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Despite calls to the contrary at consultation…

President Ramotar remains optimistic that the opposition will come around –and pass the AML/CFT Bill

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Guyana’s land offer to help push Page 8 regional food security still on Stakeholders patiently awaiting their turn yesterday at the entrance of the Guyana International Conference Centre to sign a petition for the timely passage of the AMLCFT Bill (Photo by Adrian Narine)

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President Donald Ramotar

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014

Despite calls to the contrary at consultation…

President Ramotar remains optimistic that the opposition will come around –and pass the AML/CFT Bill By Vanessa Narine THE ongoing deadlock over the passage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill, can only be broken by bringing the decision to the “ultimate” Parliament, the people of Guyana, through a referendum or general elections. This was the ultimatum given President Donald Ramotar by stakeholders gathered at the Guyana International Conference Centre (GICC) for a consultation yesterday. However, the Head of State maintained his optimism that the combined Opposition would yield to reason and move forward with the passage of the AML/CFT Bill, in order for Guyana to avoid becoming internationally blacklisted. “Being an optimist, I hope the call of people from all walks of life, as well as the people of the Caribbean who are worried about the impacts, would be heard,” Mr. Ramotar said. The nation was already blacklisted regionally, by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF), last November when it issued a warning to its member States to take the necessary action to address the risks emanating from Guyana, after the country missed the November deadline for the passage of the legislation.

Guyana also failed to meet the February 28 deadline this year, when it was due to submit a report to the regional body on the status of the enactment the Bill. Since it was not passed in the National Assembly, the country could only substantially report on the advances made with respect to the non-legislative recommendations made by CFATF. INTERNATIONAL BLACKLISTING The failure to pass the Bill is likely to result in international blacklisting when the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) considers CFATF’s report at its meeting scheduled for May. According to the President, the Bill which CFATF declared compliant, on which there is unanimous agreement by the political parties, is ready to be brought to Parliament, and in consideration of the many risks, this should be the way forward. Among the hundreds gathered for the engagement with the Head of State on what is consensually seen as a critically important issue, was one contributor who noted that the voices of the citizens are being ignored, hence they are being removed from a critical decision. That man said the decision should come from the “ultimate Parliament” through a referendum so the risks of further blacklisting

be avoided. Another contributor declared that the facts are undisputed and called for the Bill’s passage or a move to general elections. While the Head of State did not address those recommendations directly, he reiterated that he remained optimistic that reason will prevail. One other individual in the gathering, who called himself ‘Ghetto Youth from Albouystown’ pointed out that the back and forth between the political parties are amounting to no change and the three should sit down at a public forum, possibly broadcast on local media, to

prevailing sentiment, considering the problems ahead, should be patriotism. A Private Sector stakeholder added that the challenge in the continuing optimism of the President is that the impacts of blacklisting are already being felt. According to that speaker, there seems to be some misconception on when the impacts will be felt, with much being said referencing future impacts.“We are already feeling it,” he acknowledged. That stakeholder cited several examples, including reservations by foreign investors to do business with Guyana; delays with money transfers, which get “stuck” at intermediary financial institutions, usually United States registered organisations and

‘Being an optimist, I hope the call of people from all walks of life, as well as the people of the Caribbean who are worried about the impacts, would be heard’ ––President Donald Ramotar come to a resolution that will take Guyana forward. “People need to move on with their life,” he said. The President responded that this possibility was easier said than done. “I wish it was that simple,” he asserted. Ramotar explained that both he and his team, working with the Parliamentary Special Select Committee on the issue, are ready to move to a live conversation on the ongoing stalemate, but pointed out that, before the matter even moves to that stage, the

the delays with transactions usually taking three days, which now take three weeks. He reiterated that the “procrastination” with the passage of the Bill will not “create” impacts on the financial sector, rather those areas of impact are already being felt. Another contributor said the ongoing blame game must stop and charged that all the involved stakeholders are to be blamed for mismanagement. This notion was rejected

by the President, who stated that, in all fairness, he cannot accept the comment. He declared that the Government has done all it can to prevent the problematic future that would be the result if Guyana is further blacklisted. Asked by a woman in the audience if the Opposition was fully aware of the consequences, the Head of State responded in the affirmative. He highlighted the fact that the Opposition is aware and even given the benefit of the doubt, the CFATF Advisor, Roger Hernandez, when he visited Guyana, made the reality of the situation at hand pellucid. A teacher from the West Demerara Secondary School questioned the President on what can be done at the level of the Education Sector to be informed and offered their support. This was welcomed by Ramotar, who said that arrangements can be made between the Ministries of Finance and Education for students to be made aware of the situation at hand. Persons with disabilities had a representative also in the audience, who questioned the backing for this vulnerable group, considering challenges with access to finance and the Head of State gave his assurance.

Questions were also posed on the 2008 Principal Act itself, which one woman described as “draconian”. She posited that, when it came to enforcement, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) stated that only one case was brought but not proceeded with because of the lack of supporting evidence. She asked what exactly would be changed by the AML/CFT Bill, if it is passed and Government is serious about changing the negative image of the nation. Ramotar explained that the Act’s “draconian” nature is what came out of a comprehensive process that looked at addressing a particular type of crime. “It is a tough law given the nature of what it is looking to combat,” he offered. As it relates to the AML/ CFT Bill before the Select Committee, the President said the weak areas, in terms of enforcement, are what the Bill addresses. He said the Bill gives the system “legal muscle” to go after offenders. At the end of the consultations yesterday, those in attendance signed a petition that calls for the passage of the critical piece of legislation by Members of Parliament (MPs) in the National Assembly.


“The Government of Guyana has an unwavering commitment to the protection of our natural environment. Towards this end, in the middle of Eco Week, the National Environmental Action Plan (NEAP) was laid in Parliament. This plan reflects our seriousness to ensure that all areas of activity in Guyana be governed in a responsible manner, with all participants contributing fully to the maintenance of the highest environmental standards” ––Dr.Cheddi Jagan on World Environment Day, June 5, 1994


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014

At national consultation…

More stakeholders urge passage of AML/CFT Bill

By Ravin Singh CHAIRMAN of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), Mr. Ronald Webster emphasised yesterday that the impacts of the non-enactment of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill are real. “What won’t bite us now will bite later,” he declared at the national consultation on the legislation at the Guyana International Conference Centre (GICC). Webster, in his remarks, noted that the non-passage of the bill will result in capital flow out of the country, weakening of the currency and higher electricity rates. He added that in five to six months’ time, the effects of such a setback will affect us tremendously and, as such, we need to avoid this at all cost. “We must avoid it,” he urged. According to him, the PSC, over the last few weeks, has spent time meeting with members of the Opposition and other agencies, in an effort to come up with a compromise position. “At our council meeting last Tuesday, we took the position that we will come out with our statement of what we would like to see. The first thing is we do not support a politically selected Financial Intelligence Unit,” Webster said. BARBADOS MODEL He said the Commission “likes” the Barbados model where the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) reports to an authority and that is drawn from the agencies involved directly or indirectly in managing the problems associated with money laundering and anti-terrorism. The PSC Chair explained that the Barbados model of the FIU comprises of a Chairperson of the authority who is drawn from University of the West Indies; the deputy chairperson who is drawn from the Private Sector; members of the 11-person commission; the Solicitor

General; the Commissioner of Police; the Comptroller of Customs, in Guyana’s case the head of Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA); the supervisor of insurance and the registrars of companies; the Central Bank of Barbados and two additional members who are drawn from the Private Sector who are experts in banking and insurance. There are some permanent members while some are temporal. One member of the audience, in her remarks, noted that the system of selecting the FIU will have some amount of political influence. She referred to the University of Guyana (UG) Board where there are representatives of various organisations but when a closer look is taken, it is People’s Progressive Party (PPP) dominated and, as such, the Barbados model is not applicable to Guyana. The contributor stood in support of the Opposition’s proposed amendments and their position that the FIU Board should be selected by parliamentarians. President Donald Ramotar, however, in his response revealed that it was made known to him that the CFATF is beginning to have some problems with the Barbados model of the FIU. He reiterated that the present bill is CFATF compliant and, as such, it should be passed and added that any amendment to that has to be in the framework of CFATF. Mr. Ramotar expressed his opinion on the selection of the FIU and advocated the removal of political influence on such structure. Attorney-General and Minister of Legal Affairs Anil Nandlall also offered his views on the proposals for the composition of the FIU that is being put forward. IMPORTANT CONCEPTS He echoed the President’s sentiments, pointing out that there are two important concepts that must be maintained, the process of appoint-

ment must ensure that there is functional independence and autonomy of FIU which must be free from conflict of interest. Nandlall also highlighted the Financial Advisor Roger Hernandez’s view that it is highly likely that the proposals put forward by the APNU, where the FIU can be appointed by a politically driven process (National Assembly) is one that may very well render Guyana non-compliant. He described every Member of Parliament (MP) according to the Act as being politically exposed. As such, he added that there are politically exposed persons who are the subject of the legislation appointing those who will administer its affairs and that is why that formula cannot work, as was previously stated by Hernandez. “I don’t know by what logic because people are appointed through the Parliament rather than by a Minister, they can function more competently,” the AG stated. He described that selection process as just an unwarranted proposal and confirmed that it does not form part of the recommendation of CFATF. “They are problematic,” Nandlall concluded. Head of the Roraima Group of Companies, Captain Gerry Gouveia also voiced his opinion that, when taken to FATF, they will not be concerned about the domestic challenges of why this bill is not able to pass. He observed that Trinidad was blacklisted but with their $21billion economy, it wasn’t even a “blick” on their radar. Gouveia pointed out that Guyana is $3 billion economy, which is very small and these counter measures will collapse it.

He said:“It will affect job creation and it will put us exactly where we were 25 years ago. We will become a burden to the Caribbean.” Gouveia mentioned the diminishing number of Guyanese who have migrated to other Caribbean countries in search of jobs. He said the only thing stopping the Bill from being passed is “politics” and he urged the President to continue in his efforts for its passage and reassured the Government that the Private Sector will continue to lend their support for its passing.

Various other stakeholders across Guyana, including the Private Sector Commission (PSC), the National Competitiveness Council (NPC) and religious bodies have been calling for the passage of the bill as Guyana now faces a greater risk of being blacklisted internationally. On February 28 last, Guyana missed a deadline to submit a report to the Caribbean Financial Action Task force (CFATF), showing that it has been able to correct several deficiencies. This now means that Guyana is in a position where it has not presented

to CFATF anything different from what was deliberated on last November, where they said, unless these changes are made to the legislative structure, then they will recommend that Guyana be subjected to a Financial Action Task Force/International Cooperation Group Review. The Bill has been in limbo for about 11 months with no support from the APNU, which, recently, put forward two proposals, not to the actual bill but to the Principal Act. Those amendments are currently in their drafting stages.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014

Malaysia says no evidence missing plane flew hours after losing contact (Reuters) - MALAYSIAN authorities said on Thursday there was no evidence that a jetliner missing for almost six days flew for hours after losing contact with air traffic controllers and continued to transmit technical data. The Wall Street Journal said that U.S. aviation investigators and national security officials believed the Boeing 777 flew for a total of five hours, based on data automatically downloaded and sent to the ground from its Rolls-Royce Trent engines as part of a standard monitoring program. ( “Those reports are inaccurate,” Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein told a news conference. “As far as both Rolls-Royce and Boeing are concerned, those reports are inaccurate. The last (data) transmission from the aircraft was at 01:07 a.m.(local time) which indicated that everything was normal.” Boeing and Rolls-Royce have yet to comment. Reuters has previously reported that the plane’s transmission of the so-called ACARS technical data ceased after it lost contact with air traffic control. Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, with 239 people on board, dropped off air traffic control screens at about 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, less than an hour into a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. There were no reports of bad weather or mechanical problems. It is one of the most baffling mysteries in the history of modern aviation - there has been no trace of the plane since nor any sign of wreckage despite a search by the navies and military aircraft of over a dozen countries across Southeast Asia. “It’s extraordinary that with all the (satellite and telecommunication) technology that we’ve got that an aircraft can disappear like this,” Tony Tyler, the head of the International Air Transport Association that links over 90 percent of the world’s airlines, told reporters in London. “It will trigger a desire to see how can we avoid this from happening again... I wouldn’t be surprised that the technology didn’t exist already but is not being used.” The last definitive sighting of MH370 on civilian radar screens

came as the plane flew northeast across the mouth of the Gulf of Thailand. On Wednesday, Malaysia’s air force chief said military radar had traced what could have been the jetliner to an area south of the Thai holiday island of Phuket in the Malacca Strait, hundreds of miles to the west of its last known position. However, he stressed the plotting had not been corroborated. The multi-national search team is combing both bodies of water, which total 27,000 square nautical miles (93,000 square km), an area the size of Hungary. Hishammuddin however said the focus was on the Gulf of Thailand and the nearby South China Sea, where the plane lost contact. The United States will send the world’s most advanced maritime surveillance aircraft, the P-8A Poseidon, to join the search later this week.

