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Annandale PPP group distributes 350 kites centre

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Sooba threatens to withhold fuel from Mayor’s Page vehicle 15 - unless he apologises for calling her ‘a rodent’

Nandlall with some of the children yesterday after they had received their kites (Sonell Nelson photo)

Amerindians Page protest 10 budget cuts denouncing Opposition as being heartless



Royston King allegedly May the Easter signs City Hall tax message become a source waivers as Town Clerk

From First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar…

of strength and comfort

I EXTEND greetings to all Guyanese, but especially to the Christian community which, on this long holiday weekend in Guyana, commences the season of Easter. For Christians, Easter is the most joyous period of their liturgical calendar, for it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus who, Christians believe, was crucified, died and was buried, but who rose on the Third Day in order to redeem mankind from their sins. Easter is a time of great happiness and affirms an eternal truth: that despair inevitably yields to hope. The gloom and despondency that descended upon the followers after his crucifixion were rapidly over-

come by his glorious ascension. Easter reminds us that death, evil and ill-will

First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar

does not have the final say. Easter therefore is a time of great rejoicing, because it celebrates that flame of Hope, inserted into the heart of many persons, which may at times flicker, but which never fully extinguishes. This Easter, as we take part in the traditional Easter activities- as we fly our kites and gather with friends and family- let us recall that at the centre of the Easter message is that celebration of Hope. This is the message that I particularly want to send to those who, at this time, may be experiencing emotional problems and grief. I want to encourage those persons to not give up; but to have faith. The darkest cloud will blow over. Like everything else, your problems too will pass. May the Easter message become a source of strength and comfort! Happy Easter to all Guyana!

-Whittaker calls on police, Auditor General to assist with investigations

MINISTER of Local Government & Regional Development, Norman Whittaker has called on the Guyana Police Force and the Office of the Auditor General to assist in investigations against Public Relations Officer of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC), Royston King. King allegedly misrepresented the capacity of acting Town Clerk, signing tax waivers for the Chairman of Beacons Foundation, Patrick de Groot. According to a statement from acting Town Clerk of Georgetown, Carol Sooba, seen by this newspaper, the letter which King fraudulently signed regarded the exemption of payment of rates and taxes of the Beacon Foundation at 127 Carmichael and Quamina Streets, South Cummingsburg to the Georgetown Mayor and City Council in excess of some $36M. In circulated letters to the Auditor General and the Commissioner of Police,

which this newspaper has seen, The Local Government Minister bemoaned that the power to exempt owners of certain properties from liability to pay rates is vested either wholly or partially in the Council and not in the Town Clerk or any other singular officer. The dispute of the Town Clerk’s appointment has spanned over the tenures of three successive Local Government Ministers; Kellawan Lall, Ganga Persaud and Norman Whittaker. In an e-mail by Principal Municipal Services Officer, Nandranie Harrichan to the Local Government Minister, Harrichan recollected that up until June, 2012; Ms. Yonette Pluck operated in the capacity of Town Clerk. Pluck was sent on administrative leave from July 24, 2012 pending City Hall investigations. Harrichan added that Carol Sooba had subsequently been appointed by then Minister of Local

Government & Regional Development, Ganga Persaud to act as Town Clerk replacing Pluck on July 25, 2012. In a bizarre twist of events, the appointment of Royston King as the acting Town Clerk was also published on July 25, 2012. However, it should be noted that King’s appointment was not in keeping with the provisions of the Municipal Act Ch28:01. In any case, King would have issued the missive to de Groot some 12 days before his announced appointment by the Council, without the consent of the minister. According to a legal letter in 2011 from the Chambers of Legal Practitioners Luckoo and Luckoo, signed by Robert R. Ramcharran, “the power to appoint persons to hold or act in any local government office and the power to remove any such person from office shall (be) vested in the Commission [Local Government Commission]…”, this according to Chapter 28:01 Section 116(1). The Act further provides that in the absence of any such commission, the powers of the Commission are duly vested in the Minister of Local Government & Regional Development. The provision gives the Council the ability to select the most suitable candidates but the vested authority to appoint any office-bearer rested with the minister himself. King gave all assurance in a letter, seen by this newspaper, to the Chairman of Beacon Foundation, Patrick de Groot, that in keeping with the Municipal and District Councils Act, Chapter 28:01, section 212, Beacon Foundation had met the requirements to be granted exemption and further declared that “the council will have no objection to Beacon Foundation being granted exemption of Rates.” King, however, had not acted in this capacity by appointment of the minister and as such would not have been authorised to make such a decision in the absence of the approval of the Council.



President Ramotar chides Opposition for major gap between ‘words and deeds’ By Vanessa Narine

PRESIDENT Donald Ramotar has chided the Opposition parties, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC), for having a major gap between their “words and deeds” as evidenced in the 2014 budget cuts. Some of the contradictions noted during the two weeks of the National Assembly’s consideration of the 2014 Estimates were: the fact that both of the Opposition parties’ manifestos reflect promises that some of the allocations in the 2014 Budget were delivering on; and the fact that the budget presentations by Opposition MPs addresses issues like narco-trafficking, but when the allocations addressing such issues were reviewed no questions were asked. The 2014 Budget was reduced by a whopping $37.4B, the largest cut in the last three years of budget cuts made by the combined Opposition during Ramotar’s term in office. In a televised interview on Thursday the President said: “The cuts that took place were aimed at not only damaging the economy, in several ways, but also aimed at damaging the social welfare of our people in general…their words and deeds are far apart.” CONSULTATIONS According to him, there were broad consultations on the preparations of this year’s national budget involving a cross -section of stakeholders and surmised that the Opposition’s non-participation in the consultations could have been to “justify” the $37.4B in cuts. The President said: “Clearly the intention here was to hinder Guyana’s progress…this is a huge cut of funds that would have allowed the economy to advance.” APNU, according to Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh, in the National Assembly, indicated that they will not be a part of consultations, while the AFC did not respond at all. The Finance Minister told the House that as recent as January 24, 2014 the Opposition parties were invited again for consultation on the national budget. He had also previously explained recently that his e-mail dated January 13, 2014, indicated Government’s invitation to meet on Budget 2014 and requested that the Opposition suggest a date. The e-mail was also copied to AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan, Leader of the Opposition and APNU, David Granger, Lance Carberry of APNU, Dr. Roger Luncheon, and Gail Teixeira. The e-mail also contained copies of documents to be discussed. Furthermore, in February 2014, there was still no response from the Parliamentary Opposition parties to government’s invitation to participate in pre-budget consultations.

Ramotar added too that despite the Opposition’s failures to engage the Government, exhaustive questions were asked and given exhaustive answers in the National Assembly during the review of the 2014 Budget – as has been the case throughout since the commencement of the 10th Parliament, with no questions asked being left unanswered. Ramotar said: “I laboured under the impression that the Opposition has the interest of the people at heart...the cuts we have seen affects the economy and the social well-being of our people. “I did not expect any responsible Opposition, which wants to present itself as an alternative Government, to act so callously in attacking the Budget.” MAJOR CUTS Last Friday, the other cuts made included: the Specialty Hospital – $910M; upgrading of Regional

‘I laboured under the impression that the Opposition has the interest of the people at heart...the cuts we have seen affects the economy and the social well-being of our people. “I did not expect any responsible Opposition, which wants to present itself as an alternative Government, to act so callously in attacking the Budget.’ and District Hospitals, including Port Kaituma, Kwakwani, Linden, Bartica, Eye Surgery Operating Room at Linden etc. – $360M ambulances, ATVs and Boats – $42M; surgical equipment and instruments – $32M; the Amerindian Development Fund – $1.1B; other Amerindian Programmes, such as ATVs, Tractors etc. – $40M; the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) modernization project – $6.6B; Civil Aviation – $50M; and Hinterland Airstrips – $185M. The Head of State noted that these cuts are nothing but “savage cuts” that were intended to improve the livelihoods of Guyana’s first people. “We see the brutality of the Opposition in these acts,” he said. On Tuesday, under the allocation for the Office of the President, the cuts include: $245M for the Presidential Guard Services; $95M for the provision of developmental and humanitarian aid among other initiatives; $10M for the Office of the First Lady; $73.5M for the Guyana Energy Agency; $119M for the Guyana Office for Investment (Go Invest); $122M for the Institute of Applied Science

and Technology (IAST); $17M for the Integrity Commission; and $28.5M for the Office of the Commissioner of Information. Ramotar stated that the cuts to his office are “hamstrung” to the operations of the Executive. “I don’t think our Constitution envisaged that the office of the chief executive would be hamstrung by cuts from the Opposition, the constitution never envisaged this, and I think it may be unconstitutional because it affects the functioning of the Office of the President,” he said. The third day of cuts, on Wednesday night, included: $18.5B for the LCDS initiatives; $450M for loans for University of Guyana Students; $725M for the poverty alleviation programme; $7M for the different rights commissions; $795M for the Basic Needs Trust Fund; and $4M for support to non-governmental organisation and the private sector. The President stated that these cuts, particularly the $450M for UG student loans, detract from the investment in securing the future of Guyanese and is an irresponsible act, which reflects clearly that the APNU and the AFC are putting “narrow political” agendas above the welfare of the Guyanese people. “We are committed to the development of our country,” Ramotar stressed. NEXT STEP President Donald Ramotar says that the government’s legal team is examining the legitimacy of the $37.4B cuts by the Opposition to the 2014 budget. He said: “We are going to examine all the legal avenues to deal with this issue, and to try to stymie their plans for blocking the social and economic progress of Guyana.” Government moved to the courts over the cuts made to the 2012 budget and won a ruling in its favour this year. In January, this year, Acting Chief Justice, Ian Chang ruled that the National Assembly has no right to cut the national budget. The Chief Justice handed down his decision in the High Court on January 29.In the Preliminary Ruling given in June 2012, the CJ had ruled that the National Assembly had a role to either approve or disapprove of the National Estimate, not to cut them. However, a Notice of Appeal of Justice Chang’s decision was since filed in February by lawyer and Leader of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan, on behalf of Speaker of the National Assembly, who was listed as the appellant in the court. The Head of State stressed that the current administration, year after year, has incrementally increased the allocation of resources to key sectors, for the benefit of the Guyanese people, as its financial standing improves.



South Korea ferry ‘steered by U.N. envoy say Israel tried to inexperienced third mate’ bar him from pre-Easter rites (BBC News) The South Korean ferry that sank on Wednesday was steered by an inexperienced third mate who had never navigated the challenging waters where the accident occurred, prosecutors say. The third mate is in custody along with the captain and another crew member. Coastguards confirmed on Saturday that divers had retrieved three bodies from the ferry, bringing the number of confirmed dead to 36. Some 174 passengers have been rescued, with another 266 still missing. Recovery operations may take two months, officials say, as the divers

battle strong currents and poor visibility to reach the sunken vessel. “Divers broke through the window of a passenger cabin... and pulled out three bodies,” a coastguard official told the AFP news agency on Saturday. All three were wearing lifejackets, he added. The Sewol, carrying 476 passengers and crew, capsized during a journey from the port of Incheon in the north-west to the southern holiday island of Jeju. Ferry captain Lee Joonseok, 69 - who was not initially on the bridge - faces charges including negligence of duty and violation of maritime law. ‘Unfamiliar’ waters

Late on Saturday prosecutors said that the third mate had been steering the ferry in waters that were unfamiliar to her. Asked how long the rescue operation was likely to continue, Shin Won-nam, the head of the Emergency Management Centre, told reporters that it could take weeks, if not months. “We are not sure about it. But according to the experts, the rescue may last one or two months,” he said. He added that it was very unlikely someone trapped alive after the sinking could survive if it took this long. Relatives have begun providing DNA samples to help identify the dead.

