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THURSDAY 14th March, 2019



U.S. urges “genuinely free, fair elections” …New ambassador supports constitutional, judicial process

President David Granger points to a painting (not seen in photograph) during his interaction with new US Ambassador, Sarah-Ann Lynch (third from left) at the Ministry of the Presidency following her accreditation ceremony. Also in the photo left: Spouse of the Ambassador, Dr. Kevin Healy; Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Audrey Jardine-Waddell (fourth from left) and Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) at the U.S. Embassy in Georgetown, Terry Steers-Gonzalez (Adrian Narine photo)



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…economists pour cold water on Ali’s 50,000-job promise



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GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, March 14, 2019


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, March 14, 2019

President wary of transnational threats …urges collaboration to tackle TIP, narco, weapons trafficking

WARNING that peace in the region could be endangered by transnational threats such as trafficking in people, weapons and narcotics, President David Granger on Wednesday said Guyana will continue to seek support through partnerships with other states which have an interest in preserving the Americas as a zone of peace. He made the remarks at the accreditation of new United States Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch, at the Ministry of the Presidency. “Guyana is a small state. It is resolved, however, to defend its territory, dismantle transnational criminal networks and develop its natural resources for the benefit of its people,” President Granger told the US top diplomat here. He said the capabilities of the criminal cartels could exceed those of small states such as Guyana. “We must seek support, through partnerships with other states

Ambassador of the United States (US) to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch presents her Letters of Credence to President David Granger at the Ministry of the Presidency (Adrian Narine photo)

which have an interest in preserving the Caribbean and the South American Continent as a zone of peace,” said President Granger. Additionally, President

David Granger reminded that Guyana and the U.S. have enjoyed cordial relations for more than five decades in the areas of commerce, defence, the economy, energy,

public health, public security and youth empowerment. “Our relations are founded on mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, mutual non-in-

terference in each other’s internal affairs, cooperation for mutual benefit, respect for treaties and international law and the maintenance of regional peace and security,” President Granger said. The Head of State said both countries share the values of respect for the rule of law and civil rights. He said, too, that Guyana looks forward to the support of friendly states in its legitimate quest to protect itself against threats to its people, its economy and its territorial integrity and sovereignty. “The preservation of regional peace and stability is vital to protecting our common interests. We welcome investment from foreign firms and will work towards ensuring a safe, stable and secure environment for investors,” said President Granger. Additionally, the President noted that Guyana is moving towards the establishment of a ‘green state’ within the Guiana Shield of the South American con-

tinent. “The ‘green state’ would emphasise the protection of our environment, the preservation of our biodiversity, the promotion of renewable energy and the adaption of practical measures to ensure climate adaptation,” President Granger said. Pic save as AMBASSADOR 1 Caption: President David Granger and Ambassador of the United States (US) to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch, pause for a photograph on Wednesday during the accreditation ceremony. Also in the photo from left are: Spouse of the Ambassador, Dr. Kevin Healy; Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Audrey Jardine-Waddell; and Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) at the U.S. Embassy in Georgetown, Terry Steers-Gonzalez (Adrian Narine photo)

U.S. urges “genuinely free, fair elections” …New ambassador supports constitutional, judicial process

By Lisa Hamilton NEWLY appointed U.S. Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch, on Wednesday said Washington will continue to encourage “genuinely free and fair elections” here. Her comments come at a time when there are concerns about the integrity of the voters’ list here and strong calls for a fresh round of house-to-house registration. Ambassador Lynch made the comments at her accreditation ceremony at the Ministry of the Presidency. Ambassador Lynch was sworn in at the State Department in Washington DC on March 1, 2019 and presented her Letters of Credence to President David Granger on Wednesday. “During our long relationship with Guyana we have witnessed significant progress. We have seen a strengthening of [the] democratic process and political institutions, along with broader political participa-

tion and citizen representation,” Lynch stated. “Moving forward, we will continue to encourage genuinely free and fair elections; freedom of speech and assembly; multi-party representation and a constitutional judiciary process.” Government supporters, in calling for a new round of house-to-house registration, have said it would ensure that youths who have attained the age of 18 being eligible to vote and will be added to the list and granted their democratic right to vote. House-to-house registration would also see the removal of dead persons from the current list ---expiring on April 30, 2019 --- which, as agreed by both political sides, is largely bloated. These matters and more have arisen since the passage of a no-confidence motion against the government in December, 2018, which signified that it must now hold elections within a threemonth period or within an

mission (GECOM), has since called on the electoral body to present him with a work programme on the shortest possible time that credible elections can be held. As recent as Tuesday, the commission was forced to halt efforts towards this end as opposition-nominated commissioners staged a walkout of the critical meeting. Other commissioners have assessed the move, occurring now for the third consecutive time, as the deliberate “engineering of a constitutional crisis.” New U.S. Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch, makes a presentation after presenting her Letters of Credence to President David Granger at the Ministry of the Presidency (Adrian Narine photo)

extended period, as agreed by a two-thirds vote of the National Assembly. The President, having met with the opposition and the Guyana Elections Com-

REGIONAL LEADER Ambassador Lynch also said that she is impressed by the history and collaboration between the two countries and stated that as Guyana embarks on significant transition and growth, the U.S. will continue its support. “Your nation is poised to become a regional leader with unprecedented opportunity. While there are still many challenges to overcome, we remain committed to collab-

oration with the Government and people of Guyana to rise about [sic] those challenges and prepare for a bright future,” Lynch stated. “We will emphasise the importance of citizen- security and territorial integrity along your long- established borders.” Ambassador Lynch served until recently as the Acting Assistant Administrator for USAID’s Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). She has also served as the Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator for LAC; USAID Mission Director in Iraq; and the Director of the Office of Iraq and Arabian Peninsula Affairs in USAID's Middle East Bureau. A career member of the Senior Foreign Service, Ambassador Lynch has been with USAID since 1993, and served overseas in Bangladesh, Peru, Afghanistan and Iraq. In Washington, she has served in the regional bureaus of

the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the Bureau of Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance, and the Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs (OAPA). She has received numerous awards, including USAID's Distinguished Honor Award, the Agency's highest performance award, for her service in Afghanistan and OAPA. Before joining USAID, Ambassador Lynch worked in international relations and for a non-governmental organisation. She also served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco, where she taught English at the secondary-school level. A graduate of Mount Holyoke College, the ambassador holds Master’s degrees from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and the National War College. She replaces former Ambassador Perry Holloway, who has retired.


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Thursday, March 14, 2019

MPs vote to reject no-deal Brexit

BBC-MARCH 13, 2019- British Prime Minister Theresa May said there was a “clear majority” against a no-deal Brexit but the “legal default” was that the UK would leave

without a deal on 29 March if no deal is reached. MPs will get a vote on delaying Brexit, said the prime minister. That vote will take place on Thursday, and if it is

Thursday, March 14, 2019


passed - and the EU agrees to it - the UK will not leave the EU as planned on 29 March. There could be a short extension - or a much longer one - depending on whether MPs backed her withdrawal deal “in the coming days”, said the prime minister. That means the government could make a third attempt to get Mrs May’s deal through Parliament by 20 March, after MPs voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to

reject it. Commons proceedings descended into confusion earlier, as the government tabled a motion to prevent the UK from exiting the EU on 29 March without a deal. Before MPs voted on the government motion, they backed an amendment tabled by Labour’s Yvette Cooper rejecting a no-deal Brexit under any circumstances - by just four votes.

10:00 hrs

UK Prime Minister, Theresa May

This dramatic development led to the government ordering Conservative MPs to vote against its own motion, despite earlier promising them a free vote. The government motion, as amended, was passed by 321 votes to 278, a majority of 43, reinforcing the message that MPs do not want to leave without a deal. Thirteen government ministers - including Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd, Business Secretary Greg Clark, Justice Secretary David Gauke and Scottish Secretary David Mundell - defied the government whips by abstaining in the vote. Work and pensions minister Sarah Newton voted against the orders of the whips and has now resigned. David Mundell, who abstained in the vote, said: “I am not resigning because I support the prime minister’s course of action.” He said he backed the PM’s deal and had always made clear his opposition to a no-deal Brexit. Speaking after the result of the vote was read out, Mrs May said “the options before us are the same as they always have been”. “The legal default in EU and UK law is that the UK will leave without a deal unless something else is agreed. The onus is now on every one of us in this House to find out what that is.” On Thursday, MPs will be asked if they want to delay Brexit until 30 June - to allow the necessary legislation to get through Parliament. But that is only if MPs back Mrs

May’s deal by 20 March, the government says. If they fail to back her deal by then, then the delay could be longer, Mrs May warned MPs, and it could clash with the European Parliament elections in May. “I do not think that would be the right outcome. But the House needs to face up to the consequences of the decisions it has taken,” she said. Vote results MPs also voted by 374 to 164 to reject a plan to delay the UK’s departure from the EU until 22 May 2019, so that there can be what its supporters call a “managed no-deal” Brexit. This amendment was proposed by Prime Minister Theresa May’s former second-in-command, Conservative MP Damian Green, and was backed by prominent Conservative Brexiteers and Remainers. It was known as the Malthouse Compromise - after Kit Malthouse, the government minister who devised it. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said that Parliament must now take control of the Brexit process and his party will work across the House of Commons to seek a compromise solution. A European Commission spokesperson said: “There are only two ways to leave the EU: with or without a deal. The EU is prepared for both. “To take no deal off the table, it is not enough to vote against no deal - you have to agree to a deal. “We have agreed a deal with the prime minister and the EU is ready to sign it.”

Wednesday, MAR. 11, 2018

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GUYANA CHRONICLE, Thursday, March 14, 2019

CARICOM SG pushes Region’s case for building Resilience at International Conference in Romania Climate change remains an ‘existential threat’ to the Caribbean, CARICOM Secretary-General Ambassador Irwin LaRocque reminded an International Conference on Building Resilience to Natural Disasters, held in in Budapest, Romania, Tuesday.

experience where the estimated cost of reconstruction after the devastation by Hurricanes Irma and Maria was put at US$5 billion region-wide. “For us therefore, especially with the prediction of more intense and frequent storms, seeking to build resilience against that

warming. Ambassador LaRocque, in highlighting the factors required to build the necessary resilience, stressed the importance of having access to concessional development financing well in advance of a disaster. He however bemoaned the fact

CARICOM Secretary-General Ambassador Irwin LaRocque (centre) with other Caribbean Community representatives at the Conference.

“It has been recorded that between 2000 and 2017, Member States of our Community suffered at least seven major disasters in which damage ranged from 33% to 226% of the affected country’s GDP” Ambassador LaRocque told the high-level Conference, attended by several CARICOM Foreign Ministers. He pointed to the 2017

phenomenon is urgent,” he said. Romania, which currently holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, is using the Conference for debate and exchange of good practices regarding resilience to natural disasters, and to identify and develop cooperation models between States in order to reduce the effects of global

that Member States, because of being labelled middle-income countries, cannot access this type of financing, since the principal criterion used is GDP per capita. “From our perspective, there is urgent need for the international community and international financial institutions to change the criteria for access

St. Lucian among winners of Commonwealth Youth Award LONDON, Mar 13, CMC – St. Lucian Johanan Dujon has been named among the four winners of the 2019 Commonwealth Youth Awards in recognition of their efforts to end hunger, sexual violence, sanitation issues and climate change. Dujon, joined young people from India, Nigeria and the Solomon Islands in sharing a £12,000 (One British Pound=US$1. ) grant for their innovative projects. He won in the category of the Caribbean and Canada focusing on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 9) examining industry, innovation and infrastructure. He founded an indigenous biotechnology company ‘Algas Organics’ which develops commercial agricultural products from harmful Sargassum seaweed. The Commonwealth Secretariat said in a statement that these products unblock fish landing sites and reduce the harmful effect of the seaweed’s hydrogen sulphide emissions on local communities. “St. Lucia heavily depends on tourism. This seaweed problem has been having a crippling effect on our tourism and local fishery sector. We have developed a process to transform this seaweed to highly quality fertiliser that we now export to other countries,” Dujon said, adding that

he intends to use his share of the award to expand his work to other affected small island states in Africa and the Pacific. Oluwaseun Ayodeji Osowobi of Nigeria, who won the Africa and Europe category by focusing on the SDG 5 of Gender Equality, is a survivor of sexual violence herself. Oluwaseun, who also scooped the overall prize of 2019 Commonwealth Young Person of the Year, set up the ‘Stand to End Rape’ (STER) initiative to offer support to women, men and young people who have experienced any form of gender-based abuse in Nigeria. “I dream of a future where this work is not required. I dream of the day when sexual violence is completely eradicated from this world,” she told the ceremony on Wednesday. Padmanaban Gopalan of India won the Asia category, focusing on SDG 2 with an emphasis on hunger. He founded the ‘No Food Waste’ programme in India which sees 12,000 volunteers collect surplus food from parties and restaurants. The volunteers then deliver it to ‘hunger spots’ in India to feed the hungry. “My programme has recovered over 650,000 meals in my country which have benefited nearly one million people,” he said. Solomon Island’s advocate for sustainable liveli-

hoods, Bobby Siarani, founded a bio-gas initiative to address waste disposal and sanitation issues. The project delivered biogas-based construction workshops to over 500 young people and has provided clean energy to hundreds of people in rural areas of his country. Bobby said he plans to use his Commonwealth grant to take his initiative to remote areas in the Solomon Islands. Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland, who presented the awards, said “the pace, depth and scope of development in any society depend on how well its youth are nurtured and supported. “This means providing the space for young people to thrive, to contribute and to realise their potential. In such an environment, they are able to exercise their rights and citizenship, and to find fulfilment and purpose; passing on to others the gains and positive values that come from the true community,” she added. Every year the Commonwealth Youth Awards for Excellence in Development Work recognise the exceptional contribution of young people, aged 1529, of 53 Commonwealth countries who are leading initiatives in view of the sustainable development goals.

to concessional development financing by middle-income SIDS. Substantial weight must be accorded to our vulnerability in this regard. The OECD has begun looking at the issue. We need the support of all OECD Members,” the Secretary General told the Conference. Ambassador LaRocque also pointed to the ongoing threat to the Region’s Financial Services sector from the ‘unwarranted labelling of some of our economies as non-cooperative tax jurisdictions by the EU’. Financial services, he emphasised, is a significant contributor to public finances in many CARICOM States and a source of funding for building resilience. Noting that the EU blacklisting ‘amounts to an attack on our economies’, the Secretary-General acknowledged host country Romania’s understanding of CARICOM’s concerns with regards to the EU’s actions and processes and its assistance in bringing them to the attention of the appropriate EU authorities.

