. We have received complaints where persons are saying they are promised but many at times, I have to ask by whom. The thing is you can’t make promises that you cannot fulfil, so the constituency reps still have to work with the council to find out or work according to the budget to see if it is budgeted,” Holland said. He added that residents should be more au fait with their representatives whom they elected and the role that individual has to play in representing their communities.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

…urged to help make Guyanese healthiest in Caribbean

She pointed to Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) remaining a major problem for the sector, taking up some 70 percent of budgeted allocations. While maternal death would have decreased last year, the Minister said it is still an area being addressed. Suicide is also a major problem for Guyana, as the country still holds the highest suicide rate in the western hemisphere. Cummings urged the volunteers to enjoy themselves in Guyana and have an open mind to the issues they may face. She said members’ volunteerism will touch many Guyanese lives, while deepening the respect and relationship between locals and volunteers. The volunteers were said to have come from various parts of the United States. Jocelyn Valencia from Florida said Guyana was her first choice when she opted to be

New Peace Corps batch arrives THE new Peace Corps batch in Guyana to complete a two-year stint within the country’s health sector have been urged to aid in making Guyanese the healthiest in the region. This was the message conveyed when the 21 members, who make up the 2017 group of volunteers, were officially welcomed to the ‘Land of Many waters’ at a special ceremony held at the Herdmanston Lodge, Queenstown recently. Minister within the Ministry of Public Health, Dr Karen Cummings and her team of top health officials were the first to welcome the visitors to the country, and urged them not to be

discouraged by the challenges that may arise during their stay. Volunteers are usually spread out into various sectors within the country, but the current batch will be focusing heavily on the health sector. Director of the Peace Corps’ programming and Training, Melanie Ingalls said that the batch members all come from health backgrounds, as some have been nurses, former health students, who completed studies in the areas of pediatrician and psychology, among other areas. Since the volunteers will be dispersed to various locations across the region, Dr. Kay Shako, Director of

Regional Health Services, in her overview of the local health system explained the role Regional Democratic Councils and other regional authorities play in the distribution of healthcare. She explained how health posts and health centres function and those who manage those facilities with limited resources, particularly in interior locations with rough terrains that are difficult to access. Dr Shako said that the Guyanese health system is governed by “Health vision 20/20”, which outlines universal health coverage as well as the primary healthcare model. It was pointed out that the sector’s aim is

to ensure access to comprehensive and quality health service to every Guyanese in need throughout their life course without financial hardships. “Our vision is that all people in Guyana are among the healthiest in the Caribbean, as well as the Americas,” the volunteers heard. Dr. Shako explained that Guyana has a complex health system that encompasses primary healthcare up to tertiary. The volunteers were informed that the Regional Healthcare Department is currently working on ways to better manage and organise healthcare distribution to the regions, and are thus working with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Minister Cummings told the volunteers that Guyana faces several challenges in the various healthcare areas.

a Peace Corps volunteer. In her three choice countries, she said she placed Guyana first because she was intrigued by the country’s natural beauty. “I really just love the culture and the people and you are right here in the beautiful Amazon.” Valencia said she thought it would be an amazing experience to learn from the people and, “offer some help in return.” Valencia is a nurse and former Air Force Med-technician. She is hoping to transfer some of those skills to the Guyanese culture and hopefully trade her experiences with local nurses. Valencia said she is very interested in continuing a volunteer type career and is contemplating after Guyana, whether she will continue her volunteerism with organizations such as Peace Corps Response or Doctors without Borders.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

Man charged with attempted murder, discharging firearm CHIEF Magistrate Ann McLennan on Wednesday remanded a former murder accused to prison after he made his appearance at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court charged with attempted murder and discharging a loaded firearm. Twenty-seven-year old Deon Duncan called “Whistle” of Willianstad Street, Festival City, Georgetown, was not allowed to plead to the allegation, which stated that on September 26, 2016 at Oronoque and Forshaw Streets, Georgetown, he discharged a loaded firearm towards Geoffrey Farrell in an attempt to murder Farrell. It is also alleged that on January 8, 2017 at Main Street, Georgetown, he discharged a loaded firearm with intent to maim, disfigure or to cause grievous bodily harm towards Seon Need. Attorney-at-Law, Mark

Deon Duncan

Waldron, who represented Duncan, stated that his client was indicted for the murder of Intaz Roopnarine at Cool Square last year before Justice Priya Sewnarine Beharry. Duncan was found not guilty by a jury and he was

freed of that murder charge. According to the lawyer, since his client was released, the investigating ranks of ‘A’ Division have since attempted to pin multiple offenses on his client, from jay-walking to the present charges. “This is an intention to incarcerate this young man,” Waldron told the court. Waldron requested that his client receive an early trial date. Police Prosecutor Deniro Jones said the file for discharging a loaded firearm is completed, but the attempted murder file is awaiting further statements. Both matters were adjourned until February 27, 2017. Duncan will return before the Chief Magistrate for the attempted murder matter and he will make his appearance before City Magistrate Leron Daly, for the charge of discharging a loaded firearm.

3 years jail for West Ruimvedlt man

…found guilty of breaking and entering CITY Magistrate Faith McGusty sentenced a West Ruimveldt, Georgetown man on Wednesday to three years in prison, after he was found guilty on a breaking and entering charge. Thirty-seven-year old Carlos Braithwaite had pleaded not guilty to the offense, which stated that he broke and entered the home of Hemachandrie Kissoon on January 16, 2017 at Cummings Street, Georgetown and stole a Sharp TV,

valued at $69,000, an iron and a DVD Player, valued at $14,000 in total. When the charge was read against Braithwaite during his first appearance, the court heard that on January 16, at Cummings Street, Georgetown, Kissoon secured her home and she and her children retired to bed. During the night, however, she awoke to a noise coming from her living room. When she got out of bed, and ventured outside, she noticed

a man in her house. Police Prosecutor, Seon Blackman, in his facts stated that Kissoon gathered her children and ran over to the home of a neighbour, who is a police officer. When the officer went to her house, the accused escaped. He was later captured by police. Braithwaite had then told the court he was innocent, saying, he was walking through the Bourda area when the police apprehended him.


In an article published in Guyana Chronicle Wednesday February 15, 2017 Edition under the headline “Banks DIH hikes prices for Beverages” it was implied that the beverage company has arbitrarily raised the prices of its beverage products when in fact it did not. The $10 increase on beverage in non-returnable bottles is as a result of the imposition of the Environmental Levy. The company merely facilitates the collection of this Levy which is transmitted to the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA).


Grove businessman charged with simple larceny A GROVE businessman was on Wednesday placed on $300,000 bail by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan after he was charged with simple larceny. Dextroy Cordis, 45, of Grove Public Road, East Bank Demerara, denied the allegation which stated that on February 9, 2017 at Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, he stole US$5,000 equivalent to GYD$1,043,749, and a number of documents, property

of Balachandra Hardwar. Cordis was represented by Attorney-at-Law, Adrian Thompson, who told the court that his client was picked up last Friday and held in police custody for more than 72 hours with permission from the court. Thompson added that there are no witnesses who could link his client to the incident. The lawyer added that there is video footage which shows the top of a vehicle, but no considerable evidence

to link Cordis to that vehicle. Police Prosecutor Deniro Jones objected to bail, saying there were a number of investigations of similar nature against the accused and if granted bail he may not return to court. Cordis was granted bail on conditions that he lodges his passport with the Court Registry, and he has to report to Criminal investigation Department at the Brickdam Police Station every Monday.


