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World peace vital for human development … President tells New Amsterdam Rotarians

The experts, Paul and Beverley Williams, who through TFO and CESO facilitated the training in leather craft production

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Art and craft production will play important part 3 PM in tourism sector Page

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President Donald Ramotar and First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar entering the National Park Sunday to witness the judging of the Costume and Float Parade. With them (at right) is Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25, 2014

World peace vital for human development … President tells New Amsterdam Rotarians FEBRUARY 23, 2014 is a key date on the Rotary International Organisation’s calendar, as it marks 109 years of the existence of an organisation whose motto is “Service above self” and which has several branches across Guyana. On Saturday,    the New Amsterdam branch hosted a dinner to mark its anniversary and to promote “World understanding and peace”. Delivering the feature address, President Donald Ramotar said that just as how internal peace is vital for any nation’s development, world peace is also of tremendous importance. Recalling the effects of the two world wars, which resulted in millions of deaths

PRESIDENT Donald Ramotar) with members of the New Amsterdam Rotary International Organisation and destruction of property, the president said that it is only when someone visits war museums in some countries that a sense of the impact of such wars can be fully appreciated.

The president recalled the period of the “Cold War” and the present push by many nations to build their armaments, despite the fact that there are already enough weapons available to kill every person on the planet, several times over. According to the president, an

that has been a result of the grave inequality between countries and within countries”. The gap between the rich and poor, which is evident across the world, continues to grow and the upper 1% of people in the developed world, handle 80 % of the world’s wealth, he noted.

countries, which, he said, has created “relative poverty”. The call for a new Human Global Order made by the late President Cheddi Jagan, and since adopted by the United Nations, stemmed from his realisation of these issues, said the president, and many are now adopting ways to redistribute income, create opportunities for wealth generation and reduce inequalities in societies. The Guyana Government, according to the president, is the only Caribbean country that spends 30% of its GDP on the social sector and this is not only humanitarian, but also makes good economic sense. The richest countries, it was noted, are those with a highly developed human capital and government is doing what it can do to boost education and training opportunities to enhance the skills, lives and economic circumstances of  all Guyanese. The president highlighted several countries and territories which are constantly in conflict, and many of these are driven by economic circumstances,

President Donald Ramotar delivering the feature address to Rotarians in New Amsterdam at a dinner to mark Rotary International’s 109th Anniversary even more dangerous situation is that of the increasing rise in poverty, internationally, “and

President Ramotar cited more figures to highlight the disparity in earning in various

such as Palestine, where the actions taken by the Israelis were soundly criticised. He also spoke about the need for all Guyanese to support the passage of anti-money laundering legislation, the failure of which could lead to Guyana being blacklisted internationally. Rotary is an international organisation whose stated purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. It is a secular organisation, open to all persons regardless of race, colour, creed, religion, gender, or political preference. There are 34,282 clubs and over 1.2 million members worldwide. (GINA)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25, 2014

Art and craft production will play important part in tourism sector PRIME Minister Samuel Hinds has commended the Guyana Art and Craft Producers Association for the growth they have achieved, but challenged them to advance even further towards contributing to Guyana’s economy. Prime Minister Hinds was addressing the association’s members on Friday at the Umana Yana at the closing ceremony and exhibition of a one-month training programme at which 12 members of the association benefitted from the knowledge of two Canadian experts in leather craft production, Paul and Beverley Williams. The programme was facilitated through a very effective and mutually rewarding relationship with the Canadian Trade Facilitation Office (TFO) and the Canadian Executive Services Organisation (CESO.) The relationship is among many that the association has been fostering over the years towards carrying out its mandate of supporting the craft and art producers throughout the 10 administrative regions in terms of marketing, training and networking. The agreement with TFO dates back to 2011. The association itself was

- PM

incorporated in 2008. “You have come a long way, but I want to encourage you to keep on going and advance even further,” Prime Minister Hinds said. He pointed out that Guyana looks to tourism to be an important growth sector in the economy, and that the production of art and craft would be an important part in a growing tourism industry. He challenged the association to recognise that they have to reach a point where they become a net provider of cash to Guyana’s economy. “We have to become a cash cow for the economy sometime, because there are other areas which are calling for support and development also; and maybe sugar cannot carry the load it used to carry, bauxite cannot carry the load it used to. “TFO has changed the lives of the Guyana Art and Craft Pro-

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds with Paul and Beverley Williams, Programme Manager, CESO, Beatriz Munarriz and the TFO-Associate in Guyana, Charlene London at the Guyana Art and Craft Producers Association’s closing ceremony and exhibition at the Umana Yana

Members of the Guyana Art and Craft Producers Association at the closing ceremony and exhibition

ducers Association, the one thing with the association is that we need some hands-on skills and that is what they did, they prepared us for the Caribbean market,” President of the Association Denzil Hollingsworth said. “The techniques that Beverley and Paul brought to Guyana have changed the entire outlook of leather, that is making us ready to go into any market that we want to go into,” she said. She explained too that the Williamses have encouraged and fostered a relationship with Harris Paints for the association. She said that the artists in the association were making use of acrylic paint that was very expensive; and through discussion with the company, it was found that the company could produce a much cheaper paint that works on leather, wood and all the other materials utilised by the association. She said that Harris Paints is now producing these paints in smaller tins, and it is accessible to all of Guyana, and available now all over the country. The Williamses also crucially imparted to the association several safety measures, especially as it relates to the dangerous use of lacquer and contact cement, Hollingsworth said. Programme Manager, CESO, Beatriz Munarriz, said that the organisation’s support in the venture would not have been possible without the Canadian Government’s assistance through the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development. She said that CESO believes strongly in the concept of partnership and expressed hope that the venture with the Guyana Art and Craft Producers Association, in association with the Canadian Trade Facilitation Office, will be a successful one. (GINA)

The experts, Paul and Beverley Williams, who through TFO and CESO facilitated the training in leather craft production

One of the leather craft exhibits that was on show


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25, 2014

Ukraine calls for urgent aid after Yanukovich ousted (Reuters) - UKRAINE appealed for urgent international help to stop the economy “heading into the abyss” after the fall of Russian-backed president Viktor Yanukovich cast doubt on a bailout deal with Moscow. Acting President Oleksander Turchinov raised the possibility of Kiev defaulting on its debt, and said the country needed $35 billion over the next two years. In Brussels, officials said the European Union was discussing a range of options for short- and longer-term financial help, but any comprehensive package was likely to take shape only after elections in May and in coordination with the International Monetary Fund. Ukraine has been caught in a geopolitical tug of war between Russia and the EU. With Yanukovich now a fugitive, its chances of receiving the remaining $12 billion of a $15-billion bailout package agreed with Moscow in December, after Kiev spurned an EU trade deal, seem to have receded. Turchinov, appointed after Yanukovich was stripped of his powers by parliament on Saturday, sounded the alarm about the economy in an address to the nation on Sunday evening. “Against the background of global economic recovery, the Ukrainian economy is heading into the abyss and is in a pre-default state,” he said, calling for an international donors’ conference and saying aid was needed in the next week or two. Financial analysts said, however, that the economy was

not about to collapse. Prices of its government bonds rallied and the cost of insuring its debt fell in a sign of investors’ confidence that it would avoid default. The European Commission confirmed a variety of options were being discussed. “The EU has been working on an international economic support package for Ukraine - short, medium and long-term support to address the challenges of the Ukrainian economy,” said Commission spokesman Olivier Bailly. EU officials said it was highly unlikely Europe, the United States or anyone else would put the kind of sums mentioned by Turchinov on the table right away. However, smaller bilateral loans, possibly coordinated by the EU, could be used to give short-term help, they added. Discussions have already taken place with Japan, China, Canada, Turkey and the United States on possible help, a senior European Commission official said, and efforts are being made to keep Russia engaged in the process as well. Elections scheduled for May 25 to elect Yanukovich’s successor were crucial. “Many of the proposals we’re working on require an IMF deal to be in place, which means an operational government in Ukraine, so it can’t happen until after the elections,” said a separate official involved in efforts to help Ukraine. In Washington, a U.S. official said Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde agree that Ukraine would need

both bilateral and multilateral support for any reforms. The IMF agreed a $15.5 billion loan for Ukraine in 2010, but suspended the deal last year after Kiev failed to implement the required reforms, which included removing gas price subsidies and freely floating the currency. Three months ago, Brussels was hoping to sign Ukraine up to the far-reaching free trade and association agreement that would have brought the country of 46 million more closely into the EU’s political and economic sphere of influence. Yanukovich rejected that deal at the last minute, deciding instead to accept the aid and cheaper gas from Russia. That led to weeks of popular protests culminating in his fall.

Egypt government resigns, paving way for Sisi to seek presidency (Reuters) – EGYPT’S government resigned on Monday, paving the way for army chief Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to declare his candidacy for president of a strategic U.S. ally gripped by political strife. After the July overthrow of elected Islamist President Mohamed Mursi and subsequent crackdown on Islamists and liberals with hundreds killed and thousands jailed, critics say Cairo’s military-backed authorities are turning the clock back to the era of autocrat Hosni Mubarak era, when the political elite ruled with an iron fist in alliance with top businessmen. “(The outgoing government) made every effort to get Egypt out of the narrow tunnel in terms of security, economic pressures and political confusion,” Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi said in a live nationwide speech. Beblawi, who was tasked by interim President Adly Mansour with running the government’s affairs until the election, did not give a clear reason for the decision. But it effectively opened the way for Sisi to run for president since he would first have to leave his post as defense minister in any case. “This (government resignation) was done as a step that was needed ahead of Sisi’s announcement that he will run for

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Anti-Yanukovich demonstrators guard a government building in Kiev February 24, 2014. Credit: Reuters/Baz Ratner

03 22 23 25 05 04 19

president,” an Egyptian official said. He told Reuters that the cabinet had resigned en masse as Sisi did not want to appear to be acting alone. Government spokesman Hany Salah said only: “This government feels that it did what it had to do in this critical period, and maybe it’s time for a change.” Sisi has unveiled a political roadmap meant to lead to elections after toppling Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood following mass unrest against his increasingly arbitrary rule. But promises of democracy have not borne fruit in the biggest Arab nation, where hundreds of thousands of people gathered in 2011 in an army-backed uprising that overthrew Mubarak and raised hopes of a new political landscape. The presidential vote is expected within months in Egypt, which has great geo-strategic importance due to its peace treaty with Israel and control over the Suez Canal, a vital global shipping lane and the shortest between Asia and Europe. ZEROING IN ON THE BROTHERHOOD Egypt’s stock market rose 0.26 percent after news of the government’s departure to 8029.37 points, reversing losses from earlier in the day. Mursi’s removal touched off the bloodiest political crisis in modern Egyptian history, with security forces killing hundreds of Brotherhood supporters, jailing thousands and putting top leaders on trial. The Muslim Brotherhood accused Sisi of plotting a coup to restore military-dominated government, and human rights groups say that abuses are spreading by the day, allegations the army-backed government denies. Housing Minister Ibrahim Mahlab, a former official in Mubarak’s National Democratic Party, was expected to be named prime minister of the new government, said a security source.












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GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25, 2014

CAL to airlift Trinis from Venezuela Griffith looks to (Trinidad Guardian) THE Government is preparing a contingency plan involving Caribbean Airlines to evacuate any T&T nationals and staff of this country’s Caracas Embassy out of strife-torn Venezuela if the situation there deteriorates further, acting Foreign Affairs Minister Roodal Moonilal said yesterday.  Moonilal told the T&T Guardian he has been talking with National Security Minister Gary Griffith and Finance Minister Larry Howai, the line minister for CAL, about the plan, in case violence in Venezuela—going on for more than a week—becomes worse. Clashes have been taking place since February 12 between students and state agencies, as well as between supporters of  Venezuelan opposition groups and those of President Nicholas Maduro. Most recently, paratroopers were dispatched to the state of Tachira where violent student protests were reported.  Late Saturday T&T’s Foreign Affairs Ministry issued a statement assuring that all of the six T&T staff at its Ca-

make pepper spray legal

Tens of thousands gathered for a march and clashed with police in Caracas Sunday. every 12 hours. racas embassy were safe and or businessmen visiting Vene“After I received a report on zuela. He said he didn’t think arrangements were being made the situation was bad enough the situation last Saturday I talkto secure them. It also said the for the Government to tell embassy’s hours were being reed with Ministers Griffith and them to cut short their plans duced to deal with the  situation Howai  to have plans in place to and leave Venezuela. However, in Caracas and an evacuation evacuate T&T nationals includMoonilal  urged them to monplan was on the table. Moonilal ing our embassy staff, via CAL itor the situation carefully and said yesterday: “We’re monitorin  case the situation  worsens.”  see if they wanted to return ing the situation very closely via home. He advised them to He said the Government Ambassador Anthony Edghill exercise  precautions while in is now checking to see if there in Caracas. I’m getting reports that country. were any T&T holidaymakers

Doctor advocates eradicating criminals like mosquitoes… (Newsday) CHASING after criminals is not enough. A medical doctor is therefore advocating that a “dengue approach” to solving crime, could solve the country’s high murder rate and the increasing incidents of rape. Similar to health workers spraying and turning over pots and pans to eradicate mosquitoes in dengue-prone areas, Dr Vijay Bahall last Thursday told a public forum on crime at the University of the West Indies, that his “Medical Surveillance Model” would weed out criminals and suppress the breeding of young minds to turn to a life of crime, in depressed “hotspot” communities in Trinidad and

Tobago. At the forum, Bahall submitted that when a murder is committed in a particular community, the approach adopted in eradicating mosquitoes, should be implemented by a full-scale invasion of trained personnel to swoop down into that community. The topic was “Violence” in what was an open forum and Bahall, a specialist physician in internal medicine at San Fernando General Hospital, was invited to deliver his research paper on “Crime, A public health hazard.” He said, “The determinants of crime are seen as a major public health issue, although genetics may play a role partic-

Dr Vijay Bahall

ularly for less serious crimes. Serious crimes also lead to further health problems, and an unhealthy environment, which further encourages criminal activity.” Trinidad and Tobago, he said, ranks as one of the world’s leading trouble-spots, with the murder rate increased from 118 in 2000, to 407 in 2013. The detection for murders, Bahall added, is 16 percent or less. Such low detection level, Bahall told the forum, meant that 84 percent of the criminals are still at large to commit more crimes and indoctrinate others into criminal activity. He said, “This means that no matter what method was tried to catch the criminal, there are 84 out of 100 out there. This is analogous to the iceberg, since the tip if shattered, will only allow for a new tip, but the iceberg at large remains untouched.” Bahall then proposed at the forum that the “dengue approach”, or the medical surveillance technique, should

involve the use of trained personnel in various fields, to swoop down into a community whenever a murder has been committed. And he suggested a four-phase approach. The first, he named as the ‘Identification Phase.’ Bahall explained that personnel should identify the school the arrested criminal attended, clubs associated with and social organisations attached. And the second phase, Bahall proposed, was “Stabilisation”, which he explained, should involve personnel working in the community and implementing programmes where the murder has been committed, to make people feel appreciated and loved. Such programmes should aim at lifting their self- confidence.

(Trinidad Guardian) NATIONAL Security Minister Gary Griffith is considering legalising the use of pepper spray as a personal safety measure for citizens. He says the time has come for law-abiding people to be given the opportunity to defend themselves.  Griffith made the statement during a phone interview with the T&T Guardian on Thursday as he agreed with a proposal from the Police Social and Welfare Association to consider legislative amendments to allow women to carry pepper spray for safety during Carnival celebrations.  Griffith said he was “considering the use of pepper spray for citizens as a personal safety measure for at-risk members of the citizenry.” He told the T&T Guardian there might be some opposed to the idea but he believed it was a non-lethal weapon that citizens could use for protection. He added: “There may be some groups that may say that it may be used by the criminal elements but the criminal elements use all the firepower they have right now that they are using. “I think that it is time that the law-abiding citizens are given some type of opportunity to defend themselves. The pepper spray is the most subtle type of defensive weapon that can be used without causing any permanent after effects.” Griffith said pepper spray, when used on a would-be attacker, would “give the victim enough time to actually escape from criminal elements.”  He also issued a media release in which he contended that the use of pepper spray by law-abiding citizens “will allow them, once the law is amended, to legally equip themselves in a manner that can save and preserve rather than destroy life.” Griffith, in his release, said that would be a measure to protect law-abiding citizens who did not have guns, and pepper spray was known throughout the world as a self-defence item.  It added: “It is being used by law enforcement agencies as a non-violent way to control dangerous situations. “This self-defence item has evened the playing field for those who may not be as physically strong as the attacker who they need protection from. Anyone who is either unable or unwilling to use force is still able to protect themselves in dangerous situations with pepper spray.” 




The death of the PNC

SINCE the People’s National Congress (PNC) was given birth by the late Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, that political party has been, and remained from the inception a vibrant force in local social and political dynamics, and the leadership (with initially Burnham at the helm, then Hoyte) has remained committed and steadfast on the core values of the Party. Enter Corbin, and with him the slow disintegration of the second strongest political force in Guyana. Leadership challenges began: Membership was being lost at an alarming rate; but worse was the infighting, as more and more of the executive members began feeling alienated to a political party they had given absolute loyalty, from their youth. So, Burnham loyalists became determined to return the PNC to its glory days by removing Corbin, who they solely blamed for the disintegration of the PNC, and replace him with someone in whom they placed their faith to restore the strength of their party. But, bit by bit, the core leadership was eliminated out of the equation, with challengers to leadership claiming rigging in the internal electoral processes. Corbin remained as Supreme Leader, while the swathe of vengeance scythed away aspiring leaders like Vincent Alexander, Aubrey Norton, Raphael Trotman, Faith Harding et al. Those who supported opposing candidates were vengefully weeded out of the executive, and, gradually, the strength and vibrancy of the PNC became diluted, because those who remained became apathetic and directionless. That is, until Corbin realised that if he stayed, he would become leader of a defunct political party. His future personal wellbeing was secure, in any case, because the PPP/C Government provides the leader of the opposition with wages, benefits, and a retirement package almost in line with that of the President. So Corbin would never want for any luxury imaginable. These were the factors that propelled his search for a successor; but instead of choosing someone who had the absolute loyalty of party members, he went out of the box and chose someone who was an absolute political novice, which further alienated hardcore PNCites. David Granger’s emergence as a power within PNC leadership heralded many changes; but the most shocking of all was the restructuring of the Burnham-founded PNC, by eliminating executive members who had served the party with loyalty and distinction from their youth, and injecting non-affiliates in a new avatar he renamed A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), which key members saw as a betrayal, because none of the new affiliate parties, heads of which automatically became executive leaders of the new political conglomeration, had any membership to speak of, and all had been almost defunct. So it was an anomalous partnership. As a consequence, disillusioned PNC membership melted away in droves; thus it was when former PNC leadership contender, Raphael Trotman co-founded the Alliance For Change (AFC), many former PNC members voted solidly for that fledgling political party. The angst of party loyalists, who see newcomers who had never contributed anything to their party, like Jaipaul Sharma, Rupert Roopnarine and others enjoying the power, prominence and benefits that come with their appointment as parliamentarians, sidelining major players like Faith Harding, Aubrey Norton, Volda Lawrence, Mervyn Williams, et al, has added to the internal corrosion of the second oldest, once powerful political party in Guyana. The ineffective leadership (which only grandstands with sanctimonious speeches, cutting successive budgets and stymieing the development of their own support bases) and now their unyielding

