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President Ramotar commits full support to new Ombudsman

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From left, President Donald Ramotar, Guyana’s new Ombudsman Winston Moore and Opposition Leader, David Granger

2012 Budget cut case to move ahead for final ruling Page 9

... as Granger loses appeal

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Teixeira reappointed to chair committee reviewing AML/CFT Bill Page 13

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Youman Nabi message from First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar

May we live our lives with submission and obedience to God Page 3



GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014 Former Justice Winston Moore taking his oath as he is sworn in as Guyana’s Ombudsman

Youman Nabi message from First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar

May we live our lives with submission and obedience to God

President Ramotar commits full support to new Ombudsman By Vanessa Narine FORMER High Court Judge Winston Moore was sworn in, yesterday, as Ombudsman. He filled the position that had been vacant for the last eight years and President Donald Ramotar, before whom he took the oath of office, committed the support of the current Administration. At the ceremony in the Office of the President, the Head of State told Justice Moore: “You will have the full support of the Government in the discharge of your duties.” Mr. Ramotar acknowledged the constitutional requirement in the appointment and added that the Government is working to fill other similar vacancies. “The public should take advantage of the fact that we have an Ombudsman and take issues that fall within his remit, so we have those issues resolved,” the President urged. In his first public statement as Ombudsman, Mr. Moore referred to the pervading misgivings surrounding the func-

tioning of his office, at the Brickdam Chambers. He made it clear that adequate resources are at his disposal to function in the new capacity. NO MISGIVINGS “I have no qualms or misgivings about staff or resources,” he assured. Mr. Moore revealed that when he was asked to consider the position, he met with the Minister of Public Service, Dr. Jennifer Westford, to address the staffing and other requirements to ensure the efficient functioning. According to him, those matters were further discussed with a Senior Personnel Officer within the ministry, a meeting that was followed by his submission of a list of what was required for the Office. He disclosed that staffers were given the option to leave or stay on. “Some of them chose to stay on,” said the new Ombudsman, who was optimistic about the

move forward. Also present at the swearing-in ceremony were members of the Moore family, as well as Leader of the Opposition, Mr. David Granger. The Ombudsman is charged with representing the interests of the public by investigating and addressing complaints of maladministration or violation of rights. Opposition Leader Granger said the Office of the Ombuds-

man is still as important as it was at the time of the country’s independence. “We have expressed dismay that, since the death of Justice S.Y. Mohammed, the position has not been filled,” Granger had said previously. The Office of the President announced the appointment of Mr. Moore, last December. He had been in private practice since retiring from the Judiciary.

I AM pleased to extend to all Guyana, but especially to all Muslim Brothers and Sisters, joyous and holy greetings on the occasion of YoumanNabi. On this special day, a public holiday in our country, Muslims commemorate the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (On Whom Be Peace). The Holy Prophet (On Whom Be Peace) holds a revered and reserved place in the lives and consciences of Muslims. His teachings and his example continue to inspire and direct the lives of all believers. The rapid growth of Islam in recent times attest to the continued relevance of the teachings of this great religion and the tremendous impact the Holy Prophet Mohammed has had in distilling its truths and virtues to humanity. As Muslims throughout Guyana observe the YoumanNabi- The day of the Prophet- I wish to encourage them to reflect deeply and profoundly on his teachings and on the example of his life, the quintessence of which is engraved with courage, humility, kindness and absolute and unconditional devotion to Allah. May we all take example from the life of the Holy Prophet! May FIRST LADY we all aspire to live our DEOLATCHMEE RAMOTAR own lives with the same wholesome submission and obedience to God as did the Prophet Mohamed (On Whom Be Peace). Happy YoumanNabi! First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014

French First Lady Valerie Car bombs kill at Trierweiler extends hospital stay least 25 people in Iraqi capital

(BBC News) FRENCH First Lady Valerie Trierweiler is to remain in hospital, where she has been since a magazine accused President Francois Hollande of having an affair. She had been expected to leave hospital on Monday, but her aides said doctors had told her she needed more rest. She went to hospital on Friday shortly after Closer magazine alleged Mr Hollande was having an affair with film actress Julie Gayet. Mr Hollande did not deny the report but protested at in-

Aides of Ms Trierweiler, who is Mr Hollande’s official partner and lives at the Elysee Palace, said she went to hospital on Friday for “rest and some tests”. On Monday, an aide told Europe 1 broadcaster: “The doctors will determine when she can be dismissed from hospital. She needs to recover from the shock she has suffered.” Le Parisien newspaper quoted one of her friends as saying she is willing to forgive Mr Hollande, but wants to know about his intentions as soon as possible. The French media face strict privacy laws, but the tradition of secrecy over the private lives of public figures has been steadily eroded in recent years. On Friday, Closer magazine printed a seven-page article about the alleged affair between Mr Hollande and Ms Gayet. It was illustrated with photos showing a man said to be the president visiting a flat near the Elysee Palace at the same time as Ms Gayet. Mr Hollande, who has never married, left his previous partner, fellow Socialist politician Segolene Royal, to be with Ms Trierweiler.

Francois Hollande (L) and Valerie Trierweiler have been together since 2007 vasion of his privacy. The president and Ms Trierweiler have been together since 2007. A presidential news conference scheduled for Tuesday on plans to boost the flagging economy now looks likely to be overshadowed by Mr Hollande’s private life, correspondents say. Opinion polls already suggest he is one of the most unpopular French presidents ever.

(Reuters) - FOUR car bombs killed at least 25 people in Shi’ite Muslim districts of Baghdad on Monday, police said, in violence that coincided with a visit to the Iraqi capital by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Although no group claimed responsibility, the bombings appeared to be part of a relentless campaign by al Qaeda-linked Sunni Muslim militants to undermine Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s Shi’ite-led government. The deadliest attack occurred in the mainly Shi’ite neighborhood of Shaab in eastern Baghdad where a car bomb exploded in a commercial area, killing 11 people and wounding 28. Police said 76 people had been wounded in the four attacks, which occurred in the evening when many people were out in the streets on a public holiday to mark the Prophet Mohammad’s birthday. Gunmen also attacked a checkpoint in southern Baghdad, killing three policemen and wounding four, police said. Last year was Iraq’s bloodiest since 2008, with nearly 9,000 people killed, according to U.N. figures. Ban told a news conference after talks with Maliki that he was concerned about the spiraling bloodshed and urged Iraqi leaders to deal with its underlying causes. “There should be political cohesion, social cohesion and political dialogue, inclusive dialogue,” Ban said. On January 1, Sunni militants overran the western cities of Falluja and Ramadi in a bold challenge to the government, alarming the United States, whose troops fought fierce battles with insurgents in Falluja in 2004. Militants in central Falluja fired mortars at an army base outside the city on Monday and soldiers fired four shells back, killing two people and wounding eight, police and hospital sources said. There was no word on any army casualties. Government officials trace the resurgence of Islamist militancy in Iraq to the civil war in neighboring Syria, where al Qaeda branches have emerged as a powerful force among rebels fighting to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad. However, critics of Maliki say his government bears much of the blame for exacerbating sectarian tensions by alienating Iraq’s once-dominant Sunni Muslim minority. The latest crisis began in late December when Iraqi security forces broke up a Sunni protest camp near Ramadi and carried out a bloody raid to arrest an outspoken Sunni lawmaker there. In an interview with Reuters on Sunday, Maliki ruled out a military assault on Falluja, which is still held by gunmen, saying he wanted to avoid more carnage and give Sunni tribesmen time to expel the militants themselves.

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014

Pollution alert! Improper plastic disposal at a critical level

A section of the Riverton Dump in Kingston. (Jamaica Gleaner) ENVIRONMENTAL lobby group Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) is urging Jamaicans to significantly reduce the use of plastic items as the level of pollution is now at a critical level. According to Diana McCaulay, the Chief Executive Officer of JET, Jamaica’s disposal of plastic bottles, bags and straws, is out of control. She cites data from the annual International Coastal Cleanup Day which shows that more than 65,000 pounds of waste was removed from waterways and beaches. McCauley says plastic bag, bottles and their caps accounted for majority of the waste. She says most of Jamaica’s plastic either goes to poorly managed dumps, is burnt, or is improperly disposed of, eventually ending up on the coastline or in the sea. McCaulay, says pollution from plastic have implications for the environment and can also contaminate food sources. McCaulay says recycling helps with the problem but maintains that reducing the use of plastic is a better option. The JET CEO is therefore urging Jamaicans to reduce their use of plastic by utilising reusable items.

100 refugees seek TT asylum

(Newsday) AROUND 100 persons are currently seeking asylum in Trinidad and Tobago. This was revealed by the Living Water Community, the organisation which is assisting the refugees in settling away from their respective homes to a new life in the Caribbean. The refugees are mainly from African countries. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of people who, when they arrive on the shores of Trinidad and Tobago, do not have the proper documentation to stay in the country, but for some reason or the other, are determined to stay. Some may be trying to escape strife and war in their country, some may have been displaced, while others were seeking economic opportunities to improve their way of life. But, when they overstay their welcome, Immigration steps in and most times they are sent to a detention centre, jail, or deported.

They must meet certain requirements to gain refugee status, thus citizenship, in TT. Living Water Community assist citizens who were seeking asylum because their lives were in danger. To date there has been more than 1,200, with about 100 at present. “There are many people who come to this country for economic reasons, that does not come under our mandate. When people come to us they are interviewed for us to do a determination to see if their lives are really in danger and need protection,” said assistant community director of Living Water, Rosemary Scott. She said they did initial interviews, and further interviews were sent up to the Washington office, the head office for the Caribbean region for United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). She said despite the fact that TT had signed the con-

vention to recognise and accept refugees, there was no legislation in place. This meant that refugees seeking asylum had absolutely no rights in this country, she said.


Mom, State Witness murdered ....murder toll now 26

(Trinidad Express) AN ARIMA mother and a State witness are the two latest murder victims in the country, bringing the murder toll to 26. The body of Ricaldo Sanchez, 51, a State witness, was discovered this morning at Field Road, near his home in Palo Seco. Sanchez, a disc jockey, of Mitchell Trace, Los Charros Road, went missing on Saturday night, after playing music at Station 22 Bar at Los Char-

ros Junction. Sanchez was a witness in a murder case which was coming up for hearing the Siparia Magistrates’ Court. Homicide investigators are at the scene. In the other killing, Arima mother Abigail Persad, was discovered with gunshot wounds outside her home last night. Persad, 32, of Maturita, had pulled up to the gate of

her home at Maturita Village, when a gunman dressed in black clothing approached the car. Persad was exiting the car when she was shot about her body. Persad’s husband ran out of the house and found Persad bleeding. He took her to the Arima Health Facility where she was pronounced dead.

the vocation of the priesthood. Vi a a r el ease Sunday, Archbishop Nicola Girasoli, Apostolic Nuncio to the Antilles Episcopal Conference (AEC), said: “With great joy, I have the honour to participate in the following joyful and historic news for our region. For the first time one member of the Episcopate the Region of (AEC) will be elevated to the dignity of Cardinal. We all rejoice and congratulate Archbishop Felix for this appointment which as

Pope Francis mentioned is an acknowledgment ‘for his long and dedicated service to the Holy See and to the church’.” Girasoli added: “We express our profound gratitude to Pope Francis for having considered for the first time in the history of the AEC, to appoint Cardinal a member of the Episcopate of this Region. This appointment is also a great sign of appreciation for the tireless and dedicated pastoral ministry of all our Bishops and for the Church of the Caribbean.

Pope Francis to appoint cardinal from St Lucia

(Trinidad Express) HISTORY has been created in the Caribbean as Pope Francis will elevate Monsignior Kelvin Edward Felix, Archbishop Emeritus of Castries, St Lucia, to a Cardinal. The Pope made the announcement yesterday in Rome, Italy, during the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord. The appointment will take place during the Public Concistory on February 22, which is also celebrated as the Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter. The letter from Rome was addressed to Arcbishop Patrick Pinder, Archbishop of Nassau, Bahamas. Felix is a Dominican and lives there now, dedicating himself to



GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014

The situation in the Central African Republic is cause for great concern


ACCORDING to media reports, tension between Christians and Muslims in the Central African Republic has reached a point where people are being attacked and killed just because they happen to be culturally different. There is the case of a muslim who reportedly was dragged out of a bus and beaten to death in the capital Bangui. And as if that was not enough, the body was then set on fire, roasted and dismembered. One leg was cut off and eaten raw by a man, and this in the presence of several villagers who not only failed to come to his rescue, but gave “moral” support to the person who committed that act of cannibalism. This may be an extreme act, but it points to the dangers that could befall any society when there is a breakdown of social norms and law and order. People are then thrown into what the English Philosopher Thomas Hobbes referred to as “a state of nature” in which there is “war of all against all”.

The situation in the Central African state has been grabbing international attention due to the tens of thousands of people who were forced to abandon their homes and seek refuge in nearby bushes of public places considered safe. Only recently, both the country’s president and prime minister were forced to resign due to their inability to restore order and stability. The situation in the Central African Republic brings back memories of what transpired in Rwanda some years ago when over a million lives were lost due to ethnic rivalry. The international community, in particular the United Nations, needs to act promptly and decisively to prevent any further loss of lives and avert a humanitarian crisis that is looming dangerously over the country.

PLEASE allow me to add my few pennies as we follow the comments and charges as they relates to the National Cultural Centre(NCC) in general. While I will not condemn nor criticize any remarks made by individuals who believe that more should be done, let me hasten to say that there’s much more in place and sincere requirements that are not seen by the average patron who attends the centre. In brief, I was privileged to have had the opportunity of serving in both a senior administrative and technical managerial position at the NCC. Since the beginning of my employment at the NCC in September 1976 until I left to further my studies in 1988, I always saw and advocated the best when it comes to several areas of importance in the following order. 1. Public Safety 2. Effective Lighting & Sound 3. Maintenance 4. Staff Training & Security While these areas may appear not that much, these were the most significant when it came to the effective running of the operations of the centre. To make my statements brief as promised, let me address some of the sentiments being expressed without a broader look at the global picture.

could have heard every word from the stage irrespective of where you sat. However, age and usage do show their faces when you are dealing with equipment and a facility that is over 40 years old. However, handling and damage and other factors contributed to the failure and current condition of this necessary department. This piece of my argument is to show that we just can’t pick up equipment and place it in the centre. There must be careful and proper acoustical measurements and balance to establish good sounds. Persons using the centre should also be aware of the costs of equipment and should be made to account for, and in some instances pay for damage made or created.

Speaker weighs in against littered Parliament There’s more to the existence surroundings of the National Cultural Centre

S P E A K E R o f t h e H o u s e , M r. R a p h a e l Tr o t man’s more than candid statements on the physical conditions surrounding the environs of the National Assembly, adds another voice to the national shame of a city that can be categorized as seemingly being unredeemable, as far as its daily sanitation and maintenance are concerned. Specifically, this is about a practice that has gradually metamorphosed into a full-blown culture: about the general citizenry continuously littering and abusing the environment, unfortunately becoming embedded in the national psyche. This is a position that had been concluded in one of the many pieces on the shocking state of our city, editorialized sometime ago. Therefore, again, we must highlight the unbridled disrespect with which sections of our citizenry continue to treat their capital city, extending such to even the immediate surroundings of the Assembly of the people’s representatives, our lawmakers,  a situation that has been evident for quite sometime. It is not that those guilty of such an environmental sacrilege are not aware of their actions. Of course, they are! But the fact that those elements can deposit their litter, on the inner periphery of the Assembly’s grounds, as well on its outer borders, depicts a challenge to the good order of society, which can only be remedied by very condign measures by the relevant authorities. It has always been questioned as to the continued stagnant ditch on the western flank of our nation’s Parliament, and its horrible smell, as alluded to by the Honourable Speaker. Such a high and imminent threat to public health and safety, has not seen any corresponding remedial action carried out by the Mayor & City Council for however long such has been existing. Even the pavement on this section, as well as on the southern side, needs to be resurfaced, as is evident by the many large cracks in sections of the walkway. Certainly, since this is the most important institution in our nation, then one expects that it be given the regime of maintenance and attention that goes with the status, particularly with ensuring the removal of any litter deposited within the far corners of its grounds. There can even be a combined arrangement with the M&CC for similar action around the immediate environs, with the latter ensuring that vagrants and other types are removed.   One agrees with the Speaker that urgent action needs to be taken, especially given the growing number of persons who now occupy sections of the surrounding pavement, for whatever reasons. This is not the kind of illustration   which visitors to our country must behold. But although one must empathize with the Speaker for an untenable state of affairs, one must indeed take

SOUND SYSTEM While it may be true that the sound system may need some upgrading, it’s not that easy to just pick up a few speaker boxes stored in some room and put them in the cultural centre. A few short years ago, under the ministerial leadership of Ms Gail Teixeira, we installed one of the most modern theatrical sound systems in the Caribbean, at the National Cultural Centre. One will agree that time and age will become factors when equipment goes through a phase of continuous use. Part of the problem of deterioration and failure in performance was also posed by performers, and to some extent staff, who in many instances were part of a regiment that saw both damage and pilfering. The equipment at that time came at a cost of US$75,000 or thereabout (can’t remember the exact figure) and was intricately installed by Lutrell Sounds Inc. of Puerto Rico. I remember watching as the company’s technicians measured every corner of the cultural centre with a scope in order to ensure that you issue with him for talking about “protest”…. “Thinking hard about turning up for duties on Thursday” and about Parliament having its own budget for such functions as cleaning and security. Would not his absence interrupt the proceedings of the House? And is this not a clear hint of the political  in these suggested actions, given the fact that he and the parliamentary opposition have been advocating that there be a detached financial dispensation for the management of the daily functions of the House?


LIGHTING The cultural centre like so many theatres around the world continues to suffer the same fate when it comes to lighting equipment. Fortunately for theatres in the more advanced world, many of them continue to upgrade their systems since technology creates a challenge for you to be advanced or suffer the consequences of your facility not being rented or used. The cultural centre has suffered in many instances since the cost of procuring upgrades of equipment on a frequent basis is not a reality as the fees charged can’t even touch the cost of an engineer to do an analysis, far less buy new modules for a lighting grid every five years. My experience has shown that lighting systems are changed at such a rapid pace that you barely get to familiarize yourself with a new console of dimmer rack, and the next thing they are replaced by much more modern and up-to-date ones. I spent several years supporting the cultural centre’s lighting system by having to receive damaged modules, have them fixed and returned to Guyana. However, consistent power outages and fluctuation in the supply of electricity continuously damaged the equipment. In all fairness to the Ministry of Culture, I am aware of the difficult tasks in acquiring lighting supplies of lamps and fittings. Each time there was a need to order supplies, the order had to be specially manufactured for the centre because of non-availability, or because items needed were no longer manufactured. In closing editor, we must and should allow the Ministry of Culture to work on rehabilitating the centre in general. In finding out the fees being charged, I am sure if one were to make a comparison with other facilities such as the cultural centre, we will find the rental fees ridiculous. For example, See page 7

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014

Ruling party and Guyana Gov’t hold similar position on LEAD project

By Vanessa Narine

GENERAL Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Mr Clement Rohee, yesterday stressed that that party holds a similar position to that of the Government on the $300M USAID-funded Leadership and Democracy (LEAD) project. He said: “The party’s position falls fully and squarely behind the position of the Government. The HPS (Head of the Presidential Secretariat), speaking as the main spokesperson for the Government, made it pellucid that the Government is prepared to enter into talks, on the condition that the project be put on hold. You cannot be negotiating something that is being implemented at the same time.” The project was not approved by Cabinet, and this position was formally communi-

Minister Clement Rohee cated to the relevant authorities on October 26, 2013. Asked about the statement of support for the project by majority of the private sector, Rohee pointed out that while

he respects the opinion of the private sector, statements of support ought to consider more than the project document. “You cannot only look at the project proposal, but also at the correspondence between the two sides, and also look at the views that have been publicly expressed on the matter,” Rohee said. Private Sector Commission Chairman, Mr Ronald Webster, in a prior interview, told the Guyana Chronicle that the project was the subject of discussions between the PSC and representatives of the United States Embassy last Thursday. The PSC is expected to meet with Government officials before articulating its position on the matter. Meanwhile, Former PSC Chairman Captain Gerry Gouveia has noted that the Government needs to explain more

Court ruling in the 2012 Budget cut case does not surprise, says AG Nandlall

By Vanessa Narine

JUSTICES James Bovell-Drakes and Rishi Persaud yesterday ruled that the Full Court has no jurisdiction to hear an appeal made by Leader of the Opposition, Mr David Granger. Granger had advanced the action after Acting Chief Justice, Mr Ian Chang had decided, on June 19, 2013, to strike him and Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh from the 2012 Budget cut court case. In an invited comment, Attorney General, Nandlall noted that the decision did not come as a surprise. He said, “I expected it to go this way, and I advanced three arguments essentially, and all three were unassailable: one, that the court had no jurisdiction; second, the immunity of Members of Parliament cannot be waived by any one member, as it is for the protection of Parliamentarians as a collective; and third, no appeal lies, because the Leader of the Opposition was not an aggrieved party, so in essence he won his case. “…the Full Court of the High Court has no jurisdiction, has no deal with an order or a decision of a High Court judge, which is final,” the AG said. He explained that the ruling of the Chief Justice was a final pronouncement on participation by the Leader of the Opposition and Dr. Ashni Singh in the case. “An appeal against such a ruling must be filed in the Court of Appeal, in accordance with the High Court rules and the Court of Appeal Act; and that was the submission I made initially, which was upheld this morning,” Nandlall said. The ongoing budget cut case is related to the slashing of the 2012 National Budget by the Parliamentary Opposition, leading to the Government taking legal action on the basis that the Opposition has no power to cut the budget, but to either approve or disapprove of it.

clearly why it is rejecting the project, and should take steps to restore good relations with the United States. President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce (GCCI), Mr Clinton Urling, has also expressed similar sentiments. Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon, acknowledged at his last post-Cabinet press conference that the issue is not an “insurmountable” one. However, he made clear that there would be no negotiation under duress. Government has since written US Ambassador Brent Hardt seeking clarification following reports that aspects of the rejected USAID Leadership and Democracy Project were still being implemented, despite the administration’s objection to its design. The response received from the US Embassy called on the Government to engage the US on aspects such as the design of the project. The way forward in regard to the project has yet to be clarified.

There’s more to ...


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to rent the Walt Whitman Theater at the Brooklyn College costs a minimum of US$10,000 per night. This comes with the basic white light features for general lighting. Each time you ask for additional lamps or piece of equipment you are charged an additional sum. Therefore we must use balance and consideration in seeking changes etc. And mind you, this is just a college facility. STAGE It’s the same with preserving and maintaining a secure environment for persons using the stage in general. In fact, each year thousands of persons (including the President and international officials) peruse the stage in some form or another. Each year since 1988 (since I was trained in this area) I spend a number of days during the month of February (when the centre is closed for maintenance) along with the stage staff servicing the fly gallery of the stage. This is critical since as the grid advances in age, an effective annual maintenance regimen becomes extremely important, and must be done. Many persons may not be familiar, but everything over the stage of the cultural centre is being hung from a grid 20 feet in the air. These are supported by a counter-weight system which is attached to wire and polyurethane ropes for lowering and raising scenery. A lighting bar for instance has to be balanced by some 40–25 pound weight blocks. Certainly an area of significant importance. My point therefore editor, is that while we demand the modernization of equipment and changes or reduction in fees, we must be aware of the financial constraints to preserving an edifice such as our National Cultural Centre. Notwithstanding the other facets of roof preservation and other factors that are of also great concern to the general upkeep of the centre, we should allow good judgment, theatrical standards and personal ethics to prevail, in order to accomplish the best for all. I hope the spirit of effective use, less damage to equipment and reduced pilfering will help in resolving the issues and concerns of all parties. BOBBY VIEIRA


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014

Rohee highlights development under possibilities accruing from …PPP/C public-private partnerships Gov’t By Vanessa Narine GENERAL Secretary of the ruling People’s Progressive Party, Clement Rohee, yesterday highlighted the positive growth of the local economy and lauded the contributions of the private sector as well as thousands of workers. Rohee stressed that there are many development possibilities that can result through public-private partnerships, as has already been evidenced with the Ogle International Airport and the Berbice River Bridge as well as the rice sector with the development of the Venezuela market.