Jamaica hopes to complete pension scheme for tourism workers soon

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Mar 13, CMC – The Jamaica government says it expects to complete work on a Tourism Workers’ Pension Scheme shortly and intends to table the document in Parliament during this fiscal year. “We are hopeful that [by] the end of this week, we will have sign-off by the Attorney General, so that we can be in a position to go to Cabinet with the draft legislation and, hopefully, I can table it… in Parliament this [2019/20] year,” Tourism Minister Ed Bartlett said during the ceremony to announce the 2018 Tourism Service Excellence Awards (TSEA) finalists. The pension scheme is designed to provide retirement benefits for all industry workers, whether they are permanent, contract or self-employed. Hotel workers, craft vendors, tour operators, contract carriage operators, among others, will be eligible for benefits that will be payable at age 65 and older. Bartlett said that significant work has been undertaken over the last two years to develop the pension plan and that unlike other sectors where the schemes and related policies are tailored for a homogenous group of workers, the tourism pension plan is intended to cover “the widest possible range of employment interests. “In tourism, it’s a confluence of [stakeholders] ranging from red cap porters at the airport to the taxi driver, to the people in attractions… all the way up to the workers in the hotels at the highest level,” he said, adding that the Tourism Workers’ Pension Scheme is in keeping with the government’s focus on creating a social security network within the tourism sector. It is one component of a three-point human capital development plan for industry workers, which also includes training and capacity building. The scheme will receive $1 billion in funding from the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF). Meanwhile, Bartlett said discussions are taking place with the University of the West Indies (UWI) regarding potential training options that can be explored and initiated to further boost the competence of tourism workers. He said it is hoped that the talks “will take us into another tier of that whole process of building professionalism within the sector, through the university”. Bartlett said that the initiative will be further outlined during his 2019/20 Sectoral Debate presentation in Parliament and represents the start of labour transformation arrangements in the tourism sector. He told the ceremony that the existing scenario “sometimes makes it difficult for us to classify the workers”, in order to create the attendant remuneration. Bartlett said as a result, it is anticipated that with the proposed collaboration being pursued, beneficiaries will be recognised for their contributions and rewarded “appropriately”.


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Thursday, March 14, 2019

Guyana on the move


VER the last three years there appeared to be the unfolding of a silent revolution in the Republic of Guyana. A revolution is usually characterised by sudden, radical and sometimes violent changes. But, in Guyana, there is the creation of a new social order that is soft or gradual which is changing the way that the state is governed. Since May 2015, we witnessed comity in how the executive, legislature and judiciary function. This is a classic case of a break from the past where the separation of powers was undermined. Now, Guyana can say with confidence that the financial independence of the legislature and judiciary has been guaranteed. The silent revolution is changing the nature of the media, which are open and free, and freedom of speech, association and assembly have been restored. Over this period, new local government elections were held after over two decades. And the legal architecture has been built to allow credible procurement, lawful financial transactions with clean money and the acquisition of assets by legitimate means. The silent revolution is clearing the stream of business and justice of

corrupt practices and influences. Violators, even in law enforcement agencies, have been placed on alert that there is zero tolerance for bribery, fraud and ‘shake-downs’. The clout of the narco-underworld, that had once extended to law enforcement via ‘death squads’ and summary executions, has been trimmed though not totally eliminated. Armed bandits, who once had unrestricted and unrestrained rampage, are on the run. And pirates, who once harassed our fisherfolks, are on the radar of our security forces which regularly patrol our sea coast and riverine areas. When this government took office, it was at a point where citizens felt that the previous government had mismanaged the economy and there was growing contempt for citizens by top officials. This was a period of rampant corruption, death and phantom squads, during which a Minister of Home Affairs was fingered and said if he had to do it all over again, he would. Hundreds of dead bodies were dumped around the country and the Coroner’s Act was not activated. Georgetown, once proudly known as the Garden City became the garbage city. The City Council became

a pawn of an ugly politics that saw central government withholding its financial obligations for its buildings. Then Local Government Minister, Kellawan Lall boldly announced that he would be glad if the city suffers a health crisis. There was no regard for the structures or management of government. Regional and neighbourhood democratic councils not controlled by the PPP/C saw discrimination in budgetary allocation and move to undermine, break up the councils, or impose Interim Management Committee. Freedom of speech, including dissent and protest, and respect for the role of independent media were assaulted. However, the silent revolution is reflected in the orderly and law-abiding processes everywhere in Guyana, where leaders are required to observe respect for accountability and transparency in the execution of their official functions. The silent revolution is shaping anew public buildings, open spaces and our infrastructure. There have been critics, some arguing that there have been too few and too late, but they cannot deny that Guyana, once again, is on the move.

We must never allow ourselves to forget the corrupt PPP administration

Some questions for Sase Gunraj

Dear Editor,


HE most recent public display of Bharrat Jagdeo is a marked departure from political decency and decorum and into unknown charters of our country’s political experience. It leaves one to wonder, how lower can he go? I watched and listened with great amusement as the leader of the opposition who, at the yearly memorial pilgrimage of the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan at Babu Jaan, Berbice, took the opportunity in front of the obviously unimpressive crowd, to give dictates and promote himself. Not the legacy of the founding father of the PPP and the true philosophy of Dr. Jagan, nor did he promote his handpicked presidential candidate whom he publicly diminishes every time he is present, by hugging all the attention of the press, who he insults but, surprisingly, they still gave him the public stage. Mr. Jagdeo took the opportunity in the noticeable absence of the children of Dr. Jagan, key party stalwarts such as Donald Ramotar, Clement Rohee, Ganga Persuad, Dr. Frank Anthony, Anil Nandlall, and many others, to sell himself as the chosen and anointed leader and face of the party Dr. Jagan founded and built. Mr. Editor, despite the aforementioned snippets of the circus of Jagdeo’s performance at Dr. Cheddi’s memorial, it would be remiss of me not to state unequivocally, that we in Linden and Region Ten take umbrage at the audacity of him to call on us, the people of Linden and Region Ten, to “chase out” our beloved President, David Arthur Granger, ministers of “our” government, when they come to our township and region. Is he crazy? This man who, when as President and his PPP administration thereafter while in government marginalised, economically-stig-

matised and disenfranchised our people, shot and killed innocent protesters. Mr. Editor, time and space, it is not a luxury in your pages for me to list the unforgettable scars of our experiences of the Jagdeo/Ramotar barbaric reign. Mr. Editor, l strongly believe it would be most prudent to inform Mr Jadgeo, and he should take this message/advice very seriously, we in Linden and Region 10 will not take dictates from him or anyone for that matter, to bring disrespect to “our” President and government. Additionally, any of your supporters that exist in very relatively small numbers within our community, who attempt to act in accordance with your directive to “chase” our leaders will have a much stronger and profound counter- “chase” from our supporters in accordance with the law . After all, we are a peaceful people, and we don’t look for trouble, just ask around. In conclusion, it is important to note that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” (George Santayana-- philosopher). We will never forget where we came from and the hardships of those 23 years of dictatorship / authoritarian rule, rampant drug smuggling, gold smuggling, absolute corruption, suppression of press freedom, murdering of 468 Afro-Guyanese men, etc. I maintain, Guyana under the David Granger-led coalition government is better equipped to continue serving this nation for the benefit of all Guyanese. We must never allow ourselves to forget that most evil, wicked and corrupt PPP administration. Forward ever, backward never Regards Jermaine Figueira Member of Parliament Region Ten

Dear Editor,


T Wednesday’s presentation of credentials by the newly accredited US Ambassador to Guyana, President Granger addressed Guyana’s resolve to fight transnational threats, including money laundering. The deportation of GRDB accountant, Peter Ramcharran, is evidence that SOCU and by extension, Guyana, is making progress in dismantling transnational criminal networks. However, Guyana has to remain dogged in its fight against transnational crime and corruption that flourished under the PPP as the capabilities and reach of these criminal networks are extensive (within the reach of even Guyana’s Cabinet) well financed, highly corruptible and threatens the very fabric of the coalition government. It is for this reason alone that efforts to stymie these green shoots of success has to be firmly and decisively resisted. It’s within this context I wish to highlight and pose just 3 questions worthy of curiosity as they relate to Mr Sase Gunraj, PPP’s Commissioner at GECOM. 1) Isn’t this the same Sase Gunraj who is a former member/ director on the Board of Directors of the GRDB whilst Canadian deportee and fraud accused, Peter Ramcharran, was the accountant there? 2) Isn’t this the same Sase Gunraj who sat as a member of the Board of Directors at GRDB during the period when the alleged multi-million dollar fraud occurred under the PPP? (3) Isn’t this the same Sase Gunraj who is now the Defence lawyer for Ramcharran and other fraud accused in the GRDB matters before the courts? The answers to these questions should inform a tale? I rest my case. Regards Avinash Persaud


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Thursday, March 14, 2019

E’bo man found guilty of raping girl, 7 By Clestine Juan

CONVICTED by a j u r y We d n e s d a y, March 13, 2019 for raping a seven-yearold girl five years ago, Clinton Anthony Doris now awaits sentencing after his attorney requested a probation report. After deliberating for more than an hour, the 12-member mixed jury returned a unanimous verdict convicting Doris on the charge of sexually penetrating a child under the age of 16. Doris, called ‘Masquerade Man’ or ‘Lally,’ was charged with committing the offence on March 27, 2014 in the county of Essequibo.

Clinton Anthony Doris

The police raid at Stabroek Market Dear Editor,


FEW weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to observe the parameters of the Stabroek Market area being searched by ranks of the Guyana Police Force, during what was clearly an impromptu raid for drugs and illegal items, which resulted in 13 persons being arrested. There were sniffer dogs which were dispatched to the area with dozens of ranks equipped with high-profile equipment who were stationed mainly at the entrances of the market. This seems to have led to an “epiphany” on the part of the Georgetown City Constabulary who have suddenly sprung up with a new and intuitive grasp of reality since that raid with the department with them now conducting random stop and search within the area which has resulted in the discovery of cannabis under the canopy area My question to the City Constabulary is why only now they are having these illuminating discoveries and

His attorney, Ravindra Mohabir, however asked Justice Jo-Ann Barlow to defer sentencing pending completion of a probation report on his client. His request was granted and the judge subsequently adjourned the matter until March 28, 2019, for presentation of that report and also for the victim- impact statement. An expressionless Doris, who had previously been on bail, was then informed by Justice Barlow that he would be remanded to prison to await sentencing. The state was represented by Prosecutors Lisa Cave, Sarah Martin, and Seeta Bishun-

realizations when ‘Everybody and their Grandmother’ knew of the illegal activities that occurred for decades ‘under the clock’ at the Stabroek Market, but did nothing about it? Whatever happened to the grand plans they had to have CCTV installed in and around the municipal markets to monitor the daily activities there? What has happened to their ‘Bicycle Patrols’ that could have operated in and around the busy markets as is done in other countries? A claim by the Constabulary is that illicit drugs are transported to and in the marketplace in significant quantities which, however, go unnoticed. How could this be? Couldn’t those constables, who constantly harass vendors for minor infractions, not use their time and energy to stop the wanton transport of these illicit items. A more ridiculous claim by the Constabulary is that “legitimate vendors” play a vital role in the continuance of the criminal activities with narcotics even being found in stalls, which suggests that stall-

holders or persons operating stalls are partakers of the illegal trade activities. My question is are these stallholders or operators of the stalls not charged and hauled before the courts when these discoveries are made? Are the stalls not seized and re-allocated to law-abiding citizens who wish to carry out legitimate business? If they claim that these errant market vendors communicate via WhatsApp and other means of technology so that by the time the constabulary ranks get on the ground, they already have the illicit items stashed, then I would like to know who they communicate with? Is it other members of the constabulary? How else would the vendors know that they are coming to carry out a raid? I would like the constabulary to understand that little crimes breed big crimes, and when they smile at little crimes, before they know it, big crimes blow their heads off. Regards Anu Bihari

dial. The trial was conducted in-camera at the Sexual Offences Court of the High Court in Georgetown. According to reports, on the day in question, the child was on her way home and while passing Doris’s house, he called out to her and invited her into his home to collect ‘sweetie.’ H o w e v e r, w h e n the child entered the house, Doris raped her and sent her home crying. Her relatives saw her crying and she told them what Doris had done. The matter was reported to the police and Doris was subsequently arrested.

Pretenders and hypocrites Dear Editor,


AST Friday, while the President and his high-powered team were engaging the collective Guyana Elections Commissioners and its Chairperson at the Ministry of the Presidency (GECOM), there was a three-man grouping standing outside its precincts, with placards, urging a working together for the good of country. Editor, at first glance, one would most naturally laud such citizens for their seeming support of such an understanding for a country that has once again illustrated just how badly divided it is. In fact, this division is a continuous political tactic, exceedingly dangerous for the forces that it continues to unleash, fuelled through the years by the Peoples Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) for its own selfish ends, inclusive of the doctrine of ethnic domination. But thanks to the ever indefatigable and conscientious talk show host, Basil Bradshaw, who exposed the trio’s hoax and charade of a protest

in the name of national unity. Of course, he was correct in branding the aired video of the protesting trio – HYPOCRISY, because that it is what the actions of the images in the video, represented. Editor, it was the classical example of one of the three, speaking what he had meant; in fact, I stand to be corrected when I say that I am certain that this particular person, certain to be a PPP/C supporter, which is his democratic right, did describe the national electoral body as “running wild”, whilst criticizing the government for not adhering to the Constitution. One cannot pretend being a national healer, supporting the call for national unity, while at the same time adopting a ready political partisanship position, in attacking mode. But this is Guyana at this moment of its history: a country where hypocrites of all sizes and shapes spew their horrible deceptions, grave contradictions, and unmistakable ethno-mind set every day. These are the supporters of a political party which record of governance will rank as the most crim-

inal, among its CARICOM sister states. Each day, like evil genies, these people continue to mouth their dangerous distortions/deceptions, for and on behalf of a political opposition, aiding and abetting an unholy cause. Do these people ever stop to think about the daily threat that their unmitigated and blind support for a political party which programme is not about the Guyanese people, pose to a future in which their children has to live? Have they paused to understand the immense damage to this country, which they claim to love, that the racist policies of their party would have caused? Have they ever enquired of their party about the destruction of GuySuCo that have caused so much stress to so many thousands. These are just a speck of the seminal issues which these three supposedly ‘’patriots’’ who stood outside of the Ministry of the Presidency, pretending care and concern over their country, should ask of their party. Regards Earl Hamilton


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Thursday, March 14, 2019

‘Submit your work plan’ ..President writes GECOM on elections preparations …seeking work programme to set election date

By Lisa Hamilton Amid the ongoing stalemate at the Guyana Elections Commission, President David Granger on Wednesday wrote to the body urging it to present a work programme in the shortest possible time to guide his proclamation of a date for general elections. Opposition-nominated commissioners have broken up the past three meetings, forcing the commission to halt its work due to a lack of quorum. On March 8, 2019 President Granger had similarly urged the Commission to determine the shortest possible time in which credible General and Regional elections can be held, after which an election date will be determined. On Wednesday the President was forced to reiterate his call one day after the opposition nominated commissioners again walked out of the statutory meeting while the minutes were being discussed. The President’s letter to GECOM Chairman Justice (Ret’d) James Patterson requesting the work programme stressed: “I emphasise that this is essential to inform me of the Commission’s readiness to deliver credible elections in Guyana. I urge you to present your plans, programmes and financial needs which will

guide my proclamation of a suitable date for elections.” Coming out of the shortlived meeting on Tuesday, Commissioner Vincent Alexander said that Oppositionnominated Commissioners Bibi Shadick, Sase Gunraj and Robeson Benn are intentionally engineering a constitutional crisis. Adding further comments on Wednesday regarding to the President’s

of GECOM as he proceeds to address his mind to the date.” While the Opposition has accused government-nominated Commissioners of stymieing the efforts towards elections and stated that the ball is completely in the president’s court to call an election date, the Ministry of the Presidency has based its reasoning on the Constitution. In a release on Wednesday

GECOM Chairman, Justice, James Patterson

letter, Alexander said: “The President is accepting that he has responsibility to name the date but he’s also being realistic that to give a date that cannot be achieved by GECOM would be foolhardy so he’s relying on the advice

it cited Article 161 (B) of the Constitution which outlines the role of political parties and their nominees in the conduct of elections by the Elections Commission. “The role of political parties and their nominees in the

conduct of elections by the Elections Commission shall be limited to their participation in determining policy, monitoring the electoral process and the conduct of the election, but does not include active management of the electoral process,” the Article states. President Granger has made it clear, too, that the Government will not interfere or intrude in the work of the

President David Granger

Commission as Article 62 states: “Elections shall be independently supervised by the Election [s] Commission in accordance with the provisions of Article 162”. “The Commission is independent. It is not for anybody

Forde rejects Nandlall position on majority By Svetlana Marshall

ATTORNEY-at-law Roysdale Forde said the case Alberta Federation of Labour v Minister of Finance (2009) cited by attorney Anil Nandlall is not applicable to Guyana’s 65-seat National Assembly in arriving at a majority on a vote of No-Confidence. Nandlall, the attorney rep-

resenting Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo, in his submissions in the constitutional cases Attorney General v Christopher Ram and others, and Attorney General v The Speaker of the National Assembly and others, cited the case of Alberta Federation of Labour v Minister of Finance (2009) in support of his position that 33 votes constitute a majority in the House.

