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GDF Chief-of -Staff, Brigadier Patrick West

Young Bill Rogers belting out his tune “De money power dance” during a lively performance at the Senior Soca Monarch Competition held at the Linden-Georgetown Municipal bus park Saturday night

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, February 12, 2018

AG takes AML sensitisation campaign to Corentyne

ATTORNEY General and Minister of Legal Affairs Basil Williams on Thursday last led a task force to the Corentyne as he continues on a series of Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) outreach and sensitisation seminars across the country. Williams, who is also chairman of the Caribbean

tor-friendly. In explaining the hard road to getting out of the third round and into the fourth, the minster of legal affairs noted that being blacklisted made it difficult for legitimate businesses to be competitive and even forced some businesses to close their doors. However, due to commitment by President Granger to fix the situation, great strides were made, Williams said.

Caribbean countries were forced to do. To this end, he formed a multi-stakeholder team inclusive of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU), a team from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Bank of Guyana and has embarked on a series of outreaches and seminars across Guyana to ensure that all the rele-

A section of the gathering at the Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism consultation on Saturday Financial Action Task Force (CFTAF), called upon all stakeholders present at the Tej Mohall Hotel in Corriverton to be diligent in their duties as Guyana pushes ahead into the fourth round of evaluations to become compliant with the FATF regulations. He noted that when the government took office in 2015, the main aim was to get Guyana off the blacklist to ensure citizens conduct their financial transactions with ease and for Guyana to become more inves-

“We were able to achieve all this because the President himself from the onset has given a high-level political commitment to the FATF chairman that Guyana will work with FATF and CFATF to ensure we implement the recommendations of their control bodies,” the attorney general said. He continued, that Guyana does not want to be found wanting come 2021 when the evaluations for the fourth round is scheduled and be forced to go back into the third round, as some

vant stakeholders are aware of their roles and responsibilities and are compliant with the regulations of the CFATF of which Guyana is a member. While noting that CFATF which is a multi-member body will assist by doing continuous evaluations leading up to the 2021 evaluations, the need to understand their respective roles and responsibilities is paramount, as that is really what the evaluation is about, the attorney general said. “We cannot have a successful fourth round unless all of these entities are shown to be technically compliant-- that is, they have complied with the legislative framework and regulations that were put in place in the third round and that they are working effectively,” he said. LAW-ABIDING NATION Williams continued, that despite what had happened in the past, the gov-

ernment’s goal is to make the country a law-abiding and respectable nation.

“If we fail, we will be sanctioned and banks will withdraw services, making it more difficult to conduct business; we are in the fourth round and as far as I’m concerned, it is a more arduous regime,” he said. Meanwhile, Director of the FIU, Matthew Langevine, in his presentation underscored the need for stakeholders to understand what is required quickly, since the fourth round, which even though scheduled for 2021, can move forward. “The fourth round was scheduled for 2022, but moved forward to 2021 and the possibility exists it may move up even further, since the pace for the evaluations have picked up to get more countries to comply quickly with the fourth round. We have a lot of work to be done in the few years remaining, which is why the AG and team are taking it to the peo-

ple in the various regions to ensure Guyana is in compliance for the fourth round.” He went on to explain that the mutual evaluation process is where member states allow examiners, either from FATF or World Bank or other FATF-styled regional bodies around the world, to come into the FIU and entire AML/CFT regime on a reciprocal basis of the mutually agreed procedures. “Basically, the evaluations are observations and test for two things: technical compliance, which was completed in the third round, that is, check legal and institutional framework to make sure the requisite laws and institutions are in place to monitor and curtail illegal activities and are on the lookout; and effectiveness, that is, to look at risk-mitigation systems and effectiveness of the measures that were put in place for the third round. Basically, check up on the laws to see if they are working and persons are being charged, etc,” he said.

Soca semi-finalists rock Linden-Georgetown bus park

THE Linden-Georgetown Municipal bus park came alive on Saturday evening as the semi-finalists of the Guyana Senior Soca Monarch Competition took the stage by storm. The 15 semi-finalists competed for the 10 spots in the finals of the competition. At 22:00hrs, the competition commenced with Colwin Blair called “Lil Colwin” captivating performance of his hit “Leave me alone”. Next was Brandon Harding who rocked the crowd with his energetic performance of his song “Alive” followed by soca veteran, Vanilla, who showed the crowd that she really runs things during her performance of “We run things”. Norek Mas received

applauds from the audience after performing his “Power Soca”, while “Lil Red” brought colours to the stage during his performance of his hit “Water Paint and Powder”. Young Bill Rogers had the crowd going with his tune “De Money Power Dance” which led the crowd to copy his money moves, while Diana Chapman walked away a clear favourite after she performed her single “Get Ready”. With her gyrating performance of “Bam Bam”, Shellon Gally called “Fluffy” ended the competition with a bang, causing the crowd to go wild. The contestants were judged by their lyrical theme, lyrical performance, melody, originality, party appeal, format and crowd response.

Roshanna Fraser performing her song “Show me” Those who will be moving on to the final round of the Senior Soca Monarch Competition are: Brandon Harding, Dianna Chapman, Shellon Gally, Roshanna Fraser, Samantha Grant, Young Bill Rogers, Sasha

Melody, Vanilla, “Lil Red” and “Lil Colwin”. The final round of the competition is slated for February 17 and will see these performers competing for the grand prize of $1.5 million.


Sindicatos not operating in Guyana

GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, February 12, 2018

– chief-of-staff

By Leroy Smith CHIEF-of-STAFF of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and head of the Joint Services, Brigadier Patrick West has said that there is no evidence the Venezuela Sindicatos (gangs) are operating in Guyana. “I don’t think that, that is as accurate as it is being perpetuated, we have been having these reports since 2016 and we have been monitoring them and would have received several reports in Regions One and Seven,” Brigadier West said. There have been reports of the Sindicatos operating within the border regions and are terrorising Guyanese nationals.

Brigadier West, who was at the time speaking to the Guyana Chronicle, said on every occasion when the army received these reports, troops were deployed, but have never found any evidence of them. Nevertheless, he said, this should not stop residents from providing valuable information to the army. “If there are any reports of any persons who may be supporting illegal operations in those areas as well and may want to create a face, we will deal with that. We are living in a bordering community and persons may be speaking more than one language and give the impression that they are Venezuelans because they can speak the second language

fluently, they too must be identified by their communities as well, we need them to give us assistance to put a face to who may be operating in this area” the chief-of-staff said. One border region, Guyana and Venezuela share identical names for locations on both sides of the river. Brigadier West also noted that in many instances when claims are made that illegal operations are taking place in Guyana, it actually happens on the other side of the river -- on Venezuelan soil. He also rubbished claims that the gangs are operating in Guyana and local security personnel are afraid to confront them. “Inform us so that we can take the necessary ac-

tions and steps to inform our personnel and we can have a face as to who may be alleging to be members

of a Venezuela Sindicatos. We had patrols in there two weeks ago at two separate locations and the evidence did not show they were any such groups,” he said. The Guyana Chronicle pointed out to him the alleged beheading of persons, some of whom are suspected to be Guyanese, but he noted that these actions did not happen on Guyana’s soil. Speaking specifically to a video in which a Guyanese was beheaded, Brigadier West said there is now a twist to the story. He said local law enforcement officials have contacted persons, whom it was claimed are related to the beheaded man, but they have confirmed they have no relations to him. The GDF, he said, is more than willing to lend support to tackle any such gangs in Guyana, if they do

exist. “If it is found to be true, it is still a civil matter and the GDF is obligated to support the civil powers in the maintenance of law and order, and we still have an obligation based on the alleged nature of this gang being heavily armed.” Since reports surfaced in Guyana about the gangs, the Guyana Police Force had contacted their Interpol counterparts in Venezuela, while the Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made contact with their Venezuelan counterparts. Sometime last year, elements of the Venezuelan army moved into an area on the Venezuelan side of the border and confronted one of the Sindicatos which was operating on Venezuelan soil.

Ramon Gaskin sent on leave. He subsequently resigned from his position. A probe resulted in the temporary closure of the Bartica office and after that

office was re-opened, it was closed again after another multimillion-dollar fraud was uncovered, this time pertaining to the receiving and cashing of millions of dollars in cheques for another big gold dealer here. He said there are instances where persons have ended up in jail for lesser offences, but when it comes to these multimillion-dollar scams and ripping off of the nation and its people, those culpable tend to receive slap-on-thewrist penalties. Gaskin pointed out that it had to take persons outside of Guyana to determine that the Gold Board had erred, either by a dereliction of duty or intentionally, before a probe could have been launched. He said Guyana should have been able to detect the scam. “When the gold was brought to GT and sent for refinement in Canada, it was

discovered that this gold that was bought, presumably at 90 per cent purity, was in fact 30-odd per cent purity and that is where the corruption was taking place, because the people who delivered this gold at the office were paid the full price; that is how the corruption took place and as a result of this corruption, the Gold Board lost billions of dollars, because they paid the full shot for gold that was very impure, that is what happened really,” he said, as he urged the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) to duly address the matter. “I think it ought to be looked into by the police and SOCU and all those who are responsible for ripping off the treasury and the people of this country should be brought to account, that is why you have police and courts, and judges and magistrates” Gaskin told this publication.

GDF Chief-of -Staff, Brigadier Patrick West

Gold fraud probe must not die – Gaskin wants full investigation

ECONOMIST Ramon Gaskin is calling on the Guyana Police Force to update the nation on the status of the investigation into the alleged loss of more than $1B from the treasury, due to a reported corrupt transaction at the Gold Board Bartica office in 2014. According to Gaskin, there is no statute of limitations for investigating such a heinous crime, alleging that “It was part of a careful, orchestrated conspiracy to defraud the Gold Board and the people of this country.” In March 2014, agents of a popular gold dealer went to

the Bartica Gold Board office with millions worth of gold over a period of time to sell it to the Gold Board. It was later discovered that the dealer and his agents might have been in collusion with the staff of the Georgetown head office of the Gold Board and they engaged in a very unusual practice, which in essence saw the Bartica office having its hands tied and having to seek clearance from the Georgetown office. “The Gold Board has reported billions of losses over the years and many of the persons who were in charge have been replaced, a lot of

these losses took place because of corrupt transactions, especially transactions taking place at Bartica and even that office was closed. The essence of the corruption was the acceptance by the Bartica office mainly of very, very impure gold and they were paying the people at the high price for gold at 87/90 per cent purity,” Gaskin recalled. Contacted last week, three very senior officials within the security sector were unable to provide an update on this particular investigation. The development back in 2014 saw the general manager of the Gold Board being

Battle against carjackers not over

–– crime chief

EVEN as the Guyana Police Force Major Crimes Unit and other divisions within the Police Force are tackling the carjacking rings head on, Crime Chief Paul Williams is urging owners of vehicles not to let their guards down as the fight is not yet over. “Do not be relaxed, I don’t think it’s totally over, it simply means that it is being quelled because of our proactive approach and we are able to suppress it, but there are still persons out there who are lurking and are just waiting for the opportunity to

strike,” Williams told Guyana Chronicle. He explained that the police have been able to put a dent in the carjacking rings after carefully accessing the trend in the various divisions and among persons who were arrested for armed robberies. He said the police have been able to determine that in many instances, persons involved in robberies are also into car theft. He noted that when they arrest suspects and impound their vehicles, checks would normally find the colours, chassis numbers and other components of the vehicles do not match the information on the registrations. Williams made reference

to an operation in Herstelling some two weeks ago where a bodywork shop was searched and several vehicle parts were seized. Upon further investigations, it was discovered that at least three of the parts found in the shop were from stolen vehicles. According to the Crime Chief, the puzzle began to unravel after the police arrested an ex-policeman and another resident of North Ruimveldt during an operation in Linden. The men had provided the police with an overwhelming amount of information that saw the dismantling of the carjacking rings. “The Old Year’s Day robbery in Linden where

ex-policeman Waldron and another guy were arrested, this engagement itself bore fruit in terms of a lot of information leading us to a number of vehicles that were being hijacked. So when you look at it, so far since our involvement and our breakthroughs, we have seen a lull in the practice” according to Williams. Williams said Guyanese still need to be alert and vigilant as there are still persons out there who are lurking and waiting for persons to lapse. He spoke of two carjacking incidents on the same night over in the West Demerara area where, in one instance, the suspects were forced to abandon the vehicle and flee

after encountering a roadblock. He added that carjackers are going after vehicles which are no longer permitted to enter the country. Their parts are stolen and stocked up for sales. Plans are in the pipeline to establish a taskforce to tackle the carjacking rings in a more targeted and sustained way, Williams reiterated. The taskforce will comprise a number of agencies, including the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Revenue Authority and other key organisations. Already, the GRA has been working with the police to dismantle illegal shops and other facilities which facilitate

the carjacking trade. “We are still mobilising to have a countrywide campaign and we are getting support from the Guyana Revenue Authority as we seek to establish a task force. In that task force there are other things that we will be looking at rather than just stolen vehicles or stolen motor parts; we are working on intelligence and wherever it leads we are going,” said the crime chief. Over the weekend, several operations conducted by the police unearthed several car parts suspected to be stolen and or otherwise illegally obtained. Several persons are expected to be dragged before the courts for these offences.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, February 12, 2018

Russian passenger plane crashes near Moscow, 71 dead

MOSCOW (Reuters) - A Russian passenger plane crashed near Moscow soon after takeoff on Sunday, killing all 71 people on board, and investigators said they were looking at all possible causes.