‘Under the PNC, there was very little foreign exchange, basic food items, there were long lines for basic consumer goods, capital flight and most noticeably, there was little private sector investment, and workers’ earnings were eroded by inflation and by an inefficient and ineffective governance’ He said: “These stand as testimony to what development possibilities can be accomplished by public-private partnerships and why the PPP fully endorses the transformational 3Ps projects like the Marriott Hotel and the Amaila Falls projects. “…Today, all around the world, public-private partnerships are much touted as a very important developmental mode. The People’s Progressive Party and the PPP/C Government have always called for such partnerships.” GOVERNMENT ROLE According to him, the ruling party sees the role of government as one to create the enabling environment for investment, ensuring a level playing field, the protection of consumers and a fair share for workers. Rohee added that some of these policies and legislative changes that have contributed to private sector confidence and workers’ motivation include the divestment of the majority of government’s interests in the economic enterprises; floating foreign exchange rates and the liberalisation of the foreign exchange regime; and passage

of the Investment Act, the Small Business Act, the Competition Act and the reformed Deeds Registry Amendment Act. Moreover, work is continuing which will complement these other efforts to cut red tape and make doing business here easier, t h r o u g h G O I N V E S T, G R A , GGMC, EPA and other approvalgranting agencies. “We cannot ignore the resources that have been invested in the repair and the building of our physical infrastructure such as highways, farm-to-market roads, drainage and irrigation to which the Hope Canal beacons,” he added. The General Secretary also pointed to the adoption of the Consumer Affairs Act, the Trade Union Recognition Act and the Termination of Employment and GENERAL SECRETARY Severance Pay Act. CLEMENT ROHEE Rohee said: “Large, medium, small and microenterprise (businesses) continue to work within the enabling environment created by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic government. “The People’s Progressive Party recognized the private sector as the engine of growth. Since its establishment the party has always advocated for a strong private sector, for fairness and for responsibility to consumers, while denouncing exploitation and monopolies.” TRANSFORMATION The General Secretary pointed out also that today’s transformation in the economy and the strong, annual economic performance is testimony to the effectiveness of government’s policy, the confidence that has propelled local and foreign investment in the country, and motivated workers to contribute positively to their country’s development. He said: “Under the PNC the private sector was decimated. The PNC, who today claim to be supportive of the private sector and workers, once controlled over 80 per cent of the economy when they were in power and those businesses which managed to survive were warned of consequences to oppose the PNC or speak frankly about issues affecting them. “In this period, there was very little foreign exchange, basic food

Rohee clarifies party’s position on APNU’s ‘social contract’ - stresses that proposal is being ‘considered’ by PPP/C By Vanessa Narine LEADER of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), David Granger, has been quoted in the media as saying the “rejection” of the party’s proposal for a social contract will lead to an administrative catastrophe. However, General Secretary of the ruling party, Clement Rohee, made it clear that the party has never issued any statement to that effect. He reiterated comments he made on January 6 at the party’s weekly press conference held at Freedom House, stressing that the proposal is being “considered” by the People’s Progressive Party/

Civic (PPP/C). APNU has called for a new ‘social contract’ to be agreed on in order to address Guyana’s pressing political, economic and social problems and to foster greater unity, security and progress. The new agreement proposed by the APNU focuses on allowing major sections of society - including the government, political Opposition, trade unions, private sector and civil society - to settle on a broad national programme to move the country forward, as it relates to reaching a consensus on the goals of national development, establishing a sustainable institutional architecture and creating effective policy instruments for the achievement of the objectives

items, there were long lines for basic consumer goods, capital flight and most noticeably, there was little private sector investment, and workers’ earnings were eroded by inflation and by an inefficient and ineffective governance. “The PPP/C government has reversed all of this with its tri-sector and investment and pro-workers development policies. All Guyanese have been beneficiaries of these successes.” He made it clear that Guyana’s development and continued strong economic growth would not have been possible if the state still had a stranglehold on the economy. Rohee said: “It is the billions of U.S. dollars of private investment, both local and foreign, flowing in under the PPP/C government that has made the difference, creating jobs, allowing for the harnessing of the talents of the workforce and causing transformational development all around us. “In every facet of our lives and in every sector there are these strong contributions of the expanding private sector and its workers, but sometimes we take these changes for granted because we live within them.” The General Secretary also referred to the banking, finance and insurance sector, which is in the hands of private capital and where decisions on lending are made on the basis of sound investment proposals and the objective evaluation of borrowers’ abilities to service their loans. “Our building and construction boom is the beneficiary of this,” he said. Rohee also pointed to Guyana’s domestic aviation sector, which provides thousands of flights to all parts of Guyana, as another sector wholly owned by private enterprise. He said: “One of the bigger private sector contributions to economic development is the investment which thousands of workers and their families have been making, in home construction, building a competitive housing market and contributing to a property-owning democracy. “Rice, cash crops, poultry farmers, fishers and cottage producers all are now significant private stakeholders in our country’s development. “Mega investments in the extractive industries, the ICT area and tourism provide massive opportunities for all of our people.” He reiterated his praises for the contribution of the private sector and the thousands of workers who have “worked assiduously” to produce positive growth in Guyana’s economy. In 2013 Guyana recorded an average five per cent growth in the economy, the highest in the Caribbean Region. of the ‘contract’. At Rohee’s January 6 press conference, he stated that the main Opposition’s stance on national interest matters is very different from the party’s proposal. He said: “I must say that it appears to me that it is somewhat an apparent contradiction and the question that contradicts it is how can you be proposing a social contract in respect of the body politic of our country when you have basically shot down a number of investment projects in this country, which would have brought meaningful and purposeful development to Guyana, would have seen an improvement of livelihoods for thousands of people across the country? “So right away I see an apparent contradiction when on the one hand these anti–progressive, anti–national, anti–business, anti–foreign investors positions have been taken within recent times, so that has to be explained by the callers of this social contract.” Yesterday at Freedom House, Rohee made it clear that the party’s position has always been to “study, consider and consult” on views expressed by stakeholders.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014

2012 Budget cut case to move ahead for final ruling as Granger loses appeal

ATTORNEY General (AG) Anil Nandlall yesterday won the case against Leader of the Opposition David Granger who had appealed the decision of Chief Justice (ag) Ian Chang to strike him and Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh from the 2012 Budget Cut court case. On June 19, 2013, the decision was taken by the Chief Justice to dismiss the two from the case, on the grounds that as Members of Parliament, the constitution provides them with immunity. Granger sought to waive his immunity in an Appeal which the AG disagreed with, arguing that it is not immunity, but a prohibition which could



expose all other Parliamentarians. He said for the Opposition Leader to waive his rights to immunity, legislation has to be passed, amending the current law. Justices James Bovell-Drakes and Rishi Persaud yesterday ruled that the Full Court had no jurisdiction to hear such an appeal which must be made to the Court of Appeal. AG Nandlall yesterday explained that his first submission made against the appeal was that the court had no jurisdiction to hear the case. Further, the ruling by the Chief Justice in June 2013 was a final one which brought to an end all matters relating to the Finance Minister and Opposition Leader Granger regarding the Budget Cut case. This meant that the Full Court should first determine whether it had the right to hear the case. Yesterday’s ruling supported the submission made by the AG. Regarding the substantive case addressing the 2012 Budget Cuts,

the AG stated that the way is now clear for it to move ahead for the final ruling, “hopefully that is done with every convenient speed and as early as possible.” However, Attorney-at-Law Basil Williams, representing the Opposition Leader, said an Appeal will be filed at the Court of Appeal. He questioned the fact that Granger was denied a hearing by the Court when he had succeeded in the National Assembly. Nevertheless, AG Nandlall said that, “any Appeal filed ought not to prevent the Chief Justice from delivering his final ruling.” The ongoing budget cut case is related to the 2012 National Bud-

get which was slashed by the Parliamentary Opposition, leading to the Government taking legal action on the basis that the Opposition has no power to cut the budget, but to either approve or disapprove of it. The Chief Justice in a preliminary ruling has said that the National Assembly cannot cut the budget and that the Finance Minister has the authority to allocate monies as needed. But the opposition again in 2013, despite the ruling slashed over $30B from the estimates, prompting a return to the court for a final ruling. A date is to be fixed for the continuance of the case before the Chief Justice.  


CJIA Airport modernisaton progressing

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014

- PRO reports

Minister of Public Works and Transport, Robeson Benn, CJIA’s Chief Executive Officer, Ramesh Ghir; other airport officials and CHEC Engineers on a site visit recently THE US$138M Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) modernisation is progressing, according to the airport’s Public Relations Officer, Ms. Aneka Edwards. She reported that, as of Monday, approximately 1,500 truckloads of sand have been dumped on the trial section of runway extension, with each truck discharging between 27 and 28 cubic metres. Edwards said the contractor; China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) is continuing the works. On January 4, 2014, Minister of Public Works and Transport, Mr. Robeson Benn, CJIA’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ramesh Ghir, other airport officials and CHEC engineers visited the sand pit from which the company gets the backfilling material. The joint Opposition, last December, opposed a $65.4M allocation for the project included in a Statement of Excess, a financial paper tabled by Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh. But given that the minister acted in accordance with the Constitution and the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act, the Opposition’s move was unsuccessful. The programme had faced similar objection when the 2013 Budget was cut but in mid-September this year, Chairman of the CJIA Board, Mr. Ramesh Dookhoo said the venture is being propelled by a US$20M mobilisation advance made under the 2012 Budget. Under the project, a new, modern terminal building would be constructed with the runway extended to accommodate larger, wide-body planes.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014

‘See More Poetry’…


Seymour eulogised at Thompson brainchild event

Francis Quamina Farrier bows dramatically to A.J Seymour’s daughter Joan Seymour (all in black) and niece Dr. Jacqueline de Weever after their presentation at the “See More Poetry” event last Sunday to honour the late poet By Michelle Gonsalves THE late Chief Librarian of the National Library, Ms. Gillian Thompson would, no doubt, have been proud, as her brainchild ‘See More Poetry’, an event to honour the centenary birth anniversary of dead poet, A.J. Seymour, entertained a packed Theatre Guild Playhouse last Sunday. The staging was in collaboration with broadcaster, playwright and archivist, Mr. Francis Quamina Farrier and the University of Guyana (UG) and featured renditions of poetry from Guyana’s veteran journalists, leading actors and literary personalities as well as tributes from family members, most notably daughter Joan Seymour and niece, Dr. Jacqueline de Weever. Well-known personalities, most of whom wear many hats, who made presentations, included writer Ian McDonald; literary activist Petamber Persaud; actor, musician and educator Russel Lancaster; actor, producer and broadcaster, Ron Robinson; poet and motivational speaker Yaphet Jackman; broadcaster and actress Margaret Lawrence, senior officer at the CARICOM Secretariat Konyo Addo; writer and politician Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine; author and performer Ras Michael; actor and caterer Derek Gomes; playwright, producer and actor Malcolm De Freitas; writer Joan Cambridge; actor Nazim Hussain; pilot Lloyd Marshall and artist and activist Vanda Radzik. Three-time Calypso Monarch Rudolph ‘Sweet Kendingo’

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Francis Quamina Farrier, A.J Seymour’s daughter Joan Seymour, Acting Chief Librarian of the National Library, Emiley King and Seymour’s niece, Dr. Jacqueline de Weever at the “See More Poetry” event last Sunday evening


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014

Sooba Deputy Mayor accuses walks out Town Clerk Sooba of of statutory misappropriation DEPUTY Mayor of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC), Patricia Chase-Green has accused Town Clerk Carol Sooba of “fraud”. But she later said she is challenging anyone with doubts to take up the matter in a court of law. Chase-Green called a press conference in her City Hall office yesterday, when she claimed that Sooba has misappropriated $500,000 of the Council’s money. “An action was filed against the Ministry of Local Government and its Minister Ganga Persaud, to show cause why his decision to appoint Sooba should not be quashed. Sooba paid for the services of a lawyer in full, a matter that has nothing to do with the M&CC,” Chase-Green charged. The Deputy Mayor maintained that it is most inappropriate for Sooba to expend such a large amount of funds for her personal use. “She cannot be trusted to handle the Council’s money, if she is going to spend it for her own use. This is not the first time. She, once, carried out sanitary works in her yard with council’s money,” Chase-Green charged. She said the matter will now have to engage the attention of the Auditor General. Meanwhile, when contacted yesterday, Sooba told the Guyana Chronicle: “If they think it is illegal, let them challenge it in a court of law or let them write to Government and have me fired.”

meeting at City Hall … as Deputy Mayor Chase-Green calls her ‘acting Town Clerk’

Ms Chase-Green in her office yesterday

Teixeira reappointed to chair committee reviewing AML/CFT Bill By Vanessa Narine PRESIDENTIAL advisor on Governance and Member of Parliament (MP) Ms Gail Teixeira was reappointed to chair the Parliamentary Select Committee reviewing the Anti-Money Laundering & Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/ CFT) Bill. The Bill was returned to Special Select Committee following a vote by MPs on December 19, 2013. It had previously spent six months before a Special Select Committee before being defeated in the National Assembly by the joint opposition in early December. WARNING In a prior interview, Attorney General Anil Nandlall had uttered a caution to Opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) about making changes to the bill at the level of the Committee. “We have to be careful with what we are titillating with. What is there is what CFTST wants, and any changes must be in those parameters (recommendations), or else we run the risk of the bill now being non-compliant with the recommendations which have already been made,” he had said. The AG explained that the bill, re-tabled in the House last Thursday, is a product of extensive consultation with the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF). He acknowledged that CFATF issued an advisory on the need for changes in November 2011, but pointed out that, with elections in the air, work was deferred until after that event. Nandlall said that after the advisory, CFATF officials visited Guyana; examined the local situation; met with the Government, private sector, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders; examined the legislative framework, and made their recommendations. He added that the legislation to give effect to the recommendations was another process that took time. “Each provision was sent individually to CFATF, examined by their specialist, and confirmed to have complied with the recommendations,” the AG said. “It was a very time-consuming process.” The AG said the recommendations could have been made effective by legislation crafted in a piecemeal manner, but the decision to leverage a more comprehensive approach had been taken because

challenges had been foreseen with passage of the bill had a piecemeal approach been adopted. He said: “It is a big bill, but it is a comprehensive one that embraces all the recommendations… It was a long process.” When it was decided to have the bill returned to a Special Select Committee, Nandlall had requested passage of the bill within the next five weeks (before the end of January) to mitigate the adverse effects blacklisting by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) could have on Guyana, and to avoid further sanctions. Since Guyana had missed the November 18 deadline by which the bill should have become CFATF compliant, CFATF, at its plenary meeting, warned its members to “consider implementing counter measures to their financial systems from the ongoing money laundering and terrorist financing risks” emanating from Guyana. The French-based Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is expected to hold, in February, a reGail Teixeira view of cases wherein countries are not CFATF compliant. That review could include Guyana, following CFATF’s designation of Guyana as a country that has not made sufficient progress in addressing deficiencies in legislation that address anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism activities, and a country that has not complied with its Action Plan developed with CFATF to address these deficiencies. CFATF itself is expected to review Guyana’s position in May 2014 at its next meeting. If Guyana is unable to meet that deadline, the body is expected to refer Guyana’s case to the Financial Action Task Force for the International Cooperation Review Group (ICRG) to begin evaluating. The IMF’s pronouncement on the matter followed the end of a consultation with Guyana on December 9.

IN an unprecedented move at City Hall yesterday, Town Clerk Carol Sooba walked out of the council’s fortnightly statutory meeting and ordered all officers back to work, because Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green addressed her as “Acting” Town Clerk. The meeting was cancelled It was a total disaster yesterday when the approximately 20 councillors gathered. Loud outbursts and flaring tempers were the order of the day. Many sat in their seats chuckling as they watched councillors arguing fervently, some defending ChaseGreen while others, Sooba. Chase-Green began the proceedings by asking, as is customary, the person sitting in the capacity of town clerk to recite prayers. But Sooba refused to say the prayers on the ground that Chase-Green referred to her as the “acting” town clerk. Chase-Green’s contention is that a matter is currently before the court on the issue of Sooba’s appointment as town clerk. Councillors are challenging Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Ganga Persaud on his decision to appoint Town Clerk Carol Sooba Sooba. Hence, until the matter is finally determined, Chase-Green said Sooba will remain in an acting position as far as she is concerned. Sooba walked out of the meeting after which Chase-Green proceeded with the pledge. Sooba then returned to say that the statutory meeting could not go on because it was not “duly constituted.” She ordered all of the officers to return to their respective places and continue their work and told the gathering that should someone have further queries, they can contact the Minister of Local Government. This newspaper understands that council’s business yesterday included having the 2014 budget estimates presented to the council for approval. Of course, this could not be accomplished. The estimates were supposed to have been approved and submitted to the Local Government Ministry since last November.


Youman Nabi Messages

Let’s embrace the virtues of peace, brotherhood THE People’s Progressive Party (PPP) extends Youman Nabi Greetings to the entire Muslim community in Guyana. Youman Nabi is celebrated throughout the Muslim world in observance of the birth and death anniversary of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) who is regarded by Muslims as the last and final prophet of God. This is indeed a good occasion to reflect on the life and teachings of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) which continue to inspire millions of people throughout the world. There can be no doubt that not only Muslims but humanity as a whole have benefited from the great teachings of the Prophet with his universal message of peace and brotherhood. As we reflect on this significant occasion, we can take pride in the fact that we in Guyana enjoy religious tolerance and complete freedom of worship which cannot be said of several countries in the world, where there is religious persecution and harassment of those who embrace religious beliefs that are different from what is considered dominant. The PPP calls on all Guyanese to embrace the virtues of peace, unity and brotherhood which are central to the teachings and beliefs of the Prophet Mohamed(PBUH). Once again, happy Youman Nabi greetings to all our Muslim brothers and sisters. Peoples Progressive Party

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014

May Youman Nabi engender peace in our country

IT is now beyond repute – and dispute – that the Islamic Prophet Mohamed, On Whom Be Peace (OWBP), is one of mankind’s most seminal and life changing figures who contributed to this world as we know it. The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) salutes Guyana’s Muslim community, including hundreds of its own members, on the occasion of the Birth of their Prophet – YoumanNabi. The celebration of a birth is always tinged with joy of hope, new beginnings, fresh starts and the advent of things to come. However, it is what actually transpires after a birth – that period until death – that we must concern ourselves with. The history of the Prophecy’s birthday is traced to around AD 570. First, observed during the thirteenth century, the earliest Muslims used up one whole month to do this. Later, it was the sound teachings and admonitions of Islam’s Founder which scholars and the faithful study to meaningfully observe his momentous birth. GAWU embraces the teachings of the Prophet (OWBP) with respect to the search for personal and universal peace. Recent conflicts illustrate that even the powerful cannot win hearts and minds, cannot change people’s preferences with the force of guns and bombs. As the Prophet (OWBP) teaches, humility and peaceful engagement is the way to understanding and mutual respect. If there is one precept the followers of Islam can perpetuate it is the pathway to peace. GAWU invites Guyanese Muslims to both disseminate and implement messages and techniques of peace. If peace is promoted and achieved – from the political and constitutional to the local and national – everything else our society needs can fall into place – increased production, security, investment, national well-being. May the celebration and worship on this glorious birth anniversary be used to engender and maintain Guyanese peace. GAWU

Let’s offer special prayers for peace

THE Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) wishes to extend greetings to all Guyanese, especially those who are adherents of Islam, on the occasion of Youman Nabi, a national holiday which commemorates the birth of (and the death of ) the Holy Prophet Muhammad (On Whom Be Peace). The IAC recognises that followers of Islam were present in this country since the days of slavery, as many of the enslaved Africans were Muslims. The IAC also recognises that new influxs of Muslims to this country occurred during the period of indentureship, as approximately one out of every five East Indian immigrants was a follower of the teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (On Whom Be Peace). The IAC calls upon all Guyanese to remember the moral pathways outlined by the Holy Phophet Muhammad (Whom Peace Be Upon) in which he called upon all mankind to the way of peace and to the belief in supreme being, and thus reminded them of the importance of principles such as faith, repentance, honesty, simplicity, equality and concern for the dispossessed and the poor. The IAC, in this significant commemoration of one who arguably is the greatest human who ever lived and who preached the value of love, sacrifice and compassion, to be positively influenced, so that our everyday interactions with each other, irrespective of ethnic religious and class origins, will be brotherly. The IAC is therefore pleased to join with Muslims here and worldwide to observe this auspicious day, and urge that special prayers be offered for peace, so that our country can move forward with prosperity. The Indian Arrival Committee

Let us strengthen national unity YOUMAN Nabi literally mean “Prophet’s Day”. It is also referred to as EidMilad-un-Nabi or known as Mawlid-un-Nabi, which is the celebration to commemorate the birth anniversary of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him). It is celebrated on the 12th of third month of Islamic Calendar Rabi-ul-Awal. From the point of view of Muslims, this date marks the most important event in the history of the world. Muhammad, Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him, is regarded as the chief of the Prophets, the Perfect man to whom the Holy Quran was revealed, the best exemplar and the greatest benefactor of mankind. He is the person for whom God had proclaimed: “Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet. O ye who believe! you also should invoke blessings on him and salute him with the salutation of peace. [33:57] Celebration: On this occasion therefore, public meeting are held in the mosques, where religious leaders make speeches on the different aspects of the life of this great man. The stories of the Prophets birth, childhood, youth and adult life, character, teaching, suffering and forgiveness of even his most bitter enemies, his fortitude in the face of General Opposition, Leadership in the battles , bravery wisdom, preaching of his final triumph through God ‘s Mercy over the hearts of people, are narrated in detail. Some Muslims, however, do not celebrate his birthday or death anniversary as they believe celebrating birthdays and death anniversaries is not part of Muslim society as such. They instead hold Seerat-un-Nabi meetings where speeches are made on the different aspect of the life of this the greatest benefactor of mankind. The Inter Religious Organisation of Guyana sends greeting to all Guyanese and especially to the Muslim community and urges the people to strengthen national unity by emulating the footsteps of the Holy Prophet. Use the teachings of the Holy Prophet and rekindle our souls with the light lit by him. The Inter-Religious Organisation


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014

Rohee slams AFC Kaieteur News column - says Guyanese are not fooled

By Vanessa Narine THE weekly column by the Alliance For Change (AFC) in the Kaieteur News on Sunday, under the headline ‘Degeneration of governance and leadership has led to gross disrespect’, was slammed by the ruling party’s General Secretary, Clement Rohee. Speaking at the party’s weekly press briefing held at Freedom House yesterday, he said, “The Alliance For Change (AFC) is clearly in a denial mode which has prevented them from viewing things objectively and rationally.” POLITICAL POSTURING The General Secretary decried the increasingly common show of political posturing among local politicians. Rohee said, “Today, those who were the architects of our destruction are now posing as ‘born again democrats’ and ‘freedom fighters’. “Like wolves in sheep’s clothing, they pretend to care but their posturing will not fool anyone, especially those who experienced the past and were the victims of untold travesty during that era. “…these days it is fashionable to speak of change. But change for the sake of change can be harmful as actually happened when the United Force,

a minority party under “(Peter) D’Aguiar teamed up with the PNC to remove the PPP from office in 1964. “This once prosperous nation was reduced to the poorest country in the western hemisphere, a shame that both the PNC and the UF cannot escape responsibility.”

is to make life difficult” for the ruling party. The General Secretary said, “These are people who are so blinded by hate and prejudice that they are prepared to join forces with even the devil in their vain attempt to bring harm to the PPP/C Government.

‘These are people who are so blinded by hate and prejudice that they are prepared to join forces with even the devil in their vain attempt to bring harm to the PPP/C Government. Guyanese are, however, a smart and discerning people. They are aware of what is good for them and in their best interest’ According to Rohee, from all indications the “AFC has now assumed a role not dissimilar to that of the UF” during the 1960s. AFC HAND-IN-GLOVES WITH APNU “It is practically hand-ingloves with the APNU in trying to destabilise the democratically elected PPP/C administration by engaging in all manner of political subterfuges and blackmail,” he said. However, Rohee maintained that the Guyanese people will not be fooled by those with “political axes to grind” and whose “only reason for being

“Guyanese are, however, a smart and discerning people. They are aware of what is good for them and in their best interest. “No amount of pontification and political rhetoric will cause them to turn their backs away from a national process that is intended to bring joy and happiness to themselves and their families.” He stressed that contrary to what is being projected by the AFC and other opposition parties and groups, Guyana is today a nation on the move. “Young people are the major beneficiaries of this change by having access to better and

higher education and to social goods and services, including owning homes, vehicles and other luxury items which in the past were broken and unfulfilled dreams,” he said. A GOOD LIFE Rohee added that Guyanese, thanks to successive PPP Governments, can once again dare to dream of a good life, secure in the knowledge that they have a friend and partner in the ruling party. He said, “This inability to come to terms with present day reality could not have been better revealed than in the AFC’s weekly column.” FACTS According to Rohee, the column reflects historical ignorance or “mental amnesia”, as he termed it. He said, “One is tempted to ignore the reference made to the “disrespect” and “degeneration” of governance...the AFC forgot to remember anything about the PNC tenure in office and only

about the PPP. “The AFC analysis therefore is obviously foggy and episodic and not based on facts. “The AFC is spellbound by their new role in Parliament and display an uncanny lack of familiarity with the dismal record of the past administration.” The General Secretary underscored the fact that Guyanese live in a parliamentary democracy, in which individuals and political parties are free to participate in electoral politics and to benefit from a process in which they can be assured that their vote will be counted. Rohee said: “This unfortunately was not the case during the nearly three decades of PNC dictatorial and authoritarian rule. “If they want to talk about disrespect, this is a fundamental aspect of disrespect. There can be no greater disrespect to people when their fundamental right to elect a government of their choice is taken away from them.

