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…Guyana, Brazil to intensify defence cooperation



…emphasis on surveillance, Guyana’s involvement in Amazon Surveillance System stressed

President David Granger and several members of his Cabinet meeting with the high-level delegation from Brazil led by Brazilian Minister of Defence, Mr. Raul Jungmann (MoTP photo)

No place for force



President David Granger congratulates Brazilian Minister of Defence, Mr. Raul Jungmann, after conferring him with the Cacique Crown of Honour (Adrian Narine photo)

… Brazil’s Defence Minister urges peace, stability in region


No place for force

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, February 10, 2018

… Brazil’s Defence Minister urges peace, stability in region

By Svetlana Marshall BRAZIL’S Minister of Defence Raul Jungmann said there is no place for force on this side of the world as he joined President David Granger in underscoring the importance of maintaining peace and stability in South America. “We understand that South America like everywhere else in the world there is no place for force…what we have to do, we have to reinforce the international rights of the people, sovereignty of the people,” the Brazilian Minister said through an interpreter. He was speaking at an investiture ceremony at State House on Friday where he was conferred with the Cacique Crown of Honour (CCH) by President David Granger. In his acceptance speech, Minister Jungmann not only expressed appreciation to the Guyanese Government and to pledge his country’s continued commitment to Guyana, but emphasised the need for maintaining peace and stability within and among territories. He noted that while

President David Granger presenting the Brazil Minister of Defence Raul Jungmann with the with the insignia of the Cacique Crown of Honour (CCH) (Adrian Narine photo) “Geography is destiny,” the construct of peace, stability and cooperation depend on human beings. “Brazil understands that for the stability of South America the prevalence of international law, resolution of conflicts and the compromise of justice, peace and democracy will

be required from the people of Brazil.” Pointing out that Brazil is one of the signatories to the UN Charter Minister Jungmann said his country has tried consistently in all the areas within the law to maintain peace and harmony among its people. It was point out that he made it clear that there is no place for force in this part of the world or elsewhere. President Granger, in his address, said the national award bestowed upon the Brazilian Minister of Defence is of significant importance. “This award recognises not only your personal diligence but also your nation’s demonstrated commitment, commitment

to the preservation of South America and the Caribbean as a zone, commitment to the promotion of respect for international law…, commitment to international peace keeping, humanitarian and disaster relief, and not least, commitment to the consolidation of defence cooperation between Brazil and Guyana,” the President stated. He said while in international diplomacy it is said that you can choose your friends but not your neighbours, Guyana is proud to have a neighbour such as Brazil which is also a friend. “The friendship between Guyana and Brazil is founded on the international principles of mutual respect for each other’s territorial integ-

rity and sovereignty, mutual non-interference in each other’s international affairs, cooperation for mutual benefits, respect for treaties… respect for international law and the maintenance of international peace and security,” President Granger explained. It was noted that the Minister Jungmann and his Brazilian delegation has come on the heels of the 50th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Guyana and Brazil. He pointed to the fact that Guyana is a continental state with Caribbean characteristics; President Granger noted that the preservation of South America as a zone of peace is essential to Guyana’s existence. “Brazil has remained resolute in its commitment for peace on this continent. Guyana therefore records its appreciation for Brazil’s consistent and unwavering support over the past 50 years and its support for the

such as trafficking in persons (TIP), trafficking in illegal narcotics, trafficking in illegal weapons, transnational terrorism, and the spread of contagious diseases. President Granger conferred the Cacique Crown of Honour on the Brazilian Minister in the presence of the Acting Chancellor of the Judiciary Yonette Cummings-Edwards minutes after they had engaged in high level discussions. The President’s team included Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan, Attorney General, Basil Williams, Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, Minister of Citizenship, Mr. Winston Felix, Minister of Finance, Mr. Winston Jordan and Minister of Public

The Brazil Minister of Defence Raul Jungmann delivering remarks at the investiture ceremony at State House (Adrian Narine photo) peaceful settlement of the territorial controversy which has arisen out of the claim by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela that the Award of the Tribunal which defined the demarcated border with Guyana in 1899 was null and void,” the President said. He said Guyana looks forward to the intensification of defence cooperation with Brazil – cooperation which is essential to preventing transnational crimes

Affairs, Ms. Dawn Hastings-Williams. The Brazilian Defence Minister was accompanied by Brazil’s Minister of Justice, Torquato Lorena Jardim, General of the Brazilan Army, Sergio Etchegoyen, General of the Brazilian Army, Fernando Azevedo E. Silva and a representative from the Brazilian Foreign Affairs Ministry, Ambassador Nelson Tabajara De Oliveira.

Deepening defence ties

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, February 10, 2018


…Guyana, Brazil to intensify defence cooperation

… emphasis on surveillance, Guyana’s involvement in Amazon Surveillance System stressed GUYANA and Brazil on Friday held high-level talks to bolster defence cooperation and Guyana has stressed the need for greater emphasis on surveillance and her involvement in the Amazon Surveillance System, as a six-year-old joint communique on defence between the two countries undergoes a review. President David Granger, joined by several Ministers of Government and members of the Defence Board, hosted Brazil’s Minister of Defence, Mr. Raul Jungmann Pinto, along with a high-level delegation, which included Brazil’s Minister of Justice, Mr. Torquato Lorena Jardim. The bilateral engagement, which was hosted at State House, saw a commitment by both countries to review the September, 2012 Joint Communiqué, which followed the official visit to Guyana by Ambassador Celso Amorim,

then Minister of Defence of Brazil. The review is intended to update the agreements in that document and bring them in line with present-day realities, as well as, to deepen defence cooperation. The President’s team included Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Carl Greenidge; Minister of State, Mr Joseph Harmon; Minister of Public Security, Mr Khemraj Ramjattan; Attorney General, Mr Basil Williams; Minister of Public Infrastructure, Mr David Patterson; Minister of Natural Resources, Mr Raphael Trotman; Minister of Citizenship, Mr Winston Felix; Minister of Finance, Mr Winston Jordan and Minister of Public Affairs, Ms Dawn Hastings-Williams. Officials from the visiting delegation included General of the Brazilan Army, Mr. Sergio Etchegoyen; General of the Brazilian Army, Mr. Fernando Azevedo E. Silva

and a representative from the Brazilian Foreign Affairs Ministry, Ambassador Nelson Tabajara De Oliveira. President Granger said that this visit, which follows closely after his own State visit to Brazil in late December, is the initiation of the celebration of 50 years of diplomatic relations between Guyana and Brazil. He added that the signing of that 2012 communiqué saw the establishment of a bilateral defence working group. “We would like to review the Joint Communiqué to determine its applicability to present-day circumstances. That agreement contained seven points, which are being implemented, but in light of the present situation in the northern coast of South America, we would like to review that agreement…to put greater emphasis on surveillance and our involvement in the Amazon Surveillance

System,” President Granger said. To this end, Minister Jungmann informed delegates that Brazil is ready to revisit the terms and provisions of the communiqué to work out the modalities of how the two countries can cooperate in the areas of defence outlined by the President. “We are willing to review the communiqué. We will do this through our Military Attaché… who will then refer it to the higher authorities,” he said. Speaking of defence cooperation, Minister Jungmann told the President that countries in the hemisphere have to work more closely together to tackle problems such as drug-trafficking and other transnational crimes, which threaten law and order and citizens’ safety. “As Minister of Defence, we have responsibility for the army, the marine and the air force,

so whatever we can do to assist Guyana, let us know,” the minister told the President. Meanwhile, Guyana’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge updated the visiting delegation on the recent developments of the Guyana-Venezuela border controversy, which he said is at the heart of Guyana’s national security. President Granger also took the opportunity to place on record, Guyana’s gratitude to Brazil for its support for Guyana in the border controversy with Venezuela. “Brazil, for 50 years, has been a guarantor of our territory and has maintained that it is not interested in any changes to settled boundaries,” he said. Minister Jungmann said that Brazil has the third largest border in South America and the world at large and it has frontiers with 10 countries. He noted that Brazil wants to see the controversy with Ven-

ezuela resolved permanently and in a diplomatic manner, which can be achieved at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). This, he said, is vital for the stability of the South American continent. This visit follows a State visit to Brazil by President Granger in December last year during which discussions were held on cooperation between the Guyana Defence Force and the Brazilian Military in terms of capacity-building and expertise transfer and follow-up dialogue on the work of the Guyana-Brazil Joint Technical Working Group, which was established to identify and implement key developmental projects. Additionally, last month, Brazil’s Minister of Health, Dr. Ricardo Jose Magalh?es Barros visited Guyana to explore possible areas of cooperation in the health sector.

Lawmen boosting surveillance Fisherman shot, beaten during robbery at border with Brazil - Harmon

A FISHERMAN was Friday morning shot and beaten by bandits during a robbery at Cove and John, East Coast Demerara. Police said the incident involving cash occurred about 11:50h on Friday, a short distance from the victim’s residence, allegedly by two males, one of whom was armed with a handgun. The man who had refused to hand over the bag containing the money, was shot once in the left upper leg and also gun-butted to the head. He was admitted at a state-run medical institution and said to be in a stable condition. Investigators have since retrieved several spent shells of a small calibre weapon from the scene. Reports are that the victim, in the company of his daughter, went to a Commercial Bank located on the East Coast of Demerara and made a withdrawal, after which they proceeded home in a public transportation vehicle. The two people exited on the Cove & John Public Road and as they were walking through an access road, leading to their home, the suspects exited a motor car and relieved the victim of his property. The robbers escaped in the said vehicle but not before shooting and gun-butting him. No arrests have yet been made.

THE Government of Guyana has been taking steps to train members of the Disciplined Services both locally and internationally, in an effort to adopt best practices in crime-fighting. However, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, on Thursday, said these efforts can be reduced to “naught” if there is the absence of citizens’ partnership. Minister Harmon emphasised that the partnership between citizens and the law- enforcement agencies is pivotal to dealing with crime. The minister assured that “the criminal situation, we take it seriously and every single week the National Security Committee which the President chairs there is a report on these issues”. He informed that the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has a crime strategy, which comprises a raft of measures to deal with the issue

of gun crimes and the presence of “CG motorcycle gangs.” Further, the State Minister said the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) is paying keen attention to the borders with neighbouring countries. “We do not manufacture guns in Guyana and so what we are paying attention to now is what happens at our borders, because when you look at the guns that are being used, those which have been recovered by the police and you check on the country of origin, we see a large amount of these guns coming from our neighbouring Brazil,” Minister Harmon revealed. Brazil is one of the largest manufacturers of small arms weapons and the fact that Guyana’s borders allow for easy access from other countries, Minister Harmon said the weapons are entering the country. In light of this “we are looking at tightening

up our activities on the borders, particularly so that we can prevent the inward flow of these things,” the State Minister said. Internally, the police operations are targeting some of the communities where there are high incidences of criminal activities and are taking steps to deal with that. “I trust that citizens will cooperate with the police in the crime-fighting activities that are taking place and will take place as a result of this spike in crime,” the minister urged. The matter of crime, he reiterated, is of concern because of the image it can create at a time when government is seeking to attract foreign investments and to provide citizens and foreign investors with a safe place to operate. Hence, the GPF is being equipped with the necessary resources to address crime. (DPI)


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Saturday February 10, 2018

GDF playing greater role in national development --part of five-year restructuring programme announced in 2015

CHIEF of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Brigadier Patrick West said that every aspect of funding for the army is approved and budgeted for after careful and prudent consideration by the Defence Board; taking into account the threats to national security, the Force’s social obligations to assist civil authority, and its overall contribution to national development. The Chief of Staff made these comments in an interview with the Ministry of the Presidency’s Public Information and Press Services Unit in response to conclusions and suppositions not based in fact published in a Stabroek News editorial on January 28. The editorial referred to the restructuring programme

for the GDF, which the Commander-in-Chief, President David Granger outlined at the Senior Officers’ Conference last week, as a huge financial burden and questioned where the funding would come from and implying that the administration intended to use future petroleum revenues. However, Minister of State, Mr. Joseph Harmon clarified that funding for these initiatives was already budgeted for. In a Stabroek News article published on February 4, the Minister was quoted as saying, “It’s already budgeted for in our National Budget, so there is no new additional cost that the President spoke about that was not catered for in the current budget of the GDF.” Despite the Minister’s explanation, the same February 4 article went on to state

that the 2018 capital expenditure for the GDF showed no indication of the Government’s planned revamping, particularly when the figures were compared to the allocations for the previous year. However, it is clear that the Stabroek News neglected to consider President Granger’s five-year restructuring plan for Total National Defence, which he announced in October 2015. On that occasion he explained that new policy of reform will place greater focus on the re-organisation and strengthening of the GDF in terms of personnel, readiness, infrastructure, morale and equipment. “These changes must be designed to develop the Force’s capability to provide continuous surveillance over Guyana’s air, territo-

rial and maritime borders and approaches, to provide search-and-rescue services to persons in distress and to provide assistance to the civil authority in response to any threat or disaster,” the Commander-in-Chief said. The changes he referred to are being implemented in phases. The President is on record in 2015, saying that the new policy will place greater focus on the re-organisation and strengthening of the GDF on five pillars; personnel, readiness, infrastructure, morale and equipment with emphasis on the Air Corps, the Coast Guard and the Engineer Corps.

