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GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014

APNU and AFC cannot hide behind smoke-screens – they betrayed the people

AGRICULTURE Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy yesterday noted that the combined Opposition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance for Change (AFC), has seen the reaction of the people to their “ludicrous” proposals on the future of the sugar industry and backed down. According to him, the parties cannot “hide behind smokescreen” as it is clear their positions were a betrayal of thousands of hard-working Guyanese people. He said, “I would be relieved because closing down sugar would be a colossal mistake for Guyana, but I am worried because their denials are only smokescreens to hide the true intent of AFC and APNU to close down GuySuCo. “The denial from the AFC and APNU only resulted from the solidarity of sugar workers and other stakeholders. “The AFC and APNU made an about-turn because

they fear the wrath of the people. But people will not forget that APNU and the AFC hold close to their bosom a Guyana without sugar in the future. “Mr. Vieira now says that he never made the proposal and Mr. Nagamoottoo has stated that AFC never supported APNU’s plan. Mr. Vieira cannot remove himself and he is shameless in denying what he has been saying for some time now. “Mr. Nagamoottoo cannot now heal the wounds or repair the damage his leader, Mr. Ramjattan, did in being a poodle of APNU.” Ramsammy referenced the latest release from APNU, which stated that the current Administration should have given the contract to construct the Skeldon Factory to either a Brazilian or Indian Company. “This is totally misrepresenting the facts and it is a smokescreen to distract people from the almost unanimous rebuke from the people for their proposal


FOR Government, this is a top priority. A team of top officials in the energy sector worked for several months on a complete review of the energy sector and made recommendations for a new thrust in the satisfaction o f G u y a n a ’s energy needs. I am happy to say that Cabinet has recently approved of a national energy plan which places emphasis on a rapid shift towards the utilisation of renewable sources of energy. CheddiJagan Message To mark Energy Week 1994

wrath of the very people that they claim they care about. “I do not have to convince anyone that APNU and AFC stood in unity to call for the closure of the sugar industry and replace it with tilapia. The people of Guyana know the truth.”

to close down the Guyana Sugar Corporation,” he said. EXPOSED The Minister made it clear that the intent of the APNU and the AFC to close or reduce the sugar industry, if given a chance to govern Guyana, has been exposed.” He said, “They are now stunned by the swiftness of the people’s response in rejecting their proposal to close the industry. “With nowhere to hide, both parties now are scrambling to find a way to extricate themselves from a position that is indefensible, which is insulting to people’s intelligence, and which will set Guyana once again on the road to poverty, the only road APNU knows.” Ramsammy stressed that the 20,000 people who work with GuySuCo, in one way or another, and their families were threatened and they made their voices heard. He said, “The denial of both APNU and AFC that they ever made a proposal to close the industry was motivated by the immediate response by people across the country in rejecting the proposal out of hand. “My rejection of their proposal is not only my position as the Minister of Agriculture, it is my genuine belief. It is also a reflection of how sugar workers and their families feel and it is a reflection of how most people in Guyana feel.” INSULT The Minister contends that the APNU and the AFC, having discovered the truth, now insult the intelligence of the Guyanese people with their denials. He said, “The problem is that Mr. Vieira, in a long letter that was prominently carried in the newspapers earlier, had detailed the proposal to use the cane fields to cultivate tilapia. He had used figures to show that tilapia would be more profitable than sugar. He was wrong on the figures and he was wrong to propose that tilapia replaces sugar. Mr. Vieira repeated his position at an official media conference hosted by APNU. He was presented by Mr. Harmon at the conference as one of the experts in the Agriculture Cluster of APNU. Mr. Vieira referred the media to his website and to his position on sugar.” Ramsammy acknowledged the APNU’s right to

DR. LESLIE RAMSAMMY change their position, but stressed that the truth is they did signal their intention to close the sugar industry and replace it with tilapia and have now changed their position. He said, “They made an argument that tilapia is more profitable than sugar. It was stated and it was a written proposal by Mr. Vieira. He referred to his proposal at an official APNU Media Conference and no one told the media then that that was Mr. Vieira’s personal view. He was presenting APNU’s position on agriculture. “The media across Guyana also heard Mr. Ramjattan stated very clearly that the AFC supports the position of APNU to close down GuySuCo. Indeed, in supporting APNU’s position, Mr. Ramjattan stated that the PPP/C will not listen to a sound proposal because the PPP/C Cabinet members are too ‘hard ears’. “The AFC’s denial now is only as a result of the backlash from sugar workers and their families and people in general across Guyana.” Considering the reversal of both parties on their earlier held positions and their defence in backing down from said position, Ramsammy reiterated that this is nothing less than an insult. He said, “It is one thing to find out you are wrong and admit it, but to lie to people and say you never proposed or say you never supported the closure of the sugar industry is not only insulting them, but it demonstrates total disregard for their welfare. “The truth is that the AFC in particular betrayed the sugar workers and their families and now are trying to rescue themselves from the

INCLINATION TO MISLEAD The Minister decried the combined Opposition’s predisposition and inclination to “misrepresent facts and misinform people” and described this trait as legendary. He said, “People in Guyana and elsewhere expect that the AFC and APNU would knowingly twist the facts and misrepresent them to suit their callous intentions. “For instance, APNU now states that the PPP/C Government should have given the Skeldon Factory construction contract to either a Brazilian or Indian Company. “The PPP/C is well aware that there are credible Indian and Brazilian companies that would have been good candidates for the construction of the Skeldon Factory. But it is not up to the Government of Guyana to select any company just because we know they can do the job. The Skeldon Factory construction was advertised in a public tender, as are all our construction works, in accordance with the laws and regulations of Guyana. We are obligated to tender for any construction work and in the case of the Skeldon Sugar Factory, we strictly followed the laws. “In that tender, there was no Brazilian company that tendered for the construction of the Skeldon Factory. Therefore, APNU’s assertion that the Skeldon Factory construction should have been awarded to a Brazilian company would have been contrary to the law. “We could not then or now award a contract to a handpicked company, particularly since the company did not even tender.” If this was done, Ramsammy had no doubt that the APNU and the AFC would have chastised the government for acting illegally. He continued, “As for an Indian Company, there was a bid from an Indian company. But that bid was higher than the one from the Chinese Company. Had we awarded the contract to the Indian ompany, we would have been accused by these same individuals of favouring that company.

FACTS ARE CLEAR According to the Agriculture Minister, the facts are clear on the issue. He said, “People should know that the bids were evaluated by Booker-Tate experts and the recommendation for the Chinese company, which had the lowest price, was based on a technical evaluation that found the company had the technical qualifications for the award. “The PPP/C is bound to act in accordance with the law. APNU and AFC find any argument they can to misrepresent the truth; and in this case APNU is dead wrong again.” He maintained that the revised positions of the combined Opposition are simply another smokescreen to fool the Guyanese people. Ramsammy said, “The people are too intelligent for the falsehoods and bogus positions of APNU and AFC. “APNU and AFC, particularly the AFC, have found discomfort in the wrath of the people in the sugar belt and they are scrambling to find a way out. “But the proposal to close down GuySuCo is a true reflection of the intentions both APNU and AFC have, even if they now deny that they made such a proposal. “APNU’s main partner, the PNC, has a history of wanting to close the sugar industry. They hired Booker-Tate to manage the industry in 1989, with a mandate to prepare it for privatisation and for the closing of the Demerara Sugar Estates. Had they won the elections in 1992, the Demerara Sugar Estates would not be operating today. That is the truth. “Throughout the 1990s, on several occasions MPs from the PNC, the precursor of APNU, called for the closure of the Demerara Sugar estates. The present call to end sugar and replace it with tilapia is in the same vein as their earlier efforts to close the Demerara Sugar Estates. “The AFC recklessly supported APNU’s proposal. I recalled that when I heard the proposal on Tuesday, I specifically called on Mr. Ramjattan to come out and either reject APNU’s proposal or state his support for that proposal. In less than 24 hours after my call, Mr. Ramjattan stated clearly that the AFC was in total support of APNU’s position on sugar. “Mr. Vieira’s position now that he never called for the closure of sugar and Mr. Nagamootto’s denial that the AFC supported such a call is reprehensible.” The Agriculture Minister suggested that the better option for APNU and AFC would have been for them to admit that, on reflection, the proposal to replace sugar with tilapia was indeed a mistake.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014

AML legislation should be no bargaining tool-Yesu Persaud ... cash seizure only at ports of entry and exit

PROMINENT business magnate Dr Yesu Persaud, yesterday, called for the passage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AMLCFT) Bill. His sentiments as a concerned Guyanese citizen were penned in a letter addressed to President Donald Ramotar, Leader of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance for Change (AFC), David Granger and Khemraj Ramjattan, respectively. The letter was largely in support of Government’s position regarding the amendments to the bill including his recommendation that cash seizures be done only at ports of entry and exit. This is contrary to the Opposition’s proposal that the police or customs officer can stop and seize currency from any citizen in possession of M$2 and over. The letter to the political leaders, which was seen by the Guyana Chronicle said, “I am deeply concerned about DR. YESU PERSAUD the delays in passing the amendments to the Anti-Money Laundering/ Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill 2009(AML/CFT) that are necessary for Guyana to comply with international standards. “…it is my understanding that non-compliance to these standards will bring significant burdens on local businesses and their customers if counter measures are applied by our international trading partners as a result of Guyana appearing on any ‘watch list’.” According to him, in the financial sector, Guyana is already known as a high risk and low margin market by the country’s inter-

national counterparts and any further deterioration of their margins or increase in risk may result in their withdrawal of service entirely. He said, “I take note of the work of the Parliamentary Select Committee and the fact that the original amendments in the bill placed before them were all accepted after some corrections were made. “I further note that these amendments are sufficient to comply with the minimum standards of the Financial Action Task Force when passed and will result in compliance from the legislative perspective.” The private sector veteran stressed the urgent need for the Bill to be passed. RECOMMENDATIONS Persaud suggested that, with regard to the proposed amendments by APNU, compromises should be the focus of those at the negotiation table. To this end, he made four recommendations that addressed issues ranging from the appointment of a Money Laundering Authority or Board to cash seizures. “The idea of having a Money Laundering Authority or Board is a good one. However, its members should be independent and appointed on technical and professional merit only,” Persaud said. He added that the recommendation to have a parliamentary appointments committee select the Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) has several limitations and may impede on the objectivity and effectiveness of the unit. However, Persaud made it clear that the Authority mentioned above should serve as the Board of the FIU and will be responsible for the appointment of the Director as in the manner of the Board of a Company appointing a CEO. “The Authority should be responsible for governance and oversight of the work of the FIU. It is my understanding that the FIU is not a law enforcement agency but an intelligence gathering agency supporting the Police and the Public Prosecutors in their law enforcement and justice efforts,” he said.

On the issue of cash seizures, Persaud disagreed with the APNU’s proposals and recommended that this be done at the points of entry and exit of the borders, as is currently allowed by the AML/ CFT Act of 2009 and recommended by FATF standards. He said, “If cash seizures are necessary for persons being investigated or under suspicion of money laundering within the borders, I recommend that the Police or Prosecutors obtain an Order of a Court issued by a Magistrate or Judge.” POLITICAL DEMANDS Persaud decried the fact that the Opposition is seeking to extract “political gains” from an issue of such national importance. He said, “I wish to further state that issues requiring compliance to international standards and conventions, when used as bargaining tools in the local political arena to extract political gains or wins from each other are dangerous and threatens the reputation of the country as a whole. “Regardless of the positions we take locally, on the international scene we are only seen as Guyana, irrespective of which party is in Government or Parliament.” The private sector stakeholder reiterated his call for the passage of the AML/CFT Bill and called for the combined Opposition to reconsider their positions. “The amendments required to be passed for the AML/CFT Act of 2009 should not be tied or made conditional on any other local political objective being accomplished.” Persaud expressed his optimism in the possibility that other opportunities can be used for such negotiations. “I urge the parties addressed in this letter to pass the amendments necessary to comply with the legislative requirements of the FATF Standards, and to implement those standards rigorously to root out from our society the use of proceeds derived from criminal activities,” he said. The Parliamentary Special Select Committee, where the Bill is currently, meets again on March 25, while the National Assembly is expected to sit on March 27.

Establishment of Procurement Commission is not Government’s responsibility alone

– President

THE Government continues to emphasise the importance of its ‘no objection’ role in the procurement process, and the consequences of its removal as proposed by the political Opposition. President Donald Ramotar said that contrary to the impression that is being created, the Government has no qualms about establishing a Public Procurement Commission (PPC), but maintains that the already miniscule role of no-objection must be preserved. He was at the time speaking at the national stakeholder consultation on the Anti-Money Laundering Bill at the Guyana International Conference Centre (GICC), Liliendaal. He reminded too, that Guyana is the only country in the Caribbean region where the Cabinet does not

award contracts. Meanwhile, Minister of Finance Dr. Ashni Singh said that the matter of the PPC is not one that resides solely in the hands of the government, as the membership for the commission is nominated by the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament which is chaired by Opposition front-bencher, Carl Greenidge. “Once that committee would have nominated members, the Parliament has to approve those nominations with a two-thirds majority. So the creation of the impression that the government alone is responsible for the appointment of the PPC is a misrepresentation,” the Finance Minister explained. The minister further clarified that the preservation of Cabinet’s no-objection role does not in any way, limit, restrict, or divert

from the constitutional powers of the PPC. The powers of the PPC are enshrined in the Constitution of Guyana. Therefore, there is no question that the PPC will be able to discharge its functions unimpaired by the Cabinet’s involvement. The minister explained that there is a reason why Cabinet must play a role in the process. “You cannot go to the executive and say we are holding you responsible for the non-implementation of a project or a violation of a procedure when the Cabinet did not play a role in the process…if you played no role in a process that generates a particular outcome, then you cannot be held accountable for that outcome, you can only be held accountable and responsible for a process in which you have some involvement,” he said. He added that if the Cab-

inet’s role is removed from the procurement process, then simultaneously, it would have to be absolved of any responsibility for the outcome of that process. “What you have here is an attempt to remove the Cabinet from involvement in the process, but you still want to hold the Cabinet

accountable for the result,” he said. Last year, the Government tabled the Procurement (Amendment) Bill which was sent to a select committee. The Bill seeks to modify section 54 of the Procurement Act of 2003 by deleting sub-section six, which by doing so, will

retain Cabinet’s involvement in the procurement process. (GINA)


Radar data suggests missing Malaysia plane deliberately flown way off course - sources (Reuters) - MILITARY radar data suggests a Malaysia Airlines jetliner missing for nearly a week was deliberately flown hundreds of miles off course, heightening suspicions of foul play among investigators, sources told Reuters on Friday. Analysis of the Malaysia data suggests the plane, with 239 people on board, diverted from its intended northeast route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and flew west instead, using airline flight corridors normally employed for routes to the Middle East and Europe, said sources familiar with investigations into the Boeing 777’s disappearance. Two sources said an unidentified aircraft that investigators believe was Flight MH370 was following a route between navigational waypoints when it was last plotted on military radar off the country’s northwest coast. This indicates that it was either being flown by the pilots or someone with knowledge of those waypoints, the sources said. The last plot on the military radar’s tracking suggested the plane was flying toward India’s Andaman Islands, a chain of isles between the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal, they said. Waypoints are geographic locations, worked out by calculating longitude and latitude, that help pilots navigate along established air corridors. A third source familiar with the investigation said inquiries were focusing increasingly on the theory that someone who knew how to fly a plane deliberately diverted the flight. POSSIBLE SABOTAGE OR HIJACK “What we can say is we are looking at sabotage, with hijack still on the cards,” said that source, a senior Malaysian police official. All three sources declined to be identified because they were not authorized to speak to the media and due to the sensitivity of the investigation. Officials at Malaysia’s Ministry of Transport, the official point of contact for information on the investigation, did not return calls seeking comment. Malaysian police have previously said they were investigating whether any passengers or crew had personal or psychological problems that might shed light on the mystery, along with the possibility of a hijacking, sabotage or mechanical failure. As a result of the new evidence, the sources said, multinational search efforts were being stepped up in the Andaman Sea and also the Indian Ocean. In one of the most baffling mysteries in modern aviation, no trace of the plane nor any sign of wreckage has been found despite a search by the navies and military aircraft of more than a dozen countries.