On Wednesday when the oral arguments continued in the cases in the Court of Appeal, Forde, who is representing Joseph Harmon, General Secretary of APNU, a party in the cases, told the Chancellor, Justice Yonette Cummings-Edwards and Justices of Appeal Dawn Gregory and Rishi Persaud that the case cited by Nandlall is not applicable to Guyana’s National Assembly setting.

tated the judge in that case to engage in the fraction issue,” Forde argued while noting that in the Alberta case, half constituted a quorum, and that the case cited by Nandlall did not present a fractional situation. The case, he told the court, is not applicable, explaining that “it did not require a determination of any number beyond half. All the legislation required for you to determine is what constitutes half, so there was no

Attorney-at-Law Roysdale Forde

Attorney-at-Law Kamal Ramkarran (Photos by Adrian Narine)

He explained that unlike the scenario presented in the case Hughes v Rogers, the case of Alberta Federation of Labour v Minister of Finance does not present an odd number but rather an even number, that is, 14. “In Hughes v Rogers, it was an odd number which necessi-

to give the Commission instructions as to when elections are to be held. Once the Commission says it is ready, I will announce a date and I hope that date is as early as possible,” the President has said. The Constitution was interpreted likewise by Alexander when questioned on Wednesday. “What the President is doing is nothing new… it is

basis to apply any half plus one rule in this matter.” Forde is supporting the positions of Attorney General Basil Williams and his battery of lawyers. On government’s behalf on Tuesday, Queen’s Counsel, Dr. Francis Alexis of

what everyone has done in the past,” he said, later adding: “The President is doing what he has to do. We will do what we have to do and we will have to face up to whatever eventuates.” As a result of Tuesday’s

walkout, when the Commission meets again on March 19, 2019 mere hours will be left before the March 21, 2019 deadline. Alexander says that while the thought arose of whether the Commission should hold an earlier meeting there has been no indication yet of whether this will occur. But, regarding the Opposition nominated Commissioners persistent arguments against house-to-house registration and for elections before by the March 21 deadline, Alexander said that they disregard portions of the Constitution and are forcing the Commission into chaos. “They’re saying that GECOM ‘has to’ meet this 90-days deadline [when rather] GECOM ‘has’ to be prepared and GECOM can’t just ‘simply’ meet the 90-day deadline,” he explained. “In some regards they’re placing a burden on GECOM beyond what GECOM is responsible for. The Constitution by virtue of 106 (7) itself recognizes that GECOM may not be able to meet the deadline. What I think is required is that responsible politicians have to rely on the institution called GECOM and to take GECOM’s advice in good faith.”

…says case cited not applicable to Guyana’s 65-seat National Assembly Grenada, submitted to the court that in order to arrive at an absolute majority in an uneven number of seats in the National Assembly, the total number must be decided by half, which would result in a fraction; that fraction must then be rounded up and one added to arrive at the desired and constitutionally required number. Meanwhile, Kamal Ramkarran, the Legal Counsel representing Christopher Ram, on Wednesday urged the Appellate Court to uphold the decision of the High Court, that is, the No-Confidence Motion was validly passed by a majority of the National Assembly. In presenting his arguments, Ramkarran rebutted the arguments put forward by Dr Alexis and Forde that the fraction must be taken into consideration when arriving at a majority of the 65-Member National Assembly. He said both Dr. Alexis and Forde cited a number of cases to support their formula, when this particular case is peculiar to Guyana, and must be looked at on its own merits and taking into account the words embedded in the Constitution. He said the “rounding up” formula is not in the Constitution or the Interpretation and General Clauses Act. He said commonsense must be applied to arrive at a majority. According to him, a majority is a number more than half. Ramkarran told the Court that in the National Assembly, 33 is greater

than half of all elected members, and constitutes a majority. Ramkarran also told the Court that contrary to the arguments put by Attorney-at-Law Maxwell Edwards, the Constitution does not guarantee the government a five-year-term in Office. On Tuesday, when the oral arguments commenced, Edwards submitted that Chief Justice Roxane George-Wiltshire misdirected herself in law when she ruled that Article 70 (3) of the Constitution does not guarantee an elected government a term of five years. “Our respectful submission your honours, is that Section 5 of the Constitution of the Amendment Act No. 17 of 2000 which introduced the No-Confidence motion into our Constitution of jurisprudence is inconsistent with Article 70 (3) of the Constitution,” which guarantees an elected government a five-year term in office,” Edwards argued. However, on Wednesday when the oral arguments continued in the Appellate Court, Ramkarran said that the Chief Justice dispelled Edwards’ contention with “great force.” He argued that while Article 106 (6) and Article 106 (7) were not included in the 1980 Constitution, it was embedded in the Constitution in 2000; they are not subjected to Article 70 (3). He put to the court that it is Article 70 (3) that is subjected to Article 106 (6) and Article 106 (7).


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Thursday, March 14, 2019

Opposition agrees govt can’t hold elections …Nandlall says responsibility lies with GECOM By Svetlana Marshall Attorney-at-Law Anil Nanlall on Wednesday conceded that it is the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) that is duly responsible for the conduct of elections.

argument, Nandlall alluded to the ‘Explanatory Memorandum’ that accompanied Act No. 17 of 2000 which brought into effect Article 106 (6) and 106 (7). According to the Explanatory Memorandum, “Clause 5 alters 106 to provide

Attorney General Basil Williams

Nandlall, the lead attorney representing the Leader of the Opposition Bharrat Jagdeo in the Court of Appeal, was among attorneys who debated the validity of the No-Confidence Motion on Wednesday as oral arguments continued in the two constitutional cases – ‘Attorney General v Christopher Ram and others,’ and ‘Attorney General v Speaker of the National Assembly and others.’ In his appearance before Chancellor of the Judiciary Yonette Cummings-Edwards and Justices of Appeal Dawn Gregory and Rishi Persaud, Nandlall, a former Attorney General, argued that Article 106 (7) of the Constitution allows for Government to remain in Office notwithstanding its defeat for the purpose of holding elections. In laying the basis of his

for resignation of the Cabinet and the President following the defeat of the Government in the National Assembly on a vote of no-confidence. Although defeated, the Government shall remain in office for the holding of an election.” However, he warned that the Constitution, in this instance, ought not to be read literally but calls for interpretation. Supporting a position long held by the Attorney General and by extension the Government, Nandlall said GECOM is constitutionally mandated to manage the conduct of elections without political interference. A literal interpretation of the Constitution, he warned, can lead to “problems.” “The Government through the President has to fix the date for elections by way of a proclamation, and also has to

dissolve Parliament, and that is what triggers the electoral machinery into action, and that is what is meant here, that is the role of Government,” Nandlall argued before a packed courtroom of lawyers and observers. Referencing again to Article 106 (6) and Article 106 (7), Nandlall submitted that while the first article provides for the resignation of Cabinet including the President, the Government remains intact until a new president is sworn in. As such, he put to the Appellate Court that the President remains the President, and the Ministers remain Ministers of Government. “The framers of our Constitution were so careful that they ensured that the President…remains in Office so there wouldn’t be a vacuum in the constitutional order of the executive, and only when the other president takes the oath of office, that the president and the government shall resign, so that there is a fluid transition from one executive government to another,” Nandlall explained. With the Government in Office, he argued that the President and the Minister of Finance ought to aid in the facilitation of elections within the three month time frame or by an extended period as agreed by a two-third majority of all elected members of the National Assembly, by making the necessary financial resources available to GECOM. Rejecting the Attorney General’s position that in the absence of Cabinet, Government cannot access finances for the management and governance of the country or the conduct of elections, Nandlall pointed the court’s attention to

Articles 218, 219 and 220 of the Constitution with special focus on 220. According to Article 220 (1) “Parliament may make provision for the establishment of a Contingencies Fund and for authorising the Minister responsible for finance to make advances from that Fund if he or she is satisfied that there is an urgent need for expenditure for which no other provision exists.” Nandlall surmised that finances could be sourced from the Contingencies Fund for the holding of elections as a matter of urgency and national importance. MAJORITY VOTE On the issue of the majority vote, as required by Article 106 (6), Nandlall submitted to the Appellate Court that a majority was acquired by the Opposition in the National Assembly on December 21, 2018 as determined by the Speaker, Dr. Barton Scotland and Chief Justice Roxane George-Wiltshire in the High Court – a position which the Attorney General and his battery of lawyers have rejected. Nandlall recalled that in 2014, a No-Confidence Motion was laid in the National Assembly by the joint parliamentary Opposition, which held 33 seats at the time, against the then minority Government. “At that time a different Government had 32 seats, the combined opposition had 33 seats, which now form the government, and that combined opposition laid before the National Assembly a No-Confidence Motion. In a different capacity, I advised the president of the day not to go to the Parliament because of the inevitability of the de-

feat of the No-Confidence Motion because in a 65-seat National Assembly which we have had since Independence, a vote of one more than the other always constituted a majority,” Nandlall told the court.

Attorney-at-Law Anil Nandlall

Stating that Guyana does not have a specialised piece of legislation treating with parliamentary procedures, Nandlall said the country has always depended on the Standing Orders and the Constitution. According to him, in the absence of a ‘specialised piece of legislation,’ it has long been established that in the 65-seat National Assembly, 33 votes always constitute a majority. “And it is that 33 votes that they have been able to pass every budget in the 11th Parliament and when they were in the opposition and had a joint collective of 33, they were able to defeat and cut budgetary allocations of a 32-seat Government, they were able to defeat legislation of a 32-seat Government, they

were able to pass bills with their 33-seats. Not once, not once did we ever hear that 33 was not a majority,” Nandlall told the Court. SIMPLE MAJORITY However, the Legal Counsel did not take into consideration during his arguments the concepts of a simple majority and an absolute majority. In the High Court it was established by attorneys on the Government side that Article 106 (6) sets out the grounds for an absolute majority which is a higher requirement. It calls for a majority of all elected members of National Assembly, and it is the belief of the Government that to arrive at an absolute majority, one must divide the number of seats by 2, round up the fraction and then add one. Such a formula in the 65-seat Assembly would result in the figure 34 and not 33. Nandlall will continue his oral submissions today at the Court of Appeal. Outside of the Court of Appeal, the Attorney General Basil Williams, who appeared in association with Queen’s Counsel, Dr. Francis Alexis; Solicitor General, Nigel Hawke; and Attorneys-at-Law Maxwell Edwards, and Mayo Robertson, said he is pleased that Nandlall supports Government’s position that it is GECOM’s responsibility to conduct elections and not the Government. “I am happy that Mr. Nandlall has agreed with me that the Government cannot hold election that is to be undertaken by GECOM. So that is a very important admission,” the Attorney General told reporters.

Full court pays stirring tributes to late Sir Fenton By Clestine Juan THE Supreme Court of Judicature on Wednesday, March 13, 2019, held a special full-court sitting to pay tribute to the memory of the late former Attorney General (AG), Sir Fenton Ramsahoye, SC. Queen’s Counsel, Senior Counsel and Guyana’s first attorney general, Sir Fenton died last December at the age of 89, at the Bayview Hospital in Barbados. His judgments in criminal and civil law were celebrated as important decisions in local jurisprudence during a full-court sitting of the Supreme Court on Wednesday. Paying glowing tributes to the late former attorney general were Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Mr. Basil Williams, SC; Ralph Ramkarran, SC;

Chandraprakesh Satram; President of the Guyana Bar Association, Kamal Ramkarran; Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Shalimar Ali-Hack; Chief Justice (Ag) Roxane George-Wiltshire; and Chancellor of the Judiciary (Ag), Yonette Cummings-Edwards. Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams, enlightened the gathering, which comprised members of the judiciary, about the life and works of the late Sir Fenton. Williams explained that Dr. Ramsahoye was a Guyanese lawyer and politician who served for over 20 years in Antigua and Barbuda. Ramsahoye studied at the University of London, where he was awarded his Bachelor of Laws in 1949 and LLB and LLM in 1953 and 1956, respectively.

He was called to the Bar at Lincoln’s Inn on February 10, 1953 and was awarded a PhD in Comparative Land Law from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1959. Ramsahoye was appointed Senior Counsel in Guyana in 1971 and was Deputy Director of Legal Education for the Council of Legal Education in the West Indies and head of the Hugh Wooding Law School as a professor from 1972 to 1975. “He was the son of the nation’s soil,” Williams said Meanwhile, Ralph Ramkarran reflected that Ramsahoye was at the forefront of the independence movement. In 1961, he was elected a member of the Legislative Assembly— as Parliament was then

known-- and remained in Parliament until 1973. Ramkarran noted that Sir Fenton was the Attorney General of Guyana from 1961 to 1964 under the Cheddi Jagan-led People’s Progressive Party administration, and a member of the Board of Governors of the University of Guyana from 1962 to 1964. The DPP, Shalimar AliHack, reflected that Ramsahoye appeared for the state in many criminal appeals at the Caribbean Court of Justice, the most recent being the Lusignan Massacre case of Mark Royden Williams and James Anthony Hyles. “Some people have passed away, but their character has kept them alive; others are alive, but their character has killed them... Sir Fenton’s character will keep him alive,” the director said.