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Multi-Stakeholder Group launched …to monitor Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative By Svetlana Marshall A MULTI-STAKEHOLDER Group (MSG), which will effectively oversee the implementation of the Guyana Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (G-EITI), was launched on Wednesday by Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo in the presence of Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman at the Umana Yana. The EITI is a global organisation of 51 member countries, which has subscribed to establishing, upholding and promoting the standards and tenets of good

governance, transparency and accountability in the management of extractive industries. At its core, the EITI promotes the belief that natural resources belong to the people and are to be extracted and managed on behalf of the people; both for current and future generations. The G-EITI-MSG is made up of a total of 12 representatives equally drawn from the government, the business community and civil society. The Natural Resources Minister explained that MSG will provide and establish a framework to promote

Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman delivering remarks during the launch of the G-EITI-MSG

collaboration and consensus-building in the implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. “This grouping is a true demonstration of the inclusivity and transparency as all stakeholders are presented at the table, by that I mean Government, Civil Society and Industry,” Minister Trotman said. Here in Guyana, a deliberate effort has been made to distribute the seats equally in the MSG. He noted that Government will be represented by high-level officers from the Natural Resources Ministry, the Office of the Prime Minister, the Finance Ministry and the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA). The G-EITI will be chaired by the Natural Resources Ministry. “The Government has approached the EITI process with a commitment to transparency and openness as well as a recognition, acceptance and deliberate effort to foster the truth that the resources of this country belong to every Guyanese with equal measure,” Minister Trotman said. He told those present that EITI has the potential to deliver significant benefits to Guyana’s economy through increased accountability and transparency, while simultaneously enhancing the country’s reputation as a sound investment destination. Minister Trotman added too that the process forms part of a menu of measures that Government has committed to in the strengthening of public institutions and systems to effectively manage the resources and revenues from the extractive sector. The other elements of the package include the European Union Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade Initiative (EU/FLEGT) programme, which focuses on Sustainable Forest Man-

agement, and the Sovereign Wealth Fund initiative. It is the hope of the Natural Resources Ministry to have the EITI National Secretariat established by midyear. Already, a coordinator has been appointed in the person of Rudy Jadoopat. Meanwhile, Civil Society Representative, Curtis Bernard, in his remarks, said “The extraction of natural resources from Guyana’s more than 350,000 square kilometres of sovereign terrestrial and marine space has provided significantly for our economic well-being.” He said with the hydrocarbon industry on the rise, the economic footprint from the extractive industry will become even larger. As such, Bernard said transparency in the financial flows is important. “EITI is a proven means of achieving such transparency. The tri-sectorial governance mechanism of the EITI [in] which Government, Industry and Civil Society have equal status and decision-making power is exemplary in its potential to demonstrate innovative and inclusive governance.” In the SGM, Civil Society Organisations will be represented by Paul Atkinson, Senior Councillor at Santa Rosa Village, Region One; Larry Carryl, a civil engineer with the Ministry of Agriculture, who has been involved in voluntarism and activism on Environmental issues over the last 10 years; Judy Nelson, a chemist at DDL; and Bernard. The industry representative, Hilbert Shields, also lauded the EITI platform. Currently, the ministry is in the process of identifying a building to house the secretariat, in addition to the hiring of additional staff. Members of the diplomatic corps, civil society and the extractive industry were in attendance, in addition to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Barton Scotland.

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

About the Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government

THE Conference of Heads of Government which consists of the Heads of Government of the Member States is the supreme Organ of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and determines and provides its policy direction. In addition to this function, it is the final authority for the conclusion of Treaties on behalf of the Community and for entering into relationships between the Community and International Organisations and States. The Conference is also responsible for making the financial arrangements to meet the expenses of the Community, but has delegated this function to the Community Council. Decisions of the Conference are generally taken unanimously. THE CHAIRMAN’S COMMITMENT Assuming Chairmanship of CARICOM in January of this year, President David Granger of Guyana has pledged to continue to guide the community in the path of sustainable development. He has asserted that 2017 holds great promise for the region to advance its integration process which can only be possible through the involvement and participa-

By Ravin Singh ACTIVATED by the signing of the Treaty of Chaguaramas on July 4, 1973, the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) is a shared market, comprising 20 states and dependencies in the Caribbean that have collectively joined to expand trade and economic relations with international players. CARICOM emerged as a replacement to the Caribbean Free Trade Association (CARIFTA) (1965) which failed to allow the free movement of labor and capital, as well as the harmonization of industrial and for-

tion of all. He has since pointed out that this year marks the

mid-point of the community’s Five-Year Strategic Plan for the period 2015-

2019 - a foundational element in the Community’s Reform Process.

“That process is geared towards ensuring that our people feel the impact of

the integration movement in their daily lives. Integration is not merely about systems and institutions. It is mostly about people,” he has said. In examining economic development in the region, President Granger announced recently that the level of manufacturing is very low than what is expected. He reasoned that a combination of the expertise and the capital that is available in the island states, particularly tourism combined with the resources of the larger mainland states, could have faster economic growth; and the people of the Community could enjoy a higher standard of living. He contended too that the regional bloc has not been able to benefit fully from the single market. “At present, I don’t think we have benefited fully from the single market. There is still heavy penetration from major external manufacturers and this penetration is undermining local manufacturing capabilities and the very purpose for which the market was established,” the Chair said. And with CARICOM founded largely as an economic grouping, he said that it is time for the spotlight to be placed on economic integration.

eign policies throughout the region. An earlier effort was made at functional cooperation and political union in the region through the formation of the West Indies Federation in 1958. In 2002, the Treaty was revised to allow for the eventual establishment of a Single Market and Economy – termed CSME (CARICOM Single Market and Economy). The Community rests on four main pillars: economic integration, foreign policy coordination, human and social development, and security. These pillars, according to CARICOM, underpin the stated objectives of the Community. These include; to improve standards of liv-

ing and work; full employment of labour and other factors of production; accelerated, coordinated and sustained economic development and convergence; expansion of trade and economic relations with Third States; enhanced levels of international competitiveness; organization for increased production and productivity; achievement of a greater measure of economic leverage; effectiveness of Member States in dealing with Third States, groups of States and entities of any description; and the enhanced coordination of Member States’ foreign and foreign economic policies and enhanced functional cooperation. Only fifteen participating members in CARICOM

are full members, leaving five members with Associate Member status. The 15 member-states include; Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago. The Associate members include; Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Turks and Caicos Islands. Stretching from The Bahamas in the north to Suriname and Guyana in South America, the regional bloc comprises states which are considered developing countries. With the exception of Belize in Central America and Guyana and Suriname on the coast of South Amer-

ica, a l l Members and Associate Members are island states. According to CARICOM, the region is home to approximately sixteen million citizens, 60 per cent of whom are under the age of 30, and from the main ethnic groups of Indigenous Peoples, Africans, East Indians, Europeans, Chinese and Portuguese. While states are all relatively small, both in terms of population and size, there is also great diversity with regards to geography and population as well as the levels of economic and social development. The Community is multi-lingual; with English as the main language complemented by French and Dutch and variations of

these, as well as African and Indian expressions. CARICOM is the oldest surviving integration movement in the developing world and according to the Community, its achievements along the way are many. Its secretariat is located in Georgetown. “Great strides have been made, particularly through functional cooperation in education, in health, in culture, in security. Its Single Market functions, and it is a respected voice in international affairs because of a coordinated foreign policy” CARICOM contends.

CARICOM Chairman, President David Granger of Guyana (3rd left) and his team, including Foreign Minister Mr. Carl Greenidge (2nd left) met on Friday with CARICOM Secretary-General Ambassador Irwin LaRocque (3rd right) and his team from the CARICOM Secretariat ahead of today’s 28th Inter-Sessional Meeting of CARICOM Heads of Government to be held at the Marriott Hotel, Georgetown, Guyana. Others in the photo are (from left): Mr. Ivan Evelyn, Head of Protocol Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Guyana; Ms Audrey Waddle, Director of Foreign Affairs, Guyana; Ms Sharlene Phoenix, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Guyana; Mr. Neville Bissember, Adviser, Office of the Secretary-General; Charmaine Atkinson-Jordan, Chef-de-Cabinet, Office of the Secretary-General; Ambassador Colin Granderson, Assistant Secretary-General, Foreign and Community Relations, CARICOM Secretariat; and Mr. Joseph Cox, Assistant Secretary-General, Trade and Economic Integration, CARICOM Secretariat.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

Heads of Government of CARICOM

Hon. Gaston Browne Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda

Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit Prime Minister of Dominica

The Most Hon. Andrew Holness Prime Minister of Jamaica

H.E. DesirĂŠ Delano Bouterse President of Suriname

Rt. Hon. Perry Gladstone Christie Prime Minister of the Bahamas

Dr. Hon. Keith Mitchell Prime Minister of Grenada

Hon. Donaldson Romeo Primier of Montserrat

Rt. Hon. Freundel Stuart Prime Minister of Barbados

H.E. Brigadier (rtd.) David Arthur Granger President of Guyana

Hon. Allen Chastenet Prime Minister of St. Lucia

Dr. Hon. Ralph E. Gonsalves Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow Prime Minister of Belize

H.E. Jovenel Moise President of Haiti

Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis

Dr. Hon. Keith Rowley Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago


Functional cooperation

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

-Guyana, Trinidad to re-establish MOU for cooperation in energy sector

WITH recent oil discovery positioning Guyana to become the breadbasket of the Caribbean, moves have been made to re-establish a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), for cooperation in the energy sector with Trinidad and Tobago. The MoU was initiated between the two countries in 2013 but has expired. Additionally, the two countries will move to resuscitate the Guyana-Trinidad and Tobago High Level Committee to deal with all the agreements between the two countries that have lapsed. This Committee will be revamped by March 30 and its first meeting will be convened in the Twin-Island Republic. These agreements were reached on Wednesday during a meeting between Guyana’s President David Granger and his Trinidadian counterpart Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley. Dr. Rowley arrived in Guyana on Wednesday for the 28th Inter-sessional Meeting of Heads of Government the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), which com-

From left: Trinidad and Tobago’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Dennis Moses, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley, President David Granger and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Carl Greenidge mences today. The two parties discussed moving forward on a number of agreements and MoUs, which the two CARICOM countries have committed to over a number of

years; some of which were not adequately pursued. Addressing Dr. Rowley, President David Granger explained that Guyana would like to move forward in these areas.