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25, 2014

Janette Bulkan’s stance on Budget cuts not surprising at all IN response to Janette Bulkan’s letter in the Wednesday, February 19, 2014 edition of the Stabroek News, titled “The constitution and the standing orders provide no barrier to the management of the debate line by line”, kindly allow me to state the following: 1. It is not surprising, being anti-government, that Janette Bulkan, an alien forest expert, fully supports the Parliamentary Opposition (PNC/APNU & AFC) to cut the 2014 National Budget estimates, misusing its one-seat majority in the National Assembly. 2. In justifying that the National Assembly has the power to increase or reduce the Minister of Finance’s budget estimates, Bulkan referred to a set of Standing Orders and Articles 171 & 218 which she has misinterpreted, basically to mislead or misinform the public readership. 3. But in relation to Budget cuts, Acting Chief Justice, Ian Chang, in his final ruling on the 2012 Budget cuts by the National Assembly, simply said, “This Court holds that, while the Assembly may approve or not approve the Minister’s Estimate of Expenditure, it has no power to amend those estimates by way of reduction (or of increase). It is the executive Minister’s estimates, and it is he who must amend them to obtain the Assembly’s approval, so that the Cabinet may recommend or consent to the presentation of an Appropriation Bill to the Assembly for passing for the purpose, charging those estimates to the Consolidated Fund.” The Chief Justice further said, “ the circumstances, the Court sees it fit to declare that the National Assembly, through the Committee of Supply, has acted unlawfully and unconstitutionally in purporting to reduce or cut the Estimates of Expenditure of the Minister of Finance for the Financial Year 2012. The Court sees it fit to further declare that the power of the National Assembly is limited to giving or withholding its approval for the Minister’s estimates...” This ruling by the Chief Justice is so simple to understand, since it is self-explanatory, that the National Assembly does not have the power to either reduce or increase the Minister of Finance’ Estimates of Expenditure, because it is unlawful and unconstitutional. Bulkan needs to put aside ignorance, and accept the truth as declared by the Chief Justice of Guyana. 4. What are Standing Orders of the National Assembly, which Bulkan, like her confederates in the PNC/APNU and AFC, is trying to say give power to the National Assembly to cut or increase the Budget estimates? This is totally wrong, since Standing Orders are not written laws; and Article 9 of the Constitution never converted pre-existing Standing Orders made by the Assembly from their status as procedural rules of Self-Regulation into procedural rules of Law. Further, Standing Orders can be repealed and amended by the Assembly itself, without the need for any repealing or amending legislative provision, which clearly shows that they are not written

law. In this regard, the Chief Justice pointed out that “whatever their contents, the Speaker cannot interpret them, and the Assembly cannot apply them in such a manner as to contravene the Constitution.” So, Standing Orders are merely rules of procedure for the internal operations of the National Assembly. So, get it right, Bulkan! 5. With reference to Article 171 (2) (a) (II) the National Assembly cannot proceed on any Bill for imposing any charge upon the Consolidated Fund or any public fund without the recommendations or consent of the Cabinet. In this regard, the National Assembly can propose amendments and not itself make amendments to the Minister’s estimates. But the Chief Justice said that “If the Assembly has already amended the estimates, then this obviates the necessity for its subsequent approval, and the requirement for approval in Article 218 is effectively negatived.” This simply means that if the National Assembly amends the Minister of Finance’s estimates, then the requirement for approval becomes unnecessary. Then, what becomes of Article 218 in our National Constitution? This shows clearly that the National Assembly violated the National Constitution, the supreme law of the land in cutting the 2012 Budget estimates, which the Parliamentary Opposition again intends to do in 2014. What absolute lawlessness! 6. Bulkan, in her letter, said, “I suggest that a broader reading of articles in the National Constitution, together with the Standing Orders of the National Assembly will show that there is really no problem.” This is indeed a good suggestion for Bulkan herself, who needs to properly or rightly understand what are Standing Orders of the National Assembly, and not misinterpret them for the deliberate contravention of Guyana’s Constitution, which her masters in the Parliamentary Opposition (PNC/APNU & AFC) are currently doing. 7. Finally, Mr. Editor, Bulkan said in her letter that “All the serious debate and horse-trading takes place in the Committee of Supply without needing to consider the convoluted wording of Article 171, which deals with both Bill and Motion, not in a congruent manner.” This is where Bulkan has exposed her ignorance about Guyana’s Constitution, and is being totally incorrect and misleading to justify that Standing Orders of the National Assembly can be used to reduce or increase the National Budget estimates. Article 171 of the Constitution is not convoluted, neither congruent. Bulkan’s problem is that she is simply unable to legally construe our National Constitution. This however requires deep concentration and a comfortable environment, and my humble advice to Bulkan is to return to the Waini River area, relax in a hammock, drink coconut water, and study our National Constitution. She can take along experts as resource persons. PETER PERSAUD

Doctor of Economics or APNU spin doctor?

IT IS indeed sad when qualified, experienced and supposedly intelligent individuals choose to sacrifice professionalism in the name of narrow and selfish political gains. I have noted, with great disappointment, statements in the media attributed to Professor Clive Thomas, a Doctor of Economics. In the January 19th edition of the Stabroek News, in an article captioned, “Severe poverty remains, even if not UN’s extreme poverty”, in which Dr. Thomas, Mr. David Granger of the APNU and Halima Khan of Red Thread were quoted and to whom many statements were attributed. I can forgive and or even ignore Mr. Granger’s and Ms. Khan’s statements, since none of them are economists or intellectuals of the caliber of Dr. Thomas. But, for Dr. Thomas, a Professor and Doctor of Economics, one of Guyana’s bright minds, to belittle Guyana’s achievements in eradicating extreme poverty is mind-boggling. I am not disputing the fact, and I am sure no one will, that there is poverty in Guyana, but which country on this earth does not have people living in poverty? At which point in human history was there ever a country free of poverty? The important question that Dr. Thomas must ask is: How many Guyanese fell into poverty during the PNC’s 28 years of dictatorship and mismanagement, as against how many of those very people were able to come out of poverty during the 20 years of PPP/C rule? Is it not much easier to plunge a country into a hole than to get it out of it? The PNC had the easy task of throwing the majority of Guyanese into a hole of poverty while the PPP/C government, on the other hand, is faced with the un-envious task of rebuilding Guyana, and getting those very Guyanese out of that hole they were thrown into by the PNC in the first place. As an economist, Dr. Thomas must know that the effects of the PNC’s 28-year reign of destruction will be with us for at least another generation, whether we want to accept it or not. And whether the good professor accepts it or not, the PPP/C has largely been successful in reducing poverty in Guyana. The United Nations was position of non-support of the anti-money laundering and terrorism Bill (with all the implications for Guyana and all Guyanese, that has made the APNU a mocking stock in Guyana and the world) is another factor that seems to spell doom for the once powerful brainchild of Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, who, despite everything, was one of the most brilliant leaders Guyana has ever produced. Granger has, without doubt, presided over the demise of the People’s National Congress; and its non-support of the AML/FT Bill is its death knell.

kind enough to recognize it. The PNC, in its new outfit, the APNU, is now very envious of the Government’s achievements in reducing poverty, and they know that as long as the trend continues, they (APNU) will eventually become obsolete as a political force. It is for this very reason, and no other, that they have been fighting the government, tooth and nail, to thwart progress and destroy Guyana. Cutting the National Budget in their bid to prevent the government from providing essential goods and services; fermenting ethnic strife; and creating a sense of insecurity are probably their only hopes of remaining relevant and staying alive. They understand that they are on the road to share the faith of the GPSU. I am therefore appealing to the good Professor and Doctor of Economics to dispel my ignorance and explain to the nation, in very clear and simple language, the following: * How can cutting the national budget and creating a politically unstable environment help in further reducing poverty in Guyana? * How would capital flight and scaring away of investors (both foreign and local) help in the further reduction of poverty in Guyana and by extension those very people Ms. Khan quoted? * How killing of the Amaila Hydroproject, the availability of cheap and reliable energy will or will not help reduce poverty in Guyana? * How will a new and modern airport lead to more poverty in Guyana and not development? * How would the construction of a Marriott brand hotel in Guyana result in increased poverty among Guyanese? * How would the non-passage of the Anti-money laundering bill “not” result in the further impoverishment of the very people they are pretending to be concerned about? * How will poverty be reduced if those who have monies to invest and want to invest are not encouraged and given the opportunity to do so result in the creation of employment for the unemployed poor Ms. Khan quoted? * How monies lying idle in Banks contribute to poverty reduction if conditions are not created for their investment in the economy? Since the good Professor is so concerned about poverty reduction in Guyana, and we do recognize that there is such a thing as poverty in Guyana, could he please share with the Guyanese public what are his proposals to make Guyana the only country in human history to eradicate poverty. While he has the right to criticise the Government’s record on poverty reduction, he is equally also obliged to propose viable solutions. I am eagerly awaiting his response. FARUK MOHAMED


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25, 2014

Rotary Club of Demerara donates wheelchairs to Public Hospital G/Town --unveils Gift of Life billboard in compound of Emergency & Ambulatory Care depts. By Shirley Thomas THE Rotary Club of Demerara has donated eight wheelchairs to the Maternity Ward of the Georgetown Public Hospital, and has unveiled its Gift of Life Billboard in the compound of the Emergency and Ambulatory Care departments (East & Quamina streets) of that institution. This great humanitarian gesture of this august institution was performed last Friday, February 21. The billboard is intended for prominent advertisement of the Rotary Club’s desire and ability to help children with defective hearts, Rotary officials have said. Assisting in unveiling the billboard was little Terriann Wright, who has had her surgery done last year January through Gift of Life programme, and her mother, Ms. Gillian Henry. Sponsors of the billboard project included DIGICEL; Bounty Farm; ANSA Mc AL; Pegasus; REDD Entertainment, and Sterling Products. Treasurer of the Rotary Club of Demerara, Mr. Lance Hinds, presented the first of eight wheelchairs to the Director of Nursing Services at the GPHC, Matron Audrey Corrie; and in brief remarks to the gathering, Mr. Ossie James, President of the Rotary Club of Demerara, outlined that the wheelchairs were made available through a collaboration with the Rotary Club of Georgetown Central,

of the Gift of Life programme, in that volunteers are able to see the impact they have on that one life, and it motivates and inspires others to continue to support the programme,” Mr. De Groot said. He noted that, over the years, Gift of Life programmes have evolved with the assistance of the recently formed “Gift of Life International (GLI)”, and adding that this body is now a well coordinated global network, a circumstance which has magnified its capacity to help children in need of heart surgeries. The Rotary Club of Demerara has, for several years, been involved with the Gift of Life programme. De Groot said that while children will still go up to the United States and around the world for surgery, GLI has focused on strategically citing centres of excellence to treat children in their home countries or regions of birth, so that children are no longer compelled to travel only to the US for surgery.

Treasurer of Demerara Lions, Mr. Lance Hinds, presents a wheelchair to the GPHC, received on its behalf by Matron Audrey Corrie. In background (from left) are President of the Rotary Club of Demerara, Mr. Ossie Ross, and CEO of the GPHC, Mr. Michael Khan Through the expanded efforts of the Gift of Life programme into the development of sustainable paediatric cardiac surgery and after-care programmes, GLI is now helping over 1,000 children to access treatment for heart conditions each year, De Groot said. As time progressed, programmes focused on sustaining reliable paediatric cardiac in Uganda, El Salvador, Jamaica, Haiti, and the Philippines have been developed and operational for years, Mr. De Groot said. In January 2011, the Gift of Life International announced the “Our Hearts are in Jamaica” programme, and set up a Gift of Life programme at the Bustamanti Hospital for Children. Surgeries Terriann Wright received a gift of life from the Rotary International in the form of heart surgery performed in Jamaica in January 2013. She is flanked by her sister, Marissa, and mother, Gillian Henry. a sister club; the E 1-World Rotary Club; and the Free Wheelchair Mission. Those present at the handing over ceremony included Chief Executive Officer of the GPHC, Mr. Michael Khan, and other representatives of the GPHC; Rotarians from the Rotary clubs of Demerara and Stabroek; and representatives of some of the sponsors of the project. Mr Patrick De Groot, Past President and Current Vice President of the Rotary Club of Demerara, gave an insight into the Gift of Life programme and how the community could benefit from it. Gift of Life was birthed, he said, with the aim of identifying and helping one child at a time with a heart problem. Throughout the world, Rotary clubs and Rotary districts would be relied upon to identify children in need of heart surgery. Thereafter, the Rotary would work to have those children treated at one of their affiliated hospitals in the United States of America. “This method of helping children remains an important purpose

This Gift of Life Billboard was unveiled at the ceremony.

At lectern is Chairman of the Rotary Club of Demerara, Mr. Ossie James; and Vice Chairman Mr Patrick De Groot. are now conducted there by a local Jamaican team which has been trained by Gift of Life doctors. HOW TO ACCESS THE PROGRAMME There are a few simple steps to be followed once a child is identified with heart ailments and requires help from Rotary International. Firstly, the sick child’s local doctor has to contact the Rotary Club of Demerara by calling the number. The doctor has to provide the Rotary Club with a letter stating the problem, along with an ECG report on the child’s heart. These documents would then be forwarded to the Gift of Life International in the United States, where the information would be reviewed by a team of doctors who would decide if the patient can be operated on. Once this is possible, an affiliated hospital is identified and a date is set for the surgery. The Club is then informed, and would organize for a parent and the child to obtain visas to travel to the United States of America. Alternatively, if the affiliated hospital is in Jamaica, no visa would be required. Next, Rotary Club of Demerara is required to get a local company to sponsor the air fares for the parent and child to travel to the USA or Jamaica, as the case may be. In the case of Terriann Wright, airfares for herself and mother to travel to Jamaica were sponsored by DIGICEL. Arrangements are usually made for the child and parent to be met at the airport by Rotarians in the country where the surgery is to be performed. The Rotarians look after all arrangements, and provide home care until the parent and child are ready to return home. The cost of the surgery and all arrangements in the USA or Jamaica are borne by Rotarians in those countries. “It’s all sponsored by Rotarians from the country (of operation),” De Groot said. And extending a passionate call for persons with heart ailments to get on board, Mr. De Groot said: “If you know of any child under 18 years of age with a sick heart, just contact us and let us start the process of helping them to live a normal, healthy life.” He said that based on the 2013 survey of existing Gift of Life programmes, more than 16,000 children have been treated through Gift of Life programmes over the past four decades, proving that the Rotary organisation has really done a lot of good work and saved lives. GPHC CEO, Mr. Michael Khan, said it was indeed welcoming to know about the Gift of Life programme. He added that it was just recently that the GPHC, through the Ministry of Health, sent eleven children well below the age of 18 to Central America to attend to heart conditions. Of the lot, one child’s condition was so critical that she succumbed. Khan told of arrangements being made to send out another batch of children to have their heart conditions attended to, but he said that the GPHC would be willing to use the Gift of Life programme to increase its capacity to have children with heart conditions access treatment. February 23 is the birth date of the Rotary International. On this occasion, the Club is celebrating 109 years of existence. This date also coincides with Guyana’s 44th anniversary of gaining republican status. Meanwhile, the Rotary Club of Demerara recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, and is one of 34,000 Rotary Clubs International around the world.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25, 2014

The after Mash litter By Shirley Thomas RESIDENTS and businesses located along the parade route from Lower Church Street en route to the National Park, and especially on the periphery of Queenstown, (Church, Irving and Vlissengen Roads), woke up yesterday morning to a massively litter-infested environment, brought on through the usual vending

and picnicking activities on Mash Day. It was appalling to behold the amount of solid waste that residents, motor vehicles and patrons had to navigate, in order to gain access to the two nearby gas stations, the state- owned Guyana National Newspapers Ltd, taxi services; restaurants and fast food establishments. In some instances there was an accumulation of crushed

Opposite Guyana Water Inc on Vlissengen Road

bottles in front of one of the gas stations - quite hazardous to motorists having to traverse the path. Even though, understandably, the area used for Mash activities on Sunday would have been littered, concerned citizens contend that it is expected that systems would have been put in place to have the sanitation gangs report early for work and so get the streets cleaned up at

least by 09:00hrs. But far from it. Irving Street and Vlissengen Road remained littered throughout the day on Monday, and it was not until around 15:00 hrs or so, that one single garbage truck and a few labourers began working to free the space of litter. But given the volume of solid waste, the limited labour force and the abysmal lack of proper occupational health and safety tools, it was impossible for them to make any significant difference within the remaining three hours before night would have stepped in. Asked why they did not begin working earlier, Waste Management Officer Travis Kellman insisted that they had begun working at 05:00 hrs Monday morning. The workforce comprised about 43 men, he said, who worked along Camp Street, Church Street and East Street, before showing up at Irving Street. But from this newspaper’s vantage point on Irving Street, only about ten to 12 men were spotted. Worse still, only about five of them wore gloves. The others were forced to perform the job – scooping up litter which included broken Heinekin bottles, with their bare hands. Kellman said they had

The scene outside the gas station on Vlissengen Road requisitioned gloves to do the job, but the gloves have not yet been received. And asked whether he felt there was need for additional labourers, he said it would help if citizens could volunteer to help them in the clean up exercise. Kellman said that earlier in the day, a few citizens had come out and given them a hand.

But citizens are incensed about being exposed to the litter throughout the day, adding that it’s a burning shame that City Hall, even after having increased the fees demanded for food and beverage booths along the parade routes, adequate manpower and resources still were not provided to get the job done properly.

Cleaners at work on Irving Street

Labourers, some of them without gloves, at work on Vlissengen Road


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25, 2014

Old Kai: Chronicles of Guyana

Even the great United States is offering tax-free zones to lure investors - but apparently Guyana’s opposition thinks otherwise

OLD Kai is appalled at the levels of hypocrisy exhibited by certain groups in society who are clearly cheerleaders of the opposition in Guyana. These groups are always critical of any and everything in Guyana; they are always decrying conditions related to public infrastructure; public servants salaries and benefits; healthcare access; education; job creation etc. Fair enough! As these are perennial issues which will never go away in our civilization. In fact, our very survival depends on always pushing to raise the bar for a better standard of living. However, what is shocking is the silence, or tacit support, of these very groups towards the opposition’s clear-cut plan to destabilise the factors which will provide the opportunity to achieve the constant improvement in the standard of living we all desire. In so doing, they give the impression that Guyana, on its own, is fully capable of generating its own self-development; but we have tried this approach before, from the late 60s to the early 90s, and we are all aware of the end result. To shed some further light on this reality, even the great United States of America (which many Guyanese see as the ideal model of development) is doing all it can to attract investors to exploit its resources, and in so doing, create the levels of employment it so desires to jump-start its stagnant economy. This along with a multiplicity of other related economic benefits from increased investors will provide the necessary resources for the US Government to reduce its massive international debt, and at the same time give it additional breathing space to focus more on halting the decline in the standard of living of Americans. This is the primary objective that is fuelling New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo’s ‘STARTUP NY’ plan, which has been described as the most ambitious development plan in the State’s recent history. What’s at the heart of this plan? Attracting investors, as, according to Governor Cuomo, “In a taxfree environment, no one can match what New York has to offer. Businesses that are looking to startup or expand, and, most importantly, create jobs should look no further. We are leveraging our world-class SUNY system and prestigious private universities to partner with new businesses, providing direct access to advanced research, development resources, experts in high-tech and other industries and all with zero taxes for ten whole years…” Yes, you heard right! ‘Zero taxes for ten years in the US’! If the largest economy in the world is forced to adopt such a measure, it makes one wonder at the logic behind the opposition in Guyana attacking each and every single investor in our country. In fact, attacking investments was at the heart of their electoral campaign in the 2011 regional and general elections. This anti-investment, anti-private sector campaign by the opposition only intensified when they emerged from that election with a combined one-seat majority in the National Assembly. They have cut funding for several major infrastructural initiatives, which serve to lay the groundwork to make Guyana more attractive to foreign investors. You will appreciate how much work we have ahead of us to really be competitive in the global market, when the NY Governor says no one can match what his State has to offer international investors. Instead, what we have is the opposition literally chasing away a major US investor (the Blackstone group) involved in the Amaila Falls Hydroproject, who would have been investing hundreds of millions of US dollars into our local economy; creating much-needed jobs; and more importantly, ensuring our country benefits from cheaper and reliable electricity, which is one of the major factors potential investors take into consideration before committing to bringing their money into a particular country. No doubt, the Blackstone group will find it more lucrative now to keep their money in the US economy, which means that Guyana has lost out in a major way. In all of this, the groups who are clamouring for improved benefits have remained silent on this major assault on our economy by the opposition, and would rather have you believe that it never occurred in the first instance. It makes you wonder if these people are genuinely interested in a brighter, more secure future for our country, or are willing to sacrifice this, just so the party they support can eventually regain political power, at any and all cost. There are several other instances of their attacks, including illegally cutting funding in the budget for the LCDS project; the Cheddi Jagan International Airport expansion; the Marriott Hotel; and the Specialty Hospital; and more recently, chasing away the Brazilian investors who were conducting a geological survey of the New River Triangle area to map whatever resources we have there. The AFC/APNU alliance has also attacked the PPP/C Government’s initiative of encouraging public/private partnerships to accelerate development, as in the case of the Mariott; the Amaila Falls project; and completion of Berbice River Bridge. They have strenuously contended that the government should not be involved in such ventures; but here we have it that the Americans are now adopting the very initiative the PPP/C Government has taken, for, as New York officials have been quoted as saying, “...we anticipate a windfall of innovation-driven public-private partnerships

that, because of the START-UP NY program, will create jobs and amazing new opportunities for students and researchers.” Do not for one minute be led into a false sense of security that investors overseas are not paying keen attention to the way the Guyanese opposition are treating the local Private Sector bodies, including their refusal to hear the Private Sector Commission (PSC)’s petition on the Anti-Money Laundering Bill in the National Assembly, and their refusal to have Private Sector representatives and the media observe proceedings in the Special Select Committee on the proposed amendments between the government and the opposition. Another fatal blow would no doubt be the outrageous proposals by the opposition, after they were pressured to reveal exactly what were their concerns with the present amendment, which remained a national secret for several months. The opposition now proposes that anyone having in their possession G$2M (US$10,000) or more can be arbitrarily arrested and charged under the new money laundering legislation. This is a direct attack on the local business community, as, traditionally, the Guyanese business culture was/is a cash-based one. Businesses (legitimate) deal with millions of dollars in transactions on a daily basis; now they will become severely restricted in their operations. So, why should businesses come to Guyana, where the opposition will be attacking and vilifying them, when they can take their money to the United States and not have to pay taxes for a decade, while also benefiting from other forms of Government assistance to establish their enterprises? Here in Guyana, the opposition would have you believe that that is a form of ‘corruption’! But in spite of all of this, the AFC and APNU will stand up on a political platform, and, with a straight face, attack the PPP/C Government for not creating job opportunities for our youths, and not doing enough to improve our living standards. Their cheerleaders, including some of those in the media, will be there to spin their misinformation, but this cannot last forever. Guyanese have now had the opportunity to see who is genuinely concerned about their welfare and future development. A time will soon come when they will have to choose between the election period inciting of race and ethnic insecurities, or the future development and security of themselves and their children. Old Kai is confident they will make the right choice.


