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Health worker says handling of injured GDF rank caused his death

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Remembering Cheddi “We see development as people-centered. When some speak of development, they see only foreign capital and private investment. We see also social capital and human resources. And when we talk of development, we mean "development with a human face." For us people come first; they are the centre of everything. And education is important for their all-round, holistic development. By people, we mean ALL the people of this country across the barriers of race/ethnicity, religion, gender, political affiliation; whether they live in the hinterland or on the coast; whether they are able-bodied or handicapped; rich or poor."


Health worker says handling of injured GDF rank caused his death By Asif Hakim TWENTY-THREE-year-old Guyana Defence Force Coast Guard Rank Wayne Paul might have been alive today, had his friends -- who were on a day out with him at the creek last week Monday -- not panicked and handled him improperly after he had been pulled from the creek in which he was drowning. Retrieved from the water in an unconscious state after he had injured himself in plunging, the man was suspected to have suffered head and spinal

injuries. A post-mortem conducted on his body gave his cause of death as a fractured spine. In an exclusive interview with the Guyana Chronicle on Friday, a health worker who saw the injured man explained that if there were quick action by those who had been present at the time of the incident, the man would have lived. Asking to remain anonymous, the health worker related that the injured man had been left in the water for a long time; and when he was pulled from the water, those who were

Wayne Paul could have been alive today if he had been properly handled assisting him to regain consciousness might have mishandled him, thereby causing complications with his injuries, which later resulted in him succumbing. Wayne Paul breathed his last breath en route to the Diamond Hospital, where he was being rushed for medical attention. Friends of the man related to this publication that after he had plunged to take a swim, they saw him floating but were not aware that something was wrong, since the man is known to be a strong swimmer, coupled with the fact that he was serving in the Coast Guard Unit of the Guyana Defence Force.



PPP welcomes appointment of Dr Walter Rodney’s COI - denounces any attempt by the opposition parties to discredit the COI

THE People’s Progressive Party (PPP) said it welcomes the appointment of the distinguished members of the Dr. Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (COI), and denounces any attempt by the opposition parties to discredit the COI and its members. The Commission is headed by Barbadian Queen’s Counsel, Richard Cheltenham, and includes Guyanese-born Senior Counsel, Seenauth Jairam, who has been practicing in Trinidad and Tobago since 1979 and is now head of the Bar Association in that country, and Jamaican Queen’s Counsel,

David Granger

Walter Rodney

Jacquelene Samuels- Brown, who is the Chairperson of the Council of Legal Education. The PPP said that A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU) criticism of the Terms of Reference (TOR), and attacks on the credibility and impartiality of the Guyanese born Senior Counsel from Trinidad, Seenauth Jairam, are mere tactics being employed to discredit the work of the Commission. A statement issued by the PPP said: “Despite his public statement to the effect that he is not afraid of the outcome of the COI, David Granger’s every utterance and action seems to be one of uneasiness and apprehension at the least. The PNCR Leader and his Executive have every reason to be fearful of the revelations that would flow from the inquiry into Walter Rodney’s untimely death.”  “The PPP wishes to remind that the Commission of Inquiries Act

resides with the President. He alone has exclusive power to appoint a Commission of Inquiry on such terms constituted by those whom he deemed fit in any matter of national concern.” “In establishing the Terms of Reference and the appointment of members to form the COI, the President had taken into consideration a request made by Mrs. Patricia Rodney, widow of the late Dr. Walter Rodney, not to involve the WPA or the PNCR by way of consultations. It is our understanding that Mrs. Rodney did not want the process to be politicised.” “Had David Granger himself drafted the Terms of Reference (TOR), he would still be uncomfortable. Because since Rodney’s death, the accusatory finger has always pointed in the direction of the political party he now leads, the People’s National Congress Reform -PNCR.”  The PPP added that it hopes that the PNCR uses this occasion to exonerate GREGORY SMITH and absolve its members, past and present, from any wrongdoing that resulted in the death of this world renowned Guyanese politician/historian on June 13, 1980.  “The PPP calls upon the leadership of both PNCR and the Working People’s Alliance -WPA (the political party that Rodney led at the time of his death), to fully cooperate with the COI, and to submit their written memoranda to the Commission by the deadline date of March 26 of this year. The People of Guyana expect the full participation and cooperation of both PNC and WPA to finally bring closure to the family of the late Dr. Walter Rodney,” the statement said.  “Perhaps the outcome of this Commission of Inquiry will unlock yet another mystery, one that will provide some clue to justify the reason Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine, and other senior

members of the WPA would agree to collaborate and ‘lay in bed’ with the same PNCR that is widely believed to have caused the death of the WPA’s founding member/leader. This great betrayal must surely have Walter Rodney turning over in his grave every day,” the PPP contended. The PPP noted that it is ironic that David Granger, who was once regarded as the GDF Political Liaison Officer to the PNCR Leader and Head of State, the late Forbes Burnham in 1973 and possibly at the time of Rodney’s death, always seem to have the perfect alibi... “I was not there.” The PPP recalled that in 1973 when the GDF seized the ballot boxes after the general elections, Granger proclaimed he was not in Georgetown and nowhere near his GDF Headquarters where the ballot boxes were taken, opened and stuffed with PNC ballots that gave them a two-thirds majority in Parliament. The party also charged that he again denied being on location at No. 63 Village on the Corentyne, when GDF soldiers opened fire on a crowd protesting the GDF seizure of ballot boxes there, and demanding that the integrity of the ballot boxes be protected. Two innocent patriots, 45 year-old Parmanand Bholanauth and 17 year-old Jagan Ramessar were killed by GDF bullets. Granger has said repeatedly he was not there; he did not shoot anyone, he argues that he was exonerated of any wrongdoing in a previous inquest. Then, in a recent statement, Granger insisted that he was “on travel duties overseas” when Rodney was killed. “Yet the same David Granger and his PNCR/APNU were adamant that Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee was directly responsible for the unfortunate shooting to death of the three ‘peaceful protestors’ during the Linden riots of July 2012 although Rohee was not there, did not shoot anyone and was exonerated in 2013 of any wrongdoing by the Linden Commission of Inquiry. Where is the justification for calling for Rohee’s removal from office?” the PPP asserted.  The PPP reiterated its call for the PNCR and WPA to fully cooperate with the COI by submitting written memoranda to the Commission on or before the deadline date of March 26.



China spots new possible plane debris in southern Indian Ocean By A. Ananthalakshmi and Matt Siegel

(Reuters) - China said on Saturday it had a new satellite image of what could be wreckage from a missing Malaysian airliner, as more planes and ships headed to join an international search operation scouring some of the remotest seas on Earth. The latest possible lead came as the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 entered its third week, with still no confirmed trace found of the Boeing 777 or the 239 people on board. The new potential sighting was dramatically announced by Malaysia’s acting transport minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, after he was handed a note with details during a news conference in Kuala Lumpur, scooping the official announcement from China. “Chinese ships have been dispatched to the area,” Hishammuddin told reporters. China said the object was 22 meters long (74ft) and 13 meters (43ft) wide, and spotted around 120 km (75 miles) “south by

west” of potential debris reported by Australia off its west coast in the forbidding waters of the southern Indian Ocean. The image was captured by the high-definition Earth observation satellite “Gaofen-1” early on March 18, two days after the Australian satellite picture was taken, China’s State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (SASTIND) said on its website. It could not easily be determined from the blurred images whether the objects were the same, but the Chinese photograph could depict a cluster of smaller objects, a senior military officer from one of the 26 nations involved in the search for the plane said. The wing of a Boeing 777200ER is approximately 27 meters long and 14 meters wide at its base, according to estimates derived from publicly available scale drawings. Its fuselage is 63.7 meters long by 6.2 meters wide. Flight MH370 vanished from civilian radar screens early on March 8, less than an hour after taking off from Kuala Lumpur on a scheduled flight to

Beijing. Investigators believe someone on board shut off the plane’s communications systems, and partial military radar tracking showed it turning west and re-crossing the Malay Peninsula, apparently under the control of a skilled pilot. That has led them to focus on hijacking or sabotage, but they have not ruled out technical problems.

REMOTE SEAS Since Australia announced the first image of what could be parts of the aircraft on Thursday, the international search for the plane has focused on an expanse of ocean more than 2,000 km (1,200 miles) southwest of Perth. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) said one of its aircraft reported sighting a number of “small objects” with the naked eye, including a wooden pallet, within a radius of 5 km. A Royal New Zealand Air Force P-3 Orion aircraft took a closer look but only reported seeing clumps of seaweed. It dropped a marker buoy to track the movement. “A merchant ship in the area has been tasked to relocate and seek to identify the material,” AMSA said in a statement. The search area experienced good weather conditions on Saturday with visibility of around 10 km and moderate seas. Australia, which is coordinating the rescue, has cautioned the objects in the satellite image might be a lost shipping container or other debris, and may have sunk since the picture was taken.

DATE: 15/03/2014 O 05 08 13 26 09 17 06 DATE: 12/03/2014 K 04 20 02 01 06 09 21

Flight engineers confer aboard a Royal New Zealand Air Force P-3K2 Orion aircraft searching for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 over the southern Indian Ocean March 22, 2014. Credit: REUTERS/Jason Reed

Shots fired as Russian troops force their way into Ukrainian base in Crimea (Reuters) - Russian troops forced their way into a Ukrainian airbase in Crimea with armored vehicles, automatic fire and stun grenades on Saturday, injuring a Ukrainian serviceman and detaining the base’s commander for talks. A Reuters reporter said armored vehicles smashed through one of walls of the compound and that he heard bursts of gunfire and grenades. Colonel Yuliy Mamchur, the commander of the base, said a Ukrainian serviceman had been injured and that he himself he was being taken away by the Russians for talks at an unspecified location. Asked if he thought he would return safely, he said: “That remains to be seen. For now we are placing all our weapons in the base’s storage.” Belbek was one of the last military facilities in Crimea still under Ukrainian control following Russia’s armed takeover and subsequent annexation of the peninsula, which has a majority ethnic Russian population and is home to one of Russia’s biggest naval bases. Earlier, the deputy commander of the base, Oleg Podovalov, said the Russian forces surrounding the base had given the Ukrainians an hour to surrender. After the Russians entered, a Ukrainian officer who identified himself only as Vladislav said: “We did not provoke this, this was brute force. I do not know whether this base will be formally in Russian hands by the end of the day. “Ever since World War Two, this place has been quiet, and they came in here firing, with APCs and grenades. I am very worried now.” Mamchur, the commander, told his troops he would inform the high command that they had stood their ground. The soldiers applauded, chanting “Long live Ukraine!” Many stood to take pictures of each other in front of the Ukrainian flag, which continued to fly over the base.












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Electronic speed detection Pupil tells magistrate he tripped off after coming to catch ‘reckless’ drivers being heckled by schoolmates By Ria Taitt Political Editor Motorists, be warned. The speed traps are being replaced by electronic speed detection devices to catch “reckless” drivers. For almost three years the Police Service, “as much as they would want to try, has charged no one in Trinidad and Tobago for speeding,” Transport Minister Stephen Cadiz revealed. But no more of this.  Cadiz on Friday piloted Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic (Amendment) bill which seeks to “bring some sanity to the road” by authorising the use of electronic speed detection devices by police officers and special reserve officers and to allow the admissibility of evidence in court in connection with the use of such devices. “This is going to be a major change in the way we control what goes on on our roads,” he said. “People in Trinidad and Tobago, the same way they learn to wear safety belt; the same way they learn not to drink and drive, (at least many of them, not all of them); the same way they learn not to use their cellphone while driving; people now have to learn what a speed limit is. Because the police are going to be out there, ready and waiting for you and yuh going to get fined,” the Minister said. “If you are caught speeding you will be charged,” he added. He said one other benefit is that several police officers would not be required to attend court for the purpose of leading evidence in a simple speeding case. He said the device itself would have all the data—the date, time, place of the offence, the licence plate, the speed—and the printed out would look like a credit card slip. He said a number of associations such as Arrive Alive, Trinidad and Tobago Beverage Alcohol Alliance,  the Police Service, UWI Students Guild, Association of Insurance Companies have lobbied the Government for this legislation. Cadiz said excessive speed was identified as the main contributing factor in 55 per cent of road fatalities, according to the Police. He said the payout by the insurance industry is $400 million annually as a result of vehicular accidents. Then there are the continuing costs of persons who are physically disabled, breadwinners who can no longer work as a result of injuries from accidents, not to mention the medical costs involved. Cadiz said traditionally a “primitive method”, a speed trap, which required a lamp-post, a mango tree or coconut tree, some piece of galvanise that the police man could hide behind, a gazette paper, a stop watch and four police officers, was used to catch drivers breaking the speed limit. But the speed traps  could only be operated safely for the police officers on single lane or two lane highways. But with the country having three and four lane highways, which police office is going to fly out from the mango tree and skate across three lanes of the highway to stop the car speeding on the far right? They can’t!”, he said. Cadiz said there had been a down trend in road deaths. He said in 2011 there were 181 road fatalities, 286 serious injuries; 2012 there were 193 road deaths, 340 serious injuries and 2013, there were a drop to 152 road deaths. He said for this year there were 41 road deaths as of March 19 compared with 45 last year during the same period.  “Without a doubt we are trending in the right direction and that is not by vaps,” he said, giving credit to the former administration for the seat belts and breathalyser Acts.  He noted that “every single week we read of these unfortunate accidents,” he said. He said under the old system, during a four-year period some 44,800 speeding tickets were issued. He said one could imagine how many speeding tickets would be issued under the easier system of electronic detection.  

By Susan Mohammed

A 12-YEAR-OLD pupil of Jordan Hill Presbyterian Primary School on Friday pleaded guilty to slapping and choking a teacher and is to be sentenced on April 11. The boy pleaded guilty to the charge before Princes Town Second Court Magistrate Avason Quinlan.

Cripple corruption!

Former contractor general wants tougher measures Edmond Campbell, Senior Staff Reporter CONSULTANT AND former Contractor General Greg Christie has proposed some tough measures to hit at the heart of corruption in Jamaica and other countries in the region. Christie yesterday recommended the implementation of a national and regional system for certification, decertification, debarment and cross-debarment of government contractors who engage in fraudulent practices or who consistently fail to perform their contracts to required standards. The tough-talking former contractor general is also suggesting that the Jamaican and regional governments require the public filing and disclosure of assets, income and liabilities for all parliamentarians, politicians and critical-level public officials. Christie, who first recommended the establishment of a single anti-corruption agency in Jamaica with prosecutorial powers to tackle corruption, is now proposing the appointment of an anti-corruption Cabinet minister with responsibility also for ethics and good governance. Justice Minister Senator Mark Golding last week tabled the Integrity Commission Act, which seeks to consolidate the laws relating to the prevention of corruption, and the award and monitoring of government contracts. Christie was making a presentation at the University College of the Cayman Islands’ 2014 International Conference yesterday. Speaking on the topic ‘Toward a Corruption-free Caribbean: Values, Ethics and Morality’, Christie drew on Jamaica’s anti-corruption model with reflections and lessons for the region derived from his role as contractor general. NEED TO DO WHAT’S RIGHT He noted that despite having what many have come to regard as one of the most robust anti-corruption architectures in the Commonwealth Caribbean, Jamaica is generally ranked as the most corrupt country within the region, second only to Guyana. An attorney by profession, Christie argued that successive Jamaican governments and parliaments have failed to implement repeated recommendations which have been advanced to strengthen the effectiveness of the country’s anti-corruption institutional framework. He commented that decisive and courageous leadership “to do what is right” was lacking in Jamaica as opposed to “what is politically expedient”.

When asked by Quinlan about the incident, the schoolboy said he “tripped off” because other pupils had provoked him about his mother, who died three years ago. Police prosecutor Sgt Mohammed read the facts that the 32-yearold female teacher had observed the schoolboy during recess throwing bottles at other pupils, and she spoke to him about his behaviour. Around 2 p.m., the teacher again approached the child to scold him, and that was when he slapped her several times and choked her. Both of them fell to the ground, and the teacher broke free. A report was made to Princes Town Police Station and the teacher was taken for medical treatment. A medical report submitted to the court stated she had suffered bruises and swellings. Acting Sgt Rampersad laid the charge.  The schoolboy’s older sister, who is an adult, appeared with him. An attorney from the Legal Aid Authority represented him. Quinlan instructed that the boy visit a probation officer and ordered a report be submitted to the court.  She placed the schoolboy on $5,000 bail with his sister as a surety, and postponed the case to April 11 for a decision. Meanwhile, a six-year-old pupil of Curepe Presbyterian Primary School, who allegedly slapped a teacher during a class session on Thursday, is to receive counselling.  The Express was told officials of the Student Support Services Division of the Ministry of Education visited the school yesterday and offered counselling to the child and his parents. The teacher who was allegedly slapped was also at school.  On Thursday during a class session, the First Year pupil allegedly slapped the teacher after she enquired about scratches and scribbles seen in a book. Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association second vice-president Lynsley Doodhai has expressed alarm at the level of school violence, especially in primary schools. He said he expects to visit the school on Monday.





On Cheddi Jagan, the spirit of giving, and Deborah Backer

THE month of March has rightly been celebrated with a significant number of calendar events as Guyanese observe the birth anniversary of the Liberator of Guyana, the Father of the nation, a man called the Mahatma of the Western Hemisphere – Dr. Cheddi Jagan; and the death anniversaries of the Patriarch and Matriarch of the Nation, Dr. Jagan and Mrs. Janet Jagan; two exceptional human beings whose love for and sacrifices for, and dedication to Guyana and the Guyanese people knew no boundaries. The greatest of human beings are known for their simplicity; and these two exceptional people served this nation their entire adult lives and, even though they reached the pinnacle of leadership in the country, they still served the Guyanese people with great passion and equal humility. Their greatest rewards for their tireless service to this nation were seeing the joy in the faces of the ordinary people when their lives had been uplifted in some way or another through their indefatigable efforts. What impels a man or woman to give so much to their fellow human beings? What motivates some persons to a spectrum of generous acts that defy bullies, tyrants, colonizers, dictators, rascals of the meanest kind, murderers, the worst type of evildoers

who have no qualms about oppressing their fellow humans to the point of subjectivity and servility that their lives become mere daily existence and a purgatory from birth to death? The immense compassion, the absolute merciful souls, the all-encompassing hearts full of beneficence, and minds gifted with visions to build rather than destroy were exemplified by the iconic Jagans. The achievements of this couple, so disparate in backgrounds, so perfectly melded as a couple, is a saga in the nation’s landscape of events that can never again be replicated. Today the cadre of leaders and supporters they have left to continue their work would be gathering at their last place of abode that they shared together – State House, to celebrate the lives of the mother and father of this nation. The legacy they left is an enduring ode to their many gifts to Guyana and its people – not least is all the freedoms that prevail in the nation. The month of March is a poignant reminder that once on this slice of earth a great, good man took birth in extremely humble surroundings and carved a way, not with a sword and war drums, but with boundless love for humanity, immeasurable patriotism, and a commitment to national integration, peace, progress and prosperity, to take the Guyanese people on a journey that he dreamt would

eventually lead this nation to a wealth of happiness and a fulfilling destiny that every man, woman and child – not only of Guyana, but the entire world would never again live in want or poverty. The Board of Directors, management and staff of the Guyana Chronicle extends condolences to Steve Backer and the children of Mrs. Debra Backer; and to the People’s National Congress Reform for the loss of the indomitable fighter whose loyalty to her party remained steadfast until she drew her last breath. 

Ramjattan should get his facts right before talking I have never ceased to wonder at the tenacity of the leaders of the AFC to fabricate and peddle lies to the public with the hope of getting through to a few of them. They are of the opinion if you peddle a lie long enough then not only will people believe those lies but you yourself will make those lies indelible in your psyche. LOYALTY TO COUNTRY FIRST The Leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan, once again used fabricated lies to get away from the real issues at hand. I made it clear that I moved that motion in support of the Anti-Money Laundering Bill simply because I put my country first. This Bill is too vital to play politics with. If members of the Opposition take some time to reflect on our National Pledge they will understand where I was coming from. But many persons cannot afford to think and act independently. I have done that. Is that a crime if I can show my blinded leaders the way forward? But alas those who are blinded by the greed for power cannot see the light!

OF ROGUE COUNCILLOR AND ROGUE MPS The very first impression that came to my mind upon reading the article in INEWS GUYANA entitled “Haseef Yusuf is a ‘Rogue’ AFC councillor- Ramjattan” was ‘Look who’s talking!’ Does this man have a moral standing to condemn anyone who has taken such a position? Is this man suffering from amnesia? How can he not recall that when he was kicked out of the PPP, he clung to the MP position for dear life! He cannot afford to lose the status, the money and the duty free perks! If I am a ‘rogue’, then I submit Khemraj Ramjattan, Leader of the Alliance For Change, Attorney –at-Law and Honourable Member of Parliament is a bigger rogue that I am! Furthermore, with all due respect, the Honourable Speaker of the House, Raphael Trotman falls into that same category! BLATANT LIES OF RAMJATTAN I now want to address once again the deliberate lies he stated in that article. I was never officially expelled from the AFC nor do I

MOE responds to GTU THE Ministry of Education (MOE) wishes to respond to an article carried in Kaieteur newspaper on Wednesday March 19, 2014 entitled: “Crammed classrooms concern Teachers’ Union” in which the General Secretary for the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU), Ms. Coretta McDonald, on behalf of the union, expressed her concerns about overcrowding in classrooms throughout the public school system. While the concerns raised by Ms. McDonald seem legitimate and well-founded on the surface, the ministry feels compelled to address, with facts, those apparent concerns raised by the General Secretary. According to statistical data gathered by the Ministry of Education’s Planning Unit using the non-academic standards of the ministry, there is absolutely no real indication of any form of major overcrowding at any level in the public education system.  The following information was extracted from the tables on class size for the 2012-2013 academic year, and unambiguously outlines the adequate number of children per classroom in their respective levels in the public education system. 1.     Nursery Level – The maximum number of children per class according to the standards is 25. There are 1,520 classes nationally at this level. Fourteen (14) of these classes in five regions (not more than 3 in any region) have more than 31+ children.  2.     Primary Level – The maximum number of children per class at this level is 30 for Grades 1 and 2 and 40 in Grades 3 to 6. There are 3,740 classes nationally at this level. There are twelve (12) classes with 41 to 50 children and one (1) class with over 50 children. 3.     Secondary level – The maximum number of children per class at this level is 45. The number is lower for practical classes. In the secondary departments of primary schools there are 540 classes. Sixteen (16) of these classes have more than 40 students.

Eleven classes have 41-50 students, four classes 51 to 60 students and there is one class with 61 to 70 students. There are 1,536 classes in General Secondary schools. One hundred and thirty eight of these classes have 41 to 50 students, while twelve have 51 to 60 students and there is one class which falls into the 61 to 70 category. The ministry has also been very proactive in recent years in checking the enrolment of schools and changing their grades. In addition, it has also been much more systematic in placing students in nursery and primary schools near to their homes; this has significantly reduced, in fact almost eliminated, the super A schools in Georgetown. Between 2012 and December 2013, 63 primary schools were downgraded because of a fall in enrolment as against 15 being upgraded. While there are a few instances in the public education sector where some classrooms have a little more that their required quota of students, this most certainly does not amount to major overcrowding. The MOE remains committed to continuously working towards ensuring that students and teachers both enjoy a comfortable teaching and learner-friendly environment. To this end aggressive teacher training programmes have been conducted and will continue with a view to having more trained teachers available for classrooms. In 2008 the ministry had promised in its strategic plan to train 1,818 additional teachers by 2013. The ministry is pleased that it surpassed its own target and trained instead 3,084 teachers over the period. Guyana now enjoys more than 70% trained teachers, the most trained teachers our country has ever had. Despite the indisputable successes, the ministry recognises the need to continue to work every day to lessen the challenges facing the system and the ministry commits to so working. Ms. SUELLE FINDLAY-WILLIAMS Public Relations Officer Ministry of Education

care. But he kept saying publicly that I have failed to pay my ‘subscriptions in years.’ I had stated emphatically before that, I paid my subscriptions up to 2012 or else I could not have attended the AFC Conference which was held in that same year. The then General Secretary, Sixtus Edwards can vouch for this. Furthermore, I have valid reasons for not paying subscriptions for 2013. At the Conference in 2012 I presented a motion with regards to accountability within the party (this was after the Ramayya issue). Inter alia, I said that party groups should have bank accounts and all monies collected by way of fund raising and donations should be properly accounted for and deposited into a bank account. This motion was unanimously passed. Everyone agreed, including Ramjattan, Nigel Hughes, Cathy Hughes, Patterson and Moses Nagamootoo. Until now no such accounts have been opened in Berbice! How can I even pay a dollar to this party when there is a total lack of accountability? Many top AFC members have since resigned because of this mismanagement and fraudulent misappropriation of party funds. These people want the Procurement Commission in order to stop corruption, but is unwilling to establish accountability within their own political organisation. (The PPP/C Government is not against the establishment of such a Commission but the Opposition wants to behave as though they are in government. They must have all the powers.) I have written exhaustively on the theft and misappropriation of funds but how can the leaders put system in place when they themselves are guilty? HYPOCRISY The AFC Constitution has provisions for the appointment of an auditor and audited statements. These have never been complied with. At the Conference in 2012 inaccurate and unaudited statements were foisted at the members, many of them having no clue as to what was going on. Yet these AFC leaders are adamant about the Procurement Commission when they themselves within the AFC can procure without proper accountability. This is hypocrisy and shamelessness. FRIEND OF ANIL NANDLALL As for being a friend of the Honourable Mr Anil Nandlall-let me say this, this gentleman is one of the finest legal minds this country has ever produced. He is a statesman par excellence and will one day make a fine President, if God wills. I wish to see that day. However, until this moment I have never spoken to this gentleman or met him personally but I will definitely be honoured to be his friend! Moreover, I have never sought any personal favour from any member of the PPP/C Government or the Party or neither have I personally received any benefits from them. I am a patriot who wants the economic prosperity of this Nation to continue. I do not want the ‘Dark Age’ to return and I will never be a ‘ Chamar’ or a ‘Namak Haram’. People like Ramjattan will never be able to comprehend what it means to be a patriot! CONCLUSION Lastly, Ramjattan should start vigorously disposing of the garbage in the AFC but I guess that means disposing of himself with those garbage as well! Next time get your facts straight before opening your mouth! ,

HASEEF YUSUF AFC Councillor Suelle Findlay-Williams



Objectivity in political discourse (Reprinted) By Keith Burrowes

A FEW months ago, during the closing of the last National Budget Debate, I went home from work one night and watched something unprecedented happen in Parliament. I watched an Opposition parliamentarian not only acknowledge but list a number of achievements made under the government of Guyana. AFC Leader, Raphael Trotman – in the sort of moment of honesty and objectivity that is refreshing as it is rare within local politics–mentioned achievements like the schools, hospitals, roads, the Takutu and Berbice bridges and other major infrastructural works as clear and undeniable evidence of progress made. More importantly, he decried the cycle of negativity that has typified parliamentary debate since Independence, and called for a better, more objective way of conducting the business of the country’s legislature. “An adversarial parliamentary system,” stated Trotman, “is quite against and contrary to the cohesion and development in a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-dimensional society such as Guyana’s.” I called him the very next day and immediately congratulated him on that courageous, that morally upstanding stance, one that was no doubt made at the risk of losing serious personal political capital, particularly in an election year. As the 2011 polls loom in the near future, I would like to extend Trotman’s call for objectivity and fairness in political judgments not only within Parliament, but within the entire sphere of public life. ‘…Our politics clearly needs to evolve to the point

where credit is given when it is due. This isn’t just to save valuable time and energy to get on with the business of running the country in the national interest. It is also necessary, so that when the time comes to engage in legitimate criticism, the credibility of the very people who criticise, who currently focus on the negative without even acknowledging the positive, still have a leg or two to stand on. ‘For me, it is dishonest to try to distort the public’s perception of projects that clearly and by every objective measure, redound to the public’s benefit…there are certain things that should and need to transcend politics, even in an election year.’ Before I proceed, I am by no stretch of the imagination suggesting that we go about being uncritical of those at the top. Public criticism is the major method of keeping public officials on their toes and preventing them from falling into complacency, in the execution of their duties. It is precisely because of this, however, that whenever there is criticism, it has to be perceived as legitimate and authentic. What currently prevails is an environment where official initiatives are perpetually attacked, not necessarily because they are flawed but simply by virtue of the possibility for political mileage within the criticism. In a previous article, I had said that Presidents Burnham and Hoyte, while I may not be a big supporter of their policies overall, have undoubtedly contributed to the development of Guyana and this is something that no one can objectively argue against. Similarly, in my mind, there are some things upon which there should be no

debate in the public domain. Foremost among these is crime. I cannot help but imagine that every single time someone from the Opposition goes out publicly and says something that is outrageously critical of local law enforcement, every single significant criminal cabal out there – from the white collar racketeers to the narco-trade bosses–feel a bit safer, feels that they can operate with even more impunity than they already seem to be operating. Considering the smallness of our society, for me it’s the equivalent of the US Democrats and Republicans arguing stupidly over anti-terror strategy while al-Qaeda is building bombs in the next room. Another area which I feel that is beyond debate is anything that falls under the aegis of human development. For example, there is the unprecedented school-uniform distribution programme, this year being executed to the tune of some $300M. How do you in good conscience argue against something like that? Another area is women’s affairs in general, from the incredible work done to support single mothers to the revamping of our sexual violence laws. It was absurd the number of letters, some of them rabidly vicious, that I saw appearing in the press, and I am told online, against the Feminition exhibition held recently. The distribution of house lots I believe also fall under the aegis of human development and in the past 10 to 15 years, we have seen an accelerated

drive in the process to make available to Guyanese people their own piece of the nation. Now I am aware of the allegations that have been made with regard to inherent prejudices within the system, claims that – if true – need to be dealt with in a systematic manner; but making claims without supporting evidence seems not only simply, to use one of Mr. Trotman’s words, “adversarial.” Disaster response is another area that I believe should not be up for debate, at least not in the midst of the disaster itself. Already, I’ve heard comparisons of the government’s response in the flooding in Lethem to the Bush administration’s response to Katrina a few years ago. Are these people serious? In com-


parison to George Bush’s decision to continue trying to improve his golf swing on learning of the disaster, and his praise of the incompetent and politically appointed FEMA Director Michael Brown (“Brownie, you’re doin’ a heckuva job”), what we’ve had here is a coordinated and methodical response including top level cabinet officials as well as the President and Prime Minister, going on the ground not only to assess the situation but also to actively take part in relief efforts. My point is, our politics clearly needs– as Raphael Trotman emphatically implied earlier this year–to evolve to the point where credit is given when it is due. This isn’t just to save valuable time and energy to get

on with the business of running the country in the national interest; it is also necessary, so that when the time comes to engage in legitimate criticism, the credibility of the very people who criticise, who currently focus on the negative without even acknowledging the positive, still has a leg or two to stand on. For me, it is dishonest to try to distort the public’s perception of projects that clearly and by every objective measure redound to the public’s benefit. There are areas in which things can be done better, some of which I will deal with next week, but let me repeat – in closing – that there are certain things that should and need to transcend politics, even in an election year.




