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Trans Guyana plane crash…

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Delicate task extracting bodies from wreckage


…bodies to be flown to city today Page


President Ramotar commissions new $50M Ptolemy Reid Rehab Centre Centre

Rohee urges continuation of ‘paradigm political shift’ seen in Parliament Page

Two children assist President Ramotar to cut the ribbon (Photo by Cullen Bess-Nelson)


Body of missing man found during trench excavation

Passenger attempts to carry cocaine to US in Kerrygold milk powder packets Page




Moruca boy, 2, drowns in parents’ yard Page 16 Three-yr-old child killed Narcotics defendant Jermaine Lowe

- after truck runs over him at Charity housing scheme Page 16


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 21, 2014

Trans Guyana plane crash…

Delicate task extracting bodies from wreckage By Leroy Smith GUYANA Defence Force (GDF) Special Forces personnel were, at approximately 7am yesterday, able to reach the crash site of the Trans-Guyana Cessna aircraft which went down with two persons on board last Saturday; but up to late last evening, they were cautiously attempting to remove the bodies of the pilot, Blake Slater, from the cockpit, and Cargo Loader Dwayne Anthony Newton from beneath barrels of fuel. The Guyana Chronicle was informed that freeing the bodies from the wreckage proved an uphill task, because of the risk of fire when attempting to cut the bodies loose, hence the bodies could not have

been flown to the city yesterday. An official confirmed that as one of the factors preventing the rescuers from removing the bodies and having them flown to the city, but the official said the task is expected to be accomplished today. According to information received, rescuers face another problem -- crawling, flying and walking ‘bodies’. While attempts to extract the bodies from the wreckage were put on hold last night, they were expected to recommence at first light this morning. During an update on Sunday, the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) told the media that the rescuers were approximately one

…bodies to be flown to city today

mile from the crash site. That was after the plane had been located earlier in the day and Special Forces personnel had been inserted some distance away from the wreckage and had begun trekking to the site. Special Forces personnel were yesterday clearing a location close to the wreckage to enable the Guyana Defence Force chopper to land and collect the bodies for transport to the Olive Creek Airstrip, from where they would be placed in an aircraft that would shuttle them to the Ogle International Airport today. The bodies would today be uplifted from the Ogle airport by the Lyken Funeral Parlour, and taken to the Merriman Funeral Home.

Region 2 Mash celebrations kick off with Children’s Competition

THE Mashramani Children’s Competition yesterday officially kicked off celebrations in Region 2 with students of nursery, primary and secondary schools doing dazzling and colourful performances under the theme ‘Cultural folklore: Celebrating 44’ in dramatic poetry and calypso. Region Two’s Executive Officer, Mr. Sunil Singh, who declared the competition open, called on students performing

to do their best so as to represent the region at the National Competition in Georgetown. Regional Education Officer, Ms. Baramdai Seepersaud, who welcomed everyone to the Children’s Competition, said the activity was sponsored by the Department of Education in collaboration with the Regional Administration. She said the activity would continue on Wednesday and conclude on Friday at the Anna Regina community centre ground. She said the competition is focused on the theme for Mash, and all schools across the region are involved. The competition started off with students of Reliance, Anna Regina, Lima Sands, Cotton Field, Maria’s Lodge, Abram Zuil, Hampton Court and Danielstown Nursery schools hotly competing for the top positions in the Nursery dramatic poetry section. Anna Regina Nursery School, which did a beautiful dramatic poetry on the National theme, entitled “cultural folklore”, placed first; while Danielstown Nursery, with its dramatic poetry, “Celebrating our folklore in 44”, came in second. Third place winner was Lima Sands Nursery. In the calypso category for the nursery schools, Anna Regina copped the first position, while in the primary school calypso 8 to 10 group, Lake Mainstay emerged first place winner with its piece “people in society”. Some of the other dramatic

A student doing dramatic poetry on stage

A student of Mainstay Lake primary singing her calypso ‘People in Society’

poetry performed on stage were entitled “Back in the olden days”, “Old higue”, “Pollution”, “Training Pickney”, “Stop the violence”, “We need a home and peace”, “Don’t judge me”, “How they can stop us to be united”, “Have you ever thought of global warming?”, Long

,long time ago”, Road carnage” and “I call on the authorities to keep the city clean”. Large crowds are expected to flock the community centre ground over the next two days for the continuation of the Children’s competition.  (Rajendra Prabhulall).

A student of Jacklow Primary school doing dramatic poetry

Passenger attempts to carry cocaine to US in Kerrygold milk powder packets By Geeta Rampersaud JERMAINE Lowe, 24, a U.S-bound passenger (no address given), was busted with 15.308 kilogrammes of cocaine concealed in Kerrygold milk powder packets at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport on Friday, January 17. He appeared yesterday before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry and pleaded not guilty to the charge, but was remanded to prison until January 28, when he would answer the charge at the Providence Magistrate’s Court. Custom Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) Prosecutor, Mr. Oswald Massiah told the court that the defendant is an American citizen by birth, but has resided in Guyana the past four years with relatives at Beterverwagting, East Coast of Demerara. He said Lowe claimed to have lost his United States passport, and acquired another at the American Embassy. Massiah said that during Lowe’s sojourn in Guyana, he associated himself with various persons, one of whom offered to pay his passage to take the illegal substance to the United States. The first arrangement was scheduled for January 3, but that was voided and substituted by a later arrangement for January 17. On the night in question, Lowe arrived at the airport with his suitcase, and was processed to board flight BWIA 5528 Caribbean Airlines 428; but during a routine scan, the illegal substance was found in two Kerrygold milk powder packets wrapped in a transparent plastic bag among his clothing. In Lowe’s presence the substance was weighed, and amounted to 800 grammes each.

Narcotics defendant Jermaine Lowe


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 21, 2014

Rohee urges continuation of ‘paradigm political shift’ seen in Parliament By Vanessa Narine GENERAL Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee, has called for the political paradigm shift seen in the actions of Members of Parliament at the last sitting of the House to continue. Speaking at the party’s weekly press briefing yesterday, he said, “We hope that this paradigm political shift is not a mere aberration. While we recognise the Opposition’s right to oppose the Government on any given matter and their power to withhold support from any Bill, we maintain that such right and power must at all times be exercised reasonably, fairly and always in the best interest of the welfare of the people of our country.” The PPP General Secretary asserted that “….it was the first sitting of the National Assembly for 2014 and it is our expectation that this approach will be pursued throughout the year.” Rohee also expressed his hope that this change by MPs, in putting Minister Clement Rohee the interest of Guyana and the Guyanese people first, is not optimism in vain. According to him, the atmosphere and the sense of nationalism, which pervaded and permeated the last sitting of the National Assembly is welcomed by the ruling party. He said, “In our New Year’s message delivered by our General Secretary, we said, ‘A new year always brings with it a renewed sense of optimism, and a hope for a brighter future ... the PPP /C Administration has always recognised the importance of multi-party democracy’. “In another statement issued two weeks ago, we congratulated the Government on attaining five percent economic

growth for 2013, the highest recorded in the CARICOM Region for 2013. IMPEDIMENTS “…we also outlined the impediments to economic development and social progress in Guyana erected by the Opposition in the National Assembly. “We cited the cutting of national budgets, the voting down of massive capital-funded projects such as the Cheddi Jagan Airport Expansion Project, the Specialty Hospital , the Amaila Falls Project, the refusal to support vital pieces of legislation, for example, the Anti-Money Laundering Bill, as examples to bolster the point. “We expressed our profound disappointment, hence the question

‘Many from the Opposition, who spoke, echoed the call for us to practise and live Madiba. We emphatically concur. We now issue a call to invoke Madiba whenever we consider the people’s business in the National Assembly.’ - Rohee therefore which must cross every Guyanese mind is: “Imagine how well we would have done as a country and as a people if we had an Opposition that is progressive, responsible and patriotic in their approach to politics rather than being anti-democratic, spiteful and economic saboteurs, masquerading as political leaders’. “We then expressed the hope that this year we will persuade them to act in the national interest.” Rohee noted that it is against this backdrop that change seen in the first sitting of the National Assembly for 2014 is welcomed.

PPP calls on Granger to respond to invitation for consultations on 2014 Budget By Vanessa Narine THE ruling party has called on Leader of the Opposition, David Granger, to respond to the invitation for consultations on the 2014 Budget, issued by the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh. General Secretary of the party, Clement Rohee, said, “Mr. Greenidge was invited for talks and Mr. Granger was informed that Mr. Greenidge was invited for talks. “If the minister, who has this portfolio, invites his counterpart, bearing in mind what Mr. Granger has said publicly, that he has authorised his Shadow Ministers to engage in consultations and discussions with their ministerial counterparts. “If Mr. Greenidge is not doing that, then it says that ‘something is rotting in the Kingdom of Denmark and therefore the ‘King’ should seek to expunge that rottenness and encourage Mr. Greenidge to do what is expected of him, to engage in discussions and dialogue with the Minister of Finance.” Rohee was speaking at a press conference yesterday held at Freedom House. According to him, it seems that a policy decision has been taken internally and is not being enforced by the Opposition Leader. He added that the criticism over the sincerity of the invitation should be taken with a “spoonful of salt”. “In a democracy there will always be people with doubts about the genuineness, the sincerity of Government ministers….there is always suspicion and even disrespect, even as it relates to the fact of e-mails being sent off.…I would take this with a spoonful of salt when you hear doubts about the minister’s invitation,” the General Secretary said. Rohee stressed that the invitation, dated January 13, was copied to several other persons.

The e-mail copied to Messrs. David Granger, Lance Carberry, Khemraj Ramjattan, Dr. Roger Luncheon, and Ms. Gail Teixeira and contains copies of documents to be discussed, according to a statement from the Ministry of Finance. The General Secretary said, “The Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh, has stated two things publicly in recent times: one is that the Opposition was invited for consultations on the budget and in fact he made reference to e-mails that were sent out to this effect; and secondly he advises the Leader of the Opposition, that if he is really in charge that he must send Mr. Greenidge packing off to the Ministry of Finance to begin consultations in the interest of the country. “It would be interesting to see what comes out of this.” The Finance Ministry’s statement noted too that Greenidge was asked to suggest a date during the past or coming week, but has not yet responded. “CHEAP PUBLICITY STUNT” The ministry’s statement was made in response to claims by the Opposition Leader who said A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) was being sidelined from consultations on the national budget. His comments were made public in a Kaieteur News article last Friday, under the headline: “APNU says it’s being sidelined from budget consultation - will force implementation of reforms if concerns not taken on board”. Dr. Singh has since dubbed the claims a “cheap publicity stunt” and a “blatant” lie. The national budget is to be presented within a few months to the National Assembly.

CONDEMN However, in welcoming the change, the General Secretary noted that the fact that the combined Opposition supported the Bills tabled by the Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, shows that their earlier non-support was not merit-based. The three Bills - Summary Jurisdiction (Procedure) (Amendment) Bill 2013; Evidence (Amendment) Bill 2013; Firearms (Amendment) Bill 2013 - were reintroduced by the AG last year. They were mired in controversy after they were first presented by Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee and were rejected by the Opposition, which moved a no-confidence motion against the minister. In that context, Rohee said, “They were rejected simply because of the person who tabled them. Their merit, value and importance to the Guyanese people were all rejected. It was a naked act of political pettiness, personal spite and political ‘bullyism’.” “We condemned their actions then. We knew and they knew that the people’s support resonated on our side. So much so, that the AFC publicly vowed to table the Firearms (Amendment) Bill themselves. “In the last sitting of the National Assembly, these very Bills were elaborately lauded and their import emphasised in great detail by the very Opposition, which rejected them in 2013. “…the Bills are all designed to improve the lives and advance the welfare of the people of Guyana and Guyana as a nation state.” Recalling that the National Assembly supported a motion to pay tribute to the world icon, Nelson Mandela, the General Secretary stressed the need for the virtues that were expounded on by MPs, be evidenced in their actions. He said, “Many who paid tribute to the political icon and indeed legendary Nelson Mandela, expounded his greatest virtues - his magnanimity and his dedication to advancing the welfare of not only the people of South Africa but of people everywhere. “Many from the Opposition, who spoke, echoed the call for us to practise and live Madiba. We emphatically concur. We now issue a call to invoke Madiba whenever we consider the people’s business in the National Assembly. “We reiterate that we must all act magnanimously and judiciously, with the people’s welfare remaining as our paramount priority,” the General Secretary added. Rohee also made it clear that if this approach is adopted, “then and only then” will MPs be practising and living Mandela. “Then there will only be one victor, Guyana and her people,” he stressed. Parliament is next expected to meet on Thursday, January 23.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 21, 2014

Ban Ki-moon withdraws Iran’s invite to Syria talks ( R e u t e r s ) - U . N . S e c re tary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday withdrew an offer for Iran to attend Syria peace negotiations after Tehran declared it does not support the June 2012 political transition deal that is the basis for the talks. “He (Ban) continues to urge Iran to join the global consensus behind the Geneva communiqué,” Ban’s spokesman Martin Nesirky said. “Given that it has chosen to remain outside that basic understanding, (Ban) has decided that the one-day Montreux gathering will proceed without Iran’s participation.” Ban said earlier that Iran’s public statement that it did not support the 2012 Geneva deal calling for a transitional government for Syria was “not consistent” with assurances he had been given by Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Ukrainian leader urges dialogue after street battles

