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Four survive 2 aircraft fall from sky Early-morning fire guts historic ‘Medex Building’ at Liliendaal 7 Page


Rohee challenges anyone to prove former President Jagdeo corrupt Page 4 After Walter Rodney Groundings…

A police rank assists Port Kaituma murder accused, Linus La Cruz, into a waiting police vehicle after landing at the Ogle Airport yesterday (Photo by Leroy Smith)

Page Town Clerk Sooba 7 expresses fear for her life



I realize that I have trodden on a very controversial subject, but we must face facts. I realize that aid, that money, is limited and this is why, I for one, have always given support to the cause of world peace and disarmament, because I feel the quicker there is some sanity brought to world affairs in this respect, the quicker all these millions which are now going towards armaments are saved and put in fruitful economic development, the better for all concerned. Statement at Economic Commission on Latin America - Chile, May 1961

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

Four survive aircraft fall from sky By Leroy Smith

IVOR Williams, Troy Daniels, Leon Bristol and pilot Bernard Singh survived the horrific experience of travelling in an aircraft that literally fell out of the sky over the dense jungle of Region Seven. They were the only occupants of the aircraft at time of the mishap. At just after 11:00 hours yesterday, shortly after the single-engine light aircraft took off from the Arau Airstrip in Region Seven under the control of Singh, owner of the aircraft as well as several mining camps in Guyana’s interior, the plane fell out of the sky; but the pilot was able to send a distress call to the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) via satellite phone, and that entity activated

–into dense Region Seven jungle its search-and-rescue coordination centre. Because the pilot was able to give his reading at the time, another privately-operated plane in the area was able to pinpoint the exact location the aircraft went down, and that information was passed on to the GCAA. Moments later, the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), which is also part of the National Search and Rescue Coordination Unit, dispatched into the area a chopper with medical personnel to attend to the injured and to have them stabilized. The army personnel were accompanied by investigators from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority. The downed aircraft, regsee page 5


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

Monday is Budget Day!

FINANCE Minister Dr. Ashni Singh will present the National Estimates (Budget) for 2014 in the National Assembly Monday coming, March 24. According to a statement from the Finance Ministry, this year’s budget is expected to continue promoting the PPP/C’s commitment to accelerate economic growth and social development, and emphasize macroeconomic stability through continued creation of investment opportunities, expanding


and upgrading physical infrastructure, improving the quality of social services, and strengthening institutional and regulatory environments. “Guyana’s strong economic performance of recent years has been the direct result of the responsible policy stance adopted, and the prudent and responsible choices exercised and decisions made over the years by the PPP/C government,” the statement said, adding: “Over the past eight

years, Guyana has experienced an unprecedented period of uninterrupted growth, standing out in its economic performance despite the crises that have enveloped economies in the Caribbean and beyond during that same period.” The Ministry says that despite the National Assembly being blighted by stalemate after stalemate over the last three years, Budget 2014 presents yet another opportunity for all parties to work together in the interest

of the people of Guyana. The compilation of the Budget, which began in June 2013, follows a number of stakeholder meetings which saw participation from the private sector, labour unions and other interest groups, except the Parliamentary Opposition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance for Change (AFC), which, despite repeated invitations, opted to boycott the consultations. This slight notwithstanding, Minister Singh is call-

ing on the Parliamentary Opposition “to embrace the opportunity to work together with Government to ensure smooth passage of the Budget through the National Assembly in the coming weeks.” This year will be the eighth presentation of National Estimates (budget) made by Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh, his having first presented in 2007, following his appointment as Finance Minister in September 2006.

Essence of Yesu Persaud’s call for passage of AML/CFT Bill lost on detractors ––Attorney-General By Vanessa Narine ATTORNEY-General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Mr Anil Nandlall, is contending that the essence of Mr Yesu Persaud’s letter with regard to passage of the AML/CFT Bill has been lost on the Leader of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Mr Khemraj Ramjattan. Ramjattan, on Monday last, defended his Party’s demands in exchange for support of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill, which followed A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU) comments that it remained unmoved by Persaud’s letter. Persaud, one of Guyana’s international icons, entrepre-

neur and philanthropist, called on Friday for the passage of the Bill, and suggested that with regard to the proposed amendments by the APNU, compromises should be the focus of those at the negotiating table. Persaud also made four recommendations that addressed issues ranging from the appointment of a Money Laundering Authority or Board to cash seizures. BEWILDERED In Nandlall’s statement, issued yesterday on behalf of the Government of Guyana, he said that Government regards, with some bewilderment, the “unusually long but mostly irrelevant” letter from Ramjattan. The AG said, “We hope that Mr. Ramjattan’s

MINISTER ANIL NANDLALL irrelevant utterances and distortions will not contaminate the facts on this matter... The essence of Mr. Persaud’s letter was that our obligation to pass

the said Bill stems from our international responsibilities, and that such matters are of national importance and in the national interest, and therefore should not be the subject of a political bargaining process, with politicians using the same to extract political demands from each other. “In short (Persaud is asking) that a CFATF compliant Bill be enacted forthwith,” Minister Nandlall declared. The minister said the message is simple and fundamental, but has seemingly been lost on the AFC Leader. He said, “He (Ramjattan) embarks upon a historical excursion commencing in 1998, a wholly irrelevant exercise and one of manufactured facts designed to convey the impression that the Government was guilty of delay in respect of Guyana’s international obligations to the CFATF.

Assuming that his historical recitation was (the truth), what purpose it now serves to Guyana and its people will remain matters within Mr. Ramjattan’s peculiar knowledge. “The undisputed fact is (that), until the Opposition controlled the National Assembly of Guyana, Guyana was never blacklisted or threatened with blacklisting, and the economy and the people of Guyana were never exposed to the perilous consequences associated with that delinquent status. “Now that the Opposition controls a majority in the National Assembly, Mr. Ramjat-

tan, his party and the APNU must take a bow for placing the nation and its people at this precarious precipice at which we are now perched. No amount of political or historical diatribe can discolour that reality.” FACTS ARE CLEAR Nandlall pointed out that the facts are clear, and the Government has always discharged its obligations in respect of CFATF within the requisite time frames. “The current position that we find ourselves in is purely the maksee page 6


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

Rohee challenges anyone to prove former President Jagdeo corrupt By Ravin Singh

GENERAL-SECRETARY of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), Mr Clement Rohee, has dismissed a speculative line of questioning from Kaieteur News Editor Adam Harris that former President Bharrat Jagdeo acquired his assets through corrupt practices.

Harris posed questions on the matter at the ruling party’s weekly press conference held at Freedom House on Robb Street yesterday; and Rohee challenged Harris to publish information to support his claims that the former president had enriched himself through corruption. Rohee said: “If you want to say that Jagdeo built that house

as a result of corruption, theft, or whatever the case may be, you say that; I will not agree. I will never agree that Jagdeo stole money, Jagdeo engaged in corrupt practices where he siphoned off money from the Government to build that house. I will never agree to that! If there is anyone who has evidence, bring the evidence.” Rohee noted that the “base-

less” ‘rags to riches’ theory being peddled has tarnished the reputation not only of the former President, but of other members of the party as well; and he justified his reasoning by adding that when Jagdeo had returned from Moscow, he secured a job at the State Planning Secretariat, and soon after, became Junior Finance Minister when the PPP came into power

--Vehicle driver thought she’d only suffered a puncture atre, Allen underwent an operation for trauma to his right foot, while Boston was operated on for trauma to his left leg; and Clarke remained under close observation in the Trauma Room of the GPHC’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with injuries to his left leg. The three men were reportedly travelling on a 150cc motor cycle heading towards Dartmouth at about midnight on Monday, when a speeding

car allegedly driven by a woman heading towards Charity ploughed into them from behind and sent them and the motor cycle flying into a nearby drain. Covered with mud and apparently not readily recognizable, the men and their motor cycle lay in the drain whilst the car driver, probably not realizing she had hit a motor cycle with persons riding it, exited the car along with two men and another woman who were with

DATE: 15/03/2014 O 05 08 13 26 09 17 06 DATE: 12/03/2014 K 04 20 02 01 06 09 21

the former president enriching himself through corrupt practices, to present that evidence in the public domain. Rohee deemed the accusation contrary to the fact that many honest and hardworking Guyanese elevate themselves with time. “If people could do that and save now, how come Jagdeo couldn’t do that? Because he was Jagdeo?” Rohee questioned.

‘Stress relief’ ganja user ordered to do community service, pay $3,000 fine

Three on motorcycle hospitalised following late-night accident SHERWIN Allen, 27, Gary Boston, 26, and Joel Clarke 26 sustained serious injuries in a motorcycle/car accident that occurred at Bounty Hall, Essequibo Coast at about midnight on Monday night. Rushed to the Suddie Hospital, they were stabilized and transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) late yesterday, where they remained under close medical watch. In the GPHC’s Main The-

in 1992. “He was still a bachelor, he wasn’t married. He was still living with his parents. I don’t know how much money he was earning, but I assume he was saving money. I assume that he had some savings” Rohee declared. Rohee challenged anyone, especially Kaieteur News, who thinks he/she has information on

By Geeta Rampersaud

her, discovered that her car had suffered a blowout and damage to the wheel, and decided to proceed on her journey, driving slowly because of the bent wheel. Fortunately, the sound of the collision resonated throughout the quiet neighbourhood, and residents awakening from slumber, hastened to investigate what had happened. One resident related that, shortly after the car left the scene, residents spotted the men and the motor cycle in the drain. An alarm was raised, and public-spirited individuals proceeded to drag the men out of the drain, only to discover that their legs were smashed, they had suffered multiple injuries, and were in great pain. The rescue party managed to get a vehicle to transport the injured men to the Suddie Hospital, where they were stabilized and given initial treatment before being transferred to the GPHC early the following morning. Having discovered the injured men and the motor cycle in the drain, residents pursued the accident car and accosted that party at Andrews Village, where they were told of the residents’ discovery. The police were summoned, and the car driver and her party were arrested. Investigations are ongoing. (Rajendra Prabulall & Shirley Thomas)

A MAN who was charged for having three grammes of marijuana in his possession told the court that he used the prohibited substance for smoking, to cool down his head whenever he is stressed out about not finding a job. Aubrey Denny (no address stated) was sentenced yesterday to three days of community service together with $3,000 fine on the narcotic offence. Denny appeared before Magistrate Faith McGusty and pleaded guilty to the charge, particulars of which said that on Friday, March 14 at East Ruimveldt, Georgetown, he had three grammes of cannabis sativa (marijuana) in his possession. Police Corporal Seon Blackman, prosecuting, did not relate any facts to the court. Magistrate McGusty ordered the defendant to do community service which will be supervised by Constable Kyte at East Ruimveldt Police Outpost, and it must be completed before April 4.

East LaPenitence man put on $125,000 bail --over discharge of firearm By Geeta Rampersaud NINETEEN-YEAR-OLD labourer Shawn Barrow of Lot 8 East Lapenitence, Georgetown, charged with discharging a firearm was placed on $125,000 bail yesterday by Magistrate Faith McGusty. He pleaded not guilty to the offence that said on Friday, February 7 at East LaPenitence, Georgetown, in a public place, he discharged a firearm. Police Corporal Seon Blackman, prosecuting, said on the day in question the defendant discharged the weapon over a female’s head with intent. The prosecutor objected to the pretrial liberty of the defendant, pointing out to the court that after committing the offence, he was on the run. Corporal Blackman also said that ranks made several checks at the defendant’s residence and he was never there. He added that if granted bail Barrow may not return for his trial since he was only apprehended by the police on Friday last at Mandela Avenue, also in Georgetown. The prosecutor further objected to the granting of bail, citing the seriousness of the offence and the penalty it attracts as well as the likelihood that he may tamper with the witnesses. Attorney-at-law Mr. Patrice Henry representing the defendant requested reasonable bail. He said that the prosecution’s facts were inconsistent since his client is being charged with discharging a loaded firearm in a public place, but the prosecutor was also claiming that his client discharged the weapon with intent. The bail objection was overruled and the case was put off to April 7 to be heard before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry.












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GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

Murder at Port Kaituma...


Suspect flown to city for further medical attention ­–and to attend court By Leroy Smith FIFTY-YEAR-OLD businessman, Linus La Cruz, also known as “Uncle Lenny”, the prime suspect in the Port Kaituma arson/ murder in which his wife and four of his children perished in a home that was set afire, was yesterday flown to the city from Port Kaituma to receive further medical attention and appear in court. He arrived at the Ogle International Airport yesterday morning in a wheelchair, shackled and under police guard, hardly mobile because of the several bandages placed about his body where he had sustained burns. Displaying evident signs of pain when he tried to move, La Cruz had to be assisted into a police vehicle by ranks wearing surgical gloves. Some of his nephews, nieces and other relatives were at the airport when he arrived from Port Kaituma. Many could not

hold back their tears, while others tried to restrain themselves from breaking down as they continuously asked after the man’s health. A stoic La Cruz would only stare at persons and his surroundings, even as he tried to use his handcuffed hands to hide his face from the cameras. Last Friday evening, La Cruz reputedly locked his wife and four children in their Port Kaituma home as he doused the building with a flammable substance and set it alight. His family had no hope of escaping the resultant inferno, since he had locked a grill door from the outside, thus preventing any access into, or exit from the building. Frantic efforts by Port Kaituma residents to rescue the perishing or extinguish the fire by means of a bucket brigade proved futile. There is no fire station in Port Kaituma. The man had reportedly told investigators that he had set the building on fire with his family inside because he was stressed out, had a heap of debts with which he could not cope, and had decided to commit the act. The dead have been identified as Lea La Cruz, 14; Lavette La Cruz, 3; Labron La Cruz, 8; Levon La Cruz, 1; and their mother,

Lurlene La Cruz, 39. This newspaper was informed that the charred remains of the four children and their mother were buried yesterday in Port Kaituma. A Government pathologist, accompanied by police and fire investigators, travelled to Port Kaituma on Sunday to augment investigations into the incident. Meanwhile That fire in the area has renewed calls for the establishment of fire stations or other means to fight fires in hinterland locations. Those calls were first made when several building at the business hub of another interior location had gone up in flames one night a few years ago. The deaths of the children and their mother have seen the relatives of the dead woman acknowledging that she had been living in an abusive relationship, which she had tried to hide from them after they had repeatedly spoken to her about it. The relatives also spoke of the man locking the woman in the house on several occasions to prevent her from going places, because he was of the view that she had been unfaithful to him.

