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Major kafuffle in Parliament as…

Opposition uses ‘bullyism’ to gag Gov’t Minister Page


Guyana needs a 4 new political culture of cooperation based on trust Page

‘IN CONVERSATION’: Education Minister Priya Manickchand (right) in conversation with Opposition Leader David Granger and his APNU colleagues Dr Rupert Rupnarine and Amna Ally during a break in Parliament last night. (Adrian Narine photo)

Fuel boats explode at Port Kaituma Page 2

- massive inferno destroys several buildings

- according to Gov’t MP Robert Persaud

Ramsammy defends hard working Guyanese

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- emphatically rejects assertion Guyana being developed with ‘drugs money’

Gold ‘tampering’ uncovered at Page 17 Bartica - Police called in to investigate

Elderly woman dies after ingesting Page 17 rat poison


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014

Major kafuffle in Parliament as…

Opposition uses ‘bullyism’ to gag Gov’t Minister By Vanessa Narine THE Opposition provoked a major kafuffle in the National Assembly last night, defying the ruling of the Speaker of the House, Raphael Trotman, to allow Education Minister Priya Manickchand to speak and reneging on their agreement that earlier saw no problems with the Minister making her presentation. On Tuesday, a ‘heckle’ in the House by the Education Minister was protested by the Opposition and Manickchand was subsequently barred by the Speaker from speaking during the ongoing budget debates. Manickchand had heckled “ask the APNU member Sharma” while Opposition MP Volda Lawrence was addressing the issue of rape in the society. However, on Wednesday, following an agreement bro-

kered by the Speaker with the Government and the Opposition, Manickchand repeated agreed words in the House, which was accepted by the Opposition as a prerequisite to their non-protest of her being able to contribute to the 2014 Budget debates. On the following day, the Opposition Member of Parliament (MP), Jaipaul Sharma, resigned from his post in the House stating that his resignation was prompted by Manickchand’s comment and the fact that he considered himself “not competent” as an aggressive debater. Last night, when the Education Minister rose to deliver her address on the 2014 Estimates, which allocates $32.3B – the lion’s share – to the education sector, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) MPs protested with loud banging on their desks, chanting ‘Apologise to Sharma’. Several calls by the Speaker for order went unheard and, as the Opposition’s protest grew louder, Trotman subsequently

ruled that the sitting be suspended. During the suspension, MPs on either side of the aisle were loud in registering their respective point of views. Out of Chambers, the Speaker met with the Parliamentary Chief Whips, Gail Teixeira and Amna Ally, and the Clerk of the National Assembly, Sherlock Isaacs, but no resolution was reached. On resumption of the sitting, Trotman acknowledged that the protest was as much against him and his ruling, as it was against Manickchand, but stressed that, as per Wednesday’s agreement, the issue was dealt with. He acknowledged Manickchand and asked her to proceed with her presentation. However, the position of the APNU MPs remained unchanged. With every attempt of the Education Minister to See page 8

Fuel boats explode at Port Kaituma - massive inferno destroys several buildings By Leroy Smith

MILLIONS of dollars went up in flames yesterday morning as fuel

- damage worth millions of dollars

boats which were parked on the waterfront at Port Kaituma in the remote North West District ex-

ploded, damaging four buildings in the process. The Guyana Chronicle was informed by a person close to a victim that the boats, which are usually parked aback several buildings at the waterfront, suddenly exploded, causing pandemonium and the conflagration in the com-

munity. One man who spoke to the Chronicle related that his sister-in-law was in her home when the boats exploded. She immediately rushed out the house, and as she looked back, the entire building was already engulfed. The Chronicle was also told that the sister-in-law’s home, which also has a shop, is bordered by three bonds which are used to store fuel. After the boats exploded, the fire, fanned by a strong wind, quickly engulfed and completely destroyed the bonds and the shop. One resident of the area related that as people tried to fight the fire, they found it was being fuelled by the heavy winds, so they began wetting the other buildings, since the flames were blowing in that direction. Port Kaituma residents began using water See page 4

Millions have been lost when boats in Port Kaituma exploded and started a fire at about 8:30 hrs yesterday morning.


Ramsammy defends hard working Guyanese

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014

- emphatically rejects assertion Guyana being developed with ‘drugs money’

By Vanessa Narine AGRICULTURE Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, on Thursday night, emphatically rejected the assertion that Guyana was being developed with “drugs money.” He picked up on a comment, from within the Opposition benches in Parliament during the 2014 Budget debate, that development was not achieved by the sweat and blood of hard working Guyanese people. “Our people invest in their country not drug lords,” he maintained, adding: “The economy of Guyana is driven towards positive growth by these investors not the drug lords that some of our colleagues on the other side want to paint them all with the same brush. “These are the hard, cold facts. When we speak loosely, we insult people like our rice farmers.” According to the Agriculture Minister, in 2013 alone, foreign direct investments (FDIs) were more than the entire post-independence years up to 1992. Ramsammy said: “The real story of development is domestic investment, investment of our own people, people who live and work in this beautiful country…small scale farmers in our country

ers invested $6B in tractors and harvesters and, at the rate they are going now, they will exceed $2B in 2014 in tractors and harvesters.” The Agriculture Minister said rice millers also invested $10B to increase capacity in drying, storage and milling of paddy for the past four years. “Many millers are working with the Energy Research Institute of India to

replace the use of fossil fuel to reduce cost and to effect greater efficiency in their operations,” he reported. “They are not drug lords or drug pushers. It is their hard earned cash that they invest,” he insisted. Ramsammy charged that, when eight years of continued and uninterrupted growth is coupled with assertions that it is drug driven, the hard work, commitment,

“This is the story of the Guyana I see when I leave the hallowed halls of our Parliament. Not a broken country, with only dismal tales to tell. It is a country bravely moving upwards on a trajectory of better lives for all, gaining in economic and social standings in our Caribbean Region, proudly celebrating successes. But this is the country that is denied in this House. This is the country where people’s lives are misrepresented for narrow political gains.” Dr Leslie Ramsammy, Minister of Agriculture are actually the largest investors in our development. “Take, for instance, rice farmers. In 2013, the rice farmers of Guyana invested about $28B not in in-kind contributions, not in their investments in machines but in operational costs, in real money, directly for cultivation. “This is money they in-

vested in land preparations, in fertilisers and pesticides, in seed paddy, in water management in their fields, in harvesting, in transportation of their paddy etc. They invested a minimum of $28B in cultivating more than 400,000 acres of rice in 2013. “Between 2010 and 2013, these same rice farm-

dreams and achievements of Guyanese people are diminished. He said: “This is the story of the Guyana I see when I leave the hallowed halls of our Parliament. Not a broken country, with only dismal tales to tell. It is a country bravely moving upwards on a trajectory of better lives for all, gaining in economic and social standings in our Caribbean Region, proudly celebrating successes. But this is the country that is denied in this House. This is the country where people’s lives are misrepresented for narrow political gains.”


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014

Guyana needs a new political culture of cooperation based on trust - according to Gov’t MP Robert Persaud

Fuel boats explode ... From page 2

from their black tanks while others, employing the use of water and other pumps, channelled water to the buildings which were under severe threat from the by-then uncontrollable blaze. A fire victim’s relative said that some time ago his relative had cause to take one of the boat owners to the police because he was tying his boat behind the shop. The man said the relative reported the matter to the police because he has seen the fuel boat as a personal threat and a hazard to his customers and his family. Though unconfirmed, this newspaper was told that most of the persons selling fuel on the Port Kaituma waterfront are illegal vendors who do not possess the requisite paperwork from the Guyana Energy Agency. Yesterday’s fire began to blaze at just after 8:00 hrs, and up to late last evening, the boats were still smoking, according to reporters received by this publication from persons in the area. Members of the Guyana Police and Fire Service were yesterday respectively getting ready to travel to the area to investigate the fire. Early last month, a father had set his home on fire with his wife and children locked inside. He had told investigators that he was stressed with the amount of debts he had, and did not know what to do. He suffered some amount of burns to the body and succumbed to his injuries last week. In most cases when there are fires at interior locations, very little is usually done to save anything, including life, because of the absence of fire stations or trained fire fighters in the area. There was the case, sometime ago, when an entire business bloc was destroyed by fire, and a call was made for a fire station to be erected in that area. With the fiery death of the woman and her four children early last month, the calls were renewed for fire services to be established at interior locations. The Guyana Fire Service, on the other hand, has been working with residents of the various interior locations to train fire fighters even as attempts are being made to secure special equipment to be used in fire-fighting in those parts of the country.

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- describes current dispensation in Parliament as ‘a troika of bitterness’ which needs to be converted into ‘a troika of togetherness’ By Clifford Stanley

get aims at transforming the economy and its resilience Minister of Natural Re- nationally as well as in the sources and the Environ- face of unpredictable interment Mr. Robert Per- national developments. This year’s budget, he saud last evening in the National Assembly called said, should not be seen as for a new political culture just another budget but as of cooperation based on another building block for trust so that the potential the construction of a new of the 2014 budget can be society in which change has been ongoing since 1992. fully realised. “It is a budget that He said the 2014 Budspeaks and responds to the aspirations of the people of Guyana. It aims to serve as a catalyst for economic transformation as well as growth. It’s about positioning Guyana not only for today but preparing Guyana for the unknown tomorrow,” Minister Persaud told the House. He recalled that in 1992, the size of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was just over $37 billion; today it is Minister Robert Persaud address- $359 billion. ing the National Assembly yesterIn quarrying day and mining in

1992, the GDP was just about 8.9%; today gold alone accounts for 9% of GDP, and mining and quarrying 12.1%. “In 1992 also, for example, the contribution of the services sector was 26%; today it is 65%. Today there are sectors that didn’t even exist then, sectors like Information and Communications Technology (ICT) which contributes 6.9% to the GDP,” the minister stated. He said the 2014 budget was “an unfolding story about the transformation of Guyana for new opportunities and diversification”. The potential for a stable and prosperous Guyana, however, could only be achieved if there was a rebirth of the Guyanese spirit. “What is needed in Guyana is a renaissance of the Guyanese spirit. This renaissance would require us to develop a new political culture; and this new political culture must not be the onus of one side of the House but building this new political culture requires all of us working together in terms of building cooperation and genuine trust,” Minister Persaud said. “We need a new political architecture; a new Governance architecture. Development will be stymied unless the political leaders take important small steps towards collaboration, towards inspiring all Guyanese to build a better Guyana,” he argued. Minister Persaud said the current dispensation in Parliament is a troika of bitterness but with genuine cooperation starting with the 2014 budget, we can convert this troika of bitterness into a troika of togetherness.”












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GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014

In Essequibo…

Tractor driver abandons machine for canal in face of African bees attack By Rajendra Prabhulall A TRACTOR driver known as ‘Benji’, of Bounty Hall village, Essequibo Coast, was ploughing a field near a clump of bushes at Cozier on Wednesday when he was attacked by a large swarm of African bees and had to dive into a canal to escape their fury. Reports are that the combined noise of the tractor and a front-end loader in separate action had disturbed the bees, and they swooped down on Benji, inflicting stings to his face, head and hands. Benji said he stopped and abandoned the tractor, and sought refuge in a canal with the bees in hot pursuit after him. Benji said he had to plunge into the canal to take cover under the water from the angry bees, but as he surfaced to get oxygen, he saw the creatures in their thousands hovering just over the surface of the water. He said he surfaced several times to get oxygen before the bees flew back to their hive in the bush; and when it was eventually all quiet, he came out of the canal and hurried home. Nevertheless, Benji had to seek medical attention for the many stings he received from the dangerous African bees. Several farmers who were in Cozier at the time of the attack said they went across to the area to offer assistance to Benji, but he had already left for home. They said African bees are always attacking farmers in the dry season at Cozier.

Mainstay farmer jailed for slapping & beating man with helmet at backdam by Rajendra Prabhulall ESSEQUIBO Magistrate Sunil Scarce jailed Mainstay village farmer Vijay Naipaul, 38, for three weeks when he appeared before him last Wednesday at the Anna Regina Court, unrepresented by legal counsel, to answer to a charge of assaulting Soamdatt Ramantan on February 16 at Mainstay backdam. Ramantan told the magistrate that Naipaul slapped him while he was riding his motorcycle, and when he fell off the bike, Naipaul inflicted several blows on various parts of his body with the helmet he (Ramantan) was wearing. Naipaul, in his defence, claimed that Ramantan had sustained his injuries when he fell off his motorcycle. Magistrate Scarce, however, rejected Naipaul’s version of the matter, and informed him that he was satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that Naipaul was guilty. Thereafter, the magistrate asked Naipaul whether he wanted to say anything in mitigation before being sentenced. Initially he responded in the negative, but after the magistrate had again prompted him, he said he was a father of two and had no previous convictions. In handing down his ruling, the magistrate told the defendant he had acted willfully and deliberately in assaulting the VC, and his actions were inexcusable.


Stop obstructing and behave responsibly – MP Chandarpal tells Opposition

GOVERNMENT Member of Parliament (MP) Indra Chandarpal during her 2014 Budget Debate presentation on Thursday, called for all Parliamentary Parties to put Guyana first as they debated the Budget and considered the estimates presented. She noted that despite the Opposition’s view of the country’s economic performance, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) view it as very good. The government MP quoted from reports made on Guyana by the two financial bodies.

the Amaila Falls Hydro project which would contribute to bringing down the cost of living. She also pointed to the disparity between the allocations for electricity generation for the rest of the country as compared to that made for Region 10. “When will you stop being obstructionists, and start behaving responsibly and constructively? When?” she asked. The government MP pointed out that it was the PPP/C’s move towards enhancing technology which has enabled the Opposition to access and scrutinise what the government is doing and thus to cut and obstruct what they wanted to. She also lauded work in the housing, electricity, bauxite and other sectors which have all made life better for Guyanese. Applauding the measures contained in Budget 2014, she emphatically reminded the Opposition benches that the Executive was on the Government side of the House which has the responsibility to prepare and create the budget. The government MP pointed to the health sector noting that visits by a Parliamentary team had deemed the members satisfied. She noted the work done for roads and bridges and other areas which has all gone towards the development of the country. In concluding, MP Chandarpal urged the support of Opposition for the 2014 Budget, and its programmes and measures. (GINA)

Student on burglary charge granted bail By Rajendfra Prabhulall

Ms Indra Chandarpal, Gov’t MP

She said that the eight successive years of upward mobility in the economy represents the longest period of such achievement. She urged that all MPs focus on the vision of the leaders who fought for independence of the country and make it a reality, to encourage the young people to remain in Guyana. ‘We have to stop perpetuating these negative and divisive acts which are impeding our progress,’ MP Chandarpal emphasised. She focused briefly on the almost three decades of the rule of the People’s National Congress as a dictatorship and pointed to the democratic rule of the People’s Progressive Party. MP Chandarpal also slammed the members of the Opposition for their non-support of cheaper electricity through

A student of the Essequibo Technical Institute at Anna Regina was granted bail in the sum of $40,000 by Essequibo Magistrate Sunil Scarce, on Wednesday, when he appeared before him to answer to a charge of break and enter and larceny. Reports said Andre John, 20, of Richmond, Essequibo Coast pleaded not guilty to the indictable charge after an application was made by the prosecution for summary disposal. According to Police, the defendant on March 31, at Richmond, broke and entered the shop of Narda Mahendranauth and stole $15,000 in cash and $4,400. worth in Digicel phone cards. The defendant who was unrepresented in court said he was at the shop on the day in question but stole nothing. He also told the court that he works in the interior but also attends the Essequibo Technical Institute. The case will be called again on April 29.




