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First Lady Sandra Granger assists in cutting the ribbon as she declares open Benjamin's Bakery in Buxton, East Coast Demerara

One held for White Castle Fish Shop fire



Dead: Suresh Khellowan


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, April 16, 2018

Report all acts of corruption ASSISTANT Director of Public Prosecutions Teshana James-Lake, is urging holders of public office to report any suspicious act of corruption, assuring that legislation is in place to protect “whistleblowers” At an Anti-Corruption Sensitisation Seminar at Region Three (West Demerara-Essequibo Islands), the assistant director of public prosecutions explained that there are different types of offences that characterise improper conduct of persons operating within public and private offices. These include: larceny by clerk or servant; larceny by public officer; embezzlement by clerk or servant; embezzlement by public officer; fraudulent misappropriation of property; fraudulent conversion of property; falsification of accounts by officer, clerk or servant; forgery; public servants taking gratification other than legal remuneration in respect of an official act; and corrupt transaction by and with agent. James-Lake said once an act of corruption is committed it should be reported, and it is the Guyana Police Force, the State Asset Recovery Unit (SARU), the Special Organised Crime Unit SOCU) and/or the Department of Public Prosecutions

– assistant director of public prosecutions urges Region Three officials (DPP) that will characterise the act into an offence. “If you are an accounts clerk in the REO’s office, and you see monies being spent on items that are not for the use of the region, that are not being used in the as the accounts clerk you’re asked to disclose that information, because what is occurring there, is an offence,” she told those present at the Regional Democratic Council (RDC). At the regional level, she said there have been cases in which projects were signed off and contractors paid in full for projects that were either incomplete or were never done. Such was the case in Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Upper Berbice), when three RDC staff members were charged back in 2016 for allegedly colluding to falsify contracts. The alleged act of corruption was unearthed in the 2015 Auditor General’s Report. According to law, an official who falsifies any account, statement, receipt or records; or conspires or colludes with any person to defraud the state is guilty of an indictable offence and is liable of a fine of ($2M) and

Parliamentary Counsel Ronetta Sargent (Photos by Adrian Narine)

Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions Teshana James-Lake

imprisonment for three years. The assistant director of public prosecutions emphasised that while collar crimes must be reported. “We cannot all sit here and say, we don’t want corruption, we don’t want bribery, we want Guyana to be this successful country, if we sit there, see persons stealing the government’s money and we say nothing,” she told the local and regional officers present, again assuring that “whistleblowers” will be protected under the Protected Disclosures (Whistleblower) Act. Parliamentary Counsel Ronetta Sargent, who was among the presenters during

the Anti-Corruption Seminar on Wednesday, explained that the Protected Disclosure Act “seeks to assist in combating corruption and other wrongdoings, both in the public and private sectors by encouraging and facilitating the making of disclosures of improper conduct.” It was made clear that persons making disclosures are protected. Section 2 of the Protected Disclosure Act defines a disclosure as “the disclosing of information by a person which shows or potentially shows that another person is committing, has committed or is likely to commit an improper conduct.”

“An improper conduct being any commission of a criminal offence, failure to carry out a legal obligation, conduct that is likely to threaten the health or safety of a person or the environment, or conduct that tends to show gross mismanagement, impropriety or misconduct in the carrying out of any activity involving the use of public funds or the financing resource of an employer,” Sargent further explained. The parliamentary counsel noted that the risk of corruption is significantly higher in environments where the reporting of wrongdoing is not supported or protected. However, she emphasised that Guyana’s “whistleblowers” will be protected under the Protected Disclosures Act. “Encouraging and facilitating “whistleblowing,” particularly by providing effective legal protection and clear guidance on reporting procedures, among other things, help authorities monitor compliance and detect violations of anti-corruption laws…The protection of public and private sector “whistleblowers” as well as persons who interface with these sectors from retaliation

for reporting in good faith suspected acts of corruption and other wrongdoings is therefore integral to efforts to combat corruption, promote public sector integrity and accountability, and support a clean business environment,” the parliamentary counsel emphasised. It is hoped that with the Protected Disclosures Act and other anti-corruption legislation in place, persons living in Guyana would be more encouraged to join the ongoing campaign aimed at stamping out corruption, publicly and privately. The call for persons to blow the whistle on public and private office holders involved in white collar crime comes at a time when former Finance Minister under the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) administration, Dr Ashni Singh and former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) Winston Brassington, have been given three weeks to appear before Chief Magistrate Ann Mc Lennan. The two are required to answer to three charges of misconduct in public office, contrary to the public law. The charges were filed by the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU).

One held for White Castle Fish Shop fire AN investigation continues into Saturday’s suspected arson attack on the popular White Castle fish shop

located on John and Hadfield Streets, Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown, where the business owner faces some

that this is not the first time a fire was started at the building, noting that a similar occurrence took place in 2017. Langevine received word around 04:00hrs about the fire from his workers and thanked the police and the fire service for their timely response. He said that he has invested over 16 years into the business and is now contemplating his next move. “We got to go to court or something, because I can’t do anything else right now. I don’t have no money, all my money burnt inside there. I don’t have any ground floor. money to invest and start The fish shop operthis back. I got workers sitates at the bottom flat of ting down waiting to work, the four-storey building, bills to pay…my landlord but further damage was come for his rent now and averted upon the arrival I don’t have his rent,” the of the fire service, which man told the newspaper. prevented the flames from The police are still spreading outwards and collecting statements and upwards. The White Castle fish shop is questioning workers in Speaking with the Guy- located on John and Hadfield ana Chronicle, proprietor Streets, Werk-en-Rust, George- keeping with the investiJermaine Langevine said town (Photo by Adrian Narine) gation process. Proprietor of the fish shop Jermaine Langevine assesses the damage to his business (Photo by Adrian Narine)

$18M in losses. This newspaper understands that at least one person is in police custody assisting with the investigation. According to Chief Fire Officer Marlon Gentle, on Saturday around 02:30hrs, four units from the areas of Central Georgetown, West Ruimveldt and Alberttown responded to the fire which had already consumed the


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, April 16, 2018

Search on for top cop – several interviewed for posts of police commissioner, deputy By Leroy Smith EIGHT assistant commissioners of police (ACPs) were last week interviewed and wrote an assessment test as President David Granger commences the search for a substantive commissioner of police, as well as two deputy commissioners. The Guyana Chronicle was reliably informed that on Wednesday last, four very senior government operatives, inclusive of the minister of public security and the attorney general were part of the interviewing panel. The eight assistant commissioners of police were first part of a general briefing, followed by a test which they were mandated to write and an interview process followed. The process was done at the Ministry of the Presidency and all the assistant commissioners were required to spend a minimum of 15 and no more than 20 minutes in the interview room, this publication learnt. Assistant Commissioners David Ramnarine, Clifton Hicken, Leslie James, Lyndon Alves, Marlon Chapman, Paul Williams, Nigel Hoppie and the lone female, Maxine Graham were those who were interviewed. Contrary to rumours in some sections of society, the interviews were not conducted by any member of the Guyana Defence Force

(GDF), however, the secretary to the Defence Board was reportedly the person who took notes during the sessions. This publication was also informed that the assistant commissioners were informed that the process for the selection has now commenced. President David Granger is constitutionally required to consult with Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo on the appointment of the top cop. Previously, there was no search committee established for this process, neither were the prospective candidates interviewed. Observers say this is another effort of the administration to bring transparency to the process. Under the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) administration, then President Bharrat Jagdeo had appointed, now deceased, Henry Greene to the top post despite fierce rejection by several sections of the society and the diplomatic community, including the US. Greene’s US visas was cancelled the same day he assumed control of the force.   Speaking under the condition of anonymity, a senior police officer described the new process as refreshing and welcoming, contending that it allows a fit and proper person to be selected for the post. Currently, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) does not have any substantive

Assistant Commissioner Lyndon Alves

Assistant Commissioner Marlon Chapman

Assistant Commissioner Maxine Graham

Assistant Commissioner Clifton Hicken

Assistant Commissioner Nigel Hoppie

Assistant Commissioner Leslie James

Assistant Commissioner David Ramnarine

Assistant Commissioner Paul Williams

deputy commissioners of police. Those acting in that position are Crime Chief Paul Williams, Operations Head Clifton Hicken and Administration Head David Ramnarine, who is also the acting top cop. The fourth deputy commissioner of police office is that of the Special Branch

but that unit is now being headed by a superintendent of police. President David Granger is on record as saying that only someone who is fit and proper and not corrupt, should be the next commissioner of police. Back in February when he addressed the opening of

the Police Officers’ Conference, President Granger said lawless policemen have no place in a lawful Force. He told the gathering that a Force which is contaminated by corruption cannot ensure the security of citizens. “Service in the Force must be based on values and commitment, competence

and incorruptibility. Police reform is not a political gimmick. It goes to the heart of law enforcement,” the President had said. He added that he was confident that with the implementation of those reforms, the Force will be better able to ensure citizens’ safety.

Guyana guarding against Dutch disease – Jordan assures By Ariana Gordon AS Guyana prepares for oil production in 2020, Finance Minister Winston Jordan has said it would have to guard against the Dutch disease by using economic and financial policies to prevent any major appreciation of the local currency. Speaking Friday with reporters, Jordan said it is accepted that with the budding industry and the expected large inflows of US dollars from oil on the horizon, there

could be appreciation of the Guyana dollar, but noted that it all depends on the pace of development and how much of the oil money seeps into the formal economy. He made the statement against the backdrop of establishment of the Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) which is geared at holding revenues derived from the oil and gas sector. “It is like the special account for the signature bonus… but it will seep into the economy, but it depends on what rate—what rate depends on our capacity to absorb,” Jordan explained.