Nearly two dozen killed in attacks across Pakistan despite talks

(Reuters) – ATTACKS in the volatile Pakistani cities of Peshawar and Quetta killed a total of 19 people on Friday, frustrating hopes of a lasting peace deal with insurgents fighting to topple the government. In Peshawar, a sprawling city on Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan, a suicide bomber blew himself up in front of a police vehicle, killing at least nine bystanders including a woman and a child, police said. In Quetta, in the unruly province of Baluchistan, at least 10 people were killed when a motorcycle laden with explosives exploded near a college in the city center, police said. The attacks took place as the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif tried to revive a stalled peace process with the Pakistani Taliban militants in order to hammer out a permanent ceasefire agreement and end years of violence. But a series of attacks and counter-attacks by insurgents and government forces since the start of the year has dampened expectations that peace talks could ever yield any result. In Peshawar, police chief Faisal Kamran said the target of the attack was an armored personnel carrier. “The police were deployed in the armored personnel carrier to provide security during Friday prayers outside mosques when it came under attack,” he said. “The policemen luckily remained safe but innocent people were killed and injured.” Jamil Shah, a spokesman for the city’s biggest hospital,

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014

said at least 30 were injured.

“LIBERATORS OF INDIA” In Quetta, at least 10 people were killed and 35 wounded when the motorcycle exploded near the college, police said. An increasingly active Taliban splinter group, Ahrar-ulHind, or “Liberators of India” - a name referring to the whole of the subcontinent - claimed responsibility for the attacks. “We claim both Peshawar and Quetta attacks,” their chief,

Umar Qasmi, told Reuters. “We don’t abide by these talks and will continue to stage attacks.” The Pakistani Taliban, who are separate from the Afghan Taliban, is a fragmented and deeply divided movement of dozens of small groups which do not always agree with each other. The leadership of the Pakistani Taliban, known as Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), which is keen on the talks, immediately distanced itself from

the Friday attacks. “The TTP strongly condemns the Peshawar and Quetta blasts,” said TTP spokesman Shahidullah Shahid. “We have no connection to these attacks because we are observing a ceasefire.” The TTP’s position has spurred speculation that the central command is not fully in control of the many splinter groups operating under it, and reaching a peace deal with one of them would not stop the violence.

A policeman calls for help as he stands near a burning site after a bomb blast in Quetta March 14, 2014. Credit: Reuters/Naseer Ahmed

CEOs of biggest Russian firms could be hit by sanctions: paper (Reuters) - THE CEOs of Russia’s two largest firms are on a list of those who may be hit next week with European and U.S. sanctions over the Crimea crisis, a German

newspaper said on Friday, suggesting tougher than expected measures against Russia’s elite. Moscow shipped more troops and armor into Crimea on Friday and repeated its threat to invade other parts of Ukraine, showing no sign of heeding Western pleas to back off from the worst East-West confrontation since the Cold War. Russia’s stock markets tumbled and the cost of insuring its debt soared on the last day of trading before pro-Moscow authorities in Crimea hold a vote to join Russia, a move all but certain to lead to U.S. and European Union sanctions on Monday. European officials told Reuters the EU was working on a five page list of 120-130 Russians who could be subjected to asset freezes and travel bans. Officials were still debating whether to hit a large number of Russians when the measures take effect at the start of next

week, or target a smaller number initially and expand the list if the crisis continues. Germany’s Bild newspaper reported that Alexei Miller, boss of natural gas monopoly Gazprom, and Igor Sechin, head of Russia’s biggest oil firm Rosneft, would be among those targeted, along with senior ministers and Kremlin aides. Reuters was not immediately able to confirm the Bild report. Rosneft spokesman Mikhail Leontyev said sanctions on his firm’s boss would be “stupid, petty and obvious sabotage of themselves most of all. I think it will primarily affect Rosneft’s business partners in the West in an extraordinary way.” Gazprom and the Kremlin declined to comment. The Russian Foreign Ministry, responding to the death of at least one protester in Ukraine’s eastern city of Donetsk, repeated President Vladimir Putin’s declaration of the right to invade to protect Russian citizens and “compatriots”.












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GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014


Jamaica dancehall star Vybz Kartel guilty of murder (BBC News) POPULAR Jamaican dancehall and reggae star Vybz Kartel has been found guilty of murder in a high-profile trial. He and three co-defendants were convicted under tight security of killing an associate, Clive Lizard Williams, in a row over a missing gun. Parts of the capital Kingston were cordoned off in advance of the verdict and police patrols were stepped up. Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is one of the biggest names in Jamaican dancehall reggae. The BBC’s Nick Davis in Kingston says that Kartel’s bleached skin - covered by tattoos - made him stand out from the crowd - and the “World Boss” as he called himself also often glorified violence in his

music. The 65-day trial was the longest running criminal hearing in the history of Jamaica’s circuit court system, local media reported. Police cordoned off streets around the Supreme Court before Thursday’s session started, seeking to prevent any disruption by fans supporting the entertainer. ILLEGAL GUNS Shortly before the jury started to deliberate in the afternoon, about 200 people briefly broke through barricades at one intersection shouting “Free Kartel!” The sentencing date is scheduled for 27 March and Kartel’s lawyers have indicated they will appeal against the verdict. When Kartel was arrested in

2011, it was alleged he had been involved in two killings, but one of those cases was thrown

ey. Some were visibly upset and argued with members of staff after learning it was a hoax, complaining they spent “real money calling them back.” The T&T Guardian later learned that after complaints from citizens, TSTT quickly put a block on the numbers and traced the calls and texts and discovered they were coming from Somalia in Africa and being routed from T&T. Some of the messages said • “Winner call now free and receive your new car or it will be cancelled or transferred to another winner.” •“Urgent appeal get your car from the director of telemarketing of T&T.”  • “Central Bank of T&T you are invited to receive your check of $50,000. Call and learn about the place of receipt.”  Central Bank: We don’t give out cash In an interview yesterday at the Central Bank, corporate communications manager Charlene Ramdhanie said the bank was investigating the hoax.  “We have been in touch with law enforcement officers and we are also conducting investigations because the bank does not give out money,” she said. Ramdhanie strongly advised members of the public not

liams was beaten to death at Kartel’s home in August 2011 after being lured there to ac-

Police in Jamaica face widespread gun violence

Citizens warned: African scammers targetting locals (Trinidad Guardian) Members of the public are being advised not to disclose any personal information over the phone to strangers. The warning comes after several text messages, claiming to be from the Central Bank and the Telecommunications Services of T&T (TSTT) ,told local recipients they had won prizes and money and to seek to collect them. However, the texts proved to be a ploy by foreign-based scammers conning unsuspecting people out of their money.  In the case of the Central Bank, people across Trinidad yesterday complained they received several texts claiming they had won $50,000 and telling them to visit the bank for further information and to receive the money.   The phone numbers are ten digits long and from various area codes. However, attempts to contact and text the numbers proved futile.  Nevertheless, people yesterday visited the bank at Independence Square, Port-of-Spain, hoping the messages were genuine. The T&T Guardian learned that the Central Bank was bombarded with over 200 calls and visits by midday yesterday from people claiming to have won the mon-

out last year after key evidence went missing. Prosecutors said that Wil-

to give out any information over the phone. The T&T Guardian was informed that some of the texts or callers were asked for their name, address, how many children they had and their bank account number and e-mail address. The Central Bank reiterated that it did not give out money, adding competitions held by the bank give out units from Unit Trust and not cash. DISAPPOINTED  One of the recipients, Joy Marchan, said her daughter, a Standard Five student, received several of the messages on her phone yesterday morning. When asked about the text, Chelsea Haynes, who is an aspiring lawyer, said she did not believe the messages at first. “I did not believe it but I said we will buy all that we want to get because the government gives us nothing and everything will be ok,” she said. Another of the recipients, who visited the Central Bank early yesterday, said she was told they would contact her in three months. “I left Chaguanas to come here. At first I did not believe it but decided to see if it was true. I don’t know why people would do that,” she said.

count for two missing illegal guns. A body has never been found but police testified that they had unearthed a text message from Kartel’s phone saying Williams had been chopped up to “mincemeat” so fine that his remains would never be found. Defence lawyer Tom Tavares-Finson told jurors the prosecution’s case against Kartel was “dishonest” and “incompetent”, noting that witness statements and a compact disc with evidence saved on it had gone missing. The AP news agency says that in a bizarre twist to the case, a male juror was arrested on Thursday evening on charges of attempting to bribe the jury foreman to free Kartel, who was convicted by a 10-1 majority verdict.

Jamaica justice system was on trial, says DPP (Jamaica Gleaner) THE State’s top prosecutor last night declared that the murder trial of top entertainer Vybz Kartel provided a shot in the arm for the country’s ailing judicial system. “Our [judicial] system was on trial,” Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Paula Llewellyn told reporters minutes after an 11-member jury returned guilty verdicts against Kartel and three of his co-accused. “But I would like to think that what Jamaica and the international arena has been reminded of is that, notwithstanding all the challenges, there are persons in the system... who have integrity and who are committed to public service above self,” she added. Those persons, Llewellyn noted, are spread across the Jamaica Constabulary Force, the office of the DPP and court staff. “It’s not that we are striving for a winning situation, we strive to put up the best evidence that is available,” she

insisted. Kartel’s lead attorney, Tom Tavares-Finson, though disappointed with the verdict, offered a similar endorsement of the judicial system. “It has been a good process because it is a benchmark case,” Tavares-Finson asserted. “Most of the evidence was new and there was new technology... the preparation was new and a lot of it was new to us,” he added. POLICE CONDUCT However, the veteran attorney told reporters he would reserve comment on the conduct of the police investigations in the case. Tavares-Finson made it clear that he accepted the jury’s verdict, but served notice that defence attorneys will “immediately” commence the appeal process.

“There is an appeal process, which we will embark upon immediately. But we will have to look back through the transcript to determine the grounds for appeal,” he said. Everton Dewar, the attorney for Shane Williams - the only co-accused who was freed - said his client has requested psychological help to help cope with the trauma of being in custody so long. Dewar said he expected his client to be released last night and said arrangements were being made for him to get the help he requested.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014



ACDA’s Tacuma Ogunseye calls for racial disturbances

JUST prior to elections of 2011, the African Cultural and Development Association (ACDA) held a public meeting at Golden Grove Village, East Coast Demerara. Addressing the small gathering at the junction of Golden Grove Public and Main Roads, ACDA executive member Tacuma Ogunseye called on African Guyanese to prepare themselves for a twopronged approach to the general election, to turn out in their numbers to vote for the opposition coalition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and engage in a rebellion for a constitutional struggle if the coalition loses at the polls. “We have to go there and cast all our votes but if at the end of the day we fall short, we have to move to stage two and stage two must be a massive rebellion of African people throughout the length and breadth of this country,” he said. This is the second such call for insurrection by Ogunseye and it comes after his first racist incitement was roundly condemned. His call however, found favour with extremist elements in society such as Kean Gibson, David Hinds and others. Tacuma Ogunseye, an activist of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) and executive member of ACDA, has repeatedly called for mass mobilization of the African Guyanese to agitate and pressure the PPP/C-led administration into agreeing to a system of shared governance. Tacuma Ogunseye has consistently been making controversial and provocative statements, allegedly made on the grounds of race, but Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon is also holding the media culpable. Speaking at a post-Cabinet news conference at the Office of the President after one such outburst by Ogunseye, Dr. Luncheon lashed out at the media for publishing the racially provocative and inflammatory statements from ACDA. The (ACDA) statement clearly stimulated racial insecurity and was open incitement to race riots.

ACDA also came in for some serious criticisms from a cross section of stakeholders in the political arena after its executive member, Mr. Tacuma Ogunseye, announced the riot act at a poorly attended meeting at Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara, where he made clear the organisation’s intention to take a struggle to the streets in a fight for shared governance. Addressing the meeting, Tacuma Ogunseye signalled to Western nations, United Nations and the Organisation of American States (OAS) that the upcoming elections would be a game-changer - win or lose. He warned: “If we win, we sharing the government with them, but we also have to tell them that if we lose, we are going to fight and bring Guyana to a halt until we have a national government in which the representatives of African people and the combined opposition is part of parliament; Comrades, we are announcing the riot act.” Ogunseye said ACDA expected that the predominantly African-Guyanese dominated security forces would take the side of protesters to secure shared governance and political compromise from the PPP. “Once the African people rise up in their great numbers, I dare the army to take the side of the PPP and against Africans. Our sons and daughters would not do that,” he threatened. Ogunseye said his organisation has been telling the main opposition Peoples National Congress Reform (PNCR) that the time has come to shift the political equation through massive street protests in villages countrywide. Stressed Ogunseye “Come elections night, when the results come out, Africans must have a share in the government, there must be a national government or there will be no Guyana.” What is troubling is that there was no public outcry over these open calls to violence and destruction to PPP/C supporters by opposition elements, Red Thread, the Catholic Church and the opposition media cabal for the foregoing. Instead, Stabroek News and Kaieteur

News published Ogunsye’s inflammatory, racist letter, word for word – which is an indicator that these two newspapers, Red Thread, GHRA, the Catholic Church, other opposition media houses, et al, deliberately victimised Chronicle and its staff for merely a mild comment of facts in an editorial that warned of consequences of just such racist incitement by the opposition in Linden. Based on statements made by Ronald Waddell in October 2005, also in April 2006, in a letter by Ogunseye. it is now known that there exists clandestine military organisations in Guyana called the African Guyanese Armed Resistance (AGAR) and the Buxton Resistance, and Ogunseye makes a rather revealing statement in his letter: “Given the ethnic and political history of our security forces, it is very unlikely that the PPP/C Government can militarily defeat an African Armed resistance.” The degree of confidence here is remarkable and begs the question: Does Ogunseye mean that the Disciplined Forces of this country provide AGAR with an institutional base from which it can replenish its ranks, and that Afro-Guyanese villages will provide safe havens for AGAR and its like, irrespective of the dangers such support will expose these villages to? These are all concerns compiled from various blogs online by Guyanese in the Diaspora; but, given our history, serious heed need to be paid to these warnings by the relevant authorities.