Doom, gloom and naysayers like albatross on nation’s back

THE doom, gloom and naysaying brigade are in full cry, criticising every aspect of Budget 2014; and among all their lamentations and their negative prognoses it is their unconscionable derogation of the Government’s increase of non-contributory pension that impels one to question their reasoning and to wonder if, apart from spite, vindictiveness, a sense of power and a need to derail the PPP/C developmental initiatives, they have a grudge against Guyana’s senior citizens, in that they are making them another instrument of battery against the Government. Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh, during his recent presentation of the 2014 National Budget, has guaranteed that pensioners will be getting a 50% increase for electricity tariff assistance. So the value of the electricity assistance programme for pensioners will be increased to $30,000 per annum for each eligible beneficiary. This will result in an additional $300M of disposable income being placed in the hands of most senior citizens. Government’s non-contributory pension increased by 5%. This means over 42,500 pensioners will benefit from the 5% increase, bringing their monthly grant to $13,125. Pensioners are also exempted from paying water rates. The Finance Minister announced that this year’s old age pension increase by 5 percent will take effect from May 1, 2014. This increase would result in a total of $212.5M in additional disposable income being placed in the hands of 42,500 senior citizens. It was pointed out by Minister Singh that recent years have been marked by dramatic increases in the non-contributory old age pension paid to persons over the age of 65 years. This monthly cash supplement has been increased annually from $3,500 in 2006 to $12,500 last year. But the naysayers yet prophesy gloom and doom, disregarding the fact the Government’s infusions in the health sector has tremendously boosted life expectancy span, whereby pensioners, like all Guyanese – and even visitors to this country, are guaranteed free health, dental and eye care. Many pensioners who lived their lives in first-world countries have returned home to Guyana, only to enjoy the benefits provided by the PPP/C administration in this developing country, which the first-world countries to which they gave their lifetimes of service in their youth cannot provide. Non-contributory pension is a grant – not an entitlement. It is provided to senior citizens to augment their NIS pension and other work-related pensions and oftentimes its addition to these other sources of income boost monthly

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014

AFC Members pursuing ‘self -interest’ in Parliament

I AM disgusted at the most recent attempt by the AFC to use its Parliamentary seat to pursue its member’s self-interest. I refer to Tuesday night’s presentation by AFC Member of Parliament, Cathy Hughes, who boldly got up to address the issue of VAT. Ms. Hughes pointed out that several Caribbean tourism destinations have allowed their respective tourism and hospitality sectors to pay a lower VAT rate than other sectors. She then moved to give examples of such cases and proceeded to explain that the private sector lobbied government for a reduction in VAT, but were unsuccessful so she is using her seat as a Parliamentarian to recommend to government that the VAT be reduced for the tourism sector. Rather than recommend changes to VAT for persons like myself, the average Guyanese, Ms. Hughes, like all the other AFC members, used her seat in the National Assembly to lobby for her own self-interest and that of her husband, Nigel Hughes! Cathy and Nigel Hughes are the owners of the well-established, prime Georgetown Ariantze Hotel, restaurant, café and bar, a top-of- the-line, three story establishment. Her request for Government to consider a lower VAT rate for the tourism industry is done with the sole purpose of providing Mr. and Ms. Hughes with incentives for their personal business as it certainly will not benefit the average Guyanese out there. I recall similar incidences involving the AFC leadership where self-interest is put above country and certainly above

the interest of those who they claim to represent. The ongoing controversy surrounding the AFC’s objection to the Specialty Hospital is a reflection of such self-interest. It is well known that Fedders Lloyd is a client of leader of the AFC, Kemraj Ramjattan. Mr. Ramjattan fought tooth and nail to derail the project when the contract was rightfully awarded to Surendra and not his client. Today, he joins with the APNU and uses his position as leader of the AFC to oppose the project and to cut the budget of other developmental projects. Yet he calms government is not doing enough to create jobs and develop Guyana! Similarly, Ramjattan is the legal representative to one of the AFC’s biggest donors: Robert Badal who is the owner of the once famous Pegasus Hotel. Ramjattan has been a stern opponent to the construction of the Marriott Hotel, which is located next door to the Pegasus, raising a series of concerns none of which has proven to hold any merit. It can only be assumed that he opposes this, like the Specialty Hospital, because it poses a threat to his self-interest. So how can Mr. Ramjattan and Ms. Hughes claim to represent the interest of the people of Guyana when all they seem to do is propose policies and oppose projects that will only benefit them? CONCERNED CITIZEN

TAAMOG congratulates Minister Pauline Sukhai THE Amerindian Action Movement of Guyana (TAAMOG) wishes to extend congratulations to Hon. Minister of Amerindian Affairs Pauline Sukhai, MP for being conferred with the Medal of Merit by the Republic of Congo, the highest order within its category. The Hon. Minister of Amerindian Affairs was also confirmed as the Commander of the Indigenous people of Central Africa for the dynamic role she played in the International forum of Indigenous peoples within Central Africa, (FIPAC3) and Guyana. Hon. Pauline Sukhai, MP indeed deserves the Republic of Congo’s highest honour for the outstanding, inexhaustible, committed and ongoing contribution towards the social and economic development of Guyana’s indigenous

peoples and the valuable contributions that she made at the International Forum on Indigenous Peoples of Central Africa (FIPAC). TAAMOG is extremely proud of Guyana’s Minister of Amerindian Affairs who continues to energetically blaze the trail to victory and serve as an exemplary model for Guyana’s women, and more particularly to our Indigenous women and men where success can only be achieved through commitment and determination. TAAMOG salutes Hon. Pauline Sukhai, MP, the Commander of Guyana’s Indigenous Peoples and the Indigenous Peoples of Central Africa.

figures to well beyond what a regular wage-earner is paid. Additionally, because of the superior healthcare benefits provided, many senior citizens are absolutely fit and are gainfully employed; others are taken care of by their offspring. The non-contributory pension is merely provided to sustain the dignity of senior citizens so that they have money for personal use – such as buying toiletries and gifts for loved ones on special occasions, even to save if one is so inclined. Today Guyana is absolutely food secure so pensioners are also eating healthier foods, unlike days of yore when life was drastically shortened because most foods were unavailable and healthcare was limited to the rich and powerful. People are not born old or normally born sick or disabled. They have many years of young and healthy lives to work and plan for their old age. The state facilitates mechanisms such as the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), and the labour laws ensure that employers have pension schemes in place for retired workers, so the state is not responsible if a young and healthy person fritters his/her life and youth away in pursuits of enjoyment without making provisions for their senior years. No country in the world can afford to give a working salary

to thousands of non-working people. The non-contributory pension scheme is a grant provided to senior citizens by a caring Government; unlike what occurred in past years under the PNC regime. If the gloom, doom and naysayers in the Opposition want to be truthful then they should provide answers why they had a means test to limit the number of pensioners; that too in an age when, because of the economic depression in the country, lack of adequate healthcare, and the banning of essential food items life expectancy was so minimal that few people lived to attain the age whereby they could qualify for any kind of pension. The cumulative effect of all the advantages provided by the PPP/C administration has literally given our senior citizens a new life, one that is protected by the Government through all the benefits provided by the state; and no gloom, doom and naysayer can obviate this fact, that Guyana’s fathers and mothers are better cared for under this administration that at any other period in their lives.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014


The culture of lying ingrained in the AFC psyche I HAVE never ceased to wonder at the tenacity of the leaders of the Alliance For Change (AFC) to fabricate and peddle lies to the public with the hope of getting through to a few of them. They are of the opinion that if you peddle a lie long enough then not only will people believe those lies, but you yourself will make those lies indelible in your psyche. Leader of the AFC Khemraj Ramjattan once again was able to get away from the real issues at hand. I made it clear that I moved that motion in support of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AMLCFT) Amendment Bill simply because I put my country first. This Bill is too vital to play politics with. If members of the Opposition take some time to reflect on our National Pledge, they will understand where I was coming from. But many persons cannot afford to think and act independently. I have done that. Is that a crime if I can show my blind leaders the way forward? But alas those who are blinded by the greed for power cannot see the light! The very first impression that came to my mind upon reading an article headlined, “Haseef Yusuf is a rogue AFC Councillor – Ramjattan”, was ‘look who’s talking!’ Does this man have the moral standing to condemn anyone who has taken such a position? Is this man suffering from amnesia? How can he not recall that when he was kicked out of the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C), he clung to the Member of Parliament (MP) position for dear life! He cannot afford to lose the status, the money and the duty free perks! I now want to address once again the lies in the article. I was never officially expelled from the AFC, nor do I care. But he keeps saying publicly that I have failed to pay my

subscriptions in years. I had stated emphatically before that I paid my subscriptions up to 2012, or else I could not have attended the AFC Conference which was held in that same year. Then General Secretary Sixtus Edwards can vouch for this. Furthermore, I have valid reasons for not paying subscriptions for 2013. At the AFC Conference in 2012, I presented a motion with regard to accountability within the party (this was after the issue with Dr Veersammy Ramayya (a member of the AFC). Inter alia, I said that party groups should have bank accounts and all monies collected by way of fundraising and donations should be properly accounted for and deposited into a bank account. ACCOUNTABILITY This motion was unanimously passed. Everyone agreed, including Ramjattan. Until now no such accounts have been opened in Berbice! How can I even pay a dollar to this party when there is a total lack of accountability? Many top AFC members have since resigned because of this mismanagement and fraudulent misappropriation of party funds. These people want the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) in order to stop corruption, but are unwilling to establish accountability within their own political organisation. The PPP/C Government is not against the establishment of such a commission, but the Opposition wants to behave as though they are in Government. They must have all the powers. I have written exhaustively on the theft and misappropriation of funds, but how can the leaders put systems in place when they themselves

are guilty? The AFC Constitution has provisions for the appointment of an auditor and audited statements. These have never been complied with. At the 2012 Conference, inaccurate and unaudited statements were foisted on the members, many of them having no clue as to what was going on. Yet these AFC leaders are adamant about the PPC when they themselves within the AFC can procure without proper accountability. This is hypocrisy and shamelessness. As for being a friend of the Attorney General Anil Nandlall, let me say this. This gentleman is one of the finest legal minds this country has ever produced. He is a statesman par excellence. However, until this moment, I have never spoken to this gentleman or met him personally, but I will definitely be honoured to be his friend! Moreover, I have never sought any personal favour from any member of the PPP/C Government or the party, nor have I personally received any benefits from them. I am a patriot who wants the economic prosperity of this nation to continue. I do not want the ‘dark age’ to return and I will never be a ‘chamar’ or a ‘namak haram [an ungrateful person]’. People like Ramjattan will never be able to comprehend what it means to be a patriot! Lastly, Ramjattan should start vigorously disposing of the garbage in the AFC, but I guess that means disposing of himself with that garbage as well! Ramjattan, next time get your facts straight before opening your mouth! HASEEF YUSUF AFC Councillor

Noisy religious services and prayer calls RECENTLY, I had cause to be on national television to discuss noise nuisance. Then, realising the importance of the topic, as someone who has been articulating on the subject for many years, and taking into consideration calls received after the programme, I decided to pen a letter to the print media to appeal to the authorities, and the people to take action against all noise makers, and for the people to develop bravado, and be fearless in making complaints and issuing statements for prosecution. I spoke in the media about constant complaints about noise nuisance from not only discos, dancehalls, shows, but unfortunately from noisy dancing churches, (with shoes on, contrary to example of the Beloved Mystical Master Jesus Christ) with evangelists and pastors screaming, for which even Christians will say God does not need that. Then there were complaints from members in communities with Mandirs and also some Muslim Masjids screaming the Adhaan (Azaan) at all kinds of hours disrupting people, creating shock, and affecting children, according to calls from people. I wish to state that as a man of religion, and a Guyanese, and one in a level of leadership in a multi-faith society, I think we as a people need to stop being insular in our thinking capacities, whereby we look only at our singular enjoyment for noise and maybe fanatical love of our religion, and look at the bigger picture, as people of maturity and with respect for all. I recall once when Starlite Drive Inn was used as a missionary centre, there was constant condemnation of all religions except their own, with the loudest of noise, and of course the presenters were enjoying attacking members of other faiths, their prophets and teachers, or even their God(s) as the case may be. It was a noisy insult and humiliation to the Islamic and Hindu communities, and I went and told them so, also God is not deaf. People must have the right to enjoy their faith and practice their religion with due respect for others. This is sacrosanct in the Guyanese constitution and the reality of our society, as we are virtually a 100% religious-minded nation. I am proud of

this. But we cannot enjoy at the disturbance or destruction of others because that becomes criminal, and use of noise for any purpose when it disturbs, according to the laws of Guyana, is criminal. All I am saying is tone the sound down, do not disrupt others who wish not to be disturbed, and let us live in harmony and love. Some of my Muslim friends think I should withdraw my statement for the Adhan/Azaan or Call to prayer. They think I should be prejudiced for my religion; be a kind of religious zealot for Islam or a fanatic, with one-sided love, bereft of fairness and justice, and agree that the Azaan on loud speakers is not noisy. For me, it is fine, but we have to think of the society, the people in the community, and respect people. It does not bother me; but for others the sound creates a shock and affects their sensibilities. Now, as I said I always love the Muslim call to prayer in the beauty of an uninterrupted human voice, some welltrained, that is a healing to the spirit of the believer, and which, when it travels in the ‘fertilizing wind’ helps the entire of humanity, creation, and nature, even the rains fall better, and the vegetation produce better. I believe in all such self-service in religions with positives that benefit humanity and the world - a kind of positive law of attraction. The Quran says: 1. God (Allah) gave acts of devotion to all nations. 2. He sent Messages and Messengers to all humanity. 3. Mankind is one community. 4. “O Muhammad, you shall believe in what is being revealed to you and in what was revealed before thy time.” This is the universal aspect of the religion of Islam that lives in my heart and soul. The act and will of live and let live. This is why I still support the Inter Religious Organization, even though I resigned from it. Sorry, brothers, like my Beloved Prophet of Islam, I will judge in total impartiality and speak in the same manner; and you may recall he even judged in favour of the Jew when a case was brought to Him for trial. If people say the Azaan disturbs them, then respect them, and use the techniques used

for almost 1500 years since the advent of our Prophet and Islam. The human voice has extraordinary beauty, healing and grace. As far as I know, it is Allah’s will for the healing sound to be scattered by the wind, and believe me it travels for miles, once done on the minaret. But some have become lazy, do not wish to exercise up the minaret, and instead place a loudspeaker there and call from the ground, which disrupts the beauty of the vocal chords, and tone, which actually disturbs people. Now we have learnt of loudspeakers and we are acculturated to it, as if there is a fanatical love for it and not the beauty and grace of the Azaan itself, and an annoyance ensues when one is critiqued for it. Muslims must be mature people, who listen, who care for their community, and who will work for the respect and cooperation of all. Muslims must exercise patience and understanding in dealing with their communities, even if non-Muslims. This is where the greatness of being a good Muslim lie, in not only pleasing your community but everyone in it. Being prejudiced for one’s own is weak leadership. It should be caring for one’s own alone, but respect for all. Further, these are the days of high science, virtually all Muslims have cell phones, they can programme their cell phones to sing out the Azaan for them at prayer times, and even as personal reminders. There are also gadgets in the shape of the Haram of Mecca and Medina that can be programmed to make the Holy Call at prayer time. There are now more Masjids than ever, people never have problem getting to their mosques for prayers; with so many more mosques it is easier to reach one, and now people are even more complacent with mosque attendance, and prefer to pray at home. Everyone knows the time to pray. It is my opinion that some Muslim persons and elements merely want to be difficult or fanatical. Very important is the fact that when the Prayer Call is given it is too late for (PLEASE SEE PAGE 8)


Opposition uses ‘bullyism’ ... From page 2 make her speech, the Opposition’s pounding and chanting grew louder. Each time Manickchand halted her presentation, the Government MPs stood up in protest, which was the case three times in the space of a few minutes. The Speaker called for order, a call that was again disregarded, and Teixeira who attempted to move a motion for a vote was blocked from speaking as the desk-pounding and chanting from the Opposition grew louder and faster. Her move to a motion was heckled and the Opposition’s tune now sounded ‘Apologise to Sharma…no vote’. A warning, from the Speaker, that the sitting would have to be adjourned went unheeded and Trotman ordered that the Budget 2014 debate be adjourned for continuation on Monday. Immediately after the sitting ended, Government MPs gathered for a press briefing. BULLYISM The Government Chief Whip Gail Teixeira vehemently stressed that not only did the Opposition renege on Wednesday’s agreement, which the Government, through Manickchand’s statement, honoured, but APNU is attempting to bully the Government. She underscored the fact that the Speaker’s ruling was completely disregarded and the Opposition have made a turnaround that can only be seen as “trying to save face” with Chandra Narine (C.N.) Sharma, his party and his television station. “They now want to use Minister Manickchand as their whipping board,” Teixeira said. According to her, this type of behaviour is reflective of the attitude of the Opposition throughout the life of the 10th Parliament, which was called to order following the 2011 general elections. “These are the type of politicians we have,” she lamented. The Education Minister also commented on the situation during the press briefing and made it clear that it is unfortunate that a ‘heckle’, a normal practice in the National Assembly, which was settled on Wednesday is being transformed into such a major issue. “I am stunned…two days they were fine,” Manickchand said, adding that the Opposition’s move to gag her in the National Assembly is unwarranted, but one that is obviously based on the change of events between Wednesday and Thursday with the resignation of Jaipaul Sharma. WORD IS NO BOND Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds, also addressed the situation and was adamant in stressing that last night’s events indicate clearly to the Government and to the Guyanese people that the Opposition’s word is not their bond. He stated that he was both shocked and stunned at the night’s events. Hinds said, “This is another occurrence of the Opposition backing out of agreements….it is astonishing they would do what they have done….we have to take it that the Opposition’s word is not their bond.” The Prime Minister made it clear that agreements between Members of Parliament must be honoured and said he was disappointed in the position taken by the APNU. Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh, added that the education sector is a key sector that has a direct impact on the lives of thousands of Guyanese and the importance of the sector as well as the responsibility of Minister Manickchand ought to have been taken into consideration. “This sends us a clear message,” he said, explaining that the Opposition cannot be trusted; the Opposition has no respect for the rule of law; and is indicative of their disposition for “lawlessness” in the National Assembly. Dr Singh stated that 26 MPs cannot deny the will of thousands who elected the current Administration and who are, by democratic right, represented by the Education Minister. “This is total disrespect for the principles of democracy,” he charged.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014