UN special envoy Robert Serry gestures as he leaves in a car in Simferopol March 5, 2014. Credit: Reuters/Vasily Fedosenko

By Allyn Fisher-Ilan (Reuters) - A United Nations envoy accused Israel on Saturday of trying to block him and other diplomats from a pre-Easter “Holy Fire” rit-

ual in the packed Jerusalem church Christians revere as the burial site of Jesus. The incident, following two days of violence at a separate flashpoint holy site for Jews and Muslims, pointed up rising tensions in the politically charged city ahead of Pope Francis’s Holy Land visit next month. Israel dismissed the U.N. complaint, calling it an attempt to inflate a “micro-incident” and noting there was no reported violence among the tens of thousands of Christians who thronged to the Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem’s old walled city “Holy Fire” is a traditional Orthodox Christian ceremony at which they say a miraculous fire appears at the site identified as Jesus’s tomb every year on the day before Easter. Robert Serry, the U.N.’s peace envoy to the Middle East, said in a statement Israeli security officers had stopped

a group of Palestinian worshippers and diplomats in a procession near the church, “claiming they had orders to that effect”. Serry added in separate remarks to Reuters he had waited with Italian, Norwegian and Dutch diplomats for up to a half hour crushed by a crowd against a barricade, while Israeli officers ignored his appeals to speak with a superior. “It became really dangerous because there was a big crowd and I was pushed against a metal fence the police put up there, the crowd tried to push really hard,” Serry said, adding they might have been trampled had police not finally let them pass. “I don’t understand why this happened,” he added. “I’m not saying I felt my life was in imminent danger, but this wasn’t something you associate with a peaceful procession for Easter.”

Mediator heads to east Ukraine, seeking surrenders By Alastair Macdonald and Aleksandar Vasovic (Reuters) - A mediator from Europe’s OSCE security body headed to eastern Ukraine on Saturday seeking the surrender of pro-Russian separatists as the Kiev government declared an Easter truce following a peace accord with Moscow. Gunmen occupying public buildings in Donetsk and other Russian-speaking border towns refuse to recognize an accord in Geneva on Thursday by which Russia, Ukraine and Kiev’s U.S. and EU allies agreed that the OSCE should oversee the disarmament of militants and the evacuation of occupied facilities and streets. The coming days may determine whether unrest following the overthrow of Ukraine’s pro-Moscow president can be contained.

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Russia, which annexed Crimea last month in the worst East-West crisis since the Cold War, denies running the separatists or planning to invade. Western powers threatened more economic sanctions if Moscow does not prevail on the militants to surrender. Ertogrul Apakan, who heads the special mission in Kiev of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, said his deputy would be in Donetsk on Saturday and meet separatist leaders by Sunday to see if they will comply with the agreement. After a meeting in the Ukrainian capital with diplomats from the four parties to the Geneva accord, Swiss envoy Christian Schoenenberger, whose country is chair of the OSCE, said its monitors had spoken to several activists: “For the time being the political will is not there to move out,” he said.



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Mexico shaken by powerful earthquake As Tim Allman reports, cracks in walls show how powerful the quake was

Walls collapsed and trees fell in the Chilpancingo, near the quake’s epicenter

(BBC News) A powerful earthquake has hit Mexico City, shaking buildings for at least 30 seconds and causing widespread panic. The magnitude-7.2 quake was registered at a depth of 24km (15 miles), according to the US Geological Survey. Its epicentre was in the western state of Guerrero, near the seaside resort of Acapulco There are no reports of casualties or significant damage, but frightened residents across the Mexican capital fled their homes as

the tremor began. The earthquake was felt in several southern and western Mexican states at 09:27 local time (14:27 GMT). Windows were broken and trees fell in Chilpancingo, capital of Guerrero. In Acapulco, where many tourists were enjoying the Easter holiday, there were scenes of panic. “People were turning over chairs in their desperation to get out, grabbing children, trampling people,’’ 59-year-old Enedina Ramirez Perez told the AP

news agency. Like many tourists, she was having breakfast when the quake struck. Mexico lies on top of three continental plates and is regularly shaken by tremors. In 1985, at least 10,000 people were killed in Mexico City by a magnitude-8.1 earthquake. Correspondents say buildings in the capital are much better prepared to cope with earthquakes than in 1985, when the city centre was devastated by a magnitude- 8.1 tremor.

Water woes heighten (The Gleaner)INSTEAD OF attending church as is the tradition for many Jamaicans, hundreds spent Good Friday roaming the streets, on the hunt for water. From before dawn, men, women, boys and girls took to the streets in Waltham Park, Waterhouse, Olympic Gardens, Maxfield Avenue and adjoining areas in search of

the increasingly scarce commodity. For many, it’s been more than a week since any of the essential commodity has flowed through their pipes. Plastic containers of all shapes and sizes were on full display as Corporate Area residents trudged the streets. Word out of the National Water Commission

(NWC ) is that less than one month’s supply of water is in the Hermitage Dam and Mona Reservoir that serve the Corporate Area. New chairman of the NWC Prakash Vaswani described the situation as ‘very severe’. Vaswani who also served as chairman in the mid 1990s, said it was the worst he had encountered.

Warner: I regret what happened in May 2010 (Trinidad Express) INDEPENDENT Liberal Party leader, Jack Warner apologised on Thursday night for, “the wrongs imposed on this country in May 2010.”  He added:  “I will have to correct the wrongs if it is the last thing I do before I go to my grave.” Warner along with Movement for Social Justice leader, David Abdulah and former Attorney General Ramesh Lawrence-Maharaj spoke to reporters following a, “tell all,” meeting hosted by, Barrington “Skippy” Thomas who was the former adviser to sacked minister of the people Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh. Earlier the meeting had been disrupted by a group with placards.  They were seemingly in support of the Government as they objected to Skippy’s statements about the Government and the Prime Minister. Warner said: “I am just sorry because Basdeo Panday warned me

about her you know,” as he referred to Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar. In a news release on Friday Warner commented on Thomas’s meeting stating, “although the incident was more than what I expected and was very alarming, I held my ground and I listened to Mr Barrington “Skippy” Thomas address. “Having heard him it is quite clear that the mob was sent to the proceedings to disrupt the proceedings for fear of what Mr Thomas would disclose to the public. Also, it is my opinion that they were only able to do what they did because of the absence of law enforcement officers.  “Had there been officers present they could not conduct themselves in the manner they especially did. It is also informative to note that, at the end of the meeting, I saw the members of the mob assembled in a corner and being

paid by a coordinator of the Unemployment Relief Programme (URP) whose name I have.” The Express attempted to contact Minister of Works and Infrastructure Dr Suruj Rambachan whose portfolio includes URP but the calls went unanswered. Maharaj too blamed the Government for the presence of the mob. David Abdulah said: “When people can’t win a debate by their ideas then they have to resort to a kind of mob behaviour and quite clearly this Government has lost legitimacy and cannot present its ideas. Imagine two days ago the Prime Minister launched a national conversation namely listenership to lead and tonight they are not prepared to listen so they can’t lead and it’s a very sad thing when ordinary people get manipulated and used in this way for the interest of the cabal and a few others. It is a sign that this Government has collapsed.”






IT WOULD have come as a quite disturbing disclosure this Easter weekend that the Ambassador of the United States of America to Guyana, Mr Brent Hardt, remains involved in pushing for implementation of a local “democracy” project here after being officially advised of the government’s decision to suspend its continuation pending further clarification to determine future modus operandi. Disclosure of this development came on Thursday at the media briefing conducted by Dr Roger Luncheon, Head of the Presidential Secretariat, who had just returned from sick leave. The veteran political thinker, a medical doctor by profession, has been serving in that position since the PPP‘s return to government in 1992, after nearly a quarter century of systematically rigged elections by the People’s National Congress. At the media briefing he deemed as “provocative” Ambassador Hardt’s collaboration in reactivating this suspended project-WITHOUT any prior engagement with

the Guyana Government. ‘Provocative’ is often used as a diplomatic euphemism instead of “telling it like it is” in Guyanese parlance. Mr. Hardt’s own otherwise impressive career in the US diplomatic service should have served to remind him that he was engaging in unnecessary “provocative” political behaviour. Hence, there is an alternative option now open for action by the Guyana Government while remaining committed to sustaining principled bilateral relations between Washington and Georgetown. For a start, President Barack Obama’s administration should be officially alerted to the shenanigans involving Ambassador Hardt in relation to the LEAD project that extends to partisan politicking with the Opposition parties---APNU and AFC. And relatedly, considering that the LEAD project has benefited from funding by the US Agency for International Development (USAID). It is on record that both the governments in Washington and Georgetown, initially had made clear their commitment

to the implementation of LEAD. However, it seems that Ambassador Hardt may have unintentionally become entangled with the political Opposition that resulted in manifestations of unhealthy, if not exactly, prejudicial political behaviour inimical to the original initiatives for the LEAD project. There is more to be said about LEAD and the partisan politicking by Ambassador Hardt. But for now we await the Government’s next move following Dr Luncheon’s statement about “provocative” behaviour involving the US Ambassador to this country. Also, to ascertain whether Ambassador Hardt intends to be in communication with the government in response to Dr Luncheon’s statement on “provocative” interference.

Hypocrisy in action I ALWAYS thought that DTV 8 in Berbice was impartial and has no qualms about airing clean programmes, however, on Saturday April 19, I received a rude awakening when I was told by the person in charge that she cannot air my programme since it is ‘political’ in nature! This is hypocrisy in action. Every Saturday night this same TV station is airing an AFC programme ‘Alliance on the Move’ which is loaded with lies, deceptive statements, misinformation and downright slanderous statements openly made against reputable and honest citizens. Only recently this TV station was the recipient of a law suit brought against it by Anamayah Memorial Hospital. On this programme, an AFC councillor made slanderous and inaccurate statements in relation to expired drugs. This TV station has allowed the hosts of the AFC programme to slander anyone they feel like, ad lib. If I am not mistaken there are some lawsuits pending against this station because of this same AFC programme. Therefore, I can only now conclude that this TV Station is unwilling to expose the lies sold to Berbicians and is unpatriotic to the core since my programme only seeks to expose and refute the lies and misinformation being peddled by the ‘Alliance on the Move’ programme and by the way this programme is not only slanderous but is highly

political in nature. So it is beyond my comprehension why my ‘political’ programme cannot be aired. My programme which is entitled ‘A Commentary by H. Yusuf’ contained direct rebuttals to that programme since although I have tried unsuccessfully many times to get into the programme. On the Alliance on the Move Programme aired on April 12, Ramayya barefacedly told sugar workers that he had staked his life for them. I pointed out that when sugar workers were facing numerous hardships under the PNC Government he, Ramayya was enjoying the luxuries of life in the USA. It was the PPP and GAWU who fought ceaselessly for the cause of sugar workers and no one else! He further lied that sugar workers did not know they were going to protest in anticipation of the $6 billion budget cut. Yet he later claimed in that same programme that ‘the sugar workers betrayed the AFC’. He then asked the sugar workers in Berbice what they will get from the $ 6 billion, if any of this will’ go into their pockets. I explained that the Honourable Minister, Dr Leslie Ramsammy gave a detailed explanation in Parliament about how that money will be spent so Ramayya should not deviously attempt to mislead Berbicians. He then played the race card and accused Indians that they voted for the PPP/C because they do not want ‘a black man’ to rule them. I rebutted this racist statement by pointing out that people who voted for the PPP/C did so simply because the PNC dictatorship completely and comprehensively bankrupted this country and it is not about Blacks and Indians!

