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THREE-MEMBER Walter Rodney COI: Senior Counsel Seenath Jairam from Trinidad and Tobago, Barbadian attorney, Queen’s Counsel, and Chairperson, Sir Richard Cheltenham and Queen’s Counsel Jacqueline Samuels-Brown from Jamaica at the press conference at the Supreme Court

CARICOM moves towards strategic positioning on 2 climate change

PASS THE AML/CFT BILL -The people have spoken; the message is loud and clear


Shyam Nokta

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014

CARICOM moves towards strategic positioning on climate change

CARICOM Heads of Government, at their 25th Inter-Sessional Meeting, have acknowledged the ongoing challenges to the Region posed by climate change and sea level rise. As result, they emphasised the need to enhance the Region’s engagement in the negotiation process and to increase its access to available related financial resources. To this end, the high-level group agreed on the establishment of a Task Force on Climate Change and Small Island Developing States (SIDS), to provide guidance to Caribbean Climate Change Negotiators, their ministers and political leaders, in order to ensure the strategic positioning of the Region in the negotiating. In an interview with the Guyana Chronicle, Presidential Advisor on Climate Change, Mr. Shyam Nokta maintained that the Task Force must reaffirm the 2009 Liliendaal Declaration on Climate Change and Development. He said, “The Region crafted this agreement, which outlined the Region’s position to guide technical negotiators’ efforts, which are underway through the United Nations (UN), to have a global climate change agreement by the end of 2015. We need this effort to pick up momentum.” SEVERAL CONCERNS

The CARICOM Heads, at their 30th Conference in Liliendaal, Guyana, from July 2 to 9, 2009, referenced the objective, principles and commitments of the 1992 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and its Kyoto Protocol and expressed several concerns. The declaration said the group was “gravely concerned that our efforts to promote sustainable development and achieve the internationally agreed development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), are under severe threat from the devastating effects of climate change and sea level rise, which have led to increasingly frequent and intense extreme weather events, damage to bio-diversity, coral bleaching, coastal erosion and changing precipitation patterns.” “And emphasising that dangerous climate change is already

occurring in all SIDS (Small Islands and Low-lying Coastal Developing States (SIDS) Regions, including the Caribbean and that many SIDS will cease to exist without urgent, ambitious and decisive action by the international community to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, significantly, and to support SIDS in their efforts to adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change, including through the provision of increased levels of financial and technical resources. “We are very concerned that the estimated total annual impact of potential climate change on all CARICOM countries is estimated at US$9.9 billion in the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2007 US$ prices or about 11.3% of the total annual GDP of all 20 CARICOM countries (Member States and Associate Member States) according to the World Bank estimates,” they said. The CARICOM group affirmed that the global response to climate change should be undertaken on the basis of common but differentiated as well as historical responsibility and that it should not compromise the ability of SIDS to pursue sustainable development and the sharing of the cost of addressing climate change should be equitable and not perpetuate Shyam Nokta poverty. It also emphasised the importance of a common regional approach to address the threats and challenges of climate change. Additionally, the decision to establish the task force was part of a position paper, presented at the March meeting by President Donald Ramotar, which was unanimously adopted. BANKABLE PROJECTS The other major part of the document was the decision to have the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) develop, in partnership with CARICOM Member States, a portfolio of bankable projects eligible for climate financing and present it to

the donor community for support. Nokta also lauded the adoption of a position paper and said the commitment of Caribbean leaders is “useful” in that it is a move in the right direction to ensure that CARICOM countries are prepared to address the critically important issue of climate change. He said the difficulties faced with climate financing and support for the adaptation and resilience will be addressed by this effort. The Presidential Advisor posited that the Caribbean Region needs to, aggressively, tap into opportunities that exist now and prepare itself to benefit from future possibilities. He said Guyana, itself, has been working closely with the CCCCC since its establishment and closer ties are being developed as part of the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) implementation. Commenting on the CARICOM focus on the issue of climate change, Nokta said the deliberations of the Heads of Government were both timely and important, as they will make the Region more visible in the fight, as well as give the Caribbean a united voice. He referred to recent disasters in Dominica, Saint Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines in December 2013 and said: “The effects of this global phenomenon are being felt. It is a critical issue that we must address.” CARICOM Heads of Government are expected to participate and engage in important meetings and fora, including the UN Climate Change Summit in September 2014 and the Third UN SIDS International Meeting in Samoa, also in September.

Remembering Cheddi If we are to live like brothers, if the purpose of the United Nations Charter is to be served, if we are to have one world, and not be divided into two worlds, one of the rich and one of the poor, if we are not to have explosions, then I say that the rich countries must come forward and assist us, not with handouts and doles, but giving us money, sound advice, experts who are independent, who will be prepared to look at the situation objectively, combining theory with practice so that we can get out of the rut. And, in doing so, solve the economic problems of our countries. Statement at Economic Commission on Latin America - Chile, May 1961

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014

Walter Rodney Inquiry…


Public hearings to begin day - Chairman after Easter Monday By Rebecca Ganesh-Ally CHAIRMAN of the International Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the death of Guyanese politician/historian, Dr. Walter Rodney, Sir Richard Cheltenham announced, yesterday, that public hearings will begin on the Tuesday after Easter Monday. Then the sessions will continue for nine working days before a two week break, he told a press conference at the Georgetown Supreme Court premises. “Rest assured that the Commission will go to every reasonable and realistic length to get to the bottom of this. Every document that is available, we will seek to access; we are not here to do a whitewash job; we have our integrity and reputation to maintain and wherever the evidence leads we will follow,” the Chairman pledged. He said the media engagement was to give an update on the process as well as put to rest issues surrounding one of the Commissioners, Senior Counsel Seenauth Jairam and the COI’s Terms of Reference (TORs) among others. The Chairman reported that “the Commissioners have, recently, been trying to build support for the work that will formally commence shortly.” In this regard, he said there were meetings with the Commissioner of Police, Army Chief, political parties, National Assembly Speaker, Private Sector Commission, the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) and trade unions, amongst more stakeholders. Sir Richard said the lawyers attached to the Commission, who include Mr. Glen Hanoman, Ms. Latchmie Rahamat and Ms. Nicola Pierre, are currently helping witnesses to put their statements together in an orderly and relevant fashion.

The Commissioners are also, presently, awaiting the accumulation of enough “fuel to sustain the engines of the Commission once it starts running” when the attorneys will then lead evidence. BRING CLOSURE “We want to know how, why, who is involved and the motivation for this involvement to bring closure to this unsolved incident and we understand the public disquiet and concern,” the Chairman explained. He disclosed that Walter’s brother, Donald Rodney, who was with him at the time of the deadly explosion that claimed the life of the former, has also indicated his willingness to testify. Sir Richard assured that anyone who is willing to give testimony should not be afraid to come forward, as the TOR guarantees absolute pardon and protection of identity. He pointed out that the deceased was no ordinary citizen, Sir Richard Cheltenham, adding that his death dates back Chairman of the COI, over 33 years ago and pondered on speaking at the press the prospect of evidential material conference.

and the value of a COI now. Sir Richard also warned that anyone who attempts to mislead the COI intentionally can be prosecuted. The People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) and, by extension, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has expressed its concern that Jairam, who previously worked briefly with the Government, may be in a conflict of interest situation. But, when asked to comment on that, the Chairman said: “I believe the Attorney General has dealt with that and I would not want to add. Besides I do not see how working for the Government in the past could affect the work of the Commission. The issue has no length, it simply has no walking capacity. I don’t understand how one can draw the inference of bias.” Sir Richard remarked that, in relation to concerns regarding the TORs, those should be raised with the relevant authorities. He has given the Commission’s commitment, nonetheless, to ensure closure is brought for the relatives of the deceased. President Donald Ramotar had agreed, in June 2013, to establish the COI following a request from the Rodney family after a previous inquiry ordered by former President Desmond Hoyte, in 1988, found that the historian/politician’s demise was caused by an ‘accident or misadventure’ and that met with grave disbelief. Rodney was killed on June 13, 1980, when a bomb exploded in the car in which he was travelling. He was 38 years old at the time. After his assassination, he received several honours posthumously, among them, in 1993, the Government of Dr. Cheddi Jagan conferred on him the country’s highest National Award, the Order of Excellence (OE) and the Walter Rodney Chair in History was created at the University of Guyana.

L-R: Nicola Pierre , Glen Hanoman, Senior Counsel Seenauth Jairam, Chairman Sir Richard Cheltenham, Queen’s Counsel Jacquelene Samuels- Brown and Latchmie Rahamat


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014

Russian forces storm Ukraine base in Crimea (Reuters) – THE United States warned Moscow it was on a “dark path” to isolation on Wednesday after Russian troops stormed Ukraine’s naval headquarters in the Crimean port of Sevastopol and raised their flag. The dramatic seizure came as Russia and the West dug in for a long confrontation over Moscow’s annexation of Crimea, with the United States and Europe groping for ways to increase pressure on a defiant Russian President Vladimir Putin. “As long as Russia continues on this dark path, they will face increasing political and economic isolation,” said U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, referring to reports of armed attacks against Ukrainian military personnel in Crimea. Biden was in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, part of a quick trip to reassure Baltic allies worried about what an emboldened Russia might mean for their nations. Lithuania, along with Estonia and Latvia, are NATO

Armed men stand at the entrance of the naval headquarters in Sevastopol, March 19, 2014. REUTERS/Baz Ratner protests that led to his overmembers. “There is an attempt, using brutal force, to redraw borders of the European states and to destroy the post-war architecture of Europe,” Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite said. United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon meets Putin in Moscow on Thursday and travels to Kiev on Friday. He will urge a peaceful end to a crisis that began when Ukraine’s president abandoned a trade pact with the European Union





the gate. There is nothing else I can do,” he told Reuters, appearing ashamed and downcast. Ukrainian military spokesman Vladislav Seleznyov said the commander of the Ukrainian navy, Admiral Serhiy Haiduk, was driven away by what appeared to be Russian special forces. In Washington, the White House condemned Russian moves to seize Ukrainian military installations, saying they are creating a dangerous situation. NATO accused Russia of trying to “redraw the map of Europe”.

Family anger erupts as Malaysia jet search enters 12th day (Reuters) - CHINESE relatives’ anger over sparse information on the fate of their loved ones on board a missing Malaysian airliner sparked chaotic scenes on Wednesday at the headquarters of a search operation that has so

2014/03/19 M

throw. Russian lawmakers raced to

and turned instead to Moscow, prompting violent street

ratify a treaty making Crimea part of Russia by the end of the week, despite threats of further sanctions from Washington and Brussels. The Russian military moved swiftly to neutralize any threat of armed resistance in Crimea. “This morning they stormed the compound. They cut the gates open, but I heard no shooting,” said Oleksander Balanyuk, a captain in the navy, walking out of the compound in his uniform and carrying his belongings. “This thing should have been solved politically. Now all I can do is stand here at

2014/03/19 10 11 19 19 28 27

far turned up few clues. Malaysia’s transport minister ordered an inquiry after security guards carried out the distraught mother of a passenger on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 from a briefing room where she had protested about a lack of transparency, 12 days after the plane vanished. “They are just saying wait for information. Wait for information. We don’t know how long we have to wait,” cried the woman before being whisked away from a massive media scrum. Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said he regretted the anguish. “Malaysia is doing everything in its power to find MH370 and hopefully bring some degree of closure for those whose family members are missing,” he said in a statement. Prospects that a 26-nation operation would lead to quick results appeared to be dwindling, however, as investigators confirmed they were focusing on the remote southern Indian Ocean after failing to find any




traces of the jet further north. “Our top priority is being given to that area,” Hishammuddin told the news conference, confirming an earlier Reuters report. No wreckage has been found from Flight MH370, which vanished from air traffic control screens off Malaysia’s east coast at 1:21 a.m. local time on March 8 (1721 GMT March 7), less than an hour after taking off from Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing. An unprecedented search for the Boeing 777-200ER is under way in two vast search corridors: one arcing north overland from Laos towards the Caspian Sea, the other curving south across the Indian Ocean from west of Indonesia’s Sumatra island to west of Australia. “The working assumption is that it went south, and furthermore that it went to the southern end of that corridor,” said a source close to the investigation. The view is based on the lack of any evidence from countries along the northern corridor that the plane entered their air-





space, and the failure to find any trace of wreckage in searches in the upper part of the southern corridor. Some sources involved in the investigation have voiced fears it could stall due to the reluctance of countries in the region to share militarily sensitive radar data that might shed new light on the direction the jet took. Two people familiar with the investigation said the search had been hampered in some cases by delays over the paperwork needed to allow foreign maritime surveillance aircraft into territorial waters without a formal diplomatic request. “These are basically spy planes; that’s what they were designed for,” said one source close to the investigation, explaining the hesitance of some nations to give blanket permission for other countries to scour their waters. Hishammuddin confirmed that some assets that could be involved in the search were waiting for diplomatic clearance.

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014


Police car death shocks Brazil, says President Rousseff

up in the early hours of the morning to go to work in a Rio hospital,” wrote Ms Rousseff in her Twitter account.

(BBC News) BRAZILIANPresident Dilma Rousseff has offered her condolences and said the nation was “shocked” after a woman died when dragged by a police car along one of Rio de Janeiro’s busiest roads. Mother-of-four Claudia da Silva Ferreira, 38, had been hurt in a shoot-out in the shanty-town where she lived. Policemen threw her into their patrol car’s boot, which opened by accident when it drove off. Relatives said Ms Ferreira had been “treated like a criminal”. She was dragged for more than 300 metres (1,000ft) before the car stopped at a red light. Two policemen then got out of the car, put Ms Ferreira back in the boot and drove to a nearby hospital, where she died. Footage of the incident, which happened on Sunday morning in the Madureira neighbourhood, was shown on Brazilian television. “The death of Claudia has shocked the nation. Claudia da Silva Ferreira had four children, was married and used to wake

Rio de Janeiro police have occupied many of the city’s notorious favelas in the past few years as part of efforts to reduce drug-related violence ahead of this year’s football World Cup and the 2016 OlympicsRio de Janeiro police have occupied many of the city’s notorious favelas in the past few years as part of efforts to reduce drug-related violence ahead of this year’s football World Cup and the 2016 Olympics

10 girls suspended (Trinidad Guardian) TEN female students of the Mucurapo West Secondary School have been suspended for one week for their involvement in a fight outside the school last Friday. This was confirmed Tuesday by the Education Ministry, which said a full investigation had been launched. A ministry official said the probe would entail taking statements from the students involved and witnesses. A final report will then be submitted to Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh, who is currently in Dubai.   The victim of the attack, however, has been targeted by other students for over two years and complaints to school authorities did little to curb the attacks, her mother told the media . The fight, which was captured via a cellphone and was posted on various social media sites, including Facebook, has gone viral. It showed a gang of about 12 students beating a particular girl, who was shoved to the ground, kicked and cuffed during a brawl witnessed by several other students and passers-by.  At one point, it appeared there was an attempt to drag the girl by the hair, which was cheered on by other students. The three-and-a-half

minute video also showed the students going through heavy traffic in pursuit of their target and a man who identified himself as a police officer who eventually intervened to stop the fight. As he was parting the fight and taking away one of the attackers, however, he was repeatedly cursed by the other girls.  Some people posted shocked reactions on Facebook, while others said that was nothing new as bullying and beatings were considered the norm in public schools.   However, the victim’s

mother, in a television interview, said that was not the first time her daughter had been attacked. She said her child had been a victim of bullying for over two years and the perpetrators were often suspended but continued their attacks when they returned to school. She said her daughter was threatened earlier on Friday and reported it to the principal but that still did not prevent the girls from attacking her after school. They have since reported the mater to the ministry and the police.  President of the T&T

Unified Teachers’ Association (TTUTA) Devanand Sinanan yesterday said it represented a much larger social problem which needed immediate attention. He said for far too long teachers and principals have been “crying out in the wilderness” and begging for social workers who would extend their services to the homes of

troubled students. “Teachers have to deal with bullying and violence on a daily basis. In many instances when we investigate, the problem stems from the home and nine out of ten times we do not get the support from the parents,” Sinanan said. He said TTUTA has been having ongoing discussion with chairman of the Police Service Commission, Prof Ramesh Deosaran, to determine how best to tackle the problem. 

‘Repulsive’ Three policemen have been arrested, accused of acting inhumanely and ignoring calls from residents to stop the vehicle. Relatives said that Ms Ferreira was treated with brutality probably because police suspected she was involved with the local drug gangs. “They thought she was a criminal and that is why they took her away. It wasn’t to save her life,” her daughter, Tais Lima, told O Globo newspaper. “They grabbed my mother by the legs and dumped her in the boot like an animal. They didn’t even bother to check if the boot was properly closed. That is not the attitude of someone who is trying to help,” she added. The governor of Rio de Janeiro state, Sergio Cabral, described the attitude of the policemen as “repulsive”. “They acted inhumanely. The least that should happen to them is being expelled from the police force,” said Mr Cabral. In a statement, the Rio de Janeiro police command said that policemen “exchanged fire with criminals during an operation at the Morro da Congonha community and found a woman who had been injured”. “She was taken to the Carlos Chagas hospital, but did not survive,” the note read.




GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014

Support for dog debate outside House (Trinidad Guardian) ATTORNEY GENERAL Anand Ramlogan says everyone in T&T wants to “act up” over moves to pass legislation to reduce the number of attacks on citizens by pitbulls and other dangerous dogs. He said he would listen but in the end would act in the best interest of the citizens.  The Government was committed to ensure good law was passed to ensure the safety of all citizens from attack by those dangerous dogs. He was presenting a Dog Control

(Amendment) Bill for debate in the Senate yesterday at Tower D, Waterfront Centre, Port-ofSpain. Dealing with suggestions that the dangerous dogs should not be classified by breed but by weight, Ramlogan said if that was done people would say the Government was targeting fat or “rolly polly” dogs.  He added that if that was implemented people would breed their pitbulls and they would be mean and lean killing machines. Ramlogan said that criteria could not work. Several

dog bite victims assembled outside the Parliament yesterday to demand that the bill be passed. The Government had issued full-page advertisement in the newspaper on Monday seeking to encourage citizens to show their support for the legislation.   Opposition Senator Faris Al-Rawi said some of the protestors had derogatory placards. After speaking with some of them, he said it was clear they did not know all the details about the legislation.  Al-Rawi said the PNM had concerns about

the legislation. He wanted to know why the original bill was approved last year with a specified three-fifths majority but the amendment was being debated requiring a simple majority.  “This bill requires a three-fifths majority,” he said. He said the matter was not well thought out and should be studied by a parliamentary committee. Al Rawi said he was concerned about the Local Government Ministry being ready with the related measures for the law to be effective. He said there were a number of facilities which were required to be implemented.

Beware of ‘the $250,000 for businessman arrested, dogs of war’ come beaten, imprisoned by cops ..taxpayers will have to foot the bill election time GUYANA has a terrible history of rigged elections, with the PPP being consistently robbed at the polls. This occurred during the much-touted ‘first free-and-fair elections’ of 1992, Dr. Cheddi Jagan himself attesting to his knowledge of this fact. It happened again in the elections of November 2011, and it is hardly likely that the PPP/C head honchos are unaware of the nightmare that would ensue if any election – local or general -- is called without that party putting systems in place to protect its constituency and ensure that the final count is reflective of real voting, instead of the manipulation of a flawed system that lends itself to tinkering by parties with vested interests, and even by GECOM officials. The UN-funded Elections Assistance Bureau (EAB) is headed by WPA member Fr. Malcolm Rodrigues, and the members of the ABC diplomatic community, overtly and covertly supportive of the opposition parties, have been openly defiant and critical of the Government; with the British High Commissioner joining with APNU/AFC street protesters post-2011 elections; the statement about State corruption made by the Canadian diplomat; and the current imbroglio with the Government and US Ambassador Brent Hardt being cases in point. All signs indicate that mischief is afoot, and the PPP/C would be failing in its charge by founding father Dr. Cheddi Jagan if it goes tamely into an election configuration that lends itself to rigging by the opposition. The PPP/C had to concede its parliamentary majority despite being aware that it was being blatantly robbed at the last elections. The consequences have been horrific to this nation, with gridlock in Parliament consistently catapulting this nation’s development dynamics on a downward spiral and threatening to plunge this country into an economic nightmare with the non-passage of the amended AML/CFT Bill; and with the nation’s socio-economic wellbeing being held hostage by an opportunistic, power-hungry opposition combo. In the Old Testament, when two women claimed motherhood for one child, wise King Solomon ordered his guards to cut the child in halves and give each claimant a half; whereupon one woman immediately rescinded her claim, thereby giving the other total ownership of the baby, in order to save the child’s life. Her selfless sacrifice emerged from a heart full of the boundless love of a real mother, unlike the second woman who was prepared to see the child destroyed rather than admit that she was a false claimant. In like manner, when the PPP/C withdrew its request for a recount of votes following certain questionable activities by some GECOM returning officers in former PNC strongholds, such as South Georgetown; and there had been non-submission of ballot boxes from 19 polling stations in a PPP stronghold, that party acted as it did knowing quite well that it was risking its parliamentary majority; but peace in the nation has historically been of more importance to the PPP/C than control of the reins of power; and the PNCR was strategically looking for any ploy to create chaos in the land, in efforts to wrest power from the PPP/C in what they have termed a “velvet revolution in an Arab-spring”. Indeed, the troops had already been amassed, and were ready to take to the streets, with the usual dire consequences to PPP supporters and the business community being collateral damage. In an interview with the Guyana Chronicle, President Donald

(Trinidad Express) THE State has been ordered to pay more that TT$250,000 to a Rio Claro businessman who the police arrested, beat, and imprisoned for three nights, before he was charged. Justice Peter Rajkumar sitting in the Hall of Justice, Portof-spain, awarded damages to Emraan Ali, of Eccles Village, who had filed a lawsuit for false imprisonment, assault, personal injuries,and the unlawful detention of his vehicle. The judge said the officers involved in the case should be investigated. Justice Rajkumar also ordered that Ali’s vehicle, a Mazda B 2500 pick-up truck be returned to him.