Navratri significance HOW can Hindus in Guyana benefit from this period of Navratri? It is a period for worship to Bhagwan, in the form of the divine Shakti (ma). Let us for a brief moment forget about the divine Mother Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati and focus on our earthly mother. What is it that our earthly mother can do for us? Our earthly mother will practically do anything humanly possible to ensure that we are taken care of. For example, go back to your childhood days to the moment you opened your mouth and said: “Mommy, I want the latest schoolbag or footwear.” Even if it means literally hiding the money from the husband, she will do it, just to ensure that her child is happy. Even if an individual is Public Enemy Number One, for a mother, that individual is a gem. Our earthly mother will fight for us, scold us, etc., all because of her love. If our earthly mother can do so much for us, think now how much the Divine Mother will do, because we are all children in the eyes of Ma Durga. As Hindus, we are fortunate that our Hindu calendar is structured in such a way as to remind us of these events; and it also shows how vast Hinduism is. We have periods that are set on our calendar to worship GOD in the form of Mother. As devotees of Ma Durga, use this opportunity of Navratri to do a self-analysis of your life, plunging head-on in this spiritual bath to get rid of all the dirt from us, namely ignorance, egotism, unwanted desire, hatred, lust, anger, etc. Note well! If we are going to take a bath, definitely we will need soap or shampoo in the spiritual bath that we are taking during this period. Soap and shampoo will be the fasting, bhajans, havans, pujas, etc. At the end of this Navratri, we are going to celebrate the advent of the Father of the Universe, Shri Ram. It simply means that the Mother prepares us for the father, Shri Ram, to welcome us in His arms. VINODHA NARINE

A Guyanese with a distinguished career THERE are Guyanese who have occupied positions of note abroad, persons who have done their country proud. I make mention here of former Chief Justice of Kenya ‘Dusty’ Miller, uncle of popular columnist Alice MillerThomas. He distinguished himself well as being the first non-white chief justice of that country. Prior to him going to Kenya he served as state prosecutor here. ‘Dusty’ Miller, as he was fondly called, served as chief justice under two former Kenyan Presidents; namely Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel Arap Moi. Miller died sometime in 1991. I thought it best to bring this important piece of information about a distinguished son of the soil. NEIL ADAMS

Noisy religious ... (FROM PAGE 7)

people to reach the mosque, those who are already there are there, except if one lives next door. I love my great world religion of Islam, but as one who studies comparative religions and cultures, I have learnt to love and respect all, which is fundamental to the wisdom and teachings of the religion of Peace, the Religion of Islam. I notice a Christian Modern Day Prophet is advertising about a healing service and evangelical meeting at the National Cultural Centre (if invited, I will attend for knowledge and human relations), where it is soundproof and will disturb no one. This is respect and shows maturity. CIOG held several symposiums right there, and the Islamic Trust held several there and at the Convention Centre. Respect, fellow Guyanese, respect! ROSHAN KHAN Ambassador of Peace Universal Peace Federation


Opposition attempting to usurp the mandate of Government By David DeGroot

WAS there ever a serious professional attempt to interpret the intention of the electorate as reflected in the final votes announced, as a result of the voting at the last general elections 2011? This reflection was occasioned as I read the ranting in Parliament and indulgence adopted by shadow Finance Minister Carl Greenidge during his intervention on the National 2014 Budget, and deem it necessary to underscore and emphasise that the electorate of this country did not give APNU or AFC a mandate to rule or dictate to the PPP/C Administration, which so happens was given the most number of votes as a single party, more than APNU or AFC. Yes they hapDavid DeGroot pen to have a majority of one seat combined, but that does not give them the authority to dictate or bully their way on any piece of legislation. Encouragement being extended to Greenidge by the Stabroek News is merely fueling an inflated ego when they chose to highlight a feeble ‘first warning’ on the question of the budget’s projected expenditure of $6B on the sugar industry. Have they not reconciled to themselves – Stabroek News, APNU and AFC that the question of cutting the Finance Minister’s Budget just cannot happen, in keeping with the ruling of the Chief Justice? This kind of defiance is really a childish show of bravado, meaningless and of no effect, so they can continue to create hot air with their rantings, which is really wasting time. Let them show much needed maturity and come up with sensible alternatives on which support will be ineluctable. Their opposition to, and non-support of vital Government proposals are always lacking in logic and totally insipid. What Guyana needs are demonstrations of genuine pursuits of pushing this country forward. What purpose is being served by cutting budgets and voting against Hydro Electric, improvements of CJIA, specialist state-of-the-art hospital, a five-star international hotel and the improvement of the sugar industry? These are all projects that will not only move the country towards mordernisation, but also create thousands of new jobs and employment, thereby contributing towards advancing the standards of living of all Guyanese. Good sense should prevail in the interest of Guyana and its ever hopeful inhabitants.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014

Old Kai: Chronicles of Guyana...

PEOPLE DO STRANGE THINGS UNDER PRESSURE Didn’t Jaipaul Sharma know of the charges against his father when he decided to be part of his political party and join APNU in the 2011 national elections?

THERE is a popular reference on the streets to the acronym for the television station named after Chandra Narine Sharma (CNS) as Comedy Non Stop. Over the years, the television programme hosted by the elder Sharma has become popular in this regard for a number of Guyanese who would marvel at some of the ingenious use of vocabulary by the host. Guyanese also became suspicious after CN would suddenly be affected by his heart condition the moment he appeared before the Courts to answer charges of sexual assault of a 7 year old girl. Then a few hours later, Old Kai had once observed him leaving his business on Robb Street driving his SUV. I thought to myself, for a man who could have hardly walked a few hours ago, it was almost a miracle that in such a short time he felt better and was now capable of driving himself around the City. Almost every Court appearance which followed, CN JAIPAUL SHARMA would be affected by his heart; he collapsed in front of the cameras and even took to wearing a heart monitor for all to see. However, we must be thankful as he seems to have been

This attempt to silence anyone who attempts to speak out against this incident, including using the Opposition expertly to provide a smokescreen will not work.

feeling much better of recent as the heart monitor is not being worn these days. He looks healthy when he has appeared at several public functions and I am informed that he was strong enough to even attend Parliament the day his son resigned. Old Kai is hopeful that his heart condition does not flare up at his next court appearance.

But as Sharma said, a story does not have one or two sides; it is your side, my side and the truth. That is what the High Court is currently deciding. On the topic of the many sides to a story, Old Kai cannot say he is heartbroken at the announcement of the resignation as a Member of Parliament by Sharma junior. What is puzzling however is the excuse provided by Jaipaul for his decision. He is quoted by the media as stating that it was solely because of Priya Manickchand’s comment “Ask the APNU member Sharma” during a presentation by APNU MP Volda Lawerence on the issue of rape in society. The elder Sharma

Jaipaul indirectly telling us that APNU is losing support is nothing new; the recent NACTA polls indicate this much and that was before this latest incident. Maybe it has presented the convenient opportunity to jump ship and avoid having to go underneath with Captain Granger and his crew. is the Presidential Candidate/Leader of the Justice for All party which is part of the APNU coalition of stragglers. So CN Sharma is a member of APNU and his son, Jaipaul was rewarded with a MP position after the last elections. How did Jaipaul come to the conclusion that the minister was referring to him, when she never mentioned MP but rather APNU member is anyone’s guess. But Jaipaul took to an immediate ranting and even had the gumption to demand the minister not only apologise to him but his father as well. Mr Jaipaul Sharma needs to be reminded that his father is before the Courts on very serious sex charges, charges that involved a 7 year old child. Why should the minister apologise for pointing to this FACT? This attempt to silence anyone who attempts to speak out against this incident, including using the Opposition expertly to provide a smokescreen will not work. Let us also remember that several of CN Sharma’s relatives and employees were also charged for trying to tamper with the investigations and holding one of the witnesses against her will when they knew the Police were looking for the individual to question her. Suffice to say, these charges were later dismissed in the Magistrate’s courts. But back to Jaipaul who by his statements after his resignation has raised more questions than answers. He told reporters it was a decision he took after considering the matter carefully and believes the PPP will use the matter to cause the

APNU to lose votes, “I don’t want to be the individual to cause the APNU to lose votes…” It was also pointed out that Sharma said that there was a possibility that the ruling PPP may call snap elections and “I don’t want to be a political football.” One question here, didn’t Jaipaul realise this when he decided to join APNU under his father’s party in the lead up to the last elections? Did he not know of the charges against his father since then? How all of a sudden, an issue which was public knowledge since then will now cause APNU to lose votes. This excuse will not hold water, I would encourage him to go back and come up with a better one. The very issue was raised in the lead up to the last CHANDRA NARINE election, when APNU was SHARMA proclaiming how it was concerned about the issue of rape and sexual assaults in Guyana but had no qualms accepting a small party into his ranks, where its leader was facing very grave sexual assault charges. This is not a PPP issue; it is rather disgraceful that Jaipaul would appear to stoop so low. The issue of rape is a national issue; all Guyanese need to speak out about it. The fact that APNU is supporting Jaipaul’s call for the minister to make an apology to himself and his father, shows clearly where they stand on an issue that they proclaim to be very concerned about. The PPP has a duty to speak out about it as does every single group and organisation out there. Rape should not me made a political football as it appears Jaipaul and APNU are willing to do; are they now saying to this nation that because the PPP is a political organisation, its members should not speak out about the issue of rape? If they are going to go down this road, then what gives them the right to stand up in Parliament and speak about rape? Or, is it that only the Opposition has the right to speak on certain issues of national concern and conveniently at that too? Jaipaul indirectly telling us that APNU is losing support is nothing new; the recent NACTA polls indicate this much and that was before this latest incident. Maybe it has presented the convenient opportunity to jump ship and avoid having to go underneath with Captain Granger and his crew.

Maxwell Watson murder trial opens on Monday with three accused indicted for murder THE Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has indicted Satnarine Jaikarran and Neville and Randy Crawford for the murder of Maxwell Watson, allegedly committed in January 2010 at Little Abary, Mahaicony Creek. A 12-member jury has been empanelled on Thursday,

following nine challenges by the prosecution and defence, to try the case before Justice William Ramlal. Attorney-at-law Mr Jailall Kissoon is appearing for the number one accused, Satnarine Jaikarran; whilst Attorneys-at-law Mr. Sandil Kissoon and Miss Rinee Kissoon are

representing Neville Crawford, and Mr. Satyesh Kissoon is appearing for Randy Crawford. Attorney-at-law Miss Dhanika Singh from the Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions is prosecuting. The hearing commences on Monday, when the Prosecutrix will deliver her opening address to the jury. (George Barclay)


Guyana has come a long way in economic progress - Minister Edghill

‘We are seeking to ensure partnership at every level to ensure dreams are realised’ By Vanessa Narine GUYANA is a good example of a country that has come a long way, in terms of economic progress, Minister within the Ministry of Finance Juan Edghill said during the 2014 Budget Debate Wednesday night. He declared that the facts are clear and cannot be refuted, adding that, with the right approach, any challenge can be overcome. “Budget 2014 is another building block in securing Guyana’s future,” Edghill said. He explained that the development thrust being promoted by the current Administration is

‘This Budget is pro-people, pro-poor and pro-growth…it ensures the collective well-being of our people’ – Minister Edghill geared towards unlocking the recognised potential of the Guyanese people. “As a responsible Government, we make policy and allocate resources across sectors…but this alone will not take us to where we want to be,” the Minster agreed. To this end, he emphasised the need for cooperation, from the level of Guyanese citizens, including public servants, to legMINISTER islators sitting in the JUAN EDGHILL National Assembly. “We are seeking to ensure partnership at every level to ensure dreams are realised,” Edghill said. ESSENTIAL THINGS He pointed out that the 2014 Estimates address three essential things, employment, business opportunities and empowerment of the Guyanese people to take advantage of them. Edghill said: “This Budget is pro-people, propoor and pro-growth…it ensures the collective well-being of our people.” He underscored advances in housing, education, health, attention to vulnerable groups and information and technological advances. “We are lifting the bar in all these areas,” the Minister argued, adding that the achievements of 2013 cannot be ignored. “Budget 2014 has much to offer…we cannot be myopic; we cannot always be narrow-minded,” he said. Edghill stated that “bitterness blinds” and, in this regard, successes are ignored and the opportunities for advance can be obvious but still missed. He said: “We have enough that we can see that significant development is being made, even though everything is not perfect.” Minister Edghill alluded to the need for the facts, challenges and opportunities to advance, be kept in focus as the 2014 Estimates are reviewed.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014

Harmon calls for reduction in Berbice Bridge toll By Vanessa Narine

THE Berbice Bridge toll has been a “drag” on Guyanese utilising the crossing, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) frontbencher Joseph Harmon lamented on Thursday night. Speaking during debate on the 2014 Budget Estimates, the Member of Parliament (MP) reiterated his party’s call for a reduction of the charge to cross the structure. “If ever there was needed a clear demonstration of the callousness of a Government in dealing with the needs of the people, here is your example,” he declared. Harmon pointed out that, after taking millions of dollars from the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), the nation’s social safety net, as an investment in the Berbice Bridge, the authorities have been allowed to set a fee. “(This) toll can only be APNU frontbencher seen as taking from the poor Joseph Harmon and giving to the rich. It is Robin Hood reverse,” the MP claimed. According to him, the Government has also facilitat-

ed a deferral of the payment of dividends to the NIS in preference to other shareholders in the Bridge Company. THIS ASSAULT Harmon said: “In the face of this assault on the people of Guyana, the people of Berbice, more particularly, the Government was either compliant or complacent.” The APNU Parliamentarian emphasised that the concerns of the Guyanese people must be heard and the recommendations of his party for a reduction in the tariff should be heeded. Last December, Clerk of the National Assembly, Mr. Sherlock Isaacs presented a motion by Harmon, proposing the lessening of the charges. The measure sought to reduce the rates for: * large trucks from $13,600 to $10,000; * 50-seater buses from $12,800 to $9,000; * 30-seater buses from $7,200 to $6,000; * four-wheel drive/SUVs/Pick-Ups from $4,000 to $3,000; * SUVs and Pick-Ups pulling a boat for recreational activities from $4,000 to $3,000; * four-wheel drives SUVs and Pick-Ups pulling horse buggies from $4,000 to $3,000; * four-wheel drive/SUVs/Pick-Ups transporting BBQ Grills and coolers from $4,000 to $3,000; * motor cars from $2,200 to 1,000; * mini-buses from $2,200 to 1,000 and * motor cycles to be free. The contention is that the charges are much too high in comparison to that at the Demerara Harbour Bridge and the motion urged the Government to instruct its representative on the Board of Directors of the Berbice Bridge Company Inc. to demand a reduction in the tolls collected.