Rescuers search site of NY building collapse; seven dead (Reuters) - SEARCH crews picked through still-smoldering rubble on Thursday, looking for survivors of a gas explosion that caused the collapse a day earlier of two New York City apartment buildings, killing seven people and injuring about 40. Facing thick smoke and braving bitter cold, dozens of firefighters, police officers and federal investigators were at the scene in Upper Manhattan to determine what caused the explosion at about 9:30 a.m. (13:30 GMT) on Wednesday. The blast shook the East Harlem neighborhood shortly after a resident complained to the Con Edison utility about a gas odor. The National Transportation Safety Board, which reviews accidents involving natural gas, was also at the site. “It’s been a painful 26 hours now,” Mayor Bill de Blasio told a press conference, lamenting that the neighbor who called Con Ed at 9:13 a.m. (13:13 GMT) on Wednesday failed to call the night before, when he first noticed it.

DATE: 08/03/2014 J

WRONG IMAGES On the sixth day of the search, planes scanned an area of sea where Chinese satellite images had shown what could be debris, but found no sign of the airliner. Hishammuddin said the images were provided accidentally. “The Chinese government neither authorized nor endorsed (putting it on a website),” he said. “The image is not confirmed to be connected to the plane.” It was the latest in a series of false signals for the Boeing 777200ER, adding to the confusion and agony of the relatives of the passengers. As frustration mounted over the failure to find any trace of the plane, China heaped pressure on Malaysia to improve coordination in the search. Around two-thirds of the people aboard the lost plane were Chinese.

05 10 13 23 12 18 08 DATE: 12/03/2014

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“That might have given us an opportunity here,” de Blasio said, urging anyone who smells gas to immediately call Con Edison or the city’s complaint line at 311. De Blasio, said he expected it would be days before the rescue and cleanup work would be completed, allowing investigators to get into the basement of the buildings to better determine the cause of the blast, earlier believed to have been a gas leak. Earlier on Thursday, the mayor met with first responders as heavy-duty evacuation equipment, including a machine known as “the grappler,” removed rubble that was being hosed down by fire trucks. A large sink hole, caused by a water main break in front of the buildings, had delayed the equipment from reaching the site on Wednesday. “I can only imagine knowing that at any moment you might find a body, how difficult that is,” de Blasio told rescue crews. “I admire the work you guys do... Thank God you do it.” The debris continued to

New York City emergency responders search through the rubble at the site of a building explosion in the Harlem section of New York, March 13, 2014. Credit: REUTERS/Brendan McDermid flare up at times as rescuers “Anyone affected by this clawed through the wreckage tragedy will be helped - anyone of the two structures that had - regardless of immigration stahoused 15 apartments on a tus... They should not be afraid,” largely residential block at East de Blasio said. 116th Street and Park Avenue. Authorities allowed some Passersby in the primariresidents to return to their ly Latino neighborhood wore homes to retrieve possessions, dust masks or wrapped winter but many left quickly, complainscarves around their faces to ing of the smoke. limit inhalation of dust and Four women and three smoke. men were killed, but only two Gas in the area has been victims’ identities have been turned off. After a return to frigreleased - Griselde Camacho, id temperatures, seven buildings a public safety officer for with no gas or heat were vacated Hunter College in East Harand 66 people have been given lem, and Carmen Tanco, a shelter, de Blasio said. dental hygienist.












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GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014


T&T opens doors to Caricom nurses, offers more aid to weather-struck St Vincent

(BUCCAMENT, Saint Vincent) PRIME MINISTER Kamla Persad-Bissessar has invited nurses from the Caricom Region to work in T&T in a bid to ease the country’s nursing shortage. Persad-Bissessar’s offer to Caricom on Tuesday to accommodate regional nurses willing to work in T&T was the latest in a string of invitations to regional states during the meeting, heightening T&T’s profile in the regional grouping. It was sealed at Monday night’s Caricom dinner, when Persad-Bissessar and Gonsalves duetted on the pop song That’s What Friends are For.

The PM also gave further assistance to St Vincent to help that island’s ongoing efforts to rebuild after last year’s devastating damage from torrential rains and widespread flooding.  Persad-Bissessar handed over $150,000 worth of water pipelines and materials to repair St Vincent’s devastated water systems. She was showered with praises for almost 20 minutes by St Vincent Prime Minister, Caricom chairman Dr Ralph Gonsalves, who noted T&T has already given aid in materials and other facilities estimated at around US$2.4 million. “She’s shown herself to be a true friend of the people of St

Vincent and the Grenadines. I want to express the deepest thanks on behalf of everyone to my sister Kamla...T&T responded immediately after the hurricane due to the generosity of spirit of Kamla,” Gonsalves said, adding, “She has a deep sensitivity to things—it touches her, it’s a noise in the blood, an echo in her bones.” Persad-Bissessar and Gonsalves undertook the handing-over at St Vincent’s Water Service Authority during a break in the second day of Caricom’s intersessional conference. The PM left St Vincent after the leaders had caucused on over six issues for most of

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and St Vincent Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves examine the pipelines which T&T has given St Vincent to repair that island’s storm-demolished water systems. PHOTO: GAIL ALEXANDER

the day. Persad-Bissessar said T&T also piloted a proposal for all Caricom missions to share diplomatic facilities wherever in the world some states have missions and others do not. That arose after she suggested that Caricom states could share T&T’s diplomatic mission in China. The PM also said leaders are examining ways to allow Guyanese students to study at the law school and change a system which mitigated against this. On joint efforts which T&T proposed she added that if all states steered the same boat, “We’ll all float together.” Dispelling misconceptions about T&T’s assistance to the Region, Persad-Bissessar said Government is willing to help but couldn’t give what it didn’t produce. Gonsalves, who said he was “very, very happy” Persad-Bissessar was at the meeting, said they had developed a close friendship. “Even when we disagree on matters, they’re not fundamental. We’re cut from the same social cloth of looking after the people,” he said. Saying some Vincentians lost everything and some were still suffering from the hurricane hit, he commented that Persad-Bissessar responded immediately to SVG’s plight, sending teams and other help. “I’ll never forget her solidarity and contributions in, as the song says, good times and bad,” he said. Gonsalves said 150 people are still in shelters, but an EC$21 million housing programme is expected to be completed in six months. 

Jamaica faces non-communicable disease epidemic - Ferguson (Jamaica Gleaner) HEALTH MINISTER Dr Fenton Ferguson on Tuesday underscored the need for a revolutionary approach to healthy lifestyles on the island, saying it is most desirable to start to inculcate a habit of healthy eating in the nation’s young. Speaking during a debate on the food and nutrition security policy, Ferguson said it is important that the Government engender healthy lifestyle practices in the nation’s children. “Early habits are hard to break. If children are not properly guided very early, then, chances are, these nutritional challenges will follow them throughout their life,” the minister said. He told legislators that unhealthy eating habits in children will result in a vicious cycle, pointing out that 70 per cent of persons who die in the country annually die because of non-communicable diseases. He said 34 per cent of these persons die before age 70, and argued that Jamaica is facing a “non-communicable disease epidemic”. “Jamaica, like the rest of the developing world, is facing one of the greatest public health challenges of the 21st century. It threatens to undermine social and economic development, shaking the very foundations on which we build progress,” Ferguson said. INFORMED DECISIONS The minister said there is a need for disclosure of nutritional information and caloric value make-up on foods, including fast foods, so that persons can make more informed choices. He also said it is time Jamaicans seek to include more fruits and vegetables in their diets. Meanwhile, Education Minister Ronald Thwaites said it is critically important that the state seeks to ensure its youngest citizens are given the best opportunity of accessing nutritious meals. He pointed to the $4 billion-a-year school feeding programme, which he said is continually being assessed to determine whether it is meeting the need of students who depend on the programme for meals. “It used to be the stock-in trade calculation that the school feeding programme should provide a third of the daily nutrients that the children require,” Thwaites said. He said, from observation and from studies now being done, it is clear that one-third is no longer adequate as, for many students, the food they get at school is all they eat for the day. Thwaites said that, in addition to liquid eggs and local juices that have been incorporated into the school feeding programme, the authorities are seeking to add more local items to the plate of school students.



GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014


GPF needs to work on its image NO ONE would argue that police ranks have let the people of this nation down time and again. But equally true is the fact that police have come through brilliantly for this nation, even at the risk of their own lives, when anarchy and mayhem prevailed, with criminals running amok, slaughtering the innocent in the land. The demise under fire of Rondell “Fine Man” Rawlins, Lindon “Blackie” London, and many others of their ilk and their gangs have written in the annals of the history of the Guyana Police Force that there are indeed heroes in the lawmen’s ranks. And the fact that there are also rogues and villains should not obviate the fact that many of those heroes have sacrificed their lives to protect this nation. When ranks come under fire and they return fire, they are often criticized and condemned, especially by those who have nefarious agendas inimical to the welfare of the nation; yet, when they are killed in the line of duty, there is often silence on the part of the critics. The compensation package to their families for their loss is at best a sick joke. It has been proven time and again that most of the crimes, especially armed robberies -- some of which have resulted in the victims being murdered or injured -- have been committed by very young men who have been led astray by so-called leaders, and even their own family members who have come to enjoy the booty from the daily robberies being committed on helpless and hapless victims throughout the land. So if police ranks see young men acting suspiciously, they are within their mandate to ensure that these young men are not among the bands of predators preying on victims countrywide. And this is the consideration that precipitated two unfortunate incidents that brought the police under fire of recent times. And while one should indeed criticize the unprofessional conduct of the ranks, which led to the recent unfortunate deaths of two young men in the prime of their lives, the context in which the police acted must also be taken into account. Opportunistic politicians have egged on their supporters into a

confrontational mode with the police force, because neither former CoP Henry Greene nor outgoing CoP Leroy Brumell was and is, respectively, prepared to compromise their professional integrity and heed “kith and kin” calls for the joint services to lead this country once more into destruction. And the inflammatory rhetoric of those so-called leaders has created untenable situations wherein the upholders of law and order were themselves several times subjected to assault by criminal elements in situations where they were unable to defend themselves against assault, i.e. in Linden and Agricola, recently. It is untenable that this state of affairs continues, because it will eventually lead to anarchy in the land, which is the intention of the joint opposition, having stated ad nauseum -– jointly and collectively -- their intention to destabilise and bring down the successive PPP/C administrations through, in AFC Chairman Nigel Hughes’s words, “mass demonstrations”. He himself has said they do not want peace. Under the late former CoP, Laurie Lewis’s tenure, the Force had embarked on a countrywide campaign to persuade youths in the country into engaging in meaningful pursuits, and late CoP Henry Greene was a patron of the Scouts movement and of several sporting disciplines. The Rosemary Lane (Tiger Bay) initiative, begun under Laurie Lewis, is one shining example of how police and communities can work together to point youthful minds in productive directions. The Agricola Initiative, which was initiated by Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, is another such project; and young Shaquille Grant was a product of that initiative. He had a bright future ahead of him through serving in Guyana’s Disciplined Services. As the then Acting Commissioner of Police said, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, because eyewitnesses who are too afraid to come forward initially attested to the police coming under fire, which they returned; but their mistake was in using excessive force in arresting the young men involved in that unfortunate incident in which Shaquille tragically lost his life. Outgoing Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell had told members of the GPF who had gathered to be rewarded for their performances at a GPF-organised shooting competition, “The job of the

Guyana Police Force is to serve each and every (resident) of the country, and ensure that (each resident) is protected. The Police (Force), also, has the task (of) offering and ensuring that it provides lawful support to the Government of the day, again without favour and/or ill-will.” In his remarks, Brumell alluded to the gap existing in relations between the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and members of the public, which he said must be bridged, and opined that the only possible way this can be achieved is when police officers approach issues they confront in a professional manner. He told his ranks that they need to be strong, and show determination in confronting situations. He had promised then that, as Commissioner of Police and head of the Force, he would continue to be strong, emphasising that he would not be like other persons who had tendered their resignations and had buckled under pressure in the face of hardship. He said the way persons deal with adversities determines their worth. He told officers that as long as he is strong, he wanted the rest of them to remain strong and resolute to fight situations that arise. Brumell kept that promise. He commended police ranks for exercising great restraint and displaying true professionalism in the face of taunts and acts of provocation during the protest action at Agricola. Brumell’s words had provided reassurance to the citizens of Guyana, who, traditionally, come under attack by criminals, unleashed by the intellectual authors of the intermittent rampages of their supporters against a hapless populace, continually held ransom to political opportunism. It is necessary that a new Commissioner of Police provides similar assurances to this strife-torn nation.