“We are interested in food security. You are too, but we have the land space. We are embarking on the development of an oil and gas industry and you have decades of experience and

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SPOUSES of Heads of Government of CARICOM leaders will meet today to discuss the ‘Every Caribbean Woman, Every Caribbean Child (ECWECC) initiative’ which seeks to provide opportunities to improve the lives of women, children and adolescents. The initiative focuses on four priority issues: teenage pregnancy; violence against women and children (including trafficking in persons); cervical cancer and mother to child transmission of HIV in the Caribbean. The forum of the spouses will be the first event of a two-day programme, which includes a Technical Meeting to hammer out specifics of the way forward for the initiative. First Lady of Guyana, and wife of CARICOM’s present Chair, Sandra Granger explained that the initiative evolved out of the Every Woman, Every Girl (EWEG) Initiative of former United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon. She said that ECWECC took on board Caribbean realities, resulting in the four

First Lady of Guyana, Sandra Granger areas for priority intervention and the expanded focus to include the child, irrespective

of gender. Among those realities is the fact that the Caribbean

has the second highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the world, after sub-Saharan Africa, with an estimated 20 percent giving birth before the age of 19. Meanwhile, cervical cancer (a vaccine-preventable disease) was recorded to have been the second leading cause of cancer deaths among Caribbean women aged 15 to 49, accounting for 13 per cent of all cancer cases and 10.4 per cent of all cancer deaths. Additionally, the high rate of violence against women and girls, which also involves trafficking in persons was pointed out as an area of concern. And according to Mrs. Granger, such trafficking was not limited to prostitution but included slave labour. In light of these issues, the Forum on the ECWECC initiative is expected to identify specific actions and interventions to address the underlying factors, gaps and challenges associated with the priority areas. In this process, it seeks to promote the synergies between national and regional agencies, programmes and

expertise,” he told the Trinidadian leader. The Head-of-State of Guyana noted too that while Guyana does not have the white sand and blue sea tourism product possessed

by other CARICOM countries, his country has a unique brand of eco-tourism. He added that together, the two countries can offer a consolidated tourism package to the world. Meanwhile, Dr. Rowley assured President Granger that the twin Island Republic is ready to offer its full support to Guyana and make available its diplomatic, economic and intellectual resources. He said too, that Guyana does not have to re-invent the wheel but rather it has the unique opportunity to examine and learn from the successes and failures of his country so as to develop the best model for its oil and gas sector. Also attending the meeting which was held at State House, were; Trinidad’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Dennis Moses; and for Guyana Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Carl Greenidge, Minister of Natural Resources, Mr. Raphael Trotman, Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Noel Holder and Director General at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Audrey Waddell.

- CARICOM First Ladies, Spouses meet to design initiative for vulnerable groups policies; mobilise resources; and establish strategic partnerships for its interventions. Guyana’s First Lady has identified partnerships as being one of the essential elements for a successful initiative. Referring to the forum, she said “… invitees include regional and international partners who have expressed a willingness to come on board to assist…, providing resources, both financial and intellectual to push it [the initiative] forward”. The Forum is funded by Gilead Sciences, Inc., and organized by the Office of the First Lady of Guyana in collaboration with the United

Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat. Its projected outputs include a summary report capturing the plans for the implementation of the initiative and the establishment of the Caribbean Network of First Ladies. CARICOM Heads of Government endorsed the ECWECC initiative at their 37th Regular Meeting in 2016 in Guyana. The Report of the Forum is expected to be presented to them at their 28th Inter-Sessional Meeting which is currently taking place in Guyana.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

Relatives seek justice Damage to in vigilante-style killing poles By Alva Solomon AS police investigate the death of Shereffudeen Nazamudeen, relatives of the 22-year-old fisherman are calling on the authorities to leave no stone unturned in relation to his “untimely” demise. Nazamudeen, of Lot 15 Old Road, Good Hope, East Bank Essequibo (EBE), was beaten by several persons at a house on the public road near his home after he was chased around the village in connection with a snatching incident. According to the man’s cousin, Nazamudeen, called “Sheriff,” left his home located on the periphery of a canal which separates the village of Good Hope from nearby Ruby around 16:30hrs on Tuesday. She said that as the man walked out of the street leading to the public road, he encountered a woman who is said to be a councillor with the governing Alliance For Change (AFC) party. “He walked close to her and hold the bag she had but he na been mean anything by it,” the young lady noted. She

Dead: Shereffudeen Nazamudeen

said that the man continued walking out to the roadway and shortly after, he turned around and headed back home using a parallel road. According to a neighbour, moments before the incident, she passed Nazamudeen along the roadway and she recalled complimenting him on his attire, noting that “he was well dressed.” She said shortly after she saw her neighbours running behind Nazamudeen along the roadway near her home.

She said that the AFC councillor along with her father, who also works for the party, and two other men were racing behind with pieces of sticks. “The poor boy had nowhere to run, so he end up on the roof by the house that burn down”, she recalled. Nazamudeen clambered up the roof of the house which belonged to the late Mohamed Munir and his wife Bibi Jamila Munir, who were killed last April by several intruders. “He begged them not to do anything,” a neigbour recalled, but according to her, after promising the young man that he would not be hurt, his assailants dealt him several blows. She said that Nazamudeen slipped and fell while attempting to climb down the roof of the house and it was while he laid on the ground, one of his assailants dealt him a blow to his abdomen with a shovel stick, while another hit the man to his head with a piece of wood. She said the female councillor and her father also dealt Nazamudeen several blows. The man was

pronounced dead on arrival at the Leonora Hospital. At the man’s home on Wednesday afternoon, his mother and relatives cried uncontrollably as they recounted the incident. The family was preparing to hold a wake. According to the man’s grandmother, Nazamudeen was already immobile when his assailants decided to tie-him with pieces of wire and rope. “Ow uncle they had no right to kill he,” the elderly woman noted. She said too that the man and the councillor know each other and as such, the family was shocked by the incident. Residents noted that the man’s assailants had enough time to call the police before he met his demise. Moments before this publication visited the man’s home on Wednesday afternoon, police ranks from the Parika Police Station revisited the scene and arrested a man, while the AFC councillor and her father remain in police custody. Nazamudeen leaves to mourn his parents, two siblings and other relatives.

Alarming number of teenage pregnancies in Linden By Vanessa Braithwaite STATISTICS from the Linden Hospital Complex show that 18% of the deliveries done at the hospital are on teenagers ranging from the age of 13 to 19. This was deemed worrying by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the hospital, Dr. Farouk Riyasat, who revealed that for 2016, out of the 998 live births at the hospital, 179 were delivered to teenage mothers. Therefore every month, approximately 14 teenagers are delivering babies at the hospital. The statistics also show that for 2016, two of these teenagers were HIV positive. According to Dr Riyasat, who is also an obstetrician, this creates a correlation with the hospital’s high rate of caesarean deliveries. For the year 2016, the percentage of total C-Section stands at 30% and while some of the cases

are mothers who previously had C-Section, the figures were racked up because of the number of young teenagers. “A lot of them are really young, 15 years, 14 years, they don’t have the anatomy – the space to deliver,” Dr Riyasat said. He added that all the cases are reported to the Ministry of Social Protection and a large percentage of the girls are from the Indigenous communities on the Linden Soesdyke Highway and riverain communities in Region 10. This was corroborated by Probation Social Services Officer, Amrel Beckles, attached to the Ministry’s office in Linden. She also added that a large percentage of the girls are from the mined-out communities in Region 10, such as Coomacka Mines, Nottinghamshire, Old England and Three Friends. A source close to the hospital revealed to this newspaper that many of the teenagers would arrive at the hospital to deliver without any provisions for them-

selves and babies. Beckles added that the Ministry is aware of the situation and does follow-up on the reported cases. Once the girls willingly give a statement identifying the alleged father and they are found, they are charged with statutory rape. The Ministry is also involved in sensitization exercises, in collaboration with non-governmental organizations across Linden. The bodies would visit schools and other institutions in an effort to bring awareness to the consequences of early involvement in sexual activity. CASES OF ABUSE While many of the cases are consensual, there are incidents of sexual abuse and in most of the cases, the perpetrator lives in the home with the teenager. Last November, Mayor of Linden, Carwyn Holland, told Director of Social Services, Wentworth Tanner, that there are many cases of sexual abuse in the riverain and hinterland communities of Region 10. He spoke of

several teenagers coming forward and rel “Thirteen-year-old, 12-year-old, 16-year-old, they all complained of being raped when they go home by step fathers, fathers, being molested, the majority of these complaints were from the outlining areas, Anarika, Ituni and Kwakwani and there are some places down the river…it was very sad,” Mayor Holland related. Meanwhile, Tanner said that the Ministry will establish partnerships with the NGO’s in the region so as to better tackle social issues. “We would like to start by building capacity in those groups, providing people with information, create sensitization and awareness so that persons can identify cases of abuse and things like that,” he said. Another priority is the establishment of another office on the Wismar shore so that persons would not have to travel to Mackenzie to benefit from the services. There were also talks of establishing a safe home for abused children.

