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Principle prevails in National Assembly as Manickchand speaks - despite APNU, AFC walk-out

Notorious bandit ‘Popcorn’ killed 8 Page

in late-night Police operation

‘NO GAG’: Education Minister Priya Manickchand speaking in the National Assembly yesterday. (Adrian Narine photo)


Doctors lose battle to save life of 18-yr-old asthmatic Page 4 girl

Youth drowns attempting to save someone else Page 13 Jemel Thompson

- during excursion at Blue Lake Creek in Linden

‘KILLED’: Deodat Seecharran, alias ‘Popcorn’

Canje businessman remanded over 8 cocaine-laden pastries at CJIA Page

Cop on wounding charge after his 8 gun went off Page


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday April 8, 2014

Education remains PPP/C Government’s top priority

- ‘We have matched our vision to the allocations in the sector’, says Minister Manickchand By Vanessa Narine GUYANA’s education sector, taking the lion’s share of the 2014 Budget ($32.3 billion), has consistently made advances, but there is much more to do, according to subject Minister, Priya Manickchand. In the National Assembly, yesterday, she noted that focus on Guyana’s children not only makes them better than their parents were and improves their lives, but prepares them to take the reins of leadership in the country. She made it clear that anything that takes away from this is like robbing Guyana’s youths of a better life, robbing their families of a better life, and goes against the promises made to them by the current Administration, as well as the Opposition. She stressed that there is no doubt that there has been a transformation of the local education sector, transformations that are clearly evident by the achievement of universal primary education, the moves being made to reach universal secondary education, and the outstanding and record-breaking performances of Guyanese students compared to other countries in the Caribbean Region, among others. The Education Minister stated that in 1991 the pass rate at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams was 21 per cent and it has been increased over the last two decades to 29 per cent in 1995, 46 per cent in 2000, 60 per cent in 2005 and 66 per cent in 2010. She added that out of eight regional awards given by the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC), Guyana brought home five last year, including best overall student, an award Guyana has been bringing back since 2006. “We’re going for the others,” the Minister stressed. Manickchand underscored the fact that the ruling party’s ideology, as it relates to the transformational impact of educa-

tion, is evidenced in its policies. “We have matched our vision to the allocations in the sector…with investments come growth,” she declared. VALUE FOR MONEY Opposition APNU Chief Whip and Shadow Education Minister, Amna Ally, had a contrary view of the moves in the education sector and called the allocations a “spend and hope” approach. According to her, yesterday, the budget is a highly politicised document and it is a “repair and maintenance schedule”, not a developmental plan, nor is it something to solve problems of masses. Ally stated that while the Government boasts that Budget 2014 is the largest budget ever, the “greatest worry” is that despite the larger input, Guyana is not getting value for money and the impacts of the massive investments in the education The only Opposition sector is still to be seen. “We hope the Government member who stayed to listen to Minister Man- can get serious,” she said. The front-bencher with A ickchand’s presentation Partnership for National Unity was the Opposition’s (APNU) added that while some Chief Whip and shadow education minister, of the interventions, such as the move to ensure Guyana attains Amna Ally. universal secondary education, are laudable, there must be value for money. She said the current Administration must recognise the worth of the Guyanese youth and step up. The Shadow Education Minister bemoaned the annual $10,000 education grant, noting its inadequacy. Ally made it clear that talk of eight consecutive years of growth will not “hoodwink” the Guyanese people, many of whom are in a “depressing” situation. She called for interventions that are sustainable to ensure real improvement of the lives of the Guyanese people. The APNU MP reiterated her call for value for money and appealed for careful management and monitoring of interventions – all geared to delivered better services and quality education to all Guyanese children, rather than some. “We want our nation’s children to have a better life, hence this Government must utilise the requisite resources, human and material, to let the people enjoy a better life,”

Ally said. REALISING OUR VISION In response, Minister Manickchand said the education sector, through careful planning and management, is moving to realise its vision. According to her, the Opposition’s reference to impact is a seemingly “skewed” definition of the word, adding that the successes of the sector seem to be lost. “We will get there (where we need to be) because we can… we will plan for it, we will strategise for it and we will fund it,” Manickchand said. She explained that her Ministry’s strategic plan, which will be released soon, will further realise the current Administration’s vision for the sector. Among the initiatives to be undertaken on the five-year plan are: long-awaited changes to the Education Act, last amended in 1976; new regulations on national accreditation council; new interactive website, to benefit school children; engagements with stakeholders; more focus on children with special education needs; completion of Guyana’s own nursery reader (Roraima Readers); completion of Guyana’s primary readers (Atlantic Readers); addressing furniture needs; more resources for students; increased teacher training; advances at

“If the Opposition leaders don’t work with us, we will work with their constituents, as we have been doing anyway” - Minister Manickchand the University of Guyana (UG), including curricula reform and the establishment of a Centre of Excellence; and a hinterland education improvement programme, among others. Manickchand added that consultations are frequently done and will continue to be done to ensure the delivery of education responds to real needs of the Guyanese people. As to the advance of the sector and, by extension, Guyana, the Minister said, “We will do it alone if we have to, as we have been doing, but we would appreciate the support, because their (Opposition) supporters expect their representation for the children of those constituents.” She made it clear that the MPs in the Opposition benches have much to offer, but must understand that in making their contribution, it is a contribution to the Government’s vision for the sector, not as the Government to determine that vision. “If the Opposition leaders don’t work with us, we will work with their constituents, as we have been doing anyway,” Manickchand said. The Minister maintained that the contention that the Budget has nothing to offer reflects a clear misinterpretation and lack of understanding of the 2014 Estimates. It should be noted that the Opposition seats were vacant during Minister Manickchand’s presentation yesterday as the Opposition members walked out of the House, protesting her refusal to issue an apology to former APNU MP, Jaipaul Sharma. The only Opposition member who stayed to listen to Minister Manickchand’s presentation was Ms Ally.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday April 8, 2014

Opposition bullyism defeated!


Principle prevails in National Assembly as Manickchand speaks - despite APNU, AFC walk-out By Vanessa Narine THE combined Opposition, yesterday, walked out when Education Minister Priya Manickchand rose in the National Assembly to give her presentation during the ongoing Budget 2014 debates. And A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament (MP), Joseph Harmon, denied that an agreement was reached between Opposition and Government last Wednesday that Manickchand should repeat agreed words in the House – words that would be accepted by the Opposition as a prerequisite to their non-protest of her being able to contribute to the 2014 Budget debates. Last Tuesday a ‘heckle’ by the Education Minister was protested and she was barred by the Speaker of the House Raphael Trotman from speaking during the ongoing debates. However, on Wednesday, following an agreement brokered by the Speaker with the Government and the Opposition, Manickchand repeated the agreed words in the House. On the following day, the Opposition Member of Parliament (MP), Jaipaul Sharma, resigned from his post in the House stating that his resignation was prompted by Manickchand’s comment and the fact the he considered himself

“incompetent” as an aggressive debater. Last Friday the Opposition inspired chaos in the House by loudly banging on their desks and chanting ‘Apology to Sharma’, effectively drowning out the Education Minister. The protest caused the Speaker to adjourn the sitting to yesterday. H o w e v e r, y e s terday, Harmon told the Assembly that no agreement was reached, contrary to the many reports and debates over the weekend. “We did not have any set of words agreed,” he stressed. The APNU frontbencher added that Government Chief Whip, Gail there was a lot of disTeixeira, accuses APNU’s front cussion in the meeting bencher Joe Harmon of suffer- that the Speaker invited ing from ‘amnesia’ APNU and Govern-

‘EMPTY SEATS’: Only APNU Chief Whip Amna Ally remained seated in the Opposition benches during Minister Priya Manickchand’s presentation yesterday.

ment members to, but there was no direct agreement on any set of words. “It did not happen in this way,” he argued.’ AMNESIA Government Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira, refuted this claim by Harmon and told the House that the Opposition MP was suffering from “amnesia”. She reminded Harmon and told the House that the words repeated by Manickchand last Wednesday were recited at the meeting and the Speaker asked him three times ‘Do you find these words acceptable’ and all three times Harmon said ‘yes’. Te i x e i ra said the APNU MP was clearly suffering from a bout of amnesia. S h e e x - ‘DISAPPOINTED’: Prime Minister Sam pressed sym- Hinds made it clear that agreements pathy if he between Members of Parliament must w a s u n d e r be honoured and said he was disappressure from pointed in the position taken by APNU. his party, given the political fallout of Sharma’s resignation. In addition to resigning, the Justice For All Party, which Sharma represents, has reportedly since pulled out of the APNU coalition. Sharma has since been replaced in the National Assembly by former People’s National Congress (PNC) MP, Ernest Elliot. The Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman, noted that he was under the impression that Wednesday’s meeting has resulted in an agreeable solution. He added that it was on this basis, this “agreement”, that he made the decision to lift the ban on Manickchand’s ability to speak. Trotman appealed to all MPs to retain in focus the best interest of the Guyanese people and the country. See page 8


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday April 8, 2014

Doctors lose battle to save life of 18-yr-old asthmatic girl prescribed medication for her, but found that there was none in stock. Nashwanttie’s 16-yearold sister, Karishma Raghubar, who had accompanied her, recalled that the nurse turned to another staff and told her that the medication she needed was not in stock. The nurse enquired of Kar-

By Shirley Thomas DOCTORS at the Intensive Care Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) eventually lost the battle to save the life of an 18-year-old asthmatic girl, on life support, whose condition dramatically deteriorated after she was treated for asthma at a health centre in the City last Monday. Dead is Nashwanttie Raghubar (also called Ambika), who had been asthmatic ever since she was five years old, but whose condition was monitored and managed by staff at the Georgetown Public Hospital for more than five years. She recently joined the clinic at the health centre. According to her death certificate, the teen died of Cardio-Pulmonary Arrest and Severe Bronchial Asthma. She succumbed just after 22:00 hrs on Sunday – two days after her eighteenth birthday. Around 8:30 hrs last Monday, Nashwanttie went to the health centre with slight wheezing, to be given oxygen and sent back home. Relatives said she was strong, got out of the taxi and walked (with no difficulty) into the health centre. She was greeted by a nurse who, on being told what she had come for, opened the refrigerator to get out the

ing, since the medication should not be taken on an empty stomach. On learning that the patient had not eaten, the nurse sent her sister to buy her a bottle of juice, but after she was hurriedly sent home for her sister’s medication, she accidentally set out for home with the juice in her bag, and so Nashwanttie

that her grandmother had bought her, and appeared to have been revived. It was then that she related to her sister Karishma what had transpired in her absence. She said the nurse applied all haste in getting her to GPHC by ambulance, which meant that her condition had gotten really bad. Krishma accompanied her on the ambulance. The patient spent the first three days in the Female Surgical Ward and her relatives said they were very satisfied with the care and attention she was given. “The doctors and nurses there did their level best to resuscitate Ambika, but we can’t understand (why) by Thursday

her condition began looking bleak,” lamented her grandmother, Meena Devi Sankar, who is a teacher at a private secondary school. She recalled that by midday Thursday, Nashwanttie lost consciousness, and had to be transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where the doctors waged an unrelenting battle to save her life. Before the end of the week she was placed on a ventilator. “When we went into ICU there were so many doctors and nurses around her bed, we could have seen they were doing their best, but she was not responding and the doctor told us that her condition was critical,” Meena

Devi said. On Friday April 4, while in the ICU on life support system, Nashwanttie turned 18, but pathetically, remained in a coma and has absolutely no knowledge of what was going on within or around her. The nurses in the ward designed and posted over her bed, Birthday memorabilia which they earnestly hoped she would wake up and acknowledge. Her mother and grandmother brought choice birthday cards which they placed around her pillow, prayed for her; kissed her, whispered little greetings; but (PLEASE SEE PAGE 5)

‘FLASHBACK’: Nashwanttie Raghubar who was critical on life support before losing the battle for life

ishma, whether Nashwanttie had any at home and Karishma replied ‘yes’. One of the nurse at the health centre then reportedly asked the sixteen-year-old to go back home and get the medication for her sister; and she did. But before Karishma could leave the health centre, the nurse enquired whether she had eaten for the morn-

did not use the juice. However, before Karishma could return with the medication and juice, the nurse allegedly opted to administer a substitute. Karishma quoted her sister Nashwanttie as saying that the nurse took ‘something’ out of the refrigerator, applied it to the inhaler and administered it to her. Nashwanttie said, from the time the nurse gave her the inhaler, she began feeling bad, developed difficulty breathing and immediately took down. On seeing that, the nurse immediately phoned Georgetown Public hospital and requested an ambulance . Nashwanttie was placed into the ambulance, and at that moment her sister returned from home with the medication and juice. On arrival at the hospital, the patient was quickly attended to, and moments later was admitted to the Female Surgical Ward at GPHC. While at the Female Surgical Ward, she munched on an apple

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday April 8, 2014

No further police reports on kidnapping until victim is safe - Seelall


- media reports compromising police work

By Leroy Smith Minister of Foreign Affairs Carolyn RodriguesBirkett receiving Letters of Commission from Jean Ricot Dormeus who has been accredited as Director of the Office of the Organisation of American States (OAS) in Guyana.