He noted that with a population of 750,000 people, there is a great need for capacity-building. He said oftentimes, there is money available to be spent, but cannot [be spent] because there is a lack of capacity to do so. “I want us to guard against, in that case, people wanting to consume it as opposed to having it invested in the public sector and other investment programmes. We don’t have the capacity, we need to start building it -- not only in the public sector but also in the private sector,” the finance minister said. He gave the example of

when Guyana celebrated its 50th independence anniversary in 2016. Then, there was a large influx of foreigners to Guyana and a high circulation of foreign money (US dollars). During that period, he said the rate appreciated. “The rate appreciated, because you have far more supply of US dollars than people are demanding, so to get rid of the US dollar or for the market to clear the rate appreciated [price had to drop]. Appreciation in small economies like ours is not very good, because it has issues of competitiveness of products that you sell,” Jor-

dan explained. But with the country’s oil and gas sector expecting to take off in 2020, the value of the Guyana dollar will increase against the US dollar. However, while he made this clear, the minister was not prepared to provide an estimate of that increase. He also declined to state what the country’s net earnings are likely to be during the first year of oil production. RUNNING MODELS “There have been various runs on that. I don’t at this stage want to disclose what it

is. Right now, we are running some models,” he stated. Asked whether he believes there will be a need for subsidies to cushion some sectors, the minister said he personally dislikes subsidies as they (subsidies) in his opinion distorts resource allocation, has the potential to result in mismanagement, and the people who should be the beneficiaries are oftentimes not. Meanwhile, asked what plans Guyana has to avoid falling victim to the Dutch disease and the depreciation of the local currency, Jordan Turn to page 8 ►


Arab leaders call for probe into Syria chemical attacks, condemn Iran DHAHRAN, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) - The Arab League called on Sunday for an international probe into the “criminal” use of chemical weapons in Syria and condemned what it saw as Iran’s interference in the affairs of other countries. Saudi Arabia and Iran have for decades been locked in a struggle for regional supremacy that is now being played out in proxy wars in several countries, including Yemen and Syria. “We stress our absolute condemnation of the use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people and we demand an independent international investigation to guarantee the application of international law against anyone proven to have used chemical weapons,” said a statement distributed to journalists. It emphasised the need for a political solution to the multi-sided Syrian war. Saudi Arabia and its allies have expressed support for Saturday’s missile strikes by the United States, Britain and France against alleged chemical weapons facilities in Syria, while Iraq and Lebanon condemned the strikes. Damascus denies using or possessing chemical weapons and called the strikes an act of aggression. Military help over the past three years from Russia and Iran, which also backs Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Shi’ite Muslim militias in Iraq, has allowed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to crush the rebel threat to topple him. The communique called for more international sanctions on Iran and urged it to withdraw “its militias” from Syria and Yemen. “The summit condemned Iranian interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries, either through igniting sectarian strife or planting militias in Arab countries such as Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen, and harbouring al Qaeda terrorists,” Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Jubeir told a news conference. Iran denies the accusations.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, April 16, 2018

Push for new referendum on final Brexit deal

LONDON, United Kingdom (AFP) — A new cross-party campaign for a referendum on Britain’s EU departure deal was launched on Sunday, insisting the British public -- and not just politicians -- should be given a say. The People’s Vote campaign wants a referendum so the public can ratify or reject the final Brexit agreement, due to be concluded between London and Brussels in October, before Britain leaves the European Union (EU) on those terms at the end of March 2019. More than a thousand people packed into the Electric Ballroom venue in north London for the raucous launch, complete with t-shirts, flags, posters and pints. Lawmakers from the governing Conservative Party, as well as the opposition Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green parties, and “Star Trek” actor Patrick Stewart, addressed the crowd. “It’s a vote to ratify the final deal, which is different to the initial thoughts of people when they bought this product,” Lib Dem MP Layla Moran, one of the speakers, told AFP afterwards. “This isn’t just for remainers. This is for leavers too.”

After Britain leaves the EU, a transition period will run until the end of 2020. The transition deal will not be finalised unless Britain and the other 27 EU countries agree on divorce terms by October -- Brussels’ deadline to wrap up talks. The British government wants to quit the single market and customs union, while aiming to retain the closest possible ties with the bloc. Moran said any new referendum would have to happen after the deal is completed in October and before Brexit day at the end of March -- meaning campaigners are short on time. The first step would be to convince enough lawmakers -- crucially Labour and Conservative backbenchers, emboldened by demand from the public -- to get a new referendum in legislation, likely through an amendment to a Brexit bill. MPs would then set the referendum question, which could potentially include several options: accepting the deal, rejecting it and leaving on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms, or staying in the EU.

To the launch’s loudest cheers, Labour MP Chuka Umunna urged his party to be “true to its values” and support a new referendum, as people angrily asked why Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was absent. The push is run by Open Britain, which grew out of the official Remain campaign of the 2016 referendum. The campaign brings together eight other anti-Brexit groups. “Brexit is not inevitable. What the government comes back with, not what was promised in the referendum, will be the real deal. It should not be a done deal,” said Open Britain executive director James McGrory. “Brexit will affect everybody in the country, which is why it should not be left to 650 politicians to decide our future but 65 million people.” Brexit remains a fractious topic in Britain, with less than a year to go until the country quits the EU. In the seismic June 2016 referendum on Britain’s EU membership, 52 per cent of the UK’s British, Irish and Commonwealth residents, plus Britons abroad who had lived in Britain in the last 15 years, voted to leave.

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, April 16, 2018

US Customs releases new footage to disrupt drug trafficking in C’bean Sea MIAMI, United States (CMC) — The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency has released new footage aimed at disrupting drug trafficking operations in the Caribbean Sea. CBP said its Air and Marine Operations (AMO) and task force partners have intercepted “a succession of drug-laden vessels packed with thousands of pounds of cocaine and marijuana during targeted operations in the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic in recent weeks. “New footage is available at @CBPFlorida on Twitter of a CBP Air and Marine Operations crew detecting a suspicious vessel and working with task

force partners to intercept,” CBP said. It said Operation Full Court Press is led by CBP’s Air and Marine Operations Southeast Region, targeting “maritime smuggling organisations responsible for cocaine trafficking throughout the Caribbean and beyond.” CBP said the enhanced enforcement operations “leveraged” interagency partnerships with the US Coast Guard and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). “This is the latest example of Air and Marine Operations’ experienced agents stopping threats before they reach our shores by employing advanced aviation and maritime capabilities,” said South-

east Region Executive Director Eric Rembold. “Extending the nation’s borders further away from the geographic border allows us to dramatically increase our detection capabilities and disrupt illicit trafficking by working alongside our federal and international maritime partners,” he added. CBP said its Air and Marine Operations Southeast Region area of responsibility extends eastward from Southeast Texas to the US Virgin Islands and includes the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and “a large portion of the Caribbean Sea.” According to the CBP, agents with the Caribbean Air and Marine Branch,

New Orleans Air and Marine Branch, Jacksonville Air and Marine Branch and Miami Air and Marine Branch supported the multi-agency operations which involve “patrolling the seas and skies, intercepting contraband, catching smugglers and assisting in rescue and recovery operations.” In the fiscal year 2017, CBP said its air and marine operations enforcement actions resulted in the “approximate seizure or disruption” of 269,790 pounds of cocaine; 384,230 pounds of marijuana; 5,721 pounds of methamphetamine; 1,089 weapons and US$26.1 million; 2,573 arrests and 37,009 apprehensions of illegal immigrants.

Holness joins in condemning killing of Ecuador journalists JAMAICA GLEANER – Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness has expressed solidarity in condemning the killing of three journalists in Ecuador. Speaking at the Summit of the Americas on Saturday, Holness joined leaders in the hemisphere in expressing outrage at the killing. On Friday, it was confirmed that three journalists who were kidnapped along the Colombia/Ecuador border were killed by their captors. The prime minister said the targeted killing of journalists is a threat to democracy and efforts to fight corruption. “Democracy, as a system of Government, has been instrumental in the mainte-

Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness nance of the rule of law in the hemisphere...freedom of the press is a fundamental

pillar of democracy therefore, in the context of our meeting here today, I express Jamaica´s solidarity and sympathies to the media community, people and Government of Ecuador on the tragic murder of the three Ecuadorian journalists recently,” stressed Holness. He noted that press freedom was essential to good democratic governance. The prime minister, who was making his statement at the full meeting of 33 Heads of Government of hemispheric leaders, noted that Jamaica has made improvements to its mechanisms to stamp out corruption through the Access to Information Act and the recently passed Integrity

Commission Act among others. “I am pleased to report substantial progress in Jamaica’s fight against corruption as highlighted in the findings of the 2017 Corruption Perception Index of Transparency International. The 2017 ranking represented

the best ranking and score achieved by us in the last decade and signifies that Jamaica is now comparable to that of the Americas in this regard. The improvement is as a result of a committed series of strategic actions by our government, to reduce corruption and put Jamaica

on a path of true development and prosperity,” added the prime minister. Holness said Jamaica has also supported the establishment and implementation of regional anti-corruption conventions and mechanisms, which have been beneficial.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, April 16, 2018

Management of our resources

GUYANA’S resources — including the Consolidated Fund, natural resources, systems and institutions, buildings and infrastructure, and the services provided by the state and government — are the properties and responsibilities of the people. Every Guyanese, irrespective of identity, political association, or other diversity, must feel obligated to zealously guard and protect these resources.  The deep sense of pride we feel when the country or one of its citizens is distinguished in the world must be met with corresponding indignation when our resources are mismanaged or abused. It is how we represent ourselves in the management of our resources and affairs that determines how the world treats with us. Consequently, it requires eternal vigilance to ensure that we maintain a positive image on the domestic and external fronts. Revelations in the 2015 Auditor General’s Report of the misuse of the Consolidated Fund, including contractors being overpaid millions of dollars, should incense us. Mismanaged, misused, or misappropriated, the money still belongs to the taxpayers, and those responsible for its careless use must be held to account. The nation expects the Public Accounts Committee of the National Assembly, chaired by the PPP/C shadow minister of finance, Member of Parliament (MP) Irfaan Ali, would address this matter frontally. It must not matter to

this MP that malpractices occurred during the 2015 PPP/C leadership. Where issues require the attention of the police, such action needs to be taken, lest a message be sent that some can abuse the people’s properties and never be held to account under the law. The Guyana Police Force (GPF) is urged to do a thorough job, so that cases are not only taken to the court, but the culpable are also held accountable. Money coming from the Consolidated Fund that is not used for the assigned projects could have been used to enhance societal well-being in areas such as education, health and internal security. Evident across the country are state buildings that are in need of dire repair, and that wasted money could have been utilised here, improving the buildings aesthetics and making them habitable and functional. For instance, the nation’s leading institution for research and development, the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI), has buildings in Mon Repos which are meant to house staff and conduct the institution’s business, but these buildings are very decrepit. Conversely, there are buildings being occupied by persons who are not working with the state, whose occupancy of these buildings denies officers entitled to housing a right to which they are entitled. In the construction of roads, bridges

and other physical infrastructure, it helps when they are properly done; because it saves the taxpayers the money that has to be spent when these infrastructures have to be revisited in a short space of time for repairs and rebuilding. Guyanese must be possessed of sufficient pride to reject substandard work. For instance, there must be rejection of constructed roads that fall short of internationally acceptable engineering specifications, which would also factor in climatic environment, and vehicular and pedestrian safety such as pavements and crosswalks. Management of the natural resources such as bauxite, gold and forestry should also attract our attention. Prudent management focuses on the benefits brought to citizens through proper accounting, inclusivity, sustainable development, and respect for the environment. Where it is felt the assigning of properties/land for extraction is tipped in favour of the privileged class and non-Guyanese, this perception must be addressed. Given that these properties belong to Guyanese, it is not unreasonable for citizens to expect officials to carry out their duties in a manner that facilitates opportunities, not hindrances. Our laws are made primarily to treat every citizen as a human being deserving of dignity and respect. In achieving this, we must strive to ensure that all are held to the

same standards and play by the same rules. Those who have responsibility for policing the law must treat every complaint equally, irrespective of the complainant. The GPF must be assured of its independence to serve and protect the citizens without fear, favour, ill-will or appreciation. For instance, it is a traffic violation to jump the traffic lights, and any who violates this law, irrespective of position in society, must be held to account. Similarly, in the management of the state and government affairs, it is reasonable to expect that officials take the time to acquaint themselves with the rules and laws directing their duties, and act accordingly. Failure to do so comes at a cost to society in dollar value; since the decision taken was not only a waste of money in execution, but requires money to correct. Public officials, elected and appointed, are entrusted with the responsibility of managing the properties of the people. With this comes expectation that the service they provide would be courteous, timely, proficient, and consistent with societal norms. There is no denying that the public service needs to be professionalised, and the recommendations of the Public Service Commission of Inquiry offer such opportunity. Resources of the state have to be managed in the interest, and to the benefit, of the people. It helps if we can intensify the efforts. (Reprinted)