“Indeed, one of the defining characteristics of this PPP/C administration is the fact that we live today in a free and democratic society characterized by good governance and rule of law. “It is disrespect when people in general and young people in particular lose hope for a secure future.” He added that there was a time in Guyana when “hopelessness and fear stalked” the land. “The future for the vast majority of Guyanese was uncertain,” the General Secretary recalled. “True enough there were episodes in our history when there was political degeneration and backwardness. But the PPP cannot in the remotest of ways be held responsible for such a condition in our body politic.” He pointed out that it was the PPP that restored hope to the nation when it took over the reins of power on October 5, 1992, after 28 years of authoritarian rule.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014

Judge overrules no-case submissions in stepfather murder trial By George Barclay JUSTICE Navindra Singh yesterday overruled no-case submissions in the stepfather murder trial, and refused counsel leave to deem a defence witness hostile. The accused in the case are Bissoondial Mahadeo, also called ‘Weedman’; Bibi Shamiza, called ‘Sham’; Hoosman Khan, called ‘Strongman’; and Bibi Farida Khan, called ‘Pum’. They are accused of having murdered Motilall Singh on September 7th, 2009 at Windsor Forest, West Coast of Demerara because he allegedly wanted to sell the house they live in whilst they were still occupying it. The trial was expected to be concluded at this session, but it went over to the January session yesterday when the judge granted defence lawyers an application for postponement to Wednesday of this week. Following the ruling in the no-case submissions, each of the four accused made an unsworn statement from the dock. The number one accused, Bissoondial Mahadeo, and the number three accused, Hoosman Khan, who had allegedly made statements admitting participation

in the crime, said in their statements that the police had used violence on them to obtain their confessions. And defence counsel, Mr. Glenn Hanoman, representing Mahadeo, called as a defence witness, Corporal Annan Persaud Sookhoo, who testified that he had accompanied Mahadeo from the police station to the Georgetown Prison, where, in his presence, Mahadeo had told the receptionist at the prison that he had been injured to the face. The witness said he suggested to the prisoner that he should speak to one of the officers about the incident, but Mahadeo had remained silent. Under cross-examination by prosecuting counsel, Mrs. Judith Gilldharie-Mursalin, Cpl Sookhoo was asked whether he had heard Mahadeo telling the receptionist about any blows he had received on his buttocks or on any part of his body. The Cpl. replied in the negative. After this answer, Mr. Hanoman applied to the court to have the witness deemed hostile, so that he could cross-examine him, but the judge found the application not justified. Earlier in the trial, police

-two of four accused allegedly beaten by police

Stepfather murder accused in court: Shamiza Khan, Farida Khan, Bissoondial Mahadeo and Hoosman Khan Sgt. Narine Lall had disclosed that the number one accused, Bissoondial Mahadeo, had told him in his caution statement that six days prior to the murder, he was with his friend, ‘Little’, at Windsor Forest talking with him and his wife, Shamiza. He then said that they told him they wanted him to kill ‘Uncle Motie’ because he wanted to sell out the house with them inside, and that there would be a good chance to accomplish the deed when Motie was returning home from drinking that night.

“Little tell meh that if meh go with he pon de work, he gon give me $100,000., and me tell he alright. Sir, this morning, (at) about 10 ‘o’ clock, me bin deh home when Little come and call me and tell meh that all the arrangements in place,” Mahadeo said in the statement. “Sir, me see he with a black

handle knife, and me and he walk and go to the Windsor Forest First Street. Ahwe sid down pon de road side bench, and ten minutes after, one bus stap on de public road and me see Motie and he cousin Hoosman come out. When they reach next to me and Little, Little scramble Motie on he neck and start juk he. Motie start fight back, and

Little shout for me. Then me help Little hold Motie, and he gave him couple more juks in he belly, and me see he fell down, and after that me run and go home,” the statement disclosed. Attorney-at-law Mr Glenn Hanoman is appearing for Mahadeo, while Mr. Bernard De Santos, S.C., is appearing for the other three accused.

Mini-bus driver jailed for assaulting ex-paramour MINI-BUS driver Shamal Shivnarine, 47, of Lot 66 Dowding Street, Kitty, Georgetown, was yesterday sentenced to six months imprisonment by Magistrate Judy Latchman for assault. He pleaded guilty to having on Monday, January 6, at Sandy Babb Street, also in Kitty, unlawfully assaulted Alancia Howard. Police Sergeant Vishnu Hunt, prosecuting, said the virtual complainant is an employee of the Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) who previously shared a relationship with the prisoner. The prosecutor said that day, Howard was on duty at Sandy Babb Street, in Kitty, too, when she was confronted by Shivnarine who told her that he cannot forget what she did to him. An argument ensued and he dealt her several cuffs about her face and body. Shivnarine confessed that he had a previous conviction for a similar offence at the Vreed-en-Hoop court and, after serving six months in prison, he had asked Howard to return his National Insurance Scheme (NIS) card and driver’s licence but she refused to do so. He said the issue then arose when he caught the woman with a policeman. However, in tears, he begged Magistrate Latchman to be lenient with him, claiming he is not a bad person and does not steal.

Two charged with attempted murder over marijuana TWO men appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry yesterday, jointly charged with attempted murder, discharging a loaded firearm and assault. Lloyd Sadloo, of Lot 6 Quamina Road, Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara and Andel Forde (no address given) both faced indictable charges, one of which said, on January 8, at North Ruimveldt, Georgetown, they unlawfully and maliciously wounded Kelly Aaron, with intent to kill him. Particulars of another offence said, the same day, they discharged a loaded firearm at Kevin Aaron, with intent to cause him harm, maim or disfigure him. The duo pleaded not guilty to the third charge which alleged that they unlawfully assaulted Guy Murrel, so as to cause him actual bodily harm. Police Corporal Bharat Mangru, prosecuting, told the Court that the two defendants went to the home of the Aarons, where Murrel was seated under the house and accused him of stealing five pounds of cannabis sativa (marijuana), held him at gunpoint and gave him a thrashing. After Kelly Aaron intervened, Sadloo fired shots at him and Kevin Aaron, but while the former suffered injuries, the latter managed to dodge. The prosecutor successfully objected to bail for Sadloo and Forde, citing the seriousness and prevalence of the crimes and the penalties attached. The case was transferred to be called before Magistrate Ann McLennan, for report and fixture, on January 30.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014

Plaque in Seymour’s honour unveiled at former residence by Michelle Gonsalves

THE day after a splendid evening of poetry, music and tributes at the Kingston Theatre Guild Playhouse, the National Library, friends and colleagues of late poet, A. J. Seymour gathered at his former residence, 23 North Road, Bourda, also in Georgetown, for the public unveiling of a plaque mounted on the building. The mounting of the memoriam is one of a series of events to honour the 100th birth anniversary of Seymour. The memento was unveiled by Seymour’s daughter, Ms. Joan Seymour, who shared the touching moment with writer and literary activist, Mr. Petamber Persaud. She remarked that the building held many memories for her, as she had lived there for some time before going to pursue studies in Caracas, Venezuela. She observed that, though, the edifice had changed in its configuration, some of its essential elements still remained. Writer Ian McDonald, who had co-edited the Kyk-over-Al journal with Seymour from 1984 until the latter’s death in 1989, concurred that the place also held remembrances for him and expressed the hope that the site would always be preserved. Historical one Acting Chief Librarian, Ms. Emiley King said the day was an historical one for the National Library, as she praised the late former Chief Librarian, Ms. Gillian Thompson’s contribution to the event. King remarked that she was happy but also a bit sad as “Gillian should have been here”. Thompson had, at the commencement of the centennial year of the National Library in 2009, embarked on a series of activities to promote the outstanding works and achievements of Guyanese literary luminaries. The institution hosted a number of literary evenings under varying themes such as ‘Oral Traditions’, ‘A Morning with E.R. Braithwaite’ and ‘To Sir with Love: A Guyanese Version’. Other staffers of the National Library and Seymour’s niece, Dr. Jacqueline de Weever were also present at the function. Arthur James Seymour made an enormous contribution to the literature of Guyana and the Caribbean. Apart from being a prolific writer of poetry, he was an anthologist, editor, publisher, broadcaster, cultural historian and literary enabler. As a poet, his work included ‘Verse’ (1937), ‘More Poems’ (1940), ‘Over Guiana Clouds’ (1944) and ‘Suns in my Blood’ (1945). As an anthologist he produced ‘Treasury of Guyanese Poetry’ and ‘Kyk-over-Al’ ‘Anthology of Guianese Poetry’ among others. He also compiled ‘Dictionary of Guianese Folklore’ and the ‘Dictionary of Guyanese Biography’ (1984) and wrote the ‘Making

A.J Seymour’s daughter Joan Seymour unveils a plaque on the residence of her late father with the help of writer Petamber Persaud

of Guyanese Literature’ (1978). Born January 12, 1914, he was educated at Blackman’s School located on Regent Street, St. Phillip’s School on Smythe Street, Collegiate High School, Camp and Bent Streets and the Guianese Academy, from where he won the Government Junior Scholarship to enter Queen’s College (QC). Seymour worked at the General Post Office and Bureau of Public Information (BPI), where he became Chief Information Officer. He was a member of a number of groups and committees, too, including Public Free Library Committee and Guyana Textbook Committee. On July 31, 1937 he married Elma Bryce and the union bore three daughters and three sons. He edited the literary journal Kyk-over-Al from 1945-1961 and co-edited with Ian McDonald from 1984 until his death on December 25, 1989.

Other events to honour Seymour include ‘See More Poetry’, which took place last Sunday evening at the Theatre Guild Playhouse and the induction of Seymour into the National Library’s Hall of Fame for the Literary Arts that will happen tomorrow, Wednesday, January 15, at the National Library. An exhibition of his work is ongoing at the National Library.


Seymour eulogised ... From page 11

Kendall, surely lived up to his stage moniker, holding his listeners in thrall with his song ‘Beauty and beauty is not enough’ and providing the musical refrain for ‘Lulu’ which was presented by Jackman. The National Dance Company worked along with Lawrence, dramatising the piece ‘Gethsemane’ which was beautifully spoken by her. Daughter and niece, of the honoree, respectively, Joan Seymour and Jacqueline de Weever honoured the deceased with several poems, among them ‘For my Father’, ‘For Martin and Wilson’ and ‘Tomorrow belongs to the People’, after which they were given a gracious bow by Farrier himself, to loud applause from the gathering. Acting Chief Librarian, Ms. Emiley King praised her predecessor’s contribution to the occasion, noting that Thompson had, at the beginning of the National Library centennial year 2009, embarked on a series of activities to promote the outstanding works and achievements of Guyanese literary luminaries. The institution hosted a number of literary evenings under

varying themes including ‘Oral Traditions’, ‘A Morning with E.R. Braithwaite’ and ‘To Sir with Love: A Guyanese Version’, to name a few. Those occasions sought to remind the young and not so young of the historical and cultural significance of oral and folk traditions in Guyana and celebrate Guyanese literary icons. King also spoke of Thompson’s advocacy of reading and literary arts and recalled her efforts to nurture a life-long love of reading in the young, with projects such as an annual Champion Readers Competition and Essay and Short Story Completion. PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED A book of condolences for Thompson was open at the event where a photograph of her was prominently displayed in the foyer. As is known, Arthur James Seymour has made an enormous contribution to the literature of Guyana and the Caribbean. As well as a prolific writer of poetry, he was an anthologist, editor, publisher, broadcaster, cultural historian and literary enabler. His poetry work included ‘Verse’ (1937), ‘More Poems’ (1940),

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014 Visitors fascinated by an exhibition of Seymour’s work that was launched at the ‘See More Poetry’ event


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014 ‘Over Guiana Clouds’ (1944) and ‘Suns in my Blood’ (1945). As an anthologist he produced ‘Treasury of Guyanese Poetry’ and KyKover-Al Anthology of Guianese Poetry’ among others. He also compiled ‘Dictionary of Guianese Folklore’ and the ‘Dictionary of Guyanese Biography’ (1984) and wrote the ‘Making of Guyanese Literature’ (1978). Born January 12, 1914, he was educated at Blackman’s School on Regent Street, St. Phillips School on Smythe Street, Collegiate High School, Camp and Bent Streets and the Guianese Academy from where he won the Government Junior Scholarship to enter Queen’s College (QC). Seymour worked at the General Post Office and Bureau of Public Information (BPI) where he became Chief Information Officer. He was a member of a number of groups and committees, including Public Free Library Committee and Guyana Textbook Committee. On July 31, 1937, he married Elma Bryce and the union bore three daughters and three sons. He edited the literary journal Ky-Kover-Al from 1945-1961 and co-edited, with Ian McDonald from 1984 until his death on December 25, 1989. Other events to honour Seymour include the mounting of a plaque yesterday, Monday, January 13, on the building at Lot 23 North Road, Bourda, where he formerly resided and the induction of Seymour into the National Library’s Hall of Fame for the Literary Arts tomorrow, Wednesday, January 15, which will take place at 17:00 hrs at the National Library.

Margaret Lawrence (at left) and Joan Cambridge on stage at “See More Poetry”


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014

Sharon funeral highlights conflicting views of former leader

(Reuters) - ISRAEL buried former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at his family farm on Monday, celebrating the military achievements of a man seen as a war hero at home but as a war criminal by many in the Arab world. Eulogised first in a ceremony in Jerusalem, and later in the green fields of his southern estate, a stream of speakers hailed a life entwined with that of his country, while gently alluding to the controversies that also defined his career. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and former British prime minister Tony Blair laid wreaths at his grave, 10 Km (6 miles) from the border of the Gaza strip, with the army on high alert lest any rockets be fired out of the Palestinian territory. The army said two missiles were shot into southern Israel shortly after the funeral ended, causing no damage or injury. “We are accompanying to his final resting place today a soldier, an exceptional soldier, a commander who knew how to win,” Israeli President Shimon Peres said in Jerusalem, Sharon’s hefty coffin draped in Israel’s blue and white flag. Sharon, 85, died on Saturday after spending the last eight years of his life motionless in a hospital bed, pitched into a coma by a stroke and far from the public gaze. The death of the ex-general reopened debate into his legacy. Foes denounced his ruthless conduct in military operations while friends praised him as a strategic genius who as prime minister stunned the world in 2005 by pulling Israeli troops and settlers out of the Gaza Strip - a Palestinian territory in the south. “The security of his people was always Arik’s unwavering mission - a non-breakable commitment to the future of Jews, whether 30 years or 300 years from now,” Biden said, using Sharon’s nickname. There was no direct mention of events that made Sharon a hated figure in the Arab world, such as the 1982 invasion of Lebanon that he masterminded as defense minister. However, in his eulogy, Blair said a man known at home as “the bulldozer” had left “considerable debris in his wake”. Biden referred simply to his “mistakes”, saying: “History will judge that he also lived in complex times, in a very complex neighborhood.” The Israeli foreign ministry said dignitaries had come from 21 countries, mainly in Europe, but did not list any delegations from the Middle East, Africa or Latin America. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, noting he had not always seen eye-to-eye with Sharon on policy matters, praised the former leader’s commitment to Israel’s security. “Arik understood that in matters of our existence and security, we must stand firm,” Netanyahu said.

Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon



Brazil police investigated over three-hour killing spree in Campinas

(BBC News) AN investigation is under way in Brazil to find out whether a group of policemen went on a three-hour killing spree in an alleged revenge attack. Twelve people were killed overnight by gunmen in vehicles in a district of Campinas, a city north of Sao Paulo. The attacks began hours after an off-duty policeman died in a robbery. Investigators told the BBC that a revenge attack by fellow military policemen is regarded as “the strongest theory”. In one incident, the attackers stopped their car next to a group of people, asked children to be taken away and fired on the others, killing several people. The calibre of weapons used in the attacks is the same as that used by military police, a source told the BBC. Several of those who died had criminal records, local media reported. Investigators believe it is significant that the attacks “happened in a sequence, in the same area of the city and in the space of a few hours,” local police commander told Licurgo Nunes Costa O Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper. He said other possibilities are being considered, including “an extrajudicial execution or even a conflict between rival criminal gangs”. The shootings sparked an attack at the Campinas bus terminal, located in the area where the killings took place, said the BBC’s Gary Duffy. Around lunch time, a group of more than 20 masked men set fire to three buses and one car at the terminal. Seven other vehicles were vandalised. Campinas, with a population of more than 1 million people, is located 100 km (60 miles) from Sao Paulo - Brazil’s most populous city.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014

Three buses were set alight at the Vida Nova bus terminal in Campinas

Mexico vigilantes clash with Knights Templar cartel in Michoacan

(BBC News)A GROUP of vigilantes in Mexico has seized the small town of Nueva Italia after clashing with alleged members of the Knights Templar drug cartel. More than 100 men entered the town in western Michoacan state on Sunday morning and disarmed local police. There were exchanges of fire with alleged gang members before the vigilantes occupied the town. The vigilante group was set up by residents who say the army and the police have failed to protect them. The Knights Templar has been fighting the New Generation cartel, from neighbouring Jalisco state, for control of criminal activities in the area. Vigilantes, also known as self-defence groups or community police, have been active in several Mexican states. In Michoacan they control several towns. A few days ago they launched an offensive, occupying the towns of Paracuaro and Attunes They say they are advancing towards Apatzingan, the alleged headquarters of the Knights Templar gang. Federal troops were nowhere to be seen during the invasion of Nueva Italia, according to the AP news agency. In Paracuaro, local reports say they were initially backed by the local population. But later, residents rioted and set fire to many of the vigilantes’ vehicles in a failed attempt to expel them. The self-defence groups have been accused of siding with the New Generation cartel. They deny any involvement. Correspondents say the clashes in Michoacan will be a major challenge for President Enrique Pena Nieto, who was elected a year ago promising to boost the economy and reduce violence levels. More than 70,000 people have died in drug related violence in the past six years.

Carlotta Dodson to be buried today

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014

A Thanksgiving Service for the life of the late Carlotta Dodson (DSM), retired Assistant Commissioner of Police and Deputy Chief Immigration Officer will be held today at First Assembly of God Church, L&P D’Urban Street, Wortmanville, and then the body will be interred at Le Repentir Cemetery. The body will be open for viewing at the First Assembly of God Church from noon, and there will also be reflections and the offering of tributes. The service will commence at 14:00 hrs. Ms. Dodson was also a Deaconess at First Assembly of God Church, Administrator of ‘Generation Next’ and former Executive of the Women’s Army of First Assemblies of God in Guyana. No wreaths by request.

Terry Holder to be laid to rest tomorrow

for Tuesday January 14, 2014 - 14:30hrs

THE body of former Deputy General Manager of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T), Mr. Terrence Holder will be laid to rest tomorrow. The body will be open for viewing at St. Andrew’s Kirk, Brickdam and Avenue of the Republic, from 13:30 hrs, allowing also for the offering of tributes, leading up to the 15:00 hrs start of a Thanksgiving Service for his life. After the service, the body will be interred at Le Repentir Cemetery.


Aries March 21 - April 19

It’s good for you to feel confident about your chances going into an upcoming challenge, but it would be unwise to think that you will walk away with a victory too easily. Do not sell your competition short. The only thing less helpful than underestimating your opponent is overestimating yourself. So don’t rush ahead thinking this will be a cakewalk. You have to have a healthy respect for every contest you enter. Otherwise, what is the value in winning it?

Taurus April 20 - May 20

There is a person in your life who has been working on your last nerve and it’s time for them to go. Today is the right day to tell them what you are feeling -- gently and with your trademark diplomacy skills, of course. Let your compassion guide you through this tricky conversation and let them know that it’s nothing personal, but you just need a break (you don’t have to get specific as to why). Cutting out whatever is holding you back in your life is liberating and healthy.

Gemini May 21 - June 21

Friends who you feel are more successful than you are showing signs of wear and tear -- today you might actually see that their lives aren’t as perfect as you thought they were. They need some advice, and you are the person to give it. Your perspective is so different from theirs, and it is the only one that will mean anything to them. This switch in the dynamic isn’t such a switch, you know -- the two of you are equals in every sense of the word. This will bring you closer.

Cancer June 22 - July 22

Your newest relationship is going well, but you need to take things a little bit more slowly, now. If you act impatient or try to rush this other person, you will only create more stress for yourself -- relax, and trust that things will be what they are destined to be. Let things unfold at their own pace. There are some small details around the house you can take care of while you are waiting for this person to respond to your actions. Keep yourself busy!

Leo July 23 - August 22

Beware of being too impulsive right now -- especially in terms of your shopping habits! Being spontaneous at the shopping mall could lead to more financial commitment than you had initially anticipated. Try to avoid making any purchases whatsoever today, even if that means packing your lunch or bumming a ride. Saving more money is not only good for your bank account, it’s good for your ego. Prove to yourself that you have the discipline to do it!

Virgo August 23 - September 22

Today is a great day to formulate your plans and organise a list of things you need to do in order to prepare for a new work project or opportunity. You need to start putting more effort into growing your career and pushing yourself to reach for goals that are a little bit higher than you are comfortable with -- you need to stretch! Remember that your boss is a human being, and sometimes a simple casual conversation can lay the foundation for your future.

Libra September 23 - October 22

A friend or partner needs your guidance right now -- they are in the midst of making a decision, and they need to have a sanity check with you. Make time for them! Be prepared for long conversations that don’t go anywhere but around in circles. As a friend, you need to be a good listener and a good cheerleader -- just like they have been for you in the past. Stay patient and positive. You can help them just by being yourself and being there for them.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21

You’ll have a strong sense today that there is something going on that no one is telling you about -- are you being left out of a secret? That remains to be seen. Walk a little more slowly by people in hushed conversations and see what you pick up. Before the end of the day, you’ll probably be able to put the pieces together and get a loose idea of what is really going on. Luckily, it’s not going to be anything you have to worry about. People are being more secretive for their own reasons.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21

An authority figure in your life who sometimes verges on being a real friend might stir up some difficult emotions for you, today. Your first urge will be to talk it out with them, but it’s much wiser to hold on to what you are feeling for now. The line between your personal and professional relationship is too blurry -- and asking them to navigate it with you is way too risky of a proposition. Hold on to your feelings for a few days. Wait for the right moment to broach the subject.

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

One of your friends might have an interesting social opportunity for you, but you need to do some research on your own before signing on or committing yourself in any way to it. If your friend is truly a friend, they won’t mind in the least if you do your due diligence before associating yourself with their little scheme. And if they get defensive about it, then you know for sure that something is up! You can afford to be honest and open up to this person about your concerns.

Aquarius January 20 - February 18

You have the right philosophy for staying grounded and in synch with all the important people today -- you just have to have faith! To cultivate your confidence in your people skills, get as social as you can as early as you can. The sooner you can make someone smile, the sooner you will get a clear sense of the power of your personality. Recent setbacks aren’t a sign that you are losing your mojo. You’ve just got to get back out there and try again.

Pisces February 19 - March 20

The people you love could use a reminder of that fact -- try to show as much affection as you can for them today. Have confidence that your friendships are real and strong, because they are. You are in a very healthy phase in terms of communicating and connecting with others. Others are trying to distract you from your friends, but you know what is important -- never forget that the people who are there for you now will always be there for you.

24 24


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GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014




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 works done to bring peace, finance, success, enhance prosperity, remove evil, blockage, reunite families, lovers, etc. 610-7234, 644-0058. Disciple of Swami Dayaramdas (India), specialist in Tantra, Mantra, Yantra, Poojas and Yagiyas; solve your problems today. 604-4760, 628-1964.

 Construction and Rental Service excavator, bobcat, truck, t o o l s . T e l . 6015024, 2274536.  us out for the following services - financing, refinancing, debt write-off, debt rescheduling, debt reduction, final settlement of debt amount, property management and business management, legal research, preparation of document(s), filling out documents, forms, etc, purchasing of vehicles cash or hire purchase, purchasing of property (e.g. land, house - separate or together) etc, Contact us at 185 Charlotte and King Streets, Lacytown, Georgetown, Guyana at Maraj Building, Room G4, Tel. 680-2198 or 625-4282 or Contact Theophilus M.F. Ferguson.