Pro-European integration protesters carry Molotov cocktails during clashes with police in Kiev January 20, 2014. assert his authority after scores of people were injured in Kiev (Reuters) - PRESIDENT Vikon Sunday in pitched battles betor Yanukovich, reeling from tween protesters and police that the worst violence for decades could seriously hurt his chances in the Ukrainian capital, apof re-election next year. pealed for compromise on With tension still high, Monday as police and demabout 1,000 protesters cononstrators clashed again in United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon gives a thumbs up sign at fronted police on Monday the streets. the end of the Second International Humanitarian Pledging Conference for near Kiev’s main government Yanukovich is battling to reSyria held at Bayan Palace in Kuwait, January 15, 2014. headquarters. Scores of mainly young people hurled projectiles at police throughout the day and ignored appeals to disperse. After weeks of mass protests over Yanukovich’s decision to shun a trade pact with the European Union and turn instead towards Russia, demonstrators have been further enraged by sweeping laws rammed through parliament to curb public pro(Reuters) - ISLAMIST militants stormed a village in remote test, northeast Nigeria on Monday, torching houses and spraying them “I ask you not to join those with bullets in an attack that killed 18 people, witnesses said. who seek violence, who are tryThe latest Boko Haram assault, on Sunday night, came hours ing to create a division between before Nigeria’s four top military chiefs handed over to fresh the state and society and who commanders in a ceremony on Monday. want to hurl the Ukrainian peoPresident Goodluck Jonathan announced the reshuffle of his ple into a pit of mass disorder,” entire military leadership last week in a bid to reinvigorate the fight Yanukovich said in an appeal on against the insurgents. his website. “Most of those who survived the attack have fled the village He called for “dialogue and as they do not know if they will be attacked again,” said Bulama compromise” to end the unrest. Ibrahim, the chief of Alau Ngawo village, which was attacked But he made no mention of sometime after 10 p.m. on Sunday. He said he had counted 18 possible concessions, nor did bodies after the shooting and many houses burned. he refer to peace talks with the A former local councilor, Mustapha Galtimare, who was on opposition which were to have the scene after the attack, concurred with the numbers of dead. got under way on Monday. The village lies in remote northeastern Borno state, the epicenThe opposition warned ter of the insurgency and relic of Nigeria’s oldest medieval Islamic him not to use these as an caliphate, which once prospered from trans-Saharan trade routes effort to buy time, while boxpassing though the largely Muslim north. er-turned politician Vitaly Boko Haram is fighting to re-establish an Islamic kingdom in Klitschko, one of its leaders, northern Nigeria, breaking away from the largely Christian south. insisted he wanted YanukovIts fighters have killed thousands of people since they launched ich to take part personally an uprising in mid-2009. in the talks. As of Monday “They had been in the village for nearly two hours without evening it was unclear if and any security personnel coming to the aid of the villagers,” when talks would take place. Ibrahim said.

Nigerian Islamists kill 18, burn houses in northeast

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 21, 2014


Wheelchair-bound man escapes death (Wheelchair-bound San Fernando resident Steve Brown escaped death on Saturday night when he was rescued from his burning home by passers-by. A lighted candle is believed to have caused the fire which destroyed Brown’s home. The 52-year-old Mon Repos man is pleading for assistance after he lost all his possessions in the fire.  He told reporters he was paralysed from the waist down and had nowhere to sleep.  He said his friend was allowing him

to stay at his home until he finds a place to live. “I would really like a little assistance,” he said. According to police reports, Brown was at his home at Commissiong Street, Mon Repos, around 8.30 pm on Saturday when he noticed fire in his living room. “I was in my wheelchair and I spin around when I see this bright light in the living room,” he said.  “I have no current so I light two candles, one in the living room and another in the

room. When is see the fire, I was shocked. I start to call out and I tried to go back inside, but I realise it too late.”  Brown said everything happened so fast he could not salvage his Honda Trajet taxi which was parked in his yard next to the house. The front of the vehicle was scorched and the windshield was shattered from the blaze. Brown said when he realised there was nothing he could do he tried to escape from the house and threw himself from the gallery down the front stairs. He said

Mechanic beaten to death with hammer

(Trinidad Guardian) TWO more people have been killed while five others have been injured in two separate incidents between Saturday and yesterday. Another man, shot last week Sunday, died on Saturday morning. The latest killings pushed the murder toll to 34. According to police reports, 47-year-old Sheldon Isaac died around 9.35 am at the Eric Williams Medical Complex, where he was warded in a critical condition since being shot on January 12.  A suspect, who was charged with attempting to murder Isaac, as well as possession of arms and

ammunition, will now be charged with his murder, police said Sunday. Isaac, of Savannah Road, Peytonville, Arima, went to purchase doubles at the corner of Spancrete Boulevard and O’Meara Road, Arima. When Issac was returning to his green Toyota Corolla, which was parked nearby, he was confronted by a man who shot him nine times about the body.  In Diego Martin, 54-yearold mechanic Dulraj Deodath was found bludgeoned to death at his Sea Trace, Bagatelle Road, home. Deodath, who is also the owner of a trucking company, was killed in what police believed was an attempt-

ed robbery.  According to police reports Deodath was found in his bed, covered in blood and a hammer nearby around 2.30 pm on Saturday. Sgt Grant and Cpl Linton of the Western Division visited the man’s home after calls to his phone went unanswered by his relatives. Officers noticed his front door forced open and a Toyota three-tonne truck missing. Speaking with the T&T Guardian yesterday, Deodath’s sister, Elsie Deodath, described her older brother as a kind and generous man who was always willing to assist anyone.

No death squad - police high command

(Jamaica Gleaner) THE Police High Command has come out swinging as it rushes to dismiss claims of the existence of a police death squad and the ordering of the execution of alleged criminals. This follows claims by a retired senior cop and a serving police officer in a story published in today’s edition of The Sunday Gleaner that the killings of some alleged criminals were thoroughly planned by senior cops and executed by the police death squad. One of the cops, in justifying the killings, also reveals that a Hit Squad was established during his tenure in Clarendon, where he says there was a group of masked policemen who traveled in an unmarked vehicle as they carried out raids and shootings of alleged criminals. However, in a release this afternoon, the High Command strongly denied the existence of any “death squad” or the sanctioning of unlawful killings by members of the police executive. The High Command says those making the allegations should prove it and report it to the Independent Commission of Investigations, which probes police fatal shootings and other alleged criminal conduct by the police; or to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. It says the policemen should tell what they know with the confidence that they will be protected from reprisals so that those guilty can be brought to justice. In defense of members of the constabulary, the High Command added that such cowardice is to be blamed for the country’s current crime situation and said only courage will mend the problem. The High Command hailed its members on the front line for their bravery and professionalism, noting that they constantly face death in their efforts to protect citizens. It says the police need the constant support of Jamaicans and urged citizens to move swiftly to remove the cloud of suspicion that surrounds the manner in which they perform their duty.

his wheelchair came tumbling after him. It was this tumbling wheelchair that alerted passer-by Ayonna Charles and her mother who were driving along Dos Santos Street, San Fernando when they noticed the flames. Charles told reporters at the scene of the fire that she saw the house in flames and “I saw a wheelchair tumbling down the stairs.” She said she did not stop to think when she saw the wheelchair.  “I just opened my car door and flew up and saw a handicapped guy. We ran to assist him, we got him out on to the road and my mom called the Fire Service and within five minutes the fire (officers) and police were on the scene,” she said. Mon Repos/ Navet councillor Shaka Joseph visited the scene and promised to help Brown. He said Brown will get a wheelchair as soon as possible. Fire investigators are expected to return to the scene today to determine the cause of the fire.

Fire victim Steve Brown, of Mon Repos, San Fernando, sits in a car while being interviewed Sunday.

Portmore woman pleads guilty to killing sister (Jamaica Gleaner) THE Portmore woman charged in connection with the killing of her sister almost two years ago has pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Susan Smith, 38, pleaded guilty yesterday morning in the St Catherine Circuit Court. She had been initially charged with murder. But when the matter came up before Justice Vivienne Harris, the Crown accepted the plea to the lesser offence. Smith was remanded to be sentenced on next week Thursday. Susan killed her sister Stacey-Ann Smith on April 6,2012, shortly after her arrival from overseas. Residents became suspicious after a foul smell was detected coming from Susan’s house. Checks later led to the discovery of her sister Stacey-Ann’s body buried in concrete in a bathroom.



GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 21, 2014

Granger at it again


Anti-Gov’t lobbies, racist rhetoric driving Guyana’s crime wave

IF anyone is to follow the trends of Guyana’s political history, they would discover that an escalating crime wave and lobbying to derail developmental funding always correlate with this country’s political dynamics. Thus, it is reasonable to assume that the ramping up of vitriolic, sometimes outright libellous and scandalous diatribes against the PPP/C Government and its functionaries, even technocrats merely fulfilling their respective mandates – a Government that those with vested interests are determined to remove – not necessarily by fair means, even taking their anti-nationalist, practically treasonous propaganda to international fora, is merely political in scope, with ambitious agendas being the driving force. As always, murderous criminal activities are rising in direct proportion. Former President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo had no reservations in naming the propagators of criminal activities and treasonous, anti-developmental actions, but President Donald Ramotar has taken a softer approach by appealing to all protagonists to take the high road and put the nation first, which seems to be having no effect with those seemingly hellbent on taking the nation’s developmental paradigm on a downward trajectory if it would fuel their selfish ambitions and enhance their self-aggrandisement. During his tenure, President Jagdeo had publicly declared: “Opposition elements should criticise the Government when we make mistakes, and we are not perfect. We do make mistakes sometimes and that (criticisms) is fair; but to have an assault on the Guyanese people through distortions is another matter. To openly lie and peddle falsehoods is not a right of anyone, and that is not fair. “If you listen to them carefully, their plans for Guyana – and for all of our people, is about what the PPP should or should not do – and it is all criticisms and negativity. They have never, ever presented a positive plan for fixing the problems of Guyana and for creating a better life for our people……They criticise us in Parliament that we are spending too much money on housing. When we took $4 billion to buy some land from GuySuco to produce some (additional) 10,000 house lots for Guyanese, they made a big issue of it in Parliament, criticising Irfaan Ali for this (initiative). They know only about criticisms, but not about positive things…We still have a long way to go, but we are getting there…more and more people are benefiting.” It is a general perception by impartial observers that the almost miraculous recovery from devastation and destruction to subterranean levels; and progressive economic growth and social development of Guyana under successive PPP/C Governments since the elections of 1992 are the factors that contribute to the programme of frenetic destructive actions and rhetoric by opposing forces, and the catalyst driving their relentless determination to derail the PPP/C Government’s developmental thrust, even if the people suffer as a result. That the Government’s developmental and people-empowerment initiatives are re-generating confidence in the administration, to the extent where communities in the opposition enclaves are reaching out with trust and hope to the administration for im-

ALL the newspapers of Saturday January 18, 2014 carried reports of Opposition Leader David Granger calling for a better standard of living in Region 10. Clearly, the call by Granger and his party, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), is designed to create the impression that Region 10 is neglected by the administration. It is also subtly insinuating racial discrimination since it is known that mostly Afro-Guyanese live there. However, the facts are vastly different. People in Linden, where the bulk of the citizens in Region 10 live, enjoy free electricity. In no other area is this happening. That area has one of the most modern and equipped hospitals in our country. It’s a new and well equipped hospital. Under the influence of the political Opposition, including APNU, the school was destroyed by arsonists. Business people suspected to be government supporters either by their race or because they make their views known are attacked and many leave in fear of their lives. The government spent billions keeping the bauxite industry afloat until it found investors to take over the company. Moreover, tax concessions were given to a company to establish a call centre in the area that is providing many jobs. Jobs are also created by companies in the forestry sector.

Clearly Granger cannot be serious, his talk is cheap. The Government also set up a fund, LEAP, which was raided by Granger’s supporters. It would be interesting to publish the names of all those who took loans from LEAP and how many were repaid. The problem in Linden is that the Opposition has created a dependent mentality in the area. They expect that government must give them everything. Moreover, they have also created a callous outlook in some of their supporters. The bullyism, threats, etc., are what the Opposition offer their supporters as leadership. That is why they burnt down government buildings, including schools. They seem to want to exhaust government funds by their wanton actions. The government is now rebuilding it. Clearly, the APNU/AFC leadership in Region 10, like the Georgetown City Council, is disastrous. It has led to chaos and decline. Why are we surprised? They did it to the whole country when they were in power from 1964 to 1992! REBECCA CONSTANCE