MP Jaffarally highlights developments in Berbice – during Budget debate REPAIRS and extension to the Canje Secondary School, construction of a bridge at Black Bush Polder for rice farmers, construction of revetment at Orealla and Siparuta, and rehabilitation of a street at Edinburgh, East Bank Berbice are only some of the projects that will be undertaken this year in Region 6 from its 2014 budgetary allocations. PPP/C MP Faizal Jaffarally, in his presentation to the National Assembly on Thursday, said that budget 2014 is yet another people-oriented budget, and herebuked the Opposition for decrying lack of consultations when they themselves chose to ignore invitations to do so. He also reminded them that preparation of the national estimates of expenditure is the responsibility of the Executive. He said that all the PPP/C Member of Parliament Faizal Jaffarally criticisms that are now coming from the Opposition benches are nothing new, as the same is being said budget after budget, year after year. Jaffarally said that the area of housing has seen unprecedented growth in Region 6, and this year’s budget proposes a further allocation of $310M to be spent in

areas such as Bloomfield, Cumberland, Williamsburg, Adelphi, and No.77 Village. This will benefit about 14,350 residents.           Thus far, more than 10,500 ordinary, working-class Berbicians have managed to acquire their own homes as a result of the Housing Ministry’s robust housing plan, with 14 schemes and 24 squatter settlements being established across Region 6. These beneficiaries include sugar workers, nurses, vendors, hire car drivers, policemen, and teachers. Additionally, last year, the Ministry undertook a massive infrastructural development programme in the region, including the laying of pipelines, rehabilitation of internal streets etc. This programme benefitted 13,530 residents. He also spoke of the remarkable successes recorded in the education sector, as a result of the massive investments. In 2013, a total of 11,452 students wrote the CSEC examinations, achieving a pass rate of 81.93 percent; and out of the 2,305 students who wrote the National Grade Six Assessment, 93 percent were awarded places in secondary schools in the region. Moreover, all of the secondary schools and 40 percent of primary schools in Region 6 are equipped with IT labs. Responding to AFC MP Veersammy Ramayya’s criticism of the state of playgrounds in the region, Jaffarally informed that the Whim Sports Club was fenced, a new pavilion was built, the land was filled and a new pitch was laid. This facility, he reminded, is just a ‘stone’s throw’ away from Ramayya’s residence. A total of 39 grounds were rehabilitated across Region 6 at a cost of $68.9M, and these include works at Burnham Park in New Amsterdam, Bermine cricket ground and Young Warriors cricket ground. With regards to the funds budgeted for the sugar industry, Jaffarally said , “Sugar workers’ concerns will always be a concern of the PPP/C Government.” (GINA)

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014

PPP/C Gov’t has positively impacted welfare of Amerindians -Minister Sukhai, during Budget debate

DURING her presentation Thursday in the National Assembly on the 2014 Budget debate , Minister of Amerindian Affairs Pauline Sukhai addressed the rise of the indigenous people after years of being ‘left out in the cold, marginalised, maligned and neglected’ by the PNC. Speaking of developments over recent years, she said Government’s support and interventions have continued to positively impact on the well-being of the more than 70,000 Amerindians, but this is not to say that there is nothing more to be addressed for indigenous people. “The transition of Amerindian village economy is an ongoing process, the granting of land title continues to progress, the need for increased access to secondary education continues to be addressed, improving and expanding health care and water access is an ongoing project for this government, the empowering of Amerindian youth ... Amerindian leaders are refining their governance and  administrative skills; they have developed well-defined goals for sustainable approaches to village development,” she explained.   The youth empowerment initiative was introduced in 2013, targeting youths, and $200 million was spent on it. The Youth Entrepreneurship and Apprenticeship Programme (YEAP) was launched in Regions 1, 7, 8 and 9.  AGRICULTURE Complementing education and health care services to Amerindians in the hinterland communities have been interventions aimed at agriculture and food security , Minister Sukhai noted. She said that support to Amerindian communities now is unprecedented when compared to what obtained prior to 1992. Minister Sukhai said that since then, Government has provided to Amerindian farmers 33 tractor-trailers and other agriculture implements to address increase in cultivation, transport and market

of produce. She pointed out that the aim was to ensure sustained increase of production, and in so doing, improving the communities’ food security. The support was also geared at generating income. HINTERLAND ROADS Minister Sukhai pointed out that it was under the PPP/C Government that the hinterland road programme was implemented, leading to better access to, and in the regions. The Amerindian Affairs Minister admitted that Government still has much more to do with regards to the road networks, and so too with hinterland airstrips. She also hastened to point out that Government could have done much better with regards to hinterland airstrips’ maintenance and construction in 2013, if the Opposition had not cut the budget on that programme. The entire transport sector budget was slashed by the Opposition in their haste to cut the allocation to the Cheddi Jagan Airport Expansion project. SOLAR HOME SYSTEMS “For the first time in the history of Guyana, ‘jumbie lamps’ are extinguished,” Minister Sukhai pointed out. She noted that Amerindians have benefitted from the distribution of 10,858 solar systems, and Amerindian students can now study in the comfort of their own homes in the evenings. The programme also offers training in the installation of the unit to more than 300 students in the hinterland. RIVER AND LAND TRANSPORTATION The Amerindian Affairs Minister noted that the lifeline of the Amerindians hinges on their mobility, and to this end, Government has invested heavily transportation systems. In the past five years, the land and water transport programme totalled $376.2M. This has seen the distribution of 53 All

11 Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), 25 minibuses, 17 4x4 pickups, 65 boats and 107 engines, all going to boost the transportation needs of those who reside in the hinterland, Minister Sukhai said. PRESIDENTIAL GRANT Amerindians have also benefitted from the Presidential Grant programme, which offers funds for Amerindians to invest in economic ventures. This grant has financed various projects, including transportation services, construction of and stocking community shops, construction and furnishing of guest houses and multi-purpose centres, agriculture projects including cattle and poultry rearing, building of bridges, communication systems and tourism projects, Minister Sukhai noted. This project was affected in 2012, when the Opposition cut the Office of the President’s budget, under whose purview the Presidential Grant is administered. LCDS AND LAND TITLING Meanwhile, the Amerindians were the first beneficiaries of the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), as they benefitted from US$16M, $6M of which has been allocated for the promotion of economic ventures in 166 communities. Minister Sukhai noted that 26 such projects are at various stages of implementation. Government has been keeping on its agenda, the issue of Amerindian titling and demarcation of lands. The signing of an agreement at the last National Toshaos Council (NTC) meeting to the tune of US$10M will address outstanding land titling in the next three years. In 2013, a sum of $77.9M was spent to commence demarcation and extension activities in eight villages, while investigation activities continued in seven others. 2014 FOCUS This year, there will be continued government interventions to enhance the livelihoods and development of Amerindian communities countrywide. The sum of $796M has been allocated for the continuation of YEAP, expanding to Regions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10. Under the One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) initiative, work will continue on the construction of 100 hubs in 100 villages, to the benefit of 57,000 people, and one person from each village will be trained in basic computer skills and maintenance. In addition, over 470 students will benefit from the $66.6M allocated to the Hinterland Scholarship Programme. (GINA)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014

New Poland Ambassador accredited …President hopes for strengthened relations

NEWLY appointed Ambassador of Poland, H.E. Piotr Kaszuba, presented his Letters of Credence to President Donald Ramotar at the Office of the President on Thursday last. The new ambassador emphasised that the two countries share similar val-

ues, with regard to their commitment to peace and democracy, as well as towards promoting opportunities for their citizens. President Ramotar, upon accepting the letters and welcoming the ambassador, said that Guyana and Poland established diplomatic

relations on July 10, 1972; and while relations can be described as cordial, the bilateral relations between the two countries have not reached their full potential. He said he is confident that the ambassador’s appointment will serve as a catalyst to strengthen and

enhance these relations, noting that Guyana welcomes all initiatives that will be of benefit to it and the other countries involved. The Guyana Government attaches much importance to the issues of climate change, sustainable development, peace and international security, among other areas, and continues to place these high on the domestic agenda. President Ramotar noted that like Poland, Guyana continues to seek ways to build

a better life for its citizens, democracy, good governance and respect for rule of law. Ambassador Kaszuba said that despite the geographical distance between the two countries, they share the same values in the commitment to peace and democracy, as well as towards promoting opportunities for youths, and determination to promote prosperity among its citizens. Ambassador Kaszuba said that Poland, with its more than one thousand

years of history as a sovereign state, has much to offer from its culture. He said that Poland and Guyana share common ideas and aspirations, playing both important roles in their respective regions. “I look forward to working with the Government of Guyana as we address common problems and draw inspiration from shared opportunities,” Ambassador Kaszuba added. (GINA)

Minister Sukhai defends allocation for Amerindian development

-slams criticisms of Amerindians’ access to education

President Donald Ramotar receives Letters of Credence from Poland’s Ambassador, H.E. Piotr Kaszuba on Thursday April 3rd, 2014.

AMERINDIAN Affairs Minister Pauline Sukhai has said the Opposition’s concern pertaining to Amerindian students’ access to quality education under the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Government is far from the reality of what exists, and is totally different to what obtained under the PNC. The Minister, during her budget debate presentation Thursday, pointed to the numerous Amerindians accessing teacher training at the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE). Minister Sukhai called on the National Assembly to remember that at the CPCE, under the People’s National Congress (PNC), enrolment of Amerindian teachers was minimal, and hinterland schools depended on coastland teachers. Since the PPP/C took office, there has been a complete turn-around. “Today, if you visit the hinterland and go to the nursery, primary, or to the 13 secondary schools... the majority of those manning, administrating and delivering education are Amerindian teachers,” the Minister noted. More Amerindians also have access to other forms of higher education, through the Cuban Scholarship programme. Minister Sukhai referred to the story of Marta George, a student of the Waramadong Secondary school, who was able to benefit from this provision and who successfully finished

her medical degree in Cuba and earlier this year returned to serve her community. “Is not this evidence of access to quality education that the PPP/C government has pioneered? Even the honourable member, Dawn Hastings, who sits on the

MINISTER PAULINE SUKHAI opposite (side of the House) is the beneficiary of the same quality education,” she noted. Also underscored was that Amerindians for more than 20 years have been accessing quality education under the Hinterland Scholarship programme. The programme has produced numerous hinterland students. The total investment in the programme amounts to over $350M, Minister Sukhai said. For 2014, an estimated 470 students will benefit from the allocation of $66.6M as proposed in the

budget for the programme. In addition to this programme, Amerindian students are benefitting from other initiatives such as the school feeding, hot meal and uniform programmes. Hinterland students will benefit from the Government’s provision this year of the $10,000 cash grant to the parents of every child attending a nursery, primary, or secondary school in the public education system. This will amount to $300M more investment for Amerindian students. Minister Sukhai also addressed criticisms made by APNU Member, Dr. George Norton, on the failure of the primary health care system in Amerindian communities. Recognising that there are weaknesses, she pointed out that government continues to provide additional services to hinterland and Amerindian patients. She noted that under the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs, an estimated 7,000 patients received subsidies support, free meals and accommodation, free medical supplies, transportation, post operation treatment and patient care from its programme administered at the Amerindian Hostel on Princes Street. Minister Sukhai noted this is one programme being administered, and which has enhanced and complemented the health care services available in the hinterland. (GINA)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014

Children’s Art Competition and Exhibition launched at Parliament Office - to stress children’s rights through art By Ravin Singh

THE Parliament of Guyana, in collaboration with UNICEF and the University of Guyana, on Thursday, launched a Children’s Art Competition and Exhibition at the Parliament Office. The objective of the competition is to bring visibility

recognise that much work has been done by Government and civil society, the media and the children themselves, however, we also recognise that if we work together we can achieve even greater results for the children of Guyana.” She noted that art is a powerful means of expression, and it is especially

Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr. Raphael Trotman expressed similar sentiments, noting his delight in staging such an event. The Speaker added that at the end of the exercise, efforts will be made to have some of the art pieces displayed in Parliament Building as part of the recognition for the children of this land.

From left, Marianne Flach, UNICEF Representative, Guyana and Suriname; Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr. Raphael Trotman and Mr. Philbert Gajadhar of the University of Guyana. to child rights in Parliament with a focus on governance and child rights. Country representative of UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) Ms. Marianne Flach said how pleased she was that the Parliament of Guyana was providing such an excellent platform for the expression of children’s rights through art. Ms. Flach added that “we

so for children, who may sometimes not have the right words to express what they are thinking and feeling. She said too that art is also an excellent medium for inspiring ideas, creativity and spreading change. This activity, therefore, is an excellent way of encouraging children to express themselves and advocate for positive changes in their society, she added.

Representative of the University of Guyana School of Education and Humanities, Mr. Philbert Gajadhar, in his remarks at the launching noted the importance and significance of art in a child’s life. “Art is a dynamic and unifying activity, with great potential for the education and development of our children,” he said. The competition is not only

Diamond Housing Scheme man denies stealing hardware tools

A DIAMOND Housing Scheme man who was charged with stealing a set of hardware tools was granted $75,000 bail on Thursday by Magistrate Faith McGusty. Parmanand Ishanally of Lot 405 Block X Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara, pleaded not guilty to the offence that said between March 23 and 24 at Grove Public Road, East Bank Demerara, he stole one wheelbarrow, two spades, one length of ¾ inch hose, one spirit level and a quantity of steel rods together valued $77,600, property of Tarachandra Kellawan. Ishanally said he bought the wheelbarrow, spades and spirit level from someone. He explained to the magistrate that he told an officer he was paid $500 by a man to fetch some steel rods. The defendant declared that: “I am guilty of fetching the steel rods but not stealing it.” He further related to the court that he used to drive a truck in the interior but is unemployed at present after facing some domestic issues. He said he started to ‘smoke’ after he came home a day and caught his wife with a ‘sweet man’. Police Sergeant Tracy-May Gittens, prosecuting, objected to the pretrial liberty of Ishanally. She informed the court that there are pending investigations regarding similar charges involving Ishanally and some of the articles were recovered at the home of another man. Meanwhile, 42 year-old Persaud of Lot 159 Grove Squatting Area was charged with receiving stolen property in the same court. He pleaded not guilty to the offence that said on March 24 at Grove, he received one wheelbarrow valued $18,000, property of the said Kellawan. The prosecutor did not object to bail in relation to this defendant, since he has a medical condition. He was placed on $30,000 surety and the cases against both men were transferred to the Providence Magistrate’s Court for May 2.

designed to produce “nice art works”, but rather it is aimed at an understanding of how cognitive development relates to creative and artistic expression as well as to understand and appreciate what children are communicating through their art and to provide answers to all their concerns. The competition seeks to create opportunities for children throughout the 10

administrative regions of Guyana, including those who are in vulnerable settings, to develop self-expressions, through their interpretation of ‘Child Rights and Governance’. Expressions of art works will be done through drawing, painting, collage, assemblage, and mix-media. The competition is open to children between the ages

of four to eighteen (4-18) with differing themes according to age category. Prizes will be awarded to the top three art forms from each category after being judged by artists from the University of Guyana, Castellani House and Burrowes School of Art. Further details on the competition will be channelled through the media and public advertisements.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014

Sale of ammunition to be decentralised

- to benefit interior licensed firearm holders By Ravin Singh THE Ministry of Home Affairs through a collaborative effort with the Guyana Police Force will seek to make ammunition available to licensed firearm holders in remote areas. Home Affairs Minister, Mr Clement Rohee made this disclosure in response to a question by Alliance For Change (AFC) MP, June Marcello who was concerned

about licensed firearm holders having great difficulty obtaining ammunition. The AFC MP also cited the burden of having to spend $48,000 to travel to Georgetown to obtain ballistics marks and asked whether it was possible for the ministry to send a team to Region 8 once a year to assist firearm holders in obtaining ballistic marks. While Minister Rohee assured that action will be

taken to ensure that the Guyana Police Force implements a viable system so ammunition could be made available to licensed firearm holders in those remote areas, he noted that licensed firearm dealers are not located within those areas. He observed that in 2005, a decision was taken to ensure that the weapons of all licensed firearm holders are test fired and the records kept of the relevant ballistic

Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee

markings. He said that the process is being done on a phased basis and the difficulties likely to be experienced by licensed firearm holders in remote areas are being addressed by the Ministry of Home Affairs in consultation with the Guyana Police Force. However, the Home Affairs Ministry over the years has failed to acquire the support of the combined Opposition. A no-confidence motion was passed by the Opposition against the minister as they claimed to have no confidence in him. Leader of the Opposition David Granger in an interview had stated: “We will not cooperate with Rohee. We have no confidence in

his ability to maintain that portfolio and we will not cooperate with him.” He added that any piece of legislation taken to the House by the current Minister of Home Affairs will be voted against. However, the absence of Opposition support has not resulted in a decline in performance by the Home Affairs Ministry as it continues to function efficiently. Only Monday last at a press conference, Minister Rohee reassured the nation that the retirement of three senior ranks from the Guyana Police Force will in no way fragment the structure of the Force since, prior to this, expectations of the Police Force collapsing failed to manifest on numerous occasions.