Four survive aircraft fall ... From page 3 istration number N87619, was easily spotted, and getting to the injured was not much of a challenge, as compared to

a more recent case when the rescue centre was activated. Medical personnel related that, of the four occupants of the downed craft, all of whom sustained injuries, one appeared

The more critically injured of the four survivors being wheeled into the Accident and Emergency Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital

to be more critical than the others. The men were brought out from the wreckage area to the airstrip from where their flight had originated. They were then transported to another airstrip, since that airstrip could accommodate only small planes like their downed craft. The men were all flown to the city last evening, and were rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital for medical attention. Speaking with this publication at the Georgetown Public Hospital last evening, one of the injured, explained that he could not really recall what had transpired, but he explained that he worked in the area

as a miner with the pilot of the plane. At time of the accident, Bernard Singh was heading to one of his mining camps with three of his employees on board the craft. The Guyana Chronicle was informed that the Guyana Defence Force chopper that travelled to the area was unable to return to the city because it had to be refuelled. It should be out of the area today. The investigators from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority will, however, remain in the area as they conduct their investigations, which are expected to commence today.

This man suffered head and facial injuries (Photos by Leroy Smith)




Guyana needs a National Day of Prayer PANDIT Satish Prakash, spiritual head of the Arya Samaj Pratinidhi Sabha, has been presiding over a National Day of Prayer which has evolved into a calendar event in Guyana. On this designated day, participants assemble at the Vreeden-Hoop stelling from 07:00 hours to begin a march to the Joe Vieira Park from 07:30 hours, preceding the joint bands of the GDF and the GPF. The ceremonials then begin with an inter-faith religious ceremony conducted by leaders of all the religious bodies who choose to participate, as all denominations of all faiths in Guyana are invited to participate. Later in the day, the various arms of the Hindu religion in Guyana conduct a multi-kund havan, and all participants are requested to walk along with their kunds and havan sarjam, as well as rugs or chairs on which to sit. The Arya Samaj spiritual head said the situation in Guyana has increasingly been constraining his attention to a sphere outside of the box of orthodox religion and Hindu tenets – moving away from the dogmas to incorporate the social dynamics of the country, with its multiplicity of religions and cultures; to focus less on theology and more on social problems. Pt. Satish elucidated that this focus concentrates more on the role of God in human life, rather than in the form of worship by any religion or denomination. The differences in how Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, or any other religion conceives of God are irrelevant; the only imperative is that this family of humanity recognizes that there is a universal rock on which Mankind can stand, and what should not create divisions is the basic foundation on which all religions are premised and take root, he posited. This is the sublime message underpinning his mission – to carry a message of unity in purpose to all religious and social communities; all-embracing and all-inclusive of religious covenants. According to Pt. Satish, his organisation has been trying to reach out to the Christian and Muslim fraternities of religions, to join forces and lift a collective voice in a National Day of Prayer in Guyana. “All Guyanese need to stand together on one spiritual rock and feel comfortable,” he said. “Rishi Dayanand wanted this interfaith unity too.” He said: “The philosophy of what we are expounding seeks to accentuate what unites us…. There is an element of belief and practice that unites all Guyanese and all humanity in terms of what we believe in, and in terms of what we practice. For example, no religion advocates divorce, or separation of families; nor does the Supreme Father advocate in any religious pathway that hatred rather than love is the way to seek His favour; but God embraces all of us and tells us to put our palms together and call His Name – the Name by which we know Him -- and be inspired deep within to find solutions together. That is something (on which) all religions are on the same platform, the same page.” Acknowledging that one cannot divorce politics from social issues, Pt. Satish said it is his firm belief that only the spiritual pathway can resolve national problems, because it is where the confluences of all the national dynamics can find a common rock on which everyone can feel comfortable and at one with each other under the unifying force of the Universal Lord. What has become a parliamentary pastime – creating gridlocks that hamper the nation’s developmental processes -- is surely a negative synergy that makes imperative a National Day of Prayer, because Guyanese are a deeply spiritual people, and maybe the entire nation would feel comfortable to leave mediation on national issues in the Hands of the Lord. Surely, if we search the scriptures, answers could be found on vexing and perplexing problems that are hampering and inhibiting the upward trajectory of our country.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

Not tarred with the same brush of unethical practice I REFER to a letter of some length published in the Kaieteur News of March 17 under the caption “Was the P.P.P playing political games with the Lusignan Massacre trial”, purportedly written by one M. Maxwell. Let me declare from the outset that I believe “M. Maxwell” is a pen name, and I have my suspicion of who the real author is. The letter makes a number of hysterical and unbridled allegations, some of which are simply unworthy of a response. Some attempt is made to ensnare me in the conundrum in which Mr. Nigel Hughes has found himself in relation to the foreman of the jury in the Lusignan massacre murder trial. And also there is some attempt to convert the P.P.P into the prosecutorial realm of criminal proceedings in our legal system. A wise man once told me that even the most bizarre allegations, if not challenged, can become the truth in the deductive process of certain minds. I wish to avoid such a possibility. The P.P.P, as a political party, plays no role in the prosecution of criminal matters. In fact, the Constitution specifically insulates political influence from the prosecutorial process. The assertion, therefore, that the P.P.P failed to deliver a conviction in the Lusignan Massacre is simply ludicrous. The impression is conveyed that the Attorney-General superintends the D.P.P in the discharge of her functions, but that is equally grounded in pure ignorance. Article 187 of the Constitution vests in the D.P.P the power to institute, undertake, takeover, continue or discontinue criminal proceedings within the State of Guyana. It specifically provides that, in the exercise of those powers, the D.P.P “shall not be subject to the direction or control of any other person or authority”. The D.P.P has already issued a public statement on this matter when Mr. Hughes questioned why the D.P.P and the Attorney General converted one accused person into a state witness in the Lusignan massacre murder trial. I deliberately ignored Mr. Hughes, because I reckoned that he

must be aware of the provisions of Article 187, and intended to be facetious by posing such a question to the Attorney-General. The letter next proceeds to link me to Vernon Griffith, the foreman of the jury in that infamous trial, by contending that I had “a more recent relationship with Griffith”, and later on, that I had “a more recent non-hostile relationship with that juror”. Unfortunately, the author did not explain the nature and purport of this “relationship” between Mr. Griffith and me. However, I surmise that there is only one issue to which he can be referring: In October, 2011, Mr. Manoj Narayan, Attorney-at-Law and an associate in my law firm, filed an Action for libel for and on behalf of Vernon Griffith. I recall that when the Nigel Hughes fiasco hit the fan, Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan, in his haste to defend the Chairman of his party, held a press conference and produced those legal proceedings in his clumsy attempt to implicate me in a similar ethical mess. Fortunately, the press quickly deciphered his attempt at artifice. Reporters who were present informed me that they examined the documents produced by Mr. Ramjattan, and those documents were signed by Mr. Narayan, and not me. More fundamentally, neither Narayan nor, of course, me appeared in any murder trial in which Griffith was a juror, moreso the foreman. That was the gravamen of the complaint against Mr. Hughes. So, unfortunately for Mr. Ramjattan, and by extension the A.F.C, common sense and logic triumphed over gullibility. The story never made it. To Mr. Griffith, I say, ‘your attempt to daub other people’s mess on me will also not make it’. Yours faithfully, Mohabir Anil Nandlall Attorney-General and Minister of Legal Affairs

Essence of Yesu Persaud’s call ... (FROM PAGE 3) ing of the joint opposition’s politicking, irresponsibility, blackmailing, and horse trading,” he said. The current Bill, which is already CFATF compliant, was tabled in the National Assembly in April 2013. The AG said: “The fact that it was not passed shortly thereafter is not the fault of the Government, but (of) the Opposition. In fact, the AFC’s consistent public position was that they have no problems with the bill. Well, if they have no problem with the bill, why is it that they never supported its passage in the National Assembly? That simple question Mr. Ramjattan can never answer honestly. “Rather than support the bill, he preferred to engage in horse trading, demanding the Procurement Commission,” Nandlall said. Nandlall underscored the fact that this position has “become worse”, with the AFC now demanding presidential assent of other bills, the amendments of APNU, local government elections, and establishment of the Integrity Commission. “He may next demand a bridge across the Essequibo River and

snow in Berbice; one can never tell,” the AG posited. The AG added that the AFC and the APNU transmitted the bill to a Select Committee, where it “languished” for six months without a single amendment being made. “Mr. Ramjattan rarely attended committee meetings. The APNU, on the other hand, although they claimed that they have amendments to make to the bill, never proffered any. Instead, they employed every dilatory strategy and procrastinating tactic available to delay the work of the Committee. “At one point, they conjured an allegation that the President labelled them terrorists, and used that as a basis to boycott the Committee meetings. It was during this boycott that the Committee was able to conclude its work, and return the bill to the floor. “Again, rather than support the bill that the AFC proclaimed ‘not to have problems with’, they joined with the APNU and defeated it,” the AG said. He explained that the Opposition subsequently requested that the bill be returned to the National Assembly; and again, rather than support it, the bill

was sent to a special select committee. Nandlall said, “It was only at 9.00pm on February 9, and in the usual absence of Mr. Ramjattan, that the APNU presented to the Committee two pieces of paper chronicling their proposals for amendments. This came nearly one year after they said to the nation that they have amendments to make. These proposals were poorly written, and they collided with each other, though emanating from the same political party. “Significantly, they were not amendments to the bill, as the APNU suggested, but they were (amendments) to the principal act. So, after a year, no amendments really came forward in respect of the bill. These amendments had to be remodelled by the Chief Parliamentary Counsel into legislative language, and examined against the Constitution, the Bill, the principal Act, related legislation, and CFATF’s recommendations,” the AG disclosed. The AG contends that this proved to be a time-consuming exercise. He added that Government’s counter proposals have already been outlined.

“The above recitation can easily be corroborated and verified by an examination of the Parliamentary records,” he stressed. The nation has already been blacklisted regionally by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF). Last November, CFATF issued a warning to its member states to take necessary action to address the risks emanating from Guyana. This happened after the country had missed the November deadline for the passage of the Bill. Guyana also missed the February 28 deadline this year, when it was due to submit a report to the regional body on the status of enactment of the bill. Since the bill has not been passed in the National Assembly, the country could only substantially report on the advances made with respect to the non-legislative recommendations made by CFATF. Failure to pass the Bill is likely to result in international blacklisting for Guyana when the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) considers CFATF’s report at its meeting scheduled for May.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

Early-morning fire guts historic ‘Medex Building’ at Liliendaal

––displaces four Health Ministry departments By Leroy Smith FIRE of unknown origin completely destroyed the Ministry of Health Annexe popularly known as the “Medex Building” at Liliendaal, lower East Coast Demerara, in the wee hours of yesterday morning. The Guyana Chronicle was informed that the Guyana Fire Service is as yet unable to determine the cause of the blaze, although persons in the area are suggesting that it may be electrical in nature. That Medex Building, once towering several feet above the seawall at Liliendaal, had been standing there for many years. It got its name when the Medex Programme was introduced as part of the USAID Programme which trained persons to function between the “sisters’ and doctors” at the hospital. Over the years, the building had been used to accommodate several departments of the Ministry of Health. Four departments which were housed there were the Division of Health Sciences Education,

Food Policy Unit, Environmental Health, and Veterinary Public Health. The building recently underwent a massive renovation exercise by the Ministry of Health. Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Mr Trevor Thomas, told the Guyana Chronicle yesterday that with the exception of the Department of Health Sciences, the work of the other three departments was primarily file-based and driven, since the persons working in those departments are in the fields 95% of the time. The Medex Complex was mainly used as an administrative centre for the other three programmes, Thomas informed the Chronicle; and among the items lost to the fire are the personal records of individuals which had been kept by the three departments, equipment mainly belonging to the Department of Health Sciences Education, and furnishings which were placed in the general building. Asked where the dis-

placed staff would be relocated, Thomas reminded that field workers are not always in office. However, in the interim, the personnel from the Department of Health Sciences Education are being housed at the Ministry of Health, while aggressive efforts are being made to secure a permanent place to have the staff of the four departments relocated. When the Guyana Chronicle visited the fire scene at dayclean yesterday, the fire was completely extinguished but firefighters were still dousing the embers. Nothing was saved from the building, even though some partly burnt paper was seen among the rubble. Fire Chief Marlon Gentle told the Guyana Chronicle that his department received the 911 call at approximately 03:27 hours on Tuesday morning, and firefighters in tenders from Alberttown, Campbellville and the Central Fire Station immediately responded to the emergency call. He said the fire was fuelled by high winds coming from the ocean.