Remembering the visionary qualities of Martin Luther King JANUARY 20th marks the day when the American people, indeed the entire world, reflect on the life and work of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, who was a strong advocate for equal rights and human dignity, especially with respect to Blacks in the United States. It is no exaggeration to say that because of his strong advocacy and his passive resistance to discriminatory practices, race relations proved living conditions and enhanced lifestyles, is inimical to their self-interested and self-centred agendas for self-aggrandisement and self-empowerment, and they are attempting to destabilise this budding unity in the Guyanese nationhood, and the people’s trust in the administration by whatever way possible, even to blaming the Government for things of which those in the Opposition are culpable. There have been constant actions that are inimical to the people’s welfare. The Government has endured, and continues to have, a fight and a continuum of ridicule for its efforts to retain and sustain the sugar industry, with the goal of its eventual return to viability and profitability, primarily through the Skeldon modernisation plant, with detractors scornfully advising that the industry be closed down and/or privatised. Scant consideration is given by these detractors to the welfare of the in excess of 20,000 people who are employed directly in the sugar industry, as well as the many industries and individuals and families whose survival depend on the survival of the sugar sector. The Government tried to help two sectors with one act, injecting much-needed funds into GuySuCo to keep the sugar industry viable, and simultaneously acquiring land for 10,000 houselots to provide homes for poor Guyanese families. For this, the Opposition raked the Government, especially the young Housing Minister, over the coals in Parliament, even resorting to legal recourse in an effort to criminalise Irfaan Ali and Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh – two of the most vibrant and hard-working young ministers of the PPP/C Government. Many members currently in Parliament, who were integral to the pre-1992 administration’s destructive policies – even rigged elections, today sanctimoniously accuse the President and other Government functionaries of corruption, with the intention of reversing Government’s developmental momentum; so they lobby at every possible forum with their lies, misrepresentation of facts, and misinformation, trying to stymie developmental initiatives by the Government. Among some of the projects Government detractors have attempted to impede are the National Stadium, the Princess Hotel, the Marriott Hotel, the Amaila Falls hydroelectricity project, the Skeldon sugar operations, the Specialty Hospital, the housing programme, funding from Norway and elsewhere for the LCDS, and the list goes on and on; and they have succeeded in either derailing outright or

in the United States have seen marked improvement. In a real sense, King redefined race relations in the United States in a way no other person was able to do. The late Dr. King would be long remembered for his ability to communicate with people and to mobilise them through the power of speech, the most memoraSee Page 7 ble of which was ‘I have a Dream’ severely inhibiting the execution of these projects, to the detriment of all Guyanese. Their infamous list (dossier) of persons killed by what they term a State-sponsored Phantom squad, which names, alongside the deadliest and murderous criminals (the ‘innocent young men’ as proclaimed by the Opposition and hostile media) all the victims of the criminals, including sleeping babies murdered in their beds, people murdered by bandits, unarmed policemen, who had been murdered by the murderous goons, including the jailbreak five that they described as “innocent young men,” has been distributed worldwide to give the erroneous impression that the Government organises gangs to kill its own people, including members of its police force, when in fact it is sponsored terrorists spreading mayhem to destabilise a constitutionally elected Government. The recent events at Buxton, Linden and Agricola, and the sporadic outbreaks of violent criminal activities are prime examples of extra-parliamentary pressure tactics. They have done this in the past with the support of external forces that are still supporting the activities of the very people who once destroyed this country. The continual loss of arms and ammunition from army stores, including one very recent case, and many instances where army and police personnel, including senior ranks were implicated in criminal activity, are chilling indications that we are not quite out of the woods. The fact that Roger Khan was prosecuted in the USA, while other equally guilty Opposition members were treated as heroes and given sanctuary in the USA, along with their families, and the reports coming out from the likes of Gay McDougall, implicates the USA in some degree of collusion with Opposition forces against Guyana’s government. The recent actions of the current US ambassador and the presence of the then UK High Commissioner among Opposition ‘protesters’ massing in the streets immediately after the November 2011 elections, are grim warnings to the PPP/C that its traditional enemies – and the enemies of the Guyanese nation- may still be colluding to remove them from office, through extra-parliamentary strategies, with external funding through ostensible aid agencies. Guyanese need to think long and hard about where their own interest, and the welfare of their children and future generations lie, because supporting these destructive and anti-developmental agents would only serve to impede their own and the nation’s development.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 21, 2014


Remembering the visionary qualities ... From Page 6 7 in which he re-affirmed a belief that someday all men regardless of race, colour or creed would live like brothers. On April 3, 1968, he said to supporters that he had a vision of the ‘Promised Land’ and that even though he may not live

to see that day, that day would surely come. As fate would have it, the very next day he was shot

and killed by someone obviously sick in the mind. That person turned out to be James Earl Ray who was captured after weeks of a massive manhunt. But it was his speech ‘I have a Dream’, delivered on August 28, 1963 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC that turned out to be the most acclaimed and enduring speech of all times. The choice of words, the imagery, the manner of articulation, the depth of emotion and thoughts were all flawless as could be seen from the following excerpts: “But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation. And so, we’ve come to cash this check, a check

that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice. “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal’.” Profound words indeed. It speaks to the measure of the man and his visionary qualities that (yesterday) a national holiday in the United States is declared on his birthday and a day of reflection, January 20 is observed in his honour. The United States today has a Black President in the person of Barack Obama, an indication of how much race relations have changed since the days of Martin Luther King. HYDAR ALLY


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 21, 2014

DPP European Union supports Children recommendations in Difficult Circumstances pivotal to with Euro 200,000 disciplinary grant for Childlink project action against

THE EU Ambassador to Guyana, Mr Robert Kopecký, and Programme Director of ChildLink, Ms. Omattie Madray, yesterday signed a grant contract to implement a project titled “Empowering Children in Difficult Circumstances”. The grant involves support to a maximum of €200,000, and will be funded from the country allocation of the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) 2012-2013 for Guyana. The overall objective of the actions by ChildLink is to strengthen policies, practices and approaches to ensure social welfare services to prevent and protect twelve thousand six hundred and fifty (12,650) children from sexual violence by December 2015. Further, the activities foresee under the grant supplement work already done by ChildLink under two (2) previous grants totalling €180,000, which were funded from previous EIDHR ‘calls for proposals’ put out by the EU Delegation in Guyana. Ambassador Kopecký highlighted that “Human Rights are one of the core values of the European Union and its member states going like a silver thread though its many, if not all, activities”. “The European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights provides the possibility to support civil society projects in this area

also in Guyana,” he said. “The rights of vulnerable groups, especially children, are particularly important in this regard; and the Childlink proposal convinced us. We look forward to a successful implementation that we perceive to be fully complementing the Government of Guyana’s priorities, activities and intervention in this area.” Ms. Madray explained that the project seeks to protect children, specifically those at risk of sexual violence, through the Tell Campaign; and children who have been sexually violated through comprehensive services in three Child Advocacy Centres. “This initiative has been developed in partnership with the Childcare and Protection Agency of the Ministry of Human Services, Forward Guyana and ChildLink Inc., and is being funded by the European Union, UNICEF, and other local donors. The European Union grant will, over the next two years, staff and equip the centres; build the capacity of the staff; and increase advocacy to stop the abuse of children.” ChildLinK Inc, a local non-governmental organisation (NGO), was established in 2009, and its mandate is to work with its partners towards a Guyanese society wherein every child has the right to grow up in a safe and secure family and community.

ranks in Harding matter - Rohee By Vanessa Narine

HOME Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee, yesterday noted that disciplinary action against police ranks, alleged to have been involved in the brutal sexual baton assault of 23-yearold Colwyn Harding, will depend on the recommendations of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). Rohee pointed out that acts that are inimical to the Guyana Police Force and bring it into disrepute have in the past attracted internal charges and present day cases will not be treated differently. “Not because an officer is transferred, he will not be charged if the action so merits,” Minister Rohee said in reference to the transfer of eight ranks from the Timehri Police Station. The officer who is alleged to have committed the act, Constable 19175 Devin Mahendra Singh, remains under close arrest. DISPASSIONATE ANALYSIS

Ambassador Robert Kopecký hands over the grant contract to Ms Omattie Madray in presence of Ms Chantalle Haynes and Ms Ann Greene

MARAD reaches out to relatives of boat accident victims - but boat operators continue to flout regulations

THE Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) last week reached out to offer assistance to close relatives of persons who have perished in boat accidents. On January 10, Director General of MARAD, Claudette Rogers, made tangible gestures of assistance to the wives, mothers, son and father of some of those who perished on the waterways last year. Nine hampers were distributed and these were given to relatives of Deon Moses, Adrian Glasgow, Jewan Seeram, Kevon Ambrose, Captain Dale Duggin, Zahir Baksh, Keanu Amsterdam, Ulric Grimes and Donna Rampersaud. Deon Moses, 33, of Norton Street, Wortmanville died in a boat collision on the Mazaruni River in January 2013; Adrian Glasgow, 24, of Industry, East Coast Demerara died in September on the Essequibo River while operating a boat although he was not licensed; Jewan Seeram, 52, of Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo perished on the Mazaruni River in January 2013, while Kevon Ambrose, 25, of Vergenoegen, East Bank Essequibo also perished in the same Mazaruni boat accident; Captain Dale Duggin, 28, of Paripi, Upper Demerara River died in November following a boat collision; while Zahir Baksh, 34, Keanu Amsterdam, 17, and Ulric Grimes, 39, also

perished during the January 2013 boat accident in the Mazaruni. Donna Rampersaud was also killed last year in a boat accident in the Essequibo River. MARAD said that for the year 2013, seven persons perished as a result of boat accidents and the body is continuing its efforts to curb these occurrences. At the moment, MARAD has embarked on a countrywide campaign with lifejackets being distributed, while several educational and awareness campaigns have been ongoing across the country. The department also has a variety of commercials running on radio and television. FLOUTING REGULATIONS However, despite the efforts of the department, there are still boat captains and bowmen who overload vessels and encourage passengers to travel without wearing lifejackets. It was noted also that some boat operators leave the stellings with the stipulated number of passengers, but along the way they stop to pick up other persons along the creeks and islands, especially in the Mazaruni and Essequibo Rivers.

Rohee noted that there should be no rush to judgment until the necessary investigations are completed and the reports are filed. He said, “This is turning out to be a little more complicated than it appears on the surface…we need not rush to judgment, but let the investigation be concluded, the medical reports submitted. “….let all the facts be at our disposal so that a dispassionate analysis can be made…from what has been said so far by the Minister of Health, the Police Force, the doctors and the victim himself, if we are to look at it dispassionately…when you look at all of it, it is turning out to me to be more complex. “It is not a black and white area, there are grey areas… we need to keep our eyes on those grey spots to understand the issue. “It is an allegation…allegations are fast and furious some days. It is not unusual for someone to make an allegation.” Asked if he was questioning the authenticity of Harding’s allegation, Minister Rohee made it clear that there is nothing wrong with questioning an allegation. “I am not beginning to question the allegation. There is no beginning and end until we have all the facts at our disposal,” Rohee added. WEAK AREAS The minister acknowledged that “proper supervision” and discipline at police stations are weak areas in the operations of the Force. Rohee said, “At every one of those conferences (Police Officer Conferences), which take place on an annual basis, I make reference to the issue of supervision. “At every one of the graduating classes of the Force, I make reference to the issue of supervision because I know it (proper supervision) is one of the weak areas of the Guyana Police Force.” According to him, the incidents that breach professional conduct by ranks are not due to a lack of policy, but to a breakdown in enforcement. Minister Rohee said, “People think the ministry has been lacking and not giving forewarning to the hierarchy of the Police Force to look out for these things. …we will have to continue at a policy level saying these things over and over and over, like a mantra. “But the fact is there will be people who don’t give a swat to the things coming out of politicians’ mouths, but it will be to their detriment if and when they were to do that. It will come back to haunt them…these things (the need for proper supervision and discipline) must be taken seriously.” Rohee added that the case had not been reported to his Ministry and the first time he became aware of the incident was when it was made public in the local media.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 21, 2014

Old Kai: Chronicles of Guyana…

Opposition dying ‘a slow death’ with its one-seat majority (Part 11) OLD KAI is always amused by the cynics of the ruling party who are ever ready to talk about how the 2011 elections results have spelt doom and gloom for the PPP/C and its future electoral prospects. The Opposition never hesitates to proclaim how the masses have spoken and they are now with their ‘one-seat majority’. A closer look at the election results would however reveal the following: 90% of Guyanese voters rejected the AFC at the last elections, 60% rejected the APNU and close to 50%, or half of those who voted, gave the PPP/C their votes to continue with the transformation of Guyana under President Donald Ramotar. It is a telling statistic as it underlines the fact that 90% of Guyanese voters do not trust the AFC with the affairs of their country. Remember, this was the AFC at the height of its appeal to Guyanese. It was still the new kid on the block in the political arena, partially untainted when one takes into consideration the major scandals that it has been submerged in ever since the 2011 polls. The party also benefited from several detractors from both the ruling party and the PNC/R, chief among them being long time PPP member Moses Nagamootoo. It was believed then that Moses would have parted the sea for the AFC and led them to victory, after all he proclaimed himself as the holiest politician to ever grace the face of the earth and because of which he was ostracized by other members of the PPP. He did not take too kindly to people calling him the quintessential political opportunist who was simply obsessed with becoming Presidential Candidate of the PPP/C and only left the party as he became angry that his colleagues did not have faith in his leadership ability. With just a few weeks to go before the elections, he thought this would be the ideal time to destabilize the PPP/C campaign and hope to capitalize and exploit that short period when party supporters were coming to grips with his sudden departure. All manner of attacks was launched by him against the PPP/C and its leadership; they were vilified, and Moses and his crew said all the popular things. They went to sugar workers and promised them a 20% increase, a major increase for public servants, problems in sugar and other sectors would automatically vanish with this master-blueprint that they were in possession of, they even said they had a number of major investors lined up to come to Guyana and invest were they to be elected to government. It is important to note that in the aftermath of the elections, the AFC leader Khemraj Ramjattan admitted that his party never expected to win, but they had hoped to make a major dent in the support of the PPP/C. This basically was an admission that the party was misleading Guyanese, particularly their supporters, in the run up to elections, with those grand promises, knowing they would never be elected