Duo get two years each for break-in at old New Thriving building By Geeta Rampersaud MAGISTRATE Ann McLennan has sentenced two labourers to two years’ imprisonment each for break and enter and larceny committed at the old New Thriving restaurant on Camp Street. Ian Paul, 36, (no address given) and Adito Smith, 40, of ‘D’ Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown, both pleaded guilty with explanation to the charge on Thursday. The particulars stated that on Sunday, March 30 at Georgetown, they broke and entered the old New Thriving building on Camp Street, and stole one metal chair and a quantity of construction tools, together valued $300,000, property of Jeng Shen Zue. Police Corporal Dinero Jones, prosecuting, said that around 22:00 hrs, police dressed in plain clothes observed the duo in the building throwing out white bags containing the articles stated in the charge from a window. The ranks waited until the two men exited the building and arrested both of them. The prosecutor said the virtual complainant identified the stolen articles and the two men, who were unrepresented, admitted orally under caution to committing the offence. Paul said that the articles were condemned and laid at the back of the building and not inside. He added that it was his bad luck he got caught and begged the court for leniency in sentencing.

Cases dismissed against two men accused of assaulting each other CASES against two men accused of assaulting each other were dismissed by Magistrate Geeta Chandan-Edmond, on Thursday, after no evidence was being offered. Rayon Halley, 21, and Kester Williams, 22, (no addresses given) both pleaded not guilty to separate offences that said on Monday, March 31 at Durban Street, Lodge, they unlawfully assaulted each other. Halley was also facing another charge, particulars of which said on the same day he made use of threatening behaviour to Williams, where a breach of the peace may be occasioned. The two men gave sworn testimony that they no longer wished to proceed with the matter against each other.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014

National Library gets books donation from Dr. Shahabuddeen By Rebecca Ganesh-Ally

THE National Library, on Wednesday, received a generous donation of books presented on behalf of Dr. Mohamed Shahabuddeen by his son, Mr Siefy Shahabuddeen. Dr Shahabuddeen had occupied many judicial and governmental positions in Guyana, and in 1978 and 1987, he acted on various occasions as Minister of Foreign Affairs, while holding other governmental posts, including First Deputy Prime Minister and Vice-President of Guyana. In presenting the books, Mr Siefy Shahabuddeen said, “It gives me great pleasure to formally make this donation of books on behalf of my father, Dr. Mohamed Shahabuddeen - he is now 82 and he is comfortably retired. Books will never become obsolete and I say this with great confidence.” Mr Shahabuddeen related that he has fond memories of the National Library as a high school student and remarked that, “everything begins with education and it is wonderful that it’s a free library and so caters for

persons from all walks of life and everyone can benefit from this asset Guyana have.” He also commended the staff on a job well done in

Dr. Mohamed Shahabuddeen caring for the library. This is the first of three presentations of books to be done by Mr Shahabuddeen. At 17:00hrs today a donation of Dr. Mohamed Shahabuddeen’s French novel collection will be done at the Alliance Française Building and on April 9 his legal collection is slated to be donated to the University of

Police Complaints Authority Chairman at Lethem today

THE Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority, retired Chancellor of the Judiciary Cecil Kennard is in Region 9 today. At 10:00 hrs he will be meeting with ranks of the Guyana Police Force at the Lethem Police Station and at 15:30 hrs he will be at a public meeting with residents of Annai. The objective of these visits is to sensitise residents in those areas to the role and functions of the Police Complaints Authority, CECIL KENNARD and to receive complaints, if any, from them. Later this month he will be visiting New Amsterdam and early May he will be on the Essequibo Coast. When speaking to ranks of the Guyana Police Force, he will advise them of their obligations under the Police Complaints Authority Act and bring to their attention matters which are of concern to him.

Guyana. Dr. Mohamed Shahabuddeen moved easily in the international corridors of justice, diplomacy and power, and was a judge of the International Court of Justice, recipient of the Order of Excellence, the Order of Roraima and the Cacique Crown of Honour in his native Guyana.


Mr Siefy Shahabuddeen handing over the donation of books to acting Deputy Chief Librarian, Nadine Moore, while other staff members look on.


Carolan Lynch PI to continue Monday

By Geeta Rampersaud

THE second Preliminary Inquiry (PI) to decide whether Carolan Lynch is

to stand trial for the murder of her husband, former Swiss House Cambio managing director, Farouk Razack, will continue on

DECEASED: Farouk Razack

Monday before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry.

The former beauty queen was recharged for the same crime, after the first case was dismissed in 2008 against her by then Magistrate Gordon Gilhuys on the basis of insufficient evidence. Particulars of the capital offence said she murdered her husband Razack at their home at Lot 106 Ireng Place, Bel Air Park, Georgetown on May 7, 2007. Police Corporal Bharat Mangru, prosecuting, called nine witnesses on behalf of the prosecution, thus far, with twelve remaining. Yesterday, the brother of the deceased, Hazeel Razack, and a police rank, Lilian Scotland, testified. Scotland is not finished testifying and will continue giving her evidence on the next adjournment date.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014

Aries March 21 - April 19

Someone is sending you clear signals right now, and try as you might, it’s impossible to deny what’s going on here. You’re definitely receiving a romantic love vibe, and you may not quite be sure what to do about it. Go ahead and enjoy the positive attention -- it’s always nice to feel wanted. The next step is even easier for you: If you’re interested, flirt right back; if not, back out of it graciously and send them on their way.

Taurus April 20 - May 20

They say that speed kills -- and with good reason! It’s great advice for you to apply to all areas of your life right now. You might find yourself so rushed that you miss out on everything that makes life worth living: good conversation, long walks, the funny faces people make when they think no one is looking, and, even good food. Appreciate all of life’s wonders, big and small!

Gemini May 21 - June 21

Someone closer than you think has decided that you’re awfully cute. You might even be making multiple hearts go ping! This is obviously not a problem for you, unless you happen to have adopted a temporary shy persona for some reason and feel uncomfortable at the centre of attention. If that’s the case, take a cue from one of your bolder heroes when they feel low on energy: Flash that movie-star grin, wave to the crowd, and then scamper back into your VIP room.

Cancer June 22 - July 22

There’s a huge difference between being nice and being kind. Usually, being nice involves saying ‘yes’ to too much stuff that you don’t actually want to do in order to get people to like you. Being kind, on the other hand, usually involves thinking independently and long-term, and saying ‘no’ to things when you know they’re just going to be more trouble for everyone in the future. You need to make the distinction soon.

Leo July 23 - August 22

Great actors know that there are two keys to learning to improvise with another player: Listening and staying flexible emotionally. Right now, you’re trying to get in step with certain people in your life who may be hard to understand rationally. Don’t impose your own viewpoint, though -- that’s a sure-fire way to throw everyone off. Instead, take a cue from those master actors -- take a step back for a moment, listen to the voices around you, and then jump back in.

Virgo August 23 - September 22

You may feel as if you have all the right answers, but everyone around you insists on asking all the wrong questions. This might be a simple case of marching to a different drummer. Just accept it for now, and don’t try to force anyone to dance to your rhythm. At the moment, the wisest thing to do is live and let live. They should all come around sooner or later.

Below rates for April 4, 2014 Currency



G$/US$ G$/GBP$ G$/CAD$ G$/EURO$ G$/BDOS$ G$/EC$ G$/TT$

205.98375 341.17089 186.79934 282.25953 101.86969 75.45903 31.76529

208.43594 345.44088 188.95460 285.82820 102.89094 76.21551 32.08374

For Saturday April 05, 2014 -08:30hrs For Sunday April 06, 2014 -09:00hrs

Libra September 23 - October 22 ACCUSED: Carolan Lynch

Tuesday last, the first witness to testify in the matter was the accused’s hair dresser Sharon Sanmogan, followed by Lynch and her deceased husband’s fitness trainer Karan Dutt. Also testifying was her brother Robert Lynch, Jnr., and Joseph Chung, the technician who installed the surveillance system on their premises. Then on Wednesday, both of her parents Robert Lynch Snr. and Edith Lynch testified, along with her niece Melissa Watson who used to live with Carol and her family at their Ireng residence. Lynch evaded the police for three years after the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) recommended that the charge be reinstituted against her in 2010. During the month of January, the accused turned herself in, accompanied by attorneys-at-law Ms. Latchmi Rahamat and Mr. Peter Hugh. On her first appearance before the Chief Magistrate on January 22, the lawyer speculated that the outcome would be the same this time, stating that there is no new evidence. The post-mortem report showed that Razack died as a result of asphyxiation due to possible ligature strangulation.

One trick to finding happiness is learning to want the right things. The funny thing about this universe is that once you learn what the right things are for you, often you start to receive them -- especially if you remember to say please and thank you! Why not take a moment or two every day and do some soul-searching about your real desires? You can get them if you really want!

Scorpio October 23 - November 21

Luck can be pretty fickle if you’re playing with big numbers or deals. Though the universe is ever so polite about it, it definitely got other matters to attend to just now, so hold off on sealing that deal or taking that huge risk. Now is the time to fall back on your other gifts, like your brains, charm and uncanny ability to know exactly the right thing to do or say in nearly any situation.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21

Timing is crucial, especially right now. If you’ve got an important request to make, choose exactly the right moment. That might mean not hitting your boss up for a raise just after they’ve just gotten some bad news, but it also means not hesitating too long and losing momentum. You don’t have to calculate things with great precision, though -- just stay alert and don’t miss a trick. You should know the right moment when it happens.

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

Have you ever flipped through a magazine and felt sort of overwhelmed by all the glossy perfection? Just remember the time and expense behind all the lighting, makeup, photography, retouching, cropping and work that went into producing them. Don’t let all the airbrushed pages trick you into feeling badly about yourself! Your own life has flaws and imperfections -- but they’re what make you a real live person.

Aquarius January 20 - February 18

There’s an older person in your life -- not necessarily a relative -- with some valuable advice to dispense. Are you listening? Before you dismiss them, put aside any biases you might have and really listen to what they’re trying to tell you. Their honesty and perspective should astonish you, but it may also have a direct impact on your immediate future. Learn to accept help and advice in whatever forms they manifest.

Pisces February 19 - March 20

You shouldn’t just rush into something because you’re feeling pressured, especially if the decision is one that affects several aspects of your life. Get some serious perspective from the wisest folks you know, if you’ve got time. In the end, of course, the decision is entirely up to you. Go somewhere private and make sure you have plenty of time to contemplate your choices. Try to just get very quiet and think about which path you should take -- your intuition should do the rest.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014


Nagamootoo’s insult is a great betrayal of the Jagan working class principles

TIME is an ageless quantum and great measuring stick of all things human. In fact, it is the factor against, which all actions as perpetrated by man, is adjudged. There is no escaping this peerless denominator, since we all live in its ever presence, and are both consciously and unconsciously swept along its unending and unimpeded flow. Thus as humans, whoever we are, even if we attempt to mask our real character, time will reveal our true selves; that is, who we really are. This can be aptly applied to the membership of the Alliance For Change (AFC) party, especially its leadership. It is amazing that a party which had promised the nation so much about a new political morality, inclusive with its leaders being the paragon of all correct virtue, could in such a very short time, unravel to be nothing else but a bunch of self-seekers, deceivers, and shockingly anti-working class, as the latest example has so clearly showed. For a person who would have been born and bred in a predominantly rural community, acknowledged as the heart of the nation’s working class, and whose political life would have been honed by its numerous experiences, Moses Naga-

mootoo’s statement of description that so derisively referred to the citizens of another similar community, can only be described as shockingly disrespectful; utterly contemptuous, and rudely anti-working class. For all of this politician’s loud talk about being an original and perfect disciple of the working class philosophy of the late great patriot and former President Dr. Cheddi Jagan, often hurling vitriol at those whom he has adjudged as betraying the Father of the Nation, his verbal insult would have caused the latter to turn in his grave! How could he have categorised himself as a loyalist and faithful adherent to the Jagan principles, and concomitantly harbour such a derogatory understanding of hard working and honest Guyanese, the type that is found in almost every community throughout our country? This is treason against all the rural communities, and in general the people of this land! Nagamootoo, must be reminded that all honest labour categories of Guyanese, are recognised as part and parcel of the Guyanese national labour force whose contributions toward the growth and development of the country are highly appreciated. And this can be borne out by the numerous PPP/C government socio-economic initiatives from which

Elderly woman dies after ingesting rat poison By Shirley Thomas BARBARA Ramnauth of 84 Vryheid’s Lust, East Coast Demerara left home yesterday to go to church, but apparently diverted and later turned up at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH), where she subsequently succumbed, having reportedly ingested five carbon tablets (rat bait). The 62-year-old mother of four sons had shared

a home with her youngest child, Patrick Gobin, at Vryheid Lust. However, at time of her demise, she had been residing temporarily at her brother Basil Bengrie’s home at Independence Boulevard in Ruimveldt, Georgetown. Ramnauth’s sorrowing sister, Esther Ramsay, told the Guyana Chronicle that Ramnauth had been ailing for some time, and about two months ago had come down to the city, where she

was living with her brother so as to be able to attend church and make visits to the hospital. Esther recalled that Barbara got up quite early yesterday morning and said she was preparing to attend midday service at a popular Pentecostal church in the city. She had no problem with that, Esther said, since Barbara had been regularly attending the services there on Fridays, ever since she had relocated to George-

Gold ‘tampering’ uncovered at Bartica - Police called in to investigate

THE Board of Directors of the Guyana Gold Board (GGB) has called in the Guyana Police Force to investigate an issue of gold being tampered during the purchasing process. This is according to a statement last evening from the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment. The statement was signed by Secretary of the GGB Board of Directors, Bobby Gossai. “The Guyana Police Force is currently questioning several persons including the employees of both the Bartica sub-office and the main office in Georgetown,” Gossai said in the statement. In order to facilitate this investigation, the Ministry said it has accepted the decision of the Board of Directors of the Guyana Gold Board to temporarily close all operations at the Bartica Sub-Office. The Natural Resources Ministry said a meeting has been convened with the GGB, Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA), licensed dealers and other stakeholders to ensure that this matter does not disrupt the overall trading of gold, particularly in the Region Seven location.

town. However, sometime after lunch, she received a phone call from the GPH. “They tell me to come down because Barbara was there, so I thought she had an accident or so,” the bereaved sister said. But when she arrived at the hospital, she was taken to the emergency treatment room, where she saw her sister Barbara lying on a bed taking saline. She said the doctor told her that her sister had ingested carbon tablets. “Her eyes were closed but she was still breathing, and after a while I couldn’t take it anymore and left the room. By the time I reached outside, the guard came behind me and said my sister just died,” Esther recalled. “I don’t know what would cause her to do something like that. She never had any problems with anybody, and she was being well taken care of. Her husband is dead, but her son was taking good care of her, so I don’t know how he would take this,” Esther lamented. Barbara is survived by four sons, four brothers and one sister; several grandchildren and one great-grand. A post-mortem is to be performed on her body on Monday.

they have been benefitting since 1992. It is most unfortunate that the likes of Nagamootoo are seated as Representatives of the People in the Nation’s highest assembly; for they have been proven, with time, not to be genuinely concerned with the wellbeing of the Guyanese citizen. The significant result of their undeserving position, however, is that it has presented the many opportunities of exposing such pretenders and political charlatans. One can only shudder to think what a Nagamootoo-led government would have done to the MOSES working class of this naNAGAMOOTOO tion!

Health Ministry hosts two-day fair at Square of Revolution

- in observance of World Health and Autism Days

IN observance of World Health Day and World Autism Awareness Day, the Ministry of Health will host a health fair at the Square of the Revolution today and tomorrow from 9:00hrs to 17:00hrs daily. Minister of Health Dr Bheri Ramsaran and First Lady Mrs Deolatchmee Ramotar will be in attendance. All members of the public, and especially those interested in autism and general health, can find answers from the experienced staff of the Ministry of Health who will be providing free check-ups ranging from dental, optical, diabetic, hypertension and other health care services. The Guyana Defence Force marching band, Guyana Fire Service and Guyana Police Force, Giftland Office Max, Bakewell, Geddes Grant, Ainlim, CCS Computers, Star Party Rentals, the Plant Shop, CIOG and a host of other companies have lent their support to make this event possible.  Free samples of merchandise and giveaways will be available throughout the event. Additionally, a fun day for autistic children will be held tomorrow from 10:30hrs to 15:00hrs at the Wellness Park opposite the Square of the Revolution.