New OAS representative to Guyana accredited

MINISTER of Foreign Affairs Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett yesterday received Letters of Commission from Jean Ricot Dormeus who has been accredited as Director of the Office of the Organisation of American States (OAS) in Guyana. Dormeus succeeds Dennis Moses whose tenure ended in 2013. Guyana attaches great importance to the role and contribution of the national offices of various member states of the OAS. The OAS in Guyana, engages in several programmes that contribute to national development, particularly in the areas of democracy and good governance and the national office is able to co-ordinate such activities. In this regard, Government welcomes the appointment of Dormeus which will allow the OAS work to continue in collaboration with Government. Dormeus spent 21 years in the Haiti’s Foreign Service. Prior to taking up his appointment in Guyana, he served as the OAS representative in Antigua and Barbuda. He is acquainted with the Caribbean and Latin American Affairs having worked closely with various bodies in that regard. Dormeus’ academic background and various positions of leadership have helped him contribute to policy formulation, planning and organising.

THE Guyana Police Force will be making no further statements on the kidnapping of East Coast Demerara businessman Rajendra Singh, 40, called ‘Sunil’ until he is safely reunited with his family. This position was made clear by Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud who said that the priority of the police is the life which is at stake. Speaking with reporters yesterday, the Top Cop said that it was very unfortunate that the media have been reporting on the matter but at a later date he intends to deal with how to treat kidnapping cases. He noted that when the information which is released to the media is published, the persons holding someone for ransom are privy to the plan of action by the police or relatives and are then prepared to confront the situation. The Top Cop stopped short of saying that the reporting makes it difficult for the police to be ahead of the criminals in their efforts to negotiate or ensure the safe return of the kidnapped person. When the businessman was abducted from his business place on Saturday, the kidnappers contacted his wife and demanded $50M by midnight. However, by the following morning they reduced the ransom demand

to $25M. Meanwhile, the reservations of the Police Commissioner with respect to the media reporting on the kidnapping comes a day after the Police Public Relations Department had issued a press statement regarding the kidnapping. The police disclosed then, among other things, the full name of the businessman, the village in which he lives, his age and the amount of money the kidnappers were demanding. According to information received, the kidnappers allowed Singh’s wife to speak with him but insisted that she must not speak to the media or the police. In addition, she has been ordered to have the money ready along with the video footage taken by security cameras at the business premises where the kidnapping occurred. Rajendra Singh is in the business of selling spare parts and purchasing crashed vehicles. It was reported to the Guyana Chronicle that on Saturday night two men arrived at the Foulis, Enmore Public Road business and entered the store. The businessman’s wife saw the men but thought that they were there for legitimate customers.

However, the men drew firearms and beat her husband while ordering the man into his own car trunk. The men reportedly asked for the couple’s 13- year-old son who was fortunately

not at the business place at the time but at a barber shop nearby. Up to press time last night there had been no confirmed reports of the man being found or any ransom being paid.

Doctors lose battle to ... (FROM PAGE 4) waited in vain for her to open her eyes and smile at them. She had visitors from every clan and so many religious denominations turned up to pray for her; it was a moving sight. Two days later, on Sunday evening just after 22:00 hrs, the family received a phone call from the ICU, requesting them to come down to the hospital. They hastened down and on arriving there, found that Nashwanttie had succumbed. Throughout her period of illness, her mother Brihaspattie Praimchan remained grieved beyond words and tried in vain to keep composed. Daily family members huddled outside the ICU, just hoping and praying for a good word. Meena recalled that for thirteen years her granddaughter lived with her asthmatic condition and never developed an acute emergency. She spent several years at the clinic at the GPHC and had become quite popular at the institution. “The doctors and nurses always had a kind word to offer her. Then about two years ago she was transferred to this Health Centre where misfortune struck,” Meena said forlornly. The family, plunged in deep anguish, is insisting that Nashwanttie’s condition was not an emergency when she left home that Monday morning for the clinic, or they would have sent her straight to the Georgetown Public Hospital. “She had a slight wheezing, so we thought that, out of caution, we would let her visit the Clinic and get oxygen, just in the event she should need it during the night,” her grandmother reiterated. “What we would like to find out, is just what medication the nurse gave to her while waiting for Karishma to bring hers from home that Monday morning,” the grieving relatives contend.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday April 8, 2014


The epileptic tantrum of Speaker Trotman EDITORIAL

Hypocrisy in the House

THE nation was warned of an impending ‘bloody war’ in Guyana by no less than former PNC Minister of Finance Carl Greenidge, during whose infamous tenure Guyana was said to be ‘bankrupt’ and no audited accounts were ever available to be presented in the National Assembly. So all the ploys and machinations to derail the Budget debates seem merely a prelude to a ‘bloody war’ to the discerning and/or those who have witnessed or studied the modus operandi of the PNC from time immemorial; and it is the PNC that the Government is contending with in Parliament, because all the other allied parties of the parliamentary coalition are merely extensions of the PNC, with no power to digress. One is wondering what was the cost the AFC paid to be gifted the Speakership in the House; and a keen observer of the strategies of the PNC would conclude that co-operation on PNC’s divisionist, obstructionist, destructive brand of leadership in politics was the key cementing factor that propelled the head of the insignificant mini party to such an elevated (and lucrative) position in the National Assembly, bearing in mind that Raphael Trotman emerged from the bosom of the PNC; and cognisance should be taken of the fact that former PNC/WPA members do not denigrate their former colleagues but instead support and champion them, while former PPP/C members do the exact opposite. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors? When Speaker of the House Raphael Trotman wears his other cap of member of the Opposition and confers with his colleagues who know what strategies are programmed to create mayhem in the National Assembly? Jaipaul Sharma, the son of accused child rapist CN Sharma, is representing his father in the National Assembly, but it is his father’s seat he is warming. CN Sharma is the head of the Justice For All (JFA) party, and he is that party’s lead figure in the APNU opposition configuration. APNU MP Volda Lawrence was passionately denouncing pedophiles when Minister Priya Manickchand, under whose watch as Minister of Social Welfare and Human Services the most recent allegations of statutory rape first surfaced; who has irrefutable evidence from the victims themselves, heckled – a practice used and abused by Opposition parliamentarians, “ask your APNU member Sharma”. In Guyanese parlance, ‘nah wan daag name pampee’. Unless Jaipaul Sharma has unrevealed secrets that he feels guilty about – hence his demand for an apology, anyone would have rightfully conjectured that Minister Manickchand was alluding to head of the JFAP, which is part of the coalition grouping that constitutes APNU. However, when one takes into consideration the threats by the leadership of AFC, the negative pronouncements of Granger, and the warning of an impending ‘bloody war’ by Greenidge, one wonders if the intemperate rantings and the gag order, immediately silencing her was not meant to catalyse the programmed pandemonium that subsequently erupted in the National Assembly as Minister Manickchand attempted to make her presentation last Friday evening. The hypocrisy of the Opposition was glaring as Volda Lawrence, who was just the day before passionately denouncing pedophiles, joined in the ruckus to defend ‘the good character’ of someone everyone believes to be a serial

IT is an axiom of commonsense that the conflation of political theory and practice can conduce to orderly governance and development. It is in this context that the epileptic tantrum of Speaker Trotman last week in placing a muzzle on Minister Manickchand must be seen as the clearest index of the mindset spawned in the bowels of the APNU-AFC progamme for a future Guyana. With equal ease, less than 24 hours after, upon his own motion (no pun intended) following a catharsis with no external urging, Manickchand enjoyed deserving relief! Both seat and mouth can now function unimpeded! Had his predecessor erred in like manner he could at least blame the Clerk on whom he relied for questionable engagements with the right of an MP to function as prescribed by the Standing Orders. I write from personal experience, not as an observing bystander. As Mao Ze Dong observed slyly in a letter to his third wife, Jiang Qing, “great disorder across the land leads to great Order.” A Speaker is bound by the Constitution of which he is a creature and the Standing Orders of which he is the Operations Manager. Whim does not configure as a constituent of the power inherent in the Standing orders, which contain the latitude and longitude of his Powers – (and even Nagamootoo would advise caution here). One would have expected that the debacle created by their collective, inexcusable and unlawful attempt to muzzle Minister Rohee earlier would have ordained caution but as the saying goes - easy lesson good for dunce. If the constitutional rights of condemned prisoners are protected it would seem to a layman that Executive Ministers are equally so entitled. Whatever the excesses of (Ralph) Ramkaran. S.C., in his rapist of children. That, in juxtaposition with the protest action of AFC members, including Freddie Kissoon and members of the GHRA, and the WPA/APNU women’s arm – Red Thread, which purportedly represents the victims of pedophiles when it is convenient to them and when the perpetrator is not their political ally, creates a highly suspicious menu of mischief to create an excuse to start their usual mayhem in their country. For appearance’s sake the gag order was lifted, but the train of events had already been set in place; and the public is wondering if this is not another instance of Opposition hypocrisy and doublespeak. The level of hypocrisy is unbelievable; and Chronicle’s columnist ‘Old Kai’ had this to say, which pithily points to the ‘barefaced’ duplicity of the collective Opposition cabal: “Then there is APNU’s point man on infrastructure, Joseph Harmon, who said that the budget ‘was the worst ever produced by the Finance Minister’ and added that ‘Dr. Singh and his budget team is tired and has produced an uninspiring document’…” Well, if presenting a document which will surely extend our country’s economic growth for a record period is “uninspiring” to this APNU Member of Parliament, it does not surprise Old Kai one bit. After all, it goes against their ‘making Guyana ungovernable’ plan; but equally, one can see that Harmon was speaking from a place of experience, given all the vast experience his political party had when they were in Government in reducing Guyana from the most progressive to the least progressive when they exited Government in 1992. The genius even attacked “spending on public infrastructure” as being wrongfully prioritised. In the confusion, he inadvertently admits that several of the PPP/C Government projects, such as Amaila and the CJIA expansion are transformational ones but then goes on to attack efforts to realise them. We are then joined by APNU Region 7 representative, Dawn Hastings, who announced that youths of the hinterland continue to be denied equal access to education and the obviously troubled woman was quoted as saying, “One of the cries is that there are still limited job opportunities for our young people…it is time our youth have access to technical or industrial centres.” We can feel your ‘genuine’ concern Ms. Hastings, but it is a pity you did not realise this when your party, the APNU, teamed up with the AFC to cut a multi-million-dollar project to train hinterland youths in small business enterprises/entrepreneurships. It is sad that you sat in Parliament and remained quiet when the AFC threatened to cut funding last December for a project which will provide free transportation for Amerindian children to be taken to school. It is sad that you voted with your party to cut funding for the LCD’s for two consecutive

apogee of constitutional attainment, he never went where only Eagles dared, and Trotman, attorney-at-law, cannot claim that level of pedigree. A Speaker owes his election to that position of pre-eminence to the entire National Assembly and is the representative of that august House in its powers, proceedings and dignity. He is in duty bound to act with professional restraint thereby articulating the chief characteristics of that office, ie, authority and impartiality. As Erskine May puts it, “Confidence in the impartiality of the Speaker is an indispensable condition of the successful working of procedure….He takes no part in debate either in the House or in committee”. His powers include “repressing disorder in the House by calling members to order”. In all of the foregoing, it is patent that his initial pronouncement against the minister was ultra vires and conceived in caprice and constituted an unconcealed excitation to repudiating the very policy of restraint and impartiality of his Office. Furthermore this Speaker, lured by an inquisitive pressman, declared that he considered the Ruling of the Hon. Chief Justice (ag) in the contentious cutting of the 2012 Budget presented by the Hon. Minister of Finance to be wrong and he has since filed an appeal to the Court of Appeal, fuelling the likely repeat action of the joint Opposition. Does this accord with the principles and constraints required of that esteemed office? At a minimum, the Acting Chief Justice ought to be credited for comprehending the dynamics of development – ‘a luta continua’. JUSTICE CHARLES R. RAMSON, S.C., OR (Retired Attorney-General/Minister of Legal Affairs) years, and in so doing, denying Amerindians several projects which would have continued to address those concerns you spoke about. It is unfortunate that your party voted to cut Presidential grants for each and every Amerindian community for two consecutive years, grants which usually go towards developing village enterprises, creating those hinterland jobs you speak of now. Then we have our dear Amaila hydro power girl, Cathy Hughes of the AFC talking about our ‘unrealised potential in tourism’ and during a deep period of reflection she questioned, “How can we expect the international marketplace to take us seriously when initiatives to move this sector forward have been put on the back burner for decades?” You have to give her credit, but it is sad she was not concerned about our tourism potential and the international community when she and her party were publicly encouraging unrest which led to the destruction of Linden. What message was her party sending to potential visitors when her husband publicly called for ‘no peace’ and the destruction which soon followed along the Agricola public road? You can imagine the great impression her party left on the countless number of visitors who were stuck in the ensuing traffic jam along the East Bank, and as a result, missed their flights. They have such nice stories to relate about Guyana’s tourism industry after witnessing the beautiful scenes along the Agricola stretch, which were inspired by Mrs. Hughes’ party. At the same time, in all of her concern for tourism, she remained opposed to the expansion of the airport to cater for our visitors and the construction of our first ever internationally recognised hotel, the Marriott. In closing, it has not missed this newspaper’s attention that the AFC is calling to be provided with documents on the Amaila falls hydro and other major projects, again. Recall when President Ramotar came to office he invited the Opposition to discussions on these projects where they were presented with the documents and their questions answered. Then they went to Parliament and called for the documents and they were again given them. Now the AFC leader Khemraj Ramjattan is calling for the documents again, so it’s a rather pointless effort by Government. It is not the Government’s fault that the Opposition does not have the capacity to read and understand a basic project document or at least they pretend not to. Guyana’s greatest fraudsters are sitting in our august National Assembly; and the ‘honour’ no longer exists in the “Honourable”, because there is rampant hypocrisy in the House.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday April 8, 2014