The fire burnt a swathe through the chain-link fence and on to the grass at the back of the compound (Photos by Leroy Smith)

All that’s left of the once historic wooden building with the concrete base. The metal stairway, right, once led to the top floor

After Walter Rodney Groundings…

Town Clerk Sooba expresses fear for her life TOWN Clerk of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC), Ms. Carol Sooba said yesterday she fears for her life ever since the airing of the ‘Walter Rodney Groundings’ programme on Channel Nine television last Sunday evening. She told the Guyana Chronicle that around 18:00hrs that day, a friend called and urged her to tune in to HBTV 9 and view the show on which Working People’s

Alliance (WPA) executive, Mr. Desmond Trotman and another man, whose name she could not recall, were speaking. Sooba alleged that she was described as the “wicked” Town Clerk, and a call was made to citizens to ensure that she does not get safely from her home to her office at City Hall. She lamented that because she is fearful for her safety, she will

take her complaint to the Police. In the meantime, though, she said she is trying to obtain a copy of the Sunday tape. When contacted yesterday, Trotman declared that, to his knowledge, nothing was said on the programme that threatens the life of Sooba. But he said he is prepared to fully respond once Sooba presents all the details.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

Seminar for magistrates puts focus on domestic violence By Telesha Ramnarine THE Supreme Court of Guyana, in partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Commonwealth Magistrates’ and Judges Association of London, England, yesterday began a two-day seminar on domestic violence. Continuing at the Pegasus Hotel, in Kingston, Georgetown, it aims to provide Guyanese magistrates with an opportunity to discuss the major issues in such cases, as they confront them in the dispensation of justice with a view to strengthening its administration. While the principal target group are members of the local magistracy, there was also a special session for Police prosecutors, probation, welfare and child care officers, non-governmental organ-

A section of the gathering at yesterday’s meeting isations, civil society groups and other key stakeholders. At the end of the morning session yesterday, the intention was for participants to obtain a clearer understanding of the nature and effects of domestic violence as well as a greater knowledge of the offence and the offender, so that they will be better able to deal with the issue. Facilitators were Mark Guthrie, Legal Advisor, Justice Section,

Legal and Constitutional Affairs Division, Commonwealth Secretariat, London; Justice Margaret Ramsay-Hale of the Turks and Caicos Islands; Justice Shamin Qureshi, Director of Programmes for Commonwealth Magistrates’ and Judges’ Association, London, UK; Dianne Douglas, Clinical Psychologist, Trinidad and Tobago and, from Guyana, Acting Chancellor Carl Singh, Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry and Karen DeSouza of the NGO Red Thread.

In the endeavour to curb or eliminate the scourge of domestic violence in society, he said the role of the Central Government cannot be ignored. “Significantly, I believe that it is not only the outlining of policies and programmes that are important but implementation of these, coupled with meaningful interventions at all levels of our society are what will make the difference,” Chancellor Singh stated.

ALARMING LEVEL In his remarks at the forum, the Chancellor disclosed that incidents of domestic violence in Guyana are at an alarming level. In 2013, Guyana recorded 29 resultant murders, with 21 of the victims being women and girls. “It has been noted that domestic violence damages the prospects for economic and social development of every country and not just the lives of the victims. It is also important, in my view, that we must see domestic violence as a critical human rights issue because it impacts upon and infringes the constitutional guarantee of all victims and particularly women to the right to life, liberty and security of the person,” Justice Singh remarked.

EVERY COUNTRY Justice Qureshi agreed that domestic violence is a problem in every country and so Guyana is no different. He recalled that, a few years ago, he went to a domestic violence conference in Russia and, according to the statistics there, domestic violence leads to the death of a woman every four minutes. “So that equates to 36 deaths per day. So, if we compare Guyana to Russia, then we can, probably, say it’s not really a problem in Guyana and we can congratulate ourselves because we’re not as bad as Russia,” he declared. However, he said, even a single death from domestic violence, has to be eradicated at all cost.

The intention was for participants to obtain a clearer understanding of the nature and effects of domestic violence


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

Old Kai: Chronicles of Guyana...

Another–– after APNU MP caught in the slips! peddling misleading information OLD KAI is very disappointed at what appears to be an attempt by APNU Member of Parliament Christopher Jones to use his family to evoke public sympathy, even though he is in the wrong. An article appearing in the ‘Once-Upon-a-Time’ newspaper yesterday was riddled with inconsistencies, and makes one wonder if the leadership of the opposition feel they are above the law. These are the people who never resist an opportunity to attack the Guyana Police Force and its ranks for not effectively enforcing the law, and when the police do enforce the law, they are also attacked. The language used by the ‘Once Upon a time paper’ also helps to advance the cause of the APNU MP, as the article tells us that Jones was “accosted” by ranks of the Tactical Services Unit(TSU). Why not simply tell us that his vehicle was ‘stopped’? Even though they basically mean the same thing, accosted has a more negative connotation, and implies the use of force to detain, which clearly was not the case. Jones then goes into full sympathy mode by telling us that three “armed” TSU ranks approached his vehicle and “ordered” him to step out. Why would he stress on the fact that these TSU ranks were ‘armed’, unless he was expecting to be approached by someone other than ranks on patrol duties? Is he suggesting that they should leave their weapons in the vehicle when approaching a heavily tinted car in which the occupants have not been identified? It is also standard procedure for the police to request drivers to step out of their vehicles to be questioned if there is an issue. It happens all over the world, especially in the United States, but this is apparently a grave wrong in the eyes of the political opposition in Guyana. This is what he has construed to mean that he and his family were treated in a “rude” manner by the ranks.

But then he goes on to contradict his contention against the ranks by indicating that they displayed concern for the welfare of his family by not conducting a search of his vehicle because of the occupants. Rather, he tells us he is the one who insisted that ranks conduct the search. His contentions fall apart, and one could conclude that, based on the information provided by the media house, Jones was being untruthful in his assertions, as he claims that he admitted that he did not have a tint permit, but showed the ranks his vehicle pass provided by Parliament. Old Kai was of the opinion that Parliament is where our laws are made and refined, including the particular one dealing with vehicle tint; and it is the Executive which is responsible for implementing the law through the relevant state agency, in this case the Guyana Police Force. This is not the role of Parliament, and it is an indication that the leadership of the opposition feel that they can usurp the functions of other independent state agencies because of their one-seat majority in the National Assembly. The APNU MP further exposes himself to public ridicule by admitting that he was less than truthful to the ranks, who clearly picked this up. This brought his ego back to earth as, when it dawned upon him that his ‘bluff’ was not going to work, he apparently remembered the correct procedure and informed the ranks that he does not have a permit from the Ministry of Home Affairs as yet. Jones apparently feels so powerful that he has made no effort to secure the tint, as even though he admits that “he was taken to the Eve Leary Police Station recently concerning the same issue, and had assured an officer that he would have gotten a permit for the tint”, what he tells us is that “he is in the process of filling the application form…” this apparently is a very complicated form, which will require the APNU MP several days to fill up. The most glaring of his admissions, however, is the contention that “the tint on his vehicle is from the manufacturer, and, as such,

he is seeking an audience with Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee at the next sitting of Parliament.” Is this the same Clement Rohee that he and his colleagues expressed a no-confidence in, and that the Opposition had sworn not to cooperate with, even to the point that Bills which were to be brought by him in Parliament had to be put to the House by the Attorney-General for them to be adopted? Is this the same Clement Rohee that both APNU and AFC had vowed not to recognize in his capacity as Home Affairs Minister? When they are in trouble with the law, they conveniently recognize Rohee; but on matters of national importance and safety, such as the Firearms Amendment Bill, they refuse to recognize Rohee, and vote the bill down, to the detriment of society. As I indicated earlier, Jones made a glaring admission, and Old Kai cannot see how he could ever be trusted by the public in future. He told us that the “tint on his vehicle was from the manufacturer…”, and, as you know, such tints are embedded in the glass; it is not something which can be applied and removed at will. The only way to remove it is to take out the entire glass panel and throw it away. But this is not the bold declaration in the headline of the story, and in subsequent admissions that he eventually “removed his tint” in the compound of the Eve Leary Police Station. The mere fact that he was able to “remove” his tint clearly indicates that it was not from the manufacturer, as he was contending. The public will be left to judge if this was an act of glaring dishonesty; and they must judge the other contradictions in the story of the APNU Member of Parliament, whom the Police Force had clearly warned before on the very issue, and who was given time to come into conformity with the law -- to which he had given assurances that he would, but had made absolutely no effort to do.

Rohee calls on Granger to apologise By Vanessa Narine THE General-Secretary of the ruling PPP/C party, Mr Clement Rohee, yesterday called for Leader of the Opposition, Mr David Granger, to apologise for statements he made regarding corruption in the public sector which painted all public servants with a broad brush. Speaking at the PPP/C’s weekly press conference held at Freedom House on Robb Street, Rohee contended that Granger’s comments are reflective of an indictment of all public servants as corrupt. He said, “Granger is reported as saying that public servants turn a blind eye to corrupt practices because of inadequate wages and salaries paid to them, which in turn led to low morale. The PPP takes strong objection to the statements and insinuations made by Granger against public officials, the vast majority of whom served the people of this country with high levels of dedication, competence and professionalism.” Rohee said “The PPP is of the view that a public apology should be made to the nation’s public servants by Granger, whose party not only lacks the political and ethical morality to speak on the issue of public servants’ salaries and conditions of work, after having pauperized public servants when the PNC held power by offering salary increases which were well below the rate of inflation

–for indicting all public servants as corrupt

on a consistent basis.” According to Rohee, the suggestion that Guyana’s public servants are prone to facilitate corrupt practices in the exercise of their duties is tantamount to an attack on their integrity and professionalism.

He said, “No less disrespectful is the attempt by Granger to draw a link between the salaries paid to public servants and the standard of professionalism that currently exists in the public service.” Rohee pointed out that one of

the first tasks embarked upon by the PPP when it assumed office in October 1992 was to significantly increase the emoluments of public servants, which at that time was a “paltry” G$3,000 per month. Rohee said, “The salaries of

public servants at the minimum level have seen consistent increases, reaching today $40,000. In addition, the PPP/C Government has kept inflation rates in check, unlike what obtained under the PNC regime, when real wages were gobbled up by

the monster of inflation.” The comments with which Rohee has taken contention were published in the Kaieteur News of Monday, March 17, under the headline: “Corruption festered by low Public Servants morale” – Granger.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

Copa Airlines begins Guyana service in July PANAMANIAN based Copa Airlines has announced that it will commence service to Guyana in July. The announcement follows the disclosure that the carrier has started to receive applications from prospective Guyanese employees for several positions which were advertised in the local newspapers. According to the airline, several posts are to be created locally, including Sales Manager, Airport Supervisors, Sales Executives, Inside Sales Representatives and Sales counter agents. It is expected that the selection process would be finished by

this month end. “Once the hiring process has been concluded, the airline will begin its training procedure with the selected staff,” the company stated. The Guyana route will begin operations on July 11 with twice weekly flights, on Tuesdays and Fridays, to Panama and passengers would have the facility of booking connections to a number of other destinations, such as Montreal , Canada and Fort Lauderdale, Florida and New York in the United States (U.S.), to name some. Copa, presently, flies to 68 destinations in 30 countries with

more than 300 scheduled daily flights in the North, South and Central America and the Caribbean and is recognised for its leadership in international connectivity, punctuality, quality of service and for having one of the most modern fleets in the industry, a release claims. Copa Airlines was founded in 1947 as the national airline of Panama and is a subsidiary of Copa Holdings, S.A. as well as a member of the Star Alliance. The airline is also the main operator and owner of the Colombian airline Aero Republica, currently known as Copa Airlines Colombia.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

President joins in Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha Holi celebration PRESIDENT Donald Ramotar Monday joined the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha at the Everest Cricket Club ground for their Holi celebration. After mingling with persons who gathered at the location to enjoy the festivities,

the Head of State said he was delighted to be a part of such an auspicious occasion. “It a great pleasure to be here to celebrate with you, because I’m sure that all of you know that this celebration has many meanings; it’s a celebration of good over

evil, beginning of a new page – turning of a new leaf.” The Head of State told the gathering that the meaning of Holi can also be applied to everyday life, and more so to what is taking place in Guyana currently. “As you know, over the

President Donald Ramotar with a celebrant at the Everest ground during the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha Holi celebration

President Donald Ramotar interacting with persons at the Holi celebration

past eight years or so, our country has been advancing rapidly, and we can grow much faster with everybody working together; but we have seen over the last few years, with almost very developmental project, obstacles are being thrown in our way”. Hence, President Ramotar said, there is the need

for every Guyanese to show support and solidarity with the aim of removing the obstacles. “That is why we need to work hard to remove those obstacles and move forward; we have to pass the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Amendment) Bill to keep the momentum go-

ing, we should take Guyana forward and make it the best country that it could be”. The president also joined other groups Monday as they too celebrated Holi, the festival of colours. The festival of Holi is regarded as a celebration of the colours of unity and goodwill and an opportunity to forget all differences. (GINA)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

Artistes arrive for Bollywood ‘Live with the Stars’ shows By Alex Wayne WITH the pomp and pageantry befitting megastars, Indian TV soap stars ‘Abha’ (from Yahaan Ghar Kheli) and ‘Arjune and Purvi’ (from Pavita Rishta) arrived in Guyana on a Travel Span flight to participate in three riveting Bollywood ‘Live with the Stars’ shows, promoted by PoPo Entertainment and Christine, an overseas-based promoter. The shows are slated for March 21,22 and 23 respectively at the Tuschen Sports Club Ground (Tuschen Clay Brick Road) in Essequibo, the Guyana National Stadium at Providence in Demerara, and the Port Mourant Community Centre Ground in Corentyne, East Berbice. Speaking briefly to the media at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) at Timehri, ‘Abha’ revealed how delighted she was to be in Guyana, and declared that she was looking forward to a great show and the unanimous support of her Guyanese fans. She added that she had received word of Guyana’s beauty and hospitality, and

ZEE soap opera stars ‘Abha’, ‘Arjune’, and ‘Purvi’ speak with the media at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.

was certainly looking forward to visiting some of the historic sites she had heard about. Arjune was obviously ecstatic to be in Guyana, and he, too, said that having heard a lot about Guyana, he was more than eager to visit when contacted to perform. He raved that he is here to have ‘the time of his life’, and urged all Guyana to support the three shows in all three counties, since it would be the ‘shows of a lifetime’. ‘Purvi’ is a first-time visitor to these shores, but she vowed to visit the “Land of Many Waters” if given a second opportunity. She said she is bubbling over with excitement to sample the delicious tropical fruits she was told can be found in abundance in Guyana. With a dazzling line-up of international artistes and local entertainers, ‘Bollywood Live with the Stars’ will commence at the Tuschen Sports Club Ground on March 21, 2014. These shows promise to shower glitz and glamour of an unprecedented magnitude on the local shores.