Stakeholder statement draws wide consensus at national AML/CFT consultation HUNDREDS turned out to yesterday’s national consultation on the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill, at the Guyana International Conference Centre (GICC) at Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown. Below is the full text of the stakeholder statement that was met by wide consensus at the end of the meeting: “We the participants at this National Stakeholders’ meeting, view with great concern the refusal of the Opposition in the National Assembly to support the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill 2013. “We the participants join the voices of thousands of Guyanese, and recently, the Heads of Government of CARICOM in calling for the passage of the AML/CFT Amendment Bill No 22. “We noted that the Bill tabled in the National Assembly by the Government and which is languishing in a Special Select Committee over the last several months, has been examined and approved by the Caribbean Financial Action Task force (CFATF) as incorporating the recommendations of the CFATF to address certain identified strategic deficiencies which exist in Guyana’s Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism regime. “We also note that Bill No. 22 has been examined and agreed to by the members of the Special Select Committee on February 9, 2014. We are deeply concerned that if this Bill is not again passed and enacted with dispatch, Guyana shall be blacklisted with dire financial and economic consequences which will affect every single Guyanese and the economy of Guyana, as well as economic and financial activities in the Caribbean Region and will retard the regional integration process, as recently noted by the Heads at a CARICOM meeting in the St. Vincent and Grenadines. “We call on the APNU to withdraw their new amendments to the AMLCFT Act and to support the Amended Bill No 22 as approved in the Committee. We the participants at this National Stakeholders’ Consultation call upon the Joint Opposition in the National Assembly, to support the passage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Fi- A sampling of the hundreds who turned out for yesterday’s national consultation and took nancing of Terrorism Bill No 22/2013 tabled by the Government in the opportunity to engage President Donald Ramotar on the critically important AML/CFT Bill (Photo by Adrian Narine) the National Assembly, forthwith.”

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014


Handyman loses finger as…

Brush cutter triggers pistol found near school off Soesdyke Public Road By Leroy Smith

A .32 pistol was found in some bushes on the shoulder of the road in front of a private school just off the Soesdyke Public Road and the police are investigating the matter. According to reports, handyman Godfrey Henry had his right index finger severed when the blade of his brush cutter came into contact with the weapon, and he attempted

to pick it up. Yesterday, Phillip Paul, the man’s workmate, told this newspaper that they were hired by the director of the Achievers’ Academy, a private school at Soesdyke, to clear the overgrowth of bushes at the front of the school. The school is said to be owned by Carol-Ann Munroe, who along with her husband Major Bruce Munroe and former Army Reserve Officer

Leonard Wharton were freed of a treason charge in 2012. However, this newspaper has confirmed that the weapon was found on the shoulder of the road and not on the school premises. The Guyana Chronicle was informed that just recently, the police and army had a joint operation in the area, and several vehicles passing there were subject to the stop and search exercise.

The cleared area at right is where the handyman discovered the weapon

It has been suggested by persons that due to the joint operation, someone may have tossed the weapon out of a vehicle. In explaining how his workmate was injured, Paul told the Chronicle that when the blade of the brush cutter came into contact with the firearm, it slashed the trigger guard, and as Henry touched the gun, he triggered the weapon and a round was discharged, severing his right

index finger. There was no one at the school when the weapon was found, since this happened after 17:00 hours on Wednesday. The directors of the school and the teachers were only made aware of the incident yesterday morning when they were informed by the handyman. Henry, with his injured finger, was first taken to the police, where he and Paul reported the matter before seeking medical

attention at a community health facility. The injured man was subsequently taken to the Diamond Regional Hospital for treatment and later transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital and he was later discharged after receiving medical attention. The police are said to be investigating the matter and will be tracing the weapon to see if it had been used in any crime.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014

Guyana’s land offer to help push regional food security still on – Head of State G U YA N A’ S P re s i d e n t Donald Ramotar has maintained that the country’s position in the call for political, entrepreneurial, and popular will to achieve food security in the Caribbean Region still stands. This was made clear by the president during the closing press conference after the 25th CARICOM Heads Inter-Sessional Meeting in St Vincent and the Grenadines, in which Chairman of CARICOM and Prime Minister of the host country, Dr. Ralph

Gonsalves, Prime Minister of Barbados Freundel Stuart and Secretary General of CARICOM Ambassador Irwin LaRocque participated. Guyana has been described as the potential food basket of the Caribbean, and former President Bharrat Jagdeo, who held responsibility for regional agriculture had made an open offer to all CARICOM countries to take advantage of Guyana’s bountiful agricultural resources. Agriculture remains one of the pillars of development in Guyana and the country has about 3.3 million hectares of available agricultural lands. About 500,000 hectares is being used for rice, sugar and cash crop cultivation. President Ramotar stated, “The offer is still on the table.” He described the new Santa Fe project in Region 9 as a large investment by Barbados, in which rice is being planted on a large scale. He added also that the Trinidad and Tobago Government has been showing more and

President Donald Ramotar more interest in that regard, and indicated that they will take up the offer in order to go into agricultural products. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the two countries whereby land will be made available to investors and farmers for agriculture development.

The Head of State also outlined Guyana’s plans for looking at new investments for big crops in the southern part of the country, and for building new schemes. During July 2013, at the University of the West Indies, President Ramotar had commended the Jagdeo Initiative for accelerating development in the agriculture sector of the Region. He had explained that the estimated regional food import bill of between US$3 billion and US$5 billion represents $3 billion worth of business opportunity for Caribbean producers. “Were the Region able to meet this requirement through domestic production, this would represent billions of dollars of investment in our Region, tens of thousands of jobs for Caribbean people, hundreds of growing and increasingly profitable Caribbean business enterprises, billions of dollars of avoided imports every year, therefore, improving our external balances,” he explained.(GINA)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014

Old Kai: Chronicles of Guyana...

National Unity is simply political rhetoric –– in APNU’s bag of tricks OLD Kai was proud to see the large numbers which turned up to celebrate the legacy of the Jagans at Babu John, Port Mourant, Berbice on March 9, 2014. This confirms that the memory of the Jagans still evokes strong passion; but equally confirmable is the fact that, some 17 years after his death, Cheddi Jagan’s party remains the strongest political force in Guyana. This contradicts those naysayers who had predicted the implosion of the PPP following the passing of the Jagans, but it is also testimony to the fortitude of the current leaders in the ruling party in advancing the ideals and policies of Dr. Jagan. There are the eternal critics who will quickly seize the opportunity to accuse the current PPP leaders of straying from the ideals of the ‘father of our nation’, but this is absurd; as, if one were to assess the struggles encountered by Dr. Jagan during his political career, one would notice that there is not much difference today, only the environment has changed. The charge of corruption is nothing new. In fact, no less a person than Ralph Ramkarran had written an article in the Party’s supplement, The Thunder, in the early 90s, criticizing the incessant accusations emanating from the opposition against Dr. Jagan of his condoning corruption. I have already pointed out in a previous article how they used violent protests as both an indirect and direct means to overthrow the Government of Dr. Jagan in the 1950s and early 60s. They attacked Jagan’s economic policies, even though it was the most progressive of the time in this part of the world, and the legacy which still remains today, such as the Ruimveldt Industrial Park, University of Guyana, Black Bush and Canals Polder, just to name a few. Today, they are doing the same. They attacked Jagan for being a racist anti-African, but today they turn around and hypocritically praise the man and his ideals, and in so doing confess that he never had a racist bone in his body, or such a thought in mind. He built the PPP, ever since it was formed on January 1,

1950, into a party that would represent the Guyanese identity. It is not his fault that, because of selfish needs, Burnham, with overseas backing, used race to undermine the party and broke away a few years later with his PNC faction. The nasty racist propaganda and violent action by the PNC, now APNU, which followed is now eternally documented in the declassified CIA documents of the time. One of the individuals who played a leading role in the subsequent dictatorship which emerged is now conveniently the leader of the PNC and its mask, the APNU. He defended the actions of his supreme leader during those days, and continues to unflinchingly do so today; but then, in another corner of his mouth, says he is interested in ‘National Unity’. Today, the PNC/APNU continue in their devious effort to paint the PPP as a race-based party; but can they tell us how many regions they won throughout Guyana in the last elections? The PPP won six of the 10 regions of Guyana, it came close behind in all the other regions it did not manage to win. The PNC/APNU and the AFC, on the other hand, had embarked on a public campaign of playing upon citizens’ ethnic insecurities. This was quite evident both before and after November 28, 2011 in Linden and other targetted areas of the opposition. A Partnership for National Unity sanctioned the efforts of its youth arm to circulate for boycott a list of businesses owned by one particular ethnic group. The campaign was outright dirty, yet today these very people come with a straight face and say they are interested in National Unity. The hypocrisy was recently evident when the APNU leadership launched an attack on the PPP for what it termed an effort ‘to fan the flames of division, promote fear instead of hope, partisanship instead of statesmanship’. Old Kai at first found it difficult to believe that this statement was coming from APNU, which minutes later announced on the other side of its mouth that it would ‘not be participating in the national consultations on the AML/CFT bill’. So much for statesmanship, instead of partisanship. In terms of fanning the flames of division, one just has to take a drive up Linden to see the ashes which serve as a reminder of AP-

Surujbally says...

GECOM ‘pretty much ready’ for snap elections By Leroy Smith CHAIRMAN of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Dr. Steve Surujbally on Wednesday evening declared that the Commission is ready for snap elections. The chairman was at the time responding to questions from members of the media on whether the body was ready for local government elections. “Any calls for snap elections, we are pretty much ready; there is no doubt about that,” Surujbally said in response to questions about the Commission’s readiness for either local government polls or general elections. “Anyone who asks me if I am ready for Local Government Elections does not understand the

process,” he said. On the issue of the selection of Keith Lowenfield as the new Chief Elections Officer, the Dr Surujbally said he was very comfortable with the decision since it was a unanimous one. Members of the media caught up with Dr. Surujbally while he was attending an event at the home of US Ambassador Brent Hardt. Over the past months, there has been much debate about GECOM’s readiness to run off local government elections by the August 1 deadline recently set by the National Assembly. Contacted last evening, General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party, Mr Clement Rohee, said he could not comment on the matter at this juncture, as he would have to give careful consideration to several fac-

tors before he can speak on behalf of the Party. One of those factors, he said, has to do with the Party’s supporters who will be looking to see what the statements of the Party are with respect to local, national or snap elections. Efforts last evening to contact the representatives of both the Alliance for Change (AFC) and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) for comment on the statement made by GECOM’s chairman proved futile. Meanwhile, in a private ceremony yesterday, Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry swore in Mr. Keith Lowenfield as the new Chief Elections Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Elections Commission.