Sokolov confirmed there were no survivors and said DNA tests would be needed to identify the dead. The youngest victim of the disaster, Nadezhda Krasova, was just five years old. She

Sergey Gambaryan was the co-pilot

Viktoria Koval was another member of the crew

Temperatures were around minus five degrees Celsius with periodic snowfall when the short-haul AN-148 operated by Saratov Airlines took off for the city of Orsk in Orenburg region, about 900 miles (1,500 km) southeast of the capital. President Vladimir Putin offered condolences to those who had lost relatives and ordered a special investigative commission to be set up. “According to preliminary information, nobody survived,” the Kremlin said in a statement. The office of Russia’s transport prosecutor said all 71 people on board had been killed. Transport Minister Maxim

was sitting next to her mother Oksana Krasova, 32, on the aircraft that took off from Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport and was bound for the Urals in south Russia. Air stewardesses Anastasia Slavinskaya, 29, and Viktoria Koval, 21, were killed in the crash, as well as co-pilot Sergey Gambaryan, 34. Other young victims of the disaster were 12-year-old Evgeny Livanov and Ilya Poletayev, 17; Ulyana Son, 28; Kriskentia Alexeenko, 25; and Lyudmila Kovchuga, a 53-year-old doctor. According to Russian sources, people from Switzerland, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan were also on board.

Monday, February 12, 2018

03:00 hrs


14:30 hrs

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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14:30 hrs

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

04:00 hrs


Ulyana Son has been named as one of the 65 passengers who died (Photos: east2west news)

including at least one engine, lying in fields covered with thick snow. Helicopters were at the scene as well as rescuers on snowmobiles. An official of the Emergency Situations Ministry said two bodies and a flight recorder had been found. Debris and human remains were spread over a radius of a kilometre from the crash site, investigators said. They said they had opened a criminal case into the incident. Among the possible

causes they listed were weather conditions, human error and the plane’s technical condition. No distress signals had been received from the crew. Elena Voronova, a spokeswoman for Saratov Airlines,

Anastasia Slavinskaya was an air stewardess on board the doomed aircraft

said there had been no concerns about the technical condition of the plane which was manufactured in 2010 and went into service with her company in 2016. Images broadcast on state TV showed relatives waiting at Orsk airport, some with their heads in their hands. The city’s mayor told the Rossiya 24 TV channel a team of psychologists was working at the airport to comfort people. (METRO News)

METRO News - A ‘phantom ship’ which had more than a tonne of crystal meth on board has been seized by the Indonesian navy. The MV Sunrise Glory was intercepted by a navy boat patrolling the Phillip Channel between Singapore and Batam.

finished checking everything.’ Four crew members were arrested and the men told their captors that they had planned on taking the drugs to Australia. Indonesia has some of the toughest anti-drugs laws in the world, including capital punishment for traffickers.

The crew said they were planning on taking the drugs to Australia (AFP photo)

It was flying the flag of Singapore but the crew changed it for the Indonesian one as the military vessel approached. When the boat was taken to Batam for inspection, 1,029 kilogrammes of crystal methamphetamine were found stashed inside 41 sacks of rice. Navy Deputy Chief Vice Admiral Achmad Taufiqoerrochman said: ‘Last night we discovered more than one tonne of crystal meth and the amount might increase because we have not

Officials initially suspected that the Taiwanese fishing boat was a part of a drug syndicate wanted by the Indonesian military. As well as the huge stash of drugs, at least four different national flags and fake documents were found on board, prompting suspicion that the vessel was a ‘phantom ship’ which changes its name and flag depending on which country’s waters it is sailing in to avoid detection.

14:30 hrs

DATE: Saturday, February 10, 2018


Witnesses reportedly watched as the burning aircraft fell from the sky, but the exact cause of the failure that caused the crash has not yet been determined. TV images of the crash site showed wreckage of the plane,

Navy seize huge crystal meth stash smugglers attempted to disguise in bags of rice

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Saturday, February 10, 2018




Saturday, February 10, 2018




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GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, February 12, 2018

Nappi reservoir handed over to region

The water reservoir located on Nappi lands in the Rupununi which was completed in 2017, was officially dedicated and handed over to the Region Nine community on Saturday. Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman during the commissioning ceremony told the gathering that the reservoir, which was completed in approximately six months, should be used as a medium to enhance the livelihood of Rupununi residents.

The new reservoir has been professionally engineered and designed by JR Ranch Incorporated and is buttressed by a 450-metre dam and has the capacity to hold 4.5 million cubic meters of water. The Natural Resources Minister lauded the company for a phenomenal job and encouraged the residents to use the water available for drinking purposes, aquaculture processing, agriculture and assist nearby communities.

Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman (extreme right) and Minister of Indigenous People’s Affairs, Sydney Allicock (in striped shirt) with representatives of Cataleya Energy Limited at the dedication site of the reservoir

The reservoir was constructed after the Rupununi area suffered a severe drought back in 2015/2016, drastically affecting the livelihood of the residents. Minister Trotman emphasised that the catchment area is part of government’s commitment to ensuring the residents are never so adversely affected by a drought again.

“That water is clean and can be consumed not just by residents but by the animals also, it is meant to be used to transform your lives… it is yours, you will decide how you will use it for your joint and equal benefits…. Don’t see this as another project being handed over, it is time you stand up and start taking care of it,” Minister Trotman

Tobago passengers cram Piarco Airport

Dozens of Ferry passengers crowd Caribbean Airlines’ counter at Piarco International Airport,on Saturday. (T/Guardian photo)

TRINIDAD GUARDIAN - The area at the Piarco International airport allocated for passengers travelling to Tobago was packed beyond capacity on Saturday, as passengers affected by the withdrawal of the T&T Express utilised the seats made available for them by Caribbean Airlines (CAL). On Thursday, the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago announced the withdrawal of the lone ferry from the seabridge with immediate effect. The service was withdrawn in the “interest of public safety”, PATT stated. As a result of this situation and in light of the increased demand because of the Carnival period, CAL said it would accommodate passengers with confirmed tickets until next Wednesday. In addition to its original schedule of 20,444 seats, CAL increased capacity by 4,720

more seats. Passengers yesterday took advantage of the opportunity given by CAL. When the Sunday Guardian visited around 2 pm on Saturday, the airport was crammed with people heading to Tobago. However, passengers said the flights were running smoothly. The situation is expected to remain the same for the rest of the Carnival period.

underlined. Minister of Indigenous People’s Affairs, who also echoed the sentiments of Minister Trotman, urged the residents, particularly young people, to take up the responsibility of managing the reservoir. He lauded the initiative that will provide much need relief to the residents, as he recalled the devastating 2015/2016 drought. “We now have water here… (two years) when there was the severe drought there was a call for the access of water to the village. And because water is life, we started drilling deep wells with limited financial resources and assistance from Brazil and today we have this reservoir.” The Minister encouraged the residents to draft their “Village Improvement Plan” which would enable them to better manage the reservoir. The water catchment area is a public-private partnership between the government and Cataleya Energy Limited. The project was proposed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and funding, $1.2M, was provided by Cataleya Energy Limited.  JR Ranch Incorporated was hired to construct the reservoir while Conservation International designed the programmes for the usage, upkeep and maintenance of the water catchment area. Conservation International’s (CI) Technical Director, Curtis Bernard, while addressing future plans, said there will be meetings over the next two months with residents and stakeholders

Nothing will stop masqueraders TRINIDAD EXPRESS Nothing will stop faithful masqueraders from parading in the streets come Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Not even the threat of a terror attack. This is according to several bandleaders who spoke with the Sunday Express on Saturday. On Thursday, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) disclosed there was credible information of an imminent threat to disrupt Carnival. The police said it had unearthed diverted a plan to upend Carnival with attacks on events.

to discuss management of the reservoir. He noted that the management design for the catchment area coincides with the plans for regional and by extension national development. “If by building the reservoir the village is worse off because other things in the environment are not working, then that’s not the plan. It must improve your livelihood, so the ministry is

collaborating with CI to help you develop your management plan. We will also work to ensure that the ecological aspects of the catchment area are fine.” Ryan Pereira from Cataleya Energy Limited, in brief remarks stated the reservoir will significantly reduce vulnerability to drought and other natural hazards, not only in Nappi but also surrounding communities. “My hope is that it achieves

and even exceeds its purpose by also helping to build social and economic resilience in the villages. I hope it helps with agriculture and tourism industries,” Pereira said. Also in attendance at the event was Minister within the Ministry of Indigenous People’s Affairs Valerie Garrido-Lowe who presented books and sports gear to the residents. (DPI)

Some of the residents at the dedication ceremony of the reservoir in Nappi

Venezuela army clashes with illegal miners, 18 reported dead

GUASIPATI, Venezuela (Reuters) - Soldiers clashed with illegal miners in southern Venezuela on the weekend, killing 18 people in a region notorious for violence and gang rivalries, local media said. Bolivar state Governor, Justo Noguera confirmed a military unit had fought off an attack. “I can’t give numbers because an investi-

gation is under way,” he told reporters. Local newspaper Correo del Caroni reported that 17 men and one woman died in the incident on Saturday morning. Clashes over illegal mines are common in the remote, mineral-rich area near the border of Guyana, with at least 17 people killed in a gang feud there in 2016.

That year, President Nicolas Maduro declared the area a strategic priority, naming it the Mining Arc and declaring war on the hundreds of illegal miners from Venezuela and neighbouring Brazil who try to make a living there. Local media said the army captured guns and explosives during Saturday’s operation.



GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, February 12, 2018

Getting ready for ‘Mash’ JUST under two weeks from today, our country will be celebrating its 48th Anniversary of achieving republican status and also our cultural showpiece Mashramani. The word Mashramani, (Mash) which means ‘celebration after hard work’, is derived from our Amerindian community. This celebration marks centuries of struggle to break the yoke of domination. This struggle began with the first rebellion of the enslaved people, including the Berbice Slave Rebellion led by our national hero Cuffy, which began on February 23rd, 1763 and had its high point when, as a people, we achieved republican status in 1970 on the date that marked the 207th anniversary of that rebellion.The actual street revelry was first held by the Jaycees in Linden. Then Prime Minister Forbes Burnham, in his vision, and facing the challenge of building and moulding a nation, borrowed from the Linden

celebration and created a national event that has since become a significant part of our national and cultural fabric. This is evident in making out of six peoples and diverse cultures a tolerant, multiracial society, in which all will see themselves as One People, living in One Nation, and with One Destiny to mould. As has come to be seen as part of our ‘culture’, this national event has not been spared negative peddling, in which political forces and successive regimes have sadly made efforts to downplay this aspect of our culture on misinformation that it is intended to celebrate one group or individual, as against it being national in nature. Thankfully, those efforts have been unsuccessful. Mash has truly become a national event that drives our economy, and Guyanese at home and abroad look forward to participating in its celebration. Mash is about all groups which have played a part

in this nation’s evolution and development. While, in the annals of history, one group had enslaved, indentured and colonised others, members of every ethnic group have been represented in the struggles for independence and republican status. This new government must therefore ensure that Mashramani and all national events are put in their rightful perspective of pride, honour and dignity for all, and eliminate the remnants of partisan thinking about things that are at the centre of nation-building or social cohesion. Nation-building is not only about roads and infrastructure, but about building a culture; and especially in our diverse society, one in which every group can feel part of and will be allowed expression and protection to celebrate their unique heritage in a national way. Clearly, on the multicultural foundation on which this nation stands, President Burnham’s struggle was not only to use Mashramani to build a culture, but also

to foster social cohesion, wherein diverse groups can have expression and be appreciated. Mashramani exemplifies a period of much cultural expression: calypso and chutney competition, steel pan, children’s costume parade, and so forth. This is a period used for deepening our national pride and seeing the blossoming of Guyanese abilities and talents. Here is where we see our costume designers, musicians, children and teachers at their most creative. It would not be unreasonable to ask the responsible ministry to examine the need to encourage such talent. It may be possible to offer separate incentives for those using local materials, bands playing the music of local artistes, and increasing the artistes’ frequency on air time. These persons are bringing us their creativity through intellectual work, and at times at great sacrifice, and thus should be rewarded. This, too, is another approach to improving our arts and entertainment in-

dustry. Mash has become an integral part of what it means to be Guyanese, and is here to stay. Outside of its economic benefits through employment and economic opportunities for those within, it places Guyana on the map as a tourist destination. And it needs to be said that while Guyana is competing with other bigger global festivities, we do not necessarily need to take it down the road of nudity; we can maintain our cultural identity/uniqueness by being conservative in dress. We can also encourage more talent of diverse music, expanding the range of calypso and chutney to include music with an Amerindian flavour, etc.

Though the event is named in honour of our Amerindian brothers and sisters, there is not much outside the name that points uniquely to the Amerindian community. As with human beings, there is still need for growth. Where Mash was once celebrated in all regions before there was a lull, there is need for a resurgence, to return the celebration to all the regions. It is not only an event for revelry and an opportunity to showcase our talents, but one in which friends and friendships are formed. Let us keep it this way for generations to come, growing from strength to strength each year.