Through attorneys Faraaz Mohammed and Petronilla Basdeo, Ali filed the action based on events which occurred in July 2008. In court documents, Ali stated that he arrived at his home at 5.30 p.m. on July 5, and met a party of police officers searching the ground floor of the three-storey building. He said one of the officers inquired about the vehicles parked in the yard, and he produced a receipt for the pick-up. The businessman said he asked the policemen if had a warrant, and officer replied that they did not need one. Ali said he was taken to the third floor where police officers

Ramotar admitted that the PPP/C leadership knew, from the reports coming in from its polling agents, that the party had amassed a minimum of 53% at the polls, and its decades of experience provided it with the logistics to determine accuracy to the nth degree; thus the results coming out of GECOM did not tally with the party count, which had always been accurate in the past during elections held under its watch. The 2011 election was rigged, and incidences that occurred at several polling stations where that party’s polling agents had been bodily ejected generated the realisation – too late -- that the election results were being rigged, and certainly not by the PPP/C. Commenting on this issue, as posited by Chronicle, the President responded: “I think you’re right on that score. They did a lot of wicked things in South Georgetown and some other areas, where they created an atmosphere not to have any PPP/C polling agents around; and they managed to get them out by terrible hostility and threatening violence and so on. I think also that you’re right again, and that they penetrated GECOM and controlled (to some extent) the elections machinery, where they were not even taking instructions from the Chairman or the Chief Elections Officer, and they were doing a lot of manipulation at that point in time. “Even with the counting, I understand that they kept people far away, so that they could not see what was happening. That was confirmed to me by independent observers. So you are right, I think that there was some level of manipulation on the part of the opposition.” As usual, the Opposition threatened the peace in the country if the PPP/C did not withdraw its request for a recount, especially since that party was aware that votes at nineteen polling stations in a PPP stronghold had not been counted. Without divulging all the reasons for the PPP/C’s withdrawal of its rightful request for a recount of the results from the polling stations involved, President Ramotar revealed that, among the reasons

conducted a search, and when nothing was found, the officers beat and threatened him. Ali said he was taken to the San Fernando Police Station by the officers in his Land Rover Discovery vehicle, and his pick-up truck was towed to the police station. He said he was placed in a cell, and later taken to a room where he was threatened to sign documents. Ali said he refused and he was pushed and choked by a police officer. He said that two days later he was taken to an isolated area at Bamboo Trace, Rio Claro, where he was beaten by three police officers. Ali said he was also taken to Boos Village, Rio Claro, where he was also beaten by the same

policemen and a fourth officer who had a baton. He said when he returned to the San Fernando Police Station, he was visited by his attorney, and later taken to the San Fernando General Hospital for treatment. Ali said he was not treated, but instead returned to the police station where he was charged with unlawful possession. He appeared in court, and the after several hearings the case was dismissed on January 15, 2009. Ali claimed that when he returned home he noticed that tools valued $24,500, were missing from his shed. Justice Rajkumar said that while he did not find favour with Ali’s malicious prosecution claim, there was enough information to substantiate the claim of unlawful detention since Ali should have been taken to court at the earliest opportunity.

for this withdrawal was the latent threat to peace and stability in the country. He said, “We were told…We wanted to ensure that there was no breakout of violence, because we think that would have held back our country if we went down that road. As far as the development of Guyana was concerned, it would have had a very negative effect; and so we chose, at that point in time, to call off the recount. But that was not the only reason.” Asked whether he is convinced that the PPP/C was robbed, based on his decades of experience of elections in Guyana, the President responded: “For sure! I think we had over 50%. I think we lost some votes, no doubt, but I don’t think we lost enough to bring us under 50%; but the results were through manipulation. “My own realistic assessment was that we had probably between 52 – 53%.” Nevertheless, in the interest of the nation, and in the tradition of the PPP, the President expressed willingness and made overtures to work with all the opposition parties towards a cohesive society and optimal development in the country, whereby every Guyanese continues to benefit equitably from the nation’s resources under the administrative watch of the PPP/C in Government. However, despite the President’s efforts toward consensual decision-making through a tripartite arrangement suggested by the PPP/C, the opposition collective is still engaged in games of one-upmanship, even while its supporters are marching on the streets and mounting protest actions over one pretext after another, keeping PPP/C supporters and the business community on tenterhooks in wondering when these groups would break out into their customary destructive violence. Based on the foregoing, it is hardly likely that the now forewarned PPP/C would not put in place systems to protect the country and its constituents from any form of manipulation of electoral processes in conformity with imperative exigencies.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014

Jamaica’s marijuana growers split on legalisation

(BBC News) The Jamaican government has said it is planning to decriminalise possession of small amounts of marijuana by the end of this year. The BBC’s Nick Davis travelled to Jamaica’s interior to gauge the reaction of those currently growing the crop illegally. In Jamaica, marijuana, or ganja, as it is more commonly known on the Caribbean island, is used in religious ceremonies by Rastafarians and as a herbal medicine by many others. But it is not just grown for local consumption. According to the US state department, Jamaica remains the largest Caribbean supplier of marijuana to the US as well as other Caribbean islands. Cultivation and import of the drug have been illegal since 1913, although those caught with small amounts are rarely prosecuted. Clandestine growers The debate surrounding its use and whether it should be decriminalised, or even legalised, has been further fuelled by the drug’s legalisation in Uruguay and the US states of Colorado and Washington. But those who would be most affected by any change in the law, the marijuana growers, are divided on the issue. At an idyllic spot overlooking a mountain and a river in the island’s lush green interior, I meet a ganja grower among his many marijuana plants. The grower, who wants to

remain unnamed, is a Rasta man in his late 60s, whose rough hands and bleached dreadlocks suggest he has worked the land all of his life. As I clamber up the near vertical hillside, struggling to stay upright, this man who is a good 30 years older than me negotiates the slopes like a mountain goat. The ganja in his half-acre plot is grown in between other crops so that it cannot be seen from the air. In the past few years, he has had a two-acre field destroyed by police who fly over the area in helicopters looking for the plant. “I smoke it, I boil it, I eat it, and drink it as medicine,” he says. “And I love to see the beauty of the plant” he adds. I ask him what he thinks of the legalisation debate. “Hopefully [they will legalise it], but the government is dragging its feet,” he says. “I don’t know why, we produce the best ganja in the world and they fail to legalise it, so I am advertising it,” he adds.

end of 2014. And at the end of last year, Jamaica’s first medical marijuana company was launched with the official blessing of the government. Ministers lauded the possibilities of the new industry. Dr Henry Lowe, a leading researcher into the use of Jamaican plants as herbal remedies, says the country already has decades of experience in this field. “We could be said to be the pioneers, as back in the 1970s we produced the first commercial product, which was Canasol [cannabis-based eyedrops] for glaucoma,” he explains. “The wheel has come full circle,” he adds. “It was all about smoking and illicit use, now we want to make it licit and legal and to use our science and technology to make new products,” he says. Jamaica is trying to implement new laws to allow firms like Dr Lowe’s Medicanja legally to develop medical marijuana without falling foul of the law by getting hold of the raw material.

Full circle Ganja was first introduced to Jamaica by indentured Indian workers in the 19th Century and grew wild across the island. It was declared illegal a century ago but recently there have been moves to decriminalise it. Jamaican minister Philip Paulwell has said he hopes to steer a law decriminalising marijuana through parliament by the

‘Losing out’ Some in Jamaica, like the Ganja Law Reform Coalition, would like to see the government go further and are arguing for legalisation rather than just decriminalisation. But some of those growing the crop illegally say they do not want a change in the law, as they fear the licences to grow the plants would only go to those

While many users are pressing for legalisation, some small scale growers fear they may lose out

Uruguay legalised marijuana in December 2013


Marijuana plants were introduced in Jamaica in the 19th Century with the right connections. In the mountains overlooking Kingston, I meet another ganja grower. But this man has decided to stop growing marijuana, saying that he has had “too many close shaves” with the police. He argues that a change in the law will not cut down on crime, as pro-legalisation activists argue, but only drive criminals into other illegal activities. “If it becomes legal, the big men won’t make as much mon-

ey and they’ll have to find new ways to make money,” he says. Another grower in the rural parish of St Mary fears small scale marijuana farmers like himself would lose out if the drug is legalised. He, too, thinks that the licences to grow the plants would be awarded to “bigger heads”, and he would no longer be able to pay for his children’s school fees. In January, Jamaican Foreign Minister AJ Nicholson also urged caution, saying that the

island’s history as a major exporter of marijuana meant that the island was bound by international agreements on curbing drug trafficking, and that any change in its laws would therefore have to take into account its international commitments. But with Uruguay and even some US states blazing a trail, and parts of Jamaica’s research and scientific community pressing for a change, Jamaica’s 1913 Ganja law may not stand in its current form much longer


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014

PASS THE AML/CFT BILL -The people have spoken; the message is loud and clear - PPP/C GS, Clement Rohee

By Vanessa Narine THE General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Mr Clement Rohee, has declared that the people of Guyana have clearly adopted a unified, positive stance in regard to passage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill, after the Government had held countrywide consultations on its contents and the importance of its passage. And he stressed that the people have spoken loud and clear in declaring their position on the passage of this critically important piece of legislation. At a PPP/C press conference held at Freedom House on Robb Street, Rohee told the media that the engagements -- that most recent of which was held at the Guyana International Conference Centre last week -- demonstrated the people’s understanding of the issue at hand, and their awareness of the dire consequences attending the bill’s non-passage. He said, “We saw our people speak directly to the Opposition, many of whom would have voted for them, calling upon them to support this bill, and informing them that they were placed in the Parliament upon the people’s vote to act in their best interest, and not to play puerile political games and using the people’s vote to blackmail them. “We heard of the citizens’ direct and consistent rejection of the Opposition's amendments, as well as the conditions which they are demanding as a tradeoff for their support of this bill…. It was a remarkable experience simply listening to the views of the people, expressed on television or reading about them in the newspapers.

“We view this engagement as another step in the advancement of the democratic process in our nation,” Rohee said. Guyana has witnessed the best demonstration of the Dr. Cheddi Jagan vow in his first address as President of the Republic to the National Assembly -- to take the Parliament to the people, so they could have a direct input in the parliamentary process, Rohee said. “The people have spoken. Their message was loud, clear and simple: Pass the AML/CFT Bill tabled by the Government in the National Assembly now! They have put the ball squarely in the court of the Opposition. Let us see Minister Clement Rohee if the Opposition will once again ignore the voices of the people,” Rohee declared. REAL CONCERNS Rohee pointed out that the concerns of the people are real, and must not be treated lightly; particularly since some have already reported encountering difficulties due to the delay in passage of the AML/CFT Bill. Rohee said, “A woman from Anna Regina explained the delay she faced to bury her dead husband because her remittance for the funeral was delayed at the money transfer agency. A gentleman from Greenwich Park, who claimed he voted for APNU, asked Mr. David

Granger directly on camera why is it that he wants to punish his supporters. A resident of Bartica voiced the opinion that hundreds of Barticians will become criminals, and their cash and gold seized, if the Opposition's amendments are enacted. “The people of Linden expressed fear that the foreign investors in the Bauxite industry will close operations, and Region 10 residents will return to a state of joblessness if this bill is not passed. The residents of Lusignan and Mahaica demanded mass protests and fresh elections. One comrade from Helena, Mahaica, said that under the PNC Government he walked the streets barefoot. Today he wears Nike sneakers, which he displayed for the camera, vowing that he will never walk barefoot again. “The people of New Amsterdam, many of whom voted for the Opposition, called for the madness to end and the bill to be passed. The young man from Albuoystown articulated great consternation, at the International Convention Centre, with the constant obstructionist approach of the Opposition on matters of national interest. “The rice farmers questioned, on camera, how the Opposition Parliamentarians expect them to acquire fertiliser, machinery and spares, when all these can only be obtained from overseas, and the non-passage of this bill will stifle international trade between Guyana and every other country in the hemisphere.” These stories, he contended, are the stories of real Guyanese people with genuine concerns. He added that the Government will continue its awareness effort, to ensure that the people are apprised on the “unreasonable and unprincipled position” of the joint opposition, as they continue to withhold their support of the passage of the AML/ CFT Bill.

AG gives Stabroek News 7 days to retract ‘libellous’ Chris Ram letter By Vanessa Narine ATTORNEY-GENERAL and Minister of Legal Affairs, Mr Mohabir Anil Nandlall, through his lawyer Sase Gunraj, yesterday called on Stabroek News to issue a retraction of a letter penned by Christopher Ram and published under the caption ‘It is the President’s duty alone to appoint three members of the Judicial Service Commission’. In a letter addressed to Stabroek News editor Anand Persaud, a copy of which has been seen by the Guyana Chronicle, Gunraj proposes legal proceedings. Ram’s has allegedly said that Nandlall is careless about de-

tails; cavalier about the constitution and the law; mischievous and obfuscatory; irresponsible; unfamiliar with basic provisions of the Constitution of Guyana; and guilty of a grave dereliction of duty. Gunraj contends that Ram’s letter, in its natural and ordinary meaning, is understood to say that Nandlall is: incompetent; guilty of dereliction of his duty as principal legal adviser to the President and the Government of Guyana; wilfully and deliberately misleading the President, the Government of Guyana, and the citizens of Guyana; and is unfit to hold either the office of Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, or a seat as a Member of Parliament (MP). Mr Gunraj’s letter said: “Please be informed that the aforesaid allegations are not only libellous, but are reckless and accentuated

by malice, and have caused my client great public ridicule, odium, contempt, embarrassment, humiliation both locally and internationally, and have caused disparagement to the offices of Attorney General, Minister of Legal Affairs, and Member of Parliament, which he holds. “In the circumstances, I am instructed to demand, as I hereby do, that you do publish a retraction of the libellous statements of and concerning my client, along with an unreserved apology, giving same equal or greater prominence than that enjoyed by the libellous statements.” The Stabroek News has been given seven days to publish a retraction of Chris Ram’s letter, or face legal proceedings.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014

Old Kai: Chronicles of Guyana…

The opposition appears clueless about the issues affecting sugar - Or is it a deliberate ploy?

BASED on the recent statements made by the AFC and APNU, Old Kai is convinced there exists a sinister plot against the sugar industry. This could only be construed as an effort to undermine current plans to revitalise this vital industry. Is it possible for the opposition leadership to be so clueless about the sugar industry that the average Guyanese seems to have a better understanding than the opposition leadership has about the dynamics of sugar to our economy and its future prospects? Why would they want to convert to fish ponds fertile agriculture lands which have already been developed for agriculture, when there are thousands of acres of accessible land that are vacant and would be better suited for aquaculture, needing significantly less development? It is no surprise that such an idea is being advanced by the opposition point man on agriculture, Anthony Vieira, who inherited the legacy and assets of his father. Joe contributed immensely to the history of sugar production in Guyana, but what has Anthony Vieira got to show of this rich legacy today? This is the man who sold his television station and property on the West Bank of Demerara as he was migrating to North America, only to return to Guyana a few years later and attack his former business partner. Guyanese should take a hint in the fact that the sugar cultivations Mr. Anthony Vieira was associated with are now all abandoned. I am not insinuating he is responsible for this reality, but when he boasts about his expertise, he must also note this fact. Another fact which has captured my attention is his cozying up once again with the PNC/R and, by extension, APNU under the leadership of David Granger. This is the very Vieira who has been reported by the media as stating on April 15, 2011 that the party’s Presidential Candidate, Mr. David Granger, is “not right” for the party. Yet, he is now acting as the mouthpiece of the very individual that he had deemed unfit for leadership.

The contradictions do not end there. The PNC/R had issued a press release in early January 2010 announcing the resignation from Parliament of Vieira, and thanking him for his services to the party. However, more than a year later, Vieira was quoted as saying, “I never joined the PNC, I was in a coalition with them on the One Guyana platform because of my personal popularity with you the public, but I had great difficulty working with them.” Today it appears he has no difficulty working with them again to undermine the sugar industry. Let us also bear in mind that while the idea of these fish ponds might sound grand to the opposition, they have not articulated how the integrity of this vast area will be protected. Fishermen and vendors might soon find themselves out of business, as it would be virtually impossible to protect against illegal fishing from these ponds. In fact, we might very well see a number of fish exporters appearing suddenly. The idea advanced by the opposition about ethanol production is not entirely without merit, but it has never been their idea. This plan for ethanol production was encapsulated in the strategic vision of GuySuCo several years ago, way before the AFC belatedly came out with their cockamamie plan, which they never lose an opportunity to tout. President Donald Ramotar, then a Board Member of GuySuCo, had always advanced this idea, along with improving the co-generation capacity of all the factories. It is thus no surprise that it was President Ramotar who commissioned a Bioethanol Demonstration plant at the Albion Estate in August, 2013 and it was reaffirmed that ‘ethanol production was part of GuySuCo’s strategic plan’. So for APNU and the AFC to now pretend that they came up with this great idea of ethanol production is misleading the public. However, there are certain factors which do not add up, based on what the opposition has told us. It is common knowledge that

a majority of the problem currently plaguing the industry is in the field, not in the factory. Weather being a significant factor, along with agronomic practices, which are intertwined. So, even if we invest resources in large-scale ethanol plants, we will still face the same problem in cane supply. Hence the approach by GuySuCo is to focus on mechanization to improve production in the fields, while at the same time reconfiguring the remaining estate lands for machine harvesting. GuySuCo has already achieved a great deal in this area, with Enmore leading the way in this regard. What the APNU and AFC are guilty of is looking at sugar production in isolation to advance their agenda. These are the people who have attacked the PPP/C Government for providing much needed resources through budgetary allocations to advance this modernisation plan by GuySuCo, which is the only way to increase production; but on the other hand, they want Government to rush head-on to invest resources in ethanol production without still looking at correcting the deficiencies in the field. Clearly, such a plan is bound to fail, and when it does, the opposition will then use this to attack the Government and justify the closure of the industry. The PPP/C has a duty to resist, at all costs, these harebrained schemes of the APNU and AFC, and continue to provide resources for the sugar industry to focus on getting the basics in production right again; by which time we would have gained from the testing facility at Albion sufficient experience in the area of ethanol production to direct future financial resources into a phased implementation of factories which can produce both ethanol and sugar, as is the case in neighbouring Brazil. Old Kai remains firm in his conviction that the industry would certainly die with the plans advanced by the opposition, who have stated publicly that workers in the industry are ‘not their concern’, but rather that of the PPP/C.

US$4M contract…

Ramsammy explains situation with pumps from Surendra Engineering By Vanessa Narine AGRICULTURE Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy told the Guyana Chronicle, in an interview, that there is no question of whether or not the contract to Surendra Engineering was awarded in the appropriate manner. He was giving an update on the status of the operationalisation of the pumps, following the US$4M award through competitive bidding and approval by the National Tender Board. Ramsammy said the company in India was not contracted to build the machines but rather to supply them, fabricated or procured from another firm, a total of 14 for drainage purposes, specifically six mobile and eight fixed-site. According to him, all six of the mobile type are in operation in Guyana and are being used at various sites, as the need arises.

“As of last year, all the mobile pumps were in Guyana,” he reported. The minister said that, as it relates to the eight fixed-site pumps, installations have been completed at the Canje and Rose Hall locations, in Region 6 (East Berbice/Corentyne). He explained that, due to a lack of resources, there was a delay in the construction of pump stations to house the remaining fixedsite ones. BEING BUILT Ramsammy said: “Right now, pump stations are being built at Enterprise and Number 66 Village and the pumps will be installed there before the end of June. “Another pump station is being built at Parfait and is scheduled to be completed before March 28.

“We have another pump station to go up at Canal Number One and have advertised for work to be done on pump stations at Lima and Windsor Forest,” he stated. The minister said, towards this objective, the Ministry of Agriculture has requested the supplier to have the remaining components for the pumps delivered when the stations have been constructed. “What we have done is said to them that, rather than have them sitting some place, the other parts would be best delivered when we are ready for them. “I explained, time and time again, that we were not ready to accept the equipment when it was ready. It was supposed to be last year but the ministry was not in a position to accept all of the fixed site pumps,” he stated. Ramsammy said the contract, undeniably, represents value for money, in that the equipment are expensive and the quality standard.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014

PPP/C ready for General, Local - Rohee Government elections By Vanessa Narine

GENERAL Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Mr. Clement Rohee said, on Tuesday, that the Party is “never never ready” for elections. “The party is always ready for elections,” he declared at its weekly press conference in Freedom House, at Robb Street, Georgetown. According to him, however, the readiness of the people, especially as it relates to the new procedures in the hosting of Local Government elections, is quintessential. “All of us would like to have a perfect elections, all of us would like to have an elections that is non-controversial. I think that is the dream of every single Guyanese,” he remarked, referring to the impacts on ensuring the people are ready for the new process. On the issue of General Elections and the issuance of the related Executive Order, the General Secretary said the Government is not

oblivious to calls from the people for snap polls, at the many consultations on the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill. Rohee emphasised though that the issuance of the Executive Order has to be balanced against the “exigencies” of the current situation. “There are two types of elections that are now in the air, Local Government and General elections…I would not say society is divided on which one should come first, but there are views out there and we have to take into considerations all the views,” he said. POLITICAL TOOL The General Secretary rejected the assertion that the ruling party is using the non-passage of the AML/CFT Bill as a political tool to garner support of the Guyanese people, who will, undeniably, be affected by the resulting regional and international sanctions if the

legislation is not enacted. He called it a “cheap political tool” and added that the party puts its faith in “expensive” political strategies, particularly continuing work on the ground, which he acknowledged is a time consuming process. Rohee added that the people of Guyana must be included in the decision to go in the direction of snap elections. “I don’t think there is total unanimity on the part of a significant amount of Guyanese on one elections or the other,” he posited. The General Secretary noted, too, that the decision will also be influenced by “political judgement” on the “mood” of the people, all in an effort to ensure that the party does not lag behind or move ahead of where are the people of the country. Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Dr. Steve Surujbally, last Wednesday, declared that it is ready for snap Local Government elections, as well, the latter having an established 180 days work plan, regardless of the date set.

