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GUYANA No. 103858 SATURDAY JUNE 14, 2014

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Action to restore 2014 Budget cuts Finance Minis ter imminent



Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh

Alexander flayed over ‘irrational utterances’




- on power of gov’t to call local government elections

Dairy sector to see improvements - Agri Minister sets goals for 2020

Body of missing Lusignan teen found in Parika 10 backdam

Seven-year old pinned to a fence by speeding car 11 succumbs



7-year-old Joseph Quallis


Dead: Dhanraj Latchman

‘We strangled him since Wednesday night’


Friendship man accused of 19 murdering his wife remanded Page

The car which struck and rammed Joseph into this concrete wall, sits in a pool of blood.

25-year-old Shelly Persaud, who was murdered by her husband


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014

Alexander flayed over ‘irrational utterances’ - on power of gov’t to call local government elections

By Vanessa Narine GECOM Commissioner, Vincent Alexander on Tuesday commented on the role of government in calling local government elections, contending that such a process must not be held at the

Vincent Alexander discretion of the current administration. And his comments attracted the ire of stakeholders in various sectors, with one senior government official pointing out that since Guyana became independent such powers have resided in the government of the day. On condition of anonymity, the official said, “Over 200 years in the Brit-

ish constitutional system we inherited, the Executive, the Government, always retains the discretionary power of when to call local and general elections. Since we became independent, that power has resided with the government of the day.” The official flayed Alexander for his position, describing them as “irrational utterances.” “Alexander is obviously making these delusional comments in his quest to become relevant in the political equation of the country once again. He was sidelined into oblivion by the Robert Corbin-led PNC (People’s National Congress). Granger has given him a new lease on life so he has woken up from some slumber or darkness to make comments that are nothing but irrational utterances,” the senior Government official said. Last year, on November 6, three local government bills were assented to and include the Fiscal Transfers Bill 2012, Municipal and District Councils (Amendment) Bill and the Local Government Commission Bill. WITH REASON The fourth piece of legislation, the Local Government (Amendment) Bill,

seeks to vest control of local authorities in the Local Government Commission and was not signed off by President Donald Ramotar. He has since explained repeatedly his reasons for not assenting to the piece of legislation. T h e P re s i d e n t h a d pointed out the dangers in reversing his decision to sign Bills, which he said See page 3

‘Vincent Alexander is obviously making these delusional comments in his quest to become relevant in the political equation of the country once again. He was sidelined into oblivion by the Robert Corbin-led PNC (People’s National Congress). Granger has given him a new lease on life so he has woken up from some slumber or darkness to make comments that are nothing but irrational utterances…’


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014

Action to restore 2014 Budget cuts imminent

- Finance Minister By Vanessa Narine

FINANCE Minister Dr. Ashni Singh has disclosed that action is “imminent” to restore critically needed funds that were cut from the 2014 Budget. The reduction was reflected in the Appropriation Act that was passed in the National Assembly on April 16 and assented to by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, acting in the capacity of Head of State, on April 29. The legislation, reflecting a whopping $37.4B cut from an original allocation of $220B, affected the payment of salaries for public servants, as well, given the urgency of the situation. Speaking at a press conference, hosted at the National Communications Network (NCN) studio on Thursday evening, the Finance Minister said: “I can assure that action is imminent…we intend to be guided by the Constitution and statutory provision and by the Acting Chief Justice’s ruling to address the budget cuts and any instance of appropriations being inadequate to meet a public purpose.” Last January 29, Acting Chief Justice Ian Chang ruled that the National Assembly has no right to cut the National Budget. In the June 12 preliminary ruling, the judge had said the National Assembly has a role to either approve or disapprove of the National Estimates, not to reduce them. PRONOUNCED AUTHORITATIVELY Dr. Singh said: “We have available to us both the constitutional and statutory authorities that were repeated in the Acting Chief Justice’s ruling, which pronounced authoritatively on the unconstitutionality of the actions taken by the Opposition and it pronounced authoritatively on the Government’s authority in relation to public expenditure.” The Finance Minister, however, expressed his reluctance to commit to a particular timeframe for a move towards

Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh

action in this regard, but acknowledged the necessity for urgent action. “It is a matter that is engaging active current considerations and actions…I would stop short of giving a precise timeline…I share the sense of urgency,” he said. Minister Singh rejected assertions that the Government is delaying the move to seek the restoration of monies that were cut for the sake of political mileage and pointed out that the Government was not the party that did it in the first place. “We were not the ones who cut the Budget and,

were it not cut we would have “I can assure that action is imminent…we intend to be guided implemented it as submitted to by the Constitution and statutory provision and by the Acting the Parliament. It was not our action that resulted in this action Chief Justice’s ruling to address the budget cuts and any and therefore caused the pain instance of appropriations being inadequate to meet a public (for the people). “…we have to consider, purpose” - Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh we have to weigh before us the statutory and constitutional, as well as other authorities and be guided accordingly. ing Port Kaituma, Kwakwani, Linden, Bartica, Eye Surgery “It is in our (Government’s) interest to have these Operating Room at Linden, etc., $360M; ambulances, ATVs projects and payments, under different allocations to be and Boats $42M; surgical equipment and instruments $32M; made, which is why we included them in the Budget…we Amerindian Development Fund $1.1B; other Amerindian are as anxious as anyone else (for the restoration of some Programmes $40M; Cheddi Jagan International Airport of the monies cut).” (CJIA) modernisation project $6.6B; Civil Aviation $50M and Hinterland Airstrips $185M. Last year, the combined Opposition cut the Budget by BEING ADVANCED The Finance Minister assured that action is “not far $31B and in 2012 by $21B.

Alexander flayed over ‘irrational ... From page2 are unconstitutional, as per his legal advice. He referenced the Esther Pereira Elections Petition case of 1998, where despite an agreement by Members of Parliament a legal case did result. “How do I know if I sign this, despite my legal advice, that another Esther Pereira will raise their head and impeach me,” Ramotar asked. The President made it clear that as it stands nothing is preventing the Opposition from challenging his reason for withholding assent and taking the matter to the court. NOT OPPOSED Additionally, the Head of State last Saturday made it

clear that his administration is not opposed to calling Local Government Elections, but hinted that the commencement order for this process, as well as general elections, could be based on the impacts of the ruling by the Paris-based Financial Action Task Force (FATF). The Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) on May 28 pronounced on Guyana’s failure to address deficiencies in its Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) framework. Through a missive to its members, CFATF effectively blacklisted the country on the international scene when it referred Guyana to FATF. The President, speaking during a recent press conference

away” from being advanced. Under the allocation for Office of the President, the cuts include $245M for the Presidential Guard services; $95M for the provision of developmental and humanitarian aid among other initiatives; $10M for the Office of the First Lady; $73.5M for the Guyana Energy Agency; $119M for Guyana Office for Investment (Go-Invest); $122M for the Institute of Applied Science and Technology (IAST); $17M for the Integrity Commission and $28.5M for the Office of the Commissioner of Information. The other cuts included $18.5B for the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) initiatives; $450M for loans for University of Guyana Students; $725M for the poverty alleviation programme; $7M for the different rights commissions; $795M for the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF); and $4M for support to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the Private Sector. On the chopping block too were the Specialty Hospital $910M; upgrading of Regional and District Hospitals, includ-

held at State House, said, “I don’t know what will happen if the impact of this anti-money laundering bill hits home very, very hard on our economy and whether we might have to go back and have another mandate.” He said that, as Head of State, he cannot close his eyes to the political reality that obtains as the current state of affairs. Mr. Ramotar said, “I would prefer to go to Local Government Elections, but I cannot shut my eyes to the political reality that exists and make a bland promise that I would go to Local Government Elections tomorrow, as I would have done had we had the majority in the parliament at this point in time and we would not have been

in the position that we are in today.” The National Assembly passed the Local Authorities (Elections) (Amendment) Bill 2013, which states that elections must be held on or before August 1, 2014. The August date was made via an amendment to the Bill, proposed by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), while the House was in Committee. However, the President has not assented to the Bill. Local Government Elections were not held in Guyana since 1994. Prior to that, Local Government Elections were last held in 1970. Subsequent to 1994, the elections could not be conducted because of the coincidence with the General and Regional Elections of 1997.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014

Alarmed by Iraq, Iran open to shared role with U.S. - Iran official (Reuters) – SHI’TE Muslim Iran is so alarmed by Sunni insurgent gains in Iraq that it may be willing to cooperate with Washington in helping Baghdad fight back, a senior Iranian official told Reuters. The idea is being discussed internally among the

said. “ We c a n w o r k w i t h Americans to end the insurgency in the Middle East,” the official said, referring to events in Iraq. “We are very influential in Iraq, Syria and many other countries.” For many years, Iran has

Some abducted schoolgirls may never return: Nigerian ex-president (Reuters) - SOME of the schoolgirls abducted by militant group Boko Haram may never return home, Nigeria’s influential former president Olusegun Obasanjo said, in some of the most pessimistic comments yet on their fate from a member of the country’s elite. Obasanjo said President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration had taken too long to respond to the April mass abduction. Once Jonathan’s mentor and one of his strongest political allies, Obasanjo turned against him last December. “I believe that some of them will never return. We will still be hearing about them many years from now,” Obasanjo told the BBC’s Hausa-language radio service on Thursday, in comments echoed in an interview with Nigeria’s Premium Times website. The warning from

East. On Thursday, President Barack Obama said the United States was not ruling out air strikes to help Baghdad fight the insurgents, in what would be the first U.S. armed intervention in Iraq since the end of the U.S.-led war. Rouhani on Thursday

Obasanjo, who stepped down in 2007 and nurtured Jonathan’s own rise to power, will dismay parents who have now waited 60 days for any news of their daughters, taken from a school in the village of Chibok in northeast Nigeria. Obasanjo’s criticisms underline divisions within his and Jonathan’s ruling People’s Democratic Party, heightened by the failure of the government and army to rescue the girls and by political jostling ahead of presidential elections due in 2015. “If you get all of them back, I will consider it a near-miracle ... Do you think they (Boko Haram) will hold all of them together up till now? The logistics for them to do that, holding over 200 girls together, is too much,” Obasanjo said, according to Premium Times. “If the

administration had acted quickly, we could have rescued them,” he said. Boko Haram, which wants to set up an Islamist caliphate in Africa’s largest economy, has fought back against an army offensive and killed thousands in bomb and gun attacks, striking as far afield as the central city of Jos and the capital Abuja. “As these events get reported, it’s bringing far more publicity for their (Boko Haram’s) cause and it’s putting pressure on the Nigerian government,” Martin Roberts, a senior Africa analyst at research firm IHS, told Reuters. Activists have staged regular street protests demanding that Jonathan step up efforts to free the girls. The president has also faced hostile media coverage and a vociferous global #BringBackOurGirls Twitter campaign.

Ukrainian forces reclaim port city from rebels (Reuters) – THE UKRAINIAN flag fluttered over the regional government headquarters in the strategic port city of Mariupol on Friday after government forces reclaimed the city from pro-Russian separatists in heavy fighting, and said they had regained control of a long stretch of the border with Russia. The advances are significant victories for the pro-European leadership in a military operation to crush the rebellion, which began in east Ukraine in April, and hold the country together. Parallel peace moves are only moving slowly, however, and Russia is threatening to cut gas supplies to Ukraine from Monday in a row over prices. In central Mariupol, police cordoned off several streets, where roadblocks of sandbags and concrete blocks, once manned by rebels, were riddled with bullet

Fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) celebrate on vehicles taken from Iraqi security forces, at a street in city of Mosul, June 12, 2014.

Islamic Republic’s leadership, the senior Iranian official told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity. The official had no word on whether the idea had been raised with any other party. Officials say Iran will send its neighbor advisers and weaponry, although probably not troops, to help its ally Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki check what Tehran sees as a profound threat to regional stability, officials and analysts say. Islamist militants have captured swathes of territory including the country’s second biggest city Mosul. Tehran is open to the possibility of working with the United States to support Baghdad, the senior official

been aggrieved by what it sees as U.S. efforts to marginalize it. Tehran wants to be recognized as a significant player in regional security. COMMON CAUSE Relations between Iran and Washington have improved modestly since the 2013 election of President Hassan Rouhani, who promised “constructive engagement” with the world. And while Tehran and the United States pursue talks to resolve the Islamic state’s decade-old nuclear standoff with the West, they also acknowledge some common threats, including the rise of al Qaeda-style militancy across the Middle

strongly condemned what he called violent acts by insurgent groups in the Middle East. “Today, in our region, unfortunately, we are witnessing violence, killing, terror and displacement,” Rouhani said. “Iran will not tolerate the terror and violence ... we will fight against terrorism, factionalism and violence.” Asked on Thursday about Iranian comments, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said: “Clearly, we’ve encouraged them in many cases to play a constructive role. But I don’t have any other readouts or views from our end to portray here today.”

DATE: 11/06/2014 I

06 07 14 18 13 15 17









holes, and the burnt-out hulk of an armoured personnel carrier with rebel insignia smouldered. “At 10:34 a.m. (0734 GMT), the Ukrainian flag was raised over City Hall in Mariupol,” Interior Minister Arsen Avakov wrote on Facebook, less than six hours after the attack began on the city of 500,000, Ukraine’s biggest port on the Azov Sea. A ministry aide said government forces had attacked after surrounding the rebels and giving them 10 minutes to surrender. At least five separatists and two servicemen were killed before many of the rebels fled. A group of about 100 Mariupol residents, who had gathered in the centre to show their opposition to the government’s actions, exchanged obscenities and crude gestures with Ukrainian soldiers driving through town in a column of armoured trucks. “The government




brought everything here, including a cannon ... people were not allowed to come and witness how the government was shooting its own citizens,” 52-year-old Andrei Nikodimovich said. Mariupol, which has changed hands several times in weeks of conflict, is strategically important because it lies on major roads from the southeastern border with Russia into the rest of Ukraine, and steel is exported through the port. Regaining full control of the 2,000-km (1,200-mile) frontier is also vital for the government because it accuses Moscow of allowing the rebels to bring tanks, other armoured vehicles and guns across the border. Avakov said government forces had won back control of a 120-km (75mile) stretch of border that had fallen to the rebels, but it was unclear who controlled other parts of the frontier.


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GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014

Jamaica government Four people found murdered in Cuba announces major changes to drug laws (BBC News) THE Jamaican government has announced plans to radically reform the country’s drug laws.

“I wish to stress that the proposed changes to the law are not intended to promote or give a stamp of approval to the use of ganja for recre-

guay or in American states such as Colorado have also given impetus to campaigns by local farmers and some politicians for the legalisa-

Over the years, thousands of Cubans have fled to the United States

Pressure has been growing in Jamaica in recent years for the legalisation of marijuana

The Justice Minister Mark Golding said the cabinet was supporting a proposal to allow possession of up to two ounces (57 grams) of marijuana, known locally as “ganja.”. Mr Golding also said marijuana would be decriminalised for religious, medicinal and scientific purposes. It is expected parliament will approve the changes by September.

ational purposes,” said Mr Golding. “The objective is to provide a more enlightened approach to dealing with possession of small quantities.” Correspondents say the government plans are a major victory for Jamaica’s Rastafarian movement, which considers ganja sacred. Recent changes in drug laws in countries like Uru-

tion of marijuana. “It is not only wrong but also foolhardy to continue with a law that makes it illegal to posses ganja and its derivatives for medicinal purposes,” Mr Golding said. Angela Brown Burke, Kingston’s mayor, said recently: “The time has come to provide an opportunity for Jamaicans to benefit from the marijuana industry.”

Birdie accepts award in song (Trinidad Guardian) ANY doubts as to whether the Mighty Sparrow’s signature bravado was still intact were quickly erased on Wednesday evening when he was awarded the country’s highest honour — the Order of T&T. Pretending to be the MC, he introduced himself as “his Excellency the Honourable Dr Slinger Francisco, the serenader supreme, who made the ladies daydream and the young girls scream.” Needless to say, he had the audience at the National Academy of the Performing Arts (NAPA) in Port-of-Spain entertained before his performance even got underway.  Using a walking stick to get to the wooden stool at the centre of the stage, the Birdie began his performance with a rendition of Our Father/The Lord’s Prayer sung in a deep, rich tone similar to that of his metallic burgundy suit. This earned him his second standing ovation of the evening. The first came when he emerged on stage to greet President Anthony Carmona, who hugged him and presented him with the medal.

The Mighty Sparrow

Cuba’s interior ministry says it believes the killings of four people, whose bodies were found west of the capital, Havana, are linked to an attempt to leave the island illegally. The ministry suggested there had been what it called “support from outside.” The BBC Havana correspondent Sarah Rainsford says this implies they were using traffickers to take them by boat to the United States. Thousands of Cubans have left the island for the US since the revolution. Six suspects have been arrested in connection with the discovery of the bodies.