Queen’s Counsel, Senior Counsel and Guyana’s first attorney general, the late Sir Fenton Ramsahoye


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, March 14, 2019

GECOM’s additional funding can only be approved after the go-ahead from Cabinet, says Finance Minister By Paul Mc Adam THE resignation of the Cabinet, as ordered by the Chief Justice following the no-confidence vote, has resulted in a challenge to securing funding for the holding of general and regional elections. It was explained to the Chronicle, by Finance Minister Winston Jordan, that whilst funds were allocated to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) via Budget 2019, these were solely for use during the scheduled ‘House to House’ registration exercise. He explained that the National Assembly is still in session and the government still has a majority. This means

that bills can be passed, except the Financial Bill. This is due to the fact that Article 171 of the Constitution states that the legislation must have the recommendation of the Cabinet before such a bill can be tabled. “That’s stalled”, the minister noted, “because there is no Cabinet. I wish the public would understand the implications of that ruling because it also means that GECOM cannot get new moneys.” Minister Jordan noted that as much as President Granger has announced that he is willing to give GECOM the money to finance the election, “under the present circumstances, GECOM cannot get any new money from the National Assembly

Finance Minister Winston Jordan

because we can’t carry that bill to the National Assembly, and the money allocated is for ‘House to House’ registration.” Attorney-at-Law Anil Nandlall, who is representing

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo, has disagreed with contentions that Cabinet and the National Assembly are required to approve some GYD$3 billion to fund general and regional elections.

Contractor charged with ‘ganja’ possession, cultivation THIRTY-EIGHT-YEAROLD Mark McLean, was yesterday arraigned before Magistrate Faith Mc Gusty, charged with possession and cultivation of marijuana. The particulars of the offence stated that on March 11, 2019, at 681 Toucan Drive,South Ruimveldt,Georgetown, Mc Clean had in his possession 211 grammes of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking. He was also accused of

cultivating a ganja plant in the yard where he dwells. McLean however denied the allegations. McLean was represented by Attorney-at-Law George Thomas, who told the court that the house in which the defendant lives is divided into a number of apartments. On the day in question, the drugs were found in an amplifier in a hallway to which he did not have access. With reference to the ganja plant being in his yard,

Remanded: Mark Mc clean

the court heard that maybe the plant had grown after McLean was smoking and threw it out the window. Prosecutor Ceon Blackman made the court aware that the police went to the home of the defendant, where they found the said substance in a speaker. The prosecution opposed bail and McLean was remanded until his next court appearance on March 27, 2019.

Footballer’s bail revoked after conditions were breached JOBE Caesar, a national footballer, yesterday had his bail revoked by Magistrate Faith Mc Gusty at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court after breaching a restraining order and failing to report to the police. The teen was arraigned on January 16, 2019 for robbing his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Validum of a cellphone worth $30,000. He was also accused of damaging Validum’s car,

Remanded for breaching restraining order: Jobe Caesar

with a gun at Albert and Charlotte Streets, Georgetown. The couple was known to share an abusive relationship in which he would hit validum occasionally and Caesar was said to be obsessed with her. The 19-year-old was remanded on his first court appearance but managed to post bail on February 6, 2019, in the sum of $150,000. However, yesterday the Albouystown resident was re-

manded again after breaching the conditions under which he was granted bail. The prosecutor told the court that he did not report to the station as he was required to do; he also breached the restraining order that his ex-girlfriend had caused to be placed on him. His next court appearance will be on April 3, 2019.

House-keeper charged with stealing from Minister Broomes

A HOUSE-KEEPER employed by Minister within the Ministry of Natural Resources, Simona Broomes, was Wednesday arraigned before Magistrate Faith Mc Gusty for allegedly stealing a quantity of cash from the minister’s’ home. Donetta Rajkumar, a

33-year-old woman who resides in Sixth Street, Westminster, Parfaite Hamonie, West Bank of Demerara, was accused of stealing approximately $195,000 GYD, property of Simona Broomes, between March 6 to 7 at Lodge Housing Scheme. She pleaded not guilty to

the offence. The defendant was represented by Attorney-at-Law, Everton Singh-Lammy,who requested reasonable bail for his client, on the grounds that she is the sole breadwinner for her three children. Prosecutor Ceon Blackman told the court that on the

day in question, the defendant was alone in the house conducting her duties when the money went missing. She was said to be the only one with access to the drawer at that time. She was granted bail in the sum of $75,000 and will appear in court again on April 3, 2019.

According to the Opposition MP, the Constitution allows for the money to be drawn from the Contingency Fund, after which the finance minister would seek parliamentary approval when the National Assembly convenes following elections, and a new government is sworn in. The opposition leader, last week, told President Granger that he would not agree to extend the life of the government unless an election date was selected. After meeting with GECOM officials, President Granger described the voters’ list as bloated and urged the commissioners to “find a way of addressing their differences.” The three pro-coalition elections commissioners are

demanding that house-tohouse registration be conducted to ensure the voters’ list does not contain the names of emigrants and deceased persons and people are registered in their current places of residence. On the other hand, the three opposition elections commissioners are insisting that elections be conducted using the existing voters’ list which expires on April 30, 2019. GECOM is preparing to conduct a new round of continuous registration and claims and objections; process, which has not found favour with the PPP’s commissioners.

Senior Counsel Miles Fitzpatrick passes away

Senior Counsel Miles Fitzpatrick (Stabroek News photo)

SENIOR Counsel Miles Fitzpatrick passed away Tuesday night after a period of illness, relatives confirmed on Wednesday. He was one of the founders of the Guyana Publications Inc, publishers of Stabroek News. In a message President David Granger extends condolences at the death of Mr. Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick died at his Cowan Street, Kingston residence after a period of illness. He was 83 years old. Mr. Fitzpatrick was one of the founding partners of the law firm DeCaires, Fitzpatrick and Karran. He also served as one of the initial directors of Guyana Publications Incorporated, the message read. In a statement, the Guyana Press Association said it offers its sincere condolences to the immediate family and

friends of Fitzpatrick. “GPA acknowledges Mr Fitzpatrick immense and invaluable contribution to the legal profession and his equally important role in the development of Stabroek News and the continued fight for press freedom in Guyana.” In an invited comment, Stabroek News Editor-in-Chief Anand Persaud said as part of a group of close friends of David de Caires, the founder of Stabroek News, Fitzpatrick played a key role in the establishment of the newspaper. “He was part of the first board of Guyana Publications Inc, the publishers of Stabroek News, in November 1986 and remained a Director until 2008,” Persaud said. He added that whenever de Caires was not present, Fitzpatrick took charge of areas such as writing editorials and editing letters. “He was particularly instrumental in the training of reporters on the laws of libel and handling any legal cases that arose against the newspaper. As a director, he was fully involved in advising during periods when there were serious challenges to the newspaper. The newspaper will be forever indebted to him for his sage advice and input.”


Build on the sacrifices of the martyrs GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, March 14, 2019

…Minister Greenidge urges at Rose Hall Martyrs observance

A high-level team from Government, yesterday (Wednesday, March 13, 2019), led in paying tribute to the 15 sugar workers who were killed by colonial Police on March 13, 1913, in Rose Hall. Minister of Foreign Affairs and First Vice President, Carl Greenidge; Minister within the Ministry of Finance, Jaipaul Sharma; Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan; Minister within the Ministry of Public Health, Karen Cummings and Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection, Keith Scott, were in attendance. Minister Greenidge, who is also performing duties of Prime Minister, in delivering the feature address, stated that the struggle of those fifteen sugar workers was a struggle that ultimately resulted in better conditions, better pay and respect for the rights of workers, not only in Rose Hall but workers across all of Guyana. “Today, 106 years later, this monument that is here should constitute a reminder to future generations of the sacrifices that are necessary if freedom is to be achieved, and, more importantly, it is a reminder that freedom, once achieved, has to be safeguarded by those who wish to enjoy the freedom by being alert and defending the freedom…” Minister Greenidge pledged that the Coalition Government will continue to honour the sacrifice of the martyrs, by continuing

aspire, such as maintaining or ensuring a sound education , equal opportunities to employment, opportunities to enhance wellbeing of our children…we are much closer today than we were then and in our march towards a brighter future and as we face whatever challenges may emerge I think we must remember those Rose Hall Martyrs who endured unimaginable hardships and we must be inspired by their sacrifices and the example that they set” Regional Chairman, David Armogan, echoed similar sentiments as Minister

Greenidge and called on the audience to keep the memories of the struggles their fore-parents made fresh in their minds as they serve as reminders of the things that are taken for granted. “It is important that we recognize and remember their struggles and how far we have come since then. 106 years after we are still in a situation where workers will still have to stand up for their rights. Recently with Rose Hall, the sugar industry, and many other places, workers will still have to continue to fight against injustices. Here is Rose Hall. We must not allow the sacri-

fice of our fore-parents to just go away like that, we ourselves must be able to emulate their struggle and we must stand up against injustice wherever it exists.” On March 13, 1913, fifteen sugar workers namely: Motey Khan, Sohan, Bholay, Hulas, Badri, Jugai, Sadula, Sarjoo, Durga, Lalji, Gafur, Roopan, Juggoo, Nibur and Gobindai, the lone female, were shot and killed by colonial police, after they decided to stand up for their rights, after being denied their days off that they earned.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and First Vice President, Carl Greenidge lays a wreath at the monument

to fight for workers’ rights across this great nation, with the same passion and unity, that the fifteen displayed in 1913. He stated that the resilience and industry of Rose Hall rest on historic foundations and had emerged even stronger and now considered a model of community development in Guyana.

He further reminded those present to be mindful of the sacrifices made and seek to pursue goals not for one but goals that enhance the wellbeing of all. “106 years after that incident, our battles have not all been won, they are not all afforded the same chances to which we might

Ministers Carl Greenidge, Khemraj Ramjattan and George Norton as well as Dr Karen Cummings at the memorial

A Section of the Gathering


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, March 14, 2019


…economists pour cold water on Ali’s 50,000-job promise By Lisa Hamilton ALMOST two months since being selected as the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic’s (PPP/C’s) presidential candidate, Irfaan Ali is still proposing to supporters that, should his party regain power, it will create 50,000 new jobs. However, economists have weighed in on the campaign plug, stating that, although Ali has presented a general figure, it would be difficult for one to determine the feasibility of such a projection without a clear strategy. “He hasn’t indicated what strategy he plans to use to create these 50,000 jobs, because you can’t just wave a magic wand and 50,000 jobs will be created,” Economist Rawle Lucas told this newspaper on Monday. One day after he was selected, Ali had told supporters at Leonora, West Coast Demerara in January: “… in the next PPP/Civic government we’ll be creating more than 50,000 new jobs all across this country.” Again, at a symposium hosted by the Women’s Progressive Organisation (WPO) in observance of International Women’s Day, last Friday, Ali reiterated his promise to create 50,000 new jobs should the PPP/C regain power. He had de-

Economist, Rawle Lucas

fended, initially, that these would be created through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Education. However, Lucas pinpointed that the matter at hand is less about stating what one would do but providing a clear and feasible strategy for achieving such. With the many unknowns, Lucas questioned for whom the jobs would be created; the quality of jobs which would be created and a clear time period by which this would be achieved as he noted that a five-year period may be a longshot. “Just think about it. He’s talking about creating 10,000 jobs a year. If you look at

PPP Presidential Candidate, Irfaan Ali

it carefully, the University of Guyana produces about 2,000 graduates yearly. So, it means that you probably would have a gap about 8,000 jobs to fill if you were to just work with UG graduates,” Lucas reasoned. “To me, it looks rather unrealistic because under what conditions would he be creating these new industries and under what conditions would he be able to create these new startup companies. It’s the strategy that would be involved that matter.” Added to this, the economist stated that others can agree that such a large creation of jobs would require innovation and the necessary skills. He said: “It’s easy to

Economist, Sydney Armstrong

say that I can just create jobs in ‘X’ area but do you have the skills available? And, if you don’t have the skills available and if you want to create 10,000 jobs then it means you’re bringing them [experts] from overseas so you’re really not creating jobs for Guyanese, you’re creating jobs for somebody else.” LARGE LEAP Meanwhile, another Economist, Sydney Armstrong said that while it is possible for 50,000 jobs to be created in a particular environment and across particular fields, 50,000 would be a large leap for the country to make.

He added that the move would require a comprehensive approach through public-private sector investment; policy development; infrastructure; government support and, undeniably, a strategy. “It’s not just clicking your finger or waving a wand and saying 50,000 jobs,” Armstrong said. “Hopefully getting in to the elections we might see him saying something close to how he’s going to do it.” He later added that by inheriting an economy being named one of the fastest growing makes 50,000 jobs a possibility but still a high reach. “When the current Government inherited the econ-

omy their focus was to stabilise the economy rather than taking it from growth and then expanding. They had to spend a lot of energy on trying to get things in place [such as] the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRAA); collecting enough revenues; businesses following protocols and legislation. So, a lot of emphasis was not really placed on creating jobs,” he said. “They would have gotten traction towards turning the economy around and creating some amount of jobs. But, yes, it’s going to be a big jump to 50,000 from where we are. When Ali initially made the promise to supporters, Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin, having assessed the requirements to meet the number, had responded: “He should also explain to the Guyanese people whether these 50,000 new jobs are for Guyanese people, or whether they are for some other group to whom he may be beholden.” Meanwhile, noting the political period, Finance Minister Winston Jordan, a veteran economist, termed the events as the “silly season” even as he encouraged political parties to engage in “realism on all sides”.

Guyana on verge of sharp economic growth …CDB urges end to political uncertainty The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) says Guyana is on the verge of a sharp increase in economic growth this year but immediate prospects partly depend on ending political uncertainty. In a country brief released on Wednesday the CDB said in his November 2018 budget speech, Finance Minister, Winston Jordan was targeting 4.6% GDP growth in 2019, with all

major sectors contributing. However, the Bank said increased political uncertainty in early 2019 may dampen this momentum. The uncertainty to which the bank refers is the Opposition no confidence motion, which was passed in the National Assembly on December 21, 2018. It is alleged that the opposition might have induced former Government Member of Parliament, Charrandas Persaud to vote with it on

the motion, thus allowing the motion to pass. Government has since challenges the validity of the vote on several grounds. The matter is currently before the Court of Appeal. In addition, the CDB said economic growth in Guyana increased to 3.4% in 2018, which was mainly due to increased construction activity. Sugar output fell as restructuring of the industry continued, while there was mixed performance in the extractive industries. Fiscal performance was boosted by a tax amnesty, which increased revenues and helped stabilise the overall deficit.