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09/02/2018 26/11/2016

BILATERAL PARTNERS The Chief of Staff explained that, “in 2017 and 2018 everything there that

we would have done was budgeted for and we still collaborated with other partners to have other things because where they are gaps and those gaps are likely to be filled by our collaborations with our bilateral partners,” he said. In past years, the GDF has not been very integrally involved in national development efforts and the restructuring process is intended to change this. “With the guidance of the Defence Board, I think we have done more over the last year and we will continue to do a lot in the years ahead… I hope that we can make a great impact on national development. I think the biggest gap in terms of development is the need for infrastructure and with the equipment that we have, the support of the Defence Board and our collaboration with Ministry of Public Infrastructure, we can make a big contribution in this regard,” Brigadier West said. He explained that strong engineer corps is a prominent feature of all modern military organisations, which are responsible building bridges, roads and other such vital public infrastructure. Brigadier West informed that in Roraima State, Brazil there is

a special battalion, which are involved in building roads, bridges and other forms of physical infrastructure. He also assured that the expanded role that the Force will be taking on will in no way detract from its core mandate of defining aggression and protecting the country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. “Just google it and you will see how effective is the Engineer Corps in contributing to development and the standards required by military engineers are in some cases are much higher,” he said. Brigadier West informed that the GDF will be working closely with the Ministry of Public Infrastructure; combing the Force’s equipment with the technical capacity and expertise at the Ministry. BOOSTING AGRICULTURE Speaking on plans for the Agriculture Corps, the Chief of Staff explained that the GDF’s existing farm had some challenges, which they are working to overcome. As it is, the farm supplies about 20 percent of the Force’s dietary needs. Brigadier West said that the restructuring Turn to page 17

Saturday, February 10, 2018 - 1:00 & 13:30hrs

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GUYANA CHRONICLE, Saturday February 10, 2018


US military helps thwart Trinidad carnival terror attack US troops participated in anti-terror raids Thursday in the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago helping to capture four "high value targets," two US military officials told CNN. The officials said US military personnel from US Southern Command, which oversees US military operations in the region, advised and assisted local Trinidadian security forces in apprehending the four extremists who are believed to be part of a network engaged in plotting terror attacks.

The US troops did not participate in any direct combat. In a news conference Thursday, a Trinidad and Tobago police official, Michael Jackman, said police uncovered a threat to disrupt the Carnival activities and detained "several persons of interest." The nation's police and defense forces are working together to ensure a safe and secure environment for the Carnival, Jackman said in video provided by CNN affiliate CNC3 Television. "The public, as usual, should remain vigilant," he added

while not elaborating on whether the threat was terror-related. The US Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago issued a security alert Thursday evening saying that a terror plot has been thwarted but also said that "US government personnel are advised to exercise additional caution and increased situational awareness if they participate in Carnival events," out of an "abundance of caution." The United Kingdom's Foreign Office also issued an advisory and cautioned "an attack

Caribbean countries rattled by powerful earthquake

An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.5 jolted several Caribbean islands on Friday but there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage. earthquakkThe Trinidad-based Seismic Research Centre (SRC) of the University of the West Indies (UWI) said that the quake, which occurred at 1.43 pm (local time)

was felt in Barbuda, St. Kitts and St. Maarten. It said it was located Latitude: 18.71N, Longitude: 61.43W and at a depth of 10 kilometres (KM). “The event occurred north of Barbuda and was reported felt in St. Kitts and St. Maarten,” the SRC said. In recent weeks, several Caribbean countries have been rattled by earthquakes

and in January n earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 jolted of magnitude 7.6 the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa as well as the Mexican state of Quintana Roo and Belize. Last month, Trinidad and Tobago was rattled by two earthquakes within a one week period. They measured 4.5 and 4.7 respectively. (CMC)

US House Democratic leader holds floor in advocacy of Caribbean ‘Dreamers’

United States House of Representatives Democratic Leader Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday held the floor of the House for over eight hours advocating for Caribbean and other “Dreamers.” Pelosi took the House floor at 10:04 a.m. (local time) on Wednesday, intent on speaking about the young, undocumented Caribbean and other immigrants known as Dreamers. Her marathon monologue — highly unusual for the House, which has no equivalent to the Senate filibuster — appears to have

set the record for the longest continuous speech in the chamber, dating to at least 1909, according to the New York Times. The report said her marathon speech tied up the House into the evening, delaying debate on a bill intended to spur competition in the mortgage market. It also demonstrated, yet again, why Ms. Pelosi, 77, of California, remains one of the most enduring — and to many, infuriating — figures in Washington, the Times said. It said Pelosi’s speech came as Republicans were

scrambling to pass legislation to keep the government open. A short-term funding bill expires at midnight Thursday. About 800,000 young unauthorized immigrants are protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programme that President Barack Obama instituted and President Donald J. Trump plans to end in March. Pelosi said she was protesting lack of protection for the Dreamers, who were brought to the US as children and have been shielded from deportation by DACA. (CMC)

Mexico: Zetas drugs cartel leader caught A leader of the notorious Zetas drug cartel has been caught in Mexico City, according to Mexican authorities. José María Guízar Valencia is wanted in the US, which had offered a $5m (£3.6m) reward for his capture. Known as Z-43, he is a dual US-Mexican citizen and is thought to have run the Zeta's south-eastern operations. The US state department said he was responsible for "importing thousands of kilograms of cocaine and methamphetamine to the US every year". On its website, it said the Zetas "have murdered an

untold number of Guatemalan civilians during the systematic overtake of the Guatemalan border region with Mexico during recent years". The alleged kingpin was arrested in Mexico City's Roma neighbourhood, which is known for its hip bars and restaurants. He was captured "without the use of force", said the head of the National Security Commission, Renato Sales, in a press conference on Friday, when the news was confirmed. He is now likely to face extradition to the US, on drugs smuggling and money-laundering charges. In 2012, the Zetas was consid-

ered the largest drugs gang in Mexico. However, they have lost ground in recent years, as others, notably the Jalisco New Generation, have expanded to take their east-coast territory. Arrests of other leaders have also weakened the group, causing internal divisions. The group, which sprang from the Gulf Cartel, was founded by corrupt members of the military and the police. Last year was Mexico's most violent year on record, with more than 25,000 murders. Organised crime is thought to account for nearly three-quarters of those deaths. (BBC)

is still possible." Trinidad and Tobago has long been an area of concern for the US military and intelligence communities as it is assessed to be home to ISIS sympathizers with officials saying that some of its citizens have traveled to Iraq and Syria to

join extremist groups. In April 2017, US Navy Admiral Kurt Tidd, the commander of Southern Command said "some of the individuals who left Trinidad-Tobago" have shown up "on film engaged in terrorist acts" and have

committed murders in Syria. An October report by the Soufan Group, a security consultancy that tracks foreign fighters, said that approximately 130 Trinidadians have traveled to Iraq or Syria to become foreign fighters. (CNN)



‘Long walk to freedom’

ON FEBRUARY 11th, 1990, Mr. Nelson Mandela was released from prison after serving 27 years for fighting an apartheid system and government. His was a struggle to ensure all South Africans are treated as normal human beings, enjoying rights and freedoms prescribed by the United Nations, which also entail the right to vote for a party of choice to form the government. In his autobiography, ‘Long walk to Freedom’, Mandela had this to say: “Freedom is indivisible; the chains on any one of my people were the chains on all of them, the chains on all of my people were the chains on me.” This sagacious statement transcends borders, is timeless, and serves as a motivational force. As Guyanese observe this 50th year of freedom from colonial domination, it helps to examine what freedom means to us; the path travelled; the leadership given, and the opportunities to do better. One of the first and most important acts in ensuring the fostering of nationhood from 26th May, 1966 -- given that we were a people who emerged from a divided history, where management of the nation’s business was premised on a policy of divide-and-rule -- was the identification of a motto which speaks to unity and inseparableness: ‘One People, One Nation, One Destiny.’ This, conjointly with the establishment of systems and institutions through policies and laws, set in train efforts that would not only ensure the chains of domination were unshackled, but that the freedom to strengthen and deepen

self-determination is realised. Some instances have been the freedom to practise one’s faith, national observation of diverse religious holidays, and respect for diverse religious unions. These have created space for enjoying one of the most basic, yet assumed rights, i.e. freedom of expression and the sharing of ideas and information. A public education system built on the principle that each child should be afforded an education, regardless of economic ability, race or religion, opens opportunities to free the mind from viewing oneself as the subject of another, to seeing oneself as embracing the endless possibilities that come from a mind convinced in its equality, proud of its identity and determined to prove its ability. As an independent nation, we commenced not only the intellectualising of our destiny, including revisiting/ rewriting our history through our lenses, but we embarked on indigenous programmes which included research and development. Being free to think and explore in determining our destiny has seen production of our own foods, such as salted fish, salted beef, cereals and preserved local fruits. Political freedom has also seen infrastructural development, manufacturing and assembling industries such as highways, roads, bridges, textiles, housewares, building materials, arts and craft, furniture, clothing, electrical appliances (radio, stereo, refrigerators, freezers), motor vehicles (tapir) and bicycles (Caloi). Such were the abilities displayed by innovative minds, which allowed for national and personal

GUYANA CHRONICLE, Saturday February 10, 2018

development. No pretence is made that post-independence life has been all hunky-dory, without conflicts and challenges, be it in our personal lives, politics, system of governance, quality of governance, and the type of leaders. Out of this recognition, Mandela’s conviction that “the chains on any one of my people were the chains on all of them, the chains on all of my people were the chains on me,” becomes relevant. For while political freedom has been achieved, where any citizen feels constrained or is prohibited from enjoying the freedoms and rights that come with independence and is enshrined in an indigenous constitution, there remains work to be done. It means that none must be denied the freedom Guyanese fought for, and all must ensure our efforts are redoubled to be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers. It means the political leadership has to take cognisance of the shortfalls, and assiduously work to remedy them. This is applicable to both government and opposition. Freedom means every Guyanese must enjoy what the laws guarantee him/her, and every government must assert its freedom to safeguard and defend the nation’s sovereignty from domestic and foreign threats, and enforce the laws in protection of its citizens. There is a long walk to freedom. It started with the first enslaved, centuries ago. Thus, each generation is required to do its bit and bequeath to future generations a deeper and stronger freedom. Lest we forget, freedom is not free; it requires eternal vigilance and sacrifice, and is never fully attained until every… (Reprinted)

Accepting refugees from Venezuela must be carefully thought out Dear Editor, THERE have been letters in the press from citizens, urging the government to accept Venezuelans into our country, who are fleeing from the political-social-economic crises that have exacted crippling effects on daily life in that neighbouring state. Editor, we are speaking here of a refugee situation, where nationals of another state have found that there are no support mechanisms that guarantee their daily survival, much less existence, in their country of origin. They

are thus forced to flee to a nearby state that may accept them. This is an all-too-common situation, that has become endemic within the international system, with the most recent being the Rohingya exodus from Myanmar, to neighbouring Bangladesh. I am aware that this is a contingency situation that has affected many a state, especially those with contiguous borders with the affected state. It reflects a world in continuous turmoil and strife, uprooting humans, forcing them to seek shelter

elsewhere. Accepting refugees are fraught with many, many challenges for the receiving country. Beginning, with its many obligations in keeping with the Convention on Refugees: the financial means necessary for such a humanitarian effort is very costly, as it involves an array of social services, obligatory under the convention. This often places a strain on the host country’s social services, often from states that have severe financial limitations. In as much as one would empathise with our Venezu-

elan neighbours, accepting refugees from the latter is not only a very delicate issue for Guyana, but a decision which should be carefully thought out, given the status of relations between our two countries. Firstly, this would mean accepting an influx into territory for which there is a controversial claim by the affected state. What could stop the refugees from hoisting a flag, over such a geographic space, with the support of their home government? Secondly, there are always going to be security concerns with an influx of

refugees. Already, there is reported Venezuelan gang activity in some areas, with the ruthless Syndicato apparently involved. With the ruthlessness of Latino gangs very well established, this is an added dimension that Guyana can do without, particularly in areas that are remote, and which borders are porous and challenging for our security forces. The proliferation of such organised criminal activity over so huge an area as our hinterland is too frightening to contemplate. Thirdly, such an undertaking carries a huge financial cost, and usu-

ally challenges the social services of any country, particularly developing ones such as Guyana. Although there have been cases of Venezuelans being charged for illegal entry, with the defence of fleeing a crippled country being given as cause, deportations are still being enforced, as should be for such an immigration offence. This signals that government is treading very cautiously on the refugee issue as regards citizens from our western neighbouring state. Regards Earl Hamilton

GUYANA CHRONICLE, Saturday February 10, 2018

OP-ED ► OP-ED OP-ED The lost generation or the generation that is still to lose?