Cell phones dominance highlighted at Consumer Rights Symposium THE Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (CCAC) of Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce and the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS), yesterday, hosted a World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) 2014 symposium. The forum at the Guyana International Conference Centre, Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown, sought to champion and highlight the rights of all consumers. WCRD is celebrated by consumer organisations all over the world every year on March 15, towards uniting the global movement for a day of action

around a common campaign theme ‘Fix our Phone Rights’. This year the drive is to highlight the importance of consumer protection in building a safer, fairer world. Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Mr. Irfaan Ali, delivering the feature address yesterday, said the event is geared to celebrate the rights of consumers and fixing their phone rights as they join with international partners. He urged all other agencies that were not present on the occasion to have an exchange with the relevant bodies to foster good consumer relations,

and reaffirmed Government’s commitment to liberalisationopening of the sector to more competition and for, ultimately, more effective service to the consuming public. Ali said that the only right to a consumer is very basic and that is the power of the consumer to consume or be consumed, that is, the fundamental right of the consumer. Because of that reason, big phone companies spend such large budgets on marketing and why technology in phones is changing rapidly as they have seen the ability of consumers to consume themselves in a better phone

A section of the attendees yesterday at GICC. (Adrian Narine photos)

everyday. TOO ENGROSSED He added that, very often, people become too engrossed in their mobile phones that they take away from society and often forget that landline instruments exist. Ali said the consumer today more and more allows themselves self redress in terms of protection when they purchase phones and, often, they bring cell phones from foreign places and unlock them and, thereafter,

if there is a problem with the instrument where will they go for redress. The mobile market has become so exciting there are deals like paying nothing down and the many trade-in offers and, given the many imitation cell phones on the market, the time has come to regulate the sector, noting its size and that of the consuming public, the Minister reflected. Ali stated that, as such, the small cell phone dealers will have to subject themselves to

scrutiny as well as the large companies and the consumers also because of fair trade being fairness to all stakeholders. He also outlined the challenges faced in the sector and the terms of enforcement it will take to regulate and also regulator changes that are required but the consumer has the power to demand fair services. Ali called, too, for a greater level of transparency in (PLEASE SEE PAGE 14)

Chairman of the Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission, Ramesh Dookhoo, Chief Executive Officer of GT&T, Radha Krishna Sharma with Chairperson Evadnie Enniss (seated) while Minister of Tourism, Irfaan Ali addresses the gathering yesterday.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014

Family of four displaced…

Prashad Nagar fire still being investigated By Asif Hakim POLICE and Fire Service officials are still investigating a blaze that gutted a Lot 103 Deobrian Street, Prashad Nagar home earlier this week. The March 10, early morning flames displaced a mining camp manager, his wife and two children, who lived in the house owned by Robert Powers. The man, the woman and a son were the occupants of the building at the time, while another relative was staying with them. Speaking to the Guyana Chronicle, on Monday, just before sending some of the belongings they saved elsewhere, Powers explained that

he was in the lower flat of the premises making breakfast. He said his wife made what sounded like a distress call to him, and when he rushed upstairs, he noticed that the place was ablaze. Powers said the fire had spread so quickly that they had to vacate immediately and were only able to save some of the items in the building. He said, after he was called upstairs, he saw smoke issuing from the ceiling in the backroom but the one in which the conflagration started was vacant. COMPLETELY DESTROYED The inferno completely destroyed the residence and

Robert Powers as he sat pondering his next move (Photos by Asif Hakim)

caused some damage to two neighbouring houses. On one of them, the PVC-made roof gutters were damaged and several windows cracked or shattered while a door became strained. Powers has been the owner of the property for the past 16 years since purchasing it in 1998. He said he is, usually, not there because of his commitment to his job in the interior of Guyana but, while it is unfortunate, he is happy that it happened when he is around. About the extent of the loss and the likely worth, Powers could not say and refrained from disclosing if the building was insured. “It’s unfortunate that it happened but I am happy it did when it did, because I know that my wife wouldn’t be able to manage such a situation. So thank God that I was there,” he reflected. Meanwhile, a next door neighbour, Jacqueline Joseph told this newspaper that she had been in her kitchen when she left to go and take a bath but, shortly after, was disturbed by the smell of smoke and shattering glass. She said she had, earlier, given her son his lunch to take to work and he used the side entrance of their yard to leave but there was no sign of smoke or fire when he left. The woman said she rushed to her back door after realising that something was wrong and she called the Fire Service.

The gutted house in which Powers and his family lived prior to the fire


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014

WEBSOURCE now offering online shopping from Guyana By Leroy Smith WEBSOURCE, already big in Miami, United States before penetrating Caribbean markets recently, has now joined the chain of online shopping competitors in Guyana. With demand locally, regionally and internationally for easier means to shop, Chief Executive Officer of Websource Caribbean Operations Lincoln Maharaj told the Guyana Chronicle that the company has had a presence in this country since early January. In an interview on Tuesday, he described the entrance to the local market as discovering new grounds and feasibility studies done here have been able to prove that this is a place to invest. He was confident that Websource would be able to make a name for itself, as it sees Guyana as an active market for people who wish to make online purchases. Maharaj pointed out that since its entry, the company already has in excess of 300 customers, who, regularly do business with it. STILL ROOM While stating that Guyana offers a number of online servicing facilities, he is of the view that there is still room for more players who will foster greater competition among the service providers. Websource believes that it brings the business of online shopping to another level with value-added included in the

CEO of Websource Caribbean offices Lincoln Maharaj during his interview with this publication package. Customers who sign up will have personal accounts which would allow them to use the online facility and have merchandise delivered to a Websource warehouse in Miami. Once ordered, the items will be sent to the Miami address and the goods will then be examined by the Websource agents there, who would determine if they are safe to be placed on commercial flights to the country where the buyer wishes to have delivery. In that country, the stuff will be cleared by Customs and the relevant paper works will be done before the items are either picked up by or delivered to the purchaser. Maharaj said one of the reasons persons should consider Websource is because of the unmatched services it offers. He explained that Websource does not bill its customers due to volumetric but rather the actual weight of an item. This is what the purchaser is asked to pay for and not the size or weight of the box or whatever package in which the items are placed. In addition, there is no charge for becoming a Websource member and having an account compared to several other companies which charge for the development and holding of a ‘Star Box’ account. PRICE MATCHING He pointed out that what Websource also does for its cusSee page 9


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014

Old Kai: Chronicles of Guyana...

AFC caught in a compromising position giving APNU some sugar OLD KAI has caught the AFC and APNU red-handed in their dirty scheme to close down the sugar industry under the pretext that they are calling for transformation. The only transformation they want to see is our cane fields being abandoned and thousands of sugar workers on the breadline. This fits in to their overall ‘collateral damage’ and making Guyana ‘ungovernable’ plan. Let us look at the facts; in the lead-up to the last elections, APNU made it clear that the sugar industry and, by extension, the workers were not its interest. On May 11, 2011, addressing a business luncheon organised by the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association, PNC/ APNU leader David Granger stated , “I would like to get out of…state-owned sugar. I don’t think this is the concern of the state… I don’t think there is any place for state ownership of those things anymore; certainly not under David Granger (as President).” This policy of abandoning the sugar industry and casting it out like an unwanted step-child should the opposition go into Government was further reaffirmed by APNU Member of Parliament, Carl Greenidge, who, during the 2013 budget debates loudly proclaimed in the National Assembly that “sugar workers are your (PPP/C) problem not ours”. Throughout these threats to the sugar industry by APNU, the AFC remained silent as a mouse. They never opened their mouths to oppose the plans by their partners in the National Assembly or ever tried to defend the sugar workers against the attack by Greenidge. In fact, the AFC leaders, such as Moses and Ramjattan, scoffed at the proposals by the PPP to provide $4 billion in funding to the industry so as to continue its modernisation plan. They ridiculed the effort. After their efforts failed to close down the sugar industry, APNU dramatically shifted its plan of attack by now proposing that the industry should be converted to a ‘fish farm’ and possibly ‘ethanol production’. The AFC immediately chimed in with their strong support of APNU’s plans. Let us stick a pin at this moment and recall during the instigation period of the Linden unrest, it was no other than Khemraj Ramjattan who went on Capitol News to proclaim

how the PPP/C Government was doing everything for ‘sugar workers in Berbice’ and nothing for Lindeners which amounted to racial discrimination. This lie was subsequently exposed and even recently APNU and its Regional Chairman Sharma Solomon publicly admitted the many plans for Linden by the PPP/C Government and the bright future ahead for bauxite. But let us contrast Khemraj’s statement in 2012 that ‘plenty’ was being done by the PPP/C Government for sugar workers and the AFC’s about-turn in 2014, when it is now accusing the very PPP of ‘strangling’ the sugar industry. This is the extent of the devious politics being practiced by the opposition, particularly Khemraj Ramjattan and Moses Nagamootoo and their small clique within the party. It does not end there, as in their initial rush to support APNU, an article appearing on iNews noted that Khemraj Ramjattan contended, “the (PPP/C) Government is fighting to keep the industry alive because it feels that it needs to provide employment for its supporters who are largely cane cutters.” Why would they even mention this if they did not have a problem with the PPP/C ‘fighting to keep the industry alive’? If they have a problem with the industry being kept alive, it is easy to surmise that they are in support of closing it down. Not only sugar workers, but all citizens need to know these facts as we are informed in an about- turn one day later when Moses Nagamootoo attempted to do damage control for Khemraj Ramjattan by concluding that the AFC leader did not mean what he said initially and they were still interested in saving the sugar industry. Should we believe them now? Ok, even if we were to go out on a limb and give Moses the benefit of the doubt, how can he explain the contradictory statement by his pal Prak-a-lak Ramjattan that: “They (PPP/C) want to keep them (sugar workers) in that morass forever so as to garner votes so they are trying to paint the Opposition as if they have no care for people; but if the government cared, they would have transformed the sector ever since, they are too hard ears”. This is a very contradictory statement and it is riddled with outright lies. Let us examine it in detail. The first aspect which jumps out at the average reader is that it is impossible that a political party will make its constituents suffer so as to maintain their support. This defies logic and basic

WEBSOURCE now offering ... From page 8 tomers is price matching. If a customer sources an item and submits the name of the site, cost and such like to the company’s agent, it then goes on a hunting mission to see where else the thing can be sourced cheaper and allow the customer to save. This, however, is not done in a vacuum because the company informs the customer of this and it is done only upon the approval of the purchaser, which, in most cases, according to management, receives a positive response from the customers with respect to sourcing. Presently, the company is looking to enter the Barbados Market and several other Caribbean countries. Prior to setting up office in Guyana, Websource conducted feasibility studies and established offices in Antigua, St. Lucia and Grenada. It is also considering the establishment in Dominica. Websource Guyana’s office is on Camp Street, Georgetown, aback the building that once housed Nanda’s Boutique and can be reached on telephone number 223- 3216 and 231-1338.

Maharaj and two of the staff members from the Websource Guyana Office striking a pose

common sense; but then again, it is Prak-a-lak we are dealing with. The second is a blatant lie by Ramjattan in accusing the PPP/C Government for trying to paint the opposition as ‘if they have no care for people (sugar workers)’. It was no other than Ramjattan’s squaddie, Carl Greenidge, who stood up in the National Assembly and proclaimed this fact, that ‘sugar workers were the PPP’s problem not the Opposition’s. Ramjattan, Moses and the entire AFC stood there in Parliament and never uttered a word to oppose him; so, why now come and flaunt, flounce up, twist up their mouths and pretend it never happened. Then another misleading impression given is that transformation of the industry has not started. The AFC is on record as criticising every aspect of the sugar modernization plan, so how come suddenly ‘the PPP/C hard ears as it should have transformed the sector ever since’? This is the two faced nature of the AFC; they attacked the Skeldon project; they attacked the Enmore packaging plant; they attacked efforts to mechanise the harvesting operations of the industry; they ridiculed efforts to provide funding for the modernisation effort; they tried to get Irfaan Ali barred from Parliament and jailed because his Ministry assisted the sugar industry; they attacked the competence of the overseas experts brought in to assist with the projects; they attacked their salaries; they attacked the local management and their capacity; they then shifted and attacked the overseas experts again. Clearly, nothing will satisfy the AFC and APNU until the entire industry is closed, with the hope that people who support the PPP/C from this industry will turn their backs on the party. This is how low the Opposition will stoop to destroy people’s livelihoods, just so they can have another opening to attack the ruling party. They will never succeed; and just like everything else so far, the PPP/C Government and GuySuCo’s management will be vindicated as Old Kai knows that in another three to four years, 400,000 tonnes of sugar will be achieved for the first time in our history. The AFC and APNU will be there, clapping along, saying we were always confident this would happen. Congratulations.

Guyanese woman found murdered in Barbados BARBADIAN security officials are investigating the death of Onicka Malicia Gulliver, whose body was discovered in a bushy area in Vauclus, St. Thomas. The woman, a Guyanese national, had been reported missing since Tuesday by her relatives on the island. The discovery was made yesterday morning just after sunrise, and relatives converged on the scene to identify the body. Yesterday, the dead woman’s uncle, living in Guyana, told this newspaper that he had not seen or spoken to the woman for years. He said that he was at home in Essequibo Region 2 yesterday morning when he received a call from someone in Barba-


dos informing him that his brother’s daughter had been found murdered. The uncle explained that he was informed recently that Onicka’s mother was living with her in Barbados.