A call for Budget 2014 to be Hugh Brian passed without amendments ‘Magic’ THE 2014 National Budget is definitely a people-focused Budget, which is highly reflective of its theme ‘A better Guyana for all Guyanese’. The PPP/C administration is known to present people-centred budgets since 1993 anyway. The Hon. Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh, MP, and his team ought to be congratulated for the preparation of Budget 2014 which realistically and in detail sets out the government’s financial plans to achieve continued socio-economic growth for the year 2014. Our country’s $220B budget for 2014 is therefore designed to ensure that Guyana’s economy grow by 5.6% in 2014. But the continued growth of Guyana’s economy is highly reflective of excellent management by the government under the leadership of President Donald Ramotar. I am impressed and satisfied with the budgetary allocations given to the various sectors of our country, which will

certainly enhance Guyana’s betterment. In fact all Guyanese will benefit from Budget 2014, and what I am most happy about is that the parents of public school children will be receiving an annual allowance and our pensioners continue to receive pension increases. Finally, Guyana’s indigenous peoples continue to remain the focus of our government, where budgetary allocations will be channelled towards their social and economic empowerment. In this regard, the information I am currently receiving from Amerindian communities is that Budget 2014 must be passed in Parliament without amendments since these can negatively affect the Guyanese people. The parliamentary (PNC/APNU & AFC) must take note. PETER PERSAUD

Pandemonium in the Honourable House AS a proud, patriotic Guyanese, I had hoped that the pandemonium in the Honourable House witnessed on Friday, April 4 was a thing of the distant past. I’ve seen men and women, whose aspirations to be leaders of this country in Government, behave like common thugs from the ghetto. It was indeed a sad day for my country. But if one can take some solace from the bullyism of the joint Opposition led by PNC/APNU, it is simply this: The Guyanese people have been reminded that the old PNC is alive and kicking in the ominous alliance of the A Partnership for National Unity - APNU. God help Guyana if David Granger and his band of hooligans ever come close to winning a national election. I know some will take offence to my choice of words in describing some members of the Opposition, but dressing up in decent clothes and looking like lawmakers does not change the person within. We are who we are. As Ministers of Government deliver their Ministries’ budget, it became evident that not much could be found wanting in the 2014 National Budget that was designed to help the ordinary citizen. Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh has once again displayed his brilliance in crafting a budget that puts Guyanese first. The Opposition was left to find something, anything, that they can use to disrupt the proceedings. They found it in the innocuous, off-hand comment of the Hon. Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, as APNU Parliamentarian Volda Lawrence voiced her condemnation of men who escape justice after committing “statutory rape”. Minister Manickchand was at the time referring to well-known controversial TV host, CN Sharma, who has cases pending in the High Court for the statutory rape of four underage school girls. The heckle was not even loud enough to be considered disruptive as it could hardly be heard in the recorded playback of the proceedings, and Speaker Trotman totally misconstrued to whom the minister was referring, causing him to issue the gag order. As head of the Justice For All (JFA) political party that is now part of the coalition partners that make up the APNU, CN Sharma is the APNU member referred to in the now famous “Ask your APNU member” heckle made by Minister Manickchand. Credit must be given to Speaker of the National Assembly, the Hon. Raphael Trotman for having the courage to

reverse his earlier gag order, allowing the minister to present the $32.3 billion Education Budget to the Nation. But at last this was not to be, as members from both Opposition parties (APNU and AFC) rudely and violently banged the furniture, making it impossible for the minister to be heard through the PA system used. The disruption was a well-planned and executed strategy to prevent the Education Minister from presenting to the nation, the biggest and most comprehensive Education Budget in our history as opposed to just walking out, which would have allowed the minister’s televised remarks to be heard in their absence. House Speaker, Raphael Trotman must not be taken for granted, for he has demonstrated time and again his willingness to enforce the rules of the National Assembly despite criticisms from his colleagues in the Opposition. David Granger and Khemraj Ramjattan have openly defied the Speaker’s ruling on several occasions when he invited the minister to speak. They have disrespected the Speaker and his authority by contributing to the chaos, and allowing their members to do the same. Several concessionary speeches earlier by Government Ministers, urging the Opposition to come on board, and work together with Government to develop Guyana, seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. Guyanese must now seriously consider the real obstructionist motives of the Opposition, which is, I believe, to disrupt development at all cost under the PPP/C. The supporters of the AFC must be feeling a deep sense of remorse for having voted for “change”, that is, from bad to worse. And I empathise with the people of Whim who must feel betrayed by the lies, deception and empty promises made by prominent members of the AFC. This is the Party that promised to bring “change” and civility if elected. But now that they are in the Opposition, I don’t suppose anyone can hold them responsible for not keeping that promise. It is indeed sad that after all the PPP/C has accomplished to transform an economy that has improved the lives of so many of our citizens, there are still those who are willing to take us back to the PNC era of lawlessness and segregation. Maybe it is truly time to consider the call for snap election and trust the wisdom of the electorate to restore the PPP/C majority in Parliament. HARRY GILL

October is lying

WITH reference to the article captioned ‘Hero seaman recalls risky boat cruise’ penned in Kaieteur News dated Sunday March 30, 2014. As a boat cruise fan, I would like to denounce all the false allegations made by Mr October and to say what really took place. For your information, the cruise on Easter Sunday, 2009 was from Parika to Bartica and not Supenaam. At no time was the M.V. Makouria, which was the boat used, in danger of sailing into any Atlantic ocean. That cruise was a very enjoyable cruise without any negative incidents; it left and arrived on time. Why would Mr Robert Ferrier, who was the captain of the vessel on that day, allow a civilian, such as the likes of Mr Hugh Brian ‘Magic’ October, to enter the wheelhouse to steer and turn the M.V. Makouria out of troubled waters? To my knowledge, Mr October is not a holder of any ship steering license but he was a cook on a cruise ship many years ago. It is very surprising that the Transport and Harbours Department and Captain Ferrier would allow Mr October to bring their reputation into repute by tarnishing the competence of the crew and not say anything to refute such lies being peddled by the likes of ‘Magic’. Ms Marcia Merchant, the Deputy General Manager, at that time and Ms Hughes, the Traffic Manager were on board as well. Do you honestly think such an incident could have occurred with boat slamming into wharf and only one drunken young man in the wheelhouse with no captain to be found and the authorities did not put a ban on all future cruises? Oh please! This seems to be the workings of some mischief makers who are up to no good and wants to put a damper on the much anticipated Easter Sunday Boat Cruise for their own selfish reasons. Why after five years Mr Magic suddenly decided that he will tell his story? I know numerous friends and family both overseas and in Guyana who have made this Easter Sunday Boat Cruise a much anticipated annual event which they enjoy to their fullest. I would like to know how someone could just come with a story such as this and no one took the time to clarify the information with the relevant authorities before highlighting it in the media. SAMANTHA BRYAN Boat Cruise Fan


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday April 8, 2014

Notorious bandit ‘Popcorn’ killed Canje businessman remanded over in late-night Police operation cocaine-laden By Jeune Bailey Vankeric

TWENTY-year-old Deodat Seecharran, alias ‘Popcorn’, met his demise in an exchange of gunfire with police ranks aback Betsy Ground Village in the community of East Canje, Berbice just before midnight on Sunday. ‘Popcorn’ and his accomplice, 22-year-old Zaheir

- accomplice reportedly eludes police

Abdul, called Imran, of New Scheme, Adelphi, East Canje Berbice, had returned to the Betsy Ground mandir to retrieve three cellular phones which they had left charging there; but the police, in an earlier visit to the place of religious worship, made in response to residents’ complaints that persons were

The Betsy Ground mandir where three cell phones belonging to wanted man Deodat Seecharran, alias ‘Popcorn’, were being charged

Opposition bullyism ... From page 3 The Speaker also appealed for “intellect, a sense of responsibility and patriotism to prevail”. HONOUR AGREEMENTS Prime Minister and leader of Government’s business in the House, Samuel Hinds, bemoaned the implications on the trust bond between parties in the House, following Friday’s incident. He made it clear that agreements reached should be honoured on both sides. “The matter was finished, it was closed,” PM Hinds said, referring to Wednesday’s agreement for Manickchand to repeat words that were considered acceptable to address Tuesday’s heckle. Hinds, last Friday, pointed out that the Opposition’s protest indicates clearly to the Government and to the Guyanese people that the Opposition’s word is not their bond. He stated that he was both shocked and stunned at the night’s events. Mr Hinds said, “This is another occurrence of the Opposition backing out of agreements….it is astonishing they would do what they have done….we have to take it that the Opposition’s word is not their bond.” The Prime Minister made it clear that agreements between Members of Parliament must be honoured and said he was disappointed in the position taken by the APNU. Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh, added that the education sector is a key sector that has a direct impact on the lives of thousands of Guyanese and the importance of the sector as well as the responsibility of Minister Manickchand ought to have been taken into consideration. “This sends us a clear message,” he said, explaining that the Opposition cannot be trusted; the Opposition has no respect for the rule of law; and is indicative of their disposition for “lawlessness” in the National Assembly. Singh stated that 26 MPs cannot deny the will of thousands who elected the current Administration and who are, by democratic right, represented by the Education Minister. “This is total disrespect for the principles of democracy,” he charged.

acting suspiciously in close proximity to the mandir, had removed the phones and had left the premises, but returned minutes later on foot. It was during this second visit to the mandir that the police had spotted two persons riding towards them. When the police shone a spotlight on the riders, the men dropped their bicycles and fled on foot, with the police in hot pursuit. Residents recalled hearing shots being fired as the Rose Hall sugar estate blew its horn to signal 23:30 hrs. Robbery victim Dilip Narine recalled being awoken from sleep by footsteps on the zinc shed adjoining his two-flat house. “I was scared, as bandits came into my home on January 8, 2011,” he said. “Dem gaffa bruk ah door; me nah come out fah nothing,” he blushingly admitted resolving. Pointing to the scars on his foot and arm following a brazen cutlass attack, the pensioner had this to say after learning of the death of the infamous Popcorn: “Me can breathe a bit again.” He is, however, anxious that the police did not capture Popcorn’s accomplice, known as Imran or ‘the cutlass man’. Having heard the footsteps on his zinc shed, Dilip Narine said he was relieved when the police arrived and warned him to stay inside as they searched his yard. They, however, came up empty-handed; but shortly afterwards, he heard an exchange of gunfire, and was subsequently told that ‘Popcorn’ had been fatally wounded.

Another resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said ‘Popcorn’ had been shot in the eye, with the bullet exiting the back of his head and taking away portions of his brain. On Monday morning, scores of residents gathered at the scene of the bloodshed, where an Afro comb, a mathematical compass with pencil, and an empty packet of Pall Mall cigarettes were found. Police said they recovered clothing; tools, including a pair of pliers and a screwdriver; another cell phone, and 10 rounds of live .32 ammunition from a haversack worn by Seecharran. However, no weapon was recovered at the scene. Meanwhile, 50-year-old Ramrattie Singh of First Street, Edinburgh Village, East Bank Berbice, along with David Nazir, identified the corpse of Seecharran as that belonging to her son. The body is currently awaiting a post-mortem examination to be performed at the New Amsterdam Hospital. ‘Popcorn’ had been fingered in several robbery attacks. He was currently wanted for the shooting death of Patricia Samaroo of Number Two Village, East Canje Berbice. The woman was at her sister Anetta’s home at Courtland Village, Corentyne when she was shot in the head. She died without receiving medical treatment. Anetta, who was shot in her abdomen, remains a patient at the New Amsterdam Hospital. Police are investigating this shooting incident.

pastries at CJIA By Geeta Rampersaud

A BUSINESSMAN and taxi driver of Lot 603 Fort Ordinance, Canje, Berbice who was accused of having cocaine-laden pastries while being an outgoing passenger at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) on Sunday was refused bail yesterday by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. Nicholas Harinandan, 37, pleaded not guilty to the offence that said on April 6 at the CJIA, he had in his possession 7.5 kilogrammes of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) Prosecutor Oswald Massiah said Harinandan is the holder of a visitor’s visa to the United States and on the day in question, he was an outgoing passenger on Caribbean Airlines flight BW 526 and checked in two suitcases, one black and the other red. When he went to the scanning machine to have his luggage scanned, the CANU officer on duty identified himself and asked the defendant about REMANDED: Nicolas Harihis suitcases and he told the of- nandan (Demwaves photo) ficer that it contained clothing, pastries, food, seasoning and footwear. The CANU officer enquired from the defendant if he had packed his suitcase himself and if anyone gave him anything to take to the US and he replied ‘no’ and told the officer that everything belonged

Mittai, cheese rolls, pine tart contained cocaine sealed in plastic, and liquid cocaine was in the sole of Clark’s footwear – court hears to him. Then with Harinanadan’s consent the officer conducted a search on a quantity of pastries and when he broke one of the mittai, he found a whitish substance believed to be the illegal drug cocaine. Harinanadan was told of the offence, cautioned by the said rank and subsequently escorted to the CANU headquarters along with the suitcases. A further search revealed that mittai, cheese rolls, pine tart contained the prohibited substance sealed in plastic, and the sole of a pair of Clark’s footwear contained liquid cocaine. He was represented by attorney-at-law Mr. Peter Hugh who told the court that his client has no prior conviction but one pending speeding ticket matter. Harinanadan was remanded to prison and the case was transferred to Providence Magistrate’s Court for April 14.