By Marlon Bristol

FREEDOM of speech seems to be alive and kicking. So much so that especially the young generation is vocal on almost every development issue that comes into the public domain, commendable I must say. We are now experiencing public lectures by academics from the university on current and topical issues, where are the youngsters researching and voicing there? Anyway! Our public debate seems to be mostly an issue for social media, of course, this is part of the fad associated with the younger generation. More generally, there seems to be a battle to avoid intergenerational irresponsibility, and fairly so. But, what is a bit perplexing, is that every initiative taken is criticised, most without constructive thought or balanced opinions and I guess who should expect such in a politically divisive country, we can’t agree to disagree it seems. I asked myself if this is based on a general lack of ‘under-standing’ or interest in national and developmental issues? I am not sure, but when I saw boldly advertised in some newspapers the feelings of a faction of Guyanese with the audacity to tell the

world ‘Go-invest elsewhere,’ thoughts of what I heard and read of in the past came flashing through my mind. I have heard stories of the burning of canefields, undermining the tax system and economy through illicit trade and agriculture. I have heard that the Guyana National Services at one time was delivering on agriculture, while farmers downed arms, among other horror stories, for which this gesture made me believe this was really true. In the end, Guyana and domiciled Guyanese languished behind, now asking themselves if this oil blessing is a curse? Could you imagine! Everything is criticised, from the cleaning of the city in which we dwell, to who is the right or wrong person for a political and administrative position. Keeping in mind that this is the constitutional purview given to an elected government. Of course, criticisms are good when they are constructive, since issues such as social inequality, and the depth of poverty can be amplified in the face of apathy. And, as we have seen growth in the 1990s expanded income inequality, not reduce it as was previously reflected – the rich got richer and the poor poorer. This was exactly our confusion between what the

data was saying and what we were noticing in everyday life. The measure used was a proxy, but that little omission was cause for wonder. Most recently, the fit and proper debate appears to be a quasi-intellectual discourse on gerontology at best, not sure what is constructive about that, though adamantly the young generation lay genuine concerns about their stake in the present and future. From where I see it, criticisms seem to be most present from those who supported the incumbent, on all the issues engulfing this nation, as though they were all to be solved by now. We are in a now mentality. What is even more interesting is that a contraction in informality that provided sustenance for crime and corruption we were seemingly against not so long ago is frowned upon now. It is as if we only should see cleaned cities exist in the places we visit, but we are comfortable to live in sordidness. It appears that there should be no pain to gain; we should not dream of a good life (fact or fiction), because life for us must always be a hustle, and bustle. We seemed to have stripped ourselves of every fabric of imagination and hope to despair even in the face of a new oil economy. Where is the appreciation that

Green is simply useful because we live in the green rainforest and emphasise preserving nature in our national development strategy Dear editor, MUCH is being said about the use of the colour green, from pension books to the name of the nation’s national development strategy of sustainability. In particular, former speaker Ralph Ramkarran has been vocal on this issue, even though there is little to really be said. In a country where the national flag features green more than any other colour, and which is primarily covered by green foliage, it is just not practical to politicise the colour. Realistically, most of Guyana is green, be-

cause we live in the Amazon, the most famous rainforest in the world! How can we avoid using green when the colour is a fundamental part of our national rainforest identity? On another point, the former speaker says the “Green” development strategy could have been called by another name to mitigate the idea of political bias towards the coalition, as this is a party colour. Perhaps he said this hoping we can return to the Low Carbon Development Strategy branding. Most Guyanese will however agree that “Green develop-

ment” rolls of the tongue far better than “Low Carbon Development,” while communicating many of the same principles. So maybe it is that the real issue with the colour green is that the opposition is just jealous of the better branding the administration is demonstrating. Green is simply useful because we live in the green rainforest and emphasise preserving nature in our national development strategy. On that, there is just not much more to be said. Regards Malcolm Marshall

recognises that when you are in office your role is to navigate the rules, constraints, and commitment to delivering, to generate the needs and expectations of all the people preferences, all at once. It is clear that we want to hear that all is well, as though if we were to hear the truth, the parochial saying ‘we done play’ applies. In essence, it is clear that we prefer to be put in a ‘one-two’, until that thing hits the fan. I even dare to say, that equally, those who govern needs support and encouragement in the very way we do, and inspiration was never a one-way street. I know I sound like an incumbent sympathiser, and my views can only be interpreted in political affiliation terms or that of race. But when are we really going to rise above our prejudices for the greater good? Put into action the seemingly love and care we purport to all share for Guyana. Where is the love that transcends racial, political and other impediments that we know hinder equitable progress in Guyana? Do we really love Guyana and want everyone to progress? From what seems to be a reality is that we prefer policy to be inimical to the progress of

all. As we proceed, it seems to me that people only love Guyana if their ideas and their politics are the order of the day; otherwise, there is no end of negative rhetoric, like ‘Go-Invest elsewhere’. At this pace what is next, ‘do not recognise’ Guyana, like yesteryear South Africa and Apartheid? Are we really that ‘loving’ of country and people? I am probably naïve, but surely not alone. As a person who did some research on migration in a small-state context, the largest possibility of our generation being overlooked does not emanate from the local situation (or threat as it might be perceived) but naturally from the influx of skills and talent that the oil economy will engender, as a highly skilled sector. People with skills, experience, and knowhow will come. Lest we forget, at minimum a regional framework already exists in the CSME for free movement of skills etc. The same CSME free movement regime we previously criticised for not allowing Guyanese to move freely for the purpose of work. Hopefully, we do not cry foul play as the situation that occurred with the bourgeoning of the .com (internet) era, in which


black people did not benefit at the beginning in the USA. It would seem to me that a sense of entitlement comes from not only being Guyanese but, reflecting on our history, whose government is in office and what you should get without pains for gains. Now that I am tired ranting, it is still safe to say, I hope, the past tense of the generation that might ‘lose’ still has time in the present, but who in the class room is putting their hands up? Noticeably, some young people are gradually ‘coming to front’. I would like to ask the question: is there an expectation that the chosen ones are to be picked and anointed? Where in our history is this philosophy manifest? If we go back to the early days and the fight for betterment of the working class, we would notice both President Burnham and President Jagan worked their way to public life and leadership in every capacity and positions held, and this has been the real legacy of those in the class room with an opinion that put up their hands. (Disclaimer: These views are that of the author and do not reflect any position of the Government of Guyana.)


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Saturday February 10, 2018

Poor customer service at public offices

Dear Editor,

LAST week I visited the GBTI bank on Water Street, Georgetown, at 1 PM just after lunch. I made a line with just six people but only one staff member was working. I counted 10 booths, but just one staff member was working even after 20 minutes. I saw lots of staffers were walking about in the bank “gaffing,” just idling away, but only one teller was working. The remaining nine booths were empty until the bank was closed at 2 PM. I took 35 minutes in a line with just six persons; if all the booths were occupied, I would have taken less than five minutes to just make a deposit.

From my observations in all the banks in Guyana, they are all basically the same: inefficient and incompetent staff fill them just to waste citizens’ time; their managers and CEOS need to be fired. After the bank I hurried to the Commercial Business and Registrar Deeds Registry just to uplift a document I had filed the week before. I saw a security lady just sitting and there was no order, people just came and “bored” the line to file and uplift documents. They have no proper numbering system or any decency and order; that place falls under the Ministry of Legal Affairs. What I saw was just one boy busy doing most of the work while the other staff

members just sit eating, “gaffing,” laughing and chewing gum. I even saw one staff just talking loudly on her phone on speaker while myself and over 40 others were waiting for them to go occupy their booths. I asked the security guard what was really going on. She told me to sit for one staff to come to booth 2. I sat waiting; one staff came to “gaff” with a girl 20 minutes and left the booth never to return. I was still waiting until I saw the person who had handled my documents the week before I called her and she took my slip and gave me my document in two minutes. A simple procedure that was supposed to take just two

minutes cost me 65 minutes of waiting. In my personal opinion more than half the staff at the Business and Commercial Deeds Registry should be fired, they are just a waste of space obtaining the government’s money by false pretence or just square pegs in round holes. I then proceeded to the GTM office after that boring and despicable experience. I was the only person there just to pay a premium and the staff just looked at me in disdain and said nothing until I called and made some noise, a female young staff came and dealt with my payment. I took another next 35 minutes there. When I observed all the incompetence at

most offices in this country, I am flabbergasted at these people who are working in these offices, most of whom are competent idlers just to waste citizens’ time. Real leadership is about putting others before ourselves, but it seems to me as if people just showed up to work just to collect a salary at the end of the month they never worked for but were idle. If this government is employing staff to work, then they must work for their money and don’t idle. In most offices I have visited, I see long, stagnant, stink, sweaty lines until you are told to come back a next day. I waited nearly two hours not long ago at the GRA then was told to come

back another day because their printer had run out of ink. What nonsense! They were supposed to have over a dozen cartridges of ink to replace empty ones. In Trinidad you can get your birth certificate the same day in minutes; here you have to wait months and years. In Suriname I got my ID Card in five minutes, here it is months and years. Even if you lose your ID card here, it is months of waiting. Where are we heading as a nation? If we can’t evaluate simple staff performance at our offices, then how are we going to manage this whole nation? Regards Rev.Gideon Cecil

The criminal deviants in our midst Dear Editor THE criminal acts of robbery and robbery under arms in Guyana have progressed from the common snatch-and-run; the wellknown choke and rob that sometimes involved a knife that supported intent and enforcement, then graduating to the now all-too-common gun as the primary in-

strument of violent intent. From societal experience, we know that such acts have mainly been perpetrated on the streets, and in the homes of citizens. Surely, it must be concluded that once on the streets, there was always a possibility of such an illegal, brazen act being committed on a citizen. Also, there used to be the wellknown speculation as to

why places such as masonic lodges and funeral homes are not targeted. The answers were not too unexpected, especially regarding the perceived secret rituals that were reported to occur behind closed doors of Lodge Halls, and which were not meant to be privy to persons, except initiated members. As to the place where the dead is stored

before burial – no one would want to encounter the latter, even during a robbery! Such have been the reasoning. So we come to the question: are there any other places that are considered off limits to those intent on committing crimes? It is known that places of worship across Guyana have been broken into and valuables removed. However, this question was shockingly answered on a Sunday morning in 2014, when three armed bandits invaded the sanctity of the St Phillip’s Church and robbed the terrified parishioners. Such an act would most naturally have both shocked and surprised citizens, given the fact that a church is a place of worship and a sanctuary for assistance; more so, that such an attack could take place during worship. However, the recent robbery attack at the building housing the Blind Institute, further removes the idea of there being really safe places from robbery attacks. Such an act, as reported, is downright shameful on the part of whoever the bandits are and is akin to preying on the weak and defenceless; in the latter case, persons who are visually impaired. It would seem that ban-

dits are running out of soft targets as options for perpetrating their criminal acts, due to the stepped-up security precautions and initiatives being taken by law-enforcement institutions, in conjunction with those in the commercial and business sector. How else can one explain a criminal attack on a gathering of hapless citizens, seeking to adopt skills for living and survival? This is as cruel, as it is callous, even though the forcibly taken money had been returned by the robbers. Was the latter an act of heart-felt guilt? Though not about an act of robbery in an unlikely place, the alleged rape of a young woman who had gone to make a report in the precincts of a Greater Georgetown police station by two policemen at the said locale, is on a similar plateau of a place in which citizens who access its domain, ought to feel assured of their safety. A police station, which functions as a place for citizens to report matters of wrongdoing, and hold suspects of wrongdoing in detention, pending further investigation, is the last place that such a heinous attack as an alleged offence of sexual violence is expected to take place.

Such an act, for which charges have been recommended for the alleged perpetrators, is just as horrible as and even viler than those committed in the above illustrated cases, since it involves representatives of the law. It is further an instance of gross disrespect to the institution of law and order, and desecration for a building that stands as representing the law. For ranks to be accused of such predatory attacks, is in the first place, a betrayal of what they were sworn to do -- Serve and Protect. But for such to be perpetrated in a police station, serves to bring the institution into disrepute. It is also similar to the incident involving an under-aged teen, allegedly sexually abused while in detention at the City Constabulary of the Mayor and City Council, where charges have also been recommended. Is there any place where the deviants would not venture to perpetrate their criminal acts? Regards Troy Douglas


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, February 10, 2018

Fallen Heroes Foundation donates to wives of slain cops

THE Fallen Heroes Foundation Inc. of the Guyana Police Force on Friday morning presented monetary donations to the spouses of ranks who died in the line of duty. The presentation ceremony took place at Police Officer’s Mess, Eve Leary, Georgetown in the presence of Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud and members of the Fallen Heroes Foundation Inc. The wives of nine policemen killed on the job were presented with cheques which will go towards the welfare of 20 children. The initiative was the brainchild of Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud who told the gathering that the Fallen Heroes Foundation Inc. is independent from the Guyana Police Force (GPF) but that they have a working relationship. He added that the work of the organisation is strictly voluntary and out of the pockets of the members, who would visit the relatives/children of the cops killed in the line of duty to assess their needs.

The Top Cop related that sometimes the GPF would provide transportation for members but most times they have to fund their travelling

of transparency, since whatever funds garnered goes directly towards the children of the policemen who died in the line of duty.

work is not influenced by the GPF in any way. Persaud added that press coverage of the event can help win support for the con-

organisation would meet with the wives/children of the slain cops every term to discuss their needs. Persaud noted that mem-

The spouses of ranks who died in the line of duty, are flanked by members of the Fallen Heroes Foundation Inc., the Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud and PRO Jairam Ramlakhan, following the presentation on Friday. expenses to the various communities in which the children of the slain cops reside. He stated that he is however, pleased that the records of the organisation are being audited which speak volumes

The Commissioner said that the work of the organisation is important because it is being run by a businessman and several religious leaders, who keep the accounts going by generating funds and their

tinuance of the Fallen Heroes Foundation Inc. and said that when he retires in a few weeks, he will join hands with the organisation to help raise funds for the children. He stated that members of the

bers make do with whatever donations they receive to assist the wives of the slain cops, in outfitting their children for school by providing school and lesson fees and snacks for their lunch kits.

Chairman of the Fallen Heroes Foundation Inc., Pastor Raphael Massiah, in remarks noted that the organisation, an initiative of the Commissioner, was formed in the last quarter of 2015. He explained that the idea came about after the Top Cop would have watched his colleagues/officers cut down in the line of duty and he wanted to do something to assist in the welfare of the children who were left behind. He noted that with the Foundation would meet with every family to assess their needs, provide counselling services and try to get an understanding of their way of life and their difficulties. He said that one child was gifted with a laptop to assist in the writing of CXC. Pastor Massiah expressed gratitude to the donors, especially President David Granger who made a contribution of $1M, as well as members of the GPF and others. Massiah said they are in the process of having the accounts of 2015/2016 audited and with that they stand ready to assist the beneficiaries in whatever they can.