The live shows will kick off with spectacular performances from ‘Abha’, ‘Arjune and Purvi, Radhika (star from Ghoti Bahu), Anil Bheem and the Bheemer Band from Trinidad, Seeta Panday of New York, and Apache Waria (New York artiste). Also carded to perform are: New York’s Madhu Motie, Kris Ramkellawan from Suriname, the Shahara Dancers of New York, and of course Deon Persaud. Moreover, fans will enjoy fantastic showcases from the popular Shavanie Dance Troupe of Guyana. This very exciting showcase will again be staged at the Guyana National Stadium on March 22, 2014, before heading to the Port Mourant Community Centre Ground in Berbice on March 23, 2014. The gate at Tuschen will be open at 6 pm, with the action starting at 7.30 pm; while, at the National Stadium, the gate will again be open from 6pm, with the show beginning at 8pm. At Port Mourant, gates will open at 5 pm and the show commences at 7.00 pm.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

Suriname university group looks at collaborating with UG By Clifford Stanley

A GROUP of four lecturers and seven students from the Anton de Kom University of Suriname (ADEK) were recently guests of the Agriculture Department of the University of Guyana Berbice Campus. The lecturers and students were from the Agriculture Department of ADEK and their visit followed an invitation from Dr Subramanian Gomathinayagam. -- more familiarly known as Dr Gomes -- the Director of Berbice campus who also heads the Agriculture Department at the Tain Campus. The four Surinamese University lecturers were Head of Department at ADEK University and leader of the group Dr Lydia Ori, Entomologist Ms Kathleen Burke, Soil Scientist Ms Myrna Narain and Food Microbiologist Ms Shakoentla Singh. The seven students are in their final year and are working on projects as a requirement for their degrees in agricultural sciences. Mr Krishnanand Raghunandan, Public Relations Officer of the Central Corentyne Chamber of Commerce who accompanied the group during their visit here said that they paid visits to three farms in Black Bush Polder, Berbice, and one at Canal No. 2, West Bank of Demerara. They also benefited from field demonstrations, one on

Mr Kris Raghunandan(PRO of CCCC) at left and host Dr Subramanian Gomathinayagam, Director of the University of Guyana Berbice Campus (UGBC ) at right with four lecturers and seven students from ADEK University of Suriname during their field visit at Christopher’s Farm at Canal No. 2 , West Bank of Demerara vermiculture by Dean of Natural Science, Dr A Ansari, and another on mushroom cultivation by Dr Gomes. They also met with University of Guyana Deputy Vice Chancellor Mr Phillip Da Silva and other local university officials including Dean of Agricultural Science Mr O. Bovell and Dr A. Ansari during a tour of UG’s Turkeyen Campus. During discussions with the UG department heads, Dr Lydia Ori suggested a collaborative effort between her university in Suriname and UG’s two campuses to develop a Master’s Degree programme in Agriculture to be

offered by both universities. She asserted that a pooling of knowledge resources by the two universities could see the Guyana-Suriname Region gaining recognition wider afield as a centre for agricultural expertise. One of the students, Mr Chanderdew Kesharee, is remaining in Guyana for the next two months to work on his project, “Biological Control of Wilt Disease in Tomato by using Biological Control Agents, Trichoderma harizianum, in both pot culture and field conditions”. Mr Kesharee is being guided in his project by Dr Subramanian Gomathinayagam.


To settle crisis…

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

Russia proposes conditions for acceptance by Crimean forces THE Russian Embassy in Georgetown said Monday that the creation of a Contract Support Group for Ukraine with members of the United States of America and Europe must be acceptable to all political forces in Ukraine. A statement, on behalf of the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs said:“Russia is ready, together with our partners, without delay to commence construction of the multilateral mechanism of facilitating settlement of the Ukrainian crisis according to these proposals. “…Russia has previously explained that the current situation in Ukraine was not created by us and is a result of a deep crisis of the Ukraine State and that led to the polarisation of the society and deep intensification of antagonism among various parts of the country. “It is to facilitate overcoming these contradictions that the inter-

national community should focus on. “Based on this task and taking into account appeals to us from the USA and European countries, we prepared and handed over, a week ago, to our major partners in the USA, Europe and other regions, Russian proposals on how external facilitation could be provided to the Ukrainians for themselves to take steps to come out of the crisis.” Following principles It continued that the members of the Contract Support Group for Ukraine “would be” obligated to be guided by the following principles: * Respect of interests of the multi-ethnic people of Ukraine; * Support of legitimate aspirations of all Ukrainians and all regions of Ukraine to live in security according to their traditions and customs, to use freely their native language, to have free access to

their culture and maintain ties with their compatriots and neighbours; * Unacceptability of revival of Neo-Nazi ideology, the Ukrainian politicians should dissociate themselves from ultra-nationalists and prevent their attempts to destabilise various regions of the country; and * Recognition of importance of civil peace and nation-wide accord in Ukraine for furthering constructive relationship in the Euro-Atlantic region on the principles of equal rights and mutual respect of interests of all countries in the region. The statement also stressed that the goal of the Support Group must be to encourage Ukrainians to carry out various priority actions, among which are: * To, immediately, implement the obligations of the agreement on settlement of the situation in Ukraine of February 21, 2014; * Withdraw from circulation illegal weapons, free the illegally occupied buildings, streets and squares, as well as organise objective investigation of acts of violence from December 2013 to February 2014; * Without further delay, by the decision of the Parliament of Ukraine, call constitutional meeting with equal representation of all Ukrainian regions to prepare a new federative constitution which will secure the principles of the supremacy of the law; protection of human rights and all national minorities; freedom of speech and work of political parties and the mass media and other principles providing for political system of Ukraine as a democratic federative state with sovereignty and neutral military and political status. * That the Russian language along with the Ukrainian language will have a status of the second state language; other languages will receive status according to the European convention on regional languages and languages of minorities; * That the regions will, independently by a direct vote, elect to their legislative and executive organs and will have wide authority that reflects cultural and historical peculiarity of each of them, in the sphere of economics and finance, social sphere, language, education, external interregional relations, with providing protection of national minorities in each member of the Federation. * Interference into the affairs of Church and interfaith relations will be prohibited and prosecuted. International observers Russia has also proposed the approval of the new constitution, holding of general elections to the supreme organs of power of Ukraine with elections to the legislative and executive organs in each member of the Federation under objective supervision of international observers. The Embassy also said:“The right of Crimea to determine its fate according to the results of free will of its people during the March 16, 2014 referendum is recognised and respected. “The political system created, based on the above mentioned principles and goals, its sovereignty, territorial integrity and neutral political and military status will be guaranteed by Russia, European Union and the USA and will be confirmed by the resolution of the UN (United Nations) Security Council.” The statement addressed as well the call for a national referendum and noted that of the constitution of an independent Ukraine must be sent to the national referendum. “The decision to affirm the draft of the new constitution will be made by the constitutional meeting with accord of all participants,” it said. On March 11, by decree of the Supreme Council of Crimea, the Declaration of Independence of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol was adopted, according to which, if a decision to become part of Russia is made at the referendum of March 16, Crimea will be announced as an independent and sovereign state with a republican order. Maintain peace In accordance with it, Crimea will be a democratic and multinational state, with an obligation to maintain peace, international and inter-sectarian consent in its territory. If the referendum brings the respective results, Crimea, as an independent and sovereign state will turn to the Russian Federation with the proposition to accept the Republic of Crimea on the basis of a respective interstate treaty into the Russian Federation as a new constituent entity of the Russian Federation. The declaration contains international and legal justification of this step, with references to the UN Charter and other international and legal justification of it, as well as the decision of the UN’s International Court of Justice of July 22, 2010 on Kosovo. With this decision adopted, at the request of the UN General Assembly at the initiative of Serbia, the International Court of Justice confirmed the fact that unilateral announcement of independence by a part of the state does not violate any provision of international law. The same conclusion was clearly reached during the preceding hearings in the International Court of Justice, in particular, documents of speeches of official representatives of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark and other Western countries. “The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that the decision of the Crimea Parliament is absolutely within its rights. The Russian Federation will fully respect the results of the free will of the Crimea people at the referendum, to which (as is a known fact) the OSCE’s and bilateral observers were invited,” the Embassy said.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

17th Annual Miss Kwakwani Pageant a success

– coordinator

The six beautiful young ladies who participated in the pageant

By Asif Hakim THE 17th Annual Miss Kwakwani Pageant, held at the Workers Club on the evening of March 15, was a success, according to coordinator Troya Morian, who told the Guyana

Chronicle there was a massive turnout of supporters this year; and the officiating was among the best, even though there were fewer contestants than in other years. see page 16


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

17th Annual Miss Kwakwani Pageant ... From page 15 Ms Morian urged Kwakwani youths to participate in the activity next year. This year’s winner (queen) was Ms. Sheshana Rose, who represented Agriculture and Food Security. She was crowned by Queen Andrea Spencer. The first runner-up was Ms. Erika Williams, who represented Education; the second runner-up was Ms. Vanessa Alexander, who represented Public Works and Utility; and the third runner-up was Ms. Rakeisha Pereira. As Queen, Ms. Sheshana Rose will get a trip to the world’s reputed longest single drop waterfall, the Kaieteur Falls. She is also expected to conduct educational activities within the community. The gifts and prizes given to the three runners-up included hair, nail, and body care products, and educational stuff. Launched in 1997, this pageant constitutes an annual event that the entire Kwakwani community looks forward to; and members are calling for educational events to be incorporated for development of the youths in the community, who are reclused at homes after they leave school.

This year’s Queen, Ms. Sheshana Rose

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014


Kwakwani community launches Educational Development Association (KEDA) -Minister Manickchand to meet KEDA directors in G/town today By Asif Hakim EDUCATION Minister Priya Manickchand is today expected to meet with the Directors of the recently launched Kwakwani Educational Development Association (KEDA) at her office in Georgetown. KEDA was launched on the evening of March 15, 2014 at the Kwakwani Workers Club, and its main focus is said to be on educational developments, youth conferences, sports and educational competitions, and on creating programmes for the development of education among the youths of Kwakwani. Jamaine Thomas, a KEDA Director, said the Association was successfully launched, and that students, teachers and business operators of the community came out in massive numbers to support launching of the organization; but no representative from the Ministry of Education was present. This is reportedly the first organization that is indigenous to the Kwakwani community, and the community is grateful for its existence, since it will benefit the youths of Kwak-

wani not only educationally, but physically. Troya Morian, another KEDA Director, said the building in which KEDA is located needs to be upgraded, and that any person desirous of assisting the Association in this regard could so do. She said KEDA plans to realize a sum of money through fund-raising endeavours to effect repairs to the building, since, as one of the main buildings in the community, it is used to host various events. Ms Morian iterated that many youths in Kwakwani have a very low self-esteem, but KEDA will help in building youths into stronger individuals. Ms Morian also said that invitations were sent out to selected members of the community to join KEDA and assist Kwakwani youths to enhance their educational skills. She said this is needed in Kwakwani, since Kwakwani can make no boast in regard to educational excellence. The KEDA Board of Directors comprises the following persons: Howard London, an agronomist, crop extension offi-

A section of the crowd that attended the KEDA launching. cer and mechanic, whose qualifications are craft certificates in engine work and vehicle work, and a Bsc. in Agronomy. Shelroy Thomas, a computer technician/Web designer, whose qualifications are a diploma in computer science from

GTI and a diploma in computer science from UG. Delney Swavin, a trained mathematics teacher, who has graduated from the Teachers Training College. Shevon Hendy, a registered nurse who possesses a diploma

in nursing. Jamaine Thomas, a sixthyear medical student and medical practitioner. Clarissa Hohenkirk, a second year student of the Guyana School of Agriculture, pursuing the Diploma

in Agriculture, who is also a former volunteer teacher of the Kwakwani Primary School and has a certificate in Statistical Information and Monitoring Child Labour (TACKLE). She also possesses an ILO certificate in Informa(PLEASE SEE PAGE 18)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

GCB files writ denouncing passage of Cricket Administration Bill 2012 in present form By George Barclay

Mr Navin Chandarpal has a look at the Exhibition before declaring it open

Exhibition on Dr. Jagan’s life open at National Library

AN EXHIBITION to commemorate the life of Former President, Dr. Cheddi Jagan was declared open in the National Library on Church Street, Georgetown, yesterday. The official opening was by People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Executive, Mr. Navin Chandarpal, as part of a list of planned activities for the commemorative month of March. On exhibit are photographs and books about Dr. Jagan dating back to his growing up days to the end of his presidency. Chandarpal said on show is a wealth of material that deals with

a very important aspect of the country’s development, particularly from the middle 1940s. Dr. Jagan is being remembered for his tremendous contributions to Guyana, the struggle for its political independence, its development and the restoration of democracy within, Chandarpal said. He urged the general public, especially students, to view the display, pointing out that there is a lot of information about the nation’s history that is very beneficial. The exhibition will be open daily through March 28.