Cop on wounding charge after his service revolver went off By Geeta Rampersaud A LANCE Corporal attached to Brickdam Impact Base, who is accused of wounding a man when his police service revolver went off, was placed on $250,000 bail with one surety yesterday by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. The defendant, Atlyn Brown, of Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara, pleaded not guilty to the charge, particulars of which said

- placed on $250,000 bail that on October 18, 2013 at Craig Street, Campbellville, Georgetown, he feloniously wounded Maurice Porter with intent to maim, disfigure or inflict grievous bodily harm. Police Prosecutor Michael Grant said the rank was on patrol and was stopped by the complainant. During a conversation between Brown and Porter, the police

service revolver went off and the complainant was struck to his abdomen. He was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital and admitted as a patient and was later discharged. After advice was sought from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) the defendant was charged with the present offence. Brown was represented by attorney-at-law Mr. Paul

Fung-a-Fat, who told the court that his client is a serving member of the Force for over 15 years and cannot afford the bail. Defence counsel suggested that the defendant lodge the transport for his home as surety instead of posting cash bail and this was accepted. The prosecutor did not object to Brown’s pretrial liberty and the case was put off to April 30 for statements.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday April 8, 2014

Old Kai: Chronicles of Guyana...

Exposed: APNU has at least three different public positions on the sugar industry OLD Kai is amazed at the amount of nonsense that Opposition politicians are allowed to get away with in this country of ours and some in the media who pretend they are ‘independent’ are actually ‘dependent’; dependent on the Opposition to open their mouths so they can write a story, no matter how illogical it is. This is clearly evident with the numerous positions adopted by APNU on the sugar industry. The public will recall that in the lead up to the 2011 General Elections at a luncheon hosted by the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association, on Wednesday May 11, 2011, David Granger had announced that were he to become President, he will privatise the sugar industry. In fact, this is what he actually said, “I would like to get out of…state-owned sugar. I don’t think this is the concern of the state… I don’t think there is any place for state ownership of those things anymore; certainly not under David Granger.” So this was their first position. Then former PNC/R MP Anthony Vieira at an APNU press conference on March 11 announced that GuySuCo should get out of sugar production and convert the lands to ‘fish farms and ethanol production’. He then further refined his position by announcing at the very press conference that GuySuCo should phase out cane planting altogether and his excuse for this, according to the media, is that “because the country would be unable to produce that bio-fuel competitively.” So we have a second APNU position which entails the closing down of the entire sugar industry and converting it into fish ponds. Then the Guyana Times carried an article on April 6, 2014 which contained a third position on the sugar industry by APNU. In it, APNU Deputy Leader Dr. Rupert Roopnarine basically stated that APNU is not in

favour of the privatisation of the sugar industry and he was quoted as saying that “I am not sure that the privatisation of the industry is what we need.” This position by APNU is the complete opposite to the APNU position stated at the start of this column. Then there is another factor as while Dr. Roopnarine will have us believe now that his party has changed their position on the fate of the industry, he has not explained why they have been critical and threatened to cut the $6 billion PPP/C Government subvention to the industry for it to continue

We cannot afford to remain silent any longer as this new form of economic destruction continues to take root in our National Assembly due to a one-seat majority. its modernisation efforts which includes mechanisation. They are fully aware of the critical challenges which currently confront the industry and know that the subvention will go a long way in improving its fortunes. Threatening to not support this assistance is in effect following through on one of their position which is to close the industry in its entirety. This is what the media needs to question the Opposition about. How can they publicly articulate at least three different positions on the industry and the media pretend it’s a non-issue, especially when the jobs of 16,000 to 20,000 Guyanese are at stake? Added to this is the fact that the Opposition is allowed to get away with ridiculing the 2014 budget by saying it does not have a ‘human face’ or does not focus enough on the ‘social sector’ despite the reality that the majority of funding is going towards this sector.

‘Trademark PNC hooliganism’ - was how Rohee deems APNU MPs’ action in the House By Vanessa Narine GENERAL-Secretary of the ruling PPP/C party, Mr Clement Rohee, has bemoaned the actions of the combined Opposition last Friday in the National Assembly, when an agreement reached on Wednesday was breached and the proceedings of the House were disrupted. Yesterday, he had this to say: “The people of Guyana have once again seen, live and direct from the National Assembly, last Friday evening’s trademark display of hooliganism by the PNC (People’s National Congress)- led APNU (A Partnership for National Unity). “This was a vivid reminder of the PNC obnoxious ways of the past, when it ruled by fear, authoritarianism and naked bullyism against its political opponents.” The Opposition provoked chaos in the National Assembly last Friday when its MPs defied the ruling of the Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr Raphael Trotman, who decided to allow Education Minister Priya Manickchand to speak in the House, reversing a ban he had earlier imposed on her occasioned by the minister ‘heckling’ an Opposition MP last Tuesday, which was

protested. However, on Wednesday, following an agreement brokered by the Speaker with the Government and the Opposition, Manickchand repeated in the House words which were accepted by the Opposition as a prerequisite for them not to protest her being able to contribute to the 2014 Budget debates. But on the following day, APNU Member of Parliament (MP) Jaipaul Sharma resigned from the National Assembly, citing Manickchand’s comment and also stating that he considered himself “incompetent” as an aggressive debater. Rohee has made it clear that, by breaching last Wednesday’s agreement, the Opposition effectively prevented the minister from exercising her democratic right to speak and represent the 200,000 children who are in our schools today. He said, “This is another occasion when the Opposition has reneged on an agreement. It is becoming more and more evident that the Opposition cannot be trusted. The action of the PNCled APNU is just part of the PNC bullying behaviour to silence people without rhyme or reason, and part of their disrespect for law, order and principles.

But if Education Minister Priya Manickchand makes a comment, “Ask APNU member Sharma”, which in any eventuality is factual, it is the headline in these media entities for several days running. Old Kai is waiting on these ‘independent’ media houses to summon the courage to start questioning the Opposition and holding them accountable for their words and actions. Anything less would confirm beyond a doubt that they are in the pockets of the APNU and AFC and are actually actively playing along with this game to confuse the Guyanese public as can be observed with the many positions on the sugar industry by APNU. Guyanese who are concerned about the future of their country and the preservation of their economic growth and continued development needs to take a stand and let their voices be heard. All stakeholders need to get up from their slumber and speak up; the Government cannot fight your battles alone. You have to let the entire country and the international community knows that the actions of the Government are a reflection of your cause. You as a stakeholder stand to be affected by increased electricity bills if the Opposition refuses to support funding for the Amalia hydro power project once again; you or someone you know will be affected if the Opposition have their way and close down the sugar industry; you or someone you know has been affected by a serious medial ailment such as cancer or heart disease for which treatment needs to be sourced overseas at a high cost and there will be no hope in sight if the Opposition continues to withhold its support for the construction of the Specialty Hospital. We cannot afford to remain silent any longer as this new form of economic destruction continues to take root in our National Assembly due to a one-seat majority.

BEHAVIOUR OF THE PAST According to the PPP General-Secretary, last Friday’s actions are a reminder of the PNC’s actions of the past. He said, “These recent gagging actions by the PNC remind us in the PPP of their behaviour in the past, when they stole the democratic voices of the people by repeatedly rigging elections and employing other means against individuals they did not like. “It was under the PNC regime that Walter Rodney was killed and Father Darke was stabbed to death. Walter Rodney stood up to the PNC dictatorship, and Father Darke wrote against the regime. “The PPP also sees the behaviour last Friday of the PNC-led APNU as the showing of their true colours in being unprincipled and (untrustworthy). After agreement was reached by the parties concerned on Wednesday, and the PPP Minister doing her part, the PNC-led APNU reneged on the agreement.” Rohee made it clear that Friday’s incident was only the most recent example of the constant breaches of agreements between the Government and the Opposition. He underscored a more serious problem in Friday’s protest -- disregard of the ruling made by Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr Raphael Trotman. On that note, Rohee called on Trotman to stand by his decision and to embrace principled positions. He said, “The Speaker must exercise control over the proceedings of the National Assembly, in order to protect the Minister of Education from further abuse of the Opposition and denial of her right.” Friday’s protest, Rohee highlighted, is the current Administration’s constant challenge -- the “tyranny of the one seat majority” in the House.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday April 8, 2014

Contributions invited towards filming Maira & the Jaguar People

‘MAIRA & THE JAGUAR PEOPLE’ is the name of a film that portrays the life of the Makushi Amerindian tribe and the music, trees, waterfalls, rivers and bird song of the Guyana rainforest around Surama in Region Nine (Upper Essequibo/Upper Takutu). The script was written by Dr. Michael Gilkes, Guyana’s leading film maker, writer, playwright, director, actor and professor and is to be filmed close to and involving the Surama community and other virgin forested locations within that Region. But the filming is, however, in need of funding for its realisation. Project Manager Gem Madhoo-Nascimento of Guyana Executive Management Services (GEMS) said persons interested in helping can make donations by way of credit cards. They can log on to ‘’ or go ‘’ click on films on the top right hand corner, then fill in the details on the left hand side - ‘Maira & the Jaguar people’ to make donations, by means of credit cards. While donating, persons would qualify for gifts according to their level of donation, she said.

tours to the Essequibo River and Hurakabra River Resort; two nights stay at Cara Lodge and trips to Surama Eco Lodge and Iwokrama, among others.

Mairun. Maira loves birdsong and Mairun dreams of being a hunter. As a result of a terrifying encounter with a jaguar, they discover for themselves the practical wisdom behind the traditions and beliefs of their community and way of life. They learn to listen to what the Shaman calls ‘the advice of the birds’ and that the jaguar holds a special place in the interconnected web of life and death in the rainforest: that there is a kind of mutual respect between humans and jaguars, now a protected species in South America. In this film the rainforest will be more than just a beautiful backdrop, the music of its trees, waterfalls, rivers and bird song will play a very key part in the story. The musical language of the Makushi (with subtitles) will also be featured, and the project will help to promote the restoration and preservation of the Makushi language and cultural heritage, already in grave danger of being lost through the pull of the cities on their young people. The Makushi people of Surama will benefit directly from the making of this film, both in terms of their close involvement with the technical and casting areas of the production GIFTS RANGE and also because the producers will be building a replica of a These gifts range from a picture of the tallMakushi village from the 1950s as part of the set for the film. est wooden building in the world, St. George’s Dr. David Singh, Vice President of Conservation International, makes a The structures built will not be torn down after the Cathedral, along with a poem on the church by donation of 12 copies of Graham Watkins’s ‘Rupununi -- rediscovering filming but would remain in the care of the Makushi Dr. Gilkes; a book by Graham Watkins on Ru- a lost world’ to the Project Manager, Gem Madhoo Nascimento. Looking community and can then be used as living or guest pununi: rediscovering a lost world; an embossed on at left is Iwokrama official Ms Vanessa Benn while at right is Vanda spaces for residents and their visitors or serve as a mug from Surama; Keith Waithe’s CDs, collec- Radzig, a supporter of the project. museum site. tors’ items of videos of Caribbean Eye, music of Persons who would like to make contributions the rainforest; wide Sargasso Sea; Carifesta in but do not have credit cards can contact MadBarbados & Cuba; Carnival Mas music score and script of Mahdoo-Nascimento disclosed that ‘Maira and the Jag- hoo-Nascimento directly by calling telephone numbers Maira and the Jaguar people; genuine Wapisiana hammock; uar people’ is based on a young girl, Maira and her brother 225-3557 or 226-0240.