Kissoon sees ‘fire and brimstone’ in my judgement

Dear Editor,

I REFER to Frederick Kissoon‘s letter published in the Stabroek News, Friday, April 13, 2018 under the caption, “Ogunseye had problems with Roopnaraine’s political culture.” For the purpose of this letter, I am ignoring most of what he wrote in his ongoing attempts to mislead the public and to discredit me. For the benefit of the public and, without even checking on the accuracy of the reported content, I wish to state that the email he referred to was indeed written by me. Unlike Kissoon, I don’t play games with my politics. At the time of writing the referenced email I

was fully aware with whom I was communicating and the likelihood of it being used in the way it was. The point I wish to note here is that if Kissoon believed when I communicated my views of Dr. Roopnaraine to him I had hoped he would have treated with it in a confidential manner, he was then, and is now, more foolish than I thought he was. It is well known throughout this society that the one best way to keep information in Guyana confidential is to tell Freddie Kissoon. Kissoon sees “fire and brimstone” in my judgement of comrade Rupert Roopnaraine. I stand by the observations I made to him. Kissoon is well aware (having been in the party for some time and, enjoyed the same

privilege), that WPA’s political culture allows for frank and objective criticism – whether those criticisms are expressed in or outside of the party - of any its members or leaders. I have been subjected to similar examination and criticisms by not only party members, but also by members of the public. This is borne out by the fact that Kissoon himself has quoted remarks he claimed were directed to me by eminent persons in the WPA, including, the highly acclaimed and deeply respected, Brother/Elder Eusi Kwayana It is my strongly held view that the real reason for Kissoon’s revealing of the information in my email to him, resides in his attempt to fool the public into believing he was telling

the truth in respect of what he claimed had transpired in court in my libel action (see SN Thursday April 12, 2018) This, to my mind, underscores the depths of his deviousness and the extent of his contempt for the public. I wish to offer this advice to Kissoon: go to the court registry and collect copies of the decision of the judge/magistrate who presided in the matter and publish that information. Editor, once that information exists, is authenticated and is publicly revealed I, Tacuma Ogunseye, will announce forthwith the end of my involvement in politics. Regards, Tacuma Ogunseye


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, April 16, 2018

Revoke Ministry of Education security tenders, re-start bids

Dear Editor,

I WAS most appalled to read a letter written by Mr. Julius Williams and published in the Guyana Chronicle on Saturday, April 14, 2018 under the headline, ‘Education Ministry should re-tender those bids’. Williams’ letter exposed the flagrant and vulgar violation of proper procurement procedures by the Ministry of Education in the handling of tenders for security services. It is clear to me that the tender process was deliberately manipulated to favour an obscure security firm with no track record in the business, while upstanding security firms were, and continue to be sidelined. In my opinion, this “smells to the high heavens” of illegal kickbacks and payoffs under the table. It is heartbreaking to know that the same atrocity happens over and over again when tenders are handled by other ministries and state agencies.  That is why I fully support Williams’ call for all reputable bidders to reject this highly flawed and questionable process by the Ministry of Education. I call on the ministry to throw out this corrupt tender process,

then restart a new one that is open, fair and transparent. How does the ministry explain that other bidders were omitted from the process? How come only Neville Spence and Inter Service Enterprise Security attended the bid opening, much to the surprise of other security company representatives who only discovered that there was another open competitive bidding when they went to witness the opening of sealed bids for the provision of security services for the Dependants Pension Fund? RK’s Security Services was one of the security firms that discovered this irregularity at that same time. What justification can the ministry come up with to explain what happened? Like Williams, I am convinced that it was a deliberate act to rob bidders of the opportunity to get the contract. It looks like someone benefited from inside information about this tender. RK’s Security has had its share of experiences with the Ministry of Education. In 2017, we successfully bid for a contract with that ministry and, after being told we were successful, spent huge sums of money preparing to fulfil our responsibilities. We en-

gaged and recruited security officers, bought uniforms, provided quality training and obtained a performance bond. But after all our expenditure, we were told that the contract had been terminated for ‘convenience’ with just a few hours’ notice given before we were to commence. Utter and gross disrespect! This matter is now before the Supreme Court. I am inviting all the other security companies affected to contact me so that we can organise a class action lawsuit against the Ministry of Education and the Government of Guyana. I have a feeling that if we band together and present a united front we can win this case. Think of how interesting it would be to get the ministry’s Permanent Secretary Mr. Vibert Welch in the witness box. Further, I would like to encourage all the aggrieved parties and members of the Guyana Association of Private Security Organisations (GAPSO) to join together and conduct picketing exercises at the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the Presidency. I am prepared to even lead the team for this cause and as-

GDF Football Club must be sanctioned

APART from being supposedly the most financially lucrative football club, GDF- F.C., symbolically represents a national institution, albeit, the Guyana Defence Force. Suffice it to say that all the basic amenities which a football club requires the army line-up is unmatched in Guyana. So, in actually losing locally to an opponent, is hardly unlikely. However, “with the level of any sport, normally being determined, by the level of administration in place”. Sadly from all indications, the Elite League defending champions are lacking in the most important aspect of the sport-- administration! Editor, as a consequence the GFF executive must “spare no bones in convening an emergency General Council meeting at the earliest given opportunity to: sanction GDF F.C, for its non-participation in the CONCACAF Club

Championship”, apart from any sanction imposed by CONCACAF. Sir, by way of seeking approval for participation, prior to receiving the fixtures and rules along with financial assistance in double digits of U.S.D, enough time was on hand for the army line-up to get its act together, be it fund-raising ventures and sponsorship. But for some strange reason, I never read of an event in the print media. While not foregoing interventions from the: Sports Ministry and its extended arm- National Sports Commission. The latter for all the wrong reasons, in more than one instance had doled out sponsorship for “nonsensical and unsanctioned football tournaments”. But at the end of the day, the GDF FC can’t utilise the aforementioned as a plausible excuse. They simply failed in the execution of their duties as a national institution, and

must be sanctioned accordingly. Mind you, if Guyana’s representative was Alpha United, Slingerz F.C, or a combination of both, sportswriters with their “poisonous pens, flowing ink” would have dealt with personalities from the respective clubs leadership. Mr. President GFF, the ball is in your half, control it. Pass it slickly and precisely and I must implore you remonstratively for the sake of impartiality, exclude the Federation’s 1st Vice President and Chairman, Competitions Committee, due to the previous army ties and any other that isn’t “fit and proper” for this game. Last but not least, no extra- time, penalty shoot-out and crowd encroachment.   Respectfully yours, Lester Sealey

sist with its mobilisation. I am not afraid to state openly that this incident and others like it indicate that there are certain people involved in the national tendering process who are corrupt, particularly at the Ministry of Education who have the power to award contracts at schools all over Guyana. I also believe that there is some amount of political favouritism at play.  Justice must not only be done, it must also be seen to be done. This is not the case with security tenders at the Ministry of Education. This questionable tender should be revoked at once and a new, clean bidding process must start immediately. There must also be an official inquiry into how this absurd situation occurred in the first place. I will work with Mr. Williams and all other affected parties to make sure that justice is done and the culprits are held accountable. Enough is enough.  Yours sincerely, Roshan Khan Snr Founder & CEO RK’s Guyana Security Services


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, April 16, 2018

Man escapes burning house SAMUEL Garraway, a resident of Linden is praising God, that amidst thick smoke and suffocation, he was able to feel his way out of his 169 Dakama Circle, Mackenzie home, on Friday evening, before it was completely engulfed in flames. Garraway, his wife and nephew are now homeless. The fire believed to be elec-

trical in origin, started around 22:30hrs Friday evening. Nothing was salvaged in the blaze but the family is thankful to God that Samuel escaped the jaws of death. “I went to the chair and lie there and I fell asleep by the time I go an lie it was around 10 past 10, when the smoke wake me up, I was lost in the house because

the lights was off, so I was feeling to see if I can come out the house because I can’t get to breathe, when I feel the door and I put my hand on the lock and open,” Garraway said. When he finally made it out, he was very weak, but did not give up. He tried to turn off the main switch in an effort to stop the blaze, but

was unable to do so, since it was very hot. This is why he believes the fire was electrical in origin. “I run downstairs two time to go in back to see if I can get anything but the fire was terrible, so I start hollering for fire,” Garraway said. By the time the fire tender came, the house was already engulfed. Garraway

and his wife, who is a teacher, estimate their losses in the millions. The house belongs to his wife’s family. “I had a whole lot of electric tools because I do construction work too and when I check through is couple electric tools well burn up,” he related. His next move, he said, is to

rebuild the house. “It is tough, it is a hard situation, thank God for life, thank God I reach out the house,” a traumatised Garraway said. On Monday last, a Wismar family of six lost their home at One Mile, Wismar, Linden, to fire, also suspected to be electrical in origin.

Literacy hubs to be established in Linden IN an effort to tackle the low levels of literacy among students, the Linden Mayor and Town Council is in the process of establishing Internet-ready Literacy Hubs in every community in the town in Region Ten (Upper Demerara-Upper Berbice). The Literacy Hubs are among a raft of initiatives the newly installed Linden Town Council is hoping to complete by December 2018. In an interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI), Mayor Waneka Arrindell explained that

a number of persons have already come on board. These include the Ministry of Education which has given its approval to commence the project. The One Mile School and Linden Care Foundation have already indicated their willingness to allocate spaces for the hub. Mayor Arrindell, who has a passion for children, noted that while the project may not be able to be completed in every community, before her eight-month tenure ends, she is hoping that the majority will be started.