He next propagated the abuse of alcohol by telling ‘cane cutters’ that the $10,000 given by the government to assist them to send their children to school ‘cannot buy a good drink for them in a rum shop.’ He then gave an example which pointed out the AFC’s true stance on the sugar industry. He told Berbicians that if a person has a business and it is not making a profit then that person should close down that business! I the rebutted this by explaining to him that if that business is vital for the survival of that person, then that person should do an evaluation as to why the business is making a loss and take corrective measures and that is exactly what the PPP/C Government, the Minister of Agriculture and the management of GuySuCo are doing! So sugar workers beware of the AFC’s ‘forked tongue’ Ramayya and his boys intend to close down the sugar industry whenever the opportunity presents itself. If the sugar workers had not protested then that cut would have been effected. Dr Ramsammy made this prognostic statement some time back. These are some of the rebuttals I made in my programme which was refused air time on DTV 8. Some people are really ‘wolves in sheep clothing’. DTV 8 has finally shown their true identity! HASEEF YUSUF AFC Councillor Region 6



Looking at Domestic Violence from a Cultural Perspective By Keith Burrowes DOMESTIC violence has been in the news recently, and it continues to a problem not only here in Guyana but, at various levels, across the world. That said, I believe that the key factor in the level of domestic violence particularly in the Caribbean is that we have both a history of gender roles assigned to a specific system, and a history of social violence that was originally clearly legitimised but then eventually was sunk into our collective minds and learned actions. I don’t think people factor in the consideration that our foreparents, particularly those who were subjected to slavery, lived in a world where you could be beaten for the least offence, or even on the whim of the person in charge of you, once that person felt you were out of place. This was perpetuated, if not legally, through the post-slavery period, continued to a somewhat lesser degree throughout indentureship, and into the colonial and then post-colonial times. What we therefore had ingrained in us, and passed on from generation to generation, is that a proper system is one in which people have certain roles within a hierarchy, and the people at the top of the hierarchy get to apply violence to the people below. When we apply that to the typical family situation, it usually translates to saying that the man as the head of the household, the breadwinner, has the right to beat those below him, from his children to his wife. You combine those ingrained social roles, established and reinforced over a period of decades at least, and then consider that those roles are being upset today, and you have a possible underlying cause for the increase in domestic violence. For example, I read somewhere that 30 percent of domestic violence cases had to do with a conflict over cooking. The traditional familial arrangement had the woman in the role as the manager of the home, including the person who cooked meals, but when you consider that more women are working the same shifts as their male companions, when is a young woman taking the time to learn to cook for a family every single day? The young woman of today is at the very least equally competitive with her potential mate, particularly when it comes to high-paying jobs – indeed,

Keith Burrowes

check the top CSEC results over the past five years and you will see young women dominating academically, paving the way for greater academic achievement and meaningful employment down the line. And of course, this means that they have no interest in the traditional roles society has created for them – check all those top performers’ subjects and see how many, if any at all, majored in Home Economics. When we are dealing with domestic violence, it is this dual historical culture and the incidental upheaval of it that we are fighting against. How many stories have we had with women, even economically dependent ones, returning to an abusive situation, even as we also consider that the men also remain, against any consideration for the consequences of their actions. It is my frank belief that while we look at combatting domestic violence from a law enforcement and social services perspective, this is merely a BandAid solution to what will be a growing problem. Even as we are developing such measures, we need to undertake an aggressive programme of changing the culture, and doing it strategically where it matters most, among our young people. We need for example, a comprehensive secondary school programme, probably even curriculum based, that educates our young people not only on the laws about domestic violence, but helps them to understand the root causes of it, including their own conditioned gender prejudices. Our young men need to be taught for example that a domestic situation has to be a negotiated one, and if he has a stay at home wife, maybe the deal is that she does the cooking, but that the situation can equally be reversed and he should at least prepare himself to stir a pot. Our young women should also be taught that a higher salary or a better job than their mates shouldn’t translate into the same type of hierarchy that women are fighting against, and that the man shouldn’t be measured by how small his pay cheque might be relative to theirs. Most importantly, we need to systematically teach them that violence isn’t a solution to a domestic issue, but is in itself another issue on top of the ones you might already have.




-foreign investment and EU ties also finally overcome persistent hurdles of America’s more than half a cen-

signalled its interest to make into a reality this hitherto elusive relationship with

Cuban MPs voting in the National Assembly to pass the new investment law tury of a crippling economic blockade. Details of the proposed new EU/Cuba relationship are still being formulated, but the Havana administration of President Raul Castro, has already

the EU. Last month, on March 29, Cuba’s National Assembly approved legislation to anchor the crafted new foreign investment policy against the backdrop of structured consultations

across the Caribbean island state that has been coping with the enormous political and economic pressures— including acts of terrorism from the USA just some 90 miles away from its shoreline. The Caribbean Community, which had played a most significant role in breaking the diplomatic isolation of Cuba in the 1960s, is to be officially apprised of the new foreign investment law as well as the pursuit of Havana’s new policy in developing mutually satisfactory relations with the EU.                                             The CARIFORUM In this regard CARICOM is expected to play an enabling role via the existing mechanism known as CARIFORUM that comprises the 15-member Community plus Dominica in dealing with the EU. The Guyana-based CARICOM Secretariat also holds func-

tional responsibility for CARIFORUM in cooperation with the EU. Contrary to speculations being fanned about socalled “uneasiness” within segments of CARICOM’s private sector about Community partner states being disadvantaged by Cuba’s emerging initiatives based on its new foreign investment law as well as its proposed political choreography with the EU, the government in Havana has no intentions of “weakening but certainly strengthening” relations with this Region, according to its diplomatic personnel.    Consistent with this policy of continuing “fraternal relations” with governments across continents, the administration in Havana is expected to forward its approved foreign investment law as well as relevant information on new approaches in Cuba’s proposed new relationship

Ukraine: Stupidity in Action IT’S all too easy to imagine the high-level meeting in Kiev where the Ukrainian government decided on its next move. It probably sounded a bit like this: “Very well, gentlemen, we are agreed on our strategy for dealing with the Russians. First we will figure out exactly what they are trying to force us to do. And then we’ll do it.” Of course, it sounds stupid when you put it like that, but this does appear to be the Ukrainian strategy in a nutshell. Or as Ukrainian Security Service General Vasyl Krutov put it: “They [separatists] must be warned that if they do not lay down their arms, they will be destroyed.” As I write this, the first reports are coming in of Ukrainian troops trying to take back control of occupied government buildings in the east of the country by force. This cannot be done without killing people. And that is exactly what the Russians want. The provisional government of Ukraine does have a serious problem in the east, of course. It is trying to organise a national election in less than six weeks’ time that will produce a government whose legitimacy nobody can question. There may be a referendum on constitutional reform at the same time. It will be harder to do that credibly if government buildings in half a dozen eastern cities are occupied by armed men. On the other hand, if Russia’s President Vladimir Putin really wants to seize control of eastern Ukraine, or even all the parts of Ukraine where there are significant numbers of Russian-speakers, what he needs is a pretext. It’s already clear from Russian official statements what that pretext would be: that the “fascist puppet government” in Kiev is “killing its own citizens” just because they are Russians or Russian-speakers.

It is doubtful that all or even most of the heavily armed men in the occupied buildings are actually Ukrainian citizens. There was no separatist political organisation in the east before the revolution that was capable of producing hundreds of volunteers with military training, wearing identical uniforms and carrying identical Russian-made weapons, and using them to seize multiple targets in different cities simultaneously. It looks like Crimea all over again: a lot of the “local militia” there were also really Spetsnaz (Russian special forces). But there is a big difference: the Donbas, the region where Donetsk and the other affected cities are located, does not contain a civilian majority that actually wants to be ruled by Russia. If it did, the pro-Russians could just come out in non-violent crowds, like the protesters did in Kiev, and take control of the Region peacefully. The Crimean tactics won’t work in the Donbas, because most people there see themselves as Ukrainian even though they speak Russian on a daily basis. So there are no peaceful mass protests demanding “unification” with Russia, and the small groups of armed men who have seized buildings in various cities will only provide a usable pretext for a Russian invasion if some of them are killed by Ukrainian government forces. The truth, mercifully withheld from the soldiers in the occupied buildings, is that they are there to provide some martyrs – and when they die, Spetsnaz or not, they will be portrayed as local people killed by the government in Kiev. Then the Russian forces will move, to “save” the oppressed Russian-speakers of eastern Ukraine from the fascists in Kiev. So why is the Ukrainian government going to provide Putin with exactly that pretext by attacking the buildings in

with the European Union. Meanwhile, the political hiccup that recently developed between Cuba’s diplomatic and other personnel within CARICOM and the USA’s PriceSmart (as reported in last Sunday Sun), would be altogether irrelevant to coming new initiatives to enabling Cuba to more effectively combat the social and economic consequences of the USA’s 52year old trade, financial and economic embargo against that Caribbean nation. Cuba’s new foreign investment law and reaffirmation of support for an end to the US economic blockade against that Caribbean partner state will be among foreign policy issues for discussion at the forthcoming  annual Heads of Government Conference scheduled for July in Antigua.


Analysis by Rickey Singh               WHILE the United States warehouse shopping enterprise, PriceSmart is currently engaged in a controversial decision to discontinue business transactions with Cuban diplomats and other nationals in the Caribbean Community countries, the Cuban government is vigorously pursuing new foreign policy and investment initiatives designed to boost diversified domestic economic development. The multi-dimensional approaches provide for structured dialogue with the European Union (EU) as well as for accelerating the development of “prosperous and sustainable socialism”, according to “Granma”, organ of Cuba’s governing Communist Party. A core dimension of these far-reaching approaches--since the historic Cuban revolution of 1959,---is to

question? It would be inconvenient, but quite possible, just to blockade them, leave them in Russian hands and carry on the election around them. Or, if the authorities in Kiev find that too embarrassing, then just cut off the water and wait for the occupiers to come out peacefully. A week or two should be enough. You would think that the government in Kiev, which came to power itself by mainly non-violent means, and finally won when the Yanukovych government discredited itself by the massive use of force, would understand the importance of not killing people. You would, it appears, be wrong to think that. Maybe this conclusion is premature. Maybe, when the “volunteers” occupying the government buildings don’t flee at the first shots – and they won’t; these guys are professionals – the Ukrainian troops will be ordered to stop. Common sense could yet prevail. But the Kiev government has been doing the wrong things in the east for so long that a last-minute change of heart seems unlikely. And by the way, could somebody please explain to the Central Intelligence Agency why the optics of sending John Brennan, the director of the CIA, to Kiev last Sunday were so bad? And why swatting the critics away by saying that it was just a “routine” visit made matters worse? Governments that are “routinely” visited by the head of the CIA are usually puppet governments. Though to be fair, in this case it’s not so much a puppet government as a very stupid government.



Professor Misir makes presentations of his book: “HIV & AIDS Knowledge and Stigma in Guyana” in Toronto, London and New York RECENTLY, Professor Prem Misir completed presentations in Toronto, New

York City, and London on his book HIV & AIDS Knowledge and Stigma in

Guyana, published by the University of the West Indies (UWI) Press.

Misir made presentations in Toronto at the Guyana Consulate on March 24, 2014 and at York University on March 25, 2014; in New York City at the Guyana Consulate on March 27, 2014 and at York College/City University of New York on March 28, 2014; and finally in London at the London South Bank University on April 9, 2014 and at the Guyana High Commission on April 10, 2014. Here is a montage of pictures capturing the events:

Audience at the Guyana High Commission, London (GHCL)

With York College/CUNY’s Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Panayiotis Meleties (right) and Consul-General Brenthnol Evans (left)

With Dr. Vivian Lee and Professor David Murray (Chairman of the book presentation) at York University, Toronto

With Consulate-General Sattie Sawh, among others, at the Guyana Consulate, Toronto

Ambassador Laleshwar Singh at the GHCL

Audience at LSBU


President Ramotar sends his ‘deepest sympathy’ PRESIDENT Donald Ramotar has reached out in sympathy to his South Korean counterpart, Her Excellency Park GeunHye, upon learning of the tragic loss of lives when the vessel, the MV SEWOL, capsized early Wednesday off the coast of South Korea, taking with her some of the 475 passengers and crew. In a message sent Her Excellency Park Geun-Hye yesterday, President Ramotar said: “On behalf of the Gov-

ernment and the people of the Republic of Guyana and on my own behalf, I extend deepest sympathy to the Government and people of the Republic of Korea on the tragic loss of lives as a result of the sinking of the ferry, the MV SEWOL. “Our prayers and thoughts are with the people of Korea at this time, especially the families of those who lost their lives. “Please accept, Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration.”