affecting electricity distribution – Min Patterson

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson

DESTRUCTION of electrical poles, coupled with the age-old network has impacted heavily on the electricity-distribution system, and this has led to Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, calling on motorists to exercise care and avoid crashing into the poles. During a media briefing on Tuesday on the recent spate of power outages, the minister said some of the latest road accidents have resulted in the destruction of the GPL’s electricity poles. “Guyana is a very unique place when it comes to power-generation, the amount of traffic accidents we have often destroys our electrical poles. Just a few days ago, a young man died when he ran into a pole and when that happened, it affected the system, so these are all

issues which we have to address holistically, so we’re working to protect our poles and are asking persons to be cautious when they’re driving, as well,” Minister Patterson said. The minister explained that during the recent spate of power outages, which was caused by one of the feeder lines at Vlissingen road coming into contact with the main transmission line, there were numerous complaints from consumers. The Public Infrastructure Minister pointed out that his administration inherited the poor system from the former government, and is working to address it. Minister Patterson said with this upgrade, Guyanese can rest assured of improved power distribution along the coast. (GINA)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

Two injured in Montrose accident – driver reportedly fell asleep at wheel TWO persons received serious injuries Wednesday following a two-vehicle smash-up on the Montrose Access Road, East Coast Demerara. About 15:30hrs, a truck - GEE 9246 - driven by Terrence Crawford was heading east along the Montrose Access Road, while a Toyota Hilux, PMM 4475 was head-

ing in the opposite direction, towards Georgetown, when the collision occurred. According to eyewitnesses, the driver of the Hilux was reportedly speeding but fell asleep at the wheel and came into the path of the truck. “The truck man tried to swerve away, but it was too late. The pick-up man

wrong,” an eyewitness noted. It was further noted, “The passenger in the pick-up say that the man fell asleep at the wheel and collided with the truck.” The driver of the Hilux, who is yet to be identified, had to be pulled from the wreckage by public-spirited persons, while the male passenger in the said vehicle did

The mangled remains of the Toyota Hilux The damaged truck

not receive any injuries. The Hilux, which is registered to Karana Inc, was severely damaged, as the driver’s side suffered most from the impact. The drivers were rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital and the police have launched an investigation into the accident. Both vehicles were towed to the Sparendaam Police Station as investigations continue.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

Six homeless after Princes Street fire SIX persons are now homeless after a fire destroyed their Princes Street, Georgetown home Wednesday evening. This newspaper understands that around 18:30hrs, a kerosene lamp fell off of the wall of Clifton Moseley’s home on Princes Street in the city and minutes later the single-flat house was reduced to ashes.

According to reports, the man’s wife, Gloria Barry and their four grandchildren were at their Lot 32 Princes Street home when the woman observed smoke emanating from the house, which was located two houses inward from Princes Street. Reports indicate that the lamp, which was lit and placed on the wall, fell on the floor as Barry filled water

Relatives stand next to their belongings on Princes Street, Wednesday evening

downstairs. As she reached to retrieve her belongings, the entire house was filled with smoke and minutes later fire trucks raced to the scene as persons rushed to assist in containing the fire. The Guyana Fire Service Divisional Commander in charge of Operations, Compton Sparman, told reporters at the scene that based on information received no one was injured. As he gave kudos to the firemen, Sparman said that four fire tenders were dispatched to the scene and the water from the fire tenders was used to contain the blaze. He said that water was sought from the Princes Street canal to further contain the fire from spreading. A distraught Moseley arrived at the scene as firemen busied themselves along the street, while police erected barricades to contain the crowd. Moseley told the Guyana Chronicle that he had left his home to buy food for his dog when he was told

Fire completely destroyed the house

that his house was on fire. He said that the house was not connected to the electricity grid. When he arrived at the scene, he said the place he

called home over the past 20 years was no more; and the distressed man recounted that his computer which he used for reproducing CDs (compact disks) was

destroyed in the flames. Moseley is well-known in the city as a CD vendor. Anyone who wishes to assist Moseley can call 6394031.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

Five charged with murder of Tain mother – police yet to find alleged mastermind By Nafeeza Yahya FIVE persons have been charged with the murder of Lelawattie Mohamed, who was gunned down at her Lot 149, Sixth Street, Tain Settlement home on February 7, 2017. Those charged are Oliver Permaul, 34, a barber; businesswoman Nazeema Permaul 42, of Lot 100 Tain

Dead: Lelawattie Mohamed

while Alert-Thompson received the cash. Additionally, Oliver Permaul is said to be the one who solicited the men on behalf of the businesswoman; Oliver’s wife, Nazeema Permaul allegedly assisted in planning the murder and also acted as an agent who allegedly handed over the cash to the ‘hitmen’.

Settlement; 26-year-old Andre James called ‘Tatoo man’, of Lot 46 George Street, Rose Hall Town; Rohan Johnson, 39, a Carpenter known as ‘Jamaky’, a citizen of Jamaica and of 107 Second Street, Rose Hall Town and his 28-year-old common-law wife, Shabiki Alert Thompson. They all appeared before Magistrate Charlyn Artiga at

Oliver Permaul and his wife Nazeema Permaul

WE ARE INNOCENT Meanwhile, as the five accused were leaving the court, they shouted that they are innocent. Oliver Permaul shouted several times that he is innocent, and noted “Sawmill pay de money…a

Rohan Johnson and his wife, Shabiki Alert Thompson

the Number 51 Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday they were jointly charged. They were not required to plead to the indictable offense and were remanded to prison until May 4, 2017; the matter was transferred to the Whim Magistrate’s Court. It is alleged that, Lelawattie Mohamed, a mother of 3, was having an affair with a businesswoman’s husband, whose wife later found out about the affair and then allegedly ordered a “hit” on Mohamed. This newspaper understands that the businesswoman owns and operates a sawmill at Edinburg, East Bank Berbice. It is also alleged that the said businesswoman was in a relationship with Permaul, who operates his barbershop opposite her home at Tain, Corentyne. This business-

Andre James

woman is yet to be arrested. According to reports, Johnson and James were the hired ‘hitmen’, who reportedly carried out to act for an agreed sum of $4M. However, only $400,000 was handed over to the men,

woman pay somebody to kill she [Mohamed] and me get accused cause me ah work infront deh …where de justice deh?” Meanwhile, a source close to the investigation revealed that the businesswoman contacted the police through her lawyer and promised to turn herself in soon. At approximately 11:30hrs. on February 7, two masked men armed with a gun stormed the home of Lelawattie Mohamed, a domestic worker, who was at home with her two children, ages 19 and 21. The men demanded cash and when Mohamed said she did not have any, one of the masked men placed a gun to her throat, fired a shot, killing her instantly, in the presence of her son.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