NAREI helps strengthen sea defence on the Essequibo Coast

THE Mangrove Restoration Department has increased its efforts to improve coastal resilience through the restoration of coastal mangrove ecosystems on the Essequibo Coast. According to a statement from the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI), its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Oudho Homenauth and Coordinator of the Mangrove Restoration Department, Kene Moseley visited several of the restoration sites in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam). The aim of the visit was to get an update on how the projects were performing at the different sites along the Essequibo Coast. At Walton Hall, the Bamboo Brushwood Dam was used to trap sediments in an effort to increase elevation, while the spartina grass, which was planted in November last year, will promote consolidation of the soil and trap mangrove seeds. NAREI also pointed out that at Reliance, both brushwood dam and geotextile tube groynes were constructed. The geotextile tubes trap sediments and increase elevation so mangroves can be regenerated. The brushwood dam is extended to Mainstay and Land of Plenty. “The Department is currently monitoring and conducting research on the proliferation of ‘bsi bsi’ (Cyperus articulatus) along this stretch of coastline,” NAREI said in its statement. The use of geotextile tube groynes and spartina grass at Devonshire Castle have resulted in increased elevation and extensive natural regeneration of mangroves.

The Bamboo Brushwood Dam at Walton Hall (Photo courtesy NAREI)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, February 10, 2018

ITEC realising Guyana’s human capital

–– PS Reginald Brotherson THE Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) programme being offered by the Government of India to the

people of Guyana, is well in place to help in the development of the country’s human capital. Permanent Secretary,

Ministry of the Public Service, Reginald Brotherson on Friday said that the programme has been significant in this regard. He was at the time speaking on behalf of Public Ser-

an High Commission. He noted that there are some 35 areas that are allotted to Guyana. These are utilised by officers of some 30 public service agencies. The programmes, he said, are in keeping with government’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the National Development Agenda. As part of the Employee Learning and DevelopIndian High Commis- ment Plan, the ITEC courssioner to Guyana Dr. es are also used to aid in Venkatachalam Mahal- personal and professional programmes. The ITEC ingam vice Minister Dr Rupert programme was initiated Roopnaraine, at a luncheon by the Government of India held by the Indian High and has several compoCommission to commem- nents, including Training orate the program’s 54th in the fields of Hydroloanniversary. The event was gy, Engineering, Cyber held at the Aagman Restau- Technology, Management, Education, Agriculture, rant, Georgetown. “Human capital can Horticulture, Banking and be increased by education Financial Services, Enviand training and ITEC is ronment Protection, and instrumental in allowing Public Management. The us to enhance our human programme has seen over resource development,” 500 Guyanese benefitting. Meanwhile, Indian High Brotherson told the gathCommissioner to Guyana, ering of government minDr. Venkatachalam Maisters and members of the halingam, said the ITEC diplomatic community. He underscored the critical role programme is just one of played by Ministry of the the many collaborations his Public Service in ensuring country has with Guyana. that training and develop- “Guyana is an important mental plans are actualised partner for India in the area when offered by the Indi- of development partnership

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of the Public Service, Reginald Brotherson cooperation. With Guyana, it is purely driven by… We may proudly say that more than 500 Guyanese have been trained in the ITEC scheme,” he said. Under the ITEC programme, India has partnered with countries including Guyana, St Kitts and Nevis, Suriname, Venezuela, Brazil and Chile, among others. It offers over 280 courses in 47 institutions in India, in a diverse range of areas. Its objective of development assistance and capacity-building is realised through innovative and technical collaboration. (DPI)

‘Bourda Rat’ on stolen car charge LEON Smart called ‘Bourda Rat,’ on Friday appeared before City Magistrate Leron Daly for receiving a car and using a fake number plate on the vehicle. Smart, of Robb Street, Georgetown, denied the first charge which alleged that between June 8, 2017 and November 24, 2017 at Georgetown he received a Toyota Allion valued $1.3M unlawfully obtained or stolen from Stacy London. He further denied that on November 24, 2017 at Robb Street he used a fake identification mark/plate on Toyota Allion PRR 4950. Smart was released on $300,000 bail for receiving stolen property and $100,000 bail for the fake identification mark. The matters are adjourned until March 9. According to a police report, the vehicle which was

stolen from London was carrying a fake registration number and had a colour change. The vehicle was taken from its owner on June 8, 2017, at

Leon Smart called Bourda Rat Roxanne Burnham Gardens. On November 24 last, the vehicle was intercepted with Smart along with two other persons following a robbery

in Georgetown. The three were charged, but one of the accused pleaded guilty while Smart and another walked free. Smart who was acquitted, then made several unsuccessful attempts to uplift the vehicle since he had been unable to provide proof of ownership. However, the vehicle which was impounded at the Brickdam Police Station was positively identified by its owner and Smart was arrested. In January, Smart was busted at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court by alert police officers, as he had prohibited items such as two packs of cigarettes along with a bottle of vodka in a Sprite bottle, intended for remand prisoners Calvin Johnson and Joshua Meredith. He is currently out on $25,000 bail.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, February 10, 2018

Storm-hit Caribbean countries can tap US$800M recovery fund from CDB

PRESIDENT of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), Dr. Warren Smith on Wednesday announced that the institution is making US$ 700 to 800M available to help Borrowing Member Countries (BMCs) recover from the impact of the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season. The funding, which the Bank is providing over the next five years, complements its ongoing work to build resilience in the Caribbean Region. “Disaster risk management and resilience building took centre-stage again in CDB’s strategic responses to the challenges facing our BMCs,” said Smith while outlining the Bank’s 2017 performance during his Annual News Conference on February 7, 2018. “To incentivise BMCs to invest in climate-resilient infrastructure, CDB must be able to also offer grant and other attractively priced financial resources. But the challenges our Region faces are bigger than what CDB can handle on its own. We have, therefore, been drawing on a combination of our own resources as well as funds intermediated through CDB

by other development partners to meet this challenge,” he added. In 2017, the Bank mobilised concessionary resources from development partners to support more resilient infrastructure projects throughout the Region. Among them was the Second Climate Action Line of Credit from the European Investment Bank totalling US$144M including US$24M for emergency post-disaster rehabilitation. Last year, CDB also announced a new US$70M fund, through which the Government of Mexico is providing grants to boost regional infrastructure in the Bank’s BMCs. In 2018, the United Kingdom Caribbean Infrastructure Partnership Fund, a GBP300 mn programme launched two years ago, will be expanded to include an additional GBP28 mn to assist in the recovery efforts in Antigua and Barbuda, and Dominica, the President said. Smith, noting that globally the Caribbean is the second-most vulnerable to climate change in the world, said he is optimistic about the Region’s ability to build back better and stronger. “The Caribbean has had

a long history of bouncing back from natural disasters and other external shocks. So, in the events of 2017, we see immense opportunity for the BMCs to come back stronger and more resilient,” said Smith. Against the backdrop of increasing intensity and frequency of natural disasters, and greater vulnerability of its BMCs, the President also said that CDB is working actively to strengthen its own operations. The Bank achieved a rating upgrade to AA+ from Standard & Poor’s, and an AA+ capital market rating from Fitch Ratings in 2017, and now has a unified rating across the three major rating agencies, including Moody’s Investors Service (Aa1). Smith also highlighted the Bank’s improved performance in 2017. CDB recorded strong growth in both approvals and disbursements. It approved capital loans and technical assistance interventions totalling USD364 million, up 18 percent over 2016. In addition, in 2017, the Bank disbursed USD233 million - an increase of 13 percent, compared with the previous year.

Ticketing agent charged with embezzling $11M PRIYA Lall, a former ticketing agent at Muneshwer’s Travel Agency was on Friday charged with embezzling over $11.1M from the company. Lall, 30 appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan and denied that between September 8, 2017 and October 19, 2017 at Water Street, Georgetown while being a clerk or servant at Muneshwer Travel Agency she fraudulently embezzled $US 51,810 = GYD $11.1M, monies she received on behalf of her employer. Police Prosecutor, Gordon Mansfield noted an additional 13 more charges would be laid before in the upcoming weeks. The magistrate, however, released Lall on $150,000

Priya Lall bail and adjourned the matter until February 26. She is currently on $300,000 bail after being charged in January 2018 for defrauding three customers in relation to a similar matter. Lall, during 2017 was employed as a travel agent

with Muneshwer’s and was paid the various sums of money by persons for twoway tickets to the United States. The customers later travelled to the United States and while there they called the company to inquire about their return flights but were told that there were none. This resulted in them having to seek alternative means to return to Guyana. Upon their return, they reported the fraud to the police, who were subsequently unable to find Lall here. Checks were made with immigration which revealed that Lall left the country on October 21st, 2017. She returned sometime after an application was made by the police for her to return.

Cops say teen acted in suspicious manner NINETEEN- YEAR-OLD Royston Bacchus of 10 South Durban Backlands appeared before magistrate Leron Daly on Thursday charged with having 7.1 grams of narcotics. The cops reported that on February 7, at Croal Street, policemen were performing duties on foot in the vicinity of Dem-

ico House when they came across the young man acting in a suspicious manner. One of the officers then approached the teen and conducted a search on him and discovered a transparent plastic bag with the prohibited substance. The teen pleaded not guilty to the charge and was granted $50,000 bail.

Meanwhile, despite major setbacks caused by the destructive hurricane season, the CDB is reporting a year of several developmental gains for the Region. The Bank last year approved USD364 million (mn) in loans and grants, an increase of USD58 mn on the previous year, which has paved the way for the implementation of projects that focus on strengthening resilience, building back better and placing the Caribbean further along a path toward sustainable development. “This path will not be without challenges but CDB remains committed to partnering with our BMCs to make extreme poverty in our Region a thing of the past,” said Daniel Best, Director of Projects, CDB during the Bank’s Annual News Conference on February 7, 2018. Pointing to the Bank’s flagship poverty reduction programme, the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF), in his presentation to media, Best said that the allocation of USD40.8 mn in resources from the Bank’s Special Development Fund last year is helping CDB to continue addressing the needs of the Region’s most vulnerable

through the programme. In 2017, BNTF also expanded its support to include entrepreneurial development, particularly among the Region’s youth. The Director also confirmed that in 2017, the Fund completed 152 sub-projects across its participating countries. Best highlighted that, through partnerships with international donors, CDB last year mobilised additional concessional resources for infrastructural development across the Region. The Bank, in collaboration with development partners such as Agence Française de Développment; European Investment Bank, European Union; and the Governments of Canada and the United Kingdom, mobilised and operationalised concessional resources for infrastructure projects spanning the agriculture; education; energy; and water and sanitation sectors. In addition, CDB addressed the impact of the devastating hurricanes of 2017, approving USD104 mn in Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Loans, Immediate Response Loans and Emergency Relief Grants that will benefit approximately

134,000 people in Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, and the British Virgin Islands who were affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. “Such cataclysmic events are the new normal for our Region. This is why our interventions in economic and social infrastructure are rooted in climate resilience. For the first time, the Bank has incorporated community resilience and psychological support services in its recovery programming,” Best told the media. Speaking to the Bank’s plans for 2018, the Director said CDB was actively working to fast-track the implementation of rehabilitation and reconstruction projects. He confirmed that key areas of focus for projects in 2018 include the continued advancement of energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives in the Bank’s Borrowing Member Countries; addressing the issue of youth unemployment; investing in climate-smart agriculture interventions; and continuing support for the creative industries sector through the Cultural and Creative Industries Innovation Fund approved in 2017.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, February 10, 2018

Diamond neighbours at war –– over flagrant use of weedicide

TWO teenagers have been hospitalised after inhaling the toxic smell of a poison that was sprayed on grass by a neighbour in Diamond, East Bank Demer-

ara earlier this week. The situation is of great concern to Mahase Roop of Diamond New Housing Scheme, whose children’s health has been affected by

the incident. He told the Guyana Chronicle on Friday that his neighbour is in the habit of spraying her yard with various poisonous substances. He

believes it to be the cause of his children’s illness. The shop owner explained that this practice has been going on for two years now, even when his neighbour uses a brush cutter to tame the grass. He is of the opinion that she also uses chemicals to rid her yard of grass, and said that although he’s spoken to her about it on many occasions, she would just laugh it off and say, “The smell gon done just now.” Roop said that last Thursday the smell of the poison was so overwhelming that his 19-year-old daughter had to be hospitalised for more than five days after she began having difficulty breathing. She has since been diag-

nosed as having poisons in her lungs and liver, and on the advice of the doctor, has had to go and live elsewhere. Then on Tuesday, his 13-year-old son had to be rushed to the hospital after complaining of feeling unwell when the woman sprayed her yard. The child was reportedly treated and sent away, but was diagnosed as having a virus in his blood from which he is still recuperating. Roop told the Guyana Chronicle that when the matter was reported to the police, they not only came and took away the weed killer and the spray cans, but they even took the neighbour down to the police station. He later learnt that she

was placed on bail and released, and that the matter is currently with the DPP for advice. Roop, who runs a shop in the neighbourhood, said that even his customers are affected by the smell whenever the woman happens to use the weedicide. He said that another neighbour has the woman before the court for a similar matter, after losing all their livestock due to suspected poisoning. He is in the process of filing a report with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and would like the authorities to step in since the health of he and his family and others are at stake.