Amerindians protest budget cuts denouncing Opposition as being heartless AMERINDIANS from indigenous communities across Guyana turned out in the hundreds recently braving the rain outside Public Buildings to protest the combined Opposition’s devastating $1.1B cut to the 2014 budgetary allocations to advance their development. Amerindian Affairs Minister, Pauline Sukhai, stood in solidarity with the protestors and told the media that the protest demonstration is a clear indication

of the objections and anger at the cuts. Summary of APNU, AFC cuts to Amerindian Budget: • $796M provision for YEAP • $12M for construction of village offices and multi-purpose buildings • $5.6M for the purchase of sport gear, musical instruments • $30M for implementation of drip irrigation systems and purchase of tractors

• $1.5M for eco-tourism programme • $200M for 2014 Presidential Grants • $5M for Secure Livelihood programme • $4M for language revival programme According to her, the disapproved allocations will affect not only young Amerindians, who contribute to the development of their communities, but also impact significantly on the socio-economic development of Guyana’s first people on

a whole. Last Thursday, the combined Opposition in the National Assembly, comprising the APNU and AFC, voted down $1.1B for the Amerindian Development Fund (ADF), $6M for rehabilitation of buildings, $13.5M for the purchase of boats and engines, $20M for the purchase of vehicles and motorcycles and $3M for the purchase of furniture and equipment – the entire capital budget of the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs.

U.S. Embassy’s continued implementation of LEAD Project most provocative - HPS Luncheon HEAD of the Presidential Secretariat (HPS), Dr. Roger Luncheon, says that bilateral relations between Guyana and the United States are not on the verge of a breakdown. “The notion that there exists an issue between our governments that would allow us to contemplate a rupture in the relationship should not be entertained….Once a sovereign state exercises (its) own sovereignty and (its) own judgment about what is in (its) own national interests, it will generate unease, conflict, disappointment with other states; and that is what diplomatic relations are all about,” he said at his weekly post-Cabinet press briefing yesterday at the Office of the President in Georgetown. However, he made it clear that recent comments made earlier this month by the outgoing U.S. Ambassador to Guyana, D Brent Hardt, are “most provoking”, with the Georgetown-based US Embassy’s continued implementation of the controversial $300M USAID-funded Leadership and Democracy (LEAD) project which was rejected by the Government. Dr Luncheon said Government finds provocative the U.S. Embassy’s implementation of activities with regard to the LEAD project in Guyana, despite Government’s disapproval and concern with the impact this would have on the sound bilateral relationship that exists between Guyana and the US. MOST PROVOKING “The April 9 revelations

by the Ambassador after his meeting with President Donald Ramotar, those revelations are most provoking,” Dr Luncheon said. “Bad faith comes to mind immediately, readily, but non-disclosure of the continued implementation of the disapproved project, even in the midst of the fervor to have the bilateral engagement conclude to our mutual satisfaction, speaks of premeditation.” Additionally, prior to the April meeting, the US Ambassador, at a Rotary event in February this year, said: “While we certainly do seek close and productive ties with governments, we are also reaching beyond governments to forge new partnerships with people and civic groups…. “We are promoting an array of education exchanges (and) public outreach, including through new media such as Facebook; boosting entrepreneurism; working with young people; and supporting free and vibrant media outlets.” The HPS said that Government was horrified to discover ongoing a project on conflict resolution, while at the same time the “one party” was implementing the components of a controversial project in its entirety. The first component of the project seeks to encourage consensus-building in the National Assembly and facilitate more effective interaction between the Assembly and citizens. The second component seeks to strengthen the effectiveness

of the National Assembly and boost citizens’ engagement with Parliament. The third LEAD component seeks to motivate and better equip Guyanese youths to constructively engage in political and civic processes. The fourth component involves civic and voter education relating to local elections and local government reform. UNHEALTHY DEVELOPMENT Dr Luncheon made it clear that the developments on the matter are “unhealthy”. He said, “It is unhealthy in the context of the sound bilateral relationship that exists between our governments. “One can indeed question what exactly is the value that the American Ambassador, the American Administration, places on maintaining and promoting sound bilateral engagements.” The HPS restated Government’s commitment to re-engage the US Ambassador on talks on the matter, but stressed that Government would not negotiate under duress, and would not discuss a project and its implementation whilst it’s being implemented. “This (position) is non-negotiable,” he stressed. INTERFERENCE The consensus of several stakeholder groups which have registered their concerns over the position of the U.S. on going ahead with the LEAD project is that, while they recognise that the American organisation Inter-

matter. It seems that we have either not been heard or not understood, and therefore an effort must be made to characterise the Government’s position with the greatest degree of finality, and that is what I will be undertaking,” Dr Luncheon said.

national Republican Institute (IRI) has been tasked with the implementation of the LEAD project, they also recognise that the IRI has a reputation for interfering in the internal politics of a country. Government had written to the US Ambassador seeking clarification following reports that aspects of the rejected USAID Leadership and Democracy Project were still being implemented, despite the administration’s objection to its design. The response received from the US Embassy called on the Government to engage the US on aspects such as the design of the project; and the last meeting on the matter was the April meeting between Ambassador Hardt and President Ramotar. According to the HPS, the next step now will be Guyana communicating very clearly its firm position on the matter. “Some of the options (we have) are easily contemplated; the others have a much more profound impact on our bilateral relations…. I do believe we have been specific on our position on this

FIRST IN TWO DECADES To date, the United States Embassy has made no public statement with regard to the project and Government’s firm position on its implementation. In a prior interview, Presidential Advisor on Governance, Ms Gail Teixeira, had said the current position of US officials is a departure from the usual bilateral relations existing between the two countries. She said, “The problem with the LEAD project is that it is a breach of the normal bilateral relations, as well as that the content has concerns for the Government - concerns which we expressed. “…this is the first time in 20 years that a project has not gone through that process. It has never happened between 1992 and 2012, and we are not agreeing to it because of the rejection of the Government’s participation.” Teixeira questioned why the Government was not involved in the consultations on the project. She said the Guyana Government and the American Administration have worked together over the last decades on US-funded projects. “It has always been a collaborative effort, in which we

have agreed on a design of a project and the implementation of that project,” she said. Referring to examples of the unchallenged implementation of projects that addressed the issue of democracy, Teixeira said: “I was part of other projects that dealt with democracy: the Consolidation of Democracy project, which ran from 2004 to 2006; and the more recent one, from 2009 to 2012, which dealt with trafficking in persons and violence against women and such. “In all of this, we sat with USAID and the US Embassy to consult on the project over several days, some(times) several weeks, and we came to agreement and the projects were signed off.” She therefore maintained that the Government’s position has been made clear and remains unchanged in relation to the LEAD project. “Were the LEAD project to have gone through the protocol over the last 20 years, we probably would have come to an agreement and fine-tuned the number of concerns we had, which we have had with other projects with USAID,” Teixeira said. She said that what was provided to Government was a “done deal”, and it has been rejected by Government primarily on that basis. “The main problem is the way in which the project is being implemented,” Teixeira reiterated. The project was not approved by Cabinet, and this was formally indicated to the relevant authorities on October 26, 2013.


Chronicle Weekend Roundup

April 14-18, 2014 Monday 14

Minibus plunges overboard at Meadow Bank turn SOME 18 passengers, including two toddlers, escaped serious injury when a Route 42 minibus plunged into the trench on the western side of the East Bank Demerara carriageway as the driver failed to negotiate the Meadow Bank turn. The driver of minibus BNN 7790 has been identified only as Collis. One of the passengers said the minibus, which was heading to Georgetown, was speeding along the East Bank Public Road and started to wobble in the vicinity of Providence. Sensing that something was amiss, the man said he shouted to the driver to slow down as the bus approached Banks Breweries turn at Meadow Bank, but the vehicle failed to make the turn and ended up in the trench.

Canal No. 2 man dies as truck topples at Mazaruni TWENTY-SEVEN-YEAR-OLD Robby Kopper, of Canal No. 2 Polder, West Bank Demerara, died when a truck he was travelling in turned turtle at Puppy Show Landing, Mazaruni, and pinned him to death. According to reports, the truck was being driven down a hill when the accident occurred.

Michael Gordon assumes GM duties at Chronicle EMPLOYEES of the Guyana National Newspaper Limited (GNNL), the printer and publisher of the Guyana (Daily and Sunday) Chronicle newspapers, were officially introduced to their new General Manager in the person of veteran media operative and former Acting CEO of NCN, Mr. Michael Gordon. He was selected by Office of the President following the recent resignation of Mr. Nandkumar Puran as Acting General Manager.

Tuesday 15


with Telesha Ramnarine

Mother reports daughter beat her with a bowl BIBI Neisha Khan, 51, of Charity Housing Scheme on the Essequibo Coast, has reported that her daughter, 18, beat her up with an enamel bowl. The mother, who is sickly and poor, said her daughter, who got pregnant while at school, took the bowl and punched her several times in her belly and head. Ms. Khan, who burst into tears while relating her story, said the police do not want to listen to her story. She said her husband (PLEASE SEE PAGE 12)



Chronicle Weekend Roundup (FROM PAGE 11)

deserted her several months ago. The sickly woman is calling for help and assistance.

GFS receives two ambulances valued $16M THE Guyana Fire Service (GFS) received two ambulances valued at $16M from the Ministry of Home Affairs. Chief Fire Officer, Marlon Gentle said they are working to have the ambulances outfitted and become operational within a month. They will then be used to assist with road accidents or house fires. Monies were budgeted for two more ambulances for the GFS this year.

Body of alcoholic fished out of trench at Sparta BANUMANATTIE Ramcharran, 51, of Sparta on the Essequibo Coast, was found dead in a drainage trench along the public road at Reliance. According to reports, the woman, who

with Telesha Ramnarine

is said to be an alcoholic and mother of two, would normally drink and roam from village to village. The body of the woman, which bore no marks of violence, was discovered by residents. It was fished out of the drain by police officers and taken to the Suddie mortuary.

Wednesday 16 Amerindians declare…

Give us back our funds! THE political opposition’s cut of funding to the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs’ $1.1B Amerindian Development Fund (ADF) will result in serious setbacks to the developmental plans for hinterland communities across Guyana. The money was slated for (PLEASE SEE PAGE 13)


Chronicle Weekend Roundup

(FROM PAGE 12) Presidential grants, eco-tourism projects, secure livelihood programmes, the purchase of agricultural tools and equipment and for the Youth Entrepreneurship and Apprenticeship programme among other things. Having heard of the cut to the ADF allocations, Amerindian leaders and villagers arrived in their hundreds to express their displeasure, and demand the reinstatement of the money that has been cut.

APNU mob disrupts peaceful Amerindian demonstration ONLY the heightened presence of police ranks outside the Public Buildings prevented what seemed to be fast developing into “A Clash of the Titans” as Amerindian protestors, moving into Day Two of their demonstration, were joined by a small band of persons claiming to represent the interest of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU). The motley group was essentially against the Amerindian peoples exercising their right to protest the combined Opposition’s non-approval of the budgetary allocations to advance their development. Its members shouted slogans such as: “PPP must go!” “We want Granger!” “Rohee Must Go!” and “APNU Granger!”