Guyana to get ‘real deal’ Gyros from Labour Day By Leroy Smith WHILE not coming from a bee, a buzz that has lately invaded Guyana has still been able to create that stinging effect associated with bees. So stinging has been the buzz that, within forty-eight hours, there were just under one thousand persons following the buzz. On May 1, 2014, Guyana

for decades, and is popular in many countries. However, for some strange reason, (which is explainable) this delicacy never seemed to cross the seas to land on the Guyana shores, until lately. Robert Millington, a Guyanese who served as an Officer in the United States Navy for over 22 years, has introduced the “real deal” to the Guyana market, and Gyro Sandwiches will be

A Gyro Sandwich banner

will be introduced to the original Greek-American Gyros, commonly referred to in Guyana as the “real deal”, with the launching of The Gyro Shack, a mobile eatery. “The Gyro sandwich”, as it is commonly called around the world, has been around

The snack can also be vegetarian, using a meat substitute called seasoned seitan. Tzatziki sauce, fresh sliced tomatoes and onions are wrapped in warm pita flat bread and served either in a platter or take-away box. During an interview with this publication early last week, Millington explained that among the many reasons the tasty cuisine was never able to be introduced

A seasoned seitan Gyro

officially released on May 01. Persons unfamiliar with this product are told it is a dish which is often used as a snack, and is made of the eater’s choice of 100% beef (halaal), the traditional lamb & beef mix, and chicken.

to the Guyanese market was because the unique meat and seasoning mix is hard to come by, and in addition to that, the preparation that goes into the finish product is very demanding if the customers are to get the true

taste of a Gyro Sandwich. According to Millington, all four types of the Gyros will be launched on the first day in May. However, unlike all other restaurants which would have opened across Guyana with their outlets situated at various strategic points, the Gyros will be taken to the Guyanese people via a mobile kitchen. The Gyro Shack will make its first stop on the seawalls on May 3, and from then on will be rolled out into several hot spots across the city, and in Regions 4, 5, 6, and 2 initially. Millington explained that a fixed place for a restaurant will be announced some five to six months after the launching in May. He said the method of introducing the dish by way of a mobile unit is largely because of his view that when a new product is intended for the market, it must be taken to the demographic, as against waiting for the demographic to come for the product. The Guyana Chronicle was told that after touring the country for the six months, once he is satisfied that the Gyro Shack has made its name among the Guyanese

Robert Millington: the Gyro maker people, Millington will announce a fixed location for the establishment of a restaurant. At the moment the Gyro Shack team is looking at several locations where the restaurant can be established. Among the locations the Gyro Shack mobile unit plans to visit are the bus parks, seawalls, school zones and public events. Millington explained that since he took the Gyro Shack to the social networks, persons have shown great interest. A dedicated device used to communicate with fans and Gyro lovers was seen by this reporter. It revealed that Facebook, Twitter, Black Berry Messenger and You Tube are all buzz-

ing with comments and tweets by Gyro lovers. Messages seen have also revealed that there is a large following waiting for the mobile unit to roll into their communities. A small staff will be on the Gyro Shack mobile unit, but when the restaurant comes on stream with a fixed location, immediate employment would be available for just about a dozen persons at the start up. Persons who have travelled to Caribbean countries and other parts of the world and are familiar with Gyro Sandwiches are expected to be the final judges of the authenticity of the offering. The Gyro Shack can be contacted on social media and at the contact points below, for added information about its launch. Facebook: http://www., Twitter: gyroshack, Pinterest: www. gyroshack, Instagram: www. Soundcloud:, BBM: 7B7E2948,WHATSAPP: +5926862485 Email:


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday April 8, 2014

Opposition voting against sugar subsidy will have serious implications - MPs say during panel discussion

IN recapping last week’s debate on the 2014 National Budget, a panel of members on the Government side of the House felt that the debate on the part of the PPPC Members was of a high quality, and a lot of the statements of the political Opposition were loaded with innuendos. “For the talk about a new dispensation and compromise, the Opposition buckled, and they owe us one; they should let this budget go ahead,” said Prime Minister Samuel Hinds. This view was expressed by the Prime Minister when he joined Agriculture Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, PPP MP Manzoor Nadir and Presidential Advisor Odinga Lumumba, in discussing the presentations on a programme on the stateowned National Communications Network (NCN) on Sunday evening. According to the Prime Minister, the political Opposition has demonstrated their inability to keep their promises, citing the agreement to introduce new tariffs for Linden, then their subsequent back pedalling. “They have to think through a position as if they participate they may be constrained by the same objections they may raise later,” he noted. Claims about “no consultations” on the 2014 budget that were raised during the debate were refuted as despite several invitations they did not participate, Minister Ramsammy recounted. He strongly objected to claims that the local economic performance was due to illegal activities such as the drug trade, noting that government through its public investments, has been driving the economy, along with input from a strong and thriving private sector that has played a “huge part”. Many small businesses are thriving throughout Guyana, and making a difference, he added and, they are investing their hard earned dollars into their businesses. The “Drugs driving the local economy”

statement shows that the Opposition is out of touch with the reality, he added. The sum of $300 in 1992 to $3600 in 2013 per capita growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), is a “huge achievement” for the economy, he further noted. Meanwhile, MP Nadir lauded the presentations by the PPP/C members so far during the debate, saying they demonstrated

Touching on the sugar price drop of 43% by the European Union (EU) preferential markets and the impacts wrought by on-going climate change, the Agriculture Minister said that while Skeldon has not performed as expected, money allocated in the present and previous budgets was needed to repair and revive the industry. He noted that the first crop

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds

Minister Leslie Ramsammy

that they were all well prepared, unlike MPS from the Opposition benches. “I’m extremely proud of the level of debate presented by the government side,” Nadir declared. Reacting to a clip of A P N U M e m b e r, C a r l Greenidge’s presentation during the budget debate, on the sugar sector, and the need for money to go directly to the sector and be conditional on government demonstrating long-term plans for its recovery and the need to remove political appointees, Agriculture Minister Dr. Ramsammy said that sugar was on its death bed and the present government “brought it back”. It was unfortunate that the previous government extracted much from the industry, but didn’t reinvest it the sector, Minister Ramsammy asserted. He pointed out that, in Region 3 alone, drainage and irrigation there are due to the inputs from the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo).

has surpassed the crop figures for 2013 and this is evidence that the industry is turning around. “I believe that we are doing what is necessary, and I would hope that the APNU and the AFC are not going to do anything to jeopardise this,” Dr Ramsammy posited. The industry was allocated $6B in the budget to help turn around its fortunes. The money given by the EU to help improve and offset the costs is being funnelled into the sector, and that is what will be affected when or if the Opposition votes to cut GuySuCo’s funds, Dr Ramsammy stated. Recapping the fortunes of the bauxite company, the Prime Minister said that government is still keen to ensure that the sector survives and thrives. Meanwhile, Lumumba said that sugar has wide reaching effects and in addition to sugar workers, there are over 100,000 people who stand to benefit from the assistance to the

sugar industry. Basic economic decisions must not be made on ethnicity, as he noted that the political Opposition appears keen on supporting the mostly black community of Linden in terms of subsidising electricity rates and not favourable to the East Indian dominated sugar industry. This could lead to serious implications as they appear to be racist in nature, Lumumba said, warning that this must be

MP Odinga Lumumba

avoided by both sides at all costs. Voting for what could lead to the destruction of the sugar sector and its effects on a large, mostly East Indian segment of the population could have serious far reaching implications, Lumumba explained, and this could spell trouble for the entire country. The uproar over the heckle by Education Minister Priya Manickchand, her initial barring by Speaker Raphael Trotman and then the decision to allow her to speak the day after, were also discussed by the panel. “There is a pattern of behaviour where, we make agreements and they do not honour these agreements,” said Minister Ramsammy. He noted that there was consensus after the Education Minister clarified her statements to the Speaker, hence the subsequent protest to prevent her presenting her budget speech, was uncalled for. The move to prevent Minister Manickchand from speaking was also seen as “spineless” by her colleague minister who described it as “bullyism”.

There was no proper example set by the Opposition which began chanting for the minister to apologise to former MP Jaipaul Sharma, when she attempted to speak, noted other members of the panel. Commenting on this incident, Lumumba said that it was also a bad example to youths in particular. He said the Speaker’s authority was abused by them. “We now have a parliamentary problem as he cannot operate as Speaker unless he follows the guidelines set by the political Opposition”. In closing, Minister Ramsammy said the Education Minister will speak as scheduled and the Opposition must respect this and respect the ruling of Speaker Trotman. He added that the budget has something for everyone and should be passed. For Lumumba, politicians have to ensure that they don’t offend any race with their decisions, and a mechanism must be found to show balance whether it is a programme for GuySuCo, Linden or Amerindian communities. (GINA)


Mr Jaipaul Sharma THE resignation of former A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament (AP), Jaipaul Sharma, was accepted by the National Assembly and Speaker of the House, Raphael Trotman, yesterday, disclosed his seat vacant. He added that the list of candidates from which Sharma’s name was taken will be the same list that his replacement will be taken. Sharma’s resignation was tendered on April 3, 2014.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday April 8, 2014

Speaker declares Jaipaul Sharma’s seat vacant The Opposition Leader, David Granger, has since indicated that Sharma will be replaced by former People’s National Congress (PNC) MP, Ernest Elliot. The Leader of APNU, over the weekend, explained that Elliot’s appointment was not “arbitrary.” He explained that with matters such as Local Government Elections and reform among a list of important matters, much consideration had to be

placed into the Region 4 replacement. Sharma was drawn from the Geographical Constituency List of the APNU, and his replacement had to come from that same list of which Elliot was fingered as the most suited for the position at this time. The ex-Region 4 official will represent the Demerara/ Mahaica constituents in the National Assembly this time round. (Vanessa Narine)

Mr Ernest Elliot

Whittaker updates on incomplete Region 8 health posts By Ravin Singh MINISTER of Local Government and Regional Development, Mr. Norman Whittaker, last week, gave an update on the construction of both the Arasowa and the Mountain Foot health posts in Region 8 (Potaro/Siparuni). He said the estimated $9M Arasowa building was a capital project on which work commenced in 2010 but the contractor, Troy Dainty failed to complete the job and, as such, legal advice is being sought on the matter by the ministry. The Regional Democratic Council (RDC) expects to complete this erection under its curMinister Norman rent 2014 Work ProWhittaker gramme. “The concrete building is 50 percent complete at present,” the minSee page 13


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Youth drowns attempting to save someone else - during excursion at Blue Lake Creek in Linden

By Asif Hakim TWENTY-TWO-YEAROLD Jemel Thompson (no known address) drowned last Sunday in a bid to save someone else. The tragedy occurred when employees of Qualfon were on an excursion at Blue Lake Creek in Linden. Reports said about 45 persons had gone there to enjoy themselves but one of them,

already disappeared. About an hour after the drowning, Thompson’s corpse was found.

who was said to be under the influence of alcohol, fell into water below a hill. Thompson and another friend, who was said to be the better swimmers, went to the rescue. Both of them plunged into the deep but, after swimming half way, the friend turned back, fearing danger. Another friend, Tisheree Hopkinson, who was at the location told the Guyana

Caution statement admitted at murder trial of septuagenarian JUSTICE Dawn Gregory, who conducted a voir dire (trial within a trial) to determine the admissibility of a caution statement, has found that it was obtained freely and voluntarily from murder accused Albert Addries. Consequently, the attestation was admitted in evidence against Addries, 75, who is alleged to have stabbed to death his stepson Lakeram Persaud called ‘Bojo’ on July 27, 2012. The prisoner, who appears to have difficulty in walking, has pleaded not guilty and is being represented by attorney-at-law Ms. Sonia Parag. Prosecuting in the continuing case are Ms. Mercedes Thompson and Mr. Lloyd Mark Conway from the Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions. (Barclay)

Whittaker updates on incomplete ... From page 12 ister said. About Mountain Foot, Whittaker said that it is a Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) undertaking and that agency did advise that the contract was terminated. The minister said BNTF did experience difficulty in securing additional funding for its completion but, having secured some, Vishal Contracting Service was hired to complete the job. Only recently, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) had issued a statement claiming that Region 8, the country’s fifth largest administrative region, possesses no proper roads, “despite the Government’s Safari.” The statement charged that the “entire region remains virtually inaccessible by road and is dependent on expensive air transport for travelling, evacuation of medical patients and cargo.” The Opposition party urged the Government to address the matter as one of high priority. APNU had pointed to “the need for a comprehensive developmental plan and for the Central Government to, immediately, respect the constitutional role of the Regional Democratic Council in administering the region.” As such, Minister Whittaker assured that work on the Mountain Foot Health Post, in the said region, is expected to commence on April 25, with a five weeks duration for its completion.

ALREADY GONE “We tried artificial respiration but he wasn’t responding. His body was full of water. I know he had already gone. He was trying to save another and he met his death. I felt really sad. I even cried.

He was one of the best at Qualfon,” Hopkinson said emotionally. After Thompson’s body was recovered, the others went looking for the man who had fallen and was supposed to have been hurt but it turned out that he suffered only minor injuries. A relative of Thompson’s, who asked to remain anonymous, said, when she got the

phone call about his death, she was shocked. “He was a very good individual, always helpful in many ways, he was an inspiration, never did wrong to hurt anyone. “His death has left me in shock. I cry all day. I can’t even eat. He did a lot for his family at his young age. Why did God have to take his life now,” she questioned tearfully.

Jemel Thompson who plunged to his death after trying to save an injured man Chronicle that she saw when Thompson’s body started sinking and alerted the other friend who attempted to rescue Thompson but he had

The Blue Lake Creek in Linden where Thompson met his demise

International company launches new line of solar light & power products - hinterland & mining communities to be targeted By Rebecca Ganesh-Ally THE Rehoboth Group, in collaboration with D.Light Design, has launched a new line of solar light and power products at the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) boardroom. Christopher Jacques, Chief Operations Officer of Rehoboth Group, related that D.Light manufactures and distributes solar lighting and power products that target the 2.6 billion people globally who do not have access to reliable electricity, and all the products are non-maintenance. “We will be targeting our interior locations and mining camps to offer them an inexpensive way to lighting” he said. There are different lighting systems available: the ultra-portable design; ultra-flexible design; the light pack, which has capacity to light as well as charge a mobile phone; and

the solar home system, which takes approximately 6 hours to be fully charged. Mr Dale Browne, Chief Executive Officer of Rehoboth Group, emphasised that the target market for the solar products are the mining camps, other interior locations as well as areas that are presently without electricity. D.Light is a for-profit social enterprise, whose purpose is to create new freedoms for customers without access to reliable power, so they can enjoy a brighter future. The company designs, manufactures and distributes solar light and power products throughout the developing world with the aim to empower the lives of at least 100 million people by 2020. Presently, the company serves 60 countries through more than 10,000 retail outlets, 10 field offices, and four regional hubs.