to government and have to fulfill them. With 90% of voters rejecting them, maybe Guyanese did see through their farcical campaign. Even Ramjattan later admitted, during a speech in Trinidad during a Congress of the People conference, that Guyana’s current parliamentary system had been helpful to the AFC as with such a small percentage of votes, his party still gained 7 seats in the national assembly. Now contrast the reality of November 2011 to January 2014, and you will appreciate that much has happened. One AFC leader called for ‘no peace’ as they instigated a violent demonstration along the East Bank of Demerara, where persons were beaten, robbed and young women targeted and sexually assaulted. They were also instrumental in the destruction which occurred in Linden. They have now left the community on its own. It is rather interesting that only recently the PPP/C cabinet approved $170 million for the reconstruction of the One Mile primary school which was destroyed during the violent demonstrations. This is the tale of Guyana, the Opposition is always the first to be part of anything which will lead to violence and destruction in our country, but it is the PPP/C which will eventually have to come in and lead the rebuilding process. When will we ever learn as a nation? There were several major scandals and their much publicized efforts to chase investors out of Guyana or sabotage investments which many speculated was intended to aid financial contributors to the party who were rival competitors.  The fallout has been tremendous, so much so that the AFC seems to be a shell operation these days, run only by a handful of persons. This much was revealed by former members of the AFC in New York when they publicly announced they were cutting all ties with the party. Same is said for several former members in Guyana. Even the youths have had enough of the AFC as every day they publicly make their scorn for the party known on social networking sites such as Face Book. They lament how they were used during the elections campaign, and that they had invested their time and personal resources only to be treated with disdain now by their leaders, their voices being stifled and they are now targeted and insulted. Even the Amerindians who supported them do not want to see them around their communities after they either cut the budget or voted against funding which would have directly benefited hinterland communities. Sugar workers have also had their fill as Old Kai recalls a story about a year ago, where two AFC leaders who are renowned for trying to exploit the sensitivities along the sugar belt and try to instigate strikes were rushing to the scene of a group of workers with

a grouse in the Blairmont area. An eyewitness later revealed that upon seeing the AFC leaders walking in haste towards their group, smiling, the sugar workers said, ‘wha aiyo a come hey fa? Aiyo a only come fuh use we fo start trouble and den aiyo a do aiyo own ting (political opportunism)’. One worker then took his cutlass and grazed it along the rough surface of road, creating an unmistakable sound. Everyone started to laugh when they saw the two AFC leaders breaking out into a sprint in the direction from which they came, hurriedly entering their vehicle and speeding from the scene. We have not seen these two gentlemen at a strike action in the sugar belt since this incident, nor did they ever talk about their experience. Yet still, no one will believe that the AFC’s house is crumbling like a deck of cards before our eyes. What they have done, expertly, is try to shift attention away from their present troubles and direct focus at the People’s Progressive Party. They constantly talk about the support that the ruling party lost in the last elections; but with each passing day, their rhetoric seems less and less convincing. What we do know is that the PPP has launched an aggressive drive at all levels, but specifically at the grassroots, and the success is already evident. Old Kai himself has spoken to at least two detractors of the PPP who were extremely critical of the party in the last elections. They claim they have seen the bigger picture now, they obviously have Guyana’s interest at heart but their good intentions were exploited and abused by the Opposition. They are now publicly speaking about their experiences and are openly recognizing the gains of the ruling party and the degree of difficulty and misinformation it has had to deal with at the level of government. The pressure is well and truly on, so much so that even AFC Vice-Presidential Candidate Moses Nagamootoo was forced to publicly admit recently that funding for the party had “dried” up. What else did they expect, after all, almost every day someone is leaving the party? It is sad as it comes across as if they see their members only as “financial contributors” and nothing more. So for those who are spelling doom and gloom for the PPP/C, they had better come to grips with reality, as the one seat majority the Opposition currently holds has exposed their inability to effectively manage the affairs of our nation. Guyanese are now better aware of the challenges the ruling party has been facing from the Opposition in its efforts to govern our country, even to the point where they are willing to sabotage developmental programmes and goods and services to citizens, simply to make the PPP/C look bad. This plan has backfired on the opposition and they are now seeing their control of Parliament as ‘an albatross around their necks’.

PPP continues to draw inspiration from Dr. King - in ongoing quest to build racial unity and a cohesive and harmonious society By Vanessa Narine AS the United States paused to remember Martin Luther King Jr. yesterday, with parades, marches and service projects, so did many people the world over. Dr. King was born January, 15, 1929, and the USA declared a federal holiday in his memory on the third Monday in January. The ruling party in a statement yesterday in remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr. noted the resonance his challenge of the status quo continues to have. The statement reads: “The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) joins with the rest of the world in paying homage to the late Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jnr. on the occasion of Martin Luther King Day which is observed on January 20. Dr. King stood out among the great men of history for daring to

challenge the status quo and for standing up for the rights and dignity of minority groups, in particular Blacks, who were treated as second class citizens in the United States of America. Indeed, because of his strong and militant advocacy role for equality of rights for all Americans he almost single-handedly broke the back of racism and race prejudice in the United States. Dr. King will be long remembered as a Civil Rights leader and for his eloquence and passion with which he pursued his dream. His speech “I have a Dream” has inspired and found resonance not only in the United States but among peoples from all the continents of the world. Today race relations in the United States have been significantly improved to a point where an Afro-American President Barack Obama is now the President of the United States, something unthinkable at the time when Dr. King lived. There can be no doubt

that Dr. King played a key role in breaking down ethnic barriers and in raising the profile of Afro-Americans. His message of love, respect and equality has particular relevance for multi-racial societies such as Guyana which continue Martin Luther King Jr to remain vulnerable at the hands of unscrupulous elements in their attempt to score cheap political points. The PPP as the largest political party in Guyana has always embraced multi-culturalism and political and ethnic pluralism and continue to draw inspiration from Dr. King in its ongoing quest to build racial unity and a cohesive and harmonious society.”


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 21, 2014

GGMC Board has new chairman - acting Commissioner confirmed THE Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert M. Persaud, has announced that Mr. Clinton Williams has been appointed new Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC). Mr. Rickford Vieira has also been confirmed as Commissioner of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission. Minister Persaud has said that the foregoing actions have been taken in accordance with legislation governing the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, and the appointments are expected to improve the efficiency and organisational functioning of the GGMC, as they will address the challenges facing the mining sector by enhancing its operation. Minister Persaud said the operation of the organisation would continuously be reviewed, and other critical appointments would shortly be made. Mr. Clinton Williams is the Chief Executive Officer/Director of the Guyana National Industrial Company Incorporated (GNIC), having been with the company since its privatisation in 1995. He previously served the Guyana National Engineering Corporation (GNEC), as the entity was then known, in various senior executive roles, such as Executive Director, Planning and Marketing; Divisional Manager, Planning and Development; Industrial Engineer, etc. Mr. Williams is an Industrial Engineer, and holds both first and second degrees in mechanical/industrial engineering. He is a member of a number of the international professional associations in the shipping and engineering fraternity, and has completed a number of publications, research projects and reports in these capacities, inclusive of a strategic plan for the Shipping Association of Guyana in response to the CIDA Caribbean Regional HRD Programme for Economic Competitiveness (CPEC) programme. He has also completed a number of consultancy assignments for a wide range of industries in Guyana and the wider Caribbean, including the shipping, engineering and manufacturing sectors. He holds post-graduate certification in project management, and has vast experience in comparative management systems, energy conservation, project evaluation and preparation, strategic port

Mr. Clinton Williams

Mr. Rickford Vieira

pricing, private sector partnerships for SME Development, etc., regional consultancy evaluation assignments for Ernst and Young Caribbean Entrepreneur of the Year Award Scheme, Caricom Fast Ferry Project, etc. He previously served as president, and is now the Trustee of the Shipping Association of Guyana; Chairman of the Guyana/ China Business Council; President of the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association Limited; Sub-Sector Chairman of the Energy Power and Skills Development of the Private Sector Commission; Chairman of The Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training; Chairman of the Board of Industrial Training; and Chairman of the Board of the Guyana Forestry Commission. A Professional engineer, Clinton Williams was a member of the team of experts which formulated the National Development Strategy for Guyana, particularly in relation to strategies for the Transportation, Manufacturing and Engineering sectors. Mr. Rickford Vieira holds a Masters in Engineering (Mining Engineering) from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada (1997), and a Bachelor of Engineering (Mining Engineering)

MTV cameraman arrested, released after photographing police station By Leroy Smith A REPORTER was arrested last Saturday for taking video footage of the Timehri Police Station, East Bank of Demerara, which has attracted controversial attention since a man was, allegedly, sodomised while in custody there. Multi-Technology Vision (MTV/News Update) reporter, 25-year-old Nickhail Jaundoo, was detained by the Station Sergeant at the Timheri Police Station for taking the footage. Jaundoo, along with other reporters, was returning from a ministerial assignment at Cheddi Jagan International Airport, also on East Bank of Demeara, when the arrest was made. The reporter stopped at the station and was taking what is commonly referred to, in the media, as cover shots. A policeman shouted, instructing that he cease what he was doing. The cop then exited the station and ordered the reporter to stop taking the photographs even as the latter questioned why, since he was on the public roadway and not in the station compound. Jaundoo was then ordered into the station where the policeman questioned him about where he worked, why he was taking the photographs and misinforming the reporter that he was committing a violation, as he needed to get permission first, before he could video the station. The policeman, however, could not say where or from whom the permission needed to be sought before the photographer could have carried out his fundamental duties in keeping with his profession. The cop then proceeded to record the reporter’s personal data, including his name, age, address and where he worked.

FINISHED REVIEWING It was at that point that the policeman informed the young reporter that, when he was finished reviewing the information and is able to come up with something that constitutes an offence, he will be summoned. MEANTIME, HE WAS RELEASED. Saturday’s incident was not the first clear case of a policeman abusing his power to arrest and detain persons, in this case journalists. In 2009, a Prime News reporter was arrested by a police party after he stood on a private property for which permission was given and was taking video footage of a police operation on D’Urban Street. He was detained for almost one hour at Brickdam Police Station before being released without any charge. There was also the case where veteran journalist Francis Quamina Farrier was apprehended and held for taking video footage of a police station. In that instance, however, the journalist challenged the police in a court of law and won, resulting in him being compensated. Policemen and women, often, express dislike for the lens of journalists, once they are not at official functions. Meanwhile, on Sunday the Guyana Police Force said yesterday that the investigation into the report of assault and buggery made by Colwyn Harding is still under investigation and that is being handled by the Police Office of Professional Responsibility. The Force, in a release, stated that some media outlets seem to have already come to a conclusion of guilty for the ranks implicated

from the University of Guyana (1994 Pass with Credit). He is an engineer with extensive experience in project management, production management, field exploration, site rehabilitation, environmental impact assessment, environmental management planning, environmental monitoring, closure and decommissioning plans, feasibility studies, mineral inventory estimation, mineral processing plant design, rehabilitation and re-vegetation of mined out lands and mine plans, and is training instructor for mining and environmental studies. He worked at WWF Guianas from 2004 to 2011 as the Regional Coordinator, Gold Mining Pollution Abatement Coordinator with responsibilities for conservation activities for the small-scale gold mining sector in Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. In addition, he functioned in various capacities at GGMC from 1984 to 2002, after which he resigned as Senior Mineral Processing Engineer 11 and worked with Environmental Management Consultants from 2005 to 2011 as a Mining Environmental Specialist. Mr. Vieira was also an independent environmental consultant for several mining projects in Guyana and Suriname, and lectured part-time at the University of Guyana in the Department of Mining. He has several publications in scientific journals, including the Journal of Cleaner Production; the International Journal of Environmental Health Research; and the Health, Safety and Environmental Quarterly. He participated in several mining conventions on mercury for the UNEP and EEB in Sweden, Switzerland, Kenya, Belgium, Thailand, the Philippines, USA and in Brazil. Prior to his confirmation as Commissioner, Vieira served as Deputy Commissioner from January to October 2012, and was later appointed acting Commissioner in November 2012, until his confirmation to the post of Commissioner. Minister Persaud remains optimistic that these appointments would continue to build on the record-breaking declaration of 481,102 ounces of gold for 2013, surpassing the previous highest level of 455,918 ounces in 2001; which then had included the declarations of both Omai and small-scale operators. in the matter without the completion of the ongoing probe. The release reminded that the Police Commissioner did indicate that the investigations will be completed by this week before advice is sought from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). The GPF called for good sense and professionalism to prevail throughout the investigation as any other approach can be determined as an aim to demoralise ranks and tarnish its image and reputation. It assured that condign action will be taken against ranks found to be unethical and inappropriate since the Force does not condone such behaviours.

Driver’s licence suspended - after causing fatal accident at Grove

SUERAJH Ram of Lot 478 Golden Grove, East Bank of Demerara has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving following investigations into an August 12, 2013 accident on the Grove Public Road. The accident resulted in the death of pedestrian Frank Wilson, 63, of Lot 4 Grove Public Road, East Bank of Demerara. Consequently, the Guyana Police Force said Ram’s driver’s licence has been suspended pending the outcome of the matter.

Seurajh Ram


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 21, 2014

New Ombudsman has no qualms, misgivings about resources NEWLY appointed Ombudsman, Justice Winston Moore has said he has no qualms or misgivings about staff or resources for his office. In an interview with the Guyana Chronicle, he acknowledged that the office, which has not been functional for the last eight years, is in the early days of becoming operational. Currently, there are four employees at the office and he has expressed his desire for additional human resources to the Ministry of Public Service. However, Mr. Moore made it clear that support from the Government has been forthcoming. “Today (Monday) we had someone come in to look at refurbishing the office and the Office of the President has committed support to have their IT (information technology) person come across to assist us in getting set up,” the Ombudsman said. He added that moves are also being made to ensure that provision in the 2014 National Budget would facilitate its increased functioning. The Ombudsman conceded that criticisms have been made since his appointment on January 15 but reiterated that it is early days and he will be fully operational in due course. Shadow Attorney General of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Mr. Basil Williams had remarked on the shortcomings in “human and technical resources” at the office to allow it to effectively administer its functions. The Ombudsman pointed out that, even as the office has only recently become operational, complaints have been made in the last two weeks.