Baby dies after reportedly falling ill at City Day Care FOUR-MONTH-OLD Phillip Bratt of Sophia was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, soon after falling ill and reportedly becoming unconscious at the Mother’s Union Day Care on Robb Street. The baby is said to be the only son of his mother who has been identified as Chilion Archer. Archer, who is employed at the GPHC, told the Chronicle that her son was in very good health and wasn’t ill, so she does not know what really happened to him. When this publication visited the Day Care to speak with the headmistress/headmaster, a teacher said the HM was busy and could not speak with anyone.

Providence Hotel and Casino renamed Ramada Georgetown Princess PRINCESS Hotel and Casino has announced the renaming of its Providence, East Bank Demerara property as RAMADA Georgetown Princess.

Thursday 17

Strange-looking fiber glass object washes ashore at Devonshire Castle A STRANGE-looking fiberglass object, which reportedly washed ashore at Devonshire Castle on the Essequibo Coast, is causing quite a stir and no end of speculation. According to reports, the object has attracted quite a large crowd, with many surmising that it may very well be part of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared more than a month ago while en route to China. Reports are that several officers of the Guyana Coast Guard also visited the area and inspected the strange-looking object.

Guyanese fined for stealing electricity in Antigua (ST. JOHN’S, Antigua) GUYANESE Orland Wilson, 26, pleaded guilty to fraudulently diverting, obstructing, and consuming electricity from the Antigua Public Utility Authority (APUA) when he appeared in the St John’s Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel. Facts of the case are that Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officers executed a search warrant for an unlicensed firearm and a 42” flat screen TV at Wilson’s home in Villa at about 6.45 am on April 13th, and not only did the lawmen find a television matching this description, but they noticed that a red tag was attached to the APUA electricity meter on the house. On the charges of obstructing and diverting current, Wilson was reprimanded and discharged; but for the unlawful consumption of electricity, he was fined $900 EC Dollars ($66,252 Guyana Dollars). The court ordered the father of two to pay $500 EC Dollars ($36,806 Guyana Dollars) forthwith, and the balance must be paid on or before May 1, failing which Wilson would be jailed for three months.

NGSA exam results will be issued June 27 EDUCATION Minister Priya Manickchand made the announcement. This year, 15,000 students were registered to sit the exam.

Friday 18

Dr Luncheon confirms illness as cancer HEAD of the Presidential Secretariat (HPS) and Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon, has confirmed that he is suffering from gastro-intestinal cancer, which has already spread to some parts of his lungs. He explained at a news conference that he has chosen not to undergo


with Telesha Ramnarine

invasive surgery. The 65-year old HPS has served in that capacity since the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) took the reins of power in 1992. Dr. Luncheon was diagnosed last year and in 2012 suffered from a pulmonary embolism.

Five charged with murdering kidnapped businessman FIVE men appeared before Magistrate Ann Mc Lennon charged with the murder of businessman Rajendra Singh of Enmore, East Coast Demerara. They were not required to plead. The five-Adony James, 31, of Roxanne Burnham Gardens; Sheldon Chase, 28, of Pike Street, Kitty; Doonauth ‘Pumpkin’ Ketwaroo, 27, of Good Hope, East Coast Demerara; Tony Thomas, 27, of Bel Air; and Michael ‘Jet Lee’ Lewis, 37, of Sheriff Street, were remanded to prison until May 21. Particulars of the capital offence said they murdered Singh between last April 5 and 9. The men had allegedly kidnapped Singh and demanded a ransom from his wife. The man was discovered dead in Le Repentir Cemetery after his wife failed to pay up.

Body of father of five fished out of interior river THE body of 28-year-old Kevin Carmichael of Lot 8 Paradise, West Coast Berbice was fished out of a river in the hinterland by his co-workers. The father of five was reportedly with his brother and a cousin swimming from one side of the river to the next when he suddenly began experiencing problems and went under the water. The body was brought out of the backdam and later transported to Bartica, then to Parika, where it was retrieved by undertakers from the Lyken Funeral Parlour.

Gov’t explores legal options over $37.4B budget cut PRESIDENT Donald Ramotar says his Government will explore all legal options available to deal with what he has termed “unconstitutional” reductions of the 2014 Budget by a whopping $37.4B, the largest cut in the last three years of “callous and vindictive” budget cuts made by the combined Opposition, APNU and AFC, during his term in office.



Voter education outreach underway for local government elections –Whittaker

Local Government Commission Bill were assented to last November.

By Vanessa Narine MINISTER of Local Government and Regional Development, Mr. Norman Whittaker said that in preparation for Local Government Elections, the ministry is currently reaching out to various communities to provide voter education. He made the announcement at a press conference on Thursday he co-hosted with the Permanent Secretary, Mr. Collin Croal, at the ministry, in Fort Street, Kingston, Georgetown. “We, at the ministry, believe that we have a responsibility to educate people. We are mindful of the registration work being done by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM),” he added, observing that the latter has, reportedly, been accelerating its business. Whittaker further said that officers of the ministry

Mr. Norman Whittaker have spent time with Regional Executive Officers (REOs) and their deputies talking about election preparedness. He pointed out that, just recently, the ministry’s public awareness efforts, which started last October, became essential to ensuring that there is good voter turnout for the elections. However, Whittaker emphasised that the ministry’s readiness is not the only factor that determines Guyana’s overall preparedness to host the elections, and noted in particular, the inputs from GECOM. Three Bills: Fiscal Transfers Bill 2012, Municipal and District Councils (Amendment) Bill, and the

RIGOROUS DEBATES Guyana is expected to host Local Government Elections on or before August 1, 2014, following a vote in the National Assembly, after rigorous debates over its importance to democracy. The House passed as well, the Local Authorities (Elections) (Amendment) Bill 2013, which states that elections must be held on or before August 1, 2014. That Bill’s passage was pushed by the Opposition, which used its one-seat majority to its advantage, even as Government Members of Parliament (MPs) argued in favour of the date being on or before December 1, 2014. The August date was substituted through an amendment to the Bill, proposed by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), while the National Assembly was in Committee. Local Government Elections have not been held in Guyana since 1994. Prior to that, the last such balloting was in 1970. Subsequent to 1994, local elections could not have been conducted because of the coincidence with the general and regional elections of 1997.


08:30HRS 09:30HRS 10:30HRS


Sooba threatens to withhold fuel from Mayor’s vehicle By Leroy Smith

AT a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Town Clerk Carol Sooba told reporters that she would not be issuing any diesel for the council-issued vehicle used by City Mayor Hamilton Green until he apologises to her for the way in which he addressed her on two separate occasions. She said that on one occasion he addressed her verbally, calling her “a rodent”, and on the other occasion he addressed her in a correspondence; and because of his disrespect for the office of the Town Clerk, and of her as holder of that office, he would first have to issue her an apology before she would resume issuing diesel for the vehicle assigned him.

Easter Monday vending on the seawalls…

Vendors will be charged for selected spots-Sooba explains - believes Deputy Mayor needs prayers By Leroy Smith TOWN Clerk Carol Sooba has undertaken to pray for the Deputy Mayor of Georgetown, Patricia Chase-Green during this time of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. “In the name of God around this crucifixion time I don’t know what the Deputy Mayor is trying to do, I would have to pray for her,” Sooba told reporters on Tuesday. Sooba gave this solemn undertaking while addressing a press conference regarding misleading information being peddled by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Georgetown. Her contention was the protest by Chase-Green and several other members of the City Council over a decision of the Town Clerk’s office to charge persons for occupying selected spots along the seawalls on Easter Monday. Chase-Green, according to Sooba, is attempting to give the impression that every single individual who shows up to occupy a spot on the seawalls will be asked to pay a fee, but that is not so, the Town Clerk assured. She said there are specific spots which would be sold to persons who wish to vend on Easter Monday. In addition, the Council will be ensuring enforcement on Easter Monday whereby persons who land on the spots will be made to pay for the space or they will be evicted. Sooba, herself a Christian, said that she sees no issue with persons being asked to pay to use the selected spots. “Christians should dress up in their long gongs, go to the seawalls, fly their kites and resurrect Christ on Easter Monday if they don’t want to pay the fee for occupying spots along the Seawalls on Easter Day,” she said. Further, Sooba said it is strange that the Deputy Mayor who was once in charge of the selling of spots to persons for kite flying on Easter Monday, and who is also a Christian did not take the time to be so holy when she used to sell the very spots to Christians in the past. She added that there will be no place for thieves in her administration and the mayor and some councillors are welcomed to be part of the bigger process of restoring City Hall, but there must be the understanding that she is the administrator of the Council and all matters which should be passed through her by law will have to be respected. The Town Clerk reminded that the Council is no longer at the place where workers have to strike or protest for their monies at the end of the month and that has come about through better financial oversight and accountability.


- unless he apologises for calling her ‘a rodent’

Sooba said she views the Mayor’s conduct as very disrespectful, and the only way to end this impasse is for him to apologise. She told reporters that while requesting fuel for his vehicle by way of a letter, Mayor Green failed or refused to recognise her portfolio, thus disrespecting her office. Instead, he addressed the letter to “Carol Sooba, in care of (Cc) the Office of the Town Clerk”. Sooba believes that the letter should have addressed her as the Town Clerk, and it should have been more professional.

Accordingly, she says, until the mayor apologises for his unprofessional conduct and the way he addressed her, she will not be issuing any fuel orders on his behalf. Sooba claimed that the Mayor, on Monday, called her “a rodent”, and the last time she had checked, she was no rodent. If the mayor is serious about fuel for his vehicle, he cannot expect that to be issued by “a rodent,” Sooba said. She asserts that as long as she remains “a rodent” in the eyes of the mayor, the fuel will be unable to flow. “Rodents don’t issue fuel,” she declared.



Inner Wheel Club of Georgetow By Alex Wayne

FOR OVER twenty years, the Inner Wheel Club of Georgetown has been hosting a hat show that has become a major annual event in Guyana, attracting hundreds of visitors each year at the Promenade Gardens. This year’s Annual Hat Show and Garden Party will be held on Saturday, April 26. The main attraction, as the name suggests, is a hat competition for children and adults in three categories: elegant, topical and original. In the past, the colourful and elegant designs have stood out in particular, but the original and topical ones make a lasting impression as well. For example, one year it was “cricket fever”.

Hats were displayed in the past to raise awareness of burning topics. For instance, Habitat for Humanity volunteers raised the issue of inadequate housing, and one regular contestant, when she was in her 80s, depicted the city of Georgetown being made deplorable due to the garbage situation. Registration for entrance into this intense hat competition is done on the day itself, and contestants are required to come early to register from 14:30 hrs. Registration closes at 15:30hrs. Male contestants are still very few, and may need a special invitation and encouragement to participate. Visitors can also look forward to having delicious Tea served at the Tea Stall. As usual, there will be various other stalls, including a Book Stall, Games Stall and a Sweet and Savoury Stall, providing tasty home-made snacks, pastries

and cakes. Many of the patrons look forward to the music which is provided by the Police Force Band in the Promenade Gardens Band Stand, around which the Hat Competition takes place. The Inner Wheel Club of Georgetown is a charitable organisation that raises funds in order to make an impact in the lives of the less fortunate through scholarships for young adults seeking training in the fields of education and medicine. They participate in community development activities that benefit children and the elderly, as well as spread cheer on festive occasions. The Annual Hat Show and Garden Party is held at the Promenade Gardens on the Saturday following Easter Monday. It is the Club’s largest fundraiser. This year, the Hat Show

Annandale distributes MINISTER of Legal Affairs and Attorney General, Anil Nandlall yesterday distributed 350 kites on behalf of the Annandale group of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) to children for Easter. The event took place at the PPP’s office at Lusignan, East Coast Demerara, where Nandlall was on hand to share out the colourful kites to the long lines of children, who had gathered. He said that they have acquired 350 kites in varying sizes and colours from the PPP group and members of the business community of Annandale and it is an annual event which dated back to 15 years ago since President Bharrat Jagdeo was in office. Nandlall added that last year President Donald Ramotar under the Office of the President made the donation of kites to children in the community but this year the budget was slashed so there is an unavailability of funds. The children, who received kites are from Buxton, Annandale and Lusignan, also on the East Coast Demerara. Some of the children, who received kites, told the Guyana Chronicle that every year they look forward for the occasion in which they are gifted kites for the Easter holidays and were very pleased with the gesture.