 Care Agency is a home care provider, based in Georgetown. We provide in home care and support for individuals who are elderly, disabled, suffering from a mental illness, sick and/or recovering from an illness. Contact 684-2418, 6798044, Email

 Associates Financial Services Chartered Accountants Services: Taxation, Consultancy, Accounting, Income tax, Vehicle and Building Compliances. Office located at 190 Church Street, South Cummingsburg, Georgetown. Tel. 223-2105, 662-7 4 6 7 , or Email at                                  

 works done to bring peace, finance, success, enhance prosperity, remove evil, blockage, reunite families, lovers, etc. 610-7234, 644-0058.  spiritual help in removing evil spirit, bad luck, evil sickness, spells, reuniting lovers, bringing prosperity to business, etc. Tel: 612-6417, 220-0708, .687-5653.  Astrologer and powerful healer Dr. S. Sanji is here. He can read your fate and solve many mysterious problems using spiritual powers as well as herbs from Australia and Fiji. Specialty includes love relationship, financial problems, promotion at work, customer's attraction, good luck and protection, money always in pocket and many more For more information, please contact Dr Sanji on 592-685-2334.



 male security guard. Contact 225-8203.  at Sunset View Hotel, David Street, Kitty. Tel. 2236416.  maid must be from country and know to cook, age 35 50. Tel. 611-0200, 662-1124.

   can supply all parts for the following cars and motorcycles: BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Yamaha. Call or email us for your quote today. Cell 642-1137 or  Visa Service. Professional Visa applications to the US and Canada. Fees USA VISA $3000, Canada $4000, Plaza Computer Service, 245 Sheriff Street, C/ville.    . Open Monday to Sunday 09:00hrs 21:00hrs

 you a single, lonely, easy-going woman, non-smoking, kind and loving and looking for a serious relationship, 50 years old, independent? East Indian man is looking for someone like you. 6897007.

 reading, other works done. For fast results - reuniting lovers, removing evil and all blockages, etc. Call 696-8873, 6731166.

       t o r e f r i g e r a tors, washing machines, g a s s t o v e s , A C u n i t s . Te l . 666-2276, 223-7975 (Kirk).

 Pressure washing: you won't believe the difference Call Kevin Blyden 592-696-5424 We clean homes, driveways, decks, gutters, parking lots, businesses, equipment, machinery, cars and anything else with dirt and grime.

 you match: find lifelong partners, friends; confidential rules apply Tel. 592-2238237, 592-648-6098 8:30 am 5 pm daily; both phones same hours.


 your payroll, NIS reports and PAYE reports. Call 673-7572 for more information.

 installation: Cutting, polishing and profiling to all your granite counter tops. Also building of cupboards and closets. Contact Rawle 611-7031, 667-7963.



 Two young men to sell popsicles on bicycle. Can make up to $7 500 per day. Serious applicants. Apply only. Call 622-0287.

 repair AC units, refrigerators, washing machines, gas stoves, freezers, microwaves, etc. 683-1312, 6273206 (Nick)..


 live-in baby-sitter, age 25-40. Must know to cook. Contact 231-5873, 694-5998.  farmer to work in Mahaicony Creek. Call 2277995, 623-8732.  Guards. Apply Guyana Fisheries Limited, Houston, East Bank Demerara.       Save your life or prevent injury!, Save your vehicle from being hijacked!, Save your valuables from being robbed!, Know where your vehicle is 24/7!, Kill the engine by the owner or controller!, Get/send panic button sms messages if held up!, Know if vehicle is out of route sms messages sent, Personal Tracker available!, Personal Tracker can transfer from vehicle to vehicle by self. Personal Tracker can transfer person to person, Both Systems full mapping, Record kept for months of all movements, etc, etc. Comprehensive Insurance Discounts. RK's: 172 Light and Charlotte Streets, Bourda. Tel: 2267521; 22-60168 (Ask for Dr. Net).

 Accountant and Accounts Clerk. Apply at Alabama Trading, Georgetown Ferry Stelling, Stabroek.  experienced Business teacher and one canteen attendant. Monar Educational Institute. Tel. 2237226, 227-3338, 225-9128. Cashier with computer knowledge, one handy boy. Apply 92 Singh's Electronics, Regent Street. Walk with passport-size photograph and application.  Hardware, 244 Regent Street, Lacytown., wants experienced sales clerks, porters. Please apply in person with written application.  the following positions: Cashier, Waiter, Waitress, Bill Clerk and Kitchen Assistant. Send application to Kam Boat Restaurant, 51 Sheriff Street, Campbellville. Georgetown.

VACANCY  Must have 5 or more CXC, English and Maths, reference, and passport size picture. Apply in person, Albert and Laluni Streets Queenstown, Georgetown.  following Western Union CSR, Office Assistant, Cleaners, Cashiers. Survival Shopping Complex, 173 Sheriff Street, Georgetown. Tel. 227-5286-9.  , General Workers (both male and female). Apply in person to B.M. Enterprise Inc. Guyana Fisheries Limited Wharf, Houston, East Bank Demerara. Tel: 592-227-8176/7.  Cashier: Minimum 5 subjects including Maths and English. Apply within, with passport size photo, 79 Albert and Laluni Streets Georgetown, Nimbus Water Department  Construction: Interior and exterior remodelling, kitchen and bath, wood flooring, tiling, windows, painting sheet rock, electrical, plumbing. At affordable prices. Call 686-7748.  General Store, 116 Regent Road Bourda. Tel. 226-3748, 223-5659 Sales Clerks experienced in hardware, plumbing and electrical, handyman to work in Eccles to care for dogs and plants.  Attendants, Handyman. Must be able to work shifts. Requirements - application, reference last place of employment TIN, NIS#, ID#. Apply 233 South Road Tel. 225-0198. : Relief Cashiers must be able to work shift. Requirements - application reference last place of employment. TIN NIS#, ID#. Apply 233 South Road. Tel. 225-0198. Benefits. Meals allowance, uniform allowance.  Chef, male preferred, with grilling experience, Carnegie training would be an asset. Good salary, comfortable environment. Call 225-7933 or visit 172 Sheriff Street next door to Survival Supermarket.  Must be able to work shift. Requirements application, reference last place of employment, TIN, NIS#, ID#. Apply 233 South Road. Tel. 225-0198. Benefits - uniform allowance.  exists for the following positions at : Managers, waiters, waitresses, supervisors, cashiers, bartenders, cleaners, hostesses, security personnel. Send applications to P.O. Box:101848  Must be able to work shift. Requirements - application, reference last place of employment Food Handler's Certificate TIN, NIS#, ID#. Benefits - meal allowance, uniform allowance. Apply 233 South Road. Tel. 2250198. exist for security guards to work at Landof-Canaan East Bank Demerara. Preference given to applicants from the East Bank Area. Send written applications to May's Shopping Centre, 98 Regent Street, Georgetown. Call 667-2767 for further information.  and    for Regent and Mon Repos locations. Requirements - 2 passport size photos, written application, 2 recommendations, CXC Maths and English. Age 20-30 years. Apply to  , 120 Regent St, Bourda. Tel. 645-4900, 2263950, 698-0000.










 Managers. Apply in person at Friendly's Bar and Lounge Viewing Gallery, Cheddi Jagan International Airport Timehri. Tel. 623-5011.

 Clerk, 5 subjects CXC including Maths and English. Must be computer literate, Working knowledge of "Dac Easy', Experience would be an asset. 136 Sheriff Street, Tel. 2272486.

 Lodge, ECD 10th Street, size 50 x 110. Price $12M neg. Tel. 220-8596, 6439196, 686-1091.

 land in Duncan St. for 4storey office complex, bond, school, apartment $35M. Phone 627-0288, Mr. Ramsayoe 618-0000, Mr Alysious Pereira 623-2591, Mr. Darindra 615-0069.

 wish to advertise all land was made by the creator for different purposes. Go as high as you can to enjoy economy of height. Earl's Court LBI double lot 120 x 90 - $17M, Happy Acres parallel to the Main Road 100 x 50 - $16M, for business or 4-storey apartment land for bonds on the East Coast $28M, Kitty 8 000 sq. ft $20M, Da Silva St 70 x 35 - $14M, 9 000 sq. ft on Main Road 500 yards south of Chinese Embassy, Turkeyen 1.4 acres $38M, Campbellville 80 x 60 with lots of reserve $16M, Republ i c P a r k $16M, Continental Park d o u b l e l ot $35M, Croal Street 75 x 50 - $32M, 3 lot s a t ' A A ' Eccles with massive unfinished structure $98M, plus reserve. Friendship $3.5M, Pearl 5 acres for gated c o m m u n i t y $45M neg. Phone , 225-3068, 2261064, 227-6863, 227-6964, 2252626.

 : New LOWER FLAT, 2 bedrooms, fully furnished, new furnishings $75 000. TEL. 6168262.

 and Pharmacy Assistant/Technician, to work full time in Pharmacy on D\Urban Street, Werk-en-Rust. Call 661-3124.  experienced Sales Clerk at Sharon's Boutique and Gift Gallery, 33 D\Urban Street, Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown. Tel. 227-2452, 670-9944.  to work in store, 18 25 years old. Send application to Riaz Computer Centre, 105 Regent Road, Bourda, Georgetown.  Staff for restaurant. Knowledgeable about food and beverage service; must be well groomed and personable. Good command of English and basic Mathematics necessary. Apply in person to Dutch Bottle Café, 10 North Road, Bourda between 10am and 3pm. Tel# 226-9648  opportunity: Experienced customer serviceoriented person to manage apartment complex. Kindly address handwritten applications to Apartment Management Vacancy PO Box 101161, Georgetown, Guyana.  exists for the following:- (1) One (1) Senior Internal Auditor: Ambitious female to work in Finance Department. Requirements: Certified Account Technician (CAT) level 2 or AAT - level 2. Four CXC subjects or equivalent including Mathematics, English and Principles of Accounts. Must be pleasant, disciplined and of stable personality. Experience would be an asset (30 to 50yrs preferably) (2) One Junior Accounts Clerk to work in the Finance Department. Apply in Person to:- Mr. Latchmin Khan / Rajdai Raghubeer (Vashti) RK's Security Services 172 Light & Charlotte Streets, Bourda , Highly motivated and energetic person with secondary education, 2 years min. experience in retail sales. Starting at $40,000. - $45,000. per month.  . Highly motivated individual with excellent analytical abilities needed for inventory control and marketing .Diploma in Business or Marketing field is required. Working knowledge of MS Office, Quickbooks plus 1 year experience is needed.Apply to LENS DECOR, 8 Sheriff Street, G/ Town. Call: 227-0176 Email:  exists for an O ffice Assist ant. Must have a valid Motor Cycle License. Age 20 and 30 years.Sound Primary Education. Apply in person with application and reference between the hours 10hrs. and 1600 hrs. Cell Phone Shack, 176 Middle Street.  Telecom invites dynamic and highly motivated professionals to fill the vacant post of Administrative Assistant. Qualification: Age 25-50, Managerial experience would be an asset, tertiary education (Diploma/Degree in Business Administration), minimum of 3 years of relevant experience in Administration, experience in the use of computers with knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, Quick Books, Google Web-Based Management Systems. Experience in preparing and filing PAYE and NIS submissions, general Bookkeeping, Marketing and Sales. Send application to by January 18, 2014, Call Tel. 2254091/333-2194 between 09:00hrs and 15:00hrs for more information.

      - With a versatile personality of exemplary lead e r ship with material and capacity for training. Be prepared to work beyond the call of duty and have own vehicle or driver's licence. Female also welcomed to apply. Top salary, benefits, allowances. Minimum rank of Sargeant in the GDF or Police or Private Security Experience, exposure and qualifications.   For shift work as Dispatchers. Females also welcomed to apply. Private Security Experience; Police or Military an asset but not a necessity. General Supervisory persona or ability acceptable also. Discipline, honesty and personal organization a must. Live in accommodation available for out of town personnel.      Drivers with car, van and lorry licenses for general security transport and supervision using company lorry, canters, cars, vans and 3 wheelers or 2 wheel motorcycles. Honesty and respect for procedures and rules a must. Excellent salary, allowances and insurances and benefits. Former employees of decency, respect and professionalism are welcome to reapply. : Team Leader and Trainer of staff for our Elite Armed Team for Cash Transport in our Air Conditioned Vehicles, specialized high ranking sites and response team. Excellent benefits, wages and conditions.   To supervise teams at various locations requiring a supervisory staff.   Guards in Georgetown, East Coast and East Bank for various quality locations. Government wages fully approved, and where applicable more is paid. Active, youthful and dynamic male and female guards required. Retired personnel also welcome for sites requiring such personalities. Part time employment also available. Contact: Mr. Desmond Leitch, GM; Mr. Raghubir, Security Cons; or Miss Abrams, Special Projects Officer;-or Mr. Roshan Khan :        TOURS


 Masharamni Weekend Tour, shopping, sight-seeing etc Friday February 21 to February Monday 24, Call 644-0185, 6392663, 665-5171, 227-8290.


Land For Sale

 125 x 60 Price $23M neg. Tel. 658-7297.  , Republic Drive, Betterverwagting, East Coast. No Agent. Tel. # 684-3009, 667-3953.  blocks in the Omai Area, 6 miles from Quartz Hill $60M neg. Call 626-1428.  house lot at Mon Repos ECD (Phase 2 Martyrsville) good location. Price $2.9M neg. Tel. 629-5300.  with 2-storey column structure located at 3rd Bridge Grove Housing Scheme $5M neg. Tel. 600-2032.  No. 2 Canal Public Road, (1291 x 37) ft, $17M. Tel. 626-2628, 676-9675.   cultivated citrus, house, fish pond, storage, 2 acres cultivated, ACRE cultivated Parika. Contact 226-7968. , road to riverside $25M neg, 245 x 40 for bond, central Georgetown $32M neg. Tel. 611-0315, 690-8625.

  100 x 50 only $14M, Call 231-2064, 225-2626, 227-6863, 615-0069, 627-0288, 226-1064.  Gardens, ECD land size 135x60 $18M, 132x60 $17M. Tel. 639-2835, 223-5460.  in Queenstown 165 x 60 over $100M. Phone Vice President Alysious Pereira 6232591, Vice President Darandia 615-0069, 618-0000, 225-2626   Harmonie $1.2M, $2M, $2.5M, Herstelling $4M. Are you selling or renting your property? Call Ron's Real Estate - 218-5591, 675-7292.    E.B.D(Gated community) - Size 5000 sq ft. Price $13.5 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  - double prime business spot (Size 12,500 sqft) Price USD$ 1.3 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665 7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  GARDENS/ REPUBLIC PARK E.B.D (Gated community) - (Size 10,000 sqft) Price $23 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  STREET NEWTOWN- Double lot. Price $21 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  GARDENS E.C.D - Triple lot. Price $58 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  RD- WORTHMAN-VILLE- triple lot suitable for business, bond, etc. Price reduce to $35 million. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  ST NEWTOWNLand for commercial building, bond, apartments, etc.Size 32x135.Price $34 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665- 7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  STREET, FREEBURG - INVESTMENT corner lot . Size 11,000 sq ft. Price $77 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  STREET - Size 90 X 80. Price USD$600,000. Contact Royal Real Estate on 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353. ST NEWTOWN Size 31 X 135. Price 21.5 million neg.Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  STREET, NEWTOWN- corner lot suitable for apartment complex, store, bond, restaurant, etc. Price 35million.Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  Vreed-en-Hoop double lot 80x160 on Public Road $36M, Highway land on Public Road 30 acres $15M, Providence EBD $3M, Diamond 1st Street $11M. Tel. 225-3737, 225-4893, 651-7078.  for bond, hotel, apartme n t complex, Blygezight 120 x 60 - $36M, n e g , A u s t i n St . 1 3 4 x 5 6 $36M, Kitty 8 000 sq ft - $22M, Phone Vice President 225-2626, 618-0000, 225-2626, 623-2591, 226-1064, 227-6863, 615-0069  river front land, Fort Island, ER $3M per acre, Diamond $9M, $8.2M, $5.4M, Bel Air Park $130M, Shamrock Garden Public Road $45M, 18 acres river front land Demerara River $2.3M per acre. Contact Designershouse on 639-4892.

 with 20ft driveway Dennis Street $17M, Sec. 'M' 90 x 50 plus reserve $17M, Kitty 8 000 sq. ft - $19M, one house in McDoom close to main road $9M. Phone Mr Darindra 615-0069, 618-0000 V i ce President Alysious Pereira 623-2591, 2276863, 226-1064, 225-2626.     land in Bel Air Village for hotel, bond, 5s t o r e y, s t u d e n ts ' d o r m $42M. Phone Vice President Patrick Pereira 669-3350, Vice President Ramsohoye 618-0000, 623-2591, 227-6863, 225-2626, 667-7812.    with 45 cows, 1 horse, house and generator HOUSE LOTS VERSAILLES and Republic Gardens gated compound, High Street, Bel Air, Cummings Street.      Lodge 110x50 $12M, Kersaint Park 50 x 90 $15M, B/Adventure 50x100 $4M, Lamaha Gardens 100x120 $45M, Enmore 25x118 $25M, and many more Contact Tel. 611-8438, 6768995 FB Tropical Real Estate E m a i l lot in Dennis St, with driveway 20 feet $17M, Sec. 'M', 80 x 60, plus reserve for bond $19M, Da S i l v a S t 8 0 x 5 0 $13M, Kitty Railway Embankment 8 000 sq. ft $ 20M, land has 20 ft driveways. V i c e Preside n t D r a n d i a 6 1 5 0069, Vice President Alysious Pereira - 623-2591, Vice President Ramsayae 618-0000, Vice President 225-2626, 2261064, 667-7812.   to Brickdam, $75M suitable for 5-storey complex, hotel Mr Ramsohoye 618-0000, Mr Pereira 226-1064, M r. Darindra 615-0069, 2252626, 227-6863, 225-5198\  land is going to solve your business need, in Smyth close to Brickdam 120 x 60 the only land available for $55M neg All lands that would give you the same re t u r n o n y o u r i n vestment $95M, talking of 5-storey complex. Phone Lady Boston 6842244, Lady Racel Jones 688-3434 , Master Darindra 615-0069, 6180000, 623-2591, 225-2626, 225-3068, 226-1064 , Email : m  Park double lot $19M, LBI large lot $14M, Happy Acres $14M, Republic Park $9M, and double $15M, Duncan Street 140 x 33 for 5storey $34M neg, South Road between Camp And Wellington Streets 80x36 $ 3 8 M , f o r 4 storey, Brickdam land 70x40 $60M, Charlotte Street east of Citizens Bank $46M, Section 'M' Campbellville 45x80 plus reserve $15M, Houston land $12M, Da Silva Street Kitty 140x33 $20M, Alberttown 120x30 $30M, Queenstown 8 000 sq. ft $50M, Mandela Avenue by Chinese Embassy 8000 sq. ft $58M, by Gymnasium 50x100 and reserve also with strong concrete structure $90M, D\Urban Street 120 x 100 $70M, Smyth Street 120 x 60 $75M, 1 ¼ acres Turkeyen for bond school or any other business $60M, East Ruimveldt land $7.5M, Bel Air Gardens 100x140 US$600 000, one house lot, Bank executive compound US$395 000. Phone Mr Pereira 227-6949, Mrs. Hercules 661-1952, MR. Darindra 615-0069, Mr Ramsahoye 2252709, 231-2064, 225-2626, 2255198, 225-3068, Mr Budram 6923831, 226-1064, 227-6949, 6693350.

 businesses must think out of the box. They must adopt a new strategy. The Chinese are moving in so m e l o c a t i o n s t h a t l a n d for bond/factory is cheap, 20 000 sq ft land close to the Chinese embassy for bond. $58M, 8 000 s q . f t o n the main road close t o t h e C h i nese Embassy $54M for 4-storey fast food/supermarket 200car parking. 1½ acres of land in Turkeyen for hostel, school, university, bond, Buy now, be decisive. Present, you have a boss, now decide. Phone Mr. Danhandri 615-0065, Mr. Patrick Pereira 669-3350, Mr. Alysious Pereira 623-2591, 225-2709, 225-2626, 225-3068, 226-1064, 227-6863, 225-5198 Seven days of h o t m ail: to let


 and apartments 621-5282.    Shop. Merriman's Mall. 642-6381, 223-6862.  Park Phase 2. 681-5631, 626-7263.  top flat to rent. Tel. 687-9450.  two-bedroom bottom flat. Call 687-2121 between 08:00hrs and 17:00hrs. Gardens: 3-bedrooms apartment exclusive. 6139033.  three-bedroom tiled and concrete apartment for rental. Call 234-0843, 622-5223.  spaces to rent in Kingston (size 22' x 12') Call 2261308.  2-bedroom upper flat $45 000 monthly. Married couple preferred. Tel. 653-7654.  three-bedroom upper flat, in excellent condition. Contact 225-3205, 665-7645.  furnished 2-bedroom, internet cable, and security gate in Bel Air. Tel. 682-3733. -bedroom apartment in Kitty $50 000 monthly. 626-2990, 687-7566. -bedroom apartment at 88 Middle Road, La Penitence, $30 000. Tel. 615-6090.  for a place to rent or want to rent your place? Call 692-3831.  Repos: 2-bedroom upstairs, inside toilet and bath, parking $45 000 neg. Tel. 613-4536.

 concrete bond 87'x32, lots of yard space suitable for CarMart, etc. Public Road McDoom 233-0570 (No agents.). : New modem 5-storey building for sale or rent. Studio apartm e n ts . Te l . 2 2 6 - 0 0 2 5 , 6 4 8 3171.         f o r r e n t from January 1, 2014, walking distance to UG. Call 222-6708. -room self-contained apartment. 226-5778, 613-9139, 619-2136. -BEDROOM top flat in Dennis Street, Campbellville US$600. Tel. 672-5933. & TWO bedroom apartment in Campbellville suitable for business also. 621-3661.  executive house, fully furnished, 3 bedrooms in Section 'K' Campbellville. Tel. 6238496.  room and apartment $3 000, $4 000, $5 000, $6 000 daily. Call Julian - 638-4505, 225-4709.  and bar available from January 1, 2014, UG Road, also area for any kind of business. Call 623-3404.  floor and second floor space on Duncan Street. 6218198.  apartment in Da Silva Street $70 000. 6102021, 629-4337.  two-bedroom bottom flat at 319 East Street Georgetown. 225-0568, Ruth Jaikaran.  furnished 2-bedroom apartment with security generator, hot and cold internet, etc. US$700. 638-9116, 603-0976.  upper flat, 2 toilets, 2 baths, at Festival City. Price $75 000 monthly. Tel. 6497005, after 16:00hrs.  Garden flat/ long, let preferred, centrally located, fully furnished, all amenities US$550 monthly. Call 6414664, 225-7211.  bottom flat apartment at 541 Tenth Street Cummings Lodge Housing Scheme. Tel. 610-0987, 2220444.  two-storey building, 3 bedrooms, with all modern conveniences, furnished/unfurnished, Meadow Brook Gardens. Mr Narine. 696-8230.  apartment in Bent Street, Wortmanville, US$30 per day. Contact 2263309, 218-1033, 678-4267.  property on the corner of Fourth and Light Streets, Alberttown, perfect for business. Interested persons, please call 617-8255.  place" Furnished, suitable for restaurant in Albert St. Tel. 621-5282. : One-bedroom apartment semi-furnished daily or monthly. 650-1471.

 house at Lot 14 Crane Public Road, WCD. All amenities. Tel. 688-6277.

 single-bedroom back, high house, with toilet and bath, at Vreed-en-Hoop. Rent includes water $25 000. Tel. 685-7566.

 executive apartment with internet access, generator and parking. Tel. 6420636.

  bedroom concrete bottom flat EBD, inside toilet & bath, telephone, parking. Decent working couple. 648-3342, 668-5384.

 2-flat concrete house at 30 Fort Street Kingston, 3 bedrooms top flat, kitchen and garage. Price neg. Call 225-2902, 673-1095.

 apartment fully furnished, hot and cold, AC, parking, located in Lamaha Springs. Tel. 692-2016.

 $65 000, 1bedroom $50 000, spacious newly built apartment. Tel. 650-6231, 697-0480.

 flat 3-bedroom with parking Shell Road and Lamaha Street, Kitty. $75 000 monthly. 667-2732.