Analysis by RICKEY SINGH               IN A surprising public address in Guyana last week Mr Basdeo Panday, former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago and leader of the United National Congress, made a sharp verbal swipe at the functioning of the Caribbean Community. Known to have been an enthusiastic supporter of the regional economic integration movement while in government, Panday, like then leaders of some other ruling parties—the PNM’s Patrick Manning for instance—also had to cope with criticisms for being slow, if not reluctant, to vigorously pressing for implementation of approved policies and progrmmes. Nevertheless, he did not allow this lapse to stand in his way when he fingered weaknesses in CARICOM—foremost being, as he said, a disappointing “leadership failure.” The occasion for his public address was the annual award ceremony of the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA), for which he was invited to deliver the feature address. As Panday sees it, apart from the ‘leadership failure’, deficiencies in the very structure of CARICOM as well as lack of “harmonisation of (regional) statistics were contributing factors for lingering problems affecting CARICOM’s progress. A few days later, amid growing concerns over a grow-

ing deficit in CARICOM’s implementation of unanimously adopted decisions, Community leaders meeting in St. Vincent were to reflect a new enthusiasm to push ahead with arrangements to honour promises made. Their collective preference to strengthen unity and cooperation was demonstrated at their two-day (March 10-11) meeting last week as reflected in

peal by the Secretary General who would be quite conscious of the yawning gaps between stirring, eloquent rhetoric and lack of precise, relevant actions by the political directorate of the 15-member Community now in its 41st year of existence. For his part, host Prime Minister and current chairman, Dr Ralph Gonsalves of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, seized

in the spirit earlier articulated by Secretary General LaRocque. Prime Minister Gonsalves is known to be a stout, eloquent advocate for the widest and most practical forms of regional economic integration as well political unity. I assume that he would be quite disposed to sharing the modalities in the functioning of his own government’s “natural executive and

Mr Basdeo Panday

Irwin LaRocque

Dr Ralph Gonsalves of St. Vincent

comments and decisions in the official communiqué as well as statements to the media. CARICOM Secretary General Irwin LaRocque, noted that “the sense of unity and solidarity which brought the Community together, at the best and worst of times, must now be the central force that drives it to find a route to ignite growth in our economies…” He stressed the need for unified summoning of a “clear understanding that we are all in this together…..” It was an encouraging ap-

the opportunity to emphasise the dangers by “perpetuating failures” to implement decisions taken in accordance with provisions of the Revised CARICOM Treaty. Specifically, he called on his colleague Heads of Government to put “appropriate institutional arrangements in its natural executive and administrative apparatuses to facilitate the speedy and efficacious implementation of CARICOM’S decisions…” This too was a good appeal

administrative apparatuses” to help in speeding up “efficacious implementation of CARICOM decisions”? QUESTIONS For there lies the rub! What

specific functioning “apparatuses”—to use PM Gonsalves’ language--are in place at the national level to facilitate “speedy and efficacious” implementation of CARICOM decisions? For a start, there are accredited ambassadors to function, on a regular basis, with the Community Secretariat and individual member governments. Are their current work practices really helpful in enabling effective compliance of CARICOM decisions? Is there a functioning CARICOM or department in all member governments of the Community to deal, on an ongoing basis, with issues pertaining to follow-up actions on questions and recommendations arising from Community meetings either at the level of ministers or Heads of Government? If so how are these processed in cooperation with the Guyana-based Community Secretariat? We know that promised overall effective management

at the Community Secretariat itself remains a work in progress. The long wait is said to be significant contributing factor of frustrating for all concerned, not the least being the citizens of the Community who are the ultimate losers when problems remain unresolved. And why is it we are learning less about “new” initiatives being pursued to make a lived reality of CARICOM’s flagship project --the Single Market and Economy (CSME)? It is not comforting to note that it was originally, and perhaps unrealistically, promised to be inaugurated back in 2008 and then postponed for five years later in 2013. The inauguration continues to be elusive amid disenchantment and cynicism. But let’s face the reality that in today’s increasingly globalised world, there’s no alternative to enlightened regional unity and co-operation, even if this means constant variations in structures, policies and programmes.

Home Affairs Ministry launches strict campaign against tinted vehicle windows By Michel Outridge HOME Affairs Minister Clement Rohee has said the Guyana Police Force Traffic Department has launched a rigid campaign to remove illegal tints from all vehicles, including those of members of the Guyana Police Force (GPF). The only vehicles that would be allowed to retain their tints are those imported with the manufacturer’s tint integrated into their windows, because those tints cannot be removed. Rohee said many such vehicles are in Guyana, and the government has decided to issue tint waivers to facilitate such vehicles operating on the roads. The minister explained that in the current system that obtains, vehicle owners go to the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) to get the density of those tints read, in order to determine Minister Clement Rohee the percentage of tint. This information is then communicated to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA), from whom a letter is issued to the Police Traffic Department for endorsement. Rohee said it has been found that a lot of people are endorsing the Home Affairs Ministry’s tint letter at the Police Traffic Department before adding another layer of tint to their vehicle windows. In other words, they are making their tints darker and seeking to use the MoHA permit to hide that fact. Rohee urged owners of vehicles with tinted windows not to tamper with the MoHA permit and apply to their vehicles darker tints than those for which they had been authorised, because once their actions has been discovered, the tint on their vehicles would be removed by the police; and he said members of the GPF are not exempted in this regard. Rohee pointed out that the police anti-tint campaign has resulted in the MoHA receiving a flood of applications for tint waivers, and he said this development means a lot of people are driving around with tinted vehicles. It was noted that some private vehicles owned by police personnel are so heavily tinted that even the windscreens are tinted, making it difficult for persons to identify who is driving them.



War on inequality

INEQUALITY produces inhumane results for the entire world. And when you think of the relationship between distribution of income and development in any developed or developing country, you see the urgency of reducing inequality among the poor and vulnerable people, victims of these vicious outcomes. And you may think that countries with huge resources would have the least inequality. But think again! The U.S. with huge capital wealth remains a country with a phenomenally growing inequality. In fact, in G7 countries (key industrial democracies), inequalities between the rich and poor are ever worsening, and do put a damper on their upward mobility (see Table 1 below for the G7 Gini Index). What is the Gini Index? The Gini Index measures the degree to which inequality in income or consumption expenditure among individuals or households in a country differs from perfect equality; for instance, when a country’s Gini Index score is 0, then everyone will have a similar income, a situation of perfect equality, and when it is 1, then a few persons have all the income and the others have little or no income, a situation of perfect inequality ( However, the Gini Index is not without its criticisms.

Table 2: Lower Middle Income Countries & their Gini Index Scores

Table 1: G7 Countries & their Gini Index scores, including the World

In Table 1, for G7 countries, the average Gini Index was 35.1 at their last score, and their average was 31.6 at their previous score. In Table 2, for these lower middle income countries, the average Gini Index was 44.1 at their last score, and their average was 44.9 at their previous score. The World Bank classifies lower middle income countries as having a gross national income (GNI) per capita of US$1,036 to US$4,085 ( Undoubtedly, G7 countries as key industrial democracies generally would have greater GNI per capita than lower middle income countries; and so there is an expectation that countries with greater resources may have greater leverage to reduce inequality in their societies. But G7 countries seem to have a trend toward increasing inequality as the averages in Table 1 suggest, notwithstanding their hold on huge resources. And on the contrary, the poor nations in Table 2 show some feeble signs of trying to break out of this inequality bubble, even with limited resources. In an exploratory sense, then, a very tentative conclusion could be that reducing inequality through an equitable distribution of income has little to do with whether a country is rich (developed) or poor (underdeveloped or even developing), contrary to the traditional thinking on development. Ahluwalia (1976) in accepting the traditional thinking on development concluded that for poor as well as rich nations, inequality increases at the earliest stage of development, and decreases as development advances. If this is the case, how would Ahluwalia today interpret the rising inequality in the U.S. and other G7 countries, all developed nations? For in Ahluwalia’s conclusion, advanced development brings forth reduced inequality which is certainly not the case for the G7 countries. At the endpoint, regardless of whether a country is rich or poor, inequality through an unfair distribution of income breeds poverty; and the remedy is a war on inequality.

‘At the endpoint, regardless of whether a country is rich or poor, inequality through an unfair distribution of income breeds poverty; and the remedy is a war on inequality.’

Source: Table 1 shows increasing inequality between the rich and the poor in these respective G7 countries, except for Germany and France. The world as a whole also is tending toward inequality. Is this trend of inequality for G7 countries similar to that of poor countries, such as, lower middle income countries? Table 2 shows the Gini Index for nine (9) lower middle income countries (poor nations).



Chronicle Weekend Roundup with Telesha Ramnarine March 17-22, 2014 MONDAY 17

Young customs broker is latest road fatality CUSTOMS broker, Adrian Hoosain of 113 Meadowbrook Gardens, Georgetown died on-the-spot early Sunday morning when the vehicle he was driving, PEE 2564, slammed into a utility pole on the public road at Ruimveldt Industrial Site in Georgetown. The former student of the North Ruimveldt Multilateral School was reportedly ‘sweet’ when he entered his vehicle after parting company with a group of friends shortly before the accident. His friends had reportedly tried desperately to confiscate his car keys in order to prevent him from getting behind the wheel in his state of disequilibrium, but those efforts had failed.

Police confront, shoot armed bandit during robbery attempt ‘C’ DIVISION police apprehended Keron Cummings, a known character, after he attempted to rob a Sophia woman at gunpoint in “C” Field Sophia. A police source has since confirmed that Cummings is no stranger to the police, having been charged on several occasions for robbery-under-arms and other offences. Police said they had been tipped off about a suspicious man lurking in the area. As he pointed the gun at his intended victim, police reprimanded him, but he immediately opened fire in the direction of the ranks, causing the cops to return fire.

Decrease noted in use of National Library ACTING Chief Librarian, Ms Emiley King, has found that there has been a steady decrease in the number of persons who have used the Guyana National Library over the past three years or so. She is thus encouraging the public to make better use of the library. “Persons still come and utilise the space and use the computers, but the young adults’ use of the library has fallen. This happens throughout the Caribbean, though. Once they are in secondary school, they don’t have time for the library anymore,” she observed. ************************************************** TUESDAY 18

One killed, 10 injured in Houston crash TEN persons were injured and one, Wazim Khan, was killed yesterday after their vehicle, a Ford 150, GRR 4883, toppled three times at Houston, on the East Bank Highway. Khan died at Balwant Singh Hospital. The driver, Brandon Rahaman, at the accident site, told the Guyana Chronicle that the group was headed to Inspire’s Phagwah activity at the Guyana National Stadium, after leaving friends in Station Street, Kitty. Public spirited citizens who assisted in moving those injured into vehicles for transportation reported to the media that the individuals reeked of alcohol.

Family of six narrowly escapes serious injury A FAMILY of six narrowly escaped serious injury after their vehicle, PJJ 3397, was thrown from its lane onto the other at Houston, in the vicinity of the Houston Secondary School – making it the second accident in one day at the exact location. The driver of the other vehicle, PRR 9731, a Nissan Cube, was visibly under the influence of alcohol and was arrested on site. He was overhead on his cell phone reporting that his accident occurred on “Cemetery Road” and soon after attempted to escape police custody, but was restrained by an officer on site after he fell in his attempt to get out of the police vehicle. Mon Repos father hangs self in bedroom while children watch A FATHER of two, whose only name was given as Vicky, hanged himself in his room even as his two sons, aged eight and nine, looked on. Reputedly in his early 30s, the man, who is also known in the Mon Repos community as “Camera Fowl,” reportedly committed the act after finding his wife in the company of another male companion in another village. Persons in the area, expressing shock and grief at the man’s passing, declared that he had worked very hard to maintain his two children, and would even ensure that his wife receive all the support she needed, financially and otherwise. ************************************************** WEDNESDAY 19

Four survive aircraft fall from sky

IVOR Williams, Troy Daniels, Leon Bristol and pilot Bernard Singh survived the horrific experience of travelling in an aircraft that literally fell out of the sky over the dense jungle of Region 7. They were the only occupants of the aircraft at time of the mishap. At just after 11:00 hrs yesterday, shortly after the single-engine light aircraft took off from the Arau Airstrip in Region 7 under the control of Singh, owner of the aircraft as well as several mining camps in Guyana’s interior, the plane fell out of the sky; but the pilot was able to send a distress call to the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) via satellite phone, and that entity activated its search-andrescue coordination centre.

Early-morning fire guts historic ‘Medex Building’ at Liliendaal FIRE of unknown origin completely destroyed the Ministry of Health Annexe popularly known as the “Medex Building” at Liliendaal, lower East Coast of Demerara. Persons in the area suggested that it may be electrical in nature. The Medex Building, once towering several feet above the seawall at Liliendaal, had been standing there for many years. It got its name when the Medex Programme was introduced as part of the USAID Programme which trained persons to function between the “sisters’ and doctors” at the hospital. The building recently underwent a massive renovation exercise by the Ministry of Health.

Copa Airlines begins Guyana service in July PANAMANIAN based Copa Airlines has announced that it will commence service to Guyana in July. According to the airline, several posts are to be created locally, including Sales Manager, Airport Supervisors, Sales Executives, Inside Sales Representatives and Sales counter agents. The Guyana route will begin operations on July 11 with twice weekly flights, on Tuesdays and Fridays, to Panama and passengers would have the facility of booking connections to a number of other destinations, such as Montreal, Canada and Fort Lauderdale, Florida and New York in the United States (U.S.), to name some.

Tomorrow is Budget Day! FINANCE Minister Dr. Ashni Singh will present the National Estimates (Budget) for 2014 in the National Assembly tomorrow. The compilation of the Budget, which began in June 2013, follows a number of stakeholder meetings which saw participation from the private sector, labour unions and other interest groups, except the Parliamentary Opposition. This year will be the eighth presentation of National Estimates (budget) made by Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh, his having first presented in 2007, following his appointment as Finance Minister in September 2006. FINANCE Minister Dr. Ashni Singh will present the National Estimates (Budget) for 2014 in the National Assembly tomorrow. The compilation of the Budget, which began in June 2013, follows a number of stakeholder meetings which saw participation from the private sector, labour unions and other interest groups, except the Parliamentary Opposition. This year will be the eighth presentation of National Estimates (budget) made by Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh, his having first presented in 2007, following his appointment as Finance Minister in September 2006. ************************************************** THURSDAY 20

Public hearings to begin day after Easter Monday CHAIRMAN of the International Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the death of Guyanese politician/historian, Dr. Walter Rodney, Sir Richard Cheltenham announced that public hearings will begin on the Tuesday after Easter Monday. Then the sessions will continue for nine working days before a two week break. “Rest assured that the Commission will go to every reasonable and realistic length to get to the bottom of this. Every document that is available, we will seek to access; we are not here to do a whitewash job; we have our integrity and reputation to maintain and wherever the evidence leads we will follow,” the Chairman pledged. Japanese Gov’t gives US$101,000 grant for Black Bush Polder projects MIBICURI Community Developers recently became the beneficiaries of a US$101,275 Japanese Government grant, which will enable the non- government organisation to expand its structural facilities to better serve the Black Bush Polder community on the Corentyne. At the signing ceremony, Japanese Ambassador to Guyana, Yoshimasa Tezuka, noted that the project has received funding under the Japan Grant for Grass Root Human Security Projects.

30 Mara farmers benefit from training in effective small farm management MEMBERS of the Mara Farmers’ Association (MFA) in Region 6 (East Berbice/Corentyne) last week benefited from a five-day training workshop in effective small farm management. The programme was organised by the Caribbean Local Economic Development Project (CARILED) in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development (MLGRD) and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA). CARILED aims to partner with 50 local government authorities in countries in the Caribbean to support the growth and development of 500 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

AG gives Stabroek News 7 days to retract ‘libellous’ Chris Ram letter ATTORNEY-GENERAL and Minister of Legal Affairs, Mr Mohabir Anil Nandlall, through his lawyer Sase Gunraj, has called on Stabroek News to issue a retraction of a letter penned by Christopher Ram and published under the caption ‘It is the President’s duty alone to appoint three members of the Judicial Service Commission’. The Stabroek News has been given seven days to publish a retraction or face legal proceedings. Gunraj contends that Ram’s letter, in its natural and ordinary meaning, is understood to

say that Nandlall is: incompetent; guilty of dereliction of his duty as principal legal adviser to the President and the Government of Guyana; wilfully and deliberately misleading the President, the Government of Guyana, and the citizens of Guyana; and is unfit to hold either the office of Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, or a seat as a Member of Parliament (MP). FRIDAY 21 Jagdeo favoured as PPP/C presidential candidate for next general elections ACCORDING to well-placed sources, former President Bharrat Jagdeo is the one most favoured to be the PPP/C presidential candidate for the next general elections, particularly given that election fever is in the air, brought on by the ongoing gridlock in the National Assembly. The source noted that a poll conducted by the combined Opposition has revealed that in terms of popularity, Jagdeo is way ahead of candidates from both A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC). Accident kills one, injures several after Phagwah activities A horrific accident on the East Bank of Essequibo left one person dead and five others seriously injured. 15-year-old Ryan Van Damme Brescinio succumbed at the Leonora Cottage Hospital, West Coast of Demerara, after a ‘Tundra’ vehicle slammed into a tree before skidding along the bank of a nearby trench at Road-enRust, East Bank of Essequibo. Among those who suffered injuries and were hospitalised are Rohan Mohammed, Ronald Chan, Karen Gobin and Ryan Nandlall. Four more were treated and sent away while one was admitted to the West Demerara medical institution. Persons close to the deceased related that the driver of the ill-fated Tundra had been engaging in Phagwah festivities with friends and consumed alcoholic beverages prior to allowing several youths to ride in the tray of his vehicle. Benn: Power failure could have caused Arau plane crash TRANSPORT Minister Robeson Benn told the Guyana Chronicle that the plane crash in the jungles of Region 7 on Tuesday could have been caused by a power failure. The crash could have also been caused by engine failure. The minister said he was aware that the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority had been questioning several persons about the incident, among them the pilot and owner of the downed aircraft. The minister said the GCAA is making efforts to have the engine of the craft brought out of the area in order to facilitate the investigation. ************************************************** SATURDAY 22 APNU MP Deborah Backer dies Mrs. Deborah Backer, popularly known as “Debbie Backer”, Attorney-at-law, former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, political heavyweight, senior member of the People’s National Congress Reform and of A Partnership for National Unity, has died. The passing of this hard-core politician, who recently resigned from Parliament and public offices to focus on her health, has signalled the end of a ding-dong battle with cancer, with which she was recently diagnosed. The irrepressible Deborah Backer had been in politics for most of her life. Caribbean leaders support government’s effort to pass AML/CTF Bill SEVERAL regional leaders have written to President Donald Ramotar expressing their concerns about the failure of the local legislature to pass the critically needed Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Amendment Bill. These include St. Lucian Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Economic Affairs, Planning and Social Security, Dr Kenny Anthony, Premier of the Virgin Islands Dr. Daniel Orlando Smith, and Barbados Prime Minister Freundel J. Stuart. Soldier pulled from creek died of fractured spine THE Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Coast Guard Unit soldier, Wayne Paul, 23, whose body was found floating in the creek opposite Splashmin’s, along the Soesdyke/Linden Highway, died from a fractured spine. That was reported after a post mortem was performed on the corpse at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH), in the presence of Army Pathologist, Dr. Deen. Paul had been in the company of eight other friends enjoying themselves when he took the fatal plunge. Rondy Jagdeo freed of biker’s murder THE murder charge against twenty-eight-year-old businessman Rondy Jagdeo of Third Street, Alexander Village, Georgetown, was discharged by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry after the prosecution failed to prove the elements of the capital offence. Particulars of the charge said on September 3, 2013 at Eccles, East Bank of Demerara he murdered his friend Kirk Davis.



Edghill slams Greenidge’s ‘bloody war’ comments on Budget 2014

MINISTER within the Minis-

He explained that the

forward resolutely, embrac-

last, the minister again invited

met with the minister and

Private Sector Commission

try of Finance, Juan Edghill

comments were made before

ing the people, embracing

the opposition parties to Bud-

other officials of the ministry

(PSC) and the Federation of

has condemned the statements

Greenidge has actually seen,

the realities of Guyana, and

get talks.

including the Guyana Public

Independent Trade Unions of

attributed to A Partnership

heard or understood the 2014

ensuring that Guyana is that

Service Union (GPSU), the

Guyana (FITUG). (GINA)

for National Unity’s Shadow

budget, “you are already pre-

prosperous nation that we

Minister of Finance, Carl

dicting a nasty or bloody war,

are all dreaming about,” the

Greenidge published by the

it means that nothing that is

minister declared.

Kaieteur News on March 17,

said in the National Assembly

‘To the people of Guyana,

2014. The article was titled

in the debate, or nothing that is

I want to say to you, while

“Despite distractions, Oppo-

said during the time of response

Mr. Greenidge is predicting a

sition remains focus on 2014

to questions in the Committee

nasty bloody war, I am letting

National Budget – Greenidge

of Supply, will satisfy him,

you know that you will have

threatens “nasty or bloody

because his position is already

something to be happy about


prejudiced, it’s already deter-

in your Government, because we will be letting you know how we have managed over the past year and we will be asking you to embrace us as we continue to carry Guyana’s developmental agenda forward,” Minister Edghill concluded. The article published by Kaieteur News had stated that APNU warned that it remains



In an invited comment to

steadfast in its intentions to either chop or trim the estimates where necessary and that there

the Government Information

mined even before having the

have been absolutely no talks

Agency, Edghill stated that, “It

necessary information.”

on the budget between APNU

is regrettable that one, who has

The minister also assured

and the government leading up

been elected to the National As-

citizens that Guyanese can ex-

to the imminent presentation. It

sembly as a policy maker and as

pect a people centred budget

also added that “…it may very

a legislator, would even descend

that focuses on the needs of

well be a nasty or bloody war

to such a level without even

the people, their communities,

when it is presented to the Par-

seeing or hearing the budget, to

their livelihood, their future, and


predict that it would be a nasty

ensuring that Guyana’s develop-

bloody war.”

ment is accelerated.

The Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh had written the

“ I t i s c l e a r t h a t M r.

“We are not dismayed or

opposition parties inviting

Greenidge’s politics is fuelled

disillusioned or discouraged

them to budget talks, but they

by bitterness. He is a man that is

by the constant attacks that

did not take up the invita-

responding to grudges, and he is

have been waging on the

tion. In the latter part of 2013,

not objective in his participation

developmental agenda of the

the ministry initiated talks

in the whole process,” the min-

PPP/C. We are determined

with the Opposition on the

ister added.

that we will continue to march

2014 Budget. On January 13

Several other groups have



PNCR will never be comfortable with RODNEY’s COI-AG AT TO R N E Y G E N E R A L (AG) and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall said recently, speaking on Political Scope, a programme usually aired on the National Communications Network (NCN),

that the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) “will never ever” be comfortable with the Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the death of Dr Walter Rodney, regardless of who sits on the

commission-even if God were brought down to sit on it. “One would have thought that were they totally confident about their non-involvement and innocence, then this would have been an opportunity for

them to be exonerated from any involvement and for their innocence to be vindicated. Unfortunately, the reaction has been different. So they will never be comfortable with it even if we bring God down to earth to sit on the commission,” Nandlall remarked. He charged that the Working People’s Alliance (WPA), the party founded by Dr Rodney, is now in bed with the PNCR and so they too are uncomfortable with the inquiry. “So you have that kind of incestuous situation there that must bring discomfort to the WPA. So their reaction is also understandable,” Nandlalll stressed. According to Nandlall, at the time of Rodney’s death, it was widely believed, and until now, that the party in power at that time was responsible for his death or was connected in some way. An inquest was done at the time but was found to be devoid of any credibility and was manipulated to bring out a particular result which may

not have been the truth of what transpired, Nandlall said. “So the death of Rodney remained unanswered for many years,” he said. Meanwhile, several members of A Partnership for Na-

AG ANIL NANDLALL tional Unity (APNU), under which now comes the PNCR, met a few days ago with the Commissioners to sit on the inquiry but APNU is still unsure of its participation in the public hearings which could commence on April 22.