Cuba very rarely reports violent crimes. So by making this multiple murder public, it looks as if the interior ministry is trying to discourage others tempted to flee by sea, especially those considering paying criminal gangs to transport them, our correspondent says. Cubans are now allowed to leave the island without government permission but it is hard to get visas for most countries. However, any Cuban who sets foot on American soil is entitled to stay there, so many take to the sea in the hope of reaching the US. Last year, the US Coast

Guard intercepted more than 1,300 Cubans trying to do that. The number who made it to shore or who died trying is not known. Day to day life for many in communist Cuba is still difficult, with small state salaries and minimal prospects for the future. So some try to reach the US themselves in boats or on rafts, and others pay traffickers to take them. Earlier this year one man arrived in the US on a windsurfer after four days at sea with just a bottle of water and a bag of sweets to sustain him.

Gunmen torch home family watches from under mango tree (Trinidad Express) AN Erin family was forced to stand by and watch as their home was torched by two gunmen on Wednesday. Budram Williams, 62, his wife Hilrie Kadoo, 53, their six daughters and ten grand-children were ordered to stand under a mango tree as the men doused their two-storey house with gasoline before striking a match. The masked men told the family that they were given instructions to burn down the home. The attack occurred at Buenos Ayres, Erin at around 4p.m. Williams, the owner of the house, was beaten on the head with a gun, police said. Williams’ step-daughter Jiselle Kadoo said, “The children just came home

from school and were playing in the yard. The men came in and told everybody to sit on the steps. They shouted that they were ordered to burn down the house.” Kadoo said the men rounded up the family and then moved them under a mango tree in the front yard. “One of them hit my step-father in the head with a gun. They didn’t rob the family of anything. They just said they were ordered to do this. They told everyone to look down and don’t look at their faces, although they were wearing masks,” she said. Kadoo said the men doused gasoline on the house and set it on fire before running into some bushes.

She said the family lost everything they owned in the blaze. The children ages two months to 12 years were traumatised by the incident. “We lost everything and now the family is scattered because we have nowhere to go. We are staying with friends and relatives. I don’t recall anyone threatening the family or any altercation with anyone. If someone tell me something, I would just walk away,” she said. Kadoo said after the gunmen escaped her mother ran to a neighbour’s house for assistance. But by the time fire officers arrived the house was destroyed. Fire officers estimated damage at $400,000. Erin police are investigating.



Rising to the summit of national righteousness IT is anyone’s guess as to whether Opposition Leader Mr. David Granger and his colleagues in the Parliamentary Opposition have finally realised what great perils now threaten Guyana as a result of their dangerous tactics of power play. This should be seen in the context of Mr. Granger’s recent statement about his desire to have the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Amendment) Bill legislated, thereby avoiding any punitive measures on Guyana. If this is any true indication of Mr. Granger and colleague Members of Parliament on the Opposition side finally understanding

the implications, then there should be every hope for this Bill’s passage through the House. Therefore, the question will be – why only now? Why is it that with all the components already composed within the Bill for legislation, that APNU could not have given support to the legislative process, thereby sparing Guyana the agony and threat of international blacklisting with all the horrors that such will entail. This again brings us to the nagging, persistent question – was there any valid reason for what was really a show of recklessness by APNU and its junior colleague, the AFC? Not even a sliver of reason

can be discerned for bringing the country to the level of disrepute, where other countries have to be warned of the risks of doing business with Guyana. What citizens can be happy with such a branding of their country? As an Opposition party, with a constitutional responsibility, how can it ever be justified for acts against the national interest, particularly and inclusive of those that threatened the economic foundation of the nation and by extension, the wellbeing of the mass of Guyanese citizens? For all the good that have redounded to this nation through the hard work at re-building this country from its ruinous state by

the current government, is it fair that the good name of this nation be brought into disrepute by an Opposition leader, from whom much had been expected from the time he had been elected leader of the PNC, and subsequently the umbrella coalition of APNU. This must also include the AFC, with its promise of a new political vision and morality. Then came the 2011 polls, its unprecedented results, and the expectant level of patriotism that such a challenging new phase had demanded from both sides of the political aisle. Rather than rising to the level of national responsibility, the coalition APNU, followed by its


EDITORIAL junior opposition partner, has presented the bland face of ‘NO politics’. In fact, President Donald Ramotar, during his address on the occasion of the nation’s 48th Independence anniversary stated that such a position has characterised the current 10th Parliament, in terms of Opposition political behaviour. It has been a national shame, hitherto, a waste of precious time by the polit-

ical Opposition, during which much should have been achieved through advancing the national good. Thus this is another opportunity, long overdue, for both APNU and the AFC to do what is right – not for the government, nor for themselves as MPs; but for every one of us, as Guyanese and our beloved country. They must rise to the summit of national righteousness.

Green’s ‘intensive’ Guyana Festival emerging as campaign against a very important affair in the cultural fabric of this country Sooba WHAT do I make of Mayor Hamilton Green’s threat that he would “... take matters into his own hands to remove acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba if the legal process does not give him justice, or the Government continues to refuse to terminate her contract.” I can see that the man is desperate and dangerous. He seemingly would stop at nothing. I gather that even if the court goes against him, he would remain most defiant. Look at his words: “...we will then mount a very intensive and, I believe, a suc-

cessful political process...” so that Carol Sooba will not be in office. This kind of talk is very fiery and borders on a threat to the safety of Ms. Sooba. I am reminded of the allegation (coming out of the Rodney Commission of Inquiry), that security personnel and maids, who worked at one time for Mr. Hamilton Green, were members of the notorious House of Israel. I bring to attention too that Billal Ato, who was convicted for the murder of Father Darke, is alleged to have once worked as Hamilton Green’s gardener, at the Ministry of Agriculture compound. This was so even while the man was serving the sentence at Camp Street Prison. It is public knowledge now

that Hamilton Green and Rabbi Washington (Leader of House of Israel) were close and used to meet very frequently during the period of 1978 -1980 at Green’s residence. So it is logical that the worst be expected from Green and that his threatening outburst should be taken seriously. As a citizen of this land, I make an appeal to the Commissioner of Police and his top subordinates to really monitor the Mayor of Georgetown. His history is so frightening that it would do us well to be high on our guard at all times.


I WOULD like to bring to the Nation’s attention a few facts regarding the benefits of hosting cultural events, particularly as the Guyana Festival opening approaches. Cultural tourism is one of the important branches of tourism. In fact, The World Tourism Organisation suggests that more than 40% of all international tourists are “cultural tourists” (Richards, 1996). The Travel Industry Association of America has estimated that two-thirds of U.S. adults visit a cultural or heritage site or attraction when they travel (Silberberg, 1995). Based on this data, it has been argued that cultural tourists represent a new type of mass tourist who seeks meaningful travel experienc-

es (McKercher and Du Cros, 2003). The festivals, traditions, culture attracts tourist to visit the place. Yeoman (2004) says that festivals can lengthen tourist seasons, extend peak season or introduce a “new season” into a community. Events such as festivals do not only serve to attract tourists but also help to develop or maintain a community or regional identity; this, for me, is the most important aspect, even as we strive to maintain the growth of Guyana’s Tourism Sector Undoubtedly, festivals have changed over the years; before festivals were associated with key calendar moments, linked specifically to particular seasons and heritage sites. Over the last decade these have been changed

and developed upon, there is now a broad and diverse range of festival events taking place all over the world. Getz (1997, p.1) introduces festival events as : “Events constitute one of the most exciting and fastest growing forms of leisure, business, and tourism-related phenomena.” In Guyana, it’s no different and the fact that we are linking festivals (Guyana Festival) to our national image and developmental trajectory makes it all the more important. Rapidly we are seeing that Guyana Festival is emerging as a very important affair which will be imbedded into the cultural fabric of this country. RICHARD SINGH



Who are the Blue GECOM calls for cap on Caps trying to fool? campaign financing

WHO are the prime movers behind the socalled Blue Caps trying to fool? Blue Caps claim to have no political agenda but everything its founder-leader is doing and saying is suggesting otherwise. If Blue Caps do not have any political agenda, as they are saying, then how is it that its founder-leader is taking partisan positions in the media on the issue of Local Government elections, positions which coincided with that of other groupings, including some of the foreign missions in the country? Could it be that Blue Caps is nothing but a front organisation to carry out the wishes of certain foreign bodies that seem bent on influencing the political processes through a back door mechanism, after having failed to get their way through approved channels? This raises another question as to the source or sources of funding for this outfit, which seems to have quite an ambitious national programme. According to a letter written by one Marissa Lowden in her capacity as Chief Executive Officer, the aim is ‘to provide a platform for young Guyanese citizens

to leverage opportunities available for developing their own roles in helping to shape and articulate public policy and finding solutions for problems affecting communities and country.’ These are objectives which cannot be achieved without strong institutional support and networking structures, which the organisation clearly lacks. Moreover, there are already a multiplicity of organisations with similar organisational goals and objectives operating in the country, such as the National Youth Parliament and the National Youth Empowerment Project, which transcend the boundaries of partisan politics. The Blue Caps ought to come clean as to its true motives and not seek to hide under the fig leaf of being apolitical and non-partisan. Indeed, there are already speculations that the organisation will be used to launch the political ambitions of one of its prime movers; whom, it is believed, has his eyes set on contesting the Mayorship of Georgetown and possibly higher political office. NARINDRA PERSAUD

GECOM must also call for all politicians to be transparent and tell the nation who are their donors and the exact amount given. It would appear that some well-off people backed AFC to the gill last two elections. Both elections backfired on AFC and those wealthy people lost out big time. Most Guyanese tend to believe Ramjattan fought tooth and nail to stop the Marriott Hotel from being built because he took money from the owner of the Pegasus Hotel. No one will even know what was promised and how much was paid to Ramjattan to stop the specialty hospital from being built also. New laws must be passed that if lawyers hold political office, then those lawyers must be barred from doing private cases or give up that political office. Lawyers who hold political office can rile up their support base to inflict great harm, such as what Guyanese witnessed on Agricola Public

Road where a political lawyer called on his supportive thugs to beat, rob and sexually molest citizens in total ambush. Again it was this same lawyer who got together with his jury foreman buddy, thereby causing well-known guilty killers to walk free. Lawyers such as these can usurp the judiciary like he did in that case. Guyanese conclude that the PNC was always a broke party without major backers, but Guyanese have come to realise that once PNC start spending big bucks, then it is the U.S. passing PNC money under the table. This is why those in PNC and AFC must show who giving them money and how much to contest elections in Guyana. If this is not done, then the local coke brothers will buy most politicians in Guyana and then this country is doomed. Guyana will be a Little America. TED KING

GGB calling on Dealers to Supporters should play a greater role in the demand that PPP gold sector does the right thing THE Guyana Gold Board (GGB) refers to a newspaper report of Wednesday, June 11 and wish to make the following correction. The assimilation of the reason proffered for the closure of the Charity Office of the Guyana Gold Board is inaccurate to say the least. The “lack of technical staff” can only be considered as nondescript. At the meeting with the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association and the Dealers, it was discussed, that the purchases were averaging less than five hundred ounces per month, as such the cost of running that office compared to the income on that quantity does not make it

financially and economically viable to continue. The Guyana Gold Board, it was further discussed, is willing to consider any dealer or potential dealer to take over operations at this location. On the issue of the Bartica Office, replacing the staff is not the only issue that the Guyana Gold Board will have to contend with as it relates to the future operations. The Guyana Gold Board will have to be sure that it has the ability and resources to implement the necessary measures in preventing a recurrence; also, there is the option of the Dealers playing a bigger role in intermediating gold during this suspension of operations in Bartica.


NEIL Adams and I keep asking Government to place cameras, cameras, and more cameras; so when the criminals claim police brutality and police torture the tapes can be reviewed. I keep asking and asking for undercover investigators to root out rogue police and those who work in Government offices for demanding bribes. The cameras will also have another purpose, and that is some of the rogue police will have to toe the decent line since they know the evidence on those tapes can blow them out the waters and land them in jail for long periods of time.

Government cannot see even the killer that held his wife by her neck and shoved her head in a bucket of water, claiming police tricked him. He is not so illiterate as his family claims, is he? If Government does not invest taxpayers’ money in cameras - and lots of it, then it is the PPP that will be stained and the people will get totally fed-up and not show up to vote. What does the PPP think will happen if their supporters don’t show up in droves at the polls? Does PPP think the PNC will lose? TED KING

Anand Goolsarran knows nothing about transparency and accountability I OBSERVE Anand Goolsarran has made yet another public appearance posing as an authority on matters concerning the procurement and asset management systems of the Ministry of Finance. He claims that billions of dollars could be lost as a result of the ministry’s failure to use all existing modules. But I am curious how Anand Goolsarran came up with this conclusion? Does he work at the Ministry of Finance or have access to their records? I am really interested to know what is the basis of his analysis and thesis. Was this same methodology used when he worked in the Auditor General’s office, under the leadership of the PNC and Carl Greenidge, the then Minister of Finance? Did he recognise then that his office did nothing to demonstrate accountability or transparency? What was the state of our nation’s assets and how were they procured

under the leadership of Mr. Greenidge? There are no known public documents that indicate that even after he became Auditor General, anything was suggested, recommended or implemented to aid in transparency of Government’s business or that would support effective or efficient management systems.So what qualifies Anand Goolsarran to speak on this matter now? Where is his experience and what had he accomplished while in office? The answers are simple. He accomplished nothing, supported the corrupt practices of the then administration in exchange for his appointment as Auditor General, and is now masquerading as a moral and professional authority on transparency and accountability. Anand Goolsarran needs to remember: people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. RICHARD PAUL


Say NO to the Mayor’s plan of intimidation IF one were to give even a conservative interpretation to Mayor Hamilton Green’s statement as reported in the June 12th edition of the Guyana Times newspaper, under the caption ‘Green threatens to mount intensive campaign against Sooba’, it points to a declaration of war against the Town Clerk. What is so shocking is the language that the Chief Citizen of Georgetown has used in describing his actions towards the sole intention of ousting the City’s Chief Executive. Now, let us trace his steps. The matter as to occupation of the Office she now holds is currently before the Courts, and which verdict Mr. Green has the good sense to await. However, if one would read him correctly, he is not prepared to respect the judicial decision if it does not favour his expected outcome. In other words, as far as he is concerned Sooba has to go since he is going to orchestrate an intense political onslaught against her. S u r e l y, t h i s i s Mayor Hamilton Green the drums of war being sounded for battle against the Town Clerk. What an intention clearly defined by a former Prime Minister who sometimes had performed the duties of President! This is the same citizen who, at various periods of his current office, had with all self-righteousness declared about the need for a “moral and spiritual revival” to be inculcated and become a part of the national order of the nation. This citizen is therefore saying to us all that he is prepared to take the Law into his hands in order to have the Town Clerk removed from her seat. This is a position that reeks of lawlessness, and intense hatred, with a subtle hint of violence that is being directed towards Ms. Sooba’s person. Note the steps that are unmistakably designed to terrorise and cause unease. Such must be condemned, and the Mayor be told that such actions have no place in our country and will be resisted. Citizens must say ‘No’ to the Mayor’s plan of intimidation.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014

Green declares no surrender policy at City Hall By Ravin Singh

MAYOR of Georgetown, Mr. Hamilton Green, has made it known that he and his supporting councillors “are not gonna surrender,” a position adopted since Acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba assumed the post. The declaration, last Monday, was at a press conference, while responding to a statement made by President Donald Ramotar that the ongoing drama at City Hall over the past months is “a disaster.” The President had said: “I think the Mayor should show some maturity and work along with the Town Clerk.” The Head of State said he does not see why the Mayor and his supporting councillors are fighting with Sooba when all she is doing is trying to ensure accountability and viability within the Council. THESE ISSUES “I don’t see why they should have a problem and create all these issues and the tensions they are having,” he said. Green agreed that the current situation at City Hall is a disaster but stressed that it is because of an assault on the

Stabbed teen found at Ogle died from stab wound to the heart ––post-mortem determines By Michel Outridge A POST-MORTEM performed by Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh, yesterday, on the body of 17-year-old Bhaker Azeez of Lot 129 Third Street, Montrose, East Coast Demerara has determined that his death was due to a stab wound to the heart. Azeez had been found on the Ogle Access Road, ECD, on June 09, 2014 with wounds to the body, and was taken to the GPHC, where he succumbed. The former employee of the Goedverwag-

Twelve petitioners granted $3.6M bail pending hearing of their cases By George Barclay

ACTING Chief Justice Mr. Ian Chang, SC., yesterday, granted 13 petitioners bail totalling $3.685M pending hearing and determination of their respective cases. Particulars are as follows: For possession of narcotics: Alwin Emanuel was granted $325,000 bail; Nikita Johnson was granted $300,000 bail; Michelle Farley, $400,000 bail; Ian Austin, $500,000 bail; Anastacia Crawford, $500,000 bail; Mohamed Hussain, $160,000 bail and Selwyn Edward,

democratic process and the Government’s unwillingness to allow the duly elected Mayor and Council to manage and run the capital. As such, the Mayor issued a challenge to the President to discuss, at any place and given time with any team he wants to produce, the problems faced in Georgetown and prove that it is a direct result of the People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP’s) attitude to Georgetown. Green continued labelling the Acting Town Clerk as “unqualified, incompetent and disrespectful,” adding that she is “obviously part of a cabal to control the City Hall.” “But we’re not gonna surrender,” he reiterated, indicating that he will not acknowledge the post of the Acting Town Clerk as he has continuously done over the last few months. It has been noted that for the last seven statutory meetings, the Mayor has failed to acknowledge the Acting Town Clerk, denying her the opportunity of leading in prayers and the National Pledge and restricting her from having an input. Just last Monday at the statutory, the Mayor, once more, did not recognise Sooba and related that he “doesn’t hear properly.”