She explained, “As a teacher, I have found that the level of literacy among our children is very low. There are children entering the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) class and do not know how to read. Children are in First Form and can’t read and the teachers are not to be blamed. We don’t know the environment the children are living in, and so a curriculum is set for them to learn and so those who can, will and those who can’t, will not.” This project will especially target those children

Guyana guarding against... said this has a lot to do with what the government is doing

legislatively and otherwise to ensure that Guyana does

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not suffer from the Dutch disease. He pointed to the SWF where all the money that comes from oil will be placed. “We get out of that fund, based on the rules we are putting in place, enough to drive our developmental agenda,” he stated. According to the finance minister, to avoid the Dutch disease “we have to make certain that the dependence on oil is not a new dependence” as was the case with sugar and bauxite at one point. In neither of those cases (sectors) was a SWF created, but Guyana was receiving premium prices for its products. Jordan also pointed to the Green State Development Strategy, his government’s blueprint for development over the medium term. CAPACITY-BUILDING That aside, he said tremendous focus must be placed on capacity-building and currently, efforts are being made to create

Mayor of Linden, Waneka Arrindell

units to build capacity for macro-economic analyses, statistical development and management by the Bank of Guyana in relation to the SWF and monies that would be coming to reserves itself. “Quite a bit of work that is taking place. Personally, I would love it to go faster, but that happens when you don’t have money and you have to depend on arrangements like multi-lateral lending [of] money and so forth,” said Jordan. Additionally, the minister pointed to the unit being established within the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), pieces of petroleum legislation, fiscal legislation, as well as local content all being in place “so we can move to the next stage”. “It is a process and there is still some time, we have the whole of this year and the whole of next year at least before we get oil. Within that space of time, we will have to build capacity.” In the case of GRA, some work has already begun to put the unit together. The said unit he said, has received technical assis-

tance from the World Bank as well as support from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). “… it will take some while to get up and running,” he told reporters, while noting that some persons have already been identified for the unit, but many have to be found from outside of the revenue authority because those there do not have the skills set required to run such a unit. “They have people they have targeted and who could be sent off for training [and] who could be part of that,” he stated. All in all, the minister said he does not fear the Dutch disease. “I am not afraid of Guyana being prone to Dutch disease, some of our industries are fairly well established so to speak and many of them require significant injections of funding to really become competitive. Bauxite industry is not going to close overnight – agriculture has not reached the stage where people will walk away from it—[and] we have commitments for sugar, rice.” Additionally, Jordan said he is continuously engaging the IMF and other

who are in difficult circumstances and cannot afford extra lessons. Mayor Arrindell added that the council is now at the stage where it is seeking sponsors willing to support a child at a cost of $1000 per week. However, she said that all proceeds from the Mayor’s Ball, a highlight of the upcoming Linden Town Week activities on April 27, will go towards this project. The mayor is encouraging businesses and other persons to get on board the initiative. (DPI) stakeholders and examining all recommendations put to Guyana. “I have in front of me a Petroleum Fiscal Regime which they would like to see us put in place,” he said, adding “Yes, we must work on the other pieces of legislation--- I am talking to the IMF and I am relaying to Cabinet what they are requesting.” He said too that Guyana will benefit from a US$20M loan for oil and gas development. One aspect of the loan, he said, will be to look at the pieces of legislation that are required to be put in place to improve the country’s architecture for the oil and gas sector. “Right now, we have, except for the existing piece of legislation; we have no legislation like the local content, the SWF, Petroleum Commission, the Petroleum Fiscal Regime legislation -- all of these different pieces of legislation. Plus, we don’t have people to draft them, so under this loan we have to bring people to draft… to help us draft the different pieces of legislation,” Jordan stated.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, April 16, 2018

Lady re-commissions Bulkan smooths First Benjamin’s Bakery friction between Bartica RDC, M&TC THE constant friction between Regional Democratic Councils (RDCs) and new Mayor and Town Councils (M&TCs), is just another teething problem that will come into play as the government moves towards heightening local democracy. This is according to Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan, who noted that the issue, however, does not take away from the reality that it can be easily ironed out, if officials work together. The minister was speaking to councillors of the Region Seven RDC and the Mayor and Town Council, at a joint Local Democratic Organ (LDO) consultation in Bartica on Friday.   According to Minister Bulkan, the situation that exists between the councils is not strange to any of the regions that were given township status back in October 2015. “This issue is not one that is unique to where we are. It exists in varying degrees in our three newest towns that were created,” he said. Before the creation of the three new towns, Minister Bulkan said it was the RDC that had sole authority and jurisdiction over all the communities. So it is not surprising if a new framework comes on stream that some friction would come into play, especially, since there would be competing sources of authority and one that leads to the relinquishing of that

First Lady Sandra Granger, Chief Education Officer Marcel Hutson and representatives of the bakery with the students who were recipients of the bursary awards

Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan addresses councillors of the Region Seven RDC and the Mayor and Town Council, at a joint Local Democratic Organ (LDO) consultation in Bartica on Friday

authority, he said. “It is something new that is being created, something new that is being brought into being,” he noted. Minister Bulkan compared the situation that exists to that of giving birth. He said it could be a “painful and messy” situation but is all part of the growth process. He described the day’s consultation between the two entities as the first step towards addressing the problem “Bringing it out into the open is important. It requires that we bring an open mind to the discourse. Refusing to accept it we are handicapping

ourselves,” the minister said. Among the concerns raised by councillors was the need for an effective working relationship between the two councils, improved communication, especially in the area of developmental works, and the inclusion of parties in each other’s meetings. Both Regional Chairman Gordon Bradford and Mayor Gifford Marshall admitted that there were teething problems but noted that a strong relationship exists between the two. He said the recommendations made at the consultation will be taken and put into practice. (DPI)

A section of the gathering at the consultation

FIRST Lady Sandra Granger re-commissioned Benjamin’s Bakery in Buxton, East Coast Demerara on Friday. The bakery, which has become a household name along the East Coast Demerara (ECD), presented a number of students with bursaries during the reopening ceremony. The First Lady, in her address, while taking stock of emphasis continuously placed on education by Benjamin’s Bakery, said it is one of the bakeries along the East Coast Demerara corridor that takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. Proprietor Wesley Benjamin has been living in Buxton since 1986. “Mr. Wesley Benjamin demonstrates great pride in this village and gives back to his community generously. He has taught his children to do so as well,” the First Lady said.

She noted that although fire damaged the building last February, Mr. Benjamin nonetheless considered the welfare of his employees and kept the business afloat. The bakery was not only rebuilt but expanded. Meanwhile, Benjamin’s daughter, Shellon Campbell, in delivering the opening remarks, disclosed that in addition to the residents of Buxton, persons from far flung communities such as Kwakwani in Region 10 and Mahdia in Region Eight have benefitted through projects and programmes conducted by the establishment. It was explained that schools within the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) and beyond have also been benefitting from donations from Benjamin’s Bakery for a number of years. Chief Education Officer Marcel Hutson was also among those who applauded

the Benjamin’s family for fulfilling their corporate social responsibility. “Over the years this company has been contributing to the development of education, and if all our business people could recognise that they too could make an input in education, we would turn this system around immediately,” Hutson said. Joshua McPherson of BV Primary; Yesodra Ramroop of Mon Repos Primary; Sofona William of Friendship Primary; Kishan Puran of Strathspey Primary; Sierra Gibson of Paradise Primary; Jayanna Isaacs of Company Road Primary; Prem Balmacoon of Lusignan Primary were among others who received bursary awards. Outside of the establishment, the cutting of the ribbon was done by Benjamin’s granddaughter and First Lady Sandra Granger.

Biker dies in accident GOLD miner Suresh Khellowan, 22, of Good Hope, East Coast Demerara died Sunday morning when he lost control of his CBR bike and slammed into a steel barrier at the Russian Embassy turn, Kitty Public Road, Georgetown. The accident occurred around 03:00hrs. While a helmet was found at the scene, it is unclear whether Kellawan was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. Reports indicate that he was riding his bike at a fast rate and attempted to negotiate a turn on the Rupert Craig Highway and crashed in the steel barrier at the Russian Embassy turn. Persons close to the man said that from time to time the young man would borrow the motorcycle to go and hang out with his friends. Kellawan reportedly died on the spot as a result of the accident. His bike which was badly mangled was seen some distance from The bike Suresh Khellowan was riding his lifeless body. at the time of the accident


GuySuCo under Holder’s control, Jordan clarifies THE Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) does not fall under the remit of the Ministry of Finance but under that of Agriculture Minister Noel Holder, Finance Minister Winston Jordan has said. “At no time did you hear the President or anybody say Minister of Finance will be responsible for GuySuCo or the agricultural sector. The official gazette clearly outlines my responsibilities and the Ministry of Agriculture’s responsibilities,” Jordan told reporters on Friday. Jordan’s statement follows a letter to the editor dated April 12, 2018 from GAWU’s General-Secretary Seepaul Narine headlined, “Stop playing musical chairs with sugar”. The letter suggested that Jordan has taken over responsibility for the sugar industry. But the finance minister explained that since the government decided to close the operations earlier this year, the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited’s (NICIL) Special Purpose Unit (SPU) took control of the Skeldon, Rose Hall, Enmore and Wales estates to maintain viability of the sugar industry. “What you have now is a rump GuySuCo; that is a GuySuCo that has been stripped of all of the estates that will not form part of it anymore. All of the NDIA,

Finance Minister Winston Jordan

Agriculture Minister Noel Holder

health and welfare matters belongs to the Minister of Agriculture. What has been sent to NICIL belongs to me via NICIL-SPU,” explained Jordan. The finance minister made it clear that the $30B syndicated bond secured by the SPU is essentially to keep “rump GuySuCo” afloat through re-investing in the factory and field to earn monies to keep its operations going and become competitive. “A small part will be used to keep the other estates under NICIL in operation in time for the buyers. Monies that will come from the sale of these estates will be used to meet some of GuySuCo’s current or continuing operations, as well as pay off debts and other liabilities that are owed by GuySuCo,”

he added. Jordan made it clear that at no time will he be taking on responsibilities that are not his, stressing that the lines are not blurred as to his responsibilities and that of the agriculture minister. “Absolutely what I am responsible for through NICIL and absolutely clear what Mr Holder is responsible for under what has been left back in GuySuCo,” he added. He noted that through SPU’s head Colvin Heath-London, a silver lining is in sight where sugar is concerned. “There is no fight for responsibilities and there are no differences in the Cabinet where these matters are concerned,” the finance minister assured. Additionally, Jordan

explained that prior to NICIL’s establishment, the Guyana State Corporation (GUYSTAC) had existed. GUYSTAC was a group set up to manage a set of corporations and with GUYSTAC there were a few independent corporations. Among the independents were GUYMINE, GuySuCo and the Guyana National Newspapers Limited (GNNL). “They were not under any arrangement – as more of those corporations were sold, GUYSTAC disappeared,” Jordan said. He explained that NICIL was not established to take over GUYSTAC. The NICIL legislation, he explained, indicates that its role is to hold all government shares or other equities wherever they are. “NICIL has been doing just that with the exception of GuySuCo. GuySuCo continues to remain independent,” said the finance minister. He added: “Under NICIL are all the other corporations that may still exist. So, GNNL’s balance sheet is consolidated under NICIL, but I am not responsible for GNNL. Guyana National Printers is consolidated under NICIL’s balance sheet, but the definitive policy minister for National Printers is Dominic Gaskin [Minister of Business].”

GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, April 16, 2018

Lawrence verifies receipt, delivery of regional medical supplies

Minister Lawrence verifies the availability of stocks, including those that were reported to be short

THE Supplies Chain Management Complex of the Ministry of Health at Diamond, East Bank Demerara, is well stocked with three months worth of critical drugs and medical supplies for the regional health facilities. Following reports of shortages of critical supplies including gauze, syringes and cotton wool at health facilities, on Friday, April 13, Public Health Minister Volda Lawrence and an advisory team visited the complex to ensure that supplies are available and can be readily dispatched to the regions. “The critical drugs that we are hearing are not being made available at the various health facilities, we have been able to see that many or almost all of them are here. Now we are working on the dispatch,” she said. The minister noted that one of the factors contributing to the shortage of drugs and medical supplies in some regions is the inefficiency of the

necessary regional personnel to uplift requested supplies from the bond in a timely manner. The minister, who recently began meeting with regional health officers (RHO) and other regional administration officials to address this issue, said during the visit she took particular efforts to observe “whether the regions are adhering to the call to uplift these drugs, which is a three-month supply of medical supplies and to ensure that when they are coming, [they are coming] with adequate transportation.” The minister cited an instance to underscore her point. “We have just had a good example of Linden: they came, but they only came with one canter, which means that canter will not be able to take the number of supplies that we have here,” Minister Lawrence stated. Additionally, the minister took the very opportunity to be apprised of the process of stocking and distributing drugs and medical supplies.

Caledonia/Good Success illegally raised rates and taxes … investigation reveals A STUDY done by the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica) has revealed that the Caledonia/ Good Success Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) increased rates and taxes illegally. Chairman of the Region Four RDC Genevieve Allen, had ordered an investigation into the issue after residents had raised their concern about an impromptu hike in the fees. According to a press statement from the RDC, residents had argued that the increase was illegal, but still had to pay the increased fee to the NDC. Following the many concerns, the investigation, spearheaded by Assistant

Regional Executive Officer (AREO) Ramnarine Singh, was launched. The investigation revealed that the rates varied from 5 per cent to 25 per cent for residential, commercial and agricultural lands/ lots. It was implemented since January 1, 2008. Singh said the then Minister of Local Government and Regional Development had received numerous complaints from property owners about what was taking place. He said the matter was later investigated by the ministry and they found anomalies in the valuation list and the rates imposed by the council. “The chief valuation officer was informed to conduct a new and complete

evaluation of properties in the Caledonia/Good Success NDC areas, in the process of which the previous valuation now being implemented by the council, would be set aside and to consult with the chairman and the overseer of the Caledonia/Good Success NDC and to impress upon them to have the list set aside due to anomalies,” Singh reported. Singh had also provided samples of rates taken from the assessment register of the NDC. He said the findings revealed that rates for Guyana Soft Touch of Garden of Eden and Falls Service Station at Land of Canaan were reduced from $306,702 to $118, 250 and $1,664,589 to $819,83, respectively. “The overseer was questioned and said that the chairman instructed the staff to do the adjustment in the

AREO Ramnarine Singh presenting the report to the regional administration Communities meeting, where he revealed the findings from the completed investigation (RDC photo)

Assessment Register with no supporting documentation and did not pass through the council statutory meeting.” Based on the findings, Singh concluded that the NDC chairman Dwarka Nauth’s actions were illegal and contradicted the standard operating procedures of the council, since he did not seek permission or advice from council before taking action. The AREO recommended that the Office of the Auditor General should be immediately informed about the discrepancies, so that an in-depth audit of the council records would be conducted. In the interim, he also recommended that the rate and taxes be corrected. According to the press statement, Nauth admitted that there were some issues at the NDC but said they are

all being addressed. He disputed the assumption that he and some of his councillors have personally benefited from the increase of rates and taxes, maintaining that a minister had granted them the requisite consent even though the record shows that the minister had put the increasing of rates and taxes on hold. “I nor any of my councillors are benefiting from the rates and taxes being collected. Mr Singh did not bring all the facts to the meeting and I want to say that when we increased the rates and taxes all required procedures were followed,” Nauth said. Chairman Allen said that she will hand over the findings to the Auditor General’s Office, noting that they would take the necessary action regarding the matter.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, April 16, 2018

Guyana commits to tackling corruption in all its forms By Rabindra Rooplall in Lima, Peru GUYANA has joined the call by participating nations at the Summit of the Americas for redoubling of efforts to eradicate corruption in all its forms. “I take this opportunity to reiterate my government’s commitment to the strengthening of the anti-corruption mechanisms and strategies in keeping with anti- corruption treaties to which we are signatories…. Guyana fully supports the Commitment of Lima and looks forward to working with all our hemispheric partners in pursuit of practical measures to translate these fundamental principles into meaningful action,” the foreign affairs minister said. Guyana has implemented laws and regulations to strengthen its legal systems and institutions in order to investigate, prosecute and deter corrupt acts, Greenidge reported at the conclusion of the summit in Peru on Saturday. Greenidge said despite 183 countries having ratified the United Nations Convention against Corruption and having secured almost universal adherence to its principles, eradication of the scourge remains a major challenge and

Foreign Affairs Minister (left) Carl Greenidge with Guyana’s Permanent Representative to the OAS, Ambassador Dr. Riyad Insanally (right)

threats to the sustainability of democratic institutions, state security and the rule of law across the globe. Adding that the theme for this summit could not be more appropriate, especially at a time when corruption has been deemed to be one of the major impediments to the development and stability of the hemisphere, Greenidge said corruption accounts for the loss of extensive volumes of resources through illicit financial flows. This money, he said, could have been fruitfully utilised to facilitate economic transformation and human development. “Guyana has implemented several laws and regulations to strengthen its legal systems and institutions in order investigate, prosecute and deter corrupt acts. The State

Assets Recovery Act assented to in May 2017, embodies the anti-corruption thrust of the state and is predicated on the 2003 United Nations Convention against Corruption, to engage in international cooperation in the recovery of stolen assets of the state,” Greenidge said. Guyana has also passed the Protected Disclosure Bill and Witness Protection Bill, aimed at combating corruption and other forms of wrongdoing both in the public and private sectors. “These are a testament to the commitment and advances made by the Government of Guyana in the fight against corruption. I should like to add that in keeping with my government´s pre- election promises, a Public Procurement Commission Act was passed in 2016 and the com-

mission has been appointed,” he noted. These bodies are charged with overseeing the award and execution of public contracts in accordance with the law, public policy and value for money. Moreover, he said Guyana has launched several public awareness sessions aimed at educating communities across the country and to engage stakeholders on the extent of the legislation and bills passed to tackle corruption. “The Government of Guyana is also committed to the preservation of an effective Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act assented to on August 4, 2016,” Greenidge said. He added: “Guyana has made significant progress on this front and continues to work closely with the Carib-

bean Financial Action Task Force and by extension the Financial Action Task Force to strengthen the legislative and regulatory framework.” Further, he said businesses and professionals have been required to put in place systems and processes to deter exploitation by criminals and to report suspicious activities to law enforcement agencies. “Guyana recognises that there have been innumerable initiatives aimed at combating corruption in several countries. These initiatives have taken the forms of enhanced laws and the establishment of solid, reputable institutions. In spite of these steps, the Region is plagued with several high-profile cases of corruption,” he said. Noting that the World Economic Forum estimates that the financial cost of corruption is equivalent to more

than five per cent of global Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Greenidge said corruption corrodes public trust in government institutions, undermines the rule of law, and impairs and contributes to violence and insecurity. “Corruption hinders economic growth and development and must be eliminated at all costs. Combating illicit financial flows, capacity-building in public administration and encouraging partnership with the private sector, as well as the inclusion of strong and active civil society actors are steps towards this end,” he said. And on that note, he stressed that effective governance structures and institutions that are accountable, transparent, effective and efficient, strong leadership, and respect for the rule of law are vital to tackling corruption.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, April 16, 2018

GWI helps disinfect Tapakuma well THE Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) assisted the Region Two administration to disinfect the well at Tapakuma following reports that some residents have contracted Typhoid. In a statement on Saturday, GWI explained that villagers practise rainwater harvesting and dig their own ponds due to their reluctance to use water supplied by a shallow community well. “The well, which was drilled by the regional administration, is supported by aged infrastructure and produces water with high iron content,” GWI further explained. As a result of the situation, GWI took a decision to help. “We have found that the distribution network is made up of inappropriately sized pipelines that were run improperly more than four years ago with no flush-out points. High levels of iron compounded the situation, causing incrustation and a reduction in the diameter of the pipes. This also resulted in persons at the end of the network receiving a low level of service,” the state-run water company explained.

Workers cleaning iron from the encrusted line

It was noted that efforts were made to upgrade the current network by installing flush-out valves, disinfecting lines and reducing the iron content in the water by flushing and rodding out the lines where necessary. Connected to the well were two trestles, each bearing four tanks. GWI Region two workers cleaned one set

of tanks, due to their inability to access the other trestle. The photovoltaic system that powers the system was also incorrectly installed, standing in the way of the tanks, GWI further explained. However, upon GWI’s request to access and clean the second set of tanks, the toshao of the Tapakuma community committed to get

Safe, efficient payment system launched GUYANESE will soon be expected to adopt more modern, safe and efficient means of monetary transactions following the launching of the National Payment System (NPS) development plan. The plan is being spearheaded by the Bank of Guyana (BoG) and was launched by Minister of Finance Winston Jordan at a press conference on Friday. The BoG said that the change is necessary to meet the economy’s current and future needs through the upgrading of laws, regulations and infrastructure. According to the NPS plan, the proposed target for the realisation of the payment system is 2030, while a 20172021 medium-term action plan will serve as the first phase towards this achievement. Guyana’s current state of payment experiences challenges with electronic transactions; high cost and limited accessibility to remittances; an absence of major-risk mitigation; a lack of legal clarity and certainty, and limited stakeholder engagement. These and more, the document indicated, will be pursued over the four-year period.