Public debt as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) increased. The CDB also noted that preparation for oil production continues, noting that commercial production is due to commence in 2020. This, the bank said will increase economic growth and provide windfall revenues for the Government of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana. The Bank said the proposed Natural Resources Fund (NRF) is supposed to help manage the risks associated with this new development, including minimising negative impacts on other non-oil industries. Reforms to the ‘doing business’.. environment are also

necessary to ensure that nonoil industries can become more competitive. Other risks include political uncertainty. For 2018, the CDB noted that economic growth is estimated to have risen in 2018. It said based on Ministry of Finance data, GDP grew by 3.4%, compared with 2.2% in 2017. This partly reflected preparation for the first commercial oil production in 2020. Construction activity rose by 12%. Output from other services was up 15%, linked to increased visitor arrivals. Of the traditional main industries, sugar output fell by nearly 30%. However, the Bank noted that

the government has commenced a restructuring programme of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) being financed by a 5-year external bond issue for $30 billion. This restructuring includes reducing the workforce and divesting assets, in order to reduce subsidies. Further, the B ank observed that the mining industries had mixed fortunes in 2018, noting that gold extraction declined, mainly due to falling declarations by small and medium-scale miners. However, bauxite production was up, and declarations of diamonds, sand and stone increased.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, March 14, 2019

Region 10 buckles down on mental health –– in light of increase in cases By Vanessa Braithwaite The Linden Hospital Complex (LHC), Mental Health Unit (MHU), has recorded a significant increase in patients in need of care and treatment and has initiated systems to provide effective care to these patients. For 2018, the MHU has recorded over 900 patients who were treated at the facility. In January 2019, 132 patients were treated and 107, in March. A significant number of youths are among these patients. Relaying on this information was Cuban psychiatrist attached to the LHC, Dr Sandra Glasgow, who is the supervising officer at the MHU. As a result of this significant increase, the clinic days were increased from once a month, to five days a week. The MHU was also boosted with additional staff and now has a multidisciplinary team including a psychiatrist, social worker and trained nurses. Benefiting from the clinic are not only patients who reside in Linden but those from other far-flung communities in Region 10, such as Ituni and Kwakwani, as well as Georgetown. From Monday to Thursday, the team would attend to out-patients at the unit, on Fridays the team would perform home visits, to meet the needs of those patients who are home-bound or their circumstances do not allow them to visit the hospital. “We realised that some patients do not have easy access to come here or because they have some financial difficulties or they don’t have family … to take them to the hospital, so what we do with this home visit, is to find out their actual mental state and sometimes we have medication for these patients as well,” Dr Glasgow noted. The home visits not only target patients but relatives caring for them as well. “We do counselling as well for relatives because the patient care is important in the process as well, not the patient alone, the entire environment,” Dr Glasgow posited. The MHU is currently being upgraded and patients will enjoy a more comfortable, spacious and confidential environment, where they can be treated and attended to effectively. Dr Glasgow noted that the aim is not only

to treat these patients, but to improve their mental health state, so they can return to society as healed persons and their situation would not regress into a permanent disability. CURABLE SICKNESS Many of the patients, she

mentally disabled. POSITIVE RESPONSE Dr Glasgow said the campaign has garnered positive responses and each day, more persons are expressing interest in the work of the MHU. She said the unit desires to collaborate with Psychiatrist attached to LHC, Dr Sandra Glasgow

A nurse and Social Worker, Laurette Grey-Smith addressing parents and teachers of the Pine Street Nursery as part of the MHU anti-bullying campaign

noted, have been affected by circumstantial depression or other forms of mental sicknesses that are curable, if tackled early. Many youths are also targeted because of abuse of illicit drugs and alcohol. Many of these have repeatedly attempted suicide. It was noted by a member of the team that there are different stages of depression, such as clinical depression and severe depression and relatives should become aware of the signs and allow the individual to become available for evaluation, diagnoses and treatment. In is in this regard that the MHU team, since January, has commenced school visits to sensitise youths on depression, drug and alcohol abuse and the signs and symptoms of depression. The New Silver City Secondary School has already been targeted. An anti-bullying campaign has also commenced at the nursery level where teachers and parents are engaged on the issues that affect the child’s mental health. They are sensitised on the ways of identifying the negative effects of children who are bullied, abused and depressed. They are also taught how to teach their children not to bully and to support children who are

the Ministry of Education to have a more organised and permanent approach to targeting schools in the area of mental health. One suggestion on the agenda is the establishment of a support group of teachers to identify the first phase of mental health issues in their students. Since the establishment of the Mental Health Unit, the increase in clinic days and the boost to its staffing, Social Worker Laurette Grey-Smith noted that there is a decrease in repeated cases of suicide attempts. “Most of the persons tend to overcome their situation and be empowered after the sessions and they work on the action plan to help them to deal with the situation and in that light we do not see repeated cases,” she said. Grey-Smith’s role is to intervene in the social aspect regarding the patient and to refer to the psychiatrist, when necessary. She looks into whether the basic needs of the patients are met, such as a stable home environment and relative care. The MHU was established at LHC in 2016, when Dr. Glasgow, willingly took a transfer to the mining town to serve the patients who were only receiving monthly attention from a team of vis-

iting doctors from Georgetown. When asked why she chose this specialty, Dr. Glasgow, during a previous interview related that that she felt a connection with persons suffering from mental health, especially those experiencing discrimination. “Since when I was a student, I felt some kind of rare connection with them because these kinds of people they need someone to care for them because for

the most part many persons don’t want to deal with them, even family, so I felt this field was good for me, to help the patients,” she said. After hearing of the need for psychiatrist in Guyana, she selflessly left her home and family in Cuba, to come to Guyana, then later to Linden. She said she will be in the mining town for as long as she is needed.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, March 14, 2019

Nationwide robotics competition to begin next month ––STEM Guyana looking to host Caribbean Robotics competition in Guyana

A nationwide robotics competition will begin next month as local tech organisation, STEM Guyana, continues with its efforts to engage young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Co-founder of STEM Guyana, Karen Abrams, told the Guyana Chronicle that this competition is the first of its kind in Guyana and it is building on the pilot league done last year, which involved 15 teams of young people. “We learnt a lot of lessons from that [pilot programme] and we have about 50 teams that will be part of the competition this year,” Abrams said. She also highlighted that STEM Guyana would be using the learning experiences garnered from its participation in the 2017 and 2018 international competitions and share that among the local youth population. “What we’re doing is using fun to attract them into technology and get them learning about STEM,” she explained further. “Our goal out of this is that in 10 or 15 years, our young people would be better problem solvers and thinkers

[and] people who are starting companies helping with the development of solutions.” The teams will be drawn from across eight regions in Guyana and will tap into the STEM clubs that are being created across the country. These clubs, as explained by the co-founder, have been created out of partnerships with communities and some through collaboration with the Department of Youth and Director of Youth. There about 30 STEM clubs, presently, which have been using the ICT hubs created by the Ministry of Public Telecommunications. And the organisation works in conjunction with the youth department to teach children about robotics every week in the various spaces. The clubs have also been created within eight local libraries, where the aim is to facilitate learning in literacy and STEM. “Every week, every Saturday or even sometimes during the week, people are getting together [at the clubs] and getting young people into solving building learning and preparing them for competition,” Abrams related. This competition will begin in April and will take

Co-Founder of STEM Guyana, Karen Abrams (right) poses with Minister of Public Telecommunication, Cathy Hughes in front of a STEM Guyana exhibit

place within the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs), then within the regions and finally, at the national level. The competition will be managed through an online portal, where the challenge will be issued and the youths will be required to craft their robot to respond to the stimulus and issue video showing how the robot responds. “We use that process to create a ranking of the teams

and then we move them forward until we get to the end of the tournament,” Abrams noted. And importantly, this competition will also serve as a pre-qualifier for Team Guyana’s participation in two international robotics championships: the First Global Robotics Competition scheduled for August 2019 and the International Youth Robotics Competition to be held in November 2019.

CARIBBEAN COMPETITION In addition to this national competition and preparing for the international competitions, Abrams also disclosed that STEM Guyana is hoping to craft and facilitate a Caribbean Robotics competition in Guyana, later this year. “We’re already in discussion with some of our contacts in the Caribbean,” she shared, while adding that

few Caribbean countries have indicated their interest in the work being done by STEM Guyana. Of particular interest to these countries, according to her, is the way the organisation is doing work nationwide as against in some pockets, through various persons or groups. Abrams, who visited Suriname recently for an engagement in this discipline, even indicated that this country is trying to learn from the local organisation. What happens is that there are little clubs here and there, managed by independent persons but they don’t have that national rollout of clubs. That in itself is new and unique, but many of them are looking at us and they want to be part of this… haven't tried anything down as yet. It is her hope that before the national competition ends, there will be a “deal squared away”. She also indicated that once plans move ahead for this, local government ministries will be incorporated, since this competition could augur well for the local tourism sector.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, March 14, 2019

DPP likely to quash charge against GECOM quartet

The privately-filed conspiracy charge against the chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and three commissioners has no merit and the Director of Public Prosecutions is likely to throw it out, a top legal source has said. The opposition- People’s Progressive Party- had made similar attempts last year when it filed private charges against several government ministers, only for the DPP to step in and dismiss them. Vincent Alexander who is one of the commissioners said the charge, not only lacks merit, but also it is a deliberate effort to thwart the work of the Commission. On Tuesday, GECOM’s Chairman, Justice (Ret’d) James Patterson and Commissioners Vincent Alexander, Desmond Trotman and Charles Corbin were charged with “conspiracy to breach the Constitution of Guyana, contrary to the Common Law”. The private criminal charge was filed at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court by Attorney Sanjeev Datadin on behalf of Civil Engineer and activist, Marcel Gaskin. The particulars of the offence stated that the GECOM members, from December 22, 2018 to March 9, 2019, conspired to breach Article 106 of the Constitution which provides for the holding of General and Regional Elections within three months from December 21, 2018. The charge echoes the current accusations of Opposition-nominated Commissioners who have contrasting opinions with the aforementioned Commissioners. However, when the Guyana Chronicle contacted Alexander on Wednesday, he summed up the charge as baseless. “I don’t think the charge has any merit. I think it’s a part of the ‘silly season’ kind of behavior we have in Guyana. I have absolutely no fear whatsoever,” Alexander said. It was observed that the charge takes into focus the period of December 22, 2018 to March 9, 2019 as to when the “conspiracy” against the holding of elections took place, yet the time period falls short of the three-month deadline as stipulated within Article 106 of the Constitution. Alexander’s focus, nonetheless, was that for the charge to be justifiable it must first be supported by facts. “They are charging us for conspiracy;

my understanding of criminal matters is that two things have to happen. You’ve got to be able to identify that ‘actus reus’ occurred –the actual fact of conspiracy occurred—and ‘mens rea’—that there was conscious intent to do this,” Alexander said. “Now, I would really like to know when the act occurred because we haven’t gotten to that date as yet and, secondly, where is the evidence of us consciously engaging in an exercise to thwart the Constitution when it is not our responsibility to determine the date? Our responsibility is merely to indicate our state of readiness and to execute an election date from the date that is given by the President.” Some of what the Commissioners have been advocating for since the passing of the no-confidence motion include the holding of the $3B budgeted for house-tohouse registration. The exercise was granted funding by the Government prior to the no-confidence motion and will not only clear the current bloated list of dead persons but ensure that youths now eligible to vote are afforded the opportunity. “We’re trying our best to ensure that GECOM fulfills its mandate and that is that GECOM puts itself in a position to deliver credible elections,” Alexander said. “All that we have requested are not things that GECOM itself has not previously requested. So we’re not putting anything new on the table; we’re putting on the table the things that GECOM has agreed in the past should be done.” Indeed, both sides of the table, including government and opposition, have agreed that the current list is highly flawed but the latter now pushes for elections by April 30, 2019 prior to when the very list expires. Commissioners Alexander, Corbin and Trotman have referred to the present contradiction as Opposition’s engagement in a political game rather than holding the best interest of citizens as a priority. “I think that we’re in the political silly season. I think that there’s an effort to thwart GECOM from making decisions and that effort is also intended to, in a sense, engineer a crisis from which probably some set of people think they could benefit,” Alexander said. Meanwhile, as charge

GECOM, Commissioner, Vincent Alexander

of conspiracy to breach the constitution arises, Tuesday marked the third consecutive time that Opposition-nominated Commissioners have staged a walkout from the Commission’s meeting, thus hindering the commission’s work. Their deliberate efforts come as President David Granger awaits the provision of the work programme detailing the shortest time in

which credible elections can be held so that an election date can be determined. The matter is expected to be heard on Friday, March 15, 2019 in Court 1 even as talks are that the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) could step in to discontinue the charge as an option for such private cases.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, March 14, 2019


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, March 14, 2019

Oil and gas sector covered in security reform –– British High Commissioner

By Leroy Smith With the oil and gas sector coming on stream, the security sector will be enhanced to cater for changes that will be required to ensure national security. According to British High Commissioner Greg Quinn, an assessment was done to cater for this aspect of the Security Sector Reform. “We have just competed the latest assessment consultancy which is the maritime report and that report is currently in preparation and will be submitted to the President and other members of the security operations here within the next few week,” the diplomat told Guyana Chronicle.

He said much effort was put into the consideration of the country’s emerging oil and gas sector and the needs of Guyana as it seeks to protect its assets, investments and investors within the oil and gas sector. Quinn said the measures examined have not only catered for the current activities taking place offshore and in Guyana’s exclusive Economic zone but rather for the years to come. “One of the key things and I think this is one of the reasons we did sort of the maritime assessment is because we need to see what capabilities Guyana needs to protect the offshore developments and so I think there are

still works to be done to develop those capacities to ensure that Guyana can protect its Exclusive Economic Zone and obviously that includes a large portion of the existing oil exploration and also the oil exploration that will be happening going forward not only by Exxon but by companies such as Tullow and Repsol and others,” he said. The maritime assessment consultancy was the final activity in relation to the Security Sector Reform for the current financial year of the UK which runs from April to March. Quinn said all the activities for the Security Sector Reform which were planned for the period have been

British High Commissioner Greg Quinn

completed and work is moving to the next phase. “So we are now currently at the situational time where we are thinking about what happens next year, the next financial year that is,” he said. The diplomat even through satisfied with the pace of work in relation to the reform, said things could

have been done a bit faster. The UK and Guyana are at a stage where attention is placed on the implementation phase of the programme. “This is all part of the process which needs to move from assessment to implementation and we have spent the last couple of years looking at the assessment phase and seeing what needs to be

done and we now need to move to the implementation phase and I think that is what we want to see coming the next financial year,” he said. Quinn also said he would like to see things done in accordance with the programme timeframe but is cognisant that at the end of the day, the programme is Guyanese-owned. In August last year at the appointment of Commissioner of Police Leslie James, President David Granger said he hopes James would be the commissioner to lead the police reform aspect of the Security Sector Reform. James had promised that by the first quarter of this year, the country could expect to see implementation of reform of the Police Force.

Adventists in countrywide community outreach ON Saturday, March 16, 2019, thousands of Seventh-Day Adventists (SDA) in Guyana will conduct countrywide community outreach activities, seeking to impact persons in need, as a part of their Global Youth Day 2019 (GYD2019) initiative. The annual worldwide SDA activity will see millions of members leaving their churches to head out to various communities to deliver “random acts of kindness”. Yesterday (Wednesday, March 13, 2019), while detailing the plans for the event, Youth Director, Pastor Marvyn Smith, summarised Global Youth Day as an intentional act of the church to demonstrate practical ministry. Assistant Youth Director, Lennox Jason, told this newspaper that hundreds of persons countrywide will be sharing food baskets, distributing clothing, conducting rehabilitation works, visiting hospitals, senior citizens’ and children’s homes, distributing literature and more. Smith explained: “Sometimes persons have the opinion that as Seventh-day Adventists we abstain from doing anything at all on the Sabbath but this is one time where it is clear that we par-

Youth Director Pastor Marvyn Smith (seated) and Assistant Youth Director Lennox Jason (third left) display the t-shirts which will be worn by the youths on Global Youth Day on March 16, 2019 (Adrian Narine photo)

ticipate in acts of goodness on the Sabbath day.” This year’s theme is ‘ADOPT’ which encourages persons to adopt any person or group which they can impact. “We’re encouraged to adopt a children’s home, different places in our communities [such as] centres, grounds or families who are in need,” Jason expounded.