$306B stolen per year under PPP ...SARU says uncovered massive scale of corruption THE State Assets Recovery Unit (SARU) says it has discovered an “astounding” scale of corruption here and urged that the States Assets Recovery Bill must be passed swiftly. SARU’s comments come in wake of a letter written by the Private Sector Commission (PSC) to the Speaker of the National Assembly, urging that the Bill which was tabled in Parliament recently, be sent to a special select committee for fine-tuning. SARU said in accordance with Article 54 (1) (c) of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), each State party must “consider taking such measures as may be necessary to allow confiscation of property without criminal conviction.” In this context, SARU said the SARA Bill is designed to facilitate the recovery of illicitly obtained property through civil processes, with the primary objective of reducing the consequential damaging effects of corruption on sus-

tainable development. According to the unit, the opinions of any Private Sector Commission or equivalent should be principled, balanced and near impartial. “Honest business prefers a fair and principled environment. The passage of this Bill will allow the new Agency to direct a laser-like focus on such assets obtained through corruption, the loss of which has frustrated the development of this country.” SARU said in some areas of corruption, the size of loss speaks for itself. “Before the change of Government, the nation was losing $28-$35 billion each year through procurement fraud. With regard to illicit capital flight, the nation was losing $90 billion every year. Furthermore, the underground economy caused the nation to lose $188 billion per year. This adds up to a grand total of $306-$313 billion per year, which is a conservative fig-

ure, as according to several international agencies, this amount is grossly understated,” SARU said. The unit asserted that given the purposes of the Bill and the damaging losses to the economy as stated above, it is imperative that the Bill be passed immediately. “The scale of corruption discovered by SARU, to date, is astounding. The Guyanese population is eager to see the country’s assets recovered and appropriate action taken against the perpetrators of corruption. The SARA Bill is geared toward these purposes,” SARU said in its statement. Government late last month moved one step closer towards having its State Asset Recovery Agency (SARA) established, by having the Bill read for the first time in the National Assembly. Presented by Attorney General (AG) and Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams, the Bill seeks to establish SARA in

Arsonists will be dealt with – Fire Chief warns THE Guyana Fire Service (GFS) intends to take action against persons who commit arson. This comes on the heels of several recent fires that were found to be caused by arsonists. The majority of the fires that occurred for the year thus far have been in dwelling houses. During an interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA), Chief Fire Officer, Marlon Gentle said that 12 of the fires were deliberately set by people. “That is an area that I need to focus on… it seems that more and more persons are opting to use fires to settle scores or to end disputes… that fire that has occurred on the East Bank is being investigated and it appears to be some act of a person setting fire to the building,” the Fire Chief stated. The GFS received 152 emergency calls thus far for 2017 as opposed to 389 for the corresponding period last year. This reflects a 61 percent decrease in the number of calls the fire service received for fires. However, more buildings were destroyed by fire this year

Fire Chief, Marlon Gentle

(23)to date, when compared to the 18 that occurred in 2016 over the corresponding period. “We have seven buildings being severely damaged this year, as against six buildings last year (corresponding period), and nine buildings slightly damaged against eight buildings. In other words, 39 buildings were involved in fires this year, and 32 were involved last year (corresponding period), just a slight increase of seven buildings,” the Fire Chief pointed out.

Gentle emphasised that the GFS, in collaboration with the Guyana Police Force (GPF), will ensure the law is brought to bear on arsonists. The Fire Chief stressed that, “we would like to send a strong message that so long as our investigations lead to that aspect or the aspects of persons deliberately setting fires to these buildings, maliciously, which is a criminal offence, we would support law enforcement agencies in ensuring that these persons are brought to justice.” The GFS recorded 2997 fire calls in 2015 as opposed to 2441 calls in 2016; this represents a 19 percent decrease in fire calls. There was also a five percent decrease in the number of buildings involved in fires in 2016. According to the Fire Chief, the decrease can only be attributed to the prompt response of the GFS when called upon, and the expansion of the GFS in a number of regions. However, Gentle is urging members of the public to practice fire safety measures and take responsibility for the environment in which they reside.

consonance with the United Nations (UN) Convention Against Corruption 2003. The agency, which will be headed by a director, will, inter alia, seek to recover through civil proceedings, State property unlawfully acquired by a public official or any other person, and to engage in international cooperation in the recovery of stolen assets of States within the contem-

plation of the Act. The State Assets Recovery Bill is seen as the APNU+AFC’s signature legislation in its fight against corruption. The government has been harshly criticised in the past for its “lukewarm” approach to recovering stolen State assets and fighting corruption. The agency will also be self-funded, with a percentage of assets recovered being put into a State Assets Recovery Fund. According to Section 14

(3) of the Bill, funds will be used to facilitate the discharge of SARA’s functions; compensate victims who would have suffered as a result of an unlawful conduct; transfer property to a foreign state or territory or share it, pursuant to a treaty or agreement; to fund training and capacity-building as may be required for the agency; and for payment of fees to counsel, forensic experts, investigators, receivers and other professionals.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017



GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday, January 27, 2017

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

Scorpions destroy Root determined to captain ‘his way’ Red Force with record-breaking performance …Walton and Blackwood smash centuries

T H E J a m a i c a S c o rpions are through to the final of the WICB Regional Super50 after a commaning performance against the Trinidad and Tobago Red Force in the semi-final at the Coolidge Cricket Ground in Antigua last night On the way to a 2 9 2 - r u n v i c t o r y, t h e Scorpions, through centuries from Chadw i c k Wa l t o n a n d J e rmaine Blackwood, racked up 434, more runs than any Caribbean team in history. Wa l t o n , w h o w a s disappointed when he got out at 117, started the ball brilliantly w i t h S t e v e n Ta y l o r, who made 88. The two shared in a 174-run opening stand that ended in the 22nd over. Blackwood would pick up the mantle, b a t t i n g w i t h Wa l t o n before the latter went with the score on 269 for two. By that time, Walton had faced just 96 deliveries, while Taylor took 71 to get to his total. Blackwood would then find a partner in Rovman Powell, who was jsut as keen to put his foot t o t h e p e d a l , s c o ring 95 from 45 deliveries before he was

bowled in the final over by Ravi Rampau l. Th e Red Force pacer would end with figures of 2-83. Blackwood would end unbeaten on 108 from 88 deliveries. If it was possible to bat a team out of a game, the Scorpions had done just that, and by the time Jer o m e Ta y l o r, 3 - 2 7 , and Reynard Leveridge, 2-31, had made some inroads into the t o p o r d e r, t h e g a m e was over. When Powell, who came on to bowl later on in the T&T innings, started carrying over his arm, the momentum from his batting spilled over and he ended up with 5-36 on a pitch that it was assumed was good for batting. Only Jason Mohammed showed some fight, scoring a run-aball 62 with his captain, Denesh Ramdin, hanging around for 35 deliveries to score 27. The game was over in the 27th over, as Taylor took great pleasure in bowling Shannon Gabriel, who may want to forget this game as quickly as possible, for a duck. E a r l i e r, G a b r i el had bowled nine wicketless overs that yielded 91 runs.


SCORPIONS +C Walton lbw b Imran Khan 117 S Taylor c Ottley b Mohammed 88 J Blackwood not out 108 R Powell b Rampaul 95 J Campbell c wkp Ramdin b Rampaul 0 Extras (b1, lb11, w12, nb2) 26 TOTAL: (4 wkts, 50 overs) 434 To bat: D Thomas, A McCarthy, D Jacobs, *N Miller, J Taylor, R Leveridge. Fall of wickets: 1-174 (Taylor), 2-269 (Walton), 3-432 (Powell), 4-434 (Campbell). Bowling: Gabriel 9-0-91-0 (w3), Rampaul 10-0-83-2 (w1), Emrit 8.3-0-78-0 (w3, nb2), Pierre 6.3-0-77-0 (w1), Mohammed 6-1-24-1 (w1), Imran Khan 100-69-1 (w2).

RED FORCE K Hope c Miller b Leveridge 17 E Lewis c wkp Walton b Taylor 18 K Ottley c wkp Walton b Leveridge 1 J Mohammed not out 62 N Alexis lbw b Taylor 0 *+D Ramdin c wkp Walton b Powell 27 I Khan c Blackwood b Powell 6 R Emrit c Taylor b Powell 3 K Pierre c wkp Walton b Powell 2 R Rampaul c wkp Walton b Powell 0 S Gabriel b Taylor 0 Extras: (b1, lb1, w4) 6 TOTAL: (all out, 26.3 overs) 142 Fall of wickets: 1-26 (Lewis), 2-38 (Hope), 3-39 (Ottley), 4-40 (Alexis), 5-103 (Ramdin), 6-118 (Khan), 7-136 (Emrit), 8-141 (Pierre), 9-141 (Rampaul), 10-142 (Gabriel) Bowling: Taylor 5.3-0-27-3, Leveridge 5-1-31-2 (w2), Jacobs 3-0-24-0 (w1), Powell 8-1-36-5, Miller 5-0-22-0 (w1)