Disappointed Princess and Russell Streets resident Dear editor,

I AM a concerned citizen residing at Lot 48, Princess and Russell Streets and I am being adversely affected by a series of events, which commenced on December 27, 2017. The first thing that happened was the collapse of an overgrown balata tree on the opposite side of the street, directly in front of my residence. The tree damaged some utility poles with transformers attached. GPL came the following day to retrieve the transformers. Approximately one week after they came for the transformer, they returned, re-

placed the damaged poles and re-installed the transformers. However, they did not remove the damaged poles; they are still lying on the ground where they were left by the GPL crew. I am saddened by the fact that our government is endeavouring to restore the beauty of our city, but the necessary cooperation from entities like the GPL is not forthcoming. I am at a lost trying to figure out why the GPL is not cleaning up their mess, especially since they are a 100 per cent government-owned company. Now, I was pleasantly surprised when a City Council crew came with an

excavator and begun cleaning up the mess. (I thought that was the end of the unsightly mess and that things would return to normal), but to my dismay, they threw everything in front of the unoccupied adjacent lot that is never cleaned. On more than one occasion, I reported this situation to a City Councillor; he told me that he brought the matter up at several council meetings but nothing was done. As far as I am aware, the owner of the lot where the garbage is being thrown, has been asked by the City Council to clean up the abandoned lot, but has disregarded the request. I am left to assume

that the reason for this disregard, is due to the fact that the individual moves in the upper echelons of society and believes they can get away with non-compliance to the request. I am convinced that if that individual used to clean the lot and the parapet in front of their property, the City Council crew would not have thrown the debris there. I learnt that the City Council is now embarking on a system whereby they would clean the lands of defaulters on a continuous basis, and if no payment is made by the defaulters, they will take them to court, and sell their land. This property would be the perfect place to

begin the implementation of this policy. Approximately three weeks ago, a City Council crew came and removed two or three truckloads of debris. My hopes were bolstered once more, and I thought, we were finally going to be able to enjoy a clean environment, but once again, my hopes were dashed. The crew never came back to remove the remaining debris, which is around another three truck loads. The latest development that has made our lives really uncomfortable is that, that area has been turned into a garbage incinerator by an individual who collects

people’s garbage and burns it there. The toxic smoke is adversely affecting the residents of the area. Also, the health of my wife is being severely affected; so much so that her doctor recommends that we should get out from the area. But where we reside is not being rented, it is our property, so there is nowhere else for us to go. I am requesting that the Mayor and City Councillors look into this mater as soon as possible, because not only is this situation a health hazard, but also a fire hazard. Yours faithfully, CONCERNED CITIZEN


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, February 12, 2018

Nation heading for great times

THE Guyana/Venezuela territorial controversy and local government elections 2018 were among key issues brought to the fore when the People’s National Conference Reform (PNCR) held its first General Council meeting for 2018 at party headquarters, Congress Place, Sophia, on Saturday under the theme, “PNCR The Vanguard of a Green Economy”. Party Leader and President of Guyana, David Granger, in referring to the Guyana/Venezuela border controversy, said the country is currently in the best place it has ever been in 52 years. Guyana has been successful in having the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres refer the territorial controversy to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for final settlement. Calling for citizens to be vigilant, President Granger said that the best guarantee of Guyana’s defence was its people. In this regard, he said “the militia was on the

march again”. Iterating the importance of the Guyana People’s Militia (GPM) to the security of the nation, he called on party members and supporters to enlist. The party lead-

said. Acknowledging that 2018 would be a very challenging year for the PNCR, the party leader said more must be done to improve the party’s work in commu-

President David Granger addressing the PNCR General Council in Saturday

er noted too that community policing plays a critical role in the security of neighbourhoods and the suppression of crime, and as such, urged that Guyanese come forward and volunteer for community policing. “We have to establish a system which can guarantee the safety of every citizen of this country,” the leader

nities all across the country in preparation for local government elections. The leader of the PNCR recommitted the party to A Partnership for National Unity (APNU). “We are better together, we are not leaving APNU, all five parties will stay together and contest the local government elections,” he said,

while adding that “as a nation we are heading for great times”. He urged the party leaders to stand firmly in the face of those who were peddling negativity. “We have to ignore the negativity, our economy is growing, it is being prudently managed,” the party leader said, while pointing out that there was a 3.5 per cent growth in the economy over the last year. SUGAR Turning his attention to the sugar industry, the leader said, “we are reforming the sugar industry, we are consolidating the industry, not closing the industry.” He told General Council that a plan was being put in place to keep the sugar industry alive and that workers who were terminated will get their benefits. In an address that covered several areas of national interest, the party leader called for a revival of the village economy; stressed the importance of agro-processing, buying and eating local produce

--President Granger

and the creation of jobs for youth and women. PNCR Chairman Basil Williams, in his welcoming remarks, also took stock of the developments surrounding the Guyana/Venezuela territorial controversy, and used the opportunity to applaud President Granger on his leadership of the country over the last 30 months in securing this outcome. Williams also noted Guyana’s commitment to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to implement all of their recommendations and so remove Guyana from the black holes of FATF and the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force. “Many good things are happening in our economy as billions have been spent and will continue to be spent for the benefit of the people. Comrades, unimaginable prosperity looms for the Guyanese people. To guarantee that prosperity we must win local government elections this year

and General and Regional Elections in 2020,” the chairman said. In her report to the General Council, Party General-Secretary (GS), Amna Ally brought the Council up to date on the state of the party and the work of the party secretariat over the period between General Councils. She informed members that the party was already in campaign mode for the upcoming local government elections. She called for regional leaders to work harder in their communities in order to secure victory in the 62 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils and nine municipalities. Ally also called on all party leaders to work relentlessly to achieve success; she called for good leadership, good governance and a united party. The General Council is the second highest decision-making forum of the PNCR and meets once every quarter.

Deplorable roads in Schoonord Dear editor,

I HAVE been making every effort to point out the deplorable condition of the road that I have to traverse each day causing immense repairs to my vehicle. When I park my vehicle in the parking lot at work, it seems as though I am the only one living in the Barney and Fred era because my wheels are ever so often muddy. How does the government expect persons to move into areas such as Schoonord when the basic facilities are not in place, hence the reason for the low population? I have visited the Ministry of Communities and had a meeting with the min-

ister during his Wednesdays ‘public’ meeting and indicated that the NDC could not have fixed our roads, since the community was not handed over by the ministry. This was since 2014. Further, I have made several complaints about the poor road via social media and Minister Harmon (thru’ a live Facebook feed) promised to look into the matter. But we all know about promises, because I’m still waiting for something to actually happen. Many times I wonder what was the huge fuss about having local government elections, because it seems as though regions cannot stand on their own feet when it

comes to infrastructural development and maintenance. This would be so much easier, because communities such as mine need URGENT developing. How long should we go on living in the Stone

Age? During the rainy season, our road is at its worst, causing vehicles to skid or become stuck. Additionally, when I had stopped the BK International truck to enquire about the construction of

This is astonishing Dear Editor, THE inability of the Guyana Oil Company Limited to effectively attract and retain a competent Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is astounding. Within the short space of 18 months, I have seen at least three vacancy advertisements in the newspapers for the post

of CEO, for the state owned entity. I write this letter with grave concern because while the entire country is focused on the Oil and Gas industry, persons in government fail to realise that GUYOIL may be able to play some role in this industry, as it is already a downstream player. The inability of the company to attract and retain a

the minor roads in Schoonord, they told me they only had the contract for La Parafait Harmonie Highway road. Interesting! So much for development, “do half, leff half.” Minister Harmon and CEO that can navigate the entity into the future of oil and gas is not only worrisome but, also indicative of larger issues of a strategic direction in the country and from the government. It was not so long ago rumoured that a former CEO of GBTI would take up the post, however, this never came to fruition. Currently, Mrs. Shaundell Brotherson, a former member of the board of GUYOIL and former analyst at the Ministry of

Minister Patterson, I am again entreating that this issue be dealt with soonest. Thank you for understanding. NKASE CARTER (Resident)

Finance, is performing the duties of CEO. It is with great flourish that the GPL recently announced its recruitment of its CEO, Albert Gordon from Jamaica. Mr. Gordon boasts industry specific knowledge which I do expect will transform the energy sector in Guyana. Do I dare challenge GUYOIL to aim for the same or at least similar? Sincerely, K. RAMPERSAUD


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, February 12, 2018

Another floating shop proprietor robbed in the Berbice River By Jeune Bailey Van Keric

A BERBICE River family remains terrified and is now counting their losses after armed bandits discharged several rounds causing them to plunge from their floating shop into the murky Berbice River, from where they sought refuge inland. One of the six masked bandits pursued the youngest member of the family, and plucked her from the waterway into the motor vessel. The bandits demanded and

about 02:00hrs. He has since issued a call to the Minister of Public Security to have a Police Outpost, along with constant marine patrol along the Berbice River as a deterrent to those with criminal intent. Further, he is appealing for the businessmen in the riverain community to be issued with firearm licences so they can protect themselves. According to the businessman, he was in the wheelhouse with his wife when he heard persons approaching in a wooden ves-

were around. We descended through a small door, into the lower deck, before plunging into the river and walking to shore, after the men had fired shots at the wheelhouse window, where they gained entry into the boat,” the man related. He said he shouted out to the neighbours in close proximity, but no one ventured out as there was rapid gunfire. Rushell recalled plunging overboard with her parents, but soon afterwards she was caught by one of the

The floating shop owned by the Gladstone couple is moored at New Amsterdam Municipal wharf

Randy Gladstone points to the wheelhouse window which was damaged by gunshots took away cash, jewellery and other items to the value of just under $1M. Mr. Randy Gladstone along with his wife Donna, and daughter Rushell,22, of Maria Henriette, Berbice River, remains shaken by the one-hour ordeal which occurred on Thursday, at

sel, saying they wanted to buy gas. “But, I said I don’t have, as they looked suspicious to me. They started to use a series of expletives, and fired several shots at the vessel. I hailed out to my daughter, who was on the lower deck, telling her bandits

bandits who took her back to the boat, where they bound her feet and demanded money, a gun and jewellery. After a gun was pointed to her head she handed over her parents’ money and a gold ring which she had purchased for herself. Further, the bandits who concealed

their faces with towels, took away a television, an inverter, two cell phones, two handbags, two torchlights, gasoline and diesel before leaving in their boat. Randy expressed concern over the fact that the bandits fired a shot at the diesel drum to access the flammable liquid, which could have resulted in an explosion. The matter has since been reported to Central Police Station, following which detectives visited the scene and removed two, 12-gauge cartridges which were embedded into the wooden boat. When this newspaper visited the scene on Friday afternoon, another spent shell was seen lodged into the roof of the vessel. The police are investigating. Meanwhile on August

30 last, another Berbice River business couple, Frank and Cheryl Gladstone, were robbed of their gold jewellery, cash and mobile phone, moments after being awakened from their sleep at the New Amsterdam Municipal wharf. It was just after 02:15hrs that Wednesday that the couple was awakened after hearing a strange noise, which was the sound of a boat being paddled alongside their vessel. Seconds later, three masked men, brandishing two handguns and a cutlass, confronted the couple and began making demands for cash and jewellery. The 48-year-old woman was broadsided with a cutlass by one of the bandits, while another with a gun threatened to shoot her 50-year-old husband if they

did not cooperate. The bandits then bound the couple together by their hands before and taking away the woman’s wedding band, along with two additional gold rings, their mobile phones, her handbag, and cash exceeding $725,000, during the ordeal which lasted over 15 minutes. They subsequently men fled the scene in their wooden vessel and it is suspected that a motorised craft was awaiting them some distance away. The couple managed to untie themselves and raised an alarm after which they reported the incident at the Municipal Constabulary outpost and then to Central Police Station, from where an investigation is ongoing. No arrests have yet been made.

Remembering Kescia on her birthday EVEN though it has been months since the brutal murder of Richard Ishmael Secondary school teacher, Kescia Branche, the loss is still fresh on the minds of her sisters and mother, who are still in a state of shock. Kescia’s mother, Sonita Scott told the Guyana Chronicle that the loss of her daughter has left a gap in her life and had she known Kescia would have met her end so brutally, she would have liked to be in Guyana to spend some time with her. She said she lost four years of her daughter’s life while she was living in the Bahamas and working as a school teacher herself. On many occasions she had asked Kescia to join her

in the Bahamas but she wanted to stay here in Guyana, to be patriotic and she respected her wish to remain here and teach. She said the incident has left her shell-shocked and she simply cannot overcome what has happened. Mrs. Scott added that her daughter’s death has impacted her mentally and emotionally and has left her broken. It is very difficult for her to cope and as such, she is hoping for justice to prevail. Meanwhile, Kescia’s younger sister, Kereece Branche, told the Guyana Chronicle that with Kescia’s death, she has no one to look up to. She is also saddened by the fact that Kescia is no longer here to celebrate her 23rd

birthday with her twin sister, Kessandra. Kereece,18, added that she may just follow the legacy and also become a school teacher just like her sister, who was fond of teaching and was so energetic and full of life and happiness. She related that Kescia died a month before her birthday and it was very difficult to comprehend what happened to her. To date it still is. Meanwhile, Kessandra, who lives overseas and has a six-year-old daughter, has expressed her feelings for her loved one who is no more. Kessandra will celebrate her 23rd birthday today, February 12, without her twin sister and she said it is the hardest time since they would

normally come together to celebrate their birthdays. She added that they would cheer each other on in laughter and excitement, feeling victorious to have successfully completed another year, and then to look forward to a promising one awaiting them. Kessandra said: “I can still hear you cheering us on, with passion in our hearts to ring in a new chapter becoming a year older. No, but wait Kes, it’s only the sound of the wind through the window beside me. Now the only person cheering us on is me, and by us I mean me.” She has asked herself if she will ever feel the true joys of a happy birthday again but she doesn’t know the answer. Kessandra told the Guy-

ana Chronicle that being an identical twin is a rare and cherishable bond that only a selection of us experience. She said they are part of that special selection; Kescia and her and were always identified or categorised as the twins or ‘Kescia and Kessandra’. Kessandra added that they were unique and so much alike and tried to distract attention by dressing differently. In speaking about the day Kescia died, the day their journey as life partners ended, Kessandra said, “coping with the death of my twin has made me feel as though my whole life was falling apart, the pains inflicted upon my mind, body and soul are very close to torture.”