State-of-the-art air navigational equipment to be installed at OAI By Clifford Stanley THE Ogle Airport Incorporated (OIA) will this year be outfitted with state-of-the-art air navigation equipment which is superior to the Global Positioning System (GPS) and which will take that airport’s operations to another level. Chief Executive Officer of the Ogle Airport Inc (OAI), Lieutenant Colonel (retd) Anthony (Tony) Mekdeci, disclosed that the Very High Frequency (VHF) Omnidirectional Radio Range and Distance Measuring Equipment VOR/DME is to be installed at OAI by the Government of Guyana to better manage the airspace and conflicting traffic. He disclosed that the VOR/DME equipment at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) is now being replaced, and the one that currently operates at the CJIA would be installed at OAI. “There is no definite timeline established for this transfer as yet, but the hope is that VOR/DME will arrive at OAI before year end,” he said. The short-range radio navigation systems for aircraft enable pilots to determine their position and distance away from an airport by receiving radio signals transmitted by fixed ground     beacons at distances of up to one hundred miles away from those beacons. The system facilitates safer travel and landings for aircraft equipped with the receiver, and makes for easier management of inbound and outbound aircrafts by air traffic controllers. Mr. Mekdeci said that improving on-board navigational systems using VOR/DME would tremendously assist pilots. “It is very important, because if you have one or two aeroplanes flying in the airspace, that is one thing; but if you have several (aeroplanes) flying in the same airspace, then you would recognise how important the navigation system is for safety,” he said. OAI was certified as a Regional Class airport in March last year. The absence of VOR/DME has been identified by other local aviation officials as one of the remaining obstacles to OAI achieving its full utilisation potential, because installation of VOR/ DME is a precondition before some airlines would operate from Ogle.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25, 2014

Mahdia Gold up and running CANADIAN based gold exploration company  Mahdia Gold Corporation, with properties in Region 7 Cuyuni/ Mazaruni),  announced last week that it has started  alluvial/surface   mining operations at Omai.  Mahdia Gold and its joint venture partner, Roraima Investment & Consulting Services (Guyana) Inc., had previously   announced that they were looking for an initial rate of production of  300 ounces  of gold per month.  In an update last week, Andre J. Douchane, President and Chief Executive Officer, said that unseasonably wet weather and  deteriorated road conditions had   caused a two-week shipment delay but  once all the parts were on site, assembly and start-up progressed rapidly and operations are currently underway.  The dredging operation is going on in the  Wenot East alluvial target, located within the Roraima mining permit area (the "Roraima Area") where Mahdia Gold  completed its alluvial test

programme earlier this year. Douchane said that due to the small size of the starter pond, the mine has begun operations at half capacity with one six inch dredge.  As the dredge pit expands, an additional  six inch dredge (already in place) will be brought on line.  With four sluices operating, the hourly production/processing  rate is anticipated to  be 100 tonnes per hour .  The two six inch dredges will further enlarge the dredge mining area to enable Mahdia’s joint venture  partner, Roraima Investment & Consulting Services (Guyana) Inc., to install a sixteen inch floating dredge, Douchane disclosed.  This floating sixteen inch cutter head suction type dredge, capable of mining up to an estimated 200 tonnes per hour, is refurbished and scheduled to be shipped to the site by April. Financing available, the floating dredge will be matched with an upgraded, and much larger, process plant; otherwise,

extra sluices will be fabricated and used temporarily, Douchane said. Roraima had said it is planning to scale up to 400 TPH by July 1, 2014. Historically, the central Guyanese region, where Mahdia Gold is now operating,  was made popular by the Omai gold mine.  This mine produced approximately four million ounces of gold from two open pits.  Mahdia Gold Corp.  acquired gold bearing concessions in the area  a few years  after  Omai Gold officially closed its operations in 2005.  Mahdia Gold has indicated that historical data suggests that Omai still contains significant gold deposits. The 534 acre area was previously mapped as a paleochannel  (an ancient riverbed) with maximum depths to around 25 meters Recent test results at this area confirmed the presence of gold in all size fractions, Mahdia Gold had previously announced.  


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25, 2014

GTUC calls on principal actors to ensure passage of the AML/CFT Bill THE Guyana Trades Union Congress issued a press release on the day the nation celebrated its 44th republican anniversary, an edited version of which appears below: Now that Mr. Roger Hernandez, representative of the Caribbean Action Task Force (CFATF), has visited Guyana and interacted with some stakeholders on the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill, the principal actors, and the nation, are asked to pay heed to the crucial areas. Mr. Hernandez has said that the CFATF requires, by February 28th, a report on Guyana’s progress; and that Guyana will not be automatically removed from CFATF’s watch list (Blacklist) even if the AML/CFT Bill is passed on time. He had earlier informed that, from his own experience, the minimum time it takes for a country to be removed from the blacklist is approximately two years. His communication was clear: “You require implementation, it is not just passing the law; it is about implementing the law.” The National Assembly meets on February 27; and although the bill is attracting the draftsman’s attention, it is highly improbable that the bill can be debated and assented to by February 28th. CFATF will be aware of this.  Progress is being made, and CFATF’s review date for Guyana is May 2014. The areas raised by CFATF regarding amendments to the principal act, the present bill, and the need for conformity should be noted. This nation should pay heed to Mr. Hernandez’s expressed concern: that amendment(s) should not risk being CFATF non-complaint. Guyana is capable of achieving this without comprising its constitution and desire for good governance. This can be done by realising a foolproof act and bill that would ensure adherence, proper policing, and accountability by those tasked with its implementation. In principle, this position is not dissimilar to CFATF’s interest, and here is where heads must come together. The Private Sector, in taking a vociferous role on this matter, must rise to the occasion beyond requiring the Opposition to pass the bill. It must equally require, and ensure, that the administration gives true meaning to previous AML/CFT laws through implementation, along with other laws that it is openly flouting. The PPP administration has a poor record of implementing laws that run counter to its interest and those of its allies. The GTUC wishes to state that, as it engages the opposition on the impasse involving the Bauxite Company of Guyana Incorporated (BCGI), it is not prepared to accept any guarantee that the arbitration will commence. GTUC wishes to have the arbitration letters re-issued before passage of the bill; because, almost two years ago, this administration gave the Supreme Court the guarantee it will re-issue the letters, and, to date, nothing has been done!  Additionally, the demands to assent to outstanding bills, implement outstanding structures in the principal act of the AML/CFT Bill, and establish the Public Procurement Commission are consistent with a principal concern CFATF has with Guyana; that is, respecting and implementing laws.   GTUC calls on President Ramotar to stop misleading the nation by claiming his non-assent to bills is because they are unconstitutional. The determination of constitutionality is vested in the Judiciary, not the President. As Head of State and Head of Government, the President is vested primary responsibility to deliver leadership to this society by assuring the citizenry and regional and international

For Tuesday February 25, 2014 -13:30hrs For Wednesday February 26, 2014 -14:30hrs For Thursday February 27, 2014 -14:30hrs

bodies of his administration’s capability and commitment to respect and implement all laws. It is his responsibility to address the just demands made by the GTUC, the opposition parties, and the CFATF; and he is urged to do so. The matter of the AML/CFT law, its implementation, and being CFATF compliant began in 2009.  Guyana was placed on the Watch list (Black list) in 2013. This nation must get it right, and President

Ramotar has more than enough time before the National Assembly meets again to attend to the outstanding matters brought to his attention. There are 24 hours in a day. It can be done if the President has the political will. If the bill fails to be passed in the National Assembly, it is not because of the opposition, but the result of the administration’s comfort with the status quo.


Mash GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25, 2014

Photos by Sonell Nelson and Adrian Narin

h 2014


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25, 2014



GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25, 2014

15 GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25, 2014



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 male looking for a female from Guyana, Jamaica or USA. Tel. 668-5901.

 reading, other works done. For fast results - reuniting lovers, removing evil and all blockages, etc. Call 696-8873, 673-1166.

 excavator and Kubota. Call 692-2521.

 Jewellery and Pawn Shop, Lot 1 Durban Street Werk-enRust between Camp and George Streets. Tel: 223-6331, 227-2307.

 PEN PAL




 puri for your weddings, birthdays and other occasions. 226-8469.






 a Friend! Get educated! Get Married! Migrate!..through the CFI. Telephone Friendship Link. Call 592-261-5079, 654-3670, 6888293,261-6833 twenty-four hours

 Service: Swedish deep tissue, therapeutic, prenatal. All massages done by qualified therapist. For appointment. call Samantha 661-2219.

 Taxi and Transportation Service. Tel. 216-0381, 6400692.

 offers courses in dressmaking, curtains, floral, cake decoration, 153 Barr St, Kitty. 670-2653, 618-1706.


       Divinty Spa, 245 Sheriff St., specialise in relaxation and therapuetic massages, facials. C a l l 661-6 6 9 4 , a s k f o r D i a n n a

 classes: Dolphin swimming club, Thursday 05:30hrs - 06:30hrs and Saturday 06:30hrs to 07:30hrs. All ages. Tel. 6693757, 641-2571, 690-1559.



 .        

 prayer and counselling in any situation. Call 649-4247.

  Academic Excellent (IAE) Register for Forms 1 - 5, CXC Repeaters, Lessons, morning and evening classes for adults, Mathematics, English A, Science and Business. Flexible time table. 683-5742, 223-0604 or visit us at 194 Camp Street (Behind Ultra Waters.).


                 

 tutor offers help in English, Reading, Writing, etc. - low level to CXC. Call 6907467.

 improved grades!Individualised Tutoring for both adults and children. Register for Home Schoo l i n g o r Afterschool Classes-- Phonics, Reading; Composition Writing; Handwriting; Mathematics; Music Classes-play instruments, sit exams. Exam preparation-CSEC, NGSA, ABRSM. Call: 651-5220,


 installation cutting, polishing and profiling to all your granite counter tops also building of cupboards and closets. Contact Rawle 611-7031, 667-7963. construction: Professional Caribbean to international construction specialized in general work from start to finish. Roofing, pool, carpentry, plumbing, tilling, painting, electrical, masonry etc.                                           Pressure washing: you won't believe the difference Call Kevin Blyden 592-696-5424 We clean homes, driveways, decks, gutters, parking lots, businesses, equipment, machinery, cars and anything else with dirt and grime. construction: Professional Caribbean to international construction specialized in general work from start to finish. Roofing, pool, carpentry, plumbing, tilling, painting, electrical, masonry etc.     Construction: Specialised in construction of buildings, swimming pools, renovations, bobcat rental, excavation of lands and all your construction needs. Tel. 225-1499, 628-2330 Mohamed.  Visa Service. Professional Visa applications to the US and Canada. Fees USA VISA $3000, Canada $4000, Plaza Computer Service, 245 Sheriff Street, C/ville.    . Open Monday to Sunday 09:00hrs 21:00hrs

 works done to bring peace, finance, success, enhance prosperity, remove evil, blockage, reunite families, lovers, etc. 610-7234, 644-0058. spiritual help in removing evil spirit, bad luck, evil sickness, spells, reuniting lovers, bringing prosperity to business, etc. Tel: 6126417, 220-0708, .687-5653.

TRANSPORTATION transportation

  Transportation for Nursery School Children from East Bank to Georgetown & in and around Georgetown. Tel: 658-1523/638-3622



 and lorry drivers, porters and fillers. 226-5473.  to work at 704 bar. Contact 223-5273/4.  Clerk Application with CV and references to: P.O. Bank 10109, Georgetown.  Marketing young computer-skilled person and a secretary. Phone . All interested persons, send in application to Sunflower Hotel, 229 South Road and Cummings Streets. Tel. 225-3817.  following Western Union CSR, Office Assistant, Cleaners, Cashiers. Survival Shopping Complex, 173 Sheriff Street, Georgetown. Tel. 227-5286-9.  guards to work in the interior with a mining firm. Must have military/police experience. Contact 226-9768.  mechanics to work in the interior. Must have knowledge about Perkins engines. Contact 226-9768.  assistants in a reputable pharmacy located in Kitty. Interested persons please call 641-3240 for more information.

Cashier: Minimum 5 subjects including Maths and English. Apply within, with passport size photo, 79 Albert and Laluni Streets Georgetown, Nimbus Water Department  , Cook. Apply within at Sweet Point Snackette, 42 Orange Walk, Bourda. Phone 226-7147.  for one male Janitor. Apply in person at Alabama Trading, Georgetown Ferry Stelling.  Salesgirl and Accounts Clerk. Apply in person with written application at Alabama Trading, Georgetown Ferry Stelling Stabroek. Labourers. Apply to: The Manager, Sol Gas Distribution, 9 Dowding Street, G e o r g e t o w n . Te l . 2 2 5 - 2 2 5 9 , 622-5922, 216-3152.  exists for the following positions at : Managers, waiters, waitresses, supervisors, cashiers, bartenders, cleaners, hostesses, security personnel. Send applications to P.O. Box:101848  Manager to work at a hotel, club located on the Essequibo Coast. Must have previous management experience in said field. Attractive salary and accommodation provided. Contact 226-9768, 642-7963. exist for night manager & front desk clerk. Apply in person with written application to: The Manager Regency Suites/Hotel, 98 Hadfield Street, Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown.  female Office Assistant, must have knowledge of Accounting Computer Software, good communication skills between age 20-40 years. Apply to Email tel. 671-8883, 669-1113, 696-9529. exists for an Office Assistant. Must have a valid Motor Cycle License. Age 20 and 30 years.Sound Primary Education. Apply in person with application and reference between the hours 10hrs. and 1600 hrs. Cell Phone Shack, 176 Middle Street.


VACANCY  exists for the following:- (1) One (1) Senior Internal Auditor: Ambitious female to work in Finance Department. Requirements: Certified Account Technician (CAT) level 2 or AAT - level 2. Four CXC subjects or equivalent including Mathematics, English and Principles of Accounts. Must be pleasant, disciplined and of stable personality. Experience would be an asset (30 to 50yrs preferably) (2) One Junior Accounts Clerk to work in the Finance Department. Apply in Person to:- Mr. Latchmin Khan / Rajdai Raghubeer (Vashti) RK's Security Services 172 Light & Charlotte Streets, Bourda , Highly motivated and energetic person with secondary education, 2 years min. experience in retail sales. Starting at $40,000. - $45,000. per month.     . Highly motivated individual with excellent analytical abilities needed for inventory control and marketing .Diploma in Business or Marketing field is required. Working knowledge of MS Office, Quickbooks plus 1 year experience is needed.Apply to LENS DECOR, 8 Sheriff Street, G/Town. Call: 2270176 Email:


Land For Sale

 road side land for sale. Contact 671-1997.  Bank. Tel. 226-0861, cell 669-0899.  Air Park (double lot) 166 x 37 - $60M. Call Carol 623-0070.  Kara, Linden $32M neg. Contact 680-3771, 6947210.  in Linden $6.5M neg. Contact 680-3771, 694-7210. LAND in Carmichael St, US$750,000 (260x39). Tel. 2163120(office), 667-6644.  St. 40 x 240 $70M. Call Carol 623-0070, 6129785.  Road 40 x 50 $55M. Call Carol 623-0070, 6129785.  St. (business) 30 x 100 - $62M. Call Carol 6230070.

 Sales Clerk must have working experience and a sound secondary education (experience in furniture sales would be an asset). One furniture factory supervisor. Must have at least one year experience. Both positions exist on the West Coast Demerara. Contact 225-8203.

 Gardens 60 x 135 - $22M. Call Carol 6230070, 612-9785.

 World: Career opportunity - A vacancy exists for dynamic and motivated individual to fill the position of Night Computer Operator, must have minimum CXC Maths and English and must be computer-literate (including Microsoft Office). Send application to Email

 120 acres of land US$800 000. Call Carol 6230070.

       e x i s t f o r Sales Clerk, Bond Clerk, A ccounts Clerk, Pharmacist and cleaners at Roy's Pharm a c y. I n t e r e s t e d p e r s o n s can send in applications along with Curriculum Vitae and one passp o r t - s i z e p h o tograph to Roy's Pharmacy Stall #32-33 and 64-65 B o u r d a Market. o n e c l e a n e r c a l l S a m a n t h a 223-6072.

  farm land at 3 Miles in Port Kaituma. Contact Mrs Persaud 671-4381. Parfaite Harmony 50 x 100 $2.2M, Schoonord 50'x100' - $2.5M. Call Carol 623-0070, 612-9785.

 of land for sale located at Ocean View Drive, Ruimzeight Gardens WCD. Call 267-2348, 694-3896.  EBD 3 acres of well built-up land with wide river frontage US$900 000 or G$180M. Call Carol 623-0070.  3rd Avenue, size 120' x 60', prime spot. Priced for quick sale - $10M. 652-5601.  at 14 Kersaint Park, LBI, house lot 50x90 - $ 1 5 M . Te l . 6 9 9 - 9 2 0 1 . at Lot 21 Surat Drive, Triumph,. ECD. Contact Mr Hinds at 223-8059.



 from road to river at Parika. Contact Mr Hinds at 2238059.