26 26 TO LET  executive four-bedroom house in residential area, fully furnished, air condition. Serious enquiries only. Call 6198092.  for rental or for sale one newly built two bedroom house, one spacious self-contained bedroom. Tel. 601-0225 for more information.  furnished $120 000, 3-bedroom $140 000, 2-bedroom unfurnished $90 000, Prashad Nagar US$2500, Ogle $90 000, 3-bedroom house. 6117004, 680-2596.  2 bedroom apartment with all modern conveniences including parking in residential area US$500. Tel. 664-1070, 653-2920.  & 3 BEDROOM unfurnished and furnished properties starting from US$700 638-9116, 603-0976. -BEDROOM fully furnished apartment fully secured, parking, AC, hot and cold, etc. in South Ruimveldt Park. 689-5877.  3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, semi-furnished house, located at Sec. 'K' Diamond. Price neg. Tel. 681-6066.  3-bedroom fully furnished middle flat at 115 Thomas Street, Kitty long term or short term. Tel. 225-0071, 6747420.  $65 000 - $120 000, East Coast $40 000, Campbellville $100 000, Robb Street US$1000, Bel Air US$1800, Atlantic Gardens US$900, Greenfield Park US$1250. Diana Tel. 227-2256, 626-9382. -bedroom bottom flat apartment $65 000, two-bedroom upstairs $60 000, one-bedroom bottom flat Newtown Kitty. 618-9117, 227-1354 neg.  in Regent Street 800 sq.ft at $700 000, building in Regent Street 3 000 sq ft US$17000, Contact Designershouse at 639-4892. bedroom apartment $55 000 North Ruimveldt. Campbellville flat house furnished US$900 neg. Alicia 6161442.  Street: One- & two-bedroom furnished apartments. with hot & cold, AC & Internet from US$20 daily. Rates neg. for monthly visitors. Phone: 227-5852/638-4404.  3-bedroom upper flat in 'CC' Eccles, parking available, Price $100 000 m o n t h l y. C o n t a c t 6 3 9 2728. -BEDROOM bottom flat at 158 Da Silva Street, can be used living quarters, bond or business place. Contact Geeta 661-2082.  two-bedroom apartment with AC, washroom, living area, kitchen at Success ECD. Price $45 000 monthly. Call 6423478, 675-9107. -bedroom (apartment), fully tiled and furnished with AC, hot and cold internet, US$20 daily (No private calls). 231-6061, 621-1524.  - Bottom flat suitable for storage bond size (1160 sqft). Price $100,000 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.

TO LET new executive top flat, 4 bedrooms, concrete, with all modern facilities $85 000. 2261064, 669-3352, 227-6949, 2255198, 225-2709, 231-2064, 2252626, 692-3831. - Unfurnished 3 bedroom top flat can be used as office as well. Price USD $1100. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353. E.B.D - brand new executive 5 bedroom semi furnished house. Price $2900 USD neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  STREET SECTION K C/VILLE- unfurnished 3 bedroom house can be rented as office. Price $1700 USD.Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665 7400, 6857887, 643-6353.



- bottom flat suitable for office/residence. Price USD $1200. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.

- 5 bedroom executive house. Price USD $4500. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.

  - 3 storey concrete building for general store/ storage bond. Size 15225Sq Ft. Price USD $10,000. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

   : 3-bedroom unfurnished top apartment $100 000, 2-bedroom unfurnished bottom apartment $80 000, or whole house. Republic Gardens well appointed furnished house, Ogle 2bedroom unfurnished AC, $120 000, Campbellville 2-bedroom furnished apartment. TEL. 2268148, 625-1624.

  BSc h a s more than 20,000 hrs in Real Estate Investment and Economic Transformation of People Economic Growth. We ha ve rental from US$1500, in Bel Air Park, ambassador's residence in University Gardens Le Resouvenir, Lama Ave with pool, Jacaranda Ave. with large lawns US$2000, Prashad Nagar US$1000, apt. from U S $ 7 0 0 , b o n d 8 0 0 0 sq ft, small and large office space up to 15000 sq foot; state of the art hote l and o f f i c e c o m plex with income o f U S $ 4 0 0 00 mo n t h l y ; 2 acres of land in the city for hotel, and any complex Main Street 2 ½ acres US$5M, Water Stre e t 4 a cres for hotel, hotel on 5 acres of land overlooking t h e s e a U S $ 5 M ; another overl o o k i n g t h e s e a U S $ 1 . 5 M , in come US$15000; riverside land residential land at LBI - $10M; Republi c Park $8M, Dia m ond $ 7 M , Sec. 'K' $20 M , B e l Air Park $ 2 5 M , G a r n ett double lot $42M, Phone 225-2626, 231-2064, 2252709, 226-1064, 227-6949, 2276863, 667-7812. 619-7945.


   - 3 storey concrete building. Suitable for school, embassy, office complex, call centre, medical complex etc. Price USD $10,000 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.    brand new executive offices. Size per unit 1650 sq ft. Price USD $2200 neg.Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.

 E.C.D- unfurnished 2 bedroom bottom flat. Price USD $45,000. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

 Street, Bourda: Fully furnished two-bedroom upper flat with AC, internet, hot and cold, all inclusive US$35 daily. Rate neg, for monthly visiting. Phone 623-9308, 227-5852.

 office executive space 900 sq. ft US$700 Brickdam, U$1200 Kingston and many more Mr Boodram, 692-3831, Lady Boston 684-442 225-2626, 226-1064, 225-2709, 225-3068, 227-6949, 231-2064, 227-6863.

,: Fully furnished 1- and 3-bedroom apartments, hot and cold, AC, parking, internet, etc. Suitable for overseas visitors, short term. 226-5137, 2271843.

 close proximity to Sheriff Street - brand new 3 storey concrete building. Suitable for business, school, residence etc. Price USD $12,000. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  - 3 storey concrete building suitable for school. Building size 10,250 sq ft. price USD $4500 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  - Semifurnished 3 bedroom house with office space on ground floor. Price USD $1600. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  two-bedroom bottom flat with inside toilet and bath. Call 690-2758, Chateau Margot E.C. Demerara. semi-furnished apartment, electricity and water included, $70 000 monthly. Contact 678-8904.  prime three-storey commercial building with car park, located on North Road, between Oronoque and Albert Streets. Contact 626-6909, 6427963, 669-0855. - unfurnished 4 bedroom house can be used as office or residence. Price USD $1500 neg.Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.           - office space available suitable for attorney-atlaw, lawyers, agents etc.Price USD $900 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  - furnished 2 bedroom executive top flat. Price USD $900. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

bedroom apartment with kitchen, fully air conditioned, water included, $120 000 monthly. Contact 678-8904.

 E.B.D- 4 bedroom semi furnished house. Price USD $1200. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

 Gardens E.C.D - semi furnished 4 bedroom house. Price USD $1400 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.

 - furnished 2 bedroom executive top flat. Price USD $1250. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.

   Fully furnished Executive 3 bedroom house. Price USD $1800. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.

  - furnished 2 bedroom apartments for a single person or couple. Price USD $600. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.


 bottom flat apartment, kitchen and dining, hot and cold water bath and living room, with parking and overhead water at Section 'A' Great Diamond, EBD. 692-1963.  apartments (Vlissengen/D\Urban) unfurnished $40 000 - $60 000 monthly, furnished studio US$500 monthly full bathrooms, verandahs, parking, close to facilities and transportation. 698-9086. /executive rental: Wonderful 7-bedroom property for office & residence at Atlantic Ville, East Coast Demerara. Price US$2000. Call Mr Darin 615-0069, 225-2626, 225-5198, 225-3069, 225-2709, 231-2064. 3-bedroom semifurnished with inside garage, whole house $150 000. Campbellville 3-bedroom furnished with AC, house by itself US$900 neg, Kitty 3-bedroom upstairs $80 000, North Ruimveldt 2bedroom downstairs $55 000, Call Raul 655-8361, 699-6811, Fabulous Homes Realty.  American have executive rental from US$1500 in Bel Air Park, Atlantic Gardens, Bel Air Gardens Lamaha Gardens, Guysuco Gardens, Lama Avenue, Bel Air Park apartments with AC and international standard from US$600 to overlooking the sea at US$1300..Extra special office space US$700 to US$1500 in Brickdam, Hadfield Street, Croal Street, South Road, Kingston Queenstown. Phone Mr Alysious Pereira 623-2591, Mrs. Hercules 661-1952, Mr Darindra 6150069, 225-2626, 231-2064, 667-7812, 225-3068.    2-bedroom apartment in Eping Avenue, corner property, newly remodeled, furnished or unfurnished short- or long-term, hot and cold water, split AC in both rooms, parking and much more. 671-8883, 669-1113, 696-9529.  built apartment and houses in Vreed-en-Hoop and Georgetown, fitted for a king and queen apartments, starting at $80 000 houses starting at US$1500 per month, also we have bond spaces and business locations. Call 692-3831.  Street, Kitty: Unfurnished 3-bedroom luxury top flat, 1 master bedroom, tub, washroom, hot and cold, AC, ceiling fan in all rooms, 2 washrooms beautifully lacquered fully grilled, large breezy verandah, separate driveways for 3 vehicles. Suitable for foreigners. Call 225-3262, 6766948, 226-4014.

 Street, Kitty: 3-bedroom front house, 1 self-contained room, tub, washroom, hot and cold, 2 washrooms, 2 AC, ceiling fans in all rooms, breezy verandah and all rooms beautifuly lacquered fully grilled, private driveway for 3 vehicles. Suitable for foreigners. Call 2253262, 678-6948.  5-bedroom concrete house with hot and cold, AC etc. One 3-bedroom apartment with hot and cold, AC and one 2-bedroom apartment with hot and cold, AC etc. Price $200 000, $110 000 and $90 000. Location Mon Repos ECD. Tel. 618-0626.  World #1 Realtor Miste r Terry Redford Reid 667-7812, 225-6 8 5 8 , 2 2 5 - 7 1 6 4 , 2 2 6 1 0 6 4 , 2 2 5 - 2626, 231- 2 0 6 8 , 619-7945. Ha ve the executive rental reduced by 35%, Prashad Nagar US$1000, Jacaranda Ave. Bel Air Park US$2000, Bar ima Ave Bel Air Park US$1800, Bel Ai r S p r i n g s US$1000, large bond for rental office small form US$3 75, 10 000 sq ft office space for technologybusiness, Lamaha G a r d ens US$1500, Lama Ave, Bel Air Park US$180 0 , B e l Air P a r k o n t h e round about US$1000, Prashad Nagar US$1500, land from $11 million, riverside land hotels with US$35 0 0 0 m o n t h rental a n d office space US$40 000 month properties from $14 million. 225-2626, 225-5198, 226- 1 0 6 4 , 6 2 3 2591, 669-3350  Real Estate & Property Management Services 204 Charlotte Street, B o u r d a Te l . 2 2 5 - 8 2 4 1 , 2 2 7 4950, 226-7829, Fax: 2271537. Ogle 5-bedroom furnished, swimming pool US$5000, Bel Air Gardens (unfurnished) US$2000, Republic Park (unfurnished) $75 000. New one and two-storey apartments in Georgetown US$1200 a n d U S $ 1 5 0 0 m o n t h l y. A l l prices are negotiable.    have rental from US$800 in               beautiful 2-storey concrete property, 4 self-contained rooms, large den, large living room, family room, television room, beautiful kitchen, fully air conditioned, hot and cold facilities, land space. Price US$ 2 5 0 0 , u n f u r n i s h e d .      2-storey conc r e t e property, master room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, family ro o m , d e n , v e r a n d a h , h o t and cold facilities, semif u r n i s h e d , s e c u r i t y c a m e r as, l a nd space US$1500.              2 - s t o r e y c o n c r e t e p r o p e r t y, f u l l y air conditioned 3 be d r o o m s , u n furnished US$2000, (neg).   2-storey concrete property large livi n g a r e a , 4 self-contained rooms hot a n d c o l d f a c i l i t i e s , g e n e r a tor, unfur nished US$1500 neg.  middle floor suitable for business $175 00 0 . : Beautiful 2-storey concrete property in perfect con d i t i o n , 4 b e d r o o m s , h o t a nd cold facilities, master room, family room, den, air-conditioned, parking space for vehicle US$2500. Do call u s o n Te l . 2 2 5 - 6858, 225-7164, 688-1885 Call Te r r e n c e 6 6 7 7812. We are situated at 247 'D' Forshaw &Oronoque Sts. Queenstown.

PROPERTYFORSALE PROPERTY FOR SALE  homes $30M to $40M neg. Tel. 611-0315, 690-8625.  storey $19M, East Street. Tel. 615-8683, 225-7593.  corner property, prime location. 681-7792.  property at Atlantic Gardens. Tel. 679-4096, 601-2938, 225-6608.  sale or rent: Enterprise ECD. 639-6013, appointment for rent Lusignan.  property at 25 Public Road, Mon Repos, opposite market, 220-1882, 220-9889  62, Station Street Kitty 12 bedrooms, 3-storey house $32M. 680-3771, 694-7210.  two-storey 3-bedroom wooden and concrete building in Good Hope Phase '1', ECD. Tel. 639-6306.  business and gift shop at 33 D'Urban Street, Werk-enRust, Georgetown. Tel. 347-4007851, 227-2452.  $40M, Republic Park $40M, Regent Street $160M, building with business $60M. Call 645-5938.  houses, Bel Air Park $90M neg to $55M neg, Bel Air Springs $70M neg, 611-0315, 690-8625. -bedroom flat concrete house in Coghlan Dam, West Bank Demerara. Phone 654-6902.  property in Alberttown on the corner of Fourth and Light Streets. Interested persons, please call 617-8255.  house, La Parfaite Harmonie, WBD, fully tiled, grilled, well fenced, self-contained room, etc neg. 677-6805, 648-4271.  flat house at 18th Avenue Diamond Housing Scheme. Tel. 226-5778, 6139139, 629-6351.  Park: Three-storey house with automatic backup generator, semi-furnished $85M neg. Tel. 231-5876.  3-bedroom concrete house in Section 'K' Campbellville, going cheap, owner leaving country. 6389116, 603-0976.  Gardens, Ogle, East Coast: One two-storey building, double lot, residential, fruit trees. Call 642-4926, 222-2783. Real Estate and Apartments: Enterprise lot with house $6M, La Parfaite Harmonie $3.5M. 628-1567, 628-5738.  concrete and wooden building at         $50M. Tel. 641-1800, 223-5324.

PROPERTYFORSALE  and Bar Cody's Place 345 East and Middle Streets, North Cummingsburg, For sale by owner only. Tel. 656-9835, 908-456-6683.  concrete, 3 bedrooms upstairs, 2 downstairs, back and front verandah, bathroom and kitchen tiled, at Tuschen. Tel. 671-3246. : $35M Church St. $75M, D\Urban St. $50M, Guysuco Gardens, New Haven, Lamaha Gardens, Bel air Park. TEL               , Georgetown: Six-bedroom, twofamily. Land size 60x133 $60M neg. Tel. 639-2835, 223-5460.  and land Subryanville, 3rd Avenue corner spot, just off Embassy turn, beautiful location. Call 617-3642.  Street Lodge head $14M, Shell Road Kitty $35M, Grove Public Road $39M. Contact Designershouse on 639-4892.  two-storey building, 3 bedrooms with all modern conveniences, Meadow Brook Gardens, Mr. Narine. 696-8230. concrete building bordered by 3 Main Streets in central Georgetown. Ideal for offices, school, bond, etc., 4 flats 130ft x 35 ft each, land 250ft x 50 ft. 227-0190, 693-5610.  located at the corner of Pike and Lamaha Streets, parking, AC, hot and cold and fully secured, Kitty $45M. Tel. 612-9061, 668-1971.  2-storey building wooden and concrete in Norton Street, five buildings from Camp Street, second house in yard, $20M neg. Call 628-0972. Ideal for two families. property in Bent St - $16.5M, Phone Mr. Darindra 615-0069, 226-1064, 618-0000, Mr Pereira 623-2591, 225-2626. 225-5198, 231-2064, 226-1064.  (land) $8.5M, 28 acres at $400 000 per acre East Coast $12M, Eccles $25M, Quamina Street $72M, Alberttown $31M, Section 'K' $55M. Diana 227-2256, 626-9382.   Adelaide and Evans Streets Charlestown, Georgetown, Georgetown, Lot No. 41 Section 'A', NO. 53 Village, Corentyne, Berbice. Contact 233-6811, 679-3448.   20% on all executive properties $60M, 30% discount on $24M, and below, 15% discount on land $18M. Phone 667-7812, 225-6858 , 225-2626 Terrence Reid.  E.C.D 2 family concrete house upper flat 3 bedroom lower flat 2 bedroom price $56 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  One house, one gas station (three tanks: 1000 and 1500 gallons capacity) with wharfing facility,land size 87'x250', $70M neg. Tel, 2 315876.  at Pearl EBD concrete house grilled with 3 bedrooms, 2½ bathrooms, computer room, hot and cold water, linen closet, laundry area, land 90'x110' $15M neg. Call 6264131.  E.B.D- brand new Executive concrete house, upper flat 4 bedroom and lower flat 2 apartments Price $53 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  BACKLANDS3 bedroom flat house on corner lot, repairs needed Price $14 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 2257276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.






 W.B.D- brand new 5 bedroom executive house with extra house lot.Price $70 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 6857887, 643-6353.

- Investment property on corner.Suitable for business, apartment complex, hotel or dream house etc. Land size 6500 SqFt.Price $85 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.

 concrete 2-flat house at 47 Happy Acres ECD, fully furnished. 3 bedrooms top flat, hot and cold bath, big yard space. Call 225-2902, 6731095..

EBD, new 2-storey concrete house 30 x 45, 2 self-contained bedrooms plus one and half baths, 5 bedrooms with built-in closets, spacious living and dining rooms, large kitchen with cupboards, laundry room. Carport and gazebo. Asking $40M neg.. Contact 644-1736.

 ROAD KITTY: two family concrete property suitable for business Price $45million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  REPOS E.C.D- Modern 4 bedroom concrete property inclusive of 1 master room.Price $35 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  E.B.D- Modern 2 family concrete house. Price $35 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  OF CANAAN- 4 bedroom concrete house just off the public road.Price $17.5 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  NAGAR- Investment property. 3 bedroom upper flat and 3 bedroom lower flat. Price $ 56.5 million for quick sale . Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353  STREET C/ VILLE- concrete building on double lot. Price $60 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353 2-family concrete house that was reduced from $30M to $27M. Contact Ms. Hercules 661-1952, Mr Budram 6923831, 225-3068, 225-2626, 2255198, 231-2064, 226-1064, 2252709, 227-6863, 227-6949, Mr. Ramsahoye 225-2709.

 front property: Two huge houses on a size 119 x 225 feet of land, business property. Price $187M neg, Serious enquiries only. Tel. 626-2466, 220-5105, 220-5124. For sale by owner.  : Three bedroom concrete building 28M; Diamond - concrete and wooden twostorey building - 16M; Guyhoc Park - two-storey concrete and wooden building- 11M. Tel # 225-3737, 2254398, 651-7078.

 Flat concrete house beautiful, painted, grilled, tiled and with concrete fence $11M, Sophia 2-storey concrete building in 'C' Field on the main road $12M, Grove land $3.5M, for more contact 684-6266.  3 houses in livable condition, set on 88.75 sq. ft of land on the main road $90M, incomplete concrete building in Cummings Lodge $6M, Enterprise land $4M, for more contact 6846266.

 STREET, CHARLESTOWN - 2 family wooden and concrete house, 3 bedrooms upper and 3 bedrooms lower. Price $11.5 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

 BABB STREET KITTY - 2 storey wooden and concrete Income Property. Price $64 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  - 3 storey Investment Property. Currently renting as apartments and offices.Price $100,000,000 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  4-apartment building $50M neg, Alberttown $25M, Diamond $11M, Eccles $30M neg, land in North Ruimveldt $11M, Kitty $22M, Garnett Street $50M neg, Gordon Street $60M. Tel. 611-7004, 6802596.  PARK E.C.D - 2 family wooden and concrete Income Property. Price $35 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  ROAD - brand new 3 storey concrete building with roof garden. Currently renting as hotel and bar.Price $115,000,000 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  - Investment property on corner lot. Suitable for any business.Price $60 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

         p r o p e r t y, prime location (land 200' x 50') store front 72' x 24', bond 87' x 32', extra space for 15 cars Public Road, McDoom. Tel. 233-0570 (No agent).  $19M, $21M, Kitty $13M, $19M, $21M, $24M, $29M. Campbellville $27M, La Parfaite Harmonie $9M, Queenstown $15M. Troy 626-2243, 694-3652.  Street $26M neg, Shell Road $20M neg, Station Street $28M neg, David Street $13M, David Street $21M, Greenheart Street $21M neg, Paradise Public Road $12M, Grove $40M, neg, Diamond $45M neg, Meadow Brook Gardens $26M neg. Alicia 616-1442.  and Land for Sale Two Storyed Wooden and Concrete House, Sixth Street Alberttown Georgetown. $35 Million Dollars Negotiable. Contact: Mr. George Teekah Tel: 231-6278 Or Dr: Thasana Teekah Tel: 626-0993  Strathspey ECD: Flat three-bedroom concrete building $6M, Eccles two corner spots, concrete buildings $25M, Canal No. 2 two-storey 4-bedroom concrete building on 9 acres of land $25M, Tel. 225-3737, 225-4398, 651-7078. : Campbellville two-storey concrete building $50M, Atlantic Ville furnished two-storey building with gene r a t o r, o v e r l o o k i ng Atlantic Ocean $55M. Tel. 22 5 - 3 7 3 7 , 225-4398, 651-7078.

 Real Estate: Subryanville wooden house land size 80x100. Price G45M, Happy Acres 3-bedroom house, fully furnished $45M neg, Herstelling unfinished house land size 50x100 $5M, Better Hope double lot 60x90 $35M, house and bond, Shamrock Gardens (Ogle) 3-bedroom. 105x105 $65M. Contact 676-8995, 611-8938 are ) JANUARY bargains: Sec. 'K' $23 million, Meadow Brook $28M, and $35M , K i t t y $ 2 3 , Alberttown concrete massive for hotel $45M, Bel Air Park in great condition $52M, Happy Acres executive $58M, Alb e r t t o w n $ 3 0 M , Sec. 'M' Campbellville $34M now, Phone 225-2626, 225-5198, 227-6863, 227-6449, 225-2709, 231-2064, 226-1064, 667-7812 m.

 Street $40M, East Coast $11M, East Bank $13M, South (land) $8.5M, Alberttown $25M - $32M, Campbellville $35M, Section 'K' $40M - $50M, Highway (land), $400 000 per acre. Diana 227-2256, 626-9382.

 STREET, ALBERTOWN - 3 storey concrete investment property. Suitable for school, embassy, office complex etc. Price $160 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

 close proximity to Sheriff Street - brand new 3 storey concrete building. Suitable for business, school, residence etc. Price USD $1.4 Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

 property in Independence Boulevard La Penitence - $7M givea w a y, o w n l e a v i n g b e f o r e Christmas. Phone 226-1064/ 692-3831/623-2591/6150069/225-2626.

Home Int'l: Paradise Public road $12M, Coldingen $16M, Alberttown $34M neg, Shell Road $19M, Station Street $30M neg, Queen Street $22M neg, land Grove $3M and $6M, Diamond $4.5M, Annandale $6.5M neg, Enmore $5M. Contact Theresa 648-6033.  American has 22%, 22% yes just for you 22%. Lamaha Gardens $68M, Section 'K' ranch $38M, Republic $38M, D\Urban Backlands concrete $28M, South Ruimveldt Gardens $15M, $17M, Norton Street $10M, Bent Street business and residence $18M. Land in D\Uncan Street 140x33 $35M, Quamina Street 3-storey $50M, Camp Street second building $36M, Kitty two-storey new concrete $38M, Prashad Nagar on double lot $62M, Le Resouveniir mansion $65M, Bel Air Springs $64M, BB Eccles $15M, Dowding Street with driveway $16M David Street Subryanville with 12ft driveway $12M, double lot in Continental Park $20M, Lodge $14M, North Road land $65M, Charlotte Street land $60M, 140x48 South Road land 68x33 $38M. Phone Lady Abundance 661-1952, 225-2626, 225-3068, 227-6863, 231-2064, 225-5198, 667-7812.  5-bedroom front house. Move in, ready $34M neg, with 2 back lots $64M, neg, South Ruimveldt Gardens 5 bedrooms two-family house $19M, Golden Grove 7-bedroom twofamily house with big yard $12.5M, Campbellville two-family back house with driveway, 5 bedrooms, $26M, Call Raul, 6558361, 699-6811, Fabulous Homes Realty. , Duke Street: 4-storey concrete office residence apartmens.t Nandy Park 2-storey wood and concrete 4 bedrooms upstairs, 1 master, 2 bedrooms downstairs $45M neg, Diamond New Scheme 3storey concrete building 90x60, 2 flats, 45 x 60 3rd flat bottom flat centrally AC. For business (supermarket) top flat 7 master bedrooms, business supermarket and residence US$1M neg. Regent Street business US$2M neg. 227-0464, 646-3251.  2 buildings require work $23M, Camp Street $35M, Alberttown $32M, East Bank $13M, East Coast $11 M , S e c t i o n ' K ' $ 4 0 M , Quamina Street $69M, 28 acres land on highway at $400 000 per acre. Diana 227-2256, 626-9382.