Bourda double murder goes to High Court THREE Albouystown residents were on Friday committed to stand trial at the High Court for the murders of the two elderly women, who were killed during an invasion at their South Road and Albert Street home in October last. The alleged mastermind, 23-year-old Christopher Khan, called Imran Khan,

that I did but I’m asking you to be merciful with me” Khan told the court. He then added: “Phillip is innocent he doesn’t know anything about this.” Meanwhile, Andrews debunked Khan’s claims as he said: “I never planned anything, neither spoke to anyone about this matter.” Suffrien called his father, Richard Suffrien, whose evi-

been robbed, with one recalling that during the last incident, the intruders had made off with cellular phones and money. It was also the second time the elderly women had been robbed after receiving their monthly pensions. Government Pathologist, Dr. Nehaul Singh gave the cause of death of both women as asphyxiation due to suffocation and manual

Christopher Khan, called Imran Khan

Steven Jason Andrews

Phillip Suffrien

and his two accomplices, Steven Jason Andrews, 26 and Phillip Suffrien, 23, are jointly charged for the double murder. The preliminary inquiry (PI) into their murders ended before Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman, after almost a month of hearings into the mater. Magistrate Latchman ruled that based upon the evidence provided by the Police Prosecutor Shawn Gonsalves, a prima facie case was established. “I didn’t kill nobody. Is Jason strangle these people. I know is something wrong

dence was discredited. The two elderly women, Constance Fraser, 89 and Phyllis Caesar,77, were found lying face down in separate bedrooms at their Bourda home on October 3, 2017 with their hands and feet bound and mouths gagged. According to a relative, the house was ransacked and quite a few items appeared to have been missing. Reports from the police have revealed that a door to the upper half of the two-flat building was breached. Relatives said it was the third time the women had

strangulation, compounded by trauma to the head. Khan was arrested a few days after the murder by police on the Essequibo Coast, while the two other co-accused were apprehended less than two days after the murder. The men reported ly told investigators that Khan was the mastermind behind the crime. They allegedly confessed that after stealing the items and money, they escaped on foot, taking the booty to Khan’s girlfriend’s home in Albouystown.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, February 10, 2018

Minister Holder mandates agricultural agencies to resolve Belfield/Victoria farmers’ concerns

MINISTER of Agriculture Noel Holder has charged the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI), the Guyana Livestock and Development Authority (GLDA) and the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), to find adequate solutions for the plight of

Victoria. Jagath Shiwsankar, a rice farmer, told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that he has been farming in the area since he took over from his father in the 1960s. Shiwsankar explained, whenever the cattle graze in the rice fields, it takes a period of approximately 50

Minister Holder, the lack of maintenance has caused blockages in some areas, proving detrimental to their rice crops. As such, they are seeking the intervention of the ministry to have the irrigation infrastructure improved. They also requested assistance with crop securi-

Minister Noel Holder listens to Victoria/Belfield farmers farmers in the Victoria/ Belfield area. In a visit to the area on Friday, Minister Holder listened to the farmers’ concerns. One such complaint involved the destruction of young rice crops in Belfield by cows and other cattle, which the farmers say are being let loose at night to graze in the fields, by residents of

days before the crop can be regrown. The farmer said he and others have accrued huge losses as a result. The Belfield farm paddy cultivation occupies more than 1000 acres alongside the 45-year-old Bellbaag/ Belfield ‘farm-to-market’ road and is expected to yield roughly 30 bags of paddy per acre. The farmers also told

ty for their rice farms and cash crops, as persons are known to ransack their lands and deprive them of their livelihoods. Another farmer, Leroy Cato, added that due to floods in the backlands, many planters have abandoned their plots and requested assistance to alleviate the situation. The farmers agreed that it has

Man jailed for life for raping elderly woman

THIRTY-SIX-year-old Marino Corbis, who was charged for raping an elderly woman back in 2016, was given a life sentence by Justice Sandil Kissoon at the Berbice Assizes on Friday. The case, which was rolled over from the October criminal sessions, lasted 16 days during which State Prosecutrix Tuanna Hardy presented four witnesses, including the 67-year-old victim, who was cross- examined extensively by Defence Attorney Mursuline Bacchus. The indictment stated that the act was committed on November 16, 2016, in the County of Berbice. Following the unanimous verdict of guilty by the 12-member jury, Corbis, when ques-

Marino Corbis was convicted of rape tioned by the Court, responded, “I have nothing to say.” Ms Hardy reminded the Court to protect the vulnerable in society, as the convict

had broken and entered the home of the woman who had cared for him as her son. It was just after midnight when he sexually violated the woman. Meanwhile, two days before his sentence, while being escorted to the court room Corbis on seeing the pensioner sitting on one of the available seats along the court’s hallway, laughed and mocked her. After the sentence was handed down he was overheard whispering under his breath a series of expletives, before he was ushered by prison officials to the New Amsterdam Prison. Corbis once lived in Antigua and Curacao, but returned to Guyana two years ago. Shortly afterwards he committed the offence.

been several years since any proper investment was made to improve their conditions and were elated that Minister Holder visited the site to listen to their concerns.

The Agriculture Minister called on the Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA) and the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NA-

REI), to aptly deliver solutions to these farmers. He has also committed himself to working with them to guarantee appropriate assistance. (DPI)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, February 10, 2018

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, February 10, 2018

MoE launches futuristic Mash Band


–– in creative fusion of ‘green initiative, smart classrooms’ By Lisa Hamilton

THE Ministry of Education (MoE) officially launched its Mash Band yesterday morning at the Queen’s College Auditorium, giving a first-hand showcase of what is to be expected come February 23. Under the theme, ‘Cooperate to Create Smart Classrooms for Education in a Green Guyana’, the costumes were put together by popular fashion designer Randy Madray, who was well received by his alma mater as he presented an overview of the creations. Madray said that the costumes are a depiction of the future of the education sector, and as such, the MoE’s initiative of smart classrooms and the government’s pursuit of a “green” economy were the main themes incorporated. “We’ve put together something that is very futuristic; it looks like you’re stepping into the future. It’s exciting; it’s vibrant!” the fashion designer commented at the event. The primary colours of the costumes are blue and silver, and it is artistically decorated with small solar panels representing alternative energy, as well as vegetation vines with books budding in the place of fruits

representing education empowerment. The male and female outfits also come with a hand-held prop of the globe spiralled by Guyana’s flag, which signifies the representation of the country’s nationals around the world. Delivering brief remarks at the launch, Minister of Education Nicolette Henry said that the department continues to work towards achieving the best quality of education for the nation. “I acknowledge the cooperation and teamwork that has been demonstrated among the various departments and institutions at the Ministry of Education, to make our float parade one of the best yet,” Henry said, adding: “I await in eager anticipation February 17 and 23, to see everything come together in the spirit of Mashramani celebration.” The ministry will begin the season’s celebration with the Children’s Road Parade next Saturday at the National Park; then, on Mashramani Day, during the costume and float parade, the MoE will compete in the ‘Small Band’ category. To facilitate its 50-member contingent, the ministry’s Mash Camp will be hosted at QC’s compound where Madray’s team will work

‘Coke-in-fish’ accused remanded FOLLOWING the discovery of over 20 pounds of cocaine in frozen fish at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) cargo area, a Goed Fortuin businessman was on Friday charged and remanded to prison for drug trafficking. Amair Ally, 30, appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan and denied that on February 6, 2018, at the Laparkan Cargo Shed at the CJIA, he trafficked in 9.366 kilogrammes of cocaine. Ally’s attorney Bernard DaSilva told the court that the drugs were not found in his client’s possession. DaSilva furBusinessman Amair Ally ther disclosed that his client did not package or prepare the cargo where the alleged drug was found. Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) prosecutor Kunyo Sandiford objected to bail on grounds of the seriousness of the charge and also the fact that the defendant poses a flight risk. The cargo containing the fish was searched by CANU officers at the Laparkan Cargo Shed at CJIA where the discovery was made, concealed in the bellies of the frozen fish destined for the United States of America. The magistrate after considering the objection raised by the prosecutor remanded Ally until March 7.

for the next two weeks to put together the “futuristic” costumes. At the launching, senior officials of the MoE, as well as students and teachers of the institution, were entertained by a cultural dance by students of St Joseph High, and steel pan renditions from the Buxton Pride Steel Orchestra.

Minister of Education Nicolette Henry (centre), officially launches the Ministry of Education’s 2018 Mash Band with the help of fashion designer Randy Madray (first left). Also in photo is an MoE official (far right), as well as models of the “futuristic” costumes (Photo by Samuel Maughn)


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Saturday February 10, 2018

Trotman lauds Exxon’s commitment to local-content obligations

THE Ministry of Natural Resources has commended Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (EEPGL) and its partners HESS and CNOOC Nexen for their commitment to implementing the local content obligations embedded in its Petroleum Agreement with Guyana. Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman is particularly pleased with the benefits being derived by the Guyanese workforce and business sector and noted that his ministry is working assiduously to finalise its local content policy for the

petroleum sector. This policy is built on the objectives of maximizing benefits for the Guyanese people and value retention from Guyana’s petroleum resource through Capacity Development, Local Content and Value Addition, the ministry said in a release. Government and the Ministry of Natural Resources will continue to work with EEPGL and its partners in the development and expansion of local content. “We remain committed to our mutually beneficial partnership with EEPGL and its partner in the ex-

THE Guyana International Petroleum Business Summit (GIPEX 2018) has ended, but the partnerships made and connections gained will last well into the future as the country marches towards oil production in 2020. The event, billed as the official international oil and gas summit and trade show for Guyana and which had been in the making for some 18 months, ended yesterday with a closing press conference at the Guyana Marriott Hotel. In attendance were CEO of the Guyana Office for Investment, Owen Verwey; Head of Valiant Business Media, Shariq AbdulHai and Legal Officer of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Joanna Homer. Thanking the media for their coverage and support over the past three days, Verwey said that the event was a success not only for the agency but for the nation’s economy.

the private sector [bodies] in particular…they all attended and are very happy?” Verwey asked, noting that such an endorsement from the private sector is significant. “We were able to do something to ensure that businesses in Guyana and the people of Guyana are able to better understand the industry,” he said. Speaking of the exhibitors’ booth, he said that the visuals helped to show those coming into the Guyana market that there is capability within those persons and companies on display. Verwey said that the summit was of immense educational value, since the second day was opened to schools and technical institutions. “[They got] a visual understanding of what is involved in that particular industry…the risks, the technology, the demands for efficiency, the standardisation and all of the other things that are very important,” said Verwey.

PRIVATE SECTOR HAPPY Verwey said that the summit was important in fostering an understanding of what the demands are and what the likely impacts are for the oil sector. “What is it that the businesses coming to Guyana which are experienced in oil and gas are looking for? How do we need to position ourselves…

PARTNERSHIPS According to the Go-Invest CEO, there have been a number of partnerships coming out of the summit. “Some new companies are likely to be evolved from these new arrangements,” he said, noting that there already were some press conferences held to this effect. He said that there were about five partner-

ploitation of our petroleum resources for the development of Guyana, its people and future generations,” the ministry said in the release. The ministry notes that EEPGL has contracted the services of 348 Guyanese registered suppliers, 309 of which are Guyanese owned and 39 foreign-owned and from CARICOM countries. “With 64% of its workforce being Guyanese, EEPGL has provided a total of 3000 training hours to its staff through participation in conferences, workshops and seminars. The enhanced transferable

skills acquired will be beneficial for people-to-people learning and will create an immense multiplier effect for the wide-scale development of other sectors in Guyana,” the ministry said. According to the ministry, it is important to note that capacity-building efforts extensively and uniformly target local workers and suppliers and key stakeholders in the petroleum sector. Skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers, inclusive of technical officers, drivers, security personnel, journalists, technical and vo-

cational and tertiary students all benefitted from these programmes. Training focused on Oil Spills Response and Management, Occupation, Health and Safety, Business Practice and Anticorruption, Waste and Landfill Management, Controls Advisory and Food Safety. The ministry said partnerships are being fostered with local and international partners including the Ministry of Communities and SOL, Environmental Resources Management (ERM), and the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) in the administration of interna-

tionally recognised training. In July 2017, EEPGL operationalised the Centre for Local Business Development to assist local suppliers to build capacity, capability and competitiveness in the delivery of goods and services. 40% of all registrations to the Supplier Registration Database are Guyanese-owned companies. In 2017, US$39 million was spent with Guyanese, CARICOM and foreign suppliers, with a significant percentage appropriated to Guyanese suppliers.

GIPEX 2018 births new partnerships

…support for summit was overwhelming;

From left: CEO of Sagacity Media Christopher Chapwanya, CEO of Go-Invest Owen Verwey, Head of Valiant Business Media Shariq AbdulHai and Legal Officer of the Ministry of Natural Resources Joanna Homer at the closing press conference of GIPEX 2018 on Friday

ships resulting in companies in various fields – from support services and education to public relations and marketing and design engineering. “Those are the known ones…there are others in the making,” he said, noting that he preferred the companies to make their announcements themselves. With GIPEX being about partnerships, Verwey said that it is hoped that this momentum continues into 2019. He noted that there were a

number of small contractors involved in the summit’s organising “and without that we would not have been as successful as we are,” he said. VALIANT SEEKING LONGER-TERM RELATIONSHIP AbdulHai of Valiant Business Media which partnered with the Government on organising the event, said it was important for the local companies to be able to

“feed off” the expertise and experience of the international companies. He is of the view that the event attracted support from across different stakeholders. AbdulHai said that as momentum builds in Guyana, GIPEX in a few short years may evolve into a regional event focused on Guyana. He said such an event can attract hundreds of thousands of visitors. He disclosed that the event cost about US$500,000 to execute. He explained that

his company took on all of the financial risks associated with the event and had received no money from the government. He stated too that 25 percent of all proceeds goes towards an education fund. He said based on the outcome, Valiant Business Media is looking for a longer-term relationship with Guyana. Over 600 delegates and over 200 companies both local and overseas participated in GIPEX 2018.