$200,000 bail. For causing death by dangerous driving, Roger Smith was granted $300,000 bail. For causing grievous bodily harm, Franz Paul was granted $300,000 bail; and for discharging a loaded firearm with intent, he was granted $200,000 bail. For attempting to commit murder, Hemant Rupnarine was granted $250,000 bail. For assault causing actual bodily harm, Roslyn Williams was granted $50,000 bail. And for smoking cannabis, Mohendra Shivnauth was granted $200,000 bail.

ting, ECD branch of Buddy’s Auto Sales had last been seen alive on Monday night, shortly after he had left home with friends for an unknown destination. His grandfather, Abdool Kadir, 61, told this publication that Bhaker had been at home when a friend who also resides in the village came to call him out. He had left the home, but had returned sometime after. Mr Kadir said he had overheard his grandson telling someone on his cellphone, when he had returned home, “I can’t make it now”, before terminating the call and going to the upper flat of the house where he had resided with his sister.

The elderly man said that after he had retired to bed in the lower flat of the two-storey house, Bhaker again went out. He explained that the youth was in the habit of leaving home without informing his relatives where he was going and with whom, as such, they are unaware how he met his demise. Bhaker did not return home on Monday night, but it was not until Tuesday morning that relatives began enquiring about his whereabouts, since he had left his cell phone at home. And it was that evening that they learnt via the television newscast that an unidentified body was found. They decided to show up at the hospital mortuary with the police to see if it

Man found in wee hours at Timehri with suspected gunshot wound to chest

-Another detained as police investigate A MAN who is known only as ‘Terrence’ was discovered lying on the Timehri Public Road, East Bank Demerara with a suspected gunshot wound to his chest, at about 02:00 hrs on June 13, 2014. Police report that the injured man has been admitted to the GPHC for medical treatment and that a man has been arrested and is in police custody assisting with the investigations. (Michel Outridge)

was their loved one, and their worst fears were confirmed following identification of the body from the various tattoos he had imprinted on his chest, the names of his mother, sister and niece and cross and a rose. Azeez’s mother, Zabida Azeez, told this publication, yesterday, that her son had been unemployed for some time, until he had secured a job with Buddy’s Auto Sales, which he later lost, and was at home. She could not say what may have transpired that had led to his death, or who would have wanted to harm her son, since she lives elsewhere; but she revealed that the family is seeking answers. The grieving woman is hoping the police can crack the case and bring the perpetrator(s) of this murder to justice. The police had reported that at about 20:30 hrs on June 09, 2014, a man of East Indian descent had been found with suspected stab wounds, and had been taken to the GPHC, where he succumbed while receiving medical attention. The deceased has the letters A, N, D, Y in the form of a tattoo on the fingers of his right hand, and also has tattoos of the names Sheila, Falicia, Bibi and Fara, along with a cross and a rose on his chest.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014

Old Kai: Chronicles of Guyana…

APNU’s Chris Jones is obviously ‘sailing’ as an Opposition MP - and based on past evidence, we have to take everything he says to the media with a pinch of salt

OLD Kai is always happy to see when our youths progress from one stage to the next in public life. Take for instance, PNC (now APNU) Member of Parliament Chris Jones. He started out as a cameraman for the PNC, and then gradually moved up the ranks to the position he enjoys today. It is a pity that not many other youths have been given such a chance by the PNC/APNU, despite Opposition leader David Granger never missing an opportunity to say how much he is concerned for our youths. Maybe the reason for Granger being hesitant to give youths in his party a push is based on the disappointing showing of the few that he has given an opportunity. Take for instance Vanessa Kissoon of Linden. She has been sidelined around the same time APNU’s Dr. Rupert Roopnarine lamented in the media that their ‘Shadow Ministers’ were not pulling their weight. He was in essence accusing them of being incompetent. Some of his actual words quoted in the media at the time were, “…. (APNU) Shadow Ministers are not serving their purpose while others are purely relying on the strength of others.” It does not take a genius to realise that if these people cannot perform such a basic function while in the Opposition, how then can they be effective in Government where the demands are far greater? This discussion takes us back to the MP Chris Jones; you will remember him as the one who attempted to make himself a victim against a group of Police ranks who had stopped him regarding the dark tint on his vehicle. As expected, he ran and complained to the Kaieteur News that his vehicle had manufacturers’ tint and after being warned some time before by the Police to get the necessary legal permission, when he was stopped again, he admitted that he was still in the ‘process of applying’ for something which takes less than one day. The report quoted him as also indicating that he was eventually made to take the tint off his vehicle. The Kaieteur News reporter, either deliberately or not, ignored the inconsistent claims by the MP, as if his vehicle did indeed have manufacturers’ tint, it could not have been easily taken off as he later admitted he did. When Old Kai first exposed this, it was not meant to embarrass but to point out that there was no need for one to be less than honest on such a petty issue. I had hoped the MP would have learnt from his misadventure but it appears he has not. The latest issue is his statement regarding the con-

struction of an additional facility by the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture at the New Opportunity Corps on the Essequibo coast in Region 2. In the very Kaieteur News this week, a bold headline proclaims Jones as saying ‘NOC being converted into youth prison’. He then adds ‘if the Opposition had known, the money would have never been allocated’. Firstly, this is a very damning indictment on the Opposition, as it was not aliens from Mars sitting in their chairs during the budget presentation and debate. Jones statement serves to confirm the admission by Dr. Rupert Roopnarine as articulated above, that APNU MP’s or Shadow Ministers ‘are

This man is more at sea than I initially thought; Old Kai is embarrassed for him. He clearly is unprepared and does not have a clue about detention and rehabilitation facilities for troubled youths. not serving their purpose’. Mr. Jones who is the youth representative for the APNU was questioning the Minister during the debates, so how can he now come and tell the nation ‘if he had known’ when he had the opportunity ‘to know’ back then. But there is another twist to the story, and it is no other than Mr. Jones who incriminates himself once again. He is quoted by the article as indicating that ‘the Ministry had advertised for bids to be submitted for the construction of a confinement building at the New Opportunity Corps’ but ‘instead of building a confinement building, the Ministry had opted to construct eight individual holding cells.’ Now having established that he apparently had no problem that the Ministry was constructing a ‘confinement building’ he cannot pretend to be Rip Van Winkle and wakeup several months later, astonished that there are ‘individual holding cells’ being placed inside the facility. Just in case he is not familiar with the synonyms for ‘confinement’ they are incarceration, detention, etc. Let us also establish that some of the youths sent to the NOC can be violent or display such behaviour (that is why they are sent there in the first instance), hence the need for a confinement facility for those who may pose a risk to others.

Green now aware local elections, AML link By Ravin Singh GEORGETOWN Mayor Hamilton Green said, on Tuesday, he is “now aware” that the Anti-Money Laundering Bill is tied to Local Government Elections. He made the declaration at a City Hall press conference, emphasising the Council’s call for local government elections, given the fact that he and other councilors have failed to cooperate with acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba. The AML Bill, to meet the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) requirements, was tabled in the National Assembly in April 2013 but referred to a Parliamentary Special Select Committee and, eventually, voted down by the combined Opposition, A Partnership for National Unity

(APNU) and Alliance for Change (AFC), in November, 2013. The Bill was retabled in December, 2013, and again sent to the same Committee, where it has been for more than 12 months. However, the Bill’s passage has been linked to several other conditions being called for by the combined Opposition. The main opposition party, (APNU) is also demanding that President Donald Ramotar assents to several Bills passed in the National Assembly, including the Local Authorities (Elections) (Amendment) Bill, 2013, which states that the polls must be held on or before August 1, 2014.  His explanation The Head of State has already forwarded his explana-

Is the APNU MP suggesting that in instances where it will be necessary to isolate violent offenders from others, it is safer to place them together in one open detention facility? Is this why he is so upset that ‘individual holding cells’ are being constructed? Basic common sense would tell you that violent youths placed together in an open facility is a recipe for disaster, as not only do they pose a threat to each other and staff members but there will also be a greater likelihood of more destructive behaviour. Clearly, the APNU MP Chris Jones did not think this one fully through before he rushed to grab some space in the media headlines. What this also shows is that the need to ‘politick’ by the Opposition takes precedence over the safety of these youths. It does not end there, as the article notes that ‘Jones pointed out that NOC is a facility for juveniles, and placing them in such a room would do nothing for them. He said that this flies in the face of what the Mr. Christopher Jones, Ministry has been touting APNU Member about rehabilitation.’ of Parliament This man is more at sea than I initially thought; Old Kai is embarrassed for him. He clearly is unprepared and does not have a clue about detention and rehabilitation facilities for troubled youths. Old Kai will do him a favour and provide him this bit of information about the Five County Detention and Youth Rehabilitation Center in the USA. The facility tells us on its website that “5-C is a safe and secured facility that contract with agencies to house and provide staging and treatment to high risk juvenile offenders. Juveniles placed in Detention are housed separately in a separate wing away from juveniles committed to States’ or Federal custody.” Old Kai will stress on the words, ‘juveniles are housed separately…’ and I would encourage him to go do his research and then come and try again. tion for his non-assent to the National Assembly. The Mayor, in his quest for the vote to be held, said he is not aware that the APNU had made demands through which it sought to link the passage of the Bill, directly to Local Government Elections. Green also accused the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) of creating the “problems faced in Georgetown,” claiming it is afraid that the 27 percent votes secured at the last such elections will further be reduced. But General Secretary, Clement Rohee, at his last Monday press conference, denied that the PPP is to blame for the much delayed local government elections. “The PPP is not responsible for not holding elections. The PPP was the first to call for local government elections a couple years after we got into office in 1992. We did that, but a series of things were initiated, constitutional reform and so many other things that led to where we are today,” he said.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014

Body of missing Lusignan teen found in Parika backdam ‘We strangled him since Wednesday night’ -Suspects By Leroy Smith

police in ‘D’ Division. ‘C’ Division Commander Assistant Commissioner of Police, Christopher Griffith had earlier told the Guyana Chronicle that they are likely to seek an extension of 72 hours from the High Court for the men to remain in custody. The intention was based on the added evidence gathered by the police who have been working very hard to locate the teenager. His car was discovered in Parika Backdam on Thursday afternoon. The two men in custody, who are cousins, did tell investigators that they hired their friend to take them to Parika but

THE worst fears of the mother, father and other relatives and friends of 17-year old Dhanraj Latchman were confirmed at about 20:00 hrs last evening after his discoloured body was discovered in slush miles down the Parika Backdam, East Bank Essequibo. The Guyana Chronicle was reliably informed that the two suspects who are cousins have confessed that they strangled the young man to death on Wednesday night and dumped him. Earlier yesterday the police found the keys to the teen’s car and his cell phone in a home the suspects share. The two suspects last evening escorted investigators to the area where they dumped the teen’s body after murdering him. The two men reportedly told investigators that they were forced to strangle the teen after their bid to sell his car failed. They said that they Relatives and friends surround the mother of 17-year old Danraj Latchman had no other option since they had already told him that they were going to collect money and the fact that the car was not returned later that evening. However, the police arrested them sold and they had no money, the only option was to kill the after they both gave conflicting reports about what transpired young man. during the period they were with the man. They reportedly drove to the backlands of Parika and murThe police even intensified their interrogation of the two dered the young man and then drove the car back to a location when the man’s car was found in Parika, after the suspects had along the backdam which is closer to the public road where related that they returned to the East Coast with him. they caught public transportation and made their way back to Yesterday residents of the Lusignan community told the the East Coast of Demerara. Chronicle, that the two suspects are part of a wider carjackThe police were last evening trying to confront the man ing ring which operates mostly on the West Coast and West whom the duo arranged with to sell the car. The man, this Bank of Demerara. This publication was also informed that publication was told, refused to purchase the vehicle after he there is an underground facility in West Demerara where the realised that the men may have stolen the vehicle. carjackers would usually seclude their victims’ vehicles and The two were last seen in the teen’s white Toyota 212 strip them before selling the parts. PNN 9823. One man related that they have long heard of the men The police in ‘C’ Division, East Coast Demerara are being involved in such fishy transactions but never thought leading the investigation along with collaboration from the it to be true since no evidence ever surfaced to connect them

to the disappearance of any vehicle. However, the latest incident involving their own friend has caused villagers to have a different view. Contacted yesterday, the mother of the missing man said that she was visited by the father of one of the suspects and he expressed his total shock that his son was being implicated in such an act. She said that the man, however, told her that if his son is indeed responsible for the disappearance of the 17- year old, he has no intension of running to fight the course of justice since the actions of his son is wrong. The woman said that all she asked the man to do was to visit the Vigilance Police Station and ask his son what he did with her son. This publication was informed that during the interrogation of the two suspects, one of them continuously cried while the other kept a smirk on his face and appeared unmoved by the questioning and the trouble that he is in. Yesterday the police confirmed that they were not able to arrest anyone else in connection with the disappearance of the teen. However, the cops are said to be looking for another man whom the two suspects claimed they visited on Wednesday to collect some money from. They said that Dead: Dhanraj the man lives in Parika. Latchman After relatives stumbled on the car the teenager was driving when he was last seen with the two men, they returned later that night with flood lights and a truck load of friends and family where they began a search of most parts of Parika but came up empty handed when the search was called off at 02:00 hrs. The suspects had told investigators that when they were returning from Parika on Wednesday night, the teenager picked up two other men who claimed that they were going to Enmore on the East Coast. The suspects claimed that when the car reached Lusignan public road they disembarked and the now missing man proceeded east along the East Coast Demerara to Enmore to drop off the men. The police said even if they wanted to buy that story, they threw it out the window when the car minus the teen was discovered in Parika.

Policeman dies after tour of duty at hinterland stations

–was being treated for dengue fever and malaria at GPHC THIRTY-four-year-old Kensley Leitch of Lot 570 Mocha Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara died at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) at about 11:23 hrs on Thursday, while being hospitalised for dengue fever and malaria; and his relatives have been plunged into deep shock. Leitch, late member of the Guyana Police Force for the past 15 years, had returned home two weeks ago from an

interior location where he had been stationed, and had been complaining of a ‘horrible’ headache. He had been stationed at several areas in the hinterland, and his hospitalisation had lasted four days prior to his demise. The late Kensley Leitch is survived by a 10-year-old daughter and by siblings and scores of relatives, who remain shocked and incredulous at his passing.



Seven-year old pinned to a fence by speeding car succumbs By Shirley Thomas SEVEN-year old Joseph Quallis of 205 Middle Road La Penitence, who was rammed and pinned against a concrete and steel fence by a speeding car on Thursday afternoon, died while under emergency medical care at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) around 09:00 hours the same night. The child, who was badly disfigured and whose organs were badly damaged, was said to have been clinically brain dead and was placed on a ventilator on arrival at the hospital. His deeply distraught mother recalled that his left leg was broken; his pelvic area was smashed, and he suffered injuries to his brain. On arrival at the hospital doctors immediately got to work and waged an unrelenting battle to save the child’s life but he succumbed later that night. The bereaved father, Andre Quallis said the accident happened about 15:30 hrs and recalled that his son Joseph, who was a pupil of St. Pius Primary School, had just returned home from school, changed his clothes, and set out for a nearby shop to buy pholourie. He said soon after the child had left home, he heard a car speeding through the street. “It was going at such a rate that I tell mesself that I hope he don’t knock down meh child.” But seconds later, the father said he heard a loud impact and ran outside to see what had happened. His wife who was ahead of him said the driver had knocked down somebody. But little did they know it was their child, Joseph, who had left the house minutes earlier. On arriving at the scene of the accident they found out it was Joseph and became hysterical and inconsolable. As word circulated, a crowd, comprised of mainly wailing mothers, rapidly built up.