Meanwhile Smith said that one of the major projects to be undertaken this year is the rehabilitation of the Ashton Alleyne Memorial Ground in D’Urban Backlands which will become a safe haven for children in the community. “We have collaborated with several of the religious bodies in that community; they are on board, so it’s

a team effort,” Smith said. To ensure the plan becomes a reality, a grand benefit concert dubbed ‘Pass it on’ will be held on March 23, 2019, featuring special guest artiste, Samuel Medas, and others such as Earl Bishop, Taianna Cox and Trizanna Atkins. Meanwhile, funding for the many other acts of kindness comes from the churches

involved, fundraising activities and donations. Added to the outreach activities, on Saturday the church will set up three blood donation sites in Georgetown at the Davis Memorial Hospital; in Linden at the Linden-Georgetown Bus Park and in New Amsterdam at the Cumberland SDA church. Global Youth Day culminates with a youth Week

of Prayer which will be held simultaneously worldwide from March 17-23, Smith said. In Guyana there will be special sites set up in Georgetown, Linden and New Amsterdam which will feature three international youth-oriented preachers from the Caribbean and Atlantic Union and the South Eastern Conference.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, March 14, 2019

Boost for agriculture in Region 10 –– farm-to-market road to open up vast farmland

THE construction of a farm-to-market road at Millie’s Hide Out, Linden, which will make accessible thousands of acres of farmland in the Intermediate Savannahs, is expected to significantly boost agricultural production in Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Upper Berbice). Region 10 is moving towards agricultural self-sufficiency and this project will enable farmers there to promote their businesses and market their crops more effectively, so as to meet the demands of residents. It has been noted over the years that 70 per cent of Linden’s food consumption comes from farmers and vendors mainly in Regions Two, Three and Five. The project is being executed by the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) and according to Regional Ex-

ecutive Officer (REO) Orrin Gordon, the Intermediate Savannahs are blessed with class-one and two-type soils, which are very fertile. Currently, about 100 farmers along villages up the 45-mile route are producing, among other crops, red peas, corn, soya beans and citrus fruits on a large scale; but marketing of their produce remains a challenge, as the road is virtually impassable. These villages include Sand Hills, Sand Dune, Kimbia and Microcubi. Cattle rearing is also a dominant feature in the region and the road will positively impact dairy production. “It will significantly assist about 100 farmers with ingress and egress, because right now they are having problems; and it will also open lead way to other villages such as Mirocubi in the Mahaicony River,” Gordon

said. The entire project will be completed to the tune of $300M, but will be done in phases. Some $13.5 M is expected to be spent in the first phase of the project, which involves construction of some five miles of road, ending at Sand Dune. In collaboration with other entities such as the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), about 600 metres of land will be cleared, de-bushed and graded. The first phase is expected to be completed by June, with the clearing and widening of the thoroughfare. This will significantly improve the aesthetics of the entrance of Millie’s Hide Out, which is adjacent to the ‘Welcome to Linden’ junction. Previously, the area was an illegal dump site. Gordon said several persons have exRegional officials inspecting the farm-to-market road project at Millie’s Hide Out, Linden

pressed interest in returning and investing in the area of food production. The availability of land through this project will help them in this regard. This farm-to-market road project is only one of the agricultural self- sufficiency projects under the Regional Agricultural Programme.

Meanwhile, Derick Collins has been appointed regional agricultural officer and some $22.7M has been allocated from the 2019 budgetary allocations to his department. Programmes to raise awareness on the importance of agriculture will be initiated and technical

and material support in the form of training, seeds and tools among others, will be given to those going into farming. Priority will also be given to the establishment of shade houses, seven of which will be established in secondary schools.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, March 14, 2019

Big plans for agriculture in Region Six Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder addressing residents

An access road from Crabwood Creek to Kwakwani to be built this year under the supervision of the Agriculture Ministry’s Agriculture Sector Development Unit (ASDU) is expected to open up lands for large-scale production. Farmers in both villages cultivate crops such as cassava, pineapple, avocado, plantain, bananas and citrus. Agriculture is a main source of their livelihoods. Speaking recently with farmers at villages of Siparuta and Orealla, Region Six, Agriculture Minister, Noel

Holder said attention will be given to subsistence farming across the regions. “Basically, the plan is to take farming in villages such as this from subsistence farming to the next level of exporting agricultural commodities out of the region. This will stimulate the development of Region Six and Guyana as a whole. A plan of this nature is already being undertaken in Region Eight,” Holder said. Additionally, several persons in Orealla have already benefited from the Guyana Livestock Development Au-

thority’s (GLDA) Hinterland Development Black Giant Programme, which seeks to make the hinterland regions less reliant on the Coastland for their food supplies. Farmers, who have benefited from this programme, commended the authority for the progress made with the project in the village thus far, indicating that their animals are doing extremely well. They also requested the assistance of the ministry in providing more chicks to other persons in the community who have expressed interest in getting involved in the

Republic Financial Holdings completes purchase of Cayman National Corporation shares REPUBLIC Financial Holdings Limited (RFHL) has announced the closure of its acquisition of a majority interest in the Cayman National Corporation Limited (CNC). This transaction comprised the purchase of 74.99% of the issued shares in CNC at an offering price of US$6.25 per share by RFHL’s Barbadian subsidiary, Republic Bank Trinidad and Tobago (Barbados) Limited. The overall cost of the transaction was US$198,474,012.50. As a result of this transaction, the asset base of the RFHL Group will increase to approximately US$12 billion, the bank said in a press release. For its fiscal year 2018 (October 2017 to September 2018), CNC recorded profit after tax of US$26.5 million. Established in 1974, the CNC Group has five subsidiaries: Cayman National Bank Ltd., Cayman National Fund Services Ltd., Cayman National Securities Ltd., Cayman National Bank (Isle of Man) Limited, and

Cayman National (Dubai) Ltd. It is the largest financial services company based in the Cayman Islands, providing banking, trust and company management, fund administration, and wealth management services to clients in the Cayman Islands and around the world. CNC is (and will continue to be) publicly traded on the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange. “RFHL and CNC share the same ideals with respect to values, business processes and opportunities,” says RFHL Chairman Ronald F. deC. Harford, “The acquisition of CNC will allow us to combine and leverage the talents of our two world-class organisations. We are particularly eager to learn from Cayman National’s experience in international financial services and serving high net worth clients. We are pleased to welcome both the employees and clients of the CNC Group to the Republic Family.” RFHL has confirmed that all employees of the CNC Group will remain

following the acquisition of the majority shareholding, and that the Bank will not be rebranded. “Cayman National is a leading full-service institution in one of the world’s most sophisticated financial centres, its brand is resilient and strong, and its management and employees are a critical part of that brand strength.” says Mr. Harford, “We do not want this to change. It will continue to be the same bank known, loved, and run by a very strong and experienced team of Caymanians.” This acquisition is part of RFHL’s ongoing strategic expansion. The Group operates in several territories, including Barbados, Cayman Islands, Grenada, Ghana, Guyana, St. Lucia, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago. The Group’s acquisition of the nine ScotiaBank operations in the Eastern Caribbean, St. Maarten and Guyana is ongoing with that acquisition currently receiving the attention of all the relevant regulatory bodies.

programme. GLDA’s Chief Executive Officer, Nigel Cumberbatch told residents that the authority is prepared to assist with the expansion of poultry rearing in the village. “GLDA is willing to assist you with building your stock and also with the construction of a special hatch but we would need to know how many animals are needed. You can also recommend someone to undergo training at the Guyana School of Ag-

riculture for two years to assist persons who are involved in agriculture,” Cumberbatch said. Extension officers from the GLDA and the National Agriculture Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) are expected to conduct quarterly training exercises in areas of poultry rearing, crop cultivation and agro-processing in the community. Minister Holder was accompanied by George Jervis, Chief Technical Officer,

Ministry of Agriculture; Nigel Cumberbatch, CEO, Guyana Livestock Development Authority; Dave Hicks, CEO (ag), National Drainage and Irrigation Authority; Denzil Roberts, Chief Fisheries Officer; Ida Sealey-Adams, General Manager, Guyana Marketing Corporation; and Alvin Prabudial, Crop Extension Assistant, NAREI.

Residents of Orealla at the meeting with Minister Holder


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday, March 14, 2019

Clinton Williams back at helm of GMSA

CHIEF Executive Officer of the Guyana National Industrial Company Incorporated (GNIC), Mr. Clinton Williams, has been re-elected President of the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA), the organisation said in a statement. Williams served as President of the organisation back in 2010. He succeeds Mr. Shyam Nokta, who assumed the Presidency of the GMSA for the period 2017-2019.

With regard to its Article of Association, the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the fiscal year 2019-2020 on February 28, 2019, when a new board of directors was elected. The board held its first meeting on March 12, 2018, to elect the executive for the period 2019-2020. Williams is supported by Mr. Ramsay Ali of Sterling Products as First Vice-pres-

New President of the GMSA Clinton Williams and his executives, after the association’s Annual General Meeting

ident; Mr. Rafeek Khan, of Woods Direct as Sec-

ond Vice-president; and Ms. Glenis Hodge, of Tropical Shipping as Third Vice- president. Williams expressed gratitude to members of the board for their confidence in re-electing him President of the organisation. He hopes to work closely with each member of the board and the sub- sectors membership in particular in addressing the social, political and economic issues of Guyana. Williams will also be

serving as Chairman of the Association’s Construction and Engineering sub-sector. The chairmen of the various sub-sectors include Mr. Ramsay Ali as Chairman of the Agro-processing sub-sector; Mr. Rafeek Khan, as Chairman of the Forestry & Wood Products sub-sector; Ms. Carol Webster-Carter, as Chairperson of the service sub-sector; Mr. Brian James, as Chairman of

the Fast Foods Sub-sector and; Mrs. Annette Arjoon-Martins, as Chairperson of the Environmental sub-sector. Other executive members of the board include Mr. Shyam Nokta, of Environmental Management Consultants; Ms. Yonette Jeffers of Laparkan Trading; Mr. Ramesh Dookhoo, of Banks DIH Ltd.; Mr. Peter Pompey of Brass Aluminum Cast Iron Foundry; Mr. Andre Cummings, of Cummings Wood Products; Mr. Raymond Ramsaroop, of Edward B. Beharry & Company Ltd; Mr. Clement Duncan, of Swansea Industrial Associates; Ms. Joycelyn Williams, of JTW Management Institute Inc; and; Mr. Mahadeo Panchu, of KSM Investments.

GUYANA CHRONICLE, Thursday, March 14, 2019



GUYANA CHRONICLE, Thursday, March 14, 2019

GUYANA CHRONICLE, Thursday, March 14, 2019



GUYANA CHRONICLE, Thursday, March 14, 2019

YBG scores $1.5M sponsorship from Edward B. Beharry Group and Company Limited

YOUTH Basketball Guyana (YBG), the ‘custodian’ of schools basketball in Guyana, yesterday scored a $1.5M sponsorship deal from the Edward B. Beharry Group and Company Limited, as it prepares to host this year’s National Schools Basketball Festival (NSBF). The company, a long-time supporter of the YBG programme, made a presentation to the Chris Bowman and Rayad Boyce-led organisation, yesterday, at their Charlotte Street location, with Marketing Director Anjuli Beharry-Strand calling her entity’s support over the years “money well spent”. Over the last decade, YBG has enjoyed a fruitful partnership with the Beharry’s (Group), raking in millions in sponsorship, and with the emergence of the likes Stanton Rose, who burst onto the scenes through the Youth Basketball tournaments, that lucrative partnership is bearing fruit. Beharry-Strand told the gathering of media and other stakeholders of the game that the YBG programme is “a wonderful forum to help young people,” and as such, her company will continue to give financial and other support. “I think it’s important that the private sector invest in our

youths in Guyana. There’s so much potential, there’s so much skill, these children just need an opportunity to showcase these skills. It builds self-confidence, it builds their ability to communicate and to think strategically and I think all these things are so important in empowering young people who ordinarily wouldn’t have this opportunity,” Beharry-Strand explained. She further opined that “sports is an extraordinary important avenue that we need to look at and more people need to invest in it. Sports is something positive and we’re happy to be partners with the YBG and we look forward to this for years to come.” Bowman said the success of YBG is owed to the Beharry’s (Group) and other corporate entities that have supported their initiative to have a continued and sustained schools basketball programme across Guyana. The Youth Basketball Guyana National Schools Basketball Festival will bounce off on March 28 with the Regional playoffs which will run until June 28. From June 29 to July 7, the tournament will host the National Championship at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall.

Messi leads demolition of Lyon to take Barca through

BARCELONA, Spain (Reuters) - Lionel Messi scored two goals and provided two more as Barcelona reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League in style, thrashing Olympique Lyonnais 5-1 at home yesterday and advancing by the same scoreline on aggregate. Barca captain Messi nonchalantly opened the scoring with a ‘Panenka’ penalty chipped down the middle of the goal in the 17th minute after Luis Suarez was fouled in the area, putting his side ahead in the tie after a goalless first leg in France.

Suarez then rounded Lyon goalkeeper Anthony Lopes to lay on a perfect pass for the unmarked Philippe Coutinho to nudge into an open net and double Barca’s lead, although Lyon hauled themselves back into contention with a second-half strike from Lucas Tousart. Messi soon killed off any hopes of an unlikely comeback from the French side, however, carving his way through the defence to score in the 78th minute, before toying with Lyon’s back line twice more and laying off passes for Gerard Pique and then Ousmane Dembele to complete the rout.

Sammy, Pollard thrill but come up short KARACHI, Pakistan, , (CMC) – Whirlwind knocks from captain Darren Sammy and Kieron Pollard both went in vain as Peshawar Zalmi crashed to a 10-run loss to Quetta Gladiators, in the first eliminator of the Pakistan Super League here Wednesday. Chasing a challenging 187 at the National Stadium, Zalmi came up short at 176 for seven off their 20 overs, with Sammy smashing 46 off 21 deliveries and Pollard getting 44 off 25

balls. Zalmi got a solid start when openers Imam-ul-Haq (23) and Kamran Akmal (22) put on 41 off 36 balls but five wickets tumbled for 49 runs to leave the innings in tatters at 90 for five in the 14th over. The West Indies pair of Sammy and Pollard then mounted a thrilling comeback in an 83-run, sixth wicket stand off a mere 36 balls, which put the contest back in the balance. Sammy, the two-time Twenty20 World Cup-winning skipper, belted two fours

and five sixes while Pollard notched six fours and six. With 21 runs required from the final over, Pollard blasted the second ball for six before going bowled the very next delivery by medium pacer Shane Watson. And Sammy followed off the fourth ball, run out attempting to get on strike after Wahab Riaz failed to connect. Earlier, Watson was the hero for Quetta with 71 off 43 deliveries as they gathered 186 for six after being sent in. The Australian pummelled

five fours and half-dozen sixes, putting on 111 for the second wicket with Ashan Ali (46) after Gladiators found themselves on three for one in the second over. Former Windies star Dwayne Bravo made 12 not out and went wicketless with his medium pace in Zalmi’s run chase. Sammy and Pollard will have a second shot at the final when Zalmi play the winner of today’s second eliminator between Islamabad United and Karachi Kings, on Friday.