Authorities in Barbados said that they arrested one man in connection with the discovery, which is being treated as a murder. (Leroy Smith)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014

President Ramotar warns…

Non-passage of AML/CFT Bill could cause human disaster PRESIDENT Donald Ramotar warned, on Thursday, that the non-passage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill could result in the materialisation of a “human disaster” for Guyana. “This is fixable, it is not a natural disaster. It is a human di-

saster that is ahead of us but the Opposition seems to think otherwise…everyone must make their cries heard and demand the passage of the CFAFT (Caribbean Financial Action Task Force) compliant amendments to avoid the pitfalls that lie ahead,” he told the audience at the national consultation on the legislation at the Guyana International Con-

ference Centre (GICC). The Head of State contended that the Government’s position is a reasonable one while in the Opposition’s demands, the “goalpost” is being constantly shifted. The event was attended by hundreds of average Guyanese from different parts of the country and included representatives

of the Private Sector, the religious community, the Education Sector, labour organisations, grassroots farmers and Government agencies. He said much is at stake if one considers the repercussions of being internationally blacklisted. “I have tried. I have met with the Opposition parties on more than one occasion. I expressed similar views that I am

expressing to you now. I said to them and I put it in writing to the Leader of the Opposition, I said let us pass the Bill,” Mr. Ramotar revealed. He said his Administration is not engaging in the promotion of “hysteria”, contrary to the opinions of the combined Opposition. The facts are clear, as expressed by the CFATF advisor, Mr. Roger Hernandez when

President Donald Ramotar speaking at the Guyana International Conference Centre (GICC), yesterday, during the national consultation on the critically important AML/ CFT Bill

he met with political parties, as well as Private Sector and other stakeholder groups in the latter part of February, the President stated. MANY DIFFICULTIES He noted that the national consultation, as well as the regional consultations that have been hosted to date, are aimed at informing the people of Guyana of an issue that has the potential to introduce many difficulties to Guyanese. “Ladies and gentlemen, friends, we are at a very, very important junction in the history of this country. Not passing this Bill can have grave specs on us and can have the effect of slowing down our social and economic progress. MORE INVESTMENTS “Passing this can help us to move quickly, can help us to attract more investments to create more employment for people, to create better services for people, to make it easier for Guyana to transact business internationally and make the possibility for us to grow,” he explained. Continuing, Ramotar said: “Economists are saying that, in our time, one of the most see page 11


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014

Non-passage of AML/CFT Bill ... From page 10 important policies to accelerate economic development is trade, international trade, and everywhere countries are looking, we ourselves are looking to make it easier to adopt the type of investment that we want in our country and advance our society. “This will have an impact on that important aspect, important tool for economic development…this is an issue that will affect each and every one of you.” The President bemoaned the fact that the Opposition continues to delay the passage of the Bill, on which there is agreement. He pointed out that up to Wednesday’s meeting of the Parliamentary Special Select Committee, where the AML/ CFT Bill is presently, the Chief Parliamentary Counsel, Cecil Durjohn, submitted a draft of the A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU) proposed amendments and the Opposition was still making changes. The three amendments address changes to: * the entire governing apparatus of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU); * the removal of the Attorney-General wherever that name appears and replacing it with the FIU and * vesting a Police or Customs officer with the power to seize currency from any person, anywhere in Guyana, if those officers have reason to believe that the money is the proceeds of crime or will be

used to finance crime. SWIFT PASSAGE Ramotar noted that the Opposition is filibustering when it comes to ensuring swift passage of the Bill. He told the forum:“I said let us pass the Bill that we know is CFATF compliant and let us send your amendments to the CFATF and, if they say that these are CFATF compliant, you can bring it back to the Parliament because you have the majority of votes and I will assent to it. They refused that.” APNU is also calling for the Head of State to assent to several Bills he returned to the National Assembly with an explanation of his decision, reasons that were centred on the unconstitutionality of the legislations. About that situation, Ramotar said: “I vowed to uphold the Constitution and cannot give my assent to bills that are clearly unconstitutional.” Esther Pereira He recalled the Esther Pereira Elections Petition case of 1998, where, in spite an agreement by Members of Parliament (MPs), a legal case did result. “How do I know if I sign this, despite my legal advice, that another Esther Pereira will raise its head and impeach me,” Ramotar asked. The President made it clear that, as it stands, nothing is preventing the Opposition from challenging his reason for withholding assent and taking the matter to the court.

Ramotar also addressed the position of the Alliance for Change (AFC), which supports the APNU’s position, as well as is calling for the establishment of the Public Procurement Commission (PPC). “I will say again that this is not an issue of establishing the PPC. It is not an issue. But we must have the minimum, the very minimum to discharge a duty and our function. We must have the minimum of the no objection restored in the law,” he said. The Procurement (Amendment) Bill 2013, read a first time in the National Assembly last November, aims to amend the 2003 Principal Procurement Act by making changes to Section 54 through deleting subsection six, effectively restoring Cabinet’s no-objection role. Section 54 deals with Cabinet’s involvement in reviewing the award of procurement contracts and the phasing out of its functions with the establishment of a Public Procurement Commission (PPC), in the interest of decentralising the procuring process. Subsection Six states that: “Cabinet’s involvement shall cease upon the establishment of the Public Procurement Commission, except in relation to those matters referred to in subsection one which are pending.” Ramotar said:“It was this Administration that brought it (the PPC) on the books but we insist that Cabinet’s right to no-objection must be maintained. It is an Executive function. “I want to remind you that

we also had the power to award contracts and we gave that up voluntarily. Guyana’s Cabinet is the only Cabinet in the Caribbean that does not award contracts.” The President reiterated that the consequences of being further blacklisted, as Guyana has already been regionally by CFATF, are real and all must be done to spare Guyana and its

people further difficulties. Guyana missed the February 28 ultimatum, when the country was required to submit a report to CFATF, which was expected to include a copy of the enacted Bill that would, after analysis, be correlated to the deficiencies identified by the body at its November 2013 Plenary Meeting, before a report is made in May 2014.

This country, unfortunately, was only able to report on the non-legislative recommendations by CFATF. If the May Plenary is dissatisfied with Guyana’s progress, CFATF’s November 2013 statement already provides the decision for the country’s referral to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), which meets again in June 2014.

Digicel makes another annual Phagwah donation to Dharmic Sabha DIGICEL Guyana, on Thursday, made another of its annual contributions to the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Shaba, in support of the Phagwah Festival. It was the fifth consecutive year that the telephone company contributed to the occasion that will be celebrated in Guyana on March 17. In making the donation, Digicel Events and Sponsorship Manager, Mr. Gavin Hope reiterated the need for Guyanese to preserve their culture. He remarked that “as we are a very diverse people with a diverse culture and supporting events like this helps us to do just that.” It is well known that Phagwah is an occasion that brings Guyanese from all walks of life together in celebration. Receiving the Digicel donation were Executive members of the Sabha, Mr. Raj Singh and Mr. Michael Seeram. Apart from the monetary gift, Digicel also presented the Sabha with a quantity of powder for the yearly Kala Utsav celebration which will be held at the Everest Cricket Club, Camp Road and Carifesta Avenue on March 17, starting from 15:00 hrs.

In photo- L-R Communications Manager-Vidya Sanichara, Executive Members of GHDS Micheal Seeram, Raj Singh and Digicel Events and Sponsorship Manager, Gavin Hope.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014

Minister Ramsammy outlines new vision for agriculture By Clifford Stanley EVERY farmer must be registered in the new agriculture trajectory towards a formal sector in which contracts between producers and buyers are the norm, and fresh or processed products meet all the requirements of the export market. Agriculture Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy recently outlined

his vision for the new approach to agriculture, stressing that merely growing food for local consumption is no longer enough. He said: “If we produce only for Guyana and the supermarkets in Guyana, we will never generate the kind of wealth that we need. We have to address the issue of exporting our food, either in a fresh or processed state. “We have to look beyond the

market of 750,000-odd people in Guyana (and) see a market of 10 million people of the Caribbean, or of thirty to forty million people in northern Brazil,” the minister said. He said that registration of farmers will satisfy the traceability requirements of buyers in regional and international markets. “In the new agricultural paradigm, the registration of our producers will assure buy-

ers that they can trace the origin of the specific produce back to the farm where it is produced, in the event that problems are encountered with it, and so make it purchasable,” he said. TRACEABILITY BILL He disclosed that the Ministry of Agriculture has prepared a Traceability Bill to introduce traceability laws in Guyana. This is now being vetted by the Attorney General’s Chambers for eventual presentation to Parliament shortly. He urged all farmers’ organisations to ensure that every farmer in Guyana is registered, since this is the main means by which Guyanese farmers will be able to overcome the export issues which currently prevail. He also disclosed that, very soon, with support from the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), the Ministry of Agriculture will convene a meeting of all large and small producers to conduct an audit of the resources available for meeting export market requirements for local agricultural produce.

He said he believes that there is local expertise available for putting in place the systems that are necessary for attaining the standards required by regional and international buyers. He stressed that, in the evolving situation, contract farming will have to become the norm, so that farmers can be protected. “We cannot have situations where people order products and, when these are harvested and ready for sale, they never show up to complete the transaction,” he stated. He noted that Guyanese farmers produce much more than Guyanese can ever eat, and a way needs to be found to ensure that the farmers are not investing in vain. The new trajectory also comprises emerging technology, and other aspects - such as new regulations, marketing, storage, and transport - also have to be seriously addressed. He noted that, in another time, when he was a child, the goal was to support subsistence livelihood; but, he said, that cannot be the goal today. “The struggles are different now. We need to create wealth, not simply to find food. “We must develop agriculture in a way that generates wealth for the practitioners,” he challenged. He emphasised that

the ‘Grow More Food’ campaign is continuing, but with a different orientation. This campaign, he said, must direct its attention to the fact that Guyana imports huge amounts of food items that can be grown locally. “We can grow these in Guyana; reduce the costs of these, and provide entrepreneurial and employment opportunities for our people. We can also turn those things we produce in Guyana into valued agro-processed materials as processed value-added products.” IMPORTANT FACTORIES To this end, he disclosed, in the next two weeks, the Ministry of Agriculture will launch two important factories, one at Providence on the East Bank of Demerara, and one in the Essequibo. Those factories will be making high-quality, well packaged products with plantains, sweet potatoes, cassava, bananas and other produce. He said: “These are the things we will have to do to transform agriculture; to ensure it generates wealth; to ensure that the youth take up agriculture as a worthwhile profession, and end the myth that the only people who go into agriculture are those who cannot make it in school.”


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014

GuySuCo flays Stabroek News over ‘misleading information’ in Sunday publication

THE Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) took the Stabroek News to task yesterday for publishing on Sunday what it dubbed “misleading information” in an article related to the operations of the Skeldon factory. According to the Corporation, contrary to the newspaper report that the GuySuCo expended an additional US$30M to “rehabilitate” the Skeldon factory, the actual sum spent was only $1.8M, which was incurred for six separate projects. GuySuCo said, “Prior to the start of the second crop last year, three of the six projects, which include the condensate tank, bagasse

scratcher and pipe support, were completed in accordance with the required specification, and have been working satisfactorily ever since. The other three projects were delayed due to the late arrival of required spares, and were successfully completed before the commencement of the current crop.” The Sugar Corporation gave assurance that there is “no compatibility issue” with the plant equipment supplied by the China National Technical Import and Export Corporation (CNTIC), and Bosch. “Sugar processing equipment are manufactured worldwide -- in

the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, etc, and are all used in various sugar factories throughout the (world),” GuySuCo said. It added that the report, which stated that “GuySuCo’s technical staff was generally left out of the discussions and it was the Board that seemingly made decisions,” is also incorrect. “The technical staffers were fully involved with the Bosch Projects, that include approving of the designs for all six projects,” GuySuCo said. The corporation made clear, also, that all six projects were completed to the desired specifications. (Vanessa Narine)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014

Cell phones dominance ... (FROM PAGE 6) the billing system, because consumers are losing value for money, service providers need to address the situation for roaming charges and how effective is the consumers complaint mechanism and how integrated are the services with the providers of cell phones and hidden costs. He asked that consumers be aware of their contracts and take time to read them when purchasing cell phones and demand proper service and the right to protecting personal information when the need arises in enhancing their rights. Meanwhile, Chairman of the Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission, Mr Ramesh Dookhoo said that, as WCRD is approaching, consumers need redress and the legal infrastructure has changed over

the years by the introduction of the Consumer Affairs Act 2011 that was assented to by former President Bharrat Jagdeo. PIONEERING LEGISLATION He said this pioneering legislation has led to the composition and formation, in 2011, of the Consumer Affairs Commission known CCAC. In actual fact, the first bit of legislation that governs its establishment was the Fair Trading Act of 2006. Dookhoo said that on March 15, 2014, one hundred and twenty countries worldwide are celebrating WCRD and, when he asked the gathering if they can imagine a world without mobile phones, many shook their heads. He remarked that, in just a few years, cell phones have

For Saturday March 15, 2014 -14:30hrs For Sunday March 16, 2014 -05:30hrs

become an indispensable part of people’s lives and they can be found in every country around the world and in 2013 the Consumers International estimated that 6.8 billion people owned mobile phones. Dookhoo said, as the WCRD drive is tackling the misuse of mobile phones, CCAC has joined the effort to ensure that phone rights are protected by warranties and there is a return policy and contracts are written in a fair manner without unfair contract terms. As Chairman of the Consumer Affairs Commission, he said the good work of the CCAC will progress particularly in the area of enforcement of Consumer Affairs Act (CAA), sensitisation and the importance of upholding the rights of both consumers and the business community. Dookhoo, a former President of the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association Ltd and formerly Chairman of the Private Sector Commission, is a member of the Board of Governors of the Institute of Internal Auditors of Guyana. He is the current President of the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce where he represents the Private Sector Commission of Guyana. Also making brief remarks was Mr. Clifton Zammett who represented the absent Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Mr. Willet Hamilton. During the opening ceremony, the Bishop’s High School Choir sang a popular song which was well received by the gathering drawn from several agencies across Guyana including cell phone dealers. There were presentations, as well, by the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) and Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T).

Aries March 21 - April 19

Peace and calm will be hard to maintain in a group today. There are too many agitators, and they are having way too much fun making waves. You can choose to join in with them, or step into the role of disciplinarian. Follow your mood on this one -- if you feel like getting things back on track, then crack the whip. But if time isn’t pressing and you feel like taking it easy right now, hop onto the goof-off bandwagon and contribute your own zany ideas.

Taurus April 20 - May 20

A friend has been chiding you for being too hard on yourself, and they are right. It’s time that you realised just what a rock star you are! Beating yourself up over something that happened in the past (that you can’t change now) doesn’t do anything except hurt your self-esteem. It also keeps you from taking important risks in the future. You’ve got to be honest with yourself today. You have all the charm, good-looks and smarts that add up to one fantastic person. Pat yourself on the back.