PROPERTYFORSALE  Street 2-flat back house with drive-way, ground floor 2 bedrooms, top 3 bedrooms $35M. North East La Penitence 2-flat ground floor 2 2-bedroom apartments, top 2 2-bedroom apartments $36M, Nandy Park 2flat, ground floor 2 bedrooms, top 3 bedrooms $35M, BB Eccles 2flat 4 bedrooms $34M, Charlotte Street Lacytown (land) 117'x31' $51M, New Providence (land) 100'x100' $24M. Tel. 609-2302, 609-6516.               Norton Street, Carmichael Street, North Ruimveldt, South Ruimveldt, Craig, Republic Park, Diamond, Alberttown Section 'K', Melanie Damishana, Campbellville, Thomas Street business spot, Robb Street business spot, D\urban Street business spot. LAND: Friendship land size 115 x 450 (wharf side) $65M, Meadow Brook Gardens $8.5M, Non Pareil.

 Subryanville Ocean View concrete and wooden building $120M, Leonora WCD twostorey beautiful concrete building $48M, Canal No. 2 new 4-bedroom concrete building on 8 acres part cultivated farm land. Price $24M. Tel. 225-3737, 225-4893, 651-7078.

: Saffon Street on Public Road, large commercial property on land in excess of 16 000 sq. ft with three concrete buildings thereon. Price neg. Large commercial properties with ongoing business on large expanse of land in prime area. Price neg. Tel. 225-3737, 225-4893, 651-7078.  Street, Albouystown 2-storey, 2-family front building. Vacant possession, transported, parking for 2 vehicles. Upper flat 2 bedrooms, telephone, water pump, GPL meter; lower flat extension telephone, GPL meter, one bedroom, toilet, bathroom, back yard about 15'. Tel. 611-8912. : Little Diamond EBD three-bedroom concrete building $15M, Providence EBD two buildings on land $40M, Kitty large business place $70M, Vreed-en-Hoop Public Road property $35 million. Tel. 225-3737, 225-4893, 651-7078.  Non Pareil ECD, twostorey concrete building $14M, Campbellville two-storey concrete building $50M, Diamond two-storey concrete buildings $32M $35M, $40M, Covent Gardens EBD on public road $38M. Tel. 225-3737, 2254893, 651-7078.  WBD: almost brand new 5 bedroom house for sale, master room and all rooms self-contained with AC and fans, open concept kitchen/dining/living room, large walk-in pantry, office/ library room and a powder room. Beautiful landscape and wrap around patio. Priced to sell$75 Million. Tel. 592-624-8704, 592-684-9203.

 HUGE 3-STOREY BUILDING WITH GOING BUSINESS AND LOTS OF LAND SPACE. MUST SEE. WI T H G R E AT P O T E N T I A L S F O R S TO R E , FA C TO R Y, B O N D , S U P E R M A R KET, SCHOOL, DAY CARE, OR GOING BUSINESS AND LOTS OF LAND SPACE MUST SEE W I T H G R E AT P O T E N T I A L S FOR STORE, FACTORY, APARTMENT, BOND, SUPERMARKET, SCHOOL, DAY CARE, OR APARTMENT. SERIOUS ENQUIRIES ONLY. 684-3718.  $4.5M neg, Grove $8M, Non Pareil $10M, D\Urban Backlands $30M, Campbellville $35M neg, Leonora $38M, Section 'K' $40M, Shell Road Kitty $16M, Middle Road, La Penitence $12M, Rentals Republic Park, Bel Air, Lamaha Springs US$500 - US$2000. Call Corretta on tel. 697-7842, 671-6653, 2317052.    modern Pike North Ruimveldt ranch with master room $17M, Meadow Brook Gardens $35M, Tucville concrete new $27M, Providen c e $ 2 5 M , n e w r a n c h $13M, Bel Air Park $45M, Prashad Nagar $37M, Duncan St. $23M, Sec. 'M' Campbellville requires repairs $14M, D'Urban St. $15M, Bent St. business residence. Phone Lor d Johnny Ramsohoye 225-2709, 618-0000, 2276949, 225-2626, 226-1064, 227-6949, 225-5198.  Sam's Real Estate and Property Management has the best priced properties for 2014. Grove $8M (land) Diamond $4.5M, (land) Leonora $40M neg, Brickdam $65M neg, D'Urban Backlands $30M neg, Campbellville $45M, David Street $14M, Subryanville $65M, Section 'K' $38M, Hadfield Street $36M, Light Street $21M, South Road $38M, Duncan Street (land) $32M, Rentals Subryanville US$800 - US$1500, Kitty US$600, Bel Air US$750. Tel. 6977842, 231-7052, 671-6653.

27 27 VEHICLES SALE PROPERTYFOR FORSALE   on all p r op e r t i e s f o r t h i s s u m m e r only. UG Gardens $140M, Republic Park $30M, Nandy Park 4 apartments $32M, Middle Road La Penitence land s i z e 140 x 60 $17M, second Street Alberttown business and residence $45M, 5th St. Alberttown massive concrete $48M, Eccles $14M, Kitty Sandy Babb St. two properties on double lot $38M, Lamaha St Queenstown apartment complex $58M. Phone Vice President 2312064, 225-3068, 227-6863, 2261064, 227-6949, 225-2626. built two flat concrete building at Diamond New Scheme. The upstairs consists of two self-contained bedrooms with bu i l t - i n c l o s e t s , a s p a c i o u s k i t c hen, dining and living rooms along with a large verandah at the back. The lower flat has a two-bedroom apartment and a larg e a r e a that c o u l d b e used as a bond or for any business. The yard has a concrete fen c e w i t h s p i k e s and razor wire above it. T h ere is also a laundry and a generator room downstairs along with a fully tiled carport. A complete water supply is available including six tanks and pump. Asking price: $42M. Interested personscan contact owner at 693 2531.  b a r g a i n s Norton Street - $14M, Bent Street business and residence - $16M, executive Prashad Nagar mansion double lot $85M, 8 apt. apartment complex was $120M, now - $85M, Sec. 'K' Campbellville - $23M, Alberttown concrete 5 bedrooms - $46M, other for - $19M, and - $30M, South Ruimveldt Gardens - $19M, Festival City - $14M Charlotte Street business and residence byBourdaMarket-$26M, Cummings Street - $34M, Meadow Brook - $28M, D'Urban Street for double lot for 5-stor e y - $25M, Phone Lord Alysious Pereira - 623-2591, 2276949, 225-2709, 231-2064, 227-6863, 226-1064, 2 2 7 - 6 8 6 3 , 2 2 5 5198, 6 6 7 -78 1 2  Homes International Realty: Coldingen $14M neg, Rasville $14M neg, Enmore $8M neg, Campbellville $15M neg, Diamond 2 for 1 deal $15M neg, Cove and John 2 homes 5 bedrooms $12M, 4-bedro o m $10M, McDoom Solid concrete $20M, North Ruimveldt 7bedroom fixer upper, Nismes $6.5M, La Parfaite Harmonie $8.5M, 6-bedroom apartment (4 2-br, 2 1-br) only $21M neg), corner lot 89x80 Albouystown. Ready to go now! And many more, call Ahaziah 613-3018          location  Street, Kingston opposite the American Embassy. One (1) huge four storey concrete and steel building, 2 bedrooms on each flat, AC< hot water, refrigerator and stove one ach floor and fully furnished, generator. Can be used for embassy, office, apartments or residence. Price $180M. Property being sold with all equipment and furnishings inclusive. Serious enquiries 223-8634, 646-3251, 227-0464' Bargains in Guyana: Full concrete D'Urban Street business $19M, business and residence Bent Street 16M, Gordon Street business & residence $23M. Waterloo Street business and residence (new) $35M. South Road Land $36M, Charlotte Street 2 b u i l d i n g s 2 h o u ses by Light $32M. Land 140 x 60 by Russian E m b a s s y $ 3 0 M . L a n d at Turkeyen 140x60 $32M. L0 Ressovenure Land 126x60 $20M. Campbellville flat house needs repairs $13M. Section K $19M needs repa i r s , 3 - s t o r e y Q u a m ina Street for hotel US$599 000, Bel Air Park $49M Lamaha Gardens valued $85M now $70M. Rental of ap a r t m ents from US$7 0 0 , Residence US$1 200 upwards. Phone Lord Patrick Pereira 2276863, 225-2709, 227-6949, 226-1064, 669-3350. 7 days a week tonyreidsrealty@hotmail. c o m

28 28 PROPERTYFORSALE   on all properties for this summer only. Sale! Sale! Sale! Business property immediately: East of Orange Walk in Charlotte Street $28M, 3-storey business property in Croal Street requires repairs $32M, Bent Street almost new 2storey business property $!6M, South Ruimveldt Gardens residence $16M, Ogle fully concrete new $49M, Tucville new $26M, Prashad Nagar executive $55M, Bel Air Park $55M, Kitty business or residence requires repairs, on 8 000 sq. ft - $19M, Forshaw old house $21M, 3-storey business close to Main Street $55M, Meadow Brook $45M, fully concrete D'Urban Backlands $30M, New Section 'K' $42M, Lamaha Gardens executive $68M, one ranch-style Section 'M' 3-bedroom suites for elderly $50M, fully concrete with excellent interior work, Bel Air Gardens $130M 231-2064, 225-3068, 227-6863, 226-1064, 2276949,

 Marketing and Realty. Good Hope PUBLIC Road East Coast (land - 675 x 92) $150M, Agriculture Rd, Triumph ( land 600 x 45 ft) $ 1 4 M , Chimney Road, Chateau Margot - (4 bedroom self cont) $29M, Atlantic Ville 5 b e d r o o m s e l f c o ntained $53M, Diamond 2nd Ave- 5 Bedroom $40M, Queenstown 5 bedroom self-contained (back lot - 80x60) $48M, Oleander Gdns $40M, Alberttown 6th St $52M, Republic Park $40M, L/Gardens $55M, Atlantic Ga r d e n s $ 45M , D u n c a n S t $ 30 M , A l e x a n d e r S t $ 50M, Robb St $60M,Barr St $65M, Earl's Court $35M, Meadow Brook Gardens $50M, Queenstown $70M, South Road $85M. Republic Gdns -Land (100x100) $24M. Tel. 219-4399, 6108332.  Marketing and Realty. KITTY- $17M, $32M&$35M, Good Hope $15.5M, Garnett St $31M, SEC K C/ville 4 bedroom selfcontained $44M, Carmichael Street 2 storey back house $22.5M, Montrose $16M, Mon Repos Block CC $22M, $10.5M & $9M, Ganges St. P/ Nagar - 5 Bedroom $58M, Granville Park $31M, Lusignan business property $13M, Durban St $21M, Ogle A/ Strip Road $55M, Better Hope Pub Rd $37M, Cummings St $37M, New Market St $55M, East St $60M, Happy Acres $30M, North Road $70M, Bel/A/Park $60M, P/Nagar $28M, L/Gardens $75M,Regent St. $1.2MUS. Diamond - 2nd Ave, 5 Bedroom $38M. Tel. 219-4399, 610-8332  Marketing and Realty. Middleton St C/VILLE 5 bedroom selfcontained back house 15ft driveway $28M, Kitty business property $44M, LBI Embankment $24M, Good Hope P/Rd (land - 280x140) $90M,Sheriff & Enachu Sts. $75M, Vlissengen Rd. (land) $75M, $110M, $140M, Sherrif St, $50M, South Ruimveldt $16M, Diamond $9M,$12M, $22M, East R/veldt $10.5M, Eccles $30M, $34M, A/ town $36M,Triumph $14M, Agriculture Road, Triumph $20M, Sheriff St. $150M, Subryanville $58M, Brickdam $100M, Ogle brand new 2-storey, 5 bedroom house $80M, Lamaha St, Queenstown, 3-storey, corner proprty $85M. Tel. 2194399, 610-8332  26% 26% 26% discount: Two-family concrete business and residence in the front of Happy Acres $32M, Dowding Street, Kitty with driveway $16M, BB Eccles $16M, South Ruimveldt Gardens $!6M, Light Street $21M, Second building with 12 ft drive way $!4M, David Street Subryanville with 14ft driveway $16M, West Ruimveldt concrete flat house $4.9M, Dazell Housing Scheme $11M, La Penitence business and residence with reserve for 20 cars $11M, Meadow Brook old house $12M, Lodge $14M, Middle Road La Penitence with 20ft driveway 4 apartments $15M, second ranch concrete $38M, Garnett St. business and residence $32M. Phone Mr. Budram 692-3831, Mr Darindra 615-0069, Mr. A. Pereira 6232591, Mrs Hercules 661-1952, 225-2626, 225-2709, 225-5198.






 concrete Section 'K' $44M, 7-apartment William St. concrete building reduced from $60M to $50M, Kitty house requires. repair on 8 000 sq. ft $19M, Middle Road La Penitence $16.5M, almost Regent and Oronoque St. $36M, Charlotte Street East of Orange Walk $28M, South Ruimveldt Gardens $66M, Meadow Brook concrete $45M, executive Republic Park $48M, Lamaha Gardens 3 self-contained $70M, Prashad Nagar 6-bedroom $58M, business 3-storey Quamina Street $85M, Bel Air Gardens on double lot $140M, Subryanville $58M, Alberttown concrete business $40M, New Haven 4 self-contained $80M, 3-bedroom new concrete Ogle $48M, Bel Air Park $52M, Croal St. 3-storey require repairs $30M, 4 lots in AA Eccles with incompl e t e c a t h e d r a l style structure requires $20M to complete, plus reserve and place for lake $90M neg. , Mr. Darendra 615-0069, Vice Presiednt Alysious Pereira 623-2591, Vice President Jhonny Ramsahoye 225-2709, Vice President Darindra 615-0069, 225-2626, 225-3068, 227-6863, 226-1064, 6677812, facebook Tony Reid Realty 7 days a week 24 hours a day all holidays and all prices are negotiable.

us at Raphael's Real 204 Charlotte St. Bourda Tel. # 2258241, 227-4950, after hours 226-7829 Fax 227-1537 Executive Ogle $115M, Diamond $20M, $13M, Queenstown, Versailles $25M, Good Hope $27M, Subryanville 7 bedrooms with swimming pool US$2.5M, Continental Park (exquisitely furnished) $70M, Wismar Burnham Drive $8M, Breda St, Werk-en-Rust $20M, Plaisance (2-storey concrete) $23M, Dazzell Scheme $27M, Atlantic Ville $19M, John S t r e e t , C a m p b e l l v i l l e $55M, North Ruimveldt $12M, La Parfaite Harmonie $16.5M. LAND La Grange $3M, 157 acres river to Linden Highway $30M.

 double-door display cooler, 2 Denon CD players (juggler). Excellent condition. 6796040.

8 Channels video Security kit, with 500 GB Hard Drive and 8 Night Vision Cameras. Viewable on Smartphones and tablets, Motion activated recording; contact: 6229589.

AGRI. EQUIP. MISC.  & Ranjah Import and Export. For all genuine truck parts and accessories new and used for Leyland, DAF, ERF Bedford Model M and TM etc from the UK, also foreign used Cummins and Perkins engine from the UK We currently have transfer boxes (power box) for 6 x 6 T M . Te l . 5 9 2 - 6 6 0 - 9 1 5 2 , 592-610-2873.



   breed dachshund pups for sale. 256-3360.    8500 generator brand new going at half-price. Call 226-5379.  tables 8'x4'x3', suitable for workshop etc. 233-0570.  set of 17" black rims with tyres. Contact Ryan 665-1400.  laser printer $55 000, Contact 658-4009.

 Fire commercial standard, one 4x8 Valley pools table (new cloth, bumpers) cues and balls included. Tel. 621-8612.  terrier and French poodle, mixed with Tibetan terrier puppies. Contact Miss Burke on 2236463, 616-8005, 661-1720.  4000 amp, deep scoop (18") Dennon jugglers, JBL/PV monitors with stand, N u m a r k C D p l a y e r. Te l . 6 2 3 2923.   jack hammer to break very strong concrete and rock, can work on 320 and 324 CAT and also Kobelco and Doosan excavators. 656-2350.  and Decker 1.7 cu. ft refrigerator, 21 Precision TV, new PS3 console with games. Contact 639-7114, 674-5625.  Games Games: Xbox 360, PS2, PSP, games and mod, starting at $500. Contact 684-3025.  AC, 12.6 and 1 8 0 0 0 B T U , 2 2 0 v o l t s . Te l . 623-3280, 689-4372.  backhoe 3 CX, caterpillar backhoe, 10-ton toad roller, portable welder on wheels. Call 6233404.  truck tyres 1000-20 $20 000 each, 11R 22.5 $20 000 each, 11R 14-5 $25 000 each. Call 6274148.  grey pit bull, two Gemini amplifiers 2000 and 3000 watts, two horns with box, two 10" speakers with box. 654-2847, 686-5341. -used Massey tractor, 2 - 60Hp tractors $1.6M00 each, 75Hp tractor $2.4M. Call 627-4148

 and pitbull mixed. 625-0345.   165 KVA generator with very low hours. 656-2350.

 3-storey concrete building, Price $100M.   property in good condition. Price $18M.   beautiful 2-storey concrete property 3 s e l f - c o n ta i n e d , 1 m a s t e r, l i b rary, television room, living room, upstairs back verandah, dow n s t a i r s den, fully marble stone tile, family room patio, garage parking space, for 3 cars, needs cosmetics, land space P r i c e $ 9 0 M,O g l e b e a u t i f u l p r o p e r t y $90M,  $36M neg,   $120M beautiful home excellent condition in   $ 5 5 M n eg, Queenstown property $100M. Do call us at Joy Reid's Realty. We are located at 247(D) Forshaw and Oronoque Streets, Queenstown. Tel. 225-6858, 225-7164, 667-7812, email:

  your year for 28% discount on all properties. Happy Acres 2-storey concrete $24M, Providence Stadium new $16M, concrete Republic Park $36M, Eccles concrete $34M, South Ruimveldt Gardens $12M needs repairs, Middle Road La Penitence 4apartment $14M, La Penitence twostorey $11M, D\Urban Backlands concrete $28M, Meadow Brook $12M, D\Urban Street concrete residence and business $28M, Lamaha Gardens executive $68M, Prashad Nagar 8000 sq ft land $60M, Lama Avenue, Bel Air Park $83M, BelAir Park $45M Dowding Street Kitty $29M, and $19M, David Street Subryanville from $19M, back with 12ft driveway $14M, Section 'K' Campbellville $40M, Garnett Street ranch concrete $38M, Owen Street Kitty concrete 2storey $39M, Camp Street business and residence. Phone Mr Darindra 615-0069, Mr Carlos Budram 692-3831, Mr. Alex Pereira 231-2064, Mr. Ramsahoye 2252709, 225-2626, 225-3068, 2276949, 225-5198, 627-7812, 2261064.

 internet café setup. Serious enquiries only. Tel. 6772085.

 & plucked chicken. 650-4421, 220-9203.

 40 KVA generator $950 000, ATV 450 $550 000 Honda. Tel. 622-0445, 685-7659.

 290 Massey Ferguson Tractor, one irrigation pump. Tel. 658-4910.

 Turnkey Business, 6 Goed Fortuin Public Road. Phone 600-3927.

 FT FISHING boat with 12 000lb seine and 10 000lb ice box. Any reasonable offer accepted. Tel. 641-9597.  Turnkey Business, 6 Goed Fortuin Public Road. Phone 600-3927.   metal decking, over 100 pics 39" wide. Priced for quick sale. 669-1113, 696-9529.

 with John Deere engine, with turbo 63 KVA, on wheels, very low hours, in excellent condition. Call for more information.. 639-3100, 667-1116, 619-5400.  Power ware UPS needs batteries, 1 - snow cone machine electric, 2 flat screen monitors, 5 - 750 APC need batteries, 3 wind turbines. Tel. 6211549.   ! 1 inverter +2 deep cycle batteries, 6-8 hours backup electricity, automatic switchover and recharge, can use solar panels, 1 year warranty, affordable $134 000. 226-2646.  juice-mobile canteen equipped with generator, cupboards, running water, commercial Vitamix etc.Going cheap. Owner leaving country. 638-9116, 603-0976.

  lace mini size 'L', 1 mesh cutouts size 'S', 1 Moca black leopard print strapless, size 'M' and 1 multi zig zag print belted size 'M'. To see dresses, prices and features Email Tel. 220-8596, 610-7998.

MICHELIN tyres for sale, like new, great price. Call 611-5414.

  Shore with 1x3 tee straps, 9 feet plus, giveaway prices. 669-1113, 696-9529.

 generator with John Deere engine with turbo 175 KVA, very low hours, Call for more information. Tel. 6393100, 667-1116,619-5400.

 saw used, DeWalt circular saw used, drill press, hammer drill, saw zall used, Hp office jet pro printer, LG AC energy sewer, 2 Cummings engines 6-cylinder with turbo. Call 6739501.

-AN ATV's Evinrude, Seadoo Jet Ski, new household appliances. 26-0025, 648-3171.

 Yamaha 4-stroke outboard engine, hardly used $1.3M. Tel. 621-8612.

 250-gallon plastic totes, ideal to transport fuel to the interior also oil paint and concrete paint, 5 gallons and 1 gallon,, marine paint also. Phone 220-1014.

 and mirrors foreign-used, screw on antenna, Japanese-made for all types of vehicles also rear view mirrors original, 192, 212 Honda and many more. $6 000 per pair and antenna $5 000. Tel. 616-5340.

 Cadence G5.9 Threadmill $90 000. Contact 6229589.

 Pathfinder parts (1990 - 97 parts. Contact 687-4135, 687-3896.

 treadmill, Kenwood fridge, two small power wash, 1 church mixer with two speakers, 2 Bose speakers, (901 series) $650 000. Tel. 6922016.

 water pump, 10" gold mine, 2 - 125 Yamaha outboards, 2 cool storage print, 1 Cummings engine, 6-cylinder, 1 CAT engine 6-cylinder. Tel. 627-0819, 683-4015.

 Frost free commercial upright freezer $90 000. Contact 622-9589.

Te l :

 pups, 10 weeks, excellent quality, short and stocky, vaccinated. 696-4410, 618-5557 Ray.

-bred red nose pitbull, 12 weeks old, vaccinated and dewormed, Short and fluffy pups, 7 weeks old. vaccinated and dewormed, Tel. 610-9454.  quality 16" Michelin (German) tyres with new American-made rims, 16" 5-hole $320 000. Tel. 626-0595, 670-4161.  new, light blue fibreglass bath tub US-made $40 000, 2 hot and cold water sinks with fittings UK-made $10 000 each. Owner migrating 616-5340.  table, imported and local and accessories such as cues, balls, cloth, rubber, spot chalk, etc. Tel. 6093311, 614-4841, 220-4298.

 Annandale Market Road, Toyota Dyna 14B, self-loading Ransom five-sack cement. 676-5727.

 set model D 343, 250 kva, 3 Ph, 415-240, 220/ 127v, AC 60 Hz. Call 227-0190, 6935610, 616-9727.

 Ashley sofa, one new washing machine one two door whirlpool refrigerator. For more information telephone 601-0225.

 cell phone, 9650 model, Blackberry Bold excellent condition (like new) - $12,000. 6246464, 675-3062. Keith.

-PIECE dining set (wholesale/retail) $35 000/$45 000, 30, 32, 34, 36 purpleheart panel doors, $28 000 each, 30, 32, 34, 36 Kabakali panel doors $20 000 each. Tel. 6889712, 651-0717, 669-1448. OWL 8 channel surveillance camera systems with 8 out door/indoor cameras (30 feet clear night vision), DVR with 500 GB hard drive, all cables and power adaptors, remote, mouse, and software CD, internet ready with motion detection email alert. $150 000. Contact 689-1957.  805 Jack hammer, cord and cordless drills, jig saw, mitre saw, impact wrench, nail gun, sanding monitor, saw zall, angle grinder, 2- gallon, 25-gallon air compressor, tile saw, expansion tools, sm water pump, 1300 watts Hyundai generator, socket set, STIHL TS 410 saw. Call 261-5142, 601-1094.