Fortune’s bid for World Masters Indoor Championships in need of support

GUYANA’S veteran track star, Alisha Fortune, who is best known as the 2015 World Masters U-40 Outdoor World Champion at 100m, 200m and 400m, is currently raising funds to travel to Poland for the Indoor version of those games. However, she is short of her target of $875 000 which is required for her trip. So far, contributions from the Guyana Committee

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of Service, Modern Optical, the Beterverwagting NDC and Star Party Rentals among other individuals have helped her cause to a total of $310 000. The National Sports Commission (NSC) has also pledged their support but the track star is still a long way from achieving her target. She is pleading with corporate Guyana and patriotic citizens to help her cause financially since she is trav11:05 hrs First Down 11:40 hrs Mizbah 12:15 hrs Alraased 12:50 hrs Pillar Of Society 13:25 hrs Iftitah

elling on Saturday to secure her Visa. Fortune, who was a triple gold medallist (100m, 200m and 400m) in 2015 at the outdoor version of the meet in France, followed up with two silver medals and a gold medal last year in Spain. Interested persons willing to contribute to Fortune’s cause can contact her on telephone number 642-0615. 12:50 hrs Epatante 13:30 hrs Measureofmydreams

South Africa Racing Tips Vaal 08:10 hrs Purple Diamond 08:45 hrs An Air Of Success 09:25 hrs Mrs O 10:00 hrs Snow In Seattle 10:40 hrs Street Flyer

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English Racing Tips Cheltenham 09:30 hrs Lostintranslation 10:10 hrs Sire Du Berlais 10:50 hrs Monalee 11:30 hrs Paisley Park 12:10 hrs Janika

Southwell 13:55 hrs Catapult 14:30 hrs Key To Power 15:00 hrs Point Zero 15:30 hrs Sense Of Direction 16:00 hrs Seasearch 16:30 hrs Lion Hearted


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Thursday, March 14, 2019

Australia complete historic ODI series win By Sam Ferris at Feroz Shah Kotla ground, Delhi AUSTRALIA showed nerves of steel to complete a historic comeback overnight, winning the fifth one-day international in Delhi by 35 runs to take the series 3-2. Opening batsman Usman Khawaja was the hero for the Australians with his second ODI century in three innings to lead the tourists to 272-9 before leg-spinner Adam Zampa (346) and an all-round bowling effort dismissed India for 237 on the final ball of the run chase. Australia looked like romping to victory after Zampa and co. reduced India to 132-6 in the 29th over, but a dogged partnership between Kedar Jadhav (44) and Bhuvneshwar Kumar (46) of 91 had the visitors on edge. But when the pair fell in consecutive balls inside the final five overs, the Australians breathed a sigh of relief, celebrated jubilantly and finished off the series few gave them any hope of claiming. No Australian team had ever come back from 0-2 in a five-match series and won, but Aaron Finch’s side now head to the UAE with that piece of history and the series silverware. It has been a memorable tour for Australia, who began with a 2-0 sweep of the T20I leg – their first-ever T20 series win over India – before fighting back from losses in Hyderabad and Nagpur with victories in Ranchi, Mohali and Delhi to seal their first ODI series win in India in a decade.

The triumph is also Australia’s first ODI series win since January 2017, at home against Pakistan, and their first one-day series win on foreign soil since beat Sri Lanka in 2016.

Finch (43) and Peter Handscomb (52) – continued their good form before the middle order of No.4 Glenn Maxwell (1), returning all-rounder Marcus Stoinis (20), second-gamer Ashton Turner (20)

soil and through Jadhav and Bhuvneshwar the hosts took the game deep - a common theme this tour. As the required run rate hovered around 11, the batsmen were in the game and the bowlers could not find a wicket until Cummins broke through to extract a leading edge from Bhuvneshwar’s bat. Jadhav was caught on the boundary the next ball to leave the final three batsmen to reel in 50 from 23 balls, a tough ask even for recognised batters.

Cummins finished the ODI campaign with 14 wickets, the equal-most by an Australian in a bilateral series against India and was a revolution with the new ball having been denied it for more than a year. Stoinis, who overcame a thumb injury to play in place of veteran Shaun Marsh, finished the match by bowling Kuldeep Yadav with final ball of the tour, an emphatic way to end the series that began and ended with success. (Cricket.


The victorious Australian team poses with the trophy after winning the series. (Getty Images) Perhaps most impressively, this side is almost indistinguishable to the one that got blown off the park in England nine months ago in Justin Langer’s first series as head coach. The fight Langer has promised was on full show yesterday. After electing to bat and motoring to 1-175 on the back of Khawaja’s even 100, Australia lost 54-6 to almost undo all the good work they had done on a difficult pitch that has only twice seen a team score beyond 300. The top three – Khawaja,

and gloveman Alex Carey (3) fell in 12 overs to hand the ascendency to the hosts. But what’s been a hallmark of this team under Finch and Langer is how they’ve rallied when they look down and out, like they did in the first T20I in Vizag to pinch a final-ball win and again here tonight. Jhye Richardson (28) and Pat Cummins (13) put on a vital 34 for the eighth wicket to take the total beyond 250 to a score India had not reached at Feroz Shah Kotla in 25

NSC MoTP Cheddi Jagan Memorial Windball Cricket Championships

Carmel Secondary female team, BV Secondary males win titles CARMEL Secondary School female team and Beterverwagting (BV) Secondary School male team were crowned champions of the National Sports Commission (NSC)/ Ministry of the Presidency (MoTP)-organised and sponsored Cheddi Jagan Memorial windball cricket championships, which ended on Sunday at the National Gymnasium. In the female final, Carmel were flawless against Camille’s Institute for Business and Science Studies due to a stellar performance from Indira Amardeo. She led the attack with 40, while Siana Abrams added 25, which helped their team to 85-0 from their five overs, chasing 82-0 made by their East Bank Demerara opponents. Stacy Flores led Camille’s Institute with 32. Prior to the championship clash, Carmel had defeated Tucville Secondary by 32

years. Then with the ball it was Zampa who again picked up the big wickets like he has done all series, with the prized wicket of Virat Kohli falling to Stoinis.

Carmel Secondary collect their winning trophy from Director of Sport Christopher Jones. points in the semi-finals. Am- ary (47-1) in their final-four ardeo had scored 74 runs to matchup. In the third place game, Calead the winners’ attack (91-2). Tucville, in reply, reached 59-3 mille’s Institute whipped Covent with Amardeo taking 2-20. Garden by 79 runs. Stacy Flores Camille’s Institute (51-1) had (60) and Alicia Davidson (54) gotten past Annandale Second- propelled Camille’s Institute to 130-0, while Covent Garden were restricted to 61-0 off their five overs. N. Agrippa led the attack with 43. In the male division, BV got past Camille’s Institute in the grand finale. Camille’s batted first and scored 63-2, while BV replied with 64-0. Kapil Dev Phagoo led the attack for the winners with 40. In the third place clash, Carmel Secondary, led by eventual tournament MVP Jamal Da Santos (38), defeated Vreed-en-Hoop. The West Bank Demerara school batted first and scored Director of Sport Christopher Jones (standing fourth from 63-0 with Aryan Khan hitting left) presents the championship trophy to BV Secondary. 32, but Carmel replied with 68-1. Organiser Alistair Munroe (stands second from left).

India’s run chase never gathered momentum as they regularly lost wickets to a well-drilled Australian attack that wasn’t at their best in the field yesterday but kept the pressure on the home side, who struggled to find the boundary after the opening powerplay. After Kohli edged a short ball behind from Stoinis the crowd lost its gusto and was almost completely deflated when Zampa had Rohit Sharma (56) and Ravindra Jadeja (0) both stumped in the same over. Rohit, having been dropped in the over by Maxwell at cover, threw everything into his wild swipe – including his bat that landed near the 30-year fielding restriction circle – as Carey whipped off the bails. India were never going to succumb to a huge defeat on home

AUSTRALIA 1st innings Usman Khawaja c Virat Kohli b Bhuvneshwar Kumar 100 Aaron Finch b Ravindra Jadeja 27 Peter Handscomb c Rishabh Pant b Mohammed Shami 52 Glenn Maxwell c Virat Kohli b Ravindra Jadeja 1 Marcus Stoinis b Bhuvneshwar Kumar 20 Ashton Turner c Ravindra Jadeja b Kuldeep Yadav 20 Alex Carey c Rishabh Pant b Mohammed Shami 3 Jhye Richardson run-out Virat Kohli 29 Pat Cummins c & b Bhuvneshwar Kumar 15 Nathan Lyon not out 1 Extras: (1b-2, w-3) 4 Total: (nine wkts, 50.0 overs) 272 Fall of wickets: 1-76, 2-175, 3-178, 4-182, 5-210, 6-225, 7-229, 8-263, 9-272. Bowling: Bhuvneshwar Kumar 10-0-48-3 (w-1), Mohammed Shami 9-0-57-2, Jasprit Bumrah 10-0-39-0, Kuldeep Yadav 10-0-74-1 (w-2), Ravindra Jadeja 10-0-45-2, Kedar Jadhav 1 -0-8-0. INDIA 1st innings Rohit Sharma stp. Alex Carey b Adam Zampa 56 Shikhar Dhawan c Alex Carey b Pat Cummins 12 Virat Kohli c Alex Carey b Marcus Stoinis 20 Rishabh Pant c Ashton Turner b Nathan Lyon 16 Vijay Shankar c Usman Khawaja b Adam Zampa 16 Kedar Jadhav c Glenn Maxwell b Jhye Richardson 44 Ravindra Jadeja stp. Alex Carey b Adam Zampa 0 Bhuvneshwar Kumar c Aaron Finch b Pat Cummins 46 Mohammed Shami c & b Jhye Richardson 3 Kuldeep Yadav b Marcus Stoinis 8 Jasprit Bumrah not out 1 Extras: (lb-7, w-8) 15 Total: (all out, 50.0 overs) 237 Fall of wickets: 1-15, 2-68, 3-91, 4-120, 5-132, 6-132, 7-223, 8-223, 9-230. Bowling: Pat Cummins 10-1-38-2 (w-1), Jhye Richardson 100-47-2, Marcus Stoinis 4-0-31-2 (w-2), Nathan Lyon 10-1-34-1 (w-1), Adam Zampa 10-1-46-3, Glenn Maxwell 6-0-34-0.

RHTY&SC congratulates 6 females in national side THE Patron, Management and Members of Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club (RHTY&SC), have congratulated the six members selected for Guyana in the upcoming Cricket West Indies (CWI) Female Cricket Tournament. West Indies player Shemaine Campbelle will lead the team while the other (RHTY&SC) players selected are Erva Giddings, Melanie Henry, Sheneta Grimmond, Plaffiana Millingtpn and Shabika Gajnabi. Campbelle, who is an inspirational leader on and off

the field, leads by example and we are confident that she will inspire the Guyana team to give of their best. The veteran Giddings has over a decade of national experience and has represented West Indies as well, while Gajnabi and Grimmond over the last year have been involved in several West Indies training camps. One thing we are delighted about is that our members were selected based on merit. The Rose Hall Town Metro female team is the only of its kind after being founded in 2007

with a membership of eleven females. “RHTY&SC, with sponsorship from Metro Office and Computer Services of Quamina Street, Georgetown, has invested heavily into the team and over the years they have made us proud.” The club would like to remind the six female players that representing the Golden Arrowhead is a once-in-a-lifetime privilege. The club also extends best wishes to fellow Berbicians Tremayne Smartt and Layota Gilgeous on their selection as well.

Charles heads a list of Under-17 players for Essequibo trial matches N AT I O N A L U n d e r - 1 5 all-rounder Sheldon Charles will head a list of players from the various area committees who will be vying for places when the Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB) holds two trial matches, starting today, at the Imam Bacchus ground in Affiance. In a release the ECB named the following players:- North Essequibo - Sheldon Charles and Reynard Ramroop; South Essequibo - Mahendra Basdeo, Jarrad Allicock, Orrin Gibson and Shaieed Khan; Leguan - Kamal Shaw, Alphiad Bacchus and Arif Ally; East Bank Essequibo - Lakeram Ramotar, Nicholas Persaud, Alex Ali, Jason Holder,

Daniel Ward, Ronaldo Scouten, Wasim Mohamed, Aryan Persaud, Mark Mohabir, Ricardo Pannaram and Nicholai Jacobus; Central Essequibo - Abdool Nadir, Azizi Christiani, Uriah Stoll

Sheldon Charles

and Sunil Persaud; Wakenaam - Devendra Hansraj, Mohandas Serujpaul, Ryan Atkinson, Devon Ramratan and Rickey Persaud. According from a release from the ECB, players will vie for selection on the Essequibo team for the upcoming Under-17 inter-county tournament and will undergo a period of encampment after the squad is shortlisted. The players are also reminded to have in their possession their birth certificates. Senior coach Forbes Daniels along with selectors Autto Christiani, Andy Ramnarine and Wazeer Mohamed will be present to conduct the trials.


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Thursday, March 14, 2019

Mane scores twice to hand Liverpool 3-1 victory past Bayern

MUNICH, Germany (Reuters) - Sadio Mane scored twice to hand Liverpool a 3-1 victory at Bayern Munich yesterday with a dominant performance that sent them through to the Champions League quarter-finals. After the last-16 first leg ended goalless at Anfield, fivetime European champions Liverpool took control in Munich, bossing the game and nullifying their German opponents to become the fourth English team into the last eight. In-form Mane pounced on a needless charge out of his goal by Manuel Neuer in his 100th Champions League appearance, to round the Bayern keeper with a superb turn before chipping his finish into the empty net in the 26th minute. The German champions levelled 13 minutes later against the run of play when winger Serge Gnabry beat his marker and his cutback was turned into the goal by Liverpool defender Joel Matip. Centre back Virgil van

Dijk, who had missed the first leg last month, killed off any German hopes of a comeback when he rose high to head home in the 69th minute before Mane headed in his second in the 84th.

2008/9 season, with Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and Manchester City already through. Bayern knew they had to be more adventurous than they had been at Anfield, but

Liverpool’s Sadio Mane celebrates scoring their third goal with Divock Origi. (Action Images via Reuters/Andrew Boyers)

Last season’s runners-up Liverpool completed a full house of English teams in the last eight, the first time this has happened since the

they were suffocated by Liverpool’s intense pressing in the first half. The Reds, beaten by Real Madrid in last season’s final,

suffered an early blow when captain Jordan Henderson hobbled off with an ankle injury. Mane’s goal gave them the edge but instead of adding to their lead when they had the upper hand, Matip’s own goal let Bayern back into the game against the run of play. The Bavarians, who had reached the Champions League quarter-finals or better in each of the last seven seasons, needed a second with Liverpool heading through on the away goals rule. Liverpool, however, kept up the pressure and were rewarded when Dutchman Van Dijk grabbed his third goal in his last four appearances in all competitions. Mane completed a memorable win with a well-timed header after a delightful lofted pass from Mohamed Salah as Liverpool stretched their unbeaten run in Champions League last-16 matches to eight games following a 1-0 loss at home to Barcelona in the 2006/07.