The car which struck and rammed Joseph into this concrete wall, sits in a pool of blood.

The owner of the fence points to the broken grill in which Joseph’s head was stuck

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses said that the child heard and saw the speeding car, and ran off of the road and onto a neighbour’s bridge in order to be out of harm’s way. But misfortune struck, and the car crashed into the stump of a downed electricity pole, split it into pieces and then ploughed into Joseph who was on the concrete bridge. On impact, neighbours said the child

was flung onto the front windscreen of the car. As the car crashed into the concrete and steel wall, Joseph’s head was pinned between the designed grill work and a huge concrete column. It took determined and selfless effort to get him out. The woman, into whose fence the car careened, said that on impact the concrete column was dislodged and it pinned the car down, mak-

ing it difficult for it to be removed. Meanwhile, public spirited neighbours did all in their power to extract the child who was also trapped between the car and the fence. Once removed the child was rushed to hospital. Joseph’s cousin, Cherry Anne Richards, related that another child of similar age, who said that earlier the same car had almost hit him near St. Pius School, saw when the car crashed into the fence. But not realising that another child was hit, he impulsively shouted out: “It good fuh he!” Meaning the driver, whom he thought had crashed alone. It was only on getting closer that the little boy realised that one of his schoolmates had been struck down and badly injured. It was an agonising scene. One woman who was just going into her bathroom, rushed out with a towel around her to render assistance. Family members of the injured child became hysterical and inconsolable and hurried down to the hospital behind the injured child. The driver of the vehicle was taken into police custody. But pathetically, residents said, when telephoned by the driver of the

7-year-old Joseph Quallis, struck down and injured by a speeding motor car yesterday.

Joseph’s mother Shelly Ann Hutson and siblings

car its owner arrived on the scene, paid the child’s father and other relatives no mind, and proceeded to remove the number plate from the rear of the vehicle and secured other items he considered valuable. The front number plate had already been folded up as the car crashed into the fence. One woman recalled that she was in a room upstairs in her home when she heard a car passing through the streets at a terrific speed. “I raced to the window to

see what was going on, but the next thing I heard was a horrible crash. Then I heard people saying that a child had been rammed into the shattered concrete fence.” Little Joseph who is the third of four children to his parents, Shelley Ann Hutson and Andre Quallis, turned seven last Sunday and the family was looking forward to having a joint celebration for him and his father on Father’s Day, this Sunday.



At GoG/IDB seminar on GSIP‌

Business community urged to collaborate with GWI to effectively manage City sanitation system By Michel Outridge THE Government of Guyana (GoG) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), collaborating on the Georgetown Sanitation Improvement Programme (GSIP) being executed by the Guyana Water Inc.(GWI), yesterday, held a seminar on the care and management of the Georgetown Sanitation System at the Regency Hotel in Hadfield Street, Georgetown. The aim of the seminar was to foster a long-lasting partnership with the city business community for the effective management of the sanitation system. The business community was urged to collaborate with the GWI to effectively manage the sanitation system. Speakers included Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Housing and Water,

A section of the participants at yesterday’s seminar

Emil Mc Garrell, who called on the business community to utilise its corporate social responsibility programmes to assist in improving sanitation in the city. Mc Garrell said it is essential that rehabilitation works be done to improve the sanitation system for economic advancement of the country, because sanitation needs to be addressed

and recognised for its health implications; and it has long been noted that the sanitation system needs rehabilitation. Mc Garrell said civil works are currently being done to accelerate the project to a satisfactory state, in order that the programme might deliver on its promises. He noted that private contractors attached to the project are now in a position to

Members of the head table: Executive Director, Infrastructure Planning and Implementation, Ramchand Jailal; GSIP Programme Manager, Orin Browne; Manager, Sanitation GWI, Rensforde Joseph; and Chief Executive Officer, GWI, Shaik Baksh

repair roadways, which had been dug up due to rehab of the sanitation infrastructure. He also spoke of the proper management of waste water, charging many businesses with culpability for discharging untreated waste water into drains and waterways. Giving an overview of the GSIP, Programme Manager Orin Browne said the seminar was a key component of the GSIP, and was initiated through an agreement between the GoG and the IDB for improvement of the operational performance of the Georgetown Sewerage System. He said the contract was signed on December 8, 2010,

and is a continuation of the first phase of the rehabilitation of the sewer system, wherein, a huge sum of US Dollars had been expended to undertake rehabilitation works. Browne also highlighted aspects of the system and its components as he spoke of the current road works and pipe-laying. Sanitation Manager at GWI, Rensforde Joseph, remarking on care and management of the sewerage system, said GWI and the Ministry of Public Works are collaborating to ensure that road repairs are executed in accordance with the requirements of the contract and

the high standards of quality expected. He noted that the utility is executing full measures to ensure that the contractors (S. Jagmohan and Nabi Consortium) execute the works in compliance with the technical and environmental requirements of the contract, to ensure attainment of quality deliverables of the project. Joseph added that, upon completion of the programme, expected in the third quarter of 2014, Georgetown residents can expect a significant reduction in sewage overflows and an overall improvement of sanitation and hygiene in the city.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014

Finance Minister declares Public-Private-Partnerships good for Guyana THE challenge in advancing development is funding it in the presence of “finite fiscal” space, which is addressed by utilising public-private-partnerships (PPPs), according to Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh. He told a press conference on Thursday: “I believe that on every Public-Private-Partnership we have done, I am convinced that they were good transactions. There is no doubt in my mind about that…in each instance the Public-Pri-

have replicated it. Continuing, he said: “In mobilising private financing, a public infrastructure need can be met in the presence of finite fiscal space…countries have finite capacity to borrow, just like individuals and we cannot and should not borrow beyond our capacity to repay. We should not contract debt that is unsustainable. If we do so, we will end up in a situation that Guyana found itself in during the 1980s and early 1990s…we essentially became bankrupt. “…there are infrastruc-

Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh

vate-Partnership structures in Guyana are good structures.” He said the PPPs are valuable instruments, in the range available to countries like Guyana, for the purpose of financing development. “I am convinced that the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model is an extremely valuable instrument…I am not alone in this regard. Development practitioners around the world increasingly recognise the merit of this model, not today or yesterday, but for a number of years,” Minister Singh attested. GLOBAL RECOGNITION He added that private financing of public infrastructure is an initiative that many countries have been implementing for years and underscored the fact that there is global recognition of the merit of this model, so much so that many countries

ture needs. There are projects that have to be implemented. In Guyana we have the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project, an $800M project, the road to Brazil and the deep water harbour which are important development needs….these are important projects.” The Finance Minister explained that, when a country increases its borrowing, there is an impact on that country’s creditworthiness and its ability to access financing in the future. “The alternative to private financing is public financing and that essentially means Government borrowing or Government taxing the people…yes if the project is funded in the public sector you will not have to remunerate the private investors, but there are downsides,” he cautioned. Minister Singh reiterated the benefits of PPPs in, as he described it, “marrying” opportune circumstances.

HAPPY MEETING He said: “What the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) does is provide you with a happy meeting of two circumstances.On one hand you want to finance development but you don’t have enough fiscal space to borrow and on the other hand private investors are looking for opportunities. So you are able to marry the two and mobilise the private financing to fund the public infrastructure project. “…the question facing the developing world is how do you finance a development need without contracting unsustainable debt…. you either raise domestic revenues, which has implications, or borrow it. Either way, it has a fiscal impact that could be potentially unsustainable. “So how do you raise the financing? Then on the other hand you have the fact that private investors are looking for development opportunities, domestic private investors and external private investors.” Minister Singh concluded that, as is the case for many other countries, PPPs are working for Guyana in advancing the current Administration’s development thrust. Additionally, one of Guyana’s development partners, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), of which Guyana is a Borrowing Member Country (BMC), at its 44th annual Board of Governors’ meeting hosted a seminar on PPPs, where its benefits were lauded. (Vanessa Narine)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014

Despite poor repayment rate…

UG student loans funding to be addressed

- Minister assures THE $450M cut from the 2014 National Budget, which was earmarked for loans to the University

of Guyana (UG) students loans and the urgency to have the monies restored will be given attention.

Given that the new academic year is scheduled to commence in August underscored another problem, the dismal repayment rates, Finance Minister Dr.

“This is something that we recognise in Government and I believe that corrective action has to be taken to achieve higher level of compliance and a higher level of repayment” – Dr. Ashni Singh Ashni Singh pointed out on Thursday. He acknowledged that the facility was intended to be a revolving one supported by Government and bolstered by repayments to ensure the availability of financing support for UG students in need. “The level of repayment of student loans is not where we want it to be…it is not where it should be,” Dr. Singh lamented during a news conference at the National Communications Networks (NCN) Homestretch Avenue, Georgetown studio. He stated that alternative courses of action to encourage greater levels of repayment will be taken in the coming months. “This is something that we recognise in Government and I believe that corrective action has to be taken to achieve higher level of compliance and a higher level of repayment,” the Finance Minister stated. According to him, the repayment of the loans, which attract a “very low” interest rate, is very poor, with millions owed to the University. In the meantime, he said he could not commit to a time when the current Administration would address the restoration of the $450M for the student loans but assured that the Government is cognisant of the urgency of the matter. “We are fully mindful of the circumstances in relation to this item and we are attentive to its implications. The people of Guyana can be assured that the Government is mindful of the urgency of these matters and appropriate action will be taken,” Dr. Singh assured. Additionally, the UG Vice-Chancellor, Professor Jacob Opadeyi, at a previous press conference, warned of possible reduction of programmes offered

by the institution and which are not substantially subscribed to by student. The implications of this action extend to the fate of lectures and have caused major uproar at the University. President of the University of Guyana Senior Staff Association (UGSSA), Dr. Patsy Francis, has since demanded that the Administration must devise a plan that will see the $450M student loan subvention restored, thus offsetting the looming call for the increase in tuition. The total allocation of $450M was chopped from the National Budget by the combined Opposition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance for Change (AFC) in a parliamentary vote. The parties have since maintained the defence that the allocation for UG was linked to other provisions for which they were opposed and, given the ruling by Acting Chief Justice Ian Chang that individual line items could not be cut from the Budget, the entire sum, that included the student loan monies, was removed. The Government, in turn, has underscored the fact that the National Budget is presented in the same format it has been for several years now and no allocations are linked, as is being claimed by the Opposition, but listed under the relevant section in the estimates as per normal. The student loan allocation was listed under the Ministry of Finance’s Policy and Administration capital budget. Over the years, a vast majority of the student population at the country’s premier tertiary institution has benefited from such loans and a large percentage of prospective and current undergraduates depend on them. (Vanessa Narine)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014

Brazilian miner fined $75,000 for immigration offences

By Geeta Rampersaud BRAZILIAN national Raimundo Norato Barros appeared on Thursday before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry to answer to charges of uttering a forged document and conspiracy to commit a felony. Particulars of the charges state that on June 10, at Ogle International Airport, East Coast Demerara, with intent to defraud, he uttered his Brazilian passport, B001202, to Woman Constable Natasha Halley with materials inserted; that is to say, one immigration entry stamp appearing to be genuine, knowing same to be forged. The other offence is that, between May 1 and 13, at Georgetown, he conspired with a person or persons unknown to forge two Guyana immigration stamps in his Brazilian passport, pur-

porting to show that same was issue by an immigration officer, knowing same to be false. Represented by Attorney-at-law Mr. Peter Hugh, Barros pleaded guilty to both charges. Hugh told the court that his client has been legally mining in Guyana for the past five years, and that he is a father of three minor children. Hugh asked that the court be merciful in its ruling and not impose a custodial penalty on his client. He said his client has fully cooperated with the police and is a Brazilian miner, Raimundo Norato very hard working Barros person. of three months’ imprisonBarros was fined $75,000 with an alternative ment on each charge.

Guyana private sector, CARICOM officials help to shape policy REPRESENTATIVES of the business community in Guyana and officials of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat, on Thursday last, met to advance discussions on a policy for regional micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The Guyana leg of the consultations on the policy was held at the CARICOM Secretariat in Georgetown, Guyana, and was the first in a series of engagements with the regional private sector. Entities that were represented at the half-day meeting included the Guyana Manufacturers’ and Services Association (GMSA), the Private Sector Commission (PSC), the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG), Small Business Association (SBA), Institute of Private Enterprise Development (IPED), Guyana Agro-Processors Association and the Pomeroon

Women’s Agriculture Association. According to a statement from the Caricom Secretariat, the consultations are being conducted to fulfill the urgent need for a legislative and policy framework in which to nurture MSMEs. The MSME sector is considered a critical pillar of economic development of CARICOM as it contributes more than seventy per cent of GDP in some Member States and often employs more people than large businesses across the Region. Setting the context for the discussions, Ms. Leela Ramoutar, Deputy Programme Manager, Private Sector Facilitation and Industrial Development, said that there was acknowledgement of the need to improve the business environment in the Community. She pointed to the limited access to financing; high transportation costs; lack of harmonised legislation and regulatory framework; and very weak business organisations as factors that stymied the

growth of MSMEs. A vision, mission and operating environment were the key issues that were discussed under the guidance of Dr. T. Jennifer Edwards, Consultant on MSME Policy Development. Participants identified competitiveness, wealth creation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, an enabling environment and a captive regional market as critical to the nurturing and development of MSMEs. The consultations continue on Friday with representatives of the business community in Grenada and Suriname via videoconferencing. An additional four meetings will be completed by the end of June. It is anticipated that a draft policy will be completed by September and presented to CARICOM Member States for review. A final draft, which will be presented to the Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED), is expected to be completed by October month-end.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014

Judge in the ‘Charlie Meadow Bank fish cleaners’ Pants’ murder trial to sum row led to murder, jury told up for the jury on Monday By George Barclay

By George Barclay THE jury in the Charlie Pants murder trial was asked: “What would you do if your mother was drowning?” Supplying an answer to his rhetorical question, Defence Counsel Mr. Huckumchand, representing the accused, Roger Pilgrim, aka ‘Charlie Pants’, said: “Surely, you will go to her assistance.” He added, “It is the same thing you will do if your mother is being attacked”. According to the prosecution’s case, on January 22nd 2011, Charlie Pants

is alleged to have brutally murdered Shane Rowley following a brawl among neighbours in Sophia. State Counsel Miss Natasha Backer, in association with lawyer Miss Mercedes Thompson, closed the prosecution’s case on Tuesday, and the defence has since called two witnesses. In a short address on Thursday, Defence Counsel Mr. Huckumchand told the jury: “The accused acted in self-defence. He went to assist his mother and brother when he, too, became the subject of attack by Shane Rowley, when he was injured and had to hit

out in defence of his life; when Rowley was fatally injured.” That address, though short, was not as short as Barrister Sam Cyrus’s three-word address, “Loose the man”, made some years ago. The prosecutrix, Miss Natasha Backer, addressing the jury yesterday afternoon, urged them to find that the accused and his relatives had been the aggressors, and requested that they return a verdict in keeping with the evidence led and the oath they had taken. The judge will sum up on Monday.

WHEN the Fish Cleaners murder trial continued at the Demerara Assizes on Thursday, the jury was told that a row on the job led to Quaison Jones, called ‘Blondie’, stabbing to death fellow Fish Cleaner Marlon Greene on January 17, 2011 at a wharf at Meadow Bank in Georgetown. Justice Navindra Singh is presiding at this trial, in

which Mrs. Judith Mursalin of the DPP Chambers is prosecuting. Mr. George Thomas is defending. A n d y Vi e i r a , a f i s h cleaner at the wharf, said the incident occurred in bright daylight when a row began between Blondie and Marlon over an old story. Vieira said that the two fish cleaners clashed in the twinkling of an eye, and he saw Blondie on top of Marlon executing three apparent boring actions.

However, he said: “I saw one wound.” He said a bleeding Marlon was taken to hospital, where he died. In her opening address to the jury the prosecutrix had said that the prosecution would have to provide the necessary elements to show that Marlon died as a result of injuries received, and that it was Blondie who had inflicted the injuries on him with the intention to do serious bodily harm. The trial is continuing.

Bhikhari held on to the victim’s hand and forced her into the vehicle to go with him to the hotel. Sukhdeo made an attempt to escape, and the driver drove his car to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters, where Bhikhari was arrested. Bhikhari’s lawyer, Mr. George Thomas, assured the court that if his client was placed on bail, he would make no contact with the virtual complainant (VC) and would report to the police as arranged. He said his client resides with his parents, and has no pending matters or prior convictions. Bhikhari was placed on bail, and will have to report to the subordinate officer in charge at the CID every Friday. He will return to court on July 4 for statements.