Gemini May 21 - June 21

Don’t opt for convenience today. It’s easy, but it’s not the best way. Too often, convenience requires you to pay too much, waste too much, or fails to challenge yourself. So if you need to go shopping, seek out the best bargains, not the nearest store. If you are going on a date, think of a creative outing that reflects part of who you are, not just the old dinnerand-a-movie gambit. And if you need to have a difficult conversation with someone, don’t do it through email.

Cancer June 22 - July 22

Someone you work with or are close to socially has made a mess of things, and they don’t appear to be in any hurry to clean up what they’ve done. It’s no fun to nag, but you might have to be the bad cop with them today -- let them know the negative repercussions are on their head if they don’t shape up and fulfill their responsibilities. If you don’t, then you could end up being the one who gets blamed. Put yourself first and be firm with them. When it’s coming from you, they will listen.

Leo July 23 - August 22

This is a day to play it safe and keep your cards close to your vest, so listen to your more conservative impulses. Don’t offer your time or money to anyone. As much as you would like to be of service to someone, you need to let them fend for themselves right now -- it’s better for everybody. Helping them out today will only encourage them to come back to you again. You will prevent them from learning how to fend for themselves. You can be a supportive person without being an enabler.

Virgo August 23 - September 22

You’ve gotten a significant achievement under your belt recently, and you deserve to brag about it! There are people in your life who love you to death and they are waiting for a chance to pat you on the back. Why not give it to them? Call or email all of your closest friends and invite everyone to get together for a celebration -- it doesn’t have to be a big deal, you can just order in some pizza. As long as there is a reason to hang out, they will all be happy!

Libra September 23 - October 22

In the mood to have a little bit of fun? Of course you are! And guess what? The only thing standing in the way of you having fun is -- you! There is no reason you can’t start getting out there and mixing it up -- and today is as good a time for socialising as any. Your friends are itching to get out there and tear it up too, so find out what is on their mind. Send out an email to your group and start cooking something up. You can be the match that starts a hot night of fun.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21

One of your friends has been saving some sweet news for you. Today they will finally be able to come clean and let you in on it! Suddenly something they said a few days ago makes sense. The two of you have something to celebrate. Get out your social ‘to do’ list and take a look at what’s next on the list. Act impulsively and do something you’ve been waiting a long time to do. It’s a perfect time to check out that new hot spot or restaurant you’ve been hearing so much about.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21

In a big meeting or at an event today, make sure that you appeal to people’s intellect, not to their emotions. People are likely to get suspicious if you are not talking about facts and only talking about feelings -- they could think you’re hiding the facts because they are unfavourable. So avoid making too many jokes. Try not to use charm or flirtation to get your point across. You will only end up making yourself look less believable. You might gain a few admirers, but you could lose some respect.

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

Use whatever free time you have today in order to reconnect with someone from your past, or someone who is living a long ways away. Set aside the right amount of time for a long phone call. Don’t call them when you’re waiting in line or at the grocery store! Sit down, get comfortable, and give them the kind of time and focus they deserve. You might not think you have any news to share, but as soon as you start talking, the amusing anecdotes will come.

Aquarius January 20 - February 18

If you are on one side of an issue and everyone else seems to be on the other side, you shouldn’t feel the need to change their minds. Having everyone totally agree all of the time is just not necessary! If you disagree with them that doesn’t have to mean that you think less of them, and vice versa. So learn how to agree to disagree -- avoid pushing your agenda or suspecting that they are pushing theirs. Everyone just thinks differently and that’s okay.

Pisces February 19 - March 20

Your values are precious to you, but you also have to acknowledge that another person’s values are just as important to them. It’s usually not an issue unless you two clash -- and today you can expect a bit of a conflict to erupt. But whatever you do, you cannot force them to agree with you. If they are going to be in your life, you need to respect them for who they are and let them know that you aren’t trying to fix them. Take them for who they are, or not at all.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014

Kwakwani launching new Educational Development Association today A NEW organisation, Kwakwani Educational Development Association (KEDA) will be launched today at the Kwakwani Workers Club. The 19:00 hrs function will see a Ministry of Education representative officiating, one of the Directors, Troya Morian said. Speaking by telephone, she said:”As youths are our future, we need to support them.”

This year’s winner of the contest will get a trip to Kaieteur Falls and other gifts and prizes will be offered three other contestants. Six beautiful young ladies will be representing various Ministries as follows: * Larita Griffith (Miss Culture, Youth and Sport); * Sharmine Stewart (Miss Communications); * Rakeisha Cerriera (Miss

Healh); * Ericka Williams (Miss Education); * Sheshana Rose (Miss Agriculture, Food and Security) and * Vanessa Williams (Miss Public Works and Utility). The delegates will also be given a chance to show off their individual talent pieces and evening gowns for which they will be judged.

Director of KEDA and Coordinator of the pageant Ms. Troya Morian Morian also stated that this is needed for the community since it does not have such an organisation and she urged youths to join as it will mainly focus on promoting educational activities in Kwakwani, such as youth conferences, sports and competitions. Another director, Jumaine Thomas, who is a sixth year student at the University of Medical Science in Havana, Cuba, said the main objectives of KEDA is to create a programme for the development of education for youths and young adults of Kwakwani and, by extension, Guyana. Other directors include Delney Swadin and Clarissa Hohenkirk. More are to be named after an election but no date was given for that exercise. Meanwhile, 30 minutes after the launch of KEDA, at the same venue, there will be the 17th annual Miss Kwakwani Pageant. Pageant Coordinator Morian said it was birthed in the year 1997 and she has seen a big increase in participants and spectators since. The new Pageant Queen will be crowned by the reigning one, Andrea Spencer.

Last year’s Queen Andrea Spencer as she’s being crowned by 2012 queen


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014

Real people facing real challenges….

Stakeholders speak their minds about the AML/CFT Bill fallout to do small operations. We will definitely be affected.”

By Vanessa Narine THE Guyana Chronicle solicited the opinions of several persons after Monday’s national consultation on the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill, and the consensus was that, criminals or not, real Guyanese people will face real challenges if Guyana is unfortunately further blacklisted. The views of many of these average men and women, which speak volumes, are stated hereunder. RAS SIMEON SELASSIE, President of the Guyana Rastafarian Council: “As a representative of the Rastafarian community, two things I noticed: One of the major concerns was giving the police the authority to actually stop people and deal with them based on suspicion. “As Rastafari, we know too well how police suspicion could be abused, so I was a bit concerned about that. And I was thinking that a recommendation should be that if police are to stop people based on suspicion, they should justify that suspicion, so as to differentiate between discrimination and reasonable suspicion. “Secondly, we are also concerned about the implication that this bill would have on the Rastafarian community, knowing that through the practise of our culture we are deemed criminals and drug traffickers. So that is a concern for us, ‘cause if a Rastaman…. Now, as you know, he would be suspected…. We need the bill to be passed, and the proposed amendments that they are looking at can be looked at properly. “I think the Government’s position is fair…somewhere along the line.”

MOHAMMED NOOR need to get around that.”


PRISCILLA TORRES, Region Nine Community Development Officer: “It is going to have a lot of negative impact on our community, especially in terms of getting monies for development projects. “The Amerindian communities have a five-year plan, and the support we get from international sources will be affected. They already have work started. I am thinking about the impact, and I think that Guyana will have a lot of problems if we do not pass this bill.” AHSAN ULLAL MANGAT, Missionary-in-Charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at in Guyana: “We have heard people talking about the time it takes now to do financial transactions, and it is no lie. We have experienced first-hand what it is; and indeed, doing business is being affected. We think the bill should be passed so as to limit the challenges we have to face as a country.” PRISCILLA TORRES JASODRA BALKISSOON, Pensioner: “I am not working; I at home now, living with my son who does do garden work. “What I think is that we should get the bill passed. The longer they take, the longer the country will struggle. “My husband died 13 years now, and my daughter is overseas. I really think they need to come to a solution and let the country have less to worry about.”

BALOGOON OBA YVONNE D’ABREAU, Member of the National Council on OSHOGBO Disability: “The consultation was definitely an eye-opener, and it was good so that we know the position. It was a shame that the Opposition was not here. “What we have to do is have the bill passed, because persons with disabilities - like myself - will be affected. Things have to change. We have made progress as a group, and with different partners who give money for different projects, and we are moving. We can’t have the work stopped because of the bill.”


PATRICIA SINGH, Public Servant: “Listening to the President and comments made by others, I think it’s important that we come together as a nation to avoid all of the negativity that can occur, and that has started to occur, with regard

to the passing of this bill. “I think we should lay aside politics and do what is right for the Guyanese people.”



BOBBY VIEIRA, Overseas-based Businessman: “As a Guyanese who lives abroad, I hope that good sense would prevail and all parties will get together and amicably bring this thing to a settlement as early as possible. “We all know that it would affect JASODRA BALKISSOON the country and the region in one way or the other…. At the end of the day, it is the concern of the average Guyanese which is of importance; and therefore, the best thing to do at this point in time, after listening to all the comments, I think we need to get together as adult and responsible leaders and sort this out.” BOBBY VIEIRA AKIL VICTORINE, Student with the YEST Programme: “I am a business student, and what I see is that business will drop; and the politicians have to do something more.”


BALOGOON OBA OSHOGBO, Clinical Psychologist: “As a country, we have to fulfil that which is the international requirements. “From all information at hand, those requirements have been fulfilled by what was tabled in Parliament. The other aspect is the amendment, and like every part of the world, different parties or political activists will choose moments when they can leverage the most pressure. “We need to separate those two things…. Guyana has fulfilled what is required regionally and internationally. Secondly, our own internal dynamics are forcing us to deal with what is outside the ambit of the CFATF and FATF, and we

MOHAMMED NOOR, Rice Farmer: “If the bill don’t pass, it will affect farmers. How we going to get we business done? When we collect money from the miller, how we going to walk with it? Everything will change. “We will get ‘hambug’. When push come to shove, we will have

By David De Groot

HAVE we ever stopped to think what impressions are conveyed to visitors, on their first experience coming to Guyana, by the bold front page headlines daily appearing in the Stabroek News, and Kaieteur News especially? Invariably, the news items are vulgar, depraved, or associated with crimes of a violent nature, including murder; and the texts employed are always imputing negative connotations to the government. This willful policy has, over the years, been embraced by the two daily newspapers. Take, as an example, the headline employed by the Stabroek News of Saturday, February 22, 2014: “DPP asks cops to reopen baton rape probe.” This allegation of a baton rape of a male victim by a police rank is itself of a vulgar nature, but it has been receiving wide front page publicity since early January 2014, including sordid details on what is yet only an allegation. The front page stories quite often report on four different kinds of violent issues including murder and vicious attacks on persons, which are quite alarming and frightening to contemplate by potential investors visiting the country. Where is the patriotism in all of this perfidious policy that is clearly intended to do harm? Yes, it may be considered news; David De Groot but surely, it should not be accorded front page prominence. In any event, where do we rank all the varied developmental issues taking place throughout the country in every sector, be it electrification of roads, housing, water, schools, health, making life more comforting; there are always interesting stories to tell about the improvement taking place. Our people are at work feeding the nation, building their own homes, and generally improving themselves in myriad areas of endeavour. These people are concerned with building their country, not in conveying negative news or actions, as is happening at the moment with the opposition Members of Parliament on the Money Laundering Bill, which clearly demonstrates their determination to have Guyana blacklisted insofar as conducting international trade transactions are concerned. I say we cannot afford to let this happen; but, unfortunately, the opposition’s one-seat majority will have the final say. And with their vicious agenda of paralyzing the government’s forward movement, the future looks absolutely ominous. We have to get rid of these imposters.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014


US-based NGO HERO conducts health care outreach in G/t, Linden & B/ce By Ravin Singh

Regional Chairman Mr. Clement Corlette shares a light moment in playing Phagwah

Region 4 RDC observes Phagwah for the first time By Asif Hakim

THE Regional Democratic Council of Region 4 (Demerara/ Mahaica) observed Holi (Phagwah) for the first time yesterday; and Regional Chairman Clement Corlette, Deputy Regional Executive Officer Ameena Hinds, pandits, religious groups, and Education Ministry officials were all in attendance. Phagwah celebrations start with a Holika bonfire on the night before Holi, when people gather to sing and dance. The next morning, a free-for-all carnival of colours, wherein everyone plays, chases, and colours each other with dry powder and coloured water; with some carrying water guns and coloured water-filled balloons for their water ‘fight’. Anyone and everyone is fair game: acquaintance or stranger, rich or poor, man or woman, old or young. Speaking at a press conference held at the RDC head office, Regional Chairman Clement Corlette made brief remarks on how Phagwah is celebrated in Guyana, and how it was planned for the RDC to host such an event for the first time. He opined that it is good for all to live in harmony, and celebrate not only Phagwah, but all other religious holidays. Let us celebrate the Holi festival of colours in true spirit, joy, merriment and love, he implored. He also spoke about practices in religion as he admonished all Guyanese to celebrate the festival as one, regardless of religious affiliation. Speaking with Deputy Regional Executive Officer Ameena Hinds, the Guyana Chronicle was told that this is the first time the Regional Administration, in collaboration with the RDC, would host a programme to observe Phagwah festivities. The staff of the administration had embarked on the rangoli preparation with five gallons of rice and colours. It’s a mini programme to emphasise the region’s collaborative effort in observing the different festivals that are being observed in Guyana, she said, as she iterated that every Guyanese should appreciate each other’s religion and practices, regardless of our different backgrounds. The Rangoli, also known as Kolam or Muggu, is an Indian folk art in which patterns are created on the floor in living rooms or courtyards using materials such as coloured rice, dry flour, coloured sand, or flower petals. The RDC’c Rangoli was created by staff members of the Accounts Department, namely Briana Beharry, Taniesa Neusa, Nandi Kellman and Vani Rampersaud. The Regional Chairman thanked them for their brilliant efforts. Pandit Rajin Semachay, who blessed the programme with his prayers, explained the history of Phagwah and the way it’s taught to be celebrated. He said that Phagwah is the time when all Hindus come out and celebrate the festival of colours, so they should be guided by noble thoughts and actions, and by the fragrance of Bassant to rejuvenate their lives. Phagwah, better known as Holi, came from the word Holika which means “good over evil”. Phagwah is also a time to pray for forgiveness and to correct errors. After the press conference held at the Region 4 RDC, the Regional Chairman, approximately all the staff members of the RDC, members of the media, pandits, religious groups, ministry officials and many others observed the festival by damping each other with plain and coloured powder, and everyone enjoyed themselves before being treated to a meal as the celebrations continued.