Fiery death of five at Port Kaituma…

Defendant to face five counts of murder By Leroy Smith PORT Kaituma businessman Linus La Cruz will be charged with five counts of murder, and will be placed before the court when he is discharged from the Burn Care Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital, a source close to the inves-

tigation has reliably informed the Guyana Chronicle. The source says the law provides for the man to be charged with the murders; and with respect to the arson of the building, that charge would be levelled against him during the trial, when it is determined that he had set the fire to the

-in serious condition in the Burns Care Unit

building, causing the deaths of his family members: wife Lurlene La Cruz, 39 years; her daughters Lea La Cruz, 14 years, and Lavette La Cruz, 3 years; and sons Labron La Cruz, 8 years, and Levon La Cruz, 1 year old.

This publication was able to confirm that the La Cruz file has been sent to the Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions for advice. Fifty-year-old Linus La Cruz has been admitted to the Burns Care Unit of the GPHC upon recommendation of the doctors at the Port Kaituma Hospital that he be transferred there for further medical attention. The Chronicle was told that GPHC doctors realised that the man was in great pain and rec-

ommended that he be admitted a patient at the institution. He remains there under police guard. On March 14, Linus La Cruz is reported to have locked his wife and four of his children in his home, secured a grill door, doused the building with a flammable substance, and set it alight. Persons in the Port Kaituma area reported hearing the children screaming for help, but frantic and aggressive efforts to save them proved futile, since rescuers were prevented

from accessing the building because of the raging fire. Earlier this week, investigators from the city, accompanied by a government pathologist, travelled to Port Kaituma to conduct investigations. The charred remains of the woman and her four children were buried on Tuesday. When Linus La Cruz arrived at the Ogle International Airport on Tuesday, he was greeted by several of his relatives, who wept as they saw the condition he was in.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014

Japanese Gov’t gives US$101,000 grant for Black Bush Polder projects By Jeune Vankeric

MIBICURI Community Developers recently became the beneficiaries of a US$101,275 Japanese Government grant, which will enable the nongovernment organisation to expand its structural facilities to better serve the Black Bush Polder community on the Corentyne. At the signing ceremony, held at one of the four polders within the agriculture-based community on Monday, Japanese Ambassador to Guyana, Yoshimasa Tezuka, noted that the project has received funding under the Japan Grant for Grass Root Human Security Projects. It is expected to be used for expanding and remodeling the vocational training and early childhood centre facilities in the Community Development Centre. “I have no doubt that this project truly addresses basic human needs and we are very pleased that we can assist through the GGP.” Addressing the audience in the cramped lower flat of the two-storey building which houses the non- government organisation, the Ambassador noted that Japan and Guyana have longed benefitted from friendly relations. “In  fact, this year we are celebrating the Japan CARICOM Friendship Year 2014, which marks 20 years since the first Japan-CARICOM Consultation in 1993 and this project is a good indicator of the strength of our relations,” he added.

Meanwhile, in a brief overview, Project Coordinator Ms Meshana Jordan informed the invitees that the lack of skills training and recreation for youths and residents had been cited as a major contributor to the high rate of suicide and other social issues in the polders. Consequently, the NGO recognises the need to expand services to a wider cross-section of the target population but could not provide such needs due to the limited space and resources. “Mibicuri Community Developers having remodelled and expanded the building, residents will now have increased access and training within their own community.” The extension will entail an expansion of the playschool, which will create an area that is safe to promote learning for children, increased enrollment at the playschool, thereby expanding the opportunity for early childhood education. Additionally, there will be an expansion and refurbishing of the offices so that the growing administrative needs can be successfully fulfilled. A designated room is to become a confidential and comfortable environment where residents of Black Bush Polder can receive counseling and referral services, while affording additional skills training areas to accommodate life skills training activities. Moreover, there will be an Information Technology room where residents can acquire computer training, and they will

no longer have to travel out of Black Bush Polder for such a purpose. Further, Jordan explained that with the building expansion, the organisation will be able to hold various training exercises and conferences, which will allow participants to seek employment, engage in positive and healthy activities which

will decrease gender-based violence and other social issues. Meanwhile, representing the residents of Black Bush Polder, Ms. Shafiran Bhajan, former Regional Education Officer, noted that a wide cross-section of the community stands to benefit from the expansion project. Meanwhile, prior to the signing of the multi-million dol-

lar contract by MCD Director Jacqueline Cummings-Johnson, and Ambassador Yoshimasa Tezuka , the audio versions of national anthems from both countries were played. The two-hour programme was chaired by Head Teacher Verma Jadunath, while remarks were made by Regional Chairman

David Armogan, Community Developer, Mr. Alex Foster, Peace Corps (Guyana) Response Programme Coordinator, Mr. Flavio Rose, Food for the Poor (Guyana) Inc. Senior Project Officer, Ms. Andrea Benjamin, and Chairman of the Black Bush Community Developers, Mr. Takoor Persaud.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014

GCAA investigators return from crash site…

Pilot’s condition unknown, 2 sent to theatre, other discharged BY Leroy Smith

INVESTIGATORS of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) who had travelled to Region 7 yesterday to investigate a plane crash are back in the city. The Guyana Chronicle has been informed that the two aircraft which travelled to the crash site on Tuesday as part of the investigation returned to Ogle International Airport with the investigators on board. While this newspaper has been told that the investigation might be focused on the engine and whether it had caused the mishap, that information was not confirmed by any of the players close to the investigation. This publication was also informed that two of the injured persons underwent surgery, while another has been discharged. Efforts to have the GPHC comment on the condition of the pilot proved futile, since there was no one

The pilot of the aircraft makes his way into the A and E Unit for medical attention immediately available to share was at the time being operated that information. by its owner, who is also the Four persons escaped a horowner of several mining camps rific death on Tuesday just after in Guyana’s interior. At the time 11 hours, after the single engine of the accident, the man was light aircraft in which they were reportedly heading to one of his travelling fell out of the sky in mining camps with three of his Region 7. The survivors are Ivor employees on board. Williams, Troy Daniels, Leon While medical personnel Bristol and their plane’s pilot related that out of the four Bernard Singh. They were the injured, one seemed more only persons aboard the plane at critical, all of the injured the time of the mishap. The craft were flown to the city last evehad shortly taken off from the ning, and were rushed to the Aura Airstrip in Region 7, and Georgetown Public Hospital

Duo remanded over gunning down of Fyrish woman By Jeune Vankeric MURDER accused duo, Soloman Milton of Nigg Settlement, Corentyne, and Antonio Singh Balrup of Lot 15 Reliance Settlement, East Canje, who were arrested for the fatal shooting of Patricia Samaroo appeared at the Reliance Court charged with murder. The men were not required to plead to the capital offence which was read by Magistrate Sherdel Marcus-Isaacs. However, when the court requested from defence counsel, Mursalene Bacchus, who is representing the number two accused, particulars of his client, he said that he was not obliged to furnish the court with the information. The attorney then instructed the men in the dock not to answer any questions. However, the persistent magistrate proceeded to ask Milton his age and the reply was “23 years”, and then he was asked his address but he responded, “I have nothing to say.” Meanwhile the same questions were put by the magistrate to Singh, who responded as advised by his lawyer, “I have nothing to say.” Consequently, the magistrate invited the rank who instituted the charge to give sworn evidence with respect to the particulars of the accused men. Detective Lance Corporal Dinesh Baichu informed the court that during an interview with the men he learnt that Milton was 23 years old and lived at Lot 60 Nigg Settlement, Corentyne, while Singh Balrup was 26 years old and lived at Lot 15 Reliance Settlement, East Canje. Sergeant Godfrey Playter, prosecuting, objected to bail while noting the nature, gravity and prevalence of the offence, and pointed out that another complainant was in a critical position in the New Amsterdam Hospital. Further, the prosecutor informed the court that Balrup is at present on bail pending an appeal in another matter. The men are alleged to have barged into a home at Fyrish Village, Corentyne, where they fatally shot Patricia Samaroo. They were refused bail and remanded to prison until March 25 when the matter will be called at Albion Magistrate’s Court.

One of the injured being wheeled into the Accident and Emergency Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital on Tuesday evening, after being brought out from Region 7 for medical attention. They were stabilised at the crash site by medical personnel from the Guyana Defence Force, who had travelled to the area in response to the GCAA request. Speaking with this publication at the Georgetown Public Hospital on Tuesday evening, one of the injured explained that he could not really recall what had transpired, but he explained that he worked as a miner with the pilot of the plane. Immediately after the distress call was made from the

pilot’s satellite phone, the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority activated its search and rescue coordination centre; and moments later, the Guyana Defence Force, which is also part of the National Search and Rescue Coordination Unit, dispatched a helicopter and two medical personnel into the area to attend to the injured and to have them stabilised. They were also accompanied by investigators of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority. The downed aircraft, with registration number N87619,

was easily spotted; and getting to the injured was not much of a challenge, compared to a more recent case when the rescue centre was activated. Tuesday’s operation saw the crash survivors being brought out from the wreck area to the airstrip from whence their flight originated. They were then transported to another airstrip, since that airstrip was a very small one that could accommodate only small planes like the one they fell out of the sky with.

Rosignol Village businessman remanded over ganja in black haversack By Jeune Vankeric NIGEL Edwards, 35, who pleaded not guilty to a charge of trafficking in narcotics was on Tuesday remanded to prison by Magistrate Rhondel Weaver after the prosecution objected to his pre-trial liberty at the Blairmont Magistrate’s Court. Police Corporal Orin Joseph, prosecuting, said on March 1 last, police were on patrol when acting on information they went to Rosignol Village, West Coast Berbice to a snackette, which is owned by the defendant. A search was conducted and a black haversack was seen on a freezer in the living quarters, and on opening it the police found a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis sativa and it was subsequently weighed and amounted to 131 grams. Attorney-at-law Mr Joel Edmond asked that his client be granted bail as he is a businessman and the sole provider of his home. However Corporal Joseph objected and informed the court that no special circumstances had been cited. The case was fixed for hearing on March 24.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014

President Ramotar accredits new Pakistani High Commissioner

PRESIDENT Donald Ramotar yesterday received Letters of Credence from newly-appointed non-resident High Commissioner, Nasrullah Khan from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Guyana. The High Commissioner said that the relationship between the two countries is based on the strong foundation of mutual respect, both at the level of government, as well as at the international level. He noted that in today’s globalised world, geographic distance is of little consequence, especially since Guyana and Pakistan share a lot of commonalities, including the passion and love for cricket. He also conveyed his country’s gratitude for Guyana’s support for their candidate on the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The High Commissioner’s friendly sentiments were reciprocated by President Ramotar who said that cooperation between the two countries at the multilateral level, through forums such as the UN, Commonwealth, Non-Aligned Movement, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Group of 77, among others, has significantly strengthened its relationship. “Guyana looks forward to greater cooperation in all areas of common endeavours for the betterment of our peoples…both countries have the opportunity to contribute to sustainable development goals that reflect the realities of our countries,” President Ramotar said. The two countries are hoping to encourage their respective private sectors to enhance trade and commercial relations. Guyana and Pakistan have enjoyed cordial relations since the establishment of diplomatic relations on November 10, 1967. Further, Pakistan is one of the countries that pledged support for Guyana’s New Global Human Order which seeks to ensure human dignity and a better life for all. (GINA)

President Donald Ramotar and newly-accredited Pakistani High Commissioner, Nasrullah Khan

Sawmill operator blames ‘influence of alcohol’ for sexual assault on Bible student By Jeune Vankeric SAWMILL operator Raymond Evans of Number 19 Village, Corentyne, was remanded to prison by Magistrate Sherdel Marcus-Isaacs after telling the court that he was under the influence of alcohol when he held the vagina of a Bible student. On Friday last, the teenager left her Bible class and was walking along Main and St John Streets, New Amsterdam when   Evans told her “Good night”, before grabbing at her sex organ. The loud shouts from the teen alerted persons from a nearby restaurant who quickly responded and arrested the suspect. He was subsequently taken to Central Police Station and  charged with sexual assault. In the Reliance Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, Evans said he was an operator attached to Ammerally Sawmills and was sorry for what transpired. The magistrate asked the defendant whether he had ever visited a psychiatrist and he replied, “No, Your Worship.” “Then I will have a probation report. You are expected to return to New Amsterdam Court on March 28. You are remanded.”

Hampshire man damages wife’s belongings …after she wanted to move out on Valentine’s Day MAGISTRATE Rabindranauth Singh ordered Shivarlat Persaud to post $75,000 bail when he appeared at the Albion Court on Tuesday charged with damaging his wife’s belongings during a Valentine’s Day quarrel. Police Sergeant Phillip Sherriff, prosecuting, said on Valentine’s Day [February 14], the defendant and his common-law wife Natasha Narrain had a misunderstanding at their home at Hampshire Settlement, Corentyne. As a result, Persaud got annoyed after the woman said she wanted to move on with her life and he allegedly maliciously damaged the woman’s belongings which included a quantity of clothing, cosmetics and other personal articles totaling $280,000. A report was made subsequently and charges were instituted. The case is fixed for trial on March 23.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014

Phagwah celebrations…

Accidents prompt appeals to refrain from alcohol consumption By Vanessa Narine

REPORTS of at least nine accidents, with two fatalities, involving Phagwah celebrants between 15:00 hrs and 20:00 hrs on Monday, reached media houses. As a consequence, President of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, Dr. Vindhya Persaud bemoaned the fact that the religious festival, albeit a national celebration that fosters unity among the Guyanese people, continues to be associated with alcohol consumption. She said: “The Sabha’s position has always been that our events, especially our religious festivals, not be associated with alcohol.” According to her, as President of the organisation, she has made it clear, time and time again, that the Hindu community advocates

for alcohol free festivals, as well as events. “Phagwah celebrations should never be an occasion for alcohol use,” she insisted. Persaud appealed for good sense to prevail and the festival be respected the next time around. HER CONDOLENCES The Sabha President also expressed her condolences to the families and friends of those killed and injured in the Monday accidents. She decried the practice of drinking and driving. Meanwhile, Commander of Police ‘A’ Division, Assistant Commissoner George Vyfhuis, on Monday night, appealed for drivers to heed the traffic laws and not drink and drive.

“It is a concern,” he said, after an accident that completely blocked the main carriageway of a part of the East Bank of Demerara Highway, raising security concerns. “We had to come in and deal with this but we’re appealing to the drivers to please do not drink and drive. We cannot afford that

Dr. Vindhya Persaud

Thin set cement on local market from today By Michel Outridge

TCL Sales and Marketing Manager Eric Whaul; Quaison Chase Dispatch Clerk; and John Corlette Shipping and Logistics Officer

TRINIDAD Cement Limited (TCL) Guyana Limited, the sole importer and distributor, yesterday launched its newest product, the Micro Milling Ltd thin set cement at its headquarters at Lot 2-9 Lombard Street, Georgetown. The product was introduced to the media by Sales and Marketing Manager, Eric Whaul, who highlighted the benefits of thin set cement which will be on the market from today. He said that after sometime they took the decision to get involved in cement related-products following the demand by customers and then the specific brand was sourced and shipped here for the local market the demand was very high. According to online encyclopedia Wikipedia, thin set is an adhesive mortar made of cement, fine sand a water retaining agent such as an alkyl derivative of cellulose. It is usually used to attach tile or stone to surfaces such as cement or concrete. Micro Milling thin set cement can be used for the installation of ceramic tiles, brick pavers, quarry tile, cement tile and clay tile, he said. He stated that with their distribution channel countrywide, the product was shipped here and based on the overwhelming feedback and after being tested by local masons and contractors, it got an excellent review and so it is being introduced on the market. Whaul said that even before a shipment arrived half of it was already sold and next week thin set cement will be available on the Essequibo Coast. He said the product is of high quality and is even above the local standards and it was endorsed and deemed an ‘excellent’ product. Whaul said the product is being sold wholesale at $1351/$1334 per sack with 60 sacks to a sling which weigh 50 pounds per sack.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014 now. “Designate a driver and you will get to where you are going safely. Do not speed. Do not try to overtake another vehicle when you don’t have the opportunity to do that. “I think it is very dangerous and we are risking lives and getting rid of innocent people’s lives very easily,” he lamented. Police Traffic Department statistics indicate that fatalities for the year have surpassed that of the corresponding 2013 period. 25 DEATHS To date, there have been 25 deaths as a result of 23 road accidents, 13 of which involved driving under the influence of alcohol. For 2013, pedestrians have been the main road users affected, with 37 such persons having lost their lives by December. In addition, 16 motorcyclists, 12 pedal cyclists, 14 drivers and 18 passengers of motor vehicles, three pillion riders were also killed during 2013. Police traffic enforcement activities during 2013 resulted in a total of 107,650 cases being made against errant motorists, of which 20,443 were for speeding. Road accidents remain featured among the top 10 leading causes of death, as well as accounting for the most disabilities in Guyana, as revealed by the Ministry of Health National Rehabilitation Services Strategy 2009 to 2013.

Sufficient foreign currency, stable trading in the market - says Dr Gobind Ganga By Vanessa Narine

DEPUTY Governor of the Bank of Guyana, Dr. Gobind Ganga, has assured in invited comments that there is sufficient foreign currency in the market, and it is being traded at “stable” rates. Following reports of hoarding of foreign currency by local traders, a practice blamed for the increased exchange rates and reportedly influenced by uncertainties in the financial sector as a result of the non-passage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill, Dr Ganga explained that all commercial banks are trading, with sales as on Tuesday, March 18, being recorded at as much as $4M. He added that if there is hoarding of foreign currency, this is quite possibly not being done by the commercial banks, but by people trading in the market. He said this could be a reaction to rumours of shortages, and is the logical “business decision” by traders, who are looking to increase their returns. Dr Ganga said, “If the word in the market is that there is not enough foreign currency, then people will buy the currency and keep it in reaction to what is being said. We know what is going on in the market: People are fearful of shortage, and the natural inclination is to pull rates up. That is what is happening…. “There is sufficient foreign currency in the market, and the reports we have had indicate that the exchange rates are stable over the last couple of weeks.” Dr Ganga added that that is why the Bank of Guyana has made no intervention in the currency market so far. Bank of Guyana rates as at yesterday were as follows: For the US dollar, buying was at Gy$205.49 and selling was at Gy$207.93; for the Canadian dollar, buying was at Gy$183.82 and selling was at Gy$185.94; for the Euro, buying was at Gy$286.06 and selling was at Gy$289.67; and for the English pound, buying at Gy$341.66 and selling was at Gy$345.94. Local commercial banks are advertising the more popular US dollar at a buying price of Gy$201 and a selling price of Gy$209. Dr Ganga noted that the changes in the trading rate should not be a cause for alarm, particularly given that one would expect appreciation or depreciation, depending on the rate of inflation.

The badly damaged road leading to the southern Anna Catherina scheme, in a state of disrepair for over two years

Anna Catherina residents get assurance on road upgrade By Vanessa Narine

RESIDENTS of Anna Catherina, West Coast of Demerara are peeved because of unheeded, repeated calls for upgrades of the secondary road which leads to the recently developed housing scheme, on the southern end of the community. However, in an invited comment, Regional Chairman Julius Faerber told the Guyana Chronicle that the lack of financing has prevented any work on the badly damaged roadway. He noted that the works on the other part of the village, the northern side, have been completed to the satisfaction of villagers there and acknowledged the need for the other route to be upgraded. “We are waiting on the Budget and, once it is passed, we should have the funding we need to address this,” Faeber said. The road in question has been a sore point for villagers for well over two years now but the Regional Chairman assured that their concern would be addressed as soon as possible.