TAKING COMPLAINTS “We are taking complaints…yes we do not have the investigative capacity presently, but where there is a need for investigations, we will be employing the services of external sources,” he offered. Mr. Moore’s commitment to use external sources for the investigative needs is in line with the call by APNU’s Williams for the use of a pool of independent investigators. An Ombudsman is, usually, appointed by the Government or Parliament, but with a significant degree of independence. The person holding that office is charged with representing the interests of the public by investigating and addressing complaints of maladministration or violation of rights. JUSTICE WINSTON MOORE The Ombudsman, sometimes, also aims to identify systemic issues leading to poor services or breaches of people’s rights. At the national level, most such office holders have a wide mandate to deal with the entire Public Sector and, at times, also elements of the Private Sector. An Ombudsman has the power to sanction if a citizen believes he or she has been treated unjustly by a high profile member of society, even a minister. Guyana has not had an Ombudsman since Justice Sheik Mohamed retired in 2005.

THE Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) will be holding an inter-faith service on Sunday, January 26, 2014 in commemoration of the sixth anniversary of the Lusignan massacre. Six years ago, eleven innocent Guyanese, five children and six adults, were slaughtered during the massacre on the morning of January 26, 2008 by merciless gunmen armed with shotguns and AK-47s. The event on January 26, 2014, which will commence at 17:00 hrs (5:00 p.m.) at Tract ‘A’ Lusignan (the place of the horrific crime),

will be done in collaboration with the relatives of the slain victims, residents of Lusignan and the religious community. Tributes will be paid by the IAC, relatives, representatives of the three major religions and officials. Over the years, the IAC has worked with the relatives, residents of Lusignan and the religious community in commemorating this event in an effort to ensure that the memories of those whose lives were snuffed out would not fade into oblivion.

By Vanessa Narine

Annandale home invasion

Shot bandit unable to communicate – accomplices still unknown By Leroy Smith THE Guyana Police Force (GPF) has been unable to elicit information from the badly injured bandit, who, with his accomplices, had invaded the home of an Annandale businessman last Friday. A source close to the investigation yesterday informed the Guyana Chronicle that the bandit is still under guard at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC), and is not communicating with health workers or police. This newspaper was also informed that, since his hospitalisation, the bandit has had no visitors, thus making investigations harder, and it is now being hoped that the bandit would recover and the man would, in some form, be able to communicate with the care-givers. It is not clear if the police tried to communicate with the bandit through writing. With the man still unable to speak, compounding the lack of any form of communication between himself, doctors and the police, the identity of his accomplices would remain a mystery. A police source yesterday confirmed that the police have not been able to make any headway in the incident, and that no one is being detained for the incident. Last Friday, armed bandits made their way into an Annandale businessman’s home with intent to commit robbery, but were met with armed resistance from the businessman’s son. One of the bandits was shot, but his two accomplices escaped. The matter is still being investigated.

IAC to commemorate 6th anniversary of Lusignan massacre

Continuing feud leads to policeman wounding

A CONTINUING feud between neighbours led to a policeman being severely chopped on Sunday when an argument escalated. Injured as a result of the altercation is Constable Audwin Amsterdam, of De Kinderen, West Coast of Demerara. He was wounded on the back and knees and his alleged assailant, Randy Sealey was arrested and taken into police custody. Constable Amsterdam, who is stationed at Brickdam in Georgetown, where he is a member of the Bike Patrol, was admitted in an unconscious condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital. He was expected to undergo surgery soon after. According to his mother, Hewel Amsterdam, her son was cleaning his car around 15:00 hrs on Sunday when he was attacked by the other man, who was aiming for his neck but struck his back, instead, because he moved aside quickly. She said after her son fell in the yard the man continued chopping him about the body. The woman told Demerara Waves Online News that the incident stemmed from a long-running disagreement between the two neighbouring families. Relatives said senior officers of the Police ‘A’ Division have been aware of the long running battle between Sealey and the Amsterdams who live opposite each other.

Many were affected by the massacre after gunmen invaded the homes of five Lusignan families and murdered Clarence Thomas, 48; Vanessa Thomas, 12; Ron Thomas, 11; Mohandan Goordat, 32; Seegopaul Harilall, 10; Seegobin Harilall, 4; Dhanwajie Ramsingh, 52; Seecharran Rooplall, 56; Raywattie Ramsingh, 11; Shazam Mohammed, 22; and Shaleem Baksh, 52. Several of the children who were murdered were found dead in their beds. Detective Constable, Audwin Amsterdam being wheeled out of the XRay Department at the GPHC


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 21, 2014

La Rocque concerned as…

Latest CSME report indicates 64 percent compliance By Vanessa Narine THE latest report on the Caribbean Community (CAR-

ICOM) Single Market and Economy (CSME) has indicated there was an overall compliance rate of 64 percent

in the Region. This level is not what was envisioned years after the introduction and a further indictment

on the system was the recent pronouncement by CARICOM Secretary-General, Ambassador Irwin La Rocque that “the governing arrangements for the CSME have become bureaucratic, unwieldy and lethargic,” a cause for concern. His comments were made at a time when the push for improved regional trade is a major focus of the Secretariat and Guyana’s Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh has acknowledged the worry expressed by the Secretary- General. The latter, in an exclusive interview with the Guyana Chronicle, underscored the need for greater efforts to be employed for addressing “impediments” to regional trade,

both institutional, as referenced by the Secretary-General, and infrastructural. Dr. Singh said: “Until these

Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh impediments, like the issue of inefficient transport infrastructure, are addressed, the Region will struggle to realise its potential. JAGDEO INITIATIVE “Addressing this major impediment to trade should be a focus of prioritised effort of regional policy makers. For example, the Jagdeo Initiative underlines some priority actions that are needed to accelerate regional trade. “Some of the impediments are more easily addressed than others, such as improving and regulating the legislative and regulative framework to facilitate trade; but the transport infrastructure needs attention,” he agreed. He added that there is absolutely no doubt that trade opportunities in CARICOM “abound” and that Guyana can and should be taking advantage of this. The Finance Minister said: “Guyana has been a committed member State when it comes to improving regional enterprise. “We continue, as a country and this Government, in particular, continues to believe that CARICOM represents an extremely important opportunity and means through which to achieve accelerated regional development.” Singh pointed out that “accelerated regional development” translates to the “aggregate of

progress” at the national level. DIFFERENT INITIATIVES “We have been trying to pursue the different initiatives within CARICOM to ensure a more effective regional space exists. There are a number of impediments, some natural and others institutional, that we need to work harder to remove,” he said. Leaning on Guyana’s recognition as the “agriculture and food capital” of the Caribbean, the minister maintained that, once the impediments to trade are addressed, both the Region and trading partners stand to benefit. He said: “We can produce all the food that is required to meet the food import bill of the entire CARICOM. “Indeed, Guyana has positioned itself as the agricultural and food capital of the Caribbean. We have the potential to produce the food and meet the need. “Once more concerted efforts are made to address the impediments, the Region will be much better placed to realise its potential, as will individual member States.” The Finance Minister reiterated the benefits of improved regional trade. “Trade is good for both parties, contributing social and economic goods, which is why people engage in trade, because it is in their mutual interest to do,” he emphasised. The minister added that Guyana’s private sector has done well in increasing its shares in regional as well as extra-regional markets. He said: “We encourage our private sector to do so. The private sector’s role in this (improving regional trade) is to make itself as efficient, as competitive, and as productive; as well as to be as aggressive and as outward looking as it can to expand its shares in the regional markets.” Support for increasing trade investment and working relations among CARICOM member States has been an area of continuous focus.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 21, 2014

Cessna crash…

Cargo loader should not have been on flight By Leroy Smith TWENTY-NINE-YEAR-OLD cargo loader, Dwayne Anthony Newton, who died in Sunday’s hinterland plane crash, was not scheduled to travel on that flight. But he was called away to go on the assignment at the last minute, his mother Roslyn Jacobs said at her Georgetown home, in her first media encounter yesterday morning. The grief stricken woman recalled that it was on Thursday morning that her son left their Lot 33 Joseph Pollydore Street, Lodge, Georgetown residence for the Ogle International Airport, East Coast of Demerara, to join the plane which crashed on Saturday morning, killing him and the pilot in the process. She said that, usually, he would inform her prior to travelling into the interior but, last week Thursday, he did not and she only knew he was going when she enquired and he responded. She said, when she reminded him that it is usual for her to be informed before, he said it was a last minute decision. According to her, normally, when her son has to travel to the interior she would get up early with him and help him prepare for his journey. She would also stand at her front door and wait until the company bus arrives to pick him up. However, on Thursday, only a few of the routine moves were done. IMPORTANT TOOLS The two awoke as usual but she knew nothing about her son’s intention to travel, although she recalled he was in a hurry to leave the house and, in the process, he even forgot two important tools of his trade, his ear muffler and waistband. Jacobs said, on Thursday morning, there was no company transport to collect him and, when he rushed out of the house, he caught public transport and made his way to the airport. She said, from the time her son got up that morning and began preparing to leave, there was a difference from all the other times. Jacobs said after it began raining on Friday, she started asking herself why the airline would send a flight to the area under such conditions and from that morning until yesterday she was praying for her son. At the time she started praying, she had no idea that the

Mother of the dead cargo loader, Roslyn Jacobs, with her daughter

following day her son would be involved in an accident. She got the first indication that something might be wrong when her former workmate telephoned her enquiring about the names of her two sons who worked at the airport and, more specifically, the one who travels to the interior. She said when she disclosed the information to the other woman, the latter just told her okay and advised her to take care. That was on Saturday. Shortly after, she received a telephone call from her other son who works at the airport and he enquired about his child whom she was babysitting at the time and informed her that someone was coming to collect the infant. The shaken woman said it was not long after that her son, his wife and another woman showed up at the house and, immediately, she realised that something was wrong. She remembered that her son walked past her and went to the back of the house. She then demanded to be told what was happening and he informed her that “Dwayne fell out of the sky.” BROKE DOWN The woman said she broke down in tears as the other woman who arrived with them said her son was not dead and that everything possible was being done to reach to him and the

pilot. Jacobs said her son would usually call home whenever he travels to the interior but this was the only visit he paid to the area and failed to communicate. The longest he ever stayed away from home while on work duty was four days and that was back in December. She had been praying for her son and the pilot since Saturday when she got confirmation that something was wrong and she prayed until yesterday morning, again, when her other son broke the sad news to her, after 09:00 hrs, that his brother and the pilot were both found dead. “Mommy, let me tell you, stand strong; the captain is dead and Dwayne is also dead, needless I lie to you,” were his words to her, she reported. The family had been advised earlier about the death as the dead man’s sister said she received a call from Minister of Transport, Robeson Benn, at approximately 08:30 hrs yesterday morning, informing that the bodies of both dead men had been found. The young woman said she was reluctant to tell her mother because she wanted to do it while other persons were around, fearing her reaction to the news. Jacobs said that her son was a hard worker and really toiled for Trans Guyana, even going to work when he was not required to do so.

APNU holds meeting with engineers and citizens to craft flood control master plan PUBLICLY expressing dismay at the continued failure of the Peoples Progressive Party / Civic administration to protect the population from the ravages of repeated flooding, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has called on the Government to urgently launch a comprehensive national flood control master plan. On Friday, January 10th, 2014, the APNU leadership met with a number of engineers and citizens who have both interest and experience in crafting and developing, as a matter of urgency, an integrated resource water management plan with a priority agenda for flood control mitigation. The engagement took place at the Opposition Leader’s Hadfield Street, Georgetown office. APNU says the PPP/C administration’s lack of a coherent response to the monthly flooding is economically and environmentally unsustainable; and the loss of household goods, domestic and agricultural equipment and livestock, besides destruction of farms and homes etc., demands an alternative strategy. The following persons attended the APNU meeting: Messrs. Bert Carter, Terrence Fletcher, John Piggott, Anthony Vieira, Horace Nurse, Edward Gonsalves, Hamley Case, and Ms. Joslyn Dow. APNU was represented by Opposition Leader Brigadier David Granger; APNU Deputy Leader and Shadow Minister with responsibility for Agriculture and the Environment, Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine; and Mr. Joseph Harmon, Shadow Minister for Public Infrastructure.

APNU members and engineers discuss the flood control plan


weed infested trench at Anna Regina where the body was found

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 21, 2014

The body of the missing man, covered with bags, lying on the road next to the trench where he was found

Body of missing man found during trench excavation By Rajendra Prabhulall

THE decomposed body of a man who was reported missing since Old Year’s Day was discovered in a weed-infested trench at Anna Regina Saturday morning. According to reports, the body was found while an excavator operator was clearing weeds from a drainage trench. A sister of the missing man identified his body at the scene. She said that her 49-year-old brother, Jaglall, was the father of two children and lived at Bush Lot Village behind the Anna Regina Multilateral School. The sister who is known as ‘Sheila’ said her brother who was separated from his wife several years ago was missing since Old Year’s Day and she made several searches for him across the Essequibo Coast in the hope of finding him alive. She said upon hearing the news that a body was found in a trench, she rushed to the scene where a large crowd had gathered on the public road and identified the body. Police officers removed the body to the Suddie mortuary and are conducting investigations into the death of the man, who is said to be an alcoholic.