Kescia Branche Kessandra added that it still feels “like a dreadfully real nightmare that constantly repeats in my mind over and over again.” She stated that she stood by her sister’s bedside in the hospital, and watched the person who mirrored her exact, identical image, slowly deteriorate into a corpse and this has been very overwhelming.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, February 12, 2018

Scores of students benefit from two-day conference

SEEKING to inculcate key developmental skills in some 250 secondary school students, the fourth annual Queen’s College Student Conference (QCSC) was held on Thursday and Friday last, at Queen’s College.

Georgetown Secondary, Brickdam Secondary, Annandale Secondary, West Demerara Secondary, Richard Ishmael Secondary, and St. Rose’s High School, joined Queen’s College students for this top-tier conference.


ana.” On Thursday, there were 22 workshops- split into morning and afternoon sessions- which varied from leadership, the creative arts, the sciences, technology and after-school life.

Students engaging each other during a workshop facilitated by local fashion mogul, Sonia Noel (at centre)

Students from Queen’s College and Central High School are caught up in a game during the conference’s ice cream social Organised by the Queen’s College of Guyana Alumni Association, New York Chapter (QCAANY), under the theme “Empowering and Inspiring Youth for the Future”, the conference featured two days of packed activities. Students from 10 secondary schools: Central High, The Bishops’ High, Tutorial High, Christ Church Secondary, North

While addressing the students, QCAANY’s President Karen Wharton highlighted: “We see you as the country most valuable aspects and we want to help nurture your academic and social skills.” She later added, “We want to ensure that you are properly prepared to assume your rightful place in history and assume your role as builders of this great country- Guy-

The presenters were QC alumni or friends of the alumni association. This year, for the first time however, current students of the college were also presenters who sought to ‘empower’ and ‘inspire’ their peers. The day ended with an “Ice-Cream social”, the newest addition to the conference activities, where all the students spent the afternoon social-

ising through games and snacking on ice-cream. On Friday, the day’s activities began with the ‘Innovation Challenge’ with the participants forming themselves into groups, to pitch innovative solutions they felt could improve their school lives and that of the wider community. Here, The Bishop’s High School’s project which seeks to install an automated bell system in the school for general notifications, was awarded the top prize. A Queen’s College team, which pitched an idea for youth empowerment, scored second while the West Demerara team brought third with their water purification idea.

Central High School also scored a financial donation from a QC alumnus to help kick-start their own innovation project. Through their presentation, the students said that their school is without facilities for co-curricular activities and events and some of the pre-existing facilities are in a deplorable state. The students were able to refine and develop their project idea, which seeks to foster camaraderie in the school through clubs and social activities while encouraging the development and sustenance of the school’s infrastructure. The conference culminated with a career fair organised by alumnus,

Shindy Johnson. Added to the information and advice garnered from the workshops, the fair sought to further expose the students to the myriad of career opportunities available. In closing off the conference, Wharton urged the students, “Always remember where you’re from and you reach back and help others.” This year’s conference was led by Ms. Wharton; conference chairperson, Dr. Michelle Foster; Ms. Johnson and local alumnus, Ede Tyrell. The next event for the QCAANY will be its Summer Math institute slated for later in the year.

Guyanese arrested in Brazil, reportedly confesses to killing family of three A GUYANESE man was arrested in Boa Vista, Roraima State, Brazil, for the alleged killing of a family of three on Saturday. He was identified as Gordon Fowler called “Jamaica”, 42, of Georgetown. Reports indicated that he has confessed to the crime and told the

“General Homicide Office” that he had nothing specific against the victims. He is said to have further related that the killing was as a result of revenge against others with whom he had disagreements over a stolen bike. According to Brazilian Media Network, Macuxirr

News, Fowler confessed to the killings after he was caught on video and his image was published following the attack on the family. He is expected to be charged with the triple homicide while the authorities are also investigating him for other crimes. “Fowler is considered

a wanderer for not having a permanent residence and living on the streets of Boa Vista Roraima, for some time. Some belongings were found, which included some of the materials used in the criminal attacks such as: bottles with alcohol and lighter, plus a sign with the word “Fire.”

When he was arrested, the defendant who is known in the streets as “Jamaica,” wore the same clothes and beret he was wearing on the day of the attack that killed a Venezuelan family: father, mother and their daughter who was only three years old,” Macuxirr News stated.

Gordon Fowler


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, February 12, 2018

Regan ‘Grey Boy’ Rodrigues’ whereabouts for report today … DPP directs that Rodrigues must stand trial for Courtney Crum-Ewing’s murder

SPECIAL Prosecutor Nigel Hughes will today February 12, 2018, report on the status and whereabouts of Regan Rodrigues, called ‘Grey Boy,’ as Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman will have to comply with the

directive of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and commit Rodrigues to stand trial in the High Court for the murder of political activist Courtney Crum-Ewing. Last Month, the mag-

istrate lost an appeal for a stay of execution (a delay in carrying out a court order) and was directed by Appeal Court Judge Dawn Gregory to comply with the directive of the DPP. However, with the matter still ongoing in the

Political activist Courtney Crum-Ewing Appeal Court, Rodrigues’s committal will not affect the appeal by the magistrate. Two weeks ago, Prosecutor Hughes appeared before Magistrate Latchman. However, Rodrigues was not in custody, thus causing a summons to be issued for his arrest, whereby he is expected to appear before Magistrate Latchman on Monday, February 12, if arrested by the police. In 2017, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) had instructed Magistrate Judy Latchman, via a letter, to commit Rodrigues to stand trial in the High Court. Magistrate Latchman had maintained that a prima facie case had not been made out against Rodrigues in relation to the murder, causing the DPP to issue a letter to the magistrate instructing her to commit the matter to the High Court for trial. “In accordance with section 72 (2) (ii) (a) of the Criminal Law (Procedure) Act, Chapter 10:01, I hereby remit to your Worship the above-mentioned matter and direct [that] you to comply with Sections 65 and 66 of the Criminal Law (Procedure) Act, Chapter 10:01 with a view of committing the accused,” the letter stated. When Rodrigues heard the contents of the letter, he broke down in tears and dropped to his knees while in the prisoners’ dock. “They want see me convicted for this murder

na?” Rodrigues said to the magistrate. “I can’t take this thing no more… how much time I must be freed from this charge to prove to them that I’m innocent…Is best I kill myself and let these people feel nice.” Despite the objection raised by the DPP, Rodrigues had the murder charge discharged against him again. “There is absolutely no evidence,” the magistrate noted, as she dismissed the charge again and told Rodrigues that he was free to go. Latchman dismissed the case on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence against Rodrigues. In her ruling, the magistrate said that while she was satisfied that the gun, which was used to shoot Crum-Ewing, was found at the home of the accused, the evidence offered by the prosecution did not implicate Rodrigues in the actual murder. In relation to the 14 oral statements made by Rodrigues which were admitted into evidence, the magistrate said they did not implicate him in the murder and there was no evidence that Rodrigues used the gun, pulled the trigger and shot Crum-Ewing. Special Prosecutor Hughes during that time had said that in one of Rodrigues’s oral statements, there was sufficient evidence that he has knowledge of the murder. According to Hughes, when Rodrigues was first arrested by the police at his home in River View, Ruimveldt, he had said to the ranks: “Officer, yuh can’t arrest me with this gun, this gun used to do nuff thing.” As such, Hughes emphasised that based on this statement by Rodrigues, it shows that the accused had knowledge of the crime and what the gun was used to do. Additionally, Hughes, who is a prom-

Regan Rodrigues called ‘Grey Boy’ inent attorney, told this newspaper that, the fact that the murder weapon was found in the home of the accused showed that there was sufficient evidence for the matter to be committed to the High Court. In September 2016, Rodrigues was freed of the murder charge by Magistrate Latchman, due to the lack of evidence. The office of the DPP decided to re-open the case for further evidence from police witnesses and, for the magistrate to rule on the oral statements made by Rodrigues. The bullet-riddled body of Crum-Ewing was found a t T h i r d A v e n u e , D i amond New Scheme, EBD, on March 10, 2015. The 40-year-old was shot twice to the temple, once to the back of the head and twice to the stomach. The police in a statement had said that the political activist was accosted by four men in a car, one of whom discharged several rounds, hitting him about the body. It was reported that the killer (s) used a .32 pistol to execute Crum-Ewing. The political activist was well-known for his one-man protest outside the office of former Attorney General (AG) Anil Nandlall. Minutes before he was gunned down, he was reportedly heard via a bullhorn urging residents of the neighbourhood to vote against the then ruling PPP/C party.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, February 12, 2018

Focusing on development for the under-threes

FROM birth to three years old, children learn an awful lot, so it is important for parents and caregivers to do all they can to get them off to the best start possible. For most children, learning comes naturally: from day one they are inquisitive explorers on a mission to find their place in the world. All they need is the consistent guiding hand of caring adults. There are several things that caregivers (i.e. parents, daycare and nursery workers, family members) can do for children under three to set a good foundation for life-long learning. First: When it comes to learning, caregivers must remember that they are the most significant people in a child’s life and the

most important way that a child learns is through interaction with them; interactions such as singing, talking, playing, sharing, reading and other interesting past times. Not by spending time watching things on a mobile phone or IPad or by being made to sit in front of children’s television programmes for hours. Screen media can only offer a limited amount of learning and can be harmful to child development. Although some children’s programmes and other media activities do support child development, caregivers should check the content beforehand to make sure it has ageappropriate material that stimulates learning. Screen media should not be introduced too early (definitely

not before two years old) and even then, it should be limited to only one to two hours per day. Second: Under-threes will never be able to relay all the thoughts, ideas and emotions that are being cultivated and established in their minds: They are too young to understand them or control them. Therefore, caregiver should be sensitive and aware that under-threes are learning on many different levels. They must interact with them accordingly. It is the caregiver’s duty to keep the young fertile minds of the under-threes motivated and vibrant. When caregivers do not fully understand their role, there is a chance they may misinterpret the fresh, inquisitive mind of a toddler for the making of a mischievous, ‘disgusting’

child and thus harm the child’s natural ability to explore, ‘experiment’ and ultimately learn. A lot of daily activities for under-threes are playbased, so books should be introduced as early as possible. Books are a quiet and pleasant past time that do, without a doubt, give under- threes a positive learning foundation. In a world full of digital devices, it is necessary to get ‘back to basics’ in order to give under-threes a head start. Many parents are of the illusion that education begins at school, but education begins with caregivers and the more ‘clued in’ caregivers are about the needs of the under-threes, the more successful the child’s projected outcome. Finally: A National Reading Programme

for under-threes has been established in Guyana through the Ministry of Social Protection, Childcare and Protection Agency’s Early Childhood Development Unit in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health’s Maternal and Child Health Unit and the National Library. It is a fact that children learn more from interaction and practical experiences with people who care about them, than from any other source. Hence, the reading programme will aim to reach the 361 health centres across Guyana, where parents visit with their children on a regular basis. To quote the words of Minister Amna Ally (Ministry of Social Protection) at the recent launch of

the reading programme. “We are living in an era where we have access to scientific information… we know much more nowadays about child development…we have to share the knowledge to help develop young minds”. It must be our aim as caregivers and adults of today, who are bringing up the adults of tomorrow, to give the children and young people of Guyana every opportunity to reach their potential. If you are concerned about the welfare of a child, ring the Childcare and Protection Agency Hotline on 227 0709 or write to us at A message from the Childcare and Protection Agency, Ministry of Social Protection


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, February 12, 2018

Barbados businesses for exploratory mission here … 10-member group comprising manufacturers and service exporters seeking to explore marketing opportunities

A GROUP of Barbadian manufacturers and services exporters will be in Guyana this week to explore trade and market opportunities here. The 10-member group, which will be participating in the exploratory mission from February 11-14, are all recent graduates of the Barbados Investment & Development Corporation’s (BIDC) Export Readiness Training Programme, an

initiative designed to equip new and potential exporters with the knowledge, tools and strategies to successfully expand their businesses into new markets. The BIDC in a release stated that the companies are drawn from various sectors of the island’s economy, including food and beverage; information technology services (particularly for medical services); building and construction; garments

and fashion; footwear; media publishing and health and wellness sectors. The group comprises AirtelCimTect Inc, Carepoint Solutions, Bibi’s Snacks Inc., Eve’s Creations, Locks Protector, Regal Elegance and Eastlanders Manufacturing (B’dos) Inc. The BIDC said that it has been working with the Guyana Office for Investment (Go-Invest) on the strength of a Memorandum

of Understanding (MoU) which was signed between the two agencies and which speaks to the exploration of market opportunities, agency collaboration and exchange. It stated that during the five-year period from 2013-2017, Guyana has received on average US$23 million in exports from Barbados every year, with exports growing by some 7% since 2013. On the other hand, Guyana

exports approximately US$13.7 million to Barbados, with export growth estimated at 44% over the corresponding five-year period. The group will be accompanied by three BIDC officers and they will be in Guyana for two full working days.”It is hoped that useful networks will be forged, excellent working relationships will be born and the foundation for new trade will be laid,” the BIDC said. In recent months, a number of business and manufacturing companies from various parts of CARICOM and the Caribbean Region have been collaborating

with their counterparts here. Trade links have been established between Guyanese and Cubans as well as with Trinidad firms in recent months. As Guyana’s petroleum sector evolves, interest has grown with international entities in doing business here. A number of partnerships and discussions were undertaken between local and international firms at the just concluded Guyana International Petroleum Business Summit and Exhibition (GIPEX), which saw participation from executives and personnel representing a large number of companies.