Budget 2014 provides $7.7B for energy, electricity supply By Clifford Stanley

THE sum of $7.7 B has been allocated to the energy, power generation and supply sector this year, Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh said in the 2014 Budget presentation. He said the object is ensuring, in the first place, that Guyanese benefit from a more reliable, dependable and affordable supply of energy. And, secondly, that Guyana successfully pursues the path of sustainable electricity generation from renewable resources for domestic consumption, as well as for developing a regional market for energy. The Minister disclosed that, in 2013, Government had hoped the realisation of the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project (AFHP) would have been well underway towards Guyana becoming self-sufficient in electricity generation from renewable green technology. He said, notwithstanding exhaustive efforts by both Government and the internationally reputed private sector partner to keep Parliamentary Parties and other stakeholders informed, the National Assembly still failed to grant unanimous consent to the legislation prerequisite to a project so essential to realising a better Guyana. Dr. Singh said: “Nevertheless, we remain resolute and have re-engaged with existing partners to realise the anticipated transformation that will be ushered in by this project.” He disclosed that no progress having been made on the matter of adjusting electricity tariffs in Linden, sums totalling $3.2B had been allocated to meet the cost of maintaining the subsidy in Linden and Kwakwani. ELIGIBLE BENEFICIARY With respect to the Old Age Pensioners Electricity Assistance Programme, the value has been increased by 50 percent, from $20,000 to $30,000 per annum, for each eligible beneficiary. For hinterland electrification, 2014 will see the completion of the distribution network in Matthews Ridge, expansion of the electricity system in Port Kaituma and the distribution of 540 solar home systems to 10 hinterland villages benefiting in excess of 3,000 hinterland residents. Residents will continue to receive training to operate and maintain these units. In excess of the $200M sum has been budgeted for the implementation of activities targeting improved management capacity and capabilities, operational efficiency and loss reduction. There will also be four new sub-stations, one each at Liliendaal, Ruimveldt, Golden Grove and Columbia. In addition, the sub-station at Onverwagt will be upgraded, transmission lines installed from Columbia to Onverwagt and new fibre optic cables laid from Sophia to Garden of Eden. Additionally, in excess of $200M have been budgeted for the relocation of the power plant at Lethem and the upgrading of current supply in Culvert City, Mahdia and Linden. With respect to loss reduction, the rehabilitation and reconfiguration of distribution networks will continue unabated in order to improve efficiency. The remetering programme, using smart meters, will continue utilising modern technology to combat the theft of electricity. REMAINS COMMITTED Government remains committed to the micro-hydropower interventions in the Chiung River at Kato and is, currently, reviewing the design and financing arrangements to make this a reality. About developing a regional market for energy, Minister Singh said Guyana is pursuing initiatives with both Caribbean and Brazilian private sector partners to harness its vast hydropower capabilities to becoming a supplier of sustainable and renewable energy to regional and hemispheric neighbours. “To this end, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), establishing a Guyana/ Brazil Joint Technical Group, has been concluded with a mandate to identify concrete actions and timelines for the construction of a hydroelectric plant in the Mazaruni and the transmission lines necessary to export electricity to Brazil and further afield.” Highlights of key energy, electricity supply allocations in 2014 budget: • $3.2 billion allocated to meet the cost of maintaining the electricity subsidy in Linden and Kwakwani. • $200 million budgeted for the relocation of the power plant in Lethem and the upgrading of power supply in Culvert City, in Lethem, and in Mahdia and Linden. • Upgrade of Substation at Onverwagt to be completed; installation of transmission lines from Columbia to Onverwagt; laying of new fibre optic cables to be laid from Sophia to Garden of Eden also to be completed. • Solar home systems to be given 10 hinterland villages. • Distribution network in Matthew’s Ridge to be completed; Port Kaituma network to be expanded • Old Age Pensioners Electricity Assistance increased by 50 percent.

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During Budget debate…

Ramsammy under rice role in Guya

- says delayed shipment of paddy, By Vanessa Narine RICE is an example of where investment is playing a significant role in Guyana’s development story, Minister of Agriculture Dr. Leslie Ramsammy said Thursday night. He made the statement when he announced that the delayed shipment of paddy and rice to Venezuela is scheduled to reach the neighbouring country on April 18. Speaking during the 2014 Budget debate in the National Assembly, the Minister said:“In 2012, export to Venezuela accounted for about 70 percent of Guyana’s rice. “In 2013 it accounted for 58 percent and we expect that it will be about 38 percent in 2014, not because of a reduction in the amount going to Venezuela, but the export size would have grown,”

he explained. There had been concerns over the stability of Guyana’s rice trade agreement with Venezuela but those were put to rest after the Agriculture Minister gave his assurance that there are no problems with the market. He said the rice importing authority in Venezuela concluded the purchase orders and shipping schedules for that began last week. Guyana and Venezuela have agreed on the amounts and price for Guyana’s paddy and rice and, based on the agreements, this country expects to ship close to 200,000 tons at a price that is similar to last year’s. Ramsammy maintained that Guyana’s rice sector has a growing export market. EXPRESSED OPTIMISM Turning his attention to

the performance of the industry, the Agriculture Minister pointed out that Guyana defied the odds against weather and other challenges in 2014 and he expressed optimism that the rice targets will continue to be significantly surpassed, as in previous years. He said:“Rice defied the odds of weather last year, including a full blown drought in the first quarter of 2013 and a threat from paddy bugs, to produce a record of 535,000 tons of rice and export almost 400,000 tons. “These farmers deserve our support and our unconditional applause. They live in this country. Who will not be counted among us that will unconditionally applaud the achievements of our rice farmers? “Not only have they produced, they did at a yield that ranks among the best in rice growing countries, with at least an average above five tons per hectare in every region of Guyana.

In libel case…

Nandlall rejec Kaieteur Ne By Vanessa Narine


ATTORNEY-General (AG) and Minister of Legal Affairs Anil Nandlall, on Thursday, filed an affidavit in the High Court, responding to the one in answer on behalf of Adam Harris, Mohan Lall (Glenn Lall) and National Media and Publishing Company Limited, do all defendants in the multi-million-dollar lawsuit surrounding the two ‘Dem Boys Seh’ de or columns in the Kaieteur News. The AG is contending that the defendants have not advanced any good cause, legal basis or jurisprudential rationale for the discharge of the ex parte injunction granted in the case by the Chief Justice. The legal action followed a letter sent to Kaieteur News Editor Adam Harris by the AG’s lawyer demanding that he retracts damning accusations in the two articles and offer an apology within 24 hours or face legal proceedings. The AG secured an interim injunction that prevents Kaieteur News from “further publishing the said or any similar libel to that effect concerning the plaintiff (Nandlall) as contained in articles published in the Kaieteur News newspapers on the 28th day of February, 2014, in a column styled ‘Dem boys seh’ captioned ‘Tax Dollars Going to Sleep-In’ and on the 2nd day of March, 2014, in a column styled ‘Ah Kneel Deh Pun A Hustle’, until after the hearing and determination of the summons. The AG is claiming damages in excess of $20M for the publication of both columns, aggravated or exemplary damages in excess of $10M, costs and further or other orders as the Court deems just. In Thursday’s affidavit, Nandlall stated that satire and social commenAG Anil Nand taries expressed in slang, creole expressions or howsoever are not defences

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014


rscores significant ana development

rice to reach Venezuela on April 18 “The country in which we live can reach 600,000 tons in 2014, even though Mr. Finance Minister was conservative in the target for 2014,” Ramsammy said. To date, 38 percent of the current crop has been harvested, surpassing a production of 100,000 tons, with a yield of greater than 5.5 tons per hectare. He went on:“The PPP/C Government will stand with rice farmers and we will continue to invest in building a strong rice industry. We will do so because we are not confused about what we need to do for the rice industry. “…last year, we secured more affordable fertilisers that saved the industry almost $800M. This year, we have already begun negotiation to procure about $800M worth of fertilisers that will

help to drive cost down below $5,000 per bag for the second crop. “We hope that this injection will help save about $1B overall in fertiliser acquisition cost. This injection of funds will assist in ensuring that cost of production is further reduced, making Guyana’s rice more competitive on the international market.” The Minister stated, too, that Guyana will procure a number of laser levelers to locate in Regions Two, Three, Four, Five and Six to help increase yields. RESEARCH FACILITIES “We will expand our research facilities to introduce higher yielding seed paddy. This year we will spend about $70M to operationalise the Number 56 Seed Facility and to introduce a

larger storage capacity for the industry,” he said. The rice industry contributed about five percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2013 and accounted for more than US$240M in export earnings. Some 40,000 people depend directly on the rice industry for their livelihood and the industry provides employment for at least 20,000 while, in terms of food security, it has helped to secure Guyana’s status as a food-secured country. The Minister said: “The 2014 Budget makes an allocation that strengthens the rice industry. It is far from being a handout to farmers. All of us must unconditionally support this allocation. Rice farmers are watching us.” $500M is allocated to the rice sector in the 2014 Budget.

cts defence to ews columns

o defamation as is implied in paragraph eight of the Affidavit in Answer.

MOST RESOLUTELY He said: “I maintain, most resolutely, that the ‘Dem boys she’ columns under the captions ‘Tax ollars going to Sleep-In’ and ‘Ah Kneel deh pun a hustle’, printed and published by the responents on the 28th of February and on the 2nd of March 2014, respectively, when read jointly and r severally, are clearly libellous of the Plaintiff. “The libel is compounded and aggravated by the plea of justification and fair comment advanced by the respondents in the Affidavit in Answer. “The constitutional right to freedom of expression which the respondents…the (assertions are not) absolute and untrammeled, but are subject to numerous limitations, including, the law of defamation which affords protection to the character and reputation of others. “I admit that a letter written by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Legal Affairs was in fact published in the Kaieteur News by the Respondents on the 1st day of March, 2014. “However, this was followed by a most aggravated form of libel published of and concerning me the very next day in Kaieteur News, dated 2nd March 2014, in the said same ‘Dem Boys she’ column under the caption ‘Ah Kneel deh pun a hustle.’ “This article is not only libellous but it exemplifies, beyond any doubt, that it was motivated by malice, ill-will and spite.” The AG stressed that the defendants in the libel suit ignored, multiple times, the opportunity of making amends and demonstrated that their plea of not being inspired by malice, bad faith and spite is, indeed, a hollow one. dlall The case remains before the High Court.

Agri Minister addresses calls in support of farmers’ needs By Vanessa Narine

CALLS for an Agriculture Development Bank to support Guyana’s farmers who, from time to time, require multi-million dollars capital injections, were addressed by Minister with the portfolio, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy on Thursday night in the National Assembly. Speaking during the 2014 Budget debates, he said: “This is an ongoing discussion. I placed two financing issues in the House 28 months ago. But, before my time at the Ministry, the Ministry of Agriculture, in collaboration with partners, has, over the last several years, been studying two important initiatives, an Agri-Development Bank and crop Insurance.” The Minister said those are mechanisms that can prove significant in Guyana’s development. “If we are serious about agriculture as a main pillar of our development, these initiatives should be studied with a high degree of seriousness. As we implement the agriculture strategy, the Ministry of Agriculture intends to submit our recommendations, as a way forward, to Cabinet during 2014,” he stated. According to him, the Agriculture Strategy 2013-2020 addresses the sector’s comprehensive advance, including answering the question as to how Guyana becomes more effective in its role to address food and nutrition security in the Caribbean Community (CARCOM). HIGH QUALITY He explained: “This new strategy frontally addresses issues such as high quality and safe food production to meet local demands and for export. It addresses the high cost of food imports and seeks to reduce such imports.” Ramsammy said the Agriculture Strategy 2013-2020 is based on the ‘F-5’ Strategic Approach for Agriculture: * Food Security – Consolidating the End of Hunger in Guyana, ensuring everyone has enough food in every community; * Fibre and Nutritious Food Accessible by citizens – Nutrition Security for All; * Fuel Production - helping to develop alternative fuel sources, reducing dependency on fossil fuel and creating a bio-energy industry in Guyana; * Fashion and Health Products – An Agro-Processed Industry which creates a new business in Guyana for health and fashion products and * Furniture and Crafts – an industry which is expected to further grow in importance locally. The Minister said:“Guyana’s vision for Agriculture 2020 seeks to change the view that it is for subsistence livelihood and promote it as a wealth generator and entrepreneurial enDR. LESLIE terprise, producing food and non-food commodities to meet local and export demands. RAMSAMMY “Previous strategies have focused on the 5-Cs and the 4Ps. Recall that in pre-Independence years and shortly after Independence, Guyana pursued a 5Cs approach, targeting citrus, cassava, coconut, cocoa and cattle. In recent years, we adopted 4Ps as a priority for the agriculture strategy – pepper, plantain, pineapple and pumpkin. MORE HOLISTIC “The present strategy of the F-5 takes a more holistic approach and embraces all facets of agriculture, from food to non-food aspects of agriculture. The 2013-2020 Agriculture Strategy further expands crop diversification, specifically, the commodities to be given prominence would be coconuts, cassava, pineapples, pepper, spices, culinary herbs, carrots, garlic, corn and soybean. “The expansion of production of soursop, saigan and rambutan would also be given priority as health food,” he said Ramsammy added that new crops herald a new agriculture thrust – a thrust to consolidate food security and secure nutrition – and stressed that Guyana’s agriculture is more than just sugar and rice. He said: “It is true that sugar and rice have dominated any discussion on agriculture but our people have always grown enough food to feed the nation. We are a food secure country. We produce much of the food we need but Guyana needs to organise its non-sugar, non-rice agriculture and formalise it so that it functions in an architecture which is similar to the formal organisation of the rice and sugar industry.” Ramsammy added that the Agriculture Strategy addresses this. “…corn is not a new crop for Guyana. But commercial scale corn production is new. Soya is a new crop for Guyana. Work was initiated in 2013 on acquiring and testing higher yielding varieties of corn and soybean which are adapted to local conditions. These commodities are being targeted principally as ingredients in animal feed. Significant quantities of corn (40,000 tons) and a similar amount of soybean are imported on an annual basis. Our target is to reduce imports of these to half by 2020. “The results, so far, indicate that at least two of the imported varieties (open pollinated) corn could be produced economically. Yields of up to eight tons per acre were obtained (four times more than our local variety). Initial cost of production is 20-25 dollars per pound. We, currently, import corn at $50 per pound. The yield for soybean was 2.5 tons per acre which is similar to Brazil. “Commercial size plots would be established in 2014 and a package would be developed for investors. We expect to partner with at least one investor in 2014 to develop a semi-commercial enterprise. A major thrust for corn and soybean production will be for the livestock feed,” he indicated. Ramsammy reiterated that Guyana’s agriculture is truly about more than sugar and rice and pointed out that Budget 2014 makes provisions for agricultural diversification.