A WRIT denouncing the proposed passing of the Guyana Cricket Administration Bill 2012 in its present form by the National Assembly has been filed in the Supreme Court Registry by the Guyana Cricket Board. Board Secretary Anand Sanasie, who headed the list of about ten plaintiffs, is seeking 12 declarations and an Order. He has named the Attorney General of Guyana; the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport; and the Speaker of the National Assembly as respondents. He is seeking: (a) A declaration that the Guyana Cricket Administration Bill 2012, Bill No. 31 of 2012 as laid, presented and read in the National Assembly on the 20th day of December, 2012, and as amended by the Special Select Committee as reflected in the report of the Select Committee of the National Assembly on the 7th day of August 2013, if passed by the National Assembly in its present form, is likely to contravene the applicants’ rights to protection from inhuman or degrading punishment or other treatment, as guaranteed by Articles 40 and 141 of the Constitution of Guyana. (b)An Order directed to the third-named defendant (The Speaker), prohibiting him from permitting or allowing the further reading of the Guyana Cricket Administration Bill 2012, Bill No. 31 of 2012, in its present form as laid, presented and read in the National Assembly on the 20th day of December, 2012; and as amended by the Special Select Committee as reflected in the Report of the Select Committee of the National Assembly on August 7, 2013, because if passed by the National Assembly in its present form, the bill is likely to contravene the applicants’ rights to protection from inhuman or degrading punishment, or other treatment as guaranteed by Articles 40, 141, 142, and 147 of the Constitution of Guyana. The writ of summons with statement of claim and authority to attorney-at- law, along with affidavits in support of the summons, have been served on the respondents. The matter is returnable on April 30th, when the respondents are expected to be granted leave by the court to file affidavits in answer.

Kwakwani community launches ... (FROM PAGE 17) tion Technology and Office Procedure from the Ministry

of Labour, Human Service and Social Security, obtained through the Guyana Women’s Leadership Institute.

And Troya Morian, a trained graduate teacher in Agriculture Science, and a choreographer/ dancer whose qualifications are

a Bsc in Agriculture, a Trained Teacher’s Certificate in Education Management, professional ethics, peer counselling, theatre,

arts and dance. KEDA will hold election to determine its members’ specif-

The KEDA building located in Kwakwani.

ic functions in the Association, but a date for this event has not as yet been determined.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014


Reigning Miss World Guyana takes fight to Domestic Violence, Bullyism --stages school tour to start awareness drive By Alex Wayne

WERE there an award for being one of the most industrious beauty queens Guyana has ever seen, reigning Miss World Guyana and former Miss Guyana Universe 2012, Ruqayyah Boyer, would win that award by a landslide. She has recently taken to championing a new project against domestic violence and bullying, and has toured schools to promote the project. The Miss World top 33 beach beauty and talent segment semi-finalist is the current face of Guyana. Last August, she was awarded by the City Council of New York for her campaign against domestic violence and bullying, and she has now taken to visiting secondary schools across the country to educate students about these two very pressing issues that are affecting the lives of many Guyanese citizens. She started her campaign in the capital city of Georgetown, and her aim is to visit most, if not all, of these educational institutions. Queen Ruqayyah has recently undertaken a new project, a domestic violence and bullying school tour. Throughout her reign, Guyana’s beauty ambassador has been engaging in numerous activities and ventures to promote this platform, not just in Guyana, but in the wider Caribbean and the United States. Boyer has now taken on the new task of inspiring young

students across the country and highlighting within their schools two major issues that have been plaguing our dear land of Guyana -- domestic violence and bullying. Only last Christmas, the queen was caught conducting a Christmas toy drive, and now Boyer, who has been appearing in several recent music videos, can be seen hosting the nation’s new reality runway show, “Guyana’s Newest Top Model”, a radio programme ONDABLOC on 100.1Fresh FM every Saturday. The beauty ambassador has said that the schools tour was an activity on her to-do list since being crowned Miss Guyana Universe back in 2012. She did manage to conduct ‘The Flight of Phoenix’ march against domestic violence, but her absence abroad for long periods during her reign caused her to be unable to carry out the exercise. She said that, with her Miss World crown, she was given a second chance, and had every intention of taking full advantage of that opportunity. Boyer noted that during the year 2013 and what has so far been seen of 2014, the country has experienced a rise in the number of domestic violence cases, and she believes that one way we as a nation can help combat that issue is by targeting the students in schools, since bullying is an issue and is a precursor to domestic violence. Nevertheless, she is convinced

that, through her sessions and the continued efforts of others, change can come about. “I recall (that) before heading off to the Miss World pageant in Indonesia, I was touring Trinidad & Tobago with the CADVA organization, carrying out workshops on the same issue. However, I would read the news online in Guyana and notice that, within one week, there were several reported cases of domestic violence plastered in the news every day, and it tore my heart apart to see the cruel acts of abuse our own people were imposing upon each other. So I made a vow to myself that when I returned to Guyana, win or lose, I was going to do something that I believed could contribute seriously to changing the mindset of the younger generation as it relates to the plague of violence flagging our country.” ‘The school tour’ of the reigning Miss World commenced on March 12 and concludes on March 20. Schools already visited include the East, South, & North Ruimveldt Secondary; the Tucville, Brickdam, North Georgetown, Charlestown and Richard Ishmael Secondary; and the Central , St Joseph, and Tutorial High schools. Boyer is aiming to visit 30 schools in Georgetown, and plans to continue the school tour in Linden in the month of April.

Tucville Secondary students do a bit of role play

Ruqayyah celebrates with Brickdam Secondary students after a great session

St Joseph’s High: Taking things in stride

South Ruimveldt Secondary students: A very interactive bunch

Students of Brickdam Secondary have their say


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014



GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014



Grove neighbour refutes allegations of abuse JIMMY Hendriques of Section ‘C’ Block ‘Y’ Golden Grove, East Bank Demerara, has dubbed allegations by his neighbour Ricky Ramdannie, as lies. The latter had claimed that Police harassed him and that Ramdannie stoned his house and abused him. Hendriques said he was at the Police station when Ramdannie made the reports and he could not see how he was blamed for the accusations, all of which were inconsistent. However Criminal Investigation Department (CID) ranks went to his house in search of drugs and illegal alcohol but none of such were found. Hendriques said he was in bed but not sleeping. He said, on March 8, 2013, he and his sister went to the station to clarify the accusations that Ramdannie made against him and the Police never use indecent language nor harassed Ramdannie. All they did was refuse to

take the reports because the man is just a pathological liar, Hendriques said. CHARGED HIM He said Corporal Britton does not have any close relation with him as he had previously charged him and the mother of his child. But Hendriques said:”I don’t want this to go further because I want to live a peaceful life with my family. I don’t look in his direction so I don’t know why he is doing this to us.” Giving a background to the recent occurrences, he told the Guyana Chronicle that, in 2012 when he and Ramdannie were friends and use to chat, laugh and have a drink, the other man claimed his daughter was knocked down by a Police car but that was not true. His daughter was riding her tricycle and her hand band hooked on the brakes, causing her to spin several times and fall, injuring herself. She went home and told

For Wednesday March 19, 2014 -05:00hrs For Thursday March 20, 2014 -05:00hrs

her father she had been hit by a car and, since then, the families stopped talking to each other.

St Lucia authorities lift quarantine on MV LADY ZAI ST LUCIAN health authorities have conditionally lifted the quarantine on St Vincent & the Grenadines-registered cargo vessel Lady Zai, which had departed Guyana on March 9, 2014 for St Lucia with 10 Guyanese crew members and a consignment of bulk cargo on board. During that voyage, one crew member died and another became ill and was subsequently hospitalized in St Lucia. He has since been discharged from hospital. Prior to the vessel’s arrival in St Lucia, Port Health Authorities had been informed of the situation, hence the quarantine. Officials from the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) are continuing collaboration with their colleagues in St Lucia and in St Vincent & the Grenadines; and with the owners of the vessel with respect to the welfare of the Guyanese seafarers. They are also in contact with the local health authorities on this matter. According to the St. Lucia Ministry of Health, the deceased was taken off the Lady Zai and an emergency post-mortem was done on the body. The other sick crew member was simultaneously taken to a hospital, even as the other members of the ship’s crew were ordered to remain on board, where their condition was being monitored until the exact nature of the death and illness have been determined. This is a usual precautionary measure to protect the local population from contracting any possible communicable disease.

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Aries March 21 - April 19

Social situations might feel intimidating for you right now -- it’s not that you are feeling insecure, it’s just that you are not comfortable meeting new people when there is so much distracting you right now. So if there is an event you can’t avoid, then at least put your best foot forward. Skip the shallow small talk and have a real conversation with someone. That way, at least you won’t be bored! Ask them some compelling questions that start conversations.

Taurus April 20 - May 20

If you encounter anyone intimidating today, you can avoid getting nervous by being observant and charming. Be sensitive to their body language and notice how they are moving and expressing themselves. They could be hiding a few big time insecurities, and if you look closely enough you will see that they are actually human, just like you. Your fear will disappear! Compliment them and you’ll not only show them how intuitive you are, you’ll show them how kind you are.

Gemini May 21 - June 21

Right now you are in a great frame of mind to tackle any bad habits you have been trying to kick -- and your ability to commit is stronger than ever. It’s also a great time to ramp up your health regime. You’re on the right track, but you need to go a little bit faster. You have so much power over your body and your state of mind. Why not use it? A positive change is well within your grasp. All you have to do is a reach a little bit more and you’ll get to where you want to be.

Cancer June 22 - July 22

You have some tough choices to make today, although you don’t know about it yet. The good news is that no matter what you decide, you can’t go wrong. When you come to a crossroads today, ask a friend to give you some insight. They’ve been there before, and what they have to tell you will shed quite a bit of light on your situation. Your friends are valuable resources for all kinds of life challenges -- and it’s important for you to remember that!

Leo July 23 - August 22

If you have been dealing with a mystery, today you will finally have all the clues you need to solve it. You are more than intuitive enough to fill in any blanks and connect the dots about what is really going on. Follow your gut -- if you sense that someone is being less than up front with you, ask them to elaborate. They’ll crack as soon as you push them and reveal what’s going on. And most importantly, believe in your hunch about the big changes that are coming for your career.

Virgo August 23 - September 22

It’s a day when you’ll be seeking greater depth from people. Some folks will rise to the occasion, while some might just not be able to reach the level of discourse you want. And that’s okay -- it’s important for you to respect both possibilities. So if you have a strong urge to get philosophical with someone, stick to talking to one of your friends who you know is just as intellectually curious as you are. Your brain needs some stimulation and you know where to find it.

Libra September 23 - October 22

Your generous nature will force you to jump into the middle of a conflict today -- you want to help make the peace. And you can help a great deal, but once you do you need to get out from the middle of everything as soon as possible! When the resolution has been reached, flip back to your more stingy urges and tell everyone to take care of the rest of the issues without you. You can’t fix everything for everyone. Do your part and then move on. Focus on your own needs again.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21

Today is the perfect day to take one more look at a situation that has been confusing you. After reviewing your notes and thinking hard about who the main players are, you should suddenly see a clear path. Your vision was clouded before because so much of your heart was involved. And while it’s good to be passionate, you have to be logical, too. You have to go where the facts tell you to go. It’s not always the most romantic route, but it’s usually the best one.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21

Conflicting ideas and opinions might create tension at home, but out in the world they could create a sizzling hot connection with someone new. Nothing stirs up your emotions like a heated debate, so don’t shy away from disagreement right now -- especially with someone you would like to get to know better. This is no time to be shy about how you feel. And you have enough positive energy around you today to deliver your argument with charm and grace.

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

When you think you are finished with all of your work today, take another look and make sure. You cannot leave anything undone before calling it a day. Tie every loose end up in a neat little bow, and be certain that done really means done. It’s the only way to let yourself breathe a deep sigh of relief and free yourself up to put your mind toward more frivolous pursuits -- without feeling even the tiniest twinge of guilt. Following through with tasks can be time-consuming, but it’s time well spent.

Aquarius January 20 - February 18

Your ambition is starting to get revved up today, thanks to the inspiring progress a friend or coworker has made. But before you follow in their footsteps, you have to figure out what you’ll do once you reach your destination! Moving forward without a plan is only going to result in you getting lost. So hold off making any big moves today -- wait to see how things pan out for other people. You need to plan your career goals out completely before you pursue them.

Pisces February 19 - March 20

The voices in the back of your head are speaking the truth, so listen when they warn you away from someone or something today. From something as minor as deciding which movie to go see, to as major as deciding whether or not to sign legal documents, you need to go with your gut! Make sure that every part of you is comfortable with everything you get involved with right now. Don’t respond to pressure, no matter how strong it is -- and no matter who is pressuring you.

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014



GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014



GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

World Class athletes for 12th UWI meet

KINGSTON, Jamaica, (CMC)World class sprinters Kim Collins, Yohan Blake and Warren Weir are among big names confirmed for the 12th staging of the University of the West Indies (UWI) Invitational Track & Field Meet which runs off in Jamaica on Saturday.