President Donald Ramotar had agreed, in June 2013, to establish the Commission, following a request from the Rodney family after an inquiry, ordered by former President Desmond Hoyte in 1988, that found Rodney’s death was caused by ‘accident or misadventure’ had been met with grave disbelief. Dr Rodney died on June 13, 1980 when a remote controlled bomb exploded in his lap while he was sitting in a car with his brother, Donald, at the wheel. He was a strong critic of the PNC Government led by the late President Forbes Burnham. An ex-Guyana Defence Force (GDF) soldier, the late Sergeant Gregory Smith, had been identified as the army’s electronics expert who had given Dr. Rodney the explosive disguised as a walkie-talkie, and the latter was testing the device on specific instructions from the former. After the incident, Smith had fled to French Guiana, where he remained until he died several years ago.


Health workers benefit from IT Training SEVERAL persons have benefited greatly from an Information Technology (IT) Training Workshop for Health Workers held at the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre (Red House), Kingston, Georgetown. Speaking about the initiative, one of the participants, Ms. Chandra Mangal noted that the programme was very interesting and educative, and that all the participants benefited greatly. She added that while the participants have pledged to put all they have learnt into practice, they were extremely grateful to the Regional Health Service (RHS) for the initiative and the Ministry of Health for introducing the programme into their curriculum. She expressed the hope that many such programmes will be staged especially for health workers since it serves as a forum to further educate them on important health issues. Some 30 persons graduated recently from the programme which concluded late last year.




Seven-year old takes gun to school BY Leroy Smith THE GUYANA Police Force plans to widen its investigations into the report that a seven-year old girl had taken a firearm to school, and had reportedly used it to chase other students around the classroom in the teacher’s absence. The Guyana Chronicle was informed by a parent of a child attending Mae’s private school that she first learnt of the gun incident

two Thursdays ago, when her daughter came home and informed her that a female student named “Khan” had taken a firearm to school on the Wednesday prior, and was running the children with it. The concerned parent explained that despite the facts, the teachers of the school allowed the student to remain in school, much to the disapproval of many parents. The gun-toting student was then allowed to go on a school tour last week Friday, and several of the students pointed her out to their

parents. That is when several parents decided to question teachers of the school, who all claimed ignorance of the incident. The Guyana Chronicle has been reliably informed that when the gun was taken away from the student, the parents of the child were informed. Contact was first made with the child’s home, from where someone who answered the phone reportedly told the teacher who had called that the gun was not loaded, and that it was actually pellets which were loaded into the firearm. Then the girl’s father visited the school, invited by management to sort out the issue and erase their concerns. This publication was informed that the man had behaved in a very arrogant manner at that meeting, not being very receptive of the concerns raised by the teachers. Speaking with at least two parents of students who attend the school, this newspaper was informed that some parents were calling for the child to be expelled from the school, because if she is brilliant enough to take a weapon to school and run other students around with it, she might one day return with that or another weapon and use it on someone who had upset her for whatever reason. As recently as on Friday, Crime Chief Seelall Persaud was still informing media operatives that the incident with the gun at the school was unconfirmed. He said that when he heard of the matter, he sent the divisional crime officer over to the school, where he was greeted with an outright denial that the incident ever occurred. This newspaper was also informed by sources within the Criminal Investigation Department that the police again returned to the school, and again were told that the incident never occurred. The teachers at the school continue to keep the police in the dark, but thought it best to come clean with the parents and admit that the student had taken a weapon to school. It is not clear if there is, at the private school, a policy for students to be searched before entering the compound, or if random checks are done on students. There is at least one private school on the East Coast of Demerara where random checks are carried out on students and their belongings. If anything apart from school items are found on any student, that student is questioned and, depending on the gravity of the situation, the parents are called in. There are no known cases when the police had to be called into the school as a result of those searches. It is widely believed that random searches done at the Academy of Apex Education act, from time to time, as a deterrent to students who may want to take to school objects or items which are dangerous to teachers and other students, or are just not appropriate for the school environment.

Ukraine: Putin’s Choice

CRIMEA is going to be part of Russia, and there is nothing anybody else can do about it. The petty sanctions that the United States and the European Union are currently imposing have been discounted in advance by Moscow, and even much more serious sanctions would not move it to reconsider its actions. But Vladimir Putin still has to decide what he does next. One option, of course, is to do nothing more. He has his little local triumph in Crimea, which is of considerable emotional value to most Russians, and he has erased the loss of face he suffered when he mishandled the crisis in Kiev so badly. If he just stops now, those sanctions will be quietly removed in a year or two and it will be business as usual between Moscow and the West. If it’s that easy to get past the present difficulties in Moscow’s relations with the US and the EU, why would Putin consider doing anything else? Because he may genuinely believe that he is the victim of

from power in 1989, the Soviet President, Mikhail Gorbachev, made a historic deal with US President George H.W. Bush. It was unquestionably the most important diplomatic agreement of the late 20th century. Mikhail Gorbachev agreed to bring all the Soviet garrisons home from the former satellites, and even to allow the reunification of Germany – a very difficult concession when the generation of Russians that had suffered so greatly at Germany’s hands was still alive. In return, the elder President Bush promised that the countries that had previously served the Soviet Union as a buffer zone between it and Germany – Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria – would not be swept up into an expanding NATO. They would be free, but NATO’s tanks and aircraft would not move a thousand kilometres (five hundred miles) closer to Moscow. It was a wise deal between two men, who understood the

sian speakers are a majority or nearly so: not just the east, but also the Black Sea Coast. But he shouldn’t occupy western Ukraine, because he would face a prolonged guerilla war if he did. This is all extremely paranoid thinking, and perhaps it never passes through Putin’s mind at all. But if it does, then he knows that he has just over two months to make up his mind. If Putin allows Ukraine

VLADMIR PUTIN couraged the secession of Kosovo from Serbia (a handy precedent for Crimea’s secession from Ukraine), and once more when NATO got Moscow’s agreement to an emergency military intervention in Libya to stop a massacre, and expanded it into a campaign to overthrow the ruler, Muammar Gaddafi. To Russian eyes, what has been happening in Ukraine is more of the same. If Putin believes that, then he thinks he is already in a new Cold War, and he might as well go ahead

Pro-Russian activists have been staging protest rallies in eastern Ukraine a Western political offensive in Eastern Europe. Paranoids sometimes have real enemies. NATO’s behaviour since the collapse of the Soviet Union, viewed from Moscow, has been treacherous and aggressive, and it doesn’t require a huge leap of the imagination to see the European Union’s recent policy in Ukraine as a continuation of that policy. After non-violent revolutions swept the Communist regimes of Eastern Europe

burden of history, but they were both gone from power by the end of 1992 – and Gorbachev had neglected to get the promise written into a binding treaty. So it was broken, and ALL those countries were in NATO by 2004 – together with three other countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, that had actually been part of the Soviet Union itself. NATO’s eastern frontier is now only 120 km (75 miles) from Russia’s second city, St. Petersburg. The Russians were burned again when NATO en-

and improve his position for the coming struggle as much as possible. Specifically, he should grab as much of Ukraine as he can, because otherwise the western part will be turned into a NATO base to be used against him. Crimea is irrelevant in this context: the Russian naval bases there are nostalgic relics from another era, of no real strategic value in the 21st century. What Putin does need, if another Cold War is coming, is control of the parts of Ukraine where Rus-

to hold the scheduled national election on May 25, then even the preposterous pretext he has been using for the past month to justify his meddling – that he is intervening to protect Russian-speakers from a “fascist junta” in Kiev – will vanish. So we should know fairly soon which way he is going to jump. My money says that Putin will stop with Crimea, because he’s not THAT paranoid, and because he understands how weak Russia is economically




and how quickly it would lose a new Cold War. He has already saved his face; why run further risks? But I have been wrong in the past, once or twice.






The story of Major Laura Yangil’s amazing road to success By Shirley Thomas

EARLIER this year, Territorial Commander of the Salvation Army Caribbean territory, Commissioner Onal Castor, stressed the need for a mighty revival in the Salvation Army in the Caribbean. It is imperative that Salvationists follow God’s ‘Divine Blueprint for Revival’ for this to be realised, he said, adding that, “Humility must be our attitude” (a prerequisite for growing in grace). He said that in God’s Divine Blueprint, the following attitudes are indispensable: * God must come first * Others must come second * Self must come last * Honest prayer must be our activity * Hunger for the Lord must be our appetite, and * We must know that we can discover His (God’s) Will only through surrender of self to God. An encounter with Major Laura Roberts Yangil, Divisional Secretary of the Guyana Division of the Salvation Army, would immediately cause one to realise that this is an amazing woman, whose life epitomizes the humility of character, selflessness, sincerity, and passionate hunger for the things of the Lord alluded to in the blueprint by Commissioner Castor. Major Laura Yangil and her husband, Captain Jona Yangil Augusto, Divisional Youth Secretary, took up appointments in the Guyana Division six months ago, and are now working assiduously towards making the kind of breakthrough at the upcoming Youth Councils as would positively impact the Revival to which the Caribbean territory looks forward. With them is their eight-year-old son, Josh, who, like his father, was born in The Dominican Republic. Of indigenous extraction, and hailing from Paruima in the remote Mazaruni District of Region 7, Major Yangil, then Laura Roberts, relocated as a teenager to capital Georgetown with her mother, Ivy Henrito-Burnett, and lived in Charlotte Street, a short distance from the Salvation Army’s Citadel headquarters. At age 14, she became enlisted as a young soldier in the

Captain Jona Yangil Augusto and his wife, Major Laura Evelyn Yangil, Divisional Secretary and Divisional Youth Secretary respectively of the Guyana Division of the Salvation Army Salvation Army, where she was geriatrics and working with vation Army for the past 27 nior Citizens’ Home for retired infused with a passion for the young children, for which she years, Major Yangil’s travels officers in Jamaica. She was Lord, and living near the Citadel has a calling. have taken her to several Caribalso preoccupied with overall made it easy for her to attend She served as Lieutenant bean islands, namely: Jamaica, engagements in biblical studies, church and participate in related Roberts for three years at that on about three occasions; The Army Protocols and Principles, activities. location, before being transDominican Republic (the counas well as academic studies; Having shown potential, ferred to the Vergenoegen try of her husband’s and son’s and after five years’ probation, Laura was selected, at age 18, Corps, East Bank of Essequibo, birth); Barbados, St. Maarten, was promoted from Lieutenant to undergo a one-year period where she spent another nine and finally back to Guyana, to the rank of Captain. During of biblical studies at the Cathmonths before finally being where they were posted in 2013. that time, she also did a stint erine Booth College in Canada transferred to neighbouring It was in Jamaica, in 1998, of Preventive Medicine at the (1984/1985); shortly after which Suriname. that Laura met the eligible bachUniversity of the West Indies. she was admitted to the SalvaReflecting on her sojourn in elor Jona Yangil Augusto from The next 15 years were tion Army’s Territorial Training the Dutch-speaking country of The Dominican Republic, then crucial, as her performance College in Jamaica, where she Suriname in the 1990s, Major in Training College. He was within that period would be spent two years. She graduated Yangil recalled in a recent intercommissioned as a Salvation rated one way or other in her from the territorial Training view with the Guyana Chronicle Army Officer and ordained upward climb towards attainCollege in 1987 as a lieutenant. that she found it very interestMinister of Religion in 2000, ing the rank of Major. There Fresh out of training coling. She worked at the Emma and in 2001 they tied the nuptial were considerable changes, like lege, her first posting as an House, a senior citizens’ home knot. Thereafter, they resided learning new languages so as to officer of the Salvation Army for men and women, and alin Montego Bay and worked at keep the lines of communication was to her homeland, Guyana, though it was her first posting in Point Corps and Fern Outpost, open; transitioning from being where she was reunited with her a non-English speaking country, St. James, a beautiful tourist a spinster into matrimonial life; family and was appointed Corps it was, for her, a great learning destination in Jamaica, with taking on motherhood whilst Officer of the Wortmanville experience. She communicated Major Laura holding additional keeping intense focus on the Worship Centre, with additional through an interpreter at first, responsibility as Divisional spiritual work of the ministry. responsibility for the Children’s and enjoyed the appointment Youth Secretary for the Western She trusted God every step of Feeding Programme at that immensely. “I found it very Jamaica Division. the way; demonstrated energy location. interesting, and I spent five They also served at Kingsand drive for the tasks at hand, The Wortmanville Corps wonderful years there, before ton Central Corps for four years, and moved from strength to houses the Worship Centre on being recalled to Jamaica,” Maafter her husband was ordained strength. And what a joy it was the lower flat and a Home for jor Yangil recalled. Corps Officer/Pastor. In 2005, when, in 2007, Captain Laura Elderly Women on the upper Having demonstrated her the Yangils welcomed a preAugusto Yangil was promoted flat, thus her sojourn allowed suitability for the task of workcious baby boy, named Jefre to the esteemed rank of Major her the dual rewarding oping with seniors, she was then Josh, into their home. For a within the Salvation Army. portunities of interacting with posted to the Francis Ham Severy short time, they lived and Now an Officer of the Sal-

worked in Barbados, where it was equally rewarding and they were able to experience admirable spiritual growth. Their next move of that same year was to St. Maarten, where they remained until 2013, before being transferred to Guyana for a second time. Major Yangil’s husband is now into his 14th year as an Officer of the Salvation Army, and he is doing an incredible job at the Georgetown Citadel Corps and as Divisional Youth Secretary in the Guyana Division. News of their transfer to Guyana brought the family great excitement, especially her parents, Neville and Ivy Burnette, and Major Yangil considers it a great opportunity for her to be of service to her country, reaching out and bringing hope, particularly to the young people of Guyana, using as a benchmark, the Salvation Army’s ‘SSS’ (Soap, Soup, Salvation) mantra. It’s been 27 years, going on 28 golden years since Major Yangil has been an Officer in the Salvation Army, and decidedly without regrets. Asked about challenges, she modestly asserted: “The work of the Lord is always challenging, but it’s rewarding, and brings an assured inner peace. If I should sum it up, the difficulties are always overcome by the joyous moments. Regardless of what trials there may be, working for the Lord is awesome. At the end of the day, there is always that satisfaction, knowing that whatever you would have done, it was done for the Lord.” Of herself, she says, “Basically, I am caring and compassionate. I love to serve people, and perhaps there is no better place to put those attributes into effect than in the Salvation Army.” She admitted she’s always had a passion for social work - reaching out and mentoring children, and otherwise helping the needy. “There are so many kids that need guidance and direction out there. It really breaks my heart to see kids lost for a sense of direction. I want to make a difference in the lives of people,” she said quietly, but resolutely. She also grew up in a family where her parents and siblings were and are still Salvationists. Her only sister, Abena, and her husband Derick Miller, are both Captains of The Salvation Army, living and working in western Jamaica, and now in the process of moving to The Turks and Caicos or Bahamas.



Deputy Commissioner Seelall Persaud ready to assume duties of police commissioner -to focus on youth and communities By Leroy Smith

WITHIN a matter of days, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) will have a new Police Commissioner in the person of Seelall Persaud, present Deputy Commissioner and Crime Chief. Approached last Friday by the media, Deputy Commissioner, Seelall Persaud told reporters that he has served the GPF for the past 30 years, and has more recently been acting as deputy to the present Commissioner of Police. He declared himself ready to assume administration of the Force, and opined that it will not be much of a challenge since he is already familiar with its operations and workings.

He told reporters that he both expects and knows that the transition would be a smooth process come the end of March, when sitting Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell officially retires from the GPF. While it is not a familiar sight to see Deputy Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud in police uniform, given the department in which he serves, it is not clear if, as the country’s chief security officer, Persaud would be wearing police uniform, or whether he would continue in civilian garb. Because the Police Service Commission is not in place, when Mr Persaud takes over controlling the reins of the Guyana Police Force, he will have to act in that capacity until that body has been constituted.

Asked what would be some of his first orders on assuming the position of Commissioner, Mr Persaud disclosed that while he plans to look at several changes, much of his attention would be directed towards working with the various communities and their young people. He pointed to the need for the Guyana Police Force to embark on an aggressive campaign to regain the public confidence, and he said this move can be most effective, since young people are the ones who have “a lot to tell and know a SEELALL PERSAUD lot about a lot.” Mr. Persaud is presently heading several countrywide community-based programmes which are run by the police force, especially in high-risk communities such as Albouystown, Agricola and those on the East Coast of Demerara and in Berbice.

US-based author and empowerment facilitator to hold book expose and signing at Pegasus Hotel on March 28 By Shirley Thomas

ALL GUYANA is invited to join the renowned Guyanese-born and North American-based author and Empowerment Facilitator Jason Renville for a riveting time of ‘Book Expose and Signing’ at the Pegasus Hotel on Friday, March 28, beginning at 16:30 hrs. At the event, Jason Renville, author, life coach, human development strategist, and licensed spiritual counsellor will also be delivering an empowerment talk. Admission is free. Renville is a prolific writer and author who has written two powerful and life-changing books: ‘Bring My Soul out of Prison’ and ‘Embracing your Mark of Authenticity’, both of which are highly in demand. In the United States, his books are on sale at the Harvard University Bookstore. In Guyana, copies could be had at the Book Expose and Signing, as well as at popular book stores around town. Purpose-driven, Renville last made a trip home ten years ago. He arrived in Guyana JASON RENVILLE last Thursday, and looks forward to a rewarding and inspiring experience here over the next few days, promoting and selling his books while taking patrons on a pleasant and engaging journey towards realising their potential. Meeting Renville is an opportunity nobody should miss. All are urged to come to an empowering, inspiring, authentic and transforming time on so many levels. “It is my heartfelt wish that you would read or hear something which would ignite the process of identifying, embracing, developing and unleashing the ‘original and powerful you’, thus recapturing the way you have been divinely designed!” Renville asserts. Mr. Renville considers it a distinct honour and privilege to be able to hold this engagement at the Pegasus Hotel, since it was one of his maiden places of employment (as a Night Chef), prior to migrating to the United States of America. While here, Mr. Renville will also appear on NCN’s ‘Guyana Today’ at 7:00 hrs on Tuesday, as well as visit and present a Pep Talk at his Alma Mater, Charlestown Secondary School. He will also visit the Critchlow Labour College and the Carnegie School of Home Economics.



HIV and AIDS Knowledge and Stigma in Guyana – Professor Prem Misir International Book Tour 2014

Professor Prem Misir is embarking on an international book tour in March and April, 2014. Professor Misir will commence his international book tour in Canada where he will make two presentations at the Guyana Consulate in Toronto on Monday March 24, 2014 at 6 p.m. and York University on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 2:30 p.m. Professor David Murray will chair the York University session. Misir will then proceed to

the USA where presentations will be made at the Guyana Consulate in New York on Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 6 p.m. and at York College/ City University of New York on Friday, March 28, 2014 at 5 p.m. Professor Aubrey Bonnett, Department of American Studies at State University of New York, College at Old Westbury will chair the event while Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs of York College/City University of New York Dr. Panayiotis Meleties

will present the welcoming remarks. Professor Misir’s international book tour will conclude in England where he will also make two presentations, first, at the London South Bank University (LSBU) on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 5 p.m. where LSBU’s Vice-Chancellor Professor David Phoenix is expected to do the welcoming remarks; and second, at the Guyana High Commission in London on Thursday, April 10, 1014 at 6:30 p.m.

Pro-Vice Chancellor and Principal of University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Professor Clem Sankat has also indicated his interest in hosting a book presentation by Professor Misir in April, 2014. The official launch of this book took place at the New Building Society (NBS), Georgetown on Thursday, November 28, 2013. Misir also made four presentations around Guyana, at the State House at New Amsterdam, Berbice, the New Amsterdam Hospital, New

The National Budget - elevating lives and transforming the country

(PART 1) A GINA FEATURE A National Budget is defined as the annual financial statement of the country, which sets out in very detailed terms the Government’s financial plans for the period prior to the next budget. And, since it is imperative for the government to have planned the implementation of several policies in the overall task of performing its functions to meet the objectives of socio-economic growth, it therefore means that careful planning and execution of development plans and projects have to be precise, given that very huge amounts of money would have been budgeted. It is well documented that the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) government from its assumption of office, envisaged a socio-economic plan for the growth and development of Guyana, where people would be the main beneficiaries of whatever programmes are executed. This was a grand plan built around two realities - beginning with the fact of a nation that had emerged from almost three decades of dictatorial rule that resulted in the total collapse of virtually all the support socio-economic infrastructure, resulting in very high poverty levels. Secondly, that the development policies must be comprehensive, that would result in the transformative process, ushering in a modern Guyana. To this end, huge budgetary sums have been heavily invested in the social and economic sectors, with exponential increases for the continuation of these people-impacting initiatives. But this could not have been possible without a stable economy, one that has seen consecutive growth for the past eight years.    HOUSING - RAISING THE COMFORT LEVEL  Housing can be described as the flagship example of an impressive design that has been

total in its impacting change on beneficiaries, increasing their economic stock and social well-being, as well as resulting in massive expansion of the building sector, significantly increased commercial business for the banking sector, and with trickle down benefits for the hardware and house appliance sectors. But this transformation could only have been made possible through the yearly budgetary allocations. It is significant to note that from a nation of squatter settlements that dotted both sides of our coastlands, over 200 housing schemes, have been regularised, with laid out essential infrastructure, at a cost of over $1.5B; modern homes, and community support structures such as schools, police stations, small businesses, and community centres. This was made possible because of a government-inspired land divestment policy that resulted in the distribution of almost 100,000 house lots; a window for low mortgage rate facility offered

by commercial banks, due to tax incentives under the Income Tax Act, and amendments to the New Building Society Act. Mortgages can now be accessed from as low as $4.95%, repayable over a 20-year period. Significantly, most of the beneficiaries are low income earners, whose fulfillment of one of life’s main requirements, home ownership, has been realised. Even the Hinterland has been included in this unprecedented national housing programme, under the Second Low Income Settlement Programme, where $200M was allotted for the establishment of structured communities. House lots were also distributed in Regions 7, 8 and 9.   EDUCATION-OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL Education, it has been said, is key to a nation’s growth and development. But this can only be achieved if there are sustained investments into such sector overtime. The rapid rise in expenditure in this sector

has occasioned numerous programmes that have resulted in the gradual overhaul of a system that had once led the English-speaking Caribbean.   Receiving the largest slice of the annual budget: 2010 -$21.4B; 2011-$24.3B; 2012$26.5B; and 2013-$28.7B, this sector has supported a plethora of projects, that include the building and refurbishment of numerous schools in every region; and the construction of technical institutes and vocational schools. Revolutionary teacher training programmes and methodologies have been introduced with a view of producing a better trained educator for the delivery of quality learning in the nation’s classrooms, with the important addition of teachers now being able to pursue the Associate Degree in Education at the Cyril Potter College of Education; and long distance teacher training programmes that target hinterland-based teachers. (To be continued tomorrow)

Amsterdam, Berbice, the Texila American University (TAU), Sparendaam, East Coast of Demerara and at the Georgetown

PREM MISIR Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). The book ‘HIV & AIDS Knowledge and Stigma in Guyana’ is based on a cross-sectional study that used a purposive sample of 379 high school students from fifteen urban and rural high schools in Guyana and assessed their HIV and AIDS knowledge and stigma-related attitudes, and the relationships among gender, age, religion, and race/ethnicity and HIV and AIDS knowledge. Most of the high school students displayed an overall moderate level of HIV and AIDS knowledge. The students understood the modes of HIV transmission; they recognised the symptoms of HIV and AIDS; nearly half of them believed that a blood donor was at risk of contracting HIV; and about one-fifth of the students embraced myths and misconceptions surrounding

HIV and AIDS. There was no statistically significant difference in the knowledge scores of male and female students. Knowledge scores, nevertheless, differed significantly between the 13 to 15 and 16 to 18 age groups, and among the religious and ethnic groups. Stigma-related attitude scores were not statistically significant for gender and age, but differed significantly for religion and ethnicity among students. The study showed fissures in HIV/AIDS knowledge and substantial stigma-related attitudes. Limited understanding of the myths and misconceptions of HIV and AIDS demands a new focus on how HIV is not transmitted through moving beyond conventional strategies toward a social constructivist approach. This book is essential reading for medical professionals, policymakers and educators throughout the Caribbean region. Prem Misir is Pro-Chancellor, University of Guyana. His many publications include Cultural Identity and Creolization in National Unity: The Multiethnic Caribbean and Leader Behavior and the Compliance Structure in Education: A Sociological Study of Ideology and Social Change in Guyana. Contact: Professor Prem Misir Address: 1-2 Pere Street, Subryanville, Georgetown Phone: 223-3243 Email:

For Sunday March 23, 2014 -09:30hrs For Monday March 24, 2014 -11:00hrs For Tuesday March 25, 2014 -12:30hrs

20 20



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NOTICE                

and spares to refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, air condition units, car AC and stove repairs and servicing. Contact Nick 683-1312, 627-3206..        : P l a n n i n g that special event? We take care of all your catering needs. Call 276-1826, 6484903, 696-7706.

RENTAL / HIRE RENTAL HIRE                equipped kitchen at Julian's Restaurant and bar $35 000 weekly. 6 3 8 - 4 5 0 5 , 225-4709.

 Service Speed Typing. Executive Office Services, 82 Albert and Regent Streets, Bourda, Georgetown. Tel. 2238176.


 a Business Card that brings you Business Full Colour. Executive Office Services, 82 Albert and Regent Streets, Bourda, Georgetown. Tel. 2238176.

 Jewellery and Pawn Shop, Lot 1 Durban Street Werk-en-Rust between Camp and George Streets. Tel: 2236331, 227-2307.

 Pressure washing: you won't believe the difference, 592-696-5424 (Kevin Blyden).We clean homes, driveways, decks, gutters, parking lots, businesses, equipment, machinery, cars and anything else with dirt and grime.


 is Fun. Register now and learn to play the keyboard, guitar, drums and do Voice Training. Call Foundaiton7 on 225-1151, 617-4200.  College registers for Forms 1-5, CXC (adults) classes, day and evening classes, phonics and Grade 6 lessons. 223-7906, 6905008,. 94 2nd Street Alberttown.  classes: Dolphin swimming club, Thursday 05:30hrs - 06:30hrs and Saturday 06:30hrs to 07:30hrs. All ages. Tel. 6693757, 641-2571, 690-1559. Lessons offered in the following subject areas: Mathematics, English, Economics, Information Technology, Principles of Accounts, etc. SBA guide offered. Tel. 648-4903, 696-7706.

 Driving School, 2 Croal Street: Enjoy 20% discount, you could also obtain an International Driver's Permit covering over 123 countries. Call 227-3835, 2273869, 227-7560, 622-8162.  Institute of Motoring Learn to drive at an affordable cost. Professional, Courteous and Patient Driving Instructor. For more details contact Annmarie/Vanessa at 172 Light and Charlotte Streets, Bourda. Te# 227-5072, 226-7541, 2 2 6 - 0 1 6 8 . MASSAGE MASSAGE  .        


 Visa Service. Professional Visa applications to the US and Canada. Fees USA VISA $3000, Canada $4000, Plaza Computer Service, 245 Sheriff Street, C/ ville.    . Open Monday to Sunday 09:00hrs 21:00hrs


 Construction! We build, we repair. Have to pay for estimates. Contact Devon - 6541997, 665-7946.

 tutoring available at affordable rates for CXC Accounts. Call us today. 654-1723.

 car detailing and carpet cleaning: wash, polish, wax, interior steam cleaning, vacuuming, all sizes of carpet and rug cleaning, lawn mowing (prepared lawns only), brush cutting. House calls available on all services - 6263126 Mervin.