 ST NEWTOWN Land with concrete fence. Size 31 X 135. Price 21.5 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

 acres of land at Blankenburg. Contact Mr Hinds at 223-8059. house and land at De Kendren $6.5M negotiable. 679-7691, 337-5592.   of land at Block 'G' Blankenburg. Contact Mr Hinds at 223-8059.  Gardens, ECD, 60x135. $17M neg. Tel 6392835, 223-5460.  house lot at Phase 2 Martyrsville, Mon Repos. Price $2.6M neg. Tel. 629-5300. Y with 45 cows, horse, house and generator.   land 49'x124' close proximity to CARICOM, ECD $18M, Hogg Island 54 acres $25M. Tel. 227-0613, 645-7248.   cultivated citrus, house, fish pond, storage, 2 acres cultivated, ACRE cultivated Parika. Contact 226-7968.   100 x 50 only $14M, Call 231-2064, 225-2626, 227-6863, 615-0069, 627-0288, 226-1064.   , Highway and East Bank Demerara Junction.     GATED COMPOUND: Versailles (behind Aracari), Republic Gardens Eccles, Diamond and Herstelling.     in Queenstown 165 x 60 over $100M. Phone Vice President Alysious Pereira 6232591, Vice President Darandia 615-0069, 618-0000, 225-2626  GARDENS/ R E PUBLIC PA R K E.B.D (Gated community) - Size 50 X 100 Price $11.5 million neg. Contact 665-7400, 643-6353. GARDENS/ REPUBLIC PARK E.B.D (Gated community) - Size 5000 sq ft. Price $13.5 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  STREET- double lot prime business spot (Size 12,500 sq ft) Price USD$ 1.3 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665 -7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  GARDENS/ REPUBLIC PARK E.B.D (Gated community) - (Size 10,000 sq ft) Price $23 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  STREET NEWTOWN - Double lot. Price $21 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  with foundation 110x 53, 60 x 26 at La Parfaite Harmonie, WBD, Second Street in from Canal Road. Price $3.5M neg. Tel. 647-4593, 680-3896.  GARDENS E.C.D - Triple lot. Price $58 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  RD- WORTHMAN-VILLEtriple lot suitable for business, bond, etc. Price reduce to $35 million. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  ST NEWTOWN- Land for commercial building, bond, apartments, etc. Size 32x135. Price $34 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665- 7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  STREET, FREEBURG - INVESTMENT corner lot . Size 11,000 sq ft. Price $77 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

 STREET, NEWTOWN - corner lot suitable for apartment complex, store, bond, restaurant, etc. Price 35 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  - Price 36 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  NEW SCHEME E.B.D - Price $7 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  E.C.D - Land with foundation for 2 storey house. Land size 52 X 84.Price $ 6.5 million. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  GARDENS/ REPUBLIC PARK E.B.D (Gated community) - Size 50 X 100 Price $11.5 million neg. Contact 6657400, 643-6353.  $9M, 120 x 45, Kitty 230x39 - $50M, Kitty $16 and $13M, gated community $9M, Republic Park 50 x100 $16M. La Parfaite Harmonie $1M. Call 684-2244.  for bond, hotel, apartment complex, Blygezight 120 x 60 $36M, neg, Austin St. 134 x 56 $36M, Kitty 8 000 sq ft - $22M, Phone Vice President 225-2626, 618-0000, 225-2626, 623-2591, 2261064, 227-6863, 615-0069  land in Duncan St. for 4-storey office complex, bond, school, apartment $40M. Phone 627-0288, Mr. Ramsayoe 6180000, Mr Alysious Pereira 6232591, Mr. Darindra 615-0069.   to Brickdam, $75M suitable for 5-storey complex, hotel Mr Ramsohoye 618-0000, Mr Pereira 226-1064, Mr. Darindra 6150069, 225-2626, 227-6863, 2255198\    FT land at Melanie with foundation for two spots. Phone 225-2626, 2276863, 225-3068, 226-1064, 2255198, 231-2064, 626-4180, 6923831.  acres of land at prime location in Parika, close to public road, ideal for housing development factory or other business. For more information, contact 696-6349, 262-0202, 2604258, 668-1295.    land in Bel Air Village for hotel, bond, 5-storey, students' dorm - $42M. Phone Vice President Patrick Pereira 669-3350, Vice President Ramsohoye 618-0000, 623-2591, 227-6863, 225-2626, 667-7812.  140x60 in Subryanville for office complex, residence $60M. Phone Mr Boodram 692-3231, Mr. Pereira 669-0943, Mr Darindra 615-0069, 225-2709, 225-2626, 623-2591, 226-1064, 225-5198, 227-6949, 231-2064.  with 20ft driveway Dennis Street $17M, Sec. 'M' 90 x 50 plus reserve $17M, Kitty 8 000 sq. ft - $19M, one house in McDoom close to main road $9M. Phone Mr Darindra 6150069, 618-0000 Vice President Alysious Pereira 623-2591, 2276863, 226-1064, 225-2626.  land is going to solve your business need, in Smyth close to Brickdam 120 x 60 the only land available for $55M neg All lands that would give you the same return on your investment $95M, talking of 5-storey c o m p l e x . P h o n e L a d y B o s ton 684-2244, Lady Racel Jones 688-3434 , Master Darindra 615-0069, 618-0000, 6232591, 225-2626, 225-3068, 2261064 , E m ail :

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25, 16 2014





 lot in Dennis St, with driveway 20 feet $17M, Sec. 'M', 80 x 60, plus reserve for bond $19M, Da S i l v a S t 80 x 5 0 $ 1 3 M , Kitty Railway Embankm e n t 8 0 0 0 s q . f t $ 20M, land has 20 ft driveways. Vice President Drandia 615-0069, Vice President Alysious Pereira - 6232591, Vice Pr e s i d e n t R a m s a y a e 6 1 8 - 0 0 0 0 , Vice President 225 - 2 6 2 6 , 2 2 6 1 0 6 4 , 667- 7812.

unfurnished house, kitchen, toilet and bath at Chateau Margot. Call 660-0943.

 room and apartment $3 500, $4 000, $5 000, $6 000 daily. Call Julian 638-4505, 225-4709.

 apartment in Bent Street, Wortmanville, US$30 per day. Contact 2263309, 218-1033, 678-4267.

large secure bottom flat (2 bedrooms) in Atlantic Gardens, unfurnished, G$65 000 monthly. Contact 622-4746, 220-0959.

 furnished 5-bedroom, 3-storey house situate at 168 Charlotte Street at $120 000 monthly. Call 225-4712, 6962435.

 businesses must think out of the box. They must adopt a new strategy. The Chinese are moving in so m e l o c a t i o n s t h a t l a n d for bond/factory is cheap, 20 000 sq ft land close to the Chinese embassy for bond. $58M, 8 000 s q . f t o n the main road close t o t h e C h i nese Embassy $54M for 4-storey fast food/super m a r k e t 200-car parking. 1½ acres of land in Turkeyen for hostel, school, university, bond, Buy now, be decisive. Present, you hav e a boss, now decide. Phone Mr. Danhand r i 6 1 5 - 0 0 6 5 , M r. P a t r i c k P e r e i r a 6 6 9 - 3 3 50, M r. A l y s i o u s P e r e i r a 6 2 3 2591, 225-2709, 225-2626, 2 2 5 - 3 0 6 8 , 2 2 6 - 1064, 2276863, 225-5198 Seven days of h o t m a i l : t o n y r e i d s r e a l t y. c o m .

-bedroom self-contained apartment, 629-1561, 2208826, 679-4615.

 wish to advertise all land was made by the creator for different purposes. Go as high as you can to enjoy economy of height. Earl's Court LBI double lot 120 x 90 - $17M, Happy Acres parallel to the Main Road 100 x 50 $16M, for business or 4-storey apartment land for bonds on the East Coast $28M, Kitty 8 000 sq. ft $20M, Da Silva St 70 x 35 $14M, 9 0 0 0 s q . f t o n M a i n Road 500 yards south of Chinese Embassy, Turkeyen 1.4 acres $38M, Campbellville 8 0 x 6 0 w i t h l o t s of reserve $16M, Republ i c P a r k $ 1 6 M , C o n t i n e n t a l P a r k d o u b l e l ot $35 M, Croal Street 75 x 50 $32M, 3 lots at 'AA' Eccles with massive unfinis h e d s t r u c t u r e $98M, plus reserve. Friendship $3.5M, Pearl 5 acres for gated community $45M neg. Phone , 225-3068, 226-1064, 227-6863, 2276964, 225-2626. Values Realty Property, Land and Rental Listings Land 3 lots together Diamond Main Road between, 5th & 6th Avenue $100M, Friendship river side (114x166) $6.8M, Diamond/ Grove New Scheme 2nd Bridge $80M, Grove 1st Bridge $6M, Essequibo Supenaam 25 acres $17M, Linden Highway 20 acres farming land $45M, Robb and King Street US$1.7M, Republic Gardens (50x100) $16M, Sherriff Street double lot US$1.5 M, Quamina Street $45M, Bagotstown (Road to River) $35M, Soesdyke (50x400), $40M, La Parfaite Harmonie $ 3 5 M , Shamrock Garden main road ECD $50M, Coverden (Road to River 62x600) $4M, Diamond Land with foundation and columns $4.5M, Republic Garden 7 lots together $80M, Essequibo Supenaam land $25M, North Road and King Street US$1.6M, Diamond Main Road opposite bank, commercial land US$1.4 M, 13,300 sq.'ft Te l : 2 2 5 - 8 1 0 1 / 2 2 5 - 8 1 0 2 / 6 5 8 3 9 2 8 / 6 8 6 - 3 1 5 3 to let


 for decent worki n g p e r s o n . Te l . 2 2 7 - 0 4 8 5 . Gardens: 3-bedrooms apartment exclusive. 613-9033.  apartment at 241 Herstelling Scheme. Call 226-0315. -bedroom apartment at 88 Middle Road, La Penitence, $30 000. Tel. 615-6090.   bottom flat, Lamaha Street Queenstown. Call 225-4097, 668-0922.

house at Bougainvillea Park. Call 643-5220, 685-5306. -bedroom downstairs. Fully grilled, lower East Bank $35 000. Call 616-5737.  concrete building Mon Repos Block 8 - $40 000. Tel. 643-5797, 231-7568.

 House, furnished apartment. Call 656-9894, 2274792.  2-bedroom apartments, in Thomas St Georgetown. Phone 645-0652, 687-2189.  to rent at 180 Charlotte Street Boruda. Call 226-5183, 227-4406.  furnished 1- and 2bedroom apartment, long- and short-term. Contact 645-0787.  semi-furnished house, Section 'A' Diamond. Tel. 660-0330. -bedroom cottage, Eccles East Bank Demerara - $50 000 per month. Call 688-1819.  US$600, Bel Air Park US$400 neg., US$750 and many others. Contact 628-8012.  Inn Hall for weddings, party, conferences, etc. Call 692-2521.  2-bedroom house with AC and washing machine in Kitty area. Tel. 644-8074.   top flat concrete house very convenient Anna Catherina WCD $30 000 per month. Call 678-3474, 698-4813.  2-bedroom bottom flat apartment in Garnett Street, Newtown Kitty. Call 227-2594, 621-4762.  3-bedroom unfurnished upper flat in Eccles. Price $80 000. Contact 639-2728.  floor and second floor space on Duncan Street. 6218198.  house for rent at Mon Repos. Call 220-7937, 625-5257. : Newly renovated one-bedroom apartment. Call 650-1471.  Street business space for rent. Contact 60064 80,  2-bedroom family house, fully furnished in Enterprise ECD. Tel. 651-3156, 646-2939.  Furnished 2-bedroom flat, suitable for overseas visitors. Tel. 227-1871, 646-2939. : Furnished executive apartment with generator. Price US$400. Tel. 225-0545. : Furnished executive apartment with all conveniences. Price US$500. Tel. 642-0636. 614-6480, 6688733, 621-1834. -bedroom furnished apartment in Central Georgetown $65 000 monthly. Tel. 226-2833 for further information.   3-storey business and residential properties in and around Georgetown. 638-9116, 603-0976.  newly built apartment, light, water, etc, Cornelia Ida, ECD. $60 000. Call 687-1628,  building: 3-storey property 6 000 sq. ft, great location in the city US$7000. Call Carol 623-0070, 612-9785.  and unfurnished properties in residential neighbourhoods US$2000 US$5000. Call Carol 623-0070.

 Studio apartment, furnished. Electricity and water included, $50 000 per month. Contact 678-8904. , secure two-bedroom apartment prime location, decent working bachelor or couple preferred. Call 2269410, 625-2749.   Parfaite Harmonie WBD, three-bedroom top flat, inside toilet, bath, overhead tank car park. Call 18:00hrs to 19:00hrs, 220-4538, cell 6724164 Sandy.  front bottom flat apartment two-bedroom, AC unit, living room, kitchen, washroom, Success ECD no parking. Price $50 000. 675-9107, 642-3478.  Nagar: Fully furnished 2-bedroom apartment with air conditioning, generator and security US$900. Call Carol 623-0070.  Gardens: Semifurnished three-bedroom upper flat, car park, lots of space. $160 000. Tel. 639-2835, 2235460.  concrete bond 87'x32, lots of yard space suitable for CarMart, etc. Public Road McDoom 233-0570 (No agents.).  apartment from US$500, US$800, US$1000, $US1200 and upwards. 226-1064, 669-3350.  Dee 2-bedroom furnished apartments, long or short terms, at Garnett Street, Campbellville. Tel. 661-7354. -storey four bedrooms, house situated in Triumph $50 000 monthly. Contact 697-8116, 220-7454.  furnished tow-bedroom apartment with AC at 38 Shell Road, Kitty. Contact R.R. Samuels, 215 David and Lamaha Streets, Kitty. Tel. 225-1514.   located ground floor office spaces, 306 and 175 sq. ft, - salon, designer, storage or other. (No internal flooding). Call 227-3064, 628-7589.  WILLS STREET, Republic Park, fully AC, fully grilled, electronic security system, water filtration system, etc US$1000. Call 688-4321, 216-2782.  space can be used as an internet, salon, taxi base. Contact 621-9489, 607-1736, 687-6821.  Gardens: Furnished 3-bedroom, AC, hot and cold water, security system US$950 monthly. De Freitas Associates 609-2302, 609-6516.  Street: One- & twobedroom furnished apartments. with hot & cold, AC & Internet from US$20 daily. Rates neg. for monthly visitors. Phone: 227-5852/638-4404.  bottom flat apartment, kitchen and dining, hot and cold water bath and living room, with parking and overhead water at Section 'A' Great Diamond, EBD. 692-1963.  flat apartments 143B Fifth Street Alberttown, long and short terms, rentals double,24hrs surveilance/night security and single rooms US$40 and US$80 per night, wifi, AC, hot and cold. Tel. 231-6721.  wooden house $70,000, Agricola Public Road. 2 bedroom house in Diamond $90,000. Brand new 5 bedroom house in Diamond $200,000, various business space, $100,000 Tel. 216-3120(office), 667-6644.  Street, Bourda: Fully furnished two-bedroom upper flat with AC, internet, hot and cold, all inclusive US$25 daily. Rate neg, for monthly visiting. Phone 6239308, 227-5852.

 flat located at 340 East Street, $45 000 monthly. Call 225-4712, 6962435.  to rent close to U G, shared accommodation call: 625- 8585 also to rent, one five bedroom house .  National Shipping Corporation Ltd: Prime office space for rent, situated in our annex compound at 1 Public Road La Penitence. Phone 624-0321, 226-3365. ONE furnished apartment for overseas visitor, with AC< hot and cold, internet, US$20 daily short and long terms. All rates neg. 231-6061, 621-1524.  $40 000, Atlantic Gardens US$900, Campbellville US$1200, Bel Air US$1800, Robb Street US$900, Section 'K' US$1200. Diana 2272256, 626-9382.  3-bedroom upper flat apartment with all modern conveniences, quiet and secure residential area, with space for parking, $40 000 per month. Tel. 229-6691. : Furnished one-bedroom, kitchenette, living room, telephone, wi-fi, hot and cold pressure, parking, air condition (optional) suitable for professional. US$500. Tel. 667-9367  furnished three-bedroom house situated in 1st Avenue Subryanville with one master room, hot and cold water, fully meshed and grilled and generator. 610-8351, 697-5492.  1- and 2-bedroom apartments for $40 000, $50 000, $65 000 per month and also apartments for US$25, US$40, US$65 per day. Call 6506281, 697-0480.  5 Block 'Y' Cornelia Ida, West Coast Demerara. Call 6101083 call anytime after 17:00hrs to 20:00hrs during the week, and weekends call at anytime. $45 000 monthly.  Street, Campbellville: 3-bedroom 2-storey, concrete house AC, master room, parking, room for office on lower flat, secure, etc. US$1300 neg, Naresh Persaud 225-9882, 681-2499.  front, 2-storey property 3-bedroom upstairs and 2 downstairs, parking, separate entrances, $90 000 upstairs, $80 000 downstairs. L a t e l y r e n o v a t e d . Te l . 2 6 8 2121.                        prime three-storey commercial building with car park, located on North Road, between Oronoque and Albert Streets. Contact 626-6909, 6427963, 669-0855.  2-bedroom upper flat, fully grilled, self-contained. Professional teachers or small family at 95 Craig Street, Campbellville Georgetown. Call 225-4409, 645-0984 Prashad.  - Bottom flat suitable for storage bond size (1160 sq ft). Price $100,000 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.  Gardens E.C.D - semi furnished 4 bedroom house. Price USD $1400 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25, 2014 17 TO LET  GARDENS Fully furnished Executive 3 bedroom house. Price USD $1800. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.  STREET SECTION K C/VILLE- unfurnished 3 bedroom house can be rented as office. Price $1700 USD neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665 7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  close proximity to Sheriff Street - brand new 3 storey concrete building. Suitable for business, school, residence etc. Price USD $12,000. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  - 3 storey concrete building suitable for school. Building size 10,250 sq ft. Price USD $5000. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  - Semifurnished 3 bedroom house with office space on ground floor. Price USD $1600. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  - furnished 2 bedroom executive top flat. Price USD $1250. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  - bottom flat suitable for office/residence. Price USD $1200. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  ST CHARLESTOWN - 3 storey concrete building for general store/ storage bond. Size 15225 Sq Ft. Price USD $10,000. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  STREET, ALBERTOWN - 3 storey concrete building. Suitable for school, embassy, office complex, call centre, medical complex etc. Price USD $6,000 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  PARK - 5 bedroom executive house. Price USD $4500. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  STREET brand new executive offices. Size per unit 1650 sq ft. Price USD $2200 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  - unfurnished 4 bedroom house can be used as office or residence. Price USD $1500 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  : Unfurnished one master en suite, three additional bedrooms, living, dining, kitchen, lounge with bar area and door to patio terrace, utility room, hot and cold pressure, parking, suitable for corporate clients. US$1500. Tel 667-9367.         , GEORGETOWN - office space available suitable for consultants, accounting firm, lawyers etc. Price USD $900 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.   GARDENS Fully furnished Executive 5 bedroom house. Price USD $3000 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  NAGAR - Furnished 3 bedroom top flat. Price USD $950. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  AND REGENT STREETS - Commercial space on ground floor. Size 1645 sq ft. Price USD $2400 (as is). Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.



  : Eccles entire house $180 000 or top apartment $100 000, and bottom apartment $80 000, Kitty 2-bedroom unfurnished apartment $85 000, office space East Street $50 000.    

 St, W/Rust: Large and secured bond US$1600 neg, 3bedroom upper flat same address US$500, Bel Air Park 3-bedroom upper flat AC, 1 master room, parking, etc US$1000 unfurnished, US$1200 furnished. Naresh Persaud 225-9882, 681-2499.

/executive rental: Wonderful 7-bedroom property for office & residence at Atlantic Ville, East Coast Demerara. Price US$2000. Call Mr Darin 615-0069, 225-2626, 225-5198, 225-3069, 225-2709, 231-2064.