NU’s genuine concern and push for national unity. Then there is APNU’s very serious accusation that the PPP was ‘promoting fear instead of hope’ at Babu John, this is the very APNU, which shortly before this statement had publicly threatened the staff at GINA and NCN, that if they “did not hear they will feel.” Let us take a closer look at who really is promoting ‘hope’ and who is promoting ‘fear’, the PPP pushed for the Amaila Falls hydro project for Guyanese, the APNU has tried to kill it. The PPP pushed for advanced health care for citizens through a specialty hospital, the APNU has tried to kill it. The PPP is intent on passing the AML/CFT Bill to protect our thriving economy from illicit financial transactions; the APNU is trying to kill it. Same can be said for the Marriott Hotel; the Cheddi Jagan Airport expansion etc. Throughout our history, it is clear that only one political party has remained the symbol of hope and prosperity in our country, the PPP. At the same time, the PNC -- now APNU -- has a rich legacy of reducing our citizens to paupers, and is now trying to snuff out the air of hope and prosperity of our people once again. But what was this great crime the PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee was accused of by APNU? We are informed that Rohee had told his audience that “APNU (is) the enemy of national unity”! Is APNU now encouraging the PPP General Secretary to lie? Rohee has a duty to state the facts, which he did. If APNU feels it can vindicate itself, then it needs to cite examples -- if not in the past, then in the present - to contradict the PPP. But no such effort has since been made, which is telling in itself. In closing, let us be reminded that when the PPP/C Government recently sought to have a company map our natural resources in the New River Triangle area, so our citizens will know exactly what we possess as a nation, it was no other than APNU which attacked the effort and was more concerned about the interests of Suriname than that of our own people.

GuySuCo flays Stabroek News over ‘misleading information’ THE Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) took the Stabroek News to task yesterday for publishing what it dubbed “misleading information” in an article on Sunday, related to the operations at the Skeldon factory. According to the Corporation, contrary to the newspaper’s report that the GuySuCo expended an additional US$30M to “rehabilitate” the Skeldon factory, the actual sum is $1.8M, which was incurred for six separate projects. GuySuCo said, “Prior to the start of the second crop last year three of the six projects, which include the condensate tank, bagasse scratcher and pipe support were completed in accordance with the required specification, and have been working satisfactorily ever since. “The other three projects were delayed due to the late arrival of required spares and were successfully completed before the commencement of the current crop.” The Sugar Corporation gave assurance that there is “no compatibility issue” with the plant equipment supplied by the China National Technical Import and Export Corporation, CNTIC, and Bosch. “Sugar processing equipment are manufactured worldwide, in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, etc, and are all used in various sugar factories throughout the corporation,” GuySuCo said. It added that the report, which stated that “GuySuCo’s technical staff was generally left out of the discussions and it was the Board that seemingly made decisions,” is also incorrect. “The technical staffers were fully involved with the Bosch Projects that include approving of the designs for all six projects,” GuySuCo said. It made clear also that all six projects were completed to the desired specifications. (Vanessa Narine)

Roy Reis goes on trial for 2007 rape By George Barclay A 12-member jury was empanelled yesterday at the Demerara Assizes to try Roy Reis of Vigilance, East Coast Demerara, for allegedly raping a woman on February 5, 2007. Reis, represented by Attorney-at-Law Mr. Basil Williams, has pleaded not guilty to the charge of having carnal knowledge of the woman without her consent. State Counsel Mrs. Judith Mursalin is prosecuting. The trial will resume on Tuesday next before Justice Franklyn Holder and a mixed jury.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014

GDF, Brazilians in Regional Military Intelligence Exchange By Michel Outridge OFFICERS of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and the Brazilian Armed Forces are, currently, engaged in discussions at the 18th Regional Meeting of Military Exchange, which opened on Wednesday. The talks are being held under the theme ‘Continued Friendship and Partnership towards Enhanced Border Security.’ The local delegation is being headed by Commanding Officer of One Infantry Battalion, Colonel George Lewis while Brigadier General Jose’ Luiz Jaborandy Rodrigues, Commander of the First Jungle The GDF and Brazilian Armed Forces ranks who are part of the exchange meeting Infantry Brigade, is leading the six-member Brazilian team. Both leaders are responsible for border operations in their respective countries. Colonel Lewis, in welcome and introductory remarks, said he felt that the officers’ presence here is indicative of the importance that Brazil places on improving military cooperation with Guyana, as well as continued friendship between the two armies. He stated, further, that Guyana and Brazil face common challenges to national security and noted that some of them will be discussed with a view of coming up with possible solutions. SECURITY CHALLENGE Lewis told his counter-

part, too, that the GDF is willing to assist in overcoming any security challenge it may face, as Brazil prepares to host the 2014 Football World Cup as well as Olympic Games. “General, I am sure that, as we exchange information during our discussions and deliberations, common solutions will be found and additional areas of mutual cooperation will be identified between our two armies,” Colonel Lewis added. He pointed to the Takutu Bridge and the road link from Lethem to Georgetown which, he said, are achievements which both governments could be proud of. Lewis noted, though, that the additional security challenges which this posed for both militaries will also be discussed with a view to realising the

common mission of making both nations safe. In brief remarks, Brigadier General Rodrigues said that they are here to ‘join hands’ so that solutions to common problems could be arrived at. “... so we will raise our ideas and we would come out of this meeting strengthened as together we are strong,” he remarked. The Regional Military Exchange is held every two years and the host country is rotated. It is essential to the objective of strengthening relations and ties between the two militaries and improving border security. The GDF and the Brazilian Armed Forces have enjoyed a fruitful relationship over the years, particularly in the area of training.

Sawmill operator remanded after admitting to sexual assault SAWMILL operator Raymond Evans, of Number 19 Village, Corentyne, Berbice, charged with sexual assault, has been remanded to prison until March 28. Appearing before Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus, he told the court he was under the influence of alcohol when he held the vagina of a Bible student. It happened last Friday

when the teenager had left her Bible Class and was walking along Main and St. John Streets, New Amsterdam, when Evans told the virtual complainant ‘good night’ and then grabbed at her private part. Her loud shouts attracted persons from a nearby restaurant who, quickly, responded by arresting the defendant and took him to Central Police Station. At Reliance Court, Canje, on

Wednesday, Evans revealed that he was an employee at Amerally Sawmills and said he was sorry for what transpired. The magistrate asked him whether he had ever visited a psychiatrist and, when he answered in the negative, she told him she would order a probation report for his next appearance on March 28.

Samaroo shooting murder accused remanded MURDER accused Soloman Milton, 23, of Nigg Settlement, Corentyne, and Antonio Singh Balrup, of Lot 15 Reliance Settlement, East Canje, both charged with the fatal shooting of Patricia Samaroo, appeared before Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus on Wednesday at Reliance Court. Because the men refused to furnish the court with any information, the magistrate asked the rank who instituted the charge to give sworn

testimony about the particulars of the duo. Detective Lance Corporal Dinesh Baichu testified that, during an interview with the men, he learnt that Milton was 23 years old and lived at Lot 60 Nigg Settlement, Corentyne, while Balrup is 26 years of age and his address is Lot 15 Reliance Settlement, East Canje. Sergeant Godfrey Playter, prosecuting, objected to bail, noting the nature, gravity and prevalence of the offence and added that another person is in a

critical condition at the New Amsterdam Hospital. Further, the prosecutor informed the court that Balrup is presently on bail pending an appeal. It is alleged that the prisoners barged into a Fyrish Village, Corentyne house, where they fatally wounded Patricia Samaroo. They have been remanded to prison until March 25 and the case was transferred to Albion Court, Corentyne.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014

Government welcomes CARICOM statement on AMLCFT Legislation THE Government of Guyana welcomes the statement made by CARICOM Heads of Government following their recent meeting in St. Vincent and the Grenadines on the Anti-Money Laundering Legislation before the Parliament. In the statement, they stressed the negative impact which the failure by Guyana to enact the Bill would have on its national economy and the consequential implications for the wider Region. The CARICOM statement recognises the grave perils that loom before Guyana and the Caribbean should the CFATF recommendations not be enacted and should Guyana find itself blacklisted as a consequence. In doing so, the statement has vindicated the concerns expressed by the Government of Guyana over the past year, and the call by government and by the multitude of other national stakeholders for the National Assembly to proceed with passage of the Bill submitted by government in response to the CFATF recommendations. The call by CARICOM for enactment of the legislation is a welcome one. It is the hope of the Government of Guyana, therefore, that the Opposition parliamentary parties will heed the call of our regional partners and allow Guyana to proceed with the Bill with the required urgency, and not procrastinate any further, thereby placing the country and the Region in jeopardy.

Make your voices heard in international arena on climate change

-President urges CARICOM leaders GUYANA’S Head of State, Donald Ramotar, has urged leaders of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to let their voices resonate in the current international negotiations on climate change, even though the Region’s countries have been the least contributors to climate change, but they are among the first to feel some of its heavy effects. President Ramotar made the call during the closing press conference following the conclusion of the 25th CARICOM Heads Inter-Sessional Meeting at the Buccament Bay Resort, Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines on March 10 and 11. Participating in the press conference were CARICOM’s Chairman and Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, President Ramotar, Prime Minister of Barbados Freundel Stuart, and Secretary General of CARICOM Ambassador Irwin La Rocque. Responding to a question about similar relationship with CARICOM countries such as the Guyana/Norway relationship, the president said that one of the main points during the conference was the need for CARICOM leaders to be involved in the international negotiations which are taking place, “and to make our voices heard on this matter.” Touching on the effects of climate change, the Guyanese Leader referred to the Christmas storms in St. Lucia and Dominica which left death and destruction in their wake, and which he said are the latest reminders of how vulnerable the Region is. “So we wanted to keep this as a focus, so we can influence in a more direct way the current international discourse ongoing on this issue, and to find areas that CARICOM can benefit from,” he stated.   Meanwhile, President Ramotar lauded the work of the Region’s Climate Change Centre as the task force was set up during the conference which is intended to provide guidance to Caribbean climate change negotiators, their ministers and the Region’s political leaders. Guyana has been playing a lead role with regards to climate change, and priority projects on adaptation are outlined within its visionary Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), which seeks to address the effects of climate change while simultaneously encouraging economic development.  “This is a critical decision by Heads at a time when efforts are underway through the UN to have a global climate change agreement by the end of 2015. We need to ensure that as a Region, our voices are being heard on this important issue, and not only from our technical people, but from the collective political leadership in the Region,” President Ramotar said on the second day of the Heads conference. He also reiterated the need for there to be a globally binding agreement on climate change. We have to ensure that we push for a climate change agreement by 2015 which is ambitious in terms of emission reduction targets and providing climate financing,” the Head of State said during the conference. He also stressed that, despite the difficulties faced with climate financing and support for adaptation and climate resilience, the Region needs to aggressively tap into opportunities that exist now, while it organises for future possibilities. (GINA)



GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 13, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 13, 2014



Guyanese student wins worldwide prize for outstanding performance in law exams SECOND-year University of London Law student, Ms. Gabriella Edwards, who is studying at Nations University, was recently awarded the Oxford University Press Prize as a student who has achieved one of the best results in the world in the May 2013 Year 1 Law Examinations. The International Programme of the University of London is studied by over 52,000 persons in 190 countries of the world. The award follows Gabriella’s outstanding CSEC and A Level results, a press

Dr Busuttil’s visit is to further familiarise students holding an LLB, of the benefits of studying for the LLM through the University of London. All are welcome to attend, the release added. The University of London’s Postgraduate Laws Programme


DR JAMES BUSUTTIL release stated. At present the law programme at Nations University offers the LLB from the University of London. A growing number of students study the University of London’s LLB programme through Nations University. Nations University said it is once again proud of its collaboration with London University to be able offer to students in Guyana degrees of outstanding prestige and recognition. The release said that Edwards is proof of the fact that international students can live up to the expectations and intellectual capabilities necessary to excel at the London LLB programme. This remarkable accomplishment motivates and encourages prospective students working assiduously to gain entry into the LLB programme offered at Nations University and also for other individuals generally who may be contemplating a career in law. PROSPECTIVE LLB AND LLM STUDENTS Meanwhile, Nations University will today hold a high profile meeting for prospective LLB and LLM students, beginning at 18:00 hrs. The meeting will be addressed by Dr James Busuttil, FRSA, FRGS, FIoD, Director of the University of London’s Postgraduate Laws Programme for International students. He is currently on a visit to Guyana to promote the LLM programme.

for International students consists of the Master of Laws (LL.M.); Postgraduate Diploma in Laws (PG. Dip.Laws) and the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PG. Cert. Laws). Over 3,800 persons from 150 countries study on this programme, usually while working full-time. At present the law programme at Nations University offers the LLB from the University of London. Dr. Busuttil holds an AB

(Harvard), JD (New York University School of Law) and DPhil (Oxford). He is also a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague. Dr. Busuttil has been Associate Professor of International Law and Organisation at the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands; Director of the British Institute of Human Rights at King’s College London; and Lecturer in Law at the University of Essex. He has also worked at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY); the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA); and the Legal Adviser’s Office of the U.S. Department of State. He is an attorney admitted to practice before the courts of New York State and the District of Columbia, as well as numerous Federal Appeals Courts. Dr Busuttil has been Co-Rapporteur of the International Law Association’s Committee on Islamic Law and International Law, and a member of the Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs, of the Council on Foreign Relations, and of the Executive Council of the American Society of International Law. He was appointed a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, based in The Hague, in 2007. He has had a number of articles and books published.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014

Aries March 21 - April 19

Will you feel like chatting today? You bet you will -- and it’s a given that the topic of your choice will be love or romance. In fact, expect one of your new admirers to bridge the gap boldly between friend and lover during what starts out as a casual chat. If you’re interested, get busy. This opportunity won’t last forever. Fortunately, at the speed you move, this won’t be a problem.