(REUTERS) - England’s n e w Te s t c a p t a i n J o e Root said he will try to put his “own stamp” on the team, but will seek advice from former skipper Alastair Cook and the other senior players whenever he needs to. Root described his elevation to Test skipper as a natural progression and said he was excited by the challenges that lay ahead. “It feels amazing,” he told Sky Sports yesterday. “I think as a young kid when you’re growing up you always aspire to be England captain. It’s sort of the pinnacle of the Test arena, isn’t it?” Asked about how his relationship with Cook who resigned last week - would work, Root told the BBC that he was not

England’s new Test captain Joe Root afraid to ask for help. “It would be silly not to take advice from Alastair and the other senior players, but I will want to do things my way as well,” he added. “You shouldn’t be scared of asking for

help, but I would also like to think I can put my stamp on it.” The 26-year-old said Cook had been in touch to congratulate him on his appointment and that the former skipper would continue to play a key role in the dressing room. “We’ve exchanged a few text messages,” Root said. “He’s tried to let me have a bit of space for now but I think we’ll definitely be in contact over the next few days. “One thing that Cookie will naturally do is let me go about things my way. He’s a very respectful bloke.” Root also dismissed concerns that a lack of leadership experience might hamper him in his

new role. He has previously captained Yorkshire for four first-class matches, but has served as England’s vice-captain for the past 18 months. “I think I’ve played 50odd Test matches now,” he added. “The experience in that arena counts for a lot. I think it’s very different cricket, Test cricket to county championship cricket. “Over the last couple of years I’ve had the added responsibility of the vice-captaincy. “For a while now, I’d like to think that even though I haven’t been captain I’ve been trying to think like a captain as much as possible to try and help Cookie out.”

GWI U-17 cricket tournament bowls off on Saturday THE first edition of the Guyana Water Inc. Under-17 cricket tournament will commence on Saturday with eight matches across the Ancient County. For Saturday’s fixture: Bush Lot Chris will play Blairmont A at Blairmont, Bush Lot United will host Blairmont B, Tucber Park will host Young Warriors B, Young Warriors A will clash with Kendall’s Union at Cumberland, Rose Hall Town Bakewell and Tamarind Root will meet at Area “H”, Toopoo will host Big Star, No. 73 will host to Skeldon, No. 72 Cut and Load and Scotsburg will clash at Scottsburg, while Rose Hall Town Metro Females draw the bye. The 40-over tournament will be played on a knock-out basis. Clubs are reminded that a walkover will be granted if they fail to show up 30 minutes after the scheduled 11:00hrs start. The tournament is organised by the Rose Hall Town

Youth & Sports Club Cricket Development Committee. Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster stated that the tournament forms part of the club’s plans for ju-

nior cricketers in Berbice. The winning team will receive $40 000 and t h e w i n n e r s ’ t ro p h y, while the losing finalists will collect $20 000.

T h e re w i l l a l s o b e special prizes for the man-of-the-final along with the tournament’s best batsman and bowler.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

Million-dollar prize on the line in India

THERE’S more than just the Border-Gavaskar Trophy up for grabs when Australia meet India in a four-Test series next week. As if the Australian cricket team needed any more inspiration to overturn the weight of history and claim a series win in India, here’s some.

US$1 MILLION The International Cricket Council hands out a US$1M prize, along with the Test championship mace, to the top-ranked Test nation annually on April 1. Australia currently trail India by 12 ratings points in the official ICC Test team rankings. Encouragingly for the Aussies, that it is not an unsurmountable lead. But it won’t be easy. Should Steve Smith’s men defy the odds, it would need to be by a considerable margin. A 3-0 series win – or better – would be required to overtake India and claim top spot on the Test tree. A 3-0 result for Australia would see them level

lians, the ICC also hands out cash prizes for teams ranked second through to fourth. And this is where defeat in India could get costs. Especially with New Zealand and South Africa’s Test series overlapping the Border-Gavaskar Trophy series. The ICC pays US$500 000 to the second-ranked team, US$200 000 to the

third and US$100 000 to the fourth-placed side. Depending on results in the three-Test NZ-SA series, Australia could slip as low as third. Should South Africa win their series 3-0, Australia would need to win the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. A drawn series in India, even a 2-2 result, would still see the Proteas claim second spot.

Current ICC Test rankings

The Australia squad warm up at yesterday’s Mumbai’s training session. with India on a rating of 114, but Darren Lehmann’s team would be ahead by a fraction of a point. At the current exchange rate, that’s roughly A$1.3M for the 16-man Australian squad, or $81,250 per player (not including support staff). Conversely, India need just one win from the four-Test series, which

begins in Pune on February 23, to secure themselves top spot and the million-dollar payday. Such a result would be sweet revenge for India. Last year they were the No.1 Test nation after England dethroned South Africa from top spot until Australia beat New Zealand in the Black Caps’ backyard to leapfrog Virat Kohli’s

side at the last minute. Australia then surrendered the Test No.1 ranking in Sri Lanka and, after an injection of fresh talent ahead of this summer’s Adelaide day-night Test, have returned to an upward trajectory they hope will end with the No.1 ranking. Should a 3-0 result prove beyond the Austra-

Preparations moving apace for Guyana Cup rematch

… Entries close on February 19 WITH entries already topping the 50-horse mark, the organisers of the Guyana Cup rematch have confirmed that preparations are moving apace for the one-day event. The one-day event is billed for February 26, at the Rising Sun Turf Club, Arima Park, West Coast, Berbice. “What I can assure the horse racing fraternity is that all the top horses locally will be racing. As it pertains to preparations for the event they are moving as planned. Majority of the logistics are in place as we speak,” Chattergoon Ramnauth, one of the organisers confirmed yesterday. Eight races are billed for the day, according to the original programme

released by the organisers. According to the programme, over $7M is up for grabs, with the feature event classified for D2 and Lower animals. The race will gallop over 1800 metres, and will see the winning stable $1M richer. The other events listed on the day’s programme will see an event for horses classified E1 and Lower West Indies-bred non-earners for 2016 and E3 US- and Canada-bred non-earners for 2016. The winning stable in that event will earn $600 000. There is an event for four-year-old West Indies-bred animals, which are classified G3 and Lower, while there are races for horses classified H and Lower, and

three-year-old West Indies-bred and I1 and Lower horses. Also there is a race for three-year-old West Indies-bred horses and maiden animals, J2 and K class, and animals classified L and Lower. The event is organised by the Jumbo Jet Auto Sales and Racing stable in collaboration with the Rising Sun Turf Club. Entries close on February 19, and according to the organisers no late entries will be accepted. Interested persons can contact Fazal Habibulla on 657-7010 or 232-0232, Donald Lawrie on 225-4530, Compton Sancho 602-1567 or Chattergoon Ramnauth on 697-1979. Race time is 12:30hrs.

Lasith Malinga strikes in his first over on his return from injury.

Sri Lankan XI warm up by thrashing PM’s XI ADAM Voges, the captain of Prime Minister’s XI, struck an unbeaten 54 off 31 balls in his final match against an international team, but Sri Lankan XI crashed his farewell by chasing down 170 with five wickets and 17 balls to spare. After being inserted in Canberra, the hosts lost opener D’Arcy Short in the first over to Lasith Malinga, who was playing his first competitive match since the Asia Cup in February 2016. Joe Burns and Hilton

Cartwright did not last long too but fifties from Sam Heazlett, who made his international debut for Australia in New Zealand last month, and Adam Voges boosted the side with counterattacking half-centuries. Heazlett struck four fours and three sixes, while Voges hit four fours and a six during his unbeaten knock. Cameos from wicketkeeper Alex Carey and off-spinner Arjun Nair helped take the score to 169. Vikum Sanjaya, who is uncapped at the international level, staked his claim for a

spot in Sri Lanka’s XI in the first T20I against Australia on Friday with 3 for 26. Niroshan Dickwella and Upul Tharanga then slashed 70 runs off the target by the end of the Powerplay. The stand ended when Nair had Dickwella caught behind for 47. Upul Tharanga, who was assisted by useful contributions from Dilshan Munaweera (32) and Milinda Siriwardana (25), stayed till the end to guide his team home. (ESPN Cricinfo)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

Whirlwind Bayern crush sorry Arsenal 5-1 (REUTERS) - Bayern Munich crushed Arsenal 5-1 in their Champions League round of 16 first leg yesterday, scoring three goals in a dazzling 10-minute spell in the second half to extend their record to 16 consecutive home wins in the competition. Thiago Alcantara struck twice and Arjen Robben, Robert Lewandowski and substitute Thomas Mueller were also on target as the Bavarians inflicted Arsenal’s first defeat of the season in Europe’s premier club competition. Alexis Sanchez had equalised for the visitors,