The recently upgraded road facilitating villagers in the northern Anna Catherina scheme


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014

30 Mara farmers benefit from training in effective small farm management By Clifford Stanley MEMBERS of the Mara Farmers’ Association (MFA) in Region 6 (East Berbice/ Corentyne) last week benefited from a five-day training workshop in effective small farm management. The programme was organised by the Caribbean Local Economic Development Project (CARILED) in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development (MLGRD) and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA). The venue was the Mara Community Centre, Ma- Retriate Scheme, East Bank of Berbice and the resource persons were IICA Sustainable Rural Development Specialist, Mr. Ar-

nold De Mendonza, Agriculture Field Specialist, Mr. Jermaine Joseph and National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) District Officer, Ms. Yashma Subhai. 30 FARMERS PARTICIPATED CARILED is a project funded by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) and currently works in seven Caribbean countries to develop models of Local Economic Development (LED) that can be shared throughout the Region. CARILED disclosed that the Mara workshop focused extensively on use of simple farm management tools for effective and efficient management of farms, on low cost production

techniques, good agricultural practices, preventing and controlling contamination of fresh farm produce, post-harvest handling of crops, prevention of post-harvest crop losses and development of marketing operations. The workshop, it was reported, forms one aspect of the Mara Agricultural Enhancement Project (MAEP) which seeks to increase the productive capacity and diversify the portfolio of farmers in the Mara (California to Germania) area on the East Bank Berbice. Mr. Ovid Phillips, Chairman of the Mara Farmers’ Association thanked the MLGRD, CARILED, the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region 6, IICA, NAREI and the participants for making the five-day training exer-

cise a success. He said that the training will tremendously improve the lives of the famers. Mr. Dhanraj Singh, National Country Coordinator (CARILED-Guyana) urged the farmers to adopt the new practices that they had been taught and to continue to seek new information that can improve their livelihood in a green and sustainable way. He also said that CARILED will continue to work with the farmers to increase access to new markets domestically, regionally and internationally. The Regional Chairman of Region 6, Mr. David Armogan and Regional Vice-Chairman Mr. Bhupaul Jhagroo attended and closed the workshop on the final day. CARILED is a six-year programme launched in May 2012, with headquarters in Trinidad and Tobago, and sub-offices in Saint Lucia (OECS) and Ottawa, Canada. It is being implemented by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), in partnership with the Caribbean Association of Local Government Authorities (CALGA), the Caribbean Forum of Local Government Ministers (CFLGM) and the Commonwealth Local Government Forum CLGF). It aims to partner with 50 local government authorities in countries in the Caribbean to support the growth and development of 500 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Home Affairs admonishes Kaieteur News over misleading article THE Ministry of Home Affairs, on Tuesday, alluding to a March 13, 2004 Kaieteur New article captioned ‘Civilians contract coming to an end, reforms still a long way off’, said it was misleading. A press statement from the ministry said it was concerned about the propensity that is being displayed by Kaieteur News in misleading the public about events that have been occurring in the Guyana Police Force (GPF). It said that, perhaps, “their agents” have not been forthright in providing them accurate information about matters relating to the GPF in which they seem to have an interest. The release stated that the members of the Strategic Management Department (SMD) were employed on one year contracts, renewable every year based on their performance and they are all aware of the conditionality of their employment. The ministry said it is unaware of any action currently being taken to deny renewing the contracts of members of the SMD. Further, the implementation of the strategic plan of the GPF is scheduled to be undertaken over a period of five years. ANNUAL REPORT It added that, very shortly, the ministry expects the Head of the SMD to submit his Annual Report on its achievements since its formation. The statement noted that that activity forms part of the ministry’s monitoring and evaluation strategy to ensure that the modernisation process of the Force is kept on track. The ministry pointed out that the modernisation procedure of the GPF is not personality driven and, therefore, if Kaieteur News believes that any individual could stymie it, the authors of the article are mistaken. The ministry said, in keeping with its oversight responsibilities, it will take all steps to ensure that the modernising of the GPF continues in spite of any attempt to distract its attention.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014

Standards Corner...

Fix our phone rights ON Saturday, March 15, 2014 the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) joined with other local and international consumer bodies to celebrate World Consumer Rights Day under the theme “fix our phone rights”. As the organisation responsible for monitoring the quality of cellular phones offered for sale in Guyana, the GNBS takes this opportunity to share the following information with consumers. Buying a Cell Phone? Tips for the Consumer *

Check for signs of scratches, stains, fading on the keypad and display areas.


Check for tampering of screws or evidence of screwdriver use.

* Check for original manual, charger and battery if the phone is new. The brand and series should be the same as for the phone. * Check the call timer, missed calls, numbers stored in the phone, text messages, dialed calls box and the international mobile equipment identity (IMEI) number for evidence of prior use. Caring your cell phones: *

Do not allow them to fall.


Do not allow them to get wet.


Donot sit on them in your back pocket.


Do not download or store too much data on them.


Do not handle them roughly.


Do not try to repair them.


Do not be dishonest when making complaints.

Selling a Cell Phone? Responsibility of the Importer/Dealer. He/she must: *

Not sell “used” “refurbished” or “reconditioned” phones as “new” phones.


Label phones appropriately as “used” or “refurbished” or “new.”


Offer and issue warranties and guarantees and honour these in a timely manner.


Be registered annually with the GNBS and address consumer complaints adequately.


Provide facilities for repairs.

* Not be involved in any unscrupulous practice e.g. switching of parts, or manipulation of call timer. *

Give professional advice and guidance to customers.

For further information, please call theConsumer Hotline: 219-0069.

Minibus conductor charged with wounding on $50,000 bail MINIBUS conductor Colin Joseph, 24, of Lot 3257 South Ruimveldt Park, Georgetown was, yes-

terday, ordered to post $50,000 bail on a wounding charge. Before Magistrate Faith Mc Gusty, he pleaded not guilty to the offence, particulars of which said, on Sunday, February 16, also in the city, he unlawfully and maliciously wounded Seon Yamster. Joseph was represented by attorney-at-law Mr. Paul Fung-a-Fat, who had, unsuccessfully, requested that the defendant be released on his own recognisance, as he was already on $15,000 station bail. Defence counsel said Yamster had pushed out his hand from a minibus and slapped Joseph. Meanwhile, Yamster, 28, no address given, pleaded not guilty having unlawfully assaulted Joseph. Police Corporal Seon Blackman, prosecuting, did not object to the pre-trial liberty for either defendant and Yamster was ordered to post $15,000 surety until he and the other defendant return to court on April 9.

$500,000 jewel larceny defendant granted bail despite objection

TAXI driver Gregory Halls, of Lot 59 Parfait Harmony, West Bank of Demerara, charged with larceny from person, was, yesterday, ordered to post $200,000 bail by Magistrate Faith Mc Gusty. The 42-year-old defendant pleaded not guilty to the charge, particulars of which said, on March 13, in Water Street, Georgetown, he stole one gold and diamond band, valued $500,000, from Badrinauth Seeraj. Police Corporal Seon Blackman, prosecuting, had objected to the grant of pre-trial liberty, stating that the defendant has a similar pending case before Magistrate Fabayo Azore. The prosecutor further cited the seriousness and nature of the offence and the value of the jewel, adding that the defendant was positively identified by the virtual complainant. However, Halls maintained that he was never fingered on any identification parade and denied having any other pending matter. He said, on March 15, he was in the Stabroek area when he was stopped by police in plain clothes and told that he is wanted in connection with this case. The objection was overruled and Halls has to be back in court on April 9.


On dangerous driving charge...

Chinese national granted $40,000 bail CHINESE national Sumhao Huang, of Lot 4 Norton Street, Georgetown, was granted $40,000 bail when he appeared before Magistrate Faith Mc Gusty yesterday on a dangerous driving charge.

With the assistance of an interpreter from the Chinese Association, the 22-year-old defendant pleaded not guilty to the offence, particulars of which said, on March 11, at Crown and Irving Streets, also in the

Below rates for March 19, 2014 Currency G$/US$ G$/GBP G$/CAD$ G$/euro BDOS$ G$/EC$ G$/TT$

Buying 205.48500 341.65991 183.81867 286.05567 101.74500 75.36667 31.68787

Selling 207.93125 345.93522 185.94045 289.66902 102.76500 76.12222 32.00554

For Thursday March 20, 2014 -05:00hrs For Friday March 21, 2014 -05:00hrs

city, he drove motor car PPP 7082 in a manner dangerous to the public. Attorney-at-law Mr. Adrian Thompson, for the defence, requested that pre-trial surety for his client be set at a reasonable sum. The lawyer said Huang, who works with his parents, the owners of Hilton Chinese Restaurant, was hit by a minibus and ended up hitting someone else. Police Sergeant Tracy May Gittens, prosecuting, did not object to the grant and the case was put off to April 8.

Father of 12 on $40,000 bail

MINIBUS driver Adrian Brandt (no address given) was ordered to post $40,000 bail, by Magistrate Faith Mc Gusty yesterday, on a dangerous driving charge. He pleaded not guilty to the offence, particulars of which said, on February 21 at Croal and Camp Streets, Georgetown, he drove BRR 5727 in a manner dangerous to the public. Police Sergeant Tracy May Gittens, prosecuting, did not object to pre-trial freedom for the claimed father of 12, who must return to court on April 8. Brandt told the magistrate another driver was undertaking his vehicle and he ended hitting the other one. He said he has not been working since the day of the accident.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014

Aries March 21 - April 19

You might not realise it at first, but whenever you’re in a group of people today, laughing and having a good time, you are actually creating something -- energy, strong support and friendship. Right now, you’ll find that group settings are a great source of productivity, even if the group is a chatty and relaxed one. So try to be as collaborative as possible. Even if it’s just you and one other person, you’ll get way more done than you would get done by yourself.

Taurus April 20 - May 20

Some weird behaviour that has been going on in your social circle right now might be meant to get a rise out of you -- and you simply can’t ignore it anymore. Give it some of your attention today, and push back when the comments get too pushy or provocative. Set aside time early in the day to start the conversations you need to have. Be bold and honest -- get to the bottom of things as quickly as possible. You will be very relieved when you do.

Gemini May 21 - June 21

New people can add vitality and energy to your life, but they can also distract you from other important things. There are many work or school issues that need your full attention right now. Be careful about accepting too many invitations or going out on too many dates -- you might not have as much free time as you think you do, and it would be a real shame to start something you can’t follow through with.

Cancer June 22 - July 22

Just as one bad apple can spoil the whole barrel, one bad idea (if left unchecked) can ruin a healthy team dynamic. So watch out for unusual, untested theories today. You have to be diligent in your professional role and stay focused on the greater good. Don’t let peer pressure, fancy titles or outright bullying intimidate you into going along with the crowd if you know that the crowd is going in the wrong direction.

Leo July 23 - August 22

Someone you know who has a huge ego is going to get knocked down a peg or two today -- and you are going to find the spectacle exceedingly entertaining. But seeing another person humbled should not make you gloat. You can be proud of being a bit wiser than certain people -- but if you get too cocky about it, you’re sure to end up making a fool of yourself, too! Humility makes wise people like you seem even wiser.

Virgo August 23 - September 22

If you don’t have anything to look forward to right now, then make something to look forward to -- you need to remind yourself that you’re in charge of your life. It’s time to stop waiting for other people to make things happen! Reorganise your day -- do your morning routine in the afternoon for a while, and see how that feels. You’ll be surprised at how a slight change in your schedule can energise you.

Libra September 23 - October 22

Someone you know very well could be working too hard at having a good time. This person wants to be the life of the party but is perhaps losing sight of what ‘fun’ really means. Try to schedule some time for just the two of you -- create a relaxed situation that will encourage him or her to talk about what’s going on. Your listening skills are needed in this situation, so don’t feel obligated to provide answers. Just offer a sympathetic ear.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21

Change affects different people in different ways. Expect your reaction to a major transition to be unlike anyone else’s. You have always been open to new experiences, and right now you are very eager to see things get mixed up in your life. This is not the case for everyone close to you, though -- and you must be sensitive to this fact. When the change happens, ask people what their feelings are, and work with them until everyone is on the same page.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21

The give and take of ideas is not always an effortless experience -- your ego can get involved, and trying to ‘win’ a debate can distort the exchange. Whenever you share ideas, you need to focus solely on accurately conveying what you think, not on proving that you’re the only person who’s ‘right.’ And you definitely can’t make things personal. If a debate gets too heated today, you should be prepared to agree to disagree, and just walk away before things go too far.

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

You can never be sure what the future will hold -- but you should still try to plan for it. To some extent, you can make your future happen the way you want it to. Today, try to lay the foundation for a few important things you hope to do someday -- whether that means requesting vacation time from work, upping the ante on your retirement savings or figuring out the best time of year for your dream wedding.

Aquarius January 20 - February 18

The fact that you’ll have a lot of high energy today will do more than fuel your own productivity -- it could make some inspiring changes within your group of friends. In all your activities, your enthusiasm will bubble up from deep inside you without any effort on your part -- and this enthusiasm will be contagious. Without realising it, you’ll show people options they’ve never considered before. If they decide to follow you, welcome them warmly and lead them fearlessly.

Pisces February 19 - March 20

If you have a somewhat busy day today, make an effort to get things done as soon as you can -- you will need some free time in the afternoon so you can daydream about your future. Sound silly to schedule fantasy time? It’s not -- in fact, it’s just as important as a doctor’s appointment or a staff meeting. Your imagination requires maintenance, and you need to get some imagining done so you can recognise a dream coming true when it happens.

19 GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014



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 installation cutting, polishing and profiling to all your granite counter t o p s a lso building of cupboards and closets. Contact Rawle 6117031, 667-7963.


 Visa Service. Professional Visa applications to the US and Canada. Fees USA VISA $3000, Canada $4000, Plaza Computer Service, 245 Sheriff Street, C/ville.    . Open Monday to Sunday 09:00hrs 21:00hrs

 .        

MASSAGE DONE. CALL 685-8882.  Service: Swedish deep tissue, therapeutic, prenatal. All massages done by qualified therapist. For appointment. call Samantha 661-2219.



puri made to order for any occasion. Call 226-8469.

       Divinty Spa, 245 Sheriff St., specialise in relaxation and therapuetic massages, facials. C a l l 6 6 1 - 6 6 9 4 , ask for Dianna

RENTAL / HIRE RENTAL HIRE              

 PEN PAL

 Pressure washing: you won't believe the difference, 592-696-5424 (Kevin Blyden).We clean homes, driveways, decks, gutters, parking lots, businesses, equipment, machinery, cars and anything else with dirt and grime.



 Jewellery and Pawn Shop, Lot 1 Durban Street Werk-en-Rust between Camp and George Streets. Tel: 223-6331, 227-2307.


 reading, other works done. For fast results - reuniting lovers, removing evil a n d a ll blockages, etc. Call 696-8873, 673-1166.


 Construction! We build, we repair. Have to pay for estimates. Contact Devon - 6541997, 665-7946.

works done to bring peace, finance, success, enhance prosperity, remo v e evil, blockage, reunite families, lovers, etc. 610-7234, 6440058.

ASSISTANT: Are you busy and would like someone to pay bills, buy groceries, etc., then call 649-9363.

 work done in Suriname. Love, marriage, sickness, pregnancy, removes evil, prosperity, business. Readings. Call 674-8603, 597-8519876.

      specialise in tap and die, hot and cold water systems, bathrooms, toilets, sinks and gutters, etc. Call 6530422, 682-6004.

 Construction and Rental Service excavat o r, b o b c a t , t r u c k , t o o l s . Te l . 6015024, 227-4536.  Management: All visa services, 133 Church St, South Cummingsburg, building before Clairans (Noreen's building).Tel. 231-5876, 6221141.    Project Management: Electrical Installation and Maintenance Services by certified and experienced electrician. Tel. 2315876, 646-0336, 675-6647.  Tech Solutions! Home and Business Security surveillance, remote monitoring computer repairs and upgrades. Tel. 652-5668.  Construction: Start to finish, concrete, wooden structures, tiling, painting, plumbing, ceiling and floor varnished all professionally done. Call 688-0304, 661-6511, 619-8766.

 Indian man seeking slim, fair woman under 30, no children, no tattoo, to come in Trinidad for work. Please call 1-868-393-5538, BBM 79BF85F5. Hassin Khan from San Fernando Trinidad. Yahoo: 

  

 : We build your dream homes, we repair. Have to pay for estimates. Contact Mark - 689-6033.

 a Friend! Get educated! Get Married! Migrate!..through the CFI. Telephone Friendship Link. Call 592-261-5079, 654-3670, 6888293,261-6833 twenty-four hours

                              repair LCD, LED, Plasma washing machine microwave and stereo set. Home services provided. Tel. 693-3277, 6472677  available: Repairs, servicing and installation, washers, dryers, stoves, deep fryers, industria l c o n t r o l s . 619-0793, 699-8802, 218-0050.   Open! Kissoon's Home and Variety Store, 78 Hadfield Street behind Brickdam Police Station. We stock all sizes of mattresses. We are now wholesalers and retailers of all household items - sheets, plastic bowls, covers, gas stoves, electric irons, etc. Tel. 223-1882.

TOURSTOURS  Tour, Labor Day, Indian Arrival Holiday, May 1 to 5. Book early. 644-0185, 6392663, 665-5171, 227-8290.  Rodeo! Fans, come enjoy tour to Bon Fin Moco Moco Falls, etc. April 17 to 21. 644-0185, 639-2663, 665-5171, 227-8290.



 female clerk. Call 231-5171.         general assistant cook, must know to clean surroundings as well.. Please call 628-8599.  live-in maid, must be from country, age 35 - 45. Tel. 662-1124, 621-6422.  hotel housekeeper, age 35-55. Apply to Operations Manager, 65 Peter Rose/Anira Streets, Queenstown.

 General Store, 116 Regent Road Bourda: Porters, Handyman must be able to take care of dogs and plants. 223-5659.

General Store, 116 Regent Road Bourda: One general domestic to work in Nandy Park.  Guards, age 3055 years, attractive salary, meals allowance, uniforms provided. Comfortable work environment. Tel. 225-0198 , porters, lumber clerk Woodmizer, band saw, and moulder operator, timber grant manager, to work in Eccles Industrial Site, EBD. Call Richard 6097675, 233-2614  Press Operator: Requirements - minimum subjects, Mathematics and English with Grades 1-3, two character references. Must have Police Clearance. P.O. Box 10501.  and Office Clerk to work in Trinidad between the ages of 25 to 35, single female preferred, experience will be asset. Call or text +1-868-745-6214 for more information.  you want to live and work in Canada? Get trained, (Canadian standards) as a live-in caregiver also care for the elderly and care for children. Training available. 592-227-4881, 416-6747973.  male Pharmacy assistant to work in pharmacy located at Mahaica. Person applying must have experience working in a pharmacy. Interested persons please call 641-3240, 609-9829 for more information.  Graphic Artist: Requirements - Knowledgeable and experienced with Corel 15, Adobe CS5 Suite, National ID, TIN certificates, NIS Card, two character references, including one from last employer. Apply PO Box 10501.  self-motivated female Assistant: Knowledge of Marketing, Bookkeeping, computer-literate, can work with little supervision. Age 25 - 40 years. Tel. 6 7 1 - 8 8 8 3 , 6 1 4 - 0 9 4 9 . email:


Land For Sale

 house lot for sale at Unity Village ECD. Tel. 227-3355.  (high income) - 61' x 110' - $7M. Call Carol - 623-0070.  lot in Lamaha Park $14M. Tel. 611-6632, 664-3488.  60x180 $60M. Call Carol 612-9785, 623-0070.   45' x 80' $9.5M. Call Carol 6129785.  location 40' x 244' - $65M. Call Carol 6230070.  St. 43' x 171' $40M neg. Call Carol 612-9785, 623-0070.  80' x 120', prime business spot US$1.2M. Call Carol 623-0070.  location, Carmichael Street, size 40'x245'. Contact 2275585, 669-9737.


LAND FOR SALE  investment property 40' x 140' - $50M. Call Carol 623-0070.  business land (1 acre) US$5M. Call Carol 6230070.  land EBD (3 acres) - $140M. Call Carol 6230070.  St, back lot with 8 ft driveway - $10M. Call Carol 612-9785, 623-0070.  Realty: land Newtown, Triumph, Aracari Resort. Contact Paula - 665-7946.  road side land for sale. Contact 671-1997.  Land Owners| Have your land work for you from Timehri - Success. Call now 1-868-318-3604.  10 acres with creek and farm house. Call 261-5500, 643-1861.   of land in Berbice, containing rice and cane cultivation. Contact 223-8479, 6473768  cultivated citrus, house, fish pond, storage, 2 acres cultivated, ACRE cultivated Parika. Contact 226-7968.  Soesdyke Highway, 151 acres virgin land title from road to river - $38M neg. Tel. 220-8596, 643-9196, 6861091.  at 20 Philippi Corentyne, includes house lots and farm land. Call 333-3717, 225-1938.   100 x 50 only $14M, Call 231-2064, 225-2626, 227-6863, 615-0069, 627-0288, 226-1064.  110x 80 fully fenced at Sixth Avenue, Diamond EBD. Nice residential area. Price neg. Tel. 690-7922.  St business 62x741 $19M, Diamond 5th Street $5.6M Tel: 692-3831, 225-2626, 2312064, 226-1064.   , Highway and East Bank Demerara Junction.     in Queenstown 165 x 60 over $100M. Phone Vi c e President Alysious Pereira 623-2591, Vice President Darandia 615-0069, 6180000, 225-2626 Parfaite Harmonie (100ft x 50ft) $1.8M, with foundation (30ft x 20ft) $1.5M, Parfaite Harmonie $1M, $1.2M, Herstelling $3M, Schoonord $1.8M. 675-7292.  Da Silva Street front land with plan for 3-storey multiple business and residence, close to Bel Air Park $15.6M. Phone Mr Boodram 692-2383, 623-2591, 231-2064, 225-5198, Lady Abundance 661-1952, 2252626, 225-3068, 615-0069, 2276949, Mr. Darindra 626-4180, 226-1064. than 600 acres of land located on upper ECD, caretaker's quarters, storage for seedling, paddy and fertiliser storage canal. Serious enquiries only. Tel. 609-8452, 678-1454.  Mining has Mining Land available for Miners interested in mining in Berbice district #, Mazaruni distict #, Northwest district#, Cuyuni district # 4, Potaro district # 2. Call 231-9488 between 9-4 Mon-Fri.



 for bond, hotel, apartment complex, Blygezight 120 x 60 - $36M, neg, Austin St. 134 x 56 - $36M, Kitty 8 000 sq ft - $22M, Phone Vice President 225-2626, 618-0000, 225-2626, 623-2591, 226-1064, 227-6863, 615-0069

 land is going to solve your business need, in Smyth close to Brickdam 120 x 60 the only land available for $55M neg All lands that would give you the same return on your investment $95M, talking of 5-storey c o m p l e x . P h o n e L a d y B o s ton 684-2244, Lady Racel Jones 688-3434 , Master Darindra 615-0069, 618-0000, 6232591, 225-2626, 225-3068, 2261064 , E mail :

 land in Duncan St. for 4-storey office complex, bond, school, apartment $40M. Phone 627-0288, Mr. Ramsayoe 6180000, Mr Alysious Pereira 6232591, Mr. Darindra 615-0069. to Brickdam, $75M suitable for 5-storey complex, hotel Mr Ramsohoye 618-0000, Mr Pereira 226-1064, Mr. Darindra 615-0069, 225-2626, 227-6863, 225-5198\  Seaside land $15M, Mon Repos $5M, Cummings Lodge Public Road $32M, Bachelor's Adventure $6.5M, Kitty $12M & $16M, Diamond $6M, Seaside East Bank $120M. Troy 626-2243. land deal! Adventure, Linden Highway, road to river 152 acres, $240 000/acre. Norbert A De Freitas Associates. 592-609-2302/6516, 645-2580 E m a i l Street: Commercial, between Camp and Alexander Streets 117' x 31' $53M neg.. Norbert A. De Freitas Associates 592-609-2302/6516, 645-2580 Email  Street Kitty 70x38 for 4-storey business $22M, two-way traffic close to Vlisssengen Road. Sir Boodram 692-3831, 2255184, Darindra 615-0069, Lady Abundance 661-1952, Sir Pereira 623-2591/231-2064/2252709/225-3068/225-2626.  with 20ft driveway Dennis Street $17M, Sec. 'M' 90 x 50 plus reserve $17M, Kitty 8 000 sq. ft - $19M, one house in McDoom close to main road $9M. Phone Mr Darindra 6150069, 618-0000 Vice President Alysious Pereira 623-2591, 2276863, 226-1064, 225-2626. -storey concrete business spot, corner lot in central Georgetown $160M, Robb Street property land size 40x110 $55M, two-storey wooden on Robb Street $60M. Call or visit Pete's Real Estate - 226-5546, 2236218, 226-9951, 227-2487, 6237805. Real Estate Robb Street business spot, size 40x110- $55M, river side land at Pearl East Bank Demerara 9 acres - $100M, great investm e n t . C h u r c h S t r e e t corner spot, ideal for any business US$1.5M, Da Silva Street land r e s i d e n t i a l s i z e 3 2 x 11 0 $16.5M, Queenstown land 50x50 - $39M, Nandy Park residential land 60x90 - $18M. Call 227-2487, 226-5546, 2236218, 226-9951, 623-7805.  wish to advertise all land was made by the creator for different purposes. Go as high as you can to enjoy economy of height. Earl's Court LBI double lot 120 x 90 - $17M, Happy Acres parallel to the Main Road 100 x 50 - $16M, for business or 4-storey apartment land for bonds on the East Coast $28M, Kitty 8 000 sq. ft $20M, Da Silva St 70 x 35 - $14M, 9 000 sq. ft on Main Road 500 yards south of Chinese Emb a s s y, Tu r k e y e n 1 . 4 a c r e s $38M, Campbellville 80 x 60 with lots of reserve $16M, Republ i c P a r k $ 1 6 M , C o n t i nental Park double l ot $35 M, Croal Street 75 x 50 $32M, 3 lot s a t ' A A ' E c c l e s w i t h m a s s i v e u nfinis h e d s t r u c t u r e $98M, plus reserve. Friendship $3 . 5 M , P e a r l 5 acres for gated c o m m u n i t y $ 4 5 M n e g . Phone , 225-3068, 226-1064, 227-6863, 227-6964, 225-2626.