  


  Building C o n t r a c t o r : C a r p e n t r y, m a sonry, tiling, plumbing, painting, drawing of plans, etc, free estimates, general home maintenance, prompt, affordable and dependable. Lot 1232 6th Avenue Section "A" Diamond New Scheme, EBD. Te l . 2 1 6 - 0 6 7 1 , 6 2 2 - 0 2 6 7 , E m a i l 692-8464.

 is hereby given that SHENGQIAN CAO of 309 Parika, East Bank Essequibo is applying to the Minister for Naturalisation and that any person who knows any reason by Naturalisation should not be granted should send a written and signed statement of the facts to the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Home Affairs, Georgetown Guyana.


LEARN TO DRIVE   Sons and Outar Driving School, 185 Charlotte and King Streets, Maraj Building- 6222872, 644-5166, 689-5997, 6150964.


male seeks female. Call 661-3299. No text.

 REPAIRS, DVD, Amp, microwave, washer, dryer, stereo, etc. Tel. 693-2683.

Indian male from USA looking for a female for friendship. Please email to

, pedicure for the elderly and those who are interested. Tel. 615-6220.

girl seeking decent male between the ages 30 and 39. Tel. 690-8724.

 Plan drafting for only $10 000. Call 227-2766, 694-9843.

you match: find lifelong partners, friends; confidential rules apply Tel. 592223-8237, 592-648-6098 8:30 am - 5 pm daily; both phones same hours.

 Services: Rocots buildings by design, over 30 years US experience. 6672535, 639-8101.  ASSISTANT: Are you busy and would like someone to pay bills, buy groceries, etc., then call 649-9363.      specialise in tap and die, hot and cold water systems, bathrooms, toilets, sinks and gutters, etc. Call 653-0422, 682-6004.

 Service, professionally done by qualified staff. Rush Service provided. Executive Office Services, 82 Albert and Regent Streets, Bourda, Georgetown. Tel. 223-8176. Our Heart's in everything we do.

 : We build your dream homes, we repair. Have to pay for estimates. Contact Mark - 6896033.

 you have a clean Allion or Premio? Driver needs clean Allion or Premio to work and keep, $ 2 1 0 0 0 p e r w e e k . Te l . 686-2350.

 Construction: Painting, plumbing, masonry, carpentry, electrical, with over 30 years experience. Building plans and estimates prepared. Call 660-0943.

   Project Management: Electrical Installation and Maintenance Services by certified and experienced elect r i c i a n . Te l . 2 3 1 - 5 8 7 6 , 6 4 6 0336, 675-6647.

                              technician services for all refrigerators and electrical appliances, air condition, ice makers, cold storage, freezers, ice cream machines, dish washers, washing machines, dryers. Chris 639-9848, 645-7744.  Plus Pharmacy, E5 Hadfield St, Wortmanville between Louisa Row and Winter Place. Monday to Saturday 07:00hrs to 20:00hrs, Sunday and holidays 08:30hrs to 13:00hrs. Pharmacist always available. Tel. 227-2973.

male seeks mature female. Must be of good personality. Write to M.D. 7475 Goreway Dr. #47 - MIS Sauauga ON L4T 3T3 Canada with photo. Only those will be answered. Include your phone number.  Indian man seeking slim, fair woman under 30, no children, no tattoo, to come in Trinidad for work. Please call 1-868-393-5538, BBM 79BF85F5. Hassin Khan from San Fernando Trinidad. Yahoo:



  Disciple of Swami Dayaramdas (India), specialist in Tantra, Mantra, Yantra, Poojas and Yagiyas; solve your problems today. 604-4760, 628-1964.



 reading, other works done. For fast results - reuniting lovers, removing evil and all blockages, etc. Call 696-8873, 673-1166.

 male Pharmacy assistant to work in pharmacy located at Mahaica. Person applying must have experience working in a pharmacy. Interested persons please call 641-3240, 609-9829 for more information.

 spiritual help in removing evil spirit, bad luck, evil sickness, spells, reuniting lovers, bringing prosperity to business, etc. Tel: 612-6417, 220-0708, .687-5653.  works done to bring peace, finance, success, enhance prosperity, remove evil, blockage, reunite families, lovers, etc. 610-7234, 644-0058.  work done in Suriname. Love, marriage, sickness, pregnancy, removes evil, prosperity, business. Readings. Call 674-8603, 597-851-9876. TOURSTOURS  , Labor Day, Indian Arrival Holiday, May 1 to 5. Book early. 644-0185, 6392663, 665-5171, 227-8290.   Fans, come enjoy tour to Bon Fin Moco Moco Falls, etc. April 17 to 21. 644-0185, 639-2663, 665-5171, 227-8290.



 female clerk. Call 231-5171.      to work snackette. Call 644-7720.


 general assistant cook, must know to clean surroundings as well.. Please call 628-8599.  Guard at Sunset View Hotel, Lot 1 David St, Kitty. Tel. 223-6416.  live-in maid, must be from country, age 35 - 45. Tel. 662-1124, 611-0200.  hotel housekeeper, age 35-55. Apply to Operations Manager, 65 Peter Rose/Anira Streets, Queenstown. exist at Survival Shopping Complex, 1`73 Sheriff Street for the following: Sales girls evening shift, bond attendant/porters. Call 227-5288.  General Store, 116 Regent Road Bourda: One general domestic to work in Nandy Park.  one lorry driver, must be from Georgetown. Call 624-7718.  hair, one nail station to rent at J & J Touch of Class Beauty Salon, 61 David Street. Tel. 2311787, 667-2219, 685-2832.  Operator for interior location. Applicants must be experienced with verifiable references. Beginners need not apply. Call 618-2020.  Guards, age 3055 years, attractive salary, meals allowance, uniforms provided. Comfortable work environment. Tel. 225-0198 , porters, lumber clerk Woodmizer, band saw, and moulder operator, timber grant manager, to work in Eccles Industrial Site, EBD. Call Richard 609-7675, 233-2614 Press Operator: Requirements - minimum subjects, Mathematics and English with Grades 1-3, two character references. Must have Police Clearance. P.O. Box 10501.  and Office Clerk to work in Trinidad between the ages of 25 to 35, single female preferred, experience will be asset. Call or text +1-868-745-6214 for more information. you want to live and work in Canada? Get trained, (Canadian standards) as a live-in caregiver also care for the elderly and care for children. Training available. 592-227-4881, 416-674-7973.

Graphic Artist: Requirements - Knowledgeable and experienced with Corel 15, Adobe CS5 Suite, National ID, TIN certificates, NIS Card, two character references, including one from last employer. Apply PO Box 10501.  soon, Singh's Roti Shop! We are looking for individuals to fill the positions of cooks, cleaners, helpers, servers, cashiers, pastry chef and Chinese cook. Please call 680-7999 for details.  Representatives for Regent Street and Mon Repos locations, 2 passport photographs, written application, age 25-30 years. Apply to Cell Point 120 Regent Street, Lacytown. Tel. 2263950, 645-4900, 698-0000.  self-motivated female Assistant: Knowledge of Marketing, Bookkeeping, computer-literate, can work with little supervision. Age 25 - 40 y e a r s . Te l . 6 7 1 - 8 8 8 3 , 6 1 4 0949. email:  immediate employment one Photocopy operator, one printery staff. Kindly submit your application to: Executive Office Services, 82 Albert and Regent Streets, Bourda, Georgetown. On demand typing and printing service. Tel. 223-8176.





 Land Owners| Have your land work for you from Timehri - Success. Call now 1-868-318-3604.

 E.C.D - Land with foundation for 2 storey house. Land size 52 X 84.Price $ 6.5 million. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.

 with 20ft driveway Dennis Street $17M, Sec. 'M' 90 x 50 plus reserve $17M, Kitty 8 000 sq. ft - $19M, one house in McDoom close to main road $9M. Phone Mr Darindra 615-0069, 618-0000 V i ce President Alysious Pereira 623-2591, 2276863, 226-1064, 225-2626.

 apartment at Triumph Village ECD. Tel: 2207937, 625-5257.

  10 acres with creek and farm house. Call 261-5500, 643-1861.   cultivated citrus, house, fish pond, storage, 2 acres cultivated,    ACRE cultivated Parika. Contact 226-7968.  at 20 Philippi Corentyne, includes house lots and farm land. Call 333-3717, 225-1938.   100 x 50 only $14M, Call 231-2064, 225-2626, 227-6863, 615-0069, 627-0288, 226-1064.   , Highway and East Bank Demerara Junction.     Lodge, Diamond, La Parfaite Harmonie, Vreed-en-Hoop, Bel Air. 6298253.  ROAD - CORNER LOT. Price $33 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  Georgetown $95M, Dennis Street 50'x125' $55M, South Ruimveldt gardens 8300 Sq ft - $18M. Real Deal Realty - 647-0856, 668-4781.  in Queenstown 1 6 5 x 60 over $100M. Phone Vice President Alysious Pereira 623-2591, Vice President Darandia 615-0069, 618-0000, 225-2626

 Staff for a dine-in restaurant. Knowledge of food and beverage service a plus. Good command of English and Mathematics necessary. Must be well groomed and possess a pleasant personality. Apply to Dutch Bottle Café, 10 North Road, Bourda between 10am and 3pm. To schedule an interview, telephone: 2269648 or 231-6561.

 Parfaite Harmonie (100ft x 50ft) $1.8M, with foundation (30ft x 20ft) $1.5M, Parfaite Harmonie $1M, $1.2M, Herstelling $3M, Schoonord $1.8M. 675-7292.

 trained teachers needed to do remedial teaching maximum of 18 hours per week, subjects English, Mathematics, Building Technology, Motor Mechanic, Welding, Electrical Installation, Sewing , Agriculture. Call 256-0492, 256-0576, 641-1439.

 STREET- double lot prime business spot (Size 12,500 sqft) Price USD$ 1.3 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665 -7400, 6857887, 643-6353.

Clerk: Requirements - Must have completed CAT examinations, at least 5 CXC, including Maths and Accounts, must have excellent knowledge of Quickbooks posting - setting up of company file, daily postings and producing reports, must be able to work independently without much supervision, previous experience in a similar position is a plus send resumé and CV to. Human Resource Manager, Khaliludeen and Company, 5 Avenue of the Republic & Robb St or email Applicants will be shortlisted and contacted for interview.

LAND FOR SALE Land For Sale  house lot for sale at Unity Village ECD. Tel. 227-3355.  lot in Lamaha Park $14M. Tel. 611-6632, 664-3488. 45' x 80' $9.5M. Call Carol 6129785.  Lot 2004 Block 8 Tuschen Housing Scheme, $2M. Tel. 665-8445.  location, Carmichael Street, size 40'x245'. Contact 2275585, 669-9737.  with property, located 810 Fort Ordnance, Berbice. Tel. 694-0110.  road side land for sale. Contact 6711997.  Parika Stelling near GBTI Bank, land Enmore road side 200x200 land and hours Bonicka Creek. 688-7224.


 GARDENS/ REPUBLIC PARK E.B.D (Gated community) - Size 5000 sq ft. Price $13.5 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

 GARDENS/ REPUBLIC PARK E.B.D (Gated community) - (Size 10,000 sqft) Price $23 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  STREET NEWTOWN - Double lot. Price $21 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  GARDENS E.C.D - Triple lot. Price $58 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353. RD- WORTHMAN-VILLE- triple lot suitable for business, bond, etc. Price reduce to $33 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  STREET, FREEBURG - INVESTMENT corner lot . Size 11,000 sq ft. Price $77 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353. ST NEWTOWN Land with concrete fence. Size 31 X 135. Price 21million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.  STREET, NEWTOWN - corner lot suitable for apartment complex, store, bond, restaurant, etc. Price 35 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  NEW SCHEME E.B.D - Price $7 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

HASLINGTON, NEW SCHEME - Size 80 X 42. Price $2.5 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  - Size 45 x110. Price $1.4 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.   ST NEWTOWN Double lot. Size 31 X 135. Price 18 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.   ST NEWTOWN CORNER LOT -Size 70 X 70. Price 24 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.   - CORNER LOT. Price $42 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  Da Silva Street front land with plan for 3-storey multiple business and residence, close to Bel Air Park $15.6M. Phone Mr Boodram 692-2383, 623-2591, 231-2064, 225-5198, Lady Abundance 661-1952, 2252626, 225-3068, 615-0069, 2276949, Mr. Darindra 626-4180, 226-1064. than 600 acres of land located on upper ECD, care-taker's quarters, storage for seedling, paddy and fertiliser storage canal. Serious enquiries only. Tel. 609-8452, 678-1454.  for bond, hotel, apartment complex, Blygezight 120 x 60 $36M, neg, Austin St. 134 x 56 - $36M, Kitty 8 000 sq ft $22M, Phone Vice President 225-2626, 618-0000, 2252 6 2 6 , 623-2591, 226-1064, 2276863, 615-0069  land in Duncan St. for 4-storey office complex, bond, school, apartment $40M. Phone 627-0288, Mr. Ramsayoe 6180000, Mr Alysious Pereira 6232591, Mr. Darindra 615-0069. to Brickdam, $75M suitable for 5-storey complex, hotel Mr Ramsohoye 618-0000, Mr Pereira 226-1064, Mr. Darindra 615-0069, 225-2626, 227-6863, 225-5198\  land deal! Adventure, Linden Highway, road to river 152 acres, $240 000/acre. Norbert A De Freitas Associates. 592-6092302/6516, 645-2580 Email the only double lot in Continental Park in excess of 7 000 sq ft plus reserve $22M neg. Phone Sir Boodram 692-3831, Sir Darindra 615-0069, Sir Louie Pereira 623-2591, 231-2064, Lady Super Abundance 661-1952, 225-2626, 225-5198, 225-3068.  Street: Commercial, between Camp and Alexander Streets 117' x 31' $53M neg.. Norbert A. De Freitas Associates 592-609-2302/6516, 645-2580 Email    land in Bel Air Village for hotel, bond, 5s t o r e y, s t u d e n t s ' d o r m $42M. Phone Vice President Patrick Pereira 669-3350, Vice President Ramsohoye 618-0000, 623-2591, 227-6863, 225-2626, 667-7812.  lot in Dennis St, with driveway 20 feet $17M, Sec. 'M', 80 x 60, plus reserve for bond $19M, Da S i l v a S t 8 0 x 5 0 $ 1 3 M , Kitty Railway Embankm e n t 8 0 0 0 s q . f t $ 20M, land has 20 ft driveways. Vice President Drandia 615-0069, Vice Pre sident Alysious Pereira - 6232591, Vice Pr e s i d e n t R a m s a y a e 6 1 8 - 0 0 0 0 , Vice President 22 5 - 2 6 2 6 , 2 2 6 1 0 6 4 , 667-7812.

 wish to advertise all land was made by the creator for different purposes. Go as high as you can to enjoy economy of height. Earl's Court LBI double lot 120 x 90 - $17M, Happy Acres parallel to the Main Road 100 x 50 $16M, for business or 4-storey apartment land for bonds on the East Coast $28M, Kitty 8 000 sq. ft $20M, Da Silva St 70 x 35 $14M, 9 0 0 0 s q . f t o n M a i n Road 500 yards south of Chinese Embassy, Turkeyen 1.4 acres $38M, Campbellville 8 0 x 6 0 w i t h l o t s of reserve $16M, Republ i c P a r k $ 1 6 M , C o n t i n e n t a l P a r k d o u b l e l ot $35 M, Croal Street 75 x 50 $32M, 3 lots at 'AA' Eccles with massive u nfinished structure $98M, plus reserve. Friendship $3 . 5 M , P e a r l 5 a c r e s f o r gated community $45M n e g . P hone , 225-3068, 2261064, 227-6863, 227-6964, 2252626.  land is going to solve your business need, in Smyth close to Brickdam 120 x 60 the only land available for $55M neg All lands that would give you the same return on your investment $95M, talking of 5-storey c o m p l e x . P h o n e L a d y B o s ton 684- 2244, Lady Racel Jones 688-3434 , Master Darindra 615-0069, 618-0000, 6232591, 225-2626, 225-3068, 2261064 , E mail : m  Middle income first street $9M, sixth street $6.2M Atlantic Garedens, Thomas street Cummingsburg 40 by 242ft 70M, Hadfield street Lodge 45 by 171 ft, 38M, Campbellville fenced built up 50 ft by 18 60M, Kitty Shell road back land with drive way 12M, Kingston fourth street 60 by 120 ft 60M, Robb street 110 ft by 32ft, 56M, Bel Air Village House on double lots, 40M, E a r l ' s Av e n u e 5 0 M , S h e r i ff street 120 by 45ft, 130M, Mentore/Singh Realty 2251017, 623-6136.  businesses must think out of the box. They must adopt a new strategy. The Chinese are moving in some locations that land for bond/factory is cheap, 20 000 sq ft land close to the Chinese embassy for bond. $58M, 8 000 s q . f t o n the main road c l o s e t o t h e C h i n e se Embassy $54M for 4-storey fast food/ super m a r k e t 200-car parking. 1½ acres of land in Turkeyen for hostel, school, university, bond, Buy now, be decisive. Present, you have a boss, now decide. Phone Mr. Danhand r i 6 1 5 - 0 0 6 5 , M r . P a t r i c k P e r e i r a 6 6 9 - 3 3 5 0, M r. A l y s i o u s P e r e i r a 6 2 3 2591, 225-2709, 225-2626, 225- 3 0 6 8, 226- 1064, 227-6863, 225-5198 Seven days of h o t m ail: to let


 Eccles furnished h o u s e US$ 10 0 0 , 6 11 - 0 3 1 5 , 690-8625.  fully furnished five-bedroom house, Atlantic Gardens. Call 681-3131, 653-6570.  Rooms, selfcontained and furnished $75 000 monthly. Call 226-9798. Gardens: 3-bedrooms apartment exclusive. 6139033. -bedroom furnished apartment in Georgetown $60 000. 622-8109.  rooms for single, working male. Tel. No. 6132647.

 space: North Road top floor $70 000. Tel. 6192525, 668-7230.  located space in Georgetown, suitable for business, Call 664-7525, 225-7131.  mixers to rent, long and short term periods. Call 680-2723, 226-5351, 690-3484.  space 2500 sq. feet, Lamaha and Carmichael Streets. Call 225-8915 (office).  for single person only, Agriculture Road, Mon Repos. Tel. 684-4193.  4-bedroom house in Diamond New Scheme. Tel. 2654161.  2-bedroom fully furnished apartments, long and short term. Contact 645-0787.  room and apartment $3 500, $4 000, $5 000, $6 000 daily. Call Julian 638-4505, 225-4709.  kitchen at Julian's Restaurant, Bar & Guest House $35 000 per week. Call 638-4505,, 225-4709.                    furnished apartment in gated compound, 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom self-contained AC, with fridge, stove, washer, dryer, hot and cold water, 24 hours security. Tel. 222-6681, 685-5940.  Lumber processing factory (i.e Woodmizer mill, band saw moulder etc), Eccles Industrial Site E.B.D., Middle Floor, Camp Street Area for office or business. Call Richard 609-7675, 233-2614.  and clean oneand two-bedroom, fully furnished apartment at Seaforth Street, Campbellville US$35 and US$60 daily, $80 000 and $100 000 monthly. 650-5354, 621-3094. - and two-bedroom unfurnished apartment at Cummings Street $60 000 and $80 000 monthly. Call 650-5354, 621-3094.  friends & relatives from overseas? Don't have enough space? Call 629-5138 for accommodation.  space, North Road/ downtown. Top floor. Price $70 000, Tel 619-2525  at 52 Hague Front, WCD. Call 644-4951.  2-bedroom apartment, 27 Liliendaal ECD. Contact Shim. Tel. 222-3475.  2 bedroom bottom flat fully grilled, 94 Shell Road Kitty. Tel 600-2735 No parking.  one bedroom apartment to let $50 000, $45 000. 650-6236, 697-0480.   upper flat to rent in Eccles, price $80 000.Contact 639-2728.  Street store Charlotte Street store space Berbice car park, property Jacaranda Avenue, Bel Air Park owner 688-7224, 225-2319.  2-bedroom bottom flat with toilet and bath, Lot 73 Eccles, Old Road. Tel. 697-2883.  bond $500,000. Large Storage space Regent St. $500 000, monthly. 626-1150, 231-9181.  2-bedroom flat in Bel Air area US$$325, Queenstown US$900, Ogle US$500. 663-1728.  3-bedroom, AC, security, etc, fully furnished 3-bedroom AC, security, etc. Call 688-4321, 216-2782.

22 22 TO LET  Cummings and Middle streets, full store equipped with all glasses cases, ac full silvilence system, 2 floors, office, laboratory, and more must see. Tel: 621-4000 -bedroom apartment with toilet and bath, located in Cummings Lodge. Single person only, student or worker, Tel. 228-9123. -BEDROOM upstairs in Prashad Nagar close to Police Outpost 225-5045, 641-1852, 664-7945.  four-bedroom executive concrete building with all modern facilities. Tel. 6420636.  two-bedroom top flat with all conveniences. Price $60 000. Tel. 6420636. -bedroom lower flat (3 steps up) at 340 East Street, Georgetown back house - $45 000 monthly. Contact Trudy 2254712, 696-2435.  2-bedroom concrete cottage (building in the yard), Block 8, Mon Repos, ECD, $40 000 monthly neg. Tel: 231-7568, 643-5797.  apartment at Success, East Coast Demerara. AC, washroom, kitchen, dining. No parking. 642-3478, 675-9107.  upper flat apartment at 62 Sandy Babb Street, fully furnished. Parking available. Tel. 621-8034, 679-8265. front business space, 12ft x 19ft - $100 000 at Julian Restaurant in Cummings Street, Georgetown. 225-4309, 6384505.  self-contained one-bedroom apartment located in Diamond, walking distance from public road. Tel. 6627582, 613-9641.  rental or sale approximately 3 acres land and building at Enmore Estate Road. Seriously enquiries only. Call 2314172, 231-7839. -bedroom upstairs in Newtown Kitty, preferably decent working person, university student or Christian. $60 000 neg. Tel. 227-1354, 618-9117. -EN-HOOP Junction: Suitable for business, games station, stationery shop, photo-copying and printing centre, internet, lessons. Call 6809905.

TO LET   2-bedroom apartments, fully furnished at 6 Seaforth Street, Campbellville. Price US$35 & US$60 daily. Call 650-5354, 621-3094.  'D' NON PARIEL (Ocean Front)- New 2 bedroom property- $45,000. JEWANRAM: 227-1988/ 623-6431/ 626-5260/ 657-8887.  AA/ LAMAHA GARDENS- Spacious and Secure unfurnished property.US$900. JEWANRAM: 2271988/ 623-6431/ 626-5260/ 6578887.  Vegetarian shop at Merriman's Mall. Tel. 223-6862, 642-6381. -bedroom apartment in Queenstown, contains spacious living room, kitchen bedroom, etc modern style $35 000 monthly. Contact 646-0668.  2-bedroom apartment, fully grilled with AC, Enachu Street Section 'K' available from April 15 $90 000 monthly. Contact - 2274992 between 08:00hrs and 17:00hrs.  three-bedroom bottom flat and top flat, front house, hospital vicinity, on East Street, fully grilled, has air conditioner, overhead tank, parking facilities, phone line. Phone 225-3756, 678-1913.  Air 2-bedroom furnished $110 000, Alexander Village 1-bedroom furnished $60 000, business spot on Norton Street $130 000. Raul 655-8361, 699-6811 Fabulous Homes Realty.  Gardens semi furnished 3 bedroom house, AC, security system US$950 Norbert A De Freitas Association -6092302, 609-6516, 645-2580, E m a i l :  fully furnished studio apartment, situated in a secure and gated compound, suitable for a couple or a single person. short-term and long-term rental. Call 699-6891,  (Gas Station Road)- Spacious lower apartment. 2 bedrooms -$55,000; 1 bedroom$45,000. JEWANRAM: 2271988/ 623-6431/ 626-5260.  Margot, East Coast, Demerara 1 furnished/unfurnished 2-bedroom with toilet and bath and kitchen. Serious enquiries only. 660-0943.

 concrete bond 87'x32, lots of yard space suitable for CarMart, etc. Public Road McDoom 233-0570 (No agents.).

: Newly renovated onebedroom apartment fully grilled, 24 hours water system and surveillance camera. Call 650-1471.

        Office space, fully furnished. 1200 sq.ft- US$2000.    

 bottom flat for any kind business, was a Chinese restaurant and liquor bar, one 2-bedroom house needs good tenant at 6 Uitvlugt, West Coast, Demerara. Tel. 277-3415, 664-6099.

 Palace and Restaurant, 344 and 345 Middle and East Streets. For sale by owner only. Contact 656-9835, 1-908456-/6683.

 apartment in Bent Street, Wortmanville, US$30 per day. Contact 2263309, 218-1033, 678-4267.

 furnished 3-bedroom house, fully meshed and grilled, large yard space and office space at the bottom. 6108351, 697-5492.  Street: One & twobedroom furnished apartments, hot & cold, AC, Internet, US$20 daily. Rates neg. for monthly visitors. Tel: 2275852/638-4404.  bottom flat two bedroom apartment amount $100 000 including water and electricity. Call 227-4910, 6823813.

 to rent close to UG, shared accommodation call: 625- 8585 also to rent, one five bedroom house .  and tiled apartment AC, hot and cold, internet, US$25 daily. 231-6061, 621-1524. No private call. Monthly neg.  2-bedroom bottom flat with inside toilet & bath, located at Chateau Margot ECD. Tel 6902758/686-7137. -BEDROOM bottom flat apartment, Lot 45 Austin Street Campbellville. Tel. 623-2087.

 3-storey property at David Street between Alexander and Vlissengen Road dimension 100 ft by 30 ft. Tel. 646-0336, 675-6647, 231-5876.

 Acres, Bel Air Springs, Atlantic Gardens, Kitty, South Ruimveldt, Eccles, Diamond. Atlantic Gardens apartment. Tel. 227-3582, 642-7613

      ,    

-bedroom apartment furnished or unfurnished, hot and cold, AC, Bel Air Park. Tel. 669-1114, 614-0949.


concrete 3-bedroom bottom flat, spacious living quarters, telephone, parking, toilet and bath, EBD. Decent working couple. Tel. 668-5384, 648-3342.  and rooms daily, weekly, business space. Tel. 621-5282.  prime three-storey commercial building with car park, located on North Road, between Oronoque and Albert Streets. Contact 626-6909, 642-7963, 669-0855.  (2) bedroom apartment, fully furnished, AC included short term or long term, Tel. 225-0071 home, cell 600-5473, 724-7420, 115 Thomas Street Kitty, Georgetown.  $90 000, Section 'K' US$1200, Queenstown US$800, Bel Air US$900, Atlantic Gardens US$600 - US$800. Many more Diana 227-2256, 626-9382. QUEENSTOWN - Bottom flat suitable for storage bond size (1160 sqft). Price $100,000 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  GARDENS - Fully furnished Executive 3 bedroom house. Price USD $1800. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.            spot: Could be used as boutique, bond, cell shop, church, snackette, wholesale/retail shop, drinks shop, pharmacy, internet cafe, etc. Contact 646-0668. Call from 15:00hrs to 18:00hrs.  STREET SECTION K C/VILLE- unfurnished 3 bedroom house can be rented as office. Price $1700 USD neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665 7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  close proximity to Sheriff Street - brand new 3 storey concrete building. Suitable for business, school, residence etc. Price USD $12,000. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  - 3 storey concrete building suitable for school. Building size 10,250 sq ft. Price USD $5000. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353. - Semi-furnished 3 bedroom house with office space on ground floor. Price USD $1600. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353. , ECD: One 3bedroom upper flat apartment with all conveniences, quiet and secure neighbourhood, with space for parking. Decent Indian or Amerindian family preferred, $35 000 monthly. Tel. 229-6691.  - bottom flat suitable for office/residence. Price USD $1200. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  (Ocean Front)- New 2 bedroom property -45,000.         - Spacious 3 bedroom property with parking for small vehicle$90,000       , E.C.D- 3 bedrooms upper apartment $40,000.           STREET, ALBERTOWN - 3 storey concrete building. Suitable for school, embassy, office complex, call centre, medical complex etc. Price USD $6,000 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.