Taurus April 20 - May 20

Still longing for a few hours of time alone with your sweetheart, without the intrusion of a phone or computer? Well, then, take it. Turn off anything that beeps, rings or buzzes, and have an honest-to-goodness conversation. Give yourselves the gift of uninterrupted privacy tonight.

Gemini May 21 - June 21

You’re ready for a whole new level of intimacy with your current partner. Don’t cut corners. Say it all. Every word. The worst that can happen is that you’ll make it absolutely painful for the two of you to be later on. But then, there’s always tomorrow night -- and the chance to make up for all that lost time.

Cancer June 22 - July 22

The urge to take off for some serious shopping will be tough to resist -- and why should you? Shopping is perfectly justified now. Just try not to go over your limit -- not too far, anyway. The seasons are changing and your wardrobe needs a serious update. If you can afford it, a few quality staples is just what your look needs.

Leo July 23 - August 22

It’s all about you today -- and your lover will no doubt prove it to you from the moment you open your eyes. Since you’ve been planning an equally wonderful surprise for them, of course, there’s no reason to feel guilty about being so spoiled. Besides, who in their right mind wouldn’t make a fuss over you?

Virgo August 23 - September 22

That secret you’ve been lugging around? You just can’t keep quiet about it, not for one more second. If it’s going to be a private surprise, though, be discreet, and don’t tell anyone anything. Disclosing your secret, even to your best friend, could result in a leak of vast proportions -- you don’t have to wait much longer now.

Libra September 23 - October 22

A friend has recently come to you with a super offer, and you’re tempted to take it. Unfortunately, they’re not waiting for an answer, and you’ve got more important things to attend to. They want to introduce you to a whole new peer group -- to some people they’re sure you’ll fit in with just perfectly. If you can talk them into waiting just two days, it could be a blessing.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21

If anyone is notoriously not fond of attention, it’s you. In fact, you tend to avoid anything that even remotely resembles the spotlight. At the moment, that may be tough to do, however, since someone who loves you may be planning a huge surprise. Oh, well. Relax. You may end up liking it.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21

You were wondering when someone new and interesting might cross your path -- especially if you’re single. Alas, the universe has seen fit to arrange an encounter for you: A surprising, coincidental encounter. Listen closely, no matter where you are, for one of those accents you so dearly love -- the kind that lets you know someone is not from your neck of the woods. Then be brave and introduce yourself.

For Friday March 14, 2014 -14:30hrs For Saturday March 15, 2014 -14:30hrs For Sunday March 16, 2014 -05:30hrs

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

Calm, cool and calculated -- that’s you, right? Well, that may be what you’re used to being referred to as, but those may not be the adjectives used to describe you today. In fact, you may end up being called fiery, spontaneous and startling. Why hold back? Just go for it and let everyone see what you’re all about.

Aquarius January 20 - February 18

This could be quite the romantic day for you. Oh, and then there’s the fact that the heavens have arranged a full buffet of sweet, tender energies to assist you in creating not just perfect ambiance, but also the right words to express your emotions. So! Ready to let go and be totally emotional? Ready or not, here comes your chance.

Pisces February 19 - March 20

All that hard work you’ve been doing lately hasn’t gone unnoticed in the eyes of the powers that be. You could be due for a raise, promotion or bonus -- so even if you have plans immediately afterward, dress in your best businesslike outfit for work today. You’re about to have your 15 minutes, and you know you’ve earned it. Feel free to strut your stuff. And don’t forget to celebrate.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014

GMSA proposes India Institute collaboration on energy project By Clifford Stanley THE Guyana Manufacturing & Services Association (GMSA) is to collaborate with the Energy and Research Institute (ERI) of India, soon, on an Energy Efficiency Project. It is a means of addressing the “critical challenge” to its members, posed by unreliable and exorbitant cost of electrical power.  Under the auspices of the Office of Climate Change, Office of the President, the collaboration is to be implemented with approximately ten local companies as participants. This was disclosed by Pres-

ident of the GMSA, Mr. Clinton Williams, who noted that, although the best long term solution is, indeed, renewable and stable hydropower, the GMSA had also recommended that additional incentives be provided for solar, wind and biomass producers. He disclosed that manufacturing had seen retarded growth in 2013, accounting for a mere four percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), compared to the sector’s contribution of 15 percent in 1963. Williams reported that the manufacturing sector continued to be restricted to primary processing of agricultural, mineral and forest

products and the stymied growth could be attributed to meagre local demand, high transportation costs, inadequate or insufficient non-incentivised financing and high energy costs. He said that, apart from energy costs, another inhibiting factor was the very high trade transaction costs and inordinate Customs delays during import and export transactions.  This, however, can be substantially reduced with the Single Window Automated Processing System (SWAPS), which is currently being slowly implemented, Williams said. INHIBITING ISSUES He identified, among other

inhibiting issues, the limited domestic market for local produce and the virtual absence of a dedicated market focus for products/services enshrined in the active bilateral and multilateral trade agreements. Another was the lack of Private Sector investment in maritime transport infrastructure to facilitate the movement of people, goods and capital from point of production to the place of export/import. ”We would also like to see our research and development institutes, such as the Institute of Applied Science and Technology

(IAST), the University of Guyana and other resource-based agencies develop stronger partnerships,” Williams said. He posited that the partnering groups could provide scientific data on identification, specifications and potential uses for raw materials, improvement of yields and productivity in the recovery and/or added value processes.  These can be, eventually, developed into pilot projects and the formulation and sale of patents, the proceeds from which should be able to recover cost outlays.

Williams said these and other manufacturing sector issues have been introduced to the public domain in the past and, if they are effectively addressed by stakeholders, including Government and the Private Sector, Guyana will be able to manufacture and market high quality, value-added products and services. Such a transformation of the Manufacturing Sector would raise its desired GDP contribution to a level even greater than the 16 percent which was the norm four decades ago, he suggested.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014

First Lady’s Foundation completes

Mr. Edmond Forde’s new home at 20 Buxton, ECD

Staircase rehabilitated for Mr Baichu at Enterprise


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014

building projects AS we continue to advance our goal of promoting positive family values, the First Lady’s Foundation recently completed and handed over three projects on the East Coast of Demerara. These are: 1.     Construction of a two bedroom house for Buxton resident, Mr. Edmund Forde; 2.     Rehabilitation of staircase and roof for Enterprise resident, Mr. Rohit Baichu; and 3.     Rehabilitation of staircases for Enterprise resident, Mrs. Sursattie Harrichand.  Mr. Forde is 94, and in 2013, First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar was invited to his 93rd birthday celebration at his residence. Recognising the tough conditions under which this senior citizen was living, Mrs. Ramotar submitted a proposal to the eight-member committee that is responsible for overseeing projects undertaken by the Foundation. This proposal was granted favourable consideration and plans were finalised for the construction of a 25 by 30 feet house on land owned by Mr. Forde. This house consists of two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and kitchen. All electrical works were sponsored and completed by Mr. Gordon Saul.  In a similar manner and with-

in the confines of its available resources, the foundation completed repairs to the houses of Mr. Rohit Baichu and Mrs. Sursattie Harrichand, both of Enterprise, East Coast Demerara. Fifty-two year old Mr. Baichu lost both of his legs due to complications relating to diabetes. This has significantly curtailed the movements of this once vibrant fisherman to the extent that he requires assistance to move up and down the stairs of his elevated house. Recognising the danger that the steps pose to his son lifting him from upstairs to downstairs and vice versa, the foundation intervened and renovated the staircase. The roof of Mr. Baichu’s house was also renovated. Expressing his gratitude to the Foundation, Mr. Baichu indicated that he could now be easily assisted to his wheel chair, which provides for his means of mobility at home and around the community. Mrs. Harrichand, suffered a stroke some six years ago and this has placed restrictions on her mobility. Both staircases to her home at Enterprise were in dire need of repairs and posed a danger to her and family members, especially at times when they needed to take her for medical treatment

Cane harvester commits suicide after wife-chopping incident A CANE harvester recently chopped his wife at their 74 Sideline Dam, Buxton, East Coast of Demerara residence, then took refuge in a cane field aback the village after police responded to a report by his wife, 40-year-old Yonette Yaw, that he had chopped her on one of her hands and breasts. He committed suicide in the cane field by ingesting a poisonous substance. According to police reports, the dead man, identified as Dexter ‘Wissy’ Yaw, was found Wednesday afternoon in the cane field aback Buxton with a bottle of poison nearby. The couple had reportedly been together for the past 21 years. Police are investigating the incident. (Alex Wayne)

Female student ingests poison to vent frustration at teacher’s unwanted advances A FEMALE student of a private secondary school on the East Coast of Demerara yesterday remained warded at the Georgetown Public Hospital after ingesting a poisonous substance on Tuesday. What was equally surprising was the 16-year-old’s revelation that she had ingested the poisonous substance because a male teacher at her school had allegedly been sexually harassing her. The teen claimed the teacher’s unwanted advances had been occurring over the last several months, but she had remained resolute against his advances; thus, apparently feeling snubbed he had turned to targeting her (picking on her) for unfavourable treatment. Frustrated, she had resorted to ingesting the substance, which medical staffers at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) were trying desperately to pump out of her system. She is still under close medical watch. A few weeks ago, a student of the Brickdam Secondary School had ingested carbon tablets used to exterminate rats, allegedly while she was in the school’s washroom. She had begun vomiting and was rushed to the public hospital by teachers and students, but died hours later.

and therapy. With assistance from the Foundation, new staircases were installed for the benefit of this family. In 2014, the foundation continues it work programme, which includes reaching out and providing support to vulnerable individuals and groups; the on-going literacy programme (CXC classes, computer classes and library facilities); the kitchen garden project, and the building of core homes of housing facilities for vulnerable families.(GINA)

Stairs rehabilitated for Mrs Harrichand at Enterprise


As usual, the Bombshell continues to spew great bolts of ‘entertainment lightning’, filling the area with creativity, variety, humour, glitz and glamour, and all the needed spices for excellent reader’satisfaction. As we continue to demolish the competition with our natural flair and creative abilities, we urge you to peruse this and the other three pages for an exciting journey as you soak up ‘de real deal’. Enjoy folks, and join us again next Friday when we take you on another roller coaster ride that you will always remember..... Ha ha ha ha ....

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014

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Bollywood ‘Live with the Stars’ poised to sweep Guyana from March 21/23 ENTERTAINERS far and wide have been coming up with gigs and impressive concept parties for quite a long time. Many have left a lasting impression in Guyana, but none will be able to beat the upcoming shows that are slated for Georgetown, West Bank Demerara, and Berbice! Tabled by PoPo Entertainment and Christine, and with a dazzling line-up of international artistes and local entertainers, ‘Bollywood Live with the Stars’ will descend at the Tuschen Sports Club Ground (Tuschen Clay Brick Road) on March 21, 2014 with glitz and glamour like never seen before on the local shores. On this date the live show will kick off with spectacular performances by ‘Abha’ (Zee TV Soap Opera Star from Yahaan Ghar Kheli), ‘Arjune and Purvi (Zee TV Soap Opera Star from Pavita Rishta), Radhika ((Zee TV Soap Opera Star from Ghoti Bahu), Anil Bheem and the Bheemer Band from Trinidad, Seeta Panday of New

York, and Apache Waria (New York artiste). Also carded to perform are New York’s Madhu Motie, Kris Ramkellawan from Suriname, the Shahara Dancers of New York, and of course Deon Persaud! On the local platter, fans will enjoy fantastic showcases from the popular Shavanie Dance Troupe of Guyana. This very exciting showcase will again be staged at the Guyana National Stadium on March 22, 2014, before heading to the Port Mourant Community Centre Ground in Berbice on March 23, 2014. At Tuschen, gate will open at 6pm with the action starting at 7.30 pm; while at the National Stadium, gate opens at the same time, with the show beginning at 8pm. At Port Mourant, gates will open at 5pm and the show commences at 7.00 pm. This event so far is sponsored by Travel Span and Banks DIH Limited.