Sts. Queenstown   BSc has more than 20,000 hrs in Real Estate Investment and Economic Transformation of People Economic Growth. We have rental from US$15 0 0 , i n B e l A i r P a r k , a m b assador's residence in University Gardens Le Resouvenir, Lama Ave with pool, Jacaranda Ave. with large lawns US$2000, Prashad Nagar US$100 0 , a p t . f r o m U S $ 7 0 0 , b o n d 8 0 0 0 sq ft, small and large o f f i c e space up to 15000 sq foot; state of the art hote l a n d o f f i c e c o m p l e x w i t h i n c o m e o f U S $ 4 0 0 00 monthly; 2 acre s o f l and in the city for hotel, and any complex Main Street 2 ½ acres US$5M, Water Stre e t 4 a cres for hotel, hotel on 5 acres of land overlooking the sea US$5M; another overlooki n g t h e s e a US$1.5M, income US$15000; riverside land residential landatLBI-$10M;Republic Park $8M, Diamond $7M, Sec. ' K ' $20 M , B e l Air P a r k $ 2 5 M , G a r nett double lot $42M, Phone 225-2626, 231-2064, 225-2709, 226-1064, 2276949, 227-6863, 667-7812. 6197945.

 fully furnished 4-bedroom executive apartment, complete with AC, DSL, hot and cold, parking. Price US$800, Public Road, Kitty. Tel. 660-0282, 6294961, 226-1769.  Street, Kitty: 3-bedroom front house, 1 self-contained room, tub, washroom, hot and cold, 2 washrooms, 2 AC, ceiling fans in all rooms, breezy verandah and all rooms beautifuly lacquered fully grilled, private driveway for 3 vehicles. Suitable for foreigners. Call 225-3262, 676-6948.  lumber factory to rent or lease with the following equipment - bandsaw, resaw, woodmizer sawmill, Robinson moulder, edger, etc. Situated at Eccles Industrial Site, E.B. Dem. Call Richard 609-7675. -bedroom upper flat very spacious, grilled and secure, inside toilet and bath, kitchen unit, telephone, etc. Public Road. Couple preferable. Tel. 653-7654, $68 000 monthly. -bedroom fully furnished flat, Queenstown US$1500 business space 30"x 30" Charlestown US$700. Wills/ Vasco Real Estate and Landscaping 227-2612, 223-1877, 6278314, 655-0755.  Subryanville furnished two-bedroom apartment with AC, garage parking, US$500. Liliendaal, unfurnished, two-bedroom apartment, spacious, large verandah, garage parking. Price $70 0 0 0 G e o r g e t o w n . Te l . 2 2 5 3737, 225-4398, 651-7078   OMIYANA 683-7684 Bel Air 3bedroom nice US$1000 overseas companies welcome also expatriates Ogle house with pool US$4000 very modern. Diamond, water and light included $65 000, Eccles $80 000 2-bedroom, Kersaint Park LBI $65 000, $55 000.  Homes John, 609-8233 Bel Air 3-bedroom nice US$1000 overseas companies welcome, also expatriates. Ogle house with pool US$4000 very modern, Diamond, water and light included $65 000, Eccles $80 000 2 bedroom. Kersaint Park LBI $65 000, $55 000.  Street 3-bedroom upstairs US$500, Diamond 3bedroom $70 000 Plaza Bridge New Mall, Business spots available US$150 - US$1000, Albertown 6 office spaces $80,000, Commercial building for rent US$2500 and above Executives Homes for rent US$1500 and above Apartment Building. & office space Bent Street $500 000 Tel:2258101/225-8102/658-3928/6863153 Email:     (furnished)US$1 5 0 0 ;        (house)US$750;  US$500;  $ 9 0 , 0 0 0 ;      $ 6 5 , 0 0 0 ;  (2 bedrooms lower)- $60,000;  (1 bedroom)$40,000.          

k- US$4000; Goedverwating  US$2000;  - US$3000, US$1500;  (Executive 3 bedrooms furnished property, parking, hot/cold etc) U S $ 3 0 0 0 , U S $ 2 0 0 0 ; 'US$2500/ US$1500/ US$1000;   US$2000,US$1000;  (furnished)- US$1500.   -US$1500;  - US$1000;  (2 bedrooms lower): US$500;   - $80,000; $65,000.   (3 storied commercial)-US$14,000/ US$10,000/ US$3000; US$5,000;   New Commercial Building;  - US$1500;   (Manufacturing building, 5000 sq. ft)US$1500;  - US$800;   $100,000/ $70,000/$50,000.              have rental from US$800 in                   beautiful 2-storey concrete property, 4 self-contained rooms, large den, large living room, family room, television room, beautiful kitchen, fully air conditioned, hot and cold facilities, land space. Price US$ 2 5 0 0 , u n f u r n i s h e d .    2-storey c o n c r e t e p r o p e r t y, m a s t e r room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, family ro o m , d e n , v e r a n d a h , h o t a nd cold facilities, semi-furnished, security cameras, l a nd space US $ 1 5 0 0.       2 - s t o r e y c o n c r ete property, fully air conditioned 3 bedrooms, unfurnished US$2000, (neg).   2storey conc r e t e p r o p e r t y l a r g e l i v i n g a r e a , 4 s elf-contained rooms hot a n d c o l d f a c i l i t i e s , g e n e r ator, unfurnished US$1500 neg.   middle floor suitable for business $175 0 0 0 . : Beautiful 2storey concrete property in perfect con d i t i o n , 4 b e d r o o m s , h o t a nd cold facili ties, master room, family room, den, air-conditioned, parkin g s p a ce for vehicle US$2500. Do cal l u s o n Te l . 2 2 5 - 6858, 225-7164, 6881885 Call Terrence 667-7812. W e are situated at 247 'D' Forshaw &Oronoque



World #1 Realtor Mister Terry Redford Reid 667-7 8 1 2 , 2 256858, 225-7164, 226-1064, 2 2 5 - 2626, 231-2 0 6 8 , 6 1 97945. Have the executive rental reduced by 35%, Prashad Nagar US$1000, Jacaranda Ave. Bel Air Park US$2000, Barima Ave Bel A i r Park US$1 8 0 0 , B e l A i r S p r i n g s US$1000, large bond for rental o f f i c e s m a l l f o r m US$3 75, 10 000 sq ft office space for technologybusiness, Lamaha G a r d ens US$1500, Lama Ave, Bel Air Park US$180 0 , B e l Air P a r k o n t h e round about US$1000, Prashad Nagar US$1500, land from $11 million, riverside land hotels w i t h U S $ 3 5 0 0 0 month rental and office space US$40 000 month properties from $14 million. 225-2626, 225-5198, 226-1064, 6232591, 669-3350

 unfinished two-storey building in La Parfaite Harmonie, going cheap. Call 685-9321, 216-1370.

PROPERTYFORSALE PROPERTY FOR SALE  storey $19M, East Street. Tel. 615-8683, 225-7593.  Ville $52M, neg. Contact 680-3771, 694-7210.  Street US$1.7M neg. 227-0464, 646-3251.  Ruimveldt: 2-storey 2-family house $13M. Call Carol 623-0070.  (back with no driveway) - $15m. Call Carol 6230070.  Gardens, corner lot $10M. Contact 680-3771, 694-7210.  on 120 acres of land, East Coast Demerara US$800 000. Call Carol 6230070, 612-9785.  Street: Good for business - $45M. Call Carol 623-0070, 612-9785.  Gardens (new) $55M, $70M. Call Carol 6230070, 612-9785.  Ruimveldt Gardens: Large 4-bedroom house on double lot $70M. Call Carol 623-0070.  at Charlestown. Price $10M. Tel. 627-3902.  Park: New 3bedroom fully furnished with modern baths and kitchen $65M. Call Carol 623-0070.  BB: 2-storey 2amily house $35M. Call Carol 623-0070.  house on double lot $52M. Call Carol 623-0070, 6129785.  St. (Lodge) 43x171 - $40M. Call Carol 6230070, 612-9785.  St: (business, business, business) $125M, $150M, $180M. Call Carol 623-0070, 612=9785.  to rent, sell, buy? Room, house, floor space? Call 687-8168. , Second Avenue: 3-storey wooden building. Call 225-8915 (Office).  flat 2-bedroom concrete house on a long lot $4.8M. Tel. 684-0134.   at Granville Park. Contact Mr Hinds at 2238059. : One two-storey back building. Price $17M neg. Contact 681-8788, 639-7758.  Front land with a small wooden house in East Coast Demerara. Contact 657-8086.

 house, La Parfaite Harmonie, WBD, fully tiled, grilled, well fenced, self-contained room, etc neg. 677-6805, 648-4271.  2 VILLAGE, Sukhu St, East Canje Berbice, new structure (two houses) $16M. Contact 6655776.  two-storey concrete and wooden building in Dehli Street, Prashad Nagar. Tel. 686-6058, 612-9999.  St: Three-bedroom back house $16M neg. A lot more on offer on East Coast. Tel. 639-2835, 223-5460.  3-storey building at Lot 61 Station Street, Kitty $32M neg. Contact 6803771, 694-7210.  second building in Pike Street from Sheriff street great business and residential area. $50M neg. Call 2313236 No agent. 3-storey Robb Street, property owner, 4-storey Charlotte Lacytown, 4-storey North Road Laytown. 225-2319, 688-7224.   2-storey concrete building (30x40) land (50x80) at Liliendaal, Dennis Street "A" Field Sophia. Price $8.8M. Tel. 662-3842. property, prime location (land 200' x 50') store front 72' x 24', bond 87' x 32', extra space for 15 cars Public Road, McDoom. Tel. 233-0570 (No agent).  Palace and Restaurant, 344 and 345 Middle and East Streets. For sale by owner only. Contact 656-9835, 1-908456-/6683. property, Atlantic Gardens, E.C. Dem. Tel. 2256608, 679-4096, 661-7719. Must be sold. : Large 3storey ocean front, incomplete building $85M neg. Call Carol 623-0070.  new 3-bedroom property, low land, East Coast Demerara $16M neg. Contact 680-3771, 694-7210. $14M, Greenheart St $19M, La Parfaite Harmonie $8M neg, Rasville $12M Nandy Park $43M neg, Eccles $29M. Alicia 616-1442.   Harmonie $14.5M neg, (95% complete, materials to finish supplied), Republic Park $60M neg, Providence $4.5M neg. and many others. Contact 628-8012.  concrete 2 flat house at 47 Happy Acres ECD, fully furnished 3 bedrooms top flat, hot and cold bath, big yard space. Call 2252902, 673-1095.               two-storey concrete 5bedroom property, parking for 3 vehicles, in Georgetown $48M neg. Contact Mr Alexander Pereira 669-0943, 231-2064 or Mr Louie Pereira 623-2591.  2-storey building wooden and concrete in Norton Street, five buildings from Camp Street, second house in yard, $20M neg. Call 628-0972.

 $16M, $21M, Campbellville back house $21M, South 6-bedroom $19M. Call 655-8361, 699-6811.

 Middleton Street - 2storey concrete house, 3 bedrooms top flat, 2 bedrooms bottom flat, back house with driveway. Price $28M. Tel. 668-7230.

 2 income properties near cricket stadium, Providence, plus parking for 4 vehicles $40M. 684-3718 etc.

 flat concrete house at Anna Catherina, WCD, yard space 120 ft x 160, toilet and bath inside. Price $7.8M. Tel. 276-0712.

Park$38M,BBEccles$32M, George St $34M, Do you have property to sell? Do you wish to buy? Norbert De Freitas Associates - 609-2302, 609-6516.

  wooden and concrete buildings. Vacant possession, 178 Waterloo Street, Georgetown, $50M neg. Call 627-3994.

PROPERTYFORSALE  two-storey property situated at Lusignan highway, ECD $26M neg., one two-storey property situated at Anira Street, Queenstown. Call 225-4359, 623-3443. No agents.  Street $46M, McDoom $19M, Hersetlling $10M, Republic Gardens $35M, East Coast $20M, Highway (41 acres land) $21M. Diana 2272256, 626-9382.  REAL ESTATE: Houses in Bel Air Park, Lamaha Gardens, AA Eccles, Diamond, Better Hope and around Georgetown from G$27M. Tel. 676-8995, 611-8438.  2-storey concrete building location Cinema Road entrance Non Pareil, ECD. 6 bedrooms, spacious living area, ideal income property. Contact 648-3127, 220-2424.  2 family concrete house upper flat 3 bedroom lower flat 2 bedroom. Price $56 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  close proximity to Sheriff Street - brand new 3 storey concrete building. Suitable for business, school, residence etc. Price USD $1.4 Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  BABB STREET KITTY - 2 storey wooden and concrete Income Property. Price $64 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  - 3 storey Investment Property. Currently renting as apartments and offices. Price $100,000,000 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  PARK E.B.D - 2 family wooden and concrete Income Property. Price $35 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  ROAD - brand new 3 storey concrete building with roof garden. Currently renting as hotel and bar. Price $115,000,000 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  ST, KITTY - Investment property on corner. Suitable for any business. Price $60 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  Park - wooden and concrete 4 bedrooms upstairs, 2 bedrooms downstairs $40M neg, Eccles 2-storey concrete building 4 bedrooms, AC, master bedroom, Jacuzzi downstairs, 2 bedrooms. 227-0464, 646-3251.  GARDENS $35M, SUBRYANVILLE $50M, New Haven $80M, Bel Air Park, Lamaha Gardens, Garnett St $23M, Charlotte Street $50M, Church Street $75M, North Road, D'Urban Street $50M. TEL. 226-8148, 625-1624.  New Scheme: 3storey concrete building. Ground floor 90x 60 AC, 1st floor 90 x 60, 2nd floor 45 x 60, top flat 7 self-contained bedrooms, AC. Land 110x120. Suitable for business and residence US$1M neg. 227-0464, 646-3251. HOPE E.B.D (Gated Community) - Executive modern four bedroom concrete houses with swimming pool. On single lot $39 million, with double lot $45 million. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  OLD ROAD E.B.D - 2 family house upper flat 3 bedroom, lower flat 2 two bedroom apartments repairs needed. Price $25 million. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  E.B.D - 2 family wooden and concrete house upper flat 4 bedroom, lower flat 2 bedroom apartment repairs needed. Price $16 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25, 2014 18





 E.B.D - unfinished 3 bedroom house. Land size 58 X 120. Price $21 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.

 St, S/C/burg 2-storey house on land 250ft x 38ft, ideal for big investment $72M neg. Nasresh Persaud - 2259882, 681-2499.

 .B.D - brand new Executive concrete house, upper flat 4 bedroom and lower flat 2 apartments Price $53 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.

 20% on all executive properties $60M, 30% discount on $24M, and below, 15% discount on land $18M. Phone 6677812, 225-6858, 225-2626 Terrence Reid.

 Homes International Realty: Coldingen $14M neg, Rasville $14M neg, Enmore $8M neg, Camp b e l l v i l l e $ 1 5 M neg, Diamond 2 for 1 deal $1 5 M neg, Cove and John 2 homes 5 bedrooms $12M, 4-bedro o m $10M, McDoom Solid concrete $ 2 0 M, North Ruimveldt 7bedroom fixer upper, Nismes $6.5M, La Parfaite Harmonie $8.5M, 6-bedroom apar tment (4 2-br, 2 1-br) only $21M neg), corner lot 89x80 Albouystown. Ready to go now! And many more, call Ahaziah 6133018

 and Land for Sale Tw o St o r y e d W o o d e n a n d Concrete House, Fifth Street Alberttown Georgetown. $ 40 Million Dollars Negotiable. Contact: Mr. George Tel: 2316278 Or Dr: Thasana Teekah Te l : 6 2 6 - 0 9 9 3

 BACKLANDS 3 bedroom flat house on corner lot, repairs needed Price $14 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 6857887, 643-6353.

         neighbourhood, Sophia, business and residence property. Top 2 bedrooms, bottom concrete business. Phone North America 2261064, 225-5198, 225-2626, 2312064, 227-6949.

 W.B.D- brand new 5 bedroom executive house with extra house lot. Price $70 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

 Street $50M, Church Street $75M, D\Urban Street $50M, GUYSUCO Gardens, New Hav e n , L a m a h a Gardens, Bel Air Park. TEL. 226-8148, 625-1624.

 ROAD KITTY: two family concrete property suitable for business Price $45 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

 Street US$1.3M, Queenstown $13M, East Ruimveldt $13.5M, Diamond $11M, Grove $13M, Kitty $18M, Nandy Park $38, $26M, Campbellville $23M. Troy 6262243.

 REPOS E.C.D- Modern 4 bedroom concrete property inclusive of 1 master room. Price $35 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  E.B.D - Modern 2 family concrete house. Price $35 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  OF CANAAN- 4 bedroom concrete house just off the public road. Price reduce to $14.5 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  NAGAR - Inv e s t m e n t p r o p e r t y. 3 b e d room upper flat and 2 bedr o o m l o w er flat. Price $ 56.5 million for quick sale . Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353   Investment property on corner. Suitable for business, apartment complex, hotel or dream house etc. Land size 6500 Sq Ft.Price $85 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  STREET, ALBERTOWN - 3 storey concrete investment property. Suitable for school, embassy, office complex etc. Price $160 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.  Homes International: Shell Road $17.5M, Eccles $27M, $60M neg, Nandy Park $37M, $25M neg, Chateau Margo double lot $32M neg, Success $21M neg, Land: Mon Repos $6M, $10M, Schoonord $3M, Grove $7M. Theresa 6486033.  Street $25M, Guysuco Gardens (UG) $45M, Bel Air Park $55M, Lamaha Gardens $40M, Brickdam $75M, Thomas Street opposite Prashad Hospital $65M, Sheriff Street (business) $155M, Ogle with swimming pool $135M, Thomas Street land (150x40) $75M, Robb Street land (110x32) $60M, North Road $70M, Camp Street land (200x75) US$1.5M. Call Vish Realty - 612-7377. Ideal for two fa m i l i e s .         p r o p erty in Bent St - $16.5M, P h o n e M r. D a r i n d r a 6 1 5 0069, 226-1064, 618-0000, Mr Pereira 623-2591, 2252 6 2 6 . 225-5198, 231-2064, 226-1064.   Adelaide and Evans Streets Charlestown, Georgetown, Georgetown, L o t N o . 4 1 S e c t i o n 'A', NO. 53 Village, Corentyne, B e r b i c e . C o n t a c t 2 3 3 - 6 8 11, 679-3448.

  JOHN 609-9233 Campbellville 6-bedroom $22M,, Tucville huge $28M, Alberttown 5-bedroom with two extra lots $55M, Ocean Front lands $15M neg, Campbellville 4-bedroom $22M, Houston Garden US$1.5M, La Parfaite harmonie 3-bedroom $7M.       Fabulous HOMES 683-7684 Campbellville 6-bedroom $22M, Tucville huge $28M, Alberttown 5-bedroom with two extra lots $55M, Ocean Front lands $15M neg, Campbellville 4bedroom $22M, Houston Garden US$1.5M, La Parfaite Harmonie 3-bedroom $7M. are) FEBRUARY bargains: Sec. ' K ' $23 million, Meadow Brook $28M, and $35M , K i t t y $23, Alberttown concrete massive for hotel $45M, Bel Air Park in great condition $52M, Happy Acres exec u t i v e $ 5 8 M , A lb e r t t o w n $ 3 0 M , S e c . ' M' Campbellville $34M now, Phone 225-2626, 225-5198, 2 2 7-6863, 227-6449, 225-2709, 231-2064, 226-1064, 6 6 7 7 8 1 2 tonyre i d s r e a l t y @ h o t m a i l . c om.          location  Street, Kingston opposite the American Embassy. One (1) huge four st orey concrete and steel building, 2 b e d r o o m s o n each f l a t , A C < h o t w a t e r , refrige r a t o r a n d stove o n e ach floor and fully furnished, generator. Can b e u s e d f o r e m b a s s y, o f fice, apartments or residence. Price $180M. P r o p e r t y b e i n g sold with all equipment and furnishings inclusive. Serious enquiries 2238634, 646-3251, 227-0464'     Cummings and Middle streets, ALBERTOWN, 3 LOTS WITH BUSINESS, (NUT CENTRE) sold furnished, all modern amenities 32 cameras silvilance, parking for 12 Vehicles, taken in alleyway, Vendors for GT&T, Western Union, Interstate Batteries, Lotto, Superbet, Must see to appreciate, best offer Agents Welcome . TEL 621-4000, 2273939 Mr. Singh    m o d e r n P i k e North Ruimveldt ranch with master room $17M, Meadow Brook Gardens $35M, Tuc v i l l e c o n c r e t e n e w $27M, Providen c e $ 2 5 M , new ranch $13M, Bel Air Park $45M, Prashad N a g a r $ 37M, Duncan St. $ 23M, Se c . 'M' Campbellville require s repairs $14M, D'Urban St. $15M, Bent St. busine s s r e s i dence. Phone Lord Johnny Ramsohoye 225-2709, 618-0000, 227-6949, 2252626, 226-1064, 22 7 - 6 9 4 9 , 2 2 5 5198

         L O T 1 8 5 C H A R LOTTE AND KING STREETS, MARAJ BUILDING TEL. 227-0265, 2271881, 629-5178. Norton Street, Carmichael Street, North Ruimveldt, East Ruimveldt, Craig, Republic Park, Alberttown, Section 'K', Robb Street business spot, D\Urban Street business spot, Lamaha Gardens, Thomas Street, Herstelling, Diamond. LAND: Friendship land size 115x450 (wharf side) $65M, Meadow Brook Gardens $8.5M, Non Pareil.   on all properties for this summer only. UG Gardens $140M, Republic Park $30M, Nandy Park 4 apartments $32M, Middle Road La Penitence land s i z e 140 x 60 $17M, second St r e e t Alberttown business an d r e s i d e n c e $ 4 5 M , 5 t h St . A lberttown massive c o n c r e t e $48M, Eccles $14M, Kitty Sandy Babb St. two properties on double lot $38M, Lamaha St Queenstown apartment complex $58M. P h o n e V i c e P r esid e n t 2 3 1 2064, 225-3068, 227-6863, 2 2 6 - 1 064, 227-6949, 2252626 .  new three-bedroom fully furnished house in Subryanville, all modern conveniences, US$3000 neg., one semi-furnished flat, Lamaha Gardens $65 000 per month, one-bedroom apartment, fully furnished D'Urban Backlands US$700, business place, 2room offices and general office space US$1200, one 4-bedroom fully furnished house with 2 utility rooms, generator, etc, Albettown US$1300, two-room office, unfurnished South Cummingsburg US$3000 neg, Wills/Vasco Real Estate and Landscaping 227-2612, 223-1877, 627-8314, 655-0755.  3-storey concrete building, Price $1 00M.  property in good condition. Price $18M.   b e a u t i f u l 2-store y c o n c r e t e p r o p e r t y 3 self-contained, 1 ma s t e r , l i b r a r y, television room, living room, upstairs back verandah, downstairs den, fully marble stone tile, family ro o m p a t i o , g a r a g e p a r k i n g s p a c e , f o r 3 cars, needs cosmet i c s , l a n d s p a c e P r i c e $ 9 0 M, O g l e b e a u t i f u l p r o p e r t y $90M,  $36M neg,   $120M beautiful home excellent condition in   $55M neg, Queenstown property $100M. Do call us at Joy Reid's Realty. We are located a t 2 4 7 (D) F o r s h a w a n d Oronoque Streets , Queenstown. Te l . 2 2 5 - 6 8 5 8 , 2 2 5 - 7 1 6 4 , 6 6 7 - 7 8 12, em ail:           WBD: almost brand new 5 bedroom house for sale, mast e r r o o m a n d all rooms self-contained with AC and fans, open concept kitchen/dining/living room, large walk-in pantry, office/ library room and a powder room. Beautiful landscape and w r ap around patio. Priced to s e l l - $ 7 5 M i l l i o n . Te l . 5 9 2 6 2 4 - 8 7 04, 592-684-9203.