Collins of St Kitts & Nevis, who has been training and living in Jamaica for some time now, will be competing at the meet for the first time. Blake, who won two silver medals and a gold in the men’s sprint relay at the 2012 Olympics, is seeking to make a

successful return to the tracks following a quiet season last year due to injury. Wier, a bronze medallist at the 2012 London Olympics, won silver last year at the Moscow World Championships while equaling his personal best. “The meet will have sever-

al top-class athletes competing on the track this year,” declared Grace Jackson, chairman of the organising committee and the meet director. “It will be high-class competition on the track, starting with field events at 10:00 in the morning, while the track

events are scheduled for a 1:00 pm start.” Most of the athletes are drawn from the local clubs and institutions while athletes from the UWI St Augustine campus will also be on the track as the only overseas-based team.

No going back over KP - Clarke GILES Clarke, the ECB chairman, has said there is no going back to Kevin Pietersen, putting a line through any speculation of a potential England recall. Clarke said the decision to sack Pietersen was a “brave one” as England look to rebuild following the disastrous Ashes tour and Andy Flower stepping down as team director. His message to England supporters clamouring for Pietersen’s return was to “move on”. “Who plays for England is a

matter for the national selectors and their decision was a brave one,” Clarke told the Evening Standard. “You select your captain, you discuss what that captain requires, what he’s looking for. He has to decide what that team is about and what needs doing. This is about the culture of the team.” Pietersen was sacked in February for breaking team ethics and the only possible path back into the national side would be via a new head coach who insisted on Pietersen’s selection. Clarke appeared to have ruled out such a scenario. “English supporters must move on. There isn’t going to be any going back, that’s for sure. The Ashes tour was a watershed. “Your No. 3 batsman leaves the tour after the first Test. That’s pretty cataclysmic, frankly. Then your world-class offspinner retires. You cannot stop men retiring even during a series. Then you lose the series. You’ve got to build a team. You’re going to need to make changes.” Creating a new team ethic is at the heart of England’s rebuilding, under new managing director Paul Downton, and Clarke is hoping English cricket can learn from rugby, where head coach Stuart Lancaster has led a revival. “Lancaster has done a fan-

English Lingfield 10:00 hrs Petersboden 10:30 hrs Shifting Star 11:00 hrs Rock N Rouge 11:30 hrs Ask The Guru 12:05 hrs Al’s Memory 12:40 hrs Decent Fella 13:10 hrs Perfect Cracker Haydock 10:10 hrs Bennys Well 10:40 hrs Cloud Creeper 11:10 hrs Bincombe 11:40 hrs Smart Ruler 12:15 hrs Shadows Lengthen 12:50 hrs Katachenko 13:20 hrs Grove Silver Warwick 10:20 hrs Rio Milan 10:50 hrs Storm Of Swords 11:20 hrs Ballyvoneen 11:55 hrs John’s Gem

ECB Chairman Giles Clarke. tastic job,” Clarke said. “In a very short space of time, he has sorted out English rugby. He’s

talked the language of teams that Paul Downton and I like very much. “Paul said to me, ‘If you look at the most successful sporting team over the last 100 years, of course, it is the All Blacks’. One of the fundamentals they live by is the team. You just don’t get to play if you don’t believe in it. In the end the team must matter.” Pietersen may have been judged to not believe in Team England anymore but the Delhi Daredevils feel he is the right man for them, appointing him as captain for the new IPL season. Delhi are coached by

Gary Kirsten - seen by many as the outstanding candidate to become England’s new head coach; Kirsten has ruled himself out of the running. England will appoint a new head coach in May ahead of the Test series against Sri Lanka but for the immediate future they enter their second World T20 running without the player who led them to their maiden global title in 2010, when Pietersen was Man- of- theSeries in the Caribbean. Their preparations took a further blow with a crushing defeat to West Indies in their opening warm-up match in Fatullah. (ESPN Cricinfo)

Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni sues Zee TV for 1bn rupees THE captain of India’s cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, has sued the private television network Zee TV for defamation. Dhoni filed a case in the Madras High Court demanding 1bn rupees ($16.37m; £9.8m) in damages from the channel. He says Zee TV has been showing false reports suggesting his involvement in betting and match-fixing. The court barred the channel from broadcasting any re-

12:30 hrs Queen Spud 13:00 hrs Free World 13:30 hrs Trickaway South Africa Racing Tips Fairview 08:40 hrs Zobens 09:20 hrs Shazza 09:55 hrs Castle Rock 10:35 hrs Bonnard 11:10 hrs Jetsons American Racing Tips Tampa Bay Downs Race 1 Kings Tuesday Race 2 Distinctive Humor Race 3 No More Mr Ice Guy Race 4 Em Challenger Race 5 Morse Code Mama Race 6 Ten Sweet Kisses Race 7 See I A Race 8 Professor Palmer Race 9 Developer

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a lso the ca pta in of Chennai Super Kings team in the IPL tournament ports on the 32-year-old for the next two weeks. In his complaint to the court, the cricketer said he was “aggrieved by (the) highly defamatory, scandalous, libellous and malicious false reports and statements” being

made by the channel and former police officer G. Sampath Kumar, the Hindu reports. Dhoni is also the captain of the Chennai Super Kings team in the IPL tournament. Last year, team official Gurunath Meiyappan, sonin-law of the country’s cricket board chief N. Srinivasan, was arrested briefly after allegations that he was involved in illegal betting. Mr Srinivasan was also forced to “step aside” once the charges against his son-in-law became public, but he was reinstated as cricket board chief in October. Media reports last month said a panel investigating spot-fixing in the IPL had found Mr Meiyappan guilty of illegal betting. Ever since, some Indian media have speculated that the report also mentions Dhoni’s name.(BBC Sport).

FIFA refuses to comment ... From Backpage the year. According to The Daily Telegraph, Warner and his family declined to comment when contacted as part of the investigation, while a spokesman for Qatar’s 2022 World Cup organising committee denied any wrongdoing in the bid process,

saying: “The 2022 bid committee strictly adhered to FIFA’s bidding regulations in compliance with their code of ethics. The supreme committee for delivery and legacy and the individuals involved in the 2022 bid committee are unaware of any allegations surrounding business dealings between private individuals.”(

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Eto’o helps put Drogba’s Galatasaray to the sword

CHELSEA completed a 2-0 win over a wretched Galatasaray side to book their place in the Champions League quarter-finals with a 3-1 aggregate success on a night of utter frustration for Didier Drogba at Stamford Bridge. Drogba - scorer of 157 goals in 341 outings with Chelsea - was predictably the object of affection among the home supporters two years after he left the club having scored the

Chelsea’s Samuel Eto’o (R) shoots past Galatasaray’s goalkeeper Fernando Muslera (C) to score during their Champions League soccer match at Stamford Bridge in London, yesterday. (Reuters)

winning penalty in a shoot-out against Bayern Munich in the 2012 Champions League final. But Jose Mourinho’s side were not in the mood for sentimental memories as Samuel Eto’o accepted Oscar’s pass to drive the ball under Fernando Muslera for the opening goal on four minutes. Muslera probably should have halted Eto’s effort, and the goalkeeper was again at fault when he could only palm a John Terry header into the path of

Gary Cahill from Frank Lampard’s corner. England central defender Cahill gleefully hammered the loose ball into the net three minutes prior to half-time. Roberto Mancini’s visiting side cut a shambolic lot with Drogba and/or Wesley Sneijder doing little or nothing to justify their standing in the world game, but they were not helped by a lack of desire, quality and pace elsewhere in their team three weeks after a 1-1 draw in Istanbul in the

first leg. Chelsea go into Friday’s open draw for the last eight with Mourinho remaining on course to become the first coach to win the Champions League with three different clubs having lifted the trophy with Porto in 2004 and Inter in 2010. The first leg of the quarter-finals are scheduled for Tuesday April 1 and Wednesday April 2 with the return legs on Tuesday April 8 and Wednesday April 9.

Australia attack potent enough without Johnson - Bailey By Amlan Chakraborty DHAKA, Bangladesh (Reuters) - Australia will miss injured paceman Mitchell Johnson but their bowling attack remains potent enough to help them win a maiden World Twenty20 title in Bangladesh, captain George Bailey said yesterday. The left-arm quick has been in the form of his life, bowling Australia to an Ashes whitewash of bitter rivals England followed by an impressive performance in the subsequent Test series victory in South Africa. A toe infection, however, means Australia will miss

George Bailey s Johnson’s unnerving pace and the disconcerting bounce he generates from difficult angles as they bid for the only

major cricket trophy to have eluded them. Fellow left-arm paceman Doug Bollinger has been called up as Johnson’s replacement and Bailey backed him to be a success in Bangladesh. “We’ll miss Mitch, no doubt about that,” Bailey told reporters. “Just looking at his form over the last six months, he’s been absolutely unbelievable for us. The last time he was in the subcontinent in the one-day series against India in October, he was really good there. “But having said that, (in) Doug Bollinger, as his replacement, I think we’re

really lucky to have that sort of backup. “I think Doug’s in great touch. He has got some good Twenty20 form and pedigree behind himself and he has got good pace and swings the ball. These are the things which I think would be handy over here.” GOOD PACE Australia begin their Group B campaign against Pakistan on March 23, boasting a batting order replete with exciting strokemakers including David Warner, Aaron Finch, Shane Watson and the captain himself.

Ronaldo at the double as Real thump Schalke CRISTIANO Ronaldo struck a brace as Real Madrid warmed up for Sunday’s El Clasico by comfortably confirming their place in the last eight of the Champions League with a 3-1 home triumph over Schalke. Los Blancos came into the contest boasting an emphatic 6-1 lead from the first leg and they took little time in adding to their tally when Ronaldo opened the scoring on 21 minutes. The Portugal star finished off a slick move down the right involving substitute Gareth Bale and Alvaro Morata by firing in from close range. The hosts looked all set to open the flood gates, but after Morata twice fluffed clear-cut chances, the German outfit pushed forward and grabbed a shock equaliser. Tim Hoogland took advantage of some poor closing down to let fly with a speculative shot that took a wicked deflection off Sergio Ramos on its way into the corner of the net.

Real rarely got out of first gear but remained the greater threat with Ronaldo, Isco and Morata all going close before they finally sealed victory with two goals in a minute. First, Ronaldo made it 13 in the competition so far this term with a trademark run and shot that flew in at the near post, be-

fore Morata tucked home at the second attempt after the Portuguese star had thumped the bar. Ronaldo almost equalled Lionel Messi’s record of 14 Champions League goals in a single season five minutes from time but saw another thumping shot crash back off the post. The 9-2 win on aggre-

gate was a club record for the Spanish giants, but their night was somewhat soured by the news that Spain U-21 star, Jese looks set for a spell on the sidelines after being carried off on a stretcher with suspected cruciate ligament damage in the opening stages of the game. (Eurosport)

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo (R) celebrates with teammate Gareth Bale after scoring a goal against Schalke 04 during their Champions League last-16 second-leg soccer match at Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid. (Reuters)

Bailey was equally pleased with the variety in the bowling department. “I’m really happy with the pace battery. In the subcontinent conditions, it’s important to have really good pace, to have guys swing the ball. “With the addition of Doug, I think in Mitchell Starc and Nathan Coulter-Nile, we’ve got three guys who bowl at really good pace and swing the ball. That’s really important for us. “I guess another important thing is you’ve to finish it well in the other end and all these guys have great skills at death (bowling).” Spin bowlers are expected to play a crucial role in Bangladesh’s slow and low wickets and Bailey said he was spoilt for choice in that department.

“I think we got all bases covered. Brad Hogg ... guess he’s been around for 30 years. James Muirhead is a really exciting leg-spinner for us. “I love the option of having leg-spinners. I think they are match-winners, wicket-takers. They force batsmen to do something different. “I think we’ve got a lot of part-time and back-up spinners. Glenn Maxwell has done a really good job for us in Twenty20 bowling. He’s probably no longer a parttime spinner, plays a main role for us. “Finch bowls a little bit of leg-spin, Cameron White bowls a little bit of leg-spin ... we’ve got plenty of options there.”

Sangakkara and Jayawardene to retire from T20 COLOMBO, (Reuters) - Sri Lanka stalwarts Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene have announced they will retire from international Twenty20 cricket after the World Twenty20 tournament in Bangladesh. Both players led their country to the finals of the World T20, Sangakkara in 2009 in England when Sri Lanka lost to Pakistan and Jayawardene in 2012 in Sri Lanka when his team was beaten by West Indies. “Right time for me to retire. Gives the selectors more time to build for next T20 WC,” tweeted Sangakkara, 36. “Hope to leave with a win.” The batsman has played 50 T20 internationals for Sri Lanka, hitting 1,311 runs at an average of 32.77 and a strike rate of 120. Jayawardene also 36 and a former captain, is Sri lan-

Mahela Jayawardene ka’s leading run scorer in the format having hit 1,335 runs at an average of 31.78 with a strike rate of 134.17 from 49 T20 internationals. Wisden India quoted Jayawardene as saying he too had decided it was time to go: “The rationale is pretty much the same as Sanga’s,” he said. “When it is clear that I can’t see myself playing in the next ICC World T20, there wasn’t much point in me occupying a spot. It makes more sense for a youngster to come into the mix and establish himself,” he said.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

World T20 qualifiers …

Bangladesh thrash Nepal, Afghanistan stay alive (REUTERS) - Hosts Bangladesh thrashed Nepal by eight wickets yesterday to climb to the top of qualifying Group A and boost their prospects of advancing to the Super 10 stage of the World Twenty20. In the day’s other match, a gritty 68 off 53 balls from opener Mohammad Shahzad and an unbeaten 51 from 24 balls from Shafiqullah helped Afghanistan to a seven-wicket win over Hong Kong to keep their hopes alive in the tour-

nament. The winners of qualifying groups A and B will join the eight top-ranked countries in the next stage of the March 16 April 6 tournament. Bangladesh, who beat Afghanistan in their first match, chased down a paltry 127-run target with 27 balls to spare, powered by a 33-ball 42 from opener Anamul Haque. Anamul, who hit five fours and two sixes, gave Bangladesh a brisk start and added 63 for the

first wicket with Tamim Iqbal (30) after the bowlers restricted Nepal to 126 for five in their 20 overs. Anamul’s run-out brought all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan to the crease and he ensured the home team significantly improved their net run rate with a 18-ball 37, studded with four sixes and a four. Paceman Al-Amin Hossain led the Bangladesh bowlers with figures of two for 17 runs as Nepal, who beat Hong Kong in

their opening match, struggled for momentum after being put into bat. E a r l i e r, S h a h z a d a n d Shafiqullah, who hit five fours and three sixes, added 47 for the third wicket to lift Afghanistan, who chased down their target of 154 with two overs to spare. Afghan captain Mohammad Nabi, spinner Hamza Kotak and paceman Shapoor Zadran picked up two wickets each to restrict Honk Kong to Anamul Haque’s 33-ball 42 sets the tone of 153 for eight in their 20 overs. Bangladesh’s crushing eight-wicket win against Nepal.