Nandlall as he presented a k East Coast Demerara

These boys


wn holds Easter Hat Show 2014 Hat Show 2005

PPP group s 350 kites

kite to a child yesterday at Freedom House at Lusignan,

s extremely happy with their new kites

and Garden Party falls on April 26, and the Club warmly invites all to bring their families to enjoy a day of fun and entertainment. The action starts at 14:30hrs and would last until 18:00hrs. Entrance tickets cost $200, but children under 8 yrs would not pay an entrance fee. Tea is also available for a contribution of $1,500, which includes the entrance fee. Today, the International Inner Wheel Club has more than 100,000 members in 3,895 Inner Wheel Clubs in over 100 countries worldwide. The work of Inner Wheel started in 1924 when the wives of Rotarians sought to assist their husbands in fundraising efforts towards Rotary projects. In 1967, the International Inner Wheel Club was founded, and while Inner Wheel Clubs continue to support Rotary Club


activities, they also have their own projects. The Inner Wheel Club of Georgetown, chartered on March 16, 1985, recently celebrated 29 years of service, and still has active members like Charter President Maylene Davis, who has served from the club’s inception. To mark this anniversary and in keeping with this year’s theme, ‘We for Women’, current President of the Club, Aretha Campbell, made a presentation on behalf of the Club to assist Help & Shelter. On Friday, March 28, 2014, representatives from eleven special schools in New Amsterdam, Linden, Grove and Georgetown gathered at the National Park playground to receive gifts from the Inner Wheel Club of Georgetown. The National Park Playground is one of the Inner Wheel Club of Georgetown’s more visible projects.



PPP EASTER MESSAGE THE People’s Progressive Party (PPP) extends Easter Greetings to all Guyanese more particularly our Christian brothers and sisters. Easter symbolises the resurrection of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and is observed by the flying of kites which has always brought tens of thousands of people from all walks of life and from every religious persuasion together to celebrate this auspicious occasion. It is the fervent wish of the Party that the Easter spirit of togetherness and joy will continue throughout the year and that righteousness will prevail in this beautiful country of ours. May the kites soar high into the skies and in the process lift the spirits of all Guyanese many of whom have become exhausted and tired by elements in our midst who seek to divide us as a nation and thwart our collective efforts to lift our economy and our country to even greater heights. Once again, a Happy Easter to one and all!

GAWU’s Easter Message 2014 THE Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) transmits its highest esteem and regards to the local Christian Community at this time of the commemoration of the Faith’s enduring pillar of belief. The Christian Observance of Easter – in original essence, the festival to celebrate resurrection – envelopes even Guyanese Non-Christians. This is because there are elements of Easter – as for Christmas – which all members of humanity feel free to embrace. Whilst the Easter commemorates the most significant sacrifice which true Christians know to be the bulwark of their religion, all of humanity can find hope in the Resurrection of the Crucified Christ whatever the perception of that event is cast in. For whether physical Death, whether constant fear of conflict, disease, crime or poverty it is, for mankind, equally important that there be come resurrection, some resurgence of rescue from hostile, life-threatening and hopeless situations. The Spirit of Humankind which makes eventual effort and triumph is the very bedrock of human existence. Easter for Guyanese provides ample periods for reflection. Some Christians end their Lenten forty-day fasting and abstinence to find renewed strength of character. Others mourn the death of the Saviour then rejoice and celebrate His Rising. All Guyanese share the promise of his going to prepare a better place. GAWU enjoins all Guyanese to join the Christian celebration of hope based on sacrifice. As we share cross-buns, the joys of symbolic kite flying and other responsible revelry, let us all direct our national leaders to be practical modern-day messiahs to lead us into Guyana’s Promised Land wherein its resources are distributed evenly. A Happy Reflective Easter to All!



















Racing Tips ENGLISH 09:05 hrs Echo Of Lightning 09:35 hrs Maid Of The Glens 10:05 hrs Swehan 10:35 hrs King O0f Thye

Pics 11:05 hrs Alex My Boy 11:35 hrs Desert Colours 12:05 hrs Iggy Towcester 09:15 hrs Massena 09:45 hrs Tinelyra 10:15 hrs Fine Moment 10:45 hrs Green Bank 11:15 hrs Typhoon De Guye 11:45 hrs Ned Stark 12:15 hrs Mont Royale 12:45 hrs Bulfin Island Plumpton 09:25 hrs Ellnando Queen 09:55 hrs Sports Report 10:25 hrs The Informant 10:55 hrs Dildar 11:25 hrs Unex Modigliani 11:55 hrs Get Ready To Go 12:25 hrs Bedouin Bay Irish Racing Tips Fairyhouse 09:40 hrs Emperor Of Exmoor 10:10 hrs Blue Hell 10:40 hrs Sailors Warn 11:0 hrs Woiunded Warrior 11:40 hrs Billycasey 12:10 hrs Ned Buntline 12:40 hrs Turcugua French Racing Tips Auteuil 08:30 hrs Poligroom 09:08 hrs Extreme Sud 09:40 hrs Victoire Des Borde 10:10 hrs Vent D’Allier 10:40 hrs Vieux Friere 11:10 hrs Mail De Bievre South Africa Racing Tips Clairwood 08:40 hrs Wild One 09:15 hrs Barbosa 09:50 hrs All Is Secret 10:25 hrs Weekend Temper 11:00 hrs Bolt Of Light



All-round RCB swipe aside Mumbai MUMBAI Indians slumped to their second defeat in as many matches against Royal Challengers Bangalore, who have now won two out of two. (Scores:Royal Challengers Bangalore 116 for 3 (Parthiv 57*, de Villiers 45*) beat Mumbai Indians 115 for 9 (Chahal 2-17, Starc 2-21) by seven wickets) The defending IPL champions struggled at the start, scratched around in the middle and crumbled at the death on a somewhat difficult surface seeing its first IPL match. For their opponents, it was the bowling again that set up the win, although their batsmen, minus the recovering Chris Gayle again, did not find it easy. Mumbai’s problems began at the top as Michael Hussey and Aditya Tare failed to make good after being dropped on 1. Mitchell Starc and Albie Morkel found swing and seam to go with some pace and bounce,

Parthiv Patel drives down the ground in his unbeaten 57 and the Mumbai openers were tied down. Tare was beaten several times for pace, especially on the short ball. Even as Hussey departed, swinging Morkel to backward square leg, Varun

Aaron’s speed and accurate back-of-a-length deliveries kept up the squeeze on Mumbai. Tare’s struggle ended when he connected a short ball only to top-edge it. Then came the decisive spell

of the game. Young legspinner Yuzvendra Chahal tossed it up liberally, and lured Rohit Sharma into a half-hearted loft to long-off. Chahal stuck to his approach, and earned another big wicket of Kieron Pollard in his next over, the batsman trying to launch a six but only going as far as long-on, where Sachin Rana jumped to collect a sharp catch. Ambati Rayudu and Corey Anderson pushed Mumbai past 100 but they never looked in control as no Royal Challengers bowler provided them any release. Ashok Dinda went for just 14 in his four overs. Mumbai were to collapse from 101 for 4 to 115 for 9 in the last four overs, batsman after batsman slogging and holing out in the deep. Royal Challengers were to be reduced to 17 for 3 in the chase. Nic Maddinson could not keep out an inswinging Lasith Malinga yorker. Zaheer Khan then nipped out Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh in the space of three deliveries. AB de Villiers was the new batsman in. He had Parthiv Patel for company, but with only Albie Morkel, Sachin Rana and the bowlers to follow, Royal Challengers needed the pair in the middle to do the bulk of the job. Which was exactly what de Villiers and Parthiv did, putting on an unbeaten 99 runpartnership that brought up the win in the 18th over. They had their nervy moments, but hung around to steer their side home. Parthiv seemed to have thinedged Malinga to the keeper with 41 needed off the last seven overs, but Mumbai did not even appeal. It might have made a difference, it may not have, but in the end, Mumbai just did not have enough runs to push Royal Challengers. (ESPN Cricinfo)

Karthik and Duminy end Delhi’s losing streak

The burning question for Delhi Daredevils was their mettle under pressure. They were on a losing streak that was now at seven matches across two seasons. (Scores: Delhi Daredevils 167 for 6 (Karthik 56, Duminy 52*) beat v Kolkata Knight Riders 166 for 5 (Uthappa 55, Pandey 48) by 4 wickets) They still had to contend with their biggest influence - Kevin Pietersen - being restricted to the bench. They had to best one of the wilier attacks in the IPL, which believed - at 167 - it had enough to defend. However, fifties from standin captain Dinesh Karthik and new recruit JP Duminy took them home in an emphatic flurry. The Daredevils captain was on the receiving end of a snorter from Albie Morkel in the last match, but today he was at his busy best. He nudged those singles and twos, his footwork against spin was precise and more importantly he held the chase together until Duminy arrived at No. 5 and took Morne Morkel for 21 runs in the 18th over to shift the balance. Sunil Narine was Knight Riders’ go-to man again, gamely delivering a 19th over that allowed only six runs to leave the equation at run-a-

ball. The pressure shifted to Piyush Chawla who beat Jimmy Neesham with a legbreak that didn’t turn, and then snapped him up with a seam-up delivery. Duminy hared across to the other end so that he was on strike, and belted another quick delivery over square leg to take the honours with three balls to spare. A big target requires some risks at the top and can sometimes contribute to wickets without much doing from the bowlers. M Vijay was one such casualty when his search for a non-existent single resulted in his runout. Ross Taylor could not get going for a second game in a row, and was undone by an offcutter from Jacques Kallis. Daredevils, though, still managed a quick start, thanks to Mayank Agarwal’s 26 off 14, which ensured the Powerplay fetched 49 runs. Chawla’s first over highlighted Karthik’s range against spin when he carted a six over square leg, and then cut a four through point. A languid four over extra cover brought up his fifty, and was probably the shot of the match. (ESPN Cricinfo)

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England shut the door... Senior players and the chairman of selectors James Whittaker, and came to the conclusion that if England were going to rebuild we had to make a decision, rebuild not for the next three months, but two years, three years, five years. “We had to invest in new players, build a new team with some core values and it was decided that wouldn’t happen with Kevin in the side. “What you see on either side of me [Peter Moores and captain Alastair Cook] is the future of England cricket and I don’t see any intention of going back.” The England and Wales Cricket Board is yet to reveal specific reasons for Pietersen’s sacking, owing to a confidentiality clause But Downton added: “People have been looking for a smoking gun but there were no specific issues with Kevin. “We had a strong side over 10 years with strong leadership and established captains and coaches, and

that side could accommodate Kevin, but that balance has shifted now,” Downton said. “A new side won’t accommodate Kevin. It’s about the balance of what is best for England.” Since Pietersen’s last England appearance in the Sydney Test in January, England have lost five of eight one-day internationals and eight of 10 Twenty20s, culminating in a group stage exit from the World Twenty20 in Bangladesh. Moores said it was “impossible to say” whether his job would be easier or harder without Pietersen in the team, but sought to clarify the circumstances of their dispute five years ago. “I never fell out with Kevin, Kevin fell out with me,” he said. “I moved on quickly and was lucky, in that I went to coach a great club. “It’s time to look forward rather than look back.” (BBC Sport)



Moores returns as England coach (REUTERS) - Peter Moores was named England coach for the second time yesterday as the cricket board continued its overhaul following the humiliating 5-0 Ashes rout in Australia at the start of the year. The 51-year-old succeeds Zimbabwean Andy Flower who stepped down after five years in charge following the whitewash Down Under in January. Moores coached England for two years from 2007 before he was sacked after a fall-out with leading batsman Kevin Pietersen whose international career was ended by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) after this year’s Ashes defeat.   “It’s great to be back. I feel very proud to get this opportunity because I think it’s a great chance,” Moores told a news conference at Lord’s. “To work with an outstanding player, person (captain Alastair Cook) and try to build something, it’s an opportunity and to be part of that opportunity I’m very excited and looking forward to the challenges ahead.” Moores, a journeyman player and a former coach of Sussex, took charge of Lancashire after leaving England and in 2011 led the club to the outright County Championship title for the first time in 77 years. Former international spinner Ashley Giles, England’s one-day coach, was the favourite to get the number one job.

around the counties.”