 STREET brand new executive offices. Size per unit 1650 sq ft. Price USD $2200 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.

   BSc h a s more than 20,000 hrs in Real Estate Investment and E c o n o m i c T r a n s f o r m a t i o n of People Economic Gr o wth. We have rental from US$1500, in Bel Air Park, a m b assador's residence in University Gardens Le Resouvenir, LamaAve with pool, JacarandaAve.withlargelawnsUS$2000,Prashad Nagar US$1000, apt. f r o m U S $ 7 0 0 , b o n d 8 0 0 0 sq ft, small and large o f f i c e s pace up to 15000 sq foot; state of the art hote l a n d o f f i c e c o m p l e x w i t h in c o m e o f U S$40 000 monthly; 2 acre s o f l and in the city for hotel, and any complex Main Street 2 ½ acres US$5M, Water Street 4 acres forhotel, hotel on 5 acres of land overlooking t h e s e a US$5M; another overlook i n g t h e s e a US$1.5M , income US$15000; riverside land residential land at LBI-$10M;Republic Park $8M, Diamond $ 7 M , S e c . ' K ' $2 0 M , Bel A ir Park $25M, G a r n e t t double lo t $ 4 2 M , Phone 225-2626, 231-2064, 225-2709, 226-1064, 227-6949, 227- 6 8 6 3 , 667-7812. 619-7945.

 GARDENS - unfurnished 4 bedroom house can be used as office or residence. Price USD $1500 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.         , GEORGETOWN - office space available suitable for consultants, accounting firm, lawyers etc. Price USD $900 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  GARDENS Fully furnished Executive 5 bedroom house. Price USD $3000 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  ground floor for business $75 000, ideal for doctor\s clinic, money transfer, teacher\s lessons, electronic gadgets, boutique, barber ship and hair salon, etc. Call 225-0571, 638-0787.  AND REGENT STREETS - Commercial space on ground floor. Size 1645 sq ft. Price USD $2400 (as is). Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  STREET - furnished 3 bedroom house. Price USD $1350. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353. STREET, BOURDA - 3 storey concrete building. Suitable for store, restaurant and bar, etc. Price USD $10,000 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  NAGAR - furnished executive flats with modern amenities. Price $1500 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.  STREET, NORTH CUMMINGSBURG - furnished 3 bedroom top flat Price $150,000 and unfurnished 3 bedroom bottom flat can be used for business, apartment, office etc. Price 150. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.  Street 1 bedroom $50 000 neg, Duncan Street 2 bedroom $120 000, Alberttown 3 bedroom unfurnished $100 000, Durban street furnished $120 000 and 1 bedroom $45 000. Call 662-8969, 644-5128.  wooden house $70,000, Agricola Public Road. 2 bedroom house in Diamond $90,000. Brand new 5 bedroom house in Diamond $ 2 0 0 , 0 0 0 , various business s pa c e , $ 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 Te l . 2 1 6 3120(office), 667-6644. - PRIME COMMERICAL PROPERTY, Cummings and Middle streets, ALBERTOWN, 3 LOTS WITH BUSINESS, (NUT CENTRE) sold furnished, all modern amenities 32 cameras silvilance, parking for 12 Vehicles, taken in alleyway, Vendors for GT&T, Western Union, Interstate Batteries, Lotto, Superbet, Must see to appreciate, best offer Agents Welcome . TEL 621-4000, 2273939 Mr. Singh   US$3000; -US$3000, US$1500; (Executive 3 bedrooms furnished property, parking, hot/cold etc) US$2000; US$2500/ US$1500/ US$1000;   US$2000/ US$1000; US$1200;  (furnished)-           

 Street, Kitty: 3-bedroom front house, 1 self-contained room, tub, washroom, hot and cold, 2 washrooms, 2 AC, ceiling fans in all rooms, breezy verandah and all rooms beautifuly lacquered fully grilled, private driveway for 3 vehicles. Suitable for foreigners. Call 225-3262, 676-6948.  STREET, NORTH CUMMINGSBURG - furnished 3 bedroom top flat Price $150,000 and unfurnished 3 bedroom bottom flat can be used for business, apartment, office etc. Price 150. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.  World #1 Realtor Mister Terry Redford Reid 667 - 7 8 1 2 , 225 - 6 8 5 8 , 2 2 5 - 7 1 6 4 , 2 2 6 1 0 6 4 , 2 2 5 - 2626, 231- 2 0 68, 619-7945. Ha ve the executive rental reduced by 35%, Prashad Nagar US$1000, Jacaranda Ave. Bel Air Park US$2000, Barima Ave Bel Air Park US$1800, Bel Ai r S p r i n g s US$1000, large bond for rental office small form US$3 75, 10 000 sq ft office space for technologybusiness, Lamaha Gardens US$1500, Lama Ave, Bel Air Park US$1800, Bel Air Pa r k o n t he round about US$1000, Prashad Nagar US$1500, land from $11 million, riverside l a n d h o t e l s w i t h U S $ 3 5 0 0 0 m o n t h rental and office space US$40 000 month properties from $14 million. 2252626, 225-5198, 226-1064, 6232591, 669-3350  (3 storied commercial)US$14,000/ US$10,000/ US$3000;  US$5,000; : New Commercial Building;  - Fully furnished office spaceUS$2000;  - US$1500;   (Manufacturing building, 5000 sq. ft)- US$1500;   US$800;   $100,000/ $70,000/$50,000;               - US$1000/ US$950/ US$600;   US$750;KITTY- (Furnished)$160,000/$65,000;   US$500;   $90,000;  (2 bedrooms lower)$45,000;    (2 bedrooms lower)- $50,000;   (1 bedroom)$40,000;   (Lower)- $55,000;     $45,000.          

TO LET  and unfurnished 3-bedroom top flats in Queenstown and South Ruimveldt Park. Call 6442099. /executive rental: Wonderful 7-bedroom property for office & residence at Atlantic Ville, East Coast Demerara. Price US$2000. Call Mr Darin 615-0069, 2252 6 2 6 , 2 2 5 - 5 1 9 8 , 2 2 5 - 3069, 225-2709, 231-2064.     (furnished)- US$1500;    (2 bedrooms fully furnished lower)-US$1100;   furnishedUS$900/ unfurnished US$600;   US$500;   $90,000;- (Upper Furnished)- $150,000/ Lower unfurnished)-$65,000;   (2 bedrooms lower$45,000/ $55,000;     (Lower)- $50,000;   (1 bedroom)- $40,000.           have rental from US$800 in    beautiful 2-storey concrete property, 4 selfcontained rooms, large den , l a r g e living room, family room, t e l e v i s i o n r o om, beautiful kitchen, fully air conditioned, hot and cold facili ties, land space. Price US$ 2 5 0 0 , u n f u r nished.    2-storey concr e t e p r o p e r t y, m a s t e r r o o m , 2 b e d rooms, kitchen, family ro o m , d e n , v e r a n d a h , h o t a n d c o l d f a c i l i t i e s , semifurnished, security came r a s, l a nd spac e US$150 0.   2-storey concrete property, fully air conditioned 3 bedrooms, unfurnished US$2000, (neg).  2-storey concrete property l a r g e l i v i n g area, 4 self-contained rooms hot a n d c o l d f a c i l i t i e s , g e n e r a t o r, u n f urnished US$1500 neg.   middle floor sui t a b l e f o r b u sin e s s $175 00 0 . : Beautiful 2storey concret e p r o p e r t y i n perfect con d i t i o n , 4 b e d r o o m s , h o t a nd cold facilities, master room, fam i l y room, den, air-conditioned, p a r k i n g s p a c e f o r v e hicle US$2500. Do cal l u s o n Tel. 225-6858, 225-7164, 6881 8 8 5 C a l l Te r r e n c e 6 6 7 7 8 1 2 . W e are situated at 247 'D' Forshaw &Oronoque  bedroom furnished Bel Air Park apartment $80 000, one fully 3 bedroom Bel Air Park US$120, ground floor business space 30 x 30 ft Charlestown $140 000 neg, 1st floor two rooms office space, Albertotwn in secure environment US$1200, two bedroom top flat apartment Campbellville $40 000, three bedroom executive house AC, hot and cold, filtered water, new modern furnishings, etc US$3000 neg, one bedroom apartment fully furnished, secure, phone, parking in residential area US$700, one bedroom apartment Queenstown unfurnished $35 000, two bedroom apartment furnished secure, phone, etc $100 000, two bedroom apartment furnished secure phone etc $120 000 neg, three bedroom top flat in quiet area fully furnished $150 000, three bedroom bottom lat unfurnished for business $150 000 ideal for doctor, dentist, consultant, etc whole building available for one tenant as well, three bedroom bunglow Parfait $45 000, two bedroom unfurnished, Bel Air Park USD$1000, one bedroom semi furnished apartment Lamaha Gardens $65 000. 2272612, 223-1877, 627-8314, 6550755.






 furnished house in immaculate condition at Lamaha Gardens suitable for residence and office US$2500, AC, hot and cold, parking, etc, one modern 3bedroom apartment at Campbellville US$1300, AC, hot and cold, parking, etc, one bond 135 000 sq. foot at BV US$10000. Call 2194535, 661-7169.

 two-storey concrete 5bedroom property, parking for 3 vehicles, in Georgetown $48M neg. Contact Mr Alexander Pereira 669-0943, 231-2064 or Mr Louie Pereira 623-2591.

Ideal for two families. property in Bent St - $16.5M, Phone Mr. Darindra 615-0069, 226-1064, 618-0000, Mr Pereira 623-2591, 225-2626. 225-5198, 231-2064, 226-1064.

 ROAD KITTY: two family concrete property suitable for business Price $45 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 2257276, 6657400, 685-7887, 6436353.

 three-storey business property @ Middle Street Georgetown. 2 business properties on Whim Public Road, Berbice. Tel 619-7134, 2256481

     A d e l a i d e a n d Evans Streets Charlestown, Georgetown, Georgetown, Lot No. 41 Section 'A', NO. 53 Village, Corentyne, Berbice. Contact 233-6811, 679-3448.

 REPOS E.C.D- Modern 4 bedroom concrete property inclusive of 1 master room. Price $34 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

 St, S/C/burg 2storey house on land 250ft x 38ft, ideal for big investment $72M neg. Nasresh Persaud - 225-9882, 681-2499.

 E.B.D - Modern 2 family concrete house. Price $35 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.

 Street, Georgetown 2-flat residential commercial lot, size 69'x38' - was $58M now $55M Norbert A. De Freitas Associates 609-2302, 609-6516, 6452580, Email

 OF CANAAN- 4 bedroom concrete house just off the public road. Price reduce to $14.5 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.



 to rent, sell, buy? Room, house, floor space? Call 687-8168.  in Alberttown, corner lot. Price neg. Tel. 6178255.  building, UG Road. Call 667-5868.  house, 6 self-contained rooms on EBD, swimming pool, roof gardens, etc, US$600 000 neg. Tel. 623-9015.

 Park, gated, 3-bedroom flat house was $18M, now $17M for quick sale. Norbert A. De Freitas Associates 609-2302, 609-6516, 645-2580, E m a i l

 EBD: Two-storey concrete and wooden property. Tel. 655-3817.  NORTH East Street Lodge, South half back building. Tel. 644-9743. -bedroom house, corner lot, Section A Block Y Golden Grove, EBD. Call 2263562, 645-5523. Front land with a small wooden house in East Coast Demerara. Contact 657-8086. -bedroom flat concrete house in Coghlan Dam, West Bank Demerara. Phone 6546902.  2 flat house in Eccles, 3 bedroom upper flat, 2 bedroom lower flat $30M. 639-2728.  2-storey concrete building (30x40) land (50x80). Price $7.9M neg. Contact Sanjay on 662-3842.   Sukoo St. Berbice new structure (two houses) neg. Contact 6655776.  house in 1st Bridge, Diamond and one in 4th Bridge, Herstelling New Scheme. Call Narine 688-1657.  two-storey house in Republic Park. No Agents. Only serious enquiries. Tel. 681-6066 , Eccles, Shamrock Gardens, Robb Street, North Road, Diamond, Providence. 629-8253. -BERDROOM,       property, prime location (land 200' x 50') store front 72' x 24', bond 87' x 32', extra space for 15 cars Public Road, McDoom. Tel. 233-0570 (No agent).\  property, 25 Mon Repos Public Road ECD, opposite the market, seaside corner. Price $70M neg. Call 2209889.  wooden and concrete house at 34 Lyng Street, Charlestown. If interested, come in person.  buyer only - $5.5M, D'Urban Street, near Mandela. Call 610-8282, 671-9614. and lands, for sale and rental. Call with your request. Call Neil 610-8282, 6719614. -BEDROOM, 2-storey house at Good Hope ECD. P r i c e n e g . Te l . 6 9 9 - 9 6 3 6 , 2 3 4 - 11 8 2 .  St. US$1.5M, Camp and Lamaha Streets US$2M, North Road $80M. Real Deal Realty - 647-0856, 668-4781.  concrete 2 flat house at 47 Happy Acres ECD, fully furnished 3 bedrooms top flat, hot and cold bath, big yard space. Call 2252902, 673-1095.

 farm, 20 acres at Yarrowkabra, 8 fully equipped chicken pens, 4 workers' houses, storage bond. Attractively priced. Call 220-2599, 22-4975. -STOREY concrete house, 3 bedrooms, 1 self-contained with AC, laundry room, located at Mon Repos, ECD $33M. Tel. 642-2116  3-storey Robb Street store, 4-store store Charlotte Street, 4-storey store North Road Lacytown. 2252319, 688-7224. Owner.  3 lots $26M, Providence $30M and $29M, Land of Canaan $15M, New Grove $20M no repairs Queenstown $65M. Call 662-8969, 644-5128.  2-storey business property, 3 1-bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom apartment, 5 rooms in upper, flat shop at lower flat, transported $39M neg. Naresh Persaud 225-9882, 681-2499, 660-0023.  & Oronoque Business property between Regent and Robb reduced from $45M to $39M. 641-1800.  Market: Double, front stalls facing Regent Street, for electronics cellphone pharmacy, jewellery, cosmetics. 641-1800.  Park corner lot 3 bedrooms upper, 2 bedrooms lower, 53'x25' lot 90'x60', $38M Norbert A De Freitas Associates - 609-2302, 609-6516, 645-2580. Email  Key bar/lounge guest house: 5 bedrooms AC, kitchen, bar and entertainment equipment deal $36M, Norbert A De Freitas Associates, 609-2302, 609-6516, 645-2580 Email  OF CANAAN profitable and popular bar lounge/snackette/ store. Building 59' x 50', 111' x 144' $90M neg. Norbert A De Freitas Associates 609-2302/6516, 645-2580 E m a i l  and Land for Sale Two Storyed Wooden and Concrete House, Fifth Street Alberttown Georgetown. $40 Million Dollars Negotiable. Contact: Mr. George Tel: 231-6278 Or Dr: Thasana Teekah Tel: 626-0993  Street $25M, Guysuco Gardens (UG) $45M, Bel Air Park $55M, Lamaha Gardens $40M, Brickdam $75M, Thomas Street opposite Prashad Hospital $65M, Sheriff Street (business) $155M, Ogle wit h s w i m ming pool $135M, Thomas S t r e e t l a n d (150x40) $75M, Robb Street land (110x32) $60M, North Road $70M, Camp Street land (200x75) US$1.5M. Call Vish Realty 612-7377.

 house 194 x 184 ft - $16M, 3-bedroom house West Bank Demerara, $22M Alberttown $55M, Berbice $45M, Eccles $18M, Renell Odetta Jordon 663-1728.  20% on all executive properties $60M, 30% discount on $24M, and below, 15% discount on land $18M. Phone 6677812, 225 - 6 8 5 8 , 225-2626 Terrence Reid.  wooden building, Agricola Public Road $9M neg. Land with foundation $6.8M, One domectic/ commercial semi- four storey Albertown $150M. Tel. 216-3120(office), 667-6644.  (2 building require work) $25M, near Regent Street $35M, Mc Doom $19M, Lamaha Gardens $55M, East Coast Public Road $130M many more Diana 227-2256, 626-9382.  2 buildings need repairs $25M, near Regent Street $37M, East Coast $20M, McDoom $19M, Herstelling $10M, Lamaha Gardens $55M, Continental Park $65M. Diana 227-2256, 626-9382.  2 family concrete house upper flat 3 bedroom lower flat 2 bedroom. Price $56 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  E.B.D - brand new Executive concrete house, upper flat 4 bedroom and lower flat 2 apartments Price $53 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353. BACKLANDS - 3 bedroom flat house on corner lot, repairs needed Price $14 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 6857887, 643-6353.  W.B.D- brand new 5 bedroom executive house with extra house lot. Price $70 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  STREET, NORTH CUMMINGSBURG - land with a wooden and concrete building. Size 38 X 242. Price $72 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  OLD ROAD E.B.D - 2 family wooden and concrete house repairs needed. Price $16 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  DAZZLE HOUSING SCHEME, E.B.D - 2 family house upper flat 4 bedroom, lower flat 2 bedroom apartments. Price $4 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353

PROPERTYFORSALE  STREET, BOURDA - 2 wooden building on double lot. Price $140 million. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  JOHN 609-9233 Campbellville 6-bedroom $22M,, Tucville huge $28M, Alberttown 5-bedroom with two extra lots $55M, Ocean Front lands $15M neg, Campbellville 4-bedroom $22M, Houston Garden US$1.5M, La Parfaite harmonie 3-bedroom $7M. house in Diamond $9M and one land in Continental Park 102 x 53 plus reserve $22M, for a mansion. Phone Mr. Boodram 692-3831, Mr. Darindra 615-0069, Lady Abundance 661-1952, 2252709, 231-2064, 225-2626, 2253068, 226-1064, 225-5198, 2276949.

 NAGAR - Investment property. 3 bedroom upper flat and 2 bedroom lower flat. Price $ 56.5 million for quick sale . Contact Royal Real Estate on 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353  - Investment property on corner. Suitable for business, apartment complex, hotel or dream house etc. Land size 6500 SqFt.Price $85 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.  STREET, ALBERTOWN - 3 storey concrete investment property. Suitable for school, embassy, office complex etc. Price $150 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.  close proximity to Sheriff Street - brand new 3 storey concrete building. Suitable for business, school, residence etc. Price USD $1.3 Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  BABB STREET KITTY - 2 storey wooden and concrete Income Property. Price $64 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353. - 3 storey Investment Property. Currently renting as apartments and offices. Price $100,000,000 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.  ROAD - brand new 3 storey concrete building with roof garden. Currently renting as hotel and bar. Price $115,000,000 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  ST, KITTY - Investment property on corner. Suitable for any business. Price $55 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  HOPE E.B.D (Gated Community) - Executive modern four bedroom concrete houses with swimming pool. On single lot $30 million, with double lot $36 million. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  E.B.D - 2 family wooden and concrete house upper flat 4 bedroom, lower flat 2 bedroom apartment repairs needed. Price $16 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.  E.B.D - unfinished 3 bedroom house. Land size 58 X 120. Price $21 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.  STREET, KITTY Income Property upper flat 3 bedroom, lower flat two 2 bedroom apartments with 8FT driveway. Price $36 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

-storey property in good condition at Lot 3-9 Sophia, Georgetown close to Liliendaal 101x 51 ft - $30M, front property at 59 Public Road Kitty Georgetown with small white wooden cottage $18M, corner lot at 82 Robb and Light Streets, Georgetown with two-storey concrete and wooden building, suitable for business and residence, reduced to $85M. Contact Trudy 225-4712, 696-2435. No agents are) MARCH bargains: Sec. 'K' $23 million, Meadow Brook $28M, and $35M , K i t t y $ 2 3 , Alberttown concrete massive for hotel $45M, Bel Air Park in great condition $52M, Happy Acres exec u t i v e $58M, Alb e r t t o w n $ 3 0 M , S e c . ' M' C a m p b e l l v i l l e $ 3 4 M n o w, Phone 225-2626, 225-5198, 22 76863, 227-6449, 225-2709, 2312064, 226-1064, 667-7812 m.  in business environment. One two-storey concrete and wooden with derelict building behind on land, 31 x 118 ft $60M. New Amsterdam - concrete building factory 75 x 62 ft on land 12,768 sq. ft with additional land of 4 704 sq. ft - $60M. Wills/Vasco Realty and Lanscaping 227-2613, 223-1877, 627-8314, 655-0755.  609-8233: Vryheid's Lust 2 properties $11M neg, Bougainvillea $18M, Golden Grove 7 bedrooms $12M, Diamond 5bedroom $35M, Campbellville $21M, South 5-bedroom $21M, Eccles $60M, Enmore 5-bedroom $13.5M. Land 15M - 12M, Ocean Front. Park 3-storey house, 6 self-contained rooms with Jacuzzi, swimming pool, roof gardens with sauna and semi furnished kitchen with modern amenities $120 000 neg. Call Justin 664-7000.  Homes Realty, 51 Fourth Street, Alberttown, Georgetown 592-227-3582, 5926 4 2 7 6 1 3 Eccles, South Ruimveldt, Mon Repos, Campbellville, Ogle, Blygezight Gardens, Alerttown, Atlantic Gardens

PROPERTYFOR FORSALE VEHICLES SALE $2.5M (land), Enterprise $13.5M, Rasville $12M, Eccles $24M, Nandy Park $45M neg, Bougainvillea $18M Vryheid's Lust $11M neg, Campbellville $21M. Alicia 6161442.  street business spot, Craig, Republic Park, Thomas Street, Diamond, Eccles Public Road $55M, Carmichael Street, Kitty $45M, East Ruimveldt, Sheriff Street, Robb Street. Land: Friendship s i z e 11 5 x 4 5 0 ( w h a r f s i d e ) $65M, Non Pareil, South Road, $55M, Alberttown. Tel. 227-0265.         l o c a t i o n  Street, Kingston opposite the A m e r i c a n E m b a s s y. One (1) huge four storey concrete and steel building, 2 bedrooms on each f l a t , A C < h o t w a t e r , refrig e r a t o r a n d s tove o n e a c h f l o o r and fully furnished, gene r a t o r. C a n b e u s e d f o r e m b a s s y, o f f i c e , a p a r t ments or residence. Price $180M . P r o p e r t y b e i n g sold with all equipment and furnishings inclusive. Serious enquiries 223-8634, 646-3251, 227-0464'    modern Pike North Ruimveldt ranch with master room $17M, Meadow Brook Gardens $35M, Tucville concrete new $27M, Providen c e $25M, new ranch $13M, B e l A i r P a r k $45M, P r a s h a d N a g a r $ 3 7 M , Duncan St. $ 23M, Se c . ' M' Ca m p b e l l v i l l e r e q u i r es r e pairs $14M, D'Urban St. $15M, Bent St. busin e s s r e s i dence. Phone Lord Johnny Ramsohoye 225-2709, 618-0000, 227-6949, 225-2626, 226-1064, 2 2 7 - 6 9 4 9 , 2 2 5 5198  Homes International Realty: Coldingen $14M neg, Rasville $14M neg, Enmore $8M neg, Camp b e l l v i l l e $ 1 5 M neg, Diamond 2 for 1 deal $1 5 M neg, Cove and John 2 h o m e s 5 b e drooms $12M, 4-bedro o m $10M, McDoom Solid concrete $ 2 0 M, North Ruimveldt 7bedroom fixer upper, Nismes $6.5M, La Parfaite Harmonie $8.5M, 6-bedroom apartment (4 2-br, 2 1-br) only $21M neg), corner lot 89x80 Albouystown. Ready to go now! And many more, call Ahaziah 613-3018  Sam's Real Estate and Property Management has properties in David St, Subryanville $58M, La Parfaite Harmonie $19M, Kingston $20M, Princes St $11.5M, Oronoque St. Land $28M, Grove $7.5M, Bel Air Park $35M, Non Pareil (land) $8.5M, Diamond $4M (land) Rentals: South Ruimveldt Park $ 6 0 0 0 0 m o n t h l y, D a v i d St (Upper half), US$1500 monthly, Bond: 55ftx75 ft. Industrial Site Eccles. Tel 2317052, 697-7842, 671-6653.         H O M E S INT'L NORTH $9M, Rasville $12M, Vryheid\s Lust $10M n e g , D i a m o n d $ 11 M , $ 2 7 M neg, Lusignan $12M, Mon Repos $36M neg, Ogle $60M neg Land, Non Pareil $3M neg, Enterprise $4M neg, Annandale $7M neg, Mon Repos $5.5M, Eccles $7M. Contact Theresa 648-6033.      Lot 185 Charlotte & King Streets, Maraj B u i l i d n g Te l . 2 2 7 - 0 2 6 5 , 227-1881, 627-8057 D\Urban Street business spot, Craig, Republic Park, Thomas Street, Diamond, Eccles Public Road $55M, Carmichael Street, Kitty $45M, East Ruimveldt, Sheriff Street, Robb Street LAND: Friendship land size 115 x 450, wharf side $65M, Non Pareil, South Road $55M, Alberttown.