Kevin Pietersen to captain Delhi Daredevils in IPL FORMER England batsman Kevin Pietersen has been named captain of the Delhi Daredevils for the Indian Premier League, which starts on April 16. Pietersen, 33, is England’s all-time leading run-scorer across all formats. However, he was told he was no longer part of the national team’s plans after the tourists’ 5-0 Ashes whitewash. Pietersen tweeted: “I’m excited about leading Delhi Daredevils. We want to have a hard-working and fun environment where we enjoy our cricket.” The 33-year-old played for the Daredevils in 2012, scoring 305 runs at an average of 61 in eight matches. He missed the 2013 edition of the tournament through injury, but will now be available for a full IPL season for the first

Kevin Pietersen time following the end of his international career. Pietersen, who also represented Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL in 2009 and 2010, cost Gary Kirsten’s Daredevils £880 000 at the IPL

auction in February. The Surrey batsman captained England in three Tests and 12 one-day internationals before resigning in 2009 following a rift with coach Peter Moores, who was sacked. Meanwhile, Australia all-rounder Shane Watson believes the World Twenty20 tournament in Bangladesh, which is now under way, is a poorer event without Pietersen. “He’s a world-class player, so for me it’s sad that I won’t see him again in international cricket,” he said. “England will certainly miss his cricket ability. He’s always been one of my favourite players to watch. I love seeing him bat, the way he takes on the game. The tournament loses a bit for his absence.” (BBC Sport)

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Jacobs relishes opportunity to face Guyana this weekend By Calvin Roberts

FORMER Guyana and West Indies Under-19 skipper Steven Jacobs said he is relishing the opportunity to face the nation of his birth on Friday, when he leads the Combined Campuses and Colleges (CCC) in their day/night encounter against Guyana at the Three W’s Oval, Cave Hill, Barbados. The 25-year-old Jacobs, who was tasked with the responsibility of leading the Caribbean students in this year’s West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) Regional tournaments, starting with the recently held NAGICO Super50 in Trinidad and Tobago, believes his new team can come away with the fourth round win against Guyana. “Think it will be a keen contest and playing at home would give us the advantage ... I also think that once we play consistent cricket we can beat them because they haven’t being playing well recently,” said Jacobs.

… feels CCC can come away with win

Flashback! Steven Jacobs celebrates taking a wicket for Guyana in last year’s West Indies Cricket Board Regional Super50 tournament. On the points table, Guyana are in the penultimate position on 13 points, three more than the bottom-placed CCC, but Jacobs who is averaging 18.07 from his 16 first class games in

which he accumulated 488 runs with a top score of 75, said he is not fazed. “I think we are batting and bowling well, but it’s just a matter of time before we put it all together and get the right performance that we really need and I think it will happen when we face Guyana in the fourth round.” Quizzed on whether there is a particular player or players in the Guyana team that his side would be wary of, Jacobs said, “Not really. They are all a good bunch of cricketers, especially Shivnarine Chanderpaul who would be the mainstay of their batting and his son Tagenarine. However, you must have

team meetings wherein you would discuss how to bowl at the opposition and get players out and we would be doing just that for this game with intensity, for we know a win would certainly set them back further, while propelling us forward.” He added, “It is important that our bowlers put the balls in the right areas to the specific batsman, thus limiting their scoring opportunities, even as our batsmen - myself included need to go out there and exercise patience especially during the rough times.” To date, Guyana have played three matches against Jamaica, Barbados and

Teams 1. Jamaica 2. Trinidad & Tobago 3. Windward Islands 4. Barbados 5. Leeward Islands 6. Guyana 7. Combined Campuses & Colleges

Pts 35 34 29 27 22 13 10

M 2 2 3 3 3 3 2

W 2 2 1 1 1 0 0

Windward Islands in that order, losing to the first two and holding on for a draw against the last team, while CCC have played two games against Leeward Islands and Barbados, losing to the former and drawing with the latter. Looking at Jacobs’ personal performances for CCC to date, he has aggregated 68 runs from four innings in the two matches they played, with a topscore of 23 against the Leeward Islands in the first innings, a game his side lost by 72 runs. The final XI for Friday’s day/night encounter which bowls off at 15:00hrs will come from Guyana: Leon L 0 0 1 1 2 2 1

D 0 0 1 1 0 1 1

T 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Johnson (captain), Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Christopher Barnwell, Devendra Bishoo, Anthony Bramble, Tagenarine Chanderpaul, Sewnarine Chattergoon, Narsingh Deonarine, Assad Fudadin, Raun Johnson, Keon Joseph, Amir Khan, Veerasammy Permaul, Chandrapaul Hemraj. CCC from: Steven Jacobs (captain), Anthony Alleyne, Ryan Austin, Kyle Corbin, Akeem Dewar, Kavem Hodge, Kevin McClean, Floyd Reifer, Raymon Reifer, Shacaya Thomas, Chadwick Walton, Jomel Warrican, Kesrick Williams Below is an outline of the points table after three rounds: (Abbreviation Pts-total points, M-matches, W-won, L-lost, D-drawn, T-tied, NRno result, Bat-batting points, Bowl-bowling points)

NR 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Bat 6 4 5 3 2 1 3

Bowl 5 6 9 9 8 9 4

Taylor guides Windies to warm-up win DHAKA, Bangladesh – West Indies Women started their preparation for the ICC Women’s World T20 2014 on a bright note by winning their first warm-up match against South Africa Women by 52 runs at Krira Shikkha Protisthan in Savar, Bangladesh, yesterday. After electing to bat, West

Stefanie Taylor slams an unbeaten 45.

Indies overcame an early setback in the form of Kycia Knight’s wicket to post 123-4 in 20 overs, a fighting score at best. But, on the day, it was sufficient as South Africa were bowled out for 71 in 18.5 overs. Natasha McLean chipped in with a 24-ball 26 before being caught behind off Dane

van Niekerk, but it was Stafanie Taylor’s unbeaten 45 that made all the difference. Taylor’s innings included three fours and a six. When Sun Luus dismissed Deandra Dottin cheaply in the 11th over, West Indies were 71-3. Taylor and Chinelle Henry then associated for a 54-run stand that provided

West Indies some respectability. In her four overs, Shabnim Ismail returned 2-12, while van Niekerk and Luus took one wicket apiece. A brilliant effort by West Indies bowlers then ensured that South Africa surrendered without putting up a real fight. Except for Trisha Chetty and Yolandi van der Westhuizen,

who top-scored with 24, none of the other South Africa batters could reach double figures. Anisa Mohammed, the right-arm spinner, and medium-pacer Dottin returned figures of 2-6 and 2-7 respectively. West Indies play their second and final warm-up match against Australia on Friday.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday March 19, 2014

Gayle blazes Windies to warm-up win FAT U L L A H , B a n g l a desh (CMC) – Chris Gayle smashed a typically strokefilled half-century as West Indies crushed England in their first official warm-up match of the Twenty20 World Cup here yesterday. Chasing a modest 132 for victory at the Khan Shaheb Osman Ali Stadium, West Indies easily reached their target with 23 balls to spare. The left-handed Gayle blasted an unbeaten 58 from 38 balls with six fours and two sixes, posting 78 for the first wicket with Dwayne Smith whose 38 came from 30 balls and was decorated with four fours and two sixes. Earlier, left-arm seamer Krishmar Santokie was outstanding, taking three for 24 from four overs as England

Chris Gayle blasted an unbeaten 58 from 38 balls with six fours and two sixes

struggled to 131 for seven. Stand-in captain Eoin Morgan top-scored with a painstaking 43 not out off 42 deliveries. Morgan shared in two crucial partnerships in the middle of the innings that both yielded 33 runs, a fourth-wicket stand with Jos Buttler who scored 14 and a fifth-wicket association with Ravi Bopara who scored 15. Moeen Ali hit four fours in a knock of 22 as he attempted to compensate amid a chaotic scenario in which England lost opener Michael Lumb for 14 in the first over and careened to 48 for three. Santokie and Sheldon Cotterell were the stars of the West Indian bowling effort that contained the Englishmen. Santokie’s top figures were supported by Cotterell’s impressive two for 23 from two

Beacon FC spoil Camptown FC planned sweep A SPECTACULARLY executed direct free-kick by rightback Kurt Welcome dashed all hopes Sunburst Camptown FC had of making a clean sweep of their two-match tour to Bartica. In Monday night’s final encounter played at the Bartica Community Centre ground and before a sizeable crowd, Welcome produced the winner from 25 metres out when he perfectly curled an outside right-booter around Camptown’s wall that left second-half custodian Oswald Cornette unmoved, ten minutes from full time. The game which was evenly contested throughout had home fans willing their side on at every play and when the deadlock was broken there was eruption and celebration and thereafter Beacon controlled things. The win stretched Beacon’s unbeaten run in over a year and according to coach, captain and goalkeeper Kwesi Jacobs,

togetherness has been the key. “We have been together since Coca Cola schools football and understand each other and that is the main reason we have been unbeaten in over a year. “We also put a lot of emphasis on developing sound technical skills. “The level of football played in the game was very high and sound skills exhibited by both sides. I must, however, compliment my defence for being rock-solid. “This win should serve as an incentive for administrators and clubs to get their acts together and let”s continue with the development of football in Bartica. “The victory will also bring back some confidence to fans since the sport has been dormant for over a year. It also shows we have a lot of talent in Bartica. Hopefully one day Beacon FC will be the number one team in Guyana,”


(Wednesday March 19, 2014) Compliments of THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market & The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230)& CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: 33 wickets-4 Tests (WI vs ENG, 1950) Devon Smith-61 (WI vs ENG, The Oval, 2007) Today’s Quiz: Which two did not feature in the classic 1960-61 WI/Australia Test series? Cammie Smith, Peter Lashley, Basil Butcher, Seymour Nurse, Charlie Griffith How many players have captained England in Int’l T20 games to date? What of the West Indies? Answers in tomorrow’s issue

assumed Jacobs in an invited comment. His opposite, Troy ‘Bugs’ Prescod, was gracious in defeat praising the quality of the game and the performance of his youthful side. “Beacon were more aggressive and wanted the win more. I am proud of my team’s performance, but Beacon were the better team on the night where a very good goal decided a very good game.” surmise In the opening game of the double-header it took penalty kicks to determine the winner after a 2-2 stalemate in regulation time. Malcolm Agostos and Rawle Smith were on target for Potaro Strikers while Anil Williams and player/ coach Andy Bishop netted for Mel Ballers who won 5-3 in the penalty shootout, to take third place in the quadrangular tournament organised by ‘I’ Movement Promotions. Hopkinson Mining and Sky Launch Restaurant & Bar contributed significantly to the tour by the City side.

overs while Samuel Badree and Andre Russell picked up a wicket each. The two bowlers were partly responsible as England’s top three batsmen were dismissed by the end of

the sixth over with only 45 runs from them. The West Indies run chase got off to a speedy start with Gayle leading the way supported by Dwayne Smith. Johnson Charles and Mar-

lon Samuels were sent back cheaply but the in-form Lendl Simmons played a cameo of an innings with 15 runs coming in 5 balls faced. He scored two boundaries and a six.