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Zouks grab Pietersen in draft K I N G S TO N , J a m a i c a (CMC) – Discarded England superstar Kevin Pietersen will turn out for St Lucia Zouks in the upcoming Caribbean Premier League. The powerful righthander was selected in the draft held last Thursday in Jamaica, at Triple Century Sports Bar, owned by West

Indies batsman Chris Gayle. “I’m delighted to have signed for St Lucia Zouks and I’m excited to play in the CPL,” said Pietersen. “The Caribbean is one of my favourite places to play because it’s a very entertaining, relaxing, enjoyable environment and that’s the kind of environment I think I perform best in.” He will join Australian Brad Hodge, South African Roelof van der Merwe and Pakistani Sohail Tanvir, as the overseas players at the Castries-based franchise. Pietersen, England’s alltime run-scorer in Tests, was dumped by selectors, following the nightmare, recent Ashes tour, even though he emerged as the leading batsman. The Zouks are led by West Indies Test and Twenty20 captain Darren Sammy. Meanwhile, the Gayle-led Jamaica Tallawahs have secured the services of Australian batsman Adam Voges as they prepare for the defence of their CPL title and the side will also include Jamaican stars all-rounder Andre Russell, Jerome Taylor and Nikita Miller. They will have to do without the talents of hometown boys Sheldon Cotterell and Krishmar Santokie, however, as they will turn out for Antigua Hawksbills and

Guyana Amazon Warriors. Attacking New Zealand batsman Martin Guptill will turn out for the Amazon Warriors in a side that also boasts big-hitting New Zealander Corey Anderson, West Indies off-spinning sensation Sunil Narine and Denesh Ramdin. B a r b a d o s Tr i d e n t s , meanwhile, have been boosted by the drafting of South African Neil McKenzie and Pakistani Imran Nazir, along with West Indies pacer Ravi Rampaul. Six franchise – St Lucia Zouks, Antigua Hawksbills, Jamaica Tallawahs, Barbados Tridents, Guyana Amazon Warriors an Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel – will contest this year’s tournament which is expected to bowl off in July. LCPL teams for the 2014 tournaments read (four U-19 players to be added): The Antigua Hawksbills will be made up of Marlon Samuels, Sheldon Cotterell, David Hussey, Thisara Per-

era, Carlos Braithwaite, Kieron Powell, Devon Thomas, Ben Laughlin, Orlando Peters, Danza Hyatt, Miguel Cummings, Gavin Tonge, Justin Athanaze and Rakheem Cornwall. The Barbados Tridents will come from Kieron Pollard, Dwayne Smith, Shakib Al Hasan, Ravi Rampaul, Jason Holder, Neil McKenzie, Rayad Emrit, Ashley Nurse, Imran Nazir, Jonathon Carter, Shane Dowrich, Raymond Reifer, Akeal Hossein and Kyle Mayers. Last year’s runner-up Guyana Amazon Warriors will comprise Sunil Narine, Mohammad Hafeez, Lendl Simmons, Denesh Ramdin, Martin Guptill, Krishmar Santokie, Christopher Barnwell, Veerasammy Permaul, Ronsford Beaton, Navin Stewart, Steven Jacobs, Leon Johnson, Robin Bacchus, Corey Anderson and Trevon Griffith. Defending champions Jamaica Tallawahs will bank

on Chris Gayle, Andre Russell, Ahmed Shehzad, Adam Voges, Nikita Miller, Jerome Taylor, Rusty Theron, Chadwick Walton, David Bernard Jr, Andrew Richardson, Carlton Baugh Jr, Jermaine Blackwood, Nkrumah Bonner and Odean Brown. The St Lucia Zouks’ dreams of winning rest on the shoulders of Darren Sammy, Kevin Pietersen, Johnson Charles, Sohail Tanvir, Andre Fletcher, Shane Shillingford, Roelof van der Merwe, Garey Mathurin, Keddy Lesporis, Tino Best, Mervin Matthews, Sunil Ambris, Tonito Willet and Liam Sebastien. The members of the Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel are Dwayne Bravo, Darren Bravo, Samuel Badree, Sulieman Benn, Kevon Cooper, Nasir Jamshed, Kevin O’Brien, Evin Lewis, Nicholas Pooran, Shannon Gabriel, Fidel Edwards, Jason Mohammed, Kennar Lewis and Delorn Johnson.


Alpha humble Tigers as GDF defeat Santos THE GUYANA Defence Force (GDF) last Thursday hosted and defeated Santos Football Club 3-1 while Alpha ‘The Hammer’ United humbled Western Tigers 5-0 when action in the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) second division league competition continued at the GDF ground. Keon Caesar netted the opener for the home side

through a volley to the back of the net from a left side cross in the 5th minute, but Santos levelled the scoreline one minute before lemontime, when Malcolm Wilson pierced the home team’s custodian from a corner kick taken on the right side. GDF regained the advantage in the 65th minute through a Carlos Adams strike to the left side of the goal after collecting a left-sided pass and

Mark Jnaeu sealed the win for the home side in the 88th minute from his effort into the right hand corner of the net from the left side of the box. In the earlier match, Alpha United humbled BK Western Tigers 5-0, though goals from Edison Gomes, Daniel Wilson, Mark Miller, Ashley Harding and Jamal Bristol in the 7th, 35th, 44th, 62nd and 89th minutes respectively.

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Marques defends WBC/CABOFE flyweight title against Hedge tonight By Calvin Roberts

FROM 20:00hrs tonight, it will be put up or shut up for both Dexter Marques and Jamaica’s Rudolph Hedge, who will be doing battle in the main event on the Guyana Boxing Board of Control/Fly Jamaica/Digicel/Banks Malta/Courts (Guyana) Inc.-sponsored ‘Jamaican Invasion’ at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH). The two will do battle for Marques’ World Boxing Council/Caribbean Boxing Federation (WBC/CABOFE) flyweight title and, judging from the exchange of words at yesterday’s press conference held in the boardroom of beverage giant Banks DIH, tonight’s bout can be a humdinger. The last time Marques entered the square jungle was last October against Richard Williamson at the same venue for tonight’s bout and he came away with a unanimous decision victory, the fifth consecutive win on his record which reads 13-2, after his defeat to Elton Dharry. Many would recall Hedge (7-1-3), who fought and lost by unanimous decision to Dharry in his last bout that took place right at the CASH in February of last year, and compared to Marques, who has been active during Hedge’s inactivity, one can only wonder what level of performance the Jamaican will put out for

the title. Despite such, Hedge has promised to put away Marques in six rounds of their scheduled 12-round contest and take the belt back to Jamaica, adding that he has unfinished business in the ring since his defeat to Dharry. “I have unfinished business in the ring from the last time I was here. I do hope you (Marques) are prepared for what I have for you, as it is not going to be an easy night for you in there. I will put you away by round six, so be prepared for a terrible time,” said Hedge. Not one to back down from any opponent’s words, the 28-year-old Marques informed his audience which included GBBC/ WBC/ CABOFE president Peter Abdool, Digicel’s Sponsorship and Events Manager Gavin Hope and Fly Jamaica’s Public Relations and Marketing Representative Nadine Hing, when he fought Dharry he was not prepared, but this time will be different. “I am not making excuses, I lost to Dharry in a fight for which I was under-prepared while brimming with a lot of confidence. But this time I am confident and well prepared. I know he comes to give a good fight but at the end of the bout, I will be victorious, as my preparations have been intense since I will be defending my title,” said Marques. The main supporting bout pits Mark Austin, who

… Austin matches power with Moncrieffe

had an entertaining trilogy with Jermaine King, winning all of them, along with enthralling battles with Simeon ‘Candyman’ Hardy and Howard ‘Battersea Bomber’ Eastman, taking on another Jamaican and one of four who will be featured on tonight’s card, in Devon Moncrieffe. Time and time again, Austin has declared his intentions of being a champion and he realised that dream at the Princess Hotel on April 20 last year, with a majority decision win over Gladwin Dorway, earning for himself the WBC/CABOFE Light middleweight title. Moncrieffe’s record reads 9-2 in comparison to Austin’s 9-6-1, with Austin’s drawn encounter coming against local triple champion Clive ‘Wonder Kid’ Atwell, in his fourth and Atwell’s second professional bout, which was a mouthwatering affair from the opening bell to the last. Austin’s victory over Dorway was his last bout, while Moncrieffe last fought in June of last year where he won a 10-round encounter with Tsetsi Davis, by split decision making his upcoming Junior middleweight battle against Austin a must-see. Williamson and David Thomas will start the night’s proceedings with their fourround Super Lightweight contest, followed by Quincy

Gomes taking on Jamaica’s Toriano Nicholas in their Lightweight contest that is also scheduled for four rounds and will see both pugilists make their professional debuts. Romeo Norville has not seen much action since last July when he faced Eversley Browne in his first professional bout that he won, having three fights to date with his record reading 1-1-1. He will, however, look to improve that to 2-1-1, when he takes on Kemahl Russell out of Jamaica in a fourround Super Middleweight matchup, which will be followed by the Austin versus Moncrieffe and Marques versus Hedge affairs.

In his remarks, Abdool showered praise on Air Jamaica who flew in the Jamaican contingent which included Leiza-Mae Keane, who helped put the card together along with the GBBC, something that was in the making for the past two years. “This card is long overdue. In fact it was in the making for the past two years and should have been one wherein fighters from Guyana journey to Jamaica then the Jamaicans come here and we go back to Jamaica to close off the trilogy. “The change was made when Keane began managing a few of the fighters who will be on show tomorrow night and I wish to remind

the boxers that becoming a WBC/CABOFE champion earns you an automatic top 40 ranking within the WBC,” said Abdool. Hope applauded the GBBC for hosting another card, adding that Digicel has always been on board with the governing body for the sport in Guyana, despite numerous hiccups and will continue to offer its support to boxing in Guyana. Admission to the venue is: ringside $3 000 and stands $1 500, while some of the sponsors who are on board to make this event a success are Fly Jamaica, Digicel, Banks DIH Limited, Guyoil, Courts, Giftland OfficeMax, Guyana Tourism Authority and Top Brandz the local distributors of Corona Beer.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014

Rangers get past Wellman PARK RANGERS got past Wellman, while Azad Azeez starred with the bat as Wolf Warriors thrashed Tony’s X1 in their quarterfinals in the Trophy Stall Softball tournament, which was played last Sunday at the Cyril Potter College ground. Wellman batting first rattled up 208 off their 20 overs with Lloyd Rooplall scoring 45 and Samlall supporting with 36, as Mark Fung and Ricky Persaud took two wickets each for Park Rang-

ers who raced to 209 for 3 off 17.4 overs, thanks to Ron Ramnauth’s brilliant 109, while Fung made 45 and S. Massiah 36. Wolf Warriors then demolished the youthful Tony’s X1 by 136 runs. Led by Azeez with a blistering 97, Wolf Warriors posted a challenging 232 for 8 off 20 overs. A. Nizamudin scored 45 and Amit Rai chipped in with 29 as K. Jailall took 3 for 46 for Tony’s X1, who were bowled out for 96. A. Zamin

did the damage with the ball taking 4 for 19 and Dharam Persaud 2 for 29. Success Masters defeated Frontliners by 60 runs. Success batting first did well to score 201 for 8 off 20 overs, K. Ramnauth led the way with 65. Raghunandan Narine took 2 for 36 for Frontliners who replied with 141 all out. Rudy Rodrigues top-scored with 36. R. Mayors bowled well to snare 4 for 23. Trophy Stall ‘A’ overcame Country Side by 46

runs. Trophy Stall ‘A’ raised 213 for 8 off 20 overs, thanks to scores of 53 from S. Budhu, 35 from M. Dutchin and 34 from J. Deosarran. R. Gomes picked up 3 for 44 for Country Side who got to 167 for 9, when their overs expired. L Karim made 37

and Ramlakhan 25. S. Budhu took 3 for 31. Farm gained a walkover from Trophy Stall B. In the Open semi-finals Wolf Warriors will take on Trophy Stall ‘A’ while Regal will play Farm from 09:00hrs, to see which two

will take on Smith X1 and Die Hard of Essequibo from 13:00hrs tomorrow at the Georgetown Cricket Club ground, to decide who will make it to the Grand Finals on Sunday April 13. The Masters semifinals will be played at Demerara Cricket Club (DCC) next Saturday under floodlights while the Open final is set for Saturday April 26 under floodlights also at the DCC ground.

Windies must come back stronger, says skipper Aguilleira DHAKA, Bangladesh (CMC) – West Indies Women’s captain Merissa Aguilleira has described her side’s semifinals loss to Australia as “heartbreaking” but says the team must use the disappointment as a learning moment and try to bounce back. The Caribbean side limited the defending champions to 140 for five from their 20 overs but then came up short by eight runs at the Sher-e-Bangla Stadium. It was the third straight occasion the Windies Women had reached a T20 World Cup semi-final before losing. “I wouldn’t say it is a setback. There’s still faith and you need faith to get to the next level. After coming back from (the tour of) New Zealand - it was a really hard tournament down there - and we knew we needed something we could hold on to and faith is something we had going for us,” said Aguilleira. “We came here and we played good cricket and it was a bit heartbreaking that we couldn’t carry it on to the next level. There’s a lot of faith still in us and we believe in ourselves and we believe in our ability and that

we’re going to come back and come back stronger.” Winning the toss and batting, Australia were staring at an ordinary total at 99 for five at the end of the 16th over, before Alyssa Healy’s breezy, unbeaten 30 from 21 balls, gave them impetus at the end. Opener Elyse Villani had earlier top-scored with 35 from 32 balls while captain Meg Lanning got 29 from 22 deliveries. “Coming in here we knew we were playing the World champs so they weren’t going to give up their position just like that. We knew it would have been a tough game. Australia have been in top-of-the-table form ever since and we are pretty much developing,” Aguilleira pointed out. “I think they got about 20 runs too many. Most of the times we have teams in certain positions and we just let them loose, and I think that is an area we need to look at. We had them under control at a respectable total but that’s an area we need to look into a little bit and see what we can do about it.” A 73-run, third-wicket stand between Deandra Dottin (40) and Stacey-Ann King (36 not out), then put

Summarised scores at end of first day

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, CMC – Summarised close of play scores on the opening day of the sixth round of matches in the Regional Four-Day Championship yesterday. Scores: At Queen’s Park Oval: Jamaica trail by 220 runs. TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 244 (Kieron Pollard 111, Evin Lewis 63; Nikita Miller 4-78, Brian Buchanan 2-43). JAMAICA 24 without loss. At Vivian Richards Cricket Ground: GUYANA 238 for nine (Leon Johnson 110, Anthony Bramble 28; Anthony Martin 4-48, Gavin Tonge 2-43, Yannick Leonard 2-51) vs LEEWARD ISLANDS   At Arnos Vale: Windwards trail by 208 runs COMBINED CAMPUSES & COLLEGES 225 (Kyle Corbin 71, Chadwick Walton 58) WINDWARD ISLANDS 17 without loss

the Windies on course for victory but their run rate stalled late on and they never recovered. With 14 required from the final over, the West Indies failed to find the boundary and surrendered meekly.

English Lingfield 08:15 hrs Shasta Daisy 08:50 hrs Athletic 09:25 hrs Dark Leopard 10:00 hrs Brass Ring 10:40 hrs Barley Mow 11:45 hrs Stonefield Flyer 12:20 hrs Titan Triumph Aintree 08:30 hrs Kayf Moss 09:05 hrs Ted Veale 09:50 hrs Thousand Stars 10:25 hrs Our Mick 11:15 hrs Across The Bay 12:10 hrs Katgary 12:45 hrs Beatu South Africa Racing Tips Turffontein 08:15 hrs Casha 08:55 hrs Ilitshe 09:30 hrs Dolomiti 10:05 hrs Link Man 10:40 hrs Cagiva 11:10 hrs Dalalaat Irish Racing Tips Gowan Park 09:20 hrs Rathealy 09:55 hrs Erlkonig 10:30 hrs Daliyan 11:00 hrs Gentry 11:35 hrs Cosmic Cannonball 12:05 hrs Lethal Weapon American Racing Tips Aqueduct Race 1 Joking Race 2 Reggie D Race 3 Street Thug Race 4 Upward Race 5 Ogermeister Race 6 Catron Race 7 Beyond Empire Race 8 Kobe’s Back Race 9 Sweet Reason Race10 Social Inclusion

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014



Triple treat action expected between top Linden and Georgetown clubs By Joe Chapman 

THE STAGE is set for this evening’s ‘Road to Mackenzie’ basketball showdown which involves arguably the best of the first division clubs in Guyana, at the Mackenzie Sports Club hardcourt from 19:00hrs, with Linden fans in for a treat which does not come often, as the nation’s top players will be seen. However, the bigger picture is a replay of clashes which were recently held at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall in the ‘Road to Mecca’ National Club Championship where the results were all in favour of the Georgetown

teams over their Linden rivals. This time around, the Linden clubs will seek to make the best of a home court advantage; as in basketball, such an environment normally tilts the balance in favour of the home teams and playing at the MSC court is like home for all the Linden teams who will be in action tonight. The first game between Kings and Trinity Grind Holdings Pacesetters should see the top-ranked clubs collide for the $50 000 cash incentive while the losers walk away with $25 000. Looking at this match-

up, the Kings will depend as usual on Orin Rose (Jr) and the veterans Steve Neils (Jr), Omally Sampson and Abdulla Hamid while Pacesetters are hoping that their best players Ryan Gullen, Stephon Gillis, Hugh Arthur and Travis Burnett can again bring them victory. That game will be followed by the clash of the losing semifinalists in Georgetown’s Colts and Linden’s Amelia’s Ward Jets, with the Colts proving to be the better side when they downed the Jets in their recent clash and the bauxite mining town fans are hoping to see a much better performance tonight

as the Jets seek to settle that score. The up-tempo game of the Colts and lightning transition play must be checked with a defensive strategy that will allow the Jets to work their way inside the paint where their main players will be stationed, led by Shane Webster and his brother Alister. Their outside game is centred on Emmanuel Archibald and Rodwell Pellew and if they can slow the game to their pace the Jets can forge out a win against the Colts, come tonight. Colts, on the other hand, will throw their fast mov-

ing players at the Jets and among them will be Sheldon Thomas, Nikkoli Smith, Dave Causeway and Steve McSeen. In the final game, the Raiders must think hard and decide on a strategy that will give them a good chance of getting the better of the national champions and they cannot be too dependent on Neil Marks and Dwayne Roberts but must make the adjustment to spread their scoring. Marks and Roberts are dependable scorers but the likes of Sheldon Noel and Dwight McKinnon must let their presence be felt and how well the Raiders

perform will be on how best they utilise their entire bench rotation and allow for Marks and Roberts to be rested. They won the first two quarters of their last clash only to cave in against the all-round game of Ravens as the City side turned on the heat to take control in the third quarter and accelerate to romp home winners in the final quarter of that game. Akeem ‘The Dream’ Kanhai, Dominic Vincente, Ryan Stephney, Jermaine Slater and Rodwell ‘Kobe’ Fortune all had good looks in the second half and were allowed several breakaway baskets as the Raiders’ game fell apart.