Defendant, Mark Bhikhari

Man on $350,000 bail for abducting former lover By Geeta Rampersaud

CHIEF Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry, on Thursday, ordered labourer Mark Bhikhari of Lot 30 Front West Enmore, East Coast Demerara to post $350,000 bail on an abduction charge, particulars of which said that on Friday, June 6, at Georgetown, he compelled Vashti Sukhdeo by force to go with him into motor car, HC 1851, from Water Street, Georgetown to the K&VC Hotel. Police Corporal Bharat Mangru, prosecuting, said the defendant and the victim had been involved in a relationship for three years, and on the day in question, the woman was heading to her work place in Kingston when the defendant was a passenger in a taxi at Water Street. The court heard that

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014

Mother to serve two years for burning child with hot knife By Geeta Rampersaud

PATRICIA Pashur of Lot 151 East La Penitence, G e o r g e t o w n a p p e a re d before Georgetown Magistrate Geeta Chandan-Edmond to answer a charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm on her 10-year-old daughter. After a trial, the unrepresented thirty-one-yearold hair dresser was found guilty as charged, and was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for the offence. Police Corporal Jomo Nichols, prosecuting, said the woman accused her daughter of stealing some $1000 bills and denying

Jailed, Patricia Pashur

the accusation when confronted by her mother. Pashur then placed a knife to heat on a stove, and used it to burn her daughter to the face and other parts of her body, leaving permanent scars. The child was then nine

years old and they were living at Lot 15 Norton and Camp Streets, Georgetown. The court was informed that all three of the woman’s children have been placed in state custody. The prosecutor said that the child’s injuries were severe, and that there were other disciplinary actions her mother could have taken that were less harsh than the one she had taken. He said that putting the woman away would n o t a f f e c t h e r f a m i l y, since her children have already been placed in the state’s care.


G/town Ferry Stelling stairway repaired

–T&HD appeals for greater care and cooperation from speedboat operators in using facility THE Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD) said, on Thursday, that repairs have been effected to the damaged stairway at the Georgetown Ferry Stelling, which facilitates boarding and disembarkation of passengers using the speedboat service plying the Georgetown/Vreed-enHoop route. The plight of commuters using that service had been highlighted in a newspaper article after the stairway had collapsed during an accident on Monday, June 9, 2014. The T&HD has, how-

ever, expressed concern at the way some sections of the media had portrayed the recent problem. In a press release, the Department said the stairway is used by small passenger boats plying the Georgetown to Vreed-enHoop service; and at approximately 09:45 hrs, the department received a report that a speedboat had made a hard mooring that had crashed into the stairway, causing three steps of the stairway to become dislodged and cutting a tie-rod that held the string boards together. T&HD said workers

were immediately dispatched to effect repairs to the stairway because management of the Transport & Harbours Department is very mindful of its obligations to provide safe access to persons using the service, but greater care and cooperation must likewise be exercised by boat captains. The Department has said further that it would be working with the Maritime Administration Department to rein in reckless captains like the one whose boat had damaged the steps. (M. Outridge)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014

Unsettling trend emerging of persons - by cutlass-wielding brothers being ‘double-banked’ in minor disputes By Shirley Thomas A DANGEROUS trend is evolving, locally, whereby ‘biological brothers’ are reg-

19-year-old William Hendricks was “doublebanked” by two cutlasswielding brothers at Beterverwagting, ECD

ularly arming themselves with cutlasses and teaming up to unleash violent attacks against persons with whom they have a misunderstanding.

At least three victims of such heinous attacks are currently in-patients at the Surgical Ward of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, having been brutally chopped and disfigured in separate instances by brothers who were armed with sharpened cutlasses. The most recent victim is 34-year-old Naresh Balkissoon, a fisherman and resident of Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara, who was brutally chopped by two brothers from the same village on Wednesday at the Mon Repos tarmac. Having sustained a gaping facial wound that has split his jaw open from lips to ear, and other wounds to the head, back and arm, Balkissoon was rushed to the GPHC desperately clinging to life, and has since had two surgeries; the first of which began at 23:00 hrs on the Wednesday of his admission and lasted until 03:00hrs the following day, and the other which took place that Thursday morning at approximately 06:00 hrs (three hrs later). Ensconced on his hospital bed and reflecting on his ordeal, Balkissoon, who still has difficulty speaking, said of the brothers: “They chop meh ‘til they see meh cyan’ move no moh.” His relatives who were on the scene recalled that the

two brothers began chopping Balkissoon while he was at his sister’s ‘Fish & Chips’ stall, and they pursued him onto the roadway and continued chopping him even after he had fallen and lay helpless on the road. “They never stopped (chopping him) until the traffic started honking and backing

he recognised pounced on Vanita. He said he figured they had come to rob her shop, since he had owed them $1,000 and was not yet in a position to repay them. The elder brother asked him for a cigarette, but he did not offer the man any, whereupon the man, in a bullying

Naresh Balkissoon was “double-banked” by two cutlasswielding brothers at Mon Repos market tarmac last week

Richard Atkinslow was “double-banked” by two cutlasswielding brothers at Bartica

up,” one horrified relative recalled. Naresh related that the altercation started at around 18:00 hrs when it was getting dark. He was at his sister Vanita Dowding’s stall on the tarmac when two men whom

manner, grabbed Naresh’s packet of cigarettes from him. Naresh retaliated by retrieving the cigarettes from the man. The man went home but, moments later, returned with a sharpened cutlass, which he brandished at Naresh. Naresh said the man’s mother was nearby, and she urged her sons to chop him with the cutlass. Seeing what was developing, Vanita began screaming and begged them not to chop

Naresh, but, according to her, one of the brothers put the cutlass to her neck and warned that, if she didn’t shut up, they would chop her up. Naresh’s relatives said that although other people were on the tarmac, nobody intervened in the altercation because the men were firing chops ‘like if they head ain’t good.’ And recently, 27-year-old Richard Atkinslow of Bartica came under attack from two brothers in his community following their refusal to return an item he had given them to keep. Tempers flared when he went to collect his item, and the brothers allegedly began chopping Atkinslow until he fell to the ground helpless and appeared to be dead. He sustained, to both legs and arms, multiple chops that cut into the bone. He said he was advised that the wounds had become infected because of the protracted period he

had spent lying on the ground where he was attacked. About three to four hours later, the police arrived at the scene and took him to the Bartica Hospital. He was shortly transferred to the GPHC. On the same night of his attack, 19-year-old William Hendricks of Canterbury Walk, Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara was viciously chopped by two brothers who “double-banked” him at Ogle Street in the village during a game of football. His incident stemmed from a misunderstanding over the ball game, but a scuffle ensued, and one of the brothers allegedly ran into a yard, picked up a sharpened cutlass and returned with it. The two brothers allegedly used the weapon to double-bank him, and Hendricks sustained vicious chops about the body, which caused injury to his left eye as well.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014

$435M contract awarded for procurement Friendship man accused of murdering of stationery, dietary and miscellaneous supplies for Prison Service his wife remanded T H I RT Y- o n e y e a r o l d Friendship resident accused of the unlawful killing of his 25-year old wife was remanded to prison yesterday. Vindra Krishna Siriram stood shaking in the dock as the capital of fence was read to him by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. He was not required to plead to the offence said to occur between May 9 and 10 at the couple’s home, Lot 34 Friendship, East Bank Demerara, where he allegedly murdered Shelly

Ann Persaud. Police Corporal Bharat Mangru, prosecuting, said the facts are as charged and there are nine witnesses so far in the matter. The Police Prosecutor requested three weeks for all investigations to be completed. The accused was represented by Attorney-at-law Mr. Keavon Bess and the case was put off to July 4. According to reports, Ms. Persaud’s body was found leaning over a bucket at the bottom of her step by her reputed husband.

Forty-four year old man gets nine-month sentence for stealing toilet bowl A 44-year old man was yesterday sentenced to nine months imprisonment after he accepted before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry that he attempted to steal a toilet bowl. Troy David (no address given) pleaded guilty to the charge, particulars of

located at his home and left to conduct other business. On his way he received a phone call and as a result he returned to his business place. The prosecutor said as the victim made checks he observed the washroom in the yard, which was secured with a padlock, was

Convict Troy David

which said on Wednesday June 11 in Georgetown he attempted to commit a felony when he attempted to steal a toilet bowl, property of Raj Bookraj Company. Police Prosecutor Corporal Bharat Mangru, told the court that on the day in question the virtual complainant (VC) secured his business place which is

broken into. He said the accused was arrested by public spirited citizens and the matter was reported to the Police. Mangru informed the Court that the unrepresented prisoner was previously sentenced to two years imprisonment in 2010 on a simple larceny charge.

Post mortem which was conducted at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation by pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh showed that the woman died from drowning due to neck compression injury.

CABINET has granted its no-objection to a contract worth $435M for the procurement of stationery, dietary and miscellaneous supplies for the Guyana Prison Service (GPS). Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, made the announcement on Thursday while addressing his weekly post-Cabinet press briefing at Office of the President, in Georgetown.

Dr. Luncheon said the no-objection was granted on Tuesday, and he also said that it normally costs less than $1000 to feed a prisoner per day. Cabinet has also granted its no-objection to another contract valued at more than US$106,000 for servicing of navigation and landing aids at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri. (Telesha Ramnarine)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014

Dairy sector to see impro MINISTER of Agriculture Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, on Wednesday last, set two goals for dairy producers in Guyana to achieve by 2020 - to reduce the import of milk by 25% and reduce the import of dairy products by 10%. These goals are attainable, Minister Ramsammy told stakeholders during a consultation on dairy development in Guyana at the Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA) at Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara. “Those are ambitious goals, but also reachable goals,” he declared to

the stakeholders participating in the consultation, including dairy farmers from various regions, officials of GLDA and persons representing the interests of groups and companies. PASTURAGE During the open discussion it was found that the issue of pasturage for the rearing of dairy cows was an issue that needed to be addressed. Minister Ramsammy pointed out that it will be looked into and a decision would have to be arrived at whether there would be collective pasture for cooperatives.

He spoke of great difficulty regarding pasturage over the years, and observed that clearly land cannot be provided near where persons live. The Agriculture Minister said that because it requires huge amounts of land, it would be collective pastures owned by co-ops. Ramsammy observed that there have been many problems encountered with co-ops over time, adding that stakeholders have to get their act together on this issue. “I am trying my best, we are developing some land for that purpose and I hope that people will cooperate with us so we could

have that.” The problem of stray catchers picking up animals was another issue to be addressed by owners of cows living in developed communities. The meeting also noted other issues to be addressed, such as bettering dairy development through improved genetics to increase milk yields; education for dairy producers; pricing of milk; addressing collection and distribution systems; regulation of milk and dairy products; ownership of plants, either by co-ops or stakeholders; marketing strategies; investors, both local and otherwise, and feed for cows. Expressing his gratitude to all stakeholders for participating in the discussion, Ramsammy stressed the forum’s importance, pointing out that it was the first one regarding the subject of dairy development in Guyana. PILLAR OF ECONOMY He observed that agriculture is a pillar of the country’s economy, contributing approximately 10%, noting that as countries move up the scale, this contribution may become less. Minister Ramsammy noted, however, that Guyana’s import bill for milk in 2013 was US$25M and for milk products in excess of US$35M. He deplored the fact that this sum was going towards supporting the industries in other countries. The Agriculture Minister stated, however, that changing this could not be done overnight, but Guyana’s products should

Agriculture Ministe

ICOM demands co believe together we The Agriculture out that the GLDA w improvement of bre cial insemination, a He said that the the past were due t aspect of the progra the breed of the an result of the product time to do so.

Participants during the consultation on Dairy Development in G Authority at Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara

be able to compete ‘across the board’. He pointed out that diligent work could see some progress towards this in five to six years. Ramsammy pointed to the Liliendaal and Versailles dairy initiatives in the late 1970s and early 1980s, which were good ones, but poorly planned and they failed. However there is need to correct them he said, and take the process through the chain to produce fresh, pasteurised milk and milk products. “Guyana’s focus at this time is meeting our local demands,” he said, adding that if this is done, the CAR-

“We are pursuin opment in Guyana of a value change, end, so there are m stated. In this conte cussions with the s focus on the setting DAIRY Government is who can invest, “Bu provide all the tech facilities, and we a ticipate in public/pr he said. He indicated, als


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014

ovements – Agri Minister sets goals for 2020 investors about setting up a plant in Region 5. Pointing out that Sterling Products has been working with farmers in the Essequibo Islands and on the West Demerara, Minister Ramsammy expressed the hope that a meeting with those additional investors could result in formulating a plan to build the industry. He noted, however, that while some persons would not want to be caught up in the commercial aspect, others would. He said that visits to developing countries have shown that their models had adopted the co-op methods in

er Dr Leslie Ramsammy

uld also be met. “I e can do this.” e Minister pointed was working on the eeds of cows, artifind embryo transfer. e mistakes made in to focusing on one amme and not about nimals, and the end t, adding that it was

is working with the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), the Canadian Government, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), so that the technical support for the venture could be obtained to meet the standard established for commercial production of milk and dairy products. Minister Ramsammy also pointed out that in the pipeline are the Food Safety Bill and the Animal Welfare Bill which are critical pieces of legislation

Guyana in the Boardroom of the Guyana Livestock Development

ng livestock develfrom a perspective from beginning to markets etc…,” he ext, one of the disstakeholders would up of a dairy plant.

PLANT talking to persons ut we are willing to hnical support and are willing to parrivate partnership,”

so, that Government

to support a formal industry. He stated that the first reading of the Food Safety Bill will take place on June 19 and is expected to be passed shortly after without opposition. He also expressed anticipation of the operationalising of a small dairy plant in Region 6. He said this was a private sector initiative by Freddy’s Supermarket which has announced the procurement of equipment for a small dairy plant to meet the supermarket’s needs with pasteurised milk. The plant is expected to produce 1,000 litres per day. Ramsammy indicated that Government is also speaking to a group of

running dairy plants. “I do believe that farmers in Guyana should have a say in establishing these plants, and to have a say in honing them,” he said. The meeting was aimed at establishing a vibrant dairy industry in Guyana, to replace the importation of dairy products into the country with excess to export. Minister Ramsammy said that there would also be regional meetings to address the same issue and feedback would be provided through a quarterly newsletter on Dairy Development in

Guyana, which would contain information provided by the GLDA. CEO of the GLDA, Dr. Dindyal Permaul who also spoke to the stakeholders, pointed out that milk was an essential part of a healthy diet and Guyana despite many efforts over the years is unable to satisfy the local needs for this product. He gave the assurance that the GLDA had no intention of taking 100 years to reach where they wanted to go. A commitment was given by the GLDA for continued feedback and communication with the producers. (GINA)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014

Minister Webster expresses sympathy to the Bagot family

HUMAN Services and Social Security Minister, Ms. Jennifer Webster, yesterday, visited the home of the Bagot’s family members who were killed on Wednesday evening when they were hit by a car on the Corentyne Highway. Minister Webster ex-

pressed sympathy on behalf of herself and the Government of Guyana to the relatives of sisters Tabithia Latoya Bagot, 19, and Wanita Bagot, 16 and their threeyear-old niece, Shemaine Cort. She noted that it is indeed a tragic blow for the family to have lost three at

one time in such a terrible way. At the home, the relatives said that the mother of the two older girls is preparing to return to Guyana from New York, where she emigrated only two weeks ago. The three girls were killed after a reportedly

speeding motor car hit them from behind a few houses away from their Philippi, Corentyne home. At the time they were returning from a nearby shop. The sisters have five other remaining siblings. The younger sister should have written her final CSEC subject yesterday. The

three-year-old child was their brother’s daughter. Post-mortem examina-

tions were performed yesterday and the funeral is scheduled for next week.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Ms. Jennifer Webster, speaking to the Bagot sisters’ sibling Malkia Bagot. Also in picture are Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Mr. Patrick Findlay; Probation Officer in Region 6, Mrs. Claudia Munroe and the girls’ cousin Ms. Renata Joseph

The dead girls’ brother recounts the tragedy to the minister and DPS at the scene

Three fined $25,000 each for sale of pornographic DVDs

-Three other accused who pleaded not guilty placed on self recognisance SIX of the seven persons who were recently arrested for selling pornographic DVDs at Stabroek Market last Tuesday appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates Court yesterday. Two women and four men were arraigned before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry to answer the charge. Particulars of the charge said on Tuesday June 10 at Stabroek Market area, Georgetown, they had in their possession pornographic DVDs for the purpose of sale. Sales representative Alicia Adams of Lot 219 Haslington, vendor Collis Jackman of Lot 271 Section

B Non Pariel, East Coast Demerara and Elwin Hodge (no address given) all pleaded not guilty to the charge. Meanwhile, the other three accused Jermaine Nurse, Lloyd Smith and Melissa Jacobs (no address given) pleaded guilty to the charge, when it was read to them. Police Prosecutor Corporal Bharat Mangru, did not oppose bail for Adams, Jackman and Hodge. They were placed on their own recognisance and will appear before Magistrate Dylon Bess on June 16. However, Nurse, Smith and Jacobs were each fined $25,000 and were granted 14 days to pay the fine.