Bayern Munich’s Thiago Alcantara celebrates scoring their fourth goal. (Reuters/Michaela Rehle Livepic)

scoring on the rebound after Manuel Neuer saved his 30th-minute penalty but the Gunners suffered when

captain Laurent Koscielny limped off injured to leave the defence exposed. “We should score in Lon-

Ramdhani signs to become ambassador for Yonex Corporation USA GUYANA’S No.1 National badminton player, Narayan Ramdhani, has now signed the 2017 TEAM YONEX BRAND CONTRACT to become their ambassador for the Yonex Corporation USA, and will be exclusively using Yonex racquets, bags, shoes, apparel and accessories supplied by them. This is another breakthrough for him as now he is recognised by a top company that supplies all the top badminton players around the world and for him to be endorsed shows his future in badminton at the international level. Narayan is currently on a five-year Badminton scholarship in Vancouver B.C. Canada provided by Shuttlesport Badminton Academy and attending College/University doing a degree in Sports

Narayan Ramdhani

Science. Yonex Co., Ltd manufactures golf, tennis, and badminton equipment. Its products include racquets, shoes, clothing, bags, strings, stringing machines, and putters. The company also provides accessories such as over-grips, replacement

grips, vibration stoppers, towels and bands, umbrellas, and travel covers. It offers its products through distributors in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and America. Yonex Co., Ltd was founded in 1946 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Yonex has managed to become the dominant corporate player in badminton. Yonex sponsors the All England Open Badminton Championships and is a partner of the Badminton World Federation which organises the World Championships. Upwards of 80% of competitive players use their racquets, as it is the preferred choice among professionals. Yonex is significant in both the tennis and golf industry and is a major sponsor of professional athletes in all three sports.

Bounty handicap squash tournament launched THE Guyana Squash Association (GSA), in collaboration with its corporate sponsor Digicel, launched its 2017 season with the customary Bounty Farm Ltd Handicap Squash To u r n a m e n t w h i c h started yesterday at the Georgetown Club courts. As usual there will be two categories, with the more skilled players participating in the Open  category and the less skilled and younger players participating in Category A. This year more than sixty-six

players have signed up to take part.. Defending champion in the Open category, Jason-Ray Khalil, is away at school so Nyron Joseph starts with the most difficult handicap of -22.  Some of the other players in this category and their handicaps are: Regan Pollard -14, Deje Dias -2, Joseph Mekdeci +4, Taylor Fernandes +4, Dennis Dias +10, Alex Cheeks +3, Daniel Islam +3, Adam Alves +7, David Fernandes +10, Michael Atherley +10,

Javid Rahaman +5 and Medhi Ramdhani +7. In Category A, defending champion Samuel Ince-Carvalhal starts with a -8 handicap while other top-ranked players are Mohyryan Baksh, Abosaide Cadogan, Kirsten Gomes, Madison Fernandes, Aliyah Persaud, Paige Fernandes, Demetrius De Abreu and Gianni Carpenter. All matches are besto f - t h re e a n d a c t i o n starts each evening at 18:00hrs. The finals of all the categories are set for February 19 starting at 11:00hrs.

don but it is a good starting position,” said Bayern captain Philipp Lahm, who will miss the return leg through suspension. “It should be enough for us to go through. “We played very good until the penalty and then the second half was sensational.” Robben said Bayern had proved their recovery from a recent dip in form. “If this was not an answer, then I don’t know. I am a bit surprised by the score but it is the Bayern mentality. When it matters we are always there,” Robben added. Bayern, who knocked out Arsenal at this stage of the

competition in 2005, 2013 and 2014, got off to a perfect start when Robben curled an unstoppable trademark leftfoot shot into the top corner of David Ospina’s goal. Arsenal levelled after being awarded a penalty for a handball by Lewandowski and Sanchez hooked home on the rebound after Neuer saved his spot-kick. The game looked to have lost its pace early in the second half before Bayern stepped on the gas to fire three goals past the English side who collapsed when Koscielny went off injured in the 49th minute. Lahm floated a perfect

cross into the box and Lewandowski rose high above defender Shkodran Mustafi to drill in a header in the 53rd minute. The Poland striker set up Thiago with a perfect flick for Bayern’s third goal three minutes later and the Spaniard grabbed his second with a low drive before substitute Mueller completed the rout two minutes from time. The English team are on course for a seventh last16 exit in a row as Bayern close on a sixth successive quarter-final appearance. The sides meet in the second leg in London on March 7.


St Cuthbert’s Mission dethrone Linden Foundation AS matches in the GCB/ DMLAS/MoE/NSSCL reach the outskirts o f t h e U p p e r D e m e rara-Highway District, St Cuthbert’s Mission Secondary created one of the biggest upsets of the 2016/2017 secondary schools cricket league, w h e n t h e y d e t h ro n e d last year’s Upper Demerara-Highway District Champions, Linden Foundation Secondary. Playing at the Bayroc ground in Upper Demerara, the Highway zone winners St. Cuthbert’s Mission won the toss and took full advantage of such fortune by electing to field first. St Cuthbert’s bowlers troubled the Linden Foundation batsmen, who found it very difficult to score freely, mainly due to consistent and penetrative bowling by their opponents, coupled with high-intensity fielding. As a consequence, Linden Foundation folded for a paltry 123 in just 22.5 overs. Jason FungFee top-scored with 27. Bowling for St Cuthb e r t ’s M i s s i o n , A l d i n Kattow grabbed 3-7 off 3.5 overs, Zak Ferreira took 2-32 and Rabaul Poousammy 2-33. St Cuthbert’s in reply batted aggressively to

Mark Clenkian made an impressive 53 reach their target in 14.5 overs, but not before losing eight wickets. Linden Foundation must be commended for their effort in the field, which saw them make a desperate attempt to retain their Upper Demerara-Highway District title. Batting for St Cuthb e r t ’s M i s s i o n , M a r k Clenkian made an impressive 53, which included five fours and five sixes.

Bowling for Linden Foundation, Jason FungFee claimed 3-20 while We n d e l C o u r t m a n a n d Immanuel Larose both picked up two wickets. St Cuthbert’s Mission will now advance to play East Bank Demerara Zone champions D i a m o n d S e c o n d a r y, for the Upper Demerara-East Bank District trophy today at the Bayroc ground in Upper Demerara from 11:00hrs.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

Regal Real fight back to beat Napoli 3-1

(REUTERS) - Casemiro’s stunning volley crowned a superb display from Real Madrid, who fought back to beat Napoli 3-1 at the Bernabeu in the first leg of their Champions League last-16 tie yesterday. The Brazilian midfielder thundered a spectacular rightfoot shot into the net early in the second half to complete Real’s comeback, adding to efforts either side of halftime from Karim Benzema and Toni Kroos. Napoli, the top scorers in Serie A, grabbed an early goal when Lorenzo Insigne spotted keeper Keylor Navas out of position to curl the ball home from distance, but when Real clicked into gear they created chances at will.

Holders Real, who are chasing a 12th European title and eyeing a seventh straight quarter-final appearance, will travel to Naples for the return leg on March 7. “We’ll go there to a difficult ground where we’ll suffer and it’s still an open game,” Real coach Zinedine Zidane told reporters. “We need to go there and finish it off with our 3-1 advantage.” Real were defending an enviable home record in the Champions League, having gone 11 games undefeated at the Bernabeu, but were facing a Napoli side in form, unbeaten in their last 18 matches in all competitions. The hosts were at the throats of their opponents

Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos celebrates scoring their second goal. (Reuters/Juan Medina Livepic) within moments of the kickoff as Benzema forced a reflex save from Pepe Reina with barely 20 seconds on the clock. At that point it looked

like it could be a long evening for Napoli, but the Italians were in no mood to lie down and took the lead to cap a frenetic opening after eight minutes.

Insigne was fed through by Marek Hamsik and spotted Real keeper Navas out of position. Quick as a flash and with two defenders closing in, he bent a shot into the corner from 35 metres. The lead lasted 10 minutes as Real drew level when Dani Carvajal’s arrowed cross was headed powerfully into the net by Benzema, his 51st Champions League goal, lifting him into fifth on the all-time scorers list. The remainder of the half was spent mainly in Napoli territory as Real continued to press, with Cristiano Ronaldo blasting over after being set free by Luka Modric and Benzema clipping the outside of the post when through on goal.

Their dominance, however, was rewarded four minutes after the restart as Ronaldo skipped to the byline and pulled it back for Kroos on the edge of the box to sidefoot calmly past Reina. Four minutes later Casemiro took the game, and perhaps the tie, away from Napoli with a stunning rightfoot volley from 25 metres that left Reina flailing. “We faced the best team in the world, but it’s a pity that we made so many mistakes with the ball because we usually don’t do that,” said Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri. “The return leg? We will try to win 2-0, but I don’t think Madrid would agree with that.”