‘Benjai’ malicious wounding trial begins today THE trial against businessman Maverick DeAbreu is expected to commence today (February 12) before City Magistrate Faith McGusty for allegedly wounding popular Trinidadian Soca artiste, “Benjai”, outside the Palm Court night club in April, last year. DeAbreu, 25, is charged for unlawfully Rodney “Benjai” and maliciously woundLa Blanc ing Rodney “Benjai” La Blanc on April 16, 2017 at Palm Court, Georgetown. DeAbreu is currently out on $50,000 bail. According to reports, on the day in question, the artiste had just wrapped up his performance at Pulse Entertainment’s Soca theme party at the Palm Court Night Club, Georgetown and was standing in a nearby car park in the company of his manager and other people when the driver of a vehicle in the car park reversed into them. Charged : Maverick It is alleged that DeAbreu when alerted to the presence of the group, the driver came out and pointed a firearm at “Benjai” and the group. DeAbreu then exited the passenger’s side of the said vehicle and hurled a glass object at La Blanc. He also slashed him to his face with a glass bottle. La Blanc was rushed to a private hospital where he received over 15 stitches for two deep cuts.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, February 12, 2018

Education Management graduands urged to deliver ‘good-quality education’

THE Ministry of Education through the National Centre for Education Resource Development (NCERD) under the theme, “Towards Effective Schools through Efficient School Management,” graduated 35 senior educators from the Nursery, Primary and Secondary levels in Region Six, from the education management programme. The Education Management Certificate is a two-year programme aimed at helping school administrators to enhance their accountability, confidence and competence in all areas of school administration and management. The graduation exercise was held on Friday 9th, February at the St. Francis Community Developers Hall. Delivering the featured address, Permanent Secretary (PS), Ministry of Education, Vibert Welch, told the graduating class that they are the new breed of pioneering education school managers. He said they have proven by passing this  course that they  are now equipped with the necessary leadership and administrative skills which make them  more efficient, effective and  respected school managers. He urged that they utilise the three themes: stewardship, tact, and innovation in their everyday lives to achieve better outcomes. “The employment of these three themes in your everyday tasks offers a concrete

understanding grounded in reality of how systems improve”, he said. “I urge you to go forward in the name of Guyana’s children, commit to excellence and let your commitment to quality education for all, drive your purpose .You must also be confi-

Further, he told the graduands that Minister Henry sees their induction into the managerial level of the education family as very significant. Director of NCERD Jennifer Cumberbatch, while delivering her address, urged the graduands to use

skills, theories and practices ,decision-making, delegation, communications…education quality is at the heart of the nation’s agenda,” she said. “Access, as I see it, involves not only children attending school, but being given quality education and you are to oversee that,” she

tion of management training, that gap can be filled, since head teachers can perform better in the management of their respective schools. “With the completion of this programme, you are given a certain level of authority, because you are not only teaching, but you are

The graduates of the Education Management Programme with their master trainers dent and compassionate, demonstrate intelligence and innovativeness and bring powerful winds of improvement to Guyana’s education system,” the PS said. Welch also used the opportunity to commit to the improvement of education in Guyana, while noting the key responsibilities as PS is to ensure that money is channelled in the right direction, so that such programmes can continue.

the opportunity to maximise on what they have learnt. She also noted that the overall performance of students needs to be improved, hence the need for the training provided. “What part can you play in all of this as graduates from a management programme? As leaders/managers we must walk the talk, you have learnt much about leadership , management principles, functions and

stressed. Meanwhile, Regional Chairman of Region Six, David Armogan, noted that over the years government has been spending the largest portion of the budget on education. He said years ago, teachers were placed into management positions without the requisite training and that has led to a deficiency gap between expected outcomes and actual outcomes. However, with the introduc-

also going to manage and so management skills are different from teaching skills; and you have to be able to come to grips with that and when you are managing, you have to be fearless and equal to every person .You have to be fair and fearless”. Regional Executive Officer Kim Stephens-Williams, charged the 35 graduands to be transformative leaders, be role models and display charismatic personality that

influence others and lead by example. “We must manage without any sort of biasness, we must have core values such as trust, accountability and also inspire others”. National Top Performer and Valedictorian, Muniram Purnwasi ,of Tagore Memorial Secondary noted that as school administrators they now have the privilege and responsibility to impact students’ lives positively, giving them reason to push forward and motivating them to succeed. “We are more competent and equipped to manage our respective schools to achieve the highest level of effectiveness,” said Purnwasi. He also urged his fellow graduating class mates to use their management skills to create a safe, conducive and caring environment in schools, so that everyone will achieve their highest potential. Purnwasi was the recipient of the Ministry of Education’s top award for the overall National Top Performer, Department of Education Prize for Top Performer and the Regional Top Performer prize. To date, 400 school administrators have graduated from the Education Management Course. Upon successful completion, participants are awarded a certificate of attainment which has 17 credits and a higher weighting than the Bachelors of Education degree, when applying for senior promotion in schools.

Main access road at Four Miles, Bartica, almost complete – MPI THE rehabilitation of the main access road at Four Miles, Bartica is almost complete, with one of the final stages, the paving works, wrapping up on Sunday. According to the Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MPI), to date, the road has been patched and workers also undertook the installation of kerbs and slipper drains. On Friday, workers overlaid the road with 38mm thick asphalt and these works continued over the weekend. The rehabilitation of the stretch is being done to the tune of $30M. 

Works are also ongoing at Mabaruma in the North West District on the main public road passing through the town. The roadway is being capped with concrete and according to reports, works are expected to be completed within the next two months on the roadway there. In the 2018 national budget, various sums of money were set aside for road projects across the country, including in the hinterland. The works are seen as pivotal by the government as they are expected to create a positive economic impact.

Works ongoing on the main access road in Bartica.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, February 12, 2018

Local NGOs can access funding for climate change projects LOCAL bodies such as non-governmental organisations can access funding through the Green Climate Fund which was established under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. This is according to a release from the Office of Climate Change, Ministry of the Presidency. It was noted that a new programme being implemented by the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre is raising awareness among Guyanese organisations about how to apply to the Fund and respond to climate-related threats. The Ministry of the Presidency is the focal point for knowledge, information and advice with regards to accessing this fund by Guyanese organisations. The funding will increase Guyana’s resilience to the impacts of climate change, sustainably manage forest resources, and promote renewable energy sources among other areas. The release stated that climate change will have serious consequences for the people of Guyana, but cutting carbon emissions and protecting the country from extreme weather events are costly exercises. “In Guyana, preparing for the impacts of climate change is paramount. The low-lying coastal zone is home to 90 per cent of the country’s population and particularly at risk. Climate change is causing sea levels to rise, and increasing the frequency of powerful storms and extreme rainfall,” the release stated. It was noted that such phenomena can lead to destructive flooding. In the year 2005, catastrophic floods cost the country 60 per cent of its GDP or US$494.9million. It has been estimated that in order to implement climate change adaptation measures, including infrastructural development works, Guyana will require an additional US$ 1.6 billion in the current period to 2025. Funding from the Green Climate Fund will support initiatives aimed at preparing Guyana for an uncertain climatic future and according to the release, the government has already started to engage with the Fund. Currently, Guyana is benefitting from a grant from the Fund to strengthen institutional capacity and prepare a country programme to guide future engagement with the Green Climate Fund, in accordance with the clearly defined development goals. The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre is implementing this new programme that will help businesses, NGOs and government agencies access funding from the fund. In addition, more funding proposals are being prepared for the agriculture, forestry and energy sectors to help strengthen their response to climate change. In 2018, the Government plans to work closely with the private sector to enhance their capacity to access resources from the Fund. These resources will be instrumental in preparing the country’s long-term response to climate change, helping Guyana to prosper socially and economically.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, February 12, 2018

‘Test of love’ brings HIV awareness to the public

THE Adolescent Health Unit of the Ministry of Public Health in collaboration with the National AIDS Programme Secretariat (NAPS) hosted its ‘Test of Love’ activity on Saturday at the Giftland Mall, seeking to raise awareness, foster sexual education and promote HIV testing. “February is the month of love and it is always nec-

essary to continue awareness activities on sexual education,” said peer educator of the Ministry’s Adolescent Health Unit, Sheba Thomas. The activity, called ‘Test of Love’, featured couples Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) testing along with an awareness session from 10:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs at the mall. The team of educators sought to inform patrons of

the ill-effects of unprotected sex, including susceptibility to HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), along with birth control options. According to Thomas, this was done recognising that many persons are not au fait with the measures of control and protection. “The ministry, and more so the Adolescent Health Unit, sees it beneficial to

Peer educators: Sheba Thomas, Shaniece Thom and Amanda Grace at the Ministry of Public Health’s sexual education awareness booth on Saturday at the Giftland Mall.

conduct such sessions,” she said. HIV testing was also encouraged as a principle of sex education. The World Health Organization details that HIV targets one’s immune system and weakens the body’s defence system against infections and some types of cancer. The virus destroys and impairs the function of immune cells,

causing infected individuals to gradually become ‘immunodeficient’. The most advanced stage of HIV infection is Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). In the Caribbean, there were 310,000 People Living With HIV in 2016, 18, 000 of whom were infected that same year. Also in 2016, a total of 9,400 people were

reported to have died of AIDS-related illnesses in the Caribbean. Seeking to continue educating the public on health matters, the Ministry will be hosting outreach sessions next month on drug and alcohol abuse. Thomas related that the ministry welcomes volunteers to come o nboard as peer educators.


Epilepsy awareness takes to the streets

IN observance of International Epilepsy Day today, the Epilepsy Foundation Guyana (EFG) organised an awareness walk yesterday to kickstart the educational outreach activities planned for the day. Despite the intermittent rainfall, scores of persons

either living with epilepsy or simply standing in solidarity with those who are, came out dressed in purple at 06:30 hrs to march to the National Park for the cause. President of the EFG and professor of economics, Dr. Thomas Singh related, “We’ve always had

an epilepsy walk since the foundation started in 2014.” This walk is one of the major activities that are hosted by the small organisation of about 30 persons to promote awareness of the disease that is commonly misconstrued as a ‘superstitious phenomenon’.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, February 12, 2018

In commemoration of International Epilepsy Day, observed today, the Epilepsy Foundation Guyana (EFG) hosted a march, whereby persons living with epilepsy and supporters rallied to raise awareness of the disease The World Health Organization (WHO) notes that epilepsy is a chronic disorder of the brain that affects people of all ages worldwide. Singh once lived with epilepsy himself. He shared that he began getting ‘epileptic attacks’ while he was in school and they continued through his time spent in graduate school. These attacks, or unprovoked seizures -- as defined by the WHO -- are brief episodes of involuntary movement that may involve a part of the body (partial) or the entire body (generalised), which may be accompanied by loss of consciousness and control of bowel or bladder function. They result from excessive electrical discharges in a group of brain cells, which can happen in different regions of the brain. Epilepsy can be treated successfully by anti-epileptic medication, and fortunately for Singh, he was successfully treated. He recalled, “Eventually I was able to come off medication because I was introduced to Valproic acid [a generic name of a widely used antiepileptic drug] that eased my seizures,” and he highlighted, “I’ve been seizure-free for a while.” But because of his experience with the disease, he is cognisant of the perceptions associated with epilepsy. Many misconstrue the seizures as ‘spirit possessions’ of the body, though it is a scientific, neurological disorder of the brain. With this in mind, the foundation was birthed in 2014 with the aim of dispelling the misconceptions and stigma, while providing support, care and treatment to persons living with epilepsy, commonly called epileptics. Through the robust

awareness activities conducted, such as Sunday’s walk, Dr. Singh noted, “We are able to reassure them that [it] could be medically managed and that there is no stigma.” A sport-oriented support group is held every second and fourth Saturday at the Burns Memorial Presbyterian Church in Queenstown, to provide a safe-space to epileptics where they can be themselves without fear of stigma. Additionally, through the foundation’s ‘Care and Treatment’ subcommittee, access to neurologists abroad and to a widely used seizure medicine, ‘Keppra’ from the Health and Education Relief Organisation (HERO) is facilitated. “We do it to improve access to neurological support,” Singh said. Adding to this support would be the use of the recently donated Electroencephalography (EEG) machine, from a UK-based charity known as Tele-Eeg. With this machine, electrical activity in the brain can be evaluated and interpreted. While use of this is currently only available to members of the foundation, the president noted, “We will soon be rolling out the guidelines and protocols for access to the EEG.” International Epilepsy Day is a joint initiative by the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) and the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE), organisations which the local foundation has joined after its initiation in 2014. Today, the foundation in collaboration with the University of Guyana (UG) Student’s Society will be hosting an Epilepsy Awareness discourse at the Education Lecture Theatre on UG’s campus from 12:15 hrs to 13:30 hrs.