Within that time, the bank will work to pass a National Payment System Act with supporting legislation, which will address the finality of payments and the legality of electric signatures and documents. The strategy and action plan are organised around nine pillars of a conceptual framework which the World Bank developed. It includes legal framework; large-value payments; retail payments; government transactions; security depository, clearing and settlement; money markets; international remittances; oversight and cooperation. The success of the strategy will be measured against the achievement of a range of factors, some of which include the public’s adoption and use of cashless payment, fraud prevention and data confidentiality. In addition, the government is expected to play an active role through the Ministry of Finance and other agencies, mainly by setting the example in transitioning from paper-based to electronic-based instruments. Likewise, private sector Payment Service Providers

(PSP) and Payment System Operators (PSOs) are expected to lead in the implementation. The BoG has observed that for consumers and small and medium-sized businesses, cash and other paper-based instruments remain heavily relied upon. Additionally, only a handful of electronic and remote payment services are available. However, in mid-2018, the bank intends to introduce an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) system which will ensure increased efficiency, reduced administrative costs, simplified book-keeping and greater security. The bank will need to build customer confidence and awareness in electronic payments through collaboration with the government and the private sector. A preliminary draft of the strategy was issued to stakeholders for their input in 2016. The Bank of Guyana has broad regulatory and supervisory responsibilities and was established under the Bank of Guyana Ordinance No.23 in 1965, just seven months before the country gained political independence.

Pictures showing the water quality before and after GWI’s intervention

the job done. The team also interconnected the line from the well to the outlet line from the overhead tanks, which helped with increasing the pressure to flush out the lines and ultimately improve the service level and water quality. The toshao was advised to ensure that the tanks are

cleaned every 2-3 months to maintain the improved water quality they are now receiving. GWI also distributed brochures on how to disinfect the water by boiling and the recommended dosage of liquid bleach to add to water for household use. According to reports from the Community Health

Centre, some 10-15 persons have displayed symptoms of typhoid with the majority testing positive for the infection. GWI has assured residents of Tapakuma that it will monitor the water-supply system there, so that they can continue to enjoy improved water-quality access.

Central Bank to say goodbye to $1 coin THE Bank of Guyana (BoG) has announced that the one-dollar coin will no longer be minted but will still be a legal tender and accepted throughout Guyana. According to a notice from the bank, the decision to stop minting the coin was based on the reluctance of the public to accept it, compounded by the low redemption rates and high production cost. The denomination which has been in circulation since 1996, will still remain as a legal tender and be accepted countrywide, but once it is not available for tender, the bank advised that payments be rounded to the nearest five dollars. “The bank will continue to issue the one dollar coin until the stock is depleted and will exchange these coins for banknote,” said the management of the bank. In 2016, Governor Dr Gobind Ganga had said the one-dollar and five-dollar coins might soon be out of circulation. Though he could not disclose when the

coins would be out of circulation at that time, he said an assessment had to be done before a decision was made. “We are currently looking at the feasibility of eliminating the one-dollar coin of which obviously it has lived its life already; there is no more need for that and we are looking at the five-dollar,” Ganga had said. Guyana has one-dollar coins, five-dollar coins and 10-dollar coins in circulation, in addition to $20, $100, $500, $1000 and $5000 notes.

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Vickery climbs to 75 in latest WTA Rankings

SOUTH AFRICA RACING TIPS Flamingo Park 08:10 hrs Two Gunsy 08:40 hrs Weskus Klong 09:10 hrs Roquebrune 09:40 hrs Yesan Star 10:10 hrs Blue Jasmine AMERICAN RACING TIPS Mahoning Valley Race 1 Gibbons Gambler Race 2 Dontbothermenow Race 3 Where’s Woody Race 4 Fee Waiver Race 5 Obvious Two

Sachia Vickery in action at the Monterrey Open where she was knocked out in the semi-finals.

Race 6 Sincere Devotion

SACHIA Vickery’s sensational year isn’t going unnoticed and her form was reflected in the recent Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) World Rankings, where the 22-year-old has moved 16 places up the

Race 8 Hooroo

ladder to be ranked at 75. Vickery’s year includes victories over players such as Lauren Davis, Agnieszka Radwanska, Eugenie Bouchard and Garbiñe Muguruza, winning 15 of her 22 matches played.

City wins Barclay’s Premier League title (BBC) - MANCHESTER City won the Premier League title as Manchester United's shock 1-0 home defeat by West Brom confirmed their rivals as champions. Second-placed United are now 16 points behind

Race 7 Steve Came Thru IRISH RACING TIPS Tramore 11:45 hrs Freedom Chimes 12:15 hrs Winter Soldier 12:50 hrs Archie Meade 13:20 hrs Jennys Grey 13:50 hrs Shanklys Dawn 14:20 hrs Macs Legend 14:50 hrs Dorrells Pierji LEOPARDSTOWN 10:30 hrs Broadway 11:00 hrs Gardens Of Babylon 11:30 hrs Bigger And Better 12:00 hrs Brendan Brackan 12:35 hrs Scriobh Nua 13:05 hrs Dawn Hoofer

Pep Guardiola Pep Guardiola's side with only five games left to play. It is City's third title in seven seasons and a fifth top-flight crown - their first under the Spaniard in his second campaign in charge. They have dominated the title race, scoring 93 goals and losing just twice. The Premier League title is the 24th trophy of the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich boss' managerial career. The 47-year-old has previously won league titles in Spain and Germany, as well as two Champions Leagues with Barca. Since Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan took ownership of the club in 2008, City have won seven trophies, adding an FA Cup, two League Cups and an FA Community Shield to their league titles.

13:35 hrs Luna’s Luck ENGLISH RACING TIPS Kelso 09:10 hrs Delire D’Estruval 09:40 hrs Geronimo 10:10 hrs So Satisfied 10:40 hrs Looksnowtlikebrian 11:10 hrs John Williams 11:40 hrs For Yes 12:10 hrs Lastin Memories WINDSOR 09:20 hrs Maygold 09:50 hrs Artair 10:20 hrs Sevenna Star 10:50 hrs Bombero 11:20 hrs Mobsta 11:50 hrs Teardrop Island 12:25 hrs Spanish History


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59 days to go ‌

Cristiano Ronaldo's history at the World Cup: 2006 debut, captain in 2010 and 2014 heartache WITHOUT doubt one of the greatest footballers of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo has won nearly everything there is to win in the game. At club level, the Portuguese has amassed four Champions League titles, three Premier Leagues, two La Liga crowns and more during his time with Manchester United and Real Madrid. He has been integral to the success of those clubs, something that is reflected in the fact that he has scooped five Ballon d'Or, but he has also been a star at international level. Having made his debut for Portugal in 2003, Ronaldo is now his country's record-holder for both goals and appearances, as well as their captain and leader. They were crowned European champions in 2016, but the World Cup has eluded Ronaldo and the Seleccao on the three occasions he has been involved. GERMANY 2006 Ronaldo made his World Cup debut in 2006 - at the age of 21 - when the tournament was held in Germany and he formed a crucial part of Luiz Felipe Scolari's team alongside the likes of Luis Figo, Simao, Deco and Pauleta. By that time, Ronaldo was firmly established as one of the most exciting young players in the world, making his mark in the Premier League with Manchester United, and the 2006 World Cup was another step on his journey to the top of the game. Wearing the number 17 jersey due to the seniority of Portugal's number 7 Figo, Ronaldo played in six games as his country reached the semi-finals, ultimately finishing fourth. His first ever game at a World Cup came in the 1-0 group-stage win over Angola in Cologne and it was an unremarkable display as he picked up a yellow card before being taken off after the hour mark. Ronaldo's first goal at the tournament came in the second game against Iran as he scored a penalty - stepping up to the mark ahead of Figo - in a 2-0 win in Frankfurt. Scolari opted to rest the Man United forward in the final group game against Mexico, which Portugal won 2-1, but he was back in the starting XI for the last-16 clash against the Netherlands. Unfortunately for Ronaldo, however, his involvement in that game was cut short as he was forced off with an injury after a reckless challenge from Khalid Boulahrouz in the 34th minute. The Selecao held on to win in Ronaldo's absence, beating the Oranje 1-0 to set up a quarter-final clash against England. After beating England, Portugal were paired with France in the semi-final and that proved to be the end of their World Cup hopes as Zinedine Zidane's penalty in the 33rd minute gave Les Bleus the victory. As losing semi-finalists they were subsequently penned in for the third-place play-off against

tournament hosts Germany, but they were well beaten by Jugen Klinsmann's side, who won 3-1. SOUTH AFRICA 2010 Four years after his World Cup breakthrough in Germany, a 25-year-old Ronaldo arrived in South Africa in 2010 as the world's most expensive player - having signed for Real

Madrid for â‚Ź94 million - a Ballon d'Or winner and Portugal's captain. However, despite his success at club level, he was enduring some difficulty on the international stage and had gone through a rare barren spell, failing to score a single goal in qualification for the World Cup. With stalwarts such as Pauleta, Deco and Figo moving off the stage, Ronaldo assumed much greater responsibility at the head of the Selecao attack, but he was unable to influence things in his side's favour in 2010. Even though they emerged from Group G

unbeaten, the performances of Carlos Queiroz's side left much to be desired and the team came in for criticism from their national media. However, things got worse when they were paired with Iberian rivals - and eventual champions - Spain in the round of 16. Vicente del Bosque's La Roja were reigning European champions and among the favourites to win the tournament, so presented a stern task for the Portuguese.

Ronaldo started the game on the left flank, finding himself up against team-mate Sergio Ramos, but he was unable to find a way through as Spain dominated possession. The deadlock was eventually broken after the hour mark as Xavi scored and it proved to be the decisive moment of the game. Portugal enjoyed just 39 per cent possession in Cape Town and managed three shots on target compared to Spain's 10, while a red card to Ricardo Costa in the dying moments simply compounded their disappointment. In the end, the 2010 World Cup stood in

stark contrast to Ronaldo's experience at his first tournament in 2006. With just one goal - an 87th-minute strike in a 7-0 win over minnows North Korea - in four games and enduring a barrage of criticism, it was arguably the lowest ebb of his international career. BRAZIL 2014 Portugal's route to the 2014 World Cup involved a play-off against Sweden, in which Ronaldo scored four goals across the two legs, including a hat-trick in the second leg in Solna. Then 29, Ronaldo arrived in Brazil as the reigning Ballon d'Or holder and a Champions League winner with Madrid. When the Real Madrid man was passed fit to play in the opening game against Germany, there was an understandable sense of optimism in the Portuguese camp, but the game in Salvador turned out to be a total disaster as Pepe was sent off in the first-half and Joachim Low's men won 4-0 - the worst ever World Cup defeat experienced by Portugal. The next game against the United States gave Portugal a chance to redeem themselves, but they struggled against Klinsmann's men and needed a 95th minute equaliser to clinch a point. Having gone ahead through Nani, the Selecao found themselves trailing in the second half as Jermaine Jones and Clint Dempsey struck to give the USMNT the lead with 10 minutes left to play. It looked like Portugal were on their way home, but Ronaldo's cross in stoppage time found Silvestre Varela, who scored to keep their hopes alive, if only just. They needed to win against Ghana in the final game and hope for a favourable result in the Germany - USA match in order to qualify for the knock-out stage. Things were looking good when Portugal went ahead on the half-hour mark, but the Black Stars responded in the second half with Asamoah Gyan heading home. RONALDO'S OVERALL WORLD CUP RECORD Brazil 2014 was Ronaldo's third time playing at a World Cup and he brought his number of appearances in the tournament to 13 in that edition. He has scored just three times in those 13 appearances - once in 2006, once in 2010 and once in 2014 - which is a dismal return for a man who has broken record after record with his goals at club level and indeed for his country. In his 13 games, the forward has been on the winning side five times (four of those coming at the 2006 tournament) losing four and drawing four. He has been shown two yellow cards. The 2018 tournament in Russia looks like it will be Ronaldo's last shot at winning world glory with his country and, having won the European Championship in 2016, he will be keen to add the top prize in the game to his trophy haul.