built two flat concrete build i ng a t D i a m o n d N e w Scheme. T h e u p s t a i r s c o n sists of two self-contained bedrooms with bu i l t - i n closets, a spacious k i t c hen, dining and living rooms along with a large verandah at the back. The lower flat has a two-bedroom apartment and a lar g e a r e a that c o u l d b e u s e d a s a bond or for any business. The yard has a concrete fen c e w i t h s p i k e s and razor wire above it. T h e r e is also a laundry and a g e n e r a tor room d o w nstairs along with a fully tiled carport. A complete water supply is available including six tanks a n d p u m p . A s k ing price: $42M. Interested p ersons can contact owner at 693 2531.  Marketing and R e alty. KITTY- $ 17M, $ 32M & $35M, Guysuco Gardens $ 7 8 M , Good Hope $15.5M, Garnett St $31M, SEC K C/ville 4 bedroom self-contained $44M, AA Eccles $68M, Carmichael Street 2 storey back house $22.5M, M o n t r o s e $ 1 6 M , Mon Repos Block CC $ 1 0 . 5 M & $ 11 . 5 M , G a n g e s St. P/Naga r - 5 B e d r o o m $58M, Granville Park $31M, Lusignan bu siness p r o p e r t y $ 1 3 M , Durban St $ 2 1 M , O g l e A / St r i p R o a d $55M, Better Ho p e P u b R d $37M, Cummings St $37M, New Market St $55M, East St $60M, Happy Acres $30M, N o r t h R o a d $ 7 0 M, Bel/ A/Park $60M, P/Nagar $28M, L /Gardens $75M,Regent St. $1.2MUS. D i a m o n d - 2 n d Av e , 5 B e d r o o m $ 3 8 M . Te l . 2 1 9 - 4 3 9 9 , 610-8332  Marketing and Realty. Middleton St C/VILL E 5 b e d room self-contained back house 15ft driveway $ 28M , Kitty business property $44 M, Pike St. C/Ville $45M, LBI E m b a n k m e n t $ 2 4M , G o o d H o p e P / R d (land - 280x 1 4 0 ) $ 9 0 M , Da Silva St (land) $21M. Charlotte St. (land) $55M, Sheriff & Enachu Sts. $ 7 5 M, Vlissengen Rd. (land) $75M, Sherrif St, $5 0 M , S o u t h R u i m v e l d t $ 1 6 M , D i a m ond $ 9 M , $12M, $ 2 2 M , E a s t R / v e l d t $ 1 0 . 5 M , E c c l e s $ 30M , $34M, A/town $ 3 6 M , Tr i u m p h $ 1 4 M , A griculture Road, Triumph $20M, Sheriff St. $150M, Subryanville $58M, B r i c k d a m $ 1 0 0 M , O g l e brand n e w 2 s t o r e y, 5 bedroom house $ 8 0M , Lamaha St, Queenstown, 3-storey, corner proprty $85M. Tel. 219-4399, 6 1 0-8332   Marketing and Rea l t y. G ood Hope P U B L I C Road East Co a s t (land - 675 x 92) $150M, A g r i c u l t u r e R d , T r i u m p h ( land 600 x 45 ft) $ 1 4 M , C h i m n e y R o a d , Chateau Margot - (4 bedroom self cont) $29M, Atl a n t i c V i l l e 5 bedroom self contained $53M, Diamond 2nd Ave5 Bedroom $40M, Robb & Ornoque Sts $46M, Oleander Gdns $40M, Alberttown 6th St $52M, R e public Park $40M, L/Gardens $55M, Atlantic Gard e n s $ 45M , D u n c a n S t $ 30M , Alexander St $ 50M , R o b b St $60M,Barr St $65M , E a r l ' s C o u r t $ 3 5 M , Meadow Brook Gardens $ 50M , Q u e e n s t o w n $ 7 0 M , Republic Gdns -Land (100x100) $24M, Alexander st. & South Road $900,000US. Tel. 2194399, 610-8332.

PROPERTYFORSALE   on all properties for this summer only. S a l e ! Sal e ! S a l e ! B u s i n e s s property im m e d i ately: East of O r a n g e W a l k i n C h a r l o tte Stree t $ 2 8 M , 3 - s t o r e y b u s i ness property in Croal Street re q u i r e s r e p a i r s $32M, Bent Street alm o s t new 2-sto r e y b u s i n e s s property $!6M, South R u i m v e ldt Gardens resid e n c e $ 1 6 M , O g l e f u lly concrete new $49M, Tucville new $26M , P r a s h a d Nagar executive $ 5 5 M , Bel Air Park $55M, Kitty b u s i n e s s o r residence requires repairs, o n 8 0 0 0 s q . ft - $19M, Forshaw old house $21 M , 3 - s t o r e y busin e s s c lose to Main Street $55M, Meadow Brook $45M, fully concrete D'Urban B a c k l a n d s $ 3 0 M, New S e c t i o n ' K ' $ 4 2 M , Lamaha Gardens executive $ 6 8 M , o n e r a n c h - s tyle Section 'M' 3-bedroom suites for el d e r l y $50M, fully concrete with excellent interior work, B e l A i r Gardens $130M 2 3 1 - 2 0 6 4 , 2 2 5 - 3 0 6 8 , 2 2 7 -686 3 , 2261064, 227-6949,   26% 26% 26% discount: Two-family concrete business and residence in the front of Ha p p y Acres $32M, Dowding Street, Kitty with driveway $16M, BB Eccles $16M, South Ruimveldt Gardens $!6M, Light Street $ 2 1 M , S e c o n d b u i l d i n g w ith 12 ft drive way $!4M, David Street Subryanville wi t h 1 4 f t driveway $16M, West Ruimveldt c o n c r e t e flat house $4.9M, Dazell H o u s i n g S c h e m e $ 11 M , La Penitence business and residence with res e r v e f o r 2 0 c a r s $ 11 M , Meadow Brook old house $12M, Lodge $14M, Middle Road La Penit e n c e w i t h 20ft driveway 4 apartments $15M, second ranch concrete $38M, Garnett St. business and r e s i d e n c e $ 3 2 M . P h o n e M r. Budram 692-3831, Mr D a r i n d r a 6 1 5 - 0069, Mr. A . Pereira 623-2591, Mrs Hercules 661-1952, 225-2626, 225-2709, 225-5198..  3-storey concre t e building, Price $100M.   property in good condition. Price $18M.   beautiful 2store y c o n c r e t e p r o p e r t y 3 self-co n t a i n e d , 1 m a s t e r , l i b r a r y, t e l e v i s i o n r o o m , living room, upstairs back v e r a n d a h , d o w n s t a i rs den, f u l l y m a r b l e s t o n e tile, family ro o m p a t i o , g a r a g e p a r k i n g s p a c e , f o r 3 cars, needs cosmet i c s , l a n d s p a c e P r i c e $ 9 0 M, O g l e b e a u t i f u l p r o p erty $90M,  $36M neg,   $120M beautiful home excellent condition in  $55M neg, Queenstown property $100M. Do call us at Joy Reid's Realty. We are located at 247(D) Forshaw and Oronoque Streets, Queenstown. Tel. 225-6858, 225-7164, 667-7812, email:

 Street business $150M, Sheriff Street apartment building earning $3M per month - US$1M, Main Street three-storey restaurant, hotel building US$2M, Lamaha Street near Camp three-storey $160M, Thomas Street, Cummingsburg two threestorey buildings $80M each, Middle Street, near hospital three-storey building $130M, Charlotte Street concrete residential, could be converted into office building $25M, Charlotte Street four-storey new on double lots US$1.1M, Bel Air Vi l l a g e e x e c u t i v e $ 3 4 M , A A Eccles $68M, others. Mentore/ Singh Realty 225-1017, 6236136.

PROPERTYFOR FORSALE VEHICLES SALE  concrete Section 'K' $44M, 7apartment William St. concrete building reduced from $60M to $50M, Kitty house requires. repair on 8 000 sq. ft $19M, Mi d d l e R o a d L a P e n i t e n c e $ 16.5M, a l m o s t Regent and Oronoque St. $36M, Charlotte Street East of Orange Walk $28M, South Ruimveldt G a r d e n s $66M, Meadow Brook concrete $45M, e x e c u t i v e R e public Park $48M, Lamaha Gardens 3 selfcontained $70M, Prashad Nagar 6bedroom $58M, business 3-storey Quamina Street $85M, Bel Air Gardens on double lot $140M, Subryanville $58M, Alberttown concrete business $40M, New Haven 4 self-contained $80M, 3-bedroom new concrete Ogle $48M, Bel Air Park $52M, Croal St. 3-storey require repairs $30M, 4 lots in AA Eccles with incompl e t e c a t h e d r a l - s t y l e s t ruct u r e r e q u i r e s $20M to complete, plus reserve and place for l a k e $ 9 0 M n e g . , M r. Darendra 615-0069, Vic e Presiednt Alysious Pereira 62 3 2591, Vice President J h o n n y Ramsahoye 225-2709, Vice President Darindra 615-0069, 225-2626, 225-3068, 2 27-6863, 226-1064, 667-7812, facebook Tony Reid Realty 7 days a week 24 hours a day all holidays and all prices are negotiable.

 us at Raphael's Realty, 204 Charlotte St Boruda Tel 225-8241, 227-4950 after hrs 226-7829 Fax 227-1537. EXECUTIVE: Ogle $115M, Diamond $35M, $20M, $13M, Queenstown $65M, $75M, Versailles $25M, Continental Park (exquisitely furnished) $70M, Wismar Burnham Drive $8M, Breda St Werk-en-Rust $20M, Plaisance (2-storey concrete) $23M, Dazzell Scheme $27M, Atlantic Ville $19M, John Street Campbellville $55M, Water Street, Agricola $18M. LAND: La Grange $3M, 157 acres river to highway, Linden Highway $30M, Mon Repos $2.5M, Dowding St., Bel Air Park $60M, RENTAL Ogle 5-bedroom furnished, swimming pool US$4000. New one and twostorey apartments in Georgetown US$1200 and US$1500 monthly. All prices are negotiable..  b a r g a i n s No rton S t r e e t - $14 M , B e n t Street business and residence - $ 1 6 M , e x ecutive Prashad Nagar m a n s i o n d o u b l e l o t $85M, 8 apt. apartment complex was - $120M, now - $85M, Sec. 'K' Campbellville - $23M, Alberttown con c r e t e 5 b e d r o o m s - $ 4 6 M , o t h e r for $19M, and - $30M, South R u i m v e l d t Gardens - $19M, Festival City - $14M Charlotte Street business and residence b y Bourda Market - $ 2 6 M , C ummin g s S t r e e t - $ 3 4 M , Me a d o w B r o ok - $28M, D'Urban Street for double lot for 5-storey $25M, Phone Lord A l y s i o u s P e r e i ra - 623-2591, 227-6949, 225-2709, 231-2064, 227-6863, 226-1064, 227-6 8 6 3 , 225-5198, 6 6 7 -78 1 2 BargainsinGuyana: Full concrete D'Urban Street business $19M, business and residence Bent Street 16M, Gordon Street business & residence $23M. Waterloo Street business and residence (new) $35M. South Road Land $36M, Charlotte Street 2 buildings 2 houses by Light $32M. Land 140 x 60 by Russian E m b a s s y $30M. Land at Turkeyen 140x60 $32M. L0 Ressovenure Land 126x60 $20M. Campbellville flat house needs repairs $13M. Section K $19M needs repa i r s , 3 - s t o r e y Q u a m i n a Street for hotel US$599 000, Bel Air Park $49M Lamaha Gardens valued $85M now $ 7 0 M . R ental of a p a r t m e n t s f r o m U S $ 7 0 0 , R e s i dence US$1 200 upwards. Phone Lord Patrick Pereira 227-6863, 225-2709, 2276949, 226-1064, 669-3350. 7 days a w e e k tonyrei d s r e a l t y @ h o t m a i l . c o m


19 CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25, 2014 GUYANA PROPERTYFORSALE   your year for 28% discount on all properties. Happy Acres 2-storey concrete $24M, Providence Stadium new $16M, concrete Republic P a r k $ 3 6M, Eccles concrete $34M, South Ruimveldt Gardens $ 1 2 M n eeds repairs, Middle Road La Penitence 4-apartment $14M, La Penitence two-storey $11M, D\Urban Backlands concrete $28M , Meadow Brook $12M, D\Urban Street concrete residence and business $28M, Lamaha Gardens executive $68M, Prashad Nagar 8000 sq ft land $60M, Lama Avenue, Bel Air Park $ 8 3 M , B e l A i r Park $45M Dowding Street Kitty $29M, and $19M , D a v i d S t r e e t S u b r y a n v i l l e f r om $19M, back with 12ft driveway $14M, S ection 'K' Ca m p b e l l v i l l e $40M, G arnett Street ranch concrete $38M, Owen Street Kitty concrete 2storey $39M, Camp Street business and residence. Phone Mr Darindra 615-0069, Mr Carlos Budram 692-3831, Mr. Alex Pereira 231-2064, M r. R a m s a h o y e 2 2 5-2709, 2252626, 225-3068, 227-6949, 2255198, 627-7812, 226-1064.  4-bedroom furnished with pool $78M, Behind Plaza 4-apt double lot $30M, Lot 5 Best Road 3-bedroom flat W.C.D $17M, Diamond 2-bedroom flat $9.5M, Mon Repos 3bedroom flat $12M, Ogle Airport 5-bedroom $65M, Charlestown 3-storey building $33 M, Republic Park 2-storey $37M, Robb and Albert $95M, Plaza bridge 3bedroom house double lot $20M, Pike Street house top flat 2-self contained bedrooms$45M, Hot/ cold shower, lower flat 1&2 bedroom apartments North Road before Camp Street (100x35) $160M Robb Street 3-storey building $160M, Agricola 2nd Street $7 & 8M. Enmore E.C.D house 4 bedrooms $17M, Queenstown business property $95M, South Ruimveldt Park 5 bedrooms, 2 baths $35M, 4-car parking garage, study etc. Section K 4 bedrooms, parking, yard space, $50M, and 3 bathrooms. D'Aguiar Park 4-bedroom house US$1.5M, South Kaikan Street 3 bedrooms 2 baths $20M, Johnny P Supermarket Aubrey Barker & Kaikan Street $45M, Penny Lane 2-storey concrete house $35M, Ogle 2- storey concrete 55x110, 4 bedrooms 3 baths $45M, Diamond AA 2-storey concrete 3 bedrooms 2 baths $16M, Princes Street $15M, D'Urban Street between Hardina and Louisa $30M, Upper D'Urban Street two properties together $30M, Bel Air Park 4 bedrooms, 3 baths $55M, Providence (behind stadium) $ 1 8 M , Mon Repos Martyrs Ville $13M, New Amsterdam $10M, South Sophia $12M, Meadow Brook Gardens $45M, Diamond Main Road property opposite Bank $90M, D'Urban Street front property $30M. Tel:225-8101/2258102/658-3928/686-3153 E m a i l :



 & plucked chicken. 650-4421, 220-9203.

 puppies, dogs for adoption. Call 649-4247.  fuel drums. Call 226-7948, 697-9610.  motor bike, great business venture - 227-5788.  cooler in perfect working condition. 227-1028.  Rover parts. Contact 692-2521, 231-6322.  pups. Call 2225671, 641-6162. scrap 312 B CAT excavator. Contact 656-2350.   hauler trucks, 1 CF DAF. Contact 656-2350.

FORSALE  bull pups, pink nose, vaccinated and dewormed. Call 222-9077, 653-6191.  Jazz PLL series, $1.2M neg. Call 227-3471, 6141069. Food business for sale. Call 654-7510 for more information.  312 short boom and 320 short boom. Contact 6562350.  PROPERTIES IN GEORGETOWN  cracked and chipped, repair kit $90 000. Call 691-3509.  fishing boat, 5" nylon seine, 40Hp Yamaha. Call 691-3509, 267-1563.  types of pre-owned vehicles in excellent condition, universal sales. Call 690-8287.  plucking machine 240 volts. Price $80 000. Tel. 2563934, 666-9205.  concrete house 5 bedrooms, 2191 Tuschen Housing Scheme, EBE. Call 670-8865, 658-4696.  KVA generator Honda EX 3300 watts also 2300 watts also 1000 watts generator. 688-7224, 225-2319.  and Tibetan terrier mixed puppies, vaccinated and dewormed. Tel. 266-0410. structure, height 35 ft L x 87 ft W x 52 ft - $4M, located in Linden. Tel. 694-7210, 680-3771.  15 and 9.9 fourstroke engine and mercury 15 and 25 four-stroke engine. Contact 220-0567.  Ferguson tractor, 15-speed, 4-wheel drive, in excellent condition. Call 6922521, 231-6322.  WATTS Hyundai generator, used only 8 months. Price $120 000 neg. Call 6517699, 642-1366.  407C (25 lb) UK-made. Call 233-0654, Monday to Friday (08:00hrs to 17:00hrs).   360, PSP Games, modding of systems also available. Contact 6843025. -old German Shepherd and pitbull mixed pups, vaccinated and dewormed. Call 695-3813.  Metallic refrigerator Frigidaire in excellent condition $140 000. Contact 622-4746, 220-0959.  table, imported & local & accessories such as cues, balls, cloth, rubber, spot chalk, etc. One Honda CRV. Tel. 609-3311, 6144841, 220-4298. : Japanese Shyzu mixed with poodle. Tel. 2751122, 668-1396.  set mag rims size 22" with tyre 6 holes. Contact 6263371.  Hydraulic jack hammer for breaking very strong concrete and rocks, can be worked on 320 CAT, 324, or 330. Also Doosan, Kobelco, Hitachi. Tel. 656-2350.  Benz 300E 1992, LHD, good condition, needs repairs. Call Raza 6288591. jewel workshop, gold detector, 1 RZ minibus BKK 5413. All excellent condition. Call 612-2517, 220-0103. -used Massey t r a c t o r, 2 - 6 0 H p t r a c t o r s $1.6M00 each, 75Hp tractor $2.4M. Call 627-4148                         

FOR SALE  set model D 343, 250 kva, 3 Ph, 415-240, 220/ 127v, AC 60 Hz. Call 227-0190, 6935610, 616-9727.  backhoe 3 CX, caterpillar backhoe, 10-ton toad roller, portable welder on wheels. Call 623-3404.  caterpillar engine 3406 Di $1M. 2 set 17" mags with tyre (6 logs), 4 wheel 2 wheel drive. 654-6166.  bridal dresses, latest styles, from US$200 to US$300 neg. 623-8276, 226-6636.  equipped mobile snackette/juice bar, with generator, running water, cooler, etc. 6389116, 603-0976.  property on the corner of Fourth and Light Streets, Alberttown. Interested persons, please call 617-8255.  & Oronoque concrete wooden building between Regent and Robb reduced from $45M to $39M. 641-1800.    boar, 4-inch and 5-inch seine 240 lb , 15 Marino engine, $500 000. Call 698-1425, 234-1111.  Yard at La Parfaite Harmonie, 3-storey building at Shell Road Kitty, 2-storey house at Pigeon Island, ECD. Call 619-2084.  three-bedroom house at 76 Republic Drive, BV, ECD. Front house big yard space for vehicles. Phone 627-6083, 649-4689 Mr & Mrs Dodson.  Market: Double, front stalls facing Regent Street, for electronics cellphone pharmacy, jewellery, cosmetics. 641-1800.  cell phone, 9650 model, Blackberry Bold excellent condition (new)- $12,000. 624-6464, 665-6061, 686-0900.. Keith.  165 Massey Ferguson tractor, one 225 Amp portable gas welder and one used marine caterpillar engine. Contact 683-0172, 610-0756.  F-350 single cab, 8ft tray, V8 Turbo diesel, manual gearbox, solid diffs 4WD, double tanks. Recently refurbished, $2.7M. Call 662-5910.