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, February 12, 2018


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, February 12, 2018

Barbados Relay


Skeete leads CWSS Track Club to 1600m medley and 4X400m Gold By Joe Chapman THE Christianburg Wismar Secondary School (CWSS) Track Club, competing at this year’s Barbados Relay Fair, won Gold in the Girls’ Under- 17 1600m Medley Relay and grabbed another Gold in the 4x400m Relay which wrapped up on Saturday at the Barbados National Stadium. The conquering female quartet of Leona James, Deshanna Skeete, Xanya Melville and Shaqua Tyrrell captured the 1600 Girls’ Medley Relay while the other team that captured Gold in the 4x400m comprised Crystal Hutson, Deshanna Skeete, Shaqua Tyrrell and Leona James. The 4X100m Bronze Medal winning team included Leona James, Deshanna Skeete, and Xanya Melville. In recapping the CWSS Club’s Barbados Relay Fair performances, Pantlitz saw participating school teams from Trinidad and Tobago, Bermuda, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, as far as Canada and two other countries and the host nation Bar-

bados. The event proved to be another hit for promising track athletes across the Caribbean. Speaking to Chronicle Sport yesterday, Pantlitz said: “Things went the way how I expected it, especially with the girls, because as I said before in Guyana before I left, I had great confidence with my Under 17 female team; because it is a team that I have been working with for quite a while. So I know that they were going to put it together.” However, Pantlitz acknowledged that “I know we all had a great time in this year’s Barbados Relay Fair and it showed me as a coach that you can get things done, only if you put in the hard work.” With this in mind, the successful youth coach reiterated, “The girls were exceptional, especially in the 4 x 400m. The 4 x 400m was a very, very great run. We had to really come from behind in that 4 x 400m and did a tremendous work.” He continued: “In the distance medley, which is the 1600m, we had a great

morning in that even, it was not easy. It is one of the heaviest of breeze I have seen in a stadium and I am so proud of these athletes that they would have gone through that breeze and really did very well at this meet here in Barbados.” Behind this impressive showing and being futuristic, Coach Pantlitz said: “We are looking forward for better things; right now our focus is at the Penn Relays in the U.S. in May and I am going to try my best to see when I get back home, to put things together to give these girls a bigger opportunity to start to shine on the world stage.” The team which represented the CWSS Club at this year’s Barbados Relay fair consisted of eight female athletes-- Rishanna Skeete, Xanya Melville, Leoni James, Shaka Tyrrell, Cristal Hutson, MaryAnn king, Annalisa Barclay and Deon Richards. The six males were Murphy Nash, Russel Payton, Seon Johnson, Benjamin, Akeem Caesar and Taquan Wilson.

Guyana’s Archibald outruns Blake for new personal best in 100m By Ravin Singh in Jamaica

GUYANA’S rising track and field star, Emanuel Archibald outran former World Champion and Olympic gold medalist, Yohan Blake on Saturday to record a new personal best in the 100m, moments after copping gold in the long jump – his pet event at the Camperdown Classics in Kingston, Jamaica. Archibald, who studies at, and competes for the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona, opened the day with

a season best jump of 7.67m which was enough to secure the gold medal at the King of the Ring track meet in Kingston, Jamaica. “The event was a close one but I stuck to my plan and executed what I was taught during training,” he shared with the Guyana Chronicle. His personal best in that event is 7.88m and his goal for this year is to reset Guyana’s national record which is 8.07m. But according to his coach, Kerry Lee Ricketts, the long-jumper actually cleared 8m at the event. “All his jumps would have been 8m but he jumped from way in front of the board and they only start measuring from the board. Also the conditions weren’t conducive; there was a lot of head wind and so on” he said. Coach Ricketts said that at present, ‘Amo’, as he is more popularly known, is doing well, adding, “He has been jumping 8m in training but it is just a matter of time before he gets that transition out from training to a track meet.” But that was not the end of the day for the young track and field superstar. Moments later, he laced up his sprinting spikes and headed to the starting blocks to compete in the 100m at another track meet – Camperdown Classics. Despite coming out of the blocks late, Archibald was able

to find perfect form halfway through the race and execute with great finesse. Running in lane six, the sprinter dipped to a new personal best of 10.22 seconds, finishing second behind United Kingdom’s (UK’s) Zarnel Hughes (10.18 seconds) and ahead of Olympic gold medalist Yohan Blake (10.32 seconds). According to Coach Ricketts, a lot of technical work has gone into his training for the 100m this year. He said that there were a lot of issues with Archibald coming out of the blocks, his drive phase, and his sprinting mechanics. “For now we are looking at the technical issues and working on those and have him break the long-jump and 100m records in Guyana. My plan is not for him to be the best for Guyana or the Caribbean but the best in the world” Coach Ricketts shared. Two weeks ago, Archibald opened his track season with an impressive time of 6.74 in the 60m dash – ahead of Olympian Delano Williams of Great Britain. Following that race, he had shared that his goals for this year were to record new personal bests in the 100m and 200m, and claim the national record in the long jump. Of these, he has two more to accomplish – to reset his personal best in the 200m which is 20.98 and become Guyana’s national long-jump record holder.


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Joy for Benitez as Newcastle stun Mourinho’s United, Liverpool cruise By Martyn Herman

LONDON (Reuters) - Newcastle United’s manager Rafa Benitez would have taken a victory against just about anyone on Sunday, such was his side’s predicament, but a 1-0 win over Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United would have tasted that bit sweeter. Huddersfield Town’s 4-1 home victory over Bournemouth earlier in the day meant Newcastle started their home clash against United in the Premier League’s bottom three. Ye t t h e y r e s p o n d e d with a gritty display, riding their luck at times to take the points courtesy of Matt Ritchie’s 65th-minute winner which propelled them from 18th to 13th. The result also left second-placed United a whopping 16 points behind leaders Manchester City and looking anxiously over their shoulders in what looks like becoming a tense battle for the remaining Champions League places. Tottenham Hotspur’s 1-0 victory over Arsenal on Saturday had lifted the north

London club to within four points of United and Liverpool sliced the gap to two after Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah scored in a nonchalant 2-0 win at Southampton in Sunday’s late kickoff. Fifth-placed Chelsea can move to within three points of United with victory at West Brom today. There was a warm handshake between Benitez and Mourinho when the final whistle sounded at a tumultuous St James’ Park to confirm Newcastle’s first home league win since October. But their previous history has been marked by frostiness -- a result of former Liverpool manager Benitez twice getting the better of Mourinho’s Chelsea in Champions League semi-finals. The fact that they have both managed Chelsea, Real Madrid and Inter Milan, with Mourinho enjoying a superior record, meant Benitez’s triumph on Sunday, only his second in the Premier League against Mourinho, had added meaning. Ritchie rifled a shot past David De Gea in the 65th

minute to punish a profligate United side who wasted several good chances with Anthony Martial and Alexis Sanchez culpable.

the sacrifices all managers like to see. Were they lucky? Yes. But sometimes you deserve that luck. They fought for their lives and that’s a

failed to fire into an empty net after rounding Dubravka, shortly before Ritchie struck the winner. “We had games in the

St James’ Park, Newcastle, Britain - February 11, 2018 Newcastle United’s Matt Ritchie celebrates scoring their first goal with Dwight Gayle and team mates REUTERS/Scott Heppell

Newcastle dug deep for their manager and debutant keeper Martin Dubravka made several superb saves. “They fought like animals,” Mourinho said of Benitez’s side. Newcastle’s players gave

beautiful thing.”

TOO SLICK Martial was denied by a great save from Dubravka and had two efforts cleared off the line after the break. Sanchez inexplicably

past when we conceded late. We got lucky with some shots, but we showed the character, the commitment and the desire today,” Benitez said. Liverpool were too slick for a feeble Southampton as

they condemned the south coast side to a place in the bottom three. Salah punished a mistake and squared for Firmino to score in the seventh minute and the livewire Egyptian then stroked home the second before halftime after a snappy passing move. United have 56 points, Liverpool 54 and Tottenham 52 with Chelsea on 50. It is equally tight at the bottom where the so-called trap door is looking more like a revolving door. Huddersfield escaped the bottom three on Sunday as they snapped a five-game losing sequence. Alex Pritchard fired Huddersfield in front after seven minutes and although Junior Stanislas levelled, the hosts were ahead again before the break thanks to Steve Mounie’s 27th-minute header from Aaron Mooy’s delivery. Beninese striker Mounie’s shot was deflected in by Steve Cook after 66 minutes and Rajiv van la Parra tucked away a stoppage time penalty to complete a satisfying afternoon for David Wagner’s side.

Taylor, Cremer shine in Zimbabwe’s first win on tour

ZIMBABWE had to wait for long for their first win on the tour but when it came, it had to be a massive one as they

pummelled Afghanistan by 154 runs, headlined first by Brendan Taylor and Sikandar Raza’s belligerent batting

followed by Tendai Chatara and Graeme Cremer’s incisive bowling. Eventually, it culminated

USA off the mark with win over Hurricanes DESPITE, again, not showing much with the bat, the United States of America are off the mark in this season’s Cricket West Indies Regional Super50 Festival after a 60-run win over the Leeward Islands Hurricanes at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium in Antigua on Saturday. The Hurricanes, choosing to field first had to contend with the United States’ 193 all out but could only muster 134 in reply. The United States started slowly but steadily, as openers Sunny Sohal, 50, and Jaskaran Malhotra, 38, put on 81 for the first wicket. The innings had no real momentum though, as Sohal used up 90 deliveries for his half century while Malhotra was there for 73 deliveries. When the two went, within an over of each other, things got increasingly worse, with Timil Patel, 22, being the only batsman past 20. The United States batting

line up was crumbling in the face of Terance Ward’s 3-34 and Akeal Hosein’s 2-20 but they also kept losing wickets to other bowlers. Sheno Berridge, 1-31, Javon Searles, 1-43, Windies under-19 player Justin Athanaze, 1-30, and Nino Henry, 1-30, were also among the wickets. Undaunted by the low score they had to defend, the US bowlers stuck to the task of restricting the Hurricanes brilliantly. A number of players got starts for the Hurricanes with Montcin Hodge scoring 22 at the top of the order. There was a mini-collapse as Devon Thomas, 1, Keacy Karty, 0, and Shane Burton 15, left the Hurricanes reeling at 41-5. At 61-6, the Hurricanes were in real trouble, as Nosthush Kenjige ripped through the order, eventually ending with figures of 4-38. Saurabh Netravalkar, 2-17, and Elmore Hutchin-

son, 2-11, were also instrumental in the demise of the Hurricanes. There was also a wicket apiece for Patel, 1-15, and Roy Silva, 1-32. At 93-9, the game should have been over but Athanaze, bringing his good form from the recently concluded Under-19 World Cup in New Zealand, made them wait, scoring 47 not out. Berridge stuck around with him, facing 12 deliveries for his three runs before Patel had him trapped leg before to bring an end to what was turning into an interesting battle. The result did not impact Group B too much, as the US continue to be rooted to the bottom of the table, but they are off the mark with five points. The Hurricanes are in fourth on nine points, having thrown a glorious opportunity to put some pressure on Jamaica and Kent, who are third with 10 and second with 12 respectively.

into a spirited show, something they had failed to showcase through the two T20Is and the previous ODI played so far on this tour to UAE.

Zimbabwe veteran Brendan Taylor was named Man-of-theMatch for his brilliant century

Afghanistan were asked to chase 334 on Sunday,, much like they had asked Zimbabwe to in the opening ODI. In just over 10 overs of their chase, Afghanistan lost half their side for 36 on the board with ChaAmerican Racing Tips Mahoning Valley Race 1 El Gordo Navas Race 2 Rocky Roma Race 3 Ten Legions Race 4 Dontbothermenow Race 5 CelestiaL Image Race 6 Cindor Bolt Race 7 Half Ton Of Fun Race 8 Above The Crowd South Africa Racing Tips Fairview

tara accounting for three of the first five wickets. There was little possibility for them to emerge out of such rut but the centurion from the first game - Rahmat Shah, combining with Mohammad Nabi didn’t shy away from giving it a shot. As a result, they posted a 53-run stand for the sixth wicket before skipper Cremer planned his own show. By removing Nabi and Gulbadin Naib off back to back balls, the Zimbabwe skipper left the opponents reeling further on 89 for 7. The procession continued with Rahmat Shah finally being dismissed on 43 by Blessing Muzarabani. Cremer picked up two more wickets to end with four as Afghanistan were bowled for exactly the same total as Zimbabwe

in the first game - 179. Earlier in the game, Zimbabwe posted a daunting total riding on Brendan Taylor’s superlative knock of 125 that came off just 121 balls. He set the stage on fire with eight sixes while combining in useful stands, first with Hamilton Masakadza in an 85-run stand for the second wicket before being part of a more defining partnership with Raza as they stitched a 136-run stand for the fifth wicket. While Masakadza missed out on a fifty by two runs, Raza lost out on his hundred by just eight runs. However, none of that stop Zimbabwe from setting a 334-run target. The five-match ODI series now stands levelled at 1-1 with the third ODI to be played tomorrow. (Cricbuzz.)