Gunplay ends Futsal Finals prematurely A TRIO of shots last evening abruptly ended the final of the Corona Beer Futsal tournament at the National Gymnasium According to reports, during the half-time break, there was a ruckus between a male and his female counterpart which resulted in three shots being fired. Following that, the organizers opted to discontinue the event to allow for the police to conduct their investigation and for the safety of fans. At the time, Sparta Boss were leading their arch nemesis, Bent Street 2-0, with goals from Gregory Richardson and Jeremy Junior. According to the organizers, the Petra organization, they will be meeting with all stake-holders to make a decision on the game. The earlier game saw Leopold Street gain a walk-over from Alpha Warriors.

CRICKET QUIZ CORNER (Monday April 16, 2018) COMPLIMENTS OF THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market & The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL COMPANY LTD-83 Garnett Street, Campbellville, Georgetown (Tel: 225-6158)

Answers to yesterday’s quiz:

(1) 2015 (KKR) (2) Kieron Pollard (MI, 2013)

Today’s Quiz:

(1) Who scored most runs in IPL 2017? (2) Who took most wickets in IPL 2017?

Answers in tomorrow’s issue

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Clinical Ricciardo takes Chinese Grand Prix

(REUTERS) - DANIEL Ricciardo made a string of thrilling overtaking moves to snatch a surprise Chinese Grand Prix victory on Sunday after a safety car strategy gamble by his Red Bull team paid off handsomely. The Australian, who started sixth after almost missing qualifying, made the most of fresher tyres to finish 8.8 seconds ahead of Valtteri Bottas in a Mercedes. “I don’t seem to win boring races,” he grinned from the podium, before chugging the champagne from his racing boot in a trademark ‘shoey’. “They are all pretty fun but that was unexpected.” Kimi Raikkonen took third place for Ferrari but title contenders Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel both endured trying afternoons, the four times world champions ending up fourth and eighth respectively. “I was in no-man’s land today,” said Hamilton. “I had no pace.” Vettel, who won the first two races of the season for

Daniel Ricciardo celebrated in his traditional way. Fox Sports Ferrari, saw his lead over Hamilton slashed from 17 points to nine. The German’s race unravelled spectacularly, a collision with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen dropping him down the order, after the pre-race favourite had initially made a good start from pole and held the early lead. Verstappen had a 10 seconds penalty applied post-race for causing the collision, dropping the Dutch youngster from fourth to fifth. Vettel was also passed by the McLaren of Fernando Alonso two laps from the end.

Gayle storm rocks Chennai (ESPNCricinfo) - PRIOR to the start of the IPL, Kings XI Punjab captain R Ashwin promised unpredictability. One of those unpredictable decisions was bringing in Chris Gayle against a team he has struggled against, despite having three other openers in the team. That move paid rich dividends immediately: Gayle hammered a 33-ball 63, Kings XI blazed a 75-run Powerplay and a total of 197 proved four runs beyond Chennai Super Kings in their third final-over finish this season. Early in Super Kings' chase, a steady approach had left them with 67 runs to get off the final four overs. But that strategy also meant they conserved resources for later, including MS Dhoni himself. Despite a stiff back, Dhoni turned back the clock to when he executed chases by putting himself in a head-to-head position with the bowler. Against Kings XI, it seemed like that scenario would never come. He was on 33 off 28 balls, with Super Kings requiring 65 off 21 balls. And then he began another assault, albeit a forced move, not a calculated one. Dhoni hit three fours and three sixes from that position, and took Kings XI's death-overs specialist Andrew Tye for 19 runs off the penultimate over. That left Super Kings with 17 to get off the final over, the same equation they successfully achieved in their last game against Kolkata Knight Riders. Super Kings were satisfied with a single off the first ball off the final over because it left Dhoni with his preferred one-on-one battle, against Chris Gayle came out in a belligerent Mohit Sharma. Eventually, three well-executed wide yorkers meant Dhoni lost, narrowly. mood © BCCI


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Queensway sponsored steel challenge deemed a success

Winner, Ryan McKinnon (centre), is flanked by second placed Dr. Pravesh Harry (right) and third placed John Phang (left) along with other competitors. THE Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation hosted a Steel Challenge Tier 1 Shooting Match on Saturday 7th April, 2018 at the GDF Timehri Range, sponsored by Queensway Group of Companies Inc. The GSSF, an affiliate of the Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA), continues to promote this simple, yet action-packed shooting sport to local pistol shooters by organising such matches on a regular basis. The recently concluded Match was described by all shooters as an exhilarating one with shooters competing in the Limited

Division in 3 Classifier stages: Roundabout, Accelerator and Five to Go. Competition was fierce between Ryan McKinnon and Pravesh Harry in the first two stages with the two swapping lead positions. Also putting in fast times consistently was young shooter John Phang who seemed in good focus for a high finish. After the smoke cleared the local steel challenge champ McKinnon did enough to clinch the win and finished more than 8 seconds ahead of Harry who in turn fended off the blazing young Phang by a comfort-

able 5 seconds. After the competition, shooters were given a special treat and opportunity to participate in a side-match for a cash prize. This involved the shooting of 2 different firearms in the same stage, those being a CZ Shadow 2 and a Glock 17. This proved to be an exciting end to the day as shooters safely negotiated the stage. At the start both guns were unloaded and lay on either ends of the start table; the objective was to secure hits on 3 steel plates, using a limited round count of 5; the score

would be the total time. Additionally, competitors had to use both guns independently at some point before completing the stage. The winning time was a sub 8 second run by Ryan McKinnon who donated his cash winnings to the Foundation. The GSSF would like to extend its sincerest gratitude to Police Commissioner Ramnarine; the Officer in Charge, TSU; and the ranks of the GPF Armoury and TSU. Additional thanks are extended to Brigadier Patrick West and the GDF for the use of their range facility at Timehri.

2018 GCB/Hand in Hand Under-19 Inter-County tournament

Essequibo builds 149-run lead over Select Under-17 team

DEFENDING champions, Demerara commenced round two of their battle in the 2018 GCB/Hand in Hand Insurance Under-19 inter-county tournament at the Lusignan Community Centre ground against Berbice on Sunday, 14th April, 2018. Demerara in their first innings racked up 148 all out in 49 overs. Bhaskar Yadram top scored with 43 off 53 balls, while Adrian Hinds supported with 35 and Dwayne Dick 17. Berbice captain, Kevin Sinclair was a force to be reckoned with, claiming 4 wickets for 17 off 10 overs. Keith Simpson picked up 2 for 38 while Javed Karim, Leon Swamy, and Kevin Umrao chipped in with a wicket apiece. Berbice, at stumps, were 102 for 5 in

29 overs. Captain Sinclair was the only batsman to make a half century, scoring 58 off 45 balls while Alex Algoo helped with 15. Kevlon Anderson remained not out on 16. Bowling for Demerara, Ashmead Nedd ripped out the top order, collecting 4 wickets for 41; Dwayne Dick was the other wicket taker. Over at Everest, Essequibo continued their quest, adding 29 runs to their 261 overnight total. Joshua Jones scored an acceptable 34 off 54 while Joel Fortune was not out on 22. Essequibo in their first innings scored 290 all out in 98.5 overs. Sylvian Williams picked up 3 for 48 while Marvin Prashad walked away with 3 for 74. Select Under-17 in their reply failed to reach their target and fell cheaply for

144 in 89.3 overs. Navendra Persaud top scored with 52 off 228 balls, while Ameer Singh and Captain Sachin Singh supported with 32 and 26 runs respectively. Joshua Jones and Joel Fortune were the highlights of the day, tearing through the Select Under-17 batting line up, collecting 5 wickets each for 45 and 20 runs, respectively. Essequibo commenced their second innings with 3 runs off 2 overs which gave them a 149-run lead at the end of day two. Monday 16th April, 2018 will witness the final day of play between Essequibo and the Select Under-17 team, while Demerara will continue doing battle with Berbice on the second day of their game at the said venue from 10:00 hours.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, April 16, 2018

Winning the gold was a dream come true – Doris By Rawle Toney

AFTER being named on Guyana’s Commonwealth Games team, Triple Jump specialist, Troy Doris would spend every day dreaming about a top-of-the-podium finish in his event, and more so some redemption for missing out on an Olympic Medal after his seventh-place finish in Brazil in 2016. Guyana’s 20-man contingent at the 21st edition of the Commonwealth Games in Australia’s Gold Coast were medal-less until Doris’ historic gold medal jump on the penultimate day of the games. Dominica’s Yordanys Duranona Garcia’s first jump of 16.86 metres was the leading leap on the day. Doris had just three of six legal jumps left. The first--16.67 metres--would not have given him a medal. Then came the ‘golden’ leap of 16.88 metres which brought him the ultimate hardware. Garcia eventually picked up silver and Cameroon’s Marcel Mayack II earned the bronze medal with his personal best leap of 16.46 metres. “It feels good, rewarding; something that, with no exaggeration, I’ve dreamed about for the past six months and I told myself that I’m going to leave Australia with a gold medal,” Doris said in an exclusive interview with Chronicle Sport from ‘Down Under’. Doris pointed out that he felt compelled to win a medal for Guyana, since the athletes in the other disciplines were unsuccessful in their bid. He told this publication that he feels his medal was also “rewarding

Troy Doris celebrates after winning Commonwealth Games to myself, the team and the managers to leave with a gold.” Doris’ gold medal was the first for Guyana since Aliann Pompey claimed the women’s 400 metres title at the games in Manchester, England, in 2002. It was only the country’s fourth gold medal at the games with the first dating back to the inaugural Commonwealth Games in 1930, compliments of Philip Aaron Edwards in athletics, while the second medal came at the 1978 games in Canada when Winfield Braithwaite won Gold in Boxing. The Carrara Stadium stood still while

in the men's triple jump final at the Guyana’s ‘Golden Arrowhead’ was being hoisted for the first and only time at the games, accompanied by the playing of the National Anthem, with Doris singing along. Doris later told Chronicle Sport that he was filled with “unexpected emotions,” adding “you don’t plan what you’re going to do when you win. The emotions just came, thinking about my family that are not here. It was really a happy moment for me to share the joy with everyone.” Meanwhile, Doris said that his gold medal is dedicated to all the Guyanese athletes and officials that travelled to Aus-

tralia, calling it “significant because the team needed it just like I did, because being here and meeting all these great athletes, and I’m not just saying that for the interview, but I do mean that they are all great athletes, and seeing what they can do. We could build some momentum and maybe I could be the catalyst for that.” Doris is of the belief that Guyana needs to find a way to bridge the competitive gap with other countries, pointing out “everyone needs to come together to help us (Guyana) have consecutive championships, some podium finishes and for us to be relevant at every championship.” The 29-year-old Doris, a former University of Iowa stand-out, was one of the top jumpers in the USA at the time he decided to pledge his allegiance to representing Guyana in 2015, thanks to his affiliation through his parents. His gold medal performance was hailed by Guyanese around the world, with President David Granger, in a release to the media, claiming that “the win has made every Guyanese exceedingly proud and demonstrates that with hard work and sacrifice, great feats can be accomplished.” President Granger also pointed out that Doris’ win “gives the nation something to celebrate and endows every Guyanese with the pride of knowing that the Golden Arrowhead was flown high on the international stage.” According to the IAAF, Doris’ 16.88 metres jump at the Commonwealth Games is the ninth best in the world so far.