Peter Moores, Paul Downton and Alastair Cook at the unveiling of England’s new coach, Lord’s,yesterday

However, the team’s poor World Twenty20 campaign last month in Bangladesh, where they failed to get past the group stage, appears to have counted against him. Moores faces a major rebuilding job following the end of Pietersen’s international career, the retirement of experienced off-spinner Graeme Swann and the stress-related problems faced by batsman Jonathan Trott who announced he was taking another break from the game on Friday. SMALL STEPS Cook, though, said he was looking forward to England hosting the Test series against Sri Lanka and India later this year and also going to the 50-over World Cup in Australia and New Zealand in 2015. “It’s going to be small steps,” the captain added. “It’s going to take a little time to rebuild but we have

got a huge amount of talent in this country and it’s a very exciting time to be an England player.” ECB managing director Paul Downton, who was appointed in October, said Moores was a perfect fit for the role but did not give any details about the length of contract his new coach had signed. “Peter has a great reputation around the world as an outstanding coach and he will return to the role as England head coach with a great deal more experience and understanding of the challenges that the role presents,” he explained. “There is no doubt he is the leading English coach of his generation and I believe that this is his time. “I was hugely impressed by his vision for the future of the England team and I am looking forward to working with him in the years to come,” said former England

News agencies boycotting IPL over photo restrictions (REUTERS) - A number of news agencies have decided against covering cricket’s Indian Premier League Twenty20 competition in India and the United Arab Emirates, due to the exclusion of some photo agencies from covering matches. Thomson Reuters, Agence France-Press and Associated Press will send no reporters or photographers to the tournament, which began last Wednesday, as a protest against the IPL’s limit on editorial freedom. The photo agencies, including Getty Images and Action Images, supply publishers

of editorial newspapers and websites around the world with images from sporting events in numerous countries without problems, but have been excluded from covering the seventh edition of the IPL following a disagreement regarding the commercialisation of images. “The IPL policy is counterproductive and will lead to cricket fans being denied the varied and independent coverage they would expect from such reputable news sources,” the News Media Coalition, which fights against controls placed on news gathering and distribution by the organisers

of major sporting events, said in a statement. “Between them, news agencies reach hundreds of thousands of publishing entities which are seen by millions of readers. That’s the value of getting the news media on-side - to the benefit of team franchises, players and sponsors. “International news and photo agencies were able to cover the first IPL tournaments including the one in South Africa and we do not believe there should be an obstacle for the IPL 7 or other Indian cricket events.”

wicketkeeper Downton. “It was a really difficult decision to make as we had an outstanding field but the panel were unanimous in the choice of Peter and I know that support will be echoed

PIETERSEN DISCONNECTION When Moores was fired by the ECB in 2009, Pietersen was also relieved of the captaincy. Downton said there was no way back for the maverick batsman. “The issue at that stage was that you had a senior player (Pietersen) who had got disconnected from the team,” he added about the circumstances leading to the South Africa-born player’s sacking after the Ashes whitewash this year. “I spent two to three weeks speaking to all the coaches on that trip, several senior players, to the captain, to James Whitaker,

the chairman of selectors, and came to the unanimous conclusion that if England were going to rebuild after a very disappointing 5-0 loss we had to make a decision,” said Downton. “We had to rebuild not for the first three months but for the next two years, three years, five years and for the side to grow “We had to invest in new players and we had to build a new team with core values and we decided that wouldn’t happen with Kevin in the side so we decided not to select him going forward,” added Downton. “The future of English cricket is very exciting and I don’t see any intention of going back.”



GPF/CoP INTER-DIVISION T20…. By Calvin Roberts FOLLOWING their commanding victories in the quarterfinals, yesterday, ‘B’ and ‘F’ Division have booked a place in the semifinals of this year’s C. Persaud Dental Services sponsored Guyana Police Force’s Commissioner of Police Inter-Division T20 competition. They will face off at 0:900hrs this morning at the Police Sports Club ground in the lone semifinals, following which the winner will oppose Tactical Services Unit (TSU) in the finals which bowls off at 14:00hrs this afternoon at the same

‘B’ and ‘F’ Division to contest semifinals today -winner plays TSU in finals

venue and carries a first place prize of $200,000. In yesterday’s encounter at the Guyana Defence Force ground, ‘F’ Division, who gained a walk over from Presidential Guard in the first round, lost the toss and were asked to bowl first to ‘D’ Division, who were bowled out for 100 off the final delivery of their 20 overs. D. Henry topscored with 25 which included two sixes

Deon Parris

and two fours while Solomon -who refused to give his Christian name despite being asked on numerous occasions, and K. Singh made 17 each. National selectee Trevor Benn led his troops well with the ball, picking up 3 for 3 and got support from Kelsey Roberts who got 3 for 8 and Roderick English’s 2 for 11 for ‘F’ Division who in reply raced to 104 for 3 from 12.5 overs. This was mainly due to Keith Jobe’s 28 (2x6, 2x4), 21 from Richard Blahnum which included three successive sixes off Lolichand and an unbeaten 21 from Benn that was decorated with back to back sixes off Lolichand (1 for 38) and two fours, as Bhojnarine Lalbachan took 2 for 5 for the losers. At Eve Leary, TSU faced a strong ‘A’ Division lineup in the first fixture of the day and were asked to bat first by their more illustrious opponents whose lineup included Rawle Browne, Kelvin Leitch, Jason Heyliger and Darson LaRose, all with first division experience for the GPF cricket team. However, it was the bowling of Deon Parris who took 4 for 27, which shook the TSU lineup and left them precariously placed on 36 for 3 and later 73 for 4, as the burly medium pacer removed Stephon Blacks 30 (3x4, 1x6), Bertie Carmichael 15 (2x4) and Bevon Brathwaite and Kenton Grumble who made 01 each. In fact, Blacks and Rawle Haynes added 37 for the fourth wicket after Parris ran through the top order, before Blacks, who had struck Parris over long on for his lone six, tamely pushed the next delivery back to the bowler in his attempt to play it through the onside. Haynes found a useful partner in Linden McKoy (16) and they pushed the score to 134 for 5, adding 61 for the fifth wicket before a visibly tired McKoy was run out in the final over, much to the delight of the ‘A’ Division team and their supporters. However, when they took to the wicket to commence their reply, they had much reason to smile as Browne (13) and Ganesh Deokarran 15 (2x4) added 29

Rawle Haynes

for the first wicket from 4.3 overs, before Haynes (3 for 11) knocked back Deokarran’s middle stump off an inside edge. That score later became 57 for 6, as Haynes accounted for Browne who was magnificently caught by a leaping Rondell Wills at long on, when every one was shouting for six, along with Heyliger (02), even as Quintyn Sugrim (2 for 11) sent back Leitch (01) and Travis Withrite (09). LaRose 8 (1x4) and Rolston Grenville who topscored with 21 repaired the damage with their 19 runs seventh wicket partnership, but the introduction of Blacks (3 for 6) saw the demise of LaRose, followed by Parris who was caught off Wills for 06 and Grenville, whose middle stump was knocked back by Blacks.

TSU celebrated in Blacks’ next over, when Jermaine Semple picked out Mark Wright at cover to end the contest. In the second match of the day at the same venue, giant killers ‘B’ Division showed that their previous win over a game Headquarters lineup was no fluke, as they disposed of ‘E’ Division by 73 runs. Batting first, ‘B’ Division scored 146 for 8 with Emmanuel Davidson leading the way with 31 (4x4), Andell Doris offering him support with an unbeaten 15 while Brentnol Woolford chipped in with 14. O. Sobers, N. Haniff and K. Chand took 2 wickets each for 13, 22 and 26 runs respectively for ‘E’ Division, who in their turn at the wicket were bowled out for 73, after being 30 for 7, thanks to some robust hitting from Javon Thomas 15 (2x4), Caulsdale Austin 12 (2x6) and Julian Griffith 10. Doris took 3 for 7 and Woolford 3 for 20 which was backed by Kord Griffith’s 2 for 19 for ‘B’ Division, who drew ‘F’ Division as their semifinal opponents, with TSU gaining a bye straight to this afternoon’s final. Apart from the first place prize, the second and third placed teams will pocket $150,000 and $100,000 respectively, while the player with the Most Catches, Runs, Wickets and Sixes will each receive $20,000 and the tournament’s Most Valuable Player (MVP), $25,000.

CRICKETQUIZ CORNER (Sunday April 20, 2014) Compliments of THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market &The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055) Answers to Friday’s quiz: (1) Mumbai Indians (2) Praveen Kumar (RCB); SouravGanguly (KKR) Today’s Quiz: (1) How many times Mumbai Indians have played an IPL final? How many times they have won? (2) Who were the captains involved in the first ever IPL game? Answers in tomorrow’s issue



Jamaica snatch honours as Barbados stumble to 245 all out BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, (CMC) – Jamaica defied a half-century from Shane Dowrich to grab an early advantage over Barbados in their Headley/ Weekes Trophy semi-final yesterday. Left-arm fast bowler Sheldon Cottrell grabbed three for 28 from 8.3 overs, leg-spinner Damion Jacobs bagged three for 58 from 21 overs and Dave Bernard Jr took two for 32 from nine overs, as the Barbadians were dismissed for 245 in their

first innings about an hour after tea on the opening day at Kensington Oval. Dowrich hit the top score of an unbeaten 69, Ashley Nurse supported with 45, Omar Phillips made 33 and Shai Hope got 28, but the home team failed to make proper use of ideal conditions at Kensington Oval after they chose to bat. At the close, John Campbell was not out on 25 and Damion Jacobs was yet to score, as the Jamaicans reached 52 for one.