FOR SALE  sale! Entire household items, breakfast table, wicker chair set, sofa, bed, antique coffee table set, clothes closet, electric stove, dishwasher, cooler, suitcases, printers, televisions, rug, carpet, picture frames, books, kitchen items, Espresso and Cappuccino coffee maker, Dutch bottles, New York-style hot dog cart, 3-wheel bike, vanity set, much more. Call 227-1028. All prices are negotiable. 2 large automatic voltage regulator, stabiliser 110-240v input 110-240 output AR 2000 $12 000, and A$ 3000 $15 000 with breaker protection, large wooden writing desk 5 drawer $10 000, Avanti hot and cold water dispenser with cup storage at the bottom and 5-gal bottle 110v $20 000 new model, hardly used. Owner leaving 616-5340.  large table lamps antique with shade 110v $15 000, toaster oven with glass door 110v$4 000, coffee percolator with glass mug 110v $4 000, antique half round small table and antique stool $15 000, Milkshake machine 3-speed, 3pint cup stainless steel good for home or business 110v (Hamilton Beach) made $20 000, new 4speed Premium blender with large mug 110v $5 000. Owner leaving 675-8008. -by-side large refrigerator and freezer hardly used 110v good condition $170 000, 3 2 - i n c h S o n y T V, c o l o u r e d curved screen 110v with remote $50 000, Inverter 140-watt power invertors DC 12 volt to 110 volts with fuse system $20 000, Detecto scale large for measuring height and weight of patient, good for doctor\s clinic or any medical organisation, UK-made $45 000. Owner migrating 675-8008.  new catridges and Hp ink in box, cheap. Owners leaving 2 Xerox ink cartridges 11 3 R 6 3 4 $ 25 0 0 0 e a c h , 5 Xerox ink cartridges 113R 321 $25 000 each, 8 Hp Laser Jet ink cartridges 98X 92298S, 3 Hp Laser Jet ink cartridges 13X $6 000 each, 4 Hp Laser Jet ink coloured cartridges 4193A $5 000 each, 3 Canon cartridges NPG H toner $4 000 each. All prices are neg. Owner migrating 616-5340.   radiators for 6- or 4-cylinder (1) red engine 2 x 2-1/ 2 ft in good condition $50 000 excellent. Large commercial vacuum cleaner 120v, 60 Hz, 10 A, stainless steel, on trolley for car wash or industrial purposes, Hp 4.2 shop vac, wet/dry $60 000, 4 new 650-16 tyres Goodyear nylon 10-ply rating $21,000 each, 5 used mag rims for Toyota Land Cruiser 5-hole, 17 tyre $120 000. Owner leaving 616-5340.  equipment: 1 used Xerox work centre photocopy machine with scanning kit, all cards, manual CD available with machine, excellent condition, hardly used, also spare i n k a v a i l a b l e $ 400 0 0 0 . 4 Printers Laser Jet Hp 4200N, 4300 series $30 000, 2420 $10 000, Hp Laser Jet $20 000 and Lexmark 253 $6 000. All 110v and in good condition. Owner leaving 616-5340.  for office: Paper cutter guillotine hand type 18x30 USmade $10 000, 1 set office wall divider UK-made to set up two to three offices with glass door $40 000, office paper shredder 110v fully automatic to destroy documents $10 000, Whirlpool dehumidifier on wheels 110v, for office, home or patio, filters clean air $15 000, large new APC smart uninterruptable power supply 120 vac, along with all fittings and new laptop and manuals, CD instructions $90 000, 10 large flat screen computer monitors 60 Hz 110v $15 000 each 14'x16', 10 surge protector and battery back ups ES 750, 120v, 60Hz, $10 000 each, Owner leaving. Tel. 6165340.


29 29







 garden earth and builders waste, also bobcat rental, excavating, clearing and leveling down. Call 616-0617 or 663-3285.

 minibus, AC, CD, in very good condition. Tel. 609-9848.

 10-seater bus, BMM 1832 in perfect condition. Tel. 656-9835.

 DAF Hauler trucks also 1 CF Daf for parts. 656-2350.

 heavy duty Kolbe German made band saw 4340 MM to 450 MM model B 63, 240, 208 and 440 volts 50/60 Hz could also tilt the table. Large De Walt industrial cross and rip saw on large metal table, could move in any direction with 4 foot original, 208, 240 and 440v, 50/60 Hz, 2825 to 3425 RPM 3Hp motor, sliding on arm adjustable to tilt or turn to any direction, 12-inch disc sander for sanding edge of any furniture 110240, electric Mac tool brand parts washer 110v with 25-gal drum that holds wash fluid at the bottom and square metal bin 2ft by 3 ½ ft at the top with cover to wash engine parts, etc All machines are working. Make an offer for 1 or the lot. Owner leaving 614-9432.

 150 Corona, in reasonable working condition. Tel. 612-0120, 650-4900.

 Toyota 2RZ EFI minibus, AC, fog lamps 58 000 km, etc, fully powered, in excellent condition GPP 7051. Price neg. Tel. 6145168.

            off road package, fully loaded, automatic, bright red, excellent condition side bars, steps, extended cab 671-8883, 6691113, 696-9529. Price neg. with  

 dish for communication or TV station or anything that you want to set up. 50 pieces of 10 feet dish width at $75 000 complete each, 10 pieces central air conditioner units large 240v complete with motor $25 000 each, large fuel tank metal on stand with gauge 1500 gallon $50 000, large Kholer generator housing to keep noise low while generator working $40 000, 10 sturdy metal cages with door to secure air conditioner units, water pumps, etc.Could place a lock on door for security purposes $10 000 each, 2 large 2400 BTU air conditioner evaporator complete wall unit 240v $40 000 each with all brackets complete. Owner leaving. 675-8008.

Mitsubishi Pajero. Any reasonable offer takes it. Tel. 642-6159.

 Scooter. Contact 624-2254.  Carina 192 excellent condition. Call 646-8687. Owner migrating.  Toyota BB, mid PLL series, 1 owner, $1.6M neg. Tel. 6104291.  Hilux Extra cab GNN series, excellent condition Tel. 658-0199.  Allion, clean, 2 Toyota Voxy, and one Toyota Noah PPP. Call 688-1657.  BMW 316I, mag rims, music, AC, etc. Price $2.1M neg. Tel. 649-7009.  RZ bus, owner leaving country. Price $450 000 neg. Call 601-1094, 629-5946. Lancer, PLL series. Contact Michael 6010111.  CRV excellent condition, PKK series $1.7M. Call 639-7551, 220-4598.  Toyota GX 110 Mark 2, in very good condition, Price $2.8M neg. Tel. 629-5300.

VEHICLES FOR SALE  used R2 minibus. Tel. 694-7906.

 TL Bedford truck 8 and 10 tons. Excellent condition. Tel. 612-6426, 667-7010.  Toyota Town Ace minibus, BMM series. Price $1.2M. 664-5593. Spacio, music, rims, excellent condition. Tel. 6893881.  tractor, foreign-used, in excellent condition. Price neg. Contact 644-1004.   bus 3Y engine, PJJ series; 1 Hilux Surf 4x4 3Y engine, PHH series. Call 610-0514.  Verossa, leather interior, HID lights, rims, TV, PPP series, $3.3M. Tel. 618-7618.  Mitsubishi Lancer, AC, mags, deck, in good condition. Tel. 662-3700.  Pickup, excellent condition, 5-speed transmission. Asking $2.2M neg. Contact 6585097, 225-0398.

 SCRAP 312 B C AT e x c a v a t o r - 6 5 6 2350.  Axela PRR series $2.05M excellent condition. 615-7526, 653-4560.  Raum $1.165M neg, rims, AC. Contact Vishal Tel. 270-4674, 621-9080.  Tacoma 4x4 2006, $4.2M, RX8 Mazda 2004, $2.2M. Tel. 615-8683, 225-7593.  Hilux extra cab pickup, diesel engine. Excellent condition $3M. Tel. 649-0707, 264-2682.  Carina, AC, music, alarm, remote start, PLL series $975 000, AE 110 Sprinter $950 000, excellent condition. Tel. 639-9914, 690-7344, Paul. CRV PMM series, HID lights, reverse camera, dark interior, alloy wheels, 6-disc changer, Call 693-7722.  crashed Toyota Vios slightly damaged, sold as is. Price $750 000. Tel. 685-0659.   long base E F I , B J J s e r i e s , 2 AT 2 1 2 motor cars. All in excellent condition. Phone 268-3953, 638-5301.  Nissan Sentra B13 (450) and Nissan pick-up 4-door D21 (500). Price neg 614-7293. Must sell.  model NZE Corolla AC, TV, DVD, mags, excellent condition. Priced to go - $1.8M neg. Tel. 682-0274, 625-8775.   Titan, hardly driven $3.5M neg. Toyota 212 (woman driver), perfect condition $1.5M. 648-4627, 6393042.  192, PKK series, in excellent condition, mags, AC, remote start, etc. $875 000 neg. Tel. 609-6252, 670-8594. Hilux pickup 4x4, long base, manual, single cab, just imported. Excellent condition. Tel. 665-2880.

 double cab Nissan Pickup $700 000 neg. Tel. 233-0591, 6676644, 216-3120(office). Hilux Surf Extra Cab 5L diesel pickup -excellent condition. 656-2350.  IST, PPP series, excellent condition, $2M neg. Tel. 6499889, 645-3583.  2004 Toyota Allion, fully equipped with TV, reverse camera, DVD, CD. Car like new. 638-9116, 603-0976.  Premio NZT 260 2007 year model, unregistered, press start, TV, reverse camera, etc. Tel. 644-0530.

 equipment: Styling chair $40 000, shampoo chair $10 000, nail compressor $50 000, nail file and dryer $3 000, foot spa $6 0 0 0 , 2 s h a m p o o sinks $15 000 each, lighting sign $5 000. Tel. 652-5168.


 212 PNN series, AC, CD, mags, very good condition. Call 617-9507.

 RX8 18-inch allow rims, fully leather interior, spoiler, $1.8M. 220-0170.

 items: Large flat screen TV's, ice cream maker in box, floral arrangements, universal sixhole custom chrome wheels, brand new 305 x 40 x22 fits all 4x4, wares, guard grille for 4x4 engines, Sony computer, body building creatine powders, steel grilles for windows and doors, large complete standing units with glass shelves (food warmers) with 8/9" stainless steel pans, with burners and all fittings, suitable for snackette, restaurant, canteen, brand new polarised Oakle y s u n g l a s s e s , brand name colognes, inflatable new sturdy big chair bed, inflatable mattress, writing desks, living room chairs, dining room table set, cocktail centre tables, karaoke player in box, wardrobes, large stainless steel fridge (Frigidaire) with ice m a k e r, computer desks, Panasonic stereo complete with subwoofer speakers, large carpets, industrial standing fans (110 volts), new designer clothing, accessories Lasko fans with remote, comforter set, standing clothes rack, new hammock designer curtains for windows much more all items in excellent condition, DVD players camcorder with LCD screen. 2231885, 642-3722.

 machines: 1- large Canadian Band Saw 240v, one large De Walt Rip Saw or Cross Cut Saw with large arm and table, move in any direction- 240v. 1 Edge sander with 12 inch disc 240v, to sand wood edge, 1 Wadkin adjustable up and downcross cut saw on table - 240v, 1- Wadkin 12 inch plane with blades- 240v. All machines are in good working order. Owner leaving 664-3368.

 , mag rims, AC< CD player, in excellent condition $1.050M. Tel. 627-8989.

 Vitara, immaculate condition, fully powered, AC, mags, CD, 4WD. Serious enquiry only. Tel. 629-2371.   350 MERCEDES BENZ. ONLY 26,000 MILES. FULLY LOADED. $12.5 MIL CALL: 651-4578

 Lancer, AC, mag rims, music. Price $1M neg. Tel. 665-4854.  150 in working condition $200 000. Naresh Persaud. 2259882, 681-2499.  new model AT 212, alarm system, CD player. Tel. 6257416, 227-8659.

 Allion, lady-driven $1.875M. Tel. 642-6159.

 black Titan 4WD, fully loaded $3.5M. Tel. 678-2814, 699-2322.

 minibus, BKK series 5413. Tel. 612-2517.

 Corolla G-Touring Wagon. Tel. 644-0530.

  Carina (gold) $650 000. Tel. 255-0800, 625-4028.

 Royal Crown, one Prado 10 000 miles, excellent condition. Tel. 625-4611.

TACOMA AUTOMATIC 4 X 4, EXTRA CAB. LIKE NEW, LOW MILEAGE. $4.1 MIL CALL: 227-1511, 651-4578  Hilux Surf 4-Runner, AC, CD player in excellent condition $3.95M. Tel. 225-8761, 600-9568.  grey Toyota Premio in excellent condition, fully powered, 80 000 miles. Tel. 643-9772, 223-6279 (work). Civic, CD player, AC, mag rims, alarm system, $780 000 neg. Ford Ranger 2003 $2.2M neg. Tel. 658-5400.  F150 1994 model, GKK series, new pressure plate, clutch plate, clutch cylinders, battery, all documents current. $750 000. Contact 6891957.

 Cruiser Prado, excellent condition, fully powered, automatic diesel, AC, DVD, rims, music system, $4.8M. Call 2206380, 618-1395.  Toyota AT 192 PNN series in excellent condition, fully loaded. Price $850 000 neg. Owner leaving the country. Please call 699-5396, 6100418.  Explorer 4-door automatic 4x4, excellent mint condition, fully loaded. Must sell, hardly driven. Price $7.8M neg. 642-3304, 335-3823.  Solid Def Hilux Pinckup $2.4M, 2-ton Isuzu Dump truck $2.3M, New model Raum, $2.2M. Tel. 6411800, 223-5324.  mobile canteen on wheels, well built with stove, sink, glass case. Tiled, floor and CTC. Going cheap. Tel. 6262466, 220-5124/5125.  Ninja 600cc, silver Suzuki 2009, 250cc. Both bikes excellent condition. Have 4 000 km each. Unregistered. Make offer. 223-1885, 642-3722.  Sera sports car, mags fully powered, new shocks and struts, Honda Fit, end of PNN, mags, fully powered, excellent on gasolene. 223-1885, 642-3722.  Premio, PRR 1554, 16" mags, alarm system, fully air conditioned car, only driven 43 000. Price $2.5M neg. Contact 657-1130.  tow truck (international), aluminum sliding tray, carries 2 cars at a time, $4.5M. Very clean, can carry large vehicles. 639-3100, 667-1116, 619-5400.

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014

CBC Championship is .. From backpage

financing its programme. “I’m a certified public accountant and I do have a lot of people who are willing and ready to lend support. I have devised a plan prior to contesting the elections, on how we can make the game of basketball marketable again and how we will go about engaging corporate Guyana and most importantly, the Government of Guyana” Hinds noted. The former National basketball player said that upon his return from the CBC Congress, he will sit with his executives to further discuss how they will tackle a challenge. He says that will need everyone’s commitment and support. “This is where we will have to call on the likes of Digicel, GT&T, Ansa McAl, Banks DIH and other major stakeholders. I know that they would have already committed to doing other stuff, but we’ll have to convince them that this process is worthwhile supporting Basketball. I think in the past accountability was an issue and I’ll have to assure them somehow that we’re turning a new page in the sport,” Hinds said.

Deandra Dottin suspended ... From backpage

allowed to meet two of her biggest cricketing idols ‘as a means of mentorship’ the WICB statement said. Dottin has played 71 One-Day Internationals and 61 Twenty20 Internationals, helping the West Indies reach the final of the ICC Women’s World Cup last year. Earlier in that tournament, she hit 112 not out against South Africa to become the first woman to reach three figures in a Twenty20 International.

FIFA gives Pele special award at Ballon d’Or ceremony

FIFA awarded Brazil legend Pele with their first-ever Ballon d’Or Prix d’Honneur. Pele never won the Ballon d’Or, which began in 1956 as he never played in Europe. FIFA inaugurated their own world footballer-of-the-year award in 1991 but Pele had long since retired. The FIFA and Ballon d’Or awards were merged in 2010. “I promised my family that I would not cry but I am emotional,” Pele said as he collected his award. “First of all I have to thank God for giving me the health to play so many years. “Of course I did not play alone. When we talk about my friends people remember the players but we don’t have to forget the guy who cleaned the shoes, the masseur - I had a lot of good people on my side. I have to share with them all this trophy. “I got so many trophies and prizes but I was jealous because all of those guys who got the Ballon d’Or, which I couldn’t get because I didn’t play in Europe. Now I thank God that I can complete my trophies at home.” France Football magazine, which founded the Ballon d’Or said: “For regulation reasons the king is not on the list of Ballon d’Or winners - an anomaly that was corrected in 2013.” Pele is believed to have scored 1 281 goals in 1 363 games in his career. He is the only player to have won three World Cups and he scored 77 goals for Brazil in 92 appearances. (Eurosport)

English Southwell 08:40 hrs George Bemjamin 09:10 hrs Xclusive 09:45 hrs Aqua Ardens 10:20 hrs Solent Lad 10:50 hrs Billowing 11:25 hrs Powerful Wind 11:55 hrs Rancho mMontoya Exeter 08:55 hrs Royal Riviera 09:25 hrs Steel City 10:00 hrs Prideofthecastle 10:35 hrs Rosenfath 11:05 hrs Royal Player 11:40 hrs Triggerman 12:10 hrs Cash Injection German Racing Tips Cagnes-Sur-Mer 08:30 hrs Rock Of Nassau 09:05 hrs Uphold 09:35 hrs Bryce 10:05 hrs Prideofthecastle 10:40 hrs Corodor 11:10 hrs Prince Gris South Africa Racing Tips Scottsville 08:15 hrs Ice Pack 08:50 hrs Raaees 09:20 hrs Chosen Goddess 09:55 hrs Captain Lars 10:30 hrs Iswithi 11:05 hrs Imagine American Racing Tips Philadelphia Park Race 1 Shalane Race 2 Nice Gator Race 3 Deighan Race 4 Calvados Race 5 Perfect Wind Race 6 Senor Quickie Race 7 Hotcha Do It Race 8 Villette Race 9 Trail of Letters

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014

Rusty Djokovic, slick Serena through in Melbourne .. Serena shows teenager Barty no mercy By Nick Mulvenney MELBOURNE, Australia (Reuters) - Novak Djokovic showed some early season rustiness but Serena Williams roared into the second round like a well-oiled machine as the tournament favourites took centre stage on the first evening of the Australian Open tennis yesterday. Williams, looking for her

Serena Williams sixth title, closed the evening on Rod Laver Arena with a 6-2, 6-1 demolition of local hope Ashleigh Barty after four-time champion Djokovic had overcome Lukas Lacko 6-3, 7-6(2), 6-1. Earlier, there were shocks aplenty in the women’s draw with the biggest coming when sixth seed Petra Kvitova fell victim to Thai world number 88 Luksika Kumkhum in front of a rapturous crowd on Margaret Court Arena. There were upsets for two Italian seeds as well, Sara Errani beaten 6-3, 6-2 by German Julia Goerges and her doubles partner Roberta Vinci going down 6-4, 6-3 to China’s Zheng Jie. Serena’s sister Venus Williams also bid an early farewell to the tournament when she blew a 3-0 lead in the deciding set to lose 2-6, 6-4, 6-4 to Russian Ekaterina Makarova. Djokovic’s new co-coach Boris Becker will have raised an eyebrow with the 30 unforced errors the second seed served up as he opened his quest for a fourth straight title in Melbourne. The Serbian always looked like cantering to victory in three sets, however, and 23 minutes after taking a tight second stanza by dominating the tiebreak, he was firing down his 10th ace for the win. “I know that I didn’t play my best, especially in the second set,” said Djokovic, who has now won his last 22 matches at Melbourne Park and 25 contests in a row in all tournaments since his loss to Rafael Nadal in the U.S. Open final. “I was a little bit too passive

in some stages of the match and was trying to find the proper setting and proper balance and footing in the court.” With temperatures forecast to soar well above 40 degrees Celsius from Tuesday onwards, there was good reason for the players to keep their time on court to a minimum and rest up for challenges to come. BARTY BLITZED Even in the cool of the evening, Serena Williams showed no signs of wanting to hang around and 17-year-old Barty looked like a lamb heading for the slaughter. Williams, who hit 31 winners, feasted on the teenager’s second serve and even dominated at the net, suggested that she herself was the biggest obstacle to her title ambitions. “I just don’t want to get in my way. I just have to stay out of my way and I’ll be fine,” she said. “As long as I’m able to stay relaxed, I’ll be okay.” Thai Luksika was far from relaxed as she looked to close out her victory over Kvitova but was soon bowing to all corners of the stadium having sealed the biggest win of her career 6-2, 1-6, 6-4. “I was really excited to


Arsenal survive late scare at Villa to go top

By Martyn Herman

be here, feeling good,” said former Wimbledon champion Kvitova. “I think that probably I wanted (it) too much,

lead in the first set before being drawn into a scrap with Colombian AlejandroNovak Gonzalez but Djokovic still ground out a 6-3, 6-4, 6-4

and then everything just fell down.” Fourth seeded Chinese Li Na never came anywhere near being upset as she dispatched teenager Ana Konjuh 6-2, 6-0 to set up a meeting with another 16-year-old, Swiss Belinda Bencic. Bencic beat 43-year-old Kimiko Date-Krumm 6-4, 4-6, 6-3 in a battle of generations - the 27-year age gap between the two the widest at a grand slam since a 47-year-old Martina Navratilova was beaten by 19-year-old Gisela Dulko at Wimbledon in 2004. Local hopes in the women’s draw rest largely with Sam Stosur and the 2011 U.S. Open champion made a reasonable start yesterday, gaining revenge for a semi-final defeat in Sydney last week with a 6-3, 6-4 win over Czech Klara Zakopalova. Men’s top 10 seeds David Ferrer, Tomas Berdych, Stan Wawrinka and Richard Gasquet earlier raced into the second round with three set victories, eager to make the most of relatively mild conditions at Melbourne Park. Ferrer sprinted to a 5-0

victory. “The most important thing is to win. Today maybe I didn’t play my best tennis, but I won,” said Ferrer, the least favoured third seed at Melbourne Park for several years.

LONDON, England - (Reuters) - Arsenal survived a late scare to regain top spot in the Premier League with a 2-1 victory at Aston Villa yesterday, both their goals arriving in the space of a minute in the first half. England midfielder Jack Wilshere opened the scoring after 34 minutes with an accurate left-foot finish and Villa self-destructed, conceding possession straight from the re-start and allowing Olivier Giroud to double the visitors’ lead. Christian Benteke’s stooping header raised hopes of an unlikely comeback and the Belgian striker came close to an equaliser but

HAAS EXIT Swiss Wawrinka, Djokovic’s potential quarter-final opponent, had the easiest passage when Kazakh Andrey Golubev retired while trailing 6-4, 4-1. German Tommy Haas, seeded 12th, also retired with a shoulder injury while losing to Spain’s Guillermo Garcia-Lopez in his first round match. Berdych and Gasquet both went through in less than two hours, however, the seventh seeded Czech beating Aleksandr Nedovyesov 6-3, 6-4, 6-3 and ninth seed Gasquet downing fellow Frenchman David Guez 7-5, 6-4, 6-1. Spanish top seed Nadal gets his campaign under way today along with two of the other “big four” of men’s tennis, Wimbledon champion Andy Murray and 17-time grand slam champion Roger Federer.