 Middle income first street $9M, sixth street $6.2M Atlantic Garedens, Thomas street Cummingsburg 40 by 242ft 70M, Hadfield street Lodge 45 by 171 ft, 38M, Campbellville fenced built up 50 ft by 18 60M, Kitty Shell road back land with drive way 12M, Kingston fourth street 60 by 120 ft 60M, Robb street 110 ft by 32ft, 56M, Bel Air Village House on double lots, 40M, E a r l ' s Av e n u e 5 0 M , S h e r i ff street 120 by 45ft, 130M, Mentore/Singh Realty 2251017, 623-6136.  businesses must think out of the box. They must adopt a new strategy. The Chinese are moving in some locations that land for bond/factory is cheap, 20 000 sq ft land close to the Chinese embassy for bond. $58M, 8 000 s q . f t o n the main road c l o s e t o t h e C h i n e se Embassy $54M for 4-storey fast food/ super m a r k e t 200-car parking. 1½ acres of land in Turkeyen for hostel, school, university, bond, Buy now, be decisive. Present, you have a boss, now decide. Phone Mr. Danhand r i 6 1 5 - 0 0 6 5, M r . Patrick Pereira 669-335 0, M r. A l y s i o u s P e r e i r a 6 2 3 2591, 225-2709, 225-2626, 225- 3 0 6 8, 226-1064, 227-6863, 225-5198 Seven days of h o t m ail:  lot in Dennis St, with driveway 20 feet $17M, Sec. 'M', 80 x 60, plus reserve for bond $19M, Da S i l v a S t 8 0 x 5 0 $ 1 3 M , Kitty Railway Embankm e n t 8 0 0 0 s q . f t $ 20M, land has 20 ft driveways. V i c e President Drandia 615-0069, Vice President Alysious Pereira - 623-2591, Vice P r e s i d e n t R a m s a y a e 6 1 8 - 0 0 0 0 , Vice President 22 5 - 2 6 2 6 , 2 2 6 1 0 6 4 , 667-7812.    land in Bel Air Village for hotel, bond, 5stor e y, s t u d e n t s ' d o r m $42M. Phone Vice President Patrick Pereira 669-3350, Vice P r e s i d ent Ramsohoye 6180000, 623-2591, 227-6863, 2252626, 667-7812.

TO LET to let Eccles furnished house US$1000, 611-0315, 690-8625. business space on Regent Road. Tel. 641-2419, 674-6291. fully furnished five-bedroom house, Atlantic Gardens. Call 681-3131, 653-6570.  Rooms, selfcontained and furnished $75 000 monthly. Call 226-9798. Gardens: 3-bedrooms apartment exclusive. 6139033.  rooms for single, working male. Tel. No. 613-2647.  apartment at Triumph Village ECD. Tel: 2207937, 625-5257.  bond with utilities, fully secured, located at Ketley Street. 643-3675 Desree.  mixers to rent, long and short term periods. Call 6802723, 226-5351, 690-3484.  space 2500 sq. feet, Lamaha and Carmichael Streets. Call 225-8915 (office).  to rent, responsible single working female. Call or text 618-3815.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 20 2014 TO LET




 two-bedroom apartment with all conveniences. Tel. 642-0636.

 Palace and Restaurant, 344 and 345 Middle and East Streets. For sale by owner only. Contact 656-9835, 1-908-456-/6683.

 apartment in Bent Street, Wortmanville, US$30 per day. Contact 226-3309, 2181033, 678-4267.

 furnished 3-bedroom house, fully meshed and grilled, large yard space and office space at the bottom. 6108351, 697-5492.

 to rent close to U G, s h a r e d a c c o m m o d a t i o n call: 625- 8585 also to rent, one five bedroom house .

 World #1 Realtor Mister Terry Redford Reid 667-7 8 1 2 , 225 - 6 8 5 8 , 2 2 5 - 7 1 6 4 , 2 2 6 1 0 6 4 , 2 2 5 - 2626, 231-2 0 68, 619-7945. Ha ve the executive rental reduced by 35%, Prashad Nagar US$1000, Jacaranda Ave. Bel Air Park US$2000, Barima Ave Bel Air Park US$1800, Bel Ai r S p r i n g s US$1000, large bond for rental office small form US$375, 10 000 sq ft office space for technologybusiness, Lamaha Gardens US$1500, Lama Ave, Bel Air Park US$1800, Bel Air Pa r k o n t he round about US$1000, Prashad Nagar US$1500, land from $11 million, riverside land hotel s w i t h U S $ 3 5 0 0 0 m o n t h rental and office space US$40 000 month properties from $14 million. 2252626, 225-5198, 226-1064, 6232591, 669-3350

 for single person only, Agriculture Road, Mon Repos. Tel. 684-4193.  executive apartment with internet access, generator and parking. Tel. 6420636.  two and three bedroom with all conveniences, price $50 000. Tel. 6420636.  Lumber processing factory (i.e Woodmizer mill, band saw moulder etc), Eccles Industrial Site E.B.D., Middle Floor, Camp Street Area for office or business. Call Richard 609-7675, 233-2614.  and clean one- and two-bedroom, fully furnished apartment at Seaforth Street, Campbellville US$35 and US$60 daily, $80 000 and $100 000 monthly. 650-5354, 6213094.

 Street: One & twobedroom furnished apartments, hot & cold, AC, Internet, US$20 daily. Rates neg. for monthly visitors. Tel: 2275852/638-4404.   3-bedroom apartments with hot and cold, AC, selfcontained, etc location Mon Repos ECD. Price $80 000, $100 000. Tel. 618-0626, 220-7154.  3-storey property at David Street between Alexander and Vlissengen Road dimension 100 ft by 30 ft. Tel. 646-0336, 675-6647, 231-5876.     ,       

- and two-bedroom unfurnished apartment at Cummings Street $60 000 and $80 000 monthly. Call 650-5354, 6213094.

  newly built apt. Diamond New Scheme E.B.D with all amenities; light, water telephone $45,000, Tel # 6383622, 658-1523.

 friends & relatives from overseas? Don't have enough space? Call 629-5138 for accommodation.

 one-bedroom apartment available from April 1, parking, grilled AC, $60 000 in Cummings Lodge area, walking distance to UG. Call 623-3404.

-bedroom apartment on Public Road Agricola. Preferably working couple $35 000. Tel 6750321  space, North Road/ downtown. Top floor. Price $70 000, Tel 619-2525  at 52 Hague Front, WCD. Call 644-4951.  2-bedroom apartment, 27 Liliendaal ECD. Contact Shim. Tel. 222-3475.  bond $500,000. Large Storage space Regent St. $500 000, monthly. 626-1150, 231-9181. 2-bedroom flat in Bel Air area US$$325, Queenstown US$900, Ogle US$500. 663-1728. -bedroom lower flat (3 steps up) at 340 East Street, Georgetown back house - $45 000 monthly. Contact Trudy 2254712, 696-2435.  2-bedroom concrete cottage (building in the yard), Block 8, Mon Repos, ECD, $40 000 monthly neg. Tel: 231-7568, 643-5797.  rent or to sell - 3-bedroom house, 70 'B' Field Sophia. Te l . 695-2870 08:00hrs to 20:00hrs.  apartment at Success, East Coast Demerara. AC, washroom, kitchen, dining. No parking. 642-0636, 675-9107. -bedroom upstairs in Newtown Kitty, preferably decent working person, university student or Christian. $60 000 neg. Tel. 227-1354, 618-9117. -EN-HOOP Junction: Suitable for business, games station, stationery shop, photo-copying and printing centre, internet, lessons. Call 680-9905.  concrete bond 87'x32, lots of yard space suitable for CarMart, etc. Public Road McDoom 233-0570 (No agents.).  4-bedroom house, Happy Acres, very nice, Lot 143 $300 000 per month. Call 2317839.08:00hrs to 16:00hrs.  houses and apartments, and commercial buildings. Contact 223-8479, 6473768         Office space, fully furnished. 1200 sq.ftUS$2000.    

  2-bedroom apartments, fully furnished at 6 Seaforth Street, Campbellville. Price US$35 & US$60 daily. Call 650-5354, 621-3094.  'D' NON PARIEL (Ocean Front)- New 2 bedroom property- $45,000. JEWANRAM: 227-1988/ 623-6431/ 626-5260/ 657-8887.  AA/ LAMAHA GARDENS- Spacious and Secure unfurnished property.-US$900. JEWANRAM: 227-1988/ 6236431/ 626-5260/ 657-8887.  Vegetarian shop at Merriman's Mall. Tel. 223-6862, 642-6381.  Gardens semi furnished 3 bedroom house, AC, security system Norbert A De Freitas Association -609-2302, 609-6516, 645-2580, Email:  fully furnished studio apartment, situated in a secure and gated compound, suitable for a couple or a single person. shortterm and long-term rental. Call 699-6891,  flat apartments 143B Fifth Street Alberttown, long and short terms, rentals double,24hrs surveilance/night security and single rooms US$40 and US$80 per night, wifi, AC, hot and cold. Tel. 231-6721.  five-bedroom house located in Bel Air Park, automatic gate, automatic garage, automatic switchover generator, fully air conditioned, semifurnished. Contact 223-8479, 6473768  (Gas Station Road)- Spacious lower apartment. 2 bedrooms -$55,000; 1 bedroom$45,000. JEWANRAM: 2271988/ 623-6431/ 626-5260.  Margot, East Coast, Demerara 1 furnished/unfurnished 2-bedroom with toilet and bath and kitchen. Serious enquiries only. 660-0943.  bottom flat apartment, kitchen and dining, hot and cold water bath and living room, with parking and overhead water at Section 'A' Great Diamond, EBD. 692-1963.  bottom flat for any kind business, was a Chinese restaurant and liquor bar, one 2-bedroom house needs good tenant at 6 Uitvlugt, West Coast, Demerara. Tel. 277-3415, 6646099.

 and tiled apartment AC, hot and cold, internet, US$25 daily. 231-6061, 621-1524. No private call. Monthly neg.  2-bedroom bottom flat with inside toilet & bath, located at Chateau Margot ECD. Tel 6902758/686-7137.   2-bedroom unfurnished apartments in Kitty, secure area, $70 000 neg. Tel 676-8995/ 611-8438. -furnished apartments, fridge, stove, TV, bed and chair set, US$25 per day. Spacious onebedroom $50 000 monthly. Tel 650-6231/697-0480. House: Apartment fully furnished two bedrooms. One bedroom fully furnished AC, TV, hot and cold, etc. Daily, monthly, weekly. Call 227-4792, 656-9894.  prime three-storey commercial building with car park, located on North Road, between Oronoque and Albert Streets. Contact 626-6909, 642-7963, 669-0855.  Real Estate: Executive houses for managers & diplomats in secure and beautiful areas from US$1500US$5500. Call today for viewing. Tel: 676-8995/611-8438, Fbook: Tropical Real Estate. (2) bedroom apartment, fully furnished, AC included short term or long term, Tel. 225-0071 home, cell 600-5473, 724-7420, 115 Thomas Street Kitty, Georgetown.  $90 000, Section 'K' US$1200, Queenstown US$800, Bel Air US$900, Atlantic Gardens US$600 - US$800. Many more Diana 227-2256, 626-9382.  ground floor for business $75 000, ideal for doctor\s clinic, money transfer, teacher\s lessons, electronic gadgets, boutique, barber ship and hair salon, etc. Call 2250571, 638-0787. /executive rental: Wonderful 7-bedroom property for office & residence at Atlantic Ville, East Coast Demerara. Price US$2000. Call Mr Darin 6150069, 225-2626, 225-5198, 2253069, 225-2709, 231-2064.  wooden house $70,000, Agricola Public Road. 2 bedroom house in Diamond $90,000. Brand new 5 bedroom house in Diamond $200,000, various business space, $100,000 Tel. 2163120(office), 667-6644.    BSc h a s more than 20,000 hrs in Real Estate Investment and E c o n o m i c T r a n s f o r m a t i o n of People Economic Gr o wth. We have rental from US$1500, in Bel Air Park, a m b assador's residence in University Gardens Le Resouvenir, Lama Ave with pool, Jacaranda Ave. with large lawns US$2000, Prashad Nagar US$1000, apt. f r o m U S $ 7 0 0 , b o n d 8 0 0 0 s q ft, smal l a n d l a r ge o f f i c e s p a c e up to 1500 0 sq foot; state of the art hote l and o f f i ce c o m plex with in c o m e o f U S$40 0 00 mo n t h l y ; 2 acre s o f l and in the city for hotel, and any complex Main Street 2 ½ acres US$5M, Water Stre e t 4 a cres for hotel, hotel on 5 acres of land overlooking the sea US$5M; another o verlook i n g t h e s e a U S $ 1 . 5 M , income US$15000; riverside land residential land at LBI - $10M; Republic Park $8M, Dia m ond $ 7 M , Sec. 'K' $20 M , Bel A ir Park $ 2 5 M , G a r n e t t double lot $ 4 2 M , Phone 225-2626, 231-2064, 225-2709, 226-1064, 227-6949, 2276863, 667-7812. 619-7945.

  US$3000; U S $ 3 0 0 0 , US$1500; (Executive 3 bedrooms furnished property, parking, hot/cold etc) US$2000;           US$2500/ US$1500/ US$1000;  - US$2000/ US$1000; US$1200;   (furnished)                 (3 storied commercial)US$14,000/ US$10,000/ US$3000;  US$5,000; : New C o m m e r c i a l Building;        - Fully furnished office space- US$2000;  - US$1500;  (Manufacturing building, 5000 sq. ft)- US$1500;   US$800;   $100,000/ $70,000/$50,000;               - US$1000/ US$950/ US$600;   US$750;KITTY- (Furnished)$160,000/$65,000;   US$500;   $90,000;  (2 bedrooms lower)$45,000;    (2 bedrooms lower)- $50,000;   (1 bedroom)$40,000;   (Lower)- $55,000;     $45,000.              (furnished)US$1500;    (2 bedrooms fully furnished lower)US$1100;    furnished-US$900/ unfurnished US$600;   US$500;   $90,000;- (Upper Furnished)$150,000/ Lower unfurnished)$65,000;   (2 bedrooms lower$45,000/ $55,000;     (Lower)- $50,000;   (1 bedroom)- $40,000.               Street, Kitty: 3-bedroom front house, 1 self-contained room, tub, washroom, hot and cold, 2 washrooms, 2 AC, ceiling fans in all rooms, breezy verandah and all rooms beautifuly lacquered fully grilled, private driveway for 3 v e h i c l e s . S u i t a b l e for foreigners. C a l l 225-3262, 6766948.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014 21 TO LET  furnished house in immaculate condition at Lamaha Gardens suitable for residence and office US$2500, AC, hot and cold, parking, etc, one modern 3bedroom apartment at Campbellville US$1300, AC, hot and cold, parking, etc, one bond 135 000 sq. foot at BV US$10000. Call 2194535, 661-7169.    have rental from US$800 in    beautiful 2-storey concrete property, 4 self-contained rooms, large de n , l a r g e l i v i n g r o o m , family room, television r o om, beautiful kitchen, fully air con d i t i o n e d , h o t a n d c o l d f a c i l ities, land space. Price U S $ 2 5 0 0 , u n f u r nished.    2-storey concr e t e prope r t y, m a s t e r r o o m , 2 b e d rooms, kitchen, family room, den, verandah, hot and cold facilities, s e m i - f u r nished, sec u r i t y cameras, l a nd space U S $ 1 5 0 0 .       2 - s t o r e y c o n c r ete property, fully air conditioned 3 be d r o o m s , u n f u r n i s h e d US$2000, (neg).   2-storey conc r e t e property large living area, 4 self-contained rooms hot and cold fac i l i t i e s , g e n e r a t o r, u n f ur nished US$1500 neg.   middle floor su i t able for bu sin e s s $ 1 7 5 0 0 0 .  : Be autiful 2storey concret e p r o p e r t y i n perfect con d i t i o n , 4 b e d r o o m s , h o t a nd cold facilities, master room, family room, den, air-conditioned, parkin g spac e for vehicle US$2500. Do c a l l u s o n Te l . 2 2 5 - 6 8 5 8 , 225-7164, 688-1885 Call Te r r e n c e 6 6 7 - 7 8 1 2 . W e are situated at 247 'D' Forshaw &Oronoque

PROPERTY FOR SALE PROPERTY FOR SALE  concrete house, unfinished, at Bladen Hall E.C.D, Tel 688-6316.  and land at LBI (166'x 72). Tel. 672-8105, 2278579.  house Nandy Park, $48M neg. 609-1981.  to rent, sell, buy? Room, house, floor space? Call 687-8168.  Ruimveldt 2-storey wood and concrete house - $16M. Call Carol 612-9785, 623-0070.  and commercial buildings. Contact 223-8479, 647-3768  2-storey concrete building on double lot - $50M. Call Carol 623-0070.  Public Road (business) US$650,000. Call Carol 623-0070.   $35M..Call Carol 612-9785, 623-0070.  commercial building US$2.5M. Call Carol 6230070 , just off of Sheriff St. - $33M. Call Carol 612-9785, 623-0070.  town houses sitting on 3 acres of land, generator, currently US$600 000 annually. Contact 223-8479, 647-3768  two-storey house in Republic Park. No Agents. Only serious enquiries. Tel. 681-6066 Front land with a small wooden house in East Coast Demerara. Contact 657-8086.   Sukoo St. Berbice new structure (two houses) neg. Contact 665-5776.  $55M, commercial US$1.5M, Kitty $25M. Serious enquiries only. No agents. Tel. 674-5466, 226-4283.