Christopher Jacques, Mrs Persaud and Dale Browne with some of the D.Light solar lighting products on display


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday April 8, 2014

FAM group of visitors wowed by beauty, progress and welcome in Guyana

By Rebecca Ganesh-Ally

MR SYED Rayman, Canadian Travel Agent, proprietor of Roraima Travel Services, and organiser of the Familiarisation Tour (FAM Tour), arranged an all-inclusive tour for thirty-five (35) persons to visit Guyana. Five Britons, four Americans and twenty-six Canadians came on the trip. Their visit will last for sixteen days. While here, the group is expected to visit the Kaieteur National Park, and Baganara Island Resort, Arrow Point,

Rock View and Surama, besides the attractions in Georgetown. They will also make day trips to Berbice and Essequibo. At a ‘Breakfast Meet’ hosted by the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) at Rahaman’s Park in Georgetown, Mr Rayman had this to say: “The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) has outdone (itself) to make us feel welcome”. Mr Rayman explained that the initiative to visit Guyana was developed as a result of sessions organised and executed by interested

Fam Group Couple enjoying cold coconut water

persons who wanted to travel from Canada to Guyana for reunions and familiarisation trips, and to learn about their Guyanese heritage. He explained that through visits made by GTA representatives, persons became interested in coming to Guyana. After many members of the group had researched Guyana, the planning of activities began. GTA Director Mr. Indranauth Haralsingh welcomed the group to Guyana,

and extended greetings on behalf of Tourism Minister (ag) Mr Irfaan Ali. He detailed the activities planned for the next few weeks, and expressed hope that the group would be able to participate in a few. After speaking to a number of the visitors, it was gathered that the welcome they had received was unexpected, and they applauded the efforts and indicated that their breakfast was fantastic. Mrs Jeanette Gomes, a

Guyanese-born Canadian, said: “This is my first trip to Guyana since 1978, and so much has changed, (there is) so much development, I will definitely let my other friends know; and I am taking a lot of pictures to show them”. Mr. Rayman has been working with the Guyana Tourism Authority since November 2012 to organise a familiarisation tour to Guyana for both Guyanese and Canadians.

Newly-elected President of Col. (ret’d) George Gomes

GTA officials with the Canadian FAM Group last Saturday

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday April 8, 2014

f the Guyana Veterans Legion, s


Members of the Guyana Veterans Legion in attendance at the meeting on Sunday

New Guyana Veterans Legion to serve World War and GDF veterans By Ravin Singh

THE Guyana Legion and the Ex-GDF Association of Guyana last Sunday officially amalgamated to form the Guyana Veterans Legion (GVL). Colonel (ret’d) George Gomes who was elected last month as the new president, after the walkout by the old body, said that this was a monumental achievement since the merging of the two organisations would strengthen and solidify the structure of the new Guyana Veterans Legion. The newly-elected executive board includes C o l . ( r e t ’ d ) G e o rg e Gomes, president; Lt.

Col. (ret’d) Frank Bishpan, Arno Solomon and Carol Haynes, vice-presidents; Major (ret’d) Stanislaus Canzius, treasurer; and Wilbert Nurse, assistant treasurer; while Ben Douglas, Wilfred James and James Samuels were elected committee members. The new GVL will occupy the same premises as the former Guyana Legion on Carifesta Avenue. The new GVL logo resembles that of the Guyana Legion but it carries a slight difference with the national bird replacing the national flower. And the primary objective of the GVL is to “Promote and maintain harmony among Guyana’s past and present veterans”.

The Legion is partially supported by membership fees of $3,600 annually per member and through budgetary support from the Government of Guyana. The official coalescing of the two organisations, which came against a backdrop of instability in the old executive body, was done in the presence of many members of both bodies at the Guyana Legion headquarters on Carifesta Avenue. In order to assist the public to become more aware of the organisation and its purpose, it was decided to have the new name include the word ‘veteran’. This publication understands that over the years a number of items belonging

to the Guyana Legion, such as computers and chairs, have gone missing. Therefore, the Ex-GDF Association is not considering financial inheritance in the amalgamation but rather it is looking to “build from what they have and restore what they have lost.” Meanwhile, Gomes assured the meeting that the newly-elected executive body would work to ensure that the core principles of the Legion are restored while the implementation of new strategic policies will aim to preserve the nature of both organisations. Apart from having the financial records reviewed soon and published for members of the GVL, the presi-

dent also assured that it will be one of the aims of the organisation to hold monthly meetings to discuss issues surrounding the Legion and to discuss social development and the preservation of the cultural heritage for veterans. Gomes also disclosed that the decision to have the two organisations merged came from the Government of Guyana as many small bodies for veterans were being formed. As a result, the idea surfaced to have one combined organisation to facilitate veterans from both World Wars and the Guyana Defence Force (GDF).


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday April 8, 2014

At Demerara Assizes…

Voir dire starts in Little Abary murder case

By George Barclay POLICE Sergeant Denaise Adams was testifying in the Little Abary murder case

yesterday when presiding Justice William Ramlal interrupted to enquire about voluntariness and inadmissibility.

Below rates for April 7, 2014 Currency



G$/US$ G$/GBP$ G$/CAD$ G$/EURO$ G$/BDOS$ G$/EC$ G$/TT$

205.48500 340.57084 186.86094 281.92542 101.86969 75.45903 31.71683

207.93125 344.83319 189.01672 285.48961 102.89094 76.21551 32.03479

For Tuesday April 8, 2014 -11:30hrs For Wednesday April 9, 2014 -13:00hrs

Following discussions between the lawyers on both sides and the judge, the latter expressed the opinion that the voluntariness of an alleged caution statement by the number one accused had not been proved, by the prosecution, to the satisfaction of the court. As a consequence, the judge decided that the issue be determined by a voir dire (trial within a trial). The jurors were then sent out of sight and hearing for the witness Adams to testify. On trial for the murder of Maxwell Watson in January 2010, at Little Abary, East Coast Demerara, are Satnarine Jaikarran, Neville Crawford and Randy Crawford. Mr. Jailall Kissoon is representing Jaikarran; Mr. Sandil Kissoon and Ms. Rinee Kissoon are appearing for Neville Crawford while Mr. Satyesh Kissoon is counsel for Randy Crawford. State Counsel Ms. Dhanika Singh is prosecuting in the continuing case.

Attempted murder accused freed

OTIS Fraser, indicted on a charge of attempted murder, was freed yesterday after the alleged victim, Sherwayne Brandt decided not to testify against him. Justice Navindra Singh directed the jury to return a formal verdict of not guilty in favour of Fraser. State Counsel Natasha Backer was prosecuting in the case. (Barclay)

Aries March 21 - April 19

Here we go with the extra energy thing -- as if you ever needed any ‘extra’ energy. You’ll be running on high, so it’s really only fair to let everyone around you know they might be in danger -- but only if they decide to disagree with you. Or argue with you about the outcome of a certain situation. Or get between you and a project you’re determined to finish. Other than that, you’re not dangerous at all.

Taurus April 20 - May 20

Talk about high energy. You’re ready to take on the world -- and anyone in it who gets between you and your dear ones. That goes double for folks you’re not fond of. You’re already as loyal as a friend could possibly be -- but now? Now you’re armed and ready to fire. Heaven help anyone who decides it might be fun to see just how far you can be pushed. It won’t take much.

Gemini May 21 - June 21

Your substantial verbal skills will receive a boost of charisma from the heavens -- as if you need it. This will come in quite handy when you cross paths with a friend who’s feeling a bit blue. You’ll be perfectly able to fix them up and get them back on the road in a fine old mood. You might save some of this wonderful stuff for your own purposes, however. Isn’t there someone you’d like to charm the socks off of?

Cancer June 22 - July 22

It’s time to let the world know exactly what you want from it. What you’re after now is intensity, passion, excitement and enthusiasm. Quite the list! And you won’t settle for anything less than all of it. Of course, you won’t have to. You’ve got more than enough energy and high-octane oomph to talk anyone into anything at all. Get out there with your brand-new attitude and show ‘em who’s boss!

Leo July 23 - August 22

Talk about organised. You haven’t been this efficient since ... well, have you ever been this efficient? Not in recent memory. You’ll get an awful lot done, that’s for sure. So when your coworkers give you the old raised eyebrow, and want to know who you are and what you’ve done with the person they knew, don’t try to say you won’t enjoy it. You’ll love it -- and it’s good to keep ‘em guessing, anyway.

Virgo August 23 - September 22

The universe has added a strong dose of mega-efficiency and intuition to your already limitless ability to take care of business and get things done. You’ll be more than able to share the wealth, too. So if you come across a friend who’s not nearly as on top of things, you’ll be happy to help. Just don’t end up doing all their work for them -- just save some energy for more personal efforts tonight.

Libra September 23 - October 22

You’re never shy about letting people know what you want and you’re so darned charming about it that they don’t mind rushing right out to get it for you. At the moment, those abilities will be even more potent. Once you realise just how much power you’ve got over others, it’s going to be up to you to use it wisely -- and fairly. Of course, you wrote the book on fairness!

Scorpio October 23 - November 21

Heaven help anyone who messes around with someone you love. You not only won’t stand for it -- you’ll cut them to ribbons for even thinking about it. They’ll definitely take off with their talk between their knees. Just try to go easy on anyone who’s less well armed than you are in the verbal decimation department -- which includes just about everyone, come to think of it.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21

A friend or relative will approach you with a certain look on their face. The ‘I need to borrow money’ look. If you’ve seen it before, helped out and not yet been repaid, think hard before you do it again. You might actually be doing them more harm than good if you keep bailing them out. They’ve got to learn to be responsible for themselves -- and you need to learn a little financial self-preservation.

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

The universe has temporarily bestowed super powers on you. What kind? Well, take a peek in your cosmic utility pack. There’s even more of the ability to organise, categorise and systemise. Scary, huh? Just don’t get crazy with it. If you find you’re making lists of your lists, it might be time to lie down for a while.

Aquarius January 20 - February 18

You can come out now. The drama -- no, the melodrama -- of the past few days has ended, and you can get back to business as usual. There may be a few residual traces of emotionality left over between you and a dear one, however. The only way to deal with it is to talk about it, openly and honestly. Get this over with. You both have far more important things to do with your time -- especially your time together.

Pisces February 19 - March 20

You haven’t had this much energy in ... well, can you ever remember having this much energy? Put it to good use. Take a look around and see what needs to be done. Deal with something you have been procrastinating over -- tackle it once and for all. You’ll get it done in a flash and think of how glad you’ll be when it’s finally over.

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday April 8, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday April 8, 2014



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Never a dull moment with Tony Cozier ... From Backpage five-match Test series. The following home series against South Africa was one of the most controversial in West Indies history, with the omissions and subsequent retirements of Greenidge, Sir Vivian Richards, Jeff Dujon and Malcolm Marshall, the struggles leading up to (and at) the 1992 World Cup in Australia/New Zealand, and Sir Richie Richardson’s rough initiation to the captaincy.  “They interviewed me in radio and I had said it’s not up to me, it’s up to the people if they want to boycott it,” he said, about the ill-fated boycotted Test in Barbados. ‘They wanted me to say “oh no, the people should come out” but

no, because at that stage it was a culmination of everything. “ We h a d g o n e t o the World Cup; they’d dropped Richards, Greenidge and Dujon all at one time (with Marshall going after the World Cup). Richards said that he did want to go to the World Cup even though he’d been replaced as captain. There were all sorts of confusion then. Richie Richardson said that the match against South Africa (in the World Cup), our first ever against South Africa, was “just another cricket match”. All of these things built up.”  Cozier continued, “He (Richardson) got booed in Jamaica, he was under pressure. When they came to Barbados, leaving out

(Andy) Cummins and bringing in Kenny Benjamin in the side, Cummins had done pretty well in the World Cup, the crowd said that was enough. But why Barbados, where people know the game, they were not going to boycott something because an ordinary cricketer like Cummins got dropped. No way. They boycotted over issues that came out. “When you talk about an island that has produced some of the greatest of all-time, the feeling of the public, all over the Caribbean was “look, there were a lot of things being unfair, being badly handled and so on.”. That was the reason for it.”  (First published in the Trinidad & Tobago Newsday)  

CONCACAF, UEFA sign cooperation ... From Backpage

opment in CONCACAF, as well building “a strong legacy with sporting, social, cultural and educational benefits.” “This is another important step as part of CONCACAF’s new vision of integration, which aims at gathering the best know-how from each global football community to be able to customise it for the good of the development of our game,” said CONCACAF president Jeffrey Webb. UEFA president Michel Platini, who is on his first visit to the Caribbean, said such alliances were important to the overall development of the game. “It is the duty of us who are in the daily business of the game to join forces for the development of global football,” said the former France international, who is now one of the most powerful figures in world football.

The MOU with UEFA follows on the heels of a similar one signed between

English Southwell 09:00 hrs Abscent Friends 09:30 hrs Molly Ahoy 10:00 hrs Bladewood Girl 10:30 hrs Teajaybe 11:05 hrs Right Of Appeal 11:35 hrs Hamoody 12:05 hrs Waabel Pontefract 09:10 hrs Life And Times 09:40 hrs Munaaser 10:10 hrs See The Sun 10:40 hrs Calculated Risk 11:15 hrs Centurius 11:45 hrs Too Smart 12:15 hrs High Office

CONCACAF and the Confederation of African Football (CAF) in April last year.