 3-storey concrete building, Price $100M.  property in good condition. Price $18M.   beautiful 2storey concrete p r o p e r t y 3 self-contained, 1 ma s t e r , l i b r a r y, television room, living room, upstairs ba c k v e r a n d a h , d o w n s t a i r s den, fully marble stone tile, family room pa t i o , g a r a g e p a r k i n g s p a c e , f o r 3 cars, needs cosmetics, land space Price $ 9 0 M, O g l e b e a u t i f u l property $90M,  $36M neg,   $120M beautiful home excellent condition in   $55M neg, Queenstown property $ 1 0 0 M . D o c a l l u s a t J oy Reid's Realty. We are located at 247(D) Forshaw and Oronoque Streets , Q u e e n s t o w n . Te l . 225-6858, 225-7164, 66778 12, e m ail:

 3-storey concre t e building, Price $100M.    property in good condition. Price $18M.   beautiful 2-storey concrete property 3 self-co n t a i n e d , 1 ma s t e r , l i b r a r y, television room, living room, upstairs back v e r a n d a h , d o w n s t a i r s den, fully marble stone tile, family ro o m p a t i o , g a r a g e p a r k i n g s p a c e , f o r 3 cars, needs cosmet i c s , l a n d s p a c e P r i c e $ 9 0 M,O g l e b e a u t i f u l p r o p e rty $90M,  $36M neg,   $120M beautiful home excellent condition in   $55M n eg, Queenst o w n property $100M. D o call us at Joy Reid's Realty. We are located a t 2 4 7(D) F o r shaw and Oronoque Streets, Queenstown. Tel. 225-6858, 225-7164, 6677 8 12, em ail:

 are your own 20% Bent Street two family business $17M . Land in Da Silva Street 140x33 $16.8M, Meadow Brook ranch $12M, Lodge Scheme $14M, AA Eccles on double lot $78M, Lamaha Gardens Executive $64M, land in South Road 75x33 $38M, Charlotte Street $19M, Sec. M Land 80x60 $15M, Da Silva St Land 90x32 $16.5M, Smyth Street Land 120x60 $65M, Bel Air Park need repair $50M neg, Prashad Nagar $38M. Newtown corner land for fast food $36M, Mandela Ave 150x60 for Fast food by the Gymnasium $85M with 3-storey concrete building, Duncan Street corner land $35M, Robb Street land $50M, LBI double lot $15M, D'Urban Backlands $20M. Phone Mr Boodram 692-3835, Lady Abundance 661-1952, 2312064, Lady Cameron 225-2626, 225-2709, Mr Ramsohoye 6150069.

  on all properties for this summer only. UG Gardens $140M, Republic Park $30M, Nandy Park 4 apartments $32M, Middle Road La Penitence land size 140 x 60 $17M, second Street Alberttown business and residence $45M, 5th St. Alberttown massive concrete $48M, Eccles $14M, Kitty Sandy Babb St. two properties on double lot $38M, Lamaha St Queenstown apartment complex $5 8 M . P h o n e V i c e P r esid e n t 2 3 1 - 2 0 6 4 , 2 2 5 3068 , 227-6863, 226-10 64, 227-6949, 225-2626.

 concrete Section 'K' $44M, 7apartment William St. concrete building reduced from $60M to $50M, Kitty house requires. repair on 8 000 sq. ft $19 M , M i d d l e R o a d L a Penitence $1 6.5M, almost Regent and Oronoque St. $36M, Charlotte Street East of Orange Walk $28M, South Ruimveldt Ga r d e n s $ 66M, Meadow Brook concrete $45M, executive Republic Park $48M, La maha Gardens 3 self-contained $70M, Prashad Nagar 6-bedroom $58M, business 3-storey Quamina Street $85M, Bel Air Gardens on double lot $140M, Subryanville $58M, Alberttown concrete business $40M, New Hav en 4 self -contained $80M, 3-bedroom new concrete Ogle $48M, Bel Air Park $52M, Croal St. 3-storey require repairs $30M, 4 lots in AA Eccles wi t h i n c o m pl e t e c a t h e dral-style s t r u c t u r e r e q u i r e s $20M to complete, plus reserve and place f o r l a k e $ 9 0 M n e g . , M r. Darendra 615-0069, Vic e Presiednt Alysious Pereira 6 23 2 5 9 1 , V i c e P r e s i d e n t J honny Ramsahoye 225-2709, Vice President Darindra 615-0069, 225-2626, 225-3068, 227-6863, 226-1064, 667-781 2 , f a c e b o o k Tony Reid Re a l t y 7 days a week 24 hours a day all holidays and all prices are negotiable.

 on all properties for this summer only. Sale! Sale! Sale! Business property immediately: East of Orange Walk in Charlotte Street $28M, 3-storey business property in Croal Street re q u i r e s repairs $32M, Bent S t r e e t a l m o s t new 2-storey b u s i n e s s p roperty $!6M, South R u i m v e l d t G a r d e n s r e s i d e n c e $ 1 6 M , O g l e fully concrete new $49M, Tucville new $26M, Prashad Nagar executive $55M, Bel Air Park $55M, Kitty b u s i n e s s o r residence requires repairs, on 8 000 sq. ft $19M, Fors h a w o l d h o u s e $21 M , 3 - s t o r e y b u s i n e s s c lose to Main Stree t $ 5 5 M , Meadow Brook $45M, fully concrete D'Urban B a c k l a n d s $ 3 0 M, New Section 'K' $42M, Lamah a G a r dens executive $68M, o n e r a n c h - s tyle Section 'M' 3-bedroom suites for eld e r l y $50M, fully concrete with excellent interior work, B e l A i r Gardens $130M 2312 0 6 4 , 2 25 - 3 0 6 8 , 2 2 768 6 3 , 226-1064, 227-6949,   26% 26% 26% discount: Two-family concrete business and residence in the front of Happy Acres $32M, Dowding Street, Kitty wi t h d r i v e w a y $16M, BB Eccles $16M, South Ruimveldt Gardens $!6M, Light Street $21M, Second building with 12 ft drive way $!4M, David Street Subryanville with 14ft driveway $16M, West Ruimveldt c o n c r e t e f l a t house $4.9M, Dazel l H o u sing Scheme $11M, La Penitence bu s i n e s s a n d r e s i dence w ith reserve for 20 c a r s $ 11 M , M e a d o w B r o o k o l d house $12M, L o d g e $14M, Middle Road La Penitence with 20ft driveway 4 apartments $15M, second ranch concrete $38M, Garnett St. business and residence $32M. Phone M r. B u d r a m 692- 3831, Mr Dar indra 6150069, Mr. A. Pereira 623-2591, Mrs Hercules 661-1952, 2252626, 225-2709, 225-5198..

builttwoflatconcrete building at Diamond New Scheme. The upstairs consists of two self-contained bedr o o ms with built-in closets, a spacious kitchen, dining and living rooms along with a large verandah at the back. The lower flat has a twobedroom apartment and a large area that could be used as a bond or for any business. The yard has a conc r e t e f e n c e with spikes and razor wire above it. T h ere is also a laundry and a generator room downstairs along with a fully tiled carport. A complete water supply is available including six tanks and pump. Asking price: $42M. Interested persons can contact owner at 693 2531.  Street three stories concrete building 1.8M US, Thomas street, Cummingsburg three stories 80M, Middle street, Cummingsburg, three stories near hospital 120M, Lamaha street,Cummingsburg three stories wooden and concrete 155M, Sheriff street business 150M, Quamina street, commercial 160M, Broad street triple lots with building 170M, Queenstown three stories Colonial building need repairs 75M, Charlotte Street near Oronoque concrete 25M, AA Eccles 70M, Garnett street C/Ville 50M, Republic Park, Bel Air Village House on double lots 40M, New Hope gated new executive house with swimming pool 42M, South Ruimveldt Garden concrete 30M, others Mentore/Singh Realty 225-1017,623-6136.  b a r g a i n s N o rton St r eet - $14 M , Bent Street business and residence - $16M, executive Prashad Nagar mansion double lot - $85M, 8 apt. apartment complex was $120M, now - $85M, Sec. 'K' Campbellville - $23M, Alberttown concrete 5 bedrooms - $46M, other for - $19M, and - $30M, South Ruimveldt Gardens $19M, Festival City - $14M Charlotte Street business and residence by BourdaMarket - $26M, Cummings Stre e t - $ 3 4 M , Me a d o w B r o ok - $28M, D ' U r b a n Street for double l o t for 5sto r e y - $25M, Phone Lord Alysious Pereira - 623-2591,2276949, 225-2709, 231-2064, 227-6863, 226-1064, 227-6 8 6 3 , 2 2 5 5198, 6 6 7 -78 1 2

 your year for 28% discount on all properties. Happy Acres 2storey concrete $24M, Providence Stadium new $16M, concrete Republic Pa r k $ 3 6M, E c c l e s concrete $34M, South Ruimveldt Gardens $12M needs repairs, Middle Road La Penitence 4-apartment $14M, La Penitence two-storey $11M, D\Urban Backlands concrete $28M, Meadow B r o o k $ 1 2 M , D\Urban Street concrete residence and business $28M, Lamaha Gardens executive $68M, Prashad Nagar 8000 sq ft land $60M, Lama Avenue, Bel Air Park $83M, Bel Air Park $45M D o w d i n g S t r e e t K i t t y $29M, and $19M, David Street Subrya n v i l l e f r om $19M, back with 12ft driveway $14M, Section 'K' Ca m p b e l l v i l l e $ 4 0 M , G a r n e t t S t r e e t r a n c h concrete $38M, Owen Street Kitty concrete 2storey $39M, Camp Street business and residence. Phone Mr Darindra 615-0069, Mr Carlos B u d r a m 6 9 2 - 3 8 3 1 , M r. A l e x Pereira 231-2064, M r. Ramsahoye 225-2709, 225-2626, 225-3068, 227-6949, 225-5198, 6277812, 226-1064.  WBD: almost br a n d n e w 5 b e d r o o m h o u s e for sale, mast e r r o o m a n d all r o o m s s e l f - c ontained with AC and fans, open concept kitchen/ dining/living room, large walkin pantry, office/ library room and a powder room. Beautiful lands c a p e a n d w r ap around patio. Priced to sell- $75 Million. Tel. 59 2 - 6 2 4 - 8 7 0 4 , 5 9 2-6849203. BargainsinGuyana: Full concrete D'Urban Street business $19M, business and residence Bent Street 16M, G o r d o n S t r e e t b u s i n e s s & residence $23M. Waterloo Street business an d residence (new) $35M. South Road Land $36M, Charlotte Street 2 buildings 2 houses by Light $32M. Land 140 x 60 by Russian E m b a s s y $ 3 0 M . Land at Turkeyen 140x60 $32M. L0 Ressovenure Land 126x60 $20M. Campbellville flat house needs r e p a i r s $ 13M. Section K $19M needs re p a i r s , 3 s t o r e y Q u a m i n a S t r e e t for h o tel U S $ 5 9 9 0 0 0 , B e l A i r P a r k $4 9 M L ama h a G a r d e n s va l u e d $85M now $ 7 0 M . R e ntal of ap a r t m ents from U S $ 7 0 0 , R e s i dence US$1 200 u p w a r ds. Phone Lord Patrick Pereira 227-6863, 225-2709, 227-6949, 226-1064, 669-3350. 7 days a week tonyr ei d s r e a l t y @ h o t m a i l . c o m

AGRI. EQUIP. MISC.  110-90 4x4 tractor , Fiat 180-90 4x4 tractor , Ford 7740 4WD tractors, 416 Caterpillar 4x4 L/backhoe, Tel 666-2518, 639-2789, 6673611.



 & plucked chicken. 650-4421, 220-9203

 pools table and HP printers. 233-2488..  Rottweiler pups. 6508496.  delivery to spot. Call 641-6248.  articles. Contact 231-1268, 642-1359.  flat bottom boat. Call 604-0038.  breed Labador pups. 625-0345.  new Skilcraft pool table with cues and balls - $275 000. Tel. 618-5605, 697-0082.  generator set 500 KVA, 625 KVA, model VT A2 8 - Gi, like new. Tel. 661-6161. -breed Cane Corso Italian Mastiff puppies, Contact 6654082,612-5203, 623-9099.        a n d 2 G e r m a n Shepherds. Call 613-4398.   16 ft decking, $900 per foot. Tel. 671-8883, 614-0949.  off/ on road tires, fits 05 Toyota Tacoma. Call 614-2166.  name clothing at giveaway prices. Owner leaving. Call 681-2883.  Kenmore 32 cubic double door with bottom drawer freezer $250 000. 624-6069.  warn 8 000 lb winch, Toyota Tacoma, $2.4M to $2.8M. 233-2488.  new paint ball gun market set Alpha Black, Spyder Mrx $75 000. Tel. 670-9606.  from as low as $18 000. Tel. 220-6639, 626-8141, 6641109.  machine cabinets, excellent condition. Call 225-0571, 638-0787.   box used in mining US$28 000.For information, call 680-7999.  earth delivery to spot, ECD and WBD. Call 627-9977, 6980182.  962H 2007, 3000 hrs, never used in Guyana US$175 000. For information, call 680-7999  wall plaques, plates with Hindu and Christian writings. Wholesale available. Tel. 222-9123.  enclosed steel cage suitable for snackette, storage, etc. 12' x 51/2'x7'. Phone 233-0570.  set for sale (6 bass), RCF speaker, QSC AMP, etc. Tel # 614-8282    welding plant- Miller big blue 400D- excellent condition. $1.1M, Tel # 220-4791/6130103.  -used generator (Kohler), one 125 KVA $2.2M and 65 KVA $1.5M. Contact 625-2685. Labador pups, 7 weeks old, vaccinated and dewormed. Tel. 627-1360.  pups, fully vaccinated, dewormed. Call 225-4780, 601-5927.  model 'M' truck with winch. Price $5M neg. Tel. 6010763.   Large shoe racks, queen bed, windows, doors, zincs, kitchen cabinet, glass case, boutique racks, kitchen sink, mannequins and others. Call 650-1471.  speakers and boxes, compressors, juggler, stepup transformer, horns and drivers, etc. Tel.698-5180.  Galaxy Fame, Hp3 4575 3-in-one printer, Canon Ip1300 printer, vacuum cleaner. Call 648-4903, 696-7706.   fishing boat, 1 year old. No ice box. Serious enquiries only. 645-5592, 671-1533, 690-1643, 216-3213.

FOR SALE   360, PSP Games, modding of systems also available. Contact 6843025.  steel buildings to your order. Please contact Annie or Ram. Tel. 2333512.  China cabinet and dining set, stove and fridge, pair wing chair, Honda EX generator. 688-7224, 225-2319.  Jet Ski. 12 000 kva generator, gen set, complete washing machine, 3 sling glass doors 688-7224, 2252319.  318i parts and back lights, Land Cruiser front and back lights Titan front and back lights. 225-2319, 6687224.   ply $4 000, decking 16", 13', 14 ft - $900 per ft, BRC - $6 000. Tel. 6691113, 671-8883. -used Massey t r a c t o r, 2 - 6 0 H p t r a c t o r s $1.6M00 each, 75Hp tractor $2.4M. Call 627-4148  garden earth and builders waste, also bobcat rental, excavating, clearing and leveling down. Call 616-0617 or 663-3285.  lavatory sink tops, double or single bowl with face basin or we can make to order. Contact Rawle - 611-7031, 667-7963.  John Deere engine, built on tank 63 KVA on wheels, low hours. Tel. 6671116, 220-5526, 619-5400, for details.  old model Toyota Raum, $1M, as is, one cooking gas cage (up to 40 bottles) $100 000. Tel. 640-0692.  Deere engine 163 KVA, built on tank, very low hours. Call 619-5400, 667-1116, 220-5526 for more details.  USA: Xerox colour paper, various sizes. Dura craft 14 feet alum i n i u m b o a t w i t h t r a i l e r. Call Brian 677-4310.  poodle mixed with Tibetan terrier puppies, 6 weeks old. Call 616-8005, 6611720, 223-6463.  furniture. Call from 10:00hrs to 17:00hrs. Tel. 654-4743.  Guyana: For your favourite designer fragrances at affordable prices. Parade Street Kingston. Tel. 223-5555/7766. CARS AUTO ACCESSORIES: In stock at blow-out prices - alarms, HID kits, carbon fibre, vinyl fuses, bulbs and many more. Tel. 679-3140, 6151199.  pups, vaccinated and dewormed blue bodyline stocky, energetic nice temperament. Contact 618-5557, 6964410.  rebuilt Perkins, Deutz engines, Lincoln generator welder, Honda ATV bikes, model 'M' with winch, 320 BL excavator. Call 691-2921. 250-gallon plastic totes, ideal to transport fuel to the interior also oil paint and concrete paint, 5 gallons and 1 gallon,, marine paint also. Phone 220-1014.  18ft GEC Americanmade refrigerator 110v, excellent condition, newly sprayed. No reasonable offer refused. Tel. 225-9441, 609-9830, 2332734.  iron: Reasonable quantity, solid steel surplus, office desks. Tel. 225-9441, 6099830, 233-2734.  forklifts 3 pcs 2000, 3000, 4000 Lb, lifting capacity $275,000 AND UP needs basic repairs TEL: 227-3939, 621-4000

WANTED  Generator silent 28,000 watts SDMO John Deere engine, missing Fuel Pump, Panel, Avr $800,000 cash 2273939, 621-4000 Antenna (Mass) for Radio, TV, Cellular, with cables, brackets, sky light $375,000 2273939, 621-4000  sets, sizes from 40" to 73" some working others need checking all sold as is make a cash offer all must be sold prices start from $40,000 check Guyana Variety Store and Nut Centre 38 Cummings Street, Albertown Tel : 227-3939 of 22" Chrome rims 6 holes and 5 holes universal with tires fits Toyota and Nissan from $275,000 Tel: 621-4000    Harley Davidson bikes, key or pull start, perfect for kids or rentals one $60,000 all $275,000 check out Guyana Variety Store and Nut Centre 38 Cummings Street. Albertown GT. TEL 227-3939  equipment, Nordi Track, Abs Circle, portable Heaters, Ab board, and more also GE DRYER $50,000 Tel: 2273939, 621-4000   800lb with bin in working condition, $495,000 and ice machine 150lb with bin $150,000, Chinese diesel generator 5000 watts inclosed in working order $200,000 tel 621-4000   Mitsubishi TV, with built in 16 speaker 5.0 surround system, Diamond edition with 6 3D glasses next to new $1.4 million neg. Tel: 621-4000   7 ftx 3 ft imported special ply model with all accessories, like new $75,000, kids 3 in one pools, hockey and table tennis table like new $70,000, 50 gallon aquarium with stand 2 pumps and lots of accessories $55,000. Tel 621-4000.  Honda 50 cc, sold as scrap $40,000, Yamaha 750cc Virigo unregistered needs general work sold as scrap $125,000, 500 gallon air tank $30,000. Tel: 621-4000  benz engine, 4 cyl with gear box mostly intact $150,000, amd Mercedes benz engine straight six with transmission, $150,000 also bonnet with grill for 180E Mercedes Benz in good condition 75,000 also trailer for jet ski build strong with spare wheel $175,000. Tel: 621-4000  cases measuring 7ft x2ft x2ft and 6ft x3ft x 18" locally built aluminiun steel finish with lights average 30pcs from $80,000. Tel: 621-4000  frames with galvanized signs measuring 8ftx 4ft with legs out of 2" pipe 6 p c s $ 2 0 , 0 0 0 e a c h . Te l 6 2 1 4000  6ft x 3ft, $1.4 million, led signs 3ft x 12" $200,000 all programmable up to 1,000 message and some images by remote, can be viewed from 4 city blocks in many designs and colours. Tel:621-4000 " - 17" Apple Laptop, Iphone 5 64 GIG, Samsung S4, Surface 2, Ipad 4G and mini, Crown 4000 power amplifier, drive rack, pioneer Denon juggler, RCF Celestion speakers, Sony Smart TV, 1200 turn tables. Tel. 623-2477.  6500 watt generator, music equipment Behringer 4000 watt amp, monitors (powered and non-powered), bass boxes, Amp rack, tweeter boxes. Tel. 623-2923 2200 watts generator $200 000, 1 -6 ft long food warmer with display case, and pans with covers complete $100 000, 1 - 2000 watts sound barrier house amp $50 000, 15" blast king speakers in box $15 000.Tel. 614-9078.

25 25

SUNDAY CHRONICLE March 23, 2014 GUYANA CHRONICLE,SUNDAY , MARCH 23, 2014 FOR SALE  at Paul Camacho Auto Sales, 111 Croal Street, Stabroek, Georgetown now in stock Tacoma, Pickups, freezer truck, Canter, Runx, Allion and more. Contact 225-0773, 656-4104. Low down payment, trade-in available.

VEHICLES FOR SALE  Vigo, GNN 429 $3.6M neg. 652-6576, 609-7609, 618-0879.  Toyota IST, new shape, automatic, fully powered, mag rims, DVD, etc Tel. 667-8299.  Spacio $1.6M, Toyota Passo excellent condition. $1.2M. 624-6069  AT 192 in good condition. Price $650 000. Tel. 216061 6.  2RZ minibus Zone 44, hardly worked, very low mileage, excellent condition. 628-0532.    owner leaving country, PRR series, $2M neg. Contact 629-7444.




 Toyota GX80 Mark II Cresta, excellent condition, automatic, fully powered, PEE series, Price $700 000 neg. Tel. 6237684, 665-3131.

 cab, PFF series 4WD Nissan, pick-up, good condition, first owner. Toyota AE 170, PFF series, AC, very good condition, second owner. Call 223-9636, 623-5321, 687-3146.

 black Toyota Lexus 2003/2004- IS 200, good condition, Price $2.7M, Tel. 699-8189.

 AE 110 Corolla, $650 000 neg. Owner leaving country. Phone 679-0094.

 Nissan Pick-up, engine KA20, AC, music, good working condition, first owner, GNN series. Call 259-3158, 673-1935.

, 212, NZE, Fielder, Premio, Allion, Mazda Axela, Fielder X-Trail, CRV, Rav-4, Pick ups and much more. Call 619-5784.  Toyota Tundra 2004 square back $4M neg. Owner leaving country Contact Chris Tel. 621-7767, Georgetown.

 Sale! Toyota Hiace pit bull grand cabin, 19 seats, unregistered, $3.9M. Tel. 652-5668.

 Unregistered 2002 Toyota Reguis minibus, 11 seats, P/S P/W, AC, Navi, TV $2M, 1999 Toyota Rav $2.6M. Call 6245617.

 AT 192, CD, deck, fully powered, must be sold. Tel. 6995396, 610-0418, 220-7885.

 Subaru Impreza, PRR series, 17'' rims, HID, carbon fibre wing, music, $2.6M neg Tel 6991300

 Surf PHH series in good condition. Call 648-4903, 696-7706.

 Honda Civic, stick shift, mags, AC, alarm, deck, leather interior, in excellent condition. Must see, Tel 696-4659

 Hilux pick-up, 5L diesel, manual transmission, excellent condition. Tel. 623-3894.

 minibus in excellent condition, AC, CD, BPP series. Cell 686-9516.  Corolla 100 G-Touring Wagon, first owner. 622-2061, 681-3766.

 Hilux 4-door, 3 RZ engine, off-road tyres, AC, leather seats. Tel. 699-1300. RZ hardly used immaculate condition, $1.6M. Rocky 225-1400, 621-5902. Mitsubishi Canter, tray 22 ft in length, $2.8M neg. Tel. 668-6707.  Avensis, PPP series, fully powered, one owner. Must be sold, C/ville. 679-9486.

Toyota Hilux Surf, excellent working condition, $1.6M. Tel. 614-7568, 226-9504.

  amplifier used, QSC 1450 amplifier used, Spin 3300 amplifier new, Spin 330 amplifier used, Dennon 1500S mixer and pair Dennon 3500 CD player used, DBX 1231 equalizer used, DBX 120 x Sub harmonic used, Rane 23A crossover used. Tel. 6133846.

VEHICLES FOR SALE VEHICLES FOR SALE  2007 model, PRR series. Tel. 661-6161. Corolla AE 81. 6838013.  Allex. 625-7416, 227-8659.  Ceres PGG series, Call 690-9292, 225-7131  60, 1 Laverda Combine 152. Contact 688-0144, 625-1370.  Hilux Pickup, Raum, NZE, Spacio. Tel. 643-9235.  TOYOTA 4x4 Tacoma, Call 670-3328 for more information.  Ceres PGG series, Call 690-9292, 225-7131

 buy, sell and tradein vehicles for cash, we also do trading-in of vehicles, 30seater buses, Spacio, Allion, Super Custom buses, 680315 4.

 AT 192 Carina automatic, fully powered, AC, mags, CD, private $1.2M hardly used. Contact Rocky 225-1400, 6215902.

 RZ minibus, BLL series, excellent condition, cat eye. Price $1.15M. 216-0367, 6736948.  Toyota Caldina Wagon, one Toyota Raum both vehicles in immaculate condition. Price neg. Contact 337-4544, 626-1525.

 AT 212 Carina automatic fully powered, AC, CD, immaculate condition $1.3M, Contact Rocky 225-1400, 621-5902.

    3 Y, G G G s e ries, in good condition. Must sell. No reasonable offer refused. Tel. 625-3265, 618-2317. RZ hardly used immaculate condition, $1.6M. Rocky 225-1400, 621-5902.

 318i, 2004 PLL grey, 65K, excellent condition $3M. Tel. 225-1540.

 Perkins, diesel 12.5 KVA $375 000, ARC WELDER Hobart gas engine $325 000, wood shaper 1¼ - $190 000, wood morticer $145 000, drill press $225 000, pump 3Hp/3Ph extreme duty $70 000. Tel. 601-8276, 6196863, 226-3883.

 minibuses BMM and BNN, CRV new model, AT 192, 212, NZE, AT 170, Toyota Hilux Surf, 06 Tacoma, family van (7seater) canters, Tacoma, Nissan Cefiro wagon and cheap cars. 6803154.

A4, year 2005, and Ducati Monster motorbike, year 2011. Call 615-7706 for more information.

Corona, AC, mags, deck, in excellent condition. Tel 643-3375.

- dining set ( w h o l e s a l e / r e t a i l ) $35 000/ $45 000, 30, 32, 34, 36 purpleheart panel doors, $28 000 each, 30, 32, 34, 36 Kabakali panel doors $20 000 each. Tel. 688-9712, 651-0717, 6691448.

212 Carina, new model, PKK series, automatic, AC, alarm, etc. $825 000. Toyota AE 100 Levin, 2-door Sports, sold as is, $375 000. Contact 227-7252, 644-1004.

 2010 Corona $1.1M neg, Red Toyota AE 10-0 G-Touring Wagon $1.3M neg, (recently sprayed), mags, etc. Contact Carter 623-0060, 225-8610.

 Ford pick-up, 2005 model, GRR series with hard c o v e r t r a y, $ 2 . 3 M n e g . 6 2 8 168 2.  model Raum, AC, CD, 15'' mags, PPP series, $1.65M. 628-1682.

 Noah BSS, mags, flair kit, crystal lights, $2.2M, Toyota AE 100 Corolla Wagon $950 000. Tel. 6116632, 664-3488.

Primo, late PNN series, fully loaded, lift kit, 17" low profile wheels, reverse camera, TV, DVD, radio, tape, HID lights, no accidents. Contact Tel. 645-5850.

 Raum, PLL series, AC< CD, DVD, rims, alarm, auto start. Call 610-0514.

  to leave the office and find that perfect outfit? Not to worry! We do office visits at your convenience to make you glamorous. Brand name clothing, accessories, hand bags. Tel 6457471.


 Corolla AE 110, crystal lights, mag rims, alarm, CD player, very good condition. Tel. 623-2923.

$1.6M neg, and 212 - $900 000 neg. Contact 6639592.

 Vauxhall Crest 2, 6cylinder, English car, excellent condition. Owner-driven, PZ 9855. No reasonable offer refused. Tel. 225-9441, 6099830, 233-2734.

 Rush SUV, 2006 PRR, 29K, grey, mint condition $3.5M. Tel. 225-1540.

 IST $1.5M, PMM series. Tel. 693-6827, 6761800, 622-0748.

 SV-40 Toyota Camry in excellent condition. Tel. 6445931.

 Axio 2007 $2.7M, Spacio 2004 $2.3M, Premio 2004 - $2.55M, Suzuki 2008 $2.7M. All prices neg. Call 648-1000.

NISSAN Double cab pick up, $700,000 Tel. 216-3120(office), 667-6644.

 Lancer, late PMM series, excellent condition, lady-driven, $2.1M. Call 6144151.  TOYOTA Ractis, 2003 Toyota IST and Toyota BB fully loaded. Call 614-2331, 697-6096. Carina, PHH series, 1st owner. Price $750 000. Tel. 226-5781, 225-4211.  Toyota AE 91 Sprinter, price $450 000. Contact 6277261 .  AT 192, HB 3910, fully loaded, alarm, mages, etc. Price $900 000 neg. Call 6720415, 668-0619.  Rover (SUV 4x4) also Jaguar XJ6, BMW 318i like new also Ford Explorer(4x4 SUV) 6887224, 225-2319.  Hilux 2004 diesel 4 doors, 4x4 pickup stick shift also Nissan Titan (LE 4x4) loaded. 225-2319, 688-7224.  Toyota Allion, PRR series, asking price $2M, excellent condition. Owner leaving county. Call 643-8625, 671-2422.

  Civic, CD player, AC, mag rims, alarm system, $780 000 neg. Ford Ranger 2003 $2.2M neg. Tel. 658-5400.

F150 V6 in working condition $700 000. Tel. 256-3749, 681-5422, 692-0526.

 192 PKK 7668 (yellow) $725 000. Tel. 628-8354.  RX7 sun roof, Bose sound system, 18" racing rims, 3" competition exhaust, twin turbo and many more. Tel. 642-1137.  Raum with full flair kit, AC, music, mags, one owner, very clean condition. Reasonably priced. Contact 643-5306, 2267855, 685-0299. arrived! 2 Honda 450cc ATV bike with double shock winch, 4-wheel drive. Going cheap. Contact 643-5306, 658-0299. Carina motor car in excellent condition, with AC, mags, CD player, very clean condition, going cheap. Contact 643-5306, 226-7855, 685-0299.  Avensis, immaculate condition, 18" rims, HID, alarm, AC, leather interior, TV, PRR series, $3.35M neg. 6097259, 621-7728, 602-5794.  Auto Sales: 2006 Toyota price $2.85M, Belta 2002 $2.3M, Toyota Spacio, 2002 Toyota Premio $2.55M. Price neg. Tel. 689-5020, 614-1333.