Buxton/Foulis Mash 2014 set for this Sunday VILLAGES on the East Coast of Demerara are feverishly preparing for the much-anticipated Buxton/Foulis Mash festivities, and promoters have already announced the official route mapped out for the Mash Tramp and Costume Parade. Speaking exclusively to Bombshell, Promoter Ian Havercone announced that, this year around, a large contingent would be coming from Plaisance village and will join the awaiting revellers at the Buxton Railway Line. They would then ‘tramp down’ to the Melanie Damishana Market Square, and circle the entire Buxton Village before congregating for the ‘Night Time Revelry’ at the Buxton Community Centre Ground. The Buxton/Foulis Road Parade and Soca Bacchanal is slated for Sunday, March 16, 2014; and the promoter has disclosed that in order to spice up the sizzle at the annual event, organizers have carded the likes of international artiste ‘Lil Rick’ to their programme, just to ensure the fans are ultimately satiated. Bombshell has managed to garner from him that he has planned a thrilling line-up of local artistes, with performances by Kross Kolor’s X2 entertainers Adrian Dutchin and Jomo Primo, and the striking fusion of the Super Cat and Super Ray One Man Bands. Havercone also said that no holds would be barred, so to speak, in staging this year’s promotion, and the promoters are ‘going all out’ to ensure the Buxton/Foulis Mash revellers and ancillary supporters are satisfied. Music for the event will be supplied by Fusion Sounds, Stereo Sonics, Determine Sound System and TRS Sounds. A riveting face-off is expected between the Super Ray and Venom one-man bands. Sponsors for this exciting event are, so far, Star Party Rentals, 94.1 Boom FM Radio, HGP TV, ANSA Mc AL Trading, NCN, Junior & Sons Art Shop & Auto Window Screen Repairs, Money Max Jewellery, Baddow and Buxton/ Foulis NDC, E-Networks, Trans-Pacific Motor Spares, Talbot Construction School, HJTV, Prographics, Precise Printing, and Demerara Distillers Limited. Tickets can be obtained from the Buxton Gas Station, Benjamin’s Bakery (Buxton), and Giftland Officemax.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014

The ladies soliciting corner…


Bombshell’s hottest, cutest dudes!!!

Mettellus Marcus is a woman’s dream come true


YES ladies, I know you are dreaming of that ideal guy with the masculine body and killer good looks to take you on a whirlpool of forbidden fantasies. Now now, don’t get all coy and bashful on me, my divas. We all know that your blood is broil-

ing to be engulfed in the embrace of that perfect body, and be completely smothered by your fantasy of the ‘ideal man’. Well, you know I am full of surprises. I have been reading your minds and I have decided to jump start your wicked little ‘hormones’ this week with a delectable male species that will ignite your molten desires.

Dharmic Sabha’s Holi Utsav for Everest Ground on Phagwah Day THE Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha invites all to its annual Holi Utsav, which will be held at the Everest Cricket Club Ground on Phagwah Day, March 17, from 15:00hrs to 19:00hrs. A fun-filled and exciting celebration is planned, and patrons can enjoy non-stop live entertainment from the Caribbean Hotshots band, Holi songs by Guyana’s top singers, dances by the Dharmic Nritya Sangh, and Chowtaal and Tassa drumming. The special features added to this year’s programme include countdowns and colour throws. Delicious food and sweets will also be on sale, and major sponsor of the event, Digicel, will moreover be giving away power. Admission is free and, as is the Sabha’s usual policy, no alcohol will be allowed. In addition to Holi Utsav, the Sabha organized a number of activities for the festival. Last Saturday, the Phagwah Mela and Bazaar and Folk Dance Festival were successfully hosted at the Guyana International Conference Centre. Chowtaal Samelans have been held countrywide in all of the Sabha’s praants, featuring scores of chowtaal groups from various mandirs. The final Samelans will be held on Saturday, March 15, at the Canefield Mandir in East Berbice at 18:00hours, and on Sunday, March 16, at the Bath Shri Krishna Mandir, West Coast Berbice at 10:00hours. The Essequibo praant will be hosting a Pre-Phagwah Mela on Saturday, March 15th, at the Anna Regina Community Centre Ground from 13:00 hours. Holika Dahan, the burning of the Holika, will take place on the eve of Phagwah, Sunday March 16, at the Camptown ground in Campbellville. Devotees will assemble at the Shri Krisha Mandir at 18:30 hours for Havan. Thereafter, the Dharmic Rama Krishna Chowtaal Gole will lead a procession to the Camptown Ground. Special Satsangh will be held on Phagwah morning, Monday, March 17, at the Dharmic Rama Krishna Mandir at 08:00 hours, with Pandit Jagmohan Persaud. On Phagwah Day, the East Bank Demerara praant of the Sabha will be holding its Holi Utsav at the Diamond Market Tarmac from 14:00hrs to 18:00hrs. Pic saved as Phagwah Mela

Ladies, lets welcome the irresistible presence of the husky and provocative Mettellus Marcus, a virile catch who is more than ready for the taking. While he loves the outdoors and possesses a wild, adventurous side, his mate, he says, will have to be extra creative, sensually erotic, and possessing a body that can be termed the male version of supermodel Naiomi Campbell.

But let me warn you, ladies. If you do not have the criteria, do not waste the man’s precious time or mine. But if you are everything that this hunk desires, then hit him up via email spicekid235@yahoo. com The ladies’ ultimate desire – Metellus Marcus

You Shouldn’t Do That!

This silly man certainly should have acted more responsibly.

A DRIVER SHOULD BE A THINKING PERSON, NOT A ROAD HOG OUR roads are rapidly becoming a ‘Modern Day Jurassic Park’, and sometimes I think it is only a matter of time before we see some tropical dinosaurs driving on them. Every day we travel we are faced with the problem of stray animals, vagrants, and apparently rabid drivers staking their claim to fame on our roads by endangering their lives and those of others considerately traversing the same routes. But what about the utterly carefree drivers who seem to think they can transport items of great weight and magnitude without adhering to proper safety rules and regulations that would ensure an incident-free journey for themselves and other road users? Just recently, as I sat in the front seat of a mini-bus bound for the West Demerara district, I was aghast to observe a careless truck driver transporting really huge lengths of lumber on an ‘open back lorry’ with no sides to stop the load from toppling off. I was even more terrified as this driver was speeding as if he were transporting a truckload of tomatoes, or maybe cassava bread. The foolish man had strapped the large planks with only two very fragile-looking metal chains, which certainly could not hold the lot together if he swerved suddenly or took a really steep turn at such an alarming pace. With my heart in my throat, I prayed fervently and urged our driver to pass the truck at the earliest possible opportunity, or to drop back several metres behind it, which he wisely did. I just hope that crazy driver made it to his destination safely, and did not harm anyone in the process. Inconsiderate maniacs such as that driver should certainly be kept off our roads. Don’t you agree?


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014 The irate Christopher De Freitas


Tell it like it is...

Father alleges ‘blatant slackness’ after daughter severely bitten by other student at day care centre

Guyana’s ‘Diamond Girl’ to host lavish ‘Thank You Initiative’

OUR dazzling Guyanese diamond is poised to sparkle yet again, and this time, in gratitude to all for the attention she has been receiving from fans, supporters and well wishers, tomorrow night at 18:00 hrs the Events Center (New Thriving Restaurant) will come ablaze with colour and festivity as Guyana’s beauty Ambassador Katherina Roshana says a special ‘thank you’ to her fans and well wishers with a gala and ‘celebratory dinner evening’. This event will also see the reigning Miss India Guyana Worldwide and Miss Guyana Universe queen receiving a very special award from a prestigious organisation, which is a first in pageant history. To get a first hand glimpse of the proceedings fans will have to be present at the function. Note however that the event is staunchly labelled, ‘RSVP’. Dress elegantly if you are on the guest list, and do enjoy an evening of glitz and glamour with a well deserving beauty queen. See you there!!!

The face that tells a thousand beautiful stories.

A VERY angry father is accusing staffers of the Heavenly Ravens Day Care Centre (Public Road, Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara) of “blatant slackness” in a recent incident in which his two-year-old daughter, Neia De Freitas, suffered a severe biting about the body by another child in the care of that institution. A most highly incensed Christopher De Freitas, of 37/38 Coglan Dam, Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara, told this publication that as a result of the incident, which occurred on March 04, 2014, his child suffered five bite wounds on the right hand, one on the left hand, and a rather large one on the right cheek. De Freitas related that although the terrified child had been screaming in agony, none of the teachers had gone to her rescue until another child had informed them that Neia was being bitten and beaten by another child while they were allowed a break to play in the school compound. The father’s contention is that the teachers had seemed more interested in sitting around at the table and gossiping than with supervising the children, as is expected of them. “This is blatant slackness!!! Those teachers should be out in the compound supervising the children during their lunch break, and not sitting around at the table gossiping, as reliable sources have informed. If they were doing their jobs properly, they would have heard my daughter scream, or would have seen the two children engaged in a scuffle, or whatever….” The man said he arrived at the institution on the day of the incident at about noon, and was told about the incident. He said one teacher even said she had rung the cellular phones belonging to him and his spouse Elizabeth Mangal, but did not get a response, since both phones had rung out continuously. The man is refuting that claim, declaring that he and his partner always promptly answer their phones. De Freitas noted that the teachers at the institution had several conflicting stories regarding the incident, since one of them had claimed in haste that his wife had never left forwarding numbers for the school to contact them at anytime. Immediately following the incident, teachers at the day care centre, along with the parents of the child who had inflicted the wounds on Neia, took the injured child to a private doctor in the West Demerara district, and he provided an antibiotic ointment to be rubbed on her injuries. After Neia had been taken home, she developed a high fever and was rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital, where she was given an injection, antibiotic suspension, and an ointment to heal the wounds. Mr. De Freitas said the matter has been reported to the Vreed-enHoop Police Station, and ranks there suggested that they approach the Child Protection Agency (CCPA). This was done at the Phoenix Park branch, where they were transfixed with shock after staff there told them that teachers from the day care centre had reported that they had been verbally abused by the parents of the injured girl. Sputtering with anger and disgust, the father refuted such claims, declaring that neither he nor his spouse had ever had any verbal altercation with any teacher at the day care entity. He said staff at the agency suggested that the parents of both children come in for counselling; a move that further infuriated him. Mr. De Freitas is adamant that teachers of the institution need to be more alert, and be more honest and responsible. He is hoping that the relevant authorities would look into this matter properly.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014


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Jaime Osborne is like liquid lava

So curvy, so demure, so delicious...

SHE is hot lakka peppa, and reeks of scalding Caribbean flava. We are pleased to bring to the platter of our Bombshell Babes this sexily intoxicating morsel named Jaime Osborne, a certain diva in the making. She is a talented dancer, a full figured runway model, and a very avid singer with a voice like honeysuckle. Our babe is proverbially more tasty and succulent than ever, and has that rich Guyanese sultriness down to the very marrow of her bones. While she enjoys the company of her very desirable and caring partner, she makes no qualms about flaunting her royal sexiness, since she raves that, “I have got it from my momma, so I just love to flaunt it”. Now, stop it, guys! Can’t you just feast your eyes without those wild ideas popping up in your minds? Yes, she is certainly desirable, “But she got ah lovah already!” HA!! HA!! HA!! HA!! HA!! HA!!…… Tek duh fuh yuh fastness!


Bulletin!!! Bulletin!!! Bulletin!!!