08:15 hrs Seeking Wisdom 08:50 hrs Sanctuary 09:25 hrs Morethanthat 10:00 hrs Wish To Land 10:40 hrs Prince Myshklin 11:15 hrs Libra

10:35 hrs Rockalzaro 11:05 hrs Red Infantry 11:35 hrs Monfass 12:05 hrs Straidnahanna 12:35 hrs The Some Dance Kid

English Racing Tips Plumpton 10:15 hrs Kaloci 11:20 hrs Thedon Park 11:50 hrs Le Coeur Net 12:20 hrs Cheque En Blanc 12:50 hrs Drewmain Legend Catterick

Wolverhampton 13:10 hrs Feathery 13:40 hrs Destinys Rock 14:10 hrs Pactolus 14:40 hrs Haines 15:10 hrs Barnsdale 15:40 hrs Roy’s Legacy 16:10 hrs Tha’ir 16:40 hrs Sir Lancelott


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, February 12, 2018

New Zealand cricket legend Bevan Congdon dies, aged 79 BEVAN Congdon, who captained New Zealand to its first Test win over Australia in 1974, has died a day short of his 80th birthday. Congdon, a captain in 17 Tests, had been in declining health for some time. In total, Congdon played 61 Tests in a 13-year career, scoring 3,448 runs at an average of 32.22 with seven centuries. He also took 59 wickets. He played in 11 oneday internationals, including New Zealand’s first in the format in 1973 against Pakistan. His average of 56.33 in ODIs is still the best for a New Zealand batsman with a minimum of 10 innings. While he led New Zealand to only one Test victory, it was a momentous five-wicket win over Aus-

tralia in Christchurch in 1974. He was also a member of the New Zealand team that beat England in a Test for the first time in 1978 at Wellington. Congdon’s 176 against England at Trent Bridge in 1973 was his most famous Test innings. He was struck in the face by England fast bowler John Snow when he was on 24 but went on to lead New Zealand to the verge of a remarkable win. New Zealand reached 440, chasing 479 to win. “Bevan was at the centre of the New Zealand team at a time it started gaining attention on the international cricket scene for all the right reasons,” NZC chief executive David White said. “He’s left a real legacy in terms of putting New Zealand cricket on the map.”(Telegraph Sport)

Hameed who made 13 in nearly an hour-and-a-half at the crease before falling lbw to left-arm spinner Jomel Warrican.

Eastman’s victory was his second in as many days. On Saturday, he won the Bevan Congdon played 61 Tests in a 13-year career for New Zealand

while Gubbins also stroked six fours off 111 deliveries. Jennings and Joe Clarke (1) fell in the space of 14 balls after Cornwall

ed for Livingstone, bowled. Slumping at 149 for five, Lions were revived by Coughlin in an innings that came from 96 deliveries and

Off-spinner Rahkeem Cornwall appeals successfully for an lbw decision against Nick Gubbins (partially hidden). (Photo courtesy CWI Media)

Jennings and Gubbins then combined in a 56-run stand which ensured there was no further loss before the break. The left-handed Jennings faced 125 balls in just shy of 2-1/2 hours at the crease and struck six fours

TEAM Coco’s Hamza Eastman returned one hour 43 minutes 14 seconds in winning yesterday’s R&R International-sponsored 27th Annual Mashramani Cycle Road Race which was organised by cycling coach, Hassan Mohammed.

Hamza Eastman

Coughlin, Gubbins prop up England Lions after Cornwall burst FLORENCE HALL, Jamaica, (CMC) – All-rounder Paul Coughlin’s unbeaten half-century propped up England Lions after Rahkeem Cornwall’s three-wicket haul rattled them, on the opening day of the first four-day “Test” here Sunday. The visitors, asked to bat first at the Trelawny Multi-Purpose Stadium, ended the day on 233 for six which represented a recovery, after they had slumped to 182 for six. The right-handed Coughlin stroked a top score of 51 while Nick Gubbins gathered exactly 50 and captain Keaton Jenning, 49. Cornwall, the leading bowler in the last two A series, once again came to the fore with three for 64 – a spell which kept the hosts in the contest throughout. The off-spinner struck key blows for the Windies A and repeatedly forced the Lions to rebuild. Jennings put on 38 for the first wicket with Haseeb

Two starts, two wins for Team Coco’s Hamza Eastman

had Jennings caught at slip by Jermaine Blackwood, as Lions slipped to 101 for three. Gubbins tried to rebuild in a 28-run stand with Liam Livingstone (21) but was also trapped lbw by Cornwall who then also account-

included five fours. First, he put on 33 for the sixth wicket with Ben Foakes (16) before putting on a further 51 in an unbroken seventh wicket stand with Toby Roland-Jones, who was unbeaten at the end on 18.

feature 35-lap event of the R&R-sponsored Annual National Park 11-race cycling programme, which was also organised by Mohammed, in a time of one hour 17 minutes 13 seconds. Romello Crawford placed second and Jamal John third. In yesterday’s event, Paul DeNobrega of Team Evolution placed second behind Eastman , while Deoraj Garbarran was third, Jamal John fourth, Romello Crawford fifth and Christopher Griffith sixth. Adeli Hodge won the junior category ahead of Briton John and Ajay Motilally respectively, while Warren McKay won the veterans’ under 50 age group ahead of Junior Niles and Alex Mendes in that order. The mountain bike category was won by Mario King who finished ahead of Shane Bourne, while Monty Parris was the winner of the veterans’ over 60 years age group.

Serena loses in long-awaited return to competition Serena Williams

(REUTERS) - Serena Williams lost her first official match since maternity leave as her and sister Venus were beaten in a doubles dead rubber by the Netherlands in the Fed Cup in Asheville, North Carolina on Sunday. Serena, who gave birth to her first child last September and had not played a competitive match since her triumph at the 2017 Australian Open, showed glimpses of her prowess and rust during the 6-2 6-3 loss to doubles specialist Demi Schuurs and world number 165 Lesley Kerkhove. Among those in the sellout crowd for the World Group first round tie at the US Cellular Arena in Asheville eager to see Serena make her competitive return to tennis was the 36-year-old American’s daughter. “It’s great. It’s her first match so I‘m glad she got to see it,” Serena said in an on-court interview. Early in the match Serena showed the effects of her lengthy layoff, perhaps most noticeably when she shanked a routine

volley that left her bent over in embarrassment. But shortly after, the owner on an Open-era record 23 grand slam singles titles drew wild cheers when she confidently stepped to the net and stretched out to drive home a superb backhand volley. Despite the loss, it was a positive step for Serena, who was bedridden for six weeks from a series of complications, including a pulmonary embolism that led to multiple surgeries, after her daughter was delivered by emergency caesarean section. Serena did play an exhibition match last December in Dubai, where she lost to French Open champion Jelena Ostapenko, and shortly after decided against playing the Australian Open because of fitness concerns. The doubles dead rubber had no impact on the best-offive tie as it was played after Venus gave the United States an insurmountable 3-0 lead that put the reigning champions into the April 21-22 semi-finals against France.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, February 12, 2018

Kent surge to the top of Group B after beating Jaguars by three wickets GREAT bowling has helped English side Kent County Cricket Club to the top of Group B after they beat the Guyana Jaguars in Cricket West Indies Regional Super50 Festival action by three wickets on Saturday at the Coolidge Cricket Ground in Antigua. Choosing to bat, the Jaguars posted 158 all out but made a good attempt at defending the paltry total as Kent posted 162-7 to get home. The Jaguars innings began poorly as Chanderpaul Hemraj, five, was trapped leg before by Will Gidman, who would go on to grab figures of

4-20, while veteran batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul was sent packing for three, caught behind off the bowling of Stewart Grant to leave the side at 23-2. Grant would go on to snare 3-16. No Guyana batsman managed to get stuck in, with Christopher Barnwell, 36, and Romario Shepherd, 30 not out, the best of them. Joseph Denly, who has been having a fantastic tournament with the ball, ended with figures of 2-24, while James Tredwell had 1-25. In reply, Kent got off to a fair enough start, with Daniel Bell Drummond, 26, and Zak Crawley, 28, posting 57 for

the first wicket. Alex Blake, 25, and Gid-

Will Gidman took a career-best 4/20 and top-scored with an unbeaten 29 for Kent.

man, 29 not out were instrumental in getting to the target against the bowling of Devendra Bishoo, 4-35, Romario Shepherd, 2-30, and Veerasammy Permaul, 1-36. The result means Kent now lead the group with 17 points, five more than the Guyana Jaguars who were slipping to their second defeat in as many games after the Jamaica Scorpions got the better of them in the last round. The Scorpions are third on 10 points, three points adrift of the Jaguars, while the Leeward Islands Hurricanes, nine, and the United States of America, five, round out the group.


JAGUARS C Hemraj lbw b Gidman 5 S Chanderpaul c wkp Rouse b Grant 3 S Hetmyer c Denly b Gidman 10 *L Johnson c & b Gidman 1 C Barnwell c Gidman b Denly 36 +A Bramble c wkp Rouse b Gidman 2 S Rutherford b Tredwell 22 K Paul c & b Denly 13 R Shepherd not out 30 V Permaul b Grant 24 D Bishoo c Crawley b Grant 1 Extras: (b5, lb1, w5) 11 TOTAL: (all out, 47.1 overs) 158 Fall of wickets: 1-9, 2-23, 3-26, 4-27, 5-29, 6-87, 7-87, 8-114, 9-150, 10-158. Bowling: Grant 8.1-2-16-3, Thomas 9-1-38-0, Gidman 10-1-20-4, Tredwell 8-1-25-1, Riley 4-0-29-0, Denly 8-0-24-2. KENT D Bell-Drummond c Hetmyer b Shepherd 26 Z Crawley st Bramble b Bishoo 28 *J Denly c wkp Bramble b Shepherd 7 A Blake c Shepherd b Permaul 25 W Gidman not out 29 +A Rouse lbw b Bishoo 0 S Grant c wkp Bramble b Bishoo 4 J Tredwell not out 12 S Dickson lbw b Bishoo 18 Extras: (b2, lb7, w3, nb1) 13 TOTAL: (7 wkts, 37 overs) 162 Did not bat: A Riley I Thomas. Fall of wickets: 1-57, 2-57, 3-72, 4-109, 5-113, 6-113, 7-127. Bowling: Paul 9-1-31-0, Rutherford 3-0-14-0, Permaul 9-3-36-1, Bishoo 10-0-35-4, Shepherd 5-0-30-2, Johnson 1-0-7-0.

Volcanoes snatch dramatic Magnum “Mash Cup” Futsal Tournament one-wicket win over Marooners Future Stars, Sparta and Leopold Street win big on final night of Group stage action

CAVE HILL, Barbados, (CMC) – Last man Obed McCoy smashed a six off the last ball of the match as Windward Islands Volcanoes snatched a dramatic one-wicket win over Combined Campuses and Colleges Marooners in a low-scoring encounter here Sunday. Chasing a hardly intimidating 173 for victory in their Group A fixture of the Regional Super50, Volcanoes tumbled from 105 for two in the 29th over to 153 for nine at the end of the 46th over, after losing seven wickets for 48 runs. But number 10 Larry Edward, who finished on 21 not out, and McCoy, unbeaten on 14, produced a valiant, unbroken last-wicket stand of 24, to push the contest into the last over at 3Ws Oval. Entering the final over requiring 10 for victory, the odds still rested with the home side but the pair played sensibly to deny them honours. McCoy slammed the first delivery from off-spinner Vikash Mohan to the cover boundary, failed to score off the second before lofting to wide long on for a single. With five runs needed from the remaining three balls, Edward scrambled a couple to cover and then scampered a single to backward square, leaving Volcanoes to get two off the final ball. Displaying little nerves, the left-handed McCoy promptly deposited Mohan over the ropes on the leg side, to spark celebration among the visitors. Left-handed opener Devon Smith had earlier top-scored with 40 while Kirk Edwards chipped in with 30, to give

Volcanoes a strong start to their run chase. Left-arm spinner Ryan Hinds had Johnson Charles stumped for 14 at 19 for one in the fifth over but Smith added 33 for the second wicket with Andre Fletcher (20) before putting on a further 53 for the third with Edwards. Smith faced 65 balls and struck three fours while Edwards counted a four and a six in a 46-ball knock. Left-arm spinner Yannick Ottley claimd three for 21 while off-spinner Jameel Stuart ended with two for 28. Sent in earlier, Marooners needed Mohan’s top score of

36 and Keron Cottoy’s 21 to get up to their eventual 172 all out off 50 overs, as left-arm spinner Kavem Hodge (3-26) and veteran off-spinner Shane Shillingford (3-19) ripped apart the innings. They were quickly in trouble at 39 for four in the 18th over after Hodge, handed the new ball, snatched three early wickets and it was left to Mohan and Hinds (15) to repair some of the damage in a 35run, fifth wicket stand. When three wickets fell for 22 runs, Cottoy joined with wicketkeeper Carlos Maynard (18) to post an invaluable 47 for the eighth wicket, and allow Marooners breathing space.