Moruca boy, 2, drowns in parents’ yard A TWO-YEAR-OLD child in Moruca, North West District, lost his life tragically on Sunday afternoon when he fell into a pond in his parents’ yard and drowned. Reports said the child, Janai Jawan Lindore, walked out of the house without his mother’s knowledge and went to the pond where he accidentally fell in and drowned. The body of the child was discovered at around 16:30 hrs when his father Ivor and mother Mona decided to take a bath in the pond. Both parents were shocked to see the body of their “baby” floating in the pond where the family would bathe. The child was the youngest of their six children. Police are investigating. (Rajendra Prabhulall) ************************************************

Three-yr-old child killed - after truck runs over him at Charity housing scheme

A three-year-old child, Josiah Persaud, was killed on a street in the Charity Housing scheme on Sunday afternoon after he was ran over by a truck. Reports said the child ran out from his parents yard onto the street and into the path of the moving truck. The child was immediately picked up by his father, Bobby, and rushed to the Charity hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Police are investigating. (Prabhulall)

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 21, 2014

Minibus union tables new fare structure for negotiation - to resort to old fares in the meantime

By Vanessa Narine THE Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, over the weekend, met with the United Minibus Union to discuss the arbitrary fare increases imposed on commuters on several routes. In the meantime, the union has agreed to immediately resort to the old fare structure, while according to a statement, the body has presented a new “interim fare structure” for consideration. The ministry has said that the new fare structure will be the subject of discussions over the next two weeks, with the aim of agreeing on what is acceptable for all transport zones. At the meeting held in the ministry’s boardroom, the stakeholders agreed that the arbitrary increase will be waived until the end of negotiations regarding the union’s proposal. The statement made it clear

that all short drops along Route 32 should be reduced to $80 from $100 and in Georgetown to Parika to $400 from $500. The stakeholders also agreed that the old fare structure must be displayed in all the buses and passengers are only to pay what is stipulated by the document, signed by the union and the ministry. Law enforcement officers will be asked to enforce this, according to the statement. The grouping concurred also that transportation by minibus is essentially the small man’s mode of commuting and every effort must be explored to avoid any imposition of hardship on the public. The Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce has committed to improving relations with the United Minibus Union, in the interest of creating a platform for positive and objective interactions. Likewise, the union is ex-

For Tuesday January 21, 2014 -08:30hrs For Wednesday January 22, 2014 -08:30hrs

pected to intensify its engagements with the Ministries of Home Affairs and Transport. Other matters addressed at the meeting included touting’, ‘hot plating’, overcrowding and respect for the elderly. ‘ROGUE’ BEHAVIOUR Meanwhile, of particular note was the expression of “grave” concern regarding allegations that many minibuses engage in “rogue” behaviour, which law enforcement seems “reluctant or incapable” of curtailing. The concern cited the fact that many of these “rogue” actions are committed by drivers who operate vehicles owned by law enforcement officials and other influential individuals attached to state agencies. After agreeing on the move forward to address the challenges of the public transport system, the United Minibus Union yesterday met with Route 31 operators. The meetings were aimed at discussing grievances and solutions favourable to all stakeholders. Attempts to contact Head of the Union, Ian Andrews, for comment proved futile. The Route 31 minibus drivers and hire car operators staged a major strike action last Wednesday to force their demand for a $20 increase, and left hundreds of workers and school children stranded. The concerns of commuters were first raised last December when Route 32 operators demanded increases, which were dubbed illegal by Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Irfaan Ali. Public transport operators on Route 44 followed suit a few weeks later. Both routes were demanding that passengers pay an increase of as much as $60. The weekend’s consultations are expected to achieve tangible success in dealing with the issue of unilateral fare hikes by minibus operators, which has been a concern intermittently over the last few years.


Aries March 21 - April 19

It’s time for you to face some facts, but it’s not just you that’s on the hook, fortunately. The universe is asking as all to sit still, quiet our minds, pay attention and be realistic, whether we like it or not. Now, the ‘sit still’ part is admittedly a little bit tougher on you than on others, but once you set your mind to it, you can do almost anything you want. Try not to make it look too easy!

Taurus April 20 - May 20

Someone higher up in the hierarchy is about to put their foot down and say no to an utterly reasonable request. You’re not used to hearing that word from them because, as hard as you work, the meagre requests you make just aren’t seen as drawing on too many resources. After the shock has passed, think it over before you decide to skip getting mad and start getting even. There may be a much deeper reason behind the refusal.

Gemini May 21 - June 21

You’ve been much more heavily focused on business than on play lately, which isn’t like you at all. Your friends may be a bit taken aback -- and you really can’t blame them. Try to explain that you’ve just about had it with bowing down to other people’s professional whims, and you’re thinking of making an impressive exit. Then they might start to get a glimmer.

Cancer June 22 - July 22

You’re not in the mood for public displays -- of affection, or much of anything else. When you’re approached by someone who’s more than willing to let the world in on private matters, you’re less than receptive, but don’t feel bad about it. They have no right to let a secret out -- at least nothing that doesn’t belong to them exclusively. You can let them know what’s what with one quick, cutting comment.

Leo July 23 - August 22

An elder you’ve long admired seems to have a bit of a problem with you today, and you can’t quite figure out what’s going on. You need to talk with them about it, but you’re worried -- not so much about how they might treat you, but more about what’s really going on between you. Take a deep breath and open up a new line of communications. It’s certainly for the best!

Virgo August 23 - September 22

It takes quite a bit of teasing or meanness to get you really riled up -- but right around now, you’re plenty mad. It’s most likely the person you care most about, and they’re probably feeling just as frustrated. You need to take time off, and that’s not a euphemism for the early stages of a break-up. Put some distance -- and some time -- between you two. Then you can return to solve this in your usual loving way.

Libra September 23 - October 22

You’re definitely in the mood to get some work done, and that’s that. Keep your eyes open, though, because you’re definitely not in the mood for being taken advantage of, especially when it comes to money. If someone tries to play you for a fool, not only can you spot it with great ease, you should also go after the culprit with all the energy you can muster -- as well you should. Don’t let them get away with it.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21

You’re not exactly happy with the way recent events have turned out, and you’re not in the mood to pretend that you are. Fortunately, you won’t have to for very long. Almost everyone can see you’re aggravated, and those responsible know exactly how angry you are -- and don’t bother you any further. Your only problem now will be what to do about the folks who aren’t bright enough to figure it out.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21

Someone is trying to make you feel guilty and, believe it or not, that’s pretty easy to do right now. Rather than giving in and letting it happen, do what you did yesterday and make sure all your bases are covered before doing much of anything for yourself. That way, you can ensure that if anyone tries to bust you, it’s okay for you to bust them right back and soak up the sympathy from the home crowd.

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

The universe is in a freaky mood -- and so are you, mostly because energies you can’t quite understand just now are driving your life. If you say ‘no,’ but those around you can’t understand that simple answer, you need to unleash some serious consequences. If anyone can give you the right answer to the right question, however, things are going to get a lot better fast -- in fact, they may turn out to be downright excellent!

Aquarius January 20 - February 18

Things have changed in a big way -- so much so that they might be unrecognisable after yesterday. This doesn’t mean you’re confused or unhappy with the choices that you made -- that hardly ever happens these days. You do need to deal with the outcome of those choices, though. There’s no need for worries, though -- when was the last time you made the wrong call when you had all the facts?

Pisces February 19 - March 20

You’ve got all day to listen, and that’s good enough. Once the talk is all finished, though, you absolutely must let go of it and remember that your own needs have to take priority, just this once. There may be someone you’ve been wanting to spend some time with, and if so, the feeling is mutual. It’s not too late, so give them a call. You deserve to enjoy yourself!

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 21, 2014


GFF president denies ... From Back Page ation (UDFA) that resulted in all its executives being suspended, Matthias believes that if an apology was presented, maybe

the General Council would have been lenient in its decision. “The Linden situation is one of simple reasoning. I can’t recall one person other than the UDFA Executives that didn’t support the GFF in its decision. “They had no regard for the GFF because they were told not to play in January 1 and that directive came from the General Council not Christopher Matthias and it was done so almost unanimously as well, and they were told so in writing. But they showed that maybe, the General Council don’t apply to them.” Matthias opined that “maybe, if they had told the General Council last week

that they were sorry for going against their orders, maybe things would’ve been different. I’m just saying.” Looking ahead, Matthias said that the GFF’s immediate focus is to resuscitate the men’s national programme with the Caribbean Football Union Championship participation at top of its agenda. “We are moving ahead with the national team and getting our guys ready for the CFU competition later this year. We have a proposed list of players and even that caused some problems. But we have our work to do,” Matthias said.

Stadium hosting World Cup opener almost ready ... From Back Page December was ready on time. Six were completed last year and used in the Confederations Cup test event. Public transport projects in several cities have also been abandoned or scaled back and there is concern new terminals at some airports will not be ready. Valcke said he would only talk about other ven-

English Wetherby 08:20 hrs Rayak 08:50 hrs Free World 09:20 hrs Adili 09:55 hrs Wicklow Lad 10:30 hrs Stonebrook 11:05 hrs Mighty Mobb 11:35 hrs Boomtown Southwell 09:00 hrs Frankthetank 09:30 hrs Tartan Trip 10:05 hrs Ivy Port 10:40 hrs Blue Wave 11:15 hrs Prohibit 11:45 hrs Miako 12:15 hrs Beachwood Bay Leicester 09:10 hrs Cogry 09:40 hrs Thedreamstillalive 10:15 hrs Legacy Gold 11:25 hrs Mentalist 11:55 hrs Brass Monkey South Africa Racing Tips Clairwood

ues after visiting them on this his first visit to Brazil in 2014. He travelled to Cuiaba later yesterday and then to Curitiba today. Valcke flies to Natal tomorrow when he will attend the opening ceremony of the Arena das Dunas. He said he would spend a week each month in Brazil until the competition begins.

08:10 hrs Clipperton Island 08:45 hrs Bermudabreeze 09:20 hrs Miesques Ballot 09:55 hrs Lemonade River 10:30 hrs Serruria 11:05 hrs Bravissimo French Racing Tips Cagnes-Sur-Mer 08:15 hrs Beaulieu 08:50 hrs Holy Salt 09:20 hrs Noctuelle 09:50 hrs Barbe A Box 10:20 hrs Bottoms Up 10:55 hrs Morrocoy 11:25 hrs Zakopane American Racing Tips Philadelphia Park Race 1 Willy Elliot Race 2 Monaguska Race 3 Don’t Waste My Time Race 4 Paterno Race 5 Shoew Me the Way Race 6 Giant’s Tomb Race 7 Super Slam Race 8 Jeter Race 9 Tap All Night


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 21, 2014

‘Big Four’ through as Sharapova sinks in Melbourne By Nick Mulvenney MELBOURNE, Australia (Reuters) - Rafael Nadal came through his first proper test to storm into the quarter-finals of the Australian Open tennis yesterday but Maria Sharapova was ushered to the exit after a second big shock in as many days in the women’s draw. Victoria Azarenka was

left as the only top-three seed still standing in the last eight when Sharapova was scratched from the title race by Dominika Cibulkova, a day after Serena Williams had also tumbled out in the fourth round. In the men’s draw, the ‘Big Four’ look poised to scrap it out for yet another grand slam crown over the next week after Nadal, Roger Federer and Andy Murray

all won yesterday to join Novak Djokovic in the last eight. Spaniard Nadal led the way with a 7-6 (7-3), 7-5, 7-6 (7-3) victory over Japan’s Kei Nishikori on Rod Laver Arena that was by no means as easy as the phrase “straight sets” would suggest. The world number one had to contend with a blister on his hand, a tumble, a time violation

at a crucial moment and his first losses of his serve in the tournament but most of all with some inspired shot-making from the Asian number one. “I didn’t play bad today, but I didn’t play as good as I did two days ago,” Nadal said, reflecting on his brilliant performance in the third round against Gael Monfils. “But today’s victory has much more value than the victory of two days ago. Because when you are playing that good, the normal thing is to win. “When you are playing normal and the opponent is a good one, and you are able to keep winning, that has much more value.” While Nadal will meet Sharapova’s boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov for a place in the semi-finals, Federer and Murray’s quarter-final date ensures that at least one of the quartet of dominant men’s players will go home tomorrow. Federer’s quick-fire 6-3, 7-5, 6-4 victory over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga was the most impressive of the day, particularly given the French 10th seed had taken him to five sets in Melbourne and beaten him at Roland Garros last year. “I definitely felt momentum was on my side, no doubt,” said the Swiss 17-time grand slam champion. “I started the match well. Did I break first game? I think I did. I felt, alright, things are working for me tonight. Let me try to run away with it.” Murray also looked to be racing to victory against Stephane Robert, the first lucky loser to reach the fourth round in Melbourne, but blew a couple

of match points in the third set and was dragged into a tiebreak, which the Frenchman won 8-6. The Wimbledon champion took out his frustrations on his racquet, changed his shirt and then whipped through the fourth set to record a 6-1, 6-2, 6-7(6), 6-2 victory. “I dominated 95 percent of the match, and for 15 minutes didn’t close the match out,” said the fourth seed. “But I still created chances, even when I wasn’t playing so well at the end of that third set. So it was pretty good for the most part.” Like Murray, Sharapova missed the back end of last season because of injury and she admitted after her 3-6, 6-4, 6-1 defeat to Cibulkova that the tournament had probably come a little bit early for her. “I certainly would have loved to play a little bit more before playing a grand slam, but this is the chance that I was given,” said the Russian third seed, the 2008 champion here. “It’s tough. I will be genuine about it. It’s never easy (but) it’s moments like this that ultimately shape you and make you who you are.” ‘CHIPS AND SALSA’ Azarenka was utterly dominant as she swept into the quarter-finals with a 6-3, 6-2 victory over American Sloane Stephens that extended her winning streak at Melbourne Park to 18 matches. The win had none of the edge of last year’s semi-final between the pair, when Azarenka took a medical timeout after blowing five match points.