‘Laceta Nightclub’ reopens under new management

MANAGEMENT of the new Laceta Nightclub (Opposite the National Stadium at Providence) wishes to announce that the entertainment hotspot is now reopened under new management. It also now has a breathtaking decor and styling geared to offer relaxation, privacy, and enjoyment for patrons. The club reopens tomorrow at 8pm with a very stylish ceremony and a system that allows the ‘party ladies’ free entrance all night. That aside, the first twenty-five ladies will receive free shots of tequilah. Persons can call telephone number 687-8783 for more information.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 13, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 13, 2014



GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 13, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 13, 2014



GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 13, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday March 13, 2014



GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014

Windies go down ... From back page Simmons combined with captain Bravo (16) to repair the innings with a 38-run, fourth-wicket stand, until Bravo became the first of Ravi Bopara’s two wickets. Andre Russell lasted two balls before slogging Bopara to cover without scoring at 67 for five but Simmons and Ramdin sensibly went about their business, adding 73 for the sixth wicket. Simmons faced 55 balls and hit seven fours and two sixes while Ramdin struck four fours and a six off 21 balls. Both fell with the charge on at the end and Sammy’s efforts at heroism proved futile this time. Earlier, England were given a rousing start by Lumb and Hales, as the West Indies bowlers wilted under early pressure. Cotterell, especially, came in for a hiding in the day’s second over which cost 17 runs, with Lumb helping himself to four boundaries as he capitalised on loose bowling. Fellow Jamaican Santokie felt the pinch next over, conceding 16 runs, as Hales gathered off-side boundaries from the first two deliveries before clearing the ropes with a clean straight hit.

Captain Darren Sammy quickly turned to mystery off-spinner Sunil Narine but he fared no better, leaking 14 runs. Lumb swept his third delivery for four, dispatched the fourth over the square leg boundary before edging the fifth for another four, as England raised their fifty of just 23 balls. Sammy wrung the changes to good effect with the next six overs costing just 44 runs, building pressure and forcing Lumb to sky one from Cotterell to Bravo on the off-side. The Windies struck again 11 balls later when the dangerous Hales found Simmons in the deep at the end of the 13th over, giving Cotterell his second wicket off the final delivery of his four-over spell. Captain Eoin Morgan smashed a four and a six in gathering 18 from 17 balls but his innings was cut short when he holed out to Smith at deep mid-wicket off Narine in the 16th over. Santokie then crippled England with a lethal double strike in the next over, first having Jos Buttler (3) skying to Sammy on the off-side and two balls later, removing Ben Stokes’s middle stump with a clever slower ball before the batsman had scored.

SCOREBOARD ENGLAND innings M. Lumb c Bravo b Cotterell 63 A. Hales c Simmons b Cotterell 38 E. Morgan c Smith b Narine 18 J. Buttler c Sammy b Santokie 3 R. Bopara not out 6 B. Stokes b Santokie 0 M. Ali run-out 3 C. Jordan not out 27 Extras: (w-7) 7 Total: (6 wkts, 20 overs) 165 Fall of wickets: 1-98, 2-112, 3-123, 4-128, 5-129, 6-138. Bowling: Santokie 4-0-27-2, Cotterell 4-0-37-2, Narine 4-0-34-1, DJ Bravo   3-0-35-0, Russell 1-011-0, Sammy 2-0-14-0, Samuels 2-0-7-0. WEST INDIES innings D. Smith b Dernbach 0  

J. Charles c & b Jordan 4 M. Samuels b Jordan 15 L. Simmons run-out 69 D. Bravo c Jordan b Bopara 16 A. Russell c Morgan b Bopara 0 D. Ramdin b Jordan 33 D. Sammy not out 15 S. Narine not out 0 Extras: (b-1, lb-4, w-3) 8 Total: (7 wkts, 20 overs) 160 Fall of wickets: 1-0, 2-4, 3-28, 4-66, 5-67, 6-140, 7-153. Bowling: Dernbach 4-1-38-1, Jordan 4-0-39-3, Parry 4-0-32-0, Tredwell 4-0-18-0, Bopara 4-0-28-2.

Racing Tips ENGLISH Cheltenham 09:30 hrs Royal Irish Hussar 10:05 hrs Lac Fontana 10:40 hrs Kings Palace 11:20 hrs Last Instalment 12:00 hrs On The Fringe 12:40 hrs Vieux Lion Rouge 13:15 hrs Mr Mole LINGFIELD 09:55 hrs Belfilo 10:30 hrs Pretty Bubbles 11:05 hrs Munsarim 11:45 hrs Three Cliffs 12:25 hrs Mustajjid 13:05 hrs Grendisar 13:40 hrs Chantrea SOUTH AFRICA RACING TIPS Fairview 08:10 hrs One Yesterday 08:55 hrs Duke Of Destiny 09:35 hrs Black Pegasus 10:15 hrs Winter Fantasy 10:50 hrs Cotton Candy 11:30 hrs African Lily IRISH RACING TIPS Dundalk 14:15 hrs Grey Danube 14:45 hrs Cape Glory 15:15 hrs Atlas Peak 15:45 hrs Alvar 16:15 hrs General Bunching 16:45 hrs Home Secretary 17:15 hrs Bogardus


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014

Bayern Munich boss Hoeness jailed for tax evasion By Jens Hack MUNICH - (Reuters) - A German court convicted Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness of tax evasion yesterday and sentenced the man who turned the football club into one of the world’s most successful sports dynasties to 3-1/2 years in jail. Judge Rupert Heindl ruled that Hoeness’s voluntary disclosure that he had failed to pay taxes had been incomplete and thus did not meet a vital requirement needed for amnesty under laws designed to encourage tax evaders to come clean. Hoeness has admitted evading 27.2 million euros in taxes on income earned in secret Swiss bank accounts, but the football club executive was hoping for leniency in one of the most closely watched tax evasion cases in German history. “The voluntary disclosure is not valid with the documents that were presented alone,” said the judge. He said the confession was riddled with mistakes and that Hoeness had failed to submit other documents requested by tax inspectors on time. The 62-year-old Hoeness, who also owns a Bavarian sausage factory, bowed his head and stared at the floor when the verdict was delivered, his face turning red as he struggled to retain his composure. He left the court in silence, avoiding reporters. The case hinged on the question of whether Hoeness, who as a player helped West Germany win the 1974 World Cup, cooperated fully with his voluntary disclosure. His case shocked the nation and prompted thousands of tax dodgers to turn themselves in. Hoeness’s defence lawyers

immediately announced they would appeal to the Federal Court of Justice. “The high court will decide if his voluntary disclosure was valid, or partially valid or botched,” said lawyer Hanns Feigen. “That’s the interesting point. The key

Bayern Munich president point is the way a taxpayer is being treated - as if he hadn’t turned himself in.” The maximum sentence for tax evasion is 10 years and the prosecutors, citing Hoeness’s cooperation, had sought a 5-1/2 year sentence. Hoeness was first charged with evading 3.5 million euros in taxes. But when the trial began on Monday he stunned the court by admitting he had actually evaded five times that amount - or 18.5 million euros. That figure was raised further to 27.2 million euros on the second day of the trial based on testimony by a tax inspector. Hoeness’s defence team acknowledged the higher figure.

PLEA FOR LENIENCY Hoeness, whose team won last year’s Champions League and dominates the German Bundesliga, apologised to the court and pleaded for leniency. The club’s earnings have soared under his stewardship, which has lasted 35 years in various posts. With more than 220 000 members, it is one of the world’s biggest football clubs. “I deeply regret my wrongdoing,” he said on Monday. “I’m doing everything I can to put this unhappy chapter behind me.” Tax evasion is a serious crime in Germany. Peter Graf, the late father of tennis champion Steffi Graf, was sentenced in 1997 to three years and nine months for evading 12.3 million marks (6.3 million euros). He was released after 25 months. Michael Meister, deputy finance minister, said the verdict would be a lesson to other taxpayers. “It shows that it is not worth it to evade taxes,” he told Rheinische Post newspaper. Hoeness, once one of Germany’s most admired football executives, alerted tax authorities in January 2013 about his bank account and undeclared income. He said the Swiss account was a personal account created for financial market trades. Some 55 000 tax evaders have turned themselves in over the last four years and paid a total of about 3.5 billion euros in back taxes, according to the taxpayers association. The number of voluntary disclosures rose four-fold in 2013 from 2012. “First of all, I feel great personal empathy because a prison sentence is a serious imposition on anybody, including Uli Hoeness,” said

Dottin returns from suspension for T20 World Cup ST JOHN’S, Antigua (CMC) – Big-hitting Deandra Dottin has returned from suspension for the Wo m e n ’ s Tw e n t y 2 0 World Cup starting later this month in Bangladesh. The aggressive top order batsman was yesterday named in a 15-member squad which will be led by longstanding captain Merissa Aguilleira, and which also includes world-rated all-rounder Stafanie Taylor and experienced off-spinner Anisa Mohammed. Dottin missed the recent tour of New Zealand due to suspension stemming from misconduct during the Women’s Tri-Nation T20 Series in Barbados late last year.

The West Indies Cricket Board said the 22-year-old had engaged in behaviour “unbecoming that could bring the game of cricket into disrepute or be harmful to the interests of cricket”. She was expected to undergo evaluation, counselling and mentorship. Her return, however, bolsters a side that struggled badly on the tour of New Zealand, suffering a whitewash in the three-match one-day series and a 4-0 thrashing in the fivematch T20 series. Dottin, the first woman to score a century in T20 cricket, was also player-ofthe-series in the Tri-Nation series which involved England and New Zealand. West Indies have been

pitted in Group B, alongside England, India, Sri Lanka and hosts Bangladesh, for the March 23 to April 6 event. Two years ago in Sri Lanka, West Indies Women reached the semi-finals before being beaten by eventual champions Australia. SQUAD – Merissa Aguilleira (captain/ wicketkeeper), Shemaine Campbelle, Shanel Daley, Deandra Dottin, Chinelle Henry, Stacy-ann King, Kycia Knight (wicketkeeper), Kyshona Knight, Natasha McLean, Anisa Mohammed, Subrina Munroe, Shaquana Quintyne, Shakera Selman, Tremayne Smartt, Stafanie Taylor.

Bavarian state premier Horst Seehofer, leader of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Bavarian sister party. “On the other hand, I, as a politician and state premier, have to accept the result of a trial conducted according to the rule of law,” Seehofer added. Hoeness had been a friend of Merkel and a popular TV talk show guest. He spoke out for higher taxes and railed against tax evasion. His case

has led to calls to change German laws that allow tax evaders to avoid prosecution if they turn themselves in before an investigation starts. It is unclear if Hoeness can remain chairman of Bayern Munich’s supervisory board. The club said its boards would deliberate the matter but would not decide immediately. FC Bayern Munich AG is privately owned. Major German companies Adidas AG,

Allianz and Audi AG, all of which are based in Bavaria, each with an 8.3 percent stake in the club. Deutsche Telekom AG is the club’s main advertising sponsor. Members of the supervisory board include Adidas chief executive Herbert Hainer, Audi CEO Rupert Stadler, Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn and Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Hoettges.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014

Ansa McAl launches Carib Beer BCB T20 tourney ANSA McAl yesterday launched its second Annual Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) Carib Beer Premier League at a simple ceremony at the National Communications Network office, Homestretch Avenue. In brief remarks, BCB’s Public Relations Officer, Hubert Foster, noted that 20/20 cricket is the most popular form of the game and the successes of the Limacol Caribbean Premier League have only served to build the passion even more in the Region and the Ancient County. According to Foster, the BCB would be staging two T20 tournaments this year, one through sponsorship from Universal DVD and the other from sponsorship from Ansa McAl through its Carib Beer brand. Foster said last year, when Ansa McAl sponsored the tournament, Albion Sports Club won the highly successful tournament and the BCB is proud and grateful that Ansa McAl has renewed the sponsorship. The teams that will contest the 2014 tournament are: Bush Lot, West Berbice, Blairmont, D’Edward, Edinburgh, Bermine, Berbice Police, Young Warriors, Albion, Rose Hall Town Council, Port Mourant, Skeldon and Upper Corentyne. Foster stared that the tournament would be played with the teams divided into zones and playing each other on a round-robin basis before the knock-out stage begins. He said both semi-finals would be played on the same day at one venue while the final would also involve the third place play-off match. The winning team would re-