GUYANA CHRONICLE, Saturday February 10, 2018

Linden Games promises a weekend of fun


--besides keen competition amongst the best of the best

By Naomi Marshall “THE public can expect a great event; to see the best of Linden on show in sports entertainment,” says Linden Mayor, Carwyn Holland who is a staunch supporter of the Linden Youth Leaders group. The Linden Youth Leaders are preparing to host their first-ever Linden Games in the mining town this weekend, starting from Friday. The goal of the games is to resuscitate sports tourism in Linden, and promote the development of Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) through sports. It is also a way of encouraging fitness and healthy living, and engaging the constituencies in celebrating Linden as a sports-loving destination. According to Holland, the preparations for the

games are going great, since he and his team of youths are working hard to pull off the event. “The preparations for the games are coming up well; it’s a lot of work, but we are putting things in place so that Linden can get ready,” Holland said. He added that numerous hotels in the town will be benefitting from the event,as well as some of the residents who will be taking part in the bed-and-breakfast initiative, since persons who are looking to overnight in Linden have already started booking rooms. Holland said that in the past, there would have been the GUYMINE Games, but those days are long gone, so the idea is not to bring back the past, but to do something even better. “We want to get something better; to move another

notch. In this case we’ve named it ‘Linden Games’, and it will be purely among Lindeners. Of course, you’ll have guest teams and guest players,” Holland said. He said that several senior and national athletes will be participating in the games and they are working towards having it broadcast live. “I am proud of the Linden Youth Leaders for coming up with this massive concept and pushing it,” Holland said, adding: “Linden will be on show this weekend; persons can expect to come and spend the entire weekend, from Friday till Sunday, and have fun in Linden.” The Linden Games was set to start with the Table Tennis Championship (East vs West) which was billed for yesterday (Friday) at the Mackenzie High School Auditorium from 15:00hrs. Today at the Bayroc

Community Centre Ground, from 10:00hrs, there will be the Male and Female (East vs West) Cricket, then at 20:00hrs it will be the East vs West Basketball Competition at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court. On Sunday morning at the Watooka Pool from 09:00hrs, the East vs West Swimming Competition goes down, while cycling starts at 10:00hrs in the Central Mackenzie Circle. On Sunday afternoon at the Mackenzie Sports Club Ground will be East vs West Track & Field, starting at 13:00hrs. Then at 19:00hrs, the Football Competition starts with the main match being Botofago vs the Guyana Defence Force football team. The winner will cart away $300,000, while the second place will receive $150,000.

Ombudsman hears Linden taxi driver stabbed to death 112 complaints so far …easing backlog of cases

THE Office of the Ombudsman continues to make significant strides by offering hope to hundreds of citizens across Guyana. Since June of last year, some 112 complaints have so far been addressed. New Ombudsman, retired Justice Winston Patterson on Thursday said that the office has been able to complete several matters, including the backlog of complaints left, following the sudden passing of Justice Winston Moore. “We have been able to be successful in our attempts, because we were doing the so-called backlog matters simultaneously as we were dealing with current matters, because if we do not do it, that way then the current matters would sooner or later become backlog,” he told the DPI in an exclusive interview. Justice Patterson, who has been at the helm of the office since June last year, said that the office is a place for all Guyanese. So far, the office has seen a total of 112 complaints, which include 25 for this new year.

Ombudsman, retired Justice Winston Patterson

Although the office deals only with matters regarding government agencies, other forms of complaints are heard and referred to the relevant places. Even so, Justice Patterson said Guyanese are better off visiting the office with their complaints. “There are only two agencies where persons can have redress, that is the courts and the Ombudsman’s office. The court system entails finance, the ombudsman’s office is faster, and no fee is involved, so that is a plus and one would tell the other and persons would come from all parts

of the country.” The office is, however, not permitted to deal with matters that are engaging the attention of the court, whether they are civil or criminal. Out of the 112 matters, 48 were out of its jurisdiction. “That notwithstanding, however, persons come, and they level complaints for more than one reason. We entertain them, and we guide them accordingly and apart from that, we try to assist them without infringing the jurisdictional aspect.” According to Justice Patterson, the range of complaints reaching the office includes protests against persons in government departments and private and commercial entities. While the office has little or no jurisdiction over some, it has been able to assist in the process which saw successful resolutions. He said most of the complaints that come in are merited, a few are discriminatory in nature. He said the office, however, does not entertain persons’ personal agendas. (DPI)

A LINDEN taxi driver was stabbed to death after he violently invaded his ex-lover’s apartment. The lifeless body of 24-year-old Orlando Flatts, also known as Orandy or Rango, was found by the police after they were called to Lot 74 Amelia’s Ward, Linden. According to the police, at around 00:30hrs on Friday, Flatts, of Blue Berry Hill, Wismar, who was allegedly armed with a piece of metal, violently forced his way into the apartment of his ex-reputed wife and was stabbed once in the left region of his abdomen by a male with whom the woman now shares a relationship. The suspect, a 22-year-old labourer who received injuries to his left elbow and left palm, has been arrested and is assisting the police with the investigation.

When the Guyana Chronicle visited the crime scene, the dead man’s ex-lover was being comforted by loved ones. The woman was too distraught to speak, but this newspaper was told that the police are in possession of her phone as a source of evidence. According to a woman who lives on the lower floor of the two-storey building, she was awoken by loud tumbling noises in the middle of the night, so she decided to see what was going on. “I was sleeping, then I heard de noise,” she said. “Big tumbling upstairs, and then I heard the louvre window fall out in the kitchen and de girl upstairs say, ‘Al’yuh come see! Al’yuh come see!’ Then I go through this li’l hallway and I go at the step. I peep through at de step, then I calling for them, but me ain’t see nobody. “Then, for like a good three

minutes or so, I see de two of them appear, and de boy with de knife in he hand with the blood. “So I say, ‘Wha happen? Hear he, ‘Umm! T’ief just break in upstairs, and me and he had a li’l scuffling and he end up getting jook. Call de police! Call de police!’ “So I seh, ‘Wheh he deh?’ And he seh, ‘He deh upstairs lie down.’ “Suh I say, ‘And whuh you doing here? What if de man run away?’ And he seh, ‘No; he lie down on de ground; he cyan move.’ And I run and I holler fuh t’ief! T’ief!” The body is presently at the Linden Hospital Mortuary awaiting a post mortem and the murder scene has been processed. Both the knife and a piece of metal have been retrieved and lodged with the police.

GDF playing greater... of this Corps is being done in a comprehensive way. He pointed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that was recently signed between the GDF and the University of Guyana for research in terms of using the GDF’s agriculture produce to create value-added products. The Force has also partnered with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Guyana School of Agriculture. “The mandate I have given the farm (GDF) is to expand its current production of chicken, pork, eggs and to include other ruminants; sheep and goats. We have commenced some process-

ing of some other products at the farm, namely ham and bacon and this commenced about a month ago. I think in the trials, which were done, we had a very positive feedback from the members of the Force, who sampled those products and the farm is now going to look at how we can produce that for the remainder of the Force. I believe that with input from the Commander-In-Chief, we will be able to have some more production being done on the farm,” Brigadier West said. The GDF’s restructuring programme will allow for a greater level of efficiency in the

From page 4 execution of its mandate and to ensure maximum development within the Force. President Granger said that the Agriculture Corps will embark on agro-processing in order to produce more foods, the Air Corps and Coast Guard will be upgraded to allow for continuous surveillance over our airspace, maritime space and land-space and the Engineer Corps will be restructured and re-equipped to enable it to reengage in the development of public infrastructure and assist in disaster relief efforts. (Ministry of Presidency


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, February 10, 2018

Junior Garrett laid to rest CITY Councillor Junior Garrett was laid to rest on Friday following a moving funeral service. Garrett, the powerful former finance committee chairman of the Georgetown

municipality died two weeks ago at a city hospital. Scores paid their last respects to the Campbellville, Georgetown resident during a viewing of the body at the City Hall. Mr. Garrett was appoint-

ed to the position of City Councillor of the city of Georgetown on March 25, 2002. Over the course of many years, Councillor Garrett contributed greatly to the city of Georgetown. He

Relatives of the late city councillor pay their respects

Town Clerk, Royston King and City Councillor Oscar Clarke at the funeral of Junior Garrett

was a passionate community advocate, active in the Campbellville community. He served on several com-

mittees, including Finance and International Relations. On April 10, 2017, the full Council appointed him as its representative on the Central Housing and Planning Authority Board. In a tribute released earlier in the week, former deputy mayor Sherod Duncan said despite the political theatre that happens in the City Council, Councillor Garrett like others around the noble table, was worth his weight in gold. “I did not know Councillor Junior Garrett prior to Local Government Elections (LGE) 2016. I had heard the name a few times, but to be honest, I hadn’t paid much attention. Then Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green had told patrons at a Mayor & City Council consultation at the National Cultural Centre, that the citizens of Georgetown had become indifferent to City Hall pre-2016 LGE and I guess in a way it described me.” Duncan said when LGE was held, he heard that the Councillor had won his constituency “I was eager to meet him and when I did, I was not disappointed. In my mind, I had come to see our esteemed colleague as perhaps the “bull dog” of his party at Local Government, the chief whip, if you may. I sat back many times and watched the theatre of the chamber unfold: Councillor Heston Bostwick would be the mover of whatever motion, “Motions Man”, Garrett would whip the troops into shape and Councillor Oscar Clarke would hold the line. It was a set piece which never failed. Yet beyond the political theatre, Councillor Garrett like others around the noble table, was worth his weight in gold for his institutional memory, his rich experience as a City Councillor for over 15 years, and for his career as a professional accountant, talents and skills which he brought to bear on his work as a Councillor, I am certain.” According to Duncan, over the last two years he has had glimpses of the man Junior Garrett, the father, friend, comrade, and debater. “We had glimpses of the person Junior Garrett to take the measure of the

man, right down to the very end, the final hour. On the morning of that terrible day which wrestled him from us, he sat in the chamber for the final time, interrogating the budget preparations, putting questions to the Finance Committee Chairman Oscar Clarke and the departments; and making profound, valuable statements, I’m sure are immortalised in the minutes of that meeting. “The man and Councillor Junior Garrett was in fine form that morning, his skills and craft as a Councillor honed, he was in touch with the facts, full of energy and he trained all his efforts into his presentation. We did not know it then, but this was his final contribution as a Councillor to the chamber, his concluding act as a Councilman. When he left the chamber that fateful morning there was to be no return. Maybe, in a way, things are as they should be. Maybe, in a way, it is fitting for a man to die doing what he loved – what a final statement! What a curtain call!” Ducnan said, when he saw Garrett’s son over his body at the hospital, overwhelmed by grief, “I thought of my own life, in that moment, because with the dying of others we contemplate our own mortality. And I thought about my own life, how one day my sons will stand over my body. In a way it is fitting that sons should bury their fathers. It is an unnatural thing for fathers to bury their sons. God knows, too many fathers are interring their sons.” “As councillors we shared a common bond. We each in our own way want(ed) what is best for our constituency and city. It is my hope that we honour his memory by the quality of work we continue to contribute in the chamber and in our communities. “ “As we remember the biblical injunction, ‘the harvest is plenty, but the labourers are few’ I say farewell Councillor Junior Garrett. God speed to that great and shining city which does not need not mayors or [sic] councillors, or sadly accountants. So take your much-needed rest, and rest in peace.”


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, February 10, 2018

Spurned man slapped with attempted murder charge … escaping from lawful custody

TWENTY-ONE-year-old Kyle Goddette, a labourer of Charity Housing Scheme in Region Two was on Friday arraigned in the Suddie Magistrate’s Court on charges of attempted murder and escaping from lawful custody. He made his first appearance before Magistrate Ester

Sam. Goddette pleaded not guilty to both charges after the Administration of Justice Act was applied (AJA). It is alleged that on February 3, 2018, he unlawfully and maliciously wounded Susan Culpepper with intent to commit murder. The other charge read that on February 4, he also

unlawfully escaped police custody at the Charity Police Station. The court also heard that Goddette had surrendered to police Monday last after he initially escaped from their custody. After he pleaded not guilty, $500,000 bail was granted for the attempted murder charge and $200,000 for unlawfully es-

GCCI condemns ‘investors’ ad

THE Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) has said that it strongly condemns the paid advertisement which reads to the effect: “Investors, go invest somewhere else,” carried in the February 7, 2018 editions of the Kaieteur News and the Stabroek News. In a press release issued on Friday, the GCCI said that it viewed this mischievous statement as anti-national and anti-developmental and

believed that such a position should not be condoned by any Guyanese. “The Chamber wishes to reiterate its support for investment in Guyana, which can accelerate economic growth and augment the welfare of the people,” the release said. The GCCI said that it welcomed investors to Guyana and remains supportive of policies and acts which would promote private sector development and by extension, economic development.

caping police custody. Police Prosecutor Haimwant Ramsewack, had argued for bail to be refused, given the fact that the victim is still hospitalised. According to information reaching the Guyana Chronicle, the incident occurred on February 3 around 03:00 hrs at Lot 702 Charity Housing Scheme, Essequibo Coast. Reports are that Culpepper was at the time in a one-flat two-bedroom home at Charity with her boyfriend. Culpepper is the

former lover of Godette. While at the house, the couple smelt smoke emanating nearby. They immediately got up, at which point they noticed the bed was on fire. They ran to the western door of the house where they saw Goddette before he fled the scene. The young woman’s boyfriend raised an alarm and neighbours quickly gathered, formed a bucket brigade and extinguished the fire. Meanwhile, Culpepper is currently at the Georgetown

Public Hospital suffering from third -degree burns. She was rushed to the Suddie Public Hospital initially, but due to the severity of the burns, she was transferred to the GPHC. The 17-year-old had decided months ago to end the relationship with the suspect because she was allegedly constantly being abused physically. The case will be called again on February 12. Up to press time, Goddette remains in custody, since he could not post bail.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, February 10, 2018