MANY young graduates spend their free time socializing and travelling; members of the US-based NGO known as Health and Educational Relief Organization, who operate under the acronym “HERO”, spend theirs volunteering to provide medical outreach to the less fortunate in Guyana. Founded in New York, HERO has been operating in Guyana for over 13 years via the activities of its three arms: surgical, medical, and educational. It currently comprises mostly young people who are in the medical field. The team usually visits Guyana twice per year, in March and in August. This year, HERO’s enthusiastic young people visited Georgetown, Linden and Berbice, providing medical support in areas where this necessity was lacking. The group that was sent to Linden rendered assistance to the One Mile clinic, Christianburg health clinic and Silverhill health clinic. A wide range of medical services was provided, including diabetes testing, blood pressure testing, and dental care, among other things. That apart, the educational arm of the organization aims to educate the patients on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, after administering treatment of their health issues. Medical equipment was also donated to the nearby clinics and health institutions. The other groups visiting Berbice and Georgetown provided similar services.

This group of young persons, whose aspiration is to restore humanity, has done an invaluable good, and was treated to dinner at Duke Lodge on Thursday evening by CEO of BK International, Mr. Brian Tiwarie. Though Tiwarie failed to attend the occasion because of time constraints, the group nevertheless acknowledged his efforts, and the evening was filled with laughter and success stories. Two of the volunteers were able to share their experiences, revealing that Guyana’s health service is vastly different from what obtains in the US. They shared similar sentiments that Guyanese are extremely patient people, whose making much with what they have was really a life-changing experience for them. Friendships, they proclaimed, were built, and the ability to meet people’s needs without yet having a degree was truly indescribable. Current President of the Organisation, Guyanese Dr. Collie Oudkerk, also expressed appreciation, and noted how happy he was to be able to give something back to his country. He also revealed future plans for the group, one of which would be to choose a specific clinic in an area and do a continuous follow-up on diabetic patients. He added that a future project would be examining breast cancer patients, and providing medical assistance to them in all possible ways. HERO is an NGO funded through donations from the public and support of its members. To become a volunteer or donate to this worthy cause, visit One act of kindness a day can make a difference!

President of HERO, Dr. Collie Oudkerk, addressing attendees of the dinner on Thursday evening

David Brandson (right) renders dental care assistance to a school boy

Two volunteers from HERO provide medical services to an elderly man


Parliament honours past and present female MPs for giving years of service

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014

The awardees, from left to right, are: Mrs. Shirley Edwards, awarded for 18 years of service; Mrs. Philomena Sahoye-Shury, awarded for 15 years of service; First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar; Amerindian Affairs Minister Pauline Sukhai, awarded for 20 years of service; daughter of Mrs. Deborah Backer, who received her mother’s award for 14 years of service; and staff member of the Parliament Office, Mrs Eleanor Coddett, who was awarded for giving 30 years of service.

… Parliament staff member also honoured

THE Guyana Parliament has honoured women in its annual International Women’s Day Luncheon held at Duke Lodge in Kingston on Thursday last. Those past and present members of Parliament who were honoured with special awards for long and dedicated service were: Amerindian Affairs Minister Pauline Sukhai, for giving 20 years of service; Mrs. Philomena Sahoye-Shury, for giving 15 years of service; Mrs. Shirley Edwards, for giving 18 years of service; Opposition Member of Parliament Deborah Backer, for giving 14 years of service; and staff member of the Parliament Office, Ms Eleanor Coddett, for giving 30 years of service.

In presenting Mrs. Deborah Backer’s award to her daughter, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds reflected on the past, and posited that if he had a crystal ball at that time, he would have worked to bring Mrs. Backer on the ‘right side’. Mrs. Backer recently resigned from parliamentary duty for health reasons. Leader of the Opposition and of A Partnership for National Unity, Brigadier (retd) David Granger, commended the achievements of Mrs. Philomena Sahoye-Shury during her service to the party of her choice. He praised her commitment to her beliefs, and her choice to serve. Presenting the award to Minister Sukhai, Alliance

For Change Leader Khemraj Ramjattan reflected on her humble beginnings, and commended her achievement during her 20 years of service. Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr. Raphael Trotman, in presenting the award to Mrs Shirley Edwards, reflected on her past and on her strong commitment to the party of her choice whilst living in another party’s stronghold. Deputy Clerk of the National Assembly (ag), Mrs. Hermina Gilgeours, presented the award to her colleague, Mrs. Coddett, describing her as having contributed dedicated and reliable years of service to the Parliament Office.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014



GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014



GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014



GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014



GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15 2014


Tendulkar voted Crickeer... From Backpage cial performance, and it is very close to me,” Rohit said about winning. “I am very happy that ESPN has recognised this performance of mine. Getting 200 every day is not easy. More than anything else it was a match-winning performance and it helped us win the series. It was a decider game, we wanted to win the game and win the series, so I am happy that it came at the right time and we won the series.” The jury for the performance awards included Mark Butcher, Sanjay Manjrekar, Daryll Cullinan, Russel Arnold, Ian Bishop, Rahul Dravid, and a number of ESPNcricinfo’s senior writers. A new category, Debutant-of-the-Year, voted on by ESPNcricinfo users, was won by India’s Mohammed Shami, who took 17 wickets in his four Tests in 2013, and 30 ODI wickets. Shami beat the likes of Kusal Perera, Ashton Agar, Kyle Abbott, Sohail Maqsood and Jason Holder to the title.

English Uttoxeter 10:05 hrs Broughtons Bandit 10:40 hrs Toby Lerone 11:15 hrs Twoways 11:50 hrs Are Ya Right Chief 12:25 hrs Gentle Bob 13:00 hrs Swing State 13:35 hrs Tiger Feat Kempton 10:20 hrs Able Deputy 10:55 hrs Legacy Gold 11:30 hrs Top Of The Range 12:05 hrs First Mohican 12:40 hrs Ned Stark 13:15 hrs Badgers Cove 13:50 hrs Kayf Blanco

Also new this year, the Contribution to Cricket Award went to Tarak Sinha, head coach of the Sonnet Cricket Club in Delhi, who has been involved in the development of a remarkable number of Indian Test and first-class players, among them Aakash Chopra, Ashish Nehra and Manoj Prabhajar. Sinha, who was nominated for the award by Rahul Dravid, has coached Ranji Trophy-winning Delhi and Rajasthan teams, and was the coach of the India women’s team the first time they won a Test series overseas. South Africans AB de Villiers and Dale Steyn dominated the Statsguru Awards, which are adjudged based purely on statistical data. de Villiers won Batsman-of-the-Year, Best Test Batsman, and Most Consistent Batsman. Steyn was the Bowler-of-the-Year and the Best Test Bowler. The ESPNcricinfo Awards are now in their seventh year. Past winners have included Dale Steyn, Kumar Sangakkara, Virender Sehwag and Lasith Malinga. (ESPN Cricinfo).

Turffontein 08:25 hrs Halve The Deficit 09:00 hrs Bezanova 09:35 hrs Rodeo Sioux 10:10 hrs Akii Bua 10:45 hrs Hard Rock 11:20 hrs Flawless Gem 11:55 hrs Maji Moto Irish Racing Tips Limerick 10:00 hrs Casino Markets 10:35 hrs Corp[orate Box 11:10 hrs Tawseef 11:45 hrs Rafi De Trianna 12:20 hrs Srah Battle 12:55 hrs Poker School 13:30 hrs Kayf Hampshire

Wolverhampton 13:40 hrs Ishetoo 14:10 hrs Very First Blade 14:40 hrs Tokyo Brown 15;10 hrs Jaahiez 15:40 hrs Big Orange 16:10 hrs Star Links 16:40 hrs Sian Gwalia

American Racing Tips Aqueduct Race 1 Executive Office Race 2 Dighton Race 3 North Ocean Race 4 My Friend Keith Race 5 Bridget Moloney Race 6 Holyicious Race 7 Half Nelson Race 8 Mamdooha

South Africa Racing Tips

Race 9 marketable Miss


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014

Pistorius’ watch vanished while police combed house, court told By John Mkhize PRETORIA, South Africa (Reuters) - South African police faced further embarrassment at the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius yesterday when it emerged that a valuable watch had vanished from the crime scene and a ballistic expert had handled the athlete’s gun without gloves. The Olympic and Paralympic ‘Blade Runner’ denies the premeditated murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day last year, saying he shot her in a tragic accident after mistaking her for a nighttime intruder. On day 10 of the trial, Colonel Schoombie Van Rensburg, the first policeman to arrive at Pistorius’ home in an up-market Pretoria estate, expressed his anger at forensic blunders but had his own work called into question by the defence. Van Rensburg said the miss-

watches is missing. And I said ‘What do you mean? I can’t believe it. We were just there.’” He said everyone in the house, including all of the police officers present, were then subjected to a body search and their cars were also swept, but the watch had vanished.

Olympic and Paralympic track star Oscar Pistorius sits in the dock during court proceedings at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, yesterday. (Credit: Reuters/Phill Magakoe/Pool) ing watch was one of eight this particular watch, a green found in the house. and black one, was valued be“I told the whole forensic tween 50 000 and 100 000 rand team that those watches were ($4 650 to $9 300). a big concern of mine,” he told “I went down to the garage the court. “Then one of the then one of the officers came forensic experts mentioned that and mentioned that one of these

POLICE CREDIBILITY In another example of botched police work, Van Rensburg described how a ballistics expert had held Pistorius’ gun in his hands without gloves. “I was very angry and was not very pleased with what I saw,” he said. This may not be material to the case as there is no dispute that Pistorius fired the fatal shots. But the overall credibility of the investigation could still prove crucial to the outcome of a trial that has gripped South Africa and is expected to last for several more weeks. Days after the killing of Steenkamp last year, it

emerged that Hilton Botha, the initial lead detective in the case, was himself facing attempted murder charges for firing on a minibus full of passengers. Ridiculed for his slipshod handling of the initial investigation, he was pulled off the case and then resigned from the force. Van Rensburg has also subsequently retired but remains a key witness. If found guilty of premeditated murder, Pistorius faces at least 25 years behind bars. The athlete says he was convinced he was shooting at an intruder when he fired four bullets through a locked toilet door, three of which hit Steenkamp. The first photographs of Pistorius after the shooting were displayed in court yesterday, showing the heavily muscled athlete bare-chested and staring vacantly at the camera, with blood spattered on his rumpled shorts and left arm.

Pistorius had his lower legs amputated as a baby, but he overcame the disability to become the “fastest man on no legs”, running on carbon-fibre “blades” to win gold medals at the Beijing and London Paralympics. He was not wearing his artificial legs at the time of the shooting, and has said this made him feel vulnerable and panicky, part of the reasoning behind his plea of ‘not guilty’ to the murder of law graduate and model Steenkamp. His lawyer Barry Roux tried to raise questions about the police handling of the crime scene, noting that in one police photo a cell phone was visible, whereas Van Rensburg conceded it was covered by a towel when he first arrived. “We are trying to find out when can we rely on a scene photo as a true reflection, and when is it changed,” Roux said. The trial resumes on Monday.

Lord Windermere wins dramatic Cheltenham Gold Cup “If we have any doubt, the doubt goes to the horse in front.” Culloty, who won three successive Gold Cups on Best Mate for trainer Henrietta Knight between 2002 and 2004, said he “almost expected to lose the race”. “I’m in a total state of disbelief to be honest,” he said. “I couldn’t believe it during the race and then when the steward’s result was announced, I thought we were certain to lose it given my luck.”

By Justin Palmer CHELTENHAM, England (Reuters) - Jim Culloty, already part of Cheltenham folklore for partnering threetime Gold Cup winner Best Mate, won the showpiece for the first time as a trainer with Lord Windermere yesterday but only after a nerve-shredding stewards’ enquiry. Irishman Culloty said he went through the “worst few minutes of my life” before it was confirmed, after some 10-minute delay, that the result would stand after the 20-1 surprise winner had prevailed - a short head in front of On His Own (16-1). In a dramatic finish, just inches separated the front two, along with third-placed The Giant Bolster (14-1), as the trio battled it out side by side up the testing uphill finish at Cheltenham. Lord Windermere, who had appeared to have been out of contention for a large part of the

Jockey Davy Russell riding Lord Windermere celebrates winning the Gold Cup at the Cheltenham Festival horseracing meet in Gloucestershire, western England yesterday. (Credit: REUTERS/Toby Melville) race, had drifted right after the final fence and stewards looked at whether the winner, ridden by Davy Russell, had caused interference to the runner-up

and third finisher. “On balance we did not think the minor interference had cost the second the race,” said stewards’ secretary Paul Barton.

APPEAL CONSIDERED Winning connections may yet face a battle to keep the race after Willie Mullins, trainer of On His Own, said he would consider an appeal. “I’ll have a chat with the owner and see what he wants to do, talk to (jockey) David (Casey) and see what he thinks and talk to people that know a little more than I do as the appeal will be in England and I need to see what the chances are of us

getting a result,” Mullins said. “It’s a nice prize to win but it is not necessarily the way you want to do it. We’ll see what happens.” Casey, a late replacement as jockey after Ruby Walsh and Paul Townend suffered injuries in the first race, said he would have won had he not been “impeded”. “I felt that, with a straight run, I would have won the race. I got interfered with a couple a times ... I felt all the way up the straight I was being impeded.” Culloty, who retired from the saddle in 2005 after a succession of injuries, followed in the footsteps of Fred Winter, Pat Taaffe and Jonjo O’Neill in becoming the fourth man to both ride and train the winner of the Gold Cup. “Halfway round I was going to sack the jockey. He’s not moved a muscle and he’s come from nowhere,” he said. Russell, who enjoyed a day to remember with three winners, added: “I’m obviously delighted

and relieved. It was nerve-racking. I knew I was under no pressure and I just took a chance of going down the inside and he’s done it. “I was on the best horse in the race. Throughout the race I probably wasn’t in the best position from where Jim wanted me to be. “I couldn’t ride a winner for Jim all year but he kept saying ‘wait for Cheltenham, wait for Cheltenham’ and how right he was.” Victory was particularly sweet for Russell who at the end of last year lost his job as top jockey to Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary’s Gigginstown Stud in Ireland. O’Leary was out of luck in the Gold Cup yesterday after Last Instalment, whose trainer Philip Fenton faces a number of charges in Ireland in relation to possessing unlicensed substances, including anabolic steroids, fell in the latter stages. Last year’s winner Bobs Worth finished fifth.