Carlisle 09:20 hrs Supreme Asset 09:50 hrs Moss Cloud 10:20 hrs Frank The Slink 10:50 hrs Sharney Sike 11:25 hrs Omid 11:55 hrs Indian Votage 12:25 hrs Bryden Boy South African Racing Tips Clairwood 08:40 hrs Arch Rival 09:15 hrs Mandolin Rain 09:50 hrs Umoyana 10:25 hrs Al Ciberano 11:00 hrs Learn A Little


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‘I’m scared to sleep’, tearful Pistorius tells court By David Dolan PRETORIA, South Africa (Reuters) - His voice trembling with emotion, Oscar Pistorius took the witness stand in his own defence yesterday, saying the Valentine’s Day shooting of his girlfriend last year had left him sleepless, terrified and plagued by nightmares. The disabled South African track star, on trial for murder, apologised to the mother of model Reeva Steenkamp, saying he had fired four times through a toilet door at his luxury Pretoria home in the belief he was defending her from an intruder. Steenkamp, a law graduate and model, was hit by at least three rounds, one of which - to the head killed her almost instantly, the court has heard. “I was simply trying to protect Reeva,” Pistorius told the Pretoria High Court at the start of his testimony. Reeva’s mother June Steenkamp, sitting stony-faced in the packed public gallery, bowed her head. The 27-year-old Olympic and Paralympic star, who faces life in prison if convicted of murder, testified he had been on anti-depressants and

Oscar Pistorius reacts during his trial at the high court in Pretoria, yesterday. (Credit: REUTERS/Themba Hadebe/Pool) sleeping pills because of his plete state of terror to the OBSESSION WITH disturbed state of mind since point that I would rather not GUNS the shooting. sleep,” he said, adding that The distraught, bespec“I’m scared to sleep. I his faith had helped pull him tacled figure was in stark have terrible nightmares through. contrast to the gun-obabout things that happened “There have been times sessed, fast-living hothead that night,” he said. when I’ve just been strug- that prosecutors had de“I can smell blood. I gling a lot,” he said, fight- scribed in the first 16 days wake up to being terrified.” ing to maintain his com- of the trial. He recounted one occa- posure. As well as murder, Pission when he woke up so “My god is my god of torius is accused of firing a scared in the middle of the refuge.” pistol through the sun roof night that he crawled into Earlier, during graphic of a friend’s car while on a a cupboard before calling forensic testimony from a public road, and discharging his sister, who came round defence pathologist, Pisto- a handgun under the table to sit with him. rius retched into a bucket in of a packed Johannesburg “I wake up in a com- the dock. restaurant.

He has pleaded not guilty to all charges. Now in its 17th day, the trial has gripped South Africa and millions of fans around the world who have seen in Pistorius a symbol of triumph over physical adversity. The sprinter’s lower legs were amputated as a baby but he went on to achieve global fame as the ‘Blade Runner’, after the slender carbon fibre prosthetic limbs he wears on the track. After winning gold medals at the Beijing and London Paralympics, he stunned the world by reaching the semi-finals of the 400 metres in the London Olympics against able-bodied athletes. In testimony, Pistorius described his difficult early years as a disabled child before his sporting prowess earned him respect and recognition at school. He also spoke of the pressures of fame, the toll travelling to athletics meetings took on his family and personal life and of his fears of life in crime-ridden South Africa. “When we were growing up, we were exposed to crime - house break-ins, family members being assaulted and hijacked,” he said. “Many members of my family have been victims of

house break-ins and violent crime.” “EXHAUSTED” His defence hinges on his assertion, made under oath at his bail hearing, that he mistook Steenkamp for an intruder hiding in the toilet and opened fire. However, witnesses living close to Pistorius’ home in a gated Pretoria community have testified to hearing the terrified screams of a woman before and during a volley of shots in the early hours of February 14, 2014. South Africa’s firearms and self-defence laws make clear a person may only shoot if there is a direct threat to somebody’s life - regulations Pistorius acknowledged in a written gun-licence test presented by the prosecution. Ashen-faced, Pistorius said he had not slept the night before his testimony, leading Judge Thokozile Masipa to adjourn the session early after little more than an hour of cross-examination. “He does look exhausted,” Masipa said. “He does sound exhausted.” As he stepped from the witness box, Pistorius slumped into the outstretched arms of his sister Aimee. The trial resumes at 0730 GMT today.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday April 8, 2014


Leg spin placates master blasters at stellar World T20 By Amlan Chakraborty MIRPUR, Bangladesh (Reuters) - Now that the dust has settled on Sri Lanka’s maiden World Tw e n t y 2 0 t r i u m p h i n Bangladesh, leg-spinners across the world can raise a toast to a craft that shone against a barrage of power-hitting over the past three weeks. Modern powerful bats, field restrictions and the brevity of the format instilled fears in many minds t h a t Tw e n t y 2 0 c r i c k e t would reduce the rarest of slow bowlers to cannon fodder. Ye t , a f t e r t h e b a t ting-fest in Bangladesh, three ‘leggies’ squeezed themselves among the tournament’s top five wicket-takers with South African wrist-spinner Imran Tahir (12 wickets) sharing top spot with Ahsan Malik, despite playing two games less than the Dutch paceman. Three of the four semi-finalists included a leg-spinner among their

Amit Mishra ranks and 2012 winners West Indies, once famed for their pace battery, regularly opened with Samuel Badree, who finished with 11 victims in five matches. Amit Mishra (10 from six) walked away with two successive man-of-thematch awards in India’s victories against Pakistan and West Indies to prove leg spin was in rude health. Sri Lankan Seekkuge Prasanna and 20-year-old Australian James Muirhead also shone in limited opportunities to provide a glimpse of what appears a bright future for the esoteric art.

There was something c o m m o n i n t h e i r s u ccess. All it took was some backing from their captains, who realised an attacking leg-spinner was a better option than a run-restricting off-spinner. Mishra’s success would not have been possible had his captain not backed him to banish negative thoughts and bowl his full repertoire. “I personally felt he was feeling a bit of nerves in the first game against Pakistan,” Dhoni said after India’s victory against their arch-rivals. “I just went up and told him: ‘You are known for turning the ball, you’re someone who flights the ball, varies the pace. You’ve variations. So just don’t keep bowling the straighter one or try to bowl just back of a length so that batsmen can’t hit’. NEW BALL “I told him: ‘Your bigger strength will be to flight the

Imran Tahir ball and use that extra bit of bite in deceiving the batsmen’. I was really comfortable with the way he bowled after that. “There will be odd games where, like other bowlers, he would also get hit but it’s important that he backs his strength and his strength will always be using the flight and using the variations that he has got.” West Indies skipper Darren Sammy displayed the same trust in Badree,

consistently tossing the new ball to the lanky tweaker, who rarely let his captain down. Even Australia skipper George Bailey acknowledges what a leg-spinner brings to the table. “I like the option of having leg-spinners in the side because they are match-winners and wicket-takers. They force batsmen to do something different,” said Bailey, whose team landed in Bangladesh seeking the only trophy eluding them but crashed out of contention after a hat-trick of defeats. Team mate Brad Haddin agreed, the wicketkeeper having watched the leg-spinners from the vantage point behind the stumps. “Wrist-spinners are dangerous in any format. Conditions have ensured that the real wrist-spinners have been very effective in this tourna-

James Muirhead ment,” Haddin told reporters during the tournament. “They are an asset to have in your team, especially in Twenty20 cricket when they turn the ball big and the batsmen are going hard.” Despite the endorsement of the senior Australians, Muirhead was only selected for two matches. His exclusion in the final group match against Bangladesh surprised many, including spin great Shane Warne. “Strange decision! Why not persist with a 20-yearold leggie who spins it?” he tweeted.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday April 8, 2014

Former national football coach August `Cha Cha’ Wooter succumbs after car accident

FORMER national football coach August `Cha Cha’ Wooter of Suriname died last Friday in Paramaribo, Suriname, from injuries he sustained while holidaying in Guyana about six months ago. Speaking to Chronicle Sport via telephone yesterday, one of the former national coach’s prodigies, Lennox `Cross Eye’ Arthur, said that Wooter was in Guyana about six months ago on vacation and was involved in a motor vehicle accident “and apparently he suffered an injury to the head”. Arthur, a former national football coach himself, said on Wooter’s return to neighbouring Suriname, he - the head coach of the national youth team from 1967 to 1970 - complained of feeling unwell and was taken to the hospital in Paramaribo, Suriname but succumbed.. Arthur, who was a member of the 1967 national Under-17 team at the time, said

August Cha Cha’ Wooter stands at extreme left in this 1967 photo. Others in photo are: (standing) Donald `Casa’ Neblett, Julian Fernandes, Michael Pierre, Clyde `Farmer’ Brown, Andra Fields, Richard Clark, David Woolford and Terry Camacho. Stooping from left are Eric Phillips, Arthur, George Mitchell, Michael Hampden, Kenny Dyer, Dennis Humphrey, George Powdar and Jimmy Fung.

Wooter also had coaching stints in Suriname, Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago. “He was a very experienced and knowledgeable coach, one who trained (physical) and coached the team himself,” Arthur stated, adding “he lifted the standard of Guyana’s football then. He was very good at physical preparation and was also a tactician”. Among the many local clubs he shared his expertise with are: Santos, Pele, Thomas United and the Georgetown Football Club. Players, namely Arthur, Michael Pierre, Earl O’Neil Donald `Casa’ Neblett, Julian Fernandes, Clyde `Farmer’ Brown, Woolley Forde, George Mitchell and Michael Hampden are some of whom have represented Guyana at the national level. Arthur has expressed his condolences to the family and relatives of Wooter who will be buried on Friday in Suriname.

GFF/Banks Beer National Premier League

Riddim Squad, Santos, Buxton, Silver Shattas and GDF register victories

RIDDIM Squad, Santos, Buxton United, Silver Shattas and the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) football teams all registered victories when the Guyana Football Federation/Banks Beer National Premier League continued on Sunday at different venues. Playing at the #5 ground, West Coast Berbice, Riddim Squad defeated Rosignol United by a 3-0 margin with the winning goals coming off the boots Jermaine Liverpool in the 50th minute and Amos Ramsay in the 73rd and 75th minutes. At the same venue, Santos beat New Amsterdam United 2-0 through a double from Jermaine Fraser in the 13th and 57th minutes. At the Buxton Community Centre ground, East Coast

Demerara, the home side beat Mahaica Determinators 2-0. Tyrone Harper and Aloysius Edwards netted the winning goals in the 27th and 55th minutes respectively. Also at the Buxton ground, Silver Shattas edged Grove Hi-Tech 1-0 through a Colwyn David goal in the 11th minute. Playing at the Guyana Defence Force ground, the homesters thrashed BV/Triumph 5-0. Dexford Williams led the way with a brace in the 53rd and 80th minutes, while Delroy Fraser, Tyson Carmichael and Selwyn Isaacs chipped in with one each in the 5th, 23rd and 87th minutes respectively. The win for the soldiers takes them to 34 points in the standing and are currently placed second after 15


(Tuesday April 08, 2014) Compliments of THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market &The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230)& CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: Dwayne Bravo (7); Glen Maxwell (6); ViratKholi (5); Suresh Raina (4) 301 sixes Today’s Quiz: Who were the on-field umpires officiating in the very first match of the ICC T/20 World Cup 2014? Who was declared Man- of- theMatch of the ICC T/20 World Cup 2014 final? Answers in tomorrow’s issue

matches. BV/Triumph are 14th in the points standing with 14 points from as many games.

Riddim Squad are on 19 points from 15 games and currently placed 15th in the standing while Santos have 17 points

from 15 games and are placed 10th. Buxton United occupy the fourth spot in the stand-

ing with 29 points from 15 games and Silver Shattas are 11th with 16 points from 13 matches.

Indians dominate ICC Team-of-the-World Twenty20 MUMBAI, India (Reuters) Paceman Lasith Malinga was the only member of Sri Lanka’s World Twenty20-winning side to earn a place in the International Cricket Council (ICC) team of the tournament, as vanquished Indian players dominated the selection. Sri Lanka broke a finals-losing jinx to lift a maiden World Twenty20 title on Sunday with a comfortable six-wicket victory over 2007 champions India. However, only the blondmopped Malinga, who led the side after Dinesh Chandimal opted to keep himself out of the starting lineup,

Virat Kohli made the ICC team named yesterday. Four Indian players made the side, captained by wicketkeeper-batsman Mahendra Singh Dhoni, with two from South Africa and West Indies, and one representative each from Australia and the Neth-

erlands besides champions Sri Lanka. “It was a very difficult task for the panel to pick a team of 11 from the exciting players who featured in this tournament,” former Australia batsman David Boon, the chairman of the ICC selection panel, said in a statement. “As the selection criteria for the team of the tournament are the performances of players in the conditions during the ICC World Twenty20 2014, some of the best players in world cricket had to be left out of the team. “Bowlers, in particular, performed strongly through-

GSDF/Scotiabank/Pepsi Academy

out this tournament and the side we have selected includes three of the most impressive bowlers in Dale Steyn, Samuel Badree and Lasith Malinga.” Team: Rohit Sharma (India), Stephan Myburgh (Netherlands), Virat Kohli (India), JP Duminy (South Africa), Glenn Maxwell (Australia), MS Dhoni (India captain), Darren Sammy (West Indies), Ravichandran Ashwin (India), Dale Steyn (South Africa), Samuel Badree (West Indies), Lasith Malinga (Sri Lanka). 12th player: Krishmar Santokie (West Indies).