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, February 10, 2018



GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, February 10, 2018

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, February 10, 2018



GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, February 10, 2018

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, February 10, 2018



GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, February 10, 2018

Guyana suffer first Super50 defeat CMC – RAIN, a splendid Andre McCarthy hundred and a ruthless spell from talismanic captain Nikita Miller dealt Guyana Jaguars their first defeat of the Regional Super50, as Jamaica Scorpions clawed their way back into contention in Group B with a 46-run win under the Duckworth-Lewis method late Thursday night. Two rain interruptions early in the Jaguars run chase left them with a revised target of 215 off 34 overs, but they never quite found their footing and slipped to 168 all out in the 31st over. Jaguars had appeared set for their fourth victory on the bounce when they cruised to 65 for one but Miller’s arrival saw the innings fall apart, as the left-arm spinner scythed through the middle order to end with four for 22 from seven overs. Medium pacers Odean Smith (2-18) and Andre Russell (2-24) both supported with two wickets apiece. West Indies left-handed Shimron Hetmyer threatened, albeit briefly, with a top score of 40 off 43 balls but no other Jaguars batsman passed 20, as Miller put the brakes on the innings. Earlier, McCarthy dominated the Jaguars bowling with 105 off 104 deliveries as Scorpions, opting to bat first at Coolidge Cricket Ground, gathered 264 for nine off their 50 overs. All-rounder Fabian Allen stroked an unbeaten 47, West Indies all-rounder Rovman Powell got 34 while opener Chadwick Walton chipped in with 33. However, it was McCarthy who made all the headlines with a third regional one-day hundred which included five fours and six sixes. Scorpions stumbled at the start when Steven Taylor was caught at the wicket off Seamer Keemo Paul without scoring off the third ball of the match, with just three runs on the board. Powell, promoted to number three, then put on 57 for the second wicket with Walton, who produced a brisk knock with four fours and a six off 34 balls, before adding a further 37 for the third wicket with McCarthy. Powell struck five fours

in a 53-ball knock but was one of two wickets to fall for 21 runs as Scorpions slipped to 118 for four in the 26th over. McCarthy came to his side’s aid, however, dominating the latter half of the innings with a powerful hitting, especially straight down the ground. The right-hander was measured in carving out his first fifty which required 65 balls but increased the tempo to reach three figures off just 32 more deliveries. Significantly, he added 110 for the fifth wicket with Allen who blossomed after an uncertain start to strike three fours and a six off 62 balls. The 19-year-old Paul (3-46) eventually claimed McCarthy in the 45th over and combined with fellow pacer Romario Shepherd (367) to trigger a slide which saw five wickets tumble for 34 runs. In reply, Jaguars lost Chandrapaul Hemraj for 17 in the fourth over with the score on 19 before rain drove players from the field in the sixth over with the score on 22. When they returned, Hetmyer dominated to put Jaguars on top but his fireworks were cut short by rain in the 11th over. Facing a revised target on resumption, Jaguars panicked and lost wickets steadily. Veteran Shiv Chanderpaul toe-edged a hook at Smith and was caught by wicketkeeper Walton running forward in the 12th over, after a stand of 46 for the second wicket with Hetmyer. Captain Leon Johnson missed an ugly cross-batted heave at Miller and was bowled for one in the next over and Hetmyer finally departed in the 17th over after punching three fours and two sixes, top-edging a pull at Miller to be caught by Brandon King running in from long on. On 86 for four, Jaguars slipped further when Miller had Chris Barnwell (15), in his first match, caught by Russell running around to short fine-leg. And Miller ended the game as a contest when he bowled Anthony Bramble in the 21st over for four, with Jaguars going nowhere at 107 for six. Jaguars remained top of Group B on 13 points but Scorpions are now third on 10.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, February 10, 2018

Ceremony of Fire and Ice opens the Winter Olympic (REUTERS) - THE Winter Olympics sparked to life in a vivid, colorful ceremony of fire and ice in South Korea on Friday, though the diplomacy was tougher to choreograph in the stadium where leaders from nations that are sworn enemies sat close together. South Korea, which is using the Pyeongchang Games to break the ice with North Korea, seated its presidential couple alongside U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, with two of the North’s most senior officials sitting in the row behind. President Moon Jae-in, who wants to harness the Olympic spirit to pave the way for talks over the North’s weapons program, warmly shook hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s smiling sister as well as the North’s nominal head of state. The South is still technically at war with the North after the 1950-53 Korean War ended in a truce, and the United States and North Korea have recently swapped nuclear threats. Pence vowed only this week to tighten sanctions on the North. Underlining Moon’s efforts to re-engage with the North, the opening ceremony followed the story line of

children wandering through a mythical landscape and discovering a world where people live in peace and harmony. International Olympic

(ESPNCricinfo) - DEBUTA N T A k i l a D a n a n jaya ransacked Bangladesh’s lower middle order in the morning, and Roshen Silva compiled a second high-quality fifty in the match, as Sri Lanka claimed a 312-run lead and took iron-grip of the Test. That the surface is a spinners’ paradise is plain, but Bangladesh’s meekness in the first innings has put them on the brink of a series loss. In the most dramatic period of play on day two, the hosts lost their last five wickets for five runs. Not even an inspired Mustafizur Rahman spell late in the day could undo the damage sustained before lunch. Also driving Sri Lanka ahead on day two were Dhananjaya de Silva, Dimuth Karunaratne and Dinesh Chandimal, none of whom got close to a half-century, but whose innings were vital nonetheless. Bangladesh’s spinners

were at times guilty of being too wayward. Though they delivered their share of dangerous deliveries through the day, many errors in length also speckled their spells. The visiting batsmen rarely allowed good scoring opportunities to go unused. Mehidy Hasan Miraz the best of the home side’s spinners - took two for 29 from his 14 overs and regularly raised wicket-taking opportunities. Taijul Islam also took two wickets and Abdur Razzak finished with one. Their most potent weapon, however, was Mustafizur and his cutters. In a spell also envenomed by reverse swing, he took the wickets of Dilruwan Perera and Dananjaya off successive balls and was unlucky to finish without at least one more scalp. Having earlier also trapped Danushka Gunathilaka in front of the stumps, he finished the day with 3 for 35.

Committee President Thomas Bach told the crowd that by allowing their athletes to march together under one flag at the ceremony, North

and South Korea had shown sport’s “unique power” to unite people. “All the athletes around me, all the spectators here in

the stadium, and all Olympic fans watching around the world ... we are all touched by this wonderful gesture,” he said.

Figure skater Yuna Kim lit the torch Credit Chang W. Lee/The New York Times

The Olympics have provided some respite from years of tense relations between Seoul and Pyongyang, though just hours before the ceremony hundreds of anti-North Korean protesters scuffled with riot police outside the stadium, burning North Korean flags and pictures of its leader, Kim Jong Un. South Korea’s frigid February, where temperatures have plummeted to minus 20 degrees Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit) at night, has come as a shock to the system for athletes and visitors alike in the lead up to these Games, prompting concerns about hypothermia at the opening ceremony. The weather was a little milder than feared on Friday, but spectators still huddled near heaters, holding hot packs and slurping down steaming fishcake soup to ward off the chills. Bundled up in a scarf, mask and knitted hat, with hot packs tucked into her knee blanket, office worker Shin Hye-sook said she and her three colleagues were coping with the cold. “We’re sitting as close as we can and trying not to move a lot to save our energy,” said the 60-year-old.

Silva’s fifty puts Sri Lanka in Control SCOREBOARD

Sri Lanka 1st innings Kusal Mendis b Abdur Razzak 68 Dimuth Karunaratne st Liton Das b Abdur Razzak 3 Dhananjaya de Silva c Sabbir Rahman b Taijul Islam 19 Danushka Gunathilaka c Mushfiqur Rahim b Abdur Razzak 13 Dinesh Chandimal b Abdur Razzak 0 Roshen Silva c Liton Das b Taijul Islam 56 Niroshan Dickwella b Taijul Islam 1 Dilruwan Perera c Mominul Haque b Taijul Islam 31 Akila Dananjaya c Mushfiqur Rahim b Mustafizur Rahman 20 Rangana Herath c Mushfiqur Rahim b Mustafizur Rahman 2 Suranga Lakmal Not Out 4 Extras: 0b 5lb 0nb 0pen 0w 5 Total: (65.3 overs) 222 all out Fall of Wickets : 1-14 Karunaratne, 2-61 de Silva, 3-96 Gunathilaka, 4-96 Chandimal, 5-109 Mendis, 6-110 Dickwella, 7-162 Perera, 8-205 Perera, 9-207 Herath, 10-222 Silva Bowling: Mehedi Hasan 13-0-54-0-4.15, Abdur Razzak 16-2-63-4-3.94, Taijul Islam 25.3-2-83-4-3.25, Mustafizur Rahman 11-4 -17-2-1.55 .................................................................... Bangladesh 1st innings Tamim Iqbal c&b Suranga Lakmal 4 Imrul Kayes lbw Dilruwan Perera 19 Mominul Haque Run Out Dhananjaya de Silva 0 Mushfiqur Rahim b Suranga Lakmal 1 Liton Das b Suranga Lakmal 25 Mehedi Hasan Not Out 38 Mahmudullah b Akila Dananjaya 17 Sabbir Rahman c Dinesh Chandimal b Akila Dananjaya 0 Abdur Razzak c&b Akila Dananjaya 1 Taijul Islam Run Out Kusal Mendis 1

Mustafizur Rahman lbw Dilruwan Perera 0 Extras: 0b 2lb 1nb 0pen 1w 4 Total: (45.4 overs) 110 all out Fall of Wickets : 1-4 Iqbal, 2-4 Haque, 3-12 Rahim, 4-45 Kayes, 5-73 Das, 6-107 Mahmudullah, 7-107 Rahman, 8-109 Razzak, 9-110 Islam, 10-110 Rahman Bowling: Suranga Lakmal 12-4-25-3 2.08-1w, Dilruwan Perera 11.4-4-32-2-2.74-1nb, Akila Dananjaya 10-2-20-3-2.00, Rangana Herath 12-1-31-0-2.58 ............................................................ Sri Lanka 2nd innings Dimuth Karunaratne c Imrul Kayes b Mehedi Hasan 32 Kusal Mendis lbw Abdur Razzak 7 Dhananjaya de Silva b Taijul Islam 28 Danushka Gunathilaka lbw Mustafizur Rahman 17 Dinesh Chandimal lbw Mehedi Hasan 30 Roshen Silva Not Out 58 Niroshan Dickwella c Mahmudullah b Taijul Islam 10 Dilruwan Perera c Liton Das b Mustafizur Rahman 7 Akila Dananjaya c Liton Das b Mustafizur Rahman 0 Suranga Lakmal Not Out 7 Extras: 0b 4lb 0nb 0pen 0w 4 Total: (62.0 overs) 200-8 Fall of Wickets : 1-19 Mendis, 2-53 de Silva, 3-80 Gunathilaka, 4-92 Karunaratne, 5-143 Chandimal, 6-170 Dickwella, 7-178 Perera, 8-178 Perera To Bat : Herath Bowling: Abdur Razzak 17-2-60-1-3.53, Mustafizur Rahman 12-2-35-3-2.92, Taijul Islam 19-2-72-2-3.79 Mehedi Hasan 143-29-2-2.07


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Extra Time

GFF ELITE LEAGUE ON TOMORROW – Teams are ready for a restart

The GFF Elite League is set for this Sunday at the Georgetown Football Club (GFC) Ground with the first double header – GDF FC vs Den Amstel FC at 17:30hrs and Western Tigers FC vs Fruta FC at 19:30hrs. ADMISSION: $500 Competitions Director, Ian Alves


“Now that the mid-season transfer has concluded, clubs would have been able to make the necessary adjustments to their squads with a view to improving their performance for the remainder of the elite league. Based on some of the player transfers seen during the window, fans can look forward with eager anticipation to more competitive matches and a more attractive brand of football for the remaining part of the league.” – Competitions Director, Ian Alves


For further Information or should you have questions/comments , please contact: General Secretary Guyana Football Federation (GFF) 17 Dadanawa Street, Section “K” Campbelville, Georgetown TEL: +1 592 227 8758 ext. 102 FAX: +1 592 225 2096



GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday, February 10, 2018

Sports Personality


Record-breaking power lifter – Runita


Runita White at the recently concluded GAPLF’s Novices/Juniors Championships where she broke the 84+ Kg National Deadlift record

By Michelangelo Jacobus “ONE day I was in the gym and it hit me; I realised that what I really liked was the rush I got from lifting weights, thus I started pushing myself to lift heavy. I love lifting heavy weights much more than I had preferred body building.” This was how this week’s “Sports Personality”, a record setting powerlifter was born; Runita White at 22-yearsold has set out to conquer powerlifting in the 84+ Kg category on Guyana’s local powerlifting scene. In an interview with Chronicle Sport, the former Marian Academy student revealed that she started working out at the Flex Gym in Thomas Street, Kitty where a childhood friend gave her a crash course about the basics of gym.