England win Ashes Test by 61 runs in Perth

ENGLAND took a big step towards retaining the Women’s Ashes by winning the one-off Test by 61 runs. Australia began the final day on 57-5, needing 185 to win, and Ellyse Perry (31) hit an early flurry of boundaries. But she fell to Anya Shrubsole (3-48), who tore through the tail to wrap up the victory before lunch. The win in Perth earns them six points in the multi-format series, and they only need to win two of the six limited-overs games to keep the trophy It also restores some pride in English cricket after the men’s team suffered a 5-0 whitewash by Australia in the Ashes and were thrashed in the first one-day international on Sunday. After she had taken 4-51 in the first innings, it was something of a surprise that captain Charlotte Edwards waited until the eighth over of the morning to bring Shrubsole into the attack, by which time Perry and Sarah Elliott (29) had already taken the Southern Stars to 96-5. But her introduction proved Australia’s undoing as Shrubsole began with two maiden overs to Elliott, and with fellow seamer Jenny Gunn applying the brakes at the other end, Perry perished in Shrubsole’s third over of the day as she chipped a catch to Gunn at square leg. The Somerset right-armer’s next over brought another wicket as Erin Osborne got a leading edge and was caught at mid-off by substitute fielder Danielle Wyatt without scoring. Gunn trapped Sarah Coyte lbw with the fourth ball after a drinks break, and with Elliott trying to farm the strike, Shrubsole bowled Rene Farrell - who became the ninth player of the match to have a duck symbol placed against her name on the WACA scoreboard It had been an unhappy game for Shrubsole’s new-ball partner Katherine Brunt, who had been removed from the attack in the first innings for bowling high full tosses, and was hit for 11 by Perry in her opening over on the final day. But Edwards’ faith in the Yorkshire pace bowler was rewarded when Brunt returned with one wicket needed - and ended Elliott’s long resistance with a superb inswinging yorker which clipped her leg stump and sealed the victory. “The last four days have been a rollercoaster, but I’m really proud of the girls,” said Edwards. “This is not the Ashes won - but we have to keep working hard and hopefully will take the Ashes home.” Perry’s all-round performance - 71 and 31 with the bat, and match figures of 8-79 - earned her the player-of-the-match award. After a warm-up game against a Representative XI on Friday, England will play the first of the three one-day internationals in Melbourne on Sunday

Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud celebrates after scoring their second goal against Aston Villa during their English Premier League soccer match at Villa Park in Birmingham, yesterday. (Credit: REUTERS/Darren Staples) Arsenal hung on to continue their fine record at Villa where they have not lost since 1998. Arsenal began the evening in third place after wins for title rivals Chelsea and Manchester City at the weekend but responded in style to move a point clear at the top. Arsene Wenger’s side have 48 points from 21 matches, City have 47 and Chelsea 46 with fourth-placed Liverpool further back on 42 after also winning at the weekend. “It’s a massive three points - especially because we dropped a bit in the second half. We have done that a few times, letting teams come on to us but we dealt well with it,” Wilshere told Sky Sports. “In the past we used to feel the nerves when we were up against it. But this season we haven’t and Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny have been brilliant all season.” Arsenal dominated possession in the first half without really hurting Villa until Nacho Monreal picked out Wilshere who took one touch before sweeping a low shot past Brad Guzan. Villa, disrupted by a head injury to defender Nathan Baker which required a seven-minute stoppage, then gifted Arsenal possession and Wilshere’s ball into the box found Giroud who finished in clinical fashion. Arsenal appeared to be coasting after the break but Villa roused themselves and Matthew Lowton’s superb cross from the right was met by a diving Benteke who scored his first goal since September. Arsenal suddenly looked jittery and with the clock ticking down another Lowton cross looked perfect for Benteke but he failed to connect properly with a header from in front of goal. While Wenger looked displeased with some of his side’s play, he was pleased with their resilience as Villa threatened. “It was vital because the first half was more about playing, and the second half was more about fighting,” he said. “They made it very physical, put the ball up high in the air and we had a very good resilient performance in the second half. Overall we have shown again both sides of the game.”


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014

Keep calm, carry on, summer will end for British fans

Ronaldo wins World Player-ofthe-Year for second time

Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo holds his trophy with his son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, after being awarded the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2013 in Zurich, yesterday. (Credit: REUTERS/Ruben Sprich) By Brian Homewood ZURICH - (Reuters) - A tearful Cristiano Ronaldo was named the world’s best footballer for the second time yesterday, preventing his great rival Lionel Messi from winning the award for a fifth year in a row. The Portugal and Real Madrid forward was so overcome with emotion he could barely complete his acceptance speech. “Thank you to everyone, my team mates, the national team and my family, to everyone here. Eusebio and (Nelson) Mandela were very important for me, I can’t speak,” he said after accepting his prize. Argentine Messi, hampered by injury problems at Barcelona late in the year, finished second in the poll, officially known as the FIFA Ballon d’Or. Frenchman Franck Ribery was third. Jupp Heynckes, now retired, was named coach-of-the-year for the first time after his Bayern Munich team won an unprecedented Champions League, Bundesliga and German Cup treble. Ronaldo secured the title with 1 365 points, ahead of Lionel Messi with 1 205 points and Franck Ribery with 1 127 points. The votes are held by the captains and coaches of the 209 national teams, although FIFA said that only 184 of them took part in the poll, plus 173 selected media representatives. Ronaldo was also voted FIFA Player-of-the-Year in 2008, before Messi began a run of four successive titles. In 2010 and 2011, the award was fused with the Ballon D’Or award previously handed out by France Football magazine. Although Ronaldo did not win any major titles last season, he has been unable to stop scoring goals. The 28-year-old has 20 La Liga goals this season for Real Madrid and netted a record nine times in the Champions League group stage. The high point of his year, however, came with Portugal when he scored a stunning hat-trick and almost single-handedly beat Sweden 3-1 in the second leg of their World Cup playoff tie to send his country through to the finals. Joining Ronaldo in the team-of-the-year were Manuel Neuer in goal, Philipp Lahm, Sergio Ramos, Thiago Silva and Dani Alves in defence, midfielders Andres Iniesta, Xavi and Ribery with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Messi in attack. The Afghanistan Football Federation won the Fair Play award after hosting their first international match at home, a friendly against Pakistan, for 10 years in August. Ibrahimovic was judged to have scored the best goal-of-the-year, an amazing overhead kick from near the touchline in a friendly against England. Germany goalkeeper Nadine Angerer was named the women’s Player-of-the-Year. Brazilian Pele was given a special ‘Prix d’Honneur’ for his lifetime achievements.

(REUTERS) - Just when British sports fans thought the jibes, digs and abuse over their lack of success Down Under over the last few months might finally slow to a mumbled trickle, their athletes gave their colonial brothers further ammunition yesterday. Already smarting from a 5-0 thrashing in the Ashes cricket series, British hopes in the women’s singles draw at the Australian Open ended before they got going with Laura Robson and Heather Watson knocked out in the first round. On top of that, the pair’s losses to 18th seed Kirsten Flipkens and 31st seed Daniela Hantuchova respectively, came less than 24 hours after the England cricket team were humbled at the neighbouring Melbourne Cricket Ground in the opening one-day international against Australia. Robson, who had been forced to withdraw from the warm-up Hobart International tournament with a wrist injury last week, refused to blame that for her loss yesterday. “She just played better than I,” Robson told reporters of her 6-3, 6-0 loss to Flipkens. “I don’t think I ever really got into a rhythm at all. “I wasn’t really able to deal with her slice that well. “I definitely expected to play better, but, you know, it happens.” Robson and Watson were the only two British women to make the main singles draw at Melbourne Park. Neither is involved in the doubles or mixed doubles.

Andy Murray

RIDING WAVE Their first round losses seemed a far cry from six months ago when British sports fans were celebrating a British and Irish Lions Test series victory in Australia, an Ashes win, their second successive Tour de France winner and Andy Murray breaking a 77-year hoodoo to win the Wimbledon men’s title. The nation’s remaining hopes in singles of the year’s opening grand slam now rest with world number four Murray. Last year’s beaten finalist, however, is still recovering from back surgery and has already moved to dampen down expectations of his progress at the tournament. Murray, who meets Japan’s Go Soeda in the first round today, has played two competitive matches since his surgery, thumping a local in the first round in Doha before he lost to Florian Mayer in the second. “I still obviously want to try and keep winning as much as possible. That’s always been the goal,” Murray said before the tournament began.

“If somehow I can work my way into the tournament, feel a little bit better every day, then I might start to raise those expectations. “But for now they’re not going to be obviously as high as they were the last few years.” While British public and media attention will no doubt focus on Murray’s progress, the English cricket team still have four one-day matches and three Twenty20 games before they can return home from their lengthy tour of the Sunburnt Country. The Australian cricketers, however, will not be doing them any favours with all-rounder Glenn Maxwell keen on prolonging their misery by trying to sweep the limited overs matches. “They looked a little bit drained, looked a bit tired,” Maxwell told reporters yesterday. “I think they’re still carrying a little bit of the effects from the Ashes. “Hopefully we can keep our foot on the throat and keep them to 10-0 and hopefully take them in the T20s as well.”

T&T advance to CONCACAF Under20 semi-finals for the first time

GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands (CMC) - Trinidad & Tobago advanced to the semifinals of the CONCACAF Women’s Under-20 Championships for the first time after outplaying hosts Cayman Island 4-0 on Sunday. Trinidad and Tobago footballers were off to a flying start by scoring in the second minute before some fans had a chance to settle into their seats. Patrice Campbell dribbled down the left and delivered a pass that snaked through the box to Shanisa Camejo, whose right-footed shot beat goalkeeper Kristina Seymour. 15 minutes later, the visitors increased their lead after Cayman Islands conceded an own goal from a pass into the box that a Caymanian defender was able to get a foot on. The ball, however, rebounded off teammate Jetena Bodden and looped over Seymour into the net. Five minutes before the break, Trinidad went ahead 3-0 after Campbell took a right-sided corner kick that Khadidra Debesette was able to head just inside the left post. The Caribbean runner-up struck early in the second half to score their fourth goal after Cayman had difficulty clearing out of its own penalty area. Brianna Ryce eventually ended up with the ball on the right and sent it towards goal for Anique Walker to covert. The win guaranteed that the Soca Princesses and Mexico will progress from Group B with a game to spare, while Honduras and Cayman have been eliminated from contention.  Though both sides have six points from two games, the Mexicans have a hold on the group’s top spot thanks to superior difference (+15 to +6).  They will square off today to decide the group title. Trinidad, who have not conceded a goal in three straight CONCACAF Under-20 games dating back to 2010, had never emerged from the competition’s group stage in five previous attempts.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday January 14, 2014


Meusa wins senior North American soccer category at Trophy success can spread to Stall Blitz tournament the Caribbean - Webb

REIGNING national senior chess champion Wendell Meusa opened his year by capturing a win when the chess season started last Sunday with the Trophy Stall Blitz Tournament at the Carifesta Sports Complex, Carifesta Avenue. Meusa won the senior category after ending with 6 points, with his only loss in the seven-round tournament being to former national champion Kriskal Persaud. Top honours in the junior category went to Anthony Drayton who had 5.5 points and, also honoured for being the top performing Under-16 player was Queen’s College student Otheneil Lewis. Persaud followed Meusa in the senior category after ending with 5.5 points, third place went to Hemraj Sanichar with five points, Alexander Duncan was fourth with 4.5 points and Glenford Corlette had 4 points to finish fifth. Following Drayton in the junior category the next four players all accrued four points each with Omar Britton Grant in second, Ron Motilall in third, Saeed Ali in fourth and Davion Mars in fifth. Drayton lost against Motilall in the opening round and sustained a draw against Persaud in the final round. He also played Eton Lee, Roberto Nettu and Alexander Duncan. In his final competition in the junior category, Drayton said that he was pleased with his performance and will be looking forward to working on his skills now that he will Wendell Meusa have to compete with the likes of Meusa and Taffin Khan. “I played reasonably well for now, but from now on I am in the senior category so I probably will need to train more to reach the level of Taffin Khan and the other seniors.” Drayton said. Following the completion of the tournament the players were presented with their prizes by Trophy Stall representative Renuka Chattergoon. (Tamica Garnett)

Rhodes leads England in U-19 World Cup

WILL Rhodes of Yorkshire will captain a 15-man England U-19 squad to the ICC U19 World Cup in the UAE next month. Rhodes, Nottingham-born but educated in Hull, played nine limited-overs matches

for Yorkshire last season, as he was carefully integrated into the side. He has yet to make his Championship debut. He is one of four Yorkshire players in a squad that includes representatives from nine of the 18 first-class

Will Rhodes gained valuable experience with Yorkshire last season

counties. E n g l a n d ’s U - 1 9 s i d e , which has had a thin time of late, will begin with a game against hosts UAE at the Zayed Cricket Stadium o n F e b r u a r y 1 4 , b e f o re playing Sri Lanka and New Zealand in the other group stage matches in Dubai. If they progress further they could then go on to face one of fifteen other countries in the latter stages of the tournament. David Graveney, head selector of the England Development Programme, said: “This squad contains an exciting mix of young talent which we look forward to seeing perform on the world stage against top class opposition. Squad: Will Rhodes (Yorkshire, capt.), Ed Barnard (Worcestershire), Joe C l a r k ( Wo rc e s t e r s h i re ) , Ben Duckett (Northamptonshire), Harry Finch (Sussex), Matthew Fisher (Yorkshire), Miles Hammond (Gloucestershire), Ryan Higgins (Middlesex), Robert Jones (Lancashire), Robert Sayer (Leicestershire), Josh Shaw (Yorkshire), Dominic Sibley ( S u r re y ) , J o n a t h a n Ta t tersall (Yorkshire), Jack Winslade (Surrey), Luke Wood (Nottinghamshire. (ESPN Cricinfo)

GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands (CMC) - CONCACAF president Jeffrey Webb says he is confident the success of women’s football in North America and Mexico can spread to the Caribbean and Central America. While the United States have been credited for creating a global model for success, Canada and Mexico have consistently established strong programmes. Webb was speaking at the start of the launch of the 2014 CONCACAF Women’s Under-20 Championship under way in the Cayman Islands. “We must raise standards so that we keep challenging teams in women’s football,” said Webb. “This is how we progress and provide sustainability of programmes.” Jamaica have demonstrated robust progress, hosting and finishing fourth at the 2013 CONCACAF Women’s Under-17 Championship.  Many of the standouts from that team are on the Reggae Girlz’s current Under-20 roster.  “The objective is to build exposure to women’s football in this region, so that a legacy remains .That’s why these competitions are so important,” Webb said. “We have to invest in the game, particularly in the long-term development of women’s football”. The CONCACAF Women’s Jeffrey Webb Under-20 Championship, which runs January 9-19, will qualify three teams for the 2014 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in Canada. The United States are the only CONCACAF nation to qualify for every FIFA U-19/20 Women’s World Cup.

Hyatt questions his omission from Jamaica’s 14-man squad

KINGSTON, Jamaica (CMC) - Batsman Danza Hyatt is questioning the decision by Jamaica’s new selection panel to omit him from the 14-man squad named for the West Indies NAGICO Super50 tournament starting this month. Chairman of selectors, Wavell Hinds, says Hyatt, a regular member of the team since making his regional debut in 2004, was dropped due to below par showings in recent years. The selection committee also includes former West Indies fast bowler Courtney Walsh, Cleveland Davidson, Wayne Lewis, as well as head coach Junior Bennett and new captain Chris Gayle. “I was shocked when I heard the announcement and I was not included,” said Hyatt. “I did not have a great four-day tournament last season. However, I thought I did well enough in the Super50. I finished as team’s third highest run-scorer behind (André) McCarthy, who I think scored two more than me, and (Nkrumah) Bonner, who I think had about 20-odd more”. Hyatt, who was named among a list of four reserves for the Super50, has a first-class average of 26.04 from 51 matches, including a century and 17 half-centuries. He has also played in 41

one-day games where he has an average of 27.21. “I also did fairly well in the Caribbean Premier League Twenty20 where I finished as Jamaica Tallawahs’ third highest run-scorer behind (Chris) Gayle and (André) Russell on our way to winning the title,” said Hyatt who also represented the West Indies in nine one-dayers and five Twenty20 Internationals. “I am therefore kind of at a loss for words at the moment as why I was left out.” The regional four-day tournament is scheduled to get under way on February 22, six days after the completion of the Super50.

Danza Hyatt

CRICKETQUIZ CORNER (Tuesday January 14, 2014) Compliments of THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market &The

City Mall (Tel: 225-9230)& CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: Viv Richards - 15 Today’s Quiz: How many West Indians have scored Test double-centuries against India to date? Put these in order beginning with the man who first captained the West Indies in ODIs: Ritchie Richardson; Gordon Greenidge; Courtney Walsh; Jeff Dujon; Desmond Haynes Answers in tomorrow’s issue


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Terry Holder remembered at GCB wake

MEMORIES of mixing with the late Terence `Terry’ Ormonde Holder were expressed by members of the cricketing fraternity as well as family members and friends on Sunday evening, when the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) held a wake at the Georgetown Cricket Club pavilion. Holder who served as Public Relations Officer of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) for over 15 years died last Wednesday after a fight with cancer. The former General Manager and Programme Manager of thethen Guyana Broadcasting Corporation was remembered by many as being a man of few words but when he chose to speak, he did so with authority. Among those in attendance on Sunday evening were Justice Cecil Kennard, Lance Baptiste, Grantley Culbard, Eion Jardine who represented the Guyana Boxing Board, GCB president Dru Bahadur, former president of the Essequibo Cricket Board Alan Johnson and former president of the GCB and retired Major General of the Guyana Defence Force Norman McLean. The late `Terry’ Holder was remembered by Baptiste as the person who advocated that cricket should start in schools. Baptiste also reminisced on the days when Holder was a member of the Club 59 steel band and an avid football fan and player. “While at the GBC, Terry used to ensure sports reporters make contact with the GTU (Guyana Teachers Union) to get fixtures and results.” Johnson said he met a simple person in Holder, one who was a keen listener when they (the Board) had their wrangling and Terry would just sit and listen and was very eloquent when he spoke. He was appreciative of cricketers especially from Essequibo, Johnson related, adding, “Terry made his mark, he has done his job and will surely be missed, he was a model that humanity must love.” Bahadur also said Holder was a man of very few words and was for the uplifting of cricket. Culbard, who worked alongside Holder when he (Holder) was a vice-president of the Guyana Manufacturers Association (GMA) said all that was said about Holder on Sunday evening is very true. “I had the opportunity to work with Terry for a number of years, and he would sit back and listen and make his

feelings known. The Cricket Board will miss him for his advice,” Culbard said. Holder, who was instrumental in bringing TV broadcasting in Guyana, nurtured a cadre of commentators, announcers, producers and reporters, and was a sticker for standards, some said. Holder was also General Secretary of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) which he helped to establish. He also served as Deputy General Manager of Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GT&T) Company. Jardine said Holder did a lot for professional boxing in Guyana and he will surely be missed. Holder’s daughter, Dawn, said Cricket was her father’s love. “Every argument there was, I would hear daddy say, shut up. There was nothing he wanted to see more than unity in Guyana’s cricket, but he had his favourite,” Dawn said.

IN a time of 1:59:27, Orvel Hinds of United Cycling Club became the first winner of an event in 2014 by outsprinting Raul Leal and Michael Anthony in the Wilbur Benjamin 40-miler in Berbice last Sunday. The race, which started off slowly in front of the Benjamin Sports Store at Fyrish Village, saw wheelers demonstrate road rust. However, Akin Arthur, Alonzo Ambrose, Raymond Newton, Junior Niles, Akeem Wilkinson and Hamza Eastman upped the tempo to set a pace for a classical finish. The race proceeded to Number 43 Village and back to the starting point for the finish.

Arthur came in 4th, Ambrose 5th and Newton 6th. Newton came in first in the Veterans category while Junior Niles and Syborne Fernandes came in 2nd and 3rd respectively.   Meanwhile the next major event in Berbice will be held on February 23 when the Benjamin family will honour their father Sanko Benjamin on his 80th birthday with a grand road race in the ancient county where $80 000 will be up for grabs by the winner of that event. Cyclists from across the country are expected to participate in that mega event.  (Michael Khan)

GCA sends condolences to the Holder family

THE Executives of the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) would like to extend sincere condolences to the family of Terence (Terry) Ormonde Holder who passed away last week Wednesday. The GCA said Holder’s contribution to cricket in the Guyana has been immense and his passing has saddened the entire cricket fraternity. His calm and reassuring presence will certainly be missed within the administration of the game in Guyana, the message concluded.

Terence ‘Terry’ Ormonde Holder

Hinds wins Benjamin Sports 40-miler in Berbice

The prize winners pose with their hardware and members of the Benjamin family after the 40-mile race in Berbice last Sunday.

National team blitz Rest XI by 150 runs in second practice fixture

By Calvin Roberts IN contrast to their victory in the first practice match at the Everest Cricket Club last Friday, the Christopher Barnwell-led National team spared no prisoners yesterday, when they blitzed the Rest XI by 150 runs in the second practice fixture at the Georgetown Cricket Club ground. Batting first on a track that was conducive for batting, the National team who are presently Keon Joseph preparing for the West Indies Cricket Board/NAGICO Super50 tournament in Trinidad and Tobago, scored 230 for 7 from their allotted 42 overs. West Indies ‘A’ middle order batsman Assad Fudadin led their batting with 70 (111 balls, 2x4, 2x6) while Barnwell continued to display his pugnacious attitude, taking 16 balls to aggregate his 42 that was decorated with four fours and three sixes. Dependable Guyana and West Indies middle order batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul also contributed 41 (43 balls 1x4) and Leon Johnson 28 (41 balls, 3x4) to his team’s total, against the bowling of Keon Joseph 3 for 46 and Andre Stoll’s 2 for 27. In reply, the rest XI found the bowling of Paul Wintz (3 for 14) along with Devendra Bishoo, Royston Crandon and Ronsford Beaton who took two wickets each for 12, 16 and 17 runs respectively, too much to handle and folded for a meagre 80 from 25 overs, with only Rajiv Ivan’s unbeaten 47 (58 balls, 6x4) and Robin Bacchus, 10, managing to reach double figures. While the entire squad will visit the Gandhi Youth Organisation ground today for a concrete pitch session, they will return to the GCC ground on Friday for the third practice fixture, with two more matches being set for the Guyana National Stadium next week under lights.

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Terry Holder remembered at GCB wake See story on page 34

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CBC Championship is GABF’s immediate focus – Hinds

By Rawle Toney

NEWLY elected president of the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) Nigel Hinds is wasting no time in getting to work on restoring the sport to the glory it once enjoyed in the days when Guyana was a regional dominant force. “Vice-president Michael Singh and I would be heading to Puerto Rico for the CBC Congress this Saturday. So much has been happening around us and the fact that we just sat here and were doing nothing, we were left behind. There were some changes made coming from FIBA and we want to catch up,” the GABF said. The Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC) had summoned their affiliates to meet in Puerto Rico, where a number of issues, primarily that of its Championships, which will be played in the British Virgin Island July 1-5 with the Men’s tournament and the women July 8-12. “Guyana is sending two teams to that championship” Hinds said, adding “But with that comes with a number of responsibilities and we at the GABF are prepared to go into overdrive immediately - which makes our going to the Congress very important. It’s costly but we understand the importance so we will be funding ourselves. It’s important to understand that nothing is

handed over to us (the new executives) as yet but we understand the importance. It’s something we have to do” Hinds told Chronicle Sport that the CBC has announced that come 2015, none of its affiliate national associations will be allowed to participate in the Championship, unless they participate at the junior games - something he fully supports. “This is something that had to be done, because it will force some of those Federations that do absolutely nothing and also force you to invest in the youth which in turn means that you will have a nursery of players”. He added, “With that, we have to also get YBG (Youth Basketball Guyana) on board, have them a part of the GABF and lend support to what they have been doing over the years with youth basketball. It’s important that we sit with them and iron out whatever issues they had with the previous administration and let’s get things rolling from now.” Looking ahead, Hinds said that from now the “CBC Championship is the GABF’s immediate focus. We will be hosting our inter-association championship in February and that will serve as our selection process and then we’ll work on getting those guys together and having them properly prepared. They did well at the last championship and we’ll be working hard to make sure that they have an even better result this time around.” However, Hinds explained that he will have to bring his profession in to work while highlighting the GABF’s challenge See page 31

New GABF president Nigel Hinds

Deandra Dottin suspended for a year

ST JOHN’S, Antigua, (CMC) - The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) yesterday announced the suspension of star player Deandra Dottin for breaching a Code of Conduct during a Twenty20 match last year. Dottin, the first woman to score a century in Twenty20 International cricket, will miss the upcoming tour to New Zealand as part of her suspension. She will also undergo counselling, monitoring and evaluation for a period of 12 months. “The charge was that under Rule No. 6 of the WICB’s Code of Conduct she did ‘engage in beDeandra Dottin will also undergo counselling, monitoring and haviour unbecoming that could bring the game of evaluation for a period of 12 months.

Pele with his special award (Reuters)

cricket into disrepute or be harmful to the interests of cricket,” said a statement released by WICB. “On December 16, 2013 Dottin met with the WICB’s Disciplinary Committee where on review of the presentations and evidence presented to the Tribunal she was found guilty of the charge.” The incident occurred during last year’s Women’s Tri-Nation T20 Series in Barbados. Despite her misconduct, she was named Player-ofthe-Series as the West Indies beat England to win the Twenty20 International tri-series on home soil late. Dottin has apologised for her actions and will be

FIFA gives Pele special award at Ballon d’Or ceremony

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