MAROONERS *K Corbin c Smith b Hodge 2 K Ottley c wkp Fletcher b Hode 0 C Burton c Cato b Mayers 20 Y Ottley c Charles b Hodge 13 R Hinds b Shillingford 15 V Mohan lbw b Shillingford 36 J Stuart c John b Shillingford 9 +C Maynard c John b McCoy 18 K Cottoy run out 21 A Daley b Mayers 13 J Levy not out 11 Extras: (w12, nb2) 14 TOTAL: (all out, 50 overs) 172 Fall of wickets: 1-1, 2-4, 3-31, 4-39, 5-74, 6-96, 7-96, 8-143, 9-147, 10-172. Bowling: Hodge 10-2-16-3, John 5-0-13-0, Mayers 10-1-66-2, Edward 10-3-25-0, Shillingford 10-1-19-3, McCoy 5-0-33-1. VOLCANOES D Smith c Corbin b Y Ottley 40 J Charles st Maynard b Hinds 14 +A Fletcher c Hinds b Y Ottley 20 K Edwards b Stuart 30 K Mayers lbw b Y Ottley 0 K Hodge run out 13 R Cato b Stuart 0 R John c & b Cottoy 12 *S Shillingford lbw b Mohan 10 L Edward not out 21 O McCoy not out 14 Extras: (lb1, w2) 3 TOTAL: (9 wkts, 50 overs) 177 Fall of wickets: 1-19, 2-52, 3-105, 4-105, 5-113, 6-113, 7-129, 8-135, 9-153. Bowling: Hinds 10-2-24-1, Levy 3-0-14-0, Mohan 9-0-50-1, Stuart 10-0-28-2, Y Ottley 10-1-21-3, Cottoy 5-0-28-1, Daley 3-0-11-0.

ON Saturday night, the fourth night of the Magnum “Mash Cup” Futsal tournament, pulsating action at the National Gymnasium saw Leopold Street, Sparta Boss and Future Stars emerging big winners. Playing in their final group stage match, Leopold Street thrashed Mocha 6-1, with a brace apiece from Mark Jhalu and Tyrese Forde, while Darren Benjamin and Okeene Fraser netted a goal each. Jhalu’s strikes came in the fourth and 14th minutes while Forde’s pair came in the seventh and 16th minutes respectively, while Benjamin and Fraser scored in the sixth and 11th minutes. Mocha’s lone goal came from the boot of Rolex Smith in the third minute. The Future Stars schooled Channel-9 Warriors, defeating them by a 4-0 margin in an offensive masterclass. Curtez Kellman opened the floodgates in the fourth minute before Captain Akeemo Anthony doubled their lead in the ninth minute. Up next for the Stars was Alex Moore with his side’s third goal in the 12 minute while Raphael Edwards sealed the deal just two minutes later with

a thunderous strike. Meanwhile, Sparta Boss won comfortably, scoring three goals against the Silver Bullets who could not respond. Gregory “Jacki Chan” Richardson netted a brace with his strikes coming in the third and 18th minutes, while Quincy Adams scored in the 13th minute. OTHER RESULTS ARE AS FOLLOWS: New Market Street-2 vs Rugby Team-2 Rugby Scorer Peabo Hamilton-4th Rickford Cummings-5th New Market Scorer Kevin Baptiste-6th Mickel Brandt-7th Showstoppers-1 vs Team Extreme-1 Team Extreme Scorer Pernell Schultz-2nd Showstoppers Scorer

Stephon Jupiter-16th Hustlers-0 vs Alexander Village-1 A l e x a n d e r Vi l l a g e Leon Yaw-14th Albouystown-A-0 vs YMCA All-Stars-2 YMCA Scorers Travis Grant-8th Roberto Osbourne-12th North Ruimveldt vs Sophia No Contest Bent Street-1 vs Swag Entertainment-0 Bent Street- Andrew Murray Jr-17th North East La Penitence-2 vs Tigerbay-0 Tigerbay- Keifer Brandt-12th Calvin Moore-15th Back Circle-0 vs Albouystown-B-1 Albouystown- Moses Grittens-8th Gold is Money-1 vs Ol Skool Ballers-0 Gold- Colin Nelson-14th.

CRICKET QUIZ CORNER (Monday February 12, 2018) COMPLIMENTS OF THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market & The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL COMPANY LTD-83 Garnett Street, Georgetown (Tel: 225-6158) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: (1) Keagan Simmons-166 (2) Bashkar Yadram-5/18 Today’s Quiz: (1) What was the WI placing at the recent ICC Under 19 World Cup? (2) Where are the ‘Qualifers’ for the Senior Men’s 2020 World Cup scheduled to be played? ANSWERS IN TOMORROW’S ISSUE


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday, February 12, 2018

‘Recognise and understand the significance of cricket in the West Indies’- says Wes Hall By Rawle Toney SIR Wes Hall, the International Cricket Council (ICC) Hall-of-Famer, might have relived his glory days in the sport that gained him international acclaim, after receiving thunderous applause following his delivery at the Rotary Club of Georgetown’s Dinner at the Pegasus hotel, which marked their commemoration of ‘World Understanding Month’. ‘Lessons learnt from the noble game of Cricket’ was the theme under which Hall spoke. The former fast bowler, who for a decade had terrified batsmen the world over, might have bowled his best overs yet, as he kept the packed Savannah Suite audience intrigued and attentive during his over one-hour presentation , while calling for the recognition and understanding of the significance of cricket in the West Indies. “As far as I’m concerned, West Indian people love their cricket. I want you to know that whenever we win a Test match there is joy in the land, but when we lose people can’t even

go to work. But I want to say to you that we have a special brand of cricket, just like the Brazilians (at football),” Hall said. Muscular and tall with a classical action, Hall presented a fearsome sight. A long, lithe approach ended with a fast and well-aimed delivery during his days on the pitch. Hall further stated “We may not win; the Brazilians any time they go to the Olympics or indeed to the World Cup, you may find that they may not be the top team, but they will [be] the team most people like- they like their type of play. So cricket in the West Indies is not a new development; its logic, its values, artistry, morality and spirit are very different from other cricket cultures. That is so true.” “Cricket in the West Indies is about building a sensibility for all. It is a social space that is community at its most refined; that is why we fought against prejudice, race and class. That is why we fought that our women of the Caribbean will play cricket and play well enough to beat the world and we

are so proud of the ladies of the West Indies. And even though our men may not be doing so well, I don’t think you can say the same thing for the ladies,”

could vote. They could not vote because you had to own land to vote in Barbados, but thank God in 1951 the Adult Suffrage Act was passed and all Barbadians

used to laugh at me. Why? I’m from a little village; nobody from my street had ever gone to high school; nobody from my district had ever played for Barbados, much

Sir Wes Hall addresses the gathering of Rotarians and other invitees at the Pegasus Hotel during his keynote speech at the ‘World Understanding Month’ Dinner.

“When the West Indies, in 1950 and beyond, became the greatest triumvirate of cricketing batsmanship, the world loved them. But when they returned to Barbados--Worrell, Weekes and Walcott--none of them

could go to the polls and vote. So it is important to know our history.” “As a little boy I used to walk around with a bat and a ball in my hand and tell everybody that I would play for the West Indies- well they

less West Indies, and there is this little brat walking about telling people that he is going to the best high school in Barbados and that he is also going to play for the West Indies,” Hall pointed out. The now 80-year-old,

who is recognised the worldover for his exploits in the game, now walks with the support of a cane, telling the audience that “the human body was not designed for fast bowling…we either die early or we walk with a cane or with two mock knees, but we don’t do very well after bowling for a long time.” Sir Wes Hall played 48 Test matches in his career for the West Indies, taking 192 wickets; having made his debut in 1958 against India in Mumbai. His last test was against New Zealand in Auckland in 1968. An immensely popular man, he played two seasons for Queensland and the bulk of his career for Barbados (although that amounted to 13 matches in 15 seasons) with a few appearances for Trinidad in his twilight years. In retirement he became an ordained minister as well as Minister of Tourism and Sport in the Barbados government. He also managed West Indies touring sides and in 2001 took over as president of the West Indies board.

Bright , Raymond and Williams qualifiy for CARIFTA Games long jump By Michelangelo Jacobus

CHANTOBA Bright and Toyan Raymond were the first two Guyanese athletes to make the qualifying standards for the CARIFTA Games set for the Bahamas from March 30-April 2. The two were competing at the first of three CARIFTA Games trials being held by the Athletics Association of

Jumping under a steady drizzle, Bright jumped with ease while De Challengers’ Toyan Raymond was second best, jumping 5.75m. Also passing the qualifying standard was Running Braves’ Princess Brown who recorded a best jump of 5.58m. The only other athlete to make CARIFTA’s qualifying standard on Sunday also came in the jumping pit as Anthony

Toyan Raymond (black) pips Kenisha Phillips (right) on the finish line in the Girls U-20 100M. (Samuel Maughn Photo)

Guyana (AAG) at the National Track and Field Centre (NTFC), Leonora. In the Girls U-20 Long Jump, Chantoba Bright of the Upper Demerara Track Club was by far and away in her own league, jumping 6.04m in the pit to easily pass CARIFTA’s qualifying standard of 5.50m.

Williams jumped a distance of 7.10m in the Boys U-20 Long Jump event. Williams who trains with the Guyana Police Force (GPF) Athletics Club was ecstatic with his effort; he was also joined by Upper Demerara’s Ronaldo Green who had a best jump of 6.88m. The qualifying standard for the U-20 Boys

… Phillips comes back strongly from injury

event is 6.80m. Also making an appearance at the trials was Kenisha Phillips who has just returned from injury; she ran in the U-20 Girls 100M in which she clocked 12.20s coming in behind Toyan Raymond who had a time of 12.17s. Despite coming off of a lengthy injury spell, Phillips looked impressive and told Chronicle Sport that she was feeling “great coming back on the track”. She, however, noted that she will be stepping up her game in the two remaining trial meets. The qualifying standard for the Girls U-20 100M stands at 12s flat. Tyrell Peters emerged the winner of the Boys U-20 100M with 10.89s. However, he remains 0.14s off of the qualifying standard of 10.75s. Meanwhile, Daniel Williams had a go on the track and trotted over the finish line in the Boys U-20 400M without any real competition, stopping the clock at 49.31s while Brian Romain came in behind with 50.18s. Williams also told Chronicle Sport that it was a slow time for him and pointed out

that he will be going for a faster and better time in the next couple of meets. In order to qualify for his pet event, Williams has to run at least 48.50s or faster, something that the World U-18 400M Silver Medalist has done on countless occasions. GDF’s Leslain Baird shattered the National Record for the Javelin throw as he hurled it a whopping 74.71m to break the record that he previously held. The next CARIFTA Tri-

Chantoba Bright qualified for the CARIFTA Games in the Girls U-20 Long-jump. She recorded an effort of 6.04m.

al meet will be held next Sunday (February 18) at the same venue, as the AAG

seeks to gather the best possible team to send to Nassau, Bahamas in March.

Race meet suspended after car topples at South Dakota –Response team praised for efforts

Speedy response by medical and fire personnel prevented harm to a competitor at Sunday’s Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMRSC) ‘King of the Strip’ drag race meet at the South Dakota Circuit at Timehri. Late this afternoon , competitor Vivek Joshi’s Toyota Alteeza toppled once just meters from the finish line, but quick re-

sponse by the medical team resulted in his injuries being minor. The meet was subsequently called off and the medical team has cleared Joshi of any major injuries. The club president Rameez Mohamed stated that thorough safety measures and quick response prevented an already bad situation from turning worse.(Stephan Sookram)

The Toyota Alteeza motorcar following the incident

Barbados Relay


Skeete leads CWSS Track Club to Gold in the 1600m medley and 4X400m

‘Recognise and understand the significance of cricket in the West Indies’- says Wes Hall

See page 23

See Page 19

The Gold medal-winning CWSS ‘Multi’ 4 X 400m team from left: Crystal Hutson, Deshanna Skeete, Shaqua Tyrrell and Leona James

St Lucia, Suriname and T&T confirmed for Patrick Ford Memorial boxing card

… tickets go on sale from today THE Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) in collaboration with McDonald Promotions will on February 25, at the National Gymnasium, host the inaugural Patrick Ford Memorial, which will see fighters from Trinidad

Patrick Ford

and Tobago, St Lucia and Suriname converging on Guyanese soil in what is anticipated to be an evening of entertaining boxing. Patrick Ford, who died in New York in November 2011, was a former British Commonwealth Featherweight champion who challenged twice for the world featherweight title. Ford won sixteen consecutive professional bouts at the start of his career in Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, and Nigeria, between 1978 and 1980. According to president of the GBA, Steve Ninvalle, the card will see 14 bouts, with the clash between Guyana’s leading amateur fighter and Commonwealth Youth Games silver medallist, Keevin Allicock and Trinidad’s Christopher de Freitas being the headline encounter.

Also on the card will be a grudge match between Guyana’s Collin Lewis and St Lucia’s Nathan Ferrari. At last year’s Caribbean Boxing Championship in St Lucia, Lewis, a member of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), and also known as ‘Superman’, stopped Ferrari on his way to winning gold in the Middleweight division, making their up-coming encounter interesting. Both Lewis and Allicock will be using the Patrick Ford Memorial as part of their preparation for this year’s Commonwealth Games in Australia as well as the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games qualifiers in Mexico. Meanwhile, tickets for the event go on sale from today, with ring side being sold for $2,000 and $1,000 for stands.

Guyana’s Archibald outruns Blake for new personal best in 100m See Page 19

... Wins Long Jump event at King of the Ring track meet

Guyana’s track and field star, Emanuel Archibald and his coach, Kerry Lee Ricketts after winning gold in the long jump on Saturday.

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