‘Burnout’ not depression caused Ashes return, says Trott LONDON, England (Reuters) - England batsman Jonathan Trott said mental “burnout” was behind his sudden withdrawal from England’s Ashes tour of Australia and he is now eager to resume his international career. Trott left the tour after England were thrashed in the first Test in November with what was reported to be a “stress-related” illness, but the South Africa-born 32-year-old has

refuted suggestions he was suffering from depression. “People come up to you and say, ‘it’s good to see you’re out and about’ and I’m like, ‘I’m not crazy I was just burnt out’,” Trott said in an interview to be aired by Sky Sports tomorrow. Trott’s second-innings dismissal by Mitchell Johnson at the Gabba was described by Australian batsman David Warner as “weak”, prompting then

England coach Andy Flower to accuse the hosts of being disrespectful to the ailing batsman. “It’s pretty difficult to put into words the emotions to walk away from an Ashes tour - it’s something I never thought I’d have to do and something I hope no cricketer has to do again,” Trott said. “It was the right decision no doubt, it was something that came about through no one

else’s fault other than the situation I found myself in wanting to do so well for England. “I don’t think there’s anything else the ECB or the guys on tour could have done differently. I tried my hardest and ended up finding out myself I had nothing left to give. “It was very difficult for me to operate close to 100 percent or even 50 percent of what I was capable of.

“I remember day two or day three, it was a bit of a blur, I was getting headaches and all sorts of things and I wasn’t eating properly towards the end and that’s when the sleep started getting disruptive and emotionally that was probably when I was worst and it just boiled over. “I had nothing left in the tank or the battery - mentally and emotionally pretty drained and had nothing left to give

really.” Trott said he had felt guilty leaving his team mates to toil away for the rest of the series they lost 5-0. “I’d experienced a lot of success with England and a lot of good times and not many bad times and seeing the guys struggling out there was pretty tough in that I should have been there going through the tough times,” he said.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15 2014


Hoeness quits Bayern, accepts jail term for tax evasion By Jens Hack MUNICH, Germany - (Reuters) - Uli Hoeness said yesterday he would accept a 3-1/2year prison term for evading 27 million euros (22.5 million pounds) in taxes and resigned as president and chairman of Bayern Munich, the club he made into one of the world’s most successful football dynasties. Hoeness, 62, a household name in his country and friend of Chancellor Angela Merkel, had admitted evading taxes on income earned in secret Swiss bank accounts but hoped for leniency in one of the most scrutinised cases of its kind ever in Germany.

Uli Hoeness “After discussions with my my understanding of decency, family I have decided to accept dignity and personal responthe ruling of the Munich court sibility,” he wrote in a stateon my tax affairs. This befits ment published on the Bayern website. “Tax evasion was the biggest mistake of my life.” Judge Rupert Heindl ruled on Thursday that Hoeness’s voluntary disclosure was incomplete and therefore did not meet a vital requirement of amnesty laws designed to encourage tax dodgers to come clean. Hoeness, a former star foot(REUTERS) - England all-rounder Ben Stokes has been ruled out of this month’s World Twenty20 in Bangladesh with a fractured hand, the England and Wales Cricket Board said yesterday. Chris Woakes has been added to the 15-man squad to replace Stokes, who suffered the injury when he struck a locker in the PRETORIA, South Africa dressing-room following his dismissal in the Twenty20 interna(Reuters) - Australia comforttional against West Indies in Barbados on Thursday. “I am really disappointed to be missing out on going to a ably chased down a modest World T20 with England - it was a huge error in judgement target set by South Africa to following a frustrating tour for me and I deeply regret my win the third Twenty20 inbehaviour,” Stokes said in an ECB statement. ternational by six wickets at “I would like to wish the team all the very best in Bangladesh.” SuperSport Park and take the Stokes, 22, enjoyed a successful Ashes tour of Australia, making a century in the third Test in Perth which was Enseries 2-0 after the first game gland’s only individual hundred in a series they lost 5-0, and was washed out. establishing himself in the side. A quick-fire 39 off 27 balls But he endured a dismal tour of West Indies, making only from opener Aaron Finch set nine runs in three one-day internationals, and four runs in two Twenty20s, including a golden duck in the third game of the series. the platform for the victory as Stokes did not take an international wicket in the CaribAustralia reached 129 for four bean. with five overs to spare in reply England’s preparations for the Twenty20 World Cup had alto South Africa’s 128 for seven ready suffered a blow this week with the withdrawal of all-rounder Joe Root due to a thumb injury. off 20 overs. Experienced batsman Ian Bell was called up to replace him. The home side struggled on a slow and difficult pitch and only opener Quinton de Kock, who scored 41, emerged with any plaudits as wickets fell around him. Australia fast bowler Mitch-

England’s Stokes ruled out of World T20

baller adored by Bayern Munich fans, had been a popular TV talk show guest and ironically had spoken out for higher taxes and railed against tax evasion. “The chancellor respects the decision Mr Hoeness took today,” Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert said. He declined to give details of a lunch between the chancellor and Hoeness that took place the day before Hoeness decided to turn himself in - a meeting that has been the subject of media speculation. The case hinged on the question of whether Hoeness, who as a player helped West Germany win the 1974 World Cup, cooperated fully with his voluntary disclosure. The court decided he took too long to provide information, and it was riddled with errors. His case profoundly shocked Germany, where tax evasion is considered a serious crime, and prompted thousands of tax dodgers to turn themselves in. It caused deeper shock than when Peter Graf, the late father of former tennis champion Steffi

Graf, was exposed as a tax cheat during the height of her career. He was sentenced in 1997 to three years and nine months for evading 12.3 million marks (6.3 million euros) and released after 25 months. “LIFE’S WORK” Germany’s centre-left deputy chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, said the sentence for Hoeness showed “justice has been done”. He called for the directors of Swiss banks that hide such funds to be hauled before the courts. Hoeness was first charged with evading 3.5 million euros in taxes. But when the trial began on Monday he stunned the court by admitting he had actually evaded five times that amount - or 18.5 million euros. That figure was subsequently raised further to 28.5 million euros - a figure acknowledged by Hoeness’s defence team. Hoeness said he would leave his posts with the club in order to spare Bayern Munich, a team which last year won the Champions League and which

dominates the German Bundesliga, any damage. “Bayern Munich is my life’s work and will also remain so,” he said. The club’s earnings have soared under his stewardship, which has lasted 35 years in various posts. It has more than 220 000 club members, many of them fans, who have a vote at annual Bayern Munich policy meetings. FC Bayern Munich AG is privately owned. Major German companies Adidas AG ADSGn. DE, Allianz ALVG.DE and Audi AG VOWG_p.DE, all of which are based in the state of Bavaria, have each an 8.3 percent stake in the club. Deutsche Telekom AG DTEGn.DE is the club’s main advertising sponsor. Bayern Munich named Herbert Hainer, the CEO of Adidas, to replace Hoeness as chairman of the supervisory board and vice president. Board members include Audi CEO Rupert Stadler, Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn and Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Hoettges.

Australia cruise to comfortable series win

Aaron Finch

ell Starc produced an impressive variation of pace to take two wickets and, as importantly, to concede just 16 runs in his four overs. Finch and Cameron White did not seem to have the same difficulty with the wicket, amassing a quick 43 runs in the first five overs as Australia switched their dominance from ball to bat. Shane Watson pitched in with 35 off 28 balls to ease the touring side to victory. “It puts us in a good way for the World T20,” he told reporters. On Wednesday, Australia produced an exhibition of ferocious batting to edge South Africa in the last over of a match reduced by rain to just seven overs each in Durban.

DCB U-15 Inter-Zone Competition ...

Dominant Georgetown thump East Coast by 142 runs

Ben Stokes

DEFENDING champions Georgetown continued to blow away their opponents in this year’s Demerara Cricket Board Under-15 Inter-Zone Competition by thumping East Coast by 142 runs yesterday at the Enmore Community Centre ground in their second round matchup. Georgetown took to the

crease first and scored 234 for 6 off their 50 overs, with opener Joshua Persaud recording Georgetown’s second century in the competition, 106, while first round centurion Alphius Bookie, was again amongst the runs with 43. Bowling for East Coast, Pradesh Balkishun and Ramdeo Basdeo took two

wickets for 35 and 57 runs respectively, before they were bowled out for 92 in the 40th over, with only Balkishun and Anil Singh reaching double figures with 17 and 13 respectively. The Georgetown bowlers had a feast led by Bookie who took 4 for 21, Khenchandra Hardyal 3 for 19 and Stephon

Wilson 2 for 15. Persaud was adjudged the Man-of-the-Match for his brilliant century. The third and final round of the competition continues today with East Coast and West Demerara clashing at the Wales Community Centre ground, and East Bank taking on Georgetown at the Everest Cricket Club ground.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday March 15, 2014

Elizabeth Styles U-21 cricket tourney launched …16 Berbice teams to compete

THE Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) in collaboration with Elizabeth Styles on Thursday launched the Elizabeth Styles Under-21 cricket tournament for teams in Berbice. Addressing members of the media in the studio of the National Communications Network, the BCB’s Public Relations Officer (PRO) Hilbert Foster said the BCB is very pleased to have Elizabeth Styles sponsor such a tournament since it will further develop the sport and talent of the young cricketers in the county. He noted that the main reason for the success story of Berbice cricket over the years has been the hosting of the game at all levels, especially at the junior level

(Under-15, Under-17, Under-19 and Under -21). He said each age level complements the other as they assist the players to develop themselves as they age. Foster said the BCB last year hosted its first-ever Under-21 tournament which was sponsored by Elizabeth Styles, a United States-based company and it was highly successful with Blairmont defeating Albion in the final to clinch their first-ever Berbice title. The PRO said he is very delighted with the sponsorship especially since the BCB will be celebrating its Golden Jubilee this year and the Elizabeth Styles tournament would feature about 16 teams and would be played on a knockout basis.

Grand horse race meet at Port Mourant Turf Club tomorrow

THE Port Mourant Turf Club (PMTC) will come alive tomorrow when the Port Mourant Turf Club presents a grand one-day horse race meet. The one-day activity has already attracted some of the country’s top thoroughbreds who will be competing for millions in cash and trophies starting at 13:00hrs Seven highly interesting races are carded for the day with the feature event being the D and Lower, fetching the highest first prize of $1M and will cover a mile and distance. The main supporting race is for Three-year-old Guyana and West Indies-bred animals competing at 1300m for a top prize of $600 000. The winner of the Four-year-old Guyana and West Indies-bred horses’ event at a mile and distance is guaranteed $500 000 while the same cash prize is at stake for the champion horse in the F and Lower (1500m). Other races on the programme are the G3 W.I. Maiden and Guy Open (1200m/$400 000 first prize), I and Lower (1000m/$250 000 first prize) and the J and Lower (1200m/$200 000 first prize). Some 75 horses have already registered and all systems are in place for a highly competitive day of racing, featuring the leading horses, jockeys and stables. According to the organizer, the track is in excellent condition for tomorrow’s highly anticipated showdown.


(Saturday March 15, 2014) Compliments of THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market & The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055) Answers to Thursday’s quiz: Albert Padmore and Imtiaz Ali 121 times (ODI matches) Today’s Quiz: What is the highest team score in a Test innings at Bourda? Who is the only player to score a century in both his one hundredth Test and one hundredth ODI? Answers in tomorrow’s issue

Among the teams expected to participate are: Blairmont, Bush Lot, West Berbice, Bermine, Young Warriors, Albion, RHTYSC, Port Mourant, Upper Co0rentyne and Skeldon.

Among the top Berbice players who will be on show in the 50-over tournament are: Shimron Hetmyer, Kevin Ramdeen, Kandasammy Surujnarine, Gudakesh Motie Kanhi, Brandon Prashad, Shawn Pereira, Shailendra Shameer and Linden Austin.

The winning team will receive $60 000 and a trophy, while the runners-up will get $30 000. He said the main aims of the tournament are to assist the Under-19 players to make a successful transition to the senior level and to keep the junior cricketers occupied by playing the game after their Under-19 careers are over. According to Foster, the

company has already invested close to $500 000 for an Under-19 Inter-Club tournament and a countrywide coaching programme for the Berbice Elite junior players. He thanked Elizabeth Styles local representative Bissoondyal Singh for his confidence in the BCB and reassured him that the BCB will be well organised while achieving its intended goals.

In this Sonell Nelson photo, BCB secretary Alisa Moonsee (third right) accepts the sponsorship cheque from Elizabeth Styles representative Bissoondyal Singh. Others in photo are from left, the Sales Representative Sookraj Apanna, BCB vice-president Julian Cambridge, BCB selector Ravindranauth Saywack and BCB life member Malcolm Peters.

Milo/Petra Under-20 tournament continues this weekend FOOTBALL action in this year’s Milo-sponsored, Petra Organisation-organised Under-20 Secondary Schools football tournament will continue this weekend at the Ministry of Education ground, Carifesta Avenue. In keeping with the Fair Play attitude being requested by the sport’s governing

body FIFA, the organisers have agreed to push back the start of today’s matches from the usual 10:00hrs to 12:00hrs, to facilitate the opening of the Scotiabank/Pepsi Football Academy. In today’s matches Bishops’ High will take on Central High in the opening game, followed by Lodge Secondary against St Mary’s High.

Defending champions St George’s will oppose St Joseph while Dolphin Secondary and South Ruimveldt will culminate the day’s action. Tomorrow the action continues from 11:00hrs when Carmel Secondary meet David Rose Secondary, St Winefride’s keep a date with Tutorial, Kingston High and Richard Ishmael go at

each other, followed by Chase Academy and Queen’s College, bringing the curtain down on the preliminary round of matches for this year’s tournament. The knockout phase will kick off next Saturday at the same venue, where fans are expected to see some enthralling action displayed by the nation’s future in the sport.

Double-header football action in Bartica tonight THE Bartica Community Centre ground will come alive over the weekend with football action as the ‘I’ Movement Promotions, in collaboration with Sky Launch Restaurant & Bar, hosts two double-headers beginning tonight. Fans will once again be entertained by the well accomplished City side Camptown FC who will be parading a young and talented team, blended with experience, against the challenges of Mel Ballers and Beacon FC. In tonight’s opening match set for 18:00hrs, Five Star Beacon FC confront Potaro Strikers and in the feature game at 20.00hrs Mel Ballers will match skills with Camptown, who will be led by midfielder Germain Codrington. His main support will be former

National midfielder and club captain Troy ‘Bugs’ Prescod who will also serve as coach. The defence will be directed by the experienced Roshan Sandiford alongside Adrian Adonis and Joel Babb while the chief offensive weapon will be Devon Forde. The home side will depend on midfielders Kevon Dutchin, Amlee Martindale and Andre Stoby and in defense there will be Colin Hercules, Germain Christian and Anil Williams. The top attacker is Delon Welch and safeguarding the citadel will be Shawn Garraway. The tour will conclude Phagwah night with another double-header at the community centre ground where Camptown’s opponent will be Beacon.