Both Azarenka and Stephens had played down the controversy and the second seeded Belarusian said she could not have felt more at home on the same Rod Laver Arena where she was booed last year. “I just love playing here,” she said. “It feels so cosy. It feels like I’m in my living room, on my couch. I can have some chips and salsa - that’s how it feels.” Azarenka deni ed t he departure of Williams and Sharapova had made her a strong favourite for a third straight title. “We’ve seen over the last couple of days that somebody can bring their best game on any given day,” she said. Next up for Azarenka is fifth seed Agnieszka Radwanska, who beat rising Spanish talent Garbine Muguruza 6-1, 6-3 in the final match of the day. Cibulkova’s reward for beating Sharapova is a meeting with Simona Halep, who beat eighth seed Jelena Jankovic 6-4, 2-6, 6-0 to reach her first grand slam quarter-final. “There’s no pressure on me so I can just enjoy the quarter-finals,” Romanian Halep said. “It’s my chance and I have to fight for it.” Dimitrov, also entering unknown territory in the second week of a grand slam, beat Spain’s Roberto Bautista 6-3, 3-6, 6-2, 6-4 to set up his last eight date with Nadal. “He’s Rafa. We all know him,” said the confident 22-year-old Bulgarian. “But I’m quite happy with the way I’m performing so far. So I like my chances.”

Australia bring in Doolan, Marsh for South Africa trip By Nick Mulvenney MELBOURNE, Australia (Reuters) - Australia dropped batsman George Bailey from the squad for their three-Test tour of South Africa yesterday and brought uncapped Alex Doolan and Shaun Marsh into the 15-man party. Bailey made his debut in the first Test of the recently concluded Ashes series but scored only 183 runs at an average of 26 as an unchanged Australia romped to a 5-0 sweep of England. Bowling all-rounder James Faulkner, who was 12th man throughout the Ashes series, was also included in the party and is likely to contend with Doolan and Marsh for the number six spot in the batting order vacated by Bailey. “We felt Alex and Shaun have games that are well suited to facing South Africa in South Africa,” chief selector John Inverarity said in a news release. “We consider that both are strong players of pace bowling which is important given the strength of South Africa’s attack. “Alex was on standby for

… no place for George Bailey

the recent fifth Test in Sydney and scored a most impressive 165 not out against South Africa for Australia A last season. “Shaun is a talented batsman who is striking the ball very well at the moment. He has the technique and potential to do well.” Former Test opener Phil Hughes, who was in outstanding form for South Australia this season in the domestic Sheffield Shield, was omitted but remained “a highly regarded batsman whose time will come,” Inverarity said. James Pattinson and Jackson Bird have been called up to reinforce the pace attack of Mitchell Johnson, Ryan Harris and Peter Siddle, which played a major role in the humiliation of England in the Ashes. “James Pattinson is regaining fitness and form,” Inverarity added. “At his best he is a fine Test match bowler. Jackson Bird shaded out Nathan Coulter-Nile for the final bowling position and each of these bowlers is showing encouraging form.”

There was no place for fast bowler Pat Cummins, however, as he continues to recover from the latest of a string of injuries that have plagued him since he made his sensational Test debut in South Africa in 2011. In his only Test match to date, the then-teenager took six for 79 in the second innings as Australia beat the hosts by two wickets at Wanderers. That series was drawn 1-1 and South Africa won 1-0 in Australia in another tight series in 2012. South Africa have topped the Test rankings since deposing England in August 2012 and will open the series against Australia at Centurion on February 12. Squad: Michael Clarke (captain), Brad Haddin (vice-captain), Jackson Bird, Alex Doolan, James Faulkner, Ryan Harris, Mitchell Johnson, Shaun Marsh, Nathan Lyon, James Pattinson, Chris Rogers, Peter Siddle, Steve Smith, David Warner, Shane Watson.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 21, 2014


ICC asked to drop ‘flawed’ proposal CRICKET South Africa has asked the International Cricket Council to withdraw its “fundamentally flawed” proposal to hand greater control of world cricket to governing bodies from England, Australia and India. An ICC committee has reportedly drafted a plan that would see the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), in conjunction with Cricket Australia (CA) and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), become the three central figures for major decision-making both on and off the field. A 21-page ‘position paper’ was sent out to ICC full members earlier this month and Press Association Sport understands it will be discussed at the ICC’s executive board meeting January 28-29. It is understood the decision will be made solely by the ICC board, with further discussion to take place if required at its meetings in April, July and October. The key proposal appears to be the formation of a fourman executive committee, on which the ECB, CA and BCCI would all be guaranteed a place. The other position would be selected by the three boards annually. The powers of the proposed executive committee

therefore, in breach of the ICC Constitution. “In the circumstances we propose that the draft proposal be withdrawn immediately given that the proper procedures have not been followed. “In our respectful opinion, a more considered, inclusive/ consultative, and properly Constitutionally-ordained approach is required.” This month’s meeting will allow all full member nations

CSA president Chris Nenzani would reportedly supersede those of the ICC’s executive board - a panel on which all the full-member nations sit to agree major decisions. The CSA has now become the first of the other seven full member nations to publicly state whether it would back or deny such a proposal a proposal it described as “fundamentally flawed” in a statement released last night. CSA president Chris Nenzani asked the ICC to withdraw the proposal “to allow for a more consultative and constitutionally-ordained process to take place”. In a letter addressed to ICC president Alan Isaac, Nenzani said: “Without ad-

dressing the merits of the proposal insofar as it concerns Constitutional amendments and changes to ICC competitions, these proposals should first be referred to the relevant ICC committees or sub‐committees for proper consideration and to make recommendations to the ICC Board. “Although there is nothing to prevent a review of the ICC funding model or finances, the proposal self-evidently is inextricably tied up with a fundamental restructuring of the ICC, which has far‐reaching Constitutional implications. “The draft proposal is, therefore, fundamentally flawed as regards the process and,

PCB determined to oppose Big Three takeover

KARACHI, Pakistan (Reuters) - The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will oppose any structural overhaul of world cricket’s administration that will effectively hand power over to India, England and Australia, it said yesterday. A draft proposal, to be discussed at the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) executive board meeting in Dubai on January 28-29, recommends handing over more control to the Australian, English and Indian boards in the boardroom and on the field. The proposal would also give the so-called ‘Big Three’ a bigger share of the ICC’s revenue pot. “Chairman Zaka Ashraf has been told Pakistan should not support any such changes as it would divide the cricket world and effectively give all veto powers to India, Australia and England,” a member of the PCB’s governing board, who declined to be named, told Reuters.

PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf “The draft proposal was discussed in detail at the last governing board meeting in Lahore on Saturday and a lot of apprehension was expressed over the direction world cricket is taking.” The ICC plans have recommendations including scrapping

the World Test championship in 2017, reviving the now defunct Champions Trophy and having promotion and relegation in a new two-tier Test system. “Our legal experts are studying it and we will prepare our stance accordingly,” said a PCB official.

to discuss the proposal and any other topics for debate, such as the idea of a two-tier Test structure, which is reportedly on the agenda. That system, which would involve promotion and relegation, could potentially allow the likes of associate countries such as Ireland the chance to play Test cricket. Cricket Ireland has set a target date of 2020 to win approval to be included in Test

ranks under the ICC’s current specifications. While associate nations may prosper from the chance to win promotion, part of the radical plan reportedly includes making England, Australia and India immune from relegation. That would ensure that the three most economically powerful nations would be guaranteed to play Test series against each other during each cycle - including the Ashes. (PA Sport)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 21, 2014

Azhar carries Pakistan to dramatic series-levelling win

(REUTERS) - Azhar Ali hit a belligerent century on the final day as Pakistan pulled off a dramatic five-wicket victory in the final Test against Sri Lanka to level the three-match series 1-1 yesterday. Azhar struck his fifth Test century and featured in two crucial partnerships with captain Misbah-ul-Haq (68 not out) and Sarfraz Ahmed (48) as Pakistan chased down a 302-run victory target in 57.3 overs. Azhar, 28, eventually fell after a 137-ball 103 which contained six fours, leaving Pakistan needing seven runs for victory. Misbah completed the formality, scoring the winning run off Shaminda Eranga and the clean-shaven Pakistan captain celebrated by twirling an invisible moustache. “We were 1-0 down in the series, so we had no other option. Everybody felt we should have a go at it,” said Misbah, calling the win a farewell gift for departing coach Dav Whatmore.

Chasing what appeared an improbable victory target from 59 overs, Pakistan got off to a flying start with openers Khurram Manzoor (21) and Ahmed Shehzad (21) adding 35 quick runs before both fell to Suranga Lakmal in their pursuit of quick runs. Azhar and Younus Khan (29) showed the same urgency as they maintained a four-plus run rate before Younus pulled Angelo Mathews to midwicket to leave Pakistan at 97 for three. Azhar then added 89 brisk runs from 14.5 overs with Sarfraz Ahmed, whose 46-ball cameo included four boundaries and a six off Rangana Herath. Eranga denied Sarfraz a half-century but Azhar raised 109 runs with Misbah for the fifth wicket to take Pakistan to the verge of a memorable victory. Earlier, Sri Lanka added 81 runs to their overnight score of 133-5 before folding in their second innings.

(REUTERS) - Australia’s Ashes hero Mitchell Johnson denied Michael Clarke a hat-trick when the paceman edged his skipper in a tight vote to pick up a maiden Allan Border medal yesterday. The 32-year-old, adjudged man-of-the-series in Australia’s 5-0 Ashes triumph over England, garnered 168 votes, 12 more than his captain, to cap a spectacular comeback by claiming his country’s most prestigious individual award.

“It has been an amazing journey coming back from injury, having a lot of doubters out there,” said Johnson, who collected more wickets than any of his compatriots across three formats of the game. “But I just knew in my own heart that if I had that opportunity that I could make the most of it,” said the left-arm paceman, who was named International Cricket Council’s International Player-of-the-Year in 2009.

SRI LANKA first innings 428-9 decl. Pakistan first innings 341 SRI LANKA second innings (o/n 133-5) D. Karunaratne b Talha 8 K. Silva b Rehman 36 K. Sangakkara c Manzoor b Rehman 8 M. Jayawardene c Azhar b Ajmal 46 D. Chandimal b Talha 13 A. Mathews c Manzoor b Talha 31 P. Jayawardene c Azhar b Ajmal 49 D. Perera c Azhar b Rehman 8 R. Herath c Younus b Rehman 0 S. Eranga c Rehman b Ajmal 3 S. Lakmal not out 2 Extras: (b-2, lb-4, w-2, nb-2) 10 Total: (all out, 101.4 overs) 214 Fall of wicket: 1-13, 2-37, 3-66, 4-89,

Azhar Ali celebrates his fifth Test hundred as Pakistan pull off a dramatic victory in the final Test on the fifth day in Sharjah.

Johnson pips Clarke to Allan Border medal

CRICKETQUIZ CORNER (Tuesday January 21, 2014) Compliments of THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market & The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230)& CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: Maurice Fernandes (WI vs ENG, Bourda, 1930) 709 ODIs; 363 victories Today’s Quiz: Which two made their Test debut in the same game? Viv Richards; Andy Roberts; Gordon Greenidge; Michael Holding; Len Baichan Which team was the first to defeat the WI in an ODI game at Bourda? Answers in tomorrow’s issue

Mitchell Johnson’s 37 wickets during the Ashes paved the way for Australia’s 5-0 whitewash of England. players, the media and umpires. Tasmanian James Faulkner, whose scintillating late assault powered Australia to a thrilling one-wicket win over England in the Brisbane one-dayer on Friday, came third with 121 votes in the poll drawn from fellow

Clarke, however, could not be denied Australia’s Test Player-of-the-Year award, while George Bailey (one-day internationals) and Aaron Finch (Twenty20) won honours in the shorter formats.

5-127, 6-189, 7-203, 8-203, 9-209. Bowling: Junaid 20-6-34-0 (w1), Talha 23-2-65-3 (nb-2, w-1), Rehman 33-10-56-4, Ajmal 25.47-53-3. PAKISTAN second innings K. Manzoor c Jayawardene b Lakmal 21 A. Shehzad c Karunaratne b Lakmal 21 A. Ali c P Jayawardene b Lakmal 103 Y. Khan c Sangakkara b Mathews 29 S. Ahmed c P. Jayawardene b Eranga 48 Misbah-ul-Haq not out 68 A. Shafiq not out 1 Extras: (b-6, lb-1, w-3, nb-1) 11 Total: (five wickets, 57.3 overs) 302 Fall of wickets: 1-35, 2-48, 3-97, 4-186, 5-295. Bowling: Lakmal 12-0-79-3, Eranga 15.3-0-68-1 (nb-1, w-1), Herath 190-100-0 (w-2), Mathews 11-0-48-1.