PROPERTY FOR SALE Park: 1-b/room furnished apartment & Bel Air Park furnished house US$900neg. 676-8995/611-8438.  house in 1st Bridge, Diamond and one in 4th Bridge, Herstelling New Scheme. Call Narine 688-1657. -BERDROOM,        property, prime location (land 200' x 50') store front 72' x 24', bond 87' x 32', extra space for 15 cars Public Road, McDoom. Tel. 233-0570 (No agent).\  property, 25 Mon Repos Public Road ECD, opposite the market, seaside corner. Price $70M neg. Call 220-9889.  wooden and concrete house at 34 Lyng Street, Charlestown. If interested, come in person.  Sandy Babb Street newly constructed tow storeyed concrete building vacant possession. Tel. 642-0636.  concrete 5-bedroom house 2191 Tuschen Housing Scheme, EBD. Call 670-8865, 658-4696.  Hope 2-storey concrete building with 2 apartments downstairs. Price $32M neg. Call Carol 612-9785, 623-0070. concrete 2 flat house at 47 Happy Acres ECD, fully furnished 3 bedrooms top flat, hot and cold bath, big yard space. Call 2252902, 673-1095.  two-storey concrete 5-bedroom property, parking for 3 vehicles, in Georgetown $48M neg. Contact Mr Alexander Pereira 669-0943, 231-2064 or Mr Louie Pereira 623-2591.  & Oronoque Business property between Regent and Robb reduced from $45M to $39M. 641-1800.  three-storey business property @ Middle Street Georgetown. 2 business properties on Whim Public Road, Berbice. Tel 619-7134, 225-6481  Park corner lot 3 bedrooms upper, 2 bedrooms lower, 53'x25' lot 90'x60' Norbert A De Freitas Associates - 6092302, 609-6516, 645-2580. E m a i l Key bar/lounge guest house: 5 bedrooms AC, kitchen, bar and entertainment equipment deal $36M, Norbert A De Freitas Associates, 609-2302, 609-6516, 645-2580 Email OF CANAAN profitable and popular bar lounge/snackette/ store. Building 59' x 50', 111' x 144' - $90M neg. Norbert A De Freitas Associates 609-2302/6516, 6452580 Email  and Land for Sale Two Storyed Wooden and Concrete House, Fifth Street Alberttown Georgetown. $40 Million Dollars Negotiable. Contact: Mr. George Tel: 231-6278 Or Dr: Thasana Teekah Tel: 626-0993  Street $25M, Guysuco Gardens (UG) $45M, Bel Air Park $55M, Lamaha Gardens $40M, Brickdam $75M, Thomas Street opposite Prashad Hospital $65M, Sheriff Street (business) $155M, Ogle wit h s w i mming pool $135M, Thomas Street land (150x40) $75M, Robb Street land (110x32) $60M, North Road $70M, Camp Street land (200x75) US$1.5M. Call Vish Realty - 612-7377. Ideal for two families.         p r o p erty in Bent St - $16.5M, Phone Mr. Darindra 615-0069, 226-1064, 618-0000, Mr Pereira 623-2591, 225-2626. 225-5198, 231-2064, 226-1064.

PROPERTY FOR SALE      A d e l a i d e a n d Evans Streets Charlestown, Georgetown, Georgetown, Lot No. 41 Section 'A', NO. 53 Village, Corentyne, Berbice. Contact 233-6811, 679-3448.  St, S/C/burg 2-storey house on land 250ft x 38ft, ideal for big investment $72M neg. Nasresh Persaud - 2259882, 681-2499.  Street, Georgetown 2-flat residential commercial lot, size 69'x38' - was $58M now $55M Norbert A. De Freitas Associates 609-2302, 609-6516, 6452580, Email  Park, gated, 3-bedroom flat house was $18M, now $17M for quick sale. Norbert A. De Freitas Associates 609-2302, 609-6516, 645-2580, E m a i l  house 194 x 184 ft - $16M, 3-bedroom house West Bank Demerara, $22M Alberttown $55M, Berbice $45M, Eccles $18M, Renell Odetta Jordon 663-1728.  20% on all executive properties $60M, 30% discount on $24M, and below, 15% discount on land $18M. Phone 6677812, 225-6858, 225-2626 Terrence Reid.  two-storey building, newly built, at 49 Parker Street, Providence, EBD, contains 2 bedrooms 1 master room, master bath with tub, fully grilled, parking and yard space. Price $40M Tel. 6256227.  wooden building, Agricola Public Road $9M neg. Land with foundation $6.8M, One domectic/ commercial semi- four storey Albertown $150M. Tel. 216-3120(office), 667-6644.  Realty properties: Sou t h , R e g e n t R o a d , K i t t y, Duncan Street, Newtown, D'Urban Street, Norton Street, Mahdia, George Street, Vreeden-Hoop, Sheriff Street. Contact Paula - 665-7946.  St US$1.1M, Roxanne Burnham $12M Campbellville $23M, Kitty $25M, Diamond $13M & $27M, Better Hope $9.5M, Queenstown $60M & $70M neg. Troy 626-2243.             (2 building require work) $25M, near Regent Street $35M, Mc Doom $19M, Lamaha Gardens $55M, East Coast Public Road $130M many more Diana 2272256, 626-9382.  $20M neg, Chateau Margo $32M, Diamond First Avenue $27M, Queenstown $60M, Mon Repos $35M, Land Grove $7M, Mon Repos $6M, Seaview $13M. Theresa 6486033.  2 buildings need repairs $25M, near Regent Street $37M, East Coast $20M, McDoom $19M, Herstelling $10M, Lamaha Gardens $55M, Continental Park $65M. Diana 227-2256, 6269382.  JOHN 609-9233 Campbellville 6-bedroom $22M,, Tucville huge $2 8 M , Alberttown 5-bedroom with two extra lots $55M, Ocean Front lands $15M neg, Campbellville 4-bedroom $22M, Houston Garden US$1.5M, La Parfaite harmonie 3-bedroom $7M.  WBD: almost brand new 5 bedroom house for sale, mast e r r o o m a n d all r o o m s s e l f - c ontained with AC and fans, open concept kitchen/ dining/living room, large walkin pantry, office/ library room and a powder room. Beautiful l a n d s c a p e a n d w r ap around patio. Priced to sell - $ 7 5 M i l l i o n . Te l . 5 9 2 - 6 2 4 - 8 7 0 4 , 5 9 2-684-9203.



house in Diamond $9M and one land in Continental Park 102 x 53 plus reserve $22M, for a mansion. Phone Mr. Boodram 692-3831, Mr. Darindra 6150069, Lady Abundance 661-1952, 225-2709, 231-2064, 225-2626, 225-3068, 226-1064, 225-5198, 227-6949.

 3-storey concrete building, Price $100M.  property in good condition. Price $18M.   beautiful 2-storey concrete p r o p e r t y 3 s e l f - c o n tained, 1 m a s t e r , l i b r a r y, television room, living room, upstairs ba c k verand a h , d o w n s t a i rs den, fully marble stone tile, family room pat i o , g a r a g e p a r k i n g s p a c e , f o r 3 cars, needs cosmet i c s , l a n d s p a c e P r i c e $ 9 0 M,O g l e beautiful p r o p e r t y $90M,  $36M neg,  $120M beautiful home excellent condition in   $ 5 5 M n e g , Queenstown property $ 1 0 0 M . D o c a l l u s a t J oy Reid's Realty. We are located a t 2 4 7 (D) F o r s h a w a n d Oronoque Streets, Queenstown. Tel. 225-6858, 225-7164, 66778 12, email:

 3-storey concre t e building, Price $100M.     property in good condition. Price $18M.   beautiful 2-storey concrete property 3 self-co n t a i n e d , 1 m a s t e r , l i b r a r y, television room, living room, upstairs back ver a n d a h , d o w n s t a i r s den, fully marble stone tile, family ro o m p a t i o , g a r a g e p a r k i n g s p a c e , f o r 3 cars, needs cosmet i c s , l a n d s p a c e P r i c e $ 9 0 M,O g l e b e a u t i f u l p r o p e rty $90M,  $36M neg,   $120M beautiful home excellent condition in   $55M n eg, Queenst o w n property $100M. D o call us at Joy Reid's Realty. We are located a t 2 4 7(D) F o r s haw and Oronoque Streets, Queenstown. Tel. 225-6858, 225-7164, 6677 8 12, em ail:

 are your own 20% Bent Street two family business $17M . Land in Da Silva Street 140x33 $16.8M, Meadow Brook ranch $12M, Lodge Scheme $14M, AA Eccles on double lot $78M, Lamaha Gardens Executive $64M, land in South Road 75x33 $38M, Charlotte Street $19M, Sec. M Land 80x60 $15M, Da Silva St Land 90x32 $16.5M, Smyth Street Land 120x60 $65M, Bel Air Park need repair $50M neg, Prashad Nagar $38M. Newtown corner land for fast food $36M, Mandela Ave 150x60 for Fast food by the Gymnasium $85M with 3-storey concrete building, Duncan Street corner land $35M, Robb Street land $50M, LBI double lot $15M, D'Urban Backlands $20M. Phone Mr Boodram 692-3835, Lady Abundance 661-1952, 231-2064, Lady Cameron 225-2626, 2252709, Mr Ramsohoye 615-0069.

  on all properties for this summer only. UG Gardens $140M, Republic Park $30M, Nandy Park 4 apartments $32M, Middle Road La Penitence land size 140 x 60 $17M, second Street Alberttown business and residence $45M, 5th St. Alberttown massive concrete $48M, Eccles $14M, Kitty Sandy Babb St. two properties on double lot $38M, Lamaha St Queenstown apartment complex $5 8 M . P h o n e V i c e P r esid e n t 2 3 1 - 2 0 6 4 , 2 2 5 3068 , 2 2 7 - 6 8 6 3 , 2 2 6 - 1 0 64, 227-6949, 225-2626.

-storey property in good condition at Lot 3-9 Sophia, Georgetown close to Liliendaal 101x 51 ft - $30M, front property at 59 Public Road Kitty Georgetown with small white wooden cottage $18M, corner lot at 82 Robb and Light Streets, Georgetown with two-storey concrete and wooden building, suitable for business and residence, reduced to $85M. Contact Trudy 225-4712, 696-2435. No agents are ) MARCH bargains: Sec. 'K' $23 million, Meadow B r ook $ 2 8 M , a n d $ 3 5 M , Kitty $23, Alberttown c o n c r e t e massive for hotel $45M, Bel Air Park in great condition $52M, Happy Acres executive $58M, Alb e r t t o w n $30M, Sec. 'M' C a m p b e l l v i l l e $ 3 4 M n o w, Phone 225-2626, 225-5198, 2 2 7-6863, 227-6449, 225-2709, 231-2064, 226-1064, 667-7812  in business environment. One two-storey concrete and wooden with derelict building behind on land, 31 x 118 ft $60M. New Amsterdam - concrete building factory 75 x 62 ft on land 12,768 sq. ft with additional land of 4 704 sq. ft - $60M. Wills/Vasco Realty and Lanscaping 227-2613, 223-1877, 627-8314, 655-0755.  location  Street, Kingston opposite the American Embassy. One (1) huge four storey concrete and steel building, 2 bedrooms on each f l a t , A C < h o t w a t e r, refrige r a t o r a n d stove one ach floor and f u l l y f u r n i s h e d , g e n e r a t o r. C a n b e u s e d f o r e m b a s s y, office, apartments or residence. Price $180M. P r o p e r t y b e i n g sold with all equipment and furnishings inclusive. Serious enquiries 2238634, 646-3251, 227-0464'    modern Pike North Ruimveldt ranch with master room $17M, Meadow Brook Gardens $35M, Tucville concrete new $27M, Providence $25M, new ranch $13M, B e l A i r P a r k $ 4 5 M , Prashad Nagar $37M, D u n c a n S t . $ 23M, Se c . ' M' Campbellville requires repairs $14M, D'Urban St. $15M, Bent St. busine s s residence. Phone Lor d Johnny Ramsohoye 2252709, 618-0000, 227-6949, 2252626, 226-1064, 22 7 - 6 9 4 9 , 2 2 5 5198  Homes International Realty: Coldingen $14M neg, Rasville $14M neg, Enmore $8M neg, Camp b e l l v i l l e $ 1 5 M neg, Diamond 2 for 1 deal $1 5 M neg, Cove and John 2 h o m e s 5 b e drooms $12M, 4-bedro o m $10M, McDoom Solid concrete $ 2 0 M, North Ruimveldt 7bedroom fixer upper, Nismes $6.5M, La Parfaite Harmonie $8.5M, 6-bedroom apartment (4 2-br, 2 1-br) only $21M neg), corner lot 89x80 Albouystown. Ready to go now!And many more, call Ahaziah 613-3018  Sam's Real Estate and Property Management has properties in David St, Subryanville $58M, La Parfaite Harmonie $19M, Kingston $20M, Princes St $11 . 5 M , O r o n o q u e St . L a n d $28M, Grove $7.5M, Bel Air Park $35M, Non Pareil (land) $8.5M, Diamond $4M (land) Rentals: South Ruimveldt Park $60 000 monthly, David St (Upper half), US$1500 monthly, Bond: 55ftx75 ft. Industrial Site Eccles. Tel 231-7052, 697-7842, 671-6653.

 on all properties for this summer only. Sale! Sale! Sale! Business property immediately: East of Orange Walk in Charlotte Street $28M, 3-storey business propert y i n C r o a l S t r e e t r e q u i r e s repairs $32M, Bent S t r e e t a l m o s t new 2-sto r e y business property $!6M, South R u i m v e ldt Gardens resid e n c e $ 1 6 M , O g l e fully concrete new $49M, Tucville new $26M, Prashad Nagar executive $55M, Bel Air Park $55M, Kitty b u s i n e s s o r residence requires repairs, on 8 000 sq. ft $19M, Fors h a w o l d h o u s e $21M, 3-storey busin e s s c lose to Main Street $55M, Meadow B r o o k $45M, f u l l y concrete D'Urban B a c k l a n d s $ 3 0 M, New Section 'K' $42M, Lamah a G a r dens executive $68M, o n e r a n c h - s tyle Section 'M' 3-bedroom suites for el d e r l y $50M, fully concrete with excellent interior work, B e l A i r Gardens $130M 2 3 1 - 2 0 6 4 , 2 2 5 - 3 0 6 8 , 2 2 7 -6 8 6 3 , 2261064, 227-6949,   26% 26% 26% discount: Two-family concrete business and residence in the front of Happy Acres $32M, Dowding Street, Kitty wi t h d r i v e w a y $16M, BB Eccles $16M, South Ruimveldt Gardens $!6M, Light Street $21M, Second b u i l d i n g w ith 12 ft drive way $!4M, David Street Subryanville with 14ft driveway $16M, West Ruimveldt c o n c r e t e flat h o u s e $ 4 . 9 M , D a z el l H o u s ing Scheme $11M, La Penitence business and residence with reserve for 20 cars $11M, Meadow Brook old house $12M, L o d g e $ 1 4 M , Middle Road La Penitence with 20ft driveway 4 apartments $15M, second ranch con crete $38M, Garnett St. business and residence $32M. Phone Mr. Budram 692-3831, M r D a r indra 615-0069, Mr. A. Pereira 623-2591, Mrs Hercules 661-1952, 225-2626, 225-2709, 225-5198..


builttwoflatconcrete building at Diamond New Scheme. The upstairs consists of two self-contained bedr o o ms with built-in closets, a spacious kitchen, dining and living rooms along with a large verandah at the back. The lower flat has a twobedroom apartment and a large area that could be used as a bond or for any business. The yard has a conc r e t e f e n c e w i t h s p i k e s a n d r a z o r wire above it. There is also a laundry and a generator room downstairs along with a fully tiled carport. A complete water supply is available including six tanks a n d pump. Asking price: $42M. Interested persons can contact owner at 693 2531.  Street three stories concrete building 1.8M US, Thomas street, Cummingsburg three stories 80M, Middle street, Cummingsburg, three stories near hospital 120M, Lamaha street,Cummingsburg three stories wooden and concrete 155M, Sheriff street business 150M, Quamina street, commercial 160M, Broad street triple lots with building 170M, Queenstown three stories Colonial building need repairs 75M, Charlotte Street near Oronoque concrete 25M, AA Eccles 70M, Garnett street C/Ville 50M, Republic Park, Bel Air Village House on double lots 40M, New Hope gated new executive house with swimming pool 42M, South Ruimveldt Garden concrete 30M, others Mentore/Singh Realty 225-1017,623-6136.  b a r g a i n s N o rton St r eet - $14 M , Bent Street business and residence $16M, executive Prashad Nagar mansion double lot - $85M, 8 apt. apartment complex was $120M, now - $85M, Sec. 'K' Campbellville - $23M, Alberttown concrete 5 bedrooms - $46M, other for - $19M, and - $30M, South Ruimveldt Gardens $19M, Festival City - $14M Charlotte Street business and residence by BourdaMarket - $26M, Cummings Stre e t - $ 3 4 M , Me a d o w B r o ok - $28M, D ' U rban Street for double l o t for 5-stor e y $ 2 5 M , Phone Lord Alysious Pereira - 623-2591, 227-6949, 2252709, 231-2064, 227-6863, 226-1064, 227-6 8 6 3 , 2 2 5 - 5 1 9 8 , 6677 8 1 2


PROPERTYFORSALE  concrete Section 'K' $44M, 7-apartment William St. concrete building reduced from $60M to $50M, Kitty house requires. repair on 8 000 sq. ft $19M, Middle Road La Penitence $16.5M, almost Regent and Oronoque St. $36M, Charlotte Street East of Orange Walk $28M, South Ruimveldt Gardens $ 66M, Meadow Brook con c r e t e $ 4 5 M , e x e c u t i v e R e public Park $48M, Lamaha Gardens 3 selfcontained $70M, Prashad Nagar 6-bedroom $58M, business 3-storey Quamina Street $85M, Bel Air Gardens on double lot $140M, S ubryanville $58M, Alberttown concrete business $40M, New Hav en 4 self-contained $80M, 3-bedroom new concrete Ogle $48M, Bel Air Park $52M, Croal St. 3-storey require repairs $30M, 4 lots in AA Eccles wi t h i n c o m pl e t e c a t h e dral-style s t r u c t u r e r e q u i r e s $20M to complete, plus reserve and place f o r l a k e $ 9 0 M n e g . , M r. D a r e n d r a 6 1 5 - 0 0 6 9 , Vic e Presiednt Alysious Pereira 6232591, Vice Pre s i d e nt Jhonny Ramsahoye 225-2709, Vice President Darindra 615-0069, 225-2626, 2253068, 227-6863, 226-1064, 6677812, facebook Tony Reid Realty 7 days a week 24 hours a day all holidays and all prices are negotiable.  your year for 28% discount on all properties. Happy Acres 2-storey concrete $24M, Providence Stadium new $16M, concrete Republic Park $3 6M, Eccles concrete $34M, South Ruimveldt Gardens $12M needs repairs, Middle Road La Penitence 4-apartment $14M, La Penitence two-storey $11M, D\Urban Backlands concrete $28M, Meadow B r o o k $ 1 2 M , D\Urban Street concrete residence and business $28M, Lamaha Gardens executive $68M, Prashad Nagar 8000 sq ft land $60M, Lama Avenue, Bel Air Park $83M, Bel Air Park $45M D o w d i n g S t r e e t K i t t y $29M, and $19M , D a v i d S t r e e t S u b r y a n v i l l e f r om $19M, back with 12ft driveway $14M, S ection 'K' Campbellville $40M, Garnett Street ranch concrete $38M, Owen Street Kitty concrete 2-storey $39M, Camp Street business and residence. Phone Mr Darindra 615-0069, Mr Carlos Budram 6 9 2 - 3 8 3 1 , M r. A l e x P e r e i r a 2 3 1 - 2 0 6 4 , M r. R a m s a h o y e 225-2709, 225-2626, 225-3068, 2276949, 225-5198, 627-7812, 226-1064.  two buildings on the back lot, one derelict, one habitable $30M neg, one two-flat, separate occupancy each flat, property fully furnished, in prime location in Georgetown $30M, immediate possession guaranteed. One four-bedroom property in early part of South Ruimveldt Park in good condition - $30M. One four-bedroom house fully furnished with leather suite and modern amenities, entire house, AC on land $65M neg, in residential area i n G e o r g e t o w n . One three-storey wooden and concrete house on corner lot, Kitty $50M, one six-bedroom h o u s e s e pa r a t e o c c u pancy, upper and lower flat on land 41x108 (approx) EBD. Concrete building in Georgetown ideal for bond or school, etc $26M. Prime location property with tremendous potential on land 35x100 ft Georgetown. Large business complex, suitable for apartment hotel, large consultancy, professional training, etc on the outskirts of Georgetown, US$3M neg. Bachelor's Adventure property, entire concrete, three bedrooms on land 0.5 acres - $ 6 5 M , Prashad Nagar property, 6 bedrooms separate occupancy upper and lower flat $55M. Large hospital complex on land 100x100 ft US$1.6M, apartment hotel, EBD $60M neg, Wills/Vasco Real Estate and Landscaping - 227-2612, 2231877, 627-8314, 655-0755.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 22 2014 FORSALE


 enclosed steel cage suitable for snackette, storage, etc. 12' x 51/2'x7'. Phone 233-0570.

" - 17" Apple Laptop, Iphone 5 64 GIG, Samsung S4, Surface 2, Ipad 4G and mini, Crown 4000 power amplifier, drive rack, pioneer Denon juggler, RCF Celestion speakers, Sony Smart TV, 1200 turn tables. Tel. 6232477.

 and Tibetan puppies vaccinated and dewormed. Tel. 266-0410.  set for sale (6 bass), RCF speaker, QSC AMP, etc. Tel # 614-8282 shepherd pups for sale, fully vaccinated and dewormed. Tel # 220-7259, 660-6656  welding plant- Miller big blue 400D- excellent condition. $1.1M, Tel # 220-4791/6130103.  -used generator (Kohler), one 125 KVA $2.2M and 65 KVA $1.5M. Contact 625-2685.  alarms with free installation, prestige 787C & 997C with LCD, Viper 3105, Pioneer car stereo. Tel 679-7944. Bargains in Guyana: Full concrete D'Urban Street business $19M, business and res i d e n ce Bent Street 16M, G o r d o n S t r e e t business & residence $23M. Waterloo Street business and residence (new) $35M. South Road Land $36M, Charlotte Street 2 buildings 2 houses by Light $32M. Land 140 x 60 by Russian E m b a s s y $30M. Land at Turkeyen 140x60 $32M. L0 Ressovenure Land 126x60 $20M. C a m p b e l l v i l l e f l a t h o u s e n eeds r e p a i r s $ 13M. Section K $19M needs re p a i r s , 3-storey Q u a m i n a S t r e e t f o r h o tel U S $ 5 9 9 0 0 0 , B e l A i r P a rk $4 9 M L ama h a G a r d e n s v a l ued $85M now $ 7 0 M . R e n t a l of a p a r t m e n t s f r o m U S $ 7 0 0 , R e s i dence US$1 200 upwards. Phone Lord Patrick Pereira 227-6863, 225-2709, 227-6949, 226-1064, 669-3350. 7 days a week tonyrei d s r e a l t y @ h o t m a i l . c o m

AGRI. EQUIP. MISC.  110-90 4x4 tractor , Fiat 180-90 4x4 tractor , Ford 7740 4WD tractors, 416 Caterpillar 4x4 L/backhoe, Tel 666-2518, 6392789, 667-3611.