   Hp Yamaha outboard engine, 2 - 150 Hp Marine outboard engines, 1 - Perkins 4.108 with transmission, 2 fibre glass boat with 225 Hp Mercury engine. Tel. 629-9061.

 oil tanker boat (wooden) inboard engine 6-cyl (Caterpillar), max capacity 200 drums, boat length 55 ft, 7 ft depth, 14 ft width. Can also be converted to a snapper boat, solar power backup, kitchen, toilet and 4 beds. Tel. 615-5922.

 catridges and Hp ink in box, cheap. Owners leaving 2 Xerox ink cartridges 113R 634 $30 000 each, 5 Xerox ink cartridges 113R 321 $30 000 each, 8 Hp Laser Jet ink cartridges 98X 92298S. Tel:664-3368  imported! David's beautiful bridal outfit and accessories, re jewellery and purse, etc. All going at reasonable prices. Call now 225-9450, 649-4435.  radiators for 6- or 4cylinder (1) red engine 2 x 2-1/2 ft in good condition $50 000 excellent. Large commercial vacuum cleaner 120v, 60 Hz, 10 A, stainless steel, on trolley for car wash or industrial purposes, Hp 4.2 shop vac, wet/dry $60 000. Tel:6758008.   650-16 tyres Goodyear nylon 10-ply rating $21,000 each, 5 used mag rims for Toyota Land Cruiser 5-hole, 17 tyre $120 000. Owner leaving 6149432.  Rebel motorcycle 250cc $450 000 neg, Harley Davidson motorcycle 1350 cc $2.2 neg, 1 Samsung Galaxy Tablet 11, 10-inch $65 000. 673-7734.  mirrors $30 000, pressure washer 2200 psi $45 000, brush cutter $30 000, chain saw $50 000, food warmer $25 000, hot dog machine $40 000. Tel. 6803863.  3 Hp Laser Jet ink cartridges 13X $6 000 each, 4 Hp Laser Jet ink coloured cartridges 4193A $5 000 each, 3 Canon cartridges NPG H toner $4 000 each. All prices are neg. Tel:621-4928  car DVD player with TV, Bluetooth, reverse camera $85 000, Vtech cordless phones $6 000, Broad Band DSL modem, wireless, router combo $12 000. Call 689-5662, 619-8480.          D e s k t o p , Skype-ready with 20-inch flat screen head set/microphone, webcam, Contact 677-4882. Catch this steal of a deal at $60 000 N.B. only 7 left.

 louvre doors Canada-made from $9 000 up, 25% off regular price, 37 Brickdam, East of New Thriving. Call 688-8044 Monday to Friday (10:00hrs to 16:00hrs).

 Hatchery (Robbins), 28,000 eggs capacity fully ready, all racks, trays, electrical supply, and spares included, $ 5.5 million or CREDIT available TEL: 227-3939 621-4000

 alarm Prestige 787C $24 000, 997C $34 500 and Viper $19 500, Pioneer car stereo with USB $19 500 - $25 000, rearview mirror reverse camera. 679-7944.

 Generator 15,000 watts , portable, gas on wheels, push start like new $450,000 cash. Tel: 227-3939, 621-4000

 12x5.9" portable planer, also DeWalt 12" sliding compound mitre saw. DeWalt compressor nail gun. 688-7224, 2252319.  Rebel motorcycle 250cc, CG 9535 $450 000 neg, Harley Davidson motorcycle 1350cc, $2.2M neg, Samsung Galaxy Tablet (new) $75 000.Call 673-7734.  $28M, South $18M, $22M, East Coast front $12M, Robb Street $50M, Kitty 2nd house $13M, 3rd Avenue Diamond $6.5M, 684-2244,    brand new Eccles $80 000, 3-bedroom South $65 000, executive rentals from US$700, Bel Air Park, Prashad Nagar, Vreeden-Hoop $40M. Call 684-2244.  adjustable up and downcross cut saw on table - 240v, 1Wadkin 12 inch plane with blades240v. All machines are in good working order. Owner leaving 664-3368.   Hymac in working condition, 750 KVA generator, working construction. Tel. 260-2859, cell 661-9981. 250-gallon plastic totes, ideal to transport fuel to the interior also oil paint and concrete paint, 5 gallons and 1 gallon,, marine paint also. Phone 220-1014.

forklifts 3 pcs - 2000, 3000, 4000 Lb, lifting capacity $300,000 AND UP needs basic repairs TEL: 227-3939, 621-4000  Generator silent 28,000 watts SDMO John Deere engine, missing Fuel Pump, Panel, Avr $800,000 cash 227-3939, 6214000  Antenna (Mass) for R a d i o , T V, C e l l u l a r , w i t h cables, brackets, sky light $375,000. 227-3939, 6214000 sets, sizes from 40" to 73" some working others need checking all sold as is make a cash offer all must be sold prices start from $50,000 check Guyana Variety Store and Nut Centre 38 Cummings street, Albertown tel 227-3939   of 22" Chrome rims 6 holes and 5 holes universal with tires fits Toyota and Nissan from $295,000 Tel: 621-4000  50cc Harley Davidson bikes, key or pull start, perfect for kids or rentals one $70,000 all $300,000 check out Guyana Variety Store and Nut Centre 38 Cummings Street. Albertown GT. TEL 227-3939  equipment, Nordi Track, Abs Circle, Joe Wilder complete Jim, portable Heaters, Ab board, Punching Bag, and more also GE DRYER $50,000. Tel 2273939, 621-4000

 items: Antique corner table, bed, antique vanity, sofa, closet, coffee tables, nibbi chairs, carpet, printer, 3-wheel motorbike, beverage cooler, kitchen utensils and much more. Phone 227-1028, 231-5788.  1- large Canadian Band Saw 240v, one large De Walt Rip Saw or Cross Cut Saw with large arm and table, move in any direction- 240v. 1 Edge sander with 12 inch disc 240v, to sand wood edge. Price $1.6M neg. Tel:621-4928   entral air conditioner units large 240v complete with motor $50 000 each, large fuel tank metal on stand with gauge 500 gallon $60 000, large Kholer generator housing to keep noise low while generator working $60 000. Tel:616-5340

FOR SALE -size mattress with box spring, brand new $120 000, 28ft aluminum extension ladder, American-made, brand new $45 000. Used 18 cubic refrigerator $85 000, brand new vehicle dashboard, video camera recorder $25 000, used 14-ft aluminum boat with 40Hp Johnson engine, comes with steering, fuel tank and battery $1M neg. Tel. 609-7257, 621-7728.  Perkins generator 12500 watts $495 000, Perkins 1000 series 4-cylinder engine on bed with radiator $875 000 like new Welder engine driven $450 000 large Americanmade wood shaper $250 000, wood morticer $180 000. Tel. 619-6863, 226-3883, 601-8276.  for office: Paper cutter guillotine hand type 18x30 US-made $10 000, 1 set office wall divider UK-made to set up two to three offices with glass door $40 000, office paper shredder 110v fully automatic to destroy documents $10 000. Tel:664-3368

   phaser 3300 multi-function printer (new), BROTHER Intellifax machine (new), SHARP G function calculator (new), EPSON overhead projector (new), CRV radiator 2002 (new). Tel 674-7494, 639-2835.

 dehumidifier on wheels 110v, for office, home or patio, filters clean air $15 000, large new APC smart uninterruptable power supply 120 vac, along with all fittings and new laptop and manuals, CD instruc t ions $90 000. Tel:664-3368

-PIECE dining set (wholesale/retail) $35 000/$45 000, 30, 32, 34, 36 purpleheart panel doors, $28 000 each, 30, 32, 34, 36 K abakali panel doors $20 0 0 0 e a c h . Te l . 6 8 8 - 9 7 1 2 , 651-0717, 669-1448.

ONE la r g e f l a t s c r e e n computer monitors 60 Hz 110v $15 000 each 14'x16', 10 surge protector and batt e r y b a c k u p s ES 750, 120v, 60Hz, $10 000 each, Owner leaving. Tel. 621-4928.

 E-cycle 36 volts g r a s s m o w e r, a g r i c u l t u r e earth tiller, hot point water heater 170 litres, kitchen sink, air conditioner 18 000 BTU Black and Decker. Tel. 621-9385.  large table lamps antique with shade 110v $15 000, toaster oven with glass door 110v$4 000, coffe e p e r c o l a t o r w i t h glass mug 110v $4 000, antique half round small table and antique stool $15 000. Call: 616-5340  machine 3-speed, 3-pint cup stainless steel good for home or b u s i n e s s 11 0 v ( H a m i l t o n Beach) made $20 000, new 4-speed Premium blender with large mug 110v $5 000. O w n e r l e a v i n g 6 7 5 - 8 0 08.  white 2008 model Toyota Tacoma late GRR series, fully loaded, supe up engine good for drag race, automatic, AC, deck, with header, 4" lift kit, new on and off road 17" radial tyres with new motor metal mags ready for any condition. Priced to go. Contact Aaqib Tel. 6161578. -by-side large refrigerator and freezer hardly used 110v good condition $180 000, 32-inch Sony TV, col o u r e d c u r v e d screen 110v with remote $50 000, Inverter 140-watt power invertors DC 12 volt to 110 volts with fuse system $20 000, Detecto scale large for measuring height and weight of patient, good for doctor\s clinic or any medical organisation, UK-made $45 000. Owner migrating 6758008.  Lister engines, 2 generators 75 KVA and 30 KVA, with heavy duty trailer. Tel. 2257732, 610-3043, 688-4771, 227-0173, 622-7402.  heavy duty Kolbe German made band saw 4340 MM to 450 MM model B 63, 240, 208 and 440 volts 50/60 Hz could also tilt the table. Large De Walt industrial cross and rip saw on large metal table, could move in any direction with 4 foot original, 208, 240 and 440v, 50/60 Hz, 2825 to 3425 RPM 3Hp motor, sliding on arm adjustable to tilt or turn to any direction. Tel: 614-9432.

 Special! Samsung Galaxy Tab3, 7", $45 000, Tab 3, 7" uses SIM card $70 000, Tab 3, 10" $80 000, Tab 2, 7" $40 000, Blue Tooth Tower speaker with remote and radio $30 000. Tel. 6904373, 693-3941.  large business place in the interior location, 90'x50' with general store and disco includes freezer, music set, Lister lighting plant, solar panel, caretaker quarters, slasher, fuel bond and also fruit trees, etc. Owner migrating Tel. 226-2833 for further information. ! Plants! Hibiscus, crotons, palms (red palm), Xmas trees, ixoras, ficus, mussaenda etc, also sweet tamarind plants, etc. Contact Evergreen Plant Shop, 156 Block 'X' Diamond Housing Scheme (2nd Avenue/2nd Street). Tel 216-2199, 687-5631.  dish for communication or TV station or anything that you want to set up. 50 pieces of 10 feet dish width at $100 000 complete each, 10 pieces central air conditioner units large 240v complete with motor $50 000 each, large fuel tank metal on stand with gauge 2000 gallon $60 000. Tel: 6214928. 12-inch disc sander for sanding edge of any furniture 110-240, electric Mac tool brand parts washer 110v with 25gal drum that holds wash fluid at the bottom and square metal bin 2ft by 3 ½ ft at the top with cover to wash engine parts, e t c A l l machines are working. M a k e a n o f f e r f o r 1 or the lot. Owner leaving 614-9432. 10 STURDY metal cages with door to secure air conditioner units, water pumps, etc.Could place a lock on door for security purposes $15 000 each, 2 large 2400 BTU air conditioner evaporator complete wall unit 240v $50 000 each with all brackets complete. Owner leaving. 675-8008.\  ! !                                  


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25, 2014 20







 hard-to-get vehicle parts including windscreen, computer box, doors, lights, engines, front half, back half, mirrors,window screen for all types of vehicles, spoiler, door visors, mud-flap for 2002 Rav-4, etc for Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Honda Isuzu, Fuzo, etc. at unbeatable prices. Contact Tel. 645-7800, 001597-866-6358.

 Passo, PNN series, female-driven. Tel. 625-5252, 660-0330.

 FERGUSON TRACTORS. 165 AND 135 WITH SPARES. Price $1.5M and $600 000.    

 R1 Wagon (Jeep), automatic, fully powered, AC, $1.3M. Immaculate condition, hardly used, good on gas. Rocky 225-1400, 621-5902.

 Toyota Raum old model in good condition. Price $1M. 6400692.

   new model, one Toyota Caldina Wagon, one Toyota Raum, All in excellent condition. Price neg. Contact 3374544, 626-1525.

 -Trike Can- Am style Motorcycle, 200cc new, reverse gear, Projection and Led lights, Digital dash board, unregistered $275,000 neg or credit, Wholesale TEL 227-3939, 621-4000 Vehicle for sale

 Auto Parts, 6 Vlissengen Road Newtown. Tel. 227-2835. Must be sold. Tyre sizes 185x55x15, 185x60x15, 205x55x16, 235x65x16, 225x65x16, 205x60x16, 215x55x17, 225x50x17, 225x55x17, 235x60x17, 235x65x17, 235x55x17, 245x45x17, 245x65x17, 225x45x17, 235x55x18, 225x55x18.

F150 V6 in working condition $700 000. Tel. 256-3749, 681-5422, 692-0526.

     LOT 185 CHARLOTTE & KING STREETS, MARAJ BUILDING. TEL. 227-0265, 227-1881, 629-5178. We buy and sell used cars and trade in your car for another. All prices are negotiable used cars and trade in your car for another All prices are negotiable. USED RZ bus $850 000, Honda Accord $1M, small bus $1M, Vios $1.6M, Premio $2.7M unregistered, Tundra bubble back, 4wheel drive $3.4M, Tundra GRR series square back $2.4M, 318 BMW $3M, Nadia $1.85M,Toyota Rav4 $1.6M. Allion $2.05M, Cedia Lancer $1.1M, Honda Civic $1.1M, AT 192 $975 000, Corona 170 Wagon $850,000, Corona 210 $1.4M, AE 110 Corolla $1M, new model AT 212 $1.375M, Raum $ 1 . 2 5 0 M , Ta c o m a $ 2 . 4 M , Corolla Wagon $1.05M.

VEHICLES FOR SALE VEHICLES FOR SALE 2007 model, PRR series. Tel. 661-6161.   Corona $500 000. 694-9007.   , 1 new model 212. Call 621-8129. seater Regius minibus. Contact 614-2878. , $800 000 neg.. Sold by owner. 616-6130.  192, first owner, used privately. Call 690-8004.  Raum, series PSS. Call 641-5199.  X-trail $2.8M, reasonable offer welcome. Call 6296911.  Toyota Corona AT 170, excellent condition. Please call 678-1091.  Mitsubishi Galant $550 000.Tel. 643-1735, 671-7076.  RZ hardly used immaculate condition, $1.6M. Rocky 225-1400, 621-5902.  SV-40 Toyota Camry in excellent condition. Tel. 6445931.  BMW 316I, mag rims, music, AC, etc. Price $2.1M neg. Tel. 649-7005.  canter in immaculate condition. Price: $2.5M. Tel: 660-8260.  Toyota Allex, PLL series, immaculate condition. Price $1.5M neg. Call 684-8055.  RX8 18-inch alloy rims, leather seats, spoiler, metallic red, $1.8M. Call 220-0170.  motorcycle, three-wheel with open tray in excellent condition. Call 220-3899.  Toyota 2005 Runx unregistered, $2.45M neg. 619-2431  silver Honda CRV, PMM series, year 2002. Price $3M neg. Tel. 641-5670, 666-3348.   in good condition. Price $815 000. 6109340.  Daf truck with hyab. Tel.. 626-5706. Allion, PNN series, low mileage, alarm, well maintained car. Tel. 616-2126, 614-4436.  Voxy Toyota Noah, full loaded, must see. RZ bus 2000 cc. Call Narine 688-1657, home 216-3488.  base RZ minibus in working condition. Call 652-7384, 668-5062, after 14:00hrs.  AT 192 Carina, blue, PLL series, $1.2M neg. Tel. 6510579, 646-1473.  TOYOTA and 2 Spacio and 250 Yamaha out board engine. Call 615-6594.  Toyota AT 212, high PKK series, fully loaded, CD/DVD, alarm, $1.15M. Call 649-8395.   $750 000, owner leaving, AT 192, $800 000 neg. Call 689-5080, 629-9383. NISSAN Double cab pick up, $700,000 Tel. 216-3120(office), 6676644.

minibus VVII, BPP series, excellent condition, music, mag, etc. Call 270-4625, 629-7739.  Express, PMM series, low mileage, spare parts available. Contact 684-3025 for more information.

 BMW 316I, mag rims, music, AC, etc. Price $2.1M neg. Tel. 649-7005.  Toyota Fielder, TV, rims, reverse camera. 654-2036, 663-2700.  in excellent condition, rims, alarm, TV, body kit. Contact 617-5559, 256-3542.  model Toyota Allion, late PMM series. In excellent condition. Tel. 616-7351.   tractor, foreignused, in excellent condition. Price neg. Contact 670-9393.  AT 192, in good condition,music,rims,ac, alaram, $900,000 neg. Tel:625-6487  RAV-4 series PGG, manual, excellent condition. Contact 622-4746, 226-5053.  Av e n s i s P R R 4371, in excellent condition, $3.3M neg. Tel. 621-0429, 6754453.  Dyna 2-tonne diesel canter, in excellent condition, $975 000 or best offer. Tel. 268-2121.   Hilux extra cab pick-up, one without engine. Contact 642-1070. Raum, hardly used, automatic, fully powered, AC, CD player, $1.2M. Rocky 225-1400, 621-5902.  Extra cab pick-up (22R engine), manual (EFI) 4x4, GPP series, $2.5M. Rocky 2251400, 621-5902.  Lancer car, PJJ series $800 000 neg, AC, CD player. Tel. 692-1195, 6227558 .    212, new model, in excellent condition. Contact 2225123, 628-3625. MAZDA 6, 2300 CC, immaculate condition - $2.8M Tel. 612-9999.  your car TV getting error "insert map disc"? Software reload available 643-6565.  Tacoma parklights and bumper lights, BMW parklights, Toyota BB rear lights. 643-6565.  Auto blowout sale! Unregistered Mazda Axela $2 295 000, Pioneer CD, crystal lights, remote start alarm. 643-6565, 226-9931.  Hilux 2004 diesel, 4x4, 4-door stickshift pick-up also BMW 318i 2004 likenew. 2252319, 688-7224. AE 100 Toyota Sprinter. Price $725 000 neg, alarm, AC and one GX110 Toyota Mark 11. Price $2.6M neg. Both in very good condition. Tel. 629-5300.  Rover 4x4 SUV also Nissan Titan (4x4LE) fully loaded also Honda DelSol sport car. 6887224, 225-2319.  F150 in perfect conditio, year 2009, GRR 7452, $4.8M neg. Call: 227-3728, 6183712.  Civic HID, leather interior, mag rims, CD deck, LED head and tail lights. Call 6190585, 226-0931.

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25 2014


Three former Windies cricket legends to be knighted in Antigua S T. J O H N ’ S , A n t i g u a (CMC) - Three West Ind i e s c r i c k e t l e g e n d s a re to be knighted during the first One-Day International (ODI) between England and the West Indies at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Grounds on Friday, according to media reports from St John’s.

Former fast bowlers Andy Roberts and Curtly Ambrose and former Windies captain and batsman Richie Richardson will be knighted, the Antigua Observer reported yesterday. Organisers planning the event have been tight-lipped but the Observer quoted sources as saying that the Antigua and Barbuda cricket greats will be knighted during the lunch break by Governor General Dame Louise Lake-Tack. Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer and Leader of the Opposition Antigua Labour Party

Curtly Ambrose (ALP) Gaston Browne will also be in attendance. Roberts, the first Antiguan and Barbudan to represent the West Indies made his de-

but against England in March of 1974. The bowler was part of the “quartet” of West Indian fast bowlers from the mid-seventies to the early eighties that had a devastating effect on opposition batsmen at both Test and One Day International levels. The other three bowlers are Michael Holding, Joel Garner and Colin Croft. Former West Indies captain and middle order batsman, Sir Viv Richards, arguably the finest batsman of his generation was knighted by the Antiguan government in 1999.