 BMW 316I, mag rims, music, AC, etc. Price $2.1M neg. Tel. 649-7005.  Toyota Fielder, TV, rims, reverse camera. 654-2036, 663-2700.  212 new model, mags, AC, etc. Contact 648-0494.  Raum PLL series, $950 000 neg. Tel. 619-9991, 6862601, 686-2601.  Corolla (silver) 2002, AC, deck fully loaded, in excellent condition. Tel. 693-9980, 663-6158.  Escudo mags, keyless entry, lady driven, in excellent condition, price $4.8M. Tel. 647-3702. Avenisis 2005, mags custom paint, low milage, in excellent condition, price $2.9M. Tel. 647-3702.       tractor, foreignused, in excellent condition. Price neg. Contact 670-9393.  Lancer car, PJJ series $800 000 neg, AC, CD player. Tel. 692-1195, 622-7558.

 Raum, hardly used, automatic, fully powered, AC, CD player, $1.2M. Rocky 225-1400, 621-5902.  Extra cab pick-up (22R engine), manual (EFI) 4x4, GPP series, $2.5M. Rocky 2251400, 621-5902.  Pickup, excellent condition, 5-speed transmission. Asking $2.2M neg. Contact 683-0658, 693-7635                                              Camry SV-40 good condition, mag rims, power door and windows, manual transmission. Asking $750 000 NEG. Tel. 612-5467.

 Nissan Tiida Latio PPP series, in excellent condition. Owner migrating. MILAGE 58,000, LADY-DRIVEN Tel. 6173834.   excellent condition $1.2M, RU 11 Blue Bird excellent codntiion $350 000, Nissan B12 Sunny $350 000.Call 626-2884.   Mercedes Benz in great condition, hardly driven, good price. Tel. 6002984, 618-2984.  AE 100 Corolla working good, mag rims, music, AC, alarm, good for you, clean. Price $875 000. Tel. 626-1170.  +2 V6 automatic, fully powered, chrome, antirowbar, bedline. Price $1.265M. Contact 2208770, 616-0427, 689-3612.  Hilux diesel turbo 4x4 RHD PHS CD player. Price $2.290M. Contact 220-8770, 616-0427, 689-3612.

26 26 VEHICLES FOR SALE at a giveaway price, fully loaded, must be seen. Price $1.65M. Contact 220-8770, 6160427, 689-3612.  11 GX81 fully powered, immaculate condition, $1.2M. 612-6672, 697-1141.  Hilux Solid Axle pick-ups, gasolene and diesel engine, Just arrived, in excellent condition. Tel. 691-2077.  Toyota Vios PLL 3720, black, in excellent condition, hardly used 15" mags, AC,PW, Pioneer deck, dark interior, $1.7M. Tel. 6801013, 680- 9741.  Toyota Tacoma 2011, 4x2 pick-up extended cab, fully loaded automatic, comes with front and side curtain air bags. Excellent cond i t i o n . Te l . 6 6 9 - 111 3 , 671-8883, 614-0949.  IST, PRR Series with AC, CD/DVD, Rear View Camera/LCD, Aluminum Rims, G o o d i n t e r i o r. I m p o r t e d a n d Owner Driven, excellent condition, Price Negotiable Contact 6195844.





 cold storage Canter, also 4x4 four-door canter, 4x4 pick-ups, 320 BMW, Noah bus and vans. 61 Dennis Street, Campbellville 693-5610, 2270190 Ext 100, 623-5845, 6169727.

1 2002 model unregistered To y o ta R e g i u s Wa g o n , c o l o u r Black two tone, AC< air bag, alloy wheels powered windows, power stee r i n g , f o g l i g h t s , T V, n a v i g a t i o n p r i c e $2.3M. Contact 624-5617.

          ! To p q u a l i ty re-conditio n e d v e h i c l e s - Toyota Noah ;Toyota Voxy, Toyota IST (New Shape) S u z u k i S w i f t ; Daihatsu Move (660cc) Mercedes Benz C 2 0 0 C ompressor; Corolla AE100 Wagon; Honda CRV RD4; Land Cruiser (fully load e d ) ; M a z d a P r o c e e d 4W D Extra-cab p i c k u p ; To y o ta H i l u x 4 W D E x t r a ca b pic k u p s - 3RZ, 5 L , 3LS olid Diff e r e n t i a l ; Mits u b i s h i C a n ter Tr u c k s 3 , T O NS OPEN T RAY, 2-TON 4WD; 3 - Tons Dump T r u c k ; Nissan Atlas 2 Ton Truck. P r e O r d e r y o u r u n i t s earl y and get the best prices. Full after-sales s e r v i c e a n d financing a v ailable.                                                    A name and service you can trust.\

 Maid to work at D'Aguiar Park EBD. Cooking required. Contact 624-5100.

            t o w truck, aluminum bed, takes 2 trucks at the same time, clean condition. Price $4.5M neg. Tel. 619-5400, 667-1116, 220-3526. TOYOTA Raum, hardly used, automatic, fully powered, AC, CD player, $1 350M. Rocky 225-1400, 621-5902.  Premio in showroom condition. 17'' mag wheels, HID adjustable headlights, LED backlight, TV and reverse camera, PPP series. Price $2.75M. Tel. 6008474.  TRIDENT cars, 250 CC, 5 speed, 4 doors, Power Window, keyless entry, Cd Player, Sunroof, PRR series $275,000 cash or credit TEL 227-3939, 6214000  Maxima car, fully powered needs repairs, sold with documents, sold as is $250,000 cash 227-3939, 621-4000   limousine, Lincoln Town car, seats 12 persons, fully powered, leather interior, 18" rims, sound system, DVD TV system, lighting effects, rents for Weddings, Proms, Executive services, $5.5 million start making money Tel 2273939, 621-4000 18 words   -Trike Can- Am style Motorcycle, 200cc new, reverse gear, Projection and Led lights, Digital dash board, unregistered $200,000 neg or credit, Wholesale TEL 227-3939, 621-4000  3000GT s p o r ts c a r, 1 8 " r i m s , l e a t h e r seats, Cd Player, amp and box, hid lights, excellent condition $1.7 million tel 621-4000, 2273939

  Benz, 7 months old, 2000c compressor $4.5M neg, Doctor migrating, in immaculate condition. 617-6002, 644-7574. Auto, 2003 dark blue Raum with alloy wheels, TV/Nav, fog lamps, silver Premio, excellent condition, 624-7684, 617-2378.  192 in very nice condition, automatic, fully loaded, mag rims. Price $790 000 Contact 220-8770, 616-0427, 689-3612.  Civic fully loaded, black PKK registration, must be seen. Price $1.09M Contact 2208770, 616-0427, 689-3612.  Land Cruiser Prado, new unregistered, HID, 22" rims, $6.9M, one 2005 Chevy Blazer, new condition $4M. Tel. 618-5605, 697-0082.       4 - r u n n e r a u t o matic, very clean, drives very well, fully loaded. Price $1.19M. C o n t ac t 2 2 0 -8 7 7 0 , 61 6 - 0 4 27 , 689-3612.  Nissan Frontier $1.5M and two Hilux unregistered pick-up $2M each, one Solid Deff 4-door pick-up $1.7M, neg. Contact 6655776.  Premio PNN series, in excellent condition (ladydriven), 17" chrome rims, alarm, automatic start, ac, CD player etc. $2.3M neg. Tel. 649-2541.   Toyota IST and PSS series, Toyota Prado (diesel) with crash bar, off road lights, winch. Both vehicles in excellent condition. Tel. 649-9889, 645-3583.   / Company Bus, (80 Passengers) Coach Bus, make: Blue Bird, miles: 15,000 only, excellent condition - 6246464, 665-6061, 686-0900. Keith.  Rav-4, 1998 series, excellent condition, Toyota Allion, PRR series, registered 6 months ago, excellent condition. Owner migrating. Tel. 623-1412, 687-4089.


 benz S300 bullet proof, leather seats, automatic, cd and dvd player 2 screens, lots of extras, 19" rims 2.2 million cash tel 6214000,  Hatchery (Robbins), 28,000 eggs capacity fully ready, all racks, trays, electrical supply, and spares included, $ 5. million or CREDIT available TEL: 227-3939 621-4000  Bb late PPP series green original paint, fully powered equipped with a special factory sound system, tv deck, head rest tvs, back up camera, remote start, hid head and fog lights, 17" mag wheel, 38,000 km, very clean $2.6 million neg tel 621-4000  Benz A140 right hand drive, 38,000 km imported from u.k with minor problem sold as is $1.8 million tel 621-4000 Generator 15,000 watts , portable, gas on wheels, push start like new $450,000 cash Tel 227-3939, 621-4000  NZE Corolla car, rims, AC, press start, alarm, music set, equaliser speakers, all four wheels disc brakes, newly sprayed, lady-driven, leather interior. Call 668-5384, 648-3342. Corolla in good condition. Price $450 000. One 2005 Toyota Tundra V6 (3200 GG) small engine, unregistered, like brand new. Price $2.8M. Tel. 626-2466, 220-5105.  Corolla Fielder Wagon, roof rail, spoiler, fog lamps, CD, MP player, AC, rims, like new. Price $1.5M. One new model Toyota Coaster, electric door, 29seater like new low kms. Price $3.4M. Tel. 626-2466, 220-5105. minibus BRR 764, excellent condition $2.4M neg. 1 Super Custom 1RZ, PKK 691, very good condition $1.4M neg. Both never worked as public transportation. Contact Sunil 325-3057, 6121718.

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Chelsea hit Arsenal for six, Liverpool and City win …Wenger’s 1,000th game in charge of visitors turns sour ... Liverpool win 6-3 at Cardiff, Man City thrash Fulham By Toby Davis

Oscar curled in a second and Salah came off the bench to slot home his first goal for the club to complete the rout and leave Wenger nursing a painful sense of personal failure. “This defeat is my fault,” he said. “I take full responsibility for it. I don’t think there’s too much need to talk about the mistakes we made. We got a good hiding today.” Liverpool also hit six, but were given a testing workout by a Cardiff side scrapping for their Premier League lives. Goals from their Uruguay forward Suarez and defender Martin Skrtel cancelled out Cardiff efforts by Jordan Mutch and Fraizer Campbell, before Liverpool took control. Slovakian Skrtel headed his second of the game and Suarez netted another after an audacious backheel across goal from strike partner Daniel Sturridge, who then got in on the act himself with a close-range finish. Mutch reduced the deficit with two minutes left but Suarez grabbed his hat-trick with a calm finish when through on goal to equal Robbie Fowler’s Premier League record for Liverpool with his 28th league goal of the season.

LONDON (Reuters) - Chelsea ripped apart 10-man Premier League title rivals Arsenal in a 6-0 mauling yesterday to ensure Arsene Wenger’s 1,000th game turned sour as Liverpool and Manchester City kept up the pressure with big wins. Yaya Toure scored a hat-trick, including two penalties, as City wrapped up a punishing 5-0 victory over 10-man Fulham and Luis Suarez’s prolific run continued with a treble as Liverpool twice came from behind to thrash Cardiff City 6-3. The goals were spread about for Chelsea with Samuel Eto’o, Andre Schuerrle, Eden Hazard, Oscar (2) and Mohamed Salah on target for the leaders in a match likely to be remembered for a bizarre refereeing blunder as much as the hosts’ cut and thrust. Official Andre Marriner flashed a red card at Arsenal’s Kieran Gibbs for a handball on the goalline when his team mate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was the culprit. The sending-off did little to affect the destination of the points, however, as Arsenal were already 2-0 down when defender Gibbs was dismissed and Hazard stepped up to convert the resulting penalty TOURE STUNNER to make it 3-0 after 17 minutes. Manchester City’s powerhouse Ivory Coast midfielder Toure Chelsea stayed four points clear of second-placed Liverpool, the Londoners having played a game more, with Manchester City six adrift of the leaders in third but with three games in hand. Arsenal slipped to fourth seven points off the pace. Wayne Rooney scored the first of his two goals from near the halfway line to help Manchester United beat West Ham United 2-0, but his stunning effort was perhaps bettered by Norwich City’s Alex Tettey. The midfielder sent a scorching volley into the top corner from 25 metres as Norwich improved their chances of avoiding the drop by beating relegation rivals Sunderland 2-0. Everton moved up to fifth with a 3-2 win over struggling Swansea City, West Bromwich Albion lost 2-0 at Hull City and Newcastle United’s Papiss Cisse scored in stoppage time to inflict a painful 1-0 defeat on lowly Manchester City’s Yaya Toure (C) celebrates with team mates Samir Nasri (L) and Aleksandar Kolarov after scoring a third goal against Fulham during their English Premier Crystal Palace. Arsenal manager Wenger did League soccer match. (Credit: REUTERS/Darren Staples) not have to wait long to realise his 1,000th game would not be a fond scored two penalties and a stunning third from 25 metres to put occasion to look back on. City in control against bottom club Fulham who had Fernando It was the second time in six weeks that his side had visited a Amorebieta sent off after 53 minutes. major title rival and left with their tails between their legs after Fernandinho and Martin Demichelis added two more late on to a 5-1 thrashing by Liverpool last month. give the scoreline a humiliating feel for Felix Magath’s side. City’s local rivals United picked up where they left off after beating Olympiakos Piraeus in the Champions League in midweek, TERRIBLE DEFENDING with England striker Rooney shining in a central striking role in the In a similar vein to that encounter, their defence was all at sea in absence of the injured Robin van Persie. the early stages at Stamford Bridge, allowing Chelsea to effectively His looping effort from nearly 50 metres bamboozled West wrap up the points within minutes of the kickoff. Ham’s Spanish keeper Adrian who completely lost his bearings “We started incredibly,” Mourinho told BT Sport. “Seven as Rooney’s volley bounced into the net. minutes gone we were 2-0 up, it’s game over...We were too strong From the sublime to the ridiculous, Rooney’s second was for them.” handed to him on a plate as Mark Noble’s poor clearance Terrible defending allowed Chelsea to grab the game by the landed at his feet and was stroked home to leave United in scruff of the neck, with Eto’o curling a superb left-foot finish into seventh place, two points behind Tottenham Hotspur who play the corner for the opener and Schuerrle finishing with a low drive to on Sunday. make it 2-0 after seven minutes. Everton kept up their push for European football with a Leighton It was then referee Marriner’s turn to rival Arsenal’s blunBaines penalty before Romelu Lukaku put them back in front after dering backline for the day’s costliest error as he gave Gibbs his Wilfried Bony’s leveller. Ross Barkley made it 3-1 with a header marching orders after Oxlade-Chamberlain had made a diving before Ashley Williams grabbed a late consolation. fingertip save to deny Hazard. Norwich City fans have had little cheer this season but Replays showed an incredulous Oxlade-Chamberlain mouthing, Tettey’s volley from 25 metres, a feat of extraordinary technique, “It was me” at the official, but the decision stood, with Hazard had them on their feet at Carrow Road after Robert Snodgrass firing home from the spot and Oscar sidefooting in from close had put them ahead against Sunderland. range to make it 4-0 at the break.

Stop us from hitting sixes, says nonchalant Sammy DHAKA, Bangladesh, (CMC) – West Indies captain Darren Sammy has hit back at criticism from India’s Suresh Raina that the Caribbean side are only capable of hitting sixes, and suffer from their inability to rotate the strike. Both teams are preparing for their highly anticipated clash on Sunday in the World Twenty20 Championship. When asked to assess the big-hitting Windies opening pair of Chris Gayle and Dwayne Smith, Raina said: “West Indies will be a totally different team as they have a lot of players who can hit sixes but they don’t have an idea about how to rotate the strike against spinners by taking singles and twos. “Therefore, the more pressure we put on the bigger players, better it will be for us.” Speaking in yesterday’s media conference, Sammy was straightforward in his response. “Raina has a right to say whatever he wants. I guess if he has described us as six-hitters, then they have got to stop us from hitting sixes,” the skipper said dryly.

Windies lauch defence ... From back page this tournament but it’s not going to be easy, we’ve got to focus on each game and tomorrow all our energies will be geared towards playing against India.” He continued: “After we do that, we will sit again and look at the roadmap to the cup and analyse and come up with the plan for the next game. But tomorrow is all about India and what we can do to overcome them. “The good thing in our team is that we don’t rely on any one person, we have at least four, five, six potential match winners in our team.” West Indies have had a near flawless build up, beating England 2-1 in a three-match series in the Caribbean before convincingly winning both official warm-up matches here last week, against England and Sri Lanka. The Caribbean side have appeared daunting at times, with openers Gayle and Dwayne Smith at their attacking best, Samuels, Bravo and Sammy striking the ball well, and Narine among the wickets and reinforcing his status as the World’s leading T20 bowler. Sammy said with the calibre players in the side, he backed the Windies to put pressure on opposing teams. “Our team has a lot of experienced guys who have been playing T20s all over the world. There are the Gayles, the Narines, the Bravos, Dwayne Smith – all of whom have gained a lot of experience playing T20 cricket,” said the all-rounder. “And if you start up front with the two openers, coming down you have guys that can give us good impetus in the first six overs with Marlon, (Lendl) Simmons and Bravo in the middle and myself and (Andre) Russell to finish the innings.” He added: “When you look at the bowling line-up, [we have] Narine who to me is the number one spinner in T20 cricket, and [there is] Badree and Bravo. We have a young guy called Krishmar Santokie who I think will have a great impact in this tournament so we’re quite happy with the balance of the squad. We’re a very good team in this format.” Despite the belief in the camp, Sammy said the Windies would not be overconfident. He noted that they were familiar with the Indian players having all played in the Indian Premier League together, and would carefully go about developing a game plan. “Cricket is a game of shifting fortunes. It is about going out there and playing the conditions right [and] looking at your opponents,” he pointed out. “And in this day and age you have footage everywhere, you can get the last match by any cricketer and come up with a formula with how you want to attack that person. “We have a general idea of the Indians. We have a lot of guys who’ve been in the same dressing room as them and tomorrow’s match will be a keenly contested match and it’s one that we hope we come out victorious because it’s good to start the tournament on a winning note.” The game bowls off at 7:30 pm (9:30 am Eastern Caribbean time). SQUADS: WEST INDIES – Darren Sammy (Captain), Samuel Badree, Dwayne Bravo, Johnson Charles, Sheldon Cottrell, Andre Fletcher, Chris Gayle, Sunil Narine, Denesh Ramdin, Ravi Rampaul, Andre Russell, Marlon Samuels, Krishmar Santokie, Lendl Simmons, Dwayne Smith. INDIA – MS Dhoni (captain), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, Ajinkya Rahane, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Amit Mishra, Stuart Binny, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Mohit Sharma, Varun Aaron.



Sri Lanka hold nerve to beat South Africa in World T20

(REUTERS) - Lasith Malinga and Nuwan Kulasekara held their nerve in the death overs with miserly fast bowling as Sri Lanka beat South Africa by five runs in their World Twenty20 opener at the Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium in Chittagong yesterday. South Africa had the upper hand chasing 166 for victory in their Group One super 10 match and needed 19 runs off the last two overs with five wickets in hand. But Kulasekara gave away just four runs and picked up the wicket of Farhaan Behardien (five) to leave South Africa needing 15 runs off limited-overs specialist Malinga’s final over.


Dale Steyn (zero) and the dangerous David Miller (19) were run out off the first two deliveries and although Imran Tahir (eight not out) managed a last-ball six, the chase had already gone out of South Africa’s reach. AB de Villiers, captaining the side in the absence of the injured Faf du Plessis, was not impressed by his team’s finish. “I do not think it was our best bowling performance ever but definitely our bowlers did a good job to get us into play,” De Villiers, who leads South Africa in the 50-over format, said at the presentation ceremony. “If we are going to win this tournament we gotta chase down totals like this. We

know that. “We got close, we were on track but unfortunately very disappointing finish. We lost too many wickets towards the end.” JP Duminy (39) top-scored for the Proteas, who ended on 160 for eight, and off-spinner Sachithra Senanayake was the most successful Sri Lankan bowler with figures of two for 22. Opener Kusal Perera’s assault gave Sri Lanka the tempo at the start of their innings and Angelo Mathews provided the late fireworks to lift them to 165 for seven after their captain Dinesh Chandimal had won the toss. The diminutive Perera made clear his intentions with

Sheffield Shield final...

Hazlewood rips through WA after Henriques ton THREE quick wickets to NSW Blues paceman Josh Hazlewood after a classy ton from teammate Moises Henriques has derailed Western Australia’s hopes of claiming the Bupa Sheffield Shield. Alcohol. Think Again Western Warriors coach Justin Langer didn’t pull any punches when describing his team’s situation after they were reduced to 4-15 at stumps on day two in reply to NSW’s first innings total of 447. “It was a pretty painful day. Probably couldn’t have had a worse day to be honest,” he said. “How do you explain the last half hour? It was a train wreck.” That painful period was set up after Henriques hit a classy 140 off 316 balls, soaking up 399 minutes in the middle and tiring out the WA players. While NSW only need to draw to win the Shield

for the first time since 2008, Henriques kept the scoreboard ticking over with classy shots both down the ground

Moises Henriques batted with the tail to register his third first-class century and square of the wicket. “We wanted to bat them out of the game by scoring runs.

But by being patient and waiting until the ball was in the zone,” Henriques said. It was going to take a monumental effort to overshadow Henriques’s day two efforts with the bat, but Hazlewood (3-13) did just that when he took three wickets in his first ten deliveries, then backed it up with a sharp runout to send Shield player of the year Marcus North back to the sheds. His first two wickets came from the first two balls of the innings, dismissing Cam Bancroft caught behind then trapping Marcus Harris lbw. It was the first time a team has had two golden ducks in an innings in Sheffield Shield final history. “There was a bit of swing there early, but it’s going to be hard work tomorrow,” Hazlewood said. “It helps when they’re out in the field for 170-odd overs.” Hazlewood’s second over was just as fiery, and he claimed the key scalp of WA

captain Adam Voges (7) courtesy of a sharp catch by Ryan Carters at third slip. NSW’s position was a huge turnaround after a day one five-wicket collapse had reduced them to 6-189, forcing Henriques to dig in alongside fellow allrounder Stephen O’Keefe (41) for a seventh-wicket stand of 90. Henriques was finally dismissed one hour before the end of play when he skied a delivery from WA paceman Ryan Duffield (3-126). Tailender Trent Copeland (35) and Australian Test spinner Nathan Lyon (36 not out) made valuable contributions, while WA paceman Jason Behrendorff was the pick of his side’s bowlers with 4-95. While Langer was disappointed with the situation, he said a lot could happen over the next three days. “I’ve been around long enough to know that fiveday cricket, lots of funny things can happen,” he said. (CA)

Edwards anxious over future after Four-Day snub

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, (CMC) – Speedster Fidel Edwards is anxious to make a comeback to the West Indies team but says that path is being frustrated by Barbados selectors. The 32-year-old has not worn regional colours in 16 months and has been overlooked for the ongoing Regional Four-Day Championship, and is worried his career maybe in danger. “I want to play for Barbados. That is the only way I would get to play for the West Indies. I got dropped from the West Indies side for apparently no reason,” he told Barbados Today online newspaper. “The last game I played for Barbados I took five wickets. The last time I played for the West Indies I took six, but still no play. This is two years I haven’t played for Barbados and going on two that I haven’t played for the West Indies. “Right now I am so frustrated I am actually thinking about retiring from four-day cricket because if I don’t play for Barbados this year in four-day cricket and the West Indies [selectors] don’t see me I won’t get a play and I am not getting any younger. I feel like I am getting push out again.” Edwards has played 55 Tests and taken 165 wickets, but has been

in and out of the West Indies team in recent years because of injury. He was briefly in action last September for West Indies A when he was called up to replace the injured left-arm seamer Sheldon Cottrell on the tour of India last year, but sent down just four overs in the single game he played. Edwards, who was part of the winning Barbados team in this year’s NAGICO Super50, said he had received mixed signals from selectors. “The selectors got this thing about who they want to play and they telling me all kinds of things. But this is the fourth round (of the Four-Day tournament) and we playing six rounds of cricket. If we playing six rounds of cricket and you say that they rotating the fast bowlers but yet still everybody get a play and still I am not playing,” Edwards lamented. “Jason (Holder) came in, Miguel (Cummins) was out, Tino (Best) is back out, Miguel is back in, and I am still out. So I really don’t know what is going on.” He said selectors apparently had concerns about his fitness but pointed out that he had been playing for Trinidad club side Queen’s Park, in order to stay in shape.

two fours and a six in three deliveries off Steyn’s opening over and brought up his fifty off just 29 balls. He struck 61 off 40 balls, including six fours and three sixes, before falling to leg-spinner Tahir, who stemmed the run flow and picked up three wickets for 26 runs. Mathews was bowled by Steyn in the final over of the Sri

Lanka innings but not before the test and 50-over captain had compiled 43 off 32 balls. “We had bowlers like Malinga and (Ajantha) Mendis. We thought the total would be enough. We did well as a unit,” Chandimal said. Kusal Perera raced to his fifth T20 fifty in 29 balls before falling to leg-spinner Imran Tahir for 61

Six GFF/ Banks DIH premier League matches on at three venues today THE Guyana Football Federation (GFF) National Premier League will continue today with three double -headers at three venues across West Demerara , West Coast Berbice and East Coast Demerara. Playing at the #5 Ground, West Coast Berbice, New Amsterdam United will face Santos from 18:00hrs and Rosignol United tackles Guyana Defence Force from 20:00hrs. Grove Hi-Tech takes on Winners Connection from 13:30hrs at the Den Amstel Ground, West Coast Demerara and at the same venue, and host Den Amstel will engage BV/Triumph from 15:30hrs. On the East Coast Demerara, Milerock will come up against Silver Shattas from 13:30hrs and Buxton United will face Young Achievers from 15:30hrs. Both matches will be played at the Buxton Community centre ground. New Amsterdam United is currently seventh in the points standing with 17 points from 12 matches and a win with home support will take them to 20 points. To date, the Berbice team has won five of their 12 engagements and lost six, while drawing one which went to a penalty shoot-out which they won. They have so far scored 27 goals and conceded 18 for a plus nine goal difference. Santos on the other hand is placed 11th in the points standing with 14 points from 13 matches. They have won two, lost six, drew five, three of which they went on to win in the resulting penalty shoot-out. Rosignol United is eight in the points standing with 17 points also, but they have won three of their 12 matches played to date. They lost five and drew four all of which they won by penalty shoot-out, but they have only scored 19 goals, while conceding 34 for a minus 15 goal difference. The Guyana Defence Force is third in the standing with 28 points to their name from 12 matches. They have won eight, lost one and drew three which were decided by penalty shoot-outs and of the three shoot-outs, they won one. To date they have scored 28 goals and conceded 12 for a plus 16 goal difference. Grove Hi-Tech is currently sixth in the standing with 19 points from 12 matches. They have won five to date while losing four and drawing three. However, in the resulting penalty shoot-outs they only won one. To date they have scored 20 goals and conceded 21, while their opponents Winners Connection is 14th in the standing with 13 points from 12 matches, three of which they have won, while losing six and drawing three which went into penalty shoot-outs, one of which they won. They have scored 15 goals and conceded 29. Meanwhile, Milerock is 10th in the points standing with 14 points from 13 matches. They won four and lost seven while drawing two. Silver Shattas, on the other hand, is ninth in the standing with 16 points to their name from 12 matches. They won four, lost five and drew three. Buxton United is comfortably placed at fourth in the standing with 23 points from 12 matches. They won seven, lost three and drew two. Young Achievers is in the cellar position of the 16-team League with three points from 11 matches. They won one match but lost 10 and conceded 24 goals, while only scoring 10.