Headley/Weekes Trophy semi-final scoreboard Barbados vs Jamaica BARBADOS 1st Innings K. Brathwaite lbw b Bernard 15 O. Phillips c Blackwood b Jacobs 33 S. Hope run out 28 J. Carter c Bonner b Jacobs 15 K. Stoute lbw b Jacobs 11 +S. Dowrich not out 69 C. Brathwaite run out 04 A. Nurse b Cottrell 45 S. Benn c Lambert b Bernard 08 F. Edwards c Bernard b Cottrell 0 M. Cummins hit wkt b Cottrell 0 Extras (b11, w3, nb3) 17 TOTAL (all out, 77.3 overs) 245 Fall of wickets: 1-29, 2-82, 3-92, 4-105, 5-128, 6-134, 7-235, 8-244, 9-245, 10-245. Bowling: Taylor 11-0-50-0 (nb3, w1); Cottrell 8.3-1-28-3; Bernard 9-2-32-2 (w2); Jacobs 21-8-58-3; Miller 27-6-560, Campbell 1-0-10-0 JAMAICA 1st Innings N. Bonner lbw b Nurse 26 J. Campbell not out 25 D. Jacobs not out 0 Extras (lb1) 01 TOTAL (1 wkt, 12 overs) 52 To bat: J. Blackwood, *T. Lambert, A. McCarthy, +C. Baugh, D. Bernard, N. Miller, J. Taylor, S. Cottrell. Fall of wickets: 1-51. Bowling: F. Edwards 2-0-20-0; Cummins 2-0-15-0; Nurse 4-1-8-1; C. Brathwaite 2-0-2-0; Benn 2-1-6-0 Position: Jamaica trail by 193 runs with nine first innings wickets standing Windwards vs T&T WINDWARDS 1st Innings D Smith b Gabriel 0 T Theophille c Gabriel b Richards 30 +J Charles c Lewis b Gabriel 08 S Ambris run out 44 K Lesporis b Khan 39 R Currency lbw b Khan 68 *L Sebastien c DM Bravo b Khan 40 M Mathew c Lewis b Khan 03 K Peters c Khan b Jaipaul 05 D Johnson c DM Bravo b Jaipaul 08 N Pascal not out 0 Extras (lb3) 03 TOTAL (all out, 73.4 overs) 248 Fall of wickets: 1-0, 2-30, 3-49, 4-112, 5-136, 6-226, 7-235, 8-240, 9-242, 10-248. Bowling: Gabriel 11-2-35-2, Emrit 11-1-42-0, Richards 7-0-30-1, Hosein 7-0-29-0, Khan 17-2-59-4, Jaipaul 17.46-34-2, Mohammed 3-0-16-0. T&T 1st Innings L Simmons c Mathew b Johnson 19 E Lewis not out 10 DM Bravo c Lesporis b Johnson 0 M Richards c Theophille b Sebastien 02 J Mohammed not out 0 Extras (lb5) 05 TOTAL (3 wkts, 14 overs) 36 To bat: *+D Ramdin, R Emrit, I Khan, R Jaipaul, S Gabriel, A Hosein. Fall of wickets: 1-33, 2-33, 3-36. Bowling: Nelon Pascal 2-0-18-0, Johnson 5-2-10-2, Peters 3-1-2-0, Sebastien 2-1-1-1, Mathew 2-2-0-0. Position: T&T trail by 212 runs with seven wickets standing.

The visitors lost opener Nkrumah Bonner lbw to off-spinner Ashley Nurse for 26, sweeping across the line to a well-pitched delivery, after putting on 51 for the first wicket with the left-handed Campbell. Earlier, Barbados started steadily, but they were setback when their captain Kraigg Brathwaite was lbw to Bernard for 15. A second-wicket stand of 53 between Phillips and Hope repaired the damage until the left-handed Phillips was caught at backward square leg off Jacobs from a sweep inside the last half-hour before lunch which arrived with Barbados 85 for two. After the interval, Barbados lost their way through a combination of carelessness from their batsmen and thoughtful cricket from Jamaica.

Sheldon Cottrell Hope was run out in the fourth over after the interval going for a quick single, Jonathan Carter was caught at forward short leg off Jacobs essaying a slog sweep thanks to an amazing catch from

close fielder Bonner, Kevin Stoute was lbw to Jacobs for 11 and Carlos Brathwaite was run out going for a quick single, as the Barbadians slumped to 134 for six. Nurse joined Dowrich and they carried Barbados to 186 for six at tea and brought some respectability to their side’s batting after the break, when they completed a half-century stand. Dowrich reached his 50 from 90 balls when he clipped a delivery from fast bowler Jerome Taylor through backward square leg for a single and Nurse had visions of reaching the same landmark before he was bowled by Cottrell, when a ball heading down the leg-side ricocheted from his pads onto the stumps. There was little or no resistance from the rest of the Barbados batting, as they lost

their last four wickets for 10 runs in the space of 15 minutes, earning just one batting point and conceding three to the Jamaicans. Under tournament rules, the side that either wins or accumulates the most points in the semi-final will qualify for the Final of the Tournament which has now been re-scheduled to start next Saturday, April 26. Barbados made one change to their line-up from the previous match, when they brought fast-medium bowler Miguel Cummins in to replace West Indies batsman Kirk Edwards, who has been sidelined with a groin strain. Jamaica similarly made one change, swapping veteran all-rounder Bernard for West Indies batsman Marlon Samuels, who has a hamstring injury.

Windwards on top after Johnson rocks T&T PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Apr 19, CMC – West Indies A pacer Delorn Johnson produced a sharp, late burst, to rock Trinidad and Tobago and give Windward Islands the advantage on the opening day of their Headley/Weekes Trophy semi-final here yesterday The left-armer finished with finished with two for ten as T&T staggered to the close on 36 for three, still 212 runs adrift of first innings lead in the crucial contest at Queen’s Park Oval. Windward Islands had earlier fought back from a shaky start to chalk up 248 all out, after they were sent in by their hosts. Romel Currency extended his decent run of form with a top score of 68, Sunil Ambris got 44 while captain Liam Sebastien chipped in with 40. Keddy Lesporis (39) and Tyrone Theophile (30) got starts but failed to carry on as leg-spinner Imran Khan ran through the middle and lower to finish with four for 59 while left-arm spinner Ricky Jaipaul (2-34) and pacer Shannon Gabriel (2-35) picked up two wickets apiece.

This appeared to give the home side the advantage and when openers Lendl Simmons hit four fours in a 16-ball 19 to propel them to 33 without loss off just five overs, T&T were definitely on top in the game. However, Johnson struck twice with the first two balls of his third over, to leave T&T in strife. Firstly, he had Simmons caught by Mervyn Matthew at deep midwicket pulling a short ball and then claimed the prized wicket of West Indies left-hander Darren Bravo, caught at third slip by Lesporis, off the first ball he faced. The Windwards quickly turned the screws and with one run added five overs later, off-spinner Sebastien prised out nightwatchman Marlon Richards for two, to leave T&T in disarray. Opener Evin Lewis, unbeaten on ten, and Jason Mohammed who is yet to score, will carry T&T’s fight on today’s second day. Earlier, the Windwards had experienced similar panic when prolific opener Devon Smith dragged the first ball of the day from Gabriel onto his

Delorn Johnson stumps to depart without a run on the board. Gabriel then also had Johnson Charles taken at second slip by Lewis for eight and Theophile stroked seven fours in a breezy 38ball knock before he was disposed of by first change seamer Richards, to leave the Windwards on 49 for three. Ambris and Lesporis then patched up the innings with a fourth wicket stand of 63 that kept T&T’s bowlers in

check for the last hour of the session. The right-handed Ambris faced 91 balls and struck two fours and two sixes in an hour-and-a-half at the crease while Lesporis, also a righthander, counted five fours and a six in a cameo 44-ball innings. They were on the verge of taking the Windwards to the safety of lunch when Lesporis was bowled around his legs by Khan, at 112 for four, to hasten the interval. Ambris was then run out in the sixth over after lunch to leave the Windwards on 136 for five but Sebastien and Currency joined forces to add a precious 90 for the sixth wicket. Currency’s top score came from 120 balls in 2-1/2 hours, and included nine fours while Sebastien hung around for two hours, faced 104 balls and notched four fours. They carried the Windwards to tea at 202 for five but Sebastien’s demise at the hands of Khan about 40 minutes after the break triggered a collapse that saw the last five wickets fall for 22 runs.

Windies speedster escapes serious injury in car accident BRIDGETOWN, Barbados –(CMC)-West Indies fast bowler Kemar Roach escaped serious injury following a car accident here early yesterday, the Barbados Today online newspaper has reported.

The 25-year-old crashed his BMW sedan after losing control in slippery conditions at Wanstead Drive, just outside the city. According to Barbados Today, the car flipped several times before landing in the 3Ws Park,

approximately half-mile from the 3Ws Oval. Roach sustained a head wound but appeared coherent as he was taken by ambulance from the scene. Hours afterward, he took to online social network, Twitter, to indicate he was

well, though not directly referencing the accident. Roach has played 23 Tests and 61 One-Day Internationals but has not suited up for West Indies in nearly a year because of injury.


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George and Baird strike CARIFTA gold for Guyana


GUYANA’S Casey George and Kadecia Baird both struck gold for Guyana, yesterday, while Brenessa Thompson, Jevina Sampson, and Jason Yaw all qualified for finals, on the first day of competition of the 43rd CARIFTA Games, being held in Martinique. George became a two time CARIFTA Games gold medalist after she captured gold in the girls’ Under 18 1500m, while Baird earned her gold in the girls’ Under 20 400m finals. Baird dashed to the finish line in a time of 53.84 seconds overcoming the 53.90 seconds ran by Jamaica’s Dawnalee Loney. Loney’s compatriot Yanique Mc Neil seized third place off a time of 54.49s. Clocking 4.40.40s, George finished 3 seconds ahead of her nearest contender Fareemah Scraders from Bermuda. Scraders ended 4.43.30s, while Britnie Dixon touched the finish line in 4:53.84s to give Jamaica a bronze medal.

KADECIA BAIRD George had captured her first gold medal at the annual event last year in the girls’ under 17 1500m, she also won a silver in the 800m of the same category. Baird is also a repeat medalist having won bronze in the same 400m last year. It was Thompson who had started things off for Guyana, yesterday, when she finished third in heat two of the girls Under 20 100m heats with a time of 11.57 seconds to qualify for the next round. The finals for Thompson’s event was expected to have run off late last evening. For her part, Sampson managed to finish sixth overall in the girls’ Under- 18 400m, clocking an ultimate time of 55.68 seconds, which was preceded by the 55.99 seconds that she ran in the heats to qualify. Guyana’s Avon Samuels had managed to qualify for the semi-finals of the same event, finishing third and clocking 57.69 seconds in the heats. Yaw finished fourth in the boys’ Under 18 400m with a time of 48.47 seconds. Guyana is being represented at this year’s event by a nine man team. Also among those participating yesterday was Kevin Abbensetts. Abbensetts failed to qualify for the second round in the boys’ Under- 20 100m heats after clocking a time of 10.91 seconds finishing fourth in heats two of three. The three-day competition continues today. 

England shut the door on KP ENGLAND managing director Paul Downton says there is no chance Kevin Pietersen will be recalled to the England set-up under new coach Peter Moores. Pietersen, who was discarded after the 5-0 Ashes defeat in Australia, said last week he was hopeful of a recall. Downton said there was no “smoking gun” that led to Pietersen’s dismissal, adding: “The sooner we understand that Kevin has had his time, the better Pietersen had got disconnected from the team. I don’t see any going back.” Former England wicketkeeper Downton was speaking in public about the Pietersen decision for the first time at KEVIN PIETERSEN the news conference to

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confirm Lancashire’s Moores as England coach for the second time. Moores’s first stint was ended abruptly in January 2009 because of an impasse with then-captain Pietersen, which led to both losing their jobs on the same day. Shortly before yesterday’s news conference at Lord’s, Pietersen, who is currently competing in the Indian Premier League, tweeted: “Everyone deserves a second chance!” Whether Pietersen was referring to Moores, himself or both, is unclear, but Downton was firm in his insistence that England’s highest international run-scorer would not be wearing the Three Lions shirt again. “I arrived in Sydney [the venue for the fifth and final Ashes Test] on 31 December, and it was clear that there were two issues: Andy Flower’s future and what we were going to do about Kevin,” said Downton I watched every ball of that Sydney Test match and I’ve never seen anybody so disengaged from what was going on. “After the Ashes we spoke to all the coaches, severalSee page 27

SUNDAY, APRIL 20, 2014

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