Fudadin hits 82 but Guyana in danger of losing first innings points … Trail Windward Islands by 120 runs

By Calvin Roberts AFTER bowling out the Windward Islands for 307, hosts Guyana put on another pathetic batting display despite 82 from Assad Fudadin and were in danger of surrendering first-innings points to the visitors at the end of the second day of their third round West Indies Cricket Board Regional four-day competition at the Guyana National Stadium yesterday. Fudadin 82 (184 balls, 225 mins, 9x4; 1x6), added 80 with Shivnarine Chanderpaul (26) for the fifth wicket, that rescued Guyana from 37 for 4 and took them to 117 for 5, before he was brilliantly caught by Devon Smith. At the close of play, Anthony Bramble 29 (54 balls, 70 mins 1x4; 1x6) and Devendra Bishoo 22 (4x4 62 mins, 55 balls) have so far posted 51 for the eighth wicket for the Guyanese, who lost both of their first round matches to Jamaica and Barbados, and were 187 for 7, against Liam Sebastien’s 2 for 68. Earlier in the day, the visitors who defeated Barbados inside three days in the first round before going under to Trinidad and Tobago in the second were dismissed within the first hour’s play, after resuming their innings on 289 for 6.

Assad Fudadin top-scores for Guyana with 82.

They used 9.2 overs to score an additional 18 runs, losing their final four wickets cheaply as Christopher Barnwell (4 for 54) and Narsingh Deonarine with 2 for 54 closed things off for Guyana, following up on Veerasammy Permaul’s first day 3 for 69. Sebastien was the first to go, lbw to Deonarine without any addition to his 60 (142 balls, 243 mins 8x4). Barnwell removed Kenroy Peters (5) after

troubling the batsman with his swing and pace. In the next over, Deonarine trapped Johnson lbw for 4, after the batsman struck Barnwell for four to post the 300 for his team from 99 overs, while Barnwell wrapped up the innings in the following over, when he trapped Pascal lbw without scoring. Asked to bat 15 overs before the lunch interval, Guyana los t both Tagenarine Chanderpaul (0) and

Sewnarine Chattergoon (1) within the first four overs, before taking the break at 26 for 2, with Vishal Singh 11 that included two fours off Johnson and Assad Fudadin 14. Singh (14) and Deonarine were both dismissed within the first 30 minutes after lunch, with Singh being adjudged lbw to Peters while Deonarine was run-out for his third successive duck and fourth in five innings this season by Bobb, when he looked to steal a single to mid-off. Skipper Shivnarine Chanderpaul joined Fudadin who struck Peters for two fours in Guyana’s 27th over, one in which they reached their 50, while Chanderpaul, who played over 150 Test matches for the West Indies, struck Sebastien his opposite number for six back over his head, followed by a four through backward point. Fudadin continued the resilience on behalf of his team, posting his 16th first class half-century in style, when he struck Sebastien back over his head for six, having faced 104 balls while batting for 134 minutes and hitting seven fours in the process, as Guyana inched along to 81 for 4. Guyana got to 100 from 43

overs, with Fudadin on 64 and the elder Chanderpaul, who has over 23 000 first class runs, on 21 and at tea they progressed to 108 for 4 off 46 overs, with Fudadin on 70 and Shivnarine Chanderpaul 23. After the break, Fudadin continued with his positive attitude, driving Pascal past extra cover for four but lost his skipper, who edged one through to James off Sebastien when on 26 (74 balls, 1x4; 1x6), bringing an end to their 80-run fifth-wicket partnership. Barnwell replaced Chan-

WINDWARD ISLANDS first innings (o/n 289/6) L. Sebastien lbw b Deonarine 60 L. James lbw b Barnwell 0 A. Bobb not out 13 K. Peters b Barnwell 5 D. Johnson lbw b Deonarine 4 N. Pascal lbw b Barnwell 0 Extras: (b-8, nb-3, lb-14, w-1) 26 Total: (all out, off 102.4 overs) 307 Fall of wickets: 1-65, 2-78, 3-78, 4-107, 5-263, 6-263, 7-290, 8-299, 9-304. Bowling: Deonarine 28-10-54-2 Joseph 7-0-52-0 (nb-3), Barnwell 20.4-5-54-4 (w-1), Permaul 25-569-3, Bishoo 21-8-44-1, Fudadin 1-0-12-0 GUYANA first innings

derpaul and opened his account with a six over long on off Sebastien, followed by a four through extra cover off Johnson, before Fudadin was brilliantly caught by Devon Smith off Sebastien, while Barnwell 13, (1x6, 1x4) offered James his third catch of the wicket, this time off Bobb. When play resumes at 10:00hrs for the third day action today, Guyana will be looking to either acquire the remaining 121 runs to claim first innings points or try and reduce the visitors lead to a minimum.

S. Chattergoon c Theophile b D Johnson 1 T. Chanderpaul c James b Pascal 0 A. Fudadin c Smith b Sebastien 82 V. Singh lbw b Peters 14 N. Deonarine run-out (Bobb) 0 S. Chanderpaul c James b Sebastien 26 C. Barnwell c James b Bobb 13 A. Bramble not out 29 D. Bishoo not out 22 Total: (for 7 wkts, off 78 overs) 187 Fall of wickets: 1-1, 2-1, 3-36, 4-37, 5-117, 6-136, 7-136. Bowling: Pascal 10-5-19-1, Johnson 9-3-22-1, Peters 11-6-23-1, Sebastien 28-10-68-2, Bobb 19-2-511, Smith 1-0-4-0.

CCC defy Barbados to post respectable total C AV E H I L L , B a r b a d o s (CMC) – A defiant stand between Kavem Hodge and Jomel Warrican followed half-centuries from Kyle Corbin, Chadwick Walton and Shacaya Thomas to prop up Combined Campuses & Colleges’ batting against Barbados in their grudge match here yesterday. Hodge was not out on 34 and Warrican made 24, sharing 56 for the ninth wicket, as CCC, choosing to bat, were dismissed for 269 in their first innings about 20 minutes past the scheduled close on the rain-marred first day of their third round match in the Regional Four-Day Tournament at the 3Ws Oval. Corbin hit the top score of 55, Walton supported with a typically free-scoring 54 and Thomas made an aggressive, even 50, but Hodge and Warrican had to rescue the home team when they plunged to 202 for eight just before tea. Left-arm spinner Sulieman Benn was the most successful Barbados bowler with four for 66 from 23 overs, Roston Chase purchased two for 24 from 11 overs of his uncomplicated offspin, lanky fast bowler Jason Holder snared two for 44 from 15 overs and off-spinner Ashley Nurse grabbed two for 58 from

15 overs. Kraigg Brathwaite was not out on one and Rashidi Boucher was unbeaten on the same score, as the Barbadians reached three without loss from two overs in reply. Hodge and Warrican spent close to 1¾ hours together to frustrate the Barbadians, after it looked like they would roll over CCC before tea. The pair emerged from the break and batted sensibly, mixing sound defence with aggression, to add respectability to their side’s total, as the Barbadians were hamstrung by a typically easy-paced pitch and a worn ball. Neither Hodge, a Domincan, nor Warrican, a Barbadian, and both former Young West

Indies players and West Indies High Performance Centre graduates, offered a semblance of a chance, as they earned CCC a second batting point. It took Holder, armed with the second new ball to make the breakthrough, when he had Warrican caught behind, gloving a snorter, although the batsman rubbed his right bicep to suggest he had not gained a touch. Benn soon brought the innings to a close, when he trapped Kesrick Williams lbw for six, playing defensively forward, earning Barbados all three bowling points. Earlier, Thomas and Corbin endured two stoppages for rain in the morning period to give the CCC a solid base, sharing 76 for the first wicket.

Chadwick Walton congratulates Kyle Corbin on reaching 50. (Windiescricket photo)

Jamaica-born Thomas reached his 50 from 61 balls with a drive off Benn, but he was unfortunate to have been dismissed from the next delivery to send CCC to lunch on 76 for one. Thomas drove Benn powerfully into the body of silly point fielder Rashidi Boucher and the ball ricocheted in the air to be caught at extra cover by Barbados captain Kraigg Brathwaite. After the interval, CCC suffered an early setback in the first over, when left-hander Raymon Reifer, another graduate of the HPC, was lbw for two playing back and across to a delivery from Nurse, leaving CCC 79 for two. But Corbin took control and hastened to his 50 from 84 balls, when he pulled a short ball from Holder to the deep backward square leg for his fourth four which also brought up a 50 partnership for the third-wicket from just 38 balls, with the typically free-scoring Walton. Just when it appeared he was getting into the thick of things, he was caught at deep backward square leg from a miscued hook at another short delivery from Holder. Veteran Floyd Reifer came to the crease and spent 17 minutes before Nurse trapped him lbw for one, playing forward and across a well-

pitched delivery, leaving CCC 143 for four. CCC captain Steven Jacobs, the former Guyana off-spin bowling all-rounder, joined Walton and consolidated for the home team, putting on an even 50 for the fifth wicket. Walton reached his 50 from 75 balls with a square drive off Chase for a deuce before he was caught at mid-wicket off Benn from a miscued flick, triggering a slide that saw CCC crash to 204 for eight at tea. Jacobs was caught behind for 22 playing defensively forward to Chase in the next over, Akeem Dewar

COMBINED CAMPUSES COLLEGES 1st innings S. Thomas c K. Brathwaite b Benn K. Corbin c Best b Holder R. Reifer lbw b Nurse C. Walton c Carter b Benn F. Reifer lbw b Nurse S. Jacobs c wkp. Dowrich b Chase K. Hodge not out A. Dewar c Benn b Chase R. Austin b Benn J. Warrican c wkp. Dowrich b Holder K. Williams lbw b Benn Extras: (b-3, lb-5, w-1, nb-5) Total: (all out, 89 overs) 269

& 50 55 2 54 1 22 34 1 6 24 6 14

was caught at slip for one also playing defensively forward to Chase two overs later, and Ryan Austin earned CCC one batting point before he was bowled for four by Benn three overs later. Barbados, who hold a 4-3 edge in this head-to-head battle, are fourth on 19 points and CCC are bottom of the seven-team table on four points. The Barbadians have lost three of the four matches they have contested at the Three Ws Oval – only breaking the sequence of losing at this venue last year with a resounding innings and 185-run victory.

Fall of wickets: 1-76, 2-79, 3-136, 4-144, 5-193, 6-193, 7-195, 8-202, 9-258. Bowling: Best 9-2-43-0 (nb-3, w-1); Holder 15-3-44-2; C. Brathwaite 13-4-24-0; Nurse 15-1-58-2; Benn 23-8-66-4; Chase 11-4-24-2; Carter 3-1-2-0. BARBADOS 1st innings K. Brathwaite not out 1 R. Boucher not out 1 Extras: (nb-1) 1 Total: (without loss, 2 overs) 3 B o w l i n g : Wa r r i c a n 1 - 0 - 2 - 0 ; Williams 1-0-1-0 (nb-1). Position: Barbados trail by 266 runs with all first-innings wickets standing.


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Fudadin hits 82 but Guyana in danger of losing first innings points

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Tendulkar voted Cricketer-of-the-Generation … Jury picks Indian legend over Warne and Kallis; Johnson, Afridi, Rohit, Dhawan win performance awards for 2013

Sachin Tendulkar beat off strong competition from Shane Warne and Jacques Kallis to win the award. because I was not picked S A C H I N Te n d u l k a r ries-defining 7 for 40 in for the Champions Trophy, has been voted Cricketthe Ashes Test in Adelaide and that was my comeback er-of-the-Generation by a won the Test bowling title and that was my first game 50-member jury of current for 2013 in the annual ESin Georgetown,” Afridi said and former cricketers and PNcricinfo Awards, over perabout the award, “and (I projournalists. formances from Dale Steyn, duced an) awesome perforTe n d u l k a r b e a t s t r o n g Ve r n o n P h i l a n d e r, J a m e s mance in batting and bowling competition from Shane Anderson, and Johnson’s own as well, so I am very happy Warne and Jacques Kallis to Brisbane four-for in the Ashfor this.” win the award, presented to es opener, which kicked off a Indian players took the two mark the first generation of scarcely believable streak in batting prizes. Shikhar Dhawan the existence of ESPNcricinwhich he took 59 wickets in won the Test batting award fo, which has been online eight Tests at a little over 15 for his rollicking 187 on debut since 1993. runs each. against Australia in Mohali last The jury that decided Shahid Afridi won the ODI year. Rohit Sharma’s ODI douon the award included Mibowling award with his 7 for ble-century in Bangalore, also chael Holding, Ian Chappell, 12 against West Indies - a match against Australia, was picked as Martin Crowe, Mark Taylor, he also dominated with the bat, the ODI Batting PerformanceYounis Khan, Kumar Sangamaking 76 off 55 balls. It was of-the-Year. kkara, Mahela Jayawardene, Afridi’s second ESPNcricinfo “It is really a special Barry Richards, John Wright Award; he won in the same award, and it was a very speand Jeff Dujon. category for 2009. Mitchell Johnson’s se(See page 27) “I remember this game

National football players undergoing evaluation THE Guyana Football Federation (GFF) has begun its preparation for participation in the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Championship Cup in May 2014 and has started to evaluate players’ performances. The first Physical Evaluation of players selected by the Technical Committee of the GFF commenced on Tuesday last at the Camp Ayanganna (GDF) ground, Georgetown. The following players have been called up for evaluation: Les Charles Critchlow (Slingerz), Delroy Ferdinand (Rosignol), Sheldon Holder (Alpha), Anthony

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town), Dwayne Lawrence , Colin Nelson (Slingerz), Andre Hector, Hubert Pedro (Western Tigers), Vurlon Mills (Slingerz), Keoma Sullivan (Buxton United), Keon Norville (Buxton United), Amos Ramsey (Riddim Squad), Llyton Ramsey (Riddim Squad), Leonaldo Adams (NA United), Kester Jacobs (Alpha), Dwaine Jacobs (Alpha), Jason Cromwell (Buxton United), Colwyn David (Silver Shattas), D. McDonald, Gregory Richardson (Alpha), Andrew Murray (Alpha), Kris Camacho (Alpha), Manasseh Primo (Alpha), Dwight Peters (Alpha) and Anthony Abrams (Alpha). SATURDAY, MARCH 15, 2014

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