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014

Dashing Dutch masters ... From Backpage on and that made a difference ... It is now a delicate situation for us which we will try and overcome in our next game against Chile and then see what happens.” Spain, also 2008 and 2012 European champions, had been expected to dictate proceedings with their slick passing style and normal service looked to be established when a coolly converted 27th-minute Xabi Alonso penalty gave them the lead. van Gaal had set his Dutch side up to press and look for the quick ball and it paid dividends just before the break in spectacular fashion when van Persie equalised superbly. DIVING HEADER The Netherlands’ key man sneaked in between defenders Sergio Ramos and Jordi Alba in the 44th minute to meet a searching Daley Blind cross with a powerful diving header that left goalkeeper Iker Casillas rooted to the spot. Moments before van Persie’s goal Spain missed a glorious chance to double their lead when midfielder David Silva’s cheeky chip

was pushed wide for a corner. It was a wasted opportunity they came to rue. After the break the Dutch hurried Spain in possession, pouring forward at every opportunity, and went ahead after 53 minutes when Robben got on the end of another superb Blind lobbed pass before turning Gerard Pique and holding off Ramos to fire home from seven metres. Del Bosque reacted by swapping Alonso for the more attack-minded Pedro and Brazilian-born striker Diego Costa, booed with every touch by the locals, went off for Fernando Torres. The match opened up but in the Netherlands’ favour.

van Persie rattled the crossbar with a ferocious right-foot volley before De Vrij, whose tackle on Costa had led to the penalty, stole in on 64 minutes at the back post to convert a free kick after Casillas who was pressurised by van Persie. It got worse for Spain as van Persie added a fourth after taking advantage of a sloppy touch by Casillas to slot home in the 72nd minute and the excellent Robben sent the orange-clad Dutch fans into raptures with a brilliant fifth eight minutes later. The rapid forward, who had spurned a glorious chance to give the Netherlands their first world title four years ago when bearing

down on Casillas, flew out of his half on to a through ball before toying with the Spanish rearguard and belting home. As the game closed out traditional chants of “ole”, usually hailing the dominant tiki-taka style of Spain, greeted every Dutch touch of the ball as their disbelieving supporters celebrated. The defeat left Del Bosque seated disconsolately in his dugout long after his squad had disappeared down the tunnel and although he would not have enjoyed the Dutch lap of honour, he may take comfort from remembering Spain lost their opening match in 2010, 1-0 to Switzerland before going on to lift the trophy.

Peralta strike gives Mexico win in Natal ... From Page 37

Mexico goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa was forced to make a fine save to prevent Benjamin Moukandjo equalising with a header in stoppage time. Branded traitors at home after the strike over bonuses, the Cameroon players had hoped to answer their critics on the pitch and a fifth successive World Cup defeat was not what that had been looking for. Cameroon have now

won just one World Cup match since becoming the

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first African team to reach the quarter-finals in 1990.

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First Test at Lord’s

Sri Lanka fight back after Root double ton Silva, Sangakkara see visitors through to close By Josh Reich LONDON, England (Reuters) - Sri Lanka’s Kaushal Silva and Kumar Sangakkara offered stubborn resistance on the second day of the opening Test at Lord’s after Joe Root put England in control by hitting his maiden Test double ton yesterday. The 23-year-old Root, dropped for the final Ashes Test during England’s 5-0 w h i t e w a s h D o w n U n d e r, brought up his 200 with a dab behind square after a well compiled innings that featured 16 boundaries from 298 balls. “Rooty, to go on and get 100, and then today, the big hundred that we talk about, the game changer, is really important,” wicketkeeper Matt Prior, who fell 14 runs short of a century of his own, told a news conference. “A double hundred at Lord’s, what a fantastic effort!” Alastair Cook immediately declared the innings on 575-9 once Root had reached his milestone, leaving Sri Lanka openers Silva and Dimuth Karunaratne to negotiate a

tricky spell before tea. Karunaratne, who successfully overturned an lbw appeal off James Anderson in the first over and offered a chance to the slips soon after, fell to Chris Jordan’s third ball in Test cricket when on 38, edging to Prior behind the stumps. However, Silva (62) and Sangakkara (32) battled their way through to 140-1 at the close, although the former was lucky to survive a caught-behind appeal off Stuart Broad on his way to his fourth half-century, with the third umpire ruling Prior had not claimed the catch cleanly. “I felt it carry,” Prior said. “In your keeping gloves you’ve got rubber tips and I felt the ball hit the rubber tips. There is no doubt in my mind.” RESCUED HIS SIDE Root, yet to nail a position in the line-up during his short Test career, was offered good support by Jordan, Broad and Liam Plunkett as the hosts looked to bat Sri Lanka out of the match against a bowling attack that lacked any real threat after an early three-wicket blast on the first morning of

Joe Root became the fourth-youngest double-centurion for England.

the Test. Root’s 200 beat his previous best of 180, also scored at Lord’s against Australia last year, and helped rescue his side after they were struggling at 120 for four soon after lunch on the first day. Having had little luck tossing the ball up late on the opening day, Sri Lanka’s bowlers set out to bombard Root and Prior, also returning after injury and being dropped against Australia, with short balls on a pitch that appears set to become easier to bat on as the match progresses. Prior, who passed 4 000 Test runs early in the day, never looked entirely comfortable, eventually falling for 86 when he could only fend

a well-directed bouncer from Shaminda Eranga to Silva at forward short-leg, with the pair having put on 171 runs for the sixth-wicket. Jordan, who along with Sam Robson and Moeen Ali, is making his Test debut, struck a breezy 19 before becoming Eranga’s third victim, while fellow fast bowlers Broad (47) and Plunkett (39) also ticked the total along to help England to their highest score against Sri Lanka, for whom Nuwan Pradeep finished with a career-best haul of four wickets. “We’re not going to blast anyone out on that wicket, we’re going to have to build pressure, get control and put a lot of dots on and try get

ENGLAND first innings A. Cook b Kulasekara 17 S. Robson c P. Jayawardene b Pradeep 1 G. Ballance c P. Jayawardene b Pradeep 23 I. Bell lbw Eranga 56 J. Root not out 200 Moeen Ali c M.Jayawardene b Herath 48 M. Prior c Silva b Eranga 86 C. Jordan c P. Jayawardene b Eranga 19 S. Broad c Karunaratne b Pradeep 47 L. Plunkett C. Silva b Pradeep 39 J. Anderson not out 9 Extras: (b-12, lb-12, nb-6) 30 Total: (for 9 wickets decl, 130.3 overs) 575 Fall of wickets: 1-14, 2-22, 3-74, 4-120, 5-209, 6-380, 7-402, 8-466, 9-547. Bowling: Kulasekara 22-3-83-1, Pradeep 29-2-123-4 (nb-2), Eranga 30-3-163-3 (nb-4), Mathews 11-2-390, Herath 37.3-2-136-1, Thirimanne 1-0-7-0. SRI LANKA first innings D. Karunaratne c Prior b Jordan 38 K. Silva not out 62 K. Sangakkara not out 32 Extras: (b-4, w-4) 8 Total: (for 1 wicket, 40 overs) 140 Fall of wickets: 1-54 Bowling: Anderson 10-1-43-0, Broad 10-2-39-0(w-1), Jordan 10-326-1 (w-1), Plunkett 7-1-25-0 (w-2), Moeen 3-1-3-0.

wickets that way,” Prior added. Sri Lanka’s Karunaratne was confident his side could avoid the follow-on and then build a score to put pressure back on England, especially with the experienced Sangakkara at the crease and Mahela

Jayawardene who has twice scored centuries at Lord’s, to come. “Kaushal and Kumar batted very well so I think they can go on tomorrow,” he said. “I think 360 is a gettable score and we can avoid the follow on as well.”

Spurs blow out Heat on road for second straight game … move within one win from NBA Finals crown MIAMI, Florida – Dwyane Wade looked lost. LeBron James looked around for help that never came. Meanwhile, the San Antonio Spurs looked like a machine – again. Game 4 of the NBA Finals was another Spurs blowout, 107-86, a victory that puts them one win from the franchise’s fifth title. No team has come back from a 3-1 deficit in the Finals. “They smashed us, two straight home games,” James said in the postgame news conference The Spurs didn’t set any shooting records on Thursday night at American Airlines Arena but they were just as dominant as they were in Game 3’s wipeout. The defeat marked the first time Miami lost consecutive playoff games since the 2012 Eastern Conference finals against the Boston

Celtics. It also was the first time a road team won consecutive games in the Finals by at least 15 points. San Antonio’s Kawhi Leonard followed his strong Tuesday performance with a team-high 20 points and 14 rebounds, and Tony Parker had 19 points. Tim Duncan had a nasty dunk for two of his 10 points. Even Boris Diaw got a two-handed slam in the rout “We’re going to use our home court and we’re going to come with the same focus that we did in these last two games, and hopefully close it out at home,” Duncan said. James carried the Heat with 28 points, 19 of which were scored in a third quarter that saw the Spurs push their lead to 24 points. Wade missed nine of his first 10 shots en route to a 10-point performance.

Kawhi Leonard followed his strong Tuesday performance with a team-high 20 points and 14 rebounds

“I don’t like missing. I’m not used to missing,” Wade said. The Heat had a better start Thursday, but it wasn’t saying much. The Spurs jumped to a 13-4 lead after Danny Green made his second 3-pointer with 7:12 left in the first

quarter. San Antonio finished the quarter ahead, 26-17, after shooting 55 percent from the field. It was a far cry from their record first-half performance of Game 3, but Miami struggled early, missing nine of their 14 first-quarter shots from the floor.

The Spurs increased their lead to 14 in the second quarter with a Manu Ginobili 3-pointer at the 5:29 mark. Nine seconds later the frustrated Heat called a timeout. It didn’t slow down the Spurs who stayed hot with a 13-5 run, capped by Leonard’s put-back slam. The Heat heard boos as they went into the locker room at halftime down 5536. It would’ve been worse had James not hit a desperate triple to close the half. Miami shot 35.3 percent in the first half with zero fast-break points. James led the Heat with nine first-half points on 3-of-7 shooting. He briefly exited the game – 40 seconds of action – to get his ankle re-taped. “I think everybody came in expecting something dramatically different than this,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. Looking for a spark, the Heat started shooting guard Ray Allen in the second half

over forward Rashard Lewis. Allen had six points on two 3-pointers off the bench in the first. James, however, carried the load as he scored 10 points during a 12-6 run to trim Miami’s deficit to 6148 with 7:56 left in the third quarter. The Spurs responded strong with a 12-1 run, finalised by a Leonard 3-pointer to go up 24 with 3:49 remaining in the third. The Heat called a timeout one second later and the crowd responded with more boos. “It was pretty much the same game as the last game,” Diaw said. “We were expecting a reaction from them, but we were ready for it. So we just did the same thing.” Last year, the Spurs had two chances to clinch the title but failed in Miami. This time, they get three shots at it, the first on Sunday in San Antonio for Game 5. “We just have to figure it out,” Spoelstra said. “We have 48 hours.” (Yahoo Sports)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014

Dream final of Redemption … 1950 revisited

By Allan La Rose ONE of Guyana’s football coaches, Dennis ‘Chow’ Hunte is going against Global widespread prediction that Brazil and Argentina will contest the July 13 final. Instead, the former national youth player is dreaming of a Brazil versus Uruguay finale as the 20th edition of the Men’s FIFA World Cup is underway. “For 64 years Brazil has been haunted by a ghost named Ghiggia.

Former National youth player Dennis `Chow’ Hunte

It was at the 1950 finals when he scored the winner and plunged the entire Brazil into groaning and moaning. Today Ghiggia remains the only survivor of that victorious Uruguayan side so it is only fitting that he is around to bear witness at the permanent burying of the ghost he delivered in 1950,” Hunte exclaimed to Chronicle Sport.

The former Pele FC midfielder, who considers himself to be Brazilian to the bone when it comes to World Cup football, does not anticipate any problems in Brazil capturing their 6th title. “Brazil do not only have the home advantage. We also have a World class match winner in the young and very talented Neymar just waiting to explode and write his

name into history. As regards our defence which critics think is weak, well, thank heavens the statistics have revealed it is the best in World football,” a confident Hunte proclaimed. Hunte added that he thinks Argentina are much too overrated and that Messi has already shown, in two previous finals, he cannot handle the World Cup pressure. “ T h e y s a y re v e n g e is sweet, but redemption is sweeter,” declared Hunte.

Pele: I hope no one does a Ghiggia THERE is very little that has not already been said about Pele. Now 73, the Brazilian is a living legend, with three FIFA World Cup winners’ medals to his name. With just a matter of days to go before his country hosts the biggest foot-balling show on earth, the man regarded by many as the greatest player of alltime shares his recollections of the 1950 world finals with Recalling the tears his father shed when Brazil slumped to a shock defeat to Uruguay in the last match of that tournament – the infamous Maracanazo – he cast his mind back to that fateful day, reflected on his love affair with the World Cup and gave his views on the Seleção’s chances of success at Brazil 2014. There are only a few days to go before the FIFA World Cup makes its return to Brazil after a 64-year absence. What is your most vivid memory of that bittersweet experience in 1950? Pele: I’ve got many great foot-balling memories, but the first of them all is Brazil losing the World Cup that year. It was the first time I ever saw my father cry, and all because of that defeat. I was nine or ten years old and I remember seeing him sitting next to the radio, sobbing. I asked him: ‘Why are you crying, Papa?’ And he said to me: ‘Brazil have lost the World Cup’. That’s the image that’s etched in my mind from 1950. God was very good to me, though, because eight years later I

was in Sweden and I won the title. I played in four World Cups and won three, including the last one in 1970. I think I can safely say that God gave everything back to me. You’ve mentioned before that seeing your father cry on that occasion had an impact on your career. Can you tell us more about that? Pele: My father was a footballer too, and that day I was with three or four friends, who were children of his team-mates. There was no TV at that time, and he had invited them round to listen to the match on the radio. We little ones went to play in the street. I remember that there were a lot of people around and so much going on. And then, later in the afternoon, everything suddenly went dead quiet. We went inside to find out what was going on. My father was crying and he told me that we had lost. I remember jokingly saying to him: ‘Don’t cry, Papa. I’ll win the World Cup for you’. I just came out with it because I didn’t know what else to say, but eight years later there I was in the national team, and we won the title. How did that shock defeat to Uruguay affect the country? Pele: I was just a boy and it was the first time I’d seen so many people depressed and so many people crying. I even heard that two or three people died of heart attacks. I was young but I remember that huge sense of sadness. There’s no way you could forget that.