India beat South Africa to set up final with Sri Lanka (REUTERS) - India set up a World Twenty20 final against Sri Lanka tomorrow after Virat Kohli’s unbeaten 72 secured a sixwicket victory over South Africa yesterday. Thanks to their in-form, spin-dominated bowling, India have not had to chase a 140-plus target all tournament and the 173-run target they needed yesterday appeared all the more difficult against an attack containing fearsome paceman Dale Steyn and destructive legspinner Imran Tahir. Kohli, however, again proved why he is considered his team’s batting mainstay, hitting a 44-ball 72 not out to help India secure victory with five balls left as South Africa continued their sorry record of never having advanced

India’s Virat Kohli celebrates after scoring a half-century against South Africa during their semi-final match in the ICC Twenty20 World Cup at the Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium in Dhaka yesterday. beyond the semis at either a 50-over or 20-over World Cup. “I’m glad to have played an important knock in the semi-final,” man-of-thematch Kohli told reporters. It was a well-paced innings from the right-hander

from Delhi who did not hit a boundary in his first 17 runs but smashed two sixes and five fours to accelerate when the time was right. India tried not to take too many risks after losing both openers in order to ensure they had wickets in

hand for the late run chase. They needed 51 off the last five overs and when they got safely home the ploy had worked. “I know the deeper I bat the more chances we have of winning. One (leading) batsman has to be there until the 20th over,” Kohli said. “It was not as easy as it appeared. There was pressure but it was important not to reveal that to the opposition. “They have a world class attack. If they sense the smallest mistake or if you allow them some space they take the game away from you,” Kohli added. It was a smooth run chase by the Indian batsmen who initially treated Steyn and Tahir with respect and targeted the other bowlers.

Earlier, captain Faf du Plessis celebrated his return with a sparkling 58 and JP Duminy made a brisk 45 not out to help South Africa to 172 for four at the Sher-eBangla National Stadium. Opting to bat first South Africa lost both openers while reaching 44 in the sixth over before du Plessis, who missed Saturday’s group match against England due to a slow over-rate suspension, added 71 runs with Duminy in 8.4 overs. Even after the skipper departed Duminy played aggressively, hitting three sixes and a four in his 40-ball knock. Off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin was the pick of the Indian bowlers, giving away 22 runs in four tidy overs and claiming the key wickets of du Plessis,

Hashim Amla (22) and the dangerous AB de Villiers (10). The South African bowlers could not emulate Ashwin’s discipline as they conceded nine wides. “In a World Cup it’s important you do the small things and the basics well,” said a glum du Plessis. “That was definitely one of the things tonight that’s probably not a match-changer but definitely put us on the back foot.” “Nine extra balls, not just extra runs you give away, but you also have to consider the runs they score off those extra balls,” added du Plessis. “When you want to win close games like this you’ve got to make sure you get even the small things right and unfortunately tonight we did not.”

Schumacher ‘showing moments of consciousness and awakening’

FORMULA ONE great Michael Schumacher is showing “moments of consciousness” after months in a coma and is “making progress”, says his agent. Schumacher suffered a ski accident 14 weeks ago and is in the waking-up process after being placed in a medicallyinduced coma, with Sabine Kehm offering an encouraging update regarding his condition. “Michael is making progress on his way,” said Kehm in a statement. “He shows moments of consciousness and awakening. We are on his side during his long and difficult fight, together with the team of the hospital in Grenoble, and we keep remaining confident. “We would like to thank you all for the continuous sympathies. At the same time we again ask for understanding that we do not intend to disclose details. This is necessary to protect the privacy of Michael and his family, and to enable the medical team to work in full calmness.”

Schumacher remains unable to breathe on his own and is on a ventilator. Doctors began the process of gradually awakening him more than nine weeks ago. He is receiving round-the-clock care in intensive care in Grenoble University Hospital and his wife Corinna, 45 - with whom he has two children Gina Marie, 16, and Mick, 14 - has remained at his bedside. Meanwhile, a family friend has insisted that the legendary driver will be moved to a rehabilitation facility, but not one at his home, as has been previously claimed. The friend rubbished reports that his wife Corinna is spending £10 million to build a medically-equipped suite at their home in Switzerland because doctors have warned her that his chances of a full recovery are negligible. “Michael will be moved to a rehabilitation clinic at some

stage, however, not at this stage,” the friend said. “We are confident Michael will wake up. Therefore why would we need to build facilities for a vegetative man at his home? This would imply that his case is hopeless.” The seven-time world champion remains in intensive care in Grenoble Hospital in France, but his family remains “confident” he will wake from his coma, according to Sabine Kehm, Schumacher’s manager and agent. She added that there was no truth in reports that Schumacher’s family were building the medical facility at their home, or indeed his father’s new apartment. “Rumours saying that Corinna is rebuilding her house in order to take the allegedly hopeless case Michael back home are absolutely untenable,” Kehm said. “This counts too for Rolf’s house which is being built at the Schumacher’s site.”


GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014

GKC organises IFEST, with proceeds going towards construction of Dojo By Asif Hakim THE GUYANA Karate College, with the aim of realising funds which will be used towards the construction of their Dojo and Headquarters at South Turkeyen, has organised an International Food and Drinks Festival (IFEST) for Saturday April 19 at the Everest Cricket Club ground. This event is one of the largest culinary events in Guyana and is being held with the support of the diplomatic community and also has on board all the major beverage companies including Ansa McAl, Banks DIH, and Demerara Distillers Limited. This year’s festival is dubbed ‘The Festival with Taste’ and has been endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism and the Guyana Tourism Authority, with the latter putting the event on Guyana’s tourism calendar of events. Tickets for the event cost $1 500 but folks will be getting back $1 000 in chits to purchase stuffs at the event, while beer lovers will have the opportunity to participate in a ‘beer festival’ with beers from 17 different countries - the most popular ones coming from Australia,

The Guyana Karate College (GKC) team trike a pose with their medals after placing second overall in the South American Karate Cup that was won by Venezuela. Kneeling in front of the Golden Arrowhead is Sensei Jeffrey Wong. discipline and sincerity. Germany, Belgium, Mexico mances by local cultural “Without self-control England, Netherlands and of groups, dance performanc- people revert to violence, we course Guyana. es, and a musical showcase have to teach the young men This one-day gastronom- that will depict the musical to respect women and not to ic event will be filled with culture of all participating abuse them and we have to fun, authentic signature dish- countries are also on the card teach the women to protect es, yummy treats, famous for the day. themselves,” he said. cocktails, and other popular Master Frank Woon-abeverages from countries Tai, chairman of the GKC rearound the world and addi- lated that the objective of the tional features will include a college is to assist children, children’s activity area. to teach them to develop Live on-stage perfor- their character, self-control,

Simmons and van Lange for CARIFTA  Swimming Championships

GOODWILL Swimming Championships bronze medallist Soroya Simmons is expected to join Olympian Brittany van Lange as Guyana’s representatives at this year’s hosting of the CARIFTA Swimming Championships to be held later this month in Aruba. Simmons made it to the team after the Guyana Amateur Swimming Association (GASA) revised their qualifying time so that other deserving swimmers can have the exposure at the prestigious event, according to GASA secretary Dee George. Previously only van Lange had managed to qualify for an event when the Association held their time trials last month. Both swimmers will be competing in the Girls’ 15-17 category. Simmons will swim the 50m, 100m and 200m backstrokes along with the 50m freestyle, van Lange will contend in the 50m, 100m and 200m freestyles as well as the 50m butterfly. They will travel alongside coach Stephanie Fraser, who has been training with the team which leaves on April 20. Speaking with this publication earlier this week, Fraser shared that the duo have been trying to put in as much work as possible but the girls have their academic demands which have limited the amount of work they could accomplish. “They have their exams and lessons, and it’s a bit challenging, but we fit in whatever we can when they have the time,” Fraser noted. This will be van Lange’s second performance at the annual event, but it will be Simmons’ debut performance. Goodwill Swimming Championship gold medallist van Lange first attended the event in 2012 when the event was held in the Bahamas. Guyana was also represented by Jessica Stephenson that year. The Bishops’ High student failed to qualify last year, and Guyana was represented by Onika George.

In giving an update on the progress of the GKC headquarters, Master Woona-Tai said “the building will cost some $50M to complete; we have raised $26M with the help of the previous festival, donations and fundraisers. With this we have laid the foundation for the building and we have already paid $8M for the steel frame for the building.” He observed that the construction is moving too slowly and persons are getting impatient, so the committee has decided to approach a financial institution to acquire the remainder of funds needed to complete the project. However, they have outstanding documents to be processed before this can be approved. Meanwhile the first South American Cup Karate Championships, held at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall in Georgetown, under the auspices of the International Karate Daigaku, saw two exciting days of Martial Arts being performed at the highest level, involving team

Venezuela, Suriname and Guyana.    Proceedings on the final day began with the official march past of the teams and Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Dr Frank Anthony addressed the competitors before formally declaring the event open and presenting medals to the first set of winners. There were also remarks given by the Chairman of the IKD, Master Woon-a-Tai, a representative of one of the sponsors, Sterling Products Limited, while the attendees were entertained with a cultural presentation by Sensei Kenrick Cheeks. The overall winners of the tournament were team Venezuela who carted off 40 gold, 30 silver and 8 bronze medals, with the Guyana Karate College sharing the second spot copping 38 gold, 29 silver, and 40 bronze, with the Association-do Shotokan Karate of Guyana, who earned 38 gold, 39 silver and 41 bronze, Suriname ended in the cellar collecting 10 silver and 10 bronze.

Guyana rifle-shooters heighten preparation for this year’s C’ships

GUYANA’S rifle-shooters have heightened preparation for the 2014 West Indies Fullbore shooting championships billed for early next month at Twickenham Park ranges in Jamaica. National Fullbore captain Mahendra Persaud said that the local shooters will be involved in team practice matches for the remainder of this month before flying out to Kingston, Jamaica on May 4 where they will defend the Regional long range title and attempt to recapture the short range championship they relinquished to the Jamaicans last year in Barbados. With the Commonwealth Games a few months away, the regional shooters will be looking to perform at their best ahead of the Games in Scotland in July. The West Indies fullbore championships, scheduled for May 5-10, will feature Antigua/Barbuda, Barbados, Bermuda, Guyana, Jamaica,


Trinidad and Tobago while a team from Canada is expected to attend as a guest team. “We have been in intensive training since the start of the year with individual training and recorded matches but now our concentration will be on team preparation,” Persaud added. According to the National captain: “We are extremely focused for the upcoming regional tournament and the recent training programme conducted by experienced British coach Ian Shaw, who was in Guyana for two weeks, sponsored by the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA), was very indepth. We are now ready to put our new skills into practice.” Persaud said there will be a few adjustments to the team this year due to injury to Dane Blair and the death of Charles Deane who competed in Barbados last year. He is, however, confident

of the return of Ryan Sampson who was unavailable to travel to Bridgetown last year and the inclusion of new shooting sensation Sherwin Felicien. The current training squad also includes reigning Caribbean Individual champion Lennox Braithwaite, the experienced Ransford Goodluck, vice-captain Dylan Fields, Leo Romalho, Peter Persaud and Lt. Col. Terrence Stuart. ACP retired Paul Slowe, at present overseas, will join the training before the team leaves for Jamaica and Persaud said that United States-based Guyanese shooters John Fraser and Sigmund Douglas, two regular members, will also be a part of the Guyana delegation and will travel directly to Jamaica. Tomorrow’s team shoot at the Timehri Rifle Ranges will be at the 300, 500 and 900 yards ranges and gets under way at 10:00hrs.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Saturday April 5, 2014



St George’s put title on the line against Lodge tonight By Calvin Roberts JUDGING from the confident words expressed by Lodge Secondary School coach Leon Bishop and his counterpart Winston Maynard from St George’s, the defending champions, tonight’s Milo/Petra Organisation Under-20 Schools Football final should be a scorching affair. Prior to the meeting of the two giants, who can unofficially claim the tag of Schools Football champions for Georgetown, in the final which kicks off at 18:00hrs, ousted semifinalists Dolphin Secondary and Christ Church Secondary, will do battle from 16:00hrs for the third place position. A re-energised Lodge unit, who are being led by their formidable custodian Hakeem Roach, who will be receiving support in the outfield from Orlando Greaves, Shemar Smith, Jarred Grannum, Ryan Hackett and Tavel Jones, will definitely look to create an upset. Bishop summed it up all right earlier this week by saying, “We have some very good players in our midfield and we will be looking to match them stride for stride and mark them out and once we have

… Dolphin and Christ Church play for third

achieved that, we would be able to shut down the team.” He added, “The guys are over the moon. This is not just about going to the final alone, but playing against St George’s, and I think it would be kind of a grudge match for them, as they feel they are the best team in Georgetown, football-wise, and coming up against the defending champions would be the ideal time for them to prove themselves. “As for me, they have given me some good and bad times, but I know their potential and I know that once they play to their full potential, we will be successful as I know it is a good bunch of guys I am working with, who are eager to bring the trophy back to our beautiful school.” Maynard, wasting little or no time in expressing his side’s confidence ahead of today’s matchup, said “We are very confident that we will be victorious on Saturday (today). Yes, there are natural signs of nervousness within the team, based on the fact that we are the defending champions, but they do have the adrenalin that they need to play, because it is a big match,” said Maynard.

Flashback! Preliminary round action in this year’s Milo/Petra Organisation Under-20 Inter-School football championships, between Lodge Secondary (green bib) and St Winefride at the Ministry of Education ground.


Compliments of THE TROPHY STALLBourda Market &The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055) Answers to Thursday’s quiz: Pakistan and Sri Lanka Darren Sammy and Mahendra Singh Dhoni (March 23) Today’s Quiz: Who was named Man of the Match in the first game of the Super Ten Round of the current ICC T/20 World Cup? What is the maximum number of deliveries that can be bowled in an Int’l T/20 game? Answers in tomorrow’s issue

He added, “I think all the boys are ready and yes, we are confident. We have faced this situation before and the players are comfortable within themselves and each one of them knows his

individual talent, something several persons can attest to, the fact that our boys know the game and we know how to conduct ourselves. Quincy Lawrence, Adolph George, Okeri Car-

rington, Seon Taylor, Ozeal Small, Niante Northe, Jamal Browne and Joshua Williams were all on target when St George’s defeated Tucville 11-2, while Roddy McGloggan, Curt Rohee and Orin Moore found the back of the net in their 4-2 quarterfinal win over Bishops’ High. With Orin Dublin back in between the uprights for the defending champions following a two-match suspension, Lodge’s work is definitely cut out for them if they intend to lift the title

and prove that they belong in the top echelons of schools football in Georgetown. In the third place playoff, Lenroy Forde, Dequan Matthews, Samuel Hunte, their custodian Dante Forde and the pint-size Job Caesar are the players expected to lead Dolphin’s charge, but Christ Church are no pushovers and will look to the likes of Kadeem Blackman, Lonsdale George and Andre Trotz to steer them past the defending champions and into the final.


The Chronicle is at


Schumacher ‘showing moments of consciousness and awakening' (See Story on page 33)

Marques defends WBC/CABOFE flyweight title against Hedge tonight

See Page 31 Here it is! GBBC/WBC/CABOFE president Peter Abdool (centre) proudly displays his organisation’s flyweight belt that will be defended by Guyana’s Dexter Marques (2nd left) against Jamaica’s Rudolph Hedge (2nd right). At extreme left and right respectively are Air Jamaica’s Alicia Abel and Chrystal Simmons.

Amazon Warriors New Faces See Page 30

Robin Bacchus

Leon Johnson

Ronsford Beaton

Corey Anderson

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