St George’s demolish New Campbellville Secondary

ST GEORGE’S Secondary, led by an Orin Forde hat-trick, mauled New Campbellville 5-1 when the Under-15 male edition of the Guyana Sports Development Foundation (GSDF) Pepsi/Scotiabank football tourney continued at the Ministry of Education ground, Carifesta Avenue last Sunday. Following Joshua Williams’ 24th minute opener,

Forde opened his account two minutes later through a powerful strike to the bottom right corner of the net and increased it to two goals for himself and three for the team, through a lob from 40 yards out - celebrating emphatically when the ball sailed over the custodian’s head and nestled into the back of the net. Marlon Bethel pulled one

back for New Campbellville in the 37th minute through a right-sided strike to the left side of the goal. However, Forde completed his hat-trick three minutes later, netting from a right-sided corner kick which settled into the back of the net after failing to make contact with any player within the penalty box. Melvin Smartt then com-

pleted the win as he found the back of the net in the 47th minute compliments of a strike to the left-hand side of the net. In the earlier matchups of the day in the same division, Christ Church and Bishops’ High played to a nil-all draw and Queen’s College earned a walkover victory from Chase Academy, who failed to show up for their fixture.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday April 8, 2014


Tonge, Thomas inspire Leewards in thrilling run chase ST JOHN’S, Antigua (CMC) – A brilliant, unbroken century stand between Gavin Tonge and Yannick Leonard helped Leeward Islands pull off a thrilling run chase and beat Guyana by five wickets here yesterday. Chasing 279 for victory, the Leewards reached their target for the loss of five wickets, late in the second session on the final day of their sixth round contest in the Regional Four-Day Championship. Tonge, more known for his right-arm seam, stroked a gutsy, unbeaten 57 while Leonard, a specialist left-arm spinner, supported with 37 not out, in a sixth-wicket partnership worth 101. It carried the Leewards from what looked like certain defeat at 178 for five to an unlikely victory a few hours later at

the Vivian Richards Cricket Ground. The run chase was, however, set up by Devon Thomas who stroked a superb 90 while Jahmar Hamilton got 54, in a 140-run, fourth-wicket stand. When both fell, the Leewards still had much to do to avoid their fourth defeat of the season but Tonge and Leonard crowned themselves heroes. The win was only their second in five outings in the tournament, moving them to 40 points. They remained fifth in the standings, however. Starting the day on 101 for three, still in need of a further 178 to win, the odds were on Guyana, especially considering the Leewards’ recent batting form. Much rested on Thomas,

… Guyana condemned to fourth loss in five matches this season

Devon Thomas strokes a top score of 90 for Leewards.

on 38 and Hamilton, 34, and they both put their hands down to keep Guyana wicket-less inside the first hour. In the meantime, Thomas completed his seventh first class half-century, reaching the mark off 80 balls in the eighth over of the morning.

With a second first-class century in sight, however, Thomas was finally prised out by left-arm spinner Veerasammy Permaul, half-hour before lunch at 168 for four. He faced 128 balls in 168 minutes at the crease and struck 15 boundaries. Hamilton, who had reached his half-century off 131 deliveries, perished ten runs later after facing ten more balls, gloving off-spinner Mohamed Shadir to wicketkeeper Anthony Bramble down the leg-side. Tonge and Leonard saw the Leewards to lunch at 189 for five and fought gallantly afterwards to keep Guyana at bay. Tonge, dropped on 20, went on to face 99 balls in just over 2-1/2 hours at the crease

Stag Beer/EBFA Div.1 League …

Diamond jerk Agricola’s surge; Soesdyke edge Mocha DIAMOND continue to show encouraging improvement when they held the highly-touted Agricola Red Triangle to a 1-1 draw when play in the Stag Beer-sponsored East Bank Football Association (EBFA) division-one league continued last Sunday at the Grove Playfield. Sunday’s other encounter saw Soesdyke Falcons stave off a spirited performance from Mocha Champs to emerge 3-2 winners. Diamond took the surprise lead against Agricola, who came into the game with three wins on the run and were relishing a fourth win, but that was not to be as the determined Diamond

unit presented a stout challenge. They cantered into the lead with the game a mere three minutes old, compliments of a Leonardo Canton strike, immediately sending shockwaves through the Agricola team. Despite taking the lead, Diamond did not get complacent even as Agricola went on the offensive. The game evened out in the 33rd minute when Agricola, through the effort of Winston Rawlins, were able to finally hit the network to draw level. The exchanges continued back and forth with both teams going after the go-ahead goal but that did not happen. Both teams walked away

Colin McLean and Kelcey Benson

with one point, Agricola moved to 10 and remain in second place behind leaders Timehri Panthers while Diamond moved

to four points in sixth place. The Soesdyke Falcons/ Mocha Champs matchup turned out to be a humding-

while counting three fours and two sixes. Leonard gamely followed his lead, hitting four boundaries off 118 balls in two hours and 39 minutes at the wicket. When Tonge reached his

fifth first-class fifty off 95 balls, the Leewards were well in sight of victory at 263 for five, and they duly completed the formalities to condemn Guyana to their fourth loss in five games this season.

GUYANA 1st innings 240 J. Hamilton c wkp. Bramble LEEWARD ISLANDS 1st innings b Shadir 54 174 G. Tonge not out 57 GUYANA 2nd innings 212 Y. Leonard not out 37 LEEWARD ISLANDS 2nd innings Extras: (b-12, lb-3, nb-1) 16 (target: 279) (overnight 101 for Total: (5 wkts, 86 overs) 279 three) Fall of wickets: 1-17, 2-24, 3-28, K. Powell c wkp. Bramble 4-168, 5-178. b Joseph 7 Bowling: Beaton 16-2-54-1; Joseph J. Liburd lbw b Joseph 11 13-2-46-2 (nb-1); Shadir 18-4-54-1; O. Peters b Beaton 7 Permaul 22-5-61-1; Khan 15-3-45-0; D. Thomas c Johnson Griffith 2-1-4-0. b Permaul 90 Points: Leewards 15, Guyana 4

er of a clash, as the Soesdyke-based side held their nerves to walk away with the points. Kelcey Benson handed Soesdyke the early lead with the game just two minutes old. That advantage was doubled seven minutes later when Colin McLean netted the first of his double in the 9th minute. Running away to a 2-0 advantage did not mean comfort for Soesdyke as Mocha, still without a point in the league, kept up the attack against their opponents. In a heart-pumping two-minute burst, Mocha brought themselves right back into the game and were threatening to take full points. Travis Anthony narrowed the gap in the 37th minute while Wendell Joseph neutralised proceedings for Mocha with a goal of his own two minutes later With the scores now lev-

el 2-2, the halftime whistle sounded much to the delight of both sides as the fans held their breath, anticipating a fierce battle in the second half. Li ke i n t he f i r st hal f , Soesdyke scored early. McLean completed his double three minutes after the break when he blasted his shot into the back of the net in the 48th minute. End-to-end action continued but Soesdyke held on to their lead and maximum points, to overtake Kuru Kururu Warriors for fourth place to date. Another mouthwatering double-header is set for this Sunday at the same venue when Herstelling come up against Kuru Kururu Warriors in opening play from 13:00hrs with the main attraction bringing together home team Grove Hi Tech and leaders Timehri Panthers.

OSCL gearing for participation in Guyana Softball Cup TO R O N TO , C a n a d a – Long-standing executive of the Ontario Softball Cricket League (OSCL) Albert Ramcharran has been returned unopposed as president when the entity held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) here recently. Ramcharran, whose scholarly running of the OSCL over the last two years has been exemplary, is credited as being one of the stalwart and founding-members of the body which was formed in 1996. Among his first disclosures was the OSCL’s intended participation in the fourth edition of the Guyana Softball Cup to be contested later this year in Guyana. According to Ramcharran, the OSCL plans to also compete in the Masters

version of the tournament after taking part only in the Open League in 2013. Ramcharran had high praise for the host, the Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket League (GFSCA) following its successful staging of the tournament last year and was one of several executives accompanying the OSCL squad to the tournament. Terry Mathura, who also served as player and official during the Guyana trip, retained his vice-presidency position while Sheri Mohammed is the new secretary, replacing Avi Singh, who resigned before completing his term last year. Mohammed previously held the assistant Statistician/ Registrar post. The treasurer remains Kim Sue, daughter of the late Nor-

... Albert Ramcharran retains presidency

man Sue, a long-standing sponsor of the OSCL and owner of the popular Norman Sue Bakery. The elder Sue passed away late last year. Bobby Ramlagan was re-elected as assistant secretary/treasurer. The Statistician/Registrar position was retained by Patrick Shivrattan while former Guyana Times journalist Ravendra Madholall, who is a newcomer to the organisation, is the new Public Relations Officer/Webmaster, replacing Shiv Persaud.. Mathura is also chairman for the Disciplinary Committee while Ramlagan is the secretary. Considered as one of the livewires of the OSCL, Vish Jadunauth is still the East End Coordinator while West End

Coordinator Ryan Bhup did not seek re-election. His successor is to be named shortly. The three new Disciplinary Committee members are: Krisho Singh, Pooran Roopchand and Sheryl Patram. Among the rule changes adopted at the meeting, following some amendments to the constitution were: Players’ immediate suspension for bowling deemed to be “pelting” in the opinion of the umpires and teams being penalised for slow over rates. A confident Ramcharran expressed his belief that the league will surpass its performance of the previous year with the full backing of his members. Expressing thanks to his

executives, the president alluded to the fact that the OSCL was run in a professional manner and also praised the members of the disciplinary committee for their fine efforts, According to Ramcharran, the league dealt with 12 complaints over the last year, resulting in players being suspended while some were placed on probation. The resultant effect meant the league collected over Cdn$1 000 in fines, the most for any year. The president condemned the use of alcohol at match venues, following the completion of games, pointing out that the league intends to take a strong stance against the practice, since it faces the prospect of its permits

being taken away from the venues where the drinking takes place. The OSCL had plans to introduce white balls to its competitions this year but the idea has been put on hold and will revert to the Supreme balls for all versions – 20-, 15and 10-over tournaments. The decision to change the ball was based on the fact that the white balls are being used in the Guyana Softball Cup and are being seen as a disadvantage to the Canadian teams. Apart from Ramcharran, the other foundingmember of the OSCL is Jadunauth, who, along with the other executives, pledged full support to the president. The first statutory meeting of the league was scheduled for March month-end..


The Chronicle is at

Dexter `The Kid’ Marques shows off his WBC/ CABOFE belt

DEXTER `The Kid’ Marques (third left) shares a moment with his mother (fourth left) while showing off his WBC/CABOFE belt at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall on Saturday night. (Second left) in this Sonell Nelson photo is Guyana Boxing Board of Control president Peter Abdool. Marques won a unanimous points decision over Jamaica’s Rudolph Hedge.

Never a dull moment with Tony Cozier

Carl Hooper PORT-of-Spain, Trinidad - about that. This is part five of a series “Here (in Trinidad), about the life and times when I wrote a very simple of one of cricket’s most piece saying that Phil Simfamous commentators and mons will have to give way writers, Tony Cozier. in the West Indies team All journalists, wheth- because Carl Hooper was er they work in the print coming back in, in ’94,” he industry or the television/ reflected.  radio stations, will be fully Cozier was referring aware that they can offend to the 1994 home series persons by what they say. against England, followAnd Cozier, during his five ing the first Test match in decades of West Indies crick- Jamaica where the West et reporting, knows full well Indies won by 10 wick-

Tonge, Thomas inspire Leewards in thrilling (See Story run chase on page 27)

ets. But Hooper, who did not play in that Test, declared himself unfit for the remainder of the series due to a back injury, and Shivnarine Chanderpaul replaced Simmons for the second Test in Guyana. However, Cozier faced a backlash from the fans during the third Test at the Queen’s Park Oval. “When I came back here then, the whole Oval, I couldn’t believe the reaction to it, there were signs all over the place (saying) “Cozier is a dog”, “Cozier this” and boos and everything, terrible.  I just couldn’t believe why a small thing like that over a selection would have caused that reaction from the crowd here. But I suppose the people were so passionate and, of course, so into it, that those things happen.”  Another moment which stood out was during the 1991 home series against Australia. “When Gordon Greenidge was coming towards the end of his days

(in 1991), I wrote a piece in Barbados (saying) this may have been his final Test match (the fourth Test of the five-match series) because he had gone 25 Test innings without scoring a half-century, and Brian Lara was on the edge and still couldn’t get a place in the side. I was really hectored for that in Barbados as well, and as you would know and, in fact, inevitably, Gordon Greenidge ended up making 226.” He added, “So that really put me in my place. It was just a speculative piece but the headline in the Nation was “The End for Greenidge”. And that got people up. You can only write as you see it.”  As fate would have it, that was Greenidge’s last Test match on home soil (he played one more Test, in Antigua) as he suffered a knee injury during the tour of England weeks later, which ruled him out of the

(See page 23)

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CONCACAF, UEFA sign cooperation agreement GRAND Cayman, Cayman Islands (CMC) – CONCACAF and UEFA have forged a closer cooperation through the recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The confederation, the governing body for football in the North, Central Jeffrey Webb American and Caribbean regions, said Saturday that In addition, the MOU the new agreement with is geared towards creating UEFA would provide for dialogue on football develtechnical assistance and (See page 23) support.

Former national football coach August `Cha Cha’ Wooter succumbs after (See Story on car accident page 26) TUESDAY, APRIL 8, 2014

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