Pele If you had been born earlier and played in that FIFA World Cup, would the Maracanazo ever have happened? Pele: That’s a good question (laughs). It goes without saying that you always want the best for your people and your family, but if I could choose, I’d ask God to let me be born earlier to help Brazil and stop it from happening. Moacir Barbosa, the Brazil goalkeeper that day, came in for a lot of criticism for letting in Alcides Ghiggia’s winning goal. Do you still remember that? Pele: I’ve seen interviews with him, where he says that people crucified him for that goal. He said: ‘I’ve played lots of games for the national games and we got to the final, thanks in part to all my saves. But now people blame me for one goal’. I feel very sorry about all that, but that’s life. Unfortunately, fans can be very emotional and all they want are victories. Sometimes you get criticised when you lose. That’s just the way it is. Ghiggia, the

man who made you father cry, was at the Brazil 2014 Final Draw. What was it like to meet up with him? Pele: I’d seen him two or three times before the draw. Obviously we spoke about the game and our stories that day. He even told me that neither he nor his team-mates believed they could beat our team. Brazil were the best side and they’d won all their games easily. He told me: ‘For us it was a miracle. We didn’t expect it’. And to tell you the truth, we Brazilians didn’t expect it either. Eight years later you won the title yourself. What memories do you have of that?  Pele: That was another surprise. I was 15 when we played a tournament in Rio, in a team made up of players from Santos and Vasco da Gama. We played a few internationals at the Maracana and they decided to pick me. I didn’t expect it at all. It came as a surprise to everyone, not just to me. How would you compare your first world title in 1958 and your

last in 1970? Pele: That’s not a difficult question for me to answer. I played in four World Cups and we were lucky enough to win three. Everyone asks me if it was hard to play in the World Cup at the age of only 17, but I can honestly say that all I wanted at the time was to be in the team. It was like a dream. We won, but I didn’t have any responsibility on my shoulders. In 1970 I was at my peak. We had a great team and it was my last World Cup. But if I compare it to the first one, when I didn’t have any experience, I have to say Mexico was tougher. We had a fantastic side and everyone expected us to win, which gave me the shakes. I was very nervous and under a lot of pressure. Maybe people have forgotten, but the political situation in Brazil was not good and we felt that we simply had to win the title. That was the difference. Thank God we were able to do it. Time passes quickly, doesn’t it?  Pele: It’s incredible, but the thing that amazes me most is all the changes and progress there’s been in the media. We didn’t have a TV or new technologies in 1958. I remember that I wanted to call my father and tell him that we’d won the World Cup, and we had to go to a train station in Sweden. I said to him: ‘Papa, we’ve won the World Cup’. And he said: ‘I didn’t see it but I listened to it’. It’s a huge change. Today players score a goal and blow a kiss to the cameras. We couldn’t do that and that’s the biggest

difference that I see. There is a lot of footage from the 1970 tournament around these days, though. Do you watch it? Pele: Sometimes, yes. I watch it because there are a lot of videos available and TV programmes that put it on. I’ll tell you something, though: if I’m not careful I always start crying. When I see those players and the people cheering me around, I get all emotional. I’m a sensitive guy! F I FA . c o m : Yo u re cently said that you didn’t want your children to catch you crying and see what you saw back in 1950 with your father. Who do you think has the potential to be a Ghiggia this time? Lionel Messi or Luis Suarez maybe? Pele: I’m sorry, but I hope nobody comes and does what Ghiggia did in 1950. What we all want to see is Brazil having a good World Cup, reaching the Final and winning the title, if possible. I don’t want to remember what happened in 1950. I have to have faith and believe that victory is possible, because you just never know. Football is a big box full of surprises and the best team doesn’t always win. Just look at 1982. Brazil had the best side but we lost to Italy and went out. I don’t want to think about how the games might go in Brazil. I just want to be positive and think that Brazil will win the Cup. That’s what I want to believe. (FIFA. com)

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014


Brazil gets in the World Cup swing as protests quiet down By Brad Haynes SAO PAULO, Brazil (Reuters) - World Cup fever gathered steam across Brazil yesterday as fans streamed to a second day of matches and violent protests subsided, although a last-minute scramble to get some host cities ready kept organisers on edge. Brazil’s opening victory over Croatia unleashed celebrations late into Thursday night, with fireworks and car horns echoing for hours in major cities as fans got into the spirit of the first World Cup on Brazilian soil since 1950. Shopkeepers in Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte yesterday cleaned up storefronts that they had boarded up for opening day, when protests against the costs and alleged corruption behind the tournament broke into scattered clashes with police. Most of Brazil’s 12 host cities saw anti-World Cup demonstrations ahead of the opener, drawing anywhere from dozens to more than 1 000 protesters, but the protests dropped off sharply early yesterday. About 100 000 police are patrolling host cities during the month-long tour-

“This party is only just beginning.”

Brazilian fans celebrate after Brazil score against Croatia during their 2014 World Cup opening match, at a FIFA event in Manaus. (Credit: Reuters/Siphiwe Sibeko) nament. On Thursday, police was subjected to jeers and responded with teargas, stun derisive chants at Brazil’s grenades and rubber bullets opening game, a clear sign against demonstrations in of the continued frustration. some cities. But many fans also want Amnesty Internation- protesters to let them enjoy al said police deserved a the party. “yellow card” after they “They won’t stop us hav“brutally repressed peaceful ing our fun, especially when protesters” in Sao Paulo on Brazil win!” said Pedro Thursday. Protest organisers Ribeiro, 29, a businessman in some cities were pledging in Belo Horizonte who held marches later yesterday and a house party until the early over the weekend. hours to celebrate the 3-1 Brazilians are still frus- victory over Croatia. trated about the $11 billion “People have a right to spent to host the Cup in a complain. There are lots of country with glaring inequal- problems in Brazil. But they ities that struggles to fund don’t have the right to be schools, hospitals and other violent or to spoil the World basic services. Cup we’ve all been waiting President Dilma Rousseff so long for,” Ribeiro said.

Stick with trusted Lampard v Italy, Hoddle urges England RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - (Reuters) - Former England coach Glenn Hoddle has added his voice to one of the longest-running debates about the national team, saying veteran Frank Lampard should partner captain Steven Gerrard against Italy today. Hoddle called on coach Roy Hodgson not to listen to calls to give younger players a chance and said he should instead stick with Lampard to bolster midfield discipline against the Italians in England’s opening Group D match at the World Cup. “Everyone assumes Jordan Henderson will line up with Gerrard in a midfield partnership that has worked well for Liverpool,” Hoddle said in a column for British bookmaker William Hill to be published today. “But I really think England need stability, experi-

ence and know-how for the start - then unleash some of the youngsters to frighten Italy in the final stages when some of their older players will be wilting,” he said. Lampard, 35, and Gerrard, 34, have been the two dominant English central midfield players of the past decade, racking up goals at Chelsea and Liverpool respectively. They have more than 200 international caps between them. But their partnership for England has proved frustrating for fans, with Lampard often unable to enjoy the same kind of attacking freedom he has had at club level as Gerrard ventures forward. Hodgson has younger options to put alongside Gerrard, such as his Liverpool team mate Henderson and Arsenal’s Jack Wilshire. But Hoddle, who managed England at the 1998

World Cup and is also a former Chelsea manager, said he favoured giving Lampard the kind of defensive midfield role he assumed last season for his club in order to protect the national team’s back four against an Italy side marshalled by playmaker Andrea Pirlo. That would also mean Lampard and Gerrard would not be treading on each other’s toes in attacking midfield positions. “Roy needs to be prudent in his first selection and cannot afford to have a rush of blood against Italy,” he said. Hoddle said he would pick Manchester United’s Danny Welbeck to start as a striker today and bring on Liverpool winger Raheem Sterling later in the game. He also said Adam Lallana of Southampton also deserved a place in the starting 11.

LAST-MINUTE SCRAMBLE The first full-capacity game at Sao Paulo’s new World Cup venue went smoothly on Thursday except for minor hiccups. A partial outage of stadium floodlights and the late arrival of food at vending stalls did little to dampen the atmosphere. But questions still hung over the other cities hosting their first games yesterday.. In the northeastern city of Natal, pouring rain, striking bus drivers and lingering safety questions about the stadium marked the run-up to the Mexico vs Cameroon match. Temporary new bleachers only cleared 90 percent of a safety check on Wednesday, officials told Reuters,

and inspectors were barred from entering the stadium yesterday while world soccer body FIFA prepared for the match. As many as 100 fans were moved to alternative seating due to safety concerns about the new bleachers, a FIFA spokesman said. Mexico won the game 1-0. Natal also resorted to using school buses and vans to keep public transportation flowing after a bus drivers’ union voted to strike over a wage dispute. Making it more difficult, days of sunshine in Natal gave way to driving rain that flooded city streets and drenched fans in the Dunas arena. The downpour knocked out some of the stadium’s security scanners. Rain in Porto Alegre also interrupted construction around the World Cup

arena, which remains a muddy work site just two days before hosting France vs Honduras. In Cuiaba, a dry heat cooked the dusty roads around the Pantanal arena, threatening a high near 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius). Workers were still scrambling yesterday morning to install air conditioning and carpets, just hours ahead of the Chile vs Australia match. Across the country, however, Brazilians’ famous hospitality and good cheer were already overwhelming the rocky preparations in the minds of visiting fans. “It has been amazing, people have been so nice to us,” said Alvaro Roman, one of thousands of Chileans who had flown or driven across the continent to see the game in Cuiaba. “Brazil is a magical place!”

FIFA bans German legend Franz Beckenbauer for snubbing Qatar probe By Eric Adelson RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – One of the greatest soccer players of all-time has been slammed with one of the most surprising soccer penalties of all-time. Franz Beckenbauer, beloved in Germany for being one of only two men in history to win a World Cup as a player and as a coach, was given a 90-day provisional ban by FIFA for refusing to cooperate in the investigation of the delegation of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup tournaments to Russia and Qatar, respectively. Beckenbauer, a special adviser to FIFA, cannot participate in any football-related activities for three months – a penalty that extends well beyond the conclusion of the World Cup tournament here. The decision is a jolt to the soccer community – a historic icon banned for intransigence – and it was levied by American prosecutor Michael Garcia, who is leading the investigation of the charges of corruption in handing out the 2018 and 2022 bids. Garcia is alleging a “breach” of FIFA’s Code of Ethics. “The apparent breach

relates to Mr Beckenbauer’s failure to cooperate with an Ethics Committee investigation”, read a FIFA statement released yesterday, “despite repeated requests for his assistance, including requests that he provide information during an in-person interview or in response to written questions provided in both English and German.” Beckenbauer has been under heavy criticism for several days, since the Sunday Times of London released emails indicating that secret payments may have helped Qatar win the 2022 World Cup bid. B e c k e n b a u e r, 6 8 , who has not commented since the ban was levied, said this week that he did not understand the questions sent to him as part of the investigation because they were in English. He requested an in-person meeting and a discussion in German, and “that was apparently not desired,” he told The Guardian. He has denied that his vote was influenced, though he has not yet revealed which bid he voted for. Media reports suggest Beckenbauer visited Qa-

tar on multiple occasions, both before and after the emirate won its bid in 2010. There is also a report that he visited as part of a business delegation in 2011. He had a relationship with a German shipping company up until March of this year. He has a similar ambassadorial role for the Association of Russian Gas Producers FIFA has been under constant fire for its handling of the 2018 and particularly the 2022 World Cup bids. The decision to award the event to Qatar, despite its extreme summer temperatures and its history of workers’ rights abuses, reportedly enraged even former president Bill Clinton, who led the United States’ bid for the 2022 Cup. Garcia’s decision to ban Beckenbauer may mean progress toward finding the source of any corruption in these bids. “I don’t think Garcia will show any restraint when dealing with Beckenbauer,” a FIFA source told the German newspaper Die Welt this week. “An American prosecutor won’t care whether he is a German national icon.” (Yahoo Sports)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday June 14, 2014

FIFA referee chief defends contentious penalty in World Cup opener RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Reuters) - The head of refereeing at FIFA yesterday defended a contentious penalty decision during the opening game of the 2014 World Cup between host nation Brazil and Croatia. At Thursday’s match at Corinthians arena in Sao Paulo, Japanese referee Yuichi Nishimura ruled that Croatia’s Dejan Lovren had fouled Fred when the Brazilian fell to the floor with 20 minutes remaining and the score at 1-1. Neymar converted the penalty for his second goal of the game and Brazil went on to win 3-1 in the Group A match, but the spot kick decision dominated debate

Referee Yuichi Nishimura (C) of Japan gestures for a penalty during the 2014 World Cup opening match after the game and drew afield. Massimo Busacca, in condemnation from Croatia’s players, coach and further charge of refereeing for

world soccer’s ruling body, told reporters in Rio De Janeiro that Nishimura appeared to be justified in awarding a penalty. “The referee was in a very good position,” he said of the 42-year-old match official. He said a photograph of the incident showed that there was contact between the two players in the area, and that Lovren touched Fred not only with his left hand but also his right. “If you make contact you permit the referee to go in one direction,” he added. Busacca declined so say whether Nishimura would officiate at other matches during the World Cup, as he and his team had yet to make

Bonner century leads HPC to series win century to catapult West Indies High performance C e n t re t o a s i x - w i c k et victory over Bangladesh-A in the third and final One Day game of a three-match series here on Thursday. The victory, inspired as well by a three-wicket haul from Carlos Brathwaite who led a demolition of the Bangladesh lower order, ensured HPC completed a series victory after winning the first two matches. Bonner batted throughout the innings to be unbeaten on 111 as HPC cruised to their target after Brathwaite snatched three for 13 runs to trigger a lower order batting collapse and restrict the visitors to 221 all out. Bonner took the sword to the Bangladesh bowlers to keep the momentum in HPC’s favour and reached three figures from 124 balls, in 191 minutes hitting 17 fours and two sixes. His innings   consolidated on an opening stand with Andre Fletcher that produced 98 runs before Fletcher was caught behind for 39 after scoring a boundary and hitting three sixes. The in-form Jermaine Blackwood contributed 27 to the chase as the bowling, highlighted by a three-wicket haul from Shafiul Islam, Nkrumah Bonner drives over the top in his century posed no real threat to the in the third 50 overs-a-side match between the home side. Bangladesh-A, who won Sagicor West Indies High Performance team and the toss and decided to bat, Bangladesh-A on Thursday. B R I D G E TO W N , B a rbados (CMC) Jamaican

opener Nkrumah Bonner unleashed a hostile

were reeling on 81 for the loss of three wickets before the 20th over. All-rounder Andre Russell picked up an early wicket, having Abdul Majid caught at slips and was denied of a second two overs later when Marshall Ayub survived a dropped catch. However, a 62-run partnership for the second wicket between Ayub and Nurul Hasan brought the innings back on track. Hason scored 45 while Shubhagoto Hom led the midwicket revival with a top score of 66 to dominate a stand for the fourth wicket with Naeem Islam who posted 33. Bangladesh’s fightback carried them to 205 for six before Brathwaite re t u r n e d t o s n u f f o u t their last resistance acc o u n t i n g f o r t h re e o f their remaining four wickets in the space of four overs. The Barbadian pacer was also involved in other aspects of play that resulted in the loss of crucial wickets such as his run-out of top scorer Hom and his catch to remove Taijul Islam without scoring. Jonathan Carter also picked up three wickets but conceded 17 runs while Nikita Miller took two for 37 including opener Hasan for 45. HPC and Bangladesh-A begin a two-game T20 series today Kensington Oval.

a full analysis of the referee’s performance over the full duration of the opening game. When one reporter suggested that Nishimura’s decision was a mistake, Busacca replied: “A mistake? It’s you’r opinion and I’ll let you think it if you want.” Nishimura showed Felipe Melo a red card as Brazil crashed out of the World Cup quarter-finals in 2010, effectively ending Brazil’s hopes of coming back from 2-1 down and their dreams of a sixth world title. Fierce debate over refereeing decisions was unlikely to end with Nishimura’s intervention. One of the main talking points after yesterday’s game

between Mexico and Cameroon at a rain-soaked Dunas arena in Natal was the officiating, after two Giovani dos Santos efforts were controversially disallowed in the first half. Mexico went on to win 1-0, however, thanks to a Oribe Peralta goal. FIFA is using goal-line technology for the first time at this World Cup, and FIFA president Sepp Blatter this week suggested introducing a television referral system allowing managers to challenge up to two refereeing decisions per match. between Brazil and Croatia at the Corinthians arena in Sao Paulo, Thursday. (Credit: REUTERS/Murad Sezer)

Dhoni only cricketer on Forbes’ high-earners list

MS. Dhoni is the only cricketer on the list of 100 highest-paid athletes. MS Dhoni, the India cap- made through endorsements. tain, is the only cricketer on According to Forbes, $26 the list of 100 highest-paid million of his earnings have athletes in the world. He come through endorsements. Only seven athletes is also, obviously, the only have made more endorseIndian on the list. At 22, he has fallen six ment money in the period places from the list released of July 2013 to May 2014. in 2013, although it is still Roger Federer - with $52 better than his 31st rank in million made through endorsements and only $4.5 2012. He still ended up making million through salary and more money than the likes winnings - and Bolt - with of Wayne Rooney, Usain $23 million in endorseBolt and basketball player ments and $300 000 in Dwayne Wade. Dhoni’s total winnings - lead those with a earnings, according to the stark endorsement-to-earnmagazine, have come down ings ratio. Stunningly, boxer Floyd from US$31.5 million in Mayweather earned the most 2013 to $30 million. The most striking part in the qualifying period of Dhoni’s presence in this $105 million - without any list is the money he has endorsements.

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Chile too hot for Aussies in Cuiaba By Mary Milliken

CUIABA Brazil, (Reuters) - Chile got the victory they needed if they are to have any chance of progressing from a daunting Group B when they held off a strong Australian fightback to emerge 3-1 winners in another open and entertaining World Cup clash yesterday. Alexis Sanchez put Chile ahead from close range after 12 minutes and two minutes later Jorge Valdivia made it 2-0 with a well-struck shot as the South Americans looked in control. Australia fought back strongly, though, and Tim Cahill replied with a header after 35 minutes and thought he had equalised with another early in the second half only to have it ruled offside by an excellent linesman’s decision. Both sides went close

in an end-to-end second half before Jean Beausejour grabbed a third for Chile in stoppage time, and they will now have to try to get something from games against Spain or the Netherlands, who thrashed the holders 5-1 earlier in the day. Chile appeared to be coasting to a comfortable victory when Sanchez and Valdivia scored in quick succession. Charles Aranguiz neatly kept the ball in play on the right with defenders scrambling to block him and he chipped into the middle where Eduardo Vargas and Mile Jedinak jostled for the header, the ball falling for goalscoring talisman Sanchez to poke home. Within two minutes Chile were two up, carving their way through Australia’s defence before Sanchez squared for Valdivia to rifle into the roof of the net from

Chile’s Jorge Valdivia (in red) celebrates his goal against Australia with his teammates during their 2014 World Cup Group B soccer match at the Pantanal arena in Cuiaba, yesterday.. Credit: REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh and allowed them to settle. on the cards for the SocAustralia’s record the edge of the box. ceroos but Chile sat back goalscorer Cahill got A heavy defeat looked

above Gary Medel to head powerfully home and the striker was denied again moments later when his low strike was saved by Claudio Bravo. The lowest ranked team of the 32 in Brazil began the second half strongly with Cahill’s bullet header ruled out and then veteran midfielder Mark Bresciano forcing Bravo into another sprawling save, this time one-handed low to his left. Australia had a let off when Alex Wilkinson got back to clear off the goalline from Eduardo Vargas but Chile could not relax. Cahill again demonstrated his renowned aerial ability when he climbed above his marker Gonzalo Jara but this time headed over. Any hopes of securing a point vanished when substitute Beausejour drilled a low strike into the far corner in stoppage time.