Fernandes pleased with youth involvement ... From Back Page past few years, a lot of junior players have graduated to schools and colleges overseas. Asked what he has been able to accomplish over the past year, Fernandes said the national men’s team won the Caribbean team ti-

English Lingfield 10:00 hrs Dawn Rock 10:30 hrs Ultimate Warrior 11:00 hrs Chunghua 11:30 hrs Resonare 12:00 hrs Chantrea 12:30 hrs Honeat Strike 13:00 hrs Shannon Haven Leicester 10:10 hrs Epee Celeste 10:40 hrs Smart Catch 11:10 hrs Phase Shift 11:40 hrs Destroyer Deployed 12;10 hrs Gunmoney 12:40 hrs Royal Riviera Catterick 10:50 hrs Summerlea 11:20 hrs Benzanno 11:50 hrs Divine

tle, something they did not do for a number of years. Added to that he said, Guyana won the Caribbean women’s title for the first time. Those feats, along with the renovation to the courts at the Georgetown Club and with the construction of a Racquet Centre at Woolford Avenue, are attributes of Fernandes’

Intavention 12:20 hrs Welsh Bard 12:50 hrs Cloudante 13:20 hrs Serenity Now South Africa Racing Tips Turffontein 08:25 hrs Mrs Hancock 09:00 hrs Flaming Ace 09:35 hrs Perfect Winter 10:30 hrs Move Like Jagger 10:45 hrs Roman Express 11:15 hrs Papa Joe American Racing Tips Race 1 Ronnie Clark Race 2 Terri’s Pass Race 3 True Heaven Race 4 Roar of Rohan Race 5 Louisville Sound Race 6 Street Haven Race 7 Runnin Bull Race 8 Alex Inc Race 9 Apollo Beach

leadership. Fernandes, a former national junior and senior hockey player expressed his and the Guyana Squash Association’s gratitude to the government of Guyana for construction the Racquet Centre and boasted that Guyana is one of few Caribbean countries that boast five glass back courts. He also used the opportunity to thank Banks DIH Limited, Ansa McAl, Digicel and Toucan Industries for supporting squash over the years and expressed the hope that they will continue to support the sport. ”We want to do things to uplift the sport but we cannot do it without the help of corporate Guyana,” Fernandes lamented. Asked what is on the board for the remainder of the year, Fernandes disclosed that the Toucan Industries Skills tournament is next on the agenda and is set for a March 11 start then a team will represent Guyana at the Junior Caribbean Championships in Bermuda in July, another team will represent Guyana at the Senior Caribbean Championships in Barbados during the month of August and junior and senior men’s and women’s players plan to participate in the Canadian open championships in December. Fernandes said this year he plans to establish a data base for the players.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25, 2014

Pakistan beat England in a cliffhanger to reach fifth ICC U-19 World Cup final ZAFAR Gohar and Amad Butt put on 63 runs for the unfinished eighth wicket as Pakistan defeated England by three wickets in a low-scoring but nerve-racking thriller to reach their fifth ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup final in front of Star Sports cameras at Dubai International Cricket Stadium yesterday. Zafar, later adjudged manof-the-match, scored a priceless 37 not out and Amad chipped in with an invaluable 26 not out as Pakistan moved from 142 for seven in pursuit of a 205-run target to achieve a memorable victory with five balls to spare. Pakistan, winners in 2004 and 2006, had needed 36 from the last five overs then 12 runs off 12 balls and finally four runs off the last over. In Saturday’s final at Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Pakistan will face the winner of tomorrow’s second semi-final between Australia and South Africa. While the victory has kept Pakistan on course for their third ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup title, it was a heart-breaking result for England who had come agonisingly close to their first final since winning the title in 1998. Zafar, who also played in the 2012 tournament in Townsville, hit three fours in a 53-ball innings while Amad, who hit the winning runs, hit two fours and a six in a 37-ball innings. A delighted Pakistan captain Sami Aslam later said: “I think some of the players played some bad shots. But I think Saud Shakeel controlled the innings well, and then Amad Butt and Zafar Gohar won us the game. “Zafar Gohar is a very good all-rounder. We were always confident that he would win us the match. He played very sensibly and

Man-of-the-Match Zafar Gohar exults after taking Pakistan to the ICC Under-19 World Cup final. stayed till the end.” when he accounted for Imam Reflecting on the match, and Ameer as he finished with England captain Will Rhodes figures of two for 39. Fisher said: “Pakistan are tough opbowled his heart out and was reponents. We’ve played them warded with the wickets of Saud numerous times, recently in and Saifullah as he finished with England and I wish them the very best of luck for the final. “We came so close that it was heartbreaking to lose the game, but this is the way cricket goes and unfortunately it didn’t go our way today.” Pakistan, in their run-chase, had failed to capitalise from another solid 41-run start from KINGSTON Secondary, CarSami Aslam (18) and Imammel Secondary, Chase Acadul-Haq (28) when they were emy and South Ruimveldt reduced to 57 for four. Secondary registered wins in Saud Shakeel (45) and the Milo-sponsored, Petra-orAmeer Hamza (35) took the ganised Under-20 football score to 131 before the two, as tournament, on the third day well as wicketkeeper Saifullah of action last Saturday at the Khan, fell victim to over-adMinistry of Education ground venturous shots to leave Paon Carifesta Avenue. kistan reeling at 142 for seven The day’s first encounter in 37 overs. saw David Rose Secondary fail Sayer was the bowler who to rise to the challenge and were gave England a sniff of victory beaten by Kingston Secondary 4-1. Tr e m a i n e M c C u r d y opened the scoring for Kingston in the 14th minute after a first attempt failed. Seven minutes later Nemar Douglas (Tuesday February 25, 2014) found the back of their oppoCompliments of THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market & nents’ net, putting Kingston in The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230)& a commanding position. CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 As Kingston enjoyed a Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055) higher percentage of ball possession it was Vincent Thomas’ Answers to yesterday’s quiz: turn and he wasted no time in Sir Gary Sobers banging one in from just outside England (Belfast, 2006) the box, sending his team and the sizeable crowd into a frenzy. Today’s Quiz: Four minutes later and What is wicketkeeper Deryck Murray’s highest Test score? a minute before the halfHow many ODIs have been played at Sabina Park to date? time whistle sounded Shawn Grovesnor netted one of his Answers in tomorrow’s issue


two for 21. Rob Jones picked up the scalps of Imam and Kamran Ghulam (0) conceding 39 runs. Earlier, England captain Will Rhodes hit a well-constructed 76 not out and lifted his side to 204 for seven after they had slipped to two for one and then 119 for six. England, after electing to bat first, made a horror start when they lost both their openers with one run on the board. England plunged into further trouble when their in-form batsman Ben Duckett (22) also returned to the dressing room to make the score 38 for three. Ryan Higgins then held the middle-order together when he added 31 for the fourth wicket with Ed Barnard (13) and another 50 runs with Rhodes. Higgins departed at the score of 119 after scoring a patient 52 off 99 balls with one four, as wicketkeeper Joe Clarke’s first-ball dismissal reduced England to 119 for six in 37.4 overs. Rhodes, who had a quiet tournament until the semi-final, then rose to the occasion and delivered some lusty blows, particularly in the late overs to take the score to 204 for seven. Rhodes was unbeaten on 76 from 79 balls with four fours and a six, and received good support from Sayer (18

not out) with whom he put on 50 runs in 31 balls for the unfinished eighth wicket, including 26 runs in the last three overs. For Pakistan, wrist-spinner Karamat Ali finished as the pick of the bowlers with two for 36 while fast bowlers Amad Butt and Zia-ul-Haq equally shared four wickets between them conceding 43 and 46 runs, respectively. Scores in brief: Super League semi-final – Pakistan beat England by three wickets at Dubai International Cricket Stadium. England 204-7, 50 overs (Will Rhodes 76 not out, Ryan Higgins 52, Ben Duckett 22; Karamat Ali 2-36, Amad Butt 2-43, Zia-ul-Haq 2-46) Pakistan 205-7, 49.1 overs (Saud Shakeel 45, Zafar Gohar 37 not out, Ameer Hamza 35, Imam-ul-Haq 28, Amad Butt 26 not out; Matthew Fisher 2-21, Rob Sayer 2-39, Rob Jones 2-39). Super League play-off – India beat Sri Lanka by 76 runs at ICC Academy 1. India 291-7, 50 overs (Deepak Hooda 76 (not out), Shreyas Iyer 59, Sanju Samson 40, Ankush Bains 29, Akhil Herwadkar 23; Hashen Ramanayake 2-46, AK Tyronne 2-59,

Anuk Fernando 2-79) Sri Lanka 215 all out, 48.1 overs (Sadeera Samarawickrama 58, Priyamal Perera 47, Hashen Ramanayake 27, Lakshan Jayasinghe 25 (not out); Deepak Hooda 3-31, Chama Milind 2-19, Karan Kaila 2-39, Kuldeep Yadav 2-54) Man-of-the-match – Deepak Hooda (India) Plate Championship playoff – Namibia beat Canada by 23 runs at ICC Academy 2. Namibia 263-9, 50 overs (Jano Coetzee 73, Malan Kruger 57, Zane Green 57; Tahla Sheikh 2-33, Nitish Kumar 2-44) Canada 240 all out, 47.3 overs (Yug Rao 66, Trevor Manoosingh 30, Nikhil Dutta 28, Tahla Sheikh 27, Nitish Kumar 24, Keenen Tinto 23; Jano Coetzee 3-37, JJ Smit 2-49, Bredell Wessells 2-57) Plate Championship playoff – Scotland beat PNG by 77 runs at Abu Dhabi Oval 1. Scotland 209 all out, 48.3 overs (Michael English 72, Ross McLean 41; Nosaina Pokana 3-27, Alei Nao 2-29, Kabua Morea 2-31) PNG 132 all out, 43.3 overs (Riley Hekure 26, Allan Joseph 26; Mark Watt 3-26, Ross McLean 3-31, Chayank Gosain 2-22)

Four schools register wins in Petra Milo Under-20 football

Part of the action in last Saturday’s play own giving the Kingston took to the field and whipped High after an own goal by team an unassailable 4-nil Richard Ishmael Secondary Chase Academy in the 26th lead. 2-1 with Marlon Nedd netting minute. When the second half startboth of Carmel’s goals in the Barrow’s second goal came ed a determined David Rose 5th and 7th minutes, while well into the second half (60th). changed the score line when Tukwan Gladstone accounted In a heated battle, the day’s Sean Murray netted in the 62nd for Richard Ishmael’s lone final match brought together minute. goal. South Ruimveldt Secondary and Minutes later Kingston Following a short break Christ Church Secondary with failed to capitalise on yet anChase Academy then registered both teams showing their worth, other scoring opportunity and sweet victory over a hapless but the former prevailed to walk as the game progressed and with Tutorial High 3-0 with a double away with a 1-0 lead. seconds on the clock Akeem coming from the boot of Shamar The lone goal came, comGiddings (70th) handed David Barrow. pliments of Keith Caines in Rose their second goal to see the His first came in the 7th the 30th minute. match end 4-2. minute, with the score line Action continues this Carmel Secondary then changing in favour of Tutorial weekend at the same venue.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday February 25 2014


Non-submission of nominees for national sports awards is reflection of poor administration - Dr McDonald By Michael DaSilva

NEWSPAPER columnist Dr Ian McDonald is of the view that the non- submission of names for the National Sports Commission’s Sportsman/ Woman-of-the-Year award is a reflection of poor sports administration in Guyana. Dr McDonald, shortly before a panel of judges which comprised sports journalists/ reporters and sports administrators deliberated on who were the country’s best sports performers for the year 2013, said some associations/federations failed to make submissions year in, year

Dr Ian McDonald

out and this type of behaviour is a reflection of sports in Guyana. Dr McDonald, a former local lawn tennis champion noted that out of 33 associations/federations registered with the National Sports Commission (NSC), a mere 13 made submissions. He stressed the fact that even though associations know and are reminded that each year the panel will meet in February to decide who the best performers are, they wait for the last minute to make their submissions. According to McDonald, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamai-

Jamaican Campbell-Brown cleared by CAS

Veronica Campbell-Brown has been cleared to resume her career. ment,” she said in a statement on her management company’s By Kayon Raynor website. “The final court available KINGSTON, Jamaica (Reto us as athletes have spoken uters) - Jamaican sprinter and humbly I say they have Veronica Campbell-Brown confirmed my innocence. has been cleared to resume “I harbour too much self-reher career, by the Court of Arspect and a similar respect for bitration for Sport (CAS), her the purity of competition to reAmerican-based lawyer Howsort to illegal means to success.” ard Jacobs said yesterday. Campbell-Brown tested The twice Olympic 200 mepositive for the banned ditres champion was suspended uretic hydrochlorothiazide on by her country’s national federMay 4 at the Jamaica Interation last year following a posnational Invitational World itive test for a banned diuretic. Challenge meet in Kingston. “I can confirm that VeronShe was provisionally susica Campbell-Brown has been pended on June 18 by the Jacleared by CAS,” Jacobs told maican Athletics Administrative Reuters by email. Association. “All of her past results have The JAAA disciplinary panbeen reinstated and she is free el announced in October a pubto compete, effective immedilic reprimand for the nine-time ately.” world championship medallist. He said Campbell-Brown “Because the CAS hearing intended to compete at the was completed on an extremeworld indoor championships ly expedited basis, the full reain Poland next month. sons for the award have not The 31-year-old Campyet been issued, and may not bell-Brown, who has won 16 be issued for a few months,” Olympic and world champiJacobs said. onship medals, said she had “However, it is clear that suffered much in the last few the reason for the decision was a months. serious and fundamental break“However, my faith, famdown in the manner in which ily, friends and fans have stood Veronica Campbell-Brown’s by me as a source of encourage-

urine sample was collected and handled in Jamaica on May 4, 2013. “The integrity of the sample was not maintained and the results of any testing on that sample were therefore unreliable.” CAS has ordered the JAAA to pay a portion of Campbell-Brown’s legal costs in connection with the appeal, he said. “Veronica Campbell-Brown has maintained her innocence and her integrity throughout this long ordeal,” Jacobs added. Athletics ruling body - the IAAF - said it was still awaiting receipt of the full ruling from CAS. “The IAAF was made aware earlier today of the CAS judgement but has not received the full reasoned decision and therefore will not make any comments about the decision at this stage,” spokesman Chris Turner said. “We can, however, confirm that the athlete Veronica-Campbell-Brown is now free to compete.”

ca and Barbados announced their Sportsmen/Women since in January and he wondered why Guyana cannot do the same. McDonald said it would be extremely useful i f eac h as s oc i ati on submit a brief to the NSC yearly, stating what they achieved during the year, what their athletes accomplished. This he said would make the work of the panellists much easier. He pointed out that most associations’ submissions do

not state what their nominee achieved for the year, but rather they state the athletes’ career performance. He made an example of Guyana and West Indies batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul who was subsequently voted Guyana’s Sportsman-of-theYear 2013, where he said the Guyana Cricket Board, instead of outlining what Chanderpaul did for last year, they (GCB) submitted Chanderpaul’s entire career. Instead he said, the Guyana Hockey Board nominated Chanderpaul for the Sportsmanof-the-Year award and in their

submission (GHB) stated his performance for last year. Dr McDonald also called on all associations to create a Hall of Fame saying the selection of Guyana’s Sportsman/ Woman-of-the-Year is a yearly thing “but as a panel, we want to see associations create a Hall of Fame to showcase their athletes’ Heritage and Legacy”. He pointed out also that it is imperative that every sports association should have a history of their athletes. Director of Sport Neil Kumar echoed McDonald’s concern and said the non-submission of names for the national sports awards as well as late submission by associations is very worrying and action will be taken against defaulters.

Windies women lose ODI series after second defeat to NZ LINCOLN, New Zealand (CMC) - West Indies lost the One-Day International (ODI) series against New Zealand after suffering another heavy defeat in the second game at Bert Sutcliffe Oval here yesterday. A middle-order collapse engineered by a New Zealand newcomer sent West Indies crashing to a 94-run defeat, following a nine-wicket loss in the opener on Saturday. Seamer Holly Huddlestone bagged five wickets for 36 runs in only her second match for New Zealand as the Caribbean cricketers crawled to 180 for 9 in response to the host 274 for five off 50 overs. Stafanie Taylor gave West Indies a good start by picking up the prized scalp of Suzie Bates in the sixth over after her side had won the toss and chose to field. However, Sara McGlashan and Sam Curtis added 98 for the second wicket to set up the platform for a strong total.

Holly Huddlestone Both were dismissed in quick succession paving the way for Sophie Devine and Katie Perkins to add a further 62 in 46 balls to power New Zealand’s late charge. Rachel Priest provided the final thrust to the innings, scoring 40 off 19 deliveries, as 78 came off the last eight overs to take New Zealand to 274 for 5. Taylor, King and Shaquana Quintyne picked up a wicket each for the visitors. West Indies made a steady start in their chase and de-

spite the loss of their openers, they were 88 for 2 in the 21st over. Taylor was caught after scoring 32. But Huddleston ran through the middle order, accounting for five of the next six wickets. West Indies’ collapse started with the fall of the captain Merissa Aguilleira, who became Huddleston’s first international victim when she was trapped in front for 14. The chase stumbled further as Huddleston had Stacy-Ann King caught behind in her next over. The crucial wicket of top scorer Shemaine Campbelle fell five short of her half-century. West Indies’ last five wickets lasted until the 49th over but could only manage 49 runs between them. Shanel Daley contributed 26 and Shaquana Quintyne 18. A third and final ODI will be in Lincoln tomorrow before the teams contest five Twenty20 internationals.

Kennard Memorial Turf Club Phagwah Day meet set for March 23 THE Kennard Memorial Turf Club will stage their Annual Phagwah Day race meet on March 23 at their facility at Bush Lot farm, Corentyne Berbice. Seven races are carded for the day with the feature event being a six-furlong race for horses classified `A’ and Lower. The first place winner will receive $1M while the second-, third- and fourth-place finishers will earn $500 000, $250 000 and $125 000 respectively. The entrance fee per horse is $100 000 each. Another six-furlong race for horses in the same classification will compete for a $500 000 first prize, while the second-, thirdand fourth-place finishers will earn $200 000, $50 000 and $25 000 respectively. The entrance fee for each horse is $20 000. Two other six-furlong races as well as two seven-furlong races and a five-furlong race are also on the day’s card. There will be a six-furlong race for horses classified `E’ and Lower and carries a first prize worth $400 000. The second-, thirdand fourth-place finishers will receive $200 000, $100 000 and $50 000 respectively. Horses classified `I’ and Lower will compete against one

other over six furlongs for a first prize of $250 000. The second-, third- and fourth-place finishers will earn $125 000, $63 000 and $32 000 respectively. Class `G’ and Lower horses will run seven furlongs for a first prize worth $300 000, while the second-, third- and fourth-place finishers will receive $150 000, $75 000 and $38 000 respectively. The other seven-furlong race is for three-year old Guyanese and West Indian-bred horses and the winner will receive $400 000, while the second, third and fourth place finishers will earn $200 000, $100 000 and $50 000 respectively. The lone five-furlong race is for horses classified `J3’ and Lower and the winner will receive $150 000 while the second-, third- and fourth-place finishers will take away $75 000, $38 000 and $19 000 respectively. The races are being run under the rules of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority and entries close March 16. Interested owners and trainers can register their entries with Roopnarine Matadial (325-3192), Ivan Dipnarine (331-0316) or Justice Cecil Kennard (623-7609, 225-4818 or 226-1399) or Isabella Beaton (693-7812).


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Non-submission of nominees for national sports awards is reflection of poor administration - Dr McDonald (See story on page 23)

George impresses at AAG senior championship

The Police Sports Club Ground at Eve Leary yesterday played host to the Athletic Association of Guyana (AAG) Senior Track and Field Championship, which featured some of the country’s brightest stars in the sport. Standing out was Police Progressive Youth Club athlete and Olympian Winston George who secured easy wins in the Mens 200M and 400M. George said he was using the meet as preparation for the upcoming South American Games in Santiago, Chile.

Three former Windies Fernandes pleased with youth involvement in Squash cricket legends to be knighted in Antigua By Michael DaSilva

President of the Guyana Squash Association David Fernandes.

PRESIDENT of the Guyana Squash Association, David Fernandes, said he is very pleased with the number of youths currently involved in the sport and hopes that the number can grow over the next year. In an exclusive interview with Chronicle Sport, Fernandes, who will be running for a another term in office when the association’s Annual General Meeting is held on Friday, said during the past year, more than 50 youths have been involved in the sport and the actual number of active squash players have grown to more than 100. He, however, pointed out that not all of the more than 100 players are actually competitive. “Some play the sport to keep fit, while others just like playing the sport,” the assistant General Manager of Bounty Farm Limited told Chronicle

Sport. Fernandes, whose company (Bounty Farm Limited) along with telecommunications `Giant’ Digicel sponsored the just concluded Mashramani Handicap Tournament, thanked Digicel for coming on board for the past three years and made a call for corporate sponsors to follow suit. “Without the corporate community sponsorship sports in Guyana will not move ahead. It is the corporate sponsorship that has some sports alive in Guyana,” Fernandes stated. Fernandes said once he is re-elected, he will ensure that there will be a Veterans category each year for the Mashramani handicap tournament. He said the current format of the tournament enables juniors to play against seniors which is a great idea, but the association has to get the veterans involved. He noted that over the

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Andy Roberts was the first Antiguan and Barbudan to represent the West Indies. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2014

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