Nurse, Brathwaite create misery for T&T BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, (CMC) – Maiden first- class centuries from Ashley Nurse and Carlos Brathwaite, followed by a devastating bowling performance from Barbados, combined to destroy Trinidad and Tobago on the second day of their fourth round encounter in the Regional Four-Day Championship here yesterday. Nurse slammed 130 not out while Brathwaite got 109 as Barbados, resuming the day on 243 for five, racked up 479 for eight declared, in a sensational batting display at Kensington Oval. Brathwaite then returned with the ball to snap up three for 15 from seven overs, supporting left-arm spinner Sulieman Benn who claimed four for 31, as T&T crashed to 120 all out in reply. Jason Mohammed top scored with 43 and captain Rayad Emrit finished on 25 not out, to be two of only three T&T players in double figures. Following on by 359 runs, Trinidad and Tobago fared better in their second innings, reaching 44 without loss at the close, with Evin Lewis unbeaten on 37. The day belonged to Nurse and Brathwaite who batted superbly to put Barbados in control of the encounter. Wicketkeeper Shane Dowrich added just three to his overnight 50 before departing with the score on 284, but this paved the way for Brathwaite and Nurse as they proceeded to add 190 for the eighth wicket. Nurse cracked 16 fours and four sixes off just 111 balls in a whirlwind knock while Brathwaite faced 136 deliveries in 215 minutes at the crease, and counted six fours and two sixes. The pair took Barbados to lunch at 427 for seven, with Nurse on 99 and Brathwaite on 90, before both completed their milestones after the break. Nurse was first to the mark, raising three figures off 85 balls and

Brathwaite followed soon afterward, turning leg-spinner Imran Khan to square leg for a single to reach his century off 128 balls. Once Brathwaite fell, becoming Jason Mohammed’s second wicket, Barbados declared their innings. Fast bowler Shannon Gabriel finished with four for 69, Mohammed two for 61 and Imran Khan, two for 132. In reply, T&T then marched to 32 without loss but the innings went into decline once the new ball pair of Jason Holder and Miguel Cummins were replaced by Brathwaite and Benn. Adrian Barath was first to fall, taken at second slip by Nurse off Brathwaite for 20 and Lewis (5) found himself short of his ground, run out by good work by Jonathan Carter, with just one added to the total. Brathwaite then threw the innings into turmoil when he got the prized wicket of Darren Bravo for four, caught behind cutting and then removed Jonathan Augustus lbw next ball without scoring, to leave T&T on 45 for four at tea. Benn took charge after the break, ripping through the T&T middle order and only Mohammed, in a counter-attacking knock, showed any real resistance. Mohammed hit eight fours and a six off 64 balls before he was eighth out to Benn at 90 for eight and Emrit then ensured T&T passed the 100-run mark, with a breezy 16-ball knock that included two fours and two sixes. Carlos Brathwaite and Ashley Nurse salute the fans after both batsmen recorded maiden first-class centuries during day two of the WICB Regional 4Day match at Kensington Oval.. Photo by WICB Media/Randy Brooks of Brooks Latouche Photography.

SCOREBOARD BARBADOS 1st Innings (overnight 243 for five) K Brathwaite lbw b Gabriel 0 O Phillips c Barath b Khan 67 K Edwards b Gabriel 41 J Carter lbw b Mohammed 45 R Chase c wkp Katwaroo b Khan 12 S Dowrich c Augustus b S Gabriel 53 C Brathwaite c Emrit b Mohammed 109 J Holder lbw b Gabriel 5 A Nurse not out 130 Extras (b6, lb8, w1, nb2) 17 TOTAL (8 wkts decl., 124.5 overs) 479 Did not bat: S Benn, M Cummins. Fall of wickets: 1-0, 2-73, 3-155, 4-164, 5-202, 6-284, 7-289, 8-479. Bowling: Gabriel 22-8-69-4, Emrit 23-5-79-0, Cruikshank 15-2-72-0, Khan 36-5-132-2, Cariah 10-0-52-0, Mohammed 18.5-2-61-2. T&T 1st Innings A Barath c Nurse b C Brathwaite 20 E Lewis run out 5

D Bravo c wkp Dowrich b C Brathwaite 4 J Mohammed lbw b Benn 43 J Augustus lbw b C Brathwaite 0 Y Cariah c Carter b Benn 3 S Katwaroo c Chase b Benn 1 D Cruikshank c Nurse b Benn 0 I Khan c Phillips b Nurse 5 R Emrit not out 25 S Gabriel c & b Nurse 5 Extras (b4, nb5) 9 TOTAL (all out, 37 overs) 120 Fall of wickets: 1-32, 2-33, 3-45, 4-45, 5-54, 6-60, 7-64, 8-90, 9-94, 10-120. Bowling: Holder 5-2-10-0, Cummins 7-0-33-0, Benn 14-6-31-4, Brathwaite 7-315-3, Nurse 4-1-27-2. T&T 2nd Innings (following-on) A Barath not out 6 E Lewis not out 37 Extras (nb1) 1 TOTAL (without loss, 14 overs) 44 Bowling: Benn 7-4-17-0, Cummins 2-0-9-0, Nurse 4-0-17-0, Chase 1-0-1-0. Position: T&T trail by 315 runs.

Windwards fight hard Blundering referee sends off wrong Arsenal player for crucial points KINGSTON, Jamaica, (CMC) – Romel Currency and Tyrone Theophile stroked half-centuries to give Windward Islands the upper hand over Jamaica, in their fourth round, Regional Four-Day clash here yesterday. Resuming the second day at Sabina Park on 56 for four, the Windwards pushed on to 216 for nine declared, with captain Liam Sebastien unable to bat. Currency stroked an unbeaten 76 while opener Theophile scored 73, combining in a 102-run, fifth wicket stand to salvage the Windwards innings. At the close, Jamaica were 26 without loss in their second innings, a lead of just four runs. Having lost three quick wickets late on the first day, a rearguard action was required and the duo stepped up to defy the Jamaica bowlers. Currency struck eight fours and a six and faced 246 balls in an innings spanning just over five hours, while Theophile continued his good form with eight fours off 197 balls in 232 minutes at the crease. Even when Theophile departed, Lindon James (20) spent nearly an hour-and-a-half in adding 46 for the next wicket with Currency, to further frustrate Jamaica. James gave Nikita Miller his first wicket at 200 for six and the end came swiftly, as the Windwards lost their last four wickets for 16 runs. The hosts found their attack largely ineffective, with off-spinner Jamie Merchant (2-21), pacer Brian Buchanan (2-22) and left-arm spinner Nikita Miller (2-60), all picking up two wickets apiece. Jamaica’s openers then safely navigated the 15 overs at the end of the day.

LONDON -(Reuters) - Referee Andre Marriner was left red-faced after he sent off the wrong player in Chelsea’s 6-0 Premier League thrashing of Arsenal yesterday. Arsenal were trailing 2-0 to early goals from Samuel Eto’o and Andre Schuerrle when Mariner gave a penalty and a red card to Kieran Gibbs after team mate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain handled a shot from Eden Hazard on the goalline. Replays showed Oxlade-Chamberlain clearly mouthing “it was me” to Marriner in the aftermath but the referee, who took a long time before awarding a penalty, stuck by his original decision.

Romel Currency ... top scored with 77 for Windwards.

SCOREBOARD JAMAICA 1st Innings 194 WINDWARDS 1st Innings (overnight 56 for four) D Smith c Bonner b Taylor 1 T Theophile c Bonner b N Miller 73 S Ambris c Campbell b Bernard Jr 23 K Lesporis c Campbell b Merchant 4 K Peters c Campbell b Merchant 0 R Currency not out 76 L James c Blackwood b N Miller 20 S Shillingford c wkp Baugh b Buchanan 0 D Johnson lbw b Buchanan 3 N Pascal c H Miller b N Miller 1 Extras (b8, lb6, nb1) 15 TOTAL (9 wkts decl., 97.3

overs) 216 Did not bat: *L Sebastien. Fall of wickets: 1-8, 2-46, 3-52, 4-52, 5-154, 6-200, 7-208, 8-213, 9-216. B o w l i n g : Ta y l o r 7 - 0 - 4 2 - 1 , Buchanan 12-1-22-2, Miller 38.3-13-60-2, Bernard 9-1-23-1, Merchant 14-2-21-2, Lambert 8-29-0, Campbell 3-0-10-0, Bonner 6-0-15-1. JAMAICA 2nd Innings H Miller not out 12 J Campbell not out 10 Extras (lb3, w1) 4 TOTAL (without loss, 15 overs) 26 B o w l i n g : P a s c a l 5 - 0 - 11 - 0 , Johnson 4-1-3-0, Shillingford 3-1-8-0, Peters 3-2-1-0. Position: Jamaica lead by four runs.

Arsenal’s Kieran Gibbs (front L) is shown a red card by referee Andre Marriner (front R) during their English Premier League soccer match against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in London .(Credit: Reuters/Eddie Keogh) Hazard converted the penalty, before a double from Oscar and a first for the club from Mohamed Salah completed a miserable afternoon for Arsene Wenger who was celebrating his 1,000th match in charge of the north London club. “I believe it was handball but the referee hasn’t seen it. The ball went out and I think it’s Chamberlain who touched the ball,” Wenger told the BBC. “I don’t know who gave the indication to the referee that it was handball but he has certainly not seen it.” His opposite number Jose Mourinho, who has never lost to Wenger in 11 games, gave the officials the benefit of the doubt. “There were lots of people in box,” he told BT Sport. “Eden shoots, one player comes behind keeper and dives like a keeper and touches the ball with his hand. “From the bench you couldn’t see, one of my assistants said it was (Mikel) Arteta, one said Chamberlain. The penalty is a penalty and the red card is a red card, but the wrong player.”


ICC rules out changes to ODI rules before World Cup By Amol Karhadkar THE amendments to the ODI playing conditions introduced in October 2011 will stay in place till next year's World Cup, the ICC has said. The amendments include the use of two new balls, which has been opposed by India and other south Asian countries as it affects spinners. ICC chief executive Dave Richardson has said the regulations will be reviewed after the marquee event, to be hosted jointly by Australia and New Zealand. India has been the flag-bearer of the subcontinental countries' movement against the new rules, which at times have resulted in the balance of the game tilting heavily in favour of the batsmen. "We're not going to consider any changes prior to the World Cup," Richardson said in Dhaka on Friday. "After the World Cup the rules will be reviewed by the cricket committee again. As I said, we wanted to create a more attacking 50-over game, one that could compete on the entertainment scales with T20 cricket. It's too early to say. I think it's led to a more attacking game from a bowling and fielding perspective." The BCCI, who had consistently raised the matter during ICC Board meetings over the last year, said they couldn't do anything till the World Cup but stuck to their stand. "There is a need to review is what India has been saying and there should be a fair contest between bat and ball which isn't the case now," a BCCI insider told ESPNcricinfo. In fact, the BCCI's attempt to get the system overhauled was foiled in an ICC Chief Executives' meeting in September 2013. "There was a voting process and India along with Pakistan, Bangladesh voted against use of two new balls," BCCI secretary Sanjay Patel had said after the meeting. "Australia, New Zealand, England and Zimbabwe were among those in favour of using two new balls while West Indies and South Africa abstained from voting. We have expressed our reservations about using of two new balls." According to the new regulations that came in place in October 2011, two fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle in the mandatory Powerplay of ten overs, and three during the batting Powerplay, which needs to be taken between the 16th and the 40th over. At other times, a maximum of four fielders can be placed outside

the circle, a reduction from the earlier five. Most importantly, two new balls are used from each end. The use of two new balls has resulted in the spinners finding it difficult to get into the game. Besides, in subcontinental conditions, reverse swing is also almost taken out of equation, thus resulting in the totals moving upwards with every passing series. In fact, India captain MS Dhoni said during the high-scoring ODI series against Australia last year that the new rules had converted bowlers into "bowling machines". "Yes, runs per over might have increased and bowlers, at times on flat wickets, find it very tough," Richardson said. "But essentially the best bowlers are still top of the bowling rankings and the best batsmen still top of the batting rankings. ICC chief executive Dave Richardson. "We just might need to change our perceptions. In the old days, if you scored a run a ball everyone said you had a tremendous strike-rate. Now they're saying you have to be 120-130. Same with the bowlers. In the old days, Fanie de Villiers got upset if he went for more than three runs per over. Now, bowlers only get upset when they go for more than six runs an over. Yes, things have changed. But I don't necessarily think for the bad." Another BCCI functionary agreed that "too many changes just before the World Cup won't be good" but stressed that the BCCI will continue to strive for getting the balance of ODIs back in place after the World Cup. (ESPN Cricinfo)


Crandon brace pilots Queen’s College into quarter-finals - Charlestown edge Kingston in thriller

By Calvin Roberts THANKS to an Aftab Crandon double, a Camp Road based Queen’s College lineup easily disposed of North Georgetown Secondary 5-0 at the Ministry of Education ground, yesterday, to book a place in the quarterfinals of this year’s Milo sponsored Petra Organisation organised Under-20 Schools Football Championships. Also advancing to the final eight were reigning Scotiabank/Pepsi Academy champions Charlestown Secondary who edged Kingston 1-0 in a thriller, along with Dolphin and Lodge Secondary Schools respectively, on a day which saw some exciting and enthralling action from all the teams. A vocal crowd braved the sweltering heat that prevailed in the capital city yesterday from the opening whistle which was sounded by Dion Inniss, until the last one that came from Wayne ‘Harry’ Griffith, cheering on their favourite team and players at every touch of the ball. In the opening game of the day, Dolphin were the first team to book a place in the quarterfinal, doing so with a 1-0 victory over a game St. Mary’s Secondary, with Samuel Hunte scoring the lone goal of the contest in the 55th minute. Tavel Jonas (31st), Shamar Smith (55th) and a wonderful and well placed free kick from Ryan Hackett which rocked the back of the net in the 64th minute, were responsible for Lodge Secondary giving last year’s runner-up South Ruimveldt Secondary their marching orders from the tournament, as they won the contest 3-0. In the Queen’s College versus North Georgetown clash, the latter team held their own throughout the contest, but missed the trick by placing the shortest and, if not, possibly the smallest player in the goal, an act that enabled the eventual victors to win.

North Georgetown, despite such a move, matched their opponents stride for stride even though they conceded the first goal in the 6th minute, courtesy of a Jayadev Mona strike, which enabled Queen’s College to take the lemon time break with a 1-0 advantage. On the resumption of play in the 70 minutes contest, the muscular looking Crandon scored his double two minutes apart, when he found the back of the net in the 46th and 48th minute, respectively, while solitary strikes from Sherman Britton (55th) and Stephen King (68th) sealed North Georgetown’s faith. Charlestown have only their custodian in Marvin Carter to thank for their 1-0 victory over Kingston in an evenly fought contest, as he brought off a penalty kick save in the 22nd minute then followed it up with several other saves in the first half. To add insult to injury for Kingston, Carter, who affected the penalty kick save from his Kingston counterpart Simon Emmanuel, delivered a gem of a free kick to, Under-23 hockey player, Aroydy Branford in the 65th minute from midway inside Kingston half, which the Charlestown player calmly headed into the back of the net, following a fumble from Emmanuel. Not satisfied with this feat, Carter pulled off several saves in the dying minutes and latter seconds of the contest, to ensure Charlestown maintain their one goal advantage and at the same time set up a quarterfinal clash with Dolphin on Wednesday at the same venue from 14:30hrs, which will be followed by the second semifinal between Queen’s College and Lodge at 16:30hrs. Meanwhile, the action continues today from 11:00hrs with four more round of 16 matches, with Bishops’ High and North Ruimveldt Multilateral facing each other, while Christ Church will seek to advance to the quarterfinal at the expense of Chase Academy, followed by the Carmel and Queenstown clash before Tucville attempt to thwart St George’s efforts to retain the title.


Alpha United opens account on winning note in CFU Club C/Ships Guyana’s Alpha `The Hammer’ United opened their account in the Caribbean Football Union’s (CFU) Club Championships on a winning note with a 2-0 win against Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force, yesterday, at the Harbor View Stadium, Jamaica. According to Alpha United’s vice-president and Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Steve Ninvalle, Andrew Murray and guest player Kiston Baines of Grenada scored for the Guyanese team in the 19th and 48th minute, respectively. Ninvalle, who spoke to Chronicle Sport via telephone, yesterday, informed that the margin of victory for Alpha United could have been larger had Gregory `Jackie Chan’ Richardson converted two sure sitters, one in the first half of the game and the other in the second period. Ninvalle said he spoke to the team’s coach Wayne `Wiggy’ Dover who bemoaned the fact that the Guyanese could have won by a larger margin. According to Ninvalle, a former Sports Journalist, Dover said he must take his hat off to the team’s custodian Ronson Williams for performing his duties with distinction between the uprights. Ninvalle said Dover praised the Trinidad and Tobago soldiers for an outstanding play despite losing to the Guyanese. He reminded that about two years ago, Alpha United defeated the same side in a penalty shoot-out at the Providence National Stadium here in Guyana to qualify for the CFU Club Championship. According to Ninvalle, Alpha United will take on Harbor View of Jamaica today in a next match of their group. He said a third team, Sporting Notch of Suriname was to have been in their group, but they failed to make a showing in Jamaica. Asked about the teams in the other group, Ninvalle could not say who those teams are but promised to make the information available by today. Ninvalle said Alpha United stands a very good chance of winning the club championship, and said he has to raise his hat to the club’s president Odinga Lumumba, who he said made sure that all was in place for Alpha United’s participation in the tournament “There is no reason why we should not come out on top,” Ninvalle declared.

CRICKETQUIZ CORNER (Sunday March 23, 2014) Compliments of THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market &The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055) Answers to Friday’s quiz: (1) 387-Glen Turner & Terry Jarvis (WI vs NZ, 1972) (2) 117-Chris Gayle (WI vs SA, Johannesburg, 2007) Today’s Quiz: (1) Who were the losing semi-finalists of the last ICC T/20 World Cup Tournament? (2) Which two have never won an ICC T/20 World Cup? Australia, England, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka Answers in tomorrow’s issue



GABF’S `Road to Mecca ‘ 2014 climaxes …

Can Linden’s Raiders down GT’s Ravens in tonight’s final THE ultimate question tonight will be, could Linden club side Retrieve Raiders’ hold off Georgetown’s Dyna’s Ravens? in what should be an intriguing final at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall in the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation’s ‘Road to Mecca’ 2014 National Club Championship, for Division One clubs in Guyana. The question remains until jump ball and a huge crowd is expected as Ravens will be the side, due to the recent performances against Linden and Georgetown opponents, hands down, dating back to a year ago. This team from the City while ranked fourth according to the Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) has demonstrated their superior brand of play throughout the past AKEEM KANHAI year against all and sundry, despite their fourth place finish in the GABA League. Beating their opponents time and again outside of that lone rating league system used was enough to highlight that Ravens, at a glance, would be the top rated team overall in

Guyana. By reaching this final it is left to the Darcel Harris coached Ravens to formalise their billing as the top club in Guyana. They have perhaps the most talented player locally in Akeem ‘The Dream’ Kanhai, the all purpose guard/small forward who operates at a level that somehow reflects his superior athletic skills, invariably, to his challengers. Kanhai along with others like Ryan Stephaney have lifted the Ravens to soar at times way above their opponents and by eliminating the top ranked Pacesetters and number two rankled Colts in getting to this final, is proof of them being right up there among the clubs in Guyana. As a result, one may find it difficult to imagine Ravens DWAYNE ROBERTS being beaten in this final by their opponents, who are relatively unknown to the City atmosphere. The fact is, however, that they are up against a Retrieve Raiders Club team, though ranked fourth in Linden, and coached by Colin Barker and assisted by Kerwin Abrams, executed similar performances in getting to this final.

And their last semifinal win against Amelia’s Ward Jets showed their resilience without their star forward Dwayne ‘Brown Sugar’ Roberts in their lineup. But let us not be dismayed since Roberts is likely to be back tonight for the Raiders, all things being equal. Tonight there will be no easy prey and Raiders will see their captain and former national player Neil Marks as the leader on court. Marks’ shooting is one of his weapons that the Ravens must defend against and his ability to go to the hoop cannot be underestimated. With Roberts and another forward in Louis James playing open basketball, they present a formidable challenge because Roberts is the marquee player who can turn things around for his team. James can shoot and drive with his ball handling skills and with support from rising centre Stephon Tappin presenting more looks in the paint the Ravens would have to be ready for this Linden challenge. The Raiders must clear out for Roberts to operate but his ability to not only power his way inside but also the short range jumper will be key factors in a Raiders win. Their back court with the talented Keiron ‘Bucka’ Cameron and Sheldron Noel, who can shoot, will help open for Roberts and Marks to get into strong scoring positions. At the same time Noel, Cameron and Alexander Rose must ensure they do not lax in handling the ball and not getting out of control in bringing the ball. This championship game is the night cap which will be preceded by the third and fourth place playoffs between Linden Jets and Colts of Georgetown. Jump ball in the first game tonight is at 18:00hrs.

Impressive displays on first day of CARIFTA Games trials By Tamica Garnett THE 400 metres showdown between Jevina Sampson, Avon Samuels and Natircia Hooper, coupled with impressive wins from CARIFTA Games medalists Jason Yaw, Cassie George, and Tirana Mitchell were among the highlights of the first day of competition in the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG)

2014, CARIFTA Games trials, which commenced yesterday at the Police Sports Club Ground, Eve Leary. In the girls’ Under- 18 1500m finals, 2013 CARIFTA Games 1500m gold medalist George pace was too hard for any of her contenders to follow. The 15 year old clocked a time of 4:47.00, and finished a sizeable gap ahead of Shontel Hinds’ 5:07.00s second place finish.

George, who also won a silver last year in the girl’s Under- 17 800m, is expected to be in the Under- 18 800m when the competition continues today. Bronze medalist Yaw also had an easy time in his win of the boys’ Under- 18 400m dash, where he finished 49.40s, a good way ahead of Mercury Fast Laners’ Kwesi Blair who trotted into second place some three seconds behind Yaw.

Jevina Sampson brings it home in the girls’ under 18 400m, coming behind her is Natricia Hooper who finished third.

The race that had many spectators on their feet was the 400m showdown between Sampson, Samuels and Hooper, who respectively finished first second and third in the girls Under- 18 400m. Taking the lead after the first 100m Sampson seemed in for an easy win, however, the 200m turn gave Samuels and Hooper the advantage and they easily began to close in on Sampson, with Hooper seemed poised to overtake Sampson. As Sampson’s endurance kicked in on the final straight both Samuels and Hooper were unable to keep up, and Sampson ended with the win in a time of 57.70s, while Samuels took second place of 58.50s, Hooper’s third came off a time of 59.60s. Another struggle ensued in the girls Under- 18 100m dash where Tirana Mitchell fought hard for her win over Christianburg’s Onasha Rogers. Mitchell, also a member of the Mercury Fast Laners, finished 12.00s flat, just surpassing the 12.20s clocked by Rogers. Enmore’s Cassie Tixey clocked 12.60s to finish third. Kevin Abbensetts reigned supreme in the boys’ Under20 100m finals on a time of 10.40s, with second place going to Samuel Doris (10.70s) and MFL’s Quacy Simpson was

CARIFTA Games bronze medalist Jason Yaw cruises in to a first place win in the boys’ Under- 18 400m race third (11.00s). Though many had anticipated the face-off between Abbensetts and Police Sports Club’s Tevin Garraway they were denied the opportunity after Garraway pulled out of the 100m finals due to injury. Earlier in the day Garraway ran a 10.80s in the heats. Arize Chance won the boys’ under 20 400m finals in 50 seconds flat, and Running Brave’s Dequan Vancooten won the boys’ under 18 100m in 10.90 seconds. In other events on the distaff side,

Shoquan Daniels won the girls’ under 20 100m (12.10s) and Shomane Daniels won the category’s 400m race in 1:03.10s. For field events the girls’ Under -18 long jump was won by Chantoba Bright who cleared a distance of 4.97m, Khadidja Ba won the category’s shot put after throwing a distance of 9.08m. Jabary Joseph (6.57m) won the boys under 20 long jump and Joel Thom (5:95m) won the jump in the boys’ under 18 category.


The Chronicle is at

Stop us from hitting sixes, says nonchalant Sammy see story on page 27

Windies lauch defence of World T20 title as they face India today

TOGETHERNESS: West Indies share a group moment during training ahead of Sunday’s opening game against India. (Photo courtesy WICB Media)

DHAKA, Bangladesh, (CMC) – A confident West Indies will launch the defence of their World Twenty20 title when they clash with powerhouses India in mouth-watering clash here today. The contest, scheduled for the Shere Bangla National Stadium, will bring together an array of the world’s finest Twenty20 stars in a high octane affair. Chris Gayle, perhaps the most sought after name in T20s, leads the all-star cast that includes fellow teammates Sunil Narine,

Dwayne Bravo, Marlon Samuels and captain Darren Sammy. India, meanwhile, will showcase the talents of Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan Rohit Sharma and their skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni, as they chase their second win in Group 2. Sammy told reporters Saturday that despite the plethora of stars in the side, the key to their success in the tournament would be their ability to play as a team. “Being defending champions what I can say is that

we’ve gathered more experience. Last tournament, our senior players, our key players performed very well for us but the key was even though they performed for us, we played together as a team,” Sammy pointed out. “This time around it is even more important that we continue to do that, with our key guys performing consistently. As a team we have more belief that we can come out and defend this see page 27

Alpha United opens account on winning note in CFU Club C/Ships GUYANA’S Alpha `The Hammer’ United opened their account in the Caribbean Football Union’s (CFU) Club Championships on a winning note with a 2-0 win against Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force, yesterday, at the Harbor View Stadium, Jamaica. According to Alpha United’s vice-president and Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Steve Ninvalle, Andrew Murray and guest player Kiston Baines of Grenada scored for the Guyanese team in the 19th and 48th minute, respectively. Ninvalle, who spoke to Chronicle Sport via telephone, yesterday, informed that the margin of victory for Alpha United could have been larger had Gregory `Jackie Chan’ Richardson converted two sure sitters, GREGORY RICHARDSON one in the first half of the

Printed and Published by Guyana National Newspapers Limi ted, Lama Avenue, Bel Air Park, Georgetown. Telephone 2 2 6- 3243-9 (General); Editorial: 2 2 7- 5204, 2 2 7- 5216. Fax:2 2 7- 5208

game and the other in the second period. Ninvalle said he spoke to the team’s coach Wayne `Wiggy’ Dover who bemoaned the fact that the Guyanese could have won by a larger margin. According to Ninvalle, a former Sports Journalist, Dover said he must take his hat off to the team’s custodian Ronson Williams for performing his duties with distinction between the uprights. Ninvalle said Dover praised the Trinidad and Tobago soldiers for an outstanding play despite losing to the Guyanese. He reminded that about two years ago, Alpha United defeated the same side in a penalty shoot-out at the Providence National Stadium here in Guyana to qualify for the CFU Club Championship. According to Ninvalle, Alpha United will take on Harbor View of Jamaica today in a next match of their group. He said a third team, Sporting Notch of Suriname was to have been in their group, but they failed to make a showing in Jamaica. Asked about the teams in the other group, Ninvalle could not say who those teams are but promised to make the information available by today. Ninvalle said Alpha United stands a very good chance of winning the club championship, and said he has to raise his hat to the club’s president Odinga Lumumba, who he said made sure that all was in place for Alpha United’s participation in the tournament “There is no reason why we should not come out on top,” Ninvalle declared.

SUNDAY, MARCH 23, 2013

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