Peralta strike gives Mexico win in Natal rainstorm By Nick Mulvenney NATAL Brazil (Reuters) - Mexico got just rewards for their attacking intent when Oribe Peralta’s 61st minute strike gave them a 1-0 win over Cameroon in their World Cup opener at a rain-saturated Dunas arena yesterday. The Mexicans had two Giovani dos Santos efforts controversially disallowed in the first half but Peralta’s goal means they will now feel they have a good chance of progressing from Group A, which also includes hosts Brazil and Croatia. Cameroon, who only arrived in Brazil after a player strike was averted by last-minute negotiations, had packed their midfield in an attempt to stifle the Mexicans and lone striker Samuel Eto’o failed to find the goal with his few opportunities. Mexico came out to attack as coach Miguel Herrera had promised and “El Tri” dominated the opening exchanges with wingbacks Miguel Layun and Paul Aguilar getting plenty of space out wide. dos Santos first found

Mexico’s Oribe Peralta celebrates his goal against Cameroon during their 2014 World Cup Group A soccer match at the Dunas arena in Natal, yesterday. (Credit: Reuters/Jorge Silva)

the net with a neat volley after 11 minutes but was called back despite appearing to be in line with the defenders. Cameroon could have taken the lead after 21 minutes when fullback Benoit

Assou-Ekotto beat two defenders and found Eto’o in the box but the striker was able only to hit the outside of the post. Eto’o had another chance three minutes later but was unable to control

the ball when Eric-Maxim Choupo Moting headed it down to his feet in the sixyard box. Mexico should have been in front after 29 minutes when Andres Guardado’s free kick from the

right found Rafael Marquez and Hector Moreno unmarked at the far post but the opportunity went abegging. If the decision to deny dos Santos a first goal could be called a marginal

call, the second after half an hour was a clear error. A corner swung in from the left was flicked on by one Cameroon defender and, as another raced off the line, dos Santos managed to turn back and head the ball into the net. As the rain continued to lash down, Peralta almost broke the deadlock three minutes after the break, when dos Santos’ flick played him through on goal only for Cameroon goalkeeper Charles Itandje to block his shot with his legs. C a m e r o o n ’s A s sou-Ekotto had a free kick deflected off the Mexico wall and just wide after 58 minutes but the game did not have to wait much longer for its first goal. dos Santos was released through the middle of the Cameroon defence and when Itandje managed to stop his low drive, Peralta was on hand to steer the ball into the empty net and send Herrera and the thousands of Mexican fans into paroxysm s of joy. Cameroon continued to threaten from set pieces and

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‘B’ Division Police forms youth and sports group at East Bank Berbice FOLLOWING an interactive and informative community meeting, the police ranks attached to the Guyana Police Force ‘B’ Division through the efforts of Deputy Commander, Senior Superintendent Stephen Mansell, immediately formed a youth and sports group in the rural community of Plegt Anker, East Bank Berbice, with the aim of having youths in the far-off community occupied. Last Tuesday, Mansell and a team of officers including Inspector Seseupaul Jhagroo and Assistant Superintendent Guy Nurse, met with residents from

Julianenburg, Macaw and Plegt Anker villages, to discuss youth development and the promotion of sports in the communities that have no access to potable water, electricity and landline telephone service. During the session, Mansell pointed out that youths have an important role to play in the development of Guyana and the ‘B’ Division police are grasping the opportunity to foster good relations through community outreaches by bridging gaps with the youngsters. “We at the administrative level thought it best to reach out to you (the youths) and

Senior Superintendent and Deputy Commander of ‘B’ Division Stephen Mansell presents sports equipment to Ms Monalissa Dukhie in the presence of other police ranks and community stakeholders.

offer our encouragement and whatever other resources are at our disposal to ensure that

you enhance your talent,” he noted. Students and young teachers

of the Plegt Anker School, along with adolescents in the three communities, acknowledge the intention of the law enforcers and pledged to expand the membership prior to an official launching, later this year. Deputy Commander Mansell said that he is heartened by the response of residents of the villages and hopes that the effort of the ‘B’ Division police will be the cornerstone of many meaningful projects in that part of Berbice. “I would like to see our efforts ‘bear fruits’, so that you can achieve great heights and be role models

for the youths of tomorrow,” he urged. After the formation of the youth and sports group, where eleven persons have already expressed an interest in enrolment, Mansell presented sport equipment to the acting headmistress of the Plegt Anker School, Ms Monalissa Dukhie who would be responsible for ensuring that they are put to good use. The group will be utilising the Plegt Anker field to participate in sporting activities, while they will assemble at the school for formal meetings. (Michael Khan)

‘Nigh on the perfect Shillingford dismisses suggestion that his Test’ - McCullum doosra ban is affecting his bowling NEW Zealand’s captain Brendon McCullum has described debutant Mark Craig’s work in the Sabina Park Test as “brilliant” and said that in winning inside four days, his team played almost the perfect Test. The 186-run victory was New Zealand’s first in the Caribbean since the 2002 Barbados Test, and it was set up by their first 500-plus total away from home in more than eight years. McCullum said he was particularly pleased with the way his men absorbed the pressure that built at times from the West Indians, including on the second morning, when they stumbled to 279 for 5 with the fall of McCullum’s wicket. Jimmy Neesham’s century and BJ Watling’s 89 ensured a hefty first-innings total of 508 for 7, and in turning conditions that gave Craig and Ish Sodhi plenty to work with. “Nigh on the perfect Test for us, I think,” McCullum said. “Obviously a crucial toss to win and to be able to put 500 on the board certainly allowed us to dictate the game and brought our spinners into the game as well. You can’t really fault the way we played, and we managed to absorb pressure at times as well. “If you look at that second

Mark Craig

morning, we lost three wickets early in that session and then to get that partnership between Neesham and Watling, to be able to get us out of a sticky situation and then really ram home the advantage to be able to post a score in excess of 500, which in these conditions is always going to allow you to be on the front foot. “It certainly didn’t feel easy throughout the Test, whilst the scoreline may suggest it was. They presented us with some tough challenges. I thought their new-ball pair bowled exceptionally well. We had to play well to overcome that. I thought their spinners asked a lot of questions as well. For us to play away from home in spinning conditions against guys who are bowling well ... is a really good sign for us.”

Although the spinners had a big total behind them, McCullum said he was still impressed by the way Craig and Sodhi, as well as Tim Southee in unhelpful conditions, stuck at their task and prevented any serious fightback from the West Indies batsmen. Craig finished with match figures of 8 for 188 and joined Stephen Fleming and Mathew Sinclair as the only New Zealand players to be named Man of the Match on Test debut. “He was brilliant. I thought he went about his work and never was fazed at any stage,” McCullum said of Craig. “The conditions were helpful but you’ve still got to be able to apply pressure over a long period of time to be able to then get the rewards later on with those sorts of conditions. For his first Test match, to be able to come in and settle into the group as quick as what he has is both a sign of strong environment and also a sign of Mark’s character. “It’s a little bit different from our normal game plan, to have two spinners operating and base your last innings around that form of attack, so it was pleasing that both those guys, young and inexperienced, were able to succeed in these conditions and ultimately bowl us to a Test win.” (ESPN Cricinfo)

KINGSTON, Jamaica (CMC) - West Indies off-spinner Shane Shillingford has brushed aside suggestions that his bowling performance has been affected by a ban on his doosra deliveries. Shillingford claimed figures of three for 145 and two for 39 in the first Test against New Zealand at Sabina Park which West Indies lost by 186 runs. The Sabina Park Test was his first since having to undergo ICC-recommended remedial work on his bowling action. “I don’t think not being able to bowl the doosra has affected me a lot,” he said in a post-match interview. It’s just a matter of being consistent.” The 31-year-old Dominican bowler, who struggled against New Zealand, has been banned by the ICC from bowling the doosra. This, according to the ICC, is because the delivery, which turns like a leg-break from an off-spin bowling action, forces Shillingford to at times break the allowable 15 degrees bowling arm limit rule. “I still have some variations, and once you are

Shane Shillingford

consistent and patient as a spin bowler you will be successful,” said Shillingford. “It is therefore just for me to continue to work hard, and get into a groove that will allow me to get back to my best.” The second Test between West Indies and New Zealand will be played at the Queen’s Park Oval, starting on Monday.

CRICKET QUIZ CORNER (Saturday June 14, 2014) Compliments of THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market &The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: (1)

Bourda and Providence


Stephen Fleming (218 ODIs as captain)

Today’s Quiz: (1) What is the difference between a debut Test hundred and a maiden Test hundred? (2) Which New Zealander has most ODI wickets without ever taking a four-wicket haul? Answers in tomorrow’s issue

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Theresa London on boxing team shortlisted for Commonwealth Games By Tamica Garnett FEMALE boxer Theresa London is among a team of boxers shortlisted for selection to represent Guyana at the Commonwealth Games, where boxing in the female category is being introduced for the first time this year. This is according to Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) president Steve Ninvalle who earlier this week disclosed that a number of boxers have been recommended for the team. Though reluctant to release the complete list of boxers Ninvalle confirmed that

Theresa London London is expected to be on the team, as the Association continues its promotion of exposure for female boxers. According to Ninvalle the Association hopes to

submit a team of at least 3 boxers for participation in the July 23 to August 3 event which will be held in Glasgow, Scotland. The boxers, Ninvalle said, were selected based on recommendations from the Coaches Commission, which is headed by Coach Seibert Blake as chairman, and Terrence Poole as vice-chairman. “The Coaches Commission made some recommendations to us and we’ve accepted those boxers. I think that was the best way to go (in selecting the boxers). We created the Coaches Commission to minimise errors

Edghill and Lewis leave for China JUNIOR Sportswoman-of-the-Year Chelsea Edghill and national coach Idi Lewis winged out for Shanghai, China yesterday where they are expected to take part in the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Road to Nanjing Training Camp, which began June 3 and will run up to June 21. The two are expected to join Shemar Britton, and Trenace Lowe, who are already in China for the training programme to be held at the secluded Shanghai Sport Training Base. Overseas-based Guyanese Paul David is also said to be in China but at a different training programme in Beijing. Speaking with Chronicle Sport, president of the Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA) Godfrey Munroe confirmed the involvement of the players in the programme, which is also supported by Olympic Solidarity. With several international events on the horizon the Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA) is going all out to ensure that the players receive as much exposure as possible in their preparation. “I think this is the

Chelsea Edghill right direction for us, in terms of providing the opportunities that our players need. It’s good that we can do this for our players because their

participation in these programmes will help them to improve their world ranking and it is good that we can do that for them,” Munroe said. The players are expected to remain in China after the completion of the training camp in Shanghai to take part in the China Junior and Cadet Open which will be held from June 23-27. The ongoing programme engages 23 junior table tennis players from all across the world, training under the auspices of some of China’s top national coaches. (Tamica Garnett)

Idi Lewis

in selection, because we the officials are not in the gym and we don’t know how the boxers perform, so we asked the coaches commission to make a contribution. “They have shortlisted several boxers including Theresa London as the lone female boxer,” Ninvalle said in a telephone interview with Chronicle Sport earlier this week. Those boxers are expected to undergo a training encampment later this month, set to begin June 27. Ninvalle stated that after this encampment period the Association will make a positive decision on the boxers

who will make up the team. This, Ninvalle pointed out, will ensure the fair selection of boxers most capable of representing Guyana at the esteemed Games. “Even though (the selection process) is very democratic and transparent, still we are waiting on the encampment before we make a final decision on the team.” Ninvalle said. Female boxing is being introduced into the programme at the multisport event since its inception in 1930. Female athletes will compete in the flyweight, lightweight and middleweight categories. Medals

will be fought for over four rounds of two minutes each. Boxing is one of seven disciplines Guyana will be participating in out of the 17 to be contested at the Games. Boxing was a part of the Guyanese contingent that attended the Games four years ago in Delhi, where the boxing fraternity took a blow as three of the boxers never returned to Guyana. They absconded in transit in the USA. Dexter Jordan, Clevon Rock and Devon Boatswain were all administered lifetime banns for their actions.

Scotiabank/Pepsi School Football Academy reaches semifinals stage ACTION in this year’s Scotiabank/Pepsi School Football Academy has reached its semifinals stage with a double-header set for the Esplanade Ground in New Amsterdam, Berbice tomorrow. Beginning at 10:00hrs, a female match-up featuring Berbice High School against East Ruimveldt will set the tone for the day while game two brings together Charles-

town Secondary and Berbice Educational Institute in the male game. East Ruimveldt made their way to the final after defeating Campbellville Secondary in a female playoff while Charlestown got in by default after both Queen’s College and Christ Church were disqualified for violating tournament rules. A release from the

organisers stated that “Queen’s College, who defeated Christ Church in the Group B playoff by 2-0, were eliminated from the tournament due to a violation of the rules. Christ Church, who were in line to qualify, also violated the rules and they have also been eliminated. Charlestown Secondary were next in line hence they have been drafted in.”    

Chanderpaul jumps to number two

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CMC) - West Indies batting star Shivnarine Chanderpaul has leapfrogged Kumar Sangakkara into second position for Test batsmen and three fast bowlers in the regional side have returned to the rankings. Chanderpaul who scored an unbeaten 84 and 24 for West Indies in the opening Test against New Zealand in Jamaica now trails top-ranked AB de Villiers by 41 ratings points. Fast bowlers Kemar Roach and Jerome Taylor and spinner Sulieman Benn returned to the rankings table after performances in the Kingston Test. Roach, who picked up two wickets, has returned to 15th position while Benn and Taylor, who each captured four wickets, are ranked 35 and 75 respectively. Meantime, New Zealand’s Tim Southee has achieved a career-best position of fifth in the ICC rankings for Test bowlers. Southee took six wickets in New Zealand’s win over West Indies in Kingston and has jumped three places in the bowlers’ rankings to be behind only Dale Steyn, Ryan Harris, Vernon Philander and Mitchell Johnson. In the team rankings, Australia continued to top the chart followed by South Africa, England and Pakistan, with India in the fifth spot.


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Dashing Dutch masters destroy sorry Spain The Netherlands’ Arjen Robben (L) scores a goal against Spain’s Sergio Ramos during their 2014 World Cup Group B soccer match at the Fonte Nova arena in Salvador, yesterday. (REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci)

Spain coach Vicente Del Bosque reacts during their 2014 World Cup Group B soccer match against the Netherlands at the Fonte Nova arena in Salvador, yesterday. (REUTERS/Michael Dalder)

By Neil Maidment SALVADOR, Brazil (Reuters) - Stunning goals from Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben fired the Netherlands to a 5-1 demolition of Spain who endured a miserable start to their World Cup defence in a pulsating Group B game yesterday. In complete contrast to the tetchy World Cup final between the sides in 2010 which Spain won 1-0, the Dutch took sweet revenge with a vibrant display capped off by two goals each for van Persie and Robben and one by defender Stefan de Vrij. “I certainly didn’t expect this result but I did expect us to score in the way we did,” Dutch coach Louis van Gaal told reporters. “Spain were always go-

ing to come at us and we catch them on the counter. My players did it perfectly. It’s far better than we ever expected.” Only once before Spain had conceded five times in a World Cup game - on Brazilian turf in 1950 in a 6-1 loss to the hosts. The Dutch mauling at Salvador’s Fonte Nova arena was also the worst-ever start for defending world champions. “I can’t find words to explain five goals,” Spain coach Vicente del Bosque said. “We have never been a very defensive side but always coped well defending. Today we’ve been very weak. “We kept on fighting but they were physically stronger as the game went

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Robin van Persie of the Netherlands (front) celebrates with teammate Arjen Robben after scoring the team’s fourth goal against Spain during their 2014 World Cup Group B soccer match at the Fonte Nova arena in Salvador.

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