In this Sonell Nelson photo, BCB’s third vice-president Julian Cambridge (third left) accepts the sponsorship cheque from Ansa McAl’s Public Relations Officer, Darshanie Yussuf, while looking on from extreme left are: BCB’s selector Ravindranauth Saywack and Office Administrator Alisa Moonsee, Ansa McAl’s Brands Coordinator Nigel Worrell and BCB’s Life Member Malcolm Peters. ceive $80 000 and the Carib Beer trophy, while the second place team would carry home $40 000. The Man-of-the-Match in the final would draw down $10 000. Foster noted that Berbice has several outstanding 20/20 players who always perform well in tournaments such as the Carib Beer 20/20 tournament and crowd attendance is always very good. He said while Albion and Rose Hall Town would start as favourites, they would be challenged by others who would be determined to be crowned as the 20/20 champions. Foster, assured the management of Ansa McAl that like last year the Carib Beer 20/20 Cup

Guyanese athletes enter 400 and 1500 metres finals of the South American Games GUYANESE athletes are on their way to medalling at the 2014 South American Games after a dominant performance in the semifinals. The South American Games which is a multi-sport event saw Guyana’s 400m athlete Winston George come second in the first round of the semi with a time of 46.57s which is now his personal best. He was beaten by Brazilian Freitas Hendriques who made it in a time of 45.57s and coming in third was Venezuelan Aguilar Alberto with a time of 46.91s. In the second round of the semi-final Colombian Perlaza Zapata dusted out Menzos Freddy of Venezuela and Brazilian Baludunio De Sousa with a time of 46.54 which was the best time overall in the 400m. Freddy copped a time of 46.83s and De Sousa with a time of 47.63s qualified for the finals. However, Guyana’s 100m female sprint ace Alisha Fortune had made her way to the semifinals after her dominant performance in the first round. Cleveland Thomas and Cleveland Forde also made their way to the final of the 1500m after they sweated their way out to the finish line at the semifinal round. The semifinals of the women’s 100m, men’s 400m and 1500m final will be ran tomorrow at 12:10hrs, 13:20hrs and 19:00hrs respectively.

would fulfil all of its objectives and would play a great part in the revival of cricket as a national game. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to Ansa McAl’s officials, Beverly Harper, Troy Cadogan, Nigel Worrell and Darshanie Yussuf for their cooperation. Foster informed that Ansa McAl, apart from sponsoring the 20/20 tournament this year, would also be supporting the BCB’s Golden Jubilee Tribute to Heroes programme which is billed for September this year. Ms Yussuf, in very brief remarks, said her company is pleased to be associated with the

tournament and the BCB. She said it’s an opportunity for the company to renew its involvement in cricket and in sports in general. Ms Yussuf said Ansa McAl has noticed that cricket in Berbice is very special and dear to Berbicians and in this the second year of sponsorship of the tournament, she hopes that the game would continue to grow. According to Foster, the BCB would be staging between 18-20 tournaments in 2014 and it is very likely that the Carib Beer 20/20 final and third-place playoff would be played under lights at the Albion Community Centre ground.

Camptown FC for two-match tour of Bartica CITY side Sunburst Camptown FC will travel to Bartica this weekend for a two-match tour beginning on Saturday March 15 and concluding on Phagwah night Monday March 17, at the Bartica Community Centre ground. In the opening game the City players will match skills with Mel Ballers in the feature game at 20:00hrs while preceding this will be a contest between Potaro Strikers and Five Star Beacon FC at 18:00hrs. On Phagwah night, Camptown meet Beacon in the second game of the double-header after Mel Ballers would have played Potaro Strikers in the first match at 18:00hrs. Camptown are being hosted by Beacon with major support from Sky Launch Restaurant and Bar while the games are under the organisation of the I Movement Promotions in another collaborative effort to keep the sport of football alive in Bartica.

Ninth Annual Diamond Water 11-race cycle programme at National Park tomorrow THE ninth Annual Diamond Mineral Water 11-race Cycle programme, organised by national cycling coach Hassan Mohamed M.S., will be staged tomorrow around the inner circuit of the National Park beginning at 09:00hrs. The feature race on the card will be the 35-lap event for School Boys and Novices and will see most of the country’s top cyclists vying for top honours. The defending champion of this event is Raynauth `Obeah Man’ Jeffrey who won the event last year in a time of one hour, 15 minutes 1 second. However, this year, Jeffrey’s job will be cut out since a host of other riders have been putting in creditable performances in the National Park as well as on the roads of West Demerara and Berbice. His main rivals include Orville Hinds, Alanzo Greaves, Michael Anthony, Warren McKay, veteran Junior Niles and Marlon `Fishy’ Williams. Another interesting race would be the 10-lap race for juveniles for which Raul Leal is the defending champion. He returned a time of 25 minutes 12.30 seconds in winning the event last year. Niles is the defending champion of the veterans Under-50 years five-lap race, but come tomorrow, he will have to withstand the test of Linden Blackman and Kennard Lovell among others, to prevail. The veterans Over-50 five-lap race is an open contest as is the BMX Boys 12-14 years three-lap event which was won last year by Alfie Soonaram in a time of eight minutes three seconds. Other races on the day’s programme include two- and three-lap races for BMX boys nine to 12 years old and twolap events for BMX boys and girls six to nine years old. There will also be a five-lap mountain bike race for which Ozia McAully is the defending champion, having won the event last year in a time of 13 minutes 55 seconds. Marketing executive of Demerara Distillers Limited Larry Wills will witness the day’s activity and assist with the presentation of prizes to the respective winners.

CRICKET QUIZ CORNER (Friday March 14, 2014) COMPLIMENTS OF THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market &The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055)

Answers to yesterday’s quiz: 66 Tests (overseas) Graham Thorpe (2,380 runs) HS: 89

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Which two made their debut in the same Test? RaphickJumadeen; Albert Padmore; Jack Noriega; Imtiaz Ali; Inshan Ali Sir Vivian Richards played 187 ODIs. Sir Richie Richardson played 224. How many times they played together in ODI matches?

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday March 14, 2014


Ambris maiden ton places Windwards in SCOREBOARD commanding position By Calvin Roberts THANKS to a maiden ton from 20-year-old debutant Sunil Ambris, the visiting Windward Islands lineup were in a commanding position at the end of the first day of their third round West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) Regional fourday clash against Guyana at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence, yesterday. Winning the toss and opting to take first strike on a sluggish track in slightly overcast conditions, the Windward Islands reached 65 from 25.3 overs and were 78 for 3 before ending the day on 289 for 6 off 93 overs, with Liam Sebastien and Alston Bobb their notout batsmen on 60 and 4 respectively. Veerasammy Permaul has so far taken 3 for 69 and Barnwell 2 for 42 for Guyana, whose bowling lacked penetration during the post-tea session and midway the final session, until Ambris played a tired shot to Barnwell and was lbw. They lost their first wicket, that of Devon Smith 28 (73 balls, 4x4), who was caught by Assad Fudadin at forward short-leg off Veerasammy Permaul, but Ambris’ 114 (238 mins, 200 192 balls 17x4), placed them in the driver’s seat at the close of play. Earlier, Smith pulled a delivery from Keon Joseph - preferred instead of Raun Johnson, as Guyana went into the game with one fast bowler - through backward square leg for four. The same bowler, who was guilty of bowling short of a length throughout the day, was pulled by Tyrone Theophile over backward square leg for six as Windwards reached their first 50 from 17.1 overs, with Smith on 18 and Theophile 30. Following the demise of Smith, the visitors lost Keddy Lesporis (0) and Theophile 42 (102 balls, 103 mins, 4x4; 1x6) to the guile of Permaul, as they took the lunch break on 85 for 3 from 36 overs, with Sunil Ambris 12 and Romel Currency 1. After the break, they got to 100 from 40.4 overs, with Ambris who struck a delivery from Devendra Bishoo back over his head for four on 16 and Currency 13, but lost Currency

(15) when he edged one through to Anthony Bramble off Bishoo at 107 for 4. At this stage, Sebastien joined Ambris who got to his 50 from 107 balls, counting seven fours while batting for 115 minutes for his team who were 156 for 4 off 59 overs at that stage, with Sebastien on 15 and they added 156 for the fifth wicket from 41.5 overs, with 20 fours. A pair of boundaries by Sebastien off Narsingh

20-year-old debutant Sunil Ambris Deonarine, who opened the bowling and did so for 16 consecutive overs before being replaced by Bishoo, followed by a four that was driven exquisitely through extra cover by Ambris off Bishoo pushed Windward Islands to 180 for 4. At tea, they were 186 for 4 off 72 overs, with Ambris who was given a life by Fudadin, on 63, and Sebastien 29 and they got the 200 from an additional 4.5 overs after the break, thanks to four leg byes that beat Bramble down the leg side. The duo brought up their 100 partnership for the fifth wicket from 201 balls in 121 minutes in which they struck 13 fours, with Ambris on 75 and Sebastien, who was later dropped by Fudadin at slip off Barnwell, on 33, when Ambris drove Permaul for his 11th four. Ambris brought up his maiden ton by steering Joseph through the slip cordon and celebrated with two more fours in the same over, as the Guyanese bowlers lacked penetration in sweltering heat, even as the batsmen composed themselves. Barnwell returned to remove Ambris via lbw for a well-played 114 (200 balls, 218 mins, 17x4) and followed it up with the wicket

of Lyndon James (0) who was lbw first ball, leaving the Windwards on 263 for 6. Sebastien hit Fudadin exquisitely through extra cover for four, before realising his ninth first-class

half-century at this level, using 187 mins during which he faced 117 balls, hitting Barnwell along the ground for his seventh four, as he took his team to safety at the close.

W I N D WA R D I S L A N D S f i r s t innings D. Smith c Fudadin b Permaul 28 T. Theophile lbw b Permaul 42 S. Ambris lbw b Barnwell 114 K. Lesporis c wkp. Bramble b Permaul 0 R. Currency c wkp. Bramble b Bishoo 15 L. Sebastien not out 60 L. James lbw b Barnwell 0

A. Bobb not out 4 Extras: (b-8, nb-3, lb-14, w-1) 26 Total: (for 6 wkts, off 93 overs) 289 Fall of wickets: 1-65, 2-78, 3-78, 4-107, 5-263, 6-263. Bowling: Deonarine 239-48-0 Joseph 7-0-52-0 (nb-3), Barnwell 16-4-42-2 (w-1), Permaul 25-5-69-3, Bishoo 21-8-44-1, Fudadin 1-0-12-0.


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West Indies players celebrate their T20 series victory

Windies go down by five runs in exciting T20 finale Chris Jordan enjoyed his afternoon at Kensington Oval. He hit four sixes in the last over of England’s innings, then claimed three wickets and a fine catch to help secure a five-run win for his team.

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (CMC) – West Indies failed in their bid to complete a clean sweep, as England held their nerve to record a consolation victory, in an exciting finale to their three-match Twenty20 International series here yesterday. Set a challenging but achievable 166 to win, West Indies were propelled by Lendl Simmons who top-scored with 69 and wicketkeeper Denesh Ramdin who got 33, as they finished five runs short of their target at Kensington Oval. They required 17 from a nerve-jangling last over but despite a six from West Indies captain Darren Sammy (15 not out), the hosts just failed to get over the line, with six needed from the last delivery. Ironically, Barbados-born seamer Christopher Jordan proved to be England’s hero, snatching three for 39 from his four overs, including the crucial wicket of Ramdin in the penultimate over. The spell followed up his explosive unbeaten 27 as England rallied 165 for six after winning the toss and opting to bat first in great conditions. Opener Michael Lumb smashed 63 and partner Alex Hales chipped in

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with 38, in a 98-run stand off 65 balls, but England fell away badly at the end as the left-arm Jamaican seam duo of Krishmar Santokie (2-27) and debutant Sheldon Cotterell (2-37) picked up two wickets apiece. Jordan then belted four sixes off seamer Dwayne Bravo’s last over which cost 26 runs, to rally England at the death. West Indies had the worst possible start when Dwayne Smith chopped on to the first ball of the innings from pacer Jade Dernbach and Johnson Charles followed for four in the next over, when he got a leading edge back to Jordan. Marlon Samuels looked in superb form, stroking three fours off Dernbach’s second over, the third of the innings, in scoring 15 off 13 balls. His fireworks were short-lived, however, as he dragged on to Jordan, leaving the Windies precariously perched at 28 for three in the fifth over. Simmons combined with captain Bravo (16) to repair the innings with a 38-run, fourth-wicket stand, until Bravo became the first of Ravi Bopara’s two wickets. Andre Russell lasted two balls before slogging Bopara to cover withSee page 28 MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2013

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