OLD Fort keeps grip on Bounty Paper Towels League OLD Fort tightened their grip on the Bounty Paper Towels men’s second division league on Saturday with a convincing 7-3 victory over Saints U-19s. The Sequel, meanwhile, maintained their second position in the pool standings with a similarly dominant win over Senior Saints by 7-2. Saints U-19 seemed destined to upset the equilibrium of the tournament when the speedy Troy Hodge managed to break the nil-all deadlock in their match against pool leaders, Old Fort in the 7th minute. A defensive scramble by Old Fort resulted in a penalty stroke for Saints U-19s which Hodge easily converted. National striker Jael Gaskin evened the score for Old Fort seven minutes later and the teams scored a goal each, through Gaskin for Old Fort and Shakeem Fausette for Saints, just before the half to make the half-time score 2-2. Saints U-19 then took the lead for the third time with a Hilmar Chester strike, but by then the confident Old Fort had received their full complement of players and took control of the game from thereon. Jason Clarke drew the scores level in the 32nd minute of the 40-minute match through a penalty corner, then Gaskin scored twice more to take his total to 4. Rafal Robertson

and Warren Williams buried the Saints U-19s further with a goal each to give Old Fort the 7-3 win. The Sequel never seemed troubled by the opposition of Saints Seniors and were off to a flying start through two early goals from Medroy Scotland who was the outstanding finisher of the day. Veteran defender Robert Fernandes entered the game for Saints and brought a considerable measure of stability to the team and sparked their first goal through Kevin Edwards. A long pass from Fernandes evaded the GCC deep defence and found Edwards who gave Saints their opening goal in the 14th minute. Guyana Hockey Board (GHB) president Philip Fernandes resumed the momentum for GCC, however, with a solo effort and solid finish which was followed by a hat-trick of goals from former national, Devin Hooper, before Fernandes added a final goal, high in the Saints net, to give GCC their seventh goal of the match. Yonnick Peters of Saints managed a penalty corner late in the second half but it proved far from troubling for the Sequel who finished with a 7-2 victory. As the first round of matches near

Saints U-19s Troy Hodge trying to evade the challenge of Warren Williams of Old Fort. completion, Old Fort found themselves unbeaten and in top position of the pool with 12 points, with the Sequel in second place with nine points. Saints U-19s have six points with Bounty GCC on three. Hikers Cadets and Saints Seniors are yet to secure a point.

In the ladies’ competition, Pizza Hut GCC find themselves in the familiar top spot with 4 points, with Bingo Spartans on 3 points. The other three teams, Old Fort, Saints and Woodpecker Hikers, have a point each. Matches continue every weekend at the Saints ground until May 20.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, April 16, 2018

Colts continue to impress in GABF National Club Championship -Kobras stop Royals

DEFENDING champion Bounty Colts kept their unbeaten run alive, while the team they narrowly defeated last year, Victory Valley Royals, was stunned by Kobras when the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) National Club Championship continued at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. Colts, playing against Retrieve Raiders in their fourth game of the Championship, eased past the Linden-based club 87-63. Meanwhile, Plaisance Guardians secured an 87-68 points win over Berbice club, Canje Knights, and Linden’s Victory Valley Royals had their first defeat of the championship, suffering at the hands of Kobras, 73-55. In fact, in last year’s tournament, the Royals’ only loss came in the finals against Colts. The tournament continued yesterday with four games and matches will next be Retrieve Raider’s Selwyn Henry goes hard to the basket, while Colts’ Shane Webster tries to defend. Colts eventually won 87played on Wednesday, April 18. 63. (Delano Williams photo)

BCB secures overseas funding for Several Programs ON his election to the Presidency of the Berbice Cricket Board on the 18th February, 2018, veteran Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster promised to transform the sinking fortunes of Berbice Cricket. In the short span of two months, the Berbice Cricket Board has started five cricket competitions at the Under-17, Under-19, Under-21, Internal Zone and Second Division levels while other tournaments for the Berbice River Cricket Association, 40-Overs Second Division, Female, Intermediate, Inter-Secondary and several First Division would start shortly once the sunny weather holds. The Berbice Cricket Board has also unveiled several programmes to lift the status of the game in the Ancient County including Awards Ceremony, Elite Training, Countywide Coaching Programme, informative Facebook Account, Educational Cricket Posters, Inter-County Caps System, Inter-county Player of the Match, Award Scheme, Inter-county MVP Award Scheme and assistance to less fortunate clubs. Foster, who over the last three decades has enjoyed a

highly successful relationship with sponsors due to his work at Guyana’s leading youth & sports Club, the RHTY&SC, on Friday last disclosed that the Berbice Cricket Board has been able to attract sponsorship from two overseas based Guyanese for the 2018 Cricket Academy, Cricket Review Magazine, Double Wicket Competition for First Division teams and a Training of Coaches Programme. Dr. Tulsi Dyal Singh, who has already committed to sponsoring the Countywide Coaching Programme at a cost of $500, 000.00 would be investing another $369 600.00 to sponsor the 2018 Cricket Academy. The Cricket Academy which would be held from the 23rd to 27th July, 2018 at the Albion Cricket ground, would cater for the top 70 youth cricketers from the ancient county. Five highly qualified coaches would conduct the Academy with the main aim of making sure that every cricketer fulfills his/her true potential. The workaholic president also disclosed that a highly successful United States based Guyanese, Brian Ramphal has agreed to donate $1M (US$5 000.00) after he

receives a comprehensive project document he requested from the Berbice Cricket Board. The funds would be used to publish the Annual Review Magazine, educational posters and host a double-wicket competition for first division Clubs and a Training of Coaches Programme. The funds would be wired to the Berbice Cricket Board Account at Republic Bank as soon as the Board is successful in changing the signatures on the Account. The 28-page Magazine would be published at the F & H Printery in Georgetown and would be distributed free of cost to players, clubs and sponsors. The Berbice Cricket Board in 2018 would be publishing about eight educational posters and already has sponsorship from the Guyana National Newspapers Limited for three of the posters. Funds from this $1M donation would publish the remainder in what has been described as a massive and comprehensive cricket developmental programme for the Ancient County. The Berbice Cricket Board would also be organising a two-day Pre-Level One Training Programme for potential coaches

from Berbice clubs. The main objectives would be to make sure that every club in Berbice has someone who can perform coaching duties and also to prepare the potential coaches to write the W.I.C.B Coaching Level One Programme. The double-wicket competition would be for first division clubs and forms part of a marketing plan to attract Berbicians back to matches after a lack of interest over the last two years. Foster hailed the contribution of popular Attorney-at-Law and former secretary of the Berbice Cricket Board, Oscar Ramjeet, for the role he played in attracting sponsorship for the Board. Special thanks were also extended to Dr. Tulsi Dyal Singh and Mr. Brian Ramphal for their confidence in the administration of Berbice cricket. Meanwhile, the Berbice Cricket Board would like to invite all first division clubs, executive members, umpires, members of its different committees, coaches and senior cricketers to a brain-storming session at the Albion Sports Complex on Sunday 22nd April, 2018 from 15.00 hours. The main topic shall be the development of Berbice cricket and plans for the rest of the year.

Eastman takes 8th Annual Powerade 46-mile road race –– John’s defence stymied by mechanical issues By Michelangelo Jacobus HAMZAH Eastman had an impressive win in yesterday’s eighth annual Powerade 46-mile cycling road race on the roadways of West Demerara while mechanical problems stymied his fellow Team Cocos cyclist, Jamual John’s hopes of retaining his title. Leading a pack of at least seven cyclists, Eastman kept pace with breakaway riders, John and DeNobrega for the entire race. With five miles left, it was clear who the top five finishers would be, but in what order was determined by the final sprint. Eastman and John looked set to finish in the top two positions, but with at least 15 metres to go, John’s cycle chain slipped off the plate, resulting in him dropping to fourth. Eastman on the other hand took the victory in one hour 40 minutes 15 second, ahead of Paul DeNobrega while Curtis Dey finished third and Romello Crawford fifth. The top junior cyclist was Briton John while Junior Niles was the first veteran cyclist to cross the line. Ahead of a possible Pan American Cycling Championship pick, Eastman related that he is in his best form thus far. He further expressed hope of making the trip to Argentina, but as is usual, expressed frustration at the lack of sponsorship. It is unclear whether or not a contingent from the Guyana Cycling Federation (GCF) will make the trip, with finances being the major hurdle. Despite repeated attempts to contact the GCF president, Horace Burrowes, it was only last week that a possible list of cyclists to make the trip to Argentina surfaced via social media. Several cyclists have expressed frustration at the lack of communication and the poor organizational skills of the cycling administrators.

Eastman takes 8th Annual Powerade 46-mile road race PAGE


A jubilant Hamzah Eastman crosses the finish line ahead of Paul DeNobrega and Curtis Dey to capture the eighth annual Powerade 46-miler on Sunday. (Adrian Narine Photo)

–– John’s defence stymied by mechanical issues

Winning Essequibo builds 21 the gold 149 lead over Select was a Under-17 team dream come true 22 2018 GCB/Hand in Hand Under-19 Inter-County tournament PAGE


– Doris

Part of the action at Lusignan yesterday (Adrian Narine Photo)

Guyana’s Troy Doris during his gold medal performance in the Men's Triple Jump at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia.( Source: Michael Steele/Getty Images AsiaPa)

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MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2018

Guyana chronicle e paper 04 16 2018  
Guyana chronicle e paper 04 16 2018