BCB names Junior Elite squad for 2014 tournaments THE junior selection committee of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB), under the chairmanship of Leslie Solomon, has named a junior cricket squad for the 2014 Inter-county season that would commence training shortly under the Junior Elite Training Programme. The squad is divided into three sections - Under-15, Under-17 and Under-19 and will be trained by a panel of qualified cricket coaches including Michael Hyles-Franco, Winston Smith and Albert Smith. Chairman of the BCB Special Events Committee and Public Relations Officer, Hilbert Foster, stated that more cricketers would be added to the squad based on performances in upcoming junior tournaments. Members will be involved in physical fitness sessions while coaches would also work with them to correct any personal problems in their cricket. A oneday cricket development seminar will be organised by the Special Events committee along with a social skills seminar. Members of the squad are reminded to keep themselves in good physical condition and to do a lot of individual training during the rainy season until the Junior Elite Training Programme starts. The BCB, Foster stated, would start its junior tournaments at all three age groups and in the Inter-Club and Zone categories as soon as the weather improves. The full 2014 squads named are: Elite Under-15: Yashpaul Shewtahal, Hemchand Singh, Kris Ramnarine, Saheed Khan, Kevin Sinclair, Junior Sinclair, Malcolm Mickle, Ezekiel Kempadoo, Karaan Rajpaul, Re-

Shimron Hetmyer naldo Rowe, Joshua Clifford, Emanuel Seecharran, Besham Surujnarine, Jason Permaul, Keith Semple, Javed Karim, Kevin Anderson, Bharrat Bhopal, Joshua Bartrum, Brandon Stewart, Garfield Benjamin and Steve Deonarine. Elite Under-17: Ritesh Omrow, Suraj Dookna, Kevindra Persaud, Rabindranauth Roopchand, Randy Wade, Brandon Persaud, Javid Seecharan, Adrian Sukhwa, Joshua Harrichand, Totoram Rajaram, Azam Khan, Jaleel Jofer, Devon Rambarose, Shumar Jack, Jason Johasen, Matthew Hardial, Veramootoo Senwansane, Robert Barrington, Sylus Tyndall, Enoch Carmichael, Steve Deonarine, Joshua Gobin and Bramdat Singh. Elite Under-19: Shimron Hetmyer, Sharaz Ramcharran, David Latchaya, Derek Narine, Hakeem Hinds, Askay Homraj, Nick Ramsaroop, Leon Andrews, Avishkar Sewkarran, Arif Chan, Nial Smith, Grisean Grant, Nicholas Cameron, Balchand Baldeo, Brandon Prashad, Daniel Lewis, Kassim Khan, Gavin Moriah, Deon Esau, Viendra Gooniah, Parmanand Ramdhan and Navendra Permaul.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 21, 2014


Grove Hi Tech are MCYS/EBFA KO champs

LED by the tournament’s MVP Domini Garnett who netted a double, Grove Hi Tech maintained their superiority and supremacy as the top club on the East Bank of Demerara when they defeated Kuru Kururu Warriors 3-1 to win the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport-sponsored knockout tournament. Organised by the East Bank Football Association (EBFA), the tournament involved all the major clubs on the East Bank corridor and ended in grand style last Sunday. GFF president Christopher Matthias was on hand to witness the encounter on a sunny afternoon. Grove wasted little time in taking control of proceedings. Garnett, who controlled the strike line created all sorts of problems for the Warriors’ defence. It was no surprise when the home team assumed the lead six minutes on, midfielder Orson Francois scoring the easiest of goals following a

EBFA president Wayne Francois hands over the winning trophy to an elated Grove Hi Tech captain Domini Garnett in the presence of GFF president Christopher Matthias and happy Grove members. of the nets. Hooke only succeeded in Warriors did make a few one-hand attempt by the Warparrying the ball into the path of enterprising raids of their own riors goalie, Nijaun Hooke to Francois who gleefully accepted but found the going tough in clear a cross from the right by patting the ball into the back the attacking third. Captain side by Garnett.

Super50 team to play practice game against Rest team under lights By Calvin Roberts AS PART of their preparations for this year’s inaugural West Indies Cricket Board/NAGICO Super50 tournament in Trinidad and Tobago, the Christopher Barnwell-led National XI will be engaging a Rest XI in several practice encounters. To date, two of those matches were played, with the National XI coming out victorious on both occasions, while the third fixture which was scheduled for the Georgetown Cricket Club ground last Friday, was abandoned without a ball being bowled, due to a soggy outfield. Match number four on the cards will take place today at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence as a day/night fixture, with the first ball being bowled at 13:30hrs. The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) in their attempt to ensure the National team is adequately prepared for this tournament as well as the Regional fourday tournament, bit the bullet by having a number of players undergo an encampment period from December 28 last. The initial number was 37, but with the NAGICO Super50 being the first engagement for the year, that number was trimmed to 26, from which the 14-man squad was selected and preparations hit an intense stage, ahead of the team’s departure next Tuesday. Two fitness specialists from the Guyana Defence Force, Patrick King and Carl Stephenson, were brought in to work with the coaches, being led by head coach Esaun Crandon along with GCB Chairman of Selectors Rayon Griffith and Julian Moore. Not even the inclement weather which prevailed last week, could have hampered the preparations for the team, as in the morning they did fitness

Christopher Barnwell and aerobics, calisthenics and beep test at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, while in the afternoon, the indoor facility at the Chetram Singh Centre of Excellence at LBI was used for batsmanship. This week, they have switched to the Guyana National Stadium to wind down their preparations and following today’s practice encounter is another day/night fixture at the same venue on Friday. Admission to today’s game is free and cricket fans will have the opportunity of seeing dependable Guyana and West Indies middle order batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul, who has been named vice-captain to Barnwell, in action. Also in action for the Na-

tional XI will be former Guyana and West Indies skipper Ramnaresh Sarwan, whom many believed will come good during the NAGICO Super50 for Guyana and earn a recall to the Regional team, Leon Johnson, Trevon Griffith, Robin Bacchus, Assad Fudadin and Narsingh Deonarine. Deonarine should be keen to have a knock in the middle and get a good score under his belt, following his recent slump in form during the West Indies’ tour of New Zealand, while the always smiling Royston Crandon can, on his day, destroy any bowling attack thrown at him on the local scene. mention Barnwell, in his current form with the bat, has been

ripping local bowlers apart at the club, county and even in the practice games so one can expect nothing different today, taking into consideration he has been named in the Windies provisional squad for the ICC T20 World Cup. Anthony Bramble, the lone gloveman in the squad is no rabbit with the bat, but needs to get a total under his belt prior to his departure for the Twin Island Republic, while national spin twins Devendra Bishoo and Veerasammy Permaul, can weigh in on their own with the bat in hand. Paul Wintz and Ronsford Beaton handled the new ball well for their team in the two matches played, coming in for some praise from coach Esaun Crandon who said “… our two fast bowlers selected, Ronsford Beaton and Paul Wintz, have been hitting the right areas in the nets and two practice matches to date.” For the Rest XI, Sewnarine Chattergoon, Rajendra Chandrika, Jonathan Foo, Jason Sinclair, Vishal Singh, Zaheer Mohammed and Chandrapaul Hemraj, will try to come good with the bat even as Rajiv Ivan seeks to continue his good form shown of late, following his axing from the National team. Their bowling will rest on the shoulders of the West Berbice pair of fast bowlers in Raun Johnson and Keon Joseph, while left-armer Andre Stoll, who has been troubling the National batsmen with his two-way swing, will have his work cut out for him. Mohammed is a useful off-spinner in the middle overs, while more support with spin will come from Ivan, Hemraj and Amir Khan, making this contest an interesting one, as the Rest XI will be going all out for a win.

Garnett ensured the advantage was doubled in the 15th minute when he tucked in the first of his brace. Colin Lewis narrowed the lead when he rose above the Grove defence to net the Warriors first and only goal, a welltimed and executed header in the 35th minute. The first half ended with Grove enjoying a 2-1 advantage. The Linden Soesdyke Highway-based side tried their best to get their second goal which would have brought them level with Grove but that was not to be, as Grove, urged on by the vociferous home fans, kept them at bay. The game was virtually sealed in the 68th minute when Garnett converted his second goal; the game ended 3-1 in favour of Grove Hi Tech. Michael Matthews of the winning side was voted the tournament’s best

goalkeeper. Sunday’s supporting game, an exhibition match, saw Diamond FC defeat Timehri Falcons by the lone goal of the match which was scored by Eric Williams. GFF president Christopher Matthias in brief remarks before the presentation congratulated the teams for their performance while noting that the federation’s forward thrust focuses on youths. He also complimented the ministry and the EBFA for their combined efforts in bringing off the competition. Teams on the East Bank will now turn their attention towards preparing for the upcoming EBFA division-one league which will officially kick off the association’s 2014 season. The league is being sponsored by Ansa McAl and will be officially launched this month.

Linden clubs vote in support of suspended officials UDFA League to commence in two weeks - Hercules By Rawle Toney THIRTEEN of the fourteen affiliated clubs of the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA) voted in full support of the suspended executive, saying “no” to a proposed interim committee which the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) is planning to put in place. The clubs were all represented yesterday when the association convened an emergency general congress. “The meeting was called to deal with two issues. 1. To update the clubs on our position, with regard to the GFF issues and to ask for their support and 2. To plan the association’s competition for the rest of the year,” said Collie Hercules when contacted by Chronicle Sport yesterday. Hercules who also served as a vice-president of the GFF was slapped with a fiveyear suspension, as did the other executives of the UDFA, except for the Linden Association’s president Sharma Solomon who was given eight years. Since last Friday when the GFF General Congress met to hand down the suspension, the UDFA has maintained that the meeting itself was unconstitutionally convened and as such they will completely disregard the findings. “The only club to abstain from voting was Netrockers but at least generally all the clubs I believe understand, based on the responses that we would’ve gotten. We also had two new teams who are

Collie Hercules working on being affiliated,” Hercules pointed out. “Presently we are working on getting our tournament started,” said the former National striker, who also added, “this should start within the next two weeks, so as it is right now, we already have our fixtures and the sponsorship, and other logistics are being sorted out. We’re ready to play and I think the stands or support shown by the clubs should be an indication of their position in this entire situation.” Meanwhile, contacted yesterday, in an invited comment on the situation, GFF president Christopher Matthias said that his Federation’s decision initially had nothing to do with clubs, but also pointed out, “I’ll say this, this Federation is one of discipline and will hold anyone with total disregard of our constitution responsible, and as such we will act in accordance to the constitution of the GFF.”


The Chronicle is at

Grove Hi Tech are MCYS/EBFA KO champs See Story on Page 27

GFF president denies he is a Matthias happy with the way `dictator’ football is being administered By Rawle Toney DESPITE one of his vice-president’s resignation and his Federation ensnared in a heated public dispute with one of its affiliates, president of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Christopher Matthias says that he’s still happy with the state of the game in Guyana. “With change, certain things are expected. With change, we will be met with resistance by those who would’ve been comfortable or enjoyed things exactly the way they were, even though, we all know it wasn’t right, or would have fallen prey to certain situations in which we know should not have happened in the first place,” Matthias said in an exclusive interview. Mathias’ vice-president Rawlston Adams handed in his resignation to the GFF and when asked about the reasons for what many feel was an impromptu decision by the Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation General Manager, the GFF president pointed out, “I think that’s something only he can tell you.” “It would be unethical of me, even in my capacity as GFF President to give Mr. Adams’ reason for his resignation. If he was contacted and still didn’t say, I think it’s only right that we at the GFF respect that. We, however, have accepted his resignation and are moving forward,” Matthias added. Matthias is seen as the sport’s first egalitarian elected president, taking over in what was deemed the most closely followed GFF elections following the suspension of Colin Klass by FIFA. He was elected to serve for two years and his ascension to the presidency, according to many pundits, heralded the dawn of a new era for the sport in Guyana, but those thoughts were short-lived. Many persons feel as though his style of leadership is one of totalitarianism, with former National striker Collie Hercules

pointing out, “It is clearly a dictatorship attitude he is portraying and that is not what the electorate placed him there for. I cannot say if it was worse when Mr Klass was heading the GFF, since during Klass’ tenure I was a player and could not comment on the day-today affairs of the GFF from an administrative point of view. “But being elected vice-president under Matthias, I have seen clearly his dictatorial attitude and it is not good for the sport.” Matthias said, when asked about his being viewed as a dictator, “When I took office, I was aware that though I won the elections, I was not liked by even those who voted for me,” noting “for years persons enjoyed a GFF that did things, in many instances, that were unconstitutional and those same persons who voted for me, embraced several of those things I would have proposed that needed to be changed” The GFF boss added, “If you take a look at who are the ones calling me a dictator, it’s those whose ulterior motive has nothing to do with the development of football, but their personal gain and glory which was encouraged by previous administrations. But if you check the minutes from several of the meetings held, you would find that sometimes, unanimously my position on a number of issues were supported by the Congress.” It was suggested in one section of the Media, that due to many feeling that Matthias was single-handedly ruling the GFF, his affiliates would have moved a vote of “no confidence” against him at last Friday’s General Congress, but Matthias laughed when Chronicle Sport asked if anything of such nature was forthcoming. “I often wonder where some people get certain information from. That last meeting more than anything else, dealt with the UDFA situation and the minutes of the meeting would also reflect what I am saying” See Page Meanwhile, asked to comment on the situ23 ation of the Upper Demerara Football Associ-

President of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Christopher Matthias

Stadium hosting World Cup opener almost ready - officials

FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke and Brazil’s Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo visit the site of the Arena Corinthians stadium, which is being prepared to host 2014 World Cup matches, in Sao Paulo, yesterday. By Andrew Downie SAO PAULO, Brazil (Reuters) - The venue that will stage the opening World Cup game in Brazil in June is almost complete,

officials said yesterday, even though work has not restarted on the collapsed roof that killed two workers in November. “The stadium is 97 percent ready,” said Andres Sanchez,

the former Corinthians president who is overseeing construction of the Arena Corinthians. “We have some things pending because of the accident but we’ve got the all-clear and

by the end of the month they will remove the damaged piece. We will hand the stadium over by April 15.” World soccer’s ruling body FIFA said yesterday it was

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delighted with the progress made although secretary general Jerome Valcke pointed out the stadium was supposed to be ready last month. “We are very happy with what we’ve seen today,” added Valcke. “A lot of work has been done, a lot of work has still to be done where the accident took place, but we are very confident that all is on track.” The stadium on the outskirts of Sao Paulo is one of the most expensive of the 12 World Cup venues and was one of the last to get started. Two workers died in November when a crane moving parts of the roof into place toppled over and the delivery date was subsequently put back four months. LEANING STRUCTURE

The fallen structure, a massive 420-ton piece of metal tubing, is still where it fell, leaning against one side of a stand. When asked how the venue could be deemed 97 percent ready when a large part of the roof was still clearly damaged, the stadium’s chief engineer told Reuters the affected area was relatively minor. “It’s a very small part,” said Federico Barbosa. “Everything else is done or almost done.” The delays at the venue that will stage the opening match between Brazil and Croatia on June 12 is one of the issues affecting the country’s preparations to host the first World Cup in South America since 1978. None of the six stadiums that were due to be finished in

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