South Africa thump Sri Lanka by six wickets to secure 4-0 ODI lead PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa (Reuters) - Opener Quinton de Kock passed the half-century mark for the eighth time in nine innings across all formats to lift South Africa to a comfortable six-wicket victory over Sri Lanka in the fourth One-Day International at St George’s Park yesterday. The home side chased down their modest target of 190 in 32.5 overs after winning the toss and electing to field, securing a 4-0 lead in the fivematch series with the final fixture to be played in Cape Town

Quinton de Kock made his fourth-straight fifty-plus score of the series.

(Getty Images)

on Saturday. de Kock followed up his century in the previous game with 51 from 57 balls as he blasted South Africa to a fast start in pursuit of the win. Captain Faf du Plessis chipped in with 43 and JP Duminy showed form after his return from long-term injury with 31 not out. Sri Lanka were bowled out for 189 in 39.2 overs, their innings rescued to some extent by an extraordinary 58-run final wicket stand between Isuru Udana (78 from 57 balls) and Kasun Rajitha (0).

The pair came together with the score on 131 as Udana powered his way to the highest List A score of his career with seven fours and four sixes before he was finally caught by du Plessis off all-rounder Andile Phehlukwayo (2-21). Fast bowler Anrich Nortje (3-57) was the pick of the home attack, though he suffered in the late onslaught from Udana. South Africa may be concerned at their inability to close out the innings, a feature of their cricket in recent times, with the World Cup starting in a few months.

BCB expresses disappointment over Subrina Munroe’s snub

THE Berbice Cricket Board ( BCB) and the entire cricketing public in the Ancient County have expressed their disappointment over the non-selection of West Indies pacer Subrina Munroe in the 14-member National female senior squad for the upcoming Regional tournaments.

Hilbert Foster

According to the BCB, Munroe’s snub, is nothing but a total injustice to a dedicated, discipline and hard working player, whose professional attitude can never be questioned. President of the BCB Hilbert Foster expressed his disgust at the non-selection of Munroe. He stated that some of the players selected ahead of the West Indies pacer will struggle to make both the Rose Hall Town Metro and Berbice Female team

if they reside in Berbice. Munroe has always performed well for Guyana and the West Indies and to downgrade her to standby status is a total insult. The selectors of the Guyana Cricket Board need to get their house in order and select national teams based on performances, discipline and fairness, not on a quota system for each county or reward for clubs or boards who they view as supporters of the current system. Munroe along with Tremayne Smartt and Erva Giddings have served Guyana well. Meanwhile, the BCB will like to wish the Guyana team under the leadership of Shemaine Campbelle, great success in the tournament. The board is quite confident that Campbelle, Sheneta Grimmond, Shabika Gajnabi, Erva Giddings, Tremayne Smartt, Melanie Henry, Plaffiana Millington and Lafona Gilgeous will make all of us in Berbice proud. It is however, very painful for us to be denied the opportunity to witness our players in action in the Ancient county despite Berbice being the major provider of outstanding female cricketers.

JCA says hosting Skerritt ‘fair and proper’ thing to do KINGSTON, Jamaica (CMC) – The Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) has distanced itself from the stance taken by three territorial cricket boards, and will host Cricket West Indies (CWI) presidential hopeful

Ricky Skerritt and running mate, Dr Kishore Shallow, in a meeting here today. Skerritt and Shallow will outline their vision for cricket development to the JCA, in an effort to gain the Board’s two votes at the CWI elections here


(Thursday, March 14, 2019) COMPLIMENTS OF THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market & The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL COMPANY LTD-83 Garnett Street, Campbellville, Georgetown (Tel: 225-6158)

(1) (2) (1) (2)

ANSWERS TO YESTERDAY’S QUIZ: Chris Gayle/Darren Ganga (vs NZ, Auckland, 2006) 13 TODAY’S QUIZ: How many T20 International wickets WI Jerome Taylor has claimed to date? How many deliveries WI Nicholas Pooran faced in making his 58 in the first game of the recent WI/ENG T20 Int’l series?


on March 24. The duo were snubbed by the Barbados Cricket Association, Guyana Cricket Board and the Windward Islands Cricket Association - all of whom have already signalled their support for the incumbent Dave Cameron and vice-president Emmanuel Nanthan. But JCA vice-president, Dr Donovan Bennett, said it was only “fair and proper” to hear from all parties involved in the elections, before making a decision on who to support. “Hopefully, we will get to hear from Mr Cameron too and after we hear from both individuals, we will ask questions and after we ask questions, then we will make a determination as to the way we go,” Bennett told the Gleaner newspaper.

“We are not going to go down the road that Barbados, Guyana, and Windward (Islands) have gone. I think that it is not good, and I wouldn’t

Ricky Skerritt

want to be a part of any association where you want to hear one candidate and you disregard the next.” He added: “I think it should be fair and proper that both candidates be heard and this is what the Jamaica board is doing. “Mr Skerritt made himself available for today and I am glad he did, because if he never did, then he won’t be considered.” Jamaican Cameron will meet with the JCA next week to present his plan, as he bids for a fourth successive term in charge of the regional governing body. And while the JCA was one of the boards to nominate Cameron and Nanthan, Bennett said that would not automatically mean their support was guaranteed.

“It is a plus (that Cameron is Jamaican), but it cannot be the only determination. This is not a Jamaica election. It is a West Indies election, and we are all Caribbean people,” Bennett said. “We are one people, and yes, Mr Cameron is from Jamaica and that gives him an advantage, but it cannot be the only determining factor.” He continued: “We are looking for the best for Jamaica’s cricket and for West Indies Cricket because obviously things are not going well and we would think that at this time there has got to be a new thinking and a new direction.” Cameron will hold a town hall meeting at the Kingston Cricket Club next week Thursday, and has invited the JCA top executives.


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Thursday, March 14, 2019

Berbice Zone Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’

Action in this year’s Berbice Zone of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ competition.

Defending champs Trafalgar in pole position to retain title THIS Saturday at the New Amsterdam Ferry Stelling in Berbice, the curtain will close on this year’s Berbice Zone of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ tournament with the semi-finals and final. Reigning champions Trafalgar will face Lichfield in the first semi-final, while New Amsterdam Kings tackle East Bank Gunners in the other semi-final. The champs have so far moved through the tournament unscathed and are expected to prevail over Lichfield. The likes of Kevin Layne, Olvis Mitchell and Delwyn Fraser will be integral for Trafalgar, while Lichfield’s chances will rest squarely on Allan Garnett, Shelton George and Carlos Grant. In the feature clash, NA Kings are tipped to advance,

especially with the likes of Quinn Hazel and Jamal Butts in their ranks. Meanwhile, East Bank Gunners’ pursuit of a place in the championship game will depend on how well Sherwin Nicholson and Joseph Giddings perform. The winning team will pocket $300 000 and the championship trophy, while second-, third- and fourth-place finishers will walk away $150 000, $100 000 and $75 000 respectively. It is expected that a number of Banks DIH officials, along with media representatives, will be on hand to witness the final of this year’s tournament. The other sponsor on board is Colours Boutique of Robb Street.

Jamaica squad for Women’s World Cup to be chosen next month: coach KINGSTON, Jamaica (CMC) – Jamaica’s squad for this year’s FIFA Women’s Cup in France is expected to be selected following a training camp in South Africa next month. The camp will run from April 1 to 9 and assistant coach Andrew Price believes the current 24-member training squad will be whittled down to the final 14 thereafter. “I believe that it (final selection) will be in short order. We will let the players know who have been selected to that final 14,” the Gleaner newspaper here quoted Price as saying. “There is another training camp in April, and so there is still an opportunity for other players to be selected. “I think, based on the last two training camps, we believe that we will come up with a cadre of about 14 to 16 players who will definitely make the trip to France.” Jamaica became the first Caribbean country to qualify for a FIFA Wom-

en’s World Cup when they beat Panama on penalties in the third-place match at the CONCACAF Women’s Championship last October. Since then, they have been undergoing preparation for the June 7 to July showpiece, where they feature in Group C alongside Australia, Italy and Brazil. In two recent friendly

matches against Chile, they pulled off a 1-0 win over the South Americans before edging them 3-2 a few days later. Price praised the side’s attitude in both matches, pointing out that there would be tough competition for places. “I believed the team showed a bit of resilience against the Chileans, and we just want to improve our

fitness and our understanding,” he noted. “Everybody wants to be included, and so everybody is putting in her utmost. All the players want to make that trip to France. “I think it is good when the coaches have a difficulty in selecting the team as it is very competitive and that is what we want.”

Jamaica’s Reggae Girls are first Caribbean side to ever reach the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

DCB Inter-association U-17 cricket

ECD beat West Demerara by 162 runs … Win also for Georgetown EAST COAST Demerara beat West Demerara by 162 runs in round two of the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) Under-17 Inter-Association 50-over cricket tournament yesterday at the Lusignan ground. The win, the second in two days for East Coast, was first set up by their batsmen before a collective bowling effort restricted their opponents for just 71 all out in 31 overs. Asked to bat first, East Coast produced a solid batting effort to pose a challenging total of 233-6. Left-handed batsman Chanderpaul Ramraj top-scored, with a composed 59 inclusive of eight boundaries. After both openers, Evald Hendricks (4) and Reynaldo Mohamed (3), fell cheaply to Jonathan Jacobs (1-20) and Daniel Robert (2-47), Ramraj then shared 44 runs for the third-wicket with Davanand Kemraj (29) and 68 for the fourth-wicket with Rudrunauth Kissoon (30) before he departed off the bowling of Andre Seepersaud (1-20). Khemraj was dismissed by Amir Jabriel, who finished with figures of 2-18. Thereafter, Chetram Balgobin who struck four fours and a six in his 47, added 57 runs with Edmond Pearson who contributed an unbeaten 29 at the back end of the innings. West Demerara were never in the run chase and lost wickets at regular intervals. It was a complete different approach from their batsmen as compared to their opponents. Avesh Persaud (14) and Seepersaud (11) were the only two batsmen to reach double figures. Off-spinner Kissoon (3-5) was the main destroyer. He received support from medium pacers, Jagdesh Dowladram (2-13), and Trevon Charles (2-14), leg-spinner Shafeek Khan (2-5) and Romer Datterdeen (1-12). Meanwhile, Georgetown overpowered East Bank Demerara by ten wickets at the Wales ground. Batting first, East Bank were bowled out for 31. Daniel Mootoo grabbed three wickets, while Niran Bissu and Yohance Angoy each took two wickets. In reply, Georgetown opening batsmen Brandon Jaikaran and Mitra Dhanraj cruised to 31 without losing a wicket to give their team a commanding victory.. The third and final round is set for tomorrow with East Coast playing East Bank Demerara at Lusignan and Georgetown opposing West Demerara at Wales.

Mohamed’s Enterprise sponsors GMR&SC drag strip extension LOCAL business Mohamed’s Enterprise has set itself in pole position to create another first for motor racing when it announced its sponsorship to extend the drag strip at the South Dakota Circuit, Timehri. The company, which runs Team Mohamed’s Enterprise camp, which includes the current strip record holding Nissan GTR Goliath, has opted to fund the lengthening of the strip from 1 000ft to 1 320ft or a full quarter-mile. Upon completion of the strip, it will be the first recorded and timed quarter-mile run in the history of drag racing locally. Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) president Rameez Mohamed confirmed it on Tuesday evening, saying, “Thanks to Mohamed’s Enterprise and their continued support.” He explained the difficulty with running the quarter mile as against the 1 000ft that was used in the past. “The (ending) part where we usually end the race has a huge drop and for the high-powered car reaching that speed and dropping off would be dangerous. I was going to run the 1 000ft,” Rameez added. Goliath is the current strip record-holder with 7.52 second time. The team also just procured the EKanoo racing Nissan GTR, a former world recording drag car Apart from that, the team have been the defending circuit racing Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC) superstock champions for the last two years. Meanwhile, the club itself has been progressing with works on the launch pad for the strip. Set at the north westerly side of the track, the pad, once complete, will signify a major boost to current president Rameez Mohamed’s plan for an improved infrastructure.

YBG scores $1.5M sponsorship from Edward B. Beharry Group and Company Limited 24 Page

Edward B. Beharry and Company Limited’s Marketing Director Anjuli Beharry-Strand (second from left), makes a presentation to Chris Bowman, co-Director of YBG.

Keen interest still in final two Regional 4-Day matches starting today ST JOHN’S, Antigua – There is still more than just passing interest with the final two Regional 4-Day matches in the West Indies Championship, starting today here and in Trinidad and Tobago. With Guyana Jaguars having finished their schedule of matches for the season’s last

round and accumulated 154.2 points – they have practically claimed the Headley/Weekes Trophy, symbol of West Indies first-class supremacy, for a fifth straight season. The Jags are 23 points clear of Leeward Islands Hurricanes, their nearest rivals, who still have a math-

Fortune’s bid for World Masters Indoor Championships in need of support 24

ematical chance of clinching the title, as they prepare to face a star-studded Barbados Pride at the Vivian Richards Cricket Ground. At the same time – Trinidad & Tobago Red Force and Jamaica Scorpions will be aiming to finish the season strongly when they meet at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy.


Alisha Fortune



HURRICANES VS PRIDE IN NORTH SOUND, ANTIGUA The Hurricanes, however, face the highly improbable, if not impossible task of gaining the absolute maximum 24 points against the Pride to be able to surpass Jaguars to take home their fifth West Indies first-class title for the first time since they shared with the Jags 21 years ago. It would take miraculously spectacular batting and bowling from Hurricanes to gain all the points left on the table and pip Jaguars for the title by just – one point.

And, the Hurricanes should not be ruled out, as they have the batting and bowling to get the job done, plus they are playing their best in almost a decade, are on familiar turf and beat the Pride in their first match at the start of the season last December, so they would relish a season sweep. There are also a few personal landmarks that could be accomplished by players on both sides in this contest: Hurricanes off-spinner Rahkeem Cornwall needs six wickets for 200 in the Championship and 84 runs to complete the double of 500 runs and 50 wickets for the season, Pride and Windies opener Kraigg Brathwaite requires 117 to become the 21st batsman overall and the sixth from Barbados to score more than 4 000 career runs in the Championship, Pride’s Jonathan Carter needs 23 runs to join veteran Windward Islands Volcanoes left-handed opener Devon Smith in the 700-run club for the season and 80 to reach 4 000 first-class career runs, Veteran Hurricanes pair of Devon Thomas and Montcin Hodge require 47 and 53 respectively, to also become members of the 700-run club for the season, and Hurricanes batsman Keacy Carty has 515 runs and needs 85 to reach 600 runs for the season.

Messi leads demolition of Lyon to take Barca through



Barcelona’s Lionel Messi celebrates scoring their third goal. (REUTERS/Juan Medina)

Australia complete historic ODI series win

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