 & plucked chicken. 650-4421, 220-9203.

 delivery to spot. Call 641-6248.  hairdressers' equipment. Tel227-1379.  articles. Contact 231-1268, 642-1359.  flat bottom boat. Call 604-0038.  used bunk bed, $18 0 0 0 . Te l 2 2 3 - 3 0 11 , 6 2 2 5252. -breed Cane Corso Italian Mastiff puppies, Contact 6654082,612-5203, 623-9099.        a n d 2 G e r man Shepherds. Call 6134398.   16 ft decking, $900 per foot. Tel. 671-8883, 6140949.  off/ on road tires, fits 05 Toyota Tacoma. Call 614-2166.  name clothing at giveaway prices. Owner leaving. Call 681-2883.  new paint ball gun market set Alpha Black, Spyder Mrx $75 000. Tel. 670-9606.  bull pups, pink nose, vaccinated and dewormed. Call 2229077, 653-6191.  from as low as $18 000. Tel. 220-6639, 626-8141, 664-1109.  View Mall Stabroek Market. Stall No. 14. Call 611-8291. : Locust, Tatabu and mixed hardwoods. Contact 600-5872, 600-1329.

 in Bourda Market 25ft x 7ft, suitable for pharmacy, grocery & boutique. 231-7677, 6217451.  speakers and boxes, compressors, jugg l e r , s t e p - u p t r a n s f o r m e r, horns and drivers, etc. Te l . 6 9 8 - 5 1 8 0 .      1 5 a n d 9 . 9 four-stroke engine and mercury 15 and 25 four-stroke engine. Contact 220-0567. fishing boat, 1 year old. No ice box. Serious enquiries only. 645-5592, 671-1533, 6901643, 216-3213.   360, PSP Games, modding of systems also available. Contact 6843025.          steel buildings to your order. Please contact Annie or Ram. Tel. 2333512.  ply $4 000, decking 16", 13', 14 ft - $900 per ft, BRC - $6 000. Tel. 669-1113, 6718883.  complete car music system (Pioneer brand). Must go. No reasonable offer will be rejected, Asking price $800 000. Contact 6297777. -used Massey t r a c t o r, 2 - 6 0 H p t r a c t o r s $1.6M00 each, 75Hp tractor $2.4M. Call 627-4148  lavatory sink tops, double or single bowl with face basin or we can make to order. Contact Rawle - 611-7031, 667-7963.  Market: Double, front stalls facing Regent Street, for electronics cellphone pharmacy, jewellery, cosmetics. 641-1800.  John Deere engine, built on tank 63 KVA on wheels, low hours. Tel. 667-1116, 220-5526, 619-5400, for details.  Deere engine 163 K VA, built on tank, very low hours. Call 619-5400, 6671116, 220-5526 for more details.  USA: Xerox colour paper, various sizes. Dura craft 14 feet aluminium boat with trailer. Call Brian 677-4310.  rebuilt Perkins, Deutz engines, Lincoln generator welder, Honda ATV bikes, model 'M' with winch, 320 BL excavator. Call 6912921.  250-gallon plastic to t e s , i d e a l t o t r a n s port fuel to the interior also oil paint and concrete paint, 5 gallons and 1 gallon,, mar i n e paint also. Phone 2201014.  18ft GEC Americanmade refrigerator 110v, excellent condition, newly sprayed. No reasonable offer refused. Tel. 2259441, 609-9830, 233-2734.  iron: Reasonable quantity, solid steel surplus, office desks. Tel. 225-9441, 609-9830, 233-2734.


 6500 watt generator, music equipment Behringer 4000 watt amp, monitors (powered and non-powered), bass boxes, Amp rack, tweeter boxes. Tel. 623-2923  at Paul Camacho Auto Sales, 111 Croal Street, Stabroek, Georgetown now in stock Tacoma, Pickups, freezer truck, Canter, Runx, Allion and more. Contact 225-0773, 656-4104. Low down payment, trade-in available.   to leave the office and find that perfect outfit? Not to worry! We do office visits at your convenience to make you glamorous. Brand name clothing, accessories, hand bags. Tel 6457471.     tractor, excellent condition with minor interior repairs with 1 x 24 disc plough, 1 XM 152 Lavarda combine, excellent condition and field-ready. Contact 610-9514, 771-5286. - dining set ( w h o l e s a l e / r e t a i l ) $35 000/ $45 000, 30, 32, 34, 36 purpleheart panel doors, $28 000 each, 30, 32, 34, 36 Kabakali panel doors $20 000 each. Tel. 688-9712, 6510717, 669-1448.  Perkins, diesel 12.5 KVA $395 000, ARC WELDER Hobart gas engine $345 000, wood shaper 1¼ - $190 000, wood morticer $139 000, drill press $225 000, pump 3Hp/3Ph extreme duty $85 000. Tel. 6018276, 619-6863, 226-3883.


VEHICLES FOR SALE 2007 model, PRR series. Tel. 661-6161.  Allex. 625-7416, 227-8659. Ceres PGG series, Call 690-9292, 225-7131   Corona, 000.Tel. 694-9007.


 6125 John Deere tractor. Call 617-6383.  60, 1 Laverda Combine 152. Contact 688-0144, 625-1370.  212 in excellent condition. Call 617-8757, 2278659.  Hilux Pickup, Raum, NZE, Spacio. Tel. 6439235.  TOYOTA 4x4 Tacoma, Call 670-3328 for more information.  P a s s o P N N s e ries, $1.35M neg. 6600330.  2RZ minibus Zone 44, hardly worked, very low mileage, excellent condition. 628-0532.    owner leaving country, PRR series, $2M neg. Contact 629-7444.  model 'M' truck with winch. Price $5M neg. Tel. 6010763.  Hilux pick-up, 5L diesel, manual transmission, excellent condition. Tel. 623-3894.   Toyota Corona, AC, EFI, PW, PS, excellent condition. Price $925 000 neg. Tel. 614-6554.  Raum, PLL series, AC< CD, DVD, rims, alarm, auto start. Call 610-0514.            B K K , s t i c k g e a r. C a l l 2 2 9 - 6 5 3 3 , 613-2798. minibus in excellent condition, AC, CD, BPP series. Cell 686-9516.  Corolla 100 G-Touring Wagon, first owner. 622-2061, 681-3766.

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GSDF kicks off 4th ... From Backpage Council, Guyana Football Coaches Association, Media, Management team of the ground and the principals of all the respective schools, for making this venture a success. The competition continues in Georgetown on Sunday with one game which will feature Lodge Secondary and Charlestown in a female encounter commencing at 09:30hrs at the Ministry of Education ground. Meanwhile, the action moves to the Ancient County of Berbice this Saturday with

the March Past of teams at the Scotts school ground in New Amsterdam from 10:00hrs, followed by a male match between Berbice Educational Institute and Berbice High School. The Linden segment will commence next Saturday with the March Past of teams at the Wisburg Secondary School ground at 09:00hrs, while two games will follow from 10:00hrs when the female teams of Harmony and Mackenzie High clash, with their male counterparts playing the second game at 11:30hrs.

Top international coaches ... From Backpage

to sell-out crowds, with over 250 000 spectators attending matches across Antigua, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad and St Lucia, while a global TV audience of 36 million was entertained by the skills of international stars including Chris Gayle, Kieron Pollard,

English Wolverhampton 10:10 hrs Haadeeth 10:40 hrs Loud 11:15 hrs Piton 11:50 hrs Zamra 12:25 hrs Spanish Plume 13:00 hrs Maahir 13:30 hrs Benandonner Ludlow 10:20 hrs Fabrika

Ricky Ponting and Muttiah Muralitharan. The tournament returns in July and August 2014 where Jamaica Tallawahs will defend their title against the St Lucia Zouks, Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel, Antigua Hawksbills, Guyana Amazon Warriors and Barbados Tridents.

10:55 hrs She Ranks Me 11:30 hrs Lord Navits 12:05 hrs Bobble Boru 12:40 hrs Last Shot 13:10 hrs Rockiteer 13:40 hrs Brownville South Africa Racing Tips Turffontein 08:50 hrs Jumpstart 09:30 hrs Paschal Moon 10:15 hrs Victorinox 10:55 hrs Hawaiian Sun 11:30 hrs Galaxy Gold Irish Racing Tips Thurles 10:15 hrs Local Celebrity 10:45 hrs Manor Court 11:20 hrs An Dearthair 11:55 hrs Knockrea 12:30 hrs Mourad 13:05 hrs Sarah Battle 13:35 hrs Table Tips French Racing Tips Lyon La Soie 11:40 hrs Malatya 12:10 hrs Boker Mazal 12:40 hrs Don Carlos 13:10 hrs Sky Pilot 13:40 hrs Part Of Pentire 14:10 hrs True Dream 14:40 hrs Dada Tzara 15:10 hrs Blacktype American Racing Tips Aqueduct Race 1 Coolusive Race 2 Tony D Race 3 Tummel Race 4 Read the Proposal Race 5 Stealth Steed Race 6 Loominâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Lori Lou Race 7 Sinistra Race 8 Love to Score Race 9 Zol Zayne


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014

Ireland beat UAE after power failure in Sylhet (REUTERS) - Ireland beat United Arab Emirates (UAE) by 21 runs via Duckworth-Lewis method in a World Twenty20 Group B match that twice was plunged into darkness following power failure at the Sylhet Stadium yesterday. After their disciplined bowlers had restricted UAE to 123-6, Ireland were cruising at 101-3 in 14 overs when floodlights went off for the first time. When play resumed, two more deliveries were bowled before another power failure hit the stadium. To make it worse, rain followed and Ireland, then on 103-

Ed Joyce and William Porterfield share an 80-run stand for the second wicket in Sylhet.

3 in 14.2 overs, were found 21 runs ahead at that stage when the game was called off. Ed Joyce (43) and skipper William Porterfield (33 not out) shone with the bat for Ireland who top Group B after their second successive victory. Earlier in another Group B match, Zimbabwe kept alive their hopes of reaching the next stage after Vusi Sibanda’s lastball six helped them pip Netherlands by five wickets. Tom Cooper struck an unbeaten 72 and featured in two half-century stands to help Netherlands overcome a wobbly start and post a competitive 140-5.

Jackson confirmed as Knicks president

(REUTERS) - The New York Knicks have officially named Phil Jackson, who has 13 NBA championship rings, as president of the team and control of the front office Jackson, a link to the Knicks’ glory days as a defensive-minded role player on teams that won two NBA titles in the early 1970s, went on to win a record 11 NBA titles as a head coach - six with the Chicago Bulls and five with the Los Angeles Lakers. Knicks owner James Dolan announced the appointment at a packed news conference at Madison Square Garden, the team’s home arena, following a week of speculation that Jackson would take over in charge of the team’s basketball operations. “There is only one Phil Jackson, and he is synonymous with winning basketball teams,” Dolan said. “His history of success in the NBA is unrivalled, and he is the ideal executive to lead our team and develop short and long term plans that build a successful franchise and result in an NBA championship.” Jackson, 68, who retired from coaching in 2011, was greeted at the news conference by former teammates Walt Frazier and Dick Barnett, while to his right, in the window of the

2009-2010 NBA Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson championship since 1973, when Jackson was still in his playing Knicks merchandising store in days, and are struggling to make the Garden lobby, racks were the playoffs this season. lined with replicas of his old No. With 15 games left in the 18 on throwback gray Knicks regular season, the Knicks are T-shirts. ninth in the Eastern Conference “I started my career as a with a 27-40 record, four games Knick, and know what it feels back of the eighth and final like to win in this great city,” playoff spot. Jackson said. Jackson, courted by the “I take the task of helping Knicks back in November, said to deliver a winning team to our the time was right for him to fans seriously, and look forward return to basketball, although he to combining my vision of the was not fit enough to consider game with Steve Mills’ abilities coming back as a coach. as a general manager.” “I went through a series of Jackson said he would be operations, five I think, knees moving to New York from Los and hips and other things,” he Angeles to tackle the job full said. “I thought if I came back force after signing a five-year to full health, I’d lead an active deal, which local media has life. Play some basketball. reported is worth $12 million “Go to England and look a year. at soccer clubs, go to Australia The Knicks have not won a

and see my old buddy (and former player) Luc Longley, who likes the football they play down there. “However, I’m not going to play ball again. I’m too old to play and too lame to coach.” Jackson, who walked in with a slight limp, said that over the last two years as he recovered from surgeries and did his physical therapy, “people started coming to see me ... tapping into what I’ve learned, what I could impart to them.” When it looked last year like an anticipated franchise move might bring a team back to Seattle, Jackson was approached about a management position and that got him thinking. “That was of interest to me,” he said. “It never happened. But I got intrigued, the idea of being in an executive management position. “I think I can make the change.” Hall of Famer Michael Jordan, the driving on-court force for Jackson’s six titles with the Bulls, said he thought his former coach would do well in his first crack at basketball management. “Phil can do some good things with them because he’s gifted,” Jordan, now chairman of the NBA Charlotte Bobcats, told ESPN.

Netherlands captain Peter Borren himself did little to justify his decision to bat first, virtually gifting Prosper Utseya his wicket with a rash shot and his departure left the Dutch side reeling at 35-4 in the fifth over. Tom Cooper first rebuilt the innings with a 52-run stand with brother Ben Cooper (20) and then counter-attacked, adding 53 more in about six overs with Mudassar Bukhari (14 not out). Tom’s 58-ball knock contained one six and nine fours, the final being an amazing improvised shot as he switched stance to scoop a slow bouncer from Tinashe Panyangara to help it to the ropes.

England lose to India in final warm-up match

ENGLAND’S stuttering form continued as they lost to India by 20 runs in their final warm-up match before they start their World Twenty20 bid in Bangladesh. Stuart Broad put his troublesome knee through two overs as fifties from Virat Kohli and Suresh Raina helped India recover from 39-3 to 178-4 in Mirpur. England faded after a flying start with the bat, finishing on 158-6, with Moeen Ali top-scoring on 46 off 38 balls. England face New Zealand in their first group match in Chittagong on Saturday. England’s seventh defeat in eight Twenty20 matches further lengthens their odds of success in a tournament they won in 2010. Having reached 43-1 after five overs, they became bogged down against the spinners, with stand-in captain Eoin Morgan only managing 16 off 16 balls. Moeen did not find his range until the task was all but impossible and despite Jos Buttler’s late 30 off 18 balls, England finished well short. “We kept coming at them but never managed to get it away so it was disappointing,” said Morgan, whose side were thrashed by West Indies on Tuesday. “But things are a bit clearer now, which is good, going to Chittagong tomorrow. Our batting order is strong enough to compete with anything, especially on a good wicket like this one here.” England had India 39-3 after the six-over powerplay, but Kohli (74 not out) and Raina (54) mixed clever placement and occasional blasts of power to post an imposing score. England were permitted a 12th man to allow Broad to test his knee and the regular skipper bowled with pace in a 12-ball spell that cost 14 runs. However, the rest of the pace attack struggled to restrict India’s scoring, with Jade Dernbach, Chris Jordan and Tim Bresnan all going at more than nine runs per over, and only James Tredwell’s off-spin offering real control. (BBC Sport)

Britain’s Murray splits with coach Lendl By Martyn Herman LONDON, England (Reuters) - Wimbledon champion Andy Murray has split with coach Ivan Lendl after two years, the British world number six said yesterday. A statement on his Twitter page said they had mutually agreed to end a partnership that saw Murray win two grand slam titles and a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics. “I’m eternally grateful to

Ivan for all his hard work over the past two years, the most successful of my career so far,” said Murray, who became Britain’s first Wimbledon men’s singles champion for 77 years when he beat Novak Djokovic last year. “As a team, we’ve learned a lot and it will definitely be of benefit in the future. I’ll take some time with the team to consider the next steps and how we progress from here.” Since winning Wimbledon

last year Murray’s form has dipped, not helped by having back surgery towards the end of 2013. He is yet to win a title this year and was knocked out in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open by Roger Federer. Lendl was not at Indian Wells last week where Murray again suffered an early exit, losing to Canada’s Milos Raonic. Eight-time grand slam champion Lendl, 54, said he wanted to concentrate on his

Andy Murray own projects. “Working with Andy over the last two years has been a fantastic experience for me,”

Zimbabwe were going steady in their chase at 85-1 in 13 overs before Pieter Seelar dismissed Hamilton Masakadza (43) and the scoreless Elton Chigumbura in the same over to peg them back. Captain Brendan Taylor (49) fell at a crucial juncture and needing one run off the last three balls, Sean Williams failed to score off the fourth delivery and ran himself out in the fifth. Sibanda kept his cool, however, and belted the final Ahsan Malik delivery for a six for a thrilling win that would keep them in the hunt to progress to the Super 10 stage.

Lendl said. “He is a first class guy. Having helped him achieve his goal of winning major titles, I feel like it is time for me to concentrate on some of my own projects moving forward including playing more events around the world which I am really enjoying. “I will always be in Andy’s corner and wish him nothing but great success as he too goes into a new phase of his career.”

Until Murray teamed up with Lendl he had fallen tantalisingly short of winning a grand slam title. He lost his first four grand slam finals to share a professional era record with Lendl but finally got over the line at the U.S. Open in 2012 when he prevailed in an epic tussle against Djokovic to become Britain’s first male grand slam champion since Fred Perry in 1936. Murray lost to Djokovic in the 2013 Australian Open final and, after skipping the French Open through injury, he thrilled the home fans with his run to the Wimbledon title.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014


Champions League ...

van Persie treble sinks Olympiakos, Dortmund edge Zenit By Toby Davis LONDON, England (Reuters) - Robin van Persie’s hat-trick lifted Manchester United to a stunning Champions League comeback against Olympiakos Piraeus yesterday as Borussia Dortmund edged out Zenit St Petersburg to complete the quarter-final lineup. United, trailing 2-0 from the first leg, won 3-0 at Old Trafford to stay in the hunt for a fourth Champions League title and last season’s runners-up Dortmund lost their second leg

2-1 but went through 5-4 on aggregate. van Persie cut a forlorn figure as United suffered a humbling defeat by arch-rivals Liverpool in the Premier League on Sunday, but he was back to his lethal best as he picked apart the Greek side who have now lost all 12 matches they have played in England. The Dutch striker opened the scoring after 25 minutes from the penalty spot after being shoved in the back by Jose Holebas and levelled the

aggregate score with a simple tap-in in first-half stoppage time. van Persie raised the roof when he curled home a free kick seven minutes after the restart, but the tension around Old Trafford lasted until the final whistle with Olympiakos pushing for an away goal that would have swung the tie in their favour. Dortmund had done the hard work by winning 4-2 in Russia but the tie threatened to come alive when Zenit forward Hulk beat two men and drilled his team into a 16th-minute lead on the night in Germany. Dortmund captain Sebas-

Manchester United’s Robin van Persie (L) celebrates with Wayne Rooney and Antonio Valencia (R) a second goal against Olympiakos during their Champions League soccer match at Old Trafford in Manchester, northern England, yesterday. (Credit: Reuters/Phil Noble) joined Chelsea, Real Madrid, tian Kehl settled any nerves an unlikely win, despite Jose Barcelona, Paris St Germain, when he headed in from Rondon heading them back Bayern Munich and Atletico close range seven minutes in front with 17 minutes reMadrid in the quarterfinals. before the break and Zenit maining. The draw for the last eight is never looked like stealing United and Dortmund on Friday.

EBFA coaching programme hailed a success UNITED States Soccer Federation (USSF) B licensed coach Ralph Green’s coaching session with coaches attached to clubs affiliated to the East Bank Football Association (EBFA) last Monday has been hailed a success. Participants were lectured to on the role of the coach, traits of a top coach, role and

responsibilities of a player and coach, laws of the game, fitness and communicating with players (what and what not to say). There was also an interactive session that saw the full participation of the coaches. Yesterday at the Grove Playfield, the coaches were to benefit from an on-field session that would b e c o n d u c t e d b y G re e n .

Coach Ralph Green has the rapt attention of the coaches during his presentation.     

Amnesty calls on FIFA to address Qatar workers’ rights DOHA, Qatar (Reuters) Amnesty International is calling on world soccer’s governing body FIFA to address the issue of migrant workers’ abuse in Qatar during its meeting later this month, the rights group said in a statement yesterday. Pressure on Qatar, which is hosting the 2022 soccer World Cup, increased after a report in Britain’s Guardian newspaper in September found that dozens of Nepali construction workers had died and that labourers were not given enough food and water.

Officials from Qatar and Nepal denied the report. “Despite previous promises by FIFA to address the ‘unacceptable’ situation for migrant workers in Qatar, last week FIFA’s Secretary-General Jerome Valcke said: FIFA is not a United Nations. FIFA is about sport,” Amnesty said. The London-based rights group called on FIFA to clarify its stance and end mixed messages over its role in addressing the abuse of migrants in Qatar’s construction sector. “When FIFA awarded the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, it

assumed a responsibility for the human rights impact of that decision. It is involved in this issue, whether it likes it or not,” said James Lynch, Amnesty’s researcher on migrant workers in the Gulf. Faced with the challenge of completing major construction and infrastructure projects before the World Cup, Qatar has an increasing number of its estimated 1.8 million foreigners working on projects related to soccer’s showcase event. Last month, Qatar’s 2022 World Cup organisers said

they would penalise contractors who violate the welfare

of construction workers and revealed a detailed workers’

charter which contractors should comply with.

Better Hope Darts Club to host tournaments tomorrow

THE Better Hope Darts Club will be hosting two cash tournaments tomorrow from 19:30hrs, at Granny Sports Bar, South Better Hope, with Draw Doubles and Open Singles being the two categories to be contested. Proprietor of Granny Sports Bar, Anthony Bissoondial, will be hoping to get the better of national champion Sudesh Persaud-Fitzgerald, who defeated him 3-0 when they played in the Open Singles final last Friday at Malteenoes Sports Club. Back then, the losing semi-finalists were Anil Lachman who lost to Bissoondial and Sherwyn Greene who was defeated by Persaud-Fitzgerald. The Draw Doubles was won by the pair Lallchand Rambharose and Nicholas Seetaram from Persaud-Fitzgerald and Shaundell Hyles, while Seetaram won the special prize for the “Highest Check Out”, with his 106 points.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014

Cheddi Jagan Memorial three-leg cycle race concludes Sunday on Essequibo Coast THE Dr Cheddi Jagan Memorial three-leg cycle road race will conclude on Sunday on the Essequibo Coast after three Sundays of racing in honour of the late President of Guyana. The 50-mile race, which is being sponsored by El Dorado Trading and F. Jagmohan Hardware Supplies Construction Services, is expected to attract a record-breaking number of the country’s cyclists and will see competition in five categories. The event which is in its 10th year on the Essequi-

Paul DeNobrega,

bo Coast is open to seniors, juniors, veterans, mountain bikers and females. The juniors and seniors will wheel off from Supenaam at 09:00hrs for a 50-mile journey that will take them to Charity before returning to Anna Regina for the finish, while the mountain bikers, veterans and females will move off from Anna Regina after the juniors and seniors would have past through Anna Regina and travel to Charity before returning to the place of origin for the finish.

The top six finishers (seniors or juniors) will receive prizes as well as the top three juniors, top three veterans, top three mountain bikers and top three females. There is a special prize up for grabs for the first Over-60 cyclist to complete the Anna Regina to Charity and back course. Eight prime prizes will also be up for grabs during the course of the event. The defending champion of the Essequibo leg is Paul DeNobrega, who returned a

time of two hours 17 minutes 59 seconds last year. Raul Leal won the junior category last year, while Kennard Lovell was the winner of the veterans category, Julio Melville won the mountain bike category and Hazina Bharrat won the female category. When the first leg of this year’s race was staged in the West Demerara area on March 2, Michael Anthony won while the second leg which was staged in Berbice was won by Alanzo Greaves.

Meanwhile, cyclists participating in Sunday’s third leg are asked to note that transportation will leave the Ministry of Sport’s Middle Street office at 05:00hrs on Sunday morning and assembly time is 04:30 hrs. Cyclists are also asked to note that the transportation that is being provided by the National Sports Commission is for cyclists and officials only; no family members or cycling fans will be allowed on board the transportation, be it road or river.

Smith, Narine, Bravo star in Windies second win MIRPUR, Bangladesh (CMC) - Dwayne Bravo rocked the top order while Sunil Narine carved through the middle as defending World T20 champions West Indies humbled Sri Lanka by 33 runs in a warmup match at Sher-e Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur here yesterday. Narine grabbed four wickets to bury ambitions of recovery after Sri Lanka, Chasing 173, were reduced to 18 for two in the fourth over until Tillakaratne Dilshan and Kumar Sangakkara attempted to rescue them with a

54-run third-wicket stand that brought some stability to the scoring. Opener Kusal Perera was dismissed cheaply by Samuel Badree and Mahela Jayawardene was sent back for a firstball duck by Ravi Rampaul but Dilshan and Sangakkara repaired the damage to some extent before the beaten finalists in the 2012 tournament stumbled again. Bravo picked up three wickets including uprooting the stumps of opener Dilshan with a top score of 43 and Sangakkara.

WEST INDIES innings (20 overs maximum)         D. Smith lbw b Prasanna 60         C. Gayle c N. Perera b Herath 12 A. Fletcher lbw b Herath      4          DJ Bravo c Jayawardene b Lakmal  43    L. Simmons c Chandimal b Mendis   10 D. Sammy not out  30 A. Russell not out  2          Extras:  (b-4, lb-1, w-3, nb-3)  11              Total: (5 wickets; 20 overs)      172       Fall of wickets: 1-47, 2-55, 3-104, 4-129, 5-154. Bowling: Mathews  2-0-14-0, Kulasekara 4-0-38-0, Mendis 3 - 0 - 4 3 - 1 , H e r a t h    4 - 0 - 2 0 - 2 , Prasanna-3-0-14-1, Perera 0.4-014-0, Lakmal 2.2-0-16-1, Dilshan 1-0- 8-0. SRI LANKA innings (target: 173

runs from 20 overs) M. Perera c Charles b Badree        4          T. Dilshan b Bravo           43 D. Jayawardene c Narine b Rampaul   0          K. Sangakkara b Bravo           24         L. Chandimal c Smith b Narine   14         S. Prasanna b Russell         2          A. Mathews b Narine           18         N. Perera lbw b Narine      0          K. Kulasekara lbw b Narine      14 H Thirimanne not out  14 S Senanayake b Bravo           2          Extras: (lb-2, w-1, nb-1) 4               Total: (all out, 19.2 overs)        139 Fall of wickets 1-10, 2-18, 3-72, 4-73, 5-83, 6-107, 7-107, 8-109, 9-134. Bowling: Badree 4-0-30-1, Rampaul 2-0-1-1, Narine 4-0-24-4, DJ Bravo 3.2-0-29-3, Gayle 3-0-180, Russell-3-0-25-1.


(Thursday March 20, 2014) Compliments of THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market & The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: Basil Butcher and Charlie Griffith ENG: 8; WI: 7 Today’s Quiz: Gordon Greenidge once struck twin hundreds in a Test match. When and where? Which two made their Int’l T20 debut against England? Jerome Taylor, Johnson Charles, Shiv Chanderpaul, Fidel Edwards, Darren Powell Answers in tomorrow’s issue

Dilshan scored 43 off 36 balls, with six fours, while Sangakkara added 24 runs off 19 balls, with three fours, as the two brought the match to a crucial stage before Narine wreaked further havoc as Sri Lanka were bowled out for 139. Bravo finished with figures of three for 29 while Narine topped the bowling with four for 24 including the scalps of Dinesh Chandimal (14) and

Angelo Mathews (18) off successive balls. However, he could not complete his hat-trick because of a no-ball. Earlier, Dwayne Smith gave the West Indies a flying start by powering his way to a top score of 60 after Sri Lanka had won the toss and elected to field first. Smith who cracked eight fours and two sixes compiled a quick-fire 47 with Chris Gayle

who was the first to go for 12 in the sixth over. West Indies were at one stage reduced to 55 for two as Andre Fletcher went for 8 but a third-wicket partnership between Smith and Bravo brought the Caribbean cricketers back on course. Bravo scored 43 runs off just 31 balls but the Windies

lost momentum when Lendl Simmons fell for ten. However, skipper Darren Sammy came to the crease and blasted 30 runs off 14 balls, including one four and two sixes, to take the score to 172 for five. On Tuesday, West Indies crushed England in their first official warm-up match of the World T20 tournament.

GDF face BV/Triumph, Shillingford returns to first class cricket this weekend Tigers tackle Milerock tomorrow at GFC

ST JOHN’S, Antigua (CMC) - Shane Shillingford will play in the Regional 4-Day Tournament this weekend, after undergoing remedial work on his bowling action. The 31-year-old off-spinner is set to appear for third-placed Windward Islands, when they face leaders Jamaica in their fourth round match, starting tomorrow at Sabina Park in Kingston, Jamaica. Shillingford was suspended from bowling in international cricket by the International Cricket Council (ICC) after he was reported to the ICC for suspected illegal actions during the Test series in India last year. “Obviously, I am extremely happy that I will be playing this weekend,” said Shillingford who has played 14 Tests for West Indies, grabbing 65 wickets at 32.32 apiece. He has never appeared in a One-day or Twenty20 International for the regional side. “I have put in a lot of hard work over the past few months. It was a bit tough at first, but once the coaches told me what I had to do, I went straight to work. I just had to be really patient and I worked really hard.” Shillingford underwent remedial work in Barbados under the guidance of former Barbados and West Indies fast bowler Vasbert Drakes with input from West Indies head coach Ottis Gibson. “I am happy for the advice that I have received from the coaches, especially Vasbert, and I must also thank everyone for the support they have given me during this period,” he said. Shillingford also underwent a biomechanical bowling analysis conducted by a research team at the University of Western Australia on March 4 in Perth. “It’s great to have Shane playing first-class cricket again and I’m sure Windwards are delighted to have him back,” said WICB Director of Cricket Richard Pybus. “We look forward to getting the results of his re-test in Perth, so that he can re-start his international career.” He has played 66 R4D matches for the Windwards since his debut 13 years ago, capturing 289 wickets at 21.54 apiece. Shillingford requires 11 more wickets to become only the second bowler to take 300 in the history of the modern R4D, which dates back to 1966.

THIRD-placers Guyana Defence Force (GDF) will face BV/ Triumph from 18:00hrs and BK Western Tigers tackle Milerock from 20:00hrs tomorrow at the Georgetown Football Club (GFC) ground, when play in the Guyana Football Federation (GFF)/Banks Beer National Premier League continues with a double-header. Currently in third position on the points table with 28 points from 12 matches, the soldiers will be seeking a win to advance in the standing, while BV/Triumph who are currently 12th in the points standing with 14 from 12 matches will also be seeking a victory for fear of dropping to the last four in the league and a possibility of being relegated. In the feature game, second-placers Western Tigers will be challenging an unpredictable Upper Demerara side in Milerock, who on any good day can upset the best of the local teams. A win for Western Tigers who are on 31 points will see them move to 34 points, five behind the unbeaten Alpha United who have 39 points from 13 straight wins. To date, the soldiers have won eight of their 12 matches. They lost one and drew three which went to a penalty shootout but they only won one of the three. They have so far scored 28 goals and conceded 12. BV/Triumph, on the other hand, have won four of their matches. They lost six and drew three, two of which they won in the resulting penalty shoot-out. They have so far scored 13 goals and conceded 26. Western Tigers have played 13 matches. They won 10, lost two and drew one which they lost in a penalty shoot-out. They have so far scored 26 goals and conceded 11. Milerock have won four of their 13 games. They lost seven and drew two, both of which they lost in penalty shoot-outs. They have so far scored 17 goals and conceded 18. Meanwhile, three double-headers are set for Sunday. One at the #5 ground, West Coast Berbice, one at Den Amstel ground, West Coast Demerara and the other at the Buxton Community Centre ground, East Coast Demerara.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 20, 2014


World Squash Championships ...

Fernandes beats former world champion to advance GUYANA’S world-renowned squash sensation Nicolette Fernandes pranced into the second round (last 16) of the main draw at the Women’s Squash Association’s (WSA) 29th Women’s World Championships in Penang, Malaysia, on Tuesday. To get there, Fernandes once again completed an emphatic come-from-behind win against former world number one Rachael Grinham of Australia (411, 6-11, 12-10, 11-8, 11-7). Grinham, who won the Women’s

Nicolette Fernandes

World Title in 2007, won the first two games of the gripping encounter 11-4, 11-6. Fernandes found herself in perilous, but familiar circumstances against the current world number 15, but unleashed her aggressive side, her inner ‘lion’, to take control of the match. Fernandes, who is currently ranked 20th in the world, was interviewed following her match and had this to say about her unbelievable comeback. “The game changer, you

guys will probably laugh, but I told myself to go in there and be a lion. I was too passive before and I needed to be more in it and be an animal on court.” Fernandes said according to Utilising her animal instincts, Fernandes captured the third game 12-10 before completing the dramatic victory with stunning back-toback wins in the fourth and fifth games 11-8 and 11-7. The match lasted an hour and three minutes.

Fernandes had previously defeated the former world champion Grinham in December 2012 in the first round of the main draw of the Women’s World Squash Open in Cayman Islands. Coincidentally, Fernandes had lost the first two games and strangely enough, she had also won the third game by the score 12/10. Fernandes was ranked 48th in the world at that time. The 37year-old Grinham had been celebrating a milestone as she made her debut at

the World Championships 20 years ago. In the second round of the main draw (last 16), Fernandes will face France’s 24-year-old, six-time national champion Camille Serme today. Serme is currently ranked number six in the world and has played Fernandes a few times in the past. The two met at the Kuala Lumpur Open in Malaysia, March 2013 and Serme had prevailed in straight games. (Kiev Chesney)

Infinity and Ganesh Parts on board for Kennard’s Phagwah horse race meet

INFINITY Service Station and Ganesh Parts are the latest corporate sponsors to come on board for the Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club Phagwah Day horse race meet set for the club’s facility at Bush Lot Farm, Corentyne, Berbice on Sunday. Sponsoring under their BKT Industrial and Agricultural Tyres and Sisson Paints brands, the general manager of the two companies, Roop Persaud, presented the sponsorship cheque for the first-place finisher of the six-furlong race for horses classified `I’ and Lower to president of the Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club, Justice Cecil Kennard in the company’s Princes and High Streets office (Infinity)

parts contributed $250 000 for the first-place finisher of the six-furlong event. The second-, third- and fourth-place finishers will receive $125 000, $63 000 and $32 000 respectively. Prior to making the presentation to Justice Kennard, Persaud said his company has been a regular contributor to the Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club activities and this will not be the last year as they are committed to continued sponsorship of the club, who, according to Kennard has been receiving sponsorship from the two companies for approximately 10 years. Persaud informed that Sisson Paints are mercury- and lead-free, making it ideal for

homes and offices and especially for the safety of families. Justice Kennard said this year’s sponsorship by the two companies is greater than in past years and thanked Persaud and the two companies for staying on board for such a long period. Persaud said on race day the company will erect a booth to showcase its products and will be giving away prizes to lucky race fans. Eight races will be contested with the feature event being a six-furlong race for horses classified `A’ and Lower. The winner will receive $1M and a trophy, while the second-, third- and fourthplace finishers will earn $500

000, $250 000 and $125 000 respectively. Three more six-furlong races are also on the card and they will be contested by horses classified `D3” and Lower, `J1’ and Lower and Three-Year-Old Guyana-bred (maidens). A five-furlong race for `J3” and Lower and two seven-furlong races for horses classified `G’ and Lower and another for Three-Year-Old Guyana and West Indian horses will also be staged. Closing date for entries was originally set for Monday, but was extended to Tuesday and according to Justice Kennard, over 65 entries have been received from the leading stables.

Defaulting schools suspended from Milo/Petra Under-20 tournament

quality of football being played by the other schools, I think they will be hard-pressed to retain their title this year, unless they pull a trump card out of the pack.” Saturday’s action will kick off at 11:00hrs and will see Dolphin Secondary take on St. Mary’s High, South Ruimveldt challenge Lodge Secondary, Queen’s College meet North Georgetown Secondary and Charlestown go head-to-head with Kingston High. On Sunday, Bishops’ High and North Ruimveldt Multilateral will clash from 11:00hrs, Christ Church will seek to advance to the quarterfinal at the expense of Chase Academy, Carmel and Queenstown will face off before Tucville attempt to thwart St George’s efforts to retain the title.

By Calvin Roberts AT THE launching of the second annual Milo-sponsored Petra Organisation-organised Under-20 Schools Football Championships last month, Petra Director Troy Mendonca said his organisation’s primary interest is to resuscitate the sport at the youth level while attempting to add to what has already been learnt by some. However, when two students from St Winefride’s Secondary and Tutorial High decided to get involved in an on-field brawl during one of the preliminary round matches last week Sunday, indiscipline ruined the day, as they brought

In this Sonell Nelson photo, Justice Kennard (second left) accepts the sponsorship from general manager Roop Persaud in the presence yesterday. The company which is the distributor of all sorts of

indoor and outdoor paints (Sisson) and varnishes, agricultural machinery and spare

… Organisers satisfied with outcome to date

the action to an abrupt halt and later to be abandoned. With that in mind, Mendonca in an invited comment underlined his Organisation’s zero tolerance on indiscipline and insularity by saying, “Our immediate action was expelling from the tournament, both institutions who were in default. “We have forwarded a report to the Allied Arts Department within the Ministry of Education, with the hope of meeting them in the not-toodistant future, to decide further any other action they would recommend to the defaulters who brought the game into

disrepute.” However, on the brighter side, Mendonca believes the tournament is heading in the right direction, enabling the Petra Organisation to realise its goals for not only the tournament, but also the sport in Guyana as well. “We have seen teams come back stronger to stake a claim for supremacy, while some new teams such as Kingston, Queenstown, Queen’s College and Chase Academy have organised themselves better. They are among some schools who have brought a high level of competition to the tournament, making it one of

high quality while being highly competitive to their more illustrious opponents to date,” said Mendonca. Despite the on-field hiccup that brought one game into disrepute, Mendonca was showered praise on the Ministry of Health-organized two-day Gender Base Violence (GBV), as it also allowed for coaches to be identified for each of the 24 schools competing in the tournament. “Through the GBV lecture, we were able to have coaches being identified for each school, ensuring adequate preparations and personnel to provide amicable competition on the day in

question. “I believe that other organisers of school competitions, namely Digicel and Kashif and Shanghai should go this route also, with the aim of making their tournaments more competitive, while at the same time developing football within the schools,” Mendonca stated. He said he was satisfied with the quality of football he has seen so far and went one step further to say some serious challenges will be forthcoming to schools in the knockout round which kicks off on Saturday at the Ministry of Education ground. “St George’s are the defending champions, but based on the


The Chronicle is at

Fernandes beats former world champion to advance (See Story on page 27)

GSDF kicks off 4th Scotiabank/ Pepsi Schools Football Academy THE fourth edition of the Guyana Sports Development Foundation (GSDF)-organised Scotiabank/Pepsi-sponsored School Football Academy officially got under way last Saturday in Georgetown with the traditional March Past of teams at the Ministry of Education Sports Complex on Carifesta Avenue. Products and Marketing Manager of Scotiabank Jennifer Cipriani and Demerara Distillers Limited Marketing Executive Larry Wills took the salute at the March Past, following which Tournament Coordinator Lawrence Griffith gave the welcome address and showered praise on the sponsors for their continued contribution. A game by female players was contested between defending champions Tutorial High and returning participants East Ruimveldt Sec-

Tutorial High School’s goal-scoring trio in their win over Campbellville Secondary, from left, Kevon Roach, David Coates and Mario Padmore.

ondary following the march past, with Wills conducting the ceremonial kick-off. The game ended nil-all after 70 minutes of entertaining and crowd-pleasing football from both sides. Both teams showed glimpses of better things to come, which means that the other teams have to look out for these two teams who had members from the Little DIVA Flames Female Football Club, which was formed out of last year’s Academy and their higher level of play was evident. The competition continued the following day at the same venue, with Tutorial High males coming away with a 5-0 win over Campbellville Secondary, thanks to David Coates’ hat-trick. Coates found the back of the net in the 10th, 29th and 42nd minutes of play and was ably supported by Mario Padmore

and Kevon Roach who scored one each in the 50th and 68th minutes respectively, while the score line should have been greater after Temaul Dowlin of Campbellville Secondary deliberately handled the ball in the penalty area in the 18th minute. The ensuing penalty kick was taken by Allister Frank who struck the ball high over the bar, to the amazement of his team members and supporters. Brenda Harmon, Organising committee member, gave the vote of thanks and complimented Scotiabank and DDL for their support. She also singled out for special mention the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport, Guyana Football Federation, Guyana Football Referees

(See page 23)

Top international coaches confirmed for 2014 Limacol CPL the Guyana Amazon Warriors to last year. In addition, some of the biggest names in the history of Windies cricket will lend their vast experience to the coaches and players in the CPL by acting as mentors – Sir Viv Richards Antigua Hawksbills; Courtney Walsh - Jamaica Tallawahs; Desmond Haynes - Barbados Tridents; Gordon Greenidge Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel; Sir Curtly Ambrose - Guyana Amazon Warriors and Sir Andy Roger Harper KINGSTON, Jamaica - The of the Melbourne Renegades in Caribbean Premier League the Australian Big Bash League, (CPL) yesterday announced a will take charge of the Trinidad list of highly-respected coachand Tobago Red Steel. es and mentors for the 2014 IPL and CLT20 winning competition. coach, Robin Singh, of the Former South African and Mumbai Indians and former EnAustralian national team coach gland assistant coach, Matthew Mickey Arthur has signed on Maynard, will return for a secto be the head coach of the ond year, leading the coaching defending champions Jamaica staff of the Barbados Tridents Tallawahs, while Tim Nielsen, and the St. Lucia Zouks realso a former Australian nationspectively, while former West al coach, will take the helm of Indies head coach Roger Harper the Antigua Hawksbills, and returns to see if he can better Simon Helmot, current coach the second-place finish he led

Roberts, St Lucia Zouks. Tom Moody, Director of Cricket, Caribbean Premier League, said: “We’re extremely pleased to have secured such a strong lineup of talented and respected coaches for this year’s tournament. With their technical expertise, along with guidance from our legendary mentors, the standard of cricket this year is set to be higher than ever.” Antigua Hawksbills coach Tim Nielsen, said: “I was impressed by the standard of last year’s com-

Mickey Arthur

Robin Singh

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petition so I’m delighted to be involved in CPL 2014. I’m looking forward to taking the reins of the Hawksbills and I hope together with the rest of the coaching staff, and with the help of Sir Viv who I am very excited about working with, we can take them to the trophy this time around. The Caribbean Premier League is a top level T20 competition and I’m excited to have the chance to coach

such talented cricketers in a unique atmosphere.” CPL recently announced that last year’s iconic franchise players - Chris Gayle, Kieron Pollard, Dwayne Bravo, Sunil Narine, Darren Sammy and Marlon Samuels - would all be returning to their 2013 teams for the new season. The CPL launched last year

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