Malone stars in Savage Masters win Irish horses dominate

LED by a brilliant all-round performance from Ramo Malone, Savage Masters won the Ogle Community Centre one-day, four-team softball invitational tournament over Regal Masters on Sunday. Malone first hit his way to 42, which eventually took Savage to 131-3 from their 15 overs before returning with the ball to pick up 3-27. Malone and Unis Yusuf added 80 runs for the first wicket before Yusuf was dismissed for 30. Rishie Ramsaywack made 31 at the backend of the innings. Raymond Harper was the best bowler for Regal Masters, picking up 3-27. The star-studded Regal Masters team, who will be jetting off to the Florida Cup next week, were off to a slow start, which eventually cost them at the end of the innings. They lost by three runs. Mahesh Chunilall (54), Eon Abel (23) and Rudolph Baker (22 not out) were the only batsmen to show some commitment with the bat. The well-deserved victory is Savage Masters’ second successive championship following their shared title with Mike’s Wellman in the Georgetown Softball Cricket League’s Republic Cup. In the semifinals, Regal beat Mike’s Wellman by 36 runs while Savage got the better of Ariel Masters by 17 runs. The top three teams and Most Valuable Player Ramo Malone received trophies. The day’s activity was organised by the executives and members of the Ogle Community Centre to raise funds for the club.

top weights for Grand National

Most Valuable Player Ramo Malone receives his trophy.

(REUTERS) - Irish-trained horses look set to repeat last year’s dominance of the Grand National as they were given the top five weights for the famous marathon steeplechase at Aintree, Liverpool on April 8. Five of last year’s top six finishers were trained in Ireland and April’s race announced on Tuesday contains 20 horses trained in

the country out of the top 40 entries - the maximum runners allowed - on the list. Michael O’Leary’s Gigginstown House Stud won with Rule The World last year and the businessman appears intent on staging a repeat with 12 of his 16 entries on the 109-horse list guaranteed a run if trainer Gordon Elliot opts to race them.

CRICKET QUIZ CORNER (Thursday February 16, 2017) COMPLIMENTS OF THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market & The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL COMPANY LTD-83 Garnett Street, Campbellville, Georgetown (Tel: 225-6158) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: (1) Kieran Powell-510 runs (Leeward Hurricanes) (2) Kieran Powell-135 vs Windward Volcanoes Today’s Quiz: (1) Who recorded the best bowling figures in a single game during the preliminary round of CWI/Nagicor Super 50, 2017? (2) Which Guyanese bowler took most wickets in CWI/Nagi cor Super 50, 2017?

The victorious Savage Masters team



GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, February 16, 2017

Barbados Pride, Leeward Hurricanes clash in second semi-final today

ST JOHN’S, Antigua, (CMC) – Tournament favourites Barbados Pride will chase their third final in four years while hosts Leeward Islands Hurricanes will focus their energies on ending their recent lean run, when they meet in the second semi-final of the Regional Super50 here today. Both sides enter the day/ night contest at Coolidge Cricket Ground with differing motivations. Pride, last year’s losing finalists, have been outstanding in the tournament with just a single loss and victory will take them one step closer to fulfilling the high expectations surrounding them. Hurricanes in contrast entered the tournament with little or no pressure but have surpassed expectations to qualify for the knockout round, and now eye the chance to reach their first final since they won the competition back in 2011 and

Leeward Islands Hurricanes captain Kieran Powell … has been the tournament’s leading run-scorer. shared the title ironically with Barbados. Head coach Reginald Benjamin said success in the tournament would be a huge boost not just for the team but for the sub-region as a whole. [Winning the tournament would be good] not only for

Thompson sets new indoor national record

NATIONAL record-holder Brenessa Thompson has done it again. She has added the national women’s 200m to her women’s outdoor 100m and 200m records, and the Olympian is looking forward to much more during the year. The Texas A & M University athlete ran 23.36 seconds at the Clemson Tiger Paw Invitational held last Saturday at the Clemson University Indoor Complex, to finish third. The 20-year-old sprinter is elated about her accomplishment, saying she feels poised to achieve much more. “I feel like I’m at a much better place than last year. This indoor season, my main focus was on doing a better job than in my freshman year. I ended my freshman year last year with a 24.04 PB, now this year I ran 23.36 and I am very happy with my performance,” Thompson expressed. Thompson, a US-born athlete is Guyanese by naturalisation, and has represented Guyana at the World Junior Championships, the annual CARIFTA Games, and last year for the first time represented Guyana

at the Olympics. Many Guyanese got to see Thompson perform on home soil for the first time last year June, when she came for the Aliann Pompey Invitational which was held at the National Track and Field Centre in Leonora. Thompson wowed the spectators in the women’s 100m where she set the national record at 11.14 seconds. She already has the 200m record which she had set at 22.99 seconds in May.

Brenessa Thompson

the Leeward Islands team itself, but for the Leeward Islands people,” he said. “For a long time they have been suffering with sub-standard teams and to reach this far is an accomplishment but to win it would be something we could be really proud of.” Hurricanes finished second in Group A hosted here in Antigua, losing only twice – on both occasions to group winners and reigning champions Trinidad and Tobago Red Force. H o w e v e r, t h e y p u t enough of their talent on display to show they will be a force to be reckoned with,

and with Pride starting as favourites, Benjamin said his side liked the label of underdogs. “People underestimate us and even me personally, I like when people underestimate me, that’s when I get the best of me,” he explained. “That’s the same thing I try and teach my team [that] when people underestimate you that’s when you rise to that highest position or that highest expectation without them noticing.” Benjamin warned, however, that he did see playing at home as an advantage as Pride were a massively experienced side and would

easily adjust. At the top of the order, Pride boasts Test opener Kraigg Brathwaite who has already scored over 400 runs, and the likes of Shai Hope, Roston Chase, Jonathan Carter and Shane Dowrich follow in the middle order. Then, off-spinner Ashely Nurse, with a tournament-leading 22 wickets, and captain and seamer Jason Holder with 15 wickets, have been outstanding with the ball. Trotman said he expected his side to carry their form into the semi-final, regardless of the new conditions they will encounter.

“They are planning and preparing very well so I’m looking forward to this part of the competition,” he said. “I’m full of confidence but not too overconfident of course. The boys are professionals, they know their jobs, they know what they have to do and they just have to execute well.” He continued: “They are professionals and they have to adjust and adjust well and adjust quickly. They’ve played down here before so they’re no strangers to down here, so they know how down here plays so they just have to adjust nicely.”

Barbados Pride, Leeward Hurricanes clash in second semi-final today See Page 31

First Regional Super 50 semi-final

Scorpions destroy Red Force with record-breaking performance

Chadwick Walton celebrates his century at the Coolidge Cricket Ground

Man-of-the-Match: Rovman Powell claims another wicket in his five for 36.

Jermaine Blackwood celebrates his century at Coolidge Cricket Ground.

Modernising and reforming of Cricket West Indies remains a concern for the region - says Ambassador LaRocque

CARICOM Secretary-General, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque, maintains that the modernising and reforming of Cricket West Indies (formerly West Indies Cricket Board) remains a concern for the regional body. LaRocque was at the time speaking at a press briefing on Monday in the lead-up to the 28th Intersessional Meeting of the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Conference,

which will be held today and tomorrow at the Secretariat. “The position of the community is very clear on the need for modernising and reforming the administration of West Indies cricket, which remains a concern, notwithstanding the instances where performances may have improved from time to time. By and large there is a problem that we need to look at and we continue to peruse that,” the Secretary-General stated.

The current Cricket West Indies administration, led by Dave Cameron, has drawn a lot of criticism over the last two years. Incidentally Cameron is posed for a third term, w h e n t h e o rg a n i s a t i o n stages its Annual General Meeting next month, but his popularity outside the board has dipped, ever since CARICOM cricket review panel in November 2015 termed the board’s governance structure as “antiquated,” “obsolete” and “anachronistic”, and has recommended the WICB be dissolved and all

current members resign. “The Heads of Government have established a mechanism for continuing to look at the issue and that will continue,” LaRocque disclosed. The CARICOM panel was appointed by the Prime Ministerial Committee on the Governance of West Indies Cricket in the wake of the crisis that engulfed the board after the BCCI suspended bilateral ties and slapped $41.97M as damages following West Indies’ decision to pull out midway their India tour in 2014.

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CARICOM Secretary-General, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2017

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