Griffith, D’Andrade playing pivotal roles for ESC in T&T By Calvin Roberts NATIONAL opener Trevon Griffith and Bermine’s Anthony D’Andrade churned out exemplary performances for their adopted club Esmeralda Sports Club (ESC) in neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago, firing them into sixth position on the points table. Competing in the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board’s (TTCB) 2014 Premier League two-day competition, following the absence of same in Georgetown and Berbice for various reasons, the Guyanese duo helped ESC defeat Caldrac Sports Club, before going under to Powergen and eking out a draw with Clarke Road. The 23-year-old Griffith who played three first class matches for Guyana, in which he accumulated 46 runs at an average of 9.20, scored 38 and D’Andrade who leads the team, 30 in ESC’s first innings score of 200 against Caldrac, with T. Castro and E. Rajah contributing 33 each. Ancil Nedd took 3 for 37, Jon Ross Jagessar 3 for 53 and Allen Laurent 2 for 34 for Cadrac, who in reply were bowled out for 82, with A Mollon claiming 6 for 49 and R. Harris 4 for 29 for ESC, who in their second innings scored 189, thanks to 55 from D’Andrade and 22 from Griffith. Chasing 308 for victory Caldrac were then dismissed for 146 in their second innings, with Neil Williams another Guyanese plying his trade in the Twin Island Republic, topscoring with 45, against the bowling of K. Sirju 3-43 and Griffith’s 2-6 for

Trevon Griffith

Anthony D’Andrade

ESC who won by 161 runs. In their second-round game against Powergen, Powergen won the toss and elected to bat first, scoring 228 all out with Varoon Samaroo making 75, Rajendra Chandrika 36 and A. Bagan 35. Sirju took 6-37 and B. Boodram 2-50 for ESC who were dismissed for 147, despite Griffith’s 57 and 25 from Castro, as Sherwin Ganga claimed five wickets for Powergen, who, in their second innings, scored 141 with Chandrika contributing 34. Griffith took 7 for 60 with his off-breaks that he bowls part-time for Demerara Cricket Club, for ESC who were asked to score 223 for a come-frombehind victory but managed 128 with R. Harris and D’Andrade contributing 24 and 23 respectively, as Ganga snared 4 for 47 to hand Powergen the win by 94 runs. In the third round against Clarke Road, with former Guyana and West Indies opener Ryan Ramdass, West Indies Under-19 wicketkeeper/batsman Nicholas Pooran and Berbice’s Ranga Latchana among their

ranks, Clarke Road were asked to take first strike and were bowled out for 192. A. Ali top-scored with 67, Latchana 34 and Pooran 30 even as Ramdass failed to contribute, as Sirju was again among the wickets, being the chief destroyer by taking 6-50 off 18 overs for ESC, who in reply made 289 with Griffith scoring his first Premier League ton (124) with 10 fours and two sixes. Opening the batting, Griffith showed great responsibility and composure ensuring that his team had passed the first-innings score of Clarke Road, before he was dismissed at 245, but not before he added 94 for the fourth wicket with D’Andrade who contributed a valuable 40 that took ESC from 52 for 3 to 146, before D’Andrade was dismissed. Castro chipped in with a worthy 22 for ESC, while D. Davis took 3-38 and Yannick Ottley 3-46 for Clarke Road, who were 24-0 in their second innings when rain washed out the remainder of the match, leaving ESC to be content with first-innings points.

DeSinco Trading sponsors GHB fundraiser tournament DESINCO Trading last Sunday sponsored the Guyana Hockey Board’s Men’s National Hockey Team’s latest fundraiser through its Degree Antiperspirant Brands. According to GHB president Philip Fernandes, the five-aside one-day tournament was well supported by all the clubs, as players brought out their families for a day of fun and entertaining hockey. As was expected, the GCC combination of Tiffany Solomon, Sonia Jardine, Aliyah Gordon, Sandy Roopnarine and Princessa Wilkie dominated the ladies competition and played undefeated throughout to take home the women’s title.  The men’s competition was much more competitive with GCC Oranges edging the Hikers Greens in a penalty shootout to earn the

right to face Old Fort Reds in the final. Although the final was closely contested in the early exchanges, with the score being tied at 1-1 just before halftime, the second half was completely dominated by Old Fort as their exciting young duo of Omar Hopkinson and Shaquille Thomas combined to play intelligent mature hockey and help their side to the 4-1 victory. Fernandes said this is the latest in several fundraisers planned by the national men’s team in their effort to participation in the 2014 Indoor Pan American Cup scheduled for Uruguay from April 7 to 13. The team will be depending heavily on corporate sector support to supplement their fundraising efforts in order to make their participation possible.

New GABF delivering as promised By Rawle Toney

IT’S been just two months since the Nigel Hinds-led Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) was installed but if someone should compare the state which basketball was in against what it is now, it would seem like the present administration has been around much longer. In less than a month the GABF launched the ‘Road to Mecca’ knock-out championships that featured 16 of Guyana’s top clubs, drawn from Linden, Berbice and Georgetown. “That Sports Hall was built for basketball but now basketball is least played there.” Hinds said in an interview with Chronicle Sport after winning the elections which was held at the Guyana

Olympic Association (GOA) on January 11. It’s been years since the sport has enjoyed any sort of crowd support, especially in the city but GABF’s approach to heavily market the game, coupled with the thrilling climaxes and high level of play by the teams, has literally drawn the lovers of the sport back to the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. The tournament which started on March 1 will see the Retrieve Raiders from Linden and Ravens from Georgetown clash in Sunday’s final. Filled seats and a packed parking lot on game nights tell a story of a sport that’s certainly finding its ‘groove’ back and the GABF is certainly delighted with its president telling Chronicle Sport, “We are pleased with the increasing

Ravens, Raiders to clash in ‘Road to Mecca’ final on Sunday

Part of the action in the GABF’s ‘Road to Mecca’ Basketball tournament at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall to be pulsating and intense” “We have started the pronumber of spectators since the cess of rebranding a magnifitournament started, the close cent product called basketball. rivalry between the teams has As stated by the experts - basintensified and the crowd inketball is the second-most popvolvement in the games seems ular – and the fastest-growing

BBCI continues to support Kennard Turf Club THE Berbice Bridge Company Inc. (BBCI) continued its support to the Kennard’s Turf Club programmes with sponsorship of the Club’s Phagwah Day meet set for the Kennard’s Turf Club facility at Bush Lot Farm, Corentyne, Berbice on Sunday. Yesterday Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company, Omadat Samaroo, presented the club’s president Justice Cecil Kennard with a sponsorship cheque and the first place trophy at the BBCI’s office in Main Street. The total sponsorship for the first four finishers in the five-furlong race for horses classified `J3’ and Lower amounts to $282 000. The winner of the event will receive $150 000 and a trophy, while the second-, third- and fourth-place finishers will earn $75 000, $38 000 and $19 000 respectively. Entrance fee per horse is $15 000. Eight races are carded for the day with the feature event being a six-furlong race for horses classified `A’ and Lower and the winner will receive $1M, while the second-, third- and fourth-place finishers will receive $500 000, $250 000 and $125 000 respectively. Entrance fee is $100 000 per horse. Prior to making the pre-

… sponsors prizes for Phagwah Race meet

Justice Cecil Kennard (right) accepts the sponsorship and first-place trophy from BBCI’s CEO Omadat Samaroo. (Sonell Nelson photo) attraction for Berbicians and sentation to Justice Kennard, the profits generated from Samaroo said after receiving this meeting will be used to the sponsorship for the event, upgrade facilities at the race his company did not hesitate to track and for general imapprove it as the BBCI and the provements of horse racing in Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club Guyana. share a relationship. He stated that the BBCI not He noted that this is not only plays the role of collectthe first time the BBCI has ing tolls and facilitating vehicome on board to sponsor cles crossing the Berbice River horse racing events and it Bridge and vessels transiting would not be the last. through the retractor opening He said his company would and under the high span, but also be looking at a wider also discharges its corporate cross-section of sports and other responsibilities and more imcharitable ventures. portantly plays an integral part According to the CEO, the in the development of educacompany decided to come on tion, sports, supported national board mainly due to the fact events and has made donations that horse racing has great

to charitable and non-charitable organisations in close proximity of the Bridge or in Regions 5 and 6. Justice Kennard, in thanking the company and more especially Samaroo, alluded to the fact that it is not the first time that BBCI has come on board whenever the Kennard’s Turf Club stages a horse race meet. He said regardless of the amount of the sponsorship, sponsorship is vitally needed when one plans to stage an activity. Justice Kennard noted that the BBCI is giving back to society and stated that when the company’s officials, or any other sponsor for that matter, attend a race meet at the Kennard Turf Club, they see that their contribution has been well spent. Kennard said the weather in Berbice at the moment is fine and the race track is in very good condition. According to Justice Kennard, over 60 horses have been registered for Sunday’s meet and some of the bigger stables that made entries include Jumbo Jet, Chris Jagdeo, Crawford Stables, Simply Royal and Sherriff. Entrance fee for Sunday’s meet is $1 200 for adults, $600 for children and $300 for the use of the car park.

– sport in the world and GABF is working for the promotion and develop of basketball to make the sport the fastest growing, most entertaining and popular in Guyana,” Hinds further stated. The average person might be flabbergasted by the GABF’s rapid success at not only getting fans back to the sport, but also bringing about revitalised interest by the clubs. However, Hind’s supporting cast must also be showered with praise. Despite the resignation of General Secretary Dr Richard Blair (due to work commitments), Hinds’ vice-presidents are Michael Singh (who also campaigned for the position of president at the GABF elections), Haslyn Graham and Kenrick Thomas. Cecil Chin is GABF technical director, Leona Kyte assistant secretary and Clement De Nobrega is treasurer.

Hinds took over from politician David Patterson and had stated, “We’re way behind the rest of the countries in the CBC. I know David (Patterson) tried his best but he encountered several challenges beyond his control. However, that’s still not an excuse for the state of the game. I believe collectively we can turn things around” As the ‘Road to Mecca’ climaxes, the thrills in the rivalry on the court and roars from the crowd will only bring a fitting end to what has been nothing short of an extraordinary tournament. $200 000 will go to the second-place team while the clubs that are knocked out at the semifinals stage will each receive $100 000. Teams knocked out at the quarterfinals will pocket $50 000 and for those who get the axe during the round-of-16, $16 000.

Jamaica leading Regional four-day by a point ST JOHN’S, Antigua (CMC) - Jamaica are leading the field by a slender margin after the third round of matches in the Regional four-day West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) tournament. The Jamaicans are heading the points table on 35, having scored outright victories in their two matches already played. Tamar Lambert’s outfit is a single point clear of Trinidad and Tobago who have also registered outright victories in their two matches played thus far. However, Jamaica have edged Trinidad and Tobago by picking up extra points - a total of 11 batting and bowling points so far as opposed  T&Ts 10. Windward Islands are in third position on 29 points having played three matches, winning, drawing and losing and securing a total of 14 points for bowling and

batting. Barbados are three points behind Windwards after three matches in which they lost, won and drew while collecting 12 bonus points for batting and fielding. Leewards, Guyana and Combined Campuses and Colleges are at the bottom of the standings on 22, 13 and 10 points respectively. In the last round of matches, Trinidad and Tobago trounced Leewards by an innings and 107 runs, CCC earned a draw against Barbados and Guyana and Windwards played to a draw. The regional four-day tournament  enters round four on Friday with CCC playing Guyana at the Three Ws Oval, Jamaica meeting Windward Islands at Sabina Park and Barbados taking on Trinidad and Tobago at Kensington Oval.


New GABF delivering as promised (See Story on page 35)

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FIFA refuses to comment on Warner allegations F

Former vice-president Jack Warner stood down from FIFA’s executive committee in 2011.

IFA says it will not comment on allegations of payments made to former vice president Jack Warner by a Qatari soccer official’s company. An investigation in The Daily Telegraph yesterday claimed to have seen evidence suggesting that Warner and his family were paid almost 1.4 million euros by a firm controlled by a former Qatari soccer official, shortly after the decision was taken to award the country hosting rights to the 2022 World Cup. Warner, who stood down from the FIFA executive committee in 2011 and served as vice president of the organization for 14 years, was one of the 22 people who voted to award Russia the 2018 World Cup and Qatar the 2022 tournament. However, in a statement released to Perform, a FIFA representative said that the world

governing body would not be drawn on the allegations surrounding him. “FIFA has no comment to make on this matter,” said the statement. “In principle, any evidence of potential wrongdoing can be submitted to the investigatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee of FIFA for further investigation.” The decision to award Qatar the World Cup has proved controversial, with the tournament due to be held at the height of the summer, when the desert nation experiences searing temperatures. Those concerns have led to a review by the world soccer’s governing body, with a task force established to look into the prospect of switching the tournament to a later date in

(See page30)

Gayle, box-office on and off the field

Chris Gayle during the ICC World T20 Open Media Day in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on Monday (WICB Media) cricket field with his immense DHAKA, Bangladesh (CMC) tainment. ability to blast sixes to all part – With Chris Gayle in the The big Jamaican powof any cricket ground in the house, there is always enterer-hitter is ‘box office’ on the world. Off the field, he also

offers great entertainment value with his often humorous, impromptu remarks, and accompanying characteristic big broad smile. Take for example: Monday’s Open Media Session at the team hotel in Dhaka. Gayle held court for 20 minutes as over 50 members of the print and broadcast media jostled for positions to hear his views on the upcoming ICC World T20 tournament. When asked about the West Indies spin bowling options at the tournament, reporters expecting to hear an assessment of off-spinner Sunil Narine and leg-spinner Samuel Badree were left in stitches. “Talking about my spin bowling? I’m the best spinner in the world, man. Narine is great and Badree is also great but I’m the leading spinner in the team,” Gayle quipped. “Come to our matches and you will see,” added Gayle as the room burst into laughter. “And you know what? I bat right-handed these days, done with batting left-handed.” Gayle continued to work his audience as he pretended

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to make light of a question on Bangladeshi off-spinner Shohag Gazi with a dry reply of: “Who’s that?” “The same guy I whacked for a six off his first delivery in Test cricket? He’s in the history books, I made him famous!” Much to the delight of reporters, Gayle persisted down the light-hearted road for a bit before getting back to business. “He is a good young man,

good prospect for Bangladesh cricket,” Gayle said of Gazi. To close out the media session, Gayle proceeded to give a 15-second demonstration of the energetic Gangnam-Style dance moves he made popular among cricket fans worldwide in 2012 when the West Indies won the ICC World T20 title for the first time. Gayle and West Indies are in Bangladesh to defend the title.

BBCI continues to support Kennard Turf Club (SeepageStory35)on

World Class athletes for(See12th UWI meet Story on page 30) WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19, 2014

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