Having been told about bodybuilding, powerlifting and cross fitting, White set her mind on bodybuilding as she wanted to “lose weight and have a nice slim figure”. After losing weight, one day at a gym session she realised that she loved the adrenaline rush that accompanied the successful lifting of heavy weights and so it almost became an obsession; something that she would do continually at gym. “I was training myself until Martin Webster came over to Flex Gym one day and I saw him lifting; I asked him to train me and he agreed so I switched over to Buddy’s gym where I currently train.” White recently competed at the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation’s (GAPLF) Novices/Juniors Championships on February 4, where she set new re-

cords in the Female Junior Raw 84+kg category. She blew away her competitors amassing 313.511 Wilks points and lifting a total of 383.5kg.White finished first by squatting 145kg, bench pressing 62.5kg and deadlifting a national record weight of 175kg. Touching on her first time in a competition, White noted “I was nervous at the beginning but after my first two lifts I got into it, I’m still on a high right now, I’m so excited

about it.” “I had the mindset before the meet that I wanted to break the deadlift record, which I did. It’s an exhilarating feeling to know that and I set my mind to break the record and I did.” With an eye on the future White indicated that she will be participating at the GAPLF’s Intermediate Championships come May 27. The powerlifter recently completed a Bach-

CRICKET QUIZ CORNER (Saturday February 10, 2018) COMPLIMENTS OF THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market & The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL COMPANY LTD-83 Garnett Street, Georgetown (Tel: 225-6158) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: (1) Hasitha Boyadoda-191 (SL) (2) Lloyd Pope-8/35 (AUST) Today’s Quiz: (1) Who scored most runs for the WI in the ICC Under 19 World Cup 2018? (2) Which WI had the best bowling figures? ANSWERS IN TOMORROW’S ISSUE

Runita White

American Racing Tips Aqueduct Race 1 My Girl Annie Race 2 Acoustic Race 3 Throw The Dice Race 4 Ostrolenka Race 5 Sicilia Mike Race 6 Formal Start Race 7 Very Very Stella Race 8 A Different Style South Africa Racing Tips Kenilworth 08:25 hrs Director’s Rock 09:00 hrs The Boston Rose 09:35 hrs Hithimagainchuck 10:10 hrs Quing 10:45 hrs Kampala Campari 11:20 hrs Star Revolution 11:50 hrs Red Mars Irish Racing Tips Naas 09:35 hrs Best Behaviour 10:10 hrs Close Shave

elor’s Degree in Communications at the University of Guyana and will be going for her Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the School of the Nations. 10:45 hrs Steer Clear 11:20 hrs Pete So High 11:55 hrs Benie Des Dieux 12:25 hrs Sizing Titanium 12:55 hrs Eagle Roque English Racing Tips Lingfield 09:10 hrs Made Of Honour 09:45 hrs Wide Acclaim 10:20 hrs Grandfather Tom 10:55 hrs My Target 11:30 hrs Bayre 12:05 hrs Count Otto 12:35 hrs Bridge Builder Newbury 09:15 hrs Whatswrongwithyou 09:50 hrs Bastien 11:35 hrs Kayf Grace 12:10 hrs Markov 12:40 hrs Nestor Park Warwick 09:30 hrs Rio Quinto 10:05 hrs Midnight Jazz 11:15 hrs Value At Risk 11:50 hrs Laval Noir 12:20 hrs Solighoster 12:50 hrs The Dubai Way


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Sanjay’s Valentine’s golf tournament on today A FULL field of local golfers will be in action today when Sanjay’s Jewellery stages its annual Valentine’s golf tournament at the Lusignan Golf Course, East Coast Demerara. The tournament was made possible last Thursday when Managing Director

of Sanjay’s Jewellery, Sanjay Persaud, presented his company’s sponsorship to president of the Lusignan Golf Club, Aleem Hussain, at the Sheriff Street business location. Hussain in brief remarks said the tournament marks a long-standing partnership

between the business entity and the Golf Club. He lauded Persaud for his continued investment in the game, noting that the proprietor has committed to sponsor another tournament in October to mark his (Persaud’s) birth anniversary. Persaud said, as a golf

Lusignan Golf Club president Aleem Hussain (left) receives the sponsorship cheque from Sanjay Persaud

fan, the sponsorship is part of his contribution to the game and Golf Club. The Sanjay’s Jewellery

Golf Classic will offer prizes to the top four golfers, nearest to the pin, longest drive and for the first time

ever, anyone who makes a Hole-in-One will win $100,000 for a charitable cause.

Magnum ‘Mash Cup’ Classic Top cricket action today at Kendall’s Union Cricket ground Linden teams to challenge Sparta

Boss and Bent Street tonight

Flashblack: Winning captain of Young Warriors Cricket Club, Hubern Evans (left) collecting the trophy from Mukesh Appiah, son of the late Ramnarine Appiah

FOUR teams will contest today’s Ramnarine Appiah Memorial T20 cricket competition, billed for the Kendall’s Union Cricket ground located in the village of Number 19 on the Lower East Coast of Corentyne. Kendall’s Union, Kendall’s Union Sports Stars, Seawell and Brother Appiah

United will battle for top honour. Two semifinals will be followed by the final with the teams contesting for attractive incentives. The tournament is sponsored by Mukesh Appiah and family members to honour the late Ramnarine Appiah who was a highly respected and loved village leader in

No.19. A well-stocked bar and musical entertainment will be there. National Chutney King Bunty Singh will entertain the crowd with his one man band. The inaugural tournament was won by Young Warriors Cricket Club of Cumberland, East Canje, Berbice.

Milo U18 Round Robin stage heating up THREE more matches are on today in the Milo Schools Football tournament at the Ministry of Education ground on Carifesta Avenue. In the first of the three matches on today, Annandale will take on Caramel Secondary school from noon. South Ruimveldt and the Business school will clash an hour and a half later in game two of the afternoon with Chase Academy and Friendship Secondary closing off the day. The tournament is also sponsored by the Ministry of Public Health.

The National Gymnasium will come alive tonight with several high octane clashes

THE teams from the mining town of Linden have shown no fear for their Georgetown opponents thus far and tonight’s clashes between the two rival cities are expected to provide fans with plenty of fireworks as teams position themselves for the Round of 16 stage. The Lindeners have been holding their own against their Georgetown counterparts, but their assignments this evening are a bit tougher. It is anticipated that fans from the bauxite community will converge at the National Gymnasium to rally around their respective teams when play in the Magnum ‘Mash Cup’ Classic resumes at 19:00hrs.

Among the feature matchups are Bent Street playing host to Linden’s Swag Entertainment; Sparta Boss taking on Silver Bullets also from the Mining Town; Future Stars vs. Channel 9 Warriors and ‘Gold is Money’ vs. Ol Skool Ballers. It must be noted that all the other matches have significance as teams throw down the gauntlet to secure a spot in the knockout phase which commences on Monday. The winning team will receive $400,000 + Trophy, runner-up $200,000 + Trophy, third place $100,000 + Trophy and fourth place $50,000 Meanwhile, tonight’s fixtures are seen below: New Market Street versus

Rugby Team Showstoppers vs. Team Extreme Hustlers vs. Alexander Village Albouystown ‘A’ vs. YMCA Ballers North Ruimveldt vs. Sophia North East La Penitence vs. Tiger Bay Leopold Street vs. Mocha Back Circle vs. Albouystown ‘B’ Bent Street vs. Swag Entertainment Sparta Boss vs. Silver Bullets Future Stars vs. Channel 9 Warriors West Front Road ‘Gold is Money’ vs. Ol Skool Ballers.


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GMR&SC King of the Strip Drag race…

A&R Jiwanram sponsors East vs West Trophy

Drag Racing action returns to South Dakota on February 11(GTRidez Photo)

By Stephan Sookram A&R Jiwanram will sponsor the Trophy for the East Coast vs West Side grudge match this Sunday at the King of the Strip Drag race event. Proprietor of the com-

pany Paul JIwanram told Chronicle Sport yesterday that he saw the need to come on board after all the hype being channeled in. “What I see here is a real grudge match that can obviously be a big thing between the West

Athletics Coach Pantlitz confident ahead of today’s Barbados Relay Fair By Joe Chapman THE Christianburg Wismar Secondary School Club of eight athletes will today contest the annual Barbados Relays Fair in the Under 17 and Under 20 female and male categories respectively at the National Stadium. The Guyanese contingent led by Coach Moses Pantlitz speaking to the Guyana Chronicle yesterday related: “Things are going fairly well. We had some great practice sessions, I think the kids are enjoying the nice sunny time in Barbados, we are up and ready, feeling real good, we are getting a reasonable support from our persons that circle around us.” The CWSS Club is returning to the Barbados Relay Fair after last being there in 2013 when they copped three bronze medals according to Pantlitz. Pantlitz has under his wings Cassie George and Compton Caesar, two of Guyana’s most outstanding Carifta Games athletes over the past five years along with another bright prospect the South American Youth 400m Gold medalist Deshanna Skeet. He said, “So I think come Saturday everything will be put in place; we are still doing a little fine tuning with the baton passing which will be done this morning.” Obviously thankful for the support he received towards getting his athletes to the relays Pantlitz, he continued: “I think I have put everything in a nutshell and I hope that they can go out there on Saturday and enjoy themselves even though we are here for a competition, but just feel good about what they are doing and just don’t study things too much that they can at least crumble up.  As I said before things are looking up we are doing great here in Barbados.”

and East side and it’s a great way that we can encourage legitimate drag racing action,” he said. “I like the fact that they are moving the sport off the public roads and coming out on Sunday to do their thing in a safe manner and that’s what I want to see, more persons coming out to kill the street racing,” he added.

The East side will have several garages and Mechanic shops on the East Coast while the West Side battle will feature cars built primarily from there. In addition, the matchup will result in points being awarded to either side every time any of their representatives score points by win-

ning one of the nine classes. The sponsors are Tropical Shipping, STAG, Mohamed’s Enterprise, Renta-Tent, Perms Electrical, Paul Jiwanram, White Boy Auto Spares, BM Soat, Palm Court, Samaroo Investments, Windjammer, Nexus, E-Networks, JR Burgers, Toucan Industries, Trans Pacific, Ramchand’s

Auto Body Shop, Special Auto, A and R Jiwanram Printery Inc., Infinity Imports and Japarts. For patrons who are desirous of witnessing the heated races at South Dakota on Sunday, entrance fees are $1000 for adults and $500 for children. The rent-a-tent VIP will be available for $3000.

Joseph to undergo rehab for stress fracture (CMC) - YOUNG West Indies fast bowler, Alzarri Joseph, could be facing a lengthy injury layoff, as he prepares to undergo rehabilitation for a stress fracture of the back which forced him out of the recent New Zealand tour. Quoting an unnamed source, the Observer newspaper here said the 21-yearold had been prohibited from bowling for the next six weeks, in order to lay the groundwork for the pending remedial work. Much of the rehabilitation is expected to center around strength building, the report indicated. “Taking everything into consideration, he could be out of action for several months,” the source was quoted as saying. The Antiguan is now likely to miss upcoming home series against Sri Lanka starting in June and

Bangladesh the following month. Joseph pulled out of the one-day squad last Decem-

ber with what was then described as a “back strain” but subsequently determined to be stress stracture of his

Alzarri Joseph runs in to bowl CWI Media/Philip Spooner

vertebrae. While he has been a virtual fixture in the Caribbean side for the last 19 months, he has had limited action in recent months, playing only a three-day tour game on each of the tours of Zimbabwe and New Zealand. His last Test came against England in Birmingham last August and he played only the last two One-Day Internationals of the five-match series on the same tour last September. Joseph grabbed career-best figures of five for 56 in the fourth match at the Oval. One of the stars of the title-winning 2016 Youth World Cup side, Joseph was fast-tracked into the West Indies, making his debut just months later against India. He has taken 15 wickets in six Tests and 23 in 14 ODIs.

parta S e g n e ll a h c to s m a te n e d Lin ight t tonPage Boss and Bent StreeSee 30

High Court set February 18 as new date for BCB elections By Rajiv Bisnauth

HIGH Court Judge Navindra Singh has set February 18 as the new date for the electoral process of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) after the October 8, 2017 result was annulled by the Court on December 18 last. The Court Order seen by this newspaper yesterday indicated that the new elections will be held at the New Amsterdam Town Hall for 11:00hrs. Further the court document indicated that an Agent of the Court will convene the meeting for the purpose of election being held.

The Order further stated that the Agent shall verify the presence of the delegates/representatives of the various clubs and associations from the lists approved by the court.

Dhierandranauth Somwaru

Such verified delegates/representatives shall then vote for a Returning Officer from among all

the persons present in the room. According to the Order the Returning Officer shall then conduct the election for the office bearers of the Berbice Cricket Board. This new development is as a result after Dhierandranauth Somwaru was declared the winner of last October’s vote. However, the majority of clubs and sub-association members complained of widespread irregularities. They had claimed that the elections then were not held in keeping with the Cricket Administration Act, since according to them, some 22 voting delegates were debarred from or refused to take part in voting

for various reasons. This had subsequently led to the filing of legal proceedings where the applicants are of the opinion that the entire election process had been “funda-

could not have been properly elected. Justice Singh, subsequently ordered new elections on December 18, after the election of office-bearers of the Berbice Cricket

Vemen Walters mentally flawed, unfair and undemocratic,” and that the office-bearers

Board at its annual general meeting and elections in October were declared “un-

lawful, null, void, and of no legal effect as the entire election process was fundamentally flawed, unfair and undemocratic”. Meanwhile, Somwaru had previously indicated that he still has interest for the game in the Ancient County, and as such will once again run for president of the BCB. Somwaru is expected to face a tough challenge from Vemen Walters who had indicated that he is contemplating running for the post, providing there is an inclusion of all cricket stakeholders, which he say will be the only way the administration of the game in Berbice can progress.

Milo U18 Round Robin stage heating up

See Page 26

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Guyana suffer first Super50 defeat Flashback! Action last week in the Milo schools Football Tournament. The action resumes today (Adrian Narine Photo)

Nikita Miller (right) destroyed the Guyana Jaguars innings with a ruthless spell

Athletics Coach Pantlitz confident ahead of today’s Barbados Relay Fair Printed and Published by Guyana National Newspapers Limi ted, Lama Avenue, Bel Air Park, Georgetown. Telephone 2 2 6- 3243-9 (General); Editorial: 2 2 7- 5204, 2 2 7- 5216